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Newsletter #77 March May, 2007


[PBO means paperback original]


Allain, M./Souvestre, P. Fantomas (Classic reprint 1911; three appalling crimes leave turn-of-the-century Paris aghast; Inspector Juve knows all the clues point to the master of disguise Fantomas) $14.00
Andrews, Mary Kay Savannah Breeze (Bebe Loudermilk has lost everything to a con man, and is reduced to living in a 1950's motor court, and when he resurfaces, she has a plan for revenge) $13.95
Baer, Robert Blow the House Down (Novel of an alternative history version of 9/11, written by a 20-year CIA veteran) $14.95
Barnes, Alan Sherlock Holmes on Screen (Complete film and TV history) $29.95
Bass, Jefferson Flesh and Bone (Newly appointed M.E. Jessamine Carter asks for Dr. Bill Brockton's help probing a death, and things take a terrifying turn when there’s murder and he is the prime suspect) $24.95
Bernhardt, William Capitol Murder (Ben Kincaid investigates when a Senate aide is brutally murdered shortly after a videotape is released depicting her and a senator in compromising positions) $7.99
Berry, Steve The Templar Legacy (Former U.S. operative Cotton Malone teams up with his former supervisor, Stephanie Nelle, to find a legendary cache of wealth and forbidden knowledge of the Knights Templar) $7.99
Black, Cara Murder in Montmartre (When Aimee's childhood friend is accused of killing her partner, she is determined to clear her name and encounters terrorists in the process) $12.00
Black, Cara Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis (Paris computer security expert Aimee Leduc (7) investigates murders while caring for an abandoned infant) $23.00
Brennan, Allison Speak No Evil (Homicide detective Carina Kincaid must solve a chain of gruesome sex crimes before a depraved killer murders his next victim; PBO) $6.99
Cabot, Meg Size 14 is Not Fat Either (Assistant dorm Director Heather Wells (2) investigates when a cheerleader is decapitated) $13.95
Chandra, Vikram Sacred Games (Seasoned and cynical Bombay police officer is on the trail of the powerful Ganesh Gaitonde, criminal overlord of Mumbai) $27.95
Chercover, Sean Big City, Bad Blood (Chicago P.I. Ray Dudgeon takes a job protecting a witness against a suspected member of the Chicago Outfit, and he is led to a stash of blackmail files as people start dying; signed copies available) $23.95
Coffey, Jan The Project (MRI of the brain of a kid who smuggled a gun into school and started shooting reveals a hidden cause, pointing to corporate greed; PBO) $6.99
Conant, Susan Gaits of Heaven (Dog Lover’s Mystery #17) $22.95
Connolly, John Nocturnes (Short story collection) $15.00
Cook, Bob Disorderly Elements (Reprint, witty spy fiction) $14.95
Cork, Vena The Art of Dying (After an exhibition of her late husband's paintings, Rosa Thorn realizes she is being followed, and the stakes increase when one of her artist friends dies) $8.99
Cornwell, Bernard Lords of the North (Saxon Chronicles Volume 3: Uhtred of Bebbanburg meets the self-proclaimed King of North Umbria and begins a journey that climaxes in a siege of a city thought impregnable; signed copies available) $25.95
Crispin, Edmund Swan Song (Reprint, classic English locked-room mystery) $14.95
Cruise, Cameron The Collector (There’s a serial killer in the Little Saigon community of Westminster, CA, and a local artist claims to be having visions that predict the murders) $6.99
Dietrich, William Napoleon's Pyramids (An 18th century explorer travels to Egypt as part of Napoleon's great expedition where he stumbles into a deadly 6,000-year old mystery) $24.95
Dorsey, Tim Hurricane Punch (Serge A. Storms returns to Florida and faces two lethal forces: a serial killer on the loose and a killer storm season; signed copies available) $24.95
Edwards, Martin The Arsenic Labyrinth (Third Lake District mystery) $24.95
Ehrman, Kit Triple Cross (Horse-racing mystery set at the Kentucky Derby; some signed copies available) $24.95
Evans, Mary Anna Relics (Artifacts black-marketeer Faye Longchamp goes on a legitimate dig and hopes to uncover the mystery of the Sujosa, but the murder of one of the team causes Faye to investigate $14.95
Fleischman, A. S. Look Behind You Lady/The Venetian Blonde (Reprint omnibus of 1952/1963 paperback originals) $19.95
Fowler, Christopher Ten Second Staircase (The two Peculiar Crimes Unit detectives solve the murder of a controversial artist) $6.99
Fuchs, Michael Stephen The Manuscript (Several dozen armed guys with serious existential issues hunt for a bag with two million dollars in it) $13.95
Greiman, Lois Unscrewed (LA homicide detective is charged with murder after being found unconscious next to a dead woman, his ex-girlfriend; “witty as hell”; PBO) $6.99
Grimes, Martha Dust (Richard Jury investigates the murder of a wealthy bachelor, and finds the motivations of the lead detective, beautiful and forbidding Lu Aguilar, perplexing) $25.95
Grippando, James When Darkness Falls (Miami attorney Jack Swyteck takes on a homeless man as a client, and after a body is found in the trunk of the car where he was living, he takes Jack's best friend hostage) $24.95
Harris, Joanne Gentlemen and Players (Roy Straitly, eccentric Classics teacher at St Oswald's School for Boys, is joined this semester by a new faculty member whose secret goal is to destroy the school) $14.95
Heywood, Joseph Chasing a Blond Moon (Hard-boiled conservation officer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula tracks murder to bear poaching for the Asian market for traditional medicines) $21.95
Hightower, Lynn Satan’s Lambs (Reprint, first Lena Padgett mystery) $14.95
Hougan, Carolyn Shooting in the Dark (Reprint, thriller set during Iranian hostage crisis) $14.95
Hunter, Stephen Point of Impact (Movie tie-in for Shooter : A former Vietnam sniper, on the run 20 years later, uses his lethal skills to break a dark conspiracy aimed at the very heart of America) $7.99
Hutchings, Janete-ed. Passports to Crime (Stories from some of the most popular writers of crime fiction in Europe, South America, and Japan, collected for the first time) $15.95
Issacs, Susan Compromising Positions (Reprint: When a local dentist is murdered and the police suspect her neighbor, Long Island housewife Judith Singer investigates, discovering the victim was a Don Juan) $14.00
James, P.D. The Children of Men (Reprint & movie tie-In) $13.95
Jardine, Lisa The Awful End of Prince William the Silent (Non-fiction; account of the shooting of Prince William of Orange by a French Catholic in 1584, the first assassination with a handgun) $12.95
Jardine, Quintin Dead and Buried (Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner is working on 4 crimes, while back in Edinburgh his daughter is being stalked) $24.95
Jax, Marilyn The Find (A murder victim at the bottom of a suspicious dig site leads Miami investigator Claire Caswell to ancient relics and Nazi connections; some signed copies) $26.00
Keane, Dave Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective: The Headless Mummy (YA: The head of a 4,000-year old mummy has disappeared from the museum and it is up to Joe Sherlock to solve the mystery) $3.99
Kenneally, Christy The Remnant (Father Michael Flaherty accepts a position in the Vatican, and finds himself in the midst of a grab for power over the Church as the Pope is dying) $8.99
Kenneally, Christy Second Son (When Gabriel Flaherty plunges from a cliff to his death, it is up to his brother Father Michael, a New York priest, to solve the crime) $8.99
Kilian, Michael Antietam Assassins (Harry Raines investigates murders during the Civil War) $14.95
Knight, Bernard The Elixir of Death (County Coroner Sir John de Wolfe investigates a series of brutal murders, all related by the use of an unusual knife and crossbows with Arabic lettering) $7.99
Krist, Gary The White Cascade (Nonfiction; a 1910 railway disaster in which two trains of people, trapped high in the Cascade Mountains, are hit by a devastating avalanche) $26.00
Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan The House by the Churchyard (Classic reprint) $9.95
Lovesey, Peter-ed. The Verdict of Us All (Stories by the Detection Club to honor H. R. F. Keating; hc available at $43.00) $20.00
Masters, Priscilla Wings Over the Watcher (DI Joanna Piercy is dismissive of a man complaining of his wife being missing; then her body is found strangled; British import) $9.95
McKeown, David Grip (James Carroll made a deal with drug dealer Roger Oates to make money for film school, but now he owes and can't pay, and his parents can't help him, so something's got to give) $8.99
Nobel, Sylvia Seeds of Vengeance (When grisly remains of a prominent judge are discovered at a secluded Arizona guest ranch, reporter Kendall O’Dell investigates) $18.95
Norman, Michael The Commission (Police investigate when the chairman of the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole is gunned down in the driveway of his home after a late night with a stripper; some signed copies available) $24.95
Oatley, Keith The Case of Emily V. (Sherlock Holmes/Watson/Freud novel; winner of the Commonwealth Prize for Best First Novel) $18.00
O'Connell, Catherine Well Bred and Dead (A wealthy fashionista unravels the secrets of her best friend's apparent suicide, set against the backdrop of Chicago's tony Gold Coast) $13.95
Parshall, Sandra Heat of the Moon (Young veterinarian hears something that triggers a search of her own past, and she makes painful discoveries) $14.95
Paul, Barbara The Fourth Wall (Reprint, witty theater mystery) $14.95
Picoult, Jodi The Tenth Circle (An act of violence against a 14-year-old girl brings extreme reaction from her father) $15.00
Pitman, Jenny The Inheritance (A Montana mystery with race horses; British import) $8.99
Radley, Sheila Death in the Morning (Reprint, first Inspector Quantrill mystery) $14.95
Rich, Frank Jake Strait: Avenging Angel (Reprint; first of action adventure series from 1993) $6.50
Rickman, Phil The Remains of an Altar (While investigating an alleged paranormal dimension, Reverend Merrily Watkins becomes embroiled in a fight between defenders of Olde England and hard men of the drug world) $24.95
Roberts, Gillian A Hole in Juan (When a series of pranks and threats occur just before Halloween, Amanda Pepper investigates, hoping to nip things in the bud before they become deadly) $6.99
Rose, Joel The Blackest Bird (1841; New York City's first detective investigates the murders of a tobacco shop counter girl, a publisher, and the family of an Irish gang leader) $24.95
Salter, Anna Truth Catcher (Forensic psychologist Breeze Copens sees visions of a little girl when interviewing a hardened prison inmate; traces the vision to an unsolved murder of a little girl 10 year ago in Dallas, comes to the attention of the inmate’s half-brother, a creepy drug lord, and flees for her life) $24.00
Sandom, J.G. Gospel Truths (Blackmail, embezzlement, and murder lead a tormented police inspector from the powerful Vatican Bank to the shadowy world of the Masons) $7.50
Sansom, Ian The Case of the Missing Books (A young Jewish nerd is hired as librarian in a rural Irish town, but nothing is as promised; the library’s closed, 15,000 books gone, and he “searches” for them in a dubious bookmobile) $12.95
Scott, Justin McMansion (A greedy New England real estate developer is found murdered under a bulldozer, with a young eco-activist found at the controls; realtor Ben Abbott investigates; some signed copies available) $24.95
Sheldon, Charlie Fat Chance (Reprint, witty sting novel full of roguish characters) $14.95
Smith, Wilbur A Sparrow Falls (Reprint; South Africa after WW I) $7.99
Stabenow, Diane-ed. Powers of Detection (Collection of short stories featuring fantasy mysteries) $7.99
Swanson, James L. Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer (Non-fiction; Edgar nominee) $15.95
Talton, Jon Concrete Desert (Former history professor David Mapstone returns to Phoenix, Arizona and accepts a temp job helping the police look into old but still open cases; finds stunning similarities between new murder and 40-year-old case) $14.95
Tesh, Jane A Case of Imagination (Cosy mystery with beauty pageant tomfoolery and psychic shenanigans) $14.95
Todd, Charles A False Mirror (A love triangle turned deadly sends Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge to Hampton Regis, a small harbor town in the southern coast of England that simmers with secrets; signed copies available) $23.95
Wilcox, John Last Stand at Majuba Hill (In 1881, the British and the Boers fight to control South Africa) $24.95
Wright, Edward Clea's Moon (Reprint; Post WWII LA, John Ray Horn (1); Debut Dagger Award ‘03) $12.50
Wright, Edward The Silver Face (Reissue originally titled While I Disappear : John Ray Horn (2); trade pb import) $12.50


Charles, Kate Evil Intent (Curate Callie Anson must investigate after a friend is accused of murdering a hard-line conservative Nigerian priest for spitefully criticizing her) $14.95
DeVoe, Forrest Jr. Into the Volcano (In 1962, clandestine operatives Jack Mallory and Laura Morse are assigned to exact revenge on the killers of a colleague, who are holed up in an extinct volcano) $13.95
King, Gary C. Stolen in the Night (Non-fiction; a murdered Idaho family and the youngest child who was kidnapped and later rescued) $6.99
Kirton, Bill Material Evidence (A Cairnburgh mystery) $13.95
Schechter, Peter Point of Entry (Syrian terrorists have found a way to smuggle uranium 235 into the US, and as the CIA misinterprets intelligence warnings, only Columbia's female president can help find them) $13.95
Smith, Carlton Hunting Evil (Non-fiction; a man-woman team who committed rape, torture, and murder) $6.99
Tenet, George At the Center of the Storm (Chronicle of the war on terror from the former CIA director) $27.95


Abrahams, Peter Nerve Damage (15 years after his wife's death, Roy Valois learns that he is dying and discovers that his wife had secrets he needs to uncover before he dies) $24.95
Andrews, Russell Hades (When the husband of a woman Justin Westwood has being having an affair with is murdered, Westwood must face the demons of his past to find the real killer) $24.99
Barry, Max Company (Stephen Jones, new hire at Zephyr Holdings, sets out to uncover answers about the mysterious company and finds them hilarious and shocking) $13.95
Bernhardt, William Capitol Threat (When a nominee for the Supreme Court announces he is gay, Ben Kincaid is asked to defend him, and matters are complicated when a woman from Kincaid's past is found murdered) $25.95
