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Newsletter #73 March - May, 2006


[PBO means paperback original]

Already Received

Alt, Madelyn The Trouble With Magic (Antiques shop clerk Maggie O'Neill learns her boss Felicity is a witch, and enlists her wiccan friends for help when Felicity is suspected of murder; PBO) $6.99
Ambler, Eric The Levanter (Thriller set in Syria in 1970; reprint) $12.50
Appel, Benjamin Brain Guy/Plunder (Omnibus reprint of 2 novels from 1934/1952) $19.95
Atkinson, Deborah Turrell Primitive Secrets (Storm Kayama finds her adopted uncle dead at his desk at his Honolulu law firm, then is mugged in the parking garage and almost killed on the drive to her aunt's house, making her suspect her uncle was murdered) $14.95
Barnard, Robert The Bones in the Attic (Soccer star buys a rambling old house, but an architect finds tiny bones in the attic, from a two-year-old who died 30 years before; when the police show little interest, the soccer star turns sleuth) $14.95
Benoit, Charles Relative Danger (Pennsylvania brewery worker Douglas Pearce goes on a quest for information about his dead uncle that takes him from Toronto to Casablanca and Singapore) $14.95
Blauner, Peter Slipping into Darkness (20 years ago a young man was convicted of a vicious murder; soon after he got out on a technicality a similar murder is committed, but the blood under the victim's fingernails don't match the suspect's DNA-it's a match with the woman murdered 20 years before) $24.95
Boyle, David The Troubadour's Song (Non-fiction; the capture and ransom of Richard the Lionhearted) $26.00
Branch, Pamela The Wooden Overcoat (Classic '51 reprint; humor and misadventure; a Chelsea club for wrongfully acquitted murderers isn't happy when it appears a bunch of amateurs is taking up their profession) $14.95
Branch, Pamela Lion in the Cellar (Classic '51 reprint; Sukies' husband, knowing her insane family's history, covers up the crime when a body is discovered; a "charnel-house frolic") $14.95
Caine, Rachel Devil's Due (Lucia & her partner got the money to set up their detective agency with one string attached-any assignment delivered via red envelope must get top priority) $4.99
Carl, JoAnna Crime de Cocoa (Omnibus reprint of The Chocolate Cat Caper , The Chocolate Bear Burglary , The Chocolate Frog Frame-up ) $14.00
Carver, Caroline Black Tide (Journalist India Kane is aboard a Greenpeace ship when it is rammed by a giant container ship, killing 8 crew members; she's determined to bring the owner of the vessel to justice, in a quest that begins in Australia's outback; Brit import) $9.99
Clare, Alys Fortune Like the Moon (#1), Ashes of the Elements (#2), The Tavern in the Morning (#3), The Faithful Dead (#5), Whiter Than the Lily (#7) (Medieval mysteries during the reign of King Richard Plantagenet; British imports) $9.99 each
Connolly, John Black Angel (A woman snatched from the streets of New York is "blood" to former assassin Louis who works with Detective Charlie Parker (6) and the two will not stop until she is found safe) $7.99
Cook, Marshall Murder at Midnight (Small-town weekly newspaper editor as sleuth when Father O's body is found in the sacristy with his throat slit) $14.95
Cork, Vena Thorn (Psychological thriller with a stalker and a single mother and her children; British import) $8.99
Corwin, C. R. Dig (A Morgue Mama mystery; signed copies available) $24.95
Dees, Cindy The Medusa Game (Member of all female Special Ops unit sent to winter games to protect a controversial young ice skater from terrorists) $4.99
Dunbar, Natalie A Model Spy (Vanessa Dawson goes undercover as a fashion model to investigate the murder of two top models by a Miami drug-smuggling ring) $4.99
Earle, Peter The Last Fight of the Revenge (History; the Revenge , drawn into a battle with the entire Spanish fleet while on a treasure hunt in the Azores; trade PBO) $14.95
Edwards, Martin The Cipher Garden (Police look at a cold case in a village in the Lake District of England; a womanizing gardener was hacked to death but his wife has an alibi) $24.95
Fender, J. E. Our Lives, Our Fortunes (Nautical adventures of Geoffrey Frost (3) of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, during the American Revolution) $14.95
Fender, J. E On the Spur of Speed (Nautical adventures of Geoffrey Frost (4) during the American Revolution) $26.95
Folsom, Allan The Exile (Elite young LAPD officer gets involved in a world-spanning conspiracy that goes back centuries) $7.99
Forrest, Katherine V.-ed. Women of Mystery (Original anthology by lesbian writers, with lesbian protagonists, lesbian murderers, and even a lesbian werewolf) $17.95
Franco, Jorge Rosario Tijeras (Novel of a violent, violated woman in Columbia; winner of the Dashiell Hammett Prize in 2000) $13.95
Frey, Stephen The Protégé (High-finance thriller) $24.95
Galligan, John The Nail Knot (The Dog is on a quest to fish his way across the U.S. in a wounded RV, when he encounters a dead body and quirky characters in central WI) $14.95
Galligan, John The Blood Knot (The Dog's fly fishing quest is interrupted by another dead body and more quirky characters) $23.95
Gates, Olivia Radical Cure (A medical team that treats the sick and wounded in war zones has been deliberately infected with a dangerous virus, and must search for cure) $4.99
Granger, Pip No Peace for the Wicked (In 1956 Soho, a half-Chinese 16-year-old girl runaway moves in with Lizzie Robbins, whose own daughter had died 2 years before; when the girl goes missing again, Lizzie searches for her) $24.95
Guttridge, Peter The Once and Future Con (Hilarious caper novel; discovery of King Arthur's grave leads to Camelot casinos, Excaliburger banquets, feuding archaeologists) $14.00
Harrison, Mike All Shook Up (Eddie Dancer, Canada's toughest PI, is hired to go after a professional bank robber, leading him to ex-bikers and a series of attacks on prostitutes that leave them in a vegetative state) $15.95
Hinze, Vicki Bulletproof Princess (A real-life princess goes undercover to stop a Manhattan sex slave ring, hoping it won't interfere with a charity bachelorette event) $4.99
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay The Strange Crime in Bermuda/Too Many Bottles (Omnibus reprint of 1937/1951 novels) $19.95
Huston, Charlie Already Dead (Hard-boiled vampire PI novel set in Manhattan) $12.95
Jecks, Michael, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson, Philip Gooden The Tainted Relic (A historical mystery in 5 parts, with a prologue by Simon Beaufort, as the sleuths of the 5 authors investigate crimes related to the relic in different time periods; British import) $14.95
Kenny, Kathryn Trixie Belden #14: The Mystery of the Emeralds (Young adult) $6.99
Leather, Stephen Soft Target (Elite British police unit turns maverick and starts ripping off drug dealers at gunpoint; British import) $9.99
Lynds, Dennis (writing as Michael Collins) Slot-Machine Kelly (Collected P.I. short stories, never before in book form, each with a preface by the authors; part of Lost Classics Series) $19.00
Maffini, Mary Jane The Dead Don't Get Out Much ("Canada's answer to Janet Evanovich"; Camilla MacPhee (5) tries to track down a friend who's mysteriously vanished) $12.95
Marlowe, Stpehn Violence is My Business/Turn Left for Murder (Omnibus reprint of 1958/1955 paperback originals) $19.95
Marston, Edward Murder Ancient and Modern (Collection of historical short stories, spanning 2000 years) $18.00
Orloff, Erica Trace of Innocence (DNA evidence sets free a man believed to be a serial killer, and then a new series of murders begin) $4.99
Ozeroff, Barry W. Sniper Shot (Two snipers on the Stratton Oregon Special Response Team are in a conflict which escalates into a cat and mouse game when one of them is found to be a murderer; PBO) $7.99
Parker, Robert B. Sea Change (When an attractive and rich divorcee with a penchant for steamy sex on video is washed ashore in Paradise, MA, police chief Jesse Stone investigates; unabridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Patterson, James/Roughan, Howard Honeymoon (FBI agent is assigned to investigate a beautiful woman, around whom strange things happen, especially to the men) $13.95
Patterson, James Mary, Mary (FBI agent Alex Cross is vacationing with his family at Disneyland when somebody starts murdering Hollywood's A-list) $27.95
Porter, Don Deadly Detail (Murders in Fairbanks during the building of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline) $24.95
Pronzini, Bill Nightcrawlers (Nameless Detective has taken on a new partner, who disappears) $6.99
Rabe, Peter Blood on the Desert/A House in Naple (Omnibus of 1956/1958 paperback originals, plus supplemental material about the author) $19.95
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Six for Gold (Emperor Justinian sends his Lord Chamberlain John the Eunuch (6) to Egypt to investigate a mystery; some signed copies available) $24.95
Reilly, Matthew 7 Deadly Wonders (While the big powers send out teams to try to find an ancient artifact of great power, 7 smaller nations put together a 8-person team to find the artifact ahead of the big powers) $23.00
Ripley, Mike Angel in the House (Hilarious adventure; streetwise Roy Angel joins a PI firm and is soon involved with many strange cases, including a former KGB agent trying to retrain as a gangster; British import) $24.95
Royal, Priscilla Sorrow Without End (In 1271 Crowner Ralf finds a murdered soldier with clues that may be intended to mislead; some signed copies available) $24.95
Shubin, Seymour The Man from Yesterday (Retired Detective Lt. Jack Lehman is trying to solve a crime nobody has heard of, leading his family to believe he has Alzheimer's) $22.50
Simon, Michael Dirty Sally ("Tough, dark and gritty", set in Austin, Texas, 1988) $7.99
Smiley, Patricia False Profits (Divorced management consultant seems to be on the fast track until millions in investors money disappears; a body washes onto the beach) $6.99
Stacy, Lyndon Deadfall (Horse-related mystery; British import) $6.99
Strong, Terence Cold Monday (Ex-SAS operative has been hunting down for five years the brutal killers of his wife, a UN translator working in Bosmia; he gets a tip that one of the killers is alive and well in London, a guest of Her Majesty's government; British import) $7.99
Temple, Peter Bad Debts (A phone message from an ex-client doesn't ring any bells for Jack Irish, but when the caller turns up dead Jack investigates) $13.00
Temple, Peter Black Tide (Jack Irish (2) agrees to try to find the missing son of a friend, and soon comes to regret it as he finds the son has good reasons to go missing) $24.00
Thomas, Will To Kingdom Come (Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn return as the nineteenth_century London sleuths investigate the bombing of the Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard.) $9.95
Vaugn, Evelyn Something Wicked (Nonpracticing witch walks in on her sister's murder and curses the killer, which results in accidents happening to her; she must uncover her heritage to get justice) $4.99
Watkins, Terry The Big Burn (Expert smoker jumper Anna Quick is sent in to rescue a party from raging wildfires on a Malaysian island, finds the CIA is involved) $4.99
Woods, Stuart Chiefs (25th Anniversary Edition: Edgar Best First Novel) $23.95


Andrews, Donna Owls Well That Ends Well (Before Meg Langslow (6)can renovate her old house she must, with the dubious help of her large family, hold a huge yard sale, but the body of an antique dealer in her barn adds to the chaos, and she must quickly find a killer) $6.99
Axler, James Labyrinth : Deahtlands #73 (Ryan Cawdor and his companions fight eternal spirits in the ancient canyons of New Mexico; PBO) $6.50
Ball, Donna Smoky Mountain Tracks (When a mother and daughter are kidnapped and taken into the North Carolina woods, Raine Stockton must face her own demons and use an inexperienced dog to search for them; PBO) $6.99
Baron, Michael The Mourning Sexton (David Hirsch is eager to rebuild his career after and embezzlement conviction, but a new investigation reveals a conspiracy of murder that could be his redemption) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. The Quiche of Death (Reissue of the first Agatha Raisin novel) $6.99
