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Newsletter #99 September November, 2012


Already Received

Doctor Who Magazine #447 (The Doctor must face every Dalek ever; Steven Moffat interview; more) $8.99
Doctor Who Magazine #448 (William Russell on being Doctor Who's first action hero; interview with Neil Gaiman; more) $8.99
Doctor Who Magazine #449 (First look at the 2013 series; casting director Andy Pryor talks about his work; more) $8.99
Fantasy & Science Fiction July / August 2012 (New fiction, reviews, more) $7.50
Locus #617 June 2012 (Interviews with William F. Nolan and Genevieve Valentine; Nebula Awards; forthcoming books; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Locus #618 July 2012 (Young adult fiction special issue; interviews with Holly Black, Tamora Pierce, and Rae Carson; Locus Awards; Ray Bradbury tributes; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Locus #619 August 2012 (Interviews with Jack Vance and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer; award news; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Abraham, Daniel Shadow and Betrayal: A Shadow in Summer / A Betrayal in Winter (Long Price #1 / #2: Omnibus reprint; 2 fantasy novels) $17.99
Adams, John J. (ed) Other Worlds Than These (PBO; Anthology; reprints 31 stories of parallel worlds) $16.99
Asaro, Catherine Aurora in Four Voices (Collection; 2 novellas and 3 short stories (1 original to this volume), all sf, plus an essay on how she uses math to craft her alien worlds) $30.00
Baker, L-J Promises, Promises (After making a series of improbable predictions about Princess Beryl's future, Sandy, a mediocre witch, is commanded to make them all come true within a year - or face the executioner. Luckily, her dyke friends are willing and able to join her on her quest) $15.00
Bedford, K.A. Paradox Resolution (Spider Webb #2: PBO; Spider Webb fixes time machines for a living, and hates it. The time machine biz has changed. But one machine - an illegal, radically overclocked hotrod built by Spider's boss - has been stolen, and Spider is the only one who might be able to find it) $14.95
Beukes, Lauren Zoo City (Clarke Award winner. Zinzi has a Sloth on her back, a dirty online 419 scam habit - and a talent for finding lost things. But when her latest client turns up dead and the cops confiscate her last paycheck, she's forced to take her least favorite kind of job: missing persons) $15.00
Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451 (Reissue; Guy Montag is a fireman, his job to burn that most illegal of commodities, the printed book, along with the houses in which they are hidden. He never questions this destruction, until he meets a young neighbor who introduces him to a past where people didn't live in fear, and to a present where one sees the world through the ideas in books instead of the mindless chatter of television. When she suddenly disappears, Montag starts hiding books in his home; when this is discovered, he must run for his life) $11.99
Broderick, Damien Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010 (PBO; Nonfiction; discusses each novel and its author(s) in the context of popular literature, as well as providing a plot synopsis and mini review) $14.99
Carey, Mike/Gross, Peter On to Genesis (Unwritten #5: PBO; Full color graphic novel. Not for kids. Reprints issues 25-30 of the comic. Tom Taylor's just a daring heist away from the journals that will reveal the truth: was he born of flesh and blood, or written into existence by sheer storytelling magic?) $14.99
Carroll, Jonathan The Woman Who Married a Cloud (Collection; 37 fantasy stories, some original to this volume) $45.00
Chen, Haiyan/Li, Fang (ed) Eight Dragons on the Roof and Other Tales (Kids; Anthology; 34traditional dragon stories from China) $12.95
Conley, Darby Survival of the Filthiest (Get Fuzzy: PBO; Black & white daily strips, color Sunday strips) $12.99
Cox, Greg The Dark Knight Rises (PBO; Novelization of the film) $7.99
Cronin, Justin The Passage (Passage #1: A security breach at a secret facility unleashes the monstrous product of a military experiment. As civilization breaks down to predators and prey, FBI agent Brad Wolgast flees with 6-year-old Amy, a refugee from the project, whose odyssey will lead her towards the time and place where she must finish what should never have begun) $7.99
Dick, Philip K. Now Wait for Last Year (Reissue; Earth is trapped in the crossfire of an unwinnable war between two alien civilizations. Its leader is perpetually on the verge of death. And a new drug that haphazardly sends its users traveling through time has just entered circulation. Caught up in all of it, Dr. Eric Sweetscent has questions. Is Earth on the right side of the war? Is he supposed to heal Earth's leader or keep him sick? And can he change the harrowing future that the drug has shown him?) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. The Simulacra (Reissue; On a ravaged Earth, fate and circumstances bring together a disparate group, including a fascist with dreams of a coup, a composer who plays his instrument with his mind, a First Lady who calls all the shots, and the world's last practicing therapist. And they all must contend with an underclass that is beginning to ask a few too many questions, aided by a man called Loony Luke and his very persuasive pet alien) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. Ubik (Reissue; Glen Runciter and his teams of anti-psychics protect corporate clients who want privacy and security from psychic spies. When he and his top team are ambushed by a rival, he is gravely injured and placed in a dreamlike state of suspended animation. Soon, the surviving members of the team begin experiencing strange phenomena, such as Runciter's face appearing on coins and the world seeming to move backward in time. As consumables deteriorate and technology gets ever more primitive, the group needs to find out what is causing the shifts, and what a mysterious product called Ubik has to do with it all) $13.95
Duncan, Dave Wildcatter (PBO; An independent starship heads to Cacafuego, intent on beating the larger corporations to the exoplanet's resources. Will a yellow warning flag planted in orbit stop them? Or, if their prospectors venture to the surface anyway, will they survive?) $9.95
Egan, Greg The Clockwork Rocket (Orthogonal #1: Threatened by strange meteors, a planet sends a spaceship crew on a journey to discover the science their planet urgently needs and bring it back in time to avert disaster. The trip will last many generations for those on board, but will return after just a few planetary years) $14.99
Fies, Brian Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? (Full color graphic novel. Depicts an optimistic and ambitious era fueled by industry, engines, electricity, rockets, middle-class popular culture, and the atom bomb, from the 1939 World's Fair to the last Apollo space mission in 1975) $14.95
Gaiman/Bealer et al (ed) Neil Gaiman and Philosophy (PBO; Nonfiction; essays on Gaiman's writing) $19.95
Grant, Maxwell Prince of Evil / Messenger of Death / Room 1313 (Shadow #60: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Triple Trail / Murder Genius (Shadow #61: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Cyro / The Man Who Died Twice (Shadow #62: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Devil's Paymaster / The Wasp Returns (Shadow #63: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Hand, Elizabeth Glimmering (PBO; Revised from the 1997 edition. Jack struggles to keep his life afloat and his loved ones safe while battling AIDS. A former lover gifts him with a mysterious elixir rumored to cure AIDS. But soon, the side effects become apparent, and Jack gets mixed up with a bizarre entourage of rock stars, Japanese scientists, corporate executives, AIDS victims, and religious terrorists, all competing to control mankind's fate in the 21st century) $14.95
Hearn, Lafcadio Kwaidan: Weird Tales from Japan (Reissue; Collection; 29 traditional tales of ghosts and monsters, collected and translated by Hearn during his 14-year stay in Japan) $15.95
Hodgson, William Hope Horrors from Haunted Seas (Collection; 17 stories of nautical mystery and horror, originally published between 1905 and 1923) $16.95
Holt, Tom The Better Mousetrap (Insurance is indeed the force that binds the universe together. Frank Carpenter, one of the foremost magical practitioners of our age, felt himself irresistibly drawn to it - until he met Jane, with her annoying habit of falling out of trees and getting killed. Repeatedly. Soon they find themselves face to face with the greatest enigma of our times: When is a door not a door?) $15.95
Hopkinson, Nalo Report from Planet Midnight (PBO; Collection; transcript of a speech tackling sexism and racism in publishing, plus 2 short stories, an interview, and a bibliography) $12.00
Kane/O'Regan (ed) The Mammoth Book of Body Horror (Anthology; reprints 25 stories) $13.95
King, Stephen 11/22/63 (On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, President Kennedy died, and the world changed. What if you could change it back? Al reveals that the storeroom of his diner is a portal to 1958, and enlists his friend Jack on a mission to try to prevent the Kennedy assassination) $19.99
Koch, G.J. (Gini) Alexander Outland: Space Pirate (PBO; Alexander and his crew - which includes an engineer of dubious sanity, a deposed planetary governor, and an annoyingly unflappable sexbot - get in trouble with the military, the Mob, mad bombers, and would-be conquerors) $14.99
Lundoff, Catherine Silver Moon (Becca Thornton, middle-aged and recently out of the closet, discovers that menopause has turned her into a werewolf. And a number of other women in Wolf's Point have had the same experience. As the newest member of the pack, Becca figures her nights will be spent protecting the town and running through the woods howling at the moon. But there are werewolf hunters in town, and they've got Becca in their sights) $15.00
Maas, Sarah J. Throne of Glass (YA; Celaena the assassin must defeat 23 other criminals in a competition at the castle in order to be released from prison. But something evil dwells in the castle. When her competitors start dying, her fight for freedom becomes a fight for survival) $17.99
Mandelo, Brit (ed) Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction (Anthology; reprints 17 stories that question the ways in which gender and sexuality have been rigidly defined) $20.00
Marmell, Ari The Abomination Vault (Darksiders: PBO; Based on the videogame. Ages before the events of Darksiders and Darksiders II, Death and War are tasked with stopping a group of renegades intent on locating the Abomination Vault) $15.00
Martin, George R.R. et al A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Companion Cookbook (Song of Ice and Fire: Nonfiction; the authors of a popular food blog based on Martin's epic fantasy provide over 100 recipes, plus a guide to dining and entertaining in Seven Kingdoms style) $35.00
Matthews, Hugh Song of the Serpent (Pathfinder Tales: PBO; Novel based on the game) $9.99
McMann, Lisa The Unwanteds (Kids; In a society that purges 13-year-olds who are creative, identical twins Aaron and Alex are separated, one to attend University while the other, supposedly Eliminated, finds himself in a wondrous place where youths hone their creativity and learn magic) $6.99
Merciel, Liane Nightglass (Pathfinder Tales: PBO; Novel based on the game) $9.99
Moorcock, Michael et al Elric: The Balance Lost Volume 2 (PBO; Full color graphic novel; reprints issues 5-8 of the comic book) $14.99
Payton, T. Aaron The Constantine Affliction (London, 1864: A malady that kills some and transforms others into the opposite sex has spread upheaval throughout society. When Pimm, an investigator, and Skye, a journalist, stumble onto a plot that links a criminal overlord with the Queen's new consort, they find the forces of both high and low society arrayed against them) $26.99
Pinkwater, Daniel Irving and Muktuk: Two Bad Bears (Bad Bears #1: Kids; Full color picture book; Officer Bunny is the law in Yellowtooth. But can he protect the town's Blueberry Muffin Festival from muffin-loving polar bears Irving and Muktuk?) $6.99
Pinkwater, Daniel Bad Bears in the Big City (Bad Bears #2: Kids; Full color picture book; Irving and Muktuk have a new home at the lovely Bayonne, NJ, zoo. But with a muffin factory right next door, can mischief be far behind?) $6.95
Pratt, Tim City of the Fallen Sky (Pathfinder Tales: PBO; Novel based on the game) $9.99
Quinn, Seabury The Devil's Bride (Jules de Grandin: Reissue; French occult detective Jules de Grandin tackles a case involving black magic, murder and mutilation, rape and torture, and genocidal race war. Plus bonus story 'House of Golden Masks', pitting de Grandin against white slavers) $14.95
Rankin, Robert The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age (1897: The British Empire encompasses Mars, and an uneasy peace exists between the peoples of Venus, Jupiter, and Earth. In Whitechapel, a monster is once more committing hideous acts of murder, and it may take nothing less than the Mechanical Messiah Himself to save London, the Empire, and all of the solar system from impending apocalypse) $14.95
Riordan, Rick The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus #1: Kids; Percy and his friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where a new group of demigods must prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own. But to survive the quest they've inherited, they'll need some help) $9.99
Roberts, Adam By Light Alone (In a world where people have been genetically engineered so that they can photosynthesize sunlight with their hair, the poor grow their hair, while the rich affect baldness and flaunt their wealth by eating. The young daughter of an affluent family is kidnapped, but the ransom demands are refused. A year later a young woman arrives at the family home claiming to be their daughter. She has changed so much, she has lived on light, can anyone be sure that she has come home?) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth Murder on Wheels / The Three Gold Crowns / Death to the Avenger (Avenger #7: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Pirate's Ghost / The Green Eagle (Bama cover) (Doc Savage #50: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Derrick Devil / The Spotted Men (Doc Savage #58: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth Pirate Isle / The Speaking Stone (Doc Savage #59: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth He Could Stop the World / The Laugh of Death (Doc Savage #60: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Salvatore, R.A. Charon's Claw (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter #3: Drizzt draws his sword once more to aid his friends, assisting the elf Dahlia as she enacts revenge, and helping an old foe break the bonds that have held him hostage for over a century $27.95
Scott, M/Barnett, L Point of Hopes (Astreiant #1: Reissue; In the great city of Astreaint, magic is real, stars guide lives, and Nicolas Rathe and his colleagues are attempting to establish a police force. Rathe and Eslingen work together to halt an astrological and alchemical conspiracy against the queen, and rescue scores of kidnapped children) $18.00
Scott, Melissa Point of Knives (Astreiant #1.5: Novella. Rathe and Eslingen work together to solve the murders of father-and-son pirates. When pirate treasure proves a threat to the throne, they must make uncomfortable choices) $13.00
Shepard, Lucius The Dragon Griaule (Collection; 6 tales, 1 original to this volume) $45.00
Smith, Jeff The Drift (RASL #1: PBO; Black & white graphic novel. Not for kids. A dimension-jumping art thief races through space and time searching for his next big score - and trying to escape his past) $13.00
Smith, Jeff The Fire of St. George (RASL #2: PBO; Black & white graphic novel. Not for kids. A dimension-jumping art thief races through space and time searching for his next big score - and trying to escape his past) $15.00
Smith, Jeff Romance at the Speed of Light (RASL #3: PBO; Black & white graphic novel. Not for kids. A dimension-jumping art thief races through space and time searching for his next big score - and trying to escape his past) $15.00
Stauber, Katy Spin the Sky (PBO; After years away at war, Cesar Vaquero returns to Ithaca, an orbital colony that boasts the only cattle in space, to find his wife and son don't recognize him. Penelope swore off men after her husband disappeared, and has been busy running the ranch, raising her son, and fending off suitors. But something about the war-weary man stirs forgotten feelings in her, even as sabotage, rustlers, and a space stampede threaten to tear Ithaca apart) $14.99
Swift, E.J. Osiris (Osiris Project #1: Osiris has been cut off from the land since the Great Storm 50 years ago. Adelaide is a jaded socialite. Vikram is a third-generation refugee, who sees his people dying of cold and starvation. As a brutal winter brings the city closer to riot and revolution, these two will try to bridge the gap dividing the city) $26.99
Szathmari, Sandor Voyage to Kazohinia (A dystopian classic in Hungary, available in the U.S. for the first time. A shipwrecked surgeon finds himself among the Hins, who live a technologically advanced existence without emotions, desires, arts, money or politics. Unhappy amid the bleak perfection, he asks to be admitted to the closed settlement of the Behins, beings with souls and atavistic human traits) $16.95
Tan, Charles (ed) Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology (14 original stories) $18.00
Tobin, Paul (ed) White Cloud Worlds (Full color art book showcasing the work of 27 established and emerging sf and fantasy artists from Aotearoa New Zealand) $29.99
Walton, Evangeline The Mabinogion Tetralogy: Prince of Annwn / The Children of Llyr / The Song of Rhiannon / The Island of the Mighty (alternate title: The Virgin and the Swine) (Omnibus reprint; 4 classic fantasies based on Welsh mythology) $24.95
Watson/Whates (ed) The Mammoth Book of SF Wars (Anthology; 24 stories (3 original to this volume) of war in the future) $13.95
Whitehead, Colson Zone One (After a pandemic devastates the planet, a team of civilian volunteers is tasked with clearing out feral zombies from lower Manhattan. Mark is occupied with the mundane mission of zombie mop-up, the rigors of Post-Apocalyptic Stress Disorder, and the impossible tasks of coming to terms with a fallen world. Then things start to go wrong) $15.00
Williams, Mazarkis The Emperor's Knife (Tower & Knife #1: When the Cerani Empire is devastated by a strange plague, long-planned conspiracies boil over into violence, and an invincible evil intelligence known as the Pattern Master appears from the deep desert. Only three people stand in his way: a lost prince, a world-weary assassin, and a young girl from the steppes who saw a path in a pattern once, among the waving grasses - a path that just might save them all) $14.99
Williams, Tad A Stark and Wormy Knight (Collection; 11 stories, novellas, and scripts) $40.00
Wilson, N.D. The Dragon's Tooth (Ashtown Burials #1: Kids; Cyrus and Antigone Smith join an ancient order of explorers who search for lost cities and powerful artifacts, and act as jallers to unkillable criminals who have terrorized the world for millennia) $7.99
Wingrove, David Son of Heaven (Chung Kuo Prequel #1: Dorset, 2085: Chinese airships are in the skies, and Jake finds himself forcibly incorporated into a global city of some 34 billion souls, where a resurgent China is seeking to abolish the past and bring about world peace through rigidly enforced order. But a civil war looms, and Jake will find himself at the heart of the struggle) $12.95
Wrede, Patricia C. Shadow Magic (Lyra #1: Reissue; Her kingdom's ancient enemies have kidnapped 20-year-old Princess Alethia, carrying her off through the forest. These are magic woods, home to fabled creatures whose existence she has always doubted. To find her way home, Alethia will have to learn to trust the old tales, which hold the only hope of saving her kingdom; Signed copies) $14.99
Wrede, Patricia C. Daughter of Witches (Lyra #2: Reissue; After her parents were executed for practicing magic, Ranira became indentured servant to a brutal innkeeper. While attempting to protect her from her master's cruelty, three guests reveal magical powers. Now she must unleash her own magical powers to save her new friends from certain death; Signed copies) $14.99
Wrede, Patricia C. The Harp of Imach Thyssel (Lyra #3: Reissue; Emereck, a minstrel, and Flindaran, a nobleman masquerading as a tramp, have found an abandoned castle, and in it, one of Lyra's most sought-after treasures. Emereck must learn to harness its strength to create and destroy, with the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance; Signed copies) $22.99
Wrede, Patricia C. Caught in Crystal (Lyra #4: Reissue; When a sorceress asks for a room at Kayl's country inn, Kayl is sure the woman has come to take her back to the life she renounced. To save her family and her world, Kayl will have to unlock a side of herself she buried long ago; Signed copies) $24.99
Wrede, Patricia C. The Raven Ring (Lyra #5: Reissue; Learning that her mother has died far from home, of wounds sustained in an attack, Eleret sets out to reclaim her mother's belongings - especially a ring etched with a raven. She doesn't know what's special about the ring, but someone was willing to kill for it. To make it home in one piece, she will have to unlock the mysteries of the ring; Signed copies) $23.99
Zeltserman, Dave Monster: A Novel of Frankenstein (19th-century Germany: When his beloved is murdered, a young man is accused of the crime. Broken on the wheel and left for dead, he awakens on a lab table, transformed into an abomination. He finds his tormentor, Victor Frankenstein, in league with the Marquis de Sade, creating something much more sinister) $23.95

