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Newsletter #89 March May, 2010



The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of All Time (Black & white illustrations throughout. A superficial look at fifty baffling cases, from how Edgar Allan Poe died, to Natalee Holloway's fate) $29.95
Allingham, Margery Flowers for the Judge (Albert Campion #7: Reissue; The Barnabas publishing dynasty hires Campion to investigate when a cousin is found dead in a locked basement and the police suspect another family member) $14.95
Allingham, Margery Dancers in Mourning (Albert Campion #8: Reissue; When someone takes to playing increasingly nasty pranks on London's favorite song-and-dance man, Campion agrees to investigate) $14.95
Allingham, Margery Traitor's Purse (Albert Campion #11: Reissue; WWII England: After losing his memory in an apparent accident, Campion struggles to complete a vital mission - which has something to do with the number 15, and also with the town of Bridge, which he dimly recalls is run by an ancient, hereditary, and extremely secretive sect) $14.95
Allingham, Margery Pearls Before Swine (alternate title: Coroner's Pigeon) (Albert Campion #12: Reissue; Near the end of WWII, Campion returns home on leave, planning to join his wife and child in the country; unfortunately, he discovers a dead girl in his empty flat) $14.95
Allingham, Margery More Work for the Undertaker (Albert Campion #13: Reissue; In post-WWII London, Campion takes lodgings in Apron Lane in an effort to identify the source of the omnipresent violence there and, incidentally, lend a hand with the Palinode family's beloved crossword puzzles) $14.95
Alvtegen, Karin Shame (Two very different women, Monika and Maj-Britt have one thing in common. Both are tormented by memories that only the most excruciating vigilance can suppress. And when chance brings the women together, the memories cannot be contained) $14.95
Aubert, Rosemary Free Reign (Ellis Portal #1: Reissue; Once a lawyer at the top of Toronto society, Ellis has fallen hard. Homeless, cut off from his family, he has almost forgotten his past - until the day he discovers a dead body wearing an unmistakable signet ring. And, against his will, Ellis begins to remember) $14.95
Baantjer, A.C. DeKok and the Dead Lovers (Inspector DeKok and his partner Vledder are ordered to protect an Amsterdam art exhibit. While they are called away to a nearby building where a young man is chained to some pipes, a priceless silver jug is stolen) $14.00
Banks, Ray No More Heroes (Cal Innes #3: PI Cal Innes has taken a job evicting families on behalf of local slumlord Donald Plummer. When one of Plummer's properties is fire-bombed, he hires Innes to track down the arsonists) $26.00
Barr, Nevada 13-1/2 (Divorced with two daughters, Polly Farmer falls in love with Marshall Marchand, then learns he is really Dylan Raines, incarcerated 25 years ago at the age 11 for the axe-murder of his parents) $25.95
Berkeley, Anthony The Poisoned Chocolates Case (Roger Sheringham: Reissue; A classic Golden Age puzzle mystery; the society intellectuals of the Crime Circle set out to solve the mystery of who poisoned the disreputable Sir Eustace) $14.95
Bidulka, Anthony Aloha Candy Hearts (Russell Quant #6: The parking lot murder of a passing acquaintance draws gay PI Russell Quant to a poem that just might be a treasure map. But is it treasure or extortion that he's trailing?) $15.95
Black, Cara Murder in the Latin Quarter (Aimee Leduc #9: A Haitian woman arrives in Paris, claiming to be Aimee's illegitimate sister. Aimee embraces her, then finds herself involved in murky Haitian politics that lead to murder) $14.00
Black, Cara Murder in the Palais Royal (Aimee Leduc #10: Aimee's partner has been shot, and eyewitnesses have identified her as the culprit. A mysterious deposit has been made to their firm's bank account. Two murders ensue. And somehow it's all connected to a youth Aimee sent to jail years ago) $25.00
Blossom et al (eds) Richmond Noir (Anthology; 12 original stories set in Richmond, Virginia) $15.95
Bradley, Alan The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce #1: In the summer of 1950, murder comes to 11-year-old Flavia's English home. It's tied to a death 30 years before, and the investigation will lead Flavia all the way to the King of England; Dilys Award finalist) $15.00
Brewer, Gil Flight to Darkness (Reissue; After several months in a psych ward, a Korean War veteran is fingered for a brutal murder that he doesn't remember. Is he a delusional killer - or has he been set up?) $13.95
Brown, D/Weber, J-ed An Illustrated Guide to The Lost Symbol (An unauthorized companion to the novel, revealing the connection between the Freemasons and our nation's capitol. Color and black & white illustrations throughout) $19.99
Campbell, Duncan If It Bleeds (Reporter Laurie Lane reluctantly agrees to ghost-write an old-school London mobster's tell-all book. When the mobster is found dead, Laurie hopes he's off the hook - but the mob's younger generation is about to make him an offer he can't refuse) $14.95
Castle, Richard Heat Wave (NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat investigates the death of a real estate tycoon, accompanied by wise-cracking journalist Jameson Rook, who's doing a ride-along for research purposes) $19.99
Challinor, C. S. Phi Beta Murder (Rex Graves #3: While Scottish barrister Rex Graves is visiting his son Campbell at a Florida college, a student is found hanged in his locked dorm room. Did the poor lad commit suicide, or is it murder?) $14.95
Clare, Alys The Joys of My Life (Hawkenlye #12: 1199: Queen Eleanor and Abbess Helewise are discussing building a chapel; Sir Josse d'Acquin is on the trail of a group of knights rumored to be devil worshippers) $15.95
Coggins, Mark The Big Wake-Up (August Riordan #5: San Francisco PI August Riordan is drawn into the mad hunt for Evita Peron's remains; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Shotgun Wedding (Milt Kovak #9: During the wedding of two deputies, the bank is robbed, a deputy is murdered, and a cop is left for dead. To get the happy couple clear of the carnage, Oklahoma Sheriff Milt Kovak sends them off on their honeymoon - which is complicated by a hurricane, psychotic pirates, and semi-naked hotel employees) $15.95
Corpi, Lucha Death at Solstice (Gloria Damasco #4: A stolen pair of antique earrings leads Chicana detective Gloria Damasco to mysterious accidents, threatening letters, a woman's gruesome murder, and a captive group of young Mexican women) $15.95
Craske, Darren The Equivoque Principle (Cornelius Quaint #1: London, 1853: When a series of gruesome murders coincides with the arrival of Dr. Marvello's Travelling Circus, the performers find themselves caught up in some rather sinister goings-on) $12.95
Crispin, Edmund Sudden Vengeance (alternate title: Frequent Hearses) (Gervase Fen #7: Reissue; A classic British mystery; Professor Fen has been hired to consult on a film about the life of poet Alexander Pope; murder muscles its way onto the set) $14.95
Cutler, Judith Staging Death (Retired actress Vena Burford, who now shows potential buyers around expensive country houses, is alarmed when unsavory characters demand to explore every nook and cranny of the houses) $29.95
DeMille, Nelson The Gate House (John Sutter #2: Ten years after his wife killed her Mafia lover, John Sutter returns to Long Island, where the Mafioso's son is intent on drawing John back into that violent world, and exacting revenge) $14.99
Dickinson, David Death of a Pilgrim (Lord Francis Powerscourt #8: 1907: Lord Francis Powerscourt investigates the murders of several pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Compostela, Spain) $13.00
Dickinson, David Death of a Wine Merchant (Lord Francis Powerscourt #9: At a society wedding, the groom's father is shot to death, apparently by his brother, who refuses to speak. His barrister summons Powerscourt to investigate) $25.00
Dillon, Eilis Death in the Quadrangle (Reissue; To find out who has been sending death threats to the almost universally disliked new president of his old Dublin college, Professor Daly enlists the aid of his old friend Inspector Mike Kenny) $14.95
Donachie, David The Admiral's Game (John Pearce #5: Lt. Pearce and the Pelicans face an ongoing battle to defend the captured port of Toulon; Captain Barclay faces a court martial) $16.95
Donachie, David An Ill Wind (John Pearce #6: Toulon, 1793: With the Republican Army at the gates, Lt. Pearce is tasked with evacuating the hospital; he encounters Capt. Barclay, and matters between the men come to a head) $29.95
Emerson, Earl Cape Disappointment (Thomas Black #12: Seattle PI Thomas Black's questions about the plane crash that supposedly killed his wife lead him into a web of political lies - and a plot that is killing everyone it touches) $7.99
Faye, Lyndsay Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson (Dr. Watson relates the harrowing story of Sherlock Holmes' attempt to hunt down Jack the Ripper on the gritty streets of late 19th-century London) $14.00
Gerritsen, Tess The Keepsake (UK title: Keeping the Dead) (Rizzoli & Isles #7: A mummy, recently rediscovered in a museum basement, turns out to be a modern-day murder victim. When the grisly remains of two other women are found, M.E. Maura Isles and detective Jane Rizzoli must track down the killer) $7.99
Goolrick, Robert A Reliable Wife (Rural Wisconsin, 1909: Ralph has advertised for 'a reliable wife'. What he gets is Catherine, who plans to become a wealthy widow. But Ralph has dark secrets, and plans of his own for his new wife) $14.95
Gore, Steven Final Target (Gage & Pacheco #1: PBO; PI Gage's best friend lies unconscious in a hospital, apparently a road-rage victim. If he recovers, prosecutors are waiting to indict him for conspiracy. Gage's search for the truth leads to traitors, killers, and international gangsters) $9.99
Gorman, Ed Ticket to Ride (Sam McCain #7: 1965: Sam McCain is spending Labor Day weekend with some old friends. Some of their old grudges and rivalries seem silly - until two of them are murdered, and the motive seems buried in the past) $25.00
Greenwood, Kerry Devil's Food (Corinna Chapman #3: Bakery owner Corinna Chapman is distressed when a malnourished corpse turns up, along with a strange cult that denies the flesh and eats only famine bread) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Death at Victoria Dock (Phryne Fisher #4: When a young man with an anarchist tattoo bleeds to death in Phryne's arms, her investigation leads to bank robbery, tattoo parlors, pubs, spiritualist halls, and anarchists) $14.95
Gudenkauf, Heather The Weight of Silence (Two Iowa families awaken to discover that their little girls have gone missing in the night. What happened? The answer is trapped in the silence of unspoken family secrets) $13.95
Gunn, Elizabeth The Ten-Mile Trials (Jake Hines #8: Captain Hines and his team discover that a man found dead in a illicit suburban drug lab may be connected to a ruthless Eastern European gang that has started operating in Minnesota) $27.95
Haywood, Gar Anthony Cemetery Road (26 years ago, Handy, RJ, and O'Neal pulled a heist that went horribly wrong. Back in LA for RJ's funeral, Handy wonders if his friend's brutal murder is linked to the past) $28.95
Hill, Reginald A Killing Kindness (Dalziel & Pascoe #5: Reissue; On the trail of the 'Yorkshire Choker' - who keeps phoning the cops to boast about the girls he's strangled - Dalziel is further aggravated when the sergeant calls in a clairvoyant to help with the case) $14.95
Hill, Tobias The Hidden (At a high-stakes archaeological dig of ancient Spartan ruins, a naive newcomer's arrival unearths long-buried secrets among a close-knit group of archaeologists) $14.99
Hogan, Chuck Devils in Exile (Conor Bard #2: A disillusioned Iraqi veteran joins a team of 'sugar bandits', who use their military skills to intercept major drug deals, taking the money and destroying the product; Boston's drug kingpins have put out a bounty on the team) $26.00
Houston, Victoria Dead Renegade (Loon Lake #10: While helping his daughter's elderly client reclaim a chest from an uncooperative antiques dealer, Doc Osborne stumbles over a rug, and human remains tumble onto the floor; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Ironside, Elizabeth The Art of Deception (Reissue; After an unexpected divorce disrupts his ordered life, an English art historian dives into uncertainty, and soon finds himself risking his professional reputation, breaking the law, and taking up with the ex-girlfriend of a Russian gangster) $14.95
James, Steven The Knight (Patrick Bowers #3: FBI criminologist Patrick Bowers tracks a murderer who is using clues from an ancient manuscript as a blueprint for his crimes) $13.99
Jeffers, H. Paul Dark Mysteries of the Vatican (Nonfiction; the truth of what lies in the Vatican archives, arranged chronologically and thematically) $14.95
John, Raymond Mix, Match & Murder (Did Jason kill his mother with his Exacto knife at the age of seven? He can't remember, and the police have no suspects - so maybe he did?; Signed copies) $14.95
Johnston, Tim Irish Girl: Stories (Collection; 8 stories about people moving through grief-soaked lives; Winner of the 2009 Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction) $12.95
Jones, B/Allison, E Fat Blackmail (Sequel to The Last Straight Face . Our nameless protagonist has come to say goodbye to his friend Monty, the South London armed robber. Monty has left him a letter. There's some money owing on a job - enough to keep Monty's widow Noriko for life. It looks like a simple enough favor for an old friend, but he can't get his hands on the cash - and then Noriko disappears) $14.95
Knight, Alanna Murder in Paradise (Inspector Faro #15: 1860: A plot to steal a priceless jewel leads young constable Jeremy Faro from Edinburgh to Kent, where he runs into an old school friend who is engaged to a woman who was accused, but never convicted, of murdering her lover) $16.95
Knight, Alanna Quest for a Killer (Rose McQuinn #6: Edinburgh, 1899: A clerk is killed during a bank robbery, and two girls commit suicide within hours of each other. Could the events be related?) $29.95
Konrath, J.A. Fuzzy Navel (Jack Daniels #5: Chicago Police Lt. Jack Daniels faces the worst hours of her life when a group of vigilantes on a murderous spree decide to take down a cop and the people she cares about) $7.99
Koontz, Dean Your Heart Belongs to Me (A year after a heart transplant, Ryan Perry is being stalked by a woman. She's the spitting image of the donor of the heart beating in Ryan's chest. And she's come to take it back) $9.99
Leather, Stephen Live Fire (Dan Shepherd #6: Shepherd and his colleagues plot the downfall of the Moore crime gang; a group of homegrown Islamic fanatics embark on a campaign of terror and only Shepherd can stop them) $8.99
Leever, Jeffrey The University (The search for a missing student at Tremont University leads to a conspiracy involving faculty, students, and some very well-connected people) $14.95
Ludlow, Jack (aka Donachie, David) Mercenaries (Conquest #1: The Normandy/France border, 1033: Denied service with their duke, the six sons of Tancred de Hauteville, trained since birth to become warriors, must become mercenaries) $16.95
Lutz, Lisa Curse of the Spellmans (Spellmans #2: Izzy struggles to retain her PI license after her fourth arrest, a challenge that is further complicated by David's marriage to Petra and Rae's teenage angst) $7.99
Maffini, Mary Jane Law and Disorder (Camilla McPhee #6: When his sleazy lawyer is found dead, Ottawa victims' advocate Camilla McPhee suspects a criminal kingpin is reaching out from behind bars to delay his trial and exact revenge) $16.95
Marcos, S/Taibo II, PI The Uncomfortable Dead (Reissue; Two alternating story lines collide in Mexico City, where the ugly history of the city's political violence leads both detectives into a dance of death with forces at once criminal, historical, and political) $15.95
Marston, Edward Drums of War (Daniel Rawson #2: Captain Rawson must rescue a celebrated tapestry-maker turned spy from inside the fortified Bastille; the French and Dutch plot to assassinate the Earl of Marlborough) $16.95
Marston, Edward Fire and Sword (Daniel Rawson #3: Flanders, 1707: Captain Rawson investigates in a series of fiery raids on farms, apparently perpetrated by English soldiers) $29.95
McCarthy, Keith Corpus Delicti (Eisenmenger / Flemming #7: Flemming ends her relationship with Eisenmenger. Devastated, he returns to forensic pathology. A petty criminal is stabbed with a scalpel, a senior civil servant's son is missing, and a motorcycle accident victim turns out to have one too many organs) $28.95
Mitchell, Gladys Death and the Maiden (Mrs. Bradley #20: Reissue; 1947: Miss Carmody and her niece are dismayed when their cousin Tidson and his wife announce plans to move in with them. When they all go on holiday, two boys are found murdered in the very area where Tidson has been spending time. Mrs. Bradley, a friend of Miss Carmody, immediately begins investigating) $14.95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez The Man of My Life (Pepe Carvalho #7: Barcelona PI Pepe Carvalho infiltrates the world of Satanism and religious sects to find the killer of a rich financier's son) $14.95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez Tattoo (Pepe Carvalho #8: The hunt for the identity of a body pulled out of the sea takes Barcelona PI Pepe Carvalho to Amsterdam, where he gets entangled with a drug gang) $14.95
Morson, Ian Falconer's Trial (Falconer #7: Oxford, 1272: The Lady Ann Segrim has been murdered, and William Falconer has been taken at the scene, red-handed. Strangely, he doesn't deny the charges. Symon, using Falconer's own logical methods, sets out to clear his name) $27.95
