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Newsletter #72 December, 2005 - February, 2006



Adams, Douglas Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Tertiary Phase (3 CDs, unabridged: BBC Radio's dramatization of Life, The Universe, and Everything , featuring the late author as Agrajag) $29.95
Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Quandry Phase (2 CDs, unabridged: BBC Radio's dramatization of the fourth novel in Adam's series, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish ) $24.95
Aldiss, Brian Cultural Breaks (Short story collection) $24.95
Andelman, Bob Will Eisner: A Spirited Life (Biography of Will Eisner, creator of the first graphic novel) $14.95
Ballard, J.G. J.G. Ballard: Conversations (Interviews with J.G. Ballard) $19.99
Ballard, J.G. J.G. Ballard: Quotes (Collection of the thoughts of author J.G. Ballard) $19.99
Bassham, Gregory/Walls, Jerry L-ed. The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy (Lively essays which explore the philosophical implications of the Narnia books) $17.95
Betancourt, John Gregory Roger Zelazny's To Rule in Amber (Book 3: As Oberon takes the reins of leadership, he faces power_mad siblings, a madman for a father, and the King of Chaos) $6.99
Betancourt, John Gregory Roger Zelazny's Shadows of Amber (Book 4: Oberon, newly crowned King of Amber, finds himself in the middle of deadly political machinations as his father tries to turn him into a puppet ruler) $22.95
Bisson, Terry Numbers Don't Lie (Three stories featuring Wilson Wu) $14.95
Blackford, Russell Kong Reborn (Jack Denham, son of the man who brought Kong to New York in 1933, clashes with a ruthless business magnate as both attempt to clone the giant ape in 1999) $7.99
Cian, David Megawar (In 2038, Martians invade Earth for the second time, and the Martians have made improvements in their technology so that no mere cold virus will turn the tide of battle; PBO) $6.99
Cipa, Shawn Carving Fatasy & Legend Figures in Wood (Patterns & instructions for dragons, wizards & other creatures of myth) $17.95
Colebatch/Harrington Larry Niven's Man_Kzin Wars XI (The cat_like Kzin have returned to Earth with new weapons, new strategies and new leaders and once again humans must fight and beat them or be destroyed) $22.00
Delany, Samuel R. About Writing (7 essays, 4 letters & 5 interviews) $24.95
Feehan, Christine Night Game (Gator Fontenot of the Special Forces paranormal squad must stop a person with unimaginable destructive powers bent on revenge in the sultry bayous of New Orleans) $9.99
Fenner, Cathy & Arnie Spectrum 12 (Collection of the Best in Fantastic Art) $29.95
Flint, Eric-ed. Ring of Fire (Short story collection sequel to 1632 and 1633 ) $7.99
Foster, Sesshu Atomik Aztex (From an alternate universe where the Aztecs conquered Europe, a prominent Aztec leader is plagued by nightmares of American consumerism and is finally trapped in our world, working at an East L.A. meatpacking plant) $15.95
Friedman, Michael Jan Aliens: Original Sin (Ripley 8, clone of Lt. Ellen Ripley, and android Annalee Call return in a new adventure which answers some of the unanswered questions from the original Alien movies) $6.99
Haber, Karen Crossing Infinity (Coriolas, a refugee alien who morphs between genders, and Jasmine, his Earthling girlfriend, must learn to cope with the complications inherent in their new relationship) $14.95
Hatch, Richard/Linaweaver, Brad Battlestar Galactica: Redemption (Continuing their quest to find a permanent home, Commander Apollo and his crew discover their pursuers are next_generation Cylons, more deadly then any foe they have faced) $22.95
Herriman, George Krazy & Ignatz 1935_1936 (Sixth volume of Krazy Kat reprints) $19.95
Howison, Del/Gelb, Jeff-ed. Dark Delicacies (20 original tales of horror and the macabre by the world's greatest horror writers) $25.00
Irvine, Alexander C. Have Robot, Will Travel (An Asimov Robot Mystery: A human is murdered on Kopernik, and all clues point to a robot which shouldn't be possible, and Derec Avery is called in to investigate) $6.99
Jones, Stephen-ed. The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16 (Collection of the year's best horror, 16th edition) $13.95
Kelly, James Patrick Burn (A planet has been sold to a new owner, who has re-named it Walden and wants to force everybody to follow Thoreau's philosophy, but the previous tenants are willing to set themselves on fire to defend themselves) $19.95
Kikuchi, Hideyuki Vampire Hunter D, Volume 2 (In 12090 AD, vampires have learned how to hunt in the daylight, and the vampire hunter known only as D is called in to stop them) $8.95
Knight, Angela Mercenaries (Beautiful Trinity Yeager joins forces with a star_hopping team of mercenary soldiers in three novellas of bold erotic adventure) $14.00
Kurtz, Katherine/Reginald, Robert Codex Deryianus (Encyclopedic guide to the Deryni world) $14.95
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Liaden Universe Companion Vol. 1 (Stories from the first 5 chapbooks, plus 1 extra story, signed, hc $24.95 or trade pb) $15.95
Lewis, C.S. The Chronicles of Narnia Full_Color Gift Edition Set (The first two Narnia Books in a deluxe box set edition) $24.99
McKillip, Patricia Something Rich and Strange (Enchanting faeries from the sea touch the lives of a seascape artist and the owner of a shop selling ocean treasures, and draw them into an underwater world) $11.95
Morgan, David Monty Python Speaks! (An oral history of Monty Python by founding members as well as friends and collaborators) $13.95
Oshii, Mamoru Blood: The Last Vampire: Night of the Beasts (At Yokota Base in Japan at the beginning of the Viet Nam War, a group of American soldiers has been infiltrated by vampires, and Vampire Hunter Saya is sent to stop them) $8.95
Prachett, Terry Jingo (Stage adaptation: Discworld goes to war, and Commander Vimes faces unpleasant foes who are out to get him) $14.95
Priest, Christopher J. Green Lantern: Sleepers Book 2 (The original Grenn Lantern, Alan Scott, is pitted against anti_Green Lantern Malvolio during WWII, who wants to take over the world and kill the entire Green Lantern Corps) $6.99
Priest Christopher J. Green Lantern: Sleepers Book 3 (Hal Jordan has been stripped of his powers, but it is up to him to fight the clones of the villain Sinestro, and he may have to sacrifice himself to save the world) $22.95
Rankin, Robert Knees Up Mother Earth (Developers in Brentford plan to tear down the town's beloved football grounds, and the strange gang from the Flying Swan use magic and mayhem to try and stop them) $9.99
Reed, Robert Cuckoo's Boys (Short story collection) $24.95
Ringo, John Ghost (Former SEAL Michael Harmon sees a kidnapping and makes a series of decisions leaving him shot to ribbons and battling a battalion of Syrian commandos with little help) $25.00
Ringo, John/Williamson, Michael Z. The Hero (In the Posleen War Universe, a Darhel has been assigned to a human commando team, and when the humans betray the unit's trust, the Darhel must fix the problem) $7.99
Schmitz, James H. The Witches of Karres (Reprint of excellent classic; unlucky spaceship Captain Pausert frees three harmless_looking slave girls who turn out to be the universally feared Witches of Karres, and they make him the enemy of an entire universe) $7.99
Schulz, Charles M. The Complete Peanuts 1957_1958 $28.95
