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Newsletter #76 December, 2006 February, 2007

[PBO means paperback original]


Baldacci, David The Camel Club (Four DC-area eccentrics study conspiracy theories, but when they witness a murder they team up with a Secret Service agent to prevent an apocalypse) $7.99
Becker, Lucille F. Georges Simenon (Academic treatment first published in 1999 as Georges Simenon Revisited ; biography, critical essay, bibliography, filmography, and more; British import) $29.95
Benjamin, Carol Lea Without a Word (P.I. Rachel Alexander and her pit bull partner Dashiell try to clear a mute girl of stabbing her doctor to death) $6.99
Billingham, Mark Lifeless (Tom Thorne has been told to take a “gardening” leave, but investigates on his own a series of killings of homeless men in London) $24.95
Bisbort, Alan When You Read This, They Will Have Killed Me (True story of Caryl Chessman, sentenced to death for being the "Red Light Bandit" and executed in 1960) $26.95
Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart (Reprint) $7.99
Bogdanos, Matthew Thieves of Baghdad (Non-fiction; the author and his team's efforts to recover over five thousand priceless antiquities stolen from the Iraqi National Museum after the fall of Baghdad) $15.95
Bova, Ben The Green Trap (A microbiologist is murdered after discovering the secret to clean energy; his brother seeks the killer while protecting the secret from evil forces) $24.95
Braidhill, Kathy To Die For (Non-fiction; serial killer Dana Sue Gray) $6.99
Braly, Malcolm Shake Him Till He Rattles/It’s Cold Out There (Classic reprints of 2 1960s novels of small-time crooks) $19.95
Brewer, Gil Wild to Possess/A Taste for Sin (Classic reprints of noir novels from 1959 and 1961) $19.95
Broadbent, Tony Spectres in the Smoke (WW II has ended, but fascism is resurging and the secret service pressures Jethro (2), a cockney “creeper” extraordinaire, to steal documents from the London headquarters of the New Order of Britain) $14.95
Brown, Fredric Here Comes a Candle (Reprint of 1950 novel, plus short story and essay by Brown, intro by Pronzini) $14.00
Brown, Sandra The Alibi (Murder of real-estate tycoon gives ambitious prosecutor a chance to be the next district attorney if he can win the case, but he starts to suspect he has been set up to be the alibi for the prime suspect) $6.99
Bruen, Ken American Skin (Some IRA alumni and an American psychopath get together in the American Southwest) $24.95
Brunanski, Nelson Crooked Lake (A small-town Saskatchewan mystery) $16.95
Bruns, Don South Beach Shakedown (Music columnist must find his missing friend before a Korean mobster gets to him) $24.95
Buruma, Ian Murder in Amsterdam (Non-fiction; murder of Theo van Gogh, controversial Dutch filmmaker, at the hands of an Islamic extremist) $24.95
Cameron, Stella A Grave Mistake (New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux, on leave of absence in Toussaint, tries to protect Jilly Gable from an evil closing in on her from the past) $7.99
Chessman, Caryl Cell 2455, Death Row (Memoir) $15.95
Coggins, Mark Candy From Strangers (Big girl Caroline, with her racy website and sometimes creepy fan base, disappears and her lovely and unhappily married mother hires jazz bass-playing San Francisco P.I. August Riordan (3) to find her) $23.95
Connolly, John The Book of Lost Things (Twelve-year-old David mourns the death of his mother, angry and alone, with only his books for company; then his books start to whisper to him and the line between reality and fantasy starts to fade) $23.00
Cook, Bob Disorderly Elements (Reprint ‘85; Prof. Wyman is simultaneously laid off without pension from the University and British Secret Service, but he has a chance to get back in and out on his own terms when a defector who can identify a Communist mole will speak only to him) $14.95
Crispin, Edmund Swan Song (Vintage reprint ‘47; the loathsome lead singer in a Wagner opera at Oxford is fiendishly murdered in his locked dressing room–fortunately amateur detective and eccentric professor of English Lit Gervase Fen (4) is on the scene) $14.95
Doyle, Stephanie Possessed (Skeptical police call in a woman who claims the dead talk to her for help with a serial killer, and her mind is assaulted by a terrifying being from beyond) $4.99
Dwyer, Kevin and Fiorillo, Jure True Stories of Law and Order (Non-fiction; features the details of 25 true cases that were the basis for "Law and Order" episodes) $14.00
Evanovich, Janet Thanksgiving (Unabridged CDs) $14.95
Fairclough, Robert-ed. The Prisoner: The Original Scripts Vol. 2 $29.95
Falk, Peter Just One More Thing (Memoir of Emmy-award winning Peter Falk, best known for playing Lt. Columbo) $26.95
Fanning, Diane Baby Be Mine (Non-fiction; a Missouri woman who murders a pregnant woman, takes the newborn from it's lifeless mother, and tries to pass it off as her own) $6.99
Fate, Robert Baby Shark (17-year old Kristin Van Dijk is forced to watch the murder of her pool hustler father, and then perfects her own pool skills and tracks down the thugs to exact revenge) $14.95
Francis, Dick Under Orders (Former jockey Sid Halley investigates when jockey Huw Walker crosses the finish line with three bullets in his chest and is drawn into the darker side of the racing game; unabridged CDs $34.95) $25.95
Franklin, Tom Smonk (In 1911, a small town in Alabama is besieged by E. O. Smonk; syphilitic, consumptive, gouty and goitered, he’s an expert on explosives and knives, and he turns nasty every Saturday night) $23.95
Freeh, Louis J. My FBI (Non-fiction; the inner workings of the FBI by the man who was its director from 1993-2001) $14.95
Freeling, Nicolas Because of the Cats (Reprint ‘63; Amsterdam’s Insp. Van der Valk (2) invesigates after the most popular teens in a seaside town form a vicious gang) $14.95
Freemantle, Brian The Holmes Factor (On the eve of WW I, British agent Sebastian (3), son of Sherlock, is dispatched to St. Petersburg and dangerously infiltrates revolutionaries and the imperial court, communicating in code with his father) $14.95
Glenn, Roy Crime of Passion (Businessman charged with killing wife and lover with a golf club; after defense attorney gets him acquitted, victim’s sister turns to defense attorney for help in discovering what really happened) $6.99
Gorey, Edward Amphigorey Again (Contains previously uncollected work, two unpublished stories, occasional sketches and unfinished panels) $35.00
Graham, Caroline Murder at Madingley Grange (Reprint ‘90; Simon needs quick cash and holds a ‘30s Murder Mystery Weekend at his aunt’s hideous mansion; but eccentric guests, larcenous staff, and a genuine dead body complicate his grand plan) $14.95
Hansen, Jim Michael Night Laws (Denver Homicide Det. Bryson Coventry is after a vicious killer who has warned attorney Kelly Parks that she is on his murder list) $13.95
Hansen, Jim Michael Shadow Laws (Denver Det. Bryson Coventry and beautiful young attorney Taylor Sutton are each hunting vicious killers but for very different reasons) $13.95
Harr, Jonathan The Lost Painting (Non-fiction; search for the lost Caravaggio masterpiece The Taking of Christ) $13.95
Helm, Sarah A Life in Secrets (Non-fiction; the fates of 12 missing female WWII British spies and the woman who searched for them) $27.50
Helton, Peter Slim Chance (A serial killer in Bath slowly starves his female victims; when investigator Chris Honeysett discovers a victim not yet dead, the killer grabs a friend of Chris’ as his next victim; Chris must follow a series of historical riddles to save his friend) $25.00
Henderson, Tom Darker Than Night (Non-fiction; two gruesome murders, an 18-year search for the killers, and the dedicated group of police officers who solved the crime) $6.99
Herron, M. Why We Die (A gritty modern thriller featuring a potential suicide, three men who inherit a family business and turn to crime, and a woman looking for a jewel thief who ends up dead) $25.95
Hess, Joan A Holly, Jolly Murder (‘97 reprint; when the wealthy benefactor of Farberville's neo-pagans during the Christmas season, Claire Malloy mixes some snooping with her holiday shopping) $6.99
Hiaasen, Carl Nature Girl (A wild romp through the Ten Thousand Islands off the coast of Florida with Honey Santana, who takes friends and is followed by obsessed people; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Hill, Bonnie Hearn Cutline (Reporter Geri LaRue (2) searches for a missing friend and seeks the help of psychologist Malcolm Piercy, and the killer is watching them both; PBO) $6.99
Hougan, Carolyn Shooting in the Dark (Reprint ‘84; with America reeling form the Iran hostage crisis, Claire flies to Amsterdam to escape her wrecked marriage, but a reckless one-night stand tosses her into the duplicitous world of intrigue and espionage) $14.95
Houpt, Simon Museum of the Missing (History of art theft) 24.95 Huang, Jim/Lugar, Austin-ed. Mystery Muses (100 short essays by mystery writers about classic mysteries that inspired them) $15.00
Hughes, Howard Crime Wave (A filmgoer's guide to the great crime movies of all time) $22.95
Ironside, Elizabeth The Accomplice (Reprint ‘96, 1st US edition; Jean’s neighbor helps her protect her long burined secrets when a skeleton is unearthed in Jean’s Sussex garden; “love, murder, and deception”) $14.95
Jecks, Michael The Leper's Return (1320; crime-solving former Knight Templar Sir Baldwin Furnshill and his partner, bailiff Simon Puttock (6) investigate a murder and as they follow the clues a darker truth emerges) $7.50
Johnson, Sheila Blood Betrayal (Non-fiction; Randy Headrick, who slaughtered his wife and mother-in-law for insurance money and almost got away with murder; PBO) $6.99
Julavits, Heidi The Uses of Enchantment (A 16-year-old disappears, then reappears later claiming to have been abducted but can’t remember details; her mother sends her to a psychiatrist, who decides to write a book about the case; her mother would rather believe the girl a liar than raped) $24.95
Just, Ward Forgetfulness (A former “odd-jobber” for the CIA has retired with his wife to the south of France; when his wife is killed by Moroccan terrorists, his world view shifts) $25.00
Kalush, William/Sloman, Larry The Secret Life of Houdini (Biography of the legendary magician revealing his secret life as a spy and the stunning plot to murder him and destroy his legacy) $27.95
Kearney, John Lipstick and Blood (Non-fiction; Michelle Hetzel, a twisted bisexual woman who with her husband was convicted of murdering her girlfriend) $6.99
Killian, Michael Antietam Assassins (1862; Harrison Raines (6) resigns from the Pinkertons and retires to his Virginia horse farm; his investigation of the murder of a local minister and family friend is complicated by Lee’s invading army, battles, and the murders of several young women with the ultimate solution having grave national implications) $14.95
Kostova, Elizabeth The Historian (A young woman learns her family history may be connected with the dark 15th-century reign of Vlad the Impaler and she searches for the truth to stop more killings) $15.99
Lasseter, Don If I Can't Have You, No One Can (Non-fiction; Richard Namey, a drug-abuser and woman-beater who shot his ex-girlfriend and her true love at point-blank range) $6.99
Lindsay, Jeff Dearly Devoted Dexter (Second about a serial killer who works for the police and preys on other serial killers) $12.95
MacPherson, Malcolm Robert’s Ridge (Non-fiction; Navy SEALs in Afganistan) $6.99
Malkin, Lawrence Krueger's Men (Non-fiction; Nazi plot to counterfeit millions of British pounds, using counterfeiters interned in a concentration camp.) $24.99
Masello, Robert Bestiary (Paleontologist Carter Cox makes dire discoveries in L.A.'s La Brea Tar Pits and is lead by an ancient book his wife is restoring into a living menagerie of horrors) $7.99
