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Newsletter #70 June - August, 2005



Doctor Who: The Deadstone Memorial (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Match of the Day (Fourth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: To the Slaughter (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Adams, Douglas The Salmon of Doubt (Selection of essays, articles, anecdotes and stories from the late author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ) $7.50
Adams, Douglas/Lloyd, John The Deeper Meaning of Life (A humorous dictionary pairing place names from around the world with experiences and objects that demand to be named but never have been) $12.00
Avery, Fiona The Crown Rose (In 1240 France, a strange man who is much older than he seems, becomes icon to Isabelle, heir to the throne, and with his magic they may change the course of history) $25.00
Avi The Book Without Words (A seemingly blank book that actually contains the dark magic of Northumbria falls into the hands of a young boy who grows up trying to realize a dangerous dream) $15.99
Aylett, Steve Lint (Mock biography of a strange and inventive science fiction writer, Jeff Lint and the story of his strange life and career) $14.95
Bailey, Robin Wayne Dragonkin Book 2: Talisman (Two dragons accompanied by an odd collection of humans and mythical creatures, search for legendary objects that will win the war between Angmar and Degarm) $6.99
Betancourt, John Gregory-ed. Horrorscape (Book 1 of a two_book set featuring horror and dark fantasy tales from some of the genre's most acclaimed writers) $6.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Falling Free (NESFA Press reprint; Nebula winner; signed copies available) $23.00
Carrere, Emmanuel I Am Alive and You Are Dead (Biography and journey into the mind fo Philip K. Dick) $15.00
Carroll, Jonathan Outside the Dog Museum (A prize_winning architect is hired by the Sultan of Saru to design a dog museum, and finds himself in a mad and unreal world where the powers of magic weave around him) $13.95
Colfer, Eoin The Supernaturalist (A stand_alone adventure by the author of the Artemis Fowl series) $7.99
Corben, Richard Werewolf (Graphic novel with eight stories based on various legends of the werewolf) $14.95
Coville, Bruce Juliet Dove, Queen of Love (Juliet wears an amulet that makes all the boys fall in love with her, but then she can't get it off when she tires of the attention) $5.95
DeCamp, L. Sprague Years in the Making (NESFA Press collection of his best time travel and alternate history short stories, 1937 to 1970) $25.00
Duane, Diane Wizard's Holiday (Nita and Kit go on a wizardly cultural exchange program) $6.95
Effinger, George Alec Live! From Planet Earth (Collection of 22 short stories) $25.95
Emshwiller, Carol I Live With You (Collection of 12 short stories and a Wiscon speech) $14.95
Fernandez, Fernando Dracula (Graphic novel adaptation of the classic Bram Stoker story) $14.95
Finlay, Charles Coleman The Prodigal Troll (A female troll adopts an abandoned human infant and many years later he leaves their tribe to discover the human world, having adventures and falling in love) $25.00
Garcia, Eric Hot and Sweaty Rex (Third in the series about a dinosaur PI in L. A.) $13.95
Hearn, Lian Tales of the Otori: Across the Nightingale Floor (Episode One: 17_year old Tomasu witnesses the massacre of his village and is saved by Lord Otori who changes his name to Takeo and adopts him to become a warrior) $6.50
Hearn, Lian Tales of the Otori: Across the Nightingale Floor (Episode 2: Takeo tries to come to terms with the knowledge that he is a member of a group of assassins and falls is love with a 15_year old girl though they are torn apart) $6.50
James, Dean Decorated to Death (Vampire_sleuth Simon Kirby_Jones investigates the death of a famous interior decorator killed in the drawing room of a mansion with a blunt instrument) $5.99
Kaveney, Roz From Alien to the Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film (Definitive survey of modern science fiction film) $14.95