Neri, Kris High Crimes on the Magical Plane (Scam psychic Samantha Brennan and Celtic goddess/FBI agent Annabelle Haggerty discover that the mastermind behind an LA gangland siege is actually the Demon of Darkness) $16.95
Norman, Hilary Shimmer (Sam Becket #3: Miami Beach detective Sam Becket has a vicious killer to find, and his only lead is a witness who saw a young man, silver from head to toe, shimmering in the night) $27.95
Oppenheim, E. Phillips The Amazing Judgment / Mr. Laxworthy's Adventures (Reissue; Classic reprints) $19.95
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras (Pot Thief #1: A shady character offers Hubert Schuze big bucks to steal a rare pot. A visit to the museum convinces Hubert it can't be done, but when he returns to his shop, a BLM agent accuses him of the theft. When the theft charge escalates to murder, Hubert must solve the crimes to clear himself) $14.95
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy (Pot Thief #2: Hubie's plan is perfect: rob a penthouse to recover sacred pots stolen from a closed pueblo. But things go amiss when he's arrested for murder) $14.95
Pineiro, Claudia Thursday Night Widows (Three bodies lie at the bottom of the swimming pool of an estate near Buenos Aires. It's Thursday night at the magnificent Scaglia house. Behind their locked gates, the Scaglias and their friends hide lives of infidelity, alcoholism, and abusive marriage) $14.95
Potter, T/Marshall, CW The Wire : Urban Decay and American Television (A scholarly look at the award-winning HBO series) $24.95
Radley, Sheila Fate Worse than Death (Inspector Quantrill #5: Reissue; Beryl Websdell's garden gnome has disappeared - and so has her daughter. Called in to handle the case, Inspector Quantrill can't shake the conviction that the villagers are engaged in an unusually chatty conspiracy of silence) $14.95
Schreck, Tom Out Cold (Duffy Dombrowski #3: Duffy and his basset hound Al help schizophrenic ex-GI Karl foil a terrorist plot at the Notre Dame football opener, and deal with a basset hound puppy mill) $14.99
Sedley, Kate The Dance of Death (Roger the Chapman #18: Roger the Chapman must accompany the beautiful but manipulative Eloise Gray on a special mission to Paris, where the French king is making overtures to the Duke of Burgundy) $15.95
Starr, J/Bertilorenzi, M The Chill (Black & white graphic novel; the NYPD and the FBI are pursuing a serial killer. Problem is, each witness has a different description of the killer. This makes no sense, except to Martin Cleary, an Irish cop from Boston with a secret in his past - a past that may go back a century or two) $19.99
Stelljes, Roger Deadly Stillwater (Mac McRyan #2: St. Paul police detective Mac McRyan tackles the kidnapping of a prominent lawyer's daughter, which turns out to be the first act in a retribution plot sixteen years in the making) $24.95
Strauss, Barry The Spartacus War (Nonfiction; a portrait of the iconic gladiator, from slavery to the gladiatorial school rebellion in 73 BC to his army's frequent clashes with the Roman military) $15.00
Sussman, Paul The Last Secret of the Temple (A Luxor policeman, a Jewish detective, and a Palestinian journalist enter a murky, murderous world of greed and duplicity in search of a long-lost artifact that could turn the Middle East into a blood bath) $14.00
Taibo II, Paco I. (ed) Mexico City Noir (Anthology; 12 original stories set in Mexico City) $15.95
Tope, Rebecca Slaughter in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #6: Thea is house-sitting in Lower Slaughter; her prickly elder sister turns up on her doorstep after witnessing a horrific murder) $16.95
Tope, Rebecca Fear in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #7: House-sitting at an isolated farmhouse, Thea finds a dead man in a snowy field, but when the police arrive, the body is gone) $29.95
Tremblay, Paul No Sleep Till Wonderland (Mark Genevich #2: Mark's narcolepsy isn't improving. Hired to protect someone from a stalker, he finds himself inexplicably in the middle of a murder investigation, targeted by the police, a lawsuit-happy lawyer, and a violent bouncer) $14.00
Trow, M.J. Maxwell's Retirement (Peter Maxwell #15: Peter Maxwell has to conquer his aversion to technology when female pupils start receiving threatening text and email messages) $29.95
Verhoef, Esther Close-Up (Pudgy, plain Margo allows herself to be bundled off for a weekend in London, where she is - astonishingly - taken up by a bohemian, artsy crowd and the sexy photographer at their center. No fool, Margot understands she's being used. But exactly how? And why?) $14.95
wa Ngugi, Mukoma Nairobi Heat (At a midwestern university, a blonde girl is found murdered on an African professor's porch; the trail leads Detective Ishmael Fofona to Africa to hunt for clues in a case that seems to make no sense) $26.00


Adam, Paul Escape from Shadow Island (Max Cassidy #1: Kids; 14-year-old Max is the world's foremost escape artist. 2 years after his father was murdered and his mother imprisoned for the crime, a mysterious man tells him that his mother is innocent and his father is still alive. A clue he provides takes Max from London to a sinister fortress on the Isla de Sombra in search of the truth) $16.99
Adams, Will The Alexander Cipher (Daniel Knox #1: Archaeologist Daniel Knox discovers that a dig site in Alexandria may hold clues to the burial site of Alexander the Great. Now the race is on to find Alexander) $7.99
Allan, Barbara Antiques Bizarre (Trash 'n' Treasures #4: Brandy gets sucked into her mom Vivian's plan to organize a citywide antiques bazaar; when murder enters the mix, they must slip into detective mode to find a killer) $22.00
Amiard, John Swedish Blood (A family secret takes Boston-based reporter Peter Frost to Sweden, where he uncovers a mystery with roots going back to pre-WWII Germany and Scandinavia) $14.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Madison Avenue Shoot (Murder, She Wrote #31: Jessica travels to NYC to star in a commercial as a favor to her nephew Grady; when a major star is found murdered on the set, there's a long list of suspects) $6.99
Baldacci, David First Family (King & Maxwell #4: A kidnapping turns a children's birthday party at Camp David into a national security nightmare; the First Lady enlists Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to bring the child back safely) $9.99
Barclay, Linwood Fear the Worst (When a teenage girl vanishes, her father will go to any lengths to find her) $7.99
Bebris, Carrie The Intrigue at Highbury, or, Emma's Match (Mr. & Mrs. Darcy #5: On their way to Highbury, the Darcys are robbed; a guest is poisoned at a party given by the Knightleys; the crimes may be connected) $22.99
Becker, James The Moses Stone (Chris Bronson #2: In Morocco, an English couple discovers an ancient clay tablet. One day later, they're dead, and detective Chris Bronson is plunged into a mystery that has gone unsolved since biblical times) $9.99
Bell, James Scott Try Darkness (Ty Buchanan #2: A woman is evicted from a transient hotel represented by his old firm; Ty plans to defend her, but when she ends up dead, the case moves from the courts to the streets) $11.99
Bentley, Jennie Plaster and Poison (Do-It-Yourself #3: PBO; Renovating an old carriage house for a soon-to-be-wed friend, Avery Baker stumbles across a lifeless body - a person known all too well to the blushing bride) $7.99
Bernhardt, William Capitol Offense (Ben Kincaid #17: Found lying unconscious atop the murdered body of a police detective he'd threatened, Professor Dennis Thomas hires Ben Kincaid to defend him) $7.99
Bond, Larry Cold Choices (Jerry Mitchell #2: When a Russian sub collides with the USS Seawolf, Mitchell and his shipmates must keep their damaged sub afloat and try to keep the trapped Russians alive until rescue arrives) $9.99
Bowden, Oliver Assassin's Creed: Renaissance (PBO; Based on the video game. 1476: To avenge the deaths of his father and brothers, an Italian nobleman must acquire the skills of the ancient Order of Assassins) $9.99
Bowen, Rhys In a Gilded Cage (Molly Murphy #8: A woman wants Molly to find proof of her husband's philandering. When the husband claims his wife has become a victim of the influenza epidemic, Molly doesn't believe him) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys The Last Illusion (Molly Murphy #9: When his assistant is killed on stage, a magician accuses Harry Houdini of tampering with his equipment; Houdini's wife hires Molly to investigate) $24.99
Brown, Dale Rogue Forces (Patrick McLanahan #15: When Martindale and McLanahan's private air force goes into battle as US military contractors, who holds their loyalty - their country or their shareholders?) $9.99
Callen, Paulette Command of Silence (Shiloh, an investigator with six disparate personalities born of extreme childhood trauma, looks into a baffling case where two children have been stolen at different times from the same household) $14.95
Carkeet, David Double Negative (Reissue; The Wabash Institute's premier scholar becomes a suspect in the death of one of the Institute's cranky academics, and resolves to solve the case to clear his name) $14.95
Carkeet, David From Away (Denny's one-night-stand-to-be walks out. Leaving town, he is mistaken for a local who has been missing for years. As Denny hesitantly assumes this new personality, he learns that the woman he'd hoped to sleep with has been murdered, and that he - Denny - is the chief suspect) $25.95
Carl, JoAnna Chocolate to Die For: The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle / (Chocoholic #4 / #5: Reissue; Reprints 2 mystery novels) $14.00
Carter, Forrest The Outlaw Josey Wales (Reissue; Josey Wales is out for blood. The Union Army slaughtered his family and lured his rebel comrades into a trap. The war may be over, but he refuses to surrender) $6.99
Childs, Laura Oolong Dead (Tea Shop #10: Theodosia is reunited with an old flame when his sister is found murdered during a Lowcountry horse race) $7.99
Childs, Laura The Teaberry Strangler (Tea Shop #11: After Charleston shop owners host a Dickensian evening, Theodosia finds map store owner Daria dead in the alley; Detective Tidwell suspects the killer mistook Daria for Theodosia) $24.95
Christie, A/Curran, J Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making (Nonfiction; extracts and reproductions from Christie's 73 long-hidden notebooks, plus two newly discovered Hercule Poirot stories) $25.99
Coben, Harlan Long Lost (Myron Bolitar #9: Terese Collins is suspected of murdering her ex-husband; Myron finds a piece of evidence that lays bare Terese's family secrets - and suggests the daughter she thought was dead is still alive) $9.99
Cole, Martina Faces (Set on making his way in a dangerous world, Danny Cadogan becomes a big-time London criminal, but if his wife breaks her silence, it could shake his criminal empire) $7.99
Collins, Max/Clemens, M You Can't Stop Me (A former small-town sheriff, who now hosts a TV show and tracks down criminals with the help of viewer tips, goes off script in a manhunt for the psycho who killed his family) $6.99
Conant-Park, J/Conant,S Cook the Books (Gourmet Girl #5: A job assisting a cookbook writer brings Chloe in contact with her ex's friend Digger; when she later finds him charred in his apartment, she sets about looking for the killer) $23.95
Connolly, Sheila Red Delicious Death (Orchard #3: PBO; A new restaurant plans on using local foods; when one of the chefs is found dead, orchard owner Meg Corey discovers they may have a locally grown killer) $6.99
Coover, Robert Noir (You are a PI. A young widow hires you to find her husband's killer - if he was killed. The your client is killed and her body disappears - if she was your client. Your search for clues takes you from classy lounges to lowlife dives, from jazz bars to a rich sex kitten's bedroom, from yachts to the morgue) $24.95
Corbett, David Do They Know I'm Running? (When Roque's uncle is deported from a California town, his cousin sends him to smuggle the old man back - but doesn't tell him that he'll also be transporting an Arab with disturbingly vague intentions and a young woman with a brutal debt to pay) $15.00
Coughlin, J/Davis, D Clean Kill (Sniper #3: The signing of a Saudi/Israeli peace treaty is shattered by a missile attack; Gunnery Sgt. Kyle Swanson traces the attack to foreign operatives determined to claim Saudi oil reserves) $25.99
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J Corsair (Oregon Files #6: When the US Secretary of State's plane crashes en route to a meeting in Libya, the CIA hires Juan Cabrillo and his crew to search for her) $9.99
Cussler, Clive Pacific Vortex! (Dirk Pitt #01: Reissue) $9.99
Davys, Tim Amberville (Mollisan Town #1: Eric Bear has it all, but a while back, his life revolved around drugs, gambling, and a gang of stuffed-animal thugs. Now a crime boss is on the Death List, and wants Eric to save him - otherwise Eric's beloved wife, Emma Rabbit, will be torn limb from limb) $10.00
Deaver, Jeffery Roadside Crosses (Kathryn Dance #2: California Bureau of Investigation body-language expert Kathryn Dance and Deputy Michael O'Neil track a killer who is gathering information about his victims from blogs and social networking websites) $9.99
Dekker, Ted BoneMan's Daughters (When intelligence officer Ryan Evans' estranged daughter becomes a serial killer's seventh victim, Evans goes after the killer on his own. But new evidence has pointed the FBI at Evans as a suspect) $7.99
Delany, Vicki Valley of the Lost (Molly Smith #2: Constable Molly Smith and Sgt. John Winters investigate when a young woman is found dead of an apparent heroin overdose in a small British Columbia town) $14.95
Dittrich, Stacy The Body Mafia (CeeCee Gallagher #3: Detective CeeCee Gallagher goes after a ring of killers who are murdering homeless men and then selling their organs on the black market) $7.99
Dugoni, Robert Wrongful Death (David Sloane #2: Attorney and former marine David Sloane reluctantly aids a military widow who is suing the government for the wrongful death of her husband in Iraq) $7.99
Ellison, J.T. The Cold Room (Taylor Jackson #4: Nashville homicide detective Taylor Jackson tracks a killer who slowly starves his victims to death, then disposes of their bodies by reenacting scenes from famous paintings) $7.99
Fielding, Joy The Wild Zone (A trio of playboys in South Beach make a bet on who will be first to seduce a mysterious young woman - not knowing that she is searching for the right man to kill her abusive husband) $25.00
Fitzgerald, Conor The Dogs of Rome (Commissario Blume #1: American ex-pat Alec Blume investigates the murder of an animal rights activist, a task complicated by the fact that the victim was married to a politician and sleeping with the daughter of a crime boss) $25.00
Fluke, Joanne The Apple Turnover Murder (Hannah Swensen #14: Hannah and her partner set up an apple turnover stand, and Hannah agrees to be a magician's assistant at a talent show. When the show's host is found dead, turnover in hand, it's up to Hannah to uncover a killer) $24.00
Francis, Dick Comeback (Reissue; Working to save the reputation of a veterinary surgeon plagued by a series of mysterious equine deaths, a Foreign Office diplomat uncovers murder, suicide, and more) $7.99
Franklin, Ariana Grave Goods (Adelia Aguilar #3: King Henry hopes to put down a rebellion in Wales by proving that the Once and Future King is truly dead; he sends Adelia to examine bones discovered at Glastonbury Abbey) $15.00
Giancana, Sam & Chuck Double Cross (Nonfiction; the inside story of mobster Sam Giancana, written by his brother and his nephew) $14.95
Goddard, Robert Long Time Coming (1976: Stephen Swan looks into the events that sent his uncle to prison during WWII, uncovering a conspiracy involving forged Picassos and the disinherited family of an Antwerp diamond dealer) $15.00
Goodwin, Jason The Bellini Card (Yashim the Eunuch #3: The new sultan puts Yashim on the trail of a vanished Bellini portrait of Mehmed the Conqueror; Yashim sends his friend Palewski to Venice, where it may have resurfaced) $15.00
Grippando, James Money to Burn (Seven years after his first wife disappeared on their honeymoon, a successful investment banker discovers his accounts cleared out and his company in ruins - and the signs point to his first wife) $25.99
Harris, Paul The Secret Keeper (When his ex-lover is murdered, British journalist Danny Kellerman returns to Sierra Leone and uncovers secrets that shed a shocking light on her - and could destroy those in power) $15.00
Hart, Erin False Mermaid (Gavin & Maguire #3: When she learns that her dead sister's husband plans to remarry, Nora Gavin returns to Minnesota to try once more to bring him to justice for her sister's murder; Signing at Uncle Edgar’s March 6) $26.00
Hays, Tony The Killing Way (Malgwyn ap Cuneglas #1: When a young woman is brutally murdered, former warrior Malgwyn ap Cuneglas, now a one-armed scribe, must clear Merlin's name and protect Arthur's reputation) $14.99
Hill, Susan The Risk of Darkness (Simon Serailler #3: CI Simon Serrailler becomes involved in the world of a widowed husband, whose deranged grief turns into obsession and threats, violence and terror) $14.95
Hirahara, Naomi Blood Hina (Mas Arai #4: When an ancient Japanese doll display belonging to his best friend Haruo's fiancee goes missing, the wedding is called off with fingers pointed at Haruo; Mas must clear his friend's name) $24.99
Jackson, Lisa Malice (New Orleans #8: 12 years later, detective Rick Bentz takes another look at his first wife's death; then the murders begin, each victim a part of her past, each corpse pointing to Bentz as suspect) $7.99
Johnson, Clint A Vast and Fiendish Plot: The Confederate Attack on New York City (Nonfiction; how an undercover team of Confederate officers tried to set fire to New York City in November 1864, and nearly succeeded) $15.95