Masson, Madeleine Christine (Biography of Christine Granville, one of the most successful women agents of WW II) $15.96
Mayor, Archer The Second Mouse (Joe Gunther investigates two crimes, an apparent suicide and a crime spree by a dangerous threesome; discovers connections between the two) $24.99
McClellan, Sharron Hidden Sanctuary (Woman with dowsing ability working an oil-drilling job in Nubian desert; danger strikes) $4.99
McLaughlin, Vance The Postcard Killer (Non-fiction; first serial killer to be identified and brought down in 1912 by using profiling) $14.95
McMahon, Katharine The Alchemist’s Daughter (In 1725, young woman raised in isolation in the English countryside to be an alchemist goes to London and finds she doesn’t understand human nature) $13.95
McPherson, Catriona The Burry Man's Day (In 1923, the Burry Man walks the village of Queensferry during the Ferry Fair, and falls down dead in front of Danny Gliver, who investigates with no shortage of suspects) $25.95
Meltzer, Brad The Book of Fate (8 years after the Vice-President is assassinated, he is spotted in Asia, giving presidential aide Wes Holloway a chance to undo the worst day of his life) $25.99
Morgan, Philippa Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic (Geoffrey Chaucer travels to the Devon seaport of Dartmouth to investigate the theft of the cargo of a Genoese ship, and hostility runs high) $24.95
Morrell, David Creepers (Five people break into a once-magnificent hotel scheduled for demolition, find much more danger than they expected; Bram Stoker Award Best Novel ‘05) $7.99
Morton, James The First Detective (Biography of Eugene-Francis Vidocq, 18th c. jewel thief, swordsman, spy, policeman, and world’s first PI) $13.95
Murphy & Sapir Destroyer: Dragon Bones (A double-murder and the scientific search for immortality put a serious crisis in the hands of CURE and Remo) $6.50
Myers, Amy Murder, ‘Orrible Murder (Short story collection, with a French chef in Victorian England, a chimney sweep, and Aphrodite among the amateur sleuths) $18.00
Myers, Beverle Graves Painted Veil (1730's Venice; when the murder of a scene painter threatens to close the opera house, Vienna castrato Tito Amaro (2) jumps at the chance to reclaim his status by finding the killer) $14.95
Nadel, Barbara Belshazzar’s Daughter (The death of a reclusive elderly Jew in a decrepit neighborhood of Istanbul looks like racist murder, but Inspector Ikmen has his doubts) $14.95
Nicholson, Peggy A Serpent in Turquoise (Archaeologists search for a lost Aztec city) $4.99
Olson, Karen E. Secondhand Smoke (When a New Haven eatery burns with an unidentified woman, crime reporter Annie Seymour (2) pounds the pavement she knew as a child looking for the owner and some answers) $22.99
Packer, George The Assassin's Gate (Recounts how the U.S. got involved in Iraq, named on of the best books fo 2005 by the New York Times) $15.00
Packer, Vin Whisper His Sin/The Evil Friendship (Classic reprints of 2 1950s novels based on actual crimes) $19.95
Paul, Barbara The Fourth Wall (Reprint ‘79; a playwright’s Broadway hit is attacked on several fronts and the police are clueless, so with her colleagues she tries to pinpoint this enemy and exact some revenge) $14.95
Pearce, Michael A Dead Man in Athens (In Athens, 1913, political intrigue leads to murder and Seymour of the CID (3) is sent by Scotland Yard to investigate) $25.95
Pendleton, Don Stoney Man: Hell Dawn (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Blood Vector (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Peters, Ellis (Edith Pargeter) The Trinity Cat and Other Mysteries (Martin Edwards & Sue Feder, eds; 15 uncollected short crime stories first appearing in British magazines; hc available $29) $19.00
Raab, Selwyn Five Families (Non-fiction; the rise, fall, and resurgence of America's most powerful Mafia empires) $17.95
Radley, Sheila Death in the Morning (Reprint ‘78, 1st CI Quantrill; Mary Gedge found drowned in the placid river shallows may have died for love of the wrong man or maybe not) $14.95
Russo, Gus Supermob (Non-fiction; Sydney Korshak and the Supermob who infiltrated business, politics, and society to control America) $34.95
Sanderson, Douglas The Deadly Dames/A Dum-Dum for the President (Classic reprints from 1956, published as by Malcolm Douglas, and from 1961, published as by Martin Brett) $19.95
Scott, Gini Graham Homicide by the Rich and Famous (Non-fiction; a century of prominent killers) $7399
Sewell, Kenneth Red Star Rogue (Non-fiction; a rogue Soviet sub that attempted a nuclear attack on Pearl Harbor to provoke a war between the U.S. and China) $15.00
Sheldon, Charlie Fat Chance (Reprint ‘91; at an out-of-own hotel two lonely strangers and a hapless photographer are trapped by a blackmailing dirty cop and his cronies and must dangerously turn the tables) $14.95
Spears, Steve J. Innocent Murder (One cop is tortured by triads as revenge against Investigator Ng; Ng tracks them down and kills them in cold blood) $19.95
Stashhower, Daniel The Beautiful Cigar Girl (Story of an 1840's cigar girl murdered in New York, and the involvement of Edgar Allen Poe, who base his story The Mystery of Marie Roget on the murder) $25.95
Sutherland, John How to Read a Novel (The Chairman of the Booker Prize Institute tells everything you needs to know about reading a novel better than you do now) $18.95
Todd, Marilyn Stone Cold (Ancient Rome; glamorous sleuth-with-attitude Claudia (11) is searching for her long-lost soldier father in Gaul, where Druid Law and human sacrifice is practiced, and several young women disappear) $14.95
Todd, Marilyn Sour Grapes (Ancient Rome; Claudia (12) is visiting her stepmother in Tuscany where murders, mishaps, and bad wine could be caused by vengeful gods or even more sinister forces) $14.95
Toll, Ian W. Six Frigates (History of the founding of the American Navy) $27.95
Whittington, Harry A Night for Screaming/Any Woman He Wanted (Classic reprints from 1960 and 1961) $19.95
Wynne, Frank I Was Vermeer Non-fiction; art forger Han van Meegeren, who copied Vermeer paintings so well that when he saw them again later he couldn't recognize his own work) $24.95


Christie, Agatha A Caribbean Mystery (Unabridged CDs) $27.95
Clark, Mary & Carol Higgins Santa Cruise (Alvirah Meehan, her husband Willy, and recently hitched Regan and Jack Reilly embark on a holiday cruise and when a passenger disappears they join forces to investigate) $22.00
Cohen, Stanley The Execution of Officer Becker (Portrait of the underworld of New York City that exposes the untold story of the only NYPD officer executed for murder) $26.95
Deaver, Jeffery More Twisted (Collection of 16 short stories by Deaver; unabridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Dunlap. Susan A Single Eye (Stuntwoman Darcy Lott goes to a monastery in California to overcome her fear of forests, and when a student disappears and is feared dead, is drawn into the investigation) $24.95
Ferrigno, Robert Prayers for the Assassin (35 years in the future, a woman in a mostly Islamic America has discovered a plot to overtake the entire nation and goes into hiding from a brilliant and psychopathic assassin) $7.99
Friedman, Kinky The Christmas Pig (200 years ago in a magical kingdom, an autistic boy is befriended by a very special pig, and tries to save him from becoming the Christmas feast) $15.95
Gatiss, Mark The Devil in Amber (Sequel to The Vesuvius Club : 20 years later, Lusifer Box is investigating fascist leader Olympu Mons when an informant is murdered and he is charged with the crime) $13.00
Grabenstein, Chris Slay Ride (A businessman complains about a bad limo ride, and the driver turns out to be a psychopath who blames the business man for ruining his life and seeks revenge) $26.95
Jurgebseb, Randy/Cea, Robert Circle of Six (Non-fiction; New York's most notorious cop-killer and the cop who risked everything to catch him) $23.95
Kaiser, Martin L.III/Stokes, Robert Odyssey of an Eavesdropper (Memoir of an insider during the illegal federal surveillance of the 1960s and 1970s) $16.95
Karp, Larry The Ragtime Kid (Sedalia, MO 1898; a 15-year-old “piano fool” runs away to persuade Scott Joplin to teach him ragtime; but a body fingers him; a friend, and Joplin for murder, and there are plenty of suspects in his pursuit of the real killer) $24.95
Kellerman, Jonathan & Faye Capital Crimes (Second collaborative work of 2 stories, one set in San Francisco & the other in Nashville) $24.95
Kuhlken, Ken The Do-Re-Mi (California, 1972; at a redwood forest folk festival a young guitarist must deal with hippies, bikers, family, and the law when his brother is a murder suspect and everybody has their own agenda) $24.95
Kuhlken, Ken The Loud Adios (WW II; a draftee begs a hard-edged MP working the San Diego-Tijuana border for help rescuing his sister and it leads to a Nazi gang, corruption, and a fortune in gold; winner PWA Best First PI Contest ‘91) $14.95
May, Peter Extraordinary People (The disappearance and presumed murder of a brilliant French teacher is a 10-year-old cold case and a wager turns a Scots biology teacher into a forensics investigator on a quest of detection and discovery) $24.95
Reppetto, Thomas Bringing Down the Mob (Riveting and bloody account of how the 50-year attack by the federal government virtually extinguished the nation's most powerful crime syndicate) $26.00
Stout, Rex Where There's a Will (Unabridged CDs) $27.95
Wilkes, Roger Mammoth Book of Gangs and Gangsters (Over 30 true stories of men on the edge of life, the true gangsters) $13.95


Abercrombie, Lynn (aka Walter Sorrells) Blind Fear (Atlanta Cold Case Detective Mechelle Deakes (2) is kidnapped, and her partner Hank Gooch looks into her most recent case for answers; PBO) $6.99
Alderman, P.J. A Killing Tide (Fire chief of Astoria Oregon investigates a murder and an arson while falling in love with the sister of the prime suspect) $6.99
Alt, Madelyn A Charmed Death (Maggie O'Neill (2) must turn on her charms, both mystical and otherwise, while investigating the death of one of her customers from the antiques shop; PBO) $6.99
Anders, Donna Death Waits for You (Savannah Blum's research for a writing project uncovers generations; old secrets and she becomes the target of a serial killer who disappeared years ago) $7.99
Archer, Jeffrey False Impression (A young American woman steals a Van Gogh from a ruthless killer and hides it around the world, dodging an assassin and the FBI) $9.99
Arruda, Suzanne Mask of the Lion (In 1919, Jade del Cameron, after driving an ambulance on the front lines of WWI, heads to Africa to fulfill a man's dying wish, and becomes embroiled in murder) $14.00
Avocato, Lori Nip, Tuck, Dead (Ex-nurse turned medical insurance fraud investigator Pauline Sokol (5) must go underground at a plastic surgery spa for the rich and powerful; PBO) $6.99
Axler, James Deathlands #76: Perdition Valley (Postapocalypse adventure) $6.50
Ball, Donna Rapid Fire (The FBI suspects Raine Stockton's (2) old flame of being an eco-terrorist, and thinks she may know where he is; with her golden retriever she sets out to find him; PBO) $6.99
Bardin, John Franklin The Deadly Percheron (Classic 1946 reprint of unconventional crime thriller in which a psychiatrist's attempts to help his client leads to a dead-end world of amnesia and social outcasts) $15.00
Barnes, Julian Arthur & George (In late-Victorian Britain, two friends, one struggling with his identity and the other writing famous detective stories, face issues of crime, spirituality, and nationality) $14.95
Barron, Stephanie (aka Stephanie Matthews) Jane and the Barque of Frailty (In 1811, Jane Austen awaits the publication of her first novel, and when the mistress of Lord Castlereagh is murdered she investigates) $24.00
