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Newsletter #79 September November, 2007



The Norwegian Explorers Omnibus (22 critical Sherlockian essays in 297 pp.; complete contents of 4 rare volumes published by the Explorers, ltd. ed. of 300 in trade pb) $25.00
Ackroyd, Peter The Lambs of London (Tale of fraud in Shakespeare’s London) $12.95
Banks, L. A. Scarface: The Beginning (Movie tie-in) $6.99
Bartlett, James Y. Death from the Ladies Tee (Golfing mystery) $11.99
Bartlett, James Y. Death at the Member-Guest (Golfing mystery) $11.99
Bartlett, James Y. Death in a Green Jacket (Golfing mystery) $14.99
Battles, Brett The Cleaner (International thriller; a professional “cleaner”, who removes dead bodies and cleans up the scene, gets in over his head) $22.00
Benn, James R. Billy Boyle (Billy Boyle (1) is assigned to be Eisenhower's personal investigator and is assigned to catch a Norwegian spy before D-Day) $12.00
Benn, James R. The First Wave (Lt. Billy Boyle (2) must solve several murders when black marketeers in Algeria divert medical supplies during the allied invasion) $24.00
Berenson, Laurien Chow Down (Melanie Travis travels to New York for a dog competition and finds herself in a choke collar of deceit and corruption when one of the contest finalists is murdered) $6.99
Beres, Michael Final Stroke (When a stroke victim related to a high-profile mobster dies mysteriously at a Chicago rehab facility, a fellow patient and former detective launches his own investigation) $24.95
Block, Lawrence The Burglar in the Rye (Reprint; Bernie Rhodenbarr (9)) $7.99
Block, Lawrence The Scoreless Thai (Reprint, Evan Tanner) $7.99
Block, Lawrence Tanner’s Twelve Swingers (Reprint) $7.99
Boyd, William Restless (Gripping and smartly crafted spy thriller set against a fascinating and largely hidden episode in U.S.-British relations) $14.95
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe and the House of Fear (Reissue; when a man's wife disappears mysteriously, Detective Superintendent Wycliffe gets drawn into the troubled world of an ancient Cornish family) $7.95
Carofiglio, Gianrico Involuntary Witness (Italian legal thriller) $13.95
Carofiglio, Gianrico A Walk in the Dark (Italian legal thriller) $14.95
Christopher, Nicholas The Bestiary (Novel of a search for a rumored medieval text, lost for 800 years, detailing the animals excluded from Noah’s Ark) $25.00
Davidson, Craig The Fighter (A wealthy young man suffers a terrible beating and joins the world of hardcore body-builders and boxers to become a real man; a working-class teenager trains as a boxer with his father and uncle; the 2 young men come together at an underground bare-knuckle boxing venue) $24.00
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Kilt Dead (Liss MacCrimmon encounters murder when she accepts her aunt's invitation to run her Scottish import shop in a rural tourist town in Maine) $22.00
Edwardson, Ake Never End (In Gothenburg, Sweden, Chief Inspector Erik Winter broods over a series of unsolved rape-murders that resemble a case from five years before) $14.00
Edwardson, Ake Frozen Tracks (The investigation of a series of assaults and a string of child abductions takes Inspector Erik Winter (3) to the barren prairies of rural Sweden) $25.95
Fesperman, Dan The Prisoner of Guantanamo (Spy thriller begins with an American soldier found dead in Cuban waters near Guantanamo; Hammett Prize nominee) $13.95
Flinn, Elaine Deadly Vintage (Antiques dealer Molly Doyle (4) is hired to redecorate a famous winery's public area, and when the owner's unpleasant husband is murdered she investigates; Trade PBO) $14.95
Fossum, Karin The Indian Bride (Norwegian Insp. Konrad Sejer (4) investigates when the battered body of a woman is found on the outskirts of the town of Elvestad) $23.00
Goddard, Robert In Pale Battalions (Mystery that begins in 1916 and spans two wars and four generations) $12.00
Goldstein, Paul Errors and Omissions (Intellectual property litigator’s investigation of a movie company’s rights leads him back to the days of the blacklist and then back to Nazi-occupied Poland) $13.95
Goodman, Alison Killing the Rabbit (“Dark and wickedly comic new thriller that follows a young indie filmmaker on her way to fame, fortune, and a shoot-out to the death”) $6.99
Greer, Robert Resurrecting Langston Blue (African-American bail bondsman and Vietnam vet CJ Floyd helps a Amerasian ER doctor search for her father, who disappeared during the Vietnam War) $13.95
Hand, Elizabeth Generation Lost (Down-and-out photographer from the 1970's punk scene is sent on a mercy gig to interview a reclusive photographer on an island in Maine, stumbles across a decades-old mystery which is still claiming victims) $24.00
Hansen, Jim Michael Fatal Laws (Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry (3) investigates when several women are found buried in shallow graves next to each other, each brutally murdered in a different way) $13.95
Harris, Robert Imperium (First novel in a trilogy about Cicero, the greatest orator of all time, and his struggle for power in ancient Rome, as narrated by his slave Tiro) $14.00
Henderson, Jack Circumference of Darkness (Thriller involving computers and terrorism) $23.00
Hewson, David The Seventh Sacrament (Years ago a 7-year-old boy vanished in the catacombs beneath Rome, and everybody involved in the incident are now being killed one by one) $22.00
Hunt, Morgan Sticky Fingers (Lesbian amateur sleuth Tess Camillo investigates use of snakes as murder weapons) $14.95
Izzo, Jean-Claude The Lost Sailors (Novel; while their captain tries to save his boat, the men aboard an impounded freighter in Marseilles are divided: should they wait for the money owed them or abandon ship?) $14.95
Jackson, Lisa Almost Dead (A woman finds her world unraveling as members of her family are murdered one by one, and she becomes the target of a twisted killer) $7.99
Jecks, Michael The Malice of Unnatural Death (Set in 1324 England) $9.99
Jecks, Michael Dispensation of Death (In 1325 England, when two of Edward II's court are hideously slaughtered, Sir Baldwin de Furnsill and his friend, Bailiff Simon Puttock are called on to find the killer) $24.95
Joss, Morag Puccini’s Ghosts (In 1960 in a Scottish seaside town utterly devoid of culture, a plot is hatched for a production of a Puccini opera; “a piercing look into the fierce darkness that lurks behind seemingly ordinary lives”) $13.00
Jurgersen, Christian The Exception (Two women who work for a small Copenhagen non-profit that fights genocide receive death threats that they believe are from a Serbian war criminal; then Interpol confirms that he has been traced to Denmark; prize-winning novel) $26.00
Kelley, Lee Charles Like a Dog With a Bone (Kennel owner Jack Field has agreed to help a retired general to train his fox terrier to stop digging up the yard, but the dog has just dug up the hand of the general’s wife, who supposedly ran off to Mexico 20 years ago) $6.99
Kjaerstad, Jan The Seducer (Winner of Scandinavia’s top literary prize; successful TV documentary producers comes home to find his wife dead on the living room floor) $16.95
Lantigua, John The Lady from Buenos Aires (An Argentine woman’s pregnant sister disappeared Argentina’s Dirty War 20 years ago, and she thinks she’s tracked the sister’s daughter to Miami; she hires former Miami detective Willie Cuesta to help her, and he soon finds that death squads from Argentina are now in Miami) $24.95
Lindsay, Frederic The Endings Man (Scottish mystery writer turns sleuth when somebody starts killing for real following the methods of the writer’s fictional killer; British import) $9.95
MacDonald, Ross The Ivory Grin , The Way Some People Die (Classic reprints) $12.95 each
Malanowski, Jamie The Coup (A savagely funny satire about a vice president who wants to move up a notch) $22.95
Morganstein, Linda Ordinary Furies (Self-defense instructor Alexis Pope, depressed by her husband’s death, agrees to help her cousin at a resort restaurant–where things turn violent) $14.95
Parker, Robert B. Edenville Owls (YA adult suspense novel involving a youth baseball team at the end of WW II) $17.99
Raymond, Derek A State of Denmark (A frightening Orwellian vision of a totalitarian England) $14.95
Rendell, Ruth End in Tears (Inspector Wexford investigates a series of deaths that may be related) $13.00
Robotham, Michael The Night Ferry (A young policewoman breaks all the rules to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of her best friend from high school) $24.95
Ross, Joel N. White Flag Down (Thriller during the battle for Stalingrad) $24.95
Rowe, Rosemary A Coin for the Ferryman (Mystery set in Roman Britain, 189 AD) $24.95
Saul, John In the Dark of the Night (Family is vacationing in lakeside home when kids discover curious cache in a hidden room, revealing details of disappearance of the previous owners seven years before) $7.99
Shephard, Richard/Rennison, Nick-ed. 100 Must-Read Crime Novels (Selections from some of the best crime novels ever; PBO) $9.95
Slaughter, Karin Beyond Reach (Detective Lena Adams sits in a small town jail cell, the only suspect in a horrific murder; signed copies available) $25.00
Smiley, Patricia Short Change (Business consultant Tucker Sinclair (3) agreed to spend a little time helping Charley Tate set up his P.I. practice, but she finds that helping Charley has turned into a full-time job) $23.95
Smith, Carlton Mind Games (Non-fiction; psychologist, his wife, and murder) $6.99
Smith, Robert Barr Blood Eagle (Two modern American agents investigate the death of Hitler's niece in 1931, and race against the KGB and a well-financed Neo-Nazi group for answers) $24.95
Stacey, Lyndon Time to Pay (Animal behaviorist Gideon Blake witnesses the murder of ex-jockey Damien Daniels and is drawn into the mystery, discovering a terrifying conspiracy) $9.95
Stern, D. G. Hot Tea . . . Cold Case (Investors poured millions of dollars into a new company, which suddenly disappeared one day; a burned-out lawyer turned private eye is hired to investigate) $14.95
Stewart, Mary The Ivy Tree (Reissue) $14.95
Swann, Leonie Three Bags Full (A herd of sheep are determined to solve the mystery of who killed their shepherd; clever and humorous) $22.95
The Diagram Group The New Weapons of the World Encyclopedia (Comprehensive guide to weapons, fully revised and updated) $24.95
The Medieval Murderers House of Shadows (A harrowing account of ill-fated monastery Bermondsey Priory and the haunting half-century of bloodshed in 1114 behind its walls; collaborative novel by Jecks, Gregory, Knight, Morson, Gooden & Beaufort) $14.95
Wallace, Edgar The Feathered Serpent (Reissue: In 1920's London, someone is committing crimes and leaving a calling card with a crude drawing of a feathered serpent on them, and reporter Peter Dewin investigates) $12.95
Walters, Minette The Devil's Feather (Foreign correspondent Connie Burns hunts a British mercenary who she believes is responsible for the rape and murder of five women in Sierra Leone) $13.95
Wenzel, Kurt Exposure (Near future Hollywood is filled with digitally resurrected long-dead stars; when one of the digital stars walks off his digital set, the bodies start to pile up) $23.99
Williams, Ben Ames Leave Her to Heaven (Noir classic about a striking but evil beauty driven by obsessive love to unimaginable extremes) $14.95


Adam, Paul The Rainaldi Quartet (Luthier, a maker and repairer of violins, Gianni Castiglione and Cremona police-chief Guastafeste team up to investigate when their mutual friend and luthier Rainaldi is murdered and his workshop ransacked) $14.95
Allingham, Margery Sweet Danger (Classic reissue ‘33; after an earthquake causes a sleepy town in the Balkans to become a stunningly valuable port, Albert Campion (5) tries to help a strange family lay claim to the fortune) $14.95
Biggle, Lloyd Jr. The Grandfather Rastin Mysteries (14 endearing tales of small-town detection that emphasize vibrant characterization and gentle good humor; the title character, an adroit, insightful and irascible old man) $19.00
Bishop, Morris The Widening Stain (Reissue ‘42; a debonair limerick-spouting English professor investigates murder in the library stacks of a campus remarkably resembling Cornell University) $14.95
Brookins/Hart/Krueger-ed. Resort to Murder (Collection of thirteen mystery short stories by Minnesota writers) $16.95
Burke, James Lee Pegasus Descending (Dave Robicheaux (15) must face the past when a young woman who may be the daughter of his old friend Dallas passes stolen hundred dollar bills in Louisiana) $7.99
Crusie, Jennifer/Mayer, Bob Agnes and the Hitman (Agnes is planning a wedding when a dognapper invades her kitchen and she is saved by a hitman named Shane, and together they face mobsters looking for a million bucks) $24.95
Dickinson, Peter The Old English Peep Show (Reissue; when Inspector Jimmy Pibble investigates a suicide at "Old England", an elaborate theme-park that pays homage to England's past, he finds more than a pleasant daydream; Gold Dagger winner ‘69) $14.95
Flynn, Gillian Sharp Objects (Reporter Camille Preaker, fresh from a stay on the psych ward, is sent to her hometown to cover the murders of two young girls, and must deal with her own demons in the process) $14.00
Flynn, Vince Act of Treason (Mitch Rapp (8) is called in after the ambush of a presidential candidate's motorcade leads the CIA to shocking classified information) $9.99
Freeling, Nicolas Gun Before Butter (Reissue; aka Question of Loyalty ; Amsterdam Det. Van der Valk (3) is in love with wild child Lucienne Englebert, but things become complicated when he realizes she may be connected to a murder; Silver Dagger ‘63) $14.95
Khoury, Raymond The Sanctuary (A geneticist becomes embroiled in a deadly quest for a secret that has destroyed everyone in its path for centuries) $25.95
Ladd, Linda Dark Places (Former Los Angeles homicide detective Claire Morgan now living in Missouri finds herself in desperate pursuit of a twisted serial killer) $6.99
Little, C. & G. The Black Curl (Reissue ‘53; a hard-working young man in NYC, with freeloading relatives, investigates when his missing housekeeper’s body is found in a spare refrigerator) $14.95
