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Newsletter #98 June August, 2012

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Mystery Scene #124 (Articles about Jane Langton, Thomas Perry, Elizabeth Hand; Reginald Hill remembered; more) $7.50
Adamson, Isaac Complication (PBO; Young American Lee Holloway investigates his brother's death. With the guidance of a mysterious travel book, Lee must unravel the secrets of the ancient city of Prague, which include a serial killer with a penchant for severed hands, a watch that runs backward and forward at the same time, an Eastern European gangster known only as Rumpelstiltskin, and 16th-century black magic) $15.95
Aird, Catherine Parting Breath (Inspector Sloan #7: Reissue; 1970s: Sloan investigates when a student is stabbed to death during a sit-in at the local university) $14.95
Allison, Jennifer The Bones of the Holy (Gilda Joyce #5: Kids; Gilda's mom is engaged to a man from St. Augustine, FL, a city of ghost stories and unsolved mysteries. But why does he keep calling Mrs. Joyce by his ex-wife's name? And why is Mrs. Joyce acting like she's possessed?) $7.99
Angleberger, Tom Horton Halfpott, or, The Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor, or, The Loosening of M'Lady Luggertuck's Corset (Kids; Edgar Award finalist. M'Lady Luggertuck loosens her corset for the first time, setting off a chain of events in which the strict rules of Smugwick Manor are abandoned. As a result, the Luggertuck Lump, a precious family heirloom, goes missing. The Luggertucks look for someone to blame. Is Horton, the kitchen boy who can't tell a lie, responsible?) $6.95
Arellano, Robert Curse the Names (PBO; In the mountains of New Mexico, a small town hides a secret. On a morning very soon there will be an accident that triggers a chain reaction, and the world we know will be wiped out. James Oberhelm, a reporter at Los Alamos National Laboratory, has to find a way to pass along the message - even if it ruins him) $15.95
Beil, Michael D. The Mistaken Masterpiece (Red Blazer Girls #3: Kids; Father Julian hires the Blazers to help him authenticate a painting. Mayhem and mystery follows as the girls attempt to uncover the truth) $7.99
Benmalek, Anouar Abduction (Aziz is shattered when his 13-year-old daughter is abducted. Instead of demanding ransom, the kidnapper - whose motives are rooted in the atrocities of the Algerian war for independence - forces Aziz to confront his darkest fears, and tries to destroy the family. How far will Aziz go to save his daughter?) $15.95
Berlin, Eric The Puzzling World of Winston Breen (Winston Breen #1: Kids; Winston Breen loves all kinds of puzzles. But when his sister uncovers mysterious strips of wood with words and letters on them, even Winston is stumped. Soon Winston, his family, and his friends are off on a scavenger hunt that may lead to a ring worth thousands of dollars) $7.99
Berlin, Eric The Potato Chip Puzzles (Winston Breen #2: Kids; When a local potato chip tycoon invites area kids to an all-day puzzle hunt, Winston Breen is psyched. But someone in the contest is playing dirty in order to win the grand prize. Can Winston stop the mystery cheater?) $7.99
Bilen, Tracy What She Left Behind (PBO; YA; Sara and her mom have a plan to escape Sara's abusive father. When her mom doesn't show up as expected, her father says she's on a business trip, but Sara knows her mom is missing - and her father had something to do with it. As he grows increasingly violent, Sara must figure out what happened to her mom - before it's too late for both of them) $9.99
Bowen, Gail Kaleidoscope (Joanne Kilbourn #13: Joanne and her family and pets are at the lake when they learn that their house has been blown up. And that is just the first of several terrible incidents. Before long she is witness to events even more distressing than a destroyed home, and begins to understand what it's like to live in a world where she can count on nothing) $26.99
Butcher, Lee At the Hands of a Stranger (PBO; Nonfiction; former Green Beret Gary Michael Hilton is convicted of raping and murdering two women in national forests) $6.99
Cameron, Marc The Act of Terror (Jericho Quinn #2: PBO; A wave of violent attacks around the US has turned the search for terrorists into an all-out witch hunt - and Special Agent Quinn's name is on the list of suspects) $9.99
Carman, Patrick Dark Eden (YA; When Will approaches Fort Eden for the first time, he knows something isn't right. With more terrifying secrets at every turn, he discovers a fear hidden deep inside himself, and a dark mystery a thousand years in the making. But can he save everyone from the dangers of Fort Eden before it's too late?) $8.99
Carr, Molly In Search of Doctor Watson (2nd Edition) (Fully revised and updated, detailed biography of Doctor Watson, of interest to students of military history, railways both Indian and British, and of course all fans of Sherlock Holmes) $16.95
Casanova, Mary The Klipfish Code (Kids; 1942: Norway is under Nazi occupation, but there is resistance. Despite her grandfather's warnings, twelve-year-old Marit has decided to take action. On this island of fishing trawlers, risks are taken, secrets are kept, and the Norwegians respond when schoolteachers are arrested for refusing to teach Nazi propaganda) $6.99
Cash, Wiley A Land More Kind Than Home (For a curious boy like Jess Hall, growing up in a small North Carolina town means trouble when your mother catches you spying on grown-ups. When his mute older brother Stump can't help sneaking a look at something he's not supposed to, the catastrophic repercussions shatter the brothers' world) $24.99
Cavender, Chris Rest in Pizza (Pizza Lovers #4: When a celebrity chef roars into Timber Ridge, NC, for a book signing, he manages to insult quite a few people, including pizzeria owner Eleanor Swift - which puts her on the menu of suspects when he's murdered) $23.00
Channer, Colin (ed) Kingston Noir (PBO; Anthology; 11 original stories set in Kingston, Jamaica) $15.95
Coleman, Reed Farrel Innocent Monster (Moe Prager #6: Moe's estranged daughter comes to him for help. Her dear friend's daughter Sashi, an 11-year-old art prodigy, has been abducted, and the cops have gotten nowhere. On the New York art scene, Sashi is both revered as a cash cow and reviled as a joke. Suspects abound beyond the usual predators, for it is those closest to Sashi who have the most to gain from her death) $15.95
Collins, Max Allan Chicago Lightning (Nate Heller: Reprints 13 stories featuring PI Nate Heller, all based on real cases of the 1930s and 1940s) $14.95
Collins, Max Allan Triple Play (Nate Heller: PBO; Reprints a novella and 2 short stories featuring the Chicago PI) $14.95
Conrad, Patrick No Sale (When his wife is found drowned, film history professor Victor Cox is the first suspect. Then a series of killings, all modeled on deaths in classic Hollywood film noirs, leads the police back to Cox, who starts to doubt his own sanity and innocence) $14.95
Cotto, Andrew Outerborough Blues (PBO; 1990s Brooklyn: When a beautiful French girl walks into a bar and begs for help finding her missing brother, the bartender - a lone wolf with a chip on his shoulder and a Sicilian family curse hanging over him - agrees) $15.95
Crane, Francis The Indigo Necklace (Pat & Jean Abbott #7; Classic reprint) $14.95
Dereske, Jo Farewell, Miss Zukas (Miss Zukas #12: Having agreed to tie the knot with Bellehaven police chief Wayne Gallant, Helma Zukas receives a brief reprieve from her mother's wedding mania when a robbery and murder turn out to be linked to the Zukas family's roots in Lithuania) $14.95
Doyle/Duncan, Alistair Close to Holmes: A Look at the Connections Between Historical London, Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The London of the late 19th century was home to both Conan Doyle and his famous detective. This book looks at some of the many locations in both central and outer London that have connections to one or both of them) $19.95
Doyle/Duncan, Alistair Eliminate the Impossible (Discusses the effect that the Holmes stories have had on modern crime literature, then goes on to examine the character of Holmes himself, and provides brief biographies of some of the significant characters from the stories. Each of Conan Doyle's stories is examined, as well as various screen adaptations) $19.95
Doyle/Duncan, Alistair An Entirely New Country: Arthur Conan Doyle, Undershaw and the Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes (A look at Conan Doyle's life in the late 1890s, when he moved to Undershaw, fell in love, stood for parliament, was awarded a knighthood, and, perhaps most importantly, resurrected Sherlock Holmes) $19.95
Doyle/Duncan, Alistair The Norwood Author: Arthur Conan Doyle and the Norwood Years (1891-1894) (A look at Conan Doyle's life in the early 1890s, including some of his input into local South Norwood life, as well as his writing - during this period he published the first two series of Holmes stories) $16.95
Doyle/Pugh, Brian et al Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Devon: A Complete Tour Guide & Companion (A tour guide for anyone looking to retrace the steps, physically or virtually, of Conan Doyle during his time in Devon, and see the places that inspired the Holmes stories. Includes directions (with GPS coordinates) for 30 key sites) $19.95 Dunlap, Susan Power Slide (Darcy Lott #4: Stunt double Darcy Lott's siblings pressure her to make one last search for their missing brother Mike. Her quest leads her to the canyons of Los Angeles, to a stunt ranch in the desert, and ultimately to a horrifying discovery in San Francisco) $14.95
Edwards, Martin (ed) Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories (PBO; Anthology; 13 original crime stories by British authors) $12.95 Elkins, Charlotte&Aaron A Dangerous Talent (Alix London #1: Alix and her world were left in ruins when her father went to prison for art forgery. When a collector needs a recently discovered painting by Georgia O'Keeffe authenticated, Alix's career needs the boost. But when an attempted art theft goes horribly wrong, Alix is plunged into a web of forgery, deceit, and murder. Only her expert eye (and a little help from her roguish father) can give the FBI the expertise they need to crack the case) $14.95 Elliott, Chaze Black Wings Has My Angel (Reissue; A long-lost noir classic, the dream-like tale of a man after a jailbreak, who meets up with the woman of his dreams - and his nightmares) $14.95
Evans, Mary Anna Artifacts (Faye Longchamp #1: Reissue; To save her ancestral home on the Florida coast, Faye decides to dig for artifacts on her property and the surrounding government land, and sell them on the black market. Instead, she uncovers a woman's shattered skull with a Jackie Kennedy-style earring nestled against its bony cheek) $14.95
Evans, Mary Anna Relics (Faye Longchamp #2: Reissue; A job as chief archaeologist for a rural development project takes Faye to the hills of Alabama. She's hoping to uncover the mysterious origins of the Sujosa ethnic group, but the murder of one of the project team members leads to a different sort of investigation) $14.95
Faraday, Jess The Affair of the Porcelain Dog (PBO; Lambda Award finalist. London, 1889: For Ira Adler, former rent-boy and present plaything of crime lord Cain Goddard, stealing back a statue from a blackmailer should have been a doddle. But inside the statue is evidence that could put Goddard away for a long time under the sodomy laws, and everyone's after it) $16.95
Fleming, Ian et al The James Bond Omnibus 003 (PBO; Bond faces enemies both old and new in this collection of black & white comic strip adaptations) $19.95
Freeburn, Kieron The Official Papers Into the Matter Known as 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' (A dusty folio of official documents caught the eye of an experienced retired detective at an obscure auction room in Exeter. A detailed examination of the contents has proved them to be the original case files that detail the complete police investigation into the Matter of the Hound of the Baskervilles) $22.95
Futrelle, Jacques The Chase of the Golden Plate (Thinking Machine: Reissue; Short novel. The arrogant, large-headed Professor Augustus S.F.X. Van Dusen investigates when a high society fancy-dress party includes a robbery) $14.95
Gordon-Smith, Dolores Trouble Brewing (Jack Haldean #6: 1925: When Mark Helston, the rising star of Hunt Coffee Limited, walks out of his flat and disappears, his uncle, old Mr. Hunt, appeals to Jack Haldean for help) $28.95
Grabenstein, Chris Riley Mack and the Other Known Troublemakers (Kids; What do you get when you add up 1 middle-school bully, 2 bank robbers, 57 dogs in peril, 4000 missing dollars, and 5 daring troublemakers led by the one and only 11-year-old Riley Mack? A crazy caper!) $16.99
Grant, Maxwell The Five Chameleons / The Wasp (Shadow #57: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Castle of Crime / Dead Man's Chest (Shadow #58: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Green Box / The Getaway Ring (Shadow #59: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gray, Alex Pitch Black (Lorimer #5: Could a football supporter be angry enough to put a bullet in a referee's head? Chief Inspector Lorimer deals with this question, as well as a tragedy close to home) $8.99
Greenwood, Kerry Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman #1: Reissue; Bakery owner Corinna Chapman and her cat Horatio are quite content with their new life in Melbourne until a half-dead junkie falls on her grate, and threatening letters accusing her and her apartment house neighbors of being a scarlet women begin to arrive) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Heavenly Pleasures (Corinna Chapman #2: Reissue; Baker Corinna Chapman has no intention of doing any more investigative work, until she bites into a lovely violet-cream gourmet chocolate and finds a chili-filled catastrophe. Could someone want to ruin her friends' chocolate shop? And just who is the mysterious man who has moved into the upper apartment?) $14.95
Grisham, John The Abduction (Theodore Boone #2: Kids; When Theo's best friend April disappears in the middle of the night, fear ripples through his hometown, and the police hit dead ends. It's up to Theo to use his legal knowledge and investigative skills to chase down the truth and save April) $7.99
Gross, Andrew The Blue Zone (Reissue; Kate's father agrees to testify against his former accomplices in exchange for his family's placement in the Witness Protection Program. Now, a year later, he has disappeared, and someone close to him has been murdered. With her family under surveillance, the FBI untrustworthy, and her father's menacing 'friends' circling, Kate sets off to find her father - and uncover the secrets someone will kill to keep buried) $9.99
Harrington, Kim Partners in Crime (Sleuth or Dare #1: PBO; Kids; A school assignment to create a fake business turns real when Darcy and Norah's detective agency gets a case. With the help of clues, spy gadgets, and trusted friends, they search for a missing person) $5.99
Herren, Greg Murder in the Irish Channel (Chanse MacLeod #6: PBO; A young MMA fighter's mother has disappeared. Gay PI Chanse MacLeod discovers that she is the leader of a group fighting the powerful Archdiocese of New Orleans over the closing of two churches. As the trail leads from corrupt church officials to powerful real estate developers to the world of cage fighting, Chanse realizes there are a lot of powerful people who want to make sure she stays gone) $16.95
Hill, Suzette A. A Load of Old Bones (Oughterard #1: Reissue; The Reverend Francis Oughterard becomes entangled with predatory female parishioners, officious policemen, and accidental murder. It's up to Maurice the cat and Bouncer the dog to save him) $14.95
Hopkins, Howard (ed) Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (PBO; Anthology; in these 14 original stories, Holmes teams up with other investigators and adventurers, including Arsene Lupin, Professor Challenger, Harry Houdini, and the Thinking Machine) $18.95
Hore, Rachel A Place of Secrets (A job appraising a collection of scientific instruments belonging to an 18th-century astronomer takes Jude to the English countryside, to the tower the astronomer built as an observatory. Then Jude's young niece begins to have the same nightmare Jude had as a girl. Is the dream passed from one generation to the next? What secrets does the tower hold? And will Jude unearth them before it's too late?) $15.00
Housewright, D/Valois, R The Devil and the Diva (When an international crime syndicate approaches her with a fraudulent proposition, Clarisse Dufresne refuses to participate. Rescued by the mysterious Maurice Crevier, who conceals both his face and his intentions behind an obsidian mask, she soon learns that she is not his guest, as he professes, but his prisoner. But against her better judgment, Clarisse feels a growing fascination and affection for her jailer, and for his odd henchmen, a Haitian voodoo practitioner and a young chef who is haunted by the ghost of her mother. Then a second attempt is made on Clarisse's life. And a third; Signing at Uncle Edgar’s on Saturday, June 9, 1-2pm) $17.95
Houston, Victoria Dead Deceiver (Loon Lake #11: PBO; A woman's body is found wedged under a bridge on a cross-country ski trail; a former nun, now married, complains she's being stalked; and there are some problems at the International Ice Fishing Festival) $15.95
Houston, Victoria Dead Tease (Loon Lake #12: PBO; When CEO John McNeil's latest conquest, Jen Williams, is stabbed through the heart, suspicion falls on both McNeil's wife and a lover McNeil had just dumped. When Lew and Doc take a break from the investigation to do some fishing, they make a macabre discovery that just might crack the case; $24.95 hc also available) $15.95
Howell, Dorothy Clutches and Curses (Haley Randolph #4: A curse from an irate customer brings Haley a sudden string of bad luck - especially when she finds the body of an old classmate and rival, and becomes the number-one murder suspect) $7.99
Jakubowski, Maxim (ed) Venice Noir (PBO; Anthology; 14 original stories set in Venice, Italy) $15.95
Jenkins, Emily Invisible Inkling (Kids; Inkling is an invisible bandapat, and he's found his way into Hank's laundry basket in his quest for squash. But Hank has bigger problems than helping Inkling search for pumpkins. Bruno is a lunch-stealing bully, and he's got to be stopped. And who better to help than an invisible friend?) $5.99
Jones, Kaylie (ed) Long Island Noir (PBO; 17 original stories set on Long Island, NY) $15.95
Kadare, Ismail The General of the Dead Army (Reissue; Definitive edition of the text. 20 years after WWII, an Italian general, armed with maps, measurements, and dental records, is sent to Albania to recover the remains of his country's fallen soldiers. The general finds his movements shadowed by a German general on the same gruesome mission for his own country. In a terrible crescendo at a wedding, the Italian general must answer for the crimes of his country and all countries that have invaded this land, seeking to destroy its people) $14.95
Kava, Alex Hotwire (Maggie O'Dell #9: The investigation into the deaths of three teenagers leads FBI agent Maggie O'Dell into the middle of a conspiracy involving biological warfare) $7.99 Kellough, Janet On the Head of a Pin (Thaddeus Lewis #1: PBO; Itinerant preacher Thaddeus Lewis is still mourning his daughter's mysterious death when another girl dies in a similar way. Convinced that a murderer is loose in Upper Canada, he can't get anyone to listen in the turmoil following the 1837 Mackenzie Rebellion. On his own, he must track the culprit across the colony) $11.99
Kennedy, Emma The Case of the Frozen Hearts (Wilma Tenderfoot #1: Kids; Determined to become her detective neighbor's apprentice, 10-year-old Wilma (aided by her dog Pickle) finds clues, makes deductions, and scouts out suspects. But can she win over the famous detective before Pickle eats all the clues?) $7.99
Kennedy, Emma The Case of the Putrid Poison (Wilma Tenderfoot #2: Kids; Now apprentice to a famous detective, Wilma is helping him investigate a series of poisonings at a local theatre. When her boss disappears, it's up to Wilma (and her dog Pickle) to uncover the poisoner) $7.99
Knight, Alanna The Seal King Murders (Inspector Faro #16: 1861: In Orkney to investigate a mysterious drowning, Faro is met with rumors of missing artifacts, the legend of the seal king, a dead body under a floor, his first love, and a mother who is determined to find him a wife) $16.95
Krueger, William Kent Northwest Angle (Cork O'Connor #11: During a Lake of the Woods vacation, a gale strands Cork and his daughter on an island. In an old cabin, they find the body of a teenage girl who has been tortured and killed. And in a nearby hiding place they find a hungry, dehydrated baby boy. In the Northwest Angle, pursued by powerful people, Cork realizes that to save his family, he must solve the mystery surrounding the boy; Signing at Uncle Edgar's on Monday, August 27, 5-6pm) $15.00
Lennon, David Second Chance (Doucette & Jones #3: As former New Orleans homicide detectives Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones try to get their fledgling PI agency off the ground, someone from their past reappears, seeking their help to untangle a business venture with two members of an organized crime family) $17.95
Lennon, David Blue's Bayou (Doucette & Jones #4: Lambda Award finalist. When his cousin Verle is accused of murder, PI Michel Doucette heads to the small town of Bayou Proche to help prove Verle's innocence) $17.95
Leon, Donna Handel's Bestiary: In Search of Animals in Handel's Operas (Nonfiction; drawing on her love of Handel's music and her expertise in medieval bestiaries, Leon traces twelve animals through history, mythology, and the arias. Includes full-color illustrations and a CD of the arias) $27.50
Leonard, Julia Platt Cold Case (Kids; When 13-year-old Oz stumbles upon a dead body, his older brother becomes prime suspect in the murder, and Oz learns that the crime may be tied his father, who died years earlier after being accused of selling nuclear secrets to rogue governments. Oz and his friend Rusty must try and crack the case) $5.99
Lewis, Jonathan Into Darkness (Adored British actor Sir Tommy Best has fallen to his death through a hole in the walkway above the river flats. But he was totally blind and relied on his brilliant guide dog Suzy, who is missing. It seems unimaginable that Suzy would have led him into danger, so was it murder?) $14.95 Lewman, David The Case of the Mystery Meat Loaf (Club CSI #1: PBO; Kids; Ben, Corey, and Hannah's first case as Club CSI is an outbreak of food poisoning from the junior high cafeteria's hot lunch. Everyone blames the new science teacher, but Club CSI isn't pointing fingers until they evaluate the evidence) $5.99 Lewman, David The Case of the Missing Moola (Club CSI #2: Kids; When the money for the seventh grade class trip goes missing, everyone is a suspect, even the teacher. One student remembers Corey talking about how he could use that money to buy a Quark Pad. To clear Corey's name, fellow Club CSI members Hannah and Ben must find the real thief) $5.99