Black, Benjamin Christine Falls (In 1950's Dublin, a pathologist discovers the corpse of a mysterious woman has been tampered with, and his investigation leads him to a conspiracy among the city's Catholics) $25.00
Born, James O. Escape Clause (Veteran Florida lawman Bill Tasker (3) goes undercover in a correctional facility to find a murderer) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Oh Danny Boy (Turn-of-the-century NYC; when police captain Daniel Sullivan is accused of accepting bribes and lands in the Tombs, he begs Molly Murphy (5) to help prove he was framed) $6.99
Britton, Andrew The Assassin (Sequel to The American : Over a year after preventing the assassination of world leaders, CIA agent Ryan Kealey and his ally Naomi Kharmai find treason in the halls of the CIA) $24.00
Brown, Rita Mae Puss 'n Cahoots (Harry and Fair Haristeen are at the Saddlebred show in Kentucky, when a mare is stolen in broad daylight and a groom is murdered, and Mrs. Murphy (15) pounces on the case) $25.00
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Sour Puss (Hairy Hairsteen unexpectedly remarries her ex-husband and, with her sleuthing pets, gets embroiled in two murders in their small Virginia town) $7.50
Bruce, Maggie Gourdfellas (When a proponent of a controversial casino project is shot in the woods near Lili's (2) house, she is the prime suspect and must find the real killer to clear her name; PBO) $6.99
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe and the School Bullies (Detective Chief Superintendent Wycliffe investigates the similar murders of two very different women, a night club singer and a nurse) $7.99
Byrnes, Michael J. The Sacred Bones (When a burial box stolen from beneath Jerusalem's Temple Mount ends up in a Vatican lab, a forensic scientist must determine if the bones it contains are those of Jesus Christ) $24.95
Caine, Leslie Killed By Clutter (Interior decorators Erin Gilbert and Steve Sullivan attempt to turn a case of domestic disaster into domestic bliss while outsmarting a killer who has designs on them; PBO) $6.99
Cerasini, Marc 24 Declassified: Vanishing Point (TV Tie-in; PBO) $6.99
Chandler, Raymond The Notebooks of Raymond Chandler (Reprint: Collection of the journals of Raymond Chandler offering an intimate view of the writer at work) $13.95
Charles, Kate Secret Sins (Curate Callie Anson becomes involved in the problems of parishioner Morag Hamilton and her lonely granddaughter, and when the child goes missing Callie investigates) $24.95
Childs, Laura Blood Orange Brewing (When a beloved local politico falls down dead, stabbed in the neck, at a benefit, tea-shop owner Theodosia Browning's (7) investigation leads her into dark places; includes recipes and tips) $6.99
Childs, Laura Dragonwell Dead (Theodosia is enjoying Charleston's Spring Plantation Ramble when a man wins a bid for a rare orchid and promptly dies, and she investigates) $23.95
Churchill, Jill The Accidental Florist (While planning her wedding, Jane Jeffry takes a self-defense class and when a member of the class is murdered, she hunts for the killer) $23.95
Clark, Carol Higgins Hitched (P.I. Regan Reilly investigates the burglary of a wedding shop, while her fiance looks into a series of bank robberies, and the two mysteries end up connected) $7.99
Clark, Roberta The Gold Covenant (Journalist Katherine Nikulasson's father, a noted historian, is killed in a plane crash; his missing papers cause her to question the veracity of the accident) $6.99
Cleverly, Barbara The Bee's Kiss (In 1926, Joe Sandilands (5) returns to England and investigates the murder of Dame Beatrice Joliffe, a founding member of the Women's Royal Naval Service) $13.00
Coben, Harlan Back Spin (7 CDs unabridged: Myron Bolitar (4)) $19.99
Coben, Harlan Fade Away (7 CDs unabridged: Myron Bolitar (3)) $19.99
Colfer, Eoin Half Moon Investigations (Young adult; young Fletcher Moon becomes officially certified as the youngest detective in the world, and when he is framed for a serious crime he has just twelve hours to clear his name) $7.99
Collins, Kate Acts of Violets (During the annual Pickle Fest, Abby's (5) boyfriend disappears and when he returns he is the main suspect in the death of a clown; PBO) $6.99
Conant-Park, Jessica/Conant, Susan Simmer Down (“Gourmet Girl” Chloe Carter (2) investigates when a trendy club owner is found dead at a fund-raiser for her boyfriend's new restaurant; includes recipes) $22.95
Coonts, Stephen The Traitor (CIA officer Tommy Carmellini joins his old boss Jake Grafton in a labyrinth of espionage, deception, and murder with a G8 meeting in Paris providing a tempting terrorist target ) $7.99
Corbett, David Blood of Paradise (An American bodyguard of an executive in El Salvador is approached by a Chicago PD partner of his father's to find an old cohort, and doesn't realize he seeks revenge; TPBO) $9.95
Daniels, Casey The Chick and the Dead (Cemetery tour guide Pepper Martin helps the deceased sister of a celebrated novelist get revenge for her untimely death; PBO) $6.99
David, Carol Anne Couples Who Kill (Non-fiction; murderers who work in pairs) $9.95
DeFelice, Cynthia The Apprenticeship of Lucas Walker (YA: After his family dies of consumption in 1849, 12-year old Lucas becomes a doctor's apprentice and experiments with an unorthodox cure for the disease) $6.95
DeVoe, Forrest Jr. Eye of the Archangel (In 1963, Jack Mallory and Laura Morse go undercover to infiltrate the plan of a dealer in sensitive information to resurrect Project Archangel, Hitler's spy satellite program) $24.95
Downie, Ruth Medicus (In Roman-occupied Britain, down-on-his-luck army doctor Gaius Petrius Ruso is caught up in the investigation of the deaths of several prostitutes) $23.95
Dumas, Alexandre The Last Cavalier (The first English edition of the newly discovered last novel of Dumas: A Count is forced by Napoleon to be a common footsoldier in his army) $28.00
Dunn, Sharon Death of a Garage Sale Newbie (When one member of the Bargain Hunter's Network is murdered, the other three women in the group investigate) $12.99
Eglin, Anthony The Lost Gardens (Eccentric retired professor of botany Lawrence Kingston (2) is hired by the new owner of Wickersham Priory to restore the gardens, but when workers keep turning up dead, he and the owner must escape) $6.99
Feehan, Christine Deadly Game (Sequel to Conspiracy Game : Explores the limits of endurance and the boundaries of passion in a life-and-death struggle to survive) $7.99
Fluke, Joanne Key Lime Pie Murder (During preparations for the town fair, Hannah Swensen discovers fellow baking contest judge Willa Sundquist dead alongside a key lime pie, and investigates) $22.00
French, Nicci Catch Me When I Fall (A successful young woman with a secret wild life makes one too many mistakes and her life spirals out of control) $7.99
Gadda, Carlo Emilio That Awful Mess on the Via Merulana (Detective Ciccio investigates the murder of a woman he secretly admired and discovers that somehow everyone in her apartment building is involved in the crime) $16.95
Glatt, John The Doctor's Wife (Non-fiction; a Georgia dentist may have staged his wife's murder to look like a suicide; may have done the very same thing to his girlfriend 14 years before) $6.99
Godfrey, Rebecca Under the Bridge (Non-fiction; a group of suburban teens obsessed with pop culture who in 1997 savagely killed one of their peers, a 14-year old girl) $7.99
Goff, Christine Death Shoots a Birdie (Rachel Wilder (5) investigates when renowned birder Guy Saxby's protégé is killed and he is the prime suspect; PBO) $7.99
Gorman, Ed Fools Rush In (While thousands gather for the March on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr., Sam McCain seeks justice for a black college student found dead in a car trunk) $24.00
Graves, Ashna Death Pans Out (While recovering from cancer, journalist Jeneva Leopold seeks quiet at her uncle's old gold mine, and as she heals she has the energy to look into his disappearance) $24.95
Green, Tim Kingdom Come (An everyday American couple is faced with a chance for unlimited power and money, and all they have to do is commit murder) $7.99
Grimes, Martha The Old Wine Shades (Richard Jury investigates after Harry Johnson spins a tale of the disappearance of a friend and his wife) $9.99
Halliday, Gemma Killer in High Heels (When shoe designer Maddie Springer heads to Vegas to search for her missing father, She finds a world of show girls, dead bodies, and a sexy undercover cop who looks familiar) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Sweet and Deadly (Reprint of 1981 1st novel: A murder embroils a small-town reporter in a mystery that hits close to home) $7.99
Hawke, Richard Speak of the Devil (Introduces P.I. Fritz Malone, whose first case involves murder at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and New York City's most sinister conspiracy) $7.99
Hawley, Philip Jr. Stigma (Debut of a new thriller series featuring Luke McKenna, an ex-top secret special ops member turned Los Angeles pediatrician) $7.99
Hay, Sheridan The Secret of Lost Things (A young Australian woman takes a job at a vast emporium of used and rare books in NYC and finds herself caught up in the search for a lost Melville manuscript) $23.95
Hayder, Mo Pig Island (Journalist Joe Oakes, who makes a living exposing supernatural hoaxes, visits a remote Scottish island and a religious community there, and everything he knows is overturned) $24.00
Hill, Reginald Death Comes for the Fat Man (Caught in an explosion, Yorkshire policeman Andy Dalziel is at death's door while his colleague DCS Peter Pascoe is determined to find the bomber; some signed copies expected) $24.95
Hill, Russell Robbie's Wife (On a trip to England, failed screenwriter Jack Stone finds himself falling in love with the wife of a farmer he is staying with, and tempted to commit murder to have her) $6.99
Hoag, Tami Prior Bad Acts (Minneapolis detectives Kovac and Liska protect a judge whose unpopular ruling places her at the center of a killer's sight) $7.99
Holm & Hamel The Stink Files Dossier 003: You Only Have Nine Lives (YA: Spy cat Mr. Stink discovers an international threat) $4.99
Holms, Joyce Hidden Depths (Fizz and Buchanan investigate when an old friend of Fizz's disappears along with a Rubens painting worth millions) $9.95
Holms, Joyce Missing Link (An elderly woman comes to Fizz Fitzgerald's office and asks her to help prove her guilty of murder, and puzzled Fizz and her partner-in-crime Tam Buchanan find at least two others claiming to be the killer) $25.95
Hoobler, Dorothy & Thomas A Samurai Never Fears Death (YA: Sekei (4) takes a trip home to see his real family, and when his sister's boyfriend, a puppet master's apprentice, is accused of murder, he investigates) $12.99
Hughes, Declan The Color of Blood (PI Ed Loy searches for a blackmailer and killer among a well-known Irish medical family; discovers shocking secrets someone will kill to keep hidden) $24.95
Hughes, Declan The Wrong Kind of Blood (After 20 years away, P.I. Ed Loy returns from L.A. to Dublin for his mother's funeral, and an old classmate pleads for him to find her missing husband) $7.99
Hunt, Alexa Corrupts Absolutely (Journalist Elliot Delgado investigates the Bureau of Illegal Substance Control and discovers hints of a hidden conspiracy with the Pentagon that threatens to go nuclear) $6.99
Hunt, Arlene Vicious Circle (A serial killer is terrorizing Dublin, and prostitute Amanda Harrington, after double-crossing pimp Paul McCracken, may be on the hit list) $8.99
Hurley, Graham Blood and Honey (Detective Joe Faraday (6) investigates when a headless corpse washes up beneath the cliffs, while DC Winter's life lurches into crisis as he gets involved with a prostitute) $8.99
Hustmyre, Charles An Act of Kindness (Non-fiction; the murder of Genore Guillory, a generous woman in her Louisiana community, whose shocking mutilation revealed a festering small-town evil; PBO) $6.99
Isleib, Roberta Deadly Advice (When her neighbor allegedly commits suicide, Dr. Rebecca Butterman, clinical psychologist and author of an online advice column, investigates; PBO) $6.99
Jackson, Lisa Shiver (New Orleans detective Reuben Montoya matches wits with a twisted psychopath who is murdering his victims in pairs) $7.99
Jakubowski, Maxim-ed. The Best British Mysteries IV (Anthology of British mysteries; hc available at $25.95) $14.95
James, Peter Dead Simple (Detective Superintendent Roy Grace investigates a missing persons report, not knowing the victim has been buried in a coffin as a joke by friends then killed in an accident) $14.95
James, Peter Looking Good Dead (Tom Bryce is the only witness to a murder Detective Superintendent Roy Grace (2) is investigating, and his entire family is threatened with their deaths posted on the Internet; hc available $25.95) $14.95
Johnson, Craig Death Without Company (When Mari Baroja is found poisoned at the Durant Home for Assisted Living, Sheriff Longmire (2) is drawn into an investigation that reaches 50 years into her Basque past) $14.00
Johnson, Craig Kindness Goes Unpunished (When his daughter, A Philadelphia lawyer, is viciously attacked, Walt Longmire (3) and his friend Henry Standing Bear scour the city to find the attacker) $23.95
Kane, Andrea Wrong Place, Wrong Time (What begins as a romantic weekend in a cozy cabin turns into a deadly nightmare when Sally Montgomery's companion is murdered and police consider her the prime suspect) $7.99
Kastner, Erich Emil and the Detectives (Reissue: When Emil's money disappears while he is on the train to Berlin, he knows who took it, and gets help from boy detectives in the city) $19.95
Kling, Christine Bitter End (Tugboat skipper Seychelle Sullivan (3) sails into more South Florida intrigue as she probes a mogul's murder) $6.99
Kling, Christine Wreckers' Key (When Florida salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan's friend Nestor is murdered, she wants out of the salvage business, but can't turn her back on his wife's pleas for help) $24.95
Lawton, John A Little White Death (In 1963 England, Inspector Troy, Scotland Yard's chief detective, investigates a curious case of a double suicide which is connected to a doctor with a penchant for voyeurism) $12.00
Lindsay, Frederic The Endings Man (Mystery author Barclay Curle becomes prime suspect when a murder is committed using the techniques in his novel, and when a second murder occurs, he decides to take action) $9.95