Macdonald, Ross The Archer Files (Collects all the brief fiction about Lew Archer, including the stories from The Name is Archer and Lew Archer, Private Investigator , plus 3 novellas from Strangers in Town , plus 11 lengthy never-before-published fragments of unfinished Macdonald stories, plus a biographical sketch of Lew Archer by Macdonald biographer Tom Nolan; trade paperback) $25.00
Neel, Janet Death's Bright Angel (Reissue; when an executive from one of her client-companies is murdered just steps from her London flat, English civil servant Francesca Wilson is compelled to investigate; Creasey Award Best 1st ‘88) $14.95
Piesman, Marissa Personal Effects (Reissue ‘91; Nina Fischman (2) goes undercover to catch the killer of her friend who met the killer through a personals ad) $14.95
Reaves, Sam Dooley's Back (Hard-bitten ex-cop Dooley returns to the dark side of Chicago in an edgy novel of suspense) $14.95


Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of the Hawthorne Horse (A baby is left on Beatrix Potter's (4) doorstep during Sawrey's annual summer fete, and with the help of her animal friends she seeks the previous guardian) $23.95
Allan, Barbara (Max Allan & Barbara Collins) Antiques Maul (Second in the Trash 'n' Treasures cozy mystery series) $22.00
Allingham, Margery Death of a Ghost (Classic reissue ‘34; Albert Campion (6) attends an exclusive art sale where one of the guests, a young artist, is murdered, and Albert investigates) $14.95
Arjouni, Jakob Kismet (In Frankfurt, Germany, two men die while trying to protect their friend Romario from mob extortion, and Romario tries to find their killer) $24.00
Ash, Maureen The Alehouse Murders (A Templar Knight Mystery; at the end of the 12th century, Templar Bascot de Marins is recovering from 8 years of captivity at Lincoln Castle, when a cunning and baffling murder takes place) $6.99
Atkinson, Kate One Good Turn (Retired detective Jackson Brodie witnesses a case of road rage and it thrusts him out of retirement and into the middle of many mysteries that intersect in one sinister scheme) $13.99
Axler, James Deathlands #79: Remember Tomorrow (Postapocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Baker, Deb Goodbye, Dolly (Doll restoration artist Gretchen Birch (2) must clear her name when a sleazy reporter is found dead with one of her craft knives stuck in his chest; PBO) $6.99
Baldacci, David The Collectors (The Camel Club (2) investigate the murders of the Speaker of the House and are plunged into a world of espionage that is bringing America to its knees) $9.99
Ball, Jesse Samedi the Deafness (James Sim, a man with photographic memory, witnesses a murder, is kidnapped and brought to a sanatorium for those who cannot tell the truth, and seeks to solve the mystery; Trade PBO) $12.95
Bannister, Jo Flawed (PI Brodie Farrell (7) is expecting Superintendent Jack Deacon's child, and her current case, of child abuse and organized crime, is causing complications in their relationship) $24.95
Barnard, Robert Skeleton in the Grass (Reissue ‘87; as England slips toward WWII, Sara Causseley is governess to the politically unpopular Hallam clan, and when a corpse is found on the grounds, she tries to unravel the mystery) $14.95
Bass, Dr. Bill/Jefferson, Jon Beyond the Body Farm (A legendary bone detective explores murders, mysteries, and the revolution in forensic science) $25.95
Beall, Will L.A. Rex (Fresh-faced rookie cop Ben Halloran is partnered with old-school officer Miguel Marquez and assigned to LA's most violent precinct where they are plunged into a gang war) $14.00
Beaton, M.C. Love, Lies, and Liquor (Agatha Raisin sets off with ex-husband James Lacey to Snoth-on-Sea in Sussex, and when Mrs. Jankers is found strangled with Agatha's scarf, she must clear her name) $6.99
Berenson, Laura Hounded to Death (Melanie Travis (14) takes a road trip to a dog judges’ symposium, and the trip takes a sinister turn when an esteemed judge is found murdered in the resort's hot tub) $22.00
Bernhardt, William Strip Search (A serial killer stalks Las Vegas, and detective Susan Pulaski realizes only autistic savant Darcy O'Bannon can decipher the clues he leaves behind) $25.95
Biggins, John Tomorrow the World (Cadet Otto Prohaska carries the Hapsburg Empire's civilizing mission to the entirely unreceptive peoples of Africa and Oceania) $16.95
Block, Lawrence Tanner's Tiger (Reissue; Evan Tanner (5)) $7.99
Block, Lawrence Tanner's Virgin (Reissue; Evan Tanner (6), originally titled Here Comes a Hero ) $7.99
Bloom, Elizabeth The Mortician's Daughter (After being suspended from the NYPD, Ginny Lavoie returns to her New England home town to help find the killer of her best friend's teenage son) $6.99
Booth, Nicholas ZigZag (Non-fiction; story of WWII double agent Eddie Chapman) $26.99
Boulle, Pierre The Bridge Over the River Kwai (Reprint of the classic novel about prisoners of the Japanese forced to build a bridge in 1943 Burma) $14.95
Bourne, Sam (Jonathan Freedland) The Righteous Men (New York Times journalist Will Monroe must connect the deaths of seemingly unrelated men in order to save the woman he loves and the world from an ancient prophecy) $7.99
Broach, Elise Shakespeare's Secret (YA: Hero learns that there may be a diamond hidden in her house that will reveal the true identity of Shakespeare, and she is determined to solve the mystery) $5.99
Brown, Dale/Felice, Jim Dreamland: Retribution (The Dreamland team races to recover missing nuclear warheads from militant Islamists who have targeted Las Vegas for destruction; PBO) $7.99
Bush, Nancy Electric Blue (Oregon process server and PI Jane Kelly (2) meets an eccentric rich family entangled in murder) $6.99
Cain, Chelsea Heartsick (Portland Detective Archie Sheridan is haunted by the ten days he was tortured by serial killer Gretchen Lowell, and must pull himself together when another killer strikes) $23.95
Carrell, Jennifer Lee Interred with Their Bones (A killer stages Shakespeare's extravagant murders as flesh and blood realities and sets theater director Kate Shelton on a deadly treasure hunt racing to solve a Shakespearean puzzle) $25.95
Chance, Jack Cashed In: A Poker Mystery (Amateur Texas Hold 'Em champ Belinda Cooley (2) boards a high-stakes poker cruise and investigates when her fellow poker pros start disappearing; PBO) $6.99
Charles, Kate Secret Sins (Curate Callie Anson has to deal with two disappearances in her parish, a man whose wife is pregnant and a 12-year old girl who spends too much time on the Internet) $14.95
Charney, Noah The Art Thief (Three priceless art treasures are stolen and world-renowned art detective Gabriel Coffin teams up with art historian Genevieve Delacloche to investigate) $25.00
Cobb, James/Ludlum, Robert The Arctic Event (Covert-One agent Lt. Col. Jon Smith leads a team to a remote arctic island where a spy plane crashed with a cargo of anthrax, and members of the expedition start disappearing; Trade PBO) $15.99
Coben, Harlan Drop Shot (‘96; sports agent Myron Bolitar (2)) $22.00
Coel, Margaret The Drowning Man (Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley (12) find themselves immersed in the dark underbelly of the illegal market for Indian relics) $7.99
Coel, Margaret The Girl With the Braided Hair (Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley investigate when the body of a woman murdered in 1973 after betraying AIM is uncovered) $23.95
Cole, Emma Every Secret Thing (Kate Murry travels from London to Canada to track down the secret of her grandmother's wartime past and a sinister stalker puts her and everyone she contacts in danger) $25.95
Collins, Michael Death of a Writer (After an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, a professor's novel is published bearing an eerie resemblance to a real child murder, causing a storm of publicity and questions) $14.95
Cook, Thomas H. The Cloud of Unknowing (When Diana Sears' schizophrenic son drowns, she believes her husband, who never made peace with his son's condition, is responsible and works to build a case) $14.00
Cook, Troy The One Minute Assassin (Ex-P.I. John Black investigates when candidates for Governor are murdered one-by-one, and all the candidates are suspects) $14.95
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Fury (Richard Sharpe, now commanding a company of riflemen, fights his old enemy the French at the battle of Barossa in 1811) $13.95
D'Almeida, Sarah The Muskateer's Apprentice (In a search for his apprentice's killer, Muskateer Porthos (3) rallies his friends, pursuing the truth even as he puts his own life in danger; PBO) $6.99
Daley, Robert Pictures (Ex-NYPD captain Vincent Conte is hired to find the photographer who took pictures of a duchess's husband cavorting with another woman, and his search puts him in danger) $14.00
Damsgaard, Shirley The Witch Is Dead (5th installment of the charming cozy mystery series featuring a reluctant psychic and her grandmother, a benevolent witch; PBO) $6.99
Davidson, Diana Mott Sweet Revenge (Goldy Schulz investigates when former DA Jed Borholtz is murdered and it looks like the culprit is Sandee Brisbane, even though she is thought to be dead) $25.95
Davis, Kyra Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate (Sophie Katz (3) investigates the death of a two-timing hubby, and winds up involved with the "Furry" community, a group with a fetish for animal costumes) $13.95
De Brul, Jack Havoc (CDC investigator Callis Stone investigates why a village in Africa has such a high cancer rate, and mining engineer Philip Mercer discovers a cryptic note thatmay hold the key) $7.99
Devlin, Keith/Lorden, Gary The Numbers Behind Numbers (Explains real-life mathematical techniques used by law enforcement to catch criminals) $14.00
Doss, James D. The Shaman Sings (Reissue ‘95; Charlie Moon (1)) $6.99
Drake, Rebecca The Next Killing (When a twisted psychopath starts murdering students at an exclusive girls school, a teacher risks her life to put a stop to it; PBO) $6.99
Dublin, D. H. Blood Poison: A C.S.U. Investigation (Rookie forensics detective Madison Cross investigates the death by overdose of an environmentalist and realizes to her horror that the killer is honing in on her; PBO) $7.99
Dunn, Carola The Bloody Tower (A trip to the Tower of London in 1925 leaves journalist Daisy Dalrymple in the midst of a murder when she finds the body of one of the Yeoman Warders with a pike in his back) $23.95
Edwards, Martin The Arsenic Labyrinth (DCI Hannah Scarlett (3) reopens the cold case of the disappearance of Emma Bestwick and is led to a series of tunnels known as the Arsenic Labyrinth where a new mystery awaits) $14.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down O'er the Border (In 1577 England, Susanna Appleton's (3) friend Catherine is missing in the company of a notorious spy and wanted for treason, and Susanna attempts to find her) $14.95
Eubanks, Steve Downforce (Second book of the crime thriller series set in the world of stock car racing featuring Robert "Redball" Redding; PBO) $6.99
Fairstein, Linda-ed. The Best American Crime Reporting 2007 (Non-fiction) $14.95
Fleeman, Michael Killer Bodies (Non-fiction; two models and bodybuilders who allegedly murdered their personal assistant to end an extra-marital affair) $6.99
Fleming/Lawrence/Horak James Bond: Death Wing (Graphic novel: Collection of new adventures of James Bond, never-before-published) $19.95
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote: Three Strikes and You're Dead (While visiting friends in Arizona, Jessica investigates when their son is accused of murdering his baseball rival) $6.99
Follett, Ken The Pillars of the Earth (Reprint: Prequel to the 10/07 release World Without End : 12th century building of a mighty Gothic cathedral) $7.99
Freeman, Gregory A. The Forgotten 500 (Non-fiction; story of the men who risked all to rescue more than 500 men trapped behind enemy lines in Yugoslavia in 1944) $23.95
Gabaldon, Diana Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (Set against the background of the Seven Years War, Lord John Grey pursues a deadly family secret and a clandestine love affair) $25.00
Gates, Robert M. From the Shadows (Memoir of a career CIA officer at the center of power during the Cold War) $17.00
Gaylin, Alison Trashed (Tabloid writer Simone Glass investigates when a soap star commits suicide and her emotionally unstable assistant insists she was murdered) $21.95
George, Elizabeth What Came Before He Shot Her (Novel which explores the life of a 12-year old boy prior to his committing the crime of shooting the wife of Scotland Yard Inspector Thomas Lynley) $7.99
Gerritsen, Tess The Mephisto Club (M.E. Maura Isles and detective Jane Rizzoli take on a society of scholars that studies the history of evil, & the grisly killer it has spawned) $7.99
Gibson, Lopis/Mills, Deanie Faces of Evil (Forensic artist Lois Gibson reveals how she does her job and chronicles some of her most interesting cases; PBO) $6.99
Gilbert, Michael The Danger Within (Reissue ‘52, Grand Master’s first novel, aka Death in Captivity ; British POWs at an Italian-run camp plan their escape before being turned over to the Germans, than an alleged traitor is murdered) $14.95
Glasgow, Michael/Gobbell, Phyllis An Unfinished Canvas (Non-fiction; disappearance of Nashville artist and mother Janet March, as her mother spends ten years seeking justice against Janet's husband) $7.99
Goddard, Robert Never Go Back (During an RAF reunion, several "accidental" deaths occur, and Harry Barnett (2) finds himself confronting the secrets of the troops original operation) $12.00
Goffard, Christopher Snitch Jacket (An over-educated misfit, ex-speed addict, and barfly who makes pocket money snitching on his friends, is arrested on suspicion of double murder) $24.95
Gores, Joe Glass Tiger (Ex-CIA sniper Brendan Thorne has forsworn violence, when he is forced by the FBI to find a man who has vowed to assassinate the newly elected President) $14.00
Grant, Richard Another Green World (In 1929, four Americans meet at a youth summit in Germany, and 15 years later, now estranged, these men and women find their worlds colliding after a document by Heinrich Himmler is discovered) $15.95
