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Newsletter #110 June August, 2015



Mystery Scene #138 (Articles about Rizzoli & Isles; Michael Sears; legal thrillers; more) $7.50
Mystery Scene #139 (Articles about John Sandford; Cara Black; streaming TV crime; more) $7.50
Allen, Nancy A Killing at the Creek (Ozarks #2: PBO; When a body is found under a bridge, throat cut, prosecutor Elsie Arnold jumps at the chance to work on a murder case. But when the only suspect turns out to be a 15-year-old boy, Elsie's in for more than she bargained for) $11.99
Bass, Jefferson Jordan's Stormy Banks (Body Farm: Novella. 1990: Called to a rural crime scene, Dr. Bill Brockton runs afoul of both the county sheriff and an angry mob intent on administering rough justice) $3.99
Boyer, Susan M. Lowcountry Boneyard (Liz Talbot #3: Hired to locate a missing heiress, PI Liz Talbot discovers that the woman's wealthy family has plenty of secrets) $15.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories (Collection. 10 short works of suspense fiction) $26.00
Collins, Max Allan Strip for Murder (Reissue; Maggie Starr, a former striptease artist who now distributes comic strips through her late husband's newspaper syndicate, teams up with her stepson Jack to investigate when the rivalry between a pair of cartoonists ends in homicide) $9.95
Collins, Paul Duel with the Devil (Edgar finalist, best fact crime. Nonfiction. Manhattan, 1799: When Quaker Elma Sands was found murdered, suspicion fell on one of her suitors, carpenter Levi Weeks. Bitter rivals Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr teamed up to defend him) $16.00
Coombs, L.F.E. Sherlock Holmes Plays the Game (Collection. These stories involve Holmes and Watson with a lost Shakespeare manuscript, illusions, railways, airships, kidnapping of animals and people, testing of alibis, coded messages, advanced communications, and electric weapons) $16.95
Cotterill, Colin The Axe Factor (Jimm Juree #3: Several local women have left the rural Thai village of Maprao without a word, leaving their possessions behind. These include Dr. Sumlak, who never returned from a conference, and the Thai wife of Conrad Coralbank, an Englishman who writes award-winning crime novels. All of which looks a bit suspicious, especially to Jimm's ex-cop grandfather, who notices Coralbank's interest in Jimm with a very jaundiced eye) $16.99
Coyne, Rachel L. The Patron Saint of Lost Comfort Lake (PBO; Jane's world of barely hidden alcoholism and failing relationships crumbles when her mother finds a dead body on the lake shore near their Minnesota home) $15.95
Creasey, John Gideon's Fire (George Gideon #7: Reissue; Edgar winner, best novel. Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard has to deal with a mass murderer, a depraved maniac, and the deaths of a family in an arson attack on an old building south of the river) $14.95
Creasey, John No Relaxation at Scotland Yard (alternate title: Gideon's Men) (George Gideon #18: Reissue; Gideon deals with a murder, for which a bicycle with a loose-fitting mudguard holds a clue. Moreover, a collapsed building has trapped many, and a man serving a sentence for a crime he hadn't committed is about to receive an unauthorized visitor) $14.95
Creasey, John Here Comes the Toff (Richard Rollison #4: Reissue; As a killer's pace and confidence grow, every social call brings Richard Rollison, aka the Toff, closer to death) $12.95
Creasey, John The Toff and the Deadly Priest (alternate title: The Toff and the Curate / The Toff and the Deadly Parson) (Richard Rollison #12: Reissue; Reverend Ronald Kemp went to London's East End with definite ideas of right and wrong, but the East Enders had ideas of their own, and his world was torn apart as he met murderers, prize fighters, and the law-bending Richard Rollison, aka the Toff. Can the Toff save the Reverend, and himself, from an untimely end?) $12.95
Creasey, John The Creepers (alternate title: Inspector West Cries Wolf) (Roger West #10: Reissue; She lay across the bed, with coagulated blood on and around her. Her husband was in the next bed, his throat cut. Inspector West must come to grips with a spreading web of violence, but where to start? What clues are there?) $16.95
Daly, Elizabeth Night Walk (Henry Gamadge #12: Reissue; When murder intrudes on a small, sedate village in upstate New York, Henry Gamadge arrives to solve the mystery and restore order) $14.95
Daly, Elizabeth The Book of the Lion (Henry Gamadge #13: Reissue; It looks like a routine job for Henry Gamadge: examine the papers of a poet and playwright who was murdered in Central Park. But add in a dead witness and the family's odd behavior? Something decidedly criminal is afoot) $14.95
Doherty, Paul Candle Flame (Brother Athelstan #13: London, 1381: When unrest over tax demands boils over, and tax collectors and their military escort are murdered at a Southwark tavern, Regent John of Gaunt orders Brother Athelstan to investigate) $15.95
Edwards, Martin (ed) Guilty Parties (Anthology. 24 original stories by members of the UK Crime Writers' Association) $17.95
Florence, Peter (ed) OxCrimes (PBO; A benefit anthology for UK charity Oxfam, featuring 27 crime stories (23 originals, 4 reprints) by top authors) $15.95
Fluke, Joanne Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (movie tie-in) (Hannah Swensen #1: Reissue; Plus bonus novella 'Candy for Christmas'. When the beloved delivery man from the Cozy Cow Dairy is found murdered behind Hannah's bakery, with her cookies scattered around him, Hannah sets out to track down a killer. Includes recipes) $7.99
Furst, Alan Midnight in Europe (Paris, 1938: Spanish lawyer Cristian Ferrar is asked to help a clandestine agency that is trying desperately to supply weapons to the Spanish Republican Army. Joining Ferrar in this mission is an unlikely group of idealists, gangsters, arms traders, aristocrats, and spies. Across the continent, Ferrar and his allies do battle with the secret agents of Hitler and Franco) $16.00
Goodis, David Night Squad (Reissue; Crooked ex-cop Corey Bradshaw turns out to be an ideal candidate for an underground police squad) $15.99
Goodis, David Nightfall (alternate titles: The Dark Chase / Convicted) (Reissue; He could remember the gun in his hand, the man in front of him, and then the blood. He could remember the woods, the satchel of money, and the gang of killers closing in. What he couldn't figure was the woman. Could he trust her?) $13.99
Goodrich, Clifford Dealers in Death / The Yacht Club Murders (Phantom Detective #2: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Goodrich, Clifford The Death Roses / Murder Brotherhood (Whisperer #7: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Treasures of Death / The Yellow Door (Shadow #89: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Lone Tiger / The Muggers (Shadow #90: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Red Menace / The Black Circle (Shadow #91: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Murder House / Death in the Crystal (Shadow #92: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Brothers of Doom / The Three Brothers (Shadow #93: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Q / Formula for Crime (Shadow #94: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The China Tapestry / The Jade Dragon (Shadow #95: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grossman, Gary Old Earth (A dig in Montana leads paleontologists Quinn McCauley and Katrina Alpert to a centuries-old secret - one that threatens religions and governments - that powerful people are determined to conceal) $17.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Hard Going (Bill Slider #16: During his week off, Slider is saved from the horrors of a shopping trip with his kids when a well-known local philanthropist is bashed in the head with a bronze statue. The investigation turns up scant evidence, but far too many suspects) $15.95
Hauka, Donald J. Securities (Hakeem Jinnah #1: PBO; Politically-incorrect reporter Hakeem Jinnah covers Vancouver's crime beat - when he isn't flirting, or seeking investors for a mail-order-bride scheme. As he and another reporter compete to cover a shady stock promoter's death, Jinnah winds up embroiled in a murder investigation) $10.99
Hauka, Donald J. She Demons (Hakeem Jinnah #2: PBO; Racing to find a killer and help save his buddy Sergeant Graham's career, reporter Hakeem Jinnah becomes entangled in a cultic web that threatens his friends, his family, and his life) $11.99
Hooper, Kay A Deadly Web (Bishop Files #2: PBO; When psychic Tasha Solomon finds herself embroiled in a deadly game, the only person she can trust is John Brodie, a Guardian devoted to protecting psychics from a deadly, ruthless, and virtually invisible enemy) $9.99
Jennings, Maureen No Known Grave (Tom Tyler #3: PBO; Arthur Ellis finalist, best novel. 1942: At a Shropshire convalescent hospital, staffed by Anglican nuns devoted to helping victims of war, DI Tom Tyler investigates a double murder) $22.95
Johnson, Lacy M. The Other Side: A Memoir (Edgar finalist, best fact crime. Nonfiction. Johnson recounts the events leading to her kidnapping, rape, and imprisonment by her ex-boyfriend; her dramatic escape; and her hard-fought struggle to recover) $15.95
Lee, Amanda Wicked Stitch (Embroidery #8: PBO; Marcy's nemesis Nellie and her sister Clara have set up competing booths right next to Marcy's at the Tallulah Falls Renaissance Faire. When Clara is strangled with the scarf she had almost finished knitting, Marcy becomes prime suspect) $7.99
Ludwig, Jerry Blacklist (David and Jana were Hollywood's golden children. Their screenwriter fathers mingled with stars and moguls, until the House Un-American Activities Committee sent David and his parents into exile in Europe, while Jana's father testified and became a famous director. Years later, when people with ties to HUAC and to David's father begin turning up dead, long-buried secrets are dragged into the open) $15.99
Marsh, Ngaio Spinsters in Jeopardy (alternate title: The Bride of Death) (Roderick Alleyn #17: Reissue; Inspector Alleyn heads to the south of France for a family vacation and a little official poking around. But the cultish denizens of a sinister, luxurious chateau aren't fond of being poked, and have an unpleasant way of getting their point across) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Scales of Justice (Roderick Alleyn #18: Reissue; Inspector Alleyn investigates when a local aristocrat turns up dead next to the local trout-stream in a charming little English village) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Death of a Fool (alternate title: Off With His Head) (Roderick Alleyn #19: Reissue; This may be 1957, but the village of South Mardian still has a blacksmith, a village idiot, and an elaborate fertility ritual performed at the winter solstice. Inspector Alleyn investigates when one of the ritual's main players is beheaded with a sword) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Singing in the Shrouds (Roderick Alleyn #20: Reissue; On a ship with a passenger-list and crew fairly littered with the shifty, the twitchy, the peculiar, and the up-to-no-good, a strangler with a romantic streak is leaving his ladies with a flower and a charming little song. Inspector Alleyn comes aboard to investigate) $14.95
Massey, Jeremy The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley (One night, undertaker Paddy Buckley hits a pedestrian crossing the street. When he discovers it's the brother of a Dublin mobster - dead - Paddy drives away. Next day, Paddy finds himself assigned to oversee the funeral arrangements. When events go awry, he is plunged into an unexpected eddy of intrigue, deceit, and treachery) $25.95
Miller, Wade Kitten With a Whip / Kiss Her Goodbye (Omnibus reprint of 2 noir crime thrillers from the 1950s) $19.95
Myers, Tamar The Death of Pie (Pennsylvania Dutch #19: During the Festival of Pies, an acid-penned novelist falls dead into Magdalena Yoder's prize-winning entry. Who was enraged enough to want to poison the writer?) $15.95
O'Donnell, P/Romero, E The Killing Distance: Guido the Jinx / The Killing Distance / The Aristo (Modesty Blaise: PBO; Reprints classic black & white comic strips featuring three adventures of detective Modesty Blaise and her trusty henchman Willie Garvin) $19.95
Offord, Lenore Glen Skeleton Key (Todd & Georgine #1: Reissue; San Francisco, 1942: Georgine Wyeth is a widow with a young daughter, paying the rent by typing for a scientific gentleman. When an air raid warden is run down during a blackout, she and pulp writer Todd McKinnon wind up involved in the investigation) $14.95
Oppenheim, E. Phillips Ghosts & Gamblers: The Further Uncollected Stories (PBO; Reprints a romantic thriller, 6 stories featuring wealthy adventurer Andrew Tresholm, plus 12 tales of espionage, romance, adventure, and comedy) $19.95
Paul, Elliot Hugger-Mugger in the Louvre (Homer Evans #2: Reissue; The Paris police are baffled at the disappearance of a rare Watteau print. Master sleuth Homer Evans and his sharpshooting girlfriend trace bizarre clues to uncover a plot involving fraud, kidnapping, and murder) $12.95
Plantinga, Adam 400 Things Cops Know (Agatha finalist, best nonfiction. Nearly everyone has wondered what it's like to be a police officer, but no civilian really understands what happens on the job. This book, written by a veteran police sergeant, shows police work - which can range from rewarding to bizarre to terrifying in the course of a single shift - from the viewpoint of the regular cop on the beat) $14.95
Quertermous, Bryon Murder Boy (PBO; When his elitist thesis advisor refuses to accept his crime fiction as classwork, Dominick Prince decides to force the issue by kidnapping the man - a plan that goes horribly wrong) $14.00
Rabe, Peter Dig My Grave Deep / The Out Is Death / It's My Funeral (Daniel Port #1 / #2 / #3: Omnibus reprint of 3 novels from the 1950s featuring criminal deal-broker Daniel Port) $21.95
Rabe, Peter Kill the Boss Good-By / Mission of Vengeance (Omnibus reprint of 2 noir crime thrillers from the 1950s) $19.95
Rohmer, Sax Bat Wing / Fire-Tongue (Omnibus reprint of 2 occult mysteries from the 1920s, featuring investigator Paul Harley) $19.95
Roslund/Hellstrom Three Seconds (Ewert Grens #4: A botched prison drug deal involving an undercover Swedish police operative results in a murder. Detective Inspector Ewert Grens' determination to find the killer threatens to expose the operative's true identity - and may reveal even bigger crimes involving the highest levels of power) $9.99
Spencer, Octavia The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit (Randi Rhodes #1: Kids; When the Deer Creek Founder's Day Festival's main attraction, a time capsule that people believe hold the town's treasure, goes missing, 12-year-old Randi Rhodes and her best friend D.C. are determined to solve the case) $7.99
Stockbridge, Grant The City Destroyer / The Pain Emperor (Spider #5: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Temple, Peter White Dog (Jack Irish #4: Reissue; Ned Kelly winner, best novel. Jack has a new job, hunting for evidence that might save sculptor Sarah Longmore from a murder rap) $14.95
