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Newsletter #88 December, 2009 February, 2010



Auswaks, Alex (ed) Sherlock Holmes in Russia (Anthology; 7 Russian Sherlock Holmes stories, available in English for the first time) $24.95
Borg, Todd Tahoe Night (Owen McKenna #7: Detective Owen McKenna protects a woman from killers who already murdered her father, and discovers that the crimes are linked to an art forgery of old-master paintings) $16.95
Borger, Judith Yates Where's Billie? (Newspaper reporter Skeeter Hughes' search for the story behind a teenage girl's disappearance leads her to a prostitution ring and drug manufacturing in unlikely places) $15.95
Boswell, Joan Cut to the Chase (Hollis Grant #2: Danson Lafleur's been investigating deported criminals who return undetected to Canada. Now he's disappeared, but the police aren't taking it seriously, so Danson's sister turns to amateur sleuth Hollis Grant) $16.95
Brown, Dan The Lost Symbol audiobook (Robert Langdon #3: Unabridged; Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon embarks on a deadly race through a labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, DC) $50.00
Brown, Dan/Cox, Simon Decoding The Lost Symbol (Nonfiction; an A-to-Z guide listing the real people, organizations, and themes featured in Brown's latest novel, and explaining their histories and meanings) $14.99
Burnett, W.R. It's Always Four O'Clock / Iron Man (Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 2 noir classics) $19.95
Bush/Everheart (eds) Once Upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem, and Suspense (Anthology; 24 stories (2 previously published)) $16.95
Carr, Caleb The Italian Secretary: A Further Adventure of Sherlock Holmes (Reissue; Concern for Queen Victoria's safety calls Holmes and Watson to Edinburgh's Holyrood House, where two young men were gruesomely crushed to death) $14.99
Chekhov, Anton A Night in the Cemetery and Other Stories of Crime and Suspense (First collection of the famous dramatist's psychological suspense stories, 42 tales of dark humor and twisted crime) $14.95
Clare, Alys The Paths of the Air (Hawkenlye #11: England, 1196: Sir Josse d'Acquin guesses that a secretive stranger is a returning Crusader. When trouble follows him, Josse realizes that the man hides a terrible secret) $15.95
Cody, Liza Gimme More (When music biz executives get wind that she's hiding never-released tapes by her dead rock star lover, Birdie learns exactly what it takes to survive them) $14.95
Connolly, John The Gates audiobook (Unabridged) $29.99
Cornwell, Patricia The Scarpetta Factor audiobook (Kay Scarpetta #17: Scarpetta's increased visibility leads to a series of unsettling events, including an apparent threat on her life; her CNN producer wants to launch a Scarpetta Factor TV show) $39.95
Cornwell, Patricia The Scarpetta Collection #1: Postmortem / Body of Evidence (Scarpetta #01 / #02: Omnibus reprint; 2 forensic thrillers) $16.99
Cornwell, Patricia The Scarpetta Collection #2: All That Remains / Cruel and Unusual (Scarpetta #03 / #04: Omnibus reprint; 2 forensic thrillers) $16.99
Cotterill, Colin Ageing Disgracefully (Collection; 12 short stories and 4 comic strips that take a humorous look at atrocious old people.; Signed bookplate; hc also available at $23.95) $13.95
Cox, Michael The Glass of Time (1876: Sent by her guardian to Evenwood to act as lady's maid to Baroness Tansor and uncover her secrets, 19-year-old Esperanza finds herself enmeshed in a web of seduction, intrigue, and murder) $14.95
Cox, Michael The Meaning of Night: A Confession (1854: Edward Glyver is a booklover, scholar, and murderer. Convinced that greatness awaits him, the path to win back what is rightfully his leads him to the estate of Evenwood, and a woman who will become his obsession) $14.95
Cutler, Judith Shadow of the Past (Tobias Campion #2: Happily settled as vicar at Moreton Priory, Tobias and his friend Dr. Hansard must adopt their sleuthing cloaks again when a stranger's body is found in the river) $15.95
Dexter, Gary The Oxford Despoiler and Other Mysteries from the Casebook of Henry St. Liver (Collection; tall, rake-thin, and mustachioed, Henry St. Liver is at first glance not impressive. But faced with a mystery to solve - one with a risque element - he becomes a genius of detection) $16.95
Dillon, Eilis Death at Crane's Court (Reissue; When the new owner of a Galway hotel is stabbed through the heart, Inspector Mike Kenny discovers that nearly everyone at the hotel has a motive for murder - and that the previous owner may have been murdered as well) $14.95
Dillon, Eilis Sent to His Account (Reissue; Tom Reid's plans to build a roadhouse had incurred the wrath of everyone in Dangan. When Inspector Pat Henley of the Irish Guards arrives to investigate Reid's murder, he finds more suspects than he can handle) $14.95
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan The Vampire Stories (Collection; 9 short stories, plus a pastiche by Bill Crider in which Holmes meets Bram Stoker and Abraham Van Helsing) 14.95 du Maurier, Daphne Frenchman's Creek (Reissue; A chance meeting with a French pirate, hidden within Cornwall's shadowy forests, leads Lady Dona St. Columb on a quest rife with danger and glory) $13.99
du Maurier, Daphne My Cousin Rachel (Reissue; Philip Ashley inherits his cousin Ambrose's estate; when Ambrose's widow Rachel arrives, Philip is drawn to her, but wonders if she had a hand in Ambrose's death) $14.99
Dudgeon, Piers Neverland: J.M. Barrie, the Du Mauriers, and the Dark Side of Peter Pan (Nonfiction; the story of J.M. Barrie's abuse and exploitation of the Du Maurier family) $26.95
Ellory, R.J. A Quiet Belief in Angels (1939 Georgia: 12-year-old Joseph learns of the first in a series of killings that will plague his hometown over the next decade. Even when the killings cease, a shadow of fear follows Joseph. 50 years later, he must confront the nightmare that has overshadowed his entire life) $24.95
Fate, Robert Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border (Baby Shark #4: 1958: PIs Kristin Van Dijk and Otis Millett investigate when Otis' ex-wife is murdered) $14.95
Ferris, Monica Thai Die (Needlecraft #12: Betsy Devonshire must put her sleuthing talents to work when one of her regular customers unwittingly becomes embroiled in a deadly delivery of exotic antiquities; Signed copies) $7.99
Fox, Kathryn Bloodborn (Anya Crichton #3: PBO; Forensic pathologist Dr. Anya Crichton works to convict three killers who are part of a fanatically devoted criminal family; people connected with the investigation are turning up dead) $7.99
Fradkin, Barbara This Thing of Darkness (Inspector Green #7: When a retired psychiatrist is found dead, Inspector Green discovers the doctor had recently changed his will, and was being visited by a young mystery woman every Saturday night) $16.95
Giarratano, Leah Vodka Doesn't Freeze (Sgt. Jill Jackson #1: Reissue; A killer is pursuing pedophiles; Jackson's investigation unearths a long-established pedophile club of wealthy Sydney men who think they're untouchable) $8.99
Giarratano, Leah Voodoo Doll (Sgt. Jill Jackson #2: Reissue; Jackson is transferred to a task force targeting brutal home invasions in southwestern Sydney, which soon escalate to murder) $8.99
Goolrick, Robert A Reliable Wife (Rural Wisconsin, 1909: Ralph has advertised for 'a reliable wife'. What he gets is Catherine, who plans to become a wealthy widow. But Ralph has dark secrets, and plans of his own for his new wife) $23.95
Gorey, Edward The Glorious Nosebleed (Reissue; Black & white. An illustrated alphabet (all adverbs this time)) $12.00
Gorey, Edward The West Wing (Reissue; Black & white. Join the artist on a typically enigmatic wordless tour of the west wing of a mansion) $12.00
Gorman/Greenberg (ed) Between the Dark and the Daylight (Anthology; 28 of the best crime and mystery stories of 2008) $17.95
Greenberg et al (eds) Sherlock Holmes in America (Anthology; 14 original stories) $14.95
Grisham, John The Associate (Kyle becomes an associate at the largest law firm in the world, where he is expected to lie, steal, and take part in a dangerous illegal scheme) $9.99
Haas, Derek Columbus (Silver Bear #3: Recuperating in Europe after losing his fence and best friend, Columbus finds his reverie interrupted by assassins searching for the Silver Bear) $24.00
Hall, Patricia Death in a Far Country (Thackeray & Ackroyd #13: DCI Thackeray investigates when the body of a young girl is found in the canal; reporter Laura Ackroyd discovers trouble at the local football club over the appointment of a woman chairman) $15.95
Hall, Patricia By Death Divided (Thackeray & Ackroyd #14: When she writes an article about domestic abuse, journalist Laura Ackroyd is drawn into the plight of a woman at a local shelter whose young daughter has gone missing) $15.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia The Fourth Bill Slider Omnibus: Gone Tomorrow / Dear Departed (Inspector Bill Slider #9 / #10: Omnibus reprint; 2 British police procedural mysteries) $16.95
Harwood, John The Seance (A haunting tale of apparitions, a cursed manor house, and two generations of women determined to discover the truth) $13.95
Hautman, Pete How to Steal a Car (YA; Some girls act out by drinking or doing drugs, some by sleeping with guys, some by starving themselves or cutting themselves. Not Kelleigh - she steals cars) $16.99
Havill, Steven F. Race for the Dying (1891: Young Dr. Thomas Parks discovers that the physician who has invited Thomas to join his practice is engaged in fraudulent mail-order diagnosis) $25.99
Hellmann, Libby Fischer Doubleback (Georgia Davis #2: PI Georgia Davis investigates a woman who died in a car crash just after three million dollars went missing at the bank where she worked) $14.95
Hellmann, Libby Fischer Doubleback (Georgia Davis #2: PI Georgia Davis investigates a woman who died in a car crash just after three million dollars went missing at the bank where she worked) $24.95
Herren, Greg Murder in the Garden District (Chanse MacLeod #5: When the scion of a Louisiana political dynasty is shot to death, Detective Chanse MacLeod discovers that someone is willing to kill to keep the family's dark secrets hidden) $14.95
Howard, Joanna On the Winding Stair (Collection of stories that bend the expectations of mainstream mystery writing) $14.00
Hughes, Charlotte What Looks Like Crazy (Kate Holly #1: PBO; Psychologist Kate Holly's life has become the stuff of intensive therapy, and now she's getting with mysterious threats; the only person who can help her is the one man who always makes her lose her mind - and heart) $7.99
Hughes, Charlotte Nutcase (Kate Holly #2: PBO; Psychologist Kate Holly tries to put her life back together while dealing with oddball patients, a meddling mother, an eccentric secretary, and a string of suspicious fires) $7.99
Jacobson, Alan Crush (Karen Vail #2: FBI profiler Karen Vail and the Behavioral Analysis Unit struggle to find an extraordinarily unpredictable serial killer whose actions are threatening the Napa Valley wine industry) $25.95
James, Bill Pix (Harpur & Iles #24: A houseful of paintings is stolen, the body of a finely dressed stranger is discovered, and drug dealers fight for dominance on Detective Harpur and Constable Iles' turf) $23.95
Jardine, Quintin Fatal Last Words (Skinner #19: A Scottish celebrity is found dead in Edinburgh; when another dies violently in Australia, it looks like the two deaths might be connected) $24.95
Jecks, Michael No Law in the Land (Knights Templar #27: 1325: At home in Devon, Baldwin and Simon investigate when the bodies of two clerics are found among a party of murdered travelers, and discover the culprit is a friend of the king) $24.95
Jenkins, Emyl Stealing with Style (Sterling Glass #1: Appraiser Sterling Glass uncovers a plot involving sophisticated scammers, crooked antiques dealers, and some of Leemont's oldest families) $12.95
Jenkins, Emyl The Big Steal (Sterling Glass #2: Appraiser Sterling Glass must unravel secret rooms, hidden treasures, and convoluted paperwork to determine if the owners of a manor house were trafficking in fake antiques) $13.95
Jones, Jenny M. The Annotated Godfather: The Complete Screenplay (The complete script, annotated with technical info, behind the scenes stories, interviews, and more, plus over 250 color photographs) $19.95
Jones, Stan Village of the Ghost Bears (Nathan Active #4: Alaska State Trooper Nathan Active must figure out what connects a dead hunter on a remote Arctic lake with a year-old fatal plane crash in the Brooks Range and a fire at the Chukchi Recreation Center) $24.00
Jordan, Jen (ed) Uncage Me (Anthology; 24 original noir stories touching on the basic human urge to transgress) $14.95
Kandel, Susan Dial H for Hitchcock (Cece Caruso #5: Cece is working on an Alfred Hitchcock biography, so she heads out to see Vertigo . She comes home with another woman's cell phone - and ends up a suspect when the woman is murdered) $13.99
Kelby, N.M. The Constant Art of Being a Writer: The Life, Art & Business of Fiction (Nonfiction; a guide to each aspect of writing and publishing, from that first story idea to publication and beyond) $17.99
Kettenbach, Hans David's Revenge (When an acquaintance comes to visit, German professor Christian Kestner becomes suspicious of the Georgian's secretive ways, and jealous of his attraction to Christian's wife) $14.95
Lippman, Laura In Big Trouble (Tess Monaghan #4: A newspaper clipping about a man she loved and lost leads Tess into a world of good-time music, old-fashioned ambition, rich people's games, and dark family secrets) $21.99
Lister, Michael Double Exposure (Wildlife photographer Remington James' motion-activated cameras have captured a shocking crime. Now he's being hunted like an animal by the predator and his psychotic friends) $14.95
Lister, Michael Double Exposure (Wildlife photographer Remington James' motion-activated cameras have captured a shocking crime. Now he's being hunted like an animal by the predator and his psychotic friends) $24.95
Low, Robert The White Raven (Oathsworn #3: 972: When their homestead is attacked, the Oathsworn promise bloody revenge. And they must undertake the most dangerous voyage of their lives in order to save two of their number; also available $24.95 hc) $12.95
Mack, T/Citrin, M The Mystery of the Conjured Man (Baker Street Irregulars #2: Kids; Holmes and the orphan boys known as the Baker Street Irregulars face ghosts and shady characters when they investigate a wealthy woman's death at a seance) $6.99
