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Newsletter #81 March - May, 2008


[PBO means Paperback Original]


Abbott, Megan-ed. A Hell of a Woman (Anthology of female noir) $18.00
Arsenault, Mark Speak Ill of the Living (A reporter chases after the story of a banker supposedly murdered by car jackers who turns up alive, and when someone starts killing off his sources the stakes rise) $14.95
Block, Lawrence Eight Million Ways to Die (25th anniversary edition, with afterword by the author) $19.95
Coleman, Reed Farrell Redemption Street (P.I. Moe Prager is out of his element in the Borscht Belt looking for truth behind a decades old fire that killed seventeen, but a cast of locals prefer the past stays silent) $13.00
Coles, Manning Drink to Yesterday (Classic reprint '40; first of series involving British agent Tommy Hambledon during WW II) $14.95
Coles, Manning A Toast to Tomorrow (Classic reprint '41; second in series) $14.95
Collins, Max Allan CSI: Mortal Wounds (Omnibus of Double Dealer , Sin City , and Cold Burn ) $17.95
Cutler, Judith The Keeper of Secrets (In 1810 a young parson takes over a small parish, is befriended by the local doctor, and soon the 2 of them are investigating a series of crimes in the little hamlet; British import) $25.95
Dallas, Sandra Tallgrass (During WW II, a Japanese internment camp is set up in a small Colorado town; when a young girl is murdered, suspicions turn to the newcomers) $13.95
Doetsch, Richard The Thieves of Faith (A master thief goes after a religious artifact in a secret vault under the Kremlin) $6.99
Doyle, Gerry From the Depths (A forensic scientist with the CIA joins some Navy SEALs to investigate a North Korean submarine that was trying to defect, but the entire crew ended up dead in various dreadful ways) $23.95
Fairstein, Linda Bad Blood (A deadly explosion in the New York City water supply leads to ancient rivalries and homicidal secrets) $9.99
Fender, J. E. Audacity, Privateer Out of Portsmonth (Fourth in saga of Captain Geoffrey Frost of Hew Hampshire during the American Revolution) $14.95
Gott, Robert A Thing of Blood (A William Power mystery, set in Australia during WW II) $19.95
Griffin, W.E.B. The Hunters (Two brutal murders and millions of missing dollars lead Presidential Agent Charley Castillo and his team (3) to Uruguay where the man they seek is murdered before their eyes) $9.99
Grimes, Martha Dust (Richard Jury (21) investigates the murder of a wealthy patron of London's finest art galleries) $9.99
Hammond, William C. A Matter of Honor (First of a maritime adventure series during the American Revolution; local author) $26.95
Hansen, Jim Michael Deadly Laws (A third-year law student receives a chilling call; a stranger has selected her to try to rescue a woman he has abducted, and if she fails he will kill the woman) $13.95
Herren, Greg Murder in the Rue Chartres (P.I. Chanse MacLeod returns to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, find that his last client was murdered the night after she hired him) $14.95
Hooper, Kay Blood Dreams (Bishop (10) and his FBI Special Crimes Unit goes after a serial killer who has just killed a senator's daughter) $25.00
Huston, Charlie Half the Blood in Brooklyn (Hard-boiled P.I. Joe Pitt (3) is a vampire who has to work for the New York City vampire clans) $13.95
Lake, Deryn Death and the Cornish Fiddler (John Rawlings (11) investigates when a child disappears and a courtesan is murdered in 1767; British import) $9.95
Mann, Jessica The Mystery Writer (In 1940, British children were evacuated to Canada and the U.S., but the SS City of Benares was torpedoed by a German U-boat; this book is based on that incident; British import) $9.95
May, Peter The Killing Room (When the bodies of 18 women are discovered in a mass grave in Shanghai, detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell track a monster of inhuman capacity) $24.95
McCarry, Charles The Miernik Dossier (Classic espionage reprint) $13.95
McEvoy, John Riders Down (Matt O'Connor, a Chicago-based columnist for a national racing newspaper, investigates the death of 92-year old Bernard Glockner, Chicago's oldest bookie) $14.95
Michaels, Kasey Bowled Over (Romance-mystery cross-over; Maggie Kelly (6) takes Alex home to meet her parents, just as her dad is taken away in handcuffs, suspected of killing his bowling buddy) $14.00
Miyabe, Miyuki Crossfire (A young Tokyo woman has the power to start fires with her willpower, and uses it as a vigilante to bring violent criminals to justice; but she's finding it increasingly difficult to control her power of life and death, and her crusade is drawing attention; translated from Japanese) $11.95
Miyabe, Miyuki The Devil's Whisper (Winner, Japanese mystery award; translated) $24.95
Moore, Christopher G. The Risk of Infidelity Index (First U.S. publication of the beginning of an award-winning series of mysteries featuring a disbarred American lawyer as a P.I. in Bangkok) $22.00
Myers, Beverle Graves Cruel Music (In 1740, Tito Amato (3) is in Rome singing for Cardinal Fabiana when a beautiful corpse is discovered in the cardinal's garden and Tito investigates) $14.95
Olsen, E. J./Hocking, John C.-ed. Detroit Noir (16 original stories) $14.95
Palmer, Stuart The Penguin Pool Murder (Classic reprint '31; first Hildegarde Withers) $14.95
Patterson, James/Paetro, Maxine The 6th Target (Children of wealthy families are being abducted with their nannies, but no ransom demands follow) $14.99
Penzler, Otto-ed. The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps (Massive trade paperback collection of crime stories from the '20s, '30s, and '40s, with original art work) $25.00
Phelps, M. William Because You Love Me (True story of teenager Nicole Dominico and her boyfriend Billy Sullivan, who brutally slayed Nicole's mother for trying to keep them apart) $6.99
Pronzini, Bill Snowbound/Games (Reprint of 2 novels from the '70s, with introductions by Marcia Muller and Robert J. Randisi, and a bibliography) $14.95
Riggs, Cynthia Deadly Nightshade/The Cranefly Orchid Murders (Reprint of 2 Martha's Vineyard mystery novels) $16.95
Ripley, Mike Angel's Share ("Criminally comic"; Roy Angel is learning to be a P.I., but hasn't gotten used to the idea of showing up for work every day; British import) $9.95
Schweizer, Mark The Bass Wore Scales (Hayden Konig (5), detective & choir director, has more humorous adventures as he tries to become a mystery writer) $12.95
Schweizer, Mark The Mezzo Wore Mink (Hayden Konig (6)has to deal with 2 murders, an election, a Christian nudist camp, and a performance of The Living Gobbler ) $12.95
Sciascia, Leonardo The Day of the Owl , Equal Danger (Crime novels set in Sicily, translated from Italian) $12.95 each
Sheedy, E. C. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Romantic suspense) $14.00
Stockwin, Julian Command (Kydd (7) must race the clock to make Teazer battle-ready to defend Malta against Barbary pirates and the French) $14.00
Swain, James Midnight Rambler (While seeking evidence against a killer who is about to be released from prison early, ex-cop Jack Carpenter uncovers a group of men who kidnap and kill young women) $24.95
Whyte, Jack Standard of Honor (Book 2 of the Templar Trilogy, starts in 1187) $25.95
Wright, Nina Whiskey Straight Up (Humorous mystery involving an ice fishing jamboree) $13.95
Wright, Nina Whiskey and Tonic (Whiskey Mattimoe (2), full-time real estate agent, part-time sleuth, and long-suffering owner of a felonious Afghan hound, does some sleuthing at the Miss Blossom pageant) $13.95
Zaroulis, Nancy The Poe Papers (Reprint; "A nightmare of sex, murder, and madness") $13.95


Ashley, Mike-ed. The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Whodunnits (Collection of over 30 stories of murder from the world of Charles Dickens) $13.99
Brand, Max Masquerade: Ten Crime Stories (edited by William F. Nolan) $19.00
Eberhart, Mignon G. Dead Yesterday (Previously uncollected short stories) $20.00
McCarthy, Keith The Rest is Silence (The latest in pathologist Keith McCathy's popular CSI-style crime novels) $25.99
Satterthwait, Walter The Mankiller of Poojegai (Short story collection, from a Neanderthal sleuth up to the present day) $17.00
Wilson, Derek Unquiet Spirit (A suicide victim's ghost is haunting F staircase in St. Thomas's College, Cambridge, and the investigation indicates the boy may not have been a suicide after all) $15.99


Adler, David Cam Jansen and the Secret Service Mystery (YA: Cam Jansen (26) investigates when a loud bang disrupts the governor's visit to her school) $3.99
Aird, Catherine Henrietta Who? (Classic reprint '68; murder in an English village featuring Detective Inspector C. D. Sloan (2)) $14.95
Amscombe, Roderick Virgin Lies (After a young girl disappears, forensic psychiatrist Paul Lucas (2) is called to evaluate the testimony of the only witness, a schizophrenic woman) $6.99
Anthony, Mark Reasonable Doubt (" exhilarating (African American) urban Bonnie and Clyde tale"; trade PBO) $14.95
Archer, Jeffrey A Prisoner of Birth (A London East End garage mechanic is arrested for murder and put away thanks to the testimony of a West End barrister, and he plans his escape from prison and revenge) $27.95
Atwell, Sarah Through a Glass, Deadly (Tucson glassblower Emmeline Dowell investigates when her friend Alison McBride's husband turns up dead in Em's studio; PBO) $6.99
Axler, James Death Lands #81: Desert Kings (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.99
Baker, Deb Dolly Departed (When doll restoration artist Gretchen Birch (3) finds the owner of a dollhouse shop murdered, she's in the thick of the investigation; PBO) $6.99
Barron, Stephanie A Flaw in the Blood (Windsor Castle, 1861; Queen Victoria's troubled court and a secret so dangerous it could topple thrones) $24.00
Black, Benjamin (aka John Banville) The Silver Swan (Dublin pathologist Quirke (2) agrees to help a friend investigate the dubious suicide of his wife, and as he probes into the death he discovers many things that might better have remained hidden; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.00
Black/Kahn/MacGregor The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Omnibus edition of the first three Indiana Jones novels) $18.00
Bodman, Karna Small Checkmate (When a young scientist invents a breakthrough technology to defend against cruise missles, foreign agents plot to steal it, or eliminate its creator) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys In Dublin's Fair City (Molly Murphy (6) sets sail for Ireland, but before the ship lands Broadway's leading actress goes missing and her maid is found dead in her cabin) $6.99
Brightwell, Gerri The Dark Lantern (A Victorian London home is filled with secrets, intrigue and dangerous deception) $24.95
Britton, Andrew The Invisible (Super-charged, high-octane international adventure ) $24.00
Cerasini, Marc 24 Declassified: Collateral Damage (TV Tie-in; PBO) $6.99
Chercover, Sean Big City, Bad Blood (P.I. Ray Dudgeon agrees to protect a witness against the Chicago mob, when people start dying and he discovers a stash of blackmail files involving the sex trade) $7.99
Child, Lincoln Deep Storm (Dr. Peter Crane is sent to the North Atlantic to diagnose a strange illness on an oil platform, but discovers something more sinister two miles beneath the surface) $7.99
Childs, Laura Dragonwell Dead (Theodosia Browning (8) is enjoying Charleston's Spring Plantation Ramble when the winning bidder for a rare orchid drops dead and she suspects foul play) $7.99
