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Newsletter #93 March May, 2011


Already Received

Doctor Who Magazine #427 (The Doctor's Death: Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Smith mourn their oldest friend in this new episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures ; lunch with Tom Baker; watcher's guide to the Sontarans; more) $8.40
Doctor Who Magazine #428 (Special soap opera-themed issue: River's Secret: Lover or Killer? Honeymoon Disaster; Blast from the Past; free double-sided monster poster; more) $8.40
Doctor Who Magazine #429 (Back in time for Christmas; Tom Baker's most bonkers interview ever; more. Includes three exclusive collectors' cards) $9.99
Doctor Who Magazine Special #27: The Doctor Who Companion - The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 2 (A special collector's edition showcasing exclusive info and pictures about the Eleventh Doctor, covering episodes 1.7 through 1.13) $13.99
Aliens and Creatures (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Expansion: Kids; Boxed set includes: 134-page book detailing creatures from the series, plus rules for creating your own; a system for creating new worlds; 32-page ready-to-play adventure; new gadget cards; additional story point counters; and detailed creature cards) $39.99
Fantasy & Science Fiction January / February 2011 (New fiction, reviews, more) $7.50
Locus #599 December 2010 (Interviews with Nancy Kress and Robert V.S. Redick; World Fantasy convention report and pictures; forthcoming books; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Locus #600 January 2011 (Interview with Robert J. Sawyer; SF in the Digital Age with commentary by Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow, Elizabeth Bear, Charles Stross, Mur Lafferty, and more; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Locus #601 February 2011 (Interviews with Alastair Reynolds and Sharyn November; 2010 year in review; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Adams, John Joseph (ed) Brave New Worlds (Anthology; 33 dystopian sf stories) $15.99
Arnason, Eleanor A Woman of the Iron People (Reissue; Lixia and her team are determined not to disturb the life on the planet circling the star Sigma Draconis, which they have begun exploring. But the factions on their ship may create unintended chaos for both the life on the planet and the humans exploring it) $19.95
Barclay, James Elfsorrow (Legends of the Raven #1: Reissue; In search of mages to help rebuild the ruined college of Julatsa, the Raven mercenaries travel to a new continent, where they discover that an ancient curse has unleashed a plague that may wipe out the elven race) $17.00
Barclay, James Shadowheart (Legends of the Raven #2: Reissue; The land of Balaia is torn by war as the four magical colleges struggle for supremacy. Can the surviving members of the Raven mercenaries keep their promises to their lost friends, to the enslaved Protectors, and to the dragon Sha-Kaan? They will fight, but can they triumph?) $17.00
Barclay, James Demonstorm (Legends of the Raven #3: Reissue; The dragons have gone home, the elves are safe. But the war between the colleges rages on. Facing certain defeat by a horde of tribesman, the Lord of the Mount unleashes magics that tear the veil between dimensions - and demons catch the scent of countless souls in Balaia. Can even the Raven prevail when the world is coming to an end?) $17.00
Bear, Greg Cryptum (Halo: Forerunner #1: Delves deep into the time of the ancient race of the Forerunners, revealing who they are, how they harnessed technology and engineering, and what caused them to disappear) $24.99
Bell, Alden The Reapers Are the Angels (PBO; Zombies have infested a fallen America, and a young girl named Temple is on the run. Haunted by her past and pursued by a killer, she moves back and forth between the insulated remnants of society and the brutal frontier beyond, seeking salvation and a place to make a home) $15.00
Berman, Steve (editor) Wilde Stories 2010: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction (Anthology; reprints 12 stories) $15.00
Burk, G/Smith, R (eds) Time, Unincorporated: The Doctor Who Fanzine Archives Vol. 2 (PBO; Nonfiction; over 70 essays, 10 original to this volume, examining the classic TV series that ran from 1963-1989, as well as the 1996 Fox TV movie) $24.95
Burns, Cliff Of the Night (Novella; people are disappearing, borne off in savage attacks launched from above. With uncanny forces at work, police detective Gus Novak will need unusual allies to defeat an inhuman adversary) $11.00
Burns, Cliff So Dark the Night (Welcome to After Hours Investigations, open from dusk 'til dawn. Cassandra Zinnea and Evgeny Nightstalk find themselves faced with a ruthless foe who is willing to employ the blackest arts in pursuit of a goal) $17.95
Cashore, Kristin Fire (YA; Companion novel to Graceling . In the Dells, young King Nash faces armed rebellion. The mountains and forest are filled with spies and thieves. This is where Fire, the last human monster, lives. She is irresistibly beautiful - and can control the minds of everyone around her) $9.99
Clegg, Douglas Neverland (The children gather in a shack in the woods, not knowing it has a history. There, they begin to worship a creature of shadows - but all gods demand sacrifices, small ones at first, until a nightmarish presence rises among the trees) $7.99
Crossley, Robert Imagining Mars: A Literary History (Nonfiction; from Galileo to Kim Stanley Robinson, Crossley traces the history of our fascination with the red planet, focusing on the interplay between scientific discovery and literary invention) $40.00
Csicsery-Ronay Jr., Istvan The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction (Nonfiction; looks at the formative elements of sf, including: new words and other signs of worlds changed from our own; radical transformations of human life initiated by new things; future history; imaginary science; and more) $27.95
Davies/Balchin/Hamer Fantasy Art in Watercolour: Painting Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns, and Angles (PBO; Full color. Advice on how to draw these fantasy figures, and use watercolor to bring them to life. Includes step-by-step instructions and pull-out tracings) $29.95
Files, Gemma A Book of Tongues (Hexslinger #1: Pinkerton agent Ed Morrow infiltrates an outlaw gang led by hexslinger Asher Rook, hoping to map the extent of Rook's power to help unlock the secrets of magic itself. Caught between a passel of dead gods and monsters, hexes galore, Rook's witchery, and his own ruthless masters, Morrow's only real hope of survival lies with Rook's notorious lieutenant and lover Chess Pargeter) $16.95
Fisher, Catherine Incarceron (Incarceron #1: YA; 17-year-old prisoner Finn and the warden's daughter Claudia plan to escape from a prison so vast that it contains not only cells, but also metal forests, dilapidated cities, and vast wilderness) $9.99
Foglio, Phil & Kaja Agatha H. and the Airship City (Girl Genius Novel: In a Europe ruled by dynasties of mad scientists, university student Agatha Clay seems incapable of building anything that actually works. But when the University is overthrown by a tyrant, and Agatha finds herself a prisoner aboard his airship, it begins to look like she might carry a spark of Mad Science after all) $24.99
Frei, Max The Stranger (Labyrinths of Echo #1: Max Frei contacts a parallel world in his dreams, and becomes a member of the Department of Absolute Order, solving cases that take him down the winding paths of this strange universe) $15.95
Gernsback, Hugo The Scientific Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Compiled, edited, and abridged from the pages of The Electrical Experimenter , May 1915-February 1917. Includes the original illustrations. Exploring the moon and Mars, the Baron discovers that the Martians use devices such as telepathy machines and molecular disintegrators) $12.95
Golden, Christie The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm (World of Warcraft: Tie-in to the newest World of Warcraft game expansion) $26.00
Goscinny & Uderzo Asterix & Obelix's Birthday: The Golden Book (Full color graphic novel; celebrates 50 years of Asterix and Obelix with new comics) $10.95
Grant, Maxwell The Key/The Case of Congressman Coyd (Shadow #43: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Atoms of Death / Buried Evidence (Shadow #44: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Terror Island / City of Ghosts (Shadow #45: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gresh, Lois H. Blood and Ice (PBO; Alien vampires have awakened in Antarctica and are invading the Mediterranean. Desperate to leave her village and abusive family, Chloe decides to travel with a hypnotic, murderous, shapeshifting stranger who saved her from a would-be rapist) $14.95
Griffith, George Around the World in 65 Days: The Journal of the Real Phileas Fogg (In 1894, English sf writer George Griffith was recruited to follow in the footsteps of Jules Verne's character Phileas Fogg. In just 65 days, he traveled through 24 time zones, establishing a new world record. Here is his account of his travels, plus biographical information) $12.95
Harkaway, Nick The Gone-Away World (Gonzo Lubitch and his best friend studied martial arts, rebelled in college, and fought in the Go-Away War together. Now they have been tapped for a perilous mission. Before it is over they will have encountered everything from mimes, ninjas, and pirates to a mastermind bent on world domination) $15.95
Holt, Tom Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sausages (A tale of magic, real estate, chickens who think they are people, and a very important pig) $13.99
Hurley, Kameron God's War (PBO; On a ravaged world, a centuries-old holy war rages. When a dubious deal between her government and an alien gene pirate goes bad, former government assassin Nyx is the top pick for a covert recovery. The head they want her to bring home could end the war - but at what price?) $14.99
Jackson, S/Kovalic, J Munchkin Cthulhu 4: Crazed Caverns (Expansion set for Munchkin Cthulhu ) $10.99
Keating, Taylor Game Over (Guardian #1: PBO; Video game designer River Weston unwittingly taps into a parallel dimension, where a Dark Lord is quick to take her up on her inadvertent offer to sell her soul to smooth out the glitches in her project. To escape, she'll need the help of the sexy and mysterious Chase Hawkins) $6.99
Kessler, Liz The Tail of Emily Windsnap (Emily Windsnap #1: Kids; Emily didn't know she had a secret until 7th grade swim class. She'd never been allowed to go in the water before, but swimming came naturally to her. Very naturally. That's when she figured out that she's a mermaid) $5.99
Kessler, Liz Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep (Emily Windsnap #2: Kids; All Emily wants is to impress her best friend and the other mermaids who live around the island. Instead, she wakes up the kraken. Now he's coming after everything and everyone, and it's up to Emily to stop him) $5.99
Kessler, Liz Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist (Emily Windsnap #3: Kids; When a diamond ring she finds on the seabed leads to trouble, Emily must suddenly choose between her father's underwater world and life on land with her mother) $5.99
King, Stephen et al The Gunslinger: The Journey Begins (Dark Tower: Full color graphic novel; collects issues 1-5 of the comic book. Gunslinger Roland Deschain survives the Battle of Jericho Hill, and sets out in search of the mysterious Dark Tower) $24.99
Klimo, Kate The Dragon in the Library (Dragon Keepers #3: Kids; When dragon expert Professor Andersson is kidnapped, Jesse, Daisy, and their dragon Emmy must storm a castle to rescue him from witch Sadie Huffington and her pack of vicious dog-men) $15.99
Le Guin/Fowler/Notkin (ed) 80! Memories & Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin (PBO; Anthology; essays, poems, stories, and academic articles by readers and writers who love Le Guin's work) $19.00
Leicht, Stina Of Blood and Honey (PBO; The Fey and The Fallen clash against the backdrop of 1970s political conflict in Ireland) $14.99
Lovisi, Gary Bad Girls Need Love Too (A celebration of pulp fiction floozies, with full-color cover reproductions and brief excerpts of spicy text) $12.99
Mantegazza, Paolo The Year 3000: A Dream (A utopian novel by an Italian anthropologist, originally published in 1897, predicting airplanes, AI, CAT scans, and credit cards, as well as the controversy surrounding divorce, abortion, and euthanasia) $19.95
McDermott, J.M. Never Knew Another (Dogsland #1: PBO; Rachel Nolander, the child of a demon, lives in fear of discovery. Jona Lord Joni is also demon's child, but keeps his secret and goes about his life as a lawman. This is the story of how these two outcasts meet) $14.99
McKissack, P & F & J The Clone Codes (Clone Codes #1: PBO; YA; 2170: An underground movement fights for the freedom of cyborgs and clones, who are treated as slaves; 13-year-old Leanna's life is thrown into chaos when the government discovers her mother is part of the movement) $6.99
McPhail, Mike (editor) Breach the Hull (Defending the Future #1: Anthology; 16 military sf stories (13 originals, 3 reprints)) $14.95
McPhail, Mike (editor) So It Begins (Defending the Future #2: Anthology; 15 original military sf stories) $14.95
Mead, Syd Sentury II (PBO; Full color. A visual voyage into the future, including both conceptual and realized projects) $49.95
Miller, John Jackson Knight Errant (Star Wars: PBO; The Sith roam unchecked, vying with one another to dominate the galaxy; lone Jedi Kerra Holt is determined to take down the Dark Lords. (Takes place a generation before Darth Bane)) $7.99
Moorcock, M/Lansdale, J Sojan the Swordsman / Under the Warrior Star (PBO; Omnibus; two swashbuckling tales of science fantasy) $15.99
Moorcock, Michael Modem Times 2.0 Plus (PBO; Reprints two short works in slightly revised form, plus an interview and bibliography) $12.00
Pfeffer, Susan Beth Life As We Knew It (Last Survivors #1: YA; When an asteroid knocks the moon closer to the earth, tsunamis wipe out the coasts, earthquakes rock the continents, and volcanic ash blocks out the sun. Miranda records the events of each desperate day in her journal as she, her two brothers, and their mother subsist on stockpiled food and limited water in the warmth of a wood-burning stove) $7.99
Pfeffer, Susan Beth The Dead and the Gone (Last Survivors #2: YA; When an asteroid knocks the moon closer to the earth, setting off horrific climate changes, 17-year-old Alex Morales' parents disappear in the aftermath of the tsunamis. Alex struggles to care for his two younger sisters, even as Manhattan becomes a deadly wasteland, and food and aid dwindle) $7.99
Robeson, Kenneth The Men Who Smiled No More / The Pink Lady (Bama cover) (Doc Savage #42: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Men Who Smiled No More / The Pink Lady (Baumhofer cover) (Doc Savage #42: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth Spook Hole / Three Times a Corpse (Doc Savage #43: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Roar Devil / Satan Black (Doc Savage #44: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robinson, B/Riley, M Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual (Full color. An inside look at the famous starship, versions NX-01, NCC-1701, NCC-1701-A to NCC-1701-E) $27.00
Robinson, Kim Stanley The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson (22 stories) $16.99
Ronald, Margaret Soul Hunt (Evie Scelan #3: PBO; By midwinter, Evie must pay up on a very large debt she owes to someone - or something. So she can't pass up a dangerous job that comes her way. With uncertain allies beside her, she must trace the very bones of Boston itself to protect the city and the people she loves) $7.99
Shearman, R/Hadoke, T Running Through Corridors: Rob and Toby's Marathon Watch of Doctor Who Vol 1: The 60s (PBO; Two longtime Doctor Who fans spent 2009 rewatching the entire series from the beginning, two episodes a day, and chronicled their observations about the show) $24.95
Shua, Ana Maria Death as a Side Effect (In near-future Argentina, the elderly cower in their apartments, in fear of being whisked off to state-mandated homes, and Ernesto struggles to save his dying father from the diabolical health care system) $19.95
Silverberg, Robert Musings and Meditations: Reflections on Science Fiction, Science, and Other Matters (PBO; Essays on science fiction, science and society, being a writer, colleagues, the worlds we live in, and more) $18.95
Sternberg, Stewart The Ravening (PBO; A power-hungry leader is gathering and organizing humans and zombies into a corrupt cult. When the cult begins kidnapping humans, one father must try to protect his family, both from the walking dead, and from the ruthless man claiming to offer refuge) $14.95
Stout, William Inspirations (Full color; a 48-page collection of ink and watercolor portraits featuring women of the fantasy realms) $19.95
Thompson, J/Hao, V King of RPGS #1 (PBO; Black & white graphic novel; Shesh is a hardcore gamer, in recovery after a seven-day internet cafe episode. He joins the university gaming club - which uses dice, cards, and imagination - and is drawn into a world of Mages & Monsters, cops, baboon men, Sri Lankan cave roaches, and Gothemon card collectors) $10.99
Tomorrow, Tom Too Much Crazy (PBO; Full color; collection of satirical political comic strips) $14.95
West, Michelle House Name (House War #3: Jewel is assigned to lead a First Circle Mage to the entryways of the undercity; they find the ways are disappearing. A demon kin attack on the House raises the stakes, as Jewel and the Terafin struggle to prevent the Lord of the Hells from returning to the mortal realm) $25.95
Windsor, Anna Captive Heart (Dark Crescent Sisterhood #3: PBO; Water Sybil Andy Myles is too busy battling New York's demonic population and coping with personal tragedy to worry about her broken heart - until FBI adviser Jack Blackmore comes to town) $7.99
Wolfe, Gary K. Evaporating Genres: Essays on Fantastic Literature (PBO; Nonfiction; essays exploring how the related genres of sf, fantasy, and horror evolve, merge, and finally 'evaporate' into new forms) $27.95
Wylie, Philip The Savage Gentleman (Reissue; Betrayed by his wife, Stephen Stone spirits his son Henry away to a remote island and trains him to be an ideal physical specimen and a perfect gentleman. When Henry returns to civilization as a young man, he is a great conversationalist, well versed in etiquette, and extraordinarily nice, but has never seen a woman - his father taught him never to trust a female and that love itself is a myth. Henry's collision with the contemporary world and the modern woman is fascinating and complicated, for both Henry and his society) $13.95