Lippman, Laura No Good Deeds (Baltimore PI Tess Monaghan's (11) boyfriend brings home a young street kid who holds the key to the death of a young federal prosecutor, and Tess finds out just how far the authorities will go to find him) $7.99
Lutz, Lisa The Spellman Files (Isabel Spellman is a crime-solving daughter in a family of P.I.s who wants out, until her sister disappears and she must use her skills to save her; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.00
Lynds, Gayle The Last Spymaster (CIA operative Elaine Cunningham, who specializes in finding fugitives, looks for traitor Jay Tice who disappeared from a maximum security prison without a trace) $6.99
Malcolm, John The Burning Ground (Tim Simpson of White’s Bank is held on a murder charge and must rely on his wife Sue to unravel the death of the carpet expert he had traveled to France to meet; trade PBO) $13.95
Marston, Edward The Painted Lady (In 17th century London, Architect Christopher Redmayne investigates when the husband of a beautiful woman is murdered and there are many suspects amongst her admirers) $25.95
Marston, Edward The Parliament House (In 1670 London, architect Christopher Redmayne is ata party celebrating his latest project, but things turn sour when one of the guests is murdered) $9.95
Martin, Nancy A Crazy Little Thing Called Death (The Blackburd Sisters (6) investigate when the daughter of the Philadelphia Devines mysteriously disappears and the family is in a big hurry to have her declared dead) $21.95
Martin, Nancy Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too (When the tycoon owner of a tacky sports bar is murdered, Nora Blackbird (5) suspects a secretive politician, a shady former rock star, and a dangerous aristo-brat) $6.99
Martinez, Michele Cover-up (Federal Prosecutor Melanie Vargas (3) investigates the brutal murder of television reporter Suzanne Shepard, a ruthless celebrity scandalmonger with no lack of enemies) $23.95
McGowen, Anthony Stag Hunt (20 years after being tormented by several boys, a man vows revenge, and when Matthew Moriarty is invited to a stag weekend at a remote Cornwall estate he gets involved) $12.50
McIntosh, Pat St. Mungo's Robin (Fourth in the series of Gil Cunningham murder mysteries set in medieval Glasgow) $24.95
McKinty, Adrian The Bloomsday Dead (Finale of the Dead Trilogy: Michael Forsythe heads back to Dublin to search for Bridget's daughter who has been kidnapped by the IRA, and many secrets are revealed to him) $24.00
Mortimer, John Quite Honestly (Lucinda Purefoy joins a society dedicated to helping convicts back into the real world after prison, and gets more than she bargained for with her wacky charge Terry Keegan) $14.00
Murphy, Shirley Rosseau Cat Pay the Devil (Feline Joe Grey and his pals investigate when a federal officer is shot and two locals are murdered after an escaped convict chooses Molena Point for a hideout) $24.95
Nelson, Jill Elizabeth Reluctant Runaway (FBI Agent Tony Lucano & girlfriend Desiree Jacobs try to connect a missing woman with a meth lab in New Mexico, and they may run out of time) $12.99
Nesser, Hakan Borkmann's Point (Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is called to the sleepy coastal town of Kalbringen to investigate two recent ax murders) $12.95
Nesser, Hakan The Return (From the hospital bed where he is recovering from surgery, Chief Inspector Van Veereren puts together pieces of a puzzle surrounding a body found with no head, hands or feet) $22.95
Newman, Sharon Heresy (Medieval Paris; when Jewish Catherine LeVendeur's (8) best friend is wrongly accused of murder, her family hides him, putting themselves in danger) $6.99
Olson, Gregg A Wicked Snow (20 years after her mother died in a murderous fire, Hannah Griffin, new a talented CSI, must deal with the past as a killer with unfinished business is still on the prowl) $6.99
Opyr, Joan From Hell to Breakfast (Idaho lesbian Bil is dealing with her brother Sam's death when the body of Sam's favorite drug dealer turns up in an old shack on the Hardy family farm) $13.95
Parker, Robert B. Sea Change (After the body of a divorced Florida heiress washes ashore in Paradise, Jesse Stone (6) discovers the woman's kinky secrets, casting suspicion on everyone she knew) $9.99
Parker, T. Jefferson Storm Runners (Ex-cop Matt Stromsoe is hired to bodyguard local TV personality Frankie Hatfield from a stalker, and the more he uncovers the closer he gets to a killer's bullseye) $25.95
Parshall, Sandra Disturbing the Dead (Veterinarian Rachel Goddard and mixed-race county sheriff’s deputy Tom Bridger (2) have moved to Mountainview, VA and when several skeletons are unearthed on the mountain, their peace is disturbed) $24.95
Parshall, Sandra The Heat of the Moon (Young veterinarian Rachel Goddard probes into her childhood when disturbing memories surface and tries to find out what really happened to her father when he died years ago) $14.95
Patterson, James Judge and Jury (FBI agent Nick Pellisante has nailed the notorious mob boss "The Electrician", but the legal system fails and Nick and Andie must take matters into their own hands) $9.99
Pence, Joanne The Da Vinci Cook (Amateur sleuth and dilettante chef Angie Amalfi (14) heads to Rome to help her sister clear her name in a complex murder investigation; PBO) $6.99
Perry, Anne Dark Assassin (Victorian police detective William Monk (15) investigates a mysterious double death on the Thames) $7.99
Picoult, Jodi Nineteen Minutes (Poignant story of the aftermath of a high school shooting featuring lawyer Jordan McAfee and detective Patrick Du Charme) $26.00
Pollero, Rhonda Knock Off (Paralegal Finley Anderson Tanner, aka F.A.T., is asked by her boss to take time away from shopping and lunch to look into the "accidental" death of a client's husband) $19.95
Randisi, Robert J.-ed. Hollywood and Crime (Original crime stories set during the history of Hollywood) $24.00
Ripley, Mike Angel in the House (Roy Angel's first case for the formerly all-female Rudgard and Blugden Confidential Investigations is to find some Botox stolen from a crime-proof lab) $9.95
Ripley, Mike Angel's Share (Roy Angel, now working for Rudgard & Blugen Confidential Investigations, is assigned the seemingly easy case of finding a retired man's lost loves, but there are complications) $25.95
Rodriguez, Teresa/Motane, Diane The Daughters of Juarez (Non-fiction; the serial murders of women in Juarez, Mexico over the last 12 years) $24.00
Rosett, Sara Moving Is Murder (Nothing can prepare Air Force wife and professional organizer Ellie Avery for the secrets that shadow her new neighborhood that drive one of her new neighbors to murder) $6.99
Roslund, Anders/Hellstrom, Borge The Beast (When the killer of two children escapes from prison and another child is murdered, the father, Fredrik Steffanson, decides to take revenge) $13.95
Santiago, Danielle Grindin' (After her cousin is murdered, Kennedy Sanchez is offered a chance to become a rapper and leave the streets behind, and discovers the music business is just like the streets) $14.00
Scahill, Jeremy Blackwater (Non-fiction; expose of the world's most powerful mercenary firm) $25.95
Scott, Michele Silenced By Syrah (A Wine Lover's Mystery; when a famous chef doesn't return to his kitchen after a relaxing Syrah bath spash, Nikki Sands (3) discover it was bullets, not bubbles, that did him in; PBO) $6.99
Scott, Robert Killer Dad (Non-fiction; Michael Blagg, a seemingly devoted husband and family man who murdered his wife in cold blood) $6.99
Scottoline, Lisa Daddy's Girl (During a prison riot, law prof. Natalie Greco hears the last words of a dying guard which can unlock a dangerous conspiracy; soon finds threats around every corner some signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Seymour, Gerald Rat Run (Disgraced Intelligence officer Malachy Kitchen, who ran under enemy fire in Iraq, is inspired by the mugging of an elderly lady in London to stop a ring of narcotics traders) $24.95
Seymour, Gerald Traitor's Kiss (High-ranking Russian naval officer Viktor Archenko has been passing secrets to British intelligence, and when the information stops flowing it is time to get him out) $13.95
Shekchik, Rick Amen Corner (The body of the Masters rules committee chairman is found on the day amateur golfer and on-medical-leave Mpls. police detective Sam Skarda arrives, and he investigates; local author) $24.95
Short, Sharon Murder Unfolds (5th starring Josie Toadfern, stain expert, small town laundromat owner and amateur sleuth; PBO) $6.99
Simenon, George Three Crimes (Based on his own experiences, Simenon tells of a period in his youth when he was befriended by three men who went on to commit a series of reprehensible crimes) $15.95
Simenon, Georges The Engagement (Never before published in the US; a reclusive man who gives his neighbors the creeps is falsely accused of murdering a prostitute in Paris) $14.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Blue Shoes and Happiness (After a cobra is found in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency's offices, Mma Ramotswe sets out to untangle mysteries and heal misfortunes) $12.95
Solomon, Annie Dead Shot (When murder victims begin showing up posed in scenes from a famous photographer's violent images, she and her bodyguard race to find a sadistic killer; PBO) $6.99
Starling, Boris Visibility (In 1950's London, Scotland Yard detective Herbert Smith investigates the murder of a scientist who had claimed to be in possession of a secret that could change the world) $25.95
Stewart, Mariah Final Truth (Conclusion to the Truth Series: A true-crime writer joins an FBI agent in hunting a freed serial killer on a deadly spree) $7.99
Stewart, Trenton Lee The Mysterious Benedict Society (YA; A mysterious newspaper ad challenges children to take a series of mind-bending tests; the four who pass go undercover on a secret mission) $16.99
Thomson, June Going Home (DCI Jack Finch (20) investigates when the deaf daughter of solitary widower Alex Lambert disappears while walking home from school) $25.95
Thurlo, Aimee and David Mourning Dove (Jimmy Blacksheep is killed shortly after returning from a tour of duty with the New Mexico National Guard in Iraq, and Ella Clah investigates, finding evidence of corruption) $6.99
Tope, Rebecca A Cotswold Ordeal (Thea Osborne (2) discovers an apparent suicide in one of the barns of a farm where she is housesitting, and teams with DI Phil Hollis investigate) $9.95
Tope, Rebecca Death in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne (3) discovers a body laid out like a sacrificial victim of the Notgrove Barrow and teams with her boyfriend's childhood companion to investigate) $25.95
Vine, Barbara The Minotaur (Kerstin Krist cares for a millionaire mathematical genius who is schizophrenic while his family plots ways to come into his fortune) $13.95
White, Randy Wayne Dark Light (When a hurricane uncovers a long-forgotten ship wreck,, Doc Ford looks for answers from an old woman whose story of the wreck draws him into a decades-old mystery) $7.99
White, Randy Wayne Hunter's Moon (Doc Ford saves a controversial president from assassination and unwittingly becomes part of his plan to strike a Central American oil rich country) $24.95
White, Stephen Dry Ice (15 years after the events in Privileged Information, killer Micheal McClelland has been released from the mental hospital, and is determined to get revenge on Alan Gregory) $25.95
White, Stephen Kill Me (A man who has decided to die and put a contract out on himself changes his mind) $9.99
Wood, Simon Accidents Waiting to Happen (A firm has bought Josh Michaels insurance policy and they want to collect on it, even if it means killing Josh) $6.99


Anscombe, Roderick Virgin Lies (When a 9-year old girl disappears in Boston, the only witness is a homeless schizophrenic woman, and Dr. Paul Lucas must race against time trying to get answers from her) $24.95
Archer, Jeffrey Cat O'Nine Tails (Collection of twelve short stories with illustrations by Ronald Searles) $27.95
Axler, James Deathlands #37: Cannibal Moon (Postapocalypse adventure) $6.50
Bowen, Rhys In Dublin's Fair City (In 1903, P.I. Molly Murphy (6) leaves New York for her native Ireland on a missing persons case and becomes unwillingly embroiled in the Irish freedom movement) $23.95
Bruen, Ken Priest (Jack Taylor investigates the decapitation of Father Joyce in a Galway confessional) $23.95
Bruen, Ken The Dramatist (Sober Jack Taylor's (4) dealer is in prison, and calls on Jack to look into the death of his sister in Dublin, with shocking and deadly consequences) $12.95
Carr, Alex (Jenny Siler) An Accidental American (The quiet life of Nicole Blake is shattered when a U.S. intelligence agent gives her proof that her ex-lover is a terrorist and she heads to Lisbon unsure of what to do; TPBO) $9.95
Clement, Blaize Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund (Dixie Hemingway (2) is out walking a dachshund when a car speeds by and she waves to the driver, and later when the dog discovers a body she realizes she was waving to a killer) $23.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Vegas Nerve (Small town sheriff Milt Kovak and his wife are vacationing in Las Vegas when family troubles result in the death of his cousin's son-in-law, and Milt investigates) $23.95
Evanovich, Janet More Plums in One (Three Stephanie Plum novels in one volume: Four to Score , High Five , and Hot Six ) $26.95
Fuentes, Carlos The Eagle's Throne (In the near future, all communication to the outside world has been cut off in Mexico, and political adversaries come out to prey, bent on achieving power) $14.95
Hall, James W. Magic City (A simple black and white photo taken during the 1964 Clay-Liston fight sets off a murder spree in Miami and sends Thorn on a deadly journey into the dark heart of Magic City) $24.95
Hawke, Richard (Jeffrey P. Lindsay) Cold Day in Hell (Sequel to Speak of the Devil : It's personal for PI Fritz Malone as he tries to find the killer of a woman who came to him for help after testifying at a star's trial) $24.95
Hunt, Alexa Homeland Security (Former assassin Leah Berglund and reporter Elliot Delgado are back and chasing two suitcase- sized nuclear bombs on the loose inside the United States) $24.95
Hunt, James Patrick The Betrayers (Lt. George Hastings and his detective Bobby Cain investigate the brutal slaying of two St. Louis beat cops and uncover secrets that make the killing personal) $23.95
