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Newsletter #76 December, 2006 February, 2007

26th Anniversary Sale

        December 1 marks Uncle Edgar's 26th anniversary, and we're celebrating with a huge sale. Come into Uncle Edgar's or Uncle Hugo's and save 10% off everything except gift certificates. A discount card will save you even more--you'll get both the 10% savings from the sale and the 10% savings from the discount card. Come in and save on new books, used books, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, audiobooks, music, magazines, model kits, etc. (Sale prices apply to in-store purchases, but not to mail orders.)
        The 25th Anniversary Sale lasts Friday, December 1st through Sunday, December 10th--giving you two weekends to take advantage of the sale.
        We will also be having our annual inventory reduction sale December 26-31, but that will feature deep discounts on things we really, really want to get rid of. It will not be a store-wide sale, like the 25th Anniversary Sale.

Award News

        The Hugo Awards included Best Novel to Spin by Robert Charles Wilson ($7.99).

        The British Fantasy Award for Best Novel went to Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman ($7.99).
        The Quill Awards included Best General Fiction to A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore ($24.95), Best Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror to A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon ($15, time-travel romance), and Best Young Adult/Teen to Eldest by Christopher Paolini ($21).

        Many mystery awards were announced at Bouchercon:
        The Anthony Awards included Best Novel to Mercy Falls by William Kent Krueger ($7.99 pb or $24 signed hc), Best First Novel to Tilt-a-Whirl by Chris Grabenstein ($14.95), and Best Paperback Original to The James Deans by Reed Farrel ($13).
        The Barry Awards included Best Novel to Red Leaves by Thomas H. Cook ($14), Best First Novel to Cold Granite by Stuart McBride ($6.99), Best Paperback Original to The James Deans by Reed Farrel ($13), Best Thriller to Company Man by Joseph Finder ($7.99), and Best British Mystery to The Field of Blood by Denise Mina ($7.50).
        The Shamus Awards included Best Novel to The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly ($7.99), Best Paperback Original to The James Deans by Reed Farrel ($13), and Best First Novel to Forcing Amaryllis by Louise Ure ($6.99).
        The Macavity Awards included Best Novel to The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly ($7.99) and Best First Novel to Immoral by Brian Freeman ($6.99).
        The Sue Feder Historical Mystery Award went to Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear ($23 signed hc or $14 tr pb).
        The Hammett Award went to Alibi by Joseph Kanon ($14).

Holiday Gift Ideas

        Our single most popular gift option continues to be our gift certificate. We can issue one in any amount. It can be used at either or both stores. It can even be used for mail order, and it can be purchased by phone or fax (if you have Mastercard, Visa, or Discover Card), and we can mail it either to the purchaser or the recipient, or we can just enter the balance on a credit file here at the store, so there’s no risk of the gift certificate being lost.
        Calendars are another popular gift item, and by now we’ve seen most of the calenders we’ll receive this year. (All calendars are standard wall calendars unless otherwise noted.) This year we only received two of the Star Trek calendars, Star Trek ($12.99, original series) and Star Trek Ships of the Line ($12.99). We also have two Tolkien calendars, The Lord of the Rings ($14.95, art by Alan Lee) and The Lord of the Rings Diary ($14.99 hardcover, art by Alan Lee), two Harry Potters (wall or page-a-day, $13.99 each, both with art from the movies), two Wizard of Oz
(wall at $12.99 or page-a-day at $13.99, both with art from the movie), and three dragon calendars, Dragons by Ciruelo (16-month wall or page-a-day for $12.99) and Dragonology ($14.99). Other fantasy art calendars include The World of Michael Parkes ($12.99) and The Fantasy Art of Keith Parkinson ($12.99).
        Other wall calendars include Futurama ($12.99), Get Fuzzy ($13.99), The Simpsons ($12.99), The Simpsons Mini Calendar ($7.99), and Zits Family Organizer ($12.99).
        Other page-a-day style calendars include Close to Home ($11.99), Dilbert ($11.99), Disney Days ($13.99), Far Side Gallery ($13.99), For Better of For Worse ($11.99), Garfield ($11.99), George W. Bushisms ($11.99, a different dumb thing said by the Pres each day; last year we received this title due to a warehouse mistake, and it turned out to be our best-selling calendar, so this year we actually ordered it), Get Fuzzy ($11.99), Medical Cartoon-a-Day ($11.99), Non Sequitur ($11.99), The Onion: Freedom in America ($12.95), The Onion: Homeland Insecurity ($12.95), Space: A Photo and Fact Anthology ($13.99, with photos from the Hubble, Voyager and Viking Missions, etc.), and The Trivial Simpsons ($12.99).

        Signed books can be divided into two categories: those that arrive from the publisher in special, limited, signed editions (i.e., expensive) and those that arrive from the publisher as normal editions that we get an author to sign (which we then sell at the same price as an un-signed copy). Uncle Hugo's carries a number of the special editions, including David Brin’s Earth ($125), Orson Scott Card's Memory of Earth ($200) and Shadow of the Giant ($200), William Gibson & Bruce Sterling's Difference Engine ($125), Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver ($200), The Confusion ($200), and The System of the World ($200), Star Wars: Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn (1st of his trilogy, $125).
