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Newsletter #94 June August, 2011



Mystery Scene #118 (Articles about the 2011 Edgar nominations, Robert Crais, Jill Paton Walsh, journalists in crime movies, more) $7.50
Mystery Scene #119 (Articles about Jasper Fforde, Kelli Stanley, Louis Bayard; Lawrence Block remembers Ed McBain; more) $7.50
Arthey, Vin The Kremlin's Geordie Spy (PBO; Nonfiction; born in Great Britain, Willie Fisher became one of the KGB's most effective agents in the US, until he was eventually arrested and traded for a US pilot who had been captured by the Soviets) $16.95
Balzo, Sandra Brewed, Crude and Tattooed (Maggy Thorsen #4: Trapped at the mall by a snowstorm that cuts off power and phone lines, Maggy leaves her coffeehouse to look for a meal; what she finds is the mall owner's dead body) $15.95
Balzo, Sandra From the Grounds Up (Maggy Thorsen #5: When Sarah's uncle dies, the first of series of 'accidents', it's clear someone doesn't want Maggy and Sarah to reopen the coffee house) $15.95
Beaufort, Simon A Dead Man's Secret (Sir Geoffrey Mappestone #8: 1103: Ordered by King Henry to deliver a series of letters to restless western Wales, Sir Geoffrey's suspicion that the mission hides something more sinister is strengthened when first the letters' scribe is murdered and then one of his traveling companions is killed) $28.95
Braddon, Mary Elizabeth Lady Audley's Secret (Reissue; When his uncle marries a beautiful young governess, a young man investigates her murky past and uncovers shocking secrets in this classic Victorian 'sensation novel' of blackmail, bigamy, and murder) $12.95
Carkeet, David From Away (Denny's one-night-stand-to-be walks out. Leaving town, he is mistaken for a local who has been missing for years. As Denny hesitantly assumes this new personality, he learns that the woman he'd hoped to sleep with has been murdered, and that he - Denny - is the chief suspect) $14.95
Clare, Alys Mist over the Water (Aelf Fen #2: Lassair's cousin is attacked while fishing near Ely Island, and tells her of assassins in the dark and a brief vision of horror. Then the killers strike again, and, as the secret hidden within the walls of Ely Abbey claims more victims, Lassair faces a challenge she fears is far beyond her) $15.95
Coles, Manning Let the Tiger Die (Tommy Hambledon #8: Reissue; Tommy becomes involved with an abduction, a mysterious packet, a dying message, and murder in an adventure that takes him from Sweden to Paris, Rotterdam, a Spanish prison, and the Canary Islands) $14.95
Collins, Max Allan Quarry in the Middle (Quarry #8: Reissue; Two rival casino owners put out hits on each other - but they've both hired Quarry to do the deed!) $7.99
Cookman, Lesley Murder in Steeple Martin (Libby Sarjeant #1: Former actress Libby Sarjeant helps out when the Kent villagers' theatrical endeavors have unintended murderous consequences) $10.95
Cookman, Lesley Murder at the Laurels (Libby Sarjeant #2: Fran Castle is suspicious when her aunt dies in a nursing home; when her will goes missing, newly discovered relatives try to obstruct the investigation, and Fran enlists her friend Libby's help. Together they uncover sinister events in the past, greed, witchcraft - and a second body) $10.95
Cookman, Lesley Murder in Midwinter (Libby Sarjeant #3: Psychic Fran Castle is consulted by a woman who has found a body in the derelict seaside theater she inherited from an unknown relative. Fran and Libby are soon involved in a murder investigation involving generations of far-flung relatives) $10.95
Cookman, Lesley Murder by the Sea (Libby Sarjeant #4: When a body is discovered on a rocky island in the middle of Nethergate Bay, the media descend on the town. Police psychic Fran Castle asks her friend Libby for help; they soon find themselves up to their knees in mud and murder) $10.95
Cookman, Lesley Murder in Bloom (Libby Sarjeant #5: When Libby's son Adam is hired to help renovate a garden, he uncovers a long-buried skeleton. Floundering in the footsteps of the police investigation, Libby stirs up a hornet's nest) $10.95
Cookman, Lesley Murder in the Green (Libby Sarjeant #6: PBO; Libby and her psychic friend Fran become involved in the strange rituals of the local Morris Men when one is found dead on May Day) $10.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Romanced to Death (E.J. Pugh #8: Novelist E.J. Pugh, nominated for an award, was hoping the American Romance Writers convention would be fun and informative. She wasn't expecting a dead body to turn up) $15.95
Crane, Frances The Applegreen Cat (Pat & Jean Abbott #5: Reissue; The Abbotts are in WWII Britain, Pat with US Marine Intelligence and Jean with the Lend-Lease Program. When a housemaid is murdered at a weekend house party, they end up assisting the local police with the investigation) $14.95
Curtis, Mark Secret Affairs (PBO; Nonfiction; shows how British governments since the 1940s have covertly used Islamic militant forces to control oil resources and overthrow governments) $17.95
Dale, Gordon W. Fool's Republic (PBO; Simon Wyley is accused of committing crimes against the state - the charges are never specified - and is being held without formal charge, benefit of counsel, or due process of law. He confuses and confounds his interrogators using the only weapons at his disposal, irony and whimsy, to challenge their arrogance and false assumptions) $19.95
Dawson, Janet Bit Player (Jeri Howard #10: PBO; Oakland PI Jeri Howard knew that her grandmother had been a bit player in Hollywood, but was she also a suspect in the unsolved 1942 murder of an actor?) $14.95
Duffy, Margaret Corpse in Waiting (Langley & Gillard #14: Late of MI5 and now working for the Serious and Organized Crime Agency, Ingrid Langley and her husband Patrick Gillard are on holiday in Bath. While helping one of Patrick's old flames house-hunt, Ingrid makes a very gruesome discovery at a viewing) $15.95
Duffy, Stella Parallel Lies (Lambda Award finalist. Yana Ivanova is a big Hollywood star, and a closeted lesbian. Then letters start to arrive from someone who knows the truth. Yana fears blackmail, but she fears bad publicity more. Then there's an accident - or maybe it's murder. Not that it matters, because this is Hollywood, and the show must go on) $14.95
Evans, Geraldine All the Lonely People (Rafferty & Llewellyn #12: DI Joseph Rafferty was hoping for a quick drink or three at his local, but winds up investigating (with the Super breathing down his neck) when a man is stabbed to death in the pub's car park) $15.95
Fleming, Ian et al The James Bond Omnibus 002 (PBO; Bond faces enemies both old and new in this collection of black & white comic strip adaptations) $19.95
George, Kathleen (ed) Pittsburgh Noir (PBO; Anthology; 14 original stories set in Pittsburgh, PA) $15.95
Gran, Sara Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead (Claire DeWitt #1: Brilliant, unconventional, pot-smoking PI Claire DeWitt arrives in post-Katrina New Orleans to search for missing prosecutor Vic Willing. Has an angry criminal exacted revenge? Or did Vic take advantage of the storm to disappear?) $24.00
Grant, Barry The Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes (Holmes & Wilson #1: Retired journalist James Wilson decides to settle down in Herefordshire with a roommate, the eccentric Cedric Coombes. When Coombes displays magnificent deductive prowess, and becomes embroiled in the police investigation of a dead man in a bathtub, Wilson, or should we say Watson, begins to wonder just who this Coombes really is) $15.95
Grant, Maxwell The House That Vanished / Wizard of Crime (Shadow #46: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Living Shadow / The Black Hush (Shadow #47: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Eyes of the Shadow / The Money Master (Shadow #48: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gruber, Michael The Good Son (Captured by terrorists, Jungian psychologist Sonia Laghari works to keep her fellow captives alive while her ex-Delta Force son uses his military connections to find and free them) $14.99
Hambly, Barbara Shirt on His Back (Benjamin January #10: Seeking vengeance for his brother's murder, Lt. Shaw hires January to accompany him to the rendezvous of the mountain men in the Rocky Mountains. Once there, the discovery of a corpse opens the door to hints of a greater plot, of madness and wholesale murder) $29.95
Harrison, Cora Eye of the Law (Mara #5: 1510: A great feast is being held. Into a crowd listening to the story of Balor, the one-eyed god, come two strangers. The younger of the two, Iarla, bears a letter claiming that wealthy Ardal O'Lochlainn is his true father - which Ardal vociferously denies. When Iarla is found dead, with one eye missing, some think he was killed by the god - but most suspect Ardal. Mara, the Brehon of the Burren, is called to investigate) $15.95
Harrison, Cora Scales of Retribution (Mara #6: The Burren, Ireland, 1510: When local physician Malachy disappears, then is found dead, Mara suspects the man's family, but soon discovers that the list of people bearing Malachy a grudge is much longer) $28.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Body Line (Bill Slider #13: PBO; Slider investigates the murder of a wealthy consulting doctor, and discovers that, although the man had plenty of girlfriends, none of them know anything about where he worked or exactly what he did) $28.95
Hart, Maryelizabeth (ed) San Diego Noir (PBO; Anthology; 15 original stories set in San Diego, CA) $15.95
Herren, Greg Who Dat Whodunnit (Scotty Bradley #5: PBO; Go-go boy turned detective Scotty Bradley investigates when his estranged cousin Jared - who plays for the New Orleans Saints - is accused of murdering his girlfriend) $16.95
Heywood, Joseph Shadow of the Wolf Tree (Woods Cop #7: PBO; The discovery of skeletal remains in Michigan's Upper Peninsula wilderness sheds troubling light on an 80-year-old case involving racism, gold, and murder. DNR Detective Grady Service investigates, while also pursuing an eco-terrorist who uses guerrilla tactics - including a gruesome trap called a 'wolf tree') $16.95
Ignatius, David Bloodmoney (Someone in Pakistan is killing members of a new CIA unit that is trying to buy peace with America's enemies. Sophie Marx, a young CIA agent with a big chip on her shoulder, is assigned to figure out who's doing the killing and why) $25.95
Ison, Graham Hardcastle's Soldiers (Hardcastle #8: 1917: A cashier's murderer seems to have left his army cap behind at London's Victoria Station, but DI Hardcastle and DS Marriott soon discover that finding and arresting the man won't be as easy as they'd hoped) $15.95
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Murder in Vein (Madison Rose #1: PBO; After a vampire saves her from an attacker, waitress Madison Rose learns that women's bodies have been turning up drained of blood. She joins LAPD Detective Notchey and a cadre of alluring vampires in the search for the killer) $14.95
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Twice As Dead (Odelia Grey #6: PBO; After Odelia stumbles across a dead body at a wedding reception, bodies turn up so fast that she enlists the help of family and friends to sort through the victims' many secrets and find the killer) $14.95
Jardine, Quintin A Rush of Blood (Skinner #20: The horrific suicide of a successful Lithuanian entrepreneur rouses suspicion amongst the newly appointed Chief Constable Bob Skinner and his colleagues. Why would a man with everything to live for take his own life?) $12.95
Jecks, Michael The Oath (Knights Templar #29: 1326: In an England riven with conflict, bailiff Simon Puttock investigates when an entire family is brutally slaughtered, and three further murders follow) $8.99
Kettenbach, Hans Werner The Stronger Sex (A young lawyer defends the indefensible: a lying, power-obsessed adulterer and ruthless industrialist accused of wrongfully dismissing his mistress) $14.95
Knight, Bernard Where Death Delights (Pryor & Bray #1: 1955: Forensic pathologist Richard Pryor and scientist Angela Bray investigate when a set of human remains found near a reservoir is claimed by two different families) $15.95
Larsson, S-of interest The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest DVD (Millennium #3: Widescreen, full color, 129 minutes, Region 1, Dolby, Swedish with English subtitles and dubbing; rated R) $29.95
Larsson/Burstein et al The Tattooed Girl (PBO; Nonfiction; unauthorized guide to the world of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist - and of Stieg Larsson himself) $14.99
Lawrence, Paul A Plague of Sinners (Harry Lytle #2: PBO; 1665: The search for a killer leads Harry and his accomplice Dowling the butcher into plague-stricken parts of the city. And when friends of the first murder victim decide that Harry was the perpetrator, death seems inevitable) $12.95
le Carre, John Our Kind of Traitor (When a big-time Russian money launderer enlists their help to defect, a vacationing couple soon find themselves pawns in a deadly endgame whose outcome will be determined by the victor of the British Secret Service's ruthless internecine battles) $15.00
Le Fanu, J. Sheridan Wylder's Hand (Reissue; A nerve-jangling tale of jealousy and murder originally published in 1864) $12.95
Loomis, Gregg The Bonaparte Secret (Lang Reilly #5: It was the key to Napoleon Bonaparte's conquests and victories. For nearly two centuries it has remained hidden. But not one nation will stop at nothing to locate it. Lang Reilly is the only man who stands in their way - if he can stay ahead of their assassins) $14.00
Low, Robert The Lion Wakes (Kingdom #1: 1296: King Edward I of England arranges for John Baliol, a man he knows he can manipulate, to take control of Scotland after the death of King Alexander III. But unrest is rife, and many are determined to throw off England's control - including an angry young man who will come to be known as Robert the Bruce) $23.95
Ludlow, Jack (aka Donachie, David) The Burning Sky (Road to War #1: 1935: British officer turned soldier of fortune Cal Jardine is hired by a mysterious group of British anti- fascists to smuggle guns to the Abyssinians for their fight against Mussolini's Italian army) $29.95
Lutz, Lisa The Spellmans Strike Again (Spellmans #4: Now head of Spellman Investigations, Izzy sets out to dig up some dirt on ex-cop Rick Harkey; her mom blackmails her into a series of blind dates with promising professionals; Rae launches a grassroots campaign to spring an innocent man from jail) $15.00
Marston, Edward Railway to the Grave (Robert Colbeck #7: Yorkshire, 1855: When Superintendent Tallis' old army friend, whose wife has disappeared, walks to meet a speeding train head-on, Inspector Colbeck must find out if the man took his own life after harming his wife) $16.95
Marston, Edward Blood on the Line (Robert Colbeck #8: Jeremy Oxley, being transported from Wolverhampton to London to face trial, manages an audacious escape. Inspector Colbeck's pursuit takes him all the way to New York) $29.95
McNamara, Frances Death at Pullman (Emily Cabot #3: 1894: After a round of layoffs, desperate railroad car workers turn against their employer. Emily Cabot and Dr. Stephen Chapman bring food and medical supplies, hoping to stave off violence. But when one young worker - suspected of spying for Pullman - is murdered, and a bomb plot comes to light, Emily races to discover the truth behind a tangled web of family and company alliances) $14.99
Millett, Larry Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon (Shadwell Rafferty #1: Reissue; 1894: Holmes and Watson travel to Minnesota to track a murderous arsonist who is threatening James J. Hill and his Great Northern Railway) $14.95
Millett, Larry Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders (Shadwell Rafferty #2: Reissue; 1896: Holmes, Watson, and Rafferty investigate when a wealthy young man disappears on the eve of his wedding, and turns up dead in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace) $14.95
Millett, Larry The Magic Bullet (Shadwell Rafferty #6: 1917: A renowned financier is found dead in his armored penthouse, with no sign that anyone broke in. Rafferty investigates, with a timely assist from Sherlock Holmes; Signing at Uncle Edgar's June 11) $24.95
Mitchell, Gladys Dead Men's Morris (Mrs. Bradley #07: Reissue; When her nephew's neighbor, a country lawyer, dies of an apparent heart attack after having been invited to attend a ghost watch, both Mrs. Bradley and the local police inspector suspect foul play) $14.95
Moody, Bill Shades of Blue (Evan Horne #6: An inheritance from his old friend and mentor, pianist Calvin Hughes, includes some handwritten sheet music that sends Evan on a journey to get answers from his family and confront his mother) $14.95
Myers, Amy Murder Takes the Stage (Marsh & Daughter #6: A new lead in the long-ago disappearance of Georgia's brother Rick takes ex-cop Peter Marsh and his daughter Georgia to the seaside resort of Broadgate, where they also look into the strange tale of a haunted fish and chip shop) $15.95
Nisbet, Jim Dark Companion (When his relationship with drug-dealing neighbors takes a weird turn, Indian-American scientist Banerjhee Rolf's placid world is shattered and he becomes a fugitive from justice) $13.95
O'Hanlon, Ray The South Lawn Plot (A London tabloid reporter is assigned to cover the story of a body found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge; he uncovers a centuries-old conspiracy that will reach all the way to the White House) $24.95
