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Newsletter #107 September November, 2014


Mystery Scene #135 (Articles about Ben Winters, Justified, Paul Doiron, Katherine Hall Page, more) $7.50
Adler, M.A. In the Shadow of Lies (Oliver Wright #1: California, 1941: A hillside fire that claimed two lives shows signs of KKK involvement, but the US entry into the war takes detective Oliver Wright away from the case. Returning in 1945, Wright investigates the hanging of an Italian POW; the suspects are Black soldiers. With help from a Black MP and an Italian POW captain, Oliver solves the mystery of the fire, and of the prisoner's death, uncovering deceit and violence that stretch back to the Great War) $16.95
Alaux, JP/Balen, N Treachery in Bordeaux (Winemaker Detective #1: Short novel. When some barrels of the prestigious grand cru Moniales Haut-Brion turn, is it negligence or sabotage? Renowned wine critic Benjamin Cooker and his assistant Virgile search the city and the vineyards for answers) $12.95
Alaux, JP/Balen, N Grand Cru Heist (Winemaker Detective #2: Short novel. From the Loire Valley to Bordeaux, renowned wine critic Benjamin Cooker and his assistant Virgile turn PI to solve two murders and a very particular heist. Who stole those bottles of grand cru classe?) $12.95
Alaux, JP/Balen, N Nightmare in Burgundy (Winemaker Detective #3: Short novel. On a wine-tasting trip to Burgundy, Benjamin Cooker stumbles upon a mystery revolving around messages from another era. What dark secrets from the deep past are haunting the Clos de Vougeot?) $12.95
Allen, Hania Jack in the Box (Von Valenti #1: PBO; When members of a hit West End show start dying under mysterious circumstances - much like a decades-old unsolved case - the questions stack up as DCI Von Valenti and her partner DI Steve English hunt for the killer) $13.95
Bell Jr., Albert A. All Roads Lead to Murder (Pliny the Younger #1: Reissue; When a traveling companion is discovered with his heart cut out, the authorities assume the man's slaves are responsible, but Pliny thinks otherwise. Can Pliny and his friend Tacitus find the real culprit before the slaves are put to death?) $17.95
Bell Jr., Albert A. The Blood of Caesar (Pliny the Younger #2: A workman is discovered dead in the archives of the emperor's palace. Why is this humble man's death important to Rome's ruler? Emperor Domitian assigns Pliny a task that leads to layers of mysteries. Will the answers save the peace of Rome, or mark its doom?) $17.95
Bell Jr., Albert A. The Corpus Conundrum (Pliny the Younger #3: Near his estate in Laurentum, Pliny finds a man's apparently lifeless body. He locks it in a stable, but in the morning it is gone. Pliny summons his friend Tacitus to help discover how and why and who) $17.95
Bell Jr., Albert A. Death in the Ashes (Pliny the Younger #4: PBO; His friend Aurelia asks Pliny to help her husband, who has been accused of murder in Naples. He and his wisecracking sidekick Tacitus uncover a plot involving more murders, and babies switched at birth) $15.95
Black, Tony Last Orders (Collection. 13 short works of hardboiled crime fiction) $12.95
Blake, Adam The Dead Sea Deception (Kennedy & Tillman #1: Cop Heather Kennedy and ex-mercenary Leo Tillman are investigating a series of baffling deaths. When the trail leads to the Dead Sea Scrolls, they find themselves running from a band of assassins who will stop at nothing to expose the secret of the Scrolls: how Christ really died) $12.95
Block, Lawrence Catch and Release (Collection. 16 stories and a stage-play adaptation of a story) $18.99
Bollers, Karl et al Watson and Holmes Volume 1: A Study in Black (PBO; Full color graphic novel. Collects issues 1-5 of the comic book. Modern-day Harlem, New York: At an inner-city clinic, African-American war veteran Watson meets African-American investigator Holmes. They strike up an unlikely partnership to find a missing girl; the case leads them into a labyrinth of drugs, guns, and gangs) $16.99
Butler, Dori Hillestad The Haunted Library (Haunted Library #1: Kids; Ghost boy Kaz meets human girl Claire, who lives with her family above the town library, and they team up to solve the mystery of the ghost that's haunting the library. Could it be one of Kaz's missing family members?) $4.99
Butler, Dori Hillestad The Ghost in the Attic (Haunted Library #2: Kids; Kaz and Claire's detective agency lands its first case: a haunted attic in a neighbor's house) $4.99
Churton, Alex The Babylon Gene (After Jihadists bomb a Masonic lodge in Istanbul, maverick British agent and occult expert Toby Ashe races to solve a puzzle, his only lead a coded message that refers to the Tower of Babel and the Children of Seth - an ancient tribe rumored to carry the original genetic pattern of Adam) $13.95
Clare, Alys Land of the Silver Dragon (Aelf Fen #5: 11th century England: When a red-bearded giant breaks into the home of an elderly, obstreperous relatives and caves in the woman's skull, Lassair's family is uneasy. The intruder seemed to be searching for something, but what could it be?) $15.95
Collard, Paul Fraser The Scarlet Thief (Jack Lark #1: Crimea, 1854: The King's Royal Fusiliers are in terrible trouble on the banks of the Alma River, as a storm of enemy fire tears through the ranks. Officer Jack Lark has to act immediately and decisively. But does he have the mettle?) $13.95
Collins, Max Allan Supreme Justice (Secret Service agent Joseph Reeder's outspoken criticism of the president he took a bullet for - who had stacked the Supreme Court with hard-right justices - makes him an outcast. FBI agent Patti Rogers finds herself paired with the unpopular former agent to investigate a Supreme Court Justice's murder) $14.95
Cook, Thomas H. A Dancer in the Dust (When a friend from Ray Campbell's stint as an aid worker in Africa is found murdered in a New York alley, Ray suspects the tragedy is rooted in the past, in the cruel death of Martine Aubert, the woman Ray loved in Africa) $26.00
Dams, Jeanne M. Murder at the Castle (Dorothy Martin #13: Invited to join their friends Nigel and Inga at a music festival, Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, find themselves involved in the investigation when an accident takes the life of one of the choir) $15.95
de la Motte, Anders Game (HP Pettersson #1: HP finds a phone on a train, with messages on it inviting him to play the Game. Tasks range from pranks to criminal acts, with results uploaded so viewers can rate the Players' performances. HP wants to become a superstar, but when the Game threatens the safety of someone close to him, he must make a choice) $7.99
de Villiers, Gerard The Madmen of Benghazi (To counter the Islamists ready to seize control of Libya, the US tries to establish a constitutional monarchy with Ibrahim al-Senussi. When a missile narrowly misses al-Senussi's plane to Egypt, the CIA sends freelancer Malko Linge to Cairo to learn more about al-Senussi's plans - by seducing his companion, a ravishing British model) $14.95
DeWitt, Fowler The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School (Mumpley Middle School #1: Kids; When his classmates begin turning strange colors and bouncing off the walls at increasingly dangerous speeds, can student scientist Wilmer Dooley save the sixth grade from a colorful demise?) $7.99
Dickinson, Peter A Summer in the Twenties (Reissue; 1926: The British government is worried about revolution: two million people are about to go on strike, and class warfare is about to erupt. Brought home from Oxford by his father, Tom volunteers to drive a train in the General Strike. When the train is ambushed, Tom is thrust into the darkest and most threatening regions of English politics) $16.00
Dorsey, Tim Tiger Shrimp Tango (Serge Storms #17: No one can keep Florida safe from invasive criminal species better than its self-appointed Sunshine Sheriff, serial killer Serge Storms. When an internet scam leads to the death of a few innocents and a young woman's disappearance, Serge, his drugged-up sidekick Coleman, and his PI pal Mahoney load up the car for a riotous road trip to set things right) $13.99
Edwards, Martin (ed) Deadly Pleasures (Anthology. 18 original stories by members of the UK Crime Writers' Association) $15.95
Elkins, Charlotte&Aaron The Art Whisperer (Alix London #3: Art conservator and forgery expert Alix London spots something off about a valuable Jackson Pollock painting at a Palm Springs museum, but the senior curator refuses to decommission the piece. Alix sets out to uncover the history of the painting) $14.95
Foley, Lizzie K. Remarkable (Kids; After the mischievous Grimlet twins join 10-year-old Jane as the only students at Remarkable's public school, life gets a lot more interesting. And when a strange pirate captain appears in town, setting off events that put the town in danger, it's up to Jane to save the day) $7.99
Forrest, Katherine V. High Desert (Kate Delafield #9: Lambda Award winner. When cop Joe Cameron vanishes, an LAPD captain quietly asks retired cop Kate Delafield to try to locate him. The search for her former partner leads Kate into the high desert) $16.95
Forrester, Andrew The Female Detective (Reissue; Originally published in 1864. Stories featuring the first fictional female detective, a determined and resourceful figure, skilled in logic and deduction, who works undercover) $15.00
Froley, Margaux Escape Theory (YA; Anthony Award finalist. Devon has always felt like an alien at her California boarding school, except for one night her first week there, when she met Hutch, a legacy student with built-in popularity who somehow understood her. The school is turned upside down when Hutch dies, an apparent suicide) $9.99
Fuller, Samuel Brainquake (The bagmen who transport money for organized crime live by a set of rules: no personal relationships, no ties, no women, and never look inside the bag. Paul Page was the perfect bagman, until the day he saw a beautiful Mob wife become a Mob widow. Now Paul is going to break every rule to protect the woman he loves) $12.95
Gavin, Rohan Knightley and Son (Kids; While famous detective Alan Knightley was in a coma for four years, his son Darkus read all his dad's old cases. Good thing, because after Alan wakes up, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy involving villainous masterminds and a bestselling book with the power to make people do terrible, terrible things) $16.99
Grant, Maxwell Crime Over Boston / Crime Over Miami (Shadow #83: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell City of Shadows / Death in the Stars (Shadow #84: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Masters of Death / Voodoo Death (Shadow #85: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Crime Crypt / The Green Terror (Shadow Annual #1: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gregory, Susanna Death of a Scholar (Matthew Bartholomew #20: When a courtier decides to found a new College, the older Cambridge Colleges are jealous of the ostentatious wealth. As the new College is about to receive its official charter, an arrow kills the Junior Proctor. Physician Matthew Bartholomew and his friend Brother Michael must find the killer) $29.95
Griffin, Laura Far Gone (An urgent call takes disgraced cop Andrea Finch to a Texas border town. FBI agent Jon North is undercover, investigating a murder that may be linked to terrorism. Andrea and Jon must confront a heartless killer who will stop at nothing to deliver a final terrifying message) $7.99
Guard, Richard Lost London: An A-Z of Forgotten Landmarks and Lost Traditions (A journey through London's past, told through buildings, parks, and places that no longer exist: the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, the Palace of Whitehall, bull rings, ice fairs, plague pits, molly houses, and more) $15.95
Halliday, Stephen From 221B Baker Street to the Old Curiosity Shop: A Guide to London's Literary Landmarks (London's fictional clubs, pubs, restaurants, houses, and streets, listed geographically and alphabetically, each entry providing a description of the location, its place in literature, and its inspiration) $17.95
Hayward, William Stephens Revelations of a Lady Detective (Reissue; Originally published in 1864. Tales featuring Mrs. Paschal, the second fictional female detective, who is regularly consulted by the police and works as an undercover agent as well as investigating on her own, throwing herself into cases with verve and no hesitation) $15.00
Hiltunen, Pekka Cold Courage (Studio #1: Mari and Lia, two Finnish women in London, strike up a friendship. When Lia shares her plaguing thoughts about an unsolved murder, Mari thinks she and her associates can help where the police have failed. But Mari and Lia are heading into dangerous territory - and Mari is not above using her associates for unscrupulous ends) $15.95
Hockensmith, Steve Dear Mr. Holmes (Holmes on the Range: Collection. In these 7 stories, Old West cowboys Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer crack mysteries using the methods of their hero Sherlock Holmes) $14.99
Housewright, David Full House (Collection. 10 tales of scheming characters and unexpected twists; Signed copies) $13.95
Ingolfsson, Viktor Arnar Daybreak (Gunnar & Birkir #1: When several goose hunters are found shot dead in rural Iceland, detectives Gunnar and Birkir are assigned to the case) $14.95
Ingolfsson, Viktor Arnar Sun on Fire (Gunnar & Birkir #2: Detectives Gunnar and Birkir are sent to Germany to investigate when the gutted body of a businessman is discovered in the Icelandic embassy in Berlin) $14.95
Jacobs, Jordan Samantha Sutton and the Labyrinth of Lies (Samantha Sutton #1: PBO; Kids; While helping at her Uncle Jay's dig in the Peruvian Andes, Samantha must deal with a local legend of a ghostly madman who haunts the ruins. When the most important find goes missing, can Samantha solve the mystery?) $6.99
Jacobs, Jordan Samantha Sutton and the Winter of the Warrior Queen (Samantha Sutton #2: PBO; Kids; An archaeological survey near Cambridge, England, to clear the way for a theme park becomes more than routine when Samantha uncovers something extraordinary. Is this the site of Queen Boudica's ancient fortress?) $6.99
James, Darrell Purgatory Key (Del Shannon #3: PBO; Shamus and Anthony Award finalist. When dangerous fugitives hold two teens hostage on an island in the Louisiana bayou, PI Del Shannon teams up with her old flame Frank Falconet to rescue them) $14.99
Kiem, Elizabeth Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy (YA; Anthony Award finalist. When her mother develops second sight and becomes obsessed with exposing a state secret, then disappears, Marina and her father defect from the Soviet Union to the US. Marina dances at Juilliard, but is plagued by visions of her father's murder at the hands of Russian crooks. Is there anyone she can trust?) $9.99
Knight, Bernard Crowner's Crusade (Crowner John Prequel: 1192: Back from the Crusades, Sir John de Wolfe discovers a body washed up on the shores of the River Exe with its throat cut, and deduces that is was one of the king's couriers. Tasked by the Chief Justiciar to find out who killed the man and why, de Wolfe finds himself unwillingly drawn into affairs of state) $15.95
Law, Janice Moon Over Tangier (Francis Bacon #3: When his lover David heads to Morocco, painter Francis Bacon can't help but follow. After Francis identifies a friend's Picasso as a fake, the police call him in to investigate the forger's demise) $14.99
Lin, Ed Ghost Month (Jing-nan's high school girlfriend has been found murdered. Why was this intelligent women selling betel nuts to truck drivers, a job almost as taboo as prostitution? The facts don't add up, but the Taipei police have closed the case without asking questions. When the girl's parents ask him to investigate, Jing-nan reluctantly agrees) $26.95
Lippman, Laura After I'm Gone (A retired Baltimore detective working cold cases for some extra cash discovers a tangled web stretching over three decades that connects five intriguing women - the wife, the mistress, and the three daughters of Felix Brewer, who was facing a prison term when he mysteriously vanished in 1976) $14.99
Manchette, Jean-Patrick The Mad and the Bad (After gaining control of his nephew Peter's fortune, Michel hires Julie, fresh from an insane asylum, to look after the boy. And then hires a gunman to kill them both. When Julie and Peter escape, hunter and hunted make their way to the remote mountain estate where Michel has retreated. Bullets fly. Bodies accumulate. And the craziness is just getting started) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Died in the Wool (Roderick Alleyn #13: Reissue; As World War II rages, Inspector Alleyn continues as the Special Branch's eyes and ears in New Zealand. When Flossie Rubrick, an influential Member of Parliament and wife of a sheep farmer, is murdered, Alleyn investigates) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Final Curtain (Roderick Alleyn #14: Reissue; Celebrated Shakespearean actor Sir Henry Ancred has arranged to have Agatha Troy paint his portrait. When he is killed at his own birthday party, she has an entire family of suspects to contend with until her husband, Inspector Roderick Alleyn, arrives to take over the case) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Swing, Brother, Swing (alternate title: Wreath for Rivera) (Roderick Alleyn #15: Reissue; His wife is not amused when eccentric Lord Pastern and Baggot begins drumming in a jazz band, especially when their daughter falls for band member Carlos Rivera. Rivera is unpopular, so there are quite a few suspects when he is shot during a performance. Happily, Inspector Alleyn is in the audience) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Night at the Vulcan (alternate title: Opening Night) (Roderick Alleyn #16: Reissue; Martyn Tane moved from New Zealand to London to pursue an acting career, but her job as dresser to the leading lady at the shabby Vulcan Theatre gives Martyn a ringside seat for the backstage circus: the aging alcoholic actor, the waspish playwright, the surprisingly gracious grande dame. A murder brings Inspector Alleyn into the scene) $14.95
May, Peter The Lewis Man (Lewis #2: Having left behind his wife and his police career in Edinburgh, Fin Macleod is intent on repairing his relationships on the Isle of Lewis and restoring his parents' derelict cottage. But when a mummified body found in a local peat bog turns out to have an Elvis tattoo, Fin is reluctantly drawn into the murder investigation; Signed copies expected) $26.99
Mayhew, Jenny A Wolf in Hindelheim (1926: The disappearance of a baby calls Constable Theodore Hildenbrandt and his son Klaus to a remote German village. Tensions rise as everyone falls under suspicion, rumors begin, and secrets emerge) $16.95
Molay, Frederique The 7th Woman (Paris Homicide #1: Who is preying on women in the French capital, killing again and again without leaving any clues? Chief of Police Nico Sirsky races to solve the murders as they get closer and closer to his inner circle) $16.95
Muller, Eddie The Art of Noir (Oversize full color collection of noir film poster and promotional art, including rare offerings from around the world and background information on the illustrators) $35.00
Rickman, Phil The Wine of Angels (Merrily Watkins #1: Reissue; New vicar Merrily Watkins had never wanted a picture-postcard parish, or a huge haunted vicarage. Ledwardine, steeped in cider and secrets, is a paradise of cobbled streets and timber-framed houses. And also - as Merrily and her daughter Jane discover - a village where horrific murder is a tradition that spans centuries) $14.95
Rickman, Phil Midwinter of the Spirit (Merrily Watkins #2: Reissue; When the Bishop offered Merrily Watkins the job of deliverance consultant - formerly known as diocesan exorcist - she was in no position to refuse. Now, as an early winter slices through the city of Hereford, a body is found in the River Wye, an ancient church is desecrated, and signs of evil appear in the cathedral itself, where the tomb of a medieval saint lies in pieces) $14.95
Rickman, Phil A Crown of Lights (Merrily Watkins #3: Reissue; When a redundant church in an isolated community on the Welsh border is bought by a young pagan couple, the local minister reacts with fury. Diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins is expected to keep the lid on the cauldron, but what she learns will seriously test her beliefs. Also, there's the problem of the country lawyer who won't be parted from his dead wife, the mystery of five ancient churches all dedicated to dragonslayer St. Michael, and a killer with an old tradition to guard) $14.95