        For those whose pockets are not so deep, Uncle Hugo's offers many regularly priced editions that have been signed by the authors, including Kevin J. Anderson’s Dogged Persistance ($25.95); Robert Asprin’s Myth-ion Improbable ($25, signed bookslip enclosed); Terry Brooks’ Armadeddon’s Children ($26.95); Steven Brust’s, Lord of Castle Black ($27.95) and Paths of the Dead ($25.95); Lois McMaster Bujold's Diplomatic Immunity ($25), Ethan of Athos ($23), Falling Free ($23), Hallowed Hunt ($24.95), Paladin of Souls ($24.95), Shards of Honor ($22), The Sharing Knife: Beguilement ($25.95), and Warrior’s Apprentice ($25), MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead and Unappreciated ($21.95), Undead and Unreturnable ($21.95) and Undead and Unpopular ($22.95),Jasper Fforde’s The Big Over Easy ($24.95), The Fourth Bear ($24.95), Something Rotten ($24.95) and The Well of Lost Plots ($24.95); Eric Flint’s (many written with others, signed only by Flint) Boundary ($26), Grantsville Gazette II ($25), The Rats, the Bats, and the Ugly ($24), The Rivers of War ($25.95), 1634: The Ram Rebellion ($25), and The Tyrant ($24); Brian Froud’s The Goblin Companion ($24.95); Laurell K. Hamilton’s Cerulean Sins ($22.95), Danse Macabre ($25.95), Guilty Pleasures ($21.95), The Laughing Corpse ($22.95), Obsidian Butterfly ($21.95) and A Stroke of Midnight ($23.95); Charlaine Harris’ Dead as a Doornail ($22.95) and Dead to the World ($19.95); Robin Hobb’s Shaman’s Crossing ($25.95); P.C. Hodgell’s Blood and Ivory ($30, signed bookslip enclosed); Kij Johnson’s Fox Woman ($24.95) and Fudoki ($25.95); Victor Koman’s Kings of the High Frontier ($24.95); Geoffrey Landis’ Impact Parameter ($24.95), and Mars Crossing ($24.95); Gregory Maguire’s Son of a Witch ($26.95); George R. R. Martin’s The Ice Dragon ($12.95, young reader hc); Dale B. Mattheis’ Exile to the Stars ($27.95); L. E.Modesitt, Jr.'s The White Order ($24.95); Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job ($24.95), Fluke ($23.95), and The Stupidest Angel ($14.95 hc); Kate Mosse’s Labirynth ($25.95); Hugh Nissenson’s The Song of the Earth ($24.95); Joshua Ortega’s ((Frequencies)) ($24); Anne Perry’s Come Armageddon ($24.95); John Picacio’s Cover Story ($39.95 art book hc); Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal ($24.95), The Thief of Time ($25), and Thud! ($24.95); Robert Rankin’s The Brightonomicon ($20) and Knees Up Mother Earth ($20); Katya Reimann’s Prince of Fire and Ashes ($27.95); John Ringo’s There Will Be Dragons ($25); Spider Robinson’s Callahan’s Con ($23.95); Joel Rosenberg’s Family Honor ($24.95), Home Front ($23.95), Not Quite Scaramouche ($23.95), Not Exactly the Three Musketeers ($23.95) and Paladins ($24); Kristine Dan Simmon’s A Winter Haunting ($25.95); Caroline Stevermer’s A Scholar of Magics ($19.95), and When the King Comes Home ($22.95); Harry Turtledove’s Alternate Generals II (editor, $24), American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold ($27.95), Marching Through Peachtree ($21), and Ruled Britannia ($24.95); David Weber's Old Soldiers ($26), The Stars at War ($25, with Steve White, signed only by Weber), and Worlds of Honor #4: The Service of the Sword ($26); Margaret Weis’ Mistress of Dragons ($25.95); Jack Whyte’s Knights of the Black and White ($25.95; Tad William’s Otherlands #4: Sea of Silver Light ($24.95) and Shadowmarch ($25.95); Patricia C. Wrede's Dealing With Dragons ($17) and Search for Dragons ($16.95); Patricia C. Wrede & Caroline Stevermer’s Sorcery & Cecelia ($17) and The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After ($17); Janny Wurts’ To Ride Hell’s Chasm ($25, signed bookplate inserted in the book); Timothy Zahn’s The Cobra Trilogy ($24) and The Green and the Gray ($27.95); and Sarah Zettel's Playing God ($22).