Lugar/Huang (ed) Organizing Crime 2012 Edition (Nearly 4000 titles in over 400 popular, active mystery series, organized into checklists by author; spiral-bound) $16.00
Magson, Adrian Death on the Marais (Lucas Rocco #1: 1963: Compared to Paris, rural France is quiet and uneventful, with nothing to remind Inspector Lucas Rocco of his army service in Indochina, or to feed his nightmares - until a woman's body, dressed in a Gestapo uniform, is found in a war cemetery) $16.95
Magson, Adrian Death on the Rive Nord (Lucas Rocco #2: Picardie, 1963: When an Algerian turns up dead in a canal, Inspector Rocco's investigation is hampered by political issues surrounding illegal workers. Then it turns out one of the illegals is on the run from her husband, an Algerian gangster with big plans to take over as gang lord in Paris) $16.95
Mallo, Ernesto Liar Moon (Martin Bora #2: 1943: Wehrmacht Major Martin Bora is sent to Verona to investigate the bizarre murder of a prominent fascist that threatens to discredit the regime. Not far from Bora's headquarters, Italian police inspector Sandro Guidi is trying to catch a serial killer. Bora and Guidi join forces, but, haunted by his record of opposition to SS policies in Russia, Bora must watch his step) $14.95
McClure, James The Blood of an Englishman (Kramer & Zondi #6: Reissue; Afrikaner Lt. Tromp Kramer and Bantu DS Mickey Zondi work two separate murder cases; startling connections turn up in the sordid underworld of Trekkersburg, and in the secret, unresolved enmities of World War II) $14.00
McGarrity, Michael Hermit's Peak (Kevin Kerney #4: Reissue; While visiting 6,400 acres of high-country land he unexpectedly inherited, Kevin Kerney finds the bones of a murder victim. When a second body turns up, he must follow a twisting trail of blood to unearth the truth) $15.00
McMenamin, M & P The Gemini Agenda (Winston Churchill #3: 1932: After a string of strange deaths, Churchill turns to his goddaughter, journalist Mattie McGary, and Bourke Cockran Jr. They uncover a plot by Nazi scientists to conduct lethal experiments on American twins in order to create a master race) $23.95
McMullen, Kieran Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels (1916: Mycroft Holmes calls Dr. Watson to London, and asks him to join Sherlock, who has infiltrated the Irish Volunteers. They must find out the rebels' plan, and put a stop to any action that might jeopardize Britain's war effort) $18.95
Michaels, Fern Southern Comfort (An unofficial assignment to keep an eye on the suspected headquarters of a human trafficking ring takes former agent Kate Rush to Mango Key, FL. Writer Tick Kelly and his brother are on the suspect list, but Kate is sure Tick poses no danger - except to her heart) $7.99
Miller, Martha Retirement Plan (PBO; Lambda Award finalist. Lois and Sophie have scrambled and saved for years for their retirement. But now they've lost it all, and Lois' sniper training from her long-ago Army service leads to a desperate career choice. When Detective Morgan Holiday is assigned to investigate a spate of sniper killings, she comes to realize that these murders may cut close to home) $16.95
Mitchell, Gladys A Hearse on May-Day (Mrs. Bradley #45: Reissue; Classic reprint; Mrs. Bradley suspects a connection between a remote village's ancient rituals and the recent murder of the local squire) $14.95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez The Buenos Aires Quintet (Pepe Carvalho: Reissue; Pepe's family sends him to Buenos Aires to look for a missing cousin, one of thirty thousand people 'disappeared' by the army. And despite the wonders of the Tango and the country's divine cuisine, he'll have to confront the traumas of Argentina's past head-on if he wants to stay alive long enough to find his cousin) $14.95 Myers, Beverle Graves Interrupted Aria (Tito Amato #1: Reissue; Venice, 1731: His training complete, castrato opera singer Tito Amato returns to the city of his birth. But trouble strikes when one of his friends at the theater is poisoned, and another friend is arrested for the crime. Tito sets out to find the real killer) $14.95
Myers, Beverle Graves Painted Veil (Tito Amato #2: Reissue; Venice, 1734: When the strangled body of a set designer turns up in the canal, suspicion falls on the man's lover Liya, a Jewish woman whom castrato opera singer Tito Amato falls for on sight. Tito's search for the killer leads first to the ghetto, and then to Venice's secret societies) $14.95
Myracle, Lauren Shine (YA; When her best friend falls victim to a vicious hate crime, 16-year-old Cat sets out to discover the culprits in her small North Carolina town) $7.95
Newsome, Richard The Emerald Casket (Archer Legacy #2: Kids; After they learn that Gerald's family has been protecting a secret for centuries - concerning nothing less than the fate of the world - Gerald and his friends are off to India to try and find out the truth) $6.99
Nixon, Fraser The Man Who Killed (Montreal, 1926. Mick is down on his luck when an old pal offers him a loaded revolver, and a job riding shotgun in a truck running booze across the border. Mick takes the job - and his problems begin. Through his old friend Jack, Mick falls deeper into the life of a small-time tough) $18.95
Nykanen, Harri Nights of Awe (Ariel Kafka #1: Inspector Kafka - one of two Jewish policemen in Finland - investigates when 2 Arabs are killed near Helsinki, and 2 more bodies are discovered at an Iraqi-owned garage. With an Israeli minister planning an unofficial visit, the Finnish Security Police and Mossad have roles to play, and Kafka finds himself on a trail that leads back to his youth) $14.95
O'Melveny, Regina The Book of Madness and Cures (16th-century Venice: Gabriella Mondini is a woman who practices medicine. Her father, a renowned physician, has brought her into this all-male profession. When he disappears, Gabriella is no longer permitted to treat her patients, women who need her desperately, without his patronage. She sets out across Europe to find where - and why - he has gone, following clues from his occasional enigmatic letters) $25.99
Pajer, Bernadette Fatal Induction (Professor Bradshaw #2: PBO; Seattle, 1901: Professor Bradshaw finds a cart abandoned behind his house. What happened to the father and child who live in it? When he learns that the peddler's child may have witnessed a murder, he follows the girl's trail. Frustrated by the apathy of the police, he realizes that to save the child, he will have to transform a telephonic system he's been working on into a trap to catch a killer) $14.95
Palmer, Stuart Murder on Wheels (Hildegarde Withers #3: Reissue; Classic reprint featuring a schoolteacher sleuth) $14.95
Peacock, Cara When the Devil Drives (Liberty Lane #4: London, 1839: Rumors spread about the devil's chariot, which preys on young women walking alone at night. When a young man begs investigator Liberty Lane to find his missing fiancee, she suspects there is a more prosaic explanation. Meanwhile, she is engaged to help prevent a royal scandal involving Prince Ernest. But when young women begin showing up dead, the tales of the devil's chariot don't seem so ridiculous) $15.95
Pepper, Andrew Bloody Winter (Pyke #5: 1846: A body has turned up in a County Tipperary ditch. The landowner wants the case handled quietly, but the policeman realizes that the corpse, a supposed vagrant, is wearing a Savile Row suit. DI Pyke has been investigating a kidnapping in Wales that seems to be linked to a group of rebels. What are the links between the rebellion in Wales and the unrest in Ireland?) $14.95
Persson, Leif G.W. Another Time, Another Life (Fall of the Welfare State #2: 1989: A corrupt superior insists that the stabbing death of a civil servant be swept under the rug. Another ten years pass before the truth is unearthed - the dead man was a collaborator in the 1975 takeover of the West German embassy in Stockholm. The identities of the other collaborators are revealed, as well as the killer: a lawyer who is a heartbeat away from the top position in the Ministry of Defense) $27.95
Peters, Elizabeth The Dead Sea Cipher (Reissue; When a man is murdered during a fight in the hotel room next to hers, people seem to think Dinah might have overheard something - and she begins to suspect that the other members of her Holy Land tour group may be more than innocent tourists. The dead man was an expert on the Dead Sea scrolls - and a brochure with cryptic notations he left behind might be the clue to a previously undiscovered cache) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Devil May Care (Reissue; House-sitting for her aunt Kate should have been relaxing - just take care of a couple dozen pets, do some reading, maybe work on some of Kate's many half-finished projects. Instead Ellie's been seeing ghosts, apparently linked to old scandals. But are they apparitions? Or is someone playing pranks to embarrass prominent locals? And how are they connected to the rare old book, a history of the county, that Ellie brought Kate?) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Jackal's Head (Reissue; Althea Tomlinson is back in Egypt, just another tourist, chaperone to a spoiled teenager. But while she's there, she means to discover the truth behind her archaeologist father's disgrace and death. And her quest to clear her father's name just might get her killed) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Legend in Green Velvet (Reissue; In Scotland to work on an archaeological dig, Susan's side trip to Edinburgh is more exciting than she planned. First an eccentric old man slips a cryptic note into her purse, then someone ransacks her hotel room to steal it back. When the old man is murdered, Susan ends up on the run in the Highlands with James Erskine. They're wanted by the police - but there's someone much more dangerous on their trail) $9.99
Plakcy, Neil S. Mahu Blood (Kimo Kanapa #5: Openly gay Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka investigates a series of murders that threatens his own family as well as the citizens he struggles to protect) $14.99
Pyne, Daniel A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar (PBO; Lee, a high school shop teacher, buys a gold mine off the internet - complete with tall tales of riches, a history of disappointment, and a couple of Pakistani-by-the-way-of-Jackson-Hole prospectors willing to kill for its contents) $15.95 Quinn, A.J. Hostage Moon (PBO; Lambda Award finalist. Hunter Roswell thought she had left her past behind, until a serial killer connected to her past begins stalking her. Sara Wilder, a psychologist and former FBI profiler, is brought in to help Hunter unravel the connection between her past and a ruthless killer. But as the search for the killer intensifies, both women find themselves struggling with an unexpected and undeniably mutual attraction) $16.95
Rayner, Claire Third Degree (Dr. Barnabas #2: Reissue; When a severed leg is found on the banks of the Thames, forensic pathologist Dr. Barnabas is summoned to the scene. But with no sign of the rest of the body, she cannot say how the man died. Her next case is a terribly burned woman - and the fireman thinks the fire started in the body itself. Are the two cases connected?) $10.95
Revill, Joe A Case of Witchcraft (A tale of witchcraft in the Northern Isles, in which some long-concealed secrets are revealed concerning not only the Dark Arts, but also the Great Detective himself) $19.95
Rice, Craig The Corpse Steps Out (John Malone #02: Reissue; Classic reprint; screwball mystery) $14.95
Rickman, Phil To Dream of the Dead (After DI Francis Bliss links a grisly Hereford murder to the campaign to preserve an ancient ritual site, he's sidelined by his boss. What's going on? In the village of Ledwardine, Merrily Watkins stands between an extreme fundamentalist Christian and an atheist writer. Tensions are rising, and so is the river. Soon the village will be isolated by floods - cut off with a killer at large) $8.95
Robinson, Patrick The Delta Solution (Mack Bedford #3: After two US ships are seized at gunpoint, Mack Bedford and SEAL Team 10 are deployed to the Indian Ocean to obliterate the piratical 'Somali Marines' once and for all) $7.99
Rowe, Rosemary A Whispering of Spies (Libertus #13: AD 191: Wealthy Volus is retiring to the town of Glevum. When one of his treasure carts is intercepted, and the guards and horses brutally butchered, Libertus is suspected of involvement in the massacre, and marched to the garrison to await trial. After a daring escape, he embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth) $28.95
Roxburgh, Charlie The Case of the Russian Chessboard (Novella; A desperate young woman arrives at Baker Street, terrified about what may be going on inside a secretive London refuge for Russian exiles, where her sister works) $9.95
Ryan, Garry Malabarista (Detective Lane #5: PBO; Lambda Award finalist. When an Eastern European war criminal turns up dead in Calgary, Lane must contend with dangerous criminals, a determined bomber - and the very real fear of losing his life partner Arthur to cancer) $18.95
Schneider, Bart Nameless Dame (Augie Boyer #2: PBO; Detective Augie Boyer leaves a Minnesota winter to visit the Sonoma homestead of a longtime buddy. There he's asked to investigate a murder whose trail leads through cannabis commerce, religion, and a Russian casino syndicate) $15.95
Seal, Mark The Man in the Rockefeller Suit (Nonfiction; Edgar Award finalist. Over a period of 30 years, a man assumes a series of false identities to move up the social ladder on both coasts, eventually convincing people he is a Rockefeller) $16.00 Sedley, Kate The Tintern Treasure (Roger the Chapman #21: 1483: On an errand to Hereford, Roger is caught up in Buckingham's rebellion against the new king, Richard III, and takes refuge in Tintern Abbey. On his return to Bristol, a murder and a series of robberies eventually lead him to discover a treasure that was stolen from the abbey on the night he was there) $28.95
Selfors, Suzanne Smells Like Dog (Homer Pudding #1: Kids; Meet Homer Pudding, a farm boy who dreams of following in the footsteps of his famous treasure-hunting uncle. When Uncle Drake mysteriously disappears, Homer inherits two things: a lazy, droopy dog with no sense of smell, and a mystery) $6.99
Selfors, Suzanne Smells Like Treasure (Homer Pudding #2: Kids; When Homer receives a note from L.O.S.T., it is time to meet the Society of Legends, Objects, Secrets, and Treasures and become a true adventurer, with Dog at his side. But an unexpected opponent challenges Homer's spot. They are tasked with a quest, and only the one who solves the clues and reaches the treasure first will be given membership) $6.99
Seymour, Gerald The Collaborator (When a daughter of one of the Sicilian Mafia clans agrees to collaborate with justice, Carabinieri investigator Mario Castrolami knows she is setting in motion a terrifying series of events) $15.95
Shaw, Susan Tunnel Vision (YA; Pushed into the witness protection program after witnessing a crime she didn't know she saw, Liza's worst fear is realized when she is recognized. With a would-be killer still on her trail, all Liza and her dad can do is keep running) $8.99
Smith, Brad Red Means Run (Virgil Cain #1: PBO; Jack-of-all-trades Virgil Cain must clear his name of two murders while on the run from the law) $12.00
Smith, Michael The Secrets of Station X (PBO; Nonfiction; the history of the WWII British codebreaking center) $16.95
Spillane, M/Collins, M Lady, Go Die! (Mike Hammer: Spillane's lost 1940s novel, completed by Collins and never before published. Hammer and Velda take a vacation at a Long Island beach town; a New York party girl who lives nearby has gone missing. When she turns up naked and dead on a statue in the town square, Hammer investigates) $25.99
St. James, Simone The Haunting of Maddy Clare (PBO; Sarah Piper's agency sends her to work with Great War veteran Alistair Gellis. He is investigating 19-year-old Maddy Clare, who is haunting the barn where she committed suicide. Since Maddy hated men, Sarah confronts her - but the ghost is angry, and very powerful. It's up to Sarah and Alistair's assistant Matthew to discover who Maddy was, where she came from, and why she's so angry, before she destroys them all) $14.00
Strange, Marc Woman Chased by Crows (Orwell Brennan #2: A Toronto police officer, in Dockerty to investigate a murder, is killed in his hotel room. He was about to interview a dance teacher, a former Russian ballet star with dark secrets in her past. The investigation uncovers a ring of shady pawnbrokers, crooked cops, and Russian thugs, all searching for a ruby once owned by the Tsarina) $24.95
Talton, Jon Powers of Arrest (Cincinnati Casebook #2: PBO; When a star cop is murdered, detective Will Borders is assigned the case. The crime bears a chilling similarity to a pair of killings at the nearby campus where his friend Cheryl Beth Wilson teaches. The two team up to stop a sadistic predator before he kills again) $14.95
Tope, Rebecca Deception in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #09: Thea is house-sitting for reptile breeder Harriet Young in the secluded village of Cranham; bucolic charm gives way to family intrigue, deception, suicide, and murder) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca Malice in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #10: When a house-sitting assignment takes Thea and her dog to an isolated village, Thea finds herself ill at ease. Her intuition is proved right when a local boy is found strangled. His mother becomes the prime suspect, but Thea believes in her innocence, and investigates) $29.95
Torgov, Morley Murder in A-Major (Hermann Preiss #1: PBO; 1850s: Brahms is the rising star in the musical firmament, and the world of Robert and Clara Schumann is rocked to its core. A mysterious off-key A on the Schumanns' piano leads to one of the more interesting cases that Inspector Preiss, Dusseldorf's top detective, has tackled) $20.95
Tyrewala, Altaf (ed) Mumbai Noir (PBO; Anthology; 14 original stories set in Mumbai) $15.95
Wambaugh, Joseph Harbor Nocturne (In the southernmost Los Angeles district of San Pedro, one of the world's busiest harbors, an unlikely pair of lovers - a longshoreman and a Mexican dancer - are unwittingly caught between the two warring sides of the law) $27.00
Ward, Robert The Best Bad Dream (FBI agent Jack Harper gets a phone call from his snitch and sometime girlfriend Michelle, whose sister has been kidnapped. Soon Jack is up to his neck in bikers, Mexican gangs, and a giant pet wild Razorback hog named Ole Big, who may offer a major clue to finding the missing girl) $24.00
Waters, Paul The Philosopher Prince (Drusus #2: AD 355: Charged with treason by the emperor's agent, Drusus and Marcellus must face the might of the corrupt Roman state, with the young prince Julian as their only ally. From one end of the empire to the other, they set themselves against forces determined to crush them) $16.95
Watts, Frances The Secret of the Ginger Mice (Song of the Winns #1: Kids; Alistair, Alex, and Alice have always been an inseparable trio of mice - until Alistair is kidnapped. While he tries to make heads or tails of falling from the sky onto another young mouse named Tibby Rose, Alex and Alice set off to find their missing brother. But in a world where spies abound and an underground organization called FIG is only heard about in shushed bits and pieces, figuring out whom to trust is no small task) $12.95
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Damsel (Alan Grofield #1: Reissue; Begins directly after the Parker novel The Handle . Grofield and his damsel take an action-packed road trip from Mexico City to Acapulco, finding political intrigue along the way) $14.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Dame (Alan Grofield #2: Reissue; Grofield is protecting a rich, demanding woman in her isolated villa. When his client is murdered, Grofield must take his chances against the mob in the Puerto Rican rain forest. And the client's husband, who thinks Grofield is the murderer, wants revenge - in blood) $14.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Blackbird (Alan Grofield #3: Reissue; After a traumatic car crash, Parker eludes the police, but Grofield gets caught. Lying injured in the hospital, Grofield is visited by G-Men who offer him an alternative to jail, and finds himself forced into a deadly situation involving international criminals and a political conspiracy) $14.00
Whitechapel Society Jack the Ripper: The Suspects (Nonfiction; presents research and evidence about ten different suspects) $17.95
Wilcox, John The War of the Dragon Lady (Simon Fonthill #8: China, 1900: The Boxers are rampaging through the countryside, killing foreigners. Retired Army scout Simon Fonthill, his wife Alice, and his comrade 352 Jenkins are caught up in the chaos as they try to escort Alice's missionary uncle and his family to safety) $29.95
Wishnia, Kenneth (aka K.J.A) 23 Shades of Black (Filomena Buscarsela #1: Reissue; Edgar and Anthony Award finalist. After NYPD cop Filomena Buscarsela recognizes the victim of a fatal toxic leak, her instincts tell her that something is not what it seems to be. Her investigation leads her to suspect that a group of corporate executives has turned to murder to protect the bottom line) $17.95
Woodrell, Daniel The Death of Sweet Mister (Reissue; 13-year-old Shuggie is shrewdly observant, but doesn't fully comprehend the forces working against him. His frequently tipsy mother Glenda turns a blind eye to the effect her sexually provocative teasing has on him. His putative father Red mocks and despises the boy. Then Jimmy Vin Pearce arrives in their Ozark town, with his shiny T-bird and smart city clothes. Soon he and Glenda are engaged in a torrid affair, setting in motion a violent and shocking series of events) $14.99
Workman, Kate I Will Find the Answer (Erik has returned, and brings Dr. Henry Jekyll to Holmes' attention. It seems that, in order to prove his theories concerning human nature, Jekyll is conducting unsanctioned experiments. But who is his test subject? Could it be the mysterious, unsavory Edward Hyde, of whom Jekyll seems to have intimate knowledge?) $16.95 Workman, Kate Rendezvous at the Populaire (After a cruel accident during a fruitless chase for Moriarty, Holmes is badly maimed, and declares he will no longer solve the crimes of the London streets. But then a letter comes, imploring him to investigate the Opera Populaire's ghost - the specter everyone has heard rumors of, but only one has seen) $16.95
Zimler, Richard The Seventh Gate (Berlin, 1932: When her father and boyfriend become Nazi collaborators, 14-year-old Sophie is forced to live a double life: she shares her dreams about becoming an actress with her beloved elderly neighbor and his friends, most of whom are Jews working secretly against the government. When one of them is sent to Dachau, she realizes there must be a Nazi traitor in the group. But who?) $26.95
Zimler, Richard The Warsaw Anagrams (1940: The Nazis have sealed 400,000 Jews into the Warsaw ghetto. Erik Cohen, an elderly psychiatrist, has moved in with his relatives. After his beloved great-nephew disappears, the boy's body is found strangely mutilated and tangled in the barbed wire. Then a young girl's body turns up. Could a Jewish traitor be luring children to their deaths?) $15.95
