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Newsletter #95 September November, 2011


Mystery Scene #119 (Articles about Karin Slaughter, Jeff Abbott, Mary Stewart; Lawrence Block remembers Mickey Spillane; sequels, prequels, and pastiches; more) $7.50
Adams, Jeanne Deadly Little Secrets (PBO; Security expert Gates Bromley's number one priority is protecting art collector Dav Gianikopolis, but he finds himself distracted when he joins forces with CIA Agent Ana Burton. Which could be deadly when word gets out that she's reopened a case involving stolen art and five brutal murders) $6.99
Alden, Jami Beg for Mercy (When Megan Flynn insinuates herself into the most shockingly brutal murder case Seattle detective Cole Williams has ever worked, Cole will do whatever it takes to bring down a madman who has made Megan his most coveted prey) $7.99
Alexander/Bruning How to Break a Terrorist (Nonfiction; the first inside look at the US military's success in using brains instead of brutality to get the information needed to take down Abu Musab al Zarqawi) $14.99
Anderson, Lin The Reborn (Rhona MacLeod #7: When the body of a pregnant teenager is found with the full-term fetus surgically removed, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is called in to assist the police. The investigation leads to a group of pregnant teenage girls; then a second girl from the group is found dead) $12.95
Arjouni, Jakob Kismet (Kemal Kayankaya #1: Reissue; Getting work isn't easy when you're a Turkish immigrant raised in Germany. So Kayankaya takes the job when his friend Romario asks for help with thugs demanding protection money. Turns out the thugs are Croatian nationalists looking to take over the Frankfurt rackets - and they don't take kindly to interference) $15.00
Arjouni, Jakob Happy Birthday, Turk! (Kemal Kayankaya #2: Reissue; When a Turkish laborer is stabbed to death in Frankfurt's red light district, the local police see no need to work overtime. The laborer's wife turns to Turkish PI Kayankaya for help) $14.95
Arjouni, Jakob More Beer (alternate title: And Drink Still More!) (Kemal Kayankaya #3: Reissue; Hired to defend four eco-terrorists charged with murdering a chemical plant owner, Turkish PI Kayankaya finds himself stuck in the middle of Germany's culture wars) $14.95
Arjouni, Jakob One Man, One Murder (alternate title: One Death to Die) (Kemal Kayankaya #4: Reissue; To rescue a kidnapped prostitute, Turkish PI Kayankaya must face some of Germany's most depraved and dangerous criminals. Fortunately, some of them are his friends) $14.95
Aykol, Esmahan Hotel Bosphorus (When the director of a film starring her old school friend Petra is found murdered in his Istanbul hotel room, mystery bookstore owner Kati Hirschel starts her own maverick investigation) $14.95
Banks, Ray Beast of Burden (Cal Innes #4: Barely able to speak after a drug-related stroke, PI Cal Innes' life gets even worse: Manchester gangster Morris Tiernan's no-good son is missing, and Cal is the only one Morris trusts to conduct the search) $25.00
Bannister, Jo Death in High Places (Two friends set out to climb treacherous Anarchy Ridge, but only one makes it down alive. Unjustly blamed for the death by his friend's grieving father, the survivor must run for his life) $25.99
Barclay, Linwood The Accident (When his wife dies in a drunk-driving accident she caused, Glen Carver is left with a daughter to raise and a lot of questions. Because his wife wasn't a drinker, and she wasn't supposed to be on the road when she died) $25.00
Barrington, James Overkill (Paul Richter #1: Reissue; The Cold War is over, but Russia's nukes are still in place. And when an emissary from a terrorist group makes a disaffected Russian minister an offer he can't refuse, maverick agent Paul Richter finds himself up against a mastermind determined to bomb America back into the Stone Age) $9.99
Barrington, James Pandemic (Paul Richter #2: Reissue; The search for the source of a deadly bioweapon leads maverick British agent Paul Richter to a decades-old secret that the CIA is working hard to keep covered up) $9.99
Barrington, James Foxbat (Paul Richter #3: Western intelligence agencies suspect that Algeria might be planning an attack on Libya or Morocco, and that they might be keeping new aircraft or weapon systems in a guarded hangar. Maverick British agent Paul Richter is assigned to get a look inside the building) $9.99
Beil, Michael The Ring of Rocamadour (Red Blazer Girls #1: Kids; Three schoolgirls decide to help out a weird lady, and find themselves on a scavenger hunt set up for a girl they never met. They end up hiding under tables, tackling word puzzles and geometry equations, and searching rather moldy storage rooms for a legendary ring reputed to grant wishes) $6.99
Beil, Michael The Vanishing Violin (Red Blazer Girls #2: Kids; The girls must follow a trail of cryptic clues, involving everything from logic to literature, to trace a rare violin gone missing. But nothing is as it appears, and just as a solution seems imminent, the girls find themselves scrambling to save the man who was once their prime suspect) $7.99
Blaedel, Sara Call Me Princess (When a young woman is brutally raped in her Copenhagen home, DI Louise Rick learns the victim met her attacker via a dating website, and pursues the man through the online dating world) $25.00
Bork, Lisa In Sickness and in Death (Broken Vows #3: PBO; Ray brings home Danny, a new foster child. Following the boy's brief joyride in a car he says is his dad's, Ray finds a woman's arm in the trunk. While he tries to ID the victim, Jolene tries to find out if Danny's father was responsible) $14.95
Bowen, Gail The Nesting Dolls (Joanne Kilbourn #12: A woman hands her baby to Delia Wainberg's daughter and disappears. One look at the boy suggests there might be a relationship, and the truth comes out about the child Delia gave up for adoption years ago. When the baby's mother is found murdered, Joanne investigates) $14.95
Brammer, Rod Dismissed Dead (Keith Finlay #2: PBO; Sent to smuggle a secret bullet prototype out of Germany, Finlay is captured on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall, and taken to Russia for interrogation. Presumed dead by those at home, Finlay faces his toughest challenge yet) $12.95
Bruce, Alison The Calling (Gary Goodhew #3: Kaye Whiting went shopping and didn't come back. A call is made to the station to say that Kaye is alive, and that a man named Peter Walsh is responsible. Why does Mr. Walsh not seem surprised to see DC Goodhew on his doorstep? And who is the woman who goes to the same diner every day to watch Mr. Walsh walk out of his building with his new lover?) $25.00
Buckley, Michael National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society (NERDS #1: Kids; A group of misfits uses cutting-edge science to transform their nerdy qualities into incredible abilities, and run a spy network from inside their school. Can they foil the evil Dr. Jigsaw, whose plan to reunite the continents will lead to massive destruction?) $6.95
Buckley, Michael M Is for Mama's Boy (NERDS #2: Kids; Led by Duncan 'Gluestick' Dewey, the NERDS team uses brainpower rather than gadgets when they face off against supervillain Simon, his band of savage squirrels, and middle-aged computer genius Albert) $6.95
Burley, W.J. The Wycliffe Novels (Omnibus reprint; first 5 novels in the British police procedural series, Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy / Wycliffe and How to Kill a Cat / Wycliffe and the Guilt Edged Alibi / Wycliffe and Death in a Salubrious Place / Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street, originally published 1968-1974) $24.95
Campbell, Karen The Twilight Time (Anna Cameron #1: Someone is carving up the faces of Glasgow prostitutes, an old man has been brutally killed, and racist violence is on the rise. New sergeant Anna Cameron must deal with all this, as well as tensions and back-stabbing within her own team) $12.95
Campbell, Karen After the Fire (Anna Cameron #2: Newly qualified as a firearms officer, Jamie Worth shoots and kills a teenage girl who appears to have been unarmed. Guilt-stricken and horrified, he finds himself accused of murder. Can his wife Cath and his cop ex-lover Anna Cameron come to terms with what has happened?) $12.95
Carr, John Dickson Hag's Nook (Dr. Gideon Fell #01: Reissue; A classic 1930s locked room/impossible crime mystery) $14.95
Carr, Molly The Sign of Fear (Watson-Fanshaw Agency #1: Bored with being at home while her husband is away helping Sherlock Holmes catch criminals, Mary Watson decides to have a go at detective work herself, ably assisted by her friend Emily Fanshaw) $19.95
Carr, Molly A Study in Crimson (Watson-Fanshaw Agency #2: Mary and Emily tackle more cases, including the Long Island Cave mystery, solving the murder of an English woman found dead in Baden-Baden, and finding a Holy Grail for a Scottish laird) $19.95
Carter, Ally Heist Society (Kids; When Kat turned fifteen, she scammed her way into the best boarding school in the country, determined to leave the family business - grand theft - behind. Then a mobster's art collection is stolen, and Kat's father is the only suspect. Caught between Interpol and the angry mobster, Kat's dad needs her help. Kat sees only one solution: track down the paintings, put together a teenage crew, and steal them back) $8.99
Cheshire, Simon The Curse of the Ancient Mask and Other Case Files (Saxby Smart #1: Kids; Saxby Smart is no ordinary ten-year-old. He's the world's best detective who also happens to be in elementary school. With the help of his Thinking Chair and his two best friends, Saxby solves three of his most puzzling cases. The reader solves the mystery alongside him, getting peeks at pages of his casebook as the crimes unfold, and searching for clues) $6.99
Christie, Agatha The Pale Horse (Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Clancy, T/Telep, P Against All Enemies (When a terrorist bombing in Pakistan wipes out Max Moore's entire CIA team, the former Navy SEAL heads into the treacherous tribal lands to find the terrorist cell, but what he discovers there leads him to a much darker conspiracy in an unexpected part of the globe - the US/Mexico border) $28.95
Clare, Alys Music of the Distant Stars (Aelf Fen #3: 11th century England: One summer morning, Lassair slips out of her village on a personal mission and discovers the hidden body of a young woman. Why kill a seamstress? Suspicion soon creeps uncomfortably close to home) $15.95
Coes, Ben Power Down (Dewey Andreas #1: When a hydroelectric dam blows up and an off-shore oil field is destroyed, Dewey Andreas, ex-Army Ranger and Delta Forces, follows the trail of the terrorists to the mysterious Alexander Fortuna. Now it's up to Dewey to stop him before he launches another assault on the US economic infrastructure) $9.99
Coles, Manning Among Those Absent (Tommy Hambledon #09: Reissue; With the Nazis beaten and the Russians not yet up to much, British agent Tommy Hambledon agrees to do a bit of undercover work for the police by posing as an inmate to investigate a recent rash of prison escapes) $14.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Full Circle (E.J. Pugh #9: Someone is stalking romance novelist E.J. Pugh's 14-year-old adopted daughter Bessie. When she was a child, Bessie's entire family was murdered, so who is this person claiming to be her brother Aldon? And who seems to be willing to take out her entire new family to get to her?) $15.95
Cornier, Vincent The Duel of Shadows: The Extraordinary Cases of Barnabas Hildreth (Collection; Lost Classics #31. 11 Golden Age stories featuring an agent of the British Secret Service who solves some of the most bizarre cases ever to confront a sleuth) $18.00
Corris, Peter Torn Apart (Cliff Hardy: When Hardy meets his second cousin Patrick Malloy, he's astonished - Malloy is his double. They become friends, and travel to attend a gathering of the Irish Travellers, the gypsy-like folk from whom they are descended. On their return, Malloy is brutally murdered - but perhaps the shotgun blast was intended for Hardy) $12.95
Crispin, Edmund The Moving Toyshop (Gervase Fen #3: Reissue; Finding an Oxford toyshop unlocked, Richard Cadogan slips into the darkened store to inform the owner; instead he finds an old lady - murdered. But when Cadogan returns with the cops, the toyshop has disappeared. This, it seems, is a matter for Gervase Fen) $14.95
Crosby, Ellen The Sauvignon Secret (Wine Country #6: Virginia vineyard owner Lucie Montgomery heads to the Napa Valley, where she teams up with winemaker and former flame Quinn Santori to solve two mysterious deaths) $24.00
Daheim, Mary All the Pretty Hearses (Bed & Breakfast #26: Judith is trying to come up with a dinner menu that will suit a family of guests with endless allergies and aversions. The last thing she needs is another B&B guest who checks out - permanently. Or for her husband Joe to be arrested for murder when an insurance fraud suspect is killed with Joe's gun; Signed copies) $23.99
Dams, Jeanne M. Murder in Burnt Orange (Hilda Johansson #7: PBO; In the summer of 1905, strikes, arson, and train wrecks threaten the fabric of civilized society in South Bend, Indiana. Swedish immigrant Hilda Johanssson recognizes a pattern to the disturbing events. No one thinks she'll actually be able to solve matters - but they reckon without Hilda's quick mind and stubborn determination to see the job through) $15.95
Davis, Lindsey The Iron Hand of Mars (Falco #04: Reissue; Emperor Vespasian sends Marcus Didius Falco to Germania when Germanic troops in the service of the Empire begin to rebel, and a Roman general disappears) $15.99
Davis, Pierre Origin Unknown (Lt. Elliot #2: PBO; With the assistance of neuroscientist Dr. Lydia South, Lt. Elliot pursues a brilliant but deranged sociopath with a destructive agenda and a knack for remaining anonymous) $7.99
Draper, Sharon M. The Buried Bones Mystery (original title: Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs) (Clubhouse Mysteries #1: Reissue; Kids; Ziggy, Rashawn, Jerome, and Rico decide to start a club with secret codes, meetings, and treasures. They build a clubhouse in Ziggy's backyard, but when they dig a hole to bury their treasures, they uncover a box of bones, and are swept up in a mystery) $4.99
Draper, Sharon M. Lost in the Tunnel of Time (Clubhouse Mysteries #2: Reissue; Kids; Ziggy and his friends discover that their hometown was a stop on the Underground Railroad. An old map shows a secret passage under their school, but when they go to explore, they wind up trapped in the tunnel. Where will it lead them?) $4.99
Dunn, Matthew Spycatcher (Intelligence agent Will Cochrane - working on a joint mission for the CIA and MI6 - is out to capture a brilliant and ruthless Iranian spy) $25.99
Edwards, Martin (ed) Original Sins: A Crime Writers' Association Anthology (18 original stories) $15.95
Elias, Gerald Danse Macabre (Daniel Jacobus #2: When a beloved violinist is murdered with a mysterious weapon, his young rival is spotted at the scene with blood on his hands. Reclusive blind violinist Daniel Jacobus follows the trail of broken violins & broken lives that lead to the truth) $14.99
Elias, Gerald Death and the Maiden (Daniel Jacobus #3: As a famed but troubled string quartet prepares for a performance at Carnegie Hall, the musicians mysteriously vanish one by one. It's up to Jacobus, his old friend Nathaniel Williams, and Trotsky the bulldog to unravel the puzzle) $25.99
Ernst, Kathleen The Heirloom Murders (Chloe Ellefson #2: PBO; Chloe investigates when an Old World Wisconsin museum volunteer is killed with a scythe. Is the killing related to the missing Eagle diamond? Or is a rich agribusiness executive responsible?) $14.95
Estleman, Loren D. Valentino: Film Detective (PBO; Collection; 14 stories featuring a film detective who locates lost movies for preservation - and often has to do some sleuthing as well) $17.00
Falconer, Duncan Pirate (Stratton #7: PBO; SBS operative John Stratton discovers the dark truth behind a rash of pirate hijackings in the Gulf of Aden: a plot to bring down dozens of US and European commercial aircraft in a coordinated attack) $15.95
Finch, Charles A Stranger in Mayfair (Charles Lenox #4: Victorian gentleman detective Charles Lenox tries to focus on his new career in Parliament, but is pulled back into his old life by a footman's murder) $14.99
Finnis, Jane Buried Too Deep (Aurelia Marcella #3: AD 98: When a badly wounded farmer arrives at her inn on the York road, then dies, Aurelia and her twin brother Lucius head for the coast to return the man to his family. A band of outlawed sea-raiders led by a Gaul are suspected of stealing the valuable cargo from a shipwreck there, and of killing the farmer) $14.95
Gerst, Angela A Crack in Everything (Susan Callisto #1: PBO; When political novice Charles Renfrow begs Susan to help him run for Mayor, she decides to investigate rumors about him. Instead of truth, she find the corpse of his beautiful assistant) $14.95
Giuttari, Michele A Florentine Death (Michele Ferrara #1: Called in to investigate a series of brutal and apparently random murders, Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara confronts the murky underbelly of Florence in an investigation that will put not only his career but also his life on the line) $12.95
Grabenstein, Chris The Smoky Corridor (Haunted #3: Kids; With the help of his stepmother, his dog Zipper, and his new friend Malik, Zack Jennings faces ghosts and zombies at his new middle school, which is said to house a lost Confederate treasure) $6.99
Grant, Helen The Glass Demon (Teenager Lin Fox arrives in Germany with her father, who is searching for a medieval (or possibly mythical) stained glass artifact. But someone is willing to kill to ensure that the glass stays hidden forever) $15.00
Gunn, Elizabeth Kissing Arizona (Sarah Burke #3: Sarah and her team investigate an apparent murder-suicide in a family of local merchants. In a second case, border crossers, drug smugglers, federal agents, and local cops all fight for turf and answers in a southern Arizona valley) $15.95
Hagen, Carrie We Is Got Him (Nonfiction; in 1874, young Charley Ross was snatched from his family's front yard in Phildelphia, the first recorded kidnapping for ransom in America) $27.95
Harper, Tom The Lazarus Vault (Offered a job at a small, secretive London bank, Ellie soon realizes that her employers are watching her every move. In their vault lies a closely-guarded treasure of immeasurable power - one inextricably bound up with Ellie's own history. Her only hope of escape is to unearth the secret hidden in the vault - but getting in is only the beginning) $12.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Body Line (Bill Slider #13: Slider investigates the murder of a wealthy consulting doctor, and discovers that, although the man had plenty of girlfriends, none of them know anything about where he worked or exactly what he did) $15.95
Harvey, Michael We All Fall Down (Michael Kelly #4: Chicago cop turned PI Michael Kelly races to save his city from a deadly new foe: a biological weapon unleashed in a subway tunnel) $24.95
Hayes, J.M. English Lessons (Mad Dog & Englishman #6: PBO; An incident involving a Christmas display leads to a rumor that Sheriff English is seizing citizen's weapons. A local militia turns out, locked and loaded, and ready to do what it takes to stop him. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Sewa Tribal Police Officer Heather English stumbles on the newly elected governor, newly murdered; also available $24.95 hc) $14.95
Henson, D.B. Deed to Death (When her architect fiance plummets to his death at a construction site and the police rule it a suicide, realtor Toni Matthews decides to investigate on her own) $14.00
Heyer, G/Hodge, JA The Private World of Georgette Heyer (Reissue; Nonfiction; biography tracking Heyer's career from teenage writer to household name, opening a window into her world and that of her most memorable characters) $14.99
Heywood, Joseph Death Roe (Woods Cop #6: The search for the source of tainted caviar leads Grady Service to a ring of corruption in Michigan's government - and perhaps within his own beloved DNR) $15.95
Heywood, Joseph Force of Blood (Woods Cop #8: DNR detective Grady Service and his new partner, Conservation Officer Donna Sedge, become immersed in a centuries-old mystery they must solve in order to deal with a current problem: looting and destruction of a Native American archaeological site near Lake Superior) $24.95
Hill, Reginald Under World (Dalziel & Pascoe #10: Reissue; The town of Burrthorpe is mistrustful of strangers - and cops. The return of Colin Farr, whose dead father was once implicated in a child murder case, seems to dig up all the old troubles and bring on some new ones. Farr quickly becomes a suspect himself in the murder of his nemesis, bringing Andy Dalziel to help Peter Pascoe out of the dark tunnels of the case) $14.95
Howard, Linda Veil of Night (When a bridezilla is gruesomely murdered, there's too much evidence, and a lot of suspects. Top of the list is wedding planner Jaclyn Wilde, which is a problem for Eric Wilder, the detective in charge of the case - and Jaclyn's ex-lover) $7.99
Hunter, Stephen Hot Springs (Earl Swagger #1: Reissue; 1946: Hot Springs, Arkansas, is the reigning capital of corruption. When the district attorney vows to bring down the mob, Earl is recruited to run the show. As casino raids erupt into nerve-shattering combat amid screaming prostitutes and fleeing johns, the body count mounts - along with the suspense) $9.99
Hunter, Stephen Havana (Earl Swagger #3: Reissue; Cuba, 1953: The Mafia-run casinos are rolling, and it's just a 30-minute flight from Miami to a world of vice, gambling, sex, and drugs. The money is there for anyone who knows how to get it, including the Cuban government and the police, who want to keep their ally Uncle Sam happy. There's only one threat to this corrupt utopia: a young revolutionary named Fidel Castro. The CIA sends Earl to find Castro and kill him) $9.99