Bendell, Don C.I.D. #2: Broken Borders (After the C.I.D. foils an airborne hijacking, they uncover an Al-Qaeda plot where terrorists are using the Mexican-American border to enter the U.S.) $6.99
Brenchley, Chaz Shelter (19-year old student Rowan Coffey comes home after the murder of a friend for which he is a suspect, but finds danger and death where he sought shelter) $13.95
Bright, Elizabeth Murder and Salutations (Jen Shane (3) is chosen Business-person of the Year and investigates when Chamber of Commerce President is murdered at the award ceremony) $6.99
Charles, Nora Hurricane Homicide (Kate Kennedy (4) investigates when the condo's newest arrival, TV weatherman Uncle Weather-wise, is murdered during a hurricane evacuation; PBO) $6.99
Clarke, Richard The Scorpion's Gate (First novel from the insider whose warnings about terrorism went unheeded, a story of politics, oil, espionage, and the consequences at the end of the road ahead) $9.99
Cohen, Nancy J. Perish by Pedicure (Beauty salon owner Marla Shore (8) works to clear her college roommate when she is accused of murdering the company director of Luxor Products) $22.00
Colley, Barbara Married to the Mop (New Orleans maid Charlotte LaRue (5) sets out to discover who murdered her newest client, the most ruthless crime boss in the country) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan Road to Paradise (Final book in the trilogy beginning with Road to Perdition : Tale of gangsters, family secrets, violence, heartbreak and betrayal) $7.99
Cortez, Donn CSI Miami: Harm for the Holidays, Misgivings (A Santa turns up dead, a convenience store robbery turns into an international incident, and a headless corpse turns up; PBO) $7.99
Costello, Peter Conan Doyle, Detective (Stories of true crimes investigated by the creator of Sherlock Holmes) $15.95
Cussler, Clive & Dirk Treasure of Khan (Dirk Pitt seeks the treasure of Xanadu in a race against a Mongolian mogul who has designs on the treasure and world domination) $27.95
Davis, Patrick A. Deception Plan (Amerasian officer Colonel John Colby searches for the truth about his adoptive past while investigating a suspicious plane crash in South Korea) $7.99
Davison, Philip A Burnable Town (Harry Fielding's former apprentice at M15 Johnny Weeks has resurfaced looking for revenge, and Harry joins forces with him against the wheels of the M15 machine) $12.50
Dereske, Jo Miss Zukas and the Stroke of Death (Reprint: Second in the series) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson A Soul of Steel (Reissue of Irene at Large ; diva-turned-detective Irene Adler matches wits with Sherlock Holmes in a hunt for a vicious and traitorous killer) $7.99
Dreyer, Eileen Sinners and Saints (Forensic nurse Chastity Burnes travels to New Orleans in the face of a looming hurricane to rescue her missing sister, and discover why women who helped her sister are dying) $6.99
Dunn, Carola Fall of a Philanderer (For Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher (14) and her husband DCI Alec Fletcher, a long-awaited seaside vacation turns into a busman's holiday when a local Lothario turns up murdered) $6.99
Fairbanks, Nancy French Fried (Carolyn Blue (9) and her husband are in Paris, and culinary delights turn deadly when a poisonous recipe appears on the local menus; French recipes included; PBO) $6.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Desperately Seeking Sushi (Madeline Bean tries to get the elderly owner of a Hollywood building to allow her to move in, and when the woman winds up dead under suspicious circumstances she investigates) $23.95
Fielding, Joy Mad River Road (An ex-con plans revenge against his wife, another man intends to visit his son, and their paths converge on Mad River Road) $7.99
Fitzhugh, Bill Heart Seizure (Reprint) $13.95
Francome, John Dead Weight (Recovering from a devastating fall, jockey Phil Nicolas investigates the murders of friends and colleagues by a racing fan whose love of the sport has turned deadly) $6.99
Gannascoli, Joseph/Kupfer, Allen C. A Meal to Die For ("Food Fence" Benny Kacoco prepares a meal for Mafia friends (recipes included) while reflecting on turning points in his life and the tentativeness of his future) $6.99
Goewey, David Crash Out (Non-fiction; story of a Hell's Kitchen kid and the bloodiest escape in Sing-Sing history) $13.95
Grafton, Sue S is for Silence (34 years ago Violet Sullivan disappeared, and now her daughter wants Kinsey Millhone to help find out what happened to her) $7.99
Graham, Michael The Snow Angel (Based on a true story, a young boy is kidnapped during the week before Christmas, and 3 detectives chase down leads as the community comes to a standstill) $23.95
Greenwood, Kerry Death at Victoria Dock (Australia; 1920's; Phryne Fisher investigates the murder of an anarchist and must go deep into a mire of bank robbery, tattoo parlors, pubs, and the anarchist movement to find the killer) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry Ruddy Gore (Phryne Fisher rescues a Chinese family while on the way to the theater, witnesses a bizarre death on stage, and tries to find the connection between the two) $14.95
Gregory, Susanna A Conspiracy of Violence (In Restoration London, Thomas Chaloner is a reluctant spy for John Thurloe; when another spy is murdered, he knows he must find the killer) $13.95
Grippando, James Got the Look (Miami attorney Jack Swyteck (5) is up against a killer so clever & diabolical that even Jack may at last have met his match) $7.99
Hagberg, David Soldier of God (CIA Director Kirk McGarvey must find the source of a new terrorist suicide bomb threat to save American schoolchildren from bombers willing to martyr themselves) $7.99
Harper, Karen The Fatal Fashione (When two garment workers are drowned in tubs of starch, Elizabeth I becomes unbending in her attempts to solve the murders while she irons out the problems of her kingdom) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Last Seen Alive (Aurora Teagarden reprint) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Champion (‘97 reprint; first in series; Lily Bard investigates when she stumbles onto the corpse of a local body-builder who was connected somehow to two unsolved murders of black residents of Shakespeare) $6.99
Harris, Thomas Hannibal Rising (The evolution of evil murderous genius Hannibal Lector; the long-awaited prequel to Silence of the Lambs ; feature film now in the test screening stage) $27.95
Hillerman, Tony The Shape Shifter (Unabridged CDs) $25.95
Howard, Linda Drop Dead Gorgeous (While planning her wedding, Blair Mallory (2) survives two attempts on her life but no one believes her so she must find the would-be killer on her own) $7.99
Iles, Greg Turning Angel (Penn Cage (2) takes on the of the murder of a young girl and his relationship with his best friend is strained when he discovers the man was having an affair with her) $9.99
Johansen, Iris On the Run (Grace Archer and her daughter, in hiding for 8 years from a stalker, have been found, and their only hope lies in a man more dangerous than their hunter) $7.99
Kaminsky, Stuart Always Say Goodbye (Lew Fonseca is convinced by his therapist to return to Chicago, and he unearths sweet and painful memories while looking for his wife's killer) $23.95
Kauffman, Scott In Deepest Consequences (Public defender Calvin Samuels defends a man accused of murdering two drug dealers, and discovers the man is not what he seems and may be the killer of another man as well) $7.99
Kellerman, Jesse Sunstroke (When her boss disappears during a Mexican vacation, loyal assistant Gloria crosses the border herself and makes shocking discoveries about her boss and herself) $7.99
Khoury, Raymond The Last Templar (The investigation of a raid on the Metropolitan Museum of Art by 4 horsemen dressed as Templars draws an archaeologist and an FBI agent together; unabridged CDs $39.95) $9.99
Knight, Alanna An Orkney Murder (Rose McQuinn, hoping to leave the grime and crime of Victorian Edinburgh behind her, visits her sister in Orkney--and becomes involved in the murder of a local woman.) $9.95
Knight, Alanna The Stuart Sapphire (In 1811, George, Prince of Wales and Prince Regent, must enlist the help of Tam Eildor to solve the murder of his mistress) $9.95
Koontz, Dean Brother Odd (Odd Thomas goes to a monastery to embrace peace and solitude, but that is shattered when a killer stalks the halls and he must confront an enemy; unabridged CDs $44.95) $27.00
Leonard, Elmore Three-Ten to Yuma (Collection of Leonard's western short stories, part of a four-book collection) $5.99
McGarrity, Michael Nothing But Trouble (Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney (10) takes a job as an advisor for a contemporary Western movie and becomes embroiled in circumstances that will change his life forever) $7.99
McNab, Claire The Dingo Dilemma (Kylie Kendall (4) is asked by her mother to keep an eye on a distant relative who has just arrived in Los Angeles, and she discovers he has a dreadful secret) $13.95
Meier, Leslie Bake Sale Murder (Part-time reporter and mother of four Lucy Stone (13) investigates when the wife of a local developer is found murdered on her kitchen floor) $22.00
Mertz, Stephen The Korean Intercept (The space shuttle Liberty crashes in North Korea, and tensions between the US and Korea escalate to the breaking point when North Korea refuses a search and rescue mission) $7.99
Mitchell, Gladys The Mystery of the Butcher's Shop (The second Mrs. Bradley mystery, first published in 1929) $14.95
Mortimer, John Rumpole and the Reign of Terror (Rumpole agrees to help a Pakastani doctor imprisoned without charge or bail accused of helping al Qaeda in plans for a terrorist attack) $24.95
O'Brien, Kevin Left for Dead (A serial killer's one surviving victim finds herself stalked yet again by a murderous madman) $4.99
O'Hehir, Diana Murder Never Forgets (Suspicious events at an assisted living facility, and her elderly and often confused father's ramblings about a dead woman on a nearby beach, lead Carla Day into a shadowy mystery) $6.99
O'Hehir, Diane Erased from Memory (Carla Day (2) and her Egyptologist father (who has Alzheimer's disease) investigate a near-murder at a museum--and Carla's father is suspect) $23.95
Parker, Barbara The Perfect Fake (Forgery of a rare 500-year-old map sparks a thrilling chase from Miami to London and the Italian Alps in a tale of international intrigue) $25.95
Parker, I.J. Black Arrow (In this Japanese historical thriller, Sugawara Akitada (4) takes over as provisional governor of a frigid northern province and must tackle an uprising and a series of murders) $13.00
Patterson, James Roses Are Red (Reprint) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #86:Oceans of Fire (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #337: Tropic Blast (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Perez-Reverte, Arturo Purity of Blood (Fearless Madrid swashbuckler Captain Alatriste (2) is hired to rescue a young Jewish hostage and concubine from a powerful priest and a conspiracy at the heart of the Spanish Inquisition) $14.00
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Sun Over Breda (Captain Alatriste rejoins his elite Cartagena regiment for the siege of Breda, & 15-year-old Ingo enlists to serve as his aide, recounting their adventures) $24.95
Prather, Richard The Peddler (Classic 1952; young mobster Tony Romero rises to the top of San Francisco’s organized prostitution racket, but his path is littered with bodies and broken dreams) $6.99
Randisi, Robert J.-ed. Greatest Hits (Collection of new stories about hit men by mystery's best authors) $15.95
