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Newsletter #86 June August, 2009


[PBO means Paperback Original]


Allingham, Margery Black Plumes (Reissue; A series of malicious attacks threaten the renowned Ivory Gallery in London; 89-year-old Gabrielle Ivory holds the key to the web of intrigue and danger that permeates the gallery) $14.95
Andrews/Bowis (ed) 100 Must-Read Books for Men (What do men like to read? Includes 100 featured and over 500 recommended titles, from the macho to the sentimental) $9.95
Appel, Benjamin Sweet Money Girl/Life and Death of a Tough Guy (Teenage Mobster) (Reissue; Two crime novels set in the mean streets of 1940s New York City) $19.95
Arellano, Robert Havana Lunar (A young doctor comes to the aid of a teenage girl on the run from her pimp; when the pimp comes after them, they are plunged into Havana's criminal underworld) $14.95
Atkins, Ace Wicked City (1954: Phenix City, Alabama, is a stew of organized crime and corruption; when a crime-fighting attorney is gunned down, a small group of men decide that they have had enough) $14.00
Bernet, Jordi Bernet (Black & white. A retrospective of the cartoonist's “detective comics” work. Introduction by Will Eisner, foreword by Joe Kubert) $24.95
Birtcher, Baron R. Angels Fall (Mike Travis #3: The disappearance of a teenage girl draws former LA detective Mike Travis away from his scuba business into an underground culture driven by designer narcotics and violent sex) $23.95
Black, Cara Murder in the Latin Quarter (Aimee Leduc #9: A Haitian woman arrives in Paris, claiming to be Aimee's illegitimate sister. Aimee embraces her, then finds herself involved in murky Haitian politics that lead to murder) $24.00
Black, Cara Murder in the Rue de Paradis (Finding out who cut her lover’s throat involves Aimee in Kurdish and Turkish politics as she tries to tract down his contacts above and beneath the streets of Paris) $13.00
Blake, Nicholas Thou Shell of Death (Nigel Strangeways #2: Reissue; After a death threat, a WWI ace invites people he suspects to a house party; invited to investigate, Nigel must aid the local police when the murder takes place as predicted) $14.95
Brown, Dale Rogue Forces (Patrick McLanahan #15: When Martindale and McLanahan's private air force goes into battle as US military contractors, who holds their loyalty - their country or their shareholders?) $26.99
Bruen, Ken Cross (Jack Taylor #6: Jack helps Ridge, his old friend from the Guards, search for a killer who crucified a Galway boy) $13.95
Bunn, Davis Gold of Kings (Art historian Storm Syrell teams up with treasure hunter Harry Bennett in a quest for secret historical writings that could spark a new crisis in Mideast politics) $24.00
Burke, J/Bogue, B James Lee Burke and the Soul of Dave Robicheaux (A scholarly critical study of the crime fiction series) $35.00
Burrough, Bryan Public Enemies (movie tie-in edition) (Reissue; Nonfiction; the story of the most spectacular crime wave in American history, the two-year battle between the young J. Edgar Hoover, his FBI, and criminals who became national icons) $16.00
Cain, Michael J. The Tangled Web (Nonfiction; well-known cop Richard Cain led a double life working for a notorious Chicago mob family) $14.95
Canning, Victor The Minerva Club, The Department of Patterns, and Others (24 stories from three series: the daring heists of the criminal Minerva Club; the enigmatic cases of the French Department of Patterns; and the mysteries of world traveler Dr. Kang) $19.00
Charles, Kate Deep Waters (Callie Anson #3: When a celebrity couple's baby dies, is it crib death? Or something more sinister?) $24.95
Cohen, Gabriel Neptune Avenue (Jack Leightner #3: Brooklyn homicide detective Leightner investigates the murder of an old friend; meanwhile, someone in central Brooklyn is killing young women and posing them as suicides) $24.95
Coles, Manning The Fifth Man (Tommy Hambledon #6: Reissue; Tommy Hambledon interviews a man who claims to be a POW recruited by the Nazis to spy on England, and hears a tale of stolen identities and hair-raising escapes) $14.95
Collett, Chris Worm in the Bud (Tom Mariner #1: Reissue; A journalist is found dead in his home, an apparent suicide, but Birmingham DI Tom Mariner suspects foul play; the journalist's autistic brother may have witnessed the death) $8.95
Collett, Chris Blood of the Innocents (Tom Mariner #2: Birmingham DI Tom Mariner looks for two missing teenagers: a boy from the tenements, and a talented, educated girl who turns out not to be the innocent her Muslim parents paint her to be) $8.95
Collett, Chris Written in Blood (Tom Mariner #3: When an explosion rocks a community concert, Birmingham DI Tom Mariner is caught up in the aftermath; an unexpected reunion thrusts him into a double murder case) $8.95
Collett, Chris Blood Money (Tom Mariner #4: Birmingham DI Tom Mariner takes on the case of a baby girl abducted from a local day nursery; when a nursery worker is killed in a hit and run, the case blows wide open) $8.95
Cortez/Martinez(ed) Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery (Anthology of short fiction by Latino authors) $19.95
Crispin, Edmund Buried for Pleasure (Gervase Fen #6: Reissue; Gervase Fen decides to stand for Parliament, but is sidetracked by a murdered policeman who crops up on the campaign trail, an escaped lunatic, a peculiar clergyman . . and a lovestruck pig) $14.95
Crowel, Thomas Ray The Passerby (A writer and his publicist look into the 20-year-old murder of an Indiana girl, and find that the sheriff's department doesn't want the cold case reopened) $22.95
Dahl, K.O. The Fourth Man (Frank Frolich #1: Frolich has an affair, only to learn that his lover is the sister of a wanted member of a larceny gang; when a guard is killed during a break-in, Frolich finds himself a suspect) $13.95
Darrin, John Screenshot (A reporter, a female cop, and an eccentric scientist form an unlikely alliance to stop an assassin who broadcasts his deeds live to an eager online audience) $24.95
Dickinson, David Death on the Holy Mountain (Lord Powerscourt #7: 1905: Powerscourt investigates art thefts in Ireland; when some of the portraits reappear, the original faces have been replaced by images of locals; then people begin to disappear, and turn up dead) $13.00
Doherty, Paul An Evil Spirit Out of the West (Ancient Egypt #1: The ambitious and ruthless Mahu becomes Pharaoh Akhenaten's protector and confidant; Akhenaten's proclamation that there is only one god leads to revolution and treachery) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The Season of the Hyaena (Ancient Egypt #2: Different factions are barely held together by loyalty to 6-year-old Pharaoh Tutankhamun; Mahu must investigate when a man claiming to be Akhenaten appears in the Delta) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The Year of the Cobra (Ancient Egypt #3: Mahu discovers that young Pharaoh Tutankhamun is suffering from a serious mental illness; the kingdom is threatened by the Hittites, and by the schemes of former First Minister Ay) $8.95
Doherty, Paul Murder Imperial (Ancient Rome #2: AD 313: Emperor Constantine's mother aims to protect his future by placing a spy in his household, but her agent Claudia has secret motives of her own) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The Queen of the Night (Ancient Rome #4: AD 314: Children of rich citizens are being kidnapped for ransom; veterans who served Constantine in Britain are being murdered; Empress Helena summons Claudia to investigate) $8.95
Doherty, Paul Murder's Immortal Mask (Ancient Rome #5: AD 314: Has a notorious killer returned to Rome? When two prostitutes are found with their bodies ripped open and their right eyes gouged out, Claudia investigates) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The House of the Red Slayer (Brother Athelstan #02: 1377: The Constable of the Tower of London is found murdered in a chamber. The door is locked from the inside and guarded by trusted retainers - so how did the assassin get in?) $8.95
Doherty, Paul Murder Most Holy (Brother Athelstan #03: Summer 1379: coroner Sir John Cranston has trapped himself in a wager to solve a series of mysterious deaths, and seeks the help of Brother Athelstan) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The Anger of God (Brother Athelstan #04: Autumn 1379: coroner Sir John Cranston and Brother Athelstan must solve a series of bloody murders in London and recover a vanished king's ransom in gold) $8.95
Doherty, Paul By Murder's Bright Light (Brother Athelstan #05: Winter 1379: coroner Sir John Cranston and Brother Athelstan investigate when the first mate and two crew members of a warship disappear without a trace) $8.95
Doherty, Paul Assassin's Riddle (Brother Athelstan #07: Summer 1380: coroner John Cranston and Brother Athelstan investigate the murders of a series of government clerks) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The Devil's Domain (Brother Athelstan #08: Summer 1380: coroner John Cranston and Brother Athelstan are summoned to investigate the murder of a captured French captain) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The House of Shadows (Brother Athelstan #10: Autumn 1380: Brother Athelstan and his parish council are busy preparing for the annual Christmas mystery play when two young whores are found slain at a Southwark tavern) $8.95
Donachie, David The Admiral's Game (John Pearce #5: Lt. Pearce and the Pelicans face an ongoing battle to defend the captured port of Toulon; Captain Barclay faces a court martial) $29.95
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Ten Lords A-Leaping (Robert Amiss #6: Reissue; When ten members of the House of Lords have simultaneous heart attacks, Lady Troutbeck, Mistress of St. Martha's College, finds herself 'helping the police with their enquiries') $14.95
Emery, Anne Cecilian Vespers (Lawyer/bluesman Monty Collins investigates when a world-renowned German theologian and priest is found dead on the altar of an old church in Halifax, Nova Scotia) $24.95
Evenson, Brian Last Days (The Brotherhood of Mutilation / Last Days) (The first half of this novel was published as a limited edition novella in 2003. One-handed PI Kline must solve a murder inside a cult that takes literally the Biblical precept that you should cut off your hand if it offends you) $12.95
Fallada, Hans Every Man Dies Alone (When their son is killed at the front, a working-class couple launch a simple, clandestine resistance campaign that soon has an enraged Gestapo on their trail) $27.00
Franklin, Ariana Taking Liberties (Reissue; Hoping to rescue her daughter, who is a British prisoner, Makepeace Hedley teams up with Countess Stacpoole, who has also left her home to assist a British captive) $15.00
Gilbert, Michael Smallbone Deceased (Inspector Hazelrigg #4: Reissue; When a client's body is found stuffed in a hermetically sealed deed box at a law firm, Inspector Hazelrigg investigates, with undercover help from a solicitor at the firm) $14.95
Gilbert, Paul D. The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Collection of short fiction featuring the great detective) $24.95
Godey, John The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (Movie tie-in reissue; Four men seize a New York City subway train and hold its passengers hostage. Their escape seems inconceivable. Only one thing is certain: they aren't stopping for anything) $9.99
Goodman, Allegra The Other Side of the Island (YA; Honor lives in a highly regulated colony with her defiant parents; when they have an illegal second child and are taken away, Honor uncovers a terrible secret about the world they live in) $8.99
Gorman, Ed Fools Rush In (Sam McCain #6: Black River Falls, Iowa, 1963: When a black college student turns up dead, rumors link him romantically with the daughter of a white senator who's up for reelection) $13.95
Greenberg Sherlock Holmes in America (Fourteen original stories featuring Holmes and Watson in America) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry Murder in the Dark (Phryne Fisher #16: Phryne is invited to the Last Best party of 1928 at a manor house; hashish, hot jazz, and cold drinks all seem like good clean fun until three people are kidnapped) $24.95
Gregorio, Michael Days of Atonement (Hanno Stiffeniis #2: 1807: When three children are massacred in their beds and their mother vanishes, townspeople blame the Jews; Stiffeniis must solve the case and end the hysteria) $14.95
Gunn, Elizabeth New River Blues (Sarah Burke #2: Tucson Police detective Sarah Burke investigates a double murder in a well-to-do neighborhood) $28.95
Hewson, David The Promised Land (Imprisoned for the murders of his wife and son, then inexplicably released just before his execution, an ex-cop is pursued by enemies as he tries to uncover the truth about their deaths) $8.95
Highsmith, Patricia Ripley Under Ground (Ripley #2: Reissue; One inopportune inquiry, one inconvenient friend, and Ripley's enviable, gracious world will come tumbling down - unless he takes decisive steps) $13.95
Highsmith, Patricia The Boy Who Followed Ripley (Ripley #4: Reissue; Ripley has a bizarrely paternal relationship with a troubled young runaway, whose abduction draws them into Berlin's seamy underworld) $13.95
Highsmith, Patricia Ripley Under Water (Ripley #5: Reissue; Tom Ripley and his lovely wife have vulgar new neighbors. Just arrived from America, they are inconveniently curious. Ripley does, after all, have a few things to hide) $13.95
Hinze, Vicki Kill Zone (War Games #5: PBO; Psychologist Morgan Cabot moves her special military support unit front and center to combat the latest attack by terrorist and black market intelligence broker Thomas Kunz) $7.95
Holloway, Beth Loving Natalee: The True Story of the Aruba Kidnapping and Its Aftermath (Nonfiction; Natalee Holloway's mother tells the story of her daughter's disappearance in Aruba on a class trip, and the efforts to find her) $7.99
Hoobler, Dorothy & Thomas The Crimes of Paris (Nonfiction; the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa brings renowned CSI pioneer Alphonse Bertillon to investigate; soon the Paris police have a suspect: Pablo Picasso) $24.99
Housewright, David Jelly's Gold (McKenzie #6: McKenzie and a couple of grad students hunt for a fortune in gold, stolen by a gangster in the 1930s and reportedly hidden in St. Paul. But they aren't the only ones looking. Autographing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, June 13th, 1-2pm) $24.95
Hurley, Graham The Price of Darkness (Joe Faraday #8: A high-profile murder enquiry is taken out of DI Joe Faraday's hands; he uncovers evidence with profound implications for the investigation - and for the disgraced Paul Winter) $8.95
Ignatius, David The Increment (An Iranian scientist sends secrets of their bomb program to the CIA; to get him out, agent Harry Pappas turns to a special British spy team) $26.95
Jardine, Quintin Inhuman Remains (Primavera Blackstone #1: Her mind filled with thoughts of her dead ex-husband, Primavera hunts for Aunt Adrienne's missing son in Seville; then Aunt Adrienne joins the missing persons list) $24.95
Jecks, Michael King of Thieves (Knights Templar #26: 1325: When Prince Edward and his entourage visit the palace of the French king, Simon and Baldwin discover a murderous plot that threatens England's future) $24.95
Joensuu, Matti To Steal Her Love (Timo Harjunpaa #3: Detective Sergeant Harjunaa hunts for a nocturnal visitor who tiptoes through apartments in Helsinki, but doesn't steal or damage anything) $14.95
Joseph, Alison A Violent Act (Sister Agnes #8: When a young and vulnerable resident at the order's hostel for the homeless is found dead, Sister Agnes wonders what - or who - pushed the girl to end her life) $29.95
Joven, Enrique The Book of God and Physics (A mysterious manuscript has defied decryption for years; when a key is found, powerful forces conspire to keep the manuscript from being decoded) $25.99
Kellan, Bill Strikemasters (Strikemasters #1: PBO; The Strikemasters, C-17 transport planes converted into stealth-skinned airborne arsenals, are about to be tested to the limit against a cabal of al-Qaeda terrorists) $7.99
Kelln, Brad In Tongues of the Dead (An autistic boy seems able to read a never-deciphered manuscript; when it's stolen, two psychologists look for its biblical origins, and how the boy could decode it) $24.95
Killian, Diana Docketful of Poesy (Poetic Death #4: Grace Hollister is hired as script doctor for a cable production of her exploits. The inexperienced cast and crew are almost comical - until it's curtains for one of the cast) $14.95
Knight, Alanna Murder in Paradise (Inspector Faro #15: 1860: A plot to steal a priceless jewel leads young constable Jeremy Faro from Edinburgh to Kent, where he runs into an old school friend who is engaged to a woman who was accused, but never convicted, of murdering her lover) $29.95