Rickman, Phil The Cure of Souls (Merrily Watkins #4: Reissue; In Herefordshire's hop-growing country, a converted kiln is the scene of a savage murder. When the local vicar refuses to help its new owners cope with the aftermath, diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins is drawn into a tangle of deceit, corruption, and sexual menace as she uncovers the secrets of a village with a twisted past) $14.95
Rickman, Phil The Lamp of the Wicked (Merrily Watkins #5: Reissue; Is the village of Underhowle the home of a serial killer? Hereford DI Francis Bliss is convinced he knows where the bodies are buried, but Merrily wonders if Bliss isn't blinkered by personal ambition. And could the Underhowle deaths be linked to perhaps the most sickening killings in British criminal history?) $14.95
Rickman, Phil The Prayer of the Night Shepherd (Merrily Watkins #6: Reissue; In a country-house hotel on the Welsh Border, Ben Foley hosts murder mystery weekends, and plans to prove that Conan Doyle based Baskerville Hall on this mansion. This intrigues Jane Watkins, on her first weekend job, but diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins is unhappy with Foley's plan. Soon Foley's dabbling uncovers more than he can handle: the hall is linked not only to the Victorian fascination with spiritualism and the legacy of a terrifying medieval exorcism, but with a far from fictional chain of deaths) $14.95
Rickman, Phil The Smile of a Ghost (Merrily Watkins #7: Reissue; A teen boy dies in a fall from the castle ruins. Accident or suicide? No great mystery, so why does the boy's uncle, retired detective Andy Mumford, turn to diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins? More people will die before Merrily uncovers a dangerous obsession with suicide, death, and the afterlife hidden within the shadowed medieval streets of Ludlow) $14.95
Robinson, Todd The Hard Bounce (Anthony Award finalist. At St. Gabriel's Home for Boys, Boo and Junior became best friends. Hired to find a well-to-do runaway, they find evidence that the girl is being sexually exploited. Her life depends on Boo's determination to see the case through, but that same determination might finally drive him and Junior apart) $16.95
Rowe, Rosemary Dark Omens (Libertus #14: At an important feast, the sacrifice is spoiled when an aged priest lets go of the sacrificial ram. When news arrives that the Emperor is dead, it seems that dark omens are being realized. The subsequent discovery of two mutilated corpses makes matters worse. Libertus attempts to solve the mysteries against a backdrop of superstitious fear and rioting) $15.95
Sipila, Jarkko Helsinki Homicide: Darling (Helsinki Homicide #12: Certain that a man from a murder victim's inner circle is the perpetrator, Takamaki's team arrests him. Spurred by her own motives, the defense attorney sets out to prove the police wrong. Meanwhile, an investigative journalist starts a probe that uncovers new twists; Signed copies) $13.95
Smith, Lacey Baldwin English History Made Brief, Irreverent, and Pleasurable (A history of England that is designed to entertain as well as inform, for the armchair traveler, the tourist, or just about anyone interested in history) $17.95
Stanley, Kelli City of Ghosts (Miranda Corbie #3: 1940: With war on the horizon, PI Miranda Corbie is asked to track a San Francisco chemistry professor suspected of spying for the Nazis) $26.99
Stockbridge, Grant Return of the Racket Kings / The Spider and the Flame King (Spider #3: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Sundstol, Vidar Only the Dead (Minnesota #2: After four months, the official investigation into a Norwegian tourist's murder near Lake Superior still unresolved - and US Forest Service officer Lance Hansen is uncovering clues disturbingly close to home. His former father-in-law may hold the key to the long-ago murder of Swamper Caribou. And Lance's brother Andy might know more than he should about the recent homicid $22.95
Swanston, Andrew The King's Spy (original title: The King's Codebreaker) (Thomas Hill #1: Reissue; 1643: England is at war with itself. Summoned to Oxford to serve as King Charles' cryptographer, quiet bookseller Thomas Hill discovers that nothing is straightforward at the court, where brutal murders are occurring. Can he decipher a notoriously unbreakable code to reveal a traitor's identity and prevent more deaths?) $14.95
Tervo, Jari Among the Saints (When a hoodlum is killed in his Lapland hometown, no one know the who, why, and how of the murder, not even the victim. Thirty-five characters - ambulance crew, detectives, family members, neighbors, criminals, and more - recount a series of events that connect the dots to finally reveal the killer; Signed copies) $13.95
Thompson, Jim After Dark, My Sweet (Reissue; Kid Collins is on the run after escaping from a mental institution when he meets Fay, a young widow. She is smart and decent - at least when she's sober. Soon Collins finds himself involved in a scheme gone drastically wrong, because the child they've kidnapped is diabetic - without insulin, he'll die. Not the safest situation for Collins, a man for whom stress and violence have long gone hand-in-hand) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Alcoholics (Reissue; Dr. Murphy runs a recovery center for California's worst alcholics. To keep it open, he'll do anything) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Bad Boy (Reissue; This autobiography-as-novel details the author's formative years. During a childhood spent at the mercy of a father whose schemes put him on the wrong side of the law, and a grandfather who knew the bad parts of town like the back of his hand, young Jim Thompson learned a lot about sin) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Criminal (Reissue; Everyone knows that Bob Talbert wasn't the one responsible for the brutal crime that ended Josie Eddleman's life. But for an amoral tabloid reporter, a district attorney who'll do anything for a confession, and Bob's parents - who care as little for Bob as they do for each other - guilt and innocence are little more than a matter of perspective) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Cropper's Cabin (Reissue; Tommy Carver's relationship with Donna, the daughter of a man he hates, has led to more outbursts than anything else in Tommy's firecracker existence. With her unearthly beauty and a passion that rivals Tommy's own, he couldn't help but fall for her. But as everybody knows, the stories of star-crossed lovers never have happy endings) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Getaway (Reissue; Doc McCoy is the most skilled criminal alive. But when, for the first time in his long criminal career, his shot doesn't hit the mark, Doc begins to realize that the perfect bank robbery isn't complete without the perfect getaway to back it up) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Golden Gizmo (Reissue; Toddy Kent didn't exactly mean to steal a priceless watch. Who ever knew one lousy watch could bring so much trouble? And how many times can Kent avoid getting killed before his luck runs out for good?) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Grifters (Reissue; Everyone thinks Roy Dillon is an honest, hardworking salesman. But hidden in his hotel room is the money Roy makes from his grifting. When the simplest con goes wrong, he finds himself critically injured, and at the mercy of the most dangerous woman he ever met: his own mother) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Heed the Thunder (Reissue; In Verdon, Nebraska, you can't go ten feet without running into one of the Fargos. So, Grant Fargo argues to his grandfather, it's perfectly all right that he's desperately in love with his first cousin Bella. Before it all plays out, men will be murdered, jailed, tarred and feathered, or worse. And while everyone in the Fargo clan would kill for the family deeds, God might just end up with them instead) $15.00
Thompson, Jim A Hell of a Woman (Reissue; Dolly Dillon has a job he hates and a wife he can't stand. Mona's being forced to do things she doesn't like, with men she doesn't know, and wants out. Soon Dolly and Mona find themselves involved in a scheme of robbery, murder, and mayhem that makes Dolly's blood run cold. And as Dolly's plans begin to unravel, his mind soon follows) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Kill-Off (Reissue; All of Luane Devore's neighbors want her dead. Some, like her young husband Ralph and his girlfriend, want the money she keeps hidden under the mattress she spends her days resting on. Others want to stop her malicious gossip. But who will finally take matters into their own hands, and when?) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Killer Inside Me (Reissue; Everyone in the small Texas town loves deputy sheriff Lou Ford, the nicest guy around. But behind his bland surface lurks a monster the likes of which few have seen, with an urge that has already claimed multiple lives. It cost Lou his brother Mike, a construction worker who fell to his death in what was anything but an accident. A murder that Lou is determined to avenge. And if innocent people have to die in the process, well, that's perfectly all right with Lou) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Nothing Man (Reissue; His estranged wife Ellen is ready to do whatever it takes to get Clinton Brown back, even if it means exposing a painful truth Brown keeps hidden. He'd kill a whole lot of people to keep this one thing quiet - and soon enough, the bodies just happen to start piling up around him) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Nothing More Than Murder (Reissue; Joe can't stand his wife, but he loves her movie theater. Then Joe falls for housemaid Carol, and the two can't keep it a secret. His wife won't leave Joe the theater unless he provides for her, but he's put all his money into the show house. Carol and Joe's only hope is the life insurance they've taken out on each other - if one of them were presumed dead, they'd have more than enough money to solve all their problems) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Now and on Earth (Reissue; James Dillon is working a menial job, trying to raise a family and support his elderly mother and sister Frankie. He drinks too hard, just like nearly everyone in his family. With so many crammed into one home, sometimes there's so much fighting he can barely stand it. But if James can survive the chaos of everyday life long enough, maybe, just maybe, there's a chance it'll all get better) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Pop. 1280 (Reissue; Nick Corey is a terrible sheriff on purpose. He knows that nobody in Potts County actually wants to follow the law. But two local pimps have been sassing him, ruining his already tattered reputation. His girlfriend Rose is being terrorized by her husband. And Nick's wife and her brother Lenny: are they a little too close for brother and sister? With an election coming up, Nick needs to fix his problems fast) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Recoil (Reissue; Patrick Cosgrove has spent 15 years in the reformatory, under the care of a warden whose penchant for violence is legendary - surely nothing could be worse. But when a psychologist he's never met places Cosgrove in the care of Doc Luther, Cosgrove's not so sure he hasn't traded the frying pan for the fire after all) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Rip-Off (Reissue; Britt never knew he could love a woman as deeply as he does Manuela and be so terrified of her at the same time. The longer he stays with her, the closer to death he seems to come. A vicious dog is let loose in his hotel room. He's threatened at gunpoint. And when he finally ends up in the hospital, someone pushes his wheelchair down the stairs. Is it a rival for Manuela's affection? Is it Manuela herself? Whatever it is, Britt better find out fast) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Roughneck (Reissue; A larger than life literary memoir - or entertaining tall tale - that chronicles the many jobs, near-criminal escapades, and downright unlawful grifts of Jim Thompson's early adult life) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Savage Night (Reissue; Mobster Jake Winroy is to be the top witness in a major case against organized crime. So a Mafioso has hired Charlie 'Little' Bigger to infiltrate the Winroy residence and kill Winroy. It seems like the easiest job on Earth, until Little lays eyes on the beautiful and dangerous Fay, and on the housemaid Ruth, a woman as sensual as she is vulnerable) $15.00
Thompson, Jim South of Heaven (Reissue; When Tommy gets a job working with dynamite, disaster ensues. In a matter of days, Tommy is brutally beaten, and witnesses a cold-blooded murder the law can't be bothered to investigate. Then Carol shows up, and he falls for her. She knows a few things she could do for the pipeline workers to keep afloat, an arrangement that Tommy can't bear for long. As Tommy's about to find out, sometimes the only way out is down) $15.00
Thompson, Jim A Swell-Looking Babe (Reissue; While Dusty the bellboy has designs on beautiful older woman Marcia Hillis, Marcia has an agenda of her own. One that threatens to pull the hotel inside-out, use Dusty up for all he's worth, and leave him reeling and on the run, the whole world at his heels) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Texas by the Tail (Reissue; To everyone he's every played dice with, Mitch Corley seems like the luckiest guy around. But Corley forgot about one thing: Texans don't forgive easily. And there's nothing they hate more than a cheater) $15.00
Thompson, Jim The Transgressors (Reissue; Deputy sheriff Tom Lord is happy to sign a contract to set up oil and gas pipelines on his Texas property, with barely a glance at the paperwork. But when Lord finds out just what is entailed, things start to go sour fast for the man who brought him that contract) $15.00
Thompson, Jim Wild Town (Reissue; When Bugs McKenna drifts his way into Ragtown, Texas, he gets his first job in years, as a hotel detective. But now that Bugs owes deputy sheriff Lou Ford a favor, things are likely to get ugly fast - and odds are it'll have something to do with the bombshell wife of Bugs' new employer) $15.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Hunter (alternate titles: Point Blank / Payback) (Parker #1: Color illustrations by graphic novelist Darwyn Cooke. Tough, smart, hardworking, and relentlessly focused on his trade, Parker is the heister's heister, the robber's robber, the heavy's heavy. If you're planning a job, you want him in. You don't want to cross him, and you don't want to get in his way, because he'll stop at nothing to get what he's after. Parker roars into New York City, seeking revenge on the woman who betrayed him and on the man who took his money, stealing and scamming his way to redemption) $29.99
Whitby, Adele Beth's Story, 1914 (Secrets of the Manor #1: PBO; Kids; Beth can't wait for her 12th birthday, when she'll inherit her family's 'Elizabeth' necklace. When another family heirloom goes missing, Beth must clear her maid Shannon's name. The search for answers leads Beth to a diary with clues to another family mystery dating back generations) $5.99
Whitby, Adele Kate's Story, 1914 (Secrets of the Manor #2: PBO; Kids; Beth travels to Vandermeer Manor in Rhode Island, where her cousin Kate will be inheriting the family's 'Katherine' necklace. When Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, Beth is supposed to return home, but Kate know the perfect hiding place to help her stay. As the girls explore a supposedly haunted wing of the manor, they find a new trove of family secrets) $5.99
Whitby, Adele Elizabeth's Story, 1848 (Secrets of the Manor #3: Kids; Elizabeth and Katherine will soon be turning 12, and Chatswood Manor is bustling with activity. When Sean O'Brien shows up in search of his long-lost wife Maggie, who worked at Chatswood years ago, the twins vow to help him. As they investigate Maggie's disappearance, the clues they uncover lead them to deeper mysteries hidden in the Manor) $6.99
Whitby, Adele Katherine's Story, 1848 (Secrets of the Manor #4: Kids; John Vandermeer is about to marry writer Anna DuMay, and the twins travel to Vandermeer Manor for the wedding. Anna is at the forefront of the women's rights movement, and the girls are impressed by her independent nature. Then John threatens to call off the wedding, suspecting Anna was involved in an act of vandalism. But the twins might hold the key to the truth) $6.99
Wilson, F. Paul Quick Fixes (Repairman Jack: Collection. Reprints 9 short works featuring urban mercenary Repairman Jack) $16.99
Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs #1: Reissue; 1929: Having started as a housemaid, studied her way to Cambridge, and served as a nurse in the Great War, now Maisie Dobbs is setting up on her own as a private investigator. Her first assignment, an infidelity case, reveals a web of secrets that forces Maisie to revisit the horrors of the Great War and the love she left behind) $14.95
Wright, June Murder in the Telephone Exchange (Reissue; Originally published in 1948. When an unpopular coworker has her head bashed in with a piece of equipment used to listen in on phone calls, young operator Maggie Byrnes figures she has a better chance of identifying the killer than the rather stolid police team assigned to the case, who seem to think Maggie might have had something to do with it) $15.95


Aarons, Kathy Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates (Chocolate Covered #1: PBO; Michelle has combined her chocolate shop with her friend Erica's bookstore. They're reaping sweet rewards - until their neighbor turns up dead in the shop, poisoned by Michelle's truffles) $7.99
Abbott, Victoria The Wolfe Widow (Book Collector #3: PBO; An unexpected visitor seems to have some sort of hold over Vera Van Alst - not to mention designs on Vera's money, property, and collection of Nero Wolfe first editions. When Jordan discovers a deadly connection between the visitor and the Van Alst family, it's up to her to stop a killer) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star (Darling Dahlias #4: 1930s Alabama: Miss Lily Dare is bringing her Dare Devils Flying Circus - and a whole lot of trouble - to town. The bold flier has made plenty of enemies, and may be involved with one of the town's married men. As she barnstorms into town, Liz Lacy and Verna Tidwell offer to help bring down a saboteur who may be looking for revenge) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush (Darling Dahlias #5: 1933: When the bank closes unexpectedly, people are short of cash. To avert a panic, the town leaders decide to print 'Darling Dollars' to use as temporary currency. When the first printing disappears, the Darling Dahlias set out to discover who made the unauthorized withdrawal) $25.95
Ayres, D.D. Irresistible Force (K-9 Rescue #1: PBO; Will James risk his police career, and his K-9 partner, to protect the animal shelter worker who has stolen his heart?) $7.99
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Close-up on Murder (Murder, She Wrote #40: PBO; When a dead body is found on the set of a movie adaptation of one of her books, Jessica has a cast and crew of possible suspects to consider) $7.99
Belle, Josie Marked Down for Murder (Good Buy Girls #4: PBO; When Maggie discovers her romantic rival standing over a dead body, she can't shake the feeling that Summer is innocent. Can Maggie and the Good Buy Girls sort through the suspects to find the killer?) $7.99
Benn, James R. The Rest Is Silence (Billy Boyle #9: 1944: When an unidentified corpse washes ashore on England's southern coast, US Army Captain Billy Boyle and his partner Kaz are assigned to investigate) $26.95
Bernard, Romily Find Me (YA; The words 'find me' are written on Tessa's diary. Tessa's just been found dead. The diary ends up with Wick, so now Wick has to solve a mystery. She has the right skills for the job, but little interest in the game, until her sister becomes the next target) $9.99
Block, Lawrence A Walk Among the Tombstones movie tie-in edition (Matthew Scudder #10: Reissue; Kenan Khoury's wife went out grocery shopping and never came home. Alive, anyway. Because he sells drugs for a living, he avoids the police and turns to ex-cop Matthew Scudder for help) $7.99
