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Newsletter #99 September November, 2012

Already Received

Mystery Scene #125 (Articles about Barbara Hambly, Ace Atkins, Lisa Unger; Holmes & Watson: 21st-Century Icons; more) $7.50
Adams, Charles Warren The Notting Hill Mystery (Reissue; Published in 1863, believed to be the first detective novel. Insurance investigator Ralph Henderson is building a case against the sinister Baron R__, suspected of murdering his wife. As Henderson investigates, he discovers not one, but three murders) $15.00
Anderson, Lin Picture Her Dead (Rhona MacLeod #8: When a friend disappears after going to photograph a derelict Glasgow cinema, Liam turns to his birth mother, forensic scientist Dr. Rhona MacLeod, to help him search) $11.95
Baldacci, David Zero Day (John Puller #1: US Army investigator John Puller tackles the murders of an Army man and his wife, who worked for a Pentagon contractor, and discovers that nothing and no one in the remote small town are what they seem) $9.99
Baldwin, K/Alexiou, X Dying to Live (Elite Operatives #4: PBO; Lambda Award winner for Lesbian Mystery. On a business trip to Bogota, Zoe Anderson-Howe is taken by FARC guerrillas. Elite operative Fetch is on a mission to infiltrate the FARC and rescue hostages. With the support Fetch had planned on deployed elsewhere, can she get Zoe out on her own?) $16.95
Baldwin, K/Alexiou, X Demons Are Forever (Elite Operatives #5: PBO; Heather Snyder's secret life as a high-class call girl thrusts her into the middle of a black market organ-harvesting ring. No stranger to the world of call girls, veteran Elite operative Chase discovers that Heather is the one woman who makes her want to change her roguish ways) $16.95
Basnight, Gray The Cop with the Pink Pistol (Called out to an apartment robbery, NYC cop Donna Prima meets actor Conner Anderson. When he alerts her to some strange goings-on at a nearby bar, she sees a chance to handle a big case and have her detective status restored. Just one catch: Conner wants to help) $14.95
Bernede, Arthur Belphegor: The Phantom of the Louvre (Reissue; A hooded maniac calling himself Belphegor is obsessed with retrieving the lost treasure of the Medicis from its ancient burial place. Only Chantecoq, the 'king of detectives,' aided by a news reporter and his own daughter, can hope to unveil the sinister figure) $14.95
Bidulka, Anthony Dos Equis (Russell Quant #8: PBO; Fighting to right a wrong, gay PI Russell Quant enlists his entire entourage of family and friends in a caper that races from winter in Saskatchewan to the beaches of Mexico's Costa Grande) $19.95
Block, Lawrence Strange Embrace / 69 Barrow Street (Omnibus reprint. The producer of an upcoming Broadway show tries to identify the killer targeting his cast; a Greenwich Village artist's muse draws him into a world of cruel pleasures) $30.00
Booth, Stephen The Devil's Edge (Cooper & Fry #11: DC Ben Cooper and DS Diane Fry must track down a murderous band of home invaders) $10.95
Brett, Simon Guns in the Gallery (Fethering #13: Invited to a Private View of a controversial artist's work, the good citizens of Fethering are not quite sure what to expect. It's a lively affair, culminating in several embarrassing confrontations - and in sudden, violent death) $15.95
Buckley, Michael The Cheerleaders of Doom (NERDS #3: Kids; When a former NERD turns villain, gets extensive plastic surgery, and becomes a cheerleader, Matilda Choi - an asthmatic who can fly and kick butt courtesy of her nanobyte-enhanced inhalers - must swallow her hatred of things girlish, and infiltrate the squad, before the villain activates a device that opens portals to other worlds) $7.95
Cawthorne, Nigel The Mammoth Book of New CSI (Nonfiction; detailed accounts of high-profile contemporary investigations and older cases recently reopened as a result of advances in forensic science) $13.95
Chercover, Sean The Trinity Game (Daniel Byrne is an investigator for the Vatican department that scrutinizes miracle claims. Over ten years and 721 cases, not one miracle he tested has proved true. But case 722 is different; Daniel's estranged uncle Tim has started speaking in tongues, and accurately predicting the future. Daniel knows Tim is a con man, but could he also be something more?) $14.95
Cleave, Paul Collecting Cooper (Theodore Tate #2: People are disappearing in Christchurch. When ex-cop Theodore Tate is asked to find one of them, the clues pull him to a mental institution that closed down three years ago, after very bad things happened there. To find the missing people, he'll have to unearth the asylum's dark past) $15.00
Clemens, Judy Dying Echo (Grim Reaper #4: After years away, Casey returns to her hometown when her brother is accused of murdering his girlfriend Alicia. Casey believes he's innocent, but proving that to the cops is another matter) $14.95
Coben, Harlan (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories 2011 (Anthology) $14.95
Delany, Vicki Burden of Memory (Reissue; Elderly, wealthy Moira Madison wishes to write her memoirs, especially of her years with the Canadian Army Nursing Sisters of WWII, and hires writer Elaine Benson to help her. But Elaine discovers that the first writer Miss Madison hired drowned in the lake. And now her own research stirs someone to murder) $14.95
Delany, Vicki Scare the Light Away (Reissue; 30 years ago, Rebecca fled her home town. When she returns for her mother's funeral, she expects her visit to be short. But a young girl has gone missing, and Rebecca's brother Jimmy is a suspect. Rebecca must put aside old grievances to cut to the heart of the crime) $14.95
Deverell, William Kill All the Judges (Arthur Beauchamp #3: At least one judge of the British Columbia bar has been murdered, and several have disappeared. Arthur Beauchamp returns from retirement to take on the case, defending his former nemesis, backwoods poet Cudworth Brown) $7.95
Deverell, William Snow Job (Arthur Beauchamp #4: When a government delegation from Bhashyistan is blown sky high and the shares of a Calgary-based oil company promptly drop like a stone, retired lawyer Arthur Beauchamp is only too happy to jump to the defense of the suspected assassin) $7.95
Doherty, Paul The Midnight Man (Canterbury Mystery #7: It's the physician's turn to enthrall his fellow pilgrims with a terrifying tale. When Brother Anselm and his novice are summoned to perform an exorcism, the demons that plague the church appear to have been summoned by an infamous sorcerer. But what has he unleashed - and why? Is there any link to the disappearance of young women in the area?) $28.95
Dorsey, Tim Pineapple Grenade (Serge Storms #15: Serge Storms has finagled his way into spying for the president of a banana republic. Will he have time for a cocktail before Homeland Security brings him down?) $13.99
Downie, Jill Daggers and Men's Smiles (Moretti & Falla #1: PBO; On the English Channel Island of Guernsey, DI Ed Moretti and his new partner Liz Falla investigate vicious attacks on a production company shooting a movie whose script may expose secrets an aristocratic family doesn't want revealed) $11.99
Downing, Taylor Churchill's War Lab (Nonfiction; how Churchill's leadership style, passion for military history, and patronage of radical new ideas led to new technology and new tactics that would save lives and enable an Allied victory) $20.00
Doyle, Peter Get Rich Quick (Billy Glasheen #1: Ned Kelly Award winner for Best First Novel. 1950s: Billy has a gift for elaborate, albeit illegal, schemes, but they always seem to interfere with the plans of Sydney's crooks, bent cops, and corrupt politicians. When they fit him up for murder, he'll have to find the real killer to stay out of jail) $13.95
Draper, Sharon M. The Backyard Animal Show (Clubhouse Mysteries #5: Reissue; Kids; When they realize that nearby construction is destroying wild animals' homes, the boys decide to host a backyard animal show to raise money for the wildlife rescue center. Managing their friends' pets should be easy, right?) $4.99
Ellis, Kate The Cadaver Game (Wesley Peterson #16: While attempting to establish the identity of a murdered woman discovered in a suburban house, DI Peterson has another disturbing case to investigate when two teenagers are found naked at the foot of a cliff, dead of shotgun wounds) $29.95
Ellory, R.J. A Simple Act of Violence (Assigned to an unsettling murder case, Detective Robert Miller finds a serious complication: the victims do not officially exist) $14.95
Gordon, William C. The Chinese Jars (Samuel Hamilton #1: Reissue; 1960s: Samuel Hamilton investigates an acquaintance's suspicious death; the evidence leads him through the world of Chinese antiquities dealers to Mister Song's Many Chinese Herbs store) $14.95
Gordon, William C. King of the Bottom (Samuel Hamilton #2: Reissue; 1960s: When an Armenian businessman is found hanging from the gate of his toxic dump, the law suspects the man's illegal Mexican workers, but crime reporter Samuel Hamilton uncovers a sordid world of ancient revenge and violence) $14.95
Grabien, Deborah Graceland (J.P. Kinkaid #4: When a young music historian, working on a book about American blues players, is found dead, his notes are sent to J.P. Kinkaid. The notes contain puzzling discrepancies about a legendary musician. When doubts rise about how the historian died, J.P. must uncover the truth) $16.95
Grabien, Deborah Book of Days (J.P. Kinkaid #5: A string of deaths follows the band Blacklight's show nights. When a longtime member of the band's extended touring family is killed, homicide detective Patrick Ormand investigates) $17.95
Grant, M.C. Angel with a Bullet (Dixie Flynn #1: PBO; Reporter Dixie Flynn knows there's more to her artist ex's apparent suicide than the San Francisco police are letting on. Her search for answers leads her to an art forgery operation) $14.99
Grant, Maxwell Prince of Evil / Messenger of Death / Room 1313 (Shadow #60: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Triple Trail / Murder Genius (Shadow #61: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Cyro / The Man Who Died Twice (Shadow #62: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Devil's Paymaster / The Wasp Returns (Shadow #63: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gray, Alex Glasgow Kiss (Lorimer #6: A toddler has been missing several days; now a teenage girl, who recently accused a well-liked teacher of rape, has gone missing. DCI William Lorimer races against time to find both missing girls) $11.95
Griffin/Butterworth The Spymasters (Men at War #7: Summer, 1943: OSS agent Dick Canidy and his team must figure out how to sabotage Germany's new aerial torpedo rockets, and find out who is feeding Manhattan Project secrets to the Soviets) $27.95
Harlow, Jennifer To Catch a Vampire (FREAKS Squad #2: PBO; To infiltrate the goth vamp scene, Beatrice and Oliver must go undercover as a married couple. Clubbing with the undead turns bloody when Oliver's old enemy, the vampire lord of Dallas, turns up) $14.99
Harper, Tom Secrets of the Dead (After witnessing her lover's murder, Abby tries to piece together the last months of his life to get to the truth, and realizes he wasn't quite what he seemed. What was his connection to a ruthless war criminal? And what links the gold necklace he gave her to a 4th century manuscript?) $12.95
Harrison, Cora Laws in Conflict (Mara #8: 1512: Mara, judge and lawgiver, has been invited to the city-state of Galway, which is ruled by English laws and a royal charter. Mara wonders whether she can save the life of a man from the Burren who has been caught stealing a meat pie, but events soon take an even more dramatic turn when the mayor's son is charged with a heinous crime) $28.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Kill My Darling (Bill Slider #14: When Melanie Hunter goes missing, the men in her life come under suspicion. It soon becomes clear there are secrets in Melanie's past, and pain she tried to hide from the world) $15.95
Hayder, Mo Birdman (Jack Caffery #1: Reissue; DI Caffery's first case as lead investigator with London's crack Murder Squad starts with the mutilated body of a young woman. The victim is soon joined by four others, and the autopsies reveal a gruesome signature connecting the victims) $14.00
Hayder, Mo The Treatment (Jack Caffery #2: Reissue; When a little boy is abducted, then found dead, the forensic evidence turns the case on its head, and reveals disturbing parallels to Caffery's own past) $14.00
Hayder, Mo Ritual (Jack Caffery #3: Reissue; The discovery of a hand that was removed while the victim was still alive leads detective Jack Caffery into Bristol's underworld, where a disturbing African ritual may have made an appearance) $14.00
Holt, Anne 1222 (Hanne Wilhelmsen #8: Edgar Award finalist. When their train is stranded in northern Norway during a blizzard, the passengers think they've reached safety at a nearby hotel - until one of them turns up dead. Trapped by the storm and trapped in a wheelchair, can retired police inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen solve the case before the killer strikes again?) $16.00
Hubbard, Janet Champagne: The Farewell (Vengeance in the Vineyard #1: A wedding in Champagne turns ugly when a vineyard owner, the bride's aunt, turns up dead after the wedding dinner. Magistrate Olivier Chaumont investigates, and discovers that several people were attempting to gain control of the woman's business; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Hide and Snoop (Odelia Grey #7: PBO; When Odelia's nasty new boss Erica dumps her young niece with Odelia and disappears for the weekend, Odelia heads to the woman's house - and finds Erica's sister murdered) $14.99
James, Bill Vacuum (Harpur & Iles #28: Instead of keeping a grip on his profitable drugs empire, Mansel Shale has turned to God, and left his business in the hands of an inexperienced assistant. DCS Colin Harpur can see the possibility of protracted, warring viciousness on the horizon) $15.95
Jardine, Quintin Grievous Angel (Bob Skinner #21: Edinburgh cop Bob Skinner looks into his past: 15 years ago, the newly promoted DS Skinner was investigating a brutal death with an organized crime connection when more violence erupted in the form of a vicious knifeman who seemed to be targeting the gay population) $10.95
Johnson, Craig The Cold Dish (media tie-in edition) (Walt Longmire #1: Reissue; Two years ago, Cody Pritchard was one of four high school boys given suspended sentences for raping a Cheyenne girl. Now he's been found dead near the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. Absaroka County sheriff Walt Longmire might be the only thing standing between the other three boys and a buffalo rifle) $15.00
Jokinen, Seppo Wolves and Angels (2002 Finnish Crime Novel of the Year. The lifeless body of a disabled man, one of a group of wheelchair-bound motorcycle enthusiasts, is found in the Finnish city of Tampere. Soon there are more attacks on the disabled and ailing. Detective Sakari Koskinen and his eccentric team investigate) $13.95
Kang, Jay Caspian The Dead Do Not Improve (After his elderly neighbor is murdered, Philip Kim finds himself the focus of an elaborate, violent scheme. In a suddenly menacing San Francisco, he must fend off militant surfers and aggressive creative writing students as he - aided by the laconic cops handling his case - tries to find out who's causing the trouble) $25.00
Kellough, Janet Sowing Poison (Thaddeus Lewis #2: PBO; 1844: Nathan Elliott returns to his Ontario village to be at his dying father's side, then disappears. Soon Nathan's wife arrives in the village, and begins to hold seances. Methodist circuit rider Thaddeus Lewis comes up against greed, fraud, and murder as he tries to learn the truth about Elliott) $11.99
Koryta, Michael The Prophet (When they were teenagers, their sister was abducted and murdered. Now a new killing, with ties to each of them, forces a painful and adversarial reunion between two brothers, as their sister's killer terrorizes their small Midwestern town) $25.99
Lennon, David Reckoning (Doucette & Jones #5: Michel Doucette and his boyfriend Joel are searching for a new home for themselves. But when Michel receives a mysterious ransom note, he and his fellow PI Sassy Jones find themselves at the center of a police investigation) $17.95
Levine, Paul Lassiter (Jake Lassiter #8: Amy Larkin seeks out attorney Jake Lassiter, who was the last person to see her sister Krista before she vanished years ago. Jake's investigation takes him to Miami's porn industry) $14.00
Lewman, David The Case of the Disappearing Dogs (Club CSI #3: Kids; When her dog wins the neighborhood dog show, then disappears, Hannah's parents think she left the back gate open, but Hannah knows she didn't. Her Club CSI friends help investigate the possible dognapping) $5.99
Lieberman, Paul Gangster Squad (Nonfiction; the real events that inspired the film) $15.99
Lubenski, Cathy Trashy Chic (Bertie Mallowan #1: PBO; Inside information convinces reporter Bertie Mallowan that a rich and powerful murder victim's family members are all capable of committing murder. Then there's a second murder, and an attack on Bertie) $13.95
Macomber, Robert N. A Dishonorable Few (Peter Wake #04: 1869: Lt. Peter Wake becomes the executive officer of a ship that is headed to turbulent Central America to deal with a former American naval officer turned renegade mercenary) $14.95
Macomber, Robert N. An Affair of Honor (Peter Wake #05: 1873: Lt. Peter Wake runs afoul of the Royal Navy in Antigua, then is suddenly sent off on staff assignment to Europe, where he is soon immersed in the cynical swirl of Old World politics) $21.95
Macomber, Robert N. A Different Kind of Honor (Peter Wake #06: 1879: Lt. Cmdr. Peter Wake is the official American neutral naval observer to the War of the Pacific raging along the west coast of South America, a dangerous mission which also calls for diplomacy and spying) $21.95
Macomber, Robert N. The Honored Dead (Peter Wake #07: 1883: Lt. Cmdr. Peter Wake meets up with opium warlords, Chinese-Malay pirates, and French gangsters in French Indochina) $21.95
Macomber, Robert N. The Darkest Shade of Honor (Peter Wake #08: 1886: Cmdr. Peter Wake meets Theodore Roosevelt and is assigned to uncover Cuban revolutionary activities in Florida and Cuba) $21.95
Macomber, Robert N. Honor Bound (Peter Wake #09: 1888: Cmdr. Peter Wake is spying in Florida to learn about Spain's naval readiness in Cuba. A woman from his past shows up, begging him to find her missing son, and Wake sets off across Florida, through the Bahamian islands, and deep into the jungles of Haiti) $21.95
Maitland, Barry Babel (Brock & Kolla #06: Professor Max Springer has been murdered. He was notorious for his stand against Islamic extremism, but was that the motive? While DS Kolla and DCI Brock start looking for answers in London's Arab community, rivalries within the university point in another direction) $19.95
Matsumoto, Seicho Pro Bono (Early 1960s: When her brother is accused of murder, Kiriko, a poor young woman, travels to Tokyo to seek the aid of renowned criminal defense attorney Kinzo Otsuka) $14.95
Mayle, Peter The Vintage Caper (Sam Levitt #1: When a Hollywood lawyer is the victim of a world-class wine heist, Sam Levitt is on the case, heading first to the vineyards of Bordeaux, and then to collectors in Provence) $14.95
McCaul, Kathleen Grave Secrets in Goa (Ruby Jones #2: PBO; Ruby is on vacation in Goa, home to the shrine of St. Francis Xavier. When the saint's head is stolen, Ruby discovers that beyond the palm-fringed beaches lies a world of smuggling, corruption, and crime) $9.99
McNamara, Frances Death at Woods Hole (Emily Cabot #4: 1894: On a summer visit to Cape Cod to collect 'beasties' for the Marine Biological Laboratory, Emily finds a dead man floating in a fish tank. She must deal with dueling scientists, a testy local sheriff, the theft of a fortune, and uncooperative weather to solve the murder) $14.99
Medieval Murderers Hill of Bones (Anthology; after his brother is killed in an ambush there, a boy buries a miniature knife with an ivory bear hilt - the symbol of King Arthur - on Solsbury Hill. From that day forward, Solsbury Hill continues to be the scene of murder and theft, leaving a trail of corpses and treasure buried in the hill as an indication of its turbulent past) $9.99
Mitchell, Gladys Laurels Are Poison (Mrs. Bradley #14: Reissue; Criminal psychoanalyst Mrs. Bradley investigates when pranks at a British women's training college turn deadly) $14.95
Myers, Beverle Graves The Iron Tongue of Midnight (Tito Amato #4: Reissue; 1740: Opera rehearsals at an isolated villa in the hills of the Venetian mainland are disrupted when a stranger is found beaten to death with a clock pendulum) $14.95
Myers, Beverle Graves Her Deadly Mischief (Tito Amato #5: Reissue; Venice, 1742: When a courtesan tumbles over the railing at his latest performance, castrato Tito Amato is thrown into the middle of an investigation that soon turns to scrutiny of his personal life as well) $14.95
Nakamura, Fuminori The Thief audiobook (The Thief is a seasoned pickpocket whose past catches up with him when his original partner offers him an easy job: tie up an old man and steal the contents of his safe. Not until the next day does the Thief learn that the old man was a prominent politician, and that he was brutally killed after the theft) $19.95
Napier, William The Great Siege (Clash of Empires #1: 1565: Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, held by 500 knights and a few thousand local soldiers, is about to find itself besieged by more than 30,000 soldiers of the Ottoman Empire) $14.95
Nisbet, Jim The Spider's Cage (Martin Windrow #2: When the country singer he adores disappears after the death of her grandfather, Windrow sets off on her trail, traveling from surprise to nightmare, and from body to body) $15.95
Nisbet, Jim Old and Cold (PBO; What's a guy to do, when he lives under a bridge and has a thirst for martinis? Kill for cash, in a spree of hits that are set against the backdrop of San Francisco's beaches, bars, and streets) $13.95
Nykanen, Harri Raid and the Kid (Raid is lying low when a local boy stumbles onto his property pursued by Bolivian drug traffickers. Meanwhile, Detective Lt. Jansson finds the bodies of a Bolivian warehouse worker and a Finnish flight attendant in a Helsinki home, along with a closet brimming with stolen goods) $13.95
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied D.H. Lawrence (Pot Thief #5: Hubie's official reason for visiting the D.H. Lawrence Ranch is a presentation about ancient pottery. But his real goal is to find the pot Fidelio Duran presented to D.H. Lawrence. Then a snowstorm strands Hubie there, and his new goal becomes survival. Are the guests dying of accidents, or is there a murderer among them?) $14.95
Parshall, Sandra Under the Dog Star (Rachel Goddard #4: Reissue; Pet dogs are vanishing, a pack of feral canines is attacking livestock, and a physician has been found with his throat torn open, apparently by a trained attack dog. Could these incidents be connected to a resurgence in illegal dogfighting?) $14.95
Pastor, Ben Liar Moon (Martin Bora #2: 1943: Wehrmacht Major Martin Bora is sent to Verona to investigate the bizarre murder of a prominent fascist that threatens to discredit the regime. Not far from Bora's headquarters, Italian police inspector Sandro Guidi is trying to catch a serial killer. Bora and Guidi join forces, but, haunted by his record of opposition to SS policies in Russia, Bora must watch his step) $14.95
Peters, Elizabeth The Camelot Caper (Reissue; Invited to England to meet her estranged grandfather, Jessica Tregarth finds herself on the run from two villains intent on acquiring a family heirloom her grandfather asked her to bring. David Randall comes to her assistance, a somewhat improbable white knight in a bright-red Jaguar) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Copenhagen Connection (Reissue; When Margaret Rosenberg's secretary is injured, Elizabeth Jones volunteers to fill in, delighted to have a chance to work with her favorite writer. Then Margaret disappears. Is she up to something, as her handsome, stuffy son Christian thinks? Or has she been kidnapped? A note demanding Margaret's bathrobe only adds to their confusion) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Murders of Richard III (Jacqueline Kirby #2: Reissue; An English country home is the scene of a gathering devoted to proving that King Richard III did not commit the heinous crimes attributed to him. The guests are in character as members of Richard's court. But someone is staging each guest's 'murder' in the same manner their court character died. When one of the pranks proves fatal, Jacqueline and her friend Thomas must catch a killer) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Love Talker (Reissue; A troubling letter from her great-aunt Ida brings Laurie back to the family home in Maryland. Great-aunt Lizzie is convinced there are fairies in the woods. For Laurie, it becomes clear that something is going on in the woods, and it's threatening her loved ones) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Summer of the Dragon (Reissue; Desperate to escape her family for the summer, anthropology grad student D.J. Abbott is willing to take a well-paid summer job at an Arizona ranch, even if her employer, Hank Hunnicutt, is a wealthy oddball funding research into everything from UFOs to reincarnation. When Hank disappears shortly after D.J. arrives, she teams up with his infuriating and attractive assistant Tom to figure out which of the guests is responsible) $9.99
Phillips, Scott The Adjustment (The war over, Wayne Ogden returns to Wichita, determined to take down Collins Aircraft. When he begins receiving poison pen letters alluding to his black market work as a supply sergeant, his plan to destroy Collins escalates to blackmail, extortion, and murder) $14.95
Poe, Edgar Allan The Very Eye of Death (Collection; reprints 6 tales of crime and cryptography) $14.95
Prest, T/Rymer, J Flesh-Ripping Ghouls of London (PBO; Tales of murder, madness, mayhem, and the supernatural, selected from the 19th-century 'penny bloods') $14.95
Ramirez, Melissa Bourbon Bare-Naked Lola (Lola Cruz #3: PBO; Sacramento PI Lola Cruz has a very traditional family, so she's hoping they never find out that her latest case involves going undercover - and uncovered - at a local nudist resort) $14.99
Regan, Linda Brotherhood of Blades (Johnston & Green #1: Determined to put his criminal past behind him, Jason Young returns to south London, hoping to persuade his ex-girlfriend to join him, only to witness the murder of her aunt. Jamaican DI Georgia Johnston and her partner DS Stephanie Green investigate) $15.95
Robeson, Kenneth Murder on Wheels / The Three Gold Crowns / Death to the Avenger (Avenger #7: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Ruby-Sachs, Emma The Water Man's Daughter (The death of a Canadian water company executive in a black township of Johannesburg throws together a South African anti-privatization activist and the executive's daughter Claire. The murder investigation, led by an officer who is finding her own loyalties increasingly unclear, entwines with Claire's quest to understand her father's death, and Claire's involvement with the activist brings her ever closer to a shocking truth) $15.99
Schreck, Tom Getting Dunn (PBO; When her team is ambushed during a mission in Iraq, T.J. is the only survivor. Discharged from the army and back in the States, she is traumatized and unable to cope, until an anonymous phone call shocks her back to life and gives her a new mission: justice for those she loves) $14.95
Schweizer, Mark The Treble Wore Trouble (Liturgical Mystery #11: PBO; Hayden Konig is a wannabe mystery writer, a church organist, and Chief of Police of a small town in North Carolina. The new Lutheran-pastor-turned-Episcopal-priest plans to put her own stamp on the worship style of St. Barnabas. What could possibly go wrong? With a dead body and a kidnapping to sort out, Hayden doesn't have much time to worry about the Reverend Rosemary Pepperpot-Cohosh. Maybe he should; Signed copies) $12.95
Scott, A.D. A Double Death on the Black Isle (Highland Gazette #2: PBO; When two deaths occur on the same day on Scotland's Black Isle, the woman at the center of the crimes is a close friend of Gazette typist Joanne Ross. The newspaper staff's investigation reveals secrets that will change this remote part of the Highlands) $15.00
Seymour, Gerald Rat Run (Kicked out of military intelligence for cowardice, Malachy Kitchen returns from Iraq to become a recluse in a drug-infested housing project. But the mugging of an elderly widow draws him into a new fight, against the local drug dealers, headed by the apparently untouchable Ricky Capel) $15.95
Seymour, Gerald The Walking Dead (A man sets off from a village in Saudi Arabia. If his mission succeeds, he will die a martyr, and many innocents will die with him. Officer David Banks is charged with neutralizing menaces to London's safety, but is beginning to realize that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. The two men's paths will cross - and neither will be the same again) $15.95
Sherman, Scott Second You Sin (Kevin Connor #2: PBO; Someone is killing NYC's hottest male prostitutes, and it's up to full-time call boy, part-time sleuth Kevin Connor to find out who) $15.00
Stella, Charlie Rough Riders (PBO; Sequel to Eddie's World . Ten years have passed and the action has moved from the streets of New York to the prairie state of North Dakota, with a murderer, the Mob, a former cop, and the FBI mixing it up in the frozen heartland; Signed copies) $15.95
Thomason, Dustin 12.21 (Early December, 2012: Dr. Gabriel Stanton, the expert on the rarest infections in the world, is grappling with a patient whose every symptom confounds and terrifies him. Chel Manu, a researcher, acquires a priceless codex that seems to hold the answer to the riddle of why the Maya kingdoms vanished overnight. Suddenly it seems that our own civilization might suffer this same fate) $27.00
Walters, Minette Innocent Victims (2 novellas about seemingly normal people driven to commit heinous crimes) $22.00
Warman, Jessica Between (YA; After spending her 18th birthday party on her family's yacht, Liz wakes up a to investigate a noise. What she finds will change everything. As she begins to unravel the circumstances surrounding her birthday night, she will find that no one, least of all Liz herself, was perfect - or innocent) $9.99
Wishart, David Bodies Politic (Marcus Corvinus #13: Sertorius Macro, erstwhile adviser to Emperor Caligula, has been forced into suicide for plotting against him. Then Corvinus is given a letter from Macro, claiming innocence and asking Corvinus to clear his name) $15.99
Wishart, David No Cause for Concern (Marcus Corvinus #14: When his stepson goes missing, charming organized crime boss Sempronius Eutacticus wants Corvinus to trace him. Young Titus ran off to join his uncle's acting troupe - but then his body turns up) $12.95
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Prisoner of Heaven (Cemetery of Forgotten Books #3: Barcelona, 1957: When a stranger visits the Sempere bookshop and threatens to divulge a terrible secret from the city's dark past, Fermin and Daniel are plunged into a dangerous adventure that leads back to the 1940s and the early days of Franco's dictatorship; Signed bookplate included) $25.99

