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Newsletter #88 December, 2009 February, 2010



Martian Fluxx (Kids; Rev up your Flying Saucers! Isn't it time you finally took over that tantalizing blue-green planet next door? 100 cards plus instructions; 2-6 players; 10-40 minutes) $16.00
Monty Python Fluxx (Kids; The card game where it's fun to make your brain hurt. Get a shrubbery for the knights who say 'NI!' Build a giant wooden rabbit! Don't expect the Spanish Inquisition! 100 cards plus instructions; 2-6 players; 10-40 minutes) $20.00
Zombie Fluxx (Kids; The dead are returning to life, so what are you planning to do? Grab a chainsaw? Barricade the windows? Start a zombie baseball team? 100 cards plus instructions; 2-6 players; 10-40 minutes) $16.00
Adams, D/Gaiman, N Don't Panic (Updated to include the film and publication of the sixth book, And Another Thing . . . by Eoin Colfer. A celebration of the life and work of an ape-descended human named Douglas Adams) $14.95
Adams, D/O'Dair, M The Rough Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Companion to the universe created by Adams, covering books, TV, movie, radio, and more) $12.99
Adams, John Joseph (ed) The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology; 28 stories (2 original); Holmes and Watson investigate ghosts, aliens, pirates, dinosuars, shape-shifters, evil gods, and criminal masterminds) $15.95
Asher, Neal Shadow of the Scorpion (Polity: Ian Cormac signs up with Earth Central Security and is sent out to help restore and maintain order on worlds devastated by the war. There he discovers that the Prador are as murderous as ever, but not nearly as treacherous or dangerous as some of his fellow humans) $7.99
Austen, J/Winters, B Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (Evicted from their childhood home, the Dashwood sisters are sent to live on a mysterious island full of savage creatures and dark secrets) $12.95
Bacigalupi, Paolo The Windup Girl (What happens when calories become currency? When bio-terrorism becomes a tool for corporate profits, and genetic drift forces mankind to the cusp of post-human evolution?) $24.95
Baker, Keith Gloom: Unfortunate Expeditions (YA; 55-card expansion set for the Gloom card game, including morbid new Modifiers, Events, and Untimely Deaths, plus the Bumpersnoot family,explorers who have faced misfortune around the globe) $14.95
Berman, Steve (ed) So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction (Reissue; Anthology; 22 fairy tales for adults, about men who love men, women who love women, and mortals who love creatures of magic) $18.00
Bisson, Terry The Left Left Behind (Collection: a satirical short story, a 1-act play, and an interview with the outspoken SF author) $12.00
Black, H/Naifeh, T The Kin (Good Neighbors #1: YA; Graphic novel; Rue Silver learns that her mother is a faerie who has vanished back to the faerie realm because of a broken promise. Rue will have to face sinister forces to get her mother back) $9.99
Bloch, Robert Mysteries of the Worm: Early Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (Collection; 20 horror stories) $15.95
Campbell/Prepolec (eds) Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology; 11 original tales of mystery and dark fantasy) $16.95
Connolly, John The Gates (The Abernathys don't mean any harm by their flirtation with the Underworld, but they create a gap in the universe, through which the gates to Hell are visible. Can young Samuel harness the power of science, faith, and love to save the world as we know it?; a few signed copies) $24.00
Cook, Glen The Dragon Never Sleeps (Reissue; Kez Maefele and a motley group of mysterious aliens, biological constructs, and scheming aristocrats find themselves at the center of the conflict between the tyrannical Guardships and unknown forces from outside Canon Space that promise more death and destruction) $7.99
Datlow, Ellen (ed) Lovecraft Unbound (Anthology; 20 tales (16 originals and 4 reprints) inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft) $19.95
Datlow, Ellen (ed) The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 1 (Anthology; 21 of the best horror stories of 2008. Replaces the now-defunct St. Martin's Press series Year's Best Fantasy and Horror) $15.95
Davidson, Avram Rogue Dragon (Reissue; Jon-Joras came to Earth arrange a dragon hunt to amuse his king. But suddenly the dragons have become dangerous - quick, deceptive. And Jon-Joras finds himself in the middle of an uprising that could shake the ruling powers) $14.99
del Rey, Lester War and Space (Selected Short Stories #1: Collection; 29 stories portraying different visions of the far reaches of space, travel between the planets, and life in a post-apocalyptic world) $29.00
Earles, Steve The Golden Labyrinth: The Unique Films of Guillermo del Toro (A comprehensive study of del Toro's films, covering their inspiration, genesis, and production. Full color throughout) $29.95
Fenn, Jaime Principles of Angels (Hidden Empire #1: A prostitute seeks revenge on his aunt's killer as he struggles to survive on the streets; to save her own life, a singer must find and kill a renegade alien; they may be the only ones who can save Khesh City) $14.95
Flint, E/Resnick, M (eds) When Diplomacy Fails: An Anthology of Military SF (Anthology; 9 tales (all reprints) of the men, women, and aliens who fight the wars the politicians come up with; Signed copies) $30.00
Foglio, Phil & Kaja Agatha Heterodyne and the Castle of Bones (Girl Genius #8: YA; Full color graphic novel; Agatha must find a way to repair the defenses of her family's broken mechanical fortress - before the hometown she's just returned to is wiped off the map) $22.95
Gaiman, Neil Odd and the Frost Giants audiobook (Kids; Unabridged; read by Neil Gaiman) $17.99
Gaiman, Neil/Wolfe, Gene A Walking Tour of the Shambles (Our guides reveal the secrets of the Shambles, including the best places to eat (and where not to accept food under any circumstances), where to begin your walking tour, and when to run) $15.00
Gordon, R/Williams, B Tunnels (UK title: The Highfield Mole) (Tunnels #1: Kids; Searching for his missing dad, 14-year-old Will unearths the unbelievable: The Colony, a secret subterranean society ruled by a cultlike overclass, the Styx. Before he can find his father, Will is captured) $7.99
Grant, Maxwell The Sealed Box / Racket Town / Bullet Bait (story) (Shadow #30: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell The Dark Death / House of Shadows / Murder by the Dead (radio script) (Shadow #31: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Hamilton, Laurell et al Guilty Pleasures Vol. 1 graphic novel (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Full color graphic novel; reprints issues 1-6 of the comic book. The hunt begins for the St. Louis vampire killer. Plus an all-new Anita Blake story) $14.99
Hamilton, Laurell et al Guilty Pleasures Vol. 2 graphic novel (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Full color graphic novel; reprints issues 7-12 of the comic book. The hunt for the St. Louis vampire murderer continues) $15.99
Hamilton, Laurell et al The First Death graphic novel (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Full color graphic novel; reprints issues 1-2 of the comic book plus the Guilty Pleasures Handbook . Prequel to the novels, taking a look at Anita's early career) $14.99
Harrison, Mette Ivie The Princess and the Hound (YA; George is heir to a kingdom threatened on all sides, possessor of the forbidden animal magic. Beatrice is a princess from a rival kingdom, the daughter her father never wanted, isolated from all except her hound. Bound to marry for duty in the aftermath of a war, will George and Beatrice fall in love?) $8.99
Henderson, C.J. The Sleep That Rescues (Teddy London #7: PI Teddy London inadvertently opens the dreamplane to a beautiful cat burglar, giving her access to the secrets of the universe, and throwing the balance of time and space into chaos) $14.95
Hines, Jim C. The Mermaid's Madness (Princess #2: PBO; When Queen Beatrice is attacked by an enraged undine queen, it's up to Danielle, Talia, and Snow to set things right, not only for Queen Bea and Lorindar, but for the merfolk as well) $7.99
Hite, Kenneth Cthulhu 101 (A humorous overview of things Lovecraftian) $8.95
Inclan, Jessica The Beautiful Being (Being #3: Edan and Ava surrender to the passion between them as they combine forces to protect their people from the Neballats, who want the Cyrigians for their special powers) $13.00
Jay, Stacey You Are So Undead to Me (Zombie Settler #1: YA; It's up to Megan Berry to stop the Zombie apocalypse when someone at school starts turning normal undead into scary flesh-eaters. Her life - and the homecoming dance - depend on it) $8.99
Joyce, Graham How to Make Friends with Demons (William Heaney has identified 1567 smoky figures, demons dwelling on the fringes of human life, influencing decisions with their sweet and poisoned voices. To weather the changes in his life, William must make friends with them) $24.95
Keillor, Garrison Pilgrims (Twelve Wobegonians, lead by high-school English teacher Marjorie Krebsbach, travel to Rome to find war hero 'Gussie' Norlander's grave) $25.95
Killjoy, Margaret (ed) Mythmakers and Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction (Nonfiction; 14 interviews that explore the relationship between personal politics and the world of fiction; with Le Guin, Moorcock, Alan Moore, others) $12.00
Kilpatrick/Morrell (eds) Tesseracts Thirteen: Chilling Tales of the Great White North (Anthology; 23 tales of horror and dark fantasy by Canadian authors) $16.95
Lamberson, Gregory Personal Demons (Jake Helman Files #1: Reissue; Ex-cop Jake Helman takes a security job at a genetic-engineering company whose deranged CEO is experimenting with the theft of the human soul) $7.95
Langan, Sarah Audrey's Door (PBO; The recent tragedy within 14B's walls has frightened away tenants . . . except for Audrey. But is it something otherworldly or Audrey's own instability that's to blame for the visions haunting her?) $7.99
Laurenston, Shelly The Mane Squeeze (Pride #4: Grizzly-shifter Lock MacRyrie falls for Gwen O'Neill, a tough Philly girl who is half lioness and half tigress) $14.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, S Double Vision (Collection; 28 short works of fantasy and sf, plus 2 poems; Signed copies) $17.95
Lee, Sharon/Miller, S Misfits (Liaden Chapbook #15: The story of one of Miri Robertson's adventures as a young recruit in Lizardi's Lunatics.; Signed copies) $11.00
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest Twilight Horror Asylum Pack (Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game: YA; First pack in the Dreamlands expansion, with 20 different never-before-seen cards, including Ghouls, Gugs, Zoog, the dynamic Day/Night mechanic, and the Dreamer, Twila Katherine Price) $9.95
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest: Westerhoff, Klaus / Goomi The Stars Are Right (YA; For 2-4 players, approximate game time 1 hour. Take the role of a cultist, summoning Lovecraftian horrors from beyond time and space. Make the stars right, summon a Great Old One, and win!) $27.95
Lyon, Jennifer Soul Magic (Wing Slayers #2: PBO; Bound by blood and passion, witch Carla Fisk and Wing Slayer Hunter Sutton West dare not succumb to their deadly attraction) $7.99
Macela, Ann Wild Magic (PBO; While searching for an item of mystical mayhem, witch Irenee Sabel meets undercover agent Jim Tylan, who is destined to be her soul mate) $7.95
Mamatas, N/Lake, J (eds) Spicy Slipstream Stories (Anthology; 13 original stories that employ the risque conventions of the old spicy pulp magazines to send up the foibles and eccentricities of slipstream fiction) $18.00
Mariotte, Jeff 30 Days of Night: Light of Day (PBO; The ripple effects of a new element in the battle between humans and undead will forever alter the rules of engagement) $7.99