Due Early March

Aaronovitch, Ben Moon Over Soho (Peter Grant #2: London constable and sorcerer's apprentice Peter Grant hears the notes of an old jazz standard rising from a dead body - a sure sign it wasn't death by natural causes. A pattern of similar deaths points him to a deadly magical menace - one that leads right to his own doorstep, and the squandered promise of a young jazz muscian: his dad) $7.99
Adams, C.T./Clamp, C Demon Song (Blood Singer #3: A long-sealed pathway to the demonic dimension begins to open, and only Celia has the combination of abilities needed to close it again) $14.99
Alexander, Karl Jaclyn the Ripper (Sequel to Time After Time ) $7.99
Allston, Aaron Backlash (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #4: Luke and Ben, Han and Leia, and the Sith girl Vestara converge on the homeworld of the Dathomiri witches; it will take all their combined knowledge and skills to escape alive) $7.99
Anderson, Poul Admiralty (Collected Short Works #4: 23 short works of sf and fantasy) $29.00
Anderson, Poul Rise of the Terran Empire (Technic Civilization #3: Tales of Nicholas van Rijn and his right-hand man David Falkayn, including a classic novella which appears here in book form for the first time. Plus a chronology by Sandra Miesel) $7.99
Armintrout, Jennifer American Vampire (PBO; Penance is a town that no one enters or leaves, until somehow Graf arrives. Jessa's the only one to trust him, and she's desperate for the kind of protection only a vampire like Graf can provide) $7.99
Ashley, Jennifer Primal Bonds (Shifters Unbound #2: PBO; To relocate to a new Shiftertown, Fae/Shifter Andrea Gray must accept a new mate, but her troubled past makes her unexpected attraction to Feline Shifter Sean Morrisey a perilous complication) $7.99
Bardsley, Michele Never Again (Wizards of Nevermore #1: PBO; Ever since her ex snuffed out witch Lucy Rackmore's magical abilities, everyone in Nevermore, Texas, is looking to settle a score with her family. Lucy's only hope for survival may be her sister's ex - who was betrayed and nearly killed by her sister) $7.99
Barnes, John Daybreak Zero (Sequel to Directive 51 . 12 months have passed since Daybreak began. 9 months since Daybreak killed seven billion people. 8 months since Daybreak vaporized Washington, DC. 6 months since two rival governments emerged. 3 months since war between them was narrowly avoided. 2 months since they agreed to work together. 1 month since they discovered that Daybreak isn't over) $26.95
Barnes, John Directive 51 (A radical group has a plan to destroy modern civilization - a plan that will force America to implement its emergency contingency plan) $7.99
Bassingthwaite, Don The Temple of Yellow Skulls (Dungeons & Dragons: Abyssal Plague #1: PBO; By sending mad dreams to cultists in the living world, the Chained God Tharizdun inspires a cadre of worshippers to perform a ritual that opens a hole into his prison void) $7.99
Beagle, Peter S. Sleight of Hand (Collection; fantasy stories) $14.95
Bear, Elizabeth Grail (Jacob's Ladder #3: PBO; At last the generation ship has arrived at its destination. But this habitable jewel is already populated, by humans, surgically altered to achieve emotional balance, who are wary of sharing the planet with people who have genetically engineered themselves to such an extent that it is a matter of debate whether they are even human anymore) $7.99
Benson, Amber Serpent's Storm (Calliope Reaper-Jones #3: PBO; Callie's older sister makes a deal with the Devil: they plan a hostile takeover of both Death Inc. and Heaven - once they get Callie out of the way) $7.99
Bishop, Anne Shalador's Lady (Black Jewels #8: Now that it has been cleansed of tainted Blood, the Rose-Jeweled Queen makes it her duty to restore Shalador and prove her ability to rule. But other dangers approach) $7.99
Bishop, Anne Twilight's Dawn (Black Jewels #9: Collection; four original novellas) $25.95
Black, Holly White Cat (Curse Workers #1: YA; Cassel's brothers are keeping secrets from him, caught up in a mysterious plot. As Cassel begins to suspect he's part of a huge con game, he also wonders if his friend Lila could still be alive. To find that out, Cassel will have to out-con the conmen) $8.99
Blackthorne, Thomas Point (In a Britain on the edge of collapse, there is a new suicide cult of disaffected young people. Black-clad, they sit in a circle and slash one another's wrists. It's a virus - but who created it?) $7.99
Blubaugh, Penny Serendipity Market (YA; 11 honored guests from afar arrive at the storyteller's tent to share their stories. Each tale proves what Mama Inez knows - that magic is everywhere. And when real magic is combined with the magic of storytelling, it can change the world) $8.99
Bradbury, Ray Summer Morning, Summer Night (Collection; 27 stories and vignettes, 17 previously unpublished, set in Green Town) $14.95
Bradley, MZ/Ross, DJ Hastur Lord (Darkover: The Empire is about to become a Federation, and invites all worlds to join, but Regis Hastur know that Darkover would become little more than a military base, and will stop at nothing to save his world) $7.99
Briggs, Patricia River Marked (Mercy Thompson #6: An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River - and Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate Adam will need help from her father's shapeshifter clan to survive it) $26.95
Broaddus, Marcus King's Justice (Knights of Breton Court #2: Indianapolis ganglord Dred is calling together his foot soldiers - some human, some worse. As King tries to unite his people to stand against them, a terrible betrayal threatens to tear them apart) $7.99
Buettner, Robert Overkill (Orphan's Legacy #1: PBO; At 23, Jazen Parker completed his Legion hitch a hero. 4 months later, he has a price on his head, he's lost his past, he can't find his future - and he's chosen to search for them on the deadliest planet in the universe) $14.00
Butcher, Jim Changes (Dresden Files #12: To prevail against the Duchess of the Red Court, Harry may have to embrace his own dark power. Because this time he's not fighting to save the world - he's fighting to save his child ) $9.99
Cash, Steve The Remembering (Meq #3: For thousands of years, the Meq have existed side by side with humanity. Now a long-destined event called the Remembering is rapidly approaching. Zianno Zezen must interpret the strange writing on an ancient etched stone sphere, and in those markings, discover messages within messages, and begin a journey to the truth about his people and himself) $15.00
Cassidy, Dakota Accidentally Catty (Vet Katie Woods cares for an unconscious cougar at her clinic, only to find a hot young man in the cage in the morning) $15.00
Chandler, A. Bertram To the Galactic Rim: The Road to the Rim / To Prime the Pump / The Hard Way Up / The Broken Cycle (John Grimes: Omnibus reprint; 3 novels and a short story collection featuring the space adventures of John Grimes) $12.00
Compton, Stoney Alaska Republik (PBO; Sequel to Russian Amerika . 1989: Captain Plesnett and his allies continue their fight to ensure Alaska's liberation from the Russian Czar) $7.99
Douglas, Ian Center of Gravity (Star Carrier #2: PBO; Rogue Admiral Alexander Koenig seizes the initiative. The element of surprise is the only hope of stalling the Sh'daar assault on Earth's solar system - and the war for humankind's survival must be taken directly to the enemy) $7.99
Earl, Robert Broken Honour (Warhammer: In a province beset by beastmen, a mercenary captain buys the freedom of a group of prisoners to form a new militia company; on the battlefields of Hochland, either damnation or redemption awaits them) $8.99
Elrod, P.N. The Vampire Files Volume 3: A Chill in the Blood / Dark Sleep (Vampire Files #07 / #08: Omnibus reprint; 2 urban fantasy novels featuring vampire PI Jack Fleming) $16.00
Farnsworth, Christopher Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade #1: White House staffer Zach Barrows is partnered with Nathaniel Cade, the president's vampire. As they try to stop Cade's old nemesis from creating an army of monster soldiers, they uncover a deeper conspiracy) $9.99
Fforde, Jasper Shades of Grey (In a society where status is based on what portion of the color spectrum you can see, a low-level employee of the Color Control Agency meets a Grey Nightseer from the unlit side of the village, and comes to question the implacable hierarchy; talk gives way to revolutionary action) $15.00
Flint, Eric (ed) Grantville Gazette V (Ring of Fire: An anthology of alternate history stories about the 20th-century American town of Grantville, which was hurled back to Europe in the middle of the Thirty Years War) $7.99
Frost, Jeaniene This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress #5: PBO; A zealot is inciting tensions between the vampires and ghouls, and if these two powerful groups clash, innocent mortals could become collateral damage. Cat and Bones seek help from a dangerous ally - the ghoul queen of New Orleans. But the price of her assistance may prove more treacherous than even the threat of a supernatural war) $7.99
Grant, Barry Keith Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Nonfiction; a critical study of the classic 1956 sf film) $15.00
Greatshell, Walter Apocalypso (Xombies #3: PBO; A group of women who are immune to the Agent X plague may be able to provide a cure for human and inhuman alike - unless the Xombies find them first) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Flirt (Anita Blake #18: Anita deals with a prospective client who is desperate to have her reanimate his recently deceased wife) $7.99
Handeland, Lori Moon Cursed (Nightcreature #10: PBO; TV show host Kristin Daniels plans to get to the bottom of the Loch Ness Monster legend once and for all, but instead finds a seductive man in the ruins of the lake's Urquhart Castle) $7.99
Harper, Molly How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Grundy, Alaska #1: PBO; Mo moves to Alaska to get away from her parents, and falls for the self-exiled leader of the local werewolf pack. Can she help him reconnect with his pack, and find out who's behind a recent string of wolf attacks?) $7.99
Harrison, Kim Pale Demon (Rachel Morgan #9: With a demon assassin on her tail, and condemned to death for black magic, Rachel has three days to get to the annual witches convention in San Francisco and clear her name. But can a witch, an elf, a vampire, and a pixy survive in one car for over 2300 miles?) $26.99
Hoare, Andy Savage Scars (Warhammer 40,000: With the politics of the Crusade Council placing the entire war effort in jeopardy, the White Scar Space Marines lead the ground assault against tau forces in a critical battle on the planet Dal'yth) $8.99
Hobb, Robin Dragon Haven (Rain Wilds #2: As the dragons, their human keepers, and their supply barge forge their way deeper into uncharted wilderness, human and beast alike discover they are changing in mysterious and dangerous ways. Starvation, flash floods, and predators will threaten them, but they soon learn that the most savage threats to survival come from within their own company) $7.99
Jayne, Hannah Under Wraps (Underworld Detection Agency #1: PBO; A human immune to magic, Sophie Lawson knows everything there is to know about San Francisco's undead, unseen, and uncanny. With a rash of gruesome murders sending demons and mortals running for cover, Sophie teams up with detective Parker Hayes. But Parker isn't what he seems. Can she trust him?) $6.99
Johnson, Mat Pym (A failed academic acquires an old slave narrative manuscript confirming that Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym is a true story. He sets out for Antarctica to discover the land of black people that Poe describes, but instead he and his fellow adventurers are enslaved by the white ice creatures from the novel. Now this black crew must try to escape slavery all over again) $24.00
Kessler, Liz Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret (Emily Windsnap #4: Kids; Emily and her family return to their old home in Brightport, where construction is threatening a secret mermaid community under the sea. Can they fulfill Neptune's mandate to bring merpeople and humans together?) $5.99
Kittredge, Caitlin The Iron Thorn (YA; Everyone in Aiofe's family has gone mad on their 16th birthday. Now a ward of the city of Lovecraft, and one of the only female students at the School of Engines, Aiofe is trying to pretend that her fate can be different) $17.99
Lackey, Mercedes et al Invasion (Secret World Chronicle #1: When soldiers in giant robotic suits, with swastikas on their arms, attack all world governments simultaneously, even the world's metahuman heroes seem helpless to stop them. If they are Nazis, where have they been hiding since the end of World War II? Where did they get armor and weapons more advanced than anything on the planet?) $26.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Skyblaze (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #17: Original novella; one seemingly ordinary day a warning comes to Solcintra: turn away, close your eyes, duck your head, hide if you can - there's a Balance at hand, and Korval has gone mad. This is the day things change; Signed copies expected) $11.00
Littlefield, Sophie Aftertime (PBO; Cass wakes up in a field, and slowly remembers that she was taken by zombies months ago, and turned into one. But somehow she got better, and now she wants to find her daughter Ruthie. Was she taken in the same zombie raid? Or is she with The Order, a group of female fanatics?) $14.95
Martin, Michael A. The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing (Star Trek: Enterprise: With nothing left to lose, the Romulan Star Empire is determined to stop the human menace from spreading across the galaxy once and for all) $7.99
Matheson, Richard Other Kingdoms (1918: While recuperating in England, a wounded young American soldier finds himself irresistibly drawn to the nearby woods - and the perilous faerie kingdom it borders) $24.99
McGuire, Seanan Late Eclipses (October Daye #4: PBO; The only human/fae changeling who's ever earned knighthood, it becomes clear that Toby is being set up to take the fall for everything when someone begins targeting her nearest and dearest) $7.99
Mead, Richelle Iron Crowned (Dark Swan #3: PBO; The Thorn Land's queen, shaman-for hire Eugenie Markham, is running out of ways to end the war devastating her kingdom. Her only hope is the Iron Crown, a legendary object feared by even the most powerful gentry) $7.99
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Arms-Commander (Recluce #16: Ten years after the end of The Chaos Balance , the legendary Saryn seeks allies to protect Westwind from Gallos. The fates of four lands will rest on her actions) $7.99
Moon, Elizabeth Oath of Fealty (Paksenarrion #6: As Kieri ascends a throne he never sought, he must come to terms with his own half-elven heritage while protecting the kingdom of Lyonya. In Tsaia, Prince Mikeli faces the threat of a Verrakaien coup) $7.99
Nix, Garth Lord Sunday (Keys to the Kingdom #7: Kids; Arthur Penhaligon must complete his quest: to confront Lord Sunday, to save the Kingdom he is heir to, and to save his own world) $7.99
Palmatier/Bray (ed) After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar (PBO; Anthology; original stories set in bars) $7.99
Patterson/Charbonnet Witch & Wizard (Witch & Wizard #1: YA; Imprisoned by the totalitarian New Order, 15-year-old Wisty and and her older brother Whit discover they have incredible powers. Can they master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents - and maybe the world?) $7.99
Phoenix, Adrian Etched in Bone (Maker's Song #4: PBO; When an unexpected enemy kidnaps Heather, the fate of all worlds - mortal, vampire, and Fallen - hangs in the balance. The success or failure of Dante's search for her will determine whether he becomes the Neverending Road or the Great Destroyer) $7.99
Pierce, Tamora Tortall and Other Lands (YA; Collection; reprints plus three original stories) $18.99
Reeve, Philip Fever Crumb (Fever Crumb #1: Kids; The only female to serve in the order of Engineers, Fever Crumb must assist archaeologist Kit Solent on a top-secret project. Fever is plagued by memories that are not her own, and Kit seems to have a particular interest in finding out what they are) $8.99
Remic, Andy Cloneworld (Combat-K #4: Seeking a retrovirus that can be used against the evil alien Junks, Combat K gets caught in a global conflict between augmented mechanized war machines and genetically modified humans who can clone themselves. Can Combat K fight their way to victory when facing their own elite and deadly clones?) $7.99
Rothfuss, Patrick The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller #2: My name is Kvothe. I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep. You may have heard of me) $29.95
Rowe, Christopher Sandstorm (Forgotten Realms: PBO; On the floating Island of the Free, a circus of misfits, led by Corvus Nightfeather, appears and frees the genasi Cephas. Now, for the first time, he can harness his inborn powers and control the stones and dirt beneath his feet) $7.99
Sniegoski, Thomas E. A Hundred Words for Hate (Remy Chandler #4: When the Garden of Eden reappears and two opposing groups of immortals want the Key to the Gates, Remy will need the help of a fallen angel who is sometimes friend - and sometimes foe) $14.00
Snyder, Maria V. Outside In (Trella #2: PBO; YA; Trella proved that a whole world exists beyond the cube of Inside, which led to a rebellion. Now the worker scrubs are free of the snobby uppers who ruled Inside. But they've learned of Outside. And something from Outside wants In) $9.99
Soulban/Parker/Lyons Hammer of the Emperor (Warhammer 40,000: Omnibus reprint) $15.00
Steele, Allen Coyote Destiny (Coyote Chronicles #2: The inhabitants of Coyote learn that a survivor of the explosion of the Robert E. Lee is still living on Earth, and that the person responsible for that act of terrorism is also still alive - somewhere on Coyote) $7.99
Stross, Charles The Trade of Queens (Merchant Princes #6: A dissident faction of the Clan has nuked Washington, DC, and plans to exterminate the rest of the Clan, keeping Miriam alive only long enough to bear the heir to the throne. Mike Fleming knows that behind the horrifying plot is a faction of the US government, preparing for a political takeover. There is no safe place except, perhaps, New Britain - which has just had a revolution and nuclear incident of its own) $7.99
Stross, Charles Scratch Monkey (In the distant future, humanity has spread through the galaxy, physically and virtually, and has created a race of AIs, the Superbrights, to administer and expand the virtual side of our presence. Oshi Adjani works for a Superbright, traveling where her Boss cannot go, solving the problems he has set her. One success reveals a secret of the Superbrights, after which the Boss forces her into one last, deadly mission, with her freedom as her reward for doing the impossible. Plus two essays: 'Scratching the Itch', about writing this novel; and 'Common Misconceptions About Publishing') $27.00
Strout, Anton Dead Waters (Simon Canderous #4: PBO; The strange murder of a professor has Simon and his colleagues at the Department of Extraordinary Affairs stumped. And it's making some people crazy - literally) $7.99
Swallow, James The Icarus Effect (Deus Ex: Prequel to the Deus Ex 3 game) $15.00
Taylor, K.J. The Griffin's War (Fallen Moon #3: After promising his allegiance to the Night God, Arren escapes death for the second time and vows to free his people. As he prepares for war, his nemesis sets out to gain the one weapon that can truly kill Arren) $7.99
Thurber, James The Wonderful O (Reissue; Kids; Looking for a treasure, a pair of bad men arrive on a island. They search for the treasure, to no avail, then decide to take over the island - and purge it of the letter O (which one of them hates). The islanders suffer at their hands, until finally with a little luck and a lot of pluck, they shake off the tyrannical interlopers, and discover the true treasure for themselves - and get back their Os) $14.95
Thurman, Rob Blackout (Cal Leandros #6: PBO; When Cal wakes up on a beach littered with the slaughtered remains of a variety of hideous creatures, he can't remember anything - including who he is) $7.99
Turgeon, Carolyn Mermaid (A gothic retelling of the fairy tale) $14.00
Vaughn, Carrie Discord's Apple (Behind a door in her father's house is a storeroom where magical treasures from myth and legend are kept safe until needed. Evie Walker has just inherited the job of keeping them safe) $7.99
Waggoner, Tim Dead Streets (Matt Richter #2: After Victor Baron is killed, zombie PI Matt Richter faces the tricky task of tracking down the insane scientist's body) $7.99
Watson, Jules The Raven Queen (Fictional retelling of the ancient Irish legend of Maeve, a daughter of the High King who became queen of Connacht) $15.00
Weber, David A Mighty Fortress (Safehold #4: Cayleb and Sharleyan have turned Charis into a place of refuge for all who treasure freedom, but their success may prove short-lived. The Church of God Awaiting has decreed their destruction, and a mighty fleet is rumbling down on Charis. Merlin Athrawes and a handful of extraordinary humans stand in its path) $8.99
Wells, Jaye Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane #3: PBO; To save her sister, Sabina must broker a deal between the mages and the vampires before all hell breaks loose) $7.99
Williams, Alayna Rogue Oracle (Tara Sheridan #2: PBO; Agent Harry Li asks profiler Tara Sheridan to consult on the disappearance of several Cold War-era intelligence operatives. Despite the lack of bodies, Tara's tarot cards send her after a killer who is poisoning the future of humanity) $7.99
Wilson, Robert Charles Chronoliths (Reissue; As a series of 200-foot pillars appear all over the world, each with an inscription commemorating events in the near future, a strange loop of causality keeps drawing slacker Scott Warden into the central mystery - and a final battle with the future) $14.99
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn An Embarrassment of Riches (Saint-Germain #24: 13th-century Bohemia: While making jewelry for the queen, the vampire Saint-Germain finds himself being sexually blackmailed by an ambitious lady-in-waiting, who threatens to denounce him to the priests) $29.99
Zelazny/Kovacs The Ides of Octember: A Pictorial Bibliography of Roger Zelazny (Nonfiction; a comprehensive listing of all English-language publications of Zelazny's fiction and nonfiction, plus images of covers and much more) $26.00
Zou, Henry Blood Gorgons (Warhammer 40,000: Bastion Wars #3: PBO; The Blood Gorgons Chaos Space Marines are called to one of their recruiting worlds when the populace is struck by a plague of mutation. A survivor of the first expeditionary force, determined to uncover the mysteries on Haute Bassiq, Sargual must overcome a hostile environment, shadowy xenos enemies, and treachery from his own forces) $8.99