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier (Pot Thief #4: Hubie heads to Santa Fe to create some unique chargers for a new restaurant. First one of the cooks turns up dead in the back of Hubie's truck, then things spiral out of control, forcing the eatery to close its doors after the first night. Hubie rallies the staff, and they reopen with a Mexican-Austrian fusion theme. The reviewers rave and the money rolls in, but Hubie soon discovers that no good deed goes unpunished) $14.95
Oust, Gail Shake, Murder, and Roll (Bunco Babes #3: PBO; When a renowned botanist falls ill and her husband dies at Serenity Cove Estate's gardening club banquet, the Bunco Babes have a landscape of suspects to weed through) $7.99
Parker, I.J. The Fires of the Gods (Akitada #8: 11th-century Japan: After losing his job, Akitada ends up suspected of murdering the nobleman responsible for his dismissal, and desperately plunges into the investigation of the crime) $28.95
Pattison, Eliot Ashes of the Earth (30 years after a global holocaust, the colony of Carthage still struggles to build its new world in post-apocalyptic America. When the colony's leading scientist is murdered, embittered survivor Hadrian Boone unearths chilling secrets) $26.00
Pepper, Andrew The Detective Branch (Pyke #4: 1844: When a policeman is killed in the course of a robbery gone wrong, Pyke's investigation reveals that murder may have been planned, with the robbery as a cover-up. When a policeman turned tavern owner is killed, Pyke discovers they both served under the same East End inspector, and unearths evidence of corruption involving slumlords, city officials, and a man who has climbed to the top of the New Police) $14.95
Piccirilli, Tom Every Shallow Cut (PBO; A homeless drifter, once a writer with a promising literary career, descends into despair and violence in this gritty noir novella) $10.95
Picoult, Jodi House Rules (Jacob Hunt, a teenage boy with Asperger's Syndrome and a talent for forensic analysis, is falsely accused of murdering his tutor) $16.00
Quinn, Peter The Man Who Never Returned (Fintan Dunne #2: 1945: Retired detective Fintan Dunne is hired by a newspaper magnate to investigate the 1930 disappearance of Judge Joe Crater. The case takes him from New York to Los Angeles to Havana) $15.00
Rankin/Cabell Ian Rankin and Inspector Rebus (Nonfiction; Cabell draws on extensive interviews with Rankin to explore both the writer and his creation. Color photos) $12.95
Redmann, J.M. Water Mark (Micky Knight #6: PBO; Lambda Award finalist. In post-Katrina New Orleans, it's just one more body in one more destroyed house, but Micky Knight's quixotic search to find out who the woman was and why she might have died there leads to a tangle of greed and deceit that stretches back generations) $16.95
Robeson, Kenneth Tuned for Murder / The Smiling Dogs (Avenger #5: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Rowe, Rosemary Requiem for a Slave (Libertus #11: Commissioned to create a new mosaic, Libertus is distracted by the disappearance of his faithful slave Minimus, and the discovery of a pie-maker's dead body in his workshop) $15.95
Russell, C & C The Quest of the Warrior Sheep (Warrior Sheep #1: Kids; When Sal the sheep is bonked on the head by an unidentified falling object, it can only mean one thing: Lord Aries is in trouble, and the sheep posse must save him. (In fact, the mysterious object is a cell phone dropped by a couple of bank robbers who will do anything to get it back)) $6.99
Sala, Sharon Blood Stains (Searchers #1: PBO; With the help of detective Bodie Scott, Maria Slade is determined to find her birth father, and track down her mother's killer. But her father does not want to be found, and the killer has a plan: 'like mother, like daughter') $7.99
Schweizer, Mark The Countertenor Wore Garlic (Liturgical Mystery #9: PBO; Hayden Konig is a wannabe mystery writer, a church organist, and Chief of Police of a small town in North Carolina. In the latest installment of this very funny mystery series, the town Halloween carnival coincides with a bookstore visit by the author of a bestselling vampire series - and hundreds of her teenage fans, who almost come to blows with a zombie flashmob. Oh, and there's a corpse, with a pumpkin on its head) $12.95
Sedley, Kate Midsummer Crown (Roger the Chapman #20: 1483: As Richard of Gloucester begins his bid for the English crown, Roger is recalled to London to investigate the disappearance of a young boy whose tutor has been found murdered, apparently in a locked room) $29.95
Shannon, John On the Nickel (Jack Liffey #12: PI Jack Liffey has been confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk or speak, for more than a month due to a freak accident. When an old friend calls asking for help finding his missing teenage son, Jack's teenage daughter Maeve intercepts the call and decides to take on the case) $15.95
Sholes, Lynn/Moore, Joe The Phoenix Apostles (Seneca Hunt #1: PBO; When Montezuma's tomb is opened, the dig team discovers that the Aztec emperor's remains are missing. Within moments, everyone present is killed - except journalist Seneca Hunt, who sets out to discover who was behind the carnage, and learns that someone has been stealing the remains of history's most infamous mass murderers) $15.95
Slowikowski, M Codename Rygor (PBO; Nonfiction; WWII Polish intelligence officer Slowikowski recounts the Allied military operations he guided, including the successful invasion of North Africa, which served as the prototype for the D-Day landings) $16.95
Smith, Michael MI6: The Real James Bonds 1909-39 (original title: Six: A History of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service) (Nonfiction; using previously unreleased files and interviews with key players, Smith shows how one of the world's most secretive intelligence agencies originated and developed) $29.95
Spencer-Fleming, Julia One Was a Soldier (Fergusson & Van Alstyne #7: Russ and Clare's investigation of a down-on-her-luck veteran's death uncovers a trail of deceit that leads to the upper ranks of the army and the unforgiving streets of Baghdad; Signed copies) $24.99
Spillane, M/Collins, M Kiss Her Goodbye (Mike Hammer: 1970s: Recovering from a gunshot wound, Hammer returns to New York City to investigate an old friend's death, and is drawn into the hunt for a cache of Nazi diamonds) $25.00
Stevenson, Richard Cockeyed (Donald Strachey #11; Lambda Award finalist; Hunny Van Horn, Albany's flamingest, hires PI Don Strachey to deal with the skeletons, some of them violent, that come crashing out of Hunny's non-closet after he wins a billion-dollar lottery payout) $14.99
Tope, Rebecca Grave Concerns (Slocombe #2: Drew's gravedigger discovers their cemetery has one corpse too many, buried months before they took over. The police are unconcerned, believing the elderly woman was a vagrant. But Drew wonders how she died - and who buried her, and why) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca The Sting of Death (Slocombe #3: Drew Slocombe's reputation for unraveling mysteries brings him a visit from his wife's cousin, looking for help finding a missing relative. When he discovers a small child is also missing, detective Den Cooper joins Drew on the case) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca A Market for Murder (Slocombe #4: Karen Slocombe's loyalties are called into question when a local supermarket is destroyed and a fellow Farmer's Market stallholder is murdered. Could the two events be linked?) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca A Grave in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #8 / Slocombe #5: When the council worker who opposed a recent burial is murdered, undertaker Drew Slocombe becomes a suspect. As he and Thea hunt for the killer, they unearth secrets beneath the surface of village life) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca Deception in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #9: Thea is house-sitting for reptile breeder Harriet Young in the secluded village of Cranham; bucolic charm gives way to family intrigue, deception, suicide, and murder) $29.95
Trow, M.J. Maxwell's Revenge (Peter Maxwell #14: During a lunch meeting to hire a new assistant head teacher, guests and staff become seriously ill. Reluctantly thrust into the role of acting headmaster, Maxwell works with the police to try to unravel the mystery) $16.95
Ulin, David L. (ed) Cape Cod Noir (PBO; Anthology; 13 original stories set on Cape Cod, MA) $15.95
Urban, Milos The Seven Churches (A policeman witnesses a bizarre accident followed by a series of mysterious murders. This event triggers a series of meetings with Gothic characters who appear to be trying to reconstruct the medieval Golden Age of Prague under the noses of its modern-day inhabitants) $13.95
Wait, Lea Shadows of a Down East Summer (Antique Print #5: PBO; In 1890, two young women posed for artist Winslow Homer. What happened that summer, the secrets the women kept, and the lies they told, changed their families forever. Now, more than a hundred years later, one of their descendants has been murdered, leaving to antique print dealer Maggie Summer the family papers that may finally reveal the truth) $14.95
Woodward, I.E. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers (Lambda Award finalist. When bizarre threats lead to murder and kidnapping in the kitchen of the city's biggest gay brothel, Logan and and a very motley crew of amateur sleuths must track down the culprit before things explode - possibly literally) $13.95
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Midnight Palace (YA; 1930s: 16 years ago, an English lieutenant lost his life saving newborn twins Ben and Sheere from an unthinkable threat. Now the threat has returned, and the twins must face the the most frightening creature in the history of Calcutta) $17.99


Ackerman, Hal Stein, Stung (Harry Stein #2: Stein investigates the theft of some honeybee hives; this cottage industry is revealed to be a global economic force, influencing California's billion-dollar almond pollination season as well as the honey that finances al-Qaeda) $15.95
Adams, Riley Finger Lickin' Dead (Memphis BBQ #2: PBO; When an anonymous food critic blasts several local restaurants, including Aunt Pat's, Lulu and her friends get mad - especially when they learn the critic is Evelyn's cheating boyfriend. When he turns up dead, there's a long list of suspects) $6.99
Atkinson, Deborah T. Pleasing the Dead (Storm Kayama #4: On a trip to Kahului, Hawaiian attorney Storm Kayama discovers that the Yakuza are exploiting underage girls there, and eliminating anyone who dares oppose them) $14.95
Barr, Nevada Burn (Anna Pigeon #16: On a trip to visit an old friend from the Park Service, Anna uncovers very dark doings in the heart of post-Katrina New Orleans) $9.99
Barrett, Lorna Sentenced to Death (Booktown #5: PBO; When a friend is killed in a freak accident, mystery bookstore owner Tricia Miles must use her sleuthing skills to solve a murder that's much more sinister than anything in the books on her shelves) $7.99
Beaufort, Simon The Bloodstained Throne (Sir Geoffrey Mappestone #7: 1103: When former crusader knight Geoffrey Mappestone and his friend Roger of Durham try to slip out of England to the Holy Land, a ferocious storm destroys the ship they are on. Thrust into the company of other shipwrecked passengers, the two knights are unwillingly drawn into a plot to overthrow the king and return England to Saxon rule) $15.95
Berry, Steve The Jefferson Key (Cotton Malone #7: Malone risks his life to foil an attempt to assassinate the US President, only to find himself at odds with a secret society of pirates that was founded during the American Revolution; signed copies) $26.00
Black, David The Extinction Event (His law partner's death plunges a man and his companion into a race for their lives; hunted by hitmen and government agencies, the fate of the earth and humanity's survival hinge on their quest for justice) $7.99
Blackwell, Juliet Hexes and Hemlines (Witchcraft #3: PBO; Called away from her vintage clothing store to consult with the police, Lily finds the evidence points to murder by dark magic, and is determined use magic of her own to find the killer) $7.99
Bolin, Janet Dire Threads (Threadville #1: PBO; Willow Vanderling's new embroidery shop is not a hit with the local zoning commissioner. When he's murdered, the evidence is stacked against her) $7.99
Bolton, S.J. Now You See Me (Young DC Lacey Flint stumbles onto a woman who has been brutally stabbed. Alarming similarities raise the question: is the killer bent on recreating London's bloody Jack the Ripper slayings?) $25.99
Brackmann, Lisa Rock Paper Tiger (A chance encounter in Beijing with a member of a Chinese Muslim minority turns Iraq War veteran Ellie Cooper's life upside down. Security organizations are suddenly hounding her. Are the things she saw and did in Iraq at the root of their interest?) $14.00
Britton, Andrew The Exile (Ryan Kealey #4: When the US President's niece is slain in West Darfur, ex-CIA agent Ryan Kealey is drawn into a conspiracy that stretches from the Sudan to the highest levels of the American government) $7.99
Buckley, Carla The Things That Keep Us Here (As a flu pandemic sends Columbus, Ohio, into a panic, Ann Brooks must make tough choices to protect everyone she loves) $15.00
Burke, Alafair 212 (Ellie Hatcher #3: After receiving anonymous internet threats, an NYU sophomore is murdered. Rather than leading to an obsessed stalker, the investigation reveals links to two very different murders) $14.99
Campion, Alexander The Grave Gourmet (Capucine Culinary #1: A Parisian detective, assigned a high-profile murder that took place in the kitchen of a famous restaurant, enlists the aid of her food-critic husband and her flirtatious government-agent cousin) $15.00
Capuzzo, Michael The Murder Room (Nonfiction; the members of the Vidocq Society, a team of the world's finest forensic investigators, gather monthly to solve a cold case over a gourmet lunch) $17.00
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Midnight Angels (After finding three long-lost sculptures by Michelangelo, an American art historian and an Italian art student find themselves on the run from a gang of art thieves, and under suspicion by the famed Art Squad) $7.99
Child, Lee Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher #11: Reissue; A woman from Reacher's old military unit tells him about the brutal death of a man they both served with; Reacher scrambles to unravel the disappearance of two other comrades) $15.00
Child, Lee (ed) First Thrills (Anthology; 25 original stories from the bestsellers and the rising stars of the thriller world) $7.99
Christopher, Paul The Templar Legion (John Holliday #5: PBO; When an archaeologist makes a bizarre find in Ethiopia, retired Army Ranger John Holliday follows a trail of clues through the chaotic Horn of Africa in search of a treasure that can only be found by those who can solve a riddle from the past) $9.99
Clare, Alys The Rose of the World (Hawkenlye #13: 1210: The excommunicated King John's men have come to Hawkenlye Abbey to take it over. Abbess Caliste worries how she is to feed the nuns under her care. Meanwhile, Helewise has moved into Hawkenlye Manor with Josse. But after a visit to St Edmund's Chapel, Helewise's 11-year-old granddaughter goes missing - and soon all that they hold dear is threatened) $28.95
Connelly, Michael Angels Flight (Harry Bosch #6: Reissue; Harry investigates the death of an activist attorney with enemies inside the LAPD; the hunt for the killer leads to another high-profile murder case where every cop had a motive. But did any of them have the guts?) $9.99
Cussler, C/Scott, J The Spy (Isaac Bell #3: 1908: Isaac Bell tracks an elusive spy who is orchestrating the murders of men who are working on a top-secret American military project) $9.99
Cussler/Blackwood The Kingdom (Fargo #3: Hunting for a missing friend, Sam and Remi find themselves embroiled with black-market fossils, an ancient Tibetan kingdom, a lost landmass in the North Sea, Stone Age ostrich egg shards inscribed in a cryptic language, a pair of battles separated by thousands of miles and hundreds of years, and a skeleton that might just turn the history of human evolution on its head) $27.95
Davys, Tim Lanceheim (Mollisan Town #2: Unlike the other stuffed animals, Maximillian did not arrive by green delivery truck. He has no seams, and grows in size. When he begins to preach strange parables, he attracts followers - and his growing influence threatens the power of the dark forces ruling Mollisan Town) $14.99
Dugoni, Robert Murder One (David Sloane #4: Barclay Reid was opposing counsel in Sloane's most prominent case. When she's accused of murdering a Russian drug dealer she blamed for her daughter's overdose death, she chooses Sloane to defend her) $24.99
Evans, Geraldine Death Dance (Rafferty & Llewellyn #13: DI Joseph Rafferty has just left his wedding rehearsal when Sgt. Dafyd Llewellyn calls to say that a local man has come home to find his wife dead. To Rafferty's horror, his fiancee Abra's fingerprints are among those found in the dead woman's house) $15.95
Finder, Joseph Zero Hour (Reissue; One of the world's most dangerous terrorists plans to bring down the Network, Wall Street's fragile electronic nerve center, and obliterate America's economy) $9.99