Lucchetti, Stephen C. Doc - First Galactic Roamer (Complete bibliography & publishing checklist of books & articles by and about E. E. "Doc" Smith; preface by Frederik Pohl) $21.00
MacAvoy, R.A. Lens of the World (Nazhuret, an outcast and orphan, rises to become a mighty warrior and receives outlandish knowledge preparing him for a destiny far beyond the narrow confines of his kingdom) $6.99
McAlister, Katie Fire Me Up (Aisling Grey, Guardian and wyvern's mate thought being a courier would be easy) $6.99
Meaney, John Paradox (In the underground world of Nulapeiron, a young man from the lowest classes uses a strange crystal to exact revenge for the death of his mother) $25.00
Merril, Judith Homecalling and Other Stories (NESFA Press; complete solo short sf stories by Merril) $29.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Ghosts of Columbia (Omnibus of two alternate history novels featuring Dr. John Eschbach where ghosts are real) $14.95
Pattou, Edith East (An enormous white bear appears to young Rose, and takes her to a distant castle, where she encounters a mystery and discovers her true purpose) $7.95
Priest, Christopher Green Lantern: Sleepers Book 3 (Hal Jordan has been stripped of his powers, but it is up to him to fight the clones of the villain Sinestori and may have to sacrifice himself to save the Earth) $22.95
Reed, Kit Thinner Than Thou (A religion preaches being thin, and in the convent of the Dedicated Sisters, two teenagers are imprisoned until they learn to eat right or escape) $13.95
Ridley, John Those Who Walk in Darkness (Soledad "Bullet" O'Roarke writes her own rules as she tracks down a mutant madman who can make others do anything he wants, including killing cops) $6.99
Ringo, John Into the Looking Glass (After an explosion destroys the University of Central Florida, investigators discover an interdimensional gateway disgorging demonic visitors intent on destroying Earth) $24.00
Roberson, Chris Here, There & Everywhere (The adventures of Roxanne, a woman granted the power to travel anywhere in time and space, but this gift also has a terrible price as she is cut off from friends and family) $25.00
Schulz, Charles The Complete Peanuts 1955_1956 (Collection of Peanuts cartoons from 1955_1956) $28.95
Shan, Darren Cirque du Freak: The Vampire Prince #6 (Vampire's Assistant Darren Shan is branded a traitor and betrayed by a friend as he tries to outwit a Vampire Prince and prevent the end of his rule) $5.99
Shan, Darren Cirque du Freak: Hunters of the Dusk #7 (Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, leaves Vampire Mountain as part of an elite force searching the world for the Vampaneze Lord) $6.99
Shan, Darren Cirque du Freak: Killers of the Dawn #9 (Outnumbered & desperate, the hunters are on the run from the vampires as they prepare for a deadly battle) $15.99
Speer, Jack Fancestral Voices (Collection of fannish writings of early sf fan) $17.00
Tiedemann, Mark W. Aurora: An Isaac Asimov Robot Mystery (After the failure of a diplomatic Spacer mission including assassinations of key diplomats, Roboticist Derec Avery and Ambassador Burgess are recalled to Aurora to investigate) $7.99
Ward, Helen The Dragon Machine (A lonely boy sees a dragon and they become friends, but the dragon and others he meets get him into all kinds of trouble) $6.99
Wells, H.G. The Time Machine (Reprint of the classic time travel story) $9.00
Wells, H.G. The War of the Worlds (Reprint of classic story of Martian invasion) $7.00
Weston, Pete With Stars in My Eyes ("My Adventures in British Fandom"; collection of fannish writings) $23.00
Williams, Sean The Resurrected Man (In a near_future world where matter transporters are available, two cops investigate the crimes this device makes possible) $25.00
Yolen/Hayden-ed. The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens (Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction short stories specifically selected for teens) $13.95
