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Newsletter #76 December, 2006 February, 2007


Adams, Scott Try Rebooting Yourself (Dilbert cartoons) $10.95
Akamatsu, Ken Negima! Volume 11 (Manga) $10.95
Allen, Harper Vampaholic (Triplets come from a long line of vampire slayers; according to legend, one will become a vampire slayer, one will become a vampire, and one will be able to heal vampires) $4.99
Amend, Bill Jam-Packed Fox Trot (Collection of cartoons) $16.95
Anno, Moyoco Sugar Sugar Rune Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Asher, Neal Prador Moon (First contact between the human Polity and the hostile crablike carnivores known as the Prador leads to total warfare) $14.95
Asprin, Robert/Nye, Jody Lynn Myth-Gotten Gains (Latest in series) $14.95
Baker, Keith The Gates of Night (The Dreaming Dark Book 3: Conclusion to first trilogy on the world of Eberron) $6.99
Brennan, Caitlin Shattered Dance (LUNA series book 3: Valeria is pregnant with her teacher's child, and Kerrec is torn between his love for Valaria and his duty to the Empire) $14.95
Brooks, Terry The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara Trilogy (Collector's omnibus of the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy) $35.00
Callahan, James Rotting in Dirtville (Graphic novel: Martians attack desolate Dirtville and teen Milton Bloom fights back) $13.95
CLAMP Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 11 (Manga) $10.95
Clarke, J. Brian Alphanauts (Human team exploring an earth-like planet of Alpha Centauri meets descendants of another space-traveling species & their empathic catbird symbiots, two ancient cyborgs, & a malevolent computer intelligence) $14.95
Cook, Glen A Cruel Wind (Omnibus hardcover of The Dread Empire series: A Shadow of All Night Falling, October’s Baby, All Darkness Met , plus new intro by Jeff Vandermeer) $35.00
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri-ed. Salon Fantatique (30 original tales of fantasy that straddle the borderline with mainstream fiction) $16.95
Davis, Linda H. Charles Addams - A Cartoonist's Life (Biography of the famed cartoonist, creator of the Addam's Family $29.95
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blackout (In 1977 New York City, vampires are having a heyday as their victims are blamed on Son of Sam) $6.99
Gibson, Gary Against Gravity (In the late 21st century, Kendrick has escaped the Maze, a secret facility trying to create the perfect soldier, and he tries to pick up the pieces of his life) $16.95
Grant, Maxwell The Shadow: The Chinese Disks/Malmordo (Reprint of 2 pulp novels with original art but fresh typesetting) $12.95
Greene/Mohammad-ed. The Undead and Philosophy (Collection of 19 essays by philosophers who sink their teeth into the juicy topic of zombies, creating chicken soup for the soulless) $17.95
Hajime, Ueda Q-Ko-Chan Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Hanamori,Pink/Yokote, Michiko Pichi Pichi Pitch Vol. 3 (Manga) $10.95
Hayakawa, Tomoko The Wallflower Volume 9 (Manga) $10.95
Hodgell, P. C. To Ride a Rathorn (4th novel in God Stalk series) $25.95
Ikezawa, Satomi Guru Guru Pon-Chan Volume 6 (Manga) $10.95
Inadam, Shiho Ghost Hunt Volume 5 (Manga) $10.95
Johnston, Lynn She's Turning Into One of Them! (Collection of For Better or Worse cartoons) $10.95
Kobayashi, Jin School Rumble Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Kobayashi, Toshihiko Pastel, Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Lamb, Harold Wolf of the Steppes (Complete Cossack Adventures Volume 1) $19.95
Lamb, Harold Warriors of the Steppes (Complete Cossack Adventures Volume 2) $19.95
Marmell/Suleiman Cityscape (D&D Supplement with everything players need to survive and traverse the cities of the D&D world) $29.95
Marmell/Williams Complete Mage (D&D Supplement about arcane magic) $29.95
McCarthy, Kevin/Gorman, Ed-ed. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Tribute (Collection of essays on the classic film) $17.95
McPherson, John A Million Little Pieces of Close to Home (Collection of Close to Home cartoons) $10.95
Millar, Martin The Good Fairies of New York (Two Scottish thimble fairies find themselves in Manhattan and hook up with two humans who help them get their act together) $13.95
Nakano, Hitori/Ocha, Machiko Train Man (Manga) $10.95
Ninomiya, Tomoko Nodame Cantabile Volume 7 (Manga) $10.95
Oh!Great Air Gear Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Petrucha, Stefan Frankenstein: The Shadow of Frankenstein Vo. 1 (Dr. Frankenstein and his monster flee to London, the creature is befriended by whores, and when one of them is murdered he tries to protect the rest) $6.99
Pierce, Tamora Terrier (Beka Cooper #1; new young adult series) $18.95
Resnick, Mike Starship: Pirate (Starship Series #2: The captain and crew of the Starship Theodore Roosevelt have quit the Republic, & seek to make a new life for themselves--as pirates.) $25.00
Robeson, Kenneth Doc Savage: Fortress of Solitude/The Devil Genghis (Reprint of 2 pulp novels with original art but fresh typesetting; issued with 2 different covers) $12.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Crimson Shadow (Reprint: The Crimson Shadow trilogy in one omnibus volume) $15.99
Scott,Jerry/Borgman, Jim Are We Out of the Driveway Yet? (Collection of Zits cartoons) $10.95
Segami, Akira Kagetora, Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Seo, Kouji Suzuka Volume 1 (Manga) $13.95
Seo, Kouji Suzuka, Volume 2 (Manga) $12.95
Shayne, Maggie Prince of Twilight (Immortal Vlad Dracul has searched for centuries for the reincarnation of his wife, and when he finds her in the present-day things get out of control) $6.99
Shimoku, Kio Genshiken Volume 7 (Manga) $10.95
Smith, Clark Ashton Lost Worlds (Classic reprint) $16.95
Smith, Clark Ashton Out of Space and Time (Classic reprint) $16.95
Snyder, Maria V. Magic Study (Sequel to Poison Study : Yelena has been set free and returns to her birth country, getting involved with the exiled prince of Ixia who wants her to help with a coup) $21.95
Soryo, Fuyumi ES Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Stephens/Thompson Dragon Magic (D&D Supplement exploring magic and dragons) $29.95
Tamakoshi, Hiroyuki Gacha Gacha Volume 5 (Manga) $10.95
Tiyida, Minoru Love Roma Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Toume, Kei Kurogane, Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Trudeau, G.B. Heckuva Job, Bushie! (Doonesbury cartoons) $16.95
Trudeau, G.B. The War Within: One More Step at a Time (B.D. continues his recovery after losing a leg in Iraq) $9.95
Twelve Hawks, John The Traveler (“First-rate high-tech paranoid-schizophrenic thriller”, “a cyber 1984") $6.99