Kaufman, Thomas Drink the Tea (Washington, DC, PI Willis Gidney agrees to search for his best friend's daughter, who has been missing for 25 years. Winner of the PWA Best First Private Eye Novel competition) $24.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Evidence (Alex Delaware #24: LAPD detective Milo Sturgis needs psychologist Alex Delaware's keen insights to solve the murders of two lovers killed en flagrante delicto in an LA mansion) $9.99
Kerr, Philip A Quiet Flame (Bernie Gunther #5: Bernie relocates to Buenos Aires; the local police pressure him into investigating a murder and a disappearance, which seem to connect to an unsolved case he worked in Berlin in 1932) $15.00
Kerr, Philip If the Dead Rise Not (Bernie Gunther #6: Havana, 1954: Kicked out of Buenos Aires, Bernie has resurfaced in Cuba, where he runs into a vicious killer from his Berlin days - who is mysteriously murdered - and then an old lover - who may be the murderer) $26.95
Laurie, Victoria Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter #4: PBO; Filming their new cable TV show in supposedly haunted caverns near Edinburgh, M.J. and friends find plenty of spooky action - and the body of a maintenance worker) $6.99
Leon, Donna Blood from a Stone (Guido Brunetti #14: Reissue; A Senegalese man who sells counterfeit fashion accessories is killed. What was the penniless foreigner doing with a fortune in diamonds? And why does Commissario Brunetti's boss want him off the case?) $14.00
Leon, Donna Through a Glass, Darkly (Guido Brunetti #15: Reissue; Commissario Brunetti investigates the murder of a night watchman, whose body is found in front of a blazing furnace at a glass factory - along with an annotated copy of Dante's Inferno) $14.00
Liang, Diane Wei Paper Butterfly (Mei Wang #2: When a beloved Chinese pop star disappears in Beijing, PI Mei Wang must unravel a mystery filled with family secrets and the shadowy truth behind China's labor camps) $15.00
Lippman, Laura Life Sentences (A writer decides that an unsolved mystery involving a childhood friend in Baltimore would make a good book; delving too deeply into her friend's dark secrets unearths some of her own) $14.99
Ludlum, R/Lynds, G The Paris Option (Covert-One #3: Reissue; When a computer scientist is killed and his groundbreaking research goes missing, Covert-One agent Dr. Jon Smith races across two continents to expose a network of technological spies who now have the power to reprogram the world) $9.99
Lutz, Lisa Revenge of the Spellmans (Spellmans #3: Izzy pursues therapy while trailing her newest client's errant wife, Rae faces skyrocketing expectations in light of her high SAT score, and Henry disrupts the family with a new love interest) $14.00
Maberry, Jonathan The Dragon Factory (Joe Ledger #2: Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences battle rogue geneticists: one group is creating transgenic monsters and enhanced mercenaries; the other is using 21st-century tech to continue Josef Mengele's Master Race program) $14.99
Mariotte, Jeff Blood Quantum (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: PBO; The Las Vegas team investigates the death of a Paiute tribal chairman at an exclusive nightclub) $7.99
Martin, Nancy Our Lady of Immaculate Deception (Roxy Abruzzo #1: Mafia princess Roxy is trying to go straight, but when she can't resist stealing a statue, she ends up embroiled in the sordid murder of a Pittsburgh billionaire) $24.99
Mastrogiacomo, Daniele Days of Fear (Nonfiction; the author's memoir of his experiences as a Taliban captive in 2007) $15.00
May, Peter Blacklight Blue (Enzo Files #3: Enzo MacLeod, a Scot teaching forensics in France, is trying to close seven cold cases when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness and someone tries to pin a murder on him) $14.95
May, Peter Freeze Frame (Enzo Files #4: A man, dead for twenty years, left clues in his study designed to reveal his killer's identity; forensics ace Enzo Macleod follows them to a tiny French island, where the locals have no desire to see the long-ago murder back in the headlines; hc available at $24.95) $14.95
McKinlay, Jenn Sprinkle with Murder (Cupcake Bakery #1: PBO; Melanie and Angie are hired to provide 500 custom cupcakes for a wedding; Mel becomes prime suspect when she finds the bridezilla-to-be dead by cupcake) $6.99
Moerk, Christian Darling Jim (Jim is a captivating itinerant storyteller. The Irish townspeople think it's sad coincidence that horrific murders follow Jim, and don't notice that the young female victims bear a frightening similarity to victims in his stories) $15.00
Morton, Kate The Forgotten Garden (Adopted in Australia in 1913, the quest for her real identity leads Nell to a Cornish manor house and the secrets of the doomed Mountrachet family. But it is not until her granddaughter takes up the search after Nell's death that all the pieces of the puzzle are assembled) $15.00
Newman, Sharan The Witch in the Well (Catherine LeVendeur #10: 12th-century France: Catherine looks for the cause of a series of mishaps and murders at her family's castle) $14.99
Norman, Michael On Deadly Ground (Ranger J.D. Books connects an environmentalist's death in Kanab, Utah, to a corrupt deputy and a Vegas conglomerate with mob ties; a mob killer is sent to eliminate anyone who can link his employers to the murder; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Orgain, Diana Motherhood Is Murder (Maternal Instincts #2: PBO; Kate Connelly and her husband take a dinner cruise hosted by her new mommy club. When the club president takes a deadly spill, Kate is on deck to solve the mystery) $6.99
Paglen, Trevor Blank Spots on the Map: The Dark Geography of the Pentagon's Secret World (Nonfiction; a young geographer's road trip through the underworld of U.S. military and CIA 'black ops' sites) $16.00
Parker, Robert B. Split Image (Jesse Stone #9: The body in the trunk is just the beginning. What looks like a low-level mob hit takes on new meaning when a high-ranking crime figure is found dead on Paradise Beach. And when PI Sunny Randall comes to Paradise on a case, she and Jesse realize they have much in common) $25.95
Parris, S.J. Heresy (Bruno, a monk and scholar, goes to Oxford, officially for a debate on the Copernican theory of the universe, unofficially to gather information about a Catholic plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. His mission is thrown off course by a series of grisly murders) $25.95
Patterson, J/Paetro, M The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club #8: Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the murders of the city's most glamorous couple, and a preacher who wasn't as saintly as everyone thought) $14.99
Pearce, Michael The Mark of the Pasha (Mamur Zapt #16: 1919: A state of emergency has been declared in Cairo; Captain Owen, head of the Secret Police, must deal with bomb threats to ensure the safety of a European delegation) $14.95
Perry, Anne Execution Dock (William Monk #16: William Monk and his team pursue a child pornographer running a sex ring from inside an old ship; a boy's murder makes the case more urgent) $15.00
Picoult Jodi House Rules (Jacob Hunt, a teenage boy with Asperger's Syndrome and a talent for forensic analysis, is falsely accused of murdering his tutor) $28.00
Rankin, Ian Dead Souls (Inspector Rebus #10: Reissue; Driven by instinct and experience, Rebus searches for connections between a colleague's suicide, pedophiles, a missing child, and a serial killer) $16.99
Rendell, R (Vine, B) The Birthday Present (When a mock kidnapping intended to enact his lover's favorite fantasy goes wrong and results in murder, a young MP is trapped in a dangerous game of his own making) $15.00
Robb, J.D. Fantasy in Death (Eve Dallas #31: When Bart Minnock is found decapitated in his locked private virtual playroom, NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas has as much trouble figuring out how he was murdered as who did the murdering) $26.95
Robb, J.D. Big Jack (Eve Dallas: NYPSD Lt. Eve Dallas is on the trail of missing gems from a decades-old heist. Someone else is after the jewels, too, and is willing to kill for them) $7.99
Robinson, Jeremy Pulse (Chess Team #1: When a geneticist kidnaps an archaeologist and steals an artifact that holds the key to eternal life, the US special ops Chess Team goes into action) $7.99
Robinson, Peter All the Colors of Darkness (Inspector Banks #18: It looked like Mark Hardcastle committed suicide, but when his older, wealthier lover is found bludgeoned to death, DI Annie Cabbot thinks differently, and calls in Chief Inspector Banks) $7.99
Rollins, David Hard Rain (Vin Cooper #3: Special Agent Cooper's investigation into the murder of the US attache to Turkey, which was carried out with military efficiency, uncovers a shadowy web trying to topple governments by any means necessary) $26.00
Rose, M.J. The Reincarnationist (Reincarnationist #1: Reissue; After an explosion, a photojournalist finds his mind invaded by memories - someone else's memories. They tell him he must save a woman named Sabina, and the treasure she is protecting. But who is Sabina?) $7.99
Rosett, Sara Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder (Ellie Avery #4: Ellie Avery's idyllic new suburban home becomes a hotbed of criminal investigation) $6.99
Sansom, C.J. Revelation (Matthew Shardlake #4: 1543: Matthew's search for an old friend's killer leads him to connections to Archbishop Cranmer, Lady Catherine Parr, and a teenage religious maniac in Bedlam) $16.00
Schechter, Peter Pipeline (When the US needs energy from an increasingly hostile Russia, a handful of people must prevent ruthless Moscow oligarchs from ensnaring the US in ever-deeper energy dependence) $7.99
Spindler, Erica Blood Vines (In Sonoma, CA, to unearth her mysterious past, Alexandra Owens races to discover the connection between her terrifying visions and a string of ritualistic murders) $24.99
Stansberry, Domenic Naked Moon (North Beach #4: PI Dante Mancuso comes face to face with his past when his cousin Gary gets entangled with a shady security firm that Dante used to work for) $24.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi Live to Tell (All Lauren wants is to protect her children from the pain of her messy divorce. But when their father goes missing, a case of mistaken identity puts all their lives in danger, and a stealthy predator lurks in the shadows) $7.99
Talley, Marcia Without a Grave (Hannah Ives #8: Acts of vandalism, a deadly wildfire, a missing scientist - Hannah suspects a connection to controversy over the construction of a resort that could devastate the Bahamian coral reef, but her investigation stalls when Hurricane Luis slams into the island) $15.95
Tallis, Frank The Vienna Secret (Liebermann Papers #4: 1903: DI Rheinhardt calls on psychoanalyst Max Liebermann for help when two monks are found beheaded outside their respective churches) $15.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Capture (Butch Karp #21: New York DA Butch Karp prosecutes the death of a starlet in a producer's penthouse; a shadowy international group kidnaps Karp's daughter Lucy as she attempts to thwart a terrorist threat) $9.99
Thompson, Colleen Touch of Evil (Small-town corruption and a serial killer in the bayou threaten Sheriff Justine Wofford, who is struggling to make her way in a man's world - and keep herself from falling for the last man she should trust) $7.99
Walters, Michael The Shadow Walker (Nergui #1: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia: Nergui, the ex-head of the Serious Crime squad, is ordered back to his old position when the mutilated body of a British geologist is found, apparently the fourth victim of a serial killer) $7.99
White, Randy Wayne Dead Silence (Doc Ford #16: Doc Ford has become more than friendly with an attractive US senator; when she's kidnapped right in front of him, he goes on the hunt) $9.99
Wiley, Michael The Bad Kitty Lounge (Joe Kozmarski #2: When a nun with a messy past is found strangled, Chicago PI Joe Kozmarski hunts for the killer) $24.99
Xiaolong, Qiu The Mao Case (Inspector Chen #6: A woman who may be Mao's granddaughter, moves into a luxury apartment with no visible means of support; Chen is to make sure she doesn't have anything of Mao's that will embarrass the party) $13.99
Yancey, Richard The Highly Effective Detective Plays the Fool (Teddy Ruzak #3: A good-looking dame hires Teddy to find out if her husband is cheating on her. When she disappears, Teddy wonders: is this a divorce case, or a murder?) $24.99


Axler, James Blood Harvest (Deathlands #91: PBO; Washed ashore on an island in the North Atlantic, Ryan Cawdor and Doc Tanner must survive mutated giants with an unquenchable thirst for blood) $6.99
Bernhardt, William Capitol Betrayal (Ben Kincaid #18: In a bunker under the White House after the national defense computer is breached, Ben ends up representing the President in a speedy trial to determine his fitness to deal with the crisis) $26.00
Boser, Ulrich The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the World's Largest Unsolved Art Theft (Nonfiction; the 1990 theft at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston: a dozen masterpieces were stolen in the largest art heist in history) $14.99
Bradley, Alan The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag (Flavia de Luce #2: A master puppeteer arrives in Bishop's Lacey in a broken van but leaves in a hearse; 11-year-old Flavia pieces together clues to solve what she believes is a murder - and maybe not the only one) $24.00
Cannell, Stephen J. The Pallbearers (Shane Scully #9: Summoned to act as pallbearers for the beloved director of the Home where they grew up, Scully and five fellow orphans don't believe it's suicide, and seek retribution against those responsible for the man's death) $25.99
Cristofano, David The Girl She Used to Be (In Witness Protection since she was six, Melody's had many names. When the Mafioso sent to hunt her down knows her real identity, it's a dangerous thrill that Melody can't resist. He insists she's a pawn in the government's war against the Bovaro family, but can she trust this vicious stranger?) $13.99
Cross, Neil Burial (Nathan is forced to confront the darkest moment of his past, which threatens to tear his world apart - and unearth all the other secrets he's buried since) $24.99
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J The Silent Sea (Oregon Files #7: A shocking discovery in the Argentine jungle leads Juan Cabrillo first to an island off the coast of Washington State, and then to an ancient Chinese expedition, and a curse that seems to have survived for over 500 years) $27.95
Dahl, K.O. The Man in the Window (Frank Frolich #2: When an Oslo antique dealer is found murdered, sitting naked in an armchair in his display window, the only clues are a number written on the body and a few missing war objects) $14.99
Dahler, Don Water Hazard (Huck Doyle #2: In Hawaii for a golf tournament, Huck investigates when an old law school chum's dad is shot dead during a practice round) $24.99
Fairstein, Linda Hell Gate (Alexandra Cooper #12: Manhattan DA Cooper discovers a connection between a shipwreck with contraband cargo - human cargo - and a New York congressman's sex scandal) $26.95
Gautreaux, Tim The Missing (After WWI, Sam returns to New Orleans to work as a floorwalker; when a little girl disappears from the store on his shift, he embarks on a journey to piece together what happened to her) $15.00
Goodman, Carol Arcadia Falls (A teacher at a boarding school uncovers sinister secrets in an isolated small town) $25.00
Gordon, David The Serialist (Hired to write the convicted Photo Killer's memoir, a New York writer is forced to play detective when three young women turn up killed in the Photo Killer's signature style) $15.00
Gores, Joe Spade & Archer: The Prequel to The Maltese Falcon (Sam Spade opens his agency in San Francisco, brings in Archer as a partner, tangles with a villain who never loses his desire for revenge, and falls in love - although that won't turn out well) $15.00
Guinn, Jeff Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde (Nonfiction; two kids from a filthy Dallas slum fell in love and then willingly traded their lives for a brief interlude of excitement and fame) $16.99
Harris, Gardiner Hazard (Inspector Will Murphy is sent to investigate a deadly accident at a coal mine, in a town where everyone is protecting a secret he might not want to uncover) $25.99
Hart, John The Last Child (His twin sister has been missing for a year, but Johnny is determined to find her. His hunt leads him to a forgotten place with a history of violence going back more than a hundred years) $14.99
Heyer, Georgette A Blunt Instrument (Inspector Hannasyde #4: Reissue; When Ernest Fletcher is bludgeoned to death in his English country house, Hannasyde finds the victim led a secret life of vice and deception - and finds plenty of suspects as well) $13.99
Horn, Dara All Other Nights (On Passover, 1862, Union soldier Jacob Rappaport, a Jew, is ordered to murder his own uncle, who is plotting to assassinate Lincoln. After this harrowing mission, Jacob is recruited to pursue another enemy agent - and marry her) $14.95
Hughes, Declan All the Dead Voices (Ed Loy #4: Dublin PI Ed Loy is hired by a murder victim's daughter to investigate the suspects ignored by the original police investigation: a rich developer; an ex-IRA man; and Loy's nemesis George Halligan) $14.99
Jeffers, H. Paul The Stalwart Companions (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; Long before his first encounter with Dr. Watson, Holmes visited America to solve a most violent and despicable crime. The tale of the case, which was recently discovered in the basement of the NYPD, was recorded by Theodore Roosevelt) $9.95
Kane, Ben The Silver Eagle (Forgotten Legion #2: At the edge of the known world, Romulus, Brennus, and Tarquinius face savage tribes - and treacherous enemies within the legion - as they struggle to find a way back to Rome) $25.99