Zahn, Timothy Dragon and Slave (Dragonback series #3: Jack becomes a pawn in the intergalactic slave trade in hopes of penetrating the slavemaster's secret, with help from his friend Draycos) $17.95


Abnet, Dan/Lee, Mike Darkblade: The Daemon's Curse (Dark elf noble Malus Darkblade travels through the grim Warhammer world in the treacherous courts of the dark elves and the horror of the Chaos Wastes) $7.99
Alexander, Alma Changer of Days (Sequel to The Hidden Queen : The hidden queen seeks to reclaim her birthright and her destiny) $6.99
Anderson, Kevin J. Horizon Storms (The Saga of the Seven Suns Book 3: Caught in the middle of a titanic struggle between two alien superpowers, three factions of humanity fight to survive) $6.99
Armstrong, Kelley Haunted (Dead but not gone heroine Eve Levine returns to battle the most malignant of evil creatures bent on destroying everything it touches) $6.99
Austin, J.D. Meet the Thrandons! (Sequel to Bobby's Girl : Young filmmaker Bobby Albertson takes his other_worldly girlfriend home to meet his parents) $5.99
Banks, L.A. The Hunted (Vampire priestess Damali Richards (3) finds herself forced to defy all odds to save the human race from the Dark Realm) $7.99
Barry, C.J. Unearthed (Singer Tess MacKenzie is kidnapped by Cohl Travers and his robot Pitz, and told she must sing a strange song she doesn't know to save his father and adventures ensue) $6.99
Barry, C.J. Unmasked (A space pirate and the captain of a trading ship must join forces to stop a great threat to thousands on many worlds) $6.99
Bradley/Ross A Flame in Hali (In the era of The Hundred Kingdoms, Eduin Deslucido is consumed with vengeful rage, and will stop at nothing to destroy King Carolin of Hastur and his plan for peace) $6.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster The Hallowed Hunt (To save the kingdom from falling into malevolent hands, Lord Ingrey kin Wolfcliff must solve the murder of the exiled prince and mystery and treachery complicate his mission; signing at Uncle Hugo's June 18) $24.95
CLAMP XXXHolic Volume 5 (Kimihiro, indentured servant of Yuko the Witch, is dispatched on a rescue mission by a rain spirit which may destroy him) $10.95
Cartmel, Andrew Judge Dredd #7: Swine Fever (When super_intelligent pigs embark on a crazed revenge scheme, Dredd has to get to the bottom of it before his partner is turned into sausages) $6.99
Chambers, Andy Necrimunda #1: Survival Instinct (Sold out and left for dead, S'onne "Mad Donna" Ulanti is out for revenge and god help anyone who gets in her way) $6.99
Coleman, Loren L. Mechwarrior Dark Age #16: Daughter of the Dragon (Game tie-in) $6.99
Coleman, Loren L. Age of Conan: Blood of Wolves (The exiled young warrior Kern confronts the living god Grimnir who is leading his hordes across Cimmeria, plundering as he goes) $6.99
Cox Richard The God Particle (After a terrible fall a man sees things before they happen and seeks the help of a physicist who is questioning everything he believes in) $13.95
David, Peter Tong Lashing (Sir Apropos of Nothing(3) a new skewed version of a classic, mythic quest in what might be a magical precursor to modern China) $7.99
De Candido, Keith R.A.-ed. Star Trek Tales from The Captain's Table (Nine additional captains tell their stories at the Captain's Table Bar) $14.00
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Star Trek Articles of the Federation (Political tensions run high as Articles chronicles the 1st year of a presidential administration in the Star Trek universe) $6.99
Evans, Peter J Durham Red #2: The Omega Solution (Sexy mutant vampire Durham Red struggles for survival as she tries to end the war between mutants and humans once and for all) $6.99
Fallon, Jennifer Treason Keep (Hythrun Chronicles Book 2: The only thing that can save Tarja and the Defenders from the Karien invaders is an alliance with the Hythruns, but can they be trusted?) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Oceans of Fire (Abigal Drake, daughter of a magical bloodline with an affinty for dolphins, witness a murder and flees into the arms of a Russian agent searching for stolen antiquities) $7.99
