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Newsletter #93 March May, 2011


Already Received

Mystery Scene #117 (Articles about Dennis Lehane, Tasha Alexander, Stuart Neville, comfort reads, more) $7.50
Aird, Catherine Slight Mourning (Inspector Sloan #6: Reissue; Inspector Sloan investigates when local magistrate Bill Fent has a fatal automobile accident and the police pathologist finds barbituates in his blood) $14.95
Allison, Jennifer Psychic Investigator (Gilda Joyce #1: Kids; Ever since her dad died, Gilda has been determined to communicate with the 'other side'. When she visits strange relatives in San Francisco, she gets the perfect opportunity, solving mysteries one haunting at a time) $7.99
Allison, Jennifer The Ladies of the Lake (Gilda Joyce #2: Kids; 13-year-old Gilda is reluctant to attend an exclusive school - until she learns that a student drowned and may be haunting the grounds. She'll need all her psychic and investigative skills to solve the mystery) $7.99
Bascomb, Neal Hunting Eichmann (Nonfiction; how a band of Holocaust survivors and Mossad agents tracked down the notorious Nazi) $15.95
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Chimney Sweep (Hamish Macbeth #27: When Constable Hamish Macbeth finds a body stuffed up a chimney, the villagers believe sweep Pete Ray is the culprit, but when Pete's body is found on the moors, the mystery deepens) $24.99
Bowen, Gail The Brutal Heart (Joanne Kilbourn #11: A local call girl, whose clientele used to include Joanne's new husband, has been murdered. The investigation into why the dead woman had threatened her clients with blackmail leads to the truth - and to death) $16.95
Brett, Simon Blotto, Twinks, and the Ex-King's Daughter (Blotto & Twinks #1: When the daughter of the exiled king of Mitteleuropia is kidnapped while visiting the ancestral home of the Duke of Tawcester, ducal family honor sends the Duke's handsome, brave, and rather stupid son Blotto off to rescue her. Luckily, he has the help of his brilliant sister Twinks and his devoted servant Corky) $14.95
Brown, Virginia Drop Dead Divas (Divas #2: Trinket, Bitty, and their diva friends have some sleuthing to do when Holly Springs, Mississippi, bad girl Naomi Spencer is accused of murdering her fiance, then turns up dead) $14.95
Bruce, Leo Case with Four Clowns (Sergeant Beef #3: Reissue; A murder is yet to be committed - that much is certain. Who will be the victim? Who will be the murderer? It's Sgt. Beef's job to answer these questions, if he can, in time to prevent the deed from being done) $14.95
Buzbee, Lewis The Haunting of Charles Dickens (Kids; When Meg sets out one night to look for her missing brother, she meets family friend Charles Dickens, who is trying to find out why so many London children have been disappearing. Edgar nominee for Best Juvenile Mystery) $17.99
Carlo, Philip The Killer Within: In the Company of Monsters (Memoir of his personal life, his battle with terminal illness, and his career as a crime writer, interviewing some of the most infamous criminals and killers of our time) $25.95
Challinor, C.S. Murder on the Moor (Rex Graves #4: PBO; When Rex Graves holds a housewarming party in the Scottish Highlands, he doesn't anticipate the arrival of an old flame - much less a dead body or a serial killer) $14.95
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None (alternate title: Ten Little Indians) (Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Towards Zero (Battle & Leach #3: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Crooked House (Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Endless Night (Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Hercule Poirot #4: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Murder on the Orient Express (alternate title: Murder on the Calais Coach) (Hercule Poirot #9: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The A.B.C. Murders (Hercule Poirot #12: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Death on the Nile (Hercule Poirot #15: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Five Little Pigs (Hercule Poirot #24: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Ordeal by Innocence (Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Coles, Manning With Intent to Deceive (UK title: A Brother for Hugh) (Tommy Hambledon #7: Reissue; In Tommy's first post-WWII adventure, the hunt for a large sum of money, stolen by the Nazis and hidden in Argentina, leads to all kinds of mischief - including murder) $14.95
Crane, Frances The Pink Umbrella (Pat & Jean Abbott #4: Reissue; After PI Pat Abbott enlists in the Marines, Jean is thrilled to have a few days with him in NYC. There they meet up with an old friend who has fled WWII Paris along with her family and cafe-society friends. When dead bodies start piling up, it becomes apparent that at least one of the refugees is a murderer) $14.95
Crider, Bill (ed) Damn Near Dead 2: Live Noir or Die Trying! (PBO; Anthology; 28 tales of geezer noir) $18.00
Davidsen, Leif The Woman from Bratislava (1999: Danish academic Teddy Pedersen learns that he has a younger half-sister in Bratislava, and that his father, who was declared dead in 1952, was in fact a Danish SS officer who relocated to Yugoslavia. When Teddy's older sister is arrested on suspicion of being a Stasi agent, a murder leads him - and Danish Intelligence - to investigate the link between the two women) $12.95
Duncker, Patricia The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge (The investigation of 16 dead bodies found in the snow leads Commissaire Schweigen and Judge Carpentier to a secret European sect and the musical mastermind at its center) $15.00
Dunlap, Jan A Bobwhite Killing (Bob White Birder Murder #3: PBO; Bob tries to solve a murder - and spot an elusive Northern Bobwhite - while contending with a lost love, big cats, ATV enthusiasts, and intrigue in a small Minnesota town) $14.95
Edwards, Martin (ed) Original Sins: A Crime Writers' Association Anthology (18 original stories) $28.95
Ferraiolo, Jack D. The Big Splash (Kids; 7th-grader Vinny, who deals in forged hall passes and black market candy, has offered loner Matt a job he can't resist, even if it means bringing down one of his oldest friends. Edgar nominee for Best YA Mystery) $6.95
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Exploits of the Patent Leather Kid (PBO; Collection; 13 stories featuring elegant crook the Patent Leather Kid, who becomes the terror of the Depression-era underworld, and his opponent Inspector Brane. Lost Classics #32) $19.00
Goodman, Carol Arcadia Falls (A teacher at a boarding school uncovers sinister secrets in an isolated small town) $15.00
Gordon-Smith, Dolores Off the Record (Jack Haldean #5: 1924: A leading manufacturer and noted philanthropist, Charles Otterbourne's New Century company should have been the perfect partner for Professor Alan Carrington's radical new gramophone. When their meeting ends in murder, Jack Haldean takes up the case in a desperate bid to save a man from the gallows. But what led to the crime?) $28.95
Grabien, Deborah London Calling (PBO; Guitarist J.P. Kinkaid and his bandmates find themselves in a sniper's crosshairs when a screening of a 25-year-old film about the band includes footage with evidence of a hate crime for which there is no statute of limitations) $16.99
Grant, Maxwell The Key / The Case of Congressman Coyd (Shadow #43: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Atoms of Death / Buried Evidence (Shadow #44: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Terror Island / City of Ghosts (Shadow #45: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Groundwater, Beth Deadly Currents (RM Outdoor Adventures #1: PBO; When a whitewater rafting accident occurs, Colorado river ranger Mandy Tanner handles the rescue, but an unpopular land developer dies anyway - of poison) $14.95
Gunn, Elizabeth Kissing Arizona (Sarah Burke #3: Sarah and her team investigate an apparent murder-suicide in a family of local merchants. In a second case, border crossers, drug smugglers, federal agents, and local cops all fight for turf and answers in a southern Arizona valley) $28.95
Hambly, Barbara Dead and Buried (Benjamin January #9: New Orleans, 1836: Free black surgeon and musician Benjamin January attends a friend's funeral. When an accident tips the dead man out of his coffin, an unexpected occupant is revealed - white fiddle-player Hannibal Sefton) $15.95
Hammett, D/Herron, D The Dashiell Hammett Tour (Nonfiction; guides you over the fog-shrouded San Francisco hills stalked by Sam Spade, the Continental Op, and other Hammett characters, as well as by the author himself. Black & white illustrations) $14.95
Hammond, Gerald A Dog's Life (When he comes across Ann, a disheveled young woman, camping in the woods, Tim offers her a place to stay. They hit it off, and she moves in. When a brutal attack leaves Tim hospitalized, Ann's relatives suddenly arrive, as does an unexpected inheritance - making Ann and Tim wonder about the motivation for the attack) $27.95
Hayder, Mo Skin (Jack Caffery #4: While helping DI Jack Caffery investigate a series of apparent suicides connected to the flooded quarries outside Bristol, police diver Flea Marley stumbles on something far too close to home that no one - not even Caffery - can help her face) $13.00
Hayder, Mo Gone (Jack Caffery #5: The police face a nightmare when they realize an apparent carjacker was actually after the 11-year-old girl in the back seat; DI Jack Caffery and Sgt. Flea Marley race to put the pieces together before the twisted attacker strikes again) $24.00
Hellmann, Libby Fischer Set the Night on Fire (Lila finds her family home in flames, her father and brother trapped inside. Then she is attacked by a man on a motorcycle. As she tries to piece together who is after her and why, she uncovers her father's past in the volatile days of late 1960s Chicago; $26.99 hc also available) $16.99
Highsmith, Patricia The Selected Novels and Short Stories (2 novels and 13 stories, ranging from suspense to horror, from biting social satire to deeply moving psychological drama) $35.00
Hill, Susan The Vows of Silence (Simon Serrailler #4: A gunman is terrorizing young women in the cathedral town of Lafferton. What, if anything, links the apparently random murders?) $14.95
James, Bill In the Absence of Iles (Harpur & Iles #25: Frustrated by the failure of an extensive investigation, Assistant Chief Constable Esther Davidson decides to risk using an undercover officer to infiltrate a criminal gang) $23.95
Jennings, Maureen Let Loose the Dogs (Detective Murdoch #4: Reissue; Toronto, 1895: Murdoch's abusive father is on death row for murder, and calls on his long-estranged son to prove his innocence) $16.95
Knight, Alanna Quest for a Killer (Rose McQuinn #6: Edinburgh, 1899: A clerk is killed during a bank robbery, and two girls commit suicide within hours of each other. Could the events be related?) $16.95
Knight, Bernard According to the Evidence (Pryor & Bray #2: 1955: Forensic pathologist Richard Pryor and forensic biologist Angela Bray investigate an apparent suicide at a remote farm, receive an unusual request from the War Office, and work to clear a veterinarian accused of poisoning his ailing wife) $28.95
Lawrence, Paul The Sweet Smell of Decay (Harry Lytle #1: London, 1664: After meeting his cousin for the first time - laid out on a morgue slab - the irrepressible Harry and resourceful butcher Davy Dowling set out to find her murderer, following a trail of blood, conspiracy, and corruption, and meeting ne'er-do-wells, cheeky wenches, harmless witches, likable villains, and a few unsavory fellows keen on sending them to an early grave) $12.95
Lawton, John A Lily of the Field (Frederick Troy: Moves from 1934 Vienna, where we meet young cellist Meret Voytek and her music teacher Viktor Rosen, by way of Auschwitz and Los Alamos, to 1948 London, where Voytek and Rosen become persons of interest in Inspector Troy's investigation into the murder of a painter suspected of being a Soviet sleeper agent) $24.00
Lee, Patrick Ghost Country (Travis Chase #2: PBO; The latest device from the Breach can punch a hole into the future. And Doomsday will dawn in four months, unless Travis Chase and Paige Campbell can find the answers buried in the ruins to come. But once they cross the nightmare border, they might never find their way back) $7.99
Lee, Y.S. A Spy in the House (Agency #1: 1850s London: Rescued from the gallows, young thief Mary Quinn is offered an unusual vocation. Assuming the guise of a lady's companion, she must infiltrate a rich merchant's home in hopes of tracing his missing cargo ships) $7.99
Lellenberg, Jon Baker Street Irregular (In 1933, young Wall Street lawyer Woody Hazelbaker takes on a mobster as a client. What he learns from helping liquidate the criminal's interests gets put to use on the eve of WWII when he and other Baker Street Irregulars react to Hitler by joining British Intelligence in a covert campaign to circumvent America's neutrality laws, leading eventually to treason, espionage and murder. During a series of wartime intelligence missions, Woody also struggles to find out what happened to a woman he loved, who disappeared the day after Hitler's invasion of Russia) $45.00
Leonard, P.R. Death's Imperfect Witness (PBO; While investigating the murder of a teenage girl, Minneapolis forensics expert Dr. Zoe Lawrence must also deal with hospital politics, romance, and someone from her past who wants her silenced - and dead) $14.95
McFarland, Nora A Bad Day's Work (Lilly Hawkins #1: PBO; Photographer Lilly Hawkins gets exclusive video of a murder scene, but when her tape shows nothing but dead air, people think she pocketed the real tape, and she ends up on the run from criminals and the police. Can she elude her pursuers long enough to catch the killer, or will she end up the next victim?) $14.99
McNamara, Frances Death at the Fair (Emily Cabot #1: 1893: When her colleague Dr. Stephen Chapman is accused of murder, sociologist Emily Cabot, one of the first women graduate students at the University of Chicago, searches for the truth) $14.99
McNamara, Frances Death at Hull House (Emily Cabot #2: 1893: Emily finds work at Hull House, dealing with the political and social problems of Chicago's immigrant community. The murder of a man who had come to see her might be connected to his work for a sweatshop owner - or to a past tragedy in Emily's family) $14.99
Meyer, Deon Blood Safari (How could her brother be prime suspect in the killing of four poachers and a witch doctor? He disappeared 20 years ago, presumed dead. Emma hires bodyguard Martin Lemmer, and sets out into the South African countryside in search of the truth) $7.99
Moore, Christopher G. Paying Back Jack (Vincent Calvino #3: Hired to do surveillance on a Thai politician's wife, Calvino finds himself entangled in a web of politics and vengeance. And in the center of the city, a sniper team awaits its shot) $14.00
Moore, Christopher G. Asia Hand (Vincent Calvino #4: A freelance cameraman was found dead in a Bangkok lake. Now his footage of a shocking execution on the Thai/Burmese border is running on CNN, the rights to his life story have been sold to Hollywood - and PI Vincent Calvino is determined to find out who killed him) $14.00
Morson, Ian Falconer and the Death of Kings (Falconer #8: 1273: A cryptic message from an old friend, whose scientific ideas are considered heretical by the Church, takes Falconer to Paris, where he must work to ensure that the scientific theories are not lost forever. And King Edward also has a task for him - one that will test even the Regent Master's formidable powers of deduction) $28.95
Mosley, Walter The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (An experimental drug guarantees that 91-year-old Ptolemy Grey won't live to see 92, but that he will spend his last days in feverish vigor and clarity. With his mind clear, what Ptolemy finds - in his own past, in his own apartment, and in the circumstances surrounding his grandnephew's death in a drive-by shooting - is shocking enough to spur an old man to action, and to ensure a legacy that no one will forget) $25.95
Myers, Tamar The Glass Is Always Greener (Den of Antiquity #16: PBO; Abby attends a wake for her best buddy Rob's Aunt Jerry, who is plenty lively - aside from a psychic predicting her imminent demise - and gleefully disowning her assembled relatives. It's a hoot, until Jerry turns up truly dead, with a priceless emerald ring missing from her finger) $7.99
Nisbet, Jim A Moment of Doubt (PBO; Novella; 1980s: A struggling San Francisco writer flirts with hacking. When he learns the passwords to the publishing industry's digital realm, he faces dangers from unexpected places. Plus an interview with the author) $13.95
Nykanen, Harri Raid and the Blackest Sheep (Raid, a hard-nosed but compassionate hitman, travels with aging criminal Nygren throughout Finland as Nygren puts his affairs in order, wreaking vengeance on those who have wronged him and paying penance to those he has wronged. Soon, both cops and crooks are on the trail of the pair) $12.95
Oldham, Nick Seizure (Henry Christie #14: Newly promoted, Detective Supt. Christie could do without dealing with an imprisoned drug dealer who suddenly volunteers new evidence that could be crucial in an upcoming murder trial; things go horribly wrong when the man escapes from custody and grabs a hostage) $15.95
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein (Pot Thief #3: Hubie takes a trip to a reclusive collector's house to appraise a collection to Anasazi pots - which includes three of his own copies. When he returns home, the twenty-five hundred dollars the collector paid him is missing. Getting his money back will require finding a place he only visited blindfolded, with his three copies the only way to identify the location. And then a John Doe at the morgue turns out to be the collector) $14.95
Palmer, Stuart Murder on the Blackboard (Hildegarde Withers #2: Reissue; New York City, 1932: Miss Withers discovers a body in the school cloakroom. By the time Inspector Oscar Piper arrives, the corpse has vanished, and when he goes looking for it, someone whacks him on the head with a shovel. With Oscar in the hospital, Hildy has to solve the case on her own) $14.95
Pattison, Eliot Eye of the Raven (Duncan McCallum #2: 1760: Duncan and his friend Conawago find a dying Virginian officer nailed to a shrine tree. When Conawago is arrested and sentenced to hanging, Duncan searches desperately for the truth, and learns that this is the latest in a series of ritualistic murders) $15.95
Porter, Henry The Bell Ringers (When the former head of Britain's Joint Intelligence Committee is killed, his estranged lover Kate Lockhart inherits his wealth - and his unfinished business: to expose the massive government data mining and surveillance system that is prying into every part of every citizen's life) $14.95
Rabe, Peter The Silent Wall / The Return of Marvin Palavar (PBO; 2 previously unpublished noir novels: a tense drama of Mafia revenge; and a crazy con from beyond the grave. Plus short story 'Hard Case Redhead') $19.95
Raskin, R.J. A Knight at Sea (A fictional account, narrated by a down-on-his-luck physician, of Raymond Chandler's 1955 trip aboard the Mauritania , sailing from New York to England, where Chandler had spent his childhood) $18.00
Roslund/Hellstrom Three Seconds (A botched prison drug deal involving an undercover Swedish police operative results in a murder. Detective Inspector Ewert Grens' determination to find the killer threatens to expose the operative's true identity - and may reveal even bigger crimes involving the highest levels of power) $24.95
Sapper Bulldog Drummond (Reissue; After the end of the Great War, the formidable Captain Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond looks for adventure as a private detective) $11.95
Scarrow, Alex Last Light (When the world's oil supplies are severed, things begin to unravel at a horrifying pace) $9.99
Scottoline, Lisa Think Twice (Rosato & Associates #13: Bennie Rosato's evil identical twin buries her alive, then takes over Bennie's life. Determined to stay alive long enough to exact revenge, Bennie discovers that she is more like her sister than she ever imagined) $14.99
Sedley, Kate Wheel of Fate (Roger the Chapman #19: London, 1483: Roger the Chapman investigates two deaths, a poisoning, and a disappearance in the Godslove family, and stumbles across a shocking secret that threatens to destroy them) $15.95
Seymour, Gerald The Collaborator (When a daughter of one of the Sicilian Mafia clans agrees to collaborate with justice, Carabinieri investigator Mario Castrolami knows she is setting in motion a terrifying series of events) $25.95
Sharp, Zoe Fourth Day (Charlie Fox #8: To find out the truth about a boy's death, Charlie goes undercover at the stronghold of the Fourth Day cult. But she's not prepared for the lure of charismatic leader Randall Bane, or how easily he will pinpoint her weakness) $25.00
Simon, Clea Probable Claws (Theda Krakow #4: When cats start getting sick, freelance writer Theda Krakow thinks it's accidental. But her shelter-owning buddy Violet claims the contaminated kibble was poisoned) $14.95
Soup, Dr. Cuthbert A Whole Nother Story (Kids; The Cheeseman children, their father, their psychic dog, and a sock puppet named Steve are on the run from international spies, government agents, and a genius chimpanzee) $7.99
Starr, Melvin R. A Trail of Ink (Hugh de Singleton #3: PBO; 1365: Back in Oxford to search for some valuable books stolen from his former teacher, Hugh renews his interest in Kate, and uses his surgeon's skills to prove that a poor scholar's drowning death was no accident) $14.99
Sussman, Paul The Hidden Oasis (Freya doesn't believe her sister took her own life; her quest for the truth leads her into the Sahara in the company of Flin, an English academic who is searching for a legendary hidden oasis with a terrifying secret at its heart) $14.95
Walker, Martin The Dark Vineyard (Bruno #2: Municipal policeman Bruno must deal with a string of problems, including two suspicious deaths, when a bevy of winemakers descends on the French village of Saint-Denis) $23.95
Welsh, Louise Naming the Bones (Knee-deep in the mud of an ancient burial ground, a winter storm raging around him, and at least one person intent on his death: how did Professor Murray Watson end up here? $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
White, Jenny The Winter Thief (Kamil Pasha #3: Istanbul, 1888: When the Imperial Ottoman Bank is blown up, suspicion falls on a socialist commune in the mountains. Special Prosecutor Kamil Pasha discovers that the secret police plan to massacre everyone at the commune, and in the surrounding villages) $14.95

