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Newsletter #89 March May, 2010



Adventures in Time and Space Roleplaying Game (Doctor Who: Kids; For 2 or more players. Includes Player's Guide, Gamemaster's Guide, Adventure Book, Quick Start Guide, character sheets (including pre-generated characters for the series cast), tokens, and dice) $59.99
Adventures in Time and Space Roleplaying Game: Gamemaster's Screen (Doctor Who: Kids; A rigid folding screen that keeps all the charts and tables needed to run the game at your fingertips) $14.99
Stoner Fluxx (A game about toking with your friends, getting the munchies, and changing the rules. Play your cards right, and you can end The War on Drugs. 100 cards plus instructions; 2-6 players; 10-40 minutes) $16.00
Ballard, J.G. The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard (Collection; 98 stories, including 2 short-short stories original to this edition, including sf & a wide variety of other topics) $35.00
Bellows, Alan / Editors of Alien Hand Syndrome and Other Too-Weird-Not-To-Be-True Stories (Nonfiction; the 1919 Molasses Flood, Mike the Headless Chicken, peculiar parasites, and more) $12.95
Bernard, Dr. Raymond The Hollow Earth (Reissue; Reprints the 1964 cult classic contending that a super-race (with flying saucers) lives in the hollow interior of the earth) $16.95
Bisson, Terry\ Fire on the Mountain (Reissue; It's 1959 in socialist Virginia. The Deep South is an independent Black nation. And a scientist is climbing the Blue Ridge in search of her great-great grandfather, a teenage slave who fought with John Brown and Harriet Tubman's guerrilla army ) $15.95
Blish, James Flights of Eagles (Reprints 3 novels and 4 short stories) $29.00
Blythe, Daniel Autonomy (Doctor Who: 2013: The Nestene Consciousness and its deadly plastic Autons plan to take over Hyperville, a high-tech 24-hour entertainment complex) $11.99
Bourne, J.L. Day by Day Armageddon (Reissue; The dead are rising to claim the earth as the new dominant species in the food chain; one man struggles to survive in the midst of the global disaster) $15.00
Brown, Eric Cosmopath (Bengal Station 3: PBO; Sent to Canopus VII to find out what happened to a lost crew, Necropath Jeff Vaughan finds himself drawn into a deepening mystery. What is the fate of the crew? And what are the intentions of his benefactor?) $7.99
Brusen, Claus (ed) Imaginaire II: Magic Realism 2010 (Full color; showcases fifty artists) $39.95
Brust, Steven The Phoenix Guards (Reissue; Khaavren is a son of landless nobility, possessed of a good sword. He and three loyal friends enthusiastically seek out danger and excitement. But in a realm renowned for repartee and betrayals, where power is as mutable as magic, he had best be wary. His life depends on it. And so does the future of Draegara) $14.95
Campbell/Prepolec (ed) Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology; 13 original tales of mystery and horror) $16.95
Carman, Patrick The House of Power (Atherton #1: Kids; Searching for a treasure lost in his faded memory, Edgar scales the treacherous cliffs separating the three worlds of Atherton: the humble grove that is his home; a highland realm of untold beauty and sinister secrets; and a vast wasteland below, where a monstrous danger lurks) $5.99
Carman, Patrick Rivers of Fire (Atherton #2: Kids; The world of Atherton has collapsed, the three levels becoming one. While Edgar searches for Atherton's mad maker, his friends Samuel and Isabel travel the dangerous underground realms) $5.99
Castle, Jayne Amaryllis (St. Helen's #1: Reissue; On the colony planet of St. Helen's, a beautiful psychic detective falls for a rugged explorer) $7.99
Cook, Glen Shadowline (Starfishers #1: Reissue; Gneaus Storm must fight for an El Dorado of wealth on the burning half of the planet Blackworld, as the great private armies of all space clash on the narrow Shadowline that divides inferno from life-sheltering shade) $14.95
Cooper, Christopher The Krillitane Storm (Doctor Who: The people of medieval Worcester are living in terror, afraid of meeting their doom at the hands of the Devil's Huntsman; after encountering a deadly Krillitane, the Doctor realizes the city has good reason to be scared) $11.99
D'Amato, Brian In the Courts of the Sun (December 21, 2012. The day time stops. Math prodigy Jed DeLanda volunteers to learn more about the Mayan codex by having his mind sent back to AD 664) $16.00
Datlow, Ellen (editor) Tails of Wonder (Anthology; reprints 40 stories about cats, mostly fantasy and sf, but also some horror and mystery) $15.95
DeNiro, Alan Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead (Collection; 16 wide-ranging short stories of sf and fantasy; Signed copies) $16.00
Easton, Thomas A Maine Quartet (Chapbook; reprints 4 sf stories; Signed copies) $10.00
Erikson, Steven Dust of Dreams (Malazan Book of the Fallen #9: The exiled Malazan army begins its march into the eastern Wastelands to fight for an unknown cause against an enemy it has never seen, and in these same Wastelands, others gather to confront their destinies; also available in hc at $29.99) $17.99
Fenner, Cathy & Arnie Spectrum 16 (Annual full-color retrospective of science fiction & fantasy art) $29.95
Frost, Jeaniene First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World #1: PBO; A demon shapeshifter has marked mortal Denise MacGregor as prey, and her survival depends on a powerful vampire who lusts for a taste of her) $7.99
Goodrich, Clifford The Six Pyramids of Death / Mansion of the Missing / The Vampire Deaths (story) / The Chest of Ching Ling Foo (story) (Whisperer #2: Reissue; Reprints 3 classic pulp thrillers) $12.95
Graham, Heather Nightwalker (Jessy and Dillon, nightwalkers who can communicate with ghosts, must stop the past from repeating itself in the present-day struggle for possession of a legendary Nevada gold mine) $7.99
Grant, Maxwell The Silver Scourge / The Book of Death (Shadow #32: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell The Strange Disappearance of Joe Cardona / The Hand (Shadow #33: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Greenwood, Ed Arch Wizard (Falconfar #2: Rod Everlar sets off in pursuit of the dark wizard Malraun, who has raised an army of monsters & mercenaries to conquer the world) $7.99
Greiman, Lois Charming the Devil (Witches of Mayfair #3: PBO; London, 1813: Tasked with finding out who killed Lord Brendier, witch Faye Nettles begins her investigation with sexy Scotsman Rogan McBain) $7.99
Gustainis, Justin Evil Ways (Morris & Chastain #2: Quincey Morris and Libby Chastain must stop an eccentric billionaire who is attempting to unleash the Black Wind through a series of witch murders) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Flirt audiobook (Anita Blake #18: Unabridged) $29.95
Hetley, James A Dragon's Bones (Chapbook; alternate history novelette set in Stonefort) $10.00
Horton, Rich (editor) The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2009 (Anthology; 37 of the best stories published in 2008) $19.95
Horton, Rich (editor) Unplugged: The Web's Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 2008 Download (Anthology; 14 stories originally published online) $14.95
Hughes, Matthew Hespira (Henghis Hapthorn #3: A woman of alluring mystery comes between Henghis Hapthorn and his intuition (now a separate person named Osk Rievor). Who is Hespira? Does she truly want either of them? Or has she come to destroy them both?) $24.95
Irvine, Alex Virus (Iron Man: PBO; Arnim Zola plans to seize control of HYDRA, infiltrate Stark Industries, and get rid of Iron Man once and for all) $7.99
Jackson, Steve et. al. Magic (GURPS 4th Edition: The ultimate tome of magic, combining spells from GURPS 3rd Edition Magic and GURPS Grimoire plus dozens of new spells) $29.95
Jones, W/Griffin, A Pallid Light: The Walking Dead (Thundering storms strike across the world, searing the earth. Few will survive. The people of Temperance, IL, begin to die, and Randall Clay decides to escape. What he didn't expect was the dead coming back to life - or the nightmare that came after that) $14.95
Jones, William (ed) The Anthology of Dark Wisdom: Best of Dark Fiction (Anthology; 25 horror stories previously published in Dark Wisdom magazine) $14.95
Joyce, Graham How to Make Friends with Demons (William Heaney has identified 1567 smoky figures, demons dwelling on the fringes of human life, influencing decisions with their sweet and poisoned voices. To weather the changes in his life, William must make friends with them) $14.95
Kibuishi, Kazu The Stonekeeper (Amulet #1: Kids; Full color graphic novel; When a sinister creature lures their mom through a door in their strange ancestral home, Emily and Navin follow her into a world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals) $10.99
Kibuishi, Kazu The Stonekeeper's Curse (Amulet #2: Kids; Full color graphic novel; with their mom still in a coma, Emily, Navin, Miskit, and the robotic crew head for the city of Kanalis to look for help; they find old enemies, and new allies) $10.99
Krentz, Jayne Ann Sweet Starfire (Lost Colony #1: Reissue; On a dangerous quest through the galaxy, a fiery beauty and a handsome adventurer find passion and desire amid danger) $7.99
Lake, Jay Madness of Flowers (City Imperishable #2: When a beautiful mountebank arrives in the City Imperishable, offering to lead an expedition to uncover the lost tomb of the Imperator Terminus, she stirs up the mob with promises of treasure and imperial power - but what will her quest unleash?) $14.95
Lake, Jay Death of a Starship (Rumors of the reappearance of a long-lost battleship send a priest, an alien-killer, and a cashiered starship engineer into a chase across the stars - and into secrets better left forgotten) $9.95
Langan, John House of Windows (A beautiful widow tells a young writer a tale: of her missing husband; of her lost stepson; and of phantasmal visions, a family curse, and Belvedere House) $24.95
Le Guin, Ursula K. Worlds of Exile and Illusion: Rocannon's World / Planet of Exile / City of Illusions (Hainish: Reprints her first three novels, set in the universe of The Left Hand of Darkness ) $16.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Halfling Moon (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #16: Chapbook; 2 original Liaden stories; Signed copies) $11.00
Llewellyn, David The Taking of Chelsea 426 (Doctor Who: Chelsea 426, a city-sized colony floating on the clouds of Saturn, plans a flower show; the Doctor discovers that the Sontarans have plans of their own for the city) $11.99
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest In the Dread of Night Asylum Pack (Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game: Third pack in the Dreamlands expansion, with 20 different never-before-seen cards) $9.95
Lumley, Brian Screaming Science Fiction: Horrors from Out of Space (Collection; 8 stories (reprints) and 1 novella (original) that combine horror and sf) $14.95
MacAvoy, R.A. In Between (After he finds his uncle dead in a pool of blood, Ewen is shot by a thug. His uncle has died, but Ewen has just started his journey through the In Between ; Signed copies) $35.00
Martin, Gail Z. Dark Lady's Chosen (Chronicles of the Necromancer #3: PBO; The vampires and the undead enter into a deadly civil war that threatens to unleash an even greater danger into the world) $7.99
Martin, George (ed) Suicide Kings (Wild Cards #20: Mosaic novel; the People's Paradise of Africa is having it out with the Caliphate, and the Sudan is a charnel house. The powers-that-be aren't doing anything. So, one by one, the aces join the fight, each for their own reasons) $25.99
McKenna, Juliet E. Blood in the Water (Lescari Revolution #2: PBO; While the ragtag army faces the dukedoms on the battlefield, a secret war is fought within the cities and castles) $7.99
Meding, Kelly Three Days to Dead (Evy Stone #1: PBO; Monster hunter Evy Stone wakes up on a morgue slab in someone else's body, and discovers she has only three days to solve her own murder before the reincarnation spell wears off) $7.99
Prentiss, Alex Night Tides (PBO; After years of communing with erotic spirits in the local lake, Rachel is called on by them to help find a group of kidnapped women) $7.99
Price, Robert M. Blasphemies & Revelations (Collection; 43 tales of horror) $50.00
Pulver, David / Peters, Kenneth Ultra-Tech (GURPS 4th Edition: Sourcebook for sf technology, including weapons, vehicles, gadgets, cybernetics, AI, and much more) $29.95
Recht, Z.A. Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain (Reissue; The victims of an unprecedented viral outbreak return from the dead to walk the earth. Now, a single law of nature dominates the landscape: kill or be killed) $15.00
Remic, Andy Hardcore (Combat-K #3: PBO; The Combat-K squad is searching Krakken IV when the former inhabitants of Sick World begin to rise, forcing them to battle for their lives) $7.99
Reynolds, Alastair Thousandth Night / Minla's Flowers (2 sf novellas, bound Ace-Double style; limited to 2000 copies; Signed copies) $35.00
Richards Justin The Ultimate Monster Guide (Doctor Who: A comprehensive guide to the Doctor's enemies, from Adipose and Autons to Zarbi and Zygons. Full-color photos throughout) $27.99
Robeson, Kenneth Devil on the Moon / I Died Yesterday / Big Cypress Doom (story) (Doc Savage #31: Reissue; Pulp reprints; choice of either Emery Clarke cover or James Bama cover) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Feathered Octopus / The Goblins (Doc Savage #32: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Rutkoski, Marie The Cabinet of Wonders (Kronos Chronicles #1: Kids; 12-year-old Petra Kronos goes to Prague to retrieve her father's eyes, stolen by the Prince of Bohemia; she finds that many people in his castle are not what they seem) $6.99
Scalzi, John The God Engines (Devout, loyal Captain Ean Tephe undertakes a secret mission that he knows will test of his skill, both as a leader of men and as a devout follower of his god. But he doesn't know to what ends his faith and his ship will ultimately be put - and that the tests he will face will come not only from his god and from the Bishopry Militant, but from another, more malevolent source entirely) $20.00
Shanower, Eric The Enchanted Apples of Oz / The Ice King of Oz (Little Adventures in Oz #1: Reissue; Kids; Full color graphic novel; two tales of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and their friends) $9.99
Shiner, Lewis Collected Stories (Collection; 41 stories spanning three decades and multiple genres) $40.00