Fitzgerald, Conor The Fatal Touch (Commissario Blume #2: Blume and his associate Caterina investigate a death connected to a spate of muggings. When it becomes clear the victim was an art forger, enemies - and hidden treasures - begin to emerge) $25.00
Forsyth, Frederick The Cobra (Paul Devereaux used to run CIA Special Ops, until they retired him for being too ruthless. Now he's asked to take charge of the fight against the drug cartels. No boundaries, no rules, no questions asked) $9.99
Gardiner, Meg The Liar's Lullaby (Jo Beckett #3: When the US President's ex-wife, a washed-up singer desperate to get back atop the charts, dies suspiciously, Jo Beckett is called in to do a psychological autopsy and avert a political disaster) $7.99
Gibbins, David The Mask of Troy (Jack Howard of the International Maritime University and his team discover the wreckage of the legendary Greek fleet from the Trojan War. But the biggest surprise is yet to come, as they uncover another mystery so explosive that it leads to the kidnapping of Jack's daughter) $7.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk on the Couch (Monk #12: Three strangers are murdered: a security guard, a student, and a woman. They have something in common, and Monk can't believe what it is - a couch) $22.95
Gomez-Jurado, Juan The Moses Expedition (Fowler #2: Father Anthony Fowler, CIA agent and member of the Vatican's secret service, joins an expedition to Jordan to recover the Ark of the Covenant) $15.00
Greanias, Thomas The Promised War (Sam Deker #1: Israeli counter-terrorism agent Sam Deker is captured and tortured, then escapes, only to be taken down again on the banks of the Jordan River. He wakes up in the middle of the ancient Israelite army on the eve of the siege of Jericho) $7.99
Grisham, John The Abduction (Theodore Boone #2: Kids; When Theo's best friend April disappears in the middle of the night, fear ripples through his hometown, and the police hit dead ends. It's up to Theo to use his legal knowledge and investigative skills to chase down the truth and save April) $16.99
Gustainis, J (ed) Those Who Fight Monsters (Anthology; original stories of occult detectives) $14.95
Guttridge, Peter City of Dreadful Night (Brighton #1: 1934: A woman's torso is found in a trunk at the left-luggage office of the Brighton railway station. Her identity is never established, her killer never caught. 2009: Ambitious radio journalist Kate Simpson hopes to solve the murder with the help of ex-Chief Constable Robert Watts) $15.95
Haines, Carolyn Bone Appetit (Sarah Booth Delaney #10: Sarah Booth and Tinkie's luxurious weekend at a spa and cooking school is interrupted by the poisoning of the top contender in a cook-off/beauty contest; the prime suspect hires them to investigate) $7.99
Hamilton, Steve Misery Bay (Alex McKnight #8: The quest for a few answers about a suicide in Michigan's Upper Peninsula leads Alex into nightmare of sudden violence and bloody revenge, and a race to catch a ruthless killer) $24.99
Harris, Charlaine Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (Aurora Teagarden #3: Reissue; Hardcover reissue) $25.95
Henderson, Bruce Hero Found: The Greatest POW Escape of the Vietnam War (Nonfiction; 1966: US pilot Dieter Dengler, shot down over North Vietnam, used his legendary escape and evasion skills to plan and lead an organized escape from a POW camp) $14.99
Hoffman, Jilliane Pretty Little Things (When 13-year-old Lainey Emerson disappears, special agent Bobby Dees discovers she may be the victim of an online predator. And she may not be the only one) $7.99
Hogan, Shanna Dancing with Death (PBO; Nonfiction; stripper turned housewife Marjorie Orbin is convicted of killing and dismembering her seventh husband) $7.99
Housewright, David Highway 61 (Mac McKenzie #8: McKenzie's girlfriend's daughter asks him to help her father, Jason Truhler. Truhler met a girl, then awoke hours later from a blackout, in a motel room with the girl's murdered body on the floor. He slipped away and thought he was home free until he started getting texts with photos of the body and blackmail demands he couldn't pay. McKenzie learns that Truhler was set up - but Truhler's version of events wasn't exactly the truth either. And McKenzie now finds himself trapped in the middle of a very dangerous game, with some of the most powerful men in the state on one side and some of the deadliest on the other; Signing at Uncle Edgar's June 11) $25.99
Howell, Dorothy Clutches and Curses (Haley Randolph #4: A curse from an irate customer brings Haley a sudden string of bad luck - especially when she finds the body of an old classmate and rival, and becomes the number-one murder suspect) $22.00
Hyzy, Julie Grace Interrupted (Manor House #2: PBO; Civil War re-enactors have set up camp on the grounds of Marshfield Manor; curator Grace Wheaton investigates when one of them turns up dead) $7.99
Jackson, L/Bush, N Wicked Lies (All her life, Laura Adderley has been able to sense approaching evil. But that won't stop a psychopath bent on destroying her) $7.99
Jacobson, Alan Velocity (Karen Vail #3: When her detective boyfriend disappears, FBI profiler Karen Vail finds no clues to his whereabouts, other than a blood stain - and potential connections to a Napa Valley serial killer) $7.99
Jahn, Ryan David Good Neighbors (UK title: Acts of Violence) (Novel inspired by the 1964 Kitty Genovese murder. A young woman is attacked in the courtyard of her Queens apartment building. Her neighbors hear her cries; no one calls for help. Winner of the 2010 CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger) $15.00
Johnson, Craig Junkyard Dogs (Walt Longmire #6: The owners of a development of ranchettes want to get rid of the adjacent junkyard. When a severed thumb is discovered there, Sheriff Walt Longmire and his deputies must deal with the conflicts that erupt) $14.00
Johnson, Craig Hell Is Empty (Walt Longmire #7: Longmire pursues a group of escaped murderers into the icy hell of Wyoming's Cloud Peak Wilderness Area) $25.95
Jordan, R.T. Set Sail for Murder (Polly Pepper #4: When the organizer of the Polly Pepper Playhouse reunion cruise is murdered, Polly must find the killer among the woman's horde of burned cast mates, spurned lovers, and crazed fans) $7.99
Kane, Andrea The Girl Who Disappeared Twice (When her daughter is kidnapped, veteran family-court judge Hope Willis hires Forensic Instincts, a team of renegade investigators, to dig through the clues and find the girl) $24.95
Kava, Alex Damaged (Maggie O'Dell #8: A fishing cooler filled with body parts, found on the Gulf Coast of Florida, leads Special Agent Maggie O'Dell to a man who disappeared weeks earlier on the Atlantic side of the state) $7.99
Kramer, Julie Silencing Sam (Riley Spartz #3: When she's accused of murdering a gossip columnist she'd recently clashed with, TV reporter Riley Spartz must clear her name; her investigation leads to a Channel 3 reporter who may have killed his wife - for ratings) $7.99
Krueger, William Kent Vermilion Drift (Cork O'Connor #10: Hired to head security when protests erupt after a local mine is shortlisted for storage of nuclear waste, Cork stumbles across a secret room with the remains of six murder victims inside. Five appear to be old enough to be connected to a 1964 series of unsolved disappearances, when Cork's father was sheriff. The sixth body has been dead less than a week. Cork must dig into the darker parts of his family's past, and unravel the clues before more death comes to Tamarack County, Minnesota) $15.00
Land, Jon Strong Justice (Caitlin Strong #2: The case of a Mexican girl on the run from human traffickers brings Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong face to face with a serial killer who's left a trail of bodies along the Mexican border) $7.99
Lawton, John Black Out (Frederick Troy #1: Reissue; London, 1944: A severed arm found at an East End bomb site is not the work of a V-1 rocket. After Scotland Yard's DS Troy links the arm to the disappearance of a refugee German scientist, he unearths a chain of secrets leading straight to the Allied high command) $14.00
Loehfelm, Bill The Devil She Knows (Maureen Coughlin walked in on a tryst between a male coworker and aspiring politician Frank Sebastian. When the coworker turns up dead the next morning, Maureen searches for answers - while Sebastian threatens Maureen's mother) $26.00
Lovesey, Peter The Last Detective (Peter Diamond #01: Reissue; A woman's nude corpse has been found in a reservoir near Bristol. To solve the killing, DS Peter Diamond must locate two missing letters to Jane Austen, and defy his superiors to exonerate a suspect) $9.99
Lupton, Rosamund Sister (Tess has been found dead, apparently a suicide, but Beatrice is convinced that something more sinister was responsible for her sister's death) $24.00
Maclean, Anna Louisa and the Missing Heiress (Louisa May Alcott #1: Reissue; 1850s: When her dear friend, wealthy newlywed Dorothy Wortham, is found dead, floating in Boston's harbor, Louisa investigates) $14.00
Martini, Steve Trader of Secrets (Paul Madriani #12: Papers left in the apartment of his hit man nemesis Muerte Liquida send Paul Madriani to Paris in search of a former NASA scientist with stolen weapons technology) $26.99
McCrumb, Sharyn The Devil Amongst the Lawyers (Ballad #8: 1934: A young journalist - aided by his cousin Nora, who is gifted with 'the sight' - searches for the truth about an Appalachian girl accused of murdering her drunken father) $14.99
McGovern, Cammie Neighborhood Watch (Twelve years ago librarian Betsy Treading was convicted of murdering her neighbor. Now, exonerated by DNA tests, she is determined to salvage her life and find the real killer) $15.00
Mercer, Ken East on Sunset (Will Magowan #2: Will has retired from law enforcement and is rebuilding his life. Then a killer he sent to prison years ago turns up and makes a mysterious demand. Will tries to brush him off, but things spin violently out of control) $25.99
Miller, Steve Girl, Wanted: The Chase for Sarah Pender (PBO; Nonfiction; the search for the depraved young woman dubbed 'the female Charles Manson') $7.99
Morgan, Fidelis The Rival Queens (Countess De La Zouche #2: Reissue; London, 1699: Countess Ashby de la Zouche and her maid Alpiew are plying their trade as scandalmongers. Happily, scandals are falling into their laps like ripe plums. But scandal takes on some gravitas when they are hired to solve the murder of a popular leading lady) $14.95
O'Donohue, Clare Missing Persons (Kate Conway #1: Chicago TV producer Kate Conway is the main suspect when her soon to be ex-husband is found dead. She begins working on a show about a young woman who disappeared a year earlier - and begins to suspect that the two crimes are linked) $15.00
Olson, Karen E. Ink Flamingos (Tattoo Shop #4: PBO; When a pop star client's dead body is found surrounded by ink pots and needles, Las Vegas tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh becomes a murder suspect. She'll have to act fast, before the killer once again puts the dye in dying) $7.99
Palahniuk, Chuck Tell-All (For years, Hazie has been looking after veteran Hollywood actress Katherine Kenton. When Hazie discovers that Miss Kathie's newest beau has written a celebrity tell-all memoir - foretelling Miss Kathie's death in an upcoming Lillian Hellman musical - she must come up with a plan to save her) $14.95
Pape, Sharon To Sketch a Thief (Portrait of Crime #2: PBO; PI Rory McCain ends up with a new pet - and involved in a homicide case - when a dog leads her to his owner's corpse. And the dog has Rory's ghostly partner Zeke more than a little spooked) $7.99
Parker, I.J. The Masuda Affair (Akitada #7: 11th-century Japan: Sugawara Akitada finds a small mute boy on a deserted road, and sets out to find the parents. Akitada's servant Tora has lost his new bride to a powerful man who pursues beautiful women and will stop at nothing to possess them. The two problems lead Akitada and Tora to the entertainers and prostitutes of the amusement quarter, and murder follows in their footsteps) $15.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Worst Case (Michael Bennett #3: Detective Bennett must protect the children of Manhattan's elite from an insane killer out to make a point about the price others pay so they can live in luxury) $9.99
Patterson, Richard North In the Name of Honor (Home from Iraq, a lieutenant kills his commanding officer. Was it self-defense, or premeditated murder?) $9.99
Penny, Louise A Rule Against Murder (UK title: The Murder Stone) (Inspector Gamache #4: Reissue; Canadian C.I. Gamache is celebrating his anniversary at a remote luxurious lodge when the secrets and resentments of fellow guests become a prelude to murder) $14.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Big Book of Adventure Stories (PBO; Anthology; reprints 1000+ pages of classic adventure stories) $25.00
Perry, Marta Vanish in Plain Sight (Amish #2: PBO; Years ago, Marisa's mother walked away from her and her father to return to her Amish roots. Now the police have found her mother's bloodstained suitcase. Together with Link Morgan, who found the suitcase when he inherited the Lancaster County farmhouse from his uncle, Marisa sets out to learn what happened to her mother) $7.99
Pintoff, Stefanie Secret of the White Rose (Simon Ziele #3: NYC, 1906: When the judge presiding over a notorious anarchist bomber's trial is murdered on the eve of jury deliberations, criminologist Alistair Sinclair and police detective Simon Ziele investigate) $24.99
Poole, Sara The Borgia Betrayal (Francesca Giordano #2: Rome, 1493: Having played a crucial role in helping Rodrigo Borgia become pope, poisoner Francesca Giordano now must unravel a plot to destroy the Borgias and seize control of Christendom) $14.99
Pronzini, Bill Camouflage (Nameless Detective #36: Hired to deliver paperwork to a man's ex-wife, Nameless finds himself stuck in the middle when she refuses to accept the paperwork, and the client refuses to pay, then disappears. Meanwhile, Jake's suspicions about who beat up his girlfriend's son turn out to be wrong - the truth is much darker and deadlier) $24.99
Richtel, Matt Devil's Plaything (After Nat Idle is nearly gunned down, he learns it was no random attack. Suddenly he's running for his life through the shadows of Silicon Valley, caught in a deadly maze of neurotechnology and institutional paranoia. And his survival rests entirely in the hands of his 85-year-old grandmother, a dementia patient who can't remember the secret at the heart of the conspiracy) $9.99
Rose, Karen You Belong to Me (PBO; Detective J.D. Fitzpatrick has never seen anything like the trail of tortured bodies turning up in Baltimore. And he's starting to suspect that medical examiner Dr. Lucy Trask is next on the killer's list) $7.99
Rosenfelt, David Dog Tags (Andy Carpenter #8: Dog-loving lawyer Andy Carpenter plunges into a high-profile murder case in which a German Shepherd police dog plays a crucial role) $7.99
Rowe, Rosemary The Vestal Vanishes (Libertus #12: When a former vestal virgin's covered carriage arrives in Glevum, the lady in question is nowhere to be found. Libertus investigates and makes a gruesome discovery, suggesting that Druid rebels may have been involved. But then another lady disappears) $28.95
Rowland, Laura Joh Bedlam (Charlotte Bronte #2: On a tour of London's famous insane asylum, Charlotte is sure she recognizes her long-missing ex-lover strapped to one of the stretchers. She starts digging, and soon finds herself trying to reveal a secret that powerful men would kill to protect) $15.00
Rutherford, Alex Raiders from the North (Empire of the Moghul #1: In the early 1500s, Timurid prince Babur leads his warriors against rampaging armies and ambitious enemies to found an empire that will dominate the Indian subcontinent) $15.99
Sakey, Marcus The Amateurs (For four friends from the old neighborhood, pushed to the ragged edge, the only thing more dangerous than the men coming after them might be their best friends) $15.00
Sala, Sharon Blood Ties (Searchers #2: PBO; When Savannah Slade learns that the man who raised her wasn't actually her father, and that she may be the heiress to a fortune, she decides to confront her biological family. The Stosses are wealthy, powerful - and not overjoyed to see her. But they've always been willing to eradicate any threat to their perfect lives) $7.99
Seal, Mark The Man in the Rockefeller Suit (Nonfiction; over a period of 30 years, a man assumes a series of false identities to move up the social ladder on both coasts, eventually convincing people he is a Rockefeller) $26.95
Sefton, Maggie Skein of the Crime (Knitting #8: Kelly Flynn investigates when one of her knitting students is found dead on the river trail near Kelly's house) $7.99
Sefton, Maggie Unraveled (Knitting #9: When Jennifer's new real estate client is murdered, Kelly must unravel a tangle of clues) $24.95
Slaughter, Karin Fallen (Grant County #9 / Will Trent #5: Will Trent and Sara Linton investigate when Special Agent Faith Mitchell goes to pick up her daughter from her mother's, and finds the child alone in the toolshed, a gangland hostage situation in her mother's bedroom, and her mother vanished into thin air) $26.00
Smith, Alexander McCall Corduroy Mansions (Corduroy Mansions #1: A genteel, crumbling mansion block in London's vibrant Pimlico neighborhood is home to a cast of quirky characters) $15.00