Tope, Rebecca The Ambleside Alibi (Lake District #2: Sinister secrets come creeping into the light after Simmy delivers a bouquet with a cryptic message attached to an elderly woman. When another old woman is murdered, Simmy is drawn into the investigation when the prime suspects names her as an alibi) $11.99
Wilson, Laura The Wrong Man (UK title: A Capital Crime) (Ted Stratton #3: Diana Calthrop is looking a bit tarnished, her catastrophic taste in men catching up with her. Could straightforward Inspector Ted Stratton be her rescuer? With his wife dead, his children distant, and a case he just can't shake, he'd have to rescue himself first) $14.95


Aarons, Kathy Truffled to Death (Chocolate Covered #2: PBO; Michelle and Erica host a reception highlighting a museum display of ancient Mayan pottery. When the antiquities from the reception go missing, the curator accuses Erica - and she's in even more trouble when the curator is found stabbed with one of the artifacts) $7.99
Ahmad, A.X. The Last Taxi Ride (Ranjit Singh #2: When a Bollywood film icon is murdered, her body found in the apartment where Ranjit ate dinner mere hours earlier, his only credible alibi is the dead woman's Indian doorman, who has vanished. Ranjit's search for the missing man takes him through the underbelly of NYC) $16.99
Arlidge, M.J. Eeny Meeny (Helen Grace #1: Two people were abducted, imprisoned, and left with a gun. After hunger and thirst set in, only one walked away alive. The twisted crime has DI Helen Grace baffled - until more people go missing, and it all starts to make terrifying sense) $15.00
Atkinson, Kate A God in Ruins (After all Ursula Todd's beloved younger brother Teddy endured in battle, his greatest challenge is living in the future he never expected to have. Would-be poet, heroic pilot, husband, father, and grandfather, he navigates the perils and progress of the rapidly changing world of the 20th century) $28.00
Averbeck, Jim A Hitch at the Fairmont (Kids; 1956: 11-year-old Jack is determined to find out who kidnapped his aunt, and the truth behind his mother's death. He finds an unlikely accomplice in Alfred Hitchcock, on a madcap journey full of hidden doorways, secret societies, cryptic clues, and sinister villains) $7.99
Berenson, Laurien Death of a Dog Whisperer (Melanie Travis #17: Well-heeled dog owners are excited about Nick, a self-proclaimed 'dog whisperer', and anxious to find out what their pets are thinking - until the pooches start spilling their owners' secrets. When Nick turns up dead, his sister asks Melanie to help track down the killer) $7.99
Bertman, Jennifer C. Book Scavenger (Kids; Garrison Grisworld created Book Scavenger, an online game where books are hidden around the globe, with clues for finding them revealed through puzzles. After an attack leaves Griswold in a coma, 12-year-old Emily and her friend James discover an odd book, which they come to believe contains the only copy of Griswold's newest game. Rushing from clue to clue, can they find the secret at the heart of the game before Griswold's attackers find them?) $16.99
Blevins, W/Blevins, M The Darkness Rolling (Yazzie Goldman has returned from WWII to help run his family's Monument Valley trading post. John Ford is making a movie nearby, and enlists Yazzie to serve as a translator, and as a bodyguard for actress Linda Darnell. When someone sends Linda threatening letters, Yazzie investigates) $25.99
Brackett, Leigh Stranger at Home (Reissue; Originally published in 1947, as by the actor George Sanders. A rich heel comes back to get even with those who left him for dead) $9.99
Brookmyre, Christopher Dead Girl Walking (Jack Parlabane #6: A call for help from an old friend puts disgraced journalist Jack Parlabane on the trail of missing rock star Heike Gunn) $25.00
Brown, D/DeFelice, J Target Utopia (Dreamland #16: PBO; When a mysterious UAV is spotted helping Islamist extremists in Malaysia, the Whiplash team is sent to investigate) $9.99
Brown, Rita&Sneaky Pie Tail Gait (Mrs. Murphy #23: When a beloved history professor is gunned down on the golf course in broad daylight, Harry and her furry cohorts begin nosing into the case) $26.00
Cain, Chelsea One Kick (Kick Lannigan #1: 21-year-old Kick was abducted at age 6, and found alive 5 years later. Nothing helped her PTSD until she learned to fight. Bishop wants to use his resources to rescue abducted children. He's convinced Kick's experiences and skills can make this happen. But their first case will lead Kick directly into her terrifying past) $7.99
Cantrell, Janet Fat Cat Spreads Out (Fat Cat #2: PBO; Charity and Anna planned to promote their Bar None dessert bars at the Bunyan County Harvest Fair. They didn't plan on plus-sized pussycat Quincy finding a murder victim) $7.99
Carlotto, Massimo The Gang of Lovers (Alligator #4: Padua, Italy: When her married lover disappears without a trace and the police give up on the case, a wealthy Swiss woman turns to Marco Buratti, aka the Alligator, for help. A clue puts Buratti and his associates on the trail of unscrupulous criminal Giorgio Pellegrini) $15.00
Clark, Mary Higgins (ed) Manhattan Mayhem (Anthology. Original crime stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America) $24.95
Connolly, Sheila Privy to the Dead (Nell Pratt #6: PBO; Museum renovations have barely begun when a construction worker discovers something interesting in the basement, only to be killed in a car accident soon after. Now Nell must unearth a mystery with ties to the past) $7.99
Cooke, Ronald J. The Mayor of Cote St. Paul (Depression-era Montreal: Struggling writer Dave Manley's luck turns, for good and bad, when he meets Cherie, a looker who does dirty work for a crime boss) $13.95
Craig, Elizabeth Spann Tying the Knot (Southern Quilting #5: PBO; Wedding bells are ringing in Dappled Hill, North Carolina. But when the festivities take an unexpected turn, Beatrice must get crafty to catch a killer wedding-crasher) $7.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Fourth of July (Simmons Sisters #10: Libby and Bernie are catering the town's Revolutionary War battle reenactment. When playboy Jack Devlin is shot, and Libby's beau becomes a suspect, Bernie and Libby get cooking on the case) $7.99
Cussler, C/Brown, G Ghost Ship (NUMA Files #12: After being injured, Kurt Austin has fragmented and conflicting memories of a rescue attempt. Not trusting either version of his recollections, he searches for answers, uncovering a pattern of vanishing scientists, suspicious accidents, and human trafficking) $9.99
Cussler, C/Morrison, B Piranha (Oregon Files #10: In 1902, a volcano erupts on Martinique, wiping out a city and sinking a ship carrying a German scientist on the verge of an astonishing breakthrough. More than a century later, Juan Cabrillo and his crew will have to deal with the scientist's legacy) $28.95
Davis, Krista The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss (Domestic Diva #9: PBO; In charge of a chocolate company's 50th anniversary party, Sophie turns sleuth when the host goes missing and a competitor is found dead in the guesthouse) $7.99
Davis, Lindsey Enemies at Home (Flavia Albia #2: When two Romans are murdered in their homes, the law decrees that all their slaves will be put to death if the killer can't be identified. When the slaves take refuge at the Temple of Ceres, the authorities turn to Flavia Albia to solve the murders) $15.99
DeMille, Nelson Radiant Angel (John Corey #7: When a Russian colonel posing as a diplomat disappears from a party in Southampton, it's up to Corey, who is now working for the Diplomatic Surveillance Group, to track him down) $28.00
Deva, Mukul Weapon of Vengeance (Ruby Gill is a rogue MI6 agent, child of an Indian father and a Palestinian mother. Her mission is to destroy a Palestinian-Israeli peace summit in New Delhi. Ravinder Gill, now head of India's antiterrorist police, believes his estranged daughter has come for a reunion - until he begins to suspect she is the terrorist he's searching for) $9.99
Duffy, Seamus Sherlock Holmes and the Four Corners of Hell (Collection. Three new adventures of the Great Detective) $29.95
Dundas, Zach The Great Detective: The Amazing Rise and Immortal Life of Sherlock Holmes (Nonfiction. Journalist and lifelong Sherlock fan Dundas explores the origins, life, and afterlives of pop culture's favorite sleuth) $26.00
Edwards, Martin (ed) Capital Crimes: London Mysteries (Anthology. London-based crime stories by classic British authors) $12.95
Edwards, Martin (ed) Resorting to Murder: Holiday Mysteries (Anthology. Stories from the golden age of British crime fiction, with settings ranging from a seaside golf course to a pension in Paris to a Swiss mountain resort) $12.95
Erickson, Alex Death by Coffee (PBO; On their very first day in business, bookstore cafe owners Krissy and Vicki wind up investigating when a customer ends up dead. How could there have been peanuts in his coffee? And who stole his emergency allergy medication?) $7.99
Evanovich, Janet Top Secret Twenty-One (Stephanie Plum #21: Death threats, highly trained assassins, highly untrained assassins, and Stark Street being overrun with a pack of feral Chihuahuas are all in a day's work for Stephanie Plum) $8.99
Evanovich, Janet Top Secret Twenty-one audiobook (Stephanie Plum #21: Unabridged. Death threats, highly trained assassins, highly untrained assassins, and Stark Street being overrun with a pack of feral Chihuahuas are all in a day's work for Stephanie Plum) $14.99
Falconer, Colin Colossus (323 BCE: Alexander the Great is planning to conquer Carthage, aided by his powerful war elephants. Elephant trainer Gajendra begins a meteoric rise through the ranks of the Macedonian army, protected by fierce war elephant Colossus) $26.99
Fitzgerald, Laura Marx Under the Egg (Kids; 13-year old Theodora spills rubbing alcohol on her late grandfather's painting, and discovers what seems to be an old masterpiece underneath. But her grandfather was a museum guard, and she worries the painting may be stolen. With the help of some unusual new friends, her search for answers introduces her to a side of Manhattan - and her grandfather - that she never knew) $7.99
Fury, Dalton Full Assault Mode (Delta Force #3: With al Qaeda deploying their deadliest terrorists to detonate a bomb inside of a US nuclear power plant, Kolt Raynor joins an ultra-secret deep-cover group and is tasked with infiltrating al Qaeda to stop the plot) $9.99
Gardiner, Meg Phantom Instinct (A year ago, a shootout at a trendy Los Angeles club ended with Harper's boyfriend dead, deputy Aiden Garrison with a traumatic brain injury, and two gunmen engulfed in flames. But Harper is certain that a third gunmen escaped and is targeting survivors) $7.99
George, Elizabeth The Edge of the Shadows (Becca King #3: YA; Someone is setting fires on Whidbey Island, and Becca King and her friends wonder if one of the newcomers is responsible. Meanwhile, Becca explores her growing extrasensory abilities, encouraged by psychic Diana Kinsale) $18.99
Gischler, Victor Stay (After too many Solo Ops missions, David Sparrow was more than ready for an honorable discharge, becoming a stay-at-home dad while his wife Amy works as a NYC ADA - until the crime lord Amy is prosecuting decides to target her, and David reactivates himself) $24.99
Goddard, Robert The Ways of the World (Max Maxted #1: Spring, 1919: Since the murder of a diplomat could be disastrous to the Peace Conference, the French police are claiming Sir Henry Maxted fell to his death. But his son Max has questions, and the search for answers leads to a tangle of secret allegiances, international espionage, and double-crosses at the highest levels of government) $25.00
Golemon, David L. Overlord (Event Group #9: The alien invasion has begun. Only one element in Earth's arsenal can possibly give a fighting chance at survival: The Matchstick Man. But who is this small being, exactly? Can he be trusted? Meanwhile, the Event Group has learned that they may hold the clue to salvation inside their own artifact vault) $7.99
Grant, Andrew Run (Computer consultant Marc Bowman has been fired without cause or notice, strange men are following him, things are disappearing from his home, and the FBI is questioning him about past projects. Then his wife Carolyn suddenly vanishes) $9.99
Harper, Tom Zodiac Station (The crew of a US Coast Guard icebreaker searches for the truth of what happened at an Arctic research station. The survivors tell stories of greed, jealousy, oil company trickery, espionage, and climate change. But the truth is something none of the crew could have imagined) $14.99
Harvey, Cameron The Evidence Room (When Aurora Atchison learns that the suspect in her mother's long-ago murder was wrongly accused, she teams up with cop Josh Hudson to delve into the past and look for answers) $25.99
Healey, Emma Elizabeth Is Missing (Maud is slowly losing her memory. Yet she refuses to forget her best friend Elizabeth, whom she is convinced is missing and in terrible danger. But no one will listen to Maud. Armed with handwritten notes she leaves for herself and an overwhelming feeling that Elizabeth needs her help, Maud resolves to discover the truth. But the clues seem only to lead her deeper into her past, to her sister Sukey, who vanished shortly after WWII) $15.99
Hollis, Lee Death of a Cupcake Queen (Hayley Powell #6: PBO; At her high school reunion, Hayley dreads seeing the trio of mean girls who used to torment her. Then one of them is murdered. Is someone out to teach the mean girls a lesson? And can Hayley get the scoop without winding up in the obituaries?) $7.99
Hood, Ann (ed) Providence Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in Providence, RI) $15.95
Housewright, David Unidentified Woman #15 (Mac McKenzie #12: The nearly lifeless body of a woman is dumped on the road right in front of Mac's car. She awakens with no memory. With few leads, detective Bobby Dunston turns to Mac for help identifying the woman, and finding out who dumped her and why; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Jance, J.A. Stand Down (J.P. Beaumont: Novella. Beau accepts that he has left his detective days behind. But when he stops by the construction site for their new home and finds his wife Mel's car, but no sign of her, Beau's investigative instincts kick in) $3.99
Johansen, Iris The Perfect Witness (Teresa Casali can read people's memories, a gift her mob father used to gain the upper hand. She escaped into Witness Protection, but years later, when her cover is blown, she will have to use her gift to end the threat) $7.99
Kellerman, Faye Serpent's Tooth (Decker & Lazarus #10: Reissue; After a disgruntled ex-employee walks into a trendy restaurant and opens fire with an automatic weapon, LA homicide detective Peter Decker investigates. Eyewitnesses saw only one gunman, but evidence suggests more than one weapon was fired) $9.99
Kesselman, Bryan Paddington Pollaky, Private Detective (Nonfiction. Biography of a real-life Victorian super-sleuth) $19.95
Knox, Annie Collared for Murder (Pet Boutique #3: PBO; The Midwestern Cat Fanciers arrive in Merryville for their annual retreat; trouble ensues when the cat show prize disappears and the director is murdered) $7.99