Due Mid-March

Archer, Alex False Horizon (Rogue Angel #29: PBO; Archaeologist Annja Creed is in Kathmandu, with a friend who has a map leading to a place that lies outside our world. But a crime lord looking for a miraculous cure wants Annja to use the map - to take him to Shangri-La) $6.99
Axler, James Playfair's Axiom (Deathlands #97: PBO; When J.B. Dix is wounded in the concrete jungle of St. Louis, Ryan and his group become captive guests of a local barony. The price of freedom: find the ailing baron's runaway daughter) $6.99
Booraem, Ellen The Unnameables (Kids; Islanders like names that say exactly what a thing or person is or does. They only name or create useful things - no frivolous items. Medford Runyuin is a foundling and outsider. He has been secretly making and hiding beautiful wooden carvings, which could get him banished from Island. But then a strange, smelly, unruly creature comes barreling into his world, and Medford starts to question the rules he's been trying to follow his entire life) $6.99
Buckner, M.M. The Gravity Pilot (Orr is determined to rescue his girlfriend Dyce, who has become addicted to virtual reality. But is he strong enough to get through to her, and break them both out of hell?) $26.99
Dick, Philip K. et al Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #4 (Full color graphic novel; collects issues 13-16 of the comic book adaptation of the classic sf novel) $24.99
Dickinson, John The Fatal Child (Cup of the World #3: YA; When Ambrose, son of Phaedra, takes the throne he must remove the curse of Beyah, the weeping goddess, from his land to restore peace to the kingdom) $8.99
Feehan, Christine Dark Prince (Carpathian #1: Author's preferred edition, expanded from the 1999 edition) $19.99
Fforde, Jasper One of Our Thursdays Is Missing (Thursday Next #6: All-out Genre war is rumbling, and the BookWorld desperately needs a heroine like Thursday Next. But with the real Thursday apparently retired to the RealWorld, the Council of Genres turns to the written Thursday, asking her to pretend to be the real Thursday, and travel as an emissary to the warring factions. Her trip up the mighty Metaphoric River reveals a fiendish plot that threatens the very fabric of the BookWorld) $25.95
Gaiman, Neil Blueberry Girl (Kids; Hopes and wishes for a baby girl's life, illustrated in full color) $6.99
Gear, W.M. & Kathleen The Dawn Country (First North Americans #18: Koracoo, Gonda, and their allies set out to find the captured children and destroy Gannajero and her camp) $25.99
Herbert, B/Anderson, K Hellhole (The planet Hellhole is a dumping ground for undesirables - and a haven for dreamers and pioneers. And deep below its surface lie the undiscovered remnants of an obliterated alien civilization) $25.99
Hill, Joe Horns (Ig Perrish spends a night drunk and doing terrible things; he wakes up the next day with horns growing out of his head) $14.99
Hunt, Stephen The Rise of the Iron Moon (Jackelian War #3: Beset by the terrible Army of Shadows, the Kingdom of Jackals' only hope is a strange little orphan girl and the desperate plan of an escaped slave from a faraway land) $26.99
Locke, M.J. Up Against It (A rogue AI and a potentially lethal water crisis threaten an asteroid colony - and an interplanetary crime syndicate appears to be pulling the strings) $26.99
Marrone, Amanda The Master of Mirrors (Magic Repair Shop #3: PBO; Kids; Maggie and Hasenpfeffer head to Mr. McGuire's shop to learn how to deal with a kobold, and end up on a tricky journey into the past via an old Halloween photograph) $5.99
Mieville, China Kraken (The disappearance of a Kraken's body on exhibit at the British Museum begins a chase leading to an underground London inhabited by magical criminals and mythical cults, all clamoring to get their hands on the Kraken) $16.00
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Lady-Protector (Corean Chronicles #8: Mykella is faced with rebuilding her nation while trying to prevent an invasion. Fortunately, an old magic power has awakened in her - but the resurgence of this power might herald the return of an ancient enemy) $27.99
Moore, Christopher Bite Me: A Love Story (Vampires #3: Shaved vampire cat Chet and his recently turned meowing minions are stalking the streets of San Francisco. To stop the ravenous pussycat - who is getting bigger and smarter, and starting to think and act human - Abby and Steve will need Jody and Tommy's help) $14.99
Morehouse, Lyda Resurrection Code (AngeLINK Prequel: After the Aswan dams collapse, a massive flood reclaims the Nile valley. The privileged and the sane have long since abandoned Egypt to the scavengers and the dregs of society. Christian El-Aref is a street rat, living hand-to-mouth. His life is going nowhere fast. Then he stumbles over a dead body carrying revolutionary shareware tech. Now he's being hunted. And if he's not careful, the next dead body may be his own; Signing at Uncle Hugo's March 26) $14.95
Neumeier, Rachel The City in the Lake (YA; After the prince disappears, nothing is right in the kingdom. When her mage father departs for the city to search for the source of the malaise, and does not return, 17-year-old Timou follows him, and discovers that the disturbance in the magic is linked to her through the mother she had never known) $7.99
Nojiri, Housuke The Last Planet (Rocket Girls #2: Yukari and geeky new recruit Akane are given the biggest mission yet: a voyage to Pluto to save a NASA probe) $13.99
Saville, Stephen The Black Chalice (Malory's Knights of Albion: Sir Alymere, aspirant to the Round Table, fails on the Grail Quest, but learns of the Devil's own cup and the foul book that will lead him to it. On his quest he will face obstacles and enemies, but the ultimate threat is to his very soul) $9.99
Scott, J/Borgman, J Drive! (Zits Sketchbook #14: Comic strips; an unvarnished look at life with a teenager in residence) $12.99
Thompson, Ben Badass: The Birth of a Legend (A celebration of the most hardcore gods, monsters, heroes, and archvillains of all time, from the archangel Michael to Dirty Harry Callahan and more) $16.99
Vaughn, Carrie Steel (YA; A rusty sword tip transports Jill to the deck of a pirate ship. Will a dark enchantment, salty kisses, and a duel with an evil pirate captain leave her stranded forever in the 18th century?) $16.99
Wolfe, Gene The Sorcerer's House (A man inherits a huge old house; when he moves in, he is confronted by supernatural and fantastic creatures and events, and his life is utterly transformed) $14.99