von Braun, Dr. Wernher Project MARS: A Techinical Tale (Never-before printed science fiction novel by the famed scientist about the journey to Mars) $12.95
Wellington, David Monster Nation ( Prequel to Monster Island : Capt. Clark of the National Guard tries to discover what is causing the epidemic of zombies threatening Los Angeles) $13.95
Wrede, Patricia C./Stevermer, Caroline The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After (Third in the Sorcery and Cecelia series; signed copies available) $17.00
Yamada, Futaro Basilisk Volume 2 (Manga) $13.95
Yamada, Futaro Basilisk, Volume 3 (Manga) $13.95


CLAMP xxxHOLIC, Volume 8 (Manga) $10.95
Drexler, Doug Ships of the Line (Collection of gloriously rendered color illustrations of all the starships of Star Trek) $19.95
Fenner, Cathy and Arnie-ed. Spectrum 13 (Annual collection of the best of fantasy and science fiction art worldwide; hc available at $39.95) $29.95
Hand, Elizabeth Saffron and Brimstone (Collection of fantasy by the award-winning author) $14.95
Ketcham, Hank Complete Dennis the Menace 1955-1956 (Vol. 3) (Collection of Dennis the Menace cartoons) $24.95
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Allies (Liaden chapbook #12) $10.00
Stang, Reverend Ivan The Subgenius Cyclopedia of Slack (A send-up of all things cult) $16.95
Unanimous I Hate Ann Coulter (A humorous guide to ridding the country of Ann Coulter) $9.95


Akamatsu, Ken Negima! Volume 12 (Manga) $10.95
Anderson, Douglas A. The 100 Best Writers of Fantasy and Horror (Encyclopedia of fantasy and horror authors, with a short bio of each writer, and detailed accounts of the author's best books) $14.95
Asaro, Catherine The Final Key (Sequel to Schism : The Skolian Empire comes under all-out assault from its nemesis, the Euban Concord, and its only hope is a young girl who hasn't finished her cadet training) $7.99
Bear, Elizabeth Carnival (Two diplomatic attaches to a colony world set in motion a chain of events which could change the nature of humanity forever) $6.99
Benson, Ann The Physician's Tale (Two-tiered novel following a Jewish physician during the Black Death of the 14th century & a near- future where an even deadlier virus has shut down life) $24.00
Berman, Judith Bear Daughter (A 12-year old wakes as a human girl, instead of a bear, and embarks on a thrilling journey through both mortal and immortal worlds) $7.99
Blair, Annette The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (To restore his clan to glory, Rory MacKenzie must reclaim a carved unicorn, and his search leads him to Victoria Cartwright, a woman of untapped magical power) $6.99
Bova, Ben The Trikon Deception (Reissue) $7.99
Bunch, Chris Dragonmaster (Runaway and pauper Hal Kailas has a dream of becoming a Dragonmaster and has many adventures in his quest) $7.99
Bunch, Chris The Last Battle (Dragonmaster #3: Battle weary veteran Hal Kailas must overcome the indifference of a placid populace to rally the old Dragonmasters and vanquish a returning enemy) $14.00
Butcher, Jim Academ's Fury (Codex Alera Book 2: In a world where the forces of nature take physical form, now it is human nature that threatens to throw the realm into chaos) $7.99
Butcher, Jim Cursor's Fury (3rd Codex Alera: Young Tavi of Calderon must lead an inexperienced legion against bestial enemies of the realm.) $24.95
CLAMP Tsubasa Character Guide (Illustrated official companion to the manga Tsubasa) $10.95
Carroll, Jonathan Glass Soup (Agents of Chaos attempt to lure Isabelle Neukor back to the land of the dead and trap her there forever, along with the special child she carries) $13.95
Caselberg, Jay Wall of Mirrors (Linked to an alien culture through his dreams, Jacl Stein. PI, has fallen into the hands of Outreach Industries, whose agents will stop at nothing to tap into that link) $6.99
Cast, P.C. Divine By Choice (Sequel to Divine By Mistake : Shannon Parker, pregnant with ClanFintan's child, is wrenched from Partholon back to Oklahoma, and a demon has followed her) $6.99
Davidson, Avram Adventures in Unhistory (Reissue: Conjectures on the factual foundations of several ancient legends) $25.95
Davidson, MaryJanice Sleeping With the Fishes (First of new series: Cranky mermaid Fred agrees to help discover why there are weird levels of toxins in the local; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Sunday Dec.3) $7.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Starcraft Ghost (Novel based on the popular game) $7.99
Dean, Cameron Luscious Craving (Vampire killer Candace Steele discovers a plan for a New Year's Eve assault on the Schederazade casino and only she can stop it) $6.99
Denning, Troy Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Tempest (Han and Leia Solo enrage their families and the Jedi by joining the Corellian insurgents, but draw the line when they find the rebels plan to kill the queens and her daughter) $7.99
Doyle, Debra/MacDonald, James D. Land of Mist and Snow (Civil War alternative history about two dueling ironclad ships, one fueled by good magic and the other by blood sacrifice) $7.99
Duane, Diane Star Trek: Rihannsu: The Empty Chair (Kirk attempts to negotiate a delicate peace with the Romulans, and it appears he will fail) $7.99
Due, Tananarive The Good House (A woman searches for the inherited power that can save her hometown from the forces of evil) $6.99
Emmons, Phillip (aka Bentley Little) Death Instinct (Reissue: 20 years after hearing a murder-suicide next door, Cathy discovers something terrible happening to the neighbors, and has a secret of her own) $7.99
Flint, Eric 1834 (Sequel to 1812 : Henry Clay ruthlessly maneuvers events to become President, and launches a war against the Confederacy of Arkansas which will change the landscape of America) $25.95
Foster, Alan Dean Running from the Deity (While seeking a weapons system to save the Commonwealth, Pip and Flinx are forced down for emergency repairs on Arrawd, where the inhabitants worship Flinx as a god) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Trouble Magnet (Flinx and Pip (12) must find a sentient weapons system and use it to knock out a monstrous evil coming to waste the entire Commonwealth) $23.95
Frank, Jacquelyn Nightwalkers: Jacob (Jacob, a powerful demon immune to the temptations of human flesh other demons fall prey to, falls in love with a human & his world changes) $6.99
Gaiman, Neil/Prachett, Terry Good Omens (Reprint; Apocalypse has never been funnier) $7.99
Gonzalez, J.F. The Beloved (A succubus is seducing both men and women to drain their emotions and their lives, and one man is trying to stop it) $7.99
Grimsley, Jim The Last Green Tree (Sequel to The Ordinary : 300 years have passed since the Conquest, and on the planet Aramen a power has arisen that challenges the Mage and threatens the peace) $25.95