Kornetsky, L.A. Clawed (Mallard & Tonica #4: PBO; Ginny and her shar-pei Georgie head to Portland to plan an event, only to discover a body in the client's house. Unable to resist sleuthing, Ginny uncovers identity theft and forgery with some help from her partner Teddy and Penny the cat) $7.99
Kovaly, Heda Margolius Innocence, or, Murder on Steep Street (1950s Prague: When a little boy is murdered at the cinema where his aunt works, the ensuing investigation sheds a little too much light on the personal lives of the cinema's ushers, each of whom is hiding a dark secret of her own) $25.95
Larsson, Asa The Second Deadly Sin (Rebecka Martinsson #5: When a woman is found murdered, her orphaned grandson missing, Rebecka Martinsson begins to delve into the victim's tragic family history) $14.99
Laurie, Victoria Fatal Fortune (Psychic Eye #12: When the police show Abby video of her best friend Candice shooting a man, and tell her that the victim has ties to the Las Vegas mob - and Candice may too - Abby can't believe it. With Candice nowhere to be found, Abby heads to Vegas to get some answers) $7.99
Lawson, Jessica Nooks & Crannies (Kids; Tabitha doesn't have a friend in the world except her pet mouse Pemberley. When she and 5 other children are invited to a country estate, the other children begin disappearing. With Pemberley at her side, Tabitha sets out to solve the mystery) $16.99
Leather, Stephen White Lies (Spider Shepherd #11: When his former apprentice is seized and tortured by extremists in Pakistan, Shepherd embarks on a rescue mission with SAS and Pakistani Special Forces soldiers. Then Shepherd is captured - almost as if someone set a trap) $13.95
MacBride, Stuart The Missing and the Dead (Logan McRae #9: Acting DI Logan McRae's latest posting is a 'development opportunity' in rural Aberdeenshire, catching drug dealers, shoplifters, vandals, and the occasional escaped farm animal. Then a girl's body washes up just outside the sleepy town, bringing the Major Investigation Team from Aberdeen. As his old colleagues stomp around the countryside, Logan gets dragged into the investigation) $25.99
Maron, Margaret Designated Daughters (Deborah Knott #19: Agatha finalist, best contemporary. Deborah's dying Aunt Rachel breaks weeks of silence with snippets of seemingly random stories, only to be smothered moments later. As Deborah and Dwight investigate an unlikely set of suspects, they soon realize the key to the case is hidden in Rachel's final words) $8.00
Martini, Steve The Second Man (Paul Madriani: Novella. Paul Madriani agrees to represent a Navy SEAL, who may face criminal prosecution for violating the nondisclosure agreement the military required him to sign. Then his client disappears. How far is the military willing to go to bury its secrets?) $4.99
Matthews, Jason Palace of Treason (Egorova & Nash #2: SVR agent Dominika Egorova is back in Moscow, but she despises the oligarchs and thugs of Putin's Russia, and is working as a double agent for the CIA. Her romantic involvement with CIA handler Nate Nash adds to her risk. And when a mole in the SVR finds her name on a restricted list of sources, it's a virtual death sentence) $26.99
McCafferty, Keith Dead Man's Fancy (Sean Stranahan #3: Sheriff Martha Ettinger and fly-fishing PI Sean Stranahan face their most dangerous case yet when a beautiful woman known as the Fly Fishing Venus goes missing and a man is found impaled on an elk antler) $16.00
McGowan, Claire The Dead Ground (Paula Maguire #2: Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire is asked to help find a baby taken from a local hospital. Then the ritualistic murder of a woman in a remote stone circle is connected to the kidnapping, and another child and a pregnant woman disappear) $12.95
McMillen, R.J. Black Tide Rising (Dan Connor #2: PBO; Traveling up the coast of British Columbia, retired cop Dan Connor stops for a visit with the lighthouse keepers of Nootka Island, and finds himself pulled into a case involving a missing woman and the mutilated remains of a sacred totem) $14.95
O'Bryan, Laurence The Jerusalem Puzzle (Ryan & Sharp #2: An archaeologist has been found dead in the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem, and a scientist who was translating an ancient document is missing. As Sean Ryan and Isabel Sharp try to piece together the mystery behind these events, they are drawn into a deadly game) $12.99
Parra, Nancy J. Bodice of Evidence (Perfect Proposals #2: PBO; The search for the perfect wedding gown for Pepper's sister Felicity hits a bump when they find the owner of a bridal boutique lying dead in the alley) $7.99
Pastor, Ben Tin Sky (Martin Bora #4: Ukraine, 1943: German counterintelligence officer Martin Bora investigates when two Russian generals in his custody die within hours of each other) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Zoo (TV tie-in edition) (Reissue; All over the world, brutal attacks are crippling cities. Biologist Jackson Oz watches the escalating events with a sense of dread, and, with the help of ecologist Chloe Tousignant, races to warn world leaders. Soon there will be no place left for humans to hide) $8.00
Patterson, James Maximum Ride Forever (Maximum Ride #9: YA; Navigating a post-apocalyptic world, Maximum Ride and her broken flock roam the earth, searching for answers about what happened. All will be revealed at last) $19.00
Pearson, Ridley The Red Room (Chu & Knox #3: It's a simple job in Istanbul: initiate the sale of a piece of ancient art to an anonymous client. But in this city full of government agents and terrorists, Knox and Chu realize they are players in a bigger, more dangerous game) $9.99
Pike, Penny Death of a Chocolate Cheater (Food Festival #2: PBO; Aunt Abby and Darcy hope Abby's chocolate raspberry whoopee pies will win them a spot on reality show Chocolate Wars. Things get sticky when one of the judges is murdered) $7.99
Pryor, Mark The Reluctant Matador (Hugo Marston #5: PBO; When Bart Denum's daughter disappears in Paris, he turns to his old friend Hugo Marston for help finding her) $15.95
Racculia, Kate Bellweather Rhapsody (15 years ago, a murder-suicide in room 712 rocked the Bellweather Hotel. Now, when a young musical prodigy goes missing from the infamous room, the search for her entwines an eccentric cast) $14.95
Rollins, James The 6th Extinction (SIGMA Force #10: A remote research station sends out a distress call, ending with a chilling final command: Kill us all! Personnel from the neighboring base discover everyone is already dead - every living thing for fifty square miles. The land is entirely sterile, and the blight is spreading. Commander Gray Pierce and SIGMA must unravel a threat that rises out of the distant past) $9.99
Roslund/Hellstrom Two Soldiers (Ewert Grens #5: When two teenage gangsters kidnap a female guard while executing a maximum-security prison break, Jose Pereira of the Organized Crime section teams up with DCI Ewert Grens to track them down) $9.99
Ross, Ian James The War at the Edge of the World (Twilight of Empire #1: Once a soldier in an elite legion from the Danube, Castus is now stuck in Britannia. When an envoy goes to negotiate with the Picts, Castus is chosen to command the bodyguard. The diplomatic mission ends in bloody tragedy, and Castus and his men must fight for their lives) $26.95
Rowling, JK/Galbraith, R The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike #2: After a novelist completes a manuscript that would ruin lives, then disappears, PI Cormoran Strike is hired to investigate) $18.00
Roy, Lori Let Me Die in His Footsteps (In 1936, Juna Crowley came of age. Joseph Carl Baine looked into her eyes, and they made him do things that cost innocent people their lives. Sheriff Irlene Fulkerson saw justice served - or did she? In 1952, Annie Holleran comes of age. Her Aunt Juna will come home now to finish what she started. To save herself, her family, and her Kentucky town, Annie must prepare for Juna's return, and the revelation of what really happened all those years ago) $26.95
Sefton, Maggie Yarn Over Murder (Knitting #12: When Andrea Holt is found dead and suspicion falls on longtime House of Lambspun employee Connie, Kelly and the knitters must untangle the crime) $7.99
Sefton, Maggie Purl Up and Die (Knitting #13: When a young woman accuses Barb's son Tommy of assaulting her, then turns up dead, Kelly and the knitters must unravel the truth from the lies to clear Tommy's name) $25.95
Shelton, Paige Bushel Full of Murder (Farmers' Market #6: PBO; A fleet of food trucks has arrived for a two-week visit at the Farmers' Market. Tensions between truck operators and market vendors over their required licenses reach a crescendo when the town's business manager is murdered) $7.99
Simenon, Georges The Saint-Fiacre Affair (alternate title: Maigret Goes Home / Maigret and the Countess / Maigret on Home Ground) (Maigret #13: Reissue; An ominous note, predicting the time and place of a death, takes Maigret back to his birthplace) $11.00
Slaughter, Karin Blindsighted (Grant County #1: Reissue; New Blood Dagger shortlist, best first novel. There's a serial killer at work in Heartsdale, Georgia - one whose identity is hidden somewhere in coroner Sara Linton's secret past) $9.99
Slaughter, Karin Kisscut (Grant County #2: Reissue; When an argument at the local skating rink leads to death, coroner Sara Linton uncovers evidence of self-mutilation and long-term abuse, but her investigation is frustrated at every turn by the cold silence of the family and friends of the slain girl) $9.99
Stella, Charlie Eddie's World (Reissue; Suffering a midlife crisis, Eddie Senta decides to get involved in a heist. Everything that can go wrong, does) $9.99
Stevens, Chevy Never Knowing (34-year-old Sara Gallagher sets out to find her birth parents, only to learn that her biological father is a serial killer who has been hunting women for over 30 years. And now he's found out about her) $7.99
Stevens, Chevy That Night (When her sister was murdered years ago, Toni and her boyfriend Ryan went to prison for the crime. Now Toni is on parole in her hometown, trying to avoid being sent back to prison. But nothing is making that easy: not Ryan, who thinks he can figure out the truth; not her mother, who doubts Toni's innocence; and not the women who made Toni's life hell in high school and may have darker secrets than anyone realizes) $15.99
Thor, Brad Act of War (After a CIA agent dies overseas, his top asset surfaces with a terrifying claim. Can she be trusted? Then six exchange students go missing, two airline passengers trade places, and an asylum seeker is arrested. The US President turns to covert operative Scot Harvath to help carry out two dangerous missions) $9.99
Todd, Charles A Test of Wills (Ian Rutledge #1: Reissue; New Blood Dagger, Edgar, and Anthony finalist, best first novel. 1919: Ian Rutledge returned from the battlefields of France shell-shocked, and haunted by a young soldier he ordered executed for refusing to fight. Scotland Yard assigns him to the murder of a popular colonel, who appears to have been killed by a decorated war hero who is a close friend of the Prince of Wales) $14.99
Vachss, Andrew Shockwave (Dell & Dolly #2: When circumstantial evidence leads to a schizophrenic being arrested for killing a man twice his size and half his age, Dell and Dolly team up Mack, the director of the local mental health problem, to find the real killer) $15.95
Watson, Jude Loot (Kids; After a cat burglar falls to his death, his children are sent to the world's worst orphanage. But March and Jules don't plan to stay. They know their father's business - just one good heist, and they'll live the life of riches and freedom most kids only dream about) $6.99
Whittington, Harry A Haven for the Damned (Reissue; Eight people converge on a ghost town near the Mexican border, each with their own demons and dilemmas. Not all of them will leave alive) $9.99
Widmark, Martin The Mummy Mystery (Whodunit Detective Agency #5: Kids; What's going on at the museum in Pleasant Valley? The terrified night watchman claims that he saw the Egyptian mummy walking around the museum. The same night, the most valuable painting in the museum was cut out of its frame. Can young detectives Jerry and Maya get to the bottom of the strange and spooky events?) $5.99
Woods, Stuart Paris Match (Stone Barrington #31: Returning from Paris to attend to some business concerns, Stone finds himself embroiled in high-stakes trouble on both sides of the Atlantic) $9.99
Zobel, Melissa Tantaquidgeon Wabanaki Blues (Wabanaki #1: YA; 18 years ago, Mia Delaney disappeared from her New Hampshire high school. Now, teen blues musician Mona Lisa Lapierre is searching for the killer, with some help from her reclusive grandfather Grumps and the spirit of her grandmother Bilki) $10.95


Billingham, Mark The Bones Beneath (Tom Thorne #12: Psychopathic killer Stuart Nicklin offers to reveal the whereabouts of one of his earliest victims, but he wants Tom Thorne, the cop who put him away, to be there when he does. On a remote island off the Welsh coast, it becomes clear that Nicklin's motives are far from altruistic) $16.00
Brookes, Adam Night Heron (A lone man escapes a Chinese labor camp. Once a spy for the British, he offers his former MI6 paymasters military secrets in return for extraction. But the secrets are more valuable than he realized - and not only to the British) $15.00
Burke, Alafair All Day and a Night (Ellie Hatcher #5: NYPD detective Ellie Hatcher and her partner JJ Rogan are tapped to reassess the investigation that led to Anthony Amaro's murder conviction. The case takes them, and Amaro's lawyer, to the dead woman's hometown, where a brutal attack makes it clear that someone has gotten too close to the truth) $15.99
Burrows, Steve A Pitying of Doves (Domenic Jejeune #2: Why would a killer ignore expensive jewelry and take a pair of turtledoves? Just one of the many questions to pique Inspector Jejeune's interest when a senior attache from the Mexican Embassy is found murdered alongside the director of a bird sanctuary) $15.99
Carbo, Christine The Wild Inside (PBO; Ted Systead, a special agent for the Department of the Interior, investigates a death at Glacier National Park. The victim was killed by a grizzly bear, but was tied to a tree before the mauling) $16.00
Christie/Hannah, Sophie The Monogram Murders (Hercule Poirot: Authorized by the Christie estate. Poirot plunges into a mystery in 1920s London, a diabolically clever puzzle that will test his brilliant skills) $14.99
Crombie, Deborah To Dwell in Darkness (Kincaid & James #16: Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his Camden murder squad investigate a deadly bombing at St. Pancras Station. And Kincaid is still questioning the reasons behind his transfer; when his former boss is attacked, he sets out to untangle that mystery) $13.99
Cumming, Charles A Colder War (Tom Kell #2: When seemingly unrelated incidents - the death or imprisonment of Turks and Iranians recently recruited by western intelligence agencies - are followed by a senior agent's death in a puzzling plane crash, MI6 brings disgraced agent Tom Kell in from the cold to find the traitor responsible) $15.99