Iliffe, Glyn King of Ithaca (Odysseus #1: Odysseus, Prince of Ithaca, travels to Sparta, armed with nothing but his wits, entering a treacherous world of warfare and politics as he competes for the greatest prize in Greece: the beautiful Helen) $12.95
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Baited Blood (Madison Rose #2: PBO; A series of murdered vampires, found in Doug Dedham's swimming pool, bear the distinctive mark of vampire Ann Hayes. Is she innocent as she claims, or is she planning to reclaim Dedham, whom she once loved?) $14.95
James, Darrell Nazareth Child (Del Shannon #1: PBO; Recruited by the FBI to go infiltrate the Appalachian compound of a secretive religious sect, Del has a second agenda: hunt for information about her mother's past) $14.95
Jecks, Michael King's Gold (Knights Templar #30: PBO; 1326: London is in flames, and Queen Isabella and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer are ascendant. Guarding the deposed King Edward II for Mortimer, Sir Baldwin and Simon find themselves tangled in a net of conspiracy, greed, betrayal, and murder) $19.95
Jenkins, Rebecca The Duke's Agent (Raif Jarrett #1: Reissue; Regency England: Raif Jarrett, agent for the Duke of Penrith, is sent to the town of Woolbridge after the sudden death of one of the Duke's tenants. He begins to uncover a network of crime and corruption, but is thwarted at every turn by the town's powerful magistrate. Then a young woman dies, and Jarrett is accused of her murder) $12.95
Jennings, Maureen Season of Darkness (PBO; 1940: Young women from all walks of life have joined the Land Army, to help English farmers keep the country fed. When one of these young women is found murdered on a Shropshire country road, DI Tom Tyler investigates) $22.95
Kelly, Gerard The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (Collection of 13 original stories) $19.95
Kilmer, Nicholas A Paradise for Fools (Fred Taylor #8: PBO; A glimpse of a tattoo puts Fred on the trail of a painting that may prove to be both rare and valuable. He must proceed with caution when a potential informant is killed in a suspicious hit-and-run) $14.95
Kurkov, Andrey Death and the Penguin (Penguin #1: Reissue; Viktor is out of work, and his only friend is Misha, a penguin that he rescued when the Kiev zoo started getting rid of animals. A local mobster has taken a shine to Misha. Viktor lands a job at the newspaper writing 'living obituaries' of local dignitaries, articles to be used when the time comes. The only thing is, it seems the time always comes as soon as Viktor writes the article. Slowly understanding that his own life may be in jeopardy, Viktor also realizes that his penguin might be the only thing keeping him alive) $14.95
Lavender, Will Dominance (Prize student Alex Shipley uncovers information that acquits her mentor, literature professor Richard Aldiss, of two bizarre murders. Fifteen years later, the killings start again. Can Alex end the game once and for all?) $25.00
Lee, Y.S. The Body at the Tower (Agency #2: YA; Mary Quinn, now a trusted member of the all-female detective unit, is disguised as a poor boy and sent into the underbelly of Victorian London to insinuate herself into the confidence of several persons of interest) $7.99
Lehane, Dennis Mystic River (Reissue; Sean, Jimmy , and Dave were boyhood friends. Then a strange car pulled up to their street. One boy got into the car, two did not, and something terrible happened that ended their friendship and changed all three boys forever. Twenty-five years later, Sean is a homicide detective. Jimmy is an ex-con who owns a corner store. Dave is trying to keep his demons at bay - demons that urge him to do terrible things. When Jimmy's daughter is murdered, Sean is assigned to the case. His investigation brings him into conflict with Jimmy, who is inclined to solve the crime with brutal justice. And then there is Dave, who came home the night Jimmy's daughter died covered in someone else's blood) $9.99
Lennon, David The Quarter Boys (Doucette & Jones #1: When a tourist is discovered murdered in a guest house in New Orleans' French Quarter, homicide detective Michel Doucette and his partner Sassy Jones catch the case) $17.95
Lennon, David Echoes (Doucette & Jones #2: Winner of the Lambda Award for Gay Mystery. 25 years ago, when three young girls went missing, rookie cop Sassy Jones was assigned to profile the abductor. Now her ex Carl has committed suicide, leaving behind photos linking him to the abductions. With Sassy on suspension, her former partner Michel Doucette is assigned to investigate Carl's possible connection to a string of similar cases) $18.95
Levien, David 13 Million Dollar Pop (Frank Behr #3: Frank Behr is on an executive protection detail for a businessman with political aspirations. After a failed murder attempt on the client, Behr investigates - and wonders why the Indianapolis cops seem to be burying the incident) $24.95
Linskey, Howard The Drop (PBO; David Blake is a white-collar criminal, working for a gangster. When money and a man go missing, his boss blames him. And with the crime squad and an ambitious DI both closing in on, it's just a matter of time before David is nicked for good) $13.95
Lippman, Laura The Most Dangerous Thing (They were all the best of friends, but over the years they grew apart - and the memory of the terrible lie they shared faded as well. But when the ne'er-do-well of their little gang dies, they are suddenly thrown together again. And then the revelations start. Has their secret been discovered? And is one of the group out to destroy the others?) $25.99
Locke, Hillary Bell But Remember Their Names (Cynthia Jakubec #1: PBO; Six colonists were killed at the Battle of Lexington, but the life-size diorama of that battle at a Pittsburgh museum now has seven bodies. Legal intern Cynthia Jakubec is drawn into one of the sideshows surrounding the investigation; also available $24.95 hc) $14.95
Ludlow, Jack The Pillars of Rome (Republic #1: Reissue; With barbarians at the gate and enemies within, Aulus and Lucius - united by a childhood prophecy and an oath of loyalty until death - must fight for the soul of the Republic and the greatest empire in the world) $16.95
Ludlow, Jack The Sword of Revenge (Republic #2: Reissue; Rome has lost its greatest warrior - for Aulus, the doom-laden prophecy of forty years earlier has come to pass. It is now left to Lucius to defy the oracle's curse alone. The corrupt and powerful senator leaves nothing to change in his bid to survive. But one boy, alone in the world, holds the key to his fate, and the future of the Roman Republic) $16.95
Lynn, Matt Fire Force (Death Inc. #2: To free their African nation from the rule of a brutal dictator, a group of businessmen hire the Death Inc. mercenaries to assassinate him) $9.99
Macomber, Robert N. At the Edge of Honor (Peter Wake #1: 1863: Peter Wake joins the US Navy as a volunteer officer, and is assigned to the East Gulf Blockading Squadron, to command a tiny armed sloop used to seek and arrest Confederate blockade-runners. He has handled boats before, but he's new to the politics and illicit liaisons of the war) $12.95
Macomber, Robert N. Point of Honor (Peter Wake #2: 1864: In command of a naval schooner, Wake searches for Army deserters in the Dry Tortugas, encounters an old nemesis during a standoff with the French along the Mexican coast, and confronts incompetent Federal Army officers during an invasion of upper Florida) $12.95
Macomber, Robert N. Honorable Mention (Peter Wake #3: 1864: Now in command of a steamer, Wake chases a strange vessel during a tropical storm off Cuba, confronts death to liberate an escaping slave ship, and encounters the enemy's most powerful oceangoing ship in Havana's harbor) $12.95
Malfi, Ronald Floating Staircase (PBO; Travis Glasgow's new lakeshore house begins to lose its allure when strange noises awaken him at night, his dreams become plagued by ghosts, and a set of wooden stairs rises mysteriously out of the lake) $14.95
Martin, Kat Against the Wind (Raines #1: PBO; Sarah Allen, the beautiful girl who humiliated Jackson Raines in high school, is back in town. Recently widowed, she has nowhere else to go and finds herself on Jackson's ranch. And despite everything, Jackson's finding himself reluctant to get rid of her) $7.99
Martin, Kat Against the Fire (Raines #2: PBO; Someone is setting fires in Gabe Raines' new real estate development. The police suspect a local teen, but Mattie Baker is convinced he's innocent - and is determined to get close enough to Gabe to convince him) $7.99
Martin, Kat Against the Law (Raines #3: PBO; Dev is mostly retired from Raines Investigations, content to run operations from his Arizona home. But he's never been able to say no to a beautiful woman, so when Lark Delaney comes to him for help, the former Army Ranger gets back in the game) $7.99
Martin, Tom Kingdom (Journalist Nancy Kelly receives a mysterious parcel, and hears an account of a Westerner penetrating into a hidden kingdom in Tibet. Soon she embarks on a dangerous journey into an ancient land of myth and legend, in search of a secret older than time itself) $9.99
Matthews, Jeanne Bet Your Bones (Dinah Pelerin #2: PBO; Dinah's best friend plans to get married on the lip of a Hawaiian volcano. But her groom is involved in a land deal that a group of Native Hawaiians are determined to stop, a series of earthquakes are rocking the island - and someone just shoved a member of the wedding into a molten lava flow) $14.95
McCaffrey, Vincent Hound (Henry Sullivan #1: The murder of an ex-lover pulls book dealer Henry Sullivan out of his familiar circles, leading him to examine his past, and to investigate the murky depths of literary Boston) $16.00
McClure, James Snake (Kramer & Zondi #4: Reissue; While investigating the death of an exotic dancer, South African cops Lieutenant Kramer and Sergeant Zondi also look into a series of neighborhood robberies where the shop owner was killed, uncovering evidence that the real motive was murder, not robbery) $14.00
McConkey, J (Damsgaard) Love Lies Bleeding (PBO; Unconscious for two months, Samantha Moore awakens from her coma a different person: bitter, in constant pain, on medications that leave her paranoid and struggling to keep a grip on reality. Sent to a remote town to recuperate, Sam lashes out at the 'nice people' around her who claim to have only her best interests in mind. But strange things are happening here - and either Sam is losing her mind, or her friendly new neighbors are far more dangerous than they appear to be) $14.99
McDermid, Val Trick of the Dark (Barred from practice, disgraced psychiatrist Charlie Flint receives a summons to Oxford from an old professor who wants her to look into the death of her daughter's husband. As Charlie delves deeper into the case and steps back into the arcane world of Oxford colleges, she realizes that there is much more to this crime than meets the eye) $14.95
McGrath, M.J. White Heat (Half Inuit and half outsider, Edie Kiglatuk is the best guide in her corner of the Arctic. When a man is shot and killed while out on an 'authentic' Arctic adventure under her watch, Edie sets out to discover what these tourists were really after) $25.95
McMullen, Kieran Watson's Afghan Adventure (The good doctor explains to Holmes how he chose to become an army doctor, serving with the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers, and how a treasure map brought him to the battle of Maiwand and on to 221B Baker Street) $16.95
McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains (Dandy Gilver #5: Scotland, 1926: After receiving a letter from a woman who thinks her husband is going to kill her, Dandy goes undercover as a maid in the woman's house to get to the truth) $23.99
Mitnick, K/Simon, W Ghost in the Wires (Nonfiction; Mitnick recounts his career as a hacker and a fugitive from the FBI) $25.99
Morson, Ian Falconer and the Death of Kings (Falconer #8: 1273: A cryptic message from an old friend, whose scientific ideas are considered heretical by the Church, takes Falconer to Paris, where he must work to ensure that the scientific theories are not lost forever. And King Edward also has a task for him - one that will test even the Regent Master's formidable powers of deduction) $15.95
Morton, Kate The Distant Hours (A letter, lost for half a century, leads Edie to Milderhurst Castle, where the eccentric Blythe spinsters live, and where her mother was billeted during WWII. The Blythes have spent most of their lives caring for their younger sister, who hasn't been the same since her fiance jilted her in 1941. Inside the castle, Edie searches for her mother's past, but soon learns there are other secrets hidden in its walls) $15.00
Morton, Kate The House at Riverton (original title: The Shifting Fog) (In the summer of 1924, at a glittering party held at Riverton House, a young poet shot himself. The only witnesses were two sisters - and young housemaid Grace. In 1999, a director making a film about the event visits Grace, taking her back to Riverton House, where memories that she had long ago consigned to the dark reaches of her mind begin to sneak back through the cracks) $16.00
Mosier, John Hitler vs. Stalin: The Eastern Front, 1941-1945 (HC title: Deathride) (Nonfiction; Historian Mosier argues that Hitler was defeated on the Eastern Front not by Soviet resources but by Western resources, and that most previous histories accepted Stalin's lies and distortions in claiming a Soviet triumph) $16.00
Myers, Amy Murder on the Old Road (Marsh & Daughter #7: Georgia and Peter Marsh encounter a group of weirdly dressed pilgrims on the Old Road to Canterbury, who plan to reenact a pilgrimage and theatrical production that took place decades ago - an event ended in a murder that has never been solved) $15.95
Nadel, Barbara Sure and Certain Death (Francis Hancock #4: 1940: Francis finds a woman's eviscerated body in a derelict house in East London. When two more murders follow, rumors start to spread about a modern-day Jack the Ripper. When a fourth woman is murdered, Francis' sister Nancy admits she knew all of the victims, and Francis sets out to find the killer) $12.95
Naslund, Sena Jeter Adam & Eve (An ancient codex concerning the human authorship of the Book of Genesis is sure to threaten the foundations of three major world religions, and there are those who will stop at nothing to suppress it) $15.99
North, Mark Act of Treason: The Role of J. Edgar Hoover in the Assassination of President Kennedy (Reissue; Nonfiction; argues that President Kennedy died as the result of a plot masterminded by Louisiana Mafia chieftain Carlos Marcello, and that FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover knew about the plan but did nothing to stop it) $16.95
North, Mark Betrayal in Dallas: LBJ, the Pearl Street Mafia, and the Murder of President Kennedy (Nonfiction; argues that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas because both LBJ and the District Attorney were threatened by a covert investigation of the Dallas Mafia that the Kennedys had initiated) $24.95
Oldham, Nick Hidden Witness (Henry Christie #15: Detective Superintendent Henry Christie's latest case, the brutal murder of an old man, reunites him with old friend and FBI agent Karl Donaldson, who is tracking a hit man believed to have entered the UK illegally. It's obvious the two cases are connected, and it soon becomes clear there's more to the old man's murder than underworld retribution) $15.95
Parshall, Sandra Under the Dog Star (Rachel Goddard #4: PBO; Pet dogs are vanishing, a pack of feral canines is attacking livestock, and a physician has been found with his throat torn open, apparently by a trained attack dog. Could these incidents be connected to a resurgence in illegal dogfighting?) $14.95
Patterson, J/Paetro, M The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club #8: Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the murders of the city's most glamorous couple, and a preacher who wasn't as saintly as everyone thought) $9.99
Pawson, Stuart The Judas Sheep (Charlie Priest #3: Reissue; DI Charlie Priest of the East Pennine force is officially on sick leave, until a chauffeur is found dead, shot in the head with a Kalashnikov. Meanwhile, big-time drug smugglers on the Hull to Rotterdam run demand his attention. Then Charlie discovers the connection between the two cases) $16.95
Pelecanos, George Shame the Devil (DC Quartet #4: Reissue; At May's pizza parlor, two hitmen executed four people, then vanished. Collateral damage: a cop was shot, and a boy was killed. Three years later, PI Nick Stefanos has discovered the killers' identities. And learned that they're coming back to town, where they'll be greeted by at least one loaded gun) $14.99
Penny, Louise Bury Your Dead (Inspector Gamache #6: Armand Gamache attends Winter Carnival in Quebec City. Although on leave, when an obsessed historian's quest for the remains of Quebec's founder ends in murder, Gamache cannot walk away from a crime that threatens to ignite long-smoldering tensions between the English and the French. Meanwhile, he receives disquieting letters from the village of Three Pines) $14.99
Perry, Anne Acceptable Loss (William Monk #17: When a dead man surfaces in the Thames, a case involving a child pornography ring returns to haunt Monk. He and his good friend Oliver Rathbone set out to unravel the truth) $26.00
Perry, Anne Belgrave Square (Thomas Pitt #12: Reissue; When a moneylender is murdered, Inspector Pitt discovers the man was blackmailing some of Victorian London's most distinguished gentlemen. Charlotte Pitt's insights into London high society prove invaluable to the investigation) $15.00
Perry, Anne Southampton Row (Thomas Pitt #22: Reissue; With a divisive election enflaming passions in Victorian London, Pitt must not only solve a crime but prevent a national disaster. The Tory candidate Charles Voisey is Pitt's archenemy. The Liberal candidate is Aubrey Serracold, whose wife's interest in spiritualism threatens his chances - especially when, after a late-night seance at their house, a stylish clairvoyant is found brutally murdered the next morning) $15.00
Perry, Anne Slaves of Obsession (William Monk #11: Reissue; 1861: At a dinner party at the home of a London arms dealer, tension grows between two American guests, each vying to buy armaments. A member of the party is murdered, and two others disappear, along with the entire inventory of weapons. The Monks track the man they believe to be the murderer all the way to Washington, DC, & to the bloody Civil War battlefield at Manassas) $15.00
Perry, Anne The Shifting Tide (William Monk #14: Reissue; Although he's unfamiliar with the Thames docks, Victorian PI William Monk agrees to work for shipping magnate Clement Louvain, investigating the theft of a cargo of African ivory. But why didn't Louvain report the theft to the River Police? And is the desperately ill woman Louvain is sheltering connected to the theft?) $15.00
Phelan, Twist False Fortune (Pinnacle Peak #4: First a trip to an abandoned uranium mine with her sister Shelby turns into a daring lake rescue. Then Hannah is appointed lead counsel in Shelby's pollution case on behalf of the local Indian tribe against the Feds, a case that some people will do anything to keep out of the courtroom) $14.95
Pittman, Joseph London Frog (Todd Gleason #1: Todd Gleason, amateur con artist and all-around charmer, can't stand it that the super-wealthy Procopios just won the lottery. So he does what any self-respecting crook would: schemes to bilk them of their undeserved winnings) $14.95
Randisi, Robert I'm a Fool to Kill You (Rat Pack #6: When a rumor spreads that Frank Sinatra's ex-wife, Hollywood goddess Ava Gardner, was seen in the Sands Hotel and Casino in a state of distress, sleuth Eddie G. is asked to check it out) $15.95
Reece, Gordon Mice (Traumatized by her parents' divorce and the bullying inflicted on her in school, Shelley moves with her timid mother to a cottage in the English countryside. Alll goes well, until an unwelcome guest disturbs their peace - and something inside Shelley snaps) $24.95
Revels, Tracy Shadowfall (When the sacred relics and mystical objects of London begin disappearing, Sherlock Holmes must call on more than his powers of deduction to solve a mystery that threatens the safety of the British Empire and Dr. Watson's immortal soul) $16.95
Reynolds, Tony The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes (Collection of 8 original stories) $16.95
Rhodes, Dan Little Hands Clapping (Schmidt lives in a room above the bizarre German museum where he is caretaker. Along with the respectable Doctor Ernst Frolicher, his dog Hans, and a cast of grotesque and hilarious townsfolk, he finds himself involved in a crime so outrageous it will shock the world) $15.95
Riches, Anthony Wounds of Honour (Empire #1: Marcus Valerius Aquila has barely landed in Brittania when he is condemned to death by the power-crazed emperor Commodus. Marcus flees, taking a new name, to serve on Hadrian's Wall. When a rebel army sweeps down from the north, he must prove he can lead a century in the front line of the brutal war) $8.99
Robinson, Cynthia The Dog Park Club (Max Bravo #1: When Amy Carter, a regular at the local dog park, goes missing and the police can't find her, wise-cracking gay opera singer Max Bravo and her other friends from the park investigate) $13.99
Rotella, Sebastian Triple Crossing (A volatile rookie Border Patrol agent is recruited to infiltrate a Mexican crime family) $24.99
Russell, Leigh Dead End (Geraldine Steel #3: PBO; DI Steel learns that a murder victim's tongue was cut out while she lay dying. Then a witness is blinded and murdered) $13.95
Saylor, Steven A Mist of Prophecies (Roma Sub Rosa #9: Reissue; 48 BC: As Pompey and Caesar fight for control of the Republic, Rome becomes a hotbed of intrigue. After the seeress Cassandra staggers across the Roman marketplace and dies in his arms, Gordianus the Finder investigates her murder, and discovers a web of conspiracy linking many of Rome's most powerful - and ruthless - women) $14.99