Mack, T/Citrin, M In Search of Watson (Baker Street Irregulars #3: Kids; Sherlock Holmes and his band of loyal street urchins tackle a mystery that involves murder, abduction, and the hunt for a lost treasure) $6.99
Marston, Edward Murder on the Brighton Express (Robert Colbeck #5: 1854: When the Brighton Express derails, DI Colbeck doesn't believe it's an accident. But discovering the intended target takes time, something Colbeck doesn't have as the killer prepares to strike again) $15.95
Marston, Edward The Silver Locomotive Mystery (Robert Colbeck #6: 1855: DI Colbeck and Sgt. Leeming are summoned to the Railway Hotel in Cardiff to find out who killed a silversmith and stole a locomotive-shaped silver coffee-pot) $29.95
Massey, Sujata Shimura Trouble (Rei Shimura #10: When fire sweeps Oahu and her young cousin is accused of arson, Japanese-American spy Rei Shimura must discover the truth, which turns out to be linked to the Shimura family history) $15.95
Masters, Priscilla Grave Stones (Joanna Piercy #9: DI Piercy investigates the murder of Jakob Grimshaw, a landowner and farmer who managed to make enemies of all his neighbors and what little family he still had) $29.95
Mate, Ferenc Ghost Sea (Dugger & Nello #1: An artifact collector hires Dugger to pursue a Kwakiutl warrior who raided the collector's yacht to reclaim stolen sacred masks, and took the collector's wife as hostage) $13.95
McCaffrey, Vincent Hound (The murder of an ex-lover pulls book dealer Henry Sullivan out of his familiar circles, leading him to examine his past, and to investigate the murky depths of literary Boston) $24.00
McDermid, Val Place of Execution (TV tie-in edition) (Reissue; Inspector George Bennet finds, but won't divulge, shattering new evidence in the decades-old disappearance of a teenage girl, leading journalist Catherine Heathcote to investigate further) $14.99
McFetridge, James Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Toronto detective Gord Bergeron wonders, did the Arab-looking man who fell 25 floors jump, or was he pushed?) $14.95
Michaels, Richard The Fall of Eden (Arriving on St. Bart's to rumors of an attack on the US and widespread panic, Professor Spencer tries to bring locals and tourists together and maintain order, but they splinter into battling factions. And on the horizon looms a threat that will force them all to fight for their lives - and the future of their world) $15.00
Murphy, Shirley R Cat Striking Back (Joe Grey #15: When he stumbles on a murder scene, feline PI Joe Grey and his friends track the killer - and discover that more mayhem is planned for the neighborhood) $19.99
Myers, Tamar The Witch Doctor's Wife (1958: Young missionary Amanda Brown heads a guest house in the Belgian Congo; when a local woman stumbles across an enormous uncut gem, events are set in motion that threaten to devastate the villagers' lives, and lead to murder) $13.99
Olear, Greg Totally Killer (1991: Taylor Schmidt arrives in the Big Apple desperate for work and hungry for love. Through the Quid Pro Quo Employment Agency she finds the perfect job and the perfect boyfriend . . . but perfection has its price) $13.99
Pearce, Michael A Dead Man in Naples (Seymour of Special Branch #6: Naples, 1913: When the British consul is stabbed to death while bicycling, Seymour is sent to discover the motive for the murder and, incidentally, to identify the culprit) $25.00
Pepper, Andrew Kill-Devil and Water (Pyke #3: 1840: Fitzroy Tilling, now part of the new Metropolitan Police Force, wants Pyke to investigate the brutal murder of a young woman. The search leads from London's dock to Jamaica) $15.95
Pope, Barbara Cezanne's Quarry (When a young woman is found strangled in a quarry outside Aix-en-Provence, an inexperienced magistrate sets out to unravel the secrets of her hidden past with artist Paul Cezanne) $14.95
Quinn, Spencer Dog On It (Chet & Bernie #1: PI Bernie and his dog Chet, who narrates the story, investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl who ran with the wrong crowd) $15.00
Robbins, David L. The Broken Jewel (As the tide of WWII in the Pacific turns against the Japanese, tensions and danger at Los Banos Internment Camp escalate; a pair of American prisoners form a daring plan to save their fellow prisoners) $25.00
Ryan, Andie Shakedown (A public relations executive discovers a murder conspiracy in the heart of a massive insider trading scheme, and races to expose the fraud and bring the killers to justice) $15.95
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Prime Time (Charlotte McNally #1: Seasoned TV reporter Charlotte McNally finds her life is on the line when she learns that an innocent-looking email offer resulted in murder, mayhem, and a multimillion-dollar fraud ring) $7.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Face Time (Charlotte McNally #2: Veteran TV reporter Charlotte McNally uncovers evidence that frees an innocent woman from prison. Unfortunately, that makes Charlotte the real killer's next target) $7.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Air Time (Charlotte McNally #3: PBO; Savvy TV reporter Charlotte McNally goes undercover to bring couture counterfeiters to justice, and struggles to answer an all-important question from a certain handsome professor) $7.99
Sipila, Jarkko Helsinki Homicide: Against the Wall (An abandoned house in Northern Helsinki, a dead body in the garage. Looks like a professional hit, but Lt. Takamaki's team is perplexed by the crime scene, so right-hand man Suhonen goes undercover as a gangster) $11.95
Stella, Charlie Mafiya (Agnes Lynn declares vengeance on the Mafiya when her best friend turns up dead, only to find herself enmeshed in plots with Russian mavericks on both sides of the law) $13.95
Stewart, Mary My Brother Michael (Reissue; A young Englishwoman, vacationing in Greece, stumbles into an adventure in this classic novel of romantic suspense) $12.95
Stockbridge, Sara Grace Hammer (UK title: Hammer) (Whitechapel, 1888: Grace and her children make their living picking the pockets of wealthy strangers. But her history is about to catch up with her - Mr. Blunt has never forgotten his scarlet treasure, or the young woman who stole it from him) $23.95
Stockwin, Julian The Privateer's Revenge (UK title: Treachery) (Thomas Kydd #09: Framed and dismissed from his ship, Kydd accepts the captaincy of a privateer and takes many prizes, but longs to regain his rightful place in the navy) $16.00
Stockwin, Julian Invasion (Thomas Kydd #10: Rumors fly of Napoleon's planned invasion; Kydd is sent to help American inventor Robert Fulton develop the submarine and the torpedo) $24.00
Tope, Rebecca Blood in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #5: While house-sitting in the quiet village of Temple Guiting, Thea and DS Phil Hollis end up investigating a pile of human bones discovered in the base of an uprooted tree) $15.95
Trow, M.J. Maxwell's Chain (Peter Maxwell #13: The terminally nervous school photographer asks 'Mad Max' for help after accidentally photographing a murder on the beach; they discover a body buried in the dunes) $15.95
Valen, Christopher The Black Minute (John Santana #2: St. Paul homicide detective John Santana's investigation of a young Hmong woman's murder leads to a maze of political intrigue and deadly secrets) $14.95
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Rare Coin Score (Parker #11: Reissue; On a coin convention heist, Parker breaks two of his cardinal rules: never bring a dame along - especially not one you like - and never, ever work with amateurs) $14.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Handle (alternate title: Run Lethal) (Parker #8: Reissue; Baron sits on a heavily protected island in the Gulf of Mexico, running a mini-Las Vegas and laughing at the Outfit, who can't collect their cut. To save face - and their revenue - the Outfit sends for Parker) $14.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) The Seventh (Parker #9: Reissue; When the heist of a college football game turns sour; Parker's woman is murdered, and the take is stolen. Now Parker's looking for the lowlife who did him dirty) $14.00
White, J.P. Every Boat Turns South (1983: After a three-year absence, Matt Younger returns home and regales his dying father with tales of his criminal escapades in the Caribbean) $28.00
White, Jenny The Abyssinian Proof (Kamil Pasha #2: Late 19th-century Istanbul: Magistrate Kamil Pasha is plagued by thefts of antiquities from mosques and churches and a series of murders in which the bodies bear the same distinctive mark) $13.95
Zeltserman, Dave Pariah (Just out of prison, South Boston Irish mobster Kyle Nevin wants revenge on his old boss, who set him up with the Feds. A kidnapping gone wrong leads, bizarrely, to a major book deal and celebrity status for Kyle) $14.95


Ash, Maureen Murder for Christ's Mass (Templar Knight #4: PBO; Templar Bascot de Marins investigates when a clerk from the local mint is murdered) $7.99
Atkins, Ace White Shadow (Reissue; Tampa, 1955: The city is shocked by the murder of retired kingpin Charlie Wall, a man whose secrets could destroy a criminal empire and ignite a revolution) $15.00
Axler, James Time Castaways (Deathlands #89: PBO; Ryan Cawdor finds himself in a race to stop the gateways from becoming open passages to the future's worst enemies) $6.99
Barbieri, Maggie Final Exam (Murder 101 #4: Alison must stay in the dorms until she locates the missing Resident Director she's filling in for; a cache of hidden drugs brings her NYPD boyfriend into the search) $24.99
Benoit, Charles Noble Lies (Mark Rohr sees a chance to make some easy money when the beautiful and naive Robin Antonucci arrives in Phuket City, Thailand, and hires him to find her missing brother) $14.95
Beres, Michael Traffyck (When a Kiev video store is torched, the prime suspect hires PI Janos Nagy; his investigation into his client's past leads to an international human trafficking ring) $24.95
Berry, Steve The Charlemagne Pursuit (Cotton Malone #4: Cotton Malone learns that his father actually died on a classified submarine mission in Antarctica, and that clues discovered in Charlemagne's tomb link his father's voyage to a revelation of immense consequence for humankind) $9.99
Berry, Steve The Paris Vendetta (Cotton Malone #5: Cotton and Secret Service agent Sam Collins pursue the Paris Club, a shadowy group whose actions are connected to an astounding secret that Napoleon took to his grave.; Signed copies expected) $26.00
Berry, Steve The Paris Vendetta (Cotton Malone #5: Unabridged CDs) $50.00
Birken, Gary, M.D. Code 15 (With deaths due to preventable medical errors on the rise, Dr. Morgan Connolly suspects that someone is cutting a path of vengeance through the hospital) $7.99
Bliss, Miranda Murder Has a Sweet Tooth (Cooking Class #5: PBO; Annie Capshaw and her best friend Eve are planning Annie's big day with Jim - but murder takes the cake) $6.99
Bradley, James The Imperial Cruise (Nonfiction; in 1905 President Roosevelt sent a US diplomatic mission to the Far East. Secret agreements were made that he thought would secure America's push into the Pacific; instead, damage was done that would catalyze WWII in the Pacific, the Chinese Communist Party, the Korean War, and other tensions that affect our lives today) $29.99
Brandon, Jay Running with the Dead (Chris Sinclair #5: San Antonio District Attorney Chris Sinclair's daughter is targeted by a death-row murderer; the trial of Henry Claremont's killer hinges on the testimony of a single witness) $7.99
Brown, Rita Mae Santa Clawed (Mrs. Murphy #17: Prominent men of Crozet are being crossed off Christmas shopping lists and added to the morgue. And if Harry and her four-legged helpers aren't careful, this Christmas will be her last) $7.99
Bruce/Jestice/Schneid Fighting Techniques of the Colonial Age: 1776-1914 Equipment, Combat Skills, and Tactics (Nonfiction; covers the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Crimean War, Austro-Prussian War, Franco-Prussian War, Zulu War, Boer War, Russo-Japanese War, more) $35.00
Bruen, Ken London Boulevard (Ex-con Mitchell's violent past catches up with him, and people start getting hurt. When his disturbed sister is threatened, he is forced to act.; Signed copies expected) $24.99
Burcell, Robin The Bone Chamber (Sydney Fitzpatrick #2: The hunt for a killer carries FBI Special Agent Fitzpatrick from Washington to Rome to Naples, on the trail of a fabled treasure of the Knights Templar - and a curse) $24.95
Burton, Mary Dying Scream (PBO; A beautiful young widow finds herself being stalked by a twisted serial killer) $6.99
Byrnes, Michael The Sacred Blood (Charlotte Hennesey #2: DNA from the sacred bones cures Charlotte's cancer; but someone needs those bones - and Charlotte - to fulfill a prophecy that could lead to Armageddon) $7.99
Cappellani, Ottavio Sicilian Tragedee (The story of two pairs of star-crossed lovers: Sicilian Mafioso Alfio, who's in love with his rival's spoiled daughter Betty; and gay theater director Tino and his bored amore Bobo) $15.00
Cardieri, Anthony J. Luck of the Draw (A brutal murder in Lower Manhattan is the start of a spree, one where entire families will be wiped out by a meticulous killer who leaves no forensic evidence) $24.99
Caspary, Vera The Murder in the Stork Club and Other Mysteries (Collection; latest in the Lost Classics Series. Tales of romantic suspense and detection by the author of Laura ) $19.00
Challis, Joanna Murder on the Cliffs (Daphne du Maurier #1: Her discovery of the drowned body of a beautiful woman leads fledgling writer Daphne du Maurier to an Elizabethan mansion full of secrets) $24.99
Childs, Laura Eggs Benedict Arnold (Cackleberry Club #2: PBO; When funeral director Ozzie Driesden is killed and one of their members is chloroformed, the Club scrambles to crack the case) $7.99
Clancy, T/Michaels, D Endgame (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell #6: PBO; Sam Fisher knows that several disastrous missions have depleted the Splinter Cells. He doesn't know that evidence points to him as the mole who sold out his government) $9.99
Clark, Cassandra The Red Velvet Turnshoe (Abbess Hildegard #2: 1383: Abbess Hildegard embarks on a quest for the Cross of Constantine; with the English Crown at stake, many want her mission to fail) $24.99
Connor, John Unsafe (Karen Sharpe #5: When the battered body of a young girl is discovered, it kicks off an inquiry that pushes Detective Karen Sharpe and trainee DC Marcus Roth too close for comfort, both on and off duty) $14.95