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Stroke of Midnight (Meredith Gentry, P.I. & Princess in the world of faerie, will need all her human and faerie allies when adversaries lay in wait to usurp her power) $7.99
Hendrix, Howard V. Spears of God (In the near-future, ancient meteorites are believed to give the gift of telepathy, and several factions will stop at nothing to acquire them, even genocide) $14.95
Hodge, Colby Shooting Star (Stranded spaceship pirate & an independent beauty fight to overcome a corrupt tyrant) $6.99
Huff, Tanya A Confederation of Valor (Reprint omnibus edition of Valor's Choice and The Better Part of Valor ) $8.99
Jordan, Robert Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time Book 11: The signs show the Last Battle to be imminent, but Rand dare not fight until he possesses all the surviving seals on the Dark One's prison) $7.99
Kearny, Paul This Forsaken Earth (Sea Beggars Book 2: Torn between hatred and love for a woman seeking his help, Rol abandons his Black Ship and embarks on a journey that will lead to a horrific war) $12.00
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dark Side of the Moon (A disgraced reporter working at a small paper in Seattle adopte a cat who reveals himself to be a handsome shapeshifter battling the Daimons who seek to subjugate humankind) $7.99
Knaak, Richard A. The Silent Enemy (A Soldier's Quest Book 3: Nermesa uncovers a plot to kill Conan, and discovers that the man chosen to do the deed is Nermesa himself) $6.99
Knight, E.E. Dragon Avenger (Age of Fire #2. Young dragon Wistala, saved from slavers, and grieving her lost brother, must overcome loss and fear to find others of her kind; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday, December 9) $14.00
Kurtz, Kathryn Childe Morgan (Deryni novel; four-year-old Alaric Morgan must survive court and Church intrigue bent on destroying half-breed Deryni like himself.) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes Children of the Night (A beautiful witch teams up with a sexy vampire to battle an evil soul-sucker) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes One Good Knight (Princess Andromeda offers to be the virgin sacrfice to a marauding dragon, and is saved by a good-natured Knight who she discovers has secrets) $6.99
Lackey/Gellis Ill Met By Moonlight (Sequel to The Scepter'd Isle : The little girl who would be queen still lives, but dark supernatural powers plan to alter that condition) $7.99
Leigh, Lora Harmony's Way (Second in a paranormal series about humans genetically altered with feline DNA) $6.99
Lisle, Holly Talyn (Former soldier Talyn falls in love with a Feegash diplomat, and discovers a dark side of herself she never knew before) $7.99
Little, Denise-ed. Cosmic Cocktails (15 all-new stories set in the wildest taverns, saloons, and bars across the universe) $7.99
Liu, Marjorie M. Eye of Heaven (Blue, an electrokinetic PI, goes to Las Vegas searching for his half-brother, and finds himself embroiled in an organ smuggling plot) $6.99
Love, Kathy I Only Have Fangs for You (Vampire, night club owner, and literal lady-killer Sebastian finally meets the woman of his dreams) $14.00
Mancusi, Mari Stake That! (YA; sequel to Boys that Bite follows the vampire- slaying adventures of the twin sister heroine of the first book) $9.99
McKinley, Robin The Hero and the Crown (Reprint; Newbery award winning fantasy) $14.00
Morgan, Alexis Dark Defender (Paladins of Darkness Book 2: When Paladin warrior Blake Trahern learns that his friend Judge Nichols has been killed, he vows to uncover the secrets surrounding the death) $6.99
Niven, Larry The Draco Tavern (Collection of tales from the Draco Tavern, together for the first time in one volume) $6.99
Norton, Andre/Miller, Sasha Dragon Blade (The Mother Ice Dragon has awakened and Ashen embarks on a quest to find the Dragon Blade, the only thing that can stop her) $6.99
Odom, Mel Lord of the Libraries (Sequel to The Rover : The Vault of All Knowledge has been destroyed, and it is up to Wick's young apprentice Juhg to seek a fabled other library before it falls into evil hands) $7.99
Pardoe, Blaine Lee Mechwarrior Dark Age #23: Surrender Your Dreams (Game tie-in novel) $6.99
Ragan, Kathleen Outfoxing Fear (Collection of folk tales from around the world) $15.95
Ringo, John Into the Breach (Michael Harmon (4) and the Keldara track down a doomsday weapon that could end the world and with his Keldara rushes to stop a host of WMD attacks; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday, Jan. 13) $26.00
Rosenberg, Joel Paladins II: Knight Moves (The Knights of the Order of Crown, Shield, and Dragon must stop an ancient witch, the darklings, and a deadly supernatural being on the isle of Colonsay) $25.00
Rucker, Rudy Mathematicians in Love (Two wild young mathematicians in love with the same woman use cutting edge math to change reality and fight out who wins her) $24.95
Shirley, John John Constantine: Hellblazer Subterranean (John Constantine ventures deep underground to save a sleepy English town that has been swallowed by an evil force) $7.99
Smith, Cordwainer We the Underpeople (In a far-flung future, the Underpeople are enslaved until the unbelievable wealthy Rod comes to Earth and teams up with C'Mell the catwoman to fight for their freedom) $15.00
Soryo, Fuyumi ES, Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Stackpole, Michael A. Cartomancy (Second book in the trilogy set in a world where skilled mapmakers have the power to create lands and alter reality) $6.99
Steele, Allen Coyote Frontier (Coyote Trilogy Book 3: Follows the struggle of the first space colonists as they try to create a new civilization light years from home) $7.99
Stein, Jeanne C. The Becoming (Anna Strong is trained for anything, until she is attacked one night and awakens in a dark world that exists between the living & the dead, & pursues a vampire) $7.99
Thompson, Ronda The Cursed One (Newly wedded & widowed, with vicious creatures stalking her, Amelia turns to tantalizing Gabriel Wulf for help, but they face supernatural dangers) $6.99
Thomsen, Brian M. The Further Adventures of Beowulf (New tales of the exploits of Beowulf) $15.95
Vinge, Vernor The Witling (Reissue: Two humans and their faith in technology are pitted against a hostile elusive race of telekinetic beings) $12.95
Waggoner, Tim Darkness Wakes (In small town of Ptolemy, Aaron becomes a member of the secret club Penumbra, where he learns its terrible secrets and must kill to save his own life) $6.99
Ward, James M. Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyin Blithe has accepted the rank of Dragonfrigate Wizard and is second in command of a captured enemy vessel that must engage a demonship in combat) $24.95