Forsyth, Kate Tower of Ravens (Condemned for lacking the horns of her people, One_Horn's daughter escapes on a flying horse to freedom, and renamed Rhiannon, ends up on a quest to save a world) $7.50
Foster, Alan Dean Lost and Found (A man abducted by aliens and a talking dog become intergalactic buddies, fight to escape) $6.99
Franklin, Kameron Maiden of Pain (The Priests #4: Story of loyalty of a priest to his deity) $6.99
Gates, R. Patrick Grimm Memorials (A witch living in a perfect little New England town casts evil spells on the townspeople in order to claim their children) $6.50
Giller, Marc D. Hammerjack (Former hacker forced to go corporate battles with an anti-technology group determined to thwart the development of synthetic intelligence) $12.00
Gingrich, Newt/Forstchen, William R. Never Call Retreat (Finale of the alternate history Civil War series where Lee wins at Gettysburg) $25.95
Gold, Alan Warrior Queen (Novelization exploring the life of Boudica, queen of a Celtic tribe who united the Celts to fight the Romans) $14.00
Golden/Sniegoski Tears of the Furies (A sorcerer, a scientist, a 16_year old demon, and others fight for justice no matter what the cost) $7.99
Goto, CS Necromunda #2: Salvation (Zefer Tyrannus is a privileged spy thrust into the seedy depths of the underhive on a mission that will lead to either riches and fame, or death) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin H. ed. Gateways (Collection of 19 stories about exploration) $6.99
Greenwood, Ed Elminster's Daughter (Narna of Waterdeep, thief in the City of Splendors, discovers that her father is Elminster of Shadowdale, and her anger is as boundless as his power) $7.99
Groening, Matt Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson (Comic compilation dedicated exclusively to the exploits of Bart Simpson) $13.95
Harlan, Thomas House of Reeds (Sequel to Wasteland of Flint : Sent to the planet Jagan to scout possible artifacts of the Old Ones, Gretchen Anderssen and her team end up in the middle of a war) $7.99
Hartwell/Cramer-ed. Year's Best SF 10 (Collection of the best short science fiction of 2004) $7.99
Hearn, Lian Brilliance of the Moon (Third and final vol. of Tales of the Otori, evocative fantasy of complex medieval Japan) $14.00
Hoffman, Ninas Kiriki A Stir of Bones (Susan Backstrom goes with friends to investigate a haunted house and finds a ghost who can help her get past her family secrets) $5.99
Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Heat (The war between the dimensions is heating up as the demon Lir approaches the huntress Jhiera with a deal to thaw his soldiers and dragons to support her war in her dimension) $6.99
Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Queen of the Slayers (In Rome, Buffy discovers and must fight an army of slayers governed by the mysterious Queen of the Slayers, an awesome evil determined to claim the slayer essence for herself) $9.99
Howard, Robert E. Bran Mak Morn: The Last King (Collection of stories focusing on the Picts and their last ruler, a savage and mysterious people of ancient Britain) $15.95
Howland, H.R. Ashes (An unimaginable evil burns its way across the globe searching for a kindred spirit, and may find what it is looking for in a small town in Pennsylvania) $6.99
Huff, Tanya Smoke and Mirrors (Tony & the cast of Darkest Night , a TV series about a vampire detective, find themselves shooting an episode in an actual haunted house) $23.95
Hunter, Erin Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path (An old enemy arises threatening the warrior cats of Thunderclan) $5.99
Jordan, Robert New Spring: The Novel (Taking place before the events of The Eye of the World , gives the reader the beginning of the world of The Wheel of Time adventure) $6.99