Knight, Bernard The Manor of Death (Crowner John #12: 1196: County coroner Sir John de Wolfe investigates a murder in the harbor town of Axmouth) $9.95
Knight, Bernard Crowner Royal (Crowner John #13: London, 1196: Thrust into the intrigues of the Royal Court, Sir John de Wolfe quickly finds himself embroiled in a case of theft, blackmail, espionage, and murder) $24.95
Knox, Tom The Genesis Secret (A series of grisly killings in the British Isles are linked to an archaeological discovery in Kurdistan that challenges the origins of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) $26.95
Lake, Deryn Death in Hellfire (John Rawlings #12: 1767: Rawlings investigates the Hellfire Club, a secret organization of members of the aristocracy; are their meetings solely for debauchery, or is there a more sinister element?) $15.95
Lambdin, Dewey H.M.S. Cockerel (Alan Lewrie #6: Reissue; 1793: When revolutionary France threatens war, Lewrie finds himself dealing with a difficult captain and disgruntled crew, and becomes involved with Lady Emma Hamilton) $17.95
LaPierre, Janet Run a Crooked Mile (Widow Rosemary Mendes' efforts to learn more about a woman found murdered in California's remote Trinity Alps prove both successful and dangerous) $14.95
Lavery/Hunt The Frigate Surprise (Nonfiction; the career of HMS Surprise in both her historical and her fictional roles, including construction and fitting history, historical illustrations, maps, artifacts, photographs, 35 paintings, and 50 line plans) $39.95
Leather, Stephen Live Fire (Dan Shepherd #6: Shepherd and his colleagues plot the downfall of the Moore crime gang; a group of homegrown Islamic fanatics embark on a campaign of terror and only Shepherd can stop them) $14.95
Leon, Donna About Face (Guido Brunetti #18: As Commissario Brunetti investigates a suspicious death and the illegal hauling of garbage, he finds corruption with connections to his father-in-law's potential business partner) $24.00
Levine, Laura Killer Cruise (Jaine Austen #8: Wordsmith Jaine Austen's teaching gig on a fancy cruise ship looks like a free vacation - until a charming but sleazy British dancer turns up dead with an icepick in his chest) $22.00
Logue, Mary Point No Point (Claire Watkins #7: Wisconsin Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins faces a difficult case when a friend of the family is suspected of shooting his wife, and then attempts suicide) $14.95
Ludlum/Lustbader Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy (Retired and living a quiet life, Jason Bourne narrowly escapes an assassin's bullet; when two of his closest associates are murdered, he knows that his legacy has followed him) $9.99
Mack, T/Citrin, M The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas (Sherlock Holmes & the Baker Street Irregulars Casebook #1: Kids; A murder at the circus unravels another, far more treacherous crime; the master detective and the boys of the BSI pursue terrifying villains to solve the mystery) $6.99
Maitland, Barry The Marx Sisters (Brock & Kolla #1: Reissue; London's Jerusalem Lane is home to refugees from pre-war central Europe. DS Kolla and CI Brock investigate the death of an elderly woman there) $14.95
Marston, Edward Soldier of Fortune (Daniel Rawson #1: 1704: Captain Rawson and his men march across the Continent toward the Battle of Blenheim, pursued by the murderous General Salignac and his brigands) $15.95
Marston, Edward Drums of War (Daniel Rawson #2: Captain Rawson must rescue a celebrated tapestry-maker turned spy from inside the fortified Bastille; the French and Dutch plot to assassinate the Earl of Marlborough) $29.95
Martin, Lee The Lipstick Killers (When one is threatened by the killers of her husband, four sisters close ranks to protect each other. But are they all to be trusted?) $21.95
Masters, Priscilla Buried in Clay (A dealer bids on a 18th-century jug, and embarks on a romance with another bidder; the jug portrays pictures of his ancestral home, and sinister revelations about his ancestors emerge) $29.95
Mitchell, Gladys The Longer Bodies (Mrs. Bradley #3: Mrs. Bradley helps the hapless Inspector Bloxham investigate when a villager is found dead in the lake on old Mrs. Puddlequet's estate) $14.95
Moore, Lewis D. Cracking the Hard-Boiled Detective (A scholarly critical study analyzing how the hard-boiled detective character has developed, from literary antecedents through the early 21st century) $35.00
Mulgray Twins Under Suspicion (DJ & Gorgonzola #2: DJ must infiltrate a money-laundering operation run by a criminal who's obsessed with his Persian cat; moth-eaten Persian and sniffer cat extraordinaire Gorgonzola is her passport) $15.95
Owen, Charlie Foxtrot Oscar (Horse's Arse #2: 1976: The antics of a group of local villains attract the attention of a Turkish gangster; north Manchester's finest try to keep a lid on things) $9.95
Parker, Robert B. Brimstone (Hitch & Cole #3: Hired as deputies, Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole struggle to keep the peace when a local church leader stirs up trouble in the saloons of Brimstone and the violence escalates into murder) $25.95
Parker, Robert B. Chasing the Bear (Young Spenser #1: YA; Spenser spends his formative years out West with his father and two uncles) $14.99
Pennie, Ross Tainted (Dr. Zol Szabo #1: Public health doctor Zol Szabo and infectious diseases specialist Hamish Wakefield must find the cause of a mysterious epidemic before more victims show up on the autopsy table) $24.95
Penzler, Otto (ed) Black Noir (Fifteen works of mystery, crime, and suspense fiction by African-American writers, including two original to this volume) $25.00
Plakcy, Neil S. Mahu (Kimo Kanapa'aka #1: Reissue; Leaving a Honolulu gay bar late one night, closeted homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka stumbles onto two men dropping a dead body in an alley; the case may expose his personal life) $14.95
Pollero, Rhonda Fat Chance (Finley Anderson Tanner #3: Finley's new cottage turns out to be a shambles, but home renovation becomes the least of her worries when she finds a skeleton in her new closet) $14.00
Ramsay, Caro Absolution (Patrickhill #1: After twenty years, Alan McAlpine is back in Glasgow's Patrickhill station, summoned to head up the search for a man the press has dubbed the Crucifixion killer) $14.95
Reiss, Bob Black Monday (When a microbe infects the world petroleum supply, the world descends into a new dark age; a CDC epidemiologist attempts to find an antidote) $7.99
Ryan, Mark The Hornet's Sting: The Amazing Untold Story of World War II Spy Thomas Sneum (Nonfiction; the exploits of a Danish-born spy who brought valuable intelligence about Nazi radar installations in Denmark and their atom bomb program to the British) $24.95
Sampsell, Kevin (ed) Portland Noir (Sixteen original stories) $15.95
Sawyer, Meryl Death's Door (PBO; Madison Connelly wants answers about her past that someone is going to deadly lengths to keep hidden; she'll need more than detective Paul Tanner's attraction to keep her safe) $7.99
Sekulich, Daniel Terror on the Seas: True Tales of Modern Day Pirates (Nonfiction; a voyage into the world of high seas piracy, a multinational, multi-billion-dollar enterprise controlled by organized crime syndicates and local warlords) $24.95
Shannon, John The Devils of Bakersfield (Jack Liffey #10: In their new hometown, Jack Liffey and his daughter Maeve are caught up in an evangelical uprising directed at rebellious teen girls accused of Satanism) $13.95
Shannon, John Palos Verdes Blues (Jack Liffey #11: LA PI Jack Liffey finds himself in the crossfire of a turf war between racist privileged youths and day-labor Mexican squatters; his daughter Maeve comes to his rescue) $25.00
Siger, Jeffrey Murder in Mykonos (New police chief Andreas Kaldis, lately of the Athens homicide department, plunges into ancient myths and forgotten island places as he races to find a killer) $24.95
Silverberg/Garrett A Little Intelligence (Collects their best mystery stories, all written in the 1950s, many set in the future) $16.00
Smith, Craig The Painted Messiah (Thomas Malloy #1: Retired CIA man Thomas Malloy is hired to courier a painting, not knowing it was stolen from the sadistic head of the modern Knights Templar) $14.95
Smith, Craig The Blood Lance (Thomas Malloy #2: Ex-CIA agent Thomas Malloy is assigned to track him a billionaire who defrauded his own company. The trail leads to Germany and the Order of the Holy Lance) $16.95
Solana, Teresa A Not So Perfect Crime (A politician who thinks he's being cuckolded hires a pair of PIs with a knack for taking care of 'dirty laundry'; things turn ugly when his wife is poisoned) $14.95
Stark, Richard (Westlake, Donald) The Jugger , The Mourner , The Score (Reprints) $14.00 each
Starnone, Domenico First Execution (A retired teacher learns that a former student is a suspected terrorist. When he contacts her, she entrusts him with a simple task that soon turns deadly serious) $15.00
Thomas, Gordon Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad (Revised and updated. Classified documents, confidential sources, and closed-door interviews with agents, informants, and spymasters reveal the organization's secrets) $18.95
Trow, M.J. Maxwell's Revenge (Peter Maxwell #14: When guests and staff become seriously ill at a lunch meeting at his school, Maxwell works in conjunction with the police, including his fiancee Jacquie, to unravel the mystery) $29.95
Tyler, L.C. The Herring-Seller's Apprentice (A mystery writer's agent has a passion for real-life mysteries, and gets stirred up when the writer's ex-wife goes missing and the writer starts behaving in an extremely peculiar fashion) $14.95
Ullmann, Brian Darwin's Race (PBO; Twelve hardened racers, each with a shoulder-mounted camera for live broadcasts, plunge into the deepest unexplored gorge on earth; death follows) $7.95
Waites, Martyn White Riot (Joe Donovan #3: The investigation of the death of a Muslim student brings Donovan and his team up against a killer who's willing to start a race war in Newcastle to keep his secrets hidden) $25.95
Webb, Catherine The Doomsday Machine (Horatio Lyle #3: YA; Scientist, inventor, and occasional sleuth Horatio Lyle and his companions must foil a plot to murder the members of a mysterious sect) $9.95
Whitfield, Russell Gladiatrix (A Spartan warrior priestess, Lysandra's deadly skills make her a successful gladiatrix; her Spartan pride earns her powerful enemies) $14.95
Woolrich, C/Renzi, T Cornell Woolrich from Pulp Noir to Film Noir (A scholarly analysis of many of Woolrich's novels and short stories; examines films adapted from these works; shows how his techniques and themes influenced the noir genre) $35.00


Biggers, Earl Derr Behind That Curtain (Charlie Chan #3: Reissue; When a Scotland Yard inspector is murdered in San Francisco, the case is connected to a murder that happened there fifteen years earlier; Chan investigates) $14.95
Brennan, Allison Fatal Secrets (FBI #2: PBO; ICE agent Sonia Knight teams up with FBI Agent Sam Callahan to bring down a billionaire involved in human trafficking, money laundering, and tax evasion) $7.99
Childs, Lee Persuader (Jack Reacher #7), The Enemy (Reacher #8), The Hard Way (Reacher #10), Bad Luck and Trouble (Reacher #11)(Reprints) $9.99 each
Davis, Pierre A Breed Apart (PBO; When a dog with extraordinary abilities goes missing, two men are sent to retrieve her. One is a detective in need of redemption, the other a hired assassin) $7.99
Faulks, Sebastian Devil May Care (James Bond: At the height of the Cold War, an Algerian drug runner is brutally executed near Paris and Bond is assigned to shadow a pharmaceutical magnate with a disquieting interest in opiates) $7.99
Gardner, Lisa Say Goodbye (FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy, whose mother and sister were victims of a serial killer, hunts a psychopath who is killing prostitutes - and using spiders to do his dirty work) $7.99
Hunter, Chris Eight Lives Down (Non-fiction; British major and bomb-disposal team leader Chris Hunter's first-person account of bomb-defusing missions in Iraq) $16.00
Reich, Christopher Rules of Deception (Jonathan Ransom #1: An envelope addressed to his dead wife contains two baggage-claim tickets; trying to discover the truth behind her secret life plunges Dr. Jonathan Ransom into a world of spies and global terrorism) $7.99
Thor, Brad The Last Patriot (Scot Harvath #7: Navy SEAL turned covert Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath must race to locate an ancient secret that has the power to stop militant Islam dead in its tracks. Nominated for the 2009 Thriller Award for Best Thriller Novel) $9.99


Axler, James Eden's Twilight (Deathlands #86: PBO; Rumors of an untouched preDark ville in West Virginia lure traders, along with Ryan Cawdor and his warrior group) $6.99
Barris, Chuck Who Killed Art Deco? (A Jewish PI from Kentucky teams up with the NYPD to solve a society murder) $14.00
Becker, Maki / Beebe, Michael The Bike Path Killer (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of Altemio Sanchez, a family man who led a secret life as a serial murderer and rapist for decades in Buffalo, NY) $6.99
Biggers, Earl Derr The Black Camel (Charlie Chan #4: Reissue; When a Hollywood star is murdered on location in Honolulu, Chan investigates, aided by the mysterious fortune teller Tarneverro) $14.95
Block, Lawrence Step by Step: A Memoir (Nonfiction; Block shares his personal story through the lens of his adventures while walking - in 24-hour races, on a pilgrimage through Spain, and just about everywhere) $24.99
Bolton, S.J. Awakening (Vet Clara Benning finds that an apparent snakebite victim was actually murdered; the death is linked to an ancient ritual and the secrets behind a 50-year-old tragedy) $25.95
Bolton, S.J. Sacrifice (Tora Hamilton finds a woman's body in a Shetland peat bog, with the heart cut out, killed within a few days of bearing a child; she uncovers a disturbing link to ancient legend) $14.95
Bond, Stephanie 6 Killer Bodies (Body Movers #6: PBO; Carlotta's friend has been arrested as the Charmed Killer. To prove her friend's innocence, Carlotta resumes her body-moving duties - and winds up in the killer's clutches) $7.99
Burke, Alafair Angel's Tip (City of Fear) (Ellie Hatcher #2: A party with affluent young men in a Manhattan club is the most glamorous night of Chelsea's life. Also the last. NYPD detective Ellie Hatcher hunts for the killer) $7.99
Burke, James Lee Swan Peak (Dave Robicheaux #17: Robicheaux, his wife, and his buddy Purcell are relaxing on a Montana ranch; their serenity is shattered when two college students are found murdered in the hills) $9.99
Burton, Fred Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent (Nonfiction; a globe-trotting account of one counter-terrorism agent's life and career) $16.00
Carter, Sammi Sucker Punch (Candy Shop #5: PBO; Candy shop owner Abby Shaw is determined to clear the name of a friend suspected of killing an actor) $6.99
Causey, Toni McGee Charmed and Dangerous (Bobbie Faye's Very (Very, Very, Very) Bad Day) (Bobbie Faye #1: When her brother is kidnapped and her mom's tiara is demanded as ransom, Bobbie Faye commits (unintentional) bank robbery and (intentional) car jacking to retrieve the heirloom) $6.99
Clark, Martin The Legal Limit (Years before, Mason Hunt and his brother witnessed a murder on a country road. Now an attorney, when he moves back to his hometown, the events of that night may prove his undoing) $15.00
Cleeves, Ann White Nights (Shetland Quartet #2: A visiting Englishman is found hanging from a rafter; Detective Jimmy Perez is convinced it's a local murder, a belief that is reinforced when a local musician is murdered too) $13.95
Cole, Martina Close (A London crime boss settles down with a beautiful woman to raise a family; their idyllic life is threatened when his past catches up with him) $7.99
Connelly, Michael The Scarecrow (Jack McEvoy #2: Jack McEvoy uses his final days at the LA Times to write one last murder story, and ends up tracking a killer who operates completely below police radar.; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.99
Connolly, John The Lovers (Charlie Parker #8: Charlie Parker is haunted by a man and a woman who appear to have only one purpose: to end to Parker's existence; unabridged CDs $29.99) $26.00
Cook, Thomas H. Master of the Delta (Jack Branch discovers one of his students is the son of a murderer, and encourages him to examine his father's crime; the investigation turns in an unexpected direction) $13.95