Childs, Laura Silver Needle Murder (Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning investigates when a famous director is murdered at the Charleston Film Festival) $23.95
Conant-Park, J./Conant, S. Simmer Down (After a trendy club owner is bludgeoned with a food processor, Gourmet Girl Chloe Carter (2) finds a long list of suspects) $7.99
Conant-Park, J./Conant, S. Turn Up the Heat (Chloe Carter (3) investigates when an abrasive waitress at her boyfriend's new restaurant turns up dead in a fish truck) $23.95
Cortez, Donn CSI: Miami: Cut and Run (Working on several crimes, the CSI: Miami team is caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue that reaches to Castro's Cuba; PBO) $7.99
Crier, Catherine Final Analysis (Non-fiction; engrossing examination of the gruesome murder of Felix Polk by his wife in October 2002) $7.99
Cussler, C./Dirgo, C. Sacred Stone (Mass market reprint; Juan Cabrillo, the Oregon Files) $9.99
Cutler, Judith Cold Pursuit (Chief Superintendent Frances Harman postpones her retirement to look into a recent spate of minor assaults in the Kent area that are escalating into serious sexual assaults) $11.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Traitor (When the front man of a hostile takeover attempt of Emma Lord's (20) newspaper is found murdered, Emma herself is the prime suspect and she must find the real killer to clear her name) $23.95
Dahl, K.O. The Fourth Man (Detective Inspector Frank Frolich of the Oslo Police has an affair with the sister of a wanted criminal, and in a complex turn of events ends up prime suspect in a murder) $22.95
Dennison, Hannah A Vicky Hill Exclusive! (In the sleepy English town of Gipping-on-Plym, bumbling investigative journalist Vicky Hill looks into the unusual death of a hedge-jumping enthusiast; PBO) $6.99
Donachie, David A Flag of Truce (Against the background of the ongoing siege of Toulon, John Pearce retaliates against the man who originally pressed him into the Navy by having an affair with his wife) $25.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Red Hot Rage (Temple Barr and tomcat PI Midnight Louie go undercover at the Red Hat Convention to clear a friend of the murder of a fellow conventioneer) $6.99
Downie, Ruth Medicus (After saving a slave from her abusive owner, Roman Legion doctor Gaius Petreius Ruso seeking his fortune in Britannia, is caught in the middle of an investigation into the deaths of prostitutes) $14.95
Drake, Nick Nefertiti (In ancient Egypt, when Nefertiti vanishes, Rai Rahotep, a detective from Thebes with a pioneering interest in forensics, is assigned to find her, and he dies if he fails) $13.95
Farmer, Jerrilyn Desperately Seeking Sushi (Madeline Bean is trying to buy an old building in Hollywood, but she has mean competition, and when the owner turns up dead, she investigates) $23.95
Fesperman, Dan The Amateur Spy (A retired humanitarian aid worker is blackmailed into spying on an old Palestinian friend in Jordan and is quickly in over his head) $23.95
Fielding, Joy Heartstopper (A serial killer preys on teenage girls in a small Florida town, and Sandy Crosbie, mother of two teenage girls, helps a down-on-his-luck sheriff track the killer) $9.99
Finder, Joseph Power Play (At an isolated retreat for a troubled company, a band of armed intruders attack, and Junior Executive Jake Landry may be their only hope) $7.99
Fleming, Julia Spencer All Mortal Flesh (After Russ Van Alstyne's wife kicks him out, a neighbor pays a visit to her and finds her body, gruesomely butchered on the kitchen floor) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Carrot Cake Murder (Hannah Swenson is helping her friend Lisa with her family reunion, when Lisa's long-lost uncle Gus is found murdered with two pieces of carrot cake by his side) $22.00
Flynn, Kevin Relentless Pursuit (Non-fiction; the brutal 1993 murder of a mother and daughter in Washington DC told by the federal homicide prosecutor) $7.99
Ford, Jeffrey The Shadow Year (Three kids on Long Island investigate the disappearance of a neighborhood boy and make a discovery that will throw a shadow across their lives forever) $25.95
Franks, Lucinda My Father's Secret War (A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist's haunting memoir about her father and the shocking wartime secrets he kept for a lifetime) $14.95
Franscell, Ron The Darkest Night (Non-fiction; the 1973 kidnapping of two girls thrown off a bridge near Casper, Wyoming) $6.99
Frey, Stephen The Successor (When the leader of Cuba dies, Christian Gillette is asked by the president to size up the possibilities for a capitalistic revolution, but he has enemies in high places; series finale) $7.99
Gaffney, Ed Enemy Combatant (A lawyer is thrust into the national spotlight and his own personal hell when he is forced to defend a terrorist; PBO) $6.99
Gomez-Jurado, Juan God's Spy (A serial killer is on the loose in the Vatican, and Police Inspector Paola Dicanti enlists the help of a charismatic American priest to assist her in finding the killer) $14.00
Gross, Andrew The Dark Tide (Karen Friedman must unravel the secrets of her dead husband's past when two men show up wanting huge sums of money from his investment business that she knew nothing about) $25.95
Gruber, Michael The Book of Air and Shadows (A bookbinder and her colleague discover clues to what may be an undiscovered play by Shakespeare, and they discover it is a secret some are willing to kill for) $14.95
Halliday, Gemma Alibi in High Heels (Shoe designer Maddie Springer (4) jets off to Paris for a fashion show, but when a model is found dead on the runway stabbed with a stiletto heel Maddie becomes the prime suspect; PBO) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (Reprint: Real estate agent Aurora Teagarden (3) investigates when corpses start showing up where she is showing properties) $7.99
Henry, Sue The Refuge (Maxie McNabb (3) and her miniature dachshund Stretch are in Hawaii to help her friend Karen pack up her house, but soon discovers Karen has something to hide) $6.99
Hess, Joan Damsels in Distress (Claire Malloy finds herself in the middle of a Renaissance fair gone murderously wrong) $6.99
Hoag, Tami The Alibi Man (When former undercover cop Elena Estes finds the body of a friend, murdered and dumped in a Palm Beach canal, she is drawn again into a painful vortex she thought she had left behind) $7.99
Hughes, Declan The Color of Blood (Dublin Private Investigator Ed Loy (2) searches for a killer among a well-known Irish family of doctors) $7.99
Hughes, Declan The Price of Blood (A missing-persons case draws Irish P.I. Ed Loy (3) into the shady and deadly underworld of horse racing) $24.95
Iggulden, Conn Genghis: Wolf of the Plains (Historical fiction chronicling the rise of Genghis Kahn) $6.99
Jackson, Lisa Absolute Fear (A serial killer is stalking the streets of New Orleans, and a troubled young woman finds the key to the mystery in a decaying hospital which may lead the killer to her) $7.99
Jecks, Michael Dispensation of Death (In 1325 England, When two of Edward II's court are hideously slaughtered, Sir Baldwin de Furnsill and his friend, Bailiff Simon Puttock are called on to find the killer) $9.95
Johnson, Craig Another Man's Moccasins (Walt Longmire (4) investigates when a Vietnamese woman is found murdered by the interstate, and the case brings back memories of his time in Vietnam) $23.95
Johnson, Craig Kindness Goes Unpunished (Sheriff Walt Longmire's (3) vacation to visit his daughtter in Phildelphia turns into a nightmare when she is attacked and lies near-death while Walt investigates) $14.00
Johnstone, William W. Anarchy in the Ashes (Reprint: Third book in the explosive Ashes series) $5.99
Joss, Morag The Night Following (Distracted by the knowledge that her husband is having an affair, a woman accidentally hits and kills a bicyclist and drives away, starting a journey into emotional darkness) $22.00
Kadare, Ismail The Successor (When the man who was to take power in Albania at the death of the dictator is shot, the State maintains he committed suicide but the rest of the world wonders) $13.99
Kalla, Daniel Blood Lies (Part-time crime scene consultant for the Seattle PD walks into a crime scene where the victim is his former fiance, and a DNA match makes him the prime suspect) $7.99
Kane, Andrea Dark Room (When new evidence overturns the conviction of the man accused of her parents' murders, Morgan Winter hires P.I. Peter Montgomery to find the real killer) $7.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Obsession (Alex Delaware (21) is investigating the deathbed murder confession of an elderly woman when a new murder opens a terrifying tunnel into the past) $9.99
King, Christine Wreckers' Key (In the wake of a friend's tragic death, Florida salvage ship skipper Seychelle Sullivan (4) suspects that wreckers are causing yachts to crash onto the reefs) $6.99
Lange, John (aka Michael Crichton) Zero Cool (Reprint '69; Dr. Peter Ross, an American radiologist vacationing in Spain, finds himself caught up in a deadly search for a centuries-old treasure) $6.99
Levien, David City of the Sun (14 months after their son disappears in Indianapolis, his parents hire P.I. Frank Behr, an enigmatic mountain of a man, to find him) $24.95
Lippman, Laura Another Thing to Fall (Tess Monaghan must find a killer even as Baltimore is distracted by a Hollywood crew shooting a film, and she must look beyond the smiling facades to find the truth; signing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, March 29, noon to 1 pm) $24.95
Lippman, Laura What the Dead Know (30 years after two sisters disappeared, a hit-and-run victim claims to be one of the girls, and the only person who dares to be skeptical searches for the truth; Quill and Anthony Awards; some signed 1st printing hardcovers available) $7.99
Loomis, Greg The Sinai Secret (Two scientist working for Lang Reilly's foundation are murdered in Atlanta and Amsterdam and it sets him on a worldwide chase to uncover secrets that could upset the balance of power in the Middle East; PBO) $7.99
Martin, Nancy A Crazy Little Thing Called Death (Nora Blackbird (6) has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of New Jersey's most notorious mobster, if he can survive the Blackbird Curse) $6.99
Martin, Nancy Murder Melts in Your Mouth (A noted Philly philanthropist takes a swan dive from an office balcony, and Nora Blackbird's (7) best friend Lexie stands accused of the murder) $22.95
Martinez, Michele Notorious (About to bring a famous rap star to trial for murder, federal prosecutor Melanie Martinez becomes the sole witness when a car bomb kills the rapper's lawyer) $24.95
Matar, Hisham In the Country of Men (In 1979 Libya, a 9-year old boy sees his father in a place he wasn't supposed to and is soon caught up in a world of grave danger and sinister questions) $12.00
McCarry, Charles The Better Angels (Reprint '79; Islamic terrorists led by an Arab prince try to acquire nuclear weapons while an election takes place in a deeply polarized America) $25.95
McGrory, Brian Strangled (Reporter Jack Flynn (4) investigates when it appears that the Boston Strangler has returned and is caught between the threats of a madman and uncooperative police) $7.99
Meyer, Deon Devil's Peak (Cape Town Inspector Benny Griessel investigates when a man decides to take justice into his own hands after a gruesome child abuse case hits the newsstands) $24.99
Mooney, Chris The Missing (A female police officer discovers that the serial killer she is tracking is a chilling presence from her past and she is next on his list) $7.99