Expected Early September

Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Absent One (UK title: Disgrace) (Department Q #2: A closed case lands on Detective Carl Morck's desk: a brother and sister were murdered two decades ago, and one of the suspects confessed. Irregularities in the case files lead Morck to a homeless woman with secrets that certain influential people would kill to keep buried) $26.95
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose (Darling Dahlias #3: 1930s: The ladies of the garden club have their hands full with three mysteries: a member suspected of stealing county funds; a secret code embroidered on a family heirloom; and a local resident's very strange behavior) $24.95
Allen, Jeffrey Popped Off (Stay at Home Dad #2: PBO; When Moises Huber disappears along with $73,000 of youth soccer association money, stay-at-home dad Deuce Winters begins a search that leads him to a gambling ring, a band of shrewd smugglers, and a Texas-sized mega church) $7.99
Andrews, Sarah Rock Bottom (Em Hansen #12: On a white-water rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, Em's husband is accused of murder) $24.99
Ashton, Jeff Imperfect Justice (Nonfiction; Ashton, part of the prosecuting team in the Casey Anthony trial, gives the definitive story of the investigation, the trial, and the acquittal) $7.99
Bain, D/Fletcher, J The Fine Art of Murder (Murder, She Wrote #36: An old friend's stepson asks Jessica to help save his mother from a murder charge) $7.99
Barclay, Linwood Trust Your Eyes (Thomas Kilbride is a reclusive schizophrenic who uses a computer program to travel the world. In a street view of NYC, he detects an image that looks like a woman being murdered. His brother Ray humors him with a half-hearted investigation, but soon realizes they have stumbled onto a conspiracy - and now they are in the crosshairs) $25.95
Barr, Nevada The Rope (Anna Pigeon Prequel: 1995: 35 years old and fresh off the bus from NYC, Anna Pigeon arrives at Glen Canyon as a seasonal employee. After going for a hike on her day off, she wakes up trapped at the bottom of a dry natural well, naked, with no supplies and no clear memory of how she got there) $9.99
Beck, Jessica Powdered Peril (Donut Shop #8: PBO; When her best friend Grace breaks up with no-good cheater Pete Morgan, donut shop owner Suzanne Hart is the first to admit she's relieved. She's also the first to spot the footprints leading to Pete's dead body) $7.99
Beck, W.H. Malcolm at Midnight (Kids; The Midnight Academy is a secret society of classroom pets that keeps the kids safe. When the Academy's leader is kidnapped, Malcolm the rat must prove his innocence - and that rats can be good guys) $16.99
Bell, Ted Phantom (Alex Hawke #7: Counterspy Alex Hawke and his MI6 colleague Ambrose Congreve hunt a diabolical scientist who has developed an artificially intelligent superweapon) $9.99
Benn, James R. Death's Door (Billy Boyle #7: When his spy girlfriend, undercover at the Vatican, goes missing, Billy insists on being assigned to investigate the murder of an American monsignor at Saint Peter's Basilica. The fact that the Vatican is neutral territory in Nazi-occupied Rome is only one of the obstacles he must overcome) $25.00
Bentley, Jennie Wall-to-Wall Dead (Do-It-Yourself #6: PBO; Avery and Derek are flipping a condo in Waterfield, Maine, to earn money for their wedding. It's very peaceful, until the neighborhood busybody turns up dead) $7.99
Bilyeau, Nancy The Crown (When she learns that her cousin has been condemned by Henry VIII, Joanna Stafford leaves her priory to stand by her family. The ruthless Bishop of Winchester pressures her into agreeing to search for an ancient crown that may be powerful enough to end the Reformation. When at last she finds it, she must decide who she can trust with the secrets it reveals) $16.00
Black, Lisa Defensive Wounds (Theresa MacLean #4: Forensic expert Theresa MacLean's investigation into the murder of a criminal defense attorney at a Cleveland convention reveals that a serial killer is prowling the city) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Takes a Second Look: Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock / Mrs. Jeffries on the Ball / Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail (Mrs. Jeffries #4 / #5 / #6: Omnibus reprint; 3 Victorian mysteries) $16.00
Buckley, Michael The Villain Virus (NERDS #4: Kids; A virus infects the hometown of NERD HQ, turning victims into criminal masterminds. Soon nearly everyone, including some of the NERDS team, is plotting to take over the world. It's up to Flinch, the hyperactive superspy with a sweet tooth, to stop the person behind the virus) $15.95
Burdette, Lucy Death in Four Courses (Key West Food Critic #2: PBO; Restaurant critic Jonah Barrows has ruffled feathers with his tell-all memoir, and as keynote speaker at a Key West seminar, he promises more of the same. When Hayley finds his body, she finds herself the center of attention - especially with the police) $7.99
Burke, James Lee Feast Day for Fools (Hackberry Holland #3: As sheriff Hack Holland and deputy Pam Tibbs look for the bandits who tortured a man to death in the desert, it becomes clear that serial murderer Preacher Jack Collins is also back in the area) $9.99
Bush, Nancy Nowhere to Hide (PBO; On the trail of a serial killer who carves the words 'Do unto others' into his victims' flesh, detective September Rafferty's investigation leads to her old classmate Jake Westerly. She wants to believe he's innocent - but trusting anyone could be her last mistake) $7.99
Caldwell, Laura False Impressions (Izzy McNeil #6: PBO; Chicago attorney Izzy McNeil agrees to help Madeline Saga identify an art forger. When Madeline's life is threatened, the question becomes: who wants the gallery owner dead?) $7.99
Carroll, Grace Died with a Bow (Accessories #2: PBO; The new salesgirl she's hired for her upscale boutique turns out to be so obnoxious that Rita could just kill her - only someone beat her to the punch. Problem is, Rita's fingerprints are all over the crime scene) $7.99
Clark, Mary Jane The Look of Love (Wedding Cake #2: Piper heads to a luxurious Los Angeles spa to create a wedding cake for the spa director, but when a guest is killed, Piper must dig below the glamorous surface to uncover a cold-blooded murderer) $7.99
Cleave, Paul The Laughterhouse (Theodore Tate #3: A killer has arrived in Christchurch, with a list of people involved in a 15-year-old murder case, including Dr. Stanton, a man with three young girls. Tate has to find the connection between the killer and the old case fast, because Stanton and his daughters have been kidnapped, and the doctor is being forced to decide which daughter is to die first) $15.00
Cliff, Nigel The Last Crusade: The Epic Voyages of Vasco da Gama (Nonfiction; da Gama's historic voyages, seen as a turning point in the struggle between Christianity and Islam) $17.99
Coben, Harlan Shelter (Mickey Bolitar #1: YA; Agatha and Edgar Award finalist. Family tragedy sends Mickey to live with his uncle Myron. When Mickey's new girlfriend vanishes, the trail leads to a seedy underworld that reveals she isn't who she claimed to be) $8.99
Coel, Margaret The Perfect Suspect (Catherine McLeod #2: After a politician is murdered and his estranged wife is arrested for the crime, Denver investigative reporter Catherine McLeod receives an anonymous tip identifying Detective Ryan Beckman as the real killer. To uncover the truth, she'll will have to find the eyewitness) $7.99
Coel, Margaret Buffalo Bill's Dead Now (Wind River #16: A chief's regalia from the Wild West Show is being returned to the Arapaho museum; Vicki and Father Trevor investigate when the cartons arrive empty. Their suspicions that a local collector knows more than he's telling are confirmed when the man is found murdered) $25.95
Connor, Alex The Hogarth Conspiracy (Could a painting from 1732 threaten the British monarchy? It could if it provided proof that a competing heir to the royal throne was born to a prostitute) $14.95
Cookman, Lesley Murder by Magic (Libby Sarjeant #10: Libby and her friend Fran are asked to look into the sudden death of a devoted churchgoer; the police seem to have lost interest, but the villagers suspect their new lady vicar) $11.95
Cornwell, Bernard Death of Kings (Saxon Tales #6: Alfred the Great lies dying, and his dream of a united Christian England may die with him. His son Edward has been named heir, but there are other Saxon claimants to the throne, as well as ambitious pagan Vikings to the north. Saxon-born, Viking-raised Uhtred is torn between his vows to Alfred and his desire to reclaim his lost ancestral lands) $15.99
Cornwell, Patricia Red Mist (Kay Scarpetta #19: Determined to find out why Jack Fielding was murdered, Kay Scarpetta travels to the Georgia Prison for Women, where an inmate has information, and discovers connections revealing conspiracy and potential terrorism on an international scale) $9.99
Cross, Neil Luther: The Calling (Prequel to the BBC series) $25.00
Cussler, C/Perry, T The Tombs (Fargo #4: Sam and Remi help an archaeologist excavate a top secret site. What they find points to the hidden tomb of Attila the Hun - supposedly buried with a vast fortune that has never been found) $27.95
Cussler, C/Scott, J The Race (Isaac Bell #4: 1910: Josephine Frost is hoping to win $50,000 by being the first aviator to fly across America in less than fifty days. Her sponsor hires Bell to protect her from her murderous husband Harry, who has gangland connections all across the country) $9.99
Daniels, Casey Supernatural Born Killers (Pepper Martin #9: PBO; Pepper is trying to plan the cemetery's annual party to attract new sponsors, but Jack Haggarty's ghost is leaving puddles all over the place, and he isn't going away until Pepper figures out the real reason behind his murder) $7.99
Dawson, Janet What You Wish For (PBO; Lindsey's quiet, orderly life gets complicated when an immigrant woman she's been interviewing asks her for help reclaiming the son taken from her during a massacre in her Salvadoran village. And Lindsey's closest friends, women she's known since their college days in Berkeley, are hiding secrets that will change those friendships forever) $15.95
Deaver, Jeffery The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme #4: Reissue; Lincoln Rhyme and his team pursue an international fugitive into New York City's Chinatown) $9.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Vanished Man (Lincoln Rhyme #5: Reissue; Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs pursue a killer who is also a brilliant illusionist and escape artist) $9.99
Deaver, Jeffery Speaking in Tongues (Reissue; When his daughter disappears, prosecutor Tate Collier desperately wants to believe it's teenage rebellion, but signs point to foul play: Collier's past has come back to haunt him, in the form a vengeful evangelist) $9.99
Delany, Vicki More Than Sorrow (After a traumatic brain injury, Hannah is unable to concentrate, and haunted by memories. At her sister's farm, she makes friends with Hila, an Afghan woman traumatized by war. Hannah begins to experience visions, then Hila disappears. When Hannah cannot account for her time, even to herself, old enemies begin to circle) $14.95
Deverell, William I'll See You in My Dreams (Arthur Beauchamp #5: New developments compel wily old lawyer Arthur Beauchamp to look back at his first - and most disastrous - murder trial) $17.99
Disher, Garry Port Vila Blues (Wyatt Wareen #5: Wyatt bypasses the alarm, snatches the cash, eludes the cops, and makes it safely back to his hideout in Hobart. It's the diamond-studded Tiffany brooch - and perhaps the girl - that undoes him. Now some very hard people want to put Wyatt and that brooch out of circulation) $25.00
Dobson, J/Myers, B Face of the Enemy (New York in Wartime #1: December, 1941: When a patient's Japanese wife becomes a murder suspect, nurse Louise Hunter and homicide detective Michael McKenna must battle racism and ambitious FBI agents to expose the real killer; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Easton, Don Birds of a Feather (Jack Taggart #6: Undercover Mountie Jack Taggart partners with a U.S. Customs agent to investigate a Mexican drug cartel with connections to Canada) $11.99
Eco, Umberto The Prague Cemetery (Set in 19th-century Europe, the story of a secret agent who weaves plots, conspiracies, intrigues, and attacks, and helps determine the historical and political fate of the Continent) $15.95
Fesperman, Dan The Double Game (A few years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, a spook turned novelist reveals to young journalist Bill Cage that he'd once considered spying for the enemy. Two decades later, Cage receives an anonymous note hinting that he should have dug deeper, and sets out to find the truth) $26.95
Flynn, Vince Kill Shot (Mitch Rapp Prequel #2: Sent to assassinate a Libyan diplomat in Paris, Rapp is wounded and must flee for his life. As publicity explodes around the incident, one of his handlers decides to make sure that Rapp won't be alive for the French authorities to capture) $9.99
Follett, Ken Fall of Giants (Century #1: Five interrelated families - American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh - move through the world-shaking events of World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's suffrage) $9.99
Fossum, Karin The Caller (Inspector Sejer #10: When Inspector Sejer receives a postcard with the message 'Hell begins now', he sets out to uncover the person behind a string of cruel pranks that have thrown the peaceful town of Bjerkas into unrest) $25.00
Freydont, Shelley Foul Play at the Fair (Celebration Bay #1: PBO; The harvest festival is the first event Liv Montgomery has planned since she moved to Celebration Bay. Everything goes perfectly, until the body of an itinerant juggler is found stuffed into an antique apple press) $7.99
Gage, Leighton Blood of the Wicked (Mario Silva #1: Reissue; In the interior of Brazil, landless workers battle the owners of vast fazendas. When a visiting archbishop is assassinated, Chief Inspector Silva of the Federal police is called upon to investigate) $9.99
George, Elizabeth The Edge of Nowhere (YA; Becca King is at risk from her ability to hear the thoughts of others. She takes the ferry from Seattle to nearby Whidbey Island, on the run from her stepfather, whose criminal activities she has discovered. Alone and stranded, she is soon befriended by a group of locals) $18.99
Gerritsen, Tess Last to Die (Rizzoli & Isles #10: Detective Jane Rizzoli investigates when Teddy Clock's foster family is murdered; when Teddy is threatened, she and Maura Isles hide him at a Maine boarding school for survivors of violence, only to discover that the key to the murders lies within the school) $27.00
Gleason, Robert End of Days (Lydia has seen visions of the End since childhood. She has constructed a massive ranch-fortress in the American Southwest, stocked with everything necessary to rebuild civilization. Now her visions are coming true - a Russian general has disappeared, along with eight subs armed with nukes) $9.99
Gorman, Ed Bad Moon Rising (Sam McCain #8: 1968: The murder of a wealthy young woman sparks a backlash against the hippie commune that has recently arrived in Black River Falls; PI Sam McCain finds himself in the middle of the controversy) $14.95
Grabenstein, Chris The Black Heart Crypt (Haunted #4: Kids; Agatha Award winner. Zack must once again do battle with malevolent spirits. And with his usual pluck, and the assistance of three dotty aunts, he must save his town from a 200-year-old threat) $6.99
Hale, Rebecca M. How to Tail a Cat (Cats and Curios #4: PBO; Rebecca and her cats investigate the mysterious Steinhart brothers, the 1900s-era benefactors who provided the original funding for the local aquarium, and hunt for Uncle Oscar's latest treasure) $7.99
Hall, Gregory The Dark Backward (Reissue; Mary Reynolds was in love and now she's in trouble. Also in Norfolk, where she and her husband Geoffrey bought a house. The ink was hardly dry on the contract when Geoffrey was found dead, and Mary began to learn that she didn't really know her husband. And the secrets he kept, the bits that he'd left out? Those are the ones that could kill her) $14.95
Harris, Oliver The Hollow Man (Nick Belsey #1: After waking up in a crashed squad car, still drunk, London police detective Nick Belsey checks in at the station on what should be the last day of his career. A missing person report catches his eye: a wealthy recluse has vanished, leaving a suicide note on his desk. Belsey decides to make a new start by stealing the man's identity, only to learn that the race to get the man's fortune is a game with life and death stakes) $14.99
Harris, Robert The Fear Index (Dr. Max Hoffman uses computer algorithms to trade on the world's financial markets, generating astonishing returns for his investors. Late one night, an intruder disturbs Hoffman and his wife. Over the next 48 hours, as the markets edge towards another great crash, Hoffman's world disintegrates. But who is trying to destroy him?) $15.00
Heywood, Joseph Force of Blood (Woods Cop #8: DNR detective Grady Service and his new partner, Conservation Officer Donna Sedge, become immersed in a centuries-old mystery they must solve in order to deal with a current problem: looting and destruction of a Native American archaeological site near Lake Superior) $16.95
Hicks, Deron R. Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave (Kids; Can 12-year old Colophon Letterford discover the link between her family's literary legacy and Shakespeare's tomb before it's too late?) $16.99
