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Newsletter #74 June - August, 2006



Baldwin, Ev Journey Home (Sequel to Exile's Journey ; small-press fantasy by Minnesota author, signed) $14.95
Barry, Dave/Pearson, Ridley Peter and the Starcatchers (An orphan boy and his friend fight bands of pirates in a quest to keep safe a fantastical secret and save the world from evil) $7.99
Benz, Derek/Lewis, J. S. The Revenge of the Shadow King (Young adult fantasy set in a small town in Minnesota based on the Minnesota home-town one of the authors) $10.99
Blackston, Daniel E. ed Sages and Swords (Collection of 13 fantasy stories by popular and critically acclaimed fantasy writers) $14.95
Cadnum, Michael Can't Catch Me (Award_winning author uses unexpected points of view to deftly twist the themes of classic folk tales) $14.95
Cowell, Cressida How to Speak Dragonese (Sequel to How to Be a Pirate : Haddock's loyal dragon has been captured and he must prove himself a Viking hero to the Tribe of Hairy Hooligans) $10.99
Drake/Flint/Baen-ed. The World Turned Upside Down (Collection of stories from the '30s to the 60's which had a strong impact on the editors) $15.00
Ford, Jeffrey The Empire of Ice Cream (Collection of short fiction by Ford) $24.95
Garner, Alan The Owl Service (Two kids discover that the flowery patterns on some old plates can create owls, and every time one is created strange things happen) $6.95
Gingrich, Newt/Forstchen, William R. Never Call Retreat (Alternate history where the South has won Gettysburg and now Lee faces Grant in one more battle that will decide the outcome of the war) $14.95
Golds, Arlene From Dream to Dream (Wrenched from her home, Drew finds herself in a nightmare landscape where monstrous creatures pursue her and she finds her dreams have the power to change reality) $25.00
Heri, Sesh Wonder of the World (Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla travel from the Chicago World's Fair to an angry red planet to take on a mad emperor) $17.95
Keesey, Pam-ed. Daughters of Darkness (Collection of lesbian vampire tales; reprint) $14.95
Kotzwinkle, William The Amphora Project (A project meant to unlock the secret of immortality goes wrong and a bizarre cast of characters tries to stop the scientists before humanity is doomed) $13.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Calamity's Child (Signed chapbook with 1 Liaden short story, 1 non-Liaden short story) $10.00
LeGuin, Ursula K. Gifts (In a desolate land, people have gifts of strange powers, and two children refuse to use theirs, with consequences for everyone) $7.95
Miller, John J. Death Draws Fire (novel set in George R.R.Martin's Wild Cards universe) $22.95
Murphy, Andrew Steel Sky (The survivors of the last global disaster live in an underground city, and as tensions begin to boil the Winnower is dispatched to rid the city of sinners) $24.95
Nicholson, William Seeker (Book One of the Noble Warriors: When his brother is exiled, Seeker sets off on a journey to rescue him and find out what really happened) $17.00
Resnick, Mike Oracle (A woman with awesome psychic talent is caught in a deadly cat_and_mouse game with a bounty hunter, a government agent, and an outlaw cyborg) $14.95
Savile, Steven/Kontis, Alethea-ed. Elemental: The Tsunami Relief Anthology (Original fantasy & SF stories donated by writers to help the 2004 tsunami recovery efforts) $13.95
Shan, Darren Cirque Du Freak: Killers of the Dawn (Cirque Du Freak #9: The hunters are on the run, pursued by the vampaneze, the police and an angry mob) $7.99
Shan, Darren Cirque Du Freak: Lord of the Shadows (Cirque Du Freak #11) $15.99
Shepard, Lucius The Golden (In 1860, vampires have created a mortal with perfect blood called The Golden, and when he is brutally murdered, Inspector Michael Beheim, a recent vampire, investigates; reprint) $14.95
Sullivan, Kathy Talking to Trees (Sequel to The Crystal Throne ; a green-haired girl appears out of mid-air in the shopping mall and asks Jody for help finding a wizard or a demon-slayer; Jody is now trapped in a world with no malls, but her brother tries to help her) $13.50
Vinge, Vernor Rainbows End (Set in the near future, a family struggles to deal with the technological advances of the first quarter of the 21st century) $25.95
Vivant, Sage/Christian, M.-ed. Garden of the Perverse (Naughty fairy tales for adults) $15.95
Wellington, David Monster Island (The Zombie masses have taken over the world, and only a heavily armed group of schoolgirls_turned soldiers led by a zombie who has retained his human intelligence can save it) $13.95
Wrede, Patricia/Stevermer, Caroline The Grand Tour (Two newlywed couples travel to the Continent, and as strange things happen, they discover a magical plot to take over Europe) $6.95
Zahn, Timothy Blackcollar: The Judas Solution (Damon Lathe and his blackcollar team try to find a way into a Ryqril tactical center which could tip the balance in the Ryqril_Chryselli war and free humanity) $25.00
Zahn, Timothy The Cobra Trilogy (Omnibus edition; The Cobras are a guerilla force with surgically implanted weapons created by Earth to fight the Troft forces) $14.00
Zebrowski, George Black Pockets and Other Dark Thoughts (Collection of horror stories by Zebrowski) $24.95


Pulp Fiction Journal (Blank book with a pulp fiction cover) $10.95
Pulp Fiction Notecards (Collection of 16 cards with pulp fiction cover designs) $12.00
Adams, Douglas Life, the Universe, and Everything (5 CDs unabridged: Third novel in the famed Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy series) $29.95
Adams, Douglas The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (5 CDs unabridged: The second volume in Adams famed series, The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy) $29.95
Akamatsu, Ken Negima! Volume 10: Magister Negi Magi (Manga) $10.95
Allston, Aaron Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Betrayal (Luke Skywalker is plagued by visions of an approaching darkness as planetary interests threaten to disrupt a time of peace) $25.95
Anderson, Kevin J. Scattered Suns (Saga of the Seven Suns #4: Can mankind and the Ildirans overcome their own internal fighting to face a deadly new enemy?) $6.99
Anderson, Kevin J/Moesta, Rebecca Crystal Doors (14_year old cousins are transported through a magical door to the island of Elantya and have adventures in the magical land) $15.99
Armintrout, Jennifer Burning (Dr Carrie Ames is attacked by a patient and is turned into a vampire, and she must make a choice between humanity and becoming a monster) $6.99
Ash, Sarah Children of the Serpent Gates (Conclusion to the Tears of Artamon: Gavril Nagarian seeks to control the five princedoms, while rivals unite in hopes of destroying him) $7.50
Ashly, Mike-ed. The Mammoth Book of Extreme Science Fiction (Collection of 25 stories of hard science fiction that push the boundaries of the genre) $13.95
Asimov, Janet J. Notes for a Memoir (Series of thought_provoking musings about imagination and writing by the wife of Isaac Asimov) $25.00
Baker, Richard Final Gate (The Last Mythal Book 3: Chronicles the tempestuous return of an isolated society of elves to the mainland of the Forgotten Realms world) $6.99
Bangs, Nina Wicked Pleasure (A demon of desire trapped in an eternal existence of sexual enslavement, is driven to distraction by sexy demon hunter Kim Vaughn) $14.00
Bray, Patricia The First Betrayal (A humble monk discovers that his secret past may be the reason for a warring future) $6.99
Brin, David/Stover, Matthew-ed. Star Wars on Trial (Science fiction and fantasy writers debate the most popular science fiction films of all time) $17.95
