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Newsletter #108 November, 2014 February, 2015



Doctor Who Magazine #475 (Interviews: Vastra, Strax, and Jenny are back for more monstrous thrills; Kate O'Mara remembered; more) $9.99
Doctor Who Magazine #476 (Steven Moffat previews the new series; meet the man who designs the Doctor's universe; more) $9.99
Doctor Who Magazine #477 (Includes double-sided poster. Interview with Peter Capaldi; Tom Baker; Terrance Dicks; more) $11.99
Doctor Who Magazine #478 (Interview with Frank Skinner; 4 exclusive previews; writer Phil Ford goes 'Into the Dalek'; more) $9.99
Cyberman Bust and Illustrated Book (Doctor Who: A small bust of one of the Doctor's archenemies, plus a little 32-page book on the Doctor's history with the Cybermen, with full-color photos) $9.95
Dalek Figurine and Illustrated Book (Doctor Who: A small replica of a Dalek, plus a little 16-page book) $9.95
Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Kit (Doctor Who: A small replica of the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver, complete with light and sound, plus a little 32-page book on its history, with full-color photos) $12.95
Light-Up TARDIS Kit (Doctor Who: A small replica of the Doctor's time machine, plus a fold-up timeline on the history of the TARDIS, with full-color photos) $9.95
Fantasy & Science Fiction November / December 2014 (New fiction, reviews, more) $7.99
Fantasy & Science Fiction September / October 2014 (New fiction, reviews, more) $7.99
Locus #644 September 2014 (Interviews with Nicola Griffith and Yoon Ha Lee; Hugo Award winners; forthcoming books; industry news, reviews, more) $7.50
Locus #645 October 2014 (Interviews with Paul Park and Kameron Hurley; Graham Joyce remembered; forthcoming books; industry news, reviews, more) $7.50
The Princess Bride DVD (Hugo Award winner. A tale of true love and high adventure, pirates, giants, miracles, fencing, fire swamps, and rodents of unusual size. Full color, 98 minutes, rated PG, NTSC region 1; full screen/widescreen; English and Spanish with Spanish and French subtitles; Dolby Digital 5.1; closed captions) $19.98
Snow Queen / Hogfather DVD (Two live-action TV fantasy miniseries. NTSC region 1) $17.99
Spaceballs DVD (A hero for hire and his man-dog sidekick must rescue a princess from Dark Helmet; along the way they learn the mystical secrets of the Schwartz. Special features include commentary by creator Mel Brooks. Full color, 96 minutes, rated PG, NTSC region 1; English, French, and Spanish with Spanish and French subtitles; Dolby Digital 5.1; closed captions) $14.98
Aguirre, Forrest Heraclix and Pomp (18th century: Before being sewn together, Heraclix was dead. And Pomp was immortal, or so she thought, until she was nearly murdered by the necromancer who created Heraclix. As they travel from Vienna to Prague to Istanbul to Hell itself, they struggle to understand who and what they are) $24.95
Asher, Neal Orbus (Spatterjay #3: The Prador Vrell has seized control of a dreadnought, slaughtered its entire crew, and is now out to seek vengeance on those who tried to have him killed. On the Graveyard, the border realm lying between the Polity and the Prador kingdom, Vrell and Orbus will soon cross paths) $15.99
Barron, Laird (ed) Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume 1 (Anthology. Reprints 22 of the best stories of 2013) $17.99
Bechko, Corinna et al Shadow of the Queen (Once Upon a Time GN Volume 1: Full color graphic novel based on the TV series. When Regina allies with a pack of werewolves to capture Snow White, can the Huntsman and Red Riding Hood break free from the forces that bind them to save Snow?) $19.99
Berman, Steve (ed) Wilde Stories 2014 (Anthology. Reprints 14 of the best gay speculative fiction stories of 2013, ranging from fantastical to eerie to surreal) $15.00
Briggs, Patricia Moon Called audiobook (Mercy Thompson #1: Unabridged) $19.99
Bushnell, Jeremy P. The Weirdness (PBO; Billy Ridgeway toys with being a writer, when he isn't working at a sandwich shop. Then the Devil shows up, promising to get Billy published. In exchange, Billy is to retrieve the Neko of Infinite Equilibrium, a magical statue which has been stolen by a powerful warlock. Despite trying to refuse the Devil's deal, Billy ends up on a wild adventure, both supernatural and literary, through the streets of New York City and beyond) $16.95
Chambers, Robert W. The King in Yellow (Reissue; Collection. 10 horror stories having as a background a monstrous and suppressed book whose perusal brings fright, madness, and spectral tragedy) $11.99
Clines, Peter 14 (Reissue; Padlocked doors. Strange light fixtures. Mutant cockroaches. There are some odd things about Nate's new apartment. Turns out every room in this old LA brownstone has mysteries stretching back decades that could mean the end of Nate and his neighbors) $15.99
Cosgrove, Stephen Kartusch (Serendipity: Reissue; Kids; The Furry Eyefulls love to see all there is to see on the Island of Serendipity. They never go to sleep for fear that they will miss something. Without sleep they become grouchier and grouchier. But with the guidance of blind snake named Kartusch, they learn about the magic of sleep and dreams) $7.95
Cosgrove, Stephen Squeakers (Serendipity: Reissue; Kids; The Island of Serendipity is filled with magical wonders, but even here there are simple dangers. A little squirrel named Squeakers learns to be cautious around strangers - there are times when you must say no and quickly run away) $7.95
Cosgrove, Stephen Trafalgar True (Serendipity: Reissue; Kids; In Kurium, kith and kin both different and alike lived in harmony, until a blue dragon brought them a gift they would need to share. Soon the forest was filled with squabbling as everyone fought over who should keep the gift. They must learn that if you care, you can share) $7.95
Cosgrove, Stephen Zippity Zoom (Serendipity: Reissue; Kids; Zippity so busy racing here, there, and everywhere that he sees little and remembers even less. With the help of the slowest of creatures in all the land of Whiz, Zippity learns that fast is not always best) $7.95
Davies, Lesley The Celtic Coloring Book (PBO; Suitable for adults as well as children, this book contains over 100 Celtic designs to color in) $9.95
de Diego Sadaba, Martin Steampunk Graphics: The Art of Victorian Futurism (Full color. Artwork from 32 of the world's best steampunk artists) $39.95
Delany, Samuel R. The American Shore (Includes the author's corrections to the text of the 1978 edition. A scholarly exploration of and commentary upon Thomas M. Disch's sf tale 'Angouleme') $27.95
Doctorow, Cory Information Doesn't Want to Be Free (Nonfiction. Discusses copyright and creative success in the digital age, looking at the pitfalls and opportunities that creative industries and individuals are confronting today) $22.00
Egan, Greg Axiomatic (Reissue; Collection. Reprints 18 short sf stories) $15.99
Flanagan, John The Royal Ranger (Ranger's Apprentice #11: Kids; Will, now full-grown, has lost his beloved wife. The Rangers are desperate for leadership and new energy, which arrives in the form of the headstrong Maddie. Will reluctantly agrees to take her under his wing - at last the Ranger's Apprentice has an apprentice of his own) $8.99
Foster, Eugie Returning My Sister's Face And Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice (Collection. 12 tales of adventure and magic from the Orient) $15.95
Gibson, William Burning Chrome (Reissue; Collection. 10 sf short stories) $13.99
Hawkins, Rachel Rebel Belle (Harper Price #1: YA; After a strange run-in at the Homecoming Dance imbues southern belle Harper Price with agility, strength, and lethal fighting instincts, she learns she is one of an ancient line of guardians. And things get weirder when she learns who she's charged to protect: David Stark, school reporter, and subject of a mysterious prophecy) $17.99
Jones, Stephen Graham After the People Lights Have Gone Off (PBO; Collection. 15 stories (2 originals, 13 reprints) that tap into the horrors and fears of the supernatural and the everyday) $15.95
Kelly, Walt Evidence to the Contrary (Pogo: The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Volume 3: Reprints the 1953-1954 comics. Daily strips in black & white, Sunday strips in color) $45.00
Kwaymullina, Ambelin The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf (Tribe #1: YA; Children with inexplicable abilities - Illegals - are detained by the government 'for the protection of society'. Ashala and her Tribe of fellow Illegals have taken refuge in the Firstwood, a forest eerily conscious of its inhabitants. There they do their best to survive, free to practice their abilities. But when Ashala is compelled to venture outside her territory, she is betrayed by a friend and captured by an enemy) $17.99
Lenahan, John The Shadowmagic Trilogy: Shadowmagic / Prince of Oak and Hazel / Sons of Macha (YA; Omnibus reprint. Conor's life was pretty normal until he and his dad were attacked in their living room and whisked away to the mystical land of the ancient Celts. It seems that his eccentric dad is the usurped heir to the throne. And everyone wants Conor dead because of some prophecy. Don't you just hate when that happens?) $18.99
Link, K/Grant, G (ed) Monstrous Affections (YA; Anthology. 15 tales where humans live side by side with monsters) $22.99
Lovecraft, H.P. The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft (Slipcased hardcover. Includes 1 novel, 4 novellas, and 53 stories) $35.00
Lovecraft/Roland The Curious Case of H.P. Lovecraft (PBO; A comprehensive biography of the horror writer, illustrated with sketches, film stills, photos, and more) $19.95
Magner, Scott James Homefront (Jantine is a genetically modified supersoldier charged with establishing a hidden colony on Earth. When her expedition arrives in the middle of a civil war, she must choose her allies wisely, or be exterminated) $25.95
Maguire, Gregory Egg & Spoon (YA; Elena lives in the impoverished Russian countryside. Her mother is dying, slowly, in their tiny cabin. And there is no food. Then a train arrives in the village, carrying untold wealth, a cornucopia of food, and a noble family destined to visit the Tsar - including Ekaterina, a girl of Elena's age. When the two girls' lives collide, an adventure is set in motion that includes mistaken identity, a monk locked in a tower, a prince traveling incognito, and Baba Yaga, witch of Russian folklore, in her ambulatory house perched on chicken legs) $17.99
Martin, Don MAD's Greatest Artists: Don Martin (Color and black & white. Over two hundred of his funniest and zaniest works, as well as his best portraits, posters, and stickers created as bonuses for MAD specials) $30.00
Olson, Melissa F. Dead Spots (Scarlett Bernard #1: Scarlett's ability as a null erases all magical traces from anything or anyone that comes within ten feet of her, and keeps humans in the dark about LA's paranormal activity. Called to clean up a grisly crime scene, Scarlett is spied by human cop Jesse Cruz, who strikes up a deal with her: he'll keep quiet about the supernatural underworld if she helps him crack the case) $14.95
Olson, Melissa F. Trail of Dead (Scarlett Bernard #2: When two witches are found dead a few days before Christmas, Scarlett is once again strong-armed into assisting the investigation. She soon finds a connection between the murders and her former mentor Olivia, who harbors her own sinister agenda) $14.95
Olson, Melissa F. Hunter's Trail (Scarlett Bernard #3: Scarlett's reckless decision to permanently change Eli from a werewolf to a human has left the werewolf pack in shambles, and upset the balance of power among the city's supernatural factions. To catch a newly changed werewolf who is running amok in the city, Scarlett will need help from both Eli and detective Jesse Cruz) $14.95
Orchard, Eric Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch (PBO; Kids; Full color graphic novel. The Thimblewitch has turned Maddy's parents into kangaroo rats! Maddy is determined to sort things out - but she and her flying toad Ralph will need to sneak past an army of spider-goblins, scarecrow warriors, and much more) $14.95
Page, Sean T. Alien Invasion Owners' Resistance Manual (Full color. Many of the world's top scientists now predict that Earth will be invaded by aliens in the next few decades. This manual demonstrates how, with the right knowledge, training, and a substantial supply of aluminum foil, the concerned citizen can hit ET where it hurts) $27.95
Pratt, Tim Reign of Stars (Pathfinder Tales: PBO; Novel based on the game) $9.99
Roth, Veronica Four (Divergent: YA; Collection. Four stories from Tobias Easton's perspective, three following his path from Abnegation to Dauntless, and one that overlaps with the middle of Divergent ) $17.99
Rothfuss, Patrick The Slow Regard of Silent Things audiobook (Kingkiller: Novella. Unabridged, read by the author) $25.00
Scalzi, John Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome (A novella-length exploration of the world of his novel Lock In ; Signed copies) $40.00
Scott, M/Griswold, A A Death at the Dionysus Club (Mathey & Lynes #2: Victorian London: Recruited to assist the new Metaphysical Crimes Squad with the case of a heartless corpse, metaphysician Ned Mathey discovers that the magic used to take the man's heart and life does not conform to the laws of modern metaphysics. Meanwhile, a minor poet hires private detective Julian Lynes to track down and stop a blackmailer who is threatening to reveal him as the pseudonymous author of popular romances) $18.00
Scott/Berman (ed) Heiresses of Russ 2014: The Year's Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction (Anthology. Reprints 18 of the best lesbian-themed stories of the fantastic or futuristic of 2013) $20.00
Shearman, Robert They Do the Same Things Different There (PBO; Collection. 24 weird fantasy stories (8 originals, 16 reprints)) $16.99
Sherman, Delia Young Woman in a Garden (PBO; Collection. Reprints 14 tales of ghosts, fairies, artists, a merman, and more) $16.00
Stackpole, Michael A. The Crusader Road (Pathfinder Tales: PBO; Novel based on the game) $9.99
