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Newsletter #82 June August, 2008

[PBO means paperback original]


Abbott, Megan-ed. A Hell of a Woman (Anthology of female noir) $18.00
Abu-Jaber, Diana Origins (Literary suspense; a series of mysterious crib deaths leads a Syracuse, NY fingerprint analyst to solve the puzzle of her own origin) $13.95
Alexander, Robert The Romanov Bride (As revolution sweeps through Russia, the last of the Romanovs turned nun is captured and a peasant bent on revenge will decide her fate) $24.95
Alten, Steve The Shell Game (Political thriller involving our dependance on oil) $26.95
Arjouni, Jakob Kismet (Hardened Croatian nationalists are moving into the Frankfurt gangland, and things get very bloody; British import) $14.95
Banks, Ray Saturday’s Child (Fast, funny, hard-as-nails British PI novel) $25.00
Berman, Larry The Perfect Spy (Non-fiction: story of Pham Xuan An, who worked as a reporter for Reuters during the Vietnam War, but was also a spy for Hanoi) $14.95
Brewer, Gil A Devil for O’Shaugnessy/The Three-Way Split (A first appearance of a 35-year-old novel and some classic reprint stories) $14.95
Bruce, Leo Death at Hallows End (A solicitor mysteriously vanishes on his way to prepare a new will for a crotchety millionaire who has decided to dispossess all his relatives in favor of charities; shortly thereafter the millionaire dies; Carolus Deene investigates) $14.95
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe and the Dunes Mystery (Reprint) $8.95
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe and the Pea-Green Boat (Reprint) $8.95
Clare, Alys The Enchanter's Forest (In 1195, an impoverished man claims to have found the tomb of Merlin, and when he is murdered, Abbess Helewise and Josse d'Acquin discover that many parties had motives) $24.95
Clark, Clare The Nature of Monsters (In 1718 London, 16-year old Eliza Tally becomes maid for a strange apothecary, and she discovers the dangerous nature of his obsession and must act to save herself) $14.00
Coffey, Tom Blood Alley (Newspaper reporter investigates a murder in 1940s New York City) $24.95
Coggins, Mark Candy From Strangers (August Riordan (3) is hired by a missing woman's mother to find her daughter, who has been making money by running a porn website) $14.95
Coggins, Mark Runoff (August Riordan is (4) hired by the Dragon Lady of San Francisco to investigate the city's recent mayoral election) $14.95
Coggins, Mark Vulture Capital (August Riordan (2) is hired by a venture capitalist when he realizes that the chief scientist of a biotech firm he has invested in has gone missing) $14.95
Coleman, Reed Farrel Empty Ever After (Moe Prager (5) follows a trail of graverobbers from cemetery to cemetery in order to solve the enigma of his dead brother-in-law Patrick, signed copies available, hardcover available at $24.95) $14.95
Coleman, Reed Farrel Soul Patch (Ex-NYPD cop turned PI Moe Prager (4) investigates when his old friend and NYPD chief of detectives apparently commits suicide and finds a trail of betrayal stretching to 1972, signed copies available) $14.95
Connelly, Michael-ed. The Blue Religion (19 stories about showdowns between cops and criminals) $15.99
Cook, Marshall Murder Over Easy (When the body of a popular local diner in Mitchell, WI is found, newly arrived newspaper editor Mo Quinn (1) investigates) $19.95
Cook, Marshall Murder at Midnight (Mo Quinn (2) investigates when the body of Father O is found in the sacristy with his throat cut) $14.95
Cook, Marshall Twin Killing (Mitchel, Wisconsin newspaper editor Mo Quinn (3) agrees to help when her twin sister's son is arrested for drug possession in their small Iowa town) $14.95
Cooley, John Currency Wars (Non-fiction; international forgery is the new weapon of mass destruction) $24.95
Cork, Vena Green Eye (While a rapist preys on the campus of Cambridge University, student Danny Thorn deals with a jealous stalker and things get terribly out of control) $8.95
Craig, Philp R./Tapply, William G. First Light (Both authors’ sleuths team up on Martha’s Vineyard) $12.99
Crum, Laura Chasing Cans (Gail McCarthy (10) witnesses a mystifying riding accident that kills a neighbor, a barrel-racing trainer, and she investigates) $14.95
Cutler, Judith Cold Pursuit (Chief Superintendent Fran Harman delays her retirement when a colleague becomes seriously ill, and is soon dealing with a media furor over a spate of “happy-slapping” and minor assaults in the area; British import) $9.95
Diotalevi, Dave Miracle Myx (Myx Amens has a photographic memory and synesthesia, and uses his strange talents to investigate the murders of two teens who have been gruesomely mutilated) $24.95
Donachie, David An Awkward Commission (1793; Firebrand Royal Navy Lt. John Pierce (3) is coerced into a dangerous mission before he can reunite with and free his three fellow Pelicans) $15.95
Emery, Anne Barrington Street Blues (When a rich man and poor man are found dead of gunshot wounds outside a seedy bar in Halifax, the police rule it murder-suicide, but attorney Monty Collins (2) thinks it might be a double murder) $24.95
Emery, Anne Sign of the Cross (Halifax attorney Monty Collins (1) would rather play his blues harp in bars than deal with his client, Father Brennan Burke, who is suspected of murder; Arthur Ellis Award winner, Best First Novel) $14.95
Fate, Robert Baby Shark’s High Plains Redemption (1957; Baby Shark (3) and her partner are hired to deliver the ransom for a bootlegger’s girlfriend and get caught up in a murderous struggle between two feuding Ozark outlaw clans; trade PBO) $14.95
Ferris, Jean Love Among the Walnuts (Young Sandy must stop his money-grubbing uncles when they try to hijack the family fortune by poisoning a birthday cake, putting his parents into a mysterious coma) $6.95
Fossum, Karin Black Seconds (Inspector Sejer investigates when a 10-year old girl disappears and the prime suspect is Emil Mork, a local man who lives alone and hasn't spoken since childhood) $24.00
Fossum, Karin The Indian Bride (Inspector Konrad Sejer investigates the murder of a woman from India who has come to Elvestad to marry Gunder Jomann) $14.00
Freeman, Gwen Crazy Fool Kills Five (Snarky Fifi Cutter discovers that what seems like a simple case of a deranged ex-employee who hijacked and crashed a private jet turns out to involve double-crossing attorneys, a drunken judge, and insurance companies gone bad) $14.95
Fulmer, David The Blue Door (Injured welterweight boxer helps a Philadelphia PI with a cold case investigation involving a top local soul band) $25.00
Galligan, John The Blood Knot (The Dog (2) finds the body of Annie Adams and standing defiantly beside her is a nine-year old boy with a shotgun in hand) $14.95
Grady, James Six Days of the Condor (Classic reprint: CIA analyst, code named Condor, discovers his colleagues butchered; after attempts to contact the CIA go awry, realizes he is on his own) $7.95
Greenwood, Kerry Raisins and Almonds (Phryne Fisher investigates when bookshop owner Sylvia Lee is arrested for murder and Phryne doesn't believe she is the killer) $14.95
Gregory, Susanna The Tarnished Chalice (In 1356, Matthew Bartholomew (12) arrives in Lincoln to find that his accommodations in a friary are not safe, as a guest has been murdered there) $9.95
Guthrie, Allan Savage Night (Over six blood-soaked hours in Edinburgh, Andy Park tries to make his family's enemies pay, and Tommy Savage tries to get out from under a masked man who is blackmailing him) $25.00
Hansen, Jim Michael Bangkok Laws (Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry finds himself entangled in the collateral damage of a killer who uses the entire world as his playground) $13.95
Hellmann, Libby Fischer-ed. Chicago Blues (Collection of short mysteries set in Chicago) $15.95
Hellmann, Libby Fischer Easy Innocence (Chicago ex-cop and P.I. Georgia Davis is hired by the sister of a man accused of murder to look into the incident and discovers a dark secret involving preppy schoolgirls, signed copies available; hc available at $24.95) $14.95
Hellmann, Libby Fischer A Picture of Guilt (Reprint; Ellie Foreman's life is turned upside-down when Johnny Santoro is jailed for the murder of his girlfriend, as it seems someone wants something from her) $14.95
Hermans, Willem Frederick The Darkroom of Damocles (During WWII, Henri Osewoudt is given assignments by a man named Dorbeck to eliminate traitors, and at the end of the war, Osewoudt can't prove Dorbeck existed) $27.95
Heywood, Joseph Ice Hunter (Grady Service, former marine, is now a conservation officer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and while watching for poachers discovers something much more sinister involving giants of industry and politics) $12.95
Heywood, Joseph Blue Wolf in Green Fire (Grady Service (2) investigates as a series of protests and bombs planted by a group of animal rights activists appears to culminate with a double murder at a wolf lab) $12.95
Heywood, Joseph Running Dark (A Grady Service cast from 25 years ago, when he was just back from Vietnam, when armed poachers frequently shot it out with outgunned and outnumbered conservation officers of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) $14.95
Houston, Victoria Dead Madonna (Loon Lake Police Chief Lew Ferris and retired dentist Doc Osborne (8) investigate two grisly murders on one summer morning) $14.95
Ignatius, David Body of Lies (CIA soldier Roger Ferris tries to penetrate the network of a master terrorist and when his mission unravels he must rely on a man he cannot trust) $13.95
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Thugs and Kisses (Plus-sized amateur sleuth Odelia Grey, aka “Corpse Magnet”, can’t figure out which mystery to poke her nose into when the class bully is murdered at her 30th high school reunion and her annoying boss disappears) $13.95
James, Bill Girls (Harpur & Iles series; bloody gang warfare threatens when foreign dealers move in offering drugs and exploited girls from Eastern Europe) $23.95
James, Bill The Girl with the Long Back (Reissue) $14.95
James, Bill Wolves of Memory (Harpur & Iles have the tough job of hiding & protecting a reckless informant & his family) $13.95
Jardine, Quintin Death's Door (When two young female artists are murdered is ritualistic fashion, the pressure is on DCC Bob Skinner to find the killer) $9.95
Jecks, Michael The Templar, The Queen, and Her Lover (In 1325, England's Queen Isabella's jealous husband King Edward II dispatches her to France to negotiate peace, and murder and betrayal from her own retinue plagues her) $24.95
Jinks, Catherine Evil Genius (YA; 14-year old genius Cadel Piggott gets a crush on the mysterious and brilliant Kay-Lee, causing him to question the morals of his studies for a World Domination degree) $7.95
Jordan, Jen-ed. Expletive Deleted (Anthology of gritty crime stories without any expletives deleted) $14.95
Kalla, Daniel Cold Plague (New cases of Mad Cow Disease spring up in rural France, and Dr. Noah Haldane, suspecting a sinister source, uncovers a conspiracy that stretches from Russia to Beverly Hills) $24.95
Kaplan, Janice Looks to Die For (Wife of a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon turns amateur sleuth when he’s arrested for murder) $14.00
Kellerman, Jesse Genius (Struggling art dealer Ethan Muller sells the work of a dead artist with a nasty past, and suddenly the police want to talk to him and the art he sold looks like evidence) $24.95
Kent, Alexander Heart of Oak (The Bolitho Novels #27:1818, Captain Adam Bolitho is given a new frigate and sent to the Mediterranean where he faces dangerous diplomacy, murder on board, and treachery at sea) $16.95
Knight, Bernard The Noble Outlaw (Renovations of a school in 12th century Exeter are disrupted when a mummified corpse is found, and county coroner Sir John deWolfe is called to investigate) $24.95
Konrath, J.A.-ed. These Guns For Hire (Collection of short stories about hit men) $27.95
Lambert, Mercedes Dogtown/Soultown (Classic reprints with Ken Bruen introduction) $14.95
Laurie, Victoria Demons Are a Ghoul’s Best Friend (Paranormal mystery; PBO) $6.99
Lee, Don Wrack & Ruin (Two men plan to build a golf court-resort and run into complications involving a small plot of marijuana & an aging kung-fu diva with a drinking problem) $23.95
Lewis, Roy Guardian of the Dead (When Colonel Delamere dies at the hands of 2 burglars, his solicitor, Eden Ward, is put in charge of his estate; but the will contains some very specific and perplexing instructions; British import) $29.95
Lindsay, Frederic The Stranger from Home (D.I. Jim Meldrum’s daughter leaves Edinburgh for America, where she meets a charming man with an Edinburgh accent who deflects all questions about his past; British import) $29.95
Logue, Mary Maiden Rock (Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins investigates when after an all night Halloween party a costumed high school student is found dead at the foot of Maiden Rock) $14.95
Luttrell, Marcus/Robinson, Patrick Lone Survivor (Eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of SEAL Team 10) $15.99
Lutz, Lisa Curse of the Spellmans (Second wacky caper novel about a dysfunctional family of private investigators) $25.00
Mankell, Henning The Eye of the Leopard (Hans Olofson arrives in Zambia not long after independence, hoping to escape ghosts of his past, and he discovers the truce is in danger of rupturing) $26.95