White, Steve The Prometheus Project (After a giant hoax kept the Earth from being taken over by aliens, a traitor in the Prometheus Project plans to leak the secret and must be stopped at all costs) $7.99
Yatate/Tomino/Iwase Gundam Seed Destiny, Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Zakour, John The Frost-Haired Vixen (In 2060, P.I. Zach Johnson and the AI wired directly into his brain investigate the murders of two elves at the North Pole) $7.99


Abnett, Dan His Last Command (Gaunt's Ghosts # 9) $7.99
Abnett, Dan The Armour of Contempt (Gaunt Ghosts # 10) $19.99
Bassingthwaite, Don The Killing Song (Ebberon gaming tie-in novel) $6.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Mistral's Kiss (While Merry sets aside her detective work to conceive an heir to the throne of the Unseelie Court, her uncle schemes and her magic turns wildly unpredictable $24.95
Laws, Robin D/Schwalb, Robert J. Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (D&D Supplement) $29.95
Mitchell, Sandy Death's Legacy (Blood on the Reik #3: Rudi and Hanna seek refuge in Altdorf, capital of the Empire, Rudi finally discovers the dark secret of his family & faces his mortal enemy) $7.99
Robinson, Nigel The Unofficial Narnia Quizbook (1000 questions and answers about C.S. Lewis's ancient land) $7.99
Savile, Steven Slaine: The Exile (Young Slaine comes to terms with his mystical warriors gift and is accepted into the elite branch of the warriors of the Red Branch) $7.99
Sehestedt, Mark The Wizards: Frostfell (The next title in the series focusing on the popular D&D iconic class of wizards in the Forgotton Realms world) $6.99


Adams, C.T./Clamp, Cathy Howling Moon (A former agent of the shape shifter police is assigned to help a woman who has been attacked by a serial killer and turned into a were-jaguar who everyone seems to want dead) $6.99
Archer, Alex The Chosen: Rogue Angel (Archaeologict Annja Creed believes the sightings of strange creatures in the Santa Fe area indicate a mystery tied to her own fate) $6.50
Arthur, Keri Full Moon Rising (Hybrid vampire/werewolf Riley Jenson must resist her need to mate by the full moon when her twin brother is taken hostage by her enemies) $6.99
Asher, Neal Brass Man (An insane robot brain is brought back to life in a shiny new body, ready to kill again) $14.95
Baker, Kage Gods & Pawns (Collection of new Company stories) $24.95
Ballantyne, Tony Capacity (In 2252, AIs and humans face a strange threat from across the galaxy, and two women take a dangerous run through virtual reality to find it) $6.99
Banks, L.A. The Damned (Vampire Huntress Book 6: The Damned are seeping out from below, and it is up to Damali and Carlos to find the ultimate truth in Tibet) $7.99
Baxter, Stephen Emperor (Alternate history where a Celtic noble betrays his people and Britannia thrives for 400 years, and the Earth is in the hands of those who understand The Prophecy) $24.95
Birmingham, John Designated Targets (Sequel to Weapons of Choice : Alternate history that plunges a crew of modern-day military personnel back in time into the thick of WWII) $7.99
Bishop, Toby Airs Beneath the Moon (In the Duchy of Oc, winged horses are immediately taken to the Academy of the Air to be trained, but when a girl bonds with one, the Academy gets more than it bargained for) $6.99
Blue, Lucy Dark Angel (3rd in the series: Knight Gareth is brutally attacked, and rescued by vampire Roxanna and they soon become soul mates who must achieve their goals or be lost to the dark) $6.99
Bowling, Drew The Tower of Shadows (In the land of Elynnrie, demons are being raised, and a boy who dreams of dragons is an unknowing pawn in a dark game that will pit blood brothers against each other) $19.95
Brennan, Herbie Faerie Wars (While cleaning up a cranky old man's house, Henry Atherton encounters Pyrgus, a crown prince of the Faerie realm, and tries to help him escape the clutches of his enemies) $6.99
Brook, Meljean Demon Angel (Lilith is a demon who has spent 2000 years tempting men to their damnation, but now she is tempted herself by the man whose mission is to kill her) $6.99
Butler, Octavia Fledgling (Shori is a black vampire, the only survivor of a vicious attack on her community, whose melanan allows her to walk by day as she struggles to rebuild her family) $13.99
Butler, Octavia Seed to Harvest (Omnibus of four of Octavia Butler's most acclaimed titles) $18.99
Byng, Geirgia Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure (Molly Moon and Petula travel to India where they find time travel is a new twist to the potential power of hypnosis) $6.99
Campbell, Alan Scar Night (Two angels, a young boy and a psychotic murderer, are suspended above an abyss, and when enemies arrive at the doorstep of the city, both seek a powerful magic at the bottom) $22.00
Cox, Greg Ghost Rider (Novelization based on the screenplay: Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the devil, and years later the devil offers to release it if he becomes host to the Ghost Rider) $7.50
Crossley-Holland, Kevin The Norse Myths (32 classic myths that bring the ancient Viking world vividly to life) $17.00
Dann, Jack The Man Who Melted (A classic SF novel, Nebula Finalist in '85. In a future dystopia, the Titanic is raised, to be sunk again with paying passengers up for the ultimate decadent experience.) $15.00
David, Peter Star Trek New Frontier: Missing in Action (USS Excalibur is lost in the Andromeda Galaxy and caught in the middle of an interstellar war) $7.99
Dean, Cameron Eternal Hunger (Las Vegas vampire killer Candace Steele has been attacked by a secret vampire sect, and the only way she can save her life is to give herself to the vampire Ash, body and soul) $6.99
Dick, Philip K. Voices from the Street (A young electronics salesman in early 1950's California descends into depression and madness - first publication ever of this early Dick book) $24.95
Douglas, Kate Wolf Tales III (Shannon Murphy finds the new challenge she seeks in Jacob Trent, a gorgeous shapeshifter who has been sent to protect her) $12.95
Fenner, Arnie & Cathy-ed. Spectrum 2 (Reprint: Collection of the best in contemporary fantastic art) $27.00
Flint, Eric Grantville Gazette III (Collection of new stories in the 1632 universe) $25.00
Foster, Jon Revolution (Collection of the art of dark fantasy illustrator Jon Foster) $27.00
Fowler/Murphy/Notkin/Smith-ed. The James Tiptree Award Anthology 3 (Anthology of Tiptree Award winning gender-bending science fiction) $14.95
Gallagher, Diana Bad Bargain (Shoppers at a Sunnydale High rummage sale are bewitched by their purchases and it is up to Buffy to find out why and stop it) $6.99