Stross, Charles Equoid (Laundry Files: Hugo Award Winner. Novella. Sent to the countryside to liaise with the Department of the Environment, Fisheries, and Rural Affairs, Bob Howard has a few questions. Why is Edgebaston Farm's livery stable buying 100 kilos of raw meat per day? Why does his briefing file contain the deathbed confession of that old fraud H.P. Lovecraft? And why is the inspector from DEFRA so deathly afraid of unicorns?) $35.00
Sumner-Smith, Karina Radiant (PBO; Xhea was born without magic, yet has a unique ability to see ghosts and the tethers that bind them to the living world. A rich man comes to her with Shai's ghost tethered to his chest; the ghost is a Radiant, generating so much power that the wealthy use it to fuel their magic, heedless of the pain they cause. Desperate to save Shai, Xhea finds a dark magic rising within her) $15.99
Tatulli, Mark Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic (Desmond Pucket #1: Kids; Someday prankster Desmond will be famous for his special effects wizardry, but for now he's just trying to make it through sixth grade, which means he needs to stay one step ahead of school disciplinary officer Mr. Needles) $13.99
Teppo, Mark Rudolph! He Is the Reason for the Season (PBO; The behind-the-scenes workings at the North Pole are narrated by Bernard Rosewood, one of the elves of the North Pole Consortium. The story begins with Santa's realization that a young girl's request to get her dad back for Christmas isn't going to happen. Dad, you see, died in a car accident on a snowy road shortly after Thanksgiving. The NPC can do a lot, but they can't do miracles. Enter Rudolph, who has been hairless, cranky, and perpetually irradiated since the unfortunate malfunction of the Nuclear Clock in 1964) $15.00
Vernon, Ursula Dragonbreath (Dragonbreath #1: Kids; Danny Dragonbreath can't breathe fire, but he has no fear. And that comes in handy when a bad grade at school inspires him to enlist his sea-serpent cousin's help with a research project) $6.99
Vernon, Ursula Attack of the Ninja Frogs (Dragonbreath #2: Kids; Exchange student Suki the Salamander has turned Danny's best friend Wendell into a lovesick tadpole. Then a group of ninja frogs attempt to kidnap her. Danny and Wendell have watched lots of kung fu movies and can totally take on a bunch of ninja frogs, right?) $6.99
Wallace, Sean (ed) The Mammoth Book of Warriors and Wizardry (Anthology. Reprints 25 stories of battles and arcane arts (originally published between 2000 and 2014)) $14.95
Wilce, Ysabeau S. Prophecies, Libels & Dreams (PBO; Collection. 7 interconnected tales (5 reprints, 2 originals) set in the Republic of Califa, a semi-historical world of magick and high manners) $16.00
Wrede, Patricia C. Wrede on Writing (The bestselling fantasy author's tips, hints, and opinions on writing, from getting started and the basics to more advanced topics, as well as the business side of writing) $16.99


Doctor Who Official Annual 2015 (Kids; Full color. Includes essential info on the new Doctor, secrets from series 8, terrifying monster fact files, spooky stories, activities, and puzzles) $13.99
How to Be a Time Lord: Official Guide (Doctor Who: YA; Written as a gift from the Eleventh Doctor to the newly-regenerated Twelfth, this guide contains everything you need to know to be just like him. So if you've ever wondered if you'd make the grade in the Time Lord Academy, or how to fly the TARDIS, or the correct way to dip your fish finger in custard, this is the book for you!) $16.99
Monster Sticker Activity Book (Doctor Who: Kids; As all Doctor Who fans know, the universe is full of dangerous monsters that want to invade our planet. This title lets you help the Twelfth Doctor and his companion Clara defeat some of them by using the monster stickers to complete the puzzles) $6.99
Anderson, Gerry Inside the World of Gerry Anderson (The definitive guide to his work, including detailed images from Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet, and more) $27.95
Arthur, Keri Darkness Falls (Dark Angels #7: PBO; Madeleine Hunter, head of the vampire council, gives Risa an ultimatum: hand over the last key to the gates of hell, or watch her loved ones die) $7.99
Asaro, Catherine Undercity (Skolian Empire: Major Bhaajan #1: Major Bhaajan has clients with woes - sometimes personal, sometimes galaxy-shattering, and sometimes both. She must sift through the shadows of the dark and dangerous Undercity - the enormous capital of a vast star empire - to find answers) $15.00
Asprin/Nye, Jody Lynn Dragons Run (Griffen McCandles #4: With his pregnant sister Valerie missing, and his uncle Malcolm in town for a mysterious meeting, Griffen has his hands full. So how is he supposed to find time to protect Councilwoman Penny Dunbar, a dragon who's running for governor, from the malign forces attempting to take her out?) $7.99
Ballard, J.G. Extreme Metaphors (Interviews with the noted author, filled with his insights into the world as he saw it and his speculations, often unsettlingly prescient, about its future) $18.99
Barclay, James Once Walked with Gods (Elves #1: The elves have fled to Calaius, seeking to escape the overwhelming power of the demonic Garonin. Now the weakened elf race is tearing itself apart in civil war, and human mercenaries have arrived and are tearing the continent apart. Young warrior Auum sets out to bring back shamed hero Takaar to save the elven race) $15.95
Barclay, James Rise of the TaiGethen (Elves #2: The great Elven cities are little more than prison camps, and Elven slaves are forced to destroy their beloved rainforest for their human masters. Auum believes the Elves must fight now. Takaar believes Elven salvation lies in unlocking their magic. The Elves must choose their sides) $15.95
Blackmoore, Stephen Gods and Monsters: Myth Breaker (Caught between the mob and two sets of rival gods, Louie hatches a plan that will probably get him killed) $9.99
Blake, Deborah Wickedly Wonderful (Baba Yaga #2: PBO; When a mysterious toxin in Monterey Bay drives selkies and mers from their homes, powerful but inexperienced witch Beka Yancy investigates with the help of cranky but way too attractive ex-Marine Marcus Dermott) $7.99
Bornikova, Phillipa Box Office Poison (Linnet Ellery #2: Hired as arbitrator in a Screen Actors Guild squabble between human and elven actors, Linnet discovers a plot in Tinsel Town to shatter the fragile peace between elves, vampires, werewolves, and humans) $7.99
Bova, B/Choi, E (ed) Carbide Tipped Pens (Anthology. Hard sf stories) $27.99
Bowden, Oliver Unity (Assassin's Creed #7: PBO; Paris, 1789: As the people rise against the oppressive aristocracy, Arno and Elise are drawn into the centuries-old battle between the Assassins and the Templars) $9.99
Cox, Greg Foul Deeds Will Rise (Star Trek: PBO; When an assassination threatens the fragile peace talks between two planets, all clues point towards a disturbing figure from Captain Kirk's past: Lenore Karidian) $7.99
Croft, Nina Death Defying (Blood Hunter Dark Desires #3: PBO; Sparks fly between starship captain Tannis and Callum Meridian, the immortal man she's been hired to protect) $5.99
de Lint, Charles The Cats of Tanglewood Forest (Kids; Novel-length version of the 2003 picture book A Circle of Cats . When Lillian is bitten by a snake, the magical cats of the forest surrounding her farmstead save her by turning her into a kitten. To turn herself back into a girl, Lillian must undertake a perilous adventure through untamed lands of fabled creatures) $8.00
Deas, Gavin Elite: Wanted (Novel based on the game) $17.95
Defoe, Gideon Elite: Docking Is Difficult (Novel based on the game) $17.95
Dietz, William C. Andromeda's Choice (Legion of the Damned Prequel #2: Summoned to receive the Imperial Order of Merit from the usurper Empress Ophelia, Andromeda McKee realizes that her moment for revenge will soon be at hand. But will she be betrayed by those she has come to trust?) $7.99
Dietz, William C. Andromeda's War (Legion of the Damned Prequel #3: Targeted for death by the Empress, Andromeda's uncle has been killed in a government raid back on Earth, leaving her as the last Carletto standing, the family's only hope for justice. Her chance comes when Empress Ophelia's ship crashes on a hostile planet and Andromeda is assigned to head up the rescue mission) $25.95
Downing, Chuck The Observers (As Observers, Mxpan and Zerpall are forbidden contact with natives of planets to which they are assigned. So how do they end up imprisoned twice, banished from two solar systems, trapped in android bodies after a faulty brain essence transfer, and forced into an ethically convoluted situation after uncovering a secret about their distant predecessors?) $17.95
Drake, David Monsters of the Earth (Books of the Elements #3: The city of Carce faces supernatural events caused by a struggle between two powerful magicians. One of them wants to destroy the world, and the other wishes to prevent that. But which is which?) $8.99
Dunne, Lexie Superheroes Anonymous (When a villain attacks Gail Godwin and she's rescued by superhero Blaze, it's a great story. Until it happens again. And again. Now the media has dubbed her Hostage Girl. Then she wakes up strapped to a metal table by a mad scientist. After escaping, now more than human herself, she'll have to come to terms with her powers. But there's a new villain on the rise, and she has her sights set on the one and only Hostage Girl) $6.99
Estep, Jennifer Black Widow (Elemental Assassin #11: PBO; Gin faces a new nemesis, the mysterious M.M. Monroe, who is trying to frame her for murder) $7.99
Flanagan, John Scorpion Mountain (Brotherband #5: Kids; To protect King Duncan's daughter from an assassination threat, Hal and his Brotherband crew join forces with the Ranger Gilan to track down a deadly sect) $18.99
Frost, P.R. The Tess Noncoire Chronicles Volume 2: Faery Moon / Forest Moon Rising (Tess Noncoire #3 / #4: Omnibus reprint; 2 fantasy novels) $8.99
Gibson, Gary The Thousand Emperors (Final Days #2: Archivist Luc Gabion, who is dying slowly, victim of a forced technology implant while on assignment, must investigate the rulers of the Tian Di's stellar empire. One of their number has been murdered, and Gabion needs to find the killer) $13.95
Golden, Christopher River of Pain (Alien: PBO; Protected by the Colonial Marines, colonists seek to terraform the planet LV-426, now called Acheron. They discover a vast, decaying spaceship that is of particular interest to Weyland-Yutani. But what Anne and Russ Jorden find on board proves to be the stuff of nightmares) $7.99
Golden, Christopher Snowblind (A New England town is haunted by memories of a deadly winter in which loved ones were lost. Now, twelve years later, the people plagued by their memories of that storm are haunted once again. A storm is approaching, promising new havoc, and old ghosts are trickling back) $9.99
Grant, Mira Symbiont (Parasitology #2: Sal and her companions must discover how the SymboGen-designed tapeworms are taking over their hosts, what their eventual goal is, and how they can be stopped) $26.00
Hamilton, Laurell K. Jason (Anita Blake #23: PBO; Jason invites his bisexual lady love J.J. to visit, hoping Anita can help him explain his kink to her, and that J.J. can help Anita sort out her problems with her female lover Jade) $7.99
Harris/Kelner (ed) Dead But Not Forgotten (Anthology. New stories about your favorite Bon Temps residents from writers who are Sookie Stackhouse fans) $26.95
Heinlein, Robert A. The Man Who Sold the Moon / Orphans of the Sky (Omnibus reprint; 2 classic sf novels) $7.99
Hogan, James P. Worlds in Chaos: Cradle of Saturn / The Legend That Was Earth (Omnibus reprint; 2 sf novels) $14.00
Hughes, Alex Vacant (Mindspace #4: PBO; When a judge and his family are targeted by the mob, he hires Adam as telepathic bodyguard for his son Tommy. Discovering that the boy is a nascent telepath, Adam tries to help him cope with the ability. But it doesn't take a mind reader to see that there's something going on with this kid's parents that's stressing Tommy out more than a death threat) $7.99
Johnson, Jean Damnation (Ia #6: PBO; With their new ship claimed, Ia's Damned are ready to re-enter the fight against their Salik foes. But the Alliance now faces a second foe - after centuries of silence, the Greys are back) $7.99
Kent, Steven L. The Clone Apocalypse (Clone #10: PBO; A deadly virus is designed to destroy clones, and only Wayson Harris is immune. Now he's waging a one-man war against the government that created, betrayed, and ultimately destroyed his brothers) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dark Bites (Collects paranormal stories previously seen only on her website, as well as a brand-new Dark-Hunter story) $8.99
Koch, Gini Universal Alien (Alien #10: PBO; Kitty is thrown into an alternate reality where aliens don't exist and she's married to Charles Reynolds. And alternate-reality Kitty has taken her place back home. Now the two Kittys must save their respective worlds before it's too late to return to their own realities) $7.99
Kurtz, Katherine The King's Deryni (Childe Morgan #3: Now eighteen, Brion Haldane has ascended to the throne, and seven-year-old Alaric Morgan has come to court to stand alongside him as his Deryni. Through the coming years, both will grow to manhood and come to realize their destinies) $26.95
Kyme, Nick Salamanders: Rebirth (Warhammer 40,000: Circle of Fire #1: On Heletine, the Black Legion has come in the name of Chaos, and only Brother-Captain Drakgaard's warriors stand in the way of their dark glory) $24.99
Lackey, Mercedes (ed) No True Way (Valdemar: PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in Lackey's world of Valdemar) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes et al Collision (Secret World #4: As they continue to endure Thulian assaults, the super-powered humans of ECHO and CCCP struggle to combine forces for an all-out attack) $25.00