Matthiessen, Peter Shadow Country (Modern Library omnibus of Killing Mister Watson , Lost Man’s River , Bone by Bone ) $40.00
Moody, Bill Solo Hand (Reprint; “lively trip in the world of jazz musicians and murder”) $13.95
Murphy, Julie/Stempinski, Sally The Cat Who...Reunion Cookbook (Collection of easy to prepare recipes especially designed for reunions) $23.95
Palumbo, Dennis Crime to Crime (Short story collection, most featuring The Smart Guys Marching Society, a group of suburban husbands as amateur sleuths) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. Edenville Owls (YA: At the end of WWII, Bobby senses evil in the air when he sees a strange man arguing with the new English teacher) $7.99
Pearce, Michael A Dead Man in Tangier (Set in 1912 Tangier; after a murder with possible political repercussions, the investigation is given to Seymour of Scotland Yard, a man who can be safely disowned if things go wrong) $24.99
Pearce, Michael Mark of the Pasha (The Great War has ended, and the Mamur Zapt (15) is assigned to protect the Khedive from potential assassins when he makes a procession through Cairo) $24.95
Perry, Thomas Fidelity (Phil Kramer is killed by hitman Jerry Hobart, and both Jerry and Phil's wife Emily race to find the secret he masterfully hid) $25.00
Perry, Thomas Silence (Six years ago Jack Till helped Wendy Harper disappear; now he must find her before a pair of tango-dancing assassins find her) $14.00
Press, Julian Operation Gold Scepter (YA: Get a Clue #2: Readers help Josh, David, and Lily solve 4 mysteries by looking for the clues in the book) $4.99
Priestley, Chris Death and the Arrow (Tom Marlowe investigates a series of murders in London in 1715, where each victim is pierced by an arrow and is holding an oddly illustrated card) $9.99
Priestley, Chris The White Rider (Tom Marlowe investigates in London in 1716) $9.99
Randall, Brant Blood Harvest (An immigrant who has been competing with the local moonshiners in 1929 small town New England ends up lynched, and the state militia moves in) $19.95
Rayne, Sarah The Death Chamber (When a TV journalist plans to conduct an experiment in the execution chamber of the old Calvary Gaol, someone is willing to go to any lengths to keep the past buried; British import) $16.95
Rennison, Nick-ed. The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology of detective stories from the golden era of crime writing featuring Holmes-inspired characters) $16.95
Rotenberg, David The Hamlet Murders (Shanghai’s Zhong Fong (4) investigates when the Canadian theatre director is found hanging at centre stage at the Shanghai Theatre) $14.95
Schreck, Tom TKO (Amateur boxer Duffy Dombrowski (2) is on the case when Howard “Hacker” Reinhart gets out of prison after 25 years for killing a couple of cheerleaders, a quarterback, and the class president; soon local high school VIPs start showing up dead and Howard has disappeared) $14.95
Sellers, L. J. The Sex Club (When a pipe bomb hits a birth control clinic, a clinic nurse decides that confidentiality keeps her from talking to the police and she has to turn sleuth; meanwhile, a police detective tries to investigate but is blocked by power politics) $8.50
Shannon, John The Dark Streets (P.I. Jack Shannon searches for a missing young film student in LA's Koreatown) $13.95
Shannon, John The Devils of Bakersfield (Jack Liffey (10) tries to stop mass hysteria in Bakersfield California as teenage girls are becoming satanists and when his daughter disappears he must find her) $25.00
Shubin, Seymour The Man From Yesterday (Retired Detective Jack Lehman investigates a heist that may not have happened, and he might be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease) $14.95
Sigler, Scott Infected (Across America, a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving murderers; CDC discovers that all the killers have been infected by a bio-engineered parasite, but they haven’t been able to capture a living infected person) $24.95
Simms, Chris Killing the Beasts (In the aftermath of the Commonwealth games, a serial killer is stalking Manchester and DI Jon Spicer gets the case) $12.95
Simms, Chris Shifting Skin ("The Butcher of Belle Vue" has gruesomely murdered three women and then skinned them, and DI Jon Spicer with his new partner investigate) $12.95
Smith, Anthony Neil Yellow Medicine (In rural Minnesota, ex-Mississippi rogue cop Billy Lafitte agrees to look into a local girl's boyfriend who has mislaid some drugs and has men threatening him because of it; also available hardcover at $24.95) $14.95
Stone, Eric The Living Room of the Dead (American ex-patriate journalist Ray Sharp gets tangled up in the sleazy and deadly world of the Russian white slave trade) $14.95
Tope, Rebecca A Cotswold Mystery (House-sitter Thea Osborne (4) accepts a job that includes taking care of the family’s elderly mother as well as the house, but when a dead body shows up next door, things get interesting; British import; hardcover available at $25.95) $15.95
Vandagriff, G. G. The Arthurian Omen (A Celtic scholar is murdered when she discovers a clue to a priceless fifth-century manuscript that could prove the identity of King Arthur; the scholar’s sister investigates, placing herself in danger) $15.95
Watson, Colin Coffin, Scarcely Used (Classic reprint, the first Flaxborough chronicle (a “high-spirited town . . . like Gomorrah”), a comic romp with Insp. Purbright) $14.95
White, William H. In Pursuit of Glory (The adventures of Oliver Baldwin on the US frigate Chesapeake during the War of 1812) $16.95
Wilcox, John The Guns of El Kebir (Simon Fonthill and his servant 352 Jenkins come out of retirement to assist General Wolseley when the Arabs rebel against the Anglo French in Egypt) $24.95
Wimberley, Darryl Dead Man’s Bay , Pepperfish Keys , A Rock and A Hard Place , Strawman’s Hammock (Four novels featuring Barrett Raines, the only black police officer in a small, mainly white town in northwestern Florida) $12.95 each
Wolfe, Inger Ash The Calling (61-year old Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef of Port Dunda, Ontario, investigates a series of gruesome murders of terminally ill people, while dealing with getting older) $24.00


Anonymous The Book With No Name (Chief Detective of Supernatural Investigations Miles Jensen investigates a spate of murders all connected to a mysterious blue stone known as the Eye of the Moon) $13.95
Baker, Deb Murder Talks Turkey (It’s spring in Michigan’s Upper Penisula, which means turkey hunting opener; the Credit Union is held up at gunpoint, the gunman is shot dead in front of a room full of witnesses, but the money still disappears; “a hoot of a whodunit”) $13.95
Campbell, Broos The War of Knives (Lt. Matty Graves agrees to be a spy in Haiti and becomes embroiled in the conflict between the slaves and their overseers) $16.95
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Clubbed to Death (When Detective Sergeant Pooley suspects that the alleged suicide of a men's club secretary is actually a murder, he persuades Robert Amiss go undercover as a waiter) $14.95
Faletti, Giorgio I Kill (A detective and an FBI agent attempt to track down a serial killer who announces his crimes in advance in Monte Carlo) $24.95
Fullerton, Alexander Staying Alive (Prequel to the Rosie Quarry quartet: On her first mission in France, Rosie parachutes into Toulouse, becomes a radio operator for the SOE) $9.95
Gorman/Greenberg-ed. A Prisoner of Memory (Collection of 24 of the year's best crime and mystery stories) $15.95
Gregory, Susanna Blood on the Strand (In 1663, Thomas Chaloner, spy for the King, returns to London and is ordered to investigate the shooting of a beggar during a royal procession) $14.95
Gregory, Susanna The Butcher of Smithfield (Thomas Chaloner investigates the murder of a lawyer with ties to the "Butcher of Smithfield" and must set aside his personal safety to discover his true identity) $24.95
Gregory, Susanna To Kill or Cure (When a town vs. gown controversy in 14th century Cambridge erupts into violence and death, physician/sleuth Matthew Bartholomew (13) is called to investigate) $24.95
Hurley, Graham One Under (DI Joe Faraday investigates the gruesome murder of a man chained in a tunnel and then dismembered and scattered along the railroad tracks) $8.95
Johansen, Iris Quicksand (Eve Duncan, still obsessed with finding her daughter, goes on a hunt with Joe Quinn that could bring closure and revenge, or the destruction of everything Eve holds dear) $26.95
Leather, Stephen Dead Men (When a killer starts to target pardoned IRA terrorists, Dan "Spider" Shepherd must put his life on the line to protect his former enemies) $16.95
Liffner, Eva-Marie Camera (After the death of her uncle, Johanna discovers a mysterious box of photographs, leading her to uncover a bizarre history laced with scandal stretching back to 1905) $12.95
Oates, Joyce Carol Mysteries of Winterthurn (Reprint: Brilliant young detective Xavier Kilgarvan is confronted with three baffling cases that tax his genius for detection to the utmost) $17.95
Rollins, James Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Official movie tie-in) $26.00
Stasiuk, Andrzej Nine (In Eastern Europe, Pawel has just three days to get the money to pay off vicious loan sharks, and he turns to both a drug dealer and a fellow addict on the run for help) $14.00
Unger, Lisa Black Out (Annie has forgotten her violent past due to a highly disassociative state, but now her rebuilt life is in danger as disturbing events trigger strange memories) $23.00
Viel, Tanguy Beyond Suspicion (Set in the south of France, this Hitchcockian tale presents siblings and lovers in constantly shifting configurations in a story of marriage, murder, and double-crosses) $19.95
Wishart, David In at the Death (Ancient Rome; the sudden suicide of a young man prompts the family to ask veteran sleuth Marcus Convinus to investigate) $9.95
Wright, Nina Whiskey and Water (Fourth humorous cozy featuring Whiskey Mattimoe and her felonious Afghan hound) $14.95


Abbott, Jeff Collision (A corporate consultant & a former CIA agent (with shocking secrets of his own) are caught in an elaborate frame-up, are forced to work together) $24.95
Alpert, Mark Final Theory (David Swift hears his dying mentor speak of Einstein's Unified Theory and within hours is arrested by the FBI, who is vying with a ruthless mercenary to get the Theory) $24.00
Andrews, Lori The Silent Assassin (Geneticist Dr. Alexandra Blake investigates a brutal murder that may have long-buried connections to the Vietnam War) $6.99
Axler, James Death Lands: Apocalypse Unborn (Postapocalyptic adventure) $6.99
Babson, Marian Only the Cat Knows (When someone pushes his twin sister down the stairs, Vance disguises himself as his sister & fools everyone except her cat Glorianna) $6.99
Bajo, David The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri (When Irma Arcuri vanishes, her library is left to mathematician Philip Mazyrk, who, as he reads the books, discovers clues to a troubling mystery) $25.95
Billingham, Mark Buried (Detective Inspector Tom Thorne (6) searches desperately for the missing young son of a former police officer, who is in the hands of a kidnapper not reluctant to kill) $7.99
Bishop, Claudia The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat (When a randy milk inspector is found dead in 400 gallons of goat milk, vet Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline (3) will have to cull a killer from a herd of suspects; PBO) $6.99
Blair/Due/Barnes Casanegra (When an afternoon of passion with rap diva Afrodite makes him a suspect for her murder, Tennyson Hardwick, African American actor and former gigolo, must clear his name) $14.00
Bolton, S.J. Sacrifice (Tora Hamilton, newly moved to the Shetland Islands, uncovers the body of a pregnant woman while digging on her property, and is obsessed with uncovering a mystery with a dark pattern going back years) $24.95
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump (Mrs. Jeffries (24) investigates when a successful local, who had no enemies, is found dead off the Chelsea Vestry Wharf) $6.99
Brown, Dale Shadow Command (The newly elected President cuts off funding to General McLanahan's ABF, and McLananhan defies the order when the Russians deploy into Iran, making himself a fugitive) $25.95
Buchan, John The Thirty-Nine Steps (Classic reprint) $10.00
Buchanan, Edna Legally Dead (Michael Venturi helps deserving people fake their deaths & start new lives, but now someone is stalking & killing his clients; he must figure out who & stop them) $25.00
Coonts, Stephen/DeFelice, Jim Deep Black: Conspiracy (The NSA’s Deep Black team (5) investigates the apparent suicide of a troubled Secret Service agent and uncover a vast conspiracy to assassinate high ranking US officials; PBO) $7.99
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Chasers (Sequel to Apaches : The machine-gun murders of innocent bystanders in a Manhattan restaurant propels the three Apaches into an investigation of a Columbian drug cartel) $7.99
Chercover, Sean Trigger City (The military father of a woman supposedly killed by a mentally ill coworker hires PI Ray Dudgeon to investigate and he is led to the world of America's military contractors) $23.95
Chesterton, G.K. The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare (Reprint of the classic) $10.00
Childers, Erskine The Riddle of the Sands (Classic reprint) $10.00