Bujold, Lois McMaster The Hallowed Hunt (To save the kingdom from falling into malevolent hands, Lord Ingrey kin Wolfcliff must solve the murder of an exiled prince and treachery complicates his mission) $7.99
Butcher, William Jules Verne (Biography of the famed writer) $28.00
Byng, Georgia Molly Moon Stops the World (Orphan Molly Moon takes on Hollywood, sinister billionaires, and discovers a stunning new talent of her own) $6.99
Chance, Karen Touch the Dark (Cassie Palmer goes to the vampire senate for protection against a blood_sucking Mafioso, and they ask a high price for their help; PBO) $6.99
Carey, Jaqueline Kushiel's Scion (Prince of Terre d'Ange has the power to deliver exquisite pain to others, and must learn Blessed Elua's precept of love and use his power wisely) $26.95
Cash, Steve Time Dancers (The Meq Book 2: The Meq are gathering for the Time of Remembering, but one's desire is to wipe his people off the face of the Earth) $14.95
Clamp xxxholic Volume 7 (Manga) $10.95
Cox, Greg To Reign in Hell (Spanning the 15 years between the original episode Space Seed and the Wrath of Khan, fills in the story of Star Trek's most infamous villain) $7.99
Daniels, Casey Don of the Dead (First book in a supernatural mystery series featuring Pepper Martin, a cemetery tour guide enlisted by the deceased denizens to investigate their suspicious deaths) $6.99
David, Peter Fall of Knight (Former President Arthur Penn reveals his true identity as King Arthur, and the existence of the Holy Grail to the world, and the sick overwhelm him with requests for healing) $24.95
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unpopular (With her birthday coming up, Betsy faces the powerful European vampires who come to pay their respects; signing at Uncle Hugo's Saturday, June 17) $22.95
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unreturnable (While Queen of the Vampires Betsy Taylor plans her wedding, ghosts demand her help in rectifying past mistakes and a serial killer is on the loose targeting tall blonde women) $6.99
Davidson/Alongi Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light (Weredragon Jennifer Scales must prove to both the weredragons and the beaststalkers that both sides can live in harmony despite suspicious deaths causing tension) $9.99
Davis, Jim Garfield at the Movies (The fat cat takes a look at the movies) $11.95
Di Filippo, Paul Shuteye for the Timebroker (Collection of new sf and fantasy stories) $14.95
Fisher, Catherine Day of the Scarab (Oracle Prophecies Book 3: The Archon returns from his journey to the Well of Songs to find the Nine are scattered and General Argelin has seized power) $16.99
Fisher, Catherine The Sphere of Secrets (Oracle Prophecies Book 2: To save Two Lands, Alexos sets out on a journey for the Well of songs with only a silver sphere to guide him) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean The Light_Years Beneath My Feet (Taken Trilogy Book 2: The intergalactic road trip of a human abducted by aliens and his talking dog buddy continues) $6.99
Fujisaku, Junichi Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Volume 1 (Major Kunasagi fights a band of terrorists who take over the minds and bodies of innocent victims to use as tools to commit their acts of terror) $9.95
Gilman, Laura Anne Staying Dead (In an altered New York City, electricity is power for some, but Wren is less fortunate, and must rely on limited power as she uses her skills to track down a powerful ghost) $6.99
Grayson, Devon DC Universe: Inheritance (Batman, Green Arrow and Aquaman join forces to stop Deathstroke from assassinating the son of a visiting Quarac dignitary) $6.99
Green, Simon R. Swords of Haven (Omnibus reprint; three adventures of Hawk and Fisher, battle_scarred crime_busters of the sinister city of Haven) $15.00
Greenberg, Martin/Hughes, Kerrie-ed. Children of Magic (17 new stories about children born with the gift of magic) $7.99
Gresh, Lois H. The Ultimate Eragon Guide (Guide to the Inheritance Series, hidden facts behind the world of Alagaesia) $11.95
Harrison, Harry Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers (Reissue: Two college students develop a faster_than_light space drive and are accidentally hurtled toward Titan, becoming embroiled in a vast intergalactic battle) $14.95
Hartwell, David/Cramer, Kathryn-ed. Year's Best SF 11 (Best short SF fiction of 2005; PBO) $7.99
Helfers, John/Little, Denise The Valdemar Companion (Reader's guide to Mercedes Lackey's world of Valdemar) $7.99
Hoobler, Dorothy & Tom The Monsters (The true story of the real_life characters surrounding the creation of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and the strange curse that followed nearly everyone involved in its creation) $24.95
Huff, Tanya Smoke and Ashes (Fledgling wizard Tony is also an assistant director for a TV show about vampires, but it is hard to concentrate when a Demonic Convergence is allowing demons into our world) $24.95
Huff, Tanya Smoke and Mirrors (When Tony and his TV crew find themselves shooting in an actual haunted house, all hell (literally) breaks loose) $7.99
Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Crusade (Dark Series Book 4: Rebellious space commodore Jack Lappierre leads a zor_human alliance against the alien menace) $7.99
Jakober, Marie Only Call Us Faithful (Novel based on the life of a Richmond woman who stayed faithful to the Union and worked as a spy during the Civil War) $14.95
Kaufman, Lloyd/Jahnke, Adam The Toxic Avenger (Novel based on the cult character who has starred in four movies, comic books, a Saturday morning cartoon series , and more) $14.95
Kelleher, Anne Silver's Lure (Catrione, a gifted Druid, knows that the realms of Shadowland face gravest danger from the goblin hordes and only the silver Caul can save them) $14.95
Kelly, James/Kessel, John-ed. Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology (Collection of convention_defying tales set in vivid and disorienting dreamscapes that offer no distinction between reality and hallucination) $14.95
Kenner, Julie California Demon (After 14 years as a suburban housewife, retired demon hunter Kate Connor returns to the workforce fending off demon attacks) $14.00
Ketchum, Jack Off Season (A New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin in Maine, not knowing that nearby lives a savage human family with a taste for blood) $6.99
King, Stephen The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah (Susannah Dean's body has been taken over by demon_mother Mia, and Jake, Father Callahan, and Oy try to save her from giving birth to a demon_child who will be the Crimson King) $9.99
King, Tabitha.McDowell, Michael Candles Burning (Southern gothic ghost novel of murder, guilt, innocence, corruption and survival, finished by King after McDowell's death in 1999) $24.95
Knight, E.E. Valentine's Exile (Vampire Earth #5: After dealing the vampire aliens their first defeat, resistance member David Valentine discovers a dangerous enemy in his own ranks) $23.95
Kobayashi, Jin School Rumble Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
LeBlanc, Deborah A House Divided (A Louisiana house split in two to move it and sold to two families, has something angry inside that wants the house back together) $6.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Balance of Trade (Terran Jethri Gobelyn is apprenticed to a Liaden ship and becomes a pawn in a deadly game that may destroy all he holds dear) $7.99
