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Newsletter #91 September November, 2010


Mystery Scene #115 (Articles about Michael Koryta, Carolyn Hart, Scott Turow, more) $7.50
Aames, Avery The Long Quiche Goodbye (Cheese Shop #1: PBO; Proprietor Charlotte Bessette finds a murder victim outside her cheese shop, stabbed with one of Charlotte's prized olive-wood-handled knives. Includes recipes) $7.99
Anderson, Lin Final Cut (Rhona MacLeod #6: Forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is trying to ID a corpse found badly burned in a Glasgow trash bin. The body is wearing a soldier's ID tag, but DNA tests show it's not him, and the case turns out to be linked to a child's remains found in the woods nearby) $9.99
Baraldi, Barbara The Girl with the Crystal Eyes (In the dark streets of Bologna, a twisted game of life and death unfolds, involving a beautiful killer, a cop determined to unravel an enigmatic tale of bloody butchery, and a young medium fleeing her past) $12.95
Barnett, Mac The Case of the Case of the Mistaken Identity (Brixton Brothers #1: Kids; When 12-year-old Steve Brixton, a fan of the Bailey Brothers detective novels, is mistaken for a real detective, he must elude librarians, police, and the mysterious Mr. E as he seeks a missing quilt containing coded information) $5.99
Battles, Brett Shadow of Betrayal (Jonathan Quinn #3: A terrorist cell is using a series of child abductions in third-world countries to strike at the heart of the western world; Quinn and his team race to rescue the children) $7.99
Beaufort, Simon The Bloodstained Throne (Sir Geoffrey Mappestone #7: 1103: When former crusader knight Geoffrey Mappestone and his friend Roger of Durham try to slip out of England to the Holy Land, a ferocious storm destroys the ship they are on. Thrust into the company of other shipwrecked passengers, the two knights are unwillingly drawn into a plot to overthrow the king and return England to Saxon rule) $28.95
Benn, James R. Evil for Evil (Billy Boyle #4: 1943: Eisenhower sends Billy Boyle to Northern Ireland to find stolen weapons and to prevent the Irish Republic from joining the Axis) $14.00
Benn, James R. Rag and Bone (Billy Boyle #5: Boston cop turned US Army detective Billy Boyle is sent to London to investigate the murder of a Soviet embassy official, who has been killed in exactly the same way that 20,000 Polish officers were recently executed in a hushed-up Soviet massacre) $25.00
Birkegaard, Mikkel The Library of Shadows (After his father's violent death, Jon inherits the family's second-hand bookshop in Copenhagen, and learns it is the meeting place of a society of booklovers, who have maintained a tradition of immense power passed down from the Library of Alexandria. Now someone is trying to destroy them) $14.95
Blundy, Anna Breaking Faith (Faith Zanetti #6: Investigating who put the bomb on a flight that blew up over a Scottish village, journalist Faith Zanetti finds the truth might be closer to home than she thought) $14.95
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Carbon Footprint (Pamplemousse #17: In hopes of improving Le Guide's reputation in America, Pamplemousse and his faithful bloodhound Pommes Frites court a revered and feared food critic. But can they save him from the Mafia?) $29.95
Bork, Lisa For Richer, For Danger (Broken Vows #2: PBO; Jolene and Ray's adoption of a baby girl abandoned by fugitive parents hits a roadblock when the given name of the baby's mother traces back to a dead girl. Finding the mother's true identity becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse) $14.95
Breckon, Ian Knight of Swords (1944: An officer working clandestinely in fascist Italy is badly wounded. He regains consciousness to find himself the guest - or prisoner - of a baron and his family. As winter locks them in and conflict escalates beyond their walls, he is drawn into the mystery that surrounds his hosts) $14.95
Brown, Graham Black Rain (Danielle Laidlaw #1: PBO; Covert agent Danielle Laidlaw leads an expedition into the Amazon to find the source of mysterious crystals that could provide clean energy; a ruthless businessman has other plans for the find) $7.99
Cain, Chelsea Heartsick (Archie & Gretchen #1: Reissue; Beautiful serial killer Gretchen Lowell subjected Portland detective Archie Sheridan to ten days of horrifying torture, then let him go and turned herself in. Two years later, Archie still can't get the torture, or Gretchen, off his mind. But to stop a new killer, Archie needs information from Gretchen - an encounter that may destroy him) $14.99
Cain, Chelsea Sweetheart (Archie & Gretchen #2: Reissue; Portland detective Archie Knox's latest murder investigation is derailed when he learns that serial killer Gretchen Lowell has escaped from prison) $14.99
Chandler, R/Parker, R Poodle Springs (Reissue; Philip Marlowe is alive and well, married to an heiress and living in Poodle Springs, California. But living in the lap of luxury hasn't made a dent in his cynicism, or his talent for attracting trouble, and it isn't long before he's on the trail of greed, lust, and murder) $15.00
Clare, Alys Out of the Dawn Light (Lassair #1: 1087: Lassair is asked to use her unique talents in a search across East Anglia for a five-hundred-year-old treasure with a terrifying power of its own) $15.95
Connor, John Unsafe (Karen Sharpe #5: When the battered body of a young girl is discovered, it kicks off an inquiry that pushes Detective Karen Sharpe and trainee DC Marcus Roth too close for comfort, both on and off duty) $11.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Rude Awakening (Milt Kovak #10: When deputy Dalton Pettigrew disappears on a mysterious date in Tulsa, his sister goes to look for him, only to disappear herself. She'd left her child Eli in the care of the sheriff's wife Jean, but now he's missing too. Who is the mysterious Dr. Emil Hawthorne, and why is he out to get Jean? Can sheriff Milt Kovak find Eli before it's too late?) $15.95
Corris, Peter Torn Apart (Cliff Hardy: When Hardy meets his second cousin Patrick Malloy, he's astonished - Malloy is his double. They become friends, and travel to attend a gathering of the Irish Travellers, the gypsy-like folk from whom they are descended. On their return, Malloy is brutally murdered - but perhaps the shotgun blast was intended for Hardy) $16.95
Crane, Frances The Yellow Violet (Pat & Jean Abbott #3: Reissue; In the early months of WWII, PI Pat Abbott is in San Francisco, doing some work for the government, when a fellow detective is murdered in his office. The only clue is a yellow violet - which is the trademark of a beautiful Spanish entertainer who happens to be in town. Pat also has a new client, whose foolish younger brother has cast his lot with Mussolini) $14.95
Crispin, Edmund The Long Divorce (alternate title: A Noose for Her) (Gervase Fen #8: Reissue; Colonel Babbington's cat Lavender is convinced that he is responsible for saving the world from a Martian invasion. His unusual psychic gifts prove unexpectedly helpful to Fen (visiting the village of Cotton Abbas incognito) as he attempts to discover who is responsible for the epidemic of ugly anonymous letters) $14.95
Davis, Lindsey Falco: The Official Companion (Marcus Didius Falco: Nonfiction; Davis provides background on herself, her books, her characters, and various aspects of Roman life, written with her usual liveliness and wit) $29.95
Dolan, Harry Bad Things Happen (A man calling himself David Loogan, who hoped to escape a violent past he'd rather forget, gets involved in the investigation of a mystery magazine publisher's murder) $15.00
Dunlap, Susan Civil Twilight (Darcy Lott #3: Determined to save her cop brother John from a murder charge, Darcy delves into the victim's past - and discovers shocking truths about one of her lawyer brother Gary's clients) $13.95
Egeland, Tom The Guardians of the Covenant (Why would someone murder a priest for a collection of old Viking parchments? An archaeologist realizes that these texts contain hidden messages, and begins a quest around the world in search of answers) $11.95
Elias, Gerard Devil's Trill (Daniel Jacobus #1: Blind violinist Daniel Jacobus must prove his innocence when he is accused of stealing a Stradivarius violin and then murdering a violin prodigy's teacher) $14.99
Ellis, Kate Playing with Bones (Joe Plantagenet #2: In the 1950s, Singmass Close was the hunting ground of the Doll Strangler, who was never brought to justice. Now DI Plantagenet wonders whether a copycat killer is at work when a teenager's strangled body is found with a mutilated doll lying by her side) $8.99
Ellis, Kate The Merchant's House (Wesley Peterson #01: Reissue; A black policeman from the Met, DS Peterson has just transferred to a West Country seaside town. He has his hands full when a child goes missing and a young woman is murdered on a lonely cliff path. Then his old friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, unearths the skeletons of a strangled woman and baby. As the investigation continues, Wesley begins to suspect that these deaths, centuries apart, may be linked by age-old motives) $9.99
Ellis, Kate The Armada Boy (Wesley Peterson #02: Reissue; Archaeologist Neil Watson finds the remains of a Spaniard who died tragically after coming ashore from the wreckage of the Spanish Armada, while the murder of an American D-Day veteran leads DS Peterson to a storm of 50-year-old accusations, resentments, and romances) $9.99
Ellis, Kate An Unhallowed Grave (Wesley Peterson #03: Reissue; When Pauline Brent's body is found hanging from a yew tree, DS Peterson suspects foul play. At a nearby dig, Wesley's archaeologist friend Neil Watson has excavated the corpse of a young woman who supposedly had been publicly hanged from the very same tree five centuries ago. Has Pauline also been executed rather than murdered?) $9.99
Ellis, Kate The Marriage Hearse (Wesley Peterson #10: Reissue; DI Peterson investigates when a bride is strangled on her wedding day, uncovering an obsessed stalker as well as dark secrets her fiance knew nothing about. Then a bridegroom is found dead in a seedy hotel, his bride nowhere to be found. Wesley suspects the cases may be linked. Meanwhile, Neil's discovery of a young female skeleton in a field formerly owned by an Elizabethan playwright leads him to wonder if the writer's bloodthirsty play was actually a murder confession) $9.99
Ellis, Kate The Shining Skull (Wesley Peterson #11: While exhuming the dead from a local churchyard, Neil Watson finds a coffin with an extra corpse that may be linked to a strange religious sect dating back to Regency times. DS Peterson thinks teenage singing star Leah Wakefield's disappearance may be linked to a 1976 kidnapping - until that victim, long presumed dead, returns to town. Has Leah instead fallen prey to 'The Barber', who tricks blonde women into a bogus taxi and cuts off their hair?) $9.99
Ellis, Kate The Blood Pit (Wesley Peterson #12: Charles Marrick has been murdered and his body drained of blood. Described as 'evil' by those who knew him, it seems that DI Peterson isn't going to have any shortage of suspects - until more bodies turn up. Meanwhile, Wesley's friend Neil fears that the killer is the one sending him disturbing letters) $9.99
Ellis, Kate A Perfect Death (Wesley Peterson #13: When a woman is burned to death in Grandal Field in Devon, DI Peterson learns of a legend involving a French woman who burned to death there in the 13th century. And there may be a link between the legend and recent events - records of a previous excavation on the site have vanished and that two archaeologists involved in that dig died suspiciously) $9.99
Emery, Anne Barrington Street Blues (Monty Collins #3: When lawyer and bluesman Monty Collins suspects that a murder-suicide is actually a double murder, his investigation takes him to the dark side of Halifax society) $14.95
Emery, Anne Children in the Morning (Monty Collins #5: When Beau Delaney is charged with murdering his wife Peggy, Halifax lawyer Monty Collins takes the case. But his client is keeping secrets, and Monty's daughter Normie is having visions involving Beau. Monty and Normie work together to discover the truth) $24.95
Falconer, Duncan Mercenary (Stratton #5: Maverick operative Stratton parachutes into Central America for an op, and ends up joining an uprising to bring down the region's hated dictator - then learns that they must battle the CIA as well) $9.95
Finch, Charles The Fleet Street Murders (Charles Lenox #3: 1866: Gentleman sleuth Charles Lenox, recently engaged to his best friend Lady Jane Grey, runs for Parliament and looks into the violent deaths of two reporters) $13.99
Ford, Clyde Whiskey Gulf (Charlie Noble #3: Maritime PI Charlie Noble tries to find out what happened to a couple whose sailboat drifted into a live-fire naval exercise area, and discovers a Middle Eastern agent looking for them as well) $7.99
Fuentes, Eugenio At Close Quarters (When the officer in charge of dismantling the city's military headquarters is found dead, the evidence points to suicide, but his daughter doesn't believe it, and hires PI Ricardo Cupido to investigate) $12.95
Gordon-Smith, Dolores A Hundred Thousand Dragons (Jack Haldean #4: 1920s: How do a few lines of poetry, a chance encounter in a London hotel, and a death in Sussex lead to a lost city of Arabia? Jack Haldean must find the answer) $28.95
Gregory, Susanna A Vein of Deceit (Matthew Bartholomew #15: When pennyroyal disappears from the herbarium and a pregnant visitor dies, Matthew discovers a connection to funds missing from the Michaelhouse accounts) $12.95
Gregory, Susanna The Killer of Pilgrims (Matthew Bartholomew #16: Cambridge, 1358: When a wealthy benefactor is found dead in Michaelhouse, Brother Michael and Matthew Bartholomew must find the culprit before the College is discredited) $24.95
Harrison, Cora Eye of the Law (Mara #5: 1510: A great feast is being held. Into a crowd listening to the story of Balor, the one-eyed god, come two strangers. The younger of the two, Iarla, bears a letter claiming that wealthy Ardal O'Lochlainn is his true father - which Ardal vociferously denies. When Iarla is found dead, with one eye missing, some think he was killed by the god - but most suspect Ardal. Mara, the Brehon of the Burren, is called to investigate) $28.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Fell Purpose (Bill Slider #12: A beautiful straight-A student lies dead near Wormwood Scrubs prison in London. What was this good Christian girl doing out there, dressed to kill, when she was supposed to be at a sleep-over with school friends? A secret boyfriend from a run-down estate and a recently released rapist are likely suspects; or could the nearby fairground or prison have something to do with it?) $15.95
Hiaasen, Carl Star Island (Meet young pop star Cherry Pye. Now meet her again, in the person of Ann DeLusia, who portrays Cherry whenever the singer is too wasted to go out in public. When Ann-mistaken-for-Cherry is kidnapped by an obsessed photographer, Cherry's handlers must rescue her while keeping her existence a secret from Cherry's public - and from Cherry; unabridged CDs $40.00) $26.95
Hill, Reginald Deadheads (Dalziel & Pascoe #7: Reissue; Pascoe notices that senior executives at a Yorkshire toilet company have an unlucky habit of dying. And when they do, company accountant Patrick Aldermann is all but inevitably poised to take their place) $14.95
Hiller, Mischa Sabra Zoo (PBO; 1982: Beirut is under siege. Eighteen-year-old Ivan interprets for medical volunteers in Sabra refugee camp, and works undercover for the PLO. Hoping to get closer to Eli, a physiotherapist, he helps her treat Youssef, a disabled orphan. But when the president-elect is assassinated, the Israeli army enters the city, and Eli and Youssef are trapped inside the camp. Unable to enter, can Ivan salvage anything from the chaos?) $15.95
Hodges, Mike Watching the Wheels Come Off (PBO; Today is a day Mark Miles will never forget. Reg Turpin, one of Mark's PR clients, is about to attempt a great feat of escapology. Then Dr. Herman Temple, the self-appointed guru, will conduct a seminar at a local hotel. What could go wrong for Mark? Nothing, apart from the seedy PI who's unpacking a .32 at a local B&B; Avril, the voluptuous wife of the drunken hotel owner; a man whose name really is Bela Lugosi; and Alice, Temple's beautiful and ambitious assistant) $12.95
Hoffman, Jilliane Plea of Insanity (A Miami surgeon pleads not guilty by reason of insanity in the murder of family; the ambitious young prosecutor suspects it was cold-blooded, calculated murder) $7.99
Iggulden, Conn Birth of an Empire (Genghis #1: Reissue; Genghis Khan was born Temujin, the son of a khan, raised in a clan of hunters migrating across the steppes. Through a series of courageous raids, Temujin's legend grew until he was chasing a vision: to unite many tribes into one, to make the earth tremble under the hoofbeats of a thousand horses, to subject all nations and empires to his will) $16.00
Iggulden, Conn Lords of the Bow (Genghis #2: Reissue; Under Genghis Khan, the Mongol tribes have united as one nation, setting their sights on a common enemy: the empire of the Chin) $16.00
Iggulden, Conn Bones of the Hills (Genghis #3: Genghis Khan must seal his legacy and name his successor as his armies push to the west, facing fierce Arab warriors) $16.00
Jacobson, Alan The 7th Victim (Karen Vail #1: The FBI's famed Behavioral Analysis Unit and Special Agent Karen Vail, their first-ever female profiler, search for the brutal Dead Eyes killer) $7.99
Jacobson, Alan Crush (Karen Vail #2: FBI profiler Karen Vail and the Behavioral Analysis Unit struggle to find an extraordinarily unpredictable serial killer whose actions are threatening the Napa Valley wine industry) $7.99
Jakubowski, Maxim (ed) The Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries 7 (Anthology; 38 stories originally published in 2008 and 2009) $13.95
James, Rebecca Beautiful Malice (Following the death of her sister, Katherine leaves home to escape the media glare, and meets Alice, who befriends her. But Katherine soon discovers that Alice has a much darker side - and a sinister motivation for their friendship) $25.00
Jardine, Quintin Fatal Last Words (Skinner #19: A Scottish celebrity is found dead in Edinburgh; when another dies violently in Australia, it looks like the two deaths might be connected) $8.99
Jardine, Quintin A Rush of Blood (Skinner #20: The horrific suicide of a successful Lithuanian entrepreneur rouses suspicion amongst the newly appointed Chief Constable Bob Skinner and his colleagues. Why would a man with everything to live for take his own life?) $24.95
Jecks, Michael The Oath (Knights Templar #28: 1326: In an England riven with conflict, bailiff Simon Puttock investigates when an entire family is brutally slaughtered, and three further murders follow) $24.95
Keene, Carolyn The Secret of the Old Clock 80th Anniversary Edition (Nancy Drew #1: Reissue; Kids; When several family heirlooms are stolen from a pair of elderly sisters, 18-year-old Nancy Drew decides to search for the thieves) $6.99
Khalili, Reza A Time to Betray (Nonfiction; the author, who was born and raised in Iran but attended college in the US, joined Iran's Revolutionary Guards in 1979, but became disillusioned and became a spy for the CIA) $26.00
Kilmer, Nicholas Madonna of the Apes (Fred Taylor #6: When a collector purchases a painting that appears to be by an important artist of the Italian Renaissance, Fred's attempt to find out how it arrived in Boston and whether it's a forgery leads to an increasingly murderous tangle) $14.95