Merritt, A. The Ship of Ishtar (Reissue; John Kenton didn't know what he expected when he broke open the stone block - but it wasn't to be hurled through space and time onto a golden ship in an endless sea. Will Kenton become a slave of alien powers, or take up his sword and prove himself true master of the Ship of Ishtar?) $14.99
Mieville/Bould (eds) Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction (Nonfiction; how SF is used to examine Marxist concerns, by filmmakers from Weimar cinema to mainstream Hollywood, and writers including Verne, Wells, Dick, Disch, Le Guin, MacLeod, and Stross) $27.95
Moorcock, Michael Masters of the Pit, or, Barbarians of Mars (Kane of Old Mars #3: Reissue; Kane and his blue giant companion Hool Haji must travel to the far reaches of the Red Planet to halt the hideous Green Death, a disease that rots the mind as well as the body) $12.99
Niffenegger, Audrey Her Fearful Symmetry (After two American girls inherit a London flat near Highgate Cemetery from their aunt, they become embroiled in their neighbor's odd lives, and discover that much is still alive at Highgate, including, perhaps, their aunt, who can't seem to leave her old life behind) $26.99
O'Brien, Robert C Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh (Reissue; Kids; Mrs. Frisby must move her mouse family immediately, but her youngest is too ill to be moved. Fortunately, the highly intelligent rats of NIMH agree to help her. 1972 Newbery Medal winner) $6.99
O'Connell, Jack The Resurrectionist (Hoping for a miracle, Sweeney has brought his comatose son Danny to a clinic where doctors claim to have helped similar patients. But the real cure may lie in Limbo, a comic book world Danny loved) $13.95
Parkin, Lance Time, Unincorporated: The Doctor Who Fanzine Archives Vol. 1 (Collects fifteen years of fanzine writings by Parkin, including a year-by-year survey and analysis of the series and much more) $19.95
Pratchett, Terry Unseen Academicals audiobook (Discworld #32: Unabridged) $39.99
Robeson, Kenneth Justice, Inc. / The Yellow Hoard / Tear Drop Tank (radio script) (Avenger #1: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Sky Walker / The Devil's Horns / Boulevard of Death (story) (Avenger #2: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Mental Wizard / The Secret of the Su / The Society Amazonia (radio script) (Doc Savage #29: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth Quest of the Spider / The Mountain Monster (Doc Savage #30: Reissue; Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley The Lucky Strike (Collection; 2 short stories and an interview with the outspoken SF author) $12.00
Rodda, Emily The Key to Rondo (Rondo #1: Kids; To stop a powerful witch, Mimi and her cousin Leo must find the key to a music box - and the magical world it contains) $6.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Diving Into the Wreck (Boss loves to dive derelict spacecraft. She finds an enormous, ancient, Earth-made ship. It shouldn't be there, and yet it is. Determined to investigate, what she discovers could rewrite history, cost lives, and start an intergalactic war) $16.00
Rush, Jaime Out of the Darkness (Offspring #2: PBO; Rand can see the future; his power has made him a target and could get him killed. So he's hiding out with others just like him, including Zoe, a mysterious redhead who has his heart soaring) $6.99
Sanderson, Brandon Alcatraz versus the Knights of Crystallia (Alcatraz Smedry #3: Kids; Alcatraz, his father, his best friend Bastille, and his Grandpa Smedry arrive at the Free Kingdom city of Crystallia, only to find it under siege. Can they save the city from being shattered by Evil Librarians?; Signed copies) $16.99
Scott, Melissa Shadow Man (Reissue; In the far future, humans have five distinctive genders. But on the planet Hara, only male and female genders are legal, and the 'odd-bodied' population are forced to pass as one or the other) $20.00
Skillingstead, Jack Are You There and Other Stories (Collection; 26 stories with fantastical and horrific settings) $24.95
Strahan, Jonathan (ed) Eclipse Three (Anthology; 15 original sf and fantasy stories where strange and wonderful things happen) $14.95
Tan, Cecilia (ed) Women of the Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica (Anthology; 15 original tales of lesbian vampire sex) $14.95
Tidhar, Lavie (editor) The Apex Book of World SF (Anthology; 16 tales of speculative fiction from around the globe) $18.95
Tobin, Betsy Ice Land (Iceland, AD 1000: Warned by the Fates of an impending disaster, Freya journeys deep into the mountains to find a necklace said to have the power to alter the course of history) $15.00
Tolkien, JRR/Bradley, MZ et al The Starlit Jewel: Songs from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit (Thirteen songs from Tolkien's books, seven set to music by Marion Zimmer Bradley, the other six by Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis. Performed by Broceliande) $16.00
VanderMeer, Jeff Finch (Ambergris: Tasked with solving an impossible double murder, detective John Finch searches for the truth among the war-weary ruins of the once-mighty city of Ambergris) $14.95
VanderMeer, Jeff Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st-Century Writer (Nonfiction; proven methods for surviving and thriving in today's publishing world) $14.95
Verba, Joan Deadly Danger! (Thunderbirds: Authorized novel set in Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds universe. Virgil Tracy, pilot of heavy-rescue craft Thunderbird 2, must help his brothers and associates stop a warped genius who will stop at nothing to prove that he is the greatest rocket scientist of the 2060s.; Signed copies) $15.95
Webb, Holly Catmagic (Grace's Pet Shop #1: Kids; Lottie is not excited about spending the summer with her uncle and cousin. But she's happy to spend her time talking to the animals at their pet shop - and one day the animals start to talk back!) $5.99
Webb, Holly Dogmagic (Grace's Pet Shop #2: Kids; A gang of mean girls run Lottie's new school. She has only one ally, her new friend Ruby. But will Ruby stick around if she finds out about Lottie's magical abilities?) $5.99
Whedon, Joss et al Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD (Aspiring supervillain Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) has two goals: get into the Evil League of Evil; and speak to his laundromat crush Penny (Felicia Day). Standing in his way is the dashing Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion). Live action, full color, 42 minutes plus bonus material) $14.95
Whedon, Joss et al Serenity: Better Days graphic novel (Full color graphic novel; reprints the 3-issue comic miniseries. After a successful heist, the crew of Serenity looks forward to a little R&R, but trouble is hot on their heels) $9.95
Whedon, Joss et al Serenity: Those Left Behind graphic novel (Full color graphic novel; reprints the 3-issue comic miniseries. The crew of Serenity takes on a scavenger mission that turns out to be a trap orchestrated by an old enemy with the help of the Blue Gloves) $9.95
Wurts, Janny Grand Conspiracy (Wars of Light and Shadow: Alliance of Light #2: Reissue; Volatile hatreds have overtaken all reason, and those that stand in Arithon's defense are downtrodden, in retreat, and close to annihilation) $8.99
Wurts, Janny Peril's Gate (Wars of Light and Shadow: Alliance of Light #3: Reissue; The ancient Paravians are stirring, summoned by trespassers on their sacred domain; and the Fellowship of Seven battle on many fronts as the Mistwraith's wards begin to break) $9.99


Halo: Evolutions: Essential Tales of the Halo Universe (Anthology; stories based on the game) $14.99
Abnett, Dan Titanicus (Warhammer 40,000: At the forge world of Orestes for refit and repair, one of the Imperium's most celebrated Titan Legions is thrown back into battle when a force of Chaos Titans attack) $8.99
Abnett, Dan/Lee, Mike The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade Vol. 2 (Warhammer: Omnibus reprint) $13.99
Acevedo, Mario Jailbait Zombie (Felix Gomez #4: To stop a ravenous army of zombies, vampire Felix Gomez must team up with a precocious teen clairvoyant - who won't help Felix unless he makes her a vampire) $7.99
Adair, Cherry Night Shadow (T-FLAC #14: PBO; To stop the rise of a superhuman terrorist threat, Lexi and Alex must work as a team, with lethal shadows looming behind them and no one to trust but each other) $7.99
Anderson, Poul The Van Rijn Method (Technic Civilization #1: Omnibus reprint; novel and stories featuring Nicholas Van Rijn, interstellar trader extraordinaire) $7.99
Armintrout, Jennifer Veil of Shadows (PBO; Exiled to the last Fae stronghold on Earth, Cerridwen searches for clues to her destiny - is it on Earth among the humans, or in the immortals' ancestral home beyond the portal?) $7.99
Ashley, Mike (ed) The Mammoth Book of Merlin (Anthology) $13.95
Ashley, Mike (ed) The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF (Anthology) $13.95
Ashwood, Sharon Scorched (Dark Forgotten #2: PBO; Now a half-demon, Mac's lost his family, his friends, and his job as a detective. When a beguiling vampire asks for his help to find her son, the case leads Mac to a supernatural prison) $7.99
Barrowman, John&Carole Anything Goes (Autobiography of the Torchwood star) $15.95
Baxter, Stephen Navigator (Time's Tapestry #3: 1492: As an explorer seeks funding for his voyage to the unknown West, a mysterious Weaver plots to unravel the strands of time and stop him) $7.99
Bear, Elizabeth Hell and Earth (Promethean Age #4: Conspiracy and subterfuge threaten Queen Elizabeth's power; tied by magic to her sister sovereign, Queen Mab finds herself weakened as well. Now the fate of both realms lies in the hands of two clever wordsmiths) $7.99
Beckett, Galen M. The Magicians and Mrs. Quent (Desperate to save her father, a former magician, from the madness that has overwhelmed him, Ivy finds the key to saving him while serving as governess to the wards of the enigmatic Mr. Quent) $15.00
Benson, Raymond Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Rookie operative Raiden is sent to rescue the US President, who is being held hostage by a terror group whose leader is rumored to be none other than Solid Snake himself) $14.00
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Witchlight (Witchlight #2: Reissue; To regain her memory, Winter must gather the scattered remnants of her college magic circle, who are being hunted by a dangerous Elemental) $14.99
Bradley, MZ/Paxson, D Sword of Avalon (Avalon #7: A boy raised in secret after traitors killed his parents returns to Avalon. There he must prove his worth and lead his followers to victory, wielding the newly-forged Excalibur) $24.95
Butcher, Jim Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera #5: For a thousand years, Alera and her furies have withstood every enemy and survived every foe. But now the dreaded Vord have come) $9.99
Butcher, Jim First Lord's Fury (Codex Alera #6: The Vord are on the march, and Gaius must lead his legions to stand against them, using all of his intelligence and furycraft to save the world from eternal darkness) $25.95
Carlson, Jeff Plague Zone (Plague #3: PBO; Nanotech researcher Ruth Goldman and ex-Army Ranger Cam Najarro discover that a new contagion is about to be unleashed) $7.99
Chadbourn, Mark The Silver Skull (Swords of Albion #1: Meet Will Swyfte - adventurer, swordsman, rake, scholar, and the greatest of Walsingham's spies - as he works to hold back Faerie's incursions into Elizabethan England) $16.00
Clark, Simon Ghost Monster (For nearly two centuries, a portrait has imprisoned the evil spirits of the notorious Justice Murrain and his gang. When the portrait is stolen, the spirits are freed to enjoy the darkest of pleasures) $7.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unworthy (Betsy Taylor #7: Not only is Betsy being hounded by a ghost who is even more insufferable in death than in life, but a pack of ancient vampires has decided to pay an unwelcome visit) $7.99