Stevens, Chevy Still Missing (A woman recounts the story of her year as a psychopath's captive, as she struggles to piece her life back together, and the police strive to identify her captor) $14.99
Sutton, Henry Get Me Out of Here (Londoner Matt Freeman is desperately trying to keep a toehold in the financial world by running a shadow banking business with contacts in North Korea and Iran. He is furious with the emptiness of 21st century life, but addicted to luxury. Meanwhile, there is the question of why the women in his life seem to disappear) $15.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Outrage (Butch Karp #23: When his wife discovers that his office has indicted the wrong man for murder, New York DA Butch Karp must go up against the NYPD to catch and then successfully prosecute the real killer) $26.00
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Lexington Avenue (Gaslight #12: 1890s NYC: Assigned to investigate the murder of an influential man in the deaf community, Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy reluctantly turns to midwife Sarah Brandt for assistance) $7.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Sisters' Row (Gaslight #13: 1890s: With the help of a charitable lady of means, midwife Sarah Brandt rescues a young woman and her baby from a brothel. When the benefactor is murdered, Sarah and NYPD Sgt. Frank Malloy investigate) $24.95
Thor, Brad Foreign Influence (Scot Harvath #9: When a group of American students is killed in a bombing in Rome, the evidence points to a dangerous colleague from Harvath's past - and a plan for further attacks on an unimaginable scale) $9.99
van Rooy, Michael An Ordinary Decent Criminal (Monty Haaviko #1: Monty, an ex-con starting a straight life with a new family, foils a robbery in his new home, killing the intruders, and ends up with both a small-time crime boss and a star cop out to get him) $14.99
Ward, Nathan Dark Harbor: The War for the New York Waterfront (Nonfiction; in 1948, investigative reporter Malcolm Johnson exposes mob control of the New York waterfront, with racketeers doubling as union officers - even as J. Edgar Hoover denies the existence of organized crime) $16.00
Watson, Wendy Lyn A Parfait Murder (Mystery a la Mode #3: PBO; When Tally's cousin Bree spots her deadbeat ex with a fat wallet, she immediately files for back child support. But when his lawyer is found dead, things get a little sticky) $6.99
Wittman, R/Shiffman, J Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World's Stolen Treasures (Nonfiction; the creator of the FBI's Art Crime Team, whose undercover work has led to the recovery of millions of dollars worth of stolen art, reveals the stories behind his remarkable career) $15.00
Young, Thomas W. The Mullah's Storm (When a plane carrying a Taliban detainee is shot down over Afghanistan, the navigator and the interpreter struggle to survive in the face of forbidding terrain, Taliban pursuit, and a prisoner who wants all three of them to be caught) $9.99


Atkins, Ace The Ranger (Quinn Colson #1: Army Ranger Quinn Colson returns from Afghanistan to the northeast Mississippi hill country he calls home, only to find it overrun by corruption, and his uncle, the county sheriff, dead. Is it suicide, or murder?) $25.95
Brown, Sandra Tough Customer (An ex-lover turns to Dodge Hanley for help when her daughter is threatened by a depraved stalker who is determined to have her - or kill her) $9.99
Burke, Alafair Long Gone (Alice Humphrey has finally landed her dream job, managing a new Manhattan art gallery for an anonymous wealthy owner. Then one day she arrives at work to find the gallery stripped bare, as if it never existed, with the body of the agent who hired her dead on the floor) $24.99
Burke, Jan Disturbance (Irene Kelly #10: Serial killer Nick Parrish's sons, now criminals in their own right, have a plan to spring their father from prison and kill the person who put him there: investigative journalist Irene Kelly) $25.00
Castillo, Linda Breaking Silence (Kate Burkholder #3: Three adult members of an Amish family are dead, apparently from accidental asphyxiation. But autopsy uncovers evidence of foul play. Is there a connection to a recent string of hate crimes against the Amish? Or was the killing personal?) $24.99
Christie, Agatha The Murder on the Links (Hercule Poirot #2: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Three Act Tragedy (alternate title: Murder in Three Acts) (Hercule Poirot #10: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Death in the Clouds (alternate title: Death in the Air) (Hercule Poirot #11: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Cards on the Table (Hercule Poirot #13: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Dumb Witness (alternate title: Poirot Loses a Client) (Hercule Poirot #16: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (alternate titles: An Overdose of Death / The Patriotic Murders) (Hercule Poirot #22: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha After the Funeral (alternate title: Funerals are Fatal) (Hercule Poirot #30: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Cat Among the Pigeons (Hercule Poirot #33: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Clocks (Hercule Poirot #34: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Third Girl (Hercule Poirot #35: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Hallowe'en Party (Hercule Poirot #36: Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Murder Is Easy (alternate title: Easy to Kill) ( Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha They Came to Baghdad (Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Clements, Rory Revenger (The Earl of Essex wants to replace Queen Elizabeth; Sir Robert Cecil seeks to protect her. Both will use intelligencer John Shakespeare as a pawn in their deadly battle, where the stakes are England itself) $25.00
Cook, Thomas H. The Last Talk with Lola Faye (Lucas Page has an unexpected encounter with the 'other woman' he has long blamed for his father's murder. Turns out there's a lot Lucas doesn't know - and it can hurt him) $14.95
Cook, Thomas H. The Quest for Anna Klein (1939: In NYC, Thomas Danforth is asked to provide a place where a woman can receive training in firearms and explosives. Thus begins an international plot to be carried out by Anna Klein. When the plan goes wrong and Klein disappears, Danforth's search for answers will span decades and continents) $27.00
DeMille, Nelson The Lion (John Corey #5: Notorious Libyan terrorist Asad Khali has returned to the US; anti-terrorist agent John Corey will stop at nothing to find and kill him) $14.99
DeSilva, Bruce Rogue Island (A suspicious fire in Providence, RI, clues an old-school reporter in to a chain of foul play; he must weed through maniacal vigilantes, sleazy politicians, and the last vestiges of the mob to get to the bottom of it) $14.99
Doiron, Paul Trespasser (Mike Bowditch #2: A brutal attack on a woman raises a question: was the wrong man convicted for a similar rape/murder seven years ago? Mike's investigation stirs up old hostilities between Maine locals and rich summer residents) $24.99
Elish, Dan The School for the Insanely Gifted (Kids; Musical prodigy Daphna Whispers is a student at the prestigious Blatt School for the Insanely Gifted. Her mom disappeared two months ago, and now someone is after Daphna. What starts out as a simple fact-finding trip to the basement with her friends spirals into an international expedition. Along the way, she uncovers an outrageous secret about her school, and an insanely shocking secret about herself) $15.99
Evanovich, Janet Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum #16: Someone wants to kill Vinnie - and there's a long list of suspects; Lula's involved in a Ponzi scheme - and you know she'll be pissed; Stephanie's chasing a dangerous skip) $8.99
Evanovich, Janet Smokin' Seventeen (Stephanie Plum #17: Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but it's clear that Stephanie's name is on the killer's list. Stephanie faces further complications when her family and friends decide that it's time for her to choose between Morelli and Ranger; unabridged CDs $32.00) $28.00
Farmer, Philip Jose The Peerless Peer (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; Holmes teams up with Lord Greystoke (aka Tarzan) to bring down notorious German aviator Von Bork) $9.95
Finder, Joseph Buried Secrets (Nick Heller #2: The search for a failed hedge fund manager's abducted daughter leads Nick to a conspiracy that reaches the government's highest levels; unabridged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Fleming/Deaver, J Carte Blanche (James Bond: Bond is updated for the new millennium, with a contemporary setting, and Fleming's legendary 007 firmly in the modern age; unabridged CDs $39.99) $26.99
Furst, Alan Spies of the Balkans (Salonika, 1940: Senior police official Costa Zannis finds himself working with operatives in Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, and Belgrade, as well as a resistance cell in Berlin, to organize an escape route from Berlin through Greece to neutral Turkey) $15.00
Gaiman/Sarrantonio (ed) Stories (Anthology; 27 original stories that expand and redefine the limits of imaginative fiction, by Walter Mosley, Joe R. Lansdale, Chuck Palahniuk, and others) $16.99
Glynn, Alan Winterland (Two men from the same family, with the same name, die on the same night - one a gangland murder, one an apparent road accident. Coincidence?) $16.00
Hagberg, David Abyss (Kirk McGarvey #15: Former CIA director Kirk McGarvey manages to stop a meltdown at a nuclear power plant, but the failed sabotage sets off a terrifying chain of events) $24.99
Haines, Carolyn Bones of a Feather (Sarah Booth Delaney #11: PI Sarah Booth Delaney's hunt for a missing diamond necklace turns complicated when one of her clients disappears, and the kidnappers demand the necklace's insurance money as ransom) $24.99
Hall, Tarquin The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing (Vish Puri #2: When a so-called Guru buster is killed at his local 'Laughing Club', witnesses point to one of the country's most recognizable Hindu ascetics; Vish Puri sends an undercover operative to the sacred town of Haridwar to investigate) $15.00
Hansen, Ron A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion (1920s Manhattan: A woman trapped in a loveless marriage begins a torrid affair, and convinces her lover to kill her husband) $25.00
Herron, Mick Smoke & Whispers (Oxford #5: Sarah Tucker identifies the body pulled out of the River Tyne as PI Zoe Boehm, but putting a name to the corpse only raises further questions) $14.00
Hiaasen, Carl Star Island (Meet young pop star Cherry Pye. Now meet her again, in the person of Ann DeLusia, who portrays Cherry whenever the singer is too wasted to go out in public. When Ann-mistaken-for-Cherry is kidnapped by an obsessed photographer, Cherry's handlers must rescue her while keeping her existence a secret from Cherry's public - and from Cherry) $14.99
Howard, David Lost Rights: The Misadventures of a Stolen American Relic (Nonfiction; one of the original copies of the Bill of Rights, pilfered during the Civil War, changes hands over the course of 138 years, until an FBI sting brings it back into government hands) $15.95
Ifkovic, Ed Escape Artist (Edna Ferber #2: 1904: Edna, a 19-year-old fledgling reporter in Appleton, Wisconsin, teams up with famed escape artist Harry Houdini to solve the murder of a girl who disappeared from a locked room at the local high school; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Joss, Morag Among the Missing (After a tragic bridge collapse in the Scottish Highlands, three lost souls create a fragile sanctuary in the shadow of the bridge that has changed their lives, and struggle to survive, to trust, and to love even as the consequences of their pasts prove inescapable) $25.00
Kelly, Jim Death Toll (Shaw & Valentine #3: Detectives Shaw and Valentine investigate when a murdered pub landlady's coffin is exhumed and turns out to contain the twisted corpse of a young man) $25.99
Kepler, Lars The Hypnotist (The only witness to a triple homicide in Tumba, Sweden, is the boy who was meant to be the fourth victim, who is in a state of shock. Desperate for information, DI Joona Linna decides to have a psychiatrist hypnotize the boy, which sets a terrifying chain of events in motion) $27.00
Koryta, Michael The Ridge (After reporter Roy Darmus discovers that a deadly supernatural force has plagued his Kentucky hometown for over a century, can he convince people that an old legend is fact?) $24.99
Land, Jon Strong at the Break (Caitlin Strong #3: The search for a missing boy takes Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong to a militia compound run by a man whose father died in a gunfight with Strong's father) $25.99
Larsson/Gabrielsson There Are Things I Want You to Know about Stieg Larsson and Me (Nonfiction; an inside look at the best-selling writer's life, by his longtime companion) $23.95
Liebman, Ron Jersey Law (Salerno & Mezzonatti #2: Junne Salerno and Mickie Mezzonatti, two Camden, NJ, cops turned attorneys, struggle to corral and defend their clients, almost all of whom are guilty) $25.00
Littlefield, Sophie A Bad Day for Scandal (Stella Hardesty #3: When Priss Porter's body is found, along with two others, in Kansas City, Stella and her partner Chrissy head to the city, where they investigate a host of suspects, including a crooked and libidinous female judge and several jealous male escorts) $24.99
Lovesey, Peter Stagestruck (Peter Diamond #11: When a pop diva's face is burned by tainted stage makeup, fingers point at her makeup artist. Detective Peter Diamond investigates when the makeup artist is found dead, pushed from a catwalk far above the stage) $25.00
McClure, James The Gooseberry Fool (Kramer & Zondi #3: Reissue; Afrikaner Lt. Tromp Kramer and Zulu DS Mickey Zondi investigate the murder of respected citizen Hugo Swart. While Zondi pursues the chief suspect, Swart's black servant, through miserable Bantu villages, Kramer tries to wring the truth out of some of Swart's acquaintances in Trekkersburg and Cape Town) $14.00
McIntosh, Pat Counterfeit Madam (Gil Cunningham #8: Medieval Glasgow: Gil investigates an outbreak of counterfeit coins and the death of a bawdyhouse dame; rumors circulate that the Devil is abroad in Strathblane) $25.00
McLean, Margaret Under Fire (A Senegalese Muslim immigrant is arrested for arson and murder after a Boston firefighter is shot and killed while rescuing her and her teenage son from their burning store; her defense attorneys discover that someone is willing to go to great lengths to keep them from winning their case) $24.99
Nesser, Hakan The Inspector and Silence (Inspector Van Veeteren #5: When a girl is found raped and strangled near a secretive religious sect's holiday camp, Inspector Van Veeteren and his team are mystified when the sect members choose to remain silent rather than defend themselves. A string of new crimes challenges everything they thought they knew about the case) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Enemy Agents (Executioner #391: PBO; Bolan travels to California's Mojave Desert to infiltrate a militia group with a deadly scheme to 'take back' America) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Power Grab (Stony Man #113: PBO; An explosion at a New York shopping mall sends the Stony Man team after a warlord turned dictator planning a series of attacks against the US - and the world) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Kill Shot (SuperBolan #142: PBO; When the clock strikes noon, gunfire rings out in major cities along the east coast, putting Bolan on the trail of homegrown terrorists seeking global domination) $6.99
Pizzolatto, Nic Galveston (Roy Cady is diagnosed with a terminal illness, learns that his employer has put out a hit on him, and goes on the run with a young prostitute; Edgar nominee for Best First Novel) $15.00
Pressfield, Steven The Profession (2032: After the commander of the world's largest mercenary army launches a campaign to take over the US, his top commando faces the most challenging mission of his career: taking out his mentor) $25.00
Rendell, Ruth Tigerlily's Orchids (When Stuart decides to throw a party in his new flat, he invites everyone in his building. The party will be remembered - but not in a good way. Living opposite is a young, beautiful, reclusive Asian woman. She emerges to exert a terrible spell on Stuart and his guests) $26.00
Riccardi, Ted Between the Thames and the Tiber: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Collection; Holmes tackles cases in England and Italy in these original stories) $25.00
Riccardi, Ted The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Published in hardcover in 2003. Nine original tales set between Holmes' supposed death and his triumphant return three years later) $14.95
Rickman, Phil The Bones of Avalon (When dangerous questions arise about Queen Elizabeth's legitimacy, Robert Dudley and astrologer John Dee are sent to Glastonbury to find King Arthur's missing bones. But the quest turns deadly, and Dee finds himself caught in the tangled roots of English magic - and the cold heart of a plot against the Queen) $25.99
Robotham, Michael The Wreckage (Someone is bombing the banks of Baghdad. An international financier has vanished. Ex-cop Vincent Ruiz has his briefcase stolen on a London street. As he tracks down the thieves, it becomes clear that he was mistaken for someone else. And that these seemingly unrelated events are connected) $24.99