Klavan, Andrew Empire of Lies (When a woman with whom he once shared a life of violence calls, righteous family man Jason Harrow finds himself entangled in a murderous conspiracy) $7.99
Knight, Alanna Destroying Angel (Rose McQuinn #5: 1897: It seems that the real owners of Rose's dog have been found. When she returns the hound to the Staines family, she is called upon to discover the identity of a blackmailer and thief) $15.95
Knowles, Mike In Plain Sight (Wilson #3: Dirty cops use Wilson as bait, telling him the only way to stay out of cuffs is to put someone worse in them. So Wilson picks a fight with the Russian mob to lure both corrupt cops and brutal robbers into a trap) $24.95
Lake, Deryn The Mills of God (Reverend Nick Lawrence #1: Newly arrived in the sleepy Sussex village of Lakehurst, young vicar Nick Lawrence helps Inspector Dominic Tennant hunt for a serial killer who leaves notes at the crime scenes signed 'The Acting Light of the World') $27.95
Lee, Y.S. A Spy in the House (Agency #1: YA; 1850s London: Rescued from the gallows, young thief Mary Quinn is offered a singular education, instruction in fine manners - and an unusual vocation. Assuming the guise of a lady's companion, she must infiltrate a rich merchant's home in hopes of tracing his missing cargo ships) $16.99
Lee, Y.S. The Body at the Tower (Agency #2: YA; Mary Quinn, now a trusted member of the all-female detective unit, is disguised as a poor boy and sent into the underbelly of Victorian London to insinuate herself into the confidence of several persons of interest) $16.99
Lewis, Robert Swansea Terminal (Robin Llewellyn #2: PBO; PI Robin Llewellyn takes a surveillance job looking after a warehouse full of booze for Swansea's dodgiest gangsters. Soon he's staggering through a crime caper that only a chronic alcoholic with nothing to lose would be crazy enough to take on) $14.95
Link, William The Columbo Collection (PBO; 12 new stories in which murderers try to get away with murder but come up against the rumpled but unflappable Lieutenant Columbo) $18.00
Lovesey, Peter Skeleton Hill (Peter Diamond #10: Reenactors of a battle between Roundheads and Cavaliers discover a skeleton that turns out to be only twenty years old; DS Diamond investigates when one of the reenactors turns up murdered) $14.00
Mackay, Scott The Angel of the Glade (Dr. Clyde Deacon #1: 1902: Widower Dr. Clyde Deacon arrives in Fairfield, New York, where at first he's regarded with suspicion because he comes from Tennessee. When a beautiful actress is found murdered, the overworked sheriff asks Deacon to assist him with the case) $15.95
Madsen, Diane Gilbert Hunting for Hemingway (D.D. McGil #2: PBO; Claiming to have recovered the stories and poems that Hemingway's first wife lost on a Swiss train in 1922, an academic plans to auction them, then turns up murdered. Insurance investigator DD McGil's quest to prove the manuscripts genuine puts her on the trail of the murderer) $14.95
Manchee, William Disillusioned (Stan Turner #9: PBO; 1976: While attending law school in Dallas, Stan is elected county chairman of the Republican Party. Trouble erupts when the FBI begins investigating the financial dealings of a major party contributor) $14.95
Manotti, Dominique Affairs of State (Rookie investigator Noria Ghozali must untangle the threads that bind together a murdered call girl with a black book full of elite international clients, a missing plane loaded with illegal arms, and the corrupt head of a controversial French national security unit) $12.95
Marston, Edward Railway to the Grave (Robert Colbeck #7: Yorkshire, 1855: When Superintendent Tallis' old army friend, whose wife has disappeared, walks to meet a speeding train head-on, rumors abound. Inspector Colbeck must find out if the man took his own life in repentance after harming his wife) $29.95
Mills, Kyle Lords of Corruption (Hired to manage an obscure charity's activities in a war-torn region of Africa, Josh discovers he has become an unwitting player in a billion-dollar conspiracy with global tentacles) $7.99
Miloszewski, Zygmunt Entanglement (The morning after a grueling therapy session in a Warsaw monastery, Henryk Telak is found dead. State Prosecutor Teodor Szacki, whose search for the killer unearths another murder that took place 20 years earlier, before the fall of Communism, learns things that, for his own safety, he'd be better off not knowing) $14.95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez An Olympic Death (Pepe Carvalho #4: Reissue; As Barcelona prepares for the Games, PI Pepe Carvalho finds himself working for Olympic entrepreneurs whose only plan is to make a fast buck. On the back streets of the Barcelona dream, he finds dead bodies and broken socialist promises) $14.95
Morrell, David The Shimmer (Dan Page follows his missing wife's trail to a remote Texas town famous for its observatory, unexplained phenomena - and a military base that may not be abandoned after all) $7.99
Mosby, Steve Still Bleeding (As he tracks a killer who's abducting women and slowly draining their blood, Detective Paul Kearney gets drawn into a world of dark desires, where murder memorabilia is hoarded like treasure, where normal rules don't apply) $12.95
Nadel, Barbara Last Rights (Francis Hancock #1: 1940: WWI veteran Francis Hancock spends another night of bombing trying to outrun his flashbacks. When he sees a man lurching through the rubble, screaming about being stabbed but with no visible wound, he dismisses it as the ravings of another lost soul - until the man's body turns up at his London funeral parlor two days later) $8.99
Nadel, Barbara Ashes to Ashes (Francis Hancock #3: 1940: Incendiary bombers are targeting St. Paul's Cathedral, where Francis is sheltering. But the WWI veteran has more than bombs to contend with: a young girl who was also sheltering there has vanished. Then some of those charge with protecting the building are murdered. Francis must face his fears in his struggle to catch those responsible) $8.99
Nadel, Barbara Sure and Certain Death (Francis Hancock #4: 1940: Francis finds a woman's eviscerated body in a derelict house in East London. When two more murders follow, rumors start to spread about a modern-day Jack the Ripper. When a fourth woman is murdered, Francis' sister Nancy admits she knew all of the victims, and Francis sets out to find the killer) $8.99
Nadel, Barbara Deadly Web (Inspector Ikmen #07: After two suspicious teen suicides, Inspectors Ikmen and Suleyman follow an internet trail that leads them to an underworld of Goth nightclubs and Satanic worship) $8.99
O'Brien, Johnny Day of the Assassins (Jack Christie #1: Kids; Time travel takes Jack and his best friend Angus to the center of a momentous event that will shape history for decades: the 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Their dilemma: should they intervene?) $6.99
Odell, Robin (ed) The Mammoth Book of Bizarre Crimes (Nonfiction; a compendium of unusual murders, from gruesome historical crimes to macabre modern murders) $13.95
Olsen, Karen E. Pretty in Ink (Tattoo Shop #2: PBO; Las Vegas tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh does some sleuthing when it looks like a killer is targeting Sin City's drag queens) $6.99
Owen, Charlie Two Tribes (Horse's Arse #4: Late 1970s: Extremists are causing havoc near Manchester, and DCI Dan Harrison needs to pull off something special if his boys are to retain control. As picket lines form and the two sides square off, a rare moment of inspiration strikes: could the hit movie Zulu provide an ingenious way out of mayhem?) $9.99
Palmer, Stuart The Puzzle of the Silver Persian (Hildegarde Withers #5: Reissue; Sleuthing schoolteacher Hildy sets sail for a vacation. But passengers start getting murdered, and the killings continue after the ship has docked in London. Hildy offers her services to Scotland Yard, but it's on a visit to a fellow passenger's home in Cornwall that the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place) $14.95
Parker, I.J. The Masuda Affair (Akitada #7: 11th-century Japan: Government official Sugawara Akitada finds a small mute boy on a deserted road, and sets out to find the parents. Akitada's servant Tora has troubles of his own: he has lost his new bride to a powerful man who pursues beautiful women and will stop at nothing to possess them. These seemingly unrelated cases lead Akitada and Tora to the entertainers and prostitutes of the amusement quarter, and murder follows in their footsteps) $28.95
Pattison, Eliot Eye of the Raven (Duncan McCallum #2: 1760: Duncan McCallum and his friend Conawago find a dying Virginian officer nailed to a shrine tree. The authorities arrest Conawago and schedule his hanging, and Duncan begins a desperate search for the truth, learning that this is just the latest in a series of ritualistic murders) $26.00
Peacock, Shane Eye of the Crow (Boy Sherlock Holmes #1: Kids; Friendless, bullied at school, for fun 13-year-old Sherlock Holmes focuses his attention on a sensational murder to see if he can solve it. But his game turns deadly serious when he finds himself a suspect) $9.95
Peacock, Shane Death in the Air (Boy Sherlock Holmes #2: Kids; A trapeze performance ends when the troupe's star takes a terrible fall. Noticing something amiss with the trapeze bar, Sherlock suspects foul play. The trail will lead him to a gang of notorious criminals) $9.95
Peffer, Randall Listen to the Dead (Cape Islands #5: PBO; Harbormaster Corby Church is tending to his duties at the lighthouse when he finds the bones of a human body. At first he believes them to be the remains of the original lighthouse keeper's wife, reputed to have died at the hands of her jealous husband. But when police detective Yemanja Colon sends the bones to the lab, they learn the girl is recently dead; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Peffer, Randall Seahawk Hunting (Seahawk #2: PBO; Intrigue abounds as both sides in the War Between the States vie for international support. In Gibraltar, Captain Semmes of the Confederate Navy, surrounded by the enemy, awaits delivery of a fast commercial raider. Once he gets this new vessel, all hell breaks loose) $16.95
Plakcy, Neil S. Mahu Vice (Kimo Kanapa #4: Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka, just beginning to recover from his breakup with fire investigator Mike Riccardi, is forced to work with Mike again on an arson homicide. The investigation takes them into dangerous territory) $14.95
Rayne, Sarah Ghost Song (After almost a century, the Tarleton music hall's silence is about to end. As surveyor Robert Fallon and researcher Hilary Bryant delve into the building's macabre history, they are menaced by those who find its reopening a threat) $8.99
Robinson, Patrick Diamondhead (Ex-Navy SEAL Mack Bedford agrees to help assassinate a French politician who illegally sold the Iraqis a missile used to kill Mack's fellow officers) $7.99
Rowlands, Betty A Fool There Was (Sukey Reynolds #10: DC Sukey Reynolds reports a man acting suspiciously, but on investigation her suspicions seem to be groundless. Then the man is killed in a road accident. After deal with the gruesome discovery of a woman's dismembered body, Sukey has a hunch that the two cases are connected) $15.95
Rusch, Kris Hitler's Angel (In 1931, two years before Hitler came to power, his niece Geli was found dead of a gunshot wound in his apartment. Her death was ruled a suicide, but the suspicion of murder remained. In 1971, American student Annie Pohlmann arrives in Germany to interview retired detective Fritz Stecher, and gets more than she bargained for when Stecher reveals the whole story of a case that not only nearly killed him, but almost changed the course of history) $12.95
Schechter, Danny The Crime of Our Time (PBO; Nonfiction; journalist Schechter investigates a complex web of fraud and crime that he shows played a major - if largely unreported - role in bringing down the economy) $19.95
Severac, Benoit Pax Romana: The Aquitania Murders (When a young Roman nobleman is murdered, Roman centurion Valerius investigates, but soon an imperial magistrate arrives. Convinced that the Gauls are responsible, the magistrate is willing to destroy the Pax Romana to find the culprit - which could lead to a new Gallic War) $15.00
Sharp, Zoe Killer Instinct (Charlie Fox #1: Charlie Fox makes a living teaching self-defense to women in a quiet city in northwest England. When she takes a job working security at a local nightclub, she begins to suspect there's a link between the club and a string of rape/murders) $15.00
Smith, Alexander Gordon Lockdown (Escape from Furnace #1: YA; At Furnace, the world's most secure prison for young offenders, creatures in gas masks stalk the corridors, giants drag inmates into the shadows, and deformed beasts howl in the tunnels. New inmate Alex Sawyer has two choices - wait for death, or find a way out) $8.99
Smith, Craig The Blood Lance (Thomas Malloy #2: PBO; Ex-CIA agent Thomas Malloy is assigned to track down a billionaire who has fled after defrauding his own company; the trail leads to Germany, where Malloy must unlock the secrets of the Knights of the Holy Lance) $12.95
Smith, Cynthia Misleading Ladies (Emma Rhodes #3: Reissue; High-society 'Private Resolver' Emma Rhodes meets a baronet's daughter with a story too good to resist. But what looked like a simple open and shut case of love soon turns into a full-fledged murder mystery) $13.00
Solheim, Beth At Witt's End (Sadie Witt #1: PBO; 64-year-old Sadie Witt has things to do, and shouldn't be expected to solve crimes. But that's just what she'll have to do when she realizes a guest has been murdered at her family's resort in northern Minnesota) $13.99
Solomita, Stephen Monkey in the Middle (A mercenary turned hitman. An aging gangster with arthritic knees. A bent cop playing more angles than a Brooklyn pool shark. Which of these men is the hunter? Which the hunted? And who's just the monkey in the middle?) $15.95
Spillane, M/Collins, MA The Goliath Bone (Mike Hammer: Mike Hammer postpones his marriage to Velda to stop Islamic terrorists and Israeli extremists bent upon stealing what might be the femur of biblical giant Goliath) $7.99
Starr, Melvin R. A Corpse at St Andrew's Chapel (Hugh de Singleton #2: When the beadle of Bampton manor's is discovered with his throat torn out, the coroner believes a wolf was responsible. But to surgeon and bailiff Hugh de Singleton, a question remains. Why is there so little blood?) $14.99
Sylvester, Kevin Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders (Neil Flambe #1: Kids; When some of the best chefs in town turn up dead, the only clues are a mysterious smell and some equally mysterious notes. 14-year-old wunderchef Neil Flambe is a suspect, and must solve the murders to clear his name) $9.95
Taylor, D.J. Kept (1863: A determined captain of Scotland Yard follows threads that may link a daring train robbery to the disappearance of a disturbed heiress as well as to the possible murder of failed landowner Henry Ireland) $14.95
Thayer, Steve Saint Mudd (Reissue; 1930s: St. Paul reporter Grover Mudd wants to put away a ring of ruthless gangsters. But in a city that has the best police and politicians that money can buy, he suspects that his efforts will lead to a big fat zero) $14.95
Thayer, Steve The Weatherman (Reissue; It's the dead of winter, and a serial killer known as The Weatherman has frozen the city in fear. As TV newscaster Andrea Labore goes after the career-making story, it becomes clear that the murderer is after her) $14.95
Timlin, Mark Guns of Brixton (original title: Answers from the Grave) (Reissue; 1960s London: Jimmy, John, and Billy want it all, and start building their crime empire to get it. But when Billy changes sides and becomes a cop, his days are numbered. Now, decades later, Billy's son is working for John and waiting for the day when his father's killer gets out of prison) $12.95
Tyler, L.C. Ten Little Herrings (Elsie and Ethelred #2: Ethelred has packed in his career as a mediocre mystery writer and disappeared. But his (deservedly) long-suffering agent Elsie tracks him down at a rundown French hotel hosting a stamp collectors conference. And then of course there's a murder, in this parody of classic British crime fiction) $14.95
Unsworth, Cathi Bad Penny Blues (PBO; 1960s London: When PC Pete Bradley finds the body of a prostitute who was strangled and dumped on the riverbank, Pete's search for her killer takes him into Soho's underbelly as more bodies are found. Meanwhile, a young fashion designer has terrible nightmares that echo the last hours of the dead women) $14.95
Vittachi, Nury The Feng Shui Detective (original title: The Feng Shui Detective Goes South) (Master Wong #1: Reissue; A client who cannot be offended has given Feng Shui master C.F. Wong a gift. It comes complete with a never-silent cellphone, an unfortunate wardrobe, and a grating Australian accent. Mr. Wong, it appears, has an intern) $14.95
Woodrell, Daniel Tomato Red (Reissue; A dark noir novel set in Missouri, featuring 19-year-old Jamalee, her gorgeous gay brother Jason, and Sammy Barlach, a young man passing through West Table, who just may be their ticket out) $15.00
Woolrich, Cornell Four Novellas of Fear (PBO; 4 suspense novellas, originally published between 1936 and 1940) $12.95


Baldacci, David True Blue (Young lawyer Roy Kingman and disgraced ex-cop Mace Perry investigate the death of a female partner at Roy's Washington law firm) $9.99
Barton, Beverly Don't Cry (PBO; A grief counselor who moonlights for the Chattanooga police connects several grisly murders to a long-ago series of horrific crimes that hit all too close to home) $7.99
Baxter, Cynthia Crossing the Lion (Reigning Cats & Dogs #9: PBO; Newlywed veterinarian Jessica Popper investigates the suspicious death of corporate giant Linus Merrywood, in surroundings that make her feel as if she's walked into an old-fashioned game of Clue ) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. There Goes the Bride (Agatha Raisin #20: Agatha is the prime suspect when her ex-husband's young fiance is shot to death just minutes before saying 'I do') $7.99
Bebris, Carrie The Matters at Mansfield (Mr. & Mrs. Darcy #4: A family crisis draws the Darcys to Mansfield Park, where they become involved with marriage machinations, star-crossed lovers, deceit, mistaken identity, and murder) $12.99
Black, Lisa Evidence of Murder (Theresa MacLean #2: A young mother is found dead in the frozen woods; the police suspect suicide, but Theresa doesn't buy it, and must find the forensic evidence to prove it was murder) $7.99
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution (Pamplemousse #16: Awards for bed bugs and bad food have Pamplemousse trying to find out who is behind a smear campaign against France's premiere restaurant and hotel guide) $16.95
Booth, Martin The American movie tie-in (original title: A Very Private Gentleman) (Reissue; In an Italian village, a man who molds custom guns for assassins develops feelings for a local prostitute, and resolves to make his next job his last - but a treacherous circle is closing in on him) $14.00
Bowen, Gail The Nesting Dolls (Joanne Kilbourn #12: A woman hands her baby to Delia Wainberg's daughter and disappears. One look at the boy suggests there might be a relationship, and the truth comes out about the child Delia gave up for adoption years ago. When the baby's mother is found murdered, Joanne investigates) $26.95
Boyd, Noah The Bricklayer (The FBI needs Steve Vail, an agent they've just fired, to solve a deadly extortion plot) $9.99