Houston, Victoria Dead Creek (Loon Lake #2: Reissue; Doc Osborne is looking for any excuse to spend time with the only woman he knows who likes to fish as much as he does. So bloodthirsty killers and backwoods bandits be damned, Doc will take the risk, and help Chief of Police Lew Ferris delve into Loon Lake's criminal underworld) $16.95
Houston, Victoria Dead Jitterbug (Loon Lake #6: Reissue; Hope McDonald's advice column is syndicated worldwide. Hope was dealing with some desperate souls, so the wise old woman is found murdered in her home, Chief Lew Ferris can think of more than a few suspects, and calls on Doc Osborne for help) $16.95
James, Steven Opening Moves (Patrick Bowers Prequel: PBO; 1997: A series of ghoulish kidnappings, mutilations, and murders draw Milwaukee homicide detective Patrick Bowers into a case like nothing he's ever seen) $9.99
Jecks, Michael City of Fiends (Knights Templar #31: 1327: Arriving in Exeter to inform the sheriff that King Edward II has escaped, Sir Baldwin de Furnshill finds himself tasked with uncovering the truth behind the gruesome murder of a young maid) $24.95
Jerkins, Grant The Ninth Step (Helen, in a twelve-step recovery program, is supposed to make amends for a crime she got away with - a hit and run that killed Edgar's wife. But her meeting with Edgar begins with a lie, the first of many, until she knows it's too late to reveal the truth to the man she's come to love. Then she receives an anonymous note: Does he know you killed his wife?) $15.00
Kaaberbol, L/Friis, A The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg #1: When an estranged friend leaves Red Cross nurse Nina Borg a key to a locker at the Copenhagen train station, begging her to take care of the contents, Nina discovers a suitcase with a three-year-old boy inside. Nina tries to figure out who the boy is, where he belongs, and exactly who is hunting him down) $15.95
Keller, Julia A Killing in the Hills (After three elderly men are gunned down at the local diner, one of the witnesses gradually realizes she may have seen the shooter - and that he might be someone she knows) $24.99
King, Laurie R. Garment of Shadows (Mary Russell #12: Mary Russell wakes up not knowing where or who she is. Is she a guest, or a prisoner? She discovers she is in Morocco, where tensions are bubbling over. Holmes is working the back channels, trying to stop the conflict before it starts, but he'll need more than the aid of T.E. Lawrence. He'll need Russell with her memory restored; Signed copies expected) $26.00
Kitakata, Kenzo City of Refuge (Koji killed two gangsters for the woman he loved. Now he's running from the police and the mob. He kidnapped a boy during his getaway. And on his trail is 'the Old Dog' Detective Takagi) $14.95
Koontz, Dean 77 Shadow Street (A beautiful Gilded Age mansion has been converted into condos, highly desirable, until mysterious shadows skitter across the walls, voices whisper in unknown languages, security cameras show impossible feeds, and a little boy starts talking to an imaginary playmate who turns out to be all too real) $9.99
Koryta, Michael The Ridge (After reporter Roy Darmus discovers that a deadly supernatural force has plagued his Kentucky hometown for over a century, can he convince people that an old legend is fact?) $14.99
Kristian, Giles Bloodeye (Raven #1: Jarl Sigurd and his fierce Norsemen have come to 9th century England in search of riches. And riches they are promised, by an English ruler who sends Sigurd and his wolves to steal a holy manuscript. Osric, an orphan boy, renamed Raven, rechristened in blood, will join them. They are his people. And they will be his fate) $7.99
La Plante, Lynda Blood Line (Anna Travis #7: DI Anna Travis takes on a high profile missing person investigation. When they discover a pool of blood - but no body - it looks like they might be hunting for a murderer) $14.99
Lavene, Joyce & Jim Treacherous Toys (Renaissance Faire #5: PBO; Jessie Morton's plans to spend the holidays working as apprentice to the Renaissance Faire Village toy maker are dashed when the man is found murdered) $7.99
Lelic, Simon The Facility (In a totalitarian near-future Britain, when a dentist is detained by the police at a top-secret facility, his estranged wife and a naive journalist embark on a quest for the truth that soon puts all their lives in danger) $15.00
Levine, Laura Death of a Neighborhood Witch (Jaine Austen #11: When Jaine's cantankerous neighbor is murdered on Halloween, Jaine becomes prime suspect. Can she find the real killer, and win the affections of the neighborhood's new hottie?) $24.00
Lewman, David The Case of the Ruined Ram (Club CSI #4: Kids; The high school's mascot costume has been stolen and destroyed, and the first team in Miss Hodges' forensic science class to solve the crime will win extra credit and VIP game tickets) $5.99
London, Meg Murder Unmentionable (Sweet Nothings Lingerie #1: PBO; Emma and her aunt Arabella are planning a vintage fashion show at their lingerie boutique when a string of murders turns their small Tennessee town upside down - and Emma finds herself at the top of the suspect list) $7.99
Ludlum/Mills The Ares Decision (Covert-One #9: Colonel Jon Smith heads to Uganda to investigate when a US Special Forces team is wiped out; video of the attack shows villagers with supernatural speed and strength, consumed with rage that makes them immune to pain and fear) $7.99
Lutz, John Single White Female (original title: SWF Seeks Same) (Reissue; Allie needs a roommate to help pay her NYC rent. Hedra seems perfect, until she starts wearing Allie's clothes, and a wig in Allie's style and color. Then the obscene phone calls begin, Allie's credit cards vanish, and she discovers Hedra is living a dangerous double life - and far worse) $6.99
MacRae, Molly Last Wool and Testatment (Haunted Yarn Shop #1: PBO; After Kath inherits her grandmother Ivy's Tennessee fabric and fiber store, she learns that Ivy was the prime suspect in a murder. Now solving the case is the most important thing on her to-do list - and she's about to get some help from a new friend from beyond the grave) $7.99
Maloney, Leo J. Termination Orders (Dan Morgan #1: PBO; A desperate plea from his former partner brings retired CIA black ops agent Dan Morgan back to work. But what looks like a routine mission turns out to be an ambush. Now Morgan is running for his life, and trying to thwart an international conspiracy) $9.99
Maltin, Leonard Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie Guide (PBO; Revised and updated guide with thousands of capsule movie reviews, DVD and video listings, mail-order and online resources for buying and renting DVDs and videos, and more) $9.99
Mayor, Archer Tag Man (Joe Gunther #22: Joe Gunther and his VBI team are trying to find a burglar who specializes in rich people's alarm-equipped houses. The burglar, meanwhile, is on the run for his life: in one of those houses, he discovered what looks like proof of a string of murders) $14.99
McDermid, Val The Vanishing Point (The child of a dead reality TV star is snatched from an airport security checkpoint. Has he been taken by his mother's troubled family, or one of her stalkers? Or kidnapped by his guardian's obsessed ex-lover? Or is it kidnapping for ransom?) $25.00
McDermott, Andy Return to Atlantis (Wilde & Chase #8: Bringing together three ancient statues from three different continents, Nina is about to tap into a colossal energy source. Then the statues are stolen, and Eddie is falsely accused of murder, as a powerful group seeks to gain control of Nina and the earth energy) $9.99
McKenna, Shannon Blood and Fire (Bruno Ranieri is trying to keep his nose clean and save the family business - which gets tougher when beautiful fugitive Lily Parr sashays into his restaurant, claiming to be on the run from assassins) $7.99
Medieval Murderers The First Murder (Anthology; beginning in 1199, a play is performed throughout the ages in many guises; after each performance, bad luck and death seem to follow all those involved in each production) $27.95
Miller, Madeline The Song of Achilles (Patroclus, a small, awkward prince, has been exiled to Phthia, to be raised in the shadow of Achilles, child of the king and a goddess. Despite their differences, the boys become steadfast companions as they grow into young men skilled in the arts of war and medicine. When the men of Greece lay siege to Troy, Achilles joins their cause. Fearful for his friend, Patroclus joins him) $14.99
Montrose, David The Body on Mount Royal (Russell Teed #3: Reissue; When a brutally beaten corpse is found on Montreal's famous mountain, hard-drinking PI Teed and his would-be Watson MacArnold set out to discover the truth behind the crime) $13.95
Morris, Mark Spartacus: Morituri (Novel based on the TV series) $7.99
Morton, James First Detective: The Life and Revolutionary Times of Vidocq (Reissue; Nonfiction; born in France in 1775, Vidocq became a criminal, then a police informant, and went on to form a plainclothes unit that would become the Surete Nationale. He later started a private detective agency, also doing some spying on the side) $15.95
Myers, Beverle Graves Cruel Music (Tito Amato #3: Reissue; 1740: A Venetian senator, determined to have a Venetian as pope, has Tito's brother imprisoned on a trumped-up smuggling charge, then forces Tito to go to Rome to sing for - and spy on - the cardinal who will control the upcoming papal election) $14.95
Neville, Stuart Stolen Souls (Belfast #3: A Russian sex slave escapes from a Belfast brothel by killing one of her captors, and takes refuge with a man who offers his help. But she learns that she is not the first trafficked girl to cross his threshold, and she must fight to avoid their fate. When a war between rival gangs leaves bodies across the city, DI Jack Lennon discovers an escaped prostitute is the cause; soon he is locked in a race with two very different killers) $14.00
Parshall, Sandra Bleeding Through (Rachel Goddard #5: When veterinarian Rachel Goddard and deputy Tom Bridger take teens on an outing to clean up roadside trash in rural Virginia, they discover the body of a young woman who disappeared a month earlier) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Zoo (All over the world, brutal attacks are crippling cities. Biologist Jackson Oz watches the escalating events with a sense of dread, and, with the help of ecologist Chloe Tousignant, races to warn world leaders. Soon there will be no place left for humans to hide) $27.99
Pawlaczyk/Hundsdorfer Murder on a Lonely Road (PBO; Nonfiction; the 1985 murder of a beauty pageant winner is finally solved in 2007, when the local sheriff's prime suspect is linked to the killing by DNA evidence) $9.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Survival Mission (Executioner #406: PBO; When an American girl is abducted in Prague, her ex-SEAL father sets out to track down her kidnappers, but winds up captured by them. It's up to Bolan to get the pair out alive) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Oblivion Pact (SuperBolan #152: PBO; A firefight in Mexico leaves countless dead and Apache gunships in the hands of an Australian millionaire who's planning to start World War III. It's up to Bolan to stop him) $6.99
Penny, Louise The Beautiful Mystery (Inspector Gamache #8: Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir investigate when the renowned choir director of an isolated, cloistered Quebec monastery is murdered; unabrdged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Perry, Anne A Sunless Sea (William Monk #18: Monk's investigation into the murder of a high-end prostitute on the docks of Victorian London leads to secrets that have been buried since the Opium Wars) $26.00
Phelps, M. William Never See Them Again (Nonfiction; four young Texans are murdered by a teenager and her boyfriend) $7.99
Poe, Edgar Allan The Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection (Classic stories, read by Basil Rathbone and Vincent Price) $19.99
Poyer, David The Towers (Dan Lenson #13: After surviving the attacks on 9/11, Dan Lenson finds himself quickly drawn into a covert SEAL team in search of the terrorists responsible. Their mission: kill Osama Bin Laden) $7.99
Randisi, Robert J. Bullets and Lies (Talbot Roper #1: PBO; Former Pinkerton agent Talbot Roper is tracking down men who served in the Civil War with Medal of Honor recipient Howard Westover, to prove that the honor was earned. But the investigation gets complicated when someone starts killing Roper's contacts) $6.99
Reichs, Kathy Bones Are Forever (Temperance Brennan #15: Asked to examine the corpses of three dead babies in Montreal, Brennan's assignment is complicated by the fact that her long-time flame Detective Ryan is investigating the infants' mother. When the woman flees, the trail leads to remote Yellowknife) $26.99
Robertson, Imogen Anatomy of Murder (Westerman & Crowther #2: London, 1781: Called in to investigate when a body is dragged from the Thames, Harriet Westerman and anatomist Gabriel Crowther discover that the victim is part of a plot to betray England's secrets) $15.00
Rowland, Laura Joh The Ronin's Mistress (Sano Ichiro #15: Japan, 1703: On a snowy night, forty-seven warriors murder a man responsible for the scandal that turned them from samurai into masterless ronin. Sano Ichiro investigates. Why did they wait two years to kill the man? And is there any reason they should not be immediately ordered to commit ritual suicide?) $14.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi The Other Woman (Reporter Jane Ryland is tracking down a candidate's secret mistress just days before a pivotal election. Detective Jake Brogan is after a possible serial killer who is hunting down young women under Boston's bridges. It becomes clear their cases are connected; a ruthless killer will stop at nothing to silence a scandal) $24.99
Sayers, Dorothy (ed) The Best Crime Stories Ever Told (Crime stories from the 1920s and 1930s, selected from the various anthologies Sayers edited) $12.95
Sidebottom, Harry Lion of the Sun (Warrior of Rome #3: Mesopotamia, AD 260: Emperor Valerian has been betrayed, and captured by the Sassanids. Ballista vows vengeance on those who have brought the Empire to the brink of destruction, but first he must decide what price he will pay for his own freedom) $15.95
Staub, Wendy Corsi Nightwatcher (Allison #1: PBO; As New York City sleeps in the early hours of September 10, 2001, the killer waits and watches, unaware of the cataclysm to come. Even the nightmare of 9/11 will not postpone his private reign of terror) $7.99
Steinhauer, Olen The Tourist (Milo Weaver #1: Milo Weaver's retired from the field to a CIA desk job, but an investigation into one of his oldest colleagues sends Milo back undercover to find out who's pulling the strings) $9.99
Stevens, Taylor The Innocent (Vanessa Munroe #2: Escapees from a cult hire Vanessa to infiltrate the group's enclave in Argentina and rescue a young kidnapping victim) $14.00
Swanson, Denise Murder of the Cat's Meow (Scumble River #15: PBO; When Bunny Reid starts an online dating service called The Cat's Meow, visitors flock to her bowling alley for speed dating and cat show events. Psychologist Skye Denison breaks up a fight between a contestant and the judge who insulted his feline. When the judge is found strangled with a cat toy, Skye must track down a killer) $7.99
Thomas, David Blood Relative (When Peter Crookham arrives home to find his wife nearly catatonic and covered in blood, and his brother stabbed to death, his search for answers takes him to his wife's childhood home of East Berlin, and into a web of Stasi intrigue) $14.95
Webb, Peggy Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble (Southern Cousins #4: When Lovie invites the whole clan to visit her new beau's worksite, Callie and her basset hound head straight for the airport. But the moment they arrive at the dig, Elvis sniffs out a skeleton too fresh to be archaeological) $7.99
Wendelboe, C.M. Death Where the Bad Rocks Live (Manny Tanno #2: When a bomb squad, hired to defuse any leftover WWII ammunition on a bombing range on Lakota land, finds a human arm near a live bomb, FBI agent Manny Tanno and the tribal police investigate) $15.00
White, Randy Wayne Gone (Hannah Smith #1: Folks come to Hannah Smith with their problems, even though her unorthodox methods sometimes make those on the receiving end very unhappy - even violent. And when she's asked to find a missing girl, that's exactly what happens) $25.95
Wolfe, Inger Ash A Door in the River (Hazel Micallef #4: When Henry Wiest turns up stung to death at an Indian reservation, Detective Hazel Micallef investigates. When it turns out the killer was a teenaged girl on a murder spree with a strange weapon, a dark and twisted crime slowly begins to emerge) $25.00
Woolrich, Cornell Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Reissue; Detective Tom Shawn saves a young woman from a suicide attempt, and learns that her father's death has been predicted by a man whose predictions have unerringly aided her father in his business many times. Shawn and his team investigate, and try to avert her father's death) $14.95
Zanon, Carlos The Barcelona Brothers (Epi Dalmau heads into a dingy Barcelona bar. Inside are his brother Alex, his friend Tanveer, a Pakistani man who wandered in, and the bartender. Epi attacks Tanveer, kills him, and flees. Alex and the bartender plan to protect Epi and blame the murder on the Pakistani. Meanwhile, Epi is hunting for the woman of his dreams - the reason behind the murder) $15.95
Zerries, A.J. Stealing from the Dead (Detective Greta Strasser uncovers a murderous plot to steal millions from Holocaust survivors) $24.99
Zuiker/Swierczynski Dark Revelations (Level 26 #3: The killer calls himself Labyrinth, and the riddles, puzzles, and wordplay with which he announces his new targets have caused a media sensation. It's up to Steve Dark and his team to find Labyrinth and put a stop to the mayhem) $9.99