Connolly, John The Reapers (When his friend Louis is targeted by assassins and then disappears with his partner Angel, Charlie Parker (2) and friends are forced to band together to find them; unabridged CDs $29.95) $26.00
Cook, Marshall Obsessions (Mo Quinn (4) attends a writer's workshop in the northwoods of Wisconsin and when the teacher is murdered she and the other students investigate) $14.95
Cook, Thomas H. Master of the Delta (In 1954 Mississippi, a teacher discovers one of his students is the son of the local Coed Killer, and he encourages the boy to investigate his father with unexpected results) $24.00
Cornwell, Bernard Crackdown (Reprint; Nick Breakspear accepts a job on a luxury yacht, and is soon lured into a horrifying web of cocaine, cash, and cold-blooded killings as the ship cruises through the Bahamas) $13.95
Cornwell, Bernard Wildtrack (Reprint; Falklands War hero Nick Sandman agrees to crew manical TV star Tony Bannister's racing ship Wildtrack, and discovers that Bannister has powerful enemies looking for revenge) $13.95
Craig, Philip R. Vineyard Chill (J.W. helps an old friend who is being followed, while Bonzo makes a frightening discovery that could explain the disappearance of Nadine Gibson) $24.00
Dane, Jordan No One Lives Forever (Raven MacKenzie and Christian Delacourt team up with Jasmine Lee, a notorious assassin, to rescue a loved one from certain death; PBO) $6.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Broken Window (Lincoln Rhyme and Amelis Sachs try to catch a mysterious perp who commits vicious crimes and plants evidence implicating innocent men) $26.95
Deutermann, P.T. Spider Mountain (Ex-cop Cam Richter (2) pursues a vicious gang, led by one of the most evil mothers since Ma Barker, through the Smokey Mountain wilderness) $6.99
Dublin, D.H. Freezer Burn : A C.S.U. Investigation (Four gruesome crimes which seem to have nothing to do with each other actually interweave to point to a plot more elaborate than anything C.S.U. newbie Madison Cross (3) has seen: PBO) $7.99
Faulks, Sebastian (as Ian Fleming) Devil May Care (James Bond returns in a Cold War story spanning the world's exotic locations; signed bookplates expected) $24.95
French, Tana In the Woods (20 years after a terrifying experience in the woods near Dublin, Detective Rob Ryan investigates the murder of a 12-year-old girl in the same woods and must face his past; Edgar Award ‘08 Best First Novel by an American) $14.00
Frost, Scott Never Fear (LAPD Detective Alex Delillo is in a state of shock when the body the cops find is that of a half-brother she never knew she had) $9.99
Furst, Alan The Spies of Warsaw (In 1937 Warsaw, a new military attache joins the French embassy and is drawn into a world of seduction, betrayal and intrigue while also having a passionate love affair; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.00
Gagliano, Anthony Straits of Fortune (When a millionaire businessman offers cop-turned personal trainer Jack Vaughn a hundred grand to do him a favor, Vaughn gets into something more dangerous than he expected) $7.99
Gardiner, Meg China Lake (Evan Delaney learns that her ex-sister-in-law has joined a cult and plans to take her son with her, and when murder raises the stakes Evan is dragged deeper into the nightmare) $7.99
Gardner, Lisa Hide (Bobby Dodge and D.D. Warren team up to solve the murder of six mummified corpses found in the basement of a mental hospital, a case which brings back memories for Dodge) $7.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk in Outer Space (Murder draws Adrian Monk (5) into the world of a cult TV science fiction show and with the help of his agoraphobic brother meets fans as obsessive-compulsive as he is) $6.99
Graham, Mitchell Majestic Descending (Atlanta attorney Katherine Adams is on a cruise when she witnesses a violent argument between two men, one of whom turns up murdered, is thrown into the world of terrorism) $7.99
Greenlaw, Linda Fisherman's Bend (Jane Bunker (2) heads to the little town of Green Haven, Maine, for a respite, but the town has many dark secrets that could cost Jane her life) $24.95
Grovem Valerie A Voyage Round John Mortimer (Biography of the creator of Rumpole of the Bailey) $27.95
Guthrie, Allan Hard Man (Edinburgh hard man Pearce, just out of prison, turns down a job as bodyguard to a 16-year old pregnant girl, but when his dog goes missing things get personal) $14.00
Haines, Carolyn Ham Bones (When Broadway comes to the Delta, Death takes a bow, and Mississippi P.I. Sarah Booth Delaney (7) is the star suspect) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine The Julius House (Reprint: Love at first sight turns into newlywed bliss for former librarian Aurora Teagarden (4) until violence cuts the honeymoon short) $7.99
Hartman, Honor The Unkindest Cut (Emma Diamond (2) and her bridge friends take a retreat to the Texas Hill Country where they meet two battling bridge instructors, only one of whom will survive the weekend; PBO) $6.99
Hawke, Richard Cold Day in Hell (Sequel to Speak of the Devil : NY P.I. Fritz Malone investigates when two women linked with charismatic TV personality Marshall Fox are murdered and Fox is the suspect) $7.99
Hill, Reginald The Roar of Butterflies (Fifth mystery featuring private eye Joe Sixsmith) $7.99
Hirahara, Naomi Gasa-Gasa Girl (Reprint: Unforgetable portrait of fathers, daughters, and other strangers in the second novel featuring Japanese gardener Mas Arai) $6.99
Hope, Anthony The Prisoner of Zenda (Classic reprint) $10.00
Hunt, Alexa Homeland Security (Alternate near future; whoever stole the nukes is leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, and former assassin Leah Berglund (2) and journalist Elliot Delgado must find them) $7.99
Hynes, Charles J. Triple Homicide (A young and decorated cop is about to stand trial for triple homicide in this gritty, suspenseful story of NYPD corruption) $6.99
Jacobs, Jonnie The Next Victim (A brutal double homicide and a mysterious photo set San Francisco defense attorney Kali O’Brien (7) on the most dangerous case of her career) $6.99
Johnston, Linda O. Double Dog Dare (Pet-sitter Kendra Ballantyne's (6) boyfriend Jeff is missing, his car submerged in a canal, and inquiries lead her to his aunt whose dog died when someone tried to clone it; PBO) $6.99
Kelby, N.M. Murder at the Bad Girl's Bar and Grill (A gated community discovers there are no rules in the association handbook for the bodies that are piling up, but Jimmy Ray (2) is there to lend a hand) $23.00
Kelly, Jim The Fire Baby (British reporter Phillip Dryden's (3) investigation of a decades-old plane crash leads him to several murders and a ring of illegal immigrant smugglers) $7.99
Kent, Rebecca High Marks for Murder (When a teacher at Bellehaven House, an Edwardian finishing school for girls, is murdered, headmistress Meredith Llewellyn investigates; PBO) $6.99
Ketchum, Jack Old Flames (When Dora's lover dumps her, she tracks down her old high school love, who is married, and stalks him; PBO) $7.99
King, Jonathon Acts of Nature (Max Freeman and Detective Sherry Richards (6) are caught in a violent hurricane in the Everglades, and during the perilous trek back they discover they are being stalked) $7.99
Konrath, J.A. Dirty Martini (Homicide detective Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels (4) tries to track down the Chemist, who is poisoning Chicago's food supply, while dealing with personal problems) $7.99
Koryta, Michael A Welcome Grave (Cleveland PI Lincoln Perry (3) is hired to find the estranged son of a murder victim, and the case turns deadly when the son also ends up in a body bag and Perry is a suspect) $6.99
Lane, Vicki In a Dark Season (Intricate novel of old family secrets and sudden revelations featuring Elizabeth Goodweather and set in Appalachia; PBO) $6.99
Levine, Laura Killing Bridezilla (Jaine Austin (7) has been hired to rewrite the ending of Romeo and Juliet for a friend's wedding, and when the bride falls to her death the day of the wedding, Jaine investigates) $22.00
Lin, Francie The Foreigner (When his mother dies, mild-mannered Emerson Chang sets out for Taiwan to convey an inheritance to younger brother Little P, who is enmeshed in the Taiwanese underworld; trade PBO) $14.00
Long, James & Ben The Plot Against Pepys (Non-fiction; Samuel Pepys, sent to the Tower of London in 1679 for treason, and his fight to prove his innocence) $29.95
Lowell, Elizabeth Blue Smoke and Murder (River Guide Jill Breck and consultant Zach Balfour must unmask a ruthless killer connected to a furor in the Western art world caused by some Breck family paintings) $24.95
Margolin, Phillip Executive Privilege (P.I. Dana Cutler is hired to follow a college student, who seems normal until one night she meets with the President of the U.S. & is murdered the next day) $25.95
Martin, William The Lost Constitution (Rare book expert Peter Fallon and his girlfriend have learned of an early annotated draft of the Constitution and must find it before those who wish to destroy it) $9.99
McCrumb, Sharyn Once Around the Track (Novel celebrating Southern men and the women who love them in a novel about a NASCAR team determined to win against the odds) $14.00
McPhee, Michele R. Heartless (Non-fiction; a Massachusetts man who allegedly shot his wife & daughter in cold blood in Jan. ‘06; PBO) $6.99
Menzies, Gavin 1434 (History of the magnificent Chinese fleet that sailed to Italy and ignited the Renaissance) $26.95
Mitchell, Corey Pure Murder (Non-fiction; the double murder of two innocent teens who were in a Houston park in 1993) $6.99
Murray, Yxta Maya The Queen Jade (After her mother is caught in a fierce hurricane while looking for the legendary Queen Jade, Lola Sanchez sets out to find her and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime) $13.95
Myers, Tamar Death of a Rug Lord (14th installment of the Den of Antiquity series set in Charleston, South Carolina; PBO) $6.99
Novak, Brenda Trust Me (Four years after his crime, Skye Kellerman's would-be rapist is getting out of prison, and unless Skye can fight back he intends to finish the job this time; PBO) $6.99
O'Donnel/Romero/Burns Modesty Blaise: Yellowstone Booty (Graphic Novel: Collection of three long out-of-print stories: Idaho George, The Golden Frog, and Yellowstone Booty) $19.95
Parker, Robert B. Spare Change (Boston P.I. Sunny Randall (6) joins forces with the most important man in her life - her father - to crack a thirty-year old case) $9.99
Patterson, James Step on a Crack (At the funeral of a beloved former First Lady, 34 hostages are taken by a brilliant villain, and a NY detective with ten adopted kids is pulled into the fray) $9.99
Patterson, James/Roughan, Howard Sail (After the death of her husband, Anne Dunne takes her three children on a sailing vacation, but soon something catastrophic happens and they struggle to survive) $27.99
Peffer, Randall Olds School Bones (When a student apparently commits suicide after Awasha Patterson turns her away, Awasha, consumed with guilt, and her friend Michael DeCastro (2) investigate; hc available $24.95) $14.95
Pendleton, Don Critical Effect: Stoney Man #95 $6.99
Pendleton, Don Outback Assault: The Executioner #355 (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pirie, David The Night Calls (Young Arthur Conan Doyle teams with forensic investigator Dr. Joseph Bell to confront a villainous reprobate who is as merciless as he is brilliant) $14.95
Pope, Barbara Cezanne's Quarry (Inexperienced Aix-en-Provence magistrate Bernard Martin investigates the murder of a young woman; one of the suspects is the painter Cezanne) $25.00
Preston, Douglas/Spezi, Mario The Monster of Florence (Non-fiction; the most infamous double murder in Florence history, and how Preston and Spezi themselves become the target of a police investigation) $25.99
Ramsland, K. Ph.D. Beating the Devil's Game (History of forensic science and criminal investigation) $15.00
Rhoades, J.D. Safe and Sound (Bounty hunter Jack Keller (3) heads deep into the North Carolina woods on the trail of a kidnapped girl) $6.99
Richtel, Matt Hooked (When medical journalist Nat Idle narrowly survives an explosion in an Internet cafe, he begins a feverish quest to solve murder of his lost love) $13.99
Rollins, James The Judas Strain (The Sigma Force returns to face a plague beyond any cure, a scourge that turns all of nature against mankind) $7.99
Salter, Anna Truth Catcher (Forensic psychologist Breeze Copens has the rare condition Synesthesia, and she uses her talents to find the truth behind the lies of armed robber Daryl Collins) $14.95
Santlofer, Jonathan The Murder Notebook (NYPD sketch artist Nate Rodriguez (2) is haunted by visions, and when he sketches them, they resemble murder/suicides past and present, and he searches for answers) $24.95
Sefton, Maggie A Killer Stitch (During Christmas season in Fort Connor, Colorado, Kelly Flynn (4) investigates murder; knitting pattern included) $6.99
Sefton, Maggie Dyer Consequences (Kelly Flynn (5) tries to renovate her alpaca ranch in the face of vandalism, and when local yarn shop House of Lambspun is trashed and a young woman is found dead, she tries to find the killer) $23.95
Seymour, Gerald The Walking Dead (David Banks, a protection officer charged with stopping terrorism, finds himself questioning the very nature of terrorism and the road he has chosen) $24.95
Simonetta, Marcello The Montefeltro Conspiracy (Non-fiction; the attempted assassination of the Medici brothers via a coded letter that outlines the involvement of Montefeltro, the Duke of Urbino, and Pope Sixtus IV) $26.00