Golden, Christie Worlds of WarCraft: Rise of the Horde (Game tie-in novel) $7.99
Green, Simon R. Hell to Pay (In the wake of a war that has left the Nightside leaderless, Jeremiah Griffin's daughter has disappeared and he wants John Taylor to use his special abilities to find her) $6.99
Handeland, Lori Rising Moon (Anne Lockhart seeks her missing sister in the New Orleans jazz club Rising Moon, where she finds herself in a world of creatures who stalk the night) $6.99
Hayakawa, Tomoko The Wallflower Volume 10 (Manga) $10.95
Haydon, Elizabeth The Assassin King (Symphony of ages Book 6: As dragons gather and a council of war is forming, war is coming the likes of which the world has never known) $25.95
Hebdee, Barb & J.C. Rebel Fay (Desperate to free his mother from ruthless elven assassins, Leesil and his allies set out on a difficult journey through the mysterious Elven Territories to save her) $23.95
Herriman, George A Brick Stuffed with Moombins (Collection of Krazy and Ignatz cartoons from 1939-1940) $19.95
Holly, Emma Heat of the Night (The novel Hunting Midnight & the sequel novella about a group of shapeshifting immortals) $14.00
Huston, Charlie No Dominion (Sequel to Already Dead : Vampyre P.I. Joe Pitt travels into Manhattan's Vampyre underworld to unearth a conspiracy that puts the entire Vampyre community at risk) $13.95
IIvy, Alexandra When Darkness Comes (An unearthly guardian is forced to protect a mortal woman, plunging them into an epic battle between good and evil) $6.99
Inada, Shiho/Ono, Fuyumi Ghost Hunt, Volume 6 (Manga) $10.95
Jefferson, Jemiah A Drop of Scarlet (A dedicated scientist specializing in blood diseases who is also a vampire has developed a new drug that has vampires from all over the globe descending on Portland who will kill) $6.99
Jordan, Robert The Conan Chronicles, Volume 1 (Omnibus volume of Conan the Invincible , Conan the Defender , and Conan the Unconquered ) $15.95
Kessler, Jackie Hell's Belles (A beautiful she-demon takes on a sexy new human identity to escape bounty hunters, but running away from love will be impossible) $15.00
Kiernan, Caitlin R. Daughter of Hounds (Raised by her father, Emmie has a precocious personality and yellow eyes, and her life changes when the Children of the Cuckoo come to claim her as their own) $14.00
Kikuchi, Hideyuki Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 (Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane: Vampire Hunter D battles brutal foes and blinding desert sands in a desperate attempt to save 2 women) $8.95
King, Stephen Cell (A mysterious force turns cell phone users into homicidal maniacs and civilization is threatened) $9.99
Knight/Davidson/Kantra/Sunny Over the Moon (Four never-before published stories of paranormal desire) $7.99
Kobayashi, Jin School Rumble Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Kobayashi, Toshihiko Pastel Volume 5 (Manga) $10.95
Krinard, Susan Shield of the Sky (In an alternative past, nature spirits came to earth, and before Caesar, the Stone Gods are ready to break free led by Rhenna) $6.99
Laws, Stephen Ferocity (Cath Lane, young novelist and mother, decides to research a legendary beast of the Northumberland moors, not knowing the terror that lies ahead) $7.99
Lee, Rachel Shadows of Destiny (Ilduin Trilogy Book 3: Tess and Archer must forge a peace between warring races for only together will their combined armies have the strength to stop dark forces gathering) $6.99
Leiber, Fritz Lankhmar Book 1: Swords and Deviltry (Witty and rousing introduction to the beloved fantasy duo Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser) $12.95
Lindskold, Jane Wolf Hunting (The Firekeeper Series #5) $7.99
Lukyanenko, Sergei Day Watch (Sequel to Night Watch ; the thousand year truce between the forces of light and dark is threatened when a young Dark witch falls in love with a Light One) $12.95
Maverick/Liu/O'Shea/Jewel/Lee Shards of Crimson (A collection of new stories from all the original authors of the Crimson City series, in which vampires, werewolves, and humans attempt to live in harmony) $7.99
McCaffrey/Scarborough Changlings (Twins of Petaybee #1: Twins Ronan & Murel hunger to know the origins of their shapeshifting talent, & their search for knowledge will place them in peril) $7.99
McCaffrey/Scarborough Maelstrom (The Twins of Petaybee #2: A race of aliens is discovered living in the ocean depths who may be friend or foe to the changlings Ronan and Murel) $23.95
McGough, Scott Planar Chaos (For all Teferi's efforts in returning one of the lost continents to Dominaria, he only delayed the collapse of time and space, and now he must save the world) $6.99
McIntosh, Fiona Bridge of Souls (Conclusion to Quickening trilogy) $7.99
McKillip, Patricia A. Solstice Wood (Sylvia Lynn returns to her childhood home and gets involved with the Fiber Guild, a group of women who use the power of weaving to bind spirits in the forest nearby) $14.00
Mosley, Walter The Wave (Errol receives strange calls from a man claiming to be his dead father, and his investigation catches him between a government agency and an alien presence infecting our world) $7.50
Newcomb, Robert Savage Messiah (With the demise of his evil half brother, Wulfgar, Prince Tristan thought he had restored peace to Eutracia, but Wulfgar has returned even stronger in the dark arts) $7.99
Niles, Douglas The Measure and the Truth (Conclusion of the trilogy which explores the postwar era in Solamnia) $6.99
Norton, Andre Three Hands for Scorpio (Triplet daughters of a border lord are kidnapped and left in the Dismals to die, but they use their telepathic powers to try and defeat a terror that has ravaged their land) $6.99
Owens, Robin D. Guardian of Honor (Lawyer Alexa Fitzwalter is transported to the mystic land of Lladrana where she is found to have powers needed to stop an encroaching evil that threatens the land) $6.99
Page, Edwin Gothic Fantasy: The Films of Tim Burton (Scholarly look at the films of Tim Burton) $17.95
Page, Sharon Blood Red (In Regency England, a beautiful vampire hunter finds her hidden erotic dreams coming to life) $12.95
Paine, Michael The Mummy: Dark Resurrection (The Mummy will stop at nothing to protect the tomb of his long-dead love from archaeologists who would open her tomb) $6.99
Palencar, John Jude Origins (The first collection of the work of master fantasy illustrator John Jude Palencar) $27.00
Park, Paul The White Tyger (Sequel to Tourmaline : Miranda Popescu is captured by her enemy the mad baroness Ceausescu, and must find a way to escape) $25.95
Pohl, Frederik Platinum Pohl (Collection of stories spanning Pohl's 50-year career) $16.95