Lindskold, Jane Child of a Rainless Year (Mira Fenn travels to New Mexico to try and learn about the strange circumstances of her adoption and discovers the house she lived in contains power and appears to be waking up) $7.99
Little, Judith A.-ed. Feminist Philosophy and Science Fiction (Collection of SF stories which acquaints the reader with cutting edge gender controversies in moral and political philosophies) $24.00
Llywelyn, Morgan The Greener Shore (Sequel to Druids : Ainvar's wife, Briga, helps reestablish Ainvar's clan in their new homeland of Hibernia and uses her own Druidic powers to overcome all obstacles) $24.95
Maberry, Jonathan Ghost Road Blues (A month before the big Halloween festival, unspeakable evil descends on the sleepy town of Pine Deep, PA) $6.99
Mariotte, Jeff Dawn of the Ice Bear (Kral searches for the holy relic that could save his people, and the enraged Picts wage a war against King Conan) $6.99
Massey, Brandon Twisted Tales (Collection of horror stories by Massey) $6.99
McKillip, Patricia A. Od Magic (The Wizard Od recruits a gardener with a magical green thumb, and no one realizes this gardener has other talents Od wants to nurture and use) $14.00
Mitchell, Syne Last Mortal Man (Nano_biology has created an immortal race, but when a new technology attacks it only the creator's estranged grandson can save humanity) $6.99
Niles, Douglas The Crown and the Sword (The Rise of Solamnia Book 2: Continues a key new Dragonlance trilogy exploring the post_war era in Solamnia and key story elements from the War of Souls series) $6.99
Noonan, David Players Handbook II (Expands options available to players by providing new rules and increasing uses for existing rules) $34.95
Novik, Naomi Black Powder War (Book three of the fantasy series re-imaginingg the Napoleaonic Wars with an air corps of manned combat dragons) $7.50
Reynolds, Alastair Pushing Ice (In 2057, Bella Lind is the captain of an ice mining ship; when one of Saturn's moons leaves its orbit at high speed, she accepts the mission to follow it) $24.95
Reynolds, Alistar Century Rain (300 years from now Earth is uninhabitable due to a technological catastrophe, but a mid_20th century Earth has been discovered at the end of a worm_hole, offering hope) $7.99
Robinson, Frank M-ed. The Incredible Pulps (Collection of pulp magazine art) $14.95
Rosenberg, Aaron StarCraft: Queen of Blades (From the world of the video game, the story of archnemesis human woman Kerrigan and how she was transformed into the Zerg Queen of Blades) $7.99
Ross, CeCe-ed. Blood Sisters (Collection of lesbian vampire short stories) $14.95
Rucka, Greg Perfect Dark: Initial Vector (Fresh from her battles in Perfect Dark Zero, Joanna Dark is forced into another battle with dataDyne & must face her past) $7.99
Saberhagen, Fred Rogue Berserker (Harry Silver's family is kidnapped by a deviant Berserker, even more dangerous than ordinary Berserkers, and he must try to stop it and get his family back again) $7.99
Sanderson, Brandon Elantris (Elantris was once a city of godlike people, but has fallen under a strange curse, its population altered into miserable powerless creatures, and a prince there fights back) $7.99
Sarrantonio, Al Queen of Mars (Haydn of Mars Trilogy #3: Princess Ckara must defend her crown as the atmosphere slowly leaks away from the Red Planet) $6.99
Sargent, Pamela Ruler of the Sky (The life and times of Genghis Kahn as seen through the eyes of the women in his life) $15.95
Solitaire, Jenna Keeper of the Flames (Daughter of Destiny #3: Jenna and Simon travel to Pompeii to find the dangerous Board of Fire with Persuad hot on their trail) $6.99
Soryo, Fuyumi ES, Volume 1: Eternal Sabbath (Manga) $10.95
Shirley, John Predator: Forever Midnight (In 2117, settlers on the planet Midnight discover the Predators are among them and the project to terraform the planet takes a back seat to survival) $6.99
Thompson, Eldon The Obsidian Key (The Legend of Asahiel Book 2: In reclaiming the Crimson Sword, Torin reopened a dimensional breach, and now must fight the demons and evil spirits pouring through it) $24.95
Turtledove, Harry Settling Accounts: Drive to the East (Book 2 of the tetralogy: Alternate history where the Confederacy attacks the North during WWII) $15.95
Twelve Hawks, John The Traveler (In a near_future where the world is monitored by cameras, a young woman trained to fight attempts to save the one man who can stand against Big_Brother_like forces) $13.95
Varley, John Mammoth (The mummified body of a man 12,000 years old is found, and he is wearing a wristwatch) $7.99
Viehl, Lynn Dark Need (While in pursuit of a deranged killer, homicide detective Samantha Brown falls for a suspect who believes he is a vampire and she is his reincarnated first love) $6.99
West, Michelle Sagara Children of the Blood (Sequel to Into the Dark Lands : Sara is put to sleep for 300 years and wakes to find her Lord has slaughtered her entire line, and her rage intensifies) $14.95
Wolfman, Marv Superman Returns (Novelization of the original screenplay of the movie) $6.99
Wright, John C. Mists of Everness (Sequel to The Last Guardian of Everness : The minions of Darkness have invaded through the dream gate, and Galen and his friends must fight them to save the world) $7.99
Wulf, Rich The Voyage of the Morning Dawn (Begins a new Eberron series focusing on the airships that travel above the ground and the many dangers they face) $6.99
Yamada, Futaro Basilisk Volume 1 (Two ninja clans with superhuman powers fight a battle to the death to claim the title of Tokugawa shogun) $13.95
York, J. Steven Mechwarrior Dark Age: Trial By Chaos (The Raging Bears attempt to civilize the planet Vega, but a bold move may be the chance their enemies have waited for) $6.99
York, Rebecca Shadow of the Moon (Journalist and werewolf Lance Marshall and a woman with an agenda team up to enter an ultra_exclusive D.C. nightclub and wind up in deep trouble) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy Dragon and Slave (The Third Dragonback Adventure: Jack Morgan willingly becomes a pawn in an intergalactic slave trade and must call on Draycos for help when things go wrong) $5.99


Constantine, Storm The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence (Wraeththu Histories 3: The struggle between the brothers Darquiel and Loki reaches its powerful conclusion) $27.95
D & D Dungeons and Dragons Player's Kit (Contains trade paperback edition of the Player's Handbook, a full set of roleplaying dice, and a supplementary book to help new players create characters) $29.95
Doctorow, Cory Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (An unconventional fantasy about a man whose father was a mountain and mother was a washing machine, who must save himself from the revenge of a brother he killed years ago) $14.95
Drader, Darrin/Upchurch, Will Mysteries of the Moonsea (In_depth look at the Moonsea region which includes Zhentil Keep, the merchant city of Malvaunt, and the mysterious Ironfang Keep) $29.95
Duncan, Dave Children of Chaos (15 years after being taken hostage by the Hrag dynasty, the four heirs to the throne of Celebre are reunited and will either band together or kill each other over the throne) $25.95
Eldred, Tim Grease Monkey (Tale of growing up on a space station in a world where gorillas are intelligent and compete for prestige and love with humans) $27.95
Farren, Mick Conflagration (Sequel to Kindling : The Kingdom of Albany fights a decisive battle to take back the Virginia Freestate, while the Four wage their own battle on the supernatural plane) $27.95
Flanagan, John Ranger's Apprentice: Ruins of Gorlan (15_year old Will has been selected as a Ranger's apprentice, to fight the battles before they reach the people) $6.99