Due Early March

Adams, Ellery A Deadly Cliche (Books by the Bay #2: PBO; Olivia finds a dead body on the beach that might be connected to a series of burglaries where the thieves set up tableaus representing cliches. Who better to decipher the clues than her Bayside Book Writers Group?) $7.99
Adams, Will The Moses Quest (HC title: The Exodus Quest) (Daniel Knox #2: On the trail of the lost Dead Sea Scrolls, Knox becomes a suspect in the murder of an Egyptian archaeologist. To clear his name, he must crack one of the greatest puzzles of the ancient world) $7.99
Aird, Catherine Past Tense (Inspector Sloan #23: To find a young girl's killer, Sloan must follow a twisting trail of evidence and uncover the truth behind the life of a recently deceased old woman) $25.99
Alderman, P.J. Ghost Ship (Port Chatham #2: PBO; After a notorious womanizer is found dead on the beach, one of his disreputable ancestors materializes in Jordan's house, seeking the truth about his own suspicious death in a 1893 shipwreck) $7.99
Allan, Barbara Antiques Knock-Off (Trash 'n' Treasures #5: When her mom decides to protect someone by confessing to a murder, Brandy goes digging for clues, and uncovers a scandal involving questionable antiques and family secrets) $22.00
Anable, Stephen The Fisher Boy (In Provincetown to play the club circuit, gay Boston comic Mark Winslow becomes prime suspect when a Boston blueblood he went to prep school with is murdered) $14.95
Anable, Stephen A Pinchbeck Bride (Mark Winslow #2: Comic Mark Winslow, one of the trustees of a Boston Back Bay museum, investigates when a young woman in Victorian finery is found strangled there; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Axelrad, Josh Repeat Until Rich (Nonfiction; a professional card counter's chronicle of the world of blackjack) $15.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Nashville Noir (Murder, She Wrote #33: Jessica Fletcher heads to Nashville, TN, to help a young singer from Cabot Cove who is accused of murdering a country music publisher) $6.99
Bass, Jefferson The Bone Thief (Body Farm #5: Dr. Bill Brockton uncovers a flourishing black market in body parts headed by an unscrupulous funeral director) $7.99
Bernhardt, William Capitol Betrayal (Ben Kincaid #18: In a bunker under the White House after the national defense computer is breached, Ben ends up representing the President in a speedy trial to determine his fitness to deal with the crisis) $7.99
Booth, Faye L. Trades of the Flesh (London, 1888: A young prostitute teams up with a young surgeon, first as a model for his pornographic photography sideline, and then as his assistant in procuring corpses for medical experimentation) $14.99
Bowen, Rhys The Last Illusion (Molly Murphy #9: When his assistant is killed on stage, a magician accuses Harry Houdini of tampering with his equipment; Houdini's wife hires Molly to investigate) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Bless the Bride (Molly Murphy #10: 1903: With her own wedding to NYPD Captain Daniel Sullivan approaching, Molly decides to squeeze in one last case: a wealthy Chinese immigrant wants her to find his missing bride) $24.99
Brennan, Allison Kiss Me, Kill Me (Lucy Kincaid #2: PBO; When her search for a missing teenage girl collides with an FBI hunt for a serial killer, Lucy must confront her fears, even if it means risking her future with the FBI) $7.99
Brockmann, Suzanne Hot Pursuit (Troubleshooter #15: While providing personal protection for an old friend who is running for office, Troubleshooter Alyssa Lock receives messages from a serial killer she's been hunting for years) $7.99
Brown, Dale Executive Intent (A planned US space-based defense system may cause an arms race with China; when the President cancels the project and calls for treaties to eliminate space-based weapons, China refuses to negotiate) $9.99
Burke, Jan The Messenger (Tyler hears the final thoughts of the dying and conveys those messages to their loved ones; he can only relinquish his powers by passing them on to the woman he loves) $7.99
Cain, Chelsea The Night Season (Archie Sheridan #4: Portland detective Archie Sheridan goes after a serial killer who has been poisoning people and then dumping them in the Willamette River flood waters) $24.99
Carrell, Jennifer Lee Haunt Me Still (Kate Stanley #2: A new production of MacBeth at the foot of Scotland's Dunsinnan Hill turns macabre when Kate begins sleepwalking and wakes up atop the hill with blood-smeared hands) $15.00
Childs, Laura The Teaberry Strangler (Tea Shop #11: After Charleston shop owners host a Dickensian evening, Theodosia finds map store owner Daria dead in the alley; Detective Tidwell suspects the killer mistook Daria for Theodosia) $7.99
Childs, Laura Scones & Bones (Tea Shop #12: At the Heritage Society's pirate-themed soiree, a history intern is killed and an antique diamond skull ring is stolen; tea shop owner Theodosia Browning investigates) $25.95
Collins, Max/Clemens, M No One Will Hear You (Crime Seen #2: PBO; A sadistic killer sends a video to reality TV show Crime Seen! to 'audition' for a starring role. If he doesn't get it, he'll kill again) $7.99
Cope, Carol Soret Murder on the High Seas (PBO; Nonfiction; a charter boat captain and crew are ambushed and murdered by their passengers, who try to convince authorities that pirates were responsible) $7.99
Coughlin, J/Davis, D An Act of Treason (Sniper #4: Marine sniper Kyle Swanson finds himself in the sights of a man he once idolized - an American hero turned traitor) $25.99
Cumming, Charles Typhoon (During the run-up to the Beijing Olympics, SIS agent Joe Lennox squares off against CIA agent Miles Coolidge, who stole both a girlfriend and a high-profile asset from Lennox back in 1997) $14.99
Cuneo, Michael W. A Need to Kill (PBO; Nonfiction; clean-cut, bright high school sophomore Alec Kreider murdered his best friend and his friend's parents) $7.99
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J The Silent Sea (Oregon Files #7: A shocking discovery in the Argentine jungle leads Juan Cabrillo first to an island off the coast of Washington State, and then to an ancient Chinese expedition, and a curse that seems to have survived for over 500 years) $9.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Uproar (Emma Lord #21: Emma and Sheriff Dodge investigate a murder at the local tavern; the case is complicated by contradictory and confused witness accounts, each with an agenda behind the story) $7.99
Daly, Elizabeth Any Shape or Form (Henry Gamadge #9: Reissue; In elegant New York society, Johnny Redfield's aunt, a Californian with pretensions of mysticism, didn't exactly fit in. When she's killed at Johnny's party, gentleman-sleuth Henry Gamadge discovers that most of the guests had a reason to kill her - and no one has a solid alibi) $14.95
Dekker, Ted The Bride Collector (Pursuing a serial killer who leaves a bridal veil at each murder scene, an FBI agent enlists the help of a woman who can experience the final moments of a person's life when she touches the dead body) $7.99
DeVecchio, L/Brandt, C We're Going to Win This Thing (Nonfiction; FBI agent DeVecchio tells the story of his battle against the New York mob bosses, and how he ended up fighting for his own freedom after being accused of corruption and of personally ordering four mob hits) $26.95
Doetsch, Richard The Thieves of Darkness (Michael St. Pierre #3: Reformed thief Michael St. Pierre breaks his girlfriend and his best friend out of a Middle Eastern prison; the trio head to Istanbul in search of an ancient religious artifact) $7.99
Dorsey, Tim Gator A-Go-Go (Serge Storms #12: Serge and Coleman pack up their guns, drugs, and sunscreen for Spring Break, but wind up on the trail of a Miami crime gang that's after a snitch's son) $13.99
Dunn, Carola Sheer Folly (Daisy Dalrymple #18: 1926: At a country home to photograph its grotto for a book of architectural follies, Daisy investigates when the grotto explodes, killing an obnoxious house guest) $14.99
Eastland, Sam Shadow Pass (UK title: The Red Coffin) (Pekkala #2: 1939: When a top military engineer is found dead next to the weapon he was working on, Stalin enlists Inspector Pekkala to look into the murder) $25.00
Ellison, J.T. So Close the Hand of Death (Taylor Jackson #6: PBO; Across the US, murders are being committed with the hallmarks of the Boston Strangler, the Zodiac Killer, and the Son of Sam. Nashville homicide Lt. Taylor Jackson knows instantly that The Pretender is back - and he's got helpers) $7.99
Estleman, Loren D. Nicotine Kiss (Amos Walker #18: An old friend's disappearance puts PI Walker on the trail of a counterfeiting operation - and into deadly peril) $15.99
Fairstein, Linda Hell Gate (Alexandra Cooper #12: Manhattan DA Cooper discovers a connection between a shipwreck with contraband cargo - human cargo - and a New York congressman's sex scandal) $9.99
Fforde, Jasper Shades of Grey (In a society where status is based on what portion of the color spectrum you can see, a low-level employee of the Color Control Agency meets a Grey Nightseer from the unlit side of the village, and comes to question the implacable hierarchy; talk gives way to revolutionary action) $15.00
Fielding, Joy Now You See Her (On a trip to Ireland, a woman sees a young woman she thinks is her daughter - supposedly dead in an accident 2 years earlier, though no body was found - and embarks on a desperate search for the truth) $25.99
Fluke, Joanne Devil's Food Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #15: When the substitute minister is found shot to death, Hannah discovers he wasn't the saintly fellow he appeared to be. But can she find the culprit in this half-baked murder plot?) $24.00
Franklin, Ariana A Murderous Procession (Adelia Aguilar #4: 1176: King Henry II sends his daughter Joanna to marry the king of Sicily, and sends Adelia along to safeguard Joanna's health. When people in the wedding entourage are murdered, Adelia and Rowley must discover the killer's identity) $15.00
Freeman, Brian The Burying Place (Jonathan Stride #5: Lt. Stride and his team must stop a sadistic murderer's killing spree, and find a baby who vanished from a lakeside home in Grand Rapids, MN) $7.99
Galligan, John The Wind Knot (Fly Fishing #4: After five years of self-imposed exile on the rivers of America, trout bum Ned 'Dog' Oglivie has burned his waders and hat, given away his rod, and is bound for reconciliation with his past. But some men never make it home; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Gaus, P.L. Separate from the World (Amish-Country #6: Reissue; Enos Erb claims that his brother Benny - a dwarf like himself - has been murdered. The investigation uncovers links to a controversial genetics study of Amish inbreeding - a study in which both brothers had participated) $13.00
Glass, Charles Americans in Paris: Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation (Nonfiction; the story of 500 expatriates - artists, writers, scientists, playboys, musicians, cultural mandarins, and businessmen - and their lives from the spring of 1940 to the summer of 1944) $18.00
Glynn, Alan Limitless (original title: The Dark Fields) (Reissue; A writer discovers a top-secret drug that gives him superhuman abilities - but at what price?) $15.00
Goddard, Robert Found Wanting (What appears to be a simple errand for a dying friend leads Richard Eusden into a maze involving kidnapping, extortion, the fate of the Russian royal family, and secrets that could topple a corporate empire) $15.00
Graham, Heather The Killing Edge (The disappearance of a young model leads a psychologist to a modeling agency, where she discovers a mass murder eerily similar to one she survived ten years earlier) $7.99
Gross, Andrew Reckless (Ty Hauck #2: A Wall Street trader and his family are killed, apparently by burglars; Ty, who knew the wife years ago, uncovers questions about the sudden collapse of the trader's firm - and the firm's connection to the security firm Ty currently works for) $9.99
Hamilton, Steve The Lock Artist (After surviving a horrific act of violence as a child, Michael no longer speaks - but he can open any lock. If there's a heist in the works, Michael's your man. Until one day a seemingly simple job turns into a nightmare, and everything falls apart. Michael decides to go back home to find the only person he ever loved, and to finally face the secret that has kept him silent all these years) $14.99
Harris, C.S. Where Shadows Dance (Sebastian St. Cyr #6: Sebastian's reluctant bride-to-be Hero knows something about the murder of a foreign office diplomat. Sebastian will have to catch the killer to protect Hero - and their unborn child) $24.95
Harris, Charlaine A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden #2: Reissue; When she inherits an estate, including money, jewelry, and a house - complete with a skull hidden in the window seat - Roe sets out to identify the victim and find the killer) $25.95
Hart, Erin False Mermaid (Gavin & Maguire #3: When she learns that her dead sister's husband plans to remarry, Nora Gavin returns to Minnesota to try once more to bring him to justice for her sister's murder) $15.00
Hays, Tony The Divine Sacrifice (Malgwyn ap Cuneglas #2: On a visit to Glastonbury, Malgwyn investigates the cruel murder of an aged monk; his search for truth uncovers a conspiracy that endangers Arthur's kingdom) $14.99
Hinger, Charlotte Deadly Descent (Lottie Albright #1: When false accusations threaten the political career of Kansas senatorial candidate Brian Hadley, historian Lottie Albright finds herself looking for the person who killed Hadley's aunt) $14.95
Hinger, Charlotte Lethal Lineage (Lottie Albright #2: After the mysterious death of beloved minister Mary Farnsworth, historian Lottie Albright and her psychologist twin sister Josie learn that she was a woman without a past, and that a visiting bishop has unexpected ties to western Kansas) $14.95
Hopmann, D.T. Endo (After they discover a source of clean, renewable energy, a technologist and his team make a second discovery: someone else wants the the process, and will do anything to get it; Signed copies) $15.99
Horan, Ellen 31 Bond Street (A fictionalized account of the brutal murder of a prominent dentist in pre-Civil War Manhattan, and the subsequent trial of his housekeeper for the crime) $14.99
Hurley, Graham Beyond Reach (Joe Faraday #10: DI Faraday's investigation into a hit-and-run reveals a link to a terrible crime from the 1980s that the victim does not want investigated. And ex-DC Paul Winter has his own reasons for keeping the lid on an old crime) $12.95
Ifkovic, Ed Lone Star (Edna Ferber #1: On the set of Giant , James Dean is a suspect when a disturbed extra is murdered after accusing him of fathering her child; writer Edna Ferber is determined to clear his name) $14.95
Jackson, Lisa Without Mercy (Julia Farentino applies for a teaching job at an academy with a reputation for turning wayward kids around, and finds that students are disappearing, and dying under suspicious circumstances) $7.99
Johnston, Linda O. Beaglemania (Pet Rescue #1: PBO; After rescuing some puppies that were dumped down a drainpipe, HotRescues head Lauren Vancouver becomes a murder suspect when a puppy-mill employee is found dead at the animal shelter) $7.99
Kellerman, Jesse The Executor (A grad student responds to an ad seeking a conversationalist, and meets a woman who is his intellectual soul mate. How is he to know that what seems to be the best decision of his life is the one that seals his fate?) $9.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Deception (Alex Delaware #25: A woman's murder may be tied to an ultra-exclusive LA school; Milo and Alex find themselves investigating perversity, duplicity, and violence among the young and wealthy) $9.99
Kelly, David A. The Fenway Foul-Up (Ballpark #1: Kids; Mike and Kate are watching batting practice right before the game. When the star slugger's lucky bat is stolen, can the cousins find out who pinched it?) $4.99
Kelly, David A. The Pinstripe Ghost (Ballpark #2: Kids; While waiting for Kate's sports reporter mom at Yankee Stadium, Mike and Kate hear a rumor that Babe Ruth's ghost is haunting the new stadium. Can it be true?) $4.99
Koontz, Dean The Voice of the Night (Reissue; Colin was fascinated by his best friend Roy - and Roy was fascinated by death. When Roy asked his friend if he'd ever killed anything, the two became bound together in a terrifying game) $9.99
Kresge, Robert Murder for Greenhorns (1870 Wyoming: When lawman Sam Taggart is shot and killed, greenhorn schoolteacher Kate Shaw persuades Texas cowboy Monday Malone to take on Taggart's identity in hopes of rooting out the killer) $15.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Hyenas (Hap & Leonard: A Hap & Leonard novella, plus a Hap short story) $25.00
Lavene, Joyce & Jim A Touch of Gold (Missing Pieces #2: PBO; Injured in an explosion at the historical museum, Dae O'Donnell discovers her gift for finding things has been amplified. Now if ex-FBI agent Kevin Brickman can help decipher her visions, they might be able to catch the crook behind the explosion) $7.99
Lawrence, Lucy Sealed with a Kill (Decoupage #3: PBO; Brenna Miller gets stuck acting as guide to a group of tourists interested in viewing the New England autumn foliage; the trail leads them straight to a dead body) $6.99
Lewis, Robert Bank of the Black Sheep (Robin Llewellyn #3: With his memory fading as cancer closes in, pursued by cops and criminals alike, ex-PI Robin Llywelyn discovers that a hidden fortune is waiting, and races against the reaper to score one final haul) $14.95
Lustbader, Eric Van Last Snow (Jack McClure #2: Jack heads to eastern Europe to find out how and why a US Senator ended up dead on the island of Capri when he was supposedly in the Ukraine) $9.99
Lynds, Gayle The Book of Spies (Rare book expert Ann Blake agrees to help unravel the connection between a bank account linked to terrorists and the legendary missing Library of Gold) $9.99
Maleeny, Tim Jump (When the most hated landlord in San Francisco takes a jump off the roof of his own buildings, the police want to call it suicide, but ex-cop Sam McGowan knows it's murder) $14.95
Manfredo, Lou Rizzo's Fire (Joe Rizzo #2: Veteran cop Joe Rizzo and his new partner Priscilla Jackson must deal with NYPD politics as they try to find out who strangled a recently fired shoe salesman) $24.99
May, Peter Blowback (Enzo Files #5: Forensic scientist Enzo Macleod investigates the murder of France's most famous chef. But in revealing a hidden killer, he also uncovers a disturbing parallel with his own past; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
McCleary, Carol The Alchemy of Murder (Nellie Bly #1: Paris, 1889: Determined to stop a killer who is stalking the streets and a plague that is striking down thousands, intrepid reporter Nellie Bly teams up with writer Jules Verne, roguish wit Oscar Wilde, and microbe-hunter Louis Pasteur) $7.99
McCoy, Judi Begging for Trouble (Dog Walker #4: PBO; When a dog is the only witness to a backstage murder, a visit to a dog psychic might be the only way to stop a killer) $6.99
McDonough/Lonardo Caught in the Act (PBO; Nonfiction; after saving their teenage daughter from a knife-wielding stranger who turned out to be a wanted serial killer, two parents battle to bring him to justice, and struggle with 'survivor guilt') $7.99
Neri, Kris Revenge for Old Times' Sake (Tracy Eaton #3: Free-spirited Tracy cheered when her husband Drew loosened up enough to punch his boss Ian in the nose. Now she'll have to clear Drew's name: Ian just turned up dead in the Eatons' pool) $16.95
Nova, Craig The Informer (In the dark days before WWII, a beautiful young prostitute and a lame teenage boy depend on each other to survive in the chaos of Berlin) $14.00
O'Donovan, Gerard The Priest (Mike Mulcahy #1: Inspector Mike Mulcahy butts heads with his Dublin colleagues and bosses when he insists that an attack on a politician's daughter had religious as well as sexual motivations) $25.00
O'Grady, Rohan Let's Kill Uncle (Orphaned and sent to stay with his uncle on an island, Barnaby knows his uncle is trying to kill him and gain his inheritance. No one believes him, until he tells the only other child on the island, who decides that Barnaby will have to kill his uncle first) $14.00
Orgain, Diana Formula for Murder (Maternal Instincts #3: PBO; After escaping unharmed from a hit-and-run by a car with French diplomatic license plates, first-time mom Kate Connolly's quest for answers uncovers deadly goings-on at the consulate) $7.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M Private (Ex-CIA agent Jack Morgan inherits his father's renowned LA detective business, and tackles an NFL gambling scandal, 18 unsolved schoolgirl slayings, and the murder of his best friend's wife) $14.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Mummy Case (Amelia Peabody #3: Reissue; 1894-1895: The Emersons are distracted from their excavation of the ruined Mazghunah pyramids by the murder of an unscrupulous antiquities dealer, a stolen mummy case, and the antics of their catastrophically precocious son Ramses) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Lion in the Valley (Amelia Peabody #4: Reissue; 1895-1896: The Emersons' excavation of the Black Pyramid of Dahshoor brings them once again within reach of criminal mastermind Sethos. But this time his target is not antiquities, but Amelia herself!) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Deeds of the Disturber (Amelia Peabody #5: Reissue; 1896: When a night watchman is found dead near a mummy case at the British museum, the press blames an ancient Egyptian curse, but Amelia is determined to find the real culprit) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Golden One (Amelia Peabody #14: Reissue; 1916-1917: The Great War shows no signs of abating. Ramses Emerson heads to the fabled seaport of Gaza on a mission as personal as it is perilous. And far away, his wife Nefret guards a secret of her own) $9.99
Phelps, M. William Love Her to Death (PBO; Nonfiction; a 45-year-old Pennsylvania woman, wife of a prominent businessman, is beaten and strangled before being tossed in her backyard pool to drown) $6.99
Porrello, Rick Kill the Irishman (PBO; Nonfiction; the head of Cleveland's Irish mob wages war with the Italian Mafia) $7.99
Poulsen, Kevin Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground (Nonfiction; a look at the modern hacking underworld, and the story of Max Butler, a hacker who seized control of a worldwide computer fraud network) $25.00
Preston, D/Child, L Gideon's Sword (Gideon Crew #1: Rogue operative Gideon Crew is assigned to tail a Chinese scientist and steal the plans for a new weapon of mass destruction. When the scientist is killed and the plans stolen, Gideon follows a trail of clues to an uninhabited island, where he comes face to face with his nemesis - and learns that what he thought was the ultimate weapon is something far more frightening; unabridged CDs $34.98) $26.99
Robb, J.D. Treachery in Death (Eve Dallas #33: When her partner Peabody overhears an argument between two corrupt NYPSD cops, detective Eve Dallas, Peabody, and Eve's husband Roarke set out to get hard evidence to bring the dirty cops down) $26.95
Robertson, Michael The Brothers of Baker Street (Heath Brothers #2: Reggie Heath's latest client is a London cab driver accused of murdering two tourists. But while Reggie works on that case, the letters to Sherlock Holmes are piling up - including one from someone who claims to be Moriarty's descendant) $24.99
Robinson, Patrick Intercept (After a judge liberates four of the most dangerous al Qaeda terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, the men vanish. Only one man can find them: retired Navy SEAL Mack Bedford) $7.99
Rollins, James Excavation (Reissue; On an expedition to Peru, in a necropolis that has remained undisturbed for centuries, an archaeologist makes a terrifying discovery) $23.99
Rosett, Sara Mint Juleps, Mayhem, and Murder (Ellie Avery #5: Ellie looks for the killer when her husband's squadron commander is murdered and his wife, Ellie's good friend Denise, becomes prime suspect) $6.99
Ross, Kate A Broken Vessel (Julian Kestrel #2: Reissue; When his valet's prostitute sister uncovers clues to a murder while picking a client's pocket, the trail leads Regency detective Julian Kestrel across London, from glittering parlors to the dank halls of a home for fallen women) $14.95
Russell, Neil Wildcase (Rail Black #2: PBO; When a retired police officer and his wife are tortured and slain, the crime leads their friend, billionaire ex-Delta Force operative Rail Black, to a shady megachurch, through Vegas, and into shadowy places halfway around the globe) $7.99
Shelton, Paige Fruit of All Evil (Farmers' Market #2: PBO; A murder at the local farmer's market puts jam-maker Becca Robins on the trail of a canny killer) $7.99
Solana, Teresa A Short Cut to Paradise (Eduard & Borja #2: When a bestselling writer is found bludgeoned to death with a literary trophy she just won, twin detectives Eduard and Borja are plunged into the murky waters of the Barcelona literary scene) $14.95
Straub, Peter A Dark Matter (Years later, the survivors of a 1960s campus guru's soul-shattering secret ritual try to come to terms with the darkness of the past, and find they must face the evil triggered so many years earlier) $7.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Bookstore Babe (Scumble River #13: PBO; After discovering a murder victim crushed by a bookcase in the town's new bookstore, school psychologist Skye Denison goes after the killer) $6.99
Thor, Brad Path of the Assassin (Scot Harvath #2: Reissue; The assassination of the only man who knows the truth behind the ambush of an American Special Forces team sends Harvath along a bloody trail of clues pointing toward the world's most feared terrorist) $9.99
Thor, Brad State of the Union (Scot Harvath #3: Reissue; The president turns to Harvath to stop Soviet sleeper agents preparing to detonate suitcase nukes in major American cities) $9.99
Thor, Brad Blowback (Scot Harvath #4: Reissue; An ancient weapon designed to decimate the Roman Empire has been unearthed; Harvath must stop a shadowy organization from using it to bring about America's downfall) $9.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Earthway (Ella Clah #15: A group of activists will use any tool - including terrorism - to stop the construction of a nuclear power plant on the Navajo reservation; Ella vows to bring them to justice) $14.99
Warner, G (creator) The Pumpkin Head Mystery (Boxcar Children #124: Kids; A mysterious specter with a glowing pumpkin head is warning guests to stay away from the Beckett farm. It's up to the Aldens to find out who is behind the scare) $4.99
Warner, G (creator) The Cupcake Caper (Boxcar Children #125: Kids; After someone breaks into Mama Tova's shop kitchen to steal her secret cupcake recipe, the Aldens use their detective skills - and taste buds - to find the culprit at a nearby bake-off) $4.99
Warner, G (creator) The Clue in the Recycling Bin (Boxcar Children #126: Kids; The Aldens are volunteering at the local recycling center. When it is vandalized, the children have a mystery to solve. Is there a treasure hidden there?) $4.99
Warner, Penny How to Survive a Killer Seance (Presley Parker #3: PBO; Presley investigates when a murder occurs during a seance party she planned at San Francisco's famous Winchester Mystery House) $6.99
Wendelboe, C.M. Death along the Spirit Road (Manny Tanno #1: When developer Jason Red Cloud is found on the site of his new resort with a war club lodged in his skull, Lakota FBI agent Manny Tanno returns home to the Pine Ridge reservation to investigate) $14.00
White, Randy Wayne Deep Shadow (Doc Ford #17: Thirty minutes into what should have been an easy lake dive, the rim of a cave collapses, trapping two of Doc's friends. Doc surfaces to find help - and runs into two murderers intent on diving to the bottom of the lake to recover a legendary plane wreck loaded with gold. Ford's expertise is just what they need) $9.99
White, Randy Wayne Night Vision (Doc Ford #18: When an illegal immigrant goes into hiding after witnessing a murder, Doc Ford and his friend Tomlinson must search through the underground, invisible nation of illegal laborers to find her before the killer does; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Wimberley, Darryl Devil's Slew (Barrett Raines #5: When a diver finds a canvas bag and a pair of severed heads in the Gulf of Mexico, the investigation brings in federal and county law enforcement, and Special Agent Barrett Raines) $25.99
Winspear, Jacqueline The Mapping of Love and Death (Maisie Dobbs #7: 1932: Hired by a WWI soldier's parents to find the unnamed nurse who had sent love letters to their son before his death, Maisie unleashes a web of intrigue and violence when she discovers that the young man was actually murdered in his trench) $14.99