Kellogg, Marne Davis Friends in High Places (Kick Keswick made a lot of money substituting fake jewels at an auction house she worked for, and now comes out of retirement as an enemy threatens to expose her) $24.95
Lecard, Marc Vinnie's Head (Long Island criminal Johnnie LoDuco gets involved in a credit card scam with his friend Vinnie, and things get complicated when he reels in Vinnie's head while fishing) $23.95
MacPherson, Rett Died in the Wool (Missouri local historian and busy mom Torie O'Shea (10) is investigating the tragic deaths of three siblings in the 1920's when a present day murder ups the ante) $23.95
Milton, Giles Edward Trecom's Nose (English owner of a famous cheese shop, discovers that 9 previous generations in his family have come to bad ends because of their noses, and only his nose can save him from a similar end) $24.95
Peacock, Steven Reading 24 (In-depth look at the TV show 24 ; includes an episode guide) $15.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner #340: Splinter Cell (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #113: Contagion Option (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Perrin, Kayla We'll Never Tell (Three sorority sisters plan revenge against a man-stealing pledge, and when the revenge turns deadly they must keep the secret; trade PBO) $13.95
Perry, Anne At Some Disputed Barricade (Set in the trenches of the Western Front in 1917, continues the dramatic stories of the Reavley family at war) $21.95
Persons, Terri Blind Spot (Shortly after being assigned to the FBI's St. Paul office, agent Saint Clare is called upon to use her unusual psychic talents to try and solve a brutal murder; abridged CDs $29.95) $23.95
Picard, Liza Victorian London (History: The Tale of the City 1840-1870) $18.95
Pickens, Cathy Hog Wild (Attorney Avery Andrews (3) returns to her hometown of Dacus South Carolina and lands in the midst of volunteers trying to stop land developers resulting in murder and sabotage) $23.95
Picknett,Lisa/Prince, Clive The Turin Shroud (Non-fiction revised and updated ‘95 reprint: “How Da Vinci fooled history”) $14.00
Saylor, Steven Roma (Epic novel of ancient Rome, from its mythic beginnings as a camp site along a trade route to emergence as the center of the most powerful empire of the ancient world) $25.95
Schiefelbein, Michael Body and Blood (Two closeted gay Catholic priests have an affair, and when a third priest, also gay, apparently commits suicide, one realizes the other has a deep secret and he is in danger) $23.95
Shaber, Sarah R. Shell Game (Forensic historian Simon Shaw is studying a 14,000 year old corpse when his friend, archeologist David Morgan, is murdered and he investigates) $22.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Max & Maddy & the Bursting Balloons Mystery (YA: A world-famous balloonist asks Max and Maddy for help finding out who's responsible for sabotaging a balloon race) $9.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Max & Maddy & the Chocolate Money Mystery (YA: A brother and sister detective team are asked by a Swedish businessman to help catch a bank robber and find themselves on the trail of a gang of St. Bernards) $9.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Gorky Park (Reprint: Moscow Chief Homicide Inspector Arkady Renko investigates a triple murder in Gorky Park and must battle with the KGB, FBI, and NY police to solve the case) $9.95
Tapply, William G. Gray Ghost (Amnesiac Stoney Calhoun (2) is working as a guide on Casco Bay, Maine when two bodies turn up clearly tied to Stoney's unremembered past, and he must discover the truth or be the next victim) $23.95
Walsh, Jill Paton The Bad Quarto (Imogen Quy (4) investigates when a research fellow at St. Agatha's College plummets to his death from a tower and a production of a "bad quarto" of Hamlet points to a suspect) $23.95
Wilder, Gene My French Whore (Near the end of WWI, a man impersonates a German spy when he is captured, and falls in love with the prostitute he is provided) $21.95


Carr, Glyn Death Under Snowdon (First U.S. publication of 1954 British classic; 3 newly-minted knights of the British Empire go off for a day’s rock climbing, but only two return, prompting Shakespearean actor/manager “Filthy” Lewker to turn sleuth once again) $14.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Two Little Girls in Blue (A mother searches for her kidnapped daughter, led by clues given to her by the missing girl's twin sister) $7.99
Gwyn, Richard The Color of a Dog Running Away (Lucas, a musician and translator in Barcelona, is kidnapped with his girlfriend by a religious cult) $21.95
Lethem, Jonathan You Don't Love Me Yet (Lucinda works at The Complain Line, sets up a clandestine meeting with a caller, and they fall in love while Lucinda spends her spare time playing in an alternative band) $24.95
McManus, Patrick F. Avalanche (Sheriff Bo Tully (2) is investigating a missing persons case when an avalanche strands him at West Bank Lodge and the missing persons case turns into a murder investigation) $24.00
Morris, R.N. The Gentle Axe (In St. Petersburg, Russia in 1867, Inspector Porfiry Petrovich, first met in Crime and Punishment, investigates the strange case of a peasant hung with an axe in his belt) $24.95
Nee, Patrick A Criminal and an Irishman (Non-fiction; the inside story of the Boston mob-IRA connection) $14.95
Playboy Magazine editors The Playboy Book of True Crime (40 accounts of true crime from the pages of Playboy Magazine) $16.95


Adams, Sam Precious Blood (Non-fiction; ex-con Jerome Boggs, who violently murdered a young man and his son for nothing more than $1,500 and two bags of marijuana) $6.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Bleeding Hearts (When a local football coach and hero is accused of improper behavior, China Bayles (15) follows a trail of obsession and murder) $6.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Spanish Dagger (While gathering supplies for making paper in a yucca patch, China Bayles stumbles on a body, and while investigating she discovers many in her small town have secrets) $23.95
Andrews, Lori Sequence (Cutting-edge geneticist Dr. Alexandra Blake puts her research on hold to catch a killer murdering women near military bases) $6.99
Armstrong, Derek The Game (Reality TV becomes too real when a killer with a message preys on the contestants of America's number-one show) $24.95
Arriaga, Guillermo A Sweet Scent of Death (The brutal death of a beautiful young girl shocks a small Mexican village and inspires an expanding wave of violence) $13.00
Aseni, Matilde The Last Cato (Dante's Divine Comedy potentially holds the clues to help Dr. Ottavia Butler track down a secret brotherhood trying to collect the fragments of the True Cross for themselves) $13.95
Atkins, Ace White Shadow (Thriller based on the true story of the death of retired criminal kingpin Charlie Wall and those who benefitted from it) $7.99
Barbero, Alessandro The Day of the Barbarians (Non-fiction; the battle at Adrianolpe in August A.D. 378 that signaled the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire) $24.95
Barton, Beverly The Dying Game (Former beauty queens are being found murdered with a single rose beside their bodies, and detective Lindsay McCallister has seen this signature before) $6.99
Bebris, Carrie North by Northanger or, the Shades of Pemberly (Secrets of the past in the form of a mysterious letter and the arrival of his aunt foil Mr & Mrs Darcy's (3) solitude at Pemberly) $6.99
Billings, Richard N. Battleground Atlantic (Non-fiction; how the sinking of a single Japanese submarine assured the outcome of World War II) $15.00
Blauner, Peter Slow Motion Riot (Reprint ‘91) $7.99
Bonini, Carlo/D'Avanzo, Giuseppe Collusion (Non-fiction; investigation by two of Europe's leading journalists into how international spy agencies crafted the stories behind the war on terror) $23.95
Brennan, Allison Fear No Evil (A renegade FBI agent must find a serial killer who is murdering women live on the internet before his next victim dies) $6.99
Brewer, Gil The Vengeful Virgin (A gorgeous 18-year old and her lover conspire to murder her rich, ailing stepfather, but jealousy & mistrust sow the seeds of disaster) $6.99
Buick, Jeff Shell Game (Taylor and her husband Alan are devastated when the company they have invested everything in disappears, and they are determined to track down the mastermind of the fraud) $7.99
Carlotto, Massimo The Fugitive (A man is on the run from a corrupt judicial system and a phony murder charge, hiding in the French underworld and running to a Mexico besieged by guerrilla warfare) $14.95
Carlotto, Massimo The Master of Knots (Ex-con and private detective Alligator descends into Italy's S&M scene looking for Helena Giraldi, and races against time to find the kidnapper as more disappear) $8.99
Carver, Caroline Beneath the Snow (When a brilliant research scientist disappears during a snowstorm in Lake Eagle, Alaska, her estranged sister comes from England to help the search) $9.99
Chavarria, Daniel Tango for a Torturer (Former Argentine revolutionary Aldo Bianchi travels to Cuba and learns that his nemesis, military torturer Alberto Rios, is living there, and he hunts him down) $15.95
Child, Lee The Hard Way (Jack Reacher is hired by Edward Lane who runs a highly illegal soldier-for-hire operation, to rescue his kidnapped family) $7.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Laced (Newlyweds Regan and Jack Reilly go to Ireland to research their genealogy and are faced with frightening information about some of their forefathers) $24.00
Clark, Mary Higgins I Heard That Song Before (28-year old landscaper Kay Lansing must find answers when her husband comes under a cloud of suspicion about his former wife's death and the murder of another young woman) $25.00
Cleland, Jane K Consigned to Death (Josie Prescott leaves her high-paying job at a New York auction house to set up her own antiques business in New Hampshire and becomes the prime suspect in a local murder) $6.99
Coben, Harlan Promise Me (Entertainment agent Myron Bolitar keeps a well-intentioned promise to a teenage girl, and when she turns up missing he is the last person who saw her, and he races to find her) $9.99
Cork, Vena Green Eye (Rosa Thorn comes to Cambridge to film a TV series and see her son, and becomes embroiled in the mystery of a rapist and a potentially lethal case of jealousy) $24.95
Cornwell, Patricia At Risk (A state investigator and his D.A. boss use cutting edge technology to investigate the 20-year old murder of an elderly lady) $7.99
Culhane, Patrick (aka Max Allan Collins) Black Hats (As the Prohibition era begins, Wyatt Earp works as a detective in L.A., and goes to New York to help Doc Holliday’s son whose bar has been taken over by a young Al Capone and gets help from new sports writer Bat Masterson) $24.95
Cutler, Judith Cold Pursuit (Chief Superintendent Frances Harman puts her retirement plans on hold to help investigate a series of minor assaults in the Kent area, and the crimes escalate in seriousness) $25.95
Cutler, Judith Life Sentence (Chief Superintendent Frances Harman, already overloaded and a few months from retirement, is assigned the two-year old case of a woman who was beaten into a coma and now is near death) $9.95
D'Almeida, Sarah The Muskateer's Seamstress (Aramis's lover, a Spanish noblewoman and friend of the Queen, has been murdered and he has been accused of the crime, and now it is up to the Muskateers (2) to clear his name; PBO) $6.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Recluse (Small-town newspaper editor Emma Lord investigates when the home of newlyweds burns down and the husband dies in the fire) $6.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Scandal (The Alpine Advocate receives an obituary sent by the subject himself, and Emma Lord tries to track down the author, only to find him bludgeoned to death behind his home) $23.95
Davidsen, Leif The Serbian Dane (Iranian mullahs have issued a four-million-dollar fatwa for an internationally acclaimed writer, who travels to Denmark to speak, and the Serbian Dane signs up for her murder) $24.95
Davis Kyra Passion, Betrayal, and Killer Highlights (Sophie Katz’s (2) sister Leah finds her husband's lifeless body just hours after he announces his intention to leave her for another woman, and Sophie must clear her name) $13.95
Davis, Kevin Defending the Damned (Non-fiction; account of life in the Chicago Cook County Public Defender's Office) $25.00
Dereske, Jo Catalogue of Death (The inimiable librarian/sleuth Miss Zukas (10) returns to flirt with Police Chief Wayne Gallant and solve more crimes; PBO) $6.99
Diamond, Susan What Goes Around (When a high-priced call girl is found murdered outside an exclusive men's club, the other members of her self-help group are determined to find the killer) $24.95
Doherty, Robert The Citadel (Captain Jim Vaughn (2) leads his band of rogues in a suicidal mission as the fate of the world lies in the hands of this capable but erratic crew; PBO) $7.99
Dorsey, Tim The Big Bamboo (Hilarious and outrageous serial killer Serge Storms (8) goes to Hollywood to mingle with the stars while causing his usual murder and mayhem) $7.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Quicksilver Caper (L.A.’s Temple Barr and Midnight Louie (18) investigate when the opening exhibition of the Russian Czar's priceless treasures is marred by murder and theft) $6.99
Drake, Nick Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead (In ancient Egypt, a savvy detective is secretly assigned to find Nefertiti, who has gone missing on the eve of a great celebration) $24.95
Dunning, John The Bookwoman's Last Fling (Cliff Janeway (5) accepts an invitation from a legendary horse trainer to look at some rare books in Idaho, discovers a collection worth millions, and when the man is murdered, Janeway investigates) $9.99
Emerson, Kathy Lynn No Mortal Reason (In Victorian New York, reporter Diana Spaulding and her fiance travel to Lenape Springs, where her Uncle owns a spa, and when a body is discovered Diana and Ben investigate) $17.95
Evans, Liz Cue the Easter Bunny (While donning an Easter Bunny costume to get a little extra cash, PI Grace Smith (5) is hired by a woman to find out who has been threatening her son) $8.99
Fanning, Diane Under the Knife (Non-fiction; story of a man who posed as a plastic surgeon and killed a patient, then fled to Costa Rica before his capture made front page news; PBO) $6.99