Lee, Chang-rae On Such a Full Sea (In a future US, urban neighborhoods have been turned into high-walled colonies, where laborers - descendants of those brought over years earlier from environmentally ruined provincial China - work to provide pristine fish and produce for the nearby elite charter villages. When her lover disappears, Fan leaves her colony to search for him, traveling through the anarchic and dangerous Open Counties to a faraway charter village, on a quest that will soon become legend to those she left behind) $16.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Trade Secret (Liaden: Jethri Gobelyn's adoption into a Liaden clan has invigorated a net of unfinished Balance more complex and potentially deadly than a Terran blood feud. He must embrace his Terran birthright as well as his Liaden connections to defend his honor and that of shipmates past and present) $7.99
Lovegrove, James The James Lovegrove Collection Volume 1: Days / Provender Gleed / Untied Kingdom (Omnibus reprint; 1st US editions of 3 sf novels) $14.99
Lukyanenko, Sergei The Genome (Alex is a genetically-modified 'spesh'; as a captain and pilot, he has a genetic imperative to care for passengers and crew, no matter what the cost. His mission to ferry two representatives of the alien Zzygou on a tour of human worlds will not be an easy one, for aboard the craft are several speshes who have reason to hate the Others) $16.99
Mansbach, A/Brozman, O You Have to F**king Eat (NOT for kids. Full color. A profane, loving, and deeply cathartic sequel to Go the F**k to Sleep , dealing with another great parental frustration: getting your little angel to eat something that even vaguely resembles a normal meal) $14.95
Mansbach, Adam The Dead Run (On both sides of the US-Mexico border, girls are going missing. Then other bodies are found. There are more than coyotes in the desert - an ancient evil has resurfaced) $7.99
Martin, George (ed) Jokers Wild (Wild Cards #3: Reissue; Mosaic novel; 40 years after the arrival of the alien virus, under the streets of Manhattan, an evil genius unleashes the powers of darkness. Now Aces and Jokers alike must fight for their lives) $8.99
Martin/Dozois (ed) Dangerous Women 3 (World Fantasy Award winner. Anthology. Original tales of dangerous women) $7.99
Mitchell, J. Barton Valley of Fires (Conquered Earth #3: YA; While Mira ventures west to bargain with enigmatic resistance leader Van Cleef, Holt returns to Faust to resolve his issues with Tiberius and enlist the Menagerie in the fight to save Zoey) $19.99
Murakami, Haruki The Strange Library (A lonely boy, a mysterious girl, and a tormented sheep-man plot their escape from a nightmarish library) $18.00
Neill, Chloe Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #3: Master vampire Ethan offers a visiting alpha werewolf a special bodyguard: Merit. She'll need all the help she can get to track down a would-be assassin) $7.99
Oliver, Jonathan (ed) Dangerous Games (Anthology. Original dark tales of the players and the played) $9.99
Painter, Kristen City of Eternal Night (Crescent City #2: PBO; When a young girl is stolen from the biggest fae event of the year, Harlow and Augustine must put all their issues aside to bring her home alive) $16.00
Pinborough, Sarah Beauty (An edgy, sexy, and contemporary retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story) $14.95
Resnick, Mike The Fortress in Orion (The Democracy has managed to clone and train General Michkag, one of the alien Traanskei's master strategists. Colonel Pretorius and a hand-picked team must kidnap the real Michkag if they can, assassinate him if they can't, and put the clone in his place) $18.00
Ringo, John To Sail a Darkling Sea (Black Tide Rising #2: Wolf Squadron, a ragtag fleet of yachts and freighters, searches the Atlantic for survivors of the zombie plague. Now they must clear an assault carrier of infected before the trapped Marines and sailors succumb to starvation. If Wolf Squadron can accomplish that task, an even tougher trial awaits: an apocalyptic battle to win a new dawn for humanity) $7.99
Sansom, C.J. Dominion (Sidwise Award winner. In 1944, Churchill lost to the appeasers, and Britain surrendered to Nazi Germany. In 1952, Germany is still at war with Russia, and Churchill's Resistance battles on. A scientist languishing in a British mental hospital is the keeper of a secret that could alter the balance of the struggle. A Resistance spy is tasked with getting him out of the country, but the Gestapo are hot on their heels) $17.00
Simmons, Dan The Abominable (1926: Three climbers accept funding from a mother whose son fell to his death on Mount Everest two years earlier. She doesn't believe he's dead, and wants them to bring him back alive. As they set off, they encounter others seeking the boy's body. What valuable item could he have been carrying? What is the truth behind the many disappearances on the mountain?) $18.00
Singh/Andrews/Shearin/Vane Night Shift (PBO; Anthology. 4 paranormal and urban fantasy novellas) $7.99
Spoor, Ryk E. Paradigms Lost (Expanded and revised version of Digital Knight .ÿJason Wood is an expert in information searches, image processing, pattern matching, and data forensics. When an informant turns up dead on his doorstep and a photo doesn't show someone who'd been in the viewfinder when the picture was taken, he finds himself doing battle with things that violate the very reality he thought he understood) $15.00
Spurrier, Simon Elite: Nemorensis (Novel based on the game) $17.95
Stein, Ellin That's Not Funny, That's Sick: The National Lampoon and the Comedy Insurgents Who Captured the Mainstream (A history of the humor magazine, drawing on a wealth of revealing, firsthand interviews with the architects and impresarios) $16.95
Tolkien/Liedl/Reagin The Hobbit and History (Explores influences behind the story from a historical perspective, looking at parallels between the intricate culture of Middle-earth and the Middle Ages, myth, and legend) $17.95
Traviss, Karen Mortal Dictata (Halo: Novel based on the game) $8.99
Tripathi, Amish The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva #1: 1900 BCE: The empire of Meluha is in peril, its primary river slowly drying up. The Suryavanshi rulers are faced with devastating terrorist attacks from the Chandravanshis to the east, who appear to have allied with the Nagas, a race of deformed humans with astonishing martial skills. Their only hope is an ancient legend: When evil reaches epic proportions, a hero will emerge. Is the unexpected, rough-hewn Tibetan immigrant Shiva that hero?) $26.99
Tufo, Mark Indian Hill (Along with thousands of others, college student Michael Talbot is abducted by the Progerians, who are studying how best to conquer the human race. War is coming - and nobody knows the enemy better than Michael Talbot) $17.99
Turtledove, Harry Things Fall Apart (Supervolcano #3: With supplies running low and natural resources dwindling, ex-cop Colin Ferguson knows that time is running out for his family, and for humanity) $8.99
Vaughn, Carrie Dreams of the Golden Age (Golden Age #2: Hiding her burgeoning superpowers from her parents is hard enough; how is Anna supposed to keep them from finding out that her friends have powers, or that she and the others are honing their skills and dreaming of becoming Commerce City's next great team of vigilantes?) $7.99
Willingham, Bill et al In All the Land (Fables: Fairest: Not for kids. Full color graphic novel. Previously unpublished stories fleshing out the pasts of the women from Fables ) $14.99
Wolfe, Gene The Land Across (World Fantasy Award finalist. A travel guide writer heads from the US to an obscure country. His passport is taken by guards, and then he is detained for not having it. It becomes evident that there are supernatural agencies at work, but in some ways they are less threatening than the bureaucracy and corruption. Is our hero in fact a spy for the CIA? Or is he an innocent caught in a Kafkaesque trap?) $15.99
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Sustenance (Saint-Germain #27: Late 1940s: As the House Un-American Activities Committee hunts communists at home and abroad, the vampire Saint-Germain is caught up in intrigue surrounding a group of Americans who have fled to Paris. Some speak out against HUAC and battle the authorities, and even Saint-Germain's skills may not be able to stand against agents of the OSS and CIA) $29.99
Yolen, J/Stemple, A The Last Changeling (Seelie Wars #2: Kids; Chased by two armies, Aspen and Snail find refuge with Professor Odds' traveling troupe, dodging soldiers, a hungry troll, dwarfs, drows, lycants, boggles, and a cloaked spy. Is any place safe for them? And who exactly is Odds, who seems to have his own hidden powers and agenda?) $16.99
Yoshinaga, Fumi Ooku: The Inner Chambers Volume 10 (Black & white manga) $12.99


Fry, Jason Curse of the Iris (Jupiter Pirates #2: Kids; As the three Hashoone siblings continue to compete for the captain's seat on their family's spaceship, they intercept a ship with a long-dead crew. Following clues from the mysterious ship, they embark on a hunt for a long-lost treasure that their great-grandfather had a hand in hiding) $16.99
Golden, Che The Feral Child (Feral Child #1: Kids; On the grounds of the castle near her Irish town, Maddy is chased by a strange feral boy, who she suspects is one of the cruel faerie folk. When the boy returns to steal her neighbor Stephen into the faerie world, Maddy and her cousins set off on a terrifying journey into a magical wilderness, determined to bring Stephen home) $7.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Deep Secret (Magids #1: Reissue; Rupert is a junior Magid, working to maintain the balance between positive and negative magic. He's assigned to Earth as well as to the troublesome planets of the Koryfonic Empire. When he unexpectedly becomes senior Magid, he learns he can meet all five of Earth's potential new junior Magids by attending a science fiction convention in England. But the hotel is on a nexus of the universes, and other forces, some completely out of control, are there as well) $16.99
King, William Bane of Malekith (Warhammer: Tyrion & Teclis #3: As the dark elves of Naggaroth and their daemonic allies sweep across Ulthuan, in the forests of Avelorn, Tyrion and the Everqueen are on the run. Teclis rushes to his brother's aid, and the forces of the high elves prepare to face their foes on Finuval Plain) $14.00
O'Ryan, Ray The Annoying Crush (Galaxy Zack #9: Kids; Zack's dad has been working on a new Super Advanced Robotic Assistant (SARA). She's great, and super helpful, but when she develops a huge crush on Zack, can he figure out a way to fix this mixed-up robot?) $5.99


12 Doctors, 12 Stories (Doctor Who: Anthology. Stories by 12 bestselling authors) $16.99
The Visual Dictionary (Doctor Who: Full color illustrated guide to all things Doctor Who, now updated and expanded to include the new series with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor) $24.99
Aaronovitch, Ben Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant #5: Police constable and apprentice magician Peter Grant, a Londoner to the core, is dispatched to Herefordshire, where children are disappearing and the local police are reluctant to admit that there might be a supernatural element involved. Now Peter will have to deal with the local gods and local cops in a small village where the shops close at 4pm) $7.99
Adams, Guy For a Few Souls More (Heaven's Gate #3: PBO; Paradise has fallen, becoming the 43rd state in the Union. Now angels and demons must learn to get along with humans. Meanwhile, Hell has problems of its own - there's a new evangelist walking its roads trying to bring the penitent to Paradise, and a new power is rising) $7.99
Asher, Neal The Technician (Polity: The Theocracy has been dead for twenty years, and the Polity rules on Masada. But there are rebels who cannot accept the new order;their hatred for surviving theocrats is undiminished, and Jeremiah Tombs is at the top of their hit list. The war drone Amistad recruits Leif Grant, an ex-rebel Commander, to protect Tombs. Meanwhile, in deep space, the mechanism the Atheter used to reduce themselves to animals stirs from slumber and begins to power up its weapons) $15.99
Benson, Amber The Witches of Echo Park (PBO; When her great-aunt Eleanora becomes deathly ill, Lyse returns to Echo Park, and discovers that not only is she heir to Eleanora's Victorian estate - she is also expected to take her great-aunt's place in the Echo Park coven of witches. But to accept her destiny means deadly peril - the world of magic is under siege, and the battle the witches now fight may be their last) $15.00
Boulle, Pierre Desperate Games (Reissue; Despairing at the state of the world, a group of intellectuals form the new Scientific World Government. They make changes, eliminating hunger and disease while promoting new scientific thought. But people are not happy - the suicide rate has skyrocketed. It turns out the public want a little risk in their lives. To entertain the masses, they start with gladiator battles, and quickly escalate into historical battle reenactments involving chemical warfare and mass destruction. What has the world let itself in for?) $16.95
Brown, Pierce Golden Son (Red Rising #2: Darrow becomes a Gold, infiltrating their privileged realm so that he can destroy it from within. He must confront the treachery arrayed against him, overcome his desire for retribution - and strive not for violent revolt but a hopeful rebirth) $25.00
Butcher, Jim et al War Cry (Dresden Files GN: Full color graphic novel. Collects the 5-issue comic books series plus bonus material) $24.99
Campbell, John L. Drifters (Omega Days #3: PBO; Amid the chaos of a destroyed civilization, the survivors of the Omega Virus encounter a new threat. And these new monsters can't be outrun, or outwitted) $16.00
Coe, David B. Spell Blind (Justis Fearsson #1: Cop turned PI Justis Fearsson is a weremyste, with a wizard's gifts and the ability to see into the paranormal world - and an unfortunate tendency to go crazy during the full moon. He's on the trail of a serial killer who uses magic to burn out his victim's eyes) $25.00