Schulz, Charles M. The Complete Peanuts Box Set 1955_1958 (Boxed gift set of the third and fourth volumes of the Complete Peanuts) $49.95
Scott, Martin Thraxas and the Dance of Death (Thraxas is searching for a missing magical jewel, and everywhere he goes to look for it, someone has died a mysterious death before he arrives) $22.00
Shepard, Lucius Eternity and Other Stories (Collection of seven stories by Shepard) $15.95
Simmons, Wm. Mark Dead on My Feet (Sequel to One Foot in the Grave : Chris Csejthe battles undead terrorists testing a new virus in his town, and resurrected Civil War dead on his doorstep) $7.99
Simmons, Wm. Mark Habeas Corpses (Sequel to Dead on My Feet : An assassin's bullet knocks Chris Csejthe into the afterlife where an evil spawned in Nazi Germany awaits battle with him) $22.00
Sutin, Lawrence Divine Invasions (Reprint: A biography of Philip K. Dick) $15.95
Tibballs, Geoff The Mammoth Book of Dirty, Sick, X_Rated and Politically Incorrect Jokes $13.95
Vallejo, Boris/Bell, Julie Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell: The Ultimate Collection (Collection of the greatest work of two of the most distinguished fantasy artists in the world) $29.95
Weber, David At All Costs (Honor Harrington #11: The war with the Republic of Haven has resumed and Harrington is put on command of the 8th Fleet, fighting heavy odds with inferior forces) $26.00
Weber, David The Shadow of Saganami (New graduates of Saganami are assigned to a seeming backwater, but discover pirates, genetic slavers, and a vicious alliance of corporate greed out to take over) $7.99


Allston, Aaron Terminator Hunt (Paul is being brainwashed by Skynet to infiltrate John Connor's Resistance, and Connor must do what he can to prevent it) $6.99
Anderson, Douglas A-ed. Tales Before Tolkien (Collection of 22 fantasy classics from the early 20th century) $7.50
Anderson/Berliner/Costello/Wilson Artifact (An oilman uncovers four strange stones with eerie properties that may solve the world's energy problems, and when they disappear he and his closest friends must find them) $6.99
Asakura, George A Perfect Day for Love Letters (Second in Manga series) $10.95
Baxter, Stephen Transcendent (Destiny's Children Trilogy #3: Humans from half a million years in the future come back to make contact with humanity a generation removed from today) $25.95
Bear, Elizabeth Worldwired (Book 3 of the trilogy: Canada's Master Warrant Officer Jenny Casey, plugged into a brilliant AI, tries to save the Earth under siege from aliens and its own governments) $6.99
Bick, Ilsa J. MechWarrior Dark Age: Blood Avatar (Detective Jack Ramsey investigates the murder of a stranger in Farway) $6.99
Cacek, P.D. Night Prayers (Allison wakes up one morning to discover that her one_night stand was with a vampire, and now she is one too, and must figure out how to survive in the world of the undead) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Rachel and Leah (Women of Genesis Book 3: Rachel and Leah both vie for the hand of Jacob) $6.99
Caselberg, Jay The Star Tablet (Psychic Investigator Jack Stein searches for his missing 16_year old ward Billie and encounters an alien conspiracy that may alter the future of humanity) $6.99
Cast, P.C. Brighid's Quest (Fleeing her centaur clan's rigid traditions, Brighid has found acceptance among humans, until the Great Goddess summons her to a new path and the world turns to her for help) $13.95
Chester, Deborah The King Imperiled (4th in the series: Dain, suffering from a life_threatening curse, struggles homeward to be saved by the Chalice of Life, but is about to be betrayed) $7.99
Cook, Dawn The Decoy Princess (Princess Contessa's dreams are shattered when her parents reveal that she is really a street urchin they raised as their daughter to thwart assassins from their real target) $7.99
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner-ed. Beyond Singularity (14 visions of a tomorrow where rapid technological and genetic breakthroughs threaten humanity) $7.99
David, Russell Crimson Heir (Khalida Raven, lead singer for a popular Goth band, is also a vampire, and is on the run from vampires who would bring the Kingdom of Shadows openly among humankind) $7.99
Debie, Erik Scott Ghostwalker (The tale of the Fighter Ghostwalker) $6.99
Dunsany, Lord The Hashish Man and Other Stories (25 short stories) $13.95
Frankowski, Leo Conrad's Lady (Three_in_one omnibus of The Flying Warlord , Lord Conrad's Lady , and Conrad's Quest for Rubber ) $25.00
Goodkind, Terry Chainfire (After being gravely injured in battle, Richard awakes to find Kahlan missing, and embarks on a journey to find her) $7.99
Goto, C.S. Dawn of War: Ascension (The Blood Ravens race to defend their homeworld against marauding aliens, and Alaric has to get to the bottom of a mystery that could plunge the galaxy into all_out war) $7.99
Hatch, Richard/Linaweaver, Brad Battlestar Galactica: Destiny (The Galacticans, desperate to leave a planetary system before its sun explodes, discover that can't take everyone, and Starbuck is one to be left behind) $6.99
Henderson, Alice Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Night Terrors (The Night Terror takes over the bodies of sleeping victims and Buffy could be the next victim) $6.99
Hogan, James P. Catastrophes, Chaos, and Convolutions (Collection of articles, stories, and a look behind the scenes as Hogan describes how his work came to be) $7.99
Howard, Robert E. The Conquering Sword of Conan (Concluding volume in the complete set of the original Conan adventures, including rare early drafts and synopses) $15.95
Howard, Robert E. The Coming of Conan: The Cimmerian (Collection of the early Conan stories with color illustrations) $29.95
Howland, H.R. The Epicure (A connoisseur of death believes consuming human flesh will renew his soul and he is after a young girl who dreams of his depravities night after night) $6.99
Kearney, Paul The Mark of Ran (The Sea Beggers #1: In dying world abandoned by its Creator, a young man flees to the city when his family is slaughtered and grows up to be an assassin) $12.00
Kellogg, Marjorie B. The Dragon Quartet (Omnibus of first 2 novels of the Dragon Quartet; 4 elemental dragons and their human companions seek to restore the Earth during a war between good and evil) $7.99
Kerner, Elizabeth Redeeming the Lost (Lanen has been captured by the demon_master Berys who wants to use her powers for evil, and it is up to her love Varian to rescue her) $6.99
Knight, E.E. Dragon Champion (Age of Fire Book 1: A young, rare & defenseless gray dragon sets off in search of others of his kind, and to find out who is killing them off) $14.00
Knight, E.E. Valentine's Rising (Vampire Earth Series #4: Valentine leads a courageous group of soldiers on a mission to drive the Kurian Order of vampires out of the Ozark Territories) $7.99
Kurtz, Katherine Deryni Checkmate (Newly revised and expanded edition of the 2nd book in the classic series) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes-ed. Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar (Anthology of short stories set in Lackey's world of Valdemar) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Edghill, Rosemary Music to My Sorrow (Eric Banyon tries to save Magnus from their parents, who are allied with an evangelist who is the tool of the evil Unseleighe elves and his magic may not be able to save them) $26.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Necessary Evils (Liaden Universe chapbook #11) $10.00