Doiron, Paul The Bone Orchard (Mike Bowditch #5: Forced to kill a troubled war veteran, Sergeant Kathy Frost finds herself facing a government inquiry as well as outrage from the dead man's platoon mates. When she is shot outside her farmhouse, Mike Bowditch joins the hunt to find the man responsible) $15.99
DuBois, Brendan Blood Foam (Lewis Cole #9: Lewis' ex Paula Quinn comes to him for help when her attorney fiance disappears; they find themselves on the run from gang members intent on killing the missing man for a past betrayal) $25.95
Dunn, Carola Superfluous Women (Daisy Dalrymple #22: Three of Daisy's unmarried school friends have bought a house together, and invite Daisy and her husband Alec for lunch. Alec manages to pick the lock on the keyless wine-cellar door, only to find a long-dead body) $24.99
Entwistle, Vaughn The Dead Assassin (Doyle's Paranormal Casebooks #2: 1895: When a senior member of Her Majesty's government is murdered - apparently by a Cockney thief who was hanged two weeks earlier - Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle is called in to help investigate, and turns to his friend Oscar Wilde for assistance) $26.99
Finder, Joseph The Fixer (When Rick Hoffman loses his job, he sets out to renovate his childhood home, empty since his father's stroke. There he makes a discovery that will put his life in peril, and change everything he though he knew about his father) $28.00
Flett-Giordano, Anne Marry, Kiss, Kill (With stars in town for a film festival and powerful business interests at stake, Santa Barbara detective Nola MacIntire and her partner Tony Angelotti must solve a complicated puzzle behind three apparently unrelated deaths) $15.00
Garnier, Pascal The Islanders (Reunited by a chance encounter, Olivier dines with his childhood friend Jeanne, her blind brother Rodolphe, and a homeless man Rodolphe has taken in. As the wine flows, dark secrets are spilled, leaving more than just hangovers to deal with the next morning) $13.95
Goodwin, Jason The Baklava Club (Investigator Yashim #5: Three naive Italian liberals, exiled in Istanbul, have bungled their instructions to kill a Polish prince, and instead abducted him. But their revolutionary cell has been infiltrated by their enemies, who are passing along false orders. It falls to Yashim to unravel all this) $16.00
Henry, April The Body in the Woods (Point Last Seen #1: YA; When teens Alexis, Nick, and Ruby join Search & Rescue, they are teamed up to search for an lost autistic man. Instead, they find a dead body, and set out to find the girl's killer) $9.99
Henry, Sue Murder on the Iditarod Trail (Jessie Arnold #1: Reissue; Anthony winner, best first novel. The top competitors in the Iditarod - a grueling 1100-mile Alaskan dogsled race - are dying in bizarre ways. Jessie Arnold, the top female musher, has a shot at winning the race, but as her standing improves, so does her chance of being the killer's next target) $14.00
Herron, Mick Smoke and Whispers (Oxford #4: Sarah Tucker identifies the body pulled out of the River Tyne as PI Zoe Boehm, but putting a name to the corpse only raises further questions) $14.95
Iggulden, Conn Margaret of Anjou (Wars of the Roses #2: 1454: With King Henry VI struck down by illness, Margaret safeguards her husband's interests. Meanwhile, Richard, Duke of York, Protector of the Realm, extends his influence throughout the kingdom. Then the king unexpectedly recovers and returns to London to reclaim the throne, once more upsetting the balance of power) $27.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Paradise Sky (Willie flees his Texas home when his father is murdered, and finds shelter with a man named Loving, who teaches him shooting, riding, reading, astronomy, mythology, and gardening. When his mentor dies, he rechristens himself Nat Love in tribute, and heads west, becoming a Buffalo Soldier. He winds up in Deadwood, where he is befriended by Wild Bill Hickok) $26.00
Leon, Donna Quietly in Their Sleep (UK title: The Death of Faith) (Guido Brunetti #6: Reissue; The nun who once took care of his mother turns up at the Commissario's door, having left her convent following the suspicious deaths of five patients; Brunetti investigates) $14.00
Leon, Donna Through a Glass, Darkly (Guido Brunetti #15: Reissue; Commissario Brunetti investigates the murder of a night watchman, whose body is found in front of a blazing furnace at a glass factory - along with an annotated copy of Dante's Inferno) $14.00
Limon, Martin The Iron Sickle (Sueno & Bascom #9: When the head of the US Army Claims office in Seoul is murdered by a Korean man, military CID agents George Sueno and Ernie Bascom go against orders to investigate) $15.95
Lovesey, Peter The Stone Wife (Peter Diamond #14: Peter Diamond and his team investigate when the highest bidder on a carved stone is killed during an hold-up attempt at a Bath auction house) $15.95
Mark, David Sorrow Bound (Aector McAvoy #3: As DS McAvoy and DS Pharaoh search for a serial murderer with a taste for the macabre, McAvoy comes to suspect these are copycat murders, committed as revenge for police investigations that were mishandled years ago) $16.00
Mosley, Walter Rose Gold (Easy Rawlins #13: 1970s: A black ex-boxer, leader of a revolutionary cell, has kidnapped the daughter of a weapons manufacturer. The cell is demanding money, weapons, and an apology, or the young woman will die horribly and publicly. The authorities turn to PI Easy Rawlins to resolve this dangerous standoff) $15.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David A Time of Change (Trading Post #1: When Tom Stuart leaves his New Mexico trading post to Josephine Buck, a young Navajo woman, his son Ben is determined to get it back. Then Jo and Ben learn that Tom was murdered - and that the trading post holds many secrets) $15.99
Vachss, Andrew Signwave (Dell & Dolly #3: Dell uses his mercenary skills to follow the trail of a man who has threatened Dolly) $26.95
Wolf, Dick The Ultimatum (Jeremy Fisk #3: Fisk tracks a serial killer who is using drone technology to kill his victims) $27.99
Wright, Tom Blackbird (A brutalized body is found nailed to a cross on the outskirts of a Texas town. The victim is Dr. Deborah Gold, a psychologist who has taken a lot of people's secrets to her grave. Which gives detective Jim Beaudry Bonham a lot of suspects to investigate) $17.00


Alexander, Ellie A Batter of Life and Death (Bakeshop #2: PBO; Jules plans to promote her family's bake shop by participating in a reality baking show. When a fellow contestant is murdered, can Jules sift out the killer before anyone else gets burned?) $7.99
Allen, Hania Double Tap (Von Valenti #2: Searching for her errant daughter, ex-cop Von Valenti has relocated to Edinburgh and set up as a PI. Hired to investigate a professional hit that occurred during an executive paintball game, she will need all her skills and tenacity to unravel the web of lies surrounding the case) $14.95
Bannalec, Jean-Luc Death in Brittany (UK title: Death in Pont-Aven) (Georges Dupin #1: Commissaire Dupin and his team investigate the murder of an elderly hotel manager in Pont Aven, Brittany; when further incidents muddy the waters, they uncover a web of secrecy and criminality that belies the village's idyllic image) $24.99
Beaton, M.C. The Blood of an Englishman (Agatha Raisin #25: Agatha and her team investigate when a baker is murdered while acting in the local pantomime) $7.99
Bonner, Brynn Picture Them Dead (Family History #3: PBO; When a bizarre burial site with a glass coffin is found in her father's backyard, detective Jenny Jeffers calls on genealogists Sophreena and Esme for help identifying the corpse) $7.99
Bush, Nancy You Can't Escape (PBO; As reporters Jay Danziger and Jordanna Winters look into a bomb blast, they uncover a string of unsolved murders, each body branded the same way) $7.99
Chercover, Sean The Devil's Game (Daniel Byrne #2: Daniel Byrne was a Vatican investigator, scrutinizing miracle claims, until an investigation uncovered more troubling human conspiracies. Now he's part of a secretive group searching for truth. When he discovers a new strain of a plague at a covert medical facility, he teams up with disgraced physician Kara Singh to trace the roots of the deadly pathogen) $15.95
Child, Lee (ed) Killer Year (Anthology. Stories by thriller writers whose first novels were published in 2007) $9.99
Cornwell, Patricia Flesh and Blood (Scarpetta #22: Forensic sleuth Kay Scarpetta finds herself in the unsettling pursuit of a serial sniper who leaves no incriminating evidence except fragments of copper) $9.99
Corrigan, Maya Scam Chowder (Five-Ingredient #2: PBO; Val investigates when one of the guests at her granddad's dinner party winds up dead) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Power Play (FBI Thriller #18: A psychopath has escaped from a mental hospital and is out for revenge against the FBI, particularly Lacey Sherlock. And US Ambassador Natalie Black has returned to Washington, DC, with her job and her life in jeopardy) $9.99
Dahl, Julia Run You Down (Rebekah Roberts #2: Investigating the murder of a young Hasidic mother might bring journalist Rebekah Roberts face to face with the mother who abandoned her as a baby) $25.99
Deas, S.J. (Stephen) The Royalist (William Falkland #1: 1645: William Falkland, a Royalist awaiting execution, is offered a reprieve by Oliver Cromwell, who dispatches Falkland to investigate a series of mysterious deaths at the New Model Army's winter camp) $13.95
Dietrich, William The Three Emperors (Ethan Gage #7: 1805: After surviving the Battle of Trafalgar, Ethan Gage - hoping to be reunited with his son and his wife Astiza - heads to Bohemia, where Astiza is searching for a medieval automaton that can foretell the future) $9.99
Dodd, Christina Virtue Falls (Virtue Falls #1: Elizabeth has lived her life believing her father killed her mother. Returning to her home town, hoping to find the reasons behind the murder, she learns that her father was innocent. The real killer is still out there - and there are other victims) $7.99
Evanovich, J/Sutton, P Wicked Charms (Lizzy & Diesel #3: To search for the Stone of Avarice, part of a lost pirate treasure, Lizzy and Diesel are going to need a treasure map and a ship) $28.00
Fesperman, Dan Unmanned (Haunted by what he saw on the display of the Predator drone he piloted, Darwin Cole reluctantly teams up with three journalists seeking the identity of the anonymous - and possibly rogue - intelligence operative who called the shots for Cole's ill-fated mission in Afghanistan) $15.95
Gilstrap, John Against All Enemies (Jonathan Grave #7: PBO; Has a fellow combat veteran gone rogue? Grave's search for his old friend leads him to far more than he bargained for. Can Grave and his team expose a deadly high-level secret in time to avert catastrophe?) $9.99
Grindle, Lucretia The Lost Daughter (PBO; Kirstin is sure her study year in Florence will be the best, a chance to explore art, poetry, and romance in the arms of her new Italian boyfriend. But days before her parents arrive to celebrate her 18th birthday, Kristin disappears) $16.00
Grubb, Davis The Night of the Hunter (Reissue; Two children must outsmart and outrun their father's prison cell mate, who will stop at nothing to steal their father's hidden fortune) $14.95
Harris, Sherry The Longest Yard Sale (Sarah Winston #2: PBO; When Sarah turns her town into New England's largest garage sale for a day, a valuable painting goes missing, and an Air Force officer turns up dead in her friend Carol's studio. To solve the case, Sarah must rummage through increasingly strange clues) $7.99
Houston, Victoria Dead Rapunzel (Loon Lake #15: Police chief Lew Ferris and her friend Doc Osborne investigate when a wealthy woman is shoved in front of a logging truck on an icy street) $16.99
Lin, Ed Ghost Month (Jing-nan's high school girlfriend has been found murdered. Why was this intelligent women selling betel nuts to truck drivers, a job almost as taboo as prostitution? The facts don't add up, but the Taipei police have closed the case without asking questions. When the girl's parents ask him to investigate, Jing-nan reluctantly agrees) $15.95
Lynds, Gayle The Assassins (Eva Blake #2: Judd Ryder and his colleague Eva Blake were the last two people known to have contact with legendary freelance assassin the Carnivore. Now someone is using them to try to lure the Carnivore out of hiding. Ryder and Blake will need every resource at their disposal to stay alive) $27.99
Mack, Janey Time's Up (Maisie McGrane #1: PBO; Maisie comes from a cop family, but was expelled from the police academy. When she stumbles across the murdered body of a City Hall staffer, her cop brothers warn her off the case. But with the help of shadowy ex-Army Ranger Hank Bannon, she's determined to follow the clues wherever they lead) $15.00
McGoran, Jon Deadout (Doyle Carrick #2: On a trip to a New England island, detective Doyle Carrick learns that a mysterious plague is killing the bees. When a biotech company moves in with genetically modified bees, things spin violently out of control. As Doyle closes in on what the biotech firm is really up to, he must race to stop them before their plot spreads to the mainland) $8.99
Meier, Leslie French Pastry Murder (Lucy Stone #21: In recognition of their charitable work, Lucy and her friends and their husbands are awarded a vacation in Paris, including learning to make French pastries. Lucy winds up having to clear her name after she finds the pastry chef's dead body) $7.99
Muller, Marcia Someone Always Knows (Sharon McCone #31: PI Sharon McCone has a new client who wants to get rid of a derelict house that's bothering the local homeowners' association. But the abandoned house holds secrets, and soon Sharon is contending with more than a simple eyesore) $26.00
Patterson, J/Karp, M NYPD Red 2 (The NYPD's elite task force investigates when a wealthy, influential woman is found slaughtered on the carousel in the heart of Central Park) $10.00
Patterson, J/Roughan, H Truth or Die (When his journalist girlfriend's latest story leads to a violent confrontation, attorney Trevor Mann chases her leads, unearthing evidence of a shocking secret. Now it's up to Trevor to keep it from falling into the wrong hands) $28.00
Phelps, M. William The Killing Kind (PBO; Nonfiction. A look at the lives of Heather Catterton and Randi Saldana, and at the high-profile trial and conviction of Danny Embree for killing them) $7.99
Pressey, Rose All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (Haunted Vintage #2: PBO; Cookie is providing period outfits for a film being shot at a historic plantation. When the leading lady turns up drowned, Cookie and her psychic cat must find a killer in the cast of suspects) $7.99
Preston, D/Child, L Blue Labyrinth (Pendergast #14: A long-buried family secret resurfaces when one of Pendergast's most implacable enemies shows up on his doorstep as a murdered corpse) $10.00
Pronzini, Bill Vixen (Nameless Detective #40: A beautiful young woman hires Nameless to find her missing brother. When Jake Runyon locates and questions the frightened young man, the client's motives come into question, and the case develops sinister complexities) $24.99