Cook, Glen Working God's Mischief (Instrumentalities of Night #4: The oldest and fiercest of the Instrumentalities has been destroyed by a mortal. There will never be a new Windwalker. The world, battered by savage change, limps toward its destiny. And the ice is coming) $8.99
Dunn, C.Z. Pandorax (Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Battles #15: PBO; In the Pandorax system, on the death world of Pythos, an ancient secret that has laid buried for millennia has been unearthed) $16.00
Duriez, Colin The Oxford Inklings (The lives, writings, ideas, and influence of the Oxford literary group that included J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and others) $16.95
Forward, Toby Fireborn (Dragonborn #2: Kids; Bee is an apprentice wizard, and tomorrow, on her 12th birthday, she will learn her true name. Bee's is Flame, a powerful name that her greedy master wants to steal. But doing so will disturb the universe, and it's hard to say what might be born out of the fire that results) $8.99
Friedman, C.S. Dreamwalker (Dreamwalker #1: All her life, Jessica has dreamed of other worlds. Her brother Tommy has incorporated some of her dreams into his games. Now someone is asking about her dreams. When Tommy is kidnapped, Jessica and her friends must leave their world behind and confront the source of Earth's darkest legends - as well as the terrifying truth of their secret heritage) $7.99
Gordon, Alex Gideon (PBO; After her father's death, Lauren learns he was once a different person. Determined to find out who he really was, the clues lead her to the town of Gideon, where nothing is as it seems, even time itself) $14.99
Green, Simon R. Tales from the Nightside (Nightside: Collects 10 urban fantasy stories set in the Nightside, include an original novella) $25.95
Haldeman, Joe Work Done for Hire (Still traumatized by his past as a sniper for the US military, Jack accepts an offer to write a near-future novel about a serial killer, based on a Hollywood script outline. Then a package arrives: sniper rifle, silencer, ammunition, and the first installment of a $100,000 payment to kill a 'bad man'. The people behind the twisted offer have Jack under surveillance. And if he doesn't take the job, they'll kill his girlfriend) $7.99
Hamilton, Virginia The People Could Fly (Kids; Full color picture book. A fantasy tale of slaves who possessed ancient magic that enabled them to fly away to freedom, and a moving tale of those who could not fly away, who remained slaves with only their imaginations to set them free) $7.99
Harper, Steven Iron Axe (Blood & Iron #1: PBO; Strange creatures come down from the mountains to attack the village. Spirits walk the land, terrifying the living. Trolls creep out from under the mountain, provoking war with the elves. And Death herself calls upon Danr, son of a human mother and a troll father, to set things right, sending him to find the Iron Axe) $7.99
Hartman, Rachel Seraphina (YA; Andre Norton Award finalist. Folding themselves into human shapes, dragons attend the court of Goredd as ambassadors, and use their rational, mathematical minds as scholars and teachers. When a member of the royal family is murdered in suspiciously draconian fashion, musician Seraphina Dombegh is drawn into the investigation) $10.99
Hendee, Barb & J.C. A Wind in the Night (Noble Dead Series 3 #3: In her quest to find the Orb of Spirit, Wynn Hygeorht is torn between two men who hate each other, and about to face an old enemy. Meanwhile, Magiere, Leesil, and Chap, still hunted by a team of assassins, continue their search for the Orb of Air) $7.99
Hendee, Barb & J.C. First and Last Sorcerer (Noble Dead Series 3 #4: Magiere, Leesil, Chap, and Wayfarer have all been wrongly imprisoned. Arriving at the Suman port city in search of Magiere, Wynn and her companions seek out Domin Ghassan il'Sanke for assistance, but the domin is embroiled in a secret hunt for a spectral undead with the power to invade anyone living and take the body as its host. Even if Wynn can manage to free her friends, battling this new kind of undead may be a challenge none of them will survive) $26.95
Hines, Jim C. Unbound (Magic Ex Libris #3: Meridiana, long banished, has returned in the body of Jeneta Aboderin, and seeks an artifact that would allow her to command an army of the dead. Isaac, stripped of his power and his place among the Porters, is determined to regain his magic and rescue Jeneta. With the help of fire-spider Smudge, dryad warrior Lena Greenwood, and psychiatrist Nidhi Shah, Isaac races to unravel a mystery more than a thousand years old as competing magical powers battle to shape the future of the world) $24.95
Hocking, Amanda Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles #1: YA; Bryn Aven is a half-blood, unable to hold a respectable rank in Kanin society. But she's a loyal protector of the kingdom she loves, determined to become a member of the elite guard. When a mission to thwart a plot against the kingdom brings her closer to her boss Ridley, will they be able to fight the attraction between them?) $9.99
Hocking, Amanda Trylle: The Complete Trilogy: Switched / Torn / Ascend (Trylle #1 / #2 / #3: YA; Omnibus reprint. 3 fantasy novels) $14.99
Hunter, Erin Thunder Rising (Warriors: Dawn of the Clans #2: Kids; The mountain cats followed the sun trail to new territory, convinced that with more prey, their lives would be free from strife. Nevertheless, the group has split in two, and a young cat named Thunder is caught in the middle of the struggle for territory and power) $6.99
Jones, Stephen (creator) Endgame (Zombie Apocalypse! #3: The story of the climactic battle between the ZZ infantry of the New Zombie Order and the fighters of the human resistance, told through interconnected eyewitness accounts - emails, text messages, reports, diaries, found video footage, and graphic adaptations) $14.95
Jones, Stephen Lloyd The String Diaries (For centuries, Hannah's family has been pursued by a monster - a boy from an ancient royal family who can change his shape to insert himself into the lives of his victims and destroy them. If Hannah fails to end the chase, her daughter is next in line. But how much is Hannah willing to sacrifice to put an end to the curse?) $16.00
King, Stephen Mr. Mercedes (In a race against time, three unlikely heroes try to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands) $16.00
Kristijansson, Snorri Swords of Good Men (Valhalla #1: 996 CE: In the port town of Stenvik, Audun Arngrimsson works his forge and lives a solitary life. No one knows about his past, and he'd like to keep it that way. But the Old Gods have other ideas. Rival factions within Stenvik are about to come to blows, but a far bigger battle is approaching: King Olav is bringing the White Christ at point of sword, and on the horizon are the sails of another, more mysterious enemy) $9.99
Kristijansson, Snorri Blood Will Follow (Valhalla #2: The battle for Stenvik has been won at huge cost: Ulfar and Audun have lost the very thing that made them human, their mortality. And they begin to wonder - is immortality a gift from the gods, or a curse? And King Olav may have been defeated outside Stenvik's walls, but now Valgard leads him north, in search of the source of the Vikings' power) $24.99
Landers, Melissa Alienated (YA; Chosen to host Aelyx, the first alien exchange student, Cara will have inside information about the aliens that every journalist would kill for. But when Cara's classmates get swept up by anti-alien paranoia, Midtown High School suddenly isn't safe anymore. And Aelyx has been hiding the truth about his exchange, and its potentially deadly consequences. Soon Cara will be in for the fight of her life - not just for herself and the alien boy she loves, but for the future of her planet) $9.99
Lee, Sharon Carousel Seas (Carousel #3: Kate Archer, Guardian and carousel-keeper, has begun a romantic relationship with Borgan, the Guardian of the Gulf of Maine. Now a former sea goddess has set up housekeeping in the Gulf, challenging Borgan's authority as well as endangering Kate and everything Kate holds precious. The goddess has fallen in love in Borgan, and she'll stop at nothing to possess him; Signed copies expected) $15.00
Leonard, Anne Moth and Spark (Chosen to free the dragons from their bondage to the Empire, Prince Corin has received some of their power. Tam, a doctor's daughter, has just discovered she's a Seer. When the two meet at the library, sparks fly. But war is coming, and the lovers must master their powers to save their land. With a little help from a village of secret wizards and a rogue dragonrider, they just might pull it off) $16.00
Love, John Evensong (Anwar Abbas is one of The Dead, a biologically-enhanced secret operative created by the United Nations to solve problems no one else can. Assigned to protect Olivia del Sarto, the head of the world's fastest-growing church, he discovers that Olivia's enemies have something that kills people like him - and they've sent it after her) $15.99
MacFarlane, Alex (ed) The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women (Anthology. Reprints some of the best sf stories written by women in recent decades) $14.95
McCormack, Una The Missing (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: PBO; Sequel to The Fall . Base commander Ro Laren has her hands full with a ragtag flotilla of small ships crewed by members of several unknown species) $7.99
Merz, Jon F. Slavers of the Savage Catacombs (Shadow Warrior #2: Dispatched to investigate rumors of an invasion force massing in the north, Ran is captured and dragged underground as slave labor for a despot in exile who is eager to reclaim his throne. But there's more in play than a power struggle in the catacombs) $15.00
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Rex Regis (Imager #8: The great struggle to unify Lydar enters its final phase, with only Khel remaining undecided. Before their choice is known, the specter of high treason threatens to unravel all that Quaeryt has achieved, catapulting him toward a fateful confrontation with Bhayar's most powerful military leaders) $8.99
Moorcock, Michael The Dragon in the Sword (Eternal Champion #3: Reissue; Trapped in a timeless existence, doomed to fight forever, haunted by memories of too many battles waged during infinite lifetimes, John Daker has taken Fate into his own hands. He searches for Ermizhad, and for the key that will free him from psychic captivity. On a dark ship piloted by a blind helmsman, he must stand and fight the darkest battle in the history of the world) $9.95
Morrow, James Galapagos Regained (Chloe Bathurst finds work on Charles Darwin's estate, nurturing the strange birds, exotic lizards, and giant tortoises he brought back from his trip. When Chloe gets wind of the Great God Contest - 10,000 pounds to the first petitioner who can prove or disprove the existence of a Supreme Being - she decides that Mr. Darwin's materialist theory of speciation might just turn the trick. Before she knows it, her ambitions send her off on a wild adventure) $28.99
Ness, Patrick The Crane Wife (One night George finds a great white crane in his yard, and removes an arrow from its wing before it flies away. The next day, he meets enigmatic Kumiko, who asks him to help her with her artwork. He begins to fall in love - it seems she could change his entire life, if only he could get her to reveal who she is and why she brought her artwork to his print shop) $16.00
O'Flaherty, Dennis King of the Cracksmen (1877: All the land west of the Mississippi was sold to Russia decades ago. In the aftermath of the Civil War, the US has been transformed by automatons and steam-powered dirigibles. President Lincoln hasn't been seen for six months, and the country is being run as a police state by former Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. But the outlaws of New York City are fighting a guerrilla war against Stanton's tyranny) $15.99
Older, Daniel Jose Half-Resurrection Blues (Bone Street Rumba #1: PBO; Carlos is one of the NY Council of the Dead's most unusual agents: an inbetweener, partially resurrected from a death he barely recalls, after a life that's missing from his memory. An inbetweener sorcerer has summoned a horde of creatures capable of eliminating spirits. They've already taken out some of NYCOD's finest. Carlos is desperate to stop their master before he opens up the entrada to the Underworld) $7.99
Perry, Steve The Tejano Conflict (Cutter's Wars #3: PBO; Hired to help occupy a valuable piece of contested territory, Cutter and crew find themselves in a dangerous situation where things aren't as they seem. Now they must determine the truth - or lose more than just a battle) $7.99
Pinborough, Sarah Charm (An edgy, sexy, and contemporary retelling of the Cinderella story) $14.95
Powell, Gareth L. Macaque Attack (Macaque #3: PBO; Ack-Ack finds himself leading a dimension-hopping army of angry monkeys, facing an invading horde of killer androids, and confronting the one challenge for which he was never prepared: impending fatherhood) $7.99
Prineas, Sarah Moonkind (Fer #3: Kids; Broken oaths are weighing heavily on the Summerlands, bringing a creeping stillness. Only Fer has the power to fight it, but she may have to rely on the help of the one boy whose very nature is to deceive her) $6.99
Resnick/Garcia (ed) The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs (Anthology; 10 original tales (plus 1 reprint) set in Burroughs' worlds) $7.99
Ringo, John Strands of Sorrow (Black Tide Rising #4: Banding together with what remains of the US Navy, Wolf Squadron and its leader Steve Smith plan to retake the mainland from the infected, starting with North America. Smith's daughters have become zombie hunters of unparalleled skill, and they may hold the key to the rebirth of civilization) $25.00
Salerni, Dianne K. The Eighth Day (Eighth Day #1: Kids; When Jax wakes up to a world without any people, he learns that he's really in the Eighth Day, sandwiched between Wednesday and Thursday. Transitioners like Jax and his guardian Riley are able to live in all eight days, while a few, including Evangeline next door, exist only on this special day. As the descendant of Merlin, Evangeline's magic is highly sought by corrupt Transitioners, who want to use her to destroy the seven-day world. Must Jax choose between protecting his new friend and saving the human race from destruction?) $6.99