Expected Mid-September

Ballard, Mignon F. Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause (Miss Dimple #2: 1943: When children discover a skeleton at the edge of a field, and Buddy Oglesby disappears along with the money from the War Bond rally, Miss Dimple and her fellow teachers are soon on the case) $14.99
Barnett, Mac It Happened on a Train (Brixton Brothers #3: Kids; 2012 Edgar Award finalist. 7th grader Steve Brixton has retired from the detective business, but on a train trip down the California coast, he's pulled back into a mystery involving priceless automobiles, an assassin (or maybe just a faulty lock on a sauna door), and a train car filled with intrigue) $5.99
Beaton, M.C. Hiss and Hers (Agatha Raisin #23: Agatha foots the bill for a charity ball, just to have a chance to dance with the local gardener. When he doesn't show up, she finds his body in a compost heap, killed by poisonous snake bite) $24.99
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Militant Midwives (Pamplemousse #15: Reissue; At an old colleague's funeral, the coffin explodes, the mourners saved only by the warning howl of trusty bloodhound Pommes Frites. Pamplemousse must find out who is behind the explosion, and his friend's death) $16.95
Bruen, Ken Headstone (Jack Taylor #9: Taylor faces an evil coterie known as Headstone, who are committing a series of random, insane, violent crimes in Galway) $14.00
Cain, James M. The Cocktail Waitress (A beautiful young widow takes a job at a cocktail lounge, where she meets a handsome young schemer who makes her blood race, and a wealthy but unwell older man who rewards her for her attentions with a $50,000 tip and an unconventional offer of marriage) $23.99
Castle, Richard Frozen Heat (Nikki Heat #4: Nikki's latest homicide case turns out to be connected to her mother's unsolved murder. As she and Jameson Rook work to solve the new murder, Nikki is forced to confront unexplored areas of her mother's background) $26.99
Child, Lee A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher #16: All Reacher wanted was a ride to Virginia. But he soon discovers he has hitched more than a ride. He has tied himself to a massive conspiracy that makes him a threat - to both the criminals and the FBI) $28.00
Christie, A/Curran, J Agatha Christie: Murder in the Making (Agatha and Edgar Award finalist. Nonfiction; more of Christie's unpublished work, including letters, archival papers, and an analysis of her last, unfinished novel) $16.99
Christie, Agatha Agatha Christie: An Autobiography (Reissue; Nonfiction; the queen of mystery chronicles her life) $18.99
Coben, Harlan Seconds Away (Mickey Bolitar #2: YA; As the mystery surrounding the death of Mickey's dad unfolds, Mickey and his new friends Ema and Spoon may be in more danger than they imagine) $18.99
Cox, Suzy The Dead Girls Detective Agency (YA; Charlotte ends up joining the Dead Girls Detective Agency after being pushed onto the subway tracks. Now, with the support of her new friends, she's following leads and tracking down clues to solve her own murder) $9.99
Daneshvari, Gitty The Final Exam (School of Fear #3: Kids; A nosy reporter is planning to expose the unorthodox school; the students must convince convince her that their teacher and school are perfectly normal. But how to accomplish this when their teacher is so very odd?) $6.99
Ennis, Michael The Malice of Fortune (Machiavelli and Da Vinci join forces with the courtesan Damiata to expose a serial killer in their midst) $26.95
Follett, Ken Winter of the World (Century #2: Five interrelated families enter a time of social, political, and economic turmoil, beginning with the rise of the Third Reich, through the Spanish Civil War and WWII, and into the atomic era) $36.00
Hornsby, Wendy The Hanging (Maggie MacGowen #8: PBO; A gig teaching film production at a community college turns ugly for investigative filmmaker Maggie MacGowen when she finds the college president's body hanging in a stairwell and suspicion falls on a young artist friend) $15.95
Indridason, Arnaldur Outrage (Reykjavik #7: Detective Erlendur takes a leave of absence, putting his female assistant Elinborg in charge. A serial rapist is on the loose; the police race to catch him before he strikes again) $24.99
James, Peter Dead Man's Grip (Roy Grace #7: After a traffic accident kills a student, the drivers of two of the vehicles involved are found tortured and murdered. Detective Supt. Grace learns the student was connected to an American crime family. Someone has sworn revenge, but the last survivor refuses to go into hiding - if the police can't stop the killer, she plans to do it herself) $14.99
Johansen, Iris What Doesn't Kill You (To stop an enemy hell-bent on destruction, Catherine Ling will need every trick she knows and all the help she can get - even if it comes from John Gallo) $7.99
Jurjevics, Juris Red Flags (US Army CID officer Eric Rider is enjoying his war until he's sent to disrupt Vietcong opium fields in a remote Highland province, and discovers that someone close to home has a stake in the drug-smuggling ring) $14.95
Lansdale, Joe R. All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky (Three Oklahoma kids plan to use a dead neighbor's car to get to Texas, but a run-in with one of the Depression's most notorious gangsters puts a crimp in the plan, and the kids wind up riding the rails among hoboes, gangsters, and con men, racing to warn a carnival wrestler turned bank robber of the danger he faces) $7.99
Lavender, Will Dominance (Prize student Alex Shipley uncovers information that acquits her mentor, literature professor Richard Aldiss, of two bizarre murders. Fifteen years later, the killings start again. Can Alex end the game once and for all?) $16.00
Locke, Attica The Cutting Season (When a young woman is found in a shallow grave on a Louisiana plantation, the police start compiling suspects, but estate manager Caren Gray has suspicions of her own. The search for answers plunges her into a centuries-old mystery involving the plantation's slave quarters) $25.99
Ludlow, Jack A Broken Land (Roads to War #2: 1936: When a favor to a friend leaves Cal Jardine caught up in the Spanish Civil War, he finds himself among an interesting assortment of fighters. But a communist fanatic in the ranks is inciting trouble, and a murderous betrayal lies ahead) $16.95
Lustbader, Eric Van Father Night (Jack McClure #4: A tidal wave of reform is sweeping across the Middle East. Political power is up for grabs, and at the center of it all are two giants of the vast criminal underworld. But hiding in the shadows is a man history might have forsaken, but whose evil is still very much alive) $25.99
Macomber, Robert N. Honorable Lies (Peter Wake #10: 1888: Cmdr. Peter Wake has five days to rescue his two captured operatives from a dungeon in Havana. His plan falls apart when the head of Spanish counter-intelligence springs a trap Wake can't avoid) $21.95
Marcinko/DeFelice Blood Lies (Rogue Warrior #17: When a retired Navy SEAL's daughter is held for ransom in Mexico, Marcinko and his band of Red Cell International warriors head south of the border to rescue her) $25.99
Marston, Edward Blood on the Line (Robert Colbeck #8: Jeremy Oxley, being transported from Wolverhampton to London to face trial, manages an audacious escape. Inspector Colbeck's pursuit takes him all the way to New York) $16.95
McDermid, Val The Retribution (Hill & Jordan #7: After 10 years, Jacko Vance, ex-celebrity and sociopath, has escaped from prison. Even more twisted and cunning than before, he is focused on vengeance: making profiler Tony Hill and detective Carol Jordan pay) $14.00
Meyer, Deon Trackers (Lemmer #2: When Lemmer is hired by a wealthy South African farmer to help smuggle a pair of rare black rhinos out of Zimbabwe, where they are slaughtered for their horns, the trip turns out to be much more complicated than expected) $7.99
O'Brien, Timothy L. The Lincoln Conspiracy (1865: As Washington mourns the death of Abraham Lincoln, detective Temple McFadden witnesses a murder at the train station. In the slain man's pocket he finds diaries of Mary Todd Lincoln and James Wilkes Booth that reveal the true depth of the conspiracy behind the assassination) $26.00
Parker, R/Brandman, M Fool Me Twice (Jesse Stone #11: A Hollywood movie company has come to Paradise; when star Marisol Hinton receives a death threat, the police department goes on high alert. And Jesse's arrest of a dangerously distracted teen driver brings him into conflict with some very important citizens) $25.95
Patterson, J/Ellis, D Guilty Wives (A dream trip to a luxurious Monte Carlo resort for four days of pampering becomes a nightmare when Abbie and her three best friends are framed for a double murder. Who wants them locked away for life?) $14.99
Quinn, Spencer A Fistful of Collars (Chet & Bernie #5: The mayor lures a movie shoot to the Valley, and hires Chet and Bernie to keep the film's bad-boy star out of trouble. They discover that the actor's past includes a mysterious connection to the Valley - and the people who might know about it are turning up dead) $25.00
Rimington, Stella Rip Tide (Liz Carlyle #5: A British-born Pakistani is discovered among a gang of pirates, setting agent Liz Carlyle on a case that will unravel across continents and ideological boundaries) $16.00
Robb, J.D. Delusion in Death (Eve Dallas #36: When 80 people end up dead in a downtown bar, Lt. Dallas tries to sort out the inexplicable event; surviving witnesses report seeing monsters and swarms of bees, and experiencing feelings of fear, rage, and paranoia) $27.95
Robotham, Michael Bleed for Me (Joe O'Loughlin #4: Sienna Hegarty turns up at psychologist Joe O'Loughlin's home one night, traumatized and covered in blood. Turns out her father, a retired cop, has been murdered, and the blood is his. But Sienna can't remember what happened) $14.99
Rohmer, Sax Daughter of Fu-Manchu (Fu-Manchu #4: Reissue; Across the sands of Egypt, Nayland Smith pursues the deadly, power-hungry Fah Lo Suee, who has pillaged the tomb of the Black Ape for the key to its ancient mysteries, granting her leadership of the evil cults of the East. No one can stop her - except perhaps her father Fu-Manchu) $9.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Incense Game (Sano Ichiro #16: 1703: An earthquake leaves the shogun's court teetering on the brink of chaos. When a nobleman's daughters are found dead from incense poisoning, he threatens to topple the regime unless Sano Ichiro finds the killer) $25.99
Thomson, June The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes (Collection of original stories of the great detective) $29.95
Webster, Jason A Death in Valencia (Max Camara #2: A well-known paella chef's body washes up on the beach; there are disputes and threats about abortion clinics; the town is set on demolishing the colorful fisherman's quarter. As Detective Max Camara untangles these threads, he stumbles into a web of corruption and violence) $24.99
Winter, Ben H. The Mystery of the Missing Everything (Bethesda #2: Kids; When the only trophy the school has ever won is stolen from the glass case in the front hall, eighth grader Bethesda is on the case) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Severe Clear (Stone Barrington #24: Stone is in Bel-Air overseeing a fancy hotel's star-studded grand opening - and according to the NSA, the event may have attracted terrorist attention. To ensure the safety of his guests, Stone may call in a few favors from his friends at the CIA) $26.95