Cook, Troy The Criminal Next Door (To protect her daughter and herself from her ex, Alex enlists the help of a motley bunch of thieves who are trying to stay ahead of the cops and a wealthy congressman with a grudge) $23.95
Cornwell, Patricia The Front (Winston Garano #2: DA Monique Lamont suspects a blind woman may have been the Boston Strangler's first victim, and orders state investigator Win Garano to reopen the 1962 case) $7.99
Coyle, Harold No Warriors, No Glory (Army officer Nathan Dixon is assigned to investigate a friendly-fire incident involving a rogue unmanned ground combat vehicle) $25.95
Cussler, Clive (ed) Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can't Put Down (Anthology of original stories by North America's foremost thriller writers) $24.95
Cussler/Kemprecos Medusa (NUMA Files #8: The NUMA team's latest case leads to hideous medical experiments, an ambitious Chinese criminal organization, and a new virus that could set off a pandemic) $27.95
Davidson, Eileen Dial Emmy for Murder (Soap Opera #2: PBO; When a Daytime Emmy co-presenter goes missing on award night, soap star Alexis Peterson is determined to find who is killing Hollywood's biggest and brightest) $6.99
Davis, Krista The Diva Takes the Cake (Domestic Diva #2: PBO; Sophie's sister Hannah is getting married. But when the groom's ex-wife is found hanging from a tree, Sophie fears her sister is about to wed a killer) $6.99
Davis, Kyra Lust, Loathing, and a Little Lip Gloss (Sophie Katz #4: Mystery writer Sophie Katz falls in love with a three-bedroom Victorian; her first tour of the house reveals a lifeless body clutching a cameo with a disturbing history) $13.95
Deaver, Jeffery Roadside Crosses (Kathryn Dance #2: California Bureau of Investigation body-language expert Kathryn Dance and Deputy Michael O'Neil track a killer who is gathering information about his victims from blogs and social networking websites; unabridged CDs $49.99) $26.95
Deutermann, P.T. Nightwalkers (Cam Richter #4: Cam will need all of his resources to deal with a vengeful ex-con, a mysterious stalker, and a plantation home with a brutal history) $24.95
Dickie, Iain et al Fighting Techniques of Naval Warfare: Strategy, Weapons, Commanders and Ships: 480 BC - AD 1942 (Nonfiction; analysis of the tactics, techniques, and weaponry of naval warfare from the ancient period to the modern day - every significant development over the last 3000 years) $29.95
Doherty, Paul The Nightingale Gallery (Brother Athelstan #01: 1376: coroner John Cranston and Brother Athelstan investigate the murder of one of London's powerful merchant princes; more murders follow) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The House of Crows (Brother Athelstan #06: 1380: When the Shrewsbury parliamentary representatives are assassinated, coroner Sir John Cranston must prove the Regent was not responsible for the crime) $8.95
Doherty, Paul The Field of Blood (Brother Athelstan #09: 1380: After the discovery of three savagely murdered bodies in his parish, Brother Athelstan finds himself involved in the hunt for a dangerous killer) $8.95
Dolnick, Edward The Forger's Spell (Nonfiction; the story of a small-time Dutch painter who passed off his work as Vermeer's, targeting Nazi leader (and fanatical art collector) Hermann Goering) $15.99
Down, Siobhan The London Eye Mystery (Kids; When their cousin Salim boards the London Eye, but doesn't get off when it lands, Ted and his sister Kat follow a trail of clues in a desperate bid to find him) $7.50
Duffy, Maureen The Orpheus Trial (Detective Inspector Hildreth and museum curator Alex Kish pursue a killer into a strange web of ancient secrets, pagan rituals, and illegal trafficking in young boys) $14.95
English, T.J. Havana Nocturne (Nonfiction; an up-close look at how the Mob nearly attained its biggest dream in 1950s Havana - and how Fidel Castro trumped it all with the Cuban Revolution) $15.99
Estep, Maggie Alice Fantastic (When Alice Hunter, a thirty-six-year-old professional gambler, asks one of her racetrack cronies to intimidate her boyfriend into leaving her, a few things go wrong) $15.95
Freely, Maureen Enlightenment (When Jeannie Wakefield disappears, she leaves behind in Istanbul a 53-page letter revealing a convoluted tale of political intrigue, intelligence operatives, and a grisly murder) $14.95
French, Tana The Likeness (Cassie Maddox #2: Dublin police detective Cassie Maddox is called to a crime scene where the victim looks exactly like Cassie and carries ID identifying herself as an alias Cassie once used) $15.00
Furst, Alan The Spies of Warsaw (1937: Colonel Mercier, military attache at the French embassy, is drawn into a world of abduction, betrayal, and intrigue in the salons and back alleys of Warsaw) $15.00
Gabbay, Tom The Tehran Conviction (Jack Teller #3: Agent Jack Teller had to make an ugly choice in 1953 Tehran. In 1979, he and the United States must deal with the blowback) $24.99
Gardiner, Meg The Dirty Secrets Club (Jo Beckett #1: Hired by the SFPD to shed light on a string of murder-suicides, forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett discovers the suicides all belonged to a group of A-listers with plenty to hide) $7.99
George, Kathleen The Odds (Richard Christie #4: With Homicide head Richard Christie in the hospital, it falls to Potocki & Greer to help Narcotics investigate when a young boy on Pittsburgh's North Side dies of a suspicious overdose) $24.95
Givens, David Ph.D. Crime Signals: How to Spot a Criminal Before You Become A Victim (Nonfiction; a guide to the body language of criminals, designed to help you stay alert to the warning signs of a wide array of offenses. With real-life stories of crime and survival) $13.95
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk is Miserable (Monk #7: While touring the catacombs in Paris, lined with millions of centuries-old bones, Adrian and Natalie discover the skull of a person who was murdered recently) $7.99
Grabenstein, Chris Hell Hole (John Ceepak #4: New Jersey cop John Ceepak investigates the apparent suicide of a corporal who recently returned from Iraq, and uncovers a conspiracy regarding US involvement in the Middle East) $14.95
Grabenstein, Chris The Crossings (Zack & Judy #1: Kids; Zack's family moves to his dad's hometown, where a crazed killer died when his car hit a tree. Lightning strikes the tree, releasing his evil spirit, and the ghost sets his sights on Zack; Agatha Award young adult) $6.99
Griffin/Butterworth The Traffickers (Badge of Honor #9: A hunch about a series of killings leads Philadelphia cop Matthew Payne to the Texas-Mexico border) $26.95
Griffin/Butterworth Death and Honor (Honor Bound #4: In 1943 Argentina, Marine pilot turned agent Cletus Frade is setting up an OSS-operated airline; before he can get airborne, two interwoven German operations must be grounded) $9.99
Hagberg, David Burned (FBI agents and Russian security forces work together to rescue an American businesswoman held captive by her Russian business partners and Islamic terrorists) $24.95
Haines, Carolyn Wishbones (Sarah Booth Delaney #8: After acing a screen test, Sarah is thrilled to be in Hollywood, but before long rivalries flare, unexplained accidents occur, and she mysteriously finds herself in some steamy tabloids) $6.99
Haines, Kathryn Miller Winter in June (Rosie Winter #3: 1943: Rosie and her friend Jayne become USO performers; when tragedy strikes, they're not sure if they are being targeted by the enemy, or by someone in the troupe) $13.99
Hall, Tarquin Case of the Missing Servant (Vish Puri #1: PI Vish Puri mostly runs background checks on prospective brides and grooms, but bigger cases take him into the gated communities of South Delhi and the uranium mines of Jharkhand) $24.00
Harrison, Colin The Finder (Hired to destroy classified documents for companies, Jin Li secretly funnels information to her brother to make gains on the international market; a client finds out and turns murderous) $14.00
Hechtman, Betty By Hook or By Crook (Crochet #3: PBO; Molly Pink and her crochet group have a new mystery on their hands when a talented crocheter is murdered with a box of poisoned marzipan apples) $6.99
Heyer, Georgette Behold, Here's Poison (Inspector Hannasyde #2: Reissue; When the head of the quarrelsome Matthews family is found dead in his bed, the autopsy reveals poison. It's up to Inspector Hannasyde to catch the murderer) $12.99
Heyer, Georgette The Unfinished Clue (Reissue; When the unpleasant host of a country-house weekend is found stabbed to death, no one is particularly grieved - and no one has an alibi. Inspector Harding investigates) $12.99
Heyer, Georgette Why Shoot a Butler? (Reissue; On a lonely country road, barrister Frank Amberley stops to help a young lady in distress and discovers a sports car with a corpse behind the wheel) $12.99
Hilton, Matt Dead Men's Dust (Joe Hunter #1: Joe Hunter, a former military operative and ex-CIA agent, is on the trail of his missing brother, who is in a deranged killer's cross-hairs after stealing his favorite Bowie knife) $24.99
Hitz, Frederick P. Why Spy? (Nonfiction; Hitz, a former inspector general of the CIA, provides a glimpse into the inner workings of international espionage and intelligence) $13.95
Houpt, Simon Museum of the Missing: The High Stakes of Art Crime (Nonfiction; a look at modern art theft, including photos, illustrations, and case studies) $24.95
Howell, Dorothy Handbags and Homicide (Haley Randolph #1: Haley, a fashion fanatic working at a department store, goes shopping for a killer when someone's passion for designer purses leads to murder) $6.99
Hughes, Declan The Price of Blood (Ed Loy #3: PI Ed Loy is hired by the Tyrrells, a prominent horse-racing family, to find a missing person; two dead bodies surface, both linked to the family) $13.99
Hunt, James Patrick The Assailant (George Hastings #3: St. Louis Police Lieutenant George Hastings hunts a brutal killer who is strangling women) $24.95
Huston, James W. Balance of Power (Jim Dillon #1: Reissue; Congressional assistant Jim Dillon finds himself in the center of a constitutional crisis that rages from the highest court in the land to the killing fields half a world away) $9.99
Hutchins/Weisman Personal Effects: Dark Arts (Readers participate as detectives in the case of accused serial killer Martin Grace, in a tale that provides real voice mail numbers, websites, and printed illustrations with hidden clues) $24.95
Ingram, C. David The Stone Gallows (Ex-cop Cameron Stone is having a bad week. Knife-wielding kids try to mug him, his apartment is set on fire - and a stranger turns up at the school and drives off with his son) $14.95
Jenkins, Dan The Franchise Babe (Ginger Clayton is a fiery 18-year-old whose killer looks and killer game could take the LPGA to the next level; someone is trying to knock her out of the competition - permanently) $15.00
Johnson, Clint Pursuit (Nonfiction; the story of the chase, capture, imprisonment, and eventual release of Confederate President Jefferson Davis) $14.95
Johnson, Craig Another Man's Moccasins (Walt Longmire #4: When a Vietnamese woman is found dead alongside the Wyoming interstate, Sheriff Longmire finds horrible similarities to his first homicide investigation as a marine in Vietnam) $14.00
Johnson, Craig The Dark Horse (Walt Longmire #5: When a woman confesses to killing her husband, Sheriff Walt Longmire doesn't believe her, and goes undercover to dig deeper) $24.95
Johnstone, William W. Flames from the Ashes (Ashes #18: Reissue; When Ben Raines is captured by an evil Nazi, it's up to the Rebel forces to save him) $5.99
Jordan, R.T. A Talent for Murder (Polly Pepper #3: Legendary TV star turned sleuth Polly Pepper tackles another Hollywood murder) $22.00
Kelly, Jim Death Wore White (Shaw & Valentine #1: Rookie DI Peter Shaw and his hard-as-nails partner DS George Valentine investigate when a truck driver is stabbed to death while stranded in a line of cars during a blizzard) $24.95
Koontz, Dean Relentless (A bestselling novelist wants to get a look at a reclusive critic whose opinion can make or break a career; the critic isn't what he expected, and neither is the escalating terror that follows) $27.00
Land, Jon The Seven Sins (Once an orphaned Sicilian farm boy, Michael Tiranno is now the owner of the most extravagant casino in the world - with a dark history that now threatens everything he has built) $7.99
Lescroart, John Sunburn (Reissue; As Francisco Franco teeters on the edge of overthrow, two couples find their lives forever changed by the arrival of a young American seeking his missing lover) $9.99
Levenson, Thomas Newton and the Counterfeiter (Nonfiction; in 1695, Isaac Newton takes up the post of Warden of His Majesty's Mint, and begins an epic game of cat and mouse with talented counterfeiter William Chaloner) $25.00
Locke, Attica Black Water Rising (When he saves a woman from drowning, her secrets ensnare lawyer Jay Porter in a murder investigation that could cost him his practice, his family, and even his life) $25.99
Loomis, Gregg The Coptic Secret (Lang Reilly #4: At a gala to celebrate the discovery of previously unknown Gospels, shots ring out. The parchments are taken - along with Lang Reilly's friend - and Lang sets out to find them) $7.99
Ludlum/Lustbader Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Deception (After Bourne is ambushed and nearly killed in Indonesia, he fakes his death to take on a new identity and mission: finding out who is trying to assassinate him) $27.99
Margolin, Phillip Fugitive (Amanda Jaffe #4: International intrigue and murder lead Amanda Jaffe deep into the past - and into the crosshairs of a killer) $26.99
McCain, Charles An Honorable German (A young German U-boat commander faces the terrible reality of war in the North Atlantic, as the Reich steadily crumbles and Nazi loyalists begin to terrorize the crew) $24.99
Meier, Leslie Star Spangled Murder (Lucy Stone #11: Reissue; As the Fourth of July approaches, small-town homemaker and part-time reporter Lucy Stone sets out to catch her crabby neighbor's killer) $6.99
Meltzer, Brad The Book of Lies (Two weapons are lost to history: the one Cain used to kill Abel, and the one that murdered the father of Superman creator Jerry Siegel; the mystery is what they have in common) $7.99
Menzies, Gavin 1434 (Nonfiction; Menzies contends that in 1434, China - then the world's most technologically advanced civilization - provided the spark that set the European Renaissance ablaze) $15.99
Morris, R.N. A Vengeful Longing (Porfiry Petrovich #2: A trail that begins innocently, with a box of chocolates, draws Petrovich deep into the squalid heart of 19th-century St. Petersburg) $15.00
Mosley, Walter The Tempest Tales (Denied access to heaven for his sins, murder victim Tempest Landry refuses to proceed to hell - and is sent back to Harlem, with a guardian angel and the devil both after his soul) $14.00
Myers, Tamar Poison Ivory (Den of Antiquity #15: PBO; After buying a gift for her mother online, Abby is accused of trafficking in illegal ivory; her efforts to root out the real smugglers land her and her mama in hot water) $7.99
O'Hehir, Diana Dark Aura (Carla Day #3: California Deputy Sheriff Carla Day investigates the death of a teenage girl with an indigo aura, and searches for the girl's missing baby, another 'indigo child') $15.00
Panella, Vincent Cutter's Island: Caesar in Captivity (As he sails to the Island of Rhodes to study rhetoric, 25-year-old Julius Caesar is captured by pirates; the encounter helps him hone his tactical skills) $14.95
Patterson/Ledwidge The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (Daniel X #2: YA; Daniel X must uncover the dark truth behind an apocalyptic struggle that will determine the fate of all mankind; on his trail is a killer who knows exactly what Daniel X can do) $7.99
Pelecanos, George The Night Gardener (Reissue; A murder case reunites three cops - one good, one bad, one broken - in a showdown that was decades in the making) $14.99
Pendleton, Don Loose Cannon (Executioner #367: PBO; A disgraced former US ambassador is the mastermind behind an ambush in Indonesia; Bolan must find him before the country descends into civil war) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Drawpoint (Stony Man #101: PBO; Stony Man races to stop an enemy armed with stolen uranium from unleashing a shock wave of violence) $6.99
Perry, Anne Paragon Walk (Thomas Pitt #3: Reissue; Inspector Thomas Pitt and his wife Charlotte investigate when a young woman is brutally raped and murdered in the posh London street of Paragon Walk) $15.00
Perry, Anne Defend and Betray (William Monk #2: Reissue; Investigator William Monk, nurse Hester Latterly, and counsel Oliver Rathbone work to defend a wife who confessed to killing her husband - who died in a freak accident) $15.00