Due Mid-March

Anastasia, George Goodfella Tapes (Reissue; Nonfiction; the author draws on transcripts of FBI surveillance tapes take you inside the world of the Philadelphia Mafia in the 1990s) $14.99
Atkinson, Kate Started Early, Took My Dog (Jackson Brodie #4: Retired detective Tracy Waterhouse has impulsively taken responsibility for a repeat offender's small child. Former detective Jackson Brodie has rescued an abused dog. He's about to learn, along with Tracy, that no good deed goes unpunished; unabridged CDs $34.98) $24.99
Baer, Robert & Dayna The Company We Keep: A Husband-and-Wife Spy Story (Nonfiction; the story of the unlikely romance between a top CIA operative and an up-and-coming CIA shooter, and their attempt to leave the spy life behind) $26.00
Barrett, Tracy The Beast of Blackslope (Sherlock Files #2: Kids; Xena and Xander Holmes are excited about their vacation in the peaceful country village of Blackslope. But a huge monster begins to terrorize the town. Could it be the beast their ancestor Sherlock investigated nearly a hundred years ago?) $6.99
Bass, Jefferson The Bone Yard (Body Farm #6: Unidentified remains found in rural Florida lead Dr. Brockton's team to a series of shallow graves at a defunct reform school - and to skeletons in some very prominent closets) $24.99
Black, Cara Murder in the Palais Royal (Aimee Leduc #10: Aimee's partner has been shot, and eyewitnesses have identified her as the culprit. A mysterious deposit has been made to their firm's bank account. Two murders ensue. And somehow it's all connected to a youth Aimee sent to jail years ago) $14.00
Black, Cara Murder in Passy (Aimee Leduc #11: When Aimee's godfather, a Paris police captain, becomes prime suspect in the strangling death of his Basque girlfriend, Aimee's search for the real killer leads her to police corruption, a Basque terrorist group, and a kidnapped Spanish princess) $25.00
Boyer, Richard L. The Giant Rat of Sumatra (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; As Holmes and Watson investigate the most terrifying of creatures, they also find themselves once again confronting the villainous Stapleton) $9.95
Carter, Philip The Altar of Bones (A murdered homeless woman's cryptic dying words send a young woman across the globe, searching for an ancient religious icon housing a secret others will kill to possess) $25.00
Castillo, Linda Sworn to Silence (Kate Burkholder #1: Reissue; Kate returns to her Amish hometown as the new Chief of Police; to stop a killer, she must betray both her family and her Amish past - and expose a dark secret that could destroy her) $14.99
Cumming, Charles The Trinity Six (When academic Sam Gaddis sets out to discover the identity of the sixth man of the Cambridge Spy Ring, people begin dying, MI-6 tries to throw Gaddis off the trail, and he finds himself in the crosshairs of a Russian plot) $24.99
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J The Jungle (Oregon Files #8: A devastating weapon unleashed in 13th-century China; a daring rescue in the Afghanistan mountains; a woman gone missing in the jungles of southeast Asia. These events come together to put Juan Cabrillo and his crew on the track of a serious threat to US security) $27.95
Cutler, Judith Staging Death (Retired actress Vena Burford, who now shows potential buyers around expensive country houses, is alarmed when unsavory characters demand to explore every nook and cranny of the houses) $16.95
Dickinson, David Death in a Scarlet Coat (Lord Powerscourt #10: The Earl of Candlesby is found dead, his body wrapped in blankets atop his horse. Sent to investigate the murder, Powerscourt uncovers a tangled web of jealousy, revenge and hatred) $25.00
Fairstein, Linda Silent Mercy (Alexandra Cooper #13: When young women are decapitated, set on fire, and left burning on the steps of two different Manhattan churches, prosecutor Alex Cooper investigates) $26.95
Fforde, Jasper One of Our Thursdays Is Missing (Thursday Next #6: All-out Genre war is rumbling, and the BookWorld desperately needs a heroine like Thursday Next. But with the real Thursday apparently retired to the RealWorld, the Council of Genres turns to the written Thursday, asking her to pretend to be the real Thursday, and travel as an emissary to the warring factions. Her trip up the mighty Metaphoric River reveals a fiendish plot that threatens the very fabric of the BookWorld) $25.95
Gardner, Lisa Love You More (D.D. Warren #5: A state trooper claims to have shot her husband in self-defense. As authorities mount a search for the couple's missing child, detective D.D. Warren partners with Bobby Gold to investigate the killing) $26.00
Gregory, Susanna A Murder on London Bridge (Thomas Chaloner #5: London, 1664: Chaloner, spy for the Earl of Clarendon, must find the ring-leaders of two separate plots, one seeking to bring back Puritanism, the other seeking the return of the Roman Catholic Church) $12.95
Kane, Ben The Silver Eagle (Forgotten Legion #2: At the edge of the known world, Romulus, Brennus, and Tarquinius face savage tribes - and treacherous enemies within the legion - as they struggle to find a way back to Rome) $14.99
Lansdale, Joe R. Devil Red (Hap & Leonard #8: A cold-case double murder leads Hap Collins and Leonard Pine to a vampire cult, the Dixie Mafia, and the deadliest assassin they've ever encountered; Signed copies expected) $24.00
Mankell, Henning The Man from Beijing (When 19 people, including her grandparents, are massacred in a Swedish hamlet, a judge's investigation leads to modern-day Beijing and its highest echelons of power, and to Zimbabwe and Mozambique) $15.00
McLean, Russel D. The Lost Sister (J. McNee #2: A favor for a friend becomes a nightmare as Scottish PI J. McNee hunts for a missing teenager whose godfather is a known criminal) $24.99
Mills, Mark The Information Officer (Malta, 1942: When a Maltese woman is murdered and evidence links her death to a British serviceman, military officer Max Chadwick must unmask the killer) $15.00
Mosley, Walter When the Thrill Is Gone (Leonid McGill #3: The economy has hit the PI business hard. So how can McGill say no to the beautiful young woman who walks into his office with a stack of cash?) $26.95
Patterson, J/McMahon, N Toys (Hays Baker is an Elite, endowed at birth with super strength, extraordinary intelligence, and more. Top operative at the Agency for Change, he has just won the fiercest battle of his career when he learns something that overturns everything he thought was true. Now a hunted fugitive, he must fight to save humans everywhere from extinction) $27.99
Pelecanos, George Soul Circus (Strange & Quinn #3: Reissue; A Washington, DC, crime lord is fighting for his life in court. Two younger dealers are fighting for his territory. PI Derek Strange has found a woman whose testimony could mean death or freedom for the crime lord. He wants her to talk - but first he'll have to find a way to keep her alive) $14.99
Pelecanos, George Hard Revolution (Strange & Quinn Prequel: Reissue; 1968: As rookie Washington, DC, cop Derek Strange tries to help his brother, a Vietnam vet with a disability pension and a drug problem, riots are sparked by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr) $14.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Final Coup (Executioner #388: PBO; Bolan and his team are assigned protection duty when deadly political rivalry threatens Cameroon's democracy) $4.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Infiltration (SuperBolan #140: PBO; Mack Bolan takes a top hacker into custody and goes undercover to destroy a Russian cybercrime organization that's into everything from spam scams to identity theft to child pornography) $6.99
Rabie, Sue Boston Snowplough (David Roth #1: A snowstorm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands isolates the town of Boston. Grader driver David Roth rescues the passengers of a local bus, but now they are trapped in town. Two of them are killers, desperate to get back to their stranded bus and the money they stole from their victim. Soon David is fighting for his life, and the lives of his friends) $19.95
Rankin, Ian The Complaints (Malcolm Fox #1: Nobody likes The Complaints - cops who investigate other cops. It's where Malcolm Fox works. Cop Jamie Breck is dirty, but no one can prove it. When Fox is given the case, he learns that there's more to Breck than anyone thinks - dangerous knowledge, especially when a vicious murder takes place far too close to home) $24.99
Russinovich, Mark Zero Day (Computer failures cause a series of apparently unrelated disasters, leading a former government analyst to suspect cyber-terrorism) $24.99
Siciliano, Sam The Angel of the Opera (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; 1890: The beleaguered managers of the Paris Opera House turn to Sherlock Holmes. Can he unlock the true secrets motivating the infamous Phantom?) $9.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Double Comfort Safari Club (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency #11: Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi travel to a safari lodge where there have been several troubling events - including the demise of one of the guests) $14.00
Stevens, Taylor The Informationist (Hired to find a billionaire's missing daughter, Vanessa Munroe finds herself back in the African lands of her childhood, betrayed and left for dead. To escape the jungle, she must come face to face with the past she's tried to forget) $23.00
Thompson, James Lucifer's Tears (Kari Vaara #2: Working the graveyard shift in the Helsinki homicide unit, Inspector Vaara is pushed into investigating a 90-year-old national hero for WWII war crimes, and is drawn into the torture-murder case of a Russian businessman's unfaithful wife) $24.95
Thomson, Keith Twice a Spy (Drummond Clark #2: Charlie and Drummond Clark are in Switzerland, hiding from criminal charges in the US and experimenting with treatments to retrieve Drummond's memory. When NSA operative Alice Rutherford is kidnapped, the Clarks must dodge a formidable CIA officer and his team to get her back) $25.95
Tolkien, Simon The Inheritance (Inspector Trave #1: The murder of a famed Oxford historian is pinned on his son, until Inspector Trave uncovers a link to a deadly hunt for a priceless relic in 1945 France) $14.99
Tolkien, Simon The King of Diamonds (Inspector Trave #2: 1960: The obvious culprit in a woman's murder is her ex-boyfriend, who has just escaped from prison; while heading the manhunt, Trave's suspicions lead him in another direction) $24.99
Wilson, Laura An Empty Death (Ted Stratton #2: 1944: Called to investigate when a doctor is found dead, DI Stratton soon realizes that someone at the London hospital is on a killing spree) $25.99
Winslow, Don Savages (A pair of successful young Laguna Beach marijuana kingpins run into trouble when the Mexican Baja drug cartel wants in) $15.00
Winslow, Don (writing as Trevanian) Satori (Prequel to Shibumi . 1951: Nicholai Hel has the skills to be the world's most formidable assassin. After three years in captivity, the Americans offer him freedom in exchange for a service: go to Beijing and kill the Soviet Union's Commissioner to China; unabridged CDs $29.98) $25.99