Expected Early September

Aguirre, Ann Endgame (Sirantha Jax #6: PBO; The planet La'heng is occupied by foreign conquerors, but Jax means to liberate it as part of a grass-roots resistance movement) $7.99
Aiken, G.A. How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (Dragon Kin #6: PBO; Izzy is trying to fulfill a ridiculous quest for a pushy god; sexy dragon warlord Eibhear the Blue is determined to come along to protect her) $7.99
Allston, Aaron Conviction (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #7: Abeloth is on the run, but has not given up its plans to destroy the galaxy, even as the Jedi and the Sith abandon all pretense of cooperation and make plans to rout each other) $7.99
Almasi, G.T. Blades of Winter (Shadowstorm #1: Rather than risk another war, the four superpowers - the U.S., the Soviet Union, Greater Germany, and the Nationalist Republic of China - have poured their resources into creating superspies known as Levels. Alix is one of the best U.S. Levels. But when a decision explodes - literally - in her face, she uncovers a conspiracy that could upset the balance of power) $9.99
Anderson, K/Peart N Clockwork Angels (Companion novel to the newest Rush album; a young man travels across a steampunk world of lost cities, pirates, anarchists, carnivals, and a Watchmaker who imposes precision on daily life) $24.95
Anderson, Kevin J. Death Warmed Over (Dan Shamble #1: PBO; A resurrected mummy is suing the museum that put him on display. Two witches, victims of a curse gone wrong, are seeking restitution from a publisher for not using 'spell check' on magical tomes. It's all in a day's work for zombie P.I. Dan Chambeaux. And he's got to figure out a very personal question: Who killed him?) $15.00
Anthony, Piers Well-Tempered Clavicle (Xanth #35: Picka Bones and his sister Joy'nt are off in search of adventure with three creatures newly arrived from Mundania - and not the sort of creatures you might expect!) $7.99
Archer, Alex The Matador Crown (Rogue Angel #38: PBO; Invited to the Museum of Cadiz to assess some coins, Annja soon finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation that leads her to an illegal - and deadly - collection of Visigoth votive crowns) $6.99
Axler, James Crimson Waters (Deathlands #106: PBO; Stranded in a gutted redoubt in the West Indies, Ryan and his friends must escape before they are wiped out by pirates) $6.99
Baggott, Julianna Pure (Pressia barely remembers the Detonations, when the world turned to ash, dust, and damaged bodies. Having reached the age when everyone is required to turn themselves over to the militia - to be trained as a soldier, or used as a live target - she is on the run. Those who escaped the apocalypse unmarked are inside the Dome. Partridge - whose father is an important man in the Dome, and whose mother never made it inside their shelter - feels isolated. When he learns that his mother might still be alive, he risks his life to leave the Dome to find her. And when Pressia meets Partridge, their worlds shatter all over again) $9.99
Ballantine, Philippa Wrayth (Book of the Order #3: PBO; Sorcha is still unable to move or speak; even her partner Merrick cannot reach her through their shared bond. But when Sorcha is abducted by men seeking her lover Raed, only Merrick can find and rescue her) $7.99
Base, Graeme Little Elephants ( Kids; Full color picture book; a boy living on a farm in Texas gets a big surprise when he discovers tiny flying elephants under his bed) $16.95
Battersby, Lee The Corpse-Rat King (Battlefield looter Marius is mistaken for a dead monarch by one of the dead soldiers, and transported to the Kingdom of the Dead. The dead need a King to remind God where they are. To recover his life, Marius must return to the surface and find them a King. Which he fully intends to do - just as soon as he stops running) $7.99
Bell, Alex Lex Trent versus the Gods (Lex Trent #1: Lex Trent's world is inhabited by magicians, crones, and a menagerie of gods and goddesses. And while Lex is seemingly dedicated to his legal studies, he leads a double life as a notorious cat burglar who has been evading capture for years. But Lex's luck is about to run out, because the Goddess of Fortune has selected him to be her player in the highly dangerous Games) $11.95
Beyer, Kristen The Eternal Tide (Star Trek Voyager: PBO; The fleet continues its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, investigating the current status of sectors formerly controlled by the Borg) $7.99
Blaylock, James P. Zeuglodon (Pursued by kidnappers, three junior members of the Guild of St. George must descend into the depths of the hollow earth to return the Sleeper to his ancestral home. But awakening him might mean the end of the dream, the closing of the passage, and three intrepid explorers marooned in a savage land) $35.00
Bond, Gwenda Blackwood (YA; 114 modern-day people have disappeared from Roanoke Island. Miranda, from the island's most infamous family, and Phillips, who hears the voices of the dead, must dodge everyone from federal agents to long-dead alchemists as they work to uncover the secrets of the new Lost Colony) $9.99
Bornikova, Phillipa This Case Is Gonna Kill Me (Linnet comes from an affluent human family. When she begins her career at a vampire law firm, she discovers that, in a workplace where some humans will eventually achieve immense power and centuries of extra lifespan, office politics can be vicious beyond belief) $14.99
Brockmann, Suzanne Born to Darkness (Determined to end the scourge of a designer drug that can make anyone a superpowered Greater-Than, but exacts a lethal toll, operative Michelle Mackenzie is knocked for a loop when she meets the new test subject: former Navy SEAL Shane Laughlin, her latest one-night stand) $7.99
Brook, Meljean Riveted (Iron Seas #3: PBO; Five years ago, Annika unwitting endangered the secret of her Iceclandic community. Now she serves on an airship - and her home is again threatened when David comes aboard, looking to expose her secrets. Disaster leaves them stranded on a glacier, pursued by a madman - with heat rising between them) $16.00
Buehlman, Christopher Those Across the River (When Frank Nichols returns to his Georgia hometown to write a history of his family's plantation, he soon learns there is a presence there that demands sacrifice - and has been waiting for Frank's homecoming) $15.00
Buettner, Robert Undercurrents (Orphan's Legacy #2: Sent to bring down the local politicos of a politically quarantined giant habitat, Lt. Jazen Parker finds himself inclined to abandon the place to its ways - until he uncovers a plot to throw a 500-hundred-planet alliance into anarchy) $7.99
Carroll, Lee Black Swan Rising (Garet James #1: New York City shopkeeper John Dee offers jeweler Garet James a generous sum of money to open a vintage silver box. The symbol of the swan on the box matches a ring Garet's mother gave her, and when she opens the box, otherworldly things start happening) $7.99
Carson, Rae The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Elisa #1: YA; Andre Norton Award finalist. Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness. Elisa is the chosen one. She could be everything to those who need her most - if the prophecy is fulfilled, if she finds the power deep within herself, if she doesn't die young. Most of the chosen do) $9.99
Cassidy, Dakota Accidentally Dead (Accidentally Paranormal #2: After a patient bites her, dental assistant Nina Blackman ends up with a set of fangs, a taste for blood - and an irresistible attraction to the patient) $7.99
Charlton, Blake Spellbound (Nicodemus #2: The demon behind his curse has hatched a plot to force Nicodemus to change language and ultimately use it to destroy all human life. Nico faces challenges from all sides as he struggles to thwart the demon's plan) $7.99
Christopher, Adam Seven Wonders (PBO; Tony lives in a city under siege by hooded supervillain The Cowl. When Tony develops superpowers and acts to take down The Cowl, he finds that the local superheroes aren't as grateful as he thought they'd be) $12.99
Ciruelo The Book of the Dragon (Reissue; Full color. Reveals the secrets of the dragons, illuminating a culture filled with poetry, magic, and art) $17.95
Cook, Glen A Path to Coldness of Heart (Dread Empire #8: King Bragi Ragnorson is the captive of Lord Shih-kaa and the Empress Mist at the heart of the Dread Empire. Bragi's queen and what remains of his army seek to find and free their king, hampered by the loss or desertion of their best warriors. Dane, Duke of Greyfells, seeks to seize the rule of Kavelin. And in the ancient castle Fangdred, the sorcerer Varthlokkur waits, using his arts to spy on the world at large, and observing the puppet strings that control kings and empires alike) $15.99
Correia, Larry Legion (Monster Hunter #4: When hunters from around the world gather in Las Vegas for a conference, a creature left over from a WWII weapons experiment wakes up and goes on a rampage across the desert. A wager between rival companies turns into a race to see who can bag the creature first. But there's more to this case than meets the eye: the crew from MHI will have to stop an ancient god from turning Sin City into hell on earth; Signed copies; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Tuesday, September 18, 5-6 pm) $25.00
Crane, Carolyn Head Rush (Justine Jones #3: As Midcity cowers under martial law, sleepwalking cannibals, and a mysterious rash of paranormal copycat violence, Justine's search for answers leads her into the most dangerous mind game yet) $16.00
Curran, Kim Shift (YA; 16-year-old Scott learns he's a Shifter, with the power to undo any decision he's ever made. Pretty cool, until his world starts to unravel around him, and he realizes that using his power has terrible consequences) $9.99
Daniells, Rowena Cory Sanctuary (Outcast #3: With winter storms brewing and raiders drawn by rumors of wealth, tension grows on the overcrowded ships of the mystics. And although Imoshen sent the Sagora Scholars a request for sanctuary, they haven't replied) $8.99
De Grave, Kathleen The Hour of Lead (Kansas, 2039: An earthquake that has slowed down time forces two people to confront their pasts in order to repair their broken lives in the present) $14.95
Dick, Philip K. Upon the Dull Earth (Collected Stories #3: Collection; 23 stories and novellas written in 1953 and 1954, plus extensive story notes) $40.00
Dick, Philip K. Solar Lottery (alternate title: World of Chance) (Reissue; In 2203 anyone can become the ruler of the solar system - it all comes down to the random turns of a giant wheel. But when a new Quizmaster takes over, the old one still keeps some rights, namely the right to hire assassins to attempt to kill the new leader. After the most recent change in leadership, employees of the former ruler scurry to find an assassin who can get past telepathic guards. But when one employee switches sides, troubling facts about the lottery system come to light, and it just might not be possible for anyone to win) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. We Can Build You (Reissue; When Louis Rosen's electronic organ company builds a pitch-perfect robotic replica of Abraham Lincoln, they are pulled into the orbit of a shady businessman, who is looking to use Lincoln for his own profit. Meanwhile, Rosen seeks Lincoln's advice as he woos a woman incapable of understanding human emotions - someone who may be even more robotic than Lincoln's replica) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. The World Jones Made (Reissue; Floyd Jones has always been able to see exactly one year into his future, a gift and curse that began one year before he was born. As a fortune-teller at a post-apocalyptic carnival, Jones is a powerful force, and may just be able to force society away from its paralyzing Relativism - if he can avoid the radioactively unstable government hitman on his tail) $13.95
Doctorow, C/Stross, C The Rapture of the Nerds (At the dusk of the 21st century, Earth has a population of roughly a billion hominids happily living in a preserve at the bottom of a gravity well. Those who weren't happy have emigrated to the densethinker clades that fog the inner solar system. The metaconsciousness of the solar system occasionally spams Earth's networks with plans for cataclysmically disruptive technologies. A sane species would ignore these get-evolved-quick schemes, but there's always someone who will bite. So there's Tech Jury Service: random humans charged with assessing dozens of new inventions and ruling on whether to let them loose. Young Huw, a technophobic, misanthropic Welshman, has been selected for the latest jury) $24.99
Doctorow, Cory For the Win (YA; In electronic sweatshops, countless 'gold farmers', trapped by abusive contracts and physical threats, harvest virtual treasure for their employers to sell to First World gamers willing to spend real money to skip straight to higher-level gameplay. A mysterious woman called Big Sister Nor will use her experience, knowledge of history, and connections to real-world organizers to build group of young people into a movement that can challenge the status quo) $10.99
Douglas, Ian Bloodstar (Star Corpsman #1: PBO; Navy Corpsman Elliot Carlyle and Bravo Company's Black Wizards are en route to the colony planet of Bloodworld, where the alien Qesh have made violent first contact) $7.99
Egan, Greg The Eternal Flame (Orthogonal #2: When a fuel shortage threatens the generation ship's voyage, Tamara the astronomer sees a risky solution in a meteor whose trajectory will bring it within range. Meanwhile, Carlo the biologist searches for a better way to control the ship's population explosion) $26.99
Elliott, Kate Cold Fire (Spiritwalker #2: Cat and Bee are caught in an intricate web of subterfuge and politics. Everyone seems to want something from them: the warlord who wants to conquer Europa, the Cold Mages who stand against him, and the dangerous Master of the Wild Hunt) $7.99
Flanagan, John The Outcasts (Brotherband #1: Kids; Skandians are known for their size and strength. Not Hal, Stig, and their friends. But that doesn't mean they don't have skills, or courage. And they'll need both to do battle at sea against the Wolves and the Sharks in the ultimate race) $8.99
Flavin, Teresa The Blackhope Enigma (Kids; Blackhope Tower is shrouded in intrigue, centering on a labyrinth and painting in the Mariner's Chamber. When 14-year-old Sunni visits the tower and sees her stepbrother Dean disappear, seemingly into the painting itself, she sets out to find him) $6.99
Flint, Eric (ed) Ring of Fire III (Ring of Fire: Anthology; 20 original alternate history tales set in the world of 1632 , by Flint, Lackey, and more) $7.99
Friedman, C.S. Legacy of Kings (Magister #3: With the Magisters hunting her for killing one of their own, Kamala's only hope of survival lies in the northern Protectorates. There spells are warped by a curse, originally intended to protect the lands of men from the souleaters. But the curse appears to be weakening - and the threat of the souleaters is once more falling across the land) $7.99
Froud, Brian & Wendy Trolls (Art book; new and classic work by the Frouds, revealing the world of trolls) $35.00
Gaider, David The Stolen Throne (Dragon Age: Prequel to video game Dragon Age: Origins ) $7.99
Gear, W.M. & Kathleen The Broken Land (First North Americans #19: Dangerous sorcerer Atotarho has set in motion a cataclysmic battle that threatens to destroy the Iroquoian world. To stop him, Jigonsaseh, Hiyawento, and Sky Messenger must find a way to unite five warring nations) $7.99
Gibson, William Distrust That Particular Flavor (Collection; 25 essays and articles on technology, popular culture, writing, and more) $16.00
Gilman, Laura Anne The Shattered Vine (Vineart War #3: As conditions worsen throughout the Lands, Jerzy returns to the Berengia to delve into the magic that has been growing within him, knowing that his god-forbidden knowledge may be the only thing that can save the Lands Vin) $9.99
Golden, Christie Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War (World of Warcraft: When a beloved peacekeeper is pressed to the limit by an inconceivable horror, will it change her forever? Break her? Or redefine her role on Azeroth?) $26.00
Goonan, Kathleen Ann In War Times (1941: After his brother is killed at Pearl Harbor, Sam promises that he will do anything he can to stop the war, and is selected to study code breaking, electronics, and physics. He is seduced by a mysterious female physicist, and given the plans for a device that will end the war, perhaps even end the human predilection for war. But the device does something less, and more, than that) $15.99
Gorey, Edward A Halloween Treat (In a previously unpublished vignette, kids and cats go trick-or-treating, gathering loot that might be tricks - or their very own monsters. Plus a collection of ghastly ghost illustrations) $13.00
Green, Simon R. Ghost of a Dream (Ghost Finders #3: PBO; Renovations at the long-abandoned Haybarn Theater have been thrown off schedule by some peculiar incidents. The team figures investigating a haunted theater will be a walk in the park - until they encounter the Phantom of the Haybarn, an ancient evil with the ability to alter reality) $7.99
Greenwood, Ed Elminster Enraged (Forgotten Realms: Sage of Shadowdale #2: Inhabiting the body of a fallen dark elf, Elminster begins to rally Cormyr's Wizards of War. Manshoon has plans as well: to conquer Cormyr and be the new Emperor, and hunt down the Sage's clones) $25.95