Rollins, James The Devil Colony (SIGMA Force #7: When his cousin is murdered in a ritualistic massacre, SIGMA director Painter Crowe's quest for answers will lay bare secrets hidden since the founding of America) $27.99
Sakey, Marcus The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes (A man wakes up cold and naked on an isolated beach, unable to remember anything except a woman's face. He finds an empty BMW nearby, puts on the clothes he finds in it - which fit him perfectly - and sets out to find out if he is actually the man listed on the car's registration) $25.95
Sipila, Jarkko Helsinki Homicide: Nothing But the Truth (translated from the Finnish; author signing at Uncle Edgar’s Wednesday, July 27, 6-7 pm) $13.95
Smith, April White Shotgun (Ana Grey #4: The FBI sends Ana to Siena, Italy, to investigate the half-sister she never knew she had, who is married to a coffee mogul with suspicious connections) $25.95
Spindler, Erica Watch Me Die (Suspected of murdering her assistant, with evidence against her mounting, stained glass restoration artist Mira Gallier races to prove that she's not a killer) $24.99
Swierczynski, Duane Fun & Games (Charlie Hardie #1: Ex-cop Charlie Hardie's latest housesitting gig comes complete with a trespassing B-movie actress ranting about hit men that make deaths look like accidents. Unfortunately, it's the real deal, and to protect her, Hardie will have to square off against a small army of the most lethal men in the world) $14.99
Thompson, John Milliken The Reservoir (Based on a true story. Richmond, Virginia, 1885: After the body of a pregnant young woman is found floating in the reservoir, the investigation brings to light her dark family history, as well as her reckless affair with an ambitious young lawyer) $15.95
Watson, S.J. Before I Go to Sleep (A woman with a damaged memory desperately searches for the truth. Who is she? And who can she trust?) $25.99
Wiley, Michael A Bad Night's Sleep (Joe Kozmarski #3: Joe joins a burglary crew, working as an inside agent to uncover the corrupt Chicago cops involved) $24.99
Wise, David Tiger Trap: America's Secret Spy War with China (Nonfiction; a history of Chinese espionage in the US, based on interviews with key insiders at the FBI and CIA as well as with Chinese agents and people close to them) $28.00


Abbott, Jeff Adrenaline (Sam Capra #1: When an unknown enemy sets him up as a traitor, agent Sam Capra escapes from the CIA, and goes on a desperate hunt for the killer who kidnapped his pregnant wife) $24.99
Abernethy, Mark Second Strike (Alan McQueen #2: On assignment in Indonesia, Mac discovers that the terrorists responsible for a series of bombings in Bali five years earlier have a powerful mini-nuke - and their next target is Australia) $12.95
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree (Darling Dahlias #1: The ladies of a Depression-era garden club investigate when a treasure trove of sterling silver is found buried under a tree, and the body of an unknown woman is discovered on a hill outside their Alabama town) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies (Darling Dahlias #2: Depression-era Alabama: The ladies of the garden club investigate when rumors sprout that the town's newest visitors may be the Naughty and Nice Sisters from the Ziegfield Frolic, who specialize in dancing nearly naked) $25.95
Alden, Laura Foul Play at the PTA (Beth Kennedy #2: PBO; When Sam Helmstetter is strangled in his car following a PTA meeting, PTA secretary Beth Kennedy and her best friend Marina fear there may be a cold-blooded killer in the group) $6.99
Allbritten, Esri Chihuahua of the Baskervilles (The eccentric staff of a paranormal magazine investigate a ghostly chihuahua. Is the apparition really the deceased namesake of 'Petey's Closet, Where Dapper Dogs Shop'? Or is someone trying to teach a dead dog new tricks?) $23.99
Andrews, Donna Stork Raving Mad (Meg Langslow #12: The very pregnant Meg's house becomes a crime scene when the dean of the English department is murdered. Before her due date rolls around, she'll have to help Chief Burke solve the murder, and rescue Michael's tenure as well as his grad student's dissertation) $7.99
Baldacci, David Hell's Corner (Camel Club #5: When a bomb is detonated, it looks like a terrorist plot directed at the US President and British Prime Minister. But when the investigation shows that the attackers had a different target, it's up to the Camel Club to stop them) $9.99
Barney, James The Genesis Key (Biologist Dr. Kathleen Sainsbury is targeted by covert government operatives as she races to uncover the mystery behind her parents' secret research and brutal deaths - a mystery locked in the human genome, in the sands of antiquity, and in the Book of Genesis) $9.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Greedy Woman (original title: Death of a Glutton) (Hamish Macbeth #08: Reissue; Eight hopeful members of the Checkmate Singles Club gather at Tommel Castle Hotel for a week of serious matchmaking; Hamish investigates when the dating director's gluttonous partner is found dead with an apple in her mouth) $6.99
Bell, Ted Warlord (Alex Hawke #6: Duty calls MI6 operative Alex Hawke back into action: recent threats to the lives of the royal family may be connected to the assassination of Lord Mountbatten 30 years earlier) $9.99
Black, Benjamin A Death in Summer (Quirke #4: When a newspaper tycoon is discovered with his head blown off by a shotgun blast, is it murder or suicide? DI Hackett calls in his old friend Quirke, who has unusual access to Dublin's elite) $25.00
Blair, Annette Skirting the Grave (Vintage Magic #4: PBO; When the new design intern for Maddie's boutique turns up dead at the train station under suspicious circumstances, Maddie is determined to iron out the wrinkles of this mystery) $7.99
Blake, Richard The Terror of Constantinople (Aelric #2: AD 610: Aelric is sent to Constantinople, where Emperor Phocas is preparing for the battle of his life, with enemy armies closing in, and traitors in the city plotting his downfall. A pawn in a conspiracy, Aelric will have to rely on his wits, charm, and fighting skills to stay alive) $11.95
Brundage, Elizabeth A Stranger Like You (When a studio exec pulls the plug on a project, saying the script's ending was implausible, the writer decides to prove otherwise by staging his ending, casting the exec as the victim) $15.00
Bush, Nancy Hush (PBO; Around a campfire, Coby, Rhiannon, and Yvette shared dark secrets before a tragic accident shattered their bond. 12 years later, as a series of 'accidents' befalls the circle of friends, Coby races to unravel a mystery buried in the past) $6.99
Campion, Alexander Crime Fraiche (Capucine Culinary #2: When an automotive executive is found murdered in the kitchen of a famous restaurant, Paris detective Capucine LeTellier works with a trio of comical detectives, her food-critic husband, and her government-agent cousin to crack the case) $24.00
Cantrell, Rebecca A Game of Lies (Hannah Vogel #3: 1936: Posing as travel reporter Adelheid Zinsli, Hannah covers the Berlin Olympic Games while gathering Nazi secrets for the British. When her mentor dies at the Olympic Stadium, Hannah must discover who killed him and get his secret information out of Germany) $24.99
Connolly, John The Whisperers (Charlie Parker #9: The border between Maine and Canada is porous. Anything can be smuggled across it: drugs, cash, people. A smuggling operation there has attracted the attention of the reclusive Herod, and a shadowy figure he calls the Captain. To defeat them, Parker must team up with the killer known as the Collector) $7.99
Connolly, Sheila Let's Play Dead (Nell Pratt #2: PBO; When one of the installers of a new exhibit at the Philadelphia children's museum is zapped by a fatal electrical charge, fundraiser and amateur sleuth Nell Pratt investigates) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Whiplash (FBI Thriller #14: Agents Sherlock and Savich investigate when a top employee of a German pharmaceutical company turns up murdered behind their US headquarters) $9.99
Crider, Bill The Wild Hog Murders (Dan Rhodes #18: With the county overrun by feral hogs, Sheriff Rhodes' murder investigation is complicated by angry hog hunters, a crusading talk-show host, a bounty hunter, and the inept two-man motorcycle gang that's caused trouble in the past) $24.99
Crisp, Aiden The Constantine Covenant (1944: Nazi agents are gathering ancient artifacts that could turn the tide of the war. Special Agent Matt Hart is ordered to infiltrate the U-boat carrying the artifacts, and discovers a plot that reaches far beyond mere victory in war) $9.99
Darnton, Nina An African Affair (1990s: The assassination of a prominent Nigerian politician leads New York journalist Lindsay Cameron to Lagos to follow a trail of corruption, drug smuggling, and murder) $25.95
Dekker, Ted Blink of an Eye (Reissue; Seth, a genius suddenly struck with the ability to see multiple potential futures, stumbles upon Miriam, a Saudi princess fleeing a forced marriage. Cultures collide as they are thrown together and forced to run from men determined to kidnap or kill Miriam) $7.99
Dietrich, William Blood of the Reich (At the height of WWII, daring American adventurers pit their cunning against Nazi SS agents seeking a powerful weapon. Today, the descendants of those adventurers must unlock the secrets of their ancestors' mission to save the world from the resurgent Reich) $25.99
Dolan, Harry Very Bad Men (David Loogan #2: Loogan finds a manuscript outside his door that begins, 'I killed Henry Kormoran'. Seventeen years ago, Kormoran and two other men were involved in a notorious robbery. Now someone is hunting them, and won't stop until they're dead; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
DuBois, Brendan Deadly Cove (Lewis Cole #7: Cole digs into the background of a murdered activist, as well as the anti-nuclear protesters who are gathering on the New Hampshire coast, threatening violent action to get what they want) $24.99
Estleman, Loren D. Infernal Angels (Amos Walker #21: Hired to recover some stolen HDTV converter boxes, PI Walker ends up working with the local police and the feds when it turns out the boxes were being used to smuggle high-grade heroin) $24.99
Ewan, Chris The Good Thief's Guide to Vegas (Charlie Howard #3: Charlie plans to steal $60,000 in casino chips from illusionist Josh Masters - but there's a dead redhead in Masters' bathtub, and Masters just disappeared in a puff of smoke after cheating at roulette) $14.99
Fesperman, Dan Layover in Dubai (When his pharmaceutical company's security officer asks him to keep an eye on a hard-partying colleague in Dubai, auditor Sam Keller agrees, only to find himself arrested for murder when the colleague turns up dead. Has he been set up?) $12.00
French, Tana Faithful Place (Dublin Murder Squad #3: Everyone thought Rosie Daly left Dublin to live a shiny new life in England. Until, twenty-two years later, her suitcase shows up behind a fireplace in a derelict house on Faithful Place) $16.00
Gerritsen, Tess The Silent Girl (Rizzoli & Isles #9: Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles pursue a savage killer who leaves clues pointing to the Chinese legend of the Monkey King) $26.00
Gilstrap, John Threat Warning (Jonathan Grave #1: PBO; Caught in the crossfire of a sniper attack in DC, Jonathan Graves spies a gunman getting away with hostages. To free them, Graves and his team of rescue specialists must enter the dark heart of a nationwide conspiracy) $7.99
Goldberg, Tod The Bad Beat (Burn Notice: PBO; Brent Grayson is a college kid who claims to own a company that doesn't really exist. Michael Westen has to save Brent's father from a loan shark, while fending off sinister Russian businessmen who see every takeover as an opportunity to be hostile) $7.99
Golemon, David L. Primeval (Event Group #5: As the US and Russia vie for the lost Romanov treasure, they collide with a prehistoric predator long believed extinct; it's up to the Event Group to lay the legends to rest) $7.99
Greanias, Thomas The 34th Degree (Sam Deker #2: The Pentagon sends Deker back in time to Nazi-occupied Greece to locate an ancient text with the formula for the ultimate weapon. He discovers that the SS is a front for an ancient organization working to establish a Thousand Year Reich in the 21st century) $24.00
Griffin/Butterworth The Vigilantes (Badge of Honor #10: When vigilante groups begin taking credit for the murders of Philadelphia lowlifes, Sgt. Matthew Payne knows it isn't true. Then the targets get bigger, and events start moving out of control) $9.99
Gulli, Andrew & Lamia (ed) No Rest for the Dead (Over 20 bestselling authors collaborated to write this serial novel. All royalties will be donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 10 years after the murder of a museum curator, whose wife was convicted and executed for the crime, a skeptical detective gathers the other suspects, intent on uncovering the truth) $24.99
Haddam, Jane Wanting Sheila Dead (Gregor Demarkian #25: Scheduled to appear on a reality TV show, retired FBI agent Gregor Demarkian ends up consulting on a case when the hated host is found beaten unconscious next to a murdered girl's body) $7.99
Hagberg, David The Cabal (Kirk McGarvey #14: The murders of his CIA son-in-law and an investigative reporter put legendary spy Kirk McGarvey on the trail of a shadowy group that includes high-ranking government members) $9.99
Hale, Rebecca How to Moon a Cat (Cats and Curios #3: PBO; When her cat Rupert sniffs out a vase with a toy bear inside, Rebecca has no doubt it's another of her Uncle Oscar's clues to a hidden treasure. Soon she and the cats are headed to Nevada City to solve the puzzle) $7.99
Harper, Paul Pacific Heights (Marten Fane #1: As San Francisco detective Marten Fane investigates the deaths of two wealthy women who had the same illicit lover and the same therapist, he uncovers a plot involving a private intelligence agency and a monstrous psychological experiment: a traceless form of murder) $25.00
Hurwitz, Gregg You're Next (Shady characters are threatening Mike Wingate, and the police seem more interested in Mike's past - which he doesn't remember - than in protecting him. So Mike turns to Shep, his only friend from his days in foster care. Together they will do whatever it takes to protect Mike's family) $24.99
Huston, James W. Falcon Seven (Two US Navy fliers face war crimes charges at the Hague after bombing a medical post instead of a terrorist target; their lawyer prepares a defense, but would prefer to extract them by extra-legal means) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Betrayal of Trust (J.P. Beaumont #20: When she discovers that her teenage grandson has a snuff film on his phone, the governor of Washington asks old friend J.P. Beaumont to investigate) $25.99
Johansen, Iris & Roy Shadow Zone (Hannah Bryson #2: To prevent a global catastrophe, Hannah turns to a mysterious and deadly man from her past; they race to unravel the last great secret of the sunken city of Marinth) $7.99
Jones, Darynda First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson #1: Charley sees dead people, and convinces them to 'go to the light'. But sometimes they're murder victims, and want her to bring the bad guys to justice) $14.99
Kaufman, Thomas Steal the Show (Willis Gidney #2: To raise money for an adoption lawyer, PI Willis Gidney takes a job he knows he shouldn't - breaking into a film-pirating facility for hacker Rush Gemelli, who then blackmails Gidney into joining up with his father, head of the motion picture lobby) $24.99
Kennedy, Douglas The Woman in the Fifth (A disgraced American college professor flees to Paris, and ends up working as night watchman for a sinister operation. When he begins to notice that all those who have recently done him wrong are meeting unfortunate ends, it soon becomes apparent that he has stumbled into a nightmare) $16.00
Kuzneski, Chris The Prophecy (Payne & Jones #5: Payne and Jones hunt for a hidden collection of prophecies by Nostradamus) $9.99
La Plante, Lynda Blind Fury (Anna Travis #6: DCS Langton's team is investigating a triple murder, with no suspect. A murderer DI Travis helped arrest years ago insists he can help them find the killer - but he will only divulge his secrets to Anna) $15.00
Lakin, Rita Getting Old Can Kill You (Gladdy Gold #7: PBO; Sultry Joyce Steiner moves to Fort Lauderdale, reopening an old rivalry with Arlene Simon, whose husband ran off with Joyce 55 years earlier. When Joyce is found murdered, Arlene becomes the prime suspect. It's up to Gladdy and the gals to catch the real killer) $7.99
Laurie, Victoria Vision Impossible (Psychic Eye #9: When the drone aircraft containing the military's digital photography software - which captures auras just like Abby can - is stolen, Abby goes after the criminals) $23.95
Leather, Stephen Rough Justice (Dan Shepherd #7: Villains across London are being beaten, crippled, and killed by vigilante cops. Crime rates are falling, but the powers that be want Shepherd to bring the wave of rough justice to an end) $8.99
Lehane, Dennis Shutter Island (Reissue; 1954: Searching for an escaped mental patient, a US Marshal and his partner stumble into a nightmare world of CIA drug trials, eugenics, and mind control - or possibly someone is trying to drive them insane) $9.99