Popp, Robin T. Tempted in the Night (Jessica has dedicated her life to seeking revenge for her mother's death by staking as many vampires as possible, then things get complicated when a man she loves becomes one) $6.99
Resnick, Mike-ed. History Revisited (Real historians debate the best of alternate history) $17.95
Rucker, Rudy Mad Professor (Collection of 12 previously uncollected stories of Rudy Rucker) $15.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Hunter's Blades Trilogy (Hardcover collector's edition of trilogy featuring Drizzt Do'Urden) $27.95
Sargent, Pamela Earthseed (A group of genetically perfect young people are on a Ship which has been their mother for years, and when they finally find a suitable planet, they are reluctant to leave) $6.99
Scalzi, John Old Man's War (In the future, humanity has made it to the stars, and John Perry decides to join the Colonial Defense Force and the fight to colonize new worlds against aliens) $6.99
Segami, Akira Kagetora, Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Simmons, Dan The Terror (Based on the true story of the 1845 Franklin Arctic expedition. Something is stalking the crew of "The Terror". Captain and crew undertake a trek across the ice to escape.) $25.99
Spangler, Catherine Touched by Darkness (Dr. Kara Cantrell fled to Zorro Texas to escape the evil stalking them, & is helped by Damien Morgan, with whom she shares a mystical link) $6.99
Stabenow, Diane-ed. Powers of Detection (Collection of short stories featuring fantasy mysteries) $7.99
Stern, Dave Fantastic Four: The Baxter Effect (Marvel Comics' most popular crime-fighting team) $7.99
Stroud, Jonathan Ptolemy's Gate (YA; Bartimeus Trilogy #3; the destinies of Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty converge once more as they face a complex conspiracy.) $7.99
Tamakoshi, Hiroyuki Gacha Gacha: Next Revolution Vol.1 (Manga) $12.95
Tourme, Kei Kurogane Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Tuttle, Lisa Silver Bough (When a sudden landslide blocks the only road out of a small Scottish village, the residents find themselves in a world where legends come to life) $12.00
Watson, Jules The Dawn Stag (The Dalriada Trilogy Book 2: Rhiann searches for guidance in the spirit world to help stop Agricola's army from taking over the homeland) $14.95
Webber, Minda Bustin' (Sam Hammett, ghost and paranormal pest controller, is called on to rid the world of an ancient Greek myth that is turning people to stone) $6.99
Weber, David Off Armageddon Reef (The remains of humanity live in medieval ignorance to avoid being noticed by aliens, when an android awakens providing them a chance to rejoin the universe; unabridged CDs $59.95) $25.95
White, Steve/Meier, Shirley Exodus (Sequel to The Shiva Option : A generation after defeating the "bugs", a new threat arises as an intelligent race arrives with intention to colonize the planet) $26.00
Whyte, Jack The Eagle (Conclusion to the Camulod Chronicles: Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinnevere fight against dark forces that threaten their vision of peace for their kingdom) $27.95
Wilks, Eileen Blood Lines (FBI agent Cynna Weaver teams up with sorcerer Cullen Seabourne to help identify elected officials who have accepted demonic pacts) $7.99
Woodall, Clive One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (When evil magpies hunt countless species of birds into extinction, only the courage of one lone robin can save Birddom from certain doom) $6.99
Yamada, Futaro The Kouga Ninja Scrolls (First English translation of the classic Japanese novel about feuding ninja clans that inspired the Manga series Basilisk) $13.95
Yancey, Rick The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp (YA: One boy and his sword have the adventure of a lifetime) $7.95


Counter, Ben The Soul Drinkers Omnibus (The first three novels about the Soul Drinkers Chapter of the Space Marines in one volume) $10.99
Johnson, Alex Wipeout (After Ravyn's premonition saves her from a deadly plane crash, Death, feeling cheated, stalks her) $7.99
Keefe, Matt Outlander (Necromunda #3: When a forger comes to town, local religious zealots see a golden opportunity, not realizing that the stranger has only revenge on his mind) $7.99
Lyons, Steve Death World (The Catachan jungle fighters of the Imperial Guard are sent to the death world of Rogar III in response to an ork incursion, and must do battle with the planet as well) $7.99
Marks, John Fangland (Journalist Evangeline Harker travels to Romania for story on crime boss Ion Torgu, and discovers the true nature of his activities to be more monstrous than she had imagined) $25.95
McArtor/Schneider Complete Scoudrel (D&D supplement) $29.95
Vonnegut, Kurt A Man Without a Country (A hilariously funny, moving, and razor-sharp look at life, art, politics, and the soul of America today) $13.95
Werner, C.L. Witch Killer (Witch Hunter #3: Mathias Thulmann continues his ruthless search for the forbidden tome Das Buch die Inholden, ending up in a mysterious isolated town) $7.99


Alexander, Lloyd The Xanadu Adventure (YA: Vepser Holly and her friends are going to the archeological site of Troy when they are captured by Dr Helvitius and imprisoned in Xanadu, and only Vesper can save them) $5.99
Anders, Lou -ed. Fast Forward 1 (All-original anthology featuring stories by Kage Baker, Stephen Baxter, Ken MacLeod, others) $15.00
Ashley, Amanda Dead Sexy (A vicious killer is leaving a trail of mutilated bodies drained of blood; vampire hunter Regan Delaney is on the case, helped by Master of the City Joaquin Santiago) $6.99
Bailey, Len Fantasms (Sequel to Clabbernappers : King Krystal's beautiful daughter has been kidnapped and it is up to Danny Ray to rescue her) $17.95
Baker, Virginia Jack Knife (Sara & David are sent back in time from the 21st century to chase a time-traveling killer who has gone to 1888 London to try & change the history of Jack the Ripper) $7.99
Bakker, R. Scott The Thousandfold Thought (The Prince of Nothing Book 3: Kelhus tries reach the ancient city of Shimeh and reunite with his father, while his enemies try to stop him from claiming his rightful place) $15.95
Banks, L.A. The Wicked (Damali and Carlos must stop Eve's son, Cain, who has escaped his banishment and is amassing a new army that will begin Armageddon) $14.95
Bick, Ilsa J. Mechwarrior Dark Age #24: Dragon Rising (Game tie-in novel) $6.99
Birmingham, John Final Impact (Axis of Time Trilogy Conclusion: The allies must win the war against newly powerful enemies and save the world's future from annihilation) $14.95
Briggs, Patricia Blood Bound (Sequel to Moon Called : Shapeshifter/VW mechanic Mercy Thompson agrees to act as extra muscle when her vampire friend Stephan delivers a message to another of his kind) $7.99