Expected Early October

Adamson, Lydia A Cat Tells Two Tales: A Cat in the Manger / A Cat of a Different Color (Alice Nestleton #1 / #2: Omnibus reprint; 2 mysteries featuring a cat-sitting actress) $15.00
Alan, Douglas Circle of Lies (John Delaney, an ex-NYPD detective turned lawyer, defends a childhood friend charged with a torture/murder who insists he's been set up by a drug company after stumbling across lethal test data for their latest drug) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Castle Cottage (Cottage Tales #8: Summer, 1913: Beatrix Potter is eager to marry solicitor William Heelis. But there are a few obstacles blocking their path to the altar, including some mysterious problems with the remodeling of their future home) $7.99
Avi City of Orphans (Kids; 1893: When his sister Emma is accused of stealing a watch at the Waldorf Hotel, 13-year-old Maks, a newsboy, teams up with his homeless friend Willa to clear Emma's name) $6.99
Baccalario, Pierdomenico City of Wind (Century #3: Kids; Mistral, Elettra, Harvey, and Sheng are given a clock that once belonged to Napoleon, which sends them all over Paris in search of an artifact linked to the Egyptian goddess Isis. But a woman with a penchant for poisonous snakes and carnivorous plants is watching their every move) $7.99
Baer, N/Greene, J Kill Switch (Her work with a deranged inmate at NYC's Rikers Island propels forensic psychiatrist Claire Waters into the mind of another killer - a homicidal maniac who's watching her every move) $9.99
Beason, Pamela Bear Bait (Summer Westin #2: PBO; After an explosion, fire lights the sky above a nearby lake. Summer calls it in, and is first on the scene to fight it. When the blaze is extinguished, a young woman from the park's trail crew is discovered in the embers, still clinging to life. Summer starts looking for answers - but someone wants her out of the way before she finds them) $7.99
Becker, James Echo of the Reich (Chris Bronson #5: Ordered to infiltrate a group of anarchists who plan to disrupt the London Olympics, Chris Bronson finds himself immersed in a decades-old secret, trying to stop a deadly revenge plot before it's too late) $9.99
Bell, David The Hiding Place (When a detective and a reporter start asking questions on the 25th anniversary of her brother's disappearance and death, it opens old wounds for Janet Manning - and raises new suspicions) $15.00
Bingham, Harry Talking to the Dead (A gruesome double murder in a squalid apartment seems like a simple drug case, but why was a dead millionaire's credit card found at the scene? Rookie DC Fiona Griffiths investigates) $26.00
Boneham, Sheila Webster Drop Dead on Recall (PBO; After a widely disliked handler drops dead at a canine obedience trial, photographer Janet MacPhail suspects foul play. Her investigation uncovers an ugly scandal on the dog show circuit) $14.99
Bourbon, Melissa Deadly Patterns (Magical Dressmaking #3: PBO; Harlow is planning a holiday fashion show at a Victorian mansion when someone is found dead on the mansion's grounds) $7.99
Brown, Duffy Iced Chiffon (Consignment Shop #1: PBO; Reagan and her Aunt Kiki are plenty busy running their Savannah consignment shop. But sales - and gossip - are about to pick up after Reagan finds her ex-husband's young blonde girlfriend dead) $7.99
Brown, Rita Mae Murder Unleashed (Mags & Baxter #2: To help a community of squatters living in a row of foreclosed homes, Mags, Jeep, and their friends (canine and human) do battle with Reno banks, the power company, and a ruthless politician. Then things turn deadly, and they have to stop a killer) $7.99
Cannell, Stephen J. Vigilante (Shane Scully #11: LAPD detective Shane Scully and his partner Sumner Hitchens investigate a crime with ties to the sometimes violent world of reality TV) $9.99
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Castle Clue (Chocoholic #11: A dusty trophy brings back memories of an old, unsolved murder. But before Lee can get to work solving it, a new murder takes place) $7.99
Charbonneau, Joelle Skating on the Edge (Rebecca Robbins #2: When Rebecca's last-minute replacement at a charity dunk-tank is electrocuted and killed, it's obvious to the police and Rebecca that this was no accident, but no one is sure who the intended target was) $25.99
Childs, Laura Skeleton Letters (Scrapbooking #09: At St. Tristan's Church, Carmela and Ava witness the murder of a member of their scrapbooking circle, and the theft of an antique crucifix. The search for the culprit draws them deeper into New Orleans' French Quarter) $7.99
Childs, Laura Postcards from the Dead (Scrapbooking #10: Someone is leaving strange postcards at Carmela's shop, signed by a murdered TV reporter. Carmela and Ava must find out who's posing as a ghost and expose a killer) $25.95
Christer, Sam The Stonehenge Legacy (A cryptic letter leads a young archaeologist and an intrepid policewoman to a secret society, whose charismatic and ruthless new leader is performing human sacrifices in an attempt to unlock the secrets of Stonehenge) $15.95
Clancy, T/Blackwood, G Dead or Alive (Jack Ryan Jr. and his colleagues and recruits at the Campus are on the trail of the Emir, a sadistic terrorist who has masterminded vicious attacks and eluded law enforcement) $8.99
Corris, Peter Comeback (Cliff Hardy: Once again licensed, PI Cliff Hardy takes a case: actor Bobby Forrest is being stalked. When Bobby is murdered, Cliff's only lead is the most common car around. Then he uncovers a surprising connection with his own past) $19.95
Crais, Robert (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories 2012 (PBO; Anthology) $14.95
Crichton, M/Preston, R Micro (Three men are found dead in a locked office in a Honolulu building, with no sign of struggle except for ultrafine, razor-sharp cuts covering their bodies. The only clue is a tiny bladed robot, nearly invisible to the human eye) $9.99
Curtis, Waverly Dial C for Chihuahua (Barking Detective #1: PBO; Pepe can talk - even if his new owner Geri seems to be the only person who can understand him. When she takes on her first assignment for quirky investigator Jimmy G and stumbles on a Seattle millionaire's corpse, Pepe proves to be worth his weight in liver treats) $7.99
Deese, B/Olson, D Murder at Spirit Falls (When the No Ordinary Women book club discovers a young woman's body in the creek below a Wisconsin cabin, soon the club members, with a little help from two canine companions, are embroiled in solving the crime) $14.95
DePaul, Virna Shades of Temptation (PBO; When she's asked to pursue a high-profile serial killer, detective Carrie Ward must join forces with reckless - and all too attractive - detective Jase Tyler) $7.99
Dexter, Pete The Paperboy movie tie-in edition (Reissue; The sheriff was found on the highway, gutted. A local redneck was tried, and sentenced to death. Now a hotshot Miami report is returning to his hometown, with a death row femme fatale in tow. She's armed with explosive evidence, aiming to free her convicted boyfriend) $15.00
Donlon, M/Rausch, M Headaches Can Be Murder (Serendipity leads Chip Collingsworth into mystery writing, and to a small Iowa community, where he intertwines his new life and local events into his second novel. Two crimes are solved, and two romances emerge) $14.95
Drvenkar, Zoran Sorry (Four friends started Sorry, an agency dealing in apologies. They arrive at an apartment where a dead woman is nailed to a wall. Their contract is clear: apologize to the victim and dispose of the body. But why was she killed, and who is the killer? The four friends try to put together the pieces, as the plot grows thicker and the killer strikes again) $15.95
Dunlap, Jan A Murder of Crows (Bob White Birder Murder #5: Bob White finds the body of an old birding buddy amid the October leaves at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. His search for the killer takes him to Stevens County, where a proposed wind farm project is stirring up a lot more than just dust) $14.95
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Killing the Emperors (Robert Amiss #12: Why have luminaries of the world of conceptual art been kidnapped? And why has Baroness Jack Troutbeck, who publicly described them all as knaves or fools, gone missing too?; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Enger, Thomas Pierced (Henning Juul #2: Convict Tore Pulli sends crime reporter Henning Juul to find the real killer behind his false murder conviction. When Pulli turns up dead, apparently a suicide, Juul digs deeper, and follows the trail into a gangland power struggle) $15.00
Erdrich, Louise The Round House (1988: Geraldine Coutts, an Ojibwe woman living on a North Dakota reservation, is brutally attacked, but refuses to share the details of what happened with the police, or with her husband Bazil, the tribal judge. Bazil searches for clues to the attacker's identity and motives. Meanwhile, their 13-year-old son Joe sets out with three friends to find the truth; Signed copies expected) $26.99
Ernst, Kathleen The Light Keeper's Legacy (Chloe Ellefson #3: PBO; Hired as a consultant for a project to restore Wisconsin's Rock Island lighthouse, Chloe is enjoying doing research there - until a dead woman washes ashore) $14.99
Fairlie, Emily The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck (Kids; Two sixth graders solve the 80-year-old mystery of their school in a clue-filled scavenger hunt that leads them to unexpected treasure) $16.99
Fforde, Jasper The Last Dragonslayer (YA; 15-year-old Jennifer runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians, but it's hard to stay in business when magic is drying up. Now visions are predicting the death of the world's last dragon at the hands of an unnamed Dragonslayer. If the visions are true, everything will change for Jennifer and Kazam - because something known as Big Magic is coming) $16.99
Fforde, Jasper The Woman Who Died a Lot (Thursday Next #7: After an assassination attempt, Thursday returns to Swindon to recuperate. But there are problems at home: Friday's career struggles in the Chronoguard; Tuesday's trouble perfecting the Anti-Smote shield in time to prevent an angry Deity from wiping Swindon off the face of the earth; and the issue of Thursday's third child Jenny, who exists only as a confusing and disturbing memory. With Goliath attempting to replace Thursday with synthetic Thursdays and a call from Bookworld to hunt down Pagerunners who have jumped into the Realworld, Thursday's convalescence is going to be anything but restful) $26.95
Fletcher, Martin The List (Novel based on historical events. Georg and Edith are a young Jewish couple struggling to stay afloat in London after WWII. When Georg learns of a plot by Palestinian Jews to assassinate Britain's foreign minister, he sets out to stop the murder) $14.99
Fluke, Joanne Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook (Hannah Swensen: Nonfiction; all the recipes from the first ten books in the series, plus new recipes, interspersed with stories and anecdotes about some of the town's beloved characters) $15.00
Forrester, T.J. Black Heart on the Appalachian Trail (Three hikers headed to the Trail to escape their problems for a while. But now hikers are dying, their broken bodies splayed on the rocks. Are the deaths accidental, or is something more sinister at work?) $15.00
Francis, Felix Bloodline (When Mark accuses his jockey sister of losing a race on purpose, she storms off. Hours later, she falls to her death from a London hotel balcony. Devastated and guilty, Mark goes in search of answers. What led her to jump? Or was it not suicide after all?) $26.95
Fury, Dalton Black Site (Delta Force #1: 3 years ago, Raynor made a decision to disobey orders that got his Delta Force teammates killed or captured. Now he's been asked to return to Pakistan. His assignment seems clear: find his missing men and bring them home. What he uncovers is an al Qaeda plot to capture a secret US prison and destabilize the region) $9.99
Gavin, Rick Ranchero (Nick & Desmond #1: To get his landlady's stolen Ranchero back, Mississippi repo man Nick Reid will do anything . And it turns out he and his buddy Desmond might have to) $14.99
Gunn, Elizabeth Magic Line (Sarah Burke #4: Detective Burke is called to a mass shooting in a quiet residential street. It looks like a home invasion gone very wrong, but the crime scene just doesn't make sense - until one of the 'victims' suddenly escapes, and another man is seen running from the house) $15.95
Hambly, Barbara Ran Away (Benjamin January #11: RAN AWAY. So begin a score of advertisements every week in the New Orleans newspapers, advertising for slaves who have fled their masters. But the Turk, Huseyin Pasha, posted no such advertisement when his two lovely concubines disappeared. Then a witness proclaimed he'd seen the 'devilish infidel' hurl their dead bodies out of a window. Only Benjamin January, who knows the Turk of old, is willing to seek the real culprit) $15.95
Hamilton, Barbara (aka Hambly) A Marked Man (Abigail Adams #2: When one of the Sons of Liberty is accused of murder, Abigail and John believe he's innocent. While John works to clear the man's name, Abigail pursues the truth - and the killer pursues her) $7.99
Hart, Carolyn What the Cat Saw (Nela understands the thoughts of cats when she looks in their eyes. While staying at her sister's place, she encounters a previous tenant's cat - and what the cat saw suggests that the woman's death was no accident. When Nela's sister becomes a suspect and a second murder occurs, Nela must figure out what's going on) $25.95
Hart, Ellen Rest for the Wicked (Jane Lawless #20: PI Jane Lawless gets a phone message from her partner Nolan's nephew, then discovers the man was knifed just minutes later. When more murders follow, Jane sets out to find the killer) $25.99
Hayes, S/Whitehead, D Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds (Countess Montague is rescued from her attackers by American Thomas Howard, who says he is in England to find his missing brother. The countess offers to enlist her friend Sherlock Holmes to help in the search. And Holmes accepts the case, because he suspects that there is more to Mr. Howard than meets the eye) $29.95
Helget, Danelle Lost and Found (Sara Martin #1: Days after their trip to a northern Minnesota cabin was cut short, Sara learns that no one has seen her friend Lily since they left the cabin. After suffering recurring nightmares she fears may be true, Sara contacts the police) $14.95
Helget, Danelle Found and Destroyed (Sara Martin #2: Newly-divorced Sara Martin explores her new relationships, and works to bring a woman's attacker to justice) $14.95
Higashino, Keigo Salvation of a Saint (Detective Galileo #2: When a man who was about to leave his wife dies after drinking poisoned coffee, the wife is the logical suspect - except she was far away when he died. The Tokyo police call upon physics professor Manabu Yukawa - Detective Galileo - to solve the impossible murder) $24.99
Hilton, Matt Judgment and Wrath (Joe Hunter #2: After saving a millionaire and his girlfriend from a contract killer, Hunter is pursued by the thwarted assassin in a grueling chase through the Florida swamplands) $9.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Malory and a Necessary End (Mrs. Malory #20: PBO; Sheila Malory is filling in for a friend at a village charity shop when the grouch who runs the shop is found murdered) $7.99
Horowitz, Anthony The House of Silk (Nero Award finalist. Authorized by the Arthur Conan Doyle estate. London, 1890: A fine art dealer comes to 221B Baker Street seeking help. In the days that follow, his home is robbed and his family threatened. And then the first murder takes place. Holmes and Watson find themselves on the trail of an international conspiracy, and begin to hear a whispered phrase - the House of Silk - that connects the highest levels of government to the depths of criminality: unabridged CDs $14.98) $14.99
Hyatt, Elise A Fatal Stain (Daring Finds #3: PBO; While sanding a table, refinisher Dyce Dare finds a stain that looks disturbingly like blood, and is drawn into a missing persons case) $7.99