Siverling, Michael The Sorcerer's Circle (A psychic cult leader has a premonition that someone is going to kill him and the day after Jason Wilder (2) refuses to help him he is stabbed to death and Jason investigates) $7.99
Smiley, Paticia Short Change (When a case for her friend PI Charley Tate explodes into murder, Tucker Sinclair (3) has to make sure Charley won't be next) $6.99
Smiley, Patricia Cool Cache (Tucker Sinclair (4) investigates when the cleaning woman at Helen Taggert's new chocolate chop is murdered) $23.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Stalin's Ghost (Inspector Arkady Renko is investigating reports of the ghost of Stalin appearing in the Moscow Metro, while his lover Eva has left him for a charismatic killer for hire) $15.00
Smith, Taylor The Night Café (While trying to deliver a painting in Mexico, Hannah Nicks comes upon a massacre, and when she returns to L.A. finds she has been framed for murder; PBO) $6.99
Stott, Rebecca Ghostwalk (A contemporary Cambridge murder, a ghost story, and a love story are all entangled with a historical mystery involving Isaac Newton's alchemy) $14.00
Thompson, Victoria Murder in Chinatown (Gaslight NYC; in Chinatown to deliver a baby, midwife Sarah Brandt (9) learns that the mother's niece is missing, and when she and Sergeant Malloy find the girl dead there are many suspects) $7.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Bank Street (When Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy investigates the murder of Dr. Tom Brandt, what he finds may destroy midwife Sarah Brandt (10) and his hopes for a future with her) $23.95
Upson, Nicola An Expert in Murder (In 1934, successful playwright and mystery writer Josephine Tey befriends a fan on a train traveling from Scotland to London, and when the young woman is murdered, Tey and D. I. Archie Penrose are plunged into a theatre mystery) $24.95
Vargas, Fred The Night's Foul Work (Commissaire Adamsberg teams up with pathologist Dr. Ariane to track down a serial killer preying on Paris) $14.00
Wallace, Robert/Melton, H. Keith Spycraft (History of the CIA's most secret operations and the gadgets that made them possible) $27.95
Wenzl/Potter/Kelly/Laviana Bind, Torture, Kill (Non-fiction; Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer who stalked Wichita in the early 1970's) $7.99
Westlake, Donald Somebody Owes Me Money (Classic ‘69 reprint; when he tries to collect on a winning bet, a hapless NYC cab driver finds himself caught in the middle of a mob war) $6.99
Winslow, Don The Dawn Patrol (Obsessed surfer and P.I. Boone Daniels is also obsessed with the unsolved case of a young girl who disappeared while he was with the San Diego police) $23.95


Anders, Lou-ed. Sideways in Crime (Anthology of alternative history mysteries) $14.99
Biddle, Cordelia Frances The Conjurer (Philadelphia 1842; Martha Beale investigates her financier father's mysterious disappearance and it ties into a renowned conjurer and the ritual murders of several young women) $13.95
Brennan, Allison Tempting Evil (Three people stranded in a remote valley town face the fury of a crippling blizzard, and a deadly duo of fugitives; PBO) $6.99
Burdett, John Bangkok Haunts (Sonchai Jitpleecheep (3) is sent a snuff video featuring a woman he once loved obsessively, and he is haunted as he investigates) $13.95
Carson, Paul Ambush (American ex-pat Dr.Scott Nolan now lives in Ireland, where he is a campaigner against drug abuse, until he is attacked by assassins and his wife is killed, and he vows revenge) $24.95
Causey, Toni McGee Bobbie Faye and the (not exactly) Family Jewels (Bobbie Faye Sumrall helps her cousin locate stolen diamonds that hold a valuable secret and have gone missing in a family feud; with one man dead and Bobbie accused of murder she goes on the run) $13.95
Craig, Daniel Edward Murder at Hotel Cinema (Hilarious Hollywood murder mystery) $15.95
Coulter, Catherine Tailspin (Married FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock investigate when a plane carrying an important Washington doctor crashes and try to find out who wants the doctor dead) $25.95
Cussler, Clive/DuBrul, Jack Plague Ship (The crew of the Oregon and one-legged captain Juan Cabrillo come upon a cruise ship littered with bodies and Cabrillo finds himself plunged into a perilous mystery) $26.95
Cutler, Judith Still Waters (Detective Chief Superintendent Fran Harman investigates the death of a man who fell from a window of a hotel in Hythe while juggling her personal life with her career) $25.95
de Castrique, Mark Blackman's Coffin (Angry army investigator Sam Blackman, who lost a leg in Iraq, goes to the VA Hospital in Ashville, NC, where he is led by a murder to delve into the rich history of the city) $24.95
de Castrique, Mark Final Undertaking (Buryin' Barry Clayton (4) agrees to help Sheriff Tommy Lee Wadkins find the man who tried to kill him at a summer street dance) $14.95
Deutermann, P.T. The Moonpool (While investigating the murder of a P.I. in Wilmington NC, Ex-cop Cam Richter discovers that the local nuclear power plant is the target of a devastating plot) $24.95
Evanovich, Janet Fearless Fourteen (New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum; unabridged CDs $34.95) $27.95
Evanovich, Janet Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum faces new secrets, old flames, and hidden agendas in her most outrageous and hilarious adventure yet) $7.99
Finnis, Jane A Bitter Chill (During the 95 AD celebration of Saturnalia, a murder occurs and when Aurelia Marcella's (2) sister Albia becomes the chief suspect, Aurelia investigates to clear her name) $14.95
Finnis, Jane Buried Too Deep (98 AD Britannia; Aurelia Marcella (3) investigates the murder of a local farmer which is connected to violence between the Roman colonists and the natives) $24.95
French, Tana In the Woods (20 years after a terrifying experience in the woods near Dublin, Detective Rob Ryan investigates the murder of a 12-year old girl in the same woods and must face his past; Edgar Award, Best 1st Novel) $14.00
Goldstein, Paul A Patent Lie (Michael Seeley (2) reluctantly agrees to help his estranged brother take on a case involving a patent infringement on an AIDS vaccine, and murder becomes a hardball tactic) $24.95
Granger, Ann A Mortal Curiosity (1864; Lizzie Martin arrives at the south coast of England where she has been hired as an attendant to a young woman, only to find herself embroiled in a case of murder and madness) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry Earthly Delights (Australian baker Corinna Chapman's life becomes interesting when a half-dead junkie shows up at her store and she receives threatening letters) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Heavenly Pleasures (When baker Corinna Chapman (2) bites into a gourmet chocolate and finds it filled with chili, she wonders if it is a horrible joke or a warning, and investigates) $24.95
Griffin/Butterworth Death and Honor: An Honor Bound Novel (Marine pilot recruited by the OSS Cletus Frade investigates a plan to settle Nazi officers in Argentina while running a phony airline as a cover) $26.95
Holden, Craig The Jazz Bird (Non-fiction; 1927 murder of the wife of bootlegger George Remus and its aftermath) $14.00
Holden, Craig The Narcissist's Daughter (A love affair between an angry working class man and his boss's wife gets out of control and leads to murder) $14.00
Knight, Bernard The Manor of Death (Sir John de Wolfe is summoned to investigate when an unidentified body is discovered in the harbor town of Axmouth) $24.95
Land, Jon The Seven Sins (Michael Tiranno, owner of the fabulous Las Vegas casino The Seven Sins, must uncover the secrets of his past to stop an enemy from undermining everything he has built) $24.95
Lourey, Jess August Moon (Mira James (4) is ready to move from small Battle Lake, MN back to Minneapolis when a high school cheerleader is murdered; Mira suspects the management of a evangelical Bible Camp, where she discovers a disturbing “ Stepford Wives meets Hee Haw ” atmosphere) $14.95
Low, Robert The Wolf Sea (10th century Middle East; sequel to The Whale Road : The oath-sworn pack of Viking raiders must battle for their lives and their cultural legacy) $24.95
Morris, R.N. A Vengeful Longing (In 1869's St. Petersburg, investigator Porfiry Petrovich (2) investigates a doctor accused of poisoning and the case seems clear until other deaths occur and a subtle and surprising pattern emerges) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. Resolution (Everett Hitch (2) takes a job at a saloon in Resolution, a new old west town, and finds himself in the middle of a war between a greedy mine owner and the ranchers in the area) $25.95
Pronzini, Bill Fever (The Nameless Detective searches for the truth behind the disappearance of Mitchell Krochek's gambling addicted wife, while the police suspect Mitchell himself is responsible) $24.95
Quinn, Peter Banished Children of Eve (Follows the lives of several people during the Draft Riots of the 3rd year of the Civil War in New York City) $15.95
Reichs, Kathy Bones to Ashes (A case becomes personal for Tempe Brennan when a young girl's skeleton is discovered in Acadia and it may be the bones of her childhood friend) $7.99
Rendell, Ruth Not in the Flesh (Chief Inspector Wexford tries to piece together events that took place 11 years earlier when someone was secretly interred in a secluded patch of English countryside) $25.95
Schorr, Mark Fixation (When Portland, Oregon, FBI agent Louise Parker's raid on a Neo-Nazi meth lab goes awry, her world falls apart and Brian Hanson becomes her only ally when the Nazi's vow revenge) $24.95
Sherwood, Barrie Escape from Amsterdam (Idle student Aozora goes to the deep south of Japan and a bizarre theme park called Amsterdam to look for his missing sister and earn a priceless inheritance) $23.95
Simon, Clea Cries and Whiskers (Boston reporter Theda Krakow (3) investigates when an animal rights activist is killed while saving feral cats from the Boston winter) $14.95
Sims, Elizabeth The Actress (Actress Rita Farmer is hired by a defense attorney to coach his client, who has been accused of killing her own daughter, to look more sympathetic, and it leads to danger) $24.95
Spencer-Fleming, Julia I Shall Not Want (Clare Fergusson and Russ van Alstyne fight their feelings for each other while investigating the murders of several Latino men in Millers Kill) $24.95
Streatfield, Dominic Brainwash (Winner Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-fiction ‘08; the secret history of mind control techniques) $15.00
Swierczynski, Duane Severance Package (At a special Saturday morning meeting Jamie DeBroux's boss tells his “key personnel” they are a cover for an intelligence community being shut down, and they must all die, and Jamie tries to escape; trade PBO) $13.95
Temple, Peter The Broken Shore (Big-city detective Joe Cashin is posted to a quiet town on the South Australian coast, where the town is thrown into unrest by the murder of a local philanthropist; Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award Best Novel ‘07) $14.00
Thurlo, Aimee and David The Prodigal Nun (Sister Agatha (5) investigates when violent threats arrive at the New Mexico monastery and a strange nun seems to be at the core of the mystery) $24.95
Vasquez, Ian In the Heat (Aging Belize boxer Miles Young is offered one last fight, on the condition that he also find a woman's missing daughter, and Miles soon finds there is more going on than he was told) $23.95
Velez-Mitchell, Jane Secrets Can Be Murder - The Killer Next Door (Behind-the-scenes look at today's most sensational crimes, questioning whether the killers are much different from the rest of us) $15.00
Waddell, Dan The Blood Detective (Genealogist Nigel Barnes is called in to help the London police solve a string of horrible murders before the killer can strike again) $24.95
Willett, Jincy The Writing Class (Comic novel about a writing class with a killer in their midst) $24.95
Wilson, F. Paul Jack: Secret Histories (YA; Repairman Jack at 15 discovers a rotting corpse and a secret artifact in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and looks for the secrets of both) $15.95
Wishart, David Illegally Dead (When Marcus Corvinus receives a letter from his daughter with a tantalizing mention of murder, he hotfoots it to Castrimoenium at once) $24.95
Yancey, Rick Alfred Kropp:The Thirteenth Skull (YA; a dangerous enemy is tracking Alfred Kropp and even the people who have sworn to protect him no longer seem trustworthy) $16.95
Yancey, Rick The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp (YA: first in the Alfred Kropp series) $6.99


Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Sun Over Breda (The further adventures of swordsman Captain Alatriste (3) who rejoins his Cartagena regiment to take part in the battles and siege of Breda) $15.00
Silva, Daniel The Secret Servant (A terrorist plot in London leads Israeli spy Gabriel Allon on a desperate search for a kidnapped woman) $9.99


Andrews, Donna The Penguin Who Knew Too Much (The bankrupt local zoo means Med Langslow’s (8) newly renovated Virginia farmhouse is looking like Noah’s Ark, but a puzzling body in the basement and finding a killer proves almost as tough to manage) $6.99