Zubro, Mark Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too (Paul Turner #10: When a brutal Chicago cop is found murdered at a gay leather festival, gay detective Paul Turner and his partner Buck Fenwick are assigned the case. They need to find the truth among police corruption and cover-ups) $14.99

Expected Early June

Atkins, Ace The Lost Ones (Quinn Colson #2: A child abuse case leads newly elected Sheriff Colson and his deputy Lillie Virgil to a bootleg baby racket, and a trail of death. And an old buddy running a local gun shop may be in over his head when stolen army rifles start showing up in the hands of a Mexican drug gang) $25.95
Balliett, Blue The Danger Box (Kids; When 12-year-old Zoomy and his new friend Lorrol investigate a journal they find inside a mysterious box, they discover family secrets and a more valuable treasure. But a dangerous stranger is watching and waiting) $7.99
Baron, Aileen Return of the Swallows (Tamar Saticoy #2: Archaeologist Tamar Saticoy finds a body buried under a burnt wall at the historic San Juan Capistrano mission. The body, however, is modern, male, and southeast Asian. Tamar suspects a connection to looting of archaelogical sites in Thailand; Interpol sends her undercover to investigate the Thai sites; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Barrick, Ella Dead Man Waltzing (Ballroom Dance #2: PBO; Stacy is looking forward to focusing on her dance classes. But when the grande dame of American ballroom dancing is poisoned at a luncheon, Stacy is spun into another investigation) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Prankster (Hamish Macbeth #07: Reissue; Wealthy Arthur Trent's latest practical joke - summoning his kin for a deathbed farewell when he's actually in perfect health - turns out to be his last; Constable Macbeth is called in when the old man is murdered) $6.99
Bolin, Janet Threaded for Trouble (Threadville #2: PBO; When a national sewing champion, at the embroidery shop to be presented with a sewing and embroidery machine, is found dead under her sewing table, Willow sets out to uncover the truth) $7.99
Bradbury, Jennifer Wrapped (YA; 1815: 17-year-old Agnes imagines she's arrived from Cairo on a camel. In reality, she's on a British lawn at Lord Showalter's party, which features a mummy unwrapping. But Showalter is a spy working for Napoleon, his orders smuggled into London in Egyptian artifacts - like the trinket Agnes pockets, an action that will unleash a mystery, international intrigue - and possibly a curse) $8.99
Bradford, Laura Hearse and Buggy (Amish #1: PBO; New to Pennsylvania's Amish country, Claire has opened a store carrying Amish goods, and is slowly making friends, including Esther, her Amish shop assistant. When the store's former owner is murdered, the man Esther is sweet on becomes a suspect. Detective Jakob Fisher left the Amish as a teenager, and none of his former community will speak to him, but Claire's connections make her the perfect go-between as they try to catch the killer) $7.99
Broach, Elise Missing on Superstition Mountain (Superstition Mountain #1: Kids; Their parents have warned them not to explore nearby Superstition Mountain, but when their cat goes missing, the Barker brothers see no other choice. When they find three human skulls on the creepy mountain, they're determined to solve the mystery. Have people really gone missing over the years, and could someone or something be lurking in the woods?) $6.99
Brown, Sandra (ed) Thriller 3: Love Is Murder (Anthology; original stories by members of International Thriller Writers, Inc) $24.95
Browne, Robert The Paradise Prophecy (Agent Bernadette Callahan is on the trail of a serial killer with nearly supernatural abilities. She teams up with religious historian Sebastian LaLaurie; as they decode clues left in ancient texts, they stumble upon a conspiracy to bring about the Apocalypse) $9.99
Burdett, John The Last Six Million Seconds (April, 1997: Hong Kong is counting down to the end of British rule. When three heads are found floating in the harbor, Chief Inspector Chan Siu-kai grows increasingly frustrated as his investigation is hindered by the Chinese police and ignored by the outgoing British government. As he searches for the killers, he discovers cover-ups and conspiracies) $15.00
Burke, Alafair Long Gone (Alice Humphrey has finally landed her dream job, managing a new Manhattan art gallery for an anonymous wealthy owner. Then one day she arrives at work to find the gallery stripped bare, as if it never existed, with the body of the agent who hired her dead on the floor) $14.99
Burke, Jan Disturbance (Irene Kelly #10: Serial killer Nick Parrish's sons, now criminals in their own right, have a plan to spring their father from prison and kill the person who put him there: investigative journalist Irene Kelly) $7.99
Burton, Jeffrey B. The Chessman (Hidden forces are willing to kill any and all who stand in the way of untold billions. To toss the authorities off track, they borrow the MO of a serial killer who stalked Washington, DC, years ago. A brilliant ruse except for one minor detail: the real killer is not pleased. Former FBI agent Drew Cady finds himself sucked back into the case that almost took his life) $25.00
Callow, Pamela Tattooed (PBO; When a body is found on the outskirts of Halifax, tattoo artist Kenzie Sloan knows exactly who the victim is. They share a tattoo - and a decade-old secret. Meanwhile, the killer is waiting to make Kenzie his next victim) $7.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Age of Doubt (Inspector Montalbano #14: Inspector Montalbano encounters a strange woman who is interested in a yacht scheduled to dock that afternoon. Not long after she's gone, the yacht's crew reports finding a disfigured corpse. Also at anchor in Vigata is a luxury vessel with a somewhat shady crew. Montalbano begins to think the occupants of the yacht might know more about the man's death than they're telling) $15.00
Campion, Alexander Crime Fraiche (Capucine Culinary #2: When an automotive executive is found murdered in the kitchen of a famous restaurant, Paris detective Capucine LeTellier works with a trio of comical detectives, her food-critic husband, and her government-agent cousin to crack the case) $15.00
Carlson, Alyse The Azalea Assault (Garden Society #1: PBO; Camellia Harris has convinced a famous gardening magazine to feature one of Roanoke's most spectacular gardens. But the photographer they send insults most of the guests at his welcoming party, then turns up dead. When her brother-in-law is blamed, Cam decides to solve the murder) $7.99
Carter, Ally Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society #2: Kids; Kat is asked to steal the Cleopatra Emerald so it can be returned to its rightful owners. Three problems: the gem hasn't been seen in public in years; no one who holds it can keep it for long; and the emerald is cursed) $8.99
Chandler, Jessie Hide and Snake Murder (Shay O'Hanlon #2: PBO; When a klepto former schoolmate steals a strangely valuable plush snake, Shay and her friends wind up on the run from trigger-happy thugs, hightailing it from Minneapolis to New Orleans and back again) $14.95
Christopher, Paul Valley of the Templars (John Holliday #7: PBO; Holliday and his friend Eddie travel to Cuba in search of Eddie's mysteriously vanished brother, and find themselves desperately trying to stop a plot by a secret Templar cabal) $9.99
Connelly, Michael The Drop (Harry Bosch #17: Relentlessly pursuing two cases, LAPD detective Harry Bosch makes two chilling discoveries: a killer operating undiscovered in the city for decades, and a political conspiracy that reaches back into the dark history of the police department) $14.99
Craig, Elizabeth Quilt or Innocence (Southern Quilting #1: PBO; Retired folk art curator Beatrice Coleman has joined the Village Quilters Guild. She's enjoying the fabrics, designs, and friendly faces, but it all goes to pieces when the quilters become prime suspects in a crime) $7.99
Cussler, C/Brown, G The Storm (NUMA Files #10: In the middle of the Indian Ocean, a swarm of black particles attacks a NUMA research vessel, killing everyone aboard, while the ship goes up in flames. What Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala find when they reach the smoldering hulk leads them to a plan to permanently alter the weather on a global scale. It will kill millions - and it has already begun) $27.95
Cussler/Blackwood The Kingdom (Fargo #3: Hunting for a missing friend, Sam and Remi find themselves embroiled with black-market fossils, an ancient Tibetan kingdom, a lost landmass in the North Sea, Stone Age ostrich egg shards inscribed in a cryptic language, a pair of battles separated by thousands of miles and hundreds of years, and a skeleton that might just turn the history of human evolution on its head) $9.99
Daheim, Mary All the Pretty Hearses (Bed & Breakfast #26: Judith is trying to come up with a dinner menu that will suit a family of guests with endless allergies and aversions. The last thing she needs is another B&B guest who checks out - permanently. Or for her husband Joe to be arrested for murder when an insurance fraud suspect is killed with Joe's gun) $7.99
Darnton, Nina An African Affair (1994: The assassination of a prominent Nigerian politician leads New York journalist Lindsay Cameron to Lagos to follow a trail of corruption, drug smuggling, and murder) $16.00
Davis, Krista The Diva Digs Up the Dirt (Domestic Diva #6: PBO; When a TV crew bulldozes through Sophie's backyard, she finds herself digging up some serious trouble from her boyfriend's past) $7.99
Davis, Lindsay Master and God (A fire in first-century Rome leads to a lifelong friendship between Gaius Vinius, an imperial bodyguard, and Flavia Lucilla, a member of the imperial court who creates toupees for the balding Emperor Domitian. Together they watch Domitian's once-talented rule unravel into madness and cruelty, until those closest to him conspire to remove him) $25.99
del Arbol, Victor The Sadness of the Samurai (Spain, 1941: When the aristocratic Isabel becomes involved in a plot to kill her Fascist husband, she is betrayed by her lover. The effects of the betrayal play out in a decades-long violent struggle for power in both family and government, intertwining her story with that of Maria, who in 1981, during the attempted Fascist coup, is accused of plotting the prison escape of a man she successfully prosecuted for murder) $28.00
DePaul, Virna Shades of Desire (PBO; Special agent Liam McKenzie needs photojournalist Natalie Jones' help to catch a predator; the clues hidden in her photos draw them into a confrontation with a madman) $7.99
Desai, Kishwar Witness the Night (Costa First Novel Award winner. In a northern India town, a young girl is found severely beaten and barely alive, alongside 13 lifeless bodies. The local police accuse the girl of the murders, but social worker Simran Singh is convinced the girl is innocent, and goes in search of the truth) $15.00
Deutermann, P.T. The Last Man (When a young Israeli woman disappears, her boyfriend suspects her theory about the long-abandoned mountain fortress of Masada might be the cause. At Masada, he makes an astonishing discovery, and struggles to bring to light the treasures he believes are concealed there - unaware that there is a dangerous modern-day secret at stake) $25.99
Duns, Jeremy The Dark Chronicles: Free Agent / Song of Treason / The Moscow Option (Paul Dark #1 / #2 / #3: Omnibus reprint. It's 1969, and MI6 agent Paul Dark has spent the last 25 years betraying his country. When a would-be Russian defector turns up with information about a high-level British double agent, Dark goes on the run, only to discover that everything he believes in is a lie) $25.00
Eriksson, Kjell The Hand That Trembles (Ann Lindell #8: Detective Lindell investigates a severed female foot found in an area where most of the inhabitants are single men. But the owner of the house where the victim is believed to have lived is no longer able to answer questions) $14.99
Estleman, Loren D. Burning Midnight (Amos Walker #22: When a friend asks Detroit PI Amos Walker to help get a young relative out of a gang, Walker ends up in the middle of a Mexicantown gang war. As he tries to cool things off between the rivals, he realizes there's something else going on: an international conspiracy that threatens to make this local trouble blow sky-high) $24.99
Evanovich, Janet Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum #18) $8.99
Evans, Stephanie Jaye Faithful Unto Death (Sugar Land #1: When a man is found with his skull crushed, minister Bear Wells has no interest in playing detective. But every time he turns around, another facet of the investigation tangles with his own life - like the fact that the prime suspect is dating Bear's daughter) $15.00
Ewan, Chris The Good Thief's Guide to Venice (Charlie Howard #4: Charlie has vowed to give up his life of crime to write crime fiction full-time. Then a femme fatale burgles his prized first edition of The Maltese Falcon , and he finds himself blackmailed into committing a dastardly crime to get his book back) $15.99
Ferraris, Zoe Kingdom of Strangers (Katya Hijazi #3: The bodies of 19 women, unearthed in the Saudi Arabian desert, reveal that a serial killer has been operating undetected for years. The inspector in charge of the case is distracted by the disappearance of his mistress, which he can't report since adultery is punishable by death. He turns to Katya, one of the few women on the force, for help) $25.99
Fitzgerald, Conor The Fatal Touch (Commissario Blume #2: Blume and his associate Caterina investigate a death connected to a spate of muggings. When it becomes clear the victim was an art forger, enemies - and hidden treasures - begin to emerge) $16.00
Fleischman, A.S. Danger in Paradise / Malay Woman (Omnibus reprint; 2 hardboiled novels set in the South Pacific) $19.95
Forrest, C.B. Slow Recoil (Charlie McKelvey #2: Arthur Ellis Award finalist. When a friend enlists his help in locating a recent Bosnian immigrant who has disappeared, the bodies and clues pile up, and retired Toronto detective Charlie McKelvey finds himself a prime suspect in an increasingly obscure murder investigation) $16.95
Foster, Sara Beneath the Shadows (A year after her husband's disappearance, Grace returns to the Yorkshire village where it happened, desperate for answers. Are the villagers hiding something? As snowfall threatens to cut them off, she makes a terrible discovery. She has been looking in the wrong place for answers, and she and her daughter will be in terrible danger if they can't escape in time) $24.99
Freeman, Brian Spilled Blood (In affluent Barron, a scientific research corporation enriches its residents, while downriver in blue-collar St. Croix, victims of that company's carcinogenic waste struggle to survive. The bad blood between the communities escalates into open warfare when the daughter of the corporation's president is found shot dead and a St. Croix girl is accused of the crime) $24.95
Gardiner, Meg The Nightmare Thief (Jo Beckett #4: Forensic psychologist Jo Beckett and her partner Gabe Quintana are working a case when they bump into an abduction-in-progress, and find themselves nabbed by the kidnappers) $7.99
Gardner, John The Return of Moriarty (Reissue; What really happened between Moriarty and Holmes in Switzerland in 1891? Why is Holmes curiously uncooperative with Scotland Yard's inquiries? And why has Moriarty planned a grand meeting with the international crime syndicate?) $25.00
Garwood, Julie The Ideal Man (Dr. Ellie Sullivan is called to testify as the only witness to a crime committed by a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. But the couple has been caught before. And each time they get off, the witnesses disappear. Agent Max Daniels vows to keep Ellie safe) $7.99
Gibbs, Stuart The Last Musketeer (Kids; When Greg's parents disappear on a family trip to Paris, he does what any 14-year-old would: travels through time to rescue them. To do this, he must assume the identity of D'Artagnan, Musketeer in training, and unite with teens Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. But a powerful enemy is doing everything possible to stop him) $6.99
Gilstrap, John Damage Control (Jonathan Grave #4: PBO; The hostages: a teenage church group on a mission trip. The demand: three million dollars and no law enforcement. But when rescue specialist Jonathan Grave finds himself at the center of an all-out bloodbath, he realizes that someone within the US government has a deadly secret to protect) $9.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk Is a Mess (Monk #14: When Monk and Natalie return home from New Jersey, Natalie finds a dead woman in her bed - and investigators find marked money from a Federal sting operation stuffed under the mattress) $23.95
Graham, Bob Keys to the Kingdom (A murdered politician has left behind detailed instructions for his former aide, ex-Special Forces operative Tony Ramos, to investigate suspected Saudi complicity in the events of 9/11. Ramos uncovers a conspiracy, and must race to prevent a nuclear device from being detonated off the California coast) $7.99
Greanias, Thomas The 34th Degree (Sam Deker #2: The Pentagon sends Deker back in time to Nazi-occupied Greece to locate an ancient text with the formula for the ultimate weapon. He discovers that the SS is a front for an ancient organization working to establish a Thousand Year Reich in the 21st century) $7.99
Grecian, Alex The Yard (1889: Scotland Yard has only 12 detectives in the Murder Squad. When one of them turns up dead, the squad's newest hire, Walter Day, is assigned the case. He finds an ally in Dr. Bernard Kingsley, the Yard's forensic pathologist. Together they track the killer, who is clearly not finished with the Murder Squad; Signed copies expected) $26.95
Gross, Andrew Eyes Wide Open (When disaster strikes his brother Charlie, Jay Erlich is pulled back into his brother's past - into a labyrinth of secrets and lies. Jay is determined to uncover the truth) $9.99
Gruley, Bryan The Skeleton Box (Starvation Lake #3: A series of mysterious break-ins is plaguing the town, and worry turns to panic when a break-in leads to the death of a beloved citizen. Newspaper editor Gus Carpenter and reporter Luke Whistler set out to uncover the truth behind the death, and the break-ins) $25.00
Haas, Wolf Brenner and God (Forced out of the police, Brenner has taken a job as personal chauffeur for 2-year-old Helena, daughter of a Munich construction magnate and a Viennese abortion doctor. One day, Helena is snatched from the car. Abruptly out of a job, Brenner decides to investigate her disappearance) $14.95
Haines, Kathryn Miller The Girl Is Murder (Iris Anderson #1: YA; Edgar Award finalist. 1942: Her Pop is back from the war missing a leg, and 15-year-old Iris Anderson is dying to help him with his private detective work, especially when she discovers that one of the cases involves a boy at her school) $10.99
Hamill, Pete Tabloid City (In the 24 hours after a wealthy socialite and her secretary are murdered, an NYC tabloid stops the presses, a cop investigates the killings, a reporter chases the story, a disgraced financier flees the country, a veteran seeks revenge, and a young extremist plots catastrophe; audiobook) $19.98
Hamilton, Steve Misery Bay (Alex McKnight #8: The quest for a few answers about a suicide in Michigan's Upper Peninsula leads Alex into nightmare of sudden violence and bloody revenge, and a race to catch a ruthless killer) $14.99
Harrington, Kim Sleepover Stakeout (Sleuth or Dare #2: Kids; While babysitting, Marcy heard strange interference on the baby monitor that sounded like someone in trouble. Can Norah and Darcy's detective agency crack the case?) $5.99
Harrison, Cora Deed of Murder (Mara #7: 1511: Mara is celebrating her son's christening when she notices that some of her law students have left the party. The next morning, one of them is found dead. He was carrying an important document, now missing. But why did he choose to deliver it during the night? And what of the other missing students?) $15.95
Heaberlin, Julia Playing Dead (Tommie McCloud's life is thrown off its axis when she receives a letter from a woman who claims to be her biological mother, and that Tommie was kidnapped 31 years ago) $15.00
Holt, Anne Blind Goddess (Hanne Wilhelmsen #1: As they investigate a pair of murders, police officers Hakon Sand and Hanne Wilhelmsen uncover a massive network of government corruption - but exposing it may get them killed) $15.00
Housewright, David Curse of the Jade Lily (Mac McKenzie #9: There's been a theft at a local art museum - a valuable piece of jade with a history going back to the Qing Dynasty, rumored to bear a curse that has ruined or killed everyone who ever owned it. There's been a ransom demand. The only condition is that Mac has to be the go-between. When the murdered body of one of the thieves turns up in a snow drift, it looks like the curse has claimed its latest victim. And there may be more to follow; Signing at Uncle Edgar’s on Saturday, June 9, 1-2pm) $25.99
Hunter, Stephen Soft Target (Ray Cruz #1: On a Twin Cities shopping trip with his fiancee, ex-Marine sniper Ray Cruz ends up doing battle when murderous terrorists take over America's largest shopping mall on the day after Thanksgiving) $15.00
Hyzy, Julie Grace Among Thieves (Manor House #3: PBO; After one guest is shot and another is murdered, Marshfield Manor curator/manager Grace Wheaton can't seem to leave the sleuthing to the cops - especially since the killer is still lurking in town, waiting to make Grace history) $7.99
Jardine, Quintin Funeral Note (Robert Skinner #20: After a tip-off, a man's body is exhumed from a shallow grave in Edinburgh. He died of natural causes - case closed? Chief Constable Skinner and his people keep investigating. Who was the man, and who buried him?) $24.95
Joel, Maggie The Second-Last Woman in England (London, 1952: The depression is over, the war is over, even the rationing is nearly over. Her husband has an important job, her children are settling in with the new nanny; for Mrs. Harriet Wallis, life is going to be just killingly wonderful. And short: in a few months she'll become the second-to-last woman in England to be sentenced to death) $14.95
Kallentoft, Mons Midwinter Blood (UK title: Midwinter Sacrifice) (Malin Fors #1: When a man's mutilated, naked body is found hanging from a lone oak tree near Linkoping, Sweden, ambitious superintendent Malin Fors is assigned to the case. She and her team must identify the dead man, and hunt down a killer who has just begun his work) $25.99
Kane, Andrea The Girl Who Disappeared Twice (When her daughter is kidnapped, veteran family-court judge Hope Willis hires Forensic Instincts, a team of renegade investigators, to dig through the clues and find the girl) $7.99
Kane, Ben Spartacus the Gladiator (In writing this novel, Kane returned to historical source materials to create a new vision of the man who was Spartacus - Roman army auxiliary, slave, gladiator, and leader of an army of slaves that nearly brought Rome to its knees) $26.99