Kiriakou, John/Ruby, M The Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror (Nonfiction; a covert agent's account of his two-decade CIA career, detailing some of the most important CIA operations in recent years) $26.00
Lambdin, Dewey The Baltic Gambit (Alan Lewrie #15: Captain Alan Lewrie heads towards Russia as part of Britain's last attempt to avoid war between Russia and France) $15.99
Lambdin, Dewey King, Ship and Sword (Alan Lewrie #16: In Paris rubbing shoulders with soldiers, spies, and Napoleon himself, Capt. Lewrie must depart abruptly when the peace between France and England proves short-lived. He soon finds himself in a sea chase with his former French host) $25.99
Lodato, Victor Mathilda Savitch (A year ago her older sister was killed, pushed in front of a train by a man who is still on the loose. When Mathilda finally cracks her sister's email password, a secret life opens up) $14.00
Lowe, Tom The 24th Letter (Sean O'Brien #2: Father John Callahan hears an inmate's confession, and learns that a man on Death Row is innocent; Sean O'Brien, who was lead investigator on the case, is still haunted by it) $25.99
Lutz, Lisa The Spellmans Strike Again (Spellmans #4: Now head of Spellman Investigations, Izzy sets out to dig up some dirt on ex-cop Rick Harkey; her mom blackmails her into a series of blind dates with promising professionals; Rae launches a grassroots campaign to spring an innocent man from jail) $25.00
McCleary, Carol The Alchemy of Murder (Paris, 1889: Determined to stop a killer who is stalking the streets and a plague that is striking down thousands, intrepid reporter Nellie Bly teams up with writer Jules Verne, roguish wit Oscar Wilde, and microbe-hunter Louis Pasteur) $24.99
Mina, Denise Slip of the Knife (The Last Breath) (Paddy Meehan #3: Crime reporter Paddy Meehan's ex-boyfriend has been killed, IRA execution style, and has left her his house - and his notes, which draw her into a maze of secrets and lies) $13.99
Nesbo, Jo The Devil's Star (Harry Hole #3: Paired with a colleague that he believes is an arms smuggler, Harry is determined to expose him. As they investigate a pair of ritualistic murders, he finds the two investigations melding in unexpected ways) $25.99
Nesser, Hakan Woman with Birthmark (Inspector Van Veeteren #4: Van Veeteren is bewildered by the murder of a man shot twice in the heart and twice below the belt; the only clue is an obscure pop song, which provides a link to an identical murder) $15.00
Parker, Robert B. Chasing the Bear (Young Spenser #1: YA; Spenser spends his formative years out West with his father and two uncles. When a friend is in danger from her abusive father, should Spenser risk his life to save her?) $8.99
Patterson, James Fang (Maximum Ride #6: YA; The flock receives a cryptic message, 'The sky will fall.' And canny birdkid Angel prophesies that Max's soul mate Fang will be the first to die) $17.99
Pendelton, Don (creator) Frontier Fury (Executioner #376: PBO; A covert airdrop lands Bolan in northern Pakistan in pursuit of two of the highest-ranking members of al Qaeda) $4.99
Pendelton, Don (creator) Betrayed (SuperBolan #132: PBO; Bolan is sent to rescue a peace negotiator who is being threatened by terrorists in the Middle East) $6.99
Roberts, Barrie The Man from Hell (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Reissue; 1886: A wealthy philanthropist is found beaten to death on the grounds of his estate. The case pits Holmes and Watson against a ruthless new enemy, taking them across the globe in search of the killer) $9.95
Rollins, James Subterranean (Reissue; A scientific team is chosen to explore a subterranean labyrinth discovered under the Antarctic ice. But they are not the first to venture there - and those they follow did not return) $22.99
Rosenfelt, David Down to the Wire (A source puts small-time reporter Chris Turley onto a couple of big stories, but Chris learns the tipster has gone to deadly lengths to 'help' him, and now wants something in return - or more people will die) $24.99
Russell, Neil City of War (Rail Black #1: Heir to a media empire, Rail Black's need for excitement is coupled with an oversized sense of justice. Now he helps people without options - and billionaires play by different rules) $7.99
Sasgen, Peter Stalking the Red Bear (Nonfiction; the story of a US Cold War submarine's covert operations against the Soviet Union) $15.99
Scottoline, Lisa Think Twice (Rosato & Associates #13: Bennie Rosato's evil identical twin buries her alive, then takes over Bennie's life. Determined to stay alive long enough to exact revenge, Bennie discovers that she is more like her sister than she ever imagined) $26.99
Smith, Alexander McCall Tea Time for the Traditionally Built (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency #10: Mma Ramotswe searches for her tiny white van, which her husband had replaced with another vehicle, and attempts to find an explanation for the local football team's dreadful losing streak) $14.00
Stahl, Jerry Pain Killers (Manny Rupert #2: Manny Rupert goes undercover to find out if a California convict is actually Josef Mengele, and ends up in the middle of a conspiracy involving genocide, drugs, eugenics, and human experiments) $14.99
Thomson, Keith Once a Spy (Ex-spy Drummond Clark's intricate knowledge of a device is extremely dangerous to have rattling around in his Alzheimer's-addled brain. The CIA wants to 'contain' him - and so do some shady characters) $25.95
Vorhaus, John The California Roll (Radar, a world-class con artist, is still looking for the one big scam that will set him up for life; trouble arrives in the form of Allie - either the last true innocent, or a con artist so slick she makes Radar look like a Quaker) $23.00
White, Jenny The Winter Thief (Kamil Pasha #3: Istanbul, 1888: A bank robbery and illegal weapons lead Kamil Pasha to a plan to massacre an entire valley) $24.95
White, Kate Hush (Warned not to date to avoid giving her husband leverage in a custody battle, Lake Warren has a one-night stand with a doctor. When she finds him dead the next morning, she lies to the police, then begins her own search for the truth) $24.99
White, Randy Wayne Deep Shadow (Doc Ford #17: Thirty minutes into what should have been an easy lake dive, the rim of a cave collapses, trapping two of Doc's friends. Doc surfaces to find help - and runs into two murderers intent on diving to the bottom of the lake to recover a legendary plane wreck loaded with gold. Ford's expertise is just what they need; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95


Abbott, Jeff Trust Me (When his job collecting information on web-based terrorist networks endangers his life, Luke Dantry realizes the threat is much closer to home than he realized) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Wormwood (China Bayles #17: A Kentucky Shaker village is plagued with misfortune and strife; while assisting with some herbal workshops, China and her friend Martha hope to get to the bottom of it) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Holly Blues (China Bayles #18: When McQuaid's troubled ex-wife shows up, trouble isn't far behind; with McQuaid out of town, it's up to China to weed out the truth before danger catches up to all of them) $24.95
Alt, Madelyn A Witch in Time (Bewitching #6: Something sinister is haunting the hospital; after two unexpected deaths in one night, witch Maggie O'Neill will need help to tie two murders to one killer) $23.95
Andrus, James The Perfect Woman (A police detective, haunted by his daughter's unsolved disappearance, is consumed with catching a serial killer - at the risk of his marriage, his career, & possibly his tough-as-nails female partner) $6.99
Atkins, Ace Devil's Garden (1921 San Francisco: A party features girls, jazz, bootleg hooch - and a dead actress. The DA accuses actor Fatty Arbuckle; his defense team hires a Pinkerton agent named Dashiell Hammett to investigate) $15.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Nashville Noir (Murder She Wrote #33: Jessica Fletcher heads to Nashville, TN, to help a young singer from Cabot Cove who is accused of murdering a country music publisher) $22.95
Balliett, Blue The Calder Game (Calder Pillay #3: Kids; When Calder disappears in a remote English village - along with the village's Alexander Calder sculpture - his friends Petra and Tommy fly to England to help find him) $7.99
Bannister, Jo Liars All (Brodie Farrell #9: While investigating a brutal attack on a young couple, Brodie faces the challenge of her life - a hunt across the globe in search of a cure for her son's brain tumor) $25.99
Barclay, Linwood Never Look Away (On a trip to a local amusement park, David Harwood's wife disappears - along with everything he thought he knew about their life together) $25.00
Barr, Nevada Borderline (Anna Pigeon #15: Paul and Anna take a rafting trip on the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas, and find a pregnant woman in the river, more dead than alive) $9.99
Barrett, Tracy The 100-Year-Old Secret (Sherlock Files #1: Kids; When they move to London, Xena and Xander Holmes find out that they're related to Sherlock Holmes and have inherited his unsolved casebook. They set out to find a prize painting that vanished over 100 years ago) $6.99
Bass, Jefferson The Bone Thief (Body Farm #5: Dr. Bill Brockton uncovers a flourishing black market in body parts headed by an unscrupulous funeral director) $24.99
Beck, Jessica Glazed Murder (Donut Shop #1: PBO; When a dead body is dumped on her doorstep, Suzanne's donut shop becomes a crime scene. Everyone in town is dropping by for glazed donuts and gruesome details - and they're all suspects) $7.99
Bourne, Sam The Last Testament (A conspiracy involving international politics, stolen antiquities, and an unsolved riddle of the Bible threatens to derail an Israeli/Palestinian peace accord) $7.99
Box, C.J. Nowhere to Run (Joe Pickett #10: Strange things have been going on in the Wyoming mountains. When Joe goes to check them out, what awaits him is like nothing he's ever dealt with; this patrol may turn out to be his last) $25.95
Box, C.J. Below Zero (Joe Pickett #9: Was Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett's foster daughter April killed in a horrific murder and arson spree six years ago - or is she still alive?) $7.99
Broach, Elise Masterpiece (Kids; 11-year-old James and his beetle friend Marvin get caught up in an art heist that could lead them to a long-lost drawing by Albrecht Durer) $7.99
Brown, Rita&Sneaky Pie Cat of the Century (Mrs. Murphy #18: The Crozet gang gathers at Aunt Tally's alma mater in Missouri to celebrate her 100th birthday; Harry and her animal sleuths investigate when Inez vanishes from the college library) $26.00
Burke, Alafair 212 (Ellie Hatcher #3: After receiving anonymous internet threats, an NYU sophomore is murdered. Rather than leading to an obsessed stalker, the investigation reveals links to two very different murders) $24.99
Cain, Tom No Survivors (Accident Man #2: Samuel Carver uncovers a messianic Texas billionaire's plot to reactivate stolen Soviet suitcase nukes and set off a global holy war that will bring about the final Rapture) $15.00
Cannell, Dorothy She Shoots to Conquer (Ellie Haskell #13: Mrs. Malloy competes on a TV reality show at a Yorkshire estate; when a contestant is shot during an archery contest, Ellie investigates) $7.99
Child, Lee Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher #13: When Jack witnesses a suicide on a Manhattan subway, he knows there's more than meets the eye, and sets out to detonate a secret that both the feds and Al Qaeda will kill to keep quiet) $9.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Cursed (Regan Reilly #12: Receiving a frantic call from an eccentric former neighbor, Regan traces the activities of the woman's ex-boyfriend, a con man with suspicious ties on both sides of the law) $7.99
Clark, Mary Higgins Just Take My Heart (Emily's friend Alice needs a heart transplant; Emily recommends that she receive a heart from Natalie, who is on life support after a terrible accident - that wasn't an accident at all) $7.99
Cleverly, Barbara Strange Images of Death (Joe Sandilands #8: Provence, 1926. Scotland Yard detective Joe Sandilands is on leave, driving his way south to the Riviera while dropping off his niece at an ancient chateau. A troubling crime is committed just before their arrival; to allay panic, Joe agrees to stay on and root out the guilty person) $25.00
Cleverly, Barbara A Darker God (Laetitia Talbot #3: 1920s Athens: Amateur actors are performing Agamemnon in an ancient amphiteatre. When the leading man turns up dead, Laetitia must clear her name and solve the case) $15.00
Coben, Harlan Caught (An investigative reporter nails a child advocate as a sexual predator on national TV; subsequent events make her wonder if she was manipulated into destroying an innocent man) $27.95
Connor, Beverly The Night Killer (Diane Fallon #8: PBO; Stopping on a mountain road to examine a human skeleton in the trunk of a downed tree, forensic investigator Diane Fallon is ambushed by a stranger and forced to run for her life) $7.99
Dahl, K.O. The Last Fix (Frank Frolich #3: The murder of a recovering drug addict brings Oslo detectives Frolich and Gunnarstranda into a web of secrets and lies that stretches back generations) $25.99
Dietrich, William The Barbary Pirates (Ethan Gage #4: 1802: American adventurer Ethan Gage races the Barbary pirates and Aurora Somerset to rediscover the mirror of Archimedes, an ancient weapon once used to burn a Roman fleet) $25.99
Disher, Garry Blood Moon (Challis & Destry #5: DI Challis and his team of Waterloo, Queensland, officers investigate the beating of a school chaplain, and the murder of the woman in charge of punishing local land use violations) $14.00
Ellis, Kate The Skeleton Room (Wesley Peterson #07: A murdered woman found near a shipwreck and a long-hidden skeleton in a sealed room may be the keys to five apparently unrelated deaths in recent years) $9.99
Emery, Anne Obit (Collins & Burke #2: When Declan Burke's IRA past comes back to haunt him, he turns to Halifax lawyer Monty Collins for advice) $14.95
Estleman, Loren D. The Book of Murdock (Page Murdock: Western; disguised as a preacher, deputy US marshal Page Murdock heads to Owen, Texas, to try to unmask a gang of ruthless bandits) $24.99
Evans, Christy Lead-Pipe Cinch (Georgiana Neverall #2: PBO; Georgiana becomes a murder suspect when her ex-boyfriend turns up dead in the moat she's building for a retired software engineer's state-of-the-art castle) $6.99
Finch, Phillip Devil's Keep (Bravo One Nine #1: Two members of a black ops cell take on the Russian mob on a remote island in the Sulu Sea) $7.99
Fiorato, Marina The Botticelli Secret (15th-century Italy: An artist's model, dismissed without payment, steals an unfinished version of a Botticelli painting, and finds that someone is willing to kill to keep the painting's secrets from being decoded) $14.99
Franklin, Ariana A Murderous Procession (Adelia Aguilar #4: 1176: King Henry II sends his daughter Joanna to marry the king of Sicily, and sends Adelia along to safeguard Joanna's health. When people in the wedding entourage are murdered, Adelia and Rowley must discover the killer's identity) $25.95
Freeman, Brian In the Dark (UK title: The Watcher) (Jonathan Stride #4: A cold-blooded murder from 30 years ago spills violently over into the present when the victim's best friend returns to Duluth to write a book about the death) $7.99
Frey, James N. How to Write a Damn Good Thriller: A Step-by-Step Guide for Novelists and Screenwriters (Nonfiction; novelist and creative writing teacher Frey explains how to design, draft, write, and polish a thriller) $24.99
Gabbay, Tom The Tehran Conviction (Jack Teller #3: Agent Jack Teller had to make an ugly choice in 1953 Tehran. In 1979, he and the United States must deal with the blowback) $7.99
Gifford, Barry Sailor & Lula (Reprints all 7 of the novels and novellas that tell the story of Sailor Ripley and Lula Pace Fortune) $19.95
Gischler, Victor The Deputy (Toby is 25, with a wife, a kid, and a trailer, working as a part-time deputy. When he gets a call about a dead body in the center of town, he pins his tin star to his T-shirt, slips into a pair of sweatpants, and grabs his revolver; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Goldenbaum, Sally Patterns in the Sand (Seaside Knitters #2: When a popular gallery owner's body turns up in a community garden, dark secrets begin to surface about him, and about young fiber artist Willow Adams) $14.00
Golding, Julia Cat Among the Pigeons (Cat Royal #2: Kids; London, 1790: Pedro is a talented musician and actor, and an ex-slave. When his former master tries to reclaim him, Cat and her friends rally to protect him. This leads to trouble for Cat, who goes into hiding as a boy at a school for young gentlemen) $7.99
Grace, Margaret Monster in Miniature (Miniature #5: PBO; Geraldine and her granddaughter are creating a haunted dollhouse for Halloween. But the fun turns to fear when a neighborhood scarecrow turns out to be a bloody corpse) $7.99
Grant, Andrew Even (David Trevellyan #1: Royal Navy intelligence operative David Trevellyan is framed for a murder in NYC; with no idea who's a friend and who's a foe, he penetrates a huge international conspiracy) $7.99
Green, Norman Sick Like That (Alessandra Martillo #2: While their PI boss recovers from a gunshot wound, Al helps receptionist Sarah figure out where her deadbeat ex-husband is) $25.99
Grimes, Martha The Black Cat (Richard Jury #22: Jury is requested on a case where a young woman has been murdered behind the village pub. The victim turns out to be the shy local librarian - and a posh city escort. When more escorts are killed, Jury must find the connection; unabridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Gross, Andrew Don't Look Twice (Ty Hauck #1: When a drive-by shooting rocks posh Greenwich, CT, leaving an innocent bystander dead, detective Ty Hauck follows the trail to an upstate casino then back to Greenwich's wealthy) $7.99