St. John, J. Allen The Paintings of J. Allen St. John: Grand Master of Fantasy (Full-color collection of book and magazine illustrations, including Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, and much more) $24.95
Stenwick, Scott Michael Arcana (Hoping to return home, a banished demon joins a war that would upset the cosmic balance of power; two magicians struggle to unite their magical orders to thwart the demon's plans) $17.95
Taylor, Holly May Earth Rise (Dreamer's Cycle #4: King Arthur and those loyal to him must fight to save their way of life and to liberate the Gifted, who have been taken captive by the Corianans) $15.95
Teppo, Mark Heartland (Codex of Souls #2: PBO; Returning to Paris - where he lost his love, and nearly his life - Markham is teamed with an unlikely partner; they attempt to overturn the corrupt remains of an order no longer able to police its own practitioners) $7.99
The Onion Our Dumb World: Atlas of the Planet Earth (The world's most comprehensive fake atlas, packed with full-color maps and framed with inaccurate essays about the world's peoples and places) $17.99
Thorpe, Gav Shadow King (Warhammer Time of Legends: PBO; When his family is betrayed and slain, the ill-fated prince of the Nagarythe becomes the Shadow King, hunting his enemies from the darkness) $8.99
Valentino, Nick Thomas Riley (YA; For 20 years, weapons designer Thomas Riley has proudly empowered his nation's forces. But when an alchemy experiment goes horribly wrong, Thomas and his assistant are thrust onto the front lines, and into a deadly race to kidnap the only man who can undo the damage - the mad genius behind the enemy's armaments) $13.99
Vess, Charle Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess (Oversize; full color and black & white. Over 200 images of his fantasy and comics art, some never before published) $39.99
West, Michelle (aka Sagara, Michelle) City of Night (House War #2: Rath joins the secret battle against the worshippers and servants of the Lords of Hell; an introduction to the head of House Terafin allows Jewel and her den of orphans to escape from the chaos - and allows her to discover her destiny) $24.95
Williams, Liz The Shadow Pavilion (Inspector Chen #4: Demon Zhu Irzh and Inari's badger guardian find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar jungle hell; an assassin from between worlds targets Mhara; and a Bollywood starlet holds a deadly secret) $7.99
Wilshire, P & J (ed) Visions of Never (Full color. Illustrations and personal paintings by six artists - Marc Fishman, Richard Bober, Paul Lehr, Don Ivan Punchatz, Robh Ruppel, and Mark Zug - including many previously unpublished pieces) $24.95
Wilson, Colin The Space Vampires (Reissue; Three strange aliens, transported to Earth from a derelict spaceship, are energy vampires, whose seductive embraces are fatal. Captain Carlsen works toward their destruction, even as he is drawn to the loveliest) $12.95
Wurts, Janny Stormed Fortress (Wars of Light and Shadow: Alliance of Light #5: Lysaer's army of Light besieges the citadel of Alestron; Arithon stands alone at the hour of reckoning as the true purpose of the Koriani enchantresses is fully unveiled) $9.99
Zelazny, Roger Nine Black Doves (Collected Stories #5: Collection; 18 short stories, plus articles, curiosities, and poetry) $29.00
Zelazny, Roger The Road to Amber (Collected Stories #6: Collection; 13 short stories and 10 Amber-related works, plus articles, curiosities, songs, and poetry) $29.00


Adams, C.T./Clamp, C Serpent Moon (Sazi #8: PBO; Eric's wolf howl can ruin electronics and send aircraft tumbling from the sky. Attack survivor Holly Sanchez may be the key to Eric's survival - or to his downfall) $6.99
Anderson, Poul David Falkayn: Star Trader (Technic Civilization #2: Collection; 7 stories about Nicholas Van Rijn's crack team of star traders, led by David Falkayn) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley Men of the Otherworld (2 novellas and 2 short stories about the guys of the werewolf Pack) $7.99
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia The Shapeshifters: Hawksong / Snakecharm / Falcondance / Wolfery / Wyvernhail (Kiesha'ra #1-5: Reissue; YA; Reprints 5 fantasy novels) $12.99
Baker, Richard Avenger (Forgotten Realms: Blades of the Moonsea #3: Geran violates his exile to stalk the streets of his former home, hunting down the one who hurt his family and rallying the oppressed people of Hulburg) $24.95
Bear, Elizabeth Chill (Jacob's Ladder #2: PBO; Riding the shock wave of a nova blast toward an uncertain destiny, the damaged ship remains a war zone as the remnants of rebellion aboard the ship continue to threaten the crew's survival) $7.99
Benson, Amber Cat's Claw (Calliope Reaper-Jones #2: PBO; Settling her debt to Cerberus takes Calliope on a trip to Purgatory, Las Vegas, ancient Egypt, and a discount department store that's more frightening than any supernatural creature) $7.99
Bishop, Anne The Shadow Queen (Black Jewels #7: To find the key to a treasure great enough to restore Dena Nehele, Theran Greyhaven must first find a Queen who remembers the Blood's code of honor and lives by the Old Ways) $7.99
Bishop, Anne Shalador's Lady (Black Jewels #8: Now that it has been cleansed of tainted Blood, the Rose-Jeweled Queen makes it her duty to restore Shalador and prove her ability to rule. But other dangers approach) $24.95
Black, Holly The Poison Eaters and Other Stories (YA; tales of dark fantasy) $17.99
Briggs, Patricia Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1 hc reprint: Mercy's life is not exactly normal. Her neighbor is a werewolf. Her former boss is a gremlin. And she's fixing a VW bus for a vampire. But then, Mercy isn't exactly normal herself) $19.95
Bujold, Lois McMaster The Vor Game (Vorkosigan #04: Reissue; Hardcover reprint of paperback original. Miles graduates from the Academy and ends up posted to the Hegen Hub, where he encounters his old mercenary fleet, his emperor playing hookey, and a web of intrigue. Winner of the 1991 Hugo Award for Best Novel; signed copies expected) $26.00
Butcher, Jim Turn Coat (Dresden Files #11: Accused of treason against the White Council, the Warden Morgan is on the run, and needs Harry Dresden to clear his name) $9.99
Cast, P.C. Brighid's Quest (Partholon #2: Reissue; While helping guide home a grieving human - Cuchulainn, her friend Elphame's brother - centaur Brighid finds herself beginning to care for him) $9.99
Conroy, Robert Red Inferno: 1945 (In the climactic days of WWII, the US moves into Berlin with catastrophic results; the Russians turn on their allies in a burst of ruthless warfare) $15.00
D'Arc, Bianca Once Bitten, Twice Dead (An experimental zombie breaks out of the lab and bites a female cop, who unexpectedly survives; the scientist responsible wants to know how) $14.00
Danielsson, Hjalti The Burning Life (EVE: Novel based on the game) $14.99
David, Peter Treason (Star Trek: New Frontier: Tensions are at a fever pitch after the Prime Minister's murder; the power vacuum will have far-reaching ramifications for Captain Calhoun, the USS Excalibur , and Sector 221-G) $7.99
Day, Alyssa Atlantis Redeemed (Warriors of Poseidon #5: PBO; A cursed Atlantean warrior falls for a woman whose sight surpasses any lie) $7.99
de Lint, Charles The Mystery of Grace (Grace Quintero and John Burns, haunted by unfinished business, fall for one another; they have things to learn about the world of the living, and the world beyond, and letting things go) $12.99
del Rey, Lester Robots and Magic (Collection; 34 classic short works of sf and fantasy) $29.00
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron Soul Hunter (Warhammer 40,000: Night Lords: The Night Lords, one of the most feared Legions of Chaos Space Marines, fight Imperial forces to claim the world of Crythe Primus) $8.99
Dick, Philip K. The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike (Reissue; Real estate agent Leo Runcible envisions high profits in his California selling area in the wake of the discovery of Neanderthal bones) $16.99
Douglas, Ian Earth Strike (PBO; As technological advances are about to bring humanity to a momentous turning point, an armed threat approaches from space to keep humanity from crossing that boundary) $7.99
Douglas, Kate Demonfire (DemonSlayers #1: A newspaper reporter falls for a sexy fallen demon) $6.99
Duncan, Dave The Alchemist's Pursuit (Alfeo Zeno #3: Someone is murdering Venetian courtesans, who were somehow connected to a sinister event involving one of the great families. Alfeo's mistress asks Nostradamus to investigate) $7.99
Edelman, David Louis Geosynchron (Jump 225 #3: Civil war and rebellion are the order of the day; MultiReal vanishes; Natch awakes in a windowless prison, where he must ultimately decide whether to save the world, or just himself) $16.00
Elliott, Kate Traitor's Gate (Crossroads #3: In the darkness of war and destruction, forces gather to reclaim the peace. But a terrible danger looms: a traitor with Imperial ambitions) $7.99
Englehart, Steve The Point Man (Max August #1: Reissue; Once a point man in Vietnam, Max is swept into battle against those who would use magick to destroy freedom and wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world) $15.99
Farrell, S.L. A Magic of Nightfall (Nessantico Cycle #2: A novel of murder and magic, of deception and betrayal, of Machiavellian politics, star-crossed lovers, and a realm facing war on every front) $7.99
Fenner, Cathy & Arnie Spectrum 5 (Reissue; Annual full-color retrospective of science fiction and fantasy art) $27.95
Flint, E/Wentworth, KD The Crucible of Empire (Sequel to The Course of Empire ) $25.00
Fox, Addison Warrior Ascended (Sons of the Zodiac #1: PBO; A fierce Leo Warrior needs help from a beautiful museum curator to stop the Goddess of War from destroying humanity) $7.99
Fox, Caleb Shadows in the Cave (Shonan is a down-to-earth War Chief who forbids his son Aku to use his shape-shifting gift. But such gifts are given to the people for the protection of the tribe, and Aku will not be able to obey his father for long) $24.99
Frost, Toby Space Captain Smith (Isambard Smith #1: Captain Smith and his crew - a skull-collecting alien lunatic, an android pilot who is actually a fugitive sex toy, and a hamster named Gerald - must collect a New Age herbalist and bring her safely back to the British Space Empire. But the alien Ghasts want her too) $14.95
Frost, Toby God Emperor of Didcot (Isambard Smith #2: It's Smith and crew to the rescue when a crazed cult leader overthrows the government of Urn, where 60% of the Empire's tea is grown. Lurking behind the coup they find the Ghast Empire & Smith's old enemy, Commander 462) $14.95
Grahame-Smith, Seth Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (The knowledge that his mother was killed by a supernatural predator fuels Lincoln's lifelong war against vampires and their slave-owning allies; Signed copies expected) $21.99
Greatshell, Walter Apocalypticon (Xombies #2: PBO; The survivors of the zombie-making plague leave their refitted sub to scavenge for food and supplies on land, and find themselves facing new terrors on the surface and mutiny below) $7.99
Green, Chris Marie Deep in the Woods (Vampire Babylon #6: Vamp hunter Dawn Madison must fight off a pack of undead teenage girls who are the followers of the captive female master of the London Underground) $15.00
Hall, Teri The Line (YA; Rachel and her mother live a safe, quiet life next to the Line, an uncrossable barrier that encloses the Unified States. Then Rachel finds a message that can only have come from across the Line - and it's asking for help) $16.99
Hammond, Warren Ex-KOP (Juno #2: A young girl has confessed to brutally murdering her parents, but Maggie isn't buying it, so she sends Juno out to get some answers. He finds that the girl, Maggie's new partner, and a serial killer are all connected; Juno and Maggie must find out how) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine Club Dead (Southern Vampire #3: Hardcover reprint of paperback original. Sookie's off to Mississippi to mingle with the underworld at Club Dead. When she finds her boyfriend Bill - caught in an act of betrayal - she's not sure whether to save him or sharpen some stakes) $24.95
Harrison, Kim Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan #8: Rachel faces off against a corrupt coven of witches that has denounced and shunned her for dealing with demons; signed copies expected) $25.99
Hayes, Erica Shadowglass (Shadowfae #1: Ice is a light-fingered fairy who can't resist a look at a powerful magic mirror. But when she pilfers it, she discovers its power is a gateway to madness) $14.99
Heinlein, Robert A. The Green Hills of Earth / The Menace from Earth (Reprints an sf collection and sf novel) $12.00
Henry, Mark Battle of the Network Zombies (Amanda Feral #3: Amanda agrees to appear on a new TV reality show. When a lecherous wood nymph is found incinerated in a locked room, Amanda must figure out who was responsible. Was it the yeti stripper? The trannie werewolf? The vampire with the detachable head?) $15.00
Hodgell, P.C. Bound in Blood (Kencyr #5: After discovering that the fallen fighters' death banners have trapped their owners' souls, Jame is unsure what to do. She returns to school, where she must dodge an unwanted admirer and work with the rathorn colt) $14.00
Holkins/Krahulik The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade (A collection of strips from the popular webcomic about gamers, plus anecdotes from the creators, and commentary from well-known game industry professionals) $24.00
Jacques, Brian The Sable Quean (Redwall #21: YA; A plan to conquer Redwall Abbey begins with kidnapping the Dibbuns one by one. Perhaps Buckler, Blademaster of the Long Patrol, can save the day) $23.99
Jemisin, N.K. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritance #1: When her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, Yeine Darr is summoned to the city of Sky. There, to her shock, she is named an heiress to the king. But the throne is not easily won, and Yeine is thrust into a power struggle with cousins she never knew she had. As she fights for her life, she draws ever closer to the secrets of her mother's death and her family's bloody history) $13.99
Johnson, Alaya Dawn Racing the Dark (Spirit Binders #1: Lana expected to become a diver, harvesting jewels from a native fish. But during her initiation dive, she finds a blood-red jewel that marks her as someone with power; she leaves her home island to apprentice with a one-armed witch) $14.95