Levine, Laura Death of a Trophy Wife (Jaine Austen #09: When Jaine's neighbor is the prime suspect in the murder of a local business tycoon's wife, Jaine sets out to find the real killer) $7.99
Liesche, Margit Hollywood Buzz (Pucci Lewis #2: When a director is murdered, possibly by Nazi operatives, Military Intelligence sends Pucci to Hollywood to work undercover on the set of a documentary on the Women Air Force Service Pilots) $14.95
Longworth, M.L. Death at the Chateau Bremont (Verlaque & Bonnet #1: When Etienne de Bremont falls to his death from his family's Aix-en-Provence chateau, chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque suspects foul play. He turns to law professor Marine Bonnet for help when he learns she was a close friend of the dead man's family) $14.00
MacBride, Stuart Dark Blood (Logan McRae #6: DS McRae is not thrilled to be helping a supposedly rehabilitated rapist settle into his new Aberdeen home, or with DSI Danby, there to keep an eye on the ex-con. Especially when three heavies arrive from Newcastle, wanting a 'quiet word' with Danby about a missing mob accountant) $12.95
Madison, Ada The Square Root of Murder (Professor Sophie Knowles #1: PBO; Dr. Sophie Knowles teaches math at Henley College in Massachusetts. When a colleague turns up dead, she must find the killer before anyone else is subtracted) $7.99
Mariotte, Jeff The Burning Season (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: PBO; Six firefighters lose their lives battling a blaze that threatens expensive homes. The initial determination is that it's arson, but the CSIs assigned to the case soon find much more than they bargained for) $7.99
Marshall, Michael Killer Move (Bill already has a lot, but he wants much more. He has a plan for super-success. Then one morning he arrives at work to find an anonymous message waiting for him: MODIFIED. And when people around him begin to die, it becomes clear that someone has a very different plan for Bill's future) $24.99
McKinlay, Jenn Books Can Be Deceiving (Library Lover's #1: PBO; When a New York editor visits the Briar Creek Public Library, Lindsey's friend Beth hopes to sell the editor her children's book, but Beth's author boyfriend gets in the way. When he's found murdered, Lindsay has to act fast to clear Beth's name) $7.99
McPhee, Michele R. A Professor's Rage (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of Harvard PhD Amy Bishop, her brother's mysterious death, and the shooting spree that shocked the nation) $7.99
McRae, Cricket Wined and Died (Home Crafting #5: Intrigued by a recording in which a therapist contemplates her client's murderous threats, Sophie Mae investigates when the therapist ends up dead. Along the way, she explores the age-old arts of making wine and mead) $14.95
Meier, Leslie English Tea Murder (Lucy Stone #17: A trip to England is disrupted when tour leader George Temple suffers a fatal asthma attack; Lucy learns the other tour members were all victims of a financial fraud Temple perpetrated twenty years ago) $24.00
Milway, Alex The Curse of Mousebeard (Mousehunter #2: Kids; The dastardly Isiah Lovelock is growing in power, and only pirate captain Mousebeard is brave enough to stop him - but first Mousebeard must be freed from a curse that prevents him from setting foot on dry land) $6.99
Moody, Mary A Killing in Antiques (Lucy St. Elmo Antiques #1: PBO; When the wrong man is accused of murder at the Brimfield Antiques Show, Cape Cod antique shop owner Lucy St. Elmo sets out to find the real killer) $6.99
Morrison, Boyd The Vault (Tyler Locke #2: Industrial engineer Tyler Locke races against time to save his father from a terrorist organization bent on unearthing the truth about the fabled touch of King Midas and using it for their own deadly purposes) $24.99
Morton, James The First Detective: The Life and Revolutionary Times of Vidocq (Nonfiction; born in France in 1775, Vidocq became a criminal, then a police informant, and went on to form a plainclothes unit that would become the Surete Nationale. He later started a private detective agency, also doing some spying on the side) $27.95
Mustafa, S/Israel, S Dismembered (PBO; Nonfiction; Sean Vincent Gillis killed and mutilated 8 women in and around Baton Rouge, LA) $6.99
Neggers, Carla The Whisper (PBO; Boston detective Scoop Wisdom and archaeologist Sophie Malone team up to stop the killing when ancient Celtic rituals lead to modern-day murder) $7.99
Novak, Brenda Inside (PBO; Virgil Skinner is supposed to infiltrate the gang that's taking control of a notorious supermax. The warden doesn't want him there. She's not sure she can protect him if things go bad - and she might be falling in love with him) $7.99
Palma, Felix J. The Map of Time (To save innocent lives, H.G. Wells must discover the truth about purported incidents of time travel) $26.00
Paretsky, Sara Body Work (V.I. Warshawski #14: A woman's sketch triggers a violent outburst from an Iraq war veteran. When the woman is shot several days later, the police arrest the angry vet. His family hires V.I. to clear his name; her investigation takes her from the North Side of Chicago to the far reaches of the Gulf War) $9.99
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Now You See Her (Nina would do anything to protect the life she's built in New York - including lying about her past. But when an innocent man is framed for murder, she must go back to Florida and confront the murderous evil she fled 18 years ago) $27.99
Peacock, Justin Blind Man's Alley (Duncan Riley is walks the knife edge of legal ethics and personal morality when a pro bono case he's working on turns out to have connections to a powerful real estate developer his firm represents) $12.00
Pulitzer/Thompson Portrait of a Monster (Nonfiction; Joran van der Sloot is suspected of murdering Natalee Hollowy in Aruba and Stephany Flores Ramirez in Peru) $25.99
Quinn, Spencer To Fetch a Thief (Chet & Bernie #3: When a circus elephant and her trainer go missing, the trainer's partner hires Chet and his dog Bernie to track them down) $15.00
Raybourn, Deanna The Dark Enquiry (Julia Grey #5: PBO; An investigation for Julia's brother Lord Bellmont leads Julia and Brisbane to London's exclusive Ghost Club, where the alluring Madame Seraphine holds evening seances - and where they uncover a lurid tangle of dark deeds, and secrets men will kill to keep) $14.95
Rimington, Stella Dead Line (Liz Carlyle #4: Word is that two individuals are planning to violently disrupt a Middle East peace conference at a Scottish resort. As leads turn into dead ends, MI5 officer Liz Carlyle begins to sense that the threat is greater than anyone has imagined) $12.00
Robb, J.D. Time of Death (Eve Dallas: Collection; reprints 3 novellas) $16.00
Rogan, Jack The Collective (A trail of seemingly accidental deaths leads investigators Josh Hart and Rachael Voss to a chilling truth: someone is waging war against children) $7.99
Rosenfelt, David One Dog Night (Andy Carpenter #9: Five years ago, Matt Stark took a golden retriever puppy to a shelter, and Andy Carpenter adopted her. When Matt is accused of murder, his wife hires Andy to defend him) $24.99
Rotenberg, Robert The Guilty Plea (After a wealthy Toronto man is stabbed to death the night before his divorce trial, and his wife arrives at her lawyer's office hours later with a bloody knife, what looks like a straightforward guilty plea turns into a complex murder trial) $26.00
Rutherford, Alex A Kingdom Divided (Empire of the Moghul #2: The newly-crowned Emperor Humayun has inherited wealth and glory. But his brothers are plotting against him, and soon he will be locked in a terrible battle for the empire's very existence) $25.99
Silva, Daniel The Rembrandt Affair (Gabriel Allon #10: When an art restorer is murdered and the newly discovered Rembrandt he was working on is taken, Gabriel is persuaded to use his unique skills to trace the painting and those responsible for the crimes) $9.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Dog Who Came in from the Cold (Corduroy Mansions #2: A pair of New Age operators think Terence Moongroove's estate is just the spot for their Centre for Cosmological Studies. Literary agent Barbara Ragg has decided to represent a man who is writing a book about his time spent hanging out with the Abominable Snowman. And our endlessly surprising canine hero Freddie de la Hay has been recruited by MI6 to infiltrate a Russian spy ring) $24.95
Speller, Elizabeth The Return of Captain John Emmett (Laurence Bartram #1: London, 1920: Old flame Mary Emmett's brother has apparently killed himself. Aided by his dauntless friend Charles, whose detective skills are cadged from mystery novels, Laurence looks into the death) $26.00
Stevens, Chevy Never Knowing (34-year-old Sara Gallagher sets out to find her birth parents, only to learn that her biological father is a serial killer who has been hunting women for over 30 years. And now he's found out about her) $24.99
Teller, Joseph Guilty as Sin (Jaywalker #5: PBO; Up against a team of prosecutors - one a talented, ethical newcomer, the other a sleazy veteran - defense lawyer Harrison J. Walker has almost nothing on his side - except his unshakeable belief in his client) $7.99
Truman, Margaret Monument to Murder (Capital Crimes #25: While looking into a twenty-year-old murder case, an ex-cop turned PI uncovers a secret government organization whose contract killers murder in the name of patriotism. And he's just become their next target) $24.99
van Rooy, Michael Your Friendly Neighborhood Criminal (Monty Haaviko #2: Monty would prefer to be known as the friendly neighborhood daycare provider, but when his criminal past brings him to the attention of activists and local thugs, things rapidly escalate to kidnapping, torture, and an explosive stand-off) $24.99
Vance, Lee The Garden of Betrayal (Right after a terrorist attack on a Russian oil pipeline, a colleague slips energy market analyst Mark Wallace classified information about Saudi oil fields, then turns up dead) $12.00
Verdon, John Think of a Number (Dave Gurney #1: A letter-writer who can predict a person's thoughts moves from threats to murder; a retired detective, the most decorated in NYPD history, finds himself in a desperate race to outthink the ingenious foe) $7.99
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Hills (Hollywood #4: LAPD veteran 'Hollywood Nate' Weiss is keeping an eye on an estate while the owners are away. He and his team will have to deal with a shady art dealer after the mansion's paintings, and a pair of drug-addled home invaders) $7.99
Wells, Melinda Pie a la Murder (Della Cooks #2: PBO; Della's sweetie Nicholas drops a bomb: he now has his teenage daughter living with him. When one of the girl's friends is found murdered, Nicholas is a suspect, and Della must find the real killer) $7.99
Winslow, Don The Gentlemen's Hour (Boone Daniels #2: PI Boone Daniels risks the wrath of his fellow surfers when he agrees to help defend a young man accused of murdering a local surfing legend) $25.00
Wolfe, Inger Ash The Taken (Hazel Micallef #2: When a body is fished out of a lake, the local paper has just published a story featuring that scenario. DI Hazel Micallef and DC James Wingate know they are being played, but who is pulling the strings, and why?) $13.95
Zettel, Sarah A Taste of the Nightlife (Vampire Chef #1: PBO; Charlotte isn't a member of NYC's undead community - she just cooks for them at her restaurant Nightlife. But when a drunk customer causes a scene, then winds up dead on Nightlife's doorstep, Charlotte's brother is suspected of the murder. Charlotte must reopen her restaurant and clear her brother's name) $7.99
Zouroudi, Anne The Messenger of Athens (Hermes Diaktoros #1: Hermes Diaktoros arrives, uninvited, on a remote Greek island to investigate a young woman's death. He uncovers a tale of passion, corruption, and murder, but brings his own mystery to the web of secrets and lies) $14.99


Andrews, Donna The Real Macaw (Meg Langslow #13: Meg's living room is full of animals. Financial woes have led the local shelter to repeal its no-kill policy, and a group led by her dad and granddad have stolen the shelter's animals. But the volunteer who was to transport the animals to new homes has been murdered) $24.99
Billingham, Mark Bloodline (Tom Thorne #8: London homicide detective Tom Thorne must stop a killer who is targeting the children of victims of an infamous serial killer) $24.99
Cotterill, Colin Killed at the Whim of a Hat (Jimm Juree #1: Crime reporter Jimm Juree thinks her career is over when her family relocates to a small village on the Thai coast. But when a van containing skeletal remains is found, and the abbot at a local Buddhist temple is murdered, she'll need luck and the help of her entire oddball family to unravel the mysteries) $24.99
Coulter, Catherine Split Second (FBI Thriller #15: FBI agents Savich and Sherlock try to track down a woman serial killer before she kills again. And Special Agent Carlisle sets out to learn the truth - why did her grandmother murder her grandfather 22 years ago?) $26.95
Dahl, Arne Misterioso (Intercrime #1: Detective Paul Hjelm joins an elite team assembled to find a killer who has been targeting business leaders. Navigating the murky world of the Russian Mafiya and the secret societies of Sweden's wealthiest citizens, they must also face the deep-rooted xenophobia that affects both police and perpetrator) $24.95
Dezenhall, Eric The Devil Himself (1942: Desperate to secure the East Coast, the Navy turns to Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky, who assembles an unlikely alliance of mobsters and intelligence officers to catch Nazi saboteurs and lay the groundwork for the invasion of Sicily) $25.99
Drake, Nick Tutankhamun: The Book of Shadows (Rahotep #2: Rahotep, chief detective of the Thebes division, finds a connection between evil objects being sent to the new pharaoh and a series of sadistic murders plaguing the city) $14.99
Dudgeon, Piers Neverland: J.M. Barrie, the Du Mauriers, and the Dark Side of Peter Pan (UK title: Captivate) (Nonfiction; the story of J.M. Barrie's abuse and exploitation of the Du Maurier family) $15.95
Flint, Shamini A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul (Inspector Singh #2: Sent to Bali to help with anti-terrorism efforts after an explosion, Singh investigates when a body discovered in the wreckage turns out to have been killed by a bullet before the bomb went off) $25.99
Gardiner, Meg The Nightmare Thief (Jo Beckett #4: Forensic psychologist Jo Beckett and her partner Gabe Quintana are working a case when they bump into an abduction-in-progress, and find themselves nabbed by the kidnappers) $25.95
Genelin, Michael The Magician's Accomplice (Jana Matinova #3: Jana is transferred to Europol headquarters in the Hague; on the flight there she meets a retired magician, the uncle of a student murdered in Bratislava, who is determined to help her investigate his nephew's death) $14.00
Genelin, Michael Requiem for a Gypsy (Jana Matinova #4: To solve the murder of a prominent businessman's wife, Commander Matinova must travel to Berlin and Paris, and look back into the darkest period of Slovak history) $25.00
George, Kathleen The Odds (Richard Christie #4: With Homicide head Richard Christie in the hospital, it falls to Potocki and Greer to help Narcotics investigate when a young boy on Pittsburgh's North Side dies of a suspicious overdose) $14.99
Gomez-Jurado, Juan The Traitor's Emblem (1940: Captain Gonzalez rescues a group of German castaways. In gratitude, one of them offers him a strange emblem made of gold and diamonds. Years later, the captain's son receives a substantial offer for the object. He refuses to sell, but in the process learns its astonishing history) $24.99
Gross, Andrew Eyes Wide Open (When disaster strikes his brother Charlie, Jay Erlich is pulled back into his brother's past - into a labyrinth of secrets and lies. Jay is determined to uncover the truth) $25.99
Hart, John Iron House (Twenty years ago, a pair of orphaned brothers were separated when Michael fled a murder accusation, eventually becoming an enforcer for an organized crime syndicate. Then he met Elena, and decided to leave that life behind. He takes her back to North Carolina, and his brother Julian. There he faces a thicket of deceit and violence that leads inexorably back to the orphanage he fled so long ago; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Hayes, J.M. Server Down (Mad Dog & Englishman #5: Mad Dog has been playing an online computer game, where a vampire wizard has been tormenting him; after a string of catastrophes, Mad Dog realizes that the creature has somehow reached out of the game to come after him in real life) $14.95
Hill, Suzette A. A Bedlam of Bones (Oughterard #5: A blackmailer is stalking the bishop - can he survive the threat of being outed? And why is there a body in the flowerbed? The Reverend Oughterard is immersed once again in a web of danger, while his cat Maurice and dog Bouncer try to clear up all this human mayhem) $25.00
Johansen, Iris Quinn (Eve Duncan #12: John Gallo seems to hold the key to the mystery of the fate of Eve's daughter Bonnie. With Joe Quinn's life hanging in the balance, justice may never be served, unless CIA agent Catherine Ling can outsmart Gallo at his own game) $27.99
Kava, Alex Hotwire (Maggie O'Dell #9: The investigation into the deaths of three teenagers leads FBI agent Maggie O'Dell into the middle of a conspiracy involving biological warfare) $25.95