Long, Nathan The Broken Lance (Black Hearts Series #2: Reiner & his band of reprobates are sent to investigate a vital Imperial fort with which all communication has been lost) $6.99
Luceno, James Star Wars: Dark Lord (Story of the rise of Darth Vadar) $25.95
McCray, Cheyenne Forbidden Magic (In San Francisco, witch Silver Ashcroft falls in love with a Tuath D'Danann warrior, but his terrifying mission pulls them apart and into danger) $6.99
Moore, Stuart American Meat (20 years in the future, corporations have total control & an under-cover agent is about to discover the truth about the American meat industry) $6.99
Munn, H. Warner Merlin's Ring (Epic fantasy reprint, spanning the centuries from the loss of Atlantis to 1500 A.D.) $11.00
Nicholls, Stan The Covenant Rising (The Dreamtime Book 1: In a magical land, a cursed swordsman, the last remaining member of a tribe of warriors who were brutally massacred, is drawn into a world of treachery) $7.50
Ninomiya, Tomoko Nodame Cantabile 3 (Manga) $10.95
Norton, Andre Octagon Magic (Reprint: Canadian Lorrie is having a hard time adjusting to life with her aunt in America until she finds Octagon house & travels back in time) $5.99
Oppel , Kenneth Skybreaker (Sequel to Airborn : Matt Cruse and his friend Kate de Vries, search for a treasure the likes of which has never been seen) $16.99
Pampellonne, Terese The Unwelcome Child (A Victorian home in Martha's Vineyard becomes the site of a shocking pregnancy and a bundle of evil that becomes a mother's most terrifying nightmare) $6.99
Paul, Susan Spencer Touch of Passion (Kian Seynour, a member of the magical Families in Wales, casts a spell on the object of his desire causing a black curse that turns her away from him, and he must win her back) $6.99
Pratt, Tim The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl (A young comic book artist struggles with her other job, that of Protector of the West from evil spirits, and opens a door from which a primal evil escapes) $12.00
Reginald, Robert War of the Worlds II (Ten years after the Martians are narrowly defeated, they attack Earth again, and two spacecraft are sent to Mars to retaliate) $7.95
Resnick, Laura Disappearing Nightly (Struggling actress Esther Diamond investigates when female performers all over New York begin vanishing into thin air while on stage, and needs some offbeat magical help) $13.95
Ringo, John Emerald Sea (Sequel to There Will Be Dragons : Duke Edmund Talbot travels to the Southern Isles to try and get the mer_folk to ally with the Freedom Coalition) $7.99
Russell, Mary Doria A Thread of Grace (Mainstream novel of the network of Italian citizens who saved 43,000 Jews from the Nazis at the end of WWII) $14.95
Russo, Richard Paul The Rosetta Codex (After years as a slave, Cale finally reaches the planet Morningstar, with a strange book that holds a secret some people will do anything to control) $14.95
Ryan, C.J. Glorious Treason (Sequel to Dexta : Brainy intergalactic beauty Gloria Van Deen must save a backwater planet from the 33rd century titans of corporate greed) $6.99
Scudder, Bernard The Saga of Grettir the Strong (Translation of the Icelandic saga of an 11th_century warrior struggling to hold on to the values of the heroes age as they are being eclipsed by Christianity) $15.00
Segretto, Mike The Bride of Trash (Wizzer Whale is in love with a headless corpse he found in his trash, and the corpse inconveniently murders anyone in Wizzer's path) $11.00
Shayne, Maggie Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Three novellas of paranormal romance featuring witches, a lady P.I., and a man who jumps into the past and is mistaken for a criminal) $13.00
Sherman, David/Cragg, Dan Starfist Book X: A World of Hurt (After a series of unexplained deaths on an outpost world, Marines of FIST are dispatched to eradicate the problem) $6.99
Shwartz, Susan Hostile Takeover (Financial analyst CC Williams is sent to a mining colony in deep space to uncover fraud, and discovers a secret that could destroy the monetary system and wipe out humanity) $6.99
Sims, Kassandra The Midnight Work (When Sophie is turned into a vampire, she tries to continue her quiet life as a professor, but when she accidentally releases a death fairy, she must try to stop it) $6.99
Steele, Allen Coyote Rising (Sequel to Coyote : The continuing saga of Earth's first space colonists and their fight against a repressive government to reclaim their freedom) $7.99
Steele, Allen Coyote Frontier (20 years after the revolution that won Coyote colony's independence from Earth, the technology is breaking down and the rebel's descendants must find a way to save the colony) $24.95
Stern, Dave Star Trek Enterprise: Rosetta (Frustrated by run_ins with hostile alien factions, Captain Archer enlists the help of a trading cooperative called the Confederacy, but they have their own secrets to keep) $7.99
Tamakoshi, Hiroyuki Gacha Gacha (Manga) $10.95
Turtledove, Harry Bridge of the Separator (Rhavas was destined to be ecumenical patriarch of Videssos until barbarians swarmed over the city, and he had to flee for his life through lands swarming with rebel soldiers) $24.00
Turtledove, Harry Curious Notions (In a parallel 21st century San Francisco where Germany won WWI, agents of the Crosstime Traffic are being harassed by the Germans, and must guard their secret at all costs) $6.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy-ed. War of the Lance (Collection of tales of Krynn's War Years) $6.99
White, Steve Demon's Gate (Valdar, heir to the throne of Dhulon, and his companions must thwart the plan of an unknown sorcerer trying to bring evil demons long_banished back into the world to rule) $7.99
Wilder, Cherry/Reimann, Katya The Wanderer (Gael Maddoc is a mounted soldier who wins glory, until the Shee recruit her for her magical talents which show her to be the fabled Wanderer) $7.99
Witcover, Paul Dracula: Book One (After WWI, Dracula, dead for years, comes back to life and, although trapped beneath Dr. Seward's Sanatorium, his evil reaches out to the weak and insane for new victims) $6.99
Yeovil, Jack The Vampire Genevieve (Omnibus edition of the four novels featuring Genevieve Dieudonne, beautiful vampire who battles the forces of evil and insanity in the Warhammer world) $10.99
York, J. Steven The Venom of Luxur (Conclusion to the trilogy: Anok Wati has unleashed a hideous evil and he must destroy a god or all of Huboria will be enslaved) $6.99
Zakour, John/Ganem, Lawrence The Radioactive Redhead (in 2057, the last freelance detective and an experimental A.I. investigate a crime involving androids, tech wizards, and futuristic mayhem) $6.99


Coe, David B. Shapers of Darkness (Winds of the Forelands # 4: The Forelands are at war with the magic_wielding Qirsi; Tavis & Grinsa risk death to save the land they love) $25.95
Heinlein, Robert A. Space Cadet (Story of a young man's education as a member of the Solar Patrol) $23.95
Norton, Andre/McConchie, Lyn Silver May Tarnish (After the death and destruction of war, Lorcan and Meive try to create a safe place where victims of the war can start new lives, and fight for freedom and respect) $24.95
Pohl, Frederik Platinum Pohl (The best short stories of Pohl's lengthy career) $27.95