Andrews, Sarah In Cold Pursuit (A young geology grad student arrives in Antarctica to find her prof arrested for the year-old murder of a reporter and she must solve the impossible crime to clear him–and save herself) $6.99
Atkins, Charles The Portrait (A manic-depressive artist is released from the psych ward, but his psychiatrist has been murdered and he is the main suspect, just as his new gallery show is about to open) $7.99
Battles, Brett The Cleaner (Jonathan Quinn disposes of dead bodies for a living, and is about to get real dirty, as the next body may be his own) $6.99
Bauer, Sydney Undertow (After the daughter of a powerful senator dies, the witness to the accident, an esteemed female attorney, is charged with murder by the girl's vengeful father) $7.99
Blair, J.M.C. The Excalibur Murders (When one of King Arthur's squires is killed, Merlin, who has no magical powers, must use his reason to solve the murder; PBO) $6.99
Block, Lawrence Hit and Run (Hit man Keller travels to Iowa for a seemingly easy hit, but ends up accused of shooting the governor and he must go on the run as Dot has become strangely incommunicado) $24.95
Bond, Stephanie Body Movers: 2 Bodies for the Price of One (With a confusing family life and a hunky body mover putting the moves on her, Carlotta Wren thinks her life can't get more complicated, and then she is accused of murder) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys A Royal Pain (Penniless Lady Georgie (2) is in cahoots with the Queen to try and get the Prince to marry, but the bad habits of the Bavarian princess target and a body in a bookshop may drive Georgie crazy) $23.95
Bowen, Rhys Her Royal Spyness (Lady Victoria Charlotte Eugenie, 34th in line for the throne and flat broke, heads to London, and when she finds a dead Frenchman in her tub she must clear her long name) $7.99
Brockmann, Suzanne Force of Nature (A tough P.I. and his feisty gal Friday are pitted against international terrorists; PBO) $7.99
Burke, James Lee Swan Peak (Louisiana lawman Dave Robicheaux is back investigating a murder in the rugged Rocky Mountains of Montana; unabridged CDs $49.95) $26.00
Burton, Fred Ghost (Non-fiction; hard-hitting narrative by one of America's most accomplished counterterrorism professionals giving readers a look at the frontlines of America's War on Terror) $26.00
Byerrum, Ellen Armed and Glamorous (When a wealthy and erratic D.C. socialite is found dead, Lacey Smithsonian (6), fashion reporter turned PI, investigates; PBO) $6.99
Christopher, Paul The Aztec Heresy (Archaeologist Finn Ryan and her partner Lord Billy Pilgrim find evidence of a lost Aztec Codex revealing the location of the lost City of Gold, and must race a religious cult, which would kill to get the Codex first) $7.99
Caine, Leslie Poisoned By Gilt (When the judge of a competition to design an earth-friendly home is murdered, design partners Steve Sullivan and Erin Gilbert (4) investigate; PBO) $6.99
Carlo, Philip Gaspipe (Non-fiction; confessions of mafia boss Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, boss of New York's Lucchese crime family, as told to the bestselling author of The Night Stalker ) $25.95
Carter, Stephen L. New England White (A murder exposes hidden racial complications in a quite New England university town) $14.95
Casey, Kathryn A Descent Into Hell (Non-fiction; two Texas students, a gruesome murder, and an international manhunt; PBO) $7.99
Clark, Martin The Legal Limit (A murder cover-up wreaks havoc for two brothers, one a convicted felon and one the commonwealth attorney of Virginia, as a secret may come out they swore to take to the grave) $24.95
Cohen, Jeffrey It Happened One Knife (Elliot Freed (2) must prove rumors wrong when legendary comics Lillis and Townes are accused of a decades-old Hollywood murder; PBO) $7.99
Collins, Max Allan The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Movie Tie-in: When dashing adventurer Alex O'Connell is tricked into awakening China's ruthless Dragon Emperor, he must seek help from his parents) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Double Take (FBI agents Dillon Savitch and Lacey Sherlock are joined by a Virginia sheriff in a case that immerses them in the world of psychic visions and communications with the dead) $7.99
Crais, Robert Chasing Darkness (Three years after Elvis Cole helps clear an innocent man of murder, the man is found dead and Elvis finds himself on trial) $25.95
Crombie, Deborah Where Memories Lie (D.I. Gemma James helps an elderly neighbor by investigating a stolen piece of jewelry that turns up at a London auction and may be connected to her husband's death) $24.95
Cussler, Clive/Kemprecos, Paul The Navigator (Kurt Austin searches for a relic that could change history–a hunt that few will survive) $9.99
Daheim, Mary Scots on the Rocks (Judith and Renie (23) go on vacation to a Scottish castle, where they investigate a deadly crime and do battle with a ghost) $6.99
Defoe, Gideon The Pirates! In an Adventure with Communists (The Pirate Captain finds himself incarcerated in Scotland Yard and discovers he has been mistaken for Karl Marx) $9.95
Dolnick, Edward The Forger's Spell (Non-fiction; Han van Meegeren, who managed to pass himself off as the painter Jan Vermeer to Hermann Goering for seven years) $26.95
Dorst, Doug Alive in Necropolis (A rookie cop outside San Francisco becomes obsessed with the mysterious fate of his predecessor in a city where the dead outnumber the living) $24.95
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Kilt Dead (When professional Scots dancer Liss MacCrimmon returns home to Moosetookalook, Maine, she becomes the prime suspect in a murder and must prove her innocence) $6.99
Elkins, Aaron Little Tiny Teeth (Gideon Oliver's (14) dream vacation on the Amazon turns nightmarish when a deranged passenger kills a botanist and flees and a human skeleton turns up in the river) $7.99
Elkins, Aaron Uneasy Relations (Gideon Oliver (15) travels to Gibralter to study some Neanderthal remains, but two murders cause Oliver to try and piece things together and he falls for some deadly tricks) $23.95
Ellis, Robert City of Fire (Los Angeles burns as Detective Lena Gamble hunts a serial killer and comes face to face with a nightmare from her past) $6.99
Enger, Lin Undiscovered Country (While hunting in the northern Minnesota woods, 17-year old Jesse Matson comes upon his father, dead by suicide, and Jesse must delve into family secrets to find out the truth) $23.99
Fisher, Steve No House Limit (Classic ‘58 reprint; Independent Las Vegas casino owner Joe Martin faces down a Syndicate-backed gambler in a marathon craps game with millions of dollars and perhaps his life at stake) $6.99
Flacco, Anthony The Hidden Man (During the 1915 World's Fair in San Francisco, Detective Randall Blackburn and protege Shane Nightingale help famed mesmerist James Duncan when an enemy wants him destroyed) $14.00
Fox, Kathryn Skin and Bone (A teenage girls vanishes without a trace after her mother is murdered and a baby goes missing; PBO) $7.99
Francis, Eric Taken From Home (Non-fiction; a respected community leader who led the charge to find his missing wife and daughter and was later convicted of his wife's murder; PBO) $6.99
French, Tana The Likeness (Sequel to In the Woods : When a woman looking exactly like Detective Cassie Maddox is murdered, Cassie goes undercover masquerading as the murdered girl and finds deep secrets) $24.95
Gagnon, Michelle Boneyard (On the trail of a serial killer, FBI special agent Kelly Jones unearths a mass grave on the Appalachian Trail and searches for both a killer and a copycat nemesis; PBO) $6.99
Gardiner, Meg Mission Canyon (After a hit-and-run accident leaves a friend dead, Evan Delaney wants justice, but when witnesses begin dying, she is unprepared for the dark places retribution will take her) $7.99
Gardiner, Meg The Dirty Secrets Club (Forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett is hired by the San Francisco PD to investigate the lives of several high-profile murder-suicides and discovers a bizarre connection) $24.95
Geoffrion, Alan Broken Trail (Western Tie-in: ‘06 Spur Award-winning basis for notable Robet Duval/ Thomas Haden Church movie) $5.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk Goes to Germany (After falling apart when his shrink goes to Germany, Monk follows him and sees a man with six fingers who could be the man responsible for his wife's death) $21.95
Golemon, David Lynn Legend (The Event Group (2) goes to the heart of a mysterious paradise in the Amazon jungle in search of lost Inca gold & encounters an unknown creature) $7.99
Haines, Kathryn Miller The Winter of Her Discontent (During WWII, Actress Rosie Winter (2) and her best friend Jayne struggle to prove their mobster friend Al innocent of the murder of his actress girlfriend) $13.95
Hallinan, Timothy The Fourth Watcher (Travel writer Poke Rafferty is ready to settle down with his girlfriend and her daughter in Bangkok when his father shows up with rubies belonging to the merciless Colonel Chu) $24.95
Hallinan, Timothy A Nail Through the Heart (Travel writer Poke Rafferty has fallen in love with Rose, and with Bangkok, when a rich old woman offers him a fortune to locate a blackmailing thief) $13.95
Hamilton, Denise The Last Embrace (When her late fiance's sister is found murdered beneath the Hollywood sign, Lily Kessler, former spy for the OSS, investigates) $14.00
Harvey, Michael The Chicago Way (Chicago PI is hired by his former partner to investigate an 8-year-old rape case; when his friend turns up dead Kelly turns to other friends for help) $12.95
Hewson, David The Seventh Sacrament (Set amongst the monuments and churches of Rome, Nic Costa is pulled into a cold case turned hot again as a killer leaves a trail of bodies) $6.99
Howell, Dorothy Handbags and Homicide (Haley Randolph, working the holiday season at Holt's department store, sneaks into the stockroom to see the new handbags, finds her boss dead, and becomes the prime suspect) $22.00
Hughes, Mary Ellen Paper-Thin Alibi (Sales at the Craft Corner crumple when Jo McAllister (3) becomes a suspect in her rival’s murder, and Jo must solve the murder to clear her name; PBO) $6.99
Hurwitz, Gregg The Crime Writer (L.A. crime novelist Drew Danner wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory of how he got there, accused of murdering his fiance, and tries to discover the truth through his writing) $14.00
Isaacs, Susan After All These Years , Lily White (Reprints) $12.95 each
Jance, J.A. Justice Denied (J.P. Beaumont (18) investigates the murder of an ex-drug dealer gunned down on his mother's doorstep, and finds there is more to the case than first meets the eye) $9.99
Johnstone, William W. Smoke From the Ashes (Reprint: ‘98; #7) $5.99
Johnstone, W. W. & J.A. Jacknife (A gutsy former Special Forces op faces off against a group of Middle Eastern terrorists with a deadly plot to cripple America; PBO) $6.99
Jungersen, Christian The Exception (Four women working together in a Copenhagen nonprofit that disseminates information on genocide receive death threats and eventually begin to suspect each other) $15.95
Kirino, Natsuo Real World (Four teenage Tokyo girls investigate when one of their neighbors is found brutally murdered, and they suspect the neighbor's son) $22.95
Konrath, J.A. Fuzzy Navel (Chicago Lt. "Jack" Daniels (5) must react when a group of vigilantes decide to take down a cop, and she hears that Alex Cork is not as dead as she thought) $23.95
Koontz, Dean/Chan, Q. In Odd We Trust (Prequel to the first Odd Thomas novel in manga form, following Odd's race to solve the murder of a young boy) $10.95
Krueger, William Kent Thunder Bay (Cork O'Connor (7) agrees to help Henry Meloux find his long-lost son, and just when he locates an industrialist living in Thunder Bay, an attempt is made on Melousx's life; Minnesota Book Award ‘08) $7.99
Loomis, Jon High Season (Provincetown, Massachusetts beach community police detective Frank Coffin investigates the scandalous death of a TV evangelist) $6.99
MacCready, Robin Merrow Buried (The daughter of an alcoholic mother must dig for answers she has long covered up when her mother disappears and leaves her alone) $6.99
Michaels, Fern Fast Track (The Sisterhood (10), who exact their own justice on those whose crimes have gone unpunished by the justice system, face their most daunting and rewarding mission yet; PBO) $6.99
Morgan, Hunter Don't Turn Around (A victim's advocate at a local hospital finds her life turned upside-down when her friend's killer is set free and she discovers someone is stalking her; PBO) $6.99
Novak, Brenda Stop Me (16 years ago, a freelance psychological profiler’s younger sister disappeared, and now Jasmine receives a box with a familiar bracelet and a note that says "sToP Me"; she searches for answers; PBO) $6.99
Parker, I.J. The Hell Screen (In 11th century Japan, sleuth Sugawara Akitada takes refuge in a temple during bad weather, hears a scream in the night, and must catch the murderer of a woman) $14.00
Patterson, James 4th of July (Working with the Women's Murder Club (4), Lt. Lindsay Boxer finds a link between a series of unspeakable murders and a case she worked on years before) $13.99
Pearson, Ridley Killer Weekend (First in a new series featuring Sun Valley patrolman Walt Fleming, who must step in when a brilliant assassin guns for a controversial presidential candidate) $9.99
Pendleton, Don Havana Five: SuperBolan #121 $6.99
