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Newsletter #82 June August, 2008

Mystery Reviews
by Geri Balter

        Sheriff Joanna Brady wishes her second child would be born. She feels as if she is nine and a half months pregnant. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t wait for a baby’s birth in Dead Wrong by J.A. Jance ($9.99 pb or $25.95 signed hc). First there is a man found dead in the desert with the fingers missing from both hands. He was convicted of murdering this wife even though the body was never found. While Joanna and her staff are trying to find out who killed him, one of her Animal Control Officers is found severely beaten and raped. Joanna’s staff makes finding out who did it their top priority while she keeps working on the other case. In addition, her in-laws arrive. Her mother-in-law is unhappy with everything she sees and makes everyone’s life miserable. In the meantime, Joanna is determined to make sure both cases are solved before she gives birth. Her unborn child may have other ideas.

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