Graves, Ashna Death Pans Out (After a double mastectomy, Journalist Jeneva Leopold goes to her Uncle's idle gold mine in the Oregon desert, and when a young miner turns up dead, she investigates) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Murder on the Ballarat Train (Phryne is traveling by train to Ballarat when she must use her gun to save her life; and when someone poisons the other passengers with chloroform, she must find the culprit) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Raisins and Almonds (Phryne Fisher is asked to investigate the strange death of a devout Jewish girl and her investigation leads her into the exotic world of Yiddish, refugees, and chicken soup) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry The Green Mill Murder (Phryne Fisher is in a dance competition when one of the dancers slumps to the ground, dead, and her investigation leads her to the dark smoky jazz clubs of Fitzroy) $14.95
Hagberg, David Dance with the Dragon (Kirk McGarvey returns to action investigating the murder of a CIA agent in Mexico who was looking into the connection between China and a possible terrorist attack) $24.95
Haines, Carolyn Revenant (Mississippi reporter Carson Lynch is assigned the story of a serial killer who buries women in bridal veils with their ring finger missing; PBO) $6.99
Hall, Parnell You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled (Cora Felton must solve the problem of how to keep the secret of her identity without losing her life) $6.99
Halliday, Gemma Undercover in High Heels (Shoe designer Maddie Springer finds a secretive leading lady, a cyber scandal and a dead starlet at her new job on the set of Hollywood's latest hit show) $6.99
Hamilton, Steve Night Work (New York juvenile probation officer Joe Trumbull has terrible luck with women - they keep getting murdered, and he must find the killer while NY cops investigate him) $23.95
Hamilton, Steve A Stolen Season (On Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Alex McKnight saves passengers in a boat crash, and later finds that 3 of the men he saved are connected to a drug syndicate, plus his girlfriend is in a dangerous undercover operation in Toronto) $6.99
Hammett, Dashiel The Dain Curse, The Glass Key, and Selected Stories (Collection of two riveting novels and four short stories by the master of hard-boiled crime fiction; Everyman’s Library edition) $24.00
Harrison, Cora My Lady Judge (500 years ago on the western seaboard of Ireland a man is murdered and it is up to a woman appointed judge by the King to find out who committed the deed) $24.95
Harvey, John Lonely Hearts (Reissue; the first major case for Charles Resnick concerns a number of increasingly serious attacks on women using the Lonely Hearts column of the local paper) $13.95
Hautman, Pete-ed. Full House (YA: 10 stories about poker) $17.99
Herkert, Gabriella Catnapped (Legal Investigator Sara Townley is assigned to the case of a missing millionaire cat and when she comes face to face with a dead body she knows life is a litter box) $6.99
Hicks, Randall Baby Crimes (California adoption attorney Toby Dillon agrees to help the parents of one of his tennis students who are being blackmailed because the adoption of their daughter was illegal) $13.95
Hill, Reginald A Clubbable Woman (Reissue ‘70; when small-town femme fatale is found dead in her own living room, Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe (1) suspect members of a local rugby club) $14.95
Holbrook, Ames The Deporter (Non-fiction; former deportation officer explores devastating wholesale release of tens of thousands of alien criminals into vulnerable American communities) $24.95
Hughes, Mary Ellen String of Lies (Jo McAllister (2), owner of Jo's Craft Corner, must clear her name when a local developer who had her seeing red turns up dead. Includes craft tips for a beading project) $6.99
Hunt, Elizabeth Singer Jack Stalwart: The Caper of the Crown Jewels ; Jack Stalwart: The Mystery of the Mona Lisa ; Jack Stalwart: The Search for Sunken Treasure ; Jack Stalwart: The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur (YA) $4.99 each
Hunter, Stephen The 47th Samurai (Bob Lee Swagger (2) tracks down a sword for a Japanese war veteran, and when a maniac murders the veteran's family and steals the sword, he dedicates himself to revenge) $26.00
Huston, Charlie The Shotgun Rule (In 1983 California, four boys try to recover a stolen bike, in the process find a crude meth lab, and while taking revenge they awaken a piece of long-buried town history) $21.95
Jardine, Quintin Death's Door (Detective Chief Constable Bob Skinner investigates when two young female artists are murdered in a ritualistic fashion and it looks like a serial killer is on the loose) $24.95
Johansen, Iris Killer Dreams (A mother and son are pitted against a killer who's the stuff of nightmares) $7.99
Johnson, Dennis Tree of Smoke (The story of Skip Sands, spy-in-training, engaged in Psychological Operations against the Viet Cong, and the disasters that befall him thanks to his famous uncle) $27.50
Jungstedt, Mari Unspoken (Gotland, Sweden Inspector Anders Knutas (2) investigates when a 14-year old girl goes missing and may be connected to the murder of alcoholic photographer Henry Dahlstrom a few weeks ago) $23.95
Jurgensen, Randy/Cea, Robert Circle of Six (Non-fiction; New York's most notorious cop killer and the cop who risked everything to catch him) $15.95
Kelly, Susan Murder on the Dance Floor (After the deaths of two young girls at a local nightclub, Newbury Superintendent Gregory Summers looks for a small-time drug dealer, until tragedy strikes close to home) $25.95
Kilgarriff/Gilleron/Zegarek The Bookaholic's Guide to Book Blogs (A guide to the world of book bloggers) $17.95
Klavan, Andrew Damnation Street (Julie Wyatt, a hooker with the face of an angel, is on the run from two sworn enemies, a P.I. and a professional killer, and they will meet on Damnation Street) $14.00
Kuhlken, Ken The Angel Gang (In 1949, Tom and Wendy Hickey are awaiting the birth of their first child when Wendy is kidnapped and Tom suspects his old enemy Miuchey Cohen of the deed) $14.95
Lashner, William A Killer's Kiss (An ex-lover of Victor Carl asks for his help when her husband is murdered, 1.7 million dollars is missing, and her fingerprints are all over the crime scene) $24.95
Laurie, Victoria Crime Seen (Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (5) recovers from a gunshot wound by helping her boyfriend Dutch with some of his FBI cases, and finds her intuition returning with a vengeance) $6.99
Leever, Jeffrey Dark Friday (A teenage boy is arrested for murdering five teenagers in a small Indiana town, but the Chief of Police can't shake his nagging feeling that something more is going on) $14.95
Liebman, Ron Death by Rodrigo (Crime boss Rodrigo Gonzalez hires ex-cop attorneys Mickie and Junne to get him out of jail on bond, but the judge has denied bail, and Gonzalez's friends are not happy) $24.00
Lief/Caldwell The Devil's Advocate (Third volume of the best closing arguments in American legal history) $17.00
Lisle, Janet Taylor Black Duck (YA: In 1929, young Ruben and Jeddy find a dead body washed up on the Rhode Island shore, and soon are caught in a war between two Prohibition gangs) $6.99
Loomis, Jon High Season (Frank Coffin leaves Baltimore to become Provincetown, Massachusett's sheriff, his hope for a peaceful life is shattered when a TV evangelist is found murdered and in full drag) $23.95
MacDonald, Patricia Stolen in the Night (When Tessa was 9, her testimony sent a man to death row, and 20 years later she encounters an anti-death penalty lawyer and together they seek the truth) $24.95
Malcolm, John A Back Room in Somers Town (Art dealer and ex-rugger Tim Simpson (1) is hired by a London bank to invest in art for wealthy clients, and when a painting is stolen and a dealer killed, Tim tries to solve the mystery) $14.95
Manotti, Dominique Dead Horsemeat (In 1989 France, a school friend of Agathe Renourd dies when a bomb explodes in his car, and the search for resolution leads to mysterious deaths of racehorses, cocaine, and corruption) $19.95
Marston, Edward The Iron Horse (Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck investigates when a disembodied head is found on a train on Derby Day at Epsom Downs and is soon snarled up in a web of murder, fraud, and race-fixing) $25.95
Marston, Edward The Railway Viaduct (Victorian; as a train speeds over the Sankey Viaduct, a dead body is hurled into the canal below, and Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck and Sgt. Leeming take charge) $9.95
Martin, David Our American King (In the wake of a national calamity, a man called Tazza declares himself American king, and just as the country recovers, the federal government returns and wars sweep the land) $24.00
McInerny, Ralph Irish Alibi (Two Georgia Tech students are suspected of vandalism on the Notre Dame campus, and their alibi makes them suspects in a murder case Roger and Philip Knight are investigating) $23.95
Mina, Denise Garnethill (Reissue; Garnethill trilogy # 1) $13.99
Mitchell, Corey Strangler (Non-fiction; story of Anthony Allen Shore, a musical prodigy who became a violent megalomanic and murdered three females; PBO) $6.99
Mofina, Rick A Perfect Grave (Rookie Reporter Jason Wade unravels the truth behind the murder of a beloved Seattle nun whose past life was shrouded in mystery; PBO) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Fear of the Dark (Paris Minton's (3) cousin is involved in a high stakes blackmail scheme, and when he disappears, Paris enlists the help of Fearless Jones to track him down) $7.50
Nadelson, Reggie Disturbed Earth (During Winter 2003 in New York City, Detective Artie Cohen investigates a pile of blood-soaked children's clothes found on a park bench and is drawn into the Russian community) $14.95
Nadelson, Reggie Fresh Kills (Artie wants to help his nephew who has just been released from the young offender's institute for murder, but when bodies begin to appear, Artie doesn’t know who to trust) $24.95
Nadelson, Reggie Red Hook (Artie Cohen investigates the death of his friend Sid McKay, and uncovers political secrets he hadn't known Sid was keeping, over the backdrop of the 2004 Republican Convention) $14.95
Nagorski, Andrew The Greatest Battle (Historical account of how Stalin and Hitler's desperate battle for Moscow changed the course of WWII) $27.00
Nasaw, Jonathan When She Was Bad (FBI agent E.L. Pender (4) returns in a tale of imperiled woman, disturbing depravity, and the price of justice) $25.00
Norman, Michael The Commission (When the chairman of the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole is murdered after a late night tryst with an exotic dancer, Sam Kincaid and Lt. Kate McConnell investigate) $14.95
O'Donnel, Peter/Romero, Enric Modesty Blaise: The Inca Trail (Graphic novel) $19.95
O'Donnell, Peter/Holdaway, Jim Modesty Blaise: The Black Pearl (Graphic novel) $19.95
O'Shaughnessy, Peter Keeper of the Keys (A brilliant but obsessive architect's investigation of the disappearance of his wife unlocks the door to his own mysterious past) $7.99
Ocean, T. Lynn Southern Fatality (Private security agent Jersey Barnes has retired, but when her boyfriend asks for a favor she agrees, and gets in way over her head with a scheme involving a prominent bank, a computer virus, and a double kidnapping) $23.95
Parker, Robert B. Hundred-Dollar Baby (April Kyle, a prostitute from Spenser's past, comes back into his life - with deadly complications) $9.99
Patterson, James/Roughan, Howard You've Been Warned (Kristin Burns is a successful photographer in New York City, when she begins having a murderous nightmare every night, which starts to come true in the day) $27.99
Patterson, Richard North Exile (A lawyer must defend the woman he loves against a charge of conspiring to assassinate the prime minister of Israel) $9.99
Peace, David Nineteen Seventy Seven (Half-decent copper Bob Fraser and burnt-out hack Jack Whitehead investigate a series of Chapeltown murders and are the only ones who suspect there may be more than one killer) $12.00
Peace, David Tokyo Year Zero (In 1946 Tokyo, Detective Minami tracks down a serial killer known as the Japanese Bluebeard while haunted by memories of atrocities that he can not explain or forgive) $24.00
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #116: Ripple Effect (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #346: Vigilante (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Mummy Case (Reprint; Egyptologist Amelia Peabody investigates when an antiquities dealer is murdered near her dig in Mazghunah) $19.95
Phelan, Twist False Fortune (Sequel to Spurred Ambition : Hannah Dain is appointed lead council on behalf of a local Indian tribe in a case that some people would do anything to keep out of court) $24.95
Phelan, Twist Spurred Ambition (Hannah Dain has come to Pinnacle Peak, AZ, to rock climb, and after escaping an anti-Indian protest, must unravel a financial hoax while looking for the key to her past) $14.95
Phelps, M. William Perfect Poison (Non-fiction; a female serial killer who abused her respected position as a nurse to murder dozens of trusting patients; PBO) $6.50
Radley, Sheila The Chief Inspector's Daughter (Reissue ‘80; Inspector Douglas Quantrill's (2) daughter Alison is secretary to a romance writer who is brutally murdered, and his daughter's involvement complicates Quantrill's investigation) $14.95
Ramsland, Katherine Ph.D. Beating the Devil's Game (Traces the development of forensic science from 13th century China to the present day) $24.95
Reppetto, Thomas Bringing Down the Mob (Non-fiction; the efforts of crusaders such as Robert Morgantau and Robert Kennedy to bring down the mob) $16.00
Rickman, Phil The Remains of an Altar (Merrily Watkins is called to investigate an alleged paranormal dimension and a spate of road accidents and discovers connections to tensions in the small town of Wychehill) $8.95