Fielding, Joy Heartstopper (The body of the most popular girl at Torrence High in Florida is found buried in the swamp, English teacher Sandy Crosbie helps the down-on-his-luck sheriff investigate) $24.95
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote: Coffee, Tea, or Murder? Jessica travels to London and when the pilot is murdered at the airport, she joins forces with her old friend Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland, to investigate; PBO) $6.99
Forrest, Katherine V. Dreams and Swords (Collection of mystery and science fiction short stories) $13.95
Gabbay, Tom The Lisbon Crossing (In 1940, Jack Teller arrives in neutral Lisbon on the arm of screen idol Lili Stern who is looking for a childhood friend hiding from the Nazis) $24.95
Gaffney, Ed Diary of a Serial Killer (Maverick lawyers Terry Tallach and Zack Wilson reunite to investigate a supposedly closed 20-year-old serial murder case) $6.99
Giampietra/Salisbury/Ausejo 41 Seconds from Terror to Freedom (Non-fiction; the 1996 terrorist takeover of the Japanese embassy in Peru as told by a hostage) $24.95
Golemon, David Lynn Event (A secret group of the nation's most brilliant minds discovers an unspeakable threat to humanity and they must team up with an unlikely ally to save the world) $6.99
Gomez-Jurado, Juan God's Spy (In the days following the Pope's death, a cardinal is found brutally murdered, and police inspector Paola Dicanti teams with an American priest to stop a serial killer) $24.95
Goodis, David Street of No Return (The story of Whitey, once a crooner with a million dollar voice fallen on hard times after getting involved with a bad woman) $14.00
Goodman, Carol The Ghost Orchid (Novelist Ellis Brooks goes to the Bosco Estate in New York for a retreat, and gets caught up in a 100-year old mystery as bizarre things befall her and her colleagues) $13.95
Gott, Robert A Thing of Blood (Failed Shakespearian actor and would-be PI returns to WWII Melbourne and when his contemptable sister-in-law is kidnapped he tries to find her) $19.95
Green, Tim American Outrage (After investigative reporter Jake Carlson loses his wife, he tries to help his adopted son find his real mother, and uncovers a ring of black market child trafficking) $24.99
Greenwood, Kerry Cocaine Blues (The first Phryne Fisher mystery: Phyrne travels from London to Australia where she becomes involved in a mystery featuring poisoned wives and cocaine smuggling rings) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Urn Burial (Phryne Fisher is holidaying at Cave House, a gothic mansion in the heart of Australia's mountain country, when her host receives death threats, lethal traps are set, and a maid is strangled) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry The Green Mill Murder (Phyrne Fisher is dancing at a Melbourne contest when a contestant slumps to the ground and Phryne, aware of how close the bullet came to her, investigates) $24.95
Gruber, Michael Night of the Jaguar (Jimmy Paz trilogy conclusion: When affluent Miami businessmen begin dying in gruesome fashion, the local police turn to Jimmy Paz, who finds a connection to an Indian shaman) $7.99
Gruber, Michael The Book of Air and Shadows (Intellectual property lawyer Jake Mishkin details a lethal conspiracy involving a cache of encoded 17th century letters that lead to a treasure men would kill for) $24.95
HBO The Sopranos (Official book about the television show, including interviews and a detailed episode guide to all six seasons) $19.95
Hamilton, Denise Prisoner of Memory (Reprint: Eve Diamond (5) investigates the murder of a Russian emigre scientist shot execution style in LA's Griffith Park) $7.99
Hamilton, Lyn The Chinese Alchemist (Antiques dealer Lara McClintoch is targeted by ruthless criminals while trying to recover an 8th-century Tang Dynasty silver box with an alchemical formula for immortality etched inside the lid) $23.95
Hammond, Gerald A Dead Question (Two weeks away from giving birth, DI Honey Laird is assigned to investigate her next-door neighbor, a seemingly perfect doctor with a secret) $25.95
Hand, Elizabeth Generation Lost (A down and almost out photographer goes to interview a reclusive photographer and stumbles on a decades-old mystery still claiming victims and has one final shot at redemption) $24.00
Harris, Charlaine Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire series #6; supernaturally gifted cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse goes to New Orleans to deal with the legacy of her own family and a host of dangerous characters) $7.99
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia The Third Bill Slider Omnibus (Contains the 7th and 8th books in the acclaimed Bill Slider series: Shallow Grave and Blood Sinister ; British import) $14.95
Hart, Carolyn Dead Days of Summer (A mysterious and brutal killer has framed Max Darling and it's up to Annie (17) to find her missing husband and clear his name) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Set Sail for Murder (When retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins investigates murder on a Baltic cruise, she discovers the flame of love never dies) $23.95
Hart, John King of Lies (Attorney Jackson Workman Pickens's humdrum life is changed forever when his father, who disappeared a year earlier, is found dead and he and his sister are the prime suspects; Edgar nominee Best 1st Novel) $6.99
Henry, Sue The Refuge (Maxie McNabb (3) goes to Hawaii to help her friend Karen pack up her house, and overhears Karen making a suspicious phone call that indicates she may be in danger) $23.95
Henry, Sue The Tooth of Time (Maxie McNabb (2), Winnebago-driving, pistol-packing sixty-something with her dachshund Stretch sets out to turn one on-edge New Mexico town back into a peaceful pueblo) $6.99
Hess, Joan Poisoned Pins (Reprint: Claire Malloy) $6.99
Higgins, Jack A Fine Night for Dying (Reprint ‘69: Agent Paul Chavsasse's investigation into the murder of a gangland boss uncovers a deadly conspiracy that reaches throughout the world and leads to ruthless men) $9.99
Higson, Charlie Blood Fever (YA; Young James Bond takes a school trip to Sardinia and investigates when his cousin's house is ransacked and important pieces of art work are stolen) $7.99
Hill, Susan The Various Haunts of Men (Young policewoman Freya Graffham and C.I. Simon Serrailler join forces to investigate a series of disappearances in a quiet cathedral town) $24.95
Hoag, Tami Alibi Man (Former narcotics detective Elena Estes finds the body of a coworker, and she finds ties to a group of wealthy Palm Beach bad boys who provide each other alibis for crimes) $26.00
Horowitz, Anthony Ark Angel (YA; Alex Rider survives a sniper's bullet, and while in the hospital, saves the son of the richest man in the world from eco-terrorists) $7.99
Housewright, David Pretty Girl Gone (Mac McKenzie (3) is asked by the First Lady of Minnesota to find out who's blackmailing her and her husband, the governor) $6.99
Hunt, Arlene False Intentions (Dublin rookie detectives Sarah Kenny and John Quigly look for the missing daughter of a notorious criminal, who may be sacrificing his own daughter to stay atop the drug world) $8.99
Hunt, Morgan Sticky Fingers (After a near-death with a snake, Tess Camillo is fearful when another lesbian is murdered with a snake, and investigates) $14.95
Iggulden, Cann Emperor: The Gods of War (Conclusion to the Emperor Series: In 53 B.C., Caesar leads his army across the Rubicon River while at the same time falls prey to the seduction of Cleopatra) $6.99
Jackson, Lisa Absolute Fear (Novel of madness, deceit, and twisted revenge that reveals the terrifying secrets of the long-shuttered mental institution that was home to unspeakable evil in the book Shiver ) $19.95
Jardine, Quintin Dead and Buried (Deputy Chief Constable Bob Kinner has four crimes to solve, including a murder in the secret corridors of power where even the Prime Minister is not safe) $9.99
Jefferson, Roland S. One Night Stand (L.A. Public defender Myra Cross takes on the murder case of Napoleon T. Booker aka Little Dog Nine, and gets more than she bargained for) $14.00
Joensuu, Matti The Priest of Evil (Detective Sergeant Timo Harjunpaa of the Helsinki Violent Crimes Unit discovers the madman behind a series of subway station murders is a fanatical priest and he faces his most terrifying case yet) $24.965
Junger, Sebastion A Death in Belmont (Examines the fatal collision of three lives during the infamous Boston Strangler serial murder case) $14.95
Kava, Alex A Necessary Evil (Sequel to A Perfect Evil : In an ironic twist of fate, the monster Father Keller is now a target and offers to help FBI agent Maggie O'Dell solve a series of ritualistic murders of priests in return for protection) $7.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Gone (Alex Delaware is pitted against a serial killer targeting Hollywood starlets) $7.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Obsession (Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis search the past for clues to a murder confessed to on a woman's death bed when her daughter wants to know the truth; unabridged CDs $44.95) $26.95
Kenner, Julie The Prada Paradox (Mega-star Devi Taylor finds herself in a deadly game and must find answers to much more than movie trivia as she seeks the identity of her opponent) $13.00
Kerrigan, Gene The Midnight Choir (In Dublin, police face a world where small-time criminals have become millionaires and the old rules no longer apply) $14.95
Laurie, Victoria What's a Ghoul to Do? (Ghost hunter M.J. Holliday is hired by handsome Dr. Steven Sable to contact the ghost of his grandfather to find out the truth behind his death, and runs into other ghosts; PBO) $6.99
Leblanc, Maurice Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Thief (Classic collection featuring the witty confidence man and burglar who steals from the rich and sometimes gives to the poor) $14.00
Leon, Donna Through a Glass Darkly (Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates the murder of a night watchman whose body is found by the blazing furnace of a glass factory with a copy of Dante's Inferno in his hand) $7.99
Lewis, Bradley Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster (The incredible life and times of Mickey Cohen, the mobster who controlled Los Angeles for the Mafia) $22.00
Lewis, Roy Death Squad (While working for a new client, Tyneside solicitor Eric Ward becomes entangled in a murder case with connections stretching as far as Germany and the Stasi, and even the IRA) $25.95
Liesche, Margit Lipstick and Lies (During WWII, Women Airforce Service Pilot and undercover agent Pucci Lewis goes to jail to unmask Grace Buchanan-Dineen, a suspected triple agent) $24.95
Masters, Priscilla Night Visits (Dr. Harriet Lamont suspects her threatening patient is a killer and she may be the next victim) $13.95
McAuley, Roisin Meeting Point (Irish crime scene investigator is attracted to John Rock, but he brings up memories of a ten-year old murder, and she realizes he is the man she always suspected of the crime) $24.95
McCall, Penny All Jacked Up (Librarian Aubrey Sullivan has been abducted, in a car chase, and must rely on attractive FBI agent to escape a deadly mess; PBO) $6.99
McCarry, Charles Second Sight (Reprint: Spy Paul Christopher (7), is called out of retirement when agents are being kidnapped and destroyed by a diabolical drug) $24.95
McCarry, Charles The Tears of Autumn (Reprint; secret agent Paul Christopher has a destructive theory as to who killed Kennedy, and continues to investigate even though he was ordered to stop) $13.95
McGowen, Anthony Mortal Coil (Matthew Moriarty has hit rock bottom, and when he accepts an offer to track down a missing friend, things get even worse) $12.50
McKevett, G.A. Corpse Suzette (A renowned plastic surgeon goes missing from a local spa and it's up to P.I. Savannah Reid to stitch up a killer who cuts to the bone) $6.99
McMahon, Neil Lone Creek (Hugh Davoren, hand on the Pettyjohn Ranch in Montana, discovers two buried horses, and finds that everyone involved with the ranch has secrets they want to keep buried) $24.95
Michaels, Fern The Marriage Game (Failed CIA agents Sam and her best friend Slick team up with three other ex-wives of the same cad, and end up hired by a suspicious and covert law enforcement agency seeking CIA dropouts) $25.00
Miller, Susan Cummings Quarry (Geologist Frankie MacFarlane (3) is drawn into a police investigation when the remains of her ex-fiancé are found in the desert) $7.99
Monaghan, Nicola The Killing Jar (Kerrie-Ann lives in gritty urban Nottingham with a junkie for a mother, and even as she dreams of a better life she becomes entangles in the cycles of violence that rules there) $24.00
Moorhouse, Roger Killing Hitler (Non-fiction; a look at the many assassination plots against Hitler) $14.00
Mosley, Walter This Year You Write Your Novel (Inspiration and instruction for the aspiring novel writer) $19.99
Mrazek, Robert J. The Deadly Embrace (On the eve of D-Day, Lt. Liza Marantz and her partner Major Sam Taggert investigate the deaths of two female colleagues who were involved with Allied commanders) $13.00
Muller, Marcia Somewhere in the City (Collection of Muller's best short fiction of the last 20 years) $14.95
Myers, Tim A Mold for Murder (Ben Perkins (3) investigates when soap-making queen Contessa New Berne is murdered in Ben’s custom soap shop, and discovers his girlfriend had a reason to want her dead; PBO) $6.99
Parker, Robert B. Edenville Owls (YA: 14-year old Bobby senses something evil in the air, and he and a group of basketball players in need of a leader will have to help each other on and off the court) $17.99
Patterson, James Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever (Bird-kid Max (2) and her flock fly south to find their parents, but an FBI agent has learned of their existence and they are forced to face the nightmare of going to school) $6.99
Patterson, James The 5th Horseman (The Women's Murder Club hunts for a merciless killer amongst the esteemed medical staff of a prestigious hospital whose staff will stop at nothing to save its reputation) $14.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner #341: Rebel Force (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #88: Starfire (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Perry, Anne We Shall Not Sleep (The guns finally fall silent in 1918, and the Realey's finally learn the identity of the man who murdered their parents, and return to a changed Britain) $21.95