Johnson, Alaya Dawn The Burning City (Spirit Binders #2: A rebel movement has formed in Essel. Lana wants no part of the rebels' cause - the death spirit still chases her, and the great witch Akua has kidnapped Lana's mother. But the more Lana looks for her mother, the more she is drawn into the city's political conflicts) $14.95
Jones, Gwyneth Imagination/Space: Essays and Talks on Fiction, Feminism, Technology, and Politics (Nonfiction collection from the 2008 recipient of the Pilgrim Award (conferred on science fiction's premiere critics for lifetime achievement)) $19.00
Kane, Stacia Demon Possessed (Megan Chance #3: Psychologist and psychic Dr. Megan Chase must stop a demon who is posing as a minister and possessing people while pretending to perform exorcisms) $7.99
Kearney, Susan Jordan (Pendragon Legacy #3: PBO; An immortal warrior on a quest for the Holy Grail falls in love with an American businesswoman) $6.99
Knaak, Richard A. Stormrage (World of Warcraft: With his physical body lying comatose, a search commences to discover the fate of Stormrage's astral form) $25.00
Knight, Angela Master of Fire (Mageverse #6: PBO; A beautiful witch is charged with saving the life of the mortal son of a vampire, who is passionately attracted to her) $7.99
Kratman, Tom Caliphate (In the 22nd century, Europe has become a repressive Islamic stronghold; from her grandmother's diary, a German slave girl has learned of a magic place across the sea: America) $7.99
Krinard, Susan Bride of the Wolf (In frontier Texas, a widowed mail-order bride falls for a werewolf ranch foreman) $7.99
Larke, Glenda The Last Stormlord (Stormlord #1: In the desert, water is life and currency, and Shale, a poor desert outcast, has none. But he has a secret. It's the one thing that keeps him alive, and it may save all the cities of the Quatern in the days to come - if it doesn't get him killed first) $7.99
Laymon, Richard Friday Night in Beast House (The legendary Beast House, once home to unspeakable acts of agony and murder, is now a decrepit tourist attraction. But in the night, the cellar door opens once again. Plus bonus novella 'The Wilds') $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, S Fledgling (Liaden #9: Theo Waitley, who has lived all her young life on the Safe World of Delgado, is horrified when she learns that her mother is going off-world, and plans to take Theo along) $7.99
Lubar, David The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales (Kids; Collection of 35 stories) $5.99
Malfi, Ronald Snow (A brutal snowstorm blankets an isolated town, bringing phantoms that invade humans and drive them to murder) $7.99
Marmell, Ari The Conqueror's Shadow (Corvis Rebaine #1: 17 years ago, Corvis Rebaine's army burned a swath across Imphalion. Now, as war once again descends, he is content to let it unfold without him - until his daughter is assaulted) $26.00
McDonald, L.J. The Battle Sylph (Sylph #1: PBO; Intended as a virgin sacrifice to summon a powerful battle sylph, Solie instead takes control of the creature, who fills her with desires that threaten to change the world) $7.99
McGuire, Seanan A Local Habitation (October Daye #2: PBO; Her liege asks changeling Toby Daye to go to the County of Tamed Lightning to make sure all is well with his niece; Toby must stop a killer before the niece becomes the next victim) $7.99
McNeill, Graham A Thousand Sons (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy: Primarch Magnus has foreseen more than the treachery of Warmaster Horus; the revelations will change the fate of his fallen Legion forever) $8.99
Merrick, Helen The Secret Feminist Cabal: A Cultural History of Science Fiction Feminisms (Nonfiction; explores the stories told about feminist sf by the various communities responsible for creating feminist sf culture, including authors, editors, fans,& scholars from across the disciplines) $19.00
Miller, Karen Stealth (Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit #1: Obi-Wan and Anakin are on a secret mission to the planet Lanteeb, which is the source of what could be one of the most destructive weapons ever) $15.00
Moore, Christopher Fool (A cheeky and ribald reworking of King Lear) $14.99
Morgan, Alexis Defeat the Darkness (Paladins #6: PBO; A Paladin warrior is transferred to a small Pacific Northwest town, where he falls for his landlady) $7.99
Nance, Kathleen Dragon Unmasked (PBO; A gifted healer must join forces with her sensual nemesis to find out who - or what - is murdering innocent magic practitioners) $7.99
Nix, Garth Lord Sunday (Keys to the Kingdom #7: Kids; Arthur Penhaligon must complete his quest: to confront Lord Sunday, to save the Kingdom he is heir to, and to save his own world) $17.99
Nylund, Eric Mortal Coils (Eliot and Fiona are the offspring of Atropos and Lucifer; faced with three temptations and three heroic trials, the 15-year-old twins must learn to use their budding supernatural abilities) $7.99
Palmer, Dexter The Dream of Perpetual Motion (Imprisoned aboard a zeppelin, Harold writes his memoirs. His companions are the woman he loves, who has gone insane, and the cryogenically frozen body of her father, the crazed inventor who drove her mad. And as Harold heads towards a final, desperate confrontation with the inventor, he discovers that he is an unwitting participant in the invention of the perpetual motion machine) $24.99
Quinn, Sherrill Taming the Moon (To save her daughter from a crazy kidnapper, werewolf Olivia is supposed to kill werewolf cop Sully; instead she falls in love with him) $14.00
Rabe, J/Greenberg, M (ed) Timeshares (PBO; Anthology; original stories about taking your dream vacation -in any era you desire) $7.99
Rankin, Robert Necrophenia (The tale of the life and career of Tyler, 1960s rock star and PI, most notable for the fact that he almost saved Mankind. Oh yes, and it also involves a monster in human form who plans to turn the Earth into a planet totally devoid of life) $9.95
Reeve, Philip Here Lies Arthur (YA; After her village is burned, Myrddin the bard finds Gwynna in the woods. In the course of their travels, Myrddin transforms her into the Lady of the Lake, a boy warrior, and a spy, all as part of his plan to transform Arthur, leader of a ragtag war band, into King Arthur, the greatest hero of all time) $8.99
Rendahl, Eileen Don't Kill the Messenger (A handsome ER doctor (and vampire) works with an attractive and mysterious supernatural messenger to track down a stolen shipment of talismans) $15.00
Renwick, Sophie Velvet Haven (Annwyn Chronicles #1: The shapeshifter king of the Sidhe falls for a mortal woman with an unusual aura) $15.00
Reynolds, Alastair Deep Navigation (Collection) $26.00
Rowland, Diana Blood of the Demon (Kara Gillian #2: PBO; Cop Kara Gillian needs a demon lord's help to solve her latest case: 2 murder victims whose souls have been eaten) $7.99
Ryan, Annelise (aka Amos, Beth) Working Stiff (original title: The Vicarious Liver) (Sofie Metropolis #4: Nurse-turned-coroner Mattie Winston's first case becomes personal when her ex-husband's girlfriend is murdered, putting both Mattie and her ex at the top of the suspect list) $7.99
Saberhagen, Fred Dominion (Vlad Tepes #5: Reissue; Vlad Tepes is no longer the only immortal being in Chicago. Two ancient, ruthless beings, locked in a struggle for the ultimate magic Weapon, have brought their blood-feud to his city) $6.99
Sawyer, Robert (ed) Distant Early Warnings: Canada's Best Science Fiction (Anthology; 14 sf stories) $22.95
Scanlon, Mitchel Call to Arms (Warhammer: Empire Army #3: Hochland is threatened with collapse when an ork army defeats the Scarlets; their only hope may lie with bringing the legendary general Ludwig von Grahl out of retirement) $8.99
Simmons, Dan Black Hills (Haunted by Custer's ghost, and by his ability to see into the memories and futures of legendary men like Crazy Horse, Paha Sapa's life is driven by a vision he had as a boy in the Black Hills. In August of 1936, a dynamite worker on the Mount Rushmore project, Paha Sapa plans to silence his ghost forever and reclaim his people's legacy; unabridged CDs $39.98) $25.99
Smith-Ready, Jeri Bad to the Bone (WVMP Radio #2: When WVMP's Halloween broadcast is pre-empted by a sermon, Ciara tracks down the illegal transmitter and finds it guarded by a half-pookha, who turns out to be a missing heiress) $7.99
Sniegoski, Thomas E. Where Angels Fear to Tread (Remy Chandler #3: Remy's search for an abducted six-year-old with preternatural gifts takes him to dark places he would rather avoid, and his soul may pay the price) $14.00
Steele, Allen Coyote Destiny (Coyote Chronicles #2: The inhabitants of Coyote learn that a survivor of the explosion of the Robert E. Lee is still living on Earth, and that the person responsible for that act of terrorism is also still alive - somewhere on Coyote) $25.95
Stover, Matthew Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor (Star Wars: Lord Shadowspawn draws Luke and his friends into a battle designed to destroy the heroes and restore the Empire) $7.99
Strout, Anton Dead Matter (Simon Canderous #3: PBO; Manhattan's spirit populace doesn't appreciate its RIP being disturbed, and Simon is sent to do damage control; his partner Connor is being haunted nightly by visions of his long-lost brother) $7.99
Taylor, Travis S. The Science Behind the Secret: Decoding the Laws of Attraction (Nonfiction; NASA scientist explains the Laws of Attraction in layman's terms) $14.99
Testa, Dom The Comet's Curse (Galahad #1: YA; After a comet-borne plague wipes out most of Earth's adult population, a ship of teenagers sets off into space but soon finds there is a saboteur is among them) $6.99
Thompson, Vicki Lewis Chick with a Charm (Babes on Brooms #2: PBO; A witch who needs a date for her sister's engagement party slips a love elixir into a jaded divorce lawyer's drink) $7.99
Thurman, Rob Roadkill (Cal Leandros #5: PBO; Cal and Niko are hired to find a stolen coffin that contains a blight that makes the Black Death look like nothing. The thief has left town, so the brothers are going on the road) $7.99
Vincent, Rachel Shift (Faythe Sanders #5: Faythe's Pride is under attack by a flight of vicious thunderbirds, and making peace with their new enemies may be the only way to get the best of their old foes) $7.99
Warren, Christine Born to Be Wild (Others #9: When the werewolves of Stone Creek, Oregon, start turning feral, vet Josie Barrett teams up with sexy werelion Sheriff Eli Pace to try to contain the problem) $7.99
Weber, David By Heresies Distressed (Safehold #3: The battle for the soul of the planet Safehold has begun) $7.99
White, Skyler And Falling, Fly (A neuroscientist plagued by impossible visions & a fallen angel turned vampire unite in a clash of desire & damnation that threatens to destroy them) $15.00
Williams, Tad Shadowrise (Shadowmarch #3: Barrick and Briony must find a way to reclaim their kingdom and rescue their home from traitors, tyrants, a god-king, and even the angry gods themselves) $27.95
Wolfe, Gene Soldier of Sidon (Latro #3: Latro forgets everything when he sleeps, so he writes down his experiences each day and reads his journal anew every morning. He finds himself in Egypt, a land of singing girls - and spiteful, conniving deities. He is unsure of everything, except his desire to be free of the curse that causes him to forget) $7.99
Wood, Maryrose The Mysterious Howling (Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place #1: Kids; Hired to educate the Incorrigible children - who actually were raised by wolves - their young governess finds that mysteries abound at Ashton Place) $15.99
Wyatt, James Dragon War (Eberron: Draconic Prophecies #3: The nations of Khorvaire are on the brink of war. Gaven - exile, outlaw, and prophesied Storm Dragon - may be the one person able to stop it. But he can't remember who he is) $6.99


Acevedo, Mario Werewolf Smackdown (Felix Gomez #5: A civil war is brewing between rival werewolf factions, and vampire PI Felix Gomez will do anything he can to make sure it doesn't explode into a battle that engulfs the living and the undead) $14.99
Allston, Aaron Backlash (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #4: Luke and Ben, Han and Leia, and the Sith girl Vestara converge on the homeworld of the Dathomiri witches; it will take all their combined knowledge and skills to escape alive) $27.00
Archer, Alex Sacred Ground (Rogue Angel #23: Annja Creed is hired to properly relocate the remains and relics from an ancient Inuit burial site. But the sacred ground harbors a terrible power) $6.99
Baker, Kage Not Less Than Gods (Company #10: The story of the young life of Edward Fairfax, who lives in a Victorian England filled with hidden advanced technologies. Manipulated since birth, now as a young man he is sent on a tour of Europe as a spy and an assassin) $25.99
Clark, Margaret (ed) Seven Deadly Sins (Star Trek: Anthology; original novellas about the Borg (gluttony), the Klingons (wrath), the Romulans (pride), the Cardassians (envy), the Ferengi (greed), the Pakleds (sloth), and the Mirror Universe (lust)) $16.99
Croggon, Alison The Singing (Pellinor #4: YA; The Seven Kingdoms of Annar are on the brink of defeat; together Maerad and Ham can release the music of the Elementals and defeat the forces of the Dark - but will they find each other in time?) $9.99
Crusie, J/Mayer, B Wild Ride (Mary doesn't believe in the supernatural - until she discovers that the amusement park she's been hired to restore is a prison for five demons. Plus there's something not quite right about the guy she's falling for) $25.99
Datlow, Ellen (editor) Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror (Anthology) $15.95
Dunwoody, David Empire (Five years after the zombie outbreak, Death himself descends on a Louisiana town to put down the undead legions that have defied his touch for so long) $15.00
Englehart, Steve The Long Man (Max August #2: Dr. Pamela Blackwell's research could save the lives of countless millions; Max must save her from a mysterious force that is using magick to kill her) $25.99
Garcia, Eric Repo Men (PBO; Novel Repossession Mambo was made into a movie named Repo Man , and this edition has movie tie-in cover) $7.99
Griffin, Kate (aka Webb, Catherine) The Midnight Mayor (Matthew Swift #2: One by one, the magical wards that guard London are falling. But what could be so dangerous as to threaten an entire city? Resurrected sorcerer Matthew Swift is about to find out) $19.99