Keene, Brian City of the Dead (Cities are overrun with the dead, and trapped inside a fortified skyscraper, a handful of survivors prepare to make their last stand) $6.99
Keene, Brian Terminal (A self_possessed loser's bungled plan to leave his family a legacy results in an uncanny discovery that may ruin everything) $6.99
Kelleher, Anne Silver's Bane (The courts of the Otherworld and the Shadowlands are in contention and three women with different destinies must fight to contain the evil that draws ever closer) $13.95
Ketchum, Jack The Girl Next Door (Two teenage girls are captive in their aunt's dark, damp basement, and only one boy can save them from the horror they live with) $6.99
Kress, Nancy Crucible (Sequel to Crossfire : Having now cast their lot with the peaceful Vines, humanity faces all_out war with the technologically superior Furs) $6.99
Lackey/Flint/Freer This Rough Magic (The Demon Chernobog has taken over Venice and the guardian Lion_spirit has awakened to protect the city, while Manfred and Erik organize guerrillas to help save the city) $7.99
Leinster, Murray A Logic Named Joe (Three complete novels and a number of short stories by Leinster, compiled and edited by Eric Flint) $7.99
Lucas, Tim The Book of Renfield: A Novel of Dracula (Novel focusing on the tale of Renfield, Dracula's sniveling pawn, and how he became a gateway to evil) $14.00
Marks, Laurie J. Earth Logic (Sequel to Fire Logic : Karis G'deon refuses to rule Shaftal, until a mysterious and deadly plague is unleashed and Karis must act before her beloved country falls into chaos) $7.99
Marley, Louise The Child Goddess (A woman's faith may be the only thing that can save a young girl from certain doom) $6.99
Marlow, John Robert Nano (When the CEO of a company about to introduce nanotechnology is assassinated, the inventor becomes a wanted man and joins forces with a journalist in a search for the truth) $6.99
McCarthy, Terry The Sword of Hannibal (A soldier of fortune joins Hannibal's army during its march on Rome and finds love, adventure, and triumph as he faces death) $6.99
McCarthy, Wil To Crush the Moon (Conclusion to the trilogy: Conrad Mursk and his lover Captain Li Weng are sent on a desperate mission to crush the moon and save billions of lost souls) $6.99
McKillip, Patricia Od Magic (Brenden attends the wizard's school in Kelior and his presence there may tip the balance of power back into the hands of the wizards, as he is far more than he seems) $22.95
Mitchell, Sandy The Traitor's Hand (Commissar Ciaphas Can returns, thrust into fame and fortune despite his best attempts to live the easy life and avoid danger) $7.99
Mitchell, Syne End in Fire (Two days before astronaut Claire Logan is scheduled to return from her space station, Earth is engulfed in a nuclear war, and she must learn to survive) $6.99
Moore, James A Writ in Blood (Serenity Falls Trilogy Book 1: A historian uncovers the unspeakable past of Serenity Falls including lynchings, mass murders, and rumors of the birth of the anti_Christ) $6.99
Morwood, Peter The Horse Lord, The Demon Lord (The Book of Years #1: Aldric, the last survivor of his clan, goes on a quest to obtain the one weapon that can stop the dark magic of Kalarr cu Ruruc from destroying the land) $7.99
Murphy, C.E. Urban Shaman (No_nonsense Seattle cop Joanne Walker is suddenly thrust into a supernatural world where she meets a trickster & becomes an urban shaman) $13.95
Niven, Larry/Cooper, Brenda Building Harlequin's Moon (The first interstellar starship flees the solar system populated by rogue AIs and must shape the moon of a gas giant planet into a new temporary home) $25.95
Norton, Andre Gods and Androids (The rightful emperor is held prisoner while an android impersonates him on the throne planet, and a modern archaeologist is hurled back in time to an ancient Nubian kingdom) $6.99
Norton, Andre Steel Magic (Reissue: Three ordinary kids are magically transported to Arthurian England) $5.99
O'Neil, Dennis Batman Begins (Official novel based on the new Batman film) $6.99