Newton, Charlie Calumet City (Chicago cop Patti Black is plagued by memories of the horrifying abuse she suffered as a child, and must face her demons when a series of crimes points in her direction) $14.00
Parker, Robert B. High Profile (Paradise Massachusetts police chief Jesse Stone (6) investigates the shocking double murder of a radio talk show host & his pregnant mistress) $9.99
Patterson, James The 5th Horseman (Reprint) $9.99
Pearson, Ridley Steel Trapp: The Challenge (14-year old Steven "Steel" Trapp is on a train journey when he becomes embroiled in an ingenious international kidnapping plot that may have links to terrorists) $16.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #119: Patriot Play (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner #352: Killing Trade (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Penney, Stef The Tenderness of Wolves (In the isolated 19th-century settlement of Dove River, Canada, a man is murdered, a 17-year old boy disappears into the wilderness, and his mother searches for him) $15.00
Phelps, M. William If Looks Could Kill (Non-fiction; Cynthia Rohr-George, a stunning socialite and beauty queen, who was convicted of a brutal murder) $6.99
Pinter, Jason The Guilty (Young NYC journalist Henry Parker (2) investigates when two highly controversial victims are assassinated and his search leads him into the twisted world of The Boy, an infamous outlaw; PBO) $7.99
Pollerim, Rhonda Knock 'Em Dead (Paralegal Finley Tanner (2) gets involved in another hilarious mix of sex, shopping, and a little light murder) $19.95
Price, Richard Lush Life (Eric tends a restaurant-bar on the Lower East Side of New York, dealing with a past where his best friend Ike was murdered by his side by a pair of street toughs) $26.00
Ripley, W.L. Pressing the Bet (While Cole Springer (2) is looking for his missing best friend, an LA grafter and a Denver mob soldier have teamed up to blackmail him) $7.99
Rizer, Fran Hey Diddle Diddle, the Corpse and the Fiddle (Mortuary cosmetologist Callie Parrish (2) goes to a bluegrass festival on Surcie Island, and when a fiddler turns up dead, she investigates; PBO) $6.99
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Revenge of the Innocents (Probation officer Carolyn Sullivan (4) knows her friend Virginia would not have committed suicide, and is drawn into a dark world of abuse as she investigates) $7.99
Rosett, Sara Staying Home is a Killer (Air Force wife and professional organizer Ellie Avery (2) investigates the murder of a fellow military wife) $6.99
Rowland, Laura Joh The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte (In Victorian England, Charlotte Bronte goes to London to clear her name from a false accusation of plagiarism, and witnesses a murder which causes her to confront her past) $24.95
Runyon, Damon Guys and Dolls and Other Stories $17.00
Sansom, C. J. Sovereign (Matthew Shardlake (3) and his assistant Jack Barak are embroiled in royal intrigue when a plot to assassinate the king is uncovered in York) $15.00
Short, Sharon Tie Dyed and Dead (Sixth in the Stain-Busting mystery series featuring small-town laundromat owner and amateur sleuth Josie Toadfern; PBO) $6.99
Sorrells, Walter The Silent Room (YA: After Oz's father dies and his mother marries a brutal man, he is framed for drug possession and sent to a vicious school where he uncovers a dark truth) $7.99
Stevens, Amanda The Devil's Footprints (14 years after her teenage sister was murdered, Sarah DeLaune is plunged into a nightmare of self-doubt when her dying father accuses her of the murder; PBO) $6.99
Thomas, Steven M. Criminal Paradise (A good-hearted thief finds a photograph of a young girl in a safe that haunts him and he goes on a wild and darkly hilarious path to redemption) $24.95
Watson, Colin Coffin, Scarcely Used (Classic reprint '58; eminent citizens of cozy Flaxborough are getting bumped off and the imperturbable D. I. Purbright investigates) $14.95
Westlake, Donald E. What's So Funny? (John Dortmunder and his gang set out on a search for a long-lost jewel and gold-encrusted chess set once intended as a birthday present for the last Romanov czar) $7.99
White, Randy Wayne Hunter's Moon (Terminally ill former President Wilson uses Doc Ford to seek revenge after his wife was killed in a plane crash that he is sure was not an accident) $9.99
White, Stephen Dead Time (Psychologist Alan Gregory agrees to help his ex-wife find the missing surrogate mother of her soon-to-be-born child and he is pulled into a mystery that reaches back years) $25.95
White, Stephen Dry Ice (Psychopath Michael McClelland escapes from a mental hospital to exact revenge against those responsible for his confinement, including psychologist Alan Gregory and his family) $9.99


Amory, Vivian Follow the Sun (Katherine Barnard (1) is a white lesbian P.I. in dangerous and dynamic South Africa) $13.95
Baker, Arno Operation Neptune: The Secret Attack on New York (A young FBI agent discovers a secret offensive by Mussolini weeks before Pearl Harbor; takes his case all the way to Hoover and Roosevelt) $15.00
Black, Cara Murder in the Rue de Paradis (Aimee Leduc investigates when the man of her dreams is murdered and the trail leads to a sleeper jihadist) $24.00
Black, Cara Murder on the Ile Saint-louis (Aimee Leduc must solve two murders while caring for an abandoned infant) $12.00
Bowen, Rhys Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (It's a snowy winter in early 20th c. NYC when P.I. Molly Murphy (7) and her beau police captain Daniel Sullivan stumble upon an unconscious woman who cannot speak, and Molly investigates) $23.95
Bruen, Ken Cross (Jack Taylor (5) investigates the crucifixion of a boy in Galway, taking him to many of his old haunts where he must hunt down a killer and administer his own brand of justice) $23.95
Carr, Alex The Prince of Bagram Prison (Arabic specialist and Army Intelligence reservist Katherine Caldwell is called to track down an 18-year old boy on the run after claiming to see a terrorist) $13.95
Carr, John Dickson The Crooked Hinge (Classic reprint '38; an audacious and perplexing British puzzle for Dr. Gideon Fell (9)) $14.95
Carr, John Dickson The Judas Widow (aka The Crossbow Murder ; classic reprint '38; one of the great locked-room mysteries featuring Sir Henry Merrivale (8)) $14.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Where Are You Now (New lawyer Carolyn MacKenzie investigates her brother's sudden disappearance 10 years ago, and is drawn into a strange world of people who choose to disappear from their lives) $25.95
Downie, Ruth Terra Incognita (Army doctor: Gaius Petreius Ruso (2) takes a posting at the far edges of Britannia and is drawn into a murder investigation and his slave's former lover is the prime suspect) $23.95
Fairstein, Linda Killer Heat (Assistant DA Alex Cooper confronts a serial killer whose deadly exploits lead her through the little-known islands surrounding Manhattan) $26.00
Fielding, Joy Charley's Web (Writer Charley Webb receives a letter from a woman on death row for killing her children, and her foray into the mind of the killer brings her family into jeopardy) $24.95
Floyd, Bill The Killer's Wife (Six years after her husband is sentenced to death as a serial killer, Leigh Wren's life is shattered again when the father of one of his victims begins stalking her) $23.95
Hunt, James Patrick Goodbye Sister Disco (St. Louis police detective George Hastings (2) is on the case when the daughter of a wealthy businessman is kidnapped and her boyfriend is killed) $23.95
Kellogg, Marne Davis Friends in High Places (Jewel thief Kick Keswick is trying to live a life of retirement when an old enemy in disguise resurfaces threatening to reveal her past and ruin her former employer, Ballantine & Co. Auctioneers) $13.95
Kirton, Bill Rough Justice (Detective Chief Inspector Carston (2) investigates when Floyd Donnelly's body is discovered outside the only nightclub in Cairnburgh) $13.95
Lake, Deryn Death in Hellfire (John Rawlings (3) goes undercover to investigate the Hellfire Club, befriending Sir Francis Dashwood and finding an evil element to the Club's activities) $25.95
Latour, Jose Hidden in Havana (A blind man in New York knows where a fortune is hidden in Havana, and sends a buddy to retrieve it, but when a murder occurs Captain Felix Trujillo hunts the treasure hunters) $23.95
Lecard, Marc Vinnie's Head (While out fishing, small time Long Island criminal Johnnie LoDuco reels in the head of his friend Vinnie, but he misplaces it, and runs afoul of the mafia, bounty hunters, and Vinnie's girlfriend, who all badly want it) $13.95
Lerner, Eric Pinkerton's Secret (Novel of the Civil War era's legendary private eye, recounting historic events and his clandestine love affair with his partner) $25.00
Marston, Edward Soldier of Fortune (First in a series of adventure novels featuring Captain Rawson - spy, linguist, sportsman, duellist, ladies man, and career soldier in 1685) $25.95
Marston, Edward The Painted Lady (When Lady Araminta Jewell's husband is murdered, architect Christopher Redmayne joins forces with puritan Constable Jonathan Bale to find the killer) $11.95
McEvoy, John Close Call (Jack Doyle is hired as publicity director of a Chicago race track whose owner Celia McCann is under pressure from the mob to sell the valuable property) $24.95
Myers, Beverle Graves The Iron Tongue of Midnight (In 1740, singer Tito Amato (4) is rehearsing a new opera in secret at an isolated villa when a stranger is beaten to death with a clock pendulum and Tito investigates) $24.95
Nesser, Hakan The Return (Chief Inspector Van Veeteren investigates the murder of a star sprinter convicted for murdering two of his ex-lovers on the day he is released from prison) $13.95
Patterson, James The Final Warning (Maximum Ride has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her and maybe save the planet while she is at it) $20.00
Penny, Louise The Cruelest Month (The cozy town of Three Pines is thrown into chaos when an impromptu seance turns deadly at Easter, and Quebec C.I. Armand Gamache confronts baffling questions and is hindered by the killer and his own team) $23.95
Rice, Christopher Blind Fall (Disgraced former marine John Houck catches his captain's lover running from a horrific murder scene at the captain's house. and they must rely on each other to solve the crime) $26.00
Saums, Mary Mighty Old Bones (When a thunderstorm knocks down a tree in Mrs. Thistle's backyard revealing a skeleton, she and Mrs. Twigg (2) find themselves in the midst of strange happenings in Tullulah, Alabama) $23.95
Saylor, Steven Roma (Epic novel of ancient Rome as seen through the triumphs & tragedies of two ancient families including the major events & turning points of history) $15.95
Sheehan, James The Law of Second Chances (Trial lawyer Jack Tobin juggles two cases of men on death row, convinced that both men are innocent, while he deals with the impending death of his wife) $24.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Good Husband of Zebra Drive (Precious Ramotswe (8) investigates a series of unexplained deaths at the local hospital and encounters other tricky mysteries along the way) $12.95
Stone, David The Orpheaus Deception (An assassination attempt on the rainy streets of Venice sets CIA agent Micah Dalton on a collision course with a vengeful Serbian warlord) $25.95
White, Randy Wayne Black Widow (Doc Ford (15) vows revenge when a woman blackmails his goddaughter with a video of her wild bachelorette party; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Wilson, Andrew The Lying Tongue (Adam Woods, in Venice as assistant to expatriate novelist Gordon Crace, finds enough scandalous material for a literary biography, but Crace has other ideas) $14.00