Kanon, Joseph Istanbul Passage (1945: Istanbul survived WWII by trafficking in secrets and lies. Now, as the espionage community begins to pack up, expat American Leon Bauer is given a routine assignment. When the job goes fatally wrong, Leon is plunged into a tangle of shifting loyalties and moral uncertainty) $26.00
Keene, Day Dead Dolls Don't Talk / Hunt the Killer / Too Hot to Hold (Omnibus reprint; 3 short thrillers offer variations on the theme of the innocent person caught up in murderous events) $23.95
Koenig, Joseph False Negative (Adam Jordan has a new job, writing for one of the last of the true-crime pulps. Only the case they've got him working on, involving a beauty pageant contestant found dead on an Atlantic City beach, is one some very powerful men would prefer to see covered up) $9.95
Lasseter, D/Bowers, R Date with the Devil (PBO; Nonfiction; Hollywood attorney David Mahler shot aspiring actress Kristin Baldwin and dumped her body in the desert) $6.99
Laurie, Victoria Vision Impossible (Psychic Eye #09: When the drone aircraft containing the military's digital photography software - which captures auras just like Abby can - is stolen, Abby goes after the criminals) $7.99
Loehfelm, Bill The Devil She Knows (Maureen Coughlin walked in on a tryst between a male coworker and aspiring politician Frank Sebastian. When the coworker turns up dead the next morning, Maureen searches for answers - while Sebastian threatens Maureen's mother) $16.00
Logan, Kylie Hot Button (Button Box #2: PBO; Chairing an international conference for button collectors is keeping Josie plenty busy. When the guest of honor is murdered, detective Nevin Riley needs Josie to help him solve the case) $7.99
Ludlum, R/Lustbader, E The Bourne Dominion (Bourne #09: Bourne learns that the Severus Domna cabal has targeted him for death - and that the assignment was given to Boris Karpov, his longtime friend and ally) $9.99
Makkai, Rebecca The Borrower (10-year-old Ian Drake needs librarian Lucy Hull's help to smuggle books past his mother, who has enrolled Ian in anti-gay classes. When Lucy finds him camped out in the library after hours, they embark on a crazy road trip. But is it just Ian who is running away? And should Lucy be trying to save a boy from his own parents?) $15.00
Martin, Kat Against the Sun (Raines #6: PBO; Bodyguard Jake Cantrell has a hunch there's something off about the shipment arriving at Marine Drilling. Sage Dumont is determined to prove him wrong, but her own investigation turns up details she was never meant to see, drawing Jake and Sage into a deadly web of deceit) $7.99
Masters, T/Lehto, S Drawn to Injustice (PBO; Nonfiction; wrongfully convicted of the murder of Peggy Hettrick, Masters served ten years in prison before being released and exonerated) $9.99
Matthews, Jeanne Bonereapers (Dinah Pelerin #3: Dinah had no idea that her fact-finding mission to the Doomsday Seed Vault in Norway would turn into a crash course in the politics of genetic engineering. Or that a dead body would tumble out of the hotel sauna into her arms) $14.95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez Southern Seas (Pepe Carvalho: Reissue; Eccentric businessman Stuart Pedrell disappeared not long after announcing plans to travel to the South Pacific. A year later, when he is found stabbed to death at a construction site in Barcelona, his wife hires gourmand gumshoe Pepe Carvalho to find out what happened) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Tick Tock (Michael Bennett #4: A bomb set in one of New York City's busiest places is discovered before it explodes, but relief turns to terror when the police realize it is just a warning of greater devastation to come) $9.99
Pelecanos, George The Cut (Spero Lucas #1: Iraq war veteran Spero Lucas is now an investigator, specializing in recovering stolen property, no questions asked. Hired by a crime boss to find out who's stealing from him, Spero tangles with a world of men whose amorality and violence leave him reeling) $14.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Line of Honor (Executioner #403: PBO; Bolan leads a team to Darfur to rescue a group of American medics being held captive by a Janjaweed war band) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Close Quarters (Stony Man #119: PBO; Stony Man goes after a mysterious new Islamic terrorist group that has kidnapped and brutalized Peace Corps volunteers working in Paraguay) $6.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Radical Edge (SuperBolan #150: PBO; When a group of neo-Nazis hijack a loaded tanker train to use as a high- octane weapon, it's up to Bolan to stop the speeding bomb and rescue the innocent hostages being used as human shields) $6.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Greatest Russian Stories of Crime and Suspense (Anthology; 19 stories, by Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Nabokov, Tolstoy, and more) $15.95
Perry, Marta Danger in Plain Sight (Amish #3: PBO; Libby Morgan left Lancaster County, and ex-marine Adam Byler, behind her. But when a friend needs help, Libby must return. And when an innocent woman is attacked, Libby and Adam will confront a danger more threatening than their growing passion) $7.99
Pilgrim, Kitty The Explorer's Code (The secrets of her ancestor's Arctic exploration journal lead oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton and archaeologist John Sinclair from Monaco to Turkey, Paris, England, and Norway in an attempt to find a long-lost property deed that is valuable enough to kill for) $7.99
Poole, Sara The Borgia Mistress (Francesca Giordano #3: As the enemies of Pope Alexander VI close in and the papal court is forced to flee from Rome, court poisoner Francesca Giordano joins forces with her lover, the brilliant and ruthless Cesare Borgia, to unravel a conspiracy that strikes at the heart of Christendom) $14.99
Robinson, Gina Diamonds Are Truly Forever (Agent Ex #2: PBO; Staci loves her husband Drew, but after her inability to lie nearly got him killed on a CIA mission, she filed for a divorce. When Drew learns that Staci's stepfather may be using her as a pawn in dealing with terrorists, he has no choice but to step back into her life) $7.99
Rohmer, Sax The Hand of Fu- Manchu (alternate title: The Si-Fan Mysteries) (Fu-Manchu #3: Classic reprint) $9.95
Rosett, Sara Mimosas, Mischief, and Murder (Ellie Avery #6: Ellie and her husband travel to a small Alabama town to attend his grandfather's funeral. But was his death the result of foul play rather than natural causes?) $7.99
Savage, Michael Abuse of Power (A maverick journalist works with a Yemeni intelligence agent and a veteran Green Beret to expose a powerful Islamic terrorist group) $9.99
Saylor, Steven The Seven Wonders (Roma Sub Rosa Prequel: 92 BC: 18-year-old Gordianus and his tutor embark on a journey to see the Seven Wonders of the World. At each of the Wonders, they encounter a mystery to challenge their powers of deduction) $25.99
Schreck, Tom The Vegas Knockout (Duffy Dombrowski #4: Hired as chief sparring partner for Boris, a Russian heavyweight contender, Duffy and his basset hound Al head for Vegas. Duffy befriends a crew of Mexican boxers at the gym; when he saves one of their sisters from being sold to Boris, a fistfight ensues, and Duffy inadvertently kills Boris. With the Russian Mafiya chasing him, he'll need some help to have a fighting chance of coming out alive) $14.95
Schrefer, Eliot The Deadly Sister (YA; Everyone thinks Maya murdered her tutor, except her sister Abby. After Maya runs away, Abby follows a trail of clues. The evidence points to Maya, but the tutor had secrets - and enemies. Is Abby getting closer to finding the killer? Or is someone leading her down a false path?) $9.99
Sefton, Maggie Unraveled (Knitting #09: When Jennifer's new real estate client is murdered, Kelly must unravel a tangle of clues) $7.99
Sefton, Maggie Cast On, Kill Off (Knitting #10: Kelly's knitting pal Megan is about to get hitched, and all the planning is falling into place - until the seamstress is found dead. Now it's up to Kelly and her fellow knitters to solve the case) $25.95
Shepherd, Lloyd The English Monster, or, The Melancholy Transactions of William Ablass (London, 1811: Two families have fallen victim to murder, and Charles Horton of the newly formed Thames River Police Office must deliver vengeance. Plymouth, 1564: Seeking his fortune, young Billy Ablass sets sail on England's first official slaving voyage, but on a Florida islet, Billy too will be enslaved. Two moments separated by centuries, yet connected by a crime that cannot be forgiven) $16.00
Siger, Jeffrey Target Tinos (Andreas Kaldis #4: Chief Inspector Kaldis investigates when the remains of two charred bodies are discovered chained together amid bits and pieces of an incinerated Greek flag. The victims are identified as gypsies - is it a clan war, a hate crime, or something else?; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Dog Who Came in from the Cold (Corduroy Mansions #2: A pair of New Age operators think Terence Moongroove's estate is just the spot for their Centre for Cosmological Studies. Literary agent Barbara Ragg has decided to represent a man who is writing a book about his time spent hanging out with the Abominable Snowman. And our endlessly surprising canine hero Freddie de la Hay has been recruited by MI6 to infiltrate a Russian spy ring) $15.00
Thayer, Terri Monkey Wrench (Quilting #4: PBO; Dewey Pellicano's preparations for promoting her quilt shop during the annual Quilters Crawl are interrupted when her assistant manager is implicated in a suspicious death) $14.95
Thor, Brad Full Black (Scot Harvath #10: When former US President Thomas Carver Banks is appointed Secretary General of the UN, the final phase of an intricate plan to destroy the US is set in motion. Harvath races to evade capture and discover who is behind the plot) $9.99
Todd, Charles An Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford #4: 1918: Overwhelmed with wounded soldiers from the French front, battlefield nurse Bess Crawford must now contend with influenza patients as well. Among the dead waiting for burial, she finds the body of a murdered officer. Before she can report it, she succumbs to the flu. By the time she recovers, the murdered officer has been buried, and the only other person who saw the body has hanged himself. Or did he?) $24.99
Townsend, Kari Lee Corpse in the Crystal Ball (Fortune Teller #2: PBO; When detective Mitch Stone's gorgeous ex-girlfriend arrives in town, disappears, and then turns up dead, Mitch is implicated in the murder. Psychic Sunny Meadows sets out to find the real killer) $7.99
Toyne, Simon Sanctus (Liv Adamsen #1: In a symbolic act, a man throws himself from a mountain known as the Citadel. Thanks to the media, his death is witnessed by the world. For the secretive monks inside the Citadel, it may mean the end of everything they have built, and they will break any law to prevent that. For reporter Liv Adamsen, it begins the next stage of a journey into the heart of her identity - and at that journey's end lies a discovery that will change everything) $9.99
Tripp, Dawn Game of Secrets (In 1957, young Jane Weld's father disappeared. Four years later his skull was discovered by the river, with a bullet hole in the temple. Rumor had it he was murdered by the jealous husband of his mistress Ada. Fifty years later, Jane and Ada get together for a casual game of Scrabble that transforms into a cat-and-mouse game of words long left unspoken and dark secrets best left untold) $15.00
Tyler, L.C. Herring on the Nile (Ethelred & Elsie #4: A cruise on the Nile is meant to revitalize Ethelred's mystery writing, but then dead bodies start littering the premises. There are any number of suspects, but for many of the boat's amateur sleuths, it seems increasingly apparent that Ethelred is the dastardly murderer) $14.95
Urban, Milos Lord Mord (19th-century Prague: Count Arco, a debauched womanizer, makes a lone stand against the destruction of the Jewish Quarter, with its Bohemian nightlife and whorehouses. He buys a house and refuses to move out, battling the corrupt officials at the Town Hall. Then the Quarter is rocked by a murderer - and Arco is distracted by a femme fatale whose heart he must conquer) $14.95
Wallentin, Jan Strindberg's Star (1897: Nils Strindberg crashes his hydrogen balloon during a North Pole expedition. 1942: Inexplicable experiments are performed on prisoners in German concentration camps. Present day: In an abandoned Swedish mine, Erik Hall finds a body wearing an ancient ankh. Religious symbol expert Don Titelman hopes to study the ankh, but finds Erik dead. Soon Don is being chased across Europe by a secret society that will do anything to get the ankh) $28.95
Webb, Katherine The Unseen (1911: Two new arrivals - a young woman sent down from London after entanglements with the law, and a young man of considerable charm and beauty - turn a peaceful Berkshire rectory into a hotbed of dangerous ambition, forbidden love, and jealousy - which ultimately leads to murder) $14.99
White, Kate The Sixes (When one of her students turns up dead in the nearby river, Phoebe Hall looks for answers, and finds rumors of past crimes and abuses wrought by a campus secret society) $14.99
Williams, Amanda Kyle The Stranger You Seek (Keye Street is given a chance to help catch a serial killer who has eluded the police for years - and who is now taking a terrifying personal interest in Keye) $7.99
Winslow, Don Savages (A pair of successful young Laguna Beach marijuana kingpins run into trouble when the Mexican Baja drug cartel wants in) $7.99
Yates, Alex Moondogs (Benny decides it's time to mend his relationship with his jet-setting father Howard, but when Benny arrives in the Philippines, he learns that Howard has been kidnapped by a meth-addled cabdriver and his villainous accomplice, a rooster. Howard's case is in the hands of a celebrated local policeman and a team of wizardry-infused soldiers) $15.95

Expected Mid June

Ampuero, Roberto The Neruda Case (1970s: Dying poet Pablo Neruda recruits Cayetano Brule to help him solve the last great mystery of his life, sending him on a whirlwind expedition, to Cuba and East Berlin then back to Chile, where Pinochet's coup plays out against the final revelations of the journey) $26.95
Billingham, Mark Bloodline (Tom Thorne #8: London homicide detective Tom Thorne must stop a killer who is targeting the children of victims of an infamous serial killer) $13.99
Billingham, Mark The Demands (Tom Thorne #9: Desperate to know what really happened to his son, who died in prison, Javed Akhtar takes the customers in his convenience store hostage, and demands that detective Tom Thorne reinvestigate the case) $24.99
Blaedel, Sara Call Me Princess (Louise Rick #1: When a young woman is brutally raped in her Copenhagen home, DI Louise Rick learns the victim met her attacker via a dating website, and pursues the man through the online dating world) $15.00
Brandon, Chase The Cryptos Conundrum (A copper sculpture stands in the CIA courtyard, emblazoned with an indecipherable message. One man knows exactly what it says. Dr. Jonathan Chalmers heads a CIA group tasked with containing the greatest secret our government has ever kept - and planning for its consequences. If Chalmers can't save us, nobody can) $25.99
Child, Lincoln The Third Gate (Jeremy Logan #1: An archaeological team is attempting to locate the tomb of Egypt's King Narmer, and his double crown, which supposedly possesses mystical powers. When a series of harrowing occurrences raise fears that the expedition is cursed, Professor Jeremy Logan is brought in to investigate) $25.95
Christie, Agatha Double Sin and Other Stories (Reissue; Classic Marple and Poirot stories) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories (Reissue; Classic stories featuring Poirot, Quin, and more) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Mr. Quin (Reissue; Classic stories featuring the enigmatic Harley Quin) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Parker Pyne Investigates (alternate title: Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective) (Reissue; Classic stories featuring the unconventional private investigator) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (alternate title: The Mousetrap and Other Stories) (Reissue; Classic tales, including the novella that was the basis for the longest-running play in history) $12.99
Cotterill, Colin Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach (Jimm Juree #2: Jimm has mixed feelings when a head washes up on the beach near their southern Thailand home. It's tragic, of course, but it could be the sort of sensational murder that would help her journalism career. Now all she has to do is find out who was murdered, and why) $24.99
Crispin, Edmund Glimpses of the Moon (Gervase Fen #9: Reissue; While house-sitting for friends, Fen is distracted from his writing by a dismembered body whose head keeps turning up in the most unlikely places) $14.95
Deaver, Jeffery XO (Kathryn Dance #3: Accidents have happened, and people close to popular country singer Kayleigh Towne have died. It's up to Special Agent Dance to identify and stop the stalker who is threatening the young singer) $26.99
Evanovich, Janet Wicked Business (Lizzy & Diesel #2: When a Harvard English professor is thrown off his balcony, Lizzy and Diesel take up his quest for the Luxuria Stone, an ancient relic some believe to be infused with the power of lust. But Diesel's no-good cousin is also after the stone; unabridged audiobook $32.00) $28.00
Evanovich, Janet Smokin' Seventeen audiobook (Stephanie Plum #17: Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but it's clear that Stephanie's name is on the killer's list. Stephanie faces further complications when her family and friends decide that it's time for her to choose between Morelli and Ranger) $14.99
Freemantle, Brian Red Star Burning (Charlie Muffin #15: MI5 doesn't know Charlie is married to a colonel in Russian intelligence - and neither do her superiors. When a frantic call from his wife reveals the secret, Charlie must lead a combined MI5/MI6 mission to rescue her and their daughter. But his higher-ups have other priorities than his family's safety. Now he'll have to outwit the Russians and his own government as well) $26.99
Furst, Alan Mission to Paris (Late summer, 1938: Hollywood film star Fredric Stahl is on his way to Paris to make a movie. A Nazi secret bureau has been waging political warfare against France, using bribery, intimidation, and corrupt newspapers to weaken French morale. For their purposes, Fredric Stahl is a perfect agent of influence, and they attack him. What they don't know is that Stahl, horrified by the Nazi war on Jews and intellectuals, has become part of an informal spy service being run out of the American embassy in Paris) $27.00
George, Kathleen Hideout (Richard Christie #5: When a young Pittsburgh mother dies in a hit-and-run caused by two young brothers, they flee to the summer community where they vacationed as children. As detectives Greer and Christie search for them, the brothers create a terrifying hostage situation) $15.99
Ignatius, David Bloodmoney (Someone in Pakistan is killing members of a new CIA unit that is trying to buy peace with America's enemies. Sophie Marx, a young CIA agent with a big chip on her shoulder, is assigned to figure out who's doing the killing and why) $15.95
Jay, Gerald The Paris Directive (Reiner's hit, on an American industrialist vacationing in France, is compromised when innocent people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. All evidence points to a local Arab handyman, but both Inspector Mazarelle and Molly, the daughter of two of the victims, have doubts, forcing Reiner to return to ensure they see things as he arranged them) $25.00
Kelman, Stephen Pigeon English (Lying in front of 11-year-old Harri is the murdered body of one of his classmates. Armed with detective techniques absorbed from TV shows, Harri and his best friend Dean plot to bring the perpetrator to justice) $13.95
Lawton, John Bluffing Mr. Churchill (alternate title: Riptide) (Frederick Troy: Reissue; London, 1941: Calvin Cormack of the American Embassy is in charge of finding an American spy who has fled Germany and bringing him to safety. When bodies begin turning up, and his MI5 partner is murdered, Cormack turns to Sergeant Troy of Scotland Yard) $14.00
Lee, Gypsy Rose Mother Finds a Body (Reissue; Gypsy's honeymoon trip with comedian Biff Branigan is interrupted when Gypsy's mom finds a dead body in their trailer's bathtub, and comes up with an outrageous plan to get rid of it rather than report it to the police) $12.95
Lindsay, Jeff Double Dexter (Dexter #6: Not pleased to discover that someone is shadowing him, observing him, and copying his methods, Dexter plans to deal with the copycat in his own pleasurable way) $14.95
Lovesey, Peter Stagestruck (Peter Diamond #11: When a pop diva's face is burned by tainted stage makeup, fingers point at her makeup artist. Detective Peter Diamond investigates when the makeup artist is found dead, pushed from a catwalk far above the stage) $14.00
Lovesey, Peter Cop to Corpse (Peter Diamond #12: Inspector Peter Diamond must track down a sniper who is murdering policemen; Signed copies expected) $25.00
Magee, Doug Darkness All Around (Risa's alcoholic husband Sean disappears; within days, her best friend Carol is murdered. Ten years later, Risa has remarried, and a man has been convicted of killing Carol. Then Sean resurfaces, sober, plagued by horrific recollections of the murder, and convinced he was the real killer) $14.99
Nesbo, Jo The Snowman audiobook (Harry Hole #7: Irascible Oslo police investigator Harry Hole becomes a pawn in a serial killer's terrifying game) $19.99
Nesser, Hakan The Inspector and Silence (Van Veeteren #5: When a girl is found raped and strangled near a secretive religious sect's holiday camp, Inspector Van Veeteren and his team are mystified when the sect members choose to remain silent rather than defend themselves. A string of new crimes challenges everything they thought they knew about the case) $15.00
Nunn, Malla Blessed Are the Dead (Emmanuel Cooper #3: With the local police reluctant to search for an adolescent Zulu girl who disappeared in the wild foothills of the Drakensberg, Detective Cooper plunges into the class-driven life of transplanted English aristocrats and the traditional world of the old Zulu chiefs. He must break the silence of the opposing communities and dig through their buried secrets to find out what happened to the girl, and why) $14.00
Pearson, Ridley The Risk Agent (Grace Chu is a forensic accountant, educated in the US and a veteran of the Chinese military. John Knox is a civilian trained in both combat and culture. Their mission: find out who is behind a kidnapping in Shanghai, and locate the hostages ahead of the deadline) $25.95
Piccirilli, Tom The Last Kind Words (Raised in a family of small-time grifters, Terry decided to go straight after his older brother Collie went on a killing spree. Year later, weeks before his scheduled execution, Collie contacts Terry, claiming that he wasn't responsible for one of the murders, and that the real killer is still out there) $26.00