Due Early April

Abernethy, Mark Golden Serpent (Alan McQueen #1: Renowned for having shot and killed dangerous terrorist Abu Sabaya, tough Aussie spy Alan McQueen learns Sabaya is still alive and is planning a deadly nerve gas attack) $9.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Holly Blues (China Bayles #18: When McQuaid's troubled ex-wife shows up, trouble isn't far behind; with McQuaid out of town, it's up to China to weed out the truth before danger catches up to all of them. Includes recipes) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Mourning Gloria (China Bayles #19: China stumbles upon the scene of an arson homicide; when the intern reporter covering the story disappears, China is determined to find her before she becomes a headline herself) $25.95
Atkins, Ace Infamous (1933: Machine Gun Kelly kidnaps an oilman. He will live to regret it, as two of his partners cut themselves into the action, a former Texas Ranger makes tracking Kelly his mission, and Kelly's wife starts playing both ends against the middle) $15.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Skating on Thin Ice (Murder, She Wrote #35: A series of 'accidents' have been ruining a figure skater's practice with her pairs partner and coach; Jessica Fletcher investigates when one of them is found dead at the arena) $22.95
Barone, Sam Quest for Honour (alternate title: Conflict of Empires) (Eskkar #3: Eskkar and Trella must prepare their Bronze Age city-state of Akkad for war with Sumer, a power-hungry port city poised to give birth to the mightiest empire in history) $13.95
Battles, Brett The Silenced (Jonathan Quinn #4: Hired to remove the remains of a body hidden 20 years ago inside the walls of a London building, professional 'cleaner' Jonathan Quinn and his team find themselves caught in the crossfire between two dangerous rivals) $7.99
Bayard, Louis The School of Night (A disgraced scholar is hired to find a stolen letter from the 1600s. It may be the clue to a hidden treasure; it may contain the formula for alchemy; it most certainly will prove the existence of a group of brilliant scholars about whom little is known. But he's not the only one hunting for the letter) $25.00
Black, Benjamin Elegy for April (Quirke #3: 1950s: The search for a missing doctor, a somewhat scandalous young woman from a respected family, leads Quirke and DI Hackett through some of Dublin's darker byways) $15.00
Bond, Larry (ed) Crash Dive (Nonfiction; tales of submarine warfare) $9.99
Box, C.J. Nowhere to Run (Joe Pickett #10: Strange things have been going on in the Wyoming mountains. When Joe goes to check them out, what awaits him is like nothing he's ever dealt with; this patrol may turn out to be his last) $7.99
Box, C.J. Cold Wind (Joe Pickett #11: When Joe's mother-in-law is arrested for killing her husband, the early evidence points to her being guilty as sin, but later developments make Joe wonder if she's being set up) $25.95
Brant, Kylie Deadly Dreams (Mindhunters #5: PBO; Forensic criminologists receive invaluable insight from Risa's prescient dreams of murder - until a tragic end to a case shatters her confidence and drives her into seclusion) $7.99
Burdett, John The Godfather of Kathmandu (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #4: Police Colonel Vikorn names Sonchai his consigliere in his ongoing battle with Army General Zinna for control of Bangkok's illegal enterprises) $14.95
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Deadly Notions (Southern Sewing Circle #4: PBO; When self-important pageant mom Ashley Lawson turns up dead, librarian Tori Sinclair and her sewing circle friends must figure out who killed her) $7.99
Cavender, Chris Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (Swift Sisters #2: When their delivery driver's nasty brother turns up dead in the pizzeria, the driver disappears in a panic, and Eleanor and Maddy start looking for the killer) $7.99
Cavendish, Lady Grace The Grace Mysteries: Assassin / Betrayal (Lady Grace #1 / #2: Kids; Omnibus reprint; two mysteries set in the Elizabethan court) $6.99
Clancy, T/Michaels, D Combat Ops (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: PBO; Tie-in to the game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ) $9.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Wrecked (Regan Reilly #13: Regan and her husband join his clan for a simple family vacation on Cape Cod that turns out to be something quite different) $7.99
Clark, Mary Higgins I'll Walk Alone (An interior designer finds herself indicted for identity theft and suspected of the murder of a woman she barely knew - not realizing that she is the target of a vicious plot to destroy her sanity and her life) $25.99
Clark, Mary Higgins The Shadow of Your Smile (When her husband's identical twin is found murdered in his apartment, Olivia helps her husband mourn. But as the months pass, she begins to wonder which twin was actually killed) $7.99
Coben, Harlan Caught (An investigative reporter nails a child advocate as a sexual predator on national TV; subsequent events make her wonder if she was manipulated into destroying an innocent man) $9.99
Coben, Harlan The Final Detail (Myron Bolitar #6: Reissue; When his friend Esperanza is accused of the murder of a fallen basketball star, Myron is determined to prove her innocence) $9.99
Coben, Harlan Live Wire (Myron Bolitar #10: Former tennis star Suzze T and her rock star husband Lex have been Myron's clients for years. When Lex disappears, a very pregnant Suzze fears that rumors about the baby's paternity may be the cause, and turns to Myron for help) $27.95
Collins, Kate Night of the Living Dandelion (Flower Shop #11: PBO; When a woman is found dead, her body drained of blood, Abby and her fiance Marco must find the real killer to clear the name of Marco's Romanian friend Vlad) $6.99
Conlon, Edward Red on Red (Two NYPD detectives - one drawn to cases of rough urban combat, the other to uncanny cases, suicides, and missing persons - find that their partnership alters their views of each other and the world around them) $26.00
Connelly, Michael The Fifth Witness (Mickey Haller #4: Mickey expands his business into foreclosure defense, only to see one of his clients accused of killing the banker she blames for trying to take away her home; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.99
Connolly, John The Lovers (Charlie Parker #08: Deprived of his PI license and under scrutiny by the police, Parker uses his enforced retirement to begin an investigation into his own past and the death of his father) $7.99
Copperman, E.J. A Uninvited Ghost (Haunted Guesthouse #2: PBO; When a local woman is murdered in the guesthouse, Alison must find the killer - and deal with the arrival of a reality TV show crew) $7.99
Corwin, C.R. The Unraveling of Violeta Bell (Morgue Mama #3: Newspaper librarian Maddy Sprowls encourages the editor to do a story about four elderly women who hire a cab to search for treasure at garage sales. Then one of the women is murdered, starting Maddy on a snoopathon) $14.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Vengeance (Emma Lord #22: Emma and Sheriff Dodge look into a series of letters that claim to know the truth about a long-ago murder) $25.00
Dahl, K.O. The Last Fix (Frank Frolich #3: The murder of a recovering drug addict brings Oslo detectives Frolich and Gunnarstranda into a web of secrets and lies that stretches back generations) $15.99
Daniels, Casey A Hard Day's Fright (Pepper Martin #7: PBO; Lucy disappeared in 1966 after a Beatles concert; it's up to Pepper to track down Lucy's missing corpse so her ghost can finally rest in peace) $7.99
Davidson, Diane Mott Crunch Time (Goldy Schulz #16: When arson leaves fellow chef Yolanda Garcia and her aunt homeless not just once but twice, Goldy invites them to stay with her. When more trouble follows, Goldy investigates) $26.99
Dean, Anna A Gentleman of Fortune, or, The Suspicions of Miss Dido Kent (Dido Kent #2: 1806: While on holiday at her cousin's Sussex home, Dido investigates a neighbor's suspicious death, and uncovers dirty dealings among the upper classes) $24.99
Dietrich, William The Barbary Pirates (Ethan Gage #4: 1802: American adventurer Ethan Gage races the Barbary pirates and Aurora Somerset to rediscover the mirror of Archimedes, an ancient weapon once used to burn a Roman fleet) $9.99
Downing, David Stettin Station (John Russell #3: Fall, 1941: Tied to Berlin by his love for his son and his longtime girlfriend, forced to work for both German and American intelligence, can Anglo-American journalist John Russell find a way to escape Germany?) $14.00
Downing, David Potsdam Station (John Russell #4: April 1945: To find out if his son Paul and girlfriend Effi are still alive, John Russell seeks permission to enter Berlin as a journalist with the advancing Red Army. When the Soviets arrest him as a spy, things look bleak - until they find a use for him that has him parachuting into Berlin behind German lines) $25.00
Duffy, David Last to Fold (Turbo Vlost has discovered that some of the people from his past will go to any lengths to protect their secrets. They're about to discover why he was one of the KGB's deadliest operatives) $25.99
Dugoni, Robert Bodily Harm (David Sloane #3: A case of medical malpractice against a pediatrician becomes more complicated when a toy designer confronts attorney David Sloane and claims responsibility for the child's death) $7.99
Dunn, Carola Anthem for Doomed Youth (Daisy Dalrymple #19: 1926: When three bodies are found just outside London, DCI Fletcher is ordered to solve the murders quickly, and keep his wife Daisy away from the case. Luckily, she's off visiting their daughter's school. But when a teacher is found dead, Daisy is once again in the thick of things) $24.99
Edwards, Martin The Hanging Wood (Lake District #5: 20 years ago, a teenage boy disappeared, and his uncle committed suicide. Now the boy's sister has returned to the Lakes, and wants DCI Hannah Scarlett to find the truth about the disappearance; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Ellis, Kate The Jackal Man (Wesley Peterson #15: DI Wesley Peterson and his team look for a murderous attacker described as a man with a dog's head; hired to examine a collection of Egyptian artifacts, archaeologist Neil Watson uncovers secrets that someone is desperate to keep hidden) $24.95
Emery, Anne Cecilian Vespers (Monty Collins #4: Lawyer/bluesman Monty Collins investigates when a world-renowned German theologian and priest is found dead on the altar of an old church in Halifax, Nova Scotia) $14.95
Ephron, Hallie Come and Find Me (Diana Banks hasn't stepped outside her home since her husband's accidental death two years ago. But when her sister goes missing, Diana must brave the outside world to find her) $24.99
Forman, Steven M. Boca Mournings (Eddie Perlmutter #2: Retirement, my foot. Eddie's new cases range from a haunted elevator to a double kidnapping, and the women won't leave him alone) $7.99
Foulds, Adam The Broken Word (Winner of the 2008 Costa (Whitbread) Poetry Award; an epic poem of the British Empire in Kenya, and the Mau Mau uprising against it) $16.00
Freeman, Brian The Bone House (When her husband is accused of murder, Hilary Bradley is determined to prove his innocence, but soon finds that people in their remote island town will kill to keep their secrets hidden) $24.99
Freud, Martin Any Survivors? (In this recently discovered satirical novel by Sigmund Freud's son, a Jewish refugee returns to Hitler's Germany as a rather inept spy) $14.95
Gilbert, Paul D. Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra (1898: A long-overdue ship has apparently drifted into a berth at the London docks. Only a cabin boy, in his death throes after a mysterious attack, is still on board. Holmes is called in to investigate the matter) $24.95
Goodwin, Jason An Evil Eye (Yashim the Eunuch #4: 1840: What dark secret led the admiral of the Ottoman fleet to defect to the Egyptians? As Yashim unravels his former mentor's curious history, the investigation leads to the sultan's seraglio - where the members of the ladies' orchestra are inexplicably growing ill and dying) $26.00
Grafton, Sue Q Is for Quarry (Reissue; The police turn to PI Kinsey Millhone for help with a cold case - a still-unidentified Jane Doe who was found dead of multiple stab wounds in 1969) $15.00
Grant, Andrew Die Twice (David Trevellyan #2: Trevellyan is assigned to find a rogue Royal Navy Intelligence operative and put an end to his treacherous scheme) $9.99
Graves, Sarah Crawlspace (Home Repair is Homicide #13: A true-crime writer comes to Eastport, Maine, to investigate the drowning death of murderer Randy Dodd six years earlier; she thinks it was faked, and turns out to be right) $7.99
Grippando, James Afraid of the Dark (Jack Swyteck #9: His quest to save a young man from the death penalty for terrorist activity leads Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck through the back alleys of London, onto illegal internet sites, and straight into pure evil) $25.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead in the Family (Southern Vampire #10: As the political implications of the Shifters coming out are beginning to be felt, Sookie's connection to the Shreveport pack draws her into the debate. Worse yet, though the door to Faery has been closed, there are still some Fae on the human side - and one of them is very angry at Sookie) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine (ed) Crimes by Moonlight (Mystery Writers of America Presents) (Anthology; 20 original stories, including a Sookie Stackhouse story by Charlaine Harris) $15.00
Harris, Rosemary Dead Head (Dirty Business #3: Paula is hired to find out which of her neighbors is a fugitive from the law and why the long-kept secret has finally come out) $7.99
Hart, Carolyn Laughed 'Til He Died (Death on Demand #20: When a trio of deaths are linked to the Broward's Rock youth recreation center, the director hires Max Darling to clear her name) $7.99
Hart, Carolyn Dead by Midnight (Death on Demand #21: A recent death appears to be suicide, but Annie suspects murder. To trap the killer, she must unravel the mysteries of a towel hidden in a gazebo, no fingerprints on a crystal mug, blood on a shirt, and a lovers' tryst) $24.99
Hart, John Down River (Reissue; After being narrowly acquitted of a murder charge, Adam Chase was hounded out of his hometown. After five years, he's back. When bodies start turning up, the town rises against him, and Adam must fight to prove his innocence. Edgar winner for Best Novel) $14.99
Harvey, Michael The Third Rail (Michael Kelly #3: After witnessing a sniper shooting, Chicago cop-turned-PI Michael Kelly receives a call from the killer, who has an unnerving link to a crime Kelly witnessed as a child) $7.99
Hays, Tony The Beloved Dead (Malgwyn ap Cuneglas #3: Sent north to fetch the young woman who will be King Arthur's bride, Malgwyn discovers that a string of young women have been killed in what may have been ritual sacrifices) $26.99
Horowitz, Anthony Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider #9: Kids; Scorpia, the world's most dangerous terrorist organization, is up to no good in the Middle East, and it's up to Alex to stop them) $17.99
Hughes, Declan City of Lost Girls (Ed Loy #5: The disappearance of three beautiful girls from Jack Donovan's Dublin movie set bears an eerie resemblance to a series of cases the LAPD never solved. And each time in places where Jack Donovan was filming) $14.99
Hurley, Graham Borrowed Light (Joe Faraday #11: On holiday in the Middle East, an accident puts Faraday in the hospital, where he schemes to adopt a badly burned Palestinian girl. In England, the recession is undermining Bazza's criminal empire; his desperate measures put ex-DC Winter in the thick of it) $23.95
Isaacs, Susan As Husbands Go (When her plastic surgeon husband is found murdered in an escort's apartment, Susie Gersten sets out to prove that her wonderful marriage wasn't a lie. With help from her tough-talking grandma, she takes on her in-laws, her husband's partners, the NYPD, and the DA) $15.00
Jackson, Lisa Devious (New Orleans #9: Detectives Bentz and Montoya investigate when a novice is found garroted in the cathedral; soon more nuns are brutally slaughtered) $25.00
Jance, J.A. Queen of the Night (Walker Family #4: Two murders committed generations apart connect the lives of three families) $9.99
Kane, Ben The Road to Rome (Forgotten Legion #3: Romulus and Tarquinius arrive in Alexandria, only to find themselves in the midst of the Roman Civil War, press-ganged into Caesar's thinning legions to battle the Egyptian army) $26.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Mystery (Alex Delaware #26: LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis turns to Alex for psychological insight into a mutilation murder; Alex is shocked to discover he'd seen the victim not long before her death) $28.00
Kelly, K/Montane, D I Would Find a Girl Walking (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of serial killer Gerald Eugene Stano) $7.99
Kerr, Philip If the Dead Rise Not (Bernie Gunther #6: Havana, 1954: Kicked out of Buenos Aires, Bernie has resurfaced in Cuba, where he runs into a vicious killer from his Berlin days - who is mysteriously murdered - and then an old lover - who may be the murderer) $15.00
Koontz, Dean The Eyes of Darkness (Reissue; A year after her son's death, Tina Evans finds a message scrawled on the chalkboard in his room: NOT DEAD) $16.00