Coonts, Stephen The Disciple (Tommy Carmellini #4: Iran is weeks away from acquiring nuclear weapons and plans a first strike; Tommy Carmellini and Jake Grafton must stop this nuclear nightmare) $26.99
Cornwell, B/Kells, S A Crowning Mercy (Lazenders #1: Reissue; 1643: After meeting the dashing scion of the royalist Lazender family, a young Puritan woman escapes from her family's pious tyranny - and finds she has a mysterious, perilous destiny) $13.99
Cornwell, B/Kells, S The Fallen Angels (Lazenders #2: Reissue; 1792: A group of dangerous men plot to bring revolution to England; they need money - and plan to use Campion Lazender to gain control of her family's fortune) $13.99
Cortez, Donn CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Killing Jar (PBO; The CSIs look for a killer who uses insects to commit murder) $7.99
Coughlin, J/Davis, D Dead Shot (Sniper #2: Former Marine sniper Kyle Swanson faces a legendary enemy sniper working with a fringe Islamic organization that has created a new weapon of mass destruction) $7.99
Coulombe, Charles A. The Pope's Legion (Nonfiction; from 1860 to 1870, some 20,000 Catholic men from around the world rallied to Vatican City to defend her gates as the Wars of the Risorgimento raged) $18.00
Crawford, Isis A Catered Birthday Party (Simmons Sisters #6: Bernie and Libby cater a prize pooch's birthday bash, and unearth a killer with a bone to pick) $22.00
Crichton, Michael Pirate Latitudes (1665: With the Jamaican governor's backing, Captain Charles Hunter and his crew of ruffians capture a Spanish galleon and its cargo of gold. But the adventure - and danger - are just beginning) $27.99
Cussler, Clive & Dirk Arctic Drift (Dirk Pitt #20: A potential breakthrough to reverse global warming, a series of unexplained sudden deaths in British Columbia, and a rash of international incidents that threaten to erupt into a shooting war - Dirk Pitt and his children believe there's a connection somewhere, but they can they find it before events escalate out of control?) $9.99
Davies, David Stuart The Scroll of the Dead (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Sebastian Melmoth is hell-bent on obtaining immortality after the discovery of an ancient Egyptian papyrus. It is up to Holmes and Watson to stop him) $9.95
Davies, David Stuart The Veiled Detective (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Arriving in London to begin his career as a private detective, the young Holmes catches the eye of master criminal Moriarty, and meets Dr. Watson, just back from Afghanistan) $9.95
De Santis, Pablo The Paris Enigma (1889: Invited to take part in the Paris World's Fair, the prestigious Twelve Detectives assemble from around the globe; when one of them turns up dead at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the group's founder investigates) $13.99
Dennison, Hanna Expose! (Vicky Hill #3: PBO; While writing a local celebrity's obituary, Vicky uncovers shaky finances, a secret marriage, and an entire town of suspects) $6.99
Disch, Thomas M. The Prisoner (Reissue; Novelization of the classic TV show) $15.00
Dobson, Joanne Death Without Tenure (Karen Pelletier #6: Professor Pelletier is first on the suspect list when her only rival for tenure is found dead from a peyote overdose) $14.95
Dobson, Joanne Death Without Tenure (Karen Pelletier #6: Professor Pelletier is first on the suspect list when her only rival for tenure is found dead from a peyote overdose) $24.95
Ellis, Kate The Funeral Boat (DS Wesley Peterson #4: Peterson looks into the disappearance of a Danish tourist, which is linked to a spate of brutal robberies - and may have ties to far older events) $8.99
Ellis, Kate Seeking the Dead (Joe Plantagenet #1: Newcomer DI Joe Plantagenet faces the unenviable task of finding a killer who binds and asphyxiates his victims before leaving them naked in isolated churchyards) $9.99
Fairstein, Linda Lethal Legacy (Alexandra Cooper #11: Investigating a possible assault, ADA Alex Cooper finds an uncooperative victim; when murder complicates the case, Alex follows the trail to a wealthy family) $7.99
Ferris, Monica Sew Far, So Good: Unraveled Sleeve / A Murderous Yarn / Hanging by a Thread (Needlecraft #4 / #5 / #6: Omnibus reprint; 3 cozy mysteries) $15.00
Forman, Steven M. Boca Knights (Eddie Perlmutter #1: Retiring to Florida, former Boston cop Eddie Perlmutter encounters the dark side of his new home and uses his crime-fighting prowess to tackle the skinheads who are stirring up trouble) $7.99
Fowler, Christopher Bryant & May On the Loose (Bryant & May #7: London's Peculiar Crimes Unit has crossed the wrong bureaucrat and been disbanded. But when a man dressed as a stag haunts a building site, the old gang is soon back together) $25.00
Frazer, Margaret A Play of Treachery (Joliffe #5: PBO; In France to act as servant to a duchess - while actually training in spycraft - Joliffe learns just how dangerous secrets can be when a member of the household is murdered) $7.99
Gash, Jonathan The Faces in the Pool (Lovejoy #24: A divorced millionairess proposes to Lovejoy: a temporary marriage of convenience to help her hunt down her former husband) $24.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop (Monk #8: When Stottlemeyer is framed for the murder of another cop, only Monk can save him) $7.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk in Trouble (Mr. Monk #9: Monk and his assistant are sent to investigate a murder at the Gold Rush Museum in Trouble, CA. When Monk's obsession turns to an old unsolved case, he learns that Trouble does live up to its name) $22.95
Goodman, Pete Smoking Frog Lives! (Ex-PI turned archaeologist Nick Michaels finds himself chasing an elusive killer through the crumbling Mayan temples of Yaxnax, abandoned for over a thousand years) $14.95
Grafton, Sue U Is for Undertow (Kinsey Millhone #21: 1988: A 27-year-old man believes he stumbled on a missing little girl's burial 21 years ago, and hires Kinsey to help locate the child's remains and find the killers; unabridged CDs $45.00) $27.95
Graves, Sarah A Face at the Window (Home Repair Is Homicide #12: Jacobia Tiptree was a toddler when she witnessed her mother's murder. 35 years later, the killer disappears just before his long-delayed trial, and then threatens Jake and her loved ones) $7.99
Gregory, J/Tintori, K The Illumination (A museum curator searching for the origin of a mysterious pendant is drawn into an international battle between powerful religious factions) $7.99
Grippando, James Born to Run (Jack Swyteck #8: Jack Swyteck's father has become U.S. Vice President. When Jack becomes his lawyer, he finds himself at the heart of a complicated cover-up that spans nearly 50 years and the globe) $7.99
Gruber, Michael Night of the Jaguar (Jimmy Paz #3: Reissue; When Miami businessmen begin dying, with the footprints of a massive animal found at the crime scenes, the police turn to retired detective Jimmy Paz, who has experience with the impossible) $13.99
Hagberg, David The Expediter (Kirk McGarvey #13: A Chinese general is assassinated in Pyongyang by two shooters dressed as North Korean police officers; Korean intelligence asks McGarvey to prove they didn't authorize the hit) $9.99
Hall, M.R. The Disappeared (Jenny Cooper #2: Coroner Jenny Cooper's inquiry into the presumed death of a long-missing university student runs into a far-reaching cover-up of crimes) $24.99
Harrison, Cora A Secret and Unlawful Killing (Michaelmas Tribute) (Mara #2: 1509: The steward of the MacNamara clan has raised the amount demanded for tribute; when his body is found, it falls on Mara, the Burren's Brehon judge, to find the killer) $14.99
Harrison, Cora Sting of Justice (Mara #3: 1509: When Brehon Mara attends the funeral of a priest of the Burren, she finds the local silversmith dead on the church steps - stung to death by bees) $25.99
Havill, Steven F. Dead Weight (Bill Gastner #09: When a man is crushed by a backhoe, Sheriff Bill Gastner suspects it's not an accident. And he needs to get to the bottom of anonymous letters accusing his best deputy of hustling Mexican nationals for cash) $14.95
Henry, Jarad Blood Sunset (It looks like a young junkie died of an accidental overdose, but anomalies in the boy's death lead detective McCauley to a secret network of pedophiles, child abusers, and underage prostitutes) $16.95
Hime, James Where Armadillos Go to Die (Jeremiah Spur #3: When the unpleasant owner of a small-town restaurant disappears, retired Texas Ranger Jeremiah Spur is the only one to take it seriously) $25.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Malory and Any Man's Death (Mrs. Malory #19: When a local busybody is found dead from mushroom poisoning, Mrs. Malory suspects the woman had discovered some dark secrets about her fellow villagers) $6.99
Hoobler, D & T Seven Paths to Death (Samurai #6: Kids; Seven dead men, each with a partial tattoo on his back. Together the tattoos make up a treasure map - leading to a most terrifying destination) $6.99
James, P.D. Talking about Detective Fiction (Nonfiction; the popular mystery writer looks at the human appetite for mystery and mayhem, and at the writers who satisfy it) $22.00
James, Steven The Rook (Patrick Bowers #2: Able to pinpoint the time, place, and spatial factors of any crime, Special Agent Patrick Bowers investigates arson at a top-secret Navy research facility, and learns that a lethal device is now in the wrong hands) $7.99
Jance, J.A. Trial by Fire (Ali Reynolds #5: Ali struggles to uncover a hospitalized Jane Doe's identity, then realizes that by locating the relatives, she may be exposing the victim once more to a killer) $25.99
Johnston, Linda O. Howl Deadly (Kendra Ballantyne #8: PBO; Kendra's weekend getaway with gorgeous millionaire Dante DeFrancisco turns chilling when a she-wolf goes missing from Dante's pet sanctuary) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Judgment in the Ashes (Ashes #24: Reissue; A rabid religious leader starts a holy war against Ben Raines and his Rebels) $5.99
Koontz, Dean Breathless (After discovering two strange, beautiful furred creatures in the Colorado Rockies, a craftsman and a veterinarian end up on the run with them, as a government dragnet tightens around them and even more powerful forces shadow their every move) $28.00
Koontz, Dean Strangers (Reissue; A handful of people from different backgrounds, living in different parts of America, they had nothing in common - except fear. In the heart of the desert, a dark memory called out to them, drawing them to the Tranquility Motel, where the terrifying truth was waiting) $16.00
Lawrence, C.E. Silent Screams (When a girl is murdered, NYPD detectives suspect a jealous boyfriend, but profiler Lee Campbell suspects a new serial killer is responsible) $6.99
Lawrence, Iain The Seance (Kids; Scooter King stumbles on a dead body while visiting Harry Houdini's Burmese Torture Tank, and sets out to unmask the killer) $6.99
Ludlum, Robert The Tristan Betrayal (Reissue; American ambassador Stephen Metcalf is summoned to stop a man who can bring the entire world to the brink of nuclear war) $9.99
McGarrity, Michael Dead or Alive (Kevin Kerney #12: When retired police chief Kevin Kerney learns that his horse-training partner has been murdered, he teams up with his half-Apache son, Lieutenant Clayton Istee, to hunt down the killer) $15.00
McLean, Russel D. The Good Son (When a Scottish farmer's estranged brother is found hanging from a tree, the police claim suicide; PI J. McNee is about to uncover the disturbing truth behind the death) $24.99
Medieval Murderers King Arthur's Bones (The Guardians seek to keep King Arthur's remains safe until the legend is fulfilled and he returns to protect his country in the hour of its greatest need. As the secret of the hiding place is passed from generation to generation, those entrusted must withstand treachery, theft, blackmail, and murder) $14.95
Milne, A.A. The Red House Mystery (Reissue; Guests at a country estate become amateur sleuths when a shooting occurs and all evidence points toward their host) $12.95
Moore, Christopher G. Paying Back Jack (Vincent Calvino #3: Hired to do surveillance on a Thai politician's wife, Calvino finds himself entangled in a web of politics and vengeance. And in the center of the city, a sniper team awaits its shot) $19.95
Morris, Bob A Deadly Silver Sea (Zack Chasteen #4: Celebrating the imminent birth of their first child, Zack Chasteen and his wife, Barbara, join the inaugural cruise of the Royal Star, but their dream vacation is threatened when armed gunmen seize the ship) $7.99
Neggers, Carla Cold River (Black Falls #2: PBO; A crime ring's been leaving bloody trails on Cameron Mountain; Sean Cameron needs Hannah Shay's cooperation in his search for his father's killer) $7.99
Palov, C.M. Ark of Fire (A photographer and a historian connect a murder and the theft of an ancient Hebrew relic to a government conspiracy - and to the most valuable relic in history) $7.99
Parks, Brad Faces of the Gone (Investigative reporter Carter Ross discovers the connection between four Newark murder victims, which puts him in the path of a very ambitious killer) $25.99
Patterson, J/DiLallo, R Alex Cross's Trial (In the early 1900s, Abraham Cross assists lawyer Ben Corbett, who's been sent by President Roosevelt to investigate the resurgence of the KKK in Eudora, MS) $27.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M 7th Heaven (Women's Murder Club #7: Detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner search for the missing son of a former governor, and hunt an arsonist who burns beautiful homes, leaving their owners to perish in the flames) $7.99
Pearce, Michael A Dead Man in Trieste (Seymour of Special Branch #1: Trieste, 1906: When the British consul goes missing, who is responsible: the secret police, revolutionaries, or a mysterious lover?) $14.00
Pearce, Michael A Dead Man in Istanbul (Seymour of Special Branch #2: Istanbul, 1908: When an embassy official is shot trying to swim the Dardanelles Straits, Seymour's investigation ranges through Istanbul's graveyards and coffee houses to the heart of Topkapi Palace) $14.00
Pearce, Michael Dead Man in Athens (Seymour of Special Branch #3: Athens, 1913: Who poisoned the cat? Seymour is on the case, as an exiled Sultan and a new vision of an ascendant Greece threaten the Balkans with chaos and war) $14.00