Bebris, Carrie Suspense and Sensibility or First Impressions Revisited (Mr. and Mrs. Darcy (2) think they have found a suitable match for Elizabeth's younger sister, but the suitor has a personality change that jeopardizes their lives) $6.99
Benoit, Charles Out of Order (A man fulfilling the last wish of a murdered friend travels to India and discovers his friend was a defaulter from a computer company and many wished him dead) $24.95
Berry, Steve The Templar Legacy (A former covert U.S. Justice Department agent and his ex_supervisor investigate the enigmatic secrets of the Knights Templar, who may still be active and lusting for power) $24.95
Black, Cara Murder in Clichy (Paris P.I. Amiee Leduc does a favor for a Vietnamese nun, and as a result a stranger is dead, she has a wound in her arm, and she is thrust into a mystery that involves the French secret service) $12.00
Black, Cara Murder in Montmartre (Paris P.I. Aimee Leduc is determined to clear a police officer friend's name when the friend is accused of murdering her partner while meeting with an informant in Montmartre) $23.00
Block, Lawrence All the Flowers Are Dying (Matthew Scudder (16) confronts his own mortality and tackles a determined, relentless and inhuman adversary whose ultimate goal may be to kill Matthew and Elaine) $7.99
Bloom, Elizabeth See Isabelle Run (Isabelle Leonard works at the magazine of media maven Becky Belden, and soon learns that a dozen employees have been murdered, and she may be next on the list) $6.99
Born, James O. Shock Wave (Florida law enforcement agent Bill Tasker (2) stirs up trouble with a bomber who hasn't killed anyone _ yet) $7.99
Brandon, Jay Grudge Match (Attorney Chris Sinclair helps release a cop from prison who he thought was wrongly accused, but when the cop is found at the scene of a murder, Sinclair becomes suspicious) $7.99
Brennan, Allison The Hunt (Sequel to The Prey : 12 years after surviving her encounter with serial killer The Butcher, Miranda Moore battles her demons as she helps search for him) $6.99
Breton, Laurie Criminal Intent (2 years after her husband is killed in a car accident, Robin Spinney discovers evidence that he may have been murdered, and goes into hiding, while seeking the killer) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae Cat's Eye Witness ("Harry" Haristeen (13) and her sleuthing pets are hot on the trail of a suspicious death and a purported miracle at the local monastery) $7.50
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Sour Puss (When a world_famous grape and fungal expert is murdered in Crozet, Virginia, Harry and her trio of cats (14) investigate, hoping it is not a town resident doing the killing) $25.00
Bruen, Ken-ed. Dublin Noir (Collection of Irish crime fiction) $14.95
Carlo, Philip Smiling Wolf (Detective Frank DeNardo investigates the disappearance of a woman and descends into a shocking world of dark clubs and darker perversions) $6.99
Carter, Sammi Chocolate_Dipped Death (When poisoned bon_bons end the life of a town trouble_maker, candy shop owner Abby Shaw (2) finds herself in a sticky situation; PBO) $6.99
Childs, Laura Chamomile Mourning (Theodosia Browning (6) investigates when a local auction house owner plummets from the balcony of her Tea Shop to his death; includes recipes and tea time tips) $6.99
Clark, Mary Higgins No Place Like Home (A woman is ensnared into returning to her childhood home where she killed her mother) $9.95
Conant, Susan/Conant_Park, J. Steamed (Amateur sleuth & food connoisseur Chloe Carter investigates when her blind date is stabbed to death before the check comes, includes recipes) $22.95
Coonts, Stephen Saucer: The Conquest (Sequel to Saucer : Charley takes up flying space planes to the moon, discovers a madman and a world_threatening antigravity beam, and must turn to Rip for help) $7.99
Craig, Peter Blood Father (Troubled Lydia Carson has witnessed her boyfriend committing murder, and goes on the run, eventually seeking help from her ex-con estranged father, a former Hell's Angel) $13.95
Crais, Robert The Two Minute Rule (A former bank robber calls on the FBI officer who nabbed him to help investigate his son's murder) $24.95
Crittle, Simon The Last Godfather (Non-fiction; Joey Massino, the last head of the Binanni clan until he was hit with a murder rap and turned on his own family) $7.99
de Castrique, Mark Dangerous Undertaking (Reprint: In Gainesboro, NC, a mentally unbalanced man kills several relatives at his grandmother's funeral, and when the shooter himself is murdered Barry Clayton investigates) $14.95
de Castrique, Mark Foolish Undertaking (A body is stolen from the embalming room of a North Carolina funeral home and three men pledge to recover both the body and a piece of long_dead past) $24.95
de Castrique, Mark Grave Undertaking (While moving an old grave, undertaker and ex_cop Barry Clayton discovers a skeleton and the situation becomes more complicated when his ex_girlfriend becomes the prime suspect) $14.95
Dietz, William C. Snake Eye (A controversial FBI Special Agent risks her reputation and her life to find and stop an organized crime slave-labor pipeline) $21.95
Doherty, Robert Bodyguard of Lies (Two women discover that their men harbored a dangerous secret about the battle against terrorism, and they find themselves prey of those who would kill to protect it) $6.99
Durham, Laura For Better or Hearse (Wedding planner Annabelle Archer (2) investigates the mysterious death of a much_hated chef; PBO) $6.99
Ellis, David In the Company of Liars (A woman accused of murder is caught in a psychological maze that may leave her only one escape, suicide, but there may be another way out) $7.99
English, T.J. Paddy Whacked (Non-fiction; account of the Irish American mob) $15.95
Evanovich, Janet Motor Mouth (Alexandra Barnaby (2) mixes it up with irresistibly hot race car driver Sam Hooker and comes up against a whole new set of bad guys in the Florida heat; unabridged cassettes or unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Evans, Michael The Death of Kings (Non_fiction; dramatic stories of royal deaths in medieval times__natural, violent or accidental) $16.95
Farmer, Jerrilyn Desperately Seeking Sushi (Madeline Bean (8) helps elderly woman accused of killing obnoxious brothers who were trying to buy the building she lived in) $23.95
Fasman, Jon The Geographer's Library (When reporter Paul Tomm is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a reclusive academic, he finds himself pursuing leads that date back to the 12th century) $14.00
Fields, Bertram Players (History; The Mysterious Identity of Wm. Shakespeare) $15.95
Finder, Joseph Company Man (After a series of layoffs, the CEO of a major corporation finds he is being stalked; when he takes action his comfortable life spirals out of control) $7.99
Fluke, Joanne Cherry Cheesecake Murder (Bake shop owner Hannah Swenson (8) serves up treats to the crew of a movie being filmed in Lake Eden, MN, until an actor dies when a "blank" bullet turns out to be real) $22.00
Garwood, Julie Slow Burn (Someone is trying to kill Kate McKenna, a successful woman who radiates kindness, and Charleston police detective Dylan Buchanan is out to save her) $7.99
George, Elizabeth With No One As Witness (New Scotland Yard Acting Superintendent Thomas Lynley and his partner, the fiery Barbara Havers, hunt a serial killer in the case of their careers) $7.99
Glass, Leslie For Love and Money (Successful stockbroker Annie Custer agrees to do a slightly illegal favor for her best friend's eccentric parents and finds herself swept into a dangerous family feud) $6.99
Goldberg, Lee Diagnosis Murder: The Dead Letter (TV Tie_in: A blackmailer, a dead detective, and a mysterious letter make an unusual request of Dr. Sloan: avenge a murder) $6.99
Graham, Heather Killing Kelly (When Soap star Kelly Trent receives death threats, ex_cop and dance partner Doug O'Casey helps her locate the potential killer) $7.99
Grange, Jean_Christophe The Empire of the Wolves (In Paris, two policemen investigate the brutal murder of three Turks, and discover a connection between them and the wife of a Parisian official suffering from amnesia) $13.95
Green, Tim Exact Revenge (A promising political candidate is framed for murder and spends 18 years plotting his revenge _ now he is out, and puts his plan into action) $6.99
Greenhill, Jim Someone Has to Die Tonight (Non-fiction; a band of teenage misfits called the Lords of Chaos who terrorized Florida for a month including bombings, vandalism, and murder) $6.99
Greenland, Seth The Bones (Self_destructive bottom_feeder comic Frank Bones teams up with the hottest comic writer in town and the consequences involve corrupt police officers and mad dashes to Mexico) $14.95
Greenwood, Kerry Murder in Montparnasse (1928 Australian heroine Phrynne Fisher is asked to help locate a missing 18_year old girl and help two friends who claim someone is trying to kill them) $14.95
Greiman, Lois Unplugged (Waitress_turned psychologist Christina McMullen (2) agrees to help find her secretary's missing boyfriend, and winds up in the middle of a messy police investigation; local author; PBO) $6.99
Gruber, Michael Valley of Bones (Cuban_American Miami police detective Jimmy Paz investigates the bizarre death of an oilman and the woman who confesses to killing him while in a prayerful, rapturous state) $7.99
Hamilton, Denise Savage Garden (The murder of an actress becomes personal for LA Time reporter Eve Diamond (4) when her boyfriend is considered a suspect and she goes on a quest to uncover the truth) $7.99
Harris, Lee Murder in Greenwich Village (NYPD detective Jane Bauer (3) reopens a cold case of the murder of an undercover cop who had been on the trail of a lucrative gun_trading operation; PBO) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Death of the Party (The murder of an unloved media magnate maroons the crime_solving Darlings (16) on a remote island with a killer) $6.99
Hart, Erin Lake of Sorrows (Pathologist Nora Gavin teams up again with Cormac Maguire to unravel the mystery of two bodies found in the Irish midlands who appear to have been killed in an old ritual; local author) $7.99
Heirman, Lynne The Pandora Key (P.I. Alex Shanahan seeks the truth behind a four_year old hijacking; pits herself against terrorists & the Russian mob to save her partner) $6.99
Henry, Sue Murder at Five Finger Life (Jessie Arnold attends a gala party at a lighthouse on the Alaskan Inside Passage, and when guests die she investigates) $6.99
Hills, Kathleen Witch Cradle (1951 Michigan U.P. Constable John McIntyre (3) investigates two skeletons found on a local farm which may have ties to local communists and the disastrous flood of a mine) $24.95
Hingle, Metsy Black Silk (Police officer Charlie LeBlanc, twin sister of a rape/murder victim, comes upon a crime that is similar to the murder of her sister, and uncovers a shocking twist; PBO) $6.99
Hoag, Tami Kill the Messenger (An L.A. bike messenger is attacked while delivering a package from a sleazy attorney, and when the attorney is murdered he becomes the prime suspect) $7.99
Holliday, Alesia Blondes Have More Felons (Florida Atty December Vaughn shows a drug company & its ruthless lawyers some blondes are smarter than they look; PBO) $6.99
Hougan, Jim The Magdalene Cypher (A thrilling novel of espionage, a centuries old conspiracy, and a secret society that will do anything to protect itself; PBO) $7.99
Housewright, David A Hard Ticket Home (Ex_St. Paul cop McKenzie searches for a missing girl whose bone marrow could save her sister's life, and the trail leads him to respected businessmen and dangerous people; local author) $6.99
Houston, Victoria Dead Boogie (Just as the summer in Loon Lake (7) is heating up, the town gets turned upside_down by a bizarre triple murder discovered on a back country road; PBO) $6.99
Hughes, Declan The Wrong Kind of Blood (L.A. P.I. Edward Loy returns to Dublin after the death of his mother, and when a friend asks him to find her missing husband, he is thrust into the Dublin underworld) $23.95
Isleib, Roberta Final Fore (LPGA golfer Cassie Burdette (5) is steeling her nerves for the U.S. Women's Open when a rival is poisoned and strange e_mails and messages indicate she could be next) $6.99