Brod, D.C. Getting Sassy (With her nearly broke and practically homeless mother about to land on her doorstep, Robyn Guthrie is feeling desperate. Otherwise, why would she even consider kidnapping a goat and holding it for ransom? $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Brokaw, Charles The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourds #2: Lourds is kidnapped by a ruthless group who are hunting a lost scroll authored by John of Patmos, which could bring about the end of the world - or stop it) $25.99
Brooke, P.J. Blood Wedding (Max Romero #1: Inspector Max Romero investigates the death of a Muslim girl in Granada, Spain. The prime suspect may have terrorist links, but insensitive handling of the case leads to his suicide. As a result, Max is co-opted into a dangerous antiterrorist operation) $15.00
Brooke, P.J. A Darker Night (Max Romero #2: The officer in charge of the investigation has no time to waste on a dead gypsy, but Inspector Romero and a brand new judge think that even an ex-convict gypsy is entitled to justice) $25.00
Brown, Graham Black Sun (Danielle Laidlaw #2: Danielle Laidlaw has discovered a Mayan stone that is generating waves of energy while counting down toward December 21, 2012. There are three more just like it. What power will be unleashed if all four stones come together? Who created them - and who has them now?) $7.99
Bruen, Ken The Devil (Jack Taylor #8: Refused entry to America, PI Jack Taylor resumes his old life in Galway, where a series of murders and too many coincidental encounters soon have him believing that he may have met his nemesis) $24.99
Cain, Chelsea Evil at Heart (Archie & Gretchen #3: A zealous fan of Gretchen's pays homage to the Beauty Killer by luring Archie and reporter Susan Ward to the scene of a grisly murder) $14.99
Clark, Mary Jane Dying for Mercy (Sunrise Suspense Society #3: The clues found at a 'puzzle house' lead Eliza Blake and her KEY News colleagues first to suspicious locales in a private park and then to a killer's victims) $7.99
Coben, Harlan Fade Away (Myron Bolitar #3: Reissue; The disappearance of a man Myron once competed against brings back memories of the sport they both played, and the woman they both loved. But the search for a sports hero gone wrong might just lead Myron to certain death - his own) $9.99
Corin, Joshua While Galileo Preys (Former FBI agent Esme Stuart gets a call from her old boss to help track down a sniper who's targeting innocent civilians in Atlanta) $7.99
Cornwell, Patricia The Scarpetta Factor (Kay Scarpetta #17: Scarpetta's increased visibility leads to a series of unsettling events, including an apparent threat on her life; her CNN producer wants to launch a Scarpetta Factor TV show) $9.99
Coughlin, J/Davis, D Clean Kill (Sniper #3: The signing of a Saudi/Israeli peace treaty is shattered by a missile attack; Gunnery Sgt. Kyle Swanson traces the attack to foreign operatives determined to claim Saudi oil reserves) $9.99
Crosse, Laurence A Novel Bookstore (Ivan and Francesca open a shop in Paris offering a selection of literary masterpieces chosen by a top-secret committee. When the store proves a success, they begin to receive anonymous threats, and when members of the secret committee are attacked, they call in the police) $15.00
Cussler, C/Blackwood, G Spartan Gold (Fargo #1: Treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo hunt for bottles of rare wine whose labels create a map to the location of two solid gold pillars; a millionaire is also on the trail) $9.99
Cussler, C/Blackwood, G Lost Empire (Fargo #2: Sam and Remi Fargo search for an artifact that is also being pursued by members of a Mexican political party who boast direct descent from Aztec royalty) $27.95
Dash, Mike The First Family: Terror, Extortion, Revenge, Murder, and the Birth of the American Mafia (Nonfiction; the rise of the Mafia in America from the 1890s to the 1920s, from the villages of Sicily to the streets of Little Italy) $7.99
Davis, Lindsey Alexandria (Marcus Didius Falco #19: When Falco and Helena Justina vacation in Alexandria, Egypt, he ends up investigating the suspicious death of the Librarian of the great library) $14.99
Davis, Lindsey Nemesis (Marcus Didius Falco #20: AD 77: When a mutilated corpse turns up near Rome, Falco and Petronius investigate, even though it means traveling in the pestilential marshes. Then Chief Spy Anacrites snatches the case from them - it seems the violent Claudii, who live rough in the marshes, have acquired his corrupt protection. Encouraged by bureaucrats who hate Anacrites, Falco and Petronius continue investigating as a psychotic killer keeps taking victims) $24.99
Dittrich, Stacy The Rapture of Omega (CeeCee Gallagher #4: When a cult moves into the area, supposedly to prepare for the end of the world, CeeCee suspects their leader is holding members hostage and may be responsible for a number of recent homicides) $7.99
Doetsch, Richard The Thieves of Darkness (Michael St. Pierre #3: Reformed thief Michael St. Pierre breaks his girlfriend and his best friend out of a Middle Eastern prison; the trio head to Istanbul in search of an ancient religious artifact) $25.00
Elias, Gerard Danse Macabre (Daniel Jacobus #2: When a beloved violinist is murdered with a mysterious weapon, his young rival is spotted at the scene with blood on his hands. Reclusive blind violinist Daniel Jacobus follows the trail of broken violins and broken lives that lead to the truth) $24.99
Estleman, Loren D. Amos Walker: The Complete Story Collection (All the stories featuring the Detroit detective, including one original to this volume) $32.95
Estleman, Loren D. Frames (Valentino #1: When he buys a decrepit movie palace, mild-mannered film archivist Valentino uncovers a skeleton - and a priceless stash of long-lost film reels in the basement. To prevent the LAPD from seizing the fragile film as evidence, he'll need to solve the murder) $14.99
Ferrigno, Robert Heart of the Assassin (Assassin #3: The Atzlan Empire threatens both the Islamic republic and the Bible Belt ; Rakim Epps must reunite the two to regain the USA's former glory) $7.99
Flynn, Vince Pursuit of Honor (Mitch Rapp #10: After a series of explosions tear through Washington, DC, killing and wounding hundreds, three of the terrorists are still at large; Rapp will use any means necessary to find them) $9.99
Goldman, Joel No Way Out (Jack Davis #3: PBO; Accountant Vivien Chase may be able to pull a trigger as well as she manipulates a spreadsheet, but her talents will add up to zero if ex-FBI agent Jack Davis can't stop a killer) $6.99
Grabenstein, Chris The Hanging Hill (Zack & Judy #2: Kids; The director of a show based on Judy's books plans to raise a horde of evil specters from the dead; to do this, he needs a human sacrifice - and Zack fits the bill perfectly) $6.99
Guilfoile, Kevin The Thousand (When her father is murdered while working on an ending for Mozart's unfinished Requiem, a young woman searches for his killer, and ends up in the crossfire of a centuries-old clandestine war involving a cult descended from the disciples of Pythagoras) $24.95
Hallinan, Timothy Breathing Water (Poke Rafferty #3: American expat travel writer Poke Rafferty and his family become pawns in a political struggle among some of Thailand's richest and most ruthless people) $14.99
Hallinan, Timothy The Queen of Patpong (Poke Rafferty #4: When a nightmare figure from Rose's past threatens them, Poke's only hope is to discover the whole truth of Rose's past. And there are secrets back there he's not certain he can accept - or survive) $24.99
Hill, Susan Shadows in the Street (Simon Serrailler #5: The Chief Constable calls Serrailler back from sabbatical after two local prostitutes are strangled; unrest grows in the town when the wife of the Dean of St. Michael's Cathedral and a respectable woman on her way to work go missing) $24.95
Hogan, Chuck The Town (aka: Prince of Thieves) (Reissue; The branch manager of a Boston bank, Claire Keesey finds herself attracted to very different men - Doug MacRay, the leader of a tight-knit crew of robbers, and FBI agent Adam Frawley) $7.99
Hooper, Kay Blood Ties (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #12: The FBI's Special Crimes Unit investigates when a bloody arm is found in the Tennessee woods; the corpses they find point to an evil so sinister it may not be human) $7.99
Huang, Yunte Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American History (Nonfiction; the story of Chang Apana, a rough-and-tumble Cantonese detective born in Hawaii around 1871, who was the inspiration for fictional detective Charlie Chan. Huang also traces Charlie Chan's evolution from island legend to pop culture icon to vilified postmodern symbol) $26.95
Indridason, Arnaldur Arctic Chill (Reykjavik #5: When a dark-skinned boy is found frozen to the ground in a pool of his own blood, Erlendur's investigation unearths tensions simmering beneath the surface of Iceland's outwardly liberal, multicultural society) $15.00
Kiely, Tracy Murder on the Bride's Side (Elizabeth Parker #2: At her best friend Bridget's wedding, when Bridget's unpopular Aunt Ronnie is murdered and her cousin Harry becomes the chief suspect, it's up to Austen-quoting sleuth Elizabeth Parker to sort things out) $24.99
Koontz, Dean The Taking (Reissue; Extreme weather is happening around the globe, and a thick fog invades a small California mountain town. Soon the residents will be forced to draw on all their reserves of courage and humanity. For within the misty gloom they will discover what is happening to their world - that something is hunting them with ruthless efficiency) $9.99
Leon, Donna Willful Behavior (Guido Brunetti #11: Reissue; Brunetti is approached for help in obtaining a pardon for a crime committed by a girl's now-dead grandfather. Then the girl is found dead, and another corpse and an extraordinary art collection lead Brunetti to long-buried secrets of Nazi collaboration and the exploitation of Italian Jews) $14.00
Leonard, Peter Trust Me (Karen Delaney entrusts $300,000 to her boyfriend; when they break up, he won't return it. When thieves break into her house, she proposes a scheme to steal her boyfriend's safe) $7.99
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter by Design (Dexter #4: Miami's finest discover a corpse artfully displayed as a sunbather relaxing on a Miami beach chair, and realize they've got a terrifying new serial killer on the loose) $14.95
Lippman, Laura I'd Know You Anywhere (When she gets a letter from the man, now on Death Row, who kidnapped her when she was fifteen, Eliza decides to contact him. She's always wondered why he let her live, and maybe now he'll tell her - and share the truth about his other victims) $25.99
Lister, Michael (ed) Florida Heat Wave (Anthology; crime stories set in the gun-shaped state, by Florida's foremost crime writers) $17.95
Ludlum, R/Lynds, G The Altman Code (Reissue; Covert-One agent Jon Smith tries to determine if a Chinese cargo ship is transporting chemicals to a rogue nation intent on creating biological weapons) $9.99
Lupoff, Richard A. The Emerald Cat Killer (Lindsey & Plum #10: Hobart Lindsey is called back to the San Francisco Bay Area for one last case: a publisher is being sued over a novel that might actually be the last, lost work of a novelist killed over a year earlier) $25.99
Malfi, Ronald The Ascent (A trip to the Godel ridge in Nepal turns deadly as the climbers begin to fall victim to a murderer within their group) $24.95
Meier, Leslie Wicked Witch Murder (Lucy Stone #16: As Halloween approaches in Tinker's Cove, Maine, the discovery of a dead body leads to a local psychic being accused of witchcraft. Lucy must unearth the killer) $24.00
Montrose, David The Crime on the Cote des Neiges (Reissue; When an infamous bootlegger is murdered, the police suspect his widow. Hard-drinking PI Russell Teed sets out to keep the gorgeous Inez out of jail and find the real culprit) $12.00
Newark, Tim Lucky Luciano: The Real and the Fake Gangster (Nonfiction; For the first 25 years of his career, Luciano was a vicious mobster who became king of the New York underworld. For the next 25, his reputation was maintained by government agents while he helped the Allies during WWII and worked as a Cold War agent) $26.99
O'Donnell, P/Colvin, N Sweet Caroline: Sweet Caroline / The Return of the Mammoth / Plato's Republic (Modesty Blaise: Reprints classic black & white comic strips featuring three adventures of detective Modesty Blaise and her trusty henchman Willie Garvin) $19.95
O'Donnell, Peter Pieces of Modesty (Collection; short stories featuring detective Modesty Blaise and her trusty sidekick Willie Garvin) $14.95
Paretsky, Sara Body Work (V.I. Warshawski #14: At an art event, one woman's sketch triggers a violent outburst from an Iraq war veteran. When the woman is shot several days later, the police quickly arrest the angry vet. Hired by the vet's family to clear his name, V.I.'s investigation takes her from the North Side of Chicago to the far reaches of the Gulf War) $26.95
Penny, Louise The Brutal Telling (Inspector Gamache #5: When a stranger is murdered in Three Pines, the clues lead to beloved bistro owner Olivier; CI Gamache travels deep into the woods and across the continent in search of the truth) $13.99
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet (Captain Alatriste #5: Alatriste and Inigo pursue dangerous romances, and become unwilling participants in a court conspiracy that could lead them both to the gallows) $15.00
Perez-Reverte, Arturo Pirates of the Levant (Captain Alatriste #6: Captain Alatriste and Inigo accept jobs as mercenaries aboard a galleon, on a journey that will take them to Morocco, Algeria, and Malta) $25.95
Perry, Thomas Fidelity (When Phil Kramer is shot dead, his wife Emily is left with a lot of questions. And hitman Jerry Hobart has some questions of his own when he's ordered to kill Emily) $7.99
Peters, Ralph The War After Armageddon (In a post-apocalyptic 21st century, the US faces a desert war with Islamic militants as well as a battle with Christian zealots bent on wiping out all Muslims) $9.99
Phelps, M. William Kill for Me (PBO; Nonfiction; a homicidal maniac convinces his wife to murder someone for him) $6.99
Preisler, Jerome Skin Deep (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: PBO; The body of a retired and respected criminal judge is found with an intricate, macabre tattoo on the face - the first in a bizarre string of murders) $7.99
Rankin, Ian Dark Entries (Black & white graphic novel. Occult detective John Constantine goes in undercover when the haunted house on a reality TV starts actually attacking the contestants) $12.99
Reichs, Kathy Spider Bones (Temperance Brennan #13: The body of a drowning victim is identified as a man declared dead in a 1968 crash in Vietnam - so who's buried in his grave? And why are his dog tags found tangled in a third set of remains?; unabridged CDs $39.99) $26.99
Riggs, Cynthia Touch-Me-Not (Martha's Vineyard #9: When her granddaughter and several members of her knitting group get calls from a telephone stalker, 92-year-old sleuth Victoria Trumbull and Police Chief Casey O'Neill set out to track down the man suspected of making the calls, who seems to have disappeared) $24.99
Robinson, Peter Bad Boy (Inspector Banks #19: When a distraught woman reports that she found a loaded gun hidden in her daughter Erin's bedroom, it turns out her daughter's best friend is DCI Banks' daughter Tracy - who was last seen racing off to warn the gun's owner, a very bad boy indeed. To save Tracy's life, Banks and his partner will have to outsmart this smooth and devious psychopath; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Robinson, Peter The Price of Love and Other Stories (Collection; 10 short stories plus 2 novellas featuring Inspector Banks (1 original to this volume)) $14.99
Rollins, David Hard Rain (Vin Cooper #3: Special Agent Cooper's investigation into the murder of the US attache to Turkey, which was carried out with military efficiency, uncovers a shadowy web trying to topple governments by any means necessary) $7.99
Rosenfelt, David Dog Tags (Andy Carpenter #8: Dog-loving lawyer Andy Carpenter plunges into a high-profile murder case in which a German Shepherd police dog plays a crucial role) $24.99
Rozan, S.J. The Shanghai Moon (Lydia Chin / Bill Smith #09: PI Lydia Chin's former mentor calls her in to help recover a cache of stolen jewelry belonging to Jewish Holocaust refugees; a priceless missing gem may be among the jewels) $14.99
Ryan, Annelise Scared Stiff (Mattie Winston #2: When a waitress/model is murdered, her estranged husband is the prime suspect; Sorenson, Wisconsin, deputy coroner Mattie Winston sets out to prove he's innocent) $22.00
Ryan, William The Holy Thief (Moscow, 1936: When a young woman is found dead and mutilated in a deconsecrated church, Captain Korolev of the CID is asked to investigate, but when he discovers the victim is American, the secret police become involved. The trail leads to the Moscow underworld; unabridged CDs $39.99) $24.99
Saylor, Steven Empire (Rome #2: From the reign of Augustus to the height of Rome's empire, five generations of the aristocratic Pinarius family face choices and temptations as they struggle for survival and search for meaning) $25.99
Smith, Carlton Cold as Ice (Nonfiction; former Illinois cop Drew Peterson is arrested for the 2003 murder of of his ex-wife Kathleen Savio, and is a prime suspect in the disappearance of his next wife Stacy Peterson) $7.99
Spano, Robin Dead Politician Society (Clare Vengel #1: Rookie cop Clare Vengel volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate a clandestine student society that has claimed credit for the mayor's death) $14.95
Stanley, Jennifer The Way of the Guilty (Hope Street Church #3: PBO; When her sister Ashley is implicated in a gruesome murder, Cooper Lee and her friends from Hope Street vow to solve the unholy mess) $7.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Never-Ending Snake (Ella Clah #16: Gunfire at an airfield sends Navajo police officer Ella Clah and her companions diving for cover. But who is the target: alternative fuel lobbyist Adam Lonewolf, politician Kevin Tolino, or Ella herself?) $24.99
Todd, Charles A Duty to the Dead (Bess Crawford #1: 1916: Volunteer nurse Bess Crawford travels to Kent to carry a soldier's dying message to his family; this duty to the dead thrusts her into a maelstrom of intrigue and murder) $14.99
Todd, Charles An Impartial Witness (Bess Crawford #2: 1917: At a London train station, Bess realizes that a woman who is bidding an emotional farewell to an officer is actually the wife of one of her patients, a badly burned young pilot. Learning later that Scotland Yard is seeking information because the woman was murdered the very day she saw her, Bess becomes entangled in the case) $24.99
van Onselen, Charles Masked Raiders: Irish Banditry in Southern Africa, 1880-1899 (Nonfiction; in the 1880s and 1890s, Irish soldiers stationed in southern Africa, tempted by the world's richest supplies of diamonds and gold, deserted by the score to embark on a spree of bank heists, safe-cracking, and highway robberies) $24.00
Walsh, Michael Early Warning (Devlin #2: PBO; When international cyber-terrorists allow a deadly band of radical insurgents to breach the highest levels of national security, lethal NSA agent Devlin must take down an enemy bent on destroying America) $6.99
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Moon (Hollywood #3: LAPD veteran Dana Vaughn and 'Hollywood' Nate Weiss discover that what looked like normal criminal full-moon craziness is actually something bigger and more deadly) $7.99
Webb, Peggy Elvis and the Grateful Dead (Southern Cousins #2: Callie and Lovie throw a garden party for Elvis impersonators visiting Tupelo for the annual festival; when one falls dead in the garden, Lovie becomes the prime suspect) $6.99