Brady, Jacklyn Rebel without a Cake (Piece of Cake #5: PBO; Miss Frankie's neighbor Bernice swears she just saw the ghost of her uncle, who disappeared in the swamp years ago. When her cousin goes missing in the swamp, Bernice convinces Rita and Miss Frankie to help her search) $7.99
Brown, Rita&Sneaky Pie The Litter of the Law (Mrs. Murphy #21: When the scarecrow in a cornfield turns out to be a murdered accountant, rooting out the treacherous center of a lucrative conspiracy will talk all of Harry's wisdom, as well as the quick wits and keen senses of her protective menagerie) $7.99
Cameron, Christian The Great King (Long War #4: As rumors rise of a vast Persian invasion, an embassy is sent to forestall the threat. Arimnestos is chosen to escort them, an honor he can hardly refuse. But as war gathers and factions weave plots, his journey looks more and more like a suicide mission) $15.95
Cantrell, Janet Fat Cat at Large (Fat Cat #1: PBO; When she's not dreaming up delectable dessert bars for her Minneapolis eatery, Chase Oliver is running after her cat Quincy. The tubby tabby has a knack for sniffing out edibles, but this time he leads Chase to a murder scene) $7.99
Child, Lee Personal (Jack Reacher #18: John Kott, a US sniper gone bad, is out after 15 years in prison. A shot taken at the French president makes it likely that Kott is drawing a bead on a G-8 summit packed with world leaders. If anyone can stop Kott, it's the man who stopped him before: Reacher; Signed copies expected) $28.00
CoCo, Nancy To Fudge or Not to Fudge (Candy-Coated #2: PBO; Mackinac Island hotel and fudge shop owner Allie McMurphy ends up searching for a killer after her dog Mal digs up a toe that's missing a body) $7.99
Coel, Margaret Killing Custer (Wind River #17: A parade features an appearance by a Custer impersonator with a troop of men acting as the ill-fated Seventh Cavalry. A group of Arapaho riders decides to encircle them to remind them who won the Battle of the Little Bighorn. But when the ride is over, the impersonator is dead in the street with a bullet hole in his chest. The Arapaho are blamed, but Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden disagree, and are determined to get to the truth) $7.99
Coel, Margaret Night of the White Buffalo (Wind River #18: After rancher Dennis Carey is murdered, news that a white buffalo calf has been born on his ranch draws a flood of pilgrims. With the reservation in turmoil, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley try to unravel the strange events surrounding the murder and the recent disappearance of three of the ranch cowboys) $26.95
Connolly, John The Creeps (Samuel Johnson #3: Samuel Johnson is dating the wrong girl, demons are occupying his spare room, and the town in which he lives appears to be cursed. And somewhere in Biddlecombe a rotten black heart is beating a rhythm of revenge. A trap has been set. The Earth is doomed. The last hope for humanity lies with one young boy and the girl who's secretly in love with him. Oh, and a dog, two demons, four dwarfs, and a very polite monster) $15.00
Cornwell, Patricia Dust (Scarpetta #21: Physical evidence links a bizarre murder at MIT to a series of weird homicides in Washington, DC) $9.99
Coulter, C/Ellison, J.T. The Final Cut (Nicholas Drummond #1: When a colleague is murdered and the Koh-i-Noor diamond is stolen from an exhibition of the Crown Jewels in NYC, Chief Inspector Nicholas Drummond teams up with FBI special agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich) $9.99
Cussler, C/Blake, R The Eye of Heaven (Fargo #6: Sam and Remi discover a Viking ship in the Arctic ice, perfectly preserved and filled with pre-Columbian artifacts from Mexico. Their research hints at a link between the Vikings and the Toltec god Quetzalcoatl, and sends them on a search for a fabled object) $28.95
Cussler, C/Perry, T The Mayan Secrets (Fargo #5: Sam and Remi find a Mayan book with astonishing information about the Mayans, their cities, and humanity itself. The secrets are so powerful that some people would do anything to possess them) $9.99
de la Motte, Anders Buzz (HP Pettersson #2: Four months after beginning the Game, HP now has freedom, money, and no responsibilities - plus insomnia and paranoia. He misses the rush of the Game, and the attention. At times, he even hopes the Game Master will find him. When he catches the eye of a powerful CEO for all the wrong reasons, he may get his wish) $7.99
Doherty, Paul The Straw Men (Brother Athelstan #12: 1381: Guests of the Regent, John of Gaunt, Brother Athelstan and Sir John Cranston are attending a mystery play performed by Gaunt's personal acting troupe when the evening's entertainment is interrupted by the sudden, violent deaths of two of Gaunt's VIP guests) $15.95
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones (Liss MacCrimmon #7: The abandoned Chadwick mansion may be too perfect a setting for the Moosetookalook Halloween haunted house - a real dead body with puncture wounds on its neck has been added to the decorations) $7.99
Elefteriades, John A. Transplant (Dr. Athan Karras has been kidnapped, seduced, and threatened into performing a forbidden procedure. If he agrees, his career might end. If he doesn't, his life most certainly will) $9.99
Ellis, Kate The Shroud Maker (Wesley Peterson #18: A year after the disappearance of Jenny Bercival, DI Wesley Peterson is called in when the body of a strangled woman is found. Could there be a link between the two women? When archaeologist Neil Watson digs up a grim discovery at a warehouse that belonged to a 14th century trader and pirate, it looks as if history might have inspired the killer) $12.95
Feiffer, Jules Kill My Mother (Elsie works for her dead husband's best friend, a perpetually soused PI. Covering up his missteps involves her in a mysterious client's case, a drama of deception and dual identities that leads from the Depression to WWII Hollywood and the jungles of the South Pacific) $27.95
Fforde, Jasper The Song of the Quarkbeast (Kazam #2: Kids; Magic is finally on the rise in the Ununited Kingdoms, but boneheaded King Snodd IV's plotting puts the future of magic at risk. Of course, sensible 16-year-old Jennifer Strange and the unpredictable magic practitioners of Kazam won't give up without a fight) $7.99
Finch, Paul Stalkers (Heck Heckenburg #1: DS Mark 'Heck' Heckenburg is investigating the disappearances of 38 women, each happy and successful until she vanished without a trace) $14.99
Flynn, Gillian Gone Girl movie tie-in edition (Edgar Award finalist. Amy, a beautiful, clever, perfectionist, disappears on her wedding anniversary. Her husband Nick, the town's golden boy, parades an endless series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Is he a killer? And if he isn't, where is Amy?) $9.99
Follett, Ken Winter of the World (Century #2: Five interrelated families enter a time of social, political, and economic turmoil, beginning with the rise of the Third Reich, through the Spanish Civil War and WWII, and into the atomic era) $9.99
Follett, Ken Edge of Eternity (Century #3: 3rd in a trilogy. 5 intertwined families - American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh - make their way through social, political, and economic turmoil from the 1960s through the 1980s) $36.00
Foster/Schechter Justice for Bonnie (PBO; Nonfiction. Karen Foster tells the story of her quest to learn the truth behind her daughter's death) $9.99
French, Tana The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad #5: An anonymous hint reignites the stalled investigation into a year-old murder case involving a popular boy found dead on the grounds of a girl's boarding school in suburban Dublin; Signed copies expected) $27.95
Genova, Rosie The Wedding Soup Murder (Italian Kitchen #2: PBO; A catering job at the country club goes off without a hitch until the club's president turns up dead on the beach. Vic must act fast to find the murderer before she's the one who lands in the soup) $7.99
Harper, Karen Shattered Secrets (Cold Creek #1: PBO; Abducted and held captive as a small child, Tess Lockwood must confront the demons that haunt her and the town of Cold Creek when she inherits her ancestral home. Sheriff Gabe McCord hopes to shed new light on the cold case, especially given his growing feelings for Tess) $7.99
Harris, Gregory The Bellingham Bloodbath (Colin Pendragon #2: PBO; Victorian London: Colin Pendragon and his partner Ethan Pruitt investigate the murder of a captain in Her Majesty's Guard and his wife, thwarted at every turn by their Scotland Yard nemesis Inspector Varcoe) $15.00
Hayes, J.M. The Spirit and the Skull (To the People, a migrating Paleolithic tribe, murder is forbidden. When a member is strangled and evidence of witchcraft is found, aging Spirit Man Raven must solve the crimes and restore the People to harmony with nature, the Spirits, and the mighty Earth Mother) $14.95
Haynes, Natalie The Furies (A drama therapy teacher at a last-chance school for teens discovers her toughest students unexpectedly responding to the Greek tragedies. But are these tales of cruel fate and bloody revenge teaching lessons she hadn't intended?) $25.99
Indridason, Arnaldur Black Skies (Reykjavik #8: A school reunion leaves Sigurdur Oli unhappy with life in the police force. When a favor to a friend goes wrong and a woman dies before his eyes, Oli has a murder investigation on his hands) $16.00
Indridason, Arnaldur Strange Shores (Reykjavik #9: International Dagger finalist. Decades ago, a young woman disappeared from the frozen fjords of Iceland, leaving in her wake a tempest of lies, betrayal and revenge. Now Inspector Erlendur is on the hunt in that wilderness, looking for the missing woman, and for his long-lost brother) $25.99
Keller, Julia Summer of the Dead (Bell Elkins #3: A killer is stalking Acker's Gap, WV, and its hard-luck inhabitants, and county prosecutor Bell Elkins and Sheriff Nick Fogelsong are stymied. And then there's Lindy Crabtree, a coal miner's daughter with dark secrets that threaten to explode into even more violence) $25.99
Kellerman, Faye Murder 101 (Decker & Lazarus #22: Peter and Rina have moved to a college town in upstate New York. Rina is adapting, but Decker is bored at the Greenbury police department. Then a break-in at the cemetery reveals that a mausoleum's Tiffany panels have been replaced by forgeries, and a young woman is murdered at a local college) $26.99
Kennedy, Mary Nightmares Can Be Murder (Dream Club #1: PBO; Sisters Taylor and Allison belong to the Friday Night Dream Club, where members share and interpret dreams. When a dance instructor is murdered and the crime scene resembles one of the dreams, the club members must try to catch a killer before they wind up in a real-life nightmare) $7.99
Knox, Annie Groomed for Murder (Pet Boutique #2: PBO; Izzy's friend Ingrid is having her wedding at the shop. When the writer boarding above the shop drops dead on Ingrid's wedding day, it's up to Izzy and her friends to find a killer) $7.99
Lee, Alan L. Sandstorm (When her mentor is assassinated in her Maryland home, CIA operative Nora Mossa turns to former CIA agent Alex Koves for help. The clues point to a deadly plot capable of killing thousands in the Middle East) $9.99
Lehane, Dennis The Drop (PBO; Novel based on the screenplay he developed from his short story 'Animal Rescue'. A lonely bartender rescues an abused puppy from a trash can, and meets a woman. As their relationship grows, they cross paths with the Chechen mob, a man grown dangerous with age and thwarted hopes, two hapless stick-up artists, a very curious cop, and the original owner of the puppy, who wants his dog back) $14.99
Lehane, Dennis The Drop (Novel based on the screenplay he developed from his short story 'Animal Rescue'. A lonely bartender rescues an abused puppy from a trash can, and meets a woman. As their relationship grows, they cross paths with the Chechen mob, a man grown dangerous with age and thwarted hopes, two hapless stick-up artists, a very curious cop, and the original owner of the puppy, who wants his dog back; Signed copies expected) $24.99
Leonard, Elmore Four Novels of the 1970s: Fifty-Two Pickup / Swag / Unknown Man No. 89 / The Switch (Omnibus reprint of four classic crime novels, including 1 Edgar Award finalist) $35.00
Limon, Martin The Iron Sickle (Sueno & Bascom #9: When the head of the US Army Claims office in Seoul is murdered by a Korean man, military CID agents George Sueno and Ernie Bascom go against orders to investigate) $26.95
Lovesey, Peter The Last Detective (Peter Diamond #1: Reissue; Anthony Award winner. A woman's nude corpse has been found in a reservoir near Bristol. To solve the killing, DS Peter Diamond must locate two missing letters to Jane Austen, and defy his superiors to exonerate a suspect) $9.99
Lyle, Dixie To Die Fur (Foxtrot Lancaster #2: PBO; The rare albino liger in ZZ's private zoo is dead, and there's a houseful of suspects. But since they're wealthy collectors who were all bidding to buy the big cat, who would want him dead? With the help of Whiskey the canine shapeshifter and her cat Tango's feline telepathy, can Deirdre track down the killer before any more fur flies?) $7.99
Maltin, Leonard Leonard Maltin's 2015 Movie Guide (Revised and updated guide with thousands of capsule movie reviews, DVD and video listings, mail-order and online resources for buying and renting DVDs and videos, and more) $10.99
Mayor, Archer Three Can Keep a Secret (Joe Gunther #24: Joe Gunther and his team tackle a case involving two corpses, a woman who has escaped from a state mental facility, and the long-ago secret that binds them together) $15.99
McIlvanney, William The Papers of Tony Veitch (Jack Laidlaw #2: Reissue; Silver Dagger winner; Edgar finalist. When a vagrant's dying message provides clues to a gangland thug's murder and a student's disappearance, cop Jack Laidlaw tracks down a seam of corruption that runs from the top to the bottom of Glasgow society) $16.00
Miley, Mary The Impersonator (Roaring Twenties #1: 1924: Heiress Jessie Carr has been missing since 1917; her uncle approaches out-of-work vaudeville actress Leah Randall, wanting her to impersonate Jessie, claim the fortune, and split it with him. Leah agrees, but promises herself she'll try to find out what happened to Jessie. But there's one problem: Leah's act won't fool the one person who knows the truth about Jessie's fate) $15.99
Milford, Kate Greenglass House (Kids; In a rambling old smuggler's inn, Milo, the innkeepers' adopted son, and Meddy, the cook's daughter, must deal with squabbling guests, theft, and an unusual haunting as they decipher clues to untangle a web of mysteries at the inn) $17.99
Moss, Todd The Golden Hour (When Judd Ryker was appointed director of the new State Department Crisis Reaction Unit, he hadn't reckoned on the intense agency infighting and turf battles. A coup in Mali might be his chance to prove that a rapid response - diplomacy, a back channel, military action, something - can reverse the chain of events. But the hours pass very quickly, as personalities, loyalties, everything he thought he knew, shifts beneath his feet) $26.95
Muir, T. Frank Eye for an Eye (Andy Gilchrist #1: Reissue; In St. Andrews, Scotland, six wife abusers have been stabbed to death through the left eye. When media criticism over six unsolved murders forces DI Andy Gilchrist off the case, he vows to catch The Stabber on his own) $9.99
Nablo, James Benson The Long November (Reissue; Originally published in 1946. A tale of rum running, Chicago beer trucks, Bay Street sharpshooters, the mines of northern Ontario, fighting Nazis, and many women, as Joe Mack struggles to make something of his life and win over a wealthy blonde beauty) $13.95
Nadel, Barbara A Private Business (Hakim & Arnold #1: Ex-cop Lee Arnold and his Muslim assistant Mumtaz Hakim run a detective agency in London's East End, in a community fraught with conflict and tension. As they investigate a woman's fears that someone is following her, what they discover turns the inquiry in an even more sinister direction) $12.95
O'Bryan, Laurence The Manhattan Puzzle (Sean has been tracking a symbol from another age. It provides a clue to a barbaric conspiracy, a puzzle with an answer feared for millennia. When Sean doesn't come home, Isabel doesn't worry. At first. Can she uncover the truth before time runs out?) $12.99
Oates, Joyce Carol (ed) Prison Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories of prison life, written by inmates) $15.95
Paretsky, Sara Critical Mass (V.I. Warshawski #16: A favor for a friend leads V.I. to a nest of lies, secrets, and silence dating back to the competition between America, Germany, Japan, and England to develop the first atomic bomb) $9.99
Parker, R/Brandman, M Damned If You Do (Jesse Stone #12: When an unidentified young woman is found murdered in a seedy beachfront motel, Paradise police chief Jesse Stone starts digging, and finds himself in the middle of a turf war between two pimps) $9.99
Peikoff, Kira No Time to Die (PBO; Justice Department agent Les Mahler finds himself up against an underground network of doctors and technicians conducting illegal experiments) $9.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Deadly Salvage (Executioner #430: PBO; Bolan must stop a wealthy US businessman's plan to use Soviet nukes to dupe the US into attacking Iran) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Payback (SuperBolan #168: PBO; When a failed mission in Mexico points to betrayal in the corridors of power, Bolan follows the trail to a wealthy US industrialist and a rogue CIA official) $6.99
Penny, Louise The Long Way Home (Armand Gamache #10: Gamache is happily retired in the village of Three Pines, but when Clara Morrow's husband Peter fails to return on schedule, Gamache agrees to help search for the missing artist. Jean-Guy Beauvoir and Myrna Landers join them on a hunt that takes them deeper and deeper into Quebec; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Perry, Carol J. Caught Dead Handed (Witch City #1: PBO; Hoping for a reporter's job in Salem, Massachusetts, Lee winds up replacing the murdered psychic who hosted the station's late-night horror movies. Now Lee is starting to wonder if she actually has psychic abilities, and the dead woman's cat O'Ryan is exhibiting some strange powers of his own. As Halloween approaches, Lee must unmask a killer) $7.99
Perry, Leigh The Skeleton Takes a Bow (Family Skeleton #2: PBO; While his skull is being used to play Yorick in a high school production of Hamlet , Sid the Skeleton witnesses a murder. Now Georgia and her bony buddy are sticking their necks out to catch a killer) $7.99
Pryor, Mark The Button Man (Hugo Marston #4: Now head of security at the US Embassy in London, Marston is assigned to protect a pair of movie stars whose reckless driving killed a prominent British landowner. The task turns disastrous almost immediately) $15.95
Pynchon, Thomas Bleeding Edge (NYC, 2001: There's not as much money around as at the height of the tech bubble, but there's no shortage of swindlers. Maxine Tarnow is running a quiet little fraud investigation business, chasing down small-scale con artists. When she starts looking into a computer-security firm and its billionaire geek CEO, things get a lot livelier - and deadlier) $17.00
Quinn, Peter Dry Bones (Fintan Dunne #3: Winter, 1945: As the Red Army marches toward Berlin, Fintan Dunne and Dick Van Hull are dropped behind enemy lines to rescue a team of OSS officers working with the Czech resistance. When the plan goes south, they uncover a secret that will change both their lives) $15.95
Rich, David Middle Man (Rollie Waters #2: Covert operative Rollie Waters is tasked with locating and retrieving millions of dollars taken from Saddam's cache and shipped home in coffins during the Iraq War) $9.99
Rutherford, Anne The Twelfth Night Murder (Restoration #3: PBO; Constable Pepper thinks a murder victim, a lad dressed in women's clothing, was an actor who played women's parts for the New Globe Players. He wasn't, but Suzanne recognizes him - as the alluring doxy she saw in a tavern the night before. Her search for the killer, and the lad's identity, leads to a wealthy family and a powerful politician) $15.00
Sakey, Marcus Good People movie tie-in edition (Reissue; When Tom and Anna Reed find $370,000 in their house it seems as if all their problems are solved - before the week is over, they'll face the brutal truth of where the money came from) $7.99
