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Newsletter #83 September November, 2008



Avi Strange Happenings (YA: Collection of tales about transformations to engage anyone who has dreamed of being something else) $5.95
Baxendale, Trevor Torchwood: Something in the Water (TV tie-in novel) $11.99
Clarke, Arthur C./Pohl, Frederik The Last Theorem (Sri Lanka mathematician Ronjit Subramanian is at the center of a mathematical investigation that may save the Earth from an alien invasion no one expects) $27.00
Collins, Max Allan The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Movie Tie-in: When dashing adventurer Alex O'Connell is tricked into awakening China's ruthless Dragon Emperor, he must seek help from his parents) $7.99
Collins, Max Allan The X Files: I Want to Believe (Movie novelization) $7.99
Cook, Glen Sung in Blood (Reprint; for 300 years Shasesserre, the Crossroads of the World, was protected by the wizardry of Jehrke, but now Jehrke has been murdered and the wicked eastern sorcerer Shai Khe is trying to rule the world) $23.95
DeCandido/Roberson/Trowbridge Star Trek Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions (Three short novels exploring a different Star Trek parallel universe) $16.00
Drake, Ernest Monsterology (Compendium of information about fantastical beasts from yetis to unicorns) $19.99
Effinger, George Alec Budayeen Nights (Collection of all nine Budayeen short stories) $14.95
Fenner, Arnie & Cathy Rough Work: Frank Frazetta (Concept art, doodles, and sketches) $19.95
Forrest, Katherine V. Dreams & Swords (Short stories by “a pioneer in lesbian literature”) $13.95
Grant, Maxwell The Shadow #18 (The Golden Masks/The Unseen Killer) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell The Shadow #19 (Voodoo Trail/Death’s Harlequin) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell The Shadow #20 (Jibaro Death/The Blue Sphinx) $12.95
Greenberger, Robert Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Movie novelization) $6.99
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay 9Tail Fox (A murdered San Francisco cop has to solve his own murder) $14.95
Groggon, Alison The Crow: The Third Book of the Pellinor (After finding his lost sister Maerad, Hem is sent to the golden city of Turbansk where he learns the ways of the bards and befriends a mysterious white crow) $9.99
Hilburn, Lynda Dark Harvest (Denver psychologist Kismet Knight counsels vampires, and her life is changed forever when she becomes involved with gorgeous, 8-centuries old Devereux) $15.95
Hughes, Matthew Majestrum (The scientific method has helped to make Henghis Hapthorn famous throughout the Ten Thousand Worlds for his investigative abilities, but the universe is rapidly shifting from logic towards magic, evidenced by the strange transformation of his personal electronic integrator into a small fruit-eating animal that helps him solve mysteries; first of a trilogy) $14.95
Hunter, Erin/Kurkowski, Bettina The Rise of Scourge (Manga Warrior novel about Scourge and his vicious Blood Clan) $6.99
Llewellyn, David Torchwood: Trace Memory (TV tie-in novel) $11.99
Mallet, Nathalie The Princes of the Golden Cage (Prince Amir and over 100 of his brothers are forced to live in the palace until one of them becomes the next sultan, and the brothers are being struck down one by one by sorcery) $7.99
McCaffrey, Anne Black Horses for the King (YA: Galwyn has an ear for languages, and Lord Artos, later to become King Arthur, hires him to help negotiate buying horses, and Galwyn redeems his father's disgraced name) $6.95
Meyers, Stephenie Breaking Dawn (Final book in the Twilight , New Moon , and Eclipse series; Bella must decide if she will marry the vampire or the werewolf) $22.99
O'Neil, Dennis The Dark Knight (Batman returns to face the Clown Prince of Crime - The Joker - Movie Tie-In) $7.99
Powers, Tim The Stress of Her Regard (Revised reprint; Michael Crawford discovers his bride brutally murdered in their wedding bed and flees the malignant apparition claiming him as her bridegroom; soon he joins Byron, Keats, and Shelley crisscrossing Europe to battle the vampiric fiend) $14.95
Pratchett, Terry The Discworld Graphic Novels (The first two volumes of the Discworld Series in a special anniversary graphic novel edition) $24.95
Richards, Justin Doctor Who: Martha in the Mirror (TV tie-in novel) $11.99
Robeson, Kenneth Doc Savage #17 (The Czar of Fear/World’s Fair Goblin) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth Doc Savage #18 (The Monsters/The Whisker of Hercules) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth Doc Savage #19 (The King Maker/The Freckled Shark) $12.95
Rochelle, Warren Harvest of Changelings (Librarian Ben Tyson had a child with a Faerie woman who later died, and now as the land of Faerie is calling all the changelings, waking up powers in Ben's son) $14.95
Russell, Gary Torchwood: The Twilight Streets (TV tie-in novel) $11.99
Smith, Dale Doctor Who: The Many Hands (TV tie-in novel) $11.99
Standish, David Hollow Earth (A study of novels and myths of hidden civilizations, strange creatures, etc., hidden below the Earth’s surface) $16.95
Thorpe, Gay Angels of Darkness (Reissue: The Dark Angels Space Marines are devout servants of the Imperium, but they harbor a dark and horrific secret that stretches back to the time of the Horus Heresy) $7.99
Traviss, Karen Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Movie novelization) $20.00
Tucker, Mike Doctor Who: Snowglobe 7 (TV tie-in novel) $11.99
Verba, Joan Marie Countdown to Action! (Authorized novel set in Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds universe, autographed by Verba) $15.95
Williams, Walter Jon Implied Spaces (In a future where artificial intelligences provide for all human needs, a semi-retired computer scientist turned swordsman explores a pocket universe, accompanied by talking cat Bitsy, avatar of a planet-sized computer) $24.95


Delaney, Joaeph The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer (YA: Book #3: When Tom Ward and the Spook spend the long winter at the Spook's house in Anglearke, Tom discovers some of the Spook's many secrets) $7.99
Diaz, Junot The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (Oscar is a sweet but very overweight ghetto nerd who wants to be the Dominican Tolkien, but his family is under a curse and he may not get his dream) $14.00
Hearn, Lian Heaven's Net is Wide (Prequel to the Tales of the Otori which reveals the full story of Lord Otori Shigeru) $15.00
Klimo, Kate The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (YA: Ten-year old cousins find a dragon egg and once they hatch it they discover online that they must protect it from St. George who stays alive by drinking dragon blood) $17.99
Maguire, Gregory What the Dickens (During a raging storm, 10-year old Dinah's cousin tells a strange tale about an orphan creature called What-the-Dickens, who has fantastic adventures) $8.99


Aguirre, Ann Wanderlust (Sequel to Grimspace : Jumper Sirantha Jaz accepts a diplomatic mission; finds herself up against Sydicate criminals and man-eating aliens) $7.99
Aiken, G.A. Dragon Actually (A warrior princess finds herself torn between her fierce desire for an arrogant knight and her intense feelings for a powerful dragon) $6.99
Anderson, Kevin J. The Last Days of Krypton (Story of the final days of Krypton, before it explodes, sending Superman and his legacy to Earth) $7.99
Anderson, Poul The Van Rijn Method (First in a three volume series featuring the complete Nicholas Van Rijn stories in chronological order) $22.00
Ardrey, Adam Finding Merlin (Truth behind the legend of the great Arthurian mage) $24.95
Asher, Neal The Engineer Reconsidered (Collection of Short Stories by Asher) $6.99
Ashley, Jennifer Immortals: The Redeeming (Tain, the 5th brother of the mighty Immortal warriors, finds love in the unlikeliest of places with a half-demon woman) $6.99
Barron, T.A. Merlin's Dragon (YA: In the years after Merlin has been sent wandering, a young lizard-like creature meets Merlin and saves his child's life, and later looks for Merlin to warn him of a plot) $19.99
Bell, Hilari The Last Knight (YA: When con artist Fisk is offered the chance to be a Knight's squire instead of jail he jumps at the chance) $6.99
Black, Shayla Tempt Me With Darkness (Marrok, King Arthur's most skilled warrior, has spent 1500 years seeking to break a curse, and now art dealer Olivia Gray is unaware that a family heirloom holds the key) $6.99
Brooks, Terry The Gypsy Morph (Conclusion to the Genesis Of Shannara Trilogy: A small band of survivors follow the young boy Hawk north to reach a safe haven promised by the King of the Silver River) $27.00
Cach, Lisa Come to Me (When a succubus of the Night World is made mortal as punishment for her crimes, she finds her new soul must follow her heart to the man who summoned her) $6.99
Cach, Lisa Dream of Me (When a succubus decides to wreak vengeance on a virginal princess he gets more than he bargained for) $6.99
Castle, Jayne (Jayne Ann Krentz) Dark Light (Tabloid reporter Sierra McIntyre interviews Ghost Hunter Guild boss John Fontana about the disappearances of retired, homeless hunters, and gets in deeper than she expected; PBO) $7.99
Czerneda, Julie E. Reap the Wild Wind (Prequel to The Trade Pact Universe series: Before the Clan learned how to manipulate the M'hir, one young woman is on the verge of discovering its secret) $7.99
Czerneda, Julie E. Riders of the Storm: Stratification #2 (Om'ray Aryl Sarc and her people have been exiled to the ruined village of Sona and the history of the village will threaten Aryl's clan) $24.95
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner Escape From Earth (YA: Anthology of space adventures) $9.99
David, Peter Wolverine: Election Day (On the eve of election day, an act of terrorism results in a young boy being held hostage before the eyes of America, and Wolverine is asked to get involved) $7.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Really Unusual Bad Boys (A trio of outrageously passionate paranormal stories that take bliss to new, unusual heights) $6.99