Kelman, Stephen Pigeon English (Lying in front of 11-year-old Harri is the murdered body of one of his classmates. Armed with detective techniques absorbed from TV shows, Harri and his best friend Dean plot to bring the perpetrator to justice) $24.00
Kleier, Glenn The Knowledge of Good & Evil (A defrocked priest embarks on an epic odyssey through the afterlife in search of answers to life's Ultimate Question) $24.99
Lawson, Mike House Justice (Joe DeMarco #5: When a leaked news story leads to the torture and execution of a US spy in Tehran, the Speaker of the House tasks Joe DeMarco with discovering the source of the leak) $7.99
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter Is Delicious (Dexter #5: Dexter investigates the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl who has been running with a group who fancy themselves to be vampires, and discovers that they are actually cannibals - and that they've decided they'd like to eat Dexter) $14.95
Ludlum, R/Lustbader, E The Bourne Dominion (Bourne #9: Bourne learns that the Severus Domna cabal has targeted him for death - and that the assignment was given to Boris Karpov, his longtime friend and ally) $27.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Dreams of the Dead (Nina Reilly #13: A new client wants Nina to locate the remains of his son, who has been missing for nine years and is presumed dead. Nina suspects that her former investigator (and ex-lover) Paul van Wagoner may have had something to do with the disappearance - and possibly the death) $25.00
Pajer, Bernadette A Spark of Death (Professor Bradshaw #1: Seattle, 1901: When UW Professor Benjamin Bradshaw discovers a despised colleague dead inside the Faraday Cage of the Electric Machine, he becomes the lone suspect. To protect his young son and clear his name, he must find the killer; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Patterson, J/Marklund, L The Postcard Killers (After his daughter and her boyfriend are murdered in Rome - one of several young couples killed in European cities - an NYPD detective teams up with a Swedish reporter to track down the killers) $14.99
Pendleton, Don Shadow Hunt (Executioner #392: PBO; Bolan sets out on a search-and-rescue mission when a US Marshal goes missing in New Orleans, and discovers that the Mafia is planning to take over the Big Easy) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Stealth Sweep (SuperBolan #143: PBO; A rogue major from Chinese Intelligence is the mastermind behind a long-term plan to achieve Chinese world domination. It's up to Bolan to take him out) $6.99
Pope, Barbara Corrado The Blood of Lorraine (Bernard Martin #2: 1894: In the town of Nancy in Lorraine, France, an infant boy is found dead and mutilated. His wet nurse and mother blame wandering tinkers or Jews. Magistrate Bernard Martin must get to the truth) $15.95
Quartey, Kwei Children of the Street (Darko Dawson #2: Detective Inspector Darko Dawson investigates when street children start showing up dead in Ghana's capital city of Accra, marked in a way that could signify ritual killings. The case takes him into the brutal world of the urban poor) $15.00
Ramsay, Frederick Rogue (Ike Schwartz #7: Ruth Harris heads to a Maine island to settle an estate, but the task is complicated by two suspicious deaths. Ike joins her just as a third body turns up: a developer with Mafia ties and a very professionally place bullet hole in his forehead) $14.95
Reichs, Kathy Spider Bones (Temperance Brennan #13: The body of a drowning victim is identified as a man declared dead in a 1968 crash in Vietnam - so who's buried in his grave? And why are his dog tags found tangled in a third set of remains?) $7.99
Silva, Daniel Portrait of a Spy (Gabriel Allon #11) $26.99
Simenon, Georges Act of Passion (Reissue; After a life of bourgeois conformity, a middle-aged French doctor's liaison with a young drifter precipitates a spiritual awakening - and sets the stage for his disintegration) $14.95
Tesh, Jane A Little Learning (Maddy Maclin #3: Fledgling PI Madeline Maclin becomes involved in the mysterious death of an unpopular teacher, and is hired by a gentleman to solve a riddle left to him by his uncle) $14.95
Verdon, John Shut Your Eyes Tight (Dave Gurney #2: When a young bride is gruesomely murdered at her wedding reception, retired detective Dave Gurney can't resist the challenge. He soon discovers that the killing is part of a latticework of complex conspiracies and sinister agendas) $24.00
Wiprud, Brian M. Ringer (Morty Martinez #2: Tasked with recovering a sacred relic for his La Paz diocese, Monty finds the gold ring - on the finger of NYC billionaire Robert Grant - then finds himself caught in murderous cross-plots between the man and his stepdaughter) $26.99
Zouroudi, Anne The Taint of Midas (Hermes Diaktoros #2: When crooked developers take control of the Greek island of Arcadia, the caretaker of the island's ruined Temple of Apollo meets a violent death. Hermes finds his old friend's body by the roadside, and resolves to find the killer) $23.99


Barclay, Linwood Never Look Away (On a trip to a local amusement park, David Harwood's wife disappears - along with everything he thought he knew about their life together) $7.99
Barrett, Tracy The Case That Time Forgot (Sherlock Files #3: Kids; An amulet is rumored to be able to turn back time once every hundred years. When it disappeared from a London museum long ago, Sherlock Holmes had no luck finding it. Now Xena and Xander are on the case - and so is someone else!) $6.99
Baxter, Holly Tears of the Dragon (Chicago, 1931: Elodie Browne is the breadwinner for her mother and sisters. For extra cash, she takes a job serving at a party given by importer Lee Chang. The event is disrupted when a dying man stumbles in raving about 'Ming Dao'. Elodie's curiosity is piqued. Big mistake) $14.95
Bebris, Carrie The Intrigue at Highbury, or, Emma's Match (Mr. & Mrs. Darcy #5: On their way to Highbury, the Darcys are robbed; a guest is poisoned at a party given by the Knightleys; the crimes may be connected) $13.99
Beck, Greig Dark Rising (Alex Hunter #2: Massive gamma radiation is detected beneath the Iranian desert - is it a nuke, or worse? The search for answers takes Alex Hunter and his team to the ancient caves of Arak, where they come face to face with a creature from their darkest nightmares) $7.99
Birmingham, John After America (Without Warning #2: President James Kipper leads the battle to rebuild America in the face of predation by pirates and freebooters, as well as a challenge from the rogue governor of Texas) $7.99
Black, Lisa Trail of Blood (Theresa MacLean #3: A desiccated corpse found in an abandoned warehouse is assumed to be a victim of the 1930s Torso Killer - until a fresh corpse turns up at the scene, also bearing the marks of the Torso Killer) $7.99
Blake, Richard The Blood of Alexandria (Aelric #3: AD 612: Aelric, now a trusted henchman of Emperor Heraclius, comes to Alexandria to send Egypt's harvest to Constantinople and to force the unwilling viceroy to give the land to the peasants. But the city, with its factions and conspirators, thwarts him at every turn. When an old enemy arrives, Aelric will have to use his cunning, charm, and talent for violence to survive) $11.95
Bourbon, Melissa Pleating for Mercy (Magical Dressmaking #1: PBO; After she opens a dressmaking boutique in the 1900s Texas farmhouse she inherited, Harlow senses an inexplicable 'presence'. When her old friend Josie's boss turns up dead, Harlow has to find the killer - with a little help from beyond) $6.99
Box, C.J. Back of Beyond (When his mentor and AA sponsor is found burned to death in a remote mountain cabin, brilliant but troubled cop Cody Hoyt is determined to find the killer. Clues link the murderer to an outfitter leading an expedition into the remote corners of Yellowstone; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Boyd, Noah Agent X (Steve Vail #2: The FBI must track down an intelligence officer from the Russian embassy who has a list of Americans supplying secrets to the Russians; to keep the operation quiet, they turn to ex-agent Steve Vail) $9.99
Brady, Jacklyn A Sheetcake Named Desire (Piece of Cake #1: PBO; When her almost-ex-husband turns up dead with a chef's knife in his back, New Orleans pastry chef Rita Lucero becomes prime suspect. Can she find the real killer before she becomes the next victim?) $7.99
Brant, Kylie Deadly Sins (Mindhunters #5: PBO; An unknown assassin is taking out high-level human targets citywide. The case will test the resolve of tough FBI agent Jaid Marlowe. Especially when her new partner is her ex-lover Adam Raiker) $7.99
Bugge, Carole The Star of India (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; A case involving a clandestine love affair and the disappearance of a priceless sapphire once again pits Holmes and Watson against villainous nemesis Moriarty) $9.95
Burke, James Lee The Glass Rainbow (Dave Robicheaux #18: Detective Dave Robicheaux returns to Louisiana, and becomes entangled in a series of murders connected with an ex-con turned bestselling author) $9.99
Clemens, Judy Flowers for Her Grave (Grim Reaper #3: Casey and Death are on the run again. Casey changes her identity to begin a new life as fitness instructor at a Florida gated community. When one of the residents is murdered, Casey is determined find the killer) $14.95
Compton, Jodi Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot (Hailey Cain #2: After her identity is stolen, Hailey hits the road again with her old friend Warchild, looking to reclaim her name and chase down the murderer who took it) $23.00
Connolly, Sheila Bitter Harvest (Orchard #5: PBO; With the apples harvested and sold, Meg has been enjoying some free time - until a series of small but annoying mishaps turns sinister) $7.99
Cook, Robin Cure (Stapleton & Montgomery #10: Medical examiners Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton link a CIA agent's murder to a dangerous game of biotech espionage) $9.99
Coyle, Cleo Roast Mortem (Coffeehouse #09: Someone is torching cafes around New York City; when firefighters begin to die in mysterious ways, Clare investigates) $7.99
Coyle, Cleo Murder by Mocha (Coffeehouse #10: Clare's Village Blend coffee beans are being used to create a love potion, to be sold exclusively online at Aphrodite's Village. When one of the website editors is murdered, Clare is convinced the killer is after the secret formula) $25.95
Crosby, Ellen The Vintage Vendetta (HC title: The Viognier Vendetta) (Wine Country #5: Lucie's reunion with her old friend Rebecca in Washington, DC, turns strange when Rebecca's clothes are found in a rowboat floating on the Potomac. Is it suicide, murder, or an elaborate scheme to disappear? As she tries to locate her missing friend, Lucy uncovers a political and financial scandal) $7.99
Culver, Carol A Good Day to Pie (Pie Shop #1: After taking over her retired Grannie Louise's pie shop, Hanna has to convince the handsome new police chief that Grannie couldn't possibly have committed murder) $14.95
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J Dark Watch (Oregon Files #3: When Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the spy ship Oregon are hired to stop the ferocious pirates trolling the waters of Southeast Asia, they discover a deadly international conspiracy behind the predation) $9.99
Deaver, Jeffery Edge (Federal protection officer Corte races to find and stop a criminal who uses torture, kidnapping, and murder to extract the information he needs from his victims) $9.99
DeMille, Nelson Plum Island (John Corey #1: Reissue; NYPD homicide cop John Corey is convalescing in Long Island when the murder of two locals - biologists rumored to be working on germ warfare - takes on global implications, and thrusts him into a search for the truth about the Plum Island research center) $9.99
DiSilverio, Laura Die Buying (Mall Cop #1: PBO; Former Army MP Emma-Joy Ferris has been finding mall cop work a bit humdrum - until someone 'liberates' a 15-foot python from the Herpetology Hut, and a mannequin turns out to be a very real corpse) $7.99
Domenici, Joe The Death Factory (When Jim Simpson, the beloved son of an old colleague, goes missing, old Army buddies Fred Custer and Green Beret Hickey set out to rescue him. The trail leads to a torture prison in the Egyptian desert) $25.99
Donald, Angus Holy Warrior (Robin Hood #2: 1190: Ferocious warrior Robin of Locksley and his loyal men join King Richard the Lionheart's crusade to seize Jerusalem from the Sarcens) $15.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta (Midnight Louie #23: Hired to investigate the death of a rich woman's handyman, Temple finds plenty of greedy humans swarming around the woman. Temple thinks she's close to solving the case, but it becomes clear to feline detective Midnight Louie that there are more deaths - both human and feline - to come) $24.99
Eisler, Barry Inside Out (Ben Treven #2: Scott Horton recruits Ben Treven to take out a former operative, a twisted bomb expert who has been blackmailing the CIA) $7.99
Eriksson, Kjell The Hand That Trembles (Ann Lindell #8: Detective Lindell investigates a severed female foot found in an area where most of the inhabitants are single men. But the owner of the house where the victim is believed to have lived is no longer able to answer questions) $24.99
Ewan, Chris The Good Thief's Guide to Venice (Charlie Howard #4: Charlie has vowed to give up his life of crime to write crime fiction full-time. Then a femme fatale burgles his prized first edition of The Maltese Falcon , and he finds himself blackmailed into committing a dastardly crime to get his book back) $24.99
Fleeman, Michael Seduced by Evil (PBO; Nonfiction; Mechele Hughes Linehan, a stripper turned suburban mom, is eventually accused of conspiring to kill a former fiancé) $7.99
Francis, Dick & Felix Crossfire (Racing stable owner Josephine Kauri is being blackmailed and forced to lose races; her ex-army son sets out to discover and defeat this hidden enemy) $9.99
Francis, Felix Gamble (Jockey turned financial adviser Nicholas Foxton investigates when a coworker is murdered execution-style right in front of him - and 60,000 other potential witnesses - at the Grand National races) $26.95
Glenn, Alan Amerikan Eagle (Can one murder change the course of history? It can, and has, and 1940s America is no longer the land of the free) $7.99
Grace, Nancy Death on the D-List (Hailey Dean #2: After years as a prosecutor, Hailey moves to Manhattan and returns to psychology. When she's lured on camera as a TV crime fighter, she learns that the TV industry can be downright deadly) $9.99
Gregory, Susanna The Killer of Pilgrims (Matthew Bartholomew #16: Cambridge, 1358: When a wealthy benefactor is found dead in Michaelhouse, Brother Michael and Matthew Bartholomew must find the culprit before the College is discredited) $13.95
Grisham, John The Confession (In 1998, Travis abducted, raped, and kill a cheerleader, then watched in amazement as a local football star was convicted and sent to death row. Nine years later, Travis is suffering from an incurable brain tumor. He decides to do what's right and confess, but how can a guilty man convince lawyers, judges, and politicians that they're about to execute an innocent man?) $9.99
Haddam, Jane Flowering Judas (Gregor Demarkian #26: 12 years ago, Chester Morton disappeared. His mother has kept the search alive - and now his corpse, recently killed, has turned up in his hometown. The local police turn to former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian to unravel the truth) $25.99
Haig, Brian The Capitol Game (A Wall Street banker is embroiled in a scandal after enlisting the help of a powerful corporation to take over a small company that developed a miraculous polymer for military use) $7.99
Hardberger, M/Fisher, D Seized: Battling Scoundrels and Pirates While Recovering Stolen Ships in the World's Most Troubled Waters (Nonfiction; the shadowy world of maritime shipping, where third-world governments place exorbitant liens against ships, pirates seize commercial vessels with impunity - and hapless owners hire Max Hardberger to recapture their stolen freighters) $15.00
Harris, C.S. What Remains of Heaven (Sebastian St. Cyr #5: Investigating two deaths for the Archbishop of Canterbury, St. Cyr amasses a wide-ranging list of suspects - and finds himself confronting the well-guarded secrets of his own family) $7.99
Hill, Reginald The Woodcutter (Thrown into prison, protesting his innocence, Wolf Hadda retreats into silence. Seven years later, psychologist Alva Ozigbo makes a breakthrough. Wolf begins to talk, and is paroled to his Cumbria home. But there was a period in Wolf's youth when he disappeared from home, and was known to his employers as the Woodcutter. Now the Woodcutter is back, looking for the truth - and revenge) $25.99
Hills, Kathleen The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies (John McIntire #4: Rural Michigan, 1950s: When Reuben Hofer, an abusive father and husband, is shot dead in his hayfield, town constable John McIntire investigates) $14.95
Jackson, Lisa Born to Die (Montana #3: PBO; Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli investigate the deaths of two women who bear an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Kacey Lambert - and find links to the man Kacey just started dating) $7.99