Salerni, Dianne K. The Caged Graves (YA; 1867: When 17-year-old Verity Boone returns to her Pennsylvania hometown to get married, she learns that her mother was buried in unhallowed ground. Verity's search for the truth uncovers rumors of witchcraft and shocking family secrets) $8.99
Sandford, John Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport #12: Reissue; James Qatar takes secret photographs of women to fuel his fantasies when he's alone. Then one day, he goes a step further. After one thing leads to another, he has to kill her - and he likes it. When Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport takes the case, he assumes it'll be straightforward police work. He couldn't be more wrong) $9.99
Scott, A.D. The Low Road (Highland Gazette #5: PBO; 1950s: Torn between the stability of his life in the Highlands and the thrill of working as a journalist in Glasgow, John McAllister winds up in deadly peril when he goes looking for a friend who is caught up in a blood feud with a murderous razor gang) $16.00
Shaffer, A/Keith, Wm H The Last Line (With Mexico descending into anarchy, the drug cartels have kicked up the heat, allying with Hezbollah and the Iranian secret service in a plot aimed at destroying the US. As intelligence agent Chris Teller races to unravel the plot, he discovers that the most pernicious enemies are the members of a treasonous cabal within the US government) $9.99
Simenon, Georges The Yellow Dog (alternate titles: A Face for a Clue / Maigret and the Concarneau Murders) (Maigret #6: A small French summer resort has, in winter, become the gloomy scene of a series of murder attempts. While his assistant uses 'scientific' means of detection, Maigret follows his instincts to the culprit) $10.00
Simenon, Georges The Night at the Crossroads (alternate titles: The Crossroads Murders / Maigret at the Crossroads) (Maigret #7: Maigret has been interrogating Carl Andersen for 17 hours without a confession. He's either innocent or a very good liar. So why was the body of a diamond merchant found at his isolated mansion? Why is his sister always shut in her room? And why does everyone at Three Widows Crossroads have something to hide?) $10.00
Sims, Michael (ed) The Phantom Coach (PBO; Anthology. A chilling selection of Victorian ghost stories) $17.00
Snicket, Lemony When Did You See Her Last? (All the Wrong Questions #2: Kids; Young apprentice Lemony Snicket has a new case to solve when he and his chaperone are hired to find a missing girl. Is the girl a runaway? Or was she kidnapped? Is it really any of your business?) $7.00
Stroud, Jonathan The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co. #1: Kids; Edgar Award finalist. Ghosts are appearing throughout London, and only young people have the psychic abilities to see and eradicate these supernatural foes. After an assignment leads to both a grisly discovery and a disastrous end, Lucy, Anthony, and George are forced to take part in the perilous investigation of one of the most haunted houses in England. Will Lockwood & Co. survive the Screaming Staircase and Red Room to see another day?) $7.99
Sullivan, Mark Outlaw (Robin Monarch #2: When the US Secretary of State and the foreign ministers of China and India are kidnapped, the US President calls in former CIA operative and master thief Robin Monarch) $9.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Needled Knitter (Scumble River #17: PBO; Newlyweds Skye and Wally are all set to enjoy their honeymoon cruise. Only two things stand in their way - murder, and Skye's mom, who has booked the same cruise with her knitting group) $7.99
Thompson, J.E. The Girl from Felony Bay (Felony Bay #1: Kids; Abbey's dad has been framed for a terrible crime, and Reward Plantation has been sold to pay off his debt. But the new family there has a daughter named Bee, and she's as curious as Abbey about the 'No Trespassing' signs and the holes being dug around Felony Bay. It seems someone has been poking around a mystery dating back to the Civil War - and that same someone might have framed Abbey's dad) $6.99
Twin Cities Sisters in Crime Festival of Crime (Anthology. Original crimes stories set at Minnesota festivals) $16.95
Velez-Mitchell, Jane Exposed (Nonfiction. When Jodie Arias killed Travis Alexander, was it self-defense or murder?) $7.99
Wagner, David Death in the Dolomites (Rick Montoya #2: Rick's skiing holiday in the Italian Alps is interrupted when the local cops turn to him for help after a US banker goes missing) $14.95
Webb, Holly The Case of the Stolen Sixpence (Maisie Hitchins #1: Kids; Victorian London: 12-year-old Maisie notices things, and believes she would make an excellent detective. When George, the butcher's boy, is fired for stealing coins from the till, Maisie and her dog Eddie search for clues to crack the case) $14.99
Wein, Elizabeth Rose Under Fire (YA; Pilot and poet Rose Justice was captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp. She finds hope through the loyalty, bravery, and friendship of her fellow prisoners. But will that be enough, with the fate that's in store for her?) $9.99
Wood, Tom No Tomorrow (Victor #4: PBO; Called on to search for a Russian gangster's missing daughter, Victor finds himself hunted through the streets of London by a band of ruthless killers) $9.99


Alford, Stephen The Watchers: A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I (Delving deeply into 16th-century archives, Cambridge historian Alford explores the world of Elizabethan espionage) $20.00
Baker, Shannon Broken Trust (Nora Abbott #2: PBO; Nora feels lucky to get a job at a nonprofit in Boulder, Colorado, but when she learns that the previous financial director disappeared, she suspects foul play) $14.99
Beaton, M.C. The Blood of an Englishman (Agatha Raisin #25: Agatha and her team investigate when a baker is murdered while acting in the local pantomime) $24.99
Campbell, Colin Adobe Flats (Resurrection Man #3: PBO; Jim Grant heads to Texas to return an heirloom to a colleague's father, and stays to bring justice to a small town that has been under the thumb of a violent kingpin for far too long) $14.99
Castle, Richard Raging Heat (Nikki Heat #6: When an illegal immigrant falls from the sky, NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat investigates with some help from her journalist boyfriend Jameson Rook) $26.99
Christie/Hannah, Sophie The Monogram Murders (Hercule Poirot: Authorized by the Christie estate. Poirot plunges into a mystery in 1920s London, a diabolically clever puzzle that will test his brilliant skills) $25.99
Coben, Harlan Found (Mickey Bolitar #3: YA; While dealing with the problems of his sophomore year of high school, Mickey investigates when Ema's online boyfriend disappears. And as Mickey and his friends are pulled deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Abeona Shelter, he finally discovers the truth about his father) $18.99
Cohn, Edith Spirit's Key (Kids; Aided by the ghost of her beloved dog Sky, 12-year-old Spirit Holden looks for the cause of the mysterious illness that is affecting dogs and people on her island home) $16.99
Disher, Garry The Dragon Man (Hall Challis #1: Reissue; Ned Kelly Award finalist. In a small coastal town near Melbourne, Australia, DI Hal Challis and his team must apprehend a serial killer before he strikes again. But first, Challis has to contend with the local newspaper editor undermining his investigation at every turn) $9.99
Ellroy, James Perfidia (1941: The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor, the US teeters on the edge of war, and the roundup of allegedly treasonous Japanese Americans is about to begin. In LA, a Japanese family is found dead. Is it murder or ritual suicide?) $28.95
Folger, Joni Of Merlot and Murder (Tangled Vines #2: PBO; At a wine festival, Grandma Abigail finds a rival vintner dead in her hotel room, and the police find that all the clues point to Abigail. Can Elise and her deputy boyfriend Jackson clear her grandmother's name?) $14.99
Gannon, Joe Night of the Jaguar (Police Captain Ajax Montoya, a tough former Sandinista guerrilla, investigates a series of murders that might be politically motivated) $25.99
Grant, M.C. Beauty with a Bomb (Dixie Flynn #3: PBO; Young immigrants are vanishing; reporter Dixie Flynn joins a group of Polish women who are hell-bent on rescuing them) $14.99
Haddam, Jane Fighting Chance (Gregor Demarkian #29: When his best friend Father Tibor Kasparian is charged with murder, Demarkian sets out to uncover what really happened) $26.99
Hart, Ellen Rest for the Wicked (Jane Lawless #20: Lambda Award finalist. PI Jane Lawless gets a phone message from her partner Nolan's nephew, then discovers the man was knifed just minutes later. When more murders follow, Jane sets out to find the killer) $12.95
Harvey, John Darkness, Darkness (Charlie Resnick #12: 30 years ago, the British Miners Strike threatened to tear England apart, and Charlie Resnick, while ambivalent about some of the police tactics, ran a surveillance unit. Now the discovery of the body of a young woman who disappeared during the Strike brings Resnick back to the front line to investigate) $25.95
Higashino, Keigo Salvation of a Saint (Detective Galileo #2: When a man who was about to leave his wife dies after drinking poisoned coffee, the wife is the logical suspect - except she was far away when he died. The Tokyo police call upon physics professor Manabu Yukawa - Detective Galileo - to solve the impossible murder) $15.99
Kellerman,Jonathan & Jesse The Golem of Hollywood (Legend says that the Golem of Prague, fashioned by a 16th-century rabbi to protect his congregation, lies dormant in a synagogue. But the Golem is dormant no longer. Reassigned to a Special Projects squad he didn't know existed, LA detective Jacob Lev is at a murder scene with no body, only a head. Seared into the kitchen counter is the Hebrew word for 'justice'. All that Lev has believed to be true is about to be upended, and not only his world, but the world itself, will be changed) $27.95
Kelly, E/Chibnall, C Broadchurch (Based on the TV show. Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller search for a young boy's killer in a quiet British seaside town) $25.99
Kernick, Simon Ultimatum (An explosion at a central London cafe is followed by a message from terrorists warning of a far greater attack in twelve hours; a man awaiting trial for mass murder claims he can name the bombers - for a price) $15.00
Koenig, Minerva Nine Days (Julia Kalas is short, round, and pushing 40. For years she renovated buildings as a laundry front for her husband's illegal arms business. Now she's a widow, and Witness Protection has placed her in Texas, with a job tending bar for Hector Guerra. When they find a dead body, and the sheriff tries to pin the murder on Hector, Julia risks reconnecting with the outlaw underground to prove him innocent) $24.99
Lancet, Barry Tokyo Kill (Jim Brodie #2: Antiques dealer turned PI Jim Brodie matches wits with an elusive group of kilers chasing long-lost artifacts with a dangerous history) $25.00
Lewis, Ted Get Carter (alternate title: Jack's Return Home) (Jack Carter #1: Reissue; 1960s: In Scunthorpe for his brother Frank's funeral, London fixer Jack Carter learns that Frank was very drunk when he drove his car off a cliff. But Frank never touched the stuff, and now Jack going to get to the bottom of his brother's death) $14.95
Lipperman, Lizbeth Jailhouse Glock (Dead Sister Talking #2: PBO; Rookie copy Maddy Castillo has been framed for murder; luckily, her three sisters and the ghost of her fourth sister are on the scene to help) $14.99
Lovesey, Peter The Stone Wife (Peter Diamond #14: Peter Diamond and his team investigate when the highest bidder on a carved stone is killed during an hold-up attempt at a Bath auction house) $26.95
Lyndon, Robert Imperial Fire (Vallon #2: The mercenary Vallon is sent by the defeated Byzantine emperor on a secret and near-impossible quest to the distant land of Song Dynasty China, seeking the destructive might of a new weapon: gunpowder) $17.00
Malliet, G.M Pagan Spring (Max Tudor #3: Agatha Award finalist. Spy turned vicar Max Tudor is looking forward to a dinner party that includes village newcomers. When a dinner guest is found dead in the pre-dawn hours, connections to long-ago crimes, some sparked by the paintings of a famous local artist, help Max unravel the clues. But can he restore peace to Nether Monkslip in time to finish his Easter sermon?) $15.99
Manfredi, Valerio Massimo The Oath (Odysseus #1: King Eurystheus tells Odysseus the terrible tale of Hercules, who slaughtered his family and was punished by the King to undertake impossible tasks to earn absolution. But a child comes to Odysseus with another, very disturbing version of what happened that fateful night, setting Odysseus on the first of his extraordinary quests) $26.95
McCrumb, Sharyn King's Mountain (Ballad #10: 1780: When British Army Major Patrick Ferguson orders Patriot settlers in the Appalachians to lay down their arms, and threatens to burn farms if they refuse, John Sevier organizes the Carolina Overmountain Men to resist the Crown troops) $15.99
McKinty, Adrian The Sun Is God (Colonial New Guinea, 1906: When a member of an eccentric group of nudists dies, allegedly from malaria, the autopsy raises suspicions of foul play. Retired British military police officer Will Prior is recruited to investigate) $15.95
Milton, Nina Unraveled Visions (Sabbie Dare #2: PBO; Can shamanic counselor Sabbie Dare make enough sense of her shamanic journeys to help two missing women before it's too late?) $14.99
Mims, Lee Trusting Viktor (Cleo Cooper #2: PBO; Geologist Cleo Cooper knew investing in an offshore natural gas enterprise would be risky - but she didn't expect the risks to include an assault on her and the murder of another geologist) $14.99
Moore, Christopher J. How to Speak Brit (Moore draws on history, literature, pop culture, and heritage in this guide to the King's English, Cockney slang, and other British idioms) $20.00
Nesbo, Jo The Redeemer (Harry Hole #6: Harry Hole, the Oslo police department's best investigator and worst civil servant, pursues a desperate, faceless contract killer on a chase that leads to the darkest corners of the former Yugoslavia) $14.95
Pajer, Bernadette The Edison Effect (Professor Bradshaw #4: 1903: When an electrician is found dead in a store window, clutching a festoon of Thomas Edison's holiday lights, Professor Benjamin Bradshaw suspects a dangerous game has been set in motion) $14.95
Parker, R/Coleman, R Blind Spot (Jesse Stone #13: Jesse's time at his old baseball team's reunion in LA is cut short. A young woman has been murdered, and her boyfriend, from a prominent Paradise family, is missing and presumed kidnapped. And one of Jesse's former teammates may in fact be his main suspect) $26.95
Perry, Anne Blind Justice (William Monk #19: Victorian London: When Oliver Rathbone tampers with a case in the name of justice, Police Superintendent William Monk must find a way to make things right without betraying his friend) $16.00
Perry, Anne Blood on the Water (William Monk #20: Although Monk witnessed a terrible bombing, it isn't his case. An Egyptian man is quickly tried, and then murdered in prison. When evidence surfaces that proves the dead man innocent, Monk is tasked with finding out what really happened) $26.00
Robb, J.D. Festive in Death (Eve Dallas #40: The murder of a personal trainer leads Lt. Eve Dallas to a lineup of women he had loved and left) $27.95
Scottoline, Lisa Accused (Rosato & Associates #12: Six years ago, Fiona Gardner was murdered, and, in what seemed like an open-and-shut case, Lonnie Stall pled guilty. But 13-year-old Allegra Gardner believes Lonnie is innocent, and wants the firm to prove it) $15.99
Simmons, Dan Hardcase (Reissue; Revenge cost Joe Kurtz 11 years in prison. When he gets out, he signs on with Byron Farino, a mobster whose son Kurtz protected on the inside. Farino wants Kurtz to track down a missing accountant, but someone doesn't want the accountant found) $16.00
Thurlo, Aimee & David Ghost Medicine (Ella Clah #18: A Navajo cop turned PI was tracking down stolen county property. When he's murdered, Ella and county detective Dan Nez investigate, and discover that Navajo artifacts - from an illegal dig somewhere on the Reservation - are being offered for sale) $15.99
Whitehouse, Lucie Before We Met (When her husband fails to return from a business trip, Hannah's certainty about her marriage starts to crack. Why don't his colleagues know about the trip? Who is the woman who keeps calling his office? And why has Hannah's bank account been emptied?) $15.00
Woodrell, Daniel The Maid's Version (Alma works as the maid for a prominent Missouri family. When a fire at the local dance hall kills dozens, including Alma's sister, who is to blame? Alma thinks she knows the answer, and that its roots lie in a dangerous love affair) $15.00
Worsley, Lucy The Art of the English Murder (Worsley looks at English crimes and crime fiction, and the English obsession with murder) $27.95
Zettel, Sarah Palace of Spies (Peggy Fitzroy #1: 16-year-old orphan Peggy Fitzroy has been coerced into posing as a lady in waiting at the court of King George I. Which is grand, until she starts to suspect that the woman she's impersonating might have been murdered - and that she might face the same fate herself) $8.99


Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Marco Effect (Department Q #5: When Marco Jameson discovers a dead body - proving the extent of his vicious Uncle Zola's criminal activities - the teen goes on the run. When detective Carl Morck learns that Marco may have answers to the team's missing persons cold case, they set out to solve the mystery and save the boy) $27.95
Aird, Catherine Last Writes (Collection. 22 short stories, many featuring Inspector Sloan and his assistant Crosby) $29.95
Andrews, Donna Duck the Halls (Meg Langslow #16: First a cage full of skunks in the Baptist church forces them to move their concert to Trinity Episcopal. Next her grandfather's missing boa constrictor reappears at the concert. Before Meg can track down the pranksters, a fire breaks out at Trinity, and a vestryman is found dead. Meg searches for answers as she rushes to finish her Christmas preparations) $7.99
Bell Jr., Albert A. The Eyes of Aurora (Pliny the Younger #5: PBO; While searching the countryside for a missing man, Pliny and his friend Tacitus discover evidence of a horrific murder that leads them into a web of deception and intrigue) $15.95
Berry, Julie The Scandalous Sisterhoood of Prickwillow Place (Kids; The girls of St. Etheldreda's School have a bothersome problem: their irascible headmistress and her surly brother have been most inconveniently poisoned at dinner. Now the school will certainly be closed and the girls sent home, unless these seven young ladies can hide the murders, convince the neighbors that nothing is wrong, and find the killer) $15.99
Blake, Heather One Potion in the Grave (Magic Potion #2: PBO; One of Carly's childhood friends hits town, intent on settling a score with Senator Calhoun, then winds up dead. Carly vows to find her killer) $7.99
Brandon, Ali Literally Murder (Black Cat Bookshop #4: PBO; After a video of Darla and her cat Hamlet performing at a martial arts tournament goes viral, they're invited to a cat show in Florida. When Hamlet disappears, only to be found next to a dead body, it's up to Darla and Hamlet to take best in show and collar the killer) $7.99
Bryan, Mollie Cox A Crafty Christmas (Cumberland Creek #4: PBO; When Sheila and her friends take a scrapbook-themed Caribbean cruise, Sheila ends up prime suspect when a famous crafter is poisoned) $7.99
Buckland, Raymond Dead for a Spell (Bram Stoker #2: PBO; 1881: One of the Lyceum's actresses has disappeared, and a disturbing tarot reading has convinced Bram Stoker that something wicked is coming their way. When the woman's body is found, the murder scene is riddled with the trappings of an occult ritual. It's up to stage manager Harry Rivers to track down the slaying sorcerer) $15.00
Burke, James Lee Cimarron Rose (Billy Bob Holland #1: Reissue; Edgar Award winner. Lucas Smothers has been arrested for the rape and murder of a local girl. His lawyer, former Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland, is convinced Lucas is innocent. And when Lucas overhears gruesome tales of serial murder from a neighboring cell, he might become a candidate for an untimely death) $9.99