Due Early April

Abnett, Dan Embedded (To report live from the forbidden front line of a distant planetary war, journalist Lex Falk gets himself chipped into a soldier's brain. When the soldier is killed, Lex has to take over the body and somehow get himself back to safety - broadcasting all the way) $7.99
Aguirre, Ann Shady Lady (Corine Solomon #3: PBO; A former ally warns Corine that the Montoya cartel is coming for her - with guns, warlocks, shamans, and voodoo priests) $7.99
Aiken, Joan The Monkey's Wedding and Other Stories (Collection of her stories for adults, including 6 previously unpublished and 2 published under the pseudonym Nicholas Dee) $24.00
Anderson, Poul Flandry's Legacy (Technic Civilization #7: Omnibus; reprints 2 novels plus 4 shorter works set in the time of the Long Night and the renaissance of civilization which followed it) $13.00
Archer, E. Geek Fantasy Novel (Kids; Be careful what you wish for. Wishes can get you trapped in fantasy worlds full of killer bunny rabbits, evil aunts, and bothersome bacteria, for example. At least, that's Ralph's experience) $17.99
Armstrong, Kelley Tales of the Otherworld (Collection; 2 novellas and 5 stories that originally appeared on her website, plus 1 original story) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley Waking the Witch (Women of the Otherworld #11: With Paige and Lucas away, 21-one-year-old Savannah, orphaned daughter of a dark witch and a cutthroat sorcerer, investigates murders that point to darker forces) $9.99
Asimov, Isaac The End of Eternity (Reissue; An Eternal, who lives outside place and time, meets and falls in love with a woman who lives in real time and space. When he smuggles her into Eternity, they are caught, and he is assigned to kill the woman he loves before the paradox they have created results in the destruction of Eternity) $15.99
Auel, Jean M. The Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children #5: Continues the story of Ayla and Jondalar) $30.00
Austen, J/Hockensmith, S Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After (Fitzwilliam Darcy has been nipped by a dreadful. To save his life, his wife Elizabeth seeks an antidote that's being developed in London) $12.95
Banks, L.A. Surrender the Dark (PBO; Celeste is plagued by nightmares and hallucinations; her protector, the angel Azrael, helps her unlock her powers, and they work to amass an army to fight the forces of darkness) $7.99
Bast, Anya Dark Enchantment (Dark Magick #3: PBO; Seduced in a dream by a handsome man, Charlotte decides to let desire lead the way, only to discover that her 'safe night of passion' has dangerous repercussions) $7.99
Bateman, Sonya Master and Apprentice (Gavyn Donatti #2: PBO; Bent on stopping a dangerous djinn clan, Gavyn and Ian uncover a bloodthirsty cult of djinn descendants in a Virginia mountain cave) $7.99
Black, Holly Red Glove (Curse Workers #2: YA; Cassel Sharpe is the most powerful curse worker around, recruited by the Feds to help solve his brother's murder, but the mob is after him too. To survive, Cassel will have to stay one step ahead of both sides) $17.99
Black, Holly The Poison Eaters and Other Stories (YA; Collection; 12 tales of dark fantasy) $9.99
Bledsoe, Alex Dark Jenny (Eddie LaCrosse #3: PBO; Accused of killing one of Queen Jennifer's guards, freelance Sword Jockey Eddie LaCrosse tries to clear his name, becomes embroiled in a political scandal, and finds himself caught between two opposing armies) $14.99
Bova, Ben Able One (Can an experimental defense system stop North Korean missile strikes?) $7.99
Brown, Eric The Kings of Eternity (1999: A novelist living a reclusive life in Greece meets an artist and falls in love. But what is his secret, and what are the horrors that haunt him? 1935: Two writers are summoned by their editor to help investigate Hopton Wood. Their discovery of a strange creature from another world will change their lives forever. What will they become, and how are they linked to the novelist of the future?) $7.99
Brust, Steven Tiassa (Vlad Taltos #13: In the distant past, one of the gods fashioned a silver tiassa. To Devera the Wanderer, it's a pretty toy. To Vlad, it's a prop for a con he's running. To the Empire, it's a tool to use against the Jenoine. And to the Jhereg, it's a trap to kill Vlad. As it happens, however, the tiassa has its own agenda) $24.99
Bullington, Jesse The Enterprise of Death (As the witch-pyres of the Inquisition blanket Renaissance Europe in a moral haze, a young African slave finds herself the unwilling apprentice of an ancient necromancer) $14.99
Burgis, Stephanie Kat, Incorrigible (Kids; 19th-century England: Kat's sisters have entered Society, her brother has gambled the family into debt, and Stepmama wants nothing to do with them at all. Luckily, Kat has inherited her mother's magical talents, and the courage to use them - if only she can learn how) $16.99
Burton, Bonnie Craft Book (Star Wars: How to create Star Wars-related crafts, suitable for all ages and skill levels. Illustrated, with step-by-step instructions) $20.00
Cabell, Craig The Doctors: Who's Who (Doctor Who: Nonfiction; detailed biographies of the actors who have played the Doctor, up through Matt Smith. Color photos) $26.95
Caine, Rachel Ghost Town (Morganville Vampires #9: YA; When Claire discovers a way to amplify vampire powers, she's able to reestablish the town's defenses against outsiders. But the new upgrades make the town's humans and vampires begin to forget who they are. Now Claire has to figure out a way to pull the plug on her experiment) $9.99
Campbell, Mark The Episode Guide: Fifth Edition (Doctor Who: Nonfiction; this updated edition puts the first eleven doctors under the microscope with facts, figures, and opinions on every Doctor Who story televised, and more) $19.95
Canavan, Trudi The Ambassador's Mission (Traitor Spy #1: When the Magician's Guild Ambassadors, including Sonea's son Lorkin, arrive in Sachaka, one of the infamous Traitor Spies warns Lorkin of danger and plots to help him escape the city. Meanwhile, Sonea deals with a war brewing at home) $7.99
Carey, M/Gross, P Dead Man's Knock (Unwritten #3: Full color graphic novel. Not for kids. Reprints issues 13-18 of the comic. The new Tommy Taylor novel is launched, and a scheme by the Unwritten cabal to bring the author out of hiding works with dramatic results, including a momentous confrontation between Tom and Wilson) $14.99
Chafe, Paul Exodus (Ark #2: On the gigantic starship Ark , a slave boy sees ways to overthrow the theocracy, the Prophet's daughter plans to be more than her father's pawn, and the Prophet's son seeks the throne - and absolute power) $7.99
Cherryh, C.J. Deceiver (Foreigner #11: The atevi civil war has ended. Tabini-aiji and his heir Cajeiri have returned to the seat of their power. But opposition factions are still present, and the danger these rebels pose is far from over) $7.99
Cherryh, C.J. Betrayer (Foreigner #12: The civil war among the alien atevi has ended. Tabini-aiji, his son and heir Cajeiri, and his human paidhi Bren Cameron have returned to the Bujavid, their seat of power. But the danger from rebel factions is far from over) $25.95
Cordell, Bruce R. Sword of the Gods (Forgotten Realms: Abyssal Plague: PBO; Surrounded by corpses at a shrine littered with traces of demonic rituals, Demascus has no memory, and must figure out who he is, what battles he is fighting, and who is hunting him - before one of them catches up with him) $7.99
Creasy, Sara Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus #2: PBO; Edie is shocked to discover the Crib's new breed of cypherteck: children. She cannot stand by while the oppressors enslave the innocent, nor can she resist the lure of Scarabaeus, the first world she tried to save, when researchers discover what appears to be an evolving intelligence) $7.99
Datlow/Windling (ed) Teeth: Vampire Tales (YA; Anthology; tales of vampires, ranging from romantic to chilling to gleeful) $9.99
Diamand, Emily Raiders' Ransom (Kids; In flooded future England, Lilly is out fishing with her trusty seacat when raiders kidnap the Prime Minister's daughter. Lilly sails off to find the girl, with a ransom: a mysterious talking jewel. But it will take more than grit to outwit the treacherous pirate tribes!) $7.99
Dick, PK/Roberson etc Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust #2 (Full color graphic novel; 2nd volume of the authorized prequel to the classic sf novel, collecting issues 5-8 of the comic book) $12.99
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Best of Stephen R. Donaldson (Collection; stories and novellas ranging from horror to high fantasy to contemporary spiritual drama to action-oriented sf) $40.00
Douglas, Kate Starfire (Demonslayers #3: PBO; Dawson Buck, a gifted healer who has crossed through the portal from Earth, falls for Selyn, the brutalized daughter of an enslaved Lemurian warrior) $6.99
Duncan, J.N. Deadworld (Jackie Rutledge #1: PBO; With the help of PI Nick Anderson and his team, FBI agent Jackie Rutledge and her psychic partner Laurel go after a supernatural killer leaving a trail of exsanguinated human victims) $6.99
Dunn, Christian (ed) Victories of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000: Anthology; stories featuring the Grey Knights, Space Wolves, Deathwatch, and more) $8.99
Farrell, S.L. A Magic of Dawn (Nessantico Cycle #3: Facing powerful threats, Kraljica Allesandra and her son Jan must each find a pathway to survival for themselves and their people) $7.99
Feist, Raymond E. At the Gates of Darkness (Demonwar Saga #2: As the Demon King continues his quest to infiltrate Midkemia, Jim Dasher discovers evidence of a horrific sacrifice at a hidden fortress, and alerts Pug and the rest of the Conclave to the coming onslaught) $7.99
Flint, Eric 1636: The Saxon Uprising (Ring of Fire: Gretchen has been arrested in Saxony and is likely to be executed. When the revolutionary groups she's been working with there begin to riot, General Baner is determined to wipe out the protesters. Gustavus sends Mike Stearns to restore order - and Mike decides to take his troops along on the mission) $25.00
Forbeck, Matt Vegas Knights (Two college freshman decide to spend Spring Break waging a magical assault on the gambling tables of Las Vegas. They have no idea that the whole place is run by magic, with an undead Harry Houdini in charge) $7.99
Fox, Daniel Hidden Cities (Moshui #3: General Ping Wen battles Yu Sheng and his fighters for Santung. Han and his friends seek to escape the island by means of the dragon. When she comes swooping in to gather them, terror arises - and hope: what else can Han make her do, to alter the course of the war?) $15.00
Froud, B/Matthews, J How to See Faeries (Full color art book; an interactive book on how to discover faeries wherever you are) $24.95
Funke, Cornelia Dragon Rider (Kids; Firedrake, a young dragon, learns that humans are planning to destroy the valley in which he lives. The dragons must flee to their only refuge, a place above the clouds called the Rim of Heaven, which may not even exist. Volunteering to scout the way, Firedrake meets Ben, a runaway boy. Together they make their way toward the Rim of Heaven, pursued by a monster who will stop at nothing to hunt down Firedrake) $8.99
Golden, Christopher Waking Nightmares (Peter Octavian #5: PBO; Powerful mage Peter Octavian has been living a quiet life in San Francisco - but now that the barriers that prevent demons and monsters from entering the world have fallen, he must do what he can to hold back the darkness) $7.99
Goodall, Nigel A Life in Time and Space: The Biography of David Tennant (Doctor Who: Biography of the Scottish actor, most famous for his energetic and eccentric Doctor Who performances. 16 pages of color photos) $12.95
Greenwood, Ed Falconfar (Falconfar #3: As Falconfar descends into war, sf writer Rod Everlar must find the power and the knowledge to fight the first Archwizard, Lorontar) $7.99
Griffin, Kate The Neon Court, or, The Betrayal of Matthew Swift (Matthew Swift #3: Matthew Swift has been summoned abruptly to the dead body of his friend Oda. Except she is still walking and talking, with a nasty habit of saying 'we' instead of 'I'. Strange things stalk the night: a rumored 'chosen one', a monster that burns out the eyes of its enemies, and a walking dead woman. Swift must stop a war between the Neon Court and The Tribe, protect his city, and save his friend - if she'll stop trying to kill him long enough for him to try) $19.99
Hamilton, Edmond Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones / Star Trail to Glory / Magician of Mars / The Lost World of Time (Collected Captain Future #2: Omnibus reprint; 4 novels of space adventure) $40.00
Hamilton, Edmond The Universe Wreckers (Collected Hamilton #2: Collection; more sf and horror tales from the pulps, 8 of them reprinted for the first time, including the novels Cities of the Air and The Universe Wreckers ) $40.00
Harlan, Thomas Land of the Dead (Time of the Sixth Sun #3: Gretchen Anderssen has been hired by her old mentor Green Hummingbird to join him in the study of a weapon of the Old Ones, which must be tamed or destroyed) $7.99
Harper, Molly The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf (Grundy, Alaska #2: PBO; A paranormal investigator hoping to prove that werewolves were behind the recent attacks, Nick arrives in Grundy and falls for werewolf Maggie; they find themselves in the crossfire of an inter-pack war) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead in the Family (Southern Vampire #10: As the political implications of the Shifters coming out are beginning to be felt, Sookie's connection to the Shreveport pack draws her into the debate. Worse yet, though the door to Faery has been closed, there are still some Fae on the human side - and one of them is very angry at Sookie) $7.99
Herbert, Emily Matt Smith: The Biography (Doctor Who: Nonfiction; the inside story of the new Doctor and his rapid rise to stardom. Color photos) $26.95
Hodder, Mark The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man (Burton & Swinburne #2: It is 1862, though not the 1862 it should be. Time has been altered, and king's agent Sir Richard Francis Burton is one of the few people who knows that the world is now careening along a very different course) $16.00
Howison/Gelb (eds) Dark Delicacies III: Haunted (Anthology; original tales of terror and the macabre) $7.99
Hulick, Douglas Among Thieves (Tale of the Kin #1: PBO; Drothe has been a member of the Kin for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers in the employ of a crime lord, and smuggling relics on the side. When an ancient book falls into his hands, Drothe finds himself in possession of a relic capable of bringing down emperors - a relic everyone in the underworld would kill to obtain; Signing at Uncle Hugo's April 16) $7.99