Potzsch, Oliver The Dark Monk (Jakob Kuisl #2: 1648: In the thick of a blizzard, a town priest discovers he's been poisoned. With the last of his strength, he scratches a sign in the frost that will send the hangman, his daughter, and the town physician in pursuit of a Knights Templar treasure. But the priest's murderer and a band of thieves are also after the legendary fortune) $18.00
Quinn, Spencer The Dog Who Knew Too Much (Chet & Bernie #4: Bernie is invited to give a speech at a PI convention, but it's Chet that the PI in charge has secret plans for. Meanwhile, the search for a missing boy in the high country turns dangerous when Chet makes a find that sends the case in an unexpected direction) $15.00
Rees, J/German, L A People's History of London (Nonfiction; how London's poor and immigrant populations have shaped its history and identity throughout the ages, with radical ideas nurtured and revolutions planned in pubs, theaters, coffeehouses, and meeting places) $19.95
Russell, Sheldon Dead Man's Tunnel (Hook Runyon #3: Near the end of WWII, a military guard is killed by a train in the middle of the strategically important Johnson Canyon Tunnel. Hook is asked to help with the investigation. The evidence suggests either suicide, or homicide resulting from a love triangle, but Hook suspects something more sinister) $25.99
Rutherford, Alex A Kingdom Divided (Empire of the Moghul #2: The newly-crowned Emperor Humayun has inherited wealth and glory. But his brothers are plotting against him, and soon he will be locked in a terrible battle for the empire's very existence) $15.99
Sherry, Maureen Walls Within Walls (Kids; Hidden behind the walls in their Manhattan living room, and all through the house, are clues left by the long-dead Mr. Post. The scrambled words and poems take the Smithfork children on a journey through NYC in search of the Post family fortune) $6.99
Smith, Alexander McCall A Conspiracy of Friends (Corduroy Mansions #3: There's never a dull moment for the residents of Corduroy Mansions, but uppermost in everyone's mind is terrier Freddie de la Hay, who has disappeared while on a mystery tour around the Suffolk countryside) $24.95
Spillane, M/Collins, M Kiss Her Goodbye (Mike Hammer: 1970s: Recovering from a gunshot wound, Hammer returns to New York City to investigate an old friend's death, and is drawn into the hunt for a cache of Nazi diamonds) $13.95
Stashower, Daniel The Houdini Specter (Harry Houdini #3: Reissue; Still struggling to make a name for himself, Houdini sees an opportunity in exposing a medium's tricks - if only he can figure out how the man conjured a 'spirit' while tied to a chair by Houdini himself, and how the apparition was able to stab an audience member to death and then disappear) $12.95
Stroud, Carsten Niceville (Security camera footage captures the precise moment of young Rainey Teague's instant, inexplicable disappearance. Nick Kavanaugh is in charge of the search; he and his wife Kate find themselves drawn into a shadow world between life and death, where they will come face to face with an ancient malevolent power that lies beneath the town) $26.95
Van Draanen, Wendelin Sammy Keyes and the Night of Skulls (Sammy Keyes #14: Kids; After taking a detour through a graveyard, Sammy must figure out how three missing people, two human skulls, and one ghoulish embalmer add up. And Sammy knows that a classmate is guilty of beating up a man on Halloween night. Should she obey the law and tell the police? Or obey the junior high code and keep quiet?) $7.99
Winslow, Don The Kings of Cool (Prequel to Savages . The story of how Ben, Chon, and O became the people they are, from their parents' lives in 1960s southern California to their own lives in the recent past; signed copies expected) $25.00
Woodrell, Daniel Give Us a Kiss (Reissue; Doyle is running a family errand back in the Ozarks. The law wants his brother Smoke on a felony warrant, and Doyle's supposed to talk him into giving up. But Smoke is hunkered down with his partner Big Annie and her 19-year-old daughter Niagra, about to harvest a profitable marijuana patch. Doyle takes just one look at Niagra before joining his brother's scheme. Of course it means dealing with the law, and maybe worse - the Dollys, a criminal clan who have been feuding with Doyle's family for generations, want a piece of Smoke's cash crop, even if it means killing to get it) $14.99
Woodrell, Daniel Woe to Live On (alternate title: Ride with the Devil) (Reissue; 1861: Where young recruit Jake Roedel and his fellow secessionists in the First Kansas Irregulars go, no one is safe, no one can be neutral. Roedel grows up fast, experiencing a brutal parody of war without standards or mercy. But as friends fall and families flee, he questions his loyalties and becomes an outsider even to those who have become outlaws) $14.99
Zimmerman, Jean The Orphanmaster (New Amsterdam, 1663: Orphans are disappearing, and among those looking into things are 22-year-old trader Blandine von Couvering, herself an orphan, and dashing British spy Edward Drummond. Suspects abound, including the governor's decadent nephew, and the colony's own corrupt orphanmaster) $27.95

Expected Early July

Abbott, Megan The End of Everything (13-year-old Lizzie and her neighbor Evie are inseparable. Then Evie disappears. The only clue: a dark car Lizzie spotted driving past the two girls earlier in the day. Lizzie's search for the truth uncovers secrets and lies that make her wonder if she knew her best friend at all) $13.99
Adams, Ellery Pies and Prejudice (Charmed Pie Shoppe #1: PBO; Ella Mae's talent for enchantment led her to open the Charmed Pie Shoppe, but her old nemesis Loralyn is making trouble. Now Loralyn's fiance is dead. The murder weapon is Ella Mae's rolling pin, and she'll need all her magic to clear her name) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies (Darling Dahlias #2: Alabama, 1930: The ladies of the garden club investigate when rumors sprout that the town's newest visitors may be the Naughty and Nice Sisters from the Ziegfield Frolic, who specialize in dancing nearly naked) $7.99
Alden, Laura Plotting at the PTA (Beth Kennedy #3: PBO; Beth is determined to find out who used bees to send a stinging victim to her eternal rest) $7.99
Alfieri, Annamaria Invisible Country (1860s: In a Paraguay devastated by war, Father Gregorio discovers the dead body of a man who was a powerful ally of Dictator Lopez and his consort Eliza Lynch. A band of villagers, fearful of retribution for the crime, undertake to solve the murder) $25.99
Allbritten, Esri Chihuahua of the Baskervilles (Chihuahua #1: The eccentric staff of a paranormal magazine investigate a ghostly Chihuahua. Is the apparition really the deceased namesake of 'Petey's Closet, Where Dapper Dogs Shop'? Or is someone trying to teach a dead dog new tricks?) $7.99
Allbritten, Esri The Portrait of Doreene Gray (Chihuahua #2: When they were in their 20s, Maureen painted a portrait of her twin Doreene. Now the sisters are in their 50s. Doreene doesn't look a day over 25, but her portrait does. Only Angus and his crack team of paranormal experts, along with everybody's favorite Chihuahua Gigi, can solve the puzzle) $24.99
Allen, Robin Stick a Fork in It (Poppy Markham #2: PBO; Health inspector Poppy Markham thinks a restaurant serving last meals of famous death-row inmates just might be a hit in Austin, Texas - until the co-owner is found dangling from a noose in the dining room) $14.95
Barrett, Lorna Murder on the Half Shelf (Booktown #5: Bookstore owner Tricia Miles was looking forward to a free night's stay at Pippa and John Comfort's Sheer Comfort Inn - until she discovered Pippa murdered in the backyard, and learned that Jon is actually Harry Tyler, a man Tricia loved years ago - and believed dead) $24.95
Blackwell, Juliet In a Witch's Wardrobe (Witchcraft #4: PBO; Lily traces a young woman's sleeping sickness to a curse placed on a corsage. Then a string of poisonings in the Bay Area witchcraft community lead her to suspect that someone is dabbling in dark magic and deadly botany) $7.99
Blaedel, Sara Only One Life (Louise Rick #2: When a young Jordanian immigrant girl is found in Holbraek Fjord with a piece of concrete tied around her waist, Inspector Rick investigates. Was it an 'honor killing'?) $25.00
Blair, Annette Cloaked in Malice (Vintage Magic #5: PBO; The visions she gets from vintage clothes are starting to wear Maddie down. When an exquisitely crafted child's cloak reveals a decades-old case of kidnapping and murder, she enlists the help of her FBI agent boyfriend Nick) $7.99
Bonnet, Jacques Phantoms on the Bookshelves (A look at how our personal libraries reveal our true natures, written by a lifelong accumulator of books both ancient and modern) $17.95
Box, C.J. Back of Beyond (When his mentor and AA sponsor is found burned to death in a remote mountain cabin, brilliant but troubled cop Cody Hoyt is determined to find the killer. Clues link the murder to an outfitter leading an expedition into the remote corners of Yellowstone) $9.99
Charbonneau, Joelle Murder for Choir (Glee Club #1: PBO; The Prospect Glen High School show choir is a hotbed of cutthroat competition, and new coach Paige Marshall is getting an icy reception from students who doubt she can take them to first place. When one of her singers is accused of killing a rival school's coach, Paige must sort through a chorus of suspects) $7.99
Clark, Marcia Guilt by Association (When a colleague is found dead at a crime scene, Los Angeles DA Rachel Knight takes over his toughest case: the assault of a young woman from a prominent family) $7.99
Connolly, John The Burning Soul (Charlie Parker #10: Someone in his small Maine town has discovered that Randall Haight has a secret. Detective Charlie Parker is determined to find out who is tormenting Randall, so the past can be laid to rest. And when a teenage girl disappears, it becomes clear that there are other dark secrets in town) $7.99
Cook, Thomas H. The Quest for Anna Klein (1939: In NYC, Thomas Danforth is asked to provide a place where a woman can receive training in firearms and explosives. Thus begins an international plot to be carried out by Anna Klein. When the plan goes wrong and Klein disappears, Danforth's search for answers will span decades and continents) $14.95
Coulter, Catherine Split Second (FBI Thriller #15: FBI agents Savich and Sherlock try to track down a woman serial killer before she kills again. And Special Agent Carlisle sets out to learn the truth - why did her grandmother murder her grandfather 22 years ago?) $9.99
Crook, Jeff The Sleeping and the Dead (Jackie Lyons #1: Called to photograph the crime scene of the Playhouse Killer's latest victim, Jackie discovers that her new camera captures images of ghosts. It also points her towards clues the detective in her won't let go. Did the man she just started dating kill his wife? Is the Playhouse Killer someone she knows?) $24.99
Daheim, Mary The Wurst Is Yet to Come (Bed & Breakfast #27: Judith volunteers to help out at the state B&B booth during Oktoberfest in Little Bavaria. But before the beer begins to flow, she finds a dead body right. This time, Judith is determined not to get involved. Unfortunately, her reputation has preceded her) $23.99
Dando-Collins, Stephen Legions of Rome (Nonfiction; an award-winning historian presents the complete history of every Imperial Legion and their achievements as fighting forces) $35.00
de Castrique, Mark The 13th Target (When a detective calls to report Federal Reserve executive Paul Luguire's suicide, bodyguard Rusty Mullins doesn't buy it, especially after an agent from the Fed's cyber-security unit tells him about a suspicious bank transfer initiated by Luguire days earlier - a transaction that now bears Mullins' name. Someone is setting Rusty up; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Dolan, Harry Very Bad Men (David Loogan #2: Loogan finds a manuscript outside his door that begins, 'I killed Henry Kormoran'. Seventeen years ago, Kormoran and two other men were involved in a notorious robbery. Now someone is hunting them, and won't stop until they're dead) $15.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta (Midnight Louie #23: Hired to investigate the death of a rich woman's handyman, Temple finds plenty of greedy humans swarming around the woman. Temple thinks she's close to solving the case, but it becomes clear to feline detective Midnight Louie that there are more deaths - both human and feline - to come) $7.99
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Scotched (Liss MacCrimmon #5: When Moosetookalook hosts a mystery conference, a hated reviewer takes a swan dive off a scenic lookout. The conference is brimming with potential suspects. Can Liss figure out which writer belongs in the true-crime section?) $7.99
Forrest, C.B. The Devil's Dust (Charlie McKelvey #3: Running from a cancer diagnosis and violent memories, retired Toronto detective Charlie McKelvey heads for his home town. When the local police enlist his help in tracing an upswing in youth violence, he stumbles into the hornet's nest of the meth industry) $17.99
Gaus, P.L. Harmless as Doves (Amish-Country #7: No one believes that Crist Burkholder could actually be a murderer, despite his confession. So when there's news of two potentially related murders in an Amish community in Florida, professor Mike Branden and detective Ricky Niell head south to unravel the connection between the cases) $14.00
Gerritsen, Tess The Silent Girl (Rizzoli & Isles #9: Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles pursue a savage killer who leaves clues pointing to the Chinese legend of the Monkey King) $9.99
Griffin/Butterworth Victory and Honor (Honor Bound #6: May 1945: Cletus Frade and his OSS colleagues are fighting new battles against both old enemies and former allies. But their main concern is what might be the next world war, against ambitious Josef Stalin) $9.99
Grisham, John The Litigators (Law firm partners Oscar Finley and Wally Figg plan to use a pharmaceutical class action suit to get rich without actually practicing much law) $9.99
Guillou, Jan Birth of the Kingdom (Crusades #3: Now that Jerusalem has been lost to Saladin, Arn de Gotha can finally return home to his beloved Sweden. During his 20 years away, his homeland has been torn apart by warring clans, but Arn is determined to reunite it) $14.99
Gulli, Andrew & Lamia (ed) No Rest for the Dead (Over 20 bestselling authors collaborated to write this serial novel. All royalties will be donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 10 years after the murder of a museum curator, whose wife was convicted and executed for the crime, a skeptical detective gathers the other suspects, intent on uncovering the truth) $15.00
Hamilton, Steve Die a Stranger (Alex McKnight #9: When his friend Vinnie goes missing, Alex can't help but be worried. There's a crime war creeping into Michigan's Upper Peninsula, leaving bodies in its wake. Alex wouldn't have expected his friend to be involved, but when a stranger arrives in town looking for Vinnie, Alex finds out that the stakes are higher than he imagined) $25.99
Harper, Karen Mistress of Mourning (PBO; 1501: When Prince Arthur, the heir to the throne, dies under mysterious circumstances, the queen sends young widow Varina Westcott and royal aide Nicholas Sutton into the Welsh wilderness to investigate) $15.00
Harrington, Kim Framed and Dangerous (Sleuth or Dare #3: Kids; Norah's crush asks for help when money disappears from the school store right after his shift. Can Norah and Darcy prove his innocence?) $5.99
Izner, Claude The Assassin in the Marais (Victor Legris #4: 1892: When his business partner's home is burgled, the only item stolen is a decorative goblet. Then Victor discovers that two people connected to the goblet have been murdered, and launches an investigation that takes him through the underbelly of Paris) $14.99
Jackman, Mary Spoiled Rotten (Liz Walker's Toronto bistro is threatened when the body of her meat supplier is found dismembered. Her star chef becomes the lead suspect, then goes missing. Determined to get her chef back and clear her restaurant's name, Liz goes in pursuit of a ruthless killer) $11.99
Jackson, Lisa Afraid to Die (Montana #4: Two murder victims have been found. Both are women detective Selena Alvarez knew - and each is wearing a piece of Selena's jewelry) $7.99
Jance, J.A. Edge of Evil (Ali Reynolds #1: Reissue; With a divorce pending and her TV job taken by a younger woman, Ali Reynolds heads home to Sedona, Arizona, and launches a blog to reach out to others who have been similarly cut loose. When threatening posts begin to appear, she discovers that blogging can be far more dangerous than sitting behind a TV news desk) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Breach of Duty (J.P. Beaumont #14: Reissue; When an old woman dies in her home, torched to death by a fiend with an unknown motive, it falls to Seattle homicide detective J.P. Beaumont and his new partner Sue Danielson to get to the bottom of the crime) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Birds of Prey (J.P. Beaumont #15: Reissue; When former Seattle homicide detective J.P. Beaumont boards a cruise ship bound for the Gulf of Alaska, he finds that death is a conspicuous, unwelcome passenger) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Paradise Lost (Joanna Brady #09: Reissue; The desecrated body of a missing Phoenix heiress is only the first piece in a twisted and sinister puzzle which Sheriff Joanna Brady must solve. And the next item on the killer's agenda may well be Brady's beloved daughter) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Exit Wounds (Joanna Brady #11: Reissue; 18 dead bodies in a trailer put Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady on the trail of a killer whose monstrous obsession has its roots in the dark shadows of the past) $9.99
Kellerman, Faye Gun Games (Decker & Lazarus #20: The LAPD investigates when the suicide of a student at an exclusive prep school involves a stolen gun; the death of another student leads Peter Decker and his team to a group of rich students with a predilection for guns and violence) $9.99
Kellerman, Jesse Potboiler (Arthur is a middle-aged college professor. When his oldest friend, a thriller writer who also married the woman Arthur loved, is lost at sea, Arthur decides to reconnect with the widow. This sets in motion a surreal chain of events that plunges Arthur into a world of intrigue where no one can be trusted - and nothing can be taken seriously) $25.95
Kelly, Diane Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray (Tara Holloway #3: PBO; A minister who's using his mega-church as a tax shelter and a militant who's trying to turn Texas into a separate country are keeping Tara plenty busy at the IRS - and then there's sexy new agent Nick to think about) $7.99
Kepler, Lars The Nightmare (Joona Linna #2: The forensics team is sure a young woman drowned. Then why is the abandoned pleasure boat she's on still afloat, and why are there no traces of water on her clothes? The next day, a man is found hanging from the ceiling of his Stockholm apartment. It looks like suicide, but the ceiling is high, and there is nothing around he could have climbed on. Joona Linna must piece together the two mysteries) $27.00
Kingsley, Allison A Sinister Sense (Raven's Nest Bookstore #2: PBO; When a body is found in the back of Rick Sanders' truck, the hardware store owner becomes #1 suspect, and only Clara's psychic powers can clear his name) $7.99
Koryta, Michael So Cold the River (A documentary filmmaker investigates a mysterious billionaire's past, and finds a connection to a domed hotel, recently restored to its former grandeur, where a long-forgotten evil will stop at nothing to settle a decades-old score) $7.99
Lake, Deryn Death at the Wedding Feast (John Rawlings #14: In Devon for the birth of his child, apothecary John Rawlings learns that Lady Sidmouth's daughter Miranda is to marry the elderly Earl of St. Austell, who has a cruel reputation. As the wedding day approaches, John feels increasingly uneasy, and before long his worst forebodings are realized) $15.95
Larson, Nathan The Nervous System (Dewey Decimal #2: As NYC collapses into chaos, Dewey stumbles on information concerning a US senator's involvement in a prostitute's murder, and finds himself fighting for his life, pursued by private military contractors and the specter of his own past) $15.95
Laurie, Victoria Lethal Outlook (Psychic Eye #10: A mysterious lady asks Abby to help find a missing person, but Abby discovers that the woman's family won't put their faith in a psychic. Worse, they begin to suspect that Abby is interested in the woman's husband and might be to blame for her disappearance) $23.95
Lawson, Mike House Divided (Joe DeMarco #6: When the NSA records a rogue military group murdering two American civilians, they can't walk over to the Pentagon and demand to know what's going on. However, as the country's largest intelligence service, they have options - mostly illegitimate. DeMarco learns all too well just what the NSA is capable of, but he doesn't like being used, so he fights back) $7.99
Lief, Katia Vanishing Girls (Karin Schaeffer #3: For two years the 'Working Girl Killer' hunted in Manhattan, slaughtering nine city prostitutes. And now the fiend has crossed the river. PI Karin Schaeffer receives the call meant for her detective husband Mac. But there's something different about these latest atrocities that leads Schaeffer's unofficial investigation down strange and twisting paths) $7.99
Lipperman, Liz Beef Stolen-Off (Clueless Cook #2: PBO; A first date for food columnist Jordan McAllister goes very wrong when she ends up in the hospital, and her date ends up dead. The mystery of his death is linked to cattle rustlers who plan to make Jordan their next target) $7.99
Littlewood, Ann Endangered (Iris Oakley #3: Sent to a remote farm to rescue exotic animals after a drug bust, zookeeper Iris Oakley is determined to break the criminal pipeline that snatches rare animals from the wild. Then she discovers the dead body of a woman who escaped the bust, and two murder suspects from the farm invade her home, demanding information she doesn't have) $14.95
Lustbader, Eric Van Blood Trust (Jack McClure #3: A murder at the Fearington institute leads Alli Carson and National Security Adviser Jack McClure to the international slave trade and an Albanian crime lord with terrorist ties) $9.99
Lutz, John Pulse (Frank Quinn #7: PBO; Notorious serial killer Daniel Danielle disappeared ten years ago. But now his M.O. has reappeared. Is it a copy cat killer, or has the original made a deadly return?) $9.99
Mathews, Francine Jack 1939 (1939: When 22-year-old Jack Kennedy decides to travel through Europe doing research for his Harvard senior thesis, FDR asks Jack to be his eyes and ears, hoping to stop the flow of German money flooding the US to buy the 1940 presidential election - an election that Hitler wants Roosevelt to lose) $26.95