White, Stephen The Last Lie (Alan Gregory #17: Alan and Lauren's new neighbors host a party, and one of their guests elects to spend the night after drinking too much, only to wake up in the morning with no memory beyond getting ready for bed. Was she drugged? Raped?)) $26.95
Woods, Stuart Kisser (Stone Barrington #17: Back in New York, Stone gets involved with a fetching Broadway actress who turns out to have a shady past) $9.99


Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Applebeck Orchard (Cottage Tales #6: Tabitha Twitchet and the Cat Council want answers about the burning of Mr. Harmsworth's haystacks, which witnesses say was the handiwork of a lantern-wielding specter. Includes recipes) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Oat Cake Crag (Cottage Tales #7: Beatrix Potter's friend Grace has been receiving anonymous letters threatening her good name; Beatrix must investigate quietly, so as not to arouse village gossip) $23.95
Archer, Jeffrey And Thereby Hangs a Tale (Collection; 15 original stories with settings from around the globe) $25.99
Arruda, Suzanne The Crocodile's Last Embrace (Jade del Cameron #6: PBO; Back in Kenya, Jade receives a message written in her long-dead fiance's hand: 'Why did you let me die?' Add two mysterious deaths and the discovery that her old nemesis Lilith has escaped from prison, and Jade is facing her most dangerous case ever) $15.00
Ash, Maureen The Alehouse Murders (Templar Knight #1: Reissue; When four victims are found slain in the town alehouse, Templar Bascot de Marins discovers that what appears to be the grisly end of a drunken row is in fact a cunning case of murder) $14.00
Avi The Traitor's Gate (Kids; London, 1849: After his father is imprisoned for gambling debts, 14-year-old John and his family are out on the street. And when his father is accused of treason, John isn't sure what to believe - or whom) $6.99
Axler, James Doom Helix (Deathlands #94: PBO; Ryan and his band must once again do battle with invaders from Shadow Earth) $6.99
Bain, D/Fletcher, J A Fatal Feast (Murder, She Wrote #32: Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland joins Jessica for Thanksgiving; during an after-dinner stroll, they stumble upon the body of a man with a carving knife in his chest) $6.99
Ball, Toby The Vaults (In the mid-1930s, at the height of the most corrupt administration ever known in 'The City', a hermit-like archivist, a high-profile reporter, and a socialist PI with a penchant for blackmail each uncover evidence of a radical program for punishing murderers. But the mayor and his henchmen might have a problem with this discovery) $24.99
Bell, Ted Warlord (Alex Hawke #6: Duty calls MI6 operative Alex Hawke back into action: recent threats to the lives of the royal family may be connected to the assassination of Lord Mountbatten 30 years earlier) $27.99
Black, Lisa Trail of Blood (Theresa MacLean #3: A desiccated corpse found in an abandoned warehouse is assumed to be a victim of the 1930s Torso Killer - until a fresh corpse turns up at the scene, also bearing the marks of the Torso Killer) $24.99
Bosch, Pseudonymous This Book Is Not Good for You (Cass & Max-Ernest #3: Kids; Our intrepid heroes face off against an evil dessert chef intent on creating the ultimate chocolate bar at any cost) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys Royal Flush (Royal Spyness #3: At Castle Rannoch, Georgie must keep a divorcee from seducing the Prince of Wales - and make sure no one shoots the Prince at the Balmoral shooting party) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Royal Blood (Royal Spyness #4: To escape her hateful brother, Georgie agrees to represent the royals at a wedding in Transylvania. When a wedding guest is poisoned, it's up to Georgie to save the nuptial festivities) $24.95
Brower, Steven Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants: The Art of the Paperback (Nonfiction; a celebration of the mass-market paperback, from the late 19th century up to today, focusing on the art and design of the format, and how it has influenced and reflected American literacy, tastes, and mores) $24.95
Bunn, Davis The Black Madonna (Syrrell & Bennett #2: Art historian Storm Syrrell and treasure hunter Harry Bennett face grave danger as they hunt for a historic art treasure and attempt to shed light on the murder of Storm's grandfather) $14.99
Coel, Margaret The Silent Spirit (Wind River #14: Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden investigate the murder of an Arapaho who went to Hollywood to investigate his great-grandfather's disappearance during the filming of a 1923 Western) $7.99
Coel, Margaret The Spider's Web (Wind River #15: When Ned Windsong is shot to death, his family believes his fiancee killed him, even though she identifies two troublemakers as the culprits. Vicki Holden agrees to represent her, but when the two troublemakers are found dead, she and Father John realize they are caught in a web of deceit woven by a master) $24.95
Connor, M/Siler, J The Art of the Heist: Confession of a Master Thief (Nonfiction; Myles Connor, the son of a cop, grows to love art, money, and misadventure, and becomes a notorious bank robber, art thief, cat burglar, and con man) $14.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Burning Land (Saxon Tales #5: Uhtred breaks with King Alfred and sets out to reclaim his ancestral fortress, but when Alfred's daughter pleads for his help, he cannot refuse her request) $14.99
Daheim, Mary Loco Motive (Bed & Breakfast #25: Judith and her cousin Renie head for Boston on the train; their trip is derailed when an former B&B guest is found dead in the baggage compartment) $23.99
Daneshvari, Gitty School of Fear (School of Fear #1: Kids; Four young students must conquer their phobias at the exclusive and elusive School of Fear, or find out just how frightening failure can be) $6.99
dos Santos, Jose R. The Einstein Enigma (A manuscript, mysteriously entitled The God Formula and penned by Albert Einstein, contains a cryptogram that leads to a search for the most elusive secret of the universe) $25.99
Dubner, Stephen (ed) The Best American Crime Reporting 2010 (Nonfiction; anthology of the year's best true crime writing) $14.99
Elliot, Jason The Network (In the months before 9/11, MI6 recruits former army officer Anthony Taverner to destroy a cache of Stinger missiles in Afghanistan before they fall into the hands of al-Qaeda, and to attempt to avert a catastrophe that the British and US intelligence communities are keeping secret from the public) $24.00
Ellroy, James The Hilliker Curse: My Pursuit of Women (Nonfiction; a raw, explicit memoir) $24.95
Evanovich, Janet Wicked Appetite (Unmentionable #1: Gerwulf Grimoire, a dangerous man, needs Lizzy Tucker to find the Stones of Power. With a new job as pastry chef and an old house inherited from her aunt, Lizzy's life is pretty much on track - until it's derailed by a guy named Diesel, a rude monkey, and a ninja cat. She can handle the monkey and the cat. She's not sure about Diesel. He's offering to protect her from Grimoire - but Lizzy suspects that might involve guarding her body day and night; unabridged CDs $34.99. $27.99
Fowler, Christopher Bryant & May on the Loose (Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit #7: London's Peculiar Crimes Unit has crossed the wrong bureaucrat and been disbanded. But when a man dressed as a stag haunts a building site, the old gang is soon back together) $15.00
Francis, Dick The Danger (Reissue; When a string of kidnappings rocks the horse racing world, Andrew Douglas is brought in to recover the abducted. Or will he end up a victim?) $7.99
Gore, Steven Absolute Risk (Gage #2: Gage investigates the death of an FBI agent who failed to arrive for a secret meeting with the Federal Reserve chairman, and finds a conspiracy that threatens to plummet the world into chaos; mass market pb expected in November $9.99) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry Dead Man's Chest (Phryne Fisher #18: On holiday on the coast, Phryne finds smugglers, pirate treasure, and some interesting surrealists, including a parrot called Pussykins. What is the mysterious Madame Selavey hiding? And where are the Johnsons, who were supposed to be at the holiday house?; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Havill, Steven F. Bag Limit (Posadas County #08: Reissue; A man about to be arrested for a DWI makes a desperate attempt to flee and is killed by an oncoming truck. Sheriff Bill Gastner has to dig deep to learn what was behind the man's tragic overreaction) $14.95
Henry, Sue The End of the Road (Maxie & Stretch #4: Maxie McNabb and her miniature dachshund Stretch have to find the killer when a murder shatters the quiet in their home town of Homer, Alaska) $6.99
Hodel, S/Pezzullo, R Most Evil: The Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hodel (Nonfiction; the author connects his late father to dozens of unsolved murder cases stretching back 60 years) $7.99
Hoffman, Jilliane Pretty Little Things (When 13-year-old Lainey Emerson disappears, special agent Bobby Dees discovers she may be the victim of an online predator. And she may not be the only one) $25.95
Indridason, Arnaldur Hypothermia (Reykjavik #6: When a woman is found hanging from a beam in her summer cottage, it appears to be suicide. Inspector Erlendur, also haunted by the unresolved cases of two young people who went missing 30 years before, embarks on an unofficial investigation. His discoveries raise ghosts from his own past) $24.99
Izner, Claude Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise (UK title: The Pere-Lachaise Mystery) (Victor Legris #2: Fin-de-siecle Paris: When a widow disappears into her husband's tomb, her maid goes to Victor Legris for help. Then the maid turns up drowned in the Seine, and the widow's corpse is found in an overgrown backyard) $14.99
Izner, Claude The Montmartre Investigation (Victor Legris #3: 1891: A series of murders lead Parisian bookseller Victor Legris and his assistant Jojo into the alleyways and cafes of the hills of Montmartre, on a trail that seems to point to a case that shocked the population of Lyons years ago) $24.99
James, Steven The Knight (Patrick Bowers #3: When he realizes a killer is using clues from an ancient manuscript as a template for his crimes, FBI criminologist Patrick Bowers races to stop the final murder - which he's beginning to believe might be his own) $7.99
Johnson, D.E. The Detroit Electric Scheme (Detroit, 1910: Will works at his father's electric automobile factory - until he finds his romantic rival crushed in a machine there, and goes on the run. When he discovers his ex-fiancee is in danger, he heads into the Detroit underworld to try to save her and find the killer) $24.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Double Shot: Not Quite Kosher / Bright Futures (Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $19.99
Kipps, Charles Crystal Death (Conor Bard #2: Conor Bard and his new partner Rosita Rubio find plenty of suspects when a beautiful diamond dealer is murdered and a rare red diamond is stolen in NYC's diamond district) $27.00
Koontz, Dean Shadowfires (Reissue; Rachel's request for a divorce left her husband Eric enraged. He stormed off into the path of an oncoming vehicle, and was pronounced dead at the scene. But Rachel knows the secrets he's left behind, and when his body disappears from the morgue, she knows that her turbulent marriage is far from over) $16.00
Krueger, William Kent Vermilion Drift (Cork O'Connor #10: Hired to head security when protests erupt after a local mine is shortlisted for storage of nuclear waste, Cork stumbles across a secret room with the remains of six murder victims inside. Five appear to be old enough to be connected to a 1964 series of unsolved disappearances, when Cork's father was sheriff. The sixth body has been dead less than a week. Cork must dig into the darker parts of his family's past, and unravel the clues before more death comes to Tamarack County, Minnesota) $25.00
Landon, Kristen The Limit (Kids; When his family unexpectedly exceeds their government-mandated debt limit, 13-year-old Matt is taken away to a workhouse, where he faces dangers more serious than anyone on the outside realizes) $15.99
Larsen, Karianne Liar Liar (Cat DeLuca #1: PI Cat DeLuca specializes in cheating-spouse cases; a Chicago reporter masquerades as a client, and has Cat track a guy who turns out to have a pocketful of smuggled diamonds; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Lavene, Joyce & Jim Deadly Daggers (Renaissance Faire #3: PBO; Jessie's latest apprenticeship is with master swordsmith Daisy. When a professional dueler - and Daisy's former flame - is murdered, Jessie must keep a sharp eye out for the killer) $7.99
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter is Delicious (Dexter #5: Dexter investigates the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl who has been running with a group who fancy themselves to be vampires, and discovers that they are actually cannibals - and that they've decided they'd like to eat Dexter; unabridged CDs $40.00) $25.95
Loehfelm, Bill Bloodroot (Kevin Curran's brother Danny draws him into world of murder, Mafia hitmen, and dangerous espionage revolving around an abandoned children's hospital with a nefarious past) $15.00
Markowitz/Glatzer My Stolen Son (PBO; Nonfiction; Markowitz tells the story of her 15-year-old son's murder, the motive behind it, and her battle to bring her son's killers to justice) $7.99
Mayes, Casey A Deadly Row (KenKen Puzzle #1: PBO; Math whiz Savannah Stone creates KenKen puzzles for a living, but right now what's puzzling her is: Who is sending death threats to the mayor of her North Carolina town?) $7.99
McDermid, Val Fever of the Bone (Hill & Jordan #6: DCI Carol Jordan and profiler Tony Hill search for a killer who is targeting young victims through a social networking site) $14.99
McGee, Chaz (aka Munger, Katy) Angel Interrupted (Dead Detective #2: PBO; Kevin Fahey is trying to prove he's a better ghost than he ever was a man. And trying to help Maggie Gunn, the detective who replaced him, is a good place to start) $7.99
McGilloway, Brian Bleed a River Deep (Inspector Devlin #3: When a US diplomat is attacked during the opening of a Donegal gold mine, the gunman turns out to be an environmentalist, and the brother of an old friend of Devlin's. Then the shooter is found dead near the mine, and Devlin begins to suspect that the business is a front for something sinister) $24.99
Moody, Bill Looking for Chet Baker (Evan Horne #5: Reissue; When an old friend disappears while working on a biography of trumpeter Chet Baker, Evan is drawn into investigating whether Baker's 1988 death was an accident or murder) $14.95
Myers, Beverle Graves Her Deadly Mischief (Tito Amato #5: Venice, 1742: When a courtesan tumbles over the railing at his latest performance, castrato Tito Amato is thrown into the middle of an investigation that soon turns to scrutiny of his personal life as well) $14.95
O'Brien, Johnny Day of Deliverance (Jack Christie #2: Kids; Time travelers Jack and Angus must save Queen Elizabeth I from an early death) $15.99
Parker, Robert B. The Professional (Spenser #38: A group of wealthy wives who all had affairs with the same man hire Spenser to stop the man's blackmail scheme. Then the women start turning up dead) $9.99
Partington, J/Violet, A The Mob and Me: Wiseguys and the Witness Protection Program (Nonfiction; the development and evolution of the Witness Protection Program, told by one of its founders) $26.00
Pendleton, Don (creator) Threat Factor (Executioner #382: PBO; A Somali pirate attack raises a red flag when the stolen cargo is Russian tanks and ammunition - enough to start a civil war. Bolan must find and destroy the weapons) $4.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Desert Fallout (SuperBolan #136: PBO; The discovery of deadly biological poisons and mass slaughter at an archaeological dig in Egypt put a previously hidden enemy in Bolan's crosshairs) $6.99
Persson, Leif G.W. Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End (Fall of the Welfare State #1: Beginning with the death of an unknown American citizen in Stockholm, a web of international espionage, greed, incompetence, and work by a poorly constructed Swedish intelligence force lead to the murder of the prime minister) $27.95
Quinn, Spencer Thereby Hangs a Tail (Chet & Bernie #2: Chet and his PI human Bernie investigate threats made against Princess, a pampered show dog - the case turns serious when Princess and her owner are abducted) $15.00
Rankin, Ian Doors Open (Three friends descend upon an art auction in search of some excitement; after a chance encounter with a crime boss, they decide to 'liberate' several paintings from the National Gallery) $14.99
Reed, Hannah Buzz Off (Queen Bee #1: PBO; When her mentor in the honey business is found suspiciously stung to death, beekeeper Story Fischer must sort through a swarm of suspects, including her ex-husband) $7.99
Rendell, Ruth Portobello (When he discovers an envelope bulging with cash on the street in his Notting Hill neighborhood, 51-year-old Eugene Wren hatches a plan to find the rightful owner, with unforeseen consequences) $26.00
Roker, Al/Lochte, Dick The Morning Show Murders (Billy Blessing #1: When his producer is poisoned by a dish from his restaurant, celebrity chef Billy Blessing has to prove he didn't commit murder, find out who did, and avoid becoming the next victim) $7.99
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor My Lost Daughter (Lily Forrester #4: A sociopath has decided that his best new obsession is Shana, daughter of Ventura County, California, judge Lily Forrester) $25.99
Sim, Alastair The Unbelievers (When the Duke of Dornoch is murdered, Inspector Allerdyce and Sgt. McGillivray search from the heights of Victorian society to its dregs to find the killer. Was it a miner whose wages he cut? A discarded lover? Or revenge for his part in the Highland Clearances?) $23.99
Watson, Wendy Lyn Scoop to Kill (Mystery a la Mode #2: PBO; When a local graduate student is killed, and the professor suspected of the crime meets an untimely end, Tallulah sets out to clear the professor's name) $6.99
Young, Thomas W. The Mullah's Storm (When a plane carrying an important Taliban detainee is shot down in a blizzard over Afghanistan, the navigator and the interpreter struggle to survive in the face of forbidding terrain, Taliban pursuit, and a prisoner who would very much like all three of them to be caught) $25.95


Adelstein, Jake Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan (Nonfiction; a look at Japanese culture from the underbelly up, including an exploration of the world of the modern-day Yakuza) $15.95
Alden, Laura Murder at the PTA (Beth Kennedy #1: PBO; When Tarver Elementary's unpopular principal is murdered, PTA secretary Beth Kennedy sets out to catch a killer) $6.99
Alexander, Tasha Tears of Pearl (Emily Ashton #4: Honeymooning with Colin Hargreaves in Turkey, Lady Emily is drawn into investigating a series of murders in the harem at the Sultan's Topkapi Palace) $13.99
Ash, Maureen Shroud of Dishonour (Templar Knight #5: Templar Bascot de Marin is preparing to rejoin the Holy Wars when he's called upon to investigate a gruesome murder in the Order's own chapel) $14.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J The Queen's Jewels (Murder, She Wrote #34: On a transatlantic voyage aboard the famous Queen Mary II, Jessica searches for a priceless diamond - and the killer desperate enough to take a life for it) $22.95