Jackson, Lisa Fatal Burn (A woman's dark past ties her to a twisted madman who is plotting deadly revenge, and the one man who can help her knows her dark past is connected to his missing child) $7.99
Jance/Lanier/West/Kelley Bark M for Murder (Collection of stories featuring favorite sleuths and clever canines; PBO) $6.99
Johnson, Craig Death Without Company (Veteran Sheriff Walt Longmire (2) of Wyoming investigates when a woman is found poisoned at a home for assisted living and discovers she had many with a motive to kill her) $23.95
Liss, David The Ethical Assassin (17 year_old salesman Lem Altick witnesses the assassination of two customers, and his only hope to survive is to cooperate with the killer, a reckless animal rights activist) $24.95
Ludwig, Robi/Birkbeck, Matt 'Till Death Do Us Part (Non-fiction; analysis of spouses who kill including profiles of Scott Peterson and Rabbi Fred Neulander) $25.00
MacEnulty, Pat Time to Say Goodbye (Detective Bullock investigates murder of a hotel maid in Gainesville, Florida; believes it may be connected to three 25_year old murders) $15.00
Mannock, John The War Mountains (In the mountains of Yugoslavia, Tito and his partisans are on the run from the SS, and the Allies send a commando team to blow up a key bridge and save them) $7.99
Martin, Nancy Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (At the unveiling of a miraculous new bra, Nora Blackbird (4) finds her boss trussed up in pantyhose and shot execution_style, and she shadows glamorous suspects to find the killer) $6.99
Martin, Nancy Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too (The Philadelphia Blackbird Sisters (5) investigate a murder involving a sports bar, political secrets, an aristocratic brat, and hot wings) $19.95
McCarry, Charles The Last Supper (Classic '83 reprint: Complex novel starting with the vehicular homicide of Paul Christopher's girlfriend, and ranging from the origins of the CIA to Christopher's own past) $24.95
McCrumb, Sharyn St. Dale (Non_mystery: Judge Bedasu Holifield joins her sister and some friends on a tour of Southern NASCAR speedways and connects with her fellow Dale Earnhardt fans in unexpected ways) $7.99
McEvoy, John Blind Switch (Unemployed ad man Jack Doyle helps a friend fix a horse race and is caught by the FBI who enlist him to help them investigate another race horse crime) $14.95
McEvoy, John Riders Down (Matt O'Connor, a Chicago_based columnist for a racing newspaper, investigates the death of a 92_year old bookie and finds ties to several races which may have been fixed) $24.95
McKinty, Adrian The Dead Yard (Sequel to Dead I Well May Be : Mercenary Michael Forsythe is forced to infiltrate an Irish terrorist cell for the FBI and confronts murder, mayhem, and his own execution) $24.00
Miller, Susan Cummins Detachment Fault (When a rare Alexandrite ring connects two dead bodies, geologist Frankie MacFarlane finds herself between a rock and a hard place trying to crack the case) $6.99
Mitchell, Michele Our Girl in Washington (While working as a media consultant for the Essex Group, Kate Boothe travels to Paris, and when a friend investigating the company is murdered, she investigates) $14.00
Miyabe, Miyuki Crossfire (Young Junko Aoki uses her strange power to start fires at will to punish violent criminals and attracts the attention of a vigilante organization and the Tokyo arson squad) $24.95
Miyabe, Miyuki Shadow Family (Police investigating the murder of a middle_aged man discover he was part of an Internet chat room and his daughter tries to cope with the reality of his double life) $11.95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez The Man of My Life (In order to solve the murder of a rich financier, Carvalho must penetrate the world of cults and Satan worship) $15.00
Montanari, Richard The Rosary Girls (Philly homicide cops match wits with a depraved killer preying on Catholic school girls) $7.99
Murray, Yxta Maya The Queen Jade (Lola Sanchez goes to the South American rain forests on a quest to recover the legendary Queen Jade, a stone said to possess great power for whoever holds it) $12.95
Parker, I.J. Rashomon Gate (Sugawara Akitada (2) is helping investigate a friend's blackmail when a young girl is murdered and an old man disappears and he is sidetracked from his original case) $13.00
Parker, Robert B. Cold Service (When Hawk is beaten within an inch of his life, Spenser infiltrates a ruthless mob in the name of friendship and revenge) $7.99
Parker, T. Jefferson The Fallen (A San Diego homicide cop with a rare neurological condition where he sees colors when people speak, serving as a lie detector, investigates the murder of a former colleague who had fallen on hard times) $24.95
Parry, Owen Rebels of Babylon (Investigating the theft of federal funds, Civil War detective Abel Jones (6) uncovers a murderous plot to exploit liberated slaves) $7.99
Pearson, Ridley Cut and Run (6 years ago, witness protection Marshall Roland Larson fell in love with a witness, and now the mob has her new identity and Roland must stop them from executing her) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Survival Reflex : SuperBolan #107 (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Triangle of Terror: The Executioner #328 (Paramilitary adv.) $4.99
Penman, Sharon Kay Prince of Darkness (Justin de Quincy (4) goes to Paris at the request of a former lover to help Prince John, who has been implicated in a plot to kill King Richard, to prove his innocence) $14.00
Perry, Thomas Nightlife (Portland detective Catherine Hobbes investigates the murder of the cousin of an L.A. underworld figure and the disappearance of his girlfriend, and murders mount) $24.95
Powell, Richard Say It With Bullets (Classic '53 hardboiled reprint; Bill Wayne takes a bus trip through the west to find which of his army buddies shot him four years ago, and dead bodies are turning up at every stop) $6.99
Rabb, Jonathan Rosa (Berlin's Detective Inspector Nikolai Hoffner investigates the deaths of four women in the last days of the First World War) $14.00
Reichs, Kathy Bones Buried Deep (Original novel based on the hit Fox television series and based on the true_life experiences of forensic anthropologist Reichs) $7.99
Rice, Christopher Light Before Day (25_year old journalist Adam Murphy is working on a story of a serial killer preying on young gay men in West Hollywood, when he is fired and continues the investigation alone) $12.95
Riordan, Rick Mission Road (In order to save a friend, San Antonio PI Tres Navarre (6) must walk a tightrope of lies, loyalty and revenge) $6.99
Roberts, Gillian A Hole in Juan (English teacher Amanda Pepper and her PI husband investigate a dangerously escalating series of "pranks" at Halloween time) $23.95
Schechter, Harold The Tell_Tale Corpse (Edgar Allan Poe (3): In Massachuset, Poe stumbles into a case and is helped out by a clever assistant, Lousia May Alcott) $24.95
Smith, Brad Busted Flush (Dock Bass inherits an old house near Gettysburg, and after he discovers a treasure trove of Civil War memorabilia he fights off an onslaught of collectors and media hounds) $14.00
Smith, Carlton The BTK Murders (Non-fiction; the longest and most grisly killing spree in Midwest history is pinned on a 60_year old former Boy Scout leader) $6.99
Solow, Jennifer The Booster (A chic Upper East Side kleptomaniac gets seduced into the dark, erotic underworld of a South American high fashion shoplifting ring) $24.00
Stanley, Stephanie An Invisible Man (Non-fiction; the search for a Baton Rouge serial killer, the investigation that went awry & the police_work that eventually solved the case) $7.99
Sternberg, Libby Finding the Forger (At an art museum, someone is replacing priceless paintings with forgeries, and Bianca Balducci investigates in the midst of boy trouble, hair disasters, and shopping woes) $5.99
Straub, Peter In the Night Room (A pair of authors haunted by messages from the dead band together to battle the dark forces stalking them) $7.99
Stroby, Wallace The Heartbreak Lounge (After a 7_year stint in the pen, Johnny Harrow is out to find his son, given up for adoption by his ex Nikki, who turns to an ex_New Jersey cop to try and stop him) $6.99
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles Betrothed (When a murder suspect dies mid_interview, Bubbles Yablonsky's (5) notes become a hot commodity for an obsessed detective, a Polish Mafioso, and a foot fetishist on the lam) $6.99
Swift, Virginia Hello, Stranger (College professor Sally Alder (4) helps a student who has been battered, and when the student's father is murdered and she becomes the prime suspect, Sally joins in the search) $24.95
Tallis, Frank A Death in Vienna (When a mysterious and beautiful medium dies, turn_of_the century Vienna detective Oskar Rheinhardt calls on his friend psychologist Max Liebermann for help finding the killer) $22.00
Temple, Lou Jane Death du Jour (In Paris, 1790, Fanny Delarue (2), a young cook for a wealthy family, investigates when a chef for a neighboring family is murdered) $22.95
Tesh, Jane A Case of Imagination (Former Parkland, NC beauty queen Madeline Maclin, now set up as a PI, investigates a murder in a town with a troubled beauty pageant and a Psychic Shop) $24.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David White Thunder (Ella Clah (10) searches for a missing FBI agent on the reservation, and suspects include a Navajo medicine man and a fellow FBI agent who may be dirty) $6.99
Villatoro, Marcos A Venom Beneath the Skin (Latina detective Romilia Chacon (3) investigates a case that sends her down a twisting path towards a deadly conspiracy) $6.99
Waters, T.J. Class 11 (Non-fiction; insider's account of first post_9/11 CIA training class) $24.95
Webb, Betty Desert Run (Scottsdale P.I. investigates the complicated case of the death of a former German POW, the slaughter of an entire family years before, and the connection between the two) $22.95
Webb, Betty Desert Shadows (Arizona PI Lena Jones (3) helps her Pima Indian partner Jimmy Sisiwan investigate the poisoning of a controversial book publisher) $14.95
Westlake, Donald E. Watch Your Back! (When Dortmunder and his gang discover the mob has taken over the OJ to burn it for insurance fraud, they split their time between fighting the mob and robbing the rich) $7.50
White, Randy Wayne Dark Light (After a hurricane creates havoc on the Florida coast, Doc Ford agrees to help a woman clear a loved one's name of espionage during WWII, but encounters unexpected dangers) $24.95
White, Randy Wayne Dead of Night (The bizarre suicide of a biologist leads Doc Ford to the discovery of flesh_eating parasites infesting Florida waters, a catastrophe only Doc can stop) $7.99
White, Stephen Kill Me (A novel which examines what life would be like if we could choose our time of death, but once the decision is made, it can't be changed, no matter what) $25.95
White, Stephen Missing Persons (Psychologist Alan Gregory looks for answers to the death of a colleague and a missing client in the mind of another deeply disturbed client he has been treating) $9.99


Alleyn, Susanne Game of Patience (In 1776 Paris, young Aristide Roussei investigates the double murder of a heiress and a blackmailer set against the backdrop of pre-Napoleonic France) $23.95
Archer, Jeffrey False Impression (A young woman who survived 9/11 journeys around the world to find the connection between a Van Gogh painting and the death of an elderly lady, pursued by a ruthless assassin) $27.95
Bowen, Rhys Oh Danny Boy (In 1902 Irish immigrant and P.I. Molly Murphy (5) agrees to help NYPD Captain Daniel Sullivan when he is accused of taking bribes and investigates a serial killer of prostitutes) $23.95
Boyne, John Crippen (Novel recreating the story of Hawley Crippen, the murder of his wife, and Scotland Yard's transatlantic chase in 1910) $24.95
Bruen, Ken The Dramatist (Jack Taylor (4) is sober, but when his dealer calls Jack from jail in Dublin to investigate the death of his sister, reluctant but agreeable Jack doesn't know the request will lead to deadly consequences) $22.95