Hunter, Erin Sunrise (Warriors: Power of Three #6: Kids) $6.99
Martin, G/Dozois, G (ed) Warriors (Anthology; original fantasy stories) $27.99
Marusek, David Mind Over Ship (Sequel to Counting Heads . In 2135, greedy powerbrokers convert their starships into space condos, while Ellen Starke's head struggles to grow a new body) $14.99
Mearls/Heinsoo/Schwalb Player's Handbook 3 (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Expands the range of options available to players with new classes, races, powers, and other material) $34.95
Merciel, Liane The River Kings' Road (Kelland, a divinely blessed Knight of the Sun, must track down the witch who massacred a border village, and save his kingdom's infant heir from her) $26.00
Moon, Elizabeth Oath of Fealty (Paksenarrion #6: As Kieri ascends a throne he never sought, he must come to terms with his own half-elven heritage while protecting the kingdom of Lyonya. In Tsaia, Prince Mikeli faces the threat of a Verrakaien coup) $25.00
Sakurazaka, Hiroshi Slum Online (A college freshman, uncomfortable with reality, spends his time as a karate champ in an online game, searching for the invincible fighter Slasher Jack) $13.99
Schweitzer, Darrell-ed Full Moon City (Anthology; urban fantasy stories about werewolves) $15.00
Sparks, Kerrelyn The Vampire and the Virgin (Love at Stake #9: On vacation on the small Greek island of Patmos, an FBI psychologist falls for a vampire) $7.99
Stross, Charles Trade of Queens (Merchant Princes #6: A dissident faction of the Clan has nuked Washington, DC, and plans to exterminate the rest of the Clan, keeping Miriam alive only long enough to bear the heir to the throne. Mike Fleming knows that behind the horrifying plot is a faction of the US government, preparing for a political takeover. There is no safe place except, perhaps, New Britain - which has just had a revolution and nuclear incident of its own) $24.99
Turner, Megan Whalen A Conspiracy of Kings (Eugenides #4: Kids; Sophos, heir to the kingdom of Sounis, has been missing and is presumed dead. So when he turns up in Attolia, the obvious question becomes: where has he been all this time?) $16.99
Vaughn, Carrie Voices of Dragons (YA; A 17-year-old girl becomes friends with a dragon who saved her life even as the fragile truce between their species unravels around them) $16.99
Ware, Joss Abandon the Night (Awakening Heroes #3: A mysterious, arrow-wielding beauty stands in the way of Quentin's mission of vengeance) $7.99
Weis, M/Hickman, T Secret of the Dragon (Dragonships #2: Skylan Ivorson and the Vindrasi clan are drawn into a traitorous god's duplicity as they embark on a mission to reclaim a sacred Vektia spiritbone from the Temple of the New Dawn) $24.99
Wolfe, Gene The Sorcerer's House (A man inherits a huge old house; when he moves in, he is confronted by supernatural and fantastic creatures and events, and his life is utterly transformed) $24.99
Yamamoto, Hiroshi The Stories of Ibis (In a world where humans are a minority and androids have created their own civilization, an android tells seven stories of human/android interaction to reveal the secret behind humanity's fall) $15.99
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn A Dangerous Climate (Saint-Germain #22: Disguised as a Hungarian nobleman, the vampire Saint-Germain is on a spy mission in Czarist Russia. When a man shows up claiming to be the Count Saint-Germain, the vampire must figure out how to protect his title and wealth without revealing either his true identity or his True Nature) $17.99


Abnett, Dan The Lost: Traitor General/His Last Command /The Armour of Contempt/Only in Death (Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus reprint; 4 novels) $14.99
Abnett, Dan Prospero Burns (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy: Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, must apprehend Primarch Magnus the Red, who has made a catastrophic mistake that threatens Terra's safety) $8.99
Aguirre, Ann Hell Fire (Corine Solomon #2: PBO; Corrine travels back home to discover the truth behind her mother's death and the origins of her gift, and finds signs that a dark curse is affecting the town and its residents) $6.99
Andersen, Jessica Demonkeepers (Final Prophecy #4: PBO; While attempting to rescue the Mayan sun god, Lucius and Jade try to ignore their growing attraction) $7.99
Anderson, J/Sebanc, M The Stoneholding (Legacy of the Stone Harp #1: When a traitorous cabal seizes power, Kal, a wheelwright's son, sets out to restore Prince Starigan to the throne and rekindle the Sacred Fire of the High Bard) $7.99
Anderson, Taylor Maelstrom (Destroyermen #3: Mathew Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker prepare for the ultimate confrontation with the reptilian Grik, who have seized control of the Japanese juggernaut Amagi) $7.99
Anvil, Christopher War Games (Collection; humorous sf war stories) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley The Awakening (Darkest Powers #2: YA; With the help of her friends, a charming sorcerer and a cynical werewolf, Chloe vows to thwart the organization that's trying to destroy her) $8.99
Bakker, R. Scott The Judging Eye (Aspect-Emperor #1: Aspect-Emperor Anaspurimbor Kellhus launches a holy war in order to prevent the Second Apocalypse; his wife faces challenges as she rules in his stead; exile Drusas Achamian seeks to prove that Kellhus is a fraud) $15.95
Banks, L.A. Never Cry Werewolf (Crimson Moon #5: PBO; A string of brutal murders look suspiciously like werewolf kills; Sasha must find the killer before the panicked human population starts an all-out wolf hunt) $7.99
Barant, D.D. Death Blows (Bloodhound Files #2: PBO; Jace is on the trail of a killer who is using ancient magic & outlawed comic books to kill powerful vampires & lycanthropes) $7.99
Barnes, John Directive 51 (A radical group has a plan to destroy modern civilization - a plan that will force America to implement its emergency contingency plan) $25.95
Barnes, Jonathan The Domino Men (Sequel to The Somnambulist . Young Henry Lamb is drawn into the Directorate's secret war against the House of Windsor as the bill for Victoria's Faustian bargain comes due a century later) $14.99
Bateman, Sonya Master of None (Thief Gavyn Donatti teams up with the surly djinn bound to his family in order to save his son from a crime lord who is trying to gain control of the djinn realm) $7.99
Baxter, Stephen Weaver (Time's Tapestry #4: In the early days of WWII, the Nazis have a secret plan far grander than simply subjugating their enemies. And three people are caught up in a conspiracy that threatens the fabric of the tapestry of time) $7.99
Bickle, Laura Embers (Anya Kalinczyk #1: By day, Anya is a Detroit arson investigator. By night, she pursues malicious spirits. She discovers a serial arsonist is attempting to unleash an ancient power) $7.99
Black, Jenna The Devil's Playground (Morgan Kingsley #5: PBO; The owner of the Seven Deadlies Club enlists Morgan's help when demons start possessing the unwilling bodies of rough trade club-goers) $7.99
Bonnano, Margaret Wander Unspoken Truth (Star Trek: PBO; Saavik's loyalties are tested when she comes home to Vulcan, only to discover that the other Hellguard survivors are being killed) $7.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Ghostlight (Light #1: Reissue; 30 years ago, Thorne's most powerful ritual went awry, leaving one woman dead. Thorne himself vanished. Now his daughter returns seeking answers) $6.99
Brett, Peter V. The Warded Man (UK title: The Painted Man) (Once, men and women were armed with powerful wards to battle the demons. Then the wards were lost. Three survivors of demon attacks will risk everything to regain the secrets of the past) $7.99
Briggs, Patricia Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5: A powerful Fae book Mercy has borrowed turns out to contain secret knowledge - and the Fae will do just about anything to keep it out of the wrong hands; signing at Uncle Hugo’s April 10) $24.95
Butcher, Jim Changes (Dresden Files #12: To prevail against the Duchess of the Red Court, Harry may have to embrace his own dark power. Because this time he's not fighting to save the world - he's fighting to save his child ; unabridged CDs $49.95) $25.95
Byrd, Rhyannon Touch of Seduction (Primal Instinct #4: PBO; A sexy tiger-shifter protects a beautiful school teacher from a dangerous enemy) $7.99
Campbell, Ramsey Creatures of the Pool (His father's disappearance leads Gavin to look into the old man's research; as he learns of the secrets hidden beneath the city, he realizes that the people he sees on the street may not be people after all) $7.99
Canavan, Trudi The Magician's Apprentice (Tessia plans to be a healer like her father, but when she instinctively uses magic, she ends up apprenticed to the local magician) $7.99
Carriger, Gail Changeless (Parasol Protectorate #2: Alexia's werewolf husband disappears, leaving her to deal with a regiment of supernatural soldiers, a plethora of exorcised ghosts, and an angry Queen Victoria) $7.99
Castle, Jayne Zinnia (St. Helen's #2: Reissue; On the colony planet of St. Helen's, a headstrong psychic falls for a casino owner) $7.99
Crane, Carolyn Mind Games (PBO; Invited to join a crime-fighting team, Justine is soon battling her attraction to two very different men, and plunging deeper into a world of wizardry, eroticism, and cosmic secrets) $7.99
Datlow, E/Windling, T-ed The Beastly Bride and Other Tales of the Animal People (YA; Anthology; stories and poems about shapechangers) $19.99
Datlow, Ellen (editor) Best Horror of the Year Vol. 2 (Anthology; 17 best stories of 2009) $15.95
Day, Thomas A. A Grey Moon Over China (As human colonists carve out homes on alien worlds, they face inhuman beings who strike without warning or explanation - and who may spell the end of humanity's last hope) $7.99
De Mille, James A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder (Reissue; Adventurer Adam Moore recounts his journey through a subterranean tunnel to a lost world, a strange utopian society where humans coexist with prehistoric animals) $12.95
Dietz, William C. Heaven's Devils (StarCraft: Prequel to the StarCraft II game; the origin stories of legendary outlaw heroes Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay) $25.00
Dozois/Strahan-eds The New Space Opera 2 (Anthology; 19 original stories of interstellar adventure) $7.99
DuPrau, Jeanne The Diamond of Darkhold (Ember #4: Kids; Struggling through the harsh winter aboveground, Lina and Doon find a book that alludes to a mysterious device from before the Disaster. Together, Lina and Doon must go back underground to retrieve what was lost and bring light to a dark world) $6.99
Esslemont, Ian C. Night of the Knives (Malazan Empire #1: As factions within the Empire draw up battle lines over the throne, the once-in-a-generation Shadow Moon summons an ancient presence for an all-out assault upon the island) $7.99
Farmer, Philip Jose To Your Scattered Bodies Go / The Fabulous Riverboat (Riverworld #1 / #2: Reissue; Reprints 2 classic sf novels) $17.99
Farrell, S.L. A Magic of Dawn (Nessantico Cycle #3: Facing powerful threats, Kraljica Allesandra and her son Jan must each find a pathway to survival for themselves and their people) $24.95
Fawcett, Bill (ed) Nebula Awards Showcase 2010 (Anthology; the year's best sf and fantasy as selected by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) $16.00
Feist, Raymond At the Gates of Darkness (Demonwar Saga #2: As the Demon King continues his quest to infiltrate Midkemia, Jim Dasher discovers evidence of a horrific sacrifice at a hidden fortress, and alerts Pug and the rest of the Conclave to the coming onslaught) $26.99
Flint, Eric / Freer, Dave Slow Train to Arcturus (To get back to his spaceship, the lone survivor of an alien contact team slaughtered by humans must travel through several separate human habitat modules, each one isolated from the others, with its own bizarre dangers and customs) $7.99
Frost, Toby Wrath of the Lemming Men (Isambard Smith #3: Smith and his crew must defend the Empire and civilize the stuffing out of a horde of bloodthirsty lemming-men - which would be easy were it not for a sinister robotics company, a Ghast general with a fondness for genetic engineering, and an ancient brotherhood of Morris Dancers - who may yet hold the key to victory) $12.95
Goto, Hiromi Half World (YA; Melanie Tamaki is human, but her parents aren't. They are from Half World, which exists between our world and the afterlife, and her father is still there. When her mother disappears, Melanie must follow her to Half World - & neither of them may return alive) $16.99
Gray, Alasdair Old Men in Love: John Tunnock's Posthumous Papers (Several partial narratives are presented together. Here the conceit is that they were all discovered in the papers of the late John Tunnock, a retired Glasgow teacher who started a number of novels in settings as varied as Periclean Athens, Renaissance Florence, Victorian Somerset, and Britain under New Labour) $24.00
Groening, Matt Simpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin' (Full color graphic novel. The Simpsons take on literary classics, from Greek mythology to Hans Christian Andersen to the Bible and more) $14.99
Gryphon, Talia Key to Justice (Gillian Key #4: PBO; Gillian's new patient is a vampire who is hiding his true motives - and his true identity: Dracula) $7.99
Hamilton, Peter F. The Temporal Void (Void #2: The Intersolar Commonwealth is in turmoil as the Living Dream's deadline for launching its Pilgrimage into the Void draws closer) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead and Gone (Southern Vampire #9: The weres and shifters have decided to reveal themselves to the ordinary world; and a race of unhuman beings, older and more powerful than vamps or weres, is preparing for war) $7.99
Harrison, Mette Ivie The Princess and the Bear (YA; He was once a king. She was once a princess. When an old evil resurfaces, they risk losing magic - and each other - forever) $8.99
Hauf, Michelle Her Vampire Husband (PBO; Will an arranged marriage between a vampire and a werewolf princess end the long-standing battle between their kinds?) $7.99
Healey, Karen Guardian of the Dead (YA; Ellie must set aside her worries about her term paper and her crush on the mysterious Mark to save her Maori friend Kevin from mist-dwelling Maori fairies who need human lives to gain immortality) $17.99