Grimes, Linda In a Fix (Ciel Halligan #1: Aura adaptor Ciel Halligan takes on her clients' appearances and slips into their lives to handle situations they don't want to deal with themselves. Her current job, snagging a marriage proposal for her client during an island vacation, is pretty enjoyable - until her resort bungalow is blown up and her client's date is snatched by modern-day Vikings) $14.99
Grinti, Mike & Rachel Claws (Kids; Emma's family lives in a trailer park that's home to down-and-out harpies, hags, trolls - and Jack, a one-eyed, smooth-talking cat. He becomes Emma's friend, and she discovers that she, too, has cat magic - claws. She's going to need them to rescue her sister from the powerful faeries who stole her) $16.99
Harris/Kelner (ed) An Apple for the Creature (Anthology; urban fantasy stories of unnatural education, including a new Sookie Stackhouse story) $26.95
Hartley, A.J. Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact (Kids; When he's forced to move from his tiny English town to Atlanta, Georgia, Darwen knows things will be different - but he wasn't expecting to discover that the old mirror in his new closet leads to another world - or that there are creatures there who are after something that only human children possess) $8.99
Hatke, Ben Legends of Zita the Spacegirl (Zita #2: PBO; Kids; Full color graphic novel; Zita is determined to make it home to Earth, but her robot doppelganger is wreaking havoc, and Zita is being blamed) $12.99
Herbert, James The Secret of Crickley Hall (Would you live in a place where ghostly things keep happening? Where hushed whimpering is heard? Where the presence of evil is all around you? The Caleighs did, but they had their reasons. They should have known better) $9.99
Hinks, Darius Orion: The Vaults of Winter (Warhammer: The forest-king Orion awakens from his winter slumber to discover he has been cursed. As the corruption spreads to the woodland realm around him, he must rely upon his loyal subjects to help him unmask a traitor) $11.99
Holkins, J/Krahulik, M Magical Kids in Danger (Penny Arcade #8: Full color. Collects the 2007 strips of the popular webcomic starring geeky heroes Gabe and Tycho, plus creator commentary) $14.99
Hughes, Alex Clean (Mindspace #1: PBO; Adam used to work for the Telepath's Guild. Now he works for the cops. His ability to get inside the twisted minds of suspects makes him their best interrogator. A serial killer is stalking the city, and Adam needs to solve the case, because he's just had a vision of the future - and he's the next to die) $7.99
Hunter, Erin The Empty City (Survivors #1: Kids; The humans are gone, and a new animal is ready to rule the world. Which animals are brave enough to take control when disaster strikes? And what enemies will stand in their way?) $16.99
Jacka, Benedict Taken (Alex Verus #3: PBO; Mage apprentices have been vanishing without a trace, and someone on the Council might be involved. Alex has no evidence, no witnesses, and no suspects, but he sees that he doesn't know the half of it - and that he could be the next to disappear) $7.99
Johnson-Shelton, Nils The Invisible Tower (Otherworld Chronicles #1: Kids; A mysterious message appears in Artie Kingfisher's favorite video game, leading him to a game store where a centuries-old wizard named Merlin holds the key to his destiny) $6.99
Johnson, Mat Pym (A failed academic acquires an old slave narrative manuscript confirming that Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym is a true story. He sets out for Antarctica to discover the land of black people that Poe describes, but instead he and his fellow adventurers are enslaved by the white ice creatures from the novel. Now this black crew must try to escape slavery all over again) $15.00
Kadrey, Richard Devil Said Bang (Sandman Slim #4: While ruling the denizens of darkness does have perks, James Stark isn't exactly thrilled with the course of his career. He has to hold off a host of killers while working on his escape plan. Meanwhile, a serial killer ghost is running wild in LA, and Slim's angelic alter ego is hiding in the lost days of time with a cabal who can rewrite reality) $24.99
Kibuishi, Kazu Prince of the Elves (Amulet #5: Kids; Full color graphic novel. The Elf King has forged new amulets which will allow him to invade Cielis and destroy it; Emily and her friends make desperate preparations to defend Cielis) $12.99
Kittredge, Caitlin Soul Trade (Black London #5: PBO; Crow-mage Jack Winter and former detective Pete Caldecott face formidable new enemies as they continue their quest to save Black London from destruction) $7.99
Kostic, Conor Edda (Epic #3: YA; In the virtual world of Edda, Scanthax the ruler decides he wants to invade another virtual world. This move embroils the universes of Edda, Saga, and Epic in all-out war - with three teenagers determined to try to restore peace) $9.99
Krentz/Castle, Jayne The Lost Night (PBO; Psychic Rachel Bonner has found peace and quiet on Rainshadow Island - until Harry Sebastian arrives to investigate strange events in the Preserve. She can sense the heart of darkness within him - and the stirrings of desire within her) $7.99
Lackey, M/Edghill, R A Host of Furious Fancies: Beyond World's End / Spirits White as Lightning (Bedlam's Bard #3 / #4: Omnibus reprint; 2 fantasy novels) $13.00
LaValle, Victor The Devil in Silver (On his first night in New Hyde Hospital's psych ward, Pepper is visited by a terrifying creature who nearly kills him before being hustled away by the hospital staff. It's no delusion; Pepper rallies three other inmates in a plot to fight back) $27.00
Laws, Robin D. Blood of the City (Pathfinder Tales: PBO; Novel based on the game) $9.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Dragon Ship (Liaden: Theo Waitley #4: Theo has a trade route to run for Clan Korval while she convinces the ghost ship Bechimo - and herself - that she wants to commit herself to being the human side of their immensely powerful symbiosis. While her former lover battles a nano-virus that's eating him alive, Theo faces the unexpected challenge of rescuing hundreds of stranded pilots and crewmen from an explosive situation in near orbit around a suddenly hostile planet; Signed copies) $23.00
Lore, Pittacus The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies #3: YA; The stakes are higher than ever as John, Number Six, and Number Seven desperately try to find the rest of the Lorien Nine before it's too late) $17.99
Maltin, Leonard Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie Guide (PBO; Revised and updated guide with thousands of capsule movie reviews, DVD and video listings, mail-order and online resources for buying and renting DVDs and videos, and more) $9.99
Mandanna, Sangu The Lost Girl (YA; Eva was cloned to replace Amarra if she ever died. So when Amarra dies in a car crash, Eva moves to India to replace her. But does she want to live out her years as a copy? Or risk everything to be Eva?) $17.99
Marr, Melissa Carnival of Souls (YA; Aya and Kaleb both face bleak futures, unless they can win a competition hosted by the Carnival of Souls, fighting to the death to join the ruling elite) $17.99
Martin/Lowder, J (ed) Beyond the Wall: Exploring George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (Essays by authors and critics looking at Martin's epic fantasy) $14.95
McDonald, Ian Be My Enemy (Everness #2: YA; Everett has escaped with the Infundibulum from the clutches of Charlotte Villiers and the Order, but his father is missing, banished to one of the billions of parallel universes. Everett and the airship crew have taken a Heisenberg Jump to a random parallel plane, where Everett is making plans to rescue his family. But Charlotte Villiers is one step ahead of him) $16.95
McGuire, Seanan Ashes of Honor (October Daye #6: PBO; While searching for a powerful changeling with the potential to destroy all of Faerie, Tobey is drawn into a web of kidnappings, political intrigue, and attempted assassinations) $7.99
McKinney, Joe Mutated (PBO; Fleeing the cities and their flesh-eating zombies, Bob Richardson and his crew find sanctuary at an abandoned farm. But their stronghold may not be enough - the undead are banding together and working as a group) $7.99
McMahon, Gary Beyond Here Lies Nothing (Concrete Grove #3: Ben arrives in Concrete Grove to research a infamous paranormal incident from the early 1970s; when strange things begin happening, it's up to him to put the ghosts to rest) $8.99
O'Brien, Caragh M. Prized (Birthmarked #2: YA; 16-year-old midwife Gaia flees the Enclave with her baby sister, only to be captured by the people of Sylum, where women rule the men, and a kiss is a crime) $9.99
Oliver, Lauren Liesl & Po (Kids; Locked in the attic by her cruel stepmother, Liesl is surprised one evening when a ghost named Po appears. That same evening, an alchemist's apprentice named Will makes an innocent mistake that has tremendous consequences for Liesl and Po, and draws the three of them together on an extraordinary journey) $6.99
Packard, Edward Through the Black Hole (U-Ventures: Kids; You're in command of the most advanced spaceship in the galaxy on the wildest mission in history. Choose your own fate as you try to make it through a black hole) $5.99
Palma, Felix J. The Map of the Sky (H.G. Wells #2: Socialite Emma Harlow agrees to marry millionaire Montgomery Gilmore, but only if he accepts her challenge to reproduce the invasion featured in Wells' War of the Worlds . Interconnected plots tell a tale of time travel and mystery, with appearances by a young Edgar Allan Poe as well as Captain Shackleton and Charles Winslow) $26.00
Passarella, John Rite of Passage (Supernatural: A series of accidents and strange occurrences in a New Jersey town attracts the attention of the Winchester brothers) $7.99
Paterson, K & J The Flint Heart (Kids; Freely abridged from Eden Phillpotts' 1910 fantasy. A Stone Age man demands a talisman to harden his heart, allowing him to take control of his tribe. The tribe's magic man creates the Flint Heart, but the cruelty of it destroys the tribe. Thousands of years later, the talisman reemerges. Can Charles and his sister Unity find a way to rescue humans, fairies, and animals alike from its dark influence?) $9.99
Paver, Michelle Gods and Warriors (Kids; Warriors have kidnapped his sister and tried to kill him; a stranger has given him a bronze dagger. Now young Hylas is on the run, trying to discover why he's being hunted, and to find his sister before the warriors find him) $16.99
Petrucha, Stefan Dead Mann Running (Hessius Mann #2: PBO; The living dead PI is drawn into a killer case when a severed arm leaves a mysterious briefcase at his office) $7.99
Phillips, Holly At the Edge of Waking (Collection of short fantasy fiction) $15.95
Priest, Christopher The Islanders (The Dream Archipelago is a vast network of islands whose very locations seem to twist and shift. Some islands have been sculpted into musical instruments, some are home to lethal creatures, some are playgrounds for the rich. And a war being fought by two distant continents is playing out across the archipelago's waters) $14.95
Reay, Joanne Romeo Spikes (Homicide detective Alexis Bianco teams up with the mysterious Lola, who is more weapon than woman, to pursue the Tormenta, demonic predators who convince humans to kill themselves in order to siphon off their victims' unspent lifespans) $25.00
Redwine, C.J. Defiance (YA; While other girls train to be ladies, Rachel trains to survive in the wilderness and wield a sword. When her father fails to return from a courier mission, her father's apprentice Logan is assigned to protect her. Together they will escape the tyrant's city to hunt for Rachel's father) $17.99
Reus, Katie Primal Possession (Moon Shifter #2: PBO; When a hate group targets humans known to sympathize with paranormal beings, December McIntyre turns to lupine shifter Liam Armstrong for help) $7.99
Rosca, Madeleine The Clockwork Sky Volume 1 (Graphic novel. 1895: In the London slums, young Sally Peppers and automaton police boy Sky uncover a dark secret that could overturn all of London) $10.99
Scarrow, Alex Day of the Predator (TimeRiders #2: YA; When Maddy mistakenly opens a time window, Liam is marooned 65 million years in the past. He must make contact with Maddy and Sal before he's hunted down by dinosaurs - or alters history) $9.99
Sedia, Ekaterina (ed) Circus: Fantasy Under the Big Top (PBO; Anthology; stories of circuses traditional, bizarre, and futuristic) $15.95
Shatner, William Shatner Rules (A collection of guidelines and fun facts, illustrated with stories from Bill's life and career, showing how to become Shatneresque) $15.00
Silverberg, Robert (ed) Tales from Super-Science Fiction (Anthology; reprints 14 stories from the 1950s magazine) $32.00
Singh, Nalini Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter #5: PBO; Angelic spymaster Jason and Princess Mahiya are drawn to each other as they work together to solve the murder of Neha's consort) $7.99
Slonczewski, Joan The Highest Frontier (On an Earth altered by global warming, with an invasive alien species threatening the surviving ecosystems, Jennifer Ramos Kennedy, daughter of a rich and influential family, is headed for the college of the future, in orbit) $7.99
Smith, Cordwainer When the People Fell (Collection of Instrumentality stories and miscellaneous short stories, providing a sweeping saga of the centuries to come) $7.99
Smith, Sherwood Blood Spirits (Kim Murray #2: With the man she loves set to marry a look-alike princess, Kim returns to California to heal her broken heart. But family politics send her to London, where she winds up in a duel with a Dobrenican nobleman, and learns that her great sacrifice, leaving Alex, was a disaster. She returns to Dobrenica, where she finds ghosts, magic, and murder awaiting her) $7.99
Stein, Jeanne C. Haunted (Anna Strong #8: PBO; Vampire and bounty hunter Anna Strong and her friend Culebra end up in Mexico, dealing with cartel infighting, a few old vendettas, and missing girls) $7.99
Stirling, S.M. The Tears of the Sun (Change #8: Rudi McKenzie - now Artos, the High King of Montival - must stand against the forces of the Church Universal and Triumphant, knowing he may lose his life in the final battle) $9.99
Stirling, S.M. Lord of Mountains (Change #9: To end the war, Artos must journey to the Lake at the Heart of the Mountains and take part in a coronation that will unite the realms into a single kingdom, granting him an army large enough to defeat his enemies once and for all) $27.95
Strahan, Jonathan (ed) Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron (YA; Anthology; original stories celebrating the witch) $16.99
Swallow, James Fear to Tread (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy #21: Horus sends the Blood Angels to the Signus system, where an army of Khornate daemons waits for them. The Warmaster's plan is to use the flaw in the Blood Angels' gene-seed to turn them to the worship of the Blood God) $9.99
Thomas, Shelley Moore The Seven Tales of Trinket (Kids; Guided by a tattered map, accompanied by Thomas the Pig Boy, and inspired by her heritage, 11-year-old Trinket searches for the stories she needs to become a bard like her father, who disappeared years ago) $16.99
Thorpe, Gav Path of the Outcast (Warhammer 40,000: Eldar #3: While Aradryan lives as a Ranger, Alaitoc is attacked by the Sons of Orar Space Marines, and must do what he can to help save the craftworld) $8.99
Tinker, Major (ed) The Steampunk Gazette (From the founder of the Victorian Steampunk Society, a lavishly illustrated history of steampunk, from its 1980s origins to today. Sections on fashion, gadgets, home decor, art, literature, media, and social events) $24.99
Trent, Tiffany The Unnaturalists (YA; When his Tinker family is captured to be refinery slaves, Syrus Reed finds that his fate may be bound up with that of Vespa Nyx - and with the Unnatural creatures she catalogues in her father's New London museum) $16.99
Varley, John Slow Apocalypse (Screenwriter Dave Marshall thought the scenario sounded implausible when he heard it from a government consultant on his last film: a scientist releases a virus that feeds on petroleum into an Iraqi oil field, but it spreads to infect the entire international fuel supply. Now it's become a terrifying reality) $25.95
Weber, David A Beautiful Friendship (Stephanie Harrington #1: YA; On the pioneer planet Sphinx, young Stephanie Harrington discovers an intelligent alien species, treecats, and forms the first telepathic bond with one. But a lot of powerful people are determined to make sure that Sphinx remains entirely in human hands - even if it means the extermination of another thinking species) $9.99
Wendig, Chuck Mockingbird (Miriam #2: PBO; Miriam is trying to live a normal life, keeping her ability - to see when and how someone is going to die - in check. Which feels like keeping a tornado trapped in a tiny bottle. And then comes one really bad day) $7.99
Williams, Tad The Dirty Streets of Heaven (Bobby Dollar #1: Bobby is a rough-and-tumble angel who's always done his part in the long cold war between Heaven and Hell. But now he's stepped into the middle of something that's got both sides nervous - an unprecedented number of missing souls) $25.95
Wooding, Chris Havoc (Malice #2: Kids; Having escaped from Malice, Seth isn't sure if he should try to destroy the evil comic book from his own world, or go back for an artifact that might help. Meanwhile, Kady is still trapped in Malice, trying to find a rebel group of kids who want to fight cruel overlord Tall Jake) $9.99
Zeltserman, Dave A Killer's Essence (When a serial killer terrorizes New York City, jaded detective Stan Green finds just a single witness, a neurologically disabled recluse who sees through the souls of others as demonic hallucinations) $15.00