Bruen, Ken The Magdalen Martyrs (Jack Taylor, walking the delicate edge of sobriety, finds himself called to repay a favor to a tough from Galway__an errand that Jack has a hunch is not as simple as it seems) $12.95
Christie, Agatha Masterpieces of Mystery and The Unknown (28 ingenious short mysteries) $15.95
Crais, Robert The Two Minute Rule (Ex_con Max Holmes' estranged police officer son is shot dead on the day of Max's release. Max realizes the LAPD is pinning the crime on the wrong man, but why?) $24.95
Egleton, Clive The Renegades (After a British secret service agent dies in a restaurant shoot_out, Peter Ashton and the SIS find that there are ties to terrorists and the shooting was not a coincidence) $24.95
Foden, Giles Mimi and Toutou's Big Adventure (The bizarre, true story that inspired The African Queen ; an admiral is dispatched to haul two gunboats through the jungle to defeat the Germans on Lake Tanganyika) $14.95
Handler, David The Sweet Golden Parachute (A homeless man is murdered in Dorset, and Mitch Berger and Desiree Mitry try to solve the puzzle while Desiree contemplates Mitch's marriage proposal) $23.95
Havill, Steven F. Statute of Limitations (In Posadas County, NM, retired chief_of_police Eduardo Martinez dies at a motel after two men steal his car, and Undersheriff Estelle Reyes_Guzman has few clues to go on) $23.95
Hynd, Noel The Enemy Within (The first in a series featuring Secret Service Agent Laura Chapman of the Presidential Protection Detail. Chapman must find an assassin who is a member of the Secret Service) $25.95
Kellerman, Jonathan Gone (Alex Delaware on the case of two drama students who claim they were kidnapped. When one is then murdered and the other disappears, the hoax becomes real; unabridged CDs $44.95) $26.95
Kozak, Harley Jane Dating is Murder (Greeting card artist Wollie Shelly investigates the disappearance of her best friend while the LAPD detectives all try to get her to go out on a date) $12.95
McManus, Patrick F. The Blight Way (A new mystery series set in the Rockies features Sherrif Bo Tully sleuthing among the colorful denizens of Blight County) $24.00
Montanari, Richard The Skin Gods (Philly police detectives hunt a maniacal killer who is recreating Hollywood movies' most famous murder scenes) $24.95
Mortimer, Ian The Greatest Traitor (Bio of Sir Roger Mortimer, ruler of England from 1327_1330) $25.95
Mountain, Fiona Bloodline (Ancestor detective Natasha Blake (2) investigates the murder of an old man who was investigating his daughter's boyfriend, and must solve a crime hidden for generations) $23.95
Nance, John Orbit (A nightmarish scenario of space tourism gone wrong, as a civilian passenger struggles to survive in a crippled spacecraft whose crew is killed in an accident) $25.00
Nesser, Hakan Borkmann's Point (Inpector Van Veeteren is summoned to a quiet north European town to track down the link between a series of murders; winner of a Swedish best novel award) $22.95
Osborne, Mary Pope The Mysteries of Spider Kane (Two books in one from the author of the "Magic Tree House" series: Mystery Under the May_Apple and Mystery at Jumbo Nightcrawler's ; young adult) $5.99
Perry, Thomas Nightlife (Portland Detective Catherine Hobbes investigates a murder, which soon turns into a series of murders by a killer who kills on impulse and changes identity and appearance with ease) $24.95
Pronzini, Bill Mourners (Nameless Detective novel. James Troxell's wife hires the agency to find out why her husband has been attending the funerals of strange women who have died violently) $24.95
Reiss, Tom The Orientalist (Non_fiction; story of Lev Nussimbaum, a Jew who transformed himself into a Muslim prince and became a bestselling author in Nazi Germany) $14.95
Rhoades, J.D. Good Day in Hell (Bounty hunter Jack Keller and deputy Marie Jones team up when three men go on a killing spree at a church, and it becomes clear they will strike again if they are not stopped) $23.95
Scottoline, Lisa Dirty Blonde (A new judge has a secret life & it comes shockingly to light when the defendant in a high_profile lawsuit is murdered and a killer comes after her) $25.95
Shuman, George D. 18 Seconds (A blind psychic who can "see" the last 18 seconds of a murder victim's life helps a female police detective hunt down a serial killer) $23.00
Smith, Alexander McCall In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (Botswana detective Precious Ramotswe (6) deals with an intruder in her home, and a visitor who forces her to confront a past secret) $12.95
Willeford, Charles Wild Wives (A woman hires a PI to escape her father's smothering influence. Unfortunately for the PI, the "father" turns out to be the "husband"__murderous complications ensue) $12.95
Wilson, John Morgan Rhapsody in Blood (Benjamin Justice and friend Alexandra Templeton take a trip to a movie set in the CA desert, and end up involved when a feared gossip columnist is murdered) $24.95


Abrahams, Peter End of Story (Aspiring writer Ivy Seidel takes a job teaching writing to prisoners, and when she delves into the past of one inmate, someone doesn't want the past disturbed) $24.95
Abrahams, Peter Oblivion (Nick Petrov is an investigator whose attempts to recover the memory of a lost weekend lead him to discover a new suspect in an old murder case_-himself) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Bleeding Hearts (China Bayles is asked to discreetly investigate serious allegations against a high school football coach, and uncovers many terrible secrets; signing at Uncle Edgar's Wednesday, April 12, 5-6 pm) $23.95
Albert, Susan Wittig Dead Man's Bones (When her teenage son discovers suspicious skeletal remains, lawyer_turned herbalist China Bayles (15) hunts a killer from the past who is about to strike in the present) $6.99
Andrews, Mary Kay (aka Kathy Trochek) Savannah Breeze (Sequel to Savannah Blues : Bebe Loudermilk has lost everything to a dastardly con man, and when he is sighted in Florida, she and a group of friends go after him) $24.95
Atkinson, Jay Legends of Winter Hill (Non_fiction; a journalist spends a year working as a private eye for an agency founded by an incorruptible ex_cop) $13.00
Baines, Phil Penguin by Design (Story of the cover art of British Penguin books) $25.00
Blanchard, Alice Life Sentences (Boston_based scientist Daisy Hubbard's work is interrupted when her sister is kidnapped by a serial killer; she teams with a detective to find her) $7.50
Block, Lawrence_ed. Manhattan Noir (Anthology of tales by New York authors including Block, Jeffrey Deaver, S.J. Rozan, Jim Fusilli, and Carol Lea Benjamin) $14.95
Bond, Larry Dangerous Ground (The USS Memphis is sent on one last mission, to sneak into Russia's coastal waters and survey leaking nuclear fuel containers, and finds something much more dangerous) $7.99
Bowden, Mark Road Work (Collection of 20 years of non_fiction from the author of Black Hawk Down ) $16.00
Brace, Robert Iron Butterfly (Ex_special ops Marine Lysander Dalton (2) is hired by a shadowy DC power_player to find the purchasers of black market plutonium before they can make an A_bomb; PBO) $7.99
Braun, Lilian Jackson Two Cats, Three Tales (The first 3 "Cat Who..." novels in one volume) $14.00
Brogan, Jan A Confidential Source (A disgraced former hot_shot reporter now working in Rhode Island witnesses a murder and her investigation leads her into the illicit dangers of gambling and addiction) $6.99
Brown, Dan The Da Vinci Code (First U.S. mass market edition, to tie in with release of the movie) $7.99
Bruce, Maggie-ed. Murder Most Crafty (15 mysteries featuring a crime and a craft each) $6.99
Buckley, Fiona To Shield the Queen (Reprint: Queen Elizabeth's lady_in_waiting Ursula becomes entangled in the death of the wife of the Queen's object of affection) $13.00
Buffa, D.W. Trial by Fire (Defense attorney Joseph Antonelli (7) defends a professor accused of the murder of his lover, and to prove his innocence must bait the real killer out of hiding) $7.99
Buick, Jeff African Ice (Geologist Samantha Carlson is hired by Gem-Star to journey to Africa and find a diamond formation worth untold millions, but there are others there who mean to kill her; PBO) $6.99
Carrington, Tori Sofie Metropolis (Sofie is a young Greek_American trying to make it as a P.I. in Astoria, Queens, and works on a myriad of small cases until she is in a shoot out and the stakes rise) $6.99
Chabon, Michael The Yiddish Policemen's Union (In an alternate world where Alaska became the homeland of the Jews, Detective Meyer Landsman investigates the murder of a heroin-addled chess prodigy; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Child, Lee One Shot (Ex-military investigator Jack Reacher (9) and a young defense lawyer try to clear a trained military sniper of a multiple murder) $7.99
Childs, Laura Blood Orange Brewing (Theo Browning (7) investigates when a retired CEO falls dead at a fundraiser, and her investigation opens up a simmering pot of shady politics and personal paybacks) $23.95
Clark, Carol Higgins Hitched (PI Regan Reilly (5) searches for her stolen wedding dress while her fiance Detective Jack Reilly investigates a series of bank robberies) $24.00
Coffey, Jan Silent Waters (A nuclear sub has been highjacked, and ship superintendent Amy Russell and Commander Darious McCann try to stop the terrorists from destroying New York City; PBO) $6.99
Compton, Jodi Sympathy Between Humans (Mpls. Detective Sarah Pribek guards a deadly secret that could cost her job, or the life of someone she has sworn to protect) $6.99
Connelly, Michael-ed. Murder in Vegas (Collection of 22 mysteries set in Las Vegas; trade pb signed by Connelly still available) $6.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Quilt (Emma Lord (17) investigates when a member of the Burl Creek Thimble Club's homecoming is cut short by murder) $6.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Recluse (Emma Lord (18): As Emma and Sheriff Milo Dodge investigate an arson, it becomes apparent the fire was set to cover up a murder.) $23.95
Damsgaard, Shirley Charmed to Death (Second in the cozy supernatural mystery series featuring a reluctant psychic and her grandmother, a benevolent witch; PBO) $6.99
Davidson, Diana Mott Dark Tort (Goldy Schulz enjoys her new gig catering breakfasts for a local law firm, until one night she arrives to find the firm's paralegal dead; she investigates) $24.95
Davis, Kyra Passion, Betrayal, and Killer Highlights (Sophie Katz teams with insufferable P.I. Anatoly Darinsky to clear her sister of the murder of her husband who is found dead hours after announcing he was leaving her) $21.95
DeMille, Nelson The Nelson Demille Collection Vol. 1 ( The Gold Coast, Spencerville, By the Rivers of Babylon abridged 9 CDs) $29.95
Dorsey, Tim The Big Bamboo (Serge Storms (8) and his stoned_out sidekick Coleman head to Hollywood and murder, mayhem; all kinds of hell break loose in Tinsletown) $24.95
Dorsey, Tim Torpedo Juice (Serge Storm (7) goes to the Florida Keys to try and reinvent himself and find the perfect wife, but runs into a batch of lunatics with mayhem on their minds) $7.99
Dunning, John The Sign of the Book (Denver book dealer Cliff Janeway (4) investigates the death of a friend's husband and discovers a motive for murder in the dead man's library) $7.99
Evanovich, Janet/Hughes,Charlotte Full Scoop (A sexy, humorous romantic novel by the famed mystery author) $7.99
Fairbanks, Nancy Bon Bon Voyage (Food columnist Carolyn Blue (9) and her mother_in_law are on a gourmet cruise ship, and when a woman turns up missing and a corpse turns up on board, she applies her investigative talents) $12.95
Fickling, G.G. Honey West: A Kiss for a Killer (Classic '60 reprint; Los Angeles P.I. Honey West investigates a murder in a nudist colony run by quirky evangelical Christians, while trying to clear her name of the murder of her boyfriend) $13.95
Fitzhugh, Bill Heart Seizure (Reprint: Humorous novel about organ transplants) $13.95
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, D. Murder She Wrote: A Question of Murder (A real murder mars a murder_mystery party in the Berkshires, Jessica Fletcher investigates; PBO) $6.99
Flowers, R. Barri State's Evidence (In Eagles Landing, CA, two men both claim to have murdered a judge and raped his wife, and ADA Beverly Mendoza and Homicide detective Stone Palmer must sort out the truth) $6.99