Riordan, Rick Rebel Island (P.I. Tres Navarre's (8) Gulf Coast island honeymoon is cut short when a US Marshall is murdered during a hurricane and Tres must find the killer in the midst of a power outage) $25.00
Ripley, Ann Death in the Orchid Garden (Louis Eldridge takes her public television gardening show to Hawaii, where murder makes an unexpected appearance) $6.99
Ripley, W.L. Springer's Gambit (Cole Springer is hired as a bodyguard to protect a man who refuses to pay the mob anymore) $7.99
Robb, J.D. (Nora Roberts) Innocent in Death (New York City Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas (24) hunts for the killer of a seemingly ordinary history teacher and uncovers some extraordinary surprises) $7.99
Rose, Karen Die For Me (Homicide detective Vito Ciccotelli investigates a serial killer in Chicago who uses medieval torture devices, and archaeologist Sophie Johnson is brought on to assist; PBO) $6.99
Rucka, Greg Patriot Acts (Atticus finds he has been falsely identified as one of The Ten, a shortlist of the world's most wanted assassins, and to survive he must become what they are accusing him of) $25.00
Rudolph, Penny Lifeblood (Rachel Chavez rushes two Mexican boys to the hospital after finding them locked in a van, and when the next day the hospital has no record of either boy, she investigates) $24.95
Rudolph, Penny Listen to the Mocking Bird (In 1861 New Mexico, Matty Summerhayes hopes her horse ranch will earn enough money for her to return east, when a stranger dies on her land and she must find the killer) $14.95
Rudolph, Penny Thicker than Blood (When an executive from a water agency is murdered and the car that killed him winds up in her parking garage, Rachel Chavez becomes tangled in California water politics) $14.95
Rusch, Sheldon The Boy with Perfect Hands (Special Agent Elizabeth Hewitt (2) investigates a series of murders linked to the nocturnes of one of the world's greatest composers) $7.99
Russell, S. Thomas Under Enemy Colors (During the French Revolution, the son of an English father and a French mother faces prejudice when he becomes a Lieutenant in the British Navy & he must prove himself loyal) $24.95
Russo, Gus Supermob (Reveals the true story of how, for 50 years, superlawyer Sidney Korshak and the nefarious Chicago Outfit pulled the strings of American business, politics, and society) $16.95
Schatzing, Frank Death and the Devil (A petty thief in 1260 Cologne witnesses the murder of the architect overseeing the building of a great cathedral, and finds himself engaged in a battle with powerful forces) $25.95
Seymour, Gerald Kingfisher (Reissue; after one of their friends disappears, three young Soviet Jews hijack an airliner and demand passage to Israel) $13.95
Sharp, Zoe First Drop (Ex-British Army woman Charlie Fox accepts a job protecting the son of a computer whiz, and at an amusement park they encounter armed kidnappers set on taking him) $6.99
Sharp, Zoe Second Shot (Charlie Fox (2) faces deadly foes while protecting the beautiful Simone and her daughter in a wintery New England and helping find Simone's father) $23.95
Shaw, Catherine Riddle of the River (Cambridge 1898; Vanessa Wetherburn (4) is asked by journalist Patrick O'Sullivan to help solve the case of a beautiful young woman found floating in the river Cam) $25.95
Shefchik, Rick Amen Corner (Sam Skarda, accomplished amateur golfer and Minneapolis police detective, investigates when a Masters' tournament rules committee official is murdered) $14.95
Simon, Michael Last Jew Standing (Austin Homicide's Dan Reles has a great life until his father, a Mafia legbreaker who's spent the last 20 years on the run, arrives with a sociopathic godfather on his tail) $25.95
Simon, Michael Little Faith (Dan Reles, Austin homicide detective, investigates the murder of a child star turned porn actress) $14.00
Spanogle, Joshua Flawless (San Francisco Dr. Nathaniel McCormick is ensnared in the investigation of a vicious murder and it takes him from the high-tech world of the cosmetics industry to a black market game) $23.00
Spiller, Robert A Calculated Demise (When the wrestling coach is murdered in her small Colorado town, math teacher Bonnie Pinkwater (2) enlists a student to find out what really happened; uses math and math history to unravel the secrets of the crime) $7.95
Spindler, Erica Copy Cat (Detective Kitt Lundgren investigates when it appears the Sleeping Angel killer has returned, but one detail is different and this may be a copy cat) $7.99
Staincliffe, Cath Bitter Blue (During a bitter cold snap, Manchester PI Sal Kilkenny is hired to do surveillance work, and she faces a grim discovery and a violent crime) $9.95
Staincliffe, Cath Missing (Sal Kilkenny is hired to track down a missing mother and her housemate Ray wants to share more than just the chores) $25.95
Standiford, Les Havana Run (John Deal goes to Cuba for a construction project, but soon learns that he was lured there to help spring an American prisoner from a Castro jail) $14.95
Stiefel, Vicki The Bone Man (When a skull found inside an ancient clay pot turns out to be not only modern, but a friend of Tally Whyte's, Tally is determined to find out who killed her friend) $7.99
Stourton, Ivo The Night Climbers (Ten years ago, four thrill-seeking students committed an audacious art fraud, and now their crime is in danger of being discovered and they must find a way to save themselves) $22.95
Suter, Martin A Deal with the Devil (A woman trying to escape her past runs away to a remote Alpine village where a chilling series of events unfolds in front of her) $19.95
Swain, James Mr. Lucky (Ex-cop and con-game expert Tony Valentine searches for the truth behind one man's gambling hot streak and finds double-barreled trouble) $7.99
Swindells, Madge Hot Ice (When her childhood friend is kidnapped on her wedding day, Christine Winters does everything she can to find her and is thrown into the underworld of diamond smuggling) $9.95
Tapply, William G. One-Way Ticket (Boston attorney Brady Coyne's placid life is upset when the mob kidnaps a friend for having a debt he swears he never incurred, and he tries to rescue him) $23.95
Terrall, Robert Kill Now, Pay Later (Private Eye Ben Gates finds himself entangled with three deadly beauties after a robbery at an upper-crust wedding) $6.99
Thurlo, David and Aimee Pale Death (Navaho vampire and N. Mexico State Police officer Lee Nez (3) investigates the gruesome deaths of doctors who were conducting experiments on a vampire who broke free and seeks revenge) $6.99
Vachss, Andrew Mask Market (Burke is hired to find a man who doesn't want to be found, and when the man shows up dead, Burke must protect himself while looking into his own tortured past) $7.99
Vachss, Andrew Terminal (Burke is forced to keep a commitment to a brother from his prison past and to avenge the 30-year old murder of a teenage girl) $24.95
Van Onselen, Charles The Fox and the Flies (Non-fiction; story of Joseph Silver, master criminal and white slave trader during the three decades before WWI, including evidence that he was Jack the Ripper) $32.50
Van Sant, Peter/Jackson, Jenna Perfectly Executed (Non-fiction; two gifted college students who murdered one of their families in cold blood) $7.99
Van Zandt Clint Facing Down Evil (Memoir of the author's life as an FBI hostage negotiator) $14.00
Wallace, Karen The Diamond Takers (YA: When thieves steal an old friend's diamonds, Lady Violet Winters and her trusty companion Garth go to Monte Carlo to find them) $9.95
Wallace, Karen The Man with Tiger Eyes (YA: At a New York reception, Lady Violet and Garth meet and artist and a mysterious man with tiger eyes, and when the artist and his painting disappear, they investigate) $9.95
Wallace, Karen The Secret of the Crocodiles (YA: Lady Violet and Garth are visiting Egypt when Violet discovers a man overseeing the theft of ancient treasures, and they try to stop him) $9.95
Wambaugh, Joseph The Choirboys ; The Onion Field (Reissues) $13.00 each
Webb, Debra Traceless (Emily Wallace learns that the man who killed her best friend ten years ago has been released on parole, and she returns to her Alabama home town to confront him; PBO) $6.99
Wilhelm, Kate A Wrongful Death (Barbara Holloway is accused of aiding and abetting the disappearance of a young boy and his mother after trying to help them on an Oregon beach) $24.95
Willig, Lauren The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Eloise Kelly (3) has unearthed secrets that will rearrange history, dallied with Colin Sedgewick, and is about to uncover another fierce heroine running headlong into history) $14.00
Wilson, F. Paul Harbingers (Repairman Jack (10) agrees to help a friend find his daughter who has only been missing since the morning, and triggers a chain of events that lead Jack into even darker days) $7.99
Winslow, Don California Fire and Life (Reprint: When a house fire looks like arson and murder, insurance claims investigator Jack Wade finds himself knee deep in the CA underworld; Shamus ‘99 Best P.I. Novel) $13.95
Winslow, Don The Winter of Frankie Machine (After a botched attempt on his life, retired hit-man Frankie Machianno sets out to find his potential killers and save himself and his family; DeNiro film in 2008) $13.95
Wishart, David Germanicus (Marcus Covinus (2) is summoned by the Empress Livia to investigate the foul murder of her grandson) $14.95
Wishart, David In at the Death (In ancient Rome, the sudden suicide of a young man prompts the family to as veteran sleuth Marcus Corvinus to investigate, and he finds the death was really a murder) $24.95
Woods, Stuart Fresh Disasters (A chance encounter with a small-time crook sends Stone Barrington straight into the heart of New York's mafia underworld) $9.99
Woods, Stuart Shoot Him If He Runs (Stone Barrington and Holly Barker pursue Taddy Fay, a rogue agent they thought dead, in the tropical paradise of St. Marks, where very little is as it seems) $25.95
Zaroulis, Nancy The Poe Papers (Reissue ‘80, diabolical love story; a young man comes to a New England mansion on a scholar's quest, and is willing to do anything for the mother and daughter who live there to get the secret they possess) $13.95


Allen, Michael-ed. Reading CSI (Critical analysis of the three CSI shows, including a series by series episode guide) $15.95
Argula, Anne Walla Walla Suite (Menopausal P.I. Quinn tracks a missing secretary, but it turns into a complicated murder case with suspicion cast where she least expects it; Trade PBO) $12.95
Benedek, Emily Red Sea (When four planes go down, the work of terrorists, Israeli intelligence operator Julian Granot is called upon to investigate, and he enlists a young American reporter to help) $24.95
Church, James Corpse in the Koryo (North Korea's Inspector O is sent by his superiors to find anyone who knows too much about a series of decades-old kidnappings and murders) $13.95
Cordingly, David Cochrane - The Real Master and Commander (Biography of Thomas Cochrane, nicknamed the Sea Wolfe by Napoleon, one of the most daring and successful navel heroes of all time) $29.95
Gerritsen, Tess The Bone Garden (Shifting from the 1830's and the present-day, Maura Isles tries to solve a murder two centuries old, and Oliver Wendell Holmes helps a fellow classmate and young med student find a serial killer) $25.95
Humphreys, C.C. Jack Absolute (In 1777, Jack Absolute arrives in London after 4 months at sea, and fights a duel, is forced to flee London, and becomes a spy in America's war of Independence) $14.95
Indridason, Arnaldur Silence of the Grave (When a skeleton is discovered half-buried in a construction site outside of Reykjavik, Inspector Sveisson (2) is knee-deep in a crime scene and an archaeological dig; winner Glass Key and Golden Dagger Awards; some signed U.S. first editions available $22.95) $14.00
Maitland, Barry No Trace (DCI Brock and Detective Sergeant Kolla investigate when the daughter of an artist notorious for his violent images is kidnapped; cited by Kirkus as one of the top ten crime novels of ‘06) $13.95
Trofimov, Yaroslav The Siege of Mecca (Nonfiction thriller about the little-known takeover and subsequent liberation of Iran's holiest site, the Grand Mosque of Mecca, in 1979) $26.00


Aaron, Relentless To Live and Die in Harlem (Sequel to Push : Reginald "Push" Jackson (2) stumbles onto one of the biggest ever criminal enterprises and takes ruthless corruption personally) $6.99
Autry, Curt The Reunion (Nine survivors of a U-boat crew from WWII gather for a reunion in North Carolina and are murdered there, and a woman in Oklahoma holds the clue that could solve the crime) $14.95
Barclay, Linwood No Time for Goodbye (25 years after her entire family disappeared, Cynthia Archer notices odd signs pointing to them and she must face the shocking truth while others think she is crazy) $22.00
Baron, Aileen G A Fly Has a Hundred Eyes (In 1938 Israel, Lily Sampson is involved in a dig when another member is murdered and precious artifacts go missing, getting no help from the police, she investigates herself) $16.95
Baxter, Cynthia Who's Kitten Who? (Veterinarian and sleuth Jessica Popper (6) is in the cast of a Long Island playwright's last production and finds it littered with clues as to his murderer; PBO) $6.99
Beaton, M.C. Kissing Christmas Goodbye (When a wealthy widow is poisoned, Agatha Raisin (18) is intrigued and investigates, as the woman had sent her a letter saying she thought someone was going to murder her) $24.95
Beckett, Simon Written in Bone (Forensic anthropologist David Hunter (2) investigates a murder on a remote Scottish island, and as he exposes small town secrets a storm hits and the killing begins in earnest) $24.00
Bell, Michael-ed. Scouts in Bondage (Illustrated collection of humorous book covers that graced publisher's catalogues prior to WW II) $15.00
Bendell, Don C.I.D. #3: Bamboo Battleground (PBO: C.I.D. undercover operatives are sent to the Far East to investigate an Al-Qaeda training facility and discover a secret that leads back to Washington D.C.) $6.99
Benedict, Laura Isabella Moon (In Carystown, KY, Kate Russell walks into the sheriff's office and tells him she knows where little Isabella Moon is buried, and the town's dark secrets start to unravel) $24.95