de Lint, Charles Muse and Reverie (Newford: Collection; urban fantasy stories) $25.99
de Pierres, Marianne Dark Space (Sentients of Orion #1: Drifting lost in space, a mineral scout discovers God. When word gets out, academics scramble to gain the Entity's favor. Meanwhile, Mina Fedor looks for help for her planet, which has been invaded - what she finds is galaxy-sized intrigue) $9.99
Dean, Alicia Heart of the Witch (A serial killer's only surviving victim, witch Ravyn Skyler must choose between protecting her coven's anonymity and helping detective Nick Lassiter crack the case) $6.99
DeMarce, Virginia 1635: The Tangled Web (Ring of Fire #16: The United States of Europe, an alliance between Sweden and the West Virginians from the 20th Century, has the know-how of 20th century tech, but the American traditions of freedom and justice are having an even stronger impact on Europe) $16.00
DeNiro, Alan Total Oblivion, More or Less (What's a girl to do when her world is invaded by warriors from ancient Europe? 16-year-old Macy sees her quiet life in Minnesota turned upside down by things that shouldn't be possible, and must learn how to survive in a brand-new world.; Signed copies expected) $15.00
Denning, Troy Return of the Archwizards: The Summoning / The Siege / The Sorcerer (Forgotten Realms: Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 3 gaming novels) $14.95
Dick, Philip K. Puttering About in a Small Land (Reissue; 1950s suburban LA: The meeting between two young couples whose sons attend the same school is a catalyst for a complicated series of emotions and traumas) $26.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Vampire Sunrise (Delilah Street #3: Sexy ex-FBI guy Ric Montoya and paranormal investigator Delilah Street take on vampires, gods, werewolves, and insane celebrity zombies as they unearth Las Vegas' darkest secrets) $7.99
Drake, Shannon Night of the Wolves (PBO; Hunting for her father's murderer, Alexandra Gordon's visions lead her to sacred Indian Territory in Texas, and into the arms of lawman (and vampire hunter) Cody Fox) $7.99
Eden, Cynthia Hotter After Midnight (Midnight #1: A psychotherapist who treats paranormal patients brings out the alpha male in a werewolf detective when they work together on a murder investigation) $6.99
Forstchen, William One Second After (A man struggles to save his family and his North Carolina small town after an electromagnetic pulse hits America) $14.99
Gay, Kelly The Better Part of Darkness (PBO; When the people of Atlanta fall under the spell of an otherworldly drug, detective/demon-hunter Charlie Madigan takes it upon herself to find the source) $7.99
Graham, Jo Black Ships (When nine black ships appear, captained by an exiled Trojan prince, Gull must decide: Remain an oracle? Or join the remnant of her mother's people in their desperate flight?) $7.99
Gray, R. Garland Darkscape: Redemption (Sent to Planet Forest to negotiate a trade agreement, Declan becomes a slave of Clan MacKendrick; the clan's princess develops a forbidden passion for him) $7.95
Greenwood, Ed Arch Wizard (Falconfar #2: Rod Everlar sets off in pursuit of the dark wizard Malraun, who has raised an army of monsters and mercenaries to conquer the world) $7.99
Gregory, Daryl The Devil's Alphabet (During Paxton's teen years, his small, isolated hometown was swept by a retrovirus that killed some, strangely transformed most, and left a few, including Paxton, untouched. Nothing else came of it, but now, a decade later, something is happening there - and Paxton is in the middle of it) $15.00
Gustainis, Justin Evil Ways (Morris & Chastain #2: Quincey Morris and Libby Chastain must stop an eccentric billionaire who is attempting to unleash the Black Wind through a series of witch murders) $7.99
Hamilton, Edmond Captain Future and the Space Emperor / Calling Captain Future / Captain Future's Challenge / The Triumph of Captain Future (Collected Captain Future #1: Omnibus reprint; 4 novels of space adventure) $40.00
Hamilton, Edmond The Metal Giants and Others (Collected Hamilton #1: Collection; tales from the pulps, in which a lone hero (usually a genius-scientist) must save the Earth from total annihilation) $40.00
Hamilton, Edmond The Star Stealers: The Complete Tales of the Interstellar Patrol (Collected Hamilton #2: Collection; tales of a galactic peacekeeping force) $40.00
Hamilton, Laurell K. Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse Vol. 1: Animator graphic novel (Full color graphic novel; reprints issues 1-5 of the comic book. Anita helps search for an abducted boy whose parents were gruesomely slaughtered) $16.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Swallowing Darkness (Meredith Gentry #7: Pregnant with twins by her royal guard, Meredith must wage battle against her darkest enemies as conspirators from every court plot against her) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Divine Misdemeanors (Meredith Gentry #8: Merry, pregnant with twins, refuses the throne of faerie and retreats to LA with her bodyguards in an attempt to protect the new life within her) $26.00
Harrison, Kim White Witch, Black Curse (Rachel Morgan #7: Rachel Morgan won't rest until her lover's death is avenged. And when a new predator moves to the apex of the Inderlander food chain, Rachel's past comes back to haunt her. Literally) $7.99
Hill, Joey W. A Mermaid's Ransom (Mermaid #3: Leader of the underworld, Dante longs to escape it. How better than to hold for ransom the Prime Legion Commander's daughter?) $15.00
Hoyt, Sarah A. Gentleman Takes a Chance (Shifters #2: Someone - or something - has been killing shifters in large numbers, and ancient and powerful shifters are converging on the city to find the killer) $7.99
Hunter, Erin The Fourth Apprentice (Warriors: Omen of the Stars #1: Kids; In the midst of a cruel season that threatens the lives of all four warrior Clans, bonds will be forged, promises made, and three young cats will start to unravel the secrets that bind them together) $16.99
Hunter, Erin Shattered Peace (Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path #1: Kids; Black & white manga; When five rogue cats come to the barn seeking shelter, Ravenpaw's new life is threatened. He and Barley must try to find a way to overpower the rogues) $6.99
Janssen, Victoria The Moonlight Mistress (On the eve of the Great War, an English chemist and a French scientist work to save a werewolf and her mate, who have been abducted by a perverted German scientist) $13.95
Jones, Stephen (ed) The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Volume 20 (Anthology) $13.95
Jones, Stephen (ed) The Mammoth Book of Wolf Men (Anthology) $13.95
Karpyshyn, Drew Dynasty of Evil (Star Wars: Darth Bane #3: Darth Bane heads out in search of an ancient Sith artifact that might hold the secret of immortality; his apprentice Zannah decides the time is ripe to take him on) $27.00
Kearney, Susan Rion (Pendragon Legacy #2: A beautiful human telepath is kidnapped by a sexy space explorer, who needs her gift to communicate with his enslaved people and save his planet) $6.99
Kelly, JP/Kessel, J (eds) The Secret History of Science Fiction (Anthology; stories that blur the lines between genre and literary fiction) $14.95
Kenner, Julie Torn (Blood Lily #2: PBO; After being tricked by the forces of evil, Lily must now act as a double agent, and try to take down the bad guys from within) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Born of Ice (League #3: A woman on the run from her past and a man whose old enemies have turned lethal must fight together, or fall alone) $7.99
Keyes, Greg (J. Gregory) The Infernal City (Elder Scrolls: Four decades after the Oblivion Crisis, Tamriel is threatened anew, by a floating city that casts a terrifying shadow - for wherever it falls, people die and rise again) $14.00
Kirkpatrick, Russell Beyond the Wall of Time (Broken Man #3: The queen, the fisherman, and the cosmographer must travel to Andratan to confront Husk. But whether they can break free of his hold on them, and defeat the Gods, is another matter entirely) $7.99
Kittredge, Caitlin Demon Bound (Black London #2: PBO; 13 years ago, Jack Winter bartered his soul for his life. Now the debt has come due, and a demon has appeared to take him to hell. Trouble is, Jack has finally found a reason to live) $7.99
Knaak, R/Tabet, S Beastmaster: Myth (Dar the Beastmaster's world is invaded by a dark power from the stars) $16.00
Knaak, Richard A. The Gargoyle King (Dragonlance: Ogre Titans #3: PBO; Facing magic, treachery, and distrustful gods, Golgren must find the answer in his own past if he is to have any hope of overcoming the Titans and the powers of the Fire Rose) $7.99
Knight, E.E. Dragon Rule (Age of Fire #5: Wistala leads the Firemaids, fierce female fighting dragons who support the Hominids of Hypatia. This puts her at odds with both her brothers. The time is fast approaching when she will have to choose who to stand with) $15.00
Lackey, Mercedes (ed) Changing the World (Valdemar: PBO; Anthology; original stories of Valdemar, including a new novella by Lackey) $7.99
Leigh/Knight/et al Beyond the Dark (Anthology; 4 tales of paranormal erotica) $7.99
Levitt, John Unleashed (Dog Days #3: PBO; Mason's faithful familiar Louie is in the line of fire when magic practitioners in San Francisco accidentally release a monster into the world) $7.99
Luceno, James Millennium Falcon (Star Wars: When Allana Solo discovers a strange device aboard the Millennium Falcon, Han and Leia set out to retrace the checkered history of the vessel) $7.99
Macdonald, James D. The Apocalypse Door (Peter Crossman #1: A very unholy object is found that may open a portal to damnation. It's up to a Knight Templar and a nun with a gun to set things right) $14.99
Mack, David Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice (Star Trek: Vanguard: PBO; Diego Reyes learns that his role in deciphering the truth about the Taurus Reach is not yet over) $7.99
Martin, George (ed) Busted Flush (Wild Cards #19: A new generation of aces has taken its place on the world stage, becoming crucial players in international events) $7.99
McCarty, Sarah Wild Instinct (Collection; 3 paranormal novellas featuring werewolves) $15.00
McKinley, Robin Chalice (YA; Marisol has been chosen as the new Chalice, to stand beside the Master and mix the ceremonial brews that hold the Willowlands together. But the relationship between Chalice and Master has always been tumultuous, and the new Master is unlike any before him) $7.99
Norton, A/Miller, S The Knight of the Red Beard (Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash and Rowan #5: Queen Ashen and King Gaurin have worked tirelessly to bring peace and prosperity, but their youngest children seem destined to alter the future of NordornLand - for better or for worse) $7.99
Odom, Mel Wrath of the Blue Lady (Forgotten Realms: Wilds #4: PBO; Allying with the vilest monsters of Faerun, a dark sorceress seeks to expand her empire beneath the waves and overcome the surface) $7.99
Oppegaard, David The Suicide Collectors (The Despair has plagued the Earth for five years, with most of the world's population committing suicide. It's rumored that a scientist in Seattle is working on a cure, but in a world ruled by death, it won't be easy for Norman to get there) $14.99
Oppegaard, David Wormwood, Nevada (When a meteorite lands in the center of Wormwood, the town begins to unravel; many believe the end of the world is near, while others seek a reason to believe in anything at all) $24.99
Paul, Graham Sharp The Battle of Devastation Reef (Helfort's War #3: PBO; Lt. Michael Helfort must lead the Federated dreadnoughts in an attempt to destroy the Hammer Worlds' secret antimatter warhead facility) $7.99