McIntosh, Pat The Fourth Crow (Gil Cunningham #9: Tied to St. Mungo's Cross by the cathedral, to be cured of her madness overnight by the saint, a young woman is found beaten and strangled in the morning. Who would flout the saint's protection like this? And who is stealing cathedral property? Gil questions cathedral staff and apprentice boys, pilgrims and tradesmen, but uncovers only more puzzles. And then there is another death) $25.00
McKinlay, Jenn Red Velvet Revenge (Cupcake Bakery #4: PBO; Local legend Slim Hazzard offers Melanie and Angie the chance to sell their frosted delights at the annual Juniper Pass rodeo. When the star bull-rider is found dead in the hay, the ladies realize there's a vengeful murderer on the loose) $7.99
McLaughlin, Staci Going Organic Can Kill You (PBO; Hired to handle marketing for an organic farm and spa, Dana Lewis ends up looking for clues, motives, and suspects when a Hollywood producer turns up dead during the opening weekend) $7.99
Meade, Glenn The Second Messiah (After he uncovers stunning evidence in a Dead Sea scroll, an archaeologist is murdered, and a parchment containing enigmatic references to two Messiahs is stolen. Archaeologist Jack Kane and Israeli cop Lela Raul find themselves on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of killers, as they search for the scroll) $7.99
Nesbo, Jo The Leopard (Harry Hole #8: Two young women are found murdered in Oslo, both drowned in their own blood. The police investigation is stalled, and the one man who might be able to help, Inspector Harry Hole, has lost himself in Hong Kong's opium dens. Yet when he is compelled to return to Norway, Harry's buried instincts begin to take over. After a female MP is discovered murdered, nothing can keep him from the investigation) $14.95
O'Connell, Carol The Chalk Girl (Mallory #10: The little girl appeared in Central Park, perfect - except for the blood on her shoulder. It fell from the sky, she said, while she was looking for her uncle, who turned into a tree. 'Poor child,' people thought. And then they found the body in the tree. Mallory, newly returned to the Special Crimes Unit, recognizes the girl as a kindred spirit. The case leads her to murders stretching back fifteen years, blackmail and complicity, and a particular cruelty that only someone with Mallory's history could fully recognize) $9.99
Patterson, J/Sullivan, M Private Games (Private #3: Private has been hired to provide security for London's 2012 Olympic Games. Hours before the opening ceremony, investigator Nigel Steele is called to the scene of a murder. Then reporter Karen Pope receives a letter claiming responsibility - and threatening greater devastation) $9.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Final Judgment (Executioner #404: PBO; Neo-Nazis seize a US courthouse, demanding the release of a WWII Nazi leader being tried for war crimes. Bolan is called to go in and eliminate the gunmen, but before he can finish the job, the jailed leader escapes - with hostages) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Fireburst (SuperBolan #151: PBO; When a deadly series of lightning strikes confounds experts, Bolan must find out who's responsible) $6.99
Penny, Louise A Trick of the Light (Inspector Gamache #7: Agatha Award finalist. The murder of Lillian Dyson brings CI Gamache and his team to the tiny Quebec village of Three Pines, where he finds the art world gathered to celebrate Clara Morrow's solo show. Nothing is as it seems, and even when facts are slowly exposed, it is unclear if what they've found is the truth) $14.99
Pronzini, Bill Hellbox (Nameless Detective #37: Nameless and his wife Kerry were visiting the Sierra foothills when Kerry went missing. In a small town with limited resources, a major case is keeping everyone busy. So with the help of his longtime associate Jake, Nameless begins a search that uncovers just what price the citizens in a town without pity might have to pay. When they follow the few leads they have, they come face to face with the Hellbox) $24.99
Reeves-Stevens, J & G The Search (A power-hungry man, seeking the origins of human civilization, sets out to penetrate the secrets of the McClary family, who are guardians of an ancient revelation) $7.99
Rendell, Ruth The Vault (Inspector Wexford #23: In A Sight for Sore Eyes , three bodies - two dead, one living - were entombed beneath a London house. Twelve years later, the house's new owner opens the grisly chamber. Only now there are four bodies. How did someone else end up there? And who knew the chamber existed? Wexford is called out of retirement to assist with the case) $15.00
Rollins, James Bloodline (SIGMA Force #8: A firebombing at a US fertility clinic reveals a group of women collected from around the world and enslaved to bear children. One woman lives long enough to give birth to a stillborn child; a genetic study reveals that the child has a triple helix of DNA) $27.99
Rutherford, Alex Ruler of the World (Empire of the Moghul #3: 1500s: Akbar, the third great Moghul Emperor, extends his rule over much of Asia, commanding tens of thousands of men, elephants, and innovative weapons. Despite the bloodshed which results, his empire is based on universal religious tolerance. But as his oldest son Salim grows to manhood, the relationship between father and son becomes tainted by rebellion, and by competition to be the greatest Moghul of them all) $26.99
Simmons, Dan Flashback (The US is near collapse, but 87% of the population doesn't care: they're addicted to a drug that allows them to re-experience the best moments of their lives. When an addicted ex-detective investigates the murder of a government advisor's son, he becomes the one man who may be able to change the course of an entire nation that is turning away from the future to live in the past) $16.99
Slaughter, Karin Criminal (Grant County #10 / Will Trent #6: The agents of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation dive into a shocking crime from 1975 to prevent an even greater terror from being unleashed on present-day Atlanta) $27.00
Snow, Robert L. Slaughter on North LaSalle (PBO; Nonfiction; in 2000, Indianapolis detective Roy West began looking into a cold case - a 1971 triple homicide - that few thought he had any chance of solving) $9.99
Speller, Elizabeth The Return of Captain John Emmett (Laurence Bartram #1: London, 1920: Old flame Mary Emmett's brother has apparently killed himself. Aided by his dauntless friend Charles, whose detective skills are cadged from mystery novels, Laurence looks into the death) $14.95
Speller, Elizabeth The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton (Laurence Bartram #2: 1924: Thirteen years ago, 5-year-old Kitty disappeared from her bed and was never seen again. Now, while Great War veteran Laurence Bartram is a guest at the Easton manor house, a young maid vanishes. When a body is discovered, Laurence is drawn into the estate's forgotten places, where deadly secrets lie in wait) $25.00
Takashima, Tetsuo Fallout (A sheet of paper with a diagram for making a nuclear bomb is sent to a California newspaper editor. A political writer in DC finds a message for 'Mr. Curly' awaiting him at work. Later that day, presidential advisor Frank Curly is found dead in a park from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound; in his hotel room is a dead 15-year-old girl, tied naked to the bed. Two men on opposite coasts, investigating seemingly unconnected events, unknowingly share the clues to a conspiracy that could reshape the nation) $14.95
Truman, Margaret Monument to Murder (Capital Crimes #25: While looking into a twenty-year-old murder case, an ex-cop turned PI uncovers a secret government organization whose contract killers murder in the name of patriotism. And he's just become their next target) $7.99
Unger, Lisa Darkness, My Old Friend (Hollows #2: Novelist Bethany Graves and her teenage daughter Willow get tangled up in a 25-year-old cold case after Willow spots a caver digging what looks like grave in the woods) $7.99
Verdon, John Shut Your Eyes Tight (Dave Gurney #2: When a young bride is gruesomely murdered at her wedding reception, retired detective Dave Gurney can't resist the challenge. He soon discovers that the killing is part of a latticework of complex conspiracies and sinister agendas) $13.99
Vichi, Marco Death in August (Bordelli #1: Florence, 1963: When a wealthy old woman dies supiciously, Inspector Bordelli investigates, with the help of his young protege, the victim's eccentric brother, and a semi-retired petty thief) $25.00
Wallace, G/Keith, D Firing Point (PBO; After both Russian and American submarines are mysteriously sunk under the polar ice cap, Captain Joe Glass and his crew head to the location to render aid, and discover that the incidents were not accidents. And the men responsible have yet to make their final move) $9.99
Warner, Penny How to Dine on Killer Wine (Presley Parker #5: PBO; When Presley ventures into Napa Valley to oversee a wine tasting, an unexpected death could leave a stain on her event-planning reputation) $7.99
Wortham, Reavis Z. Burrows (Red River #2: Ned Parker's plans for a quiet retirement are torpedoed by a phone call that leads him to a body in the Red River. He joins his nephew Cody's investigation; together they try to stop a multi-state killing spree) $14.95
Yoo, David The Detention Club (Kids; When nerdy Peter gets detention - along with the school bullies - he discovers this is a way to earn their respect. He comes up with a plot to become cool: get detention, and frame the popular kids so they get detention too. It almost works, until a thief starts targeting the sixth graders, and Peter becomes #1 suspect) $6.99
Zouroudi, Anne The Taint of Midas (Hermes Diaktoros #2: When crooked developers take control of the Greek island of Arcadia, the caretaker of the island's ruined Temple of Apollo meets a violent death. Hermes finds his old friend's body by the roadside, and resolves to find the killer) $14.99

Expected Mid July

Anderson, Howard Albert of Adelaide (Albert the platypus escapes from the Adelaide Zoo and sets out in search of the fabled 'Old Australia', a land of liberty and peace for animals. On his journey, he encounters a pyromaniac wombat, drunken bandicoots, and gun-slinging kangaroos, and discovers a skill for survival he never knew he had) $24.99
Andrews, Donna Some Like It Hawk (Meg Langslow #14: Caerphilly mortgaged its public buildings, and then the lender foreclosed. To thwart them, the town clerk has been barricaded in the courthouse basement for over a year, his stand made possible by an old tunnel leading from the basement to the town's bandstand. Then one of the lender's executives is found shot, apparently from inside the basement. Someone is trying to end the siege by framing the clerk; Meg sets out to find the real killer) $24.99
Baker, J.I. The Empty Glass (1962: Arriving at the home of the world's most famous movie star, Los Angeles County Deputy Coroner Ben Fitzgerald discovers Marilyn Monroe's diary, revealing a doomed love affair with a man she refers to as the General. In the following days, Ben unravels a wide-ranging cover-up in the aftermath of the star's 'suicide', and finds himself trapped in a deepening conspiracy) $24.95
Berney, Lou Whiplash River (Shake Bouchon #2: Shake's lawless past is far behind him - until a gunshot tears through his beachside restaurant. Now he's on the run again, faced with lawmen, con men, hit men, a beautiful but deadly FBI agent, and a murderous thug named Baby Jesus) $14.99
Brown, Sandra Lethal (Honor rushes to help the sick man her young daughter found in their yard, only to learn he's the man accused of murdering 7 people the night before. He promises they won't be hurt - and claims that Honor's late husband possessed something valuable that places Honor and her daughter in danger) $7.99
Burke, James Lee Creole Belle (Robicheaux #19: Dave is in a recovery unit in New Orleans, where a Creole girl visits him, leaving him an iPod with the song 'Creole Belle' on it. When she disappears, Dave becomes obsessed with the song and the memory of the girl. He goes in search of her sister, who later turns up inside a block of ice floating in the Gulf. Meanwhile, an oil well blowout in the Gulf threatens the bayous) $27.99
Cantrell, Rebecca A City of Broken Glass (Hannah Vogel #4: 1938: Kidnapped by the SS near the Polish border, Hannah is rescued by her son Anton - and her lover Lars, whom she had believed was dead. Injured during the rescue, Hannah works on a plan to escape Berlin, and searches for a Jewish friend's missing toddler) $25.99
Carter, Stephen L. The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln (President Lincoln survives the assassination attempt, only to be faced with impeachment. Abigail, a young black woman, is hired by a law firm to assist in Lincoln's defense. When one of the lead lawyers is murdered, she is plunged into a web of intrigue, politics, and conspiracy) $26.95
Castro, Joy Hell or High Water (While researching her first full-length feature, ambitious young reporter Nola Cespedes also becomes fixated on the search for a missing tourist in New Orleans; her work leads her into the darker corners of the city) $25.99
Dahl, Arne Misterioso (Intercrime #1: Detective Paul Hjelm joins an elite team assembled to find a killer who has been targeting business leaders. Navigating the murky world of the Russian Mafiya and the secret societies of Sweden's wealthiest citizens, they must also face the deep-rooted xenophobia that affects both police and perpetrator) $15.95
Disher, Garry Wyatt (Wyatt Wareen #7: Ned Kelly Award winner. Wyatt's newest job is a simple jewel heist. Wyatt prefers to work alone, but this is Eddie Oberin's job, and Eddie's very smart ex-wife Lydia has the inside info. With Wyatt's planning genius and meticulous prep, what could possibly go wrong? Plenty. And when you wrong Wyatt, you don't just walk away) $15.95
Duenas, Maria The Time In Between (Finding herself abandoned and penniless in Morocco, Sira reinvents herself by turning to her gift for creating beautiful clothes. Then, in the early days of WWII, she is persuaded to return to Madrid. She takes on a new identity, becoming the preeminent couturier for an eager clientele of Nazi officers' wives - and an undercover agent for the Allies) $16.00
Duffy, David In for a Ruble (Turbo Vlost #2: When Turbo, an ex-KGB operative turned PI, is hired to test the security of a billionaire's computer system, he discovers that a shadowy Belarus organization has its claws in the man's brother-in-law, and that the man's computer-whiz son is running his own million-dollar schemes) $25.99
Elliot, Jason The Network (In the months before 9/11, MI6 recruits former army officer Anthony Taverner to destroy a cache of Stinger missiles in Afghanistan, and to attempt to avert a catastrophe that the British and US intelligence communities are keeping secret from the public) $16.99
Fairstein, Linda Night Watch (Alexandra Cooper #14: The distinguished and wealthy Head of the World Economic Bureau has been arrested, accused of attacking a maid in his hotel. As the world watches to see how the scandal will unfold, Alex finds her attention torn between preparing the alleged victim to testify, and a murder case with ties too close to home) $26.95
Fantoni, Barry Harry Lipkin, Private Eye (Harry Lipkin may not be the best PI in Miami, but at 87, he's certainly the oldest. His latest client has a problem: someone in her household - someone she employs, trusts, and treats like family - is stealing trinkets and the occasional priceless jewel. Harry must figure out who before the thief strikes again) $24.00
Flint, Shamini The Singapore School of Villainy (Inspector Singh #3: Assigned to investigate the murder of a senior partner at an international law firm, Inspector Singh exposes the treachery of Singapore's high society) $25.99
Genelin, Michael Requiem for a Gypsy (Jana Matinova #4: To solve the murder of a prominent businessman's wife, Commander Matinova must travel to Berlin and Paris, and look back into the darkest period of Slovak history) $14.00
Gentile et al (ed) The Green Hornet: Still at Large! (Anthology; original crime fiction. In the 1960s, the Green Hornet and his partner Kato hunt public enemies that even the FBI can't reach) $17.95
Golemon, David L. Ripper (Event Group #7: A small cache of 19th-century notebooks is uncovered, with instructions for creating a mutant gene to turn an ordinary person into an aggressive fighting machine. When the formula is loosed in the Event Group complex, brother will battle brother) $25.99
Grebe, C/Traff, A Some Kind of Peace (Psychotherapist Dr. Siri Bergman lives in a cottage outside Stockholm. Terrified of the dark, she leaves the lights on when she goes to bed. When one of her patients is found dead near her cottage, she knows that someone has been watching her. As she begins to investigate with the help of a young policeman, nearly everyone in her inner circle becomes a suspect) $24.00
Gross, Andrew 15 Seconds (Henry is on his way to a convention when he is stopped for a traffic violation. When the cop is shot by a stranger in a speeding car, Henry is suspected of the killing. He turns to his friend Mike for help - but then Mike is killed, and again the evidence points to Henry. To clear his name, Henry must find out who is behind the plot to destroy him) $25.99
Hall, Tarquin The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken (Vish Puri #3: The father of a top Pakistani cricketeer dies during a post-match dinner, his butter chicken poisoned. PI Vish Puri follows a trail that leads from Delhi deep into Pakistan. The last piece of the puzzle, however, turns up closer to home. It seems that the one person who can identify the killer is the one woman in the world with whom Puri has sworn never to work: his Mummy-ji) $24.00
Hallinan, Timothy The Fear Artist (Poke Rafferty #5: A chance encounter on a Bangkok sidewalk catapults Rafferty into the margins of the war on terror; the opponent he faces is a virtuoso artist whose medium is fear) $25.00
Hamrick, Janice Death Makes the Cut (Jocelyn Shore #2: When Jocelyn's friend Fred Argus, a fellow teacher, is found dead on campus, the Austin police uncover evidence that he may have been selling drugs. Shocked by the insinuation, Jocelyn starts asking questions that make everyone uneasy. When she's attacked, she realizes someone is determined to keep the secrets behind Fred's death hidden) $25.99
Hansen, Ron A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion (1920s Manhattan: A woman trapped in a loveless marriage begins a torrid affair, and convinces her lover to kill her husband) $15.00
John, David Flight from Berlin (Berlin, 1936: A chance meeting leads British journalist Richard Denham and American newspaper columnist Eleanor Emerson into a treacherous game involving the Gestapo, the British Secret Intelligence Service, and a dossier that could destroy the Third Reich's leadership) $24.99
Limon, Martin Mr. Kill (Sueno & Bascom #7: On a crowded train from Pusan to Seoul, the brutal rape of a young mother sparks rage, pitting Korean witnesses against the US military. US Army investigators George Sueno and Ernie Bascom search in vain for the culprit, becoming entangled in the web of military apologists who deny that any US personnel were involved) $14.95
Loomis, Jon Fire Season (Frank Coffin #3: Frank is pulling double duty as detective and interim police chief in Provincetown. The off-season has just started, so the tourist town should be quiet, but it looks like there's a firebug on the loose. With a deputy who's terrified of UFOs, a severed head found in a lobster tank, and Frank's mom setting some fires of her own, it looks like Frank's going to be busy) $24.99
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez Off Side (Pepe Carvalho: Reissue; Pepe is set to retire, and live out his days enjoying the best food and wine Catalonia has to offer. The detective's plans are put on hold by Barcelona's world-famous soccer team: they've received a note saying that the center forward will be killed at dusk) $14.95
Morgan, Fidelis The Ambitious Stepmother (Countess de la Zouche #3: Reissue; 1699: The Countess is hired as chaperone for a woman's tedious stepdaughter, to get the girl to the exiled English Court in France, keep her a virgin en route, and marry her off. But the poisoning death of a fellow guest at the Court plunges the Countess and Alpiew once again into a dangerous investigation) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M I, Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett #5: Detective Michael Bennett hunts a master criminal who is terrorizing NYC - and targeting Bennett's 10 children) $27.99
Pollock, Donald Ray The Devil All the Time (Willard is a tormented WWII veteran, who can't save his wife Charlotte from cancer no matter how much sacrificial blood he pours on his 'prayer log'. Carl and Sandy Henderson, husband-and-wife serial killers, search America's highways for suitable models to photograph and exterminate. Spider-handling preacher Roy and his sidekick Theodore are running from the law. And caught in the middle of all this is Arvin, Willard and Charlotte's son, who grows up to be a good but violent man in his own right) $15.00
Rosenfelt, David Leader of the Pack (Andy Carpenter #10: Andy has always believed that his client Joey Desimone didn't commit the murder he was convicted of. So when Joey asks Andy to take his dog Tara to visit Joey's uncle in a rest home, he agrees. When Andy tries to explain why he's there, it jogs something in the uncle's confused mind that leaves Andy wondering if the old man holds the key to Joey's freedom after all this time) $24.99
Sierra, Javier The Lost Angel (An obscure Middle Eastern terrorist group, convinced that they are descended from angels, plans to bring about the end of the world. Central to their plan is kidnapping an American scientist whose research has led him to an extraordinary secret) $16.00
Silva, Daniel The Fallen Angel (Gabriel Allon #12: Gabriel's trip to Rome to restore a Caravaggio masterpiece for the Vatican grows complicated when he's summoned to St. Peter's Basilica, where a woman lies dead. The Vatican police have ruled it a suicidal fall, but Monsignor Luigi Donati has his doubts, and asks Gabriel to quietly pursue the truth) $27.99
Smith, April White Shotgun (Ana Grey #4: The FBI sends Ana to Siena, Italy, to investigate the half-sister she never knew she had, who is married to a coffee mogul with suspicious connections) $13.95
Spiegelman, Peter Thick as Thieves (An ex-CIA agent is the reluctant leader of an elite heist crew. They're planning a timed-to-the-minute scheme involving diamonds, money laundering, and extortion - and facing big problems due to loose ends and hidden agendas) $13.95
Stanley, Kelli City of Secrets (Miranda Corbie #2: San Francisco, 1940: When Pandora Blake is murdered at the World's Fair, her body marked with an anti-Semitic slur, Miranda investigates) $14.99
Tremayne, Peter Behold a Pale Horse (Sister Fidelma #22: AD 664: Fidelma takes a detour on her trip home from Rome when she receives word that Brother Ruadan is dying. She undertakes a treacherous journey to his remote abbey, where one murder follows another and a vicious war is in the offing. It's up to Fidelma to unravel a conspiracy before it's too late) $25.99
