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Newsletter #87 September November, 2009

Short Recommendations
by Don Blyly

        Last summer Kat Richardson came through Minneapolis and stopped at Uncle Hugo’s to discuss her Greywalker series. The books sounded interesting, but I didn’t get around to trying them until the first 3 books came out in mass market paperback this summer, but I then went through all 3 in under a week.
        Harper Blaine is a Seattle PI who usually did boring stuff and seldom encountered violence, until a guy she is investigating for small-time fraud goes berserk and attacks her. When Harper gets out of the hospital, she starts seeing strange things and feeling weird. She eventually learns that she was actually dead for 2 minutes, and she can now see and walk in the Grey–the parallel reality that is home to ghosts, vampires, zombies and other spookie things. Greywalker (#1, $7.99) slowed down a bit while Harper was trying to figure out what’s happening to her, but once she starts to cope with things, the story really moves along. Once word gets around that Harper can walk in the Grey, she starts getting much more interesting (and dangerous) cases. Poltergeist (#2, $7.99) involves a psychology experiment to create an artificial ghost that goes very wrong. Underground (#3, $7.99) involves something from the Grey that is munching on Seattle homeless people that try to escape unusually cold weather by going into a maze of underground tunnels. Harper sometimes gets help from her pet ferret Chaos, Professors Mara and Ben Danzinger (she’s a witch and he’s trying to create a theoretical framework for magic and the Grey even though he’s blind to both) and Albert (the sneaky ghost that haunts the Danzinger’s house), and Quinton, an electronic expert who lives among the homeless to prevent the government from finding him. I haven’t yet had time to read Vanished (#4, $23.95).

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