Haggard, H. Rider Allan Quatermain (Allan Quatermain #2: Reissue; After losing his only son, Quatermain longs to get back to the wilderness, and persuades some old friends to embark on a grueling quest to find a lost East African kingdom) $14.95
Hamilton, Denise (ed) Los Angeles Noir 2: The Classics (Anthology; classic tales set in Los Angeles) $15.95
Hardberger, M/Fisher, D Seized: Battling Pirates and Recovering Stolen Ships in the World's Most Troubled Waters (Nonfiction; the shadowy world of maritime shipping, where third-world governments place exorbitant liens against ships, pirates seize commercial vessels with impunity - and hapless owners hire Max Hardberger to recapture their stolen freighters) $25.00
Harris, Charlaine (ed) Crimes by Moonlight (Mystery Writers of America Presents) (Anthology; original stories, including a Sookie Stackhouse story by Charlaine Harris) $24.95
Hart, Carolyn Dare to Die (Death on Demand #19: Annie and Max Darling invite a mysterious young woman to their party - where Death makes an uninvited appearance) $7.99
Hart, Carolyn Laughed 'Til He Died (Death on Demand #20: When a trio of deaths are linked to the Broward's Rock youth recreation center, the director hires Max Darling to clear her name) $24.99
Hays, Tony The Divine Sacrifice (Malgwyn ap Cuneglas #2: On a visit to Glastonbury, Malgwyn investigates the cruel murder of an aged monk; his search for truth uncovers a conspiracy that endangers Arthur’s kingdom) $24.99
Higgins, Jack A Darker Place (Sean Dillon #16: The defection of famous Russian writer Alexander Kurbsky seems to be a victory for Western interests; he's actually a Russian agent out to infiltrate British and US intelligence) $9.99
Horan, Ellen 31 Bond Street (A fictionalized account of the brutal murder of a prominent dentist in pre-Civil War Manhattan, and the subsequent trial of his housekeeper for the crime) $25.99
Hughes, Declan The City of Lost Girls (Ed Loy #5: The disappearance of three beautiful girls from Jack Donovan's Dublin movie set bears an eerie resemblance to a series of cases the LAPD never solved. And each time in places where Jack Donovan was filming) $24.99
Jackson, Lisa Without Mercy (Julia Farentino applies for a teaching job at an academy with a reputation for turning wayward kids around, and finds that students are disappearing, and dying under suspicious circumstances) $25.00
Jardine, Quintin Inhuman Remains (Primavera Blackstone #1: Her mind filled with thoughts of her dead ex-husband, Primavera tries to track down Aunt Adrienne's missing son in Seville; then Aunt Adrienne joins the missing persons list) $8.99
Jecks, Michael The Bishop Must Die (Knights Templar #28: 1326: The Treasurer of England's life is threatened. He has made many enemies in his long political life; Sir Baldwin and Simon must do all they can to find the would-be assassin) $24.95
Karp, Larry The King of Ragtime (Ragtime #2: 1916: Scott Joplin is anxious to provide for his wife, and secure his place in musical history. A plan to have his musical drama produced by Irving Berlin goes wrong; first Joplin is implicated in a young man's death, and then Berlin denies ever having received Joplin's play) $14.95
Karp, Larry The Ragtime Fool (Ragtime #3: Sedalia, Missouri, 1951: Ragtime is making a comeback, and Brun Campbell hopes to use Scott Joplin's journal to persuade the town to set up a ragtime museum. But there are other people interested in the journal - and they're willing to kill to get it; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Karp, Marshall Flipping Out (Lomax & Biggs #3: Nora Bannister buys a house, has her partners fix it up, and makes it a murder scene in her next mystery, leading to a bidding frenzy for the house. When one of her partners is murdered, LAPD detectives Lomax and Biggs investigate) $14.99
Keith, Don War Beneath the Waves: A True Story of Courage and Leadership Aboard a World War II Submarine (Nonfiction; diving officer Charlie Rush assumed command of the USS Bullfish and led the crew in a heroic effort to keep their ship intact as they tried to escape from a Japanese attack) $24.95
Kellerman, Jesse The Executor (A grad student responds to an ad seeking a conversationalist, and meets a woman who is his intellectual soul mate. How is he to know that what seems to be the best decision of his life is the one that seals his fate?) $25.95
Kellerman, Jonathan Deception (Alex Delaware #25: A woman's murder may be tied to an ultra-exclusive LA school; Milo and Alex find themselves investigating perversity, duplicity, and violence among the young and wealthy) $28.00
Khoury, Raymond The Sign (During a live news feed from Antarctica, a massive sphere of light suddenly appears in the sky, then disappears. Has God finally revealed himself, or is something more sinister at hand?) $9.99
Killian, Diana Murder on the Eightfold Path (Mantra for Murder #3: PBO; In her mother's garden, A.J. stumbles over the body of her mother's current beau) $7.99
Lalicki, Tom Danger in the Dark (Houdini & Nate #1: Kids; Young Nate Fuller asks his friend Harry Houdini for help when a suspicious stranger wheedles his way into the confidence of Nate's wealthy great-aunt) $6.99
Land, Jon Strong Enough to Die (Caitlin Strong #1: Former Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong investigates the bloody desert firefight that ended her career 5 years ago, a quest that leads her to Washington, Bahrain, and Mexico) $7.99
Larsson, Stieg The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium #2: Lisbeth is framed for the murders of two reporters whose story implicated highly-placed members of Swedish society, business, and government in a sex trafficking operation; $15.95 trade pb also available) $7.99
Lawrence, Lucy Cut to the Corpse (Decoupage #2: PBO; Decoupage teacher Brenna Miller helps a bride-to-be who's suspected of killing her fiance's best friend) $6.99
Leon, Donna Suffer the Little Children (Guido Brunetti #16: Reissue; When a pediatrician is brutally attacked and his 18-month-old son is kidnapped, Commissario Brunetti investigates; a story of infertility, desperation, & illegal dealings begins to unfold) $14.00
Leon, Donna About Face (Guido Brunetti #18: As Commissario Brunetti investigates a suspicious death and the illegal hauling of garbage, he finds corruption with connections to his father-in-law's potential business partner) $14.00
Levine, Laura Killer Cruise (Jaine Austen #8: Wordsmith Jaine Austen's teaching gig on a fancy cruise ship looks like a free vacation - until a charming but sleazy British dancer turns up dead with an icepick in his chest) $6.99
Lin, Ed Snakes Can't Run (Robert Chow #2: Chinatown, 1976: When two smuggled Chinese are found dead near the Brooklyn Bridge, detective Robert Chow goes after the ruthless human smugglers responsible) $24.99
Lynds, Gayle The Book of Spies (Rare book expert Ann Blake agrees to help unravel the connection between a bank account linked to terrorists and the legendary missing Library of Gold) $25.99
Ma, Roger Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers -The Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom in Afghanistan (Nonfiction; the story of the Marine missions that made it possible for Afghanistan to hold free elections in the fall of 2005) $16.00
Mackenzie, Jassy Random Violence (Jade de Jong #1: Returning to Johannesburg after ten years, PI Jade de Jong offers to help Supt. David Patel, her father's former assistant, investigate an apparent car-jacking in which a wealthy woman was murdered) $25.00
Matheson, Richard Hunted Past Reason (Reissue; The enforced isolation of a hiking trip exposes long-hidden rivalries and resentments between two old friends; the tension erupts into a life-or-death battle only one will survive) $14.99
McDermott, Andy The Secret of Excalibur (Wilde & Chase #3: PBO; An old acquaintance propels Nina and Eddie into a hunt across the globe to find Excalibur - if it falls into the wrong hands, it could plunge the world into devastating war) $7.99
McEvoy, John Significant Seven (Jack Doyle #3: Seven lifelong friends win big at the race track. Seven years later, they begin dying, one by one. Jack Doyle, who is helping the FBI on a race-fixing investigation, gets involved in the search for the killer; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Mina, Denise Still Midnight (Three armed men invade a Glasgow home, demanding a man who has never been there. One family member is shot, and another kidnapped. Cop Alex Morrow investigates) $24.99
Mosley, Walter Known to Evil (Leonid McGill #2: A young woman has disappeared, leaving murder in her wake. Alfonse Rinaldo, the power behind the throne at City Hall, hires PI Leonid McGill to track her down, but won't tell McGill his motives; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Nisbet, Jim Lethal Injection (Reissue; Royce, an alcoholic doctor, administers a Texas prisoner's lethal injection, convinced that the convicted killer was innocent. When Royce's marriage crumbles, he takes off for Dallas to search for the real killer) $12.95
Nisbet, Jim Windward Passage (A ship sinks with its captain chained to the mast. Left behind is a logbook missing ten pages, presidential DNA hidden in a brick of cocaine, and a nearly completed novel) $25.95
Oust, Gale 'Til Dice Do Us Part (Bunco Babes #2: PBO; During a rehearsal, Claudia Connors kills her new husband with a prop gun. Anyone could have loaded the real bullets, so it's up to Kate McCall to prove Claudia's innocence) $6.99
Palahniuk, Chuck Survivor (Alone in the airplane, which will crash shortly, the last member of the Creedish Death Cult dictates his life story into Flight 2039's recorder, telling of his journey from obedient child to media messiah) $13.95
Patterson, J/DiLallo, R Alex Cross's Trial (Alex Cross #15: In the early 1900s, Abraham Cross assists lawyer Ben Corbett, who's been sent by President Roosevelt to investigate the resurgence of the KKK in Eudora, MS) $14.99
Perry, Anne The Sheen on the Silk (13th-century Constantinople: When her brother is accused of a crime, Anastasius works through each level of the city, from her humble neighbors to the emperor himself, seeking the truth) $27.00
Peters, Elizabeth A River in the Sky (Amelia Peabody #19: 1910: An English adventurer has decided to search for the vanished treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem; Peabody and Emerson follow him to try to prevent archaeological and political catastrophe; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Phillips, Gary (ed) Orange County Noir (Anthology; original tales set in Orange County, California) $15.95
Pickard, Nancy The Scent of Rain and Lightning (The man who was convicted of killing her father, and presumably her mother, is returning to Jody's Kansas hometown. His son, convinced his father is innocent, draws her into an investigation that endangers them both) $25.00
Preston, D/Child, L Cemetery Dance (Pendergast #9: When a Manhattan couple are attacked by their neighbor - a man who died weeks earlier - Pendergast and D'Agosta's investigation leads to an Obeah cult) $9.99
Rabb, Jonathan Shadow and Light (Nikolai Hoffner #2: Chief Inspector Nikolai Hoffner investigates a film studio executive's death with the help of director Fritz Lang and crime lord Alby Pimm) $15.00
Raichev, R.T. The Curious Incident at Claridge's (Antonia Darcy #4: Did the young and beautiful Lady Tradescant try to poison her elderly husband? If not, who did? Antonia Darcy and Hugh Payne find no shortage of suspects) $25.00
Read, Cornelia Invisible Boy (Madeline Dare #3: When Madeline discovers the skeleton of a brutalized 3-year-old boy in her family's weed-ridden cemetery outside Manhattan, she is determined to see the perpetrators brought to justice) $24.99
Reed, Mary / Mayer, Eric Seven for a Secret (John the Eunuch #7: John investigates the death of a mysterious woman who claimed that, years ago, she had been the model for the solemn-eyed little girl in the mosaic on John's study wall. Who wanted her dead, and why?) $14.95
Reed, Mary / Mayer, Eric Eight for Eternity (John the Eunuch #8: In January, 532, mobs rule Constantinople, and fires are raging in the city. John, Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian, must find those seeking to take advantage of the riots to dethrone the emperor; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Rice, Christopher The Moonlit Earth (When her brother is apparently involved in a terrorist bombing, Megan uncovers a trail of secrets that snakes from the beaches of Thailand to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong) $25.00
Robb, J.D. Kindred in Death (Eve Dallas #30: Lt. Dallas and her team investigate the brutal murder of the new NYPSD captain's teenage daughter) $7.99
Rose, M.J. The Memorist (Reincarnationist #2: A bomb in Rome, a flash of bluish-white light, and Josh's world exploded. As he recovers, his mind is increasingly invaded with memories. But not his memories. They are ancient . . . and violent. And urging him to save a woman named Sabina, and the treasures she is protecting. But who is Sabina?) $7.99
Rosett, Sara Mint Juleps, Mayhem, and Murder (Mom Zone #5: Ellie looks for the killer when her husband's squadron commander is murdered and his wife, Ellie's good friend Denise, becomes prime suspect) $22.00
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Delivers the Goods (Miss Julia #10: Hazel Marie is pregnant by PI J.D. Pickens, who has left town. When there's a heist in town, Miss Julia knows J.D. is the man to solve the case, but can she set thing right between him and Hazel Marie?) $15.00
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Renews Her Vows (Miss Julia #11: Someone has knocked Francie Pitts on the head and put her in the hospital. Francie didn't see her attacker, but she's sure she smelled Etta Mae Wiggins' perfume, Shania Twain by Stetson. It's up to Miss Julia to clear the air) $24.95
Rotenberg, Robert Old City Hall (Canadian radio show host Kevin Brace admits he killed his wife and then refuses to speak, but the evidence complicates what should be an open and shut case) $15.00
Schneider, Paul Bonnie and Clyde: The Lives Behind the Legend (Nonfiction; based on extensive archival research, declassified FBI documents, and interviews) $17.00
Scott, Michele A Toast to Murder (Wine Lover's #6: PBO; The big day is swiftly approaching for Nikki and her fiance Derek. But when they start receiving cryptic messages questioning their belief in fate, things quickly turn fatal) $7.99
Scotti, R.A. Vanished Smile: The Mysterious Theft of the Mona Lisa (Nonfiction; the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa, and the investigation of the crime) $15.00
Shelton, Paige Farm Fresh Murder (Farmer's Market #1: PBO; Becca Robins makes jams and preserves on her farm. When there's a murder in her small town, she puts herself in the line of fire to defend a friend's innocence) $7.99
Smith, Wilbur Assegai (Third Courtney Series #5: On the eve of WWI, Leon Courtney is recruited to gather information on a German industrialist; he uncovers a plot that could wipe out the British forces in Africa) $9.99
Stack, John Ship of Rome (To defend against the Carthaginian empire, Atticus, a ship captain, and Septimus, a legionary commander, must try to turn inexperienced sailors and unwilling legionaries into an effective Roman navy) $12.95
Stone, David The Venetian Judgment (Micah Dalton #3: In a globe-trotting search for a possible mole in the upper echelons of the CIA, cleaner Micah Dalton collides with a group of spies plotting to paralyze American intelligence operations) $9.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Wedding Belle (Scumble River #12: PBO; When the planner for her cousin's over-the-top wedding turns up dead, Skye Denison oversees the wedding details while helping the police investigate the death) $6.99
Swierczynski, Duane Expiration Date (In one room of Chris' apartment, it's 2009. In the other, it's 1959, where people think Chris is a PI - and his own grandfather. Chris realizes he can use his 2009 internet connection to help solve cases. And he meets the 10-year-old kid in the apartment below - who will someday grow up, and murder Chris' father) $13.99
Tallman, Shirley Scandal on Rincon Hill (Sarah Woolson #4: When a body is found just blocks from her home, attorney Sara Woolson is on the case, as 19th-century San Francisco is gripped by panic in the face of a gruesome crime spree) $24.99
Torres, Steven Blackout in Precinct Puerto Rico (Precinct Puerto Rico #5: Sheriff Luis Gonzales investigates a long list of suspects when a brutal assault leaves a 16-year-old girl too traumatized to speak) $24.99
Turow, Scott Presumed Innocent (Kindle County #1: Reissue; Prosecutor Rusty Sabich is handed an explosive case, the brutal murder of his ex-lover. Then a shocking turn of events changes him from the accuser into the accused) $14.99
Walker, Martin Bruno, Chief of Police (Bruno #1: When an elderly French soldier is found murdered with a swastika carved into his chest, Bruno looks at WWII, when the French government turned on its own citizens to help the Germans) $14.95
Webb, Wendy The Tale of Halcyon Crane (A young woman travels to a remote island where she has inherited an eerie Victorian house, and finds that her family's dark secrets are enmeshed in the history of this strange place) $15.00
Welch, Craig Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature's Bounty (Nonfiction; detective Ed Volz and a team of federal agents set out to discover who controls illicit trade in the planet's largest burrowing clam) $25.99
Wells, Dan I Am Not a Serial Killer (John Cleaver #1: John works in his family's mortuary, is obsessed with serial killers, and fears he is a sociopath. For years he has suppressed his dark side - but when a demon begins killing people in his small town, John is forced to give in to his darker nature in order to save them) $21.99