Expected Mid-September

Andrews, Scott K. School's Out Forever (Afterblight Chronicles: 15-year-old Lee and his boarding school's Matron must try to protect their charges from cannibalistic gangs, religious fanatics, a bullying prefect, and the surviving might of the U.S. Army) $12.99
Bachmann, Stefan The Peculiar (Kids; Bartholomew is a changeling, child of a faery father and a human mother, who lives in the faery slums of Bath. When he witnesses the kidnapping of another changeling, he finds himself at the center of a web of intrigue) $16.99
Balaban, Bob The Creature from the Seventh Grade: Boy or Beast (Kids; Charlie has suddenly morphed into a giant mutant sea creature. Now his best friends are treating him like a science project, the cool kids are recruiting him for their clique, and, for some reason, his parents are acting like everything is perfectly normal) $15.99
Barnhill, Kelly The Mostly True Story of Jack (Kids; When Jack is sent to Hazelwood, Iowa, to live with his crazy aunt and uncle, he expects a summer of boredom. But the people of Hazelwood have been waiting for him for a long time. He makes friends. The town bully beats him up. And the richest man in town begins to plot Jack's imminent demise. It's up to Jack to figure out why - but to do that, he'll have to believe that magic is real, and has something to do with him) $6.99
Bray, Libba The Diviners (YA; 1920s: Evie is shipped off to NYC to live with her Uncle Will, curator of the Museum of American Folklore, Superstition and the Occult. They find themselves in the thick of an investigation of occult-based murders. And Evie has a secret - a mysterious power that could help catch the killer, if he doesn't catch her first) $19.99
Brower, S/Heller, S Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants: The Art of the Paperback (Reissue; A celebration of the art and design of the mass-market paperback, from the late 19th century to today) $7.98
Burroughs/Maxwell Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan (PBO; Authorized by the Burroughs estate. The Tarzan story told from Jane's viewpoint; $25.99 hc also available) $14.99
Carlson, Amanda Full Blooded (Jessica McClain #1: PBO; Jessica has become a werewolf. It wasn't supposed to happen: female werewolves don't exist. When a killer comes looking for her, her Pack finds themselves caught in the middle of a war. It's up to Jessica to find out why everyone wants her dead) $12.99
Chabon, Michael Telegraph Avenue (2004: Archy and Nat rule a kingdom of used vinyl located in the borderlands of Berkeley and Oakland. Their wives, Gwen and Aviva, are two semi-legendary midwives who have welcomed more than a thousand newly minted citizens into the community. When a former NFL quarterback announces plans to build his latest megastore on a nearby stretch of Telegraph Avenue, Nat and Archy fear it means certain doom for their vulnerable little enterprise. Meanwhile, Aviva and Gwen also find themselves caught up in a battle for their professional existence; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Cornwall, Emma Incarnation (In a steampunk London, Lucy Weston confronts Bram Stoker to find out why he lied about her in his novel Dracula . Then, with Stoker's reluctant help, she sets out to track down the fiend who turned her into a vampire) $15.00
Davis, Jim Garfield Gets in a Pickle (Garfield #54: PBO; Full color comic strips) $14.00
Durst, Sarah Beth Vessel (YA; Liyana has trained her entire life to be the vessel of a goddess, but the goddess never comes. Abandoned by her tribe, Liyana expects to die in the desert, until a boy arrives. Korbyn is a trickster god inside his vessel, who tells Liyana that five other gods are missing. They set off in search of the other vessels, for the tribes cannot survive without the magic of their gods. The closer she grows to Korbyn, the less Liyana wants to disappear to make way for her goddess. But she must die for her tribe to live, unless a trickster god can help her to trick fate - or a human girl can muster some magic of her own) $16.99
Edward, John Fallen Masters (A final confrontation between good and evil unfolds on both the Earthly plane and the Other Side) $25.99
Erikson, Steven The Forge of Darkness (Malazan: Kharkarnas #1: In Kurald Galain, the commoners want Vatha Urusander, their great hero, to take Mother Dark's hand in marriage, but her consort Lord Draconus is opposed. As the impending clash disrupts the realm of Darkness, an ancient power emerges from the long dead seas. Caught in the middle of it all are the First Sons of Darkness, Anomander, Andarist, and Silchas Ruin) $27.99
Griffin, Kate Stray Souls (Sharon Li has just discovered she's a shaman, and not a moment too soon. London's soul has gone missing. To solve the mystery and rescue the dying city, she'll need help from the support group she's just set up for people with magical issues) $14.99
Johnson, Kij At the Mouth of the River of Bees (Collection; 16 works of sf and fantasy from an award-winning author; Signed copies expected) $16.00
Jones, Stephen (ed) A Book of Horrors (Anthology; original stories of horror and dark fantasy from top writers) $15.99
Jordan, Hillary When She Woke (In the not too distant future, the line between church and state has been eradicated, and convicted felons are no longer imprisoned but chromed - their skin color genetically altered to match the class of their crimes - and then released back into the population to survive as best they can. Hannah is a Red; her crime is abortion) $14.95
Kenyon, S/Love, D The Curse (Belador #3: PBO; When Svart Trolls invade Atlanta, Evalle tries to stop the bloody troll-led gang wars; she unwittingly exposes a secret that endangers all she holds dear and complicates her tumultuous love life with Storm) $7.99
King, A.S. Everybody Sees the Ants (YA; Andre Norton Award finalist. Lucky has a secret that helps him wade through his dysfunctional life. In his dreams, he escapes to the war-torn jungles of Laos, where he can be a hero. It's dangerous and wild - a place where his life just might be worth living. But how long can Lucky hide in his dreams before reality forces its way in?) $9.99
Knaak, Richard A. Shade (Legends of the Dragonrealm: Shade the spellcaster struggles to find an end to the curse he brought upon himself millennia ago) $16.00
Kristoff, Jay Stormdancer (Lotus War #1: After disaster befalls her mission to capture a griffin for the Shogun, Yukiko finds herself stranded in the wilderness with a crippled griffin. They will face intrigue, betrayal, and murder as they try to save their homeland) $24.99
Le Guin, Ursula K. Finding My Elegy (Collection of some of her best early poetry plus a group of poems written over the last four years) $22.00
Leslie, Mark (ed) Tesseracts 16: Parnassus Unbound (Anthology; short works of speculative fiction about art, music, literature, and culture) $15.95
Marillier, Juliet Shadowfell (YA; Possessing a powerful ability to communicate with the fairy-like Good Folk, 16-year-old Neryn sets out for Shadowfell, a home and training ground for a rebel group determined to overthrow the evil King Keldec) $16.99
McElligott/Tuxbury Benjamin Franklinstein Meets the Fright Brothers (Victor Godwin #2: Kids; When giant bat planes and mysterious attacks bring mayhem to Philadelphia, Victor knows only the Wright Brothers could pilot such creations - but the red-eyed brothers don't seem quite like themselves. Can Victor and his friends stop them from taking over the city?) $7.99
McOmber, Adam The White Forest (Jane has a gift that allows her to see the souls of manmade objects. When her friend Nathan becomes interested in a cult - led by a mystic who encourages his followers to explore dream manipulation - and then disappears, the famed Inspector Vidocq arrives in London to untangle events. But when a sinister truth emerges, Jane realizes she must use her talent to find Nathan before it's too late) $25.00
Shirley, John Retribution (Resident Evil: PBO; Novelization of the film) $7.99
Starmer, Aaron The Only Ones (Kids; Martin arrives at the village of Xibalba. Like the other children who've journeyed there, he faces an awful truth. When families and friends all disappeared one afternoon, he and these other children were forgotten. Inspired by the prophesies of a mysterious boy who talks to animals, Martin believes he can reunite them with their loved ones - but believing and knowing are two different things) $7.99
Tanner, Lian City of Lies (Keepers #2: Kids; When his sister is stolen, Toadspit and his friend Goldie follow the child-stealers to a neighboring city. Along the way, Toadspit is captured. When Goldie discovers some secrets that the child-stealers will kill to protect, she'll need all her skills as a thief and a liar to survive and save her friends) $6.99
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Art of The Hobbit (The author's complete artwork for the book) $40.00
Weber, David Midst Toil and Tribulation (Safehold #6: A vicar of the Church of God Awaiting has engineered a rebellion against the Lord Protector of Siddermark, bringing civil war to the nation at harvest time) $27.99
Weeks, Brent The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer #2: Gavin had thought he had five years left, now he has less than one. Magic is running wild and threatens to destroy the Satrapies. The old gods are being reborn, and their army of color wights is unstoppable. The only salvation may be the brother whose freedom and life Gavin stole) $25.99
Ziegler, Rob Seed (After economic, political, and environmental collapse, the US is now controlled by Satori, a corporation that is also a living, intelligent city. Satori bioengineers the climate-resistant seed that feeds the nation, as well as the post-human genetic Designers, Advocates, and Laborers. When a Designer goes rogue, the government hopes to regain power by using her to break Satori's stranglehold on seed production) $15.99