Abrahams, Peter Delusion (20 years ago, Nell Jarreau's testimony put her lover's murderer behind bars, but now he has been exonerated and she searches for the truth) $24.95
Abrahams, Peter Into the Dark (YA: An Echo Falls Mystery; When 13-year old super-sleuth Ingrid Levin-Hill (3) stumbles onto a body while snowshoeing it sends Echo Falls into a tailspin, and Gramy goes to jail) $15.99
Abrahams, Peter Nerve Damage (A husband searches for secrets behind his wife's death) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Nightshade (Herb shop owner and caterer China Bayles gets involved against her will in her half-brother's investigation of their father's death and discovers that he is hiding many secrets) $23.95
Albert, Susan Wittig Spanish Dagger (While harvesting yucca plants to make paper, China Bayles finds a body, and it seems that the simple lives of many residents of Pecan Springs hide complex and dangerous pasts) $7.99
Baldacci, David Simple Genius (While Michelle Maxwell lies unconscious in a hospital, Sean King is forced to investigate the murder of a scientist inside the CIA complex near Williamsburg, VA) $9.99
Baldacci, David The Whole Truth (The lives of a defense contractor CEO, two men he has hired to perception manage his company, and a journalist collide in a series of events that could change the world) $26.99
Barbero, Alessandro The Day of the Barbarians (Non-fiction; account of the battle at Andianople in 378 AD which led to the fall of the Roman Empire) $14.95
Barrett, Lorna Murder is Binding (New resident to Stoneham, NH Tricia Miles opens up a mystery bookstore, and when another bookstore owner is found murdered she becomes the prime suspect and investigates; PBO) $6.99
Benson, Raymond A Hard Day's Death (When rock star Peter Flame is found hanging, it's up to Spike Berenger to sort through the colorful music industry types to find the killer) $7.99
Black, Michael A. Random Victim (Chicago Sergeant Frank Leal on a task force investigating a high-profile murder, has to find the killers while dealing with a dirty cop on the take) $7.99
Bloch, Robert Shooting Star/Spiderweb (Two complete novels in one paperback edition by the author of Psycho) $7.99
Booth, Stephen The Dead Place (Detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry investigate Derbyshire's first case of bodysnatching and the taunts of a murderer) $7.50
Brady/Crowley/Deters Saving Grace (Non-fiction; a woman desperate to have a child and the trap she set for a mother-to-be) $7.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Paper Moon (Inspector Mantalbano investigates the gruesome murder of a man shot at point-blank range with his pants down) $13.00
Cannell, Dorothy Withering Heights (Sleuth Ellie Haskell (11) sets off for Yorkshire to investigate strange events at Cragstone House, an estate that resembles the musty manors she loves to read about) $6.99
Carrington, Tori Foul Play (Sofie Metropolis (3) gets a big break when she is hired to find the New York Mets missing pitching phenom, if she doesn't get killed in the meantime) $6.99
Child, Lee Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher (11) reunites with members of their elite army investigation team when two of them are killed in Las Vegas) $7.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Zapped (Newlyweds Regan and Jack Reilly (11) uncover some disturbing facts when they renovate their lower Manhattan apartment and a major blackout hits New York City) $24.00
Clark, Mary Higgins I Heard That Song Before (A young woman recently married into a wealthy family begins to fear that her sleepwalking husband may have murdered his first wife, and plans to murder her) $7.99
Cleland, Jane K. Deadly Appraisal (New Hampshire antiques appraiser Josie Prescott (2) gets mixed up in murder when a friend is poisoned during a gala benefit at her store; some signed 1st printing hardcovers still available) $6.99
Coben, Harlan The Woods (Essex County New Jersey prosecutor Paul Copeland is immersed in a case that will change everything he believes about the death of his sister 20 years ago) $9.99
Connolly, John The Unquiet (Private Detective Charlie Parker finds himself caught between those who want revenge against a psychiatrist who harmed children and those who want the secrets to remain hidden) $7.99
Coyle, Cleo French Pressed (Clare Cosi (6) investigates when her daughter becomes a murder suspect after the top NY chef for whom she is interning is murdered; PBO) $6.99
Coyles, Harold/Tillman, Bartlett Pandora's Legion (Private paramilitary corporation Strategic Solutions acts when al Qaida sends people infected with a deadly virus to large cities around the world) $7.99
D'Almeida, Sarah A Death in Gascony (D'Artagnan (4) returns home after receiving word of his father's death in a "duel" that was actually murder, and the killers set their sights on him; PBO) $7.99
Dane, Jordan No One Heard Her Scream (Detective Rebecca Montgomery will do whatever it takes to track down the monster who is killing young women - even if it means teaming up with Diego Galvan; PBO) $6.99
Dietrich, William The Rosetta Key (Ethan Gage (2) finds himself in the Holy Land pursuing an ancient Egyptian scroll with magical powers while Napoleon launches his 1799 invasion of Egypt leading to the epic siege of Acre) $25.95
dos Santos, Jose Rodrigues Codex 632 (Tomas, a history professor at the New University of Lisbon, is researching the discovery of America when he finds a code that could reveal the true identity of Columbus) $24.95
Dymmoch, Michael Allen MIA (A police officer and step-father's death brings danger to the wife and son he leaves behind) $24.95
Feinstein, John Last Shot (YA: Teen reporters Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson investigate a mystery at the NCAA Final Four) $6.50
Feinstein, John Vanishing Act (YA: When young Russian tennis phenom disappears right before her 2nd-round match at the US Open, teen reporters investigate) $6.50
Fletcher, Jessice/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote: Murder on Parade (Cabot Cove's newest resident corporate mogul Joseph Lennon falls victim to murder during the town's July 4th celebration, and Jessica investigates) $19.95
Gabbay, Tom The Lisbon Crossing (In 1940 Lisbon, Jack Teller (2) helps screen star Lili Sterne search for her childhood friend, Eva Lange, and discovers a P.I. was murdered while also looking for her) $7.99
Glenny, Misha McMafia (Non-fiction; a journey through the global underworld) $27.95
Goldman, Joel Shake Down (The lives of three people collide during a mass murder investigation led by troubled Kansas City special agent Jack Davis; PBO) $6.99
Goodman, Carol The Sonnet Lover (A student claims to have knowledge of unknown Shakespeare sonnets, then dies mysteriously; his professor travels to Tuscany determined to find the truth) $13.95
Graham, Heather Death Dealer (Author Genevieve O'Brien and a P.I. investigate a string of NYC homicides mirroring Edgar Allan Poe's macabre stories) $24.95
Greenberg/Felber Perfect Beauty (Non-fiction; Cynthia George, former beauty queen accused of murdering one of her illicit lovers; PBO) $6.99
Griffith, Nicola Always (After Aud Torvingen's self-defense classes spin violently out of her grasp, an investigation into Seattle real estate fraud becomes complicated and very dangerous) $15.00
Gruber, Michael The Forgery of Venus (Artist Chaz Wimont is down on his luck when he is offered a job restoring a painting and his work propels him into the world of a wealthy patron with a dark past) $24.95
Haddam, Jane Glass House (Gregor Demarkian investigates a baffling series of murders in Philadelphia perpetrated by the Plate Glass Killer, trying to prove the innocence of a man who's already confessed) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Set Sail for Murder (Henrie O (7) accompanies her ex-beau and the dysfunctional family of his bride on a Baltic cruise where one of the guests has murder on his mind) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Death Walked In (Bookstore owner and amateur sleuth Annie Darling and her PI husband Max investigates when a woman who hid something in the house they are restoring is murdered) $23.95
Hautman, Peter/Logue, Mary Bloodwater Mysteries: Doppelganger (YA: When Roni finds an age-progressed picture on a website that looks like Brian they piece together clues and Brian becomes the key to a mystery that everyone is after) $16.99
Henry, Sue Degrees of Separation (While training for the Iditarod, musher Jessie Arnold and her Alaska State Trooper boyfriend investigate when she uncovers the dead body of a supposed earthquake victim whose death turns out to be murder) $23.95
Higson, Charlie Double or Die (The Young Bond Series Book 3: A letter crammed with cryptic clues arrives at Eton, and James has just 48 hours to use it to save a kidnapped professor) $16.99
Hill, Susan The Various Haunts of Men (After several people disappear, fresh-faced policewoman Freya Graffham teams up with Chief Inspector Simon Serrallier to unravel the mystery) $13.95
Hunt, Elizabeth Singer The Pursuit of the Ivory Poachers (YA; Secret Agent Jack Stalwart #6: Jack Stalwart tries to stop a malevolent ring of ivory poachers in Kenya) $4.99
Hunt, Elizabeth Singer The Secret of the Sacred Temple (YA; Secret Agent Jack Stalwart #5: When an archaeologist guarding the priceless treasures of a temple in Cambodia, Jack Stalwart searches for him) $4.99
Iggulden, Conn Genghis: Eagle of the Mountains (The epic story of Genghis continues as the mighty Kahn sets out to conquer the massive and mighty Chin empire) $25.00
Jackson, Lisa Lost Souls (A young woman who wants to write true crime hunts for a serial killer in New Orleans who drains the blood from his victims like a vampire) $22.00
Kane, Andrea Twisted (When her best friend goes missing, a former FBI agent gets involved in the investigation even though she is not welcomed by her former partner) $23.95
Kellerman, Jonathan Compulsion (LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis is baffled by a serial killer with no obvious pattern, and teams with Alex Delaware to track the most ruthless enemy they have ever faced) $26.95
Killian, Diana Corpse Pose (When her yoga-guru aunt is murdered, A.J. is named sole heir to her lucrative yoga studio, making her a multi-millionaire, a prime suspect, and the killer's next target; PBO) $6.99
LaRosa, Paul/Moriarty, Eric Death of a Dream (Non-fiction; an aspiring young dancer from Ohio found brutally murdered on New York's Upper East Side) $7.99
Lasseter, D./Bowers, R. Meet Me for Murder (Non-fiction; a sexual predator who lured hopeful Hollywood beauties to fake casting calls and murdered at least one of them) $6.99
Lee, Rachel The Hunted (Journalist Erin McKenna is about to testify in a sex-slave trade case when she is wounded and FBI agent Jerod Westlake decides to protect her) $6.99
Logan, Chuck South of Shiloh (When her husband is killed at a Civil War re-enactment, Jenny Edin enlists the help of news photographer John Rane to investigate, and he heads south to discover a bloody plot) $24.95
Lowe, Sheila Poison Pen (Reprint; forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose investigates when ex-friend, publicist to the stars Lindsey Alexander, is found floating in her jacuzzi with a cryptic note nearby) $6.99
Macdonald, Ross The Blue Hammer (Classic reprint '76; P.I. Lew Archer is hired to find a hijacked portrait, but the seemingly easy case leads him into the middle of a decades old mystery with the fate of many riding on the outcome) $12.95