Reading, Mario The Templar Inheritance (John Hart #2: 1198: Johannes von Hartelius discovers that the Templars’ most prized possession, the Copper Scroll, has been stolen. 2013: John Hart discovers a message inside the Holy Spear, indicating the possible location of the Copper Scroll in a hollow mountain in Iran, and sets out to retrieve it) $12.95
Silva, Daniel The English Spy (Gabriel Allon #15: The latest thriller featuring art restorer and occasional spy Gabriel Allon; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Simenon, Georges The Flemish House (alternate title: The Flemish Shop) (Maigret #14: Reissue; A young woman desperate to clear her family of murder brings Maigret to the town of Givet on the Belgian border. The family's well-kept shop, the sleepy community, and its raging river all hide their own mysteries) $11.00
Smith, Alexander McCall The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #15: Mma Ramotswe's partner Mma Makutsi has decided to branch out on her own and open The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe. But when she can't quite manage all the demands of running a business - not to mention the effects of a lightning strike on her building - she will have to accept all the help she can get, even if it comes from a completely unexpected source) $14.95
Smith, Dwayne Alexander Forty Acres (Black lawyer Martin Grey has become friendly with some of the most powerful black men in America, so he's dazzled when they invite him for a weekend retreat, but horrified to discover that their secret society is dedicated to the institution of slavery - only this time, the blacks are called 'Master') $16.00
Spillane, M/Collins, M King of the Weeds (Mike Hammer: Hammer finds himself up against a clever serial killer who is targeting cops) $7.99
Stevens, Taylor The Mask (Vanessa Munroe #5: When her lover Bradford is arrested for murder, Vanessa finds out he's been lying to her, but sets out to find the real killer and the company mole who may have framed Bradford and put all this in motion) $24.00
Stewart, Mary Madam, Will You Talk? (Reissue; Charity Selborne's holiday in Provence takes a dangerous turn when she makes friends with an English boy and his unruly dog, and is drawn into the intrigue surrounding a murder) $12.95
Stratmann, Linda The Children of Silence (Frances Doughty #5: London, 1881: When a body is found in the canal basin, Harriet Antrobus claims that the remains are those of her husband, who disappeared three years ago, and hires Frances Doughty to investigate) $14.95
Thoft, Ingrid Brutality (Fina Ludlow #3: College soccer star Liz Barone is in the process of suing her alma mater. When Liz is attacked and left with a life-threatening injury, Fina is hired to investigate. Was Liz attacked to stop her lawsuit, or are there other secrets in her life?) $26.95
Tremayne, Peter Atonement of Blood (Sister Fidelma #24: 670 CE: A winter feast is interrupted by the attempted assassination of King Colgu; Fidelma, Eadulf, and Gorman must discover who sent the killer) $16.99
Truman, M/Bain, D Undiplomatic Murder (Capital Crimes #27: When a suicide bombing at a Washington, DC, cafe kills his daughter, security agent Robert Brixton follows the bomber's trail to the son of a powerful US senator) $8.99
Vargas, Fred Dog Will Have His Day (Three Evangelists #2: When disgraced special investigator Louis Kehlweiler finds a tiny piece of human bone on the Paris pavement, the police are uninterested. With some help from historians Marc and Mathias, he follows the trail to a Breton fishing village in search of a dog - and a killer) $16.95
Wanner, Len Tartan Noir (Nonfiction. A scholarly yet accessible look at contemporary Scottish crime fiction, delving into the police procedural and psycho killer novels at the heart of the movement) $16.95
Williams, Amanda Kyle Don't Talk to Strangers (Keye Street #3: When several mutilated and decomposing corpses are discovered outside of Atlanta, the police recruit Keye to give them a psychological profile, but her involvement may put her in line to become the next victim) $7.99
Williams, Charlotte Black Valley (Jessica Mayhew #2: Working with her latest client, an obsessive painter, leads to questions for psychotherapist Jessica Mayhew. Was the woman's mother really murdered in the course of a burglary? Or was there more to the death?) $14.99
Winslow, Don The Cartel (Ex-DEA agent Art Keller has been living quietly at a monastery in New Mexico, but when the Mexican cartels start a vicious drug war, Keller plunges back into the game, playing as always by his own rules) $27.95
Winspear, Jacqueline The Care and Management of Lies (1914: The ties between girlhood friends Thea and Kezia have been strained by Thea's embrace of women's suffrage and by Kezia's marriage to Thea's brother Tom, who runs the family farm. When Tom enlists and Thea is drawn reluctantly onto the battlefield, the farm becomes Kezia's responsibility. To endure the ensuing turmoil, they hide their despair in letters and cards filled with stories woven to bring comfort) $15.99


Abel, James White Plague (Joe Rush #1: In remote Arctic waters, a technologically advanced US sub is adrift and in flames. Marine doctor and bioterror expert Joe Rush and his team are dispatched to rescue the crew and keep the vessel out of enemy hands. But a deadly plague from the past is also trapped on the sub) $9.99
Amore, Anthony M. The Art of the Con (Nonfiction. Museum security chief Amore tells the untold stories of some of history's most notorious art cons, and the secret history of fakes, frauds, and forgeries in the art world) $26.00
Aspe, Peter From Bruges with Love (Van In #3: When a skeleton turns up in a farmyard, Inspector Van In discovers the case is trickier than it looks - the land formerly belonged to a prominent businessman, and then to a right-wing charity) $15.99
Atkins, Ace The Forsaken (Quinn Colson #4: Decades ago, a nameless black man wandered into Jericho, MS. He was accused of rape and murder, and lynched. Now evidence has surfaced of his innocence. Sheriff Colson sets out to ID the man's remains and charge those responsible for the lynching) $16.00
Atkins, Ace The Redeemers (Quinn Colson #5: County kingpin Johnny Stagg has made sure Colson was voted out of office. Colson has offers in bigger and better places, but before he goes, he has one more job to do: bring down Stagg's criminal operations) $26.95
Bai, Xiao French Concession (1931: In the wake of a visiting Nationalist Party official's assassination, a Franco-Chinese photographer is coerced into spying for the authorities, and discovers that in the devious world of Shanghai, no one is who they appear to be) $27.99
Bebris, Carrie The Suspicion at Sanditon, or, The Disappearance of Lady Denham (Mr. & Mrs. Darcy #7: When wealthy Lady Denham goes missing, most assume one of her would-be heirs has grown impatient. But when other ladies disappear one by one, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy find themselves drawn into the frantic effort to discover what has become of the missing women) $23.99
Becker, James The Lost Treasure of the Templars (UK title: The Hounds of the Lord) (Knights Templar #1: When antiquarian bookseller Robin Jessop finds an indecipherable ancient parchment, she turns to cryptography expert David Mallory for help. What they decode sends them on a hunt for Templar treasure, and through dark church secrets hidden for centuries) $9.99
Blackwell, Juliet Spellcasting in Silk (Witchcraft #7: PBO; When a woman's apparent suicide is connected to a suspicious botanica in the Mission District, the San Francisco police turn to Lily for help. She finds herself facing a confounding mystery and some very powerful magic) $7.99
Brackmann, Lisa Rock Paper Tiger (alternate title: Year of the Tiger) (Ellie Cooper #1: Reissue; A chance encounter in Beijing with a member of a Chinese Muslim minority turns Iraq War veteran Ellie's life upside down. Security organizations are suddenly hounding her. Are the things she saw and did in Iraq at the root of their interest?) $9.99
Budewitz, Leslie Butter Off Dead (Food Lovers' Village #3: PBO; The merchants of Jewel Bay, Montana, hope to heat up winter business with a film festival, but their plans are sent reeling when a killer dims the lights on one of the event planners) $7.99
Burdette, Lucy Fatal Reservations (Key West Food Critic #6: PBO; When her friend Lorenzo is accused of murder, Hayley sets out to clear his name) $7.99
Cates, Bailey Magic and Macaroons (Magical Bakery #5: PBO; Katie investigates when a meeting of the spellbook club is interrupted by a stranger collapsing on the shop floor, mumbling about a voodoo talisman) $7.99
Clark, Simon (ed) The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Anthology. Holmes and Watson pursue truth and justice in stories set around the globe) $14.95
Crofts, Freeman Wills The Hog's Back Mystery (alternate title: The Strange Case of Dr. Earle) (Joseph French #10: Reissue; Originally published in 1933. When Dr. James Earle disappears from his cottage, Inspector French is called in to investigate. At first he uncovers a web of romantic entanglements, but the case takes a more complex turn as other people vanish) $12.95
Crofts, Freeman Wills Antidote to Venom (Joseph French #17: Reissue; Originally published in 1938. As the pressure on zoo director George Surridge increases, he dreams of miracle solutions - but could he commit a devious murder in pursuit of his goals? Inspector French investigates) $12.95
Cullin, Mitch Mr. Holmes (movie tie-in edition) (original title: A Slight Trick of the Mind) (Reissue; 1947: The long-retired Sherlock Holmes lives in a Sussex farmhouse, where he tends bees, writes in his journal, and grapples with the diminishing powers of his mind. As people continue to look to him for answers, he revisits a case that may provide him with answers of his own to questions he didn't even know he was asking) $15.00
Davis, Lindsey Deadly Election (Flavia Albia #3: Rome, 1st century CE: When a corpse is found in a chest sent to the Falco family auction house, it falls to Albia to find out who, why, and by whom) $25.99
Disher, Garry Bitter Wash Road (alternate title: Hell to Pay) (Ned Kelly finalist, best novel. Demoted from detective and posted to an isolated bush town, Constable Paul Hirschhausen must investigate the death of a teenage girl whose murder threatens to set the town ablaze) $15.95
Downing, David Jack of Spies (1913: Traveling salesman Jack McColl moonlights collecting intelligence for His Majesty's Navy in the Far East, but with a geopolitical catastrophe brewing, he finds the task growing much more dangerous. Then he realizes that his girlfriend's Irish-American family might be embroiled in the Irish Republican movement. Must he choose between his country and the woman he loves?) $15.95
Ellroy, James Perfidia (1941: The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor, the US teeters on the edge of war, and the roundup of allegedly treasonous Japanese Americans is about to begin. In LA, a Japanese family is found dead. Is it murder or ritual suicide?) $16.95
Eriksson, Kjell Open Grave (Ann Lindell #10: Not everyone is happy that Professor Bertram von Ohler was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. When a series of pranks escalates into something more serious, police inspector Ann Lindell becomes involved in the case) $25.99
Flanders, Judith The Victorian City (Nonfiction. Historian Flanders leads us through London, revealing the capital in all its variety, vibrancy, and squalor; no detail is too small or too strange) $17.99
Francis, Felix Damage (Jeff Hinkley has been assigned to look into a racehorse trainer's suspicious activities; while trailing his quarry through the Cheltenham Racing Festival, he witnesses a gruesome murder. Could it connected to the trainer's use of illegal drugs on horses?) $9.99
Furlong, Susan Peaches and Scream (Georgia Peach #1: PBO; Nola Harper returns to her Georgia hometown to help out on her family's peach farm, and finds a local businessman murdered in the orchard) $7.99
Hamilton, Victoria Death of an English Muffin (Merry Muffin #3: PBO; To help pay the bills at Wynter Castle, Merry decides to take in renters. When an abrasive tenant meets an embarrassing end behind a locked door, Merry sets out to find the killer) $7.99
Hauka, Donald J. Pizza 911 (Hakeem Jinnah #3: The discovery of a charred, dismembered body in a pizza oven puts chain-smoking reporter Hakeem Jinnah on the trail of a killer; the chase leads from Vancouver to Tanzania) $11.99
Hayes, Terry I Am Pilgrim (Steel Dagger shortlist, best thriller. A young woman murdered in a run-down hotel, all identifying characteristics dissolved by acid. A father publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia. A notorious Syrian biotech expert found eyeless in a Damascus junkyard. Smoldering human remains on a mountainside in Afghanistan. A plot to commit an appalling crime against humanity. One path links them all, and only one man can make the journey: Pilgrim) $9.99
Hechtman, Betty Wound Up in Murder (Yarn Retreat #3: PBO; When the silk scarf from her ex-boyfriend Sammy's magic act is used as a murder weapon, can Casey and her friends solve the crime before the real killer pulls a disappearing act?) $7.99
Herron, Mick Reconstruction (Reissue; Jaime is trying to find his lover Miro, who is missing - along with a huge sum of money intended for reconstruction work in Iraq. Those outside the nursery school where Jaime has taken hostages would like him silenced) $14.95
Hobbs, Roger Vanishing Games (Ghostman #2: When a woman from his past calls on Jack for help, he heads to Macau, where they find themselves up to their necks in a conspiracy bigger than they've ever seen and more dangerous than they've ever imagined) $25.95
Hoffman, David E. The Billion Dollar Spy (Nonfiction. The story of Adolf Tolkachev, the CIA's most valuable spy in the Soviet Union during the last days of the Cold War) $28.95
Huber, Anna Lee A Study in Death (Lady Kiera #4: Scotland, 1831: Hired to paint Lady Drummond's portrait, Kiera comes to suspect the woman is abused. When she finds Lady Drummond dead, the physician called to the house rules the death natural, but Kiera is convinced she was poisoned) $25.95
Hyzy, Julie Grace Cries Uncle (Manor House #6: PBO; Grace expects trouble when her estranged sister Liza arrives in town. When a man claiming to be an FBI agent shows up, then turns up dead, the plot thickens, and Grace can't help but wonder if Liza is at the center of it all) $7.99
Javorsky, Earl Trust Me (When Jeff Fenner hears that his sister has committed suicide, he refuses to believe she killed herself. His search for answers leads him to a Beverly Hills self-help cult and a string of eerily similar apparent suicides) $15.95
Jin, Ha A Map of Betrayal (Lilian Shang, a history professor in Maryland, knew her father was the most important Chinese spy ever caught in the US. When his diary points to a hidden second family he'd left behind, she follows his trail back to China) $15.95
Kane, Ben Enemy of Rome (Hannibal #1: The Roman legions defeated Carthage. Now Carthage's brilliant young general Hannibal is out for revenge) $16.99