Dietz, William C. When All Seems Lost (Captured by the alien Ramathians, diplomat Christine Vanderveen must protect the Confederacy's president while waiting for rescue) $7.99
Douglas/Harper/Jordan Sexy Beast V (Anthology of stories about sexy vampires) $12.95
Dozois, Gardner/Strahan, Jonathan The New Space Opera (Collection of new space opera and military sf stories) $7.99
Durham, David Anthony Acacia (Four children of royalty go on a quest to reclaim their father's empire and avenge his death) $7.99
Egan/MacLeod/Landis-ed. Science Fiction: The Best of the Year (2008's best SF stories) $7.99
Estep, Jennifer Jinx (Bella never wanted to be a superhero, but with her powers of static electricity, the sparks fly when she comes upon her own ubervillian) $7.99
Evans, Bill/Jameson, Marianna Category 7 (Billionaire Carter Thompson wields weather science to bring the biggest hurricane ever seen down upon New York City, and it's up to two people to stop the storm) $7.99
Everson, John Covenant (In a small town with a strange history of teen suicides, a reporter uncovers an unholy bargain and a demon who holds the town in its grip) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Dark Curse (Dragonseeker Lara Calladine is in search of the source of her nightmares, and teams with the dangerous and arrogant Nicolas De La Cruz to search for the truth) $24.95
Flint, Eric/Drake, David Belisarius I: Thunder at Dawn (Omnibus reprint of two novels: An Oblique Approach and In the Heart of Darkness ) $23.00
Forbeck, Matt Mutant Chronicles (Official novel based on the hit role-playing game and the new movie scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2008) $6.99
Foster, L.L. (Lori Foster) Servant: The Acceptance (Gaby Cody must resist the lure of a relationship with Detective Luther Cross as she fulfills her destiny as God's warrior and protects streetwalkers from a lurking evil) $7.99
Frost, R.R. Moon in the Mirror (Tess and Scrap must protect Tess's mother from a demon she has fallen in love with, at the same time fighting off an invasion by the King of the Trolls) $7.99
Gabaldon, Diana Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Knife (Lord John Grey pursues a deadly family secret as well as a Clandestine love affair against the backdrop of the Seven Years War) $11.00
Golden, Christopher The Ferryman (While trying to rebuild their relationship, David and Janine face something that causes David's ghosts to become real and Janine knows why from her near-death experience) $14.00
Green, Chris Marie Break of Dawn: Vampire Babylon Book 3 (To save her father, Dawn Madison must enter the Vampire Underground, where she will encounter an unthinkable betrayal and the line between good and evil is blurred) $14.00
Gregory, Daryl Pandemonium (Set in a world almost like our own, in the 1950's demons begin possessing people, and young Del Pierce tries to control the demon who has possessed him) $13.00
Groening, Matt Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Bone-Chillin' Boo-Nanza (The Simpsons in a heavy metal, head-banging rock 'n' roll odyssey) $15.95
Haig, Matt Samuel Blink and the Runaway Troll (YA: Troll-Son runs away from home and moves in with his idol, Samuel Blink, who can't decide whether to return him, as he knows there is danger lurking in the Shadow Forest) $16.99
Harrison, Kim Every Which Way But Dead (Hardcover reprint of the third Rachel Morgan novel) $21.95
Hauf, Michele Dark Rapture (A woman finds herself drawn to a rock star with a terrible secret and must make a choice - to curse him to a vampire's fate forever or live without him through eternity) $6.99
Henderson, Samantha Heaven's Bones (In 1890's London, a serial killer stalks the streets and meets Trueblood who inflicts the horror of his curse on everyone in his path) $6.99
Herbert, Brian/Anderson, Keven J Paul of Dune (Set between Dune and Dune Messiah , the story of how Paul Muad'dib conquered the universe) $27.95
Herbert, Frank God Emperor of Dune (Book 4 in the Dune Chronicles: Leto Atreides has merged with a Sandworm and become a despot, while Siona, a member of his family, leads a revolution against him) $24.95
Hill, Joe 20th Century Ghosts (A maze filled with exits into a vast country of the surreal; the stories of three ghosts: one in a theater, one who is picked on, and one locked in a cell) $13.95
Howell, Hannah/Sands, Lynsay Highland Thirst (Tale of two men destined to live by night with a hunger only the blood of Outsiders can quench, set in the Scottish Highlands) $6.99
Howison/Gelb-ed. Dark Delicacies II: Fear (Second collection of 20 dark tales of horror) $7.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors The Power of Three #4: Eclipse (YA: Firestar's grandchildren discover what their power can do, while a dark prophecy might spell disaster for the Clans) $16.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha #1: Into the Woods (YA: Manga version of the story of the most dreaded villian in Warriors history) $6.99
Jackson, Liam Offspring (Sam Connor instinctively knows that he must do something to stop a supernatural crime wave of grisly attacks) $6.99
Jacques, Brian Eulalia! (A young haremaid is sent on a quest to find Salamandastron's successor who is held captive by Vizka Longtooth and the Sea Raiders) $7.99
Johnson, Jaleigh Mistshore: Ed Greenwood Presents: Waterdeep (Book in a brand new series dedicated to showcasing both the City of Splendors and up-and-coming authors) $6.99
Jones, Frewin The Lost Queen (YA: Faerie Path Book 2: Tania and Edric must cross from the elegant Faerie back to the Mortal Realm to seek the long-lost Queen Titania) $8.99
Kearney, Paul The Ten Thousand (Ten thousand mercenaries of the Macht are hired by an Empire exile to take the Assurian throne by force, but they are abandoned and must fight for survival) $7.99
Kennedy, Kathryn Double Enchantment (When Lady Jasmina accidentally creates a double of herself with no social graces, the mix-up brings her real self into a very compromising position with a sexy were-stallion) $6.99
Kessler, Jackie Hell's Belles (In the sizzling debut of the Hell on Earth series, Jezebel Harries, a hot demon on the run from Hell is introduced) $6.99
Kiernan, Caitlin R. Daughters of the Hound (8-year old Emmie Silvey and a violent young woman named Soldier face monsters & unearthly forces that have shaped their lives) $7.99
Kittredge, Caitlin Pure Blood (Werewolf homicide detective Luna Wilder is plunged into a magical war between rival clans) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Mallory, James The Phoenix Unchained (Bisochim, a Wlid Mage, is determined to bring Darkness back to the world, and Tiercel, a young Armethalian nobleman, tries to stop him) $7.99
Laumer, Keith The Long Twilight and Other Stories (Two full length novels and three short stories by Laumer) $7.99
Lee, Edward Brides of the Impaler (The Nuns in a New York convent are actually vampires intent of resurrecting Dracula himself) $7.99
Lee, Mike Nagash the Sorcerer (Time of Legends Book 2: 2000 years before the time of Sigmar, the priest Nagash's quest for immortality would unleash a plague that damned Nehekhara and its people forever) $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Duainfey (Rebecca is a ruined woman, whose father arranges a marriage, but before it can happen, a Fey uses his magic to show her two futures and she chooses one that leads to danger) $24.00
Leigh, Lora Mercury's War (Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary's secure information to a pharmaceutical company, and it is up to Ria Rodriguez to go undercover and find the leak) $7.99
Lubar, David The Curse of the Campfire Weenies (David Lubar's third collection of warped and creepy tales) $5.99
Maberry, Jonathan Zombie CSU (Tongue-in-cheek look at the forensics of Zombies) $16.95
Malan, Violette The Soldier King (Fulfilling their mercenary contract, Dhulyn and Parno accept the surrender of Prince Edmir, but when their boss refuses to honor their contract, they escape with the prince) $15.00
Mancusi, Marianne Razor Girl (Technologically modified to survive in the world after the apocalyptic release of a zombie-creating virus, a young beauty and her true love must find their way to Disneyland) $6.99
Marco/Greenberg-ed. Imaginary Friends (13 short stories about friends who come in handy in times of need) $7.99
Martin, Michael A/Mangels, Andy Star Trek Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru (Novel describing the incident that sparked the Romulan War, the destruction of the merchant ship Kobayashi Maru) $7.99
Martinez, A. Lee A Nameless Witch (A witch living peacefully outside Fort Stallworth has her life disrupted by a White Knight with whom she must combine forces to stop a mad sorcerer from destroying the world) $6.99
McIntosh, Fiona Emissary (The Percheron Saga Book2: Everyone believes Spur Lazar is dead, and each has their own ways of dealing with that, all affecting the Stone Palace of Percheron) $7.99
McKillip, Patricia A. The Bell at Sealey Head (Sealy Head, a town on the edge of the ocean where everyone hears a bell no one can see, the doors of Aislinn House open to a castle full of knights and princesses) $23.95
McKinley, Robin Chalice (YA: Mirasol's duty is to bind the Master's Circle, but when the new Master turns out to be a Priest of Fire, she does not know if she can bind the circle to him) $18.99
Miller, John J. Wild Cards: A Mutants & Masterminds Campaign Setting (Gaming reference set in George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards universe) $39.95
Moning, Karen Marie Bloodfever (MacKayla Lane (2) goes on a quest for an ancient book that could determine the fate of both Man and Fae) $7.50
Morel, Melina Prey (Werecat Vivian Roussel turns to surveillance expert and fellow werecat Pavel Federov when a priceless icon is robbed from her, and he discovers the thief has more in mind) $6.99