Carter, Alan Prime Cut (Cato Kwong #1: Ned Kelly Award winner. In a booming mining town in the Aussie outback, it's easy enough to hide a crime, or a dirty past. Banished to the stock squad after the fallout from a police frame-up, DSS Cato Kwong is brought in from the cold to solve the case of a torso washed up on the shores of the Great Southern Ocean. When his investigation lifts the lid on the exploitation of immigrant workers, he faces powerful opposition) $12.95
Carter, Alan Getting Warmer (Cato Kwong #2: Cato Kwong is back in Boom Town, looking for a missing teen. As a series of blunders by his colleagues brings the squad under scrutiny, Cato's sympathy for a suspect threatens to derail his case and his career) $12.95
Castle, Richard Deadly Heat (Nikki Heat #5: Determined to find justice for her mother's death, NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat and journalist Jameson Rook continue their pursuit of the CIA chief who ordered the killing) $9.99
Castle, Richard et al A Calm Before Storm (Derrick Storm GN #3: Full color graphic novel; collects issue 1-5 of the comic book. Who is The Fear? What does he want with Derrick? And why is Derrick's father next on the hit list?) $15.99
Chapman, Drew The Ascendant (Garrett Reilly #1: The US government and economy are under attack by a ruthless enemy. And no one knows. Except Garrett Reilly. He sees patterns no one else can. And when he notices that two hundred billion dollars' worth of US Treasury bonds are being sold off at a terrifying rate, his gift makes him the most wanted man alive) $7.99
Childs, L/Orgain, D Gilt Trip (Scrapbooking #11: A white-collar criminal has been released after serving only a fraction of his sentence. Carmela and Ava are invited to his welcome home party. When the guest of honor winds up murdered and stuffed in a clothes dryer, Carmela will need to air the man's dirty laundry to find out which of his enemies was angry enough to kill) $7.99
Childs, Laura Gossamer Ghost (Scrapbooking #12: When the antique dealer in the shop next door is murdered, and a priceless death mask is stolen, Carmela can't resist the urge to investigate) $25.95
Christer, Sam The Rome Prophecy (Tom Shaman #2: A woman, covered in blood, has been arrested in the streets of Rome. She claims to be an ancient prophet in search of a mystical amulet hidden in the city. As ex-priest Tom Shaman works to unravel the mystery, the woman's deadly visions begin to come true) $15.95
Collins, Max Allan Ask Not (Nate Heller #17: 1964: A Texas newspaper columnist asks PI Nate Heller to look into a suspicious outbreak of suicides, accidental deaths, and murders of witnesses to JFK's assassination) $9.99
Connelly, Michael Lost Light (Harry Bosch #9: Reissue; Four years ago, Harry Bosch was taken off the Angella Benton murder case when her death was linked with the violent theft of two million dollars from a movie set. Neither case was closed. Now retired from the LAPD, Bosch is determined to find justice for Angella) $10.00
Connolly, Sheila Picked to Die (Orchard #8: PBO; When a relative of one of Meg's apple pickers is stabbed to death, Meg must track down the bad apple responsible) $7.99
Crais, Robert Suspect (Anthony Award finalist. An assault killed his partner, nearly killed him, and left LAPD cop Max Kent unfit for duty. Now he has a new partner: Maggie, a German shepherd who survived three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and whose PTSD is as bad as Max's. Sidelined, they set out to investigate the one case no one wants them to touch: finding the men who murdered Max's partner) $9.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange (Simmons Sisters #9: Bernie and Libby investigate when the odds-on favorite to win a televised cookie-baking contest dies in a suspicious car accident en route to the studio) $7.99
Crombie, Deborah To Dwell in Darkness (Kincaid & James #16: Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his Camden murder squad investigate a deadly bombing at St. Pancras Station. And Kincaid is still questioning the reasons behind his transfer; when his former boss is attacked, he sets out to untangle that mystery) $25.99
de la Motte, Anders Bubble (HP Pettersson #3: Convinced that the Game Master and past characters are following him, and that the police are watching him, HP decides he must finish one last Game assignment and expose the Game Master's secrets once and for all. What he uncovers is a potential link between his own father's past and the Game, blurring the boundary between Game and real life more than ever) $7.99
Fanning, Diane Under Cover of the Night (PBO; Nonfiction. The story of the murder of Jocelyn Branham Earnest) $9.99
Flake, Sharon Unstoppable Octobia May (Kids; 1953: In a southern African-American community, 10-year-old Octobia May lives in Auntie's boarding house. When Octobia May starts to question the folks in her world, an adventure and a mystery bring troubling questions. Who is black and who is 'passing' for white? And is Mr. Davenport in room 204 really a vampire, or something else entirely?) $16.99
Forshaw, Barry Euro Noir (A pocket guide to European crime fiction, film, and TV) $16.95
Francis, Felix Damage (Jeff Hinkley has been assigned to look into a racehorse trainer's suspicious activities; while trailing his quarry through the Cheltenham Racing Festival, he witnesses a gruesome murder. Could it be connected to the trainer's use of illegal drugs on horses?) $26.95
Georget, Philippe Autumn, All the Cats Return (Gilles Sebag #2: Lieutenant Gilles Sebag's unparalleled investigative skills are put to the test when the murder of a retired French Algerian cop is followed by the destruction of a controversial monument and the shooting of another French Algerian) $18.00
Gerber, Daryl Wood Stirring the Plot (Cookbook Nook #3: PBO; Jenna has packed her shop with everything from ghostly texts to witchy potions for the Winsome Witches' annual fund-raising luncheon. But there's an unexpected addition to the menu: murder) $7.99
Goodall, Nigel Benedict Cumberbatch (Biography of the actor, best know for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes) $27.95
Grimes, Martha The Way of All Fish (Candy & Karl #2: Hitmen Candy and Karl have been asked to 'get rid of' literary agent L. Bass Hess. After their initial surveillance, they almost decline, but when they hear that he's suing writer Cindy Sella for a commission on a novel he didn't represent, they decide to help, devising a series of zany capers to drive Hess out of New York City - permanently) $16.00
Hart, Carolyn Ghost Gone Wild (Bailey Ruth #4: Good-hearted ghost Bailey Ruth finds herself in her Oklahoma hometown, where she saves Nick Magruder from taking a bullet. After she materializes to reassure him, she can't vanish - his aunt's ghost has tricked her into coming to his rescue, and now she's trapped unless she can help catch the person who wants Nick dead) $7.99
Hayes, Frank Death at the Black Bull (Virgil Dalton #1: PBO; In sleepy Hayward, Arizona, everybody pretty much knows everybody - but they don't always know each other's secrets. When good old boy Buddy Hinton is found floating in a stock tank, Sheriff Virgil Dalton sets out to retrace Buddy's last steps. But can he stay a step ahead of the killer?) $15.00
Hess, Joan Murder as a Second Language (Claire Malloy #19: Claire's stint as an ESL tutor lands her on the fractious Board of Directors of the Literacy Council. When a student is murdered in the Council offices, Claire's husband Peter asks her to help with the investigation) $7.99
Heywood, Joseph Killing a Cold One (Woods Cop #9: When the mutilated bodies of two Native American girls are found at a remote campground, strange animal tracks are found, mayhem ensues, a bloody trail of victims begins to accumulate, and the governor orders DNR detective Grady Service to hunt down and eliminate the killer) $16.95
Hiaasen, Carl Skink (Kids; To avoid being shipped off to boarding school, Malley takes off with some guy she met online. Richard knows his cousin's in trouble before she does, and teams up with Skink, the renegade one-eyed ex-governor of Florida, to track her down) $18.99
Hollis, Lee Death of a Christmas Caterer (Hayley Powell #5: PBO; Food critic Hayley Powell planned the office Christmas party. Now she has to figure out who did in the caterer) $7.99
Holsinger, Bruce A Burnable Book (London, 1385: Songs are heard across London, said to originate from an ancient book that prophesies the ends of England's kings, including young King Richard II's assassination. To find the seditious manuscript, wily bureaucrat Geoffrey Chaucer turns to fellow poet John Gower, a professional trader in information with connections both high and low) $16.99
Ireland, D.E. Wouldn't It Be Deadly (Doolittle & Higgins #1: When Scotland Yard suspects Professor Henry Higgins of murdering a rival, Eliza Doolittle and her erstwhile mentor set out to discover the real culprit) $24.99
James, Miranda Bless Her Dead Little Heart (Southern Sisters #1: PBO; When the Ducote sisters' former sorority sister shows up on their doorstep, her unpleasant adult children not far behind, it soon becomes clear that one of them would kill to get their hands on her money. Faced with duplicitous suspects and deep-fried motives, can the sisters catch a decidedly ill-mannered killer?) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Live to See Tomorrow (Catherine Ling #3: An American journalist with mysterious ties to Catherine's mentor Hu Chang has been kidnapped in Tibet. Catherine agrees to spearhead the CIA rescue mission, but she will be facing a monster whose crimes stretch back 40 years) $7.99
Kallentoft, Mons Autumn Killing (Malin Fors #3: Superintendent Malin Fors investigates when notoriously ruthless lawyer Jerry Petersson is found dead in the moat of the castle he bought outside Linkoping) $16.00
Khoury, Raymond Rasputin's Shadow (Sean Reilly #4: A deadly secret from the early 1900s has been uncovered, and it's up to Sean Reilly and Tess Chaykin to stop a global catastrophe) $9.99
Lewis, Justin Benedict Cumberbatch (Biography of the actor, best know for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes) $29.95
Leyland, Simon A Curious Guide to London (A guide to the unique, the unusual, and the unknown, celebrating the city's forgotten past, strangest traditions, and most eccentric inhabitants) $18.95
Liss, David Day of Atonement (Lisbon, 1755: Sebastian Foxx (born Sebastiao Raposa) returns to the city of his birth to repay old debts and find the man who killed his father. He'll need money and power. And he'll need to find his allies and identify his enemies among the Inquisition's spies) $28.00
Lock, Joan Dead Letters (Ernest Best #3: 1880: Inspector Best investigates when an anonymous note threatens a horrific explosion at the Metropolitan Police Annual Fete) $14.95
Logan, Kylie The Legend of Sleepy Harlow (Literary Ladies #3: PBO; The Elkhart Ghost Getters plan to film South Bass Island's legendary headless ghost. When their leader turns up dead, Kate becomes prime suspect, and it's up to the other League members to crack the case) $7.99
Longworth, M.L. Murder on the Ile Sordou (Verlaque & Bonnet #4: PBO; On holiday on a Mediterranean island, Judge Antoine Verlaque and law professor Marine Bonnet investigate when a hotel guest is murdered) $15.00
Ludlum/Garrison The Janson Option (Paul Janson #3: When an oil executive begs Paul Janson to rescue his wife from Somali pirates, Janson and his sharpshooter partner Jessica Kincaid plan to infiltrate the oil company and disrupt a scheme to subvert independent oil-rich African countries into wholly-owned subsidiaries) $10.00
Lustbader, Eric Van Beloved Enemy (Jack McClure #5: The Secretary of Homeland Security is found dead after a late-night meeting with Jack McClure. With both the CIA and FBI after him, McClure must fulfill the mission the Secretary gave him: finding the operative who is exposing agents around the world) $9.99
Lutz, John Frenzy (Frank Quinn #9: PBO; Ex-cop Frank Quinn gets involved in the hunt for a serial killer he's tangled with before) $9.99
Maden, Mike Drone (Troy Pearce #1: Pearce, head of a security firm specializing in drone technology, thinks he's done with the US government - until drug cartel hitmen assault a group of students on US soil) $9.99
Maloney, Shane Nice Try (Murray Whelan #3: Reissue; When political minder Murray Whelan is recruited to massage Australia's bid for the Olympics, he has no idea how tough the going will get. The death of a young Aboriginal athlete soon has Murray breaking all the rules) $14.95
Maloney, Shane The Big Ask (Murray Whelan #4: Reissue; Political advisor Murray Whelan's boss has sent him on a mission to infiltrate the toughest union in Australia - and followed that up by asking for a really big favor that only a fool, or maybe just Murray, would agree to) $14.95
Margolin, Phillip Worthy Brown's Daughter (Oregon, 1859: Lawyer Matthew Penny agrees to represent newly freed slave Worthy Brown. The lawsuit, to get custody of Worthy's daughter from their former master, sets events in motion that lead to murder charges against Worthy, and creates a dilemma that could send either Worthy or Matthew to the hangman) $9.99
Martin, Carol Ann Weave of Absence (Weaving #3: PBO; Della notices her friend Marnie's fiance in a heated argument with a weaving student, and starts to worry that there may be something wrong with Mr. Right. When the student is shot to death, Della must find the killer) $7.99
Maxwell, Alyssa Murder at Marble House (Gilded Newport #2: PBO; Society page reporter Emma Cross turns sleuth to solve a murder and a disappearance involving her Vanderbilt cousins) $15.00
Mayne, Andrew Angel Killer (Jessica Blackwood #1: FBI agent Jessica Blackwood believes she has left her complicated life as a gifted magician behind her, until a killer with seemingly supernatural powers puts her talents to the ultimate test) $14.99
McDermott, Andy The Valhalla Prophecy (Wilde & Chase #9: When thieves steal an enormous runestone from a Stockholm museum, archaeologist Nina Wilde and her ex-mercenary husband Eddie Chase learn that the stone might be one of two keys revealing the location of Valhalla) $9.99
Meier, Leslie Christmas Carol Murder (Lucy Stone #20: After a greedy mortgage broker is murdered, Lucy Stone uncovers plenty of suspects. Then the man's business partner starts receiving death threats. Can Lucy solve the case before the killer strikes again?) $7.99
Meier, Leslie French Pastry Murder (Lucy Stone #21: In recognition of their charitable work, Lucy and her friends and their husbands are awarded a vacation in Paris, including learning to make French pastries. Lucy winds up having to clear her name after she finds the pastry chef's dead body) $25.00
Mezrich, Ben Seven Wonders (When reclusive mathematician Jeremy Grady goes missing, his brother Jack's search for answers leads him to a conspiracy to hide a roadmap to the Garden of Eden - and to the truth behind a legendary ancient culture) $26.00
Miley, Mary Silent Murders (Roaring Twenties #2: Vaudeville actress Leah Randall has adopted Jessie Carr's name as her own and moved to Hollywood. When an old friend and a studio bigwig are murdered, Jessie decides to dig into the circumstances surrounding their deaths) $25.99
Molay, Frederique Crossing the Line (Paris Homicide #2: After dental students discover a message in the tooth of a severed head, Chief of Police Nico Sirsky and his team follow the clues from an apparent suicide to an apparent accident to a murder) $16.95
Moore, David T. (ed) Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (Anthology. Original stories featuring Holmes and Watson across time and space, from a witch trial in 17th-century Scotland to a crime in a future world of robots) $9.99
Mosley, Walter Rose Gold (Easy Rawlins #13: 1970s: A black ex-boxer, leader of a revolutionary cell, has kidnapped the daughter of a weapons manufacturer. The cell is demanding money, weapons, and an apology, or the young woman will die horribly and publicly. The authorities turn to PI Easy Rawlins to resolve this dangerous standoff) $25.95
Mrazek, Robert J. Valhalla (PBO; An expedition to Greenland to recover a lost WWII plane turns up a perfectly preserved Viking ship. Steven Macaulay puts together a group of scholars, but the mission is sabotaged by a covert society that will stop at nothing to protect their ancient secrets) $9.99
Nabb, Magdalen The Monster of Florence (Guarnaccia #10: When Marshal Guarnaccia is assigned to work with the police, tracking down a serial killer who targets unmarried couples, he feels out of his league) $14.95
Naughtie,James The Madness of July (Late 1970s: Trained as a spy for a life behind enemy lines, Will Flemying is now rising to the top in politics. But when a bizarre death begins to reveal some of his government's most sensitive secrets, Flemying is drawn back into the dangerous shadows of the Cold War) $26.95
Nethercott, Michael The Haunting Ballad (Plunkett & O'Nelligan #2: 1957: PI Lee Plunkett and Mr. O'Nelligan head for New York's Greenwich Village to investigate the death of a folk song collector) $25.99
Norton, Carla The Edge of Normal (Thriller Award finalist. 10 years ago, Reeve was kidnapped and held captive. After a lucky escape, she's spent the last 6 years trying to rebuild her life. When her therapist asks her to help a girl rescued from a similar situation, she soon realizes she may need to do more than mentor - she may be the only one who can protect the girl from a predator who is still out there) $7.99
Oppenheim, E. Phillips The Great Impersonation (Reissue; 1913: English aristocrat Everard Dominey stumbles out of the East African bush only to come face-to-face with his double, the German Baron von Ragastein. When Dominey returns to London, suspicions rise: is this Dominey, or a German agent infiltrating high society on the eve of war?) $15.00
Oppenheim, E. Phillips The Spy Paramount (Reissue; Rome, 1934: Former Secret Service agent Martin Fawley is recruited as a spy by the most feared man in Fascist Italy. Undercover in Monte Carlo, he discovers a secret weapon that could determine the outcome of the looming world war) $15.00
Paris, Harper The Mystery of the Lion's Tail (Greetings from Somewhere #5: Kids; On a family trip to the Maasai Mara in Kenya, twins Ethan and Ella need some good detective work to discover a pride of lions) $5.99
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Burn (Michael Bennett #7: Back home in NYC, Bennett takes over an Outreach Squad in Harlem. A phone call reporting that well-dressed men are holding a bizarre party in a condemned building is ignored - until a charred body turns up in the building) $28.00
Patterson, James Cross My Heart (Alex Cross #21: A genius, determined to prove that he is the greatest mind in the history of crime, becomes obsessed with detective Alex Cross) $10.00
Pelecanos, George The Double (Spero Lucas #2: Grace Kinkaid's ex-boyfriend stole a valuable painting from her. Lucas is hired to retrieve it, but Grace wants more. She wants Lucas to find the man who humiliated her, a violent career criminal with brutal thugs at his beck and call) $15.00
Pendleton, Don (creator) Maximum Chaos (Executioner #431: PBO; When a powerful mobster kidnaps a federal prosecutor's daughter, it's up to Bolan to get her back) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Domination Bid (Stony Man #133: PBO; Stony Man goes after a cutting-edge EMP weapon) $6.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Chain Reaction (SuperBolan #169: PBO; Bolan goes into action when an old adversary is suspected in the deaths of two FBI agents) $6.99
Plame, V/Lovett, S Blowback (Vanessa Pierson #1: CIA undercover agent Vanessa Pierson tries to pinpoint just who is building a nuke in Iran, and how this shadowy figure has discovered her sources' identities and had them killed) $9.99
Raybourn, Deanna Night of a Thousand Stars (PBO; 1920s: Poppy Hammond fled her unwanted wedding with the assistance of handsome curate Sebastian Cantrip. After Sebastian disappears under mysterious circumstances, Poppy chases a hunch and the whisper of clues to the East, and gets caught up in the search for a fabled ancient treasure) $14.95
Reed, Hannah Off Kilter (Scottish Highlands #1: PBO; In need of a fresh start, Eden Elliott heads to a village in the Scottish Highlands. When the town's sheep shearer is murdered, can Eden discover the killer?) $7.99