        Uncle Edgar's also has a large selection of regularly priced books signed by the authors. Signed hardcovers include Keith Ablow’s Psychopath ($19.95); Peter Abreasch's Bloody Bonsai ($21.95); Harold Adams’ Ice Pick Artist ($21.95), and No Badge, No Gun ($22.95); Rennie Airth’s The Blood-Dimmed Tide ($24.95); Susan Wittig Albert’s Bleeding Hearts ($23.95), Dead Man’s Bones ($23.95), Mistletoe Man ($21.95), The Tale of Hill Top Farm ($22.95), and The Tales of Holly How (23.95); Bruce Alexander’s An Experiment in Treason ($24.95) and Jack, Knave and Fool ($22.95); Robert Alexander’s Rasputin’s Daughter ($23.95); Lori Andrews’ Sequence ($23.95); Sarah Andrews’ Bone Hunter ($24.95); Reed Arvin’s Blood of Angels ($16.95); Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil ($22.95), Aunt Dimity: Detective ($22.95), Aunt Dimity Digs In ($21.95) and Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday ($22.95); Ace Atkin’s Dark End of the Street ($23.95); Deborah Turrell Atkinson’s The Green Room ($24.95); Curt Autry’s The Reunion ($24.95); Jo Bailey's Erased ($21.95); Linda Barnes' Flashpoint ($22.95) and Heart of the World ($24.95); Aileen G. Baron’s The Torch of Tongier ($24.95); Nevada Barr's Blood Lure ($24.95), Deep South ($23.95) and Flashback ($24.95); Richard Barre's Ghosts of Morning ($21.95); Stephanie Barron's Jane and the Stillroom Maid ($22.95) and Jane and the Genius of the Place ($22.95); Dave Barry’s Tricky Business ($24.95); M. C. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin and the Fairies of Fryfam ($19.95), Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death ($21.95), Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden ($21.95), Agatha Raisin and the Wizard at Evesham ($20.95) Death of a Dreamer ($23.95), Loves, Lies and Liquor ($22.95) and The Perfect Paragon ($22.95); Carol Lee Benjamin’s The Dog Who Knew Too Much ($21.95); Laurien Berenson's Watchdog ($20); Mark Billingham’s Burning Girl ($16.95), Lazybones ($24.95), Scaredy Cat ($23.95) and Sleepyhead ($24.95); Paul Bishop’s Chalk Whispers ($25.00); Michelle Black’s Solomon Spring ($24.95); David Blackburn’s Human Harvest ($19.95); Lawrence Block's All the Flowers Are Dying ($24.95), Burglar in the Rye ($23.95), Burglar on the Prowl ($24.95), The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams ($19.95), Everybody Dies ($25), Even the Wicked ($23), Hit List ($25), Hope to Die ($25), Small Town ($24.95) and Tanner on Ice ($23.95); Giles Blunt’s The Delicate Storm ($24.95); Larry Bond's Vortex ($21.95); Scott Borg's Water Hazard ($21.95); Anthony Bourdain’s Bobby Gold Stories ($19.95) and Typhoid Mary ($19.95); Sam Bourne’s The Righteous Men ($24.95); Gail Bowen's Verdict in Blood ($24); Michael Bowen’s Putting Lipstick on a Pig ($24.95), Screenscam ($24.95) and Unforced Error ($24.95); Rhys Bowen's Evans Above ($21.95) and Evan Help Us ($21.95); C. J. Box’s In Plain Sight ($24.95), Out of Range ($24.95), Savage Run ($23.95), and Winter Kill ($23.95); William Broderick’s The 6th Lamentation ($24.95); Carl Brookins’ The Case of the Greedy Lawyers ($25.95); Ken Bruen’s The Magdalen Martyrs ($22.95); Edna Buchanan’s Margin of Error ($20), Shadows ($24.00) and You Only Die Twice ($24); James Lee Burke's Bitterroot ($25), Heartwood ($24.95), Last Car to Elysian Fields ($24.95), and Purple Cane Road ($24.95); Jan Burke's Liar ($23); Ramsey Campbell’s The Last Voice They Hear ($24.95); Dorothy Cannell's Bridemaid’s Revisited ($22.95), Spring Cleaning Murder ($21.95) and Trouble With Harriet ($21.95); Massimo Carlotto’s The Columbian Mule ($23.95, trans. from Italian by Christopher Woodall, signed by both author and translator); P.M. Carlson's Gravestone ($20); Donis Casey’s Hornswaggled ($24.95) and The Old Buzzard Had it Coming ($24.95); Marion Chesney’s Our Lady of Pain ($22.95) and Sick of Shadows $22.95); Laura Child’s Blood Orange Brewing ($23.95), The Jasmine Moon Murder ($19.95), and Motif for Murder (22.95); Jill Churchill's Fear of Frying ($22); Carol Higgins Clark's Iced ($19.95); Mary Higgins Clark's My Gal Sunday ($23); Judy Clemens’ To Thine Own Self Be True ($24.95); Harlan Coben's Darkest Fear ($23.95), Gone for Good ($23.95), The Innocent ($26.95), Just One Look ($25.95), No Second Chance ($24.95), and Promise Me ($26.95); Margaret Coel's Dream Stalker (21.95), Eye of the Wolf ($23.95), Killing Raven ($22.95), Lost Bird ($21.95), Shadow Dancers ($22.95), Spirit Woman ($21.95), and Wife of the Moon ($22.95); Mark Coggin’s Vulture Capital ($26), Max Allen Collins' Road to Purgatory ($24.95) and