Sanderson, Brandon Firefight (Reckoners #2: YA; Eliminating Steelheart has made David realize he has questions. There's no one in Newcago to answer them, but David is sure Babylon Restored will lead him to what he needs to find. And while entering another city oppressed by a High Epic despot is a gamble, David is willing to risk it) $18.99
Shepherd, Joel Originator (Cassandra Kresnov #6: Kresnov must fight to save her family from a terrible new threat, but doing so may plunge humanity into another destructive war between humans, or worse, against the Talee) $18.00
Singh, Nalini Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling #13: Vasic is a solder with too many deaths on his conscience. His redemption: retrieve Ivy, who has been forced to block her empath gifts. Only together can they create a new life born from the chaos of a dangerous and changing world) $7.99
Spoor, Ryk E. Spheres of Influence (Arena #2: Captain Ariane Austin must discover what it means to be Leader of Humanity - the ridiculous title bestowed on her by the Arena - before her enemies depose her, kill her, or worse) $7.99
Steele, Allen V-S Day (1941: Wernher von Braun is ordered by Hitler to develop a manned orbital spacecraft capable of attacking the US. For FDR, there is only one possible response: build a US spacecraft to destroy it. Robert Goddard, inventor of the liquid-fuel rocket, will head the classified project) $7.99
Stevens, Francis The Heads of Cerberus (Reissue; Originally published in 1919. A trio of time-travelers land in 2118 Philadelphia, a brutal totalitarian state where the city hall is a temple, a statue of William Penn is worshipped as an idol, and the citizens are crushed under religious tyranny) $10.95
Taylor, K.J. The Shadow's Heart (Risen Sun #3: PBO; Half-breed Queen Laela Taranisaii is in more danger than ever before. As her enemies close in on all sides, her methods of maintaining power increase in desperation and violence. Meanwhile, a new threat is lurking in the darkness, the Night God's final, deadly pawn) $7.99
TenNapel, Doug Escape from the Lizzarks (Nnewts Book 1: Kids; Full color graphic novel. When his village is attacked by the Lizzarks, Herk is forced to flee, navigating a dangerous world filled with strange creatures and mysterious wonders, where friends are few and an evil lord is in hot pursuit) $10.99
Tregillis, Ian Something More Than Night (A noir detective novel set in Thomas Aquinas' vision of heaven, starring fallen angels, the heavenly choir, nightclub stigmatics, a priest with a dirty secret, a femme fatale, and the Voice of God) $14.99
Van Eekhout, Greg California Bones (Osteomancer #1: When Daniel was 6, he ingested his first bone fragment, a bit of kraken spine. When he was 12, he watched his magician father die at the hands of the Hierarch of Southern California, devoured for the magic within his bones. Now he is a thief, hiding amid the crowds in LA and trying to go straight. But his crime-boss uncle wants Daniel to break into the Hierarch's storehouse and retrieve a magical sword. The stage is set for a showdown that might just break the magic protecting a long-corrupt regime) $14.99
Vaughn, Carrie Low Midnight (Cormac Bennett #1: PBO; Cormac Bennett, an assassin who specializes in killing lycanthropes, is struggling with a foreign consciousness trapped inside him as he investigates a century-old crime in a Colorado mining town which could be the key to translating a mysterious coded diary - a tome with secrets that could shatter Kitty Norville's world and all who inhabit it) $7.99
Venables, Toby The Red Hand (Hunter of Sherwood #2: PBO; A killer has broken into Prince John's most secure castle and left a message drawn on the skin of one of his victims: 'the circle is closing', signed with a handprint in blood. Who or what is the Red Hand? The obvious culprit - the most dangerous man in the kingdom, Hood himself - has an alibi even Guy of Gisburne can't deny) $7.99
Waters, M.D. Prototype (Emma #2: Emma looks forward to the day when she can stop running - from both her pasts. But when Declan Burke decides he wants his wife back, there's nowhere on the planet she can hide. Only her ex Noah Tucker could help her, but he's the person Emma most dreads confronting. Determined to reveal the truth, Emma could wind up dead - or worse, reborn) $16.00
Weber, David Like a Mighty Army (Safehold #7: The island empire of Charis has drawn more countries to the cause of independence from Church control, but at a heavy cost in bloodshed - a cost felt keenly by Merlyn. Now the Church is regrouping; with its vast armies and resources, the fight for humanity's future won't be over soon) $8.99
Wright, John C. The Judge of Ages (Montrose #3: 10515 CE: In their final showdown, self-appointed Master of the World Ximen del Azarchel squares off against posthuman Menelaus Montrose. The fate of Earth will be decided in a battle of gunfire and cliometric calculus, powered armor and posthuman intelligence) $16.99
Zourkova, Krassi Wildalone (Away from her family and Eastern European homeland for the first time, Princeton freshman Thea Slavin fall into a romantic entanglement with two mysterious brothers, and is drawn into a sensual shadow world that seems to mimic Greek mythology and Bulgarian legends of forest witches. When the terrifying truth about her own family is revealed, it will transform her forever - if she falls under its spell) $25.99


Abercrombie, Joe Half a King (Shattered Sea #1: Born into a world where a strong arm and a cold heart rule, Prince Yarvi cannot grip a shield or swing an axe, so he must sharpen his mind to a deadly edge. Gathering a fellowship of the outcast and the lost, he finds they can do more to help him than any court of nobles could. But even with loyal friends at his side, Yarvi finds his path may end as it began - in twists, and traps, and tragedy - as he struggles to fulfill his vow to regain the throne he never wanted) $15.00
Aires, Nick Arrow: Heroes and Villains (A comprehensive character guide to the TV series) $19.95
Bauers, W.C. Unbreakable (When pirate raids threaten to destabilize the backwater planet of Montana, the Republic of Aligned Worlds deploys its mechanized armored infantry to deal with the situation. Leading the assault is Marine Lt. Promise Paen, who is in no way happy to be back on her birthworld) $25.99
Black, Holly The Darkest Part of the Forest (YA; Humans and fae exist side by side in Fairfold, the faeries' seemingly harmless magic attracting tourists. But Hazel knows how dangerous they can be, and how to stop them. Or she did, once. There is a glass coffin in the woods. In it sleeps a boy with horns on his head. Until one day he wakes up. As the world turns upside down and a hero is needed to save them all, Hazel tries to remember her years spent pretending to be a knight) $18.00
Buckell, Tobias S. Crystal Rain (Xenowealth #1: Reissue; Legends say that the forefathers of Nanagada fled a far-off star to their new home. But then the Azteca, created and driven by cruel gods, swarmed out of the sky in search of sacrificial blood, and worse. To defeat them and their gods, the forefathers burned the sky. In the centuries since, the Azteca have kept an uneasy truce. But now it has been broken. Only one man can stop their bloodthirsty march: John deBrun, who holds the key to an ancient secret - if he can stay alive long enough to uncover his lost memories) $15.99
Carey, Peter Amnesia (When Gaby Baillieux released the Angel Worm virus into Australia's prison system, hundreds of asylum seekers walked free. And because the US runs the prisons - as they do so many parts of her country - the doors of several thousand jails in the US also opened. Was this a mistake, or a declaration of cyber war?) $25.95
Egan, Greg Diaspora (Reissue; Humanity has reconfigured itself drastically. Most choose immortality as conscious software in the polises, but some opt for renewable robotic bodies. And there are holdouts, fleshers left behind in the muck and jungle of Earth. Then a disaster ravages the fleshers and reveals the possibility that the polises themselves might be at risk from bizarre astrophysical processes. Yatima, a digital being grown from a mind seed, joins a group of citizens and flesher refugees in search of the knowledge that will guarantee their safety) $15.99
Egan, Greg Distress (Reissue; Sent to cover a scientific conference, wired journalist Andrew Worth finds himself dragged into a maelstrom of plotting, assassination attempts, and rebellion. The world's only hope for survival lies in physicist Violet Mosala's development of a final Theory of Everything, but whether it will lead to the total destruction of life as we know it or the complete remaking of the universe may be a risk too dangerous to take) $15.99
Epstein, A/Jacobson, A Palace of Dreams (Familiars #4: Kids; When a birthday celebration at the palace goes dreadfully wrong, and Queen Loranella falls victim to a curse, familiars Aldwyn the cat, Skyler the blue jay, and Gilbert the tree frog are the prime suspects. After narrowly escaping the palace dungeons, they embark on a quest to clear their names) $6.99
French, John Sorcerer (Warhammer 40,000: Ahriman #2: PBO; Searching for a cure for his Legion, Ahriman is forced to consider. Was the great ritual somehow flawed from the beginning? The answer may lie within a grimoire of forgotten lore) $14.00
Gonick, Larry The Cartoon Guide to Algebra (PBO; Using engaging graphics and lively humor, Gonick covers the essentials of algebra, and offers a concise overview of algebra's history and its practical applications in modern life) $18.99
Grahame-Smith, Seth The Last American Vampire (In the wake of his friend Abraham Lincoln's shocking death, vampire Henry Sturges searches for renewed purpose, a quest that takes him to important events of the late 19th century and on into the 20th) $27.00
Isbell, Tom The Prey (YA; One enormous EMP, and everything was fried to a crisp. Sometime later, the Republic of the True America established camps for boys with birth defects. They are eager to graduate at 16, until they learn they are to be hunted for sport. Can they escape and make it to the fabled New Territory?) $17.99
Jaaskelainen, Pasi Ilmari The Rabbit Back Literature Society (Invited to be the tenth member of an elite group of writers, Ella soon discovers that the Society is not what it seems. What is the mysterious ritual known as 'The Game'? What explains the strange disappearance at a winter party? Why are words inside books starting to rearrange themselves?) $25.99
Kontis, Alethea Hero (Woodcutter Sisters #2: Andre Norton Award finalist. Rough-and-tumble Saturday thinks she's the only one of her sisters without any magic, until she accidentally conjures an ocean in the backyard. Sword in tow, she sets sail on a pirate ship, only to find herself kidnapped. Is she powerful enough to kill the witch who holds her captive, and save the world from sure destruction? And, she wonders grumpily, does romance have to be part of the adventure?) $8.99
Larke, Glenda The Dagger's Path (Forsaken Lands #2: Adrhi, Sorrel and Saker must return stolen items of great power to Ardhi's home, but there are those who would kill to possess this power. In Ardrone, a demonic army runs amok while the church struggles to quell it. And Queen Mathilda struggles with the possibility that her infant heir may be linked to the corruption that has erupted throughout the land) $16.00
Marr, M/Pratt, T (ed) Rags & Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales (YA; Anthology. Contemporary authors reimagine classic tales in these 12 original stories) $10.00
Martin, George (ed) Aces Abroad (Wild Cards #4: Reissue; Mosaic novel. 40 years after the virus was released, the WHO decides it's time to take a delegation of Aces, Jokes, politicians, and journalists on a fact-finding mission to learn how other countries are dealing with it) $15.99
McClellan, Brian The Crimson Campaign (Powder Mage #2: Cut off behind Kez lines and drastically outnumbered, Tamas must lead his men through northern Kez and back over the mountains to defend his country from the angry god Kresimir. And in Adro, Inspector Adamat's quest to rescue his wife puts him on the trail of the evil Lord Vetas) $17.00
Moorcock, Michael The Whispering Swarm (Sanctuary of the White Friars #1: A tale, both fantastical and autobiographical, that will follow a young man named Michael as he simultaneously discovers himself and a secret realm hidden deep in the heart of London in the years after WWII) $26.99
Pratchett, Terry et al The Globe (Science of Discworld #2: Reissue; A history of the human mind, culture, language, art, and science, woven into a story in which the wizards of Unseen University compete with the elves for control of Roundworld, and grapple with the nature of Good and Evil) $15.95
Repino, Robert Mort(e) (In the war of sentient ants of the Colony versus humans, the final step in the Colony's war effort is transforming the surface animals into high-functioning two-legged beings who rise up to kill their masters. Housecat turned war hero Mort(e) is famous for taking on dangerous missions and fighting the dreaded human bio-weapon EMSAH. But his true motivation is his ongoing search for his pre-transformation friend Sheba, a dog. When he receives a message from the dwindling human resistance claiming Sheba is alive, he journeys from the remaining human strongholds to the heart of the Colony, where he will discover the source of EMSAH and the ultimate fate of all of earth's creatures) $26.95