Reich, Christopher The Prince of Risk (Bobby Astor is on the verge of making his biggest hedge-fund killing ever. Then his father, head of the NYSE, is murdered along with the head of the Federal Reserve. Bobby realizes that a single-word text message from his father offers the only clue to the motive behind the attack) $9.99
Reichs, Kathy Bones Never Lie (Temperance Brennan #17: Years ago, Anique Pomerleau kidnapped and murdered a string of girls in Canada, then narrowly eluded capture. Now Pomerleau has resurfaced in the US. Can Tempe make good on her second chance to stop this psychopath?) $27.00
Ridpath, Michael Traitor's Gate (Englishman Conrad de Lacey saw enough evil during Franco's bloody insurrection. A trip to Germany, now controlled by the Nazis, draws him into a plot to free the fatherland from the Fuhrer) $13.95
Rowland, M.L. Murder Off the Beaten Path (Search & Rescue #2: PBO; Gracie finds her life in danger when she unearths a hidden world of illegal activities at a church-run camp in the mountains) $7.99
Ryan, Sofie (Kelly, Sofie) A Midwinter's Tail (Magical Cats #6: PBO; When a guest drops dead at the gala fundraiser for the library's Reading Buddies program, uncanny cats Owen and Hercules will have their paws full helping librarian Kathleen Paulson solve the murder) $7.99
Ryan, William The Twelfth Department (Alexei Korolev #3: Historical Dagger finalist. Moscow, 1937: When Captain Alexei Korolev is assigned to a sensitive case - the murder of an important man - he soon realizes that, if State Security or the NKVD decides he's interfering, he might lose his job, if he's lucky. Or his whole family might die if he's not) $15.99
Sandford, John Storm Front (Virgil Flowers #7: Virgil gets a visit from an Israeli cop. She is tailing a smuggler who has taken an incredible Biblical relic, and some very dangerous people are after it) $9.99
Sandford, John Deadline (Virgil Flowers #8: While looking into a dognapping as a favor to a friend, Virgil discovers that thieves are supplying dogs to medical labs. Then a local reporter is found murdered) $27.95
Sears, Michael Mortal Bonds (Jason Stafford #2: After the man behind a massive investment fraud commits suicide in prison, his family ask Jason to find out where the money is - and who is targeting them with kidnapping attempts) $9.99
Sherez, Stav Eleven Days (Carrigan #2: When a fire at a West London convent leaves ten nuns dead, and an unidentified eleventh body, DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller investigate) $18.00
Snicket, Lemony Shouldn't You Be in School? (All the Wrong Questions #3: Kids; While investigating a case of arson, young apprentice Lemony Snicket soon finds himself enveloped in the ever-increasing mystery that haunts the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Who is setting the fires? What secrets are hidden in the Department of Education? Why are so many schoolchildren in danger? Is it all the work of the notorious villain Hangfire?) $16.00
Stockwin, Julian Caribbee (Thomas Kydd #14: 1800s: Working out of the Leeward Islands station, Kydd and the others make the most of running down prizes and sending off fat convoys of sugar to England. But Bonaparte finds a way to take revenge for Trafalgar, and Kydd is shocked out of his complacency when he is accused of murder) $16.00
Suchet, David Poirot and Me (The actor shares his memories of creating the TV series, and reflects on what the detective has meant to him over the years) $13.95
Tope, Rebecca Ambleside Alibi (Lake District #2: Sinister secrets come creeping into the light after Simmy delivers a bouquet with a cryptic message attached to an elderly woman. When another old woman is murdered, Simmy is drawn into the investigation when the prime suspects names her as an alibi) $16.95
Urban, Simon Plan D (International Dagger finalist. In a Germany where the Wall never came down, West Berlin is thriving, but the GDR is facing bankruptcy. The only hope lies in economic talks with the West, but an ally of the GDR's chairman has been murdered, and all the clues suggest the killer was Stasi. Detective Martin Wegener must work the West German police to find the killer, even if it means investigating the Stasi) $15.95
Wait, Lea Shadows on a Maine Christmas (Antique Print #6: PBO; Maggie was expecting a storybook Christmas in Maine with her beloved Will and his Great-Aunt Nettie, but winds up investigating blackmail and murder instead) $15.95
Washburn, Livia J. The Fatal Funnel Cake (Fresh-Baked #8: Her funnel cakes has been chosen as one of the top entries at the Texas State Fair, to be sampled live on TV by a celebrity chef, but Phyllis has her moment in the spotlight spoiled when the chef drops dead after a single bite) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. Trick or Deadly Treat (Fresh-Baked #9: PBO; Arriving at the vet's clinic with a batch of homemade doggie treats, only to discover the vet being arrested for the murder of his wife, Phyllis and her friends engage in a dogged pursuit of the real killer) $14.00
Westlake, Donald E. The Getaway Car (The best of the great crime writer's nonfiction, including reviews, essays, letters, interviews, and a recipe for tuna casserole) $18.00
Wiebe, Sam Last of the Independents (Vancouver Noir #1: PBO; Vancouver PI Mike Drayton searches for a junk merchant's missing son, investigates a case involving a necrophile and a funeral home, and tries to keep a psychic from bilking a missing girl's mother) $17.99
Woods, Stuart Standup Guy (Stone Barrington #28: Stone gives legal advice to a client, involving money stolen in a famous heist 20 years ago, and sends the man on his way, but it's soon clear that won't be the end of this case - a lot of people are very interested) $9.99
Woods, Stuart Paris Match (Stone Barrington #31: Returning from Paris to attend to some business concerns, Stone finds himself embroiled in high-stakes trouble on both sides of the Atlantic) $26.95
Yu, Ovidia Aunty Lee's Deadly Specials (Aunty Lee #2: Aunty Lee's Delights is catering a brunch for local socialites Henry and Mabel Sung. Why is the guesthouse in the garden locked up? Where is the missing guest of honor? When Mabel and her son are found dead, the Singapore authorities blame the food. To save her business and her reputation, Aunty Lee must unmask a killer) $14.99
Zahler, S. Craig Mean Business on North Ganson Street (Forced to relocate to an understaffed precinct in a down-at-heels city in Missouri, detective Jules Bettinger investigates when two policeman are slain and mutilated. He comes to suspect that this is just the beginning of a series of cop executions) $25.99


Alexander, Tasha The Counterfeit Heiress (Lady Emily #9: When an actress trying to pass herself off as an heiress is murdered, was the intended victim the actress, or the heiress? And who would want either of them dead? The investigation takes Lady Emily and Colin from London to Paris) $25.99
Bacigalupi, Paolo The Doubt Factory (YA; The young man following her keeps saying that everything Alix knows about her life is a lie. Does her dad really run a firm that covers up wrongdoing by corporations that have allowed innocent victims to die? Is her father the bad guy? Are Moses and his radical band of teen activists right? Alix has to make a choice, but can she blow the whistle on the man who loves her and raised her?) $18.00
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn The Naturals (YA; By piecing together tiny details, 17-year-old Cassie can tell who you are and what you want. It's not a skill that she takes seriously, until the FBI asks her to join a group of exceptional teens working cold cases. When a killer strikes, they will need all their gifts to survive) $9.99
Bommersbach, Jana Cattle Kate (Strung up in Wyoming Territory in 1889, Cattle Kate was the only woman ever lynched for cattle rustling. But she wasn't a rustler, and she was never called Cattle Kate until she was dead. Ella Watson was an immigrant homesteader, lynched with her husband by cattle-baron neighbors who wanted her land and its precious water rights. This is her story) $14.95
Boneham, Sheila Webster Catwalk (Animals in Focus #3: PBO; A murder at the local Dog Dayz agility trials sets animal photographer Janet MacPhail on the trail of a killer) $14.99
Cleave, Paul Five Minutes Alone (Theodore Tate #4: Somebody is helping rape victims exact revenge on their attackers, and most of the police force seems to be rooting for the killer. But when innocent people start to die, detectives Theodore Tate and Carl Schroder find themselves with different objectives - and battling each other) $16.00
Copperman, E.J. The Question of the Missing Head (Samuel Hoenig #1: PBO; Samuel's Asperger's Syndrome helps him ferret out the answer to almost any question. His latest is a doozy: who stole a preserved head from the Cryonics Institute? His search for the answer leads to his next question: who killed the woman Samuel found in the Institute's freezer room?) $14.99
Costantini, Roberto The Deliverance of Evil (Michele Balistreri #1: Decades after an unsolved torture murder, when the victim's mother apparently commits suicide and corpses begin to turn up, Rome police detective Michele Balistreri realizes that the cold case that has haunted him for years may be heating up again) $14.99
Downie, Jill Blood Will Out (Moretti & Falla #3: PBO; While investigating the apparent suicide of a hermit, Guernsey detectives Ed Moretti and Liz Falla have to deal with what seems to be an outbreak of vampirism) $12.99
Eskens, Allen The Life We Bury (PBO; Assigned to interview a stranger and write a brief biography, Minnesota college student Joe Talbert chooses a dying Vietnam veteran who is also a convicted murderer. Unable to reconcile the heroism of the soldier with the despicable acts of the convict, Joe throws himself into uncovering the truth) $15.95
Fforde, Jasper The Eye of Zoltar (Kazam #3: Kids; The long-absent Mighty Shandar makes an astonishing appearance and commands 16-year-old Jennifer Strange to find the Eye of Zoltar. If she fails, he will eliminate the only two dragons left on earth. Can a teenage non-magician outdo the greatest sorcerer?) $16.99
Gorman, Ed Riders on the Storm (Sam McCain #10: When a Vietnam veteran is murdered, the obvious suspect is an anti-war protester, but lawyer Sam McCain has his doubts. At least three people had motives, and Sam suspects he'll discover more as his investigation heats up) $25.95
Hart, Ellen The Old Deep and Dark (Jane Lawless #22: Theater director Cordelia Thorn is restoring a historic theater she and her sister bought. When a corpse turns up in a basement wall, she calls in her best friend Jane Lawless to investigate) $25.99
Hicks, Deron R. Tower of the Five Orders (Shakespeare Mysteries #2: Kids; With the authenticity of the recently discovered Shakespeare manuscripts in question and her family's publishing business in danger, 13-year-old Colophon Letterford travels from Oxford's Tower of the Five Orders to the depths of London's sewers in her pursuit of the truth) $6.99
Higashino, Keigo Malice (Kyochiro Kaga #4: A bestselling novelist has been murdered in a locked room inside his locked house. His body was found by his wife and his best friend, both of whom have solid alibis. Or so it seems. Police detective Kyochiro Kaga investigates) $24.99
Hull, Linda Joffe Black Thursday (Mrs. Frugalicious #2: PBO; A Black Friday shopping trip filmed by the local TV news was meant to give Maddie a chance to share deals with her fans. Instead she winds up in a murder investigation when one of her blog followers is crushed by a pallet of toasters) $14.99
James, P.D. Death Comes to Pemberley TV tie-in edition (Reissue; 1803: On the eve of Pemberley's annual autumn ball, a coach careens up the drive carrying Lydia, Elizabeth's disgraced sister, who stumbles out of the carriage shrieking that her husband has been murdered) $15.00
James, Peter Dead Simple (Roy Grace #1: Reissue; When Michael's best friends leave him buried alive on the night of his bachelor party, it seems like perfect payback for Michael's bachelor party pranks - until they are killed in a car crash moments later. DS Roy Grace discovers that the one man who ought to know Michael's whereabouts is saying nothing - but then, that man has a lot to gain, more than anyone realizes) $9.99
Johnson, Craig Wait for Signs (Walt Longmire: Collection. 10 short stories featuring the Wyoming sheriff, including 1 original to this volume) $22.00
Johnston, Linda O. Lost Under a Ladder (Superstition #1: PBO; When her boyfriend dies five minutes after walking under a ladder, Rory and her dog Pluckie head for the town of Destiny, where superstitions are a way of life. Offered a job at the Lucky Dog Boutique after Pluckie saves the owner Martha's life, Rory investigates when Martha is accused of murder) $14.99
Kent, Christobel A Darkness Descending (Sandro Cellini #4: Florentine detective Sandro Cellini looks into the death of a politician's wife, uncovering the hidden life of a woman consumed with private passions and a deadly obsession) $14.95
King, Laurie R. The Bones of Paris (Harris Stuyvesant #2: Summer 1929: PI Harris Stuyvesant joins the American expat community in Paris, searching for a missing girl whose disappearance may be one of many - and possibly linked to a string of murders) $16.00
Lansdale, Joe R. The Thicket (1900s: When his sister Lula is kidnapped, young Jack teams up with a bounty hunter and the son of an ex-slave, and sets off the rescue her from the corrupt men who control most of East Texas) $16.00
Lawhon, Ariel The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress (A reimagining of a scandalous mystery that rocked the nation in 1930 - Justice Joseph Crater's infamous disappearance - as seen through the eyes of the three women who knew him best) $15.95
Lewis, Ted Jack Carter's Law (alternate title: Jack Carter and the Law) (Jack Carter #2: Reissue; 1960s: London fixer Jack Carter, top man in the Fletcher brothers' crime syndicate, goes on the hunt in Soho to find an informant) $14.95
Lippman, Laura (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories 2014 (PBO; Anthology. Some of the best stories published in 2013) $14.95
Littell, Robert A Nasty Piece of Work (New Mexico PI Lemuel Gunn been hired to trace Emilio Gava, a bail jumper, but there are no photographs of Gava, and once Gunn begins his search, it becomes unclear whether Gava existed in the first place) $15.99
Littlefield, Sophie The Missing Place (PBO; When two young men vanish from a shantytown for oil rig workers in North Dakota, their mothers think the oil company is covering up the disappearances - and maybe something more - and decide to investigate) $16.00
Lovett, Charlie First Impressions (When two different customers request a copy of the same obscure book, bookseller and Jane Austen enthusiast Sophie Collingwood is drawn into a mystery that will cast doubt on the authorship of Pride and Prejudice ) $27.95
Malliet, G.M. A Demon Summer (Max Tudor #4: The Earl of Lislelivet has a gift for making enemies, so it's not too surprising that someone has tried to poison him. But how did the poison end up in a fruitcake from Monkbury Abbey? The local bishop asks Father Max Tudor, a former MI5 agent, to investigate) $25.99
McCrumb, Sharyn Nora Bonesteel's Christmas Past (Ballad: Novella. Nora Bonesteel is glad to see folks buy the old Honeycutt house, even if they are summer people. But when they decide to spend Christmas there, they find more than old memories in the wall. On Christmas Eve, Sheriff Arrowood and Deputy LeDonne are called to arrest an elderly man for a minor offense. Can they do their duty while doing the right thing for a neighbor?) $18.99
Parker, T. Jefferson Full Measure (When his family's avocado ranch is destroyed by a wildfire, Patrick Norris puts his plans on hold to save the family home. After his troubled brother Ted's quest to prove himself goes terribly wrong, Ted tries to disappear. Desperate to find him and salvage what remains of his family, Patrick faces an agonizing choice) $25.99
Parson, Tony The Murder Man (UK title: The Murder Bag) (Max Wolfe #1: London police detective Max Wolfe is an insomniac, a dog lover, a coffee addict, a single parent, and every murderer's worst nightmare. He's on the bloody trail of a serial killer who excels at cutting throats) $25.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories of the 19th Century (Anthology. Reprints 33 stories) $30.00
Pflugfelder/Hockensmith Nick and Tesla's Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove (Nick & Tesla #4: Kids; 11-year-old siblings Nick and Tesla share a knack for science and electronics. Can they figure out why the robotic recreations of history's greatest scientists and inventors keep going haywire? Includes instructions for building a gadget glove) $12.95
Pitcher, Annabel Yours Truly (HC title: Ketchup Clouds) (YA; Edgar Award winner. Zoe has an unconventional pen pal - a convicted murderer on Death Row - and she has an unconventional story to tell: how she fell for two boys, betrayed one of them, and killed the other) $9.00
Rendell, Ruth No Man's Nightingale (Wexford #24: The Wexfords' gossipy cleaning woman discovers the body of Sarah Hussein, who has been strangled in her vicarage. She was a woman working in a male-dominated profession, a single mother, of mixed race, and working to modernize the Church. Intrigued, the retired inspector leaps at the chance to tag along with the investigators) $16.00
Rule, Ann Practice to Deceive (Nonfiction. The story of the murder of Russel Douglas) $7.99
Russell, S. Thomas Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead (Charles Hayden #4: Master and Commander Hayden's orders send him to the Caribbean to meddle with French shipping to the colonies. En route, when they rescue two Spanish castaways, it soon becomes clear the guests aren't exactly what they seem) $27.95
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Truth Be Told (Jane Ryland #3: While working on a story about residential evictions and foreclosures, Jane Ryland uncovers a big-bucks scheme - the players behind it will stop at nothing, including murder) $24.99
Taylor, Andrew The Scent of Death (Historical Dagger winner. 1778: London clerk Edward Savill is in New York, investigating the claims of dispossessed loyalists caught on the wrong side of the war. The discovery of a body in the slums thrusts him into a murder inquiry - and the secret this killing hides could be the key to power for whoever uncovers it) $26.99
Weaver, Ashley Murder at the Brightwell ( 1930: Amory Ames accompanies her former fiance Gil Trent to a seaside resort, to help him prevent his sister's marriage to disreputable Rupert Howe. When Rupert is murdered and Gil is arrested, Amory is determined to prove Gil's innocence) $24.99
Webb, Betty Desert Rage (Lena Jones #8: After 14-year-old Alison and her boyfriend confess to slaughtering Alison's family, an ambitious political candidate asks PI Lena Jones to find out if Alison is telling the truth - and confesses that the girl is her biological daughter) $14.95
Widmark, Martin The Diamond Mystery (Whodunit Detective #1: Kids; Several diamonds have gone missing at the local jewelry shop. Everyone who works in the shop seems to have a motive. Can kid detectives Jerry and Maya solve the crime and help save the business?) $5.99
Widmark, Martin The Hotel Mystery (Whodunit Detective #2: Kids; When a guest's dog disappears at the town hotel, can kid detectives Jerry and Maya track down the valuable hound?) $5.99
Wilson, F. Paul Dark City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #2: 1992: With his favorite bar about to be sold out from under his friend Julio, Jack sets out to see that the biters get bit) $8.99


Abdoh, Salar (ed) Tehran Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in Tehran, mostly by Iranian writers who still live there) $15.95
Ace, Cathy The Corpse with the Platinum Hair (Cait Morgan #4: Cait and Bud's plan to celebrate his birthday in Las Vegas does not proceed as planned when a security lockdown traps them in a luxurious restaurant with a corpse and ten possible murderers) $14.95
Adams, Ellery Lethal Letters (Books by the Bay #6: PBO; Certain that there's a connection between a young woman's death and a missing item from a recently discovered time capsule, Olivia and her fellow Bayside Book Writers set out to uncover some clues and find a killer) $7.99
Alaux, JP/Balen, N Deadly Tasting (Winemaker Detective #4: Can wine expert Benjamin Cooker and his assistant Virgile help the Bordeaux police track down a serial killer who leaves filled wine glasses at the crime scenes?) $12.95