Jecks, Michael King's Gold (Knights Templar #30: 1326: London is in flames, and Queen Isabella and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer are ascendant. Guarding the deposed King Edward II for Mortimer, Sir Baldwin and Simon find themselves tangled in a net of conspiracy, greed, betrayal, and murder) $24.95
Johnson, Claire M. Roux Morgue (Mary Ryan #2: San Francisco pastry chef Mary Ryan finds herself in the middle of a turf war between the dinosaurs and the young brats on the teaching staff of her alma mater, and investigates when faculty and staff begin dying) $14.95
Jones, Darynda Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson #2: Charley and her friend Cookie hunt for a missing woman who had been acting strange since hearing about the murder of a high school friend. Meanwhile, Reyes (aka the Son of Satan) has left his corporeal body and is haunting Charley) $21.99
Kaehler, Tammy Dead Man's Switch (Kate Reilly #1: Aspiring racecar driver Kate Reilly goes looking for a full-time ride in the American Le Mans Series - and stumbles over a dead driver. When she takes that driver's job just hours later, she also takes pole position on the list of suspects in his murder) $14.95
Karp, Marshall Cut, Paste, Kill (Lomax & Biggs #4: Lomax and Biggs are on the hunt for an LA vigilante who is killing unpunished criminals and leaving a scrapbook by each victim documenting the motive for vengeance in lurid detail) $14.99
Kenneth, Maxine Paris to Die For (1951: 21-year-old Jacqueline Lee Bouvier becomes an unofficial CIA agent in Paris) $13.99
Kent, Christobel A Murder in Tuscany (UK title: A Fine and Private Place) (Sandro Cellini #2: When the director of an artists' retreat in the hills outside Florence is found dead, PI Sandro Cellini does not believe it's an accident. As he attempts to uncover the truth, he is drawn into the lives of the retreat's small, highly strung community) $24.99
Khoury, Raymond The Templar Salvation (Sean Reilly #2: FBI agent Sean Reilly's love, Tess Chaykin, has been kidnapped. The key to her freedom lies in the Vatican Secret Archives of the Inquisition, in the form of a document that details the secret history of the infamous Templars) $9.99
Knox, Tom The Marks of Cain (An ancient map leads a lawyer to the Basque mountains, where a genetic curse lies buried; a London journalist learns that two murder victims had been interred at a top-secret Nazi camp in the Basque region and knew about experiments conducted there) $15.00
Kramer, Julie Killing Kate (Riley Spartz #4: A killer who draws chalk outlines of angels around his victims and a local legend lead investigative reporter Riley Spartz to the infamous Black Angel monument in an Iowa cemetery - and to a graveyard confrontation) $23.99
Lavene, Joyce & Jim Harrowing Hats (Renaissance Faire #4: PBO; When one of the chocolatiers at the Renaissance Faire Village is found drowned in a vat of chocolate in his shop, hat-maker Jessie Morton must sort through a long list of knaves, knights, and wenches to find the culprit) $7.99
Lehane, Dennis Moonlight Mile (Kenzie & Gennaro #6: In 1997, Kenzie and Gennaro found missing 4-year-old Amanda McCready, only to return her to a negligent mother. Now Amanda is 16 - and gone again. The tough PIs follow a 12-year trail of lies and secrets down Boston's blue-collar streets) $9.99
Levine, Laura Pampered to Death (Jaine Austen #10: Off for an all-expenses-paid vacation at a spa, Jaine dreams of pampering, but discovers it's a strict diet joint. When a celebrity spa guest with a disgruntled entourage is strangled with a piece of kelp, Jaine has one week to locate the killer - and something decent to eat) $22.00
Lutz, John Serial (Frank Quinn #6: PBO; The NYC homicide detective and his team hunt for a serial killer who skins his victims alive) $7.99
Mayes, Casey A Killer Column (By the Numbers #2: PBO; When her editor is found stabbed to death, puzzle columnist Savannah Stone is the prime suspect. But Savannah knows she wasn't the only puzzle-maker to have cross words with him) $7.99
McCoy, Judi Till Death Do Us Bark (Dog Walker #5: PBO; When the Hamptons wedding they're attending is interrupted by a murder, Ellie and her yorkiepoo Rudy must sniff out the killer) $7.99
McFarland, Nora Hot, Shot, and Bothered (Lilly Hawkins #2: While shooting a raging California wildfire, Lilly learns of the drowning death of an environmentalist she knew years ago. She suspects the death was no accident, and soon she's juggling the story she's supposed to be covering with the story she can't let go) $14.99
Meier, Leslie Wicked Witch Murder (Lucy Stone #16: As Halloween rolls around again in Tinker's Cove, Maine, a murderer is dishing out some very nasty tricks. It's up to Lucy Stone to unmask the killer) $7.99
Morton, Carson Stealing Mona Lisa (In this novel based on the actual 1911 theft, charming con artist Eduardo de Valfierno assembles his team for their final and most ambitious theft: the Mona Lisa) $25.99
Nadel, Barbara A Noble Killing (Inspector Ikmen #13: Investigating what appears to be an honor killing, Ikmen and Suleyman learn that the young woman, who was burned alive, had a secret boyfriend, who has disappeared. And that her family, along with those of other immolation victims, now appears to be broke. They also find links to a local gangster) $12.95
Palmer, Michael A Heartbeat Away (When a terrorist group unleashes a deadly virus in the Capitol building during the State of the Union address, virologist Griffin Rhodes must unravel the secrets of the virus) $9.99
Parrish, P.J. The Killing Song (When Miami journalist Matt Owens' sister comes to visit and is murdered, he's determined to find her killer. The trail dead ends in Paris, where he enlists the help of sexy detective Eve Bellamont, whose obsession with a cold case may help Matt bring a killer to justice) $7.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M Private (Ex-CIA agent Jack Morgan inherits his father's renowned LA detective business, and tackles an NFL gambling scandal, 18 unsolved schoolgirl slayings, and the murder of his best friend's wife) $9.99
Pearson, Ridley In Harm's Way (Sun Valley #4: Sheriff Walt Fleming looks for the link between a badly beaten body found just off a local highway and a murder in Seattle) $9.99
Perez-Reverte, Arturo Pirates of the Levant (Captain Alatriste #6: Captain Alatriste and Inigo accept jobs as mercenaries aboard a galleon, on a journey that will take them to Morocco, Algeria, and Malta) $16.00
Perry, Douglas The Girls of Murder City: Fame, Lust, and the Beautiful Killers Who Inspired Chicago (Nonfiction; murderers Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan become media sensations in 1924 Chicago) $16.00
Phelps, M. William Too Young to Kill (PBO; Nonfiction; Adrianne Reynolds, a fun-loving teenage girl, is strangled by jealous acquaintances) $7.99
Poyer, David Ghosting (A neurosurgeon and his family, on a sailing trip to Bermuda, face a dangerous storm and a terrifying gang of smugglers who will stop at nothing to gain control of the yacht) $7.99
Preston, D/Child, L Cold Vengeance (Pendergast #11: Devastated by the discovery that his wife was murdered, Pendergast stalks his wife's betrayers even as he digs further into her past. He is stunned to learn that the conspiracy goes back generations, and is more monstrous than he could ever have imagined) $26.99
Rendell, Ruth Portobello (When he discovers an envelope bulging with cash on the street in his Notting Hill neighborhood, 51-year-old Eugene Wren hatches a plan to find the rightful owner, with unforeseen consequences) $15.00
Ridpath, Michael Where the Shadows Lie (Magnus Jonson #1: Seconded to the Icelandic Police Force after a drug cartel put a bounty on his head, Boston detective Magnus Jonson investigates when rumors of an ancient manuscript containing a saga about a powerful ring lead to murder) $24.99
Robb, J.D. Treachery in Death (Eve Dallas #33: When her partner Peabody overhears an argument between two corrupt NYPSD cops, detective Eve Dallas, Peabody, and Eve's husband Roarke set out to get hard evidence to bring the dirty cops down) $7.99
Robinson, Jeffrey The Takedown (Nonfiction; assistant US attorney Bonnie Klapper and federal agent Rooney Viola battle to bring down the brutal Colombian Norte Valle cocaine cartel) $28.99
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor My Lost Daughter (Lily Forrester #4: A sociopath has decided that his best new obsession is Shana, daughter of Ventura County, California, judge Lily Forrester) $7.99
Russell, C & C The Warrior Sheep Go West (Warrior Sheep #2: Kids; When a strange monster called Red Tongue threatens all sheepdom, the Warrior Sheep know it's up to them to stop him. And so they head to America, to the hot air of Las Vegas. Can they give crazy Professor Boomberg the slip and stop the sheep-killing monster?) $6.99
Russell, S. Thomas A Battle Won (Charles Hayden #2: Winter, 1793: As the Reign of Terror rips through revolutionary France, Master and Commander Charles Hayden is ordered back to the HMS Themis to join the British battle against the French for control of the island of Corsica) $17.00
Ryan, Annelise Scared Stiff (Mattie Winston #2: When a waitress/model is murdered, her estranged husband is the prime suspect; Sorenson, Wisconsin, deputy coroner Mattie Winston sets out to prove he's innocent) $7.99
Sallis, James The Killer Is Dying (A burned-out detective, whose wife is slowly dying, is looking for a hired killer. The killer is looking for the man who took down his target before he had a chance. And a homeless boy is having the killer's dreams) $24.00
Serrano, Daniel Gunmetal Black (Ex-con Eddie Santiago has one dream - head for Miami and start his own salsa record label. But Chicago's mean streets aren't letting him go that easy. Soon Eddie is wanted for murder, under the gun, and running out of time) $7.99
Spiegelman, Peter Thick as Thieves (An ex-CIA agent is the reluctant leader of an elite heist crew . They're planning a timed-to-the-minute scheme involving diamonds, money laundering, and extortion - and facing big problems due to loose ends and hidden agendas) $24.95
Tentler, Leslie Midnight Fear (PBO; Two years ago, Caitlyn Cahil helped FBI agent Reid Novak link her troubled brother to a string of horrific murders. Now a copycat killer is on the loose, with Caitlyn as his ultimate target. Reid vows to save the woman he's never forgotten) $7.99
Thor, Brad Full Black (Scot Harvath #10: When former US President Thomas Carver Banks is appointed Secretary General of the UN, the final phase of an intricate plan to destroy the US is set in motion. Harvath races to evade capture and discover who is behind the plot) $26.99
Townsend, Kari Lee Tempest in the Tea Leaves (Fortune Teller #1: PBO; Sunny uses various fortune-telling tools to interpret her visions for the residents of Divinity, New York. But what the tea leaves tell her about the frazzled town librarian is anything but helpful) $7.99
Unger, Lisa Fragile (A small town's secrets are exposed when a teenage girl goes missing in circumstances similar to another girl's disappearance twenty years earlier) $7.99
Wells, Dan I Am Not a Serial Killer (John Cleaver #1: John works in his family's mortuary, is obsessed with serial killers, and fears he is a sociopath. For years he has suppressed his dark side - but when a demon begins killing people in his small town, John is forced to give in to his darker nature in order to save them) $6.99
White, Stephen The Last Lie (Alan Gregory #17: Alan and Lauren's new neighbors host a party, and one of their guests elects to spend the night after drinking too much, only to wake up in the morning with no memory beyond getting ready for bed. Was she drugged? Raped?) $9.99
Wood, Tom The Killer (In Paris to perform a standard kill for an anonymous client, Victor finds himself in the middle of an ambush, fighting for his life. Pursued by enemies, he sets out to discover who wants him dead, and why - one corpse at a time) $9.99


Church, James The Man with the Baltic Stare (Inspector O #4: Wrenched out of retirement and back to Pyongyang, Inspector O must investigate a crime of passion committed by the young man who has been selected as the best possible leader of a transition government) $14.99
Collins, Max Allan Bye Bye, Baby (Nate Heller #15: 1962: Hired by Marilyn Monroe to tap her phone so she'll have a record of calls from her studio if they decide to sue her, PI Nate Heller ends up investigating when the movie star winds up dead of a convenient overdose) $24.99
Cotterill, Colin Love Songs from a Shallow Grave (Dr. Siri Paiboun #7: While investigating the deaths of three young Laotian women from fencing sword wounds, 74-year old coroner Dr. Siri is lured to Cambodia. Accused of spying for the Vietnamese, he is imprisoned, beaten, and threatened with death by the Khmer Rouge) $14.00
Disher, Garry Wyatt (Wyatt Wareen #7: Wyatt's newest job is a simple jewel heist. Wyatt prefers to work alone, but this is Eddie Oberin's job, and Eddie's very smart ex-wife Lydia has the inside info. With Wyatt's planning genius and meticulous prep, what could possibly go wrong? Plenty. And when you wrong Wyatt, you don't just walk away) $25.00
Evanovich, Janet Wicked Appetite (Unmentionable #1: Diesel, the man with unmentionable talents, leaves the world of Stephanie Plum for the North Shore of Boston, where he partners with pastry chef Lizzie Tucker to stop his criminal mastermind cousin, Gerewulf Grimorie, from intercepting a collection of priceless ancient relics representing the Seven Deadly Sins) $8.99
Ferraris, Zoe City of Veils (When the body of a brutally beaten woman is found on a Saudi Arabian beach, Katya, one of the few females in the coroner's office, is determined to identify the woman and find her killer) $14.99
Fleming, Irene The Brink of Fame (Emily Daggett Weiss #2: 1913: Film tycoon Carl Laemmle offers Emily a job directing a film in Hollywood, provided she can track down and bring back the missing star actor) $25.99
Fossum, Karin Broken (A woman, an author, wakes up in the middle of the night. A man is in her bedroom, one of her characters from a long line that waits in her driveway for the time when she'll tell their stories. He has broken into her house to demand that she begin. He, the author decides, is named Alvar Eide, 42 years old, single, works in a gallery. A quiet, orderly life, until one icy day when a fragile young drug addict walks into the gallery. Alvar gives her a cup of coffee to warm her up. And then one day she appears on his doorstep) $13.95
Fossum, Karin Bad Intentions (Inspector Sejer #7: Sejer must face down his memories and fears as he struggles to determine why a pair of troubled young men drowned in two local lakes) $24.00
George, Kathleen Hideout (Richard Christie #5: When a young Pittsburgh mother dies in a hit-and-run caused by two young brothers, they flee to the summer community where they vacationed as children. As detectives Greer and Christie search for them, the brothers create a terrifying hostage situation) $24.99
Golemon, David L. Legacy (Event Group #6: When NASA uncovers billion-year-old skeletal remains on the moon, the flames of fundamentalism threaten to engulf the world. The Event Group sets out to explain the ancient visitor, or at least keep the planet from descending into chaos) $25.99
Huang, Yunte Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American History (Nonfiction; the story of Chang Apana, a rough-and-tumble Cantonese detective born in Hawaii around 1871, who was the inspiration for fictional detective Charlie Chan. Huang also traces Charlie Chan's evolution from island legend to pop culture icon to vilified postmodern symbol) $16.95
Hunter, Stephen Dead Zero (Bob Lee Swagger #7: Staff Sgt. Ray Cruz has gone AWOL in Afghanistan. With the FBI and a Taliban warlord on his heels, the clock is ticking on this human time bomb. Can Swagger get to him before he pulls the trigger?) $9.99
King, Laurie R. The God of the Hive (Mary Russell #10: Russell is covertly making her way back to London, picking up a mysterious friend along the way. Holmes has fled to Holland, hiding a wounded son. And the villains who nearly killed them all are back in London, laying traps to finish off the intrepid detectives) $15.00
Logsted, Greg Alibi Junior High (Kids; Having been home-schooled by his dad, who he thinks is a CIA agent, Cody is trained in weapons, explosives, and martial arts. None of this has prepared him for junior high - but he'll need his special skills to protect him from a hidden threat) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Stand Down (Executioner #393: PBO; In a small Kansas town, Bolan finds a meth lab disguised as a pharmaceutical company, and decides to shut it down for good) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Unconventional Warfare (Stony Man #114: PBO; The Stony Man team goes after an international crime ring that is distributing raw materials for weapons of mass destruction) $6.99
Upson, Nicola Two for Sorrow (Josephine Tey #3: Josephine's research for her next novel, about two women hanged in 1903 for killing newborn babies, proves useful to Inspector Archie Penrose as he investigates the sadistic murder of a young seamstress) $13.99
Walker, Martin The Dark Vineyard (Bruno #2: Municipal policeman Bruno must deal with a string of problems, including two suspicious deaths, when a bevy of winemakers descend on Saint-Denis, competing for its land and spurring resentment among the villagers) $14.95

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