Sernett/Grubb/McArtor Spell Compendium (Reference to the most popular spells in the Dungeons and Dragons game) $39.95
Wilcox, Rhonda Why Buffy Matters (An examination of the philosophy of all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by the world's foremost Buffy expert) $14.95


Abnett, Dan/Lee, Mike Bloodstorm (Darkblade Series #2: Malus Darkblade is forced to seek a number of magic artefacts or his soul will be forfeit to the foul demon Tz'arkan) $7.99
Akamatsu, Ken Negima! Volume 8 (Manga) $10.95
Alt, Madelyn The Trouble With Magic (Antiques shop clerk Maggie O'Neill learns her boss Felicity is a witch, and enlists her wiccan friends for help when Felicity is suspected of murder) $6.99
Anders, Lou-ed. Futureshocks (Collection of 16 short stories with predictions of the future) $14.95
Asaro, Catherine ed Irresistible Forces (Collection of six stories by best_selling authors, including a Vorkosigan story by Lois McMaster Bujold, that show that love can conquer all, including the boundaries of time and space) $7.99
Bakker, R. Scott The Thousandfold Thought (Prince of Nothing Book 3: Kelhus continues to seek his father as he prepares himself for an apocalyptic battle with his enemies) $26.95
Banks, L.A. The Bitten (Vampire huntress Damali Richards and her new master vampire lover chase a powerful lord of darkness who has stolen a mystical key containing the blood of Christ) $7.99
Bennett, Christopher L. Star Trek: Titan: Orion's Hounds (Captain Riker discovers interstellar "whalers" harvesting giant space creatures, and gives the creatures the means to defend themselves, but things are not as they seem) $7.99
Bishop, David Operation Vampyr (During the German assault of Russia in 1941, a Romanian platoon is made up of vampires, and a soldier must fight for his life as the vampires try to protect their dark secret) $6.99
Blair, Annette My Favorite Witch (A beautiful witch deals with a curse from her ex_boyfriend, while working with a hockey star who can melt the ice around her heart) $6.99
Blue Lucy The Devil's Knight (Bound in Darkness #2: Tristan, a fierce & ruthless knight in Medieval England, is turned into a vampire by enemies, returns to seek revenge) $6.99
Cox, Greg Underworld: Evolution (Movie tie_in: Michael was an ordinary human until he is bitten by both a lycan and a vampire and teams with a vampire to stop an unholy menace) $6.99
Canavan, Trudi Priestess of the White (A young woman is chosen to become the avatar of one of the Five Gods in a new fantasy trilogy) $7.99
Clark, Douglas W. Saving Solace (After quitting the knighthood, Gerard dons a sheriff's badge to help the mayor of Solace, Palin, investigate a series of murders and preserve the peace for a temple dedication) $6.99
Clegg, Douglas Mordred, Bastard Son (A retelling of the Arthurian legend featuring the bastard son Mordred who, in this version, emerges as a heroic and romantic figure) $24.95
Conrad, Liza High School Bites (Lucy Hellenberg, student at Pacific Cedar High School, deals with a bizarre family & realization that vampires do exist, in her high school) $9.99
Cunningham, Elaine Shadows in the Darkness (Ex_Vice cop Gwen Gelman takes on the case of a young runaway and opens the door to her own mystical past as she discovers puppet masters and vice lords who prey in the dark) $6.99
Dann, John R. Song of the Earth (The prehistoric saga of the wanderings of one family over several generations) $7.99
de Larrabeiti, Michael The Borribles: Across the Dark Metropolis (Young adult fantasy reprint) $6.99
Denning, Troy Star Wars: The Swarm War (The Jedi must end the bloodshed between the Chiss and the Killik before the conflict spreads throughout the galaxy) $6.99
Dolley, Chris Resonance (Office messenger Graham Smith sees things others can't and knows that reality is changing, while men who know what's going on try to kill him and one woman tries to save him) $24.00
Douglass, Sara Darkwitch Rising (Book 3 of The Troy Game: The soul travelers arrive in the time of Charles II as the English are in a mighty civil war, and try once again to complete the Labrynth) $7.99
Egolf, Tristan Kornwolf (A community in Pennsylvania is terrorized by an Amish werewolf, and 3 men with disparate reasons for coming to the town join to track him down) $14.00
Farrell, S.L. Heir of Stone (Cloudmages Trilogy #3: Sevei and her twin brother Kane have reached adulthood, and their world is turned upside_down when the entire family is attacked) $7.99
Fawcett, Bill/Thomsen, Brian-ed. Masters of Fantasy (Collection of fantasy from the best writers in the genre today) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Fever (Two tales of the exotic and sensual Leopard People, Wild Rain and The Awakening , in one volume) $14.00
Fields, Alicia All's Fair in Love and War (Greek Goddess #3: The tale of tomboy Athena who is not enjoying her burgeoning womanhood until she meets a boy from the forge who shows her how to be a woman) $6.99
Forbeck, Matt Dead Ball (Sequel to Blood Bowl : Dirk "Dunk" Hoffnung, once a star in the top Blood Bowl League, must start all over in the Goblin Leagues to rise in the ranks and become a star again) $7.99
Forbeck, Matt The Road to Death (The heroes of Marked for Death continue their desperate rescue attempt of Kandler's daughter and journey to the realm of Karrnath, where the undead roam) $6.99
Friedman, Michael J. Wolf Man: Hunter's Moon (A bite by a werewolf curses Lawrence Talbot to walk the Earth forever as a monster, until he is rescued by a fanatical cult who have their own plans for him) $6.99
Garton, Ray The Loveliest Dead (A family moves into a run_down house for a new start, but the terrors begin before they even finish unpacking as they see mysterious things and horror stalks their halls) $6.99
Gemmell, David Lion of Macedon (An aged seeress divines disaster for Greece, and the only hope is to train a young boy to become the fiercest warrior of all history, and his destiny is tied to the Dark God) $7.99
Green, Jonathan Conquest of Armageddon (A crack squad of Black Templars is sent to look for a missing Imperial officer, and they stumble onto a Chaos plot and must deal with ravening hoards of greenskins) $7.99
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay Felaheen (Final book in the Arabesk trilogy and winner of the 2003 British SF Award. Ashraf Bey investigates an assassination attempt on his father, Moncef, Emir of Tunis) $12.00
Grossman, Dave/Frankowski, Leo The Two_Space War (Lt. Thomas Melville becomes entangled in an alien war in the Two_Space realm, where man travels among the stars in sentient wooden ships $7.99
Hayakawa, Tomoko The Wallflower Volume 6 (Manga) $10.95
Hemingway, Amanda Greenstone Grail (Nathan Ward has been having strange dreams, and when a stone cup set with jewels comes into his possession, he discovers he is the chosen, but he must find out for what) $12.95
Hemry, John G. Against All Enemies ( Someone on board the USS Michaelson is selling secrets, and legal officer Paul Sinclair (4) walks a dangerous line between duty and honor) $7.99
Hendee, Barb and J.C. Traitor to the Blood (Magiere the dhampir and Leesil the half_elf embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of their mysterious origins) $23.95
Herndon, Cory J. Guildpact (Ravnica Cycle Book II: Following several years of plague, the Syndicate comes to take over Gruul, but the people of Gruul will not lie down and die) $6.99