Hunter, Erin Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars #2: Kids; Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw must work together to unravel the meaning behind the ancient words of the prophecy) $6.99
Hunter, Erin Sign of the Moon (Warriors: Omen of the Stars #4: Kids; Jayfeather receives a desperate plea from an ancient mountain tribe that is struggling to survive. With the summons comes an omen that suggests a perilous fate may await the warrior Clans) $16.99
Huygen, W/Poortvliet, R Gnomes Deluxe Collector's Edition (Full color; 35th anniversary edition of the classic illustrated book, detailing the lives and habits of the gnome population in Holland. Includes all-new sketches and eight removable prints) $29.95
Jinks, Catherine Living Hell (YA; When a radiation wave causes their generation ship to turn on them, 17-year-old Cheney and his friends must fight back before the ship that's nurtured them for so long destroys them) $8.99
Jones, A/Chalk, G Trundle's Quest (Six Crowns #1: Kids; Trundle the lamplighter likes everything safe and cozy. Princess Esmerelda has a knack for magic - and for finding trouble. The two hedgehogs set out to find six lost crowns that could reunite the Sundered Lands) $15.99
Jones, J.V. Watcher of the Dead (Sword of Shadows #4: Amid the chaos of world-changing violence, an unwanted warrior, a forsaken woman of power, and the betrayed widow of a slain clan chief rise to claim what has been taken from them and to reshape the world) $7.99
Joyce, Graham The Silent Land (Buried under an avalanche, a young couple dig their way out, only to find a world of absolute silence, their hotel empty, cell phones and land lines cut off. Trapped by a storm, they begin to witness unsettling events they cannot ignore, and must confront a frightening truth) $23.95
Kemp, Paul S. Deceived (Star Wars: Old Republic: The tale of the mysterious Sith Lord who infiltrated the Jedi Temple and led to its destruction, setting the stage for the Treaty of Coruscant) $27.00
Kenyon, Sherrilyn No Mercy (Dark-Hunter #19: Samia, an Amazon warrior turned Dark-Hunter, faces old enemies and new in New Orleans, with the help of shapeshifter Dev Peltier) $7.99
Knapp, James Element Zero (Nico Wachalowski #3: PBO; Scientist Samuel Fawkes has infected untold thousands with new technology, creating an undetectable army that will obey his every command - a living army that might just represent the future of humanity) $7.99
Koch, Gini Alien in the Family (Kitty Katt #3: PBO; Kitty learns Jeff is in line to become Emperor of Alpha Centauri, and suspects the royal family won't approve of her; Amazonion terrorists plan to start - and end - Jeff and Kitty's wedding with a bang) $7.99
Kratman, Tom The Amazon Legion (Carrera #4: When the Tauran Union refuses to relinquish control of the Transitway between Terra Nova and Earth, the entire Balboan population will be needed in the fight to finish freeing the country, and, if possible, the planet) $24.00
Krentz, J/Quick, A Burning Lamp (Arcane Society: Dreamlight #2: Psychic power and passion collide when a legendary curse ignites a dangerous desire) $7.99
Kyme, Nick Fall of Damnos (Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Battles #5: On Damnos, cataclysmic earthquakes have awakened the necrons, bringing them from deep beneath the earth to attack the human populace. The Ultramarines, led by two legendary warriors, are the planet's last hope against the soulless aliens) $11.99
Lachlan, M.D. Wolfsangel (Craw #1: A prophecy sends a Viking king to raid an Anglo-Saxon village, to find a child, stolen from the gods, who will become his heir and lead his people to glory. He finds twin boys, and takes them and their mother back to the witches of the Troll Wall. And so a werewolf becomes heir to a Viking king) $16.00
LaFevers, R.L. The Basilisk's Lair (Nathan Fludd, Beastologist #2: Kids; Nate is back in the camel saddle in pursuit of a missing basilisk, which threatens a Dhughani village) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn Lone Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond #1: Kids; In the wilderness beyond Ga'Hoole, a wolf mother's pup has a twisted paw. The rule of the pack is that he must be abandoned. But alone in the forest, the pup Faolan survives, and will rise up to change forever the wolves of the Beyond) $6.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Longeye (Rebecca Beauvelley #2: Becca escapes from Sian with only her horse, a mad forest-living Brethren, and her freed magical servant Nancy at her side; Sian sends the legendary hero Longeye in pursuit) $7.99
Martin/Dozois (ed) Warriors 1 (Anthology; original fantasy tales (partial reprint of hardcover)) $7.99
Martinez, A. Lee Divine Misfortune (Teri and Phil had never needed their own personal god. But when Phil is passed up for a promotion - again - it's time to take matters into their own hands. And look online, where they find Luka, raccoon god of prosperity) $7.99
McIntee, David A. Indistinguishable from Magic (Star Trek: PBO; Geordi LaForge and Montgomery Scott unite to solve a 200-year-old technological mystery) $7.99
McKinney, Joe Flesh Eaters (PBO; With the flooded streets of Houston quarantined to halt the spread of the zombie plague, Emergency Ops Sgt. Eleanor Norton struggles to rescue a band of survivors adrift in the zombie-infested waters) $6.99
Monk, Devon Magic on the Hunt (Allie Beckstrom #6: PBO; Allie and Zayvion are the first line of defense when an undead magic user possesses one of the Authority's prisoners, planning to gain his freedom and unleash chaos on Portland) $7.99
Moon, Elizabeth Kings of the North (Paksenarrion #7: As invaders advance on King Kieri's borders, dark magic also threatens his kingdom from within) $26.00
Morden, Simon Equations of Life (Petrovitch #1: London Metrozone, 2026: Petrovitch survives by being a man of rules and logic. Getting involved is a bad idea. But he acted without thinking when he stumbled on a kidnapping in progress. Sure, he's saved a rich man's daughter, but now he's got Russian mobsters, the Yakuza, and the New Machine Jihad after him. He has a plan - Petrovitch always has a plan - but he's not sure it's a good one) $7.99
Murphy, C.E. Spirit Dances (Walker Papers #6: PBO; A dance performance - billed as transformative - that they're attending actually changes Joanne into a coyote in front of her sexy boss Captain Morrison. Meanwhile, homeless people are disappearing, and a mystical murder has her looking for a creature that can't possibly exist) $14.95
Nikakis, K.S. The Whisper of Leaves (Kira Chronicles #1: Generations ago, twin princes sundered their kingdom. One established a community of peace and healing deep in the forest, rejecting his brother's warrior ways. But now that community is under attack. Their leader Kira must decide whether to seek aid from their long-lost warrior kin) $9.99
Nye, Jody Lynn The View from the Imperium (PBO; A charismatic leader, able to control people's minds, is on his way to taking over the galaxy. Fresh from the Academy, can Ensign Kinago's aristocratic snobbery stand up to such a challenge? And can the unflappable Parsons help his young master bumble through, and possibly save the galaxy in the process?) $7.99
Patton, Fiona The Shining City (Warriors of Estavia #3: Only if seers Spar and Graize, sworn enemies, can come together as his priests will the young God Hisar stand any chance of surviving the coming battles with both the hungry spirits seeking to devour him and the mortal invasion fleet sailing toward Anavatan) $15.00
Pitts, J.A. Black Blade Blues (Sarah Beauhall #1: When the lead actor in a low-budget movie breaks Sarah's favorite sword, one of the extras, who claims to be a dwarf, offers to help repair the blade. And that's when things start to get weird. Could the sword really be magic? Are dragons really living among us as shapeshifters?) $7.99
Ramsay, Cris Road Less Traveled (Eureka: PBO; A GD project reveals a parallel universe, complete with another Eureka. As the two worlds begin to bleed into one another, can Sheriff Carter prevent the destruction of both Eurekas?) $7.99
Reynolds, Anthony Knights of Bretonnia: Knight Errant / Knight of the Realm (Warhammer: Omnibus; reprints two novels plus two novellas) $15.00
Roach, Mary Packing for Mars (Nonfiction; science writer Roach takes a lively (and occasionally gross) look at the science of space travel, and the psychology, technology, and politics that go into sending a crew into orbit) $15.95
Rutkoski, Marie The Celestial Globe (Kronos Chronicles #2: Kids; The hunt is on for the Celestial Globe, which Prince Rodolfo will do anything to own. When his monsters attack Petra, she is spirited away to London. As she struggles to escape, her friends Neel and Tomik sail the high seas in search of her) $6.99
Saknussemm, Kris The Enigmatic Pilot: A Tall Tale Too True (1844: The Sitturd family - clubfooted inventor Hephaestus, his Creole wife Rapture, and their prodigiously gifted six-year-old son Lloyd - are forced to flee their Ohio home for an uncertain future in Texas. Along the way, Lloyd will learn the intricacies of poker and murder, solve the problem of manned flight, and become swept up in an ancient struggle between two secret societies whose arcane dispute has shaped the world's past - and threatens to reshape its future) $16.00
Sawyer, Robert J. Watch (WWW #2: A secret US agency wants to purge the emerging consciousness known as Webmind from the internet; Caitlin Decter will do anything necessary to stop them) $7.99
Sawyer, Robert J. Wonder (WWW #3: Webmind has proven its worth by aiding with everything from curing cancer to easing international tensions, but the Pentagon still sees it as a threat to eliminate. If Caitlin Decter can't protect Webmind, everything may come crashing down) $25.95
Scholzman, Steven C. (MD) The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse (The first authoritative medical study of zombies, as seen through a doctor's notebook, medical diagrams, and illustrations) $19.99
Shearin, Lisa Con & Conjure (Raine Benares #5: PBO; The goblins and the elves want the Saghred - a soul-stealing stone that gives Raine unlimited power - for themselves. To survive, Raine will need the help of her notorious criminal family) $7.99
Sheffield, Charles Cold As Ice (Reissue; 25 years after the great interplanetary war, Cyrus Mobarak is determined to bring human settlement to the protected seas of Europa. Opposing him is Hilda Brandt, Europa's administrator. And caught between them are three remarkable young people) $7.99
Simner, Janni Lee Thief Eyes (YA; In Iceland to search for her mother, 16-year-old Haley inadvertently triggers a spell cast by her ancestor Hallgerd, and learns that the spell and her mother's disappearance are connected to a chain of events that could consume the world) $8.99
Sinisalo, Johanna Birdbrain (A young Finnish couple embark on an Australasian hiking trip, only to find themselves at the mercy of untamed nature, seemingly directed by the local kakapo, a highly intelligent parrot threatened with extinction) $14.95
Smith-Ready, Jeri Shade (YA; Like everyone born after the Shift, Aura can see and hear ghosts. She would love to undo the Shift - until her boyfriend Logan dies and shows up as a ghost. Her feelings for Logan, and for her new friend Zachary, grow complicated. Each holds a piece of Aura's heart - and clues to the secret of the Shift) $9.99
Sparks, Kerrelyn Vampire Mine (Love at Stake #10: PBO; Hard-hearted warrior Connor Buchanan finds redemption and rapture in a fallen angel's arms) $7.99
Strahan, Jonathan (ed) The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume 5 (Anthology; the best works of short fiction published in 2010) $19.99
Sunny Mona Lisa Eclipsing (Monere #5: A jaguar-shifter arrives in Cozumel to kill a rival, but finds a more valuable prize in Mona Lisa, who has lost her memory and can be manipulated into believing anything - no matter how dark or dangerous) $15.00
Tan, Shaun Lost & Found: The Red Tree / The Lost Thing / The Rabbits (Reissue; Kids; 3 picture books. A girl finds a bright spot in a dark world. A boy leads a strange, lost creature home. And a group of peaceful creatures cedes their home to cruel invaders) $21.99
Treanor, Marie Blood Sin (Awakened by Blood #2: PBO; Elizabeth Silk tries to cope with the demands of her vampire-hunting bloodline and the desire she feels for vampire overlord Saloman) $14.00
Valente, Catherynne M. Deathless (Marya Morevna transforms from a clever child of the Russian revolution, to the bride of Koschei the Deathless, to his eventual undoing. Along the way there are Stalinist house elves, magical quests, secrecy and bureaucracy, and more) $24.99
Vaughan, Elizabeth Warprize (Warlands #1: Reissue; Lara is a Warrior King's daughter, and a healer to friend and foe alike; an enemy warlord agrees to cease hostilities if he receives Lara as his Warprize) $7.99
Verne, Jules The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz (Wilhelm Storitz, son of a famous Prussian scientist and possessor of his father's secrets - even, perhaps, a formula for invisibility - vows revenge on the family that has denied him the love of his life) $15.95
Ward, J.R. Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood #9: Badly injured while freeing herself from the Scribe Mother, vampire warrior Payne falls for the human surgeon who is drafted to save her) $27.95
Whates, Ian City of Hope & Despair (City of a Hundred Rows #2: The great river Thair is said to be the ultimate power behind all of Thaiburley. Tom, Dewar, and Mildra set out to discover its source, but as they journey, past secrets catch up with them and unknown adversaries hunt them) $7.99
Williams, Conrad Loss of Separation (A commercial pilot who resigned after a near miss, Paul Roan dreams of a crippled black airliner screaming through the night, its pitted engines streaked with carbon and blood. He knows that, somehow, this jet and its terrible cargo are coming for him) $7.99
Wright, Laura Eternal Kiss (Mark of the Vampire #2: PBO; Nicholas wants to stop the Eternal Order of Vampires from controlling his life, and using others from his bloodline for their vicious reign. Only a beautiful vampire stranger can help him. But what are her true motives?) $7.99
Yolen, J/Snyder, M Except the Queen (When they anger the Fairy Queen, sisters Serana and Meteora are separated and banished to the mortal realm of Earth. There they find signs that point to a rising power that threatens both realms) $15.00