Rabe/Greenberg (eds) Spells of the City (PBO; Anthology; original stories about the special magic to be found in the big city) $7.99
Rench, Amy Fallen Rogue (Accidentally injected with a serum that gives her deadly psi abilities, Harper Kane is on the run for her life. The only one who can help her is Special Agent Rome Lucian - who's supposed to kill her) $6.99
Ringo, J/Taylor, T Claws That Catch (Looking Glass #4: Intel from the Hexosehr sends the Vorpal Blade to investigate rumors of an ancient civilization that may have created the 'black box' that drives humanity's only spaceship) $7.99
Rosenberg, Jonathan Goats: The Corndog Imperative (A collection of webcomics. Bickering cyber-geeks Jon and Phillip flew to the center of the galaxy where they met - and ate - God Himself, which may have kick-started the apocalypse) $15.00
Saintcrow, Lilith Flesh Circus (Jill Kismet #4: The Cirque de Charnu has come to town. When its performers start dying grotesquely, Jill Kismet has to find out why before the entire city becomes a carnival of horror) $7.99
Sands, Lynsay Tall, Dark & Hungry (Argeneau Family #4: Reissue; In New York to help plan her cousin's wedding, Terri is invited to stay with the new in-laws, where she meets the decidedly attractive vampire Bastien Argeneau) $7.99
Satterlie, Richard Imola (Agnes Hahn #2: After witnessing her sister's horrific murder, Agnes develops a multiple personality disorder; her alter ego turns murderous, and Agnes must fight to regain her life) $7.95
Secombe, Andy Looking for Mr. Piggy-Wig (In this comic fantasy, old-school PI Jack Lindsay becomes embroiled in a worldwide criminal conspiracy involving gun-smuggling, assassination, and a chain of burger outlets) $12.95
Sherman/Barzak (eds) Interfictions 2 (Anthology; stories that don't fit neatly into genre pigeonholes) $16.00
Simmons, Dan Carrion Comfort (Reissue; Three elderly friends, who feed off of emotions generated during the murders they orchestrate, meet every year to discuss their game - an ongoing competition of mass murder and vampirism) $19.99
Smith, Kathryn Dark Side of Dawn (Nightmare Chronicles #2: PBO; Just as Dawn begins to understand her powers, a new terror is unleashed on unsuspecting mortals) $6.99
Somers, Jeff The Digital Plague (Avery Cates #2: With every moment bringing the human race closer to extinction, wealthy New York criminal Avery Cates finds himself in the role of both executioner and savior of the entire world) $7.99
Taylor, Travis S. One Good Soldier (The US President takes swift action to prevent an interstellar war, and sends the US flagship to a seceding colony. But the Tau Ceti Separatists have a trap waiting for the starship - and they've kidnapped the president's daughter) $23.00
Taylor, Vickie Legacy of Stone (Gargoyle Levi Tremaine is being hunted. Can he distinguish friend from foe in time to save his soul - and the woman he loves? $7.99
Teglia, Charlene Claimed by the Wolf (Shadow Guardians #1: Kenrick desires Sybil as his mate. But to form their union, Sybil faces the ultimate test: She must bind herself to the Shadow Guardians by sharing herself with all five warriors) $13.99
Telep, Tricia (ed) The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance (Anthology) $13.95
Telep, Tricia (ed) The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 (Anthology) $13.95
Turtledove, Harry The United States of Atlantis (Atlantis #2: When England seizes the continent's eastern coastal town, revolutionary leader Victor Radcliff must struggle to preserve the freedom of the Atlantean people) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry Liberating Atlantis (Atlantis #3: Frederick Radcliff, descended from the family that founded the first settlement on Atlantis, is also a black slave, unable to prove his lineage; he becomes the leader of an army of slaves determined to free all of his brethren) $25.95
van Gelder, Gordon (ed) The Very Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Anthology; more than two dozen stories from the magazine, celebrating its 60th anniversary) $15.95
Vaught, SR/Redmond, JB A Prince Among Killers (Oathbreaker #2: YA; Dari and Stormbreaker grow closer as they search for Dari's missing twin; Nic and his captors find it harder to conceal their secrets; and Aron must decide whether the bond he keeps to his family will prove stronger than the oaths he has sworn to his closest friends) $9.99
Walker, Shiloh Hunter's Need (A shapeshifter cannot forgive the psychic who betrayed him - but he also can't shake his desire for her) $7.99
Ward, J.R. Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood #7: PBO; When his secret identity as a sympath is threatened, Rehvenge turns to the only light in his world - a female vampire untouched by corruption) $7.99
Weis, M/Hickman, T Bones of the Dragon (Dragonships #1: Sea-raider Skylan Ivorson, blessed by the god of war, has become Chief of the Vindrasi clans. Now, to save the ancient gods from the newcomers challenging them, the Vindrasi must recover the hidden Five Bones of the Vektia Dragons) $7.99
Werner, C.L. Forged by Chaos (Warhammer 40,000: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: PBO; To ensure victory against the Order of the Griffon, the power of the Winds of Chaos must be unleashed. To work such magic, Kormak must dare the Bastion Stair, and defy the Blood God's wrath) $7.99
White, Wrath James The Resurrectionist (Dale has the miraculous ability to raise the recent dead. But he's also insane. When he uses his power to brutally murder the woman next door, night after night, she must find a way to end this living nightmare) $7.99
Willis, Clare Once Bitten (A savvy young advertising executive falls for a dashing vampire) $4.99
Wright, S.L. Confessions of a Demon (PBO; When two opposing New York demon clans fight for power, bartender Allay, the only human/demon hybrid in existence, must decide where her loyalties lie) $7.99
Wurts, Janny Fugitive Prince (Wars of Light and Shadow: Alliance of Light #1: A Mistwraith has cursed two half brothers to a life of perpetual conflict: each believes absolutely in his cause, and loathes the other for opposing it) $8.99
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Burning Shadows (Saint-Germain #23: Unwilling to abandon the hundreds of terrified villagers he has led in flight from the Huns, the vampire Saint-Germain seeks sanctuary at an isolated monastery) $27.99
Zahn, Timothy Cobra Alliance (Cobra War #1: A new menace approaches the Cobra worlds, one that even the formidable Cobra warriors, with their undetectable surgically-implanted weapons, might not be able to defeat) $24.00
Zakour, John The Sapphire Sirens (Zach Johnson #7: PBO; PI Zach Johnson and his AI sidekick Harv are man-napped by the Amazon Kiana, who wants them to discover who killed her mother, the Queen) $7.99


Card, Orson Scott Hidden Empire (Empire #2: US President Torrent adopts a this-world-is-our-empire foreign policy; on the run, Cole and a few friends seek proof of how Torrent rigged his rise to power) $24.99
Hamilton, Peter F. Fallen Dragon (Reissue; During a bungled planetary invasion, Lawrence Newton learns of the Temple of the Fallen Dragon, devoted to the worship of a mythical creature. Its rumored wealth would allow Lawrence to return home. But treasure isn't always monetary. And just because something is called mythical doesn't mean it isn't real) $14.99
Marmell/Cordell/et al The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Role-playing game supplement with everything a DM needs to use this setting in a campaign) $29.95
Resnick, Mike Starship: Flagship (Starship #5: The Republic finds itself in an all-out war with the Teroni Federation; Cole leads his ragtag armada against the Republic as he and the crew of the Teddy R face their greatest challenge yet) $26.00


Adams, CT/Clamp, C Moon's Fury (Sazi #5: Reissue; Adam must integrate his exiled Minnesota wolves with Cara's Mexican red wolf pack in Texas; the pack leaders must stop a group of Sazi who are feeding on the wolf-children of both packs) $4.99
Adams, CT/Clamp, C Touch of Evil (Thrall #1: Reissue; Bitten by the Thrall, Kate's psychic ability puts her next in line to be Thrall Queen; she falls for werewolf Tom, whose pack is hiding the one person who can protect Kate from the Thrall) $4.99
Adams, CT/Clamp, C Touch of Madness (Thrall #2: Reissue; The Thrall will use any means necessary to force Kate to investigate the murder of their young; Tom's pack wants him to break up with Kate and mate with a werewolf) $4.99
Adams, CT/Clamp, C Touch of Darkness (Thrall #3: Reissue; Tom's werewolf ex-girlfriend is stalking Kate; Kate's dead ex-fiance has come back to rally the Thrall to kill all the werewolves and take over the world) $4.99
Anderson, Paul Young Flandry: Ensign Flandry / The Rebel Worlds (Commander Flandry) / A Circus of Hells ( Omnibus reprint; 3 space adventure novels) $13.00
Anvil, Christopher The Trouble with Humans (Collection; humorous sf stories. Pity the poor aliens who have to deal with those inexplicable creatures known as humans) $7.99
Archer, Z/D'Arc, B Half Past Dead (Anthology; 2 paranormal romance novellas with zombies) $14.00
Asimov, Isaac The End of Eternity (Reissue; An Eternal, who lives outside place and time, meets and falls in love with a woman who lives in real time and space. When he smuggles her into Eternity, they are caught, and he is assigned to kill the woman he loves before the paradox they have created results in the destruction of Eternity) $24.99
Bardsley, Michele Come Hell or High Water (Broken Heart #6: PBO; Phoebe's helping Connor and his friends retrieve part of an ancient talisman so they can ward off Connor's vicious demon stepmother. But can Phoebe's undead heart resist this bad boy?) $6.99
Bast, Anya Wicked Enchantment (Dark Magick #1: PBO; Aislinn must protect both her heart and her life when the Summer Queen orders her to act as guide for a half-incubus who possesses dark magick and sexual power) $7.99
Behrent, Sue Tethan Battle Adventure (Star Wars: Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny #3: Kids; Discover the secrets of B'omarr Monastery, dodge blaster fire, and come face to face with Asajj Ventress! You have the power to decide whether to become a Jedi or turn to the dark side) $4.99
Bell, Hilari Player's Ruse (Knight and Rogue #3: YA; Thief-turned-squire Fisk might have to save former knight errant Michael from a fate worse than death - unrequited first love) $17.99
Berg, Carol The Spirit Lens (Collegia Magica #1: When the King of Sabria charges him to investigate an attempted murder that has disturbing magical resonances, failed magic student Portier believes his dreams of a greater destiny might at last be fulfilled) $16.00
Beyer/Dommermuth/et al Path of the Planeswalker graphic novel (Magic the Gathering: Collects the entire web comic series, plus never before seen material) $14.95
Blair, Annette Naked Dragon (Works Like Magick #1: PBO; When McKenna Greylock contacts the Works Like Magick Employment Agency for a handyman, gorgeous Bastian Dragonelli arrives to repair her B&B - and fire up her bedroom) $7.99
Bova, Ben The Immortality Factor (Suddenly, stem-cell research creates the possibility of immortality. Two brothers, both doctors, are on opposite sides of the controversy, and must somehow bridge the gap) $7.99
Bowers, Michael Prison Ship (PBO; Framed for attempted murder, ex-Commander Jacob Steiner has one chance for reprieve. As captain of a Penitentiary Assault Vehicle, he'll lead a desperate crew of thieves and murderers behind enemy lines in exchange for their freedom) $7.99
Bradley, MZ/Ross, DJ Hastur Lord (Darkover: The Empire is about to become a Federation, and invites all worlds to join, but Regis Hastur know that Darkover would become little more than a military base, and will stop at nothing to save his world) $24.95