Ford, Michael Curtis The Sword of Attila (Only one man has the power, wealth and authority to halt the barbarian tides sweeping over Europe, but first he must overcome the Sword of Attila) $6.99
Fowler, Christopher The Water Room (John May and Arthur Bryant of London's Peculiar Crimes Unit investigate the drowning death of a woman in a dry room) $6.99
Greenwood, Kerry Cocaine Blues (In the first Phryne Fisher mystery, she travels to 1929 Melbourne and becomes embroiled in poisoned wives, cocaine smuggling rings, corrupt cops and communism) $24.95
Gruber, Michael Night of the Jaguar (Conclusion to the Jimmy Paz trilogy: When affluent Cuban_American businessmen die in gruesome fashion, eaten by a massive jungle cat, Jimmy Paz is called in to investigate) $24.95
Hamilton, Denise Prisoner of Memory (When the son of a Russian emigre is found murdered in LA's Griffith Park, Eve Diamond (5) is forced to excavate her own family's past for clues as she hunts the killer) $24.00
Hamilton, Lyn The Moai Murders (Toronto antiques dealer Lara McClintock (9) vacations to Easter Island; crashes conference of Rapa Nui experts where death is predicted) $6.99
Hamilton, Lyn The Orkney Scroll (When one of her clients is accused of murder, Lara McClintoch's investigation leads her to the Orkney Islands off Scotland, and she is pulled into a centuries_old Viking saga) $22.95
Hart, Carolyn Dead Days of Summer (Max Darling (17) is accused of murder and his wife Annie, convinced of his innocence, goes undercover to find the real killer) $23.95
Hartley, A.J. The Mask of Atreus (Museum curator Deborah Miller investigates the murder of a museum's dead proprietor and the theft of a priceless Mycenaean death mask of awesome power; PBO) $7.99
Henry, Sue The Tooth of Time (Maxie McNabb and her dog Stretch (3) stop their mini_Winnie travels in New Mexico and help a woman who tries to commit suicide when her husband leaves her) $23.95
Hess, Joan The Goodbye Body (Claire Malloy investigates when several bodies turn up and other disquieting things happen where she is house_sitting for a customer) $6.99
Hills, Kathleen Hunter's Dance (In 1950's Upper Peninsula MI, Constable John McIntire investigates a bizarre murder stemming from a bar argument between a rich kid and a local Indian youth) $14.95
Hills, Kathleen Past Imperfect (Reprint: When a friend dies of an allergic reaction, Constable John McIntire investigates when the facts don't quite add up & he suspects murder) $14.95
Hoag, Tami Prior Bad Acts (Mpls homicide detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska, hired to protect a judge, search for her after she is kidnapped; abridged CDs $29.95, unabridged CDs $44.95) $26.00
Iggulden, Conn Emperor: The Gods of War (The conclusion of the Emperor series, as Caesar leads his legions across the Rubicon) $25.00
Jackson, Lisa Shiver (Serial killer is plaguing New Orleans; Detective Rueben "Diego" Montoya is in a desperate race to find a killer whose crimes are striking ever_closer to home) $19.95
Johansen, Iris Countdown (A young woman escapes a kidnapper only to become caught in a maze of secrets and stalked by a merciless killer) $7.99
Johnson, Craig Cold Dish (Walt Longmire, Wyoming's Absaroka County sheriff, investigates the murder of a man who raped a Northern Cheyenne girl two years before, and suspects revenge as the motive; Dilys Award nominee) $14.00
Kaminsky, Stuart M. CSI:NY: Blood on the Sun (In New York, CSI detectives Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera investigate the murders of a Queens family and an Orthodox Jew discovered dead in his synagogue) $7.99
Kandel, Susan Not a Girl Detective (Amateur sleuth Cece Caruso (2) is researching a book on Nancy Drew when she tumbles headlong into a murder investigation) $6.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Rage (A teenage murderer just released from prison is murdered and Alex Delaware, who once treated the youth, investigates) $7.99
Killian, Diana Sonnet of the Sphinx (In England's Lake District, amateur sleuth Grace Hollister and thief_turned_antiques _dealer Peter Fox (3) race to find a valuable manuscript while Grace attempts to solve the mystery of Peter's past; PBO) $6.99
King, Jonathan A Killing Night (Max Freeman agrees to help his ex_girlfriend track down a killer, until he realizes her suspect once saved his life, and he is torn between loyalty and debt) $6.99
King, Laurie R. Locked Rooms (Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes travel to San Francisco; Mary's troubling past haunts her as they investigate a series of mysterious deaths) $6.99
Kolb, Larry J. America At Night (Non-fiction; two master criminals aiming to take America's biggest prize and our security agency's inability to stop them) $25.95
Lakin, Rita Getting Old is the Best Revenge (Gladdy Gold (20, Florida's oldest PI, and her eccentric friends will do anything to catch a cold_blooded killer _ even lose a bingo tournament; PBO) $6.99
Long, Steven Every Woman's Nightmare (Non-fiction; murder of Lori Hacking, killed by her charming husband who turned out to be a psychotic criminal; PBO) $6.99
MacLarty, Jay Live Wire (An elaborate scheme to overthrow the president leaves Simon Leonidovich (3) trapped in hostile North Korean territory with a briefcase full of incriminating documents) $7.99
Mankell, Henning Chronicler of the Winds (Set in an African port; tells the story of the short life and slow death of Nelio, a ten_year_old boy who was a leader of street kids) $24.95
Mann, Robert/Williamson, Miryam Forensic Detective (Non_fiction; A leading forensic anthropologist recounts the solving of numerous cases. A look at the life and mind of a scientist who seeks answers in the bodies of the dead) $24.95
Martin, Rosemary Twist and Shout Murder (Bebe's (2) new job at a modeling agency turns sour when the model her boss is attracted to is murdered with the scarf he gave her, and she is determined to find the killer; PBO) $6.99
McGown, Jill Unlucky for Some (Married Chief Inspector duo Lloyd and Hill (13) are baffled when bingo player Wilma Fenton is murdered and her money is fanned out over her, and other similar murders follow) $6.99
McKevett, G.A. Murder a la Mode (Plus_sized P.I. Savannah Reid is on a reality TV show vying for the attention of her favorite romance cover model and searching for a killer out to murder her competition) $6.99
Meredith, D.R. Murder by the Book (Librarian Megan Clark (5) discovers a series of corpses and she must find a killer who has been boning up on Agatha Christie novels to clear her own name; PBO) $6.99
Mitchell, Corey Evil Eyes (Non-fiction; serial killer Coral Eugene Watts, a sadistic slayer reputed to have murdered more victims than Bundy, Dahmer, and Gacy combined) $6.99
Moorhouse, Roger Killing Hitler (Nonfiction; the unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Hitler) $25.00
Morgan, Deborah The Majolica Murders (When antique dealer Jeff Talbot (5) asks his friend Lanny to find some antique majolica for his wife, Lanny is accused of murdering a dishonest dealer; PBO) $6.99
Murakami, Ryu In the Miso Soup (An overweight American tourist hires Kenji to take him on a tour of Tokyo's sleazy nightlife, and Kenji suspects that he is the serial killer who has been terrorizing the city) $14.00
Murphy and Sapir The Destroyer: Bad Dog (Remo must stop the head of a health care institute from using trained dogs to snuff out costly, disease carrying people) $6.50
Neate, Patrick City of Tiny Lights (In London, Tommy Akhtar, hard_drinking veteran of the Mujahideen, agrees to help a prostitute find a missing friend, and is drawn into a murder investigation) $14.00
O'Brian, Patrick Richard Temple (The author of the Aubrey_Maturin series spins a tale of art and espionage during World War II; First U.S. edition) $24.95
Parker, Robert Race Week (5 CD's, abridged. Police chief Jesse Stone investigates a murder during Paradise, MA biggest event__Race Week) $29.95
Parshall, Sandra The Heat of the Moon (Vet Rachel Goddard is catapulted back into her past by the terrified screams of a child, and investigates that past, finding that it was not as idyllic as she had thought) $24.95
Pears, Iain The Portrait (An art critic goes to Brittany to sit for a ortrait painted by an old friend, but learns there is much more at stake as the painter recalls a past betrayal) $13.
Pelecanos, George Drama City (Ex_con Lorenzo Brown works for the D.C. Humane Society, and his past comes to haunt him, putting him, along with his beautiful parole officer, in a dangerous situation; Edgar nominee Best Novel) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Vanishing Point: Stony Man #82 (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Hostile Crossing : The Executioner #329 (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Perry, Anne Dark Assassin (William Monk (15): Monk investigates the death of a young couple who plunged into the Thames during what appeared to be an argument. Is it an accident, suicide, or murder?) $25.95
Perry, Anne Long Spoon Lane (Thomas Pitt (24) of London's Special Branch investigates an anarchist bombing in Long Spoon Lane, and clues suggest that Inspector Wertron is the mastermind) $7.50
Peters, Elizabeth The Serpent on the Crown (Enjoying a world finally at peace, the Emersons return to Egypt in 1922, and a widow's strange story and her possession of a cursed relic, plunge them into a storm of murder) $9.99
Peters, Elizabeth Tomb of the Golden Bird (In 1922, the Emerson family (18) goes to the Valley of the Kings in search of the tomb of Tutankhamon; kidnappers, lies, and an old family nemesis stand in their way; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Powell, J. Mark/Meagher, L.D. Curse of Cain (During the final months of the Civil War, an assassin is targeting Lincoln; Special Agent Jack Tanner is sent by Jefferson Davis to stop him) $7.99
Queen, William Under and Alone (Non-fiction; ATF agent William Queen's nearly three years undercover in the notorious Mongols biker gang) $7.50
Reig, Raphael Blood on the Saddle (Dickens and Clot Investigative Agency has an unusual speciality: tracking down literary characters who have "quit the page" and assumed lives of their own) $16.00
Rose, Karen You Can't Hide (Someone is using the deepest secrets of psychiatrist Tess Coccotelli's clients to push them to commit suicide, and she must work with an obnoxious detective to find the killer) $6.50
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Sullivan's Justice (Sequel to Sullivan's Law ; Probation Officer Carolyn Sullivan investigates when her brother's girlfriend is murdered & he is prime suspect) $6.99
Rosett, Sara Moving is Murder (Professional organizer Ellie Avery finds neighborhood environmental activist Cass Vincent dead by the road, and the police call it an accident, but she is not so sure) $22.00
Royal, Priscilla Favas Can Be Fatal (When a prominent food critic dies in her favorite eatery, Alice McDoughall discovers the restaurant business can be murder.; lesbian lit) $13.95
Sallis, James Cripple Creek (When Sheriff Don Lee is brutally assaulted during an escape from jail, Turner (2) goes to Memphis in pursuit and ghosts of his past are released during the journey) $23.00
Santiago, Danielle Grindin' (Kennedy Sanchez is taking care of her murdered cousin's children when she is offered the chance to become a rapper; finds the music world is still a hustle) $22.00
Scottoline, Lisa Devil's Corner (A young federal prosecutor risks her life to bring down the kingpin of a conspiracy responsible for murders in West Philly) $7.99
Seymour, Gerald Traitor's Kiss (A high_ranking Russian naval officer who has been passing secrets to the British disappears and his contacts in London try to find him and get him out) $24.95
Shane, Jack Sky Hunters (The elite helicopter pilots of the Night Stalker's experimental X_Battalion are sent on a dangerous mission to destroy a threat to the U.S. hidden in South America; PBO) $6.99
Shubin, Seymour Witness to Myself (15 years ago Alan Benning, now a successful lawyer, walked off the beach into a nightmare, and now the past returns to haunt him) $6.99