James, David Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, One Very Dead Corpse (Amanda Thorne #1: Palm Springs realtor Amanda Thorne investigates when the body of ecologist Doc Winters, who was opposing a valuable real estate development, turns up in a house she's showing) $7.99
Jennings, Maureen Season of Darkness (Tom Tyler #1: 1940: Young women from all walks of life have joined the Land Army, to help English farmers keep the country fed. When one of these young women is found murdered on a Shropshire country road, DI Tom Tyler investigates) $15.99
Johnson, Maureen The Name of the Star (YA; Rory travels from Louisiana to a London boarding school, arriving on the same day a series of Ripper-style murders occurs. The police have no witnesses. Except Rory, the only one who can see the prime suspect. She's about to learn the truth about London's secret ghost police, and her own abilities) $9.99
Joyce, G.B. The Code (When a coaching legend turns up murdered in the parking lot after a charity hockey game, Brad Shade's job of scouting the local talent starts to overlap with investigating the killing) $16.00
Kaaberbol, L/Friis, A Invisible Murders (Nina Borg #2: Roma children are falling mysteriously ill at a refugee camp. Red Cross nurse Nina Borg agrees to help, and discovers that the situation at the camp is unexpectedly complicated - and perilous) $25.00
Kellerman, Jonathan Victims (Alex Delaware #27: When acid-tongue Vita Berlin is murdered, psychologist Alex Delaware doubts the grisly act was one of revenge, despite the woman's many enemies. LAPD Lt. Milo Sturgis is skeptical, until another body turns up, dispatched identically but with no apparent connection to Vita. Is the killer selecting victims at random?) $9.99
Koefod, Susan Broken Down (The death of a swing bridge operator is clearly no accident, and a troubled 15-year-old boy and the aging bridge are both under suspicion for murder. Detective Arvo Thorson investigates) $14.95
Kristian, Giles Sons of Thunder (Raven #2: The Norsemen have come up a winding river in the land of the great Frankish emperor. In the belly of their dragon ship, beneath warriors and weapons, is a book wrapped in cloth, guarded by an English monk who alone knows the true worth of his prize. And by the side of their leader is Raven, with magic in his soul) $7.99
Laukkanen, Owen The Professionals (Stevens & Windermere #1: In a terrible job market, four friends joke about turning to kidnapping to survive - then it's no joke. For two years, their strategy works beautifully. Until they kidnap the wrong man. Now they've got veteran investigator Kirk Stevens and FBI hotshot Carla Windermere after them - and an organized crime outfit looking for payback) $9.99
Lehane, Dennis Live by Night (Joe Coughlin, the youngest son of a prominent Boston police captain, moves from childhood petty theft up the ladder of organized crime, enjoying the riches, thrills, and notoriety of being an outlaw in the Prohibition era) $27.99
Leon, Donna The Jewels of Paradise (Baroque opera expert Caterina Pellegrini returns to her native Venice, hired to examine the papers found in two trunks belonging to a Baroque composer who was well-connected in religious and political circles. When her research takes her in unexpected directions and a silent man follows her through the streets, she begins to wonder just what secrets the trunks might hold) $25.00
Loan-Wilsey, Anna A Lack of Temperance (Hattie Davish #1: PBO; 1892: Arriving in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for a secretarial job, Hattie learns her new employer is head of a Temperance group meeting in the town. When her new boss disappears, and then turns up murdered, Hattie investigates) $15.00
Longworth, M.L. Murder in the Rue Dumas (Verlaque & Bonnet #2: Baffled by the murder of the director of theology at the local university, Judge Antoine Verlaque and law professor Marine Bonnet turn Provence upside down looking for the killer) $14.00
Lourey, Jess December Dread (Murder by Month #8: PBO; A serial killer in Battle Creek is targeting thirty-something brunettes, leaving a candy cane as his calling card. When a high school classmate becomes the latest victim, Mira investigates) $14.99
May, Peter The Black House (Isle of Lewis #1: Edinburgh sends detective Fin Macleod back home to the Outer Hebrides to investigate a grisly murder. As he unravels the crime, he is forced to confront the tragic events of the past that shaped - and nearly destroyed - his life) $24.95
Mayes, Casey A Grid for Murder (By the Numbers #3: PBO; Savannah makes her living creating puzzles for logic lovers. When a novice puzzle maker is killed, Savannah and her retired police chief husband Zach must solve the murder) $7.99
Mayor, Archer Paradise City (Joe Gunther #23: Burglaries in Vermont turn out to be connected to an burglary in Boston where an elderly woman ended up murdered. Joe Gunther's team, the Boston police, and the dead woman's vengeful niece are all eager to find the culprits) $25.99
McCarry, Charles The Secret Lovers (Paul Christopher: Reissue; Minutes after delivering a Russian dissident's manuscript to Christopher in West Berlin, a courier is killed. Meanwhile, in Rome, Christopher's wife takes a lover. These two events set in motion a spiral of Cold War intrigue) $15.95
McCaul, Kathleen Murder in the Ashram (Ruby Jones #1: Ruby moved to Delhi to pursue her journalistic dreams. But when the body of her flatmate and best friend is pulled from the Yamuna River, she puts her investigative instincts to good use to find out who is responsible) $9.99
Miller, Steve Nobody's Women (Nonfiction; the crimes and victims of Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell) $9.99
Moehringer, J.R. Sutton (Novel based on the life of bank robber Willie Sutton) $27.99
Mofina, Rick They Disappeared (PBO; When his wife and young son disappear on a family vacation in Manhattan, Jeff Griffin must battle police suspicions to rescue them) $7.99
Muller, Marcia City of Whispers (Sharon McCone #28: When her emotionally disturbed brother Darcy sends an email asking for help, then doesn't respond to her reply, PI Sharon McCone heads to San Francisco to search for him) $7.99
Nesbo, Jo Phantom (Harry Hole #9: When the boy he helped raise is arrested for murder, Harry returns to Oslo to prove that Oleg isn't a killer. Barred from rejoining the police force, Harry undertakes an increasingly dangerous, solitary investigation; Signed copies expected) $25.95
O'Donnell, Peter et al Lady in the Dark: The Girl from the Future / The Big Mole / Lady in the Dark (Modesty Blaise: Reprints classic black & white comic strips featuring three adventures of detective Modesty Blaise and her trusty henchman Willie Garvin) $19.95
Palahniuk, Chuck Damned (Abandoned at her Swiss boarding school over the holidays, Madison dies of an overdose, and finds herself in hell, sharing her cell with a cheerleader, a jock, a nerd, and a punk rocker. They set out to confront Satan in his citadel) $14.95
Parker, R/Brandman, M Killing the Blues (Jesse Stone #10: Chief of Police Jesse Stone has a lot to deal with: a string of car thefts that escalates to murder; his relationship with a young PR executive, whose plan to turn Paradise into a concert destination may run afoul of the law; and the arrival of a mysterious figure from his past, bringing memories of his last troubled days as a cop in Los Angeles) $9.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M Confessions of a Murder Suspect (YA; Tandy Angel knows three things: she was the last person to see her parents alive; the police have no suspects besides Tandy and her siblings; she can't trust anyone - maybe not even herself) $19.99
Pendleton, Don Throw Down (Executioner #407: PBO; Bolan must stop three anti-American groups planning to use weapons of mass destruction to unleash war against the U.S) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Seismic Surge (Stony Man #121: PBO; Stony Man, Phoenix Force, and Able Team must launch a ground assault on a corporation that is planning to use a volcanic island near Spain to trigger a tsunami) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Enemy Arsenal (SuperBolan #153: PBO; Bolan goes undercover in the African desert to close in on the masterminds behind a massive black-market weapons bazaar) $6.99
Persson, Leif G.W. Another Time, Another Life (Fall of the Welfare State #2: 1989: A corrupt superior insists that the stabbing death of a civil servant be swept under the rug. Another ten years pass before the truth is unearthed - the dead man was a collaborator in the 1975 takeover of the West German embassy in Stockholm. The identities of the other collaborators are revealed, as well as the killer: a lawyer who is a heartbeat away from the top position in the Ministry of Defense) $15.95
Phillips, Gary The Warlord of Willow Ridge (PBO; Looking for a place to hole up, O'Conner winds up in Willow Ridge, once an exclusive gated community, now crumbling. When war breaks out between two gangs, O'Conner is forced to make life or death decisions about his newfound neighbors) $6.99
Preston, D/Child, L Gideon's Corpse (Gideon Crew #2: A top nuclear scientist goes mad and takes an innocent family hostage. A plume of radiation above NYC leads to a warehouse; the evidence indicates that a powerful nuclear bomb was assembled there just hours before, and that in ten days an American city will be vaporized. And Gideon Crew, tracking the terrorist cell from New York to New Mexico, learns the end may be something worse than mere Armageddon; unabridged CDs $19.98) $7.99
Rock, Judith A Plague of Lies (Charles du Luc #3: PBO; Part of a Jesuit delegation accompanying a reliquary to King Louis XIV's court at Versailles, rhetoric teacher Charles du Luc investigates when members of the delegation fall direly ill and a palace gardener is murdered) $15.00
Rosett, Sara Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder (Ellie Avery #7: PBO; When someone uses her white elephant swap gift as a murder weapon, it's up to Ellie to solve the homicide, and find a killer who wishes her a very deadly Christmas) $7.99
Sala, Sharon Don't Cry for Me (Rebel Ridge #2: PBO; After Mariah is badly wounded in Afghanistan, her comrade in arms and ex-lover Quinn brings her to his Appalachian cabin to recuperate. She's having flashbacks and blackouts. And hearing helicopters in the night - but it turns out those are real, and up to no good) $7.99
Sandford, John Shock Wave (Virgil Flowers #5: When a superstore chain sets its sights on a Minnesota river town, local merchants and environmentalists both want to stop it, but their protests don't seem to be slowing the project down. When a bomb goes off on the top floor of the company's headquarters, and another at the construction site, Virgil must find out who's behind the bombs) $9.99
Sandford, John Mad River (Virgil Flowers #6: Virgil joins a growing army of cops trying to stop three teenagers whose crime spree is cutting a murderous swath through rural Minnesota) $27.95
Shelton, Paige If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance (Country Cooking School #2: PBO; The ghost of Sally Swarthmore wants Betts to find a diary that will prove Sally was really a victim, not a murderer. And some foodie tourists are spending the night at the school - except one has turned up dead with a noose around his neck, and two others are missing) $7.99
Sherman, Scott Third You Die (Kevin Connor #3: PBO; Settling down with his hunky cop boyfriend, Kevin is giving up the 'oldest profession' for a new career producing his mom's TV talk show. When their latest guest - a gay porn star who's threatening to blow the lid off the adult film industry - turns up floating in the East River, Kevin returns to the world of high-stakes sex to find the killer) $15.00
Smith, Alexander McCall The Forgotten Affairs of Youth (Isabel Dalhousie #8: While helping her new friend Jane hunt for her biological father, Isabel must also find time for her own concerns: her young son's keen new interest in kites; her housekeeper Grace, who has been getting financial advice from a spiritualist; and the question of whether Isabel and her fiance Jamie should finally get married) $14.95
Stabenow, Dana Restless in the Grave (Kate Shugak #19: With his wife a suspect in the sabotage-related fatal crash of an entrepreneur's Piper Super Cub, Alaska state trooper Liam Campbell turns to his mentor Jim Chopin for help. PI Kate Shugak goes undercover in southwestern Alaska to investigate) $7.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi Sleepwalker (Allison #2: PBO; Ten years after the nightmare of 9/11, the Nightwatcher has committed suicide in prison. But north of NYC, more women are being murdered, their bodies bearing the serial killer's unmistakable signature) $7.99
Stephens, Jeffrey S. Targets of Deception (original title: The Portofino Deception) (Jordan Sandor #1: Reissue; Ex-CIA agent Jordan Sandor is reluctantly drawn back into action when he uncovers an al Qaeda conspiracy involving cataclysmic assaults with poison gas) $7.99
Stockwin, Julian Conquest (Thomas Kydd #12: After victory at Trafalgar, England now rules the seas. Captain Kydd joins an expedition to take Dutch-held Cape Town, a strategic harbor that will give England a rich trade route to India) $16.00
Stockwin, Julian Betrayal (Thomas Kydd #13: Rumors of a hoard of Spanish silver spur Commodore Popham to assemble a makeshift fleet and attack the capital of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate in Buenos Aires) $24.00
Sullivan, Mark Rogue (Robin Monarch #1: Two years ago, top CIA operative Robin Monarch walked away in the middle of an mission, and became a thief, stealing from the super-rich. He's about to walk into a trap designed to force him to complete the mission he abandoned) $24.99
Tallis, Frank Death and the Maiden (Liebermann Papers #6: An operatic diva is found dead in her villa, apparently of a morphine overdose, but psychoanalyst Dr. Max Liebermann and Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt soon conclude it was murder) $15.00
Tallman, Shirley Death on Telegraph Hill (Sarah Woolson #5: San Francisco, 1882: A bullet pierces the fog, striking Sarah's brother Samuel. Who would want to hurt him? Was he even the intended target? Determined to find answers, Sarah discovers murder and mayhem on Telegraph Hill) $24.99
Tesh, Jane Mixed Signals (David Randall #2: David's investigations lead him into tunnels underneath Parkland, North Carolina, and down into his own unresolved grief) $14.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David Black Thunder (Ella Clah #17: Navajo cop Ella Clah and her team work with the New Mexico police to identify a group of bodies found buried on both sides of the Reservation border; the investigators are frustrated when they can't find any connections between the victims) $14.99
Titchmarsh, Alan The Haunting (History teacher Harry Flint sets about researching his ancestors. How can the disappearance of Anne Flint in 1816 and the drowning of a young girl in the chalk stream during the Regency possibly affect him? But as he digs deeper, he finds the past is closer than he imagined) $12.95
Wilson, F. Paul The Dark at the End (Repairman Jack #15: The stage is set for Jack's massive assault. He knows he's got just one shot to take out Rasalom. But he must also safely retrieve Dawn Pickering's child and minimize collateral damage. Luckily, he has a foolproof plan) $7.99
Wiprud, Brian The Clause (PBO; When his partner is killed, jewel thief Gill Underwood is left on his own, holding $150 million worth of hot gems. He'll need all the skills he learned in naval intelligence to outmaneuver the Serbian and Chinese criminals who are trying to recover the jewels) $14.99
Woods, Stuart D.C. Dead (Stone Barrington #22: A summons to Washington, DC, by President Will Lee is the start of a special mission that calls for Stone's unique skill set, and will reunite him with his former partner Holly Barker) $9.99