Pearce, Michael A Dead Man in Tangier (Seymour of Special Branch #4: Tangier, 1912: In the run-up to the Great War, a single murder in Morocco could destabilize Europe; Seymour is sent to North Africa to look into a Frenchman's death) $14.00
Pearce, Michael A Dead Man in Barcelona (Seymour of Special Branch #5: Barcelona, 1912: A prominent Englishman is found dead in prison. Since he did business in Gibraltar, England needs an investigation by someone independent of the Spanish authorities) $14.00
Pendleton, Don Code of Honor (Executioner #373: PBO; Mack Bolan infiltrates the Black Cross, a ruthless group of ex-US operatives who have been targeting retired American servicemen) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Extinction Crisis (Stony Man #104: PBO; Stony Man must stop conspirators who have accessed nuclear power plants across the globe and are poised to control the world's energy) $6.99
Pickens, Cathy Can't Never Tell (Southern Fried #5: A leg bone discovered in a carnival fright house and a missing faculty wife are just two pieces as Avery puzzles out a very cold case and cold-blooded murder) $6.99
Pinter, Jason The Darkness (Henry Parker #5: PBO; Parker and his mentor Jack O'Donnell look to shed some light on the darkness surrounding an elusive drug lord known only as the Fury) $7.99
Pollero, Rhonda Fat Chance (Finley Anderson Tanner #3: Finley's new cottage turns out to be a shambles, but home renovation becomes the least of her worries when she finds a skeleton in her new closet) $7.99
Porkpie, Jonny The Corpse Wore Pasties (PBO; When a burlesque dancer dies onstage during a show, the show's MC delves deep into the seedy and seductive world of bump-and-grind to investigate) $7.99
Poyer, David The Weapon (Dan Lenson #11: After failing to obtain the plans for a new Russian nuclear warhead, Navy commander Dan Lenson and his team attempt to steal the weapon off of an Iranian submarine) $7.99
Purser, Ann Tragedy at Two (Lois Meade #9: When a man is beaten and left for dead, suspicion falls on a group of traveling gypsies; Inspector Cowgill asks Lois to assist with the investigation) $23.95
Ramsay, Frederick Predators (In Botswana, a CEO dreams of building a resort on the Chobe River; a lion, weakened by HIV, loses his place in his pride; their paths cross with tragic consequences) $24.95
Rankin, Ian Exit Music (Inspector Rebus #17: Nearing retirement, Edinburgh's Detective Inspector John Rebus tackles the case of a dissident Russian poet who has been murdered in what looks like a mugging gone wrong) $7.99
Rankin, Ian Let It Bleed (Inspector Rebus #7: Reissue; Two suicides and a murder lead Rebus through stark alleys and sad bars, shredded files and lacerated lives, to a murderous conglomerate) $16.99
Rankin, Ian Black and Blue (Inspector Rebus #8: Reissue; The investigation of an off-duty oilman's death in a tough Edinburgh suburb takes Rebus to the oil rigs of Aberdeen, where he runs into the media circus surrounding a copycat killer) $16.99
Redmann, J.M. Death of a Dying Man (Micky Knight #5: PI Micky Knight is stuck with a drop-dead gorgeous assistant and the case of a dying gay man looking for a child he might have fathered) $16.95
Robb, JD et al The Lost (PBO; Anthology; a new Eve Dallas story, plus 3 other tales of romance) $7.99
Roberts, John Maddox Oracle of the Dead (SPQR #12: There is bitter rivalry between the priests of Apollo and the priests of Hecate; when the priests are all killed, the countryside explodes in violence as Greeks, Romans, and native Italians bring out old enmities) $14.99
Roberts, Wendy Dead and Kicking (Ghost Dusters #3: While digging out the home of a compulsive hoarder, crime-scene cleaner Sadie Novak finds an angry ghost who wants her to go away - and secrets that someone will kill to keep buried) $6.99
Roker, Al/Lochte, Dick The Morning Show Murders (When his producer is poisoned by a dish from his restaurant, celebrity chef Billy Blessing has to prove he didn't commit murder, find out who did, and avoid becoming the next victim) $26.00
Royal, Priscilla Wine of Violence (Prioress Eleanor #1: Reissue; 1270: Tyndal's inexperienced new prioress must struggle to gain the respect of her terrified and resentful flock when a monk's body is found brutally murdered in the cloister gardens) $14.95
Rozan, S.J. A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (Collection; crime stories by the Edgar-winning author) $17.00
Ruttan, Sandra Lullaby for the Nameless (Nolan, Hart & Tain #3: Missing girls are turning up murdered, in ways that eerily resemble the MO from Hart, Nolan, and Tain's first case together. Did they get the wrong man the first time?) $7.99
Scarrow, Alex Last Light (When the world's oil supplies are severed, things begin to unravel at a horrifying pace) $9.99
Sedley, Kate The Dance of Death (Roger the Chapman #18: Roger the Chapman must accompany the beautiful but manipulative Eloise Gray on a special mission to Paris, where the French king is making overtures to the Duke of Burgundy) $28.95
Smolens, John The Anarchist (A thriller about the months leading up to the murder of President McKinley and the trial that followed - of the assassin who plotted for months, and of the men who tried to stop him and failed) $15.00
Spindler, Erica In Silence (Reissue; Returning to her Louisiana hometown seeking answers about her father's suicide, a journalist instead learns about an old murder, and that people are going missing) $7.99
Stabenow, Dana Whisper to the Blood (Kate Shugak #16: Kate Shugak, part-time PI and newly elected chairman of the Niniltna Native Association, has her hands full when a proposed gold-mine expansion leads to two brutal murders) $7.99
Standiford, Les Deal with the Dead (John Deal #6: Reissue; John Deal finds that getting out from under his father's shady past is tough, especially when it's linked to a Miami mobster, his avenging son, and a hidden fortune) $14.95
Stashower, Daniel The Ectoplasmic Man (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: When Harry Houdini is framed and jailed for espionage, Holmes vows to clear his name; they join forces to stop blackmailers who have targeted the Prince of Wales) $9.95
Stone, Nick The King of Swords (Max Mingus #2: Miami, 1981: A murder investigation leads detective Max Mingus and his partner Joe Liston to the city's most feared criminal, rumored to practice dark voodoo rites - and to have friends in very high places) $14.99
Todd, Charles A Matter of Justice (Inspector Rutledge #11: When a successful London businessman is found savagely murdered on his estate in Somerset, Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge discovers that the victim was universally despised. But who hated him enough to kill?) $14.99
Vining, Dan Among the Living: The Quick / The Next (Omnibus reprint; 2 hardboiled supernatural mysteries) $15.00
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Moon (LAPD veteran Dana Vaughn and 'Hollywood' Nate Weiss discover that what looked like normal criminal full-moon craziness is actually something bigger and more deadly) $26.99
Webb, Betty Desert Wives (Lena Jones #2: PI Lena Jones helps a 13-year-old escape a polygamy compound. When the girl's mother is accused of murdering the compound leader, Lena goes undercover as a second wife to find the killer) $14.95
Webb, Betty Desert Lost (Lena Jones #6: PI Lena Jones discovers a shocking secret about a polygamy cult: in a society where 1 man can have 10 wives, 9 men will have none. The cult makes certain these possible rivals don't stick around) $24.95
Wellman, Manley & Wade The War of the Worlds (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: When the streets of London are left decimated by a prolonged alien attack, Holmes, Watson, and Professor Challenger must discover who is responsible) $9.95
West, Eugenia Lovett Overkill (Emma Streat #2: When her niece is stricken down by what appears to be the first US case of avian flu, Emma must deal with a dangerous international network that sells stolen viruses) $25.99
Winspear, Jacqueline Among the Mad (Maisie Dobbs #6: Christmas, 1931: When the prime minister's office receives a letter threatening a massive loss of life if certain demands are not met, Maisie Dobbs becomes a special adviser on the case) $14.00
Woods, Stuart Loitering with Intent (Stone Barrington #16: Stone and Dino head to Key West to locate a wealthy man's missing son, then realize that the young man may have very good reasons for not wanting to be found) $9.99


Burns, Jimmy Papa Spy: Love, Faith, and Betrayal in Wartime Spain (Nonfiction; 1939: Tom Burns and the British Ministry of Information must do everything in their power to keep Gibraltar out of German hands) $26.00
D'Amato/Dams/Zubro Foolproof (A clandestine division of a software security firm, devoted to tracking down terrorists, uncovers a plot to rig voting machines and topple democracies worldwide) $24.99
Estleman, Loren D. Alone (Valentino #2: Rankin tells Valentino he's being blackmailed by his assistant over a letter Greta Garbo wrote to his late wife; Valentino finds Rankin, gun in hand, by his assistant's dead body) $24.99
Hunt, Angela Let Darkness Come (When a long-mistreated wife is accused of killing her wealthy husband, attorney Briley Lester uncovers a shocking secret that could be the key to proving her client's innocence) $7.99
Patterson/Charbonnet Witch & Wizard (YA; Imprisoned by the totalitarian New Order, 15-year-old Wisty and and her older brother Whit discover they have incredible powers. Can they master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents - and maybe the world?) $17.99
Smith, Roger Mixed Blood (Bank robber Jack Burn, on the run from a heist gone wrong, hides out in Cape Town South Africa, where a gangland assault on his family changes everything) $15.00
Soup, Dr. Cuthbert A Whole Nother Story (Kids; The Cheeseman children, their father, their psychic dog, and a sock puppet named Steve are on the run from international spies, government agents, and a genius chimpanzee) $16.99


Adam, Paul Paganini's Ghost (Violinmaker Giovanni Castiglione searches for a long-lost instrument that was possessed by famed violinist Niccolo Paganini) $24.99
Ault, Sandi Wild Sorrow (Jamaica Wild #3: Jamaica searches for a wounded mountain lion and her cubs; winter temperatures threaten the lions - and Jamaica herself, as she's stalked by a killer) $14.00
Barton, Beverly Worth Dying For (Protectors: Reissue; Security agent Dante Moran finds himself drawn to client Tessa Westbrook. But her past is full of secrets; Dante must decide if she's worth dying for) $7.99
Bass, Jefferson Bones of Betrayal (Body Farm #4: Bill Brockton and Miranda Lovelady investigate when an elderly physicist dies from a searing dose of radiation in the town that was the key site for the Manhattan Project during WWII) $7.99
Bauer, Belinda Blacklands (Obsessed with finding the body of an uncle who disappeared as a child, twelve-year-old Steven writes a letter to the man convicted of killing him) $23.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Witch (Hamish Macbeth #25: Hamish MacBeth returns from holiday to find that a charming witch supplying dangerous potions has come to Lochdubh; when she is murdered and he is the prime suspect, he must work to clear his name) $6.99
Berkowitz, Ira Sinners' Ball (Jackson Steeg #3: A mysterious fire in a warehouse puts Steeg's mobster brother Dave on the hook for six murders; Steeg chases the truth through the grimy streets of Hell's Kitchen) $14.00
Berney, Lou Gutshot Straight (An ex-con and a housewife, on the run from the mob, head for Panama, looking to unload valuable religious artifacts of questionable provenance) $24.99
Best, S. Payne (Captain) The Venlo Incident: A True Story of Double-Dealing, Captivity, and a Murderous Nazi Plot (Nonfiction; 1939: Best, a top MI6 agent is captured by an SS ambush, along with a list of British undercover agents, and spends five years in Nazi concentration camps) $14.95
Blehm, Eric The Only Thing Worth Dying For (Nonfiction; the story of the US Army Special Forces team that conquered the Taliban while protecting Hamid Karzai) $25.99
Bodman, Karna Small Final Finesse (White House Deputy Director for Homeland Security Samantha Reid teams up with gas company VP Tripp Adams to investigate a series of natural-gas pipeline explosions) $7.99
Bondurant, Matt The Wettest County in the World (Novel based on the true story of author's grandfather and granduncles, notorious roughnecks and bootleggers who ran liquor in Virginia during Prohibition and after) $15.00
Burcell, Robin The Bone Chamber (Sydney Fitzpatrick #2: The hunt for a killer carries FBI Special Agent Fitzpatrick from Washington to Rome to Naples, on the trail of a fabled treasure of the Knights Templar - and a curse) $7.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Wings of the Sphinx (Inspector Montalbano #11: A young woman is found with her face shot off. Her tattoo links her to three victims of the Mafia sex trade who were rescued by a Catholic charity. But Montalbano's inquiries elicit an outcry from the Church - and the other three girls are missing) $14.00
Canadeo, Anne Knit, Purl, Die (Black Sheep #2: When wealthy Gloria Sterling is found floating face down in her swimming pool, her knitting club friends don't believe it's an accident) $14.00
Cannell, Stephen J. On the Grind (Shane Scully #8: Forced to resign from the LAPD, Lieutenant Shane Scully takes a job in a small California precinct, where he is unexpectedly challenged by local corruption and an overzealous FBI agent) $7.99
Child, Lincoln Terminal Freeze (When an expedition finds a giant frozen animal in Alaska, the sponsors plan to thaw out the creature on live TV, unaware that it is an ancient killing machine that may not be dead) $7.99
Christopher, Paul The Templar Cross (John Holliday #2: Ex-Army Ranger John Holliday's search for his kidnapped niece leads to the heart of a conspiracy involving an ancient Egyptian legend and the darkest secrets of the Templars) $9.99
Clement, Blaize Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof (Dixie Hemingway #4: Dixie's new friend Laura Halston claims to be hiding from an abusive husband; when Laura receives threats, Dixie realizes that there may be unexpected and deadly implications to Laura's story) $7.99
Clinch, Wendy Double Black (Ski Diva #1: Twenty-something Stacey Curtis is living the life she's always dreamed about - until she finds a dead body in the ski chalet) $24.99