Heitz, Markus The War of the Dwarves (Dwarves #2: A secret army of Orcs marches towards Girdlegard. Soon Tungdil and his comrades will need to summon all their courage to battle this horde. And the Orcs are not the only threat. An unspeakable new power is growing that threatens the very existence of the dwarves) $15.99
Hendricks, Elysa Star Raiders (PBO; An intergalactic lawman finds himself at the mercy of the woman he once betrayed) $6.99
Herron, Rita Forbidden Passion (Demonborn #3: PBO; A sheriff and a woman threatened by a serial killer are bound together by desire, but a demonic force threatens to tear them apart) $6.99
Howard, R/Jordan, Robert Conan the Magnificent (Reissue) $7.99
Howard, Robert E. Conan the Barbarian (Collection; 16 tales of sword & sorcery, in their original unabridged form, plus essay 'The Hyborian Age') $29.95
Hunt, Gabriel (Faust, Christa) Beyond the Frozen Fire (Hunt #4: PBO; A scientist vanishes while researching a mysterious phenomenon near the South Pole. His beautiful daughter wants to know where and why; it's up to Gabriel Hunt to find out) $6.99
Hunter, Erin Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars #2: Kids; Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw must work together to unravel the meaning behind the ancient words of the prophecy) $16.99
Hunter, Erin/Barry, J A Clan in Need (Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path #2: Kids; Black & white graphic novel; the former ThunderClan apprentice saves his friends from cruel BloodClan cats) $6.99
Irvine, Alexander Iron Man 2 (PBO; Novelization of the film) $7.99
Ivy, Alexandra Beyond the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #4: PBO; A werewolf king finds a pureblood female who can help keep his people from extinction; she defiantly refuses to become his mate) $6.99
Jennings, Gary et al Apocalypse 2012 (In ancient Mexico, the Codex - prophesying the world's end in 2012 - is entombed. A young Aztec-Mayan slave tells us its story. A thousand years later, scientists must crack the code to save the world) $9.99
Johnson, Jean Bedtime Stories (Collection; erotic fairy tales) $15.00
Jones, Diana Wynne Enchanted Glass (Kids; It's been a bad week. Aidan's grandmother died, he was sent to a foster home, and now malicious beings are stalking him. He hopes to find help at Melstone House, but the sorcerer there is dead. Can Aidan and the sorcerer's grandson harness their magical powers and stop the rising chaos?) $16.99
Kelley, Karen The Jaguar Prince (A jaguar shapeshifter turns out to be a prince from a distant planet, who has come to Earth to take Callie back there with him) $14.00
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Bad Moon Rising (Dark-Hunter #18: When the woman Fang loves is accused of betraying her people, her only hope is that Fang believes in her. But in order to save her, Fang must break the law of the Were-Hunters) $7.99
Kiernan, Celine The Poison Throne (Moorehawke #1: 15-year-old Wynter Moorehawke must make a terrible choice: stay and bow to the King's will, or abandon her ailing father and join in the effort to restore the fragile kingdom to its former stability) $14.99
Klages, Ellen White Sands, Red Menace (Kids; 1946: Living with the Gordons at Alamogordo, Dewey wonders: Where does a girl who likes physics and math fit in?) $8.99
Klasky, Mindy When Good Wishes Go Bad (Wishes #2: After a run of bad luck, good luck appears: a magic lamp with genie, followed by a Manhattan condo and a designer wardrobe. Becca's putting her last wish on hold - and hoping her good wishes don't go wrong) $13.95
Koch, Gini Touched by an Alien (PBO; Marketing manager Kitty Katt joins forces with aliens from Alpha Centauri to protect the Earth, kick evil alien butt, and save the day using hairspray, a Mont Blanc pen, and rock-and-roll) $7.99
Lake, Jay Pinion (Clockwork Earth #3: Paolina is attempting to take herself and her magic away from the grasp of powerful northern men; Emily is still aboard the submarine, along with her Captain and the British chief petty officer. They are all being sought most urgently by the Silent Order and the White Birds) $26.99
Law, Ingrid Savvy (Kids; 2009 Newbery Honor Book. Thirteen is when a Beaumont's savvy hits, and Mibs is eager to see what amazing power she gets. Just before the big day, Poppa is in an accident. Mibs is sure she'll get a savvy that will save him, so she heads for the hospital, sneaking a ride on a bus with her brother and the preacher's kids in tow. But Mibs finds that her savvy isn't what she expected - and neither are her companions) $7.99
Lee, Mike Nagash the Unbroken (Warhammer Time of Legends: Nagash #2: PBO; In his new lair on Cripple Peak, the powerful necromancer Nagash rebuilds his strength, finds new allies in the skaven, and discovers the dark and powerful warpstone) $8.99
Leigh, Lora Lion's Heat (Breeds: PBO; Rachel has little power over the mating heat of the Breeds - it is bad boy Jonas Wyatt's destiny to claim her) $7.99
Lenox, Kim Darker than Night (Shadow Guard #3: PBO; The Guard's only female member must face an ancient enemy with only a secretive Raven warrior to trust) $6.99
Levine, Gail Carson Ever (Kids; Kezi meets the god of the winds and of loneliness. Despite her doomed future, they fall in love. But to stay together, they must complete a series of seemingly impossible quests) $6.99
Lindskold, Jane Nine Gates (Dragon, Tiger, Snake, and Monkey are trapped on Earth unless the Orphans can build the Nine Gates. But first they must save the Four Guardians of the Land Between) $7.99
Lockwood, Cara Can't Teach an Old Demon New Tricks (Rachel discovers her missing husband Kevin is a demon with half the underworld after him; she teams up with a fallen angel to save herself and her son from the dark forces Kevin has unwittingly unleashed) $7.99
Lowachee, Karin The Gaslight Dogs (A young spirit walker of the Aniw must teach a reluctant Ciracusan soldier a forbidden talent - one that may turn the tide of the war and brand him an outcast) $7.99
Ma, Roger The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead (How to become an effective warrior in the inevitable battle against the undead, with detailed illustrations and firsthand accounts from zombie combat veterans) $14.00
Marco, John Starfinder (Skylords #1: Moth of Calico is obsessed with airships, and dreams of taking to the air one day. But not everyone is happy to see humans reach the skies) $7.99
Martinez, A. Lee Divine Misfortune (Teri and Phil had never needed their own personal god. But when Phil is passed up for a promotion - again - it's time to take matters into their own hands. And look online, where they find Luka, raccoon god of prosperity) $19.99
McAuley, Paul Gardens of the Sun (Sequel to The Quiet War . The Outers have fallen to the Three Powers Alliance and are being herded into prison camps; the Alliance is strained by vicious internal politics; in the outer reaches of the system, a group of refugees struggles to preserve the ideals of enlightenment, rational utopianism, and exploration) $16.00
McDonald, L.J. The Shattered Sylph (Sylph #2: PBO; After her abduction, Lizzy finds that the only hope for her and her fellow slaves is a wounded battle sylph who is forbidden to love her) $7.99
Mead, Richelle Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid #5: A shadowy force draws Georgina into the dream world, where she is captured by dream demons intent on sapping her power; only her ex Seth can find her and bring her back) $15.00
Monajem, Barbara Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil (PBO; A blood- and love-starved Louisiana vampire falls for a detective) $7.99
Monette, Sarah Corambis (Doctrine of Labyrinths #4: Rebels seek out the engine of Summerdown; once it is awakened, only a powerful wizard can control it. Felix and Mildmay arrive in Corambis just in time for their greatest challenge) $7.99
Moorcock, Michael The Mad God's Amulet (alternate title: Sorcerer's Amulet) (Hawkmoon #2: Reissue; With his boon companion Oladahn, Hawkmoon seeks out Soryandum, where the power to transcend the confines of time and space rests in an amulet around the neck of the Mad God - an amulet Hawkmoon needs save the city of Kamarang and free his friends from the Dark Empire's wrath) $13.99
Moore, Christopher Bite Me: A Love Story (Vampires #3: Shaved vampire cat Chet and his recently turned meowing minions are stalking the streets of San Francisco. To stop the ravenous pussycat - who is getting bigger and smarter, and starting to think and act human - Abby and Steve will need Jody and Tommy's help) $23.99
Murphy, C.E. Heart of Stone (Negotiator #1: When a gargoyle becomes a murder suspect, he needs lawyer Margrit Knight's help to find the real killer) $7.99
Murphy, C.E. House of Cards (Negotiator #2: Margrit Knight, New York City's only legal counsel to the fabled Old Races, is summoned to negotiate a peace treaty among rival factions in the underworld) $7.99
Murphy, C.E. Hands of Flame (Negotiator #3: New York City's most unusual lawyer is facing her toughest negotiation yet: war has erupted among the five Old Races, and Margrit is responsible for the death that caused it) $7.99
Niven, L/Pournelle, J Escape from Hell (Sequel to Inferno . Allan Carpenter returns to Hell to liberate those souls unfairly tortured and confined, and pairs with legendary poet Sylvia Plath to share his quest) $7.99
O'Shea, Patti In the Darkest Night (Magical Troubleshooters #4: PBO; When a demon tries to snatch her, Farran turns to magical troubleshooter Kel for help) $6.99
Pike, Aprilynne Wings (YA; Laurel discovers that she is a faerie, & finds herself torn between two loves - a human friend, and a faerie with whom she shares a mysterious connection) $8.99
Reeve, Philip Fever Crumb (Kids; The only female to serve in the order of Engineers, Fever Crumb must assist archaeologist Kit Solent on a top-secret project. Fever is plagued by memories that are not her own, and Kit seems to have a particular interest in finding out what they are) $17.99
Roddy, Dalia A Catch in Time (A global blackout occurs, rendering humanity unconscious for three minutes. They reawaken to a horrifically altered world) $7.95
Sanderson, Brandon Warbreaker (The story of two princesses, the God King one of them has to marry, the lesser god who doesn't like his job, and the immortal who's still trying to undo mistakes he made long ago) $7.99
Sawyer, Robert J. Wake (WWW #1: When Caitlin receives an implant to restore her sight, she sees the landscape of the World Wide Web instead. And discovers something lurking in the background) $7.99
Sawyer, Robert J. Watch (WWW #2: A secret US agency wants to purge the emerging consciousness known as Webmind from the internet; Caitlin Decter will do anything necessary to stop them) $24.95
Schweitzer, D (ed) Cthulhu's Reign (Anthology; original horror stories about the return of Cthulhu and the Old Ones) $7.99
Shepherd, Joel Petrodor (Trial of Blood & Steel #2: Sasha and her mentor attempt to navigate the political intrigues of the port city of Petrodor and find a way to stop the coming war between Lenayin and Bacosh) $16.00
Sinclair, Linnea Rebels and Lovers (Dock Five #4: PBO; To find his missing nephew, Devin Guthrie teams up with Captain Kaidee Griggs, who isn't the kind of woman a Guthrie is allowed to marry) $7.99
Sniegoski, Thomas E. Dancing on the Head of a Pin (Remy Chandler #2: Fallen angel Remy Chandler investigates the theft of a cache of ancient weaponry stolen from a collector who deals in antiquities of a dark and dubious nature) $6.99
Snyder, Maria V. Inside Out (YA; Trella's life is consumed by her job - testing, cleaning, and making sure the pipes in her world are working. She spends her free time exploring the forbidden Upper Levels. When a prophet arrives to promise a better life for her people, Trella finds herself in the middle of a rebellion) $9.99
Spinrad, Norman He Walked Among Us (Earth is in chaos, the biosphere devastated. A hack agent, a fading sf writer, and a guru-wannabe transform a foul-mouthed prophet into what the world really needs: a messenger sent from the future to save us from ourselves. Problem is, he truly believes he is a prophet) $27.99
Stone, Juliana His Darkest Hunger (A jaguar shifter and his ex-lover are on the run, with the ghosts of their past between them) $7.99
Strahan, Jonathan (ed) The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Vol. 4 (Anthology; 29 best stories of 2009) $19.95
Strand, Jeff Dweller (Toby, a lonely, unhappy teenager, makes friends with a creature in the woods. It will take care of the bullies who won't leave Toby alone. After all, the creature needs to eat) $7.99
Taylor, Terence Blood Pressure (Sequel to Bite Marks , set 20 years later) $14.99
Tchaikovsky, Adrian Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt #1: The city-states of the Lowlands have lived in peace for decades. Now, it falls to Stenwold Maker, spymaster, artificer, and statesman, to awaken them to the treat of the Wasp Empire) $16.00
Vaughan, Elizabeth Destiny's Star (Epic of Palins #3: PBO; A warrior and a storyteller are confronted with a civil war and a tribe of warriors with their own code of honor and their own rules of pleasure and partnership) $7.99
Walker, Saskia Rampant (Zoe's rented vacation cottage once belonged to a lusty 18th-century witch whose spirit is rumored to affect anyone who stays there) $13.95
Wells, Jaye The Mage in Black (Sabrina Kane #2: Sabina arrives in New York to meet her mage relatives - who seem to think she's some sort of Chosen one who will unite the dark races - and runs into trouble in the Black Light District) $7.99
Williams, Gayle Ann Tsunami Blue (PBO; With the US reduced to a chain of islands, Blue's power to predict killer waves makes her a target for pirates; her only shot at survival lies with the naked man who washed up on her beach) $6.99
Wintermute, Robert B. In the Teeth of Akoum (Magic the Gathering: Zendikar: PBO; Zendikar is a land of danger and adventure, of deadly risks and priceless rewards. It is also a prison to the dreaded Eldrazi, one of the most deadly species known to the Multiverse) $7.99
Wurts, Janny Traitor's Knot (Wars of Light & Shadow: Alliance of Light #4: The Koriani enchantresses are determined to make Arithon their pawn; a dark cabal plots to enslave Lysaer and use the Mistwraith's curse as their own private weapon) $8.99
Zou, Henry Flesh and Iron (Warhammer 40,000: Bastion Wars: Dispatched to retrieve a vital piece of weaponry, the 31st Riverine Imperial Guard discovers that an indigenous rebellion is concealing a much more sinister activity) $8.99


Armstrong, Kelley Tales of the Otherworld (Collection; re-edited versions of stories from her website plus one original) $25.00
