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Newsletter #84 December, 2008 February, 2009

Short Recommendations
by Don Blyly

        Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi ($14.95) was his first novel, written just to see if he could do it but with no intention to actually publish it. I’m glad this light funny novel is now available.
        A young Hollywood agent, who has just negotiated the best deal of his carrier for a flaky movie star client, is called into his boss’ office and told that he should dump his minor clients because the boss is giving him a new client–an alien race that has come to Earth, seen how aliens are portrayed in movies, and has hired the agency to create a positive public image for the aliens. The fact that the aliens each look like 5 gallons of snot and communicate by emitting foul odors does make the task more challenging. Lots of fun ensues.

        The Devil You Know by Mike Carey ($6.99) is mis-packaged to look like an Eastern European thriller, but actually should appeal to most people who like Jim Butcher’s Dresden File books.
        Felix Castor started seeing ghosts when he was a child, and as an adult he makes his living making ghosts go away. About 10 years before the book begins, the number of ghosts has increased significantly, and Felix normally takes a case, gets rid of the ghost, and takes his money. But this time, he becomes interested in how the female died and why she’s haunting the building that he has been hired to exorcise. And many nasty characters don’t want him to learn the details of her death. The setting is London, the British slang come fast and furious, as does the action. In spots the story is much raunchier than the Dresden Files.

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