Westlake, Donald E. Memory (PBO; Hospitalized after a liaison with another man's wife ends in violence, Paul Cole has just one goal: to rebuild his shattered life. But with his memory damaged, the police hounding him, and no way to even get home, Paul's facing steep odds - and a bleak fate if he fails) $7.99
White, Michael C. Beautiful Assassin (A beautiful Soviet assassin becomes a WWII hero. Invited to tour the US by Eleanor Roosevelt, she vanishes. Did she defect? Or was she silenced - and by whom?) $24.99
Wilcox, John The Shangani Patrol (Simon Fonthill #7: On tribal land at the mercy of ruthless Matabele warriors, Fonthill, his wife Alice, and 352 Jenkins are forced to take sides when friction between Cecil Rhodes and the Matabele tribe develops into one of the bloodiest battles in British history) $24.95
Winspear, Jacqueline The Mapping of Love and Death (Maisie Dobbs #7: 1932: Hired by a WWI soldier's parents to find the unnamed nurse who had sent love letters to their son before his death, Maisie unleashes a web of intrigue and violence when she discovers that the young man was actually murdered in his trench) $25.99
Yessayan, Raffi 8 in the Box (Angel Alves #1: It's always the same: the home of a single woman, no forced entry, no evidence of an intruder, and no victim - only a bathtub filled with blood. Newly promoted homicide detective Angel Alves tracks this elusive serial killer) $7.99
Zimmerman, David The Sandbox (A deadly roadside ambush in Iraq enmeshes a young American soldier in a far-reaching conspiracy) $25.00


Atkins, Ace Infamous (1933: Machine Gun Kelly kidnaps an oilman. He will live to regret it, as two of his partners cut themselves into the action, a former Texas Ranger makes tracking Kelly his mission, and Kelly's wife starts playing both ends against the middle) $25.95
Baldacci, David Deliver Us from Evil (Shaw #2: Evan Waller has built a fortune from his willingness to buy and sell anything - and anyone. Shaw must prevent him from closing his latest deal - but doesn't know that a vigilante group is hunting Waller as well; unabridged CDs $38.98) $27.99
Black, Benjamin Elegy for April (Quirke #3: 1950s: The search for a missing doctor, a somewhat scandalous young woman from a respected family, leads Quirke and DI Hackett through some of Dublin's darker byways; unabridged CDs $34.99) $25.00
Bond, Larry (editor) Crash Dive (Nonfiction; tales of submarine warfare) $27.99
Butterworth, Alex The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists, & Secret Agents (Nonfiction; the rise of anarchism, from the failed Paris Commune of 1871 to the 1905 Russian Revolution) $30.00
Carrell, Jennifer Lee Haunt Me Still (Kate Stanley #2: A new production of MacBeth at the foot of Scotland's Dunsinnan Hill turns macabre when Kate begins sleepwalking and wakes up atop the hill with blood-smeared hands) $25.95
Clark, Carol Higgins Wrecked (Regan Reilly #13: Regan and her husband join his clan for a simple family vacation on Cape Cod that turns out to be something quite different) $25.00
Clark, Mary Higgins The Shadow of Your Smile (When her husband's identical twin is found murdered in his apartment, Olivia helps her husband mourn. But as the months pass, she begins to wonder which twin was actually killed) $25.99
Cleland, Jane K. Silent Auction (Josie Prescott Antiques #5: Josie discovers the bludgeoned body of her neighbor's beloved nephew in Rocky Point's renovated lighthouse; a scrimshaw tooth may hold the key to solving the crime) $24.99
Cook, Thomas H. The Fate of Katherine Carr (A retired missing-persons detective, still obsessed with an unsolved case, draws a travel writer into the mystery of a missing woman's brief life and uncertain fate) $13.95
Curzon, Clare Off Track (Mike Yeadings #22: A biologist who wants out of a top-secret project and a train driver whose career was ruined by an error are thrown into each other's paths; when one of them disappears, Supt. Yeadings uncovers grim secrets) $25.99
Davidson, Diane Mott Fatally Flaky (Goldy Schulz #15: When a suspicious death is connected to a nearby spa, Goldy goes undercover while catering a wedding there) $7.99
Dekker, Ted The Bride Collector (Pursuing a serial killer who leaves a bridal veil at each murder scene, an FBI agent enlists the help of a woman who can experience the final moments of a person's life when she touches the dead body) $24.99
Depp, Daniel Loser's Town (David Spandau #1: PI David Spandau, an ex-stuntman, is hired to protect a brash young actor from a gangster with dreams of becoming a Hollywood producer) $15.00
Englert, R/Passero, K Blood Secrets: A Forensic Expert Reveals How Blood Spatter Tells the Crime Scene's Story (Nonfiction; Englert, who helped pioneer blood spatter analysis, shows how it is used in real cases, from small-town murders to high-profile celebrity trials) $25.99
Freeman, Brian The Burying Place (Jonathan Stride #5: Lt. Stride and his team must stop a sadistic murderer's killing spree, and find a baby who vanished from a lakeside home in Grand Rapids, MN) $24.99
George, Elizabeth This Body of Death (Thomas Lynley #16: When a woman's body is found in an unfrequented London cemetery, DI Lynley is called back from compassionate leave to help investigate; he and Havers trace the roots of the crime to a long-ago act of violence; signed copies expected) $28.99
George, Elizabeth (ed) The Two of the Deadliest (Anthology; 23 original tales of lust, greed, and murder) $14.99
Goodwillie, David American Subversive (A failed journalist turned blogger receives an anonymous email identifying a young woman as the one responsible for the bombing of a Manhattan office tower) $25.00
Hale, Bruce From Russia with Lunch (Chet Gecko #15: Kids; Chet's favorite teacher is replaced by the mechanical invention of a mysterious Russian scientist. Suddenly, the school seems possessed by forces that are upsetting the natural order. Will Chet be able to get things back to normal?) $4.99
Hall, Tarquin The Case of the Missing Servant (Vish Puri #1: PI Vish Puri mostly runs background checks on prospective brides and grooms, but bigger cases take him into the gated communities of South Delhi and the uranium mines of Jharkhand) $14.00
Harris, Rosemary Dead Head (Dirty Business #3: Paula is hired to find out which of her neighbors is a fugitive from the law and why the long-kept secret has finally come out) $24.99
Harvey, Michael The Third Rail (Michael Kelly #3: After witnessing a sniper shooting, Chicago cop-turned-PI Michael Kelly receives a call from the killer, who has an unnerving link to a crime Kelly witnessed as a child) $24.95
Heyer, Georgette Duplicate Death (Inspector Hemingway #3: Reissue; An elegant card party at an English country house turns deadly when two victims are strangled with picture wire. The crimes appear identical, but were they carried out by the same hand?) $13.99
Hinshelwood, Tom The Killer (A freelancer is hired to kill a target and recover a flash drive. Job done, he realizes a team is watching him, and goes on the run across Europe to avoid becoming the next target) $25.99
Johansen, Iris Blood Game (Eve Duncan #8: When a Georgia senator's daughter is found drained of blood, Eve Duncan is drawn into the web of a serial murderer who might know something about Eve's missing daughter) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Eight Days to Live (Eve Duncan #9: Eve and her adopted daughter Jane are pitted against a secretive cult that has targeted Jane - in eight days she will die, their ultimate sacrifice) $27.99
Lehrer, Jim Super (Reissue; 1956:Three bizarre deaths occur on the Super Chief train out of Chicago, whose passengers include a mysterious stowaway, a dying millionaire, a down-and-out director, Clark Gable, and Harry Truman) $25.00
Levenson, Thomas Newton and the Counterfeiter (Nonfiction; in 1695, Isaac Newton takes up the post of Warden of His Majesty's Mint, and begins an epic game of cat and mouse with talented counterfeiter William Chaloner) $14.95
Levin, Ira Rosemary's Baby (Reissue; A young New York woman's husband and neighbors conspire to have her impregnated by the devil) $14.95
Levin, Ira Son of Rosemary (Reissue; Rosemary gave birth to the Devil's child. Now, in 1999, humanity searches for a savior. In NYC, Rosemary's son is believed to be that savior. But is he the force of good his followers believe? Or is he his father's son?) $14.95
Locke, Attica Black Water Rising (When he saves a woman from drowning, her secrets ensnare lawyer Jay Porter in a murder investigation that could cost him his practice, his family, and even his life) $14.99
McInerny, Ralph Sham Rock (Notre Dame #13: A professor and a PI investigate when a Notre Dame classmate confesses to the decades-old murder and secret burial of one of his friends. Problem: they can't find the body) $24.99
Milway, Alex The Curse of Mousebeard (Mousehunter #2: Kids; The dastardly Isiah Lovelock is growing in power, and only pirate captain Mousebeard is brave enough to stop him - but first Mousebeard must be freed from a curse that prevents him from setting foot on dry land) $15.99
Mulford, Clarence E. Wild Western Days: The Coming of Cassidy / Hopalong Cassidy / Bar-20 (Reprints 3 classic western novels) $21.99
Nunn, Malla Let the Dead Lie (Emmanuel Cooper #2: Detective Emmanuel Cooper must elude the Afrikaner police as he tries to solve a series of murders on the seedy docks of 1950s Durban) $15.00
Olds, Robin et al Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds (Nonfiction; the story of the retired brigadier general's career as fighter pilot during World War II and the Vietnam War) $26.99
Palahniuk, Chuck Pygmy (Pygmy is one of a handful of young adults from a totalitarian state sent to the US disguised as exchange students; he and his fellow operatives are cooking up something big) $14.95
Pendelton, Don (creator) Desperate Cargo (Executioner #377: PBO; Working to break up a US-UK human trafficking operation. Bolan discovers an American undercover agent is working with the criminals) $4.99
Pendelton, Don (creator) High Assault (Stony Man #106: PBO; Able Team, Phoenix Force, and Stony Man work together to protect the US from a multi-pronged Iranian conspiracy) $6.99
Pendelton, Don (creator) Sabotage (SuperBolan #133: PBO; A rash of killings among US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan leads Bolan to a Russian-born media mogul who has infiltrated and subverted a US peace organization) $6.99
Phillips, Christi The Devlin Diary (Donovan & Kent #2: Cambridge, 2008: Historians Claire Donovan and Andrew Kent investigate the link between a colleague's death and a series of unsolved murders in 1670s London) $15.00
Robinson, Jeremy Instinct (Chess Team #2: The Chess Team is assigned to protect a CDC detective as she journeys to the Annamite Mountains of Vietnam to find the source of a weaponized new strain of a genetic disease) $24.99
Rudolph, Penny Eye of the Mountain God (First Megan finds Pima Indian artifacts wrapped in her morning paper. Then the paperboy disappears and her house is searched. When her daughter is kidnapped, Megan will have to stop a cabal's crazed leader to save her child's life) $25.99
Shannon, John Palos Verdes Blue (Jack Liffey #11: LA PI Jack Liffey finds himself in the crossfire of a turf war between racist privileged youths and day-labor Mexican squatters; his daughter Maeve comes to his rescue) $14.95
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa My Soul to Take (Thora Gudmundsdottir #2: When a young woman's body is found at a new age health resort in a possibly haunted farmhouse, the resort's new owner hires Thora to investigate) $13.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Double Comfort Safari Club (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency #11: Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi travel to a safari lodge where there have been several troubling events - including the demise of one of the guests) $23.95
Spencer-Fleming, Julia One Was a Soldier (Fergusson & Van Alstyne #7: Russ and Clare's investigation of a down-on-her-luck veteran's death uncovers a trail of deceit that leads to the upper ranks of the army and the unforgiving streets of Baghdad; Signed copies expected) $24.99
Tolkien, Simon The Inheritance (The murder of a famed Oxford historian is pinned on his son, until a police inspector uncovers a link to a deadly hunt for a priceless relic in 1945 France) $24.99
Wan, Michelle A Twist of Orchids (Death in the Dordogne #3: Mara Dunn and Julian Wood wonder if they're meant to be together. But when Julian finds a link between a spike in local drug traffic and three mysterious deaths, one of them might lose the other - permanently) $24.99
Westlake, Donald (Stark) The Black Ice Score (Parker: A corrupt African colonel has converted half his country's wealth into diamonds and smuggled them to New York City. Four upstanding citizens plan to rescue their new nation by stealing the diamonds back - with Parker's help) $14.00
Westlake, Donald (Stark) The Green Eagle Score (Parker: Parker plans to steal the payroll of an Air Force base in upstate New York, with help from Marty Fusco, fresh out of the pen, and a smart aleck finance clerk named Devers) $14.00
Westlake, Donald (Stark) The Sour Lemon Score (Parker: The four-way split following a job leaves too small a take for George Uhl, who begins to pick off his fellow hoisters, one by one. His first mistake? That he doesn't begin things by putting a bullet in Parker) $14.00
Woods, Stuart Lucid Intervals (Stone Barrington #18: Herbie Fisher shows up with $14 million in cash. He says it's lotto winnings, but that he needs a lawyer. After a gunshot breaks the window above his head, Stone and Dino suspect he might need a bodyguard and a PI, too) $25.95
Yessayan, Raffi 2 in the Hat (Angel Alves #2: Alves believes that the murders of a young couple from the local university are tied to a series of unsolved killings back when he was a rookie) $25.00
Zeh, Juli In Free Fall (A child is kidnapped but does not know it. One man dies, two physicists fight, and a senior constable falls in love. In the end, everything is different . . . yet exactly the same) $26.95


Abrahams, Peter Reality Check (YA; When Cody's ex-girlfriend disappears from her boarding school, the only clue is a letter she sent to Cody the morning of her disappearance; Cody sets out to find out what happened) $8.99
Adams, Will The Exodus Quest (Daniel Knox #2: On the trail of the lost Dead Sea Scrolls, Knox becomes a suspect in the murder of an Egyptian archaeologist. To clear his name, he must crack one of the greatest puzzles of the ancient world) $24.99
Baruth, Philip The Brothers Boswell (London, 1763: Planning to take revenge on his older brother James and Dr. Samuel Johnson for presumed slights, John Boswell has murder in his heart) $14.00
Braidhill, Kathy Beauty Killers (Nonfiction; a successful entrepreneur and family man runs off with his teenage daughter's friend; working as a team, they indulge dark cravings for bondage, torture, rape, and murder) $7.99
Bruen, Ken Sanctuary (Jack Taylor #7: When PI Jack Taylor receives a letter containing a list of victims, he ignores it, until a child dies and he determines to stop the killer at any cost) $13.99
Bunn, Davis Gold of Kings (Syrrell & Bennett #1: Art historian Storm Syrrell teams up with treasure hunter Harry Bennett in a quest for secret historical writings that could spark a new crisis in Mideast politics) $14.99
Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane Dead Sleeping Shaman (Emily Kincaid #3: When an eccentric psychic who lead a shamanic group is found dead, an old ghost town, a forgotten grave, and family secrets may hold all the answers to expose the killer) $14.95
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Death Threads (Southern Sewing Circle #2: PBO; A local author reveals a dirty secret about Sweet Briar's past and then disappears, leaving a bloody trail behind him; Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair must unravel the mystery) $6.99
Chase, F.J. Bargain with the Devil (A security consultant becomes snarled in a plot to stage a political coup in central Africa. When he turns to the CIA for help, they force him to become their mole inside the conspiracy) $7.99
Corleone, Douglas One Man's Paradise (A disgraced New York criminal defense attorney starts a new practice in Hawaii, where he ends up defending a law student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. Winner of the 2009 Mystery Writers of America / Minotaur Books First Crime Novel Award) $24.99
Cussler, Clive (ed) Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can't Put Down (Anthology; 23 original stories) $9.99
Dare, Lila Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop #1: When hairdresser Grace Terhune and her mother gussy up all the high-society ladies attending the town meeting, they find their snobbiest client dead, and become suspects in her murder) $7.99
de Jonge, Peter Shadows Still Remain (When a woman goes missing, detective Darlene O'Hara catches the case; when the woman then turns up as a high-profile homicide, a legendary detective gets the case - but O'Hara refuses to let go) $7.99
DeMille, Nelson The Lion's Game (John Corey #2: Reissue; A Libyan terrorist is preparing to defect to the West. Then something goes wrong aboard his flight - a mere prelude to the terror that is to come. Agent Corey must follow a trail of blood and smoke across the country) $14.99
Deutermann, P.T. Nightwalkers (Cam Richter #4: Cam will need all of his resources to deal with a vengeful ex-con, a mysterious stalker, and a plantation home with a brutal history) $7.99
Doudera, Vicki A House to Die For (Darby Farr #1: At her dying aunt's request, realtor Darby Farr returns to her Maine hometown to handle the sale of a waterfront estate. Seems simple, until the back-up buyer is found hacked to death) $14.95