Perry, Thomas Fidelity (When Phil Kramer is shot dead, his wife Emily is left with a lot of questions. And hitman Jerry Hobart has some questions of his own when he's ordered to kill Emily) $14.95
Persons, Terri Blind Sight (Bernadette St. Clare #3: A senator's young daughter is found murdered in the Minnesota woods; FBI agent St. Clare uses police work and her second sight to track the killers and the girl's missing baby) $24.95
Pratt, Scott In Good Faith (Joe Dillard #2: PBO; Two goth teens are accused of slaughtering a family; prosecutor Joe Dillard discovers that the boys are afraid to implicate the young woman who inspired the slayings) $7.99
Pressfield, Steven Killing Rommel (1942: The British plan to send a small, mobile, heavily armed team behind German lines to stop Germany's Afrika Korps and its commander) $16.00
Rampo, Edogawa Moju: The Blind Beast (A deranged, scarred, sightless sculptor kidnaps a model, imprisons her, and dismembers her, then goes on a killing spree that culminates in a grisly art exhibition) $13.95
Randall, B/Cook, B Tommy Gun Tango (In 1932 Hollywood, Lawe works as studio security at RKO. When Jean Harlow's husband turns up dead of a gunshot wound to the temple, Lawe suspects murder) $14.95
Rendell, Ruth Not in the Flesh (Inspector Wexford #22: When a truffle-hunting dog unearths a human hand, Wexford and his team try to match it to one of 85 missing people; then a second body is discovered nearby) $15.00
Rice, Andrew The Teeth May Smile But the Heart Does Not Forget (Nonfiction; former members of Idi Amin's regime are eventually charged for a 1972 murder; the trial gave voice to the nation's past and promise of a long-denied reckoning) $26.00
Rimington, Stella Illegal Action (Liz Carlyle #3: Ambitious MI5 officer Liz Carlyle goes undercover to protect a vocal opponent of Vladimir Putin who has been targeted for assassination and is seeking refuge in the UK) $15.00
Robb, J.D. Salvation in Death (Eve Dallas #27: Evidence suggests that poisoned priest Father Miguel Flores may not have been the man his parishioners had thought; a second murder knocks Lt. Dallas' investigation sideways) $7.99
Robinson, Jeremy Pulse (Chess Team #1: When a geneticist kidnaps an archaeologist and steals an artifact that holds the key to eternal life, the US special ops Chess Team goes into action) $24.95
Robinson, Todd (ed) Sex, Thugs, and Rock & Roll (Thuglit Presents) (Anthology of the best neo-noir suspense fiction of 2008, compiled from the webzine $14.00
Rollins, James The Last Oracle (SIGMA Force #5: SIGMA Force battles a group of rogue scientists who are bioengineering autistic savants into something that could bring about the extinction of humankind) $7.99
Rosenberg, Nancy T The Cheater (Lily Forrester #3: A web service that provides alibis for cheating spouses leads Lily Forrester and FBI agent Mary Stevens into a web of deception that puts their lives in jeopardy) $24.95
Roy, Ron The Secret at Jefferson's Mansion (Capital Mysteries #11: Kids; KC and Marshall go to Monticello to return a box of Thomas Jefferson's toy horses; when the box is stolen, they must search the estate for the thief) $4.99
Sands, Stella Behind the Mask: A True Story of Obsession and Savage Genius (PBO; Nonfiction; quiet 40-year-old scholar William Coday is accused of bludgeoning his ex-girlfriend to death. Is he mentally unstable? Or capable and guilty of murder?) $6.99
Sefton, Maggie Dyer Consequences (Knitting #6: When the knitting shop is trashed and a woman is found drowned in a vat of dye, it seems like a burglary gone wrong, but Kelly suspects there's more to it) $7.99
Sefton, Maggie Dropped Dead Stitch (Knitting #7: A knitting retreat at a ranch is exactly what Kelly's friend Jennifer needs after being attacked. But the ranch owner turns out to be the attacker, and then turns up dead) $24.95
Sjowall, M/Wahloo, P The Fire Engine That Disappeared (Martin Beck #5: Reissue; The roof blows off a Stockholm apartment, interrupting a small, peaceful orgy and nearly killing the inhabitants. Was it terrorism, suicide, or simply a gas leak?) $14.00
Sjowall, M/Wahloo, P Murder at the Savoy (Martin Beck #6: Reissue; When a powerful Swedish industrialist is shot during his after-dinner speech, Beck finds a web of vice so despicable it's hard to imagine who didn't want the man dead) $14.00
Slan, Joanna Campbell Cut, Crop & Die (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft #2: Tainted icing kills a hobbyist with a rare allergy; when it turns out that someone swiped the victim's emergency medication, Kiki and her coworkers are suspected of murder) $14.95
Smiley, Patricia Cool Cache (Tucker Sinclair #4: Tucker's dream job turns into a nightmare when the cleaning woman is found dead in the fridge of her chocolate shop) $7.99
Smith, Greg B. Nothing But Money (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of one of the most elaborate conspiracies to rock Wall Street, a scheme involving the Mafia, murder, and millions of dollars) $7.99
Sokoloff, Alexandra The Unseen (A research team moves into a haunted house to replicate a parapsychology experiment, unaware that the original researchers ended up insane or dead) $24.95
Stacey, Lyndon Murder in Mind (When jockey Jamie Mullin's girlfriend is murdered just minutes after they had a very public fight, fellow jockey Matt Shepherd investigates) $9.95
Stanley, Michael The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu (Detective Kubu #3: When two men are murdered at a bush camp on an isolated peninsula in northern Botswana, Kubu is sent to assist the local CID with their investigation) $25.99
Stanton, Mary Angel's Advocate (Beaufort & Company #2: PBO; While representing a spoiled girl who stole someone's Girl Scout cookie money, Bree finds that her client's departed millionaire father needs help too) $7.99
Starr, Jason Fake I.D. (Tommy Russo needs $10,000 to join a horse-owning syndicate, money he hasn't got. What's an ambitious young man to do? Anything he has to) $7.99
Templeton, Aline Lamb to the Slaughter (Marjory Fleming #4: DI Fleming struggles to make sense of two apparently motiveless murders, and to find the killers before more violence erupts) $16.95
Thomas, Donald Sherlock Holmes and the King's Evil and Other New Tales Featuring the World's Greatest Detective (Collection of original Holmes stories) $25.00
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Bank Street (Gaslight #10: 1890s NYC: Detective Sergeant Malloy takes up the unsolved murder of midwife Sarah Brandt's husband. What he discovers may destroy Sarah - and Malloy's hopes for a future with her) $7.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Waverly Place (Gaslight #11: 1890s NYC: Sarah Brandt and her mother attend a seance, and one of the attendees ends up dead; Sarah and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy must solve the murder) $24.95
Twining, James The Gilded Seal (Tom Kirk #3: The theft of a da Vinci, the return of an old enemy, and the brutal killing of a forger friend lead reformed art thief Tom Kirk to uncover the secrets hidden in Napoleon's writings) $7.99
Unger, Lisa Die for You (Isabel Raines embarks on a journey from New York City to Prague, seeking the answer to one question: What if she never really knew the man she married?) $24.00
Vasquez, Ian Lonesome Point (The Varela brothers have struggled for years to sever their ties to their father and his illegal businesses; a chain of events lays bare the truth about a decades-old secret) $24.95
Wallace, Robert et. al, Spycraft (Nonfiction; the story of the CIA's Office of Technical Service, an ultra-secret department that combines high tech with the time-proven techniques of classic espionage) $18.00
Watkins, Gwen C. Nectar of the Gods (An Atlanta-based wine importer embroiled in a bitter battle with one of Australia's most powerful wine conglomerates finds herself fighting for her life) $9.95
Willett, Jincy The Writing Class (When her students all become suspects in a murder, writing instructor Amy Gallup must study their work more closely to solve the case) $14.00
Wilson, Robert The Ignorance of Blood (Javier Falcon #4: Inspector Jefe Javier Falcon investigates a bombing attack; evidence implicates the Russian mob and pitches Falcon into a turf war over prostitution and drugs) $27.00
Winslow, Don The Dawn Patrol (Surfer / PI Boone Daniels' investigation of an insurance scam leads unexpectedly to a ghost from his past) $14.00


Battles, Brett The Deceived (Jonathan Quinn #2: An old friend has been murdered, and his girlfriend is missing. For freelance operative and professional 'cleaner' Jonathan Quinn, this time it's personal) $7.99
Bell, James Scott Try Dying (Ty Buchanan #1: Attorney Ty Buchanan is forced into LA's underbelly to discover the truth about his fiancee's death; he finds himself tangled up with former gang members and targeted by a killer) $11.99
Berwin, Margot Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire (A recently divorced advertising executive is introduced to the myth of the nine plants of desire, and finds herself in the Yucatan on an adventure she never meant to take) $24.00
Box, C.J. Below Zero (Joe Pickett #9: Was Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett's foster daughter April killed in a horrific murder and arson spree six years ago - or is she still alive?; Signed copies expected) $24.95
Carter, Stephen L. Palace Council (When a wealthy, well-connected man is murdered near a Harlem mansion, the search for the truth leads through the shady corners of radical politics to the Oval Office and Nixon himself) $15.00
Castillo, Linda Sworn to Silence (Kate returns to her Amish hometown as the new Chief of Police; to stop a killer, she must betray both her family and her Amish past - and expose a dark secret that could destroy her.; Signed copies expected) $24.95
Collins, Max Allan GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (PBO; Novelization of the new feature film) $7.99
Cook, Thomas H. The Fate of Katherine Carr (A retired missing-persons detective still obsessed with an unsolved case draws a travel writer into the mystery of a missing woman's brief life and uncertain fate) $25.00
Coulter, Catherine Knockout (FBI Thriller #13: FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock race to save a telepathic child from an uncle who plans to force her into his growing army of exploited children) $26.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Uproar (Emma Lord #21: Emma and Sheriff Dodge investigate a murder at the local tavern; the case is complicated by contradictory and confused witness accounts, each with an agenda behind the story) $25.00
Daly, Elizabeth Arrow Pointing Nowhere (Murder Listens In) (Henry Gamadge #7: Reissue; Henry Gamadge is back on the Upper East Side of New York; when he receives letters saying all is not well in Fenway mansion, he must unravel the mystery) $14.95
Eriksson, Kjell The Demon of Dakar (Ann Lindell #3: Ann and her police colleagues are faced with a baffling murder case; all clues lead to a popular Uppsala restaurant where the owners and staff have murky pasts) $13.95
Evanovich, Janet Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum #14: Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum faces personal vendettas, hidden treasure, and a monkey named Carl) $7.99
Evanovich, Janet Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Stephanie Plum #15: The next Stephanie Plum novel, in which complications arise, loyalties are tested, cliffhangers are resolved, and donuts are eaten.; Signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $34.95) $27.95
Fahy, Warren Fragment (A television crew stumbles onto an unexplored island inhabited by terrifying creatures unlike any ever recorded in natural history) $25.00
Gardiner, Meg The Memory Collector (Jo Beckett #2: Forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett's psychological autopsy on an airline passenger with anteretrograde amnesia uncovers clues to a deadly biological weapon) $25.95
Gardner, Lisa The Neighbor (When a young wife disappears, her husband seems more intent on destroying evidence and isolating his daughter than on searching for his wife. Is he trying to hide his guilt - or just hide?) $25.00
Gibbins, David The Tiger Warrior (PBO; Two ancient cultures, a lost treasure from the distant past: what powerful secrets does it conceal - and how far will some go to possess them?) $7.99
Goddard, Robert Name to a Face (Tim Harding bids on a friend's behalf for a ring at auction; when the ring is stolen and a murder follows, he is drawn into the mystery surrounding the ring's origins) $15.00
Grabenstein, Chris Mind Scrambler (John Ceepak #5: John Ceepak and Danny Boyle are making the rounds in Atlantic City when they run into Danny's old crush Katie; when she's found strangled, it's up to the two cops to find the killer) $24.95
Green, George Dawes The Juror (Reissue; Called to serve as juror on a mob trial, Annie Laird is pulled into the criminal underworld, and driven to a shocking decision by the most basic motivation a woman can know) $13.99
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Orchestrated Death (Bill Slider #1: Reissue; Middle-aged, straight-arrow London cop Bill Slider finds his life thrown into passionate disarray by the murder of a mysterious young violinist) $14.95
Hayman, James The Cutting (Portland, Maine, homicide detective Michael McCabe pursues a killer who slays with surgical precision; the bloody trail may lead to Portland's social elite) $24.95
Hill, Reginald An April Shroud (Dalziel & Pascoe #4: Reissue; Rescued from a flood by a bunch of singularly cheerful mourners, Dalziel takes shelter with them at Lake House; before long, the mansion is littered with corpses) $14.95
Iggulden, Conn The Gates of Rome (Emperor #1: Reissue; Gaius and Marcus grow up as friends and students of a powerful gladiator, forced to walk different paths as the Roman empire plunges toward civil war) $16.00
Iggulden, Conn The Death of Kings (Emperor #2: Reissue; Young Julius Caesar builds a shipborne army to defeat the pirate fleet that captured him, and, reunited with Brutus, faces an army of desperate slaves led by Spartacus) $16.00
Kersten, Jason The Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter (Nonfiction; Art Williams printed millions in counterfeit bills, selling them to criminal organizations and using them to fund cross-country spending sprees) $26.00
Kramer, Julie Stalking Susan (Minneapolis TV reporter Riley Spartz discovers that a serial killer is targeting women named Susan, killing one on the same day each year) $7.99
Larsson, Stieg The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium #1: Harriet Vanger disappeared over forty years ago; her uncle hires journalist Mikael Blomkvist and punk prodigy Lisbeth Salander to find the truth) $14.95
Larsson, Stieg The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Harriet Vanger disappeared over forty years ago; her uncle hires journalist Mikael Blomkvist and punk prodigy Lisbeth Salander to find the truth) $7.99
Liss, David Whiskey Rebels (Hired to find a missing husband, a former spy follows a trail that leads to Alexander Hamilton, and to rebellious whiskey-makers fiercely opposed to a tax on their products) $15.00
Nadelson, Reggie Londongrad (Artie Cohen #9: A murder investigation tangles Russian-American NYPD detective Artie Cohen in a web of Russian organized crime; drawn to Moscow, he uncovers a painful truth about his past) $25.00
Nesser, Hakan The Mind's Eye (Inspector Van Veeteren #3: When a man convicted of killing his wife is murdered in his bed at a mental institution, Van Veeteren launches an investigation into the two murders) $14.00
Ocean, T. Lynn Southern Peril (Jersey Barnes #3: Investigating a judge's brother and his newly inherited business, Jersey finds herself in the middle of a 20-year-old mystery and a drug ring investigation) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. Brimstone audiobook (Hitch & Cole #3: Unabridged. Hired as deputies, Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole struggle to keep the peace when a local church leader stirs up trouble in the saloons of Brimstone and the violence escalates into murder) $29.95
Rayner, Richard A Bright and Guilty Place (Nonfiction; in 1920s LA, CSI Leslie White's job lands him in the middle of big scandals, and prosecutor turned politician Dave Clark's ambition drives him into the criminal underground) $25.00
Reichs, Kathy Devil Bones (Temperance Brennan #11: Forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan investigates when relics of religious ceremonies, including a girl's skull, are found in a cellar, and a boy's headless body is found nearby) $7.99