Burroughs, Edgar Rice A Princess of Mars (Reprint) $9.00
Butcher, Jim Proven Guilty (Harry Dresden has been drafted as a Warden to look into malevolent entities feeding on fear on the loose in Chicago) $7.99
Campbell, Jack The Lost Fleet: Fearless (Captain Black Jack Geary (2) tries a desperate gamble to lead the Alliance Fleet home through enemy occupied space) $6.99
Canavan, Trudi Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five Book 3: A young woman becomes an avatar of the gods) $7.99
Cary, Kate Bloodline Book Two: Reckoning (YA: Mary Seward is back in England, and when a strange virus weakens her father she suspects the supernatural) $16.99
Cherry, Rowena Insufficient Mating Material (Stranded on a desert island, a prince must find a way to woo the woman he loves, without revealing his true identity) $6.99
Coe, David B. Shapers of the Darkness (Winds of the Forelands #4: Tavis & Grinsa journey across the Forelands to face the powerful Qirsi Weaver and their failure could spell doom for the Eandi) $7.99
Coe, David B. Weavers of War (Conclusion to the Winds of the Forelands Series: Dusaan's planning bears fruit as he reveals himself to friend and foe and takes control of the Empire) $27.95
Cook, Glen Lord of the Silent Kingdom (Instrumentalities of the Night Book 2: Piper Hecht is now captain-general of the armies fighting a crusade for Patriarch Sublime V, and learns that Cloven is still alive) $27.95
Cunningham, Elaine Shadows in the Starlight (Sequel to Shadows in the Darkness : GiGi Gelman is called upon to assist one of her least favorite people whose wife and son are missing, and the case becomes strange) $6.99
Czerneda/Paniccia-ed. Under Cover of Darkness (14 original short stories of secret agents and organizations that have left their mark on time and space) $7.99
David, James F. Judgement Day (The Kingdom of Light faces the Forces of Darkness in an apocalyptic Christian series based on Revelations) $7.99
Davidson/Alongi Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (No one told Jennifer that she came from a bloodline of weredragons, and is unprepared to protect herself and her family from ancient enemies) $6.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Blots Out the Sun (The 43rd Garfield cartoon book) $10.95
De Lint, Charles Memory and Dream (30 years after she stopped painting because her work released evil forces, Isabelle Copley must come to terms with the power of her brush and bring the magic back to life) $15.95
Del Franco, Mark Unshapely Things (In the alleys of decrepit Boston, fairy prostitutes are turning up dead; it is up to Connor Grey, a druid & former hot-shot investigator, to find the killer) $7.99
Doctorow, Cory Overclocked (Five novellas of the future) $15.95
Douglas, Ian Star Marines (Legacy Trilogy #3: The Interstellar Marines face their most deadly foe ever) $7.99
Douglass, Sara Crusader (Wayfarer Redemption Series conclusion: The people of Tencendor huddle in Sanctuary, not knowing that a traitor is in their midst who could spell doom for Dragonstar) $7.99
Dozois, Gardner-ed. The Best of the Best Volume 2 (Anthology of the Best short SF novels from The Year's Best Science Fiction) $19.95
Duncan, Dave Children of Chaos (15 years after they were given as hostage to the war-obsessed Hrag, four siblings come together to try & save their land from the Bloodlord) $7.99
Faust, Minister From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain (Dr. Eva Brain- Silverman does therapy for the Fantastic Order of Justice, a dysfunctional team of super heroes with no enemies left to fight, until an old foe returns) $13.95
Frackowiak, Barbara The Horse in the Attic (A 12-year old girl's world falls apart when her parents seperate, until she finds a new world with heroes, magical friends, and frightening events) $10.95
Gaiman, Neil Stardust (Movie Tie-In: In the English village of Wall, things are not as they seem) $6.99
Green, Chris Marie Night Rising (Vampire Babylon Book 1: A Hollywood underground coven of vampires comes to light and is targeted by a tough-as -nails daughter of a sexy screen siren) $13.00
Hambly, Barbara Patriot Hearts (Historical novel of the lives of Martha Washington, Abigal Adams, Sally Hemings, and Dolly Madison, four women who influenced America's future) $25.00
Hickman, Tracy & Laura Mystic Empire (Bronze Canticles #3: The gates between realities are about to open and plunge all the entities of Calsandria into a war that can only be one with an undiscovered magic) $7.50
Hogan, James P. Echoes of an Alien Sky (Aeons after life on Earth becomes extinct, explorers from Venus uncover the dead planet's startling secret) $24.00
Hopkinson, Nalo The New Moon's Arms (Calamity has the power to find lost things, and this time it is a lost 4-year old boy from a very strange family) $23.99
Johnson, Jean The Sword (Kelly Doyle lands in a magical dimension inhabited by eight brothers who have been exiled to Nightfall Island, a land where woman are prohibited) $14.00
Kay, Guy Gavriel Ysabel (As his photographer father takes pictures of the Siant-Saveur Cathedral, his son Ned gets lost in the building, which is very much alive and calling out to him) $24.95
Kaye, Marvin The Fair Folk (Six stories about fair& foul fairy spirits) $15
Kearney, Susan Island Heat (Cade Archer is on a mission to open a portal between an island volcano and his world, and a powerful enemy is out to prevent him from sending resources to free his people) $6.99
Keene, Brian Ghoul (No one believes Timmy when he says he discovered a ghoul eating the dead, but when it starts eating the living as well, Timmy realizes he must stop it) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn The Dream-Hunter (The Dream-Hunters live in the same world as the Dark-Hunters, and are able to visit the dreams of humans and Dark-Hunters, but feel no emotions except in the dreams) $7.99
King, William Space Wolf: The First Omnibus (The first three books in the Space Wolf saga in one omnibus edition) $11.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Edghill, Rosemary Bedlam's Edge (Collection of urban fantasy stories with an afterword by Lackey) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Gellis, Roberta By Slanderous Tongues (Sequel to Ill Met By Moonlight : Enemies both human & supernatural plot to see that young Elizabeth never ascends the throne) $25.00
Laimo, Michael Dead Souls (Johnny Petrie inherits an estate in Maine where the past owner attempted to find eternal life through a macabre ritual that he is still trying to complete even after his death) $6.99
Laumer, Keith The Long Twilight and Other Stories (2 full-length novels and 3 short novels by Laumer, edited by Eric Flint) $14.00