Sharp, Deborah Mama Sees Stars (Mace Bauer #4: PBO; Mace is working as animal wrangler on the set of a cowboy film being shot in her Florida hometown when she discovers the executive producer - dead. With a list of enemies a mile long, who didn't want to kill the man?) $14.95
Sharp, Margery The Rescuers (Reissue; Kids; We all know that mice are the friends of prisoners, tending to their needs in dungeons and oubliettes everywhere. The Prisoner's Aid Society dispatches diplomatic white mouse Miss Bianca and her trusty companion Bernard to rescue a Norwegian poet imprisoned in the dreadful Black Castle) $14.95
Sobol, Joshua Cut Throat Dog (An enigmatic Israeli who calls himself Shakespeare - because he's got a way with words - spots someone on a sidewalk in Manhattan. Someone he thinks is one of the world's premier terrorists. Someone who murdered his partner. Someone Shakespeare's associates in Tel Aviv told him had been killed in the desert. So is Shakespeare cracking up, or cracking the case of a lifetime?) $15.00
Solheim, Beth Outwitted (Sadie Witt #2: After skeletal remains are discovered under Cabin 12 at the Witt's End Resort in northern Minnesota, Sadie Witt and her sister set out to solve the murder, and end up revealing a secret that ties a prominent community member to a notorious crime operation) $13.99
Stevenson, Richard Death Trick (Donald Strachey #1: Reissue; Gay activist Billy Blount has been accused of murder, and now he's missing. Albany PI Donald Strachey doesn't think Billy's guilty) $14.99
Stevenson, Richard On the Other Hand, Death (Donald Strachey #2: Reissue; Their neighbors have all decided to sell to the Millpond Corporation so it can build another blight on the landscape, but Dot and Edith love their home and don't want to sell. When a campaign of intimidation escalates to murder, it's up to Albany PI Donald Strachey to sort it all out) $14.99
Stevenson, Richard Ice Blues (Donald Strachey #3: Reissue; Someone's left a man's body in PI Donald Strachey's car - the grandson of Albany's most connected political fixer. A letter from the deceased asks Strachey to dismantle his grandfather's party machine. Like a chess master, Strachey moves ten suitcases, an army of colorful pawns (all of whom think they're king), and $2.5 million across the continent and around Albany) $19.99
Stevenson, Richard Third Man Out (Donald Strachey #4: Reissue; When a gay activist's claims that men he's outed are stalking him don't ring true, PI Donald Strachey drops his protection detail. When the client winds up dead, Strachey peels back the layers of his client's double cross only to find a triple cross) $14.99
Stevenson, Richard A Shock to the System (Donald Strachey #5: Reissue; Finalist for the 8th Annual Lambda Literary Award for Gay Mystery. After hiring PI Donald Strachey, young Paul Haig dies. Despite his dislike of the boy's homophobic mother, who is in denial about her son's sexual orientation, Strachey agrees with her: Paul didn't commit suicide) $14.99
Stevenson, Richard Chain of Fools (Donald Strachey #6: Reissue; Janet Osborne and her brother Eric were working hard to keep their family newspaper a beacon of liberal advocacy. Now attacks on Janet lend new significance to the earlier murder of her brother Eric, and a screwy plot to save the newspaper turns tragic and even screwier before PI Donald Strachey and a driven reporter can sort it all out) $14.99
Stevenson, Richard Strachey's Folly (Donald Strachey #7: Reissue; Donald and his lover Timmy visit Washington to view the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Stories about a disgraced conservative congresswoman and a gay Lothario with designs on Strachey are catalysts for an investigation into a memorial to a man who isn't quite as dead as he seems) $14.99
Stevenson, Richard Tongue Tied (Donald Strachey #8: Reissue; PI Donald Strachey investigates when radio shock jock Jay Plankton, known for his hate-filled rants, receives threats that appear to come from a long-defunct gay activist group) $14.99
Stevenson, Richard Death Vows (Donald Strachey #9: Gay marriage in Massachusetts is a fine institution - except when it leads to murder) $14.99
Stewart, Mary Rose Cottage (Reissue; When Kate Herrick returns to her childhood home in the English countryside to retrieve some family papers, she uncovers a web of intrigue as tangled as the rambling roses in the garden) $12.95
Stimmler, Gerry Dropped Dead in Kona (When Joe and Margie discover a dead woman on the fairway outside their Hawaiian home, Margie is gung ho to solve the crime. So is her best friend Amanda. Joe doesn't stand a chance of talking them out of it; Signed copies) $12.99
Swanson, James L. Bloody Crimes: The Chase for Jefferson Davis and the Death Pageant for Lincoln's Corpse (Nonfiction; Swanson recounts the April 1865 journey of Lincoln's funeral train through the North, intercut with Davis' flight from Richmond through a disintegrating Confederacy) $16.99
Thomas, Leslie Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective (Dangerous Davies #1: Reissue; 'Dangerous' Davies is never his superiors' first choice for detecting crime, which leaves him plenty of time for picking through the cases that everyone else has forgotten) $14.95
Thompson, Brian The Widow's Secret (Bella Wallis #1: Bella Wallis is a respectable Victorian widow with a secret identity: she writes sensationalist novels under a pen name, exposing the scoundrels that litter high society. So when a crested cigar case is found near the body of a murdered prostitute, Bella and her friends are determined to trace the murderer, and write a mystery that will avenge the poor girl's death. But the owner of the cigar case is a dangerous man) $13.95
Todd, Charles An Impartial Witness (Bess Crawford #2: 1917: Bess realizes that the woman she sees bidding an emotional farewell to an officer is actually the wife of one of her patients, a badly burned young pilot. Learning later that the woman was murdered the very day she saw her, Bess becomes entangled in Scotland Yard's investigation) $14.99
Turnbull, Peter Deliver Us from Evil (Hennessey & Yellich #20: When a woman's body is found frozen on a bench one winter's morning, marks on her neck and a piece of paper hidden inside her shoe point towards foul play; DCI Hennessey and DS Yellich investigate) $15.95
Wagner, Jan Costin Ice Moon (Kimmo Joentaa #1: A woman is smothered in her sleep. Then a young man is found murdered in bed, in a hostel room with seven people asleep around him. Finnish detective Kimmo Joentaa suspects a serial killer is at work) $25.00
Watson, Colin Hopjoy Was Here (Flaxborough #3: Reissue; When a secret agent disappears suspiciously, two high-powered operatives arrive, but find the Flaxborough citizenry even more inscrutable than international espionage) $14.95
Williams, Charlie King of the Road (Mangel #3: Reissue; Released after a long stretch at an asylum, Royston Blake finds that most of his old haunts are gone. Not everyone is happy seeing the old ways swept aside, and an opposition group - well known on the letters page of the local paper - sets about recruiting Blake as its agent of retribution. Meanwhile Blake just wants to settle down with Sal, get to know the son he has never met, and do the right thing) $13.95
Williams, Charlie One Dead Hen (Mangel #4: Reissue; The town of Mangel turns nightmarish when headless corpses begin piling up. Desperate for a suspect, the police question Royston Blake, who suddenly realizes that, instead of hiding from the ills of the world, he should be fighting them. So begins Blake's quest to score the unlikeliest of jobs for a guy like him: becoming a cop in Mangel. And what better way to prove his worthiness than to catch the killer?) $13.95
Williams, Gordon The Siege of Trencher's Farm (alternate title: Straw Dogs) (Reissue; While renting an isolated house in Cornwall, George Magruder accidentally runs over a convicted child killer escaped from an asylum. When the brutal locals confront him, he sets off a chain of violence that threatens his family's survival) $12.95
Woodman, Richard A Ship for the King (1618: Kit Faulkner is taken aboard a merchant ship to be trained for a life at sea. As he rises through the ranks, he must face pirates and French corsairs. Meanwhile, England edges closer to civil war - and Kit will have to choose which side to fight for) $28.95
Wortham, Reavis The Rock Hole (Red River #1: PBO; 1964: Farmer and part-time constable Ned Parker joins forces with John Washington, the black deputy sheriff from a nearby town, to track down a disturbed individual who is rapidly becoming a threat to the small Texas community of Center Springs; also available $24.95 hc) $14.95
Wright, Austin Tony and Susan (Reissue; Susan Morrow is asked to read her ex-husband's unpublished novel. As the fictional family's ordinary lives are violently sent off course, Susan is plunged back into the past, forced to confront the darkness that inhabits her, and driven to name the fear that gnaws at her future) $24.99
Wright, Nancy Means The Nightmare (Mary Wollstonecraft #2: PBO; Dismissed from her governess post in Ireland, Mary Wollstonecraft lands on her feet in London. After the 1792 publication of her groundbreaking Vindication of the Rights of Woman , she becomes part of a circle of celebrated artists and intellectuals. She grows infatuated with painter Henry Fuseli after his hauntingly erotic masterpiece The Nightmare is stolen. When a young artist is wrongfully accused and imprisoned, and a bluestocking friend is strangled, Mary's quest for the truth will lead her into personal notoriety, a trip to a madhouse, and confrontations with more than one possible murderer) $15.95
Yoshida, Shuichi Villain (A woman is found strangled at Mitsuse Pass, which has an eerie history as home to robbers, murderers, and ghostly creatures. As the investigation unfolds, the events leading up to the murder reveal a troubled cast of characters) $15.95


Abernethy, Mark Double Back (Alan McQueen #3: Send to find a missing agent, superspy Alan McQueen discovers that a faction of the Indonesian army is planning genocide, using an ethno-bomb which kills only native East Timorese) $12.95
Adams, Jeanne Deadly Little Lies (PBO; When a vengeful enemy traps billionaire security expert Dav Gianakopulos and gallery owner Carrie McCray in a ruthless battle of wits, each move seems to bring them closer to disaster. Dav will do whatever it takes to protect Carrie - even put their last chance at love on the line) $6.99
Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Keeper of Lost Causes (UK title: Mercy) (Department Q #1: Carl Morck used to be a good homicide detective, until a bullet almost took his life. Now he's been put out to pasture with a stack of Copenhagen's coldest cases to keep him company. One case catches his interest. Five years ago, a politician vanished without a trace. The world assumes she's dead. Carl's colleagues snicker about the time he's wasting. But Carl may have the last laugh. Because she isn't dead - yet; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Arffssen, Lars The Girl with the Sturgeon Tattoo (A story of corruption and perversion that reaches to the highest echelons of the world's largest producer of inexpensive ready-to-assemble wooden bookcases) $9.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Oat Cake Crag (Cottage Tales #7: Beatrix Potter's friend Grace has been receiving anonymous letters threatening her good name; Beatrix must investigate quietly, so as not to arouse village gossip) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Castle Cottage (Cottage Tales #8: Summer, 1913: Beatrix Potter is eager to marry solicitor William Heelis. But there are a few obstacles blocking their path to the altar, including some mysterious problems with the remodeling of their future home) $24.95
Alten, Steve Grim Reaper: End of Days (A biohazard scientist has injected herself with a swift-acting version of the Black Death, spreading the infection throughou Manhattan. On the sealed-off island, veteran Patrick Shepherd sets out to rescue his wife and child) $9.99
Anthony, Michael David Dark Provenance (Canterbury Cathedral #3: Reissue; After spending most of his life as a spy, Richard Harrison wants nothing more than a quiet retirement in Canterbury. Then a young woman turns up on his doorstep, bearing a message from her late father. It's a message that Harrison doesn't want to hear. And he particularly doesn't want to believe it has anything to do with the recent suicide of an elderly, notoriously dithering parish priest) $14.95
Bailey, Elizabeth The Gilded Shroud (When the marchioness is murdered at the Polbrook mansion, Ottilia Draycott, the Dowager Lady Polbrook's new companion, finds herself in a house of strangers, all of them suspect. She must unmask and outwit a desperate killer, and keep a Polbrook family secret buried) $15.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J The Queen's Jewels (Murder, She Wrote #34: On a transatlantic voyage aboard the famous Queen Mary II, Jessica searches for a priceless diamond - and the killer desperate enough to take a life for it) $7.99
Baldacci, David The Sixth Man (King & Maxwell #5: As they attempt to uncover the truth about an alleged serial killer, PIs Sean King and Michelle Maxwell find obstacles, half-truths, and dead ends that push their partnership to the limit) $14.99
Barrick, Ella Quickstep to Murder (Ballroom Dance #1: PBO; When Stacy finds her ex Rafe's dead body in the dance studio they both owned, the police suspect her of killing him. Stacy teams up with Rafe's cousin Tav to clear her name and save the studio) $6.99
Barrington, James Timebomb (Paul Richter #4: What should have been a routine arrest turns into a bloody shoot-out near Geneva that leaves four terrorists and four policeman dead, and maverick British agent Paul Richter on the run from a murder charge) $9.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Canterbury Tale (Jane Austen #11: PBO; Three years after news of her scandalous husband's death, Adelaide Fiske is at the altar again. But it seems that her first husband has turned up for the nuptials - only this time he's definitely dead, his corpse found on the road running through Edward Austen's estate. Jane helps her magistrate brother hunt for the killer) $15.00
Beck, Jessica Tragic Toppings (Donut Shop #5: PBO; The proprietor of the local newstand has disappeared, and Suzanne's ex-husband also appears to be missing. Then Suzanne finds a corpse hanging from a tree in the park) $7.99
Berry, Steve The Emperor's Tomb (Cotton Malone #6: An anonymous note leads to a website showing Cassiopeia Vitt being tortured by a man who has an order for Malone: bring me the object she's asked you to keep safe. Malone would - if only he knew what object that is) $9.99
Bonanno/Abromovitz The Last Testament of Bill Bonanno (Nonfiction; an eye-opening look at life - and death - inside the Mafia, written by the son of notorious crime boss Joe Bonanno) $15.99
Bosch, Pseudonymous This Isn't What It Looks Like (Cass & Max-Ernest #4: Kids; Cass has eaten the dreaded Time Travel Chocolate, and is literally stuck in the past. Will Max-Ernest be able to save her?) $6.99
Bourne, Sam The Final Reckoning (When a suspected bomber, shot at the UN, turns out to be an apparently harmless old man, Tom Byrne is sent to placate the family. He discovers the old man had ties to a hidden brotherhood with secrets dating back to WWII) $7.99
Bowen, Michael Screen Scam (Pennyworth #1: Reissue; Lawyer Rep Pennyworth faces the client from hell: a woman who contends her 1997 novel is the basis for a 1999 film. Rep digs in, aided by his literature-addicted wife Melissa, and files suit - which leads to a death threat) $14.95
Bowen, Michael Service Dress Blues (Pennyworth #5: Hired to help a pair of scrappy Wisconsin political activists, Rep and Melissa Pennyworth find themselves investigating a midshipman's mugging, a domestic violence case, and the murder of one of their clients) $14.95
Bowen, Rhys Royal Blood (Royal Spyness #4: To escape her hateful brother, Georgie agrees to represent the royals at a wedding in Transylvania. When a wedding guest is poisoned, it's up to Georgie to save the nuptial festivities) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Naughty in Nice (Royal Spyness #5: Sent to Nice to recover the Queen's stolen snuff box, Georgie is thrilled when Coco Chanel asks her to model the latest fashions. Then one of the Queen's necklaces is stolen on the catwalk. Now Georgie has to find two priceless items - and solve a murder) $24.95
Brown/Schechter (ed) Killer Verse: Poems of Murder and Mayhem (Anthology; creepy poems about the deadly art of murder) $13.50
Caldwell, Laura Claim of Innocence (Izzy McNeil #4: PBO; Asked to defend a woman accused of poisoning her best friend so she can take up with the friend's husband, Izzy suspects her client is hiding something, and uncovers a web of secret passions and dark motives) $7.99
Casey, Jane The Burning (Four women have been beaten to death and burned in London parks. A fifth murder is blamed on the same killer, but the investigation leaves DC Maeve Kerrigan with doubts. Serial killer or not, she's determined to find the culprit) $24.99
Charles, Kate A Drink of Deadly Wine (Book of Psalms #1: Reissue; Gabriel Neville is the model of a modern minister. And it doesn't hurt that he's as beautiful as a gilded angel. More than one member of his swanky London parish has suggested that Father Gabriel would do credit to an archbishop's robes. But all those hopes will vanish if one unknown blackmailer has his way. In desperation, Neville calls on a long-lost lover, the one person he feels he can trust with his secrets. It turns out this may not have been the cleverest idea) $14.95
Christie, Agatha The Big Four (Hercule Poirot #05: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Lord Edgware Dies (alternate title: Thirteen at Dinner) (Hercule Poirot #08: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Sad Cypress (Hercule Poirot #20: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Evil Under the Sun (Hercule Poirot #23: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Hollow (alternate title: Murder After Hours) (Hercule Poirot #25: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Taken at the Flood (alternate title: There Is a Tide) (Hercule Poirot #27: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Dead Man's Folly (Hercule Poirot #32: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Cleverly, Barbara The Last Kashmiri Rose (Joe Sandilands #1: Reissue; 1922: In English-ruled Calcutta, an Englishwoman has been found dead, her wrists slit, her body floating in a bathtub of blood and water. Suicide, or murder? Scotland Yard inspector Joe Sandilands investigates, and learns that there have been other mysterious deaths) $14.00
Cleverly, Barbara Strange Images of Death (Joe Sandilands #8: Provence, 1926. Scotland Yard detective Joe Sandilands is on leave, driving his way south to the Riviera while dropping off his niece at an ancient chateau. A troubling crime is committed just before their arrival; to allay panic, Joe agrees to stay on and root out the guilty person) $14.00
Coben, Harlan Shelter (Mickey Bolitar #1: YA; Family tragedy sends Mickey to live with his uncle Myron. Luckily, his new high school comes with a great new girlfriend, Ashley. Until Ashley vanishes, and the trail leads to a seedy underworld that reveals she isn't who she claimed to be, and to a shocking conspiracy) $18.99
Coel, Margaret The Perfect Suspect (Catherine McLeod #2: After a politician is murdered and his estranged wife is arrested for the crime, Denver investigative reporter Catherine McLeod receives an anonymous tip identifying Detective Ryan Beckman as the real killer. To uncover the truth, she'll will have to find the eyewitness) $25.95
Coel, Margaret The Spider's Web (Wind River #15: When Ned Windsong is shot, his family believes his fiancee killed him, even though she claims two troublemakers are the culprits. Vicki Holden agrees to represent her, but when the troublemakers turn up dead, Vicki and Father John realize they are caught in a web of deceit) $7.99
Colfer, Eoin Plugged (First his girlfriend gets murdered in the casino parking lot. Then lots of people around him start dying, and not of natural causes. Suddenly Irish ex-pat bouncer Linc McEvoy's got half the New Jersey mob, dirty cops and his man-crazy upstairs neighbor after him. And he still doesn't know what's going on) $22.95
Connelly, Michael The Reversal (Harry Bosch #16 / Mickey Haller #3: When a convicted child murderer is exonerated by new DNA evidence, retrial prosecutor Mickey Haller and investigator Hary Bosch must nail the sadistic killer before he kills again) $9.99
Connolly, John The Burning Soul (Charlie Parker #10: Someone is his small Maine town has discovered that Randall Haight has a secret. Detective Charlie Parker is determined to find out who is tormenting Randall, so the past can be laid to rest. And when a teenage girl disappears, it becomes clear that there are other dark secrets in town) $26.00
Cornwell, Patricia Port Mortuary (Kay Scarpetta #18: As the chief of the new Cambridge Forensic Center, a joint venture of the government and MIT, Scarpetta is confronted with a case that could shut down her new facility and ruin her) $9.99
Cussler, C/Blackwood, G Lost Empire (Fargo #2: Sam and Remi Fargo search for an artifact that is also being pursued by members of a Mexican political party who boast direct descent from Aztec royalty) $9.99
Cussler, C/Scott, J The Race (Isaac Bell #4: 1910: Josephine Frost is hoping to win $50,000 by being the first aviator to fly across America in less than fifty days. Her sponsor hires Bell to protect her from her murderous husband Harry, who has gangland connections all across the country) $27.95
David, Saul Zulu Hart (George Hart #1: Learning he is part Zulu, the bastard son of a British general, Hart struggles to come to terms with his identity, heading to South Africa for a fresh start. Once there, he decides to rejoin the British Army, but when Britain heads for war with the Zulus, he must make a choice, and fight for his life) $10.95