Macdonald, Ross The Instant Enemy (Classic reprint '68; Lew Archer investigates when a juvenile couple kidnap a local millionaire) $12.95
Maffini, Mary Jane The Cluttered Corpse (When professional organizer Charlotte Adams (2) helps Emmy Lou Rheinbeck organize her stuffed animal collection, she never imagines it will lead to a murder investigation; PBO) $6.99
Mankell, Henning Depths (Novel; a Swedish naval engineer during WWI discovers a feral but beautiful woman living alone on a remote island, and he begins a double life, lying to his wife, with devastating consequences) $14.95
Martini, Steve Shadow of Power (When a provocative legal scholar is found murdered and a young man with connections to hate groups is charged, attorney Paul Madriani is offered a case he can't pass up) $26.95
Matthiessen, Peter Black Autumn (Revised and reworked "Watson trilogy" in one volume: Killing Mr. Watson , Lost Man's River , Bone by Bone ) $35.00
McAuley, Roisin Meeting Point (Irish crime scene investigator Claire Watson meets a man on holiday who she is immediately attracted to, but he turns out to be a suspect in a ten-year old unsolved murder) $14.95
McDonald, Hal The Anatomists (Gripping tale of deceit, body snatching, and 19th century forensics; PBO) $9.99
McKevett, G.A. Fat Free and Fatal (When a newly-svelte actress becomes the target of a ruthless killer, plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid (12) is on the case) $6.99
McMahon, Neil Lone Creek (Hugh Davoren is working on the old Pettyjohn Ranch in Helena, MT, when he discovers two dead stallions and he learns as he investigates that many on the ranch have secrets) $14.95
McManus, Patrick Avalanche (Trapped by an avalanche in a remote mountain lodge, Sheriff Bo Tully (2) endures cabin fever with an eclectic group of fellow guests while unraveling a murder mystery) $14.00
Michaels, Fern Hokus Pokus (The Sisterhood (9) must return froom self-imposed exile when they receive a call from Supreme Court Justice Pearl Barnes who is being blackmailed and needs their help; PBO) $6.99
Miller, John Ramsey Smoke and Mirrors (Winter Massey returns to a low-down casino in the Mississippi Delta where an old enemy will stop at nothing to get revenge; PBO) $6.99
Morris, R.N. The Gentle Axe (Porfiry Petrovich investigates a grisly double murder that leads him back to tsarist St. Petersburg and the genteel stratum of society) $14.00
Murphy, Warren/Mullaney, Jim The New Destroyer: Dead Reckoning (A human biological weapon is sweeping through the US and only Remo and Chiun can stop him; PBO) $6.99
Murray, Yxta Maya The King's Gold (Lola Sanchez (2) tries to solve the riddle of a historical legend of a conquistador turned werewolf who stole gold from Montezuma and hid it in an Italian city) $13.95
Navarro, Julia The Bible of Clay (An upstart archaeologist and a murderous group of conspirators vie for an explosive account of the world's creation recorded by a humble scribe on a Bible of Clay) $24.00
Olsen, Gregg A Cold Dark Place (After a family is murdered and the teenaged son disappears, Emily Kenyon goes on a dark hunt, but her daughter knows the boy and wants to help him; PBO) $6.99
Patterson, James/Ledwidge, Michael The Quickie (NYPD cop Lauren Stillwell discovers her husband leaving a hotel with another woman, and her revenge goes awry, causing her world to spiral into a terrifying hell) $14.99
Peacock, Caro The Foreign Affair (In 1838 England, Liberty Lane poses as a governess for a powerful family and discovers something that could lead to the assassination of the 18-year old Queen Victoria) $13.95
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #94: Act of War (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner #353: Black Death Reprise (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Perry, Anne At Some Disputed Barricade (WW I, 1917; The Reavly family (4)) $13.95
Perry, Anne We Shall Not Sleep (Fifth and final in the series, November 1918) $13.95
Perry, Anne Buckingham Palace Gardens (Victorian; when the Prince of Wales awakes the morning after a debauched party to discover one of the evening's female escorts murdered, and Thomas Pitt is called to discreetly investigate) $25.95
Persons, Terri (aka Thera Monsour) Blind Spot (Bernadette Saint Claise, an FBI agent who can see through a killer's eyes, is languishing in the St. Paul office when bodies begin appearing along the Mississippi River) $7.99
Robb, J.D. (Nora Roberts) Creation in Death (After nine years, the serial killer known as "The Groom" returns and it becomes chillingly clear that he has a personal vendetta against Eve Dallas (25) $7.99
Roberts, Gillian All's Well That Ends (Amanda Pepper investigates the death of compulsive collector Phoebe Ennis and when another woman is murdered in Phoebe's house the stakes rise; series finale) $6.99
Rosett, Sara Getting Away is Deadly (Ellie Avery (3), military wife and mom, expert organizer and amateur sleuth, investigates another murder) $22.00
Rusch, Sheldon Separated at Death (Estranged couples are being beheaded by someone with a twisted agenda, and Illinois State Special Agent Elizabeth Hewitt (3) is drawn into the investigation) $23.95
Ryder, Cliff Out of Time: Room 59 #2 (Agent Alex Tempest, suffering from a degenerative disease that will end his career, takes on one last mission to destroy a Chinese research facility; PBO) $6.99
Simenon, Georges The Widow (First published '56; intro by Paul Therous; the young widow Tati lives with her father-in-law on the family farm; she hires a man just out of prison and takes him to bed, not knowing he is a killer) $12.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Miracle at Speedy Motors (Mma Ramotswe seeks the truth about an elderly American traveler whose safari proved to be his last journey, and in the process discovers the beauty of her beloved Botswana) $21.95
Spanogle, Joshua Flawless (A young doctor is drawn into a dangerous conspiracy as he investigates the murder of a close friend) $6.99
Spindler, Erica Last Known Victim (New Orleans Police Captain Patti O'Shea grieves over the murder of her husband and fellow police captain while investigating a post-Katrina serial killer) $7.99
Stanley, Michael A Carrion Death (South African Assistant Superintendent David Bengu, nicknamed Kubu, investigates when a body turns up near a watering hole the local bush people consider magical) $23.95
Stark, Richard Dirty Money (Sequel to Nobody Runs Forever : Parker's life takes a turn for the worse as he returns to the scene of the crime to recover the money from a heist gone terribly wrong) $23.99
Stewart, Mariah Last Breath (Conclusion to the trilogy: Archaeologist Dr. Daria McGown and FBI agent Connor Shields team up to catch an ingenious murderer killing antiquities collectors) $6.99
Stewart, Trenton Lee The Mysterious Benedict Society (YA; the first adventure of Reynie, Kate, Stickey, and Constance, The Mysterious Benedict Society) $6.99
Stone, David The Echelon Vendetta (CIA agent Micah Dalton, a "cleaner" who takes care of other agent's mistakes, deals with a suicide that leads to a conspiracy in his own agency) $9.99
Storm, P.W. Mercenaries: Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Third book in a new military series that focuses on the new warriors in the front lines; PBO) $7.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry (Skye Denison (10) enters a cooking challenge and when another contestant is drowned in the chocolate fountain, she investigates; PBO) $6.99
Thompson, Carlene If You Ever Tell (Eight years ago, Teresa Farr walked in on the savage murders of her father and stepmother, who she hated, and now she must face the horrors of her past to prove her innocence; PBO) $6.99
Unger, Lisa Sliver of Truth (Sequel to Beautiful Lies : Ridley Jones finds herself at once hunting down a ghost from her past and running for her life on the streets of New York and London) $13.95
Vantrease, Brenda The Mercy Seller (The power of love and the perils of faith in the fifteenth century) $13.95
Wambaugh, Joseph The Blue Knight , The New Centurions (Reprints of the classic LAPD procedural) $7.99 each
White, Kate Lethally Blonde (Gossip column journalist Bailey Weggins investigates when the star of the new television show Morgue goes missing) $13.99
White, Randy Wayne (Randy Striker) Assassin's Shadow (Ex-SEAL Dusky MacMorgan must take out a cabal of international terrorists before they can wipe out the entire client list of the resort of St. Carib where the elite flock) $6.99


Atkins, Ace Wicked City (When crime-fighting attorney Albert Patterson is gunned down in a Phoenix City, Alabama alley in the spring of 1954, a small group of men meet and decide to clean up the town) $24.95
Bailey, H. C. Shadows on the Wall (Classic reprint '34; introduces British Mr. Reginald Fortune) $14.95
Barr, Nevada Winter Study (Anna Pigeon (14) is sent to Isle Royale to learn about managing wolves, but the idyllic refuge is a place of unnatural occurrences when wolf scat with alien DNA is discovered) $24.95
Cannell, Dorothy Goodbye Ms. Chips (Ellie Haskel (12) confronts a dark secret from her past when she returns to her old boarding school to solve a robbery, and finds herself tracking a murderer) $23.95
Chan, Cassandra Trick of the Mind (Detective Sergeant Jack Gibbons (3) cannot remember how he got shot, and his best friend Philip Bethancourt retraces the steps of his latest investigation to find the culprit) $24.95
Cleland, Jane K. Antiques to Die For (New Hampshire antiques dealer Josie Prescott (3) investigates the murder of a friend just hours after she confided a secret to Josie, and finds the woman had other secrets and a stalker) $23.95
Coben, Harlan Hold Tight (Tia and Mike Baye spy on their son Adam after a classmate commits suicide, and see that he receives a strange message on his e-mail right before he disappears) $26.95
Conde, Maryse The Story of the Cannibal Woman (In post-apartheid Cape Town, after her husband goes missing, Roselie embarks on a career using her gifts as a clairvoyant to support herself and find him) $14.00
Corwin, C.R. Dig (Newspaper librarian Maddy Sprowls (2) is reading the obits when she discovers that her old college friend Gordon Sweet was murdered and she decides to investigate) $14.95
Corwin, C.R. The Unravelling of Cioletta Bell (Newspaper librarian Maddy Sprowls (3) investigates when one of four elderly women who go to garage sales every week is murdered and there are many suspects) $24.95
Donachie, David An Awkward Commission (John Pearce, hoping to free his fellow Pelicans from a flogging captain in the Mediterranean, secures a commission from William Pitt as 8th Lt. on the HMS Victory ) $11.95
Edwards, Martin Waterloo Sunset (Lawyer Harry Devlin receives notice of his own death, and then someone close to him is savagely murdered and he finds himself fighting for his own survival) $24.95
Fister, Barbara In the Wind (Ex-cop Anni Koskinen is piecing together a new life when a friend's request for help plunges her into an investigation with its roots in the 1972 murder of an FBI agent) $24.95
Fowler, Karen Joy Wit's End (Rima Lanisell, a young woman at loose ends, searches for the truth about her dead father, who may have been complicit in a long-ago murder) $24.95
French, Nicci Losing You (Nina Landry is supposed to leave for vacation when her daughter, who spent the night with a friend, fails to return, and is frustrated and panicked when nobody takes the disappearance seriously) $23.95
Gorman, Ed Sleeping Dogs (Political consultant Dev Conrad has his hands full when a man trying to blackmail the senator he is working for winds up dead under suspicious circumstances) $23.95