Robertson, Michael The Baker Street Letters (Reggie's lease on Baker Street requires him to send a standard reply to letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes; when his brother becomes intrigued by a 'Dear Holmes' letter, then disappears, Reggie must uncover the truth) $24.95
Rollins, James The Doomsday Key (SIGMA Force #6: Three murders on three continents thrust SIGMA Force into a global hunt for a group of industrialists with a stranglehold on the world's food supply) $27.99
Sims, Elizabeth The Extra (Rita Farmer #2: Rita rescues a young boy from an assault, and is drawn into the world of his grandmother, the director of an urban mission that operates with secret donations) $25.95
Slaughter, Karin Fractured (Will Trent #2: When a teenage girl is murdered in an Atlanta mansion, her mother kills the attacker, but Detective Will Trent connects it to another case, sure that a killer is still on the loose) $7.99
Upson, Nicola An Expert in Murder (Josephine Tey #1: Traveling from Scotland to London for the final week of her play Richard of Bordeaux , Josephine is horrified by the murder of a woman she befriended on the train) $13.99
Yancey, Rick The Thirteenth Skull (Alfred Kropp #3: YA; A dangerous new enemy is tracking reluctant hero Alfred's every move, and even the people who have sworn to protect him no longer seem trustworthy) $6.99
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Angel's Game (Cemetery of Forgotten Books #2: In 1920s Barcelona, a young novelist obsessed with a forbidden love receives an offer from an enigmatic publisher to write a book like no other) $26.95


Abbott, Jeff Collision (UK title: Run) (Thrown together by a violent, unexpected event, a new widower and a former CIA agent realize they've been framed in an elaborate setup) $7.99
Abbott, Megan Bury Me Deep (A story of the Jazz Age; a woman is accused of a double murder where the victims were dismembered and concealed in trunks bound by train for LA) $15.00
Adler, Elizabeth One of Those Malibu Nights (PI Mac Reilly comes to the rescue of a distraught woman; when the woman disappears and her gun shows up in his car, Mac and his love Sunny are pulled into a web of deception) $13.99
Adler, Elizabeth There's Something About St. Tropez (Five strangers, misfits running from their daily lives, are brought together at a small seaside hotel by a rental scam, an art heist, passion, murder, and a haunting) $25.99
Alexander, Lawrence Rubicon (While in Germany, an idealistic young California senator discovers terrifying evidence of a conspiracy to destroy democracy in America) $7.99
Alexander, Tasha A Fatal Waltz (Emily Ashton #3: At her friend Ivy's behest, Emily reluctantly attends a party at a country estate; when her host is murdered, Ivy's husband is arrested for the crime) $13.99
Alt, Madelyn Where There's a Witch (Bewitching #5: PBO; Maggie O'Neill senses some bad spirits at a carnival; she and the ghost-hunting team must uncover the dark spiritual energy leaking into their town) $7.99
Andrews, Donna Cockatiels at Seven (Meg Langslow #9: Meg investigates her old friend Karen's disappearance, while taking care of Karen's 2-year-old son and dealing with a house full of reptilian guests (courtesy of Dad and Grandpa)) $6.99
Battles, Brett Shadow of Betrayal (Jonathan Quinn #3: A terrorist cell is using a series of child abductions in third-world countries to strike at the heart of the western world; Quinn and his team race to rescue the children) $25.00
Beaton, M.C. The Potted Gardener (Agatha Raisin #3: Reissue; When a series of mysterious assaults on the town's finest gardens is followed by a shocking murder, Agatha immediately starts yanking up village secrets by their roots) $6.99
Bell, Ted Tsar (Alex Hawke #5: Counterterrorist operative Alex Hawke faces a global nightmare when a new Russian leader plans to bring back the old imperial Russia) $9.99
Black, Lisa Takeover (Forensic scientist Theresa MacLean uses all her skills and experience to gain control in a hostage situation, but what looked like a bank heist turns into something deadlier) $7.99
Blackwell, Juliet Secondhand Spirits (Witchcraft #1: PBO; When a client is murdered and children start disappearing from the Bay Area, vintage clothing store owner Lily Ivory suspects that bad phantoms are behind it) $6.99
Block, Lawrence Hit and Run (Keller #4: When somebody guns down the charismatic governor of Ohio, hitman Keller sees the killer's face broadcast on TV. It's a face he's seen quite often - in the mirror) $7.99
Blundy, Anna Breaking Faith (Faith Zanetti #6: Investigating who put the bomb on a flight that blew up over a Scottish village, journalist Faith Zanetti finds the truth might be closer to home than she thought) $24.99
Bowen, Rhys A Royal Pain (Royal Spyness #2: In 1930s London, Lady Georgiana - 34th in line to the throne - deals with a body in a bookshop and the princess' unwitting involvement with the Communist party) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Royal Flush (Royal Spyness #3: At Castle Rannoch, Georgie must keep a divorcee from seducing the Prince of Wales - and make sure no one shoots the Prince at the Balmoral shooting party) $24.95
Box, C. J. Blue Heaven (After witnessing a murder, two children flee into the Idaho woods. When the killers, retired LA policemen, persuade the sheriff to let them lead the search, the children have no one to trust - until they meet rancher Jess Rawlins) $13.95
Brockmann, Suzanne Dark of Night (Troubleshooters Inc #14: Troubleshooters team leader Lawrence Decker works to protect a former black ops agent whose former bosses at The Agency want him dead) $7.99
Browne, Robert Gregory Kill Her Again (PBO; FBI agent Anna McBride has visions of a little girl about to be murdered; when a hypnotist tells her the girl is Anna in a past life, she doubts him - until she finds herself facing the killer) $7.99
Brownlee, Nick Bait (Moore & Jouma #1: Jake Moore, formerly of Scotland Yard, helps Mombasa detective Daniel Jouma investigate a baffling murder case in Kenya) $25.99
Buzzelli, Elizabeth K. Dead Floating Lovers (Emily Kincaid #2: Part-time journalist and struggling mystery writer Emily Kincaid gets a visit from Deputy Dolly; receding waters at Sandy Lake have revealed a bullet-pierced skull) $14.95
Carlo, Philip Gaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss (Nonfiction; the rise and fall of Anthony Casso, head of the New York Lucchese mob family, who is currently serving 13 consecutive life sentences plus 455 years in federal prison) $15.99
Causey, Toni McGee Girls Just Wanna Have Guns (Bobbie Faye's (Kinda, Sorta, Not Exactly) Family Jewels (Bobbie Faye #2: Bobbie Faye searches for a hidden cache of diamonds, with some help from sexy FBI agent Trevor and her hunky detective ex-boyfriend Cam) $6.99
Christie, A/Hack, R Duchess of Death: The Unauthorized Biography of Agatha Christie (A look at Christie's personal and literary life, drawn from over 5000 previously unpublished letters, notes, and documents) $25.95
Christofferson, April Alpha Female (PBO; A beautiful young judge and a longtime backcountry ranger team up to find the judge's kidnapped mother and prevent the killing of an alpha female wolf) $7.99
Christopher, Paul The Sword of the Templars (PBO; When someone burns down his uncle's house in an attempt to retrieve a medieval sword, an Army Ranger realizes he's being drawn into a war that has been fought for centuries) $7.99
Cole, Martina Faces (Set on making his way in a dangerous world, Danny Cadogan becomes a big-time London criminal, but if his wife breaks her silence, it could shake his criminal empire) $24.99
Connolly, Sheila Rotten to the Core (Orchard #2: PBO; Apple orchard owner Meg Corey must clear her name of murder after the discovery of a pesticide-poisoned body in her springhouse. Includes recipes) $6.99
Copp, Rick Fingerprints and Facelifts (LA Dolls #1: Three women who were PIs in the 1980s reunite to protect their children and put a drug kingpin back behind bars) $6.99
Coulter, Catherine TailSpin (FBI Thriller #12: When an agent's plane crashes deep in the Appalachians, married FBI agents Savich and Sherlock face powerful suspects, political secrets, and vicious murder attempts) $7.99
Crombie, Deborah Where Memories Lie (Kincaid & James #12: A friend's family heirloom, stolen during their flight from the Nazis, shows up at a London auction house; it leads DI Gemma James to a long-hidden murder) $7.99
Crouch, Blake Abandon (A history professor, a journalist, a psychic, and a paranormal photographer head for an abandoned mining town where the entire population disappeared on Christmas Day in 1893) $25.99
DiCosmo, Bridget Serial Murder 101 (PBO; Nonfiction; in 2007, DNA evidence links a 30-year series of rape/murders to Timothy Krajcir, a convicted sex offender who pursued a degree in criminal justice and psychology) $7.99
Doherty, P.C. The Magician's Death (Hugh Corbett #14: Philip IV and Edward I organize a meeting of French and English scholars to crack the code of Roger Bacon's Book of Secrets; murder and mayhem ensue) $24.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Sapphire Slipper (Midnight Louie #20: When a bachelor party is hijacked to a desert whorehouse, Temple's fiance Matt finds a naked dead woman; Las Vegas tomcat PI Midnight Louie must save the day) $7.99
Duns, Jeremy Free Agent (Suspected of being a double agent and on the run from both MI6 and the KGB, Paul Dark heads to Africa to confront, and possibly kill, the only woman he has ever loved) $25.95
Ferguson, Harry Operation Kronstadt (Nonfiction; May 1919: the only British agent in Russia is in mortal danger. A naval officer and a special team are sent into the jaws of the Soviet fleet in an audacious plan to rescue him) $26.95
Friedman, Kinky What Would Kinky Do?: How to Unscrew A Screwed Up world (A collection of humorous, raunchy, sometimes poignant essays) $14.99
Fuerst, James W. Huge (Hired to work his first real case, 12-year-old sleuth Eugene Smalls confronts the town bullies, has a close brush with a femme fatale, and learns a thing or two about guilt and revenge) $14.00
Galenorn, Yasmine Murder Under a Mystic Moon (Chintz 'n' China #3: Reissue; When medium Emerald O'Brien stumbles across a body, the police blame the death on a cougar attack. But Emerald senses a human killer) $7.99
Garcia-Roza, Luiz A Blackout (Inspector Espinosa #6: Espinosa's inquiry into the death of a penniless man focuses on wealthy guests at a nearby mansion; he uncovers another murder that rocks Rio high society) $15.00
Garcia-Roza, Luiz A Alone in the Crowd (Inspector Espinosa #7: Veteran police chief inspector Espinosa pinpoints a suspect in an elderly woman's death, an unassuming bank teller with an unsettling connection to Espinosa's past) $23.00
Gilstrap, John No Mercy (PBO; When an Indiana college student is abducted and covert rescue specialist Jonathan Graves' plan explodes into a deadly shooting spree, the local authorities are out for blood) $6.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop (Monk #8: When Stottlemeyer is framed for the murder of another cop, only Monk can save him) $22.95
Gorman, Ed The Midnight Room (PBO; Blackmailing a serial killer can be a dangerous game. Especially when he's as smart - and as good with a scalpel - as Dr. Olson) $7.99
Gregory, Susanna A Vein of Deceit (Matthew Bartholomew #15: When pennyroyal disappears from the herbarium and a pregnant visitor dies, Matthew discovers a connection to funds missing from the Michaelhouse accounts) $26.95
Haines, Carolyn Greedy Bones (Sarah Booth Delaney #9: Sarah is pursuing her acting career in Hollywood, but returns to her Mississippi hometown when it's threatened by an outbreak of a deadly virus) $24.99
Hallinan, Timothy The Fourth Watcher (Poke Rafferty #2: Poke's hopes for a quiet life in Bangkok are thwarted when his estranged father shows up with a box of rubies, fraudulent identity papers - and a Chinese gangster in pursuit) $13.99
Harris, Charlaine Poppy Done to Death (Aurora Teagarden #8: Reissue; Roe's stepsister-in-law dies on the day she's supposed to be inducted into the book club; sordid stories of infidelity lead to a rash of suspects) $7.99
Healey, Judith Koll The Rebel Princess (Alais, Princess of France #2: When Francis goes missing and a Cathar relic is stolen, Alais must make her way into unfamiliar territory to save her son, and perhaps prevent a holy war. Autographing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, June 13th, 1-2pm) $25.99
Higgins, Jack Rough Justice (US agent Blake Johnson and British major Harry Miller stop a Russian officer from torching a Kosovo mosque - by shooting him, an act that leads to an explosive international situation) $9.99
Hitchcock, Jane S Mortal Friends (A high society woman agrees to provide inside information to a DC detective who believes the murderous 'Beltway Basher' is a social big shot) $25.99
Howard Linda Burn (Taken hostage, Jenner is forced to cooperate in a mysterious cloak-and-dagger scheme; her panic gives way to exhilaration, and fear of her captor turns to fascination) $26.00
Howell, Dorothy Purses and Poison (Haley Randolph #2: Haley becomes prime suspect in the murder of her sort-of boyfriend Ty Cameron's ex-girlfriend, beauty queen Claudia Grey) $22.00
Hughes, Declan All the Dead Voices (Ed Loy #4: Dublin PI Ed Loy is hired by a murder victim's daughter to investigate the suspects ignored by the police investigation: a rich developer, an ex-IRA man, and Loy's nemesis George Halligan) $24.99
Iles, Greg The Devil's Punchbowl (Penn Cage #3: Newly elected mayor of his hometown of Natchez, MS, Penn learns that one of the riverboat casinos is using blood sport to attract high rollers, and sets out to find the men responsible) $26.99
Jance, J.A. Damage Control (Joanna Brady #13: Cochise County sheriff Joanna Brady investigates a deadly fire, a fatal home invasion, the deaths of an elderly couple in a car crash, and two trash bags filled with human remains) $9.99
Johnston, Joan Outcast (Benedict Family #1: PBO; An ICE agent on the edge of sanity and the woman who cares for him are all that stand between Washington, DC, and a virulent bioweapon) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Treason in the Ashes (Ashes #19: Reissue; Freedom fighter Ben Raines faces an enemy from behind his own lines) $5.99
Johnstone, William W. Revenge of the Dog Team (Dog Team #3: PBO; In the Southwest, a Vietnam-era aircraft disappears. In the East, nerve gas is loaded onto a secret train. These seemingly unconnected events are bringing out the Army's black ops Dog Team) $6.99
Judson, Daniel The Water's Edge (When two members of the Castello crime family are murdered, the crime boss offers to forgive Jake Bechet's long-ago betrayal if Jake can solve the case) $7.99
Kane, Cornelius The Unscratchables (A no-nonsense bull terrier homicide detective teams up with an agent from the Feline Bureau of Investigation to solve a case involving Rottweilers torn apart by a savage killer) $14.00
King, Jeanne Signed in Blood (PBO; Nonfiction; after years of petty crime, Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt begin befriending homeless men, placing life insurance policies in their names, and then killing them) $6.99
Klavan, Andrew Empire of Lies (When a woman with whom he once shared a life of violence calls, righteous family man Jason Harrow finds himself entangled in a murderous conspiracy) $13.95
Konrath, J.A. Cherry Bomb (Jack Daniels #6: Escaped killer Alex Kork draws Jack further into a twisted game of cat and mouse. But which woman wants revenge more?) $23.99
Kozak, Harley Jane Dead Ex (Wollie Shelley #3: Wollie finds herself caught up in the murder investigation of a soap opera producer, one of the many Mr. Wrongs from her career as a serial dater) $13.99
Kuzneski, Chris The Plantation (Payne & Jones #1: Reissue; Across the country, people are being kidnapped. Jonathon Payne is following the clues from his girlfriend's disappearance to a New Orleans plantation) $7.99
La Plante, Lynda Deadly Intent (Anna Travis #4: When an ex-colleague from the murder squad is found shot in a drug den, London DI Anna Travis is pulled into the case) $15.00
Lange, Richard This Wicked World (Former marine and ex-con Jimmy Boone finds himself neck-deep in trouble when he agrees to back up a buddy and look into a young man's mysterious death) $23.99
Langtry, Leslie I Shot You Babe (Greatest Hits #4: PBO; Hot assassin Coney Bombay and perennial grad student Veronica Gale travel from a small-town county fair to the outer reaches of Mongolia to solve a murder) $6.99
Lansdale, Joe R. Vanilla Ride (Hap & Leonard #7: Hap Collins and Leonard Pine find themselves in the crosshairs of the Dixie Mafia when an old friend asks Leonard to rescue his daughter from an abusive drug dealer) $24.95