Pendleton, Don Defense Breach: The Executioner #356 (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Phelps, M. William I'll Be Watchinig You (Non-fiction; a twisted, sexually sadistic killer who set out to outdo Ted Bundy; PBO) $6.99
Preisler, Jerome CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Nevada Rose (TV tie-in) $7.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln The Wheel of Darkness (While on vacation with Constance in Tibet, FBI Special Agent Pendergast agrees to track and recover a relic that has been stolen from a remote monastery) $7.99
Price, Suzanne Dirty Deeds (Cleaning wiz Sky Taylor (2) investigates when the body of a real estate developer is the untidiest remnant of the Art Association's annual holiday bash; cleaning tips included; PBO) $6.99
Purser, Ann Sorrow on Sunday (A rash of strange occurances around Long Farnden leaves Lois Meade (7) unsettled, and when a local is killed when a horse bolts in front of his van, Lois investigates) $6.99
Rimington, Stella Illegal Action (M15 officer Liz Carlyle (3) has been transfered to counter-espionage, where she uncovers a plot to silence a wealthy Russian oligarch who is a vocal opponent of Vladimir Putin) $23.95
Rollins, James The Last Oracle (SIGMA Force must battle a group of rogue scientists who've unleashed a diabolical project tjat could mean the extinction of mankind; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Ryder, Cliff Aim and Fire: Room 59 #3 (A nuclear bomb has gone missing and Tracy Wentworth and Agent Spencer are to assess and eliminate the terrorist involved by any means necessary; PBO) $6.99
Scott, Michele A Vintage Murder (Nikki and her boss turned boyfriend (4) travel to Australia for a wine tour, and when an actress on a movie set is murdered Nikki must comb the vineyards to find a killer; PBO) $6.99
Segura, Jonathan Occupational Hazards (Beat reporter Bernard Cockburn finds himself on a bloody crime scene in Omaha, and finds a lead that reveals a vigilante league intent on cleaning up the ghetto for profit) $14.00
Shuman, Geairge D. Last Breath (Blind psychic Sherry Moore (2) is trying to help authorities catch a brutal serial killer, but can't quite pinpoint him, until he sets his sights on her) $7.99
Taylor, Sam The Amnesiac (29 year old James Purdew returns to England to try and piece together three years of his life he cannot remember, and discovers a 19th-century manuscript that may hold the key) $14.00
Thomas, Will The Black Hand (Victorian Enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his apprentice Thomas Llewelyn must save London from an invasion of the Sicilian mafia) $14.00
Thor, Brad The Last Patriot (Navy SEAL turned covert Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath is called into action once again traveling across the globe and the stakes are higher than they have ever been) $26.00
Tyree, Omar The Last Street Novel (Romantic fiction writer Shareef Crawford goes to Harlem to pen a true-crime book, and finds himself caught in a real-life thriller that could end in his own death) $14.00
Wilhelm, Kate A Wrongful Death (When a young boy seeks Barbara Holloway's help for his battered mother, then disappears, the boy's family accuses her of aiding his disappearance) $6.99
Wood, Simon We All Fall Down (Employees of a research firm have been dying at an alarming rate and one recent employee has begun to suspect it has to do with a special project the firm has been working on) $7.99
Yessayan, Raffi Eight in the Box (The Blood Bath Killer fills bathtubs with his victim's blood and then steals their bodies, and out to stop him are Boston police detective Angel Alves and A.D.A. Conrad Darget) $25.00


Adler, Elizabeth One of Those Malibu Nights (P.I. Mac Reilly rescues a distraught woman, and when she disappears and a gun shows up in his car, he is pulled into a web of deception and lies as he travels far to find her) $24.95
Aird, Catherine Losing Ground (DCI Sloan and DC Crosby are called to investigate when a grisly pile of bones is spotted in a manor house fire and they discover the townspeople have many secrets) $23.95
Arjouni, Jakob Kismet (Story of organized crime in the Balkans, the madness of nationalism, and the longing for one great love) $14.95
Black, Benjamin (John Banville) The Lemur (John Glass agrees to write his billionaire father-in-law's biography, and when his research assistant is murdered after discovering secrets, Glass must find a killer; trade PBO) $13.00
Braver, Gary Skin Deep (Boston's most beautiful women are being murdered after having platic surgery, and as homicide detective Steve Abbot investigates, he wonders if he may be the killer himself) $24.95
Cartwright, Justin The Song Before it is Sung (60 years after an attempt on Hitler's life ended with the hanging of the conspirators, Conrad Senior is left the papers of one of them and is drawn into a web of betrayal) $14.95
Casey, Kathryn Singularity (Sarah Armstrong is one of very few female Texas Rangers, and when a wealthy businessman and his mistress are found murdered, she knows this is a make-or-break case for her) $24.95
Cavanagh, Thomas B. Prodigal Son (Mike Garrity helps a woman in his cancer support group find the son she put up for adoption, but she goes missing, the son is murdered, and he is the cops prime suspect) $24.95
Cleeves, Ann Raven Black (Inspector Jimmy Perez, a private and perceptive man whose bailiwick is the isolated terrain of the Shetland Islands, investigates the murder of a young girl on New Year's Eve; Duncan Lawrie Dagger Best Novel ‘06) $13.95
Conley, Kevin The Full Burn (Behind the scenes look at Hollywood stuntmen) $24.95
Cooper, Natasha A Poisoned Mind (Barrister Trish Maguire must make a difficult choice when her boss can't continue defending a corrupt company, and meantime her brother is accidentally involved in a stabbing of a family friend) $25.95
DePoy, Phillip The Drifter's Wheel (Folklorist Fever Devilin (4) returns to his hometown in Georgia and when a vagrant is found shot the day after showing up at Fever's door he must unravel a perplexing case) $24.95
Donovan, Felicia Spun Tales (The Black Widow Agency (2) protect an unpublished manuscript and the famous author, whose controversial medical thrillers have made her a target) $13.95
Evans, Mary Anna Findings (Archaeologist Faye Longchamp (4) is excavating a site that was once her family's when a dear friend is murdered and her field notes are stolen. and she looks for the killer) $14.95
Friedman, Kinky What Would Kinky Do? (Collection of old and new essays from his column in Texas Monthly) $23.95
Gentry, Christine Carnosaur Crimes (When paleoartist Ansel Phoenix (2) finds a burned body hanging from the mouth of her life-sized Allosaurus replica outside the Big Toe Natural History Museum, she investigates) $14.95
Ghelfi, Brent Volk's Shadow (An international cabal drives Volk (2) back to blood-soaked Chechnya, where he confronts an old nemesis and reunites with his lost love) $25.00
Glazer, Craig The King of Sting (Non-fiction; two men who masqueraded as law enforcement stinging drug dealers and made millions) $24.95
Golemon, David Lynn Ancients (The Event Group, headed by Colonel Jack Collins, must uncover the weapon that destroyed Atlantis before evil men intent on forming a new Reich can get it) $24.95
Grabien, Deborah Rock & Roll Never Forgets (While rock band Blacklight opens their latest tour at Madison Square Garden, murder is committed in guitarist JP Kincaid's dressing room, and police suspect his girlfriend) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry Blood and Circuses (Phryne Fisher (6) is convinced to go undercover in the circus to find out who has been poisoning the animals and who cut the throat of Mr. Christopher) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Queen of the Flowers (Phryne Fisher has been honored to be the Queen of the Flowers during St. Kilda's Flower parade, when one of her flower maidens goes missing and she tries to find her) $24.95
Haas, Derek The Silver Bear (Columbus is a talented assassin who now stalks congressman Abe Mann, who is running for president, and who had a tryst with his mother years ago) $24.00
Hagberg, David/Gindin, Boris Mutiny! (Non-fiction; account of the events which inspired The Hunt for Red October , told by a Soviet naval officer who lived through it) $25.95
Haines, Carolyn Wishbones (Sarah Booth Delaney (8) heads to Hollywood where she lands the lead in a steamy film, and lands a remix with an old flame, all while solving a murder) $23.95
Handler, David The Sour Cherry Surprise (Desiree Mitry (6) discovers a major drug cartel operating under her nose in Dorset, CT, and she pursues the case in her own way, getting in way too deep) $24.95
Hollington, Kris How to Kill (History of assassinations and the assassin) $25.95
Houston, Victoria Dead Frenzy (Reprint: While Loon Lake is over-run by competitive bass fishermen and bikers, Lew Ferris and Doc Osborne (4) look into an old murder and Doc is stalked by a mysterious visitor) $14.95
Houston, Victoria Dead Hot Mama (Reprint: Doc Osborne tries to get Lew Ferris (5) to go ice fishing when the bodies of two snowmobilers are pulled out of the lake and a woman's corpse turns up in a snowdrift) $14.95
Houston, Victoria Dead Hot Shot (Loon Lake Wisconsin Chief of Police Lew Ferris's (9) Thanksgiving is ruined by credit card theft, dysfunctional families and murder) $14.95
James, Bill You'd Better Believe It (Reissue: Chief Superintendent Colin Harpur's tipsters are being murdered and he must bypass regulations and settle things on his on terms) $14.95
Johansen, Iris & Roy Silent Thunder (Marine architect Hannah Bryson is preparing a Russian sub for museum exhibition in the US, when her brother finds a secret message in the sub and is murdered) $24.95
Judson, Daniel The Water's Edge (Jake Bechet walked away from the Castello crime family a year ago and went underground, but when two men are brutally murdered, the boss himself forces Jake to look into the killings) $24.95
King, John R. The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls (Speculative novel of what may have happened after Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty tumble into Reichenbach Falls, featuring young detective Carnacki the Ghost Finder) $25.95
Klavan, Andrew Empire of Lies (Jason Harrow has built a stable life with his family in the Midwest when a call comes from his past and he must return to his old life of violence to find a missing child) $25.00
Lauryssens, Stan Dali and I: The Surreal Story (Memoir/art; the dealer who sold Salvidor Dali's work, sometimes in a more-than-shady fashion; forthcoming Al Pacino film) $24.95
Malliet, G. M. Death of a Cozy Writer (A millionaire English mystery writer announces to his four spoiled children that he has eloped with a woman who was once suspected of murdering her husband; within hours, his eldest son is murdered, but he was so hated that nobody seems upset, least of all his cold-blooded wife; Deputy CI St. Just is brought in to investigate, and soon after the mystery writer is found with an ornate knife through the heart) $13.95
McCrery, Nigel Still Waters (British DCI Mark Lapslie tries to solve a murder while suffering from synaesthesia, a condition that causes him to "taste" sound) $23.95
McFetridge, John Dirty Sweet (When Roxanne Keyes witnesses a murder and recognizes the murderer, she has different ideas than the cops do about what she will do with the information) $14.00
McFetridge, John Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (Toronto police detective Gord Bergeron (2) investigates several dark crimes while getting used to his new enigmatic partner) $25.00
Milton, Giles Edward Trencom's Nose (Cheese shop owner Edward Trensom discovers that nine previous generations of his family have come to bad ends because of their noses, and he could be next) $13.95
O'Flynn, Catherine What Was Lost (A manager and security guard at a new shopping mall catch glimpses of a young girl on the security camera and investigate the connection to a disappearance in the 1980's; Costa Prize Best First and other literary award nominations) $14.00
O'Neil, Dennis The Dark Knight (Batman returns to face the Clown Prince of Crime - The Joker - Movie Tie-In) $7.99
O'Neil, Vincent H. Exile Trust (Frank Cole (3) is helping the Exile town bank track down missing safe-deposit box holders and lands knee-deep in identity theft, and an accident that looks a lot like murder) $23.95
Pearson, Ridley Killer View (While looking for a missing skier in Sun Valley, Sheriff Walt Fleming's best friend Mark Aker goes missing and Walt is determined to find him while also doing his job) $24.95
Reich, Christopher Rules of Deception (After the death of his wife, Dr. Jonathan Ransom becomes the subject of an international manhunt because of a devastating secret she kept from him) $24.95
Rosenfelt, David Don't Tell a Soul (A few months after business man suspect Tim Wallace's wife dies in a boating accident, a drunken stranger confesses to murdering a girl to him and Tim's life is put under a microscope by the cops) $24.95
Silva, Daniel Moscow Rules (The death of a journalist leads Gabriel Allon to Moscow, where he finds that, in terms of spycraft, even he has something to learn) $26.95
Steiner, Peter L'Assassin (Sequel to A French Country Murder : When former CIA agent Louis Morgon's Provence house is burglarized, he thinks nothing of it at first, but the motive is not as simple as it seems) $24.95