Downing, David Stettin Station (John Russell #3: Fall, 1941: Tied to Berlin by his love for his son and his longtime girlfriend, forced to work for both German and American intelligence, can Anglo-American journalist John Russell find a way to escape Germany?) $25.00
Eastland, Sam Eye of the Red Tsar (When the 1917 murders of the Romanovs must be quietly investigated over a decade later, Pekkala, the Tsar's most trusted ally, is brought to the room where they met their fate. He finds that, in a society built on secrets, some secrets are meant to stay buried) $25.00
Eig, Jonathan Get Capone (Nonfiction; using newly discovered documents, Eig tells the story of the high-stakes investigation that brought Al Capone to justice) $28.00
Eisler, Barry Fault Line (When an inventor client is murdered and he himself is attacked, attorney Alex Treven turns for help to his estranged older brother Ben, an undercover agent in the war on terror) $7.99
Emley, Dianne The Deepest Cut (Nan Vining #3: At the crime scene of a murdered ex-con in a clown suit, Pasadena homicide detective Nan Vining finds signs of the brutal killer who left her for dead a year earlier) $7.99
Ferey, Caryl Zulu (Cape Town homicide chief Ali Neuman investigates the murders of two white women; their bodies show signs of a Zulu ritual, and traces of an unknown narcotic. Winner of the 2008 French Grand Prix for Best Crime Novel) $15.00
Finger, Gerrie Ferris The End Game (Ex-cop Moriah Dru is hired to find two sisters who have gone missing after their foster parents' Atlanta house burned down. Winner of the 2009 Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Competition) $24.99
Fleming, Irene The Edge of Ruin (1909: To clear her husband's name, an independent filmmaker's wife must find out who killed one of Thomas Edison's Patent Trust detectives) $24.99
Flynn, Gillian Dark Places (When Libby Day investigates the long-ago murders of her mother and two sisters, unimaginable truth emerges, and Libby finds herself fighting for her life) $14.00
Fowler, Earlene State Fair (Benni Harper #14: Benni attends the San Celina Mid-State Fair, a place for 4-H calves, colorful quilts and homemade jams - & maybe just a little murder) $24.95
Francis, Dick Longshot (Reissue; Writer John Kendall travels to England to interview a racehorse trainer with something to hide - a secret that could threaten Kendall's life) $7.99
Goldenbaum, Sally Moon Spinners (Seaside Knitters #3: The Seaside Knitters are helping their friend Gracie open a cafe, but get sidetracked when her aunt goes flying off the cliff in her car - and it was no accident) $23.95
Grabenstein, Chris Rolling Thunder (John Ceepak #6: Straight-arrow cop John Ceepak and his wisecracking young partner Danny Boyle investigate the deaths of a prominent citizen and a young beach beauty in a seedy seaside New Jersey town) $25.00
Graham, Mitchell Dead Docket (Adams & Delaney #2: In Atlanta to settle the affairs of a young woman, John Delaney finds her death was no accident; he enlists Katherine Adams to help him investigate) $7.99
Green, Anna Katharine The Leavenworth Case (Ebenezer Gryce #1: Reissue; Introduces the first American series detective. A wealthy New York merchant and philanthropist is murdered. All evidence seems to implicate his heir or her sister, yet surprises greet detective Ebenezer Gryce at every turn) $16.00
Greenwood, Kerry Death by Water (Phryne Fisher is hired to solve a series of jewel thefts aboard a cruise ship) $14.95
Gregory, Susanna The Westminster Poisoner (Thomas Chaloner #4: When two government clerks die in remarkably similar circumstances, the Lord Chancellor believes another clerk is the killer, and instructs Thomas Chaloner to prove it) $12.95
Gregory, Susanna A Murder on London Bridge (Thomas Chaloner #5: London, 1664: Chaloner, spy for the Earl of Clarendon, must find the ring-leaders of two separate plots, one seeking to bring back Puritanism, the other seeking the return of the Roman Catholic Church) $29.95
Greiman, Lois Not One Clue (Chrissy McMullen #6: PBO; LA psychologist Chrissy McMullen encourages a patient to face the secrets from his past; when he does, they lead to a confrontation with a criminal) $7.99
Gross, Andrew Reckless (Ty Hauck #2: A Wall Street trader and his family are killed, apparently by burglars; Ty, who knew the wife years ago, uncovers questions about the sudden collapse of the trader's firm - and the firm's connection to the security firm Ty currently works for) $25.99
Guilliatt, R/Hohnen, P The Wolf: The German Raider That Terrorized the Southern Seas During World War I in an Epic Voyage of Destruction and Gallantry (Nonfiction; for 15 months during WWI, an nondescript German freighter sank more than 30 Allied ships, capturing the crews and passengers, eventually returning to Germany with prisoners from 25 nations) $27.00
Haines, Carolyn (ed) Delta Blues (Anthology; blues-inspired stories about bad men and bad women, who sometimes do good - or sometimes follow their true natures) $17.95
Hermans, Danielle The Tulip Virus (London, 2007: Alec sets out to solve his uncle's murder, which is somehow connected to the 17th-century killing of a Dutch tulip trader) $24.99
Hewson, David The Dante Killings (original title: Dante's Numbers) (Nic Costa #1: A film premiere in Rome descends into chaos, with a man dead, the film's star missing, and a priceless relic vanished; Nic Costa and his fellow detectives investigate) $7.99
Hiaasen, Carl Scat (YA; Young Nick and Marta investigate the disappearance of Mrs. Bunny Starch, the most feared biology teacher ever) $8.99
Higgins, George V. The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Reissue; Eddie Coyle is a small-time punk with a big-time problem: who to sell out to avoid being sent up again; a cop is leaning on him to finger a gang leader with a lot to hide) $13.00
Hilton, Matt Dead Men's Dust (Joe Hunter #1: Joe Hunter, a former military operative and ex-CIA agent, is on the trail of his missing brother, who is in a deranged killer's cross-hairs after stealing his favorite Bowie knife) $7.99
Hirsch, Reece The Insider (Will Connelly finds himself prime suspect in a murder, the target of an insider trading investigation, and pawn in a complex scheme involving the Russian Mafiya and a terrorist plot) $7.99
Howard, Douglas (ed) Dexter: Investigating Cutting Edge Television (A look at the edgy, Emmy-winning crime drama, including an episode guide to seasons 1-3, critical analysis, and more) $16.00
Huston, James W. Marine One (Marine reserve helicopter pilot/attorney Mike Nolan must find out why the president's helicopter crashed, and why the president was rushing to a meeting no one seems to know about) $9.99
Hyatt, Elise French Polished Murder (Daring Finds #2: PBO; When Dyce finds a decades-old letter inside a piano she's renovating, she becomes distracted by an investigation that puts her at odds with the letter-writer's powerful local family) $6.99
Hyland, Adrian Gunshot Road (Emily Tempest #2: Police officer Emily Tempest is presented with a unique puzzle in which the terrain of Australia, a Japanese rock garden, a rash of unexplained illnesses, and the implausibility of two elderly friends killing each other all play a part) $25.00
Ignatius, David The Increment (An Iranian scientist sends secrets of their bomb program to the CIA; to get him out, agent Harry Pappas turns to a special British spy team) $13.95
Jacobs, David Death Angel (24 Declassified: PBO; Jack Bauer heads to Los Alamos, New Mexico, to investigate a web of murder and espionage that has entangled a top-secret research facility) $7.99
Janes, Diana The Pull of the Moon (When Kate receives a letter from a dying woman, she realizes that the secret she's kept for over thirty years is no longer safe. But is the old woman really after Kate's story of love, lies, and murder? Or something more?) $25.00
Jardine, Quintin Blood Red (Primavera Blackstone #2: Primavera's quiet life in Catalan is disrupted when she finds herself a suspect in the bludgeoning death of a powerful village councilman) $24.95
Johnson, Denis Nobody Move (An assortment of lowlifes in Bakersfield, California, play a cat-and-mouse game over $2.3 million) $14.00
Johnston, Paul Maps of Hell (Matt Wells #3: A secretive militia running brainwashing experiments in the Maine wilderness makes crime writer Matt Wells one of their subjects. He knows they've been feeding him subconscious instructions - but for what?) $7.99
Jordan, R.T. A Talent for Murder (Polly Pepper #3: Hired to be the 'nice' judge on a TV talent show, actress/sleuth Polly Pepper ends up auditioning a lot of suspects when the show's most vicious judge is killed) $6.99
Kerr, Philip A Philosophical Investigation (Reissue; London, 2013: Detective Isadora Jacowicz must stop a murderer who has taken it upon himself to eliminate any man who has tested positive for a tendency towards violent behavior) $15.00
Kersten, Jason Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter (Nonfiction; Art Williams printed millions in counterfeit bills, selling them to criminal organizations and using them to fund cross-country spending sprees) $16.00
King, Brett The Radix (A US agent is hired to locate a legendary relic with healing powers; the Knights of Malta will stop at nothing to get the relic for their own and gain favor with the Pope) $7.99
King, Laurie R. The Game (Mary Russell #7: Reissue; Traveling incognito, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes head for India to search for a missing spy, and find themselves caught up in a game of intrigue and political machinations) $15.00
King, Laurie R. Locked Rooms (Mary Russell #8: Reissue; As Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes attempt to settle their affairs in San Franciso, Mary's past catches up with them - and a mysterious stranger who may hold the key to the locked rooms that have been haunting Mary's dreams) $15.00
King, Laurie R. The Language of Bees (Mary Russell #9: When Holmes' son Damian Adler arrives unexpectedly and then disappears, Holmes and Russell follow the trail from bohemian London to Scotland, where a horrifying ceremony must be stopped) $15.00
King, Laurie R. The God of the Hive (Mary Russell #10: Russell is covertly making her way back to London, picking up a mysterious friend along the way. Holmes has fled to Holland, hiding a wounded son. And the villains who nearly killed them all are back in London, laying traps to finish off the intrepid detectives) $25.00
Knox, Tom The Genesis Secret (A series of grisly killings in the British Isles are linked to an archaeological discovery in Kurdistan that challenges the origins of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) $15.00
Knox, Tom The Marks of Cain (An ancient map leads a lawyer to the Basque mountains, where a genetic curse lies buried; a London journalist learns that two murder victims had been interred at a top-secret Nazi camp in the Basque region and knew about experiments conducted there) $26.95
Koontz, Dean Relentless (A bestselling novelist wants to get a look at a reclusive critic whose opinion can make or break a career; the critic isn't what he expected, and neither is the escalating terror that follows) $9.99
Kuhlken, Ken The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles (California Century: 1926: When the LAPD won't investigate, Tom Hickey's decision to look into the lynching death of a Negro friend leads to a beating, and rumors of high-profile enemies. With local politicians involved in the cover-up, Tom discovers the key to the murder lies close to home; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Lavene, Joyce and Jim A Timely Vision (Missing Pieces #1: PBO; When Miss Mildred asks Dae O'Donnell to find her missing watch, Dae finds herself looking for more - she must prove the town matriarch isn't a cold-blooded killer) $7.99
Leonard, Elmore Road Dogs (Mystery featuring Cundo Rey (last seen in LaBrava ) and Jack Foley (last seen in Out of Sight )) $13.99
Levin, Daniel The Last Ember (Archaeologist turned lawyer Jonathan Marcus joins the hunt for the famed Tabernacle Menorah, seized by Roman invaders in the first century AD) $16.00
Levine, Laura Death of a Trophy Wife (Jaine Austen #9: When Jaine's neighbor is the prime suspect in the murder of a local business tycoon's wife, Jaine sets out to find the real killer) $22.00
Liss, David The Devil's Company (Benjamin Weaver #3: Ruffian for hire Weaver infiltrates the East India Company and uncovers a secret plot of corporate rivals, foreign spies and government operatives) $15.00
Lister, Michael Thunder Beach (Thousands of bikers have descended on Panama City. Amid the bikes & beer&d bikinis, brutal crimes are being committed. Between crashes of thunder, a killer strikes, & a young woman's life hangs in the balance; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Loomis, Jon Mating Season (Frank Coffin #2: Detective Frank Coffin and his partner officer Lola Winters investigate the murder of a Provincetown heiress with a very active love life) $7.99
Macintyre, Ben Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory (Nonfiction; near the end of WWII, British officials planted a dead body in a British uniform, along with a briefcase full of false intelligence, in Nazi territory, tricking them into changing military positions and paving the way for an Allied victory) $25.99
Maloney, Mack The Pirate Hunters (Team Whiskey, a hard-bitten cadre of ex-Delta Force vets, go after cutthroat pirates off the Somali coast) $7.99
Manning, John The Killing Room (Members of the Young family have been targeted throughout the years by an elusive killer; ex-FBI agent Carolyn Cartwright is hired to investigate) $6.99
Martini, Steve Guardian of Lies (Paul Madriani #10: Madriani investigates the case of a woman accused of murder and a million-dollar heist, a trial that will unravel a conspiracy and a missing nuclear device) $9.99
McDermott, Andy The Covenant of Genesis (Wilde & Chase #4: PBO; After Nina discovers an artifact that will rewrite human history, her ship is attacked and the artifact stolen by a clandestine group that wants the secret to stay hidden) $7.99
Meier, Leslie Mother's Day Murder (Lucy Stone #15: Part-time reporter and mother of four Lucy Stone investigates another murder in Tinker's Cove, Maine) $6.99
Meyer, L.A. My Bonny Light Horseman (Bloody Jack #6: YA; To save her friends, Jacky Faber poses as a dancer in Paris, where she entices a general into revealing military secrets. Then she dons male clothing and worms her way into a post in the French army, leading a team of men to fight alongside the great Napoleon) $8.99
Monroe, Aly The Maze of Cadiz (1944: Sent to Spain to arrest a rogue spy, British agent Peter Cotton arrives to find his quarry dead, and must navigate a labyrinth of conspiracies and shifting allegiances to find the truth) $12.95
Nadel, Barbara River of the Dead (Inspector Ikmen #11: When a convicted murderer and drug baron escapes from an Istanbul prison, apparently with inside help, Ikmen and Suleyman investigate, and uncover a web of arms and drug running, terrorism, blackmail, and murder) $8.99
Nadel, Barbara Death by Design (Inspector Ikmen #12: Documents found in an Istanbul factory point to a terrorist attack in London. Ikmen goes undercover in the North London Turkish community, but what he uncovers there is certainly not what his British colleagues were expecting) $24.95
O'Connell, Carol Killing Critics (Mallory #3: Reissue; The investigation of an artist found murdered in an art gallery leads NYPD detective Kathleen Mallory to revisit a double homicide originally investigated by her father 12 years earlier) $7.99
O'Donnell, Peter (writer) / Colvin, Neville (artist) Death in Slow Motion: Death in Slow Motion / Alternative Man / Sweet Caroline (Modesty Blaise: Reprints classic black & white comic strips featuring three adventures of Modesty Blaise and her trusty henchman Willie Garvin) $19.95
Orloff, Alan Diamonds for the Dead (When Josh returns to Virginia to bury his estranged father, he learns his thrifty dad was filthy rich - and that his diamond stash is missing. Was his dad's death truly an accident?) $14.95
Palahniuk, Chuck Tell-All (For years, Hazie has been looking after veteran Hollywood actress Katherine Kenton. When Hazie discovers that Miss Kathie's newest beau has written a celebrity tell-all memoir - foretelling Miss Kathie's death in an upcoming Lillian Hellman musical - she must come up with a plan to save he) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. Brimstone (Cole & Hitch #3: Hired as deputies, Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole struggle to keep the peace when a local church leader stirs up trouble in the saloons of Brimstone and the violence escalates into murder) $9.99
Parker, Robert B. Blue-Eyed Devil (Hitch & Cole #4: Appaloosa's new chief of police is Amos Callico, a man with political ambitions. He wants Cole and Hitch on his side, but they can't be bought, which upsets him mightily. There will be a showdown) $25.95
Parrish, Stephen The Tavernier Stones (When a body floats to the surface of a bog with a 57-carat ruby clutched in its fist, the grisly discovery ignites a deadly international treasure hunt to find a stash rumored to contain some of the world's most famous missing jewels) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett #2: A murderer is slaughtering the powerful and arrogant of Manhattan; Detective Bennett's investigation reveals a pattern that leaves him with just hours to save NYC from disaster) $9.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M The 9th Judgment (Women's Murder Club #9: Detective Lindsay Boxer and her friends work on two cases: a woman and infant gunned down in a parking garage, and the death of an actor's wife who walked in on a home burglary) $27.99
Patterson, Richard North The Spire (Lawyer Mark Darrow becomes his alma mater's new president, and begins an investigation into a 16-year-old murder that sent his best friend to prison for life) $9.99