Lescroart, John A Plague of Secrets (Dismas Hardy #13: Dismas Hardy's client has a secret she needs to protect at all costs during her very public trial, where the entire political landscape of San Francisco hangs in the balance) $26.95
Levien, David Where the Dead Lay (Frank Behr #2: PI Behr investigates the disappearance of two operatives from an exclusive PI firm, and finds a thread connecting them to the murder of his friend and mentor during a suspicious break-in) $25.00
Liss, David The Devil's Company (Benjamin Weaver #3: Ruffian for hire Weaver infiltrates the East India Company and uncovers a secret plot of corporate rivals, foreign spies and government operatives) $25.00
Loehfelm, Bill Fresh Kills (At first, John feels no grief over his father's murder; then his anger at his father for a lifetime of abuse is matched only by his need to seek vengeance for the man's death) $15.00
Maron, Margaret Death's Half Acre (Deborah Knott #14: A county commissioner's murder pulls Judge Deborah Knott into the shadows of the past, where even the most prominent townsfolk - including Deborah - have something to hide) $7.99
Martin, P.D. Fan Mail (Sophie Anderson #3: FBI profiler Sophie Anderson starts a new job in LA; crime writers are being killed and their death scenes are identical to those in their last books) $7.99
Martini, Steve Guardian of Lies (Paul Madriani #10: Madriani investigates the case of a woman accused of murder and a million-dollar heist, a trial that will unravel a conspiracy and a missing nuclear device) $26.99
McGee, Chaz Desolate Angel (Dead Detective #1: PBO; Dead cop Kevin Fahey encounters a dead victim whose murder he thought he'd solved, and realizes he imprisoned the wrong man - and the killer is still on the loose) $6.99
Michaels, Kasey Bowled Over (Maggie Kelly #6: Mystery writer Maggie Kelly's father is suspected of killing his bowling buddy, who was having an affair with Maggie's mom) $6.99
Morgan, Kaye Killer Sudoku (Sudoku #4: PBO; When contestants start dropping dead at the West Coast Sudoku Summit, Liza Kelly must figure out the murderer's pattern, or she'll be next. Includes puzzles) $6.99
Morrell, David The Brotherhood of the Rose (Reissue; Orphans Chris and Saul were raised together, and devoted to a mysterious man called Eliot who trained them to be assassins. Now he's trying desperately to have them killed) $15.00
Morrell, David The Shimmer (Dan Page follows his missing wife's trail to a remote Texas town famous for its observatory, unexplained phenomena - and a military base that may not be abandoned after all) $25.95
Nadel, Barbara Arabesk (Inspector Ikmen #3: A secret marriage, a murdered bride, an aging beauty, and a father driven mad with guilt and grief? Newly promoted, Suleyman tackles the case, with some help from Ikmen) $14.95
Neggers, Carla The Mist (A crime kingpin will stop at nothing to exact revenge against the people who took him down; Lizzie Rush and Will Davenport must stop the killers) $24.95
Newman, Sharan The Outcast Dove (Catherine LeVendeur #09: Catherine's Jewish cousin Simon travels to Spain, where he encounters his long-lost father, who has renounced Judaism and become a monk) $15.99
Parker, Robert B. The Boxer and the Spy (YA; Terry Novak and his best friend Abby investigate the death of a shy high school student; asking questions puts them in grave danger) $8.99
Parker, Robert Bogardus Passport to Peril (Reissue; From the compartments of the Orient Express, to the shadowy, streets of Budapest, a couple of Americans find themselves in more danger than they ever imagined) $6.99
Patterson/Paetro Swimsuit (In Hawaii to research the disappearance of a supermodel, LA Times reporter Ben Hawkins gets a shocking visit that pushes him into an irresistible deal with the devil) $27.99
Patton, Robert H. Patriot Pirates (Nonfiction; how American privateering during the Revolutionary War ravaged the British economy and helped America win independence) $16.00
Pearson, Ridley Killer View (Sun Valley #2: When a skier disappears from a Sun Valley mountaintop, Sheriff Walt Fleming's crack search and rescue team becomes a target) $9.99
Pearson, Ridley Killer Summer (Sun Valley #3: At Sun Valley's annual wine auction, Sheriff Walt Fleming must stop a thief who plans to steal three bottles of wine said to be a gift from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams.; Signed copies expected) $24.95
Phelps, M. William Cruel Death (PBO; Nonfiction; Erika Sifrit, a former honor student, and BJ Sifrit, an ex-Navy SEAL, dismember a vacationing couple and bury them in a Delaware landfill) $6.99
Pincher, Chapman Treachery: Betrayals, Blunders, & Cover-ups: Six Decades of Espionage Against America & Great Britain (Nonfiction; Pincher proposes that MI5 head Roger Hollis was a double agent, and provides new perspective on other famous operatives) $36.00
Pollero, Rhonda Knock 'Em Dead (Finley Anderson Tanner #2: Finley's pal Jane goes on a blind date with hunky Paolo - and wakes up next to his corpse. Finley knows Jane wouldn't hurt a fly - too bad the police don't agree) $6.99
Preston, D/Spezi, M The Monster of Florence (Nonfiction; Preston and Spezi's search to uncover and confront the man they believe is the Monster of Florence, a serial killer who ritually murdered 14 young lovers) $14.99
Rabkin, William Mind Over Magic (Psych #2: PBO; At an exclusive club for professional magicians, Shawn and Gus go undercover as a new mentalist act to uncover a murderer) $6.99
Rose, Karen Kill for Me (Vartanian #3: Six teenage girls have been viciously attacked; Susannah Vartanian and Luke Papadopoulos' investigation leads to internet chat rooms) $6.99
Rosen, Fred Body Dump (Reissue; Nonfiction; Poughkeepsie, New York, serial sex-killer Kendall Francois) $6.99
Rosen, Fred Deadly Angel (PBO; Nonfiction; 10 years after one of her three suitors was found dead, exotic dancer turned family woman Mechele Hughes is tried for his murder) $7.99
Salisbury, L/Sujo, A Provenance: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art (Nonfiction; how con man John Drewe recruited John Myatt to paint forgeries, and then infiltrated the archives of the British art world in order to fake their provenance) $26.95
Sansom, Ian The Bad Book Affair (Mobile Library #4: When a politician's teenage daughter disappears after Israel lends her A Clockwork Orange and Lady Chatterly's Lover , he must find her before he gets run out of town) $13.99
Saylor, Steven The Triumph of Caesar (Roma Sub Rosa #12: Julius Caesar's wife Calpurnia hires Gordianus the Finder to discover who may be plotting her husband's assassination; suspects include Cleopatra and Marc Antony) $14.99
Schwegel, Theresa Last Known Address (New to the Sex Crimes Division, Chicago Detective Sloane Pearson takes risks as she tracks a rapist who strangles women nearly to death.; Signed copies expected) $24.99
Sharp, Deborah Mama Rides Shotgun (Mace Bauer #2: On a trail ride with her soon-to-be-remarried Mama, Mace investigates when Lawton Bramble, a wealthy rancher and one-time beau of Mama's, keels over dead) $14.95
Shaw, Catherine The Riddle of the River (Vanessa #4: Vanessa must discover the identity of a woman found floating in the River Cam, who may have been a young actress playing the part of Ophelia) $14.95
Shuman, George D. Lost Girls (Sherry Moore #3: Blind psychic Sherry Moore combs the Caribbean to find the murderous kingpin of a human trafficking network, and confronts a man who shares her talent for seeing the final moments of a dead body's life) $7.99
Silva, Daniel Moscow Rules (Gabriel Allon #8: The death of a journalist leads Israeli spy Gabriel Allon to Russia, where he must stop a former KGB colonel from delivering Russia's most sophisticated weapons to al-Qaeda) $9.99
Simms, Christopher Hell's Fire (Jon Spicer #4: When a charred corpse and satanic symbols are found in the smoking ruins of a church, Manchester DI Spicer discovers a horrifying religious underworld he didn't know existed) $25.00
Simons, Suzanne Kelly Master of War (Nonfiction; the story of the mercenary and espionage empire of Blackwater founder Erik Prince) $27.99
Spillane, M/Collins, MA The Goliath Bone (Mike Hammer: Mike Hammer postpones his marriage to Velda to stop Islamic terrorists and Israeli extremists bent upon stealing what might be the femur of biblical giant Goliath) $13.95
Steiner, Peter L'Assassin (Louis Morgon #2: Louis is living a quiet life of good food, good wine, and good friends. When his house is burgled, he thinks nothing of it. But neither the burglar nor the motive are as simple as they seem) $13.99
Swarup, Vikas Six Suspects (A corrupt bureaucrat, an American tourist, a stone age tribesman, a Bollywood sex symbol, a mobile-phone thief, and an ambitious politician are all suspects in the murder of a New Delhi playboy) $24.99
Telep, Peter Critical Action (Special Forces Afghanistan #2: PBO; The Triple Nickel force have an opportunity to nail a top-priority al-Qaeda target; their daring puts them in conflict with a rogue band of CIA officers) $7.99
Thor, Brad The Apostle (Scot Harvath #8: Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath must find the kidnapped daughter of a politically connected family in the terrorist frontier of Afghanistan) $26.99
Upson, Nicola Angel with Two Faces (Josephine Tey #2: Josephine's holiday at Inspector Penrose's family estate in Cornwall is soon clouded by an estate worker's death and a local boy's disappearance) $24.99
Vargas, Fred The Chalk Circle Man (Commissaire Adamsberg #5: People are amused when blue chalk circles containing bizarre objects begin to appear on the pavements of Paris - until one contains a woman with her throat slashed) $14.00
Westlake, Donald Get Real (Dortmunder #15: Dortmunder and his gang agree to do a TV reality show that captures their next score) $23.99
Wilson, Laura The Innocent Spy (UK Title: Stratton's War) (Ted Stratton #1: London, 1940: DI Ted Stratton suspects gangsters are responsible when a silent film star's body is found impaled on a fence) $25.99
Wilson, Steven President Lincoln's Secret (Fitz Dunaway #2: After a heavily-guarded Union ammunition dump explodes, President Lincoln calls on Colonel Fitz Dunaway and his wife, who must confront a cabal of traitors and spies) $14.00
Winfield, Jess My Name Is Will (Seemingly separated in time and place, the lives of UC grad student Willie Shakespeare and would-be playwright William Shakespeare begin to intersect in curious ways) $14.99
Wright, L.R. A Chill Rain in January (Karl Alberg #3: Reissue; The most pressing thing on Staff Sgt. Alberg's desk right now is an old lady who absconded from her retirement home. But trouble is brewing for him just down the peninsula) $14.95


Abbott, Jeff Trust Me (When his job collecting information on web-based terrorist networks endangers his life, Luke Dantry realizes the threat is much closer to home than he realized) $25.95
Airth, Rennie The Dead of Winter (John Madden #3: The murder of a young Polish girl in 1944 London puts former police investigator John Madden on the trail of a ruthless hired killer) $25.95
Alleyn, Susanne The Cavalier of the Apocalypse (Aristide Ravel #0: Prequel; in 1786 Paris, a man is found murdered in a cemetery, with strange symbols surrounding his body; struggling writer Aristide Ravel recognizes them as Masonic) $24.99
Axler, James Desolation Crossing (Deathlands #87: PBO; On a journey across the Badlands, Ryan Cawdor and his band face a vendetta that was years in the making) $6.99
Bell, James Scott Try Fear (Ty Buchanan #3: When a suspected drunk driver ends up dead, an apparent suicide, the cops suspect his brother; Ty agrees to defend him, and begins to uncover corruption) $21.99
Brown, Sandra Smoke Screen (Newswoman Britt Shelley and firefighter Raley Gannon find their lives in danger when they look for the truth about a disastrous police station fire) $9.99
Buchanan, Edna The Corpse Had a Familiar Face (Reissue; Nonfiction; an account of some of the author's experiences during her years as the Miami Herald's top crime reporter) $15.00
Burke, James Lee In the Valley of Ancient Rain Gods (Hack Holland #1: Running from a checkered past to become sheriff of a Texas border town, Hack finds himself dealing with more than his own demons when nine dead prostitutes are dug up in the desert; unabridged CDs $49.99) $25.95
Casey, Kathryn Blood Lines (Sarah Armstrong #2: Sarah and her Texas Ranger colleagues investigate the apparent suicide of a Houston business woman, and try to catch a stalker who's after a teen pop singer) $24.99
Dicks, Matthew Something Missing (A thief who only takes items that will go unnoticed - a roll of toilet paper, half a bottle of syrup - becomes a guardian angel to the unwitting victims of his pilfering) $14.00
Dolan, Harry Bad Things Happen (A man calling himself David Loogan, who hoped to escape a violent past he'd rather forget, gets involved in the investigation of a mystery magazine publisher's murder) $24.95
Downie, Ruth Persona Non Grata (Gaius Petreius Ruso #3: Receiving a note that says only, 'Come home!', Ruso (and Tilla) head for Gaul; it's an unhappy reunion, but the real trouble begins when the family's chief creditor winds up dead) $24.00
Finch, Charles The September Society (Charles Lenox #2: Lenox visits his alma mater to investigate a student's disappearance; he discovers a series of bizarre clues, including a murdered cat and a card cryptically referring to the September Society) $13.99
Follain, John The Last Godfathers: Inside the Mafia's Most Infamous Families (Nonfiction; the spectacular rise and the fall of one of the richest and most powerful criminal organizations in history, the Sicilian Mafia's Corleone clan) $25.99
Graham, Mitchell Dead Docket (Adams & Delaney #2: In Atlanta to settle the affairs of a young woman, John Delaney finds her death was no accident; he enlists Katherine Adams to help him investigate) $24.99
Green, George Dawes Ravens (The Boatwrights win $318 million in the Georgia state lottery; two vacationing tech-support guys hatch a vicious scheme to terrorize them into giving up half their winnings; unabridged CDs $34.98) $24.99
Harvey, Michael The Fifth Floor (Michael Kelly #2: PI Mike Kelly becomes embroiled in a scam that links a political coverup in contemporary Chicago to the great Chicago Fire of 1871) $14.95
Hockensmith, Steve The Crack in the Lens (Holmes on the Range #4: Five years back, Old Red's sweetheart was killed and the case swept under the rug; the brothers return to the Texas hill country, determined to find out what really happened) $24.99
James, P.D. Original Sin (Adam Dalgliesh #09: Reissue; Commander Dalgliesh and his team investigate the murder of the brilliant but ruthless new managing director of a venerable publishing house) $14.95
Johansen, Iris & Roy Silent Thunder (Marine architect Hannah Bryson joins forces with a mysterious and seductive mercenary to investigate a deadly attack on a legendary nuclear submarine) $7.99
Johansen, Iris & Roy Storm Cycle (A computer genius receives an e-mail from an archaeologist, trapped inside a collapsed tomb; he's found an ancient secret that may be a cure for her sister's illness) $26.99
Keefe, Patrick Radden The Snakehead (Nonfiction; how Cheng Chui Ping built a global people-smuggling empire, relying on one of Chinatown's most violent gangs to protect her power and profits) $27.50
Kirino, Natsuo Real World (When a Tokyo teenager's neighbor is murdered, she and her friends suspect the neighbor's son. When he flees, the girls get caught up in a tempest of dangers) $14.00
Kramer, Julie Missing Mark (Riley Spartz #2: TV reporter Riley Spartz pursues a curious story of a bride left at the altar, and finds herself caught in a dangerous missing persons case) $25.00
Kuzneski, Chris The Lost Throne (Payne & Jones #4: Former black ops agents Jonathon Payne and DJ Jones raced to recover a lost treasure from ancient Greece that could rewrite history) $25.95
Levitt, Leonard NYPD Confidential: Power and Corruption in the Country's Greatest Police Force (Nonfiction; Levitt reveals everything he's discovered throughout his decades-long career covering the NYPD) $25.99
McCrery, Nigel Still Waters (DCI Mark Lapslie, battling a neurological condition that causes him to 'taste' sound, pursues a serial killer with a deadly knowledge of household plants) $15.00
Pendleton, Don Crisis Nation (Executioner #368: PBO; When a political revolution turns the streets of Puerto Rico bloody, Bolan suspects someone outside the country is running the show) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Cold War Reprise (SuperBolan #127: PBO; Bolan battles a secret consortium determined to restore the terror tactics of the former Soviet Union) $6.99