Siegel, James Detour (Paul and Joanna Breidbart adopt a Columbian child, and one day return home to find the child disturbingly changed, and Paul must do the unthinkable to save his family) $6.99
Singular, Stepehn Unholy Messenger (Non_fiction; examination of the BTK killer.) $23.00
Skibbins, David Eight of Swords (Warren Ritter reads tarot on the streets of Berkeley, and when one of his predictions comes true and a girl is kidnapped, he feels responsible and tries to find her; Winner Best First Traditional Mystery Contest) $6.99
Smith, Wilbur The Triumph of the Sun (In 1884 Khartoum, the Courtney family is trapped in the midst of a bloody rebellion, and encounter the Ballantynes as they fight to survive) $7.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi The Final Victim (Charlotte Remington Maitland inherits the huge Remington Estate in Savannah, Georgia, and is both haunted by her family's secrets and hunted by a ruthless killer) $6.99
Temple, Lou Jane The Spice Box (In 1860's New York, Bridget Heaney works in the kitchen for a prominent man, and finds an old spice box in the kitchen that leads to mystery) $6.99
Terral, Jack SEALs: Guerrilla Warfare (Brannigan's Brigade (2) is sent to the Bolivian swampland & jungle terrain on a campaign to destroy a fascist movement; PBO) $6.99
Tracy, P.J. Dead Run (Computer games experts Grace McBrinde and Annie Belinsk (3) are stranded in a quiet town in the north woods and when they witness a murder, they run for their lives) $7.99
Tursten, Helene The Torso (Swedish Detective Irene Huss's (2) investigation of a murder in Denmark similar to a Swedish murder takes a turn when the next victims have personal connections to her) $24.00
Unger, Lisa Beautiful Lies (A young New York City writer's good deed has terrible consequences and leaves her running for her life $24.00
Vine, Barbara (aka Ruth Rendell) The Minotaur (A young nurse suspects her charge, a 39 year old schizophrenic man may be less sick than he seems, but for the ministrations of his mother and sisters) $13.00
Waites, Martyn The Mercy Seat (Former journalist Joe Donovan, reclusive since the unsolved disappearance of his six_year_old son two years ago, must help a teen who has unwittingly stolen information) $25.00
Waldron, Ann A Rare Murder in Princeton (Journalist McLeod Dulaney (4) investigates when a new friend meets an uncommon demise in the rare books room of Princeton's library; PBO) $6.99
Walter, Jess Citizen Vance (In 1980, a former petty mobster in the witness_protection program sees a familiar face in town, and realizes that his past may have caught up with him; Edgar nominee Best Novel) $14.95
Webb, Betty Desert Wives (Reprint: Lena Jones (2) investigates the abuses of contemporary polygamy in the Southwest including corrupt welfare officials & child abuse) $14.95
Webber, Heather Digging Up Trouble (When Nina Quinn is hired to do a backyard makeover for her stepson's aunt and uncle, little does she know that she is being duped, and that murder is around the corner; PBO) $6.99
Weiner, Ellis The Big Boat to Bye_Bye (When a children's show producer is blackmailed with dirty puppet outtakes from his show, P.I. Pete Ingalls (2) is hired, and soon he is investigating a murder as well) $6.99
White, Randy Wayne Key West Connection (as Randy Striker, revised '81 reprint; Ex_Navy SEAL Dusky MacMorgan's peaceful new life is shattered when a psychotic pack of drug runners murders his family and he seeks revenge) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Dark Harbor (Stone Barrington (11) investigates the apparent murder/suicide of his CIA agent cousin and family, and suspects murder as he unravels the facts of his cousin's life) $25.95
Woods, Stuart Iron Orchid (Now working for the CIA, Holly Barker (4) joins the elite task force tracking a man who kills his political targets for sport) $9.99


Abbott, Geoffrey Execution (Gruesomely fascinating account of methods of execution from around the world and through the ages) $23.95
Akunin, Boris The Death of Achilles (Erast Fandorin (4) investigates the murder of a Russian war hero in 1882 Moscow and matches wits with a bone_chilling nemesis who pushes him to the limits of his ability) $12.95
Akunin, Boris The Turkish Gambit (In 1877, young sleuth Erast Fandorin tries to clear a Russian decoder who has wrongfully been accused of espionage during a war between the Russians and the Ottoman Empire) $12.95
Bebris, Carrie North by Northanger or The Shade of Pemberley (Mr and Mrs Darcy(3) discover a family heirloom that holds the key to a family secret which years of conspiracy have kept hidden) $22.95
Bondurant, Matt The Third Translation (A gifted American Egyptologist decoding the Stela of Paser at the British Museum is liable when it's stolen and races time to win back the antiquity and his reputation without losing his life) $14.95
Brady, Joan Bleedout (A convicted killer is accused of the murder of the attorney who freed him from prison, and, with the help of criminal skills learned in prison, looks for the truth) $14.00
Chesney, Marion Our Lady of Pain (Lady Rose Summer is found standing over the body of a beautiful rival for her fiance's affection, and as the newspapers rush to convict her, he tries to clear her name) $22.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Two Little Girls in Blue (Two twins are kidnapped__one is returned. The kidnapper says the other has been killed__but the mother believes the other twin's telepathic sense that her sister is alive) $25.95
Cleland, Jane K Consigned to Death (Former antique dealer Josie Prescott has left it all behind to live on the New Hampshire coast, when a local police chief suspects her of murder and she must clear her name) $23.95
Crider, Bill A Mammoth Murder (Sheriff Dan Rhodes (13) investigates the death of a man who believed in Bigfoot, and without any clues, wonders if there really is a big hairy creature in Blacklin County) $23.95
Crusie, Jennifer/Mayer, Bob Don't Look Down (TV commercial director Lucy Armstrong is recruited to finish an action_film, and a Green Beret advisor discovers somebody is taking "shooting a movie" much too literally) $24.95
Eglin, Anthony The Lost Gardens (When a human skeleton is unearthed during the restoration of Wickersham Priory's magnificent garden, former botany professor Lawrence Kingston investigates) $23.95
Estleman, Loren Nicotine Kiss (Amos Walker (18), convalescing from a bullet wound, investigates the disappearance of the tobacco smuggler who saved his life) $23.95
Fiffer, Sharon Hollywood Stuff (Jane Wheel (4) moves to Hollywood and must help a screenwriting friend accused of murdering his old writing partner, and discovers the world of Hollywood memorabilia is murderous) $23.95
Green, Tim Kingdom Come (A self-made billionaire opens his company to a massive public offering which leads to murder, vengeance, and investigation) $24.95
Haddam, Jane Hardscrabble Road (Gregor Demarkian investigates the death of a homeless man connected to a right_wing Philadelphia talk_show host and a homeless advocacy group) $24.95
Haines, Carolyn Penumbra (A young woman with a white mother and a black father finds herself uniquely placed to solve a kidnapping in 1950's Mississippi) $23.95
Hautman, Pete The Prop (Professional poker player Peeky Kane unwittingly becomes involved in a plan to scam a casino out of $30,000) $14.00
K'wan Eve (Eve at 17 has already spent two years in prison. At 18, she's back on the Harlem streets, seeking revenge for a friend's murder__against the most powerful street family) $14.95
MacPherson, Rett Dead Man Running (Genealogist Torie O'Shea (9) researches the past of her town's mayoral candidates and discovers a deadly secret about the town's past that puts her own life in danger) $23.95
McEwan, Ian Saturday (A neurosurgeon anticipating an ordinary day is involved in a minor traffic accident that leads to violence) $14.95
Mcdonald, Gregory Fletch Reflected (Fletch and his newfound son Jack investigate the attempted murder of a billionaire inventor) $12.95
O'Neil, Vincent Murder in Exile (Insurance company fact_checker Frank Cole, living in Exile, FL while his bankruptcy is cleared, investigates the hit_and_run death of a young man, and decides it was murder) $22.95
Parker/Derrick/Diehl, Matt Notorious C.O.P. (Non-fiction; the NYPD "Hip_Hop Cop" who cracked the case of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, and Jam Master Jay) $24.95
Pickard, Nancy The Virgin of Small Plains (Strange miracles visit those who faithfully tend the grave of a girl murdered 17 years ago, and when a man who fled the night of the murder returns to town, questions arise) $23.95
Quinlan, Patrick Smoked (Aging bomb_maker Smoke Dugan takes revenge on a mafia boss after learning that one of his bombs was used to kill innocent children, and goes on the run with hitmen on his tail) $23.95
Skibbins, David High Priestess (Tarot reader Warren (2) is blackmailed by a Satanic priest into investigating the deaths of 2 cult members & his past is catching up with him) $23.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Blue Shoes and Happiness (Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency #7) $21.95
Stansberry, Dominic Chasing the Dragon (A new series; Dante Mancuso led a double life as a member of The Company, a shadowy security firm. He takes on the role of his life__playing himself in his old neighborhood) $13.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David Mourning Dove (An Ella Clah novel. Ella investigates the murder of a New Mexico National Guardsman and turns up evidence of corruption in the Guard) $24.95
Walsh, Jill Paton Debts of Dishonor (Nurse Imogen Quy investigates the murders of a billionaire and his obnoxious son_in_law) $23.95
Worrall, Jay Any Approaching Enemy (A young British captain races across the Mediterranean & against the clock to save Lord Nelson's fleet at Amoukir Bay) $24.95
Worrall, Jay Sails on the Horizon (In 1797, 2nd Lt. Charles Edgemont leads the HMS Argonaut against the Spanish on the high seas) $12.95


Barclay, Linwood Bad Guys (SF writer Zach Walker (2) takes a job with the city paper, and while researching an article stumbles on a murder that could lead to a confrontation with the mob) $6.99
Baxter, Cynthia Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow (Vet_turned amateur sleuth Jessica Popper (4) must navigate a tangled vineyard full of suspects to solve a murder in Long Island wine country; PBO) $6.99
Busch, Frederick North (Sequel to Girls : Haunted by the memory of his dead wife and child, Jack returns to New York, where he is hired to find a missing boy & uncovers a brutal crime) $13.95
Doetsch, Robert The Thieves of Heaven (A master thief sets out to steal the most important and secret treasure from the Vatican, but ends up on a journey more powerful than he could have imagined; PBO) $6.99
Edwardson, Ake Sun and Shadow (Sweden's youngest chief inspector Erik Winter investigates the case of a bloody double murder) $13.00
Emerson, Earl Firetrap (When a Seattle African_American social club burns to the ground, Trey Brown is called to investigate though he has personal ties to a potential suspect) $24.95
Emerson, Earl The Smoke Room (A rookie firefighter gets caught in a deepening criminal nightmare of cover_ups, larceny, blackmail, and murder) $6.99
Gischler, Victor Shotgun Opera (A retired hitman gets back in the game to help out a nephew, but soon finds himself up against a hot young female assassin and a new set of rules; PBO) $6.99
Goddard, Robert Hand in Glove (Reprint: A woman is murdered and her niece and the accused killer's brother find a trail that leads back to the Spanish Civil War) $12.00
Goddard, Robert Play to the End (Struggling actor Toby Flood reluctantly agrees to investigate a sinister stranger stalking his estranged wife and discovers long_held secrets which may bring down his curtain) $12.00
Hirahara, Naomi Snakeskin Shamisen (Japanese_American gardener Mas Arai (2) investigates the murder of a friend killed right after winning a half_million dollars from a slot machine and uncovers a world of secrets) $12.00
Junger, Sebastian A Death in Belmont (Non_fiction; a Boston Strangler-like murder in a Boston suburb results in conviction of a black man. Meanwhile, the actual Strangler works as a handyman in the same suburb) $23.95