Moreland, Brian Shadows in the Mist (WWII hero Jack Chambers has nightmares about his time in Germany, and decides to tell the tale, but there are those who wish to use its power to unleash hell on earth) $7.99
Murphy, C.E. Hands of Flame (After causing war to break out amongst the five Old Races, Magrit, New York City's most unusual lawyer, faces her toughest negotiation yet to rescue Alban) $14.95
Nicholls, Stan Orcs (The story of fantasy's bad guys told from the viewpoint of the Orcs) $14.99
Niven, Larry/Lerner, Edward M. Fleet of Worlds (A chain reaction of supernovae has unleashed a wave of radiation that will sterilize the galaxy, and the Citizens flee, taking their planets with them) $7.99
Odom, Mel Hellgate: London (In 2024, Simon Cross continues the desperate struggle to survive the demons who have come through the Hellgate) $7.99
Oppel, Kenneth Darkwing (YA: Prequel to the Silverwing Trilogy: A look at life as it might have been for the world's first bat) $7.99
Owens, Robin D. Heart Fate (17-year old Lashin Yew runs away from an abusive arranged marriage, and meets Tinne Holly, her secret Heart Mate, who helps her through her Second Passage) $14.00
Palmer, Philip Debatable Space (Flanagan, a space pirate, kidnaps the Cheo's daughter, but the Cheo, despotic ruler of the universe, isn't playing ball and Flanagan must resort to extreme measures) $7.99
Parks, Lydia Addicted (Two erotic novels about sexy vampires and the women who surrender to their dark desires) $13.95
Patterson, James Maximum Ride #4: The Final Warning (YA: To find a safe haven, the flock takes refuge in Antarctica with a team of environmentalists and survival of the fittest takes a new twist) $7.99
Paul, Graham Sharp Helfort's War: Book 2: The Battle of the Hammer Worlds (Maverick starship officer Michael Helfort returns to active duty in the second book of a rousing new military-sf series) $7.99
Reaves, Michael Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II: Streets of Shadows (Jedi survivor Jax Pavan is pitted against the newly annointed Darth Vader after the Order 66 massacre) $7.99
Reinke, Sara Dark Hunger (Two vampires fuel each other with insatiable passion and must overcome forces more dark and powerful than they can fight) $4.99
Ringo, John/Kratman, Tom Yellow Eyes (The Posleen are coming and all models say without the Panama Canal the US will be defeated, and the Panamanians must fight against all odds to survive) $7.99
Sage, Angie Araminta Spookie #1: My Haunted House (YA: When Araminta Spookie's aunt wants to move from their wonderful haunted house, Araminta gets help from her supernatural friends) $3.99
Sage, Angie Araminta Spookie #2: The Sword in the Grotto (YA: Sir Horace is about to turn 500 years old, and Araminta and Wnada try to find the perfect gift, getting in trouble while they do) $3.99
Salvatore, R.A. The Sellswords Gift Set (Gift set of the three volumes of the Sellswords trilogy in a handsome slipcase) $23.95
Schend, Steven E. Blackstaff Tower: Ed Greenwood Presents: Waterdeep (Second in a brand new series dedicated to showcasing both the City of Splendors and talented up-and-coming authors) $6.99
Scott, Martin Thraxas Under Seige (The enchanted city of Turai is under siege by the orcs, and overweight PI Thraxas must find a talisman before it falls into the wrong hands or Turai is doomed) $6.99
Shattuck, Shari Speak of the Devil (Greer Sands has a premonition of a devastating wildfire, and also sees that a friend is in mortal danger, and must track down both of these visions to prevent them) $7.99
Singh, Nalini Hostage to Pleasure (Ashaya Aleine was forced to create a neural implant to enslave her Psy race, & fights a desperate battle to save her son & her people) $7.99
Smith, Michael Marshall The Servants (11-year old Mark is dealing with many family problems when he meets an elderly gentleman who shows him a doorway to a secret and shadowy world where nothing is as it seems) $14.95
Stahler, David Jr. Doppelganger (YA: A doppelganger kills his human double and takes over the body of a small-town teenage jock, discovering the struggle between good nad evil takes more than strength) $8.99
Stahler, David Jr. The Seer (YA: Sequel to Truesight : Stricken with sight, YA: A young boy leaves the colony where blindness is considered the purest way of life and heads to the city of Seers) $6.99
Stein, Jeanne C. Legacy (Vampire Anna Strong (4) faces a new enemy when the vampire who transformed her dies; a werewolf tries to keep her from inheriting her legacy) $7.99
Stephenson, Neal Anathem (A higher power, driven by fear, decides that only the residents of a 3,400-year old monastery can stop an impending catastrophe and summons them without warning into the fight) $29.95
Stirling, S. M. The Sunrise Lands (A madman lies between Rudi MacKenzie and his destiny as leader of the survivors of the Change) $7.99
Stirling, S.M. The Scourge of God (Rudi MacKenzie continues his trek across the U.S. toward Nantucket, where he hopes to learn the truth behing the Change that rendered technology inoperable) $25.95
Swallow, James Red Fury (Following the events that let the Blood Angels to the brink of civil war, they must act quickly before their enemies learn of their depleted strength) $7.99
Taylor, Tawny Real Vamps Don't Drink O-Neg (A paranormal researcher meets a sexy college professor and vampire whose irresistible love bites tempt her to make the ultimate sacrifice) $6.99
Waggoner, Tim Cross Country (A grisly murder harkening back to a series of killings many years ago sets loose the dark secrets of a town where the Cross family holds supernatural powers) $21.95
Wallace/Howison/Bradley The Book of Lists: Horror (Compendium of all things macabre and mysterious, terrifying and gory) $14.95
Wallington, Aury Heroes: Saving Charlie (TV Tie-In to the hit NBC series featuring a fan favorite character and a backstory not depicted on the show) $7.99
Windsor, Anna Bound By Light (Dark Crescent Sisterhood Book 3: The forbidden attraction between a sensuous sorceress and a streetwise cop heats up, and the mystery they investigate gets more chilling) $6.99


Abercrombie, Joe Last Argument of Kings: The First Law Book 3 (As the king of the Union lies on his deathbed, the peasants revolt, nobles scramble to steal his crown, and Logan Ninefingers prepares for his last battle) $15.00
Abnett, Dan/Lee, Mike The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade Volume One (Malus has just one year to retrieve five artifacts or his soul will be forfeit forever) $11.99
Acosta, Marta The Bride of Casa Dracula (Milagro de los Santos (3) is about to marry into the Grant vampire clan, but the vampire council keeps throwing obstacles in her way) $14.00
Baker, Kage The House of the Stag (After the Riders conquered the passive Yendri, only one possess the rage to fight back, Gard, the half-demon foundling who starts a one-man guerilla war against them) $24.95
Beck, Ari The Secret History of Giants (Chronicle of giants since antiquity) $16.99
Bonner/Bernstein/Raven & others Adventures Vault (D&D supplement containing nearly 1,000 magic items, tools, weapons and other useful items) $34.95
Boos, Ben Swords: An Artist's Devotion (History of swords and their skillful masters by a new young artist) $24.99
Doctorow, Cory Content (Selected essays on technology, creativity, copyright, and the future of the future) $14.95
Erikson, Steven Toll the Hounds (Book 8 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen: In the city of Black Coral, Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness, rules, and ancient crimes awaken, intent on revenge; also available hardcover at $27.95) $17.95
Farland, David The Wyrmling Hoarde (Fallon's allies must risk everything to free him from the prison set for him by the wyrmling hoarde) $25.95
Hamilton, Peter Misspent Youth (40 years in the future, an elderly philanthropist is rejuvenated into a younger body, with unexpected results) $26.00
Heinsoo/Bilsland/Bonner & others Forgotten Realms Players Guide (D&D supplement for the land of Faerun) $32.95
Henham, R.D. Black Dragon Codex (YA: Satia thinks she is going to be a dragon-snack until her captor is turned into a teenage boy and together they must defeat the Dragon Lord to survive) $9.95
Henham, R.D. Brown Dragon Codex (YA: Adventures of a Brown Dragon) $9.95
Henham, R.D. Red Dragon Codex (YA: Adventures of a Red Dragon) $9.95
Kaye, Marvin-ed. The Ghost Quartet (Four new ghost stories by Orson Scott Card, Marvin Kaye, Tanith Lee, and Brian Lumley) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes/Mallory, James The Phoenix Endangered (Enduring Flame Trilogy Book 2: Tiercel, a budding high Mage, and Harrier, a reluctant Knight Mage, develop greater power and learn the evils of war) $27.95
Levine, David Artists (A postcard book with drawings of various artists) $9.95
Lovecraft, H.P. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Reprint of the only full-length novel by Lovecraft: Charles Dexter Ward is driven to unleash evil spirits upon an unsuspecting world) $13.95
Marriot, Susannah The Ultimate Fairies Handbook (Collection of art work) $19.99
Marriot, Susannah Witches, Sirens, and Soothsayers (An intriguing historical, literary and cultural account of the strange and mysterious world of these women) $19.99
Martinex, A. Lee Too Many Curses (Nessy tends the castle of Margle the Horrendus, and when Margle dies suddenly all the beings he has transformed into accursed forms are released, and Nessy must cope) $14.95
Moers, Walter The City of Dreaming Books (Optimus Yarnspinner enters Bookholm, the City of Dreaming Books, pursuing the trail of a missing author, and discovers the dark side of Bookholm) $16.95
Niven, Larry/Pournelle, Jerry Inferno (Reprint; writer Allen Carpentier finds himself at the gates of hell and travels through the nine levels in a retelling of Dante's Inferno) $12.95
Paolini, Christopher Brisingr: Book 3 in the Inheritance Cycle (YA: Following the colossal battle they barely escaped, Eragon and his dragon find themselves bound by a tangle of promises they may not be able to keep; national release date September 20) $27.50