Hunter, Erin New Prophecy Warriors #3 : Dawn (The young feline heroes must now convince the fiercely independent Clans to leave the forest and travel together to a new home, facing dangers along the way) $15.99
Ikezawa, Satomi Othello Volume 6 (Manga) $10.95
Jones, Linda Winstead The Star Witch (Sisters of the Sun #3: The eldest Fyne sister wonders how she can remain chaste with a sensuous enemy tempting her) $7.99
Kellogg, Marjorie B. The Book of Fire, The Book of Air (The Dragon Quartet Volume 2: The world is caught ion a war between good and evil, and the dragons and their guides seek to restore balance) $7.99
Kenson, Stephen Shadowrun: Poison Agendas (Shadowrunner Kellan Colt thinks she is ready to strike out on her own when she finds the location of a cache of weaponry in the heart of the Awakened wilderness) $6.99
Kestrel/Wilkes/Liquette Races of the Dragons (New D&D supplement detailing races descending from the dragons) $29.95
Kikuchi, Hideyuki Vampire Hunter D Volume 3: Demon Deathchase (Vampire Hunter D is hired by a wealthy, dying man to find his daughter who has been kidnapped by vampire lord Meierlink) $8.95
Knaak, Richard A. Diablo: Moon of the Spider (Computer game tie-in novel) $6.99
Kobayashi, Toshihiko Pastel, Volume 1 (Manga) $10.95
Lackey, Mercedes One Good Night (In a world where everyone is supposed to fit in to established fairy tales, Elena cannot conform and among other things, turns a prince into a donkey) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes/Mallory, James To Light A Candle (Obsidian Trilogy #2: The dark Queen's forces are on the move & young Kellen cannot convince the human city of its grave danger) $7.99
Lackey/Flint/Freer The Wizard of Karres (Sequel to the Witches of Karres : Captain Pausert troubles continue as he is sent on a secret mission to stop a self_aware plague and must join a circus to escape the Fleet) $7.99
Lebbob, Tim Berserk (Man seeks the truth about his son's death in a graveyard and finds madness, including the corpse of a little girl who promises to help him if he will free her) $6.99
Lee, Rachel Shadows of Prophecy (Archer Blackcloak, Tess Birdsong, and their companions must go to Anahar to help free the Anari people from their enslavers and purge the darkness in their own hearts) $13.95
Leeder, Murray J.D. The Fighters: Son of Thunder (The Zhentarim discover a hidden race of the reptillian Thunderbeasts, and it is up to one young barbarian to defend them from those who would seek their powers) $6.99
Lessing, Doris The Story of General Dann and Mara's Daughter... (Sequel to Mara and Dann : A brother and sister struggle to survive in a future of freezing cold and fiery heat discovering the meaning of love and the way out of despair) $24.95
Liu, Marjorie M. X_Men: The Outcast Empire (The mutant superhero team bands together to save the galaxy from interstellar war) $7.99
Martin, George R.R./Miller, John J. Wild Cards: Death Draws Five (Characters from previous Wild Card adventures have differing goals, but all roads lead to Leo Barnett's Peaceable Kingdom, where Death awaits the terrible turn of the card) $22.95
Maxwell, Katie Circus of the Darned (Goth girl travels Europe with witches and magicians, and raises an battlefield of Viking ghosts who won't go back, when all she wants is to date her vampire boyfriend) $5.99
McCaffrey/Scarborough Changelings (Twins of Petaybee #1; The Shongli twins have shapeshifting abilities; when a scientist attempts to kidnap them, they are sent to Petaybee to hide) $24.95
McKillip, Patricia A. The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (Classic fantasy reprint) $6.95
Meluch, R.M. The Myriad (The captain and crew of the Merrimack face three planets in the midst of a global cluster that threaten in the midst of war with the Palatine Empire) $6.99
Meluch, R.M. Wolf Star (Tour of the Merrimack #2: The long war between the Palatine Empire and Terra Takes a new turn when an alien enemy of both sides attacks) $23.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Ordermaster (Sequel to Wellsprings of Chaos: Kharl the cooper is summoned to the capital by his friend Hagen who needs help dealing with rebellious nobles) $7.99
Nagata, Linda Memory (Young Jubilee is devastated when her brother is taken by the "silver", a force that arises every night, when a stranger arrives who can control the silver and things change) $7.99
Newcomb, Robert Savage Messiah (The wounded Orb of the Vigors is bleeding magical energy, and only Tristan can heal it, but only after his own wounds are healed, and this quest takes him into dangers) $26.95
Nicholls, Stan The Righteous Blade (Book 2 of The Dreamtime: A powerful new enemy arises which could crush the fragile rebellion forever) $13.95
Ono, Fuyumi/Inada, Shiho Ghost Hunt, Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Palmatier, Joshua The Skewed Throne (The White Fire has scorched the city of Amenkor, leaving madness in its wake, and the only hope is a young girl who has been trained in the ways of the assassin) $23.95
Perry, Steve The Musashi Flex (In the 23rd century, the only way to rise above one's caste is to play the extreme martial arts game known as the Musashi Flex, and three people enter into its violent culture) $7.99
Pinkwater, Daniel Looking for Bobowicz (Sequel to The Hoboken Chicken Emergency : The adventures of Nick Itch, his friends, as they search for Arthur Bobowicz and his 266_pound chicken Henrietta) $4.99
Pratchett, Terry Johnny and the Dead (12_year old Johnny Maxwell takes on a giant corporation, fighting to prevent them from paving over the local cemetery, thus trapping his ghostly friends) $15.99
Quinn, Daniel The Holy (Ancient spirits interact with modern America in a dazzling metaphysical thriller) $15.95
Reeve, Philip Predator's Gold (Sequel to Mortal Engines : When attacked by grim aviators on their airship, Tom and Hester land on the ice city of Anchorage and must fight the Huntsmen of Arkangel) $7.99
Reynolds, Alistair Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (Two novellas of interstellar exploration set in the universe of Reynolds's Revelation Space trilogy) $7.99
Ridley, John What Fire Cannot Burn (LAPD's top mutant hunter Soledad O'Roark seeks a serial killer who has been slaughtering mutants without mercy, while fighting off the advances of her new partner) $6.99
Ringo, John Princess of Wands (A perfect homemaker on a vacation and a detective using a fortune teller to solve a crime meet in the bayous outside New Orleans and fantastic things occur) $25.00
Rowen, Michelle Bitten and Smitten (After Sarah Dearly's date turns her into a vampire and is turned to dust by vampire hunters, she barely escapes and must deal with her new reality while on the run) $6.50
Sabin, E. Rose When the Beast Ravens (Conclusion to the trilogy: A series of accidents occur at the School for the Magically Gifted and suspicion falls on Gray, and he must confront the demon inside himself) $5.99
Sawyer, Robert J. Mindscan (The son of a woman who has uploaded her body unto an android version and cheated death, sues her for his lost inheritance in a future world where androids and humans fight) $6.99
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Cleopatra 7.2 (The cellular memories of Cleopatra have been transferred into two hosts, and, isolated in different parts of the world, both await the similar resurrection of Marc Antony) $7.99