Due Mid-April

Abraham, Daniel The Dragon's Path (Dagger & Coin #1: An ancient dragon empire has fallen into ruin, leaving the races of men to squabble over the scraps. Now, what should have been a small summer war between rivals threatens to bring the whole region into chaos. At the heart of it is one girl tasked with moving the wealth of a nation across a war zone) $14.99
Aguirre, Ann Enclave (YA; Exiled from their underground community of plague survivors, teenagers Deuce and Fade must survive on the surface, in the ruins of a city populated by dangerous gangs) $16.99
Armstrong, Kelley The Reckoning (Darkest Powers #3: YA; Necromancer Chloe Saunders and her friends plan to rescue those they've left behind - and take out the Edison Group before it takes them out) $8.99
Arthur, Keri Mercy Burns (Myth & Magic #2: PBO; Human/air dragon Mercy has only 5 days to find a killer, or her friend's soul will be doomed to roam the earth for eternity. To get the job done, she must join forces with a sexy stranger) $7.99
Bell, Ted The Time Pirate (Nick McIver #2: Kids; Unwilling to let the Germans occupy his islands unopposed, Nick takes to the skies in a restored WWI fighter plane - until an evil pirate kidnaps Nick's sister and transports her to 1781 Port Royal) $7.99
Bennett, Robert Jackson The Company Man (1919: The McNaughton Corporation built the guns that won the Great War before it even began, the airships that tie the world together, and the metropolis of Evesden. With a war brewing between management and union workers, Cyril Hayes must discover the dark secret behind McNaughton's inventions before the whole city burns) $13.99
Delaney, Joseph A Coven of Witches (Last Apprentice: Kids; Collection; 5 terrifying tales of the witches who inhabit the world of Tom Ward and the Spook) $7.99
Feist, Raymond E. A Kingdom Besieged (Chaoswar #1: As the Chaoswar begins, a magical apocalypse will force Pug to question everything he's ever held true and dear - including the loyalty of his beloved son Magnus) $27.99
Flanagan, John The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Ranger's Apprentice #10: Kids; After months with no communication from Horace, his friends follow him to Nihon-Ja, where they must help him and his new allies thwart the Senji warriors trying to overthrow the emperor) $17.99
Goodman, Alison Eona (Dragoneye #2: YA; On the run from the usurping High Lord Sethon's army, Eona, Ryko, and Lady Dela are searching for the black folio, and for Kygo, the young Pearl Emperor, who needs the folio and Eona's power to regain his throne) $19.99
Grahame-Smith, Seth Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (The knowledge that his mother was killed by a supernatural predator fuels Lincoln's lifelong war against vampires and their slave-owning allies) $13.99
Groening, Matt Simpsons Comic Meltdown (Full color collection of comics) $15.99
Hall, Teri The Line (YA; Rachel and her mother live a safe, quiet life next to the Line, an uncrossable barrier that encloses the Unified States. Then Rachel finds a message that can only have come from across the Line - and it's asking for help) $6.99
Hearne, Kevin Hounded (Iron Druid #1: Atticus O'Sullivan, last of the Druids, draws his power from the earth, possesses a sharp wit, and wields an even sharper magical sword. Unfortunately, a very angry Celtic god who wants that sword has tracked him down in Arizona. Atticus will need all his power - plus the help of a goddess of death, his vampire and werewolf team of attorneys, a bartender possessed by a Hindu witch, and some good old-fashioned luck of the Irish - to kick some Celtic arse and deliver himself from evil) $7.99
Lin, Grace Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (Kids; A young girl named Minli off on an extraordinary journey to find the Old Man on the Moon and ask him how she can change her family's fortune; 2010 Newbery Honor Book) $7.99
Okorafor, Nnedi Akata Witch (YA; 12-year-old Sunny is one of a quartet of magic students, studying the visible and the invisible, learning to change reality. But will it be enough to help them when they are asked to catch a career criminal who also knows magic?) $17.99
Orullian, Peter The Unremembered (Vault of Heaven #1: In a world where hellish creatures have been unleashed, young Tahn must face that which most daunts him - his own forgotten secrets, and the darkness that would destroy him and his world) $27.99
Pehov, Alexey Shadow Chaser (Siala #2: Harold and his companions continue their journey to the dreaded underground palace of Hrad Spein, on their quest for the magic horn that will save their land from the Nameless One) $25.99
Pfeffer, Susan Beth This World We Live In (Last Survivors #3: YA; A year after the meteor collided with the moon, Miranda's father and stepmother arrive with a baby and three strangers in tow, including Alex Morales. Miranda falls in love with him, but his plans for the future thwart their relationship. Then a devastating tornado hits, and Miranda makes a decision that will change their lives forever) $8.99
Pohl, Frederik All the Lives He Led (2079: People from all over the world - workers, tourists, and terrorists - face volcanic and political upheaval at the Pompeii theme park in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius) $25.99
Redick, Robert V.S. The River of Shadows (Chathrand Voyage #3: When they discover that Arunis has stolen the Nilstone, our heroes face a terrible choice: flee with the crew, or pursue Arunis into the wild in hopes of stopping him from unleashing the Swarm of Night into the world) $16.00
Spinrad, Norman He Walked Among Us (Earth is in chaos, the biosphere devastated. A hack agent, a fading sf writer, and a guru-wannabe transform a foul-mouthed prophet into what the world really needs: a messenger sent from the future to save us from ourselves. Problem is, he truly believes he is a prophet) $19.99
Strahan, Jonathan (ed) Life on Mars: Tales of the New Frontier (YA; Anthology; original stories exploring what it would be like to travel to and live on Mars) $19.99
Stringer, Helen Spellbinder (Kids; 12-year-old Belladonna can see ghosts, which comes in handy after her parents are killed in a car accident. When all the ghosts disappear, she sets out to learn what's happened to them) $7.99
Twain/Czolgosz The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim (A mutant strain of tuberculosis is bringing its victims back from the dead. When his abusive father comes back to life, Huck Finn embarks on a perilous journey down the Mississippi with his dearest, deadest friend Jim) $15.00
Vaughn, Carrie After the Golden Age (The estranged daughter of a pair of superheroes, forensic accountant Celia West may be Commerce City's only hope to catch a notorious supervillain - for tax fraud) $24.99
Venables, Toby The Viking Dead (Tomes of the Dead: 976: With his Viking crew cursed with walking death, Bjolf must fight his way through a forest teeming with zombies and invade a dark castle to find the secret of the horrific condition - or submit to an eternity of shambling, soulless undeath) $9.99
Willingham, Bill et al Rose Red (Fables #15: Full color graphic novel. Not for kids. Reprints issues 94-100 of the comic. Rose Red has finally hit rock bottom. The Farm is in chaos, as factions compete to replace her as leader. And there's a big magical fight brewing down in the town square, right under her window) $17.99