Roberts, Adam Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea (1958: France's first nuclear submarine leaves port for the first of its sea trials with an experienced Navy captain and a tiny skeleton crew of sailors, engineers, and scientists. Out of control, the sub plummets to a depth where the pressure will crush her hull, and beyond. The pressure builds, the hull protests, the crew prepare for death, the boat reaches the bottom of the sea and finds nothing. Her dive continues, the pressure begins to relent, but the depth gauge is useless. They have gone miles down. Hundreds of miles, thousands, and so it goes on. Onboard the crew succumb to madness, betrayal, religious mania, and murder. Has the sub left the limits of our world and gone elsewhere?) $15.99
Roth, Veronica Insurgent (Divergent #2: YA; War looms as conflict between the factions and their ideologies grows. Transformed by her own decisions but also by grief and guilt, radical discoveries, and shifting relationships, Tris must fully embrace her Divergence, even if she does not know what she may lose by doing so) $12.99
Saville, Guy The Afrika Reich (Africa, 1952: Britain and a victorious Nazi Germany have divided the continent. The SS has turned the native populations into forced labor. Now the plans of messianic racist Walter Hochburg threaten Britain's ailing colonies. Sent to curb his ambition is one-time assassin Burton Cole) $16.99
Schwab, V.E. Vicious (Victor and Eli theorize that under the right conditions, a person could develop extraordinary abilities. But their experiment to prove this thesis goes horribly wrong. Ten years later, Victor breaks out of prison, determined to catch up to friend-turned-foe Eli, who is on a mission to eradicate every other super-powered person he can find) $15.99
Shusterman, N/Elfman, E Tesla's Attic (Accelerati #1: Kids; After 14-year-old Nick's family inherits a old house, they sell the odd stuff in the attic at a garage sale. But those were actually Nikola Tesla's last inventions, placed in the attic as part of a larger plan. Now Nick and his friends must to retrieve the items - and keep them out of the hands of a dangerous group of rogue physicists) $7.99
Staveley, Brian The Providence of Fire (Unhewn Throne #2: Adare flees the Dawn Palace in search of allies to challenge the coup against her family. Unknown to her, her brother Valyn has allied with the invading nomads. Meanwhile their brother Kaden, rightful heir, has infiltrated the Annurian capital with the help of two strange companions, whose knowledge of the secret history that shapes these events could save Annur or destroy it) $27.99
Sternbergh, Adam Near Enemy (Spademan #2: Spademan has accepted a seemingly routine job: snuffing out Lesser, a lowlife lurking around other people's fantasies. As Spademan is about to close the deal, Lesser comes back from the limn with a wild claim: terrorists are planning to attack New York again - this time from the inside out) $24.00
Walters, Eric The Rule of Three (YA; Computers around the globe shut down in a viral catastrophe. As resources dwindle, crises mount, and chaos descends, 16-year-old Adam will see his suburban neighborhood band together for protection, and he will learn that having a police captain for a mother and a retired government spy living next door are not just the facts of his life, but the keys to his survival) $9.99
Walton, Jo The Just City (Time-traveling goddess Pallas Athene creates the Just City, a planned community populated by thousands of children and a few hundred adult teachers from all eras of history, along with some handy robots from the far future - all set down together on a Mediterranean island in the distant past. In a few years, Sokrates arrives to ask all the troublesome questions you would expect) $25.99
Wheeler, Ramona Three Princes (In the year 1877 of Our Lord Julius Caesar, the Pharaoh's realm includes Europe, Africa, and much of Asia. When terrorist Otto von Bismarck touches off an international conspiracy, Lord Scott Oken, a prince of Albion, and Professor-Prince Mikel Mabruke are charged with exposing the plot against the Egyptian Empire) $15.99


Adams, John Joseph (ed) Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse (Anthology. Some of the best post-apocalyptic stories of the last two decades) $7.99
Asher, Neal The Gabble and Other Stories (Collection. 10 stories set in his Polity universe, featuring some of the vilest alien creatures ever) $15.99
Asquith, R.L. Letters from an Alien Schoolboy (Kids; Flowkee (aka Nigel) is an alien with a mission: to collect children from his school on Earth to be Improved and taken back to his home planet. But when other aliens threaten Earth, Flowkee and his family must find a way to protect their new Earthling friends from extinction) $9.95
Banks, Angelica Finding Serendipity (Kids; When Tuesday and her dog Baxterr discover that Tuesday's mother - famous author Serendipity Smith - is missing, their quest to find her takes them to the mysterious and unpredictable place that stories come from) $16.99
Bara, Dave Impulse (Lightship #1: After an unprovoked attack on one of Quantar's Lightships, Lt. Peter Cochrane of the Quantar Royal Navy is transferred to a Unified Space Navy ship under foreign command, en route to an unexpected destination, and surrounded almost entirely by strangers. To top it off, his superiors have given him secret orders that might force him to become a mutineer) $24.95
Barclay, James Beyond the Mists of Katura (Elves #3: Thousands of years ago, the Elves were enslaved, but Auum and Takaar united their people to free their nation. Now Calaius is at peace, but that doesn't mean their nation is safe. Can Auum and Takaar overcome their differences and work together to save Calaius?) $15.95
Bear, Elizabeth Shattered Pillars (Eternal Sky #2: Magic, politics, and war set Re-Temur, the exiled heir to the great Khagan, and his friend Sarmarkar, a Wizard of Tsarepheth, against dark forces determined to conquer all the empires along the Celadon Highway) $15.99
Bear, Elizabeth Karen Memory (Late 19th century, in a steampunk Seattle: Karen is making the best of her orphaned state, working in a high-quality bordello. Trouble erupts when a badly injured girl begs for sanctuary, followed by the man who holds her indenture, who has a machine that can take over anyone's mind) $25.99
Bishop, Anne Murder of Crows (Others #2: As the prophetic urge strikes Meg Corbyn more frequently, the Others and the handful of humans residing in the Courtyard must work together to stop the man bent on reclaiming their blood prophet) $7.99
Briggs, Patricia Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8: Adam's ex-wife wants Adam back, and she's willing to do whatever it takes, including turning the pack against Mercy. But there's a more dangerous threat circling; Mercy must put her personal troubles aside to face a creature with the power to tear her world apart) $7.99
Brooks, Jayde Daughter of Gods and Shadows (PBO; Still shy and awkward at 24, Eden Moore hoped she would grow out of some of the traits that always defined her - like being the reincarnation of an ancient being. But a demon her previous-self defeated is now back on Earth and regaining strength) $16.99
Caine, Rachel Prince of Shadows (YA; At night, Benvolio Montague is the greatest thief in Verona, and he risks all when he steals from the House of Capulet. In doing so, he sets eyes on convent-bound Rosaline, and a terrible curse begins that will claim the lives of many, and rewrite all their fates forever) $9.99
Cambias, James L. A Darkling Sea (The Terrans have an uneasy truce with the alien Sholen: if they don't disturb the habitat, they may investigate the blind alien race that lives below the thick ice on the planet Ilmatar. But when a reckless Terran adventurer ends up sliced open by curious Ilmatarans, tensions threaten to escalate to war. As Terran and Sholen cultures collide, both sides seek the aid of the newly enlightened Ilmatarans) $15.99
Cargill, C. Robert Queen of the Dark Things (Word has spread of Colby's deeds, and powerful enemies from the past have resurfaced to exact their revenge. As darkness gathers around the city, Colby is forced to turn for aid to forces even darker than those he once battled) $15.99
Cassidy, Dakota The Accidental Dragon (Accidentally Paranormal #9: PBO; Antiques dealer Tessa Preston has loved Mick Malone since she was ten, but when the sexy firefighter accidentally ingests some ancient dragon scales masquerading as powdered aspirin, Tessa finds herself handling something much hotter than long-simmering sexual tension) $15.00
Cole, Myke Gemini Cell (Shadow Ops Prequel: PBO; US Navy SEAL Jim Schweitzer is raised from the dead by a sorcerer, and recruited by a top secret unit dabbling in the occult. With powers he doesn't understand, Jim is called back to duty. As he wrestles with an inner demon - literally - he realizes his new superiors are determined to use him for their own ends and keep him in the dark - especially about the fates of his wife and son) $7.99
Connolly, J/Ridyard, J Conquest (Chronicles of the Invaders #1: Earth has been invaded by the ruthless alien Illyri. When Syl, the daughter of one of the planet's rulers, helps a pair of young human Resistance fighters escape execution, she finds herself sentenced to death and pursued by her own kind. And as Syl is about to learn, the real invasion is yet to begin) $15.00
Davis, Hank (ed) As Time Goes By (PBO; Anthology. Tales of lovers, happy and otherwise, caught in bizarre twists of time) $14.00
Davis, Jim Garfield: The Big Cheese (Garfield #59: Full color comic strips) $14.00
Dietz, William C. Deadeye (Mutant Files #1: PBO; When the daughter of the bishop of the Church of Human Purity is kidnapped by mutants and taken into the red zone to be used for breeding, detective Cassandra Lee is assigned to rescue her. Lee must trust her new partner, mutant lawman Deputy Ras Omo, to guide her not only through the unfamiliar territory but through the prejudicial divisions between mutants and norms) $7.99
Dornbusch, Betsy Emissary (Seven Eyes #2: Draken has seen too much blood, and wants peace. He must leave his wife and newborn child in an attempt to forge an uneasy peace between the Monoean King and the kingdom of Akrasia. But peace is something not everyone wants) $24.99
Drake, David The Sea Without a Shore (RCN #10: The son of Cinnabar's chief spymaster is determined to search for an ancient treasure in the middle of a civil war on a mining planet; Captain Daniel Leary and cyberspy Adele Mundy will have their hands full keeping the boy safe as they try to end the war) $7.99
Egan, Greg Schild's Ladder (Reissue; In the last few centuries, the novo-vacuum has consumed at least two thousand inhabited systems. Those studying the phenomenon are split into two groups: Preservationists hypothesizing on how to destroy it, and Yielders who believe it holds a purpose in reinvigorating civilization. Childhood friends Tchicaya, a Yielder, and Mariama, a Preservationist, will put their beliefs and their history to the test when violence breaks out between the two groups) $15.99
Egan, Greg Teranesia (Reissue; When his biologist sister sets out to study the peculiar biological evolution on the island of Teranesia, Prabir follows her, and discovers the island is more enchanting, and more dangerous, than he could have ever imagined) $15.99
Ellison, Harlan et al Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever (Full color. For the first time ever, a visual presentation of the unrevised, unadulterated version of the award-winning Star Trek teleplay script) $24.99
Feehan, Christine Viper Game (GhostWalkers #11: PBO; With three little girls to protect, Pepper needs a man like GhostWalker Wyatt Fontenot. Passionately. But her secrets are about to take them deeper into the bayou than either imagined - where desire is the deadliest poison of all) $7.99
Fisher, Sharon Lynn Echo 8 (PBO; Doppelgangers are appearing from a parallel world. Ross is an FBI agent, ordered to protect parapsychologist Tess as she conducts research into this dangerous phenomenon. He and Tess have a history, and when those feelings resurface, Ross will have to choose between his love for Tess and his duty to protect his world) $15.99
Flint, Eric/Spoor, Ryk Castaway Planet (Boundary #4: Half a year into their journey to the colony world of Tantalus, Sakura Kimei, her family, and her best friend, the alien nicknamed Whips, were torn from the safety of their colony ship. In a crippled lifeboat, they had one chance to find a habitable world. But they will find that their apparent salvation is a world of a thousand secrets) $25.00
Forstchen, William R. Pillar to the Sky (With widespread drought, dwindling energy supplies, and wars of water scarcity threatening Earth, three renegade scientists and a billionaire have a plan: build a pillar to the sky to mine the power of the sun and act as a space elevator) $15.99
Frost, Jeaniene Bound by Flames (Night Prince #3: PBO; Vlad and his newly turned bride Leila are at odds with each other - and vulnerable to the one vampire powerful enough to end the Dark Prince's reign) $7.99
Frost, Kimberly Casually Cursed (Southern Witch #5: PBO; Tammy Jo learns her mother Marlee is a prisoner of the Seelie fae, but the plot to free her is foiled when Tammy Jo and her companions are caught by the fae queen. And the only chance the queen gives them to save Marlee's life may be an impossible quest) $7.99
Gaiman, Neil Trigger Warning (Collection. Reprints stories and poems, plus an original tale) $26.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Panther Prowling (Otherworld #17: PBO; As the D'Artigo sisters unravel the history of an uncanny sword, they realize that the entity locked within the blade is a dangerous king from times gone by - and he's about to break free and try to recover his crown) $7.99
Goscinny/Uderzo/et al Asterix and the Picts (Asterix #35: Full color graphic novel. After Asterix and Obelix rescue MacAroon, a mysterious Pict, they travel with him to Caledonia, where a treacherous chieftain plans to claim the throne with some help from the Romans) $10.95
Graedon, Alena The Word Exchange (Bookstores, libraries, the printed word are things of the past; people live glued to handheld devices called Memes. When Anana's anti-Meme father disappears, her search for him leads to dark basements and tunnels, the stacks and reading rooms of the Mercantile Library, and meetings of the underground resistance, even as a pandemic of decaying language called 'word flu' spreads) $15.95