Road to Paradise ($24.95); Reed Farrel Coleman’s Redmeption Street ($22.95); Michael Connelly’s The Closers ($26.95), A Darkness More Than Night ($25.95), Echo Park ($26.99), Harry Bosch Novels Vol. 2 ($19.95, omnibus of The Last Coyote/Trunk Music/ Angels Flight) and Void Moon ($24.95); John Connolly’s Bad Men ($25), Black Angel ($25), The Book of Lost Things ($23), Dark Hollow ($25), Killing Kind ($25) and The White Road ($25); Caroline B. Cooney's Voice on the Radio ($15.95); Bernard Cornwell’s Heretic ($24.95), The Last Kingdom ($25.95), The Pale Horseman ($25.95) and Sharpe’s Escape ($25.95); Deborah Crombie’s A Finer End ($23.95), In a Dark House ($23.95), Kissed A Sad Goodbye ($23.95), and Now May You Weep ($23.95); Blake Crouch’s Desert Places ($23.95); James Crumley’s The Right Madness ($24.95); Barbara D'Amato's Hard Evidence ($22); John M. Daniel’s Vanity Fire ($24.95); Diane Mott Davidson's Dark Tort ($24.95) and Double Shot ($24.95); Robert Davis' Doomsday Kiss ($24.95) and Plutonium Murders ($24.95); Janet Dawson's Where the Bodies Are Buried ($23.50) and Witness to Evil ($21.95); Jeffrey Deaver's The Blue Nowhere ($26), The Devil’s Teardrop ($25), Empty Chair ($25), and Speaking in Tongues ($25); Mark de Castrique’s Foolish Undertaking ($24.95) and Grave Undertaking ($24.95); Mary-Jane Deeb’s A Christmas Murder in Provence ($23.95) and Murder on the Riviera ($19.95); Jane Dentinger's The Queen is Dead ($19.95); Michael Dibdin's Dark Specter ($23) and Dead Lagoon ($21); Trudy Donovan’s Chandler’s Daughter ($23.95); Jerome Doolittle's Head Lock ($20) and Bear Hug ($20); Carole Nelson Douglas' Irene's Last Waltz ($22.95), Cat With an Emerald Eye ($24.95), Cat in an Indigo Mood ($24.95), Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt ($23.95), Cat in a Midnight Choir ($24.95), Cat in a Leopard Spot ($24.95), and Chapel Noir ($25.95); John Douglas’ Broken Wings ($24); Eileen Dreyer's Brain Dead ($22), Head Games ($24.95), and With a Vengeance ($24.95); Margaret Dumas’ How to Succeed in Murder ($24.95) and Speak Now ($24.95); Susan Dunlap's Death and Taxes ($18); Ake Edwardson’s Sun and Shadow ($23.95); Kit Ehrman’s Dead Man’s Touch ($24.95); Barry Eisler’s Hard Rain ($24.95), Killing Rain ($24.95), The Last Assassin ($24.95) and Rain Storm ($24.95); Aaron Elkin’s Old Scores ($20); David Ellis’ In the Company of Liars ($24.95) and Line of Vision ($24.95); James Ellroy's My Dark Places ($25); Kathy Lynn Emerson’s Murders and Other Confusions ($52.50); G. H. Ephron’s Amnesia ($23.95); K. J. Erickson’s Alone at Night ($24.95), The Dead Survivors ($24.95), The Last Witness ($24.95) and Third Person Singular ($24.95; Tom Eslick’s Snow Kill ($24.95); Liz Evans’ Sick at a Parrot ($29.95); Mary Anna Evans’ Artifacts ($24.95) and Relics ($24.95); Janet Evanovich’s Metro Girl ($26.95) and Motor Mouth ($26.95); Robert Eversz’s The Bottom Line is Murder ($18); Digging James Dean ($22); Gypsy Hearts ($23) and Shooting Elvis ($21); Terrance Faherty's Come Back Dead ($22) and Prove the Nameless ($22.95); Monica Ferris’ Crewel Yule ($19.95); Jasper Fforde’s The Big Over Easy ($24.95), Something Rotten ($24.95) and The Well of Lost Plots ($24.95); G. M. Ford's A Blind Eye ($23.95), No Man’s Land ($16.95) and Slow Burn ($20); Earlene Fowler’s Delectable Mountains ($23.95); Margaret Frazer’s The Bastard’s Tale ($22.95), The Clerk’s Tale ($22.95), The Hunter’s Tale ($23.95), The Reeve’s Tale ($21.95), and The Squire’s Tale ($21.95); Brian Freeman’s Stripped ($24.95); Kinky Friedman's Blast From the Past ($23), God Bless John Wayne ($22), Mile High Club ($23), Roadkill ($23) and Spanking Watson ($23); Jonathan Gash's The Possessions of a Lady ($21.95); Shari P. Geller's Fatal Convictions ($24); Anne George's Murder Gets a Life ($20) and Murder Shoots the Bull ($22); Tess Gerritsen's Gravity ($24.95); Michael Gilbert’s The Curious Conspiracy & Other Crimes ($50); John Gilstrap’s Even Steven ($24.95); Victor Gischler’s Suicide Squeeze ($23); Paula Gosling's The Body in Blackwater Bay ($17.95); James Grady’s Mad Dogs ($24.95); Sue Grafton’s R is for Richochet ($26.95); Linda Grant's Lethal Genes ($21); Kate Green's Shooting Star ($20); K. C. Greenlief’s Cold Hunter’s Moon ($23.95) and Death at the Door ($23.95); Martha Grimes’ Biting the Moon ($25), The Blue Last ($24.95), The Grave Maurice ($25.95) and The Stargazey ($25); James Grippendo’s Got the Look ($24.95) and A King’s Ransom ($25); Elizabeth Gunn's Seventh Inning Stretch ($23.95), Six-Pound Walleye ($23.95), Five Card Stud ($23.95) and Par Four ($22.95); James W. Hall's Body Language ($24.95); Timothy Hallinan's Everything But the Squeal ($17.95); Steve Hamilton’s Blood is the Sky ($21.95), Cold Day in Paradise ($22.95, 4th printing), The Hunting Wind ($23.95), North of Nowhere ($23.95), A Stolen Season ($22.95), and Winter of the Wolf Moon ($23.95);Ron Handberg's Savage Justice ($18.95) and Cry Vengeance ($18.95); David Handler's The Man Who Cancelled Himself ($19.95); Charlaine Harris’ Last Scene Alive ($22.95); Jamie Harrison's Unfortunate Prairie Occurance ($22.95); Donald Harstad's Known Dead ($23.95); Carolyn G. Hart's Southern Ghost ($19), Death in Paradise ($20) and Scandal in Fair Haven ($19.95); Ellen Hart's Hunting the Witch ($24.95), The Iron Girl ($24.95), A Small Sacrifice ($20.95), and Wicked Games ($24.95); Erin Hart’s Lake of Sorrows ($24); John Hart’s King of Lies ($22.95); William K. Hartmann’s Cites of Gold ($25.95), Pete Hautman's Doohickey ($24), Mrs. Million ($23), Mr. Was ($16), Rag Man ($23), Ring Game ($22) and Snatched ($15.99);, J. M. Hayes’ Prairie Gothic ($24.95) and Plains Crazy ($24.95); Sparkle Hayter's The Last Manly Man ($22); Judith Koll Healey’s The Canterbury Papers ($24.95); Jeremiah Healy's Foursome ($20), Invasion of Privacy ($21), Rescue ($20), and Swan Dive ($16.95); Daniel Hecht's Skull Session ($23.95; Jonellen Heckler's Circumstances Unknown ($21); Libby Fischer Hellmann’s An Image of Death ($24.95), A Picture of Guilt ($24.95) and A Shot to Die For ($24.95); M. R. Henderson's If I Should Die ($14.95); Vicki Hendricks’ Voluntary Madness ($23, signed bookplate); Sue Henry's Deadfall ($22) and Murder on the Yukon Quest ($22); Joan Hess' Misery Loves Maggody ($22) and O Little Town of Maggody ($19); Carl Hiaasen’s Sick Puppy ($25); Kathleen Hills’ Hunter’s Dance ($24.95), Past Imperfect ($24.95) and Witch Cradle ($24.95); Reginald Hill’s The Stranger House ($24.95); Tami Hoag's Kill the Messenger ($26); Chloe Hooper’s A Child’s Book of True Crime ($24); David Housewright's Dearly Departed ($23.95), A Hard Ticket Home ($23.95), Pretty Girl Gone ($24.95) and Tin City ($23.95); Declan Hughes’ The Wrong Kind of Blood ($23.95); Stephen Hunter's Time to Hunt ($23.95); Gregg Hurwitz’s The Kill Clause ($24.95); Greg Iles’ Sleep No More ($24.95); Arnaldur Indridason’s Silence of the Grave ($22.95); Susan Isaacs' Lily White ($25); Jonnie Jacobs' Cold Justice ($23), Intent to Harm ($22) and Murder Among Friends ($16.95); J. A. Jance's Birds of Prey ($24), Breach of Duty ($23), Day of the Dead ($23.95), Devil’s Claw ($24), Exit Wounds ($24.95), Failure to Appear ($20), Long Time Gone ($24.95), Lying in Wait ($17.95), Name Withheld ($22), Outlaw Mountain ($24), Paradise Lost ($25), Partner in Crime ($24.95), Rattlesnake Crossing ($23), Shoot/Don't Shoot ($21), and Tombstone Courage ($20); Quintin Jardine’s Fallen Gods ($24.95), Stay of Execution ($24.95) and Unnatural Justice ($24.95); Michael Jecks’ The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker ($43.95), The Butcher of St. Peter’s ($25), The Chapel of Bones ($25), The Outlaws of Ennor ($24.95), and The Templar’s Penance ($24.95); Jerry Jellison’s Measure of Vengeance ($24.95); Claire M. Johnson’s Beat Until Stiff ($24.95); Wayne Johnson's The Devil You Know ($23), Don't Think Twice ($23) and Six Crooked Highways ($23); Christine T. Jorgensen's You Bet Your Life ($19.95); Henry Joseph’s Bloodwork ($19.95); Juris Jurjevics’ The Trudeau Vector ($24.95); Michael A. Kahn's Firm Ambitions ($18.95) and Due Diligence ($20.95); Andrea Kane’s I’ll Be Watching You ($21.95); Austin Kark’s The Forwarding Agent ($19.95); Larry Karp's First, Do No Harm ($24.95), Midnight Special ($24.95), and Scamming the Birdman ($24.95); Jon Katz's The Family Stalker ($18.95), Death by Station Wagon ($18.50) and The Last Housewife ($19.95); David A. Kaufelt's The Fat Boy Murders ($20); Alex Kava’s Soul Catcher ($24.95); E. Kelly Keady’s The Cross of St Maro ($24.95); Robert Kearney's Hole in the Water ($22.95); Nora Kelly’s Hot Pursuit ($24.95); Toni L. P. Kelner's Country Comes to Town ($18.95); Douglas Kennedy's The Job ($23.95); Shirley Kennett's Fire Cracker ($21.95) and Gray Matter ($21.95); Jack Kerley’s The Death Collectors ($24.95) and The Hundredth Man ($23.95); Philip Kerr’s Hitler’s Peace ($26.95) and One From the Other ($26.95); Nicholas Kilmer’s Dirty Linen ($25) and Madonna of the Apes ($24.95); Jonathon King’s A Killing Night ($23.95), Shadow Man ($23.95) and A Visible Darkness ($23.95); Laurie R. King's Folly ($23.95), The Game ($23.95), Keeping Watch ($23.95) and