Due Early May

Anthony, Piers Climate of Change (Geodyssey #5: Keeper knows the ways of nature; Rebel is a headstrong girl; Craft is a cunning inventor; Crenelle uses her seductive charms to defend her people. Through their eyes, we see how crucial moments in human history are driven by natural forces) $7.99
Anvil, Christopher Rx for Chaos (Collection; 22 stories dealing with the upside and downside of marvelous new innovations) $7.99
Ashford, Barbara Spellcast (PBO; Unemployed, Maggie Graham leaves NYC for the Crossroads Theatre in Vermont. But her previous acting experiences didn't prepare her for the unusual staff - or the otherworldly director) $7.99
Ashley, Mike (ed) The Dreaming Sex (Anthology; tales of scientific wonder and dread written by Victorian women) $15.95
Baxter, Stephen Ark (The discovery of a life-sustaining planet means a chosen few can leave the soon-to-be-submerged Earth. Holle is a candidate, but she comes to realize that her attempt at escape may be more dangerous than trying to stay afloat on a drowning planet) $7.99
Beaulieu, Bradley P. The Winds of Khalakovo (Tasked with finding the child prodigy believed to be behind a fatal attack on the Grand Duke, Prince Nikandr discovers that the boy might hold the key to lifting the blight that has been sweeping the islands. Can the vengeful Dukes be held at bay? Can Khalakovo be saved?) $14.99
Benedict, Lyn Gods & Monsters (Shadows Inquiries #3: PBO; Five murdered women look like the work of a serial killer - until the bodies wake up and shift shape, killing the police; Sylvie Lightner takes over the investigation) $7.99
Bennett, Christopher L. Watching the Clock (Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: PBO; When a series of incursions threatens to open a new front of the history-spanning Temporal Cold War, DTI agents Lucsly and Dulmur will need all their skill and determination to keep the present and the future from falling into the kind of chaos they really, really hate) $7.99
Black, Jenna Dark Descendant (PBO; When PI Nikki Glass loses control of her car on an icy road, she kills a man. He was an immortal who wanted to die, but now Nikki has accidentally stolen his immortality - and someone wants her dead) $7.99
Brennan, Sarah Rees The Demon's Covenant (Demon's Lexicon #2: YA; Mae turns to her brothers Nick and Alan to help her rescue younger brother Jamie, who suddenly has magical powers, when power-hungry Gerald tries to convince him to join the Obsidian Circle) $9.99
Burnard, Marcella Enemy Games (While combating a plague, Jayleia Durante must join forces with attractive enemy spy Damen Sindrivik - for the good of the Empire) $15.00
Caine, Rachel Bite Club (Morganville Vampires #10: YA; The new extreme sport on the internet - fights pitting captured vampires against each other or humans - soon threatens everyone in Morganville) $17.99
Campbell, Jack Dreadnaught (Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier #1: Black Jack Geary knows that members of the high command and the government question his loyalty to the Alliance and fear he'll stage a coup, so he can't help wondering if the newly christened First Fleet's assignment to the far side of space is supposed to be a suicide mission) $25.95
Carey, Jacqueline Naamah's Curse (Kushiel #8: Moirin succeeds in finding Bao, but he is entangled in a complication that leads to their betrayal, and Moirin finds herself cast in chains that bind her magic, in the custody of the fanatic Patriarch of Riva) $7.99
Cook, Glen A Matter of Time (Reissue; St. Louis, 1975: A cop finds the still-warm body of a man who died 50 years ago. Bohemia, 1866: A girl calmly watches her parents die as another being takes control of her body. Prague, 2058: Three dissidents flee into the past, taking with them a terrible secret. As past, present, and future collide, one man holds the key to the puzzle. And if he doesn't fit it together, the world he knows will fall to pieces) $14.99
Correia, Larry Hard Magic (Grimnoir Chronicles #1: PBO; Jake Sullivan is a war hero, a PI - and an ex-con, free only because the Feds need his magical talent to help apprehend magic-using criminals. But the last operation he was sent on went badly wrong - Delilah Jones, a friend of Jake's in happier times, had too much magical muscle with her. Now Jake has learned that the Feds have been lying to him, and that a secret war is being waged by opposing groups of magic-users. Worse, one side's ruthless leaders are of the opinion that Jake is far too dangerous to be permitted to live; $25.00 hc also available; Signing at Uncle Hugo's April 30) $15.00
Crusie, J/Mayer, B Wild Ride (Mary doesn't believe in the supernatural - until she discovers that the amusement park she's been hired to restore is a prison for five demons. Plus there's something not quite right about the guy she's falling for) $7.99
Crusie, Jennifer Maybe This Time (Andie agrees to do a favor for her ex: take care of his late cousin's kids, who have already driven out three nannies. But it seems their house is haunted, and soon she's dealing with a self-doubting parapsychologist, an annoyed medium, her Tarot-card reading mother, an avenging ex-mother-in-law, her own jealous fiance - and her ex-husband, who shows up on the doorstep and makes her wonder if maybe this time things could be different between them) $14.99
Cypess, Leah Mistwood (YA; When Isabel awakens in the Mistwood, she can't remember anything, and she can't shape-shift. Thrust into the dangerous royal court, she must uncover her past, separate the truth of her heart from the legend of her magic, and above all keep the unbearably handsome new king safe) $8.99
David, Peter Blind Man's Bluff (Star Trek: New Frontier: With Sector 221-G in chaos, what does the future hold for Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the USS Excalibur ?) $16.00
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unfinished (Betsy Taylor #9: Betsy is having a tough time getting through The Book of the Dead - until the Devil offers her a chance to get through the cursed thing, and finally discover all its mysteries. There's just one catch - Betsy and her half-sister Laura have to go to Hell long enough for Laura to embrace her dark heritage and make nice with her mother) $7.99
Davies, Tod Snotty Saves the Day (A fairy tale from another world with scholarly footnotes from its scientists. What does it mean? Can a horrible little child really have the power to change everything?) $13.00
Del Franco, Mark Uncertain Allies (Connor Grey #5: PBO; After a night of riots and fires, with the Weird in ruins, a body is found drained of its essence; Connor is reluctantly drawn into the investigation) $7.99
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron Blood Reaver (Warhammer 40,000: Night Lords #2: Driven by their hatred of the False Emperor, the Night Lords form a fractious alliance with the Red Corsairs, and carry the battle to the fortress-monastery of the loyalist Marines Errant) $8.99
Drake, David The Legions of Fire (Books of the Elements #1: Far in the north, magicians intend to open a gateway to creatures that will destroy all life. In the center of civilization, two men and two women separately pursue the answer to mysterious happenings, through magical voyages in other realities where fantastic creatures and even gods help or hinder them) $7.99
Duane, Diane A Wizard of Mars (Young Wizards #9: YA; Young wizards Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan are part of an elite team investigating the mysterious 'message in a bottle' that holds clues to the long-lost inhabitants of Mars. But not even wizardry is enough to cope with the strange events that unfold when the 'bottle' is uncorked and life emerges once more to shake the Red Planet with its own perilous and baffling brand of magic) $7.99
Dunn, Christian (ed) Age of Darkness (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy #16: Anthology; stories reveal the events of the darkest years of the Horus Heresy) $8.99
Estep, Jennifer Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin #4: PBO; Mab Monroe, the ruthless head of the Ashland mob, sends another elemental assassin after Gin; Gin is determined to rescue the young girl Mab has kidnapped) $7.99
Evenson, B.K. Martyr (Dead Space: Based on the video game) $7.99
Farnsworth, Christopher The President's Vampire (Nathaniel Cade #2: For 140 years, vampire Nathaniel Cade has been sworn to protect and serve his country. Now he and his human handler Zach Barrows must track down the source of a new outbreak of an ancient evil) $24.95
Feehan, Christine Savage Nature (Leopard People #5: Sent to the Louisiana bayou to investigate a murder, leopard shifter Drake Donovan meets Saria Boudreaux, a woman with a compelling motive - and ability - to distract him from the task at hand) $7.99
Forstchen, William R. One Second After (A man struggles to save his family and his North Carolina small town after an electromagnetic pulse hits America) $9.99
Fox, Addison Warrior Betrayed (Sons of the Zodiac #3: PBO; When Montana Grant's estranged mother reappears, talking about Mount Olympus, immortal warriors, and curses, it's up to Taurus Warrior Quinn Tanner to help Montana rise to her destiny) $7.99
Freeman, Pamela Ember and Ash (Two peoples have been fighting over the same land for a thousand years. Ember's marriage was planned to bind these warring peoples together. But her husband-to-be has been murdered by a vengeful elemental god, so she enlists the help of a seer's son. Together they will pit themselves against elementals of fire and ice in a last attempt to end the conflict) $7.99
George, Lexi Demon Hunting in Dixie (Dogs talk, and reanimated corpses and supernatural creatures stalk the streets of Hannah, Alabama, ever since a rogue demon marked small-town florist Addy Corwin. Addy is struggling with new powers - and her attraction to demon hunter Brand) $14.00
Golden, Christie Allies (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #5: An uneasy and unprecedented coalition of Sith and Jedi enter the treacherous area of space known as the Maw to search out the strange being that has been reaching out to Luke Skywalker) $7.99
Haley, Cameron Skeleton Crew (Underworld Cycle #2: PBO; When the bodies hitting the pavement in LA start getting right back up, Domino must team up with her mobster boss' son Adan to deal with the nasty spirit that is stopping souls from finding peace) $14.95
Hallaway, Tate Almost Final Curtain (Vampire Princess of St. Paul #2: YA; Ana's rehearsals for her high school's spring musical are interrupted by the theft of the ancient talisman that prevents vampires from being enslaved by witches; Signing at Uncle Hugo's May 7) $9.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead Reckoning (Southern Vampire #11: When Merlotte's bar is firebombed, suspicion falls on the anti-shifters. Sookie suspects otherwise, but her attention is divided when she learns that Eric and his 'child' Pam are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master) $27.95
Harrison, Harry The Stainless Steel Rat Returns (Stainless Steel Rat #12: A long-lost cousin and a shipful of swine arrive to drain retired interstellar criminal Slippery Jim's bank account. With a cocktail in his hand, a smile on his lips, and larceny in his heart, the Stainless Steel Rat and his lovely wife Angelina head for the stars, in search of adventure, gravitons, and a way to get rid of the pigs) $7.99
Harrison, Kim Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison #2: YA; 17-year-old Madison grapples with the terrifying new skills that come with being a dark timekeeper, in charge of angels who follow the murky guidelines of fate) $8.99
Harrison, Thea Dragon Bound (Elder Races #1: After being blackmailed into stealing a coin from a dragon's hoard, human/wyr Pia Giovanni finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful - and passionate - of the Elder races) $7.99
Heinlein, Robert A. The Green Hills of Earth / The Menace from Earth (Reissue; Reprints two classic collections of sf stories) $7.99
Henderson, Samantha Dawnbringer (Forgotten Realms: PBO; Two angels given mortal flesh are sent to guard two star-crossed lovers, born scions of rival merchant houses) $7.99
Hobb, Robin/Lindholm, Megan The Inheritance and Other Stories (Collection; fantasy stories, both reprints and originals) $15.99
Hunter, Erin SkyClan's Destiny (Warriors Super Edition: Kids; LeafStar struggles to rebuild SkyClan in a territory far removed from the other warrior clans, but new and unexpected threats continue to plague her Clanmates) $7.99
Irvine, Alex John Winchester's Journal (Supernatural: Nonfiction; Sam and Dean's father's personal journal, including his knowledge of otherworldly creatures as well as his experiences raising his sons even as he hunted the creature that killed his wife) $14.99
Jacques, Brian The Sable Quean (Redwall #21: YA; A plan to conquer Redwall Abbey begins with kidnapping the Dibbuns one by one. Perhaps Buckler, Blademaster of the Long Patrol, can save the day) $7.99
Jerome, Celia Night Mares in the Hamptons (Willow Tate #2: PBO; Three magical mares searching for a kidnapped colt are causing mayhem in the Long Island village of Paumanok Harbor; Willow enlists the local psychic talents to help her rescue the colt) $7.99
Jeter, K.W. Infernal Devices (Reissue; When wastrel George Dower inherits his father's watchmaking business, he discovers the old man had a secret life, and is thrust into a netherworld of mystery and intrigue) $7.99
Jeter, K.W. Morlock Night (Reissue; Sequel to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine . The Morlocks have captured the time machine, and returned to Victorian times to feast on human flesh. But the legendary heroes of old England will rise again to defend her in her hour of need) $7.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Enchanted Glass (Kids; It's been a bad week. Aidan's grandmother died, he was sent to a foster home, and now malicious beings are stalking him. He hopes to find help at Melstone House, but the sorcerer there is dead. Can Aidan and the sorcerer's grandson harness their magical powers and stop the rising chaos?) $6.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel Under Heaven (Shen Tai has spent two years honoring his father's memory by burying the bones of the dead at the site of one of his father's last battles. In recognition of his labors, an unlikely source is giving him two hundred fifty Sardian horses. You give a man one Sardian horse to reward him greatly. You give him four or five to exalt him above his fellows - possibly arousing deadly jealousy. Wisely, the gift requires that Tai claim the horses in person, or he would probably be dead already) $16.00
Klimo, Kate The Dragon in the Library (Dragon Keepers #3: Kids; When dragon expert Professor Andersson is kidnapped, Jesse, Daisy, and their dragon Emmy must storm a castle to rescue him from witch Sadie Huffington and her pack of vicious dog-men) $6.99
Knight, E.E. Dragon Avenger (Age of Fire #2: When her home is attacked, Wistala is forced into independence, cut off from her dragon family. Now she must find others of her kind, and bring her wrath to those who would destroy them) $7.99
Kollin, Dani & Eytan The Unincorporated War (Justin Cord #2: It's interplanetary war as the corporate powers that be try to destroy Justin Cord and regain hegemony over the outer planets) $14.99
Kratman, Tom The Lotus Eaters (Carrera #3: With neighboring states attacking, Carrera's adopted country is on the brink of reinstating a corrupt oligarchy. And, bearing a crushing burden of guilt, Carrera isn't the man he once was) $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Korval's Game: Plan B / I Dare (Liaden: Omnibus reprint) $12.00
Lindskold, Jane Five Odd Honors (Breaking the Wall #3: The Orphans and their allies open the ninth gate, and find the Lands altered almost beyond recognition, with the Center of the world sealed behind nearly impassable barriers. When a scouting party is captured, Brenda Morris, accompanied by the Sidhe, risks her life to help rescue them) $8.99
MacAlister, Katie The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons (Light Dragons #2: PBO; While coming to terms with her dragon heritage, Ysolde tries to get her Black Dragon lover to meet with the dragons who want him dead, and clear his name of murder charges) $7.99
McIntosh, Will Soft Apocalypse (What happens when resources become scarce and society starts to crumble? As the competition for resources pulls America's previous stable society apart, our world ends with a whimper instead of a bang) $14.99
McLeod, Suzanne The Cold Kiss of Death (Spellcrackers #2: PBO; When the evidence in a friend's murder points to her, sidhe-blooded Genny Taylor goes on the run. In pursuit are some of the most powerful supernaturals in town - including the killer) $7.99
Merciel, Liane Heaven's Needle (Ithelas #2: Something malevolent is stirring in the ruins of a great fortress; to stop the evil, Kelland may need to ally with another. His path converges with a group from the Dome of the Sun who are seeking a holy artifact) $7.99
Millet, Lydia The Fires Beneath the Sea (Sykes Children #1: Kids; When Cara's mother disappears and a watery specter begins to haunt their Cape Cod home, Cara and her brothers embark on a quest that takes them from the Cape's ancient places to a shipwreck on the bottom of the sea, with the terrifying 'pouring man' close on their heels) $16.95
Modesitt Jr., L.E. The Hammer of Darkness (Reissue; Martin Martel is an exile in trouble with the gods. Are they really gods, or are they men and women with larger-than-life powers playing god? Either way, Martin must battle them for his life, love, and the fate of the galaxy) $6.99
Morden, Simon Theories of Flight (Petrovitch #2: London Metrozone, 2026: Petrovitch has a lot of secrets. Like how to make anti-gravity. And a sentient computer program that nearly destroyed the Metrozone a few months back. (He calls him Michael) The people of the Outzone want the food, shelter, and comfort that the citizens of the Metrozone have. Now, with the heart of the city destroyed by the New Machine Jihad, the Outies finally see their chance. These events are not unconnected. Someone is trying to kill Petrovitch, and they're willing to sink the whole city to do it) $7.99
Morgan, Alexis Bound by Darkness (Paladins #7: PBO; When a group of Paladins violate protocol by offering sanctuary to their Kalith enemy, Sasha is sent to restore order, but finds herself falling for her handsome Kalith bodyguard) $7.99
Myklusch, Matt Accidental Hero (HC title: Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation) (Kids; All Jack knows is his dreary life at the orphanage, until he meets an emissary from the Imagine Nation, where all the fantastic and unbelievable things in the world originate. Including Jack, who has an amazing ability that could make him the savior of Imagine Nation - or the biggest threat they've ever faced) $6.99
Neill, Chloe Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #4: As the mayor breaks up yet another vampire rave, and a new inhibition-reducing drug circulates through the community, it's up to Merit to put vampire haven Cadogan House in order) $15.00
Nix, Garth/Williams, Sean Troubletwisters (Kids; The Evil has been trying to break in and dominate the earth for centuries. There are Wardens who protect the Portals through which the Evil may pass into our world. Jaide and Jack Shield don't know that the world is under attack, that their dad and their Grandma X are Wardens, or that they themselves are young Wardens just coming into their powers) $16.99
Novik, Naomi et al Will Supervillains Be on the Final? (Liberty Vocational #1: PBO; Black & white graphic novel. Leah must deal with her budding superpowers as well as her crush on an older student, and classes ranging from Rescue 101 to Costume Creation. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the students, the ethics teacher is actually a supervillain plotting to make them doubt the very morals of being a hero) $10.99
Nylund, Eric The Resisters (Kids; Madison and Felix claim that 50 years ago, aliens took over Earth, and everyone past puberty is under their mind control. 12-year-old Ethan doesn't believe them, until he sees the aliens' robots. Now Ethan has a choice: he can go back to his normal, safe lie of a life, or he can become a Resister) $16.99
Pinkwater, Daniel Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl (Kids; Big Audrey, a girl with cat's whiskers and sort of cat's eyes, hits the road (and the inter-plane-of-existence) to solve the mystery of her cat-whiskered doppelganger) $6.99
Rankin, Robert The Japanese Devil Fish Girl and Other Unnatural Attractions (1895: Nearly a decade after Mars invaded Earth, the Red Planet is now part of the ever-expanding British Empire. But an shady sideshow proprietor's quest for the ultimate exhibit is about to spark off Worlds War II) $24.95
Ringo, John The Hot Gate (Troy Rising #3: Tyler Vernon and his troops face a desperate battle with the forces of galactic tyranny) $26.00
Riordan, Rick The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles #2: Kids; Carter and Sadie set out on a worldwide search for the Book of Ra; the House of Life and the gods of chaos are determined to stop them) $18.99
Roane, Caris Burning Skies (Guardians of Ascension #2: PBO; Exiled vampire warrior Marcus resists the call to return to the ranks of the Guardians, instead staying close to beautiful immortal Havily) $7.99
Roth, Veronica Divergent (YA; In a dystopian Chicago, 16-year-olds must join one of five factions, each attempting to form a perfect society. On her Choosing Day, Tris makes a choice that surprises everyone - including herself - but as an initiate, she uncovers growing conflict that threatens her and those she loves) $17.99
Russell, Mary Doria Doc (American frontier legend Doc Holliday and his girlfriend Kate take center stage in this novel that chronicles their lives one summer in Dodge City, KS, when Doc's life was ripe with possibility and hope, rather than the violence and illness that would besiege him later on) $26.00
Salvatore, R.A. The Silent Blade / The Spine of the World / The Sea of Swords (Forgotten Realms: Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition #4: Omnibus reprint) $19.95
Schiefelbein, Michael Vampire Maker (Victor Decimus #4: Vampire Victor Decimus and his lover and thrall Paul Lewis move to New Orleans, where a priest tries to break Victor's hold over Paul and so does the Dark Kingdom) $14.99
Scott, Michael The Necromancer (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #4: YA; To pick up the pieces of what's left of Alcatraz, Josh's fire magic must be awakened. But Dr. Dee has other plans. He needs to awaken the Mother of All Gods, and for that he must have a Necromancer) $10.99
Smith, C/Slade, C Aliens on Vacation (Kids; At his grandmother's inn, each room is a portal to another planet, allowing aliens to vacation on Earth. David helps out by taking alien kids camping in the woods. But the suspicious town sheriff is camping nearby. Will Granny's cover be blown, forcing the Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast to shut down forever?) $16.99
Stauber, Katy Revolution World (When the US military and a multinational bioengineering firm try to seize rogue genetic engineer Clio Somata's cutting edge biotech, a bunch of libertarian Texan gamers decide to revolt against the government. This involves fire-breathing cows, ninja Pomeranians, marijuana bombs, hovercars, laser guns, and vampires) $14.99
Stevens, Gabi As You Wish (Time of Transition #2: PBO; Jonathan Bastion is a man with a dangerous secret. He'd hoped that new fairy godmother Reggie Scott's powers held the answer to his problem. He wasn't expecting to fall for her) $7.99
Stirling, S.M. The Council of Shadows (Shadowspawn #2: To stop the Council of Shadows from launching an apocalypse, Adrian and Ellen ally with the Brotherhood resistance group. Adrian must fight members of the Council, his own Shadowspawn nature - and possibly traitors within the Brotherhood itself) $26.95
Stirling, S.M. A Taint in the Blood (Shadowspawn #1: Eons ago, Homo Lupens ruled the earth. They still exist, though not as purebreds. Adrian is one, but he rebelled against his own kind, choosing to live as an ordinary man. Now, to save humanity, he must battle the dark forces of the world - including those in his own blood) $9.99
Tate, Benjamin Well of Sorrows (Colin and his parents fled across the ocean to escape the Family wars. But trouble followed them, and only Colin survived - to find his way to a destiny that might bring peace to the troubled land) $7.99
Tchaikovsky, Adrian The Scarab Path (Shadows of the Apt #5: The war ended in a bitter stalemate, Cheerwell Maker finds herself crippled in ways no doctor can mend, with Collegium no longer seeming like home. As the Empress regains control of her rebel cities, only her consort Thalric knows the sinister source of her power. He finds his life and loyalties under threat yet again. The ancient city of Khanaphes awaits them both, with a terrible secret entombed beneath its stones) $16.00
Terry, Gay Meeting the Dog Girls (Collection; stories that blend fantasy and reality) $14.95
Thorpe, Gav Caledor (Warhammer Time of Legends: Sundering #3: Malekith and Prince Imrik, who has adopted the name of his mighty grandfather Caledor, meet in a long-overdue reckoning, with worse to follow as Malekith launches a desperate plan to triumph) $8.99
Tidhar, Lavie Camera Obscura (There's been a murder on the Rue Morgue. For detective Milady de Winter, it's not just who did it, but why - and just what does this have to do with the World's Fair taking shape in Chicago? The answers to her questions will take her to the very edge of reality) $7.99
VanderMeer, A & J (ed) The Steampunk Bible (A guide to the science fictional Victorian world of airships, corsets, goggles, mad scientists, and strange literature. Full color illustrations throughout) $24.95
Vaughan, Elizabeth Warcry (Warlands #4: Barbarian warlord Heath and Plains warrior woman Atira are drawn to each other as they battle a conspiracy against the Queen of Xy) $7.99
Warren, Christine Black Magic Woman (Others #9: PBO; When a friendly imp invites her to a non-human nightclub, Dapahnie Carter is curious to see how the Others live - and party. And soon a handsome stranger she sees there has her bewitched) $7.99
Weis, M/Krammes, R Shadow Raiders (Dragon Brigade #1: In the rival empires of Freya and Rosia, magic is intrinsic to society, even incorporated in the technology. But now a scientific discovery threatens to destroy the balance of power, and change the empires forever) $24.95
Wells, Martha The Cloud Road (An orphan, Moon has spent his life hiding his shapeshifting ability. When at last he is welcomed into a community of his own kind, he learns that his people face extinction at the hands of the dreaded Fell. Moon must overcome a lifetime of conditioning in order to save and himself and his newfound kin) $14.99
Whates, Ian The Noise Revealed (Kaufman & Leyton #2: Scientist/businessman Philip Kaufman and black ops specialist Jim Leyton begin to suspect that the much-heralded first contact with the alien Byrzaens is anything but, and that a sinister con is being perpetrated, with all of humankind as the target) $7.99
White, S/Gannon, C Extremis (Starfire #6: A new race of aliens arrives, seeking a new homeworld. They regard the planet's human colonists as a mere inconvenience, and the entire inhabited region of the galaxy as fair game - unless the old alliance of humans, Orions, Ophiuchi, and Gorm can stop them) $24.00
Wintermute, Robert The Quest for Karn (Magic the Gathering: Scars of Mirrodin: PBO; The world of Mirrodin is on the cusp of cataclysm. When the Planeswalker Venser goes in search of his former mentor, he learns that Karn's life hangs in the balance - and with him the entire plane of existence) $7.99
Wooding, Chris Retribution Falls (Ketty Jay #1: Hapless Captain Frey, his surprisingly loyal crew, and his mechanical golem Bess find themselves immersed in something much deeper than their usual smuggling, leading the airship to the fabled haven of Retribution Falls, where fortunes can be made - if they survive long enough) $16.00