Groening, Matt Simpsons Comics Clubhouse (PBO; Full color graphic novel. Reprints issues of the comic book) $15.99
Herbert, B/Anderson, K Mentats of Dune (Dune: As Butlerian fanaticism grows stronger, the Mentats, the Navigators, and the Sisterhood all strive to improve the human race in a stuggle to choose the path of humanity's future) $9.99
Hieber, Leanna Renee The Eterna Files (London, 1882: Queen Victoria appoints Harold Spire to Special Branch Division Omega, to secretly investigate paranormal and supernatural events and persons. His chief researcher is Rose Everhart. Their first mission: find the Eterna Compound, which grants immortality) $24.99
Ing, Dean It's Up to Charlie Hardin (Kids; 1942: Young teen Charlie Hardin faces perils and adventures in Austin, Texas. He means to stay out of trouble, but sometimes situations come up that he cannot ignore) $16.99
Jones, Stephen (ed) Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth (Anthology. 17 Mythos tales) $14.95
Jordan/Dixon et al The Eye of the World Volume 6 (Wheel of Time GN #1F: Full color graphic novel. Issues 31-35 of the adaptation of the fantasy novel) $25.99
Kelly, Lee City of Savages (It's been years since the Red Allies first attacked NYC, and Manhattan is now a POW camp ruled by brutal warlords. When Sky and Phee discover their mom's journal from the war's outbreak, they realize there's more to Manhattan, and their mother, than they imagined. And after a group of strangers arrives at the annual POW census - from England, a country supposedly destroyed by the Red Allies - the girls begin to uncover the island's long-kept secrets) $25.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Born of Fury (League #7: Hauk is one of the founding members of the Sentella, an organization that has declared war on The League. Hauk's enemies are legion, but he fears nothing and no one. Sumi Antaxas is one of the best assassins The League has ever trained. So when she's assigned Hauk, she believes it'll be a quick and easy mission. But Hauk is far more skilled than anyone she's faced before) $8.99
Kiernan, Caitlin R. Cherry Bomb (Siobhan Quinn #3: PBO; On the streets of Manhattan, Quinn finds herself in the middle of a grudge match between the ghouls and the djinn, accidentally in possession of a hellish artifact that could turn the tide of the war, and being hunted by depraved half-ghoul twins) $16.00
Kontis, Alethea Dearest (Woodcutter Sisters #3: YA; When Friday Woodcutter, a kind and loving seamstress, stumbles upon seven sleeping brothers in her sister Sunday's palace, she takes one look at Tristan and knows he's her future. But the brothers are cursed to be swans by day. Can Friday's unique magic somehow break the spell?) $17.99
Kratman, Tom Come and Take Them (Carrera #5: On Terra Nova, Carerra has been preparing for war with the Tauran Union. Now his own government has called a halt, but with the Taurans provoking Balboa mercilessly, Carerra knows that, sooner or later, the war is inevitable. And when the time comes, he will do whatever it takes to win it) $7.99
Lee, Stan/Moore, Stuart Convergence (Zodiac Legacy #1: Kids; When 12 magical superpowers are unleashed on the world, Chinese-America teenager Steven is thrown into the middle of an epic global chase) $16.99
Liney, Peter The Detainee ('Big Guy' Clancy #1: The Island is a place of hopelessness and death where the elderly and infirm are shipped, scapegoats for the collapse of society. But when 'Big Guy' Clancy finds a network of tunnels beneath the waste, there is suddenly hope - for love, for escape, and for the chance to fight back) $9.99
Lyons, Malcolm (trans) Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange (The first English translation of these medieval Arabic fantasy stories) $30.00
Malan, Violette The Dhulyn and Parno Novels Volume 1: The Sleeping God / The Soldier King (Dhulyn & Parno #1 / #2: Omnibus reprint. 2 fantasy novels) $9.99
Maresca, Marshall Ryan The Thorn of Dentonhill (PBO; By day, Veranix is a magic student at the University. At night, he works to shut down crime boss Willem Fenmere's drug trade. Seizing two magical artifacts meant for Fenmere's clients, the mages of the Blue Hand Circle, to use in his fight, Veranix becoming a thorn in Fenmere's side. Soon not only Fenmere, but mages, assassins, and street gangs all want a piece of 'The Thorn'. And with professors and prefects on the verge of discovering his secrets, Veranix's double life might just fall apart) $7.99
McNeill, Graham Vengeful Spirit (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy #29: PBO; While their allies wage war on a thousand different fronts, the XVIth Legion descend upon the Knight world of Molech - home to the ruling House Devine, and a principal stronghold of the Imperial Army. The forces loyal to the Emperor stand ready to defy the Warmaster, but just what could have drawn Horus to attack such a well-defended planet, and what might he be willing to sacrifice to fulfill his own dark destiny?) $9.99
Meloy, Colin Wildwood Imperium (Wildwood #3: Kids; A seance awakens a malevolent spirit; runaway orphans ally with a collective of saboteurs, planning a daring rescue of their imprisoned friends; two old friends draw closer to bringing together a pair of exiled toy makers to reanimate a mechanical prince) $9.99
Miller, John Jackson Takedown (Star Trek: The Next Generation: PBO; When renegade starships wreak destruction across the quadrant, Captain Picard and his crew are shocked to discover the mastermind behind this threat: Admiral William T. Riker) $7.99
Ming-Yi, Wu The Man with the Compound Eyes (Young Atile'i, sent out alone into the Pacific as a sacrifice to the Sea God, happens upon a vast island made of trash. Alice is preparing to commit suicide following the disappearance of her husband and son, until the trash island collides with the Taiwan coast, destroying her home. She meets Atile'i, and they set out to solve the mystery of her lost family) $15.95
Moore, Christopher The Serpent of Venice audiobook (Pocket of Dog Snogging #2: Unabridged) $19.99
Mosley, Walter Inside a Silver Box (Two people brought together by a horrific act work to protect humanity from destruction by the Laz, an alien race bent on regaining control of the Silver Box, the most powerful and destructive tool in the universe. The Silver Box will stop at nothing to prevent its former master from returning to being, even if it means finishing Earth itself) $25.99
Neill, Chloe Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #4: As the mayor breaks up yet another vampire rave, and a new inhibition-reducing drug circulates through the community, it's up to Merit to put vampire haven Cadogan House in order) $7.99
Ocampo, Silvina Thus Were Their Faces (Collection. Short stories and novellas about creepy doubles, a marble statute that speaks, a house of sugar that is the site of an eerie possession, a lapdog who records the dreams of an old woman, and more) $17.95
Odom, Mel Master Sergeant (Makaum War #1: PBO; The Terrans, the Phrenorians, and the (ta)Klar are fighting for control of the jungle planet Makaum and its resources. While battling Terran drug cartels, military corruption, and a brewing civil war, can Terran Military Master Sergeant Frank Sage stop Phrenorian officers from staking a claim on the planet?) $7.99
Owens, Robin D. Ghost Killer (Ghost Seer #3: PBO; A powerful ghost is ravaging Creede, Colorado, threatening to devour the spirit of an innocent boy. With PI Zach Slade's support, Clare uncovers the ghost's identity, and the ancestral weapon required to slay it. But does she dare use that weapon?) $7.99
Pinborough, Sarah Poison (An edgy, sexy, and contemporary retelling of the Snow White story) $14.95
Pratchett, T/Baxter, S The Long Mars (Long Earth #3: Out of the blue, Sally is contacted by her long-vanished father Willis, inventor of the original Stepper device. He wants her to accompany him on a fantastic voyage across the Long Mars. But she soon learns he has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, US Navy Commander Maggie Kauffman leads an expedition to the outer limits of the far Long Earth. And Joshua becomes embroiled in the plight of the Next, the super-bright post-humans who are beginning to emerge from their community. Ignorance and fear have turned 'normal' human society against the Next, and a showdown seems inevitable) $9.99
Pratchett, Terry The Carpet People (Kids; Includes the text of the revised edition, co-written by 17-year-old Terry Pratchett and 43-year-old Terry Pratchett, plus his original illustrations and a precursor story written when he was 17. In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet. Now the Carpet is home to many different peoples - and Fray is sweeping a trail of destruction across it) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry Dragons at Crumbling Castle and Other Tales (Kids; Collection. Irreverent and inventive tales featuring inept wizards, sensible heroes, and unusually adventuresome tortoises. Includes over 100 black-and-white illustrations) $16.99
Pratchett, Terry Dragons at Crumbling Castle and Other Tales audiobook (Kids; Unabridged) $30.00
Rawn, Melanie Thornlost (Glass Thorns #3: Cade's theater group is reaching for the highest levels of society and power - but not in the way Cade's aristocratic mother thinks they should. They'll change their world, or die trying) $7.99
Reichert, Mickey Zucker Fields of Wrath (Renshai #8: The Great War has ended. As the survivors limp homeward, wounded in body and spirit, Tae Kahn becomes ever more certain that a far larger and fiercer wave of enemy soldiers is headed toward them. The only hope for the peoples of the Continent is to remuster their weary troops and find a way to convince the few magical beings of their own world to assist them) $25.95
Robinson, Jeremy Uprising (HC title: Xom-B) (The world is threatened by a virus, spread through bites, sweeping through the population. Those infected are propelled to violence, driven to disperse the virus. Freeman - a genius with an uncommon mixture of memory, intelligence, and creativity - searches for a cure, but instead finds the source: the Masters, intent on reclaiming the world they lost when Freeman's enslaved people successfully rebelled) $7.99
Sagara, Michelle Touch (Queen of the Dead #2: YA; Nathan wants to return to life, to his girlfriend Emma. But the cost, to Emma, will be incalculably high, because she just might be able to give him what he wants) $7.99
Salvatore, R.A. Rise of the King (Forgotten Realms: Companions Codex #2: As the changes wrought by the Sundering begin to take hold, the orcs of Many Arrows lay siege to the dwarf kingdoms of the Silver Marches. When word of the assaults reaches Drizzt and his Companions, Bruenor plots vengeance) $7.99
Schreiber, Joe Lockdown (Star Wars: It's kill or be killed in the space penitentiary that houses the galaxy's worst criminals, where convicts face off in illicit combat. The newest contender in the arena is fighting for more than survival. His mission is to capture an object that will enable the Sith to conquer the galaxy) $7.99
Searles, Rachel The Lost Planet (Kids; This is what the boy is told: He woke up on planet Trucon, inside of a fence line he shouldn't have been able to cross. He has an annirad blaster wound to the back of his head. He has no memory. He is now under the protection of a mysterious benefactor. His name is Chase Garrety. This is what Chase Garrety knows: He has a message: 'Guide the star'. Time is running out) $6.99
Shannon, Samantha The Mime Order (Paige Mahoney #2: Paige has escaped the brutal penal colony, but her problems have only just begun: many of the fugitives are still missing, she is the most wanted person in London, and there are bitter fault lines running through the clairvoyant community and dark secrets around every corner) $25.00
Shearin, Lisa The Dragon Conspiracy (SPI Files #2: PBO; Harpies have stolen the Dragon Eggs, seven cursed diamonds, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it's up to Makenna Fraser and Ian Byrne of Supernatural Protection and Investigations to retrieve them before they can be used) $7.99
Suarez, Daniel Influx (Jon Grady is ecstatic when his team develops a device that will revolutionize the field of physics. Then his lab is locked down by a shadowy organization, the Bureau of Technology Control, whose mission is to prevent the social upheaval brought by sudden technological advances. The BTC uses the tech they have suppressed over the decades to fulfill their mission. They are living in our future) $9.99
Sykes, Sam The City Stained Red (Bring Down Heaven #1: PBO; Lenk and his companions have come to Cier'Djaal in search of a priest who hired them to eradicate demons and then vanished before paying for the job. But hunting him down might be tougher than these weary adventurers can handle as two unstoppable religious armies move towards all-out war) $16.00
Tettensor, E.L. Master of Plagues (Nicolas Lenoir #2: PBO; With a horrific disease ravaging the city and a mass murderer on the loose, Inspector Nicolas Lenoir and Sergeant Bran Kody are running out of time to catch a killer and find a cure. The nomadic Adali, famed for their arcane healing skills, claim to have a cure. But dark magic comes at a price, one even the dying may be unwilling to pay) $7.99
Torday, Piers The Last Wild (Kester Jaynes #1: Kids; Animals no longer exist. That's what Kester, locked away in a home for troubled children, unable to speak, has been taught. Then a flock of pigeons and a bossy cockroach help him escape, and he discovers he can speak to them. A few animals survive, hiding together in a remote area, but they are slowly succumbing to a strange malady. Can Kester save them?) $8.99
Trichter, Judd Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (In a near-future LA where machines and men battle for control, falling in love with an android can get you killed, except on the man-made island of Atlantis, which is where Eliot and beautiful C-900 Iris plan to go. When Iris is kidnapped and sold for parts, Eliot vows to put her back together again, and get revenge on whoever did this to her) $25.99