Lackberg, Camilla The Preacher (Patrik Hedstrom #2: The remains of two young campers who disappeared 20 years ago are found alongside those of a new victim, sending a tiny Swedish town into shock. When a second girl goes missing, local detective Patrik Hedstrom searches for clues among the dark secrets of a clan of misfits, religious fanatics, and criminals) $25.95
Lackberg, Camille The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedstrom: After the apparent suicide of a childhood friend, a Swedish writer tries to find answers to questions about their shared past, working with local detective Patrik Hedstrom, who has suspicions about the death; $15.00 trade pb also available) $7.99
Lasseter, Don Deadly Deceit (PBO; Nonfiction; Brian and Jeannie Legg are killed by their son David) $6.99
Leon, Donna A Question of Belief (Brunetti #19: Cases at the local court are being delayed to the benefit of one of the parties, a creative new trick for corrupting the system. But what can Commissario Brunetti do about it? And just when it looks like he will be able to leave on vacation, a shocking crime keeps him in Venice) $15.00
Leon, Donna Drawing Conclusions (Brunetti #20: Commissario Guido Brunetti is called to investigate the death of a widow in her modest Venice apartment. Despite some signs of a struggle, the medical examiner rules that she died of a heart attack, but Brunetti can't shake the feeling that someone, or something, may have triggered it) $24.00
Lowell, Virginia Cookie Dough or Die (Cookie Cutter Shop #1: PBO; Olivia Greyson, owner of The Gingerbread House, and her sidekick Maddie have to take a break from baking to find a killer) $7.99
Ludlum, R/Shelby, P The Cassandra Compact (Covert-One #2: Reissue; Covert-One must stop a cabal from using stolen smallpox virus to build a weapon) $9.99
Lutz, L/Hayward, D Heads You Lose (A pair of pot-growing siblings become sleuths when a headless corpse appears on their northern California property. When collaborators Lutz and Hayward disagree about how the story should unfold, the body count rises, victims and suspects develop surprising characteristics, and sibling rivalry reaches homicidal intensity) $24.95
Lynn, Matt Death Force (Death Inc. #1: The British Army in Afghanistan backs an ex-SAS soldier to put together a mercenary team and steal the drug money that is funding weapons purchases for the Taliban) $9.99
MacBride, Stuart B. Halfhead (In near-future Glasgow, serious criminals are lobotomized, have their lower jaws removed, and are put to work as municipal cleaners. Six years after her procedure - which wasn't quite successful - a serial killer 'wakes up' surrounded by the remains of her newest victim, and sets out to take vengeance) $12.95
Macintyre, Ben The Napoleon of Crime (Reissue; Nonfiction; the story of notorious Victorian bank thief Adam Worth, who was the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Moriarty) $15.00
Macintyre, Ben Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory (Nonfiction; near the end of WWII, British officials planted a dead body in a British uniform, along with a briefcase full of false intelligence, in Nazi territory, tricking them into changing military positions and paving the way for an Allied victory) $15.00
Maffini, Mary Jane The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder (Charlotte Adams #5: PBO; A reunion has brought some high school bullies back to town, and a hit-and-run driver is targeting them; Charlotte starts looking for one of their former victims, who is suddenly missing) $7.99
Malcolm, M.L. Heart of Deception (original title: Deceptive Intentions) (Leo Hoffman #2: Reissue; Recruited by the Allies, Leo just wants to earn American citizenship and find his daughter Maddy. But while he dodges death in WWII France and Morocco, Maddy learns about his mysterious past; and heads down a dangerous path of her own) $13.99
Mankell, Henning The Troubled Man (Wallander #10: When his daughter's father-in-law, a retired naval officer, disappears during a walk in a forest near Stockholm, detective Kurt Wallander investigates unofficially, and uncovers information that hints at elaborate Cold War espionage; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $45.00) $25.95
Mankell/Hildred The Secret Life of Wallander (Nonfiction; an unofficial guide to Mankell's troubled, lonely cop; looks at the books, the TV series, and the impact on the town of Ystad, now one of Sweden's top tourist attractions) $24.95
Mariani, Scott The Mozart Conspiracy (Ben Hope #2: The mysterious death of an opera star's brother leads British SAS officer Ben Hope to the centuries-old puzzle of the death the composer Mozart, who may have been killed by a shadowy splinter group of Freemasons) $24.99
Martin, Nancy Sticky Fingers (Roxy Abruzzo #2: To make ends meet, Roxy has been doing a few jobs for her mob-boss uncle, scaring people into repaying the money they owe him. When his lawyer asks her to hold someone for ransom, Roxy refuses - but ends up prime suspect when the intended victim is murdered) $24.99
Martin, Tom Pyramid (A coded message and a packet of priceless antique maps send a pair of Oxford academics on a quest to Peru and Egypt to unlock an ancient mystery that warns of an imminent cataclysm) $9.99
Martin, William City of Dreams (A race to find a box containing bonds from 1780 becomes a journey through time as Peter Fallon tracks the stories of New Yorkers whose lives have been changed by the bonds) $9.99
McDermott, Andy The Sacred Vault (Wilde & Chase #6: Archaeologist Nina Wilde and ex-mercenary Eddie Chase must reach the sacred Vault of Shiva ahead of a billionaire with a plot to remake the world - after he brings this one crashing down) $7.99
McEuen, Paul Spiral (A professor races against the clock to stop the proliferation of a horrific bioweapon with its roots in WWII Japan) $25.00
McMenamin, M & P The Parsifal Pursuit (Winston Churchill #2: 1931: A conspiracy is underway in Germany to assassinate the president and restore the Kaiser's son to the throne. The threat to the peace of Europe involves Winston Churchill in the fray) $23.95
Medieval Murderers King Arthur's Bones (The Guardians seek to keep King Arthur's remains safe until the legend is fulfilled and he returns to protect his country in the hour of its greatest need. As the secret of the hiding place is passed from generation to generation, those entrusted must withstand treachery, theft, blackmail, and murder) $9.99
Medieval Murderers The Sacred Stone (Anthology; beginning in 1067, and continuing over the next 600 years, a mysterious meteor brings treachery, discord, and violent death to those who seek to possess it) $24.95
Mofina, Rick In Desperation (Jack Gannon #3: PBO; The kidnapping of her 11-year-old daughter is linked to a painful secret in Cora's past; for help, she turns to her estranged brother - reporter Jack Gannon) $9.99
Montrose, David Murder over Dorval (Reissue; When a gorgeous redhead offers a wad of cash and a plane ticket to Montreal to help in an investigation, PI Russell Teed takes the case, but comes to regret his decision when it turns out that three tough customers are gunning for him) $12.00
Moody, Bill Fade to Blue (Evan Horne #7: Evan's gig teaching a movie star to look like he's playing the piano for an upcoming role turns ugly when a paparazzo is killed. Was it an accident, or is the star a suspect? $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Olsen, Gregg Closer than Blood (PBO; Only one person can stop the killing. Only one person can identify the killer. Only one person knows the face of death - is as close as the face in the mirror) $7.99
Olsen, Gregg A Twisted Faith (Nonfiction; Minister Nick Hacheney seduced four female members of his congregation, and hatched a plot to murder his wife) $7.99
Pennie, Ross Tainted (Dr. Zol Szabo #1: Public health doctor Zol Szabo and infectious diseases specialist Hamish Wakefield must find the cause of a mysterious epidemic before more victims show up on the autopsy table) $14.95
Penrose, Andrea Sweet Revenge (Lady Hadley #1: PBO; London, 1812: To find her father's murderer, Lady Arianna goes undercover as a chef; she finds herself at the center of a scandal when the Prince Regent falls ill after eating a dessert she prepared) $6.99
Perry, Anne Farriers' Lane (Thomas Pitt #13: Reissue; Inspector Pitt's investigation of the death of Mr. Justice Stafford draws him into an old crucifixion murder case that Stafford may have been about to reopen; Charlotte Pitt's social engagements provide startling insights into both cases) $15.00
Perry, Anne Half Moon Street (Thomas Pitt #20: Reissue; When a man's corpse is found floating in a battered punt, clad in a torn green gown and bestrewn with flowers, the investigation leads Superintendent Pitt deep into Victorian London's artistic world) $15.00
Perry, Anne Treason at Lisson Grove (Thomas Pitt #23: When an informer in a potential treason plot turns up dead, Pitt follows the killer to France. Meanwhile, the head of London Special Branch needs Charlotte Pitt's help to uncover another plot that penetrates the Victorian government's inner circle) $26.00
Perry, Anne The Twisted Root (William Monk #10: Reissue; A young man hires investigator William Monk to track down his bride-to-be, who suddenly fled a party at a luxurious mansion, then vanished) $15.00
Perry, Anne Funeral in Blue (William Monk #12: Reissue; Two women are found strangled in the studio of a well-known London artist; one is the wife of Hester Monk's colleague Dr. Kristian Beck, a Viennese immigrant who becomes prime suspect. The Monks' search for evidence to save Beck from the hangman takes them from the slums of Victorian London to the coffeehouses of Vienna, where embers of revolution still burn) $15.00
Preston, D/Child, L Fever Dream (Pendergast #10: Special agent Pendergast learns that his wife's rifle, her only protection from the lion who killed her, had been loaded with blanks. Who could have wanted her dead, and why?) $9.99
Robards, Karen Shattered (While investigating a baby's disappearance 28 years earlier, Lisa Grant begins to believe that she herself was the missing girl. That makes Lisa's life a lie - and whoever erased the truth isn't through with her) $7.99
Robb, J.D. Indulgence in Death (Eve Dallas #32: NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas goes after thrill killers with a taste for the finer things in life; her investigation takes her into the rarefied circle her husband Roarke travels in) $7.99
Robinson, Jeremy Threshold (Chess Team #3: The last speakers of ancient languages are being exterminated; assigned to protect the only survivor from a Native American reservation, the team find themselves being hunted by strange creatures sent by an enemy from their past) $27.99
Rocha, Luis M. The Pope's Assassin (Sarah Monteiro & Rafael #3 : When a historian turns up dead after uncovering ancient scrolls that threaten the best-kept secret of the Catholic Church, shadowy priest/operative Rafael is sent to investigate, and finds evidence that may implicate journalist Sarah Montiero) $25.95
Rosett, Sara Mimosas, Mischief, and Murder (Ellie Avery #6: Ellie and her husband travel to a small Alabama town to attend his grandfather's funeral. But was his death the result of foul play rather than natural causes?) $22.00
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Renews Her Vows (Miss Julia #11: Someone has knocked Francie Pitts on the head and put her in the hospital. Francie didn't see her attacker, but she's sure she smelled Etta Mae Wiggins' perfume, Shania Twain by Stetson. It's up to Miss Julia to clear the air) $15.00
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle (Miss Julia #12: Miss Julia has promised her husband she will mind her own business. But when a dead body is found six blocks from her house, who else can figure out why Thurlow Jones is trying to cast suspicion on someone who is certainly innocent?) $25.95
Saunders, Frances Stonor The Woman Who Shot Mussolini (Nonfiction; the life and times of Violet Gibson, a woman who sought to stop the rise of Fascism, whatever the cost) $19.99
Saylor, Steven Last Seen in Massilia (Roma Sub Rosa #8: Reissue; 49 BC: Gordianus the Finder seeks his missing son Meto - now rumored to be a traitor to Julius Caesar - in the besieged city of Massilia. His search is interrupted by a gruesome murder) $14.99
Sides, Hampton Hellhound on His Trail (Nonfiction; the story of the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the massive manhunt for his killer. Edgar nominee for Best Fact Crime) $15.95
Simmons, Dan Black Hills (Haunted by Custer's ghost, and by his ability to see into the memories and futures of legendary men like Crazy Horse, Paha Sapa's life is driven by a vision he had as a boy in the Black Hills. In August of 1936, a dynamite worker on the Mount Rushmore project, Paha Sapa plans to silence his ghost forever and reclaim his people's legacy) $15.99
Simon, Clea Dogs Don't Lie (Pru Marlowe #1: Pru's training as an animal behaviorist got her involved with rescue dog Lily and her person Charles. Now Charles is dead, and Lily is a suspect. An animal psychic, Pru picks up clues by listening to the animals - and uncovers secrets in her Berkshires hometown; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency #12: When one of Phuti Radiphuti's apprentices gets a girl pregnant and runs away, it's up to Precious and Grace to help the couple work things out. Also, Mma Ramotswe investigates a case of rural jealousy and cattle poisoning, and once again hunts for her little white van; Signed copies expected) $24.95
Smith, Wilbur Hungry as the Sea (Reissue; To win a fortune in salvage fees, Nicholas Berg has gambled everything on reaching the Golden Adventurer - trapped against Cape Alarm and surrounded by icebergs - before a competitor and a violent storm) $15.99
Spillane, M/Collins, M The Big Bang (Mike Hammer: Started and outlined by Spillane in the 1960s, completed by Collins. Hammer and his beautiful, deadly partner Velda take on the narcotics racket in NYC) $13.95
Stone, David The Skorpion Directive (Micah Dalton #4: Dalton finds himself the target of a complex plot with the potential to shatter America's strategic alliances; the conspiracy pits him against an ultra-secret US agency and trained KGB killers) $9.99
Sweeney, Leann The Cat, the Lady and the Liar (Cats in Trouble #3: PBO; Quilt-maker Jillian Hart and her felines investigate when a body turns up in the lake) $6.99
Thompson, Larry D. The Trial (When his daughter develops potentially fatal complications from a new drug, a high-powered attorney goes after the drug company and the FDA) $25.99
Tobey, Danny The Faculty Club (When a mysterious club promises success beyond his wildest dreams, first-year law student Jeremy Davis uncovers a secret older than the university, and must stop an ancient ritual that will sacrifice the lives of those he loves most) $15.00
Trent, Gayle Murder Takes the Cake (Daphne Martin #1: Revised from 2008 edition; after finding the murdered body of Brea Ridge, Virginia's meanest gossip, cake decorator Daphne Martin discovers the town is brimming with suspects - including Daphne's entire family) $15.00
Vidal, Gore (writing as Box, Edgar) Death in the Fifth Position (Peter Sargeant #1: Reissue; Hired by a ballet company, P.R. man Peter Sargeant turns amateur sleuth when the company's rising star is killed during a performance) $14.95
Vidal, Gore (writing as Box, Edgar) Death before Bedtime (Peter Sargeant #2: Reissue; Hired to help strategize a venerable senator's imminent run for president, P.R. man Peter Sargeant winds up helping the police when the senator is murdered) $14.95
Vidal, Gore (writing as Box, Edgar) Death Likes It Hot (Peter Sargeant #3: Reissue; At a posh beach community to help a socialite plan an end-of-summer party, P.R. man Peter Sargeant ends up investigating when the woman's niece drowns mysteriously) $14.95
Vorhaus, John The Albuquerque Turkey (Radar Hoverlander #2: To help his con artist dad clear a $5 million debt, Radar breaks his vow to go straight and reinvents his hapless friend Vic, who has come into some money, as the ultimate Vegas high roller) $23.00
Walker, Persia Black Orchid Blues (After witnessing the brutal kidnapping of a seductive singer with a mysterious past, 1920s Harlem society columnist Lanie Price finds herself elbows-deep in a story in which everyone seems to be either lying or keeping secrets to die for) $15.95
Wells, Dan I Don't Want to Kill You (John Cleaver #3: John has called a demon - on the phone - and challenged it to a fight. As he searches for a hint of the demon's identity, it becomes clear that, in a game of cat and mouse with a supernatural killer, the human is always the mouse; $24.95 hc also available) $11.99
White, Michael C. Beautiful Assassin (A beautiful Soviet assassin becomes a WWII hero. Invited to tour the US by Eleanor Roosevelt, she vanishes. Did she defect? Or was she silenced - and by whom?) $15.99
Winspear, Jacqueline A Lesson in Secrets (Maisie Dobbs #8: 1932: Maisie's undercover assignment monitoring anti-government activities at a private college in Cambridge draws her into the murder investigation of the college's controversial pacifist founder; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Woods, Stuart Santa Fe Edge (Ed Eagle #4: Santa Fe attorney Ed Eagle has a mysterious new client, one who may shed light into some dark corners of Ed's past, and put him in danger once more) $9.99
Zimmerman, David The Sandbox (A deadly roadside ambush in Iraq enmeshes a young American soldier in a far-reaching conspiracy) $14.00