Benoit, Charles Noble Lies (Desert Storm vet Mark Rohr is helping a woman find her brother in Thailand when he runs afoul of a notorious gangster and must flee with the woman and her family) $24.95
Benoit, Charles Out of Order (Sequel to Relative Danger : Jason Talley's orderly life is interrupted by the murder of two friends from India; he travels there to look for answers) $14.95
Benson, Ann The Physician's Tale (Conclusion to the trilogy: Plague strikes the near-future, wiping out most of the population, and a physician's greatest hope is an ancient journal of a Jewish man of medicine) $7.50
Black, Michael A Killing Frost (A search for a missing fiance leads Chicago PI into a lot more trouble than he bargained for) $7.99
Block, Lawrence Me Tanner, You Jane (Reissue; Evan Tanner (7)) $7.99
Block, Lawrence Tanner On Ice (Reissue; Evan Tanner (8)) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen (The good cheer of a Yuletide dinner is spoiled when the host, wealthy Stephen Whitfield, dies before the 2nd course, and Scotland Yard's Inspector Witherspoon investigates) $22.95
Brodrick, Willliam The Gardens of the Dead (English barrister-turned-monk Father Anselm investigates the death of a former colleague who had reopened an old case that Anselm featured prominently) $14.00
Brown, Rita Mae The Hounds and the Fury (When a load of Virginia hunt club money goes missing and a body turns up in its place, Sister Jane (5) investigates) $13.95
Brown, Rita Mae The Tell-tale Horse (Sister Jane (6) investigates when a woman is found naked and tied to an equine statue, and when another woman is murdered after a bracing fox hunt, Sister is also in danger) $25.95
Bruen, Ken/Starr, Jason Slide (Sequel to Bust : Fugitive Angela Petrakos hooks up with a serial killer in Ireland while failed NY businessman Max Fisher finds a new calling as a crack dealer; PBO) $6.99
Burke, Jan Kidnapped (Irene Kelly and husband Detective Frank Harriman find new DNA evidence which could free a man years after he was convicted of murdering his father) $7.99
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe and the Redhead (Reissue; when a beautiful clerk at an antiquarian book shop disappears, suspicion falls on the owner and D.S. Wycliffe investigates) $7.95
Bush, Nancy Ultraviolet (P.I. Jane Kelly (3) takes on the case of a woman accused of murdering her ex-husband, plastic surgery magnate Roland Hatchmere, just before his daughter's wedding) $19.95
Cain, Chelsea Confessions of a Teen Sleuth (Nancy Drew returns in a send-up which claims she was a real life sleuth and the famous series bearing her name got a lot wrong) $9.95
Campbell, Gordon Missing Witness (Phoenix defense attorney Dan Morgan takes on the case of a woman who is accused of murdering her husband, and the trail is just the beginning) $24.95
Carofiglio, Gianrico Reasonable Doubts (Lawyer Guerrieri is asked to handle the appeal of a drug smuggler, and he resists until the smugglers wife intercedes, but things dicey when he ends up in bed with her) $14.95
Cartledge, Paul Thermopylae (Non-fiction; the battle of Thermopylae, where an army of 300 Spartan warriors nearly stopped the huge Persian Army in 480 BC) $15.95
Casey, Donis Hornswoggled (Alafair Tucker is skeptical of her daughter's new beau Walter Kelly, whose first wife was murdered, and as she investigates she begins to think the whole town has been conned) $14.95
Casey, Donis The Drop Edge of Yonder (In 1914, a bushwacker kills Alafair Tucker's (3) uncle Bill and wounding her daughter, and when several acts suggest the killer is still around, Alafair tries to find him) $24.95
Childs, Laura Frill Kill (On the way home from a Halloween bash at her New Orleans scrapbooking store, Carmela (5) finds the body of a beautiful model behind a dumpster, and the number one suspect is a tarot reader hired for the party; signing at Uncle Edgar’s Sat., Oct. 13) $22.95
Childs, Laura Motif for Murder (After Hurricane Katrina, scrapbooking shop owner is trying to get back on her feet. when her ex-husband is kidnapped and his uncle murdered, and she investigates) $6.99
Cohen, Jeffrey Some Like It Hot-Buttered (Movie theater owner Elliot Freed starts his own investigation when a patron is poisoned by popcorn, much to the chagrin of the police, and he puts himself in danger; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan American Gangster (Movie tie-in: Frank Lucas rebels against the mob by setting up his own heroin trade in Harlem, until drug enforcement cop Richie Roberts targets him for investigation; PBO) $7.99
Connolly, John The Book of Lost Things (After the death of his mother, 12-year old David turns to her books for solace, and is transported into a land populated by monsters and a king with a secret book) $14.00
Cornwell, Bernard Heretic (Reprint: The Grail Quest Book 3: Thomas of Hookton makes powerful enemies when he becomes embroiled in a fight to save a beautiful young woman accused of heresy) $13.95
Cornwell, Patricia Book of the Dead (Kay Scarpetta moves to Charleston, SC, and opens a private forensic pathology practice, and investigates several brutal and unusual crimes) $26.95
Cutler, Judith The Keeper of Secrets (In 1810, young Parson Toby Campion takes over a small priory in Warwickshire, but after two deaths, an attempted rape, he realizes a malign influence is at work) $25.95
Daniels, Casey Tombs of Endearment (Cemetery tour guide Pepper Martin (3) becomes embroiled in an investigation with a long-dead rock legend) $6.99
Davis, Lindsay Shadows in Bronze (Reprint: Marcus Didius Falco (2) uncovers a dangerous conspiracy set in the Roman Empire and soon discovers that the woman he loves may be tangled in the treacherous plot) $6.99
Dawson, Geralyn Never Say Never (When a stalker threatens her, photographer Torie Bradshaw runs to Matt Callahan, despite the unfortunate circumstances under which they parted, and together they seek a killer) $6.99
Delany, Vicki In the Shadow of the Glacier (In a small town in British Columbia, a draft dodger has left money to the town to build a garden to honor draft dodgers, and the ensuing controversy leads to murder) $22.95
Doss, James D. Stone Butterfly (Colorado rancher and Ute tribal investigator Charlie Moon (11) and his shaman aunt Daisy contend with a young orphaned girl at the heart of a murder) $6.99
Duffy, Peter The Killing of Major Denis Mahon (Non-fiction; the murder of an Irish landlord during the famine on the 19th century) $25.95
Earley, Pete Comrade J (Non-fiction; story of the man who ran Russia's post-Cold War spy program in America) $25.95
Edwards, Ruth Dudley The Saint Valentine's Day Murders (Robert Amiss is working in a dismal bureaucratic backwater when the wives of his co-workers are murdered by means of boxes of poisoned chocolates and Amiss investigates) $14.95
Fletcher, Connie Crime Scene (Forensics experts take you behind the police tape, onto the scenes, and into the labs of real CSIs) $7.99
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Panning for Murder (Jessica takes a scenic cruise to Alaska, and investigates the disappearance of her friend Kathy's sister, who disappeared from the same boat while looking for a gold claim) $19.95
Fluke/Levine/Meier Candy Cane Murder (Three mystery novellas from favorite authors, including holiday recipes; stocking stuffer hardcover) $16.00
Follett, Ken World Without End (Historical novel,992 pp.; 2 centuries after the events in The Pillars of the Earth , proponents of the old ways fight with those with progressive ideas against the backdrop of the Black Death) $35.00
French, Nicci The Memory Game (When the skeleton of the Martello's daughter who went missing 25 years ago is unearthed, her best friend Jane, now divorcing her brother, may hold the key to the mystery) $6.99
Friedman, Kinky You Can Lead a Politician to Water... (Memoir of Friedman's 2006 grassroots gubernatorial campaign) $25.00
Gallagher, Stephen The Kingdom of Bones (In the 19th century, former boxing champion Tom Sayers is accused of the serial slayings of pauper children, and he escapes and seeks to clear his name) $24.95
Ginsberg, Debra Blind Submission (Angel Robinson, assistant at a literary agency, receives chapters from an anonymous manuscript that ends with her murder, and she must find the author before fiction becomes reality) $14.00
Glasgow, Michael/Gobbell, Phyllis An Unfinished Canvas (Non-fiction; disappearance of Janat March, mother and artist, and her husband's secret life of promiscuity and neglect; PBO) $7.99
Griffin, Laura One Last Breath (A Texas journalist investigates her ex-husband's shady dealings only to find herself in the dangerous path of an ex-cop out for revenge; PBO) $6.99
Hagberg, David Allah's Scorpion (A cryptic code name, and the CIA’s Kirk McGarvey is the only man in a position to stop the ultimate al-Qaida strike against America) $7.99
Hannah, Sophie Little Face (Alice leaves her daughter for the first time with her husband, and when she returns, she swears the baby has been switched, and she can't get the police to believe her) $25.00
Harris, Charlaine An Ice Cold Grave (Harper Connelly is hired to find a missing boy in Doraville, NC, and gets more than she bargained for when she finds 8 victims, all teenagers, buried in the half-frozen ground) $23.95
Harris, Charlaine Grave Surprise (In Memphis, psychic Harper Connelly finds two bodies, one centuries-dead, and one a girl recently deceased, and she uses her powers to find the killer) $7.99
Harrison, Mike Ruby Tuesday (PI Eddie Dancer is hired to stop a grudge match between an out-of-shape, middle-aged ex-advertising exec and a brawler who put him in the hospital) $24.95
Hart, John Down River (Adam Harston returns to North Carolina 5 years after being acquitted of murder, and when people start turning up dead, he is once again a suspect; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Harvey, John Rough Treatment (Reissue ‘90; Charles Resnick (2)) $13.95
Haus, Illona Blue Justice (Detective Kay Delaney (3) responds when an undercover female cop is abducted by a brutal serial rapist) $6.99
Heimann, Judith The Airmen and the Headhunters (Non-fiction; 1944 rescue of Army airmen by Dayak tribesmen on the Borneo coast) $26.00
Hiaasen, Carl Nature Girl (Honey Santana is being followed into the Florida wilderness by her ex-employer who in turn is being followed by her ex-husband, and mayhem is the ultimate result) $13.99
Higgins, Jack/Richards, Justin Sure Fire (YA: When their mother is killed in a car accident, 15-year old twins Rich and Jade move in with their father, and when he disappears they discover they are also in danger) $16.99
Iles, Greg True Evil (In Natchez, Mississippi, a divorce attorney has a cluster of clients whose spouses have all died, and FBI agent Alex Morse works undercover to unmask the killer) $9.99
Indridason, Arnaldur Voices (During the Christmas season in Reykjavik, Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson investigates when a hotel Santa is murdered, and he must untangle a web of secrets to find the killer; signed copies expected) $23.95
Jackson, Lee Redemption (In the near future, Ben Trinity has been accused of being a terrorist, and tries to prove his innocence while hiding in the small town of Redemption, Montana) $24.95
James, Russell Underground and Collected Stories (Reprint of the novel Underground and a collection of five short stories from the godfather of British noir - first U.S. publication) $14.95
Johns, Linda Hannah West on Millionaire's Row (YA: When someone starts breaking into houses on Millionaire's Row in Seattle, 12-year old Hannah West thinks the Antiques Caravan show in town is responsible) $5.99
Johnson, Sheila Blood Lust (Non-fiction; story of Jeremy Bryan Jones, dubbed "the redneck Ted Bundy", an attention seeking murderous psychopath in Mobile, Alabama; PBO) $6.99
Johnston, Linda O. The Fright of the Iguana (When a fellow pet-sitter turns up bludgeoned to death and an iguana is petnapped, Kendra Ballantune investigates; PBO) $6.99
Karbo, Karen Minerva Clark Goes to the Dogs (YA: Minerva Clark searches for a missing red diamond) $6.95
Kastner, Erich Emil and the Detectives (Reissue of the classic story of Emil, who comes to Berlin and investigates when his money is stolen) $17.95
Kellerman, Jonathan & Faye Capitol Crimes (Thrilling pair of back-to-back suspense novellas) $7.99
Kuzneski, Chris Sword of God (Ex-MANIAC honcho Jonathan Payne vows revenge when friends are slaughtered during the escape of a dangerous terrorist who is part of a plot to start a holy war; PBO) $7.99
Larson, Erik Thunderstruck (During the greatest criminal chase of all time, the stories of Hawley Crippen, doctor and unlikely murderer, and Marconi, inventor of the wireless, converge) $14.95
Lawrence, David Down Into the Darkness (Detective Stella Mooney (4) investigates when the body of an unidentifiable young woman with a message scrawled on her back is found hanging from a tree on a London roadside) $24.95
Leon, Donna Fatal Remedies (In the Venetian dawn an act of vandalism shatters the calm, and Inspector Brunetti is shocked to find the culprit is a member of his own family) $7.99
Lilley, Kathryn Dying to be Thin (Plus-sized TV producer Kate Gallagher has been laid off because of her weight, and goes to a weight loss clinic in Durham, and when her diet guru is killed she investigates) $6.99
Linnea, S.L. Beyond Eden (Jaime Richards investigates the kidnappings of children of former residents of the Garden of Eden, which she discovered two years ago; PBO) $6.99
MacGregor, T.J. Kill Time (A woman uncovers the terrifying secrets of a shadowy government organization that employs time travel technology to make threatening individuals "disappear"; PBO) $6.99
MacIntyre, Ben Agent Zigzag (Non-fiction; story of Eddie Chapman, charming con man and one of the most remarkable secret agents Britain has ever produced during WWII) $25.95
Maitland, Barry Spider Trap (When human bones are found in a poor area of London, D.C.I. David Brock (8) and D.S. Kathy Kolla of Scotland Yard are called in to investigate) $24.95