Klavan, Laurence The Shooting Script (Roy Milano (2) is lured by an e_mail about an elusive unreleased movie to the scene of a murder and realizes he's stumbled into a dangerous race which could end his life) $6.99
Koontz, Dean Velocity (Billy Wiles finds a note giving him a terrible choice and when a murder results he knows he is racing a killer faster than evil itself) $7.99
Larsson, Asa Sun Storm (When a young Swedish lawyer is summoned back to her home town by the discovery of a body, she is pulled into a vortex of suspicion and religious fanaticism) $22.00
Leon, Donna Blood from a Stone (Guido Brunetti investigates the murder of a Venetian counterfeit fashion dealer and finds there is more to the case than meets the eye when his boss wants him to back off) $7.99
Littel, Robert Legends (Novel delving into one CIA agent's labrynth of memories and past identities) $14.00
MacDonald, John D. Cape Fear (Grand Master's Classic '58 reprint; aka The Executioners ) $7.99
Rose, Alexander Washington's Spies (Non-fiction; America's first spy ring) $26.00
Saul, John Perfect Nightmare (A woman's search for her missing daughter leads her into the twisted world of a madman's obsession) $7.99
Stannard, David E. Honor Killing (Non-fiction; Clarence Darrow's last case, the "honor killing" of the suspect in a rape case in 1931 Hawaii) $16.00
Swain, James Deadman's Poker (Swindlebuster Tony Valentine heads to Las Vegas to match wits with killer cardsharks working the ultimate con; PBO) $6.99


Abrahams, Peter Behind the Curtain (Echo Falls Mystery #2: After seeing suspicious goings_on at Echo Falls High, Ingrid is kidnapped and locked in a trunk _ if she can escape, there is a mystery to solve) $15.99
Abrahams, Peter Down the Rabbit Hole (Echo Falls Mystery #1: 13_year old Ingrid finds herself at the heart of a juicy murder mystery) $6.99
Allende, Isabel Zorro (The story of the childhood and adolescence of Diego de la Vega, and how he became the legendary Zorro) $14.95
Anderson, James The Affair of the 39 Cufflinks (The Earl of Burford (3) invites guests to his country house, and when one is murdered after saying she knew terrible secrets about the guests, the Earl's daughter investigates) $14.95
Anderson, Sheryl J. Killer Cocktail (Advice columnist Molly Forrester (2) heads to the Hampton's with friends for an engagement party which is sidetracked by the murder of the bride_to_be) $6.99
Atkins, Ace White Shadow (In 1955 Tampa, mob boss Charlie Wall, known as the White Shadow, is murdered and cops, reporters, and associates scramble to uncover the truth) $24.95
Avocato, Lori Deep Sea Dead (Ex_nurse turned medical insurance fraud investigator Pauline Sokol (4) is on the trail of a high seas murder; PBO) $6.99
Axler, James Rim of the World: Outlanders #37 (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Barnard, Robert Dying Flames (Novelist Graham Broadbent is confronted by a woman claiming to be his love child, and agrees to meet the mother, a liar who ends up dead, and Broadbent seeks the killer) $24.00
Barnes, Linda Heart of the World (P.I. Carlotta Carlyle's latest case is personal when her 14_year old sister goes missing and the trail leads her all the way to Columbia) $24.95
Baron, Aileen The Torch of Tangier (Archaeologist Lily Sampson (2) is working on a undercover mission for the Allies in WWII Morocco when two murders imperil the mission and Lily) $24.95
Baskinski, Tom No Good Deed (Non-fiction; murder of David Stevens, whose car exploded into flames that could not hide the bullets in his brain) $7.99
Benson, Michael Betrayal in Blood (Non-fiction; Kevin C. Bryant, a seeemingly all_American family man, who plotted his wife's murder and hired her own brother to kill her) $6.99
Birmingham, Ruth (aka Walter Sorrels) Feet of Clay (When her cousin asks for her help interviewing a convicted murderer for a documentary, Sunny Childs (6) is drawn into investigating a possible cover_up and wrongful conviction) $23.95
Blish, Nelson The Taking of the King (A Russian operative incapacitates the crew of the USS Martin Luther King with a nerve gas and steals the sub, and the only ones who can stop him are two unarmed soldiers) $7.99
Blunt, Giles Black Fly Season (Homicide detectives John Cardinal and Lisa Delorme investigate when a woman stumbles into an Algonquin Bay, Ontario bar covered in black fly bites and with a bullet in her brain) $7.99
Bonner, Hilary A Moment of Madness (The gruesome murder of a music superstar and the victim's alluring widow lead reporter John Kelly down a treacherous path of personal destruction) $24.95
Box, C.J. In Plain Sight (Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett (6) investigates the disappearance of a local matriarch and is the target for revenge by a man who blames Pickett for the death of his brother) $24.95
Box, C.J. Out of Range (In Wyoming, Joe Pickett (5) investigates the apparent suicide of a fellow game warden and as he comes closer to the truth, realizes he could be the next victim) $7.99
Brett, Simon-ed. The Detection Collection (Original stories by the best known names in British crime writing, published to celebrate 75th anniversary of the Detection Club) $24.95
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Appeals the Verdict (When a man is wrongly convicted of murder, Mrs. Jeffries (21) has her work cut out for her to save an innocent man from the gallows; PBO) $6.99
Brite, Poppy Z. Soul Kitchen (New Orleans chefs G_man and Rickey once again find themselves in a twisted plot where crime, scandal and dirty politics heighten the flavor of their foodie adventures) $13.95
Brown, Dale Edge of Battle (Major Jason Richter and TALON are assigned to the Mexican border to stop the flow of drugs and are asked to help investigate when several Border Patrol agents are murdered) $25.95
Bruen, Ken/Starr, Jason Bust (Everything goes wrong when cheating husband hires a psychotic hitman to kill his wife; PBO) $6.99
Buchanan, Edna Shadows (The Cold Case Squad (2) investigates the 45_year old murder of a prominent Miami businessman and former mayor who was gunned down in the driveway of a beautiful 1920's mansion) $7.99
Carr, Caleb The Italian Secretary (Sherlock Holmes and his brother Myscroft investigate the gruesome deaths of two young men at Edinburgh's Holyroodhouse that could point to an attempt on the life of the queen) $7.99
Carrington, Toni Dirty Laundry (Sophie Metropolis (2) seeks a missing Greek dry cleaner who may be laundering money for the mob, and a darkly handsome mafioso warns her off, worrying friend Jake Porter) $23.95
Clark, Carol Higgins Burned (Newly engaged Regan Reilly (7) is in Hawaii for a last weekend with the girls, when a hotel employee is murdered and Regan starts digging for clues) $7.99
Clayton, Debra Fallen Star (Wildy popular rap star Blayze is accused of rape and struggles to regain his public image and convince his fans of his innocence) $14.95
Coben, Harlan Promise Me (The urge to keep a teenage girl from riding with a drunk lands entertainment agent Myron Bolitar in trouble when the girl he helps goes missing and he is the prime suspect) $26.96
Coben, Harlan The Innocent (Ex_con Matt Hunter and his pregnant wife Olivia are closing on their dream house when one call from Olivia's phone shatters his life a second time) $9.99
Collins, Kate Snipped in the Bud (Abby (4) tries to deliver a black rose to her old law school professor; later finds it decorating his dead body and she is the prime suspect) $6.99
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Escape (In 1819, Richard Sharpe defends Portugal against an invasion by the French, is captured, and must escape and rejoin his regiment at the Lines of Torres Vedras) $13.95
Cornwell, Patricia At Risk (A Massachusetts DA plans to solve a 20_year old murder to propel her campaign for governor when a shocking act of violence shakes up both her campaign and several lives; unabridged CDs $25.95) $21.95
Coughlin/Kuhlman/Davis Shooter (First person account of the Marine Corps top_ranked sniper Jack Coughlin's life on and off the battlefield) $7.99
Cullin, Mitch A Slight Trick of the Mind (In 1943, now_retired 93_year old Sherlock Holmes revisits one case that may provide him answers to questions he is asking in his twilight years) $13.95
D'Amato, Barbara Death of a Thousand Cuts (At a reunion for a long_closed center for autistic children, things turn bloody when the founder is found tortured to death in the basement) $7.99
Davidson, Mary Janice Drop Dead, Gorgeous (Hairdresser and spy_in_training Jenny Branch tries to find out who is behind the assassination attempt on her best friend's husband_to_be & finds a distracting new romance) $14.00
Deaver, Jeffery Twelfth Card (Detective Lincoln Rhyme and protegee Amelia Sachs try to outguess a ruthless professional killer after a Harlem high school girl writes a paper with an explosive secret) $9.95
DeMille, Nelson The Nelson Demille Collection Vol. I1 ( Plum Island, The Charm School, Word of Honor abridged 9 CDs) $29.95
Depue, Roger L/Schindehette, Susan Between Good and Evil (Non-fiction; with his combined experiences as both law enforcement professional and member of the clergy, Depue explores the criminal mind & the thin line between good & evil) $7.99
Diamond, Diana (aka Wm. Kennedy) The Stepmother (65_year old multi_millionaire Steven Armstrong marries his young personal trainer and is then killed, and both his wife and his greedy heirs are suspects) $6.99
Dobson, Joanne The Maltese Manuscript (Reprint: While helping run a conference for mystery writers, English professor Karen Pelletier (5) investigates a murder and seeks a thief who has stolen the manuscript of Hammett's The Maltese Falcon ) $14.95
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Sherlock Holmes: A Baker Street Dozen (6 CDs, dramatizations: Performances of 12 Sherlock Holmes classics) $26.95
Dumas, Margaret How to Succeed in Murder (Charley Fairfax uses her theatrical skills to go undercover with her new husband at a local San Francisco software company where high_tech execs are being murdered) $24.95
Dunning, John The Bookwoman's Last Fling (Cliff Janeway travels to Idaho to look at some rare books, and becomes involved in the world of horse racing as he looks for the murdered book owner's killer) $25.00
Eames, Andrew The 8:55 to Baghdad (Non-fiction; Eames retraces Agatha Christie's journey on the Orient Express in a blend of travelogue and literary biography) $14.95
Earley, Pete Lethal Secrets (A nuclear bomb smuggled into Washington DC is in the hands of Chechen rebels led by an insane terrorist, and the fate of the city rests in the hands of a disgraced US Marshall) $7.99
Estep, Maggie Flamethrower (Ruby Murphy (3) investigates the provenance of a severed human leg, while eluding a stalker and dealing with her boyfriend's accusations of infidelity) $14.00
Fenady, Andrew J. The Rebel: Johnny Yuma (After the end of the Civil War, Johnny Yuma's private war for honor and justice continues: based on the TV series) $5.99
Fleming, Robert Fever in the Blood (A tormented teen raised by a powerful Harlem congressman as a campaign ploy sets off on a killing spree to channel his rage at the world; PBO) $5.99
Fowler, Earlene Delectable Mountains (Bennie Harper (12) is recruited to direct a children's play at her church, and rehearsals come to a screeching halt when Bennie finds the body of the church handyman) $7.99
Fox, Kathryn Malicious Intent (Freelance forensic physician Anya Crichton investigates the overdose of a Lebanese girl and finds startling coincidences between this case and a number of unrelated suicides) $13.95
Franklin, Ariana City of Shadows (In Berlin, 1922, a cop and a cabaret secretary search for answers when a woman rumored to be Anastasia, daughter of the murdered Russian czar, is found in a local asylum) $24.95
Gericke, Shane Blown Away (Chicago rookie cop Emily Thompson's first case in homicide pits her against a madman serial killer turning her safe suburb into a brutal killing field; PBO) $6.99
Goodwin, Jason Janissary Tree (In the 1836 Ottoman Empire, intelligence agent and eunich Yashim Togalu investigates a series of murders that threaten to topple the sultan) $25.