Davis, Krista The Diva Haunts the House (Domestic Diva #5: PBO; Sophie arrives at a Halloween party, only to discover one of the guests dead and a pale, fanged partygoer fleeing the scene. Could the killer be a real vampire?) $7.99
De Feo, Ronald Calling Mr. King (Long considered cool, distant, and absolutely reliable, an American-born hit man grows increasingly distracted by an unexpected passion for architecture and art. He comes to realize this is unwise for a man in his business when he is sent on the most difficult job of his career) $14.95
Diaz, L/Hirschfeld, N Dancing with the Devil: Confession of an Undercover Agent (Nonfiction; his journey from his violent Brooklyn upbringing and early forays into crime to becoming one of the DEA's bravest undercover agents) $7.99
Doyle, Arthur Conan The Complete Brigadier Gerard (Collection; the humorous, swashbuckling, saber-rattling adventures of Gerard, a young French cavalry officer at the time of the Napoleonic wars) $13.95
Draper, Sharon M. Shadows of Caesar's Creek (Clubhouse Mysteries #3: Reissue; Kids; Ziggy and friends are excited about their camping trip. Their camp counselor tells them stories about her Shawnee ancestors. When the kids decide to test their courage like the Shawnee youth did, they end up lost, and strange things start to happen) $4.99
Ellroy, James The Hilliker Curse: My Pursuit of Women (Nonfiction; a raw, explicit memoir) $14.95
Flynn, Vince American Assassin (Mitch Rapp Prequel #1: After being recruited out of college, Mitch Rapp undergoes grueling CIA training, and is sent to Istanbul to assassinate the arms dealer who sold the explosives on Pan Am flight 103) $9.99
Follett, Ken Fall of Giants (Century #1: Five interrelated families - American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh - move through the world-shaking events of World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's suffrage) $25.00
Frey, Stephen Heaven's Fury (As a snowstorm approaches a Wisconsin town, the sheriff struggles to cope with the arrival of a group of criminals, the disappearance of a resident, rumors of cult activity, and the murder of a former lover) $7.99
Garretson, Dee Wildfire Run (Kids; After an earthquake near Camp David, the president's son Luke must outwit the technology meant to protect him in order to save his friends and Secret Service agents from a wildfire that threatens to engulf them all) $6.99
Gore, Steven Act of Deceit (Harlan Donnally #1: Mount Shasta is far from the San Francisco sidewalk on which ex-detective Harlan Donnally's life nearly ended in a crossfire - but all too close to a decades-old secret that will force him into another) $9.99
Grabenstein, Chris The Black Heart Crypt (Haunted #4: Kids; Zack must once again do battle with malevolent spirits. And with his usual pluck, and the assistance of three dotty aunts, he must save his town from a 200-year-old threat) $16.99
Grant, Barry Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter (Holmes & Wilson #2: Having emerged from a Swiss glacier and solved his first case in more than 90 years, Holmes, along with his roommate James Wilson, sleuths through modern London in search of a stolen letter purportedly written by Shakespeare, and uncovers an international plot to arm terrorists) $15.95
Guilfoile, Kevin The Thousand (When her father is murdered while working on an ending for Mozart's unfinished Requiem, a young woman searches for his killer, and ends up in the crossfire of a centuries-old clandestine war involving a cult descended from the disciples of Pythagoras) $15.00
Hannah, Sophie The Cradle in the Grave (A TV documentary about crib-death mothers wrongly accused of murder has lead to three women being freed, while the doctor who testified against them is under investigation. Then one of the mothers is found dead. In her pocket is a card with 16 numbers on it - exactly like the card the TV producer has just received anonymously in the mail) $15.00
Harris, Charlaine The Sookie Stackhouse Companion (Southern Vampire: Tour Bon Temps, Louisiana, prowl around the werewolf and werepanther communities, visit Tara's dress shop, and belly up to the bar at Merlotte's in this guide to Sookie's family, friends, enemies, lovers, and adventures. Includes an original Sookie novella, recipes, and more) $30.00
Hunt, Amber All-American Murder (PBO; Nonfiction; a University of Virginia lacrosse champion kills his ex-girlfriend) $7.99
Hunter, Seth The Price of Glory (Nathan Peake #3: At the helm of the Unicorn , Peake joins Captain Horatio Nelson in a bid to wreck Bonaparte's plans for the invasion of Italy) $24.95
Izner, Claude The Montmartre Investigation (Victor Legris #3: 1891: A series of murders lead Parisian bookseller Victor Legris and his assistant Jojo into the alleyways and cafes of the hills of Montmartre, on a trail that seems to point to a case that shocked the population of Lyons years ago) $14.99
Jakubowski, Maxim (ed) The Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries 8 (Anthology; stories from some of the top names in British crime fiction) $13.95
Kagen, Lesley Whistling in the Dark (Sally & Troo #1: 1959: Sally O'Malley made a promise to her daddy before he died, to look after her sister Troo. Now, with their mom in the hospital, their stepfather drunk and their big sister busy with a boyfriend, Sally and Troo are on the loose. And so is a murderer and molester) $13.95
Kagen, Lesley Good Graces (Sally & Troo #2: 1960: When a series of disquieting events unfold in their Milwaukee neighborhood - home burglaries, the escape of a nemesis from reform school, and the mysterious disappearance of an orphan - the crimes may involve the increasingly rebellious Troo. Sally must try once again, as she promised her daddy on his deathbed, to keep Troo safe) $25.95
Kampusch, Natascha 3096 Days in Captivity (PBO; Nonfiction; abducted at age 10, Natascha was starved, beaten, and treated as a slave for 8 years until she managed to escape) $9.99
Kelly, Sofie Sleight of Paw (Magical Cats #2: PBO; When the body of elderly Agatha Shepherd is found near a local cafe, librarian Kathleen Paulson knows her cats' magical abilities will give them access to clues without arousing suspicion - it will take a bit of furtive investigation to catch the killer) $7.99
Kiely, Tracy Murder Most Persuasive (Elizabeth Parker #3: When Elizabeth's great-uncle's house is sold after his death, the new owners dig up the body of a man thought to have run off years ago after embezzling money from the family business. When her cousin Ann becomes the main suspect, Elizabeth decides to track down the real killer - and do a little matchmaking between Ann and Ann's old flame, detective Joe Muldoon) $24.99
Killian, Diana Death in a Difficult Position (Mantra for Murder #4: PBO; When a preacher claims A.J. is sending her yoga clients straight to hell, and then turns up dead, the case stretches A.J.'s sleuthing skills to the limit) $7.99
King, Laurie R. The Pirate King (Mary Russell #11: An investigation into criminal activities surrounding an English movie studio sends Russell to Lisbon and Morocco, where The Pirates of Penzance is being filmed. The set becomes downright dangerous when the director hires actual pirates) $25.00
Kingsley, Allison Mind Over Murder (Raven's Nest Bookstore #1: PBO; Cousins and best friends, Stephanie and psychically-gifted Clara run a bookstore. Molly, the store's number-one employee, has made no secret of her anger at a local woman who claims that the store's occult books are poisoning the town's youth. When the woman is found dead, the evidence is stacked against Molly. Clara must rely on her gift to find the truth) $7.99
Kipps, Charles Crystal Death (Conor Bard #2: Conor Bard and his new partner Rosita Rubio find plenty of suspects when a beautiful diamond dealer is murdered and a rare red diamond is stolen in NYC's diamond district) $7.99
Krueger, William Kent Northwest Angle (Cork O'Connor #11: During a Lake of the Woods vacation, a gale strands Cork and his daughter on an island. In an old cabin, they find the body of a teenage girl who has been tortured and killed. And in a nearby hiding place they find a hungry, dehydrated baby boy. In the Northwest Angle, pursued by powerful people, Cork realizes that to save his family, he must solve the mystery surrounding the boy; signed copies expected) $24.99
Leather, Stephen Bangkok Bob and the Missing Mormon (Bangkok Bob #1: Introducing Bob Turtledove - Bangkok antiques dealer and part-time PI - in a case that brings him up against Russian gangsters, hired killers, and kickboxing thugs while looking for a lost Mormon in the heart of Thailand) $15.95
Lee, Amanda Thread Reckoning (Embroidery #3: PBO; Cupid's arrow is bringing lots of business to Marcy's embroidery shop. But someone wants to squash all the romance - and is willing to go as far as murder to do it) $7.99
Logan, Kylie (aka Daniels, Casey) Button Holed (Button Box #1: PBO; Josie's reputation as an expert draws a starlet to the Button Box to get buttons for her wedding gown. Then the shop is ransacked and the actress is murdered - and a killer is out to keep Josie's lips permanently buttoned up) $7.99
Maltin, Leonard Leonard Maltin's 2012 Movie Guide (PBO; Revised and updated) $9.99
Mankell, Henning The Fifth Woman (Wallander #6: Reissue; With only a skull, a diary, and a photo of three men as clues, Wallander must uncover the reason behind a pair of murders, and their elusive connection the unsolved murder of a woman in Africa) $7.99
Mayor, Archer Red Herring (Joe Gunther #21: Vermont Bureau of Investigation head Joe Gunther and his team investigate a series of murders apparently linked only by a single drop of unexplained blood left at each crime scene) $14.99
McNab, Chris (ed) Armies of the Napoleonic Wars: An Illustrated History (Nonfiction; a comprehensive illustrated guide to all the major armies of the Napoleonic Wars - France, Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Spain and Portugal - detailing the organization, infantry, cavalry, and artillery of each) $24.95
Mills, Wendy Howell Island Blues (Sabrina Dunsweeney #2: When the Comico Island town council offers her a job as ombudsman to cope with the tourist influx, Sabrina has to deal with a number of burglaries - and the murder of the spokesman of a strange cult) $14.95
National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance The Exquisite Corpse Adventure (Kids; Top authors and illustrators collaborate on this zany, progressive story filled with werewolves, mad scientists, a talking pig, and 11-year-old twins on a quest to rescue their parents) $7.99
Neggers, Carla Saint's Gate (At a convent on the Maine coast, FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan investigate a series of art thefts and the murder of a nun, and find themselves in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer) $24.95
Nesbo, Jo The Redbreast (Harry Hole #1: Reissue; While monitoring neo-Nazi activities in Oslo, police detective Harry Hole is drawn into a mystery with roots in Norway's WWII past; Winner of the Glass Key Award for Best Nordic Crime Novel) $7.99
Nesbo, Jo The Headhunters (Roger Brown is a corporate headhunter, but one career simply can't support his luxurious lifestyle and his wife's fledgling art gallery. One night he meets Clas Greve, the perfect candidate for a CEO job, and also, perhaps, the answer to his financial woes. Greve happens to mention that he owns a priceless Rubens painting - and Brown happens to dabble in art theft) $14.95
Novak, Brenda In Seconds (In #2: PBO; When the bikers who blame her for a gang member's death track her down, Laurel Hodges turns to her next-door neighbor, Sheriff Myles King, for help) $7.99
Parker, R/Brandman, M Killing the Blues (Jesse Stone #10: Chief of Police Jesse Stone has a lot to deal with: a string of car thefts that escalates to murder; his relationship with a young PR executive, whose plan to turn Paradise into a concert destination may run afoul of the law; and the arrival of a mysterious figure from his past, bringing memories of his last troubled days as a cop in Los Angeles; unabridged CDs $32.00) $25.95
Parker, Robert B. Painted Ladies (Spenser #38: Spenser agrees to provide protection during a ransom exchange - money for a stolen painting. When he fails to protect his client and the painting remains stolen, he enters into a daring game of cat-and-mouse with the thieves) $9.99
Patterson, J/Karp, M Kill Me If You Can (The world's two best assassins hunt a poor art student who stole a duffel bag filled with diamonds during the chaotic aftermath of a killing at Grand Central Station) $27.99
Patterson, James Fang (Maximum Ride #6: The flock receives a cryptic message, 'The sky will fall.' And canny birdkid Angel prophesies that Max's soul mate Fang will be the first to die) $7.99
Pelecanos, George The Cut (Spero Lucas #1: Iraq war veteran Spero Lucas is now an investigator, specializing in recovering stolen property, no questions asked. Hired by a crime boss to find out who's stealing from him, Spero tangles with a world of men whose amorality and violence leave him reeling) $25.99
Penny, Louise A Trick of the Light (Inspector Gamache #7: The murder of Lillian Dyson brings CI Gamache and his team to the tiny Quebec village of Three Pines, where he finds the art world gathered to celebrate Clara Morrow's solo show. Nothing is as it seems, and even when facts are slowly exposed, it is unclear if what they've found is the truth; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Peters, Elizabeth Children of the Storm (Amelia Peabody #15: Reissue; 1919-1920: The theft of valuable antiquities from the home of a friend causes great concern in the Emerson household. Ramses' strange encounter with a woman costumed in the veil and gold crown of the goddess Hathor only deepens the mystery. And the brutal death of the suspected thief sets Amelia on a collision course with a formidable and fiendish adversary) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Guardian of the Horizon (Amelia Peabody #16: Reissue; 1907-1908: Prompted by news of danger to their friend Tarek, Amelia Peabody and her intrepid family journey once again to the Lost Oasis, unaware that deception is leading them into a nest of vipers, where a dreadful fate may await them) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Seventh Sinner (Jacqueline Kirby #1: Reissue; Jean Suttman was thrilled to get an opportunity to study in Rome. But then a fellow student turns up dead, and a series of small 'accidents' occur with disturbing regularity. It's up to eminently practical middle-aged librarian Jacqueline Kirby to get to the bottom of things) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Die for Love (Jacqueline Kirby #3: Reissue; Jacqueline heads for NYC to attend the annual Historical Romance Writers of the World convention, where she finds a hotbed of jealousy and passion. The sudden death of an vicious gossip columnist looks suspicious. Then one of the most popular writers receives death threats, and asks Jacqueline for help) $9.99
Peters, Ralph The Officers' Club (Lt. Jessie Lamoureaux's mutilated body turns up at an Army post on the Mexican border. Was she killed by a jealous lover, a drug gang, or someone from past?) $7.99
Poyer, David The Towers (After surviving the attacks on September 11, 2001, Dan Lenson finds himself quickly drawn into a covert SEAL team in search of the terrorists responsible. Their mission: kill Osama Bin Laden) $25.99
Quinn, Spencer The Dog Who Knew Too Much (Chet & Bernie #4: Bernie is invited to give a speech at a PI convention, but it's Chet that the PI in charge has secret plans for. Meanwhile, the search for a missing boy in the high country turns dangerous when Chet makes a find that sends the case in an unexpected direction) $25.00
Reece, Christy Sweet Justice (Last Chance Rescue #1: PBO; Desperate to find his niece - one of many young women who have vanished from college campuses - ex-cop Seth Cavanaugh turns to the elite Last Chance Rescue organization and operative Honor Stone, who goes undercover to attract the maniacal cult leader behind the kidnappings) $7.99
Reed, Rick The Coldest Fear (Jack Murphy #2: PBO; Detective Jack Murphy is after a serial killer with a grisly sense of humor; a newspaper reporter seems to have a direct line to the killer - and a secret he wants to keep hidden) $7.99
Reichs, Kathy Flash and Bones (Temperance Brennan #14: When a body is found in a barrel of asphalt near a speedway, Tempe learns that it may be connected to a pair of mysterious disappearances years earlier that the FBI never really investigated) $26.99
Reichs, Kathy Virals (Virals #1: YA; Tory Brennan, niece of forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, is the leader of a band of teenage 'sci-philes'. When the group rescues a dog caged for medical testing, they are exposed to a virus that gives them heightened senses and animal-quick reflexes. They use their new abilities and science smarts to try to catch a killer) $9.99
Rock, Judith The Eloquence of Blood (Charles du Luc #2: PBO; Paris, 1686: A woman is trying to prove she is the adopted daughter of the last Mynette heir, and thus claim her inheritance - money that would otherwise go to the Jesuit school. When she is murdered, and the Jesuits are implicated in her death, rhetoric teacher Charles du Luc investigates) $15.00
Rossmiller, Shannen The Unexpected Patriot (Nonfiction; after 9/11, Montana judge Rossmiller studied Arabic and Islamic culture, and posed as an Islamic terrorist online, infiltrating jihadist chat rooms and working with the FBI to amass evidence against an array of terror suspects in the US and abroad) $25.00
Rozan, S.J. On the Line (Lydia Chin / Bill Smith #10: Lydia Chin has been kidnapped, and PI Bill Smith will have to play an elaborate game of the kidnapper's devising if he wants to keep her alive) $14.99
Ryan, Annelise Frozen Stiff (Mattie Winston #3: When a beautiful investigative reporter turns up dead in a Wisconsin field - with detective Steve Hurley's knife in her chest - it'll take all of deputy coroner Mattie Winston's forensic skills to find the real killer) $22.00
Saylor, Steven Empire (Rome #2: From the reign of Augustus to the height of Rome's empire, five generations of the aristocratic Pinarius family face choices and temptations as they struggle for survival and search for meaning) $15.99
Scott, Robert Shattered Innocence (Nonfiction; Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted at age 11; nearly 20 years later her captors were arrested and she was freed) $7.99
Shane, Trevor Children of Paranoia (Since the age of eighteen, Joseph has been assassinating people on behalf of a cause that he believes in but doesn't fully understand. The War is ageless, fought by two distinct sides - one good, one evil. The only unknown is which side is which. Sent to complete a dangerous assignment, Joseph meets a girl named Maria, and for the first time in his life his singleminded, bloody purpose fades away. Now he must run from the people who have fought by his side to save what he loves most in this world) $25.95
Shefchik, Rick Green Monster (Sam Skarda #2: The Boston Red Sox turns to PI Sam Skarda to find out who is trying to extort $50 million from them by threatening to reveal that the 2004 World Series was fixed) $14.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Three Stations (Arkady Renko #7: Investigator Renko's latest case involves a kidnapped baby with a mysterious teenage mother, a dead prostitute, and corruption in the Moscow police force) $15.00
Stanley, Kelli City of Dragons (Miranda Corbie #1: San Francisco, 1940: During Chinese New Year, PI Miranda Corbie finds a man's body, fatally shot. The Chamber of Commerce wants to cover it up. Miranda wants justice) $14.99
Stanley, Michael Death of the Mantis (Detective Kubu #3: In the southern Kalahari, a ranger is found dying of a head wound, surrounded by three Bushmen. Are they murderers, or were they trying to help the man? As Detective Kubu investigates, another man is murdered in similar circumstances) $14.99
Tinniswood, Adrian Pirates of Barbary (Nonfiction; a look at the pirates of the 17th century, when the Mediterranean was the crossroads of the world, and pirates were the scourge of Europe) $16.00
Todd, Charles A Bitter Truth (Bess Crawford #3: On leave from the Great War in France, battlefield nurse Bess Crawford arrives home to find a battered woman huddled in her doorway, and agrees to escort her home to Sussex. There the woman's family has gathered for a memorial service for the elder son, who died of war wounds. Her husband, home on compassionate leave, is tense, tormented by jealousy and his own guilty conscience. When a troubled guest is found dead, Bess becomes a prime suspect. This murder leads her to a dangerous quest in war-torn France) $24.99
Turnbull, Peter Aftermath (Hennessey & Yellich #21: Five corpses in various states of decomposition are found chained to the walls of a kitchen garden. The victims appear to have little in common, but DCI Hennessey and DS Yellich know that the dead must hold the clues they need) $15.95
Walker, Martin Black Diamond (Bruno #3: Attacks on Vietnamese market vendors, arson at a local Asian restaurant, subpar Chinese truffles smuggled into outgoing shipments - all of it threatens the Dordogne's lucrative truffle trade, and spells trouble for Chief of Police Bruno, especially after one of his truffle-hunting partners is murdered) $24.95
Webb, Peggy Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders (Southern Cousins #3: Callie, Lovie, and basset hound Elvis head to Memphis to keep Mama out of trouble at a dance competition. When someone starts knocking off dancers, the cousins go undercover to catch the killer) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Strategic Moves (Stone Barrington #19: His undercover dealings with MI6 have brought a big new client to Woodman & Weld, but Stone gets a whiff of an impending scandal: the new client might be another Bernie Madoff) $9.99
Woods, Stuart Son of Stone (Stone Barrington #21: Back in New York, Stone's looking to stay close to home and cash in on his partnership at Woodman & Weld, but his former love Arrington Calder has other plans, including introducing him to the child he fathered years ago) $26.95