Peters, Elizabeth Tomb of the Golden Bird (Eminent Egyptologist Radcliffe Emerson and his wife Amelia Peabody are close to finding the tomb of King Tut, but kidnappers, lies, and an old family nemesis stand in the way) $9.99
Petrovich, Aaron The Session: A Novella in Dialogue (Detectives Smith and Smith track a murder victim's stolen organs and are led to an insane asylum that they may never leave, written entirely in dialogue) $10.95
Pfarrer, Chuck Killing Che (In 1967 Bolivia, CIA officer Paul Hoyle is sent to kill Che Guevara) $25.95
Phillips, Arthur Angelica (A Roshamon-like story told in four parts from four points of view, of a young girl, her mother, and her father who may be trying to kill her) $24.95
Prescott, Michael Final Sins (Abby Sinclair is hired to protect murderer and cult figure Peter Faust, and sparks fly when FBI agent and long-time nemesis Tess McCallum gets drawn into the case) $7.99
Purser, Ann Secrets on Saturday (Lois Meade (6) investigates when a stranger comes to her English village and claims to have inherited the home of an elderly resident who has disappeared; PBO) $6.99
Rachlin, Harvey Scandals, Vandals, and da Vincis (The unique histories of nearly 30 works of art) $14.00
Rankin, Ian The Naming of the Dead (During an international conference in Scotland, leaders of the free world are dying mysteriously, and it is up to John Rebus to stop the killer; unabridged CDs $31.98) $24.99
Rich,Frank Jake Strait #2: The Devil Knocks (Reprint; bounty hunter adventure in 2031) $6.50
Richards, Justin The Invisible Detective: Double Life (YA; Young Arthur Drake finds the casebook of the Invisible Detective, the first case being about people disappearing after a strange puppeteer comes to town) $6.99
Richards, Justin The Invisible Detective: Shadow Beast (YA; Arthur Drake reads a case of the Invisible Detective involving a missing cat and a bank robbery while continuing to try to discover his identity) $6.99
Roberts, Natalie M. Tutu Deadly (Ballet instructor Jenny Partridge investigates when the obnoxious mother of her most-talented pupil is poisoned by cookie dough she bought at a fund-raiser for her school; PBO) $6.99
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Sullivan's Evidence (Serial rapist Carl Holden is out of jail and Carolyn Sullivan (3) is his probation officer, and when a murder with his signature occurs, Sullivan must prove his guilt) $6.99
Rosett, Sara Staying Home is a Killer (Ellie Avery (2) investigates when another military wife is found dead, an apparent suicide, and finds connections to Middle Eastern artifacts and black marketeers) $22.00
Rowe, Rosemary A Coin for the Ferryman (In Roman Britain, AD 189, just as his master is about to set him free, Junio joins his mentor Libertus to solve the mystery of a body hastily concealed in a shallow grave) $24.95
Rowe, Rosemary A Roman Ransom (In 2nd century Britain, Libertus’ magistrate patron’s wife and baby son are kidnapped and demands and enemies escalate–how can Libertus help when in bed delirious with fever?) $9.99
Rule, Ann Too Late to Say Goodbye (Non-fiction; two beautiful successful women whose murders were made to look like suicides) $26.00
Sadler, Barry The Shooter (Reprint; when solid evidence emerges that at least two American POW's are still being held and tortured in Laos, two former marine sergeants turned assassins are sent in to find the camp and rescue the prisoners) $6.99
Sallis, James Cripple Creek (Burned-out Memphis cop Turner (2) returns to the city to investigate when a mobster springs a confederate from a local jail) $12.95
Salzmann, Cyndy Crime and Clutter (The Friday Afternoon Club (2) forces Mary Alice to clear out her missing father's clutter, and discover a mystery in the midst of his 60's memorabilia) $12.99
Sansom, C.J. Sovereign (In 1541, Matthew Shardlake (3) investigates the murder of a local glazier while awaiting the arrival of King Henry VIII, and a cache of papers he finds puts him in danger) $25.95
Santlofer, Jonathan Anatomy of Fear (Police sketch artist Nate Rodriguez tracks a serial killer who leaves drawings at the crime scene depicting his next murder in gory detail) $24.95
Sciascia, Leonardo A Simple Story (In a small Sicilian village, an inexperienced policeman finds a retired diplomat murdered, and the case turns into an intricate tale of corruption involving the Mafia) $15.95
Shuman, George D. 18 Seconds (Blind Sherry Moore can “see” the last eighteen seconds of a murder victim’s memory and teams with New Jersey police lieutenant Kelly O'Shaughnessy to hunt a killer abducting women from the boardwalk) $7.99
Singular, Stephen Unholy Messenger (Non-fiction; the BTK serial killer Dennis Rand who terrorized Witchita, Kansas for 31 years) $7.99
Smith, Alexander McCall Harriet Bean and the League of Cheats (YA: Harriet Bean looks for cheaters) $4.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean (YA: Harriet Bean searches for her five lost aunts) $4.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Good Husband of Zebra Drive (Precious Ramotswe (8) has a new round of adventures while her husbands plans to do something nice for their adopted daughter hits some snags) $21.95
Smith, Julie-ed. New Orleans Noir (Collection of new stories) $14.95
Somoza, Jose Carlos Zig Zag (A young physics professor has a terrible secret she discovered while on a research team studying String Theory, and now, years later, members of the team are dying mysteriously) $24.95
Sorrells, Walter Hunted: Fake ID (Chastity and her mother have been on the run all her life, and when her mom disappears she has six days to find her or be put in a foster home) $5.99
Stuart, Anne Ice Blue (A priceless relic ignites a global power struggle and an international operative is told that everyone is expendable) $6.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Botoxed Blonde (School psychologist Skye Denison (9) plans to enjoy Thanksgiving at a spa with her friend but murder spoils their good time; PBO) $6.99
Swift, Virginia Hello, Stranger (After Sally Adler (4) helps a student who was brutally beaten but refuses to call the police, that student's estranged father turns up murdered and Sally investigates) $6.99
Terral, Jack SEALs: Rolling Thunder (Brannigan's Brigands (4) are patrolling the Afghanistan border when they meet a mobile corps of Iranian Special Forces; PBO) $6.99
Tursten, Helene The Glass Devil (Swedish Detective Inspector Irene Huss (3) investigates when a school teacher and his elderly parents, a pastor and his wife, are murdered) $24.00
Tursten, Helene The Torso (Detective Inspector Irene Huss (2) is sent to Goteborg, Sweden, where mutilated corpses are cropping up, and things become personal when two of the victims are known to her) $13.00
Walker, Robert W. Shadows in the White City (Chicago 1893; Children are disappearing from the streets and Inspector Alastair Ransom’s (2) one real lead is an all-too real monster known as The Leather Apron Killer; PBO) $6.99
Wallner, Michael April in Paris (In 1943, love grows between a German soldier and a French Resistance fighter in Paris, until a bomb explodes killing several German officers and they must flee together) $21.95
Wasley, Ric Shadow of Innocence (During the Newport Folk Festival, Mick and Bridget delve into a seamy world of drugs and sex as they match wits with the mob and a psychopathic killer) $24.95
Westlake, Donald E. What's So Funny? (Dortmunder and his merry band of crooks go on a treasure hunt for a highly valuable 700-pound chess set) $24.99
White, Kate Over Her Dead Body (NYC writer Baily Wiggins has just joined Buzz magazine when she discovers her nasty boss bludgeoned to death in her office) $6.99
White, Randy Wayne (Randy Striker) Cuban Death-Lift (Revised reprint; when operatives go missing in Cuba just after the Mariel Boatlift, the CIA turns to ex-Navy SEAL Dusky MacMorgan to go in and find out what happened) $6.99
Wilson, D.L. Unholy Grail (A man takes the name of the archangel Gabriel and embarks on a quest to eliminate those named in a series of articles claiming that the descendants of Jesus exist today) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Fresh Disasters (Stone Barrington embarks on his most dangerous adventure yet when he takes on a job as a lawyer for a sleazy conman and gets embroiled in the New York Mafia) $25.95
Wright, Edward Red Sky Lament (John Ray Horn (3) is asked by Maggie O'Dare to investigate who lied to the HUAC about screenwriter Owen Bruder and keep him out of prison as an unfriendly witness) $12.50
Zerries, A.J The Lost Van Gogh (NYPD detective Clay Ryder investigates when a famous lost van Gogh shows up at the Met, and the heir to the Jewish woman the painting was stolen from is attacked) $7.99


Alleyn, Susanne A Treasury of Regret (During the French Revolution, a young serving girl is accused of poisoning her master, and freelance Paris police investigator Aristide Ravel, who believes her innocent, looks for the real killer) $24.95
Butler, Gwendoline Dread Murder (Someone is sending body parts of one of his fellow soldiers to Major Mearns, and with the help of Sgt. Denny, he sets out to find who has murdered their friend) $23.95
Cannell, Dorothy Withering Heights (Ellie Haskell's young cousin Ariel asks her to investigate some mysterious doings at her Gothic mansion on the Yorkshire moors) $22.95
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Chasers (Sequel to Apaches : The machine-gun murders of innocent bystanders in a Manhattan restaurant propels the three Apaches into an investigation of a Columbian drug cartel) $25.95
Cleland, Jane K. Deadly Appraisal (Antiques appraiser Josie Prescott (2) gets mixed up in murder when a friend is poisoned at a gala benefit she is throwing for her new home town in New Hampshire; signing at Uncle Edgar’s Sat. April 21 at 4 pm) $23.95
Cliff, Nigel The Shakespeare Riots (Non-fiction; a petty feud between two Shakespearean actors in 1849 and a fight that turned into a deadly riot in New York City) $25.95
Deaver, Jeffery The Cold Moon (Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are in a race against time, literally, to catch a serial killer known as the Watchmaker, who leaves a trademark clock at the scene of each murder) $9.99
Duncombe, Stephen/Mattson, Andrew The Bobbed Hair Bandit (Non-fiction; 1924 string of grocery store robberies by poor 19-year old laundress Celia Cooney and the cultural and political ramifications) $9.95
Eglin, Anthony The Amazon Lily (Lawrence Kingston searches for a botanist friend who has gone missing after discovering a giant water lily capable of desalinating water and has only a scrap of paper with a cryptic message to go on) $23.95
Estelman, Loren D. American Detective (Darius Fuller hires Amos Walker (19) to investigate his daughter's fiance, who he suspects of being a golddigger, and when the daughter is murdered the fiance is the suspect) $24.95
Haddam, Jane Glass Houses (A serial killer is at work in Philadelphia, and a suspect has been arrested, but his lawyer believes he is innocent and asks Gregor Demarkian to look into the case) $24.95
Hess, Joan Damsels in Distress (Local bookseller Claire Malloy investigates when one of the organizers of a Renaissance Fair in Farberville, Arkansas is a victim of arson and murder) $24.95
Kennealy, Jerry Jigsaw (A killer calling himself Thanatos, the Greek God of Death, is murdering friends of entertainment critic Carroll Quint, and he investigates) $23.95
Malloy, Brian Brendan Wolf (Brendan Wolf, a young gay man, finds a long-lost brother and is drawn into a robbery scheme of an anti-abortion charity, which goes wrong, leaving Brendan in deep trouble) $23.95
Masiel, David The Western Limit of the World (Harold Snow is aboard a ship he thinks will sink, with a toxic cargo he thinks will kill him, manned by an untrustworthy crew, and a single coveted woman) $13.95
Noory/Coumatos/Scott/Birnes Space Wars (A rogue Russian scientist destroys military surveillance satellites, blinding the US and allowing Iran to launch a nuclear device against Europe) $25.95
Palmer, Stuart Miss Withers Regrets (Classic reprint ‘47; Inspector Oscar Piper asks his old friend Hildegarde Withers to stop meddling in murder; she agrees, but is soon back snooping for clues) $14.95
Quinlan, Patrick Smoked (When an aging bomb-maker's work is used to take down a plane with innocent women and children aboard, he takes revenge on the mob boss, and goes on the run with 2.5 million in mafia cash) $12.95
Rhoades, J.D. Safe and Sound (Bounty hunter Jack Keller (3) heads deep into the Carolina woods on the trail of a kidnapped girl whose father is an AWOL member of the army's elite Delta Force) $23.95
Saums, Mary Thistle and Twigg (Two little old ladies, Mrs. Thistle and Mrs. Twigg, stumble on a dead body near their homes in Tullulah, Alabama, and they become partners in investigation) $23.95
Seranella, Barbara Deadman's Switch (Charlotte Lyon advises company heads in crisis, and works on a case of the derailment of a train that killed the engineer and a motion picture celebrity) $23.95
Talty, Stephan Empire of Blue Water (Non-fiction; pirate Henry Morgan, who challenged the Spanish in the Caribbean with a ragtag bunch of renegades in the 1600's) $24.95
Thurlo, Aimee and David Turquoise Girl (A serial killer is stalking young Navajo men and women, and Ella Clah's family might be next in his sights) $23.95


Abrahams, Peter Behind the Curtain (YA: During a rehearsal for The Wizard of Oz, Ingrid sees some suspicious goings on at Echo Falls High, but while investigating she is kidnapped) $6.99
Anderson, Jack/ Westbrook, Robert The Saudi Connection (The lead of a lifetime lands disgraced journalist Ron Wright in the middle of a Saudi Arabian oil-industry conspiracy) $7.99
Axler, James Outlanders #41: Skull Throne (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Baldacci, David Killer Genius (While recovering from their last case, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell investigate a murder at a secret enclave of scientific geniuses working on a new super-computer; unabridged CDs $49.98) $26.99
Barclay, Linwood Stone Rain (Journalist Zack Walker (4) investigates when his friend, a dominatrix, disappears and he finds a dead body strapped to the bondage cross in her basement dungeon) $6.99
Barnard, Robert A Fall from Grace (DI Charlie Peace and his wife Felicity are disturbed with her father when rumors connect him to the murder of a young girl, and Peace hopes to clear him) $24.00