Expected Early October

Anderson, Kevin J. The Martian War (PBO; What if the Martian invasion was not entirely the product of H.G.'s imagination? What if he witnessed something that spurred him to write The War of the Worlds as a warning?) $12.95
Anderson, Taylor Firestorm (Destroyermen #6: Even as the Allies and the Empire of New Britain Isles stand united against the Grik and the Japanese, the Holy Dominion - a warped, power-hungry mix of human cultures - threatens destruction with a devastating weapon neither Allies nor Empire can withstand) $7.99
Archer, Jill Dark Light of Day (Noon Onyx #1: PBO; Noon is capable of wielding the destructive power of demons. But because she's human, the demons consider her an abomination- and a threat to their rule over Earth) $7.99
Bein, Steve Daughter of the Sword (Fated Blades #1: Tokyo cop Mariko Oshiro investigates the attempted theft of an old samurai sword, forged by a swordsmith whose blades may have magical qualities. She is only the latest in a long line of warriors to confront this power, and it threatens to turn against her even as she learns to wield the sword) $16.00
Benford, Gregory et al The Wonderful Future That Never Was (Between 1903 and 1969, Popular Mechanics magazine included hundreds of predictions about the future. This book recaps some of those ideas, illustrated with the original futurist art. Benford supplies modern perspective on why some of the predictions were made. Full color throughout) $17.95
Briggs, Patricia Cry Wolf Vol. 1 (Alpha & Omega GN #1: Full color graphic novel; adaptation of the novel) $24.95
Brown, Eric Helix Wars (For 200 years, peace has reigned on the Helix. But when shuttle pilot Jeff Ellis crash-lands on Phandra, he interrupts an invasion by the neighboring Sporelli - who scheme to exterminate Ellis before he can return to New Earth and inform the peacekeepers) $8.99
Buehlman, Christopher Between Two Fires (1348: After an orphan tells him that the Black Plague is only part of a greater cataclysm, Thomas, a disgraced knight, finds himself in a macabre battleground of angels and demons, sinners and saints, in a struggle for nothing less than the soul of man) $25.95
Burroughs/Griffin Tarzan Centennial (Lavishly illustrated official history of the Tarzan phenomenon) $39.95
Caine, Rachel Black Dawn (Morganville Vampires #12: YA; Unless Claire and her friends figure out how to cure Amelie - who has been infected by the master draug's bite - and defeat the draug, Morganville will become little more than a ghost town) $9.99
Campbell, Jack Tarnished Knight (Lost Stars #1: Betrayed by the brutal Syndicate government, Artur Drakon and Gwen Iceni launch a battle for control of the Midway star system) $26.95
Carey, Jacqueline Dark Currents (Agent of Hel #1: Fathered by an incubus, Daisy lives in a Midwestern resort town that is home to eccentric locals, wealthy summer residents, assorted paranormals, and eldritch folk presided over by reclusive Norse goddess Hel. When a boy drowns and signs point to eldritch involvement, Daisy investigates with the help of a sexy werewolf cop) $26.95
Chan, Kylie Earth to Hell (Journey to Wudang #1: On Earth, Simon Wong, the Demon King's son, is no longer around to trouble Emma and Simone, but his associates have taken over Simon's underworld activities. The otherworldly stones are being targeted and are in danger of being completely destroyed. It seems that the Demon King is the only one Emma can turn to for help) $7.99
Chance, Karen Fury's Kiss (Midnight's Daughter #3: PBO; Dory and Louis-Cesare will have to face off with zombie vampires, fallen angels, and a mad scientist to get to the bottom of a deadly smuggling ring) $7.99
Clarke, Cassandra Rose The Assassin's Curse (YA; When Ananna runs away from her arranged marriage, her cutthroat parents hire Naji the assassin to murder her. When she inadvertently saves his life, she activates his curse: whenever her life is in danger, he must protect her. This development pleases neither of them - but to lift the curse, they will have to complete three impossible tasks) $9.99
Cobley, Michael Seeds of Earth (Humanity's Fire #1: The planet Darien hosts a thriving human settlement. But hidden on Darien's forest moon are secrets that go back to an apocalyptic battle between ancient races. Darien is about to become the focus of an intergalactic power struggle, and the true stakes are beyond human comprehension) $7.99
Connolly, Tina Ironskin (Jane, who wears an iron mask to contain the fey curse that scars her cheek, answers a carefully worded ad for a governess, certain that the child is fey-cursed, and that she can help. She finds herself fascinated by the girl's artist father: a parade of ugly women enter his studio, and come out as beautiful as the fey) $24.99
Crossan, Sarah Breathe (YA; In a world where air is restricted, three teens find out exactly what they're willing to do for the freedom to breathe) $17.99
Cummings, Sean Poltergeeks (YA; To save her witch mother's life, 15-year-old Julie and her uber-geek friend Marcus must find out who is responsible for increasing levels of poltergeist activity all over their town) $9.99
Doctorow, Cory Pirate Cinema (YA; In dystopian near-future Britain, artists and activists are trying to fight a new bill that will criminalize harmless internet creativity, making felons of millions of British citizens. Parliament is in thrall to a few wealthy media conglomerates, but the powers-that-be haven't reckoned on the power of a gripping movie to change people's minds) $19.99
Drake, D/Lambshead, J Into the Hinterlands (Sent to clear the power-hungry Terrans from a star sector where they're encroaching, greenhorn commander Allen Allenson must also overcome the machinations of the alien Riders) $7.99
Drake, David Night & Demons (PBO; Collection of horrific, weird, and fantastic tales) $13.00
Dunn, Christian (ed) Shadows of Treachery (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy #22: PBO; Anthology) $8.99
Dunn, Christian (ed) Treacheries of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000: PBO; Anthology) $8.99
Emson, Thomas Skarlet (Vampire Trinity #1: When a new drug starts turning users into vampires, Iraqi War veteran Jake Lawton finds himself doing battle with immortals and their human cohorts. And beneath the London streets lurks a bigger evil, waiting to be resurrected to reign over a city of human slaves) $14.99
Evans, Chris Ashes of a Black Frost (Iron Elves #3: As the human-dominated Calahrian Empire struggles to maintain its hold on power in the face of armed rebellion, the Iron Elves' perilous quest to defeat the power-hungry elf witch, the Shadow Monarch, takes on greater urgency) $9.99
Evenson, B.K. Catalyst (Dead Space: Novel based on the video game) $14.99
Feehan, Christine Dark Predator (Carpathian #19: When he leaves his life as master executioner behind, Zacarias wonders who he really is. The answer awaits him back home in Peru, where he will face old enemies and a bloody family legacy - and find his lifemate) $7.99
Fforde, Jasper The Last Dragonslayer (YA; 15-year-old Jennifer runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians, but it's hard to stay in business when magic is drying up. Now visions are predicting the death of the world's last dragon at the hands of an unnamed Dragonslayer. If the visions are true, everything will change for Jennifer and Kazam - because something known as Big Magic is coming) $16.99
Fforde, Jasper The Woman Who Died a Lot (Thursday Next #7: After an assassination attempt, Thursday returns to Swindon to recuperate. But there are problems at home: Friday's career struggles in the Chronoguard; Tuesday's trouble perfecting the Anti-Smote shield in time to prevent an angry Deity from wiping Swindon off the face of the earth; and the issue of Thursday's third child Jenny, who exists only as a confusing and disturbing memory. With Goliath attempting to replace Thursday with synthetic Thursdays, and a call from Bookworld to hunt down Pagerunners who have jumped into the Realworld, Thursday's convalescence is going to be anything but restful) $26.95
Fisher, Catherine Darkwater (YA; Desperate to regain the power and wealth her family had lost, Sarah made a bargain with Azrael, Lord of Darkwater Hall, who gave her 100 years and the means to her objective - in exchange for her soul. A century later, will she be able to stop young Tom from making the same ruinous bargain?) $16.99
Flint, Eric 1635: Papal Stakes (Ring of Fire: Trapped in a mire of papal assassins, power politics, murder, and mayhem, Pope Urban VII and uptimers Frank Stone and Ambassador Sharon Nichols and their downtimer spouses need help fast. Special rescue crews converge on Rome, and an uptime airplane is on its way to spirit the Pope to safety. When everything goes wrong, it's once again up to the rough and ready Grantville natives to set things right) $25.00
Gear, W.M. & Kathleen A Searing Wind (Contact: The Battle for America #3: After learning of de Soto's plans to target the Chicaza, Black Shell is determined to set the perfect trap to preserve his people's pride, traditions, and winter stockpiles of food and supplies) $9.99
Giallongo, Zack Broxo (Kids; Full color graphic novel. Can Broxo - the only survivor of a barbarian tribe - and Princess Zora defeat the man-eating walking dead that drag themselves out of a fetid lake?) $16.99
Gibson, William Zero History (Campbell Memorial Award finalist. A Department of Defense contract for combat wear turns out to be the gateway drug for arms dealers so shadowy that even global marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend, whose subtlety and power in the private sector would be hard to overstate, finds himself outmaneuvered and adrift in a seriously dangerous world) $9.99
Gilman, Charles Professor Gargoyle (Lovecraft Middle School #1: Kids; At his brand new, high-tech school, 11-year old Robert finds some anomalies: rats in the lockers; a student gone missing; a library corridor full of worm-eaten antique books; and a science professor who seems to be undergoing a strange transformation) $13.99
Gladstone, Max Three Parts Dead (A god has died, and it's up to Tara, a first-year associate at a necromantic firm, to bring Him back to life before His city falls apart) $24.99
Gropp, Richard E. Bad Glass (PBO; The military moves in to quash rumors of unexplained phenomena in Spokane and figure out what's going on. But after weeks of news leaking out of the quarantine, it becomes clear they have no idea. A young photographer sneaks into the city, hoping to make a name for himself documenting the unimaginable - if he doesn't go insane first) $15.00
Hamilton, Kiki The Faerie Ring (YA; 1871: Pickpocket Tiki steals a ring that could lead to all-out war. For the ring belongs to Queen Victoria, and binds the rulers of England and Faerie to peace. A group of faerie rebels hopes to break the treaty with dark magic - and Tiki's blood) $9.99
Harris, Charlaine The Sookie Stackhouse Companion (Southern Vampire: Agatha Award finalist. Tour Bon Temps, Louisiana, prowl around the werewolf and werepanther communities, visit Tara's dress shop, and belly up to the bar at Merlotte's in this guide to Sookie's family, friends, enemies, lovers, and adventures. Includes an original Sookie novella, recipes, and more) $18.00
Harrison, Kim A Perfect Blood (Rachel Morgan #10: Ritually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincinnati, terrifying amalgams of human and other. Pulled in by the FIB to help investigate, Rachel Morgan soon realizes that someone is determined to make demons. But it can't be done without Rachel's blood) $7.99
Hayes, Erica Revelation (Seven Signs #1: PBO; Dr. Morgan Sterling doesn't believe in angels, but Luniel is one of the fallen, bound to fight evil to earn redemption. Together they must stop a zombie plague ravaging Manhattan's slums) $7.99
Heinlein, Robert A. Starman Jones (Reissue; Classic sf novel) $7.99
Hendee, Barb Ghosts of Memories (Vampire Memories #5: PBO; Not all vampires want to live by the Four Laws. Now Eleisha must confront the deadliest predator she has ever faced, or lose everything she has fought to protect) $7.99
Hidalgo, Pablo Star Wars: The Essential Reader's Companion (Looks at all published Star Wars fiction, providing a synopsis of each story, behind the scenes facts and anecdotes, and a chronological listing of titles placing each in context. Illustrated with over a hundred full-color paintings) $28.00
Holm, Chris F. The Wrong Goodbye (Collector #2: PBO; Because of his efforts to avert the Apocalypse, Sam has been given a second chance, provided he can stick to the straight and narrow. Which is all well and good, until the soul he's sent to collect goes missing) $7.99
Hunter, Faith Death's Rival (Jane Yellowrock #5: PBO; To uncover the identity of the vamp who is trying to steal Leo's territory, Jane will have to venture into the underbelly of New Orleans vamp society) $7.99
Jerome, Celia Sand Witches in the Hamptons (Willow Tate #5: PBO; As if Willow didn't have enough problems coping with Otherworld visitors, now she has a stalker, her doom-seer father has a secret, and Paumanok Harbor has Otherworld sand stealers) $7.99
Jones, Darynda Death and the Girl Next Door (PBO; YA; Why is Cameron, her high school's designated loner, standing outside Lorelei's house every night? What does tough, sexy newcomer Jared know about her parents, who disappeared years ago? And what will any of them do when Death comes knocking for real?) $9.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Reflections (Collection of essays, speeches, and biographical pieces written and/or chosen by Jones) $24.99
Jones, Stephen (ed) The Mammoth Book of Zombie Apocalypse! Fight Back (Mosaic novel; interconnected eyewitness narratives - text messages, emails, blog entries, letters, diaries, and transcripts - telling of the fight against the New Zombie Order) $13.95
Joyce, William The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie (Guardians of Childhood #2: Kids; Full color picture book. When the moon is less than full, who will keep the children safe at night? The Man in the Moon thinks sleepy sweet-dreamer Sandy is the perfect choice to help thwart Pitch, the Nightmare King) $17.99
Joyce, William Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies (Guardians of Childhood Novel #3: Kids; Toothiana can spin herself into a multitude of selves, depending on nightly teeth-placed-under-pillows rates. And she is tiny, but very fierce - the villainous Pitch has no idea what he's up against) $14.99
Karpyshyn, Drew Revan (Star Wars: Old Republic #3: Novel based on the online game) $7.99
Kessler, Liz Emily Windsnap Boxed Set: The Tail of Emily Windsnap / Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep / Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist / Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret (Reissue; Kids; Four fantasy novels; the adventures of a teenage girl with a human mother and a merman father) $23.96
Ketter, Greg (ed) Shelf Life: Fantastic Stories Celebrating Bookstores (Anthology; 16 sf, fantasy, and horror stories, each with a bookstore at its core) $15.95
Kiesbye, Stefan Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone (Four young friends come of age in Hemmersmoor, a place shrouded with fear - and talk of revenants. Their innocent games soon bring them face-to-face with the village's darkest secrets) $15.00
L'Engle, Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time graphic novel (Kids; Adaptation of the classic sf novel) $19.99
Lackey, Mercedes Changes (Valdemar: Collegium #3: Magpie pursues his quest for his parent's identity, while being trained as an undercover agent for Valdemar. Bardic Trainee Lena has to face her uncaring father, a famous Bard. And Healing Trainee Bear struggles with his parents, who are pressuring him to quit the Collegium because he lacks the magical Healing Gift) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes Redoubt (Valdemar: Collegium #4: A mysterious new enemy has taken an interest in Herald trainee spy Mags, but why? The answers can only be found in the most unexpected corners of Mags' past. Assuming he can stay alive long enough to find them) $25.95
Lamberson, Gregory Tortured Spirits (Jake Helman #4: PBO; Jake's ongoing quest to save his best friend Edgar Hopkins takes him to New Orleans, Miami, and the jungles of Pavot Island, where undead slaves harvest narcotics for a ferocious dictator) $14.95
Launet, Francois Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) (Collection of webcomics providing a humorous look at the Cthulhu mythos through the daily lives of the Great Old Ones) $19.95
Lazellari, Edward Awakenings (Cal MacDonnell and Seth Raincrest have nothing in common - except they both suffer from retrograde amnesia. It's as if they just appeared out of thin air thirteen years ago. Now their forgotten past has caught up with them) $7.99
Lin, Grace Starry River of the Sky (Kids; Rendi has run away from home and is now working at the inn in the remote Village of Clear Sky. The moon is missing there, but only Rendi seems to notice. He also notices the village's peculiar inhabitants and their problems. A mysterious lady arrives at the Inn with the gift of storytelling, and slowly transforms the villagers and Rendi himself. As the days pass, Rendi begins to realize that perhaps it is his own story that holds the answers to all his questions) $17.99
Lovecraft/Lockwood The Lovecraft Anthology Volume 2 (Full color graphic novel; adaptations of Lovecraft stories) $19.95
Lovegrove, James Red Eye (Redlaw #2: PBO; In the U.S. to investigate a series of vicious attacks on vampire immigrants, Redlaw uncovers a conspiracy that could give journalist Tina Checkley the career break she's been looking for. It could also spell death for Redlaw) $8.99
Ma, Roger The Vampire Combat Manual (PBO; A humorous guide to fighting the bloodthirsty undead) $15.00
MacAlister/Harper/Sims The Undead in My Bed (PBO; Anthology; 3 vampire romance novellas) $7.99
Maguire, Gregory Out of Oz (Wicked Years #4: The Emerald City plans to invade Munchkinland, Glinda is under house arrest, the Cowardly Lion is on the run from the law, and look who's knocking at the door: Dorothy. Amid the chaos, Elphaba's granddaughter Rain comes of age, and will now take up her broom in an Oz racked by war) $15.99
Mallory, H.P. Something Witchy This Way Comes (Jolie Wilkins #5: PBO; Jolie must protect her Underworld realm from the Lurkers, half-humans bent on conquering the undead. At least she has her boyfriend, warlock Rand Balfour, by her side. But why can't she forget dangerously alluring vampire Sinjin Sinclair?) $7.99
Mallory, Michael The Science Fiction Universe and Beyond: Syfy Channel Book of Sci-Fi (A look at sf in films and television, from the Saturday matinee serials to modern times) $40.00
Mariconda, Barbara The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons (Kids; An enchanted flute that warns of danger, a mist that unlocks a drawer of family secrets, a bookcase that expands to conceal her: since her parents drowned at sea, magic has been helping Lucy keep her house out of the hands of her greedy uncle) $16.99
Massey, Brandon (ed) Voices from the Other Side (Anthology; 20 horror and suspense stories by African-American writers) $6.99
McCormack, Una Brinksmanship (Star Trek: Typhon Pact: PBO; The independent Venette Convention becomes the flashpoint for a tense military standoff between the United Federation of Planets and the Typhon Pact) $7.99
McDevitt, Jack Firebird (Alex Benedict #6: Nebula Award finalist. Decades ago, renowned physicist Chris Robin, known for his theories about alternate universes, vanished. Alex and Chase discover that Robin had several interstellar yachts flown far outside the planetary system, where they too vanished. Now they're planning to follow Robin's trail into the unknown) $7.99
McGhoul/Kilbane The Brain Eater's Bible (A field manual and manifesto for the reanimated dead) $16.99
McIntosh, Will Hitchers (PBO; Contrary his grandfather's dying wish, Finn has resurrected the old man's newspaper comic, and it's more popular than ever. Then Finn realizes he has a hitcher within his skin: his grandfather, who isn't happy about the changes Finn has made) $14.99
McKillip, Patricia A. Wonders of the Invisible World (PBO; Collection of short fantasy fiction) $14.95
Meloy, Colin Wildwood (Wildwood Chronicles #1: Kids; After her brother is abducted, Prue and her friend Curtis head into the Impassable Wilderness to find him. There they find warring creatures, peaceable mystics, and powerful figures with dark intentions, and their rescue mission turns into a struggle for the freedom of Wildwood) $8.99
Meloy, Colin Under Wildwood (Wildwood Chronicles #2: Kids; A growing threat draws Prue back into Wildwood, where she and Curtis face their greatest challenge yet. To save themselves and the lives of their friends, and bring unity to a divided country, they must go under Wildwood) $17.99
Meluch, R.M. The Ninth Circle (USS Merrimack #5: On the distant world of Zoe, an expedition finds DNA-based life - and alien invaders. And it seems that the Ninth Circle and the Palatine Empire have also found Zoe. Glenn Hamilton calls on the USS Merrimack for help) $7.99
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Scholar (Imager #4: Begins a new story arc set hundreds of years earlier. Quaeryt is a scholar, concealing the fact that he's an imager. To escape the intrigues of the capital city, he convinces his ruler to send him on a reconnaissance mission. On the journey, he must face pirates, storms, poisonings, and attempted murder, as well as discovering that he is not quite who he thought he was) $7.99
Morgan, Richard K. The Cold Commands (Land Fit for Heroes #2: Aging warrior Ringil Eskiath is growing more comfortable with his return to the hero's life. But the stakes against him are being raised - a major threat is gathering on the horizon, one that Ringil cannot defeat by himself) $16.00
Mosley, Walter Merge / Disciple (Crosstown to Oblivion #2: Two novellas: a lottery winner notices something in his apartment that seems ordinary but reveals itself to be from a very different world; a data entry clerk realizes he has become a pawn in a battle that threatens the prime life force on Earth) $24.99
Niven, L/Barnes, S The Moon Maze Game (Dream Park #4: 2085: The first lunar live-action role-playing game turns ugly when a dozen gamers are kidnapped. But the gamers are brilliant, unpredictable, resourceful, and addicted to problem-solving - they're going to play this new scenario to win) $7.99
Oliver, Lauren The Spindlers (Kids; One morning, 12-year-old Liza realizes that spindlers have stolen her younger brother's soul. Armed with little more than her wits, and with a huge talking rat for a guide, she sets out to rescue him) $16.99
Pivarcsi, Istvan Just a Bite (Nonfiction; a Transylvanian historian peels away the effects of pop culture to set the record straight about the history and evolution of vampire folklore) $16.95
Pratchett, T/Cabell, C Terry Pratchett: The Spirit of Fantasy (A detailed biography of the beloved writer, including his battle with Alzheimers, over forty years of irreverent artistic achievements, and a note about cats) $14.95
Pratchett, Terry Dodger (YA; In an alternate London ruled by a young queen Victoria, Dodger is an enterprising lad, smart and lucky. Everyone likes him, which is good, because his life is about to get seriously complicated. When he sees a girl leap from a carriage in an attempt to escape her captors, will he stand by and let her be caught again? Of course not. He's not about to let anything happen to the unknown girl - not even if her fate affects some of the most powerful people in England) $17.99
Quaid, Jamie Boyfriend from Hell (PBO; Tina learns she is one of Satan's daughters, with the power to wield vigilante justice. She's been a loner, but now she has a posse, including a shape-shifting kitten, an invisible thief, a biker gang, and a snake-charming PI. And that's good, because something relentless is stalking her through the alleys of Baltimore's radioactive Zone) $7.99
Rawles, James Wesley Survivors (With the economy collapsed, the supply and high-tech infrastructures fallen, and the power grids down, brutal rioting and looting have gripped the U.S. The Crunch has begun, and only a handful of individuals are equipped to survive) $7.99
Riordan, Rick The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus #3: Kids; After banding together to defeat the giants released by the Earth Mother, the Greek and Roman demigods set sail for Greece to find the Doors of Death) $19.99
Riordan, Rick et al The Red Pyramid graphic novel (Kane Chronicles GN #1: Kids; Adaptation of the fantasy novel) $12.99
Rodda, Emily The Golden Door (Kids; The city of Weld is under attack from flying beasts that kill in the night, and the enemy sending them must be found. Rye has volunteered for the mission - but his real goal is to find his two older brothers, who volunteered before him and never returned) $16.99
Rowling, J.K. The Casual Vacancy (Pagford is a town at war: rich with poor, teenagers with parents, wives with husbands, teachers with pupils. When Barry Fairweather dies unexpectedly, the seat he leaves empty on the town's council becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has seen yet. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity, and unexpected revelations?) $35.00
Sagara, Michelle Cast in Peril (Elantra #8: PBO; Kaylin thinks now might be the perfect time to leave Elantra and journey to the West March with the Barrani. But citizens have been disappearing in Tiamaris - and the disappearances have been traced to the Barrani Kaylin will be traveling with) $14.95
Salvatore, R.A. & Geno Stone of Tymora (Maimun is an orphan who discovered a stone that make him forever lucky. Now he's being hunted by a demon, haunted by a spellcaster, and chased by a pirate. With Drizzt's help, he must unravel the secrets of the Stone of Tymora before his luck runs out) $27.95
Shirley, John Unconquered (Borderlands: PBO; Original novel set in the video game universe) $7.99
Sizemore, Susan Personal Demon (Laws of the Blood #6: PBO; Vampire Enforcer Christopher Bell is in Chicago to investigate rumors of a revolution when he finds vampire hunter Ivy Bell being followed by a ghost from his past. Over a century ago, Christopher defeated Jack the Ripper, but now the Ripper's tainted soul is on the hunt again) $7.99
Sladen, Elisabeth Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography (Doctor Who: Nonfiction; an insider's view of the world's longest running science fiction series, from one of the fans' favorite companions - Sarah Jane herself) $15.95
Sloan, Robin Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (After just a few nights working there, Clay realizes that Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore is a strange place. There are only a few customers, but they come in repeatedly, 'checking out' impossibly obscure volumes, all according to some arrangement with Mr. Penumbra. Concluding that store must be a front for something, Clay ropes his friends into helping figure out what's going on. But when they bring their findings to Mr. Penumbra, it turns out the secrets extend far outside the walls of the bookstore) $25.00
Smith, Sherwood Revenant Eve (Kim Murray #3: When Kim learns that her great sacrifice was a total disaster, she returns to Dobrenica, where not just politics and personalities, but ghosts, murder, and mystery await her. But how will she cope when the country is transported to a completely magical realm?) $25.95
Spradlin, Michael P. Blood Riders (PBO; 1880: After a group of Colorado miners are brutally murdered, Civil War veteran Jonas Hollister finds himself teamed up with detective Allan Pinkerton, gunsmith Oliver Winchester, and a foreigner named Abraham Van Helsing, riding hell for leather toward a confrontation with the undead) $7.99
Stanley, Diane The Silver Bowl (Kids; When Molly polishes the royal family's silver basin, it shows her a vision: a curse has fallen on Prince Alaric's shoulders. Molly is the only one who can destroy the curse and save the prince) $6.99
Stephenson, Neal et al The Mongoliad Book 2 (In the aftermath of the Mongol invasion of 1241, an order of warrior monks searches for a way to overthrow the horde, even as the invaders take its members hostage. Forced to fight in the Mongols' Circus of Swords, Hakkon must prove his mettle or lose his life. Father Rodrigo receives a prophecy from God, and resigns himself to taking up arms in the name of his Lord) $14.95
Stoker, Bram The Lost Novels of Bram Stoker: The Jewel of Seven Stars / The Lady of the Shroud / The Lair of the White Worm (Reissue; Reprints 3 gothic novels of vampirism, horror, and human folly) $16.95
Strout, Anton Alchemystic (Spellmason #1: PBO; Attacked on the streets of NYC, Lexi learns the truth about her bloodline when she is saved by a gargoyle named Stannis, created by an ancestor who could work magic on stone. Lexi and Stannis begin to work together to save the city they both love) $7.99
Tallerman, David Crown Thief (Easie Damasco #2: PBO; Meet Easie Damasco, thief, swindler, and reluctant hero. But whatever good intentions he may have are about to be tested to their limits, as the most valuable - and dangerous - object in the land comes within his light-fingered grasp) $7.99
Tatulli, Mark There's a Monster in My Socks (Lio: Edited especially for kids. Wordless comic strips detailing the adventures of young mad scientist Lio) $9.99
Teitelbaum, Michael Wonder Woman: Power Outage (Choose-Your-Fate Adventure #2: PBO; Kids; Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island to try to find out why her powers are blinking on and off) $5.99
Thompson, Vicki Lewis Werewolf in Denver (Wild About You #4: PBO; Blogger Kate Sullivan is in favor of werewolf segregation - until she finds herself attracted to Duncan MacDowell, a sexy Scottish werewolf who prefers dating human women) $7.99
Thomson, Jamie Dark Lord: The Early Years (Kids; The Dark Lord is confounded when he awakens in the middle of a small town. What is this strange place? Why do they keep calling him Dirk Lloyd? And why is he powerless against these Earthlings who insist on finding his parents?) $16.99
Thorpe, Gav The Sundering: Malekith / Shadow King / Caledor (Warhammer Time of Legends: Omnibus reprint; military fantasy, 3 novels plus 2 stories) $17.50
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings movie tie-in boxed set (Classic fantasy with cover art from the movies) $35.96
Traviss, Karen Glasslands (Halo: Novel based on the game. With the Human-Covenant war over, the UNSC must now lay claim to the universe. But new dangers, both alien and human, threaten. A group of old soldiers must penetrate what was once the heart of the Covenant empire in a desperate attempt to stop old foes from rising again) $7.99
Traviss, Karen The Thursday War (Halo: Novel based on the game) $15.99
Valente, Catherynne M. The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There (September #2: Kids; On her last visit to Fairyland, September sacrificed her shadow to save another. Now that shadow has become Halloween, ruler of Fairyland Below. Halloween is stealing shadows from the folk of Fairyland, and with them, their magic. September is determined to set things right) $16.99
Verne, Jules The Earth Turned Upside Down (First English translation in more than 100 years. Energy shortages lead a group of Americans to devise a radical solution, for their own gain, which puts the whole planet at risk) $19.95
Vizzini, Ned The Other Normals (YA; Perry's parents send him to summer camp to work on his social skills. But once there, he stumbles into the world of the Other Normals, where he meets the creator of his favorite game, Creatures & Caverns, as well as creatures from the game. They need his help to save their princess) $17.99
Ward, J.R. Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood #10: Tohrment turns to a self-serving fallen angel to rescue his beloved from the netherworld. But the only way to save her is to give his heart to another) $7.99
Weber, David Fire Season (Stephanie Harrington #2: YA; On the pioneer planet Sphinx, 14-year-old provisional forest ranger Stephanie Harrington and her treecat companion Climbs Quickly battle the planet's natural forest fires - and the unscrupulous humans who want to use the fires to wipe out the native treecats) $18.99
Whedon, Joss et al Firefly: A Celebration (10th-anniversary reprint of the 3 illustrated companion volumes, plus additional material, in a foil-stamped leather-like binding) $49.95
White, Steve Wolf Among the Stars (After flinging off the Lokaran invaders, Earth is flung into galactic intrigue and war as a cabal of ancient enemies hope to use Earth as a proxy to destroy the teetering Lokaran empire and rule over a new Galactic dark age) $7.99
Wilks, Eileen Mortal Ties (Lupi #9: PBO; An intruder penetrates Lily and Rule's territory and steals the prototype of a magical device the clan hopes will be worth a fortune. But the device can be dangerously erratic, discharging a bizarre form of mind magic - and it looks like that's what the thief is interested in) $7.99
Willingham, Bill Down the Mysterly River (YA; Max is a top-notch Boy Scout, so it's a little odd when he suddenly finds himself lost in an unfamiliar wood, along with a badger, a bear, and a barn cat, all of whom talk, and none of whom know how they came to be there. And it isn't long before Max and his new friends are on the run from a relentless group of hunters with the power to change the very essence of any prey they capture) $5.99
Wolfe, Gary K. (ed) American Science Fiction: Nine Classic Novels of the 1950s: The Space Merchants / More Than Human / The Long Tomorrow / The Shrinking Man / Double Star / The Stars My Destination / A Case of Conscience / Who? / The Big Time (Two-volumed slipcased set) $70.00
Wong, David This Book Is Full of Spiders (David & John #2: The guys find that books and movies may have triggered a zombie apocalypse, despite a complete lack of zombies in the world. As they race against the clock to protect humanity, they wonder who the real monsters are. That would be the shape-shifting horrors secretly taking over the world that, in the end, make John and David kind of wish it had been zombies after all) $25.99
Wraight, Chris Swords of the Emperor: Sword of Justice / Sword of Vengeance (Warhammer: Omnibus reprint; 2 military fantasy novels) $15.00
Wright, John C. Count to a Trillion (After the collapse of the world economy, a young Texan leaves Earth seeking adventure, and finds himself catapulted into the distant future) $7.99