Gregorio, Michael Critique of Criminal Reason (At the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, young magistrate Hanno Stiffeniis is called to Konigsberg and with the help of his mentor Immanuel Kant hunts a killer in a series of murders which may involve Napoleon's spies) $14.95
Gregorio, Michael Days of Atonement (During Napoleon's invasion of Prussia, local magistrate Hanno Stiffeniis (2) is asked by a French detective for help investigating the murders of a mother and her children near the magistrate's country home) $24.95
Haddam, Jane Cheating at Solitaire (Gregor Demarkian investigates when an aging teen pop idol is accused of murdering her latest boy toy and he finds a case short on evidence and long on cult of celebrity) $24.95
Hall, Parnell The Sudoku Puzzle Murders (A Japanese publisher hires Cora Felton to write a sudoku puzzle book, but when 2 publishers arrive in Bakerhaven & one is accused of murder, Cora must solve the case) $23.95
Harrison, Colin The Finder (Young and beautiful Chinese woman Jin-Li gets involved with a brilliant scheme to steal information and a fortune from corporations in NYC, and must go on the run when powerful men discover her plan) $25.00
Hathaway, Robin Sleight of Hand (Dr. Jo Banks tries to help a man who used to be a famous magician until his wife disappeared, and in doing so puts her own life in danger) $23.95
Hess, Joan Mummy Dearest (Claire Malloy (17) and Lt. Peter Rosen are on their honeymoon in Egypt when Claire's daughter and her best friend are attacked by persons unknown and a college student is kidnapped) $24.95
Kalla, Daniel Cold Plague (New cases of Mad Cow Disease spring up in rural France, and Dr. Noah Haldane suspecting a sinister source, uncovers a conspiracy that stretches from Russia to Beverly Hills) $24.95
Keating, H.R.F. Rules, Regs, and Rotten Eggs (Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens attempts to prove her worth to the new ACC by finding the person who attempted to murder pro-hunting politician Robert Roughouse) $23.95
Kellerman, Jesse Stop (Struggling art dealer Ethan Muller sells the work of a dead artist with a nasty past, and suddenly the police want to talk to him and the art he sold looks like evidence) $24.95
Kennealy, Jerry Still Shot (Film noir author Carroll Quint (2) investigates when a friend of his mother is found dead on her Sausalito houseboat and his mother believes she was murdered) $23.95
Lindsay, Frederic The Stranger From Home (DI Jim Meldrum's daughter has been swept off her feet by a man in America who has a secret past, while in Edinburgh, Jim investigates the disappearance of a businessman's wife) $25.95
Malcolm, John The Chippendale Factor (Antiques dealer Bill Franklin investigates the murder of his friend Justin Harrington, controversial television presenter of the antique show How Old is It? ) $25.95
Malloy, Brian Brendan Wolf (Brendan Wolf is a young gay man caught in a spiral of failure until he finds his brother, who pulls him into a robbery scheme which goes wrong) $13.95
Mitchell, Gladys Tome Brown's Body (Reprint '49; British psychologist Mrs. Beatrice Lestrange Bradley (23); we believe this is the first U.S. edition) $14.95
Mosse, Kate Sepulchre (An American graduate student arrives in France and begins having strange dreams and visions which may connect her to the fate of a painter from a century before; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Pastor, Ben The Fire Waker (In Diocletian's Rome, Aelius Spartianus (2) investigates a man who can supposedly raise the dead, and the murder of a man he had resurrected) $23.95
Pavkovic/Rice/Schneid/Scott Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age (1789-1815) $29.95
Pressfield, Steven Killing Rommel (Novel about a British plan to assassinate Rommel before the Germans can overrun Egypt, the Suez, and the oil fields of the Middle East) $24.95
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Seven for a Secret (543 AD; John the Eunuch investigates the murder of a woman who claimed to be the model for a mosaic on his study wall, and the answer lies among the denizens of the Copper Market) $24.95
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Six for Gold (John the Eunuch, Lord Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian, must clear himself of accusations that he murdered a senator, while he investigates the claim that sheep in a remote village are cutting their own throats) $14.95
Scott, Manda The Crystal Skull (A 21st century academic and an Elizabethan physician hatch a desperate bid across the centuries to find 13 magic skulls and save the earth from destruction in 2012) $25.00
Sidor, Steven The Mirror's Edge (Many years after two brothers were snatched from their home and never found, disturbing new details come to light with unthinkable consequences for all involved) $24.95
Stansberry, Domenic The Ancient Rain (San Francisco PI Dante Mancuso tries to help clear a friend accused of a 30-year old murder by retracing the original investigation through San Francisco's underground) $24.95
Stewart, Chris The God of War (When extremists steal the world's most powerful supersonic plane, it is up to Colonel "Jesse" James to save the world from impending doom) $24.95
Summerscalle, Kate The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher (Non-fiction; the murder of 3-year old Saville Kent in 1860 that ruined the career of the best detective in England and inspired the birth of crime fiction) $24.95
Woods, Stuart Santa Fe Dead (Ed Eagle has taken on a new client who may have murdered his wife and son, while his black widow wife has escaped custody, putting him and his girlfriend in danger) $25.95
Zelvin, Elizabeth Death Will Get You Sober (When a drunken friend of newly sober Bruce Kohler is murdered and no one seems to care, Bruce teams up with a computer geek and an addiction counselor to find a killer) $23.95


Alexander, Lawrence Rubicon (A rising young senator discovers a conspiracy to disrupt the next presidential election; races against time to find and stop who is behind it) $24.95
Alexandria, Vincent Black Heat (Homicide detective Joe Johnson's family is killed in an explosion and he immerses himself in trying to find out who targeted them; PBO) $6.99
Blech, Benjamin/Doliner, Roy The Sistine Secrets (Non-fiction; the secret messages of brotherhood, tolerance and freethinking that Michelangelo embedded into his painting of the Sistine Chapel) $26.95
Box, C.J. Free Fire (Joe Pickett investigates the mass murder of a group of campers in a back-country corner of Yellowstone Park, but the killer has already gleefully confessed and gotten off scot-free; some signed 1st printing hardcovers still available) $7.99
Brand, Fiona Blind Instinct (Librarian Sara Fischer finds a Nazi code book in her father's attic, and becomes a target, and calls FBI agent Marc Bayard, the only one who can save her) $6.99
Brown, Dale Strike Force (Air Force Lt. Gen. Patrick McLanahan and his high-tech team prepare for another deadly challenge in Iran and Iraq) $9.99
Buchanan, Edna Love Kills (Britt Montero helps the Cold Case Squad solve a murder while solving the mystery of the Honeymoon Killer on her own, and recovering from the death of her lover) $7.99
Buckley, Fiona Queen's Ransom (Reprint: Ursula Blanchard (3) is sent to France to deliver a letter from Elizabeth to Catherine to seek peace) $14.00
Byrnes, Michael The Sacred Bones (At the same time as the violent theft of an ancient artifact from a long-hidden Jerusalem vault, a forensic scientist is hired by the Vatican to examine the bones of a 2,000-year old crucifixion victim, and she wonders if it could be the body of Jesus) $7.99
Candido, Keith R.A. CSI: New York: Four Walls (The CSI team are called to investigate a double homicide at a medium security prison and they are puzzled by what they find) $7.99
Chabon, Michael The Yiddish Policemen's Union (In an alternate universe where Jews have settled in Sitka, Alaska, homicide detective Meyer Landsman investigates the death of his neighbor, a former chess prodigy; Edgar and Hammett Best Novel nominations) $15.95
Cleverly, Barbara Tug of War (1926; Joe Sandilands (6) journeys to France to seek justice for a mysterious shell-shocked WWI soldier who has been claimed by five different people) $13.00
Cohen, Aaron/Century, Douglas Brotherhood of Warriors (Non-fiction; a young American who becomes one of the most elite counter-terrorism commandos in the world) $25.95
Collins, Max Allan Criminal Minds: Killer Profile (Profiler David Rossi realizes that a killer is recreating the crimes of infamous serial killers and wonders how he can profile a killer who is hiding in the profiles of others; media tie-in; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan Strip for Murder (In 1953 New York, Hal Rapp's popular comic strip is made into a musical, and when he is murdered, jealous comic strip rival Sam Fizer is accused and must clear himself) $14.00
Culhane, Patrick (aka Max Allan Collins) Black Hats (In 1920, as the Wild West fades and the Prohibition era begins, Wyatt Earp goes to New York to help the son of his old friend Doc Holliday, and runs afoul of Al Capone) $7.99
Dane, Jordan No One Left to Tell (While investigating a grisly murder, Detective Raven MacKenzie is drawn to a stranger who will challenge everything that she knows; PBO) $6.99
Davis, Kenneth C. Isabella's Pigs (Collection of true stories, each detailing a little known episode from the 18th century that shaped America's history) $26.95
Davis, Lindsey Saturnalia (76 AD; Marcus Didius Falco (18) is pitted against an old rival when he is enlisted to track down an escaped enemy of Rome) $7.99
Dereske, Jo Index to Murder (Miss Zukas, inimitable librarian-sleuth, returns to solve more crimes; PBO) $6.99
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Crash Your Party (Manhattan P.I. Desiree Shapiro (15) is told by eccentric author Belle Simone that she will be paid $24, 940 if she can solve the mystery in her unpublished novel, and Desiree wonders why; PBO) $6.99
Englert, J.F. A Dog Among Diplomats (Labrador Randolph (2) enters into the cloak and dagger world of diplomats and political intrigue to find his friend Harry's long-lost love; PBO) $6.99
English, T.J. Havana Nocturne (Non-fiction; how the mob owned Cuba, and then lost it to the Revolution) $27.95
Estleman, Loren D. The Adventures of Johnny Vermillion (Johnny Vermillion's theater troupe brings masterpieces to the Wild West, and robs a bank in each town along the way, when a Pinkerton man becomes suspicious and sets a trap) $5.99
Fowler, Earlene Tumbling Blocks (With Christmas just a few weeks away, Benni Harper's (13) boss demands that she investigate the death of a local socialite) $7.99
Francis, Dick Decider , Slay Ride , Wild Horses (Trade pb reprints) $13.95 each
Frost, Mark The Second Objective (Fall 1944, Otto Skorzeny receives orders from Hitler to disguise men as GIs and send them behind the lines to wreak havoc, and to another objective even more sinister) $14.95
George, Elizabeth Careless in Red (After the murder of his wife, Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley retires, but on the Cornish coast he sees a man fall to his death and the local police ask for his help; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Gerber, Linda Death by Bikini (YA: Aphra lives at a island resort owned by her parents, and when a rock star's girlfriend ends up dead on the beach, she finds that danger lurks behind even friendly faces) $7.99