Pelevin, Victor The Sacred Book of the Werewolf (Adventures of a hardworking 15-year old Moscow prostitute who is actually a 2,000 year old were-fox who seduces men to absorb their life force) $25.95
Robson, Justina Going Under (Quantum Gravity Book 3; Special Agent Lila Black is sent to the darkest levels of Faerie, and if she wants to leave, she must track down the right quarry on the winter solstice) $15.00
Ruby, Lois The Secret of Laurel Oaks (When Lila and her family visit the supposedly haunted Laural Oaks Plantation in Louisiana, Lila communicates with the ghost of a slave accused of murder who seeks redemption) $16.95
Steer, Dugald A. The Dragon Diary: Dragonology Chronicles Volume Two (Fresh from recovering the Dragon's Eye, apprentice dragonologists Danial and Beatrice Cook await the hatching of a dragon's egg in their care) $16.99
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Children of Hurin (6000 years before the One Ring is destroyed, Turin, son of Hurin, fights the Dark Lord Morgoth to lift the evil over Middle Earth) $14.95
Traviss, Karen Star Wars: Order 66 (Palpatine calls for the execution of Order 66, indicating that the Jedi have staged a coup and must be shot on sight, putting the men of Omega and Delta squads in a quandary) $27.00
Trumbauer, Lisa Trutkoff A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding (YA: Fully illustrated guide to dragon raising and riding) $12.95
Trumbauer, Lisa Trutkoff A Practical Guide to Dragons (YA: Illustrated guide to all things Dragon) $12.95
Various Authors Tourchwood: The Official Yearbook (Companion to the television series, including color photographs, behind the scenes secrets, and cast and crew interviews) $14.95
Wolfe, Gene An Evil Guest (100 years in the future, an actress becomes a star overnight thanks to the help of two lovers, but ancient and supernatural evil lurk behind the screen of their lives) $25.95
Wright, K. Michael Angelslayer: The Winnowing War (In a far off future, the sons of angels have become addicted to human flesh, and nearly wiped out the earth's population, and only a small band of survivors can save the world) $25.95
Zahn, Timothy Odd Girl Out (Former government agent Frank Compton is accused of murder and must find the victim's sister, part of a resistance group fighting the Modhri and save her) $24.95


Abnett, Dan Only in Death (Gaunt and Tanith are posted to an unforgiving new post and as the enemy assaults increase in fury they must face both the terror of the present and the ghosts of the past) $7.99
Abnett, Dan Titanicus (As the flames of war spread, a religious schism tears the Adeptus Mechanicus apart, testing the resolve of the Imperial defenders to the limit) $24.99
Anderson, Taylor Crusade: Destroyermen Book 2 (Two American ships swept into an alternate world are helping the Lemurians battle the Grik when a Japanese ship comes through the same rift and is fighting for the Grik) $23.95
Anthony, Piers Air Apparent (When the Good Magician Humfrey's son vanishes, it sets in motion quests that involve key players in a grand drama whose origins reach back to the origins of time) $6.99
Armstrong, Kelley Personal Demon (Powerful half-demon Hope Adams jumps at the chance to infiltrate a supernatural cabal in Miami) $6.99
Ashley, Amanda Night's Master (Sequel to Night's Touch : Paranormal romance that explores a smoldering and dangerous passion) $6.99
Banks, L.A. Bite the Bullet (Sasha Trudeau and Hunter try to stop a new wolf pack from destroying the Shadow Wolves, an elite group of werewolf survivors trained to protect the government) $6.99
Beddor, Frank Seeing Redd: The Looking Glass Wars Book 2 (YA: King Arch of Boarderland is conniving to overthrow everything Queen Alyss of Wonderland has fought so hard for) $8.99
Beverly/Putney/Harbaugh/Samuel Dragon Lovers (Four novellas featuring dragons and love) $7.99
Bradley/Paxson Priestess of Avalon (In the long-awaited return to Avalon, myth, magic, and romance are fused in a tale of one woman's role in making history) $7.99
Briggs, Patricia Dragon Bones (Reissue: Ward, the new lord of Herzog, sees a pile of magical dragon bones hidden deep beneath Hurog Keep and he is certain his enemies will stop at nothing to get them) $7.99
Brooks, Max The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks (Graphic novel the chronicles the most notorious undead outbreaks in history) $16.95
Brown, Eric Necropath ( A Bengal Station Novel; Jaded telepath Jeff Vaughan's mistrust of humans is overturned by his love for a Thai street girl while he attempts to save himself from a psychopath out to get him) $7.99
Buckingham, Royce Demonkeeper (YA: Nat is in charge of demons who live in his house, including the Beast in the basement, and when the Beast escapes, Nat must track him down before a terrible thing happens) $7.99
Cavelos, Jeanne The Many Faces of Van Helsing (22 stories from masters of horror and fantasy giving the vampire hunter from Bram Stoker's Dracula his due) $7.99
Chabon, Michael Gentlemen of the Road (A pair of wandering adventurers stumble into the schemes and battles that follow a bloody coup in the medieval Jewish empire of the Khazars) $14.00
Chance, Karen Midnight's Daughter (Dorina Basarab, half-human, half-vampire is asked by her father to help capture Dracula who has escaped from his prison, and she works with a handsome master vampire to do so) $7.99
Cherry, Rowena Knight's Fork (An idealistic Knight and a jaded princess determined to become pregnant must overcome a new-age chastity belt) $6.99
Cherryh, C.J. The Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryh (Comprehensive collection of the short works of C.J. Cherryh) $8.99
Cook, Glen Old Tin Sorrows (Reissue: Garrett PI is on the case when the murdered dead of retired General Stantor want to add him to their ranks) $7.99
Coumatos/Scott/Birnes Space Wars (An intense and all-too-real scenario of how WWIII could start, written by a former Navy wargamer with help from an air force engineer and a lawyer) $7.99
Dann, Jack-ed. Dreaming Again (Collection of 35 new stories celebrating the wild side of Australian fiction) $16.95
Davidson/Grant/Showalter/Cast Mysteria Lane (Four new stories of paranormal seduction in a town like no other) $7.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Spills the Beans (46th Garfield book) $12.00
DeWolf, Parker When Night Falls (Kanternlight Files Book 2: When "fixer" Ulther Whitsun takes a simple job that lands him in the middle of a revolution, he may have to take sides or die) $6.99
Delacroix, Claire Fallen (Shade-hunter Lilia Desjardins and fallen-angel turned cop Adam Montgomery are forced to work together to solve their individual problems) $6.99
Dietz, William C. When Duty Calls (As the war with the Ramanthian continues, Captain Antonia Santana and his force of biopods and cyborgs find themselves surrounded by enemy forces and facing annihilation) $24.95
Duncan/Nix/Phillips-ed. Fantasy: The Best of the Year 2008 (Best fantasy of 2008) $7.99
Erdman, Terry/Block, Paula Star Trek 101 (Comprehensive guide to the 10 movies and 6 TV series including episode summaries) $15.00
Feehan, Christine Dark Possession (Vampire Manolito De La Cruz has found his destined lifemate MaryAnn Delaney, who resists, but may not have a choice) $7.99
Flint, Eric/Freer, Dave Pyramid Power (Sequel to Pyramid Scheme : A crazy Washington bureaucrat sends the survivors of the first pyramid excursion back into the pyramid, where they land in the world of Norse Gods) $7.99
Flint, Eric/Freer, David Slow Train to Arcturus (A spaceship made up of many separate habitats arrives at the planet Miran and the Miran's send a spaceship to rendezvous with it, finding the beings within dangerous) $24.00
Foster, Alan Dean Patrimony (The 12th Pip and Flinx novel, which will answer questions fans have had for decades) $7.99
Gaiman, Neil The Graveyard Book (YA: Bod was raised by ghosts in a graveyard and now must face the wonders and terrors of the world outside the cemetery; unabridged CDs $22.95) $17.99
Gates, R. Patrick Nowhere to Hide (A young boy faces unimaginable terror as he comes face to face with the monster who has appeared in his dreams) $6.99
Gevers, Nick-ed. Extraordinary Engines (Anthology of Steampunk SF stories) $7.99
Gilman, Felix Thunderer (In the magical Dickensian city of Ararat, where the streets are patrolled from the skies above by Captain Arlandes in the battle galleon Thunderer, a dark power is released) $6.99
Gont, Leopold Ghost Radio (A pirate radio talk show featuring eerie tales of vampires and the denizens of the night is about to go mainstream with terrifying consequences for the living and the dead) $25.95
Goodkind, Terry Confessor (Final novel in the Sword of Truth: The journey of Richard and Kahlan ends with the speaking of the rule unspoken since the dawn of history and the world is forever changed) $7.99
Gryphon, Talia Key to Redemption (Sequel to Key to Conspiracy : Paranormal psychologist Gillian Key has a new client who has become vampire Aleksei Rachlav's rival for her affections) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine/Kelner, Toni-ed. Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (Collection of holiday stories featuring werewolves) $24.95
Hendee, Barb Blood Memories (Vampire Eleisha Clevon becomes the target of two human policemen with gifts of their own) $14.00
Howard, Robert E. The Hour of the Dragon Weird Works of Robert E. Howard Volume 4) $7.99
Hoyt, Sarah A. Gentleman Takes a Chance (Kyrie Smith, a young shape shifter, is pushed to help police detective and fellow shifter Rafiel Thrall to solve mysterious murders of fellow shifters) $23.00
Huston, Charlie Every Last Drop (Down and out vampyre Joe Pitt is given an assignment from the Minister of the Coalition Clan to infiltrate the Cure, the newest Clan on the block) $14.00
Inclan, Jessica Intimate Beings (Third installment in paranormal romance series) $13.00
Jacques, Brian Doomwhyte (YA: A Tale From Redwall) $23.99