Beavan, Colin Operation Jedburgh (Non-fiction; a 1943 mission to use guerilla warfare to help prepare for D-Day) $16.00
Berman, Larry Perfect Spy (Non-fiction; the double life of Xuan An, a Time Magazine reporter and communist spy) $25.95
Booth, Stephen The Dead Place (Detective Constable Ben Cooper and Detective Sergeant Diane Fry look into Derbyshire's first case of bodysnatching, while an anonymous caller may be a killer) $25.00
Box, C.J. Free Fire (Joe Picket (6) investigates a multiple murder that occurred in a part of Yellowstone Park where neither Wyoming nor the feds can prosecute the killer) $24.95
Box, C.J. In Plain Sight (After wealthy matriarch Opal Scarlett vanishes, Joe Pickett becomes the victim of violent pranks, and wonders if secrets from his past are catching up with him) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries and the Best Laid Plans (A friendless old miser is found murdered, and Inspector Witherspoon is lucky to have Mrs. Jeffries' (22) help as the list of suspects include everyone the miser ever met; PBO) $6.99
Brophy, Grace The Last Enemy (Rita travels from Brooklyn to Assisi to visit her wealthy right-wing family, where she is murdered, and commissario Alessandro Cenni must penetrate secrets to find the killer) $23.00
Brown, Dale Edge of Battle (Jason Richter and his high-tech unit Task- Force TALON are charged with securing the Mexican border where a terrorist band has been operating with impunity) $7.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Patience of the Spider (Still recovering from a gunshot wound, Inspector Montalbano must overcome self-imposed seclusion to pursue his strangest culprit ever) $13.00
Cappellani, Ottavio Who Is Lou Sciortino? (Young Lou Sciortino, son of a mob Don, is set up as head of Starship Pictures, and when a bomb is planted in his office by a rival Mafia family things literally explode) $13.00
Carrington, Tori Dirty Laundry (P.I. Sofie Metropolis (2) is on the trail of a missing Greek dry cleaner who may have been laundering money for the mob) $6.99
Case, John Ghost Dancer (A cunning terrorist with the notebooks of Tesla hatches a plan to set the Apocalypse into motion, and the only one who can stop him is a heartbroken journalist) $7.99
Casey, Kathryn Die, My Love (Non-fiction; a beloved professor's death at the hands of his deranged ex-wife; PBO) $7.99
Chabon, Michael The Yiddish Policemen's Union (Alternate history where Alaska becomes the Jewish homeland, and Detective Meyer Landsman investigates the murder of a heroin-addled chess prodigy in a flophouse) $26.95
Child, Lee Bad Luck and Trouble (Someone is killing off Jack Reacher's friends, and he must find a way to stop the killer; abridged CDs $29.95) $26.00
Coben, Harlan The Woods (20 years ago, the sister of Paul Copeland disappeared, and now he is a county prosecutor and when a body is found with evidence linking him to Cope, his secrets are threatened) $26.95
Collins, Max Allan/Beatty, Terry A Killing in Comics (In 1948, Maggie Starr distributes the Wonder Guy comic series, and when its publisher ends up dead she teams with stepson Jack Starr to find the killer) $14.00
Coneay, Simon Rage (British soldier Jonah Said is sent to the Zone, a lawless strip of desert between Iraq and Kuwait, and he is drawn into a ruthless world of corruption, in over his head) $8.99
Connelly, Michael The Overlook (Harry Bosch investigates the murder of a doctor and the theft of dangerous radioactive material, fearing the murder could be part of a terrorist plot to poison the city) $21.99
Connor, John Phoenix (Too drunk to leave her house, Detective Karen Sharp sends her sergeant to meet an informant, and when he is killed she is determined to find the killer) $13.95
Cruise, Jennifer/Mayer, Bob Don't Look Down (Lucy Armstrong, director of TV commercials, is hired to finish a four-day action-movie shoot, and when someone takes "shooting a movie" much too literally, she investigates) $7.99
Cussler, Clive The Adventures of Vin Fiz (YA; 10-year old twins Lacey and Casey fly across the country in a Wright Brother's Biplane, and dangers lurk everywhere as they try to make their way to New York) $6.99
Davis, Lindsey See Delphi and Die (In A.D. 76, Roman informer Marcus Didius Falco (17) and his wife head to Greece investigating a shady Roman travel agency and the unsolved murders of two young women) $6.99
DeBatto, David/Nelson, Pete CI: Homeland Threat (After a series of assassinations of key military personnel and the murder of the daughter of a general, Army Counterintelligence Staff Sgt. David DeLuca (4) is called in; PBO) $6.99
DiLullo, Tara 24: The Official Companion Seasons 1 and 2 (Behind the scenes look at the hit TV show 24 ) $16.95
DiLullo, Tara 24: The Official Companion Seasons 3 and 4 (Behind the scenes look at the hit TV show 24 ) $16.95
Diamond, Diana The Other Woman (A woman's affair with a savvy politician ends, and when she tries to expose him for political corruption she becomes the target of an assassin) $6.99
Downing, David Zoo Station (In 1939, American journalist John Russell is in Berlin when he agrees to do some work for the Soviets and gets dragged into the murky world of warring intelligence services) $23.00
Fowler, Christopher White Corridor (John May and Arthur Bryant are on their way to a Spiritualist's convention when they are stranded in a snowstorm and realize a killer is stranded with them) $24.00
Fowler, Earlene Tumbling Blocks (Benni Harper is forced by her boss to look into the death of a local socialite and she must put the opening of her quilting museum on hold to find a killer) $24.95
French, Tana In the Woods (Dublin homicide detective Rob Ryan investigates a case chillingly similar to something that happened to him in his own childhood and has a chance to uncover the truth of both) $24.95
Frost, Mark The Second Objective (In 1944, a desperate Germany trains 2000 men fluent in English to go behind Allied lines disguised as GI's to wreck havoc, and 20 men to perform an even more sinister mission) $24.95
Goldberg, Lee Diagnosis Murder #8: The Last Word (When recipients of organ donations begin turning up with West Nile Virus, Dr. Mark Sloan investigates to save his friend Dr. Travis who is suspected of being at fault; PBO) $6.99
Goodis, David Nightfall (Classic reprint ‘47; Jim Vanning is an artist who is not sure if he is innocent or guilty of murder and is confused by a satchel containing $300,000 in his possession) $14.00
Goodis, David The Wounded and the Slain (Classic reprint ‘55; to save his disintegrating marriage, James Bevan takes his wife to Jamaica, but in the slums of Kingston he finds himself fighting for his life) $6.99
Gregory, Susanna Blood on the Strand (In London 1663, Thomas Chaloner (2), spy for the King's intelligence service, investigates the shooting of a beggar during a royal procession) $24.95
Gross, Andrew The Blue Zone (Kate Rabb did not go into the Witness Protection Program with the rest of her family, and now that her father has gone missing she must penetrate the "blue zone" to save him) $25.95
Hallcox, Jarrett/Welch, Amy Bodies We've Buried (Non-fiction: a look inside the workings of the National Forensic Academy and the notorious Body Farm, photos included) $15.00
Hamilton, Denise-ed. Los Angeles Noir (Collection of new stories) $14.95
Harris, Charlaine All Together Dead (Louisiana cocktail waitress and vampire queen Sookie Stackhouse prepares for the vampire summit while dealing with a new man in her life) $24.95
Hartman, Honor On the Slam (After a vile woman in her Houston neighborhood is poisoned during a bridge game, recent widow and bridge novice Emma Diamond investigates; PBO) $6.99
Hautman, Pete/Logue, Mary The Bloodwater Mysteries: Skullduggery (YA: Roni Delicata and Brian Bain are on a field trip when they find local archaeology prof Andrew Dart knocked senseless in a cave, and they investigate; local authors/setting, Edgar nominee) $16.99
Hautman, Pete/Logue, Mary The Bloodwater Mysteries: Snatched (YA: When high school student Alicia Camden disappears, it is up to reporter for the school paper Roni Delicata and her sidekick Brian Bain, to find her) $6.99
Hendricks, Vicki Cruel Poetry (A married poetry professor and a shy writer are both intoxicated with a prostitute and their lives unravel amidst drugs and murder) $14.95
Holland, Travis The Archivist's Story (In 1939 Moscow, a writer is imprisoned and not allowed to write, while his last books are being held by an archivist charged with destroying them, whose life changes when he meets the author) $23.00
Howard, Linda Cover of Night (Cate Nightingale runs a B&B, and a few days after a guest disappears, armed men storm the house, and Cate and a friend must take the fight under the cover of night) $7.99
Hunt, Arlene Black Sheep (Sarah Kenny and John Quigley investigate the death of David Reid, a successful designer; their investigation is ruffling the feathers of a very dangerous man) $8.99
Iggulden, Conn Genghis: Birth of an Empire (Novel of the beginning of Genghis Kahn's life and his bloody rise to power) $25.00
Judson, Daniel The Darkest Place (During a bone-chilling snap of record cold, a series of enigmatic drowning deaths plays out in a small Hamptons community of Long Island's Shinnecock Bay) $6.99
Kalla, Daniel Rage Therapy (A psychiatrist specializing in rage therapy is brutally murdered leaving no shortage of suspects for his former partner who tries to solve the mystery) $7.99
Kelman, Judith The First Stone (After reporting her upstairs neighbor for possible child abuse, pregnant Emma's life begins to unravel, and she fears for her life) $24.95
Knight, Bernard The Noble Outlaw (Exeter 1195. During renovations of a new school, the body of a Guildmaster is found in the loft of an outhouse, and Sir John deWolfe, Devon's county cornor, investigates) $24.95
Koontz, Dean The Good Guy (A man is mistaken for a hit man and when the real killer comes along, he wants to find a way to stop him; unabridged CDs $44.95) $27.00
Koontz, Dean The Husband (A gardener of modest means receives a call saying he must come up with 2 million dollars to get his wife back, and he will stop at nothing to do so) $7.99
Lakin, Rita Getting Old is Criminal (Florida’s oldest PI, Gladdy Gold (3), and friends go undercover at a ritzy retirement villa to catch a killer) $6.99
Lavene, Joyce & Jim Poisoned Petals (When two brothers who are both botanists are murdered, Peggy Lee (3) follows some cryptic clues from an Internet informer to root out a killer before he strikes again; PBO) $6.99
Ledbetter, Suzann Halfway to Half Way (When murder hits the sleepy town of Sanity, MO., Hannah Garvey, manager of a retirement community, must deal with senior gumshoes at the facility while her fiance investigates; PBO) $6.99
Leonard, Elmore The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard (Leonard's westerns, including his first ever published story, and one story not included in the hardcover edition) $15.95
Leonard, Elmore Up in Honey's Room (During WWII, Carl Webster, a hot agent of the Marshall's Service, looks into a German running a butcher's shop who is also a spy, and enlists the help of his wife to catch him; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Levine, Laura The PMS Murder (Sometime sleuth and struggling freelance writer Jaine Austen (4) joins a woman's support group and discovers that one member wants to get away with murder) $6.99
Lindsay, Frederick Tremor of Demons (Edinburgh detective Jim Meldrum investigates a murder involving a corpse with his slippers on the wrong feet, and it turns out the body has been clinically mutilated) $25.95
Lippman, Laura What the Dead Know (Stand-alone novel of deception; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Lowell, Elizabeth The Wrong Hostage (Judge Grace Silva seeks the help of retired professional kidnapper Joe Faroe to track a violent killer who holds the life of Grace's son in his bloody hands) $7.99
Lucarelli, Carlo The Damned Season (The DeLuca trilogy Book 2: The war has ended, and the Commissario poses as another man to avoid reprisals for the role he played during the fascist dictatorship) $14.95
Macilwee, Michael The Gangs of Liverpool (Non-fiction; history of the gangs that controlled Victorian Liverpool and their fight for control of the city; trade pb import) $14.95
Maffini, Mary Jane Organize Your Corpses (When professional organizer Charlotte Adams finds her client dead under a pile of debris, there is no end of suspects, including Charlotte herself; PBO) $6.99
Marcinko, Richard Holy Terror (Dick Marcinko returns to foil a terrorist plot until he finds out that the terrorists themselves have hired him for what they intend to be his final mission) $7.99
Matturro, Claire Bone Valley (Lawyer Lily Cleary (3) returns in another witty and outrageous Florida fling with crime) $6.99
McCarry, Charles Christopher's Ghosts (Paul Christopher witnesses an unspeakable crime by an SS officer in his Berlin childhood, and the officer, who escaped prosecution, is now tracking him down) $25.00
McDonald, Brian Safe Harbor (Non-fiction; the murder of Elizabeth Lochtefeld by Tim Toolan, a seeming Golden Boy with a history of troubled behavior) $6.99
McFadyen, Cody The Face of Death (Smoky Barrett is trying to get her life together after a serial killer known as the Shadow Man murdered her husband and child, and now he is back and after her adopted daughter) $24.00
McGovern, Cammie Eye Contact (An autistic child is the only witness to a playmate's murder, and it is up to his mother to decode his behavior for the police to try and catch the killer) $14.00
McKevett, G.A. Fat Free and Fatal (Savannah Reid becomes bodyguard to Actress Dana Papalardo, who has captivated America with her weight-loss saga, and finds many suspects in the murder of Papalardo's assistant) $22.00
Meltzer, Brad The Book of Fate (Eight years after the President's best friend was murdered, he is seen alive and well in Malaysia, and former aide Wes Holloway has to figure our what really happened and how it ties in to a 200-year-old code invented by Thomas Jefferson) $7.99
Mills, Kyle The Second Horseman (Career thief Brandon Vale is broken out of prison by former FBI agent Richard Scanlon and forced to pull off a heist) $7.99
Mills, Mark The Savage Garden (A young Cambridge scholar is assigned to write a monograph about a famous garden built in the 1500s and finds clues to two murders there, one past and one present) $24.95