Jacobs/Mona/Stark Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss (Comprehensive sourcebook covering the most dangerous and popular fiends in the D & D cosmology) $29.95
Levitsky, Alexander-ed. Worlds Apart (Anthology of best of Russian Science Fiction and Fantasy) $35.00
Lumley, Brian Necroscope: The Touch (Scott is mourning his beloved wife when he is struck by a golden arrow of light, a fragment of the soul of Harry Keogh, and gains strange powers) $25.95
Marillier, Juliet The Dark Mirror (A young nobleman fostered at the home of Broichan is beeing groomed for a purpose, but the plans for him are endangered when a fairie child is left on his doorstep) $15.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. The Hammer of Darkness (Martin Martel is exiled from his home planet to Aurore, a supposed vacation paradise actually at the mercy of wantonly cruel gods who cause chaos on the planet) $13.95
Norton, Andre/McConchie, Lyn Beast Master's Quest (When Laris, a young orphan with beast master ability, inherits a spaceship, she tries to fulfill her dream of finding Praou's home planet) $24.95
Reed, Kit The Baby Merchant (In a world where healthy babies are rare, an unwed mother & a man who illegally sets up adoptions for the rich are on a collision course) $24.95
Salvatore/Weis/Hickman & others Dragons: Worlds Afire (Coffeetable books with stories from D & D worlds featuring beautiful artwork before each story) $29.95
Sheckley, Robert Mindswap (Reprint; a college student who takes a mindswap vacation finds his mind trapped in the body of an interstellar criminal who steals his earthly body) $14.95
Wiater/Golden/Wagner The Complete Stephen King Universe (Explores all the work of Stephen King and the threads that exist in all his work) $21.95
Zahn, Timothy Dragon and Herdsman (Dragonback #4: 14_year old Jack Morgan protects the K'da from the Malison Ring and must protect the dark secret of his poet_warrior ally) $17.95
Zindell, David The Lightstone (A young prince sets out to find the Lightstone, the only weapon powerful enough to topple the immortal Lord of Lies who has enslaved the entire world of Ea) $25.95


Hamilton, Laurell K. Danse Macabre (Anita Blake is worried she may be pregnant and no matter what the father may be, knows that being a vampire executioner is no way to bring up a baby; book arrives June 27, signing at Uncle Hugo's Wednesday, June 28, 6 pm) $25.95
Paul, Donita K. DragonKnight (Bardon discovers that many of Paladin's knights are imprisoned in a chamber of sleep, and with the help of a two women, meets many perils while trying to rescue them) $13.99


Anderson, Kevin J. Of Fire and Night (Saga of Seven Suns 5: The Ildirans, humans, Roamers, green priests, Klikiss robots and hydrogue warriors collide in a climactic battle that will devastate the Spiral Arm) $25.95
Anthony, Piers Faith of Tarot (Reprint) $6.99
Asaro, Catherine The Dawn Star (Luna Book 3: Mel Dawnfield's mage strength has become the greatest power in the land, but it may not be enough to stop a plot against her husband and family) $14.95
Ayers, Jeff Voyages of Imagination (Comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to 4 decades of professionally published Star Trek fiction) $16.00
Bangs/Davidson/Denison Surf's Up (Collection of three new paranormal stories) $14.00
Banks, L.A. The Forbidden (Vampire Huntress Legend #5: Lilith has a stolen embryo in her womb, and vampire hunter Damali Richards must save the world from the demon about to be born) $7.99
Barnes, Steven Great Sky Woman (In ancient Africa, the peaceful Ibandi tribe is now being raided by a vicious enemy, and two young people must go up Great Sky Mountain to petition Father Sky for help) $24.95
Beagle, Peter S. The Line Between (Collection of new tales from the fantasy master including a sequel to The Last Unicorn ) $14.95
Bear, Elizabeth Blood and Iron (Spellbound by the Faerie Queen, Seeker abducts human children for her pleasure, but her latest prey is a magical child and Seeker persuades him to help her escape) $14.00
Bell, Hilari The Prophecy (Young Perryn tries to find three things which will enable him to kill the dragon which is destroying his country) $15.99
Bell, Hilari The Wizard Fest (The last thing young Dayven wants is to become like the wizards he hates, but the wizard test reveals magical abilities and he faces questions of honor and loyalty) $5.99
Bennett, Nigel/Elrod, P.N. Siege Perilous (Charon the Assassin has acquired new powers and is hellbent on revenge toward vampire hero Richard Dun) $7.99
Bowling, Drew The Tower of Shadows (A great evil is being raised in the land of Elynnrie, and it is up to two teenagers and a haunted former mercenary to stop it) $19.95
Butcher, Jim Spider_Man: The Darkest Hours (Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider_Man fights to save New York City from a race of mysterious creatures who devour human life energy to survive) $7.99
Campbell, Jack The Lost Fleet: Dauntless (The Alliance fleet is crippled and stranded in enemy territory, and their only hope is a man who has emerged from hibernation to find he must live up to his own legend) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Magic Street (Abandoned by his mother in a Los Angeles park and now living in a magical neighborhood with a foster mother, Mack Street survived, and now sees other people's dreams) $14.95
Carey, Jacqueline Godslayer (The Sundering Volume II: Lord Tanaros holds the beautiful Cerelinde captive, and finds that under his evil surface resides the power to love that may save mankind) $7.99
Carver, Jeffrey A. Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries (Novel based on the Sci Fi Channel's hit original miniseries) $6.99
Chafe, Paul Destiny's Forge (Based on the series created by Larry Niven: When the ambitious Kchula_Tzaatz makes a bid for ultimate power the established order tumbles down and the flames of war burn hot) $25.00
Coe, David B. Bonds of Vengeance (Winds of the Forelands Book 3:Grinsa travels with Lord Tavis who seeks revenge for the assassination of his betrothed, and he tries to stop the Weaver from starting a war) $7.99
Davidson/Cast/Showalter/Grant Mysteria (Four all_new stories of the mysterious town of Mysteria, where magic quietly coexists with the mundane world) $7.99
de Pierres, Marianne Code Noir (To pay off a blood_debt to the Cabal Coomera tribe, Parriah Plessis must find their missing shaman, and kill an ex_lover she still has feelings for) $6.99
Di Filippo, Paul Creature from the Black Lagoon (6 decades after the Creature from the Black Lagoon was found, a scientist uses a time machine to journey into the past, and what he finds could change the history of humanity) $6.99
Douglas, Kate Wolf Tales II (Collection of stories featuring the fantasy filled world of shape shifters, magical creatures and erotic adventures) $12.95
Fawcett, Bill-ed. The Battle for Azeroth (Collection of essays by gaming experts, developers, and SF authors exploring the fascination with the game World of Warcraft) $17.95
Feehan, Christine Dangerous Tides (Libby Drake attracts the attention of brilliant biochemist Tyson Derrick, and they become vulnerable to a hidden enemy) $7.99
Feist, Raymond/Forstchen, William Legends of the Riftwar: Honored Enemy (In the frozen Northlands of Midkemia, sworn enemies must band together and fight as one to survive a terrifying foe) $13.95
Flewelling, Lynn The Oracle's Queen (Tamir Trilogy Book 3: The future Queen of the realm must keep a deadly secret if her rise to the throne is to be without bloodshed or pain) $7.50