Quartey, Kwei Wife of the Gods (Detective Inspector Darko Dawson is sent to a village in Ghana - the site of his mother's disappearance many years ago - to solve the murder of a young AIDS worker) $24.00
Silva, Daniel The Defector (Gabriel Allon #9: In England to discover the truth about a man's disappearance, Israeli spy Gabriel Allon uncovers a plot by an old enemy to resurrect a network of death) $26.95
Slaughter, Karin Undone (Grant County #7 / Will Trent #3: A young torture victim becomes Dr. Sara Linton's patient at Atlanta's busiest hospital; agents Will Trent and Faith Mitchell find the torture chamber - but a monster i still at large) $26.00
Smith, Alexander McCall Comforts of a Muddy Saturday (Isabel Dalhousie #5: Isabel is asked to help a doctor who has been accused of scientific fraud) $14.00
Ward, Robert Total Immunity (When a murderous diamond smuggler they locked up is freed with total immunity, LA FBI agents Jack Harper and Oscar Hidalgo may be the next to die) $26.00
Webb, Debra Everywhere She Turns (PBO; When her sister is murdered, Dr. CJ Patterson is drawn back into her painful past in inner-city Huntsville, where she uncovers a web of family secrets, obsession, and violence) $7.99


Abel, Kenneth Down in the Flood (Danny Chaisson #3: New Orleans prosecutor Danny Chaisson is conducting an embezzlement investigation when Hurricane Katrina blasts his world apart) $24.99
Alfieri, Annamaria City of Silver (In 17th-century Potosi, Peru, the daughter of a wealthy man dies, an apparent suicide; Abbess Maria Santa Hilda must find the true cause of the girl's death) $24.99
Andrews, Donna Swan for the Money (Meg Langslow #11: Meg volunteers to help at a rose show her parents are competing in, then uncovers the body of the wealthy woman on whose estate the competition is being held) $24.99
Arnold, Tedd Rat Life (YA; 1972: Hanging out with Vietnam vet Rat, his boss at the drive-in theater, 14-year-old Todd begins to wonder if Rat is connected to the dead body found in the river; winner of the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery) $7.99
Asensi, Matilde Everything Under the Sky (Traveling to Shanghai to claim her husband's body, a Spanish painter is drawn into a centuries-old quest to find the lost treasure of China's first emperor) $14.99
Barclay, Linwood Too Close to Home (When their neighbors are shot to death in their own home, Jim and Ellen Cutler ask themselves: how well did they really know their neighbors? The answers aren't reassuring) $7.99
Barnes, Linda Lie Down with the Devil (Carlotta Carlyle #12: A jittery bride-to-be who wants to be sure her groom is being faithful hires Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle, who ends up looking for a murderer when her client turns up dead) $7.99
Bauer, Sydney Alibi (PBO; Boston defense attorney David Cavanaugh is forced into the case of a murdered heiress when his protege is accused of the crime) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. The Walkers of Dembley (Agatha Raisin #4: Reissue; Agatha investigates the death of a woman hiker who infuriated wealthy landowners by insisting on her hiking club's right to trek across their properties) $6.99
Bentley, Jennie Spackled and Spooked (Do-It-Yourself #2: PBO; Avery Baker and her boyfriend are flipping a seriously stigmatized house rumored to have ghosts; this renovation project might haunt them forever) $6.99
Berenson, Laurien Doggie Day Care Murder (Melanie Travis #15: Melanie finds no shortage of suspects when one of the owners of the local doggie day care center is found shot to death on the floor of his office) $6.99
Blair, Annette Larceny and Lace (Vintage Magic #2: PBO; Busy opening her vintage clothing store in what was once the town's morgue, Madeira discovers an intruder snooping around a bunch of bones in a body drawer) $7.99
Brennan, Allison Cutting Edge (FBI #3: PBO; Nora English and the FBI domestic terrorism unit join forces with security specialist Duke Rogan to investigate a deadly inferno at a controversial bio-tech firm) $7.99
Brockmann, Suzanne Hot Pursuit (Troubleshooter #15: While providing personal protection for an old friend who is running for office, Troubleshooter Alyssa Lock receives messages from a serial killer she's been hunting for years) $26.00
Buchan, John The Strange Adventures of Mr. Andrew Hawthorn and Other Stories (In this short story collection, peculiar worlds of temptation, adventure, and iniquity are perilously close at hand) $16.00
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Sew Deadly (Southern Sewing Circle #1: PBO; When the police link her to a murder, Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair must rely on the members of the Sweet Briar, South Carolina, sewing circle to clear her name) $6.99
Causey, Toni McGee When a Man Loves a Weapon (Bobbie Faye #3: PBO; With her FBI agent fiance away on assignment, Bobbie Faye must outwit the murderous Sean MacGregor, escaped from prison and dead-set on revenge) $6.99
Cavender, Chris A Slice of Murder (After she finds one of her pizza delivery customers dead inside his own home, Eleanor and her sister Maddy discover he had many secrets worth hiding) $22.00
Christy, Bryan The Lizard King (Nonfiction; the story of a multimillion dollar reptile smuggling business, and a Fish and Wildlife Services agent's years of surveillance and hard work to shut it down) $13.99
Clark, Mary Jane It Only Takes a Moment (Sunrise Suspense Society #2: When her young daughter is snatched from summer camp, Eliza Blake and the rest of the Sunrise Suspense Society band together to outwit a cunning criminal) $7.99
Clark, Mary Jane Dying for Mercy (Sunrise Suspense Society #3: The clues found at a 'puzzle house' lead Eliza Blake and her KEY News colleagues first to suspicious locales in a private park and then to a killer's victims) $24.99
Cleverly, Barbary Folly du Jour (Joe Sandilands #7: 1926: an old friend of Joe's has been arrested for murder at the Folies-Bergere; a young usherette becomes Joe's guide through the treacherous world of the Paris Music Hall) $14.00
Coleman, Rebecca Desperado City (PBO; When a teenage girl is found dead in the haunted house of a failing Catskills theme park, most people think it's suicide; another teen suspects murder) $7.95
Connor, Beverly Dust to Dust (Diane Fallon #7: PBO; A woman dies under suspicious circumstances; to prove a possible murder, forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon must root through the victim's family secrets) $7.99
Cook, Robin Foreign Body (Stapleton & Montgomery #8: NYC medical examiners Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton rush to India to help a UCLA student investigating medical tourism - and a sinister global conspiracy) $9.99
Coonts, Stephen The Assassin (Tommy Carmellini #3: Special agent Tommy Carmellini and Admiral Jake Grafton discover a group of wealthy American vigilantes determined to assassinate a terrorist mastermind) $9.99
Cooper, Glenn Secret of the Seventh Son (Library of the Dead) (Maverick FBI agent Will Piper's struggle to solve a serial killing leads him to a centuries-old secret that questions the existence of free will) $7.99
Craig, Elizabeth Spann Pretty Is As Pretty Dies (Myrtle Clover #2: When a pretty but pushy town developer is murdered, retired schoolteacher Myrtle Clover can't throw one of her gaudy garden gnomes without hitting a potential suspect) $13.95
Crosby, Ellen The Bordeaux Betrayal (Wine Country #3: Virginia vintner Lucie Montgomery is certain that a historian's death is linked to a bottle of Bordeaux that Thomas Jefferson may have bought for George Washington) $6.99
Culhane, Patrick (Collins, Max Allan) Red Sky in Morning (After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Lieutenant Peter Maxwell volunteers for a dangerous mission on an ammunition ship, where he must deal with an untrained black crew, a prejudiced commander, and the murder of one of the white officers) $7.99
Daheim, Mary Vi Agra Falls (Bed & Breakfast #24: Joe's ex-wife Vivian moves back into the cul-de-sac, and plans to use two lots for a condo development; an unidentified corpse turns up in Vivian's back yard) $7.99
Dash, Mike The First Family (Nonfiction; the story of the Morello family, following the birth of the Mafia in America from the 1890s to the 1920s, from the wharves of New Orleans to the streets of Little Italy) $27.00
Davidson, Peter Homicide Miami (PBO; Nonfiction; a gang of thugs targeted wealthy Floridians for kidnapping, extortion, and death - until the authorities jumped into the fray) $7.99
Doogan, Mike Skeleton Lake (Nik Kane #3: Wounded during an investigation and still grieving the loss of his son, Anchorage PI Nik Kane returns to his first big case, the one that he's never been able to close) $7.99
dos Santos, Jose R Codex 632: The Secret of Christopher Columbus (Called upon to finish an investigation into the discovery of America, a Portuguese professor discovers the real person behind the name Columbus) $14.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Topaz Tango (Midnight Louie #21: When a killer stalks the dance floor at a Las Vegas 'Dancing with the Celebs' charity event, Louie has his paws full keeping his people out of danger) $24.99
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Scone Cold Dead (Liss MacCrimmon #2: When her old Scottish dance company visits her new home town of Moosetookalook, Maine, Liss hosts a reception for them; the company manager dies after biting into a scone) $6.99
Elkins, Aaron Uneasy Relations (Gideon Oliver #15: While visiting the site of a fascinating ancient burial, forensics professor Gideon Oliver must piece things together when two deaths, possible murders, rock Gibraltar) $7.99
Fesperman, Dan The Arms Maker of Berlin (History professor Nat Turnbull must track down missing documents from a WWII spymaster's trove that was stolen by his estranged mentor) $24.95
Finder, Joseph Vanished (Nick Heller #1: As Nick Heller searches for his brother, he's on a collision course with one of the most powerful corporations in the world - and they will stop at nothing to protect their secrets; unabridged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Fossum, Karin Black Seconds (Inspector Sejer #5: When 9-year-old Ida Joner disappears, suspicion falls on a local man who lives alone and hasn't spoken since childhood) $13.95
Fossum, Karin The Water's Edge (Inspector Sejer #6: Inspector Sejer investigates the death of a boy in a small Norwegian town; another boy disappears, and the marriage of the couple who discovered the first body begins to unravel) $25.00
Francis, Dick & Felix Silks (A defense barrister whose true passion is riding, Geoffrey Mason's two lives collide when a fellow jockey is accused of murdering a colleague) $9.99
Fraser, George MacD The Complete McAuslan: The General Danced at Dawn/McAuslan in the Rough/The Sheikh and the Dustbin (Reissue; Reprints all of Fraser's hilarious stories of Private J. McAuslan, an utterly incompetent soldier with a talent for catastrophe) $14.95
Frey, Stephen Forced Out (Retired baseball scout Jack Barrett discovers a remarkable player, but the young man has a secret that will put all of Jack's plans - and maybe his life - in jeopardy) $7.99
George, Elizabeth (ed) Two of the Deadliest (Anthology of 23 original tales of lust and greed by top female mystery writers) $25.99
Ginsberg, Debra The Grift (A psychic fraud wakes up one day suddenly able to see the future, and finds her freedom - and her life - in danger when she's accused of a murder that happened just as she predicted) $14.00
Golemon, David L. Leviathan (Event Group #4: The ships of the world are under attack by an insane genius using the most advanced undersea vessel in history) $24.99
Grabenstein, Chris Hanging Hill (Zack & Judy #2: Kids; The director of a show based on Judy's books plans to raise a horde of evil specters from the dead; to do this, he needs a human sacrifice - and Zack fits the bill perfectly) $16.99
Gregory, Susanna The Devil's Disciples (Matthew Bartholomew #14: When rumors of plague threaten Cambridge again, Matthew must find an anonymous magician who is preying on the fears of the superstitious) $12.95
Hagberg, D/Gindin, B Mutiny (Nonfiction; Gindin's first-hand account of the 1975 mutiny aboard the Soviet warship FFG Storozhevoy , the real-life inspiration for Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October ) $15.99
Haig, Brian Man in the Middle (Sean Drummond #6: An investigation leads Army lawyer Sean Drummond to wonder: Are his loyalties to his superiors, or to the American soldiers battling for their lives?) $7.99
Hurwitz, Gregg Trust No One (Nick Horrigan #2: A terrorist is threatening to blow up a nuclear reactor; the only person he'll talk to is Nick Horrigan, promising to tell him the truth behind the events that shattered Nick's life 20 years ago) $24.95
Jackson, Lisa Chosen to Die (Alvarez & Pescoli #2: PBO; Montana detective Selena Alvarez goes on the hunt when her partner, Detective Regan Pescoli, is captured by the Star Crossed Killer) $7.99
Jance, J.A. Fire and Ice (Joanna Brady #14: Beau and Brady join forces again; unabridged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Jecks, Michael The Prophecy of Death (Knights Templar #25: 1325: Simon and Baldwin return from a mission in France with an urgent instruction for King Edward II, and find themselves at the center of deadly court intrigue) $8.99
Johnstone, William W. D-Day in the Ashes (Ashes #20: Reissue; Ben Raines and his army engage in an all-out war of liberation across a crime-ravaged Europe) $5.99
Kane, Andrea Twisted (When the parents of her missing childhood friend beg for help, ex-FBI agent Sloane Burbank takes the case - even though her ex-lover is the FBI agent in charge) $7.99
Kaplan, Janice A Job to Kill For (Lacy Fields #2: When one of Lacy's clients drops dead in her penthouse, suspicion falls on Lacy's best friend, who's been spending too much time with the dead woman's billionaire husband) $14.00
Kellerman, Faye The Mercedes Coffin (A Cold Case) (Decker & Lazarus #17: A billionaire genius offers the LAPD a financial incentive to reopen the 15-year-old murder of her favorite teacher; the case is eerily similar to a recent execution-style killing) $7.99
Kellerman, Faye Blindman's Bluff (Decker & Lazarus #18: Peter and Rina must solve a crime that will have repercussions for their own lives; unabridged CDs $39.99) $25.99
Koehler, John Spies in the Vatican: The Soviet Union's War Against the Catholic Church (Nonfiction; the history of the Soviet Union's espionage and violence against the Catholic Church, from persecution of local priests to an assassination order against Pope John Paul II) $26.95
Koryta, Michael Envy the Night (When the man who lured Frank's US Marshal father into the killing game - and gave him up to the FBI - returns to his isolated Wisconsin cabin, it's a homecoming Frank can't allow) $7.99
Koryta, Michael The Silent Hour (Lincoln Perry #4: PI Lincoln Perry hunts for a woman who disappeared years ago after the collapse of a program for paroled murderers that she and her husband started) $24.99
Ladd, Linda Enter Evil (Claire Morgan #4: PBO; Homicide detective Claire Morgan tracks a sadistic killer; her only lead is a beaded bracelet around each victim's wrist, believed to ward off the 'evil eye') $6.99
Larsson, Stieg The Girl Who Played With Fire (Millennium #2: Lisbeth is framed for the murders of two reporters whose story implicated highly-placed members of Swedish society, business, and government in a sex trafficking operation; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
le Carre, John A Most Wanted Man (A Russian man, a German lawyer, and the scion of a failing British bank form an unlikely alliance; the rival spies of Germany, England and America converge upon the innocents) $16.00
Levin, Daniel The Last Ember (Archaeologist turned lawyer Jonathan Marcus joins the hunt for the famed Tabernacle Menorah, seized by Roman invaders in the first century AD) $25.95
Littell, Robert The Visiting Professor (Unexpectedly permitted to leave Russia, Lemuel Falk becomes a visiting professor in upstate New York, where he faces an academic catfight and a serial killer) $15.00
Littlefield, Sophie A Bad Day for Sorry (Stella runs a sewing shop, with a sideline helping battered women get rid of their abusers. When Chrissy Shaw's no-good husband disappears with their son, Stella risks her life to recover the boy) $24.99
Lowe, Sheila Dead Write (Forensic Handwriting #3: PBO; Members of a New York dating service are dying mysteriously; Claudia Rose must find clues in the suspects' handwriting before more names are entered in the killer's black book) $6.99
Ludlum, Robert The Prometheus Deception (Reissue; After fifteen years as a brilliant spy, Nick Bryson disappeared into anonymity as a college professor; he's lured back into the game to stop a terrorist conspiracy) $9.99