Barr, Nevada Liberty Falling (Anna Pigeon #7: Reissue; In Manhattan to look after her hospitalized sister, Anna visits the Statue of Liberty. When a teenage girl falls to her death from Liberty's ledge, Anna suspects the suicide was actually homicide, and begins an investigation) $7.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron (Jane Austen #10: In Brighton with her recently widowed brother Henry, Jane is called upon to investigate when Catherine Twining - beautiful, upper class, and betrothed to a man she detests - turns up dead in Lord Byron's bed) $15.00
Bartlett, Allison Hoover The Man Who Loved Books Too Much (Nonfiction; the story of John Charles Gilkey, who steals rare books, not for profit, but for the love of books, and detective Ken Sanders, who is driven to catch him) $15.00
Billingham, Mark Death Message (Tom Thorne #7: The search for a killer who is sending photos of dead men to DI Thorne's cell phone and an investigation into Turkish gangs come together with shocking consequences) $7.99
Bond, L/DeFelice, J Shadows of War (Red Dragon Rising #1: 2014: Rapid climate change leads to riots in China; the new premier plans to relieve pressure by marching on traditional enemies in Southeast Asia) $9.99
Brown, Rita Mae A Nose for Justice (A Wall Street has-been, 32-year-old Mags arrives at her great-aunt Jeep's ranch to reassemble her life. But with a pipe-bombing at the valley's water pumping station, a string of local murders, and the discovery of a 19th-century skeleton buried in Jeep's barn, Mags and Deputy Pete Meadows have a lot of mysteries to solve - and Mags' dachshund Baxter and Jeep's shepherd mix King will have to team up to protect their humans) $25.00
Bruce, Alison Cambridge Blue (Gary Goodhew #1: Gary Goodhew, the youngest detective at Cambridge's Parkside Station, discovers the first body in a series of murders and gets his chance to work a homicide) $15.00
Bruce, Alison The Siren (UK title: Kimberly's Song) (Gary Goodhew #2: DC Gary Goodhew investigates arson, murder, and the kidnapping of a young boy in Cambridge, England) $25.00
Cannell, Stephen J. The Pallbearers (Shane Scully #09: Summoned to act as pallbearers for the beloved director of the Home where they grew up, Scully and five fellow orphans don't believe it's suicide, and seek retribution against those responsible for the man's death) $9.99
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Cupid Killings (Chocoholic #09: When a PI comes looking for an abused woman Lee and Aunt Nettie are hiding, then turns up dead, Aunt Nettie becomes a suspect; Lee must find a way to clear Nettie without exposing the innocent) $7.99
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Pirate Plot (Chocoholic #10: When Lee and her husband take their boat out on Lake Michigan, they're boarded by a mischievous band of pirates. The town is amused by the mysterious buccaneers. But when a body washes up on shore, Lee has to figure out the truth behind the Warner Pier Pirates) $21.95
Carlotto, Massimo Bandit Love (When a gangster friend's girlfriend is kidnapped, ex-con Marco Buratti must investigate a case of international drug dealing, and is thrown back into the underworld he had struggled to escape) $15.00
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Pinned for Murder (Southern Sewing Circle #3: PBO; When the richest and meanest woman in Sweet Briar, South Carolina, is murdered, Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair investigates) $6.99
Castle, Richard Naked Heat (Nikki Heat #2: When New York's most vicious gossip columnist is found dead, homicide detective Nikki Heat uncovers a gallery of high profile suspects; her investigation is complicated by her surprise reunion with journalist Jameson Rook) $24.99
Charbonneau, Joelle Skating Around the Law (Rebecca Robbins planned to sell the roller rink she inherited in her rural hometown and get back to her life in Chicago. She didn't count on discovering a dead body in the rink bathroom. With the help of a handsome vet, a former circus camel, and her frisky grandfather, Rebecca must find the killer before she becomes the next victim) $24.99
Child, Lee 61 Hours (Jack Reacher #14: A bus accident lands Reacher in a small South Dakota town, where a cop enlists him to protect the sole witness who can help convict a brutal crime ring) $9.99
Childs, Laura Tragic Magic (Scrapbooking #7: Hired to help convert a New Orleans mansion into a haunted house, Carmela investigates when the woman who hired her is murdered) $7.99
Childs, Laura Fiber & Brimstone (Scrapbooking #8: Carmela and Ava overhear an argument between Jekyl Hardy and Brett Fowler. A few minutes later, they find Brett dead, but Carmela has known Jekyl for years; someone is framing him for murder, and she's determined to find the real killer) $24.95
Cleeves, Ann Red Bones (Shetland Island #3: When an archaeologist discovers human remains, the locals are intrigued. Is it an ancient find, or more contemporary? Then an elderly woman is shot, and detective Jimmy Perez is called in) $14.99
Cleeves, Ann Blue Lightning (Shetland Island #4: Inspector Jimmy Perez takes his fiancee Fran home to Fair Isle to meet his parents. When a local married celebrity, who had an eye for the lads, is murdered, Perez discovers that the suspects are very close to him indeed) $24.99
Coben, Harlan Back Spin (Myron Bolitar #4: Reissue; When her son vanishes on Philadelphia's mean streets, golf superstar Linda Coldren hires Myron Bolitar to find him; the investigation leads him to a crowd of lowlifes, blue bloods, and liars on both sides of the social divide) $25.00
Coben, Harlan Play Dead (Reissue; While honeymooning on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, David went for a swim, and never returned. Widowed and grieving, Laura's search for the truth draws her into a web of deception stretching back thirty years) $9.99
Coleman, Reed Farrel Innocent Monster (Moe Prager #6: Moe's estranged daughter comes to him for help. Her dear friend's daughter Sashi, an 11-year-old art prodigy, has been abducted, and the cops have gotten nowhere. On the New York art scene, Sashi is both revered as a cash cow and reviled as a joke. Suspects abound beyond the usual predators, for it is those closest to Sashi who have the most to gain from her death) $24.95
Collins, Kate Dirty Rotten Tendrils (Flower Shop #10: PBO; When a high-powered lawyer is found dead from a suspicious overdose, florist and amateur sleuth Abby Knight finds it hard to believe that his opposing counsel - her old boss - is the murderer) $6.99
Connelly, Michael The Reversal (Harry Bosch #16 / Mickey Haller #3: When a convicted child murderer is exonerated by new DNA evidence, retrial prosecutor Mickey Haller and investigator Hary Bosch must nail the sadistic killer before he kills again; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.99
Connolly, Sheila Fundraising the Dead (Nell Pratt #1: PBO; Society fundraiser and amateur sleuth Nell Pratt investigates when a collection of George Washington's letters is lost on the same day that an archivist is found dead) $6.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Fort (1779: Fewer than a thousand Scottish infantry backed by 3 sloops establish a British garrison and naval base at Penobscot Bay; Massachusetts sends over 40 vessels and a thousand infantry to deal with them, but ineptitude and irresolution lead to a mortifying defeat) $25.99
Crichton, Michael Pirate Latitudes (1665: With the Jamaican governor's backing, Captain Charles Hunter and his crew of ruffians capture a Spanish galleon and its cargo of gold. But the adventure - and danger - are just beginning) $9.99
Croome, Andrew Document Z (1951: Vladimir and Evdokia Petrov are among a group of new arrivals at the Soviet Embassy in Canberra. Both are party loyalists, working for Moscow intelligence. Only three short years later, Vladimir has defected and his wife Evdokia is held prisoner at the Embassy, waiting to be transported back to Russia to face punishment or death for his crime) $16.95
Davidson, Hilary The Damage Done (Lily fled to Spain to get away from her troubled sister Claudia. When Claudia is found dead, Lily comes back to deal with the aftermath. Only the body isn't Claudia - the dead woman had been using Claudia's identity for months. Is Claudia missing, or is it an elaborate con? And who's responsible for the dead body?) $24.99
de Castrique, Mark Fatal Undertaking (Buryin' Barry #5: Funeral director and part-time sheriff Barry Clayton donates a casket for the Jaycees' charity haunted house, then ends up investigating when the Jaycees' president is murdered in it; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
de Castrique, Mark The Fitzgerald Ruse (Sam Blackman #2: Sam and his partner open a detective agency. First client: an elderly woman wants them to retrieve a manuscript she stole decades ago, and deliver it to F. Scott Fitzgerald's heirs) $14.95
De Santis, Pablo Voltaire's Calligrapher (When Dalessius comes to work for Voltaire, he witnesses the miracles of Europe in the 18th century. When individuals conspire to stop the amazing progress of the Enlightenment, and Voltaire's cunning wit, Dalessius finds himself with a mystery to solve) $14.99
Dunn, Adam Rivers of Gold (2013: Welcome to the Second Great Depression. In a New York City rife with race riots, unemployment, crime, and a thriving black market, Detective Sixto Santiago goes after a criminal visionary known only as the Slav) $25.00
Dunnett, Kaitlyn (Emerson, Kathy Lynn) A Wee Christmas Homicide (Liss MacCrimmon #3: Liss proposes holding a 'twelve shopping days of Christmas' pageant to lure consumers to Moosetookalook; when a toy store owner is murdered, she hunts for the killer) $6.99
Dyson, Wanda L. Judgment Day (A discredited TV journalist turns to her PI ex-fiance for help when she's knocked unconscious in her living room and awakens to find the man who ended her career dead on her floor) $13.99
Edwardson, Ake The Shadow Woman (Erik Winter #5: The annual Gothenburg Party is simmering with ethnic discord spurred by nativist gangs. When an unidentified woman is found murdered in a park, Inspector Winter's search for her missing child leads him from suburban homes to the Gothenburg fringes) $15.00
Ellison, J.T. The Immortals (Taylor Jackson #5: PBO; When eight Nashville teenagers are found dead on Samhain, with occult symbols carved into their naked bodies, homicide detective Taylor Jackson looks for answers in the baffling culture of mysticism and witchcraft) $7.99
Ernst, Kathleen Old World Murder (Chloe Ellefson #1: On Chloe's first day as curator at Old World Wisconsin, an elderly woman pleads with her to find the Norwegian ale bowl she donated years ago, then dies in a mysterious car crash. Chloe must solve a decades-old puzzle to catch the killer) $14.95
Evans, Mary Anna Floodgates (Faye Longchamp #5: Faye and her team, fighting to save New Orleans' past, find a corpse that's far too new to be an archaeological find) $14.95
Evans, Mary Anna Strangers (Faye Longchamp #6: An project brings Faye's new archaeological firm to St. Augustine, Florida, where a woman disappears, leaving behind blood, priceless artifacts, and a note asking for Faye's help; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Ferris, Monica Blackwork (Needlecraft #13: Betsy is on the case when a practitioner of Wicca becomes a murder suspect after a man who accused her of witchcraft ends up dead without a mark on his body) $7.99
Fleming, Ian The Blofeld Trilogy: Thunderball / On Her Majesty's Secret Service / You Only Live Twice (James Bond: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $22.00
Fleming, Ian et al The James Bond Omnibus 002: The Movie Collection (The Daily Strips) (Black & white. Bond faces enemies both old and new in this collection of comic strips) $19.95
Fluke, Joanne Plum Pudding Murder (Hannah Swensen #13: When the owner of a kitschy holiday carnival is found dead in his office, it turns out that quite a few people had reason to wish him ill) $7.99
Fluke/Levine/Meier Gingerbread Cookie Murder (Anthology; 3 novellas; Hannah Swensen, Jaine Austin, and Lucy Stone must each solve a holiday murder) $23.00
Follett, Ken Fall of Giants (Century #1: Five interrelated families - American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh - move through the world-shaking events of World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's suffrage) $36.00
Fowler, Christopher Bryant & May Off the Rails (Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit #8: When a PCU detective is slain, Bryant and May must delve into the haunted history of the world's oldest subway, and follow a madman into the twisted tunnels that snake through London) $25.00
Franklin, Tom Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter (Over twenty years ago, in a quiet Mississippi town, Larry Ott took a local girl to a drive-in movie, and she was never heard from again. No body was found, nothing was proven, but the town has shunned him ever since. Silas Jones, once Larry's childhood friend, is now the town constable. When another young woman goes missing, these two men - one white, one black - must confront the painful past they've buried for so long) $24.99
Frey, Stephen Heaven's Fury (As a snowstorm approaches a Wisconsin town, the sheriff struggles to cope with the arrival of a group of criminals, the disappearance of a resident, rumors of cult activity, and the murder of a former lover) $25.99
Gaus, P.L. Blood of the Prodigal (Amish-Country #1: Reissue; When an Amish boy is kidnapped, the bishop, fearful for the safety of his followers, pulls three outsiders - a professor, a local pastor, and the sheriff - into the traditionally closed society to solve the crime) $13.00
Glatt, John Lost and Found (PBO; Nonfiction; 11-year-old Jaycee Duggard was kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido, and gave birth to two of Phillip's children before escaping 18 years later) $7.99
Gorman/Greenberg (ed) By Hook or By Crook (Anthology; 31 of the best crime and mystery stories from 2009) $19.95
Graysmith, Robert The Laughing Gorilla: A True Story of Police Corruption and Murder (Nonfiction; in 1926 San Francisco, a series of women were slashed to death; eyewitnesses claimed the perp was a hulking brute with razor-claws for hands) $7.99
Greaney, Mark On Target (Gray Man #2: PBO; Four years after assassin Court Gentry was betrayed by his CIA handlers, an old comrade returns to haunt him - and to force him on a mission against his will) $9.99
Greenwood, Kerry Trick or Treat (Corinna Chapman #4: Corinna is understandably nervous when her bakery faces competition from a cut-rate franchisedown the street. Meanwhile, a strange outbreak of madness which to be centered on Lonsdale Street) $14.95
Gregorio, Michael Unholy Awakening (When a woman's body is found at the bottom of a well, with two small, round punctures to the jugular vein, vampire hysteria spreads through the Prussian countryside as Investigator Hanno Stiffeniis searches for the true culprit) $14.99
Griffiths, Elly The Crossing Places (Galloway & Nelson #1: DCI Harry Nelson and forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway work on the case of a little girl who disappeared ten years ago; when another child disappears, the hunt is on to find her) $14.95
Hamilton, Barbara (aka Hambly) A Marked Man (Abigail Adams #2: PBO; When one of the Sons of Liberty is accused of murder, Abigail and John believe he's innocent. While John works to clear the man's name, Abigail pursues the truth - and the killer pursues her) $14.00
Hannah, Sophie The Truth-Teller's Lie (hardcover title: Hurting Distance) (When her married lover Robert vanishes, Naomi knows he must have come to harm. But the police are not convinced, especially when Robert's wife insists he isn't missing. In desperation, Naomi decides to convince the police that Robert is a dangerous psychopath, using details from her own past trauma) $15.00
Hanson, Neil Monk Eastman: The Gangster Who Became a War Hero (Nonfiction; once the most feared gang leader in lower Manhattan, in 1917 Monk joined the National Guard; fighting in the trenches of France, he repeatedly risked his life for his fellow soldiers) $29.95
Harwood, Seth Young Junius (Fourteen-year-old Young Junius sets out to find his brother's killer in a cluster of Boston's low-income housing - prime drug-dealing territory. After shooting someone to protect a friend, Junius finds himself with fifty dollars and instructions to run, but, shocked by the violence that he's created yet determined to see its consequences through, he refuses) $14.95
Havill, Steven F. Scavengers (Posadas County #10: Reissue; Investigating a string of brutal murders, new under-sheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman finds the case has roots on both sides of the border) $14.95
Heffernan, William The Dead Detective (Harry Doyle #1: Homicide detective Harry Doyle was murdered as a child and brought back to life by two Tampa cops. He can hear the postmortem whispers of murder victims. Now he faces his most difficult case - the murder of a beautiful woman who was a notorious child molester) $24.95
Hillerman, Tony Talking God (Leaphorn & Chee #09: Reissue; The search for the identity of a murder victim leads Navajo Tribal Police Lt. Joe Leaphorn to Washington, DC, where he meets up with Officer Jim Chee, who is there helping lawyer Janet Pete with a case that turns out to have connections to Leaphorn's) $9.99
Hillerman, Tony The First Eagle (Leaphorn & Chee #13: Reissue; Retired from the Navajo Tribal Police, Joe Leaphorn is hired to find a missing biologist. Is her disappearance connected to the murder of a police officer that Acting Lt. Jim Chee is investigating?) $9.99
Hillerman, Tony Hunting Badger (Leaphorn & Chee #14: Reissue; A robbery at the Ute tribe's casino brings in the FBI. When they decide a wounded deputy sheriff was involved, Sgt. Jim Chee and retired Lt. Joe Leaphorn are drawn into the case) $9.99
Hillerman, Tony The Wailing Wind (Leaphorn & Chee #15: Reissue; When a dead man is found with a rich ex-con's phone number in his pocket, Navajo Tribal Police Officer Bernadette Manuelito mishandles the crime scene, which means trouble for Sgt. Jim Chee. The case draws Lt. Joe Leaphorn out of retirement when he sees connections to the unsolved case of a young wife who disappeared years ago) $9.99
Hunter, Stephen I, Sniper (Bob Lee Swagger #6: Swagger fights to clear the name of a fellow soldier-in-arms, and faces off against a ruthless sniper whose keen intellect and pinpoint accuracy rival his own) $9.99
Hurley, Graham Blood and Honey (Joe Faraday #06: Reissue; The discovery of a headless corpse is a grim beginning for DI Faraday's latest investigation on the Isle of Wight. Identifying the body proves impossible, but the disappearance of a delivery driver gives the team an important lead) $12.95
James, David Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, One Very Dead Corpse (Amanda Thorne #1: Palm Springs realtor Amanda Thorne investigates when the body of ecologist Doc Winters, who was opposing a valuable real estate development, turns up in a house she's showing) $22.00
Jeffery, Keith The Secret History of MI6 (Nonfiction; the authorized history of Britain's foreign intelligence service from 1909-1949, drawing extensively on hitherto secret documents) $35.00
Jinks, Catherine The Genius Wars (Cadel Piggott #3: YA; Cadel has a new family and a new life - no more hacking, no more false identities, and, most of all, no more Prosper English. But when his best friend Sonja is attacked, it's up to him to figure out who was behind it) $17.00
Johansen, Iris Eight Days to Live (Eve Duncan #09: Eve and her adopted daughter Jane are pitted against a secretive cult that has targeted Jane - in eight days she will die, their ultimate sacrifice) $7.99