Foster, Alan Dean The Candle of Distant Earth (Taken Trilogy #3: Walker encounters a talking dog, the only other earthling on board a ship of aliens who have abducted them both) $23.95
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal It Sleeps In Me (Long after being left by her husband, High Chieftess Sora is visited by an old friend of his who knows secrets only he could know, and she wonders if it is a trick or truth) $6.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Bring It On (Retrievers Book 3: The lonejacks organize against the Mage's Council, and Wren must get involved despite her reluctance to save friends and the city she loves) $14.95
Gilman, Laura Anne Morgain's Revenge (Grail Quest #2: When Morgain LeFay kidnaps Ailis, a servant girl with untapped magical powers, Gerard and Newt must save their friend before it is too late) $10.99
Greenberg, Martin/Tier, Mark-ed. Freedom! (Anthology of SF stories on the theme of freedom, two books in one volume, featuring new and classic stories) $14.00
Groening, Matt Futurama: The Time_Bender Trilogy (Fry, Leela, Bender and Cubert take an intergalactic trip and return to find Earth uninhabited, and search for the billions of citizens of the world) $14.95
Harrison, Kim A Fistful of Charms (A return to the spellbinding world of the Hollows with Rachel Morgan's newest supernatural adventure; PBO) $7.99
Hayakawa, Tomoko The Wallflower, Volume 8 (Manga) $10.95
Heinlein, Robert A. Starship Troopers (Reissue) $14.00
Hogan, James P. Kicking the Sacred Cow (Study of scientists and the hidebound pronouncements which are Not to be Questioned, explaining the basics of each controversy) $7.99
Huff, Tanya The Blood Books, Volume 1 (Omnibus reprint; two tales of ex_homicide cop Vicki Nelson, her former partner, and vampire Henry Fitzroy who find themselves in mysteries of a supernatural slant) $7.99
Jennings, Gary The Journeyer (Novelization of the life and adventures of Marco Polo) $7.99
Joyce, Graham Requiem (After the sudden death of his wife, Tom Webster travels to Jerusalem and encounters mysterious people who lead him to believe Mary Magdelene is trying to reveal secrets to him) $7.99
Kearney, Susan The Quest (Captain Angel Taylor and Rystan warrior Kirek risk their lives to fight the evil Zin empire, but their biggest battle will be their battle with each other) $6.99
Kenyon/York/Owens What Dreams May Come (3 new novellas that turn fantasy into reality) $7.99
Kobayashi, Toshihiko Pastel, Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Larke, Glenda The Tainted (Isles of Glory #3: Kelwyn discovers the only way to save Flame from a dark spell may be to destroy all the magic & change the Ilses of Glory forever) $7.99
Laymon, Richard Into the Fire (A woman is rescued from a man who was stalking her, but her rescuer takes her to an isolated town in the desert with very odd customs and a unique way of welcoming visitors) $7.99
Little, Denise-ed. Hags, Sirens, and Other Bad Girls of Fantasy (Collection of 20 new tales that prove women are far from the weaker sex) $7.99
Liu, Marjorie M. The Red Heart of Jade (Ex_cop and clairvoyant Dean Campbell investigates a grisly murder in Taipei and discovers a pattern heralding an immortal evil's arrival in the world) $6.99
Luceno, James Star Wars: Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader (Chronicles the exploits of the newly_minted enforcer of the Empire's evil reign) $7.50
Lukyanenko, Sergei Night Watch (In Modern_day Moscow, a boy with extraordinary powers emerges, starting in motion a war between the Others of Dark and Light) $11.95
Madore, Nancy Enchanted (Collection of fairytales rewritten with an erotic edge) $13.95
Malan, Violette The Mirror Prince (Max Ravenhill, happy with his life as a history professor, is told by Cassandra that he is a thousand year old prince who must flee to the faerie realm to save his life) $15.00
Mancusi, Marianne What, No Roses? (Dora Duncan must go back in time to the 1920's and stop her ex_boyfriend from messing up the space_time continuum and creating another St. Valentine's massacre) $6.99
Marco, John The Sword of Angels (A powerful knight protects the fortress of Grimhold, until his closest friend is pulled into the evil sway of the Devil's Armor and only he can defeat them) $7.99
Martinez, A. Lee Gil's All Fright Diner (Duke and Earl accept $100 to rid Loretta's diner from her zombie problem, but someone is trying to drive Loretta out and they meet with many otherworldly complications) $6.99
Maynard, L.H./Sims, M.P.N. Shelter (New home owner Laura Craig thinks she has simply bought a fixer_upper, but doesn't know about the evil residing in the rooms beneath the cellar) $6.99
McCaffery/Scarborough Acorna's Children: First Warning (A deadly plague spreads across the universe and Khorii, daughter of Acorna and Aari, must seek the perpetrators and a cure before all is destroyed including her parents) $7.99
McCaffrey, Todd Dragonsblood (A mysterious epidemic is striking dragons, and dragonrider Lorana must reach 500 years into the past to find the cure) $7.50
McIntosh, Fiona Blood and Memory (The Quickening Book 2: Cruel and manipulative King Celimus pressures Valentyna into a political marriage and Wyl endeavors to preserve the honor of his country) $7.99
Monette, Sarah Melusine (Wizard Felix Harrowgate and cat_burglar Mildmay the Fox find their destines intertwined in the city of Melusine) $7.99
Monette, Sarah The Virtu (Felix Harrowgate was a powerful wizard until his former master used his magic to destroy the Virtu, and Felix's only chance to reclaim his former power is to restore the Virtu) $23.95
Nicholson, Scott The Farm (In a seemingly simple rural community in the Blue Ridge Mountains, seeds sown in the darkness yield pure horror and evil) $14.00
Ono, Fuyumi Ghost Hunt, Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Park, Paul A Princess of Roumania (Miranda Popescu is a girl in a quiet town, who also is a princess in an alternate universe hidden from her enemies in our world, who returns to her home reality for her crown) $7.99
Putney, Mary Jo Stolen Magic (While trying to stop a rogue Guardian, Simon Malmain is put under a spell and must band with a woman, also under a spell, to stave off the diabolical plans) $6.99
Ringo, John Choosers of the Slain (Sequel to Kildar: Michael Harmon and his Keldara raiders seek the daughter of a U.S. senator who has been kidnapped into the Balkans sex_slave trade) $25.00
Sagara, Michelle Cast in Shadow (Kaylin fled Nightshade and became one of the "hawks" who patrols the streets, and now children are being murdered and she must return to find the killer and stop them) $6.99
Sands, Linsay A Bite to Remember (Sequel to A Quick Bite : Vampire comedy featuring the Argeneau family) $6.99
Schroeder, Karl Lady of Mazes (The brilliant but troubled Livia Kodaly is ringworld Teven Coronal's only hope against superhuman invaders who seek to destroy its human diversity) $7.99
Segami, Akira Kagetora, Volume 2 (Light_hearted Manga series) $10.95
Sleator, William Fingers (A child prodigy pianist and his family claim he is channeling a long dead composer, and unknowingly unleash a force from beyond the grave) $6.99
Smith, Kathryn Be Mine Tonight (First in a new historical, sexy vampire series) $5.99
Stross, Charles Accelerando (Something beyond human comprehension is systematically dismantling the planets of the solar system, and three generations of one family are linked to the fight for survival) $7.99
Stross, Charles Glasshouse (In the 27th century, Robin wakes up in a clinic with most of his memory gone, discovers someone is trying to kill him, and goes into hiding in the Glasshouse) $24.95