Xiaolong, Qiu Don't Cry Tai Lake (Inspector Chen #7: Shanghai's Inspector Chen has his vacation at Tai Lake interrupted by the murder of the director of one of the local factories responsible for polluting the lake. The local police suspect the leader of an ecological group, and Chen must tread carefully to uncover the truth) $24.99


Adams, Guy The Breath of God (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Matching wits with the legendary 'Great Beast' Aleister Crowley, Holmes is pitted against hordes of zombies in the streets of London) $12.95
Arsenault, Emily The Broken Teaglass (While staving off the boredom of their jobs updating a dictionary, Billy and Mona find that someone has been lacing the dictionary files with clues to a long-unsolved murder) $15.00
Benn, James R. Rag and Bone (Billy Boyle #5: Boston cop turned US Army detective Billy Boyle is sent to London to investigate the murder of a Soviet embassy official, who has been killed in exactly the same way that 20,000 Polish officers were recently executed in a hushed-up Soviet massacre) $14.00
Benn, James R. A Mortal Terror (Billy Boyle #6: When two American officers stationed near Naples are murdered, Billy is sent to handle the investigation. As the invasion at Anzio begins, Billy needs to keep a cool head as the killer calculates his next moves) $25.00
Block, Lawrence Getting Off (A beautiful and deadly female serial killer is working her way across the country, tracking down every man she's ever slept with, and ruthlessly murdering them) $25.99
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution (Pamplemousse #16: Awards for bed bugs and bad food have Pamplemousse trying to find out who is behind a smear campaign against France's premiere restaurant and hotel guide) $16.95
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Carbon Footprint (Pamplemousse #17: In hopes of improving Le Guide's reputation in America, Pamplemousse and his faithful bloodhound Pommes Frites court a revered and feared food critic. But can they save him from the Mafia?) $16.95
Castle, Richard Heat Rises (Nikki Heat #3: NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat and wise-cracking journalist Jameson Rook team up on another investigation) $25.99
Cleverly, Barbara The Blood Royal (Joe Sandilands #9: 1922: Just back from his trip to India, Joe Sandilands learns that he is now responsible for running CID, and also expected to take up the reins of the Irish Special Branch. As he deals with Irish terrorism and assassination attempts on politicians, he locks horns with a Russian princess who is running a spy network out of Kensington) $25.00
Collins, Max Allan Quarry's Ex (Quarry #9: The day Quarry returned stateside from Vietnam to find his young wife cheating, killing her lover was no big deal. And when he was recruited to use his skills as a contract killer, that transition was easy, too. What he wasn't expecting was ever running into his ex again) $9.95
Davis, Lindsey The Silver Pigs (Marcus Didius Falco #01: Reissue; Marcus Didius Falco, a private informer with a knack for trouble, offers to help a young woman who is fleeing for her life, and gets himself mixed up in a deadly plot in Roman Britannia involving stolen ingots, dangerous political machinations, and treason) $16.99
Fowler, Christopher Bryant & May Off the Rails (Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit #8: When a PCU detective is slain, Bryant and May must delve into the haunted history of the world's oldest subway, and follow a madman into the twisted tunnels that snake through London) $15.00
Grossman, Paul The Sleepwalkers (1932: During the final weeks of the Weimar Republic, a string of murders lead Jewish detective Willi Kraus through the German underworld, and bring him face to face with some of the leaders of the rising Nazi party) $14.99
Handler, David The Blood Red Indian Summer (Berger & Mitry #8: The locals aren't happy when a suspended NFL player comes to Dorset, CT. When the man's sister-in-law washes up on Mitch Berger's beach, barely alive, officer Desiree Mitry is on the case) $24.99
Ice-T/Radcliff, Mal Kings of Vice (After twenty years in prison, a former gang leader is back on the streets, determined to clean up the crime-infested neighborhoods that used to be his home, and guide his old gang to protect the city and its citizens) $14.99
James, Peter Dead Like You (Roy Grace #6: After a pair of Brighton women are raped and their shoes taken, Det. Supt. Roy Grace realizes the new cases bear remarkable similarities to an unsolved series of attacks in 1997) $14.99
Johansen, Iris Bonnie (With the help of her beloved Joe Quinn and CIA agent Catherine Ling, Eve has come closer than ever to the truth about her daughter's disappearance. But the deeper she digs, the more she realizes that Bonnie's father is a key player in solving this puzzle. And that Bonnie's disappearance was not as random as everyone had always believed) $27.99
Johansen, Iris Eve (Eve Duncan #11: CIA agent Catherine Ling brings up a name from the past: John Gallo. He just might be the missing piece to the puzzle that has haunted Eve for years: the disappearance of her daughter) $7.99
Johnson, D.E. Motor City Shakedown (Will Anderson #2: Detroit, 1911: When Will stumbles upon the body of crime boss Vito Adamo's driver, he sets out to find the killer. The trail leads to a vast underworld conspiracy, and places Will in the middle of Detroit's first mob war) $24.99
Jones, Solomon The Last Confession (Coletti #1: South Philly detective Mike Coletti suddenly realizes that the priest he put away for the decade-old Confessional Murders is innocent. To stop the execution, Coletti must catch a killer who calls himself the Angel of Death) $14.99
Jurjevics, Juris Red Flags (In the remote central highlands of Vietnam, Army CID officer Eric Rider confronts drug-running and corruption that crosses enemy lines and divides loyalties) $26.00
Lansdale, Joe R. All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky (YA; Three Oklahoma kids plan to use a dead neighbor's car to get to Texas, but a run-in with one of the Depression's most notorious gangsters puts a crimp in the plan, and the kids wind up riding the rails among hoboes, gangsters, and con men, racing to warn a carnival wrestler turned bank robber of the danger he faces) $16.99
Levine, Paul Lassiter (Jake Lassiter #8: Amy Larkin seeks out attorney Jake Lassiter, who was the last person to see her sister Krista before she vanished years ago. Jake's investigation takes him to Miami's porn industry) $25.00
Lewis, Mitchell Scott Murder in the 11th House (David Lowell #1: Astrological detective David Lowell must use his charts and street smarts to solve the murder of a federal judge in a NYC parking garage) $14.95
Malliet, G.M. Wicked Autumn (Max Tudor #1: After a harrowing past in MI5, Max has found peace as a village vicar. When the unpopular president of the Women's Institute turns up dead, it looks accidental, but before long Max comes to suspect foul play) $23.99
Marklund, Liza Red Wolf (Annika Bengtzon #5: Crime reporter Annika Bengtzon suspects that a journalist's murder is linked to an attack against an isolated Swedish air base. A series of murders follows as she tries to discover the truth) $15.00
McCrumb, Sharyn The Ballad of Tom Dooley (Laura Foster, a simple country girl, was murdered and her lover Tom Dula was hanged for the crime. With the help of historians, lawyers, and researchers, Sharyn McCrumb visited the actual sites, studied the legal evidence, and uncovered a missing piece of the story that will shock those who think they already know what happened - and may also bring belated justice to an innocent man) $24.99
Mina, Denise Still Midnight (Alex Morrow #1: DI Alex Morrow is assigned a case that could make her career: three armed men invade a Glasgow home, demanding a man who has never been there, then shoot one family member and kidnap another) $14.99
Neville, Stuart Collusion (Belfast #2: When Belfast DI Jack Lennon tries to track down his former lover Marie McKenna and their daughter, his superiors tell him to back off. As Lennon unravels a conspiracy that links his daughter to a killer named Fegan, the line between friend and enemy blurs) $14.00
Parker, T. Jefferson (ed) Hook, Line & Sinister (Anthology; stories of mystery and fishing) $16.95
Patterson, J/Roughan, H Don't Blink (A New York reporter, investigating the gruesome murder of an infamous mob lawyer, receives a clear message as he closes in on the facts - back off, or die) $14.99
Pendleton, Don Trial by Fire (Executioner #394: PBO; When a plane filled with American cadets is shot down in the Congo, Bolan is sent to find the group - but terrorists are tracking them through the jungle, too) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Grave Mercy (SuperBolan #144: PBO; The Ton Ton Macoute, with a Haitian religious fanatic at its helm, plans a brutal invasion of a Caribbean island. They're about to experience Bolan's particular brand of hellfire) $6.99
Pyper, Andrew The Guardians (Trevor, Randy, Ben, and Carl grew up together. Years later, Trevor learns that Ben has committed suicide, and returns to his hometown to pay his respects and reunite with Randy and Carl. But going home means going back to the memories of a sinister crime that occurred in the abandoned house at 321 Caledonia Street - a crime that claws its way into the present, leaving its mark on everyone) $17.95
Rendell, Ruth The Vault (Inspector Wexford #23: In A Sight for Sore Eyes , three bodies - two dead, one living - were entombed beneath a London house. Twelve years later, the house's new owner opens the grisly chamber. Only now there are four bodies. How did someone else end up there? And who knew the chamber existed? Wexford is called out of retirement to assist with the case) $26.00
Ritter, Todd Bad Moon (Kat Campbell #2: Eric Olmstead comes back to town to bury his mother and fulfill her last request: find the truth about his brother Charlie's disappearance forty years ago. He and police chief Kat Campbell find clues suggesting that Charlie wasn't the only victim) $25.99
Robb, J.D. New York to Dallas (Eve Dallas #34: Eve's latest case takes her to the city she's named for, and plunges her into the nightmares of her childhood) $27.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Ronin's Mistress (Sano Ichiro #15: Japan, 1703: On a snowy night, forty-seven warriors murder a man responsible for the scandal that turned them from samurai into masterless ronin. Sano Ichiro investigates. Why did they wait two years to kill the man? And is there any reason they should not be immediately ordered to commit ritual suicide?) $25.99
Stanley, Kelli City of Secrets (Miranda Corbie #2: San Francisco, 1940: When Pandora Blake is murdered at the World's Fair, her body marked with an anti-Semitic slur, Miranda investigates) $24.99
wa Ngugi, Mukoma Nairobi Heat (Reissue; At a midwestern university, a blonde girl is found murdered on an African professor's porch; the trail leads Detective Ishmael Fofona to Africa to hunt for clues in a case that seems to make no sense) $14.95
Webster, Jason Or the Bull Kills You (Although he hates bullfighting, Chief Inspector Max Camara has to fill in for his boss, judging a festival corrida starring Spain's most famous young matador. That night, Camara is back in the bullring, investigating a grisly murder that shocks the city of Valencia to its core) $24.99
Winters, Ben H. The Secret Life of Ms. Finkleman (Kids; It starts with a special project for history class: solve a mystery in your own life. Bethesda is convinced her music teacher is hiding something, but no one is quite prepared for what she learns. Could Ms. Finkelman really have been a rock star?) $5.99
Zeltserman, Dave A Killer's Essence (When a serial killer terrorizes New York City, jaded detective Stan Green finds just a single witness, a neurologically disabled recluse who sees through the souls of others as demonic hallucinations) $23.95


Alexander, Tasha Dangerous to Know (Lady Emily #5: 1892: In Normandy, Lady Emily finds a murdered woman, a young French aristocrat who had been committed to an insane asylum, and had given birth to an illegitimate child there. Clues lead to a crumbling chateau in the country) $14.99
Atkinson, Kate Started Early, Took My Dog (Jackson Brodie #4: Retired detective Tracy Waterhouse has impulsively taken responsibility for a repeat offender's small child. Former detective Jackson Brodie has rescued an abused dog. He's about to learn, along with Tracy, that no good deed goes unpunished) $14.99
Ballard, Mignon F. Miss Dimple Disappears (Miss Dimple #1: 1942: Schoolteacher Charlie Carr and her best friend Annie set out to discover what's behind the disappearance of their Georgia hometown's longtime first-grade teacher) $14.99
Barton, Beverly 'Til Death Do Us Part: Blackwood's Woman / Roarke's Wife (Reissue; Omnibus reprint; two novels of romantic suspense) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. Busy Body (Agatha Raisin #21: When a Health and Safety Inspector, who had ruled that all of Carsely's traditional holiday decorations are unsafe, turns up stabbed to death with a kitchen knife, Agatha's detective agency is on the case) $7.99
Bebris, Carrie The Deception at Lyme, or, The Perils of Persuasion (Mr. & Mrs. Darcy #6: Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy investigate the death of a woman whose scandalous past left her with a child whose existence threatens the inheritance of one of her paramours and the reputation of another. And Mr. Darcy allies with Captain Frederick Wentworth to probe the circumstances of his cousin's death) $22.99
Bell, David Cemetery Girl (Four years after Tom and Abby's 12-year-old daughter vanished, she is found alive, but refuses to testify against the man connected to her disappearance. Tom decides to investigate on his own, but nothing can prepare him for what he's about to discover) $14.00
Benson, Michael A Killer's Touch (PBO; Nonfiction; Michael King kidnapped, raped, and murdered twenty-one-year-old Denise Amber Lee) $6.99
Bentley, Jennie Flipped Out (Do-It-Yourself #5: PBO; A local news anchor is thrilled to have his home's renovation filmed for a TV show. But when the man is murdered, Avery will have to nail the killer fast) $7.99
Bishop, David The Complete Inspector Morse (Nonfiction; a definitive guide, covering all 33 episodes of the show, the original Colin Dexter novels that inspired it, and related media such as radio plays; now updated to include spin-off series Inspector Lewis ) $16.95
Brokaw, Charles The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourds #2: Lourds is kidnapped by a ruthless group who are hunting a lost scroll authored by John of Patmos, which could bring about the end of the world - or stop it) $9.99
Brown, Rita Mae A Nose for Justice (Mags & Baxter #1: A Wall Street has-been, 32-year-old Mags arrives at her great-aunt Jeep's ranch to reassemble her life. But with a pipe-bombing at the valley's water pumping station, a string of local murders, and the discovery of a 19th-century skeleton buried in Jeep's barn, Mags and Deputy Pete Meadows have a lot of mysteries to solve - and Mags' dachshund Baxter and Jeep's shepherd mix King will have to team up to protect their humans) $7.99
Brown, Rita Mae Murder Unleashed (Mags & Baxter #2: To help a community of squatters living in a row of foreclosed homes, Mags, Jeep, and their friends (canine and human) do battle with Reno banks, the power company, and a ruthless politician. Then things turn deadly, and they have to stop a killer) $25.00
Bruen, Ken Headstone (Jack Taylor #9: Taylor faces an evil coterie known as Headstone, who are committing a series of random, insane, violent crimes in Galway) $24.00
Burke, James Lee Feast Day of Fools (Hackberry Holland #3: As sheriff Hack Holland and deputy Pam Tibbs look for the bandits who tortured a man to death in the desert, it becomes clear that serial murderer Preacher Jack Collins is also back in the area; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $49.99) $26.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Potter's Field (Inspector Montalbano #13: A corpse is found near Vigata, a town known for its soil rich with potter's clay. Meanwhile, a woman reports the disappearance of her husband, a Colombian of Sicilian origin related to a local mobster. Then Inspector Montalbano remembers a story from the Bible, and finds his way to the solution of the crime) $15.00
Campbell/Prepolec (ed) Gaslight Arcanum (Anthology; Holmes faces the bizarre, the uncanny, and the arcane in these original stories) $15.95
Cannell, Stephen J. The Prostitutes' Ball (Shane Scully #10: A party at a Hollywood mansion, the scene of an infamous murder 25 years earlier, ends with a producer and two prostitutes all murdered with the same gun. An extra bullet casing that doesn't match leads Detective Scully to a story of love, murder, suicide, and one of the biggest financial frauds in LA history) $9.99
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Pirate Plot (Chocoholic #10: When Lee and her husband take their boat out on Lake Michigan, they're boarded by a band of pirates. The town is amused by the mischievous buccaneers. But when a body washes up on shore, Lee has to figure out the truth behind the Warner Pier Pirates) $7.99
Carr, Carol K. India Black and the Widow of Windsor (Madam of Espionage #2: PBO; Suspecting that Scottish nationalists plan to assassinate Queen Victoria at Balmoral, Prime Minister Disraeli sends along India Black, disguised as a servant in case the traitor is among the staff, and handsome spy French, who will watch for a traitor among the guests) $14.00
Carroll, Grace Shoe Done It (Accessories #1: PBO; Rita Jewel has a dream job selling clothes and accessories to San Francisco socialites. But when a pair of heels becomes a clue in a murder, she finds herself involved in a high-end crime of fashion) $6.99
Castle, Richard et al Deadly Storm (Derrick Storm #1: Graphic novel; this adventure takes our hero from the gritty world of the PI to the globe-hopping intrigue of the CIA) $19.99
Charbonneau, Jonelle Skating Over the Line (Rebecca Robbins #2: Rebecca finally has a buyer for the roller rink. She can't wait to head back to Chicago, but her boyfriend wants her to stay, and the gang at the Senior Center wants her to track down a car thief. Then cars start exploding - with people in them) $25.99
Child, Lee The Affair (Jack Reacher Prequel: Before he started walking and became a vigilante, there was a last case, a breaking point, a twist in Reacher's life that he never saw coming; unabridged CDs $45.00) $28.00
Childs, Laura Fiber & Brimstone (Scrapbooking #8: Carmela and Ava overhear an argument between Jekyl Hardy and Brett Fowler. A few minutes later, they find Brett dead, but Carmela has known Jekyl for years; someone is framing him for murder, and she's determined to find the real killer) $7.99
Childs, Laura Skeleton Letters (Scrapbooking #9: At St. Tristan's Church, Carmela and Ava witness the murder of a member of their scrapbooking circle, and the theft of an antique crucifix. The search for the culprit draws them deeper into New Orleans' French Quarter) $25.95
Christer, Sam The Stonehenge Legacy (A cryptic letter leads a young archaeologist and an intrepid policewoman to a secret society, whose charismatic and ruthless new leader is performing human sacrifices in an attempt to unlock the secrets of Stonehenge) $24.95
Christie, Agatha Poirot Investigates (Hercule Poirot #3: Reissue; Collection of classic short stories) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Mystery of the Blue Train (Hercule Poirot #6: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Murder in Mesopotamia (Hercule Poirot #14: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Murder in the Mews (Hercule Poirot #17: Reissue; Collection of classic short stories) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Appointment with Death (Hercule Poirot #18: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Labors of Hercules (Hercule Poirot #26: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Hickory Dickory Dock (Hercule Poirot #31: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie/Cade, Jared Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days (4th edition) (Nonfiction; revised and expanded study revealing why Christie stage her own disappearance, and how it all went terribly wrong) $19.95
Clancy, T/Blackwood, G Dead or Alive (Jack Ryan Jr. and his colleagues and recruits at the Campus are on the trail of the Emir, a sadistic terrorist who has masterminded vicious attacks and eluded law enforcement) $18.00
Coben, Harlan Miracle Cure (Reissue; In a clinic on Manhattan's Upper West Side, a doctor has dedicated his life to eradicating a devastating disease. One by one, his patients are getting well - then being targeted by a serial killer) $9.99
Connelly, Michael The Fifth Witness (Mickey Haller #4: Mickey expands his business into foreclosure defense, only to see one of his clients accused of killing the banker she blames for trying to take away her home) $14.99
Coover, Robert Noir (You are a PI. A young widow hires you to find her husband's killer - if he was killed. The your client is killed and her body disappears - if she was your client. Your search for clues takes you from classy lounges to lowlife dives, from jazz bars to a rich sex kitten's bedroom, from yachts to the morgue) $14.00
Corby, Gary The Pericles Commission (Nicolaos #1: Working as an agent for promising young politician Pericles, Nicolaos searches for the assassin responsible for the death of Ephialtes, the man who brought democracy to Athens, whose murder has thrown the city into uproar) $14.99
Dams, Jeanne M. A Dark and Stormy Night (Dorothy Martin #10: When Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, are invited to a country house weekend, they expect nothing more explosive than the Guy Fawkes fireworks. Having read every Agatha Christie story ever written, Dorothy should have known better) $15.95