Groom, Winston Patriotic Fire (History of the Battle of New Orleans in January 1815) $26.00
Hardinge, Frances Fly By Night (In a world where books are dangerous, 12_year old Mosca is whisked by a conman into a world of spies, smugglers, and double_crossing racketeers where her gift changes her life) $16.99
Hart, John The King of Lies (When North Carolina lawyer Work Pickens finds his father murdered the investigation pushes a repressed family history to the surface and he sees his facade begin to crack) $22.95
Hiaasen, Carl Skinny Dip (Crooked marine biologist Chaz Perrone thinks he has killed his wife by pushing her off a cruise liner, but someone saves her and she screws with him from "beyond the grave") $7.99
Housewright, David Pretty Girl Gone (Minnesota P.I. Mac McKenzie (3) is called by his old girlfriend, now the governor's wife, when a nasty secret about her husband surfaces and she needs his help) $24.95
Jakeman, Jane In the City of Dark Waters (In early 20th century Venice, Claude Monet and his wife have escaped scandal in Paris, but Monet remains haunted by the murder which brought unwanted attention to his wife) $23.95
Ink, India A Blush With Death (When a pushy saleswoman at a rival boutique is murdered, Persia Vanderbilt (2) of Venus Envy steps out from behind the counter to find the killer; PBO) $6.99
Irby, Lee 7,000 Clams (Frank Hearn finds an IOU for 7,000 bucks signed by current baseball star Babe Ruth and tracks him down to St. Petersburg, running into a nest of criminal vipers and danger) $9.95
Jecks, Michael The Abbott's Gibbet (Former Knight Templar Sir Baldwin and Simon Puttock, bailiff of Lydford, (5) arrive in Tavistock as guests of the Abbot when a body is found and they are asked to investigate) $7.50
Jefferson, Roland S. One Night Stand (Myra Cross, a Public Defender who poses for Playboy in her spare time, takes on the case of Little Dog Ning, a gang punk accused of murder for the second time) $23.00
Johnston, Linda O. Fine_Feathered Death (A partner at Kendra Ballantyne's (3) law firm is found murdered, and the only witness is of the avian persuasion) $6.99
Kalla, Daniel Resistance (A superbug immune to antibiotics is spreading and as doctors in 4 cities race to find a cure it is discovered that the bug is manmade and its release intentional; PBO) $7.99
Kerley, Jack The Death Collectors (Over 30 years after an artist and serial-killer is shot dead in the courtroom, a connected series of horrific murders lead Mobile, AL Detectives Ryder and Nantilus (2) to a group that pays vast sums for serial-killer memorabilia) $7.99
Khadra, Yasmina The Attack (An Arab Israeli doctor discovers his wife had a secret life when she is found dead at the scene of a bombing and the evidence points to her as the suicide bomber) $18.95
King, Jonathon Eye of Vengeance (When a convicted murderer who was a featured subject in one of his stories is gunned down, journalist Nick Mullins is drawn into the investigation) $24.95
Lashner, William Falls the Shadow (Philly attorney Victor Carl lands in big trouble when he and his law partner step in to help clear their client of a murder conviction) $7.99
Lavene, Joyce and Jim Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (Everyone suspects Park Lamonte's wife killed him for his ten_million dollar insurance, but Peggy of the Potting Shed (2) suspects there is more to the story and investigates; PBO) $6.99
Lawrence, David Nothing Like the Night (Detective Stella Mooney (2) investigates a serial killer viciously murdering young women in Knotting Hill) $6.99
Levine, Laura Shoes to Die For (Freelance writer Jaine Austen's (4) new gig writing ads for a high_class boutique is spoiled when she finds an obnoxious clerk murdered and investigates) $6.99
Lippman, Laura_ed. Baltimore Noir (Anthology of tales by Baltimore authors including Lippman, Sujata Massey, Tim Cockey, Marcia Talley and Robert Ward) $14.95
Littell, Robert The Visiting Professor (A Russian professor of Chaos Theory comes to the U.S. and becomes a self_styled gumshoe tracking a serial killer while falling in love with a hairdresser half his age) $24.95
Loomis, Gregg The Julian Secret (The murder of a friend leads Lang Reilly on a frantic search for answers from ancient caves in Germany to the secret catacombs beneath the Vatican) $6.99
Lyons, Cathyn J. Blink of An Eye (Dr. Cassie Hart's Pittsburg E.R. is being deluged by people overdosing on a new drug, and when the latest OD's drug comes from her own hospital she investigates) $24.95
MacBride, Stuart Cold Granite (After a long recuperation from a nearly fatal wound, DCI Logan McRae returns to duty in Aberdeen, Scotland, and lands a brutal serial killer case) $6.99
Maclean, Anna Louisa and the Crystal Gazer (After Boston's most famous medium is murdered following a seance with Louisa May Alcott (3) and her friend Sylvia, Louisa investigates and uncovers a surprising truth about her own life) $6.99
Marcinko. Richard Vengeance (For the Rogue Warrior and Red Cell II team, a routine assignment turns into an international hunt for a terrorist group who has targeted the country's most vital institution) $7.99
Mate, Ferenc Ghost Sea (A Kwaikutl warrior steals an art collector's yacht and kidnaps his wife in an attempt to retrieve stolen artifacts. The collector hires Dugger, a trader, to give chase) $24.95
Matthews, Christine-ed. Deadly Housewives (14 stories probing the dark side of the happy homemaker's life) $13.95
McKevett, G.A. Corpse Suzette (California P.I. Savannah Reid helps friend Dirk investigate the kidnapping of plastic surgeon Suzette Du Bois and uncovers ugly secrets of the beauty business) $22.00
McMurray, Kevin F. If You Really Loved Me (Non-fiction; two teenage lesbian lovers who brutally murder one's grandparents) $6.99
Meyer, Deon Dead at Daybreak (When a millionaire businessman in Cape Town is killed execution_style, Zed can Heerden, a former cop with mercenary connections, is called in to investigate) $7.50
Mills, Kyle Fade (A former Navy SEAL known as Fade, embittered by a serious wound gotten in the line of duty, is gunning for men of Homeland Security who set him up) $6.99
Moreton, Casey The Greater Good (Hours before his assassination, the Vice President made a tape with an explosive confession, and when the tape goes missing, the hunt is on and the stakes are high for many) $7.99
Morgan, Hunter Unspoken Fear (A small_town minister is released from prison and finds himself linked to a series of grisly murders, with his wife as the ultimate target; PBO) $6.99
Myers, Tamar The Cane Mutiny (13th installment in the Den of Antiquity series, a novel of murder and antiques in the poisonously sweet world of Southern society; PBO) $6.99
Nykanen, Mark Search Angel (A woman who helps reunite birth mothers and their adopted children is contacted by a serial killer who says he will murder her clients and her family if she doesn't stop) $6.99
Olson, Neil The Icon (A curator at MMOA discovers a religious icon that many think has fantastic power, and is drawn into a web of death and deception as he tries to discover the truth about it) $7.99
Palmer, Linda Love You Madly (Soap_Opera producer Morgan Tyler (3) is enlisted to investigate when a TV hunk is plagued by death threats and a secret stalker; PBO) $6.99
Patterson, James Maximum Ride (When one of a group of people genetically engineered to fly is kidnapped, her friends brave a journey to save her, including fighting off the half_human, half_wolf Erasers) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Path to War: SuperBolan #108 (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Dual Action: The Executioner #330 (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pepper, Kate One Cold Night (When Detective Dave Strauss's daughter disappears, he knows it is connected to the one case he couldn't solve, of another girl who vanished off the streets of Brooklyn) $6.99
Quinn, Peter The Hour of the Cat (In 1939 a New York PI and a German Admiral find themselves drawn into a sinister cover operation while trying to solve a seemingly simple murder) $13.95
Riggs, Cynthia Indian Pipes (When two people turn up dead during a controversy about the idea of a gambling casino in West Tisbury, 92_year old Victoria Trumbull (6) investigates) $22.95
Rigosi, Giampiero Night Bus (A young hustler working in Bologna becomes the target of police, secret service operatives and criminals when she unwittingly steals an inflammatory document) $14.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR X: A Point in Law (Decius Caecilius Metellus is accused of corruption; becomes a suspect when his accuser is murdered on the day the trial is to begin) $23.95
Robinson, Patrick Ghost Force (Argentina, with the secret help of the Kremlin, invades the Falkland Islands, and the U.S. in the person of Arnold Morgan and the Navy SEALs act with devastating consequences) $25.95
Robinson, Patrick Hunter Killer (Appalled at his family's extravagant lifestyle, Crown Prince Nasir enlists the help of France and its Hunter Killer submarines to destroy oil installations and bring them down) $7.99
Rollins, James Map of Bones (SIGMA Force, an elite covert arm of the U.S. Defense Department, is called in to investigate a horrific and bloody terrorist attack on a church in Cologne, Germany) $7.99
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Sullivan's Evidence (Carolyn Sullivan (3) is the target of a murderer and rapist she helped put away bent on revenge, while also investigating an onslaught of murders) $24.00
Rosenfelt, David Sudden Death (New York Giants star running back Kenny Schilling is accused of murdering rival New York Jets wide receiver Troy Preston, and lawyer Andy Carpenter is called to defend him) $6.99
Sandford, John Dead Watch (White House chief investigator Jacob Winter must move fast when a US Senator and his wife both go missing and a blackened body shows up barb_wired to a tree; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Sanford, John Broken Prey (Lucas Davenport comes up against a serial killer whose method has no rhyme or reason, and no end in sight) $9.99
Schaffer, Dylan I Right the Wrongs (Sequel to Misdemeanor Man : A Barry_Manilow loving lawyer is caught in the middle between big and little crime) $14.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Harriet Bean and the League of Cheats (9_year old Harriet is helping her 2 mind_reading detective aunts investigate a cheating ring in the world of horse_ racing; young adult) $9.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean (9_year old Harriet Bean searches for her five aunts who her father has lost track of; young adult) $9.95
Spindler, Erica Killer Takes All (Stacy Killian's peaceful life is shattered when her best friend is murdered and she is drawn into the frightening world of a role_playing game with stakes of life and death) $7.99
Staeger, William Painkiller (Retired CIA operative W. Cooper is drawn into a murder investigation which has international implications and an agent in Langly discovers a secret connected to the murder) $7.99
Stanley, Stephanie A. An Invisible Man (Non-fiction; investigation of a serial killer who prowled the streets of Baton Rouge in 2002) $7.99
Stansberry, Domenic The Big Boom (Dante Mancuso (2) faces demons of his past and new adversaries as he tracks down the murderer of a young girl in San Francisco) $23.95
Thompson, Colleen The Deadliest Denial (When a woman's detective husband is accused of abusing and plotting to kill her, she must come to terms with the truth, the lies, and the passion that is their marriage) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee and David Thief in Retreat (As ghosts and art thieves threaten a Southwestern monastery retreat center, Sister Agatha and her German Shepard Pax spring into action) $6.99
Tosches, Mick King of the Jews (Biography of Arnold Rothstein, rumored to be the mastermind of the 1919 World Series fix) $13.95
Ure, Louise Forcing Amaryllis (Trial consultant Calla Gentry is assigned to the murder trial of a man she believes may have also brutally attacked her sister) $6.99
Viets, Elaine Murder Unleashed: A Dead_End Job Mystery (While working at the Pampered Pet Boutique, Helen Hawthorne must solve a murder and a dog_napping, while all of South Florida braces for a hurricane) $25.00
Wall, Kathryn R. Bishop's Reach (A local escort comes to Bay Tanner accusing a client of raping her, and when the escort turns up dead Bay must figure out who is responsible) $24.95
Wallace, Irving The R Document ('76 reissue: As an amendment to the constitution suspending the Bill of Rights comes close to passing, the Attorney General discovers a terrible conspiracy that threatens freedom) $7.99
Weeks, Kevin Brutal (Non-fiction; account of a man's life inside the South Boston mob) $25.95
Williams, Charles Fags and Lager (Royston Blake, head doorman, is offered a bounty of cigarettes and beer to "sort out" a shopkeeper's daughter's undesirable boyfriend, sequel to Deadfolk ) $14.00
Zerries, A.J. The Lost Van Gogh (NYPD detective Cly Ryder investigates the return of a missing Van Gogh painting with a history leading back to Nazi Germany, a black market auction, and Mossad) $24.95


Brown, Dan Digital Fortress (Reprint) $14.95
Child, Lee The Hard Way (Jack Reacher helps a haunted man with a military past similar to his own when a ransom request goes wrong) $25.00
Connelly, Michael Crime Beat (Non-fiction; A Decade of Covering Cops & Killers) $25.95
Finder, Joseph Killer Instinct (An electronics sales rep hires a former Special Forces officer for security and when bad things happen to his rivals he discovers his friend has become his enemy; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Friedman, Kinky Cowboy Logic (Wit & wisdom of Kinky) $17.95
Friedman, Kinky Texas Hold 'Em (Essays about Texas with cartoons by John Callahan) $13.95
Guilfoile, Kevin Cast of Shadows (Davis Moore, a fertility doctor on the cutting edge, deals with grief over his daughter's brutal murder by using his work to find the face of his daughter's killer) $13.95
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton One Dangerous Lady (When a wealthy art collector disappears off his yacht in Barbados, grande dame Manhattan socialite Jo Slater (2) suspects foul play and a scheming wife, and Jo can be just as cunning) $13.95
Holland, Thomas MIA: Operation Mockingbird (A forensic series set in the Army's Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii. Director Kel McKelvey finds a link between a Vietnam vet's remains and a 40 year old murder) $24.00
Jones, Terry Who Murdered Chaucer? (Investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Geoffrey Chaucer) $19.95
Kernick, Simon Die Twice (Omnibus of two gripping mysteries, The Murder Exchange and The Business of Dying ) $11.95
Latham, Aaron Riding with John Wayne (A modern_day cowboy turned screenwriter must take on Hollywood and solve the murder of his starlet cousin) $26.00
Meyer, Deon Dead Before Dying (Cape Town Capt. Mat Jonbert scrambles for answers when a rising number of victims are viciously killed with a century old German handgun) $24.95
Patterson, James/de Jonge, P. Beach Road (Struggling Montank lawyer has the case of his lifetime, defending a local of triple murder, but violent retaliations by the super rich and revelations lead to a stunning outcome) $27.95
Spiegelman, Ian Welcome to Yesterday (A hard-drinking anti-hero in a modern noir thriller of Manhattan gossip, celebrity obsession, and murder) $23.95
Tronp, Gary Bad Twin (A PI searches the globe for a "bad twin" in a rich but tragedy-prone family, but it could cost him his life with a fortune at stake and the truth up for grabs) $21.95
Wan, Michelle Deadly Slipper (Nearly 20 years after her sister disappeared, orchid enthusiast Mara Dunn finds a clue to her disappearance in the form of a photograph of a rare orchid found in her camera) $13.95
Winslow, Don The Power of the Dog (An obsessive DEA agent goes up against the Barrera brothers, heirs to a drug empire, from the streets of New York to the jungles of Central America) $14.95


Carmon, Haggai Triple Identity (Mossad veteran Dan Gordon travels to Munich; a seemingly routine investigation turns into a complex international plot involving murder and romance) $15.95
Pearl, Matthew The Poe Shadow (After Edgar Allan Poe's death in 1849 Baltimore, a young fan seeks out the model for Poe's character Dupin to investigate suspicious circumstances surrounding his death) $24.95

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