Shannon, Colleen Catspell (Arielle Blaylock, a proper Victorian woman, enters another magical world in her dreams, but then her dreams manifest in reality and she is lost in a maze of danger and desire) $6.99
Shepard, Lucius A Handbook of American Prayer (Nominated for 2005 International Horror Guild Award, explores America's conflicting views of celebrity, spirituality, and money, and the line between the real and the surreal) $14.95
Sinclair, Linnea An Accidental Goddess (Awakened from a 350 year sleep, Captain Gillaine Davre discovers she's been turned into a goddess and must now face an old enemy with a new twist) $6.99
Strahan, Jonanthan-ed. Modern Greats of Science Fiction (Collection of nine recent Science Fiction novellas) $14.95
Stross, Charles The Atrocity Archives (Bob Howard, a computer hack and desk jockey, is suddenly called upon to save the world, and doesn't know if he is up to the job) $14.00
Taylor, Vickie Flesh and Stone (Sequel to Carved in Stone : A woman used to protecting others finds sanctuary in the arms of a brooding guardian who could be her dream come true or her worst nightmare) $6.99
Troop, Alan F. A Host of Dragons (Dragon DelaSangre series #4: Peter DelaSangre's daughter is kidnapped after 12 mysterious strangers arrive and he must uncover the connections before it is too late) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry Homeward Bound (In the 21st century the Earth is teeming with aliens, and a few daring people travel to the aliens' homeworld hoping for peace but daring annihilation) $7.99
Tuttle, Lisa The Mysteries (PI Ian Kennedy searches for a missing child in the British Isles and finds that some of the old fables still come true) $12.00
Tuttle, Lisa The Pillow Friend (Agnes, a lonely child in the 1960's, finds a friend in a porcelain doll painted like an old_world gentleman. Then, fantasy and reality blur__ her dream come true turns deadly) $12.00
Viehl, S. L. Rebel Ice (Dr. Cherijo Torin crash lands on an ice planet on the verge of revolution and becomes embroiled in the conflict while her husband tries to find her) $7.99
Watson, Jules The Dawn Stag (The Dalrida Trilogy, Book 2: Rhiann searches for guidance in the spirit world to help stop the Roman invasion of Celtic Britain in 81 AD) $24.95
Webb, Nick Wish You Were Here (Authorized biography of Douglas Adams) $15.95
White, Steve Blood of the Heroes (A time_traveling expedition to ancient Greece uncovers the terrifying secret behind the Gods of mythology) $24.00
Wilkins, Kim Giants of the Frost (Scientist Victoria Scott takes a job on an isolated island in the Sea of Norway and meets a mysterious stranger with whom she is connected by a conflict centuries old) $6.99
Woodall, Clive One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (Darkness has fallen over the realm of Birddom as the magpies and the crows have slaughtered smaller birds, and Kirrick, a lone robin goes on a quest to stop them) $14.00
Zahn, Timothy Blackcollar (Reprint; the legendary Blackcollar Warriors are the only hope of an Earth long_conquered by the Rygril Empire, if only Allen Caine can find them) $25.00


Baker, Kage In the Garden of Iden (Reissue of a Company novel: Mendoza is sent to Elizabethan England to collect samples from the garden of Sir Walter Iden, but meets a man who stirs emotions within her) $14.95
Buckell, Tobias S. Crystal Rain (First novel: On the technologically devolved world of Nanagada, amnesiac John deBrun's lost memory may hold the key to his people's survival) $24.95
Card, Orson Scott Treason (Reissue of 1978 novel: Lanik, the disenfranchised heir to metal_poor planet Treason's rulership, must break the conspiracy keeping Treason subjugated to Offworld oppressors) $14.95
Cunnigham, Elaine Shadows in the Sunlight (2nd Changeling Detective: GiGi, fae detective, sets up her own PI agency, & a routine case morphs into something much stranger) $23.95
Dart_Thornton, Cecilia The Well of Tears (2nd Crowthistle Chronicles: After the death of her parents, Jewel learns of her sorcerous ancestry. Will a prince's love save her or doom his people to destruction?) $27.95
de Lint, Charles Moonlight and Vines (Short tales that take place in the city of Newford) $14.95
Douglass, Sara The Crippled Angel (Crucible Series Book 3: The Archangel Michael has given Thomas the task of finding the demons in human form who are trying to breach the gates of heaven) $25.95
Fallon, Jennifer Wolfblade (Marla Wolfblade seeks to restore her family to power, and her son has been named heir to the throne, but there are forces who do not want the House of Wolfblade succeed) $25.95
Goodkind, Terry Phantom (A woman awakes remembering nothing but her name, and her husband knows if she doesn't realize who she is she will unleash forces that will end the world; limited edition hc $250.00) $29.95
Kalstein, Dave Prodigy (In 2036, elite students of the Stansbury School are being murdered, and to keep things quiet, the school asks its valedictorian to solve the mystery) $23.95
Levinson, Paul The Plot to Save Socrates (In 2042, a newly discovered Socratic dialogue suggests he may have escaped death through time travel. Grad student Sierra begins a time_spanning adventure to find the truth) $25.95
McMullen, Sean Voidfarer (3rd Moonworlds Saga: Wayfarer Inspector Danolarian and his stalwart Wayfarer Constables must fight an invasion of Lupanian sorcerers) $27.95
Niven, Larry The Draco Tavern (Collection of 26 tales of Draco Tavern) $24.95
Norton, Andre/Rabe, Jean Return to Quag Keep (Six advernturers from our world return to Quag Keep in this sequel) $24.95
Paxson, Diana L. The Golden Hills of Westria (First Westria novel in more than a decade features the new adventures of a new generation) $24.95
Saberhagen, Fred An Old Friend of the Family (Reissue: Kate Southerland, murdered but not dead, is drawn into her family's ancient bloodfeud. On one side, Morgan Le Fay. On the other__Dracula) $12.95
Scalzi, John Old Man's War (Only people of retirement age can join the Colonial Defense Force, and John Perry has joined in hopes of surviving two years on the front to gain his reward of a free homestead) $12.95
Turtledove, Harry In High Places (A Crosstime Traffic Novel: Teenager Annette Klein is separated from her family before they can reach the portal to return them home, and is captive in a slave caravan) $22.95
Vinge, Vernor Tatja Grimm's World (Reissue: Vinge's first novel. Raised by stone_age primitives, Tatja is brought into the wonders of interstellar civilization, which finds her more than they bargained for) $14.95


Anderson, Poul Time Patrol (All the Time Patrol novellas, novelettes, and shorts stories in one volume) $7.99
Ashley, Amanda Desire After Dark (Waitress Vicki Cavendish falls for a beautiful stranger, who turns out to be a vampire, but he falls for her too and theirs is a passion as smouldering as it is risky) $6.50
Asprin, Robert/Del Carlo, Eric Wartorn: Obliteration (Sequel to Wartorn: Resurrestion : Soldiers and magicians come from the north to unite the city_states of Isthmus under Felk rule, and encounter rebellion) $7.99
Athans, Philip-ed. Realms of the Elves (Collection of 7 novellas revealing the history and variety of the elves of Faerun) $6.99