Brust, Steven Iorich (Vlad Taltos #12: Why is Aliera suddenly arrested for something everyone knows she's been doing for ages? Why aren't her powerful friends coming to her rescue? Why does she utterly refuse to do anything about her own defense?) $24.99
Butcher/Green/et al Mean Streets (Anthology; 4 urban fantasy novellas set in the author's signature worlds) $7.99
Bynum, Laura Veracity (In the wake of disaster, a new government took over, using draconian measures to suppress free speech; an underground resistance group is bent on revolution) $25.00
Card, Orson Scott Ender in Exile (12-year-old Ender Wiggin and his sister Valentine take passage to Colony One. Aboard ship, he is under the command of an ambitious man who doesn't understand what Ender is. But he will) $7.99
Carver, Jeffrey A. Sunborn (Thrown together to prevent interstellar disasters, John Bandicut and an eclectic group of aliens head for a star nursery in the Orion Nebula, where sentient stars are being driven to destruction by an AI bent on remaking the cosmos in its own image) $7.99
Chance, Karen Death's Mistress (Midnight's Daughter #2: PBO; Back home in Brooklyn, Dory realizes someone is killing vampire Senate members. If she can't stop the murderer, her friends may be next) $7.99
Chance/Liu/et al Inked (PBO; Anthology; 4 tales of paranormal romance where body art is more than it seems) $7.99
Cherryh, C.J. Regenesis (Alliance / Union: Unionside #3: Ariane Emory PR, the genetic clone of scientist Ariane Emory, searches for her progenitor's murderer, and struggles to avoid the same fate) $7.99
Cook, Glen The Many Deaths of the Black Company: Water Sleeps / Soldiers Live (Black Company #09 / #10: Omnibus reprint; two military fantasy novels) $17.99
Coughlin, Patricia The Lost Enchantress (When a long-lost family talisman resurfaces, Eve Lockhart has no choice but to claim her magical power, her dream of everlasting love, and her destiny) $14.00
Dayton, Gail Heart's Blood (Blood Magic #2: Victorian London: Found near the body of a man murdered by magic, a master conjurer is arrested for the crime. He must rely on a street urchin for help; in exchange, she wants to become his apprentice) $6.99
Drake, David The Gods Return (Lord of the Isles #9: Crown of the Isles #3 : The servants of the forbidden Gods of Palomir call forth the Worm, which threatens to devour all the life in the newly formed kingdom and make way for the reign of dark Gods) $7.99
Duncan, Dave Ill Met in the Arena (After his defeat by an older fighter, a young warrior of Aureity looks into the man's past, and discovers his own family wronged the man terribly. The two men face a morass of ancient injustice, could trigger a war if they make one wrong move - and are competing for the hand of a lady) $7.99
Eden, Cynthia Eternal Hunter (Shapeshifter bounty hunter Jude Donovan looks for the rogue Other who's been stalking assistant DA Erin Jerome - who's bringing out the animal in Jude) $14.00
Feehan, Christine Street Game (GhostWalkers #8: PBO; Years ago, GhostWalkers Mack McKinley and Jaimie Fielding were lovers. Now they've been reunited on the violent streets by a ruthless enemy who could destroy them both) $7.99
Feehan, Christine The Scarletti Curse (Reissue; Compelled to marry the tormented Don Scarletti, a beautiful healer prays that he will be her heart's destiny, not her soul's demise) $7.99
Fforde, Jasper Shades of Grey (In a society where status is based on what portion of the color spectrum you can see, a low-level employee of the Color Control Agency meets a Grey Nightseer from the unlit side of the village, and comes to question the implacable hierarchy; talk gives way to revolutionary action) $25.95
Flanagan, John Erak's Ransom (Ranger's Apprentice #7: Kids; When the Skandian leader is captured by a dangerous desert tribe, the Rangers are sent to free him) $17.99
Flint, E/Freer, D The Sorceress of Karres (Karres #3: A new urgent mission has Captain Pausert's name on it, as he, Goth, and the Leewit are sent to investigate the notorious Chaladoor region of space) $24.00
Flint, E/Kostmatka, M Time Spike (The world outside the prison was suddenly ripped: the Mississippi River disappeared, along with all signs of civilization. The sun came up - in the wrong direction. And a dinosaur came along, and scratched its hide on the prison wall) $7.99
Ford, Michael Thomas Jane Bites Back (Jane Austen is still alive today - a vampire, running a bookstore in upstate New York, and trying to find a publisher for the manuscript she's been carting around for hundreds of years) $14.00
Frank, Jacquelyn Hunting Julian (Gatherers #1: On Earth to find women who possess potent energy to help revitalize his people, Julian realizes one of the women is his one true mate) $7.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Bone Magic (Otherworld #7: PBO; Camille is summoned to Otherworld, thinking she'll reunite with her long-lost soul mate Trillian. But once there, she must undergo a ritual that will forever change her and those she loves) $7.99
Gordon, R/Williams, B Deeper (Tunnels #2: Kids; Will discovers that the Styx plan to use a viral weapon to enslave all Topsoilers. But before he can put a stop to the plot, he'll have to evade a bunch of bounty hunters - led by his long-lost biological mother!) $8.99
Gourley, Susan The Keepers of Sulbreth (The prince of Futhark and his allies struggle to contain the otherworldly foes issuing forth from the dark places of the land) $7.95
Graham, Jo Hand of Isis (The story of Charmian, Cleopatra's half-sister and handmaiden, and her two sisters - and of lovers who transcend death, gods who meddle in mortal affairs, and women who guide empires) $7.99
Grant, Donna Dangerous Highlander (Dark Sword #1: For centuries the MacLeod brothers have held themselves apart from the clan to protect mortals from the demons and gods bound to their souls - until a woman captivates Lucas MacLeod) $7.99
Green, Simon R. The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny (Nightside #10: Walker, the ever-present, never-to-be-trusted agent who runs the Nightside on behalf of The Authorities, is dying. And he wants PI John Taylor to be his successor) $24.95
Green, Simon R. Just Another Judgement Day (Nightside #9: Nightside is quaking in the face of The Walking Man, who is wasting residents right and left, and it is up to PI John Taylor to stop him) $7.99
Haldeman, Joe Starbound (Carmen Dula #2: Carmen Dula and her husband have traveled to The Others' solar system in hopes of forging a truce. When they return, Earth has built a massive flotilla of warships to defend themselves. But The Others will brook no insolence from the upstart human race) $24.95
Hamilton, Laurell K. Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse Vol. 2: Necromancer graphic novel (Full color graphic novel; reprints issues 6-10 of the comic book. Anita's enemies want her out of the picture for good) $19.99
Heinlein, Robert A. Podkayne of Mars (Reissue; Born and raised on Mars, Podkayne longs to command deep-space explorations, so a trip to Venus and Earth with her diplomat uncle is a dream come true) $14.00
Hendee, Barb & J.C. Through Stone and Sea (Noble Dead Series 2 #2: Wynn journeys to the stronghold of the dwarves in search of ancient texts. As she tries to understand them, she finds more puzzles - along with an enemy she thought destroyed) $24.95
Hendee, Barb & JC In Shade and Shadow (Noble Dead Series 2 #1: Wynn returns to the Guild of Sagecraft bearing texts. When two important pages are stolen and the mages carrying them murdered, Wynn sets out to uncover the text's secrets) $7.99
Henderson, C.J. Brooklyn Knight (An inscribed stone may unlock an otherworldly Armageddon that certain dark powers are all too eager to bring about - and only Professor Piers Knight of the Brooklyn Museum stands in their way) $14.99
Holzner, Nancy Deadtown (PBO; Most humans stay far from the borders of the city's quarantined section for inhuman and undead residents. But Victory Vaughn, Boston's only professional demon slayer, isn't exactly human) $7.99
Hoyt, Sarah A. Darkship Thieves (When Athena woke up, knowing there was a stranger in her cabin, she took out the stranger, and set out in the spaceship's lifeboat to get help. Instead she got the adventure of a lifetime - she just didn't know how long that lifetime would be) $14.00
Hunter, Erin Long Shadows (Warriors: Power of Three #5: Kids; Firestar's three grandchildren, Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw, struggle to restore faith in StarClan as Sol works to tear apart the bonds between Clans and turn them away from their warrior ancestors) $6.99
Hunter, Faith Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock #2: PBO; Jane is hired by the vampire council to kill one of their own who has broken ancient sacred rules) $7.99
Huxley, Aldous Brave New World / Brave New World Revisited (Omnibus reprint; the dystopian classic and its nonfiction companion) $17.99
Jablokov, Alexander Brain Thief (When his boss disappears, and the planetary-exploration AI she's been funding turns out to be odder than it should be, it's up to Bernal to figure out what's going on) $24.99
Jenkins, A.M. Night Road (YA; A century of nourishing himself on blood has taught Cole an extraordinary level of caution and control, but he's about to learn that even the best plan can go wrong) $8.99
Jennewein, J/Parker, T Shield of Odin (RuneWarriors #1: Kids; Dane and his rowdy band of Norsemen must rescue Dane's beloved Astrid from Thidrek the Terrifying, who plans to trade her for an ancient magical weapon) $6.99
Kenner, Julie Turned (Blood Lily #3: PBO; With her double-agent cover blown, Lily goes underground along with a cadre of trusted warriors - humans, angels, demons. Their only hope is to stop the forces attempting to use the Ninth Gate to unleash hell) $7.99
Kurland, Lynn A Tapestry of Spells (Nine Kingdoms #4: Sarah must risk everything to thwart her brother's plan to destroy the Nine Kingdoms, and pleads for help from a man who has sworn never to use his magic power again) $15.00
Livingston, Lesley Darklight (Kelley Winslow #2: YA; A terrifying encounter in Central Park sends Kelley tumbling into the Otherworld, where she and Sonny are plunged into a game of Faerie deception and wavering allegiances) $16.99
Lubar, David Dead Guy Spy (Kids; Nathan jumps at the chance to become the world's first zombie spy, but soon discovers that the Bureau of Useful Misadventures isn't quite what it seems. Can he trust them?) $5.99
MacAlister/Fox/etc My Zombie Valentine (Anthology; 4 paranormal romance novellas (1 reprint and 3 originals)) $7.99
MacHale, D.J. Raven Rise (Pendragon #9: Kids; The final phase of Saint Dane's quest to rule Halla is under way. While Bobby remains trapped on Ibara, Mark and Courtney must defend Second Earth from Saint Dane's forces) $8.99
Mack, David The Sorrows of Empire (Star Trek: Mirror Universe: PBO; Spock becomes emperor by taking control of the Terran Empire through mass murder) $7.99
Maclaine, Jenna Bound by Sin (Cin Craven #3: As the Civil War rages in America, Cin and the immmortal warriors of the Righteous are locked in an epic battle with the renegade vampires) $7.99
Masterton, Graham Blind Panic (Manitou #5: The medicine man returns for his ultimate revenge! People across the country are struck blind, leaving them helpless against the spirit warriors who have risen to slaughter their oppressors) $7.99
Matheson, Richard Shadow on the Sun (Reissue; 1890s Arizona: The uneasy truce between white and Apache is threatened when two white men are found hideously mutilated, but Billjohn Finlay suspects a tall, dark stranger, who rode into town wearing the dead men's clothes, and may not be entirely human) $13.99
Maverick, Liz Crimson & Steam (Crimson City #8: PBO; Vampire Marius and human Jill must thwart a plot against Crimson City, in a race against time leading back to the city's paranormal beginnings in Victorian London) $7.99