Karjel, Robert The Swede (Dispatched to a remote US military base, Swedish security agent Ernst Grip is tasked with determining whether a detainee - a suspect in a terrorist attack in the US heartland - is a Swedish citizen) $26.99
Kava, Alex Breaking Creed (Ryder Creed #1: Called in to search a commercial fishing vessel, Ryder Creed and his search dog discover a secret compartment with human cargo - cartel drug mules. The cartel plans a hit on Creed, but he and his dogs have a few surprises in store at their Florida compound) $9.99
Koryta, Michael Those Who Wish Me Dead (When 13-year-old Jace Wilson witnesses a murder, he's issued a false identity and hidden in a wilderness skills program. But the killers are slaughtering anyone who gets in their way in a methodical quest to reach him. Now all that remains between them and the boy are the couple who run the program, the woman who occupies a lonely fire lookout tower, and endless miles of Montana mountains) $16.00
Laurie, Victoria Sense of Deception (Psychic Eye #13: Tossed in the slammer for contempt of court, Abby meets Skylar Miller, who is facing the death penalty. Abby's intuition tells her the woman is innocent, but can she find hard evidence before it's too late?) $24.95
Lawson, Mike House Reckoning (Joe DeMarco #9: 20 years after his Mafioso father was murdered, Joe gets a tip about who killed him: a supposedly upstanding citizen who is in line for a job in DC that would leave him untouchable. Joe will have to act quickly to uncover the truth, but is avenging his father's death worth his job, and maybe even his life?) $14.00
Lee, Harper Go Set a Watchman (1950s: Returning home to Maycomb for a visit, Jean Louise Finch - Scout - struggles with issues both personal and political, involving her father Atticus, society, and the small Alabama town that shaped her) $27.99
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter Is Dead (Dexter #8: Dexter faces a murder charge - ironically, for a crime he did not commit. His only chance for freedom lies with his brother Brian, who has a dark plan to prove Dexter's innocence) $24.95
Lovesey, Peter Down Among the Dead Men (Peter Diamond #15: In Sussex to assist on a Home Office internal investigation, Diamond begins to notice unsettling connections between a murder seven years earlier and a recent missing persons case) $27.95
Lovesey, Peter Wobble to Death (Sergeant Cribb #1: Reissue; 1879: Sergeant Cribb, a no-nonsense cop with a penchant for sports, investigates when the death of a race-walking contender is followed by a second murder) $9.99
Lowell, Virginia Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies (Cookie Cutter Shop #6: PBO; Livie's mom is converting an old boarding house into an arts and crafts school. When the construction crew discovers a pile of bones inside one of the walls, Livie can't resist investigating) $7.99
Macdonald, Ross The Archer Files (Lew Archer: Collection. All the stories featuring the sardonic PI, plus 'case notes' comprised of deleted scenes and fragments of stories, as well as new material not included in the previous edition) $16.00
Mayne, Andrew Name of the Devil (Jessica Blackwood #2: PBO; The mysterious disappearance of a church congregation in rural Appalachia puts illusionist turned FBI agent Jessica Blackwood on the trail of a cold-blooded killer) $15.99
McAndrews, Jennifer Death Under Glass (Stained Glass #2: PBO; Georgia's best friend Carrie wants her to create a stained glass window for Wenwood's latest bed and breakfast. When Carrie's ex-husband's office burns to the ground and Carrie's own office and apartment are robbed, Georgia is determined to find out who is targeting her friend) $7.99
McBain, Ed So Nude, So Dead (original title: The Evil Sleep) (Reissue; A heroin addict wakes up with a murdered woman in his bed. Can he prove his innocence while on the run?) $9.95
McDermid, Val (V.L) Forensics (Nonfiction. A history of forensic science, real-world murders, and the people who solve them) $26.00
McGee, James The Blooding (Hawkwood #5: 1812: Stranded behind enemy lines in the US, British soldier turned spy Matthew Hawkwood discovers that the US plans to invade Canada) $25.95
McGrath, M.J. The Bone Seeker (Edie Kiglatuk #3: When the defiled body of one of Edie's students turns up in Lake Turngaluk, Edie and her salty sidekick Derek Palliser promise the grieving family justice. Meanwhile, lawyer Sonia Gutierrez is investigating the lake's decades-old toxicity) $16.00
Mishani, D.A. A Possibility of Violence (Avraham Avraham #2: An explosive device is found in a suitcase near a daycare center in a quiet suburb of Tel Aviv. A few hours later, a threat is received: the suitcase was only the beginning. Inspector Avraham Avraham is assigned to the investigation) $14.99
Moran, Terrie Farley Caught Read-Handed (Read Em & Eat #2: PBO; When a veteran with PTSD is accused of murdering a library worker, Sassy and Bridgy set out to clear his name) $7.99
Nelson, Blake The Prince of Venice Beach (YA; Edgar finalist, best YA. Teen runaway Cali knows everyone in Venice Beach, which is why a PI hires him to find a missing girl. But the streets are filled with people who don't want to be found) $10.00
Nelson, James L. The French Prize (Jack Biddlecomb #1: 1797: Given command of a merchant vessel bound from Philadelphia to Barbados, and instructed by the ship's owner to fight if need be to keep the ship out of French hands, Jack soon suspects that he is being used in a plot with international repercussions) $26.99
Parker, Kate The Royal Assassin (Victorian Bookshop #3: PBO; When the bodyguard of a Russian princess is found dead on a train returning from Scotland, Queen Victoria calls in the Duke of Blackford and the Archivist Society to discreetly protect the princess and prevent an international incident) $15.00
Parks, Brad The Fraud (Carter Ross #5: Wisecracking investigative reporter Carter Ross is assigned to cover a rash of carjackings; it becomes more than just a story when the carjackers kidnap his editor girlfriend Tina) $25.99
Parot, Jean-Francois The Nicolas Le Floch Affair (Nicolas Le Floch #4: Paris, 1774: Commissioner Le Floch's stormy affair with a socialite has run its course, but when she is found poisoned in her bed, he finds himself accused of murder) $15.95
Perona, Elizabeth Murder on the Bucket List (Bucket List #1: PBO; A secret late-night expedition to cross skinny-dipping off their bucket lists takes an unexpected turn when Francine and her 70something friends find a corpse in the pool. For Charlotte, it's a golden opportunity: the top item on her bucket list is 'solve a murder') $14.99
Quinn, Spencer Scents and Sensibility (Chet & Bernie #8: Old Mr. Parsons next door is under investigation for having an illegally transplanted cactus, sending Chet the dog and his human PI companion Bernie deep into the desert to investigate. They discover bad things going on in the wilderness, all connected to a strange desert festival) $25.00
Rader-Day, Lori Little Pretty Things (PBO; Cleaning rooms at a rundown hotel, Juliet has taken to stealing small items from the guests. When an old school rival checks in and winds up murdered, Juliet becomes chief suspect) $15.95
Reed, Hannah Hooked on Ewe (Scottish Highlands #2: PBO; Eden is helping Vicki with the yarn club skein-of-the-month deliveries and preparations for the sheepdog trials on the MacBride farm. When the head of the welcoming committee is strangled with a club member's yarn, Eden investigates) $7.99
Reilly, Matthew The Tournament (1546: Suleiman the Magnificent issues an invitation to the rulers of Europe: send your finest player to compete in a chess tournament. The English send scholar Roger Ascham, who brings along his student Elizabeth Tudor. As barbaric deaths, diplomatic treachery, and depravity unfold before their eyes, they realize the real game is being played within the court itself) $26.00
Robinson, Peter Children of the Revolution (Alan Banks #21: The body of a disgraced college lecturer has been found on an abandoned railway line. The man lost his job four years ago, so where did he get the 5000 pounds in his pocket? When the investigation seems to lead back to the 1970s, when the man attended a university known for militant protest, DCI Banks' superior warns him to back off. But Banks isn't about to stop) $14.99
Rosenfelt, David Hounded (Andy Carpenter #12: Andy's cop friend Pete Stanton summons him to a murder scene to take charge of the victim's basset hound and young son. When Pete becomes a suspect in the murder, he needs Andy to defend him, and to find out what really happened that day) $15.99
Rosenfelt, David Who Let the Dog Out? (Andy Carpenter #13: When a dog is stolen from the Tara Foundation building, lawyer Andy Carpenter tracks its GPS collar, and finds the dog - right next to a man who was shot to death mere minutes earlier. Is the dog theft somehow connected to the killing?) $25.99
Sayers, D/Walsh, J The Late Scholar (Wimsey & Vane #4: Historical Dagger shortlist. To settle a dispute among the Fellows of St. Severin's College over the disposition of a valuable manuscript, Peter and Harriet head to Oxford. When several of the fellows die unexpectedly, the Wimseys must uncover what is really going on at the college) $15.99
Scarrow, Simon Brothers in Blood (Macro & Cato #13: 1st century CE: Cato and Macro are with the Roman army, pursuing Caratacus and his men through the mountains of Britannia. Defeating Caratacus finally seems within their grasp - but a plot is afoot to sabotage the campaign) $26.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Novel Habits of Happiness (Isabel Dalhousie #10: A young boy has been recounting vivid recollections of a past life, describing an island he's never seen. When his mother asks Isabel to investigate, she and Jamie head to the island, but what they learn only leads to more complicated questions) $24.95
Soderberg, Alexander The Other Son (Sophie Brinkmann #2: With Hector in a coma and his brother murdered, Sophie gains the upper hand in the Guzman crime family - and intends to use it) $26.00
Sutton, Phoef Crush (When the wild daughter of an unscrupulous billionaire turns to Crush for help, the tough, cool bodyguard will need all of his wits and brawn to stay alive and clean up the mess she's made) $15.00
Swarup, Vikas The Accidental Apprentice (Sapna Sinha sells electronics in a store in Delhi - until a billionaire industrialist offers to make her CEO of his company if she can pass seven tests from the 'textbook of life'. Sapna's quest takes her to India's backstreets and villages, encountering a host of memorable people. But are the tests real, or is this a game driven by a perverse fantasy?) $15.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Looking Through Darkness (Trading Post #2: After her husband is killed, Leigh Ann finds herself accused of helping him embezzle from his business partners, and suspected of killing him. When she turns to Melvin Littlewater for help, she finds him fighting his own demons. Together, they delve into the darkest moments in their pasts, searching for the truth) $25.99
Wenger, Christine Macaroni and Freeze (Comfort Food #4: PBO; Trixie organizes a mac-and-cheese cook-off to raise funds for the library, but she wouldn't mind winning first prize. When someone else wins, and the celebrity judge is found dead, Trixie finds herself in hot water with the police) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Naked Greed (Stone Barrington #34: Stone is thrown into the turbulent world of beer making and distribution when he rescues a brewery owner from an attack by two rogue cops) $27.95


Abbott, Allyson K. In the Drink (Mack's Bar #3: PBO; Mack and her barstool detectives are happy to help when Tiny, one of the bar's newest patrons, asks them to look into his sister's murder. Though the case has gone cold, Mack's heightened senses quickly put her on the killer's trail) $7.99
Adams, Ellery Murder in the Paperback Parlor (Book Retreat #2: PBO; At her book-themed resort, Jane has organized a week of activities for fans of love stories. When a famous author is killed, can Jane and her book club catalogue the list of suspects and find the killer?) $7.99
Alem, Raja The Dove's Necklace (When a dead woman is discovered in a Mecca alley, no one will claim the body because of her nakedness. As Detective Nassir investigates, the secret life of the holy city is revealed - a city both beholden to brutal customs and reckoning uneasily with new traditions) $29.95
Alexander, Tasha The Counterfeit Heiress (Lady Emily #9: When an actress trying to pass herself off as an heiress is murdered, was the intended victim the actress, or the heiress? And who would want either of them dead? The investigation takes Lady Emily and Colin from London to Paris) $15.99
Andrews, Donna Lord of the Wings (Meg Langslow #19: The mayor has turned Caerphilly into Spooky City, USA. After the Haunted House burns down, Meg reluctantly volunteers her house as the replacement, but when a real body mars the town's creepy fun, it's up to Meg to save Halloween) $25.99
Barclay, Linwood Broken Promise (After losing his wife and his job, David Harwood moves back to his childhood home, where he discovers that his cousin is secretly raising a child she claims was a gift left on her porch. When the baby's real mother is found murdered, David sets out to piece together what happened) $25.95
Barclay, Linwood No Safe House (Years ago, the Archer family barely survived a horrific ordeal. Now, unwillingly reconnected with the ruthless criminal who saved them then, they may have to do the unthinkable to survive) $9.99
Battles, Matthew Library: An Unquiet History (Nonfiction. Originally published in 2003, this edition includes a new epilogue. A look at how, through the ages, libraries have not only accumulated and preserved but also shaped, inspired, and obliterated knowledge) $15.95
Beil, Michael D. Lantern Sam and the Blue Streak Bandits (Kids; 1937: Lantern Sam is a wise-cracking talking cat (for those who can hear him) who lives onboard the Lake Erie Shoreliner train. He's also a great detective. He doesn't have much patience for humans, but when 10-year-old traveler Henry can't find his new friend Ellie, and a ransom note is discovered, Sam and Henry are on the case, with the help of Clarence the Conductor) $7.99
Benn, James R. The Rest Is Silence (Billy Boyle #9: 1944: When an unidentified corpse washes ashore on England's southern coast, US Army Captain Billy Boyle and his partner Kaz are assigned to investigate) $15.95
Blakely, Mike A Song to Die For (Austin, Texas, 1975: Desperate to get back in the music business, Creed Mason jumps at the chance to be guitarist and band manager for a country legend's comeback. When a Texas Ranger decides that a pair of mob-related murders are somehow connected to the band, Creed winds up with the Rangers and the mob on his case) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Queen of Hearts (Royal Spyness #8: Agatha winner, best historical. On a voyage to America, Georgie's mother is offered a role by a Hollywood mogul, while Georgie and her beau Darcy investigate a suspected jewel thief. The trail leads to the mogul's Hollywood home - where the mogul winds up dead) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Malice at the Palace (Royal Spyness #9: As companion to Princess Marina of Greece, who is to marry Prince George, Georgie expects to live the high life in supposedly haunted Kensington Palace. Instead, while searching the palace for a ghost, Georgie finds the dead body of one of the prince's mistresses) $25.95