Expected Mid-October

Abbott, Tony Superhero Silliness (Goofballs #3: Kids; Hired to protect Randall Crandall's world-famous collection from a thief, the Goofballs will have to blend in at Randall's superhero party) $4.99
Alexander, Tasha Death in the Floating City (Lady Emily #7: Years ago, Emma Callum scandalized polite society when she eloped with an Italian count. Now her father-in-law has been murdered, and her husband has vanished. Lady Emily heads to Venice to investigate) $24.99
Ashworth, Jenn Cold Light (For two 14-year-old girls, best friends, one terrible summer's lies, secrets, jealousy, and perversion end in tragedy more tangled and evil than their tight-knit community can possibly believe) $14.99
Baldacci, David The Innocent (America has enemies - ruthless people that the police, the FBI, even the military can't stop. That's when the US government calls on Will Robie, a hitman who never questions orders and always nails his target. But Will Robie may have just made the first - and last - mistake of his career) $14.99
Bardsley, Greg Cash Out (In three days, Silicon Valley speechwriter Dan Jordan will see his start-up stock become fully vested, and cash out with $1.1 million. Or so he thought. Instead, he's kidnapped by a gang of IT nerds who threaten to get him fired before the options vest, and nearly killed by a corporate security muscle man. His marriage might be disintegrating. And he has to keep his sociopath neighbor from ruining everything) $14.99
Block, Lawrence Getting Off (A beautiful and deadly female serial killer is working her way across the country, tracking down every man she's ever slept with, and ruthlessly murdering them) $14.95
Castle, Richard et al Storm Season (Derrick Storm #2: Full color graphic novel. Storm is hired to bug the hotel suite of an African head of state. When he hears a woman's terrified scream over the wire, he investigates, and discovers an international conspiracy - and perhaps the truth about Clara Strike, a CIA agent the world thinks is dead) $19.99
Coleman, Reed Farrel Gun Church (Author Kip Weiler now teaches creative writing. When he saves his class from a potential bloodbath, he is initiated into a cult-like group that worships the essential nature of handguns, and rekindles his creative spark. But as his involvement with the cult deepens, the lines between art and life blur. In Gun Church, the blood and bodies are for real; $25.95 hc also available) $16.95
Connelly, Michael The Drop (Harry Bosch #17: Relentlessly pursuing two cases, LAPD detective Harry Bosch makes two chilling discoveries: a killer operating undiscovered in the city for decades, and a political conspiracy that reaches back into the dark history of the police department) $9.99
Cornwell, Patricia The Bone Bed (Kay Scarpetta #20: When an eminent paleontologist disappears from a dinosaur dig site in Alberta, Kay Scarpetta receives a grisly communication that makes her suspect this may become her next case) $28.95
DeMille, Nelson The Panther (John Corey #6: Corey and his wife are posted to Yemen to work with a small team tracking down a high-ranking al Qaeda operative) $27.99
Dunn, Carola Manna from Hades (Cornish #1: Eleanor Trewynn finds a dead body in the charity shop, then discovers that some donated jewelry is from a violent robbery in London) $14.99
Handler, David The Snow White Christmas Cookie (Berger & Mitry #9: Des gets her first taste of Christmas in New England: Some Grinch is stealing mail in the Historic District, which turns out to be tied to a black market prescription drug gang with connections to organized crime. Another blizzard is on the way. And so is murder) $24.99
Kostigen, Thomas M. Golden Dawn (For centuries, an ancient sect of Zoroastrians has guarded a secret: the identity of a true leader fated to appear before the End Times. Now the President of Iran is exploiting the prophecy for his own evil purposes) $24.99
Mackall, Dandi Daley The Silence of Murder (YA; The crime: the murder of a beloved coach. The accused: 18-year-old Jeremy Long, who hasn't spoken for 12 years. Witness for the defense: 16-year-old Hope Long, the only person who believes her brother is innocent. Other suspects: the police have none, but Hope's list is growing) $9.99
MacNeal, Susan Elia Princess Elizabeth's Spy (Maggie Hope #2: PBO; 1940: Training to become an MI5 agent, Maggie is disappointed to be posted to Windsor Castle to tutor the young princesses. But a possible suicide enmeshes her in an investigation, that uncovers a conspiracy stretching to the code-breakers at Bletchley Park) $15.00
Malliet, G.M. A Fatal Winter (Max Tudor #2: Anglican priest and former MI5 agent Max Tudor investigates two deaths at Chedrow Castle. The case is complicated by the presence of a group of greedy relatives, any of whom has a motive for murder) $24.99
Mankell, Henning The Shadow Girls (Jesper Humlin, a poet whose editor insists he must write a crime novel to survive, travels to Gothenburg to give a reading, and ends up with three immigrant women as his unlikely pupils in impromptu writing workshops. Though he had imagined their stories as fodder for his own book, soon their intertwining lives require him to play a much different role) $26.95
Margolin, P/Rome, A Vanishing Acts (Kids; When a man is accused of murdering his wife, although no body has been found, Madison is determined to help her defense attorney dad crack the case. And when she finds out that her best friend Ann is missing, she hits the sidewalks of Portland, Oregon, to find out just what's behind these two vanishing acts) $8.99
Marklund, Liza Last Will (Annika Bengtzon #6: When gunshots break out at the Nobel Prize dinner, Annika is pushed down by someone fleeing the scene. She only catches a glimpse of the suspect, but soon she is in the middle of an intricate drama with links to terrorists, pharmaceutical companies, and Alfred Nobel himself - only this time she's not just a reporter, she's a key witness) $15.00
McIntosh, D.J. The Witch of Babylon (Caught between his brother's obsession with saving a priceless relic and a deadly game of revenge staged by a childhood friend, Turkish-American art dealer John Madison must decipher a biblical prophecy that leads to the dark history behind alchemy) $25.99
O'Mara, Tim Sacrifice Fly (Brooklyn cop turned schoolteacher Ray Donne investigates when one of his students stops showing up for class. He finds the boy's father murdered, and the boy and his sister gone) $24.99
Patterson, J/Karp, M NYPD Red (When a famous producer is poisoned at a New York City film festival, it's just the first in a series of wildly theatrical killings) $27.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) Mark Twain's Medieval Romance and Other Classic Mystery Stories (Anthology; 18 stories that leave it to the reader to speculate how they end) $14.95
Robertson, Imogen Island of Bones (Westerman & Crowther #3: 1783: When laborers discover an extra body inside an ancient tomb on his family's estate, anatomist Gabriel Crowther heads home to investigate) $26.95
Sayers, Dorothy L. Strong Poison (Peter Wimsey #5: Classic reprint) $14.99
Sayers, Dorothy L. Have His Carcase (Peter Wimsey #7: Classic reprint) $14.99
Sayers, Dorothy L. Gaudy Night (Peter Wimsey #10: Classic reprint) $14.99
Sayers, Dorothy L. Busman's Honeymoon (Peter Wimsey #11: Classic reprint) $14.99
Steinhauer, Olen An American Spy (Milo Weaver #3: Weaver is unwillingly drawn into his CIA bosses' plans for revenge against a Chinese mole who orchestrated the death of 33 CIA-trained assassins) $14.99
Warner, Penny The Secret of the Skeleton Key (Code Busters Club #1: Kids; The Code Busters investigate a cryptic message from a scary neighbor, which leads to a hidden treasure) $6.99
Westerson, Jeri Blood Lance (Crispin Guest #5: When an armourer falls from London Bridge, whispers in the street claim it was suicide, but Guest is unconvinced. He uncovers rumors of the Spear of Longinus, which is believed to make its owner invincible; various forces are looking for the spear) $25.99
Williams, Timothy Another Sun (Newly assigned to the island of Guadeloupe, French-born judge Anne Marie Laveaud is called in to make a ruling on a seemingly open-and-shut murder case. She must navigate the unfamiliar Caribbean justice system to confirm her suspicions that all is not as it seems) $25.00
Woodrell, Daniel The Outlaw Album (Collection; 12 noir tales of crime and psychological suspense set in the Ozarks) $14.99

Expect Early November

Adams, Ellery Written in Stone (Books by the Bay #4: PBO; When an old woman known as the Witch of Oyster Bay is murdered, she leaves behind a memory jug, full of keepsakes that Olivia thinks might point to the killer) $7.99
Anderson, B. Kent Cold Glory (History professor Nick Journey and federal agent Meg Tolman pursue a shadowy group that has stolen a recently discovered Civil War-era document they plan to use to legitimize their military coup) $9.99
Benison, C.C. Twelve Drummers Drumming (Tom Christmas #1: The new vicar in picturesque Thornford Regis, Tom Christmas thought he and his daughter had left violence behind in the city. Then, at the town fair, a woman is found murdered. Tom soon concludes that one of his parishioners must be the killer, and discovers that everyone in town has secrets) $15.00
Benison, C.C. Eleven Pipers Piping (Tom Christmas #2: One of the pipers is found dead, apparently of a heart attack, at the annual Burns dinner. Father Tom Christmas learns the man was poisoned; the town's suspicions go in many directions) $24.00
Bowen, Rhys The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Royal Spyness #6: Georgie is hired as assistant to the hostess of a large Christmas house party in a charming English village, but as soon as she arrives, dead bodies start cropping up) $24.95
Bradley, Alan I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (Flavia de Luce #4: 11-year-old Flavia is whipping up a concoction to ensnare Saint Nick when she is distracted by the arrival of a film crew. Despite a raging blizzard, the entire village gathers to watch a famous actress perform. When a body is found, strangled with a length of film, Flavia must ferret out the killer) $15.00
Brady, Jacklyn Arsenic and Old Cake (Piece of Cake #3: PBO; An old musician asks Rita to investigate a man who claims to be his long lost brother. Rita discover that the man may be telling the truth - and that he may also be a murderer) $7.99
Brandon, Ali A Novel Way to Die (Black Cat Bookshop #2: PBO; When a local businessman is found dead, Darla learns that Hamlet was prowling in the vicinity, making the cat a possible witness to murder) $7.99
Brennan, Allison Stalked (Lucy Kincaid #5: PBO; A new trainee at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Lucy has found a friend and mentor in SSA Tony Presidio. No matter what goes down at the Bureau, Tony's got her back - until she finds his dead body) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries & the Mistletoe Mix-up (Mrs. Jeffries #29: Under a bundle of mistletoe, art collector Daniel McCourt lies with his throat slit by a sword. Inspector Witherspoon, ably assisted by sharp-witted housekeeper Mrs. Jeffries, is determined to solve the case before the eggnog is ladled out on Christmas Eve) $7.99
Casey, Donis The Wrong Hill to Die On (Alafair Tucker #6: 1916: Alafair, Shaw, and their daughter Blanche are in Tempe, Arizona. Tensions are high following Pancho Villa's raid in New Mexico, and Alafair suspects her sister is helping smuggle war refugees from Mexico into the U.S. Finding Bennie Arruda dead in a ditch does not improve matters) $14.95
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Let It Sew (Southern Sewing Circle #7: PBO; Sewing circle founder Charlotte Devereaux dies, leaving behind some sketches indicating that her husband was murdered. Librarian Tori Sinclair is determined to get to the truth) $7.99
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Hercule Poirot #1: Reissue; The Belgian detective's debut, including a missing chapter) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Mousetrap and Other Plays (Reissue; The scripts of eight plays) $18.99
Christie, Agatha Passenger to Frankfurt (Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie/Fido, Martin The World of Agatha Christie (Reissue; Nonfiction; an illustrated companion to her work) $24.95
Christofferson, April Trapped (After ranger Will McCarroll is transferred to Glacier National Park, Annie Peacock learns of a plan to silence him permanently, and sets out for the backcountry to warn him) $7.99
Clare, Alys The Way Between the Worlds (Aelf Fen #4: 1092: 'Come to me! I need you!' These words bring apprentice healer Lassair awake one morning, certain that one of her loved ones is in danger. When news comes that a nun has been murdered at the abbey where her sister Elfritha lives, Lassair sets off immediately. But the danger she will have to face may be greater than she is ready for) $15.95
Clare, Alys The Song of the Nightingale (Hawkenlye #14: 1211: Sir Josse D'Acquin is called to examine the bodies of three men, one of whom has a symbol carved into his chest that signifies vengeance. Meanwhile, far from home, Sir Josse's son Ninian has become involved in the cause of the doomed Cathar people) $28.95
Clark, J/Palattella, E Pizza Bomber (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of a 2003 bank robbery by pizza deliveryman Brian Wells) $9.99
Cohen, William S. Blink of an Eye (Tasked with identifying and tracking down the people responsible for detonating a nuclear bomb in a major American city, a national security advisor finds connections to the upper echelons of Washington's elite) $9.99
Collins, Kate Nightshade on Elm Street (Flower Shop #13: PBO; When a woman's drowned body surfaces, Abby's ex Pryce becomes the prime suspect; Abby and Marco go looking for the real killer) $7.99
Cussler, C/Brown, G Devil's Gate (NUMA Files #09: The NUMA Team is drawn into the ambitions of an African dictator, the creation of a weapon of unbelievable power, and a plan to extort the world's major nations by threatening to destroy their greatest cities) $9.99
Dorsey, Tim When Elves Attack (Serge Storms #14: The big-hearted Sunshine State psychopath delivers his own special brand of holiday cheer. And for his drug-addled buddy Coleman, well, there's nothing like a white Christmas. Let it snow!) $12.99
Doss, James D. The Old Gray Wolf (Charlie Moon #17: When a purse-snatcher makes a run for it, things get out of hand, and he ends up dying from the injuries. Problem is, the man's mother is a mobster's widow who wastes no time calling in an old associate to settle the score with Moon and Parris) $25.99
Duncan, Elizabeth J. A Small Hill to Die On (Penny Brannigan #4: Penny and her art group discover the body of a new resident's daughter. The autopsy reveals that the young woman was pregnant. As the police investigate the murder, Penny digs into the suspicious finances of the mother's business) $24.99
Engelmann, Karen The Stockholm Octavo (Stockholm, 1791: Emil is a customs official and man about town. A fortune-teller reveals a path that will lead him to love and connection, and lays an Octavo for him, eight cards that augur the eight people who can help him - if he can find them. Emil begins his search, but soon the Octavo's deeper powers are revealed. Collecting his eight is now crucial to pulling his country back from the precipice of chaos) $26.99
Ferris, Gordon The Hanging Shed (1946: A mountain of evidence says Hugh Donovan raped and murdered a boy. When Hugh claims to be innocent, ex-cop Douglas Brodie feels compelled to help his one-time friend; his search for the truth uncovers an unholy alliance of troublesome priests, corrupt cops, and Glasgow's deadliest gang, happy to slaughter to protect their dirty secrets) $12.95
Freveletti, Jamie Dead Asleep (Emma Caldridge #4: PBO; Biochemist Emma Caldrige must stop the spread of a mysterious sleeping sickness on an island) $9.99
Gavin, Rick Beluga (Nick & Desmond #2: Nick and Desmond liberated some money from a nasty meth dealer, and now that they need to launder it, all kinds of 'investment opportunities' are coming out of the woodwork. One of them has trouble written all over it. Ninja school girl assassin and Delta gangsters? Forget about recouping their investment - they'll settle for staying alive) $24.99
Grafton, Sue V Is for Vengeance (Kinsey Millhone #22: An elegant but ruthless businessman, whose dealings are definitely outside the law, is the spider at the center of a web of apparently unrelated incidents) $7.99
Griffin, Laura Scorched (Tracers #6: PBO; When her discovery of a set of human remains in the Philippines sets off a chain of deadly events in the U.S., forensic anthropologist Kelsey Quinn goes into hiding as she tries to unravel the mystery. Navy SEAL Gage Brewer will risk everything to keep her safe) $7.99
Grippando, James Need You Now (A young financial adviser and his girlfriend uncover a conspiracy that reaches from Wall Street to Washington, DC) $9.99
Grisham, John The Racketeer (I did not know Federal Judge Fogletree, but I know who killed him, and why. I am a lawyer, and I am in prison. It's a long story) $28.95
Groundwater, Beth To Hell in a Handbasket (Claire Hanover #2: PBO; At a Colorado ski resort, a young woman turns up dead on the slopes. People assume it was an accident, but Claire notices another set of ski tracks veering dangerously into the victim's path. When clues incriminating Claire's daughter surface, Claire must unravel a conspiracy) $14.99
Haddam, Jane Blood in the Water (Gregor Demarkian #27: A pool-house fire in a gated Philadelphia suburb yields two bodies, presumed to be a wealthy man's wife and her lover. But DNA shows both bodies are male. With the wife nowhere to be found, the police turn to ex-FBI agent Demarkian for help) $7.99
Hagen, Carrie We Is Got Him (Nonfiction; in 1874, young Charley Ross was snatched from his family's front yard in Phildelphia, the first recorded kidnapping for ransom in America) $15.95
Hanley, Catherine The Sins of the Father (Edwin Weaver #1: 1217: With civil war raging as the forces of the boy king try to fight off the French invaders, Edwin Weaver, the son of a Yorkshire bailiff, is thrust into the world of politics and treachery when he is ordered to solve a murder which might have repercussions for the future of the realm) $14.95
Haynes, Dana Breaking Point (Crashers #2: A plane is deliberately brought down in the Montana mountains, then attacked by mercenaries targeting three men who were about to blow the whistle on the development of weapons banned by international treaty. A team of NTSB Crashers struggles with conflicting and confusing evidence and outside forces to get to the truth) $9.99
Hechtman, Betty Behind the Seams (Crochet #6: PBO; Thanks to her latest movie, CeeCee is scheduled to appear on a famous talk show. When CeeCee's niece Nell, an assistant on the show, is accused of poisoning one of the producers, Molly and the Hookers must clear Nell's name) $7.99
Hechtman, Betty If Hooks Could Kill (Crochet #7: The Tarzana Hookers' newest member has been shot to death in her home, but no one heard a thing. Molly decides to conduct her own investigation) $24.95
Higgins, Jack A Devil Is Waiting (Sean Dillon #19: A fanatical mullah is offering a blessing to anyone who will assassinate the US President on an upcoming visit to London. Sean Dillon and his colleagues are called in, along with a new recruit, war hero and intelligence captain Sara Gideon. Her investigation reveals that the assassination is just the beginning of the plan) $9.99
Hoag, Tami Down the Darkest Road (Oak Knoll #3: Four years after her older daughter disappeared, Lauren knows exactly who took her, but there's not a shred of evidence. Looking for a fresh start, Lauren and her younger daughter move to Oak Knoll. Then Lauren's suspect turns up there. Tony Mendez and his team begin to close in, but as they sift through the murky circumstances of the case, a stunning question changes everything they thought they knew) $9.99
Hollis, Lee Death of a Country Fried Redneck (Hayley Powell #2: PBO; When country music superstar Wade Springer rolls into town, he hires Hayley as his personal chef. Then Wade's tour bus is torched. Roadie Mickey Pritchett was inside, but the cause of death turns out to be a gunshot. With Wade's reputation at stake, Hayley reckons it's up to her to sort out this mess) $7.99
Huber, Anna Lee The Anatomist's Wife (Lady Kiera #1: Lady Kiera Darby is a widow who used her artistic skills to assist in her anatomist husband's work. When one of her sister's house guests is murdered, Kiera assists the insufferable Sebastian Gage with his investigation) $15.00
Hunt, Andrew City of Saints (Hillerman Prize winner. 1930s: When a beautiful socialite turns up dead, Salt Lake City Deputy Art Oveson finds himself thrust into the role of detective) $24.99
Ifkovic, Ed Make Believe (Edna Ferber #3: 1951: Edna travels to Hollywood to support a blacklisted friend. When her friend is murdered, Edna must find the killer) $14.95
James, David A Not So Model Home (Amanda Thorne #2: Realtor Amanda Thorne is looking to sell a mansion that's the backdrop for a reality TV show. A golden opportunity - until one of the contestants is poisoned) $23.00
Jardine, Quintin As Easy as Murder (Primavera Blackstone #3: Shirley's new man, Patterson Cowling, seems to be a trouble magnet. A casual thief tries to pick his pocket and is found a few days later with his face blown off. Coincidence, or does Cowling have a past to protect? As the body count rises, can Primavera save the day?) $10.95
Jennings, Maureen Beware This Boy (Tom Tyler #2: 1940: DI Tyler helps out in Birmingham, where an explosion at a munitions factory has killed or maimed several young women. As he talks to factory employees, it begins to seem likely that the explosion was not an accident) $22.99
Johnson, R/Upton, J The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany (Facts, trivia, and quotes from the stories as well as film and TV adaptations, plus an exploration of the often weird and wonderful characters Doyle created, and more) $17.95
Kingsbury, Kate Herald of Death (Pennyfoot Hotel #19 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #7: A killer is afoot in Badger's End, sticking a gold angel on his victims' foreheads. Cecily had promised her husband she'd take a hiatus from sleuthing, but with the killings hurting business at the hotel, she needs to stop the angel of death) $7.99
Kingsbury, Kate The Clue Is in the Pudding (Pennyfoot Hotel #20 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #8: When a famous actor staying at the hotel drops dead after being served some plum pudding, everyone assumes the temporary housekeeper is to blame, but as Cecily investigates, the list of suspects grows) $15.00
Kristian, Giles Odin's Wolves (Raven #3: The dragon-faced ships of Sigurd the Lucky are manned by a strange and fearsome crew, including Raven, able to glimpse the future and destined to play a cunning role in the boldest of attacks. For the Vikings are on their way to Constantinople to put a deposed emperor back on his rightful throne - and claim the most magnificent prize of all) $7.99
Lane, Andrew Rebel Fire (UK title: Red Leech) (Young Sherlock #2: YA; 1868: 14-year-old Sherlock Holmes didn't expect to find assassin John Wilkes Booth alive and well in England, and Sherlock's American tutor somehow mixed up in it. The search for the truth will take Sherlock across the Atlantic, where a friend is in peril and a defeated army threatens to rise again) $9.99
Lewis, Mitchell Scott Death in the 12th House: Where Neptune Rules (Starlight Detective Agency #2: Someone is bumping off aging rock stars; after the third death, astrologer-detective David Lowell is brought into the case, and finds plenty of suspects) $14.95
Ludlum/Garrison The Janson Command (Paul Janson #2: Reformed covert operative Paul Janson takes a job rescuing a doctor who has been kidnapped by West African rebels. But when the mission goes haywire he realizes he's in the middle of something much bigger) $9.99
Maitland, Barry Chelsea Mansions (Brock & Kolla #11: Scotland Yard believes the murder of an American tourist at the Chelsea Flower Show was a random act - until they discover that the killer somehow avoided all the closed circuit cameras. Another killing, at an estate garden near the hotel where the tourist was staying, leads the team to the US and back) $14.99
Mark, David The Dark Winter (Aector McAvoy #1: DS Aector McAvoy notices a pattern in a series of suspicious deaths in the northern England port city of Hull: all the victims were sole survivors of various tragedies) $25.95
Maron, Margaret Three-Day Town (Deborah Knott #17: Agatha Award winner. Finally off for their honeymoon, complete with a stay at an Upper West Side apartment, Deborah and Dwight are supposed to deliver a package to Lt. Sigrid Harald of the NYPD. But when she comes to pick it up, the package is missing and the building's super has been murdered) $7.99
Mayle, Peter The Marseille Caper (Sam Levitt #2: When Francis Reboul offers Sam a job, Sam and Elena return to Marseille, where Sam finds himself representing Reboul in the middle of an intrigue-ridden and dangerous real estate grab. Will Sam survive to enjoy another bowl of bouillabaisse?) $24.00
McRae, Cricket Deadly Row to Hoe (Home Crafting #6: PBO; Sophie Mae battles weeds at a local farm in exchange for tasty organic produce. When a dead body is found in the compost heap, she decides to find out who killed the young ornithologist) $14.99
Mortimer, John Forever Rumpole (Rumpole: Collection; reprints 14 mystery stories plus a previously unpublished fragment) $18.00
Morton, Carson Stealing Mona Lisa (In this novel based on the actual 1911 theft, charming con artist Eduardo de Valfierno assembles his team for their final and most ambitious theft: the Mona Lisa) $14.99
Muller, Marcia Looking for Yesterday (Sharon McCone #29: Three years ago, Caro Warrick was acquitted of murder, but everyone around her has lingering doubts. Sharon is sure she can get to the truth, but when Caro is attacked on Sharon's doorstep, the investigation takes a whole new course) $25.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Telling Tales (Joe Grey #17: With Molena Point hit hard by the economic downturn, a suspicious fire and a homeless family put PI cat Joe Grey and his posse on the trail of a scam involving a group of shady real estate agents) $7.99
Newton, Charlie Start Shooting (25 years ago, a gruesome murder rocked the Four Corners neighborhood of Chicago. Now a dying Chicago newspaper is claiming new evidence in the old case - implicating cops Bobby and Ruben Vargas. The smear campaign will lead the brothers down a twisted path, where the sins of the past threaten to destroy what remains of the truth) $15.00
Pendleton, Don Border Offensive (Executioner #408: PBO; Bolan goes after American smugglers who intend to bring terrorists across the Mexican border) $5.99
Perry, Anne A Christmas Garland (Christmas #10: Sent to India during the midst of the Indian Mutiny against the East India Company, young Victor Narraway is charged with defending a British medical orderly accused of murdering a fellow guard) $18.00
Pollero, Rhonda Bargain Hunting (Finley Anderson Tanner #5: PBO; When Liam appears on Finley's doorstep with a bullet in his shoulder, he's forced to tell her why he's no longer a cop: he was framed for the shooting of a 14-year-old in a drug bust, and while he was never charged, he was asked to resign. Now the same gun has turned up as the weapon that murdered Liam's ex-partner) $15.00
Portis, Charles True Grit (Reissue; When her father is gunned down in Fort Smith, Arkansas, 14-year-old Mattie Smith, with Rooster Cogburn - the meanest available US Marshal - at her side, heads into Indian Territory in pursuit of his killer) $7.99
Rankin, Ian The Impossible Dead (Malcolm Fox #2: In a major inquiry into a neighboring police force, an entire station-house looks to have been compromised. The trail leads Fox back in time to the suicide of a prominent politician and activist. There are secrets buried in the past, and reputations on the line) $14.99
Rosenfelt, David Heart of a Killer (Young lawyer Jamie Wagner reopens the case of a woman imprisoned for murdering her abusive husband. If released, the woman plans to provide a heart transplant for her dying daughter by taking her own life) $7.99
Ryan, William The Darkening Field (UK title: The Bloody Meadow) (Alexei Korolev #2: 1937: The suspicious death of a young woman takes CID Captain Korolev to Odessa, where his investigation uncovers plenty of suspects - and a treasonous plot) $14.99
Sandford, John Sudden Prey (Lucas Davenport #08: Reissue; The crime spree should have ended when Lucas killed the female bank robber during the shoot-out. But the woman's husband isn't about to let Lucas - or anyone Lucas loves - escape retribution) $9.99
Sands, Stella Wealthy Men Only (PBO; Nonfiction; a lonely millionaire, a gorgeous younger woman, and a love triangle that ends in murder) $7.99
Scott, Robert And Then She Killed Him (PBO; Nonfiction; Miriam Helmick murdered her husband Alan) $6.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds (Isabel Dalhousie #9: Isabel is asked to help a wealthy Scottish landowner recover a stolen painting) $24.95
Snicket, Lemony Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions #1: Kids; In a town far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organization nobody knows about. He started by asking questions that shouldn't have been on his mind. Now he has written an account that should not be published, or read) $15.99
Springer, Nancy Dark Lie (Dorrie White is secretly following Juliet, the daughter she gave up for adoption 16 years ago. When she sees Juliet forced into a van, Dorrie follows - a reckless act that puts her on a collision course with a killer, and draws Sam White into a desperate search to save his wife) $14.00
Todd, Charles The Walnut Tree (1914: A social visit to Paris turns into a life-changing experience for a titled young English woman when she is caught up in the events surrounding the German conquest of Belgium and invasion of France) $16.99
Viets, Elaine Murder Is a Piece of Cake (Josie Marcus #8: PBO; Josie and Ted's wedding plans are put on hold when Molly, who wants Ted for her own, is shot) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. The Gingerbread Bump-off (Fresh-Baked #6: Her house is being featured in the Christmas Jingle Bell Tour of Homes, but before the tour gets under way, Phyllis makes a gruesome discovery on her front porch - someone has broken a decorative gingerbread man over her friend Georgia's head. With the police baffled, it's up to Phyllis to catch the killer) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. Wedding Cake Killer (Fresh-Baked #7: When her best friend Eve's new husband is found dead at a local bed & breakfast, Phyllis must find out who iced him before Eve ends up behind bars) $14.00
Winspear, Jacqueline Elegy for Eddie (Maisie Dobbs #9: 1933: The costermongers of Covent Garden knew Eddie Pettit as a gentle soul with a gift for calming horses, and are shocked by his death in a violent accident. They believe he was the victim of foul play, but the police won't investigate. Maisie's search for answers leads to a powerful press baron, a has-been politician named Winston Churchill, and a writer who is also the husband of her dear friend Priscilla) $15.99