McCaffrey/Scarborough Catalyst (Barque Cats #1: Barque Cats are trained to patrol spaceships, sniffing out oxygen leaks and other problems. When a corrupt government claims an epidemic requires impounding all animals, two young people, a kitten, and a mysterious cat with a hidden agenda are all that stand between the galaxy's animals and total destruction) $26.00
McCarthy, Erin The Taking (Seven Deadly Sins #3: PBO; Only Felix can save Regan from the spirits haunting her mansion - but to do it, he may have to sacrifice his last chance at redemption, or risk a love that could consign them both to an eternity of evil) $7.99
McIntosh, Fiona Tyrant's Blood (Valisar #2: Prince Leonel has grown to manhood under the protection of highwayman Kilt Faris. Now the boy king wants more than his rightful throne of Penraven - he wants revenge on the murderous barbarian Loethar) $7.99
McKinley, Robin Spindle's End (Reissue; To save Princess Briar-Rose from the curse laid on her at her christening, a young fairy kidnaps her and raises her in obscurity. But the evil fairy Pernicia is looking for her, intent on revenge) $15.00
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Arms-Commander (Recluce #16: Ten years after the end of The Chaos Balance , the legendary Saryn seeks allies to protect Westwind from Gallos. The fates of four lands will rest on her actions) $27.99
Moorat, A.E. Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter (Young Queen Victoria must protect the British Empire from a diabolical enemy (no, not the French!) who has vowed to bring war, disease, and pestilence to the land) $14.99
Moorcock, Michael The Jewel in the Skull (Hawkmoon #1: Reissue; Dorian Hawkmoon has been implanted with a black jewel whose power can control his every decision. But in the city of Kamarang, he discovers the power to overcome any control, and his vengeance against the Dark Empire is filled with unrelenting fury) $13.99
Morel, Melina Smolder (Catherine Marais #2: PBO; Handsome vampire Ian offers werewolf-hunter Catherine Marais the dark temptation of eternal commitment to each other) $6.99
Morris, Susan Realms of the Dead (Forgotten Realms: Haunted Lands: PBO; Anthology; original stories about the undead of Faerun) $7.99
Myles, Jill Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Succubus Diaries #1: PBO; After a one-night stand with an angel and being mugged by a vampire, Jackie wakes up to discover she's a succubus - and she needs sex constantly, or she'll die) $7.99
Neill, Chloe Firespell (Dark Elite #1: PBO; YA; Lily discovers that her fancy Chicago boarding school has real monsters, and that her roommate is part of a group that protects Chicago from demons, vamps, and dark magic users) $6.99
Niles, Douglas The Fate of Thorbardin (Dragonlance: Dwarf Home #3: PBO; The hill dwarves and mountain dwarves form an uneasy alliance against the mad king of Thorbardin and his magical minions) $7.99
Norton, Andre Beast Master's Planet: The Beast Master / Lord of Thunder (Hosteen Storm #1 / #2: Omnibus reprint; 2 sf novels) $15.99
Phoenix, Adrian Beneath the Skin (Maker's Song #3: PBO; FBI agent Heather Wallace and vampire Dante must deal with the fallout from an FBI cover-up - and the Shadow Branch's interest in them) $7.99
Resnick, Laura Doppelgangster (Esther Diamond #2: PBO; Esther's working as a singing waitress at a mob restaurant when duplicated gangsters appear and bullets start flying. It's up to her and Max the Magician to stop the gang war before it starts killing the wrong people) $7.99
Reynolds, Anthony Dark Creed (Warhammer 40,000: Word Bearers #3: PBO; Using the Nexus Arrangement, Marduk can turn the tide in the Word Bearer's favor. But just as the White Consuls are on the verge of defeat, an old enemy returns) $7.99
Robbins, David Twin Cities Run (Endworld #3: Reissue; To recover vital medication, the Alpha Triad warriors must battle their way through a city populated by deformed creatures that hunger for human flesh) $6.99
Roberson, Chris Sons of Dorn (Warhammer 40,000: Imperial Fists: PBO; Rivals Zatori, de Queste, and Taloc, now Scouts, join the Imperial Fists in their action on Vernalis; their loyalty to the Emperor and their fortitude in battle will be sorely tested) $7.99
Roberts, Adam Swiflty (1848: The British Empire has grown rich exploiting Lilliputian slaves; the French have formed a regiment of previously peaceful Brobdingnagian giants, and invasion looms) $14.95
Robertson, Linda Hallowed Circle (Circle #2: PBO; The Witch Elders Council needs a new High Priestess. Seph reluctantly joins the competition, which becomes a quest for survival when finalists start turning up dead) $7.99
Robinson, Kim Stanley Galileo's Dream (The story of the colonization of the moons of Jupiter is interwoven with the tale of Galileo's life as he undergoes his heresy trials in Renaissance Italy) $26.00
Rollo, Gord Strange Magic (A reclusive former magician's dark past is about to catch up with him, in the form of a mysterious stranger and a battered old trunk containing a grotesque and deadly monstrosity) $7.99
Ronald, Margaret Wild Hunt (Evie Scelan #2: A new client needs Evie to call up a family ghost and ask about a stolen inheritance, and a legendary pack of hounds is terrorizing Boston's undercurrent) $7.99
Sands/Palmer/Rush Bitten by Cupid (Anthology; 3 tales of paranormal romance) $7.99
Scalzi, John Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded (A selection of blatherings from his very popular blog, on subjects ranging from writing to politics to popular culture to mowing the lawn) $14.99
Sherman, D/Cragg, D Double Jeopardy (Starfist #14: The search is on for the Skinks' homeworld; when a suspicious report comes in from the remote world of IshTar, you can bet the front of the line will be the Thirty-Fourth FIST) $25.00
Sherman, David Wings of Hell (Starfist #13: The Marines of the Confederation's 34th FIST go head-to-head with the deadly alien Skinks) $7.99
Showalter/Shayne/Krinard Heart of Darkness (PBO; Anthology; 3 paranormal romance novellas) $7.99
Snyder, Lucy A. Spellbent (PBO; When Jessie and Cooper try to break a drought by calling down a rainstorm, a hellish portal opens and Cooper is ripped from this world. Stalked by malevolent enemies, Jessie is determined to find him) $7.99
Stross, Charles The Jennifer Morgue (Bob Howard #2: Bob Howard, geekish demonology hacker, must stop a ruthless billionaire from unleashing an eldritch horror from the ocean's depth for the purpose of ruling the world. Plus short story 'Pimpf') $7.99
Taylor, Helen Scott The Phoenix Charm (Magic Knot Fairies #2: PBO; Respectable wise woman Cordelia restrains her water nymph sensuality with the Celtic symbols painted on her skin. But Michael's powerful fairy glamour leaves her struggling for control) $6.99
Vaughn, Carrie Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty #7: PBO; A reality TV show about the supernatural, set in a remote lodge, turns out to be a trap. Can Kitty rally a group of psychics, lycanthropes, and vampires to escape - or fight back - before they're all killed?) $7.99
Vincent, Rachel My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers #2: YA; Starry-eyed teens are trading their souls for a brief lifetime of fame, followed by eternity in the Netherworld; banshee Kaylee Cavanaugh can't let that happen) $9.99
Ware, Joss Beyond the Night (Awakening Heroes #1: A man with no future and a woman with a past struggle to survive in a dark new world) $7.99
White, Steve Saint Antony's Fire (Ponce de Leon's quest for the fountain of youth yielded something very different. Eighty-five years later, the Spanish armada attacks England, their ships armed with alien technology) $7.99
Williams, Walter Jon This Is Not a Game (A fast-paced thriller that goes from the online world of alternate reality gaming to the depths of the stock market) $7.99
Zahn, Timothy The Domino Pattern (Quadrail #4: Passengers are being murdered on the Quadrail, and a plot is brewing that even the Modhri fears. Frank and Bayta may be the only ones who can stop it) $24.99


Archer, Alex The Spirit Banner (Rogue Angel #22: PBO; Archaeologist Annja Creed and her team follow a trail of clues that may or may not lead to the tomb of Genghis Khan) $6.99
Bennett, Robert Jackson Mr. Shivers (The scarred man murdered Connelly's daughter. And countless others have lost someone to the scarred man. As they band together to track him, Connelly begins to suspect that the man is more than human) $19.99
Carey, Mike/Gross, Peter The Unwritten #1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity graphic novel (Full color graphic novel. Not for kids. His father's fictional character was modeled so closely on Tom's real life that a rumor hints Tom might actually be the boy wizard made flesh. To discover the truth behind his origins, Tom will travel the world to all the places in history where fictions have shaped reality) $9.99
Heinsoo, Rob/Collins, A Underdark (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Role-playing game supplement with everything a DM needs to use this setting in a campaign) $29.95
Jay, Stacey Undead Much? (Zombie Settler #2: YA; Aided by a hot undead seer, Megan must find out who's turning coma victims into Settler-resistant uber-zombies) $8.99
Kambayashi, Chohei Yukikaze (In the skies over the strange planet nicknamed 'Faery', Rei Fukai's duty is to gather information on the alien enemy and bring it back, no matter the cost) $14.99
Miyabe, Miyuki The Book of Heroes (When her brother disappears, a magical book leads Yuriko to another world, where she learns he has been possessed by a spirit. Accompanied by a young monk, she returns to Earth to solve the mystery and save him) $23.99
Morgan, Richard K. The Steel Remains (One-time war hero Ringil is asked to find a cousin who has been sold into servitude, and is drawn back into the dangerous world he had left behind) $16.00
Myles, Jill Succubi Like It Hot (Succubus Diaries #2: PBO; Jackie's Itch accelerates - now she has to have sex every 24 hours or she'll die. She heads to New Orleans for advice from the oldest living succubus) $7.99
Nelson, D.A. Dark Isle (Kids; Locked in the cellar by her odious foster parents, 10-year-old Morag jumps at the chance to join a rat and a dodo bird on their quest to save their homeland from an evil warlock) $7.99
Schiefelbein, Michael The Vampire Maker (Vampire Victor Decimus and his lover and thrall Paul Lewis move to New Orleans, where a priest tries to break Victor's hold over Paul and so does the Dark Kingdom) $24.99
Wyatt, James Dragonborn (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Role-playing game supplement to help you play the ultimate dragonborn hero) $9.95


Alexander, Karl Time After Time (Reissue; H.G. Wells uses his time machine to pursue Jack the Ripper to 1979 San Francisco, where he must save the city - and a lovely young woman - from the depraved killer) $14.99
Anderson, Poul Captain Flandry: Defender of the Terran Empire (Technic Civilization #5: Omnibus reprint; 2 novels and 4 long stories of space adventure) $13.00
Ash, Sarah Flight into Darkness (Alchymist's Legacy #2: Celestine's powers bring her to the attention of the Inquisition; seven imprisoned daemons are threatening to return and lay siege to the mortal world) $7.99
Ashley, Amanda Everlasting Kiss (PBO; Daisy prefers men with a heartbeat - until she meets vampire Erik at a popular LA nightclub called the Crypt) $6.99
Ashley, Jennifer Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound #1: Defense attorney Kim Fraser ventures into dangerous Shiftertown to get answers for a client; the secrets she learns from shifter Liam Morrissey's enticing lips might get her killed) $7.99