Box, C.J. Badlands (Cassie Dewell is the new deputy sheriff of Grimstad, a tiny town now booming as the oil capital of North Dakota. When the temperature drops to 30 below and a gang war heats up, Cassie realizes she may be in over her head - and the key to it all might be 12-year-old Kyle, who has been written off as 'slow' - and who keeps showing up where he doesn't belong; Signed copies expected) $26.99
Brady, Eileen Unleashed (Kate Turner #2: Dr. Turner enjoys working for a small house-call veterinary practice - until a client is found dead, an apparent suicide. Was it murder?) $15.95
Brennan, Allison Best Laid Plans (Lucy Kincaid #9: PBO; When Tom Perdue is found murdered in a motel on the wrong side of town, the FBI is called in to assist. The only witness is a belligerent teen prostitute, but Lucy sees the child beneath the attitude, and wants to help the girl. Is Lucy's past clouding her judgment? Is she being played?) $7.99
Bridge, Kathleen Better Homes and Corpses (Hamptons Home & Garden #1: PBO; Meg left her Manhattan magazine job to start an interior design business in Montauk. When a Hampton dowager is killed, Meg helps a friend inventory the estate, only to uncover dangerous secrets. As she gets closer to the truth, the killer will do anything to paint her out of the picture) $7.99
Brown, Sandra Mean Streak (Dr. Emory Charbonneau wakes up with an unexplained head injury, the captive of a man with a past so dark he won't reveal his name. She's determined to escape him, and will take any risks necessary to survive) $8.00
Burdett, John The Bangkok Asset (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #6: Sonchai and his new partner Krom witness a deadly demonstration of super-human strength from a man who seems to be controlled by a CIA operative. Could the US have created a super-solider, and be testing him on Thai soil? And why is everyone so eager to turn a blind eye? The case leads to a Cambodian jungle compound for aging US veterans) $25.95
Cabot, Sam Skin of the Wolf (Noantri #2: Father Thomas Kelly, art historian Livia Pietro, and scholar Spencer George are working together in NYC, where Livia is attending a conference on Native American art. When Spencer is attacked by a wolf, they are plunged into a world where Iroquois lore and Roman Catholic doctrine have collided) $9.99
Chazin, Suzanne Land of Careful Shadows (Jimmy Vega #1: Homicide detective Jimmy Vega investigates when the body of a young Hispanic woman is found 50 miles north of NYC; a note in her bag says 'Go back to your country. You don't belong here.') $9.99
Cochran, Peg Berried Secrets (Cranberry Cove #1: PBO; When Monica arrives on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan to help her half-brother Jeffrey on his cranberry farm, the last thing she expects is to harvest a dead body) $7.99
Connolly, John The Wolf in Winter (Charlie Parker #12: The death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter draw haunted, lethal PI Charlie Parker to Prosperous, Maine. The town and its protectors sense that Parker is a grave threat to the wealthy, sheltered inhabitants of the town. Now Charlie Parker has been marked to die so that Prosperous - and the secret it hides beneath the ruins of an ancient church - may survive) $7.99
Corleone, Douglas Payoff (Simon Fisk #2: When a studio mogul's teen daughter is kidnapped, former US Marshal Simon Fisk is called in to ensure a smooth ransom exchange; when the kidnappers don't return the girl, Fisk must follow a lethal trail that leads to South America) $9.99
Dahl, Arne To the Top of the Mountain (Intercrime #3: The seven members of Stockholm's disbanded Intercrime team are reunited when the individual cases they are working turn out to have deadly connections) $15.95
Davies, David Stuart Innocent Blood (Paul Snow #2: Yorkshire, 1980s: A child's death is only the first in a series of apparently motiveless crimes; DI Paul Snow and his team must discover the pattern to stop a desperate murderer) $14.95
Delaney, Luke The Toy Taker (Sean Corrigan #3: DI Sean Corrigan needs to find a missing child before abduction becomes murder, but his ability to think like those he hunts has deserted him just when he needs it most. As he investigates, another child vanishes) $7.99
Eckel, Wendy Sand Murder at Barclay Meadow (After her husband has an affair, Rosalie Hart retreats to her late aunt's farmhouse on Maryland's Eastern Shore. After she finds a girl's dead body in the marsh grass, the sheriff declares the death an accident. But Rosalie has doubts, and teams up with friends from her creative writing class to investigate) $25.99
Ellis, Kate The Death Season (Wesley Peterson #19: When dark secrets start to emerge from a murder victim's past, DI Wesley Peterson begins to realize that the killing was more calculated that he had imagined. Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson, at work in a ruined village from the Great War, cannot shake the feeling that a cryptic clue might have been lost when Sandrock tumbled into the sea many years ago - a clue that could help Wesley solve his most puzzling case to date) $12.95
Fabre, Cedric (ed) Marseille Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in the French city of Marseille) $15.95
Fairstein, Linda Terminal City (Alexandra Cooper #16: The discovery of a woman's body in Grand Central Station sends ADA Alexandra Cooper and detective Mike Chapman on the hunt for a killer whose signature is a carving in his victims' flesh that resembles train tracks) $9.99
Finch, Charles The Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox #8: 1876: Lenox gave up his seat in Parliament to start a detective agency with three colleagues. When a friend from Scotland Yard is shot near Regent's Park, the peculiar details of the death may lead Lenox into grave danger, beyond which lies a terrible truth) $15.99
Fluke, Joanne Final Appeal (Reissue; After ten years in a hospital for the criminally insane, always insisting he is innocent of murdering his wife, Michael escapes and goes into hiding, relying on two allies to clear his name. One is a woman who believes his story. The other is his lawyer brother. But now someone is murdering the jurors who convicted him) $7.99
French, Tana The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad #5: An anonymous hint reignites the stalled investigation into a year-old murder case involving a popular boy found dead on the grounds of a girl's boarding school in suburban Dublin) $17.00
Freydont, Shelley A Gilded Grave (Deanna Randolph #1: PBO; Newport, RI,1895: When Joe Ballard is found kneeling over the murdered body of a maid, he turns to Deanna Randolph to help clear his name. The reluctant allies must navigate parties, tennis matches, and seances to find the real killer) $16.00
Genova, Rosie A Dish Best Served Cold (Italian Kitchen #3: PBO; Mystery writer Vic Rienzi and her family are cooking like crazy for their restaurant's 70th anniversary celebration. The night of the party brings a crowd, and a hurricane. When the first casualty found is an old family friend, Vic isn't certain his death was an accident, and decides to dig deeper) $7.99
Gerber, Daryl Wood Fudging the Books (Cookbook Nook #4: PBO; Amid the rowdy festivities of Pirate Week, Jenna's store is hosting the Chocolate Cookbook Club's meeting, with her friend Coco as guest of honor. When Coco's editor is found dead, can Jenna clear Coco's name?) $7.99
Gregory, Susanna Death of a Scholar (Matthew Bartholomew #20: When a courtier decides to found a new College, the older Cambridge Colleges are jealous of the ostentatious wealth. As the new College is about to receive its official charter, an arrow kills the Junior Proctor. Physician Matthew Bartholomew and his friend Brother Michael must find the killer) $12.95
Griffin/Butterworth Top Secret (Clandestine Ops #1: In the weeks after WWII, Lt. Cronley is recruited for a new enterprise. Another war has already begun, against a bigger, smarter, and more vicious enemy: the Soviet Union. Cronley's recruiter gives him 7 days to extract vital information from a Soviet agent) $9.99
Halber, Deborah The Skeleton Crew (Nonfiction. In the US today, upwards of 40,000 people are dead and unidentified. These murder, suicide, and accident victims are being championed by an online world of amateur sleuths, who scour case details in an effort to match cold case missing persons with the unidentified remains of Jane and John Does) $16.00
Herriman, Nancy No Comfort for the Lost (PBO; San Francisco, 1860s: British nurse Celia Davies partners with her half-Chinese cousin Barbara and her housekeeper Addie to open a free medical clinic for women. When one of her Chinese patients is murdered, she and detective Nicholas Greaves set out to discover the killer) $15.00
Hooper, Kay Haunted (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #15: A string of missing women has left a Georgia town on edge. Then a man is found dead. There's nothing remotely ordinary about how he died, or about the prime suspect, and Trinity Nichols' investigation will reveal more than she bargained for) $9.99
Humaydan, Iman (ed) Beirut Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in Beirut, Lebanon) $15.95
Jackson, Lisa Never Die Alone (New Orleans #8: Detective Rick Bentz had doubts about the '21' conviction when he worked the case in LA. Now the real murderer may be loose in New Orleans - twin sisters have vanished on the eve of their 21st birthday) $9.99
Jackson, Shirley Let Me Tell You (Collection. Previously uncollected and unpublished stories, essays, lectures, letters, and drawings) $30.00
Janes, J. Robert Clandestine (St-Cyr & Kohler #16: 1943: French inspector Jean-Louis St-Cyr and Hermann Kohler of the Gestapo investigate when a bank-owned cargo van is found, its contents ransacked, its passengers murdered. The killers took small bills but left behind a bounty of smuggled goods. Were they criminals, or Resistance members?) $14.99
Keller, Julia Summer of the Dead (Bell Elkins #3: A killer is stalking Acker's Gap, WV, and its hard-luck inhabitants, and county prosecutor Bell Elkins and Sheriff Nick Fogelsong are stymied. And then there's Lindy Crabtree, a coal miner's daughter with dark secrets that threaten to explode into even more violence) $15.99
Kellerman,Jonathan & Jesse The Golem of Hollywood (Legend says that the Golem of Prague, fashioned by a 16th-century rabbi to protect his congregation, lies dormant in a synagogue. But the Golem is dormant no longer. Reassigned to a Special Projects squad he didn't know existed, LA detective Jacob Lev is at a murder scene with no body, only a head. Seared into the kitchen counter is the Hebrew word for 'justice'. All that Lev has believed to be true is about to be upended, and not only his world, but the world itself, will be changed) $9.99
Kennedy, Mary Dream a Little Scream (Dream Club #2: PBO; When a celebrity chef dies suspiciously during an event at Taylor and Ali's store, the Dream Club members put their heads together to determine if their newest member gave the chef her just desserts) $7.99
Land, Jon Strong Darkness (Caitlin Strong #6: Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong finds herself pursuing a serial killer whose methods are eerily similar to a killer her great-grandfather pursued over a century ago) $7.99
Lilliefors, James The Tempest (Bowers & Hunter #2: PBO; The investigation into the death of a summer resident puts detective Amy Hunter and pastor Luke Bowers on the trail of a Rembrandt masterpiece that was stolen in 1990) $11.99
Little, Elizabeth Dear Daughter (10 years ago, Janie Jenkins was incarcerated for the murder of her high-society mother. Now, released on a technicality, Janie goes undercover in a South Dakota town to chase down the one lead she has on her mother's death. The only problem? Janie doesn't know if she's the killer she's searching for) $16.00
Logan, Kylie Revenge of the Chili Queens (Chili Cook-off #3: PBO; At the San Antonio Chili Showdown, Maxie and Sylvia are dressing up as the Chili Queens to raise money for charity. When a local musician is murdered at the fundraiser, it's up to Maxie and Sylvia to turn up the heat on a killer) $7.99
Lucas, Mason Error in Diagnosis (PBO; A mysterious illness is affecting pregnant women all over the US, sending them into comas. Neurologist Jack Wyatt and his colleagues race against time to find a cure) $9.99
Martin, Carol Ann Loom and Doom (Weaving #4: PBO; After Della and Jenny remodel, turning their shared space into two separate shops, the building inspector refuses to grant Jenny a permit to reopen her coffee shop. When Della finds the man dead, Jenny becomes a suspect) $7.99
Martin, Nancy A Little Night Murder (Blackbird Sisters #10: While dealing with an array of family dramas, Nora must find out who killed a Broadway composer's beloved daughter) $7.99
Moss, Todd The Golden Hour (When Judd Ryker was appointed director of the new State Department Crisis Reaction Unit, he hadn't reckoned on the intense agency infighting and turf battles. A coup in Mali might be his chance to prove that a rapid response - diplomacy, a back channel, military action, something - can reverse the chain of events. But the hours pass very quickly, as personalities, loyalties, everything he thought he knew, shifts beneath his feet) $9.99
Nadel, Barbara Land of the Blind (Cetin Ikmen #17: Inspectors Cetin Ikemn and Mehmut Suleyman investigate when a woman's body is found in the ruined Constantinople hippodrome; the victim was a Byzantine specialist on a crusade to protect historic but now squalid areas of Istanbul from a villainous property developer) $12.95
O'Brien, Kevin No One Needs to Know (PBO; In 1970, an actress, her husband, and her nanny were slain in their rented Seattle mansion. Now a film about the murders is shooting at the mansion. On-set caterer Laurie Trotter ignores the gossip that the production is cursed - but then people start dying) $9.99
Paretsky, Sara Brush Back (V.I. Warshawski #17: When a high school flame turns to V.I. Warshawski for help, she winds up tangling with Chicago political bosses and digging for buried family secrets) $27.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Alert (Michael Bennett #8: A crippled transit system. Millions without power. A reeling city desperate for answers. NYC needs Michael Bennett more than ever) $28.00
Patterson, J/Paetro, M Unlucky 13 (Women's Murder Club #13: Deranged killer Mackie Morales is back. The Women's Murder Club must find her - before she finds them first) $8.00
Penny, Louise The Long Way Home (Armand Gamache #10: Agatha finalist, best contemporary. Gamache is happily retired in the village of Three Pines, but when Clara Morrow's husband Peter fails to return on schedule, Gamache agrees to help search for the missing artist. Jean-Guy Beauvoir and Myrna Landers join them on a hunt that takes them deeper and deeper into Quebec) $15.99