Due Mid-April

Alfieri, Annamaria City of Silver (1650: The King of Spain is investigating the Peruvian city of Potosi for producing counterfeit coins. And the Church is investigating abbess Mother Maria for allowing a suicide to be buried in sacred ground. But Mother Maria doesn't think it was suicide, and her attempt to prove her case uncovers more than she suspected) $14.95
Allingham, Margery The Mind Readers (Albert Campion #18: Reissue; Sam Ferris is an ordinary English schoolboy - except for a few things. One: His father is a scientist, based on a military research island. Two: Sam is about to give evidence against one of his teachers in a serious legal matter. Three: Sam can read minds. Four: Sam's story, in all its seemingly unrelated elements, gives his uncle Albert Campion quite a lot to be curious about) $14.95
Baldacci, David The Sixth Man (King & Maxwell #5: As they attempt to uncover the truth about an alleged serial killer, PIs Sean King and Michelle Maxwell find obstacles, half-truths, and dead ends that push their partnership to the limit) $27.99
Brown, Rita&Sneaky Pie Hiss of Death (Mrs. Murphy #19: When Harry falls ill, it's up to her cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, along with corgi Tee Tucker, to save the day and sleuth out the villain behind a vicious murder) $26.00
Burton, F/Bruning, J Chasing Shadows (Nonfiction; in 2007, Burton, a State Department counterterrorism special agent, reopened the unsolved 1973 shooting of an Israeli Air Force pilot and successfully pursued the killer) $26.00
Cantrell, Rebecca A Night of Long Knives (Hannah Vogel #2: 1934: Ernst Rohm has Hannah and her adopted son Anton kidnapped and separated; when Rohm is killed, Hannah struggles to find Anton before the Nazis do) $14.99
Christie, Agatha The Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple #1: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Body in the Library (Miss Marple #2: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Moving Finger (Miss Marple #3: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha A Murder Is Announced (Miss Marple #4: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha They Do It with Mirrors (alternate title: Murder with Mirrors) (Miss Marple #5: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha A Pocket Full of Rye (Miss Marple #6: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha 4:50 from Paddington (alternate title: What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw) (Miss Marple #7: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Mirror Crack'd (Miss Marple #8: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple #9: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha At Bertram's Hotel (Miss Marple #10: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Nemesis (Miss Marple #11: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha Sleeping Murder (Miss Marple #12: Reissue; Classic reprint) $12.99
Christie, Agatha The Complete Short Story Collection (Miss Marple: Classic reprint) $12.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Mobbed (Regan Reilly #14: A case takes PI Regan Reilly and her cop husband to the Jersey Shore, where she runs into some old acquaintances. One of them she almost doesn't recognize - turns out there's more than a good reason for that) $25.00
Clark, Cassandra The Law of Angels (Abbess Hildegard #3: York, 1385: When she offers protection to a young woman who has witnessed a terrible crime, Abbess Hildegard makes a dangerous enemy) $25.99
Clark, Marcia Guilt by Association (When a colleague is found dead at a crime scene, Los Angeles DA Rachel Knight takes over his toughest case: the assault of a young woman from a prominent family) $25.99
Cleland, Jane K. Deadly Threads (Josie Prescott Antiques #6: The guest lecturer for a class about vintage clothing is found dead under a display table; Josie helps investigate when it looks like one of her employees may be involved) $24.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Burning Wire (Lincoln Rhyme #9: Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs race to stop a twisted killer whose weapon of choice is the very energy that powers our lives) $9.99
Dekker, Ted The Priest's Graveyard (A self-proclaimed avenging angel - a priest who has been killing those who do not abide by religious and statutory laws - crosses paths with a girl seeking vengeance on her protector's murderer) $24.99
Doherty, P.C. Nightshade (Hugh Corbett #16: 1304: When an unscrupulous manor lord refuses to hand over a priceless cross he stole during the Crusade, and massacres members of a religious order; the king sends Hugh Corbett to restore order) $25.99
Doiron, Paul The Poacher's Son (Mike Bowditch #1: When his father Jack is arrested for killing a local cop, and then escapes from custody, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch will have to find the real killer to clear Jack's name) $14.99
Donald, Angus Outlaw (Robin Hood #1: When he's caught stealing, young Alan Dale is forced to leave his family and go to live in Sherwood Forest with a notorious band of outlaws led by the tough, bloodthirsty warrior Robin Hood) $14.99
Doudera, Vicky Killer Listing (Darby Farr #2: When south Florida's star real estate broker is fatally stabbed at an open house, realtor Darby Farr gets pulled into the investigation) $14.95
Eig, Jonathan Get Capone (Nonfiction; using newly discovered documents, Eig tells the story of the high-stakes investigation that brought Al Capone to justice) $16.00
Guttentag, Bill Boulevard (When a high-profile lawyer is murdered, lackluster detective Jimmy McCann takes to the Hollywood streets, where he finds a complex web of prostitution and drugs, and learns that the young killer is a victim in her own right) $14.95
Haas, Derek Columbus (Silver Bear #2: Recuperating in Europe after losing his fence and best friend, Columbus finds his reverie interrupted by assassins searching for the Silver Bear) $14.95
Hall, James W. Silencer (Thorn #11: Frisco Hammond investigates his father's murder and Thorn's disappearance, and uncovers a trail that leads back to the 1930s, to a cabal of rich men with a sinister plan) $14.99
Harris, Rosemary Slugfest (Dirty Business #4: When she agrees to act as exhibit manager for a reclusive local artist, Paula's expecting a laid-back weekend at NYC's Big Apple Flower Show - not horticultural sabotage and homicide!) $24.99
Hayes, Jonathan A Hard Death (Edward Jenner #2: When an anonymous call leads medical examiner Edward Jenner to four men hanged in the Everglades, he finds traces of a shadowy conspiracy, and learns he can trust no one) $24.99
Hunt, Jim/Risch, Bob Warrior (Nonfiction; CIA agent Frank Sturgis trained guerrilla armies on three continents, spearheaded plots to overthrow governments, and was one of the Watergate burglars) $25.99
Johansen, Iris Chasing the Night (Eve Duncan #10: Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan tries to help an FBI agent, whose child was stolen eight years ago in an act of vengeance, find out if her son is still alive) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Eve (Eve Duncan #11: CIA agent Catherine Ling brings up a name from the past: John Gallo. He just might be the missing piece to the puzzle that has haunted Eve for years: the disappearance of her daughter) $27.99
Kerr, Philip Field Gray (Bernie Gunther #7: 1954: Imprisoned in Cuba, Bernie meets a French intelligence officer, who has a proposition: work for the French in Berlin, or hang for murder. The job is to greet POWs returning from Germany - and help catch a French war criminal who has been posing as a Wehrmacht officer. But Bernie's past as a POW in Russia is about to catch up with him in a way he could never have foreseen; Signed copies expected) $25.95
Lehrer, Jim Super (1956: Three bizarre deaths occur on the Super Chief train out of Chicago, whose passengers include a mysterious stowaway, a dying millionaire, a down-and-out director, Clark Gable, and Harry Truman) $15.00
Lilin, Nicolai Siberian Education: Growing Up in a Criminal Underworld (Nonfiction; memoir of growing up in the lawless region of Transnistria, where a tightly knit group of 'honest criminals', exiled there by Stalin, live according to strict codes) $24.95
Mackenzie, Jassy Random Violence (Jade de Jong #1: Returning to Johannesburg after ten years, PI Jade de Jong offers to help Supt. David Patel, her father's former assistant, investigate an apparent car-jacking in which a wealthy woman was murdered) $14.00
Mackenzie, Jassy Stolen Lives (Jade de Jong #2: A seemingly simple bodyguard job plunges PI Jade de Jong into a world of strip joints and sex workers, and to a human trafficking ring that stretches from Johannesburg to London) $25.00
McCleary, Carol The Illusion of Murder (Nellie Bly #2: While traveling around the world, attempting to beat the 80 days it took Jules Verne's fictional hero, reporter Nellie Bly witnesses a mysterious death in Port Said, and is targeted by a killer) $24.99
Newsome, Richard The Billionaire's Curse (Archer Legacy #1: Kids; His great aunt has just left 13-year-old Gerald Wilkins a lot of money. And a letter asking him to solve her murder. Along with his friends Ruby and Sam, Gerald's search takes him to the British Museum, to dodgy social clubs for the rich, to English mansions, and to secret places far underground) $6.99
Orloff, Alan Killer Routine (Last Laff #1: First Channing Hayes' protege Heather skips out on her set during the club's comedy showcase. Then her ex-lovers start turning up dead. Can Channing keep Heather from being the next victim in this deadly lineup?) $14.95
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Gazebo (Faith Fairchild #19: After she learns that an elderly woman's illness stems from concern and fear over a dark family secret, Faith can't help being drawn into solving the decades-old murder) $23.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M The 9th Judgment (Women's Murder Club #09: Detective Lindsay Boxer and her friends work on two cases: a woman and infant gunned down in a parking garage, and the death of an actor's wife who walked in on a home burglary) $14.99
Pendergrast, Mark Inside the Outbreaks (Nonfiction; the history of the Epidemic Intelligence Service and its war on disease) $15.95
Pendleton, Don (creator) Deadly Command (Executioner #389: PBO; When military-grade guns hit the American streets, turning neighborhoods into war zones, Bolan goes after the arms dealer) $4.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Orbital Velocity (Stony Man #112: PBO; Stony Man's teams go after an American neo-Nazi who has declared war on the world's governments) $6.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Resurgence (SuperBolan #141: PBO; After a raid on a sex slave depot on the eastern seaboard, Bolan targets the Albanian mob) $6.99
Penny, Louise The Cruelest Month (Inspector Gamache #3: Reissue; Quebec CI Gamache investigates when some villagers attempt to rid the town of evil with a seance and one of them dies of fright) $14.99
Raichev, R.T. Murder at the Villa Byzantine (Darcy & Payne #5: Antonia and Hugh investigate when a murder at a birthday party for one of their Hampstead neighbors is followed by a second murder at the Villa Byzantine) $25.00
Scottoline, Lisa Save Me (Lunchroom volunteer Susan Pressman must uncover what really happened after she finds herself being blamed when an explosion at the school injures the girl who was bullying Susan's daughter) $27.99
Tallis, Frank Vienna Twilight (UK title: Deadly Communion) (Liebermann Papers #5: Freudian psychoanalyst Dr. Max Liebermann and Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt pursue a serial killer who is using hat pins to kill young prostitutes) $15.00
Welch, Craig Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature's Bounty (Nonfiction; detective Ed Volz and a team of federal agents set out to discover who controls illicit trade in the planet's largest burrowing clam) $14.99
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Prince of Mist (YA; After moving to a new home, Max and Alicia explore the strange death of the previous owner's son, and find themselves caught up in an adventure of sunken ships and an enchanted stone garden) $8.99