Bell, Ted The Time Pirate (Nick McIver #2: Kids; Unwilling to let the Germans occupy his islands unopposed, Nick takes to the skies in a restored WWI fighter plane - until an evil pirate kidnaps Nick's sister and transports her to 1781 Port Royal) $17.99
Bova, Ben The Hittite (A Hittite soldier follows the slave traders who kidnapped his wife and sons across Greece to wartorn Troy, where he proves himself a warrior to rank with Hector and Achilles) $25.99
Brett, Peter V. The Desert Spear (The sun is setting on humanity. The demons are back, and the return of the Deliverer is just another myth - or is it? Out of the desert rides Ahmann Jardir, who has forged the desert tribes into a demon-killing army. He has proclaimed himself the Deliverer, and he carries ancient weapons that give credence to his claim. He has come north to bring the scattered city-states of the green lands together in a war against demonkind - whether they like it or not. But the northerners claim their own Deliverer - the Warded Man. He denies that he is the Deliverer, but his actions speak louder than words, for he teaches men and women to face their fears and stand fast against the creatures that have tormented them for centuries) $26.00
Card, Orson Scott Keeper of Dreams (Collection; sf and fantasy stories) $16.99
Castro, Adam-Troy Z Is for Zombie (A fully-illustrated A to Z guide to the pandemic) $14.99
Caveney, Philip Prince of Pirates (Sebastian Darke #2: YA; Sebastian Darke, his opinionated buffalope Max, and the fierce fighter Cornelius are ready to risk their lives in search of the fabled lost treasure of the Pirate King) $7.99
Doctorow, Cory Little Brother (YA; After a terrorist attack, 17-year-old Marcus and his friends are imprisoned by the Dept. of Homeland Security. When the DHS finally releases them, Marcus discovers that his city has become a police state where every citizen is treated like a potential terrorist. Which leaves him with only one option: to take down the DHS himself) $9.99
Duane, Diane A Wizard of Mars (Young Wizards #9: YA; Young wizards Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan are part of an elite team investigating the mysterious 'message in a bottle' that holds clues to the long-lost inhabitants of Mars. But not even wizardry is enough to cope with the strange events that unfold when the 'bottle' is uncorked and life emerges once more to shake the Red Planet with its own perilous and baffling brand of magic) $18.00
Esslemont, Ian C. Return of the Crimson Guard (Malazan Empire #2: With the Empire weakened by war, betrayals, and rivalries, the Empress faces increasing unrest. Into this seething cauldron march the mercenaries of the Crimson Guard. As the Guard prepares to wage war, Empress Laseen's generals and mages grow impatient with her mismanagement. Or is she using the uprisings to draw out and eliminate the last irksome survivors from the days of her predecessor?; hc also available $27.99) $17.99
Feist, Raymond E. Rides a Dread Legion (Demonwar Saga #1: A race of high elves whose world is being ravaged by the Demon King arrive in Midkemia; Pug and the Conclave regard them as potential allies - the demons are the real threat) $7.99
Flynn, Michael Up Jim River (Donovan's mind has been shattered by the rulers of the Confederacy, leaving seven quarreling personalities inside his skull. Mearana enlists his aid to search for her vanished mother; they follow her trail to the raw worlds of the frontier) $25.99
Groening, Matt Bart Simpson: Class Clown (Full color graphic novel) $15.99
Jones, J.V. Watcher of the Dead (Sword of Shadows #4: Amid the chaos of world-changing violence, an unwanted warrior, a forsaken woman of power, & the betrayed widow of a slain clan chief rise to claim what has been taken from them & to reshape the world) $27.99
Kratman, Tom The Lotus Eaters (Carrera #3: With neighboring states attacking, Carrera's adopted country is on the brink of reinstating a corrupt oligarchy. And, bearing a crushing burden of guilt, Carrera isn't the man he once was) $24.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, S Saltation (Liaden: Sequel to Fledgling . After a series of confrontations and fights at pilot school, Theo Waitley must decide between returning to Delgado in disgrace, or launching herself as a freelance pilot with little more than a hastily procured guild card, a pistol taken from an attacker, and the contents of her pockets) $24.00
Mantchev, Lisa Eyes Like Stars (Theatre Illuminata Act 1: YA; Welcome to the Theatre Illuminata, where the actors of every play ever written can be found behind the curtain, bound there by an ancient, magical book of scripts. Bertie is not one of them, but they are her family - and she is about to lose them all and the only home she has ever known) $8.99
Mearls/Heinsoo/Schwalb The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Explores the heavenly plane in greater detail, from the cavernous layers of Nine Hells to the dark dungeons of Tytherion) $29.95
Meyer, Stephenie The Host (The alien invaders take over human minds while leaving their bodies intact. Wanderer, the invader who has been given Melanie's body, didn't expect her to refuse to relinquish possession. As Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of her boyfriend Jared, Wanderer begins to yearn for a man she's never met) $16.99
Moody, David Hater (Haters #1: People are becoming suddenly violent, killing all who cross their paths. Danny McCoyne wants to protect his family, but when he bolts the doors, is he shutting the danger out, or locking it in?) $13.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Recovering Apollo 8 and Other Stories (Collection of sf stories) $24.95
Rutkoski, Marie The Celestial Globe (Kronos Chronicles #2: Kids; The hunt is on for the Celestial Globe, which Prince Rodolfo will do anything to own. When his monsters attack Petra, she is spirited away to London. As she struggles to escape, her friends Neel and Tomik sail the high seas in search of her) $16.99
Schreiber, Joe The Unholy Cause (Supernatural: PBO; Sam and Dean head down to Georgia to investigate when a Civil War re-enactment becomes all too real) $7.99
Snodgrass, Melinda The Edge of Ruin (Richard Oort #2: Cop Richard Oort is now head of Lumina Enterprises, a mysterious, globe-girdling operation that battles the nightmare creatures from the unseen worlds on the borders of our reality) $27.99
Tregillis, Ian Bitter Seeds (1939:The Nazis are running missions with people who have unnatural abilities, and British secret agent Raybould Marsh is the man who has to face them - with some help from the secret warlocks of Britain; signing at Uncle Hugo’s April 24) $25.99
Turtledove, Harry Give Me Back My Legions (A politician is given three legions and sent to subdue the German tribes; a German prince who has served in the Roman army must unite the tribes to stand against Rome) $14.99
Weber, David Storm from the Shadows (Honorverse #3: Rear Admiral Michelle Henke finds herself on a collision course with Manpower, an interstellar criminal syndicate that plans to eliminate Manticore as a possible threat to its slave trade) $8.99
Weber, David A Mighty Fortress (Safehold #4: Cayleb and Sharleyan have turned Charis into a place of refuge for all who treasure freedom, but their success may prove short-lived. The Church of God Awaiting has decreed their destruction, and a mighty fleet is rumbling down on Charis. Merlin Athrawes and a handful of extraordinary humans stand in its path; unabridged CDs $69.99) $27.99
Wilce, Ysabeau S. Flora's Dare (Flora Fyrdraaca #2: YA; 14-year old Flora Fyrdraaca fights a giant sea creature, rescues her best friend from a mass murderer, and more) $7.99
Wolfe, Gene The Best of Gene Wolfe (A retrospective collection of 31 stories, including many award winners) $17.99
Yolen, Jane/Cavallaro Foiled graphic novel (Kids; Graphic novel; Aliera is front and center at the fencing studio, but invisible at school. And she's fine with that, until Avery shows up. He seems perfect, but will he become her Prince Charming, or just a toad?) $15.99
Zelazny, Roger Creatures of Light and Darkness (Reissue; At the center of the ultimate battle between Osiris, master of life, and Anubis, master of death, is a man whose name has been take from him. He has been dead for 1000 years. Now, he will lead the legions of the dead at his master's command) $13.99


Abe, Shana The Treasure Keeper (Drakon #4: The drakon are being hunted; headstrong Zoe Lane must contend with those who hunt her, her growing powers, and her passion for young Lord Rhys) $7.99
Abnett, Dan Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero (2010: Queen Elizabeth XXX sits upon the throne of a British empire run by alchemy and superstition. Now Sir Rupert Triumff, dashing swordsman and champion drinker, has uncovered a vile plot to dethrone her glorious majesty) $7.99
Alcott/Messina Little Vampire Women (YA; The March sisters are back, sweeter and more loving than ever, but with much longer lives - and much more ravenous appetites) $8.99
Allston, Aaron Outcast (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #1: While Luke and Ben set off on a journey of discovery, the others deal with the aftermath of the civil war that rocked the galaxy) $7.99
Anderson, Kevin J. The Edge of the World (Terra Incognita #1: Two nations at war, fighting for dominion over both the known and the undiscovered world, pin their last hopes at ultimate victory on finding a land out of legend) $7.99
Anderson, M.T. The Game of Sunken Places (Kids; Staying at a distant relative's strange manse, Brian and Gregory stumble upon a board game that mirrors a greater game. Soon the boys are dealing with attitudinal trolls, warring kingdoms, and some very starchy britches) $6.99
Armstrong, Kelley The Reckoning (Darkest Powers #3: YA; Necromancer Chloe Saunders and her friends plan to rescue those they've left behind - and take out the Edison Group before it takes them out) $17.99
Arnason, Eleanor Mammoths of the Great Plains (An tale of modern-day mammoths, ranging from the Dakota Badlands, to Siberia, to one woman's attempt to harness DNA science to fulfill the ancient promises of her Lakota heritage. Plus essay 'Writing During World War Three') $12.00
Asimov, Isaac Pebble in the Sky (Empire #1: Reissue; One moment Joseph Schwartz is a retired tailor in 1949 Chicago. The next he's a helpless stranger on Earth during the heyday of the first Galactic Empire. And Earth is so poor that everyone is sentenced to death at the age of sixty. Joseph is sixty-two) $14.99
Austen/Grahame-Smith Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Black & white graphic novel. A variant edition of the Austen novel, featuring scenes of bone-crunching zombie mayhem, complete with romance, heartbreak, swordfights, cannibalism, and thousands of rotting corpses) $14.99
Bacigalupi, Paolo Ship Breaker (YA; Near a future shanty town on the Gulf Coast, where grounded tankers are disassembled for parts, a teenage boy finds a clipper ship that was beached by a recent hurricane, a beautiful and wealthy girl the only survivor. Should he strip the ship and live a life of relative wealth, or rescue the girl and hope she'll lead him to a better life?) $17.99
Bacon-Smith, Camille A Legacy of Daemons (Daemons, Inc. #3: Half-daemon Brad Davis and his daemon lord partners Brad and Lily find that their latest case involves armies of daemons, and wealthy mortals who have delved far too deeply into the dark arts) $7.99
Basye, Dale E. Rapacia: The Second Circle of Heck (Kids; Marlo is sent to Rapacia, where greedy kids are tormented by glimpses of an out-of-reach shopper's paradise. Meanwhile, back on the Surface, Milton is determined to find a way to help Marlo escape from Heck) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Ark (The discovery of a life-sustaining planet means a chosen few can leave the soon-to-be-submerged Earth. Holle is a candidate, but she comes to realize that her attempt at escape may be more dangerous than trying to stay afloat on a drowning planet) $24.95
Baxter, Stephen Flood (The world has been transformed by water; it's still rising, entire countries are disappearing, and high ground is a precious commodity) $7.99
Benedict, Lyn Ghosts & Echoes (Shadows Inquiries #2: PBO; Chicago cop Adam Wright has picked up a ghostly hitchhiker, and turns to supernatural PI Sylvie Lightner to rid him of the spirit - a spirit she finds strangely familiar) $7.99
Beukes, Lauren Moxyland (In a world where your online identity is at least as important as your physical one, getting disconnected is a punishment worse than imprisonment - but someone's got to stand up to Government Inc) $7.99
Black, Holly White Cat (Curse Workers #1: YA; Cassel's brothers are keeping secrets from him, caught up in a mysterious plot. As Cassel begins to suspect he's part of a huge con game, he also wonders if his friend Lila could still be alive. To find that out, Cassel will have to out-con the conmen) $17.99
Bledsoe, Alex Blood Groove (Rudolfo Zginski #1: After being staked, vampire Rudolfo Zginski reawakens in 1975 Memphis, TN, where there's a new drug on the steet, created to target and destroy vampires) $6.99
Brennan, Sarah Rees The Demon's Lexicon (YA; Nick must find a way to save his brother Alan from the demon's mark that means certain death) $9.99
Butcher, Shannon K. Running Scared (Sentinel Wars #3: PBO; Lexi has been running for months from Zach, a Sentinel who is determined to convince her that their destinies are entwined) $7.99
Byers, Richard Lee The Captive Flame (Forgotten Realms: Brotherhood of the Griffon #1: Aoth and his mercenary band are hired to stop a series of ritualistic killings; Aoth can't shake the feeling that there's more to the murders than meets the eye) $7.99
Byrd, Rhyannon Touch of Surrender (Primal Instinct #5: PBO; To find his brother, a wolf-shifter and his long-ago lover must team up to track a vampire) $7.99
Caine, Rachel Kiss of Death (Morganville Vampires #8: PBO; YA; A big-time producer wants vampire musician Michael Glass to cut a demo and play some gigs - which means Michael will have to enter the human world) $6.99
Campbell, Jack Victorious (Lost Fleet #6: PBO; Promoted to admiral, Captain Geary can now negotiate with the Syndics, who may finally be willing to end the war. But an even greater alien threat lurks on the far side of Syndic space) $7.99
Castle, Jayne Orchid (St. Helen's #3: Reissue; On the colony planet of St. Helen's, a psychic who's working on a baffling murder case falls for her new client) $7.99