Colley, Barbara Dusted to Death (Charlotte LaRue #8: Hired to look after a Victorian home during a movie shoot, sixty-something Charlotte LaRue investigates when a dead body turns up in a star's dressing room) $22.00
Conant-Park, J/Conant, S Fed Up (Gourmet Girl #4: Chloe Carter's chef boyfriend Josh is competing to star in a new TV series; one of the people he cooks for drops dead and Chloe investigates. Includes recipes) $7.99
Connelly, Michael (ed) In the Shadow of the Master (16 of Edgar Allan Poe's best tales, along with 20 essays by top suspense writers on how Poe has changed their lives and work) $14.99
Cornwell, Bernard Agincourt (The soldiers of Henry V, facing disease, hunger, and formidable weather, rally around longbowman Nicholas Hook, who in spite of his outlaw status fights for his country and the woman he loves) $14.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Burning Land (Saxon Tales #5: Uhtred breaks with King Alfred and sets out to reclaim his ancestral fortress, but when Alfred's daughter pleads for his help, he cannot refuse her request) $25.99
Cornwell, Patricia Postmortem (Kay Scarpetta #01: Reissue; In Richmond, VA, Kay Scarpetta uses the latest advances in forensic research to unmask the madman behind a series of stranglings - but her investigation is being sabotaged from within, and someone wants her dead) $9.99
Cussler, Clive Flood Tide (Dirk Pitt #14: Reissue; Pitt must find out why a Chinese smuggler who made his fortune selling immigrants into slavery is building a seaport in the Louisiana bayou) $9.99
Decharne, Max Hardboiled Hollywood: The True Crime Stories Behind the Classic Noir Films (Nonfiction; the stories of real-life bank robbers, serial killers, and other criminals who inspired films) $14.95
Doetsch, Richard The 13th Hour (Nick Quinn is given a talisman that allows him to go back in time in one-hour increments to prevent a crime from ruining his life - he must set things right by the 13th hour) $25.99
Dorsey, Tim Nuclear Jellyfish (Serge Storms #11: Serge starts a Florida Experience website for travelers, to promote his favorite haunts and provide tips on how to avoid getting killed on vacation; it catches the attention of his nemesis, Agent Mahoney) $13.99
Dunlap, Susanne The Musician's Daughter (YA; When her father is found dead on Christmas Eve, his violin nowhere to be found, 15-year-old Theresa Maria turns to her father's mentor, composer Franz Joseph Haydn, for help) $8.99
Ellis, Kate The Bone Garden (DS Wesley Peterson #5: Peterson looks for the connection between 300-year-old bodies uncovered in an ancient garden, a man found stabbed at a popular vacation site, and a local solicitor murdered with a cricket ball) $8.99
Ephron, Hallie Never Tell a Lie (At a couple's yard sale, a strange encounter with a woman from their high school past leads to a hellish nightmare of deceit and betrayal) $7.99
Evanovich, Janet Plum Spooky (Between the Numbers #4: Stephanie Plum and Diesel hunt a remorseless killer and a boy genius in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, surviving cranberry bogs, the Jersey Devil, sand in their underwear, and monkeys) $7.99
Fforde, Jasper Shades of Grey (In a society where status is based on what portion of the color spectrum you can see, a low-level employee of the Color Control Agency meets a Grey Nightseer from the unlit side of the village, and comes to question the implacable hierarchy; talk gives way to revolutionary action; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Flynn, Vince Term Limits (Reissue; Michael O'Rourke is an ex-Marine and freshman congressman whose haunted past holds a clue to the assassinations of three of Washington's most powerful) $9.99
Friedman, Kinky I, Sniper (Bob Lee Swagger #5: Swagger fights to clear the name of a fellow soldier-in-arms, and faces off against a ruthless sniper whose keen intellect and pinpoint accuracy rival his own) $26.00
Funaro, Gregory The Sculptor (FBI Special Agent Sam Markham tracks a serial killer who preserves his victims and molds them into replicas of Michelangelo's artworks) $6.99
Gage, Leighton Buried Strangers (Mario Silva #2: Chief Inspector Silva and his team investigate a clandestine cemetery in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and learn that many patrons of a local travel agency never reached their destinations) $13.00
Gage, Leighton Dying Gasp (Mario Silva #3: The search for a politician's granddaughter leads Chief Inspector Silva and his team to a jungle hellhole on the Amazon where an evil female doctor is making snuff films) $24.00
Graves, Sarah Crawlspace (Home Repair is Homicide #13: A true-crime writer comes to Eastport, Maine, to investigate the drowning death of murderer Randy Dodd six years earlier; she thinks it was faked, and turns out to be right) $25.00
Griffin, W.E.B. Black Ops (Presidential Agent #5: Charley Castillo investigates when covert US intelligence assets start turning up dead all over the globe) $9.99
Griffin/Butterworth The Honor of Spies (Honor Bound #5: 1943: Cletus Frade recruits a German POW to help the OSS learn about a German plan to establish safe havens for senior Nazi officials in South America) $26.95
Griffiths, Elly The Crossing Places (DCI Harry Nelson and archaeologist Ruth Galloway work on the case of a little girl who disappeared ten years ago; when another child disappears, the hunt is on to find her) $25.00
Hale, Rebecca M. How to Wash a Cat (A surprising inheritance propels a woman and her two very curious cats into the mystery surrounding her uncle's death; the investigation leads from a San Francisco antiques shop back to the days of the Gold Rush) $6.99
Hamilton, Steve The Lock Artist (After surviving a horrific act of violence as a child, Michael no longer speaks - but he can open any lock. If there's a heist in the works, Michael's your man. Until one day a seemingly simple job turns into a nightmare, and everything falls apart. Michael decides to go back home to find the only person he ever loved, and to finally face the secret that has kept him silent all these years) $24.99
Harper, Molly Nice Girls Don't Live Forever (Jane Jameson #3: PBO; Librarian-turned-vampire Jane Jameson's boyfriend is getting mysterious notes and calls he won't explain; her best friend's werewolf wife is expecting a baby - or possibly a litter) $7.99
Hiaasen, Carl Skin Tight (Reissue; Retired Florida state investigator Mick Stranahan has to find out who's out to get him from a long list of enemies, including a notoriously irritating TV journalist and an off point hit man) $14.00
Higgins, Jack The Wolf at the Door (Sean Dillon #17: Someone is targeting members of an elite British intelligence unit; Dillon suspects an old nemesis, but proving it is going to be a difficult task) $26.95
Hoag, Tami Deeper than the Dead (1984: Aided by a schoolteacher, an FBI agent uses a new technique - profiling - to track down a serial killer in a California community) $26.95
Hooper, Kay Blood Sins (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #11: Noah Bishop's Special Crimes Unit investigates a rash of murders whose clues point to the enigmatic Church of the Everlasting Sin and its charismatic leader) $7.99
Hosp, David Innocence (Scott Finn #2: Fifteen years ago, a female cop was viciously attacked. Now DNA clues suggest the wrong man was imprisoned. Struggling Boston attorney Scott Finn is determined to find the truth) $7.99
Hughes, Charlotte High Anxiety (Kate Holly #3: PBO; Psychologist Kate Holly hires a temporary secretary - who alters her hairstyle and fashion sense to identically match Kate's) $7.99
Huston, Charlie The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death (After cleaning a suicide scene in Malibu, Webster gets a call from the dead man's daughter; she and her thug half-brother have another mess that needs cleaning on the QT) $15.00
Hyzy, Julie Eggsecutive Orders (White House Chef #3: PBO; An NSA big shot dies right after eating dinner at the White House; with the Secret Service picking apart the kitchen and scrutinizing her staff, Olivia must find the real culprit) $7.99
Iles, Greg The Devil's Punchbowl (Penn Cage #3: Newly elected mayor of his hometown of Natchez, MS, Penn learns that one of the riverboat casinos is using blood sport to attract high rollers, and sets out to find the men responsible) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Until Proven Guilty (J.P. Beaumont #01: Reissue; The hunt for the killer of a five-year-old girl leads Beau into a murky world of religious fanaticism, and toward a beautiful, perilous obsession all his own) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Injustice for All (J.P. Beaumont #2: Reissue; A murderous mix of passion and politics turns Beau's holiday into a nightmare, and leads the dedicated Seattle cop into the path of a killer whose bloodlust is rapidly becoming an obsession) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Trial by Fury (J.P. Beaumont #3: Reissue; Beau investigates the lynching death of a high school coach) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Taking the Fifth (J.P. Beaumont #4: Reissue; The murder weapon? The stiletto heel of an elegant woman's shoe. The search for the stylish killer leads Beau into a world of drugs and corruption) $9.99
Jones, J. Sydney The Empty Mirror (Werthen & Gross #1: Vienna 1898: painter Gustav Klimt is fingered for a series of brutal murders when his model becomes a victim. His lawyer and a famed criminologist investigate to clear the artist and find the killer) $14.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M. A Whisper to the Living (Inspector Rostnikov #16: While searching for a serial killer and protecting a UK journalist doing a story on prostitution, Rostnikov and his team uncover a chain of murders that lead to a high official) $23.99
Kane, Ben The Forgotten Legion (Forgotten Legion #1: Romulus, Brennus and Tarquinius fight against the Parthians and overwhelming odds in one of the most legendary battles in Roman military history) $14.99
Kelner, Toni L.P. Who Killed the Pinup Queen? (Where Are They Now #2: PBO; Working on articles about a former pinup model and an old Western TV show, freelance journalist Tilda Harper finds the pinup queen murdered - and discovers her two stories may have disturbing connections) $6.99
Kennedy, Mary Dead Air (Talk Radio #1: PBO; When one of the station's special guests is murdered, call-in psychologist Dr. Maggie has to prove that her new roommate didn't do it) $6.99
Kent, Rebecca Murder Has No Class (Bellehaven House #3: PBO; Lord Stalham claimed he didn't murder his father, but was hanged for it. Now his ghost is haunting Meredith Llewellyn, who sets out to find the truth - and discovers a high-society scandal) $6.99
Lee, Patrick The Breach (Thirty years ago, in a facility buried beneath a vast Wyoming emptiness, an experiment gone awry accidentally opened a door. It is the world' s best-kept secret - and its most terrifying) $7.99
Leon, Donna Fatal Remedies (Commissario Guido Brunetti #08: Reissue; An act of vandalism shatters the quiet of the Venetian dawn; the culprit is a member of Brunetti's family. Meanwhile, his superiors pressure him to solve a daring robbery with connections to a suspicious death) $14.00
Leon, Donna Friends in High Places (Commissario Guido Brunetti #09: Reissue; Brunetti's investigations take him into unfamiliar areas of Venetian life - drug abuse and loan sharking - and point again to corruption in high places) $14.00
Littell, Robert The Revolutionist (Reissue; 1917: Idealist Alexander Til returns to Petrograd on the eve of the October Revolution, but the people and his ideals are trampled by the rise of Josef Stalin, with whom he is destined to have a shattering confrontation) $16.00
Malliet, G. M. Death at the Alma Mater (St. Just #3: DCI St. Just finds a lengthy list of suspects when the glamorous Lexy Laurant is strangled during a fundraising weekend at St. Michael's College, Cambridge) $14.95
May, Peter Virtually Dead (A crime-scene photographer finds that real-world murder victims have also had their personas executed in a virtual world called Second Life, and uncovers a financial scam that is netting the murderer millions) $14.95
May, Peter Virtually Dead (A crime-scene photographer finds that real-world murder victims have also had their personas executed in a virtual world called Second Life, and uncovers a financial scam that is netting the murderer millions) $24.95
Mazer, Norma Fox The Missing Girl (YA; Five sisters are stalked by a middle-aged predator, who watches them and tries to pick his favorite) $8.99
McKevett, GA A Body to Die For (Savannah Reid #14: Plus-size PI Savannah Reid investigates the murder of weight loss diva Clarissa Jardin's husband) $6.99
Merullo, Roland Fidel's Last Days (Former CIA agent Carolina Perez and Carlos Gutierrez, the disillusioned Cuban Minister of Health, become caught up in a conspiracy to assassinate Fidel Castro) $15.00
Michaels, David Tom Clancy's HAWX (PBO; Just as Troy Loensch comes into his own as a pilot with the USAF, private contractor Firehawk takes over. Troy isn't happy with the arrangement, and agrees to help the CIA investigate Firehawk) $9.99
Milway, Alex The Mousehunter (Kids; Emiline, mousekeeper in the employ of wealthy Isiah Lovelock, dreams of becoming a famous mousehunter, and joins the hunt for the legendary pirate Mousebeard) $5.99
Monaghan, D/Cawthorne N Jack the Ripper's Secret Confession: The Hidden Testimony of Britain's First Serial Killer (Nonfiction; Jack the Ripper is revealed to be textile millionaire Henry Spencer Ashbee, also known as 'Walter', narrator of My Secret Life , a famous work of Victorian pornography) $24.95
Morgan, Kaye Ghost Sudoku (Sudoku #5: PBO; When an old classmate is murdered, Liza finds he's left behind puzzles that may hide clues to what finished him off - and who is trying to run Liza into the ground) $6.99
Morrell, David The League of Night and Fog (Brotherhood of the Rose #3: Reissue; Ex-CIA killer Saul and former agent Drew must solve a violent riddle: why have ten old men been abducted from around the globe?) $15.00
Murphy, Shirley R Cat Playing Cupid (Joe Grey #14: Feline PI Joe Grey suspects a connection between two murders more than 500 miles apart; the cats discover a rare book that divulges their ability to speak) $7.99
Myers, Tamar Batter Off Dead (Pennsylvania Dutch #17: Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder helps investigate when a woman dies at a church breakfast after eating several stacks of hotcakes. Recipes included) $6.99