Expected Mid-October

Abercrombie, Joe Red Country (With the family farm burned and her siblings stolen, Shy South knows she'll have to go back to her bad old ways if she's ever to see them again. She sets off in pursuit with only her cowardly old stepfather for company. But it turns out he's hiding a bloody past of his own) $25.99
Adams, Scott I Can't Remember If We're Cheap or Smart (Dilbert: PBO; More office mayhem and madness from Dilbert and his coworkers) $16.99
Banks, Iain Stonemouth (After five years in exile, Stewart Gilmour is back in Stonemouth, Scotland, for Joe Murston's funeral, even though the last time Stewart saw the Murstons he was running for his life. And although there's supposed to be a temporary truce between Stewart and the town's biggest crime family, it's soon clear that only Stewart is taking this seriously. As he steps back into the minefield of his past to confront his guilt, Stewart uncovers ever darker stories, and his homecoming takes a more lethal turn than even he had anticipated) $25.00
Banks, Iain M. The Hydrogen Sonata (Culture: The Gzilt civilization has decided to Sublime. Amidst the preparations, the High Command is destroyed, and Cossont is blamed. Now she must complete the last mission the High Command gave her - find the oldest person in the Culture, who might have some idea what really happened all those millennia ago - before she's exiled or killed) $25.99
Barnhill, Kelly Iron Hearted Violet (Kids; Princess Violet is plain, reckless, and possibly too clever for her own good. She and her friend Demetrius find a forbidden book in a hidden room, telling the story of the Nybbas, an evil being imprisoned in their world. The story can't really be true - but then the whispers start. Violet and Demetrius, along with an ancient dragon, may hold the key to the Nybbas' triumph - or its demise. After all, stories make their own rules; Signed copies expected) $16.99
Benford, G/Niven, L Bowl of Heaven (An expedition to another star system is jeopardized by an encounter with an immense artifact in interstellar space that is heading for the same system as the human ship. The mystery of its origin and purpose propel the humans toward discoveries that will transform their understanding of their place in the universe) $25.99
Bennett, Christopher L. Only Superhuman (Genetically engineered superheroes, inspired by classic Earth comic books, fight to keep the peace in the wild and woolly space habitats of the Asteroid Belt) $24.99
Berk, Ari The Secret History of Hobgoblins (Kids; A look into the lives of hobgoblins, proper etiquette for interacting with them, and how they differ from the wicked goblins. Full color illustrations throughout) $16.99
Burleigh, Robert Flight of the Last Dragon (Full color picture book. What if long ago dragons soared through our skies? And what if now there is just one left?) $16.99
Cronin, Justin The Twelve (Passage #2: Present day: Three strangers' lives intertwine as they navigate the chaos caused by a U.S. government experiment gone wrong. 100 years in the future: Amy, Peter, Alicia, and the others hunt the twelve original virals, unaware that the rules of the game have changed) $28.00
Danielewski, Mark Z. The Fifty Year Sword (Late one evening at an East Texas ranch, five orphans gather to hear a story about a quest for a terrible weapon. Before them lies a long black box with five latches. As the owner of the boxes tells a curious tale of revenge, the children grow more captivated as the clocks approach midnight) $26.00
Datlow, Ellen (ed) Blood and Other Cravings (Anthology; 17 vampire stories (15 original, 2 reprints)) $16.99
Datlow, Ellen (editor) / Windling, Terri (editor) After: Nineteen Stories of Apocalypse and Dystopia (YA; Anthology; original stories exploring the lives of teen protagonists raised in the aftermath of various catastrophes) $16.99
DeBorde, Rob Portlandtown (Joseph Wylde invites his father-in-law into his Portland home, hoping to keep the former marshal out of trouble. Unfortunately, the old man's past soon follows. As the dead mysteriously begin to rise, the Wyldes must find the truth before an unspeakable evil can spread across the West and beyond) $15.99
Dick, Philip K. Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb (Reissue; In a world reeling from the effects of nuclear annihilation and fallout, a world where mutated humans and animals are the norm, the scattered survivors take comfort from a disc jockey endlessly circling the globe in a broken-down satellite. And hidden amongst the survivors is Dr. Bloodmoney himself, the man responsible for it all) $14.95
Dick, Philip K. The Game-Players of Titan (Reissue; Years ago, Earth and Titan fought a war and Earth lost. The planet was irradiated and most of the surviving population is sterile. The few survivors play an intricate and unending game at the behest of the slug-like aliens who rule the planet. At stake in the game are two very important commodities: land and spouses. Pete Garden just lost his wife and Berkeley, California, but he has a plan to win them back - if he isn't derailed by aliens, psychic traitors, or his new wife) $13.95
Drake, Jocelynn Angel's Ink (Asylum Tales #1: PBO; Gage is the best skin artist in town, using his unique potions and special inks to fulfill any heart's desire. But he can't hide from the powerful warlocks who want him dead, or from his own past) $14.99
Farmer, Philip Jose A Feast Unknown (Caliban & Grandrith #1: Reissue; Lord Grandrith, Lord of the Jungle and bastard son of Jack the Ripper, is blessed with unnaturally long life. But his power brings with it a gruesome side effect - one shared by his nemesis Doc Caliban, Man of Bronze and Champion of Justice. These two titans have more in common than they imagined - who are the dark manipulators of their destiny?) $9.95
Harrison, Kim Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond (Reprints her Hollows short fiction, plus an original Hollows novella and two original novelettes set in brand-new fantasy worlds) $24.99
Hunter, Erin Yellowfang's Secret (Warriors Super Edition #5: Kids; The story of Yellowfang's past, when she served as medicine cat and warrior for ShadowClan) $18.99
Kelleher, Pat The Alleyman (No Man's World: Lt. Everson must quell unrest in the ranks while helping foment insurrection among the alien Khungarrii. The Black Hand gang must face the horrors that lie within the Croatoan Crater. And Lt. Tulliver of the Royal Flying Corp soars free of the confines of alien gravity, where the true scale of the planet's mystery is revealed, but to uncover the truth, he must join forces with an unexpected ally) $9.99
Lockhart, Ross (ed) The Book of Cthulhu 2 (Anthology; reprints tales of tentacles, terror, and madness) $15.99
Martin, George R.R. Dreamsongs Volume 1 (Collection of short fiction) $18.00
Martin, George R.R. Dreamsongs Volume 2 (Collection of short fiction) $18.00
McNeill, Graham Bones of the Yopasi (Arkham Horror: Dark Waters #2: After being called to the mist-shrouded town of Kingsport to identify some strange bones, Miskatonic University professor Oliver Grayson must join an unlikely team of investigators to face a horrifying new threat. But can they conquer their own demons in time to confront their common enemy?) $8.99
Mignola, M/Golden, C Father Gaetano's Puppet Catechism (Novella; b&w illustrations. In the aftermath of a WWII battle, Father Gaetano is assigned to a church where the rectory has been converted into an orphanage. He finds a box of puppets, and uses them to teach the children Bible stories. But after dark the puppets emerge without their strings - and they have believed the stories completely) $19.99
Moore, Christopher Sacre Bleu (1890: Baker-turned-painter Lucien Lessard and bon vivant Henri Toulouse-Lautrec vow to discover the truth behind Vincent van Gogh's untimely death, leading them on a surreal odyssey and brothel-crawl through the Parisian art world) $16.99
Newman, Kim Anno Dracula: Dracula Cha Cha Cha (UK title: Judgment of Tears) (Reissue; Reprints the novel, set in 1959 Rome, plus an original novella) $14.95
O'Malley, Daniel The Rook ('The body you are wearing used to be mine.' So begins the letter Myfanwy is holding when she awakes in a London park. With no recollection of who she is, Myfanwy follows the instructions her former self left behind. She learns that she is a member of a secret organization that battles supernatural forces at work in Britain, and that she possesses a rare, potentially deadly supernatural ability of her own. Now she must discover who betrayed her and why) $15.99
Pinkwater, Daniel Bushman Lives! (Kids; Chicago, 1960s: Is Bushman the gorilla still alive? According to the papers, he died a long time ago. Why is he so important to high school senior and aspiring Great Artist Harold Knishke?) $16.99
Rajaniemi, Hannu The Fractal Prince (Jean le Flambeur #2: A physicist receives a mysterious paper. The ideas in it are far ahead of current thinking, and quite terrifying. In a city of 'fast ones,' shadow players, and jinni, two sisters contemplate a revolution. And on the edges of reality a thief, helped by a sardonic ship, is trying to break into a Schrodinger box for his patron. In the box is his freedom. Or not. Jean le Flambeur is back. And he's running out of time) $25.99
Rees, Rod Winter (Demi-Monde #1: Devised to train soldiers, the Demi-Monde is a virtual world full of villains modeled on history's most ruthless psychopaths. But something has gone wrong there, and Norma, a psychology student doing research, is trapped inside. 18-year-old Ella infiltrates the Demi-Monde to search for Norma, but discovers that the walls containing the VR are dissolving - and the real world is in far more danger than anyone knows) $16.99
Schachner, Judy Skippyjon Jones Cirque de Ole (Full color picture book. The Siamese kitten who imagines he's a Chihuahua swings out of his closet and into the circus, where his pals from the Chimichango gang perform. Only Skippito the Strong can perform the trickiest stunt of all) $17.99
Tidhar, Lavie Osama (In an alternate world without global terrorism, Joe is hired to find the obscure author of pulp fiction novels featuring a vigilante named Osama Bin Laden. Joe's quest takes him across the world, as he begins to wonder if the books are really fiction, and discovers the shadowy world of the refugees, ghostly entities haunting the world in which Joe lives) $9.99
van Eekhout, Greg The Boy at the End of the World (Kids; Andre Norton Award finalist. Fisher is the last boy on earth, the only one who made it out alive when the survival bunker was destroyed. He meets a broken robot he names Click, whose programmed purpose - to help Fisher 'continue existing' - makes it act an awful lot like an overprotective parent. Then they discover there may be a second survival bunker far to the west. Can Fisher continue existing long enough to get there?) $7.99
Vonnegut/Shields And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life (Nonfiction; biography of the writer, based on 5 years of research, hundreds of interviews, and 1500+ letters) $16.99