Odom, Mel The Destruction of the Books (Sequel to The Rover : The Rover and his apprentice search for ensorcelled books which, if they fall into the wrong hands, could lead to the destruction of the world) $7.99
Oppel, Kenneth Airborn (Matt Cruse, cabin boy aboard a luxury airship, investigates the mystery of strange and beautiful creatures seen by a dying balloonist in the air) $6.99
Owens, Robin D. Heart Choice (On the planet Celta, where psychic powers thrive, Straif Blackthorne is determined to find a cure and rebuild his heritage after his family dies due to a genetic disorder) $6.99
Paxson, Diana L. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ancestors of Avalon (The ancestors of Avalon journey from their doomed island to the mist_shrouded isle of Britain) $16.00
Piccirilli, Tom November Mourns (A man's confrontation with the strange denizens of his hometown may reveal the awful truth behind his sister's death) $5.99
Prachett, Terry A Hat Full of Sky (Sequel to The Wee Free Men : The continuing adventures of Tiffany Aching, the bold heroine who confronts the forces of darkness with a frying pan) $6.99
Putney, M.J. Stolen Magic (The Guardians are mystical protectors of 18th century Britain, until a rogue Guardian works evil, and casts a spell turing the man who enforces the law into a unicorn) $23.95
Reynolds, Alastair Century Rain (After Earth has been left uninhabitable, an archaeologist exploring the remnants of the planet discovers another 20th_century Earth at the end of a wormhole) $24.95
Reynolds, Alistair Absolution Gap (The climactic chapter in the Revelation Space saga) $8.50
Rodda, Emily FairyRealm #7: The Star Cloak (Jessie journeys to Stardust Mountain to persuade the fairies to fix the Star Cloak for the Night of Wishes) $8.99
Sarrantonio, Al-ed. Flights (Anthology of fantasy stories that challenge the boundaries of modern fantasy) $16.00
Scott, Martin Thraxas and the Sorcerers (Thraxas is looking forward to the crime spree called the Sorcerers Convention) $25.00
Sherman, David/Cragg, Dan Star Wars: Jedi Trial (Young Anakin Skywalker is put to the ultimate test of worthiness to be a Jedi Knight) $6.99
Sherman, Josepha Andromeda: Through the Looking Glass (Andromeda is forced into an anomaly, and slips into a different dimension where Dylan is different and the crew must choose between an act of obedience ot an act of mutiny) $6.99
Showalter, Gena Awaken Me Darkly (Mia Snow is an alien huntress after the Arcadians who are after human DNA) $12.00
Smith, Sherwood The Emerald Wand of Oz (Modern_day descendants of Dorothy are suddenly transported to Oz to face fantastic challenges and find old friends) $16.99
Snyder, Midori The Oran Trilogy: New Moon (Book One: The country trembles under the rule of the Fire Queen, as four young women with outlawed magical powers come together) $6.99
Snyder, Midori The Oran Trilogy: Sadar's Keep (Book Two: A ragtag army of vagrants, orphans, and artists steals into the city to fight oppression) $6.99
Snyder, Midori The Oran Trilogy: Beldan's Fire (Book Three: The four young women with elemental magic find each other and fight to free the land from the Fire Queen) $6.99
Steiber, Ellen A Rumor of Gems (Four people fall under the spell of magical gems which have mysteriously appeared in town of Arcato, where gods & tricksters sow chaos) $25.95
Stephenson, Neal The Confusion (Book 2 of the Baroque Cycle: A group of Barbary galley slaves revolt and seize a treasure ship, while Eliza is returned to the Sun King's court to face all manner of intrigue) $15.95
Stephenson/George Interface (Reissue: After a stroke, a presidential candidate is implanted with a biochip that heals him and hardwires him into a computer that responds instantly to polls) $14.00
Stephenson/George The Cobweb (Reissue: Prior to Desert Storm, the murder of an Arab exchange student puts an Iowa deputy sheriff on a collision course with the CIA and Saddam Hussein) 14.00 Stross, Charles The Hidden Family (Sequel to The Family Trade : Miriam applies modern business practices to trade dominated by merchantilists with unexpected consequences for three different timelines) $24.95