Raymond, Derek He Died with His Eyes Open (Reprint: When a middle-aged alcoholic is found battered to death by the road in West London, a tough-talking cynic from the Department of Unexplained Deaths investigates) $14.95
Raymond, Derek Nightmare in the Street (Paris plainclothes cop Kleber is suspended from the police force for punching a fellow officer, and his underworld enemies seize their chance to get even) $14.95
Renee, Michelle/Cagan, Andrea Held Hostage (Non-fiction; a bank vice-president kidnapped with her daughter, taped with explosives, and ordered to rob her own bank or be blown to bits) $7.99
Richards, Emilie Let There Be Suspects (When Aggie Sloan-Wilcox's (2) despised former foster sister comes for Christmas and ends up dead, Aggie and her minister husband must find the murderer; PBO) $6.99
Roberts, David The Quality of Mercy (In 1938, a Jew is helped escape Austria to England by journalist Verity Browne, but he is murdered in London and Browne tries to track down the killer) $24.95
Ruditis, Paul Alias: Mind Games (Sydney and Marcus go undercover as big-time drug dealers to find the location of a dangerous drug lab) $6.99
Rule, Ann No Regrets (Non-fiction, Crime Files Vol. 11; stories about sociopaths and psychopaths who kill without remorse, conscience or regrets) $7.99
Scott, Michelle Saddled With Trouble (Quarter horse trainer Michaela Bancroft's husband is divorcing her, and stunned, she is trying to put her life together when her Uncle Lou is murdered & she looks for a killer; PBO) $6.99
Shannon, John The Concrete River (After losing everything, Jack Liffey's first case as a child finder becomes a fight for redemption and for life itself) $12.95
Shannon, John The Dark Streets (PI Jack Liffey (9) investigates disappearance of Korean film student and runs afoul of Homeland Security in the process) $25.00
Smith, Wilbur The Angels Weep (Third novel in the Ballantyne series: A soldier meets his destiny in a battle that will for ever scar the opposing forces) $7.99
Spring, Michelle The Night Lawyer (Ellie works the night desk for a morning tabloid in London, and her work causes her to become the target of a stalker) $24.95
Springer, Patricia And Never See Her Again (Non-fiction; convicted sex offender Richard Lee Franks, who kidnapped and murdered 6-year-old Opal Jennings) $6.99
Stabenow, Dana Blindfold Game (A CIA analyst discovers a North Korean terrorist plot, and when his warning is not heeded his only hope to stop them lies with his estranged wife, an officer on a Coast Guard cutter off Alaska) $6.99
Stewart, Mary The Gabriel Hounds (Reprint ‘67; a young English woman visits an eccentric aunt in a crumbling Lebanese castle, sets a dark sinister force in motion) $7.99
Storm, P.W. The Mercenaries: Blood Diamonds (The first in a new military series that focuses on the new warriors in the front lines - the mercenaries; PBO) $7.99
Stukas, David Biceps of Death (Gay sleuths Michael and Robert (4) investigate when Michael's super-buff trainer is murdered after giving Robert a mysterious CD-ROM) $14.00
Sturman, Jennifer The Key (Rachel Benjamin (3) is the prime suspect when a partner at her firm is poisoned, and she investigates to find the real killer) $13.95
Thurlo, Aimee and David Surrogate Evil (Cop-turned-vampire Lee Nez and FBI agent Diane Lopez investigate when a thorn in the side of Albuquerque law is murdered one day & turns up alive & well the next) $24.95
Twining, James The Black Sun (Tom Kirk follows a series of clues laid down in the last days of Nazi Germany that lead to a fabled treasure lost for a half century and finds his life in danger) $24.95
Unger, Lisa Beautiful Lies (A young New York City writer commits a good deed that has horrible consequences, leaving her running for her life) $13.95
Wilson, Derek Unquiet Spirit (A suicide victim's ghost is haunting St. Thomas College, bitterly dividing the school, and things get worse when it turns out the dead boy may have been a murder victim) $25.95


Arsenault, Mark Gravewriter (Billy Povich plans to kill the man who was at the wheel when his wife died in a car crash, when he is chosen for jury duty for a murder trial and his plans change) $23.95
Ballard, Mignon The Angel and the Jabberwocky Murders (Augusta Goodnight is having a peaceful stay in the tranquil town of Stone's Throw, SC, until girls at the college begin disappearing and she brings her sleuthing skills to bear) $23.95
Bannister, Jo Requiem for a Dealer (Broddie Farrell (6) agrees to help refresh her friend Daniel Hood's driving skills, and things take a mysterious turn after a seemingly innocuous accident leaves Daniel shaken) $23.95
Cowley, Robert-ed. The Cold War (25 essays by prominent historians covering the entire spectrum of the Cold War) $15.95
Curzon, Clare The Glass Wall (When Filipino bartender Ramon witnesses a woman being thrown from a 7th story window, Thames Valley CID Superintendent Mike Yeadings (12) and Sgt. Rosemary Zycynski lead the investigation) $23.95
Hart, Ellen Night Vision (Minneapolis amateur sleuth Jane Lawless (14) tackles the case of a film star's stalker who reemerges to taunt his victim after years of silence) $24.95
Highland, Frederick Night Falls on Damascus (Historical mystery set in the exotic world of 1930's Syria, where an explosive criminal puzzle could unravel a tenuous peace) $23.95
Iles, Greg True Evil (A doctor in Nachez, Mississippi is approached by an undercover FBI agent to help trap a divorce lawyer whose client's spouses are dying mysteriously) $25.95
McInery, Ralph The Letter Killeth (P.I. Philip Knight and his Brother Roger, a Notre Dame Catholic Studies prof, team up to investigate when an explosion rocks the quarters of the Dean of Letters) $23.95
Pyper, Andrew The Wildfire Season (When arson breaks out in the forest near the lonely town of Ross River in the Yukon and somebody contemplates murder, fire chief Miles McEwan, burn-scarred, fights his own demons as well as the fire) $23.95
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle and the Wolves (In 44 AD, Macro and Cato (4) are assigned to raise an army for the ruler of Atrebates; face a deadly plot to destroy them and their comrades) $14.95
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle's Prophecy (In 45 AD, Centurions Marco and Cato (6) are assigned to rescue an imperial agent captured by pirates who carries with him scrolls vital to the safety of the Emperor) $24.95
Schwegel, Theresa Probable Cause (Rookie Chicago cop Ray Weiss reluctantly participates in an initiation, only to find a corpse at the end of the game instead of his promised reward) $23.95
Silverling, Michael The Sorcerer's Circle (When the leader of a cult group approaches Jason Wilder & says he is about to be murdered, Jason ignores him until it comes true and he feels compelled to investigate) $23.95
Weir, Charlene Edge of Midnight (Kansas Police Chief Susan Wren (7); a woman leaves her abusive cop husband and flees to Kansas, where she finds the woman who was supposed to help her has disappeared and she must make her own way) $23.95


Abbott, Megan The Song Is You (Novelization of the case of actress Jean Spangler who disappeared on October 7, 1949) $23.00
Akunin, Boris Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog (Sister Pelagia investigates the poisoning of Monsignore Mitrofanij's sister's rare white bulldog; TPBO) $9.95
Alexander, Robt. (aka R. D. Zimmerman) Rasputin’s Daughter (Maria Rasputin recounts her infamous father’s last days–intrigue, excess, conspiracy & murder; a few signed hardcovers available) $14.00
Apodaca, Jennifer The Sex on the Beach Club Book (PI Holly Hillbay joins a book club to get the goods on a sexy womanizing bookstore owner; when one of the club members is murdered she finds herself in deeper than she expected) $14.00
Arruda, Suzanne Stalking Ivory (East Africa, 1920; Photographer Jade Del Cameron (2) discovers murder and elephant poachers and slave raiders are suspected, but she has her own suspicions) $23.00
Ashley, Mike-ed. The Mammoth Book of Perfect Crimes and Impossible... (Collection of new, unpublished and previously hard to find stories from award winning crime writers) $14.95
Ault, Sandi Wild Indigo (In Colorado, Bureau of Land Management Agent Jamaica Wild witnesses a man being trampled by stampeding buffalo and suspects more than an accident) $23.95
Baantjer, A.C. DeKok and Murder by Installment (DeKok and his partner Vledder become involved in a case where murder, drug smuggling, and child prostitution intertwine) $14.00
Baine, Jonathan Unwound (Peter Robertson's novel about a teenage prostitute made him famous, until he begins seeing an obsessed look-alike everywhere he goes and he doesn't know what she wants from him; PBO) $7.99
Band, Cindy/Malear, Julie Shattered Bonds (Non-fiction; a daughter helps in the investigation of her mother's death) $6.99
Bass, Jefferson Carved in Bone (A Body Farm Novel; a 30-year old mummified woman's corpse is discovered in a cave in the mountains of Tennessee, which discloses an explosive secret to anthropologist Bill Brockton) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Dreamer (Hamish MacBeth (21) investigates when an elderly woman with delusions that local artist Jock Fleming is in love with her is found in the mountains poisoned by hemlock) $6.99
Bennett, Ronan Zugzwang (5 CDs abridged: In 1914 St. Petersburg, a famous psychoanalyst investigates the apparently motiveless assassination of the editor of a liberal newspaper) $29.95
Birmingham, John Designated Targets (Sequel to Weapons of Choice : Alternate history that plunges a crew of modern-day military personnel back in time into the thick of WWII) $7.99
Bland, David Father Martin and the Hermitage Mystery (12th c. England; Father Martin is under pressure from King Henry of Anjou to find a killer who cuts off the heads of his victims, and may be tied to the coming invasion of Ireland) $15.95
Bodman, Karna Small Checkmate (When a young scientist develops a new technology to defend against cruise missiles, foreign agents plot to steal is, or eliminate its creator) $24.95
Booth, Stephen One Last Breath (Detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry (5) return to Derbyshire where a murderer, hiding in the local underground caverns, plots revenge) $7.50
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers (Jim Qwilleran and his cats (29) investigate a mysterious death from a bee-sting, while Moose County is in an uproar following vast inheritances; unabridged CDs $25.95) $23.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Dropped a Bomb-shell (Amidst preparations for the Pickax 150th anniversary celebration Qwill deals with, among other things, a psychic knitter who predicts murder and a couple’s mysterious disappearance) $7.99
Chabon, Michael The Yiddish Policemen's Union (In an alternate world where Alaska became the homeland of the Jews, Detective Meyer Landsman investigates the murder of a heroin-addled chess prodigy; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Chance, Jackie Death on the Flop (Belinda Cooley and her twin brother Ben go to Las Vegas for a Texas Hold 'Em tournament; when he disappears she must take his place at the table to save him; PBO) $6.99
Christie, Agatha Hickory Dickory Dock (Unabridged CDs) $27.95
Clarke, Richard Breakpoint (A sophisticated group is attacking the network of technology that binds the world's economy, and a dedicated team assembles to track the group down) $25.95
Clement, Blaize Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter (Dixie Hemingway, a top amateur sleuth and professional pet sitter in Sarasota FL, faces greyhounds, tabbies, and murder) $6.99
Coburn, Andrew Goldilocks ( ‘89 reprint; in sleepy Lawrence, MA, mob-connected Louise Baker has jilted her latest lover, Henry Witlow, who seeks revenge by setting inmotion events that could blow the town sky high) $6.99