Tsouras, Peter G. Bayonets, Balloons, and Ironclads (Britannia's Fist #3: Winter, 1863: The British strike suddenly at Hooker's army in upstate New York. Besieged Portland faces relentless assault. The French attack Fort Hudson on the Mississippi. At Lincoln's direction, two great raids are launched at the United Kingdom as Russia enters the war on the side of the Union to raid the Irish Sea. But these are only preliminaries to the great gathering of modernized armies, ironclad fleets, deadly submersibles, and balloons) $24.95
Ursu, Anne The Real Boy (Kids; Minnesota Book Award finalist. On an island, there is a city that was saved from a devastating plague by the magic woven into its walls. Encircling the city is a vast wood of ancient trees that feeds the earth with magic. But children in the city are falling ill, and something sinister lurks in the wood. Oscar has long been content, knowing that the magic from the trees will keep the island safe. But now even magic may not be enough to save it) $6.99
Van Eekhout, Greg Pacific Fire (Osteomancer #2: For 10 years, Daniel and Sam the golem have avoided LA. But now very bad people there are building a Pacific firedrake, a kind of ultimate magical weapon. When Daniel is hurt, Sam gets him to the place run by the Emmas for healing - then heads for LA on his own to try to prevent the firedrake from happening) $24.99
Weber, D/Flint, E Cauldron of Ghosts (Honorverse #7: Relying on genetic wizardry for disguise, agents Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachat return to Mesa to gather more information on the Alignment) $15.00
Williams, Mazarkis The Tower Broken (Tower & Knife #3: The nothing is spreading toward Cerana, and Emperor Sarmin is powerless to stop it. As the city fills with refugees, the Yrkmen armies arrive with conquest in mind. The Mage's Tower is cracked, the last mage has vanished, and time is running out for Sarmin and Mesema) $15.99
Zahn, Timothy Cobra Outlaw (Cobra Rebellion #2: PBO; On the planet Aventine, the Broom's homeworld, Paul Broom has been taken prisoner by Commodore Santeros, an implacable operative of the Dominion of Man. Elsewhere on Aventine, rebellion is brewing against the Dominion, with outlaw Cobra warriors Lorne and Jody Broom in the vanguard. Meanwhile, Cobra Jason Broom seeks information on Troft factions, hoping to identify moderate elements to save the Cobra worlds and head off interstellar war) $15.00


Abercrombie, Joe Half the World (Shattered Sea #2: Desperate to avenge her dead father, Thorn lives to fight. But she has been named a murderer by the very man who trained her to kill. She finds herself caught up in the schemes of Father Yarvi, Gettland's deeply cunning minister. Crossing half the world to find allies against the ruthless High King, she learns harsh lessons of blood and deceit. Will Thorn forever be a pawn in the hands of the powerful, or can she carve her own path?) $26.00
Barnes, Jonathan Cannonbridge (Charismatic Matthew Cannonbridge was the most influential creative mind of the 19th century: a prolific novelist, accomplished playwright, the poet of his generation. The only problem is, he should never have existed - and 21st-century don Toby Judd is the only person to realize something has gone wrong with history. Judd's discovery will lead him on a breakneck chase across the English canon and countryside, to the realization that the spectre of Matthew Cannonbridge might not be so dead and buried after all) $9.99
Brennan, Marie The Tropic of Serpents (Lady Trent #2: 3 years after her journey to Vystrana, Isabella embarks on an expedition to Eriga, home to exotic draconian species. In the jungle known as the Green Hell, her courage, resourcefulness, and scientific curiosity will be tested as never before) $15.99
Byrne, Monica The Girl in the Road (In a world where global power has shifted east and revolution is brewing, two women embark on journeys. Meena leaves India via the Trail, an energy-harvesting bridge spanning the Arabian Sea, hoping to return to Ethiopia. Mariama flees her home, joining a caravan across the Sahara, headed for the Ethiopian capital of Addis Abba. They will find their fates mysteriously linked) $15.00
Cady, Jack Phantoms: Collected Writings (Collection. Reprints short fiction by the award-winning fantasy and horror writer) $15.00
Calvino, Italo (ed) Fantastic Tales: Visionary and Everyday (Reissue; Anthology. Short stories of the fantastic, enchanting, uncanny, and terrifying from 19th-century Europe) $13.95
Carey, Mike et al Suicide Risk Volume 4 (Full color graphic novel. The supervillain team Nightmare Scenario has forced the world's leaders to come to the table for negotiations. But there are signs of an even greater, bloodier calamity, and every life Leo has managed to save - by helping Nightmare Scenario against his will - is suddenly at risk) $14.99
Carr, Viola The Diabolical Miss Hyde (Electric Empire #1: PBO; Victorian London: Dr. Eliza Jekyll, daughter of the infamous Dr. Henry Jekyll, uses newfangled gadgets to investigate crime scenes. Her search for 'The Slicer', a murderous psychopath, draws her into London's magical underworld, where she may need the power of her father's forbidden elixir to help her - even if it freeing her second self, the wild Lizzie) $16.99
Elliott, Kate The Very Best of Kate Elliott (A retrospective collection of her short fantasy, featuring strong heroines, complex quests, noble sacrifices, and hard-won victories) $15.95
Elliott, Will The Pilgrims (Pendulum #1: A small door in a London railway bridge takes Eric and Casey to a land where a dragon with the powers of a god sleeps beneath a castle ruled by a sinister lord, and a vast wall divides the land. And soon the wall may be broken - but what will enter from the other side? $15.99
Frater, Rhiannon Dead Spots (PBO; In the dead spots, dreams become reality, terror knows your name, and nightmares can kill) $15.99
Froud, Brian et al The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 1 (YA; Full color graphic novel. Recounts the legend of Aughra, the rise and fall of the Gelflings, the coming of the alien Urskeks, and the myth of the Bright Crystal) $14.99
Gaiman, N/McKean, D Crazy Hair ( Kids; Full color picture book. birds, animals, hunters, dancers, balloonists, water slides, and more - all can be found in the narrator's crazy hair) $6.99
Heitz, Markus Righteous Fury (Legends of the Alfar #1: In the realm of the alfar, Caphalor and Sinthoras are looking to enlist a powerful demon to strengthen the army. Caphalor wants only to defend the borders of their empire, but Sinthoras is intent on invasion: he has the kingdoms of dwarves, elves, and humans in his sights) $24.99
Henderson, Randy Finn Fancy Necromancy (Finn Gramaraye was framed for the crime of dark necromancy at the age of 15, and exiled to the Other Realm for 25 years. And now that he's free, someone - probably the same someone - is trying to get him sent back. Finn has only a few days to discover who is so desperate to keep him out of the mortal world, and find evidence to prove it to the Arcane Enforcers) $25.99
Hunter, Erin The Broken Path (Survivors #4: Kids; The newly united Pack searches for a home far from the Fierce Dog camp. When they encounter another Pack, Lucky hopes they will be allies, but they may be the most dangerous enemy yet) $7.99
Hunter, Erin Storm of Dogs (Survivors #6: Kids; Now that their ruthless former Alpha has left the Wild Pack, the dogs should be able to find peace. But they must keep watch for signs of Blade and her Fierce Dogs, and Lucky's dreams are troubled by visions of a future that will force every dog to fight tooth and claw for survival) $16.99
Johnstone, Ian The Bell Between Worlds (Mirror Chronicles #1: Kids; The tolling of a giant bell draws Sylas Tate into the Other, where he discovers that he has a talent for magic, and that his mother might have come from this strange place. Evil forces are stirring, and a revelation awaits Sylas: the Other is a mirror of our world, and every person here has their counterpart there. Sylas must seek out a girl called Naeo, who just might be the other half of his soul. Otherwise the entire universe may fall) $17.99
Link, Kelly Get in Trouble (Collection. Fantastical tales of hurricanes, astronauts, evil twins, bootleggers, Ouija boards, iguanas, superheroes, the Pyramids, and more) $25.00
Littlewood, Kathryn Bite-Sized Magic (Bliss #3: Kids; Rose has been kidnapped by the Mostess Corporation, and forced to use her magical know-how to create improved recipes. Together with an unlikely team of sous chefs, Rose must come up with a plan before Mostess and the International Society of the Rolling Pin take over the world, one magically evil snack cake at a time) $6.99
Manieri, Evie Fortune's Blight (Shattered Kingdoms #2: Victory for the Shadari rebels has come at a terrible price. While King Daryan struggles to maintain the peace, Eofar and Rho race to Norland to plead for Shadar's independence, but find themselves embroiled in the court politics of an empire about to implode. The Mongrel's path carries her deep into Norland's frozen wastes to redeem a promise - one that forces her into the heart of the growing conflict) $28.99
McClellan, Brian The Autumn Republic (Powder Mage #3: The capital city of Adro lies in the hands of a foreign invader. Field Marshal Tamas' son is missing, his allies are indistinguishable from his foes, and reinforcements are several weeks away. With the Kez bearing down upon them, the Adran army has turned against itself. Inspector Adamat is drawn into the very heart of this new mutiny with promises of finding his kidnapped son. And Taniel Two-shot, hunted by men he once thought his friends, must safeguard the only chance Adro has of getting through this war without being destroyed) $26.00
McDougall, Sophia Mars Evacuees (Kids; On Earth, the war with the invading aliens is not going well, and the ice caps are expanding. A select group of kids, including twelve-year-old Alice Dare, are being evacuated to Mars. When the adults disappear, the kids must face down an alien named Thsaaa, and Alice and her friends must save the galaxy) $16.99
Moorcock, Michael Jewel and Amulet: The Jewel in the Skull / The Mad God's Amulet (alternate title: Sorcerer's Amulet) (Hawkmoon #1 / #2: Omnibus reprint. 2 fantasy novels) $17.99
Moore, Christopher The Serpent of Venice (Pocket of Dog Snogging #2: Venice, a long time ago: Desperate to rid themselves of Pocket the Fool once and for all, Antonio the merchant, senator Montressor Brabantio, and naval officer Iago have invited Pocket for an evening of festivities to include a rare Amontillado sherry and Brabantio's beautiful daughter Portia. They think they're luring him to his death, but this Fool is no fool, and has more than a few tricks (and hand gestures) up his sleeve) $15.99
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia Signal to Noise (Mexico City, 1988: Meche, awkward and 15, has two equally unhip friends, Sebastian and Daniela, and a whole lot of vinyl records to keep her company. When she discovers how to cast spells using music, the future looks brighter for the trio. With help from this newfound magic, they will piece together their broken families, change their status as non-entities, and maybe even find love. 2009: After 20 years away, Meche returns to Mexico City for her estranged father's funeral. When she runs into Sebastian, it revives memories from her childhood. What really happened back then? And is there any magic left?) $9.99
Newman, Sandra The Country of Ice Cream Star (In the ruins of a future US, where for generations a disease has killed everyone before they reach the age of 20, a fearless young woman embarks on a dangerous and surprising journey to save her brother and her world) $26.99
Pini, Wendy & Richard The Complete Elfquest Volume 2 (Black & white graphic novel. Reprints the entirety of The Siege at Blue Mountain and Kings of the Broken Wheel ) $24.99
Rex, Adam Smek for President! (Tip & J.Lo #2: Kids; Human Dan Landry has taken credit for conquering the Gorg, and the Boov blame J.Lo for ruining their colonization plans. When J.Lo is dubbed Public Enemy Number One, Tip and J.Lo fight to set the record straight - and return home in one piece - with the help of a friendly flying billboard, a journey through various garbage chutes, and a bit of time travel) $16.99
Sato, Yuya Dendera (Left on a snowy mountainside by her family and her village, Kayu was supposed to have passed quickly into the afterlife. Instead, she finds herself in a utopian community built by old women who were abandoned like her. Together, they must now face a new threat: a savage bear who, like them, is female and hungry) $15.99
Shusterman, N/Elfman, E Edison's Alley (Accelerati #2: Kids; Even though the missing pieces of Tesla's Far Range Energy Emitter seem to be leading Nick to their current owners, he is encountering plenty of obstacles - and the rogue physicists are still determined to get their hands on the objects) $16.99
Siddell, Thomas Orientation (Gunnerkrigg Court #1: Kids; Full color graphic novel. Join Antimony Carver for her first year of school at Gunnerkrigg Court, a very British boarding school that has robots running around alongside body-snatching demons, forest gods, and the odd mythical creature) $16.99
Trent, Tiffany The Tinker King (YA; With rebellion brewing in the far-off city of Scientia and dark Elementals plotting war in the ruins of New London, Vespa, Syrus and their friends are plunged into a new swamp of intrigue, deception, and magic) $11.99
Werner, C.L. Deathblade (Warhammer: Malekith orders an all-out assault on Ulthuan - with Darkblade in the vanguard. As he wages war on the high elves, Darkblade must decide where his loyalties lie - will he follow Malekith to the death, or will he finally rise up and try to claim the throne of Naggaroth for himself? And either way, will he survive?) $28.00

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