Expected Early November

Abnett, Dan Salvation's Reach (Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts: The Tanith First is deployed into the line again, their first combat since Jago. Under secret orders from Crusade High Command, they undertake a covert mission into the space hulk debris belts of Salvation's Reach. But can Gaunt trust everyone around them?) $8.99
Abnett, Dan Pariah: Ravenor versus Eisenhorn (Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Ravenor returns to action to hunt down the most dangerous enemy he has ever encountered: his old mentor, disgraced inquisitor Eisenhorn) $24.99
Adams, John J. (ed) Epic (PBO; Anthology; reprints short works of epic fantasy) $17.95
Amend, Bill Jasotron 2012 (Foxtrot: PBO; Collects the full-color Sunday strips from September 2009 through spring 2012) $16.99
Archer, Alex City of Swords (Rogue Angel #39: PBO; In France to explore the legend of St. Christopher and the dog-headed men, Annja finds herself targeted by mercenaries hired by a descendant of Charlemagne who wants Annja's sword) $6.99
Arthur, Keri Beneath a Darkening Moon (Someone is murdering humans on on the Ripple Creek werewolf reservation, and the pattern matches the deaths chief ranger Savannah Grant witnessed a decade ago, the same year that she met - and lost - Cade Jones, the love of her life. Then Cade returns,determined to catch the killer he let slip through his grasp once before) $7.99
Arthur, Keri Darkness Hunts (Dark Angels #4: PBO; Risa must summon her gifts to find the identity of a killer who is draining women of their blood. But she needn't look far - the killer is hunting her) $7.99
Asaro, Catherine Carnelians (Skolian Empire #14: Skolian Imperator Kelric and his Eubian Trade Empire counterpart finally meet to sign a treaty that will end the millennium-long war. But assassins lurk everywhere, and intrigue is afoot as the old order has no intention of giving up its war-bought privilege and power without a fight to the death) $7.99
Auxier, Jonathan Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes (Kids; A stolen box containing 3 pairs of magical eyes sends a blind 10-year-old orphan and his sidekick - a knight transformed into an unfortunate combination of horse and cat - on a quest to the dangerous Vanished Kingdom to rescue the people there) $8.95
Axler, James No Man's Land (Deathlands #107: PBO; A civil war raging in the Des Moines River Valley forces Ryan and his companions to take sides or die - because somewhere in the middle of the conflict is a lost redoubt) $6.99
Axler, James Genesis Sinister (Outlanders #63: PBO; Kane and Grant are tracking a pirate said to possess an entire collection of tiny stones wielding deadly power, remnants of a war between godlike aliens) $6.99
Barrowman, John & Carole Hollow Earth (Kids; Together, twins Matt and Emily Calder can bring art to life and enter paintings at will. Now they're on the run, headed for a Scottish island, seeking their grandfather's protection from a group of villains that want to use the twins' power to release the devils and monsters trapped in the world of Hollow Earth) $16.99
Baxter, Stephen Stone Spring (Northland #1: 10,000 years ago: A vast plain links the British Isles to Europe, home to simple hunter-gatherers. But the air is warming, the ice is melting, and the seas are rising. Then 14-year-old Ana meets a traveler from distant Jericho, a city protected by a wall. And she starts to imagine the impossible) $7.99
Baxter, Stephen Bronze Summer (Northland #2: Northland is a society of prosperous, literate, self-sufficient people. For millennia, Northland's Wall has kept the growing empires of the Bronze Age at bay. But a turbulent new age is dawning, because any wall can be breached - particularly from within) $26.95
Bear, Elizabeth Shoggoths in Bloom (PBO; Collection of short works of sf and fantasy, including award winners and a previously unpublished story) $15.95
Benford, Gregory et al The Amazing Weapons That Never Were (Between 1910 and 1970, Popular Mechanics magazine included hundreds of predictions about the future of warfare. This book recaps some of those ideas, illustrated with the original art. Benford provides an introduction to each chapter. Full color throughout) $24.95
Benulis, Sabrina Archon (Books of Raziel #1: Angels and demons battle for control of a girl possessed by the spirit of a dead angel) $14.99
Brom Krampus: The Yule Lord (Half a millennium ago, Krampus, an ancient trickster demon, was imprisoned and had his magic stolen by Santa Claus. Now the former Yule Lord is determined to destroy his nemesis and reclaim his holiday) $27.99
Brooks, Terry The Sword of Shannara: Annotated 35th Anniversary Edition (The popular fantasy novel, annotated throughout, and including the Hildebrandt artwork from the original edition) $35.00
Bujold, Lois McMaster Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan #14: Ivan is enjoying his life on Komarr, far from the Byzantine court politics of his home system. But when an old friend in Barrayaran intelligence asks him to protect an attractive young woman who may be on a criminal syndicate's hit list, danger and adventure once again find Captain Vorpatril; Signed copies; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday, November 3, 1-2 pm) $26.00
Caine, Rachel Bitter Blood (Morganville Vampires #13: YA; With the vampires indulging their every whim, the human population is taking up arms. And a TV show arrives in town looking for ghosts just as vampire and human politics collide. Can Claire and her friends keep the peace without ending up on the nightly news - or worse?) $17.99
Campbell, J (Hemry, J) Rule of Evidence (Paul Sinclair #3: Reissue; After an explosion on board his girlfriend's ship, Paul is overjoyed when Jen is found alive. When she's accused of negligence - or even sabotage - he must find out what really caused the explosion) $7.99
Card, Orson Scott Ruins (Serpent World #2: YA; A destructive force with deadly intentions is hurtling toward Garden. If Rigg, Umbo, and Param can't work together to alter the past, there will be no future) $18.99
Carey, Mike/Gross, P Tommy Taylor and the War of Words (Unwritten #6: PBO; Full color graphic novel. Not for kids. Tom Taylor goes to war against the cabal that has tormented, imprisoned, and tried to destroy him) $16.99
Chan, Kylie Hell to Heaven (Journey to Wudang #2: Emma teeters on the edge of becoming fully demon, and must make a journey to the home of the reclusive ancient goddess Nu Wa in an attempt to regain her humanity) $7.99
Chandler, A. Bertram First Command: Spartan Planet (alternate title: False Fatherland) / The Inheritors / The Big Black Mark / The Far Traveller (John Grimes Vol. 2: Omnibus reprint; John Grimes' space adventures as a merchantman and courier) $7.99
Chima, Cinda Williams The Crimson Crown (Seven Realms #4: YA; With tensions rising between wizards and Clan, young Queen Raisa is desperate to unite her people. Han Alister finds himself in possession of a secret believed to be lost to history, a discovery powerful enough to unite the people of the Fells. But will the secret die with him before he can use it?) $18.99
Ciotta, Beth Her Sky Cowboy (PBO; Amelia's plans to restore her family's name and fortune are derailed when her kite-cycle crashes into oh-so-attractive Tucker Gentry's airship) $7.99
Cobley, Michael The Orphaned Worlds (Humanity's Fire #2: Hegemony forces control Darien, while Earth observes powerlessly. An ancient temple hides access to a hyperspace prison, where malignant intelligences were caged millennia ago. Now their servants work for their release, and a new war is coming) $7.99
Collins, Lee Dead of Winter (Cora and her husband, who hunt things that shouldn't exist, are summoned to Leadville, Colorado, to find the creature responsible for a pair of deaths. But to overcome the unnatural tide threatening the town, Cora must first confront her tragic past as well as her present) $7.99
Conroy, Robert Himmler's War (Only days after the Normandy invasion, brutal SS head Heinrich Himmler assumes control of the Reich. With the German generals finally allowed to fight the kind of war they excel at, the Allies are pushed toward accommodation or even defeat, and a new and terrible battle for a free world is on) $7.99
Davis, Hank (ed) A Cosmic Christmas (PBO; Anthology; 12 original fantasy and sf holiday tales) $12.00
Dick, Philip K. Confessions of a Crap Artist (Reissue; In Dick's only non-sf novel published in his lifetime, a man is obsessed with crackpot ideas, like the Earth being hollow, while his sister and brother-in-law are obsessed with creating the ideal American home. But will their obsessions overtake them? And which is worse?) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. Martian Time-slip (Reissue; On Mars, local bigwigs compete with Earth-bound interlopers to buy up land before the UN develops it and its value skyrockets. Martian Union leader Arnie Kott has an ace up his sleeve, though: an autistic boy named Manfred who seems to have the ability to see the future. In the hopes of gaining an advantage on a Martian real estate deal, powerful people force Manfred to send them into the future, where they can learn about development plans. But is Manfred sending them to the real future, or to one colored by his own dark and paranoid filter? As the time travelers are drawn into Manfred's dark world view in both the future and present, the cost of doing business may drive them all insane) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. Time Out of Joint (Reissue; Ragle Gumm has a unique job: every day he wins a newspaper contest. And when he isn't consulting his charts and tables, he enjoys his life in a small town in 1959. At least, that's what he thinks. Then he finds a phone book where all the numbers have been disconnected, and a magazine article about a famous starlet he's never heard of named Marilyn Monroe. Plus, everyday objects are beginning to disappear, replaced by strips of paper with words written on them like 'bowl of flowers' and 'soft drink stand'. When Ragle skips town to try to find the cause of these bizarre occurrences, his discovery could make him question everything he has ever known) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. Vulcan's Hammer (Reissue; After the 20th century's devastating series of wars, the world's governments banded together into one globe-spanning entity, committed to peace at all costs. Ensuring that peace is the Vulcan supercomputer, responsible for all major decisions. But some people don't like being taken out of the equation. And others resent the idea that the Vulcan is taking the place of God. As the world grows ever closer to all-out war, one functionary frantically tries to prevent it. But the Vulcan computer has its own plans, plans that might not include humanity at all) $13.95
Fagan, Deva Circus Galacticus (Kids; Trix can deal with being an orphan charity case. She can even fight back against the stranger who tries to steal the meteorite her parents trusted her to protect. But now the Circus Galacticus has come to town, and the dazzling young Ringmaster has offered Trix the chance to be a part of it. Trix will discover an entire universe full of deadly enemies and potential friends, not to mention space leeches, ancient alien artifacts, and exploding chocolate desserts. And she just might unravel the secrets of her own past - if she can survive long enough) $6.99
Farrey, Brian The Vengekeep Prophecies (Kids; The Grimjinx family produces the best thieves in Vengekeep, but Jaxter is so clumsy that his first heist lands the family in gaol. Then a prophecy emerges, naming the clan as the soon-to-be heroes of Vengekeep. It gets his family released, but when the prophecy starts coming true, Jaxter is pretty sure gaol would be a better fate) $16.99
Feehan, Christine Dark Nights (Carpathian: An expanded version of her novella 'Dark Descent', about an immortal Carpathian hunter, a beautiful adventurer, and their dangerous journey toward an unforeseen destiny and an undying love. Plus previously published short story 'Dark Dream') $7.99
Fisher, Sharon Lynn Ghost Planet (PBO; Psychologist Elizabeth Cole dies en route to a colony planet, and finds herself reincarnated there as a ghost-alien - and attracted to Murphy, who is forbidden by the Ghost Protocol he created to interact with or acknowledge her in any way) $7.99
Frater, Rhiannon The First Days (As the World Dies #1: Reissue; Thrown together by circumstance, housewife Jenni and lawyer Katie form a powerful zombie-killing partnership. They find sanctuary in a tiny, fortified Texas town, where they are both attracted to Travis, the leader of the survivors) $7.99
Frenette, Bethany Dark Star (YA; Audrey's superhero mother spends her nights battling the merciless Harrowers. And they want Audrey dead. When a betrayal endangers Minneapolis, Audrey discovers a wild power within herself. But is it the key to saving the city - or the force that will destroy it?) $17.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Shadow Rising (Otherworld #12: PBO; Trapped between two mortal enemies in a battle spanning two worlds, Menolly can only hope that she and her sisters aren't too late to prevent catastrophe) $7.99
George, Jessica Day Tuesdays at the Castle (Kids; Every Tuesday the castle magically invents, moves, and gets rid of some of its room. Good thing Princess Celie takes the time to map out the changes, because when her parents and brother go missing, it's up to Celie to protect their home and save their kingdom) $7.99
Gorey, Edward Saint Melissa the Mottled (A previously unpublished story, of a saint canonized because of (or perhaps despite) her Miracles of Destruction) $12.00
Hardinge, Frances Fly Trap (UK title: Twilight Robbery) (Mosca Mye #2: Kids; Sharp-eyed orphan Mosca Mye, her guard goose Saracen, and con man Eponymous Clent attempt to outwit the silent leaders of the strange town of Toll, prevent the kidnapping of the mayor's daughter, steal the town's Luck, and somehow manage to escape with their lives - and, maybe, a little money in their pockets) $7.99
Harkaway, Nick Angelmaker (After he accidentally triggers a 1950s doomsday machine, Joe Spork's once-quiet world is suddenly overrun by mad monks, serial killers, scientific geniuses, and threats to the future of conscious life in the universe. The only way to survive is to muster the courage to fight, and help a retired international secret agent complete a mission she abandoned years ago) $15.95
Harper, Steven The Dragon Men (Clockwork Empire #3: PBO; The clockwork plague is consuming Gavin's body and mind, driving him mad and fracturing his relationship with Alice. Their only hope is that the Dragon Men of China can cure him. But a power struggle will draw Gavin and Alice down a treacherous path) $7.99
Harrison, Kim et al Blood Crime (Rachel Morgan GN #2: Full color graphic novel; someone is out to eliminate Ivy and Rachel, and it doesn't seem to matter who dies first) $25.00
Harvard Lampoon Bored of the Rings (Reissue; The classic send-up of Tolkien's epic fantasy) $13.99
Henry, Christina Black Lament (Maddy Black #4: PBO; When the grieving Maddy discovers she is pregnant, her joy is short-lived - Lucifer wants the baby. She is determined that her grandfather will never have her child, but she's not sure what she can do to stop him) $7.99
Howard, Jonathan L. Katya's World (YA; Beneath the waves of a landless colony world, the people live in pressurized environments and take what they need from the ocean. Katya is making her first voyage as submarine crew, expecting a nice, simple career. But she will encounter pirates and war criminals. And in the depths lies a sleeping monster; when it wakes, it will seek out and kill every person on the planet) $9.99
Huff, Tanya The Wild Ways (Gale Family #2: Charlotte, a Wild Power, has allied herself with a family of Selkies in a fight against offshore oil drilling. The oil company has hired Auntie Catherine, another Wild Power, to steal the Selkies' sealskins. To defeat her, Charlotte will have to learn what being born to be Wild really means in the Gale family) $7.99
Huff, Tanya The Silvered (After declaring war on the were-ruled kingdom of Aydori, the Empire has captured five women of the Mage-Pack, including the Pack-leader's wife. With the Pack off defending the border, it falls to Mirian, a mage, and Tomas, the Pack-leader's younger brother, to try to rescue the women) $24.95
Hurley, Kameron Rapture (Bel Dame #3: PBO; With the land on the brink of civil war and an alien spaceship stationed above the capital, Nyx figures it's a good time to get out of Nasheen. She assembles a team of renegades to rescue a political leader who may be the difference between peace and bloodshed) $15.99
Jablokov, Alexander Brain Thief (When his boss disappears, and the planetary-exploration AI she's been funding turns out to be odder than it should be, it's up to Bernal to figure out what's going on) $7.99
Jeter, K.W./Jones, G.J. Death's Apprentice (Grimm City #1: In Grimm City, the Devil's capital on earth, Death's 17-year-old apprentice Nathanial leads an uprising against the Devil with the help of a half-dead wraith and a giant hitman) $25.99
Jones, Darynda Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson #3: Every time she closes her eyes, Charley sees Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan. Yes, she did imprison him for all time. But how is she supposed to solve a missing persons case, let alone take on a motorcycle gang hell-bent on murder, when the devil's son just won't give up?) $7.99
Jones, Darynda Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4: A woman who is convinced someone is trying to kill her shows up on Charley's doorstep. Everyone the woman knows swears she's insane, but Charley believes her. Meanwhile, the city of Albuquerque has been taken hostage by an arsonist, and Charley is having trouble staying away from sexy son of Satan Reyes Farrow) $24.99
Jones, Stephen (ed) The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 23 (Anthology; some of the best stories of 2011) $13.95
Kent, Steven L. The Clone Sedition (Clone #8: PBO; Earth, 2519: The clones now rule the Earth, but a new enemy has emerged, and set off a civil war to destroy every last clone) $7.99
King, S/Furth, Robin The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance (A fully revised and updated encyclopedic reference to King's series, covering hundreds of characters, Mid-World geography, High Speech, and more) $26.00
Kyme, Nick The Great Betrayal (Warhammer Time of Legends: Thousands of years before the rise of men in the Old World, a tragic misunderstanding divides the elves and the dwarfs, in a war which will mark the end of two great civilizations) $8.99
LaFevers, R.L. The Unicorn's Tale (Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist #4: Kids; Nate's hopes of tracking down his missing parents are thwarted when a unicorn falls mysteriously ill) $5.99
Long, Nathan Swords of Waar (Jane Carver #2: PBO; Waar's high priests have forced Jane back to Earth, but nobody's going to keep this hell-raising biker from her man! She returns to Waar, only to be accused of kidnapping a princess. Allying herself with sky-pirates, she sets out to clear her name and rescue the princess) $14.99
Luceno, James Darth Plagueis (Star Wars: Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious, master and acolyte, target the galaxy for domination - and the Jedi Order for annihilation. But can they defy the merciless Sith tradition? Or will the desire of one to rule supreme, and the dream of the other to live forever, sow the seeds of their destruction?) $7.99
Macallan, Ben Pandaemonium (Desdaemona #2: PBO; On the run from the consequences of a terrible thing she's done, pursued by the deadly crow-men, Desi is deep under London when answers begin to emerge from her hidden past - sending her north in a flight that turns into a hunt, with strange companions and stranger prey) $8.99
Mack, David The Persistence of Memory (Star Trek Next Generation: Cold Equations #1: PBO; Captain Picard and his crew race to find out who has stolen one of the Galaxy's most important technological achievements - and for what sinister purpose) $7.99
Malory, T/Ackroyd, P The Death of King Arthur (In this abridged retelling, Ackroyd transforms the 15th-century work into modern prose) $17.00
Marco, John The Forever Knight (Bronze Knight #1: After betraying his king and losing his true love, renowned warrior Lukien wishes only for death. Instead, he is given a chance for redemption: to be the protector of the Inhumans, fragile mortals with magical powers who live deep in the desert) $25.95
Marillier, Juliet Flame of Sevenwaters (Sevenwaters #6: The fey prince Mac Dara has caused a party of innocent travelers to vanish on the Sevenwaters border. When they find one of the travelers murdered, Lord Sean's daughter Maeve and her brother Finbar embark on a journey that may bring about the end of Mac Dara's reign) $26.95
Martin, George R.R. The Lands of Fire and Ice (Song of Ice and Fire: 12 full-color folded maps of the cities and lands of Martin's epic fantasy) $40.00
McDevitt, J/Resnick, M The Cassandra Project (When a 50-year-old secret about the Apollo 11 mission is revealed, NASA public affairs director Jerry Culpepper finds himself embroiled in a controversy that will test his ability - and his willingness - to spin the truth about a conspiracy) $25.95
Mead, Richelle Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid #3: Someone is manipulating Georgina's dreams, draining her energy, and supplying eerie visions of her future. She seeks answers from Dante, a dream interpreter with ties to the underworld) $7.99
Mitchell, J. Barton Midnight City (Conquered Earth #1: Aliens known as The Assembly have abducted Earth's adult population, leaving the planet's youth to fend for themselves. Teens Holt and Mira discover Zoey, a young girl with powerful abilities, who could be the key to stopping the aliens. As they make their way to Midnight City, the trio must contend with freedom fighters, mutants, otherworldly artifacts, pirates, feuding alien armies, and Holt and Mira's growing attraction to each other) $17.99
Monk, Devon Magic for a Price (Allie Beckstrom #9: PBO; Now that all magic is poisoned, it's no longer just using people - it's killing them. Allie will have to make a choice: attempt to close down magic forever; or follow her father's plan to set magic into the right hands) $7.99
Mullen, Thomas The Revisionists (Zed is an agent from the future, when the world's problems have been solved. His mission is to keep it that way, by ensuring that every cataclysm throughout history runs its course - especially an imminent disaster in our time. What happens when's Zed's present begins to take precedence over a perfect future - one that may have more cracks than he realizes?) $15.99
Oliver, Jonathan (ed) Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane (16 original stories) $9.99
Oyeyemi, Helen Mr. Fox (Celebrated fairytale writer Mr. Fox can't stop himself from killing off the his heroines - until his muse Mary comes to life and challenges him to join her in stories of their own devising. Their adventures twist the fairytale into nine variations. Meanwhile, his wife Daphne becomes convinced that her husband is having an affair, and finds her way into the game. And so Mr. Fox is offered a choice: will it be life with the girl of his dreams, or life with a real woman who delights him more than he cares to admit?) $16.00
Painter, Kristen Out for Blood (House of Comarre #4: PBO; After nearly dying at the hands of the Aurelian, Chrysabelle finds new determination to move beyond life as a comarre, until the Kubai Mata bring her a new task: rescue the child Tatiana has kidnapped, or Mal becomes enemy number one) $7.99
Pang, Allison A Trace of Moonlight (Abby Sinclair #3: PBO; Abby's friends recklessly attempt to free her from her demonic pact, setting off a disastrous chain of events) $7.99
Paolini, Christopher Inheritance (Inheritance #4: YA; Long months of training and battle have brought victories and hope, as well as heartbreaking loss. Eragon and Saphira have come further than anyone dared to hope. But can they topple the evil king and restore justice to Alagaesia?) $15.99
Pierce, Tamora Mastiff (Tortall: Beka Cooper #3: Kids; Beka and her friends face their most important challenge ever when the young heir to the kingdom vanishes. They are sent out of Corus on a trail that appears and disappears, following a twisting road throughout Tortall. It will be her greatest Hunt - if she can survive the very powerful people who do not want her to succeed) $10.99
Pullman, Philip Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm (Pullman retells his fifty favorite Grimm tales) $27.95
Reeve, Philip Scrivener's Moon (Fever Crumb #3: YA; The Scriven people are brilliant, mad, and dead - except for one, whose monstrous city on wheels is nearly complete. It terrifies the rest of the world, and an army gathers to fight it. Meanwhile, young Fever Crumb's hunt for ancient tech leads to a pyramid full of secrets that will change her world forever) $17.99
Resnick, Laura Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5: PBO; During the Christmas season, Esther is working as an elf at a Manhattan store. The store's trucks are being hijacked, and the cops suspect a crime family, but Dr. Zadok thinks that someone is trying to stage the rebirth of an ancient demon) $7.99
Roberts, Adam I Am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas (Will the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future be able to save the world from a top-hatted and crinolined zombie horde? Mankind's survival lies in the hands of one of literature's scrawniest and meanest heroes) $12.95
Robinson/Sternbach Star Trek: Klingon Bird of Prey Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual (Full color. An inside look at Klingon warships and the iconic Bird of Prey, especially the light-class scout) $28.00
Sanderson, Brandon The Emperor's Soul (Shai is a forger, who can recreate any item by rewriting its history with magic. Condemned to death for trying to steal the emperor's scepter, she is given one chance to save herself: create a new soul for the nearly-dead emperor) $14.95
Sanderson, Brandon The Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4: 300 years have passed, and Scadrial now has railroads and electricity, but Allomancy and Feruchemy continue to play a role. Wax Ladrian is a rare Twinborn who can use both. After 20 years in the Roughs, he is summoned back to Elendel, where he's about to learn that the mansions and streets of the city can be even more dangerous than the dusty plains of the Roughs) $7.99
Sands, L/Frost, J The Bite Before Christmas (Stories featuring characters from the Argeneau and Night Huntress paranormal romance series) $7.99
Schafer, Courtney The Tainted City (Shattered Sigil #2: PBO; In Dev's home city of Ninavel, the child Dev once swore to protect faces a terrible fate. When the Alathian Council offers Dev his freedom in exchange for his and Kiran's assistance, he can't refuse. The mission proves treacherous, and Dev and Kiran must confront dark truths) $15.99
Sedia, Ekaterina (ed) Bloody Fabulous (PBO; Anthology; fantasy tales focusing on the world of fashion and its intersection with the uncanny) $15.95
Shepherd, Mike Furious (Kris Longknife #10: PBO; Having used unorthodox methods to save a planet, Kris is on the run, hunted by military and civilian authorities. Since the civilians happen to be her family, she soon finds herself homeless, broke, and on trial for her life on an alien world) $7.99
Shinn, Sharon Still Life with Shapeshifter (Shifting Circle #2: Determined to protect her sister, Melanie has always hidden the fact that her half-sister Ann is a shapeshifter. But when Ann's health rapidly deteriorates, Melanie realizes that exposure is the least of their worries, and that saving Ann may mean letting go) $25.95
Spoor, Ryk E. Phoenix Rising (PBO; When her kin are murdered, highborn young Kyri and her companions flee her homeland across a world on the brink of a long-foretold Chaos War. To hold back the rising tide of evil, they must find a legendary weapon smith, and take up the sword and armor of a new order of defenders) $14.00
Steele, Allen Apollo's Outcasts (YA; Jamey Barlowe is wheelchair-bound, the result of being born on the Moon. When his father sends him back to the Moon to escape a coup d'etat in the U.S., Jamey will have to learn a whole new way to live, including walking for the first time. It won't be easy and it won't be safe. But Jamey is determined to make it as a member of Lunar Search and Rescue) $16.95
Taylor, Travis S. A New American Space Plan (PBO; Nonfiction; how the U.S. can return to space exploration and manned space flight) $15.00
Tolkien/Smith, N The Wisdom of the Shire (A self-help guide to a long and happy life, exploring subjects dear to a Halfling's heart like beer, food, and friendship, as well as more serious concerns such as courage, living in harmony with nature, and good versus evil) $22.99
Valtat, Jean-Christophe Luminous Chaos (New Venice #2: 1907: Brentford Orsini is assigned to a diplomatic mission to Paris, and recruits his friends to accompany him. But a faulty transaerian psychomotive transports them to 1895 Paris. Are the anarchists they encounter - who are inexplicably trying to kill them - also the future founders of New Venice? And how will they ever get home?) $24.95
Vonnegut, Kurt Letters (Correspondence spanning a 60-year period, written to family, friends, other writers, school boards who tried to ban his works, and more) $35.00
Williams, Mazarkis Knife Sworn (Tower & Knife #2: Sarmin's reign is an uneasy one, and his heart is torn between a Windreader princess and a lowborn untouchable with whom he shares a unique bond. And he must choose his own loyal Knife to defend him, but upon whom can he bestow this burden?) $26.99
Williams, Sandy The Shattered Dark (McKenzie Lewis #2: PBO; McKenzie's gift for tracking the fae between our world and the Realm plunges her into a brutal civil war that could cost the lives of everyone she's tried so hard to protect) $7.99
Williams, Tad Shadowheart (Shadowmarch #4: Something powerful and terrible, that hasn't been seen for thousands of years, is awakening under Southmarch Castle. Can Barrick and Briony and their allies prevent the rise of a terrible new age of unending darkness?) $8.99
Yolen, Jane Waking Dragons ( Kids; Full color picture book. A knight must wake up a pair of sleepy dragons and get them ready for school) $16.99