Due Mid-May

Alexander, R.C. Unfamiliar Magic (Kids; Desi's mom won't teach her any spells. Then her mom goes away, leaving her cat familiar, transformed into a teenage girl, in charge. Cat has only three goals: eat sushi, get the boy next door to pay for her sushi, and keep Desi out of trouble. And that means no magic. Yeah, right) $7.99
Archer, Alex The Other Crowd (Rogue Angel #30: PBO; Sent to Ireland to get faerie footage, archaeologist Annja Creed figures it's a joke assignment. But people have vanished, so there's obviously more going on than mythical wee folk) $6.99
Axler, James Tainted Cascade (Deathlands #98: PBO; Ryan Cawdor and his group reach Utah's Great Salt Lake Desert, only to be drugged, robbed of their gear, and left for the slave trade) $6.99
Axler, James Scarlet Dream (Outlanders #57: PBO; Kane, Grant, and Brigid must stop a resurrected voodoo priestess and her entourage before they unleash a predark bioweapon designed to destroy all life on Earth) $6.99
Banks, Iain M. Surface Detail (Culture: Heavens are the network of uploaded consciousnesses - cyber life after death. But where there are Heavens, Hells soon follow. Wars between these realms had been formal digital affairs, but now there are rumors of secret factories building warships, and all signs point to the factions of the long-dead and digitized. One man holds the key to making this war manifest in the Real. And a young woman wants her revenge on him) $14.99
Boylan, Jennifer Finney Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror (Kids; When their school bus takes a different route, 13-year-old Falcon and his neighbors find themselves at the Academy for Monsters. There his companions begin to unleash their monster natures. With one eye bright blue and one shadow-black, Falcon has always felt different, but is he truly a monster?) $7.99
Bransford, Nathan Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow (Kids; When a spaceship crashes near his house, Jacob swaps a corn dog for the ship, and with his best friends Sarah Daisy and Dexter takes off on a madcap adventure) $14.99
Campbell, Chelsea M. The Rise of Renegade X (YA; Planning to follow in his mom's supervillain footsteps, 16-year-old Damien is shocked to learn that he was fathered by a superhero. Sent to stay with his dad's superhero family, he has six weeks to prove that he's not hero material. But with his mom plotting to turn all superheroes into mindless slaves, Damien has to choose: go back to villainy and let his family become slaves, or stand up to his mom and become a real hero) $8.99
Canavan, Trudi The Rogue (Traitor Spy #2: Lorkin lives among the Sachakan rebels, doing his best to learn their unique magic, but the Traitors are reluctant to trade their knowledge, and Lorkin comes to suspect something sinister. Sonea still searches for the rogue magician, whose influence over the city's underworld is far greater than she feared) $25.99
Cronin, Justin The Passage (A security breach at a secret facility unleashes the monstrous product of a military experiment. As civilization breaks down to predators and prey, FBI agent Brad Wolgast flees with 6-year-old Amy, a refugee from the project, whose odyssey will lead her towards the time and place where she must finish what should never have begun) $16.00
de Lint, Charles Promises to Keep (Newford: In 1972, Jilly Coppercorn gets a surprise visit from an old friend - her only friend - from her runaway days. Interspersed with the story of that meeting are flashbacks to pivotal moments in Jilly's life) $14.95
Dessertine, Rebecca One Year Gone (Supernatural: PBO; Believing that Sam is in Hell, Dean tries to keep his promise to his brother and live a normal life) $7.99
Esslemont, Ian C. Stonewielder (Malazan Empire #3: There is a new Emperor on the throne of Malaz, and he is dwelling on the ignominy that is the Empire's failed invasion of the Korel subcontinent. In the vaults beneath Unta, the Imperial capital, lie the answers to that disaster. And out of this buried history surfaces the name Stonewielder; $29.99 hc also available) $15.99
Fallon, Jennifer The Chaos Crystal (Tide Lords #4: The magical Tide has turned, and the Immortal Lords once again have their full power. As rumors swirl that the Chaos Crystal, which brought the Immortals to the world, has been found, both mortals and immortals fight to grasp this ultimate prize) $27.99
Green, Jonathan Anno Frankenstein (Pax Britannia: After their defeat in the Second Great European War, Hitler's Nazi party was reduced to an underground terrorist movement. But even historical fact cannot be taken for granted when time travel is possible. Ulysses Quicksilver must infiltrate the best-defended fortress on the planet and defeat an age-old enemy, or history will be rewritten) $9.99
Groening, Matt Bart Simpson, Prince of Pranks (Full color graphic novel) $15.99
Haddon, Mark Boom! (Kids; Jim and Charlie bug the staff room and hear their teachers speaking a secret language. When Charlie repeats one of the words to Mr. Kidd, his eyes flicker with blue light. Are they bank robbers talking in code? Spies? Aliens? ) $6.99
Headley, Maria Dahvana Queen of Kings (To save her kingdom and resurrect her husband Antony, Cleopatra strikes a bargain with the goddess Sekhmet, and is transformed into an immortal shapeshifter with an insatiable hunger for human blood) $25.95
Henderson, C.J. Central Park Knight (Professor Knight #2: PBO; Knight receives word from Tian Lu, a former lover and Chinese agent, that the dragons are waking - and that one is set on eliminating the others and taking over the world) $15.99
Higson, Charlie The Enemy (YA; A disease has left everyone over 15 either dead, or walking dead. A group of kids barricaded in a London supermarket is running out of options. When a mysterious traveler offers them safe haven at Buckingham Palace, they begin a harrowing journey across London, only to discover that the threat from within the palace is as real as the one outside it) $8.99
Kafka/Cook (Valente) The Meowmorphosis (Gregor works as a traveling salesman to support his parents and teenage sister - until he wakes up one day and discovers that he has inexplicably become an adorable man-size kitten) $12.95
Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody Unhappy Medium (Suddenly Supernatural #3: Kids; Between battling dark spirits and fighting with her best friend Jac, Kat's week-long stay at the haunted Whispering Pines Mountain House is anything but relaxing) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn Hawksmaid (Kids; The daughter of Nottingham's most famous falconer, Matty can hear hawks' thoughts and speak their language. When tragedy strikes her family and the sinister sheriff rises to power, Matty and her merlin companion and ally Marigold join Matty's friend Fynn and his band in fighting the sheriff's injustice) $6.99
Levine, Gail Carson A Tale of Two Castles (Kids; 12-year-old Elodie is taken in by the brilliant dragon Meenore, who moonlights as a detective. On their first case together, they must find out who is trying to kill the town's shape-shifting ogre) $16.99
Messer, Stephen Windblowne (Kids; Oliver's uncle vanishes during a battle with mysterious attack kites that seem to fly themselves. All that remains is a crimson kite. When Oliver tries to fly it, it lifts him high - and when he comes down, the town and people have disappeared, sweeping him into a mystery) $6.99
Mieville, China Embassytown (Humans have colonized Arieka, home to sentient beings famed for a language that only a few altered human ambassadors can speak. Returning to Embassytown after years of deep-space adventure, Avice cannot speak the Ariekei tongue, but she is an indelible part of it, having long ago been made a figure of speech. When distant political machinations deliver a new ambassador, the fragile equilibrium between humans and aliens is violently upset. Catastrophe looms, and Avice is torn between competing loyalties - to a husband she no longer loves, to a system she no longer trusts, and to her place in a language she cannot speak that nevertheless speaks through her) $26.00
Ogiwara, Noriko Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince (Tales of Magatama #2: Young Oguna is drafted to be a double, trained to take the place of the hunted heir to the empire. But when he is given the Dragon Sword, his power to wield it threatens the entire nation. Only Toko can stop him, but to do so she needs to gather four magical beads) $21.99
Rajaniemi, Hannu The Quantum Thief (Jean le Flambeur is a post-human criminal, mind burglar, con artist, and trickster. His exploits are famous, but he made one mistake, and ended up in the prison. He is rescued by the mysterious Mieli, who offers him a chance to win back his freedom and the powers of his old self - in exchange for finishing the one heist he never quite managed) $24.99
Ruiz, K.M. Mind Storm (250 years after a nuclear war, what's left of society fights over the scraps of Earth as the powerful plan in secret to ascend to another planet. A soldier-slave of the human government, a psion with the ability to channel electricity through anything she touches, Threnody is recruited by the scion of Earth's most powerful family, Lucas Serca, who is far from human, and intends to make Threnody and her fellow psions meet their destiny - no matter how many people he has to kill to do it) $24.99
Scalzi, John Fuzzy Nation (Authorized by H. Beam Piper's estate. Jack Holloway is doing independent prospecting and surveying on a planet controlled by ZaraCorp. Then a small furry biped - trusting and appealing - shows up at Jack's home. Followed by its family. As it dawns on Jack that these creatures are people, he realizes that they threaten ZaraCorp's legal right to exploit the planet - and that ZaraCorp may be planning to exterminate the fuzzys) $24.99
St. Onge, Caissie Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever. (YA; A nerd from a suburban vampire family, and blood intolerant, Jane doesn't fit in with the cool vampire kids or the human kids. So no one is more surprised than her when geeky human Eli and brooding bloodsucker Timothy both get interested in her) $8.99
Valente, Catherynne M. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Kids; A Green Wind arrives in Omaha to tell 12-year-old September that only she can retrieve a talisman the Marquess wants from the enchanted woods. If she doesn't, the Marquess will make life impossible for the inhabitants of Fairyland. Winner of the 2009 Andre Norton Award) $16.99

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