Jennewein, Jim/Parker, Tom S. Rune Warriors: Dane and the Shield of Odin (YA: When the tyrant Thidrek kidnaps Dane the Defiant's beloved Astrid to trade her for Thor's hammer, Dane and his rowdy band of Norsemen go after him) $16.99
Klasky, Mindy Magic and the Modern Girl (Jane Madison has been letting her witchcraft slide, thereby losing her powers, and she attempts to get them back while dealing with a myriad of family problems) $13.95
Knight, Deidre Red Fire (In Savannah, Georgia, young warrior Ajax is poised for a final battle with the demon Sable, when he encounters the beautiful Shay Angel and he has a new love to protect) $6.99
Krinard, Susan Come the Night (Werewolf Gillian Maitland has fiery passion for a man only a quarter-werewolf, who comes to London to try and win her away from an arranged marriage) $6.99
Krull, Kathleen The Road to Oz (YA: Biography of Frank L. Baun, creator of Oz) $17.99
Lackey, Mercedes Reserved for the Cat (In a 1910 alternate London, a young dancer receives help from an Elemental Earth Spirit in the guise of a cat, but runs afoul of another Spirit and the cat must help her twice) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes Foundation: The Collegium Chronicles (A 13-year old orphan escapes life in the mines when he is chosen by a Companion horse of Valdemar to be trained as a Herald) $25.95
Laumer, Keith The Universe Twister (Three complete novels of cross-dimensional danger and twisted universes in one omnibus reprint) $7.99
LeBlanc, Deborah Water Witch (People are disappearing in the bayous of Louisiana and it is up to "water witch", a woman with powers of divination, to try and find them) $7.99
Lenox, Kim Night Falls Darkly (Archer, a member of the immortal Shadow Guard, is sent to London to eliminate the soul of Jack the Ripper, and is distracted by attraction for the Ripper's next victim) $6.99
Link, Kelly Pretty Monster Stories (YA: Collection of stories by Link, illustrated by Shaun Tan) $19.99
Linnea, S. L. Treasure of Eden (Third book in the trilogy: The reappearance of the illustrious Treasure of Eden might be the biggest challenge Jaime has ever faced) $6.99
Little, Denise-ed. Witch High (14 stories of students at magical high schools) $7.99
Long, Nathan Elfslayer (Felix and the Dwarf Trollslayer Gottrek team up with the Imperial Wizard to investigate disturbing magical phenomena and find themselves fighting against the dark elves) $7.99
MacAlister, Katie Up in Smoke (May Northcott is being wooed by a demon lord, and she will have to barter to gain her freedom and fulfill her destiny with Gabriel) $7.99
Mack, David Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of the Night (First novel in an epic trilogy that unites characters from every corner of the Star Trek universe) $7.99
Maguire, Gregory Son of a Witch (Liir, last seen hiding in the shadows after Dorothy did in the Witch, is tended in the Cloister of St. Glinda, and tries to fulfill the last wish of a dying princess) $7.99
Marmell, Ari A Crown of Ashes (A knight seeks revenge during the Crusades, and follows Lambrecht Raes into a mirror world where things are slightly askew) $6.99
Maverick, Liz Irreversible (A villain has looped Kitty's reality and only the Wire Crossers and the handsome time anomaly specialist, Q, can save her) $6.99
Maxwell, B.E. The Faerie Door (YA: The portals the Faerie Queen invevnted for children have been taken over by the Shadow Knight, and it is up to two 12-year olds to defeat him) $17.00
McAllister, M. I. Urchin and the Raven War (YA: The Mistmantle Chronicles Book 4: Urchin and his friends help the inhabitants of Swean Isle when they are attacked by vicious ravens, and draw the wrath of the invaders) $17.99
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd Dragon Harper (A virulent plague arises suddenly in Pern, and decimates hold after hold; it falls to an apprentice dragon rider & his friends to find a cure) $7.99
McKiernan, Dennis L. City of Jade (Aravan, Captain of the elven ship Eroean undertakes a quest to find the mythical City of Jade, a city carved completely of the precious stone) $23.95
McKiernan, Dennis L. Once Upon a Dreadful Crime (The vile witch Hradian sets events in motion to free her master from prison, and the heroes and heroines of the Four woods rally to try and stop her) $7.99
McKinley, Robin Dragonhaven (Dragons are extinct in the wild, but an institute in the Smokehill Mountains is dedicated to saving them, and when Jake finds a live dragon baby things change) $7.99
Mead, Richelle Succubus Dreams (Seattle succubus Georgiana Kincaid (3) is back for more hell-raising adventure in this sexy urban fantasy series) $15.00
Moning, Karen Marie Faefever (Mac has discovered the one thing that Fae and human alike are willing to kill for - the Sinsar Dubh, a book of dark magic that corrupts anyone who touches it) $23.00
Moon, Elizabeth The Serrano Connection (Reprint omnibus edition of two full-length military science fiction novels) $15.00
Nash, Joy Immortals: The Crossing (Celtic demigod Mac Lir finds himself bored with eternal life until he meets a mysterious and captivating woman who has power to destroy all he holds dear) $7.99
Niles, Douglas Heir of Kayolin (Dwarf Home, Book 2: Explores the destiny of the fractured and fractious dwarf nations) $6.99
Nova, Jacy&Nick/Cadag, Manuel Witches of Cazador (Vampress Girls Book 2: Paranormal graphic novel for teenage girls) $9.99
November, Sharyn-ed. Firebirds Soaring (YA: Anthology of original speculative fiction) $19.99
Parker, K.J. The Company (Hoping for a better life, five war veterans colonize an abandoned island, but an unanticipated discovery shatters their dreams and replaces it with a different one) $24.99
Pratchett, Terry Making Money (The Postmaster General of Discworld, former con-man Moist von Lipwig, is offered a chance to make some real money and gets in a mess) $7.99
Pratchett, Terry Nation (YA: The story of a young man's journey to manhood which requires the strength to defy expectations and the courage to forge new beliefs; unabridged CDs $25.95) $16.99
Pratchett, Terry The Illustrated Wee Free Men (YA: The adventure that introduced witch-in- training Tiffany Aching reprinted with Full-color art, special foldouts, and new material by the author) $24.99
Pratchett, Terry The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld (Compilation of favorite quotations from the master of modern satire, complied by Stephen Briggs) $14.95
Reese, James The Dracula Dossier (In the summer of 1888, Bram Stoker returns to London and becomes the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders and he must clear his name) $24.95
Remic, Andy War Machine (Ex-soldier Keenan works as a P.I. on a planet at the peaceful fringes odf the Helix War, and takes a case in return for info on his family's murderers) $7.99
Richards, Tony Dark Rain (Dark novel about a small, creepy New England town where the descendants of the Salem witches have lived and ruled for centuries) $7.99
Ringo, John/Taylor, Travis S. Vorpal Blade (Sequel to Into the Looking Glass : William Wqaever, PhD. and Chief Adams, SEAL get a ship and with the Force Recon Marines, land on an alien planet and get partially wiped out) $7.99
Roberson, Chris Iron Jaw and Hummingbird (YA: Mars is controlled by the Chinese, and two young street kids join forces to bring down the corrupt government) $18.99
Sagara, Michelle Cast in Fury (When a minority race of telepaths is wrongly accused of causing a tsunami, Private Kaylin Neya is drawn into a world of politics and murder) $14.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set (Books VII - X of the series) $31.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Pirate King (Transitions Book 2: Drizzt returns to Luskan to help Captain Deudermont save the city from the Sword's Coast's most dangerous pirates) $27.95
SanGiovanni, Mary Found You (Sequel to The Hollower : The Hollower comes back and sets out to kill the humans who thought they had killed him) $7.99
Sanvoisin, Eric The Ink Drinker (YA: One summer vacation, young Odilon is working at his father's bookstore when he notices a man drinking a book, and he follows him all the way to the cemetery) $4.99
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Carol for Another Christmas (Ebenezer Scrooge returns as a ghost in the computer of workaholic Monica Banks) $7.99
Scott, Manda Dreaming the Eagle (Book Two of the stunning epic saga about warrior queen Boudica, the only native British leader to command a successful revolt against the invading Roman army) $6.99
Shayne, Maggie Angel's Pain (Vampire Briar joins the inscrutable Reaper & his gang of misfits to achieve her deadly end of revenge against her old mentor who betrayed her) $7.99
Shinn, Sharon Reader and Raelynx (Twelve Houses Series Book 4: The mystic Cammon must put aside his personal feelings for Princess Amalie to help her find a suitor and protect her from her own powers) $7.99
Spector, Craig Underground (7 friends have a graduation party at an old mansion, and when two of them are spirited away by a demon who lives there, the remaining five fight to free them) $6.99
Stross, Charles The Merchant's War (The Merchant Princes Book 4; Miriam has escaped to yet another world and remains in hiding from both the Clan and their opponents, not knowing a vital piece of information that will really bum her out) $7.99
Sunny Mona Lisa Awakening (Mona Lisa knew she was different, but she never knew how much until a man of otherworldly beauty entered her life) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry The Gladiator (A teenage time trader is left behind when his family evacuates an alternative Milan; he must rely on the help of two other teens to save him) $6.99
Velde, Vivian Vande Never Trust a Dead Man (YA: Selwyn is accused of murder and sealed in the village burial cave, when a witch raises the victim from the dead, and Selwyn must work with him to find the real killer) $6.95
Velde, Vivian Vande There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around (YA: Ted's 5-year old sister invents an imaginary friend, and when it turns out to be able to move things, Ted is concerned that it may be a ghost) $5.95