Banks, L.A. The Thirteenth (Vampire Huntress #12: The Antichrist is positioned for emergence, the nation is under martial law, the Neterus and their team have gone underground; when the Dark Realm breaks the sixth seal, the world is plunged into darkness - and Armageddon) $7.99
Bartlett, Gerry Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs (Glory St. Clair #5: A vampire diet guru promises to give Glory the body she's wanted for centuries. One problem - ancient enmity between his clan and her lover Jeremiah's. Just exactly what is Glory willing to lose?) $14.00
Berry, Jedediah The Manual of Detection (An unlikely detective, armed only with an umbrella and a handbook, must untangle a string of crimes committed in and through people's dreams) $15.00
Bova, Ben Able One (Can an experimental defense system stop North Korean missile strikes?) $24.99
Bova, Ben (ed) The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Two B (Reissue; Anthology; 11 great classic novellas) $18.99
Bradbury, Ray We'll Always Have Paris: Stories (Collection; 22 never-before-published short stories) $13.99
Briggs, Patricia Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson #4: The local Vampire Queen has learned that Mercy slew a member of her clan, and is out for blood. But since Mercy is protected by the werewolf pack, it'll be her friends' blood) $7.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Horizon (Sharing Knife #4: Frustrated with the Lakewalker's rigid rules regarding the farmers, Dag and Fawn decide to follow a different road; along it, their disparate but hopeful company increases. Traditional Lakewalker practices cannot hold every malice at bay forever, but when they fail disastrously, can Dag and Fawn's untried new ways stand against their world's deadliest foe?) $7.99
Caine, Rachel Unknown (Outcast Season #2: PBO; Warden children are being kidnapped. Cassiel and Luis investigate in both the human and djinn realms; the trail leads to a traitor who may be too powerful for them to handle) $7.99
Cassidy, Dakota Accidentally Demonic (Accidental Friends #4: Vampire Clayton accidentally spilled demonic blood on Casey. Now she has to share her body with the demon, and keep her attraction to Clayton in check, because falling for her demon's boyfriend just might get her killed) $14.00
Chapman/Hill/et al Ladies Prefer Rogues (PBO; Anthology; 4 time-travel romance novellas) $7.99
Coe, David B. The Horsemen's Gambit (Blood of the Southlands #2: The fragile peace is shattered when a woman looses a deadly plague on the magical Qirsi people, and their unmagical enemies see this as a way to regain their lands) $7.99
Coville, Bruce Dark Whispers (Unicorn Chronicles #3: Kids; Cara searches for an ancient story that may explain the long enmity between the unicorns and the delvers; Cara's father journeys to free her mother from the Rainbow Prison) $8.99
Danvers, Dennis Wilderness (Reissue; In the vast Canadian wilderness, Erik is forced to confront the reality of the woman he is coming to love, as the full moon shines down upon Alice, and the change begins once again) $7.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Weighs His Options (Garfield #49: Full-color collection of comic strips) $14.00
Davis/Kyme/Priestley (eds) Death & Dishonour (Warhammer: Anthology; 9 original stories) $8.99
Deas, Stephen The Adamantine Palace (As political maneuvering threatens the Empire, a single dragon goes missing. And even that one dragon - returned to its full intelligence and fury - could spell disaster for the Realms) $24.95
Del Franco, Mark Unperfect Souls (Connor Grey #4: PBO; In the Boston neighborhood known as the Weird, a decapitated body floats out of a sewer, and Connor uncovers a conspiracy that may bring down the city's most powerful) $7.99
Drake, David The Complete Hammer's Slammers Volume 2: At Any Price / Counting the Cost / Rolling Hot / The Warrior (Omnibus reprint; 4 military sf novels) $12.00
Durgin, Doranna The Reckoners (PBO; Ghost hunter Lisa McGarrity does her best to calm outraged spirits. She wonders why there are so many lately - and why mysterious and sexy Trevarr is so interested in her work) $6.99
Estep, Jennifer Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin #1: PBO; After Gin's family was murdered by a Fire Elemental when she was thirteen, she lived on the streets, and eventually became an assassin to survive) $7.99
Evans, Erin M. The God Catcher (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep: A strange woman who claims to be a dragon promises to make Tennora a wizard in exchange for aid in returning to her true form) $7.99
Fisher, Catherine Incarceron (YA; A 17-year-old prisoner and the warden's daughter plan to escape from a prison so vast that it contains not only cells, but also metal forests, dilapidated cities, and vast wilderness) $17.99
Forester, Victoria The Girl Who Could Fly (Kids; Her ability to fly sends Piper to a top secret school for children with extraordinary abilities, where she soon realizes things aren't as they seem) $6.99
Fox, Angie A Tale of Two Demon Slayers (Lizzie and the gang travel to Dimitri's home in Greece, where they are confronted with his past - and with an unwelcome family secret that could destroy them all) $7.99
Freeman, Lorna Shadows Past (Borderlands #3: PBO; Rabbit is struggling to make sense of his new powers and his new position as King Jusson's heir when a man once scorned by Rabbit's mother comes seeking retribution - and demands that Rabbit marry his daughter) $7.99
Friedman, C.S. Wings of Wrath (Magister #2: To defeat an enemy that once brought mankind to the brink of destruction, those who are sworn to protect the human lands must uncover the reality that lies at the heart of ancient legends) $7.99
Fukui, Isamu Truancy (YA; In a nameless totalitarian city, a group of former students fight to take down the autocratic Mayor and his repressive Educators) $9.99
Garton, Ray Scissors (Traumatized by an operation as a small boy, Stuart has had nightmares about the surgeon. But now the doctor is haunting Stuart's waking hours as well - and he's brought his scissors) $7.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Burning Bridges (Retrievers #4: The Mage Council is distracted by internal struggles; in the wake of hate crimes against magic users - including humans - Wren steps up as spokesperson for the Fatae and lonejacks) $7.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Free Fall (Retrievers #5: With the Truce broken and magical Manhattan at war, Wren takes a job - but what should have been an ordinary Retrieval forces her to realize that it's time for the Cosa to take the battle to the enemy) $7.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Blood from Stone (Retrievers #6: Retriever Wren Valere's new assignment puts her on the wrong side of a child-snatcher, and on a collision course with her past) $7.99
Glass, Seressia Shadowblade (Kira Solomon #1: PBO; By day, Kira catalogs and defuses ancient magical artifacts. By night, she's a bounty hunter in the eternal struggle against the Shadow of Chaos) $7.99
Golden, Christie Arthas: Rise of the Lich King (World of Warcraft: Long ago, the Lich King was Prince Arthas, driven to pursue an ill-fated quest for a runeblade powerful enough to save his homeland from a plague of undeath) $7.99
Green, Chris Marie Break of Dawn (Vampire Babylon #3: To save her father, Dawn must enter the Vampire Underground, where she will encounter an unthinkable betrayal) $7.99
Greenberg/Hughes (eds) A Girl's Guide to Guns and Monsters (PBO; Anthology; original tales of urban fantasy featuring strong women) $7.99
Greene, Kris The Dark Storm (PBO; Gabriel, a New York City college kid who loves ancient legends, is recruited to help stop a demonic army that is storming into our world through a dimensional rift) $7.99
Griffin, Kate A Madness of Angels, or the Resurrection of Matthew Swift (Two years after his death, sorcerer Matthew Swift finds himself breathing once again, and sets out to avenge himself on his monstrous killer and on the one who brought him back) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Flirt (Anita Blake #18: Anita deals with a dangerous client who won't take no for an answer) $23.95
Henry, Mark Happy Hour of the Damned (Amanda Feral #1: Someone is preying on Seattle's otherworldly inhabitants; it's up to ad exec turned zombie fashionista Amanda Feral and her pals to unearth the culprit) $6.99
Hill, Joe Horns (Ig Perrish spends a night drunk and doing terrible things; he wakes up the next day with horns growing out of his head) $25.99
Hobb, Robin Dragon Keeper (Rain Wilds #1: A band of humans and dragons make their way along the toxic and inhospitable Rain Wild River in search of their new home - the long-lost city of Kelsingra) $26.99
Hodgell, P.C. God Stalker Chronicles: God Stalk / Dark of the Moon (Kencyr #1 / #2: Omnibus reprint; 2 fantasy novels) $7.99
Ione, Larissa Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica #4: PBO; A demon assassin must complete one last kill to earn his freedom; his target is being protected by an earthbound angel willing to risk her vow of chastity to thwart her handsome adversary) $6.99
Jackson, Melanie The Selkie Bride (Megan inherits a cat (possibly ghostly), and a cottage in a coastal Scottish village (cursed), along with the ire of an ancient monster - and the protection of a selkie warrior) $7.99
Jacques, Brian Doomwyte (Redwall #20: YA; Their quest for a fabled treasure leads the young mouse Bisky and his friends into the realm of the fearsome Korvus Skurr) $7.99
Jones, Frewin The Immortal Realm (Faerie Path #4: YA; When the people of Faerie begin to fall prey to a mysterious illness, Tania must race the clock to save her beloved Immortal Realm) $8.99
Jones, Frewin/Acton, A The Memory of Wings (Faerie Path: Lamia's Revenge #2: YA; Manga; battling a terrible evil that threatens all she holds dear, Faerie Princess Tania must look to long-forgotten memories to defeat it) $7.99
Kagawa, Julie The Iron King (Iron Fey #1: YA; 16-year-old Meghan learns that she is the daughter of a faery king and pawn in a deadly war; she must stop a mysterious evil no faery creature dares face) $9.99
Keene, Brian Darkness on the Edge of Town (One morning, the residents of Walden, VA, wake up to find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by a wall of inky darkness. Nothing can get in - and no one can get out) $7.99
Kellogg, Marjorie B. Lear's Daughters (Completely rewritten to reflect current environmental knowledge and research. On the planet Fiix, the native Sawls and a human expedition face disastrous weather events; a human mining company is interested only in exploiting the planet's resources) $16.00
Kemp, Paul Crosscurrent (Star Wars: PBO; Time travel brings a shipful of ancient Sith into Luke Skywalker's era) $7.99
Kemp, Paul The Red Wolf Conspiracy (A sword-wielding young bride and her quick-witted tarboy companion face assassins, treacherous mermaids, and slavers to uncover secrets at the highest levels of power) $7.99
Kenyon, Kay City Without End (Entire and the Rose #3: In Rim City, Titus Quinn at last finds his daughter, who has risen high in the Entire's meritocracy. To stop the earth's ruin, he needs her help, but she has her own plans) $16.00
Kenyon, Kay Prince of Storms (Entire and the Rose #4: Titus Quinn has styled himself Regent of the Entire, but his command is fragile, and he faces opposition on many fronts, especially from a dark navitar who can alter future events) $26.00
Knapp, James State of Decay (PBO; Away from the public eye, revivors do humanity's dirtiest work. But an FBI agent has stumbled upon a conspiracy involving revivors being custom-made to kill - and a startling truth about the existence of these undead slaves) $7.99
Kress, Nancy Steal Across the Sky (An alien race claims to have wronged humanity, and recruits a group of humans to visit 7 distant worlds. What they find there will change them. The knowledge they bring back to Earth will change everyone) $7.99