Andrews, Donna The Nightingale Before Christmas (Meg Langslow #18: An untenanted house is being decorated for the holidays, each room by a different decorator, including Mother. Meg gets talked into helping out, but when rooms start being sabotaged and a designer turns up dead, can Meg catch the real killer in time to save Mother from the indignity of arrest?) $24.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas (Jane Austen #12: Christmas Eve, 1814: Invited to spend the holidays with family and friends at the ancestral home of the prominent Chute family, Jane investigates when a guest dies under suspicious circumstances) $25.00
Brandon, John G. A Scream in Soho (Reissue; Originally published in 1940. A scream and a bloody knife plunge DI McCarthy into the seedy Soho underworld, seeking the connection between the mysterious Madame Rohmer and the theft of crucial anti-aircraft defense plans) $15.00
Briggs, J.C. The Murder of Patience Brooke (Dickens & Jones #1: 1849: Author Charles Dickens teams up with Superintendent Jones of Bow Street to find out who killed the assistant matron at Dickens' Home for Fallen Women) $14.95
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen (Mrs. Jeffries #32: A stockbroker has been using Victorian London's infatuation with foreign mining ventures to make a fortune, so when he's found murdered, the question is who had the most to gain - or lose) $7.99
Brown, Rita Mae Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Sister Jane Arnold #9: When a tree limb falls in an equine graveyard, it reveals remains that are definitely not equine. It falls to Sister Jane Arnold and her trusty hounds to investigate an old murder with modern-day repercussions) $26.00
Burton, Mary Cover Your Eyes (PBO; Public defender Rachel Wainwright is struggling to reopen an old case, convinced that the wrong man is in prison. Homicide detective Deke Morgan doesn't want to agree. But if Rachel's hunch is correct, whoever killed Annie Dawson 30 years ago might be behind a new string of slayings) $7.99
Butler, Robert Olen The Star of Istanbul (Kit Cobb #2: With the Great War in full swing, war correspondent and US spy Kit Cobb follows a possible SS agent aboard the Lusitania. Aboard ship, he is smitten with a famous actress who turns out to harbor secrets that could fan the flames of the raging conflict) $15.00
Carl, Joanna The Chocolate Book Bandit (Chocoholic #13: The library board meeting is interrupted when a retiring member is found dead in the library basement. Suddenly everyone in attendance is a suspect - and Lee discovers that they've all got something to hide) $7.99
Carlisle, Kate A High-End Finish (Fixer-Upper #1: PBO; On a blind date with a real estate agent, contractor Shannon Hammer whips out a pair of pliers to keep him from getting too hands-on. When he's found dead in a house Shannon is restoring, she becomes the new police chief's prime suspect) $7.99
Chance, Maia Snow White Red-Handed (Fairy Tale Fatal #1: PBO; 1867: Thespian Ophelia Flax has acted her way into a lady's maid position, which takes her to a castle in the haunted Black Forest, where the grounds contain the suspected remains of Snow White's cottage, along with a disturbing dwarf skeleton. To keep from rising to the top of the suspect list when her employer is poisoned by an apple, Ophelia must fight through a bramble of elegant lies and sinister folklore) $7.99
Connelly, Michael The Burning Room (Harry Bosch #19: When a man succumbs to complications from being shot by a stray bullet nine years earlier, Harry Bosch and rookie detective Lucia Soto catch the case. As they pull new leads from old information, they discover the shooting may have been anything but random) $28.00
Connelly, Michael The Gods of Guilt (Mickey Haller #5: A murder victim turns out to be a former client, a prostitute Mickey thought he had put on the straight and narrow. He soon finds out that she was back in the sex trade, and that, far from saving her, he may have been the one who put her in danger) $10.00
Connolly, John The Wolf in Winter (Charlie Parker #12: The death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter draw haunted, lethal PI Charlie Parker to Prosperous, Maine. The town and its protectors sense that Parker is a grave threat to the wealthy, sheltered inhabitants of the town. Now Charlie Parker has been marked to die so that Prosperous - and the secret it hides beneath the ruins of an ancient church - may survive) $26.00
Corrigan, Maya Ann By Cook or By Crook (Five-Ingredient #1: PBO; Val is living with her grandfather near Chesapeake Bay, working at the cafe at the local fitness club, and writing a cookbook. When a club patron is murdered, Val turns up five clues and five suspects) $7.99
Crais, Robert The Promise (Cole & Pike #16: PI Elvis Cole and his partner Joe Pike team up with LA cop Scott James and his patrol dog Maggie on an investigation that leads from inner-city drug traffickers to Afghan war veterans with ties to a terrorist cell) $27.95
Cussler, C/Cussler, D Havana Storm (Dirk Pitt #23: While investigating a toxic outbreak in the Caribbean Sea, Dirk Pitt unwittingly becomes involved in a post-Castro power struggle in Cuba. Meanwhile, Pitt's children are hunting for a clue to the location of an Aztec treasure; the trail leads to Cuba, putting them squarely in harm's way) $28.95
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J Mirage (Oregon Files #9: There is talk of a new weapon to be auctioned, and rumors link it to inventor Nikola Tesla, who was working with the Navy when he died in 1943. Are his notes in enemy hands? Juan Cabrillo and his crew race to find the truth) $9.99
de Villiers, Gerard Chaos in Kabul (Malko Linge: The White House National Security Advisor sends freelancer Malko Linge to Kabul to assassinate the president of Afghanistan) $14.95
Evanovich/Goldberg The Chase (Kate O'Hare #2: FBI agent Kate O'Hare and con artist Nicolas Fox must work under the radar and against the clock to retrieve a rare Chinese artifact stolen from the Smithsonian by a former White House chief of staff) $8.99
Fletcher, Martin Jacob's Oath (1945: Europe's roads are clogged with exhausted refugees walking home. Among them are Jacob and Sarah, Holocaust survivors who meet in Heidelberg. Jacob is determined to kill his brother's murderer, a concentration camp guard. He must choose between revenge and love, between avenging the past and building a future) $15.99
Fluke, Joanne Cold Judgment (Reissue; Eight beautiful, talented women, each close to losing her grip on sanity. Dr. Elias is their only hope. But he's dying, and he's decided: those he can't cure, he must kill) $7.99
Frederick, Heather Vogel Absolutely Truly (Kids; Truly's family has moved to Pumpkin Falls, NH, to run a struggling bookstore that's been in the family for 100 years. After Truly finds an undelivered letter inside a first edition of Charlotte's Web , and the book goes missing, what's inside the envelope leads Truly and her friends on a madcap treasure hunt, chasing clues that could spell danger) $16.99
Gardner, Lisa Fear Nothing (D.D. Warren #7: With a psychopath known as the Rose Killer on the loose, Boston detective D.D. Warren consults with an institutionalized killer who claims that she can help find the Rose Killer before he strikes again) $9.99
Gazan, S.J. The Dinosaur Feather (When the despised Dr. Helland is found dead in his Copenhagen office, with a copy of PhD hopeful Anna Bella Nor's thesis in his lap, the autopsy shows he was murdered in a fiendishly ingenious way. Police Superintendent Soren Marhauge must unravel the intrigues among the scientists at the university) $15.99
Gold, Alan/Jones, Mike Bloodline (Heritage #1: After his attack on Jerusalem's Western Wall fails, young Palestinian Bilal finds himself in the hands of Jewish surgeon Yael Cohen. When she discovers that her DNA and Bilal's are nearly identical, their search for answers puts them in the middle of a high-stakes international conspiracy) $16.00
Gortner, C.W. The Tudor Vendetta (Spymaster #3: London, 1558: Queen Elizabeth's court is rife with conspiracy, her realm plunged into chaos. When her friend Lady Parry disappears during a visit to Yorkshire, the queen dispatches Brendan Prescott to investigate) $16.99
Grant, Ellie Murderous Mince (Pie in the Sky #2: PBO; When Aunt Clara's latest beau turns out to have a shady past, then stumbles into the pie shop and dies of a gunshot wound, it's up to Maggie to get her aunt's name off the suspect list) $7.99
Greenfield, Jeff If Kennedy Lived (Nonfiction. An alternate history of John F. Kennedy's first and second terms) $15.00
Hall, James W. Going Dark (Thorn #13: Flynn Moss has fallen in with a radical environmental group; when he grows suspicious about their plans for a demonstration at a nuclear power plant, he turns to his father Thorn for help) $9.99
Hall, Tarquin The Case of the Love Commandos (Vish Puri #4: When Tulsi, a high-caste young woman, falls in love with Ram, an Untouchable, her father locks her up and threatens to kill her boyfriend. Volunteers dedicated to helping mixed-caste couples manage to free Tulsi, but Ram is missing. The task of finding him falls to PI Vish Puri) $15.99
Hallinan, Timothy For the Dead (Poke Rafferty #6: Poke's adopted daughter Miaow and her boyfriend bought a stolen cell phone, which turns out to hold photos of two murdered cops. The discovery endangers the entire family, because the murder investigation is surrounded by a conspiracy that reaches to the top of Bangkok law enforcement) $25.00
Hambly, Barbara Crimson Angel (Benjamin January #13: 1838: Jefferson Vitrack, the white half-brother of January's wife, believes that the family's lost treasure is in Haiti. But the world's only Black Republic looks with murderous mistrust upon strangers, and January is reluctant to go. After Vitrack is murdered, and attempts are made on January and his wife, he realizes that he has no choice) $29.95
Hamilton, Victoria No Mallets Intended (Vintage Kitchen #4: PBO; The local heritage society is restoring a building, and Jaymie is providing the kitchen with Depression-era furnishings - she wasn't expecting the resident historian to be killed with a mallet from her display) $7.99
Hammett, Dashiell The Hunter and Other Stories (Collection. 21 stories stories, mostly previously unpublished ones gleaned from the author's personal archives, along with screen treatments from film-industry files) $15.00
Harper, Karen Forbidden Ground (Cold Creek #2: PBO; Back in Cold Creek for her sister's wedding, anthropologist Kate Lockwood hopes Grant Mason will give her permission to excavate a burial mound on his land. Grant refuses, but when one of his friends is killed, he and Kate join forces to investigate) $7.99
Harris, Robert An Officer and a Spy (Paris, 1895: Recently made head of the counterespionage agency that helped convict Alfred Dreyfus of treason, George Picquart believes Dreyfus is guilty, but gradually comes to suspect that a spy remains at large in the military, and uncovers evidence that points to deceit at the highest levels) $15.95
Hechtman, Betty For Better or Worsted (Crochet #8: At a society wedding, the groom ends up dead, with the bride's mother holding the murder weapon. As the newest addition to a reality TV show, she's happy to fuel the media frenzy. When the distraught bride becomes prime suspect, Molly and the Hookers must identify the killer among the high-profile suspects) $7.99
Hempel, Sandra The Inheritor's Powder (Nonfiction. In the early 19th century, arsenic was so frequently used by potential beneficiaries of wills that it was nicknamed 'the inheritor's powder.' But it was difficult to prove that a victim had been poisoned, let alone identify the contaminated food or drink. Then a suspicious death in 1833 led James Marsh, the brilliant chemist assigned to the case, to attempt to create a test that could pinpoint the presence of arsenic) $15.95
Hogan, Shanna Picture Perfect (Nonfiction. When Jodie Arias killed Travis Alexander, was it self-defense or murder?) $7.99
Jackson, Douglas Sword of Rome (Verrens #4: 68 CE: Emperor Nero's erratic and bloody reign is in its death throes. This will become known as the Year of the Four Emperors, a time of civil war which will tear Rome apart and test Gaius Valerius Verrens' skills and loyalties to their limits) $14.95
James, Peter Dead Man's Time (Roy Grace #9: An old woman has been murdered in Brighton, and valuable antiques taken, including a rare vintage watch. As Detective Superintendent Roy Grace investigates, he realizes he has kicked over a hornets' nest of new and ancient hatreds) $16.99
Janes, J. Robert Betrayal (In the POW camps of Northern Ireland, Mary Ellen Fraser has found a German lover, and agrees to smuggle a letter to his cousin. When she learns that it was actually an encoded message for the Nazi fleet, can Mary undo the damage of her unwitting espionage?) $14.99
Jardine, Quintin Hour of Darkness (Bob Skinner #24: When the identity of a murdered woman in Edinburgh is revealed, it stirs unwelcome memories for those who knew her, including Chief Constable Skinner. His decision to become involved in the investigation will lead him to the toughest choice of his life) $26.95
Jardine, Quintin As Serious as Death (Primavera Blackstone #5: Retired cop Ricky Ross is now working for airline owner Jack Weighley. Primavera teams up with him to investigate attacks on Jack's aircraft. Is it just vandalism, or the work of Catalan extremists?) $12.95
Jerusalmy, Raphael The Brotherhood of Book Hunters (Condemned to death by King Louis XI, poet Francois Villon is offered a chance to earn his freedom. He must convince a printer and bookseller to relocate to Paris, the better to circulate progressive ideas. But the task is complicated by plots and counterplots involving Jerusalem, France, and Italy) $16.00
Johnson, Craig Spirit of Steamboat (Walt Longmire: Novella; on Christmas Eve, a young woman with a scar on her forehead arrives with questions about former sheriff Lucian Connally. Walt takes her to see Connally, and she tells them a tale of Christmas Eve, 1988, when 3 people died in a terrible crash and a young girl had the slimmest chance of survival, when there was a record-breaking blizzard, when a whiskey-soaked WWII vet was ready to fly a decommissioned plane and risk everything to save a life) $12.00
Kaplan, Glenn Poison Pill (Emma has built Percival & Baxter's painkiller into a huge success. Then her ex, a Wall Street raider, threatens a hostile takeover. When a mysteriously tainted batch of the drug starts killing people, including P&B's CEO, Emma faces the fight of her life) $9.99
Kennedy, Elle Midnight Action (Killer Instincts #5: PBO; Years ago on a black ops mission, Jim seduced Noelle in order to trap her criminal father. Now he needs her help. They have no reason to trust each other, but as they face a common enemy, the lines between love and hate are blurred) $7.99
Keret/Gavron (ed) Tel Aviv Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in Tel Aviv, by some of Israel's top writers) $15.95
Kingsbury, Karen Mulled Murder (Pennyfoot Hotel #21 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #9: Cecily scrambles to hire and train new staff in time for the holidays, but one of her guests is beyond assistance, stabbed to death on the beach. The dead man turns out to be a London investigator looking into dark doings involving the hotel. Who among staff and guests was he after, and what secret led to murder?) $7.99
Kyle, C.J. Silent Night (PBO; Miranda Harley has been tracking a serial killer, hoping to gather enough evidence to convict him. Trouble is, no one will believe her, not even sexy police chief Tucker Ambrose) $7.99
Lachman, Charles Footsteps in the Snow (PBO; Nonfiction. Decades after the unsolved disappearance and murder of 7-year-old Maria Ridulph, a deathbed confession reopens the cold case) $9.99
Lane, Andrew Fire Storm (Young Sherlock #4: YA; When a friend and her father disappear, their house looks as though no one has ever lived in it, and the neighbors claim never to have heard of them. A clue points to Scotland, and a mystery that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers, and a man who claims he can raise the dead) $9.99
Lane, Andrew Snake Bite (Young Sherlock #5: YA; Kidnapped and taken to China, Sherlock finds himself plunged into a deadly mystery. How can three men have been bitten by the same poisonous snake in different parts of Shanghai? Who wants them dead, and why?) $17.99
Lawson, M.A. (Mike) Rosarito Beach (Kay Hamilton #1: DEA agent Kay Hamilton has taken down drug czar Caesar Olivera's younger brother, hoping that next Caesar and his entire cartel will fall. But when a stranger shows up on her doorstep, the Olivera case suddenly becomes far more personal - and dangerous) $9.99
Lawton, John Sweet Sunday (1969: When New York PI Turner Raines discovers that his oldest friend is dead, the trail of his friend's death leads Raines back to Texas, and into the path of people who know about secret goings-on in Vietnam, stories they may now be willing to tell. Lucky for Raines, he's a good listener) $25.00
Lawton, John Then We Take Berlin (1946: Cockney cat burglar Joe finds himself drafted, and ends up in occupied Berlin working for MI6. He also teams up with Frank, a US Army captain, to raise the black market scam to a new level. 1963: Joe is scraping by as a gumshoe. Frank is a Madison Avenue bigshot, planning one last Berlin scam. He needs Joe's help, only this time they're smuggling people instead of coffee) $15.00
Levine, Laura This Pen for Hire (Jaine Austen #1: Reissue; Freelance writer Jaine Austen wrote a letter proclaiming geeky Howard Murdoch's undying love for aerobics instructor Stacy Lawrence. When the unlikely Romeo becomes prime suspect after finding Stacy bludgeoned to death with a Thigh Master, Jaine sets out to clear his name) $7.99
Lewis, Ted Jack Carter and the Mafia Pigeon (Jack Carter #3: Reissue; 1960s: His mob kingpin employers send London fixer Jack Carter to a Spanish villa to protect a wise-cracking Italian-American mobster) $14.95
MacRae, Molly Plagued by Quilt (Haunted Yarn Shop #4: PBO; When a long-buried murder is uncovered at a historic farm where Kath and her fiber pals are volunteering, and then the farm's director is murdered, the group (and ghostly sidekick Geneva) must find the guilty party) $7.99
Mann, D/Pezzullo, R Hunt the Jackal (Thomas Crocker #4: When a senator's wife and teenage daughter are kidnapped, Thomas Crocker and SEAL Team Six are sent to Mexico's lawless countryside to rescue them) $8.00
Marks, Mary Knot in My Backyard (Quilty Tuesdays #2: PBO; When a baseball coach is murdered, the police are convinced Martha Rose's neighbor did it, but the quilters soon discover plenty of other suspects) $7.99
Marwood, Alex The Killer Next Door (Everyone who lives at 23 Beulah Grove has a secret, or they wouldn't be renting in the dodgy old building. They mostly keep to themselves, until the summer night when a terrible accident pushes them into an uneasy alliance. But one of them is a killer with a next victim in mind) $16.00
McCoy, A.P. Taking the Fall (Charlie's career as a horse trainer was destroyed when bitter rivalries got out of hand. With his father's health declining, Charlie's jockey son Duncan is desperate to beat the best - and take down the men behind Charlie's ruin) $14.95
McDermid, Val (V.L) Cross and Burn (Hill & Jordan #8: Lambda Award finalist. Guilt and grief have driven a wedge between psychologist Tony Hill and ex-DCI Carol Jordan. Now someone is killing women who look like Jordan. When the evidence points in a disturbing direction, Tony and Carol are forced to fight for themselves and each other as never before) $15.00
McHugh, Mary Chorus Lines, Caviar, and Corpses (Happy Hoofers #1: PBO; After posting a video of their tap dancing on the internet, the five middle-aged members of the Happy Hoofers are hired to perform on a cruise up the Volga River. When a crew member is murdered and a passenger disappears, they'll need some fancy footwork to catch a killer) $7.99
McKenzie, C.B. Bad Country (Hillerman Prize winner. Arizona PI Rodeo Garnet is hired by an elderly Indian woman to help discover who murdered her grandson) $24.99
McKinlay, Jenn On Borrowed Time (Library Lover's #5: PBO; When her playboy brother Jack, a consultant for a coffee company, disappears, Lindsey's quest for her brother embroils her in a strange case. It'll take help from her library book club and both her suitors to keep Jack from ending up in hot water) $7.99
McKinty/Neville (ed) Belfast Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in Belfast, Northern Ireland) $15.95