Steiner, Peter Le Crime (When former CIA operative Louis Morgan finds a dead body on the doorstep of his charming house in a village in France, he teams with the local gendarme to solve the murder) $12.95
The Medieval Murderers The Lost Prophecies (Six new interlinked murder mysteries taking place in 575 AD) $16.95
Zubro, Mark Richard Schooled in Murder (Chicago high school teacher Tom Mason is the prime suspect in the murder of a colleague, and with the help of his partner Scott must figure out who the killer really is) $24.95


Adkins, Roy & Leslie The War for All the Oceans (Account of the naval war that lasted from Napoleon's seizure of power in 1798 to the War of 1812 with the United States) $17.00
Anderson, Sheryl J. Killer Riff (Glamour magazine advice columnist and sleuth Molly Forrester returns to plenty of backstabbing, thwarted love, and sexy rock musicians) $6.99
Axler, James Pantheon of Vengeance: Outlanders #46 (Postapocalyptic adventure) $6.99
Beckett, Simon Written Bone (Forensic anthropologist Dr. David Hunter (2) is on the hunt for a raging killer on a remote island on the coast of Scotland) $6.99
Berenson, Laurien Hounded to Death (At a Pocono Mountains resort symposium for dog show judges, pregnant Melanie Travis (14) discovers a corpse in the inn's secluded hot tub, and sniffs out the trail of a killer as frightened guests howl for justice) $6.99
Blunt, Giles By the Time You Read This (Detective John Cardinal investigates the apparent suicide of his wife in Algonquin Bay, Ontario) $6.99
Bond, Stephanie Body Movers: 3 Men and a Body (Carlotta Wren (3) accepts an invitation from a hunky body mover to go to Florida on a working vacation, when three different men lay claim to the celebrity body) $13.95
Bonfilioni, Kyril All the Tea in China (Inspired by a shotgun blast in his breeches, Karli Van Cleef quits Holland to seek his fortune and signs onto an opium clipper bound for the Indies, a journey beset with perils) $23.95
Brown, Sandra Play Dirty (A disgraced Dallas Cowboy quarterback is hired by an airline CEO and wife to provide them with a child, and a ruthless nemesis from his past threatens them) $9.99
Burke, James Lee The Tin Roof Blowdown (Against the background of Hurricane Katrina, Dave Robicheaux (16) tries to help regulate the madness while also on a dogged search for two fugitives) $7.99
Cain, Chelsea Heartsick (Two years after being tortured by a beautiful but brutal serial killer who mysteriously frees him before turning herself in, a Portland detective is obsessed with her and needs her help to catch a killer) $7.99
Carson, Paul Betrayal (Dr. Frank Ryan, Chief Medical Officer at Europe's most dangerous high-security jail, is kidnapped for 6 days, and finds himself embroiled in a web of international intrigue) $7.99
Christy, Bryan The Lizard King (Non-fiction; the crimes and passions of Michael J. Van Nostrand, the world's greatest reptile smuggler) $24.99
Clark, Mary Jane It Only Takes a Moment (When the daughter of Eliza Blake, host of the top-rated KEY news morning show, is kidnapped, Eliza refuses to sit by and wait for answers, and with friends investigates) $24.95
Clark, Mary Jane When Day Breaks (When morning TV star Constance Young is murdered, her colleague, anchor of KEY news Evening Headlines Eliza Blake, is determined to find the killer) $7.99
Collins, Kate Shoots to Kill (8 years ago, Abby Knight (7) babysat a problem teen, who has reappeared after having stolen Abby's identity; PBO) $6.99
Connolly, Sheila One Bad Apple (When her partner in a development scheme is found dead in her septic tank, Meg Corey and ally plumber Seth Chapin must solve the murder to clear her name; PBO) $6.99
Coonts, Stephen The Assassin (Special agent Tommy Carmellini is sent to infiltrate a plot involving the mysterious poisoning of a Russian diplomat in an attempt to destroy the elusive and cunning Al Queda leader Abu Qasim) $26.95
Crosby, Ellen The Bordeaux Betrayal (Lucie Montgomery (3) attends a lecture about Washington's wines, and when the lecturer turns up murdered she suspects it is related to a bottle of Bordeaux Jefferson gave him) $25.00
Crosby, Ellen The Chardonnay Charade (Vineyard owner Lucie Montgomery discovers the body of a controversial political candidate near her fields; when her friend comes under suspicion she must uncover the truth) $7.99
Culhane, Patrick Red Sky in Morning (During WWII, ensign Peter Maxwell must unmask a killer when his munitions ship's second in command is murdered) $24.95
Dean, John House of Evil (Non-fiction; story of a teenager who was tortured and killed by children in a grisly case of mob psychology; PBO) $6.99
Doherty, Robert Lost Girls (Three operatives of the agency known as the Cellar investigate three seemingly unrelated crimes that pull them into a vicious trap set by highly trained marine snipers) $7.99
Doogan, Mike Capitol Offense (Disgraced ex-cop Nik Kane (2) is hired to help gifted young legislator Matthew Hope, accused of murder) $7.99
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Scone Cold Dead (Liss MacCrimmon (2) throws a reception for her former and visiting Scottish dance troupe when the manager is murdered with a poisoned scone) $22.00
Edgerton, Clyde The Bible Salesman (A con man and car thief picks up a hitchiking gullible 19-year old bible salesman and gets him to believe he is an FBI spy, and the two have hilarious and scary adventures) $23.99
Ellis, David Eye of the Beholder (Prosecutor Paul Riley realizes that a series of mutilations and murders is connected to a gruesome case he handled 15 years ago & finds himself a suspect) $7.99
Ellis, Warren Crooked Little Vein (Burnt-out PI Michael McGill is assigned by the President’s heroin-addicted chief of staff to unearth a backup Constitution the Founding Fathers devised for a time of crisis) $13.95
Farris, John Baby Moll (Classic ‘58 reprint; a former Mob enforcer is drawn back into his criminal life when his old boss is stalked by a ruthless killer) $6.99
Ferris, Monica Knitting Bones (The Embroiderers Guild raises over $20,000 for charity, but when both the check and the husband of the local chapter's president disappear, Betsy Devonshire (11) investigates) $6.99
Fforde, Jasper Thursday Next: First Among Sequels (Thursday Next grapples with a host of problems in BookWorld including the death of Sherlock Holmes, and must face down her most vicious enemy yet - herself) $15.00
Frey, Stephen Forced Out (Former Yankees' scout Jack Barett's daughter drags him to a baseball game in Florida where he spots Mikey Clement, a player with a secret that will endanger Jack's life) $24.95
Gardiner, Meg Jericho Point (Evan Delany's identity has been stolen, and when the body of the woman who stole it washed up at Jericho Point, Evan's troubles are not over - they are just beginning) $7.99
Gaylin, Alison Trashed (Scandal sheet reporter Simone Glass is thrust into an investigation when a soap opera star commits suicide and a stripper with sordid celebrity connections is found dead) $7.99
Gerritsen, Tess The Bone Garden (Medical Examiner Maura Isles probes a homicidal mystery that spans two hundred years from the present day to 19th-century gaslit Boston) $7.99
Goldberg, Tod Burn Notice: The Fix (First in a promising new TV tie-in series, based on the USA hit show about “burned” covert spy Michael Weston in forced seclusion in Miami; PBO) $6.99
Goldenbaum, Sally Death by Cashmere (After Izzy Chambers opens up a knitting shop in the sleepy fishing town of Sea Harbor, MA, her upstairs renter ends up dead and she and her knitting club investigate) $21.95
Grace Margaret Mayhem in Miniature (When one of miniaturist Gerry Potter's (2) students is accused of murder, she must shrink the mystery down to size; PBO) $6.99
Grippando, James Lying With Strangers (First year resident at a Boston hospital, Peyton Shields' life was perfect until a series of strange coincidences and "accidents" make her sure she is being stalked) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead Over Heels (Reprint: Strange things are happening to part-time librarian Aurora Teagarden (5) ranging from peculiar to violent and she must decipher to personal message in the madness) $7.99
Hawksley, Humphrey Security Breach (In the near future, where terrorism is so feared that constant surveillance is a way of life, American operative Kat Polinski discovers a dangerous plot) $7.99
Hayder, Mo Pig Island (Journalist Joe Oakes stays with a cult on Scotland's remote Pig Island and when the island erupts in bloodshed he must discover the secret behind the cult leader) $7.99
Herkert, Gabriella Doggone (Legal investigator Sara Townly (2) takes on a case of stolen identity, seems to have picked up a black lab sidekick, and narrowly escapes becoming a casualty, the fate awaiting her one and only witness; PBO) $6.99
Hiaasen, Carl Nature Girl (Reprint: vengeance-crazed Honey Santana, off her meds, takes Boyd Shreve on an eco-tour of the Everglades, and soon they are joined by a P.I. with a camera and a girl who wants to have fun) $7.99
Hooper, Kay Haunting Rachel (A shadowy figure from one woman's past may not be the innocent acquaintance he claims to be) $7.50
Hynd, Noel The Enemy Within (In 2009, against the backdrop of a showdown between the US and Libya, Secret Service Agent Laura Chapman investigates an assassin's plot against the President) $7.99
Jackson, Lisa Left to Die (In the lonely woods around Grizzly Falls, Montana, 4 bodies have been found; 2 female detectives try to track down a twisted serial killer) $7.99
Jance, J.A. Damage Control (Arizona Sheriff Joanna Brady fights sleep deprivation as a new mom while investigating the death of a house invader and a car crash that could be an accident or something more) $25.95
Johnstone, WIlliam W. Danger in the Ashes (Reprint ‘98; #8) $5.99
Kageb, Lesley Land of a Hundred Wonders (Gibby McGraw, brain damaged after a tragic car accident, is now a fledgling reporter who stumbles over the body of the next governor of Kentucky and decides to solve the crime) $14.00
Kaplan, Janice A Job to Kill For (When Lacy Fields' (2) beautiful young client is murdered in her newly decorated penthouse, suspicion falls on Lacy's friend Molly and Lacy is determined to uncover the truth) $24.00
Kellerman, Faye The Burnt House (When a commuter plane crashes and one of the stewardesses is unaccounted for, Peter Decker investigates) $7.99
Khoury, Raymond The Sanctuary (After centuries of destruction, one unsuspecting woman stands at the center of a conspiracy that could change the world forever) $9.99
Kramer, Julie Stalking Susan (Inside the desperate world of TV ratings, an investigative reporter discovers that a serial killer is targeting women named Susan and killing one on the same day each year) $22.95
Lustbader, Eric Van Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Sanction (When Bourne's mentor Dominic Specter tells him about a group of Muslim extremists who are hell bent on attacking America, Bourne knows he has to help while he is being hunted) $25.99
MacKinnon, Douglas The Apocalypse Detective (The President, a religious zealot, plans to destroy the world's population and repopulate the world with fellow believers surviving in a secret compound; PBO) $7.99
Maron, Margaret Death's Half Acre (The murder of a county commissioner pulls Judge Deborah Knott and her husband Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant, into a bitter dispute over urbanization in North Carolina) $24.99
Maron, Margaret Hard Row (North Carolina Judge Deborah Knott presides over a case involving a barroom brawl and it becomes clear that there are deep resentments over race and illegal immigration as the case expands to multiple murders) $7.99
Martin, Esteban/Carranza, Andreu The Gaudi Key (An old man who has the task of guarding a powerful relic dies, leaving the task to his granddaughter, who must use a cryptic message to find the relic before dark forces do) $24.95
McFadyen, Cody The Face of Death (California Special Agent Smoky Barret (2) tracks down a mass murderer who killed the family of a 16-year old girl and continues to stalk her) $6.99
McGinniss, Joe Never Enough (Non-fiction; the deaths of two millionaire brothers three years apart, probing the nexus of family violence and disfunction) $7.99
Montanari, Richard Merciless (Philly homicide cops Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne pursue a twisted serial killer carrying out a twenty-year old vendetta) $7.99
Morgan, Kaye Sinister Sudoku (Sudoku maven Liza Kelly (3) is giving classes in a penitentiary when one of her best students is released and shorty later murdered; Liza tries to find the killer; PBO) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Blonde Faith (Easy Rawlins tries to find Mouse, who has gone missing wanted for murder, and at the same time deals with the daughter of a friend who was left on his doorstep) $13.99
Mosley, Walter Bad Boy Brawley Brown , Cinnamon Kiss , Little Scarlet (Reissue of Easy Rawlins mysteries in trade paperback) $13.99 each
Murphy, W./Mullaney, J. The New Destroyer: Killer Ratings (Remo and Chiun dive into the cutthroat world of the news industry, where a killer would stop at nothing to kill Remo; PBO) $6.99
Novak, Brenda Watch Me (12 years ago someone tried to kill Sheridan Kohl, and now she returns to the small town in Tennessee due to a new development in the case where she is attacked again; PBO) $6.99
Ocean, T. Lynn Southern Fatality (A non-stop mystery about a sassy ex-Marine, her handsome partner, a maybe-boyfriend, a crew of lunatic geriatrics, and a double kidnapping) $6.99