A Letter of Mary ($23.95); C. J. Koehler's Profile ($19.95); Michael Koryta’s Sorrow’s Anthem ($22.95) and Tonight I Said Goodbye ($21.95); Harley Jane Kozak’s Dating is Murder ($19.95); Michael Kronenwetter’s First Kill ($24.95); William Kent Krueger's Copper River ($24.95), The Devil’s Bed ($24), Mercy Falls ($24) and Purgatory Ridge ($23.95); J. Dayne Lamb's A Question of Preference ($16.95); Jon Land’s Dead Simple ($23.95); Jane Langton's Thief of Venice ($23.95); Joe R. Lansdale’s Freezer Burn ($23.95) and Two-Bear Mambo ($19.95); William Lasher’s The Marked Man ($24.95); Michael Ledwidge’s Bad Connection ($23.95) and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead ($23); Wendy Lee's Missing Eden ($21.95); Cornelius Lehane’s Beware the Solitary Drinker ($24.95); Dennis Lehane's Coronado ($24.95), Prayers for Rain ($25) and Shutter Island ($25.95); Elmore Leonard’s Tishomingo Blues ($25.95) and When the Women Come Out to Dance ($24.95); John Lescroart’s The First Law ($25.95), The Second Chair ($25.95) and The Oath ($25.95); Laura Lippman’s By a Spider’s Thread ($24.95), Every Secret Thing ($24.95), No Good Deeds ($24.95) and To the Power of Three ($24.95); Chuck Logan's Absolute Zero ($24.95), After the Rain ($24.95), The Big Law ($24), Home Front ($16.95) and Vapor Trail ($24.95); Mary Logue's Blood Country ($24.95), Bone Harvest ($23.95), Glare Ice ($23.95) and Poison Heart ($23.95); William F. Love's Bloody Ten ($19.95) and Chartreuse Clue ($18.95); Peter Lovesey's Diamond Dust ($23.00) and Diamond Solitaire ($18.95); Sarah Lovett's A Desperate Silence ($24); Richard A. Lupoff's The Cover Girl Killer ($21.95) and The Silver Chariot Killer ($21.95); Ann-Marie MacDonald’s The Way the Crow Flies ($26.95); T. J. MacGregor's Mistress of the Bones ($21.95); Tuc ker Malarkey’s Resurrection ($24.95); William L. Manchee’s Death Pact ($19.95); David Manuel's A Matter of Principle ($19.95), A Matter of Roses ($23) and A Matter of Time ($23); Richard Marcinko's Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior ($20); Philip Margolin's Sleeping Beauty ($25.95), Ties That Bind ($25.95), Undertaker's Widow ($24.95) and Wild Justice ($26.00); Nancy Martin’s Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too ($19.95); Steve Martini’s The Jury ($25.95); Sujata Massey's Girl in a Box ($23.95), The Flower Master ($24), The Pearl Diver ($23.95), Samurai’s Daughter ($24.95) and The Typhoon Lover ($23.95); Lia Matera's Designer Crimes ($21), Face Value ($20, small mark on bottom), Prior Convictions ($17.95) and Last Chants ($21); Francine Mathews' Death in Rough Water ($22), Death in a Mood Indigo ($22.95), Death in a Cold Hard Light ($23.95) and The Cutout ($23.95); Alex Matthew's Secret's Shadow ($22.50); Claire Matturro’s Bone Valley ($23.95) and Wildcat Wine ($23.95); Ed McBain's Mary, Mary ($19.95) and Romance ($22.95); Peter McCabe's Wasteland ($20); Wendell McCall's Concerto in Dead Flat ($23.95); Sharyn McCrumb's Foggy Mountain Breakdown ($22.50); John McEvoy’s Riders Down ($24.95); Michael McGarrity’s Big Gamble ($23.95); Jill McGowen's Verdict Unsafe ($22); Neil McMahon’s To the Bone ($23.95); Keith Miles’ Bermuda Grass ($24.95); Larry Millett's Sherlock Holmes and the Rune Stone Mystery ($23.95). Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon ($22.95), Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Alliance ($24.95) and Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes ($23.95); Kyle Mills’ Sphere of Influence ($24.95); Tom Mitcheltree's Dataman ($22.95); Theresa Monsour’s Clean Cut ($23.95) and Dark House ($25.95); Richard Moquist's Eye of the Agency ($22.95); Fidelis Morgan’s Unnatural Fire ($24) and The Rival Queens ($23.95); David Morrell's Desperate Measures ($22.95); Walter Mosley’s Bad Boy Brawly Brown ($24.95); Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth ($25.95); Mike Mullane's Red Sky ($21.95); Beverle Graves Myers’ Cruel Music ($24.95) and Painted Veil ($24.95); Barbara Neely's Blanche Cleans Up ($19.95); Mike Nichols’ The Waking ($24.95); William F. Nolan's The Marble Orchard ($20.95); Charles O’Brien’s Black Gold ($24.95) and Mute Witness ($23.95); Carol O'Connell's Dead Famous ($24.95), Judas Child ($24.95), Killing Critics ($23.95), Shell Game ($24.95) and Winter House ($24.95); Helen Esper Olmsted's edited Homicide Host Presents ($25, signed by 7 of the 14 authors); Perri O'Shaughnessy's Breach of Promise ($23.95); Abigail Padgett's Moonbird Boy ($21.95); Katherine Hall Paige's Body in the Fjord ($22); Robin Paige’s Death at Blenheim Palace ($23.95) and Death on the Lizard ($24.95); Michael Palmer's Critical Judgement ($22.95); Sara Paretsky’s Blacklist ($24.95) and Fire Sale ($25.95); Ann Parker’s Iron Ties ($24.95) and Silver Lies ($24.95); Barbara Parker’s Suspicion of Madness ($24.95); Robert B. Parker’s Bad Business ($24.95), Cold Service ($24.95), Double Play ($24.95), Melancholy Baby ($24.95) and Potshot ($23.95); I. J. Parker’s The Hell Screen ($24.95) and Rashomon Gate ($24.95); T. Jefferson Parker's The Blue Hour ($23.95), The Fallen ($24.95) and Red Light ($23.95); Sandra Parshall’s The Heat of the Moon ($24.95); Julie Parsons’ Courtship Gift ($24); Ian Pears’ The Portrait ($19.95); Ridley Pearson's Chain of Evidence ($22.95), First Victim ($23.95), Middle of Nowhere ($23.95), and No Witnesses ($22.95); George R. Pelecanos’ The Night Gardener ($24.95) and Sweet Forever ($23.95); Sharon Kay Penman’s Dragon’s Lair ($23.95) and Prince of Darkness ($24.95); Anne Perry's Belgrave Square ($18), Brunswick Gardens ($25), Bedford Square ($24.95), Cain His Brother ($22.95), Come Armageddon ($24.95) Death of a Stranger ($25.95), Funeral in Blue ($25), Much Ado About Murder (edited, $23.95), No Graves As Yet ($25.95), Seven Dials ($25.95), Slaves of Obsession ($25), and Southhampton Row ($25);Thomas Perry's Dance for the Dead ($21); Elizabeth Peters’ Children of the Storm ($25.95), Guardian of the Horizon ($24.95), He Shall Thunder in the Sky ($25, signed & numbered), Lord of the Silent ($25) and The Serpent of the Crown ($25.95); Twist Phelan’s Family Claims ($24.95) and Spurred Ambition ($24.95); Scott Phillips’ Cottonwood ($23.95), Ice Harvest ($19.95) and The Walkaway ($22); Tom Piccirilli's Sorrow's Crown ($21.95); Nancy Pickard's Bum Steer ($16.95), But I Wouldn’t Want to Die There ($20), Confession ($20) and The Whole Truth ($22.95); Jodi Picoult’s Salem Falls ($24.95); Julius Podrug’s Frost of Heaven ($23.95); Henry Porter’s Remembrance Day ($25.00); David Prill's Serial Killer Days ($21.95) and The Unnatural ($21); Sandra West Prowell's When Wallflowers Die ($22.95); Frederick Ramsay’s Impulse ($24.95) and Secrets ($24.95); Ian Rankin’s Beggar’s Banquet ($40.95) and A Question of Blood ($43.95); Lev Raphael’s Let’s Get Criminal ($20.95); Richard Rayner’s The Cloud Sketcher ($25); Mary Reed & Eric Mayer's Three for a Letter ($24.95), Four for a Boy ($24.95), Five for Silver ($24.95) and Six For Gold ($24.95); Matt Reilly’s Area 7 ($24.95); Robert Rice’s Agent of Judgment ($23.95); Phil Rickman’s The Smile of a Ghost ($25); Gillian Roberts' With Friends Like These... ($18); Les Roberts' Snake Oil ($17.95); Frank M. Robinson and Paul Hull's Death of a Marionette ($22.95, signed bookplate); Peter Robinson's Blood at the Root ($22), Close to Home ($23.95), In a Dry Season ($24), Piece of My Heart ($24.95), Playing with Fire ($23.95) and Strange Affair ($24.95); Marion Rosen's Death by Education ($17.95); Joel Rosenberg’s Family Matters ($24.95) and Home Front ($23.95); Rosemary Rowe’s A Roman Ransom ($24.95); Priscilla Royal’s Tyrant of the Mind ($24.95); S. J. Rozan's Stone Quarry ($23.95); Jane Rubino's Cheat the Devil ($24.95) and Plot Twist ($24.95); Penny Rudolph’s Thicker Than Blood ($24.95); Alan Russell's Multiple Wounds ($22) and Exposure ($24.95); John Sandford's Broken Prey ($26.95), Certain Prey ($24.95), Chosen Prey ($26.95), Dead Watch ($26.95), Devil’s Code ($25.95), Easy Prey ($25.95), The Hanged Man’s Song ($25.95), Hidden Prey ($26.95), Mortal Prey ($26.95), Naked Prey ($26.95) Night Crew ($23.95), and Secret Prey ($24.95); C. J. Sansom’s Dark Fire ($24.95), Jonathan Santlofer’s The Death Artist ($24.95), Steven Saylor’s Last Seen in Massilia ($23.95), Rubicon ($23.95), and A Twist at the End ($25); Marnie Schulenburg's Murder Off the Record ($23.95); Aileen Schumacher's Framework for Death ($23.95); Stephen Schwandt’s Siren Song ($23.95); Sandra Scoppettone Gonna Take A Homicidal Journey ($22.95); Justin Scott's FrostLine ($24.95) and Hardscape ($19.95); Lisa Scottoline’s Devil’s Corner ($25.95), Dirty Blonde ($25.95), Moment of Truth ($25), and Vendetta Defense ($25); Laurence Shames' Mangrove Squeeze ($22.95) and Virgin Heat ($21.95); Sarah Shankman's He Was Her Man ($20); Seymour Shubin's My Face Among Strangers ($23.95); Steven Sidor’s Bone Factory ($23.95) and Skin River ($23.95); Dan Silva’s A Death in Vienna ($25.95); Dan Simmons’ A Winter Haunting ($25.95); Clea Simon’s Cattery Row ($24.95) and Mew is for Murder ($24.95); Michael Simon’s Body Scissors ($23.95); Roger L. Simon’s The Lost Coast ($22.50); Dorothy