Judson, Daniel Voyeur (Remer was a Manhattan PI until one of his targets found a way to force him into retirement. He's been living an anonymous life for six years, but when a voice from his past needs help, he agrees to work one last missing persons case in order to get away from the threat he's lived under once and for all) $24.99
Kamiya, Gary Shadow Knights (Nonfiction; to create a top-secret organization to sabotage and subvert Hitler, Winston Churchill chose ordinary people from the general public and transformed them into undercover operatives) $19.99
Kimball, Camille What She Always Wanted (PBO; Nonfiction; when jewelry dealer Jay Orbin's mutilated remains are found, the evidence leads straight to his glamorous wife Marjorie) $7.99
Kipps, Charles Hell's Kitchen Homicide (Conor Bard #1: The investigation into the murder of a prominent defense attorney leads NYPD homicide detective Conor Bard into a web of secrets, lies, and seduction that puts his life in jeopardy) $7.99
Koontz, Dean et al Odd Is on Our Side (Odd Thomas GN #2: Graphic novel; takes place just prior to the events of Odd Thomas . It's Halloween in Pico Mundo, California, and there's a whiff of something wicked in the autumn air. Is the pleading ghost of a trick-or-treater an omen of doom?) $10.99
Lamster, Mark Master of Shadows: The Secret Diplomatic Career of the Painter Peter Paul Rubens (Nonfiction; Rubens' artistic genius, modest disposition, and reputation as a man of tact and discretion made him a favorite among monarchs and political leaders, and gave him perfect cover for the clandestine activities that shaped 17th-century European politics) $17.00
Lane, Vicki The Day of Small Things (Elizabeth Goodweather #5: PBO; A violent criminal has invaded the misty folds of Appalachia. To stop him from committing an unspeakable crime, and to free an innocent child, a woman must draw on her long-buried powers - the wisdom of the land, and the voices she alone can hear - to face a darkness no one else can even see) $7.99
Leonard, Elmore Comfort to the Enemy and Other Carl Webster Stories (Two stories and one novella featuring US Marshal Carl Webster tell of his days as a young Oklahoma lawman, his run-in with 1930s gangsters, and his murder investigation at an Oklahoma camp for German POWs) $14.99
Lief, Katia You Are Next (Karin Schaeffer #1: When the Domino Killer escapes from prison, former detective Karin Schaeffer knows he's coming for her. She won't rest until she's put him back behind bars - or until one of them is dead) $7.99
Linklater, Andro An Artist in Treason: The Extraordinary Double Life of General James Wilkinson (Nonfiction; biography of the man who was the senior general in the US Army - and also Agent 13 in the Spanish secret service in the 1790s and 1800s) $18.00
Lutz, John Mister X (Frank Quinn #5: PBO; Five years after her sister's death, the identical twin of a serial killer's last victim hires ex-cop Frank Quinn to find the murderer. As the cold case heats up, it attracts the media spotlight - and the killings start again) $7.99
MacBain, Bruce Roman Games (Plinius Secundus #1: AD 96, Rome: When a notorious senatorial informer and libertine is found dead in his bedroom, his slaves are suspected. Pliny has fifteen days to find the killer, or all the household slaves will be burned to death; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
MacDonald, Bailey Wicked Will (Kids; Viola is traveling with her uncle's theater troupe disguised as a boy. When her uncle is arrested for murder in Stratford-on-Avon, she joins forces with local boy Will Shakespeare to find the real culprit) $5.99
Mankell, Henning Italian Shoes (Many years ago a devastating mistake drove Fredrik Welkin into a self-inflicted exile in a frozen landscape; he receives a visit from a guest who helps him embark on a journey to acceptance and understanding) $15.00
Mayor, Archer The Price of Malice (Joe Gunther #20: Gunther investigates the murder of a child predator, and heads to Maine to help his girlfriend discover if her father and brother were murdered by smugglers they were involved with) $7.99
Mayor, Archer Red Herring (Joe Gunther #21: Vermont Bureau of Investigation head Joe Gunther and his team investigate a series of murders apparently linked only by a single drop of unexplained blood left at each crime scene) $24.99
McDermott, Andy The Pyramid of Doom (UK title: The Cult of Osiris) (Wilde & Chase #5: A map found in a long-hidden vault beneath the Great Sphinx sends archaeologist Nina Wilde and ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase on a hunt for the lost pyramid of Osiris) $7.99
Muller, Marcia Locked In (Sharon McCone #26: Shot in the head, Sharon lies in a hospital bed, furiously trying to break out of her body's paralysis and discover her attacker's identity; the members of her agency seek the reason behind the assault) $7.99
Nadelson, Reggie Londongrad (Artie Cohen #09: A murder investigation tangles Russian-American NYPD detective Artie Cohen in a web of Russian organized crime; drawn to Moscow, he uncovers a painful truth about his past) $17.00
Naslund, Sena Jeter Adam & Eve (An ancient codex concerning the human authorship of the Book of Genesis is sure to threaten the foundations of three major world religions, and there are those who will stop at nothing to suppress it) $26.99
Neville, Stuart Collusion (When DI Jack Lennon tries to track down his former lover Marie McKenna and their daughter, his superiors tell him to back off. But now an assassin stalks Belfast, tying up loose ends for a vengeance-driven old man. As Lennon unravels a conspiracy that links his daughter to a killer named Fegan, the line between friend and enemy blurs) $25.00
Neville, Stuart The Ghosts of Belfast (UK title: The Twelve) (Fegan was an IRA killer in Northern Ireland. Now that peace has come, he's being haunted by the ghosts of his victims. To appease them, he'll have to kill the men who gave him his orders) $14.00
Nisbet, Jim The Damned Don't Die (alternate title: The Gourmet) (Reissue; When the San Francisco police find a gruesome sex murder, the case takes ex-cop turned PI Martin Windrow beyond the genteel surface of suburbia, revealing a murky world where sex and violence merge into murder) $14.95
O'Brian, Patrick 21: The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey (Aubrey & Maturin #21: Unfinished and untitled at the time of the author's death, the three chapters found on O'Brian's desk are presented here in the typescript version, including his corrections to that, and a facsimile of his manuscript, which goes several pages beyond the end of the typescript) $18.95
O'Donohue, Clare The Double Cross (Someday Quilts #3: While leading a quilting workshop at a B&B in upstate New York, Nell and the Someday Quilts ladies must rely on their craftiest thinking when a body is found in the woods and one of their own is the chief suspect) $14.00
Parker, Robert B. Painted Ladies (Spenser #39: Spenser agrees to provide protection during a ransom exchange - money for a stolen painting. When he fails to protect his client and the painting remains stolen, he enters into a daring game of cat-and-mouse with the thieves; unabridged CDs $32.00) $26.95
Parrish, P.J. Dead of Winter (Louis Kincaid #2: Reissue; Louis questions the motives behind his hiring when he learns that his predecessor in a small-town Michigan police force, also a young African-American, was murdered) $4.99
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Worst Case (Michael Bennett #3: Detective Bennett must protect the children of Manhattan's elite from an insane killer out to make a point about the price others pay so they can live in luxury) $14.99
Patterson, J/Roughan, H Don't Blink (A New York reporter, investigating the gruesome murder of an infamous mob lawyer, receives a clear message as he closes in on the facts - back off, or die; unabridged CDs $34.98) $27.99
Patterson, James I, Alex Cross (Alex Cross #16: Overcome by his niece's murder, Alex vows to capture the psychopath before he kills again; the hunt leads to Washington's most infamous club) $9.99
Paul, Joel Richard Unlikely Allies (Nonfiction; how a Connecticut merchant, a French playwright, and a French diplomat/spy lied, cheated, stole, and cross-dressed across Europe to persuade France to support the colonies in their war against Britain) $16.00
Pawson, Stuart A Very Private Murder (Charlie Priest #13: The Chief Constable summons DI Priest to investigate obscene vandalism at the opening of a local shopping and conference center; he'd rather be looking into a spate of burglaries perpetrated by a gang with a pit bull) $16.95
Penny, Louise Bury Your Dead (Inspector Gamache #6: Armand Gamache attends Winter Carnival in Quebec City. Although on leave, when an obsessed historian's quest for the remains of Quebec's founder ends in murder, Gamache cannot walk away from a crime that threatens to ignite long-smoldering tensions between the English and the French. Meanwhile, he receives disquieting letters from the village of Three Pines; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.99) $24.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories (Massive anthology of hardboiled detective fiction reprinted from the legendary pulp magazine) $25.00
Perry, Anne Traitors' Gate (Thomas Pitt #15: Reissue; Someone in the Colonial Office is passing secrets to Germany. While Police Superintendent Thomas Pitt investigates this matter of treason, he is quietly looking into the death of his mentor, Sir Arthur Desmond. Pitt believes that Sir Arthur was murdered, and that the crime is connected with the treachery in the government) $15.00
Perry, Anne The Whitechapel Conspiracy (Thomas Pitt #21: Reissue; 1892: Pitt is transferred to Whitechapel, one of the East End's most dangerous slums. There he works undercover investigating alleged anarchist plots. Among his few allies are his clever wife, Charlotte, and intrepid Gracie, the maid who can travel unremarked in Whitechapel. But none of them anticipate the horrors to be revealed) $15.00
Perry, Anne The Silent Cry (William Monk #08: Reissue; In one of Victorian London's dangerous slums, respected solicitor Leighton Duff has been kicked and beaten to death. Beside him is the barely living body of his son. The police cannot fathom these brutal assaults until shrewd investigator William Monk, aided by nurse-turned-sleuth Hester Latterly, uncovers a connection to a series of rapes and beatings of local prostitutes) $15.00
Perry, Anne Death of a Stranger (William Monk #13: Reissue; The tragic death of a railway magnate in a sleazy brothel has shocked high society. Meanwhile, PI William Monk acquires a mysterious new client who asks him to ascertain beyond the shadow of a doubt whether or not her fiance, a railway executive, has become enmeshed in fraudulent practices) $15.00
Plate, Peter Elegy Written on a Crowded Street (Mary Anderson, a young black woman, is up on charges for killing her boyfriend in self-defense. He was a police informant in the Fillmore district. April Jones, owner of Universal Bail, gets Mary out of jail, and that's when her troubles with the police begin) $13.95
Quinn, Spencer To Fetch a Thief (Chet & Bernie #3: When a circus elephant and her trainer go missing, the trainer's partner hires Chet and his dog Bernie to track them down) $25.00
Raybourn, Deanna Dark Road to Darjeeling (Julia Grey #4: After eight idyllic months in the Mediterranean, Lady Julia Grey and her detective husband Nicholas Brisbane put their investigative talents to work once more, hurrying to India to help a friend discover the truth about her husband's death) $14.95
Reilly, Matthew Hell Island (Novella; when contact is lost with a secret island where classified experiments have been conducted, four special-forces units are sent in to discover what happened) $6.99
Richards, Emilie A Truth for a Truth (Ministry Is Murder #5: PBO; When a former minister dies suddenly after returning to Emerald Springs, Aggie Sloan-Wilcox, wife of the current minister, must find out who murdered him) $7.99
Rock, Judith The Rhetoric of Death (Paris, 1686: Young Charles du Luc has been assigned to assist in teaching rhetoric and directing dance at a prestigious college. When the school's star dancer disappears, and then is found dead, Charles is determined to find the killer) $15.00
Rosen, Delia A Brisket, a Casket (Deadly Deli #1: PBO; After she inherits Nashville's only Jewish deli from her late uncle, a longtime customer dies. When the coroner says it was food poisoning, Gwen Katz teams up with hunky police detective Beau McClintock to prove otherwise) $6.99
Rosencrance, Linda Bone Crusher (PBO; Nonfiction; serial killer Larry Bright murdered eight women, burned their bodies, and buried the remains) $6.99
Rozan, S.J. On the Line (Lydia Chin / Bill Smith #10: Lydia Chin has been kidnapped, and PI Bill Smith will have to play an elaborate game of the kidnapper's devising if he wants to keep her alive) $24.99
Rucka, Greg Walking Dead (Atticus Kodiak #7: His neighbors have been murdered; to rescue the surviving daughter, Atticus enters a web that takes him from Russia to Istanbul, and stretches from Dubai to Las Vegas) $7.99
Sandford, John Rough Country (Virgil Flowers #3: In northern Minnesota for a fishing tournament, Virgil is called in to investigate a murder at a nearby women-only resort) $9.99
Sandford, John Bad Blood (Virgil Flowers #4: Virgil's investigation into the murder of a farmer at a Minnesota grain elevator uncovers a multi-generation, multi-family conspiracy involving a series of monstrous crimes; unabridged CDs $39.95) $27.95
Schechter, Harold Killer Colt: Murder, Disgrace, and the Making of an American Legend (Nonfiction; the story of Sam Colt, inventor of the Colt revolver, and his brother John, who was charged with a particularly grisly killing in 1841) $28.00
Schwartz, Stephen Jay Beat (Hayden Glass #2: LAPD detective Hayden Glass has found a new obsession - the internet. Infatuated with a woman he found on a website, his addiction drags him to San Francisco, and to a massive sex slave trade; $24.95 hc also available) $14.99
Sheehan, Neil A Fiery Peace in a Cold War: Bernard Schriever and the Ultimate Weapon (Nonfiction; the high-stakes effort to prevent the Soviet Union from acquiring nuclear superiority, to penetrate and exploit space for the US, and to build the first weapons meant to deter an atomic holocaust) $16.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Lost Art of Gratitude (Isabel Dalhousie #6: At a birthday party, Minty takes Isabel into her confidence about troubles at her investment bank; Isabel wonders if Minty can be trusted, or if she is perpetrating an enormous fraud) $14.00
Spillane, Mickey The Mike Hammer Collection Vol. 3: The Girl Hunters / The Snake / The Twisted Thing (Omnibus reprint; 3 hardboiled PI novels) $16.00
Starr, Douglas The Killer of Little Shepherds (Nonfiction; in late 19th-century France, Emile Forquet's painstaking police work and Dr. Alexandre Lacassagne's forensic investigation lead to the arrest and conviction of serial murderer Joseph Vacher) $26.95
Stewart, Trenton Lee The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma (Mysterious Benedict Society #3: Kids; When an unexplained blackout engulfs Stonetown, Reynie, Kate, Sticky, and Constance must unravel clues; their search for answers brings them close to danger) $6.99
Stockwin, Julian Invasion (Thomas Kydd #10: Rumors fly of Napoleon's planned invasion; Kydd is sent to help American inventor Robert Fulton develop the submarine and the torpedo) $16.00
Stockwin, Julian Victory (Thomas Kydd #11: When political machinations lead to the impeachment of the head of the Navy, Commander Thomas Kydd is forced to take sides, and decides to join Nelson's squadron. At the Battle of Trafalgar, the Royal Navy must prove once and for all that it rules the seas) $24.00
Stuart, Sebastian To the Manor Dead (Janet's Planet #1: When elderly Daphne Livingston offers her prized heirlooms to shop owner Janet Petrocelli for a hasty sale, the seemingly simple deal morphs into a tangled web of insanity, greed, and murder) $14.95
Talbot, David Devil Dog (Nonfiction; Major General Smedley Butler served in the Marines, then went on to clean up crime in Philadelphia, face down Herbert Hoover to help destitute veterans, and foil a plot against FDR) $19.99
van Heugten, Antoinette Saving Max (While being assessed at a psychiatric hospital, Danielle's sweet but troubled teen son Max is found covered with blood at the scene of a horrific murder. She sets out to find evidence of the true killer) $14.95
Webb, Peggy Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders (Southern Cousins #3: Callie, Lovie, and basset hound Elvis head to Memphis to keep Mama out of trouble at a dance competition. When someone starts knocking off dancers, the cousins go undercover to catch the killer) $22.00
Wells, Dan Mr. Monster (John Cleaver #2: The disappearance of the demon John killed brings another to town. Soon there are new victims for John to work on at the mortuary, and a new mystery to solve. But the dark nature he used as a weapon might now be using him. No one is Clayton is safe unless John can vanquish both the new arrival and his inner demon; $21.99 hc also available) $11.99
Westerson, Jeri Serpent in the Thorns (Crispin Guest #2: 1383 London: Guest becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a French courier who was transporting a relic intended to smooth troubled relations between France and England) $14.99
Willig, Lauren The Secret History of the Pink Carnation (Pink Carnation #1: In England to finish her dissertation on English spies of the Napoleonic Wars, Eloise Kelly discovers is something historians have missed: the secret history of the Pink Carnation - the most elusive spy of all time) $7.99
Wilson, F. Paul Ground Zero (Repairman Jack #13: The truth behind 9/11 involves the cosmic shadow war that Jack has been drafted into. And if the plot behind it - millennia in the planning - succeeds, it will forever change life on Earth) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Santa Fe Edge (Ed Eagle #4: Santa Fe attorney Ed Eagle has a mysterious new client, one who may shed light into some dark corners of Ed's past, and put him in danger once more) $25.95
Zuiker/Swierczynski Dark Origins (Level 26 #1: Steve Dark and his team, assigned to hunt down the world's most horrific serial killers, go after a psychopath who has tortured and killed at least 35 people in 6 countries over a span of 23 years) $9.99


Ayoob, Michael In Search of Mercy (Lou Kashon, an old, terminally ill drunk, wants to see his lost love, actress Mercy Carnahan. He offers Dexter Bolzjak a fortune to find her. Dexter retraces her past online and on foot, and confirms that Lou really knew her. Soon she begins appearing in Dexter's dreams, while flashbacks of his own trauma plague his waking hours. He persists, but what he finds leaves him in a world of trouble. Winner of the 2009 PWA Best First Private Eye Novel competition) $24.99
Beaton, M.C. Busy Body (Agatha Raisin #21: When a Health and Safety Inspector, who had ruled that all of Carsely's traditional holiday decorations are unsafe, turns up stabbed to death with a kitchen knife, Agatha's detective agency is on the case) $24.99
Belzer, Richard I Am Not a Psychic! (Novel; the veteran stand-up comedian jets off to Las Vegas, where he must unravel the conspiracy behind the untimely death of a Hollywood starlet) $14.00
Brown, Dan The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon #3: Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon embarks on a deadly race through a labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, DC) $9.99