Neiderman, Andrew Guardian Angel (Megan is content with a one-night stand, but Steve isn't. He'll stop at nothing - even kidnapping Megan's young daughter - to make Megan part of his 'perfect family') $7.99
Owen, Charlie Bravo Jubilee (Horse's Arse #3: 1977: Psycho, Pizza, and the other uniform cops hurl the rule book out the window and continue to hold the tide of criminal scum at bay for as long as they can) $9.95
Palmer, Michael Second Opinion (Dr. Thea Sperelakis is baffled when her siblings refuse care to their hit-and-run victim father, whom Thea gradually realizes was deliberately targeted by a conspiracy of doctors) $9.99
Parker, Robert B. Appaloosa (Hitch & Cole #1: Reissue; Old West lawmen Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole track a man without conscience or remorse to the small town of Appaloosa) $14.00
Parker, T. Jefferson Iron River (Charlie Hood #3: Hood works with the ATFE, trying to stem the illegal flow of handguns and automatic weapons that fuels the bloody cartel wars south of the California-Mexico border) $26.95
Perry, Thomas Runner (Jane Whitefield #6: Native American guide Jane Whitefield comes out of retirement to help a young pregnant woman who is being pursued by a gang of hired killers) $14.95
Preston, Douglas Impact (Wyman Ford #2: A meteorite has passed straight through the Earth. Called in to investigate its mysterious exit hole, Ford discovers an alien doomsday device on a Martian moon, aimed at Earth; unabridged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Quinn, Spencer Thereby Hangs a Tail (Chet & Bernie #2: Chet and his PI human Bernie investigate threats made against Princess, a pampered show dog - the case turns serious when Princess and her owner are abducted) $25.00
Rabkin, William The Call of the Mild (Psych #3: PBO; To solve a baffling case of industrial espionage, Shawn and Gus join their clients on a bonding retreat - a grueling mountain trek. When one of the campers turns up with a bullet in the head, they realize that cliffs, bears, and freeze-dried pineapple aren't the only threats they face) $6.99
Rankin, Ian The Hanging Garden (Inspector Rebus #09: Reissue; Rebus goes after Tommy Telford, known to have close ties to a brutal gangster bringing Chechen refugees into Britain to work as prostitutes) $16.99
Raybourn, Deanna Silent in the Grave (Julia Grey #1: Reissue; When her husband's death turns out to be murder, Lady Julia Grey engages private enquiry agent Nicholas Brisbane to help her investigate his demise) $13.95
Reilly, Matthew The 5 Greatest Warriors (Jack West Jr. #3: Jack and his team travel from Israel to Japan to Mongolia to the most mysterious island on Earth to uncover the secrets of the five greatest warriors and prevent Armageddon) $25.00
Roberts, David Sweet Poison (Corinth & Browne #01: 1935: A house party brings together public figures interested in improving Anglo-German relations. When a general is poisoned, Lord Edward Corinth and journalist Verity Browne seek the truth behind the killing) $14.00
Roberts, David Sweet Sorrow (Corinth & Browne #10: 1939: Newlyweds Verity Browne and Lord Edward Corinth investigate when a neighbor is found dead as if executed for treason after his children put on a pageant based on the beheading of Charles I) $25.00
Rollins, David A Knife Edge (Vin Cooper #2: When a scientist falls from a military research ship and meets a grisly end, Vin Cooper follows a trail of bodies to a shadow government within our government, sworn to kill all who oppose them) $7.99
Rollins, James Altar of Eden (The discovery of a group of strangely mutated, super-intelligent animals leads a Texas veterinarian and a US Marshal to a puzzle involving stem cell research and a secret history from the Book of Genesis) $27.99
Sansom, Ian The Bad Book Affair (Mobile Library #4: When a politician's teenage daughter disappears after Israel lends her A Clockwork Orange and Lady Chatterly's Lover , Israel must find her before he gets run out of town) $13.99
Saylor, Steven The House of the Vestals (Gordianus the Finder #6: Reissue; Collection; 9 mystery stories set in ancient Rome) $14.99
Siger, Jeffery Murder in Mykonos (Andreas Kaldis #1: New police chief Kaldis, lately of the Athens homicide department, struggles to solve the ritual murder of a young woman before the media destroy the island's reputation) $14.95
Siger, Jeffery Assassins of Athens (Andreas Kaldis #2: When a rich boy's body is dumped in a bad neighborhood, the search for answers takes CI Kaldis into the criminal side of Athens nightlife and the glittering world of high society) $14.95
Siger, Jeffery Assassins of Athens (Andreas Kaldis #2: When a rich boy's body is dumped in a bad neighborhood, the search for answers takes CI Kaldis into the criminal side of Athens nightlife and the glittering world of high society) $24.95
Sigler, Scott Contagious (Infected #2: Agents Clarence Otto and Dew Phillips find that a mysterious disease sweeping America has become contagious, and must stop it) $14.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Unbearable Lightness of Scones (44 Scotland Street #5: Precocious six-year-old Bertie joins the Cub Scouts; Matthew rises to the challenges of married life; Cyril succumbs to romantic temptation and creates six small problems for his owner) $15.00
Strieber, Whitley Critical Mass (Nuclear interdiction expert James Deutsch and his tormented Muslim wife, Nabila, struggle to stop an impending nuclear attack on an American city) $7.99
Stuckart, Diane A.S. A Bolt from the Blue (Leonardo da Vinci #3: With war looming, the Duke of Milan wants a flying machine; da Vinci calls in a craftsman - his star apprentice's father. Dino/Delphina worries that her father will prove her undoing) $14.00
Suarez, Daniel Daemon (A computer game designer dies, leaving behind a program that unravels the Internet's world. It corrupts, kills, and runs independent of human control. Detective Peter Sebeck must stop the virtual enemy before it destroys civilization) $9.99
Thompson, James Snow Angels (Inspector Vaara #1: Inspector Kari Vaara investigates when a beautiful Somali's body is found mutilated in a Lapland snowfield; the vicious killing may be a hate crime, a sex crime - or both) $24.95
Todd, Charles The Red Door (Inspector Rutledge #12: Lancashire, 1920: A woman's death is linked to the disappearance of a man who never came home from the Great War - for the simple reason that he had never really gone) $24.99
Whyman, Matt Icecore (YA; Carl is a seventeen-year-old English computer hacker, guilty only of being a little too curious. But the US doesn't see it that way, and he's imprisoned at a secret military installation) $8.99
Willig, Lauren The Temptation of the Night Jasmine (Pink Carnation #5: To avenge his mentor's murder, the Duke of Dovedale plans to infiltrate the Hellfire Club; he meets Lady Charlotte, who is investigating a plot to kidnap the king) $15.00
Wilson, F. Paul Jack: Secret Histories (Repairman Jack YA #1: YA; 14-year-old Jack and his friends discover a victim of ritual murder in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Beside the body is an ancient artifact. What mysteries hide in the Pine Barrens? And who doesn't want them revealed?) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Kisser (Stone Barrington #17: Back in New York, Stone gets involved with a fetching Broadway actress who turns out to have a shady past) $25.95


Alphin, Elaine Marie Counterfeit Son (Reissue; YA; When his father is killed by police, a serial killer's son hopes to escape his horrific existence by assuming the identity of a boy his father abducted years ago. Winner of the 2001 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery) $6.99
Armstrong, Lori No Mercy (On medical leave from the Army, sniper Mercy Gunderson heads home to South Dakota, and investigates the death of a Native American boy whose body is found on her family's land) $25.00
Atkinson, Kate When Will There Be Good News? (Jackson Brodie #3: 3 lives intersect unexpectedly: a woman who witnessed an appalling crime 30 years ago; a nanny whose employer has gone missing; and an ex-detective whose train trip is fatally interrupted) $13.99
Axler, James Prophecy (Deathlands #90: PBO; Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists find themselves on a path of strange prophecy in the shifting landscape of the Great Plains) $6.99
Bartulin, Lenny Death by the Book (A customer asks bookseller Jack Susko to find as many copies as possible of some obscure poetry, then burns the books. But soon, books aren't the only thing disappearing) $24.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Valentine (Hamish Macbeth #26: Wedding bells are in the air for police sergeant Hamish Macbeth, but he develops pre-nuptial jitters as he and his fiancee, constable Josie McSween, investigate a woman's murder) $23.99
Bradley, Alan The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce #1: In the summer of 1950, murder comes to 11-year-old Flavia's English home. It's tied to a death 30 years before, and the investigation will lead Flavia all the way to the King of England) $15.00
Burdett, John The Godfather of Kathmandu (The Godfather of Siam) (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #4: Police Colonel Vikorn names Sonchai his consigliere in his ongoing battle with Army General Zinna for control of Bangkok's illegal enterprises) $25.95
Clement, Blaize Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs (Dixie Hemingway #5: With two people important to her missing and in great danger, Dixie ends up going it alone to confront the criminals responsible) $24.99
Crais, Robert The First Rule (Cole & Pike #13: The murder of a man who once worked as a mercenary with Joe Pike entangles Pike and Cole in a web of ancient grudges, blackmail, double crosses, and cutthroat criminality.; Signed copies expected) $26.95
Davis, Lindsay Rebels & Traitors (On opposite sides of the English Civil War, Gideon and Juliana fall in love; when the war takes a turn for the worse, strange alliances and shadows from the past threaten to tear them apart) $27.99
Gordon, Alan The Parisian Prodigal (Fool's Gold #8: 1205: Theophilos - a fool and a spy by trade - must uncover the truth when a man claiming to be the Count of Toulouse's brother is found killed with his own sword) $25.99
Hall, James W. Silencer (Thorn #11: Frisco Hammond investigates his father's murder and Thorn's disappearance, and uncovers a trail that leads back to the 1930s, to a cabal of rich men with a sinister plan) $24.99
Hall, Parnell The Puzzle Lady vs. the Sudoku Lady (Puzzle Lady #11: When a killer strikes and a sudoku puzzle is found at the scene, the Puzzle Lady and a visiting Japanese rival compete to unmask the killer) $24.99
Hess, Joan The Merry Wives of Maggody (Arly Hanks #16: Mrs. Jim Bob organizes a charity golf tournament with a bass boat as a prize; when the prize winner turns up dead, nearly everyone in town is a suspect) $24.99
Holton, Hugh The Thin Black Line (Nonfiction; black law enforcement officers describe their most courageous and outrageous exploits) $15.99
Hosp, David Among Thieves (Scott Finn #3: After 20 years, the Gardner Museum theft case threatens to break wide open; attorney Scott Finn learns one of his clients was involved in the heist and is drawn into the renewed hunt for the missing artwork) $24.99
Huston, Charlie Sleepless (With the world in the grip of an epidemic of sleeplessness, an LA cop works undercover to stop black market trade of the only drug that helps the sleepless) $25.00
Jones, J. Sydney Requiem in Vienna (Werthen & Gross #2: When an opera singer is killed, the evidence suggest someone is trying to kill conductor Gustav Mahler; lawyer Karl Werthen and criminologist Hans Gross set out to solve the case) $24.99
Knopf, Chris Short Squeeze (Jackie Swaitkowski #1: When one of her clients wants to evict his sister-in-law from his home, then turns up dead, Jackie finds herself working on something bigger than real estate) $24.99
Lescroart, John Treasure Hunt (Wyatt Hunt #2: Wyatt Hunt and Mickey Dade look into the death of a high-profile San Francisco activist known for his work on a half dozen nonprofit boards) $26.95
MacKinnon, Colin The Contractor (Working as an outside contractor for the CIA, Rick Behringer pursues a rogue Pakistani nuclear physicist who has designs for building an atomic bomb) $14.99
Morris, Bob Baja Florida (Zack Chasteen #5: Zack sets out to find an old friend's estranged daughter - last seen sailing for the Bahamas, where pirates have been hijacking and plundering private yachts) $24.99
Pendleton, Don System Corruption (Executioner #374: PBO; Discovery of a supplier of substandard military armor puts a whistle-blower's life in danger; Bolan must navigate a network of sabotage and deception) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Diplomacy Directive (SuperBolan #131: PBO; When a Puerto Rican political rally turns deadly, Mack Bolan and his team find links to the presence of a Middle East terrorist cell) $6.99
Rankin, Ian Doors Open (Three friends descend upon an art auction in search of some excitement; after a chance encounter with a crime boss, they decide to 'liberate' several paintings from the National Gallery) $24.99
Reaves, Sam Mean Town Blues (Iraqi war vet Tommy McClain plans to scare off a stalker, and ends up setting off a gangland war that leaves him in the crossfire between two Chicago mob bosses) $14.95
Seeber, Claire Lullaby (When her new husband and baby son disappear, the police launch a massive manhunt - and Jess learns that the people closest to you are not always what they seem) $26.99
Stroby, Wallace Gone 'Til November (When a routine traffic stop ends with a fatal shooting, Florida deputy Sara Cross must decide if her ex-partner - and ex-lover - is lying about the circumstances) $24.99
Taylor, Andrew Bleeding Heart Square (Lydia Langstone tries to make a new life for herself in her father's 1934 London cul-de-sac, where she discovers unsettling truths about a spinster who vanished four years earlier) $15.99
Willig, Lauren The Betrayal of the Blood Lily (Pink Carnation #6: Plunged into the treacherous court of the Nizam of Hyderabad, Penelope may be the only one who can help Captain Alex Reid stop a dangerous spy known as the Marigold) $25.95


Amidon, Stephen Security (A security guard investigates a college student's claim that she was sexually assaulted at a wealthy man's house) $14.00
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon (Aunt Dimity #14: When a Renaissance festival sets up shop in Finch, Lori Shepherd discovers a sinister stalker, a jealous saboteur, and an evil assassin behind the scenes) $7.99