Sturgeon, Theodore Some of Your Blood (Reissue: George Smith is arrested for assaulting a senior officer; a military psychiatrist uncovers a secret history of bloodlust & murder) $12.00
Tan, Cecilia-ed. Sex in the System (Collection of erotic science fiction looking at the future of our most intimate relationships with machines and technology) $14.95
Toume, Kei Kurogane, Volume 1 (Manga; haunting tale of a resurrected samurai) $10.95
Toyoda, Minoru Love Roma, Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Unknown Serenity: Dark Mirror (500 years from now, Captain Mal Reynolds leads a ragtag team of mercenaries through the universe as they make their living pulling off small crimes) $7.99
Vaughn, Carrie Kitty Goes to Washington (Late night radio host and werewolf Kitty Norville testifies at a Senate hearing on behalf of supernaturals, and gets in conflict with the vampire mistress of Washington DC) $6.99
Walker, Shiloh Hunting the Hunter (Bounty hunter Kane Winter tracks the mysterious woman who was there when her partner was killed, and the hunted turns out to be a seductive vampire) $6.99
Wallace, Daniel Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Droids (A look at all the Droids of Star Wars, including those from novels, comics, games and all six films, illustrated by Ian Fullwood) $24.95
Ward, Dayton/Dilmore, Kevin Star Trek Vanguard: Summon the Thunder (An ancient and powerful alien mind awakens from hibernation and lashes out with deadly force, propelling the Vanguard crew on a desperate race to prevent all_out war) $7.99
Yatate/Tomino/Iwase Gundam Seed Destiny Volume 1 (Manga) $10.95
Yolen, Jane/Stemple, Adam Pay the Piper (14_year old Callie thinks there is something strange about the rock band Brass Rat, and when all the children in her town disappear, she thinks she knows why) $5.99


Archer, Alex Rogue Angel: Destiny (Annja Creed travels the world unearthing relics, and discovers a sword protected by monks in France willing to murder to keep its secret and power for themselves) $6.50
Banks, L.A. The Forsaken (A Vampire Huntress Legend: The only one who can best Damali has been banished into a forsaken land, and must be found before the 7th level of Hell destroys all) $14.95
Beeler, Stan/Dickson, Lisa-ed. Reading Stargate SG_1 (A critical celebration of the TV show) $14.95
Conviser, John Echelon (Echelon controlled all data in the world, until it snapped, plunging the world into chaos, and it is up to agent Ryan Laing to discover a way to save it) $13.95
Davis, James P. Bloodwalk: The Wizards (Morgynn dies and is reborn with frightening powers of incredible strength, and she seizes the opportunity a ghostwalker gives her to expand her dominion) $6.99
Dozois, Gardner-ed. The Year's Best Science Fiction 23rd Annual Collection (Collection of the best sf stories of 2006; $35.00 hc also available) $19.95
Effinger, George Alec The Exile Kiss (Reprint; #3; Marid and Bey are accused of murder and exiled to the Arabian desert, try to make their way back to Budayeen to take vengeance) $14.95
Hamilton, Laurell K. Death of a Darklord (Reissue: A young woman who has a talent for magic in a family unforgiving of such abilities tries to end the dark magic that has destroyed a neighboring town) $14.95
Hartwell, David/Cramer, Kathryn-ed. The Space Opera Renaissance (Anthology of SF stories in the space opera genre) $34.95
Kestrel, Gwendolyn F.M. Monster Manual IV (D&D: provides descriptions of a vast array of new monsters, each illustrated and with a new stat block that facilitates faster game play) $34.95
Lackey, Mercedes/Mallory, James When Darkness Falls (The Obsidian Trilogy Book 3: The Demon War reaches its climax as humans must join forces with those they have been taught to hate to defeat the Demon Queen) $27.95
Levy, Robert Joseph Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Go Ask Malice (A young girl taken from her home by Social Services is informed by the Watcher's Council that she is the Chosen One, but an evil force called Malice is coming for her) $9.99
Lumley, Brian/Stanley Wiater-ed. The Brian Lumley Companion (Collection of interviews, essays and artwork on the author) $16.95
Park, Paul The Tourmaline (Sequel to A Princess of Roumania : Peter and Andromeda have been separated from Miranda, and are changed as they try to find her in the forests of an alternate America) $24.95
Parker, Lara Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch (Barnabas Collins, now human, falls in love with a strange woman named Antoinette and tries to protect her from a new vampire in Collinsport) $12.95
Salvatore, R.A. Starless Night (The Legend of Drizzt Book 3: Drizzt must return to the Underdark to find his friends and discern the perils which threaten them in Mithrill Hall) $25.95
Sanderson, Brandon Mistborn (For 1000 years the Skaa slaved in misery under the Lord Ruler, until one man in prison meets the Mistborn who help him in his quest to stop the Lord Ruler) $27.95
Schend, Steven E. Blackstaff: The Wizards (Khelben "The Blackstaff" Arunsun is a wizard in the City of Splendors, and intermingles his consciousness with his apprentice, leading them both to an unexpected fate) $6.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Dragons of the Dwarven Depths (While the companions of the Lance journey through the Dwarven Kingdom, Flint struggles with an inner conflict) $25.95
Wyatt, James In the Claws of the Tiger (The War_Torn Book 3: Focuses on the aftermath of the Last War and its effect on every realm of Eberron) $6.99
Yolen, Jane/Stemple, Adam Troll Bridge (Sequel to Pay the Piper: Vanderby Fair Diary Princess and three members of a popular boyband are suddenly transported to a mystical wilderness and try to find a way home) $16.95


Adams, C.T./Clamp, Cathy Captive Moon (Sazi councilman Antoine Monier and Hayalet Kabile member Yahira team up to defeat the rogue shapeshifting snake who needs Tahira to complete his plan to destroy the Sazi) $6.99
Anderson, Jeffrey M.D. Second Genesis (In the Amazon, a team of scientists have created a genetically altered, highly intelligent chimpanzee who likes to hunt for a good time; PBO) $7.99
Anno, Moyoco Sugar Sugar Rune, Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Anvil, Christopher The Trouble With Aliens (Collection of the stories and short novels of the war with the Outs, aliens with mental powers to make humans see illusions as real, edited by Eric Flint) $24.00
Asaro, Catherine Sunrise Alley (Research scientist Samantha Bryton goes on the run with Turner, an experiment conducted by master criminal Charon, and seeks help from Sunrise Alley, a group of rogue AIs) $7.99
Asprin, Robert/Heck, Peter J. Phule's Errand (Phule takes off after his errant butler just as General Blitzkrieg decides to make a surprise visit to Zenobia; PBO) $7.99
Baker, Kage The Children of the Company (Executive Facilitator General Labienus has plotted a takeover of the world, and faces Aegeus, his rival for power, who has found a way to seize the ultimate prize) $7.99
Baxter, Stephen Transcendent (500.000 years in the future, Alia watches a nuclear scientist from 2047 who tries to stave off a looming catastrophe and their lives intertwine) $7.50
Bonanno, Margaret Wander Star Trek: Strangers from the Sky (Reissue) $7.99
Bonanno, Margaret Wander Star Trek, The Original Series: Burning Dreams (Story of Captain Christopher Pike, exploring the forces that shaped his life and shedding light on this lost figure from the series' beginning) $7.99
Bradbury, Ray Bradbury Speaks (Collection of musings by the beloved author) $14.95