Vachss, Andrew Blackjack (Cross #1: PBO; A shadowy team of government operatives hires the Cross mercenary team to track and capture - but not kill - an elusive serial killer who has left a trail of eviscerated bodies all over the world) $13.95
Vittachi, Nury The Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics (Master Wong #3: Reissue; When crazed vegan terrorists take Shanghai hostage, only Master Wong can save the city, some visiting foreign dignitaries, and - perhaps most important - an extremely rare white elephant from the destructive passions of the ferocious tofu-eaters) $14.95
von Schirach, Ferdinand Crime and Guilt (Omnibus reprint; 2 short story collections) $13.95
Walker, Martin Black Diamond (Bruno #3: Attacks on Vietnamese market vendors, arson at a local Asian restaurant, subpar Chinese truffles smuggled into outgoing shipments - all of it threatens the Dordogne's lucrative truffle trade, and spells trouble for Chief of Police Bruno, especially after one of his truffle-hunting partners is murdered) $14.95
Walker, Martin The Crowded Grave (Bruno #4: When an archaeological dig looking for Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal remains turns up a distinctly modern corpse, Bruno's investigation leads to Europe's recent dark history of terrorist and counterterrorist tactics) $24.95
Wall, Carolyn Playing with Matches (Clea fled her hometown years ago in the wake of a tragedy; now she seeks refuge in the one place she vowed never to return. Staying with the kindly neighbor who raised her, Clea still cannot escape the ghosts of her past: the abandonment by her disreputable mother, and the truth behind that fateful night from long ago. A storm is coming, and it will blow the roof from the house, exposing the secrets that have been kept from Clea her entire life) $15.00

Expected Early August

Adams, Guy The Army of Doctor Moreau (Sherlock Holmes: Following a trail of corpses apparently killed by wild animals, Holmes and Watson stumble upon the experiments of Doctor Moreau. Tired of having his work ignored or reviled by the British scientific community, Moreau is building an army of beast-men, and planning to use them to gain control of the government) $12.95
Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Keeper of Lost Causes (UK title: Mercy) (Department Q #1: Carl Morck used to be a good homicide detective, until a bullet almost took his life. Now he's been put out to pasture with a stack of Copenhagen's coldest cases to keep him company. One case catches his interest. Five years ago, a politician vanished without a trace. The world assumes she's dead. Carl's colleagues snicker about the time he's wasting. But Carl may have the last laugh. Because she isn't dead - yet) $16.00
Alexander, Tasha A Crimson Warning (Lady Emily #6: An audacious vandal is creating turmoil in London, splashing red paint on the homes of the elite and then revealing the inhabitants' scandalous secrets. Lady Emily and her husband Colin must track down the culprit) $14.99
Archer, Connie A Spoonful of Murder (Soul Lover #1: PBO; After Lucky inherits her parent's Vermont soup shop, a tourist is found frozen to death behind the shop, and the chef is arrested. To save her business and her chef, Lucky will have to discover who iced the tourist) $7.99
Arsenault, Emily Miss Me When I'm Gone (When writer Eliza Waters dies in a fall, her best friend Jamie has no reason to suspect foul play - until she becomes Eliza's literary executor, and discovers that an unpublished manuscript, ostensibly about Eliza's favorite singers, is really about a murder in her family) $14.99
Arthurson, Wayne Fall from Grace (Leo Desroches #1: Edmonton journalist Leo Desroches' mother was Cree, and he understands the problems of Canadians of the First Nations. When he's assigned to cover the murder of a young Native prostitute, his article starts a chain of events that leads him to a much bigger story - one that could bring down the entire police department . . . or get Leo killed) $14.99
Barrett, Jackie The Devil I Know: My Haunting Journey with Ronnie DeFeo and the True Story of the Amityville Murders (PBO; Nonfiction; psychic Barrett reveals the details of her relationship with DeFeo, convicted of murdering his entire family, and his revelation of what really happened on that terrible night) $9.99
Barton, Beverly Don't Say a Word (PBO; The murder of a Chattanooga judge pairs homicide detective Julia Cass with FBI agent Will Brannock; their investigation soon unearths more bodies, all mutilated in the same way) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. As the Pig Turns (Agatha Raisin #22: It was supposed to be a pig roast in the village square, but an unpopular local policeman ended up on the spit. The man's ex-wife hires Agatha's detective agency to investigate - and then is murdered too) $7.99
Beaudoin, Sean You Killed Wesley Payne (YA; Teen detective Dalton Rev has transferred to the mean hallways of Salt River High to find out who killed Wesley Payne. To solve the mystery, he'll have to outwit bent cops and killer cliques) $8.99
Bebris, Carrie The Deception at Lyme, or, The Peril of Persuasion (Mr. & Mrs. Darcy #6: 1815: Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy investigate the death of a woman whose scandalous past left her with a child whose existence threatens the inheritance of one of her paramours and the reputation of another. And Mr. Darcy allies with Captain Frederick Wentworth to probe the circumstances of his cousin's death) $14.99
Black, Benjamin Vengeance (Quirke #5: Victor de Courcy takes his boat far out to sea. With him is his business partner's son, who becomes the sole witness when de Courcy shoots himself in the chest. DI Hackett and Quirke are investigating when a second death makes it apparent that some terrible secret is threatening to destroy the lives and reputations of some of Dublin's elite) $26.00
Blake, Heather A Witch Before Dying (Witchcraft #2: PBO; Hired by Elodie Keaton to clean up her missing mother's disorderly home, Darcy is shocked to find Patrice Keaton's body beneath the piles of old newspapers and knickknacks. Was it a crime of passion? Or were Patrice's troubles caused by the powerful wish-granting amulet she owned?) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Naughty in Nice (Royal Spyness #5: Agatha Award winner; Bruce Alexander Memorial Award finalist. Sent to Nice to recover the Queen's stolen snuff box, Georgie is thrilled when Coco Chanel asks her to model the latest fashions. Then one of the Queen's necklaces is stolen on the catwalk. Now Georgie has to find two priceless items - and solve a murder) $7.99
Brown, Sneaky Pie Sneaky Pie for President (Tiger cat Sneaky Pie takes time out from her writing to run for office, with an animal rights agenda that will keep ears perked and tails wagging all over the country) $26.00
Buckley, Fiona Queen Without a Crown (Ursula Blanchard #9: Happily married to Hugh Stannard, lady-in-waiting Ursula Blanchard is hoping to give up her undercover work for Queen Elizabeth l. But when Hugh unwittingly endangers possession of his ancestral home, Ursula is forced to take on a seemingly hopeless - but handsomely paid - private assignment) $15.95
Bush, Nancy Nowhere to Run (PBO; When she returns from lunch to discover that all of her colleagues have been massacred, Liv Dugan suspects the shootings are tied to her past - and to a package from her long-dead adoptive mother that she recently received) $7.99
Cain, Chelsea Kill You Twice (Archie Sheridan #5: A torture-murder took place over a period of hours on a sunny summer morning in a Portland park. Archie is investigating when he gets a call from a doctor at the mental hospital. Archie's nemesis, serial killer Gretchen Lowell, claims to have inside knowledge about the killing; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Carlisle, Kate Peril in Paperback (Bibliophile #6: PBO; Brooklyn is delighted to be invited to a birthday party at a Lake Tahoe mansion. Not only does the owner have a collection of rare paperback pulp fiction, but she's turned the place into a real-life fun house. Part of the fun involves a seance, but after the lights flicker, a guest is dead) $7.99
Carman, Patrick Floors (Kids; Each floor of The Whippet Hotel has its own quirks and secrets. Leo should know most of them - he is the maintenance man's son. But a whole lot more mystery gets thrown his way when a series of cryptic boxes are left for him, leading him to hidden floors, strange puzzles, and unexpected alliances) $6.99
Casey, Kathryn Deadly Little Secrets (PBO; Nonfiction; a cold-blooded Texas pastor killed the mother of his children) $7.99
Cheshire, Simon The Pirate's Blood and Other Case Files (Saxby Smart #3: Kids; With the help of his Thinking Chair, his sharp mind, and his two best friends, the boy detective tackles three cases: The Pirate's Blood, The Mystery of Mary Rogers, and The Lunchbox of Notre Dame) $6.99
Chesterton, G.K. The Complete Father Brown Stories (All the stories featuring the amateur sleuth, including two additional cases that were discovered in Chesterton's papers after his death) $18.00
Christie, Agatha The Golden Ball and Other Stories (Reissue; Classic stories of bizarre romantic entanglements, supernatural visitations - and murder) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories (Reissue; Classic Marple, Poirot, and Pyne stories) $14.99
Christie, Agatha The Under Dog and Other Stories (Reissue; Classic Poirot stories) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (Reissue; Classic stories of baffling crime and brilliant deduction) $12.99
Cochran, Peg Allergic to Death (Gourmet De-Lite #1: PBO; When an influential food critic dies from a severe peanut allergy after eating one of Gigi's signature dishes, debonair Detective Mertz smells foul play. It's up to Gigi to find out who tampered with her recipe) $7.99
Collins, Natalie R. Ties That Bind (PBO; When the first victim is found hanging from a tree, it looks like suicide. So does the next death. But a third death brings suspicion. As detective Samantha Montgomery digs into the murders, she uncovers her own family's past - and she could be the next target) $7.99
Connolly, Sheila Sour Apples (Orchard #6: PBO; Orchard owner Meg Corey never considered farm life dangerous, until her neighbor is found dead, apparently kicked in the head by a cow. When the autopsy shows the fatal blow came from a weapon, Meg must find out who had a beef with the victim) $7.99
Cook, Thomas H. The Crime of Julian Wells (When famed true-crime writer Julian Wells' body is found in a boat drifting on a Montauk pond, the death is obviously a suicide. But why would Julian Wells have taken his own life? And was this his only crime? These are the questions that first intrigue and then obsess his best friend) $24.00
Coyle, Cleo Murder by Mocha (Coffeehouse #10: Clare's Village Blend coffee beans are being used to create a love potion, to be sold exclusively online at Aphrodite's Village. When one of the website editors is murdered, Clare is convinced the killer is after the secret formula) $7.99
Coyle, Cleo A Brew to a Kill (Coffeehouse #11: Clare is using a coffee truck to sell her brew throughout New York's five boroughs when a fatal hit-and-run and a coffee bag full of contraband put her on the trail of a killer) $25.95
Crosby, Ellen The Sauvignon Secret (Wine Country #6: Virginia vineyard owner Lucie Montgomery heads to the Napa Valley, where she teams up with winemaker and former flame Quinn Santori to solve two mysterious deaths) $7.99
Culver, Carol Never Say Pie (Pie Shop #2: PBO; When a despised local food critic is found stabbed to death at Crystal Cove's outdoor Food Fair, no one is sorry to hear the news - except perhaps the main suspect, pie-maker Hanna Denton) $14.95
Cuneo, Michael W. One Last Kiss (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of ex-Marine bodyguard Chris Coleman, his mistress, and the brutal murders of his wife and two sons) $7.99
Dams, Jeanne The Evil That Men Do (Dorothy Martin #11: Dorothy and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, are on holiday when they stumble across the body of a man who appears to have fallen down a disused quarry. When they learn that the man was probably pushed, and that the police have failed to find any suspects or motives for the murder, Dorothy can't help but get involved) $15.95
de Jonge, Peter Buried on Avenue B (Darlene O'Hara #2: An Alzheimer's patient's confession - that he buried his partner in crime 17 years ago - sends the NYPD to a city park to dig up the body. But what they find is the skeleton of a 10-year-old boy, neatly dressed and ceremoniously buried. The pressure is on for newly promoted detective Darlene O'Hara to solve the case) $25.99
Doetsch, Richard Half-Past Dawn (DA Harper Keller awakens alone at home. He has a half-healed head wound, a hastily-stitched bullet wound in his shoulder, and a newspaper - with a headline reporting him dead in a car crash) $7.99
Doolittle, Sean Lake Country (Wade Benson didn't mean to fall asleep at the wheel; the crash killed Becky Morse. Five years later, Benson is in prison, but two men don't believe that is punishment enough. Darryl and Mike served together in Afghanistan. When Benson's daughter is kidnapped on the anniversary of the crash, and Darryl vanishes with Mike's car, the only thing a soldier can do is try to talk some sense into his comrade before the police arrive) $15.00
Doss, James D. Coffin Man (Charlie Moon #16: Tribal investigator Charlie Moon looks for a pregnant teenager. Did she run away, or was she taken, or is she hiding out somewhere?) $7.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a White Tie and Tails (Midnight Louie #24: Midnight Louie goes along as chaperone when Temple and her fiance Matt head to Chicago to visit Matt's family. When Louie is snatched, the catnapping's surprising motive leads back to Vegas, to a string of unsolved murders connected to magic - and ex-magician Max Kinsella) $24.99
Dunn, Matthew Sentinel (Will Cochrane #2: A message from an agent operating deep undercover sends CIA special agent Will Cochrane to Russia. His mission: infiltrate a submarine base and unmask a double agent - before the US and Russia end up at war) $25.99
Elkins, Aaron The Worst Thing (After being kidnapped in childhood, Bryan Bennett never wants to risk it again. When his boss sends him to Iceland to teach a corporate seminar on kidnapping and extortion, he must face his deepest fears) $7.99
Evanovich, J/Kelly, D Love in a Nutshell (To turn her parents' Michigan summer house into a B&B, Kate needs cash. To find out who's sabotaging his brewery, Matt needs a spy on the inside. He hires Kate, but there are a few problems: she despises beer; no one seems to trust her; and she's falling hard for her boss) $8.99
Finch, Charles A Burial at Sea (Charles Lenox #5: 1873: With English spies turning up dead on French soil, the government sends Charles Lenox on a secret mission to the Suez Canal. On the voyage there, a brutal murder puts him on the trail of a shipboard killer) $14.99
Francis, Felix Gamble (Jockey turned financial adviser Nicholas Foxton investigates when a coworker is murdered execution-style right in front of him - and 60,000 other potential witnesses - at the Grand National races) $9.99
French, Tana Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad #4: A man and his two young children are dead, and his wife is in intensive care. Mick Kennedy and his rookie partner think the case will be easy, but too many small things can't be explained. The half-dozen baby monitors, their cameras pointing at holes smashed in the family's walls. The files erased from the family computer. The story the wife told her sister about a shadowy intruder who was slipping past all locks; Signed copies expected) $27.95
Golightly, Walton Shaka the Great (Zulu #2: 1826: Shaka, king of the Zulus, is ready to move against those who resist his authority. But a new tribe has appeared - white men from across the Great Water, who claim they wish to trade. They seem puny and strange, but Shaka believes there is more to them than meets the eye. Obsessed with them, he doesn't notice the threat growing within his own court) $12.95
Gore, Steven Power Blind (Gage #3: The murder of a 'fixer' for the wealthy and corrupt puts PI Graham Gage on the trail of a conspiracy that threatens American democracy) $9.99
Gorman, Ed Blindside (Dev Conrad #3: Political consultant Dev Conrad knows that helping Congressman Michael Robards get re-elected is going to be tough. Robards' liberal voting record stands against him, and his staff seem resentful of Dev, which could doom the campaign. Then a campaign worker is shot behind the headquarters, and Robards' enemies claim he was involved) $15.95
Gregory, Susanna Mystery in the Minster (Matthew Bartholomew #17: 1358: Traveling to York with a deputation to claim a disputed legacy from the Archbishop, physician Matthew Bartholomew learns that several of the Archbishop's executors have died mysteriously, and that the codicil naming Michaelhouse as a beneficiary has disappeared) $14.95
Hillier, Jennifer Creep (A psychology professor knows she should break off her affair with a grad student, especially now that she is officially engaged to her longtime boyfriend. But she has misjudged the depths of the student's obsession with her - as well as his mental stability) $7.99
Hooper, Kay Haven (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #13: An investigator who uses her psychic abilities in her work, Jessie has long been plagued by something that happened to her as a teen. She's come back home to uncover the truth - and the ones responsible. Could her sister Emma's nightmares about girls being tortured and killed be connected to Jessie's quest?) $26.95
Ice-T / Radcliff, Mal Kings of Vice (After twenty years in prison, a former gang leader is back on the streets, determined to clean up the crime-infested neighborhoods that used to be his home, and guide his old gang to protect the city and its citizens) $7.99
Jagger, R.J. A Way with Murder (PI Bryson Wilde finds himself entangled in two deadly assignments, one for a young raven-haired attorney on the run, and the other for a pretty little dollface who is too mysterious to trust and too hypnotic to resist) $25.00
Jance. J.A. Judgment Call (Joanna Brady #15: Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady's personal and professional worlds collide when her daughter Jenny stumbles across the murdered body of the principal from her high school. The ensuing investigation reveals secrets no parent wants to hear) $25.99
Kaplan, Andrew Scorpion Winter (Scorpion #2: Once CIA, now a freelance spy, Kaplan is on assignment in Russia, disturbing a hornet's nest of assassination and political intrigue that could erupt into all-out global war) $9.99
Khair, Tabish The Thing about Thugs (Man Asian Literary Prize shortlist. With tales of a murderous youth redeemed, Amir Ali gains passage to Victorian England, his villainously shaped skull to be studied there by a phrenological researcher. Only Ali knows just how much he embroidered the story of his past in the infamous Thugee cult, so when a killer begins depriving London's underclass of their heads, suspicion naturally falls on the 'thug'. With help from fellow immigrants led by a shrewd Punjabi woman, Ali journeys deep into a hostile city in an attempt to save himself and end the gruesome murders) $24.00
Khoury, Raymond The Devil's Elixir (Sean Reilly #3: What if there was a drug, previously lost to history, capable of inducing an experience so momentous and unsettling that it might shake the foundations of Western civilization? What if powerful forces on both sides of the law launched a vicious pursuit to possess it?) $9.99
Koontz, Dean Odd Apocalypse (Odd Thomas #5: The magnificent West Coast property known as Roseland is home to a reclusive billionaire and his servants. And at the moment it's also a port in the storm for Odd Thomas and Annamaria. But there's more to Roseland than meets the eye, and Odd soon suspects it may be more hell than haven) $28.00
Koryta, Michael The Cypress House (Arlen Wagner has an awful gift: he sees death in the eyes of men before it strikes. So when he awakens on a train and sees the telltale sign in all his fellow passengers, he tries to warn them. Only one listens. The two abandon the train, but are soon stranded at a boarding house in the path of a hurricane. There they face much deadlier threats than the storm, and Arlen's gift warns that they'll never leave alive) $7.99
Kramer, Julie Shunning Sarah (Riley Spartz #5: When a murder victim is identified as a young Amish women, the police find it difficult to investigate. But TV reporter Riley Spartz finds a clue the cops missed, and uncovers a web of fraud and deception in the community, driven by motives as old as the Bible: sex and money; Signed copies expected) $23.99
Kuzneski, Chris The Secret Crown (Payne & Jones #5: Payne and Jones find themselves in a race to uncover the truth about King Ludwig II of Bavaria's death and his legendary treasure - and who would be willing to kill for it) $9.99
Levien, David 13 Million Dollar Pop (Frank Behr #3: Frank Behr is on an executive protection detail for a businessman with political aspirations. After a failed murder attempt on the client, Behr investigates - and wonders why the Indianapolis cops seem to be burying the incident) $7.99
Levine, Laura Pampered to Death (Jaine Austen #10: Off for an all-expenses-paid vacation at a spa, Jaine dreams of pampering, but discovers it's a strict diet joint. When a celebrity spa guest with a disgruntled entourage is strangled with a piece of kelp, Jaine has one week to locate the killer - and something decent to eat) $7.99
Limon, Martin The Joy Brigade (Sueno & Bascom #8: 1970s: Kim Il-Sung has vowed to reunite North and South Korea before he hands control over to his son, which means North Korea is planning to cross the DMZ. Sergeant George Sueno's mission is to prevent this by sneaking into the north to get his hands on an ancient map that details the secret tunnels running under the DMZ) $25.00
Lowell, Virginia When the Cookie Crumbles (Cookie Cutter Shop #3: PBO; Olivia and Maddie are at work on a gingerbread house modeled after the Chatterley Mansion when Paine Chatterley - presumed to be dead - arrives in town to claim his father's house. When Paine is found drowned in the bathtub, Olivia must unravel the prestigious family's dark past) $7.99
Lyons, C.J. Blind Faith (PBO; The murderer of her husband and son has been executed, but never revealed the location of their bodies. Now Sarah has returned to her home in the Adirondacks, to search for whatever remains of her loved ones. But what she uncovers is far more unnerving. Was the wrong man executed?) $7.99
Malliet, G.M. Wicked Autumn (Max Tudor #1: Agatha Award finalist. After a harrowing past in MI5, Max has found peace as a village vicar. When the unpopular president of the Women's Institute turns up dead, it looks accidental, but before long Max comes to suspect foul play) $14.99
Marrow, N/Hayden, L Angel (Angela, the survivor of a plane crash, is sure that she was murdered - before she woke up on the plane in a stranger's body. Reporter Dante Kearns is fascinated by her, and together they are going to find answers, even if they have to bring down a killer to do it) $7.99