Mankell, Henning The Man Who Smiled (After killing a man in the line of duty, Kurt Wallander resolves to quit the Ystad police, but not until he solves a case that gets under his skin) $13.95
Marlowe/Flora/Runyon The Vengeance Man/Park Avenue Tramp/ The Prettiest Girl (Omnibus; classic reprints of three hardboiled noir paperbacks) $15.95
Mayor, Archie Chat (Jo Gunther (18) and his team investigate a disturbing case of homicide and Internet child predators) $24.99
Mayor, Archie The Second Mouse (While local cops believe a drug addict died of an overdose, Vermont investigator Joe Gunther delves deeper into the case and finds three desperate crooks plotting a score) $6.99
McCammon, Robert The Queen of Bedlam (In 1702 New York, magistrate's clerk Matthew Corbett tracks down a serial killer known as the Masker) $16.00
McCarry, Charles Second Sight (Paul Christopher (7) is called out of retirement to find who is kidnapping U.S. agents and using a new drug to drain their brains of information, and the key to the danger lies buried in his own past) $25.95
McCarry, Charles The Miernik Dossier (Reissue ‘73; Paul Christopher accompanies a small group of international agents on a trip from Switzerland to the Sudan while trying to find who is behind a Cold War takeover) $13.95
Michaels, Kasey High Heels and Holidays (Mystery author Maggie Kelly (5) is about to celebrate her first Christmas with Alexandre, her once-fictional but now real sexy hero, when her romantic plans go haywire with a murder) $6.99
Michaud, Stephen G/Price, Debbie M The Devil's Right Hand Man (Non-fiction; serial killer Robert Charles Browne) $23.95
Miller, Jeffrey Murder on the Rebound (When a first-year law student is poisoned in the penthouse of the head of a controversial organization, Amicus Q.C. (questioning cat) and his human partner Justice Ted Mariner (3) investigate) $16.95
Mina, Denise Exile (Reissue; Garnethill trilogy Book 2) $13.99
Mitchell, Gladys Come Away, Death (Reissue ‘37; psychiatrist and criminologist Mrs. Bradley again turns sleuth while on vacation in Greece when a head turns up in a box) $14.95
Mosley, Walter Blonde Faith (Easy Rawlins (10) comes home to find the daughter of his friend Christmas Black on his doorstep, and his investigation leads him to Faith Laneer, a blonde with a dark past; unabridged CDs $31.98) $25.99
Navarro, Julia The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud (Turin's Art Crimes Department disperses a crack team of investigators to solve a mystery rooted in the time of the Templars but kept vital by powerful men of today) $7.50
Neville, Katherine The Eight (5 CDs abridged: A woman goes in search of the pieces of an antique chess set, unaware that the set has mystical power) $19.95
Nikitas, Derek Pyres (In Pyres, a 15-year old girl witnesses the brutal shooting of her father during a botched robbery, and a dogged female cop with a broken family tries to solve the case) $24.95
O'Connell, Carol Find Me (When word arrives that bodies of children are being found along Route 66, NYPD Detective Kathleen Mallory (9) leaves New York to investigate) $9.99
O'Hehir, Diana Erased From Memory (Carla Day and her father, an Egyptologist with Alzheimer's, (2) investigate a millennia-old Egyptian death and a present-day one, and the key may be in Dr. Day's faulty memory) $7.99
Obejas, Achy-ed. Havana Noir (Collection of hard-boiled stories) $14.95
Paretsky, Sara-ed. Sisters on the Case (Anthology of 25 short stories by today's best woman mystery writers) $7.99
Parker, I.J. Island of Exiles (In 11th-century japan, Sugawara Akitada disguises himself as a prisoner to solve the murder of a prince) $14.00
Parker, Robert B. Now and Then (Spenser takes on what appears to be a simple investigation into marital infidelity that turns into a blood bath with three dead and Susan in danger; unabridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Patterson, James Cross (Alex Cross's former partner, John Sampson, calls on Alex to help solve a brutal serial rapist whose M.O. resembles a case they worked on years ago) $9.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #91: China Crisis (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #347: Dragon's Den (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pineiro, R.J. Spyware (A bizarre conspiracy that turns ordinary citizens into fanatical soldiers and a former CIA agent teams up with a Texas Ranger and a nanotechnology expert to stop it; PBO) $7.99
Pirie, David The Dark Water (Mystifying Victorian tale of vengeance and villainy narrated by the young Arthur Conan Doyle (3) of his adventures with Dr. Joseph Bell) $14.95
Rich, Frank Jake Strait #4: Twist of Cain (Jake Strait is hired to find the elusive serial killer handy with a nail gun, but he’s been set up) $6.50
Rizer, Fran A Tisket, A Tasket, A Fancy Stolen Casket (When mortuary cosmetologist Calamine Parrish finds a needle in the neck of a supposed drowning victim, her investigation puts her in the path of a ruthless killer; PBO) $6.99
Roberts, Natalie M. Tapped Out (Jenny Partirdge (2) takes a job as dance instructor on the Hollywood StarMakers Tour, and when other instructors start disappearing, Jenny vows that the show must go on; PBO) $6.99
Rollins, David Death Trust (Maverick Special Agent Vin Cooper is assigned to wrap up the details when NATO's commander in Germany is killed, and he discovers the death was not an accident) $24.00
Rowland, Laura Joh Red Chrysanthemum (The heir to the shogun is found grotesquely mutilated and murdered - with detective Sano's pregnant wife, Reiko, lying beside him naked and covered in blood) $6.99
Salkin, David M. Necessary Extremes (In order to prevent WWIII, Agents Stills and Mackey are sent to Iraq to incite an Iranian revolution; PBO) $6.99
Sallis, James Salt River (John Turner's (3) old friend Eldon Brown shows up asking for his help because he has been accused of murder and isn't sure whether he did the deed or not) $23.95
Schechter, Harold The Devil's Gentleman (Non-fiction; story of aristocratic serial killer Roland Molineux, who terrorized New York City at the turn of the 20th century) $25.95
Sebold, Alice The Almost Moon (Helen Knightly has taken care of people all her life, until she crosses the line and kills her ailing mother, & everything changes in her life) $24.99
Setterfield, Diane The Thirteenth Tale (Margaret Lea, a young woman for whom her own birth is a secret, turns to the reclusive and enigmatic Vida Winter for the truth, and together they take a journey to the past) $15.00
Sheedy, E.C. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (April Worth was 9 when she escaped from a sleazeball who intended to sell her to an Asian brothel; now her rescuer has disappeared and someone wants the adult April dead) $14.00
Siegel, James Deceit (Disgraced reporter Tom Valle now works in a small town reporting on community events, when a fatal road accident causes him to stumble onto a story that could redeem him) $7.99
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa Last Rituals (A Reykjavik attorney looks into the death of a German student and is lead to a group who studies Iceland's history of torture and witchcraft in a remote corner of Iceland) $23.95
Skinner, Robert The Righteous Cut (In 1941 New Orleans, Wesley Farrell, a Creole club owner passing for white, is hired by the wife of a corrupt councilman to find their kidnapped daughter) $14.95
Smith, John Bones: The Official Companion Season 1 &2 (Official guide to seasons 1 and 2 of Bones ) $14.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Red Square (Reprint: Arkady Renko returns to Moscow to find trouble) $13.95
Smith, Scott A Simple Plan (Reprint: Three friends find 4 million dollars and horrifying events follow) $7.99
Sorrells, Walter Hunted: Club Dread (YA: 16-year old Chastity witnesses the murder of pop star Josh Emmit and gets involved with the secret and dangerous underground club scene in San Francisco) $7.99
Spindler, Eric Last Known Victim (New Orleans police Captain Patti O'Shea gets a call from homicide that skeletal remains have been found in City Park, and her late husband's police badge is beside the body) $24.95
Sprinkle, Patricia Sins of the Father (Second book in a series set around the fascinating and sometimes deadly world of family genealogy; PBO) $6.99
Stockwin, Julian Tenacious (Lt. Thomas Kydd (6) scours the Mediterranean in search of Napoleon and his army, and volunteers for shore duty in the capture of Minorca) $14.00
Stockwin, Julian The Admiral's Daughter (Thomas Kydd (8) is placed back in command of his beloved Teazer and is sent on a mission to northern France, while his attachment to the Admiral's daughter grows) $24.00
Taylor, Sarah Stewart Still As Death (Art historian Sweeney St. George (4) discovers the connection between the disappearance of a priceless Egyptian necklace and the mysterious death of a student) $6.99
Treasury Department Mafia (Facsimile edition of the Treasury Department's own long-lost files on the thugs who would dominate the underworld of the 60s and 70s) $39.95
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Station (The cops of Hollywood station, an eclectic bunch, are lured by a string of unrelated events, to their most startling case yet, involving Russians, diamonds, and grenades) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. Murder by the Slice (Phyllis Newsom (2) is the prime suspect when the obnoxious president of the PTA is found stabbed with her very own knife, and she must clear her name) $6.99
White, Dave When One Man Dies (New Jersey cop turned P.I. Jackson Donne reluctantly investigates the hit and run death of a friend, and he must dig deep into his past to find the killer; Trade PBO) $13.95
White, Randy Wayne The Deadlier Sex (Reissue: Dusty MacMorgan and Westy O'Davis are fishing when they catch a naked woman, who is a member of a Hard-core women's group with a deadly secret) $6.99
Wilcox, John The Diamond Frontier (In 19th century British South Africa, former captain Simon Fonthill and his servant "352" Jenkins respond to a call for help from an old friend who has been kidnapped) $9.95
Wiley, Michael The Last Striptease (Chicago PI Joe Kozmarski investigates when a judge’s assistant is suspected of killing his beautiful Vietnamese lover, then the judge is murdered and the assistant disappears; latest winner Best First Private Eye Contest) $23.95
Wilson, Robert The Hidden Assassins (Inspector Jefe Javier Falcon investigates when a terrorist bombs a mosque hidden in the basement of an apartment building in Seville, and he makes a terrifying discovery) $15.00
Wozencraft, Kim The Devil's Backbone (A detective crosses the line to investigate her sister's murder and is forced to question the role she might have played in her death) $6.99


Carlo, Philip The Ice Man (Non-fiction; top mob hit man Richard "The Ice Man" Kuklinski) $14.95
Coyles, Harold/Tillman, Barrett Prometheus's Child (A private paramilitary organization known as Strategic Solutions is hired to look into a plot to extract and ship nuclear fuel to countries hostile to the US) $24.95
Humphreys, C.C. The Blooding of Jack Absolute (Prequel to Jack Absolute ; chronicles the early life of Jack, including his first love and his journey to the new continent as a member of the British Army) $24.95
Johansen, Iris Pandora's Daughter (Dr Megan Blair unknowingly has strong psychic powers, which are now becoming active. and someone is trying to kill her before she can gain control of those powers) $25.95
King, Laurie R. The Beekeeper's Apprentice (Reissue; Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes (1)) $14.00
King, Laurie R. A Monstrous Regiment of Women (Reissue; in 1921, Mary Russell (2) and Sherlock Holmes investigate when 4 suffragettes are murdered) $14.00
King, Laurie R. A Letter of Mary (Reissue; in 1923, Mary Russell Holmes (3) and her new husband, Sherlock Holmes, investigate when an archaeologist is murdered shortly after entrusting them with an ancient document) $14.00
King, Laurie R. The Moor (Reissue; Sherlock Holmes summons his devoted wife Mary Russell (4) to aide in the investigation of two deaths and phenomenon of supernatural origin) $14.00
Parker, Derrick/Diehl, Matt Notorious C.O.P. (The inside story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay murder investigations from the NYPD's First Hip-Hop cop) $14.95
Sutherland, John How to Read a Novel (Everything one needs to know about reading novels to get the best out of the experience) $12.95
Tremayne, Peter Master of Souls (In 668 A.D., Fidelma of Cashel is called to investigate the brutal murder of Abbess Faife and the disappearance of 6 young female religieuses while on a pilgrimage) $13.95
Walters, Minette The Ice House (Reissue; ten years after her husband disappears, a decomposed corpse is found in the ice house, and when Chief Inspector Walsh suspects her of the murder, she must clear her name) $14.00
Walters, Minette The Scold's Bridle (Reissue) $14.00
Walters, Minette The Sculptress (Reissue) $14.00
Wilson, F. Paul Bloodline (Christy Pickering asks Repairman Jack to look into the background of her daughter's boyfriend, a man twice her age, and he follows a trail that leads to a tortured-to-death PI and has a devastating effect on Jack’s life and future) $25.95
Winder, Simon The Man Who Saved Britain (Part sociological study and part memoir about the influence of James Bond on post-war Britain) $14.00
Xiaolong, Qiu A Case of Two Cities (Shanghai Chief Inspector Chen Cao is assigned a high- profile anti-corruption case which takes him from Shanghai all the way to the US) $13.95


Armstrong, Lori G. Shallow Grave (When bones are discovered in Bear Butte County, the sheriff asks PI Julie Collins (3) for help, and the case opens old wounds with the Native American community) $7.95
Axler, James Outlander #43: Dark Goddess (Postapocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Baldacci, David Stone Cold (Oliver Stone and the Camel Club (3) are protecting a woman who conned Jerry Bagger out of millions, when a deadly new opponent rips the veneer off Stone's mysterious past; unabridged CDs $49.98) $26.99