Ghelfi, Brent Volk's Game (When Volk and his sidekicks are hired by two different and very dangerous mobsters to steal the same lost da Vinci painting from the Hermitage, he must decide who to betray and what that betrayal will cost him) $14.00
Glazer, Melissa The Cracked Pot (When the body of a potter with a mysterious past is found in Carolyn Emerson's (2) raku firing pit, she calls upon her studio's pottery club to crack the case; PBO) $6.99
Greanias, Thomas The Atlantis Prophecy (Archaeologist Conrad Yeats explores the hidden world beneath Washington DC in a deadly race to decipher an ancient warning built into the design of the city; PBO) $7.99
Greer, Robert The Fourth Perspective (Denver former bail bondsman CJ Floyd opens an antiques and Western collectibles shop, but when he buys an old book with a historic photo tucked inside, he is the prime suspect when the prior owner is murdered) $14.95
Greenlaw, Linda Slipknot (The novel that introduced marine investigator Jane Bunker) $6.99
Griffin, W.E.B. The Double Agents (Dick Canidy is dispatched with a team of operatives with questionable loyalties to convince the Axis powers that D-Day will not occur on the beaches of Nazi-occupied France) $9.99
Harris, Charlaine From Dead to Worse (After Katrina and a manmade explosion at the vampire summit, Sookie Stackhouse tries to cope with the fact that her boyfriend is missing and a battle is brewing for the vamps) $24.95
Hechtman, Betty Hooked on Murder (When bookstore event coordinator Molly Pink stumbles across the dead body of a crochet group's leader, her complicated past with the woman makes her a prime suspect; PBO) $6.99
Hermans, Willem Frederick The Darkness of Damocles (During WWII, Henri Osewoudt is given assignments by a man named Dorbeck to eliminate traitors, and at the end of the war, Osewoudt can't prove Dorbeck existed) $27.95
Hillhouse, R.J. Outsourced (Camille Black's Black Management, a private military corporation, is approached by the CIA to track down a man accused of selling arms to terrorist cells in the Middle East) $7.99
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton The Witches Hammer (Reprint '95; a dark feminist thriller with echoes of the themes of the DaVinci Code) $7.99
Holland, Travis The Archivist's Story (In 1939 Moscow, a prisoner who is also an archivist is charged with destroying the works of Isaac Babel, and determines to save his writing at any cost) $13.00
Hunter, Chris Eight Lives Down (Non-fiction; first person account of the minute-by-minute challenges of identifying and disposing of bombs) $26.00
Jerome, Eric Dickey (Gideon (2) the hit man returns to discover that a hit has been taken out on him and he will need the help of his friends to get out of the situation alive) $14.00
Johansen, Iris Pandora's Daughter (Dr. Megan Blair unknowingly possesses psychic powers, and she discovers someone is trying to kill her and she must gain control of her powers to save herself) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Quicksand (Eve Duncan, still obsessed with finding her daughter, goes on a hunt with Joe Quinn that could bring closure and revenge, or the destruction of everything Eve holds dear) $26.95
Johnstone, William W. Alone in the Ashes (Reprint; post-nuclear war Ben Raines (5)) $5.99
Jones, Dr. Henry "Indiana" The Lost Journals of Indiana Jones (Insider's guide to Indiana Jones to tie-in with the movie release) $25.00
Kimberly, Alice The Ghost and the Femme Fatale (Bookstore owner Penelope Thornton-McClure (4)and ghostly P.I. Jack Shepard investigate when a legendary femme fatale is nearly killed during the local Film Noir festival; PBO) $6.99
King, Jeanne Never Seen Again (Non-fiction; a lawyer's wife disappeared and her husband was convicted of her murder a decade later) $6.99
Koontz, Dean The Good Guy (An ordinary man mistaken for an assassin must outwit the deadly party who ordered the hit) $7.99
Koontz, Dean Watchers (Reprint '87; of author's many titles, may be #1 fan favorite) $14.00
Lavene, Joyce and Jim Perfect Poison (When drowned bodies start surfacing with an unusual plant caught in the hair of one of the victims, forensic botanist and detective's widow Peggy Lee (4) is on the case; PBO) $7.99
Le Carre, John The Secret Pilgrim (Reprint '91) $15.00
Leon, Donna Suffer the Little Children (Commissario Brunetti investigates a brutal attack on a local pediatrician and the kidnapping of his 18-month old son in Venice) $7.99
Leonard, Elmore Up in Honey's Room (In Detroit looking for an escaped former Afrika Corps officer, young Marshall Carl Webster gets to know Honey, the wife of a German butcher who's a member of a Nazi spy ring) $9.99
Levine, Laura Death by Pantyhose (When freelance writer Jaine Austen starts writing jokes for a stand-up comic, she soon sees the dark side of comedy as the comic's rival is found dead) $6.99
Littell, Robert Walking Back the Cat (A KGB agent in deep cover in New Mexico fears a double-cross when he is reactivated for a murder, and retraces the operation back to an Apache-run casino) $14.00
Lowell, Elizabeth Innocent as Sin (Arizona banker Kayla Shaw is accused of laundering millions of dollars, and places her life in the hands of a haunted man seeking vengeance for his brother's murderer) $7.99
Macintyre, Ben For Your Eyes Only (The world of James Bond and his creator in celebration of the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth) $34.95
McDermid, Val The Grave Tattoo (Psychological thriller in which present-day English Lake District murder has its roots in the 18th century and the mutiny on the Bounty ; some signed 1st printing hardcovers still available) $7.99
McKevett, G.A. Poisoned Tarts (Plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid (13) investigates a Hollywood murder among the young, rich, and deadly) $22.00
McMahon, Jennifer Island of Lost Girls (On her way to a job interview, Rhonda sees a person dressed as a rabbit kidnap a young girl, and plagued by guilt because she did nothing, she joins the investigation) $13.95
McMahon, Neil Dead Silver (Hugh Davoren and his pal Madbird investigate an unsolved homicide of a woman who was murdered after protesting the opening of a controversial silver mine) $24.95
Meadows, David Final Run (While on a Cold War routine patrol, old school Captain Chad Shipley is ordered to infiltrate the heart of the Soviet Northern Fleet to spy on the enemy's nuclear sub capabilities; PBO) $7.99
Mills, Mark The Savage Garden (Young Cambridge scholar Adam Banting is doing research in Tuscany and comes to suspect that buried in the garden he is studying is the key to uncovering a long-ago murder) $14.00
Montville, Leigh The Mysterious Montague (Non-fiction; story of John Montague, a 1930's golf legend and Hollywood trickster wanted for armed robbery in New York) $26.00
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Gallery (Faith Fairchild (17) agrees to find out if a priceless painting loaned by a friend to the local museum has been stolen and replaced with a fake) $23.95
Palahniuk, Chuck Rant: The Oral Biography of Buster Casey (After Buster "Rant" Casey dies in a spectacular car crash, his friends gather and swap stories about his short, violent life) $13.95
Palmer, Rob Eyes of the World (Two weeks before the first woman president is up for reelection, her lover becomes suspect in a murder and embroiled in a plot to bring down the president herself; PBO) $7.99
Patterson, James 3rd Degree (Reissue: The Women's Murder Club (3) investigates an explosion in a townhouse & the missing body of a baby who was in the house at the time) $13.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #120: Appointment in Baghdad (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner #354: Ambush Force (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Piccirilli, Tom The Cold Spot (Career criminal Chase meets Lila, a strong-willed sheriff who teaches him how to love, and he goes straight, until tragedy strikes and he must reenter a world of crime; PBO) $6.99
Press, Julian The Treasure of Blackbird Rock (YA: Get a Clue #1: Readers help solve 4 mysteries by searching for clues along with the 3 young heroes of the book) $4.99
Press, Julian Operation Gold Scepter (YA: Get a Clue #2) $4.99
Raskin, Ellen The Westing Game (Newberry winning '78 YA reprint) $9.99
Reavill, Gul Aftermath, Inc. (Non-fiction; account of the field of bio-recovery, those who clean up after the police go home) $15.00
Rehder, Ben Gun Shy (When an illegal immigrant is suspiciously killed, Blanco Co. Texas Game Warden John Marlin's investigation could bring down the National Weapons Alliance) $6.99
Rehder, Ben Hoy Moly (A televangelist plans to build a religious complex in Blanco County, until a dinosaur fossil spoils his plans and a murder brings Game Warden John Marlin into the picture) $24.95
Rifkin, Shepard The Murderer Vine (Reprint '70; the father of a murdered college student hires a New York P.I. to follow his son's trail to the Deep South and find and kill the five men responsible) $7.99
Rimington, Stella Secret Asset (Liz Carlyle suspects a terrorist cell is forming at an Islamic bookstore, and it looks like a spy has infiltrated British Intelligence and Liz must uncover the mole) $13.95
Roberts, Natalie M. Pointe and Shoot (Studio owner Jenny Partridge (3) needs to do some fancy footwork to stay alive while trying to help her girls win the Ultimate Dance Championship; PBO) $6.99
Rose, Karen Scream for Me (Sequel to Die for Me : Special Agent Daniel Vartanian tries to track down the culprit of multiple killings that mimic a murder committed by his dead serial killer brother) $16.99
Ruttan, Sandra What Burns Within (Three series of crimes are terrorizing Vancouver - child abductions, arson, and rapes; evidence suggests they might all be somehow related) $7.99
Sandford, John Invisible Prey (A wealthy woman and her maid are murdered; robbery seems the most likely scenario, but none of the clues are coming together for Lucas Davenport) $9.99
Sandford, John Phantom Prey (A widow comes home to find her house full of blood, no body, and her Goth daughter missing, and Lucas Davenport (18) investigates as a string of Goths are murdered in Minneapolis; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Sasser, Charles OSS Commando: Hitler's A-Bomb (Captain James Cantrell, a member of the elite OSS, is charged with kidnapping the head of the German nuclear program, before the Nazis get the ultimate weapon; PBO) $7.99
Shorrock, Tim Spies for Hire (Non-fiction; the outsourcing of top-secret intelligence activities to the private sector since 9/11) $27.00
Siler, Mitch In Secret Service (A young woman inherits a long-lost manuscript documenting the scandals surrounding the British royal family during WWII, and people will kill to keep it secret) $7.99
Smith, Tim Rob Child 44 (Leo Demivov, a rising officer under Stalin in the Soviet Union state security force, finds himself demoted and denounced, and the only way he can save himself is to catch a serial killer) $24.99
Soos, Troy Streets of Fire (In 1895 Brooklyn, the anarchy during one of the most contentious labor conflicts in America's history brings a snow-clad city to its knees, and hides a ruthless killer; PBO) $6.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (YA:Sherlock Holmes's sister Enola searches for the artist who drew a cache of charcoal drawings she discovers and feels like the artist is a soul mate) $6.99
Stewart, Trenton Lee The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey (The fousrsome known as the Mysterious Benedict Society go on a journey to save Mr. Benedict who is being held captive by his evil nephew) $16.99