Muir, T. Frank Tooth for a Tooth (Andy Gilchrist #3: When a woman's remains are found in a shallow grave, DCI Gilchrist is tasked with finding the killer. But dental records from an extracted tooth seem to indicate she was killed by Andy's long-dead brother) $14.95
Muller, M/Pronzini, B The Spook Lights Affair (Carpenter & Quincannon #2: San Francisco, 1895: Debutantes don't commit suicide at parties, particularly under the eye of Sabina Carpenter, but one evidently did, leaping from a foggy parapet in a shimmer of ghostly light. The disappearance of her body creates an even more serious problem for the detectives) $14.99
Murphy, Shirley & Pat The Cat, the Devil, and Lee Fontana (The night before Lee Fontana is paroled, Satan tempts the thief with the promise of one more successful robbery. But Lee has a secret ally looking out for him. The prison cat, a ghost, will tail the ex-con on his dangerous mission - an adventure that will leave a long legacy for feline PI Joe Grey and his pals) $7.99
Neville, Stuart The Final Silence (Belfast #4: When Rhea Carlisle discovers a serial killer's journal of victims in the house she has inherited from her uncle, she turns to disgraced Belfast police detective Jack Lennon for help) $26.95
Norman, Andreas Into a Raging Blaze (When a stranger gives a rising star of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs a USB device containing a ticking time bomb of intelligence information, SAPO agent Bente Jensen investigates. The stakes rise when British MI6 agents show up, intent on a quick resolution by any means necessary) $26.99
Oak, B.B. Thoreau on Wolf Hill (Thoreau #2: PBO; 1847: Henry David Thoreau and Dr. Adam Walker investigate when two corpses drained of blood give rise to rumors of a legendary Indian vampyre. The clues lead to the backstage world of a Boston theater, an opium den, and an Indian burial ground) $15.00
Olsen, Gregg The Girl in the Woods (Waterman & Stark #1: PBO; Forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman and Sheriff Kendall Stark are on the trail of a psychopath whose powers of persuasion seem to have no end) $9.99
Olsson, Fredrik T. Chain of Events (William Sandberg #1: For years, William Sandberg has suspected that decoding human behavior and DNA would make it possible to predict and perhaps prevent man-made disasters and terrorism. Now he's been abducted by a top-secret organization that thinks he's right) $26.00
Oust, Gail Rosemary and Crime (Piper Prescott #1: Middle-aged Yankee Piper Prescott has dreamed of running a spice shop in her adopted Georgia hometown, but the grand opening goes awry when she becomes a suspect in the stabbing death of a local chef) $7.99
Palliser, Charles Rustication (1863: Opium addict Richard Shenstone has been sent down from Cambridge under a cloud of suspicion. Soon after, graphic and threatening letters begin to circulate among his neighbors, and Richard finds himself suspected of crimes ranging from vivisection to murder) $15.95
Pendleton, Don (creator) Slayground (Executioner #432: PBO; Bolan must rescue a senator's daughter from a cult in Florida) $5.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Black Lizard Big Book of Locked-Room Mysteries (Massive reprint anthology) $25.00
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Siege (International Dagger winner. Cadiz, 1811: The city is besieged, bombs are falling, and now murdered women are turning up in abandoned corners. Merciless police commissioner Rogelio Tizon is determined to find the killer) $28.00
Perry, Anne Christmas Crimes: A Christmas Homecoming / A Christmas Garland (Christmas #9 / #10: Omnibus reprint. 2 short novels) $15.00
Perry, Anne A New York Christmas (Christmas #12: 1904: Delphinia Cardew is headed to New York for her society wedding, and her friend Jemima Pitt is accompanying her. Once there, the groom's brother asks Jemima to track down Delphinia's disgraced mother) $18.00
Raichev, R.T. The Killing of Olga Klimt (Darcy & Payne #9: Antonia Darcy never imagined that taking her grandson to his first day of school would embroil her and her husband in a baffling case of mistaken identity and murder) $14.95
Rendell, Ruth The Girl Next Door (When a London construction project uncovers a tin box containing two skeletal hands, the investigation reunites a group of people who played in an earthen tunnel there in the summer of 1944. Is the truth buried among these aging friends and their memories?) $26.00
Rizzolo, S.K. Die I Will Not (John Chase #3: Bow Street Runner John Chase and lawyer Edward Buckler investigate killings connected to a series of seditious letters attacking the Prince Regent) $14.95
Rosenheim, Andrew The Little Tokyo Informant (Jimmy Nessheim #2: Autumn, 1941: A rumor that the Soviet Union has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government leads to the discovery that $50,000 has been wired from the Russians to a Japanese bank in LA, and sets FBI special agent Jimmy Nessheim on the trail of a missing double agent) $16.95
Schwegel, Theresa The Good Boy (After witnessing a shooting, 11-year-old Joel Murphy goes on the run with his father's police dog, navigating the Chicago streets as they try to stay one step ahead of bad guys who may have a very personal interest in getting some payback on Officer Pete Murphy) $15.99
Shoham, Liad Lineup (A rape in a quiet Tel Aviv neighborhood has no witnesses, suspects, or clues, until the victim's father supplies overwhelming evidence pointing to Ziv Nevo. Nevo has nothing to say - because he works for the mob, and telling the truth about why he was near the crime scene could get him killed) $14.99
Siger, Jeffrey Sons of Sparta (Andreas Kaldis #6: The murder of detective Yiannis Kouros' uncle and chief inspector Andreas Kaldis' probe into government corruption both lead straight back to the Mani, a group of families with a strict code of honor and a long history of endless vendettas) $14.95
Silvestre, Edney If I Close My Eyes Now (1960s Brazil: The discovery of a murder victim by two young boys playing in a mango plantation marks the end of their childhood, opening their eyes to the adult world, where storybook heroes don't exist, but villains and lies do) $14.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #15: Mma Ramotswe's partner Mma Makutsi has decided to branch out on her own and open The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe. But when she can't quite manage all the demands of running a business - not to mention the effects of a lightning strike on her building - she will have to accept all the help she can get, even if it comes from a completely unexpected source) $24.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Mystery of the Missing Lion (Young Precious Ramotswe #3: Kids; Precious is visiting her Aunty Bee at a safari camp. When an actor-lion escapes from a nearby film crew, Precious and her resourceful new friend Khumo decide to use their detective skills to help track him down) $6.99
Spencer-Fleming, Julia Through the Evil Days (Fergusson & Van Alstyne #8: Agatha and Anthony Award finalist. Russ is struggling with the prospect of impending fatherhood, and the vestry of St. Alban's Church has called for the bishop to investigate Clare's 'unpriestly' pregnancy. Then, on a frigid January night, they are called to the scene of a raging fire that develops into a case of double homicide and kidnapping) $15.99
Stockwin, Julian Pasha (Thomas Kydd #15: Fears about French influence over the Turks send Kydd to Constantinople to rescue the British ambassador. Nicolas Renzi engineers a coup in the Topkapi Palace that turns the tables on the French, but winds up in a Turkish prison. Kydd will need superb seamanship and sheer bravado to free his friend) $24.00
Swanston, Andrew The King's Exile (Thomas Hill #2: 1648: Falsely arrested and deported to Barbados, Thomas is desperate to return to his family in England after news of the king's execution arrives. He volunteers for the dangerous role of envoy to Admiral Ayscue, commander of the fleet sent to take control of the island for Cromwell) $14.95
Sylvester, Kevin Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders (Neil Flambe #1: Kids; When some of the best chefs in town turn up dead, the only clues are a mysterious smell and some equally mysterious notes. 14-year-old wunderchef Neil Flambe is a suspect, and must solve the murders to clear his name) $7.99
Sylvester, Kevin Neil Flambe and the Aztec Abduction (Neil Flambe #2: Kids; Neil is in Mexico City when he learns his friend Isabella has been kidnapped. Each ransom note includes a lock of her hair - which Isabella has rubbed in the smelliest thing she can find. Can the young chef's super-nose follow these clues to rescue his friend?) $7.99
Sylvester, Kevin Neil Flambe and the Crusader's Curse (Neil Flambe #3: Kids; When troubles at his restaurant lead to it being closed by the Department of Health, teen chef Neil Flambe discovers that a dark curse has plagued Flambe chefs for centuries. Has he finally met a mess he can't smell his way out of?) $7.99
Sylvester, Kevin Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasure (Neil Flambe #4: Kids; When his cousin Larry is lost at sea, Neil notices a subtle change in the plot of the online manga Larry was working on. Is it a cryptic message from beyond the grave, or is Larry still alive? Neil heads to Japan to solve the mystery) $7.99
Templeton, Aline Bad Blood (Marjory Fleming #8: When Marnie Bruce returns to Galloway after 20 years, seeking answers to her mother's disappearance, the effect on the locals makes it clear to DI Marjory Fleming that this cold case must be solved) $16.95
Thomas, R/Graham, J Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars #2: PBO; When a woman claims to have been assaulted at the Neptune Grand, then smuggled out and left for dead by the staff, the owners turn to PI Veronica Mars to disprove the woman's story) $14.95
Thomson, June The Secret Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Reissue; Collection. Original stories of the great detective) $16.95
Thomson, June The Secret Documents of Sherlock Holmes (Reissue; Collection. Original stories of the great detective) $16.95
Thomson, June The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes (Reissue; Collection. Original stories of the great detective) $16.95
Vallere, Diane Suede to Rest (Material Witness #1: PBO; After inheriting her family's long-closed textile store, Poly looks forward to restoring the family business. When a murder occurs behind the shop, she suspects it is tied to a mystery in her family's past that she's determined to solve) $7.99
Viets, Elaine A Dog Gone Murder (Josie Marcus #10: PBO; To clear the name of her mother's new tenant Franklin, Josie must find out who really killed the nasty proprietor of the doggy day-care center Franklin worked at) $7.99
Wade, Stephen A Thief in the Night and Other Adventures of the Septimus Society (Collection. London, 1890: Five amateur criminologists - a professor, a Lord, a former jockey, a talented rogue, and a society lady - tackle their first cases in these six stories) $14.95
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Man with the Getaway Face (alternate title: The Steel Hit) (Parker #2: Reissue; Color illustrations by graphic artist Darwyn Cooke. Parker goes under the knife, changing his face to escape the mob and a contract on his life. Along the way he scores his biggest heist yet: an armored car in New Jersey, stuffed with cash) $29.99
Wishart, David Finished Business (Marcus Corvinus #16: 40 CE: When a consul's wife asks Corvinus to investigate her uncle's death, Corvinus is inclined to agree with the general verdict of accidental death, but his investigation finds signs of foul play - and unearths several skeletons in the wealthy family's closets) $28.95
Zettel, Sarah Dangerous Deceptions (Peggy Fitzroy #2: YA; An unwelcome engagement, a mysterious plot that hints at treason - if she's not careful, Peggy's adventures as a spy in King George's London court could end in murder) $17.99


Baldacci, David The Escape (John Puller #3: John Puller investigates the toughest crimes facing the US. But nothing has prepared him for his newest case: hunting the most formidable prey he has ever tracked - his own brother) $28.00
Barbieri, Maggie Once Upon a Lie (When her cousin Sean is found shot dead and her confused father becomes a suspect, Maeve Conlon is determined to clear his name. But is she prepared to cope with the dark memories and family secrets this might dredge up?) $15.99
Boyd, Daniel Easy Death (Two robbers hired by a local crime boss manage to heist half a million dollars from an armored car. But getting the money and getting away with it are two different things) $9.95
Butler, Dori Hillestad The Ghost Backstage (Haunted Library #3: Kids; When Claire's classmate says he saw a ghost backstage at school play rehearsals, Kaz goes to school with Claire to investigate) $4.99
Chandler, Raymond The World of Raymond Chandler (Nonfiction. Scholar Barry Day makes use of Chandler's novels, short stories, and letters, as well as his own commentary, to show us the writer's life) $27.95
Cornwell, Patricia Flesh and Blood (Scarpetta #22: Forensic sleuth Kay Scarpetta finds herself in the unsettling pursuit of a serial sniper who leaves no incriminating evidence except fragments of copper) $28.99
Corrigan, Gordon Waterloo: A New History (A veteran military historian brings fresh life to the final campaign and battle between the Allied armies and Napoleon's army) $28.95
de Castrique, Mark Risky Undertaking (Buryin' Barry #6: Cherokee burial remains have been unearthed during the expansion of a local cemetery. When a Cherokee activist leads a protest during a prominent woman's interment, then turns up dead on the woman's grave, Barry's dual occupations of part-time deputy and full-time undertaker collide; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Ernst, Kathleen Tradition of Deceit (Chloe Ellefson #5: PBO; Chloe heads to Minneapolis to help a friend write a proposal for a controversial project to turn an abandoned flour mill into a museum. Homeless people are using the mill for shelter; the discovery of a dead body in a grain chute turns Chloe's attention to murder) $14.99
Estleman, Loren (ed) The Adventure of the Plated Spoon and Other Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology. Adventures of the great detective) $26.99
Estleman, Loren (ed) Sons of Moriarty and More Stories of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology authorized by the Doyle estate. 8 tales of the great detective (1 original novella and 7 reprint short stories)) $15.99
Finch, Charles The Laws of Murder (Charles Lenox #8: 1876: Lenox gave up his seat in Parliament to start a detective agency with three colleagues. When a friend from Scotland Yard is shot near Regent's Park, the peculiar details of the death may lead Lenox into grave danger, beyond which lies a terrible truth) $25.99
Fossum, Karin The Murder of Harriet Krohn (Inspector Sejer #7: A former gambler, intent on paying off his debts to win his daughter's forgiveness, plans to steal an old woman's antique silver collection. He didn't expect her to put up a fight. The only clue Inspector Sejer and his team find in the apartment is an abandoned bouquet) $24.00
Hall, Parnell Safari (Stanley Hastings #19: New York PI Stanley Hastings is on safari in Zambia, and his fellow tourists are being felled by bizarre accidents. But are they really accidents? A stabbing tips the scales - it's murder, and it's up to Stanley to crack the case . . . if he can just avoid being eaten by a lion) $25.95
Horowitz, Anthony Russian Roulette (Alex Rider #10: Kids; Assassin Yassen Gregorovich had a clear shot to take out Alex after he foiled the Stormbreaker plot, but he let Alex live. Why? This is Yassen's story) $8.99
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Hell on Wheels (Odelia Grey #9: PBO; When they attend a wheelchair rugby match to cheer for their friends, Odelia and her husband Greg aren't expecting to witness a murder on the playing court. It doesn't help that they're friends with the killer - and with the second person who turns up dead) $14.99
King, L/Klinger, L (ed) In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology. Original stories featuring the great detective) $25.95
LeBor, Adam The Washington Stratagem (Yael Azoulay #2: The UN is suspicious about the Prometheus Group's military and intelligence contract operations and wants Yael to investigate. She discovers a conspiracy aimed at starting a devastating - and very lucrative - new war in the Middle East) $15.99
Maitland, Barry The Raven's Eye (Brock & Kolla #12: Vicky Hawks apparently succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning due to a flaw in her narrowboat's heating system, but something about the death bothers DI Kathy Kolla. She and DCI David Brock find themselves trying to find out who the dead woman really was, and how her death might be related to an earlier accidental death) $15.99
McPherson, Catriona A Deadly Measure of Brimstone (Dandy Gilver #8: 1920s Scotland: The Gilver clan's trip to a spa town for a weekend of relaxation is soon disrupted by a slew of mysterious - and deadly - events) $26.99
Parot, Jean-Francois The Phantom of Rue Royale (Nicolas Le Floch #3: At the fireworks display marking the Dauphin's marriage to Marie Antoinette, hundreds of people were injured or crushed to death. But not all the victims died accidentally, leading to a new case for Le Floch) $15.95
Patterson, J/Ellis, D Mistress (Ben is a man consumed by his obsessions: movies, motorcycles, presidential trivia, and Diana Hotchkiss, a beautiful woman Ben knows he can never have. When Diana is found dead outside her apartment, Ben is determined to find out what happened to her) $10.00
Preston, D/Child, L Blue Labyrinth (Pendergast #14: A long-buried family secret resurfaces when one of Pendergast's most implacable enemies shows up on his doorstep as a murdered corpse) $28.00
Robertson, Imogen The Paris Winter (1910: Maud Heighton came to Paris to paint, and to flee the constraints of her small English town. When poverty forces her to take a job as a young woman's companion, she is drawn into a world of elegant luxury and dark deception) $25.99
Sefton, Maggie Bloody Politics (Molly Malone #3: PBO; Politico Molly Malone is hoping her life will settle down, but after a colleague is murdered moments before a meeting, Molly is targeted by a spate of break-ins, wiretaps and harassment. Can she expose the shadowy group responsible?) $14.99
Smith, Martin Cruz Tatiana (Arkady Renko #8: The same week that a murdered mob boss is shot and buried with the trappings due an aristocrat, fearless reporter Tatiana Petrovna falls to her death in Moscow. No one makes the connection, but Arkady is transfixed by the tapes he discovers of Tatiana's voice, even as she describes horrific crimes hidden by official versions. His investigation leads to a Cold War secret city) $16.00
Stevenson, Steve The Crown of Venice (Agatha Mistery #7: PBO; Kids; Agatha and her team are hot on the trail of the missing crown of Venice, stolen during the city's carnival, and there is no shortage of suspects) $5.99
Thompson, James (ed) Helsinki Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories by top Finnish crime writers) $15.95
Truc, Olivier Forty Days Without Shadow (International Dagger finalist. An ancient Sami drum has been stolen from a museum in a small village in northern Norway. Hours later, one of the last Sami reindeer herders is found murdered. Are the two crimes connected? Local cops Klemet Nango, an experienced Sami officer, and Nina Nansen, his young partner from southern Norway, investigate) $16.00
Wilde, James The Winter Warrior (Hereward #2: 1067: In a Fenlands fortress of water and wild wood, Hereward leads an army of outcasts who emerge from the mists and the night to do bloody battle against William the Bastard and his Norman invaders) $15.95
Willis, Lynn Chandler Wink of an Eye (On a visit to his sister in Texas, Las Vegas PI Gypsy Moran reluctantly agrees to investigate the alleged suicide of a sheriff's deputy. Was the man murdered for looking into the disappearance of undocumented immigrant girls?) $24.99
Wilson, F. Paul Fear City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #3: NYC, 1993: As an obscure group of malcontents plots to create a terrible explosion, the man who will be Repairman Jack tries to stop them) $25.99

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