Ault, Sandi Wild Penance (Jamaica Wild #4: Bureau of Land Management agent Jamaica Wild wonders if a recent, dramatic death she witnessed was part of a ritual by a secret religious group) $24.95
Barton, Beverly Dead by Midnight (PBO; An Alabama sheriff must protect his high-school sweetheart from a killer who stalks his victims and shoots them at close range) $7.99
Berenson, Alex The Silent Man (John Wells #3: When an attack on him leaves his fiance badly injured, CIA agent John Wells tracks his adversaries to Russia and Europe, where he uncovers an Islamic terrorist plan) $9.99
Blair, J.M.C. The Pendragon Murders (Merlin Investigation #3: PBO; King Arthur's potential heirs begin to die mysteriously, and only Merlin can prove that something more sinister than the plague is at work) $7.99
Boyd, Noah The Bricklayer (The FBI needs Steve Vail, an agent they've just fired, to solve a deadly extortion plot.; Signed copies expected) $24.99
Boyd, William Ordinary Thunderstorms (A chance encounter in a London bistro leads to a series of malign accidents, through which a young man loses everything; he heads underground to try to figure out what to do with his life) $26.99
Brooke, P.J. A Darker Night (Max Romero #2: The officer in charge of the investigation has no time to waste on a dead gypsy, but Sub-inspector Romero and a brand new judge think that even an ex-convict gypsy is entitled to justice) $25.00
Burnside, John The Glister (Schoolboys are vanishing after venturing into the poisoned woods around the old chemical plant; only young Leonard and his friends are willing to confront the evil there) $14.95
Carlisle, Kate If Books Could Kill (Bibliophile #2: PBO; Brooklyn's ex turns up at the Edinburgh Book Fair with an original copy of a scandalous text that could humiliate the British monarchy - then turns up dead) $6.99
Carmichael, Kathy Diary of a Confessions Queen (7 years after her husband disappeared, Amy must have him declared dead so she can use the insurance money to prevent foreclosure. Now her home is safe - until she receives a blackmail note) $15.95
Collins, Kate Sleeping with Anemone (Flower Shop #9: PBO; Abby narrowly escapes being kidnapped after protesting Uniworld Food's harmful farming practices - and then the stakes are raised by murder) $6.99
Compton, Julie Rescuing Olivia (When a suspicious accident puts Anders Erickson's girlfriend in a coma, he must sift through the secrets of her past to keep from losing her) $25.99
Connelly, Michael The Scarecrow (Jack McEvoy #2: Jack McEvoy uses his final days at the LA Times to write one last murder story, and ends up tracking a killer who operates completely below police radar) $9.99
Coonts, S/Keith, WH Sea of Terror (Deep Black #8: PBO; Two ships are on a path to destruction: one is carrying nuclear materials to Japan, the other is a cruise ship that has been infiltrated by terrorists; Charlie Dean and the team at Desk Three must stop them) $7.99
Damsgaard, Shirley The Seventh Witch (Ophelia & Abby #7: PBO; Ophelia and Abby travel to North Carolina for great-aunt Mary's 100th birthday; someone there wants Abby dead, and Ophelia must use all her talents to save her loved ones) $7.99
Davis, Krista The Diva Paints the Town (Domestic Diva #3: PBO; When Sophie's neighbor dies, his final wish is a dinner party in his honor. But the dinner plans are thrown off when Sophie finds a student's corpse in his house) $6.99
Dean, Anna Bellfield Hall (Dido Kent #1: 1805: When her niece's fiance disappears after receiving a message at their engagement ball, and a few days later a young woman's body is found near the house, Miss Dido Kent wonders if the two mysteries are connected) $23.99
Dietrich, William The Dakota Cipher (Ethan Gage #3: 1801: Thomas Jefferson convinces Ethan Gage and Magnus Bloodhammer to go on a scouting expedition; the pair have their own motive - to search for the mythical hammer of Thor) $9.99
Dobyns/Johnson-Shelton No Angel (Nonfiction; federal agent Dobyns infiltrates the Hells Angels) $15.00
Doherty, P.C. The Spies of Sobeck (Amerotke #7: The Pharaoh assigns Amerotke to investigate mysterious disappearances along the Sobeck road and the poisoning murders of the entire funeral party for a revered scribe) $24.99
Dorsey, Tim Gator A-Go-Go (Serge Storms #12: Serge and Coleman pack up their guns, drugs, and sunscreen for Spring Break, but wind up on the trail of a Miami crime gang that's after a snitch's son) $24.99
Edwards, Martin The Serpent Pool (Lake District #4: DCI Hannah Scarlett investigates a mysterious drowning, but is distracted by a new sergeant with a troublesome reputation and a historian writing a book on the history of murder; hc also available at $24.95) $14.95
Ekirch, A. Roger Birthright: The True Story of the Kidnapping of Jemmy Annesley (Nonfiction; 1728: young aristocrat James Annesley was kidnapped by his uncle and sent to America as an indentured servant; after 13 years he escaped and returned to Ireland to bring his nemesis to justice in one of the epic trials of the century) $24.95
Fielding, Joy Still Life (Lying in her hospital bed, Casey Marshall realizes that although she can't see or speak, she can hear everything - and that her accident might not have been an accident at all) $7.99
Flanagan, John A. Storm Peak (Jesse Parker #1: Ex-cop Jesse Parker has returned home to Steamboat Springs to work ski patrol and take it easy, but a serial killer drags him back into a world of violence) $15.00
Forman, Steven M. Boca Mournings (Eddie Perlmutter #2: Retirement, my foot. Eddie's new cases range from a haunted elevator to a double kidnapping, and the women won't leave him alone) $24.99
Fraser, George MacDonald Flashman / Flash for Freedom! / Flashman in the Great Game (Flashman Papers #01 / #03 / #05 : Omnibus reprint; 3 novels featuring the lovable rogue, soldier, cheat and coward) $30.00
Ghelfi, Brent Shadow of the Wolf (HC title: Volk's Shadow) (Volk #2: An international cabal drives Volk back to blood-soaked Chechnya, where he confronts an old nemesis and reunites with his lost love) $14.00
Glynn, Alan Winterland (Two men from the same family, with the same name, die on the same night - one a gangland murder, one an apparent road accident. Coincidence?) $25.99
Grann, David The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon (Nonfiction; the story of explorer Percy Fawcett, who vanished during a 1925 Amazon expedition, and the author's quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding that journey) $15.95
Graysmith, Robert The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower (Nonfiction; Marli Renfro, who played Janet Leigh's nude body double in Psycho , was raped and murdered in 1988 by a serial killer with a Hitchcock fetish. Or was she?) $25.95
Green, Tim Above the Law (When an illegal Mexican immigrant is shot by a charismatic US senator, attorney Casey Jordan seeks to have him prosecuted and faces roadblocks of corruption) $7.99
Haddam, Jane Living Witness (Gregor Demarkian #24: When a controversial school board member is found clubbed unconscious, the Snow Hill, PA, police chief brings in former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian to investigate) $7.99
Hagberg, David Burned (FBI agents and Russian security forces work together to rescue an American businesswoman held captive by her Russian business partners and Islamic terrorists) $9.99
Haney, Eric L. No Man's Land (Kennesaw Tanner #1: PBO; Government operatives send soldier of fortune Kennesaw Tanner to rescue the kidnapped heir of a Persian Gulf sheik) $7.99
Harper, Karen Down River (Hunted, injured, and miles from civilization, Lisa and Mitch must find the skills and the will to survive nature and their nameless enemy) $7.99
Harris, Robert Conspirata (Cicero #2: Amidst treachery, vengeance, violence, and treason, Cicero continues his struggle to grasp supreme power in Rome; unabridged CDs $49.99) $26.00
Harris, Rosemary The Big Dirt Nap (Dirty Business #2: Media exec turned gardener Paula Holliday tags along on an all-expense-paid hotel junket, but problems including a suitor with a hole in his head make for a bummer trip) $7.99
Haywood, B.B. Town in a Blueberry Jam (Candy Holliday #1: PBO; When an aging playboy and the newly crowned Blueberry Queen are killed, blueberry farmer Candy Holliday investigates to clear the name of a local handyman) $6.99
Hechtman, Betty A Stitch in Crime (Crochet #4: PBO; Molly and the Tarzana Hookers must solve the murder of a crochet teacher Molly hired for this year's creative retreat) $7.99
Hooper, Kay Blood Ties (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #12: The FBI's Special Crimes Unit investigates when a bloody arm is found in the Tennessee woods; the corpses they find point to an evil so sinister it may not be human) $26.00
Horowitz, Anthony Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider #8: Kids; Alex must thwart a plan to use genetically modified corn to release a virus so potent it can knock out an entire country in one windy day) $17.99
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Corpse on the Cob (Odelia Grey #5: Odelia reunites with her long-lost mom in the Autumn Fair corn maze, only to find her crouched beside a corpse with blood on her hands) $14.95
Jeffers, H. Paul Dark Mysteries of the Vatican (Nonfiction; the truth of what lies in the Vatican archives, arranged chronologically and thematically) $14.95
Kurland, Michael (ed) Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Anthology; original tales of the time Holmes spent in the US) $24.99
Le Gallo, Andre The Caliphate (A radical fundamentalist will stop at nothing to create a global Muslim empire; the world's safety depends on Steve Church, an American businessman working undercover for the CIA) $7.99
Leon, Donna Uniform Justice (Commissario Guido Brunetti #12: Reissue; When a young cadet is found hanged at Venice's elite military academy, Brunetti is faced with a wall of silence. Is the military protecting its own, or has he uncovered a sinister conspiracy?) $14.00
Leon, Donna Doctored Evidence (Commissario Guido Brunetti #13: Reissue; When a wealthy woman is found murdered, the authorities suspect her maid; when the maid meets an untimely end trying to escape from border police, Brunetti takes the case) $14.00
Lindsay, Jeff Dearly Devoted Dexter (Dexter #2: When a psychopath starts cutting a trail through Miami, Dexter will have to come out of hiding and hunt the monster down) $7.99
Margolin, Phillip Fugitive (Amanda Jaffe #4: International intrigue and murder lead Amanda Jaffe deep into the past - and into the crosshairs of a killer) $9.99
May, Peter The Killing Room (China Thrillers #3: When the mutilated bodies of 18 women are discovered in Shanghai, Chinese detective Li Yan and pathologist Margaret Campbell discover that the victims had been subjected to 'live autopsies') $14.95
May, Peter The Runner (China Thrillers #5: The suicides of two top athletes turn out to be murders, and are connected to a series of apparent accidents that have taken the lives of some of China's best athletes; hc also available at $24.95) $14.95
McCarry, Charles The Better Angels (Reissue; In a deeply polarized America, the presidential race between a liberal and a far-right businessman is disrupted by Islamic suicide bombings. Then the election is stolen when one side hacks into computerized voting systems to change tallies in key states) $14.95
McKevett, G.A. Wicked Craving (Savannah Reid #15: Plus-sized amateur sleuth Savannah Reid is on the trail of a shady weight-loss therapist when his wife turns up murdered at the bottom of a cliff) $22.00
Mills, Mark The Information Officer (Malta, 1942: When a Maltese woman is murdered and evidence links her death to a British serviceman, military officer Max Chadwick must unmask the killer) $25.00
Mosley, Walter The Long Fall (Leonid McGill #1: Old-school PI Leonid McGill finds his commitment to living a straight-and-narrow life repeatedly tested when he attempts to obtain information for a high-paying client) $14.00
Mullen, Thomas The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers (Bank robbers Jason and Whit Fireson embark on a crime spree across the Depression-era Midwest, ending in a showdown in Indiana on the night they died . . .the first time) $26.00
Muller, M/Pronzini, B Crucifixion River (Collection; includes the Spur Award-winning title story, plus mystery stories featuring The Nameless Detective, John Quincannon, Sharon McCone, and Sabina Carpenter) $6.99
Myers, Tamar Butter Safe Than Sorry (Pennsylvania Dutch #18: Witness to a bank robbery by three armed Amish men, their cursing and mustaches make Magdalena Yoder suspect they aren't Amish at all) $14.00
Nova, Craig The Informer (In the dark days before WWII, a beautiful young prostitute and a lame teenage boy depend on each other to survive in the chaos of Berlin) $26.00
Olsen, Gregg Victim Six (PBO; Detective Kendall Stark finds connections between four murders in the Puget Sound area, and ends up on the trail of a husband and wife killing team) $7.99
Parker, Robert B. Night and Day (Jesse Stone #8: Paradise, Massachusetts, police chief Jesse Stone must catch the Night Hawk, a sexual predator who is threatening the town's women) $9.99
Parker, T. Jefferson The Renegades (Charlie Hood #2: Deputy sheriff Charlie Hood's new partner is Terry Laws, known as 'Mr. Wonderful'. When Laws is shot dead, Hood discovers he didn't always live up to his nickname) $9.99
Parshall, Sandra Broken Places (Rachel Goddard #3: Mason County, Virginia, deputy sheriff Tom Bridger faces two murders within hours; veterinarian Rachel Goddard's childhood friend is a prime suspect; hc also available at $24.95) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Worst Case (Michael Bennett #3: Detective Bennett must protect the children of Manhattan's elite from an insane killer out to make a point about the price others pay so they can live in luxury) $27.99
Patterson, James Max (Maximum Ride #5: Kids; Fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii, and someone - or something - is destroying ships. The government enlists the Flock to help them get to the bottom of the disaster) $7.99
Patterson, Richard North Degree of Guilt (Christopher Paget #2: Reissue; Defending the mother of his son in the murder trial of the decade, top lawyer Christopher Paget begins to have doubts. Is Mary telling the truth about self-defense? What is she hiding?) $9.99