Moss, Tara Covet (Makedde Vanderwall (3) is back ion the path of a dangerous serial killer, the recently escaped Stiletto Murderer who almost killed her once before) $7.99
Murphy, Warren/Mullaney, Jim The New Destroyer: Guardian Angel (Remo and Chiun return to help stop terrorists who are crossing into the country at the Mexican border) $6.99
Nance, John J. Orbit (Kip Dawson, passenger on a doomed spacecraft, writes his epitaph on the ship's computer, unaware that millions are watching on the Internet as a rescue operation gets underway) $7.99
O'Callaghan, Thomas The Screaming Room (NYPD Lieutenant John Driscoll (2) tracks a serial killer who poses his victims in public places like a ferris wheel and in a dinosaur diorama) $6.99
O'Donnell, Peter/Holdaway, Jim Modesty Blaise: Bad Suki; Cry Wolf; Mister Sun; The Black Pearl; The Gabriel Set-Up; The Gallows Bird; The Green-Eyed Monster; The Hell Makers; The Puppet Master; Top Traitor (Graphic Novels) $16.95 each
Palahniuk, Chuck Rant (Fictional oral biography of Buster "Rant" Casey, the most efficient serial killer of his time) $24.95
Palmer, Linda Kiss of Death (When her best friend is arrested for the murder of her boyfriend's ex, soap writer Morgan Tyler (4) gets into hot water for meddling; PBO) $7.99
Patterson, James Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (Maximum Ride #3: Max and her winged "Flock" face their ultimate enemy and discover their original purpose) $16.99
Patterson, James/Paetro, Maxine The 6th Nanny (When children are being kidnapped along with their nannies, and no one is asking for ransom, the Women's Murder Club investigates) $27.99
Pawson, Stuart Shooting Elvis (DI Charlie Priest investigates a bizarre death connected to industrial espionage, when another death occurs and his girlfriend is kidnapped, making it personal) $9.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner #340: Double Play (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #114: Hellfire Code (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Penny, Louise Still Life (Quebec Chief Inspector Armand Gamache investigates the suspicious death of a woman in a rural village south of Montreal, suspecting it is more than a mere hunting accident; Arthur Ellis Award and Dilys nomination Best 1st novel ) $6.99
Pepper, Kate Here She Lies (After Annie Goodman flees her husband's infidelity to her twin sister, her identity is stolen, and when her sister and her daughter disappear, Annie must find them) $7.99
Pessl, Marisha Special Topics in Calamity Physics (Blue van Meer enters the elite St. Galway School and one drowning and one hanging later finds herself puzzling out a Byzantine murder mystery) $15.00
Reavill, Gil Aftermath, Inc. (Non-fiction; those who clean up crime scenes after CSI goes home) $25.00
Robb, J.D. (Nora Roberts) Born in Death (Eve Dallas has a grisly double homicide to solve when two young lovers, both employees of the same prestigious accounting firm, are murdered on the same night) $7.99
Robinson, Patrick Ghost Force (A submarine epic with the Brits, Americans, and Russians battling it out in Latin America) $7.99
Robinson, Peter Piece of My Heart (Inspector Alan Banks has to delve into the past to capture a murderer in the present) $7.99
Robotham, Michael Lost (After being found floating in the Thames with a picture of a long-time missing child in his pocket, DI Vincent Ruiz reaches out to psychologist Joseph O'Loughlin to help him) $13.95
Rosen, William Justinian's Flea (The story of history's first pandemic, an outbreak of bubonic plague in 542 that killed 5000 people per day in Constantinople) $27.95
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Revenge of the Innocents (Ventura County probation officer Carolyn Sullivan (4) probes the heart of the justice system and the depths of revenge) $24.00
Rosenfelt, David Dead Center (New Jersey defense attorney Andy Carpenter (4) travels to his ex-girlfriend and cop Laurie's Wisconsin town to help her investigate a murder involving a mysterious religious group) $6.99
Rosenfelt, David Play Dead (Defense attorney Andy Carpenter discovers that a dog he adopted was involved five years earlier in a murder case, and Andy decides to try to reopen it with scary results) $24.99
Sandford, John Dead Watch (When a Republican politician is murdered, the Democratic President asks liberal research assistant Jacob Winter to protect his office from any hint of scandal) $9.99
Sandford, John Invisible Prey (Lucas Davenport investigates the seeming random drug murder of two elderly women and as he looks deeper begins to wonder if there is more to the murders than meets the eye; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Sands, Stella The Baby-Faced Butchers (Non-fiction; a privileged teen and an ex-altar boy who murdered affable realtor Michael McMorrow in New York City's Central Park; PBO) $6.99
Scoppettone, Sandra Too Darn Hot (During WWII, steno-turned-P.I. Faye Quick (2) looks for Private Charlie Ladd, gone missing while on leave, and learns that some shocking truths are hidden by the fog of war) $7.99
Sefton, Maggie A Killer Stitch (When a Fort Conner Don Juan is murdered, Kelly Flynn puts holiday festivities aside to find the killer among many suspects, includes recipe and knitting pattern) $21.95
Spiegelman, Ian Welcome to Yesterday (When Leon Koch, a young reporter for New York's most powerful gossip column finds himself at the center of a murder scandal, he must race to uncover the truth or lose his job) $13.95
St. George, Judith Mystery Isle: The Chinese Puzzle of Shag Island (YA: 13-year old Kim is spending the summer on Shag Island, and when her mother leaves her alone with her Great-Grandpa, things happen and she knows they are in danger) $5.99
Staeger, Will Public Enemy (Beach bum/secret agent W. Cooper and friend Julie Laramie (2) must combine their skills in order to take out America's greatest threat - sleeper agents) $7.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi Don't Scream (Ten years ago four woman made a pact never to reveal what happened to Rachel Lorant on her birthday, and now a killer who knows wants vengeance; PBO) $6.99
Stevens, Shane By Reason of Insanity (Classic reprint ‘79; a psychotic young killer escapes from an institute for the criminally insane and travels across the US murdering women while becoming the target of a huge manhunt) $24.95
Tallis, Frank A Death in Vienna (In early 20th century Vienna, Detective Oskar Rheinhardt is faced with an impossible, locked-room crime scene, and turns to Dr. Max Liebermann, a disciple of Freud, to assist) $12.95
Taylor, D.J. Kept (In August 1863, Captain McTurk of Scotland Yard investigates when failed landowner Hanry Ireland dies in a riding accident and other peculiar things happen) $24.95
Troutt, David Dante The Importance of Being Dangerous (A single mom, a defense lawyer, and a struggling comedian form a secret club which hurdles from petty identity theft to lucrative assassination overnight) $23.95
Viets, Elaine Murder Unleashed (Helen Hawthorne's (5) latest gig at the Pampered Pet Boutique leaves her with a murder to solve, a kidnapped pup to find, and a hurricane to prepare for) $6.99
Wahl, Mats The Invisible (YA: In Sweden Hilmer discovers he has become invisible, and while Detective Harald Fors investigates his disappearance, he waits to find out what has happened to him) $16.00
Webber, Heather Trouble in Bloom (Garden landscaper Nina Quinn (4) solves a very disturbing murder in her small town, includes gardening tips; PBO) $6.99
Wenzl/Potter/Kelly/Laviana Bind, Torture, Kill (Non-fiction; Dennis Rader, the notorious BTK serial killer, told by the crime reporters of the Wichita Eagle) $25.95
White, Kate Lethally Blonde (Celebrity journalist Bailey Wiggins investigates when the star of a new hit show called Morgue goes missing) $24.99
Whitman, John 24 Declassified: Chaos Theory (TV tie-in; PBO) $6.99
Willocks, Tim The Religion (In 1565, A French Countess and a strapping Saxon adventurer travel to Malta to find her missing son, and they wind up amidst the siege by Suleiman the Magnificent) $26.00
Wilson, Elizabeth The Twilight Hour (Noir novel which evokes the fashions and politics of a bohemian community flourishing in postwar London) $14.95
Wilson, Steven Armada (WWII naval thriller in which Hitler's navy threatens to halt the D-Day invasion with a devastating new weapon that can send the Allied fleet to the bottom of the Channel; PBO) $6.99
Wood, William P. Stay of Execution (Reprint: A District Attorney chooses to prosecute a brutal murder under the glare of a media spotlight with his career on the line) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Short Straw (On his 50th birthday, Ed Eagle (2) finds himself in extreme domestic difficulty, and marshals his resources to save himself from the machinations of his black widow wife) $9.95
Yancey, Rick Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon (YA: After a powerful ring and vessel are stolen from OIPEP by Mike Arnold, Alfred Kropp (2) must lead the attempt to get them back) $16.95


Andrews, Lori The Silent Assassin (Sequel to Sequence : Geneticist Dr. Alexandra Blake investigates a brutal murder that may have long-buried connections to the Viet Nam War) $23.95
Brogan, Jan Yesterday's Fatal (Investigative reporter and gambling addict Hallie Ahern witnesses a fatal car crash that kills a mother of three, and uncovers something much bigger as she pursues the story) $24.95
Bruce, Leo Murder in Miniature and Other Stories (28 classic British detective stories, most first appearing between 1950 and 1956) $15.95
Connolly, John The Unquiet (When a psychiatrist disappears after revelations about harm done to children in his care, P.I. Charlie Parker finds himself trapped between those who want the truth revealed and those who will go to any length to keep secrets hidden; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Coyle, Harold Cat and Mouse (Nathan Dixon and the 3rd Regiment of the 75th Ranger Battalion must deal with a new commander who does not care what cost they must pay to implement his new plan) $24.95
Davis, Lindsey Saturnalia (In 76 AD, Marcus Didius Falco investigates when a famous enemy of Rome disappears while under house arrest and in her wake is found the body of a young man) $23.95
DeFelice, Jim Leopards Kill (Jack Pilgrim's partner in his security business disappears with a chunk of government cash, and when the CIA threatens to throw Jack in jail, he tries to find his partner in Afghanistan) $24.95
Denton, Bradley Blackburn (Blackburn is a serial killer and each of his 21 victims reveals another side of his psyche and his rationale for murder) $13.00
Doherty, Kieran Sea Venture (Non-fiction; account of the Sea Venture, the ship that rescued Jamestown and established the English presence in the New World) $24.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Red Hot Rage (Temple Barr and Midnight Louis (19) investigate when a woman is murdered while attending the Red Hat Sisterhood convention in Las Vegas) $24.95
Eriksson, Kjell The Cruel Stars of Night (When a series of elderly men turn up murdered, Police Inspector Ann Lindell realizes a deranged killer is on the loose, while she is distracted by a handsome colleague) $23.95
Ford, Michael Curtis The Fall of Rome (Riveting novel of the downfall of the world's greatest empire) $24.95
Friedman, Kinky Cowboy Logic (Collection of Kinky's best one-liners) $9.95
Gilbert, Michael Close Quarter (Classic reprint ‘47; set behind the walls of the residential Close of Melchester Cathedral, a young Scotland Yard detective interrupts his holiday to find out if an accidental death was really an accident) $14.95
Gordon, Alan A Death in the Venetian Quarter (While Constantinople is under siege, member of the Fool's Guild Feste investigates when a silk merchant who was more than he seemed is murdered; plus bonus story “The Jester and the Thieves”) $13.95
Gordon, Alan The Lark's Lament (In 1204, a gruesome murder takes place in a monastery where Theophilos and Claudia (6) are pleading their case for recognition with the abbot, and they must solve the murder) $24.95
Graham, Mitchell Majestic Descending (While on a vacation cruise, Atlanta attorney Katherine Adams witnesses an argument that leads to murder, and she is thrust into a world of conspiracy and terrorism) $24.95
Harrison, Colin Afterburn (Reprint 2000) $14.00
Harrison, Colin The Havana Room (Reprint 2004) $14.00
Hendon, Bill/Stewart, Elizabeth An Enormous Crime (Non-fiction; history of American POWs left behind in Vietnam and the full account of why they were left behind) $29.95
Housewright, David Dead Boyfriends (Rushmore McKenzine (4) investigates what appears to be a straightforward case of a cheating boyfriend and his alcoholic girlfriend, but discovers the truth may be hard to take) $23.95
Miller, Raymond (pseudonym) The Scent of Blood (The police say accident, but his wife says murder, when a doctor involved in stem cell research dies in a hit-and-run; when NYC PI Nathaniel Singer investigates he finds the militant “Party of God” just on of the doctor’s enemies) $14.95
Murphy, Warren/Sapir, Richard The Best of the Destroyer (Three Destroyer novels handpicked by Warren Murphy as the very best, includes #3 Chinese Puzzle , #12 Slave Safari , and #20 Assassins Play-off ) $14.95
Rehder, Ben Gun Shy (When a dead immigrant turns up days before the National Weapons Alliance rally, game warden John Marlin (5) investigates, finding secrets that could bring down the NWA) $24.95
Riggs, Cynthia Shooting Star (92-year old Victoria Trumbull (7) has written a play based on Frankenstein for Martha's Vineyard's community theater, and when actors start dropping dead, she investigates) $23.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR X: A Point of Law (Decius Caecilius Metellus is at the top of his game when a man he has never seen accuses him of corruption, and when that man ends up murdered, he is accused of killing him) $14.95
Santogrossi, Stephen A Stranger Lies There (Tim Ryder finds the body of a young man on his front lawn and wonders if a man he testified against many years ago means to have revenge) $24.95
Smith, Wilbur The Quest (When the Nile fails and the waters dry up, Pharaoh sends for Taita to discover the cause of their woes) $27.95
Stansberry, Domenic The Big Boom (Ex-cop PI Dante Mancuso (2) is working on a missing persons case in San Francisco's North Beach, and the case turns dark when the girl's body washes up in the bay) $13.95

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