Martin, E/Carranza, A The Gaudi Key (A young woman and her mathematician boyfriend trace clues hidden in sculpture, design, and architecture to find an ancient relic that was entrusted to her grandfather) $14.99
Martinez, Guillermo The Book of Murder (His discoveries about the deaths surrounding his former assistant make a young writer question everything he had always believed) $14.00
Massey, Brandon Cornered (PBO; A chance encounter brings Corey Webb face to face with the dark past he'd long since left behind; the threat to his life and family could be deadly) $6.99
McMahon, Neil Dead Silver (Hugh Davoren #2: A cache of photographs and a silver earring throw Hugh and his pal Madbird into the middle of an unsolved double homicide) $13.99
McPhee, Michele R. When Evil Rules (PBO; Nonfiction; disappearances and arsons in Falmouth, Massachusetts, are attributed to local businessman and infamous bully Melvin Reine) $6.99
Meier, Andrew The Lost Spy: An American in Stalin's Secret Service (Nonfiction; Isaiah Oggins, a 1920s New York intellectual, became one of the first Americans to spy for the Soviets, and was brutally murdered in 1947 on Stalin's orders) $18.95
Mustafa, Susan et. al. Blood Bath (PBO; Nonfiction; Southern serial killer Derrick Lee Todd is convicted of two savage murders and tied to at least seven more) $6.99
Novak, Brenda The Perfect Couple (Perfect #1: PBO; Zoe Duncan's 13-year-old daughter disappears from her own backyard; PI Jonathan Stivers discovers that the 'perfect couple' next door is anything but) $7.99
Orgain, Diana Bundle of Trouble (Maternal Instincts #1: PBO; New mom and PI Kate Connelly must crack the case when a body that may be her brother-in-law is pulled from San Francisco Bay) $6.99
Oust, Gail Whack 'n' Roll (Bunco Babes #1: PBO; A wacky group of South Carolina retirees decide to investigate when they find a dismembered arm during a golf game. Includes Bunco tips) $6.99
Parker, I.J. The Convict's Sword (Akitada #6: 11th-century Japan: Akitada must find the killer of a man condemned to live in exile for a crime he did not commit; Tora investigates the sudden death of a blind street singer) $15.00
Parker, T. Jefferson California Girl (Reissue; A crime has touched the Becker brothers in ways that none of them could have anticipated, setting them on a collision course that will change their family forever) $14.99
Patterson/Ledwidge The Quickie (When she sees her husband with another woman, Lauren has her own affair, but her night of passion takes a shocking turn when she witnesses a deadly crime) $7.99
Patterson/Rust Daniel X: Watch the Skies (An outlaw plans to throw Holliswood into chaos and film the pandemonium for the fellas back home; Daniel X assembles an all-star team to save the city and its inhabitants) $19.99
Pronzini, Bill Fever (Nameless Detective #33: When a compulsive gambler goes missing, her husband is the prime suspect; Nameless investigates, and uncovers a vicious racket that preys on gamblers) $14.99
Pynchon, Thomas Inherent Vice (It's the end of the 1960s in LA. PI Doc Sportello's ex-girlfriend shows up with a story about a plot to kidnap the billionaire land developer she's in love with; unabridged CDs $39.95) $27.95
Queen, W/Century, D Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One of America's Most Wanted Criminals (Nonfiction; ATF agent William Queen's month-long manhunt to apprehend a notorious narcotics trafficker who is also a cunning survivalist) $7.99
Rabe, Peter Stop This Man! (Reissue; Three-time-loser Tony Catell breaks into a lab to steal a gold ingot, not realizing that it's dangerously radioactive; now the cops and the FBI are on his trail) $7.99
Rankin, Ian The Black Book (Inspector Rebus #5: Reissue; Five years after a mysterious fire burned a seedy Edinburgh hotel to ashes, Rebus reopens the investigation when a charred body - with a bullet in its head - is found in the ruins) $13.95
Reich, Christopher Rules of Vengeance (Jonathan Ransom #2: When a stolen weekend in London turns into a terrorist bloodbath, his spy wife Emma disappears in the confusion, and Dr. Jonathan Ransom quickly turns from hero to suspect) $26.00
Robb, J.D. Promises in Death (Eve Dallas #29: Eve and Roarke investigate when cop Amaryllis Coltraine is gunned down outside her apartment with her own weapon, and discover the case is connected to their own painful, shadowy pasts) $7.99
Rocha, Luis Miguel The Holy Bullet (After the suspicious death of Pope John Paul I, a few operatives penetrate the Vatican's inner circle to investigate what went wrong - and to save his successor from the same fate) $25.95
Rocha, Luis Miguel The Last Pope (Almost thirty years later, journalist Sarah Monteiro receives an envelope that holds the key to uncovering the truth about the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I) $9.99
Rose, Karen I Can See You (A homicide detective investigating suspicious suicides connects them to the 'Shadowland' website; the woman who runs the site is one of the killer's targets) $18.99
Rosenfelt, David Open and Shut (Andy Carpenter #1: Reissue; Defense attorney Andy Carpenter's dad leaves him two unexpected legacies: $22 million he never knew existed, and a racially-charged murder case) $4.99
Rosenfelt, David First Degree (Andy Carpenter #2: Reissue; When a cop's body is found burned and decapitated, a stranger comes into lawyer Andy Carpenter's office and confesses - but the police suspect PI Laurie Collins) $4.99
Rosenfelt, David Play Dead (Andy Carpenter #6: Wisecracking New Jersey defense attorney rescues a golden retriever, and learns that five years earlier the dog was the only witness to a high-profile murder) $7.99
Rosenfelt, David New Tricks (Andy Carpenter #7: Andy gains possession of a murder victim's Bernese puppy; several people are willing to resort to violence to get their hands on the dog, putting all those Andy holds dear in danger) $24.99
Roy, Allyson Babydoll (Saylor Oz #2: The deaths of three New York models lead Saylor Oz to believe that someone is reenacting the events of a movie; delving into the world of modeling puts her at risk) $14.00
Sakey, Marcus Good People (When Tom and Anna Reed find $370,000 in their house it seems as if all their problems are solved - before the week is over, they'll face the brutal truth of where the money came from) $7.99
Sakey, Marcus The Amateurs (For four friends from the old neighborhood, pushed to the ragged edge, the only thing more dangerous than the men coming after them might be their best friends) $25.95
Saul, John Faces of Fear (A twisted plastic surgeon plans to remake his stepdaughter in the image of his first wife) $7.99
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle's Prophecy (Macro & Cato #6: Macro and Cato - and their old enemy Vitellius - set off with the imperial fleet to rescue an imperial agent who has been captured by pirates) $14.99
Sewell, K/Preisler, J All Hands Down: The True Story of the Soviet Attack on the USS Scorpion (Nonfiction; using intelligence sources and recently declassified files, the authors show how the Russians engineered the 1968 sinking of a US submarine) $7.99
Shuman, George D. Second Sight (Sherry Moore #4: Confronted with a miraculous medical innovation, blind psychic Sherry Moore must decide whether to reclaim her sight or remain in the darkness that allows her to save so many other lives) $25.00
Smith, Wilbur The Dark of the Sun (The Train from Katanga) (Reissue; The leader of a mercenary band battles bandits, guerrillas, hostile tribes, and a traitor in his band to retrieve a priceless consignment of diamonds) $7.99
Sorrells, Walter First Shot (YA; The murder of David Crandall's mother was never solved; two years later, he uncovers clues that lead to a family scandal - and sees his father burying an old rifle in a deserted lot) $7.99
Starr, Jason Panic Attack (When two unarmed intruders break into his family's home, Dr. Adam Bloom kills one, but the other escapes. From that moment on, the Bloom's lives will never be the same) $24.99
Sullivan, Eugene The Report to the Judiciary (Tim Quinn #2: When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court dies suddenly, the president appoints an interim successor, but one of the conservative justices is hell-bent on claiming the position) $7.99
Swain, James The Night Stalker (Jack Carpenter #2: A notorious serial killer days away from execution asks ex-cop Jack Carpenter to find his missing grandson; evidence points to the killer's troubled son, but Jack's not so sure) $7.99
Thayer, Terri Inked Up (Stamping Sisters #2: PBO; When she discovers a dead body in a corn maze, professional rubber stamper April Buchert and the Stamping Sisters set out to find the killer) $6.99
Thomas, Steven M. Criminal Karma (Robert Rivers #2: Robert Rivers' jewel heist is interrupted when another thug bursts in the hotel room; Rivers survives the brawl, but the diamond is gone, and the hunt is on) $25.00
Tonkin, Peter The Fire Ship (Richard Mariner #2: Reissue; Richard Mariner takes on a group of terrorist pirates that have seized the prize tanker in his family's fleet and kidnapped his father-in-law) $7.99
Wall, Carolyn Sweeping Up Glass (Raised in the Kentucky Mountains, Olivia Harker Cross begins to realize how little of her bitter history she understands; facing real and dangerous enemies, men steeped in bigotry and hatred, she ignites a conflict that will embroil the entire community; unabridged CDs $34.95) $14.00
Wapner, Kenneth Medical Mysteries (Nonfiction; features over 20 medical scenarios that have baffled the experts - based on the popular TV show) $14.99
White, Stephen Dead Time (Alan Gregory #16: Psychologist Alan Gregory's ex-wife needs his help when the surrogate mother of her unborn child vanishes without a trace) $9.99
White, Stephen The Siege (The disappearance of a number of high-profile students focuses the attention of the CIA and the FBI on one of Yale's secret societies) $25.95
White, Thomas The Book of Matthew (San Francisco homicide inspector Clemson Yao tracks a serial killer, aided by Angie Strachan, a realtor who tried - and failed - to become the city's first female homicide inspector) $16.95
Whyte, Jack Order in Chaos (Templar #3: Sir William St. Clair flees France with the Temple's legendary treasure and several hundred knights; eventually, they seek the fabled western land of Merica) $26.95
Wilhelm, Kate Cold Case (Barbara Holloway #11: Barbara defends a controversial author who is suspected of the murder of a state senator - and of a young woman twenty-two years ago) $7.99
Wilson, F. Paul By the Sword (Repairman Jack #12: Jack is hired to find a legendary Japanese sword that is also being sought by a Japanese cult, a Japanese businessman with Yakuza bodyguards, and the Kicker cult leader) $7.99
Wolfe, Liz Let Sleeping Dogs Die (Skye Donovan #2: PBO; Skye's first big photo shoot, for the Pet Place calendar, is thrown into chaos when the owner of the doggie talent is killed) $7.95
Wright, Nina Whiskey With a Twist (Whiskey Mattimoe #5: A dog breeder wants Abra in a competition - as a bad example. Whiskey is bored at the dog show, until a handler turns up dead, and two champion Afghans vanish - along with Abra) $14.95


Akunin, Boris Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel (Sister Pelagia #3: Murder aboard a steamer sends Sister Pelagia on a search through Jerusalem, looking for the killer, and for the leader of a mystical Jewish sect who claims to be the Messiah) $15.00
Atkinson, Michael Hemingway Deadlights (Ernest Hemingway #1: Key West, 1956: when a part-time smuggler is impaled on a harpoon, Ernest Hemingway investigates his friend's death) $24.99
Axler, James Janus Trap (Outlanders #50: PBO; The Original Tribe challenged Cerberus once before and lost. Now their greatest assassin has trapped the Cerberus warriors in a matrix of unreality) $6.99
Blundy, Anna Vodka Neat (Neat Vodka) (Faith Zanetti #3: Faith Zanetti is Moscow correspondent because as a teenager she married a Russian. It was bad, and now, fifteen years later, those days are back to get her) $14.95
Brown, Sandra Smash Cut (When an Atlanta businessman is killed during an armed robbery, his friend sets out to prove it was murder, orchestrated by the dead man's nephew) $26.95
Buchanan, Edna Legally Dead (Michael Venturi #1: Former US Marshal Michael Venturi assembles a team to create new identities for innocent men and women; a killer stalks him, his clients, and his loved ones) $15.00
Cook, Robin Intervention (An archaeologist makes a discovery with ecclesiastical and medical implications; the Archbishop of New York is desperate to keep it secret) $25.95
Crosby, Ellen The Riesling Retribution (Wine Country #4: A tornado at the vineyard unearths an old grave, containing the body of a former business associate of Lucie's father; Lucie sets out to prove her father's innocence) $25.00
Deaver, Jeffery The Bodies Left Behind (After she walks into a murder scene in a secluded Wisconsin vacation home, Deputy Brynn McKenzie realizes the perp is still there, and there's nowhere to run but the midnight forest. Nominated for the 2009 Thriller Award for Best Thriller Novel) $9.99
Dickinson, Peter Sleep and His Brother (Jimmy Pibble #4: Reissue; The McNair Foundation is a charitable institution set up to care for cathypnic children. But behind its closed doors stand shadowy figures whose motives are far from charitable) $14.95
Ferrigno, Robert Heart of the Assassin (Assassin #3: The Atzlan Empire threatens both the Islamic republic and the Bible Belt; Rakim Epps must reunite the two to regain the USA's former glory) $25.95
Frey, Stephen Hell's Gate (A world-weary litigator heads to Montana to become a smoke jumper - and uncovers a small town's little secret involving arson and the reckless quest for profits at the expense of lives) $25.00
Ghelfi, Brent The Venona Cable (Volk #3: Russian agent and criminal Alexei Volkovoy pays a visit to the US to uncover the secrets of the infamous Venona cables and to attempt to clear his family name) $25.00
Greanias, Thomas The Atlantis Revelation (Conrad Yeats #3: In the ruins of the Third Reich, an archaeologist uncovers the key to an ancient conspiracy to ignite Armageddon in order to reestablish the Roman Empire in the 21st century) $25.00
Haig, Brian The Hunted (A wealthy Russian businessman's world begins to fall apart when he hires an former KGB deputy director to handle his corporate security) $25.99
Keating, H.R.F. Inspector Ghote's First Case (Inspector Ghote #25: Newly promoted Inspector Ghote investigates a suicide; at the dead woman's home, he is unconvinced by the husband's story) $24.99
Lecard, Marc Tiny Little Troubles (Aaron Rogell is a brilliant San Francisco scientist with a penchant for hookers; he faces trouble when his regular call girl's lowlife acquaintance decides to steal Aaron's newest invention) $14.99
Maron, Margaret Sand Sharks (Deborah Knott #15: Judge Knott stumbles on a colleague's body at a summer conference; then another judge is murdered, and Deborah may be the killer's next target) $24.99
Nugent, Andrew Soul Murder (Lennon & Power #3: Superintendent Denis Lennon and Sergeant Molly Power investigate when a house master is found brutally murdered at a boys' boarding school) $24.99
Pendleton, Don Dangerous Tides (Executioner #369: PBO; Rogue sailors seize a cruise ship; Bolan infiltrates, and learns the ocean liner is really a testing ground for a sinister chemical weapon) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Terror Descending (Stony Man #102: PBO; Stony Man must stop a powerful, well-armed militant group that is intent on achieving world peace - by way of mass murder) $6.99
Picardie, Justine Daphne (In 1957, author Daphne du Maurier becomes interested in Branwell Bronte. In present-day London, a young woman, recently married to an older man who is still enthralled with his first wife, becomes absorbed in a fifty-year-old literary mystery) $15.00
Rankin, Ian Mortal Causes (Inspector Rebus #6: Reissue; To identify a murder victim - and his killer - Rebus searches among petty thugs, gunrunners, and heavyweight criminals, from Edinburgh to Belfast) $13.99
Schlink, Bernhard Self's Murder (Gerhard Self #3: The quest for a banker's unidentified silent partner leads dour seventy-something sleuth Gerhard Self to a money-laundering ring tied to the Russian mob) $15.00
Waddell, Dan Blood Atonement (Nigel Barnes #2: Genealogist Nigel Barnes helps DCI Grant Foster investigate a woman's murder; the trail leads through the bloody history of the Mormon Church) $24.99
Woods, Teri Alibi (A botched robbery forces a cold-blooded killer to devise the ultimate alibi) $21.99

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