Swendson, Shanna Enchanted, Inc. (Katie moves to New York City and discovers she has hidden magical talents that cause the company Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc. to hire her) $12.95
Taylor, Vickie Carved in Stone (Sophia has worked her whole life to exact revenge for the death of her parents at the hands of demonic winged creatures, and crosses paths with a handsome man with secrets) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry The Time of Troubles (Omnibus of The Stolen Throne and Hammer and Anvil ) $26.00
Varley, John Mammoth (While excavating the body of a mammoth in Canada, scientists discover mummified body of a 12,000 year old stone age man wearing a wrist watch) $23.95
Vaughan, Elizabeth Warprize (Xylara, Daughter of the House of Xy, is a healer who sneaks out of her castle to heal both friend and enemy, who claim her as a Warprize, setting off further battles) $6.99


Cook, Glen The Tyranny of the Night (In a world where demons and dark gods rule at the edges, a warrior defeats one of the dark gods, setting the terrors of the night against him) $25.95
Gingrich, Newt/Forstchen, William R. Grant Comes East (Alternate history where Lee wins Gettysburg and attacks Washington DC) $14.95
Lovecraft, H.P. At the Mountains of Madness (The definitive, restored reissue of the horror classic) $9.95
McHugh, Maureen F. Mothers and Other Monsters (Collection of short stories by the Hugo Award_winning author) $24.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Alector's Choice (Corean Chronicles #3: The Alectors prepare Corus to become the home of a superior race, growing people like cattle to feed on their life force, and complications arise) $27.95
Tuten, Frederic Tintin in the New World (Tintin, joined by Captain Haddock and his little dog Snowy, embarks on a mysterious journey to Machu Picchu in Peru $14.95


Akamatsu, Ken Negima! #6: Magister Negi Magi (The headmaster's daughter, possessor of hidden magical talents, is kidnapped by a group of corrupt wizards and Negi must rescue her) $10.95
Aldiss, Brian Non_Stop (Reissue of Aldiss' first novel: Two men defy the Greene tribe and explore unmapped territory and make discoveries that turn their world upsidedown) $14.95
Anderson, Douglas A-ed. Seekers of Dreams (Collection of old and new fantasy short stories) $14.00
Asakura, George A Perfect Day for Love Letters (Collection of short stories about epistolary amour) $10.95
Asaro, Catherine The Charmed Sphere (Chime and Muller, two flawed Shape Mages, are enlisted to investigate an unknown dark force in a distant part of the Shape Mage world) $6.99
Asaro, Catherine The Misted Cliffs (Trapped in an arranged marriage, Mel Dawnfield struggles to embrace her unexplored mage powers and unveil the light in her shadowy new world) $13.95
Askegren, Pierce Fall Girl (Inconstant Moon Trilogy #2: A newswoman has become a pawn in a conspiracy that could end the project to build a starship, as well as her own life) $6.99
Baird, Alison The Stone of the Stars (Four companions set out to find the coveted Stone of the Stars in a race to prevent the tyrannical Gid_King Khalazar from finding it first and using it to rule the world) $6.99
Bear, Elizabeth Scardown (In 2062, Jenny Casey is sent on a mission to find new worlds where humans can resettle, as the Earth can only sustain life for a short while longer; signing at Uncle Hugo's July 2) $6.99
Bear, Greg Dead Lines (Still reeling from the death of his daughter, Peter Russell takes a job at a telecom company that has created a communication device that can speak to the dead) $7.50
Briggs, Patricia Steal the Dragon (Reprint: A former slave girl gambles with her freedom to return to the land of her bondage) $6.50
Butcher, Jim Academ's Fury (Codex Alera Book 2: The First Lord of Alera has fallen and the fate of the Alerians lies in the hands of a young man who must use all his courage to save his people) $23.95