Barbieri, Maggie Extracurricular Activities (When college professor Alison Bergeron's (2) ex-husband turns up dead, the only one she can turn to is her currently off-again boyfriend NYPD Detective Bobby Crawford) $23.95
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Barque of Frailty (Jane Austen (9) is a prime suspect in a high stakes murder case in 19th century London) $6.99
Bennett, Ronan Zugzwang (In 1914 St. Petersburg, celebrated psychoanalyst Dr. Otto Spethmann treats a troubled chess genius and is implicated in a murder; unabridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Bishop, Claudia A Carol for a Corpse (A magazine is about to do a story on the Inn of the Quilliam sisters when the editor's husband skis to his death, and to save the Inn they must prove it wasn't an accident) $6.99
Boehringer, Heidi W. Crossing the Dark (Mona, a high-ranking police officer, deals with the crushing aftermath when she rescues her daughter from a dangerous criminal who used her for a sex slave) $14.95
Bova, Ben The Green Trap (Paul Cochrane tries to find the murderer of his brother who had just invented a new way to cleanly power the entire world, and many heavies try to stop him) $6.99
Byars, Betsy The Black Tower (YA: Herculeah Jones is reading to a stroke victim in the eerie Hunt mansion, when he tries to tell her something about a murder that took place years ago, and she investigates) $5.99
Caine, Leslie Fatal Feng Shui (A neighborhood design competition becomes a floorplan for murder in the latest installment of the Home Decorators series, includes decorating tips; PBO) $6.99
Chan, Cassandra Village Affairs (Scotland Yard Sgt. Jack Gibbons (2) teams up with friend Phillip Bethancourt to solve the murder of a wealthy bachelor ina a Cotswold village) $6.99
Chang, Henry Chinatown Beat (A Chinese-American detective takes on the seedy underworld of New York City's Chinatown) $12.00
Church, James Hidden Moon (In Pyongyang, North Korea, Inspector O is assigned to investigate a bank robbery, the first ever there, and he must solve it before the wrong ministry comes into power) $23.95
Clark, Mary Higgins & Carol Higgins Santa Cruise (On a special holiday cruise that sets sail from Miami on the day after Christmas, dangerous criminals are on board and Regan Reilly and new husband Jack track them down) $7.99
Clason, Clyde Dragon’s Cave (Reissue ‘39 locked-room; elderly Roman historian Dr. Westborough helps a Chicago detective friend when a collector of archaic weapons is killed with a halberd, with a clue in a cryptogram diary) $14.95
Clement, Blaize Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund (Pet-sitting sleuth is walking a dachshund when she waves to a passing car, which turns out to be occupied by a killer who thinks she can identify him) $6.99
Cleverly, Barbara The Tomb of Zeus (In 1928 Crete, aspiring archaeologist Letty Talbot investigates a murder and must stop at nothing to unravel its secrets even if they lead her to the most terrifying place of all) $13.00
Cohen, Gabriel The Graving Dock (When a coffin with a young boy in it drifts ashore in Red Hook, Brooklyn Homicide cop Jack Leightner is assigned to help local detectives) $23.95
Cohen, Nancy J. Perish By Pedicure (When a cold-blooded murder strikes at a big-time beauty show, sassy South Florida beauty salon owner Marla Shore (8) is soon up to her roots in clues and danger) $6.99
Cohen, William S. Dragon Fire (Michael Santini is pulled from Wall Street to run the Pentagon after the assassination of the secretary of defense, and discovers an underground cabal and a beautiful Mossad assassin he must stop) $7.99
Collins, Max Allan Criminal Minds: Jump Cut (TV Tie-In: The Behavioral Analysis Unit, an elite team of FBI profilers, are tasked with examining the nation's most twisted criminal minds; PBO) $6.99
Conant, Susan All Shots (Holly Winter (18) investigates when she finds another woman of the same name murdered while searching for a missing Siberian husky) $22.95
Conant, Susan Gaits of Heaven (Enlisted to train an adorable free-spirited dog, Holly Winter (17) gets sidetracked when the dog's owner, a dysfunctional New Age wife, dies of an "accidental" overdose) $6.99
Cook, Bob Paper Chase (Reissue ‘85; four retired British spies receive a missive from the current Director telling them not to write their memoirs, which causes them to begin immediately, with dire results) $14.95
Cook, Robin Invasion (Reissue; takes medical technology into a new realm where everything we know is challenged) $9.99
Coughlin/Davis Kill Zone (Marine sniper and Gunnery Sgt. Kyle Swanson is ordered to rescue an American general kidnapped by Islamic terrorists, but then his top secret team is betrayed and he’s the only survivor) $24.95
Crispin, Edmund Love Lies Bleeding (Reissue ‘48; Professor Gervase Fen (5) is asked to speak at the Castre venford School, and his sleuthing skills are needed when two teachers are murdered) $14.95
Cussler, Clive The Chase (In 1906, the US government brings in Isaac Bell to catch a man who robs banks and cold-bloodedly kills all witnesses, then vanishes without a trace) $26.95
Cussler, Clive & Dirk Treasure of Khan (Dirk Pitt (19) goes up against a mysterious Chinese mogul who has dreams of domination and holds a secret about Genghis Khan that could make his dreams come true) $9.99
Davidson, Peter Murder at Holy Cross (Non-fiction; murder of a nun at Holy Cross Academy in Florida and the sordid tale of the monk who did it) $7.99
DeLeon, Jana Unlucky (A woman with a chronic case of bad luck agrees to help an undercover agent catch a money launderer during a poker tournament on a Louisiana casino boat; PBO) $6.99
DeMille, Nelson Wild Fire (It's up to Detective John Corey and his wife FBI Agent Kate Mayfield to unravel a terrifying plot involving American leaders that has American cities in the crosshairs of nuclear weapons) $9.99
DiLullo, Tara 24: The Official Companion Season 5 (Official Guide to season 5 of 24 ) $16.95
Dibdin, Michael End Games (In remote Calabria, Aurelio Zen investigates when an advance scout for an American film company suddenly vanishes and his mission is complicated by a secret of buried treasure) $23.95
Doss, James D. The Three Sisters (When a woman is mauled beyond recognition, her two sisters, one a TV psychic, demand answers and Colorado Ute Charlie Moon (12) pursues the killer) $24.95
Doyle, Gerry From the Depths (Forensic scientist Dr. Christine Myers is investigating the slaughter aboard a defecting North Korean submarine when her Navy SEAL crew starts dying one by one) $23.95
Dunn, Carola Gunpowder Plot (In 1920's England, a magazine assignment takes a murderous turn for intrepid sleuth, the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple (15)) $6.99
Dwyer, Kevin/Fiorillo, Jure True Stories of Law & Order: SVU (25 of the real crimes behind the best episodes of the hit TV show) $14.00
Ewan, Chris The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam (Mystery writer and burglar Charlie Howard accepts job to steal two monkey figurines for an American client, and the simple job turns dangerous; prize-winning 1st novel in the UK) $23.95
Fairbanks, Nancy Turkey Flambe (Food writer Carolyn Blue (10) investigates when her turkey flambe goes up in smoke, leading to a young woman's death; PBO) $6.99
Fairstein, Linda Bad Blood (Alexandra Cooper is defending a man charged with the murder of his wife, when a huge explosion rocks a water tunnel and she discovers a connection to her client) $9.99
Fanning, Diane Out There (Non-fiction; Astronaut Lisa Nowak and her alleged plot to murder her romantic rival in order to win the affection of a fellow astronaut; PBO) $6.99
Flynn, Vince Protect and Defend (Terrorist hunter Mitch Rapp tracks Lebanese master terrorist Imad Mugniyah across Europe to America, where they are pitted against each other in a hunt only one will survive; unabridged CDs $49.95) $26.95
Franklin, Tom Smonk (In 1911 Alabama, E.O. Smonk tears up the town every Saturday, until a 15-year old prostitute arrives and by the time the smoke clears the town will be changed forever) $13.95
Gangi, Theo Bang Bang (A mile-a-minute chase across the blurry line between good and bad that defines the criminal mind; Trade PBO) $15.00
Glazer, Melissa A Murderous Glaze (In Maple Ridge, Vermont, Carolyn Emerson runs a paint-your-own-pottery shop, and when she finds a dead body in the shop, she must clear her name; PBO) $6.99
Goddard, Ken CSI: In Extremis (TV Tie-In: The CSI graveyard shift returns to combine cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned savvy to solve murders; PBO) $7.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk in Outer Space (TV Tie-in to the popular series about an obsessive- compulsive detective) $19.95
Grabien, Deborah New Slain Knight (Ringan Laine (5) is taking care of his fourteen-year-old violin prodigy niece, are staying at a house with an old tragedy hanging over it, and the niece may be lost if they cannot find the truth) $24.95
Graham, Caroline Written in Blood (Reissue; Chief Inspector Barnaby (4) is called to investigate when the secretary of a local writer's group is found murdered the day after a famous novelist speaks to the group) $14.95
Gray, John MacLachlan Not Quite Dead (In 1849, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens meet and investigate a murder) $24.95
Greiman, Lois Unmanned (When a handsome stranger is gunned down on her front lawn, LA shrink Christina McMullen enlists the helps of Lt. Jack Rivera to stay alive; PBO) $6.99
Harris, C.S. When Gods Die (Sebastian St. Cyr investigates the murder of the young wife of an aging marquis while wearing a necklace last seen around his mother's neck just before she was lost a t sea) $6.99
Harris, C.S. Why Mermaids Sing (In 1811, Sebastion St. Cyr (3) investigates the serial killings of the sons of prominent families found at dawn, mutilated and with strange objects stuffed into their mouths) $23.95
Harris, Robert The Ghost (Ex-prime minister hires a ghostwriter to help with his memoirs, and the writer finds many more secrets than he intended to reveal) $26.00
Harvey, John Cutting Edge (Reissue ‘91; Charles Resnick (3)) $13.95
Hayes, J.M. Broken Heartland (Sheriff English is up to his eyeballs in trouble on election day, when a student smuggles a gun into school and his brother Mad Dog is being held on a farm against his will) $24.95
Hayes, Jonathan Precious Blood (A forensic pathologist, battered by the aftermath of 9/11, must catch a serial killer on the streets of New York City) $24.95
Herren, Greg Murder in the Rue Chartres (In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Chanse MacLeod returns to New Orleans and discovers that his last client before the storm has been murdered, and he investigates) $14.95
Hill, Susan The Pure In Heart (Detective Chief Inspector Simon Serralier (2) investigates when a young boy is kidnapped while waiting for his ride to school and an ex-con finds it impossible to go straight) $24.95
Hoeg, Peter The Quiet Girl (In Denmark, a world-renowned circus clown in trouble is drafted by a mysterious order of nuns to protect children with mystical abilities–abilities he shares, and when one goes missing his search leads to shocking discoveries) $26.00
Household, Geoffrey Rogue Male (Classic reissue ‘39; a man condemned to death for attempting to assassinate a dictator, escapes to England, where he finds he is still pursued and must go underground to escape) $14.00
Hudson, Dale All I Want to Do Is Kill (Non-fiction; troubled teen Holly Harvey and her lesbian lover, who slaughtered Holly's grandparents and bragged about it; PBO) $6.99
Hunter, Maddy Norway to Hide (Emily Andrews (6) is traveling in Scandinavia with Iowan senior citizens when the critic who panned her transgender ex-husband Jackie's book is murdered and she must clear her; PBO) $6.99
Iles, Greg Third Degree (In a novel that takes place in the span of a terrifying single day, a man finds his wife is pregnant by another man, and awaits her with a gun in his hand) $25.95
Ironside, Elizabeth A Very Private Enterprise (When a British diplomat in India is murdered & it is discovered that he had amassed a huge collection of Tibetan artifacts & a huge bank account, George Sinclair is sent to investigate; Creasey Best 1st ‘84,1st U.S. ed.) $14.95
Jakubowski, Maxim Paris Noir (Collection of noir crime stories set in Paris) $14.95
Jance, J.A. Web of Evil (The day before their final divorce decree, Ali Reynold's estranged husband is found dead in Palm Springs, and she is the prime suspect and faces danger to clear herself) $7.99
Jordan, Chris Trapped (Single mom’s little girl has dangerous secrets and is missing with the trail leading to a col-blooded predator; PBO) $6.99
Kellerman, Jesse Trouble (After Jonah Stem saves a woman from a man menacing her with a knife on a Manhattan street at 3 a.m., the woman shows her gratitude, but doesn't want the affair to end) $9.99
Kingsbury, Kate Shrouds of Holly (Cecily is preparing the Pennyfoot Hotel (3) for a Christmas party when her husband goes missing and a dead body is discovered, putting a hold on the festivities) $13.00
Kingsbury, Kate Slay Bells (Reprint: Cecily Sinclair Baxter's (14) Christmas becomes a working holiday when the man playing Santa Claus for her hotel is found murdered) $6.99
Koontz, Dean Brother Odd (Odd Thomas (3) retreats to an abbey in the High Sierras but find portents of death and destruction, and faces a terrible enemy) $7.99
Kunzmann, Richard Salamander Cotton (In South Africa, DI Jacob Tshabalala persuades former colleague Harry Mason to investigate the murder of a wealthy ex-mining boss) $24.95
Lakeman, Thomas The Shadow Catchers (After a child kidnapping ends tragically and leads to his suspension, FBI Special Agent Mike Yeager runs away to the mountains of Nevada, where he stumbles onto a killer) $6.99
Lamb, John J. The Crafty Teddy (Retired cop Brad Lyon (3) must find the connection between the theft of his wife's anniversary present - an antique teddy bear - and the murder of a local museum curator; PBO) $6.99
Lance, Peter Triple Cross (Non-fiction; how Bin Laden's master spy penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI, and why Patrick Fitzgerald failed to stop him) $16.95