Expected Mid-November

Ackroyd, Peter London Under: The Secret History Beneath the Streets (Nonfiction; Ackroyd tunnels down through the geological layers of London, excavating the lore and mythology beneath the surface) $15.00
Baldacci, David The Forgotten (John Puller #2: When his aunt is found drowned in her pool, the police rule the death an accident, but a letter she sent just before she died makes John Puller suspect otherwise) $27.99
Brady, Kate Where Angels Rest (PBO; Sheriff Nick Mann doesn't believe his Ohio town harbors a serial killer - until residents begin to disappear. As he tries to untangle the town's secrets, he can't help falling for Erin Sims, but the killer's only hope of escape is to silence her forever) $7.99
Brown, Rita Mae Fox Tracks (Sister Jane Arnold #8: As a string of bizarre murders sweeps the East Coast, Sister Jane Arnold, with the help of her four-legged friends, must smoke out a devious killer who may be closer than they realize) $26.00
Buchanan, Edna A Dark and Lonely Place (A century ago, John Ashley insisted he was innocent of murder and went on the run with his sweetheart Laura. They became the most notorious and colorful figures in Florida's outlaw history. Now, Miami detective John Ashley investigates a murder, and recognizes a woman linked to the case as the girl who has haunted his dreams since childhood. Her name is Laura, and the attraction is mutual. The homicide case goes bad, Ashley is falsely accused of murder, and the new lovers take off) $15.00
Buzbee, Lewis The Haunting of Charles Dickens (Kids; Edgar Award finalist. When Meg sets out one night to look for her missing brother, she meets family friend Charles Dickens, who is trying to find out why so many London children have been disappearing. Edgar nominee for Best Juvenile Mystery) $7.99
Christie, Agatha The Grand Tour: Around the World with the Queen of Mystery (Nonfiction; an account of her 1922 trip around the British Empire, told in never before published letters and photos from Christie's archives) $27.99
Church, James A Drop of Chinese Blood (Inspector O's nephew Bing is director of state security in a region of China bordering North Korea. When clues point to a connection between a woman's disappearance and Bing's sensitive assignment to bring an agent across the border, O reluctantly helps him navigate an increasing deadly maze) $24.99
Ebersohn, Wessel Those Who Love Night (Bukula & Gordon #2: South African lawyer Abigail Bukula and prison psychologist Yudel Gordon work to free Abigail's cousin, who is being held as a political prisoner in a brutal Zimbabwean prison) $14.99
Evanovich, Janet Notorious Nineteen (Stephanie Plum #19: Details being kept under wraps until the release date) $28.00
Finch, Charles A Death in the Small Hours (Charles Lenox #6: His investigating days are some years behind him when Charles Lenox arrives in the quiet village of Plumley, only to be greeted by acts of vandalism at the local shops. When a far more serious crime is committed, he and his protege John Dallington must find the culprit before he strikes again) $24.99
Flynn, Vince The Last Man (Mitch Rapp #11: Rapp heads to Afghanistan to track down a missing CIA agent; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Gage, Leighton A Vine in the Blood (Mario Silva #5: Three weeks before Brazil is due to host the FIFA World Cup, Juraci Santos is kidnapped. She's the mother of Tico Santos, a vital member of the home team. The star is distraught. The public is appalled. And the pressure is on Chief Inspector Mario Silva to get her back) $14.95
Griffiths, Elly The House at Sea's End (Galloway & Nelson #3: Dr. Ruth Galloway investigates when human bones surface on a remote Norfolk beach. The bones turn out to be about 70 years old, which leads Ruth and DCI Harry Nelson to a Home Guard veteran. Then he is killed, and a German journalist arrives, asking questions about Operation Lucifer, a plan to stop a German invasion, and a possible British war crime) $14.95
Haas, Derek The Right Hand (Sent to track down an American operative who was captured in the countryside near Moscow, black ops specialist Austin Clay winds up protecting a woman who believes a mole has penetrated the top levels of the U.S. government) $25.99
Haas, Derek Dark Men (Silver Bear #3: Columbus has retired; he and his lover Risina have fled to a tiny Italian coastal village where no one knows their names. Then he notices a suspicious man following him, and within days finds himself back in Chicago, trying to figure out why his old fence has been kidnapped and maybe even killed) $14.95
Hammett, Dashiell Return of the Thin Man (Two novellas, written for the movies that became After the Thin Man and Another Thin Man, and never before published in their entirety) $25.00
Koppel, Hans Never Coming Back (When his wife doesn't come home one night, Mike Zetterburg battles suspicion from the police as well as his own despair, unaware that she is still alive, drawn into a twisted plot of revenge) $25.00
Kornetsky, L.A. Collared (PBO; Hired to track down a real estate broker's uncle, who took off with some important documents, private concierge Ginny Mallard and her friend Teddy Tonica discover other parties are very interested in the documents: there's something off about the real estate deal. But with some behind the scenes help from Ginny's shar-pei Georgie and Teddy's cat Penny, they just might be able to sort everything out) $15.00
Lapidus, Jens Easy Money (As three men attempt to carve out niches in coke dealing and organized crime, they find that both the Stockholm police and the local gangs are closing in on them) $16.00
Littell, Robert Young Philby (Novel based on the early years of notorious double agent Kim Philby, seen through the eyes of his friends, lovers, and Soviet handlers) $24.99
Mann/Pezzullo Hunt the Wolf (Seal Team Six #1: Thomas Crocker and his team must blaze through a perilous web of terrorist cells to track down a ruthless sheikh who is running an international kidnapping ring) $7.99
Maron, Margaret The Buzzard Table (Deborah Knott #18: In Colleton County to visit an ailing relative, Sigrid Harald and her mother Anne discover that Martin, a long-lost English cousin, is visiting as well. But Anne can't shake the feeling that there's something familiar about Martin, something he doesn't want discovered. When a murderer strikes, Deborah and Dwight work with Sigrid to solve the crime, uncovering her family's long-buried secrets) $25.99
McEwan, Ian Sweet Tooth (1972: MI5 is determined to manipulate the cultural conversation by funding writers whose politics align with those of the government. They recruit Serena, a beautiful Cambridge student and compulsive reader, to infiltrate the literary circle of a promising young writer. First she loves his stories. Then she begins to love the man. How long can she conceal her undercover life?) $26.95
McGarrity, Michael Serpent Gate (Kevin Kerney #03: Reissue; The New Mexico State Police involve Kerney in the investigation of a small-town cop killing no one has been able to solve) $15.00
McGee, James Resurrectionist (Matthew Hawkwood #2: A new term at London's anatomy schools stokes demand for fresh corpses, and the resurrection men vie for control of the market. Their rivalry takes an ugly turn when a grave robber is murdered and his body displayed as a warning to other gangs. Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood must hunt down those responsible) $25.95
Muir, Frank Hand for a Hand (Andy Gilchrist #2: St. Andrews, Scotland, has become the hunting ground of a serial killer who strikes only during thunderstorms and chooses only victims who abuse women. Suspended from the investigation, DI Andy Gilchrist recklessly continues to pursue the case on his own) $25.00
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Bearing Gifts (Joe Grey #18: A car crash, a missing treasure, a dead thief, and a suspicious blond divorcee have feline PI Joe Grey and his four-legged cohorts clawing for justice) $19.99
Ohlsson, Kristina Unwanted (Fredrika Bergman #1: When a little girl was abducted from a crowded train, no one noticed. Apparently by coincidence, her mother had been left behind at the previous station. Inspector Bergman and her team are called in to investigate what looks like a custody dispute, but then the girl turns up dead in northern Sweden, with the word 'unwanted' scribbled on her forehead) $15.00
Patterson, James Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (Alex Cross #20: Cross is ripped away from his family on Christmas Eve by a hostage situation that's about to explode) $28.99
Patterson, James Kill Alex Cross (Alex Cross #18: The US President's son and daughter have been abducted. Detective Alex Cross is one of the first on the scene, but someone very high up is using the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA to keep him off the case and in the dark) $9.99
Rawls, Randy Hot Rocks (Beth Bowman #1: PBO; Florida PI Beth Bowman is wanted by the police for murder, and unknown parties are trying to kill her. With her reputation and life on the line, she'll need the help of a gang of street people to turn the tables on the villains who set her up) $14.99
Riccardi, Ted Between the Thames and the Tiber (Collection; Holmes and Watson traverse the British Isles and the Italian Peninsula to solve cases in these 12 original stories) $14.95
Scott, A.D. Beneath the Abbey Wall (Highland Gazette #3: 1950s: The staff of the Gazette investigates when their office manager is murdered and the deputy editor is accused of the crime. But how is the murder connected to the decades-old abduction of some Traveller children?) $15.00
Thomson, June Holmes and Watson (Reissue; A fictional biography celebrating the famous friendship) $16.95
Thomson, June The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes (Reissue; Collection of original stories of the great detective) $16.95
Vachss, Andrew A Bomb Built in Hell (PBO; Wesley emerges from prison prepared to be the perfect hitman. He and an associate set up shop in Brooklyn, and execute their assignments with finesse. But Wesley gets tired of being low-profile, and sets out to make a mark on the city that everyone will notice) $15.95

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