Colley, Barbara Scrub-a-Dub-Dead (Charlotte LaRue (6) investigates when a woman is found strangled in as fancy hotel and a fellow sorority member who Charlotte believes is innocent is arrested) $22.00
Collins, Natalie Behind Closed Doors (Five years after leaving her Mormon upbringing and fiance, Jannie Fox's childhood friend vanishes, & she must confront her past to find her friend; PBO) $6.99
Cook, Thomas H. The Cloud of Unknowing (A schizophrenic boy drowns & his mother believes the father is the killer, but begins to lose touch with reality as she believes the earth as Gaia is a living witness) $23.00
Coonts, Stephen/DeFelice, Jim Deep Black: Jihad (The Deep Black team makes contact with Al Qaeda's number three man and learns the terror organization's next target: the economies of the free world; PBO) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Pale Horseman (Dispossessed nobleman Uhtred and fugitive King Alfred forge an uneasy alliance to prevent the Vikings from conquering England) $13.95
Cortez, Donn CSI Miami: Harm for the Holidays, New Fears (A cruise ship magician is accused of being a murderer and terrorist known as the Hare, and when Horatio's SUV is blown up the search for clues becomes personal) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Point Blank (FBI agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich (10) face the most explosive case of their careers, pitting them against an unstable villain with a very long memory) $7.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Valentine's Day (When a chocolate store owner is murdered, catering sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons (4) investigate) $22.00
Davidson/Esdaile/Carr Valentine's Day is Killing Me (Three stories of Valentine's Day romance and murder) $6.99
Di Fulvio, Luca The Mannequin Man (Inspector Amaldi of an unnamed Italian city deals with a rubbish strike, a stalker, a dying colleague, and a series of mutilated bodies) $14.95
Donnelly, Deborah Bride and Doom (Baseballs, bimbos, murder, and an explosive secret threaten the nuptials of wedding planner/sleuth Carnegie Kincaid (6); PBO) $6.99
Drury, Bob/Clavin, Tom Halsey's Typhoon (True account of Admiral William Halsey, how he unwittingly sailed the undefeated Pacific Fleet into the teeth of a powerful typhoon, and the ensuing Court of Inquiry) $25.00
Dugoni, Robert The Jury Master (San Francisco attorney David Sloane receives a shocking package from a White House confidant who then dies, and its contents reveals a conspiracy he must investigate) $7.99
Estleman, Loren D. Little Black Dress (Ex-hitman Peter Macklin (5) tries to settle into married life, and finds the price of retirement may be a bloody showdown with his mother-in-law's boyfriend’s gang of armed robbers) $6.99
Evans, Jimmie Ruth Best Served Cold (Mississippi waitress Wanda Nell (3) reunites with her estranged brother, but when a man’s murdered & her baby brother disappears she must find him and the real killer fast; PBO) $6.99
Folsom, Allan The Machiavelli Covenant (A secret cabal protects the prophetic lost writings of Machiavelli & seeks world domination, while 3 people try to stop them) $25.95
Frazer, Margaret The Sempster's Tale (Dame Frevisse (15) teams with a Jewish trader to recover gold from the coffers of the murdered Duke of Suffolk, but they are jeopardized when a crucified body is discovered) $7.99
Frazer, Margaret The Traitor's Tale (Dame Frevisse of St. Frisdeswide's nunnery investigates the murder of a man who carried vital information for the exiled Duke of York; signing at Uncle Edgar’s Saturday, January 6) $24.95
French, Nicci Catch Me When I Fall (A successful young businesswoman has a secret dark side, and when recklessness leads to fear and sinister threats–is she delusional, and who and what can she trust?) $24.95
Frey, Stephen The Power Broker (Young NYC high-finance dynamo Christian Gillette (3) must deal with organized crime, politicians, and a shadow organization–all with dark and twisted agendas) $7.99
Fulmer, David Rampart Street (Wealthy society men are being murdered and it is up to Creole detective Valentin St. Cyr (3) to find the killer while pressure builds on him from powerful city leaders to stop) $14.00
Fulmer, David The Dying Crapshooter's Blues (In 1920's Atlanta, professional thief Joe Rose finds himself in a three-sided puzzle involving a bad cop, a pimp, and a wicked beauty) $23.00
Gabbay, Tom The Berlin Conspiracy (In Berlin 1963, a CIA agent is given a secret message by a member of the East German Stasi about an assassination attempt on a high- ranking US government official) $7.99
Gaddis, John Lewis The Cold War (History; maps, 16 pp. photos; Winner 2006 Harry S. Truman Book Award) $16.00
Gandt, Robert Black Star Rising (Commander Brick Maxwell (6) is called upon to help the Vietnamese stave off an attempt by China to take over the land to get control of its oil; PBO) $7.99
Gardner, Lisa Gone (An abandoned car on a desolate stretch of Oregon highway is the beginning of a nightmare for ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, whose estranged wife is the missing driver) $7.99
Garwood, Julie Slow Burn (Kate MacKenna didn't have an enemy in the world, but now someone is trying to kill her, and a Boston cop is the one who stands between her and the monster who wants her dead) $7.99
Goddard, Robert Sight Unseen (17 years ago, a history student witnessed the abduction of a girl, and now Chief Inspector George Sharp has received a letter that will force him to face the truth) $12.00
Gold, Alan True Faith (Portland journalist Lou Tedesco (2) investigates when a mistrial sets free a philandering rabbi accused of killing his wife: PBO) $6.99
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu (A labor dispute gives obsessive compulsive detective Adrian Monk (3) a chance to get back on the San Francisco Police Force, but the problem is he will be a scab, and he doesn't like the sound of that; PBO) $6.99
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, Martin H-ed. The Deadly Bride (20 of the year's finest crime and mystery stories; plus award winners list, obituaries, essays, and annotated bibliography) $16.95
Graves, Sarah Trap Door (Jake Tiptree (10) uncovers an old book, sees her husband's ghost, and investigates the suicide of a local bad boy, wondering what the three incidents have in common) $22.00
Griffin, W.E.B. The Hostage (Presidential Agent Charley Castillo (2) investigates the death of an American diplomat in Argentina and the kidnapping of the diplomat’s wife, plus a scandal tying the UN to Iraq) $9.99
Griffin, W.E.B. The Hunters (Two brutal murders and millions of missing dollars lead Delta Force Major Charlie Castillo (3) and his team to Uruguay, where his suspect is murdered in front of him and Castillo must find the killers) $26.95
Hagberg, David Allah's Scorpion (A rescue attempt at Guantanamo Bay, the destruction of the Panama Canal, and nuclear missiles are only parts of an ultimate strike by al-Qaida and only Kirk McGarvey is capable of stopping it) $24.95
Haig, Brian Man in the Middle (While investigating the suicide of one of DC"s most influential defense officials, Army Major and attorney Sean Drummond (6) is torn between duty to Washington's elite and the soldiers in Iraq) $25.99
Hansen, Matthew Scott The Shadowkiller (Bigfoot wants revenge and goes on a rampage ofapocalyptic destruction) $24.00
Hess, Joan Malpractice in Maggody (The nursing home in Maggody is turned into a rehab center, and when the receptionist turns up dead Chief Arly Hanks (16) has his hands full) $6.99
Hiltbrand, David Dying to Be Famous (When the body of a popular contestant is discovered during the hit Star Maker reality show, rock and roll detective Jim McNamara (3) investigates; PBO) $6.99
Holms, Joyce Payment Deferred (Fizz gets a job as assistant to a young lawyer & pushes him to investigate the evidence that convicted a friend for child abuse) $13.95
Hunter, Jack D. The Cure (Dr. Anson Lunt dies in a suspicious plane crash just as he is developing a cure for cancer, and powerful forces conspire to control the discovery for their own profit) $7.99
Huston, Charlie No Dominion (Sequel to Already Dead : Vampyre P.I. Joe Pitt travels into Manhattan's Vampyre underworld to unearth a conspiracy that puts the entire Vampyre community at risk) $13.95
Ink, India Glossed and Found (When a bath-and-body spa’s makeup artist drowns Venus Envy’s Persia Vanderbilt (3) knows there’s more to it than meets the eye; PBO) $6.99
James, P.D. Death in Holy Orders (Reprint) $9.95
Jance, J.A. Web of Evil (Ali Reynolds (2) is fired from her job and returns to her hometown in AZ, and when her estranged husband is murdered she investigates to clear her name; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Johansen, Iris Stalemate (Eve Duncan is approached by a sinister man with a reconstruction he wants her to do, and makes her an offer she can't refuse even though the assignment could destroy her) $26.00
Kellerman, Jesse Trouble (While saving a woman being stabbed to death, a young NYC medical student kills her attacker, and receives nightmare attention from the media, police, the intended victim, and family of the dead man) $24.95
Klein, Aaron J. Striking Back (Non-fiction; the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel's deadly response) $14.95
Koryta, Michael Sorrow's Anthem (Cleveland PI Lincoln Perry (2) investigates the death of a woman who police believe was killed by Lincoln's childhood friend, and finds connections to a series of 17-year old arsons) $6.99
Larsson, Asa Sun Storm (Attorney Rebecka Martinsson returns to the Swedish town she left in disgrace years ago to help a friend find the killer of a man she once adored) $12.00
Lescroart, John The Suspect (Attorney Gina Roake is eager to take on the high-profile case of a man accused of murdering his wife, but discovers the suspect has secrets lurking in his past) $26.95
Lescroat, John The Hunt Club (P.I. Wyatt Hunt and Inspector Devin Juhle investigate the shooting of a 63-year old federal judge and his 20-something mistress) $9.99
MacKinnon, Douglas America's Last Days (A militia headed by a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a former director of the FBI plans to overthrow the government) $7.99
Markson, David Epitaph for a Tramp & Epitaph for a Deadbeat (Two Markson noir classics featuring P.I. Harry Fannin in one volume) $14.00
Martin, Andrew The Necropolis Railway (In 1903 London, Jim Stringer is working on the railway line that takes coffins from London's morgues to cemeteries, and he investigates why his predecessor disappeared) $14.00
McIntyre, Hope How to Marry a Ghost (Intrepid ghost writer Lee Bartholomew (2) returns to New York to help plan her mother's wedding and solve the murder of a competitor) $24.99
McIntyre, Hope How to Seduce a Ghost (Neurotic and fearful ghost writer Lee Bartholomew is catapulted into an arson investigation when someone begins setting fire to houses in her London Notting Hill neighborhood) $6.99
McKinty, Adrian The Dead Yard (Sequel to Dead I Well May Be : Michael Forsythe is coerced by British Intelligence to infiltrate a dangerous IRA sleeper cell in New England) $6.99
McManus, Patrick F. The Blight Way (When a dead body turns up on Batim Scragg's ranch in Blight County, Idaho, Sheriff Bo Tully investigates) $14.00
Meadows, David Dark Pacific 2: Pacific Threat (As North Korea prepares for war, the man-made island fortress Sea Base will have to prove itself under fire or perish under the depths of hostile waters; PBO) $6.99
Merritt, Bill A Fool's Gold (A story of ancient Spanish treasure, two pounds of pot, two crazy clients and the young lawyer almost left holding the bag) $14.95