Daneshvari, Gitty Class is NOT Dismissed! (School of Fear #2: Kids; When she discovers that her former students have regressed, Mrs. Wellington brings Madeleine, Theo, Lulu, and Garrison back for summer school. Facing their fears is terrifying enough, but when they are joined by a fifth student (and another mysterious entity lurking in the woods), things get even scarier) $6.99
Doetsch, Richard Half-Past Dawn (DA Harper Keller awakens alone at home. He has a half-healed head wound, a hastily-stitched bullet wound in his shoulder - and a newspaper with a headline reporting him dead in a car crash) $25.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme (Midnight Louie #22: Hired to publicize a new Las Vegas mob museum/casino, Temple's big event unveils a corpse. It's up to Louie and his cat crew to solve murders old and new that smack of mobs both vintage and all too recent) $7.99
Dunnett, Kaitlyn The Corpse Wore Tartan (Liss MacCrimmon #4: At a supper in honor of Scotland's beloved poet Robert Burns, long-held grudges among the members of the Scottish Heritage Appreciation Society lead to murder) $7.99
Ellison, J.T. Where All the Dead Lie (Taylor Jackson #7: PBO; The headshot didn't kill Taylor Jackson, but it left her mute and haunted. At first, a drafty and singularly romantic Scottish castle seems the perfect place for healing. But before long the house itself surrounds her like a menacing presence. PTSD. Pills. Ghosts. Grudges. Someone or something is coming after Taylor. But is she being haunted by the dead, or hunted by the living?) $14.95
Ellory, R.J. The Anniversary Man (No one in New Jersey knows more about serial killers than John Costello, who survived an attack by one twenty years ago. When a new spate of murders starts, John is the only one who discerns the pattern behind them. But could this dark knowledge threaten his life?) $14.95
Ellroy, J/Penzler, O (ed) The Best American Noir of the Century (Anthology; 39 hardboiled stories) $16.95
Emery, Anne Children in the Morning (Monty Collins #5: When Beau Delaney is charged with murdering his wife Peggy, Halifax lawyer Monty Collins takes the case. But his client is keeping secrets, and Monty's daughter Normie is having visions involving Beau. Monty and Normie work together to discover the truth) $14.95
Emery, Anne Death at Christy Burke's (Monty Collins #6: Monty Collins, Father Brennan Burke, and Father Michael O'Flaherty investigate when a dead body is found in Christy Burke's pub, and begin to uncover dark secrets in the lives of the pub regulars) $24.95
Enger, Thomas Burned (When a woman is buried up to her neck and stoned to death in an Oslo park, her Pakistani boyfriend is arrested, but investigative reporter Henning Juul believes the man is innocent, and sets out to uncover the truth) $15.00
Faust, Christa Choke Hold (Angel Dare #2: Angel Dare went into Witness Protection to escape her past - not as a porn star, but as a killer who took down the sex slavery ring that destroyed her life. But sometimes the past just won't stay buried) $9.95
Feldman, Jody The Seventh Level (Kids; Seven blue envelopes. Seven puzzles. If Travis can solve them, he'll be accepted by his school's secret club. But can he do this in detention? With the principal watching him?) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook (Hannah Swensen: Nonfiction; all the recipes from the first ten books in the series, plus new recipes, interspersed with stories and anecdotes about some of the town's beloved characters) $18.95
Fluke/Levine/Meier Gingerbread Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen #15: Anthology; 3 original novellas; Hannah Swensen, Jaine Austin, and Lucy Stone must each solve a holiday murder) $7.99
Flynn, Kevin/Lavoie, R Legally Dead (PBO; Nonfiction; an attorney murders his wife, then tries to frame their teenage son for the crime) $9.99
Freveletti, Jamie The Ninth Day (Emma Caldridge #3: PBO; When biochemist Emma Caldridge finds herself a prisoner of a Mexican cartel, she sees marijuana plants rotting with a flesh-eating toxin that causes horrible death within nine days of exposure. Believing that US agents contaminated the plants, the cartel plans to spread their lethal product across the US. Emma searches for a cure, but time is running out more quickly than she anticipated - she's been infected) $9.99
Gordon-Smith, Dolores A Hundred Thousand Dragons (Jack Haldean #4: 1920s: How do a few lines of poetry, a chance encounter in a London hotel, and a death in Sussex lead to a lost city of Arabia? Jack Haldean must find the answer) $15.95
Gordon, Howard Gideon's War (Skilled negotiator Gideon Davis launches an unlikely one-man rescue operation after terrorists seize a southeast Asia oil rig where his brother is working undercover) $7.99
Greaney, Mark Ballistic (Gray Man #3: PBO; On the run from a vengeful Russian crime lord, ex-CIA assassin Court Gentry seeks refuge with a friend, only to find the man has been murdered by a Mexican drug cartel, drawing Court into a war he never wanted) $15.00
Hamilton, Barbara (aka Hambly) The Ninth Daughter (Abigail Adams #1: Boston, 1773: Abigail arrives at her friend Rebecca's house to find Rebecca missing, and an unknown woman brutally murdered in the kitchen. Abigail struggles to help a British Army lieutenant find the killer and the missing Rebecca without exposing any of the secrets of the Sons of Liberty) $7.99
Hamilton, Barbara (aka Hambly) Sup with the Devil (Abigail Adams #3: PBO; Abigail's nephew Horace, hired by a mysterious woman to translate some Arabic, survives an attempt to kill him, and returns with a tale of pirate treasure. The Sons of Liberty want the rumored gold, but Abigail heads to Harvard to investigate the attempt on Horace's life, and the subsequent murder of a student loyal to the King) $14.00
Hammond, Gerald A Dog's Life (When he comes across Ann, a disheveled young woman, camping in the woods, Tim offers her a place to stay. They hit it off, and she moves in. When a brutal attack leaves Tim hospitalized, Ann's relatives suddenly arrive, as does an unexpected inheritance - making Ann and Tim wonder about the motivation for the attack) $15.95
Harris, Charlaine The Julius House (Aurora Teagarden #4: Reissue; Hardcover reissue) $25.95
Hart, Ellen The Lost Women of Lost Lake (Jane Lawless #19: While caring for an injured friend, Jane discovers her friend is actually more troubled by a tragic accident that took place years ago - and the reporter snooping around it) $25.99
Haynes, Dana Crashers (Crashers #1: Investigators must figure out what caused the deliberate crash of a passenger plane near Portland; in LA, a former foreign agent attaches herself to a suspicious group, and learns they are the terrorists responsible) $9.99
Hill, Susan The Shadows in the Street (Simon Serrailler #5: CI Serrailler investigates when two local prostitutes are strangled; unrest grows in the town when the wife of the Dean of St. Michael's Cathedral and a respectable woman on her way to work go missing) $15.00
Indridason, Arnaldur Operation Napoleon (When her brother, a rescue volunteer, vanishes, a young Icelandic woman sets out to discover his fate, which is connected to a World War II German bomber that the US Army is secretly trying to remove from an Icelandic glacier) $24.99
Indridason, Arnaldur Hypothermia (Reykjavik #6: When a woman is found hanging from a beam in her summer cottage, it appears to be suicide. Inspector Erlendur, also haunted by the unresolved cases of two young people who went missing 30 years before, embarks on an unofficial investigation. His discoveries raise ghosts from his own past) $15.00
Izner, Claude The Assassin in the Marais (Victor Legris #4: 1890s: When his business partner's home is burgled, the only item stolen is a decorative goblet. Then Victor discovers that two people connected to the goblet have been murdered, and launches an investigation that takes him through the underbelly of Paris) $25.99
James, BIll World War Two Will Not Take Place (In an alternate version of 1938 England, war looms, but the Prime minister's talks with Hitler in Munich seem to result in a pact of peace. Now Mount, a secret service officer, is sent on an undercover mission to Berlin. But with all this talk of peace, is there any point to his mission? Then a meeting with Toumlin and two good-time girls from the local bar results in a broken chair. Could this chair have been not only the key to his mission but also the key to peace?) $15.95
Jance, J.A. Improbable Cause (J.P. Beaumont #5: Reissue; Seattle homicide detective J.P. Beaumont investigates when a dentist who enjoyed inflicting pain is murdered in his own chair. The question isn't who wanted the man dead, but rather who of the many finally reached the breaking point) $9.99
Jance, J.A. A More Perfect Union (J.P. Beaumont #6: Reissue; A photo showing a doomed woman's face, indicating that her fatal fall from an unfinished skyscraper was not suicide, sends Seattle homicide detective J.P. Beaumont on a hunt for answers) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Dismissed with Prejudice (J.P. Beaumont #7: Reissue; The death of a successful Japanese software magnate looks like ritual suicide, but Seattle homicide detective J.P. Beaumont finds small errors in the ritual that suggest murder) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Minor in Possession (J.P. Beaumont #8: Reissue; Beau's stint at a rehab ranch in Arizona turns complicated when his roommate is shot dead - with Beau's gun) $9.99
Jeffery, Keith The Secret History of MI6 (Nonfiction; the authorized history of Britain's foreign intelligence service from 1909-1949, drawing extensively on hitherto secret documents) $20.00
Jenkins, Rebecca Death of a Radical (Raif Jarrett #2: The town of Woolbridge readies itself for upheaval: the mills are bringing in machinery, and jobs will be lost. As a group of radicals protests the plight of the workers, a local judge brings in the military as a precaution. Raif investigates when a salesman is found dead in bed and a radical is brutally murdered outside of town) $12.95
Jinks, Catherine The Genius Wars (Cadel Piggott #3: YA; Cadel has a new family and a new life - no more hacking, no more false identities, and, most of all, no more Prosper English. But when his best friend Sonja is attacked, it's up to him to figure out who was behind it) $8.99
Johnston, Linda O. The More the Terrier (Pet Rescue #2: PBO; When she learns her old mentor Mamie has become an animal hoarder, shelter manager Lauren Vancouver helps find homes for the animals - and sets out to clear Mamie's name when she's accused of murder) $7.99
Knight, Bernard According to the Evidence (Pryor & Bray #2: 1955: Forensic pathologist Richard Pryor and forensic biologist Angela Bray investigate an apparent suicide at a remote farm, receive an unusual request from the War Office, and work to clear a veterinarian accused of poisoning his ailing wife) $15.95
Kurkov, Andrey Penguin Lost (Penguin #2: Viktor returns to Kiev incognito to launch a guilt-wracked search for his penguin Misha. It's a search that will take Viktor to Moscow and back, landing him in league with a series of criminals and corrupt officials, each of whom knows something of what happened to Misha, and each of whom is willing to pass that information along if Viktor will just help them with one more job) $14.95
Lake, Deryn The Mills of God (Reverend Nick Lawrence #1: Newly arrived in the sleepy Sussex village of Lakehurst, young vicar Nick Lawrence helps Inspector Dominic Tennant hunt for a serial killer who leaves notes at the crime scenes signed 'The Acting Light of the World') $15.95
Lipperman, Liz Liver Let Die (Clueless Cook #1: PBO; Assigned to review a new steakhouse, fill-in culinary reporter Jordan McAllister ends up a murder suspect when her waiter turns up murdered outside her home, with her name and number in his pocket) $7.99
Ludlum/Mills The Ares Decision (Covert-One #9: Colonel Jon Smith heads to Uganda to investigate when a US Special Forces team is wiped out; video of the attack shows villagers with supernatural speed and strength, consumed with rage that makes them immune to pain and fear) $27.99
Maclean, Anna Louisa and the Country Bachelor (Louisa May Alcott #2: Reissue; While the Alcotts are visiting cousins in rural New Hampshire, a local bachelor is found dead in a ravine, the apparent victim of an accidental fall while hiking. But Louisa suspects foul play and sets out to uncover the murderer hiding among her family's new friends) $14.00
Maitland, Barry Dark Mirror (Brock & Kolla #10: The death of a student in the Reading Room of the London Library appears to be a simple tragedy, until the autopsy reveals it was arsenic poisoning. The investigation leads newly promoted DI Kathy Kolla and her superior DCI David Brock to suspect that the woman's death was related to unexplained and unusual aspects of her recent life) $14.99
Mankell, Henning Daniel (1875: On a scientific expedition in the Kalahari, Hans Bengler adopts a small boy whose tribe has been attacked by European raiders. When they arrive back in Sweden, he finds that raising a child across a vast cultural divide is more difficult than he'd imagined) $15.00
Marsh, Ngaio A Man Lay Dead (Roderick Alleyn #1: Reissue; At a country-house party, the host, Sir Hubert Handesley, has invented a new and especially exciting version of that beloved parlor entertainment, The Murder Game) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio The Nursing Home Murder (Roderick Alleyn #3: Reissue; For one unlucky Member of Parliament, a simple visit to the hospital proves fatal. But as Inspector Alleyn will discover, any number of people had reason to help the gentleman to his just reward, including a sour surgeon, his besotted nurse, a resentful wife, and a cabinet full of political rivals) $14.95
Mayor, Archer Tag Man (Joe Gunther #22: Joe Gunther and his VBI team are trying to find a burglar who specializes in rich people's alarm-equipped houses. The burglar, meanwhile, is on the run for his life: in one of those houses, he discovered what looks like proof of a string of murders; Signed copies expected) $25.99
McDermott, Andy Empire of Gold (Wilde & Chase #7: As one discovery unveils another, Nina realizes that a legendary Incan leader made a deal with his Spanish captors - and hid forever the 'real' El Dorado. Now, Nina and Eddie face a maze of death traps and betrayals to reach an unfound wonder of the world) $9.99
McKinlay, Jenn Death by the Dozen (Cupcake Bakery #3: PBO; Melanie and Angie are determined to win a cooking competition. When one of the judges turns up dead inside a freezer truck, they set out to find the cold-blooded killer) $6.99
McMahon, Neil L.A. Mental (LA psychologist Tom Crandall traces a series of strange events to Gunnar Kelso, the head of Parallax Productions, who has odd theories about power and human behavior - and dark ambitions that extend beyond film-making) $24.99
Medieval Murderers Hill of Bones (Anthology; after his brother is killed in an ambush there, a boy buries a miniature knife with an ivory bear hilt - the symbol of King Arthur - on Solsbury Hill. From that day forward, Solsbury Hill continues to be the scene of murder & theft, leaving a trail of corpses and treasure buried in the hill as an indication of its turbulent past) $16.95
Medieval Murderers The Sacred Stone (Anthology; beginning in 1067, and continuing over the next 600 years, a mysterious meteor brings treachery, discord, and violent death to those who seek to possess it) $9.99
Melton, P/Dunstan, M Black Light (PI Buck Carlsbad's psychic abilities place him in high demand among those with supernatural problems. But for Buck, each case is part of a lifelong obsession: locating the long-departed spirits of his murdered parents. Then Buck gets a call from a reclusive billionaire with a very strange request, and finds himself headed straight to hell) $25.99
Meltzer, Brad The Inner Circle (When a young archivist tries to impress an old friend by showing her the secret vault where the US President reviews classified documents, they happen upon a hidden artifact, and end up entangled in a web of conspiracy and murder) $9.99
Mina, Denise The End of the Wasp Season (Alex Morrow #2: Heavily pregnant with twins, DI Alex Morrow investigates the savage murder of a young woman in a wealthy suburb of Glasgow) $25.99
Muller, Marcia Coming Back (Sharon McCone #27: As Sharon struggles to regain control over her body, her friend from physical therapy goes missing. Sharon must rely on those closest to her to uncover the truth behind the disappearance when the investigation begins to point to issues of national security) $7.99
Neville, Stuart Stolen Souls (Belfast #3: A Russian sex slave escapes from a Belfast brothel by killing one of her captors, and takes refuge with a man who offers his help. But she learns that she's is not the first trafficked girl to cross his threshold, and she must fight to avoid their fate. When a war between rival gangs leaves bodies across the city, DI Jack Lennon discovers an escaped prostitute is the cause; soon he is locked in a race with two very different killers) $25.00
Newman, Kim The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (Meet the twisted evil twins of Holmes and Watson: Professor James Moriarty - wily, fiercely intelligent, unpredictable; and Colonel Sebastian 'Basher' Moran - violent, politically incorrect, debauched. Together they run London crime, owning police and criminals alike, and unraveling mysteries for their own gain) $14.95
O'Donohue, Clare The Devil's Puzzle (Someday Quilts #4: PBO; The quilting ladies are preparing for the big Archers Rest anniversary celebration when plans are derailed by the discovery of a human skeleton in Nell's grandmother's backyard, making Eleanor the prime suspect in a murder) $14.00
Patterson, James Cross Fire (Alex Cross #17: The Mastermind is back, and he's about to destroy everything and everyone Alex Cross loves) $9.99
Pilkey, Brent Lethal Rage (A young cop, newly transferred from a virtually crime-free division, is thrown into a brutal war against a dealer intent on taking over Toronto's drug trade) $14.95
Raymond, Derek He Died with His Eyes Open (Factory #1: Reissue; The brutal killing of a middle-aged alcoholic dumped outside of town is assigned to the never-named Detective Sergeant of the Dept. of Unexplained Deaths. With only a box of cassette-tape diaries as evidence, he has no choice but to listen to the haunting voice of the victim for clues) $14.95
Raymond, Derek The Devil's Home on Leave (Factory #2: Reissue; A body abandoned in a warehouse by the Thames is obviously the work of a contract killer, but why would a pro leave the body to be discovered? The Detective Sergeant soon finds himself in a harrowing cat-and-mouse game with a killer who seems to have ties to the highest levels of the government) $14.95
Raymond, Derek How the Dead Live (Factory #3: Reissue; The Detective Sergeant visits a decrepit country house to look into the disappearance of the lady of the manor, whose husband seems to love her, and yet seems reluctant to find her) $14.95
Raymond, Derek I Was Dora Suarez (Factory #4: Reissue; The gentle Dora Suarez was dying of AIDS, so why kill her? The Detective Sergeant's investigation uncovers vile human exploitation and institutional corruption) $14.95
Robb, J.D. et al The Unquiet (PBO; Anthology; 5 tales of supernatural romantic suspense, including a new Eve Dallas story) $7.99
Roker, Al/Lochte, Dick The Midnight Show Murders (Billy Blessing #2: Billy is on the West Coast, playing sidekick on a new late-night talk show. When the host is murdered, Billy's sleuthing takes him into Hollywood's back rooms, and into his own past) $7.99
Rosen, Delia One Foot in the Gravy (Deadly Deli #2: PBO; Gwen gets her first catering gig, for an audience-participation mystery party. It's all good fun until the 'victim' comes crashing through the ceiling, literally smoked to perfection) $7.99
Rowlands, Betty Miss Minchin Dies (Sukey Reynolds #11: Adelaide Minchin is found dead in her bathroom. The verdict is accidental death, which her GP has challenged. Sukey agrees to make some enquiries, but the case takes a back seat when the body of a teenage girl is found. As the two inquiries proceed, Sukey begins to suspect a link between the deaths) $15.95
Royes, Gillian The Goat Woman of Largo Bay (Shadrack is a bartender, but also an amateur detective for his small Caribbean community. Eric is an American struggling to rebuild the hotel there. One night, Shad and Eric discover that the shadowy figure they see on a tiny island across the bay is not a goat as they'd thought, but a mysterious woman on the run) $15.00
Rozan, S.J. Ghost Hero (Lydia Chin / Bill Smith #11: Hired to investigate rumors of newly discovered works by a Chinese artist killed in 1989, Lydia and Bill discover their client isn't who he claims to be, and that another PI is also looking for the paintings) $25.99
Sala, Sharon Blood Trails (Searchers #3: PBO; In search of her past, Holly leaves her home and Bud, the ranch foreman she's afraid to love, horrified by the knowledge that she might have been fathered by a serial killer. Bud's determination to follow and protect her may not be enough when past terrors reappear in the present) $7.99
Sandford, John Bad Blood (Virgil Flowers #4: Virgil's investigation into the murder of a farmer at a Minnesota grain elevator uncovers a multi-generation, multi-family conspiracy involving a series of monstrous crimes) $9.99
Sandford, John Shock Wave (Virgil Flowers #5: When a superstore chain sets its sights on a Minnesota river town, local merchants and environmentalists both want to stop it, but their protests don't seem to be slowing the project down. When a bomb goes off on the top floor of the company's headquarters, and another at the construction site, Virgil must find out who's behind the bombs) $27.95
Sands, Stella The Dating Game Killer (PBO; Nonfiction; Rodney Alcala is accused of seven murders, and the list may grow as new DNA evidence continues to be uncovered) $7.99