Simpson's Once Too Often($21); Marcia Simpson’s Sound Tracks ($24.95); Robert Skinner's Pale Shadow ($23.95) and The Righteous Cut ($24.95); Harrison Gradwell Slater’s Night Music ($26.00); Susan Slater’s Flash Flood ($24.95); Karin Slaughter’s A Faint Cold Fear ($24.95), Indelible ($24.95) and Kisscut ($24.95); Alexander McCall Smith’s The Full Cupboard of Life ($19.95); Julie Smith’s Crescent City Kill ($23.50); Sarah Smith's Chasing Shakespeare ($24) and Knowledge of Water ($23); Keith Snyder's Show Control ($20.95); Julia Spencer-Fleming’s A Fountain Filled With Blood ($23.95), All Mortal Flesh ($22.95), Out of the Deep I Cry ($23.95) and To Darkness and to Death ($23.95); Mickey Spillane’s Byline: Mickey Spillane (edited by Max Allan Collins and Lynn F. Myers, Jr., $60, #170, signed by all 3); Dana Stabenow's Blindfold Game ($23.95), A Cold-Blooded Business ($17.95), Fine and Bitter Snow ($24.95), Fire and Ice ($23.95), Hunter’s Moon ($23,95), Midnight Come Again ($23.95), Singing of the Dead ($23.95) and So Sure of Death ($23.95); Bill Stackhouse’s Stream of Death ($23.95); Will Staeger’s Public Enemy ($24.95); Les Standiford's Bone Key ($24.95), Havana Run ($24.95) and Raw Deal ($22); Jason Starr’s Lights Out ($22.95); Michael Stone’s Token of Remorse ($22.95) and Totally Dead ($22.95); James Swain’s Loaded Dice ($22.95) and Sucker Bet ($19.95); Jane Tesh’s A Case of Imagination ($24.95); Ross Thomas’ Voodoo Ltd. ($19.95); L. L. Thrasher’s Dogsbody, Inc. ($22.95); Charles Todd’s A Long Shadow ($23.95); P. J Tracy’s Dead Run ($23.95), Live Bait ($23.95), Monkeewrench ($23.95) and Snow Blind ($24.95); L. L. Thrasher’s Dogsbody, Inc. ($22.95); Kathy Hogan Trocheck’s Homemade Sin ($20); Janwilliam Van de Wetering’s Hollow-Eyed Angel ($22); Lono Waiwaiole’s Wiley’s Lament ($24.95) and Wiley’s Shuffle ($23.95); Ayelet Waldman’s Bye-Bye, Black Sheep ($22.95); Blair S. Walker’s Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes ($22.95); Mary Willis Walker’s Under the Beetle’s Cellar ($22.50); Marilyn Wallace's Lost Angel ($22.95, signed bookplate) and The Seduction ($18.50); Minette Walter’s Acid Row ($24.95) and Fox Evil ($24.95); Robert Ward’s The Cactus Garden ($12.98, remainder mark on top of the book) and Four Kinds of Rain ($22.95); Timothy Watts' Steal Away ($22); Betty Webb’s Desert Shadows ($24.95); Ronald Weber’s Catch and Keep ($23.95); Valerie Wilson Wesley's When Death Comes Stealing ($19.95); Jenny White’s The Sultan’s Seal ($24.95); Randy Wayne White's Dead of Night ($24.95), Shark River ($24.95), Tampa Burn ($24.95) and Twelve Mile Limit ($24.95); Stephen White’s Missing Persons ($25.95); Jack Whyte’s Knights of the Black and White ($25.95); Kate Wilhelm's The Best Defense ($21.95) and A Flush of Shadows ($22.95, signed bookplates); Jacqueline Winspear’s Birds of a Feather ($25), Messenger of Truth ($24) and Pardonable Lies ($23.00); Barbara Wilson's Trouble in Transylvania ($18.95), John Morgan Wilson's Revision of Justice ($21.95), Douglas E. Winter’s Run ($23.00), David Wishart’s Parthian Shot ($24.95), Paula Woods' Inner City Blues ($23.95), Stuart Woods’ Choke ($23), Cold Paradise ($24.95) and Reckless Abandon ($25.95), Edward Wright’s Clea’s Moon ($23.95), Marcus Wynne’s Brothers in Arms ($25.95), R. D. Zimmerman's Innuendo ($22.95) and Outburst ($21.95), and Mark Richard Zubro's Another Dead Teenager ($19.95), Are You Nuts? ($21,95), An Echo of Death ($18.95) and Drop Dead ($22.95).
        [The list of signed trade paperbacks at Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s got squeezed out of the paper newsletter, but are included in the “Signed Books” listing on the website.]
        Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s also have a large selection of signed mass market paperback.
        (Note to collectors: This list of signed books is updated once a year for our December Newsletter. Our signed books are also listed on, and that listing is sometime updated as often as 3 or 4 times per week, depending on how quickly authors are coming through the store and how quickly signed books are leaving the store. If you go to , click Bookstores on the top banner, and then find Uncle Hugo’s/Uncle Edgar’s, you can browse all our signed books (over 1500 listings, including mass market paperbacks) or all of our books that we’ve entered so far (about 18,000 books, mostly used). That listing has much more information, but is also much more time-consuming to use, and has the sf and mystery titles mixed together.)

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