Bailey, Robin Wayne Dragonkin: Volume 3 (As the war between Angar and Degarm intensifies, it is time for the Diamond Dragon, the Glass Dragon, and the Heart of All Dragons to be joined, but dangers still exist) $14.95
Baker, Keith The Shattered Land (Dreaming Dark Book 2: Daine may be dying, and his friends team up to journey to Xen'drik, where lies the only thing that can save him) $6.99
Benford, Gregory The Sunborn (Intelligent life has been discovered on Pluto, and two rival teams of scientists must learn to work together as they learn that this is a force that could crush human life) $6.99
Bishop, Anne Dreams Made Flesh (Collection of four all_new stories set in the world of the Black Jewels trilogy featuring Jaenelle and her kindred) $7.99
Bishop, Anne Sebastian (In a world of islands connected by bridges, tha Landscapers keep the lands stable, but evil is stirring, and a young half_incubus named Sebastian may be their only hope) $23.95
Briggs, Patricia Moon Called (Mercy Thompson is a shapeshifter raised by werewolves who fixes cars for a living and runs into trouble with her next door neighbor, a werewolf, and her boss, a gremlin) $7.99
Carwyn, Giles/Fahnestock, Todd Heir of Autumn (The world of Ohndarien is ruled by the Children of the Seasons, and when one of them is accused of murder, it falls to betrayal and deceit, and he must save it) $25.95
Cherryh, C.J. Destroyer (Foreigner series #7: The survivors of a lost spacecraft crash_land on a planet inhabited by a hostile, sentient race and struggle to survive) $7.99
Clamp Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle# 8 (Manga) $10.95
Counter, Ben Warhammer 40,000: Dark Adeptus (Grey Knights #2: The brave Grey Knights versus the servants of darkness & their monstrous, possessed machines) $7.99
Dart_Thornton, Cecilia The Iron Tree (Jarrad, a young man who has grown up among his mother's peaceful desert people, sets out to seek his father, and comes upon a land of magic and a woman who will win his heart) $7.99
David, Peter Star Trek The New Frontier: After the Fall (A sudden abduction threatens to destabilize the New Thalonian Protectorate and the entire galaxy faces a long_forgotten enemy) $7.99
David, Peter Star Trek The New Frontier: Missing in Action (The USS Excalibur is lost in space, and Captain MacKenzie must choose between helping an oppressed race or siding with the violent alien warriors who can help him get home) $25.00
DeCandido, Keith R.A. WarCraft: Cycle of Hatred (Game tie-in novel) $7.99
Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly (7 CDs, unabridged: Dick's classic vision of junkies, scam artists, and the walking brain_dead available in audio for the first time) $29.95
Douglas, Ian Battlespace (Legacy Trilogy Book 2: With a menacing alien fleet approaching Earth, the Marines must act fast to prevent disaster) $7.50
Elliot, Kate Crown of Stars (Conclusion to the series: The land is beginning to recover from the return of the Aoi lands to Earth, but many alliances are forming in the struggle for control of the world) $25.95
Elliot, Kate In the Ruins (Crown of Stars #6: All who have survived the return of the Aoi lands must find a way to mend their shattered territories and take a stand against their enemies) $7.99
Erikson, Steven Deadhouse Gates (The seer Sha'ik and her followers prepare for a long_prophesied uprising known as the Whirlwind which will embroil the Malazan Empire in the bloodiest conflict it has known) $7.99
Evans, Peter J. Manticore Reborn (Vampire Durham Red is terrified to find herself being hunted by her future self. Only the alien artifact Manticore can save her) $7.99
Farren, Mick Kindling (4 youngsters from different warring cultures on a future Earth where the US has split into warring factions must band together to save the world) $7.99
Flint, Eric/Drake, David The Dance of Time (Conclusion to the Belisarius saga. In the sixth century, Belisarius fights against the Malwa__both with assistance from the future. Rule of the future depends on the outcome) $26.00
Fox, Helen Eager (Young adult; at the end of the 21st century, robots are common__but experimental EGR3__Eager__is proving to be quite uncommon...) $5.99
Freeman, Lorna The King's Own (Sequel to Covenants : Rabbit needs to master his new_found powers quickly to save Iversterre as it slides towards the abyss) $7.99
Gates, R. Patrick Grimm Reapings (The spirit of a witch lingers in the body of a young man, and he is compelled to help her perform the rituals that will allow her to place her soul into a woman's unborn child) $6.99
Golden, Christopher The Myth Hunters (Veil Trilogy #1. Across a veil from reality live all the legends and myths of humankind. Their land is being destroyed. Jack Frost journeys across the veil to find help) $12.00
Grant, Alan DC Universe: Last Sons (Superman comes to the aid of the Martian Manhunter, who is being stalked by the notorious bounty hunter Lobo) $6.99
Greenberg/Davies-ed. Millennium 3001 (13 tales of Earth as it could be 1000 years from now) $7.50
Haber, Karen/Strahan, Jonathan-ed. Fantasy: The Best of 2005 $11.95
Haber, Karen/Strahan, Jonathan-ed. Science Fiction: The Best of 2005 $11.95
Handeland, Lori Crescent Moon (Cryptozoologost Diana Malone teams up with a reclusive former Special Forces officer to search the Louisiana swamps for a dangerous wolf_like creature) $6.99
Hart, Raven The Vampire's Seduction (Savannah vampire William Cuyler Thorne's enjoyable undead life is shaken when his sire comes to destroy all that is precious to him, but he will not give up without a fight) $6.99
Hendrix, Howard V. The Labyrinth Key (A man working on a quantum computer is murdered and as the search for answers intensifies it is clear that the computer will be more powerful and dangerous than anyone knew) $6.99
Ikezawa, Satomi Guru Guru Pon_Chan Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Jones, Diana Wynne Unexpected Magic (The collected stories of Diana Wynne Jones) $7.99
Kavanagh, Herminie Templeton Darby O'Gill (Collection of tales about Darby O'Gill and his adventures in Ireland with leprechauns and banshees) $5.99
Kearney, Susan The Ultimatum (Dr. Alara Callandar must make love to regenerate her cells, and her only option is her sworn enemy and abductor Starpilot Xander, who makes an ultimatum that she can't refuse) $6.99
Kemp, Paul S. Resurrection (War of the Spider Queen Book VI: Halisstra comes to the Demonweb Pits with a sword to kill the Spider Queen as the epic series ends) $6.99
Krinard, Susan Hammer of the Earth (Sequel to Shield of the Sky : The reluctant companions face the next battle in their quest to defeat the minions of the Stone God) $13.95
Landgrish, Katherine Troll Mill (Sequel to Troll Fell : Peer discovers his uncles' mill is running again, and copes with a baby thrust into his arms by a fleeing stranger) $15.99
Lebbon, Tim Dusk (Opening to a 2-part fantasy about return of magic to a desolate land) $12.00
Lee, Bruno Warhammer: Vermintide (Erwin Rohmer thought he was investigating a simple series of thefts, until he discovered the verminous skaven and is forced to turn to the dwarfs for help.) $7.99
Liu, Marjorie M. Shadow Touch (A psychic healer & a detective who can start fires with his mind are taken, are drawn into the clutches of evil where they will fight for their souls) $6.99
Love, Kathy Fangs But No Fangs (Vampire Christian is living in a trailer park, working at a Karaoke bar, gets involved with a woman there, as his sister watches with worry) $14