Warren, J.D. Crate and Peril (Samantha Dorringer and the shape-shifting leader of the Storm Ravens plunge headlong into investigating a hilarious Hollywood scandal) $6.99
Weeks, Brent The Way of Shadows (Azoth, a young boy who wants out of the Warrens, seeks Durzo Blint, the most merciless assassin in the city, to take him on as an apprentice) $7.99
Wellington, David Vampire Zero (Vampire fighter Laura Caxton must go after her partner, once the world's foremost authority on vampires, who accepted the curse of vampirism to win a battle) $13.95
Whiteside, Diane Bond of Darkness: A Novel of Texas Vampires (Vampire Ethan Templeton has fallen in love with mortal Texas Ranger Stephanie Darling, and as they work together to stop a serial killer he debates turning her into a vampire) $14.00
Wilson, C.L. King of Sword and Sky (Tairen Soul series book 3: Rain and Ellie return to the Fading Lands to save the dying tairen and to consummate their love) $7.99
Yeovil, Jack The Vampire Genevieve (Omnibus edition of the four Vampire Genevieve novels) $13.99
Zubrin, Robert How to Live on Mars (A trusty guidebook to surviving and thriving on the Red Planet) $13.95


Anders, Lou-ed. Fast Forward 2 (Collection of all-original, all-SF stories) $15.00
Anthony, Piers Two to the Fifth (A powerful magical bird named Ragna Roc has embarked on a campaign to become ruler of Xanth, and the Good Magician enlists Cyrus the Cyborg in a stealthy subterfuge to stop it) $24.95
Butcher, Jim The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle (Graphic Novel) $19.95
Carroll, Jonathan The Ghost In Love (A man doesn't die when he is "supposed to" and the ghost sent to take his soul to the afterlife is told to watch him, and things get complicated from there) $25.00
Datlow/Link/Grant-ed. The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (Collection of 2007's best fantasy and horror stories) $21.95
Dick, Philip K. Humpty Dumpty in Oakland (First US paperback edition: A tragic comedy of misunderstandings between used car dealers and real estate salesmen) $14.95
Disch, Thomas The Wall of America (Collection of short fiction which visit the shadowy zone between present life and a near future that is frighteningly tangible) $14.95
Flynn, Michael The January Dancer (Captain Amos January loses an artifact that could save or destroy the universe; a myriad of interesting characters will all kill to get it) $24.95
Ford, Jeffrey The Physiognomy (Reissue: Physiognomist Cley is sent to a mining town to find a thief, becomes enamored of a beautiful girl, and when she rejects him, he remakes her face in a horrible way) $14.95
Gosling, Sharon Stargate: Atlantis: The Offical Companion Season 4 (Official guide to season four with interviews and photographs) $14.95
Hammond, Warren Ex-KOP (Sequel to KOP : Juno, having been booted off the police force, agrees to help his ex-partner, Maggie Orzo, solve a difficult case) $24.95
Hark, Ina Rae Star Trek (Authoritative account of all five Star Trek series providing a comprehensive guide to the Star Trek universe and its key themes) $17.95
Heinsoo/Logue/Noonan/Sims Martial Power (D&D supplement offering 100's of new options for D&D characters) $29.95
Holt, Tom The Better Mousetrap (Magical practitioner Frank Carpenter is drawn to a mysterious force, while dealing with a woman who falls out of trees and dies, repeatedly) $24.95
Jarman, Julia The Time-Traveling Cat and the Roman Eagle (YA: Ka the time-traveling cat goes to a Roman-British settlement in AD 79 and helps his friend from the Druids) $7.95
Jarman, Julia The Time-Traveling Cat and the Viking Terror (YA: Topher and Ka take on Ingwar the Boneless) $7.95
Kay, Glenn Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide (Features chronological reviews of over 300 zombie movies and copious photographs) $22.95
Lloyd, Tom The Stormcaller (The Twilight Reign Book One: In a land ruled by prophecy and the whims of Gods, young Isak finds himself at the heart of a war he barely understands, wielding powers he may never be able to control) $15.00
Lovecraft, H.P./Derleth, August The Watchers Out of Time (15 short stories reworked from Lovecraft's notes by August Derleth) $13.00
Maguire, Gregory A Lion Among Men (Volume 3 in the Wicked Series: As civil war looms in Oz, the Cowardly Lion seeks knowledge of the Wicked Witch of the West, but the oracle Yackle demands answers of his own) $26.95
Morris, Susan J. A Practical Guide to Wizardry (YA: Fully illustrated guide teaching what it takes to become a great wizard) $12.95
Norton, Andre/Miller, Sasha The Knight of the Red Beard (The youngest children of Ashen and Gaurin seem destined to alter the future of Nordornland, one allying herself with the evil Ysa, and the other stowing away on a ship) $25.95
Pierce, Tamora Trickster's Choice (YA: Alone in a foreign land, Aly tries to navigate a royal court rife with political intrigue and murderous conspiracy) $6.99
Pierce, Tamora Trickster's Queen (YA: Aly is kept busy keeping a potential teenage queen safe, while also keeping her in the dark about her future) $6.99
Powys, John Cowper Porius (In 499, at a Roman fort in North Wales, Porius, son of the reigning prince, tries to hold off the Saxons and their forest-people allies, and Merlin has been sent to help him) $27.95
Rankin, Robert The da-da-de-da-da Code (The music of the angels lies in the da-da-de-da-da Code, where every conspiracy theory are wrapped up into one) $9.95
Reed, Kit The Night Children (The night children live in the biggest mall in the world, and the owner of the MagaMall has plans to exterminate them, so feuding gangs must fight together to survive) $17.95
Roberts, Adam Swiftly (In 1848, the British Empire has grown rich exploiting the Lilliputian slaves, but the French have formed a regiment of Brobdingnagian giants and invasion looms) $19.95
Sanderson, Brandon The Hero of Ages (The Mistborn Book 3: Having escaped death, Emperor Elend Venture hopes to find clues left by the Lord Ruler that will enable him to save the world) $27.95
Scott, Robert/Gordon, Jay The Hickory Staff (The Eldarn Sequence #1: An assistant bank manager and a high school teacher are drawn into the land of Eldarn, and captured by a group of resistance fighters against an evil tyrant) $16.95
Slattery, Brian Francis Liberation (In a near-future, after the total collapse of the economy, a group of criminals known as the Slick Six set out to set the US on the road to recovery) $24.95
Stover, Matthew Caine Black Knife (The shocking truth of what really took place when assassin Caine nearly exterminated the fiercest of all tribes, the Black Knives) $14.00
Stover, Matthew Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor (Lord Shadowspwawn draws Luke and his friends into a battle designed to destroy the heroes and restore the Empire) $27.00
Tolkien, J.R.R. Tales From the Perilous Realm (Collection of Tolkien's classic Faerie tales) $26.00
Walton, Jo Half a Crown (In an alternate 1960, after Hitler wins WWII, two unlikely persons join forces to oppose the fascists, including Peter Carmichael, commander of the British Secret Police) $25.95
Westerfeld, Scott The Killing of Worlds: Book Two of Succession (Brilliant tactician Captain Laurent Zai of the Imperial Frigate Lynx, faces a suicide mission of stopping the RIx with just his own ship) $14.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn A Dangerous Climate (The vampire Count St. Germaine, on a spy mission in Czarist Russia, must figure out how to protect his title and his wealth without revealing his identity or his True Nature) $27.95


Acevedo, Mario The Undead Kama Sutra (Felix Gomez, Latino vampire detective, returns in the third volume in the series) $7.99
Adair, Cherry Night Secrets (Sequel to Night Fall : Three sexy secret agents of the anti-terror group T-FLAC use paranormal powers to fight evil) $6.99
Anderson, Kevin J. ed. Blood Lite (An anthology of humorous horror stories) $16.00
Anelli, Melissa Harry, A History (Personal in-depth look at the pop-cultural phenomenon surrounding the Harry Potter series) $15.00
Anvil, Christopher The Trouble With Aliens (The stories and short novels of the war with the Outs, compiled and edited by Eric Flint) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley Living With the Dead (When human Robyn Peltier is accused of murder, the people determined to clear her name are Half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams and necromancer detective John Findlay) $22.00
Arthur, Ken Destiny Kills (After waking on a beach with a mysterious tattoo on her back, Desinty McCree attempts to untangle the secrets of her past, opening up a world of magic) $6.99
Baker, Keith The Queen of Stone (Thorn of Breland Book 1: In the land of monsters, Thorn of Breland's Dark Lanterns, the finest spies in the realm, are good to have on your side; Eberron gaming tie-in novel) $6.99
Bardsley, Michele Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home (Young journalist Libby Monroe goes to Broken Heart, OK, for a story and discovers a town full of vampires at war with each other, and an especially cute vampire dad) $6.99
Barker, Clive Master B. Gone (Mr. B, minion of hell with a plan to cast the world into darkness and despair, comes up against Johannes Gutenberg, who tries to stop him) $13.95
Bick/DeCandido/Ordover/others Star Trek: Corps of Engineers (Compilation of stories featuring the Star Trek Corps of Engineers) $16.00
Britain, Kristen The High King's Tomb: Green Rider Book 3 (With the help of the First Rider, Karigan managed to ward off the spirit of Mornhavon, but now the vengeful descendants of the Arcosians are ready to strike again) $15.00
Brook, Meljean Demon Bound (Novice Guardian Jake Hawkins could help Alice Grey out of her deal with a demon, but he never expected to fall in love) $7.99