Peace, David Occupied City (1948: At a Tokyo bank, a man claims he is to treat everyone for dysentery. Soon, after ingesting the medicine, 12 employees are dead, the other 4 unconscious, and the man has fled) $25.95
Peace, David Nineteen Eighty-Three (Red Riding #4: Reissue; Lawyer John Piggott's investigation of a long-cold murder puts him on a collision course with a corrupt Yorkshire cop and a street thug) $15.00
Perry, Anne Rutland Place (Thomas Pitt #5: Reissue; Charlotte Pitt's mother loses a locket with a compromising picture, the first in a series of bizarre events that would end in sudden death) $15.00
Perry, Anne Death in the Devil's Acre (Thomas Pitt #7: Reissue; First a doctor is brutally murdered, then three more bodies are found, killed the same inexpert way. Inspector Thomas Pitt and his wife Charlotte race against time to find the killer) $15.00
Perry, Anne Cain His Brother (William Monk #6: Reissue; Angus Stonefield, gentle and honest, is missing, and it may be that his brother Caleb has murdered him; Monk searches for clues to Angus' fate and Caleb's whereabouts) $15.00
Perry, Anne Weighed in the Balance (William Monk #7: Reissue; When one of Sir Oliver Rathbone's clients is accused of the crime, William Monk and his friend Hester Latterly investigate the murder of the ruler of a small German principality) $15.00
Pierson, D.C. The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To (A pair of geeks find themselves on the run from mysterious forces. Is it the government? Or has one of their comic book creations come to life?) $14.00
Pineiro, R.J. Havoc (After a high-tech robbery at US Nanotechnologies, CIA officer Tom Grant and his team must stop a megalomaniac intent on world domination and an unleashed nanoweapon) $7.99
Ramirez, Misa Hasta la Vista, Lola! (Lola Cruz #2: The news reported that PI Lola Cruz was found murdered, but Lola's alive and well. The dead woman had ID with Lola's info. Was she the intended victim, or is someone after Lola?) $23.99
Ramsland, Katherine The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds (Nonfiction; how the reality of forensic psychology differs from the TV portrayal; plus real-life cases that inspired some of the episodes) $15.00
Rees, Matt Beynon The Fourth Assassin (Omar Yussef #4: Arriving to visit his son in a heavily Palestinian area of Brooklyn, Omar Yussef discovers the beheaded body of one of the boy's roommates; his son is arrested as a suspect) $24.00
Rice, Christopher Blind Fall (Marine John Houck pays a visit to his former captain, only to discover he's been murdered. The man he sees running from the scene turns out to be the captain's secret male lover - and the killer's intended next victim) $7.99
Rivers, Joan/Farmer, J Murder at the Academy Awards (Hollywood personality Maxine Taylor witnesses the suspicious overdose death of an actress, which she investigates as part of a plot to separate her daughter from an unworthy boyfriend) $7.99
Robards, Karen Pursuit (The only survivor of the car crash that killed the First Lady, rookie attorney Jessica Ford has reason to believe it wasn't an accident) $7.99
Robb, JD Hot Rocks (Antique shop proprietor Laine Tavish's notorious past catches up to her; she teams up with enigmatic stranger Max Gannon to find out who's chasing her - and why) $7.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Drive Time (Charlotte McNally #4: Investigative reporter Charlotte McNally is an expert at keeping things confidential. But suddenly everyone has a secret - and it turns out it is possible to know too much) $7.99
Smith, Roger Wake Up Dead (When a carjacking leaves her gunrunner husband dead in a pool of blood, a beautiful woman ends up on the run in the violent badlands of Cape Town, South Africa) $25.00
Spindler, Erica Breakneck (Riggio & Lundgren #2: Detectives M.C. Riggio and Kitt Lundgren look for the killer of a string of clean-cut young adults; the hunt leads into cyberspace) $7.99
Stanley, Kelli City of Dragons (San Francisco, 1940: During Chinese New Year, PI Miranda Corbie finds a man's body, fatally shot. The Chamber of Commerce wants to cover it up. Miranda wants justice) $24.99
Stanton, Mary Avenging Angels (Beaufort & Company #3: PBO; Ex-banker O'Rourke supposedly killed himself after losing a fortune; Bree and her team of angels begin to investigate when a merry widow and mounting evidence make it look like murder) $7.99
Swensen, Hannah Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen #12: Hannah discovers fitness instructor Ronni Ward's body floating in the jacuzzi; when Detective Mike Kingston becomes the prime suspect, he recruits Hannah to investigate. Includes recipes) $7.99
Thurlo, Aimee and David Coyote's Wife (Ella Clah #14: A Navajo politician's son-in-law plans to bring satellite phone service to the Rez. When he's attacked and another man is killed, Ella investigates) $14.99
Ure, Louise Liars Anonymous (A roadside assistance operator thinks she hears a man being killed while she's on the phone with him; she takes the recording to share with the man's wife, who insists he's still alive) $14.99
Warner, Penny How to Host a Killer Party (Presley Parker #1: PBO; Working on the mayor's 'surprise' wedding, San Francisco party planner Presley Parker becomes prime suspect when the bride is found floating in the bay) $6.99
Webber, Heather Truly, Madly (Lucy Valentine #1: PBO; Lucy lacks the family knack for matchmaking; all she can do is find lost objects. When she locates a missing wedding ring - on a dead body - she asks a sexy PI to help her solve the crime) $7.99
Wells, Melinda The Proof Is in the Pudding (Della Cooks #3: PBO; Cable cooking show star Della Carmicheal is one of three judges for an A-list cook-off - but it's the celebrities who are getting knocked off) $7.99
Wilson, F. Paul Jack: Secret Circles (Repairman Jack YA #2: YA; When his five-year-old neighbor goes missing, Jack wonders if the Jersey Devil might be responsible. Or the strange circus that set up outside town) $15.99
Wishnia, Kenneth The Fifth Servant (Prague, 1592: When the body of a young Christian girl is found in a ghetto shop, a young Talmudic scholar must find the killer to save the Jewish community) $25.99
Wray, John Lowboy (A sixteen-year-old paranoid schizophrenic believes he can save the planet from global warming: to cool down the world, he must cool down his body - he'll need one willing girl) $14.00
Young, Robyn The Fall of the Templars (UK title: Requiem) (Brethren #3: Knight Templar Will Campbell discovers the Temple is allied with King Edward of England, who is plotting to wage war on Will's Scottish homeland) $16.00


Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Down Under (Aunt Dimity #15: Lori Shepherd travels to New Zealand to look for the Pym sisters' brother Aubrey, a scoundrel who was banished by his family long ago) $24.95
Axler, James Reality Echo (Outlanders #52: PBO; In the Bluegrass range, Kane and the Cerberus rebels face a cannibal army and a shape-shifting assassin) $6.99
Berenson, Alex The Midnight House (John Wells #4: Wells must find out who is killing members of an interrogation team that was disbanded in the wake of public controversy; the trail of blood leads in an unexpected direction.; Signed copies expected) $25.95
Berenson, Alex The Midnight House audiobook (John Wells #4: Unabridged CDs) $39.95
Blum, Deborah The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York (Nonfiction; a pair of forensic scientists begin their trailblazing chemical detective work, fighting to end an era when untraceable poisons offered an easy path to the perfect crime) $25.95
Burke, James Lee Lay Down My Sword and Shield (Hack Holland Prequel: Reissue; When Hack attempts to overturn a conviction for an old army buddy, he finds himself embroiled in the Texas patronage system - and in the beginnings of the United Farm Workers) $15.00
Church, James Bamboo and Blood (Inspector O #3: In late 1990s North Korea, as the country's nuclear missile program begins to escalate, the wife of a North Korean diplomat turns up dead in Pakistan under suspicious circumstances) $13.99
Dickey, Christopher Securing the City: Inside America's Best Counterterror Force - The NYPD (Nonfiction; an inside look at the most ambitious anti-terror operation in the country) $16.00
Eccles, Marjorie Last Nocturne (What could make a successful gallery owner shoot himself? What could make a young artist on the brink of fame throw himself out the window? These are the questions that face Chief Inspector Lamb) $24.99
Green, Tim False Convictions (Casey Jordan #3: Defense attorney Casey Jordan takes on the case of an indigent black man sentenced to life for a rape/murder. Her investigation meets with unexpectedly savage resistance) $25.99
Hand, Dana Deep Creek (Idaho Territory, 1887: Over 30 Chinese gold miners are found murdered. Lawman Joe Vincent teams up with investigator Lee Loi and guide Grace Sundown to solve the case) $25.00
Jenoff, Pam Almost Home (Jordan Weiss #1: US intelligence officer Jordan Weiss learns that her college boyfriend's death ten years ago was murder, and that his research on World War II had uncovered a dangerous secret) $15.00
Kehret, Peg Stolen Children (Kids; When Amy agreed to baby-sit Kendra Edgerton, she had no idea she was stepping into a kidnapping plot) $7.99
Lustbader, Eric Van Last Snow (Jack McClure #2: Jack heads to eastern Europe to find out how and why a US Senator ended up dead on the island of Capri when he was supposedly in the Ukraine) $25.99
Mankell, Henning The Man from Beijing (When 19 people, including her grandparents, are massacred in a Swedish hamlet, a judge's investigation leads to modern-day Beijing and its highest echelons of power, to Zimbabwe and Mozambique) $25.95
McCrery, Nigel Tooth and Claw (DCI Lapslie #2: Investigating the murder of a TV reporter and the death of a man in an explosion, Lapslie begins to suspect the two cases may be the work of a diabolically creative serial killer) $24.95
McDonald, Craig Print the Legend (The search for lost Hemingway writings uncovers a decades-long plot tied to the emergent arts movements of 1920s Paris, Cold War espionage, and J. Edgar Hoover) $24.99
McFetridge, John Let It Ride (A Detroit drug dealer is looking to move up with his buddy, who leads a notorious Ontario biker gang that's taking over all the drug traffic north of the border) $24.99
McMahon, Katharine The Crimson Rooms (Haunted by her brother's death in the Great War, and struggling to support her entire family, a London attorney takes the case of a veteran charged with murdering his young wife) $25.95
Mercer, Ken Slow Fire (Fresh from rehab, Will Magowan takes a job as police chief in rural northern California; once there, he finds a labyrinth of dark secrets, depravity, and violence) $24.99
Palmer, Michael The Last Surgeon (A doctor and a psych nurse investigate a series of suspicious deaths, and discover that all the victims were in the operating room during a fatally botched surgery) $26.99
Parrish, P.J. The Little Death (Louis Kincaid #10: When a young man's headless corpse is found in Palm Beach, Louis suspects a scandalous female senator; then a second body turns up) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Salvador Strike (Executioner #375: PBO; With the star witness and prosecuting attorney murdered, the trial of the leaders of the lethal MS-13 gang is in shambles. Bolan will have to follow their trail deep into the Salvadoran jungle) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Season of Harm (Stony Man #105: PBO; Stony Man tackles a group of Asian heroin smugglers who are linked to Russia's newly elected strongman president) $6.99
Read, Cornelia The Crazy School (Madeline Dare #2: When she takes a teaching job at a boarding school for disturbed teens, Maddie discovers a dark secret at the academy's very heart) $13.99
Rees, Matt Beynon The Samaritan's Secret (Omar Yussef #3: Omar Yussef must solve a murder and locate hundreds of millions of dollars of missing government money, or the World Bank will cut off all aid money to the Palestinians) $13.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR XIII: The Year of Confusion (SPQR #13: Julius Caesar decides to revise the Roman calendar, and brings in foreign experts to do it; Decius investigates when two of the foreigners are murdered) $24.99
Rollins, James Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow (Kids; An artifact found by their parents on the expedition from which they never returned leads Jake and his sister Kady to a world inhabited by a mix of long-lost civilizations) $7.99
Scottoline, Lisa Look Again (When she sees her adopted son's face on a missing-child flyer, reportor Ellen Gleeson looks for the truth; what she uncovers theatens her life - and her son's) $13.99
Sewell, Kitty Bloodprint (Haunted by black magic, ruthless human traffickers, and her own personal demons, psychotherapist Madeleine Frank must cross a deadly line in order to save her new patient) $16.00
Stabenow, Dana A Night Too Dark (Kate Shugak #17: A bear-chewed body turns out not to belong to the man who left a suicide note in his truck - he stumbles onto Kate's homestead weeks later. She and Trooper Jim Chopin discover that the story of the man and the body is wrapped up in the politics of a gold mine near Niniltna.; Signed copies expected) $24.99
Stabenow, Dana A Night Too Dark audiobook (Kate Shugak #17: Unabridged CDs) $34.99
Steinhauer, Olen The Tourist (Milo Weaver's retired from the field to a CIA desk job, but an investigation into one of his oldest colleagues sends Milo back undercover to find out who's holding the strings) $14.99
Straub, Peter A Dark Matter (Years later, the survivors of a 1960s campus guru's soul-shattering secret ritual try to come to terms with the darkness of the past, and find they must face the evil triggered so many years earlier) $26.95
Taylor, Andrew A Stain on the Silence (James has a very nice life. Which makes the appearance of a grown daughter he never knew he had very inconvenient. Suddenly all his secrets, even the deadliest, are on the verge of exposure) $15.99
Theroux, Paul A Dead Hand: A Crime in Calcutta (A letter from a wealthy and charming woman draws writer Jerry Delfont into the mystery of a dead boy found on the floor of a cheap hotel) $26.00
Thomas, Gordon Secret Wars: One Hundred Years of British Intelligence Inside MI5 and MI6 (Nonfiction; a complete and up-to-date history covering a century of triumphs and deceptions) $17.99

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