Michaels, Fern Lethal Justice (The Sisterhood (6) takes on the case of a woman put in jail for a crime she didn't commit, while her former employers continue making millions conning the innocent; PBO) $6.99
Mladinich, Robert/Benson, Michael Lethal Embrace (Non-fiction; Lee Ann Riedel, who plotted to kill her husband and ended up killing the wrong man; PBO) $6.99
Mooney, Chris The Missing (Police officer Darby hunts a serial killer and discovers that he is a chilling presence from her past, and she is next on the list) $25.00
Mosley, Walter Killing Johnny Frey (When Cordell Carmel catches his girlfriend with another man, it dissolves all the boundaries he knows and he embarks on a journey of revenge and new sexuality) $23.95
Myers, Tamar Grape Expectations (Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery (14) with recipes; a couple of unprincipled outsiders plan to open a vineyard near the Mennonite community of Hernia, PA, and when the manager ends up murdered everyone is a suspect) $6.99
Navarro, Julia The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud (A fire in the Cathedral of Turin and the discovery of a body spark an investigation by the Italian Art Crimes Department of a mystery rooted in the time of the Templars) $23.00
O'Brien, Kevin Killing Spree (A twisted serial killer is on a nationwide spree, and only Seattle writer Gillian McBride sees the link to murders in Seattle years ago; PBO) $6.99
O'Connell, Carol Find Me (Word that children's graves are being found along Route 66 brings dozens of parents & NYC detective Kathy Mallory (9) joins them in a search for a killer & clues about her own past) $24.95
O'Neal/Tennyson/Watson The Missing Girls (Non-fiction; the Pacific NW disappearance of two young girls and the PI who broke the case) $6.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Sinister Shorts (19 tales of suspense) $12.00
Palmer, Stuart Nipped in the Bud (Classic 1951; Hildegarde Withers returns from retirement to help NYPD Inspector Oscar Piper with another murder case set in the background of a new industry–televison) $14.95
Parker, T. Jefferson The Fallen (San Diego cops Robbie Brownlaw & McKenzie Cortez investigate the death of an ethics investigator who uncovered too much) $7.99
Patterson, James Honeymoon (Reprint; FBI agent John O'Hara investigates the beautiful Nora Sinclair, a woman with a deadly appetite, and the strange things that happen to the people around her) $7.99
Patterson, Richard North Exile (A lawyer must defend the woman he loves against a charge of conspiring to assassinate the prime minister of Israel) $26.00
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #112: Force Lines (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #338: Nuclear Reaction (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Perdue, Lewis Perfect Killer (Neurosurgeon Brad Stone tries to expose a secret project to create a perfect killing machine, and stop a sociopath damaged by the drug from becoming President) $7.99
Pirnie, Amy (Freda Davies) Lesser Creatures (Convinced she is the target of animal rights activists after her car is blown up, journalist Sue Bennett hunts for the bombers & Special Branch becomes interested) $25.95
Reaves, Sam The Night Watch (In the summer of '69, Chicago detective Mike Dooley investigates the brutal murder of a mobster's girlfriend and is led into mob intrigue and political corruption) $26.95
Redhill, Michael Consolation (Before his death, David Hollis discovered the location of the first photos taken of Toronto, and his widow embarks on a wrenching quest to find them) $24.99
Reilly, Matthew Seven Deadly Wonders (Many groups are in a headlong race to find the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World which supposedly contain the key to absolute power, if they can be found) $7.99
Rozan, S.J. In This Rain (Three years after a child's death, a former Building Department inspector lives a broken life, when a woman's murder plunges him into a race to expose corruption) $24.00
Shane, Jack Sky Hunters: Anarchy's Reign (The elite pilots and commandos of the X-Battalion (3) must take to the skies to combat enemies inside the borders of their own country; PBO) $7.99
Simenon, Georges The Bar on the Seine (1932; include in twosome Maigret to the Rescue ) $12.00
Simenon, Georges The Hotel Majestic (1942; aka Maigret and the Hotel Majestic) $12.00 Simmons, Alex/McCay, Bill The Raven League #2: Buffalo Bill Wanted! (YA: When a policeman is attacked and Buffalo Bill is suspected, he turns to Sherlock Holmes for help) $10.99
Smith, Martin Cruz Stalin's Ghost (Detective Arkady Renko investigates sightings of the ghost of Stalin on the Moscow subway and the hoax leads him to a more frightening crime; abridged CDs $29.95) $26.95
Spanogle, Joshua Isolation Ward (A young doctor is plunged into a baffling spiral of conspiracies and deceit when he investigates the mysterious symptoms shared between three women) $6.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (YA: While hiding from her illustrious brother, Enola Holmes (2) braves the midnight streets of London to save Lady Cecily from a powerful villain) $12.99
Sprinkle, Patricia Death on the Family Tree (First in a new series set around the fascinating and sometime deadly world of family genealogy; PBO) $6.99
Stevenson, William Spymistress (Non-fiction; Vera Atkins, Great Britain's spymistress during WWII) $26.00
Stout, Rex The Final Deduction (Unabridged CDs) $27.95
Sweeney, Leann Shoot From the Lip (Sassy Texas heiress Abby Rose (4) tried to help a friend realize her dream of a reunion with her missing mother through a reality TV show, but someone has other ideas; PBO) $6.99
Temple, Lou Jane Death Du Jour (18th c. Paris; a young cook for a wealthy family investigates when her friend and mentor dies under suspicious circumstances; includes period recipes; PBO) $6.99
Thomas, Donald The Execution of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes and Watson come out of retirement to investigate the most notorious mysteries in the annals of true crime) $24.00
Thompson, Graham In the Order of Innocence (A man plans revenge against the judge and jury that convicted him of the brutal murder of his wife) $14.95
Titus, Barry The Dalai Lama Caper (Barry Titus believes he as under scrutiny from the CIA and FBI, and his Buddhism provides little relief as he plans to divulge secrets of a Washington speech-writer) $10.95
Todd, Charles A Long Shadow (New Year’s Eve 1919; Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge (8) is put on a case unlike anything he has ever encountered, as he is the hunted) $6.99
Unger, Lisa Sliver of Truth (Ridley Jones (2) picks up prints at a photo lab which put her at the nexus of a global network of crime & finds her life in danger as she hunts down a ghost) $23.00
Waldron, Ann The Princeton Imposter (When Professor McLeod Dulany’s (5) star pupil is revealed as a fake, the student who outed him is murdered and she must find a killer’s true identity; PBO) $7.99
Weir, Alison Queen Isabella (Non-fiction; 14th c. English Queen Isabella) $16.95
Whitman, John 24 Declassified: Cat's Claw (Tie-in to the popular TV show; PBO) $6.99
Woolrich, Cornell Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Noir tale of a con man struggling with his ability to see the future) $13.95
York, Christina Alias: A Touch of Death (TV tie-in; Sydney and Michael are sent to Siberia to find a bioweapon research facility of deadly proportions) $6.99


Boyne, John Crippen (In 1910, the remains of the wife of Dr. Hawley Crippen are discovered and a full-scale search for the Dr. and his mistress ensues) $13.95
Cavanagh, Thomas B. Head Games (Retired Orlando police detective Mike Garrity, who has a brain tumor he calls "Bob", looks for the lead singer of a boy band who has disappeared) $24.95
Child, Lincoln Deep Storm (Deep Storm, a spectacular research facility, is beset by bizarre illnesses after discovering Atlantis, and a doctor finds something more sinister than a medical mystery; abridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Cooper, Natasha Evil is Done (Barrister Trish Maguire’s first child-client comes back into her life, now a famous sculptor, and a violent death forces Trish to ask if he could be a killer) $24.95
Crider, Bill Murder Among the O.W.L.S. (A black cat appears on Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes’ (14) doorstep and leads him to investigate a seemingly accidental death that turns out to be no accident) $23.95
Davies, David Stuart Forests of the Night (In 1940, one-eyed London P.I. John Hawke investigates the mysterious death of a woman who led a double life, discovering a connection between her brutal murder and a fading film actor) $23.95
Deutermann, P.T. Spider Mountain (Ex-cop Cam Richter pursues a vicious gang of meth traders and baby robbers, led by one of the most evil mothers since Ma Barker, through the Smokey Mountain wilderness) $24.95
Dezenhall, Eric Spinning Dixie (Presidential Press Secretary Jonah Eastman's old flame needs his help to save her family plantation from falling into the wrong hands) $24.95
Evanovich, Janet Plum Lovin' (Stephanie Plum investigates when her friend Connie Rosolli receives two kinds of anonymous mail, love letters and hate letters; unabridged CDs or unabridged cassettes $19.95) $16.95
Fairstein, Linda Bad Blood (Alexandra Cooper discovers a strange connection between an explosion in New York's Water Tunnel #3 and the defendant in a strange murder case she is trying) $26.00
Frey, Stephen The Successor (Christian Gillette is sent on a dangerous mission to Cuba, leaving Allison Wallace in charge of Everest Capital, and both soon end up in grave danger) $24.95
Gregory, Jill/Tintori, Karen The Book of Names (Professor David Shepherd battles the Gnoseos, a sect out to kill the 36 Hidden Ones, righteous souls of each generation who according to Kabbalah keep the world from ending) $19.95
Harper, Karen The Hooded Hawke (While on a journey away from London, Elizabeth I (9) and her court are plagued by someone shooting arrows at them, and as the bodies pile up, she and young Francis Drake investigate) $23.95
Hogan, Chuck The Killing Moon (Don Maddox returns to his hometown in MA, and when a brutal murder shatters the town, he finds himself ensnared in a widespread conspiracy that threatens his life) $25.00
Johnson, Dolores Pressed to Kill (Drycleaning sleuth Mandy Dyer (8) investigates the murder of one of her customers, with only the mention of a new and mysterious boyfriend with ironed jeans to go on) $23.95
Kelly, Jim The Coldest Blood (People are freezing to death and small-town British reporter Philip Dryden (4) picks up disturbing clues that the deaths may not be accidental) $24.95
Oldham, William/Lawson, Guy The Brotherhoods (Non-fiction; two NYPD detectives who hid behind their badges while also murdering for the Mafia) $25.95
Sakey, Marcus The Blade Itself (As a young man, Chicago’s Danny Carter robbed liquor stores, but now he has put the past behind him, until his former partner reappears hoping to renew their partnership) $22.95
Stabenow, Dana A Deeper Sleep (In Nilniltna, Alaska, a man gets away with the murder of his wife, but when he kills again, PI Kate Shugak and state trooper Jim Chopin have a witness) $24.95
Thomas, Edwin Treason's River (In 1806, Lt. Martin Jerrold (3) travels to America to stop a conspiracy against Britain with the result of the war against Napoleon hanging in the balance) $24.95


Abrahams, Peter End of Story (An aspiring writer befriends a charismatic convict who lures her into a world of crime that she may not be able to escape) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood (Miss Potter's (3) new hometown of Holly How is having its share of troubles and Beatrix must work with her both human and animal friends to set things right) $6.99