Chan, Kylie White Tiger (Dark Heavens #1: Emma went to Hong Kong to become a nanny. When she falls in love with her employer, she discovers that all the gods, demons, and dragons in hell want him dead. And Emma may be the only one who can save him) $7.99
Chateaureynaud, G A Life on Paper: Stories (Now available in English for the first time, a collection of stories by 'France's own Kurt Vonnegut') $22.00
Cherryh, C.J. Conspirator (Foreigner #10: Cajeiri, the first ateva youth to have lived in a human environment, has become a target for forces bent on destroying his father's rule) $7.99
Cherryh, C.J. Deceiver (Foreigner #11: The atevi civil war has ended. Tabini-aiji and his heir Cajeiri have returned to the seat of their power. But opposition factions are still present, and the danger these rebels pose is far from over) $25.95
Creasy, Sara Song of Scarabaeus (Edie's mission is to terraform alien worlds while her masters bleed the Fringe populations dry. When mercenaries kidnap her, she's not sure it's a bad thing - until they leash her to a bodyguard. If she doesn't cooperate, the pirates will kill them both. But Edie's abilities far surpass anything her enemies imagine. And now, with her bodyguard as her only ally, she'll have to prove it, or die on the site of her only failure) $7.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unwelcome (Betsy Taylor #8: Taking her werewolf friend's body to Cape Cod, Betsy isn't sure if the Wyndham werewolves will welcome her. Meanwhile, in St. Paul, her half-sister's behavior is becoming more erratic) $7.99
Davis, James P. Circle of Skulls (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep: PBO; Jinn is an angel trapped in mortal flesh, sent down from the heavens to fight, die, and be reincarnated. Now he lives only to wreak vengeance on the dark angel who killed his lover) $7.99
Delaney, Joseph The Spook's Tale and Other Horrors (Last Apprentice: Kids; The story of the Spook's apprenticeship, how Alice overcame her dark past, what Grimalkin did to become the deadliest and most feared witch in the county, and more) $5.99
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron Hellsreach (Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Battles #2: Chaplain Grimaldus and a band of Black Templars face a desperate last stand to defend the Hive Helsreach from ork invaders) $11.99
Devoti, Lori Amazon Queen (PBO; Everything the Amazons have believed for millennia is called into question when they learn that the abandoned sons of the Amazons are still alive and have the same powers as the females) $7.99
Dunn, Christian (editor) Legends of the Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000: Anthology) $8.99
Evans, Anna J. Shadow Marked (Demon Bound #2: A seer, her powers heightened by a wild sexual encounter, has a premonition that a demon from her past is about to kill her lover) $15.00
Fallon, Jennifer The Gods of Amyrantha (Tide Lords #2: The Tide Lords stand poised to wreak havoc on all that humans hold dear. Cayal will have to decide if he is willing to risk his fellow immortals' wrath in order to save the world) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Wild Fire (Leopard People #3: PBO; A leopard shifter carries the sins of past betrayals. His mate has never forgiven him - or forgotten him) $7.99
Frei, Max The Stranger (Labyrinths of Echo #1: Max Frei contacts a parallel world in his dreams, and becomes a member of the Department of Absolute Order, solving cases that take him down the winding paths of this strange universe) $15.95
Gaiman, N/Vess, C Instructions (Kids; Picture book; full color illustrations. Advice both practical and whimsical on how to navigate a fairy-tale landscape safely) $14.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Hard Magic (Paranormal Scene Investigations #1: Unemployed magic user Bonnie Torres is recruited for a new career in forensic magic. First case: prove that the deaths of two Talents were murder, not suicide) $14.95
Granger, Jess Beyond the Shadows (Commander Yara must return home quickly to prevent a war, but the only spaceship available belongs to a rebel trader, who awakens the vibrant woman beneath her icy exterior) $15.00
Grant, Mira Feed: The Truth Will Set You Free (Newsflesh #1: Cancer and the common cold were cured, but in the process a terrible new infection was created, taking over bodies and minds with the unstoppable command to feed. 20 years later, Georgia and Shaun are on the trail of their biggest story - the conspiracy behind the infection) $9.99
Grant, Susan The Star King (Reissue; A beautiful fighter pilot is shot down over Saudi Arabia, and ends up in the arms of the king of a distant galaxy) $4.99
Grant, Susan The Star Prince (Reissue; A princess flees her royal responsibility to wed, and ends up piloting the starcraft of the handsome stepson of the King of the Galaxy) $4.99
Grant, Susan The Star Princess (Reissue; Ilana decides to show an intergalactic prince a little Earth hospitality; he teaches her heart to soar) $4.99
Grossman, Lev The Magicians (Still preoccupied with fantasy novels he read as a child, set in the land of Fillory, a young magician discovers Fillory is real - and darker and more dangerous than he imagined) $16.00
Haines, Jess Hunted by the Others (A high-level mage hires PI Shiarra Waynest to recover an ancient artifact owned by one of New York's most powerful vampires; she brings her werewolf ex-boyfriend for backup) $6.99
Hallaway, Tate (aka Morehouse, Lyda) Honeymoon of the Dead (Garnet Lacey #5: Thanks to a vengeful frost demon, Garnet and Sebastian are stuck in Minneapolis instead of enjoying a gothic honeymoon in Transylvania. And with gods and goddesses running amok all over town, Garnet can't seem to find much quality time for her vampire hubby; Signing at Uncle Hugo’s May 8) $14.00
Handeland, Lori Chaos Bites (Phoenix Chronicles #4: PBO; When her dead lover Sawyer invades her dreams, Liz acquires new powers, and a special gift in the form of Sawyer's baby) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead in the Family (Southern Vampire #10: As the political implications of the Shifters coming out are beginning to be felt, Sookie's connection to the Shreveport pack draws her into the debate. Worse yet, though the door to Faery has been closed, there are still some Fae on the human side - and one of them is very angry at Sookie) $25.95
Harrison, Kim Once Dead, Twice Shy (Madison #1: YA; Targeted by a dark reaper at her prom, Madison grabbed his amulet and got away. Now she's dead, but stuck on earth) $8.99
Harvey, Colin Winter Song (After crashing on a forgotten planet, scientist Karl Allman finds himself hunted by the descendants of a Viking race who have reverted to savagery. Escape is a distant dream on this nightmare planet) $7.99
Heinlein, Robert A. Rolling Stones (alternate title: Tramp Space Ship) (alternate title: Space Family Stone) (Reissue; Deciding that life on the Lunar colony is too dull, the Stone family buy a spaceship and go into business for themselves; rollicking adventures ensue) $7.99
Hieber, Leanna Renee The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker (Percy Parker #2: PBO; Percy learns that her destiny is to defend both the world and her true love from the gathering undead minions of Darkness) $6.99
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Fall of Light (LaZelle Family #2: Magician Opal LaZelle realizes that actor Corvus Weather has been possessed by something sinister tied to the town's past - does she have enough power to save the man she's fallen in love with?) $7.99
James, Allyson Stormwalker (PBO; A stormwalker wields raw elemental power that threatens to overwhelm her; only her lover can calm the storm within her) $7.99
Jansson, Tove Comet in Moominland (Moomins #1: Reissue; Kids; When young Moomintroll learns that a comet will be passing by, he and his friend Sniff travel to the Observatory, where they learn that the comet is headed straight for Moominvalley) $6.99
Jansson, Tove Finn Family Moomintroll (Moomins #2: Reissue; Kids; Moomintroll, Snufkin, and Sniff find the Hobgoblin's top hat, all shiny and just waiting to be taken home. But it's no ordinary hat; it can turn anything - or anyone - into something else!) $6.99
Jansson, Tove Mominpappa's Memoirs (alt title: The Exploits of Moominpappa) (Moomins #3: Reissue; Kids; Moominpappa tells Moomintroll and his friends the tale of his early life, full of adventure and intrigue, and his momentous meetings with the Joxter, the Muddler, and, of course, Moominmamma) $6.99
Jansson, Tove Moominsummer Madness (Moomins #4: Reissue; Kids; When a flood sweeps through the valley, the Moomins must find a new house. Luckily, one just happens to be floating by. It looks normal enough - but then Moomintroll and the Snork Maiden disappear) $6.99
Johnson, Jean The Storm (Sons of Destiny #6: The tormented sixth-born son must find a way to trust his Destined bride, a woman who possesses her own secret power) $7.99
Jones, J/Bennett, D Shadow Magic (Volstov & Ke-Han #2: The metallic dragons of Volstov have defeated their Ke-Han neighbors; now the two cultures must establish diplomatic relations and a viable succession plan) $7.99
Kadrey, Richard Sandman Slim (A young magician, demon-snatched and sent to hell to be a gladiator, escapes after eleven years and returns to LA, determined to take vengeance on the magicians that stole his life) $7.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel Under Heaven (Shen Tai has spent two years honoring his father's memory by burying the bones of the dead at the site of one of his father's last battles. In recognition of his labors, an unlikely source is giving him two hundred fifty Sardian horses. You give a man one Sardian horse to reward him greatly. You give him four or five to exalt him above his fellows - possibly arousing deadly jealousy. Wisely, the gift requires that Tai claim the horses in person, or he would probably be dead already) $26.95
Kenyon, Nate Sparrow Rock (Six high school students have survived nuclear war in a high-tech bomb shelter, but they're not alone. Mutated insects are hungry - and the humans are the only prey) $7.99
Klimo, Kate The Dragon in the Driveway (Dragon Keepers #2: Kids; Jesse and Daisy must stop the villainous Dr. St. George from taking over the forest and enslaving the mythical beings that are returning to Goldmine City) $6.99
Kollin, Dani / Kollin, Eytan The Unincorporated Man (Justin Cord #1: After a complete economic collapse, every individual is incorporated at birth, and must spend years trying to acquire a majority holding to attain control of his or her own life) $14.99
Kurland, Lynn One Enchanted Evening (The magic in a castle's hallways arranges a meeting between a modern-day costume designer and a knight from long ago) $7.99
Lasky, K/Huang, K Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole (Ga'Hoole: Kids; Otulissa tells never-before-known tales, with new lore about the owls, dire wolves, and other creatures of Ga'Hoole) $5.99
Laurey, Rosemary Kiss Me Forever (Reissue; A librarian loses her heart to a 400-year-old vampire who claims to be Christopher Marlowe) $6.99
Lindskold, Jane Five Odd Honors (Breaking the Wall #3: The Orphans and their allies open the ninth gate, and find the Lands altered almost beyond recognition, with the Center of the world sealed behind nearly impassable barriers. When a scouting party is captured, Brenda Morris, accompanied by the Sidhe, risks her life to help rescue them) $27.99
Lubar, David Goop Soop (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie #3: Kids; Nathan and his friends investigate when globs of goop start oozing from every faucet in town) $5.99
MacAlister, Katie Love in the Time of Dragons (Light Dragons #1: PBO; Tully is just like any other suburban mom - except she just woke up in a strange place, surrounded by people who insist they're dragons - and that she's one too) $7.99
Madison, Tracy A Breath of Magic (PBO; A young Midwestern store owner learns she's related to a line of witches whose magic will help locate her soul mate) $6.99
Mak/Choi (eds) The Dragon and the Stars (PBO; Anthology; original sf stories inspired by Chinese culture) $7.99
Mann, George Ghosts of Manhattan (New York City, 1926: America is in the midst of a Cold War with the British Empire. A hero known as The Ghost traces a series of murders to a gangster known as The Roman, and uncovers a plan to bring an ancient pagan god into the world) $16.00
Mann, George The Affinity Bridge (Newbury & Hobbes Investigations #1: Queen Victoria's agents investigate a crashed airship and its missing automaton pilot, while attempting to solve a string of strangulations and deal with a zombie plague) $13.99
McCleave, Annette Bound by Darkness (Soul Gatherer #2: PBO; Bound together by burning desire and a similar darkness in their hearts, two Soul Gatherers race to retrieve ancient coins that could destroy civilization) $7.99
McDonald, Ian Ares Express (On a terraformed Mars where AIs reconfigure reality billions of times each second, one young woman becomes the person upon whom the future - or futures - of Mars depends) $16.00
McLeod, Suzanne The Sweet Scent of Blood (Spellcrackers #1: Genevieve Taylor is a Sidhe, and she's unusual, even in a London where celebrity vampires, eccentric goblins, and scheming fae mix freely with humanity. And she's about to learn that some magic isn't all it's cracked up to be) $7.99
Mieville, China The City & the City (When the body of a murdered woman is found in the city of Beszel, the case leads Inspector Borlu across a border like no other, through a shift in perception, to the city of Ul Qoma) $15.00
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Haze (What lies beneath the millions of orbiting nanotech satellites that shroud the world of Haze? Major Roget's mission is to find out, and report back to his superiors in the Federation) $7.99
Monk, Devon Magic on the Storm (Allie Beckstrom #4: PBO; An apocalyptic storm is bearing down on Portland that will turn all magic in the area unstable and destructive; Allie and Zayvion must work with the Authority to stand against it) $7.99
Montgomerie, Pamela Amethyst Destiny (Jewels of Time #2: PBO; An amethyst sends a woman back in time to 17th-century Scotland, where a charming rogue known as The Wizard awaits) $7.99
Naughton, Elisabeth Marked (Eternal Guardians #1: PBO; To stave off a war with the Underworld, Theron must find the woman who fulfills a prophecy. But how can he turn her over for sacrifice when he's lost his heart to her?) $7.99