Buettner, Robert Orphan's Alliance (15 years after Jason Wander's (4) army defeated the Slugs, he must once again fight them while dealing with his godson who is attracted to the Tressel's total war policy) $7.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Miles, Mutants and Microbes (Two complete novels and one short novel in one volume: Falling Free , Labyrinth , and Diplomatic Immunity starring Miles Vorkosigan) $7.99
Bunch, Chris The Last Battle (The Dragonmaster Trilogy Book 3: With his loyal comrades, battle-hardened Hal Kailas must turn back the enemies who threaten the dragonmasters in one last battle for survival) $7.99
Burton, Jaci The Darkest Touch (Demon Hunters Book 3: A woman finds herself the object of Hunter's affection and discovers she may mean more to humankind than she could have expected) $6.99
Butcher, Jim Grave Peril (First hardcover edition of Harry Dresden (3), Chicago's only professional wizard private investigator) $23.95
Card, Orson Scott (Scott Richards) Zanna's Gift (The Pullman family loses their eldest son to illness just before Christmas 1938, and their 4-year old daughter paints a picture that rekindles the Christmas spirit for them; Christmas fiction) $5.99
Clarke, Arthur C./Baxter, Stephen Firstborn (Final novel in the trilogy which will reveal the whole truth about the mysterious alien race introduced in 2001 A Space Odyssey) $7.99
Cole, Allan/Bunch, Chris The Warrior's Tale (Reprint; Archons of Lycanth plot again to conquer Orissa; their new-found magic contends for mastery over Almaric's arcane sorcery) $6.99
Douglas, Ian Galactic Corps (The Inheritance Trilogy Book 2: The Interstellar Marines encounter their most vicious foe, the Xul) $7.99
Drake, David The Mirror of Worlds (The Crown of the Isles Book 2: Gates in time have opened and invaders pour through from pre- and post-human times, and Garric and his companions must struggle for survival) $7.99
Dunbar, Robert The Pines (A series of gruesome murders shocks the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, and it might be the legendary Jersey Devil) $7.99
Flanagan, John Ranger's Apprentice (The Sorcerer of the North Book 5: When the king of his new fief is poisoned, Will, now a full-fledged Ranger, must determined who is trustworthy to the king and who is trying to take his throne) $16.99
Flint, Eric/Weber, David 1634: The Baltic War (The Baltic War which began in 1633 rages on and the Americans of Granville and their ally Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden plan a counterattack on their enemies from Europe) $7.99
Foster, Alan Dean Quofum (A rudimentary AI probe discovers the planet Quofum, setting the stage for the final adventure of Pip and Flinx to be released next year) $25.00
Francis, Diana Pharoah The Black Ship (Thorn, a disgraced member of the Pilot's Guild, is kidnapped and forced to use his magical abilities to pilot a rogue ship with a secret cargo that could seal his doom) $7.99
Gabaldon, Diana Lord John and the Private Matter (In 1757, Lord John Grey is appointed to investigate the murder of a comrade-in-arms who may have been a traitor, while trying to avoid a scandal to his family) $7.99
Golden, Christopher Soulless (An attempt to communicate with thousands of dead spirits goes awfully wrong and the fragments of old corpses dig themselves out of the ground with sinister intentions) $9.95
Greenberg/Hoyt-ed. Better Off Undead (18 stories about the "lives' of the undead) $7.99
Greenwood, Ed Dark Lord (Falconfar Saga Book 1: Rod Everlar is a writer who mysteriously finds himself drawn into a fantasy world of his own creation) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Lick of Frost (King Taranis has leveled accusations against the guard protecting princess and PI Meredith Gentry, but his real intention is to harm Meredith) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Swallowing Darkness (Meredith Gentry's place on the throne depends upon her ability to produce an heir, and after many failed attempts she has become pregnant with two children) $26.00
Handeland, Lori Any Given Doomsday (When psychic Liz Phoenix finds her mother murdered in her kitchen, she discovers her powers are only the beginning) $6.99
Harrison, Kim A Fistful of Charms (Hardcover reprint; fourth Rachel Morgan novel) $21.95
Havens, Candace The Demon King and I (Gillian Caruthers, eldest sister of the Guardian Keys and Assassin of dimension- jumpers, must team up with one when a plague of demons plunges the Earth into darkness) $14.00
Hendrix, Lisa Immortal Warrior (King Ivar has tried to keep his shapeshifting curse a secret, but now he must take a wife, and she fears her love may not be enough to break the curse) $6.99
Howard, Robert E. The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard (Illustrated collection of Robert E. Howard's horror stories) $18.00
Howell, Morgan A Woman Worth Ten Coppers (A tale of passion between a man and a goddess, and their long struggle to defeat a malevolent enemy) $7.99
Hoyt, Sarah A. Heart and Soul (Final novel of a unique alternate history fantasy trilogy, mixing high adventure with supernatural intrigue and romance) $6.99
Hunt, Walter H. A Song in Stone (Ian Graham, a currently unemployed TV personality, goes back in time to find the secrets buried in the stonework of an unfinished chapel) $21.95
Hunter, Faith Bloodring (In a world where seraphs and demons fight a never-ending battle, Thorn St. Claire has nearly been driven insane by her powers, but must use them when her husband is kidnapped) $6.99
James, Allyson The Dragon Master (A Fire Dragon summoned here by a dangerous mage inflames passion in the human female he has chosen to become his wife) $6.99
Jarpe, Matthew Radio Freefall (Power-mad, sociopathic, computer geek, Billionaire Walter Cheeseman is trying to take over the Earth, and it is up to a strange group of rock stars and misfits to stop him) $6.99
Karpyshyn, Drew Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two (Continues the epic tale of the most famous & most diabolical Sith Lord ever, Darth Bane & his evil apprentice) $7.99
Kent, Steven L. The Clone Elite (In 2514, an unstoppable alien force is advancing on Earth, and only Wayson Harris (4), an outlawed model of a clone, to stop them) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn One Silent Night (An angry demon plans an onslaught on the entire human race; Stryker, adopted brother of the Dark-Hunter, prepares to engage in battle.) $6.99
King, Stephen Duma Key (Months after a near-fatal construction accident, Edgar Freemantle moves to Duma Key Florida, where he begins to paint pictures which have a power he cannot control) $9.99
Kurtz, Katherine Deryni Rising (Reprint of first Deryni novel) $7.99
Laymon, Richard Beware (An invisible killer is chasing reporter Lacey Allen across Arizona, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake) $7.99
Levy, Ellis and Evie How to Profit From the Coming Rapture (Humorous look at the investment opportunities which will be available to those who are not swept up in the Rapture) $12.99
Lumley, Brian The Taint and Other Novellas (Collection of the Mythos short stories and novellas) $14.00
Mack, David Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals (The Borg have found a passage through subspace and are using it to attack the Federation, and Captain Picard must find the right passage and lead a counterstrike) $7.99
Madore, Nancy Enchanted Again (Sequel to Enchanted : Novel which gives a sexy and passionate edge to traditional nursery rhymes) $13.95
Marillier, Juliet Heir to the Sevenwaters (When the new heir to Sevenwaters is kidnapped, Clodagh must enter the shadowy Otherworld and confront the powerful prince who rules there to reclaim her brother) $23.95
Marillier, Juliet The Well of Shades (The Bridei Chronicles Book 3: Faolan, King Bridei's most trusted advisor, goes out into the world to find the forces that are trying to undo Bridei's dream for his kingdom) $7.99
Mariotte, Jeff Spider-Man: Requiem (A darkness from beyond the grave returns to haunt Spider-Man) $7.99
Martin, George R.R.-ed. Inside Straight (Collaborative novel set in the "Wild Cards" universe) $7.99
McCaffrey, Todd Dragonheart (Young Fiona impresses a queen dragon; faces the challenges of becoming a Weyrwoman) $27.00
McCray, Cheyenne Dark Magic (Cassie is a witch who falls in love with a mortal, which is forbidden to her) $6.99
McDevitt, Jack Cauldron (After a star drive is unveiled, veteran star pilot Priscilla Hutchins finds herself back in the deepest reaches of space, hunting the origins of the deadly omega clouds) $7.99
McDevitt. Jack The Devil's Eye (Alex Benedict travels to the most remote of human worlds to discover why famous writer Vicki Greene sent him a message asking for help just before she was mind-wiped) $24.95
McNeill, Graham Mechanicum (As treachery spreads through the Imperium, Horus Heresy mobilizes those forces who are loyal to him & plots to destroy those who aren't) $7.99
Meluch, R.M. Strength and Honor: U.S.S. Merrimack #4 (The Empire of Rome has declared war against the United States and the world-devouring alien Hive is making its move against Earth, and Capt Farragut of the Merrimack responds) $23.95
Meluch, R.M. The Sagittarius Command (After his ship saves a near-space Roman world, ship's Captain John Farragut must track down an assassin when Caesar Magnus is murdered) $7.99
Menden, A.J. Phenomenal Girl #5 (An up-and-coming superhero finds love with the man who trained her, and by the way tries to save the world) $6.99
Meyer, Stephanie Twilight (Bella Swan moves to Forks, a rainy town in Washington, and meets Edward Cullen, a vampire who has managed to keep his secret until they fall in love, changing everything) $7.99
Mitchell, Sandy Cain's Last Stand (Commissar Cain is enjoying retirement on Perlia when a Black Crusade threatens the sector and he must be a hero to the Imperium one last time) $7.99
Monk, Devon Magic to the Bone (Allison Backstrom's job is to find spell-casters who are Offloading the cost of using magic onto innocents, when she discovers her father may be an offender) $6.99
Norton, Andre Search for the Star Stones (Reprint omnibus of The Zero Stone and Uncharted Stars ) $24.00