Martin, Nancy No Way to Kill a Lady (Blackbird Sisters #8: Nora, Libby, and Emma are excited to inherit from their great-aunt Madeleine, until they find the house in a state of decay and all of Madeleine's treasures gone. Worse, the mansion has been hiding a grisly secret - a woman's long-dead body) $23.95
McFarland, Nora Going to the Bad (Lilly Hawkins #3: When her Uncle Bud is brutally attacked in her home, Lilly dives headlong into the investigation, using all her TV station's resources and her own considerable skills. But as she untangles the history of her uncle's misdeeds and betrayals, the killer is preparing to strike again) $15.00
McGrath, M.J. White Heat (Edie Kiglatuk #1: Half Inuit and half outsider, Edie Kiglatuk is the best guide in her corner of the Arctic. When a man is shot and killed while out on an 'authentic' Arctic adventure under her watch, Edie sets out to discover what these tourists were really after) $15.00
Miller, Stephen The Messenger (Daria, born in an Iraqi refugee camp and raised in poverty, is coming to the US on a journey of vengeance. Sam is a scientist who told the US government things they didn't want to hear, now discredited and an expat in his own country. In the next seven days, Daria will learn to question everything she's been taught. And Sam will learn that even evil has a human face) $26.00
Mogford, Thomas Shadow of the Rock (Spike Sanguinetti #1: When his old school friend Solomon shows up in Gibraltar, accused of a murder in Tangier, lawyer Spike Sanguinetti heads to Tangier to try to delay extradition. Solomon's boss at Dunetech, on the verge of financing an enormous solar-power site in the Sahara, wants the trial delayed. A Bedouin girl insists Dunetech is behind her father's disappearance. Spike must uncover the truth in a world of corruption and murderous lies) $25.00
Neggers, Carla Saint's Gate (At a convent on the Maine coast, FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan investigate a series of art thefts and the murder of a nun, and find themselves in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer) $7.99
Nesser, Hakan Munster's Case (Van Veeteren #6: When they win a modest lottery prize, four old men toast their good luck at a celebratory dinner, but one of them ends the day drunk, belligerent - and dead in his bed, stabbed 28 times. The investigation brings more questions than answers, until the man's widow confesses. Case solved - until the man's formidable neighbor disappears and then is found murdered. Van Veeteren's sidekick Detective Munster and his team chase clues that indicate the murders are linked) $25.95
Nez, Chester/Avila, J Code Talker (Memoir by the only Navajo code talker still alive. Includes the actual code and photos. During WWII, the Japanese cracked every code the US used, until the Marine Corps turned to its Navajo recruits to develop and implement a secret military language. They created the only unbroken code in modern warfare, and helped assure the US victory in the Pacific) $16.00
Ostlundh, Hakan The Viper (Four days after ruthless business consultant Arvid Traneus returns home to Gotland from a lengthy assignment in Tokyo, the maid discovers two dead bodies in the living room. At first, police detective Fredrik Broman assumes the bodies to be Traneus and his wife. But the male victim is badly disfigured, and his identity is up for grabs) $24.99
Patterson, J/Roughan, H Don't Blink (A New York reporter, investigating the gruesome murder of an infamous mob lawyer, receives a clear message as he closes in on the facts - back off, or die) $9.99
Patterson, James Nevermore (Maximum Ride #8: Kids; The two biggest threats that humankind has ever known are combining forces in a plot to destroy the world, and it's up to Max and the Flock to stop them) $17.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Lethal Diversion (Executioner #405: PBO; Terrorists have hidden a massive bomb in Detroit, and it's up to Bolan to find it) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Incendiary Dispatch (Stony Man #120: PBO; Vowing payback for the oil extracted from his family's territories, an embittered Norwegian industrialist is using remote-detonated incendiaries to set off massive oil spills around the world. It's up to Stony Man to stop him) $6.99
Potter, Russell Pyg: The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig (After winning the blue ribbon and escaping the butcher's knife, Toby tours the country, wowing circus audiences with his abilities to count, spell, and even read the minds of ladies (but only with their permission). He goes on to study at Oxford and Edinburgh - encountering Samuel Johnson, Robert Burns, and William Blake - before finally writing his own life story) $14.00
Reichs, Kathy Flash and Bones (Temperance Brennan #14: When a body is found in a barrel of asphalt near a speedway, Tempe learns that it may be connected to a pair of mysterious disappearances years earlier that the FBI never really investigated) $7.99
Rhodes, Dan Little Hands Clapping (Schmidt lives in a room above the bizarre German museum where he is caretaker. Along with the respectable Doctor Ernst Frolicher, his dog Hans, and a cast of grotesque and hilarious townsfolk, he finds himself involved in a crime so outrageous it will shock the world) $12.95
Ridpath, Michael Far North (Magnus Jonson #2: 1934: Two boys playing in the lava fields around their Icelandic farmsteads see something they shouldn't. The consequences will haunt them and their families for generations. 2009: The credit crunch bites. Savings have been annihilated, lives ruined. And in a country the size of Iceland, it isn't hard to draw up a list of those responsible. When bankers and politicians start to turn up dead, Magnus Jonson investigates. But the crimes of the past are catching up with him) $25.99
Robb, J.D. Celebrity in Death (Eve Dallas #35: Eve is having a reasonably good time at the bash celebrating a film based on one of her cases - until the actress who plays Peabody turns up dead in the swimming pool) $7.99
Rowen, Michelle Blood Bath & Beyond (Immortality Bites #1: PBO; When her fiance Thierry takes a job with the vampire council police, fledgling vampire Sarah joins him for his first assignment. In Las Vegas, they encounter a child beauty pageant contestant from Hell, and a vampire serial killer who threatens to expose the existence of vampires to the whole world) $7.99
Ryan, Annelise Frozen Stiff (Mattie Winston #3: When a beautiful investigative reporter turns up dead in a Wisconsin field - with detective Steve Hurley's knife in her chest - it'll take all of deputy coroner Mattie Winston's forensic skills to find the real killer) $7.99
Ryder, Brandi Lynn In Malice, Quite Close (When French expat Tristan Mourault becomes enamored with 15-year-old Karen, he 'rescues' her from her working-class home, staging her death to mask his crime. Years later, Karen is now 'Gisele' and lives with Tristan. She has married another man to keep up appearances, but when her daughter stumbles upon a cache of nude paintings of ‘Gisele’, Tristan's carefully curated world begins to crumble) $16.00
Sallis, James The Killer Is Dying (A burned-out detective, whose wife is slowly dying, is looking for a hired killer. The killer is looking for the man who took down his target before he had a chance. And a homeless boy is having the killer's dreams) $14.00
Sefton, Maggie Deadly Politics (Molly Malone #1: PBO; After learning that her niece is having an affair with a congressional chief of staff, and has uncovered suspicious campaign contributions, political consultant Molly Malone finds her niece murdered. Investigating further puts Molly in the crosshairs of a shadowy political group) 14.95 Shane, Trevor Children of Paranoia (Since the age of eighteen, Joseph has been assassinating people on behalf of a cause that he believes in but doesn't fully understand. The War is ageless, fought by two distinct sides - one good, one evil. The only unknown is which side is which. Sent to complete a dangerous assignment, Joseph meets a girl named Maria, and for the first time in his life his singleminded, bloody purpose fades away. Now he must run from the people who have fought by his side to save what he loves most in this world) $15.00
Slan, Joanna Campbell Death of a Schoolgirl (Jane Eyre #1: PBO; Jane goes to check on Rochester's ward Adele, and is shocked to discover that no one at the London boarding school seems concerned that Adele's roommate died under suspicious circumstances. She poses as the new German instructor, and soon uncovers several unsavory secrets - which may make her the killer's next target) $15.00
Smirnova/Goumen (ed) St. Petersburg Noir (PBO; Anthology; original stories set in St. Petersburg, Russia) $15.95
Smith, Brad Crow's Landing (Virgil Cain #2: After a day of fishing, Virgil's anchor pulls up a mysterious cylinder. His strange catch draws the attention of a crooked cop, who seizes both the cylinder and the boat. To get to the bottom of things, and get his boat back, Virgil teams up with the captivating Dusty, who knows far too much about the cylinder and the pure cocaine it contains) $12.00
Staab, Rochelle Bruja Brouhaha (Mind for Murder #2: PBO; Practical psychologist Liz Cooper and occult professor Nick Garfield may make something of an odd couple, but things get even odder when they try to solve a mystery while sidetracking a hex from a Santeria witch) $7.99
Stedman, M.L. The Light Between Oceans (1921: On an isolated island, a boat washes ashore carrying a dead man and a living baby. The lighthouse keeper wants to report the incident immediately, but his wife has lost her third child, and wants to keep the baby. Two years later, they return to the mainland, and are reminded that there are other people in the world - and that one of them is desperate to find her lost baby) $25.00
Stuart, Julia The Pigeon Pie Mystery (When Indian Princess Alexandrina is left penniless, Queen Victoria grants her, and her maid Pooki, a home in Hampton Court Palace. Alexandrina is befriended by three eccentric widows, who invite her to a picnic. When one of the guests dies after eating a pie Pooki baked, she becomes the #1 suspect. Alexandrina isn't about to let her faithful servant hang, and begins an investigation of her own) $24.95
Thompson, Carlene To the Grave (PBO; After years away, Catherine has returned to her home town, and discovered that James, her first love, is now divorced, and they can finally build a life together. But then she stumbles on his ex-wife - missing for three years, and now murdered) $7.99
Thor, Brad Black List (Scot Harvath #11: Deep inside the US government is a list. The president has final say over it. And once your name is on the list, it doesn't come off until you're dead. Someone has just added Harvath's name to the list) $27.99
Torgov, Morley The Mastersinger from Minsk (Hermann Preiss #2: 1868: Richard Wagner is completing his new opera when an anonymous note warns him that the premiere will be the date of his ruination. Then people involved with the production start dying. Can Inspector Preiss discover the author of the note in time to prevent the murder of Wagner?) $19.99
Tracy, P.J. Off the Grid (Monkeewrench #6: On a sailboat off Florida, Grace MacBride thwarts a murder attempt on retired FBI agent John Smith. In Minneapolis, homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth investigate 6 murders in the same neighborhood within 24 hours. There have been similar murders in other US cities, and the accumulated evidence points to a suspect that shocks them to the core - and puts the Monkeewrench team in the line of fire) $25.95
Tremayne, Peter The Chalice of Blood (Sister Fidelma #21: Ireland, AD 670: When an eminent scholar is murdered in his cell at the Abbey of Lios Mor, Sister Fidelma and her companion Brother Eadulf are summoned to look for the killer, and for the manuscripts apparently stolen from the scholar's room) $14.99
Westin, Jeane The Spymaster's Daughter (PBO; Frances, daughter of Sir Francis Walsingham, longs for the excitement of decoding encrypted messages and setting traps for agents of Mary, Queen of Scots. When Queen Elizabeth makes her a lady-in-waiting, Frances seizes the chance to prove herself) $16.00
Wetta, Stephen If Jack's in Love (1967: During the summer that he turns thirteen, Jack, a brilliant boy from a poor family, begins to think, as do most people in his Southern town, that his hippie older brother is responsible for the disappearance of the town's golden boy. To make matters worse, Jack is in love with the missing boy's sister Myra. Mr. Gladstein, the town's jeweler and solitary Jew, is Jack's only friend. Together, they scheme to win Jack Myra's love. But to do that, Jack must overcome the prejudices, both the town's and his own, about himself and his family) $15.00
White, Stephen Line of Fire (Alan Gregory #18: A new witness has the authorities reopening the investigation into the suicide of a woman named J. Winter Brown; the trail that leads back to psychologist Alan Gregory and his equally culpable friend Sam Purdy has turned white-hot) $26.95
Williams, Kate The Pleasures of Men (London, 1840: With a series of murders sweeping the city, 19-year-old Catherine begins writing stories about the victims - vulnerable young women on their own - and gradually the story of the murderer as well. Her obsession pulls her into the city's underworld as she unknowingly draws the killer closer to her) $15.99
Winter, Ariel S. The Twenty-Year Death (1931: The body found in the gutter in France led the police inspector to the dead man's beautiful daughter - and to her hot-tempered American husband. 1941: A hardboiled private eye, hired to keep a movie studio's leading lady happy, uncovers the truth behind the brutal slaying of a Hollywood starlet. 1951: A desperate man pursuing his last chance at redemption finds himself with blood on his hands and the police on his trail. Three separate novels, each penned in the style of a different giant of the mystery genre; taken together, they tell the story of an author whose life is shattered when violence and tragedy consume the people closest to him) $25.99

Expected Mid August

Benn, James R A Mortal Terror (Billy Boyle #6: 1944: When two American officers stationed near Naples are murdered, Billy is sent to handle the investigation. As the invasion at Anzio begins, Billy needs to keep a cool head as the killer calculates his next moves) $14.95
Burdett, John Vulture Peak (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #5: A massive sting operation to end trafficking in human organs sends Thai police detective Sonchai Jitpleechee to Phuket, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai, and Monte Carlo. But will it succeed in bringing down the diabolical Yip twins, Chinese queenpins of the international body-parts trade?) $14.95
Cleverly, Barbara The Blood Royal (Joe Sandilands #9: 1922: Just back from his trip to India, Joe Sandilands learns that he is now responsible for running CID, and also expected to take up the reins of the Irish Special Branch. As he deals with Irish terrorism and assassination attempts on politicians, he locks horns with a Russian princess who is running a spy network out of Kensington) $15.95
Cleverly, Barbara Not My Blood (Joe Sandilands #10: 1933: A phone call from a distressed boy - who might be an illegitimate son Joe never knew he had - takes the Scotland Yard detective to a Sussex boarding school, where a teacher has been murdered. Joe learns that a number of boys have gone missing there over the years - and their wealthy families have never asked questions) $25.00
Crider, Bill Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen (Dan Rhodes #19: Sheriff Dan Rhodes is called to the Beauty Shack, where Lynn Ashton has been found dead, bashed over the head with a hairdryer. Bu who would want her dead, and why?) $24.99
Fossum, Karin Bad Intentions (Inspector Sejer #09: Sejer must face down his memories and fears as he struggles to determine why a pair of troubled young men drowned in two local lakes) $13.95
Gomez-Jurado, Juan The Traitor's Emblem (1940: Captain Gonzalez rescues a group of German castaways. In gratitude, one of them offers him a strange emblem made of gold and diamonds. Years later, the captain's son receives a substantial offer for the object. He refuses to sell, but in the process learns its astonishing history) $14.00
Hiller, Mischa Shake Off (1989: A refugee whose family was murdered by extremists, intelligence operative Michel Khoury has one mission: the peaceful resolution of the Middle East conflict that upended his life. When his secrets turn deadly, he and his neighbor Helen find themselves pursued through London, Cambridge, Berlin, and the Scottish countryside) $24.99
Krueger, William Kent Trickster's Point (Cork O'Connor #12: Cork's wilderness bow hunting trip with Minnesota's first Native American governor-elect, Jubal Little, goes very wrong when Jubal is shot through the heart with one of Cork's arrows. Cork knows he's been set up, and as he works to clear his name and track the real killer, he recalls his long, complex relationship with Jubal, the Native kid who wanted to be a populist politician and grew into a man capable of treachery and murder; Signing at Uncle Edgar's on Monday, August 27, 5-6pm) $24.99
Lippman, Laura And When She Was Good (Heloise put her pimp in prison, and created a new life for herself, running an escort service from a quiet suburb. But another suburban madam has just turned up dead, and it's all too possible that the pimp is still lethal from behind bars. How far will Heloise go to protect her son and the life she's built for him?) $26.99
McCrumb, Sharyn The Ballad of Tom Dooley (Ballad #9: Laura Foster, a simple country girl, was murdered, and her lover Tom Dula was hanged for the crime. With the help of historians, lawyers, and researchers, Sharyn McCrumb visited the actual sites, studied the legal evidence, and uncovered a missing piece of the story that will shock those who think they already know what happened - and may also bring belated justice to an innocent man) $14.99
Odyssey, Shawn Thomas The Wizard of Dark Street (Kids; Agatha and Edgar Award finalist. Oona, born to be the Wizard's apprentice, wants to be a detective, and believes that logic is as powerful as magic. But when someone attacks the Wizard, Oona must delve even deeper into the world of magic to discover who wanted him dead) $7.99
Perry, Anne Acceptable Loss (William Monk #17: When a dead man surfaces in the Thames, a case involving a child pornography ring returns to haunt Monk. He and his good friend Oliver Rathbone set out to unravel the truth) $15.00
Rendell, Ruth The St. Zita Society (In a posh London neighborhood, a handsome valet is sleeping with both the lady of the house and her daughter. An au pair is hiding her employer's illicit affair - for a small fee. The haughty housekeeper for a princess of dubious origin is forming a society to handle servants' complaints. And a disturbed gardener believes a voice in his cellphone is giving him godlike instructions, which could endanger the lives of all the residents of Hexam Place) $26.00
Robinson, Cynthia The Barbary Dogs (Max Bravo #2: When failed writer Frank Kelly takes a leap off the Golden Gate Bridge, gay opera singer Max Bravo acquires his old friend's journal, and is soon following the dead man through a foggy landscape of artistic manias and romantic intrigues. Along the way, he encounters a motley group of crackpots, bohemians, and wily ghosts who refuse to stay buried in the Barbary Coast past) $14.99
Rotella, Sebastian Triple Crossing (A volatile rookie Border Patrol agent is recruited to infiltrate a Mexican crime family) $14.99
Rozan, S.J. Ghost Hero (Lydia Chin / Bill Smith #11: Hired to investigate rumors of newly discovered works by a Chinese artist killed in 1989, Lydia and Bill discover their client isn't who he claims to be, and that another PI is also looking for the paintings) $14.99
Russinovich, Mark Zero Day (Computer failures cause a series of apparently unrelated disasters, leading a former government analyst to suspect cyber-terrorism) $14.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Importance of Being Seven (44 Scotland Street #6: Bertie, about to turn seven, mislays his meddling mother Irene, and learns a valuable lesson: wish-fulfillment can be a dangerous business. Angus and Domenica contemplate giving in to romance on holiday in Italy. And Big Lou, usually down-to-earth, is overheard discussing cosmetic surgery) $15.00
Steiner, Peter The Resistance (Louis Morgon #4: Detective Louis Morgon finds evidence of a long-ago massacre of WWII Resistance members, unleashing a firestorm of danger, deception, and murder in the French village where he lives) $26.99
Thilliez, Franck Syndrome E (When an old friend develops a case of spontaneous blindness after watching a rare and violent film from the 1950s, detective Lucie Hennebelle discovers that there are unspeakably heinous subliminal images embedded in the film. When nearly everyone who comes in contact with the film starts turning up dead, she enlists the help of Paris police inspector Franck Sharko, who is exploring the film's connection to five murdered men left in the woods) $26.95
Tope, Rebecca A Dirty Death (Den Cooper #1: Reissue; When irascible Guy Beardon is found dead in his slurry pit, only his daughter suspects foul play. Then two more deaths occur, unmistakably murders. For policeman Den Cooper, the difficulty lies in discovering which of Guy's many enemies hated him enough to want him dead, and then went on killing to conceal the truth) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca Death of a Friend (Den Cooper #2: Reissue; When a herdsman's body is discovered, DS Den Cooper is happy to make Gordon Hillcock prime suspect. It's no secret that Gordon and the victim were enemies; besides, Den's fiancee Lilah dumped him for Glen. But how far will Lilah go to ensure that Den directs his suspicions elsewhere?) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca A Death to Record (Den Cooper #3: Reissue; Head-butted by a horse as she protested the local hunt, Nina's death was ruled an accident. But when another protester is found trampled to death, the blows are so precise that they could only have been delivered by a horse with an expert rider. Detective Den Cooper must crack open an insular, divided community to solve the case) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca Dark Undertakings (Slocombe #1: Reissue; Jim Lapsford was the picture of health, but his GP is convinced he succumbed to a heart attack. Trainee undertaker Drew Slocombe is convinced there's enough conflicting medical evidence to merit a coroner's inquest. Jim's personal life supplies plenty of suspects, but Drew has only a few days before the cremation to find some proof) $16.95
Ward, Amanda Eyre Close Your Eyes (Laura is finally coming to terms with childhood tragedy: her mother's murder at the hands of her father. As she begins to peek under the floorboards of carefully constructed memories, she begins to question the version of her family's past she has clung to so fiercely) $15.00

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