Cannell, Stephen J. The Prostitute's Ball (Shane Scully #10: A party at a Hollywood mansion, the scene of an infamous murder 25 years earlier, ends with a producer and two prostitutes all murdered with the same gun. An extra bullet casing that doesn't match leads Detective Scully to a story of love, murder, suicide, and one of the biggest financial frauds in LA history) $25.99
Carlo, Philip The Butcher: Anatomy of a Mafia Psychopath (Nonfiction; a look at the life and crimes of Bonanno crime family capo Tommy Pitera, and the DEA investigation led by Jamie Hunt that brought him down) $15.99
Child, Lee Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher #14: In Nebraska corn country, Reacher falls foul of the Duncans, a local clan that has terrified an entire county into submission. But it's the unsolved case of a missing child, already decades old, that Reacher can't walk away from; unabridged CDs $45.00) $28.00
Child, Lee (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories 2010 (Anthology) $14.95
Corby, Gary The Pericles Commission (Nicolaos #1: Working as an agent for promising young politician Pericles, Nicolaos searches for the assassin responsible for the death of Ephialtes, the man who brought democracy to Athens, whose murder has thrown the city into uproar) $24.99
Crombie, Deborah Necessary as Blood (Kincaid & James #13: A young mother has gone missing; Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his partner Gemma James must stop a killer and protect the child whose fate hangs in the balance) $13.99
Davies, J.D. Gentleman Captain (1662: King Charles II sends Matthew Quinton north to defuse the rebellion stirring in the Scottish Isles; the inexperienced young captain must deal with a resentful crew, and a growing suspicion that the ship's previous captain was murdered) $25.00
DeSilva, Bruce Rogue Island (A suspicious fire in Providence, Rhode Island, clues an old-school reporter in to a chain of foul play; he must weed through maniacal vigilantes, sleazy politicians, and the last vestiges of the mob to get to the bottom of it) $24.99
Dickey, Colin Cranioklepty: Grave Robbing and the Search for Genius (Nonfiction; the history of a peculiar obsession: the desire to own the skulls of the famous, either for study or for display) $15.95
Disilverio, Laura Swift Justice (Charlie Swift #1: When her silent partner flees the country, PI Charlie Swift is left with an amazing amount of debt and his ex-wife Gigi. Investigating the unexpected appearance of a baby on a doorstep, Charlie tries to keep Gigi out of the way, but when the baby's mother turns up dead, Charlie will need Gigi's help to find the killer and the baby's father) $24.99
Douglass, James W. JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (Nonfiction; the author presents an account of why President Kennedy was assassinated, and why uncovering this truth remains crucial for the future of our country and the world) $16.99
Ellroy, J/Penzler, O (ed) The Best American Noir of the Century (Anthology; 39 hardboiled stories) $30.00
Flynn, Vince American Assassin (Mitch Rapp Prequel: After being recruited out of college, Mitch Rapp undergoes grueling CIA training, and is sent to Istanbul to assassinate the arms dealer who sold the explosives on Pan Am flight 103; unabridged CDs $49.99) $27.99
Girardi, Robert Gorgeous East (A French Foreign Legionnaire will discover what he's made of when he's sent to rescue his brothers-in-arms after a mission in the Sahara goes horribly wrong) $14.99
Gorman, Ed Stranglehold (Dev Conrad #2: When Dev agreed to work for Congresswoman Susan Cooper, he didn't know that she'd be trying to guard a secret at the expense of her campaign. And there are other problems as well, starting with the murder of a scandal-plagued consultant) $24.99
Greer, Robert First of State (C.J. Floyd Prequel: 1970s: Vietnam veteran C.J. Floyd searches for the killer of his friend Wiley Ames, a WWII veteran who shared his passion for western memorabilia) $24.95
Grossman, Paul The Sleepwalkers (1932: During the final weeks of the Weimar Republic, a string of bizarre murders lead Jewish detective Willi Kraus through the seedy German underworld, eventually bringing him face to face with some of the leaders of the rising Nazi party) $24.99
Handler, David The Shimmering Blonde Sister (Berger & Mitry #7: Under huge pressure to catch the flasher who has been terrifying the wealthy dowagers of the Dorset Historic District, officer Desiree Mitry becomes convinced that Augie Donatelli is the culprit. After heated public quarrels with him, when Augie turns up dead, she'll need Mitch Berger's help to prove she wasn't the killer) $24.99
Hart, Carolyn Ghost in Trouble (Bailey Ruth #3: Bailey Ruth's latest mission for Heaven's Department of Good Intentions: save the woman who was one of her worst enemies) $19.99
Higgins, J/Richards, J Sharp Shot (Chance Twins #3: YA; Jade is taken hostage by a man from her father's past who is plotting to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East. It will take all of the Chance family's wits and skills to defuse the threat) $8.99
Jacobson, Alan Velocity (Karen Vail #3: When her detective boyfriend disappears, FBI profiler Karen Vail finds no clues to his whereabouts, other than a blood stain - and potential connections to a Napa Valley serial killer) $25.95
Johansen, Iris Chasing the Night (Eve Duncan #10: Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan tries to help an FBI agent, whose child was stolen eight years ago in an act of vengeance, find out if her son is still alive) $27.99
Judson, Daniel The Violet Hour (A Bridgehampton mechanic risks everything to save the people closest to him when his best friend turns out to be living a lie) $14.99
Khoury, Raymond The Templar Salvation (Sean Reilly #2: FBI agent Sean Reilly's love, Tess Chaykin, has been kidnapped. The key to her freedom lies in the Vatican Secret Archives of the Inquisition, in the form of a document that details the secret history of the infamous Templars) $26.95
Le Carre, John Our Kind of Traitor (When a big-time Russian money launderer enlists their help to defect, a vacationing couple soon find themselves pawns in a deadly endgame whose outcome will be determined by the victor of the British Secret Service's ruthless internecine battles; unabridged CDs $29.95) $27.95
Leonard, Elmore Djibouti (In Djibouti to make a documentary, filmmaker Dara Barr finds more than she expected: pirates, a Saudi diplomat with dubious connections, a billionaire American who loves to fire his 600 caliber elephant gun, and an al Qaeda terrorist from Miami who wants to blow up something big; unabridged CDs $34.99) $26.99
Leotta, Allison Law of Attraction (When a battered woman lies on the witness stand to free her boyfriend, then turns up dead on a trash heap, Assistant US Attorney Anna Curtis is determined to bring the killer to justice) $25.00
Marston, Edward The Silver Locomotive Mystery (Robert Colbeck #6: 1855: DI Colbeck and Sgt. Leeming are summoned to the Railway Hotel in Cardiff to find out who killed a silversmith and stole a locomotive-shaped silver coffee-pot) $16.95
McCullough, Colleen Too Many Murders (Carmine Delmonico #2: 1967: Police Captain Delmonico and his team tackle the murders of twelve citizens of a Connecticut college town who were all killed on the same day) $15.00
Nadelson, Reggie Blood Count (Artie Cohen #10: When an ex-girlfriend calls him for help, Artie ends up out of his element, a white detective investigating a series of deaths at Harlem's Louis Armstrong Apartments) $26.00
Patterson, J/Dugard, M The Murder of King Tut (Nonfiction; a tale of intrigue, betrayal, usurpation, and unnatural death, based on evidence from X-rays, Howard Carter's writings, and forensic clues) $14.99
Peacock, Shane Vanishing Girl (Boy Sherlock Holmes #3: Kids; An innocent boy's survival depends on Sherlock's ability to solve the mysterious puzzle of a wealthy young girl who vanished from Hyde Park) $9.95
Pendleton, Don (creator) Raw Fury (Executioner #383: PBO; When rebels take the students of a Malaysian school hostage, Bolan must find a way to free them) $4.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Target Acquisition (Stony Man #109: PBO; Stony Man's latest target: a megalomaniac emir with the power and connections to cause international havoc) $6.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Extraordinary Rendition (SuperBolan #137: PBO; Bolan heads to Russia to track down a ruthless arms dealer wanted by the US courts) $6.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) Christmas at The Mysterious Bookshop (Anthology; 17 stories with a holiday theme, each previously only published only as a limited-edition chapbook) $24.95
Rankin, Ian Resurrection Man (Inspector Rebus #13: Reissue; After messing up badly, Rebus is sent to a sort of reform school for damaged cops, where his group is assigned an unsolved murder to investigate. When DS Siobhan Clarke discovers that her murder investigation is tied to Rebus' inquiry, the two join forces, and uncover a plot with conspirators in every corner of Scotland - and deadly implications about their colleagues) $14.99
Rankin, Ian A Question of Blood (Inspector Rebus #14: Reissue; When a former soldier and recluse murders two 17-year-old students at a posh Edinburgh boarding school, Rebus immediately suspects there is more to the case than meets the eye) $14.99
Ritter, Todd Death Notice (When the local newspaper's obituary writer begins receiving advance notice of people's deaths, Perry Hollow, Pennsylvania, sheriff Kat Campbell must track down the killer) $24.99
Rule, Ann In the Still of the Night: The Strange Death of Ronda Reynolds (Nonfiction; a recently married woman died under mysterious circumstances in 1998; the case has never been closed) $26.99
Schlink, Bernhard The Weekend (After 24 years, Jorg, a convicted murderer and terrorist, is released from prison, and his friends - some of whom were Baader-Meinhof sympathizers - gather in a secluded country home for his first weekend of freedom) $24.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Charming Quirks of Others (Isabel Dalhousie #7: A successor is being sought for a headmaster position, but an anonymous letter alleges that one of the candidates has a very serious skeleton in the closet. A couple of Isabel's old friends ask her to look into it discreetly) $24.95
Stockbridge, Sara The Fortunes of Grace Hammer (HC title: Grace Hammer / UK title: Hammer) (Whitechapel, 1888: Grace and her children make their living picking the pockets of wealthy strangers. But her history is about to catch up with her - Mr. Blunt has never forgotten his scarlet treasure, or the young woman who stole it from him) $13.95
Westerson, Jeri The Demon's Parchment (Crispin Guest #3: A Jewish physician at the King's court wants Crispin to find stolen parchments that might be behind several recent gruesome murders of young boys - parchments that someone might have used to bring forth a demon which now stalks 14th-century London) $25.99
Wilson, F. Paul Fatal Error (Repairman Jack #14: Jack helps Munir Habib, whose family has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, the Septimus Order and the Kickers seem to be working in concert to open the way for the Otherness. And when Dawn Pickering delivers her baby, it's whisked away, but the glimpse she gets terrifies her. Later she's told the baby died, but she doesn't believe it, and neither do Weezy and Jack) $25.99
Zuiker/Swierczynski Dark Prophecy (Level 26 #2: Steve Dark, who has a one-of-a-kind talent for hunting and catching serial killers, is now a man on a mission - one that no longer requires law enforcement support - as he takes justice to the next level) $26.95


Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box (Penguin celebrates their 75th anniversary with this collection of book covers reproduced as postcards) $25.00
Alexander, Tasha Dangerous to Know (Emily Ashton #5: In Normandy, Lady Emily finds a murdered woman, a young French aristocrat who had been committed to an insane asylum, and had given birth to an illegitimate child there. Clues lead to a crumbling chateau in the country) $24.99
Andrews, Donna Six Geese A-Slaying (Meg Langslow #10: Reissue; Parade organizer Meg and wise man Chief Burke must solve the murder of the local curmudgeon who was playing Santa) $13.99
Brant, Kylie Deadly Intent (Mindhunters #4: PBO; Macy Reid is investigating a girl's abduction, but her biggest problem may be Kellan Burke, a wisecracking member of her team who relishes getting under Macy's skin - and who just may be the man to help her confront the demons from her past) $7.99
Bricker, Lara Lie After Lie (PBO; Nonfiction; when Julie Keown died and doctors discovered she'd been poisoned with the main ingredient in antifreeze, her parents began to suspect that her husband was the killer) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries & the Yuletide Weddings (Mrs. Jeffries #26: As Inspector Witherspoon's staff prepares for Betsy and Smythe's long-awaited wedding, a Yuletide murder investigation reveals a web of lies, intrigue, and long-buried secrets) $7.99
Brown, Dan The Lost Symbol: Special Illustrated Edition (Robert Langdon #3: Includes over 100 full-color images. Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon embarks on a deadly race through a labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, DC) $35.00
Brown, Ethan Shake the Devil Off (Nonfiction; Iraq war veteran Zackery Brown gruesomely murdered his girlfriend before taking his own life) $7.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Track of Sand (Inspector Montalbano #11: Montalbano finds a gruesome horse carcass in front of his home. When his men come to investigate, the carcass has disappeared. Then his home is ransacked. He looks for answers in the glittering underworld of horse-racing and its Mafia connections) $14.00
Carlisle, Kate The Lies That Bind (Bibliophile #3: PBO; Back home in San Francisco to teach a bookbinding class, book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright investigates when the program's unpleasant director is shot dead) $7.99
Casey, Kathryn The Killing Storm (Sarah Armstrong #3: Texas Ranger Sarah Armstrong investigates prizewinning bulls being butchered on the outskirts of town, and searches for a missing boy whose strangely calm mother may have been involved in his abduction) $25.99
Challis, Joanna Peril at Somner House (Daphne du Maurier #2: While visiting the estate of Lord and Lady Trevalyan on a remote island off the Cornish coast, Daphne turns sleuth when the Lord is found murdered while the Lady is found in the arms of a lover) $25.99
Coyle, Cleo Holiday Grind (Coffeehouse #8: When Clare finds a red-suited body in the snow, clues convince her it was more than a mugging gone awry; it seems that Santa was checking a list, and the folks on it were not nice) $7.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Birthday Party (Simmons Sisters #6: Bernie and Libby cater a prize pooch's birthday bash, and unearth a killer with a bone to pick. Includes recipes) $6.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Thanksgiving (Simmons Sisters #7: Bernie and Libby must uncover a killer when they cater a wealthy clan's Thanksgiving dinner and the turkey explodes, killing the head of the family) $22.00
Cussler, C/Scott, J The Wrecker (Isaac Bell #2: 1907: Detective Isaac Bell pursues a mysterious railroad saboteur known as The Wrecker who is terrorizing the American West) $9.99
Deaver, Jeffery Edge (Federal protection officer Corte races to find and stop a criminal who uses torture, kidnapping, and murder to extract the information he needs from his victims; unabridged CDs $39.99) $26.99
Dekker, Ted Thr3e (Reissue; Kevin receives a call demanding that he confess his sin in the next 3 minutes, or his car will explode. After a narrow escape from the car, the calls continue, each giving him 3 minutes before a new peril occurs. The problem? Kevin is unsure what his sin is, but the calls won't stop until he figures it out) $7.99
DeMille, Nelson The Gate House (John Sutter #2: Ten years after his wife killed her Mafia lover, John Sutter returns to Long Island, where the Mafioso's son is intent on drawing John back into that violent world, and exacting revenge) $9.99
Doss, James D. The Widow's Revenge (Charlie Moon #14: The widow Montoya claims she's being harassed by witches near her property; her attempt to solve the problem herself ends disastrously. He's too late to save her, but Charlie might be able to help her get her revenge after all) $7.99
Dunnett, Kaitlyn The Corpse Wore Tartan (Liss MacCrimmon #4: At a supper in honor of Scotland's beloved poet Robert Burns, long-held grudges among the members of the Scottish Heritage Appreciation Society lead to murder) $22.00
Estleman, Loren D. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; Holmes has already encountered evil young hedonist Edward Hyde, and knows he is strangely connected with respectable young doctor Henry Jekyll, when the Queen herself asks Holmes to investigate the savage murder of Sir Danvers Crew) $9.95
Francis, Dick Banker (Reissue; While arranging the purchase of a champion racehorse, investment banker Tim Ekaterin gets caught up in murder) $7.99
Gagnon, Michelle Kidnap & Ransom (Kelly Jones #4: PBO; In the slums of Mexico City, FBI agent Kelly Jones encounters an old, twisted enemy, and gets one last, desperate shot at taking him down) $7.99
Gaus, P.L. Broken English (Amish-Country #2: Reissue; David Hawkins came to the quiet town of Millersburg to escape his demons, and unexpectedly found salvation in Amish life - until his English daughter is murdered) $13.00
Goldenbaum, Sally A Holiday Yarn (Seaside Knitters #4: Mary Pisano converts her home into a B&B. Her first week is booked by her own family, in town to discuss their grandfather's will. When her cousin Pam is murdered, she relies on the Seaside Knitters to unravel the crime) $23.95
Gore, Steven Absolute Risk (Gage #2: Gage investigates the death of an FBI agent who failed to arrive for a secret meeting with the Federal Reserve chairman, and finds a conspiracy that threatens to plummet the world into chaos) $9.99
Gray, Jordan Vanished (Blackpool #2: PBO; The annual seafaring days celebration makes for lively crowds - and provides a perfect cover for murder. When a local troublemaker is stabbed to death, Michael and Molly are pulled into the mystery, and deeper into Blackpool's dark history) $7.99
Grisham, John The Confession (In 1998, Travis abducted, raped, and kill a cheerleader, then watched in amazement as a local football star was convicted and sent to death row. Nine years later, Travis is suffering from an incurable brain tumor. He decides to do what's right and confess, but how can a guilty man convince lawyers, judges, and politicians that they're about to execute an innocent man?) $28.95
Hanna, Edward B. The Whitechapel Horrors (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; Holmes faces a crisis of conscience when confronted with disclosing the identity of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper) $9.95
Hart, Carolyn Merry, Merry Ghost (Bailey Ruth #2: Irrepressible spirit Bailey Ruth, on assignment from Heaven's Department of Good Intentions, must protect a little boy, foil a murderer, and save Christmas) $7.99
Hechtman, Betty You Better Knot Die (Crochet #5: When her neighbor's husband goes missing, and then a suicide note arrives, Molly smells something fishy and, despite the protests of her detective boyfriend, is determined to unravel the mystery) $24.95
Hess, Joan Tickled to Death (Claire Malloy #09: Reissue; Before Luanne gets in too deep with her new flame, she asks Claire to do a background check on him. Turns out the police are determined to prove he murdered his two previous wives, but Claire isn't so sure) $7.99