Odom, Mel Seaspray: The Quest For the Trilogy (Young halfer Juhg continues his search for a trilogy of books that holds secrets which affect the entire world, and his quest takes him to many dangerous places) $6.99
Page, David A. Mithras Court (While searching for his wife's killer in London, Lewis Beckford takes a wrong turn into Mithras Court and must learn the rules there if he wants to live) $6.99
Patton, Fiona The Golden Tower: The Warriors of Estavia (Brax, Spar, and Graize have discovered their destinies and they are about to face off in a confrontation that will spark a war and see the rise of a new power) $23.95
Popp, Robin T. Immortals: The Haunting (A dreamwalker and a nymph share sexy liaisons at night and by day team up to fight an evil power trying to drain the Immortals of their life magic) $7.99
Pratt, T.A. Dead Reign (The grim reaper is in town and it is up to Marla Mason (3) to find a way to literally cheat Death) $6.99
Reid, Thomas M. The Fractured Sky (Empryean Odyssey Book 2: Aliisza and Kaanyr Vhok struggle to escape the heart of a deeply troubled Celestia while bound to a determined angel) $6.99
Remic, Andy Biohell (When hackers break a code designed to create human upgrades, they create a zombie population packed with modern weaponry) $15.00
Ringo, Jim/Taylor, Travis S Claws That Catch (The Vorpal Blade is dispatched to investigate rumors of an ancient and powerful civilization to find new technology, and get more than they bargained for) $25.00
Robb/Blayney/Langan/McComas Suite 606 (New anthology of paranormal romance) $7.99
Rossetti, Denise The Flame and the Shadow (Cenda the fire witch's heart was broken by the death of her daughter, when Grayson of Concordia enters her life and inspires passion, until she discovers he has betrayed her) $14.00
Sansweet, Stephen/Hidalgo, Pablo The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (A to Z listing covering the entire Star Wars universe, revised and updated) $75.00
Shatner, William Star Trek: Academy - Collision Course (The story of how James T. Kirk entered Starfleet Academy along with Spock) $7.99
Shepard, Mike Kris Longknife: Intrepid (While hunting space pirates, Kris Longknife discovers a plan to assassinate a member of the Peterwald family, and the killers are setting her up as the killer) $7.99
Shinn, Sharon Fortune and Fate (Troubled Warrior Rider Wen has been hired to guard the young heiress of the Fortune estate and faces her greatest challenge when she discovers fate has other plans for her) $24.95
Smith-Ready, Jeri The Reawakened (In a world besieged by escalating conflict, Rhia must fight against a mighty army of the Descendants to deliver the Reawakened from oppression) $14.95
Sparks, Kerrelyn All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire (A city girl finds her match in an old-world vampire looking for true love) $6.99
Summers, Jordan Red (Gina Santiago, member of an elite team protecting the world, goes out on her own to catch the worst killer ever) $6.99
Sunny Mona Lisa Blossoming (As Mona Lisa learns the customs of the Monere elite, some new subjects chaff at being ruled by one with human blood) $6.99
Taylor, Richard The Haunting of Cambria (After the death of his wife, Theo Parker investigates strange occurrences in the house he bought before the accident, and wonders if it may be haunted) $6.99
Traviss, Karen The Battle of Aspho Fields (Prequel novel to the Gears of War video game, laying out the backstory of the characters featured in the game) $13.00
Ward, Dayton/Dilmore, Kevin The 4400: Wet Works (Based on the USA Network series: The international assassin known as The Wraith has returned and agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris are assigned to find and stop her) $7.99
Watt-Evans, Lawrence The Unwilling War Lord (Reissue of the 3rd book in the Ethshar series) $6.99
Weeks, Brent Shadow's Edge (After the death of his mentor Durzo, and his best friend Logan, Kylar rejects the assassin's life, until he learns that Logan may be alive and he is faced with a hard choice) $7.99
Weis, Margaret Amber and Blood (The Dark Disciple Volume 3; Mina learns the truth about herself and this terrible knowledge drives her insane) $7.99
Weis, Margaret & Lizz Fallen Angel (Second in a paranormal romance series featuring good but flawed guardian angels and the women who will change their lives forever) $6.99
Werner, C.L. Blood for the Blood God (The legendary dark hero Skulltaker seeks to make his reputation in the Realm of Chaos by slaying and subjugating all that stand before him) $7.99
Werner, C.L. Matthias Thulmann: Witch Hunter (Omnibus edition of CL Werner's three classic Witch Hunter novels) $13.99
White, Steve Saint Anthony's Fire (Alternate history where Ponce de Leon discovers something dangerous during his quest for the Fountain of Youth, and the Spanish Armada uses it to defeat England) $24.00
Wilds, Elissa Between Light and Dark (A human woman is compelled to mate with an immortal being so that she may give birth to the Earth Balancer, mankind's savior) $6.99
Willis, Dan The Survivors (The Anvil of Time Volume 2: Biographies of several of the most important characters in the Dragonlance World) $6.99
Wyndham, John The Chrysalids (In a world after a nuclear holocaust, a young boy with special powers deals with life in a fundamentalist community that bans anyone who is different) $14.00


Beagle, Peter S. We Never Talk About My Brother (Collection of contemporary short fantasy by Beagle) $14.95
Bear, Elizabeth All the Windwracked Stars (The last of the Valkyries comes to the last city at the end of time to reclaim the ancients swords of her dead siblings) $24.95
Buckner, M.M. Watermind (Modern technology dumped into the Mississippi River creates a huge A.I. known as the Watermind, and when it kills someone and escapes into the river all hell breaks loose) $24.95
Card, Ordon Scott Ender in Exile (Andrew Wiggin and his sister Valentine leave their homeworld and take a long, relativistic journey to the colonies; unabridged CDs $49.95; leather-bound special edition $200.00) $25.95
Carver, Jeffrey A. Sunborn (John Bandicut, along with several aliens and A.I.s, thrown together by a force greater than themselves to save the universe, try to save a waystation from disaster) $27.95
Cordell/Marmell/Schwalb Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons (D&D supplement describing several varieties of dragons for play) $39.95
Devereux, David Hunter's Moon (Jack finds himself on the front lines of a war with demons and other supernatural beings in England, using both supernatural and mundane ways) $9.95
Drake, David The Gods Return (Crown of the Isles #3: The Isles have been unified under Garric's rule, but the servants of the forbidden Gods of Palomir call forth the Worm to destroy the kingdom) $25.95
Ford, Jeffrey Memoranda (Physiognomist Cley, now a simple healer, must return to the ruins of the Well-Built City to find a cure for the sleeping sickness that his simple village has fallen into) $14.95
Ford, Jeffrey The Beyond (Physiognomist Cley ventures into the wilderness to seek forgiveness from the woman he hideously harmed) $14.95
Gee, Henry-ed. Futures From Nature (Collection of stories, essays, book reviews and science articles, all in 800 word format) $14.95
Hendry, Steve Leapfrog (An advanced alien species offers humans the secrets behind universal space travel, but the hope for the most advanced starship ever goes awry in ways they didn't imagine) $15.95
Johnson, Kennth/Crispin, A.C. V: The Original Miniseries (Newly revised edition of the novel based on the enormously popular miniseries) $14.95
King, Stephen Just After Sunset (Collection of King short stories) $28.00
Knaak, Richard A. World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon (Sequel to Day of the Dragon : The wizard Krasus continues to do what he can to bring peace to Azeroth as stirrings of dragons portend dark times ahead) $15.00
Lerner, Edward M. Fools' Experiments (When an artificial killer lifeform escapes into the Internet, no one is safe and computer scientist Doug Carey knows that unconventional measures may be humanity's last hope) $25.95
Lindskold, Jane Thirteen Orphans (College freshman Brenda Morris discovers that she is heir to a magical heritage, and is one of a few left to save the world from their enemies) $24.95
MacLeod, Ken Fractions (First half of The Fall Revolution: Two novels, The Star Fraction , and The Stone Canal , with a new introduction by the author) $17.95
Matheson, Richard Button, Button (Collection of stories by Matheson) $12.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. The Lord-Protector's Daughter (The Lord-Protector's daughter has a solid idea of who stands behind attempts on her life and those around her, but every attempted solution is used to discredit her) $22.95
Scalzi, John Agent to the Stars (Aliens arrive on Earth hoping for friendship, but they are hideously ugly and smell like rotting fish, so Hollywood agent Thomas Stein takes on their case) $14.95
Thompson, Dave Doctor Who - Eclectic Gypsy (Traces the life of Doctor Who from his birth on Gallifrey 700 years ago, through 10 regenerations and countless adventures in time and space) $24.95
Thompson/Astleford & others Scum and Villainy (Star Wars game supplement featuring new rules and information about characters who walk outside the law) $34.95
Various authors Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set (Box set containing 4th edition rules and accessories to begin playing D&D) $24.95
Verba, Joan Marie Action Alert! (Authorized novel set in Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds universe) $15.95
Wagner/Golden/Bissette Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman (Exploration of the work of Neil Gaiman, including interviews and previously unpublished work) $29.95
Williams, Sean The Blood Debt (Books of the Cataclysm #2; in a remote city of the edge of two worlds, three far-flung friends unite on a quest to save their families) $15.00

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