Schlink, Bernhard The Weekend (After 24 years, Jorg, a convicted murderer and terrorist, is released from prison, and his friends - some of whom were Baader-Meinhof sympathizers - gather in a secluded country home for his first weekend of freedom) $15.00
Schwartz, Stephen Jay Boulevard (Hayden Glass #1: LAPD detective and recovering sex addict Hayden Glass links a series of murders to a sadistic sexual predator - and finds he's being targeted by his quarry) $7.99
Shannon, John A Little Too Much (Jack Liffey #13: The search for popular African-American actor Ty Bird, who has disappeared from the set of his new movie, takes PI Jack Liffey to some of the stranger suburbs of Los Angeles) $15.95
Spillane, M/Collins, M The Consummata (A hard-as-nails criminal on the run agrees to help desperate members of Miami's Cuban-American community track down money that was stolen from them - and winds up neck-deep in murder) $9.95
Staub, Wendy Corsi Hell to Pay (Live to Tell #3: PBO; Survivors of a serial killer who invaded their childhood, Lucy Walsh and Jeremy Cavalon are married now. Fiercely determined to protect the fragile balance of their lives, Lucy doesn't know that her new husband guards a deadly secret, or that a shadowy predator is still intent on completing his deadly mission) $7.99
Stockwin, Julian Victory (Thomas Kydd #11: When politics lead to the impeachment of the head of the Navy, Commander Thomas Kydd is forced to take sides, and decides to join Nelson's squadron. At the Battle of Trafalgar, the Royal Navy must prove once and for all that it rules the seas) $16.00
Stockwin, Julian Conquest (Thomas Kydd #12: After victory at Trafalgar, England now rules the seas. Captain Kydd joins an expedition to take Dutch-held Cape Town, a strategic harbor that will give England a rich trade route to India) $24.00
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Creped Suzette (Scumble River #14: PBO; Plans to build a country music theater in Scumble River fall flat when a singer is murdered, with motives and suspects stretching back decades) $7.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Never-Ending-Snake (Ella Clah #16: Gunfire at an airfield sends Navajo police officer Ella Clah and her companions diving for cover. But who is the target: alternative fuel lobbyist Adam Lonewolf, politician Kevin Tolino, or Ella herself?) $14.99
Tremayne, Peter The Dove of Death (Sister Fidelma #20: AD 670: Pirates attack the ship Sister Fidelma is sailing on, and kill the captain and an Irish prince after they surrender. Once safely ashore, she is determined to bring the killers to justice) $14.99
Walsh, Michael Shock Warning (Devlin #3: PBO; A devastating biological attack in California threatens to plunge the country into panic and economic chaos just weeks before the presidential election. NSA undercover agent Devlin knows who's behind the mayhem - but can he stop it?) $7.99
Warner, Penny How to Party with a Killer Vampire (Presley Parker #4: PBO; Presley's latest gig is planning a horror film's star-studded wrap party. The graveyard location proves convenient when a tabloid journalist is murdered the night of the big bash) $7.99
Webb, Peggy Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble (Southern Cousins #4: When Lovie invites the whole clan to visit her new beau's worksite, Callie and her basset hound head straight for the airport. But the moment they arrive at the dig, Elvis sniffs out a skeleton too fresh to be archaeological) $23.00
Westerson, Jeri The Demon's Parchment (Crispin Guest #3: A Jewish physician at the King's court wants Crispin to find stolen parchments that might be behind several recent gruesome murders of young boys - parchments that someone might have used to bring forth a demon which now stalks 14th-century London) $14.99
Wetta, Stephen If Jack's in Love (1967: During the summer that he turns thirteen, Jack, a brilliant boy from a poor family, begins to think, as do most people in his Southern town, that his hippie older brother is responsible for the disappearance of the town's golden boy. To make matters worse, Jack is in love with the missing boy's sister Myra. Mr. Gladstein, the town's jeweler and solitary Jew, is Jack's only friend. Together, they scheme to win Jack Myra's love. But to do that, Jack must overcome the prejudices, both the town's and his own, about himself and his family) $25.95
Woodrell, Daniel The Outlaw Album (Collection; noir tales of crime and psychological suspense set in the Ozarks) $24.99
Zuiker/Swierczynski Dark Prophecy (Level 26 #2: Steve Dark, who has a one-of-a-kind talent for hunting and catching serial killers, is now a man on a mission - one that no longer requires law enforcement support - as he takes justice to the next level) $9.99


Beaton, M.C. As the Pig Turns (Agatha Raisin #22: It was supposed to be a pig roast in the village square, but an unpopular local policeman ended up on the spit. The man's ex-wife hires Agatha's detective agency to investigate - and then is murdered too) $24.99
Cole, Trevor Practical Jean (Jean is an ordinary woman, with a group of close friends and a comfortable marriage. When she sees her mother devastated by cancer, Jean realizes that her fondest wish is to protect her friends from the indignities of aging and illness. That's when she decides to kill them) $13.99
Connolly, John The Infernals (Samuel Johnson #2: The demon Mrs. Abernathy is seeking revenge on Samuel for his part in foiling the invasion of Earth by the forces of evil. When Samuel and his dachshund Boswell are pulled through a portal into the dark realm, she gets her chance. But she hasn't reckoned on the courage and cleverness of the boy and his dog, or the loyalty of Samuel's demon friend Nurd. Most of all she hasn't planned on the intervention of Mr. Merryweather's Elves) $22.00
Craig, James London Calling (John Carlyle #1: Metropolitan Police Inspector John Carlyle must navigate the treacherous realm of the British political system to protect the life of the Prime Minister) $25.00
Davis, Lindsey Shadows in Bronze (Marcus Didius Falco #2: Reissue; Disguised as an idle vacationer in the company of his best friend Petronius, Falco travels from the Isle of Capreae to Neapolis and then to Pompeii to uncover the conspiracy behind an act of treason) $16.99
de Castrique, Mark The Sandburg Connection (Sam Blackman #3: Hired to trail the plaintiff in a malpractice suit and catch her in physical activities that undercut her claim, Sam follows her to Carl Sandburg's home, where she climbs the arduous trail to the top of Glassy Mountain. Sam believes he has the evidence to wrap up the case, until he finds her bleeding on the mountain's granite outcropping. Did she stumble and fall, or did someone cause her death?; also available $24.95 hc) $14.95
Gorman, Ed Ticket to Ride (Sam McCain #7: 1965: Sam McCain is spending Labor Day weekend with some old friends. Some of their old grudges and rivalries seem silly - until two of them are murdered, and the motive seems buried in the past) $14.95
Gorman, Ed Bad Moon Rising (Sam McCain #8: The murder of a wealthy young woman sparks a backlash against the hippie commune that has recently arrived in Black River Falls, and PI Sam McCain finds himself in the middle of the controversy) $25.00
Hanson, Victor Davis The End of Sparta (The battles of one of the greatest generals of ancient Greece, Epaminondas, are seen through the eyes of Melon, a farmer who leaves his fields to serve in the army and help spread democracy) $28.00
Harlow, Jennifer Mind Over Monsters (FREAKS Squad #1: When she joins a top-secret offshoot of the FBI that handles supernatural threats, Beatrice must learn to control her telekinetic powers while tracking down a cunning necromancer) $14.95
Koontz, Dean What the Night Knows (After police officer Kirby Wayland finds a stray dog along the highway, he decides to take a road trip with the dog - a trip that brings a series of rapidly escalating adventures and turns into a hair-raising quest) $9.99
Lawton, John A Lily of the Field (Frederick Troy: Moves from 1934 Vienna, where we meet young cellist Meret Voytek and her music teacher Viktor Rosen, by way of Auschwitz and Los Alamos, to 1948 London, where Voytek and Rosen become persons of interest in Inspector Troy's investigation into the murder of a painter suspected of being a Soviet sleeper agent) $14.95
Leonard, Elmore Djibouti (In Djibouti to make a documentary, filmmaker Dara Barr finds more than she expected: pirates, a Saudi diplomat with dubious connections, a billionaire American who loves to fire his 600 caliber elephant gun, and an al Qaeda terrorist from Miami who wants to blow up something big) $14.99
Lindsay, Jeff Double Dexter (Dexter #6: Not pleased to discover that someone is shadowing him, observing him, and copying his methods, Dexter plans to deal with the copycat in his own pleasurable way) $25.95
O'Connell, Robert L. The Ghosts of Cannae (Nonfiction; Carthage's triumph over Rome at Cannae in 216 BC has inspired reverence and awe. Military historian O'Connell tells the whole story of Cannae for the first time: the battle, its causes, and its consequences) $17.00
Palahniuk, Chuck Damned (Abandoned at her Swiss boarding school over the holidays, Madison dies of an overdose, and finds herself in hell, sharing her cell with a cheerleader, a jock, a nerd, and a punk rocker. They set out to confront Satan in his citadel) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Hazard Zone (Executioner #395: PBO; After a US senator's daughter is murdered at a Jamaican luxury resort, her body is used to unleash chemical warfare on the US. To get the operator behind the attack, Bolan may need to bring the battle back to Washington) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Extermination (Stony Man #115: PBO; Stony Man must stop the spread of a plague that induces the ravages of starvation in less than a day) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Treason Play (SuperBolan #145: PBO; After an American journalist disappears in Dubai, his tortured corpse turns up, and Bolan jumps into action to stop the launch of a nuke somewhere in the Middle East) $6.99
Reichs, Kathy Seizure (Virals #2: YA; The Loggerhead Island Research Center is out of funding and might have to shut down. To save it, Tory and her friends go looking for Anne Bonney's pirate treasure - but they aren't the only ones, & this time, their special powers may not be enough to dig them out of trouble) $17.99
Royal, Priscilla Wine of Violence (Prioress Eleanor #1: Reissue; 1270: Tyndal's inexperienced new prioress must struggle to gain the respect of her terrified and resentful flock when a monk's body is found murdered in the cloister gardens) $14.95
Stuart, Sebastian Dead by Any Other Name (Janet's Planet #2: A singer sells her funky jewelry to Janet for some fast cash so she can move to Los Angeles. Hours later, the woman allegedly leaps to her death. Suspecting foul play, Janet investigates and discovers seamy secrets) $14.95
Tesh, Jane Stolen Hearts (David Randall #1: PI David Randall has a talent for finding things. Thrown out by his second wife, he reluctantly accepts his psychic friend Camden's invitation to stay at his boarding house. Melanie Gentry hires him to prove that her great-grandmother was killed by her lover over authorship of a song. Is there a connection to the murder of the director of a new documentary on early American music? Also available $24.95 hc) $14.95
Thor, Brad The Athena Project (A new US counter-terrorism unit recruits top-level female athletes to be trained and deployed as elite female warriors) $9.99
Westerson, Jeri Troubled Bones (Crispin Guest #4: Dispatched to Canterbury, Guest finds himself surrounded by pilgrims, looking for a murderer, a hidden heretic, and the person who's been sending the archbishop letters threatening the bones of martyred saint Thomas a Beckett) $25.99
Wilson, F. Paul The Dark at the End (Repairman Jack #15: The stage is set for Jack's massive assault. He knows he's got just one shot to take out Rasalom. But he must also safely retrieve Dawn Pickering's child and minimize collateral damage. Luckily, he has a foolproof plan) $25.99


Adams, Riley Hickory Smoked Homicide (Memphis BBQ #3: PBO; Lulu doesn't like Tristan Pembroke, a snooty pageant coach with a mean streak. So when she finds his body stuffed in a closet at a party, the police are suspicious) $7.99
Alexander, Tasha A Crimson Warning (Lady Emily #6: An audacious vandal is creating turmoil in London, splashing red paint on the homes of the elite and then revealing the inhabitants' scandalous secrets. Lady Emily and her husband Colin must track down the culprit) $24.99
Ash, Maureen A Deadly Penance (Templar Knight #6: PBO; Bascot de Marins is summoned to Lincoln Castle to investigate the murder of a married woman's servant lover. The jealous husband had a motive, but Bascot discovers the victim had many more potential enemies) $14.00
Baldacci, David Zero Day (John Puller #1: US Army investigator John Puller tackles the murders of an Army man and his wife, who worked for a Pentagon contractor, and discovers that nothing and no one in the remote small town are what they seem) $27.99
Benison, C.C. Twelve Drummers Drumming (Tom Christmas #1: The new vicar in picturesque Thornford Regis, Tom Christmas thought he and his daughter had left violence behind in the city. Then, at the town fair, a woman is found murdered. Tom soon concludes that one of his parishioners must be the killer, and discovers that everyone in town has secrets) $22.00
Bond, L/DeFelice, J Edge of War (Red Dragon Rising #2: A CIA officer struggles to get a scientist and a young witness to Chinese atrocities out of Hanoi, while a US Army Advisor is tasked with preventing the Chinese from landing on Vietnam's coast) $7.99
Burke, James Lee In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead (Robicheaux #6: Reissue; The skeletal remains of a black man that have washed up in the Atchafalaya swamp take detective Dave Robicheaux back to an unsolved murder that he witnessed in 1957) $9.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries and the Mistletoe Mix-up (Mrs. Jeffries #29: Under a bundle of mistletoe, art collector Daniel McCourt lies with his throat slit by a sword. Inspector Witherspoon, ably assisted by sharp-witted housekeeper Mrs. Jeffries, is determined to solve the case before the eggnog is ladled out on Christmas Eve) $23.95
Burton, Jaci The Heart of a Killer (PBO; After 12 years in the Special Forces, Dante Renaldi returns home only to find himself embroiled in a series of murders being investigated by his ex-girlfriend, detective Anna Pallino) $7.99
Cameron, Marc National Security (Three Middle Eastern terrorists have been injected with a biological weapon, human time bombs unleashed on American soil. It's up to special agent Jericho Quinn - Air Force veteran, champion boxer, trained assassin - to stop them) $7.99
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Dangerous Alterations (Southern Sewing Circle #5: PBO; When Tori Sinclair's philandering ex turns up dead, the police chief believes it's murder, and that Tori may have been involved. It's up to the sewing circle girls to keep her life from coming apart at the seams) $7.99
Christie, Agatha Peril at End House (Hercule Poirot #7: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Hercule Poirot's Christmas (alternate title: A Holiday for Murder / Murder for Christmas) (Hercule Poirot #19: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Mrs. McGinty's Dead (alternate title: Blood Will Tell) (Hercule Poirot #28: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Elephants Can Remember (Hercule Poirot #37: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Curtain: Poirot's Last Case (Hercule Poirot #39: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Star Over Bethlehem (Collection; poems and holiday stories) $12.99
Clark, Mary Jane To Have and to Kill (Wedding Cake #1: After agreeing to create a wedding cake for the star of a daytime drama, Piper Donovan finds herself investigating - with the help of a handsome FBI agent - when someone close to the bride-to-be is murdered) $7.99
Cleeves, Ann Blue Lightning (Shetland Island #4: Inspector Jimmy Perez takes his fiancee Fran home to Fair Isle to meet his parents. When a local married celebrity, who had an eye for the lads, is murdered, Perez discovers that the suspects are very close to him indeed) $14.99
Collins, Kate To Catch a Leaf (Flower Shop #12: PBO; When wealthy dowager Virginia Newport is killed, Abby's assistant Grace is the prime suspect. The plot thickens when they stumble upon stolen art and a missing cat, all part of an elaborate heist) $7.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Thanksgiving (Simmons Sisters #7: Bernie and Libby must uncover a killer when they cater a wealthy clan's Thanksgiving dinner and the turkey explodes, killing the head of the family) $7.99
Cussler, Clive & Dirk Crescent Dawn (Dirk Pitt #21: In AD 327, a Roman galley barely escapes a pirate attack with its extraordinary cargo. In 1916, a British warship mysteriously explodes in the North Sea. In the present day, important mosques in Turkey and Egypt are wracked by explosions. Does anything tie them together? Dirk Pitt is about to find out) $9.99
Dorsey, Tim When Elves Attack (Serge Storms #14: The big-hearted Sunshine State psychopath delivers his own special brand of holiday cheer. And for his addled buddy Coleman, well, there's nothing like a white Christmas. Let it snow!) $16.99
Doss, James D. A Dead Man's Tale (Charlie Moon #15: A Wall Street whiz who claims he knows the future bets Chief of Police Scott Parish, Moon's best friend, that Parish can't keep him alive. Reed gives them the date and time, but even so, the Ute rancher ends up with not one but two homicides on his hands) $7.99
Duncan, Elizabeth J. A Killer's Christmas in Wales (Penny Brannigan #3: A charming American stranger convinces widow Evelyn Lloyd to invest money with him. When he disappears, along with her money, then turns up dead with Mrs. Lloyd's letter opener in his back, Mrs. Lloyd asks Penny to help prove her innocence) $24.99
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Scotched (Liss MacCrimmon #5: When Moosetookalook hosts a mystery conference, a hated reviewer takes a swan dive off a scenic lookout. The conference is brimming with potential suspects. Can Liss figure out which writer belongs in the true-crime section?) $22.00
Ellis, Kate The Jackal Man (Wesley Peterson #15: DI Wesley Peterson and his team look for a murderous attacker described as a man with a dog's head; hired to examine a collection of Egyptian artifacts, archaeologist Neil Watson uncovers secrets that someone is desperate to keep hidden) $12.95
Estleman, Loren D. Alone (Valentino #2: Rankin tells Valentino he's being blackmailed by his assistant over a letter Greta Garbo wrote to his late wife; Valentino finds Rankin, gun in hand, by his assistant's dead body) $15.99
Ferey, Caryl Utu (When a cop friend supposedly commits suicide, hard on the heels of the death of a Maori healer accused of orchestrating a series of murders, Paul Osborne heads to New Zealand in search of the truth. He suspects that truth is hidden in the healer's practices and mysterious demise, and retraces his dead friend's steps into a world of occult mystery) $15.00
Fleeman, Michael Love You Madly (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of a small-town teenager, the young men who would do anything for her, and the murder of her mother) $7.99
Flint, Shamini A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder (Inspector Singh #1: A famous model is on death row for the murder of her ex-husband. She swears she didn't do it; Singh also thinks she didn't do it, and heads from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to investigate) $14.95
Flynn, Vince Kill Shot (Mitch Rapp Prequel #2: Sent to assassinate a Libyan diplomat in Paris, Rapp is wounded and must flee for his life. As publicity explodes around the incident, one of his handlers decides to make sure that Rapp won't be alive for the French authorities to capture) $27.99
Goldenbaum, Sally A Holiday Yarn (Seaside Knitters #4: Mary Pisano converts her home into a B&B. Her first week is booked by her own family, in town to discuss their grandfather's will. When her cousin Pam is murdered, she relies on the Seaside Knitters to unravel the crime) $14.00
Gregory, Susanna Mystery in the Minster (Matthew Bartholomew #17: 1358: Traveling to York with a deputation to claim a disputed legacy from the Archbishop, physician Matthew Bartholomew learns that several of the Archbishop's executors have died mysteriously, and that the codicil naming Michaelhouse as a beneficiary has disappeared) $26.95
Hart, Carolyn Ghost in Trouble (Bailey Ruth #3: Bailey Ruth's latest mission for Heaven's Department of Good Intentions: save the woman who was one of her worst enemies) $7.99
Hechtman, Betty You Better Knot Die (Crochet #5: When her neighbor's husband goes missing, and then a suicide note arrives, Molly smells something fishy and, despite the protests of her detective boyfriend, is determined to unravel the mystery) $7.99
Hechtman, Betty Behind the Seams (Crochet #6: CeeCee Collins has a movie out, and is scheduled to appear on a talk show. Molly and the other Hookers tag along, and wind up investigating when CeeCee's niece Nell is accused of poisoning one of the show's producers) $24.95
Hillerman, Tony Finding Moon (Reissue; 1975: A phone call tells Moon Mathais that his dead brother's baby daughter - a child Moon never knew existed - is waiting for him in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, he finds a chilling world of mystery and silence, disguise and deception, but he'll risk everything for the child's sake) $9.99
Hillerman, Tony The Fly on the Wall (Reissue; Ace reporter John Cotton finds his best friend's corpse sprawled in the central rotunda of the US Capitol. Suddenly Cotton knows too much about a scandal involving a senatorial candidate, a million-dollar scam, and a murder. And powerful people are willing to kill him to keep their secrets hidden) $9.99