Talty, Stephan Empire of Blue Water (History; legendary 17th c. pirate Capt. Henry Morgan) $14.95
Taylor, D.J. Kept (In 19th century England, a Dickensian cast of characters are drawn into a net of intrigue with sinister implications, and a Scotland Yard policeman tries to unravel it all) $14.95
Tenet, George (with Bill Harlow) At the Center of the Storm (My Years at the CIA; Memoir of Director of Central Intelligence, 1997-2004) $16.95
Terrell, Heather The Chrysalis (A coveted work of art draws a high-powered attorney into a high stakes world of treachery and suspense) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Turquoise Girl (A serial killer is stalking young Navajo men and women, and Ella Clah's (12) family might be next in his sights) $6.99
Unger, Lisa Beautiful Lies (A young New York City woman's good deed has surprising consequences and rips her life wide open; Thriller Award nominee Best Novel) $7.99
Uruburu, Paula American Eve (Non-fiction; Eve Nesbit and her jealous millionaire husband who murdered her lover, architect Stanford White, builder of much of New York City) $27.95
Van Lustbader, Eric Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Betrayal (When a CIA deputy director is kidnapped, Bourne heads to Africa, but a network of Islamic supremacists anticipate his every move) $9.99
Viets, Elaine Clubbed to Death (Helen Hawthorne's latest dead-end job is working the complaint desk at a country club, when her ex-husband returns one day, goes missing the next, and Helen is suspected) $21.95
Viets, Elaine Murder with Reservations (When a maid at Sybil's Full Moon Hotel in Fort Lauderdale ends up murdered in a dumpster, Helen Hawthorne (6) becomes a person of interest to the police) $6.99
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Crows (A femme fatale sets up two LAPD cops so she can pull off the perfect murder and walk away with a fortune) $26.99
Weiner, Tim Legacy of Ashes (History of the CIA) $16.95
Whitman, John 24 Declassified: Trinity (Third of the three original Jack Bauer novels to tie in with the 2008 TV season) $6.99
Willocks, Tim The Religion (In 1565, during the siege of Malta, a French countess and a soldier of fortune try to find her son taken at birth 12 years ago) $7.99
Wilson, Steven President Lincoln's Spy (Civil War-set thriller featuring a plot to murder Abraham Lincoln; TPBO) $14.00
Woods, Stuart Shoot Him If He Runs (Stone Barrington and Holly Barker pursue a master spy and murderer in a tropical paradise that's getting hotter by the minute) $9.99
Wyler, Allen Deadly Errors (As patients die due to preventable medical errors, brain surgeon Tyler Matthews meets a stone wall & danger when he tries to blow the whistle) $7.99


Akunin, Boris Sister Pelagia and the Black Monk (Sister Pelagia goes undercover to catch a monk committing murder at the Hermitage) $14.00
Ames, Delano She Shall Have Murder (Classic reprint '48; introduces amiable British amateur sleuths Jane Hamish and fiancé Dagobert Brown) $14.95
Anable, Stephen The Fisher Boy (Boston comic Mark Winslow is prime suspect in a grisly murder and he tries to unravel a mystery involving a defunct prep school and Boston bluebloods) $24.95
Axler, James Ghostwalk: Outlanders #45 (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.99
Barnard, Robert Last Post (After burying her mother, Eve McNabb receives a mysterious letter hinting at the answers to the many secrets her mother kept, and Eve sets out on a journey of discovery) $24.00
Barrett, Tracy The 100-Year Old Secret (YA; The Sherlock Files Book 1: Xena and Xander Holmes discover they are related to Sherlock Homes and set out to solve cases found in his unsolved case book) $15.95
Barron, Stephanie (aka Francine Mathews) Jane & the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor (Reprint: the first Jane Austen mystery) $12.00
Blundy, Anna Vodka Neat (Moscow correspondent Faith Zanetti must clear herself when she is accused of helping her estranged husband commit a brutal murder years ago) $24.95
Bond, Larry/DeFelice, Jim Larry Bond's First Team: Soul of the Assassin (Ferg and the Team are sent to Italy to apprehend an assassin thought to be involved in the murder of at least a dozen prominent leaders and is planning one more major hit) $25.95
Booth, Stephen Scared to Live (Detective Sergeant Diane Fry and Detective Constable Ben Cooper begin investigating an ordinary house fire and end up on the other side of Europe for answers) $25.00
Botha, Ted The Girl with the Crooked Nose (Non-fiction; forensic expert Frank Bender's quest to solve the killing spree of hundreds of women in Juarez, Mexico known as the Feminicidios) $25.00
Box, C.J. Blood Trail (During elk season in the Rockies, Joe Pickett (8) investigates the murders of a hunters who are strung up and gutted like the elk they were hunting) $24.95
Capuzzo, Michael The Murder Room (True tales from the Vidocq Society, a team of the world's finest forensic investigators whose monthly gourmet lunches lead to justice in cold cases) $27.50
Carr, Glyn (aka Frank Showell Styles) Death Finds a Foothold (Reprint '61; mountaineer and famous actor-manager Sir Abercromie "filthy" Lewker (11)) $14.95
Compton, Julie Tell No Lies (Soon-to-be-elected St Louis DA Jack Hilliard seems to have a perfect life, until an old colleague is accused of murder and their one-night stand is her only alibi) $24.95
Cornwell, Patricia The Front (As a part of a PR campaign about the dangers of declining neighborhood, DA Lamont send Win Garano to Watertown, where he runs afoul of the FRONT, an association of cops) $22.95
Crabbe, Richard E. Hell's Gate (Historical thriller involving river piracy, gang wars, drug smuggling, and the 1904 General Slocum ferry disaster, the worst catastrophe to hit New York City until 9/11) $24.95
Deaver, Jeffery The Sleeping Doll (Multilayered psychological thriller about a vicious killer's escape from a California prison and the deadly quest he embarks on once he's free) $9.99
Eriksson, Kjell The Cruel Stars of the Night (Sequel to The Princess of Burundi : When Laura Hindersten reports to the police that her father is missing, Inspector Ann Lindell is baffled as she faces a most diabolical foe) $12.95
Eriksson, Kjell The Demon of Dakar (Uppsala Inspector Ann Lindell (3) investigates a brutal murder of the half-owner of a fancy restaurant where every worker's a suspect-then more bodies turn up) $24.95
Estleman, Loren D. Frames (UCLA film archivist Valentino finds both a skeleton and priceless reels of film of Stroheim's infamous Greed , the legendary director's cut, in the decrepit old movie theater he has purchased, and must solve the murder in 72 hours to save the film from destruction) $23.95
Evans, Mary Anna Findings (Faye Longchamp is excavating a site once owned by her own family when a friend is murdered and left among the scattered remains of her artifacts, and she investigates) $24.95
Goddard, Robert Past Caring (Reprint: Martin Radford leaps at the chance to solve the mystery of the fall from grace of Edwardian cabinet minister Edwin Strafford, a secret some would kill to keep) $12.00
Gordon, Alan The Lark's Lament (In 1204 AD, Theophilos of the Fool's Guild must find the killer of a monk and the meaning of a cryptic message or Folq will have the Pope declare the Guild anathema) $13.95
Gordon, Alan The Moneylender of Toulouse (Theophilos (7), jester and agent for the Fool's Guild, investigates when the Bishop gets in hot water with a moneylender who ends up dead) $24.95
Hackman, Gene/Lenihan, D. Escape from Andersonville (In July 1864, Union officer Nathan Parker escapes from notorious Confederate prison Andersonville, and when superiors won't listen he organizes his own rescue mission) $25.95
Housewright, David Madman on a Drum (The secret behind a kidnapping and a murder lie hidden in former cop and unlicenced Twin Cities PI McKenzie's own difficult past) $24.95
Koontz, Dean Odd Hours (Odd Thomas, haunted by dreams of an all-encompassing red tide, travels to a small California coastal town where the forces arrayed against him come from sinister authority) $27.00
Kroger, John Convictions (Non-fiction; insider's account of life as a top federal prosecutor) $27.00
Lehane, Cornelius Beware the Solitary Drinker (Veteran bartender Brian McNulty investigates when an innocent woman seduced by New York's bright lights is murdered and another battered innocent is charged with killing her) $14.95
Leonard, Peter Quiver (Kate McCall's husband is killed by her son in a bow hunting accident, and the incident sets in motion a dramatic life and death confrontation with a gang of killers) $23.95
Lewis, Roy Guardians of the Dead (As executor of Colonel Delamere's will, Eric Ward must deliver a statue to the Foreign Office, but the statue disappears and shady parties are looking for it along with Eric) $25.95
Lindquist, Mark The King of Methlehem (A sinister meth dealer is pursued by a dogged detective) $13.00
McCoy, Kevin Hammerhead (Ex-cop Sam Carew (3) agrees to help prove the innocence of a man he put away for murder, and ends up getting involved with one of the most brutal crime families in the country) $11.95
McNally, Brendan Germania (In early 1945, a member of a famous German cabaret act, Jewish quadruplets, becomes a hunted man, and the brothers must use their talents and magic to save him) $26.00
Norman, Michael Silent Witness (When one witness to an armored car robbery is murdered and the other nearly kidnapped, Sam Kincais and Kate McConnel work together to pit their skills against a ruthless gang) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. The Boxer and the Spy (YA: 15-year old Terry Novak and his friend Abby investigate when the body of a shy high school student washes up on the shore of a quiet New England beach town) $17.99
Persons, Terri (aka Theresa Monsour) Blind Rage (A string of troubled young women committing suicide haunts the Twin Cities, and FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Clair (2) has a hunch these women did not die by their own hand) $24.95
Saylor, Steven Arms of Nemesis (Reprint: The Overseer of the estate of Marcus Crassus has been murdered, and 99 slaves will be killed as retribution unless Gordianus the Finder (2) can find the killer) $14.95
Saylor, Steven Roman Blood (Reprint of the 1st Gordianus the Finder novel: Gordianus is summoned to the house of Cicero to investigate the savage murder of the wealthy, sybaritic Sextus Roscious) $14.95
Saylor, Steven The Triumph of Caesar (Gordianus is hired by Caesar's wife to investigate the murder of his friend Hieronymous, who she hired to look into rumors of a deadly conspiracy against Caesar) $24.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Havana Bay (Reprint: Russian detective Arkady Renko) $15.00
Stewart, Mariah Mercy Street (Ex-cop and true crime author Mallory Ruso is asked to join a team whose mission is to solve cold-cases, and she investigates the shooting of two teenagers) $22.00
Sullivan, Eugene The Report to the Judiciary (Tim Quinn is assigned to complete a dossier on the newly appointed Chief Justice, while a conservative judge on the Court will stop at nothing to claim the seat for his own) $24.95
Thor, Brad The First Commandment (A sadistic assassin with a personal vendetta has turned counter-terrorism agent Scot Harvath's life upside-down, and he discovers a connection to his own government's actions) $7.99
Wall, Kathryn R. The Mercy Oak (Bay Tanner (8) is investigating the hit-and-run death of a Hispanic student who was agitating for immigrant rights in South Carolina) $24.95

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