Anderson, Patrick The Triumph of the Thriller (Account of how and why the thriller became the world's favorite kind of book) $24.95
Andrews, Russell Midas (Terrorists are targeting New York’s Hamptons, and local cop Justin Westwood, still haunted by the violent deaths of his wife and daughter years before, investigates) $7.99
Anscombe, Roderick The Interview Room (A prison psychiatrist is stalked by one of his outpatients - a rich family's young prince with a murderous past and an unstoppable obsession) $6.99
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea (Lori Shepard and supernatural Aunt Dimity (11) are drawn into a mystery at a fabulous restored remote Scottish island castle that may involve smuggling–or worse) $7.99
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Goes West (Aunt Dimity and Lori Sheppard (12) visit Bluebird, Colorado, and investigate a disappearance that leads them to a dark secret the entire town is covering up) $22.95
Auster, Paul Travels in the Scriptorium (A man awakens in an unfamiliar room with no memory of who he is, and is faced with a manuscript, photographs, and vaguely familiar people as he pieces together who he is) $22.00
Axler, James Outlanders: Closing the Cosmic Eye (Postapocalyse adventure) $6.50
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Maid (Hamish Macbeth investigates the dirty-dealings surrounding the murder of a local cleaning woman) $23.99
Berlinski, Claire Lion Eyes (A novelist who lives in Paris falls in love with a man over the Internet; when she travels to Iran to meet him, discovers he is not what he seemed in his e-mails) $23.95
Berry, Steve The Alexandria Link (Cotton Malone's son has been kidnapped & his bookshop attacked, sending him on a desperate quest for the lost library of Alexandria; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Bishop, Claudia Ground to a Halt (Meg and Quill (14) have a full inn of guests who can't stop fighting with each other, and when two murders occur business grinds to a halt and they must investigate; PBO) $6.99
Blauner, Peter Slipping Into Darkness (Detective Francis X. Loughlin investigates a murder with links to a 20-year old murder conviction; DNA tests reveal a shocking surprise) $7.99
Block, Lawrence Lucky at Cards (Reprint 1970 pseudononymous Block; a professional cardsharp finds himself playing for the highest stakes of his life when he sets out to frame one of his marks for murder) $6.99
Blunt, Giles By the Time You Read This (While grieving his wife's apparent suicide, Detective John Cardinal begins to suspect she was actually murdered, & comes up against a unique and ingenious killer) $19.95
Born, James O. Field of Fire (ATF agent Alex "Rocket" Duarte joins forces with a lawyer from the Department of Justice to look into a series of bombings across the country) $25.95
Britton, Andrew The American (CIA agent Ryan Kealy must track down his former protege, who has turned terrorist and plans nothing less than the total destruction of the U.S.) $6.99
Butcher, Lee Love Me or I'll Kill You (Non-fiction; Chino DeJesus, a sadistic murderer who abused young Paula Guitierrez and forced her to commit a bank robbery with him; PBO) $6.99
Byars, Betsy King of Murder (YA: Herculeah Jones meets a famous mystery author and she wonders if he is responsible for real-life murders) $5.99
Cataldie, Louis M.D. Coroner's Journal (The coroner from Baton Rouge,LA, tells of the unusual cases he has handled, including experiences during Hurricane Katrina) $14.00
Childs, Craig House of Rain (Non-fiction; the Anasazi people and their disappearance in the 13th century) $24.99
Christie, Agatha Sparkling Cyanide (Unabridged CDs) $29.95
Coman, Carolyn The Big House (When their parents are sent to prison for embezzlement, Ivy and Ray try to find a way to free them) $6.99
Conant-Park, Jessica/Conant, Susan Steamed (Food connoisseur Chloe Carter accepts an online date with "Dinner Dude", who is then inconveniently murdered in the restaurant, and she falls in love with the prime suspect) $6.99
Conde, Maryse The Story of the Cannibal Woman (Set in Cape Town, after her husband's murder, Rosalie decides to take advantage of her clairvoyant gifts and uses them to seek her husband's killer) $24.00
Connor, Beverly Dead Past (Forensic investigator Diane Fallon (4) helps a woman who has repressed memories of witnessing a murder and being brutalized by the killer, when her memories return) $7.99
Coyle, Harold/Tillman, Barrett Pandora's Legion (Strategic Solutions, a private paramilitary organization, is called upon to stop the latest strike from al-Qaida, people infected with a deadly virus sent to infect US cities) $24.95
Crais, Robert The Two Minute Rule (Max Holman's police officer son is gunned down the night before Max's release from prison, and Max seeks revenge) $7.99
Crais, Robert The Watchman (Joe Pike and a spoiled rich girl who is a federal witness against the mob, come under intense fire and enlist the help of Elvis Cole to save them from a bevy of enemies) $25.95
Dickinson, David Death on the Nevskii Prospekt (Lord Powerscourt travels to St. Petersburg, Russia, where a British diplomat has been murdered, his throat slashed on the Nevskii Prospekt) $24.95
Dugoni, Robert Damage Control (Seattle attorney Dana Hill's brother is murdered and she is diagnosed with breast cancer, and while other bodies turn up she discovers connections to a phony cop) $24.99
Durham, Laura To Love and To Perish (Someone is murdering Washington D.C.'s top wedding planners and Annabelle Archer (3) investigates; PBO) $6.99
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund (Plus-sized Manhattan P.I. Desiree Shapiro (14) investigates when a kidney donor is murdered the day before the operation, and the potential recipient commits suicide; PBO) $6.99
Eubanks, Steve Hot Laps (First of a compelling crime thriller series featuring Robert "Redball" Redding and set in the world of stock car racing; PBO) $6.99
Fairstein, Linda Death Dance (Alex Cooper teams up with Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace to investigate the disappearance of world-famous dancer Naralya Galinove from Lincoln Center during a performance) $9.99
Fluke, Joanne Cherry Cheesecake Murder (A Hollywood film crew comes to Lake Eden and when the action turns deadly Hannah Swensen (8) investigates, includes 10 recipes) $6.99
Franklin, Ariana (Diana Norman) Mistress of the Art of Death (In medieval Cambridge, England, four children are murdered, the Jews are blamed, and a young medical prodigy who turns out to be a woman is called on to prove their innocence; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Gardner, Lisa Hide (Annabelle Mary Granger reads of her own death in a newspaper, which leads her to a homicide detective who sees similarities with another case and evidence of a killer at work) $25.00
Glenn, Roy Outlaw (Mike Black has been framed for the murder of his wife, and Nick Simmons, lawyer Wando Moore, and Detective Kirkland must work together to find the real killer; TPBO) $14.95
Gran, Sara Dope (Former addict Josephine is offered $1000 to find a couple's missing daughter and the hunt takes her back into the underbelly of New York she thought she's escaped) $14.00
Haddam, Jane Hardscrabble Road (An arrested right-wing Philadelphia radio host implicates a homeless man in drug buys, and when the man sues then disappears, retired FBI agent Gregor Demarkian (20) investigates) $6.99
Hamilton, Lyn The Orkney Scroll (A scam involving a fake Mackintosh writing cabinet - and murder - has antiques dealer Lara McClintoch traveling to Scotland's Orkney Islands) $7.99
Hammett, Dashiell The Crime Wave (Collected non-fiction of Hammett) $24.95
Hansen, Ron The Assassination of Jesse James (Movie Tie-In: Novelization of the assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford) $7.99
Hunter, Stephen/Bainbridge, John Jr. American Gunfight (Non-fiction; the plot to kill Harry Truman and the shoot-out that stopped it) $15.00
Jackson/Barton/Staub Most Likely to Die (Collaborative novel; 20 years after Jake Marcott was brutally murdered at St. Elizabeth High School, three women are marked for revenge and death at the 20-year reunion) $7.99
Jacobs, Jonnie The Next Victim (Attorney Kali O'Brien's brother was the lead suspect in the murder of two Tucson women when he died, apparently a suicide, and Kali tries to clear his name) $19.95
Johnston, Linda O. Meow is for Murder (Pet-sitter Kendra Ballantyne (4) agrees to help when her boyfriend's exwife Amanda's stalker turns up dead in Amanda's home) $6.99
Jordan, R.T. Remains to be Scene (Showbiz legend Polly Pepper loses a part to a longtime rival, who is then murdered; Polly investigates, finding a long list of suspects who weren't sorry to see her go) $22.00
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Denial (Lew Fonesca (4) looks into a murder at an old age home, and the hit and run death of a 14 year-old boy and finds threads that tie the two cases together) $6.99
Kerley, Jack A Garden of Vipers (When a young reporter is viciously murdered, Mobile detectives Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus investigate, and things become personal when Ryder is abducted) $7.99
Kirton, Bill Material Evidence (D.C.I. Carston, newly arrived in a small town near Aberdeen Scotland, must solve the enigma of Stephanie Burnham's personality before he can solve her murder) $13.95
Krentz, Jayne Ann All Night Long (After 17 years, Irene Stenson goes home to investigate her parents' deaths and encounters a nightmare more terrifying than she could ever have imagined) $7.99
Landay, William The Strangler (In 1963 Boston, three brothers, a cop, a prosecutor, and a master thief, each deal with their family's lethal secrets when the Boston Strangler strikes too close to home) $24.00
Langley-Hawthorne, Clare Consequences of Sin (In Edwardian England, young heiress Ursula Marlow investigates the murder of her friend's lover and reveals troubling questions about her own father's connection to the victim) $22.95
Lansdale, Joe R Lost Echoes (Harry Wilkes sees visions of murder, and meets a sensei who will help him control his gift and help his childhood crush solve her father's murder; TPBO) $13.95
Larsson, Asa The Blood Spilt (In Sweden's midsummer, the murder of a female priest sends shock waves through the community, and attorney Rebecka Martinsson is drawn into the mystery) $22.00
Lawrence, Lisa Strip Poker (Strip poker is a new craze in London's elite, and when someone blackmails Britain's most prominent black female politician, sometime sleuth Teresa Knight investigates) $13.00
Leonard, Elmore Trail of the Apache & Other Stories (Collection of Leonard's western short stories) $5.99
Leoni, Giulio The Mosaic Crimes (In 1300 Florence, Dante Alishieri, newly appointed prior and future author The Inferno , investigates the death of an artist, part of a group of artists with mysterious purpose) $25.00
Liss, David The Ethical Assassin (17-year old Lem Atlick witnesses a double-murder and is seen by the killer, and must descend into a bizarre world of desperate animal rights activists and vigilantes) $13.95
MacLarty, Jay Choke Point (To forge a trade alliance, Simon Leonidovich (4) is asked to return a priceless artifact to China, and there are many who would like him to fail; PBO) $7.99
Mann, Robert/Williamson, Miryam Forensic Detective (Non-fiction; story of one of the world's most famous forensic anthropologists) $14.95
Marberg, Peg Faux Finished (Interior designer Jean Hastings and her daughter Jean Jr, owners of Designer Jeans, find their keen eyes also come in handy for interpreting sinister designs; PBO) $6.99