Parrish, P.J. South of Hell (Louis Kincaid (2) and his lover, female detective Joe Frye, team up to find out what happened to Jean Brandt, who was reported missing from a Michigan farmhouse in 1981) $7.99
Patterson, James You've Been Warned (On the verge of success as a photographer, Kristin Burns' life begins to fall apart due to a forbidden love, and she can only ignore the warnings of catastrophe for so long) $9.99
Patterson, Richard North The Race (An honest, maverick presidential candidate takes on his political enemies and the ruthless machinery of American politics) $9.99
Pearson, Ridley The Kingdom Keepers: The Rise of Chernabog (The Kingdom Keepers must stop the evil Overtakers from destroying Walt Disney World) $17.99
Pelecanos, George The Turnaround (In 1972, three teenagers drive into an unfamiliar neighborhood with life-changing results, and 35 years later the survivors look for salvation; limited number of signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $29.98) $24.99
Pendleton, Don Dark Star: Stony Man #96 $6.99
Pendleton, Don Extreme Justice: The Executioner #357 (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pfarrer, Donald A Common Ordinary Murder (An elderly man has been murdered, and police lieutenant Steven McCord feels detached until the investigation raises disturbing questions, some relevant to his own life) $24.00
Pinter, Jason The Stolen (When a boy suddenly returns home 5 years after going missing, Henry Parker investigates a series of child abductions dating back more than a decade; PBO) $7.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln The Cabinet of Curiosities (5 CDs abridged: While FBI Agent Pendergast investigates a centuries-old mass murder, identical killings terrorize New York City) $19.98
Riddle, Lyn First We'll Kill My Husband (Non-fiction; the only woman on Georgia's death row, and how she convinced her lover to murder her husband) $6.99
Robb, J.D. Strangers in Death (In 2060 New York , Lieutenant Eve Dallas is about to discover how the ties that bind strangers can kill) $7.99
Robotham, Michael The Night Ferry (After recovering from near-crippling injuries, detective Alisha Barba investigates the death of a friend who claimed she was pregnant but was actually faking the pregnancy) $7.99
Ross, Joel N. White Flag Down (During the siege of Stalingrad, an American airman, a Russian major, and a Swiss journalist track down a document that will stop peace talks between Russia and Germany) $7.99
Ruff, Matt Bad Monkeys (A woman arrested for murder claims to be a member of a secret organization dedicated to rubbing out irredeemable persons:Bad Monkeys) $13.95
Sansom, Ian The Book Stops Here (Israel Armstrong (3) and his companion Ted Carson are attending a London mobile library convention when their bookmobile is stolen, and they have adventures looking for it) $13.95
Schneider, Bart The Man in the Blizzard (Just as the Republican National Convention comes to St. Paul, pothead P.I. Angie Boyer is drawn into a complex case involving neo-Nazi violin collectors, mind-control specialists, and a mass of anti-abortion activists; local author; trade PBO) $14.95
Slaughter, Karin Beyond Reach (The violent death of a woman leads Grant County medical examiner/pediatrician Sara Linton and her police chief husband to a group who is poisoning a small town with hatred) $7.99
Somoza, Jose Carlos Zig Zag (A group of scientists take part is a secret research project & unleash horror when they meddle with time) $7.99
Terrell, Heather The Map Thief (Mara Coyne (2) is at the center of the story of an incredible map and its journey from the dragon ships of the Ming Dynasty to the boardrooms of New York City kingmakers) $25.00
Walters, Michael The Shadow Walker (A serial killer is stalking the streets of Ulan Bataar, Mongolia; Drew McLaiesh, a senior British CID officer, is sent to lend his expertise to Nergui’s investigation) $14.00
Webb, Debra Faceless (The ghosts of the past come to haunt Deputy DA Carson Tanner when the case of his murdered family is reopened after 15 years; PBO) $6.99
Webber, Heather Weeding Out Trouble (Fifth installment of the cozy mystery series featuring landscape designer Nina Quinn; PBO) $6.99
Whyte, Jack Standard of Honor (Knights Templar member Sir Henry St. Clair reluctantly agrees to join the Crusades, but is soon embroiled in tha intrigues of the Crusades leaders) $9.99
Wilhelm, Kate Cold Case (22 years after beautiful Jill Storey was murdered, David Etheridge is accused of both her murder and the recent murder of his own brother who was looking into the crime again) $24.95
Young, Robyn Crusade (Brethren Trilogy Book 2: The Brethren have brokered peace in the Holy Land, but Prince Edward has promised the pope to lead a new crusade) $15.00


Andrews, Donna Cockatiels at Seven (Meg Langslow (9) agrees to babysit her friend Karen's son, and when Karen disappears, Meg once again plays sleuth, this time with a toddler for a sidekick) $23.95
Baker, Sam Deadly Beautiful (Ex-investigative reporter Annie Anderson discovers a dark secret about an American model who has disappeared in Tokyo in the wake of a serial killer, and must investigate) $23.95
Bannister, Jo Closer Still (Brodie Farrell investigates the murder of nasty crook Joe Loomis while taking care of her new baby who has a rare disease that could leave him blind) $24.95
Barnes, Linda Lie Down with the Devil (P.I. Carlotta Carlyle (12) tries to figure out what her fiance Sam Gianelli has done to earn a secret indictment for murder that keeps him out of the country) $24.95
Bell, Nancy Paint the Town Dead (An old love, a new flame, and the murder of a real estate tycoon thrust Judge Jackson Crain (3) in the middle of his most baffling case so far) $23.95
Biddle, Cordelia Francis Deception's Daughter (When the daughter of one of Philadelphia's finest family disappears, Martha Beale (2) and her secret beau Thomas Kelman join forces to trace the heiress) $24.95
Brown, Sandra Smoke Screen (Sizzling tale of corruption and betrayal where friends become foes and criminals become heroes in the ultimate abuse of power) $26.95
Carrington, Tori Working Stiff (While Sofie Metropolis (4) investigates the disappearance of a body from her aunt's funeral home, she is handed a case to prove the innocence of someone on trial for murder) $24.95
Chekhov, Anton A Night in the Cemetery (Collection of Chehov's stories of crime and suspense, translated by Peter Sekirin) $25.00
Cook, Robin Foreign Body (Med student Jennifer Hernandez is shocked to hear that her beloved grandmother has died as a result of a botched surgery in India and she decides to go to India for answers) $25.95
Dibdin, Michael End Games (Aurelio Zen investigates when an advance scout for an American film company disappears in Italy's southern region of Calabria, where he feels like an outsider) $13.95
Doogan, Mike Skeleton Lake (Alaska cop Nik Kane decides to reopen the cold case of the murder of Danny Shirtleff, another Alaska cop killed 20 years ago) $25.95
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Ten Lords A-Leaping (When "Jack" Troutbeck opposes an anti-hunting bill in the House of Lords, she is threatened by animal rights activists, whose campaign of intimidation escalates to murder) $14.95
Finch, Charles The September Society (In 1866, a frantic woman tells detective Charles Lenox (2) her beloved son has vanished from Oxford, and Lenox discovers many bizarre clues pointing to the September Society) $24.95
Garcia-Roza, Luiz Alfredo Blackout (The murder of an anonymous beggar on a cobblestone street in the wealthy precinct of Copacabana haunts Rio de Janeiro Inspector Espinoza (6)) $24.00
Gardner, John No Human Enemy (When a V-1 flying bomb lands on a convent after D-Day, Reservist Suzie Mountford and her boss and secret lover Tommy Livermore are called in to stop a Nazi plot to end the war) $24.95
Grabnesteini, Chris Hell Hole (NJ police officer John Ceepak (4) is confronted with a very personal case as he investigates the alleged suicide of a military corporal just returned from Iraq) $24.95
Haller, Mandasue Shafted (Small-time TV star Larry Logan is reduced to fronting a fake game show that is actually a police sting, and those he has helped imprison want revenge) $8.95
Hogan, Michael Burial of the Dead (When a wealthy woman dies in Hartford, CT, the mystery surrounding her death and estate will determine the payout, impacting Matthew Wyman's mind and world) $25.95
Jardine, Quintin Aftershock (Still reeling from the death of their colleague, DCC Bob Skinner and his men discover a serial killer is at large and very much active) $24.95
Kaminsky, Stuart M. People Who Walk in Darkness (Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov travels to Siberia to investigate a murder at a diamond mine, where he discovers an old secret and an even older personal problem) $23.95
Kellerman, Faye The Mercedes Coffin (Peter Decker investigates a cold case involving the murder of billionaire heiress Genoa Greeves' mentor and a recent case that is eerily similar) $25.95
Koryta, Michael Envy the Night (Frank Temple learns the man who lured his father into a covert career that ended in suicide is returning to Wisconsin and he heads there with vengeance on his mind) $24.95
Lecard, Marc Tiny Little Troubles (An eccentric thug attempts to extort a brilliant scientist over a bit of nano-technology but things don't go as planned and everybody ends up with lots of tiny little troubles) $24.95
Lenoir/Cabesos The Angel's Promise (A young archeologist uncovers the secrets of an ancient French monastery only to discover that its bizarre murderous history is repeating itself in the present) $15.95
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter in the Dark (Dexter (3) discovers that his Dark Passenger has left him, and he must save himself from an adversary more sinister than anything he has ever faced without his muse) $13.95
McInerny, Ralph Ash Wednesday (Father Dowling (27) faces a moral dilemma when a man convicted of murdering his wife who was dying of cancer returns to the parish and his presence divides parishioners) $24.95
Mogg, Ken The Alfred Hitchcock Story (Illustrated work on the career of Alfred Hitchcock covering film, television, and even toys) $35.00
Molina, Antonio Munoz A Manuscript of Ashes (In the late 60's, Minaya, a university student in Madrid, travels to his uncle's country estate and tries to unravel the murder of his uncle's fiance 30 years previous) $25.00
Oates, Joyce Carol The Museum of Dr. Moses (Collection of tales of mystery and suspense) $14.00
Penzler, Otto-ed. Uncertain Endings (Collection of the world's greatest unsolved mystery stories) $14.95
Ramsay, Frederick Buffalo Mountain (Sheriff Ike Schwartz (3) is surprised when a KGB agent turns up dead in his sleepy valley and Ike's CIA past comes back to haunt him) $14.95
Ramsay, Frederick Stranger Room (Elderly Jonathan Lydell is restoring his Virginia mansion to its antibellum configuration when a murder occurs in the locked "stranger room", and he must find the killer, and his proud family history may hold the key) $24.95
Rendell, Ruth The Water's Lovely (For 9 years Ismay has suspected Heather has something to do with their stepfather's death in a bathtub, and now Ismay's repressed memories are surfacing) $13.95
Rhoades, J.D. Breaking Cover (Tony Wolf was the most talented undercover FBI agent in history until he disappeared, and now that he has surfaced he is the number one target of both a biker gang and the FBI) $24.95
Robotham, Michael The Sleep of Reason (Psychologist Joe O'Loughlin (2) tries to prevent a suicide and finds himself locked in a duel with a very clever killer) $24.95
Rotter, Gabe Duck Duck Wally (Wally Moscowitz is an overweight, Jewish thirty-something who is also the genius behind rapper Oral B, and he must protect his identity at all cost, including murder) $12.00
Royal, Priscilla Forsaken Soul (In 1273 England, Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal Priory investigates when Martin the Cooper is poisoned at the local inn, and bodies multiply and suspects disappear) $24.95
Royal, Priscilla Justice for the Damned (In 1272, Prioress Eleanor (4), recovering from a near-fatal fever, visits her aunt at Amesbury Priory, but her recovery is interrupted when a man is decapitated near the river) $14.95
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle's Prey (Roman Britain 44 A.D.; Macro and Cato (5) and the Second Legion are guarding a group of trapped natives, and when they escape they become fugitives pursued by their own ruthless army) $14.95
Skibbins, David The Hanged Man (Feisty paraplegic hacker Sally McLaughlin and her lover, sarcastic tarot reader Warren Ritter (4) set out to save her friend who has been wrongly accused of murder by SF cops) $23.95
Steinhauer, Olen Victory Square (Militia Chief Emil Brod's arrest in the 1940's of a revolutionary leader comes full circle in the 1980's as he nears retirement and realizes that it could get him killed) $13.95
Wall, Carolyn D. Sweeping Up Glass (During the coldest winter on record in 1938 Kentucky, Olivia and Will'm must figure out why the hunters of wolves on her strip of mountain have turned their sights on them, too) $24.95
Wright, Edward Damnation Falls (Randall Wilkes returns to Tennessee to write the bio of former governor Sonny McMahan, and when people in McMahan's family are murdered Randall investigates) $24.95

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