Lerner, Edward M. Moonstruck (The Earth is visited by the hitherto unsuspected Galactic Commonwealth, and they seem friendly, but they have a hidden agenda that may spell doom for the human race) $7.99
Levinson, Paul The Plot to Save Socrates (Time travelers are out to save Socrates, the greatest mind in human history) $14.95
Lightner, Lee Sons Of Fenris (Ragner Blackmane and the Space Wolves are sent to investigate reports of Chaos attacks on Hyades and come up against a squad of Dark Angels) $7.99
Lubar, David Hidden Talents (YA; Martin attends Edgeview Alternative school, the end of the road; things look bleak until he discovers something amazing about himself and his friends) $2.99
Mancusi, Marianne A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest (Chrissie travels back in time to rescue her crazy co-worker, and runs into a depressed but handsome Robin Hood who she tries to get to live up to the legend) $6.99
Mann, George-ed. The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction (Collection of never-before published short stories and novellas) $7.99
Marley, Luise Singer in the Snow (YA: On the ice planet of Nevya, Mreen is a talented Cantrix who channels psi energy through music creating heat and light) $7.99
Martin, Gail The Summoner (Chronicles of the Necromancer #1: After Prince Martris Drayke is cast out by his brother, he must call upon the armies of the dead to regain his throne) $7.99
Martin, George R.R. The Armageddon Rag (Reprint; Journalist Sandy Blair investigates the bizarre and brutal murder of a rock promoter who made millions with his 60s band the Nazgul. and his search leads him to his past) $15.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. The Elysium Commission (A scientist has created a small universe contiguous to ours which may destroy us; Blaine Donne's investigation pushes us towards an interstellar war) $24.95
Moorcock, Michael Behold the Man (Reissue: Disaffected modern professional travels in time to AD 29 and discovers that Jesus is not the man that faith would like to believe) $13.95
Newcomb, Robert A March Into Darkness (Destinies of Blood and Stone Book 2: Prince Tristan fights for his country and his world against increasingly dire odds) $26.95
Norton, Andre Red Hart Magic (Reprint of the final book in the classic Magic series: Chris and Nan find themselves in the same dream and must find a way to work together) $5.99
Owens, Robin D. Protector of the Flight (After a devastating rodeo accident, Calli Torcher awakes in the parallel land of Lladrana, where she is asked to protect the magical world from an encroaching evil) $6.99
Palwick, Susan The Fate of Mice (Collection of beautiful and thrilling modern fairy-tales) $14.95
Patton, Fiona The Silver Lake (In the city of Anavatan, the Gods have chosen three young boys for special attention during Havo's Dance, and they deal with their destinies) $7.99
Paxson, Diana L. The Golden Hills of Westria (Prince Phoenis is abducted; only his childhood friend Sombra can sense him and rescue him while the fate of the kingdom lies in the balance) $7.99
Reed, Robert The Well of Stars (Sequel to Marrow : The Ship plunges into an opaque Nebula and makes contact with an entity that could destroy it and all who call it home) $7.99
Rosenberg, Aaron Night of the Daemon (Daemon Gates Trilogy Book 2: Alaric and Dietz head to the lawless lands of the BorderPrinces & go up against a citadel full of Chaos cultists) $7.99
Ryan, Kevinq Star Trek: Errand of Fury (Book 2: Demands of Honor: Captain Kirk oversees upgrades to his ship's defense systems as tensions between the Klingons and the Federation increase) $7.99
Sands, Lynsay Bite Me If You Can (Third in the vampire series featuring the Argeneau family as they each search for their life mate) $6.99
Scanlon, Mitchel Anderson PSI Division: Sins of the Father (A victim of a decades-old crime has returned to even the score, and as PSI-Judge Cassandra Anderson (3) closes in on the killer she is forced to face dark secrets of her past) $7.99
Showalter, Gena The Nymph King (Valerian, King of the nymphs of Atlantis, steals a woman from a Florida beach, and he must fight for the privilege of claiming her for his own) $6.99
Smith, Kathryn Night of the Huntress (Second release in the author's sexy new paranormal historical romance series) $5.99
Sunny Mona Lisa Blossoming (Sequel to Mona Lisa Awakening : Half-human Mona Lisa finally accepts her role as Queen of the Monere and she must learn to use her power to save herself from dark enemies) $14.00
Tarr, Judith King's Blood (Red William has inherited the throne of Britain, but his decision to forsake magic has ruined the land and it is up to two members of the family to use their magic to save it) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry Beyond the Gap (A clan chief arrives in the city of Nidaros at the edge of the great Glacier with news that a gap has opened in it leading towards new lands, and Count Hamnet explores) $24.95
Turtledove, Harry In High Places (Annette, daughter of a Crosstime Traffic family, is kidnapped into a caravan of slaves; they take her to an unofficial portal, meaning she may never be saved) $6.99
Vance, Jack Lurulu (Myron Tany and the crew of the space freighter Glicca ply their way from planet to planet and adventure to adventure. First time in paperback) $13.95
Weber, David Old Soldiers (Sole human survivor of the 39th battalion is joined by doctors & Bolo techs with the sole surviving Bolo, but he hadn't been hers, & they must serve together) $7.99
Wright, Susan A Pound of Flesh (Former pleasure slave Marja and her former master Lexander, have vowed to destroy the pleasure houses, and Marja disguises herself as a slave to sow the seeds of revolution) $14.00
Wright, Susan To Serve and Submit (Marja, sold to the pleasure house of Vidaris, and when the master grants her her freedom, she finds herself swept into a war that threatens to engulf her land) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars: Allegiance (During the time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, a team of stormtroopers has gone rogue, deciding to mete out justice in their own way) $25.95
Armintrout, Jennifer Possession (Blood Ties Book Two: Carrie's new sire Nathan has been possessed and slaughters an innocent human, and Carrie must find him before the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement does) $6.99


Baker/Gray/McDonald/Sims Secrets of Sarlona (D&D supplement for the Eberron campaign setting describing the mysterious continent of Sarlona in detail) $29.95
Bulmahn/Burlew Dungeonscape (D&D supplement about exploring and designing amazing dungeons) $29.95

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