Quadruppani, Serge The Sudden Disappearance of the Worker Bees (On vacation with her husband, Police Inspector Simona Tavianello stops at the local beekeeper's shop to buy some honey, only to find a body lying in the entrance. The dead man worked for a controversial biotech company, and he was killed with Simona's gun) $14.99
Rickman, Phil Night After Night (A Tudor farmhouse turned luxury hotel was abandoned by its owners at the height of its success. The staff has been paid to keep quiet, but stories seep through. A producer plans to make a reality TV show there: a house isolated by its rural situation and its dark reputation; six people - known to the nation but strangers to one another - locked inside; but this time Big Brother is not in control) $12.95
Robb, J.D. Obsession in Death (Eve Dallas #40: Lt. Eve Dallas has become the object of an obsession. Someone who believes they have a special relationship - and would kill for her, again and again) $7.99
Roosevelt, Kermit Allegiance (1942: Law student Cash Harrison is given the opportunity to clerk for Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black. He and another clerk uncover a conspiracy aimed at guiding the court's cases dealing with Japanese-American internment camps. When his colleague dies under suspicious circumstances, Cash's investigation takes him from J. Edgar Hoover's office to a camp in California, where he must confront the consequences of US wartime policies) $27.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Iris Fan (Sano Ichiro #18: Japan, 1709: When the shogun is attacked in his own palace, stabbed with a fan with sharpened iron ribs, Sano Ichiro is restored to the rank of chief investigator to find the culprit) $15.99
Rowland, M.L. Murder on the Horizon (Search & Rescue #3: PBO; Gracie's friendship with a young runaway draws her unwittingly into the hate-filled world of the boy's extremist family. As a wildfire roars into Timber Creek, Gracie is caught up in an explosive plot that could destroy countless lives) $7.99
Royes, Gillian The Rhythm of the August Rain (Shad #4: PBO; Looking for the truth behind a Canadian woman's disappearance decades ago, a journalist arrives in Largo Bay, Jamaica. The deeper she and Shad get into the story, the more clear it becomes that the person behind the disappearance will do anything to keep the truth buried) $16.00
Shelton, Paige If Onions Could Spring Leeks (Country Cooking School #5: PBO; Grace the ghost believes she was murdered in 1888, before she could run away with the man she loved. Can Betts and her grandmother solve the mystery behind Grace's demise - and its connection to a modern-day murder?) $7.99
Shufeldt, Ken Rage (PBO; Unable to regain the White House without the minority vote, the GOP selected Victor Garcia as their VP candidate. When the President disappears just weeks into his term, the GOP elite's worst fears are realized as Garcia becomes Acting President. Faced with a string of attacks and disasters, Garcia soon learns that his greatest enemy might be closer than he thinks) $9.99
Simenon, Georges The Madman of Bergerac (Maigret #16: Reissue; On his way to a well-earned break in the Dordogne, Maigret is pulled into the pursuit of a madman hiding among the seemingly respectable citizens of Bergerac) $11.00
Slim, Iceberg Shetani's Sister (PBO; Rucker, an Los Angeles vice detective who is attempting to clean up street prostitution and police corruption, does battle with Shetani, a veteran pimp who controls his whores with violence and heroin) $14.95
Smith, Karen Rose Drape Expectations (Caprice De Luca #4: PBO; Caprice has been hired by a rock star to stage his girlfriend's house, but Alanna is a tough customer who balks at Caprice's ideas. When Alanna is strangled, Caprice sets out to draw back the curtains on the truth) $7.99
Smith, Wilbur Desert God (Ancient Egypt #5: His quest to destroy the Hyksos army and form an alliance with Crete takes the pharaoh's advisor Taita up the Nile, through Arabia and the city of Babylon, and across the sea) $9.99
Swallow, James 24: Deadline (Novel answering some of the questions about what happened to Jack Bauer between end of the original TV series and the 2014 reboot) $8.99
Swanston, Andrew The King's Return (Thomas Hill #3: 1661: As England awaits the coronation of King Charles II, Thomas Hill is recruited to decipher coded letters intercepted by the newly reestablished post office, and dragged into the hunt for traitors planning to overthrow the king) $13.95
Sweeney, Leann The Cat, the Sneak and the Secret (Cats in Trouble #7: PBO; Tom's stepson Finn has fallen for a cat from the animal sanctuary, and Jillian and Tom readily agree to make room. When the kleptomaniac kitty brings home an antique locket, Finn turns to Tom and Jillian for help finding the owner. Their search is sidetracked when they find a dead body) $7.99
Tremayne, Peter The Devil's Seal (Sister Fidelma #25: An Anglo-Saxon delegation has arrived in Cashel to debate the new religious rules from Rome with an Irish delegation. When the debate turns acrimonious, the local abbess steps in to mediate. When she is found bludgeoned to death, Fidelma and her companion Eadulf investigate) $26.99
Vallere, Diane Crushed Velvet (Material Witness #2: PBO; A fabric delivery isn't quite what Poly expected: crushed under a dozen bolts of fabric is Phil Girard. When his wife, Poly's friend Genevieve, becomes prime suspect, can Poly track down the real killer?) $7.99
Waite, Urban Sometimes the Wolf (Sheriff Patrick Drake was hit with money troubles, fell in with some unsavory men, and ended up convicted of one of the biggest crimes in local history. 12 years later, Patrick is on parole under the watchful eye of his son Bobby, a deputy sheriff. But a threat boils up from Patrick's old life - and this time, no one will be spared) $14.99
White, Randy Wayne Haunted (Hannah Smith #3: A historic, supposedly haunted, house is due to be razed and replaced by condos. A wealthy Palm Beach woman hires Hannah to prove that the seller didn't disclose everything he knew about the house when he unloaded it) $9.99


Batacan, F.H. Smaller and Smaller Circles (Quezon City, Philippines, 1997: The police are devoid of resources and rife with corruption, so when eviscerated bodies begin to appear at the local dump in a poor neighborhood, two Jesuit priests dedicate themselves to tracking down the monster responsible) $26.95
Bauer, Belinda Rubbernecker (Gold Dagger shortlist, best novel. Patrick Fort, a medical student with Asperger's, finds the body he is examining in anatomy class is trying to tell him all kinds of things. But no one else hears what he does. Can he solve a murder when no one else believes a crime has taken place?) $24.00
Bell, Gertrude A Woman in Arabia: The Writings of the Queen of the Desert (Gertrude Bell turned her back on Victorian society to study at Oxford and travel the world. Mountaineer, archaeologist, Arabist, writer, poet, linguist, and spy, she championed the Arab cause, and became chief architect of British policy in the Middle East after World War I. This volume brings together her letters, military dispatches, diary entries, and travel writing) $17.00
Butler, Dori Hillestad The Secret Room (Haunted Library #5: Kids; Now that Kaz can finally pass through walls without feeling all 'skizzy', he can go explore Beckett's secret room at the back of the library. What he finds there is a mystery he never expected) $4.99
Carlson, Caroline The Terror of the Southlands (Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates #2: Kids; Despite Hilary's magical know-how and daring, the VNHLP is not convinced she is worthy to be the Terror of the Southlands. When Miss Pimm disappears, Hilary and her crew set off on a high seas adventure to find the missing Enchantress and protect Augusta's magic) $6.99
Challinor, C.S. Murder Comes Calling (Rex Graves #7: PBO; Four deaths in a secluded English community, linked by the fact that their homes were up for sale, lead the police to arrest a shady house agent, but Scottish barrister Rex Graves digs into the victims' pasts and learns that the victims were not who they appeared to be) $14.99
Chisholm, P.F. A Chorus of Innocents (Sir Robert Carey #7: 1592: Back in Carlisle, courtier Sir Robert Carey and his henchman Henry Dodd investigate when a very pregnant young woman rides to Lady Widdrington's tower, crying that her clergyman husband has been murdered and she has been raped) $15.95
Crider, Bill Between the Living and the Dead (Dan Rhodes #22: Summoned to investigate gunshots at a haunted house, Texas sheriff Dan Rhodes finds the body of a meth dealer. The case is complicated by a paranormal investigator, who wants to solve the crime by communing with the dead man's ghost - but communes with someone else instead, leading to the discovery of a second body) $24.99
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States (Nonfiction. Historian and activist Dunbar-Ortiz offers a history of the US, revealing how the Indigenous peoples actively resisted expansion of the US empire, and how US policy was designed to seize territory by displacing or eliminating them) $16.95
Evans, Mary Anna Isolation (Faye Longchamp #9: As Faye struggles to recover from a shattering personal loss, crimes against women rock Micco County. Joe Wolf Mantooth realizes that his wife is in danger from her inner demons - and from an outside evil that they can only fight if they work together) $15.95
Grisham, John Gray Mountain (2008: Two weeks after losing her job at NYC's largest law firm, Samantha is working at a legal aid clinic in a small Appalachian town, dealing with clients with real problems - and stumbling across secrets that should have remained buried in the mountains forever) $9.99
Hiaasen, Carl Skink No Surrender (Kids; To avoid being shipped off to boarding school, Malley takes off with some guy she met online. Richard knows his cousin's in trouble before she does, and teams up with Skink, the renegade one-eyed ex-governor of Florida, to track her down) $10.99
Hilary, Sarah No Other Darkness (Marnie Rome #2: DI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jake investigate when two dead boys are discovered in a bunker beneath a London garden) $16.00
Hockensmith, S/Falco, L Fool Me Once (Tarot #2: PBO; Alanis is keeping busy, carrying on her mom's tarot reading business (minus the scams), and trying to make sure her half-sister Clarice does her homework. But when Marsha Riggs' abusive husband is found bludgeoned to death and Berdache's newest detective arrests Marsha, Alanis figures it's up to her to find out who really did the deed) $14.99
Kellerman, Jonathan The Murderer's Daughter (Psychologist Grace Blades has a gift for treating troubled souls and tormented psyches, in part because as a child she witnessed her parents' murder-suicide deaths. She took refuge in her intellect and found comfort with the loving couple who adopted her, but she still has a dark side. When her two worlds converge, her harrowing past returns with a vengeance) $28.00
Kellough, Janet The Burying Ground (Thaddeus Lewis #3: Toronto, 1851: Who is digging up graves at the Strangers' Burying Ground, final resting place of criminals, vagrants, and indigents? The authorities are unconcerned, so sexton Morgan Spicer turns to his friend Thaddeus Lewis for help) $11.99
Lee, J.M. (Jung-Myung) The Investigation (Korea, 1944: As young prison guard Watanbe Yuichi investigates the murder of another guard, he begins to discover what is really going on inside this violent institution which few inmates survive - and becomes determined to protect a poet whose works hold great beauty) $24.95
Lovegrove, James The Thinking Engine (Sherlock Holmes: PBO; Oxford, 1895: Professor Quantock claims his new computational device is capable of analytical thought to rival that of the cleverest men. A battle of wits ensues as Holmes and his mechanical counterpart compete to be first to solve a series of crimes) $14.95
Maron, Margaret Long Upon the Land (Deborah Knott #20: When Judge Deborah Knott's father Kezzie finds a dead man on a remote corner of his farm, the investigation uncovers long-simmering hostility between the two men. After the local newspaper implies her family might be involved in the killing, and that her deputy husband is dragging his feet on the case, Deborah sets out to find answers) $27.00
Ostlundh, Hakan The Intruder (Fredrik Broman #5: When a family is sent frightening anonymous letters, Gotland policeman Fredrik Broman and his colleagues investigate, but can't rule out the possibility of a prankster. But when the threats escalate and the family's daughter disappears, all doubts vanish) $26.99
Pulixi, Piergiorgio The Night of the Panthers (Biagio Mazzeo #2: Inspector Mazzeo heads a special unit that investigates organized crime, often leading them well beyond the confines of what is legal. Now they've been found out. Plus the unit has stolen a shipment of drugs, and the cartel wants it back) $17.00
Rankin, Ian The Beat Goes On (John Rebus: Collection. All the stories featuring the Scottish detective, including previously unpublished works) $26.00
Rimington, Stella Close Call (Liz Carlyle #8: Are the weapons for arms deals in Yemen coming from a connection in the UK? Liz Carlyle and her counter-espionage colleagues investigate) $17.00
Robinson, Peter In the Dark Places (Alan Banks #22: DCI Alan Banks and his team investigate the disappearance of two young men; the inquiry takes a darker turn when, in the wreckage of a crashed truck, they find a body that was dead well before the crash) $25.99
Smith, Dan Red Winter (Central Russia, 1920: Deserting his Red Army unit, Kolya returns home only to find the village empty, the men massacred in the forest and the women and children missing. He sets out on a desperate winter journey to find them, but there are dark things in his past, and someone - or something - is following his trail) $14.95
Sprigg, Christopher Death of an Airman (Reissue; Originally published in 1934. On leave in England, Australian bishop Edwin Marriott is learning how to fly. When an aeroplane crashes, killing its pilot, Marriot is not convinced it was an accident, and teams up with Inspector Bray of Scotland Yard to investigate) $12.95
Syken, Bill Hangman's Game (After losing his starting quarterback position to a shoulder injury, Nick Gallow remade himself as a punter. After he witnesses the murder of the team's new all-star draft pick, he has no plans to get involved - until the police go after the wrong man) $25.99
Todd, Charles A Pattern of Lies (Bess Crawford #7: 1918: An explosion at the Ashton Gunpowder Mill has killed over a hundred workers. When suspicion and rumor lead to the persecution of the Ashton family, Bess follows the only known witness to the Front in France in hopes of learning the truth) $25.99
Walker, Martin The Patriarch (UK title: The Dying Season) (Bruno #8: Bruno is delighted to attend a WWII flying ace's birthday celebration, but it becomes another day on the job when a friend of the family ends up dead. All signs point to a tragic accident, but Bruno isn't so sure) $24.95

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