Expected Mid-November

Aaron, Rachel Spirit's End (Eli Monpress #5: PBO; Now that Benehime has her darling back, she is setting in motion a plan that could destroy everything she was created to protect, and even Eli's charm might not be enough to stop her) $14.99
Alfred, Randy (ed) Mad Science (Nonfiction; 365 days of inventions, science, and technology from the editors of Wired magazine) $19.99
Carriger, Gail et al Soulless: The Manga Vol. 2 (Parasol Protectorate GN #1B: PBO; Black & white graphic novel; adaptation of the novel) $12.99
Cobley, Michael The Ascendant Stars (Humanity's Fire #3: Hostile AIs are close to unleashing the twisted machine intelligences caged beneath Darien. Fighting to contain them are the planet's hidden guardians, who are determined to protect sentient species. Darien is first in line in a machine vs. human war) $7.99
Conley, Darby The Stinking (Get Fuzzy: PBO; Larger treasury edition, including all the cartoons from his two most recent collections, featuring human Rob Wilco, deranged feline Bucky, and mild-mannered, clueless pooch Satchel) $16.99
Douglass, Sara The Devil's Diadem (A terrible plague sweeps across 12th-century Europe, then England and Wales. As those around her begin to fall, it becomes clear to Maeb Langtofte that the plague has been sent by the Devil himself - and that he wants something that Maeb herself may unknowingly possess) $14.99
Farmer, Philip Jose Lord of the Trees (Caliban & Grandrith #2: Reissue; Grandrith proposes to tell all: the origins of The Nine; the elixir that gives them nearly eternal youth and superhuman strength; and the struggles between them that shake the world) $9.95
Fenner, C. & A. (ed) Spectrum 19 (PBO; Annual full-color retrospective of science fiction and fantasy art; $45.00 hardcover also available) $35.00
Green, Jonathan Time's Arrow (Pax Britannia: Ulysses Quicksilver must race against time to save Paris from a terrible clockwork fate) $9.99
Hardy, Melissa The Geomancer's Compass (YA; 2021: A young Canadian woman tries to find a balance between her future building infrastructure for Augmented Reality, and the promise she makes to her dying grandmother to honor ancient Chinese magic) $17.95
Henderson, Alice Fresh Meat (Supernatural: PBO; A rash of strange deaths in the Tahoe National Forest bring Sam, Dean, and Bobby to the Sierra Nevada mountains to hunt a monster with a taste for human flesh) $7.99
Hopkinson, Nalo The New Moon's Arms (As Calamity begins menopause, she regains a special power for finding lost things. One of the things she finds is a 4-year-old boy who washes up on the shore outside her house. She takes him under her wing and grows attached to him. She'll learn that his family is the most unusual group she's ever encountered - and they want their son back) $14.99
John, Antony Elemental (YA; The few survivors of a terrible plague live on the East Coast barrier islands. In his colony, Thomas is the only one unable to control the elements. But when the colony's leaders are kidnapped by pirates, it's up to Thomas and his friends to save them, and preserve the island's mysteries) $17.99
Johnson, Suzanne River Road (Drusilla Jaco #2: Wizards are dying, and someone or something from the Beyond is poisoning the waters of the Mississippi. DJ and Alex must find out who or what is behind these problems) $24.99
Karpyshyn, Drew Annihilation (Star Wars: Old Republic #4: Novel based on the video game. To stop Darth Karrid from achieving total Sith domination of the galaxy, Theron Shan and his allies must match wits and weapons with a battle-tested crew of dark side disciples) $27.00
Kress, Nancy Flash Point (YA; The Collapse destroyed the economy and Amy's future. Desperate for any job that will help support her grandmother and younger sister, she accepts a slot on a new reality TV show. But the network has rigged the show, and soon Amy is fighting for her life, on and off camera) $17.99
Lackey, M/Mallory, J Crown of Vengeance (Dragon Prophecy #1: The story of the Elven Queen Vieliessar Farcarinon, who was the first to face the Endarkened in battle, and the first to bond with a dragon. She worked some of the greatest magics her world had ever known, and paid the greatest price) $27.99
Priest, Cherie The Inexplicables (Clockwork Century #4: PBO; The walled-off wasteland of Seattle is every bit as bad as Rector had heard: hungry undead, poisonous gas, and the strange monster that attacked him. Now some outsiders have decided there's gold to be found in the city, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to get a piece of the pie, unless Rector and his posse can stop them) $14.99
Revis, Beth A Million Suns (YA; Elder has assumed leadership of the ship, but after a shocking discovery, he and Amy race to learn the truth behind life on the ship, while dealing with their growing romance and with the chaos that threatens them) $9.99
Rosen, Lev AC All Men of Genius (A steampunk retelling of Twelfth Night and The Importance of Being Earnest ) $15.99
Swavely, Dave Silhouette (Peacer #1: In a cyberpunk post-quake San Francisco, when Michael's daughter and her best friend are murdered, Michael follows a trail of evidence, only to find it leads right back to him) $24.99
Tayler, Kassy Ashes of Twilight (YA; After nearly 200 years in a domed city, built in the mid-19th century to protect England's royal blood line from a comet, society has become complacent. But now the coal is running out, and some people are beginning to wonder if there is life outside the dome) $9.99
Willingham, Bill et al Werewolves of the Heartland (Fables: Full color graphic novel. Not for kids. Scouting possible locations for a new Fabletown, Bigby Wolf stumbles across a town populated by werewolves descended from a Nazi project to create super soldiers) $22.99
Yolen, Jane Curse of the Thirteenth Fey: The True Tale of Sleeping Beauty (Kids; When a family of fairies is bid to bless the new princess, Gorse, the thirteenth and youngest member, races to the castle with the last piece of magic the family has left, a piece of the Thread of Life. But accident, mayhem, and magic combine to drive Gorse's story into the unthinkable, threatening the baby and the kingdom) $16.99

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