Hill, Reginald Midnight Fugue (Dalziel & Pascoe #24: An old acquaintance at the Met asks Andy Dalziel to help Gina Wolfe, who has come to Mid-Yorkshire in search of her long-missing DI husband) $7.99
Hoag, Tami Deeper than the Dead (1984: Aided by a schoolteacher, an FBI agent uses a new technique - profiling - to track down a serial killer in a California community) $9.99
Jerkins, Grant A Very Simple Crime (A murdered woman. A grieving husband. And their son - a mentally handicapped adult with a history of violent outbursts. A simple case? Assistant district attorney Leo Hewitt finds the crime isn't as simple as it appears) $14.00
Kingsbury, Kate Decked with Folly (Pennyfoot Hotel #17 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #5: When a candlestick disappears and a former employee turns up dead in the duck pond, Cecily must take a killer and a thief off the guest list) $6.99
Kingsbury, Kate Mistletoe and Mayhem (Pennyfoot Hotel #18 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #6: After a footman and a new maid are seen kissing under the hotel's holiday kissing bough, they turn up dead. Cecily must find the killer before everyone's cheer turns to fear) $14.00
Koontz, Dean Twilight Eyes (Reissue; With eyes the color of twilight, Slim MacKenzie has been blessed with premonitions. He's also been cursed - he can see the monsters hiding among us, feeding on our suffering. When Slim joins a traveling carnival, seeking sanctuary, what he finds is a hunting ground - with humanity as the prey) $16.00
Lehane, Dennis Moonlight Mile (Kenzie & Gennaro #6: In 1997, Kenzie and Gennaro found missing 4-year-old Amanda McCready, only to return her to a negligent mother. Now Amanda is 16 - and gone again. The tough PIs follow a 12-year trail of lies and secrets down Boston's blue-collar streets; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.99) $26.99
Lief, Katia Next Time You See Me (Karin Schaeffer #2: When her husband Mac's parents are slain in a home invasion, and Mac vanishes, Detective Karin Schaeffer is determined to find him, but her search reveals dark secrets about the man she loves) $7.99
MacInerney, Karen Berried to the Hilt (Gray Whale Inn #4: A lobsterman pulls up an old anchor. Could it be from a famous 18th-century pirate ship? A swarm of marine archaeologists, treasure seekers, and ghost-hunters is good news for the Inn - until one of Natalie's guests turns up dead) $14.95
Maron, Margaret Christmas Mourning (Deborah Knott #16: When a young cheerleader dies in a car crash, her rural North Carolina community is devastated. Deputy Bryant soon learns her death was not an accident, and more lives may be lost unless he and Deborah can uncover what really happened) $25.99
McManus, Patrick F. The Double-Jack Murders (Bo Tully #3: An escaped murderer has his sights set on Sheriff Tully; hoping to flush the killer out, Bo heads north to investigate the disappearance of two gold miners) $14.00
McManus, Patrick F. The Huckleberry Murders (Bo Tully #4: Blight County, Idaho, Sheriff Bo Tully has his hands full when an elderly rancher's disappearance leads to the discovery of four dead bodies in a huckleberry patch) $25.00
Melton, HK/Wallace, R The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception (Nonfiction; reprints two 1953 manuals that were used to train CIA field agents in deception and sleight-of-hand, with instructions by stage magician John Mulholland) $14.99
Meredith, Denise Devoured (Hatton & Roumonde #1: London, 1856: When Lady Bessingham is found murdered, surrounded by her vast collection of fossils and tribal masks, Aldophus Hatton and his morgue assistant Albert Roumonde are called in to examine the crime scene, and to assist Inspector Adams in tracking down the killer) $24.99
Mortimer, John A Rumpole Christmas (5 previously uncollected holiday stories) $12.00
Muller, Marcia Sand Sharks (Deborah Knott #15: Judge Knott stumbles on a colleague's body at a summer conference; then another judge is murdered, and Deborah may be the killer's next target) $7.99
Muller, Marcia Coming Back (Sharon McCone #27: As Sharon struggles to regain control over her body, her friend from physical therapy goes missing. Sharon must rely on those closest to her to uncover the truth behind the disappearance when the investigation begins to point to issues of national security) $24.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Coming Home (Joe Grey #16: Feline PI Joe Grey and his pals discover that the prison tomcat who brought a message to the local cops has a personal agenda, and that their new neighbor Maudie is hiding a secret about her son's killer - who has followed her to town) $16.99
Neggers, Carla Cold Dawn (Black Falls #3: PBO; Despite their painful history, search-and-rescue expert Rose Cameron and smoke jumper Nick Martini team up to track a killer who is using fire to kill arson investigators) $7.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Sleigh (Faith Fairchild #18: Spending the holidays at the family home on Sanpere Island, Faith searches for the truth behind the death of a teenage girl and the appearance of a baby boy in a local spinster's manger) $7.99
Palov, C.M. The Templar's Code (PBO; In the Middle Ages a rumor was born of a sacred Egyptian text. Known as the Emerald Tablet, it was said to contain the secret of creation - but the greatest secret of all is who wrote it) $9.99
Patterson/Charbonnet Witch & Wizard (Witch & Wizard #1: YA; Imprisoned by the totalitarian New Order, 15-year-old Wisty and and her older brother Whit discover they have incredible powers. Can they master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents - and maybe the world?) $9.99
Perry, Anne A Christmas Odyssey (An old friend's reckless son has vanished into a deadly, sensation-obsessed underworld; Henry Rathbone volunteers to search for him, and receives unexpected help from Squeaky, a reformed brothel-keeper who now works in Hester Monk's medical clinic, and Crow, a mysterious doctor who works in the slums of Victorian London) $18.00
Portis, Charles True Grit movie tie-in (When her father is gunned down in Fort Smith, Arkansas, 14-year-old Mattie Smith, with Rooster Cogburn - the meanest available US Marshal - at her side, heads into Indian Territory in pursuit of his killer) $14.95
Poyer, David The Crisis (Dan Lenson #12: Naval Commander Dan Lenson and his team take point on a humanitarian mission to northern Africa; a jihadist coordinates a ferocious insurgency against the US presence) $7.99
Pronzini, Bill Savages (Nameless Detective #32: As Nameless searches for the truth about a San Francisco woman's death, Jake digs through a tangle of deceit in a small country town) $7.99
Reed, Rick The Cruelest Cut (PBO; Detective Jack Murphy goes after a serial killer who silences his victims before torturing and killing them) $6.99
Reichs, Kathy Virals (YA; Tory Brennan, niece of forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, is the leader of a band of teenage 'sci-philes'. When the group rescues a dog caged for medical testing, they are exposed to a virus that gives them heightened senses and animal-quick reflexes. They use their new abilities and science smarts to try to catch a killer) $17.99
Robb, J.D. Indulgence in Death (Eve Dallas #32: NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas goes after thrill killers with a taste for the finer things in life; her investigation takes her into the rarefied circle her husband Roarke travels in) $26.95
Robertson, Michael The Baker Street Letters (Reggie's lease on Baker Street requires him to send a standard reply to letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes; when his brother becomes intrigued by a 'Dear Holmes' letter, then disappears, Reggie must uncover the truth) $13.99
Roslund, A/Hellstrom, B Box 21 (UK title: The Vault) (What will happen when two sex slaves, trapped in a Swedish brothel, are suddenly given a chance at freedom and the opportunity to take revenge on their enslavers?) $15.00
Rucka, Greg The Last Run (Queen & Country #3: Tara Chace wants out of the Special Section. But when word comes from Iran that the late Ayatollah's nephew wants to defect, the extraction team will be lead by Chace on one last, desperate mission) $26.00
Sandford, John Night Prey (Lucas Davenport #06: Reissue; A psychopath is playing cat and mouse with Lucas, but both killer and detective find themselves at odds with a female investigator who has intensely personal reasons for catching the killer herself) $9.99
Scott, Robert Blood Frenzy (PBO; Nonfiction; David Gerard was convicted of brutally attacking one woman and murdering another, as well as being suspected of additional homicides) $6.99
Sefton, Maggie Double Knit Murders: Knit One, Kill Two / Needled to Death (Knitting #1 / #2: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $15.00
Serrano, Daniel Boogie Down (When a rap impresario is murdered, NYPD homicide detective Cassandra Maldonado investigates number one suspect Sabio Guzman, the victim's gambling-addicted lawyer, who knows everybody - and all their secrets) $7.99
Stanley, J.B. Black Beans & Vice (Supper Club #6: The Flab Five try hypnotherapy to slim down, and team up to solve the murders of a councilman and a young animal rights advocate) $14.95
Stock, Jon Dead Spy Running (The son of a former head of MI6 who was removed from his job by the CIA, Daniel Marchant is a suspended MI6 agent. Suspected by the CIA of working for terrorists, subjected to rendition and waterboarding, he ends up on the run, determined to prove his late father's innocence) $25.99
Sullivan, Mark T. Triple Cross (The Jefferson Club is a resort for the rich; when terrorists break in and take hostages, including security chief Mickey Hennessey's kids, he'll do all he can to ensure his kids' safety - or die trying) $9.99
Thompson, Carlene Nowhere to Hide (PBO; When Marissa Gray returns home to Aurora Falls after years away, she discovers that the man who killed her best friend years ago - and got away with it - is determined to make sure the past stays dead and buried) $7.99
Tremayne, Peter The Dove of Death (Sister Fidelma #20: AD 670: Pirates attack the ship Sister Fidelma is sailing on, and kill the captain and an Irish prince after they surrender. Once safely ashore, she is determined to bring the killers to justice) $25.99
Vachss, Andrew Haiku (A band of homeless outcasts set out to prevent the demolition of a building where one of them keeps his collection of 1950s hardboiled paperbacks) $15.00
Viets, Elaine An Uplifting Murder (Josie Marcus #6: PBO; On Josie's latest mystery shopping assignment, her former teacher, now working in a lingerie shop, needs her help when a customer is found murdered) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. Killer Crab Cakes (Fresh-Baked #4: Phyllis' holiday turns bitter when she and her boyfriend Sam discover a dead body. She wants to stay out of this one, but the list of suspects gets too close for comfort. Includes recipes) $6.99
Washburn, Livia J. The Pumpkin Muffin Murder (Fresh-Baked #5: Phyllis hopes to win the baking contest at a festival, but it's her sleuthing skills that are needed when the festival's decorative scarecrow turns out to be a disguised dead body) $14.00
Washburn, Livia J. Huckleberry Finished (Literary Tour #2: Delilah must get to the bottom of the mystery when one of her passengers winds up dead on a leisurely Twain-oriented steamboat trip down the Mississippi) $6.99
Wiehl, Lis/Henry, April Face of Betrayal (Three women race against time to find a missing Senate page) $7.99
Willig, Lauren The Mischief of the Mistletoe (Pink Carnation #7: Arabella Dempsey accepts a position at a quiet girl's school in Regency Bath, never imagining that she and Reginald Fitzhugh will end up on a Yuletide adventure, with the fate of the British Empire resting in their hands in the form of a festive Christmas pudding) $19.95


Axler, James Moonfeast (Deathlands #95: PBO; Ryan Cawdor finds himself caught in a war between a ruthless sea baron's fleet and land-based rebels, both seeking control of the sulfur mines used to make gunpowder) $6.99
Axler, James Distortion Offensive (Outlanders #55: PBO; The Ontic Library is the glue holding the fabric of what is real - and what is not - in place. Archivist Brigid Baptiste must stop a god prince from discovering omnipotent knowledge that could destroy the world) $6.99
Baldacci, David Hell's Corner (Camel Club #5: When a bomb is detonated, it looks like a terrorist plot directed at the US President and British Prime Minister. But when the investigation shows that the attackers had a different target, it's up to the Camel Club to stop them; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.99
Bradley, James The Imperial Cruise (Nonfiction; in 1905 President Roosevelt sent a US diplomatic mission to the Far East. Secret agreements were made that he thought would secure America's push into the Pacific; instead, damage was done that would catalyze WWII in the Pacific, the Chinese Communist Party, the Korean War, and other tensions that affect our lives today) $16.99
Brownlee, Nick Blood and Fire (UK title: Burn) (Moore & Jouma #2: Inspector Daniel Jouma is faced with a sudden rash of murders in Mombasa, while fishing boat skipper Jake Moore takes a stand against a developer whose bulldozers are bearing down on Flamingo Creek. But soon a hideous secret brings the maverick crime-busting duo together again) $25.99
Bryant, Jen Kaleidoscope Eyes (Kids; A suspenseful novel in poems set in the shadow of the Vietnam War. A cryptic letter from her late Gramps and three maps send 13-year-old Lyza and her friends on a secret hunt for buried pirate treasure) $6.99
Cussler, Clive Crescent Dawn (Dirk Pitt #21: In AD 327, a Roman galley barely escapes a pirate attack with its extraordinary cargo. In 1916, a British warship mysteriously explodes in the North Sea. In the present day, important mosques in Turkey and Egypt are wracked by explosions. Does anything tie them together? Dirk Pitt is about to find out) $27.95
Doss, James D. A Dead Man's Tale (Charlie Moon #15: A Wall Street whiz who claims he knows the future bets Chief of Police Scott Parish, Moon's best friend, that Parish can't keep him alive. Reed gives them the date and time, but even so, the Ute rancher ends up with not one but two homicides on his hands) $24.99
Ford, John C. The Morgue and Me (Christopher's quiet summer job at the morgue is suddenly anything but after he discovers a murder cover-up and a blackmail ring) $8.99
Golding, Julia Den of Thieves (Cat Royal #3: Kids; With the theater closed for renovations, Cat's friends plan to spend the summer in France. Cat's guardian sends her to be a spy in revolutionary Paris, disguised as a ballerina. When her friends are captured as traitors, it's up to Cat to save them) $7.99
Hautman, Pete Blank Confession (YA; Shayne Blank is the new kid in town. He's not afraid of anything. His background doesn't add up. And when he goes to the police to confess to a murder, it becomes clear that there's more to Shayne and his story than meets the eye) $16.99
Horowitz, Anthony Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider #8: Kids; Alex must thwart a plan to use genetically modified corn to release a virus so potent it can knock out an entire country in one windy day) $7.99
Jones, Solomon The Last Confession (South Philly detective Mike Coletti, on the eve of retirement, suddenly realizes that the priest he put away for the decade-old Confessional Murders is innocent. To stop the execution, Coletti must catch a killer who calls himself the Angel of Death) $24.99
Magnan, Pierre The Murdered House (Seraphin Monge #1: In 1896 Provence, a family is massacred. In 1920, the sole survivor, Seraphin Monge, finally returns to pursue the truth. But as he plots each killer's murder, another hand silently executes it in his place) $13.99
McDonnell, Margot Torn to Pieces (YA; Finalist for the 2009 Edgar Award. A letter from Anne's mom, who hasn't returned from a business trip, explains why she disappeared, and reveals dark secrets that put Anne in danger - but who to trust, when those closest to her are not who they claim to be?) $8.99
Patterson, James Cross Fire (Alex Cross #17: The Mastermind is back, and he's about to destroy everything and everyone Alex Cross loves) $27.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Cartel Clash (Executioner #384: PBO; Bolan takes action when a powerful Mexican drug cartel kills an undercover DEA agent) $4.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Lineup (Anthology; mystery writers tell the inside story of their greatest detectives) $15.99
Poyer, David Ghosting (A neurosurgeon and his family, on a sailing trip to Bermuda, face a dangerous storm and a terrifying gang of smugglers who will stop at nothing to gain control of the yacht) $24.99
Pronzini, Bill The Hidden (Despite a series of murders along a stretch of northern California coast, a young couple decide to spend their holidays at a friend's cottage. In a neighboring home are two couples whose relationships are thick with festering menace. A winter storm leads to a night of unrelenting terror) $24.00
Rankin, Ian Fleshmarket Alley (Inspector Rebus #15: Reissue; On a notorious street where propriety and decadence clash, the bones of a woman and child are discovered beneath a cement floor. The investigation bring Rebus nothing but questions. Are they mother and child? Actual remains or fakes? A series of murders, all somehow tied to that pile of bones, take Rebus and detective Siobhan Clarke into the darkest corners of Edinburgh in a race to stop the killings) $14.99
Rankin, Ian The Naming of the Dead (Inspector Rebus #16: Reissue; Rebus' bosses don't want him anywhere near an international political conference, which explains why he's manning an abandoned police station when a call comes in. During a pre-conference dinner at Edinburgh Castle, a delegate has fallen to his death. Accident, suicide, or something sinister? While the powers that be attempt to hush the whole thing up, Rebus knows he has only 72 hours to find the answers) $14.99
Russell, Sheldon The Insane Train (Hook Runyon #2: After a fire at a California insane asylum, Hook is put in charge of security for a train that will transport the survivors to a new facility in Oklahoma. When several inmates and attendants are found dead, Hook investigates, and uncovers a trail of long-planned revenge) $25.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline (Enola Holmes #5: Kids; 14-year-old Enola comes home to find her landlady Mrs. Tupper has been kidnapped. Who would take her, and why? And what does Florence Nightingale have to do with it?) $6.99
Tapply, William G. Outwitting Trolls (Brady Coyne #25: Attorney Brady Coyne gets a call from old friend Ken Nichols, who is visiting Boston. They get together for a drink, but the next day he gets a call: Ken has been savagely murdered, and his ex-wife needs Brady's help) $24.99
Vachss, Andrew The Weight (The cops offer Sugar, an old-school professional thief, a deal: give up his jewelry heist partners, or go away for a crime he didn't commit. For Sugar, that's not two options. When he finishes his time, his cut of the heist is waiting for him - along with a loose thread involving another member of the heist crew. And in Sugar's world, all loose threads must be cut) $25.95
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Hills (Hollywood #4: LAPD veteran 'Hollywood Nate' Weiss agrees to keep an eye on a Hollywood estate while the owners are away. He and his team will have to deal with a shady art dealer with his eye on the mansion's paintings, and a pair of drug-addled home invaders) $26.99

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