CLAMP Tsubasa, Volume 10 (Manga) $10.95
Campbell, Barbara Bloodstone (Trickster's Game #2: Darak and Griane's son Keirith is captured by slavers and taken to a distant land, and Darak follows the trail to save him) $7.99
Card, Orson Scott-ed. Getting Lost (Collection of essays on the mysterious and spellbinding television series Lost ) $17.95
Clarke, Susanna Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (In 1806, two magicians use their powers to help England against Napoleon, but have very different views of how that magic should be used) $7.99
Cook, Dawn Princess at Sea (Sequel to The Decoy Princess: Contessa's recently discovered magical powers are of use to the kingdom when the new royal couple is abducted by pirates) $7.99
Cross, Janine Shadowed By Wings (Dragon Temple Saga Book 2: Zarq embarks on a trial by fire, and is imprisoned by Temple who tortures her to reveal the secrets of the dragons) $14.00
Cross, Janine Touched by Venom (Dragon Temple Saga Book 1: After Zarq Darquel's family is ruined she develops a taste for the addictive dragon venom that allows her to glimpse a possible revolution) $6.99
Douglass, Sara The Crippled Angel (The Crucible Series Book 3: Thomas Neville has been given the task of finding the demons trying to breach the gates of heaven, and faces temptations that try his very soul) $7.99
Drake, David Other Times Than Peace (Collection of stories featuring soldiers who fight to save worlds, including two new Hammer's Slammers stories) $25.00
Dregni, Eric & John Follies of Science (Collection of early 20th century predictions of future) $19.00
Eddings, David Crystal Gorge (The Dreamers Book 3: Vlagh sends sinister spies to sow dissension in the ranks of the warriors of Dhrall, and Aracia fails to ready her people for his attack) $7.99
Eddings, David & Leigh The Younger Gods (The Dreamers Book 4: The Vlagh prepares for one final, merciless attack that pits her forces against both the Elder and Younger Gods) $26.95
Erikson, Steven Memories of Ice (The Malazan Book of the Fallen Book 3: An uneasy alliance of former enemies is the only thing that may stop the Pannion Domin which seethes across the Genabackis continent) $7.99
Fontana, D.C. Star Trek: Vulcan's Glory (Reissue) $7.99
Freer, Dave The Rats, the Bats, and the Ugly (Sequel to Rats, Bats, and Vats : The intrepid team of mentally uplifted rats and bats must convince those in power that the aliens are about to launch a surprise attack) $7.99
Garton, Ray Live Girls (A young man follows the beaconing sign "Live Girls" in New York City, and finds a nightmare in the form of a beautiful girl, who happens to be a vampire) $6.99
Gerrold, David/Sawyer, Robert-ed. Boarding the Enterprise (Eclectic mix of essays on the ground- breaking original Star Trek series) $17.95
Golden, Christie On Fire's Wings (Kevla Bai_sha's fevered dreams foretell a looming threat to her people; she must embark on a quest to find the elemental parts to save the world) $6.99
Grant, Susan Your Planet or Mine? (A woman meets her imaginary childhood friend in a grocery store, quite real; he insists that she help him avert an alien invasion) $5.99
Hajime, Ueda Q_Ko_Chan, Volume 1 (Manga; strange, hilarious story of an alien girl sent to invade planet Earth) $10.95
Haldeman, Joe Old Twentieth (On a starship making a thousand_year journey, people in a virtual reality chamber begin dying, and engineer Jacob Brewer faces a sentient machine obsessed with humanity) $7.99
Haldeman, Joe A Separate War & Other Stories (15 Haldeman stories) $23.95
Handeland, Lori Midnight Moon (Nightcreature Series Book 5: Devon Murphy helps a woman search in Haiti for a voodoo master strong enough to raise her child from the dead) $6.99
Hardy, Jason/Bills, Randall MechWarrior Dark Age: Principles of Desolation (Daoshen Liao comes to a new stage of his conquest, which begins not with the enemy, but within his own family) $6.99
Holly, Emma Midnight Desire (Two tales of love and desire in the world of vampires and werewolves) $14.00
Huff, Tanya The Blood Books Volume 2 (Omnibus reprint; 2 stories of an ex_cop turned P.I., her former partner still on the force, and a vampire who are caught up in supernatural mysteries) $7.99
Ikezawa, Satomi Guru Guru Pon_Chan, Volume 5 (Manga; misadventures of a beloved family puppy magically transformed into a teenage girl) $10.95
Jones, Stephen-ed. H.P. Lovecraft's Book of the Supernatural (Collection of classic tales of the macabre, many mentioned as seminal in Lovecraft's essay Supernatural Horror in Literature ) $15.95
Knaak, Richard The God in the Moon (Young nobleman Nermesa joins the Aquilonian army to serve King Conan, but when he kills the Pictish leader he unleashes an unholy power that shakes the kingdom) $6.99
Kritzer, Naomi Freedom's Sisters (Dead Rivers Trilogy Book 3: The Sisterhood of Weavers imprison Lauria and Tamar seeks to rescue her blood_sister from them) $6.99
Kushner, Ellen The Privilege of the Sword (A young woman anticipating a life of strict adherence to codes of behavior is abruptly forced to undertake a journey that becomes an adventure and a quest for self_discovery) $14.00
Little, Bentley The Burning (Four strangers ride on a mysterious train carrying an unstoppable evil raised from the depths of history that will bring their worst fears to life) $7.99
Little, Denise-ed. The Magic Toybox (13 all new tales about the magic of childhood) $7.99
Lord, David Thomas Bound in Flesh (Two deadly vampires are determined to create an army of followers to sate their undying hunger, unless the only one of their kind who can stop them claims victory) $14.00
Maltin, Leonard 2007 Movie Guide (Over 18,000 movies listed with information, ratings) $8.99
MacLeod, Ian R. The House of Storms (To save her only son from consumption, Alice Meynell makes a bargain with a changeling in the land of Einfell, and the son is torn by his duty to the bargain) $14.00
May, Julian Sorcerer's Moon (Boreal Moon Trilogy Book 3: As his kingdom faces collapse, King Conrig's inly hope lies in the hands of his former spy Deveron Austrey who has secret magical powers) $24.95
McCaffrey/Scarborough Acorna's Children: Second Wave (Khoorii and Aari must find out the malevolent cause of a mysterious plague before those behind it cripple the star system) $2.95
McCarthy, Erin High Stakes (Casino_owning Las Vegas vampire Ethan Carrick looks for a girlfriend) $13.00
McCullough, Kelly WebMage (When one of the three Fates uses a computerized spell to erase human free will, hacker extrordinaire Ravirn opposes her & all hell breaks loose: PBO) $6.99
McKenna, Juliet E. Southern Fire (Warlord Daish Kjeda must use forbidden magic to protect the people of the Aldabreshin Archipelago from a dark evil that threatens to overrun every island of his domain) $7.99
Melody, Mermaid Pichi Pichi Pitch, Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Mesta, Gabriel The Martian War (A reimagination of the H.G. Wells novel War of the Worlds as if Wells witnessed an actual invasion) $14.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. The Eternity Artifact (Orbital shuttle pilot Jiendra Chang, an artist and a history professor, have been recruited to explore an artifact, and there are forces trying to prevent them) $7.99
Mulholland, Neil-ed. The Psychology of Harry Potter (Leading psychologists delve into the world of Harry Potter) $17.95
Nash, Joy The Grail King (A lonely Celt finds more than he expected on a quest for the Lost Grail of Avalon, a bewitching young Roman beauty) $6.99
Ninomiya, Tomoko Nadame Cantabile, Volume 6 (Manga) $10.95