Love, Kathy What a Demon Wants (A part-demon author with a cult following falls for her new vampire-werewolf bodyguard) $14.00
Maberry, Jonathan The Wolfman movie tie-in (PBO; Novelization of the film) $9.99
MacAlister, Katie Steamed (PBO; An explosion in Jack Fletcher's lab sends him into the world of his favorite steampunk novel, where Octavia Pye captains her steamship straight into his heart) $7.99
Mandery, Evan First Contact, or, It's Later Than You Think (When first contact is made by the super-intelligent folks of Rigel-Rigel, the White House is in an uproar. After a disastrous state dinner, the President's assistant, his new girlfriend, and the Rigel-Rigel liaison form a friendship that is tested when the US decides to launch a surprise attack on the aliens) $13.99
Martinez, A. Lee Monster (Monster does pest control, catching the things that go bump in the night, like ogres, trolls, and dragons. When Judy finds a Yeti in the freezer aisle, her life collides with Monster's) $7.99
McCarthy, Erin Sucker Bet (Vegas Vampires #4: Vampire Gwenna Carrick enjoys a wild night with a stranger when she meets handsome detective Nate Thomas; Gwenna's ex then puts Nate first on his to-off list) $7.99
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Imager (Imager Portfolio #1: A journeyman artist's life is transformed when he discovers he is an imager, able to visualize things and make them real) $7.99
Monroe, Lucy Moon Craving (Children of the Moon #2: PBO; When laird of the Sinclair clan and werewolf pack leader Talorc must wed an Englishwoman, he's startled to discover that she is his soul mate) $7.99
Mostert, Natasha Keeper of Light and Dust (Mia is descended from women who were warriors, healers, and protectors. As she practices her craft in London, she is being watched by Adrian, a scientist, martial artist, and modern-day vampire) $15.00
Nix, Garth Superior Saturday (Keys to the Kingdom #6: Kids; Gaining the Sixth Key poses a greater challenge than any before. As Superior Saturday's schemes become evident, Arthur is beset on all sides, and may not be able to stop her bid for power) $7.99
Norton, Andre Search for the Star Stones: The Zero Stone / Uncharted Stars (Murdoc Jern #1 / #2: Omnibus reprint; 2 sf novels) $7.99
Parker, Steve Rynn's World (Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines Battles: On the Fists' home planet, Chapter Master Kantor prepares a hasty line of defense against the ork hordes of Warlord Sangrod) $11.99
Perry, S.D. Star Trek: Inception (Star Trek: PBO; The story of a younger Kirk and Spock, and the two great loves of their lives, Carol Marcus and Leila Kalomi) $7.99
Priest, Cherie Fathom (Ageless water witch Arahab has been scheming for aeons to bring the great Leviathan and the old gods back to their former glory, little caring that their ascendance would also mean an end to the human race) $15.99
Quinn, Sherrill Daring the Moon (Werewolf attacks convince Taite Gibson to seek out Ryder Merrick, a reclusive - and sexy - British horror writer reputed to know everything about werewolves) $6.99
Rawn, Melanie Fire Raiser (McClure & Lachlan #2: Churches in Pocahontas County are being burned down - arson with a taint of magic. Sheriff Evan Lachlan suspects the new owners of the old Westmoreland plantation) $7.99
Ringo, J/Cochrane, J Honor of the Clan (Posleen War #10: For Cally O'Neal and the O'Neal Bane Sidhe, duty lies in the overthrow of the established order and preventing a re-invasion by the dreaded Posleen) $7.99
Ringo, John Live Free or Die (Troy Rising #1: At first trade came through the gate to other worlds. Then the Horvath came through and annihilated three cities to demonstrate that they were taking over. Earth's governments have accepted the fact. Tyler Vernon hasn't, and he has bigger plans than just getting rid of the Horvath) $26.00
Rowley, Christopher Pleasure Model (Netherworld#1: Illustrated throughout by Justin Norman. Down-and-out detective Rook is assigned to a bizarre murder case; the only eyewitness is a Pleasure Model, an illegal gene-grown human) $14.99
Ruckley, Brian Fall of Thanes (The True Blood alliance is crumbling, their armies humbled by the Black Road; Aeglyss is falling deeper into madness; Anyara struggles for survival; Kanin plots a rising against the halfbreed) $7.99
Shea, Mihcael The Extra (Extras working on 'live-death' films struggle to survive, and to destroy the animatronic monsters. If they do, they're paid handsomely. If they earn enough, they can move out of the vast slum LA has become) $22.99
Showalter, Gena Twice as Hot (Extraordinary Girl #2: Her fiance Rome Masters is suffering from memory loss, his ex is determined to win him back, and a new band of supervillains is on the horizon. It'll take all of Belle's powers to save the day) $7.99
Simmons, Dan Drood (When a train journey ends in a violent accident, 53-year-old Charles Dickens becomes obsessed with crypts and cemeteries, stops writing, and wanders the slums and catacombs of London by night) $15.99
Simner, Janni Lee Bones of Faerie (YA; The war between humanity and Faerie devastated both sides. When fifteen-year-old Liza discovers she has the Faerie ability to see - the past, the future - she must flee her town. Her quest takes her into Faerie and back again, and what she finds along the way may hold the key to healing both worlds) $9.99
Singh, Nalini Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter #2: PBO; Vampire hunter Elena wakes from a coma to find that she has become an angel - and that her lover, stunningly dangerous archangel Raphael, likes having her under his control) $7.99
Steele, Allen Coyote Horizon (Coyote Chronicles #1: As the colonists prepare to explore the rest of Coyote, ex-con Hawk Thompson discovers new things about the hjadd; his knowledge will change human history) $7.99
Stross, Charles The Revolution Business (Merchant Princes #5: The young, progressive faction focuses on Miriam - but do they want a leader, or a figure head? And the US government's War on Terror is about to go transdimensional) $7.99
Swallow, James Black Tide (Warhammer 40,000: Blood Angels #4: The Blood Angels go in search of Fabius Bile, the renegade who almost destroyed them, tracking him to a world beset by alien tyranids) $8.99
Swann, S. Andrew Heretics (Apotheosis #2: PBO; Adam, an AI creation of an alien race, prepares to launch a conquest that has been centuries in the making; if it succeeds, he will rule over all sentient life as a God) $7.99
Thompson, Vicki Lewis Blonde with a Wand (Babes on Brooms #1: PBO; Anica breaks her own rule, and doesn't tell Jasper she's a witch. Then, when they have a spat, she breaks a bigger rule - she turns him into a cat) $7.99
Tomlinson, Heather Aurelie: A Faerie Tale (YA; Once upon a time, three children and a little river dragon were the best of friends, until a promise was broken. Now Princess Aurelie wonders - how can she prevent a war if she can't make peace with her friends?) $8.99
Webb, Holly Hamstermagic (Grace's Pet Shop #3: Kids; A new neighbor, with stronger magic, plans to make trouble. Fortunately, the pet shop's newest resident, Giles the hamster, is brave, bossy, and ready to help Lottie) $5.99
Wilks, Eileen Blood Magic (World of the Lupi #6: PBO; Lily and Rule have a bigger problem than their families not accepting their marriage - an ancient nemesis of Lily's grandmother plans to turn San Diego into his feeding ground) $7.99
Willis, Connie Blackout (Three time-travelers from the future, stranded in the past during World War II, must locate each other and figure out how to return to their own time) $26.00
Yolen, J/Snyder, M Except the Queen (When they anger the Fairy Queen, sisters Serena and Meteora are separated and banished to the mortal realm of Earth. There they find signs that point to a rising power that threatens both realms) $23.95


Anthony, Piers Xanth by Two: Demons Don't Dream / Harpy Thyme (Xanth #16 / #17: Omnibus reprint; 2 fantasy novels) $16.99
Baker, Kage The Empress of Mars (Based on the Hugo-nominated novella. Outcasts, misfits and dreamers emigrated in droves to undertake the grueling task of terraforming Mars - and they all end up at Mary Griffith's bar) $15.99
Baker, Richard Martial Power 2 (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Role-playing game supplement offering players hundreds of new options for martial heroes) $29.95
Charlton, Blake Spellwright (For a caster to create a spell, he must write out the text - but Nicodemus can't spell anything correctly. He begins to suspect that his misspelling is the result of a curse, but before he can discover the truth, he must flee for his life from an evil that is killing wizards) $24.99
Coe, David B. The Dark-Eyes' War (Blood of the Southlands #3: The future of the Southlands hangs in the balance as the deeds of previous generations wreak terrible consequences on both sides in the war) $27.99
Cole, Kresley Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark #7: PBO; Lucia the Huntress is drawn to werewolf Garreth MacRieve) $7.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon (Sam and Dean head to San Francisco to confront a supernatural force which has been haunting their family for generations) $7.99
Fox, Daniel Jade Man's Skin (Moshui #2: With the dragon once chained in the straits of Taishu now free to seek her revenge, the stakes for the throne have grown even higher - and bloodier) $15.00
Gaiman, Neil Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders (Collection; tales of fantasy and horror) $7.99
Gear, WM & Kathleen Coming of the Storm (Contact: The Battle for America #1: Hernando de Soto's 1539 invasion of America and subsequent defeat by Native Americans, told through the eyes of a Chickasaw trader) $26.00
Golden, Christopher (ed) The New Dead (Anthology; original zombie stories) $14.99
Howard, Robert E. El Borak and Other Desert Adventures (Illustrated collection of Howard's desert adventure stories, restored to their definitive versions) $16.00
Johnson, Jane Legends of the Shadow World: The Secret County / The Shadow World / Dragon's Fire (Kids; Omnibus; Ben Arnold discovers the enchanted world of Eidolon, and, with the help of his family, works to protect it and its magical creatures from the evil plots of the Dodman) $11.99
Lanagan, Margo Tender Morsels (YA; When magicked men and wild bears break down the borders of Liga's personal heaven, can she and her daughters survive in a world where beauty and brutality lie side by side?) $11.99
Lansdale, Joe R. The Best of Joe R. Lansdale (Collection; the best writings of the high priest of Texas weirdness, by turns absurd, hilarious, and terrifying) $15.95
Parker, K.J. The Folding Knife (Basso, the First Citizen of the Vesani Republic, is ruthless, cunning, and lucky. He brings wealth and power to his people. In a lifetime of crucial decisions, he's only made one mistake. One mistake, though, can be enough) $14.99
Pehov, Alexey Shadow Prowler (The Nameless One is stirring. By next spring, his forces will be at the walls of the great city of Avendoom. Unless Harold, master thief, can find some way to stop them) $24.99
Redick, Robert V.S. The Rats and the Ruling Sea (The great ship Chatrand 's mission of peace was a lie. Now Thasha Isiq and her allies must find a way to stop the spies and sorcerers intent on launching a worldwide war) $27.00
VanderMeer, Ann & Jeff The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals (A whimsically illustrated bestiary that casts the deciding vote on which fantastical animals are kosher, and addresses vexing questions such as, "Does licking the Pope make you trayf?") $11.95
Ware, Joss Embrace the Night Eternal (Awakening Heroes #2: PBO; Posing as lovers to infiltrate a group, Simon and Sage find that their staged affection soon develops into a desire that will leave them fighting for their lives) $7.99

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