Neumeier, Rachel Lord of the Changing Winds (Griffin Mage #1: Kes is content with her path - to be herb-woman and healer for her village, never quite fitting in - until the day the griffins come down from the mountains looking for a healer. But they need a healer who's not quite human . . . or a healer who can be made into something not quite human) $7.99
Newton, Michael (ed) The Haunted and the Haunters: From Elisabeth Gaskell to Ambrose Bierce (Anthology; the finest ghost stories from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, with stories from America, Ireland, and England) $15.00
Paolini, Christopher Brisingr (Inheritance #3: YA; Eragon finds himself bound by a tangle of promises he may not be able to keep, to his cousin Roran, to the Varden, to the elves and dwarves. When danger strikes from every corner, he makes choices that take him across the Empire and beyond) $14.99
Pelegrimas, Marcus Teeth of Beasts (Skinners #3: When a den of werewolves is found underground in the subways, Cole and Paige discover the creatures are suffering from a deadly plague that threatens humanity) $7.99
Pinkwater, Daniel The Yggyssey: How Iggy Wondered What Happened to All the Ghosts, Found Out Where They Went, and Went There (Kids; Sequel to The Neddiad . Yggdrasil Birnbaum and her friends Seamus and Neddie journey to another plane of existence to learn why the ghosts of L.A. are disappearing) $6.99
Pitts, J.A. Black Blade Blues (Sarah Beauhall #1: When the lead actor in a low-budget movie breaks Sarah's favorite sword, one of the extras, who claims to be a dwarf, offers to help repair the blade. And that's when things start to get weird. Could the sword really be magic? Are dragons really living among us as shapeshifters?) $15.99
Prineas, Sarah Lost (Magic Thief #2: Kids; Wizard-in-training Conn's search for a way to communicate with the magic his city needs to survive leads him to the desert city of Desh and a showdown with its sorcerer king) $6.99
Quinn, Erin Haunting Warrior (Rory has turned his back on his family's magical heritage, until dreams of an ethereal beauty draw him home, and plunge him back in time) $15.00
Rankin, Robert Retromancer (History has gone askew, and it's up to the one and only Hugo Rune to face down aliens and monsters galore in order to put everything back in its right place) $24.95
Remic, Andy Kell's Legend (When Falanor is invaded, a small band of heroes fight their way south to warn the king. Along the way they must battle the monstrous Harvesters, who drain blood from their victims to feed their masters) $7.99
Resnick, Laura The Purifying Fire (Magic the Gathering: Planeswalker: Young fire mage Chandra Nalaar draws the attention of an ancient faith that sees her as a herald of the apocalypse. Will she control her own destiny, or suffer the will of others?) $7.99
Rowen, Michelle The Demon in Me (Living in Eden #1: A sexy demon who seeks freedom from a 300-year-old curse meets a woman whose psychic energy helps him take form during daylight) $7.99
Salvatore, Chris Necking (Gia Felice, premier publicist to the underworld, battles her attraction to a sexy vampire while trying to keep an evil Master Vampire from stealing her Rolodex) $7.99
Sanders, Rob Redemption Corps (Warhammer 40,000: Imperial Guard: Captain Mortensen and the Redemption Corps are caught between an ork invasion and the fury of the fanatical Battle Sisters) $8.99
Scott, Michael The Sorceress (Nicholas Flamel #3: YA; If he hopes to defeat Dee, Nicholas must find an Elder who can teach Josh and Sophie Water Magic. The problem? The only one who can do that is Gilgamesh, and he is quite, quite insane) $9.99
Shearin, Lisa Bewitched & Betrayed (Raine Benares #4: PBO; Raine finds lost things and missing people - usually alive. But now she's been bonded with a soul-stealing stone, and must hunt down its escapees. Especially since one of them is also hunting her) $7.99
Showalter, Gena Into the Dark (PBO; Collection; 3 paranormal romance novellas) $7.99
Sinclair, Alison Darkborn (For the Darkborn, sunlight kills. For the Lightborn, darkness is fatal. They never interact, until a Darkborn physician is saved by his Lightborn neighbor - and drawn into political intrigue) $6.99
Skipp, J/Spector, C The Bridge (Reissue; For many years we've been tossing our toxic waste over our shoulders. This morning, something virulent woke up. It's in our food, our water, our air, our bodies. And it's not leaving) $7.99
Spoor, Ryk E. Grand Central Arena (PBO; A spaceship's crew is trapped in an alien arena, where failure to overcome challenges from other factions could mean death or worse - perhaps for the entire human race) $7.99
Stern, David To Thine Own Self (Star Trek: PBO; When the Orion syndicate hold his ship's doctor for ransom, Captain Pike must discover why they no longer fear Starfleet) $7.99
Stevens, Gabi The Wish List (PBO; Fairy godmother in training Kristin must deal with a reluctant arbiter, a selfish sprite, and a suave French sorcerer) $6.99
Stirling, S.M. A Taint in the Blood (Shadowspawn #1: Eons ago, Homo Lupens ruled the earth. They still exist, though not as purebreds. Adrian is one, but he rebelled against his own kind, choosing to live as an ordinary man. Now, to save humanity, he must battle the dark forces of the world - including those in his own blood) $25.95
Tate, Benjamin Well of Sorrows (Colin and his parents fled across the ocean to escape the Family wars. But trouble followed them, and only Colin survived - to find his way to a destiny that might bring peace to the troubled land) $16.00
Tchaikovsky, Adrian Dragonfly Falling (Shadows of the Apt #2: Tark is besieged by the Wasp army; the young emperor is captivated by a vampiric slave who claims to know magic that can grant eternal life; Stenwold struggles to convince the Collegium magnates of the Wasp threat) $16.00
Ward, Dayton Counterstrike (Last World War #2: : PBO; Having forged a tenuous alliance with the Plysserians, Earth's combined military force prepares a counteroffensive against the Chodrecai) $7.99
Warren, Karen Slights (Stevie has a near-death experience, and finds herself in a room full of people who all scratch and tear at her. But she finds herself drawn to this place, determined to unlock its secrets. Which means she has to die, again and again. And she starts to wonder whether other people see the same room . . . when they die) $7.99
Webb, Holly RabbitMagic (Grace's Pet Shop #4: Kids; An unhappy rabbit at Netherbridge's other pet shop seems to have budding magical abilities, but can't possibly express them in his tiny, dingy cage. Lottie is determined to rescue him) $5.99
Weis, M/Hickman, T Dragons of the Hourglass Mage (Dragonlance: Lost Chronicles #3: What power made Raistlin the Master of the Past and Present and allowed him into the Tower of High Sorcery - and a place in history as he pursued a place in the cosmos as a god?) $7.99
Werner, C.L. Brunner the Bounty Hunter: Blood & Steel / Blood Money / Blood of the Dragon (Warhammer: Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 3 novels plus a new short story) $13.99
Wilkins, Kim The Veil of Gold (Searching for her missing love Daniel in the unknowable, impenetrable Russian forest, Rosa meets an enigmatic wanderer who is full of tales and riddles of times past. Who may hold the key to Rosa and Daniel's future - or the destruction of their world) $7.99
Wrede, Patricia C. Thirteenth Child (Kids; Eff, a thirteenth child, must get over believing that she's bad luck; trained in magic and the twin of the seventh son of a seventh son, she has extraordinary power to combat the creatures that threaten the western frontier) $8.99


Anderson, J/Sebanc, M The Darkling Fields of Arvon (Legacy of the Stone Harp #2: Captured by the enemy, High Bard Kal Wright must escape and claim a legendary golden harp if he hopes to stem the tide of Chaos) $14.99
Anthony, Joelle Restoring Harmony (YA; 2041: In a world made dangerous by global economic collapse, sixteen-year-old Molly must trek from an isolated Canadian farm to Portland to rescue her grandparents) $17.99
Anthony, Piers Climate of Change (Geodyssey #5: Keeper knows the ways of nature; Rebel is a headstrong girl; Craft is a cunning inventor; Crenelle uses her seductive charms to defend her people. Through their eyes, we see how crucial moments in human history are driven by natural forces) $27.99
Archer, Alex The Bone Conjurer (Rogue Angel #24: PBO; Archaeologist Annja Creed must protect the Skull of Sidon, a Templar artifact whose power bends the true nature of its owner) $6.99
Beckett, Bernard Genesis (In a post-apocalyptic future, a young woman takes an exam to enter The Academy; she must confront the Republic's last great secret, her own surprising link to a long-dead philosopher-soldier, and the horrifying truth about her world) $10.95
Canavan, Trudi The Ambassador's Mission (Traitor Spy #1: When the Magician's Guild Ambassadors, including Sonea's son Lorkin, arrive in Sachaka, one of the infamous Traitor Spies warns Lorkin of danger and plots to help him escape the city. Meanwhile, Sonea deals with a war brewing at home) $25.99
Crowley, John Four Freedoms (In the early years of the 1940s, the Van Damme airplane factory draws laborers - some men, but mostly women - eager to earn, to grow, to do their part) $15.99
Doctorow, Cory For the Win (YA; In electronic sweatshops, countless 'gold farmers', trapped by abusive contracts and physical threats, harvest virtual treasure for their employers to sell to First World gamers willing to spend real money to skip straight to higher-level gameplay. A mysterious woman called Big Sister Nor will use her experience, knowledge of history, and connections to real-world organizers to build group of young people into a movement that can challenge the status quo) $17.99
Drake, David The Legions of Fire (Carce #1: Far in the north, magicians intend to open a gateway to creatures that will destroy all life. In the center of civilization, two men and two women separately pursue the answer to mysterious happenings, through magical voyages in other realities where fantastic creatures and even gods help or hinder them) $25.99
Flanagan, John The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger's Apprentice #6: Kids; Will must recruit a motley crew to rescue Alyss and reclaim Castle Macindaw from the traitorous Sir Keren and his band of criminals) $7.99
Flanagan, John The Kings of Clonmel (Ranger's Apprentice #8: Kids; People flock to neighboring Clonmel when a cult there promises to quell attacks by marauders. But Halt is all too familiar with this group, which has a less than charitable agenda) $17.99
Hand, Elizabeth Illyria (YA; Winner of the 2008 World Fantasy Award for Best Novella. Madeleine and Rogan are first cousins, best friends, twinned souls, each other's first love. Their passion for theater makes them a little dangerous. When they are cast in their school's production of Twelfth Night , they are forced to face their separate talents and futures, and their future together) $15.99
Harland, Richard Worldshaker (YA; Col understands how society works: the elite families enjoy comfort on the Upper Decks, and the Filthies toil Below Decks. Filthies are like animals, unable to understand language or think for themselves. Or so Col thinks, until he meets Riff, a clever, quick Filthy girl. If she's telling the truth, then everything Col has been told is a lie) $16.99
Hobb, Robin Dragon Haven (Rain Wilds #2: As the dragons, their human keepers, and their supply barge forge their way deeper into uncharted wilderness, human and beast alike discover they are changing in mysterious and dangerous ways. Starvation, flash floods, and predators will threaten them, but they soon learn that the most savage threats to survival come from within their own company; Signing at Uncle Hugo’s May 22) $26.99
Hogan, James P. Migration (As centuries pass on a generation starship bound for a new world, the old patterns that the builders had hoped to get away from begin to reappear) $23.00
Johnson, Alaya Moonshine (NYC, 1920s: An activist who teaches night school on the Lower East Side agrees to use her cover as a charity worker to help bring down a notorious vampire mob boss) $14.99
Kollin, Dani & Eytan The Unincorporated War (Justin Cord #2: It's interplanetary war as the corporate powers that be try to destroy Justin Cord and regain hegemony over the outer planets) $25.99
Kyogoku, Natsuhiko Loups-Garous (In a society where the surveillance state is all powerful and almost all interaction is online, three schoolgirls try to find a serial killer who might just be a werewolf) $16.99
Lackey/Flint/Freer Much Fall of Blood (Heirs of Alexandria #3: A civil war forces Prince Manfred and his bodyguard Erik into an alliance with the Mongols and Valahia. Plus there's a captive prince named Vlad and wolf-like nonhumans disguised as gypsies) $27.00
Laurie, Victoria Oracles of Delphi Keep (Kids; A scroll found in a silver treasure box sends Ian and Theodosia Wigby, along with a very special group of friends, on a quest on which the fate of the world depends) $7.99
Mebus, Scott Spirits in the Park (Rory Hennessy #2: Kids; Manhattan is attempting to shake off the Trap around Central Park, and only Rory has the power to open it before even greater catastrophe strikes. But centuries-old wounds must be healed before Rory turns the key) $8.99
Niven, L/Barnes, S Dream Park (Dream Park #1: Reissue; At Dream Park, a fantasy theme park with the latest in VR technology, it's all fun and games until a park security guard is murdered and a valuable research property is stolen) $14.99
Ogawa, Issui The Next Continent (2025: The chairman of a leisure conglomerate wants to build a moon base fit for civilian use, and sends his granddaughter to be his eyes and ears on the project; on the moon she finds adventure, trouble, and romance) $16.99
Ringo, J/Thomsen, B (ed) Citizens (Anthology, some reprints, some originals; military sf written by military veterans) $16.00
van Eekhout, Greg Kid vs. Squid (Kids; When a mysterious girl steals an artifact from his uncle's seaside Museum of Curiosities, Thatcher follows her, and learns that she is a princess of Atlantis. Cursed by an evil witch, her people drift at sea all winter, and wash up on shore each summer to an even more terrible fate: working the midway games and food stands on the boardwalk. Can Thatcher help save them before he, too, succumbs to the witch's curse?) $16.99

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