Due Early May

Aames, Avery Lost and Fondue (Cheese Shop #2: PBO; When a body is found in a long-abandoned winery, Charlotte turns sleuth to clear a friend's niece of suspicion) $7.99
Barton, Beverly Dead by Morning (PBO; Maleah Purdue teams up with profiler Derek Lawrence to track down the madman who is killing her colleagues by mimicking a notorious serial killer already behind bars) $7.99
Bauer, Belinda Darkside (A detective is investigating the murder of an elderly woman, but someone blames village policeman Jonas Holly, taunting him for not doing his job. And as murders of the sick and elderly continue, the taunts turn to threats) $15.00
Beck, Jessica Evil Eclairs (Donut Shop #4: PBO; Suzanne will admit that her treats aren't health food, but she doesn't think a local DJ should call her a killer. Which makes her a suspect when he turns up dead with an eclair in his mouth) $7.99
Benson, Michael Watch Mommy Die (Nonfiction; Stephen Sanko murdered his girlfriend and was the subject of a nationwide manhunt) $6.99
Blake, Daniel Thou Shalt Kill (Pittsburgh homicide detective Franco Patrese and his partner Mark Beradino track a serial killer intent on killing according to the Bible to punish the sinful) $25.00
Blake, Richard Conspiracies of Rome (Aelric #1: AD 609: Young Briton Aelric arrives in Rome, his father murdered, his inheritance stolen, separated from the woman he loves. Naive and ambitious, determined to win back what he has lost, he unwittingly becomes involved in a heretical plot that leads to fraud, treason, and murder) $11.95
Blum, Howard The Floor of Heaven (Nonfiction; sent to Alaska to solve a gold-mine robbery, a Pinkerton agent befriends the man whose discovery of history's richest gold deposit then sets off the 1896 gold rush, making him the richest man in Alaska - and the target of a notorious con man) $26.00
Brandreth, Gyles Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders (Oscar Wilde #4: 1890: Anxious to prevent scandal and panic, the Prince of Wales asks Oscar and his friend Arthur Conan Doyle to investigate when a duchess is found murdered with two tiny puncture marks on her throat; $24.00 hc also available) $15.00
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead (Mrs. Jeffries #28: PBO; Arlette angered many marriageable women when she snagged the handsome Lewis Bansfield - but were they angry enough to poison her?) $7.99
Cain, R.D. Cherry Beach Express (Steve Nastos #1: Freed on bail after being wrongfully accused of murdering his dentist - a man he believes committed an unspeakable crime against his daughter - Steve Nastos sets out to track down the real killer) $24.95
Carlisle, Kate Murder Under Cover (Bibliophile #4: PBO; Brooklyn has to delay the appraisal and restoration of her friend Robin's copy of the Kama Sutra when Robin becomes prime suspect in a murder) $7.99
Carr, Howie Hitman (Nonfiction; the life of Johnny Martorano, enforcer for Boston gangster Whitey Bulger) $25.99
Castillo, Linda Pray for Silence (Kate Burkholder #2: When an Amish family of seven is brutally murdered, police chief Kate Burkholder works with state agent John Tomasseti; the disturbing details of the case force them to face demons from their own troubled pasts) $14.99
Castle, Richard Naked Heat (Nikki Heat #2: When New York's most vicious gossip columnist is found dead, homicide detective Nikki Heat uncovers a gallery of high profile suspects; her investigation is complicated by her surprise reunion with journalist Jameson Rook) $9.99
Cavender, Chris A Pizza to Die For (Pizza Lovers #3: Eleanor and Maddy are suspects when an unpleasant rival with a wealthy backer opens up a pizzeria just down the promenade, then turns up dead) $22.00
Chaykin/Andrade Die Hard: Year One #2 (Full color graphic novel; rookie cop John McClane has to stop a bank robbery during the 1977 NYC blackout) $12.99
Child, Lee Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher #14: In Nebraska corn country, Reacher falls foul of the Duncans, a local clan that has terrified an entire county into submission. But it's the unsolved case of a missing child, already decades old, that Reacher can't walk away from) $9.99
Coben, Harlan No Second Chance (Reissue; Marc's wife has been killed, he's been shot twice, and his baby daughter has vanished. When a ransom note arrives, deadly secrets surface, and Marc is determined to bring his daughter home at any price) $15.00
Corleone, Douglas Night on Fire (Kevin Corvelli #2: Defense attorney Kevin Corvelli's new client has a lot working against her: motive, opportunity, and a history of starting fires like the one that killed her brand-new husband) $24.99
Daheim, Mary Loco Motive (Bed & Breakfast #25: Judith and her cousin Renie head for Boston on the train; their trip is derailed when an former B&B guest is found dead in the baggage compartment) $7.99
Delany, Vicki Among the Departed (Smith & Winters #5: A search dog looking for a missing child digs up human bones at a campground above Trafalgar, BC, leading Sgt. John Winters to reopen the 15-year-old disappearance of Brian Nowak; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Duncan, Elizabeth J. A Brush with Death (Penny Brannigan #2: Artist Penny Brannigan looks into the hit and run death of artist Alys Jones. When she sees paintings by Alys exhibited under another artist's name, she suspects the death was no accident) $7.99
Elkins, Aaron The Worst Thing (After being kidnapped in childhood, Bryan Bennett never wants to risk it again. When his boss sends him to Iceland to teach a corporate seminar on kidnapping and extortion, he must face his deepest fears) $25.95
Falconer, Duncan Traitor (Stratton #6: When a group takes over a North Sea oil platform, demanding two billion dollars, there is only one crew available: Stratton plus a team of unproven operatives from MI-16, the department that creates weapons and equipment for Special Forces and the Secret Service) $11.95
Falkner, John Meade Moonfleet (Reissue; Kids; A Victorian adventure story of cursed treasure, code-cracking, injustice, revenge, and friendship; young John Trenchard gets involved in the smuggling trade, and is forced to flee his Dorset village with a price on his head) $14.95
Fitzgerald, Conor The Dogs of Rome (Commissario Blume #1: American ex-pat Alec Blume investigates the murder of an animal rights activist, a task complicated by the fact that the victim was married to a politician and sleeping with the daughter of a crime boss) $16.00
Fowler, Earlene State Fair (Benni Harper #14: Benni attends the San Celina Mid-State Fair, a place for 4-H calves, colorful quilts and homemade jams - and maybe just a little murder) $7.99
Fowler, Earlene Spider Web (Benni Harper #15: When the Memory Festival craft fair is disrupted by a mysterious sharpshooter who seems to be targeting the police, Benni is determined to make her hometown safe) $25.95
Freveletti, Jamie Running Dark (Special agent Cameron Sumner is on board a cruise ship that may contain an unknown chemical weapon; security specialist Edward Banner wants chemist Emma Caldridge to infiltrate the ship and identify the weapon) $7.99
Gerritsen, Tess Ice Cold (UK title: The Killing Place) (Rizzoli & Isles #8: A snowstorm traps Maura Isles and her companions in a village where 12 identical houses stand abandoned: meals untouched on tables, cars still in garages, residents vanished. And they soon realize they're not alone in the valley) $7.99
Ghelfi, Brent The Burning Lake (Volk #4: Russian agent Alexei Volkovoy's investigation of a friend's murder takes him to a nuclear reprocessing plant where a massive explosion occurred in 1958, and then to Las Vegas; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk on the Road (Fowler #2: Monk takes his agoraphobic brother Ambrose on a motorhome road trip, but as little crimes pop up along the highway, Monk can't resist getting involved) $7.99
Goldenbaum, Sally Moon Spinners (Seaside Knitters #3: The Seaside Knitters are helping their friend Gracie open a cafe, but get sidetracked when her aunt goes flying off the cliff in her car - and it was no accident) $14.00
Goldenbaum, Sally The Wedding Shawl (Seaside Knitters #5: When the hair stylist for Izzy's wedding party misses appointments and then turns up dead, the Seaside Knitters rally to find some answers) $24.95
Grant, Helen The Vanishing of Katharina Linden (When Katharina Linden disappears from her German village, followed by another girl, and then another, 11-year-old Pia is on the case, piercing the veil that has hung over past disappearances for decades) $15.00
Graves, Sarah Knockdown (Home Repair is Homicide #14: Years ago, loan-shark enforcers killed a man after Jake denied him a loan. The man's son blames Jake - and plans to make her feel as hunted as his father was) $25.00
Gray, Jordan Unearthed (Blackpool #4: PBO; The English town of Blackpool has a legacy of secrets. And with a friend in the hospital - shot to keep him quiet - the Grahams are driven to uncover the secret that put him there) $7.99
Gregorio, Michael A Visible Darkness (Hanno Stiffeniis #3: Having overrun Prussia, Napoleon hopes to use their amber to finance his wars; Hanno Stiffeniis is called in to investigate when the girls who collect it begin to turn up dead) $14.99
Grisham, John Kid Lawyer (Theodore Boone #1: Kids; 13-year-old Theo knows every judge, police officer, and court clerk, and a lot about the law. He dreams of a life in the courtroom. Now a killer is about to go free, and only Theo knows the truth. He won't stop until justice is served) $7.99
Guilliatt, R/Hohnen, P The Wolf: The Mystery Raider That Terrorized the Seas During World War I (Nonfiction; for 15 months during WWI, an nondescript German freighter sank more than 30 Allied ships, capturing the crews and passengers, eventually returning to Germany with prisoners from 25 nations) $16.00
Hall, M.R. The Disappeared (Jenny Cooper #2: Coroner Jenny Cooper's inquiry into the presumed death of a long-missing university student runs into a far-reaching cover-up of crimes) $16.00
Hall, M.R. The Redeemed (Jenny Cooper #3: Coroner Jenny Cooper delves into the underbelly of a hugely successful English megachurch to solve the murder of the church's most celebrated convert: ex-porn star Eva Donaldson) $25.00
Hallinan, Timothy The Queen of Patpong (Poke Rafferty #4: When a nightmare figure from Rose's past threatens them, Poke's only hope is to discover the whole truth of Rose's past. And there are secrets back there he's not certain he can accept - or survive) $14.99
Hamill, Pete Tabloid City (In the 24 hours after a wealthy socialite and her secretary are murdered, an NYC tabloid stops the presses, a cop investigates the killings, a reporter chases the story, a disgraced financier flees the country, a veteran seeks revenge, and a young extremist plots catastrophe) $26.99
Hamrick, Janice Death on Tour (Jocelyn Shore #1: After a member of their group takes a fatal fall off an Egyptian pyramid, Texas teacher Jocelyn Shore discovers her fellow travelers are not always what they claim to be - and one of them may be a murderer) $24.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead Reckoning (Southern Vampire #11: When Merlotte's bar is firebombed, suspicion falls on the anti-shifters. Sookie suspects otherwise, but her attention is divided when she learns that Eric and his 'child' Pam are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master) $27.95
Havill, Steven F. Final Payment (Posadas County #14: The first annual Posadas 100, a cycle-cross bicycle race, brings a tragedy that doesn't look like an accident, even as Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman tries to discover who has been using Jerry Turner's big Cessna 206 and then returning it to its hangar at the Posadas airport) $14.95
Henderson, Tom Blood in the Snow (PBO; Nonfiction; Stephen Grant strangled and dismembered his wife, then buried her in pieces in the park his children played in) $7.99
Hewson, David Death in Seville (original title: Santa Semana) (Revised from 1969 edition. A murderer is on the loose in Seville, and a visiting academic can see something about him that the police are missing. Her insight doesn't endear her to the authorities - but it does bring her to the killer's attention) $11.95
Hewson, David The Fallen Angel (Nic Costa #9: Nic Costa and the Questura must delve into Rome's past to solve a murder staged to look like an accident, and prevent a great injustice from being repeated) $25.00
Hogan, Chuck Devils in Exile (A disillusioned Iraqi veteran joins a team of 'sugar bandits', who use their military skills to intercept major drug deals, taking the money and destroying the product; Boston's drug kingpins have put out a bounty on the team) $7.99
Howell, Dorothy Shoulder Bags and Shootings (Haley Randolph #3: Fashionista and amateur sleuth Haley Randolph hunts for a killer from the Garment and Jewelry Districts to the Malibu coastline and the Queen Mary) $7.99
Hurwitz, Gregg They're Watching (Failing career, troubled marriage, DVDs showing that he and his wife are being stalked - when someone offers to fix the mess Patrick's life has become, he figures it's the offer of a lifetime. He couldn't be more wrong) $9.99
Jacobson, Douglas W. The Katyn Order (1944: During the Warsaw Uprising, a resistance fighter and a covert operative hunt for the 1940 Soviet order authorizing the murders of 20,000 Polish army officers and civilians. If they can find it before the Russians do, they just might change the fate of Poland) $24.95
James, Bill Hotbed (Harpur & Iles #26: For years, rival drug lords Ember and Shale have peacefully run their enterprises side by side. Now Ember fears Shale wants to kill him and take over his business, and wonders if he should act first to protect himself. When Iles and Harpur pick up hints of this shift, they try to head off the carnage) $23.95
James, Bill Popular Crime: A History of Murder in America (Nonfiction; a look at how crimes have been committed, investigated, prosecuted, and chronicled, and how that has influenced our culture, from the 1600s to the present day) $30.00
James, Miranda Classified as Murder (Cat in the Stacks #2: PBO; Charlie the librarian is asked to inventory aging eccentric James Delacorte's rare book collection; when James turns up dead, Charlie and his cat Diesel hunt for clues) $7.99
James, P.D. Talking About Detective Fiction (Nonfiction; the popular mystery writer looks at the human appetite for mystery and mayhem, and at the writers who satisfy it) $14.00
Kadare, Ismail The Ghost Rider (alternate title: Doruntine) (Reissue; An old woman opens her door to find her daughter there. She has been brought home from a distant land by a mysterious rider she claims is her brother - not knowing he has been dead for years. The events that follow plunge the medieval Balkan village into fear and mistrust) $13.95
Kagen, Lesley Tomorrow River (1969: When her father threatens to send her troubled twin sister away, 12-year-old Shenandoah embarks on a desperate search for her mother, who disappeared a year earlier) $15.00
Kellerman, Faye Hangman (Decker & Lazarus #19: While investigating the murder of a young nurse, LAPD Lt. Peter Decker searches for an old friend who has gone missing - and whose sociopath husband has disappeared) $7.99
Larson, Nathan The Dewey Decimal System (After a pandemic, a terrorist attack, and the collapse of Wall Street, NYC is a shadow of its former self. A veteran with a spotty memory, OCD, and a love of literature has taken up residence at the public library, where he's been dubbed 'Dewey Decimal'. He works as bagman and muscle for the unscrupulous DA, who sends him on a union-busting job that throws him into a bloody tangle of violence, shifting allegiances, and old vendettas) $15.95
Lippman, Laura I'd Know You Anywhere (When she gets a letter from the man, now on Death Row, who kidnapped her when she was 15, Eliza decides to contact him. Maybe now he'll tell her why he let her live - and share the truth about his other victims) $14.99
Lopez/Ospina (ed) Barcelona Noir (Anthology; original stories set in Barcelona) $15.95
Ludlum/Lustbader The Bourne Objective (Bourne #8: Russian assassin Leonid Arkadin continues to stalk Jason Bourne. On the hunt for Arkadin, Bourne learns that he has been betrayed by Willard, who also seems to be resurrecting secret CIA operation Treadstone) $9.99
Lukacs, John D. Escape from Davao: The Forgotten Story of the Most Daring Prison Break of the Pacific War (Nonfiction; the story of the only successful group escape from a WWII Japanese POW camp) $16.00
Manchette, J.P. Fatale (In a backwater town, cold-hearted grifter Aimee means to sniff out old grudges and engineer new opportunities, the better to make a killing. But then something snaps: the master manipulator falls prey to passion) $12.95
Martini, Steve The Rule of Nine (Paul Madriani #11: Paul Madriani must stop a radical activist from the 1960s who plans to bring about change in the US by annihilating an entire branch of the government) $9.99
Masello, Robert The Medusa Amulet (Centuries ago, Benvenuto Cellini was considered one of the world's greatest minds. Much of his knowledge was lost - except for rumors of a mirror with amazing powers. It falls to a young scholar to track down the mirror, and reclaim its power) $26.00
Mills, Sgt. Dan Sniper One (Nonfiction; memoir of a British sniper team under fire in Iraq) $7.99
Nasaw, Jonathan The Boys from Santa Cruz (E.L. Pender #5: While tracking down a troubled teen who is suspected of several murders at a treatment program for juvenile delinquents, Agent Pender find clues about a psycho-killer known as Asmador) $7.99
O'Brien, Kevin Disturbed (A trail of terror brings a psychopath known as the Cul-de-Sac Killer to Molly Dennehy's door) $7.99
Ostrovsky, Victor Black Ghosts (After years in prison, a group of elite Cold War KGB operatives are reactivated. Their commander wants to restore Russia to her former glory - and plans to start by kidnapping the US President) $9.99
Parker, Robert B. Blue-Eyed Devil (Hitch & Cole #4: Appaloosa's new chief of police is Amos Callico, a man with political ambitions. He wants Cole and Hitch on his side, but they can't be bought, which upsets him mightily. There will be a showdown) $9.99
Parker, Robert B. Sixkill (Spenser #40: Boston PD asks Spenser to investigate when a bad-boy actor is accused of a rape/murder. Spenser forges an unlikely alliance, acting as mentor to the actor's young bodyguard, Sixkill. As the case grows darker and secrets come to light, it's Spenser and Sixkill who must put things right) $26.95
Parris, S.J. Prophecy (Giordano Bruno #2: 1583: Rumors of black magic abound after the murder of one of Queen Elizabeth's young maids of honor, but Bruno suspects a link to Catholic conspirators at the French Embassy) $26.95
Pastor, Ben Lumen (1939: In Nazi-occupied Cracow, a German army captain and a Chicago priest investigate the death of an abbess who allegedly had the power to see the future) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Run for Your Life (promo price) (Michael Bennett #2: Reissue; A murderer is slaughtering the powerful and arrogant of Manhattan; Detective Bennett's investigation reveals a pattern that leaves him with just hours to save NYC from disaster) $5.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M 10th Anniversary (Women's Murder Club #10: A teenage girl has been left for dead, and her newborn baby is missing. There's no trace of the criminals, but the victim may be keeping secrets) $27.99
Patterson, Richard North The Devil's Light (A compromised CIA operative must stop al Qaeda from using a stolen nuclear weapon on Israel) $26.00
Perry, Thomas The Informant (Butcher's Boy #3: Elizabeth Waring, now high up in the Justice Dept., receives a surprise visit from the Butcher's Boy - a professional killer who went to ground years ago - offering information in exchange for her help in finding out who sent a Mafia hit team after him) $27.00
Perry, Thomas Strip (When strip club owner Manco Kapak is robbed at gunpoint, his search for a culprit settles on the wrong man - Joe Carver, who sets out to make Kapak wish he'd chosen someone else) $14.95
Peters, Elizabeth A River in the Sky (Amelia Peabody #19: 1910: An English adventurer has decided to search for the vanished treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem; Peabody and Emerson follow him to try to prevent archaeological and political catastrophe) $9.99
Purser, Ann The Measby Murder Enquiry (Ivy Beasley #2: PBO; Cantankerous Ivy Beasley's golden years won't be as quiet as she thought. Now her detective agency has been asked to investigate a mysterious death in a nearby English village) $7.99
Ramsay, Frederick Choker (Ike Schwartz #5: When an old CIA buddy asks him to look into the disappearance of a small plane over the Chesapeake Bay, Ike is catapulted into an international investigation) $14.95
Rector, John The Cold Kiss (An engaged couple's trip to Reno turns hellish when the man they agreed to drive to Omaha seemingly dies in the back seat, and they find two million dollars in his bag) $7.99
Reed, Hannah Mind Your Own Beeswax (Queen Bee #2: PBO; It's a sticky situation when beekeeper Story Fischer finds the dead body of a local woman with a checkered past) $7.99
Reich, Christopher Rules of Betrayal (Jonathan Ransom #3: Thrown into a shadowy world of double and triple agents, Dr. Jonathan Ransom must unravel the mystery surround his wife - an enigmatic and lethal spy - and discover where her loyalties truly lie) $7.99
Riggs, Cynthia The Bee Balm Murders (Martha's Vineyard #10: When a potential investor for a local fiber optic cable project is found dead, his sons hire 92-year-old Victoria Trumbull to investigate the murder) $24.99
Rollins, James Sandstorm (SIGMA Force #1: Reissue; A deadly explosion in a London museum sparks a scientific exploration to an ancient lost city in the Arabian desert, where a terrifying secret threatens the world) $9.99
Rollins, James Map of Bones (SIGMA Force #2: Reissue; When parishioners are burned to death in a German cathedral, the US sends in the SIGMA Force; they discover that someone has stolen the treasure stored in the cathedral's reliquary: the bones of the biblical Magi) $9.99
Rollins, James Black Order (SIGMA Force #3: Reissue; From the frozen peaks of the Himalayas to the diamond fields of the Congo, the SIGMA Force races to decode a cryptic riddle and expose a century-old plot that threatens the current world order) $9.99
Rollins, James The Judas Strain (SIGMA Force #4: Reissue; Two SIGMA Force members search for the cure to a deadly plague on a cruise ship turned makeshift hospital; terrorists nab the ship to turn it into a floating biological weapons lab) $9.99
Rollins, James The Last Oracle (SIGMA Force #5: Reissue; SIGMA Force battles a group of rogue scientists who are bioengineering autistic savants into something that could bring about the extinction of humankind) $9.99
Rose, M.J. The Hypnotist (Reincarnationist #3: After a brutal attack, an FBI agent finds himself suffering from impossible nightmares. If reincarnation is real, how can he live with who he was in his past life?) $14.95
Rucka, Greg The Last Run (Queen & Country #3: Tara Chace wants out of the Special Section. But when word comes from Iran that the late Ayatollah's nephew wants to defect, the extraction team will be lead by Chace on one last, desperate mission) $7.99
Sandford, John Storm Prey (Lucas Davenport #20: A pharmacy robbery escalates to murder; as the robbers head for their truck, they come face to face with a blonde woman. Can she identify them? They decide to find out who she is, and eliminate her. Who is she? Weather Karkinnen, wife of an investigator named Lucas Davenport) $9.99
Sidor, Steven Pitch Dark (With a young woman collapsed on their isolated doorstep and killers closing in, the Larkins are facing the longest night of their lives) $14.99
St. James, Dorothy Flowerbed of State (White House Gardener #1: PBO; When she finds a dead body in a trash can, gardener Casey Calhoun has to root out a killer before she ends up planted herself) $7.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Betrayed (Butch Karp #22: DA Butch Karp prosecutes the imam of a Harlem mosque for his part in the attack on the New York Stock Exchange; some powerful people would prefer that the case go away) $9.99
Temple, Peter Truth (Inspector Stephen Villani, head of homicide in Melbourne, finds himself immersed in an unfamiliar world of political scandal and ethical ambiguity as he tries to deal with several grisly homicides as well as troubles at home) $16.00
Thor, Brad Takedown (Scot Harvath #5: Reissue; July 4th weekend: A terrorist attack plunges New York City into panic - and a foreign military team takes advantage of the chaos to search for a captive terrorist mastermind) $9.99
Thor, Brad The First Commandment (Scot Harvath #6: Reissue; When an assassin threatens those he loves, counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath discovers a connection between the attacks and a group of dangerous detainees secretly released from Guantanamo) $9.99
Timlin, Mark Stay Another Day (Nick Sharman #18: For 7 years, ex-cop Nick Sharman has lived in luxurious exile on the proceeds of a bank robbery. When his cop daughter calls to say she's in big trouble with the law, Nick returns to England to clear her name by any means necessary) $13.95
Tracy, P.J. Shoot to Thrill (UK title: Play to Kill) (Monkeewrench #5: The Monkeewrench geeks link a murder case that Minneapolis homicide cops Gino Rolseth and Leo Magozzi are working to a series of murder videos posted on the internet. Now it's a race against the clock to prevent more killings) $7.99
Valseca, J/Ebner, M We Have Your Husband (Nonfiction; when her husband, a wealthy Mexican newspaper publisher, was kidnapped for ransom, Valseca refused to be a pawn in the kidnapper's game) $7.99
Viets, Elaine Half-Price Homicide (Dead-End Job #9: Working at a high-end consignment shop, Helen becomes a prime suspect when a fashionista is found dead in the dressing room with a scarf Helen was just holding tied around her neck) $7.99
Viets, Elaine Pumped for Murder (Dead-End Job #10: When they open their own PI agency, Helen and Phil's first client is Shelby, who thinks her husband might be unfaithful. Helen gets a job at the gym to keep track of the suspected cheater) $23.95
Vonnegut, Norb The Gods of Greenwich (After his career on Wall Street goes sour, Jimmy Cusack winds up taking a job with Leeser Capital, and discovers that his new boss is up to no good) $24.99
Wall, Kathryn R. Jericho Cay (Bay Tanner #11: PI Bay Tanner must unravel a suspicious death and a pair of disappearances on a secluded South Carolina island) $24.99
Warner, G (creator) Monkey Trouble (Boxcar Children #127: Kids; While taking pictures at the zoo for a photo contest, cameras go missing and a girl is accused of cheating. The children must find out who is monkeying with the contest) $4.99
Warner, G (creator) From Sea to Shining Sea: The Mystery in New York (Special #13) / The Windy City Mystery (Special #10) / The Mystery in San Francisco (#57) (Boxcar Children Special: Kids; Omnibus reprint) $8.99
West, Michael Lee Gone with a Handsomer Man (Teeny Templeton #1: When Charleston pastry chef Teeny Templeton finds her fiance playing naked badminton with two other women, she dumps him - then winds up prime suspect when he turns up dead) $24.99
Westlake, D (Stark, R) Butcher's Moon (Parker #16: Reissue; Back in the corrupt town where he lost his money, and nearly his life, at the amusement park, Parker assembles a private army to start - and finish - a war with the mob) $15.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) Comeback (Parker #17: Reissue; Parker plans to knock over a highly lucrative religious revival show, with help from inside man Tom Carmody, who's gotten religion - and decided that money is the root of the Reverend Archibald's evil) $15.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) Backflash (Parker #18: Reissue; Parker puts together an ingenious plan and a crew to smuggle guns aboard a high-security floating casino and get the money off it. But people know about the scheme who shouldn't, so there's a great deal of bloody cleaning up to do) $15.00
Woodrell, Daniel The Bayou Trilogy: Under the Bright Lights / Muscle for the Wings / The One You Do (Omnibus reprint; uncompromising detective Rene Shade takes on con men, porn kings, a gang of ex-cons, and the ghosts of his own checkered past) $16.99
Woods, Stuart Bel-Air Dead (Stone Barrington #20: When an ex-girlfriend ask him to represent her in the sale of a movie studio, Stone finds himself dragged into a surprisingly deadly web of intrigue) $25.95
Woods, Stuart Under the Lake (Reissue; A former investigative journalist retreats to a lakeside home in the northern Georgia mountains, not realizing the town harbors a dark secret in the lake's waters) $9.99