Nix, Garth Across the Wall (Novella and 12 short stories which take place in the world of the Abhorsen Trilogy) $6.99
Norton, Andre Dragon Magic (Four boys discover a mysterious puzzle box with dragons, and are magically drawn into four different dragon adventures) $5.99
O'Shea, Patti Eternal Nights (Trapped in an ancient temple and pursued by murderous smugglers, Kendall and Wyatt must navigate the labyrinthine tunnels of the pyramid and the rocky road of love on the run) $6.99
Oh!great Air Gear, Volume 1 (Manga series about extreme skating) $10.95
Owens, Robin D. HeartMate (Futuristic romance set on a planet where psychic abilities are the norm and love is the most unexpected pleasure of all) $6.99
Powers, Tim Three Days to Never (Frank Marrity and his daughter are caught in a murderous power struggle set off when the girl steals a video tape which holds the secret Einstein tried to keep hidden) $25.95
Pratchett, Terry Only You Can Save Mankind (Johnny Maxwell is about to blow up the alien fleet on his computer game and discovers he is playing more than a game) $5.99
Ringo, John/Taylor, Travis S. Von Neumann's War (A robot race is using Mars as a staging ground for an attack on Earth, and a group of scientists work to stop them) $25.00
Sagara, Michelle Cast in Courtlight (After defeating a dark evil, Kaylin must enter a place of deceit and treachery, but covered with silk and jewels and deceptively deadly) $14.95
Sage, Angie My Haunted House (Araminta Spookie lives happily in a haunted house until her crabby aunt Tabby wants to sell it and she must stop her) $8.99
Sage, Angie The Sword in the Grotto (Araminta and Wanda look for the perfect gift for Sir Horace's 500th birthday) $8.99
Shatner, William Star Trek: Captain's Glory (Starships all across the galaxy have devastating failures and Kirk must convince Starfleet that his quest to find Spock and his son will save the Federation) $25.00
Shimoku, Kio Genshiken, Volume 6 (Manga) $10.95
Shirley, John Batman: Dead White (Batman faces a new villain known as White Eyes who wields a host of deadly new weapons in his attempt to lead a white supremacist takeover of America) $6.99
Shirley, John John Constantine: Hellblazer Subterranean (Troubled occultist John Constantine can interact with the secret world of angels and demons, and faces demons from his past as a terminal illness consumes him) $7.99
Simmons, Dan Olympos (Sequel to Ilium : Ada abd Daeman must marshall the pathetic defenses of Ardis Hall to try and defeat the murderous voynix, who are massing to annihilate the Earth) $7.99
Sizemore, Susan Primal Heat (Mathias Bridger fights to save his vampire family from a vicious attack from fanatical vampire hunters, and desire burns anew when Phillipa Elliot reenters his life) $6.99
Smith, Sherwood Inda (Indevan Algara_Vayir is sent to the Royal Academy when war threatens his family, and finds that danger and intrigue don't only come from outside the kingdom) $25.95
Smith, Sherwood Trouble Under Oz (Dori returns to Oz to help her friend Rik regain his rightful place as king of the Nomes while Em stays in Kansas to conceal her absence from their parents) $16.99
Smith/Kassin/Block-ed. Star Trek: Strange Worlds 9 (Anthology of all_new fan_written Star Trek stories) $16.00
Soulban, Lucien The Alien Sea: The Champions (Apoletta and her unlikely allies must defeat a strange menace hidden under the waters and face a friend turned foe) $6.99
Tessier, Thomas Rapture (Jeff loves Georgianne, so much that he'll kill everyone in her life until he's the only one left) $6.99
Turner, Megan Whalen Instead of Three Wishes (Collection of magical short stories for young adults) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry End of the Beginning (Alternate history; the Japanese follow up Pearl Harbor by occupying Hawaii and America must reclaim the islands from the enemy) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry Settling Accounts: The Grapple (As the tide turns against the Confederates, the president, with his back against the wall, considers using his newest weapon, the A_bomb) $26.95
Wells, Martha The Gate of Gods (The Fall of Ile_Rien Book 3: Finale to the epic trilogy of adventure, intrigue and magic) $7.99
Witcover, Paul Tumbling After (A nursery rhyme is recast as an intensely imagined nightmare of a tormented adolescent's fear of the adult world) $13.95


Abbey, Lynn Rifkind's Challenge (Rifkind, a warrior sorceress in a barbarian world, seeks her fate as a true_born Daughter of the Bright Moon) $24.95
Baker/Brunner/Carriker Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords (D&D: Introduces new rules with more interesting combat options for characters) $29.95
Berryhill, Shane Chance Fortune and the Outlaws (14 year_old Josh enters the Burlington Academy for the Superhuman and becomes the leader of his own combat team who find themselves in a struggle for the fate of the universe) $17.95
Boyd/Burnstein/Jamieson Dragons of Faerun (In_depth look at the dragons of Forgotten Realms, including how to run a campaign that features the Year of Rogue Dragons) $29.95
Brust, Steven Dzur (Vlad Taltos returns to Adrilankha to help his ex_wife who has run afoul of the cabal of women who now run Vlad's old rackets) $24.95
Datlow/Link/Grant-ed. The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2006 (!9th annual collection of the year's best) $19.95
Douglass, Sara Druid's Sword (Troy Game #4: In WWII London, Brutus walks the streets as an American major and his goal is to complete the magical Labrynth of evil power buried at the heart of the city) $27.95
Erikson, Steven House of Chains (Sequel to Deadhouse Gates : Tavore hones 12,000 raw recruits into a force to challenge the massed hordes of Sha'iks Whirlwind in the Holy Desert; $27.95 hardcover also available) $14.95
Gardner, Craig Shaw Battlestar Galactica: The Cylon's Secret (20 years after the Cylon War, a scavenger crew discovers Omega Station, and when they find Cylons on board they call Gallactica for help) $14.95
Greenwood, Ed Swords of Eveningstar (Young Florin, Islif, and Jhessail battle to win a name for themselves and defend it against the machinations of an evil more devious than they expected) $25.95
Heinlein, Robert A. Time for the Stars (Reissue: Identical twins Tom and Pat are recruited to be human radios that keep a starship in contact with the Earth, but one will grow old while the other stays young) $23.95
Lindskold, Jane Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls (Reissue: Sarah, forced from the asylum where she was raised, discovers she has wilds talents from a favorite toy dragon who tells her of those who would exploit her) $14.95
Martinez, A. Lee In the Company of Ogres (The immortal Never Dead Ned is assigned to whip a company of Ogres into battle shape, while discovering why he keeps returning from the dead) $13.95
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd Dragon's Fire (When a firestone mine explodes, killing the miners trapped there, young Cristov volunteers to take over the dangerous task) $24.95
Phillips, Julie James Tiptree Jr.: The Double life of Alice B. Sheldon (Biography of Alice Sheldon, the real person behind the pseudonym James Tiptree Jr.) $27.95
Rorby, Ginny Hurt Go Happy (One girl is determined to save the life of a fellow creature who shares 98 per cent of our DNA and the ability to ask for help) $17.95
VanderMeer, Jeff Shriek: An Afterword (Sequel to City of Saints & Madmen : Narrated by ex_society figure Janice Shriek, presents a vivid gallery of characters and events in the imaginary city of Ambergris) $24.95

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