LeCarre, John The Mission Song (Translator Bruno Salvador hears things not meant for his ears between financiers and East Congolese warlords, and interprets matters with his re-awoken African conscience) $14.99
Leake, John Entering Hades (Non-fiction; story of Jack Unterweger, international serial killer and journalist who reported on his own crimes) $25.00
Lehane, Dennis Coronado (Collection of 5 short stories and a play) $12.95
Lellenberg/Stashower/Foley Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters (Annotated collection of Conan Doyle's previously unpublished private correspondence) $37.95
Limon, Martin The Wandering Ghost (1970's; the only female MP assigned to the Korean DMZ is missing and 8th Army cops George Sueno and Ernie Bascom are sent to find her) $24.00
Ludlum, Robert The Bancroft Strategy (Two strangers form an uneasy alliance to uncover the truth behind "Genesis", a shadowy organization working to twist global politics to their own malevolent ends) $9.99
Lutz, John In for the Kill (Detective Frank Quinn (2) hunts a brutal serial killer whose victim's last names spells out "Quinn", making the investigation personal: PBO) $6.99
Lycett, Andrew The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes (Biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) $28.00
Mann, Jessica The Mystery Writer (A bestselling writer is drawn into an investigation of the 1940 sinking of a British evacuee ship and bones discovered on a present-day estate which may be connected) $9.95
Massey, Sujita Girl in a Box (Rei Shimura goes undercover as a clerk in a big Tokyo department store and when her cover is blown she will need all her resources to unmask a killer) $13.95
Matturro, Claire Sweetheart Deal (When her agorophobic mother is accused of murder and lies in a coma, Sarasota lawyer Lilly Cleary drops everything and returns to Bugfest, GA to investigate) $23.95
May, Peter Extraordinary People (Scottish biologist Enzo Macleod makes a bet that he can solve the 10-year old case of the disappearance of teacher Jaques Gaillard by applying new science to the old case) $14.95
May, Peter The Critic (Scots exile and former forensics expert Enzo Macleod reopens the cold case of a wine critic's murder to find the seemingly genteel world of wine-making is full of suspects) $24.95
McAulay, Alex Oblivion Road (Five high school students are involved in a car crash during a blizzard, and things go from bad to worse when an escaped convict stumbles out of the snow and needs their help) $9.95
McGinniss, Joe Bad Love (Non-fiction; the murder of Robert Kissel , the trial of his wife, and the subsequent murder of his brother) $25.00
Michaels, David Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Fallout (A radical Islamic leader who dreams of the past will do anything to see the future destroyed by hitting the world where it hurts: oil) $9.99
Michaels, Kasey Bowled Over (Mystery-writer-turned-sleuth Maggie Kelly (6) finds business getting personal when her dad is accused of murder and she must find the real killer; TPBO) $14.00
Miles, Keith Bermuda Grass (Alan Saxon (4) travels with his daughter to Bermuda and when he discovers a dead body hanging from a tree in the middle of the new golf course, he investigates) $14.95
Mina, Denise Resolution (Reissue; Garnethill trilogy # 3) $13.99
Mortimer, John Rumpole Misbehaves (Barrister Rumpole is outraged by the New Labour government's Anti-Social Behavior Orders, a way to arrest people and put them away without trial, and winds up in trouble himself) $24.95
Mortimer, John Rumpole and the Reign of Terror (Rumpole is asked to defend a Pakistani doctor imprisoned on suspicion of aiding al Qaeda, while She Who Must Be Obeyed threatens to write a memoir) $14.00
Murphy, Warren/Mullaney, Jim The New Destroyer: Choke Hold (Remo and Chiun are sent in to kick some butt when a tobacco tycoon invents a new, very addictive product, and run into an Asian drug lord determined to snuff them out; PBO) $6.99
Nadel, Barbara The Ottoman Cage (Istanbul Inspector Ikmen (2) tries to unravel the death of a beautiful young man in one of the city's poshest neighborhoods) $14.95
O'Donnell, Peter/Romero, Enric Modesty Blaise: Death Trap (Collection of three Modesty Blaise graphic stories) $19.95
Olsen, E.J./Hocking, John C.-ed. Detroit Noir (Collection of hard-boiled stories taking place in Detroit) $14.95
Olson, Karen E. Dead of the Day (New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour (3) investigates when the new police chief she was writing a profile of is gunned down; PBO) $6.99
Olson, Karen E. Secondhand Smoke (Annie Seymour (2) is investigating a possible arson murder when her father, a Las Vegas casino boss, shows up and things get personal) $6.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Ivy (Caterer and sometime sleuth Faith Fairchild (16) is lured to a private island to help solve a long-ago murder. Includes several recipes) $7.99
Parker, Barbara The Perfect Fake (An artist is sent by a millionaire to Italy to copy a rare map, and it becomes clear that the millionaire wants a forgery and will kill for it) $7.99
Patterson, James Double Cross (Alex Cross rejoins the DC police force to face the most diabolical villain he's ever encountered - a serial killer with a hunger for mega-celebrity; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #117: Devil's Playground (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #348: Carnage Code (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Penzler, Otto-ed. Dead Man's Hand (Collection of mystery short stories featuring Poker) $25.00
Penzler, Otto-ed. The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps (The best stories of the pulp era, containing 45 stories and two novels, over 1000 pp.) $25.00
Perry, Anne A Christmas Beginning (Superintendent Runcorn is on holiday in remote Welsh island of Anglesey when the local vicar's sister is found dead draped over a tombstone, and with the help of Melisande he investigates) $17.95
Pronzini, Bill Snowbound/Games (Reprint of two popular original noir paperbacks) $14.95
Rankin, Ian Bleeding Hearts (Professional assassin Michael Weston is betrayed by his employer and travels from London to Seattle to find the man who has been after him for years) $6.99
Richards, Emilie Beware False Profits (Aggie Sloan-Wilcox (3) must get to the bottom of things when the mayor's wife is murdered at the annual food bank fundraiser and her minister husband is accused; PBO) $6.99
Rickman, Phil The Fabric of Sin (Merrily Watkins (9) is called to investigate an old feud between families on the border between England and Wales, and discovers a secret linked to a famous ghost story) $24.95
Ripley, Mike Angel's Share (Comic crime; as Roy Angel (14) settles into his new job, he is given the seemingly easy case of finding retired Mr. Ellrington's long-lost love, but things are more dangerous than they seem) $9.95
Robb, J.D. (Nora Roberts) Creation in Death (When the body of a young brunette is found marked by signs of prolonged torture, Eve Dallas realizes the Groom has returned after nine years and is after her) $25.95
Robb/Blayney/Langan/McComas Dead of Night (Four never-before published tales that breach the boundaries of time and reality, including a new Eve Dallas novella) $7.99
Rosen, Fred When Satan Wore a Cross (Non-fiction; a satanic conspiracy in the middle of the Toledo, Ohio Catholic Church; PBO) $7.99
Rother, Caitlin Naked Addiction (When disgruntled narcotics detective Ken Goode discovers a murdered woman he sees it as a chance to move to homicide, then there are more victims linked to the beauty school his sister attends) $7.99
Rowe, Rosemary A Coin for the Ferryman (In 189 AD, a corpse is found in a shallow grave days before Junio is to be freed and announce his engagement, and he joins his mentor Libertus in finding the killer) $9.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Snow Empress (In 1699 Japan, samurai detective Sano Ichiro (12) and wife Reiko desperately search for their kidnapped son but must find the killer of mad Lord Matsumae's mistress to save an entire province of hostages, and soon are caught up in a dangerous scheme) $24.95
Rule, Ann Too Late to Say Goodbye (Non-fiction; Dr. Bart Corbin, a successful dentist who murdered two of his wives) $7.99
Saviano, Roberto Gomorrah (Nonfiction; Camorra, the international organized crime network centered in Naples) $25.00
Schwartz, John Burnham Reservation Road (Reissue, movie tie-in; a tragic accident sends two men into a cycle of violence and retribution) $7.99
Schwegel, Theresa Probable Cause (When a rookie cop breaks into a jewelry store as part of his initiation, he find s a corpse and must help Detective Sloane Pearson get to the bottom of the murder) $6.99
Smith, Alexander McCall Love Over Scotland (The complicated lives of the denizens of 44 Scotland Street (3) become more complicated) $13.95
Spillane, Mickey Dead Street (A retired cop discovers that a lover he'd thought dead for 20 years is actually alive, but suffering from amnesia and in danger from killers; PBO) $6.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Missing Marquess (YA: When Enola Holmes' mother disappears, she embarks on a journey to London and finds herself involved in the kidnapping of a young marquess and fleeing murderous villains) $6.99
Stacey, Lyndon Murder in Mind (When jockey Jamie Mullin is accused of murdering his girlfriend, he turns to friend and fellow jockey Matt Shepherd for help, and Matt soon discovers dark secrets) $15.95
Stuart, Anne Ice Storm (When a man she thought she killed years ago resurfaces very much alive and seeking revenge, Isobel Lambert, head of a covert mercenary organization, must try to survive; PBO) $6.99
Swierczynski, Duane Severance Package (Jamie DeBroux arrives at a Saturday morning staff meeting of key personnel only to find out that his boss intends to kill all and has made escape impossible, but everyone is going to try) $19.95
Swierczynski, Duane The Blonde (A woman poisons Jack Eisley's drink at an airport bar, and to get the antidote he has to help her evade a government assassin and stay with her through a violent night; bonus short story “Redhead”) $13.95
Thewlis, David The Late Hector Kipling (A man's midlife crisis leads him to acts of not-so-quiet desperation, supreme idiocy, and murder in the London art world) $25.00
Tremayne, Peter A Prayer for the Damned (In 668 AD, Fidelma of Cashel is about to be married to her companion Eadulf when much disliked Abbot Ultan is found murdered. and with her wedding postponed, she investigates) $24.95
Truman, Margaret Murder at the Opera (Crime fighting couple Mac Smith and his beloved wife Annabel are called in to investigate when opera singer Charise Lee is stabbed to death backstage during rehearsal; 22nd Capital Crimes novel) $7.99
Truman, Margaret Murder on K Street (When Illinois senior senator Lyle Simmon's wife is brutally murdered in their home, D. C. Detective Chang is determined to find out why) $24.95
Urban, Mark Fusiliers (Non-fiction; account of the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of a British Regiment) $26.95
Viets, Elaine Accessory to Murder (Josie (3) investigates when the husband of her best friend Alyce is the prime suspect in the murder of Halley Hardwicke, designer of thousand dollar scarves; PBO) $6.99
Waites, Martyn Bone Machine (When a young woman is murdered and her boyfriend is the suspect, investigative journalist Joe Donovan's inquiries lead him to the murky world of child-trafficking in Newcastle) $25.95
Waites, Martyn The Mercy Seat (When a research scientist and an ace journalist go missing, Joe Donovan runs afoul of a professional killer known as the Hammer in his investigation) $14.95
Wilcox, John Last Stand at Majuba Hill (After narrowly surviving a scouting mission into Boar territory, Simon Fonthill and his servant "352" Jenkins are given a diplomatic assignment where more danger awaits) $9.95
Winegardner, Mark The Godfather's Revenge (The final chapter in the Corleone family saga, where an American crime boss seeks the mantle of legitimacy for his family while a top man in the organization goes on the run) $9.99
Wognall, Kevin Who is Comrad Hurst? (Hardboiled thriller about a hired assassin whose game of cat and mouse leaves him wondering if he is the hunter or the hunted) $14.00
Womack, Steven By Blood Written (A literary agent is pitted against a serial killer, who also happens to be her client; PBO) $7.99
Wood, Simon Paying the Piper (Years ago the notorious serial kidnapper known as the Piper taunted the FBI through reporter Scott Fleetwood's column, and now he's back and has Fleetwood's children) $7.99
Yenne, Bill Raptor Force: Corkscrew (Raptor Force (3) must set things right when the president's wife is kidnapped while touring Europe and the commander of Raptor Force is gravely wounded in the attack; PBO) $7.99


Aird, Catherine The Religious Body (Reissue ‘66; Inspector Sloan tries to figure out who would want to murder a cloistered nun, and has fifty suspects–all wearing identical habits) $14.95
Bebris, Carrie Suspense and Sensibility (Reissue; Elizabeth Darcy finds a suitable husband for Kitty, but his personality changes and jeopardizes both her social standing and her life) $12.95
Crichton, Michael Next (Novel of the world of genetics as it is happening right now, with talking chimpanzees, giant pet cockroaches, and a gene that allows one to control other people) $9.99
Druett, Joan Run Afoul (Wiki Coffin (3) sails with the convoy to Brazil where he is reunited with his father, who is accused of murder, and Wiki must find the killer before the expedition sets sail) $13.95
Klensch, Elsa Take Two (TV producer Sonya Iverson is working on a story about a thrift shop founded by a publishing magnate when the manager is murdered and Sonja investigates) $14.95
Lawday, David Napoleon's Master (Bio of Prince Tallyrand, Napoleon's Foreign Minister) $26.95
Patterson, Richard North The Race (A maverick presidential candidate takes on his political enemies and the ruthless machinery of American politics) $26.00

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