Mariotte, Jeff Age of Conan: Ghost of the Wall (Aided by a king's daughter and a circle of allies, a young warrior embarks on a quest against those who killed his people and stole the precious Teeth of the Ice Bear) $6.99
McIntosh, Fiona Myrren's Gift (The Quickening, Book One: After a kindness to a dying witch, Wyl Thirsk is bestowed with a gift he must use while commanding the Crown Prince's army or it will destroy him) $7.99
McKillip, Patricia Solstice Wood (When her grandfather dies, Sylvia Lynn returns to her home in New York, and realizes that a primitive power exists in the forest where she spent her childhood) $23.95
Moorcock, Michael Behold the Man (Reissue: Karl Glogauer, obsessed with the idea of the messiah, time travels to AD 29 and finds that Jesus is not quite the man history makes him out to be) $13.95
Morris, Mark The Immaculate (Hrror writer returns to his childhood home after a death in the family, & all his childhood fears are waiting for him there, some coming to life) $6.99
Ninomiya, Tomoko Nodame Cantabile Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Owens, Robin D. Sorceress of Fiath (Sequel to Guardian of Honor : With the World of Llandrana threatened by evil, the Sorceress must summon outside help to stop the Darkness) $13.95
Patten, Fred ed Furry! (Collection of 26 of the best anthropomorphic, "furry" SF ever) $12.95
Pyle, Howard Men of Iron (A young knight discovers that his blind father has been unjustly accused of treason, must follow his father's enemy to clear his father's name) $4.99
Ringo, John/Cochrane, Julie Cally's War (Trained from childhood as a premier killer, Cally O'Neal wants to leave the life of an assassin behind__but her employers think she knows too much to live) $7.99
Roberson, Jennifer The Novels of Tiger and Del Volume 1 (Two_in_one omnibus containing the first two books in the Sword series, Sword_Dancer and Sword_Singer ) $15.00
Roberts, John Maddox The Seven Hills (Sequel to Hannibal's Children : Alternate history where Rome rises again after it falls to Carthage) $7.99
Sarrantonia, Al ed Flights (Collection of extreme visions of Fantasy in short story form) $7.99
Scott, Manda Boudica: Dreaming the Hound (In 57 A.D., Boudica is the warrior queen of the Eceni people, fighting against the brutal occupation by the Roman Army, while seeking her brother, imprisoned across the sea) $23.00
Scott, Martin Thraxas at War (Orcs are on their way to Turai, and a senior member of the war council has been murdered...with a cake? Enter Thraxas...reluctantly) $24.00
Sherman, David/Cragg, Dan Starfist: Flashfire (Charlie Bass and the Marines of the 34th FIST are sent to a backwater planet to put down a rebellion) $19.95
Shimoku, Kio Genshiken Volume 4 (Manga) $10.95
Shirley, John John Constantine: Hellblazer Warlord (Amoral occultist John Constantine must prevent global war at the hands of a ruthless criminal syndicate and the demon lord in league with them) $6.99
Silverberg, Robert The Book of Skulls (4 college students journey to the House of Skulls seeking eternal life, but only two will live forever while the other two must die; reprint) $12.95
Simpson, Donna Awaiting the Moon (Elizabeth Stanwyke arrives at Wolfram Castle to tutor the Count's niece, and discovers that werewolves are said to roam the grounds) $6.99
Solitaire, Jenna Keeper of the Winds (A young college sophomore finds a strange diary in her dead grandfather's house and discovers she is the guardian of the Boards of Baylon, and they are awakening) $6.99
Sone, Dave Judge Dredd: Psykogeddon (Judge Dredd must ensure that a man receives a fair trial__a novel concept for a one man judge, jury and executioner) $6.99
Stackpole, Michael A. A Secret Atlas (Wild magic and epic fantasy and the adventure of exploration in the age of sail) $6.99
Stephenson, Neal The Baroque Cycle Book One: Quicksilver (The 3 volumes of the Baroque Cycle are being broken into 8 mass market paperbacks; this is #1) $7.99
Swainston, Steph No Present Like Time (Sequel to The Year of Our War : Despite the work of Jant Comet, the insects are coming closer, & mankind must do something about it) $13.95
Toyoda, Minoru Love Roma Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Turner, Megan Whalen The King of Attiola (Sequel to The Queen of Attiola : When a young soldier decks him, Eugenides, now King of Attiola, decides to spare his life and send him on a mission of intrigue, and espionage) $16.99
Turner, Megan Whalen The Queen of Attolia (Eunenides must pilfer three impossible things to help save his country at war with Attiola) $6.99
Turner, Megan Whalen The Thief (Eugenides bragging about his stealing lands him in the King's prison with little hope of escape, until the King's scholar offers him a way to use his talents to get out) $6.99
Varley, John Red Lightning (Sequel to Red Thunder : When Earth is struck by an unknown object causing a massive tsunami, Ray Garcia_Strickland returns to Earth to solve one of its greatest mysteries) $23.95
Weber, David Empire from the Ashes (Trade paperback omnibus of Mutineer's Moon, The Armageddon Inheritance , and Heirs of Empire ) $15.00
Weis, Margaret Amber and Iron (The Dark Disciple Volume II: The former monk Rhys leads a powerful alliance to find some way to destroy the undead Beloved, caught in the evil grip of the Lord of Death) $7.99
Weller, Sam The Bradbury Chronicles (Authorized biography of Ray Bradbury) $15.95
Whiteside, Diane The Hunter's Prey (Collection of stories of Texas vampires) $14.00
Williams, Sean/Dix, Shane Geodesica: Descent (Sequel to Geodesica: Ascent: Three unlikely allies plot their revenge against an A.I. responsible for the destruction of Bedlam) $7.99
Wilson, Robert Charles Spin (Due to a strange artificial barrier outside the Earth, the death of the sun is 40 years away, and Jason is a scientist working to stop the apocalypse) $7.99
York, Rebecca Full Moon (Omnibus of 2 of York's Werewolf novels, Killing Moon and Edge of the Moon ) $14.00
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars: Outbound Flight (The full story of the mysterious Outbound Flight project alluded to in Heir to Empire , including the first encounter with alien warlord Thrawn) $26.95


Addams, Charles Chas Addams Happily Ever After (Cartoons depicting all manner of disenchanted lovers, murder_minded wives and homicidal husbands. Features previously unpublished drawings and sketches) $20.00
Askegren, Pierce Buffy the Vampire Slayer: After Image (Is the re_opening of the Sunnydale Drive_In turning into a nexus of evil forces?) $6.99
Banks, L.A. The Damned: A Vampire Huntress Legend (Damali, Carlos and the Guardians try to contain the Damned, who have been released from the levels of Hell to spread madness and death on Earth) $14.95
Carver, Jeffrey A. Battlestar Gallactica: The Miniseries (TV Tie_In: Novelization of the popular mini_series) $14.95
Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly (A haunting graphic version of Dick's novel, composed of stills from the animated motion picture scheduled for release in 2006.) $15.95
Osborne_McKnight, Juilene Song of Ireland (What if the people of the Danu were not myth but based on historical evidence? A fantasy retelling of the coming of the Celts to Eire) $24.95

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