Martinez, Michele The Finishing School (A determined young lawyer travels to the privileged world of Manhattan prep schools & downtown clubs in her quest for a clever and scary killer) $7.99
Matar, Hisham In the Country of Men (In 1979 Libya, a young boy is confronted with the private fall out of a public nightmare when his friend's father disappears and is next seen interrogated on state television) $22.00
McBride, Susan Night of the Living Deb (Ex-debutante Andy Kedricks (4) follows a cold lead into a hot Dallas strip club; PBO) $6.99
McGrory, Brian Strangled (Journalist Jack Flynn (4) receives letters from a serial killer whose work resembles that of the Boston Strangler and gets little help from the police as he investigates) $25.00
Miscione, Lisa Smoke (A former writing student of Lydia Strong (4) has vanished after calling her for help, and it's up to Lydia to follow the woman's trail to an organization named The New Day) $6.99
Mosse, Kate Labyrinth (A volunteer at an architectural dig stumbles on two crumbling skeletons, writings on the wall and the pattern of a labyrinth connected to an 800-year old brutal crusade; British Book Award Best Novel) $15.00
Myers, Tamar Hell Hath No Curry (A coroner’s report turns scandal to foul play–could a woman scorned be a murderer? Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery (15) with 6 recipes) $21.95
Novak, Brenda Dead Giveaway (The Reverend Lee Barker has been missing for 19 years, and the people of Stillwater, Mississippi believe he was murdered by his stepson; the family knows but is not talking) $6.99
Parker, Robert B. High Profile (When the body of a controversial talk-show host is found hanging from a tree on the outskirts of Paradise, police chief Jesse Stone (6) finds himself in a very public case; unabridged cassettes $25.95, unabridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Patterson, James/Ledwidge, Michael Step on a Crack (During a funeral for a former first lady, terrorists bust in and take the mourners hostage, and NYPD officer Michael Bennett is pulled in as lead negotiator) $27.99
Pawel, Rebecca The Summer Snow (Guardia Civil Lieutenant Tejada (4) is torn between the claims of family and duty when his grandaunt is murdered and the prime suspect is his father) $12.00
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #87: Extreme Arsenal (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #339: Deadly Contact (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pistone, Joe Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business (Complete account of the FBI'a greatest Mafia sting, with new details not revealed before now due to pending trials) $22.95
Robb, J.D. (Nora Roberts) Innocent in Death (In a future NYC, Lt. Eve Dallas hunts for the killer of a seemingly ordinary history teacher and uncovers some extraordinary surprises) $25.95
Roberts, Gillian All's Well That Ends (Final Amanda Pepper mystery: An eccentric local woman dies seemingly by her own hand, but Amanda suspects differently) $23.95
Rose, Karen Count to Ten (Veteran firefighter and investigator Reed Solliday teams up with homicide detective Mia Mitchell to hunt down an arsonist whose work has resulted in murder; PBO) $6.99
Russell, Alan Shame (Caleb is the son of executed serial killer Gray Parker, and when bodies turn up bearing his father's usual marks, all evidence points to Caleb and even he believes he's guilty) $7.99
Sasser, Charles W. OSS Commando: Final Option (Capt. James Cantrell, a member of the elite OSS, is charged with protecting the Allied D-Day plans from German spies in this thriller set in 1944 Britain and France; PBO) $7.99
Scottoline, Lisa Dirty Blonde (Stand-alone thriller that features a female judge who gets into trouble when the defendant in a high-profile lawsuit is killed) $7.99
Skibbins, David High Priestess (Berkeley tarot card reader Warren Ritter (2) is forced by a man from his past to investigate the murders of two members of the "Church of Satan" and winds up in danger himself) $6.99
Spiegelman, Peter Red Cat ( Black sheep of his family P.I. Jophn Law is surprised when his brother hires him to get a woman he met on the Internet and proceeded to stalk him out of his life) $22.95
Sprinkle, Patricia Guess Who's Coming to Die? (MacLaren Yarbrough (7) is invited to join the Magnolia Ladies' Investment Club, and at her first meeting the club president is murdered in the bathroom and all are suspects) $6.99
Stone, David The Echelon Vendetta (When a CIA agent dies in a Tuscan town and his family is slaughtered in London, Micah Dalton travels to the American West determined to find the killer) $25.95
Stout, Rex The Rex Stout Reader (Single volume reissue Her Forbidden Knight and A Prize for Princes ) $16.95
Stunell, Linda G. Women Out of Control (Non-fiction; how the "girls next door" became some of the world's most notorious criminals;TPBO) $14.95
Tishy, Cecilia All in One Piece (Boston psychic-sleuth Reggie Cutter (2) is the prime suspect when her neighbor is murdered and must use her abilities to clear her name) $6.99
Van Patten, Vince/Randisi, Robert The Picasso Flop (Poker expert Jimmy Spain agrees to mentor a girl in the high-stakes game of Texas Hold 'Em, and when a fellow player is found dead suspicion falls on the duo) $24.99
Vining, Dan The Next (Sequel to The Quick : P.I. Jimmy Miles trails Lucy, member of a strange and murderous group called the Sailors, and deals with his own past while tracking them down) $7.99
Walters, Minette The Dark Room (Reprint) $12.95
Walters, Minette The Echo (Reprint) $12.95
White, Jenny The Sultan's Seal (Set in 19th century Istanbul, characters are caught between East and West, Islam and Christianity, and bound in a web of murder and treachery) $14.95
Wilkes, Roger The Mammoth Book of Crime Scene Investigation (Over 30 fascinating true modern cases of forensic detective work) $14.95
Wilson, Leah-ed. Perfectly Plum (Anthology of essays about Janet Evanovich's character Stephanie Plum) $17.95
Wyler, Allen Dead Head (Brain surgeon Russell Lawton is abducted by terrorists and must perform a seemingly impossible surgery to further their plans or his daughter will be buried alive) $7.99
Wynn, Patricia Motive from the Deed (In 1715, Mrs. Kean and earl-turned highwayman Blue Satan (3) help her brother who is in Newgate prison accused of murder) $25.95
Yenne, Bill Raptor Force: Holy Fire (Raptor Force (2) must stop the fanatical new Sultan of Brunei from performing a nightmarish biological attack of San Francisco; PBO) $7.99


Aird, Catherine A Most Contagious Game (Reprint ‘67; a bored and retired London businessman buys a Tudor mansion and when he finds a 150-year-old skeleton in a secret room sets out to solve murders old-- and new) $14.95
Allen, Conrad Murder on the Celtic (Ship's detectives George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield have the pleasure of crossing the Atlantic with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and when they encounter an array of crimes will the writer help or hinder them?) $23.95
Biddle, Cordelia Francis The Conjurer (In 1842 Philadelphia, Martha Beale searches for her missing father, and also helps Thomas Kelman investigate several ritual slayings until a devious killer comes between them) $23.95
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Suddenly A Stranger (Detective Marti MacAlister (14) investigates the murder of former boss Gail Nicholson, who was helping meth dealers at the time of her death) $23.95
Bohjalian, Chris The Double Bind (Laurel Estabrook discovers a cache of hidden photos in the effects of a dead man which leads her into a cat and mouse game with pursuers who claim they want to save her) $25.00
Borthwick, J.S. Foiled Again (Sarah Deane (13) is helping out with the Bowmouth College production of Romeo and Juliet, and when a faculty member is injured and a student killed, she investigates) $24.95
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Reprint) $9.95
Dixon, Keith The Art of Losing (An independent filmmaker’s financial problems lead him to the world of gambling and an attempt to fix a horse race, with life-threatening results) $23.95
Earle, Peter The Sack of Panama (Non-fiction; Pirate Captain Henry Morgan's capture of Panama) $25.95
Eriksson, Kjell The Princess of Burundi (A week before Christmas a small Swedish town is rocked by the murder of a local family man, and detectives, led by a very pregnant Ann Lindell, investigate) $11.95
Haines, Carolyn Fever Moon (In 1944 Louisiana, panic ensues when a plantation owner is eviscerated and a woman who claims to be a Cajun loup garou is found by the body by Deputy Raymond Thibodeaux and he’s determined to prove she’s been framed) $23.95
Hockensmith, Steve Holmes on the Range (In 1893 Montana, when a cowhand is found in an outhouse with a bullet in his brain, Big Red and Old Red, two Sherlock Holmes fans, use "deducifyin" skills to investigate) $12.95
Hockensmith, Steve On the Wrong Track (Big Red & Old Red (2) sign on to guard the Pacific Express through the Sierras to San Francisco with a baggage car full of secrets and a killer hidden amongst the passengers; some signed copies expected) $23.95
Isaacs, Susan Past Perfect (Former CIA agent turned TV writer is contacted by a former colleague asking for help and she finds herself back in the game) $25.00
Jafarzadeh, Alireza The Iran Threat (Non-fiction; the inner workings and nightmare visions of Iran's militant regime from the insider who blew the whistle on its nuclear program) $24.95
Kaplan, Janice Looks to Die For (When her plastic surgeon husband is accused of murder, Lacy Fields, decorator to the stars, discovers she has a keen instinct for hunting down killers) $24.00
Kellogg, Marne Davis Perfect (Kick Keswick, jewel expert and secret jewel thief, is asked to investigate when the personal jewels of the Queen of England go missing) $13.95
May, Peter The Fourth Sacrifice (American forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell and Chinese police detective Li Yau (2) investigate an outbreak of gruesome murders in Beijing) $24.95
McDermid, Val The Grave Tattoo (William Woodsworth Specialist Jane Gresham searches for a missing manuscript connecting him to the mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty and death follows hard on her heels; some signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $44.95) $24.95
Morris, Bob Bermuda Schwartz (When his tax-free offshore millions disappear, Zack Chasteen and his inscrutable associate Boggy travel to Bermuda with Zack's ladylove, and crosses paths with a secret sect of religious zealots completing a 2,000 year old bloody quest) $23.95
Palmer, Michael The Fifth Vial (A kidnapped medical student, a medical genius with a fatal illness, and a Chicago detective, will learn who has the blood samples people routinely give and their importance) $25.95
Pastor, Ben The Water Thief (In 304 AD, historian Aelius Spartianus searches for the tomb of Emperor Hadrian's favorite Antinous and the document hidden within it that people in his own day will kill for) $23.95
Reiss, R. Scott Black Monday (An oil-eating microbe destroys all gas-operated machines and chaos ensues) $25.00
Skibbins, David The Star (Warren Ritter (3) helps his daughter Fran whose ex has kidnapped their son, and when the ex is murdered Fran becomes the prime suspect) $23.95
Sundstrand, David Shadow of the Raven (Francisco Flynn, officer in Land Management on the Mojave Desert, investigates an ominous connection between animal and human deaths and the appearances and disappearances of a man on a Harley) $24.95
Vantrease, Brenda Rickman The Mercy Seller (In 15th century France, a priest is spying for the church when he encounters Anna, a young girl who helps her grandfather illuminate books illegally) $24.95

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