Peters, Gretchen Seeds of Terror: How Heroin Is Bankrolling the Taliban and al Qaeda (Nonfiction; the booming Afghanistan opium trade and its financing of terrorism) $16.00
Pilkey, Brent Lethal Rage (A young cop, newly transferred from a virtually crime-free division, is thrown into a brutal war against a dealer intent on taking over Toronto's drug trade) $24.95
Pratt, Scott Killer Cuts (Dead-End Job #8: When a gossip blogger and TV show host is murdered at his own wedding, his high-end hairstylist is the chief suspect; Helen is determined to clear him to save her job at his salon) $6.99
Pratt, Scott Injustice for All (Joe Dillard #3: Investigating the death of Judge Leonard Green takes prosecutor Joe Dillard from the halls of justice into his own home, and he's not sure he can face the answer he'll find) $7.99
Purser, Ann The Hangman's Row Enquiry (Ivy Beasley #1: Cantankerous spinster Ivy Beasley teams up with mysterious newcomer Gus and her own cousin to solve the murder of an elderly neighbor) $7.99
Puzo, Mario (writing as Mario Cleri) Six Graves to Munich (Reissue; Captured by Nazis, intelligence officer Michael Rogan was experimented on, subjected to atrocity after atrocity. But first they'd done the same to his wife, and unborn child. Now, ten years later, he's returned for revenge) $14.00
Rankin/Cabell Ian Rankin and Inspector Rebus (Nonfiction; Cabell draws on extensive interviews with Rankin to explore both the writer and his creation) $26.95
Reed, W. Craig Red November: Inside the Secret US-Soviet Submarine War (Nonfiction; the underwater battles and espionage operations of America's Cold War with the Soviet Union) $27.99
Rollins, James Subterranean (Reissue; A scientific team is chosen to explore a subterranean labyrinth discovered under the Antarctic ice. But they are not the first to venture there - and those they follow did not return) $9.99
Rose, Karen I Can See You (A homicide detective investigating suspicious suicides connects them to the 'Shadowland' website; the woman who runs the site is one of the killer'stargets) $7.99
Rose, M.J. The Hypnotist (Reincarnationist #3: After a brutal attack, an FBI agent finds himself suffering from impossible nightmares. If reincarnation is real, how can he live with who he was in his past life?) $24.95
Saint Bris, Gonzague Lafayette: Hero of the American Revolution (Nonfiction; a history of Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette, recounting his invaluable contributions to the American War of Independence and the French Revolution of 1789) $27.95
Sandford, John Wicked Prey (Lucas Davenport #19: Davenport faces a psycho who's gunning for his daughter, a crew of professional stickup men taking advantage of the GOP convention, and a right-wing crazy with a sniper rifle) $9.99
Slan, Joanna Campbell Photo, Snap, Shot (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft #3: At the elite academy that she attends, Kiki's daughter Anya finds a teacher's dead body - and might have seen the killer. Kiki sifts through the school community's many secrets to pin down the killer) $14.95
Smith, Tom Rob The Secret Speech (Leo Demidov #2: 1956: Stalin is dead. Leo Demidov is establishing a homicide department in Moscow; the legacy of his past career puts him and his family in danger from someone with a grudge) $13.99
Stone, David The Skorpion Directive (Micah Dalton #4: Dalton finds himself the target of a complex plot with the potential to shatter America's strategic alliances; the conspiracy pits him against an ultra-secret US agency and trained KGB killers) $25.95
Stott, Rebecca The Coral Thief (Paris, 1815: Anatomy student Daniel Connor's letters of introduction and coral specimens have been stolen by a beautiful woman on the stagecoach. When he begins searching for them, he finds an underground world of philosopher thieves obsessed with the emerging theory of evolution) $15.00
Strange, Marc Follow Me Down (Small-town police chief Orwell Brennan investigates the murder of a man found pinned to a tree trunk with arrows) $24.95
Strong, Terence President Down (As a routine intelligence operation escalates into an international crisis, a former intelligence officer and sniper school instructor races against time to avert a terrorist threat) $9.99
Sweeney, Leann The Cat, the Professor, and the Poison (Cats in Trouble #2: PBO; Jill's search for a friend's stolen cow leads to the discovery of fifty stray cats - and one murder victim) $6.99
Symon, Vanda Containment: A Cargo to Die For (Sam Shephard #3: Sam Shephard is training as a detective when she's assigned what seems to be a routine diving accident off the Otago coast - until forensics reveal that the man didn't drown) $19.95
Talton, Jon Deadline Man (A columnist's safely compartmentalized life is violently upended when an apparently mundane assignment plunges him into a maze of murder, intrigue, and secrets that powerful forces intend to keep hidden; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Talton, Jon The Pain Nurse (Ex-cop Will Borders' stretcher is wheeled past a crime scene, and he realizes that a doctor's murder bears all the hallmarks of a serial killer case Will supposedly solved years before) $14.95
Tracy, P.J. Shoot to Thrill (UK title: Play to Kill) (Monkeewrench #5: The Monkeewrench geeks link a murder case that Minneapolis homicide cops Gino Rolseth and Leo Magozzi are working to a series of murder videos posted on the internet. Now it's a race against the clock to prevent more killings) $24.95
Turow, Scott Innocent (Kindle County #7: 20 years after being accused of murdering his ex-lover, Rusty Sabich, now an appellate court judge, is once again a suspect when his wife dies under mysterious circumstances; signed copies expected; unabridged CDS $39.98) $27.99
Unger, Lisa Die for You (Isabel Raine embarks on a journey from New York City to Prague, seeking the answer to one question: What if she never really knew the man she married?) $14.99
Verdon, John Think of a Number (A letter-writer who can predict a person's thoughts moves from threats to brutal murder; a retired detective, the most decorated in NYPD history, finds himself in a desperate race to outthink the ingenious foe) $25.00
Viets, Elaine Half-Price Homicide (Dead-End Job #9: Working at a high-end consignment shop, Helen becomes a prime suspect when a fashionista is found dead in the dressing room with a scarf Helen was just holding tied around her neck) $22.95
Volz, Eric Gringo Nightmare: A Young American Framed for Murder in Nicaragua (Nonfiction; accused of murdering a former girlfriend, Volz spent over a year in horrific conditions in a Nicaraguan prison) $25.99
Wall, Kathryn R. Canaan's Gate (Bay Tanner #10: Bay is hired by a bank employee to find proof that a colleague is scamming the Castlemains, an elderly, wealthy Hilton Head couple; the case is complicated first by Mrs. Castlemain's sudden death and then by the disappearance of Bay's client) $24.99
Wallace, Tom Heirs of Cain (Cain, a brilliant and lethal former assassin, must track down a psychopathic ex-commando who has been hired to eliminate the US President and three top Middle Eastern leaders) $7.95
Webb, Debra Anywhere She Runs (Alabama police detective Adeline Cooper, haunted by a dangerous past, is being targeted by a killer - and working side-by-side with a handsome and headstrong ex-lover) $7.99
Wells, Shirley The Broken Circle (Kennedy & Trentham #4: Forensic psychologist Jill Kennedy and DCI Max Trentham investigate when a London man with a dark past is murdered after moving to the quiet Lancashire village where Kennedy lives) $25.00
Wilcox, John Siege of Khartoum (Simon Fonthill #6: 1884: Fonthill and his companion 352 Jenkins are to sneak into besieged Khartoum and let General Gordon know that a relief force is on the way. Captured by a Dervish patrol, can they survive interrogation and complete their mission?) $9.99
Woods, Stuart Hothouse Orchid (Holly Barker #6: Returning to her hometown of Orchid Beach, Holly finds the new police chief is her former Army CO, a man she brought up on sexual harassment and rape charges years ago) $9.99


Axler, James Arcadian's Asylum (Deathlands #92: PBO; An ambitious baron wants to turn his ville into the heart of a new civilization - with Ryan Cawdor and his warriors as unwilling participants. In his secret underground laboratories, a new terror is about to be reborn) $6.99
Axler, James Infinity Breach (Outlanders #53: PBO; When an artifact rips a portal deep into time and space, beings of Light appear to close the breach; their solution involves the complete eradication of mankind) $6.99
Brown, Dale Executive Intent (A planned US space-based defense system may cause an arms race with China; when the President cancels the project and calls for treaties to eliminate space-based weapons, China refuses to negotiate) $26.99
Child, Lee 61 Hours (Jack Reacher #14: A bus accident lands Reacher in a small South Dakota town, where a cop enlists him to protect the sole witness who can help convict a brutal crime ring; unabridged CDs $45.00) $28.00
Cole, Meredith Dead in the Water (Lydia McKenzie #2: Lydia starts taking pictures of prostitutes on the waterfront. When her first subject ends up dead, Lydia gets a job snapping pictures of a wayward husband - who may be the killer) $24.99
Coonts, Deborah Wanna Get Lucky? (Lucky O'Toole #1: While overseeing an adult film industry banquet, a spouse-swapping convention, and a high-tech conference, the head of Customer Relations at a Vegas resort sets out to solve a murder) $24.99
Depoy, Phillip The King James Conspiracy (1605: A group of scholars is brought together in Cambridge to create a definitive English translation of the Bible; ancient secrets are revealed that threaten the most basic beliefs of Christianity) $14.99
Doiron, Paul The Poacher's Son (Mike Bowditch #1: When his father Jack is arrested for killing a local cop, and then escapes from custody, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch will have to find the real killer to clear Jack's name) $24.99
Drake, John Flint and Silver: A Prequel to Treasure Island (A tale of bloody battles, mutinous crews, sexual rivalry, and women as treacherous as the storms at sea, set in the Caribbean and South Atlantic during the mid-1700s) $15.00
Fister, Barbara Through the Cracks (Anni Koskinen #2: PI Anni Koskinen's investigation of a serial rapist reveals connections to a politically ambitious attorney and a missing woman whose uncertain fate has gripped public attention) $24.99
French, Nicci The Other Side of the Door (When Bonnie finds her secret lover dead in his apartment, she panics, hides his body, and removes every trace of her presence. But the truth will get out) $25.99
Grant, Andrew Die Twice (David Trevellyan #2: Trevellyan is assigned to find a rogue Royal Navy Intelligence operative and put an end to his treacherous scheme) $24.99
Gruber, Michael The Good Son (Captured by terrorists, Jungian psychologist Sonia Laghari works to keep her fellow captives alive while her ex-Delta Force son uses his military connections to find and free them) $26.00
Haines, Kathryn Miller When Winter Returns (Rosie Winter #4: 1943: Rosie and her friend Jayne discover that Jayne's dead fiance was not who he said he was. Rosie's ex is wounded, suspected of desertion, and engaged to a gorgeous WAC. And both girls find themselves blacklisted from the New York theater scene without explanation) $14.99
Hawke, Richard House of Secrets (The bed Senator Andrew Foster shared with a young staffer is now a crime scene. Injured, his lover dead, Andy worries that his career might be over - and a threatening call tells him his problem is worse than he thinks) $25.00
Heyer, Georgette Envious Casca (Inspector Hemingway #2: Reissue; The universally disliked host of a holiday party is found murdered behind locked doors; the English country house is full of hostile guests, every one of whom has something to hide) $13.99
Holt, K.A. Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel (Kids; On eight hours' notice, Mike is whisked away to Mars. And there may be some problems: his parents seem to be involved in a sabotage plot, and, back on Earth, his sister seems to be missing) $7.99
Huston, James W. Falcon Seven (Two US Navy fliers face war crimes charges at the Hague after bombing a medical post instead of a terrorist target; their lawyer prepares a defense, but would prefer to extract them by extra-legal means) $24.99
Joven, Enrique The Book of God and Physics (A mysterious manuscript has defied decryption for years; when a key is found, powerful forces conspire to keep the manuscript from being decoded) $14.99
Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. Hitler's Holy Relics: A True Story of Nazi Plunder and the Race to Recover the Crown Jewels of (Nonfiction; at the end of WWII, Lt. Walter Horn must recover the stolen Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire and stop a Nazi plot to create a Fourth Reich) $27.00
Lange, Richard This Wicked World (Former marine and ex-con Jimmy Boone finds himself neck-deep in trouble when he agrees to back up a buddy and look into a young man's mysterious death) $14.99
Lewis, Simon Bad Traffic (Inspector Jian, a tough Chinese cop, arrives in rural England to search for his missing daughter and is soon fighting for his life against a vicious gang of human traffickers) $15.00
Margolin, Phillip Supreme Justice (Cutler & Miller #2: PI Dana Cutler and attorney Brad Miller work with FBI agent Keith Evans to untangle a five-year-old case involving a ghost ship and the President's Supreme Court nominee) $25.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Death Run (Executioner #378: PBO; Bolan tracks a group of fundamentalist extremists who have stolen a shipment of weapons-grade plutonium) $4.99
Pintoff, Stefanie In the Shadow of Gotham (Simon Ziele #1: New York City, 1905: Detective Simon Ziele and Columbia University criminologist Alistair Sinclair investigate the murder of math student Sarah Wingate. Winner of the Mystery Writers of America / Minotaur Books First Crime Novel Award) $14.99
Pintoff, Stefanie A Curtain Falls (Simon Ziele #2: Detective Simon Ziele scours the streets of 1905 New York for a serial killer who is preying on chorus girls) $24.99
Preston, D/Child, L Fever Dream (Pendergast #10: Special agent Pendergast learns that his wife's rifle, her only protection from the lion who killed her, had been loaded with blanks. Who could have wanted her dead, and why?; unabridged CDs $44.98) $26.99
Puls, Mark Henry Knox: Visionary General of the American Revolution (Nonfiction; a portrait of Knox, whose talent for logistics and tactics played a key role in all of George Washington's battles) $17.00
Rowland, Laura Joh Bedlam (Charlotte Bronte #2: On a tour of London's famous insane asylum, Charlotte is sure she recognizes her long-missing ex-lover strapped to one of the stretchers. She starts digging, and soon finds herself trying to reveal a secret that powerful men would kill to protect) $24.95
Rutherford, Alex Raiders from the North (Empire of the Moghul #1: In the early 1500s, Timurid prince Babur leads his warriors against rampaging armies and ambitious enemies to found an empire that will dominate the Indian subcontinent) $24.99
Sandford, John Storm Prey (Lucas Davenport #20: A pharmacy robbery escalates to murder; as the robbers head for their truck, they come face to face with a blonde woman. Can she identify them? They decide to find out who she is, and eliminate her. Who is she? Weather Karkinnen, wife of an investigator named Lucas Davenport; unabridged CDs $39.95) $27.95
Santlofer/Rozan (eds) The Dark End of the Street (Anthology; original stories of sex and crime) $16.00
Silver, Alain et al The Film Noir Encyclopedia (Revised and expanded from the 1993 edition. A comprehensive guide to film noir, illustrated with hundreds of black & white film stills and photos) $40.00
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (Enola Holmes #4: Kids; Enola discovers her friend Lady Cecily is being held hostage in an abysmal orphanage, and if she isn't rescued, she'll be forced into a miserable marriage!) $6.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Gypsy Good-bye (Enola Holmes #6: Kids; As Enola searches for the missing Lady Blanchefleur del Campo, she discovers that her brother Sherlock is looking for her - only Enola can decipher a message from their long-lost mother) $14.99
Stanton, Doug Horse Soldiers (Nonfiction; immediately after 9/11, a band of Special Forces soldiers entered Afghanistan on horseback to capture a strategic city, thereby effectively defeating the Taliban in the rest of the country) $16.00
Steinhauer, Olen The Nearest Exit (Milo Weaver #2: Before he can get back to the CIA's dirty work, Milo must prove his loyalty to his new bosses, who know little of Milo's background, and less about who is pulling the strings in the government; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.99
Temple, Peter Truth (Inspector Stephen Villani, head of homicide in Melbourne, finds himself immersed in an unfamiliar world of political scandal and ethical ambiguity as he tries to deal with several grisly homicides as well as troubles at home) $26.00
Thor, Brad The Apostle (Scot Harvath #8: Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath must find the kidnapped daughter of a politically connected family in the terrorist frontier of Afghanistan) $9.99
Underwood/Due/Barnes From Cape Town with Love (Tennyson Hardwick #3: Hired as a bodyguard at a birthday party for the daughter of a wealthy actress, Tennyson is fired when the girl is kidnapped, but he can't let the case rest) $25.00
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Angel's Game (Cemetery of Forgotten Books #2: In 1920s Barcelona, a young novelist obsessed with a forbidden love receives an offer from an enigmatic publisher to write a book like no other) $15.95

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