Hillerman, Tony The Dark Wind (Leaphorn & Chee #5: Reissue; A corpse with its palms and soles removed after death is the first of a string of disturbing occurrences: a nighttime plane crash, a vanished shipment of cocaine, and an attack on a windmill. Navajo Tribal Police sergeant Jim Chee must deal with an ill wind caused by Navajo sorcery & white man's greed) $9.99
Hillerman, Tony Skinwalkers (Leaphorn & Chee #7: Reissue; When three shotgun blasts rip through Jim Chee's trailer, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn wonders why Officer Chee was a target, and if there's a connection to a series of murders on the reservation. The investigation leads them to rumors of Navajo witchcraft) $9.99
Hillerman, Tony The Sinister Pig (Leaphorn & Chee #16: Reissue; Sergeant Jim Chee is troubled by a nameless corpse discover just inside his jurisdiction, especially when the FBI insists on taking over the case. Suspicion of the Feds brings Joe Leaphorn out of retirement, but it's Bernadette Manuelito, now working for the Border Patrol, who uncovers the link to a conspiracy of greed and murder) $9.99
Hilton, Matt Slash and Burn (Joe Hunter #3: Kate Piers, the sister of a deceased comrade in arms, approaches Joe to help find her missing sister Imogen. The search takes them to Imogen's hometown, and to Robert Huffman, a local businessman with links to organized crime. He's also looking for Imogen - and kidnaps Kate to act as bait) $9.99
Hoag, Tami Secrets to the Grave (Oak Knoll #2: Detective Tony Mendez and teacher turned child advocate Anne Leone investigate when a woman is found brutally murdered and the only witness is her young daughter) $9.99
Horowitz, Anthony The House of Silk (Authorized by the Arthur Conan Doyle estate, details being kept under wraps until the release date; unabridged CDs $29.98) $27.99
Kelly, Diane Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure (Tara Holloway #1: PBO; IRS agent Tara Holloway is on the trail of a con artist running a Ponzi scheme, apparently with the help of a banker whose home is being landscaped by Brett Ellington - who happens to be dating Tara) $7.99
King/Klinger (ed) A Study in Sherlock (PBO; Anthology; original stories inspired by the Holmes canon; also available $29.95 hc) $15.00
Kingsbury, Kate Mistletoe and Mayhem (Pennyfoot Hotel #18 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #6: After a footman and a new maid are seen kissing under the hotel's holiday kissing bough, they turn up dead. Cecily must find the killer before everyone's cheer turns to fear) $7.99
Kingsbury, Kate Herald of Death (Pennyfoot Hotel #19 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #7: PBO; A killer is afoot in Badger's End, sticking a gold angel on his victims' foreheads. Cecily had promised her husband she'd take a hiatus from sleuthing, but with the killings hurting business at the hotel, she needs to stop the angel of death) $15.00
Lane, Andrew Death Cloud (Young Sherlock #1: YA; 1868: 14-year-old Sherlock Holmes and his American tutor investigate when two people die from symptoms that resemble the plague. (Endorsed by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate)) $9.99
Lapidus, Jens Easy Money (As three men attempt to carve out niches in coke dealing and organized crime, they find that both the police and the local gangs are closing in on them) $26.95
Lasseter, D/Bowers, R Date with the Devil (PBO; Nonfiction; Hollywood attorney David Mahler shot aspiring actress Kristin Baldwin and dumped her body in the desert) $6.99
Ludlum, R/Lynds, G The Hades Factor (Covert-One #1: Reissue; Lt. Colonel Jon Smith puts together a team to uncover the source of the doomsday virus that killed a research scientist, and prevent it from turning into a pandemic) $9.99
Maitland, Barry Chelsea Mansions (Brock & Kolla #11: Scotland Yard believes the murder of an American tourist at the Chelsea Flower Show was a random act - until they discover that the killer somehow avoided all the closed circuit cameras. Another killing, at an estate garden near the hotel where the tourist was staying, leads the team to the US and back) $25.99
Markham, Q.R. Assassin of Secrets (Jonathan Chase, the CIA's top field agent, risks his biggest asset to defeat an international organization that's selling the sensitive state secrets to the highest bidder) $14.99
Maron, Margaret Christmas Mourning (Deborah Knott #16: When a cheerleader dies in a car crash, her North Carolina community is devastated. Deputy Bryant soon learns her death was no accident; more lives may be lost unless he and Deborah can uncover the truth) $7.99
Marsh, S/Pancevski, B I'm No Monster (Nonfiction; Josef Fritzl held his daughter captive as a sex slave, and fathered seven children with her, creating a hidden family even Fritzl's wife didn't know about) $9.99
Martin, Kat Against the Storm (Raines #4: PBO; Maggie O'Connell turns to Army Ranger turned PI Trace Rawlins for help. She's been receiving menacing calls and messages - but Trace's search for the source leads him to a secret no one was meant to uncover) $7.99
McNab, Andy Battlefield 3 (Novel based on the video game) $9.99
Meredith, D.E. The Devil's Ribbon (Hatton & Roumande #2: 1858: Forensic scientist Adolphus Hatton and his assistant Albert Roumande investigate a series of linked murders for Scotland Yard, and work to unravel a bombing campaign led by an Irish agitator) $25.99
Mortimer, John Forever Rumpole (Collection; reprints 14 mystery stories plus a previously unpublished fragment) $30.00
Mosley, Walter The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (An experimental drug guarantees that 91-year-old Ptolemy Grey won't live to see 92, but that he will spend his last days in feverish vigor and clarity. With his mind clear, what Ptolemy finds - in his own past, in his own apartment, and in the circumstances surrounding his grandnephew's death in a drive-by shooting - is shocking enough to spur an old man to action, and to ensure a legacy that no one will forget) $15.00
Muller, Marcia City of Whispers (Sharon McCone #28: When her emotionally disturbed brother Darcy sends an email asking for help, then doesn't respond to her reply, PI Sharon McCone heads to San Francisco to search for him) $25.99
Novak, Brenda In Close (In #3: PBO; Claire O'Toole and her ex Isaac Morgan look for answers behind the string of tragedies that have haunted the O'Toole family) $7.99
Patterson, J/Rust, N The Gift (Witch & Wizard #2: Kids; After one of their best friends is executed by the ruthless leader of the New Order, teenagers Wisty and Whit Allgood resolve to end the evil regime's occupation and find their missing parents) $9.99
Perry, Anne A Christmas Vigil: A Christmas Promise / A Christmas Odyssey (Christmas #7 / #8: Reprints two Victorian Christmas novellas full of holiday magic - and murder) $15.00
Perry, Anne A Christmas Homecoming (Christmas #9: Novella; Charlotte Pitt's mother Caroline travels up the Yorkshire coast with her husband and his troupe of actors. Their destination is Whitby, home to theatrical patron Charles Netheridge, whose daughter has written a stage adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula . But instead of theatrical triumph, there is a shocking murder) $18.00
Preston, D/Child, L Gideon's Sword (Gideon Crew #1: Rogue operative Gideon Crew is assigned to tail a Chinese scientist and steal the plans for a new weapon of mass destruction. When the scientist is killed and the plans stolen, Gideon follows a trail of clues to an uninhabited island, where he comes face to face with his nemesis - and learns that what he thought was the ultimate weapon is something far more frightening) $7.99
Purser, Ann Threats at Three (Lois Meade #10: Detective Cowgill believes a dead body found in the canal is connected to a suspicious fire and the heated dispute over saving the village hall; the ever reliable Lois Meade sorts out the culprits) $7.99
Rankin, Ian The Complaints (Malcolm Fox #1: Nobody likes The Complaints - cops who investigate other cops. It's where Malcolm Fox works. Cop Jamie Breck is dirty, but no one can prove it. When Fox is given the case, he learns that there's more to Breck than anyone thinks - dangerous knowledge, especially when a vicious murder takes place far too close to home) $14.99
Rees, Matt Mozart's Last Aria (Austria, 1791: While attempting to uncover the truth about her brother's suspicious death, Mozart's sister stumbles into a web of suspicion and intrigue involving rival composers, jealous lovers, and sinister creditors, where even Mozart's Masonic brothers harbor dark secrets) $14.99
Robinson, Gina The Spy Who Left Me (Agent Ex #1: PBO; Being married to a spy isn't all it's cracked up to be. He's never home, and he's always keeping secrets. But when Treflee Miller runs into Ty, her gorgeous soon-to-be-ex, on vacation on Hawaii, they can't blow his cover) $7.99
Robinson, Peter Bad Boy (Inspector Banks #19: When a woman reports that she found a loaded gun hidden in her daughter's bedroom, it turns out her daughter's best friend is DCI Banks' daughter Tracy - last seen racing off to warn the gun's owner, a very bad boy indeed. To save Tracy's life, Banks and his partner will have to outsmart this psychopath) $7.99
Sandford, John Mind Prey (Lucas Davenport #7: Reissue; Detective Lucas Davenport is up against a wanton killer who knows more about mind games than Lucas does. And with a female psychiatrist in his trap, he's already one step ahead of Lucas) $9.99
Sidebottom, Harry King of Kings (Warrior of Rome #2: In Rome, Christian fervor has taken root throughout the populace, creating new struggles for power. And the bloody expansion of the frontier continues as the Sassanid forces push eastward. General Ballista must keep his wits about him and his sword at his side as the emperor and Rome test his loyalty and courage) $15.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Charming Quirks of Others (Isabel Dalhousie #7: Bernie and Libby must uncover a killer when they cater a wealthy clan's Thanksgiving dinner and the turkey explodes, killing the head of the family. Includes recipes) $14.00
Staab, Rochelle Who Do, Voodoo? (Mind for Murder #1: Clinical psychologist Liz Cooper doesn't believe in ghosts. But when her best friend is accused of murder after finding a tarot card tacked to her door, Liz will have to find a way to embrace the occult if she wants to outwit the real killer) $7.99
Stanton, Mary Angel Condemned (Beaufort & Company #5: PBO; Representing her Aunt Cissy's fiance, museum curator Prosper White, in a case of fraud, Bree hopes to settle the matter out of court. But when Prosper is murdered and Cissy is arrested for the crime, Bree will have to solve the mystery of the Cross of Justinian - an artifact of interest in both Prosper's lawsuit and Bree's celestial case - to clear her aunt's name) $7.99
Starr, Douglas The Killer of Little Shepherds (Nonfiction; in late 19th-century France, Emile Forquet's painstaking police work and Dr. Alexandre Lacassagne's forensic investigation lead to the arrest and conviction of serial murderer Joseph Vacher) $16.00
Thurlo, Aimee & David Black Thunder (Ella Clah #17: Navajo cop Ella Clah and her team work with the New Mexico police to identify a group of bodies found buried on both sides of the Reservation border; the investigators are frustrated when they can't find any connections between the victims) $24.99
Tremayne, Peter Chalice of Blood (Sister Fidelma #21: Ireland, AD 670: When an eminent scholar is murdered in his cell at the Abbey of Lios Mor, Sister Fidelma and her companion Brother Eadulf are summoned to look for the killer, and for the manuscripts apparently stolen from the scholar's room) $25.99
Vachss, Andrew The Weight (The cops offer Sugar, an old-school professional thief, a deal: give up his jewelry heist partners, or go away for a crime he didn't commit. For Sugar, that's not two options. When he finishes his time, his cut of the heist is waiting for him - along with a loose thread involving another member of the heist crew. And in Sugar's world, all loose threads must be cut) $15.00
Vargas, Fred An Uncertain Place (Commissaire Adamsberg #6: To solve a ghastly and highly unusual murder, Adamsberg delves into the victim's disturbed psyche, and finds himself on a path that takes him deep into the haunted past of Eastern Europe, where a centuries-old horror has come to life and is claiming victims far and wide) $15.00
Viets, Elaine Death on a Platter (Josie Marcus #7: PBO; When a customer at Tillie's Off the Hill Italian Restaurant is poisoned, was the victim the real target, or is someone trying to ruin Tillie's reputation? It's up to Josie to find the killer) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. The Pumpkin Muffin Murder (Fresh-Baked #5: Phyllis hopes to win the baking contest at a festival, but it's her sleuthing skills that are needed when the festival's decorative scarecrow turns out to be a disguised dead body) $7.99
Willig, Lauren The Mischief of the Mistletoe (Pink Carnation #7: Arabella Dempsey accepts a position at a quiet girl's school in Regency Bath, never imagining that she and Reginald Fitzhugh will end up on a Yuletide adventure, with the fate of the British Empire resting in their hands in the form of a festive Christmas pudding) $15.00
Wilson, F. Paul Fatal Error (Repairman Jack #14: Jack helps Munir Habib, whose family has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, the Septimus Order and the Kickers seem to be working in concert to open the way for the Otherness. And when Dawn Pickering delivers her baby, it's whisked away, but the glimpse she gets terrifies her. Later she's told the baby died, but she doesn't believe it, and neither do Weezy and Jack) $7.99


Brokaw, Charles The Temple Mount Code (Thomas Lourds #3: Summoned to Jerusalem by an old friend, linguist Thomas Lourds must track down an ancient text rumored to contain a secret that will allow its owner to rule all of Islam) $25.99
Bruen, Ken The Devil (Jack Taylor #8: Seven days, six characters, and three interconnected story strands with a common core - the dervish house, a character in itself - set in Istanbul. It's 2027, and Turkey is the largest, most populous, and most diverse nation in the EU, but also one of the poorest and most socially divided. It's a boom economy, the sweatshop of Europe, the bazaar of central Asia, the key to the immense gas wealth of Russia and central Asia - and it seems like everybody wants a piece of it) $14.99
Carter, Philip Altar of Bones (A murdered homeless woman's cryptic dying words send a young woman across the globe, searching for an ancient religious icon housing a secret others will kill to possess) $9.99
Chang, Henry Red Jade (Jack Yu #3: NYPD Detective Jack Yu's investigation of the deaths of a young man and woman in Chinatown reveals links to the criminal underworld, and leads him across the country to Seattle's Chinatown) $14.00
Corby, Gary The Ionia Sanction (Nicolaos #2: Hired by Pericles to find out who murdered a diplomat, Nico soon finds himself on a mission to Ephesus to stop a plot to invade and destroy Athens) $24.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Vengeance (Emma Lord #22: Emma and Sheriff Dodge look into a series of letters that claim to know the truth about a long-ago murder) $7.99
Davis, Lindsey Nemesis (Falco #20: AD 77: When a mutilated corpse turns up in the marshes near Rome, Falco and Petronius investigate. Then Chief Spy Anacrites snatches the case from them - the violent Claudii, who live rough in the marshes, have acquired his corrupt protection. Encouraged by Anacrites' enemies, Falco and Petronius continue investigating as a killer keeps taking victims) $14.99
Doherty, P.C. Templar Magician (Templars #2: Against the bloody background of the Crusades, Robert de Payens and Edward Sendal find themselves caught up in a murder mystery when Raymond, Count of Tripoli, is assassinated) $25.99
Doss, James D. Coffin Man (Charlie Moon #16: Tribal investigator Charlie Moon looks for a pregnant teenager. Did she run away, or was she taken, or is she hiding out somewhere?) $25.99
Eco, Umberto The Prague Cemetery (Set in 19th-century Europe, the story of a secret agent who weaves plots, conspiracies, intrigues, and attacks, and helps determine the historical and political fate of the Continent) $27.00
Evanovich, Janet Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum #18: What happens next? Details being kept under wraps until the release date) $28.00
Finch, Charles A Burial at Sea (Charles Lenox #5: 1873: When a string of English spies turn up dead on French soil, the government sends Charles Lenox on a secret mission to the Suez Canal. But on the voyage there, a brutal murder puts him on the trail of a shipboard killer) $24.99
Grafton, Sue V Is for Vengeance (Kinsey Millhone #22: An elegant but ruthless businessman, whose dealings are definitely outside the law, is the spider at the center of a web of apparently unrelated incidents unabridged CDs $45.00) $27.95
Greenwood, Kerry Introducing the Honorable Phryne Fisher: Cocaine Blues / Flying Too High / Murder on the Ballarat Train (Phryne Fisher #1 / #2 / #3: Omnibus reprint; three entertaining and action-packed adventures featuring the intrepid female PI in 1920s Australia) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry A Question of Death (Phryne Fisher: Collection; short stories and miscellany featuring the intrepid female PI in 1920s Australia) $19.95
Groundwater, Beth A Real Basket Case (Claire Hanover #1: In a moment of weakness, Claire lets her aerobics instructor come to her house to give her a massage. When the man is killed in her bedroom and her husband Roger is arrested for murder, Claire is determined to clear his name and save her marriage) $14.95
Hautman, Pete Blank Confession (YA; Minnesota Book Award winner. Shayne Blank is the new kid in town. He's not afraid of anything. His background doesn't add up. And when he goes to the police to confess to a murder, it becomes clear that there's more to Shayne and his story than meets the eye) $8.99
Iggulden, Conn Empire of Silver (Khan Empire #4: Three sons of Genghis survive, but one misstep will mean the destruction of everything their father left them. They must build a legacy of their own - and a city in the wilderness) $16.00
Kaaberbol, L/Friis, A The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg #1: When an estranged friend leaves Red Cross nurse Nina Borg a key to a locker at the Copenhagen train station, begging her to take care of the contents, Nina discovers a suitcase with a three-year-old boy inside. Nina tries to figure out who the boy is, where he belongs, & exactly who is hunting him down) $24.00
Klavan, Andrew The Identity Man (John Shannon is a thief on the run after being framed for murder. A foreigner who calls himself the Identity Man offers Shannon a chance to start again. Just as Shannon feels within sight of redemption, all hell breaks loose) $14.95
Maron, Margaret Three-Day Town (Deborah Knott #17: Finally off for their honeymoon, complete with a stay at an Upper West Side apartment, Deborah and Dwight are supposed to deliver a package to Lt. Sigrid Harald of the NYPD. But when she comes to pick it up, the package is missing and the building's super has been murdered) $25.99
May, Peter Chinese Whispers (China Thrillers #6: Uproar over the Beijing Ripper puts detective Li Yan in the spotlight; the results of Margaret Campbell's autopsy on one of the victims send shockwaves through the investigation. Then Yan starts receiving personal letters from the killer) $14.95
McManus, Patrick F. The Huckleberry Murders (Bo Tully #4: Blight County, Idaho, Sheriff Bo Tully has his hands full when an elderly rancher's disappearance leads to the discovery of four dead bodies in a huckleberry patch) $16.00
Meade, Amy Patricia Well-Offed in Vermont (Pret' Near Perfect #1: Having just moved from Manhattan to Vermont, Stella and Nick find a dead man in their well, and set out to question the quirky locals. They just might be able to help Sheriff Mills solve a murder) $14.95
Moore, Graham The Sherlockian (When the world's leading expert on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle announces that he's found the author's fabled missing diary, then turns up dead, literary researcher and Holmes enthusiast Harold White takes up the search for the killer and the diary) $14.99
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Tick Tock (Michael Bennett #4: A bomb set in one of New York City's busiest places is discovered before it explodes, but relief turns to terror when the police realize it is just a warning of greater devastation to come) $14.99
Pendleton, Don Fatal Combat (Executioner #396: PBO; When civilians in Detroit start turning up dead from knife wounds, the President suspects low-tech domestic terrorism, and sends Bolan to bring down those responsible) $5.99
Rankin, Ian The Impossible Dead (Malcolm Fox #2: In a major inquiry into a neighboring police force, an entire station-house looks to have been compromised. The trail leads Fox back in time to the suicide of a prominent politician and activist. There are secrets buried in the past, and reputations on the line) $25.99
Robinson, Cynthia The Barbary Dogs (Max Bravo #2: When failed writer Frank Kelly takes a leap off the Golden Gate Bridge, gay opera singer Max Bravo acquires his old friend's journal, and is soon following the dead man through a foggy landscape of artistic manias and romantic intrigues. Along the way, he encounters a motley group of crackpots, bohemians, and wily ghosts who refuse to stay buried in the Barbary Coast past) $24.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline (Enola Holmes #5: Kids; 14-year-old Enola comes home to find her landlady Mrs. Tupper has been kidnapped. Who would take her, and why? And what does Florence Nightingale have to do with it?) $6.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Gypsy Good-bye (Enola Holmes #6: Kids; As Enola searches for the missing Lady Blanchefleur del Campo, she discovers that her brother Sherlock is looking for her - only Enola can decipher a message from their long-lost mother) $6.99

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