Due Mid-May

Allen, Robin If You Can't Stand the Heat (Poppy Markham #1: At the grand reopening of her father's restaurant, Austin, Texas, health inspector Poppy Markham investigates when her stepsister's knife turns up in the dead body of a Michelin-rated chef) $14.95
Block, Lawrence A Drop of the Hard Stuff (Matthew Scudder #17: When a childhood friend is shot down while trying to make amends, as called for in AA's famous 12 Steps, Matthew Scudder is drawn into a murder investigation that threatens to upset his own path toward recovery - and get him killed) $25.99
Bolton, S.J. Blood Harvest (Someone in the village of Heptonclough wants the Fletcher family to move out of their new house; what started as pranks becomes more serious when two of their young children go missing) $14.99
Brown, Dale A Time for Patriots (Patrick McLanahan #16: With the nation facing crippling recession and massive cuts in services, the volunteer citizen-soldiers of the Civil Air Patrol are determined to protect their fellow citizens from terrorists) $26.99
Chandler, Jessie Bingo Barge Murder (Shay O'Hanlon #1: Minneapolis coffee shop owner Shay O'Hanlon investigates when her lifelong friend Coop is suspected of murdering the unsavory owner of a sleazy gambling boat) $14.95
Cole, Julian Felicity's Gate (Rounder Brothers #2: Chief Inspector Sam Rounder's prime suspect in a murder is Moses Mundy; Sam's PI brother Rick has just been hired to prove Mundy's innocence) $25.99
Cullerton, Brenda The Craigslist Murders (Interior decorator Charlotte Wolfe is happily murdering NYC trophy wives) $14.95
Eglin, Anthony Garden of Secrets Past (English Garden #5: Called in to investigate a murder in Shugborough Hall's garden, Laurence Kingston finds himself caught in the dangerous undertow of a centuries-old family conflict) $24.99
Franklin, Tom Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter (Over twenty years ago, in a quiet Mississippi town, Larry Ott took a local girl to a drive-in movie, and she was never heard from again. No body was found, nothing was proven, but the town has shunned him ever since. Silas Jones, once Larry's childhood friend, is now the town constable. When another young woman goes missing, these two men - one white, one black - must confront the painful past they've buried for so long) $14.99
Hyland, Adrian Gunshot Road (Emily Tempest #2: Police officer Emily Tempest is presented with a unique puzzle in which the terrain of Australia, a Japanese rock garden, a rash of unexplained illnesses, and the implausibility of two elderly friends killing each other all play a part) $14.00
Janes, Diane Why Didn't You Come for Me? (12 years after her baby disappeared, Jo still receives photos of her, with the words 'I still have her' scrawled on the back. The police say it's a hoax, but to Jo it means the kidnapper has kept track of her all these years. Lately Jo feels she's being watched - and that whoever has her daughter is getting closer) $25.00
Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. Hitler's Holy Relics (Nonfiction; at the end of WWII, Lt. Walter Horn recovered the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, which the Nazis had stolen, before they could be used as a rallying point for a Fourth Reich) $15.00
Knight, Alanna The Seal King Murders (Inspector Faro #16: 1861: In Orkney to investigate a mysterious drowning, Faro is met with rumors of missing artifacts, the legend of the seal king, a dead body under a floor, his first love, and a mother who is determined to find him a wife) $29.95
Koryta, Michael The Cypress House (Arlen Wagner has an awful gift: he sees death in the eyes of men before it strikes. So when he awakens on a train and sees the telltale sign in all his fellow passengers, he tries to warn them. Only one listens. The two abandon the train, but are soon stranded at a boarding house in the path of a hurricane. There they face much deadlier threats than the storm, and Arlen's gift warns that they'll never leave alive) $14.99
Larson, Erik In the Garden of Beasts (Nonfiction; Berlin, 1933: An academic from Chicago becomes US ambassador to Germany, where he and his family observe the many changes - some horrifically violent - that signal Hitler's consolidation of power) $26.00
Levin, Ira Sliver (Reissue; A lovely book editor moves into an apartment in a posh Manhattan high-rise. A man watches her unpack, watches her make her bed. He owns the building, which conceals a shocking secret) $14.95
Littlefield, Sophie A Bad Day for Pretty (Stella Hardesty #2: When a tornado unearths a woman's body from beneath the snack shack at the demolition derby track, Neb Donovan is the main suspect. Stella doesn't believe he could kill anyone, so she and Chrissy decide to do some snooping) $13.99
Lourey, Jess October Fest (Murder by Month #6: At Battle Lake, Minnesota's fall festival, a blogger known for bashing a slippery political incumbent is found dead; Mira investigates when a friend's fiance becomes a suspect) $14.95
Lustbader, Eric Van Blood Trust (Jack McClure #3: A murder at the Fearington institute leads Alli Carson and National Security Adviser Jack McClure to the international slave trade and an Albanian crime lord with terrorist ties) $25.99
Magee, Doug Never Wave Goodbye (When four children are kidnapped on their way to camp, the ransom demand throws suspicion on two of the parents. Meanwhile, the kidnapper is injured, leaving the children to fend for themselves in the woods) $15.00
Marcinko, R/DeFelice, J Domino Theory (Rogue Warrior #16: On a trip to India to supervise security arrangements for the Commonwealth Games, Demolition Dick and his team uncover a plot to steal India's nuclear warheads) $25.99
Masters, Priscilla Grave Stones (Joanna Piercy #9: DI Piercy investigates the murder of Jakob Grimshaw, a landowner and farmer who managed to make enemies of all his neighbors and what little family he still had) $16.95
Mitzner, Adam A Conflict of Interest (Lawyer Alex Miller takes on the defense of an old family friend accused of crimes involving hundreds of millions of dollars, and uncovers secrets that make him wonder whether any of the people in his life are who they appear to be) $25.00
Narea, H.T. The Fund (A Middle Eastern hedge fund investor plots to destroy Wall Street and the West using financial terrorism) $24.99
Nesbo, Jo The Snowman (Harry Hole #4: Irascible Oslo police investigator Harry Hole becomes a pawn in a serial killer's terrifying game) $25.95
Patterson, J/Sadler, A Demons and Druids (Daniel X #3: Kids; To stop an explosive demon of fire that's plaguing London, alien hunter Daniel X will have to jump back in time to the Dark Ages to stop its reign before it has a chance to begin) $7.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Toxic Terrain (Executioner #390: PBO; A midwestern cattle feed company controlled by retired Chinese PLA officers plans to set off a massive wave of mad cow disease in the US; it's up to Bolan to stop them) $4.99
Pintoff, Stefanie A Curtain Falls (Simon Ziele #2: Detective Simon Ziele scours the streets of 1906 New York for a serial killer who is preying on chorus girls) $14.99
Rayne, Sarah A Dark Dividing (Journalist Harry Fitzglen is fascinated by photographer Simone Anderson. What happened to her long-missing twin sister? What is her connection to another pair of twins, born nearly 100 ago? His questions lead him to ruined Mortmain House on the Welsh border) $14.95
Rush, Jonathan Due Diligence (After uncovering irregularities that his employers don't want found while working on an international deal, a young investment banker decides to run for his life) $26.99
Saint Bris, Gonzague Lafayette: Hero of the American Revolution (Nonfiction; a history of Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette, recounting his invaluable contributions to the American War of Independence and the French Revolution of 1789) $15.95
Sandford, John Buried Prey (Lucas Davenport #21: A house demolition turns up the bodies of two girls. They've been missing since 1985, when Davenport was a young Minneapolis cop investigating their disappearance - until his bosses declared the case closed; unabridged CDs $39.95) $27.95
Slan, Joanna Campbell Make, Take, Murder (Kiki Lowenstein #4: Looking for her missing paycheck, Kiki goes dumpster diving behind the scrapbook store - and finds a severed leg, with a scribbled note threatening the store's customers) $14.95
Smith, Wilbur Those in Peril (To rescue her daughter, who has been captured and tortured by pirates demanding a huge ransom, an oil company heiress and her chief of security decide to take the law into their own hands) $27.99
Turow, Scott Innocent (Kindle County #7: 20 years after being accused of murdering his ex-lover, Rusty Sabich, now an appellate court judge, is once again a suspect when his wife dies under mysterious circumstances) $14.99
Tyler, L.C. The Herring in the Library (Elsie & Ethelred #3: Mediocre mystery writer Ethelred Tressider and his bossy agent Elsie are to dine with Sir Robert and Lady Muntham. Elsie doesn't think much of her hosts, but when Sir Robert turns up dead in his locked library, she's very interested in figuring out who killed him) $14.95
Ulfelder, Steve Purgatory Chasm (Car mechanic Conway Sax owes everything to the AA group that saved him. When an obnoxious member calls him for help, then turns up dead, Conway needs to catch the killer, not just to clear his own name, but to keep his promise to the dead man) $23.99
Underwood/Due/Barnes From Cape Town with Love (Tennyson Hardwick #3: Hired to as a bodyguard at a birthday party for the daughter of a wealthy actress, Tennyson is fired when the girl is kidnapped, but can't let the case rest) $15.00
Wallis, Michael Pretty Boy: The Life and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd (Nonfiction; the story of his descent into petty crime, bootlegging, murder, and prison. After a series of spectacular bank robberies, he was slain in an Ohio field in 1934 at the age of thirty) $16.95

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