Butcher, Jim Furies of Calderon (In the realm of Alera, where people bond with the furies, 15_year ole Tavi struggles, but when rebels war with loyalists, Tavi's simple courage may turn the tide) $7.99
Card, Orson Scott Magic Street (A young man finds himself dreaming other people's dreams) $24.95
Cherryh, C.J. Forge of Heaven (Sequel to Hammerfall : Two interstellar empires wage war using nanotechnology and tiny Concord Station holds the balance of the universe in its carefully regulated worlds) $7.99
Clemens, James Shadowfall (Godslayer Chronicles Book 1: In a world of mysterious gods and demons, a man struggles to prove he didn't kill a god) $24.95
Coleman, Loren L. Age of Conan: Cimmerian Rage (Legends of Kern Trilogy #2: Only by uniting the Cimmerian clans under one banner will Kern be able to rid the land of the Vanir once and for all) $6.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unappreciated (Newly crowned Queen of the Undead Betsy Taylor (3) is in trouble; signing at Uncle Hugo's July 9) $19.95
De Larrabeiti, Michael The Borribles (Reprint: The Borribles, magical outcasts and scruffy runaways in the streets of London fight against a secret section of the London police determined to catch them) $6.99
de Pierres, Marianne Nylon Angel (In a future ruled by the media, Parrish Plessis finds herself suspected in the murder of newsgirl Razz Retribution, and must fight against the ratings moguls to clear her name) $6.99
Duane, Diane Wizards at War (Kit and Nita return from their vacation to find all their wizard friends fighting a terrible invader, a coalition of dark wizards from the Lone Power) $17.00
Eddings, David & Leigh The Treasured One (Book 2 of the Dreamers: On the border of the Wasteland, Vlagh is breeding an army of bat_bugs and spiders, and Longbow and his companions must stop him) $7.50
Faust, Christa The Twilight Zone #5: Burned/One Night at Mercy (Novelization of two episodes of New Line Television's The Twilight Zone) $7.99
Foster, Alan Dean The Light_Years Beneath My Feet (Book 2 in the Taken Trilogy: Marcus Walker and talking dog George are free from their kidnappers at last, but find themselves a billion light years from home) $23.95
Freer, Dave A Mankind Witch (In an alternate world where magic works, a sacred relic is stolen from Norway and bloody war with the Holy Roman Empire will result if it is not recovered) $25.00
Friedman, C.S. The Wilding (Sequel to In Conquest Born : The legacy of their greatest leaders threatens to tear apart the the tribal Braxana and the Azeans) $7.99
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael-ed. Stranger By Night (The Hot Blood Series: Collection of erotic horror stories) $5.99
Gillman, Laura Anne Curse the Dark (Wren Valere and Sergei team up to search for a possessed parchment in Italy that causes anyone who reads it to disappear, while dealing with magical evil at home) $13.95
Greenwood, Ed The Silent House (Purveyors of magic form an uneasy alliance with barbaric warlords in defense against non_human shapeshifters and practitioners of the dark arts) $7.99
Hale, Deborah The Wizard's Ward (When Maura's wizard guardian tells her she is to be queen, she must find and unite with the legendary "Waiting King" to overthrow the enemy occupation) $6.99
Handeland, Lori Dark Moon (Dr. Elise Hanover works alone to unlock the secrets of werewolves, because she is one herself, when her most bloodthirsty test subject escapes and only she can stop it) $6.99
Harrison, Kim Every Which Way But Dead (Rachel Morgan (3) must stop the Archdemon Algaliarept before he pulls her into the sorcerous everafter and makes her his slave forever) $6.99
Hartwell, David/Cramer, Kathryn-ed. Year's Best Fantasy 5 (The best short form fantasy of 2005; PBO) $7.99
Hayakawa, Tomoko The Wallflower #4: Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (Manga: four teenage boys try to change a brooding girl into a vivacious young lady) $10.95
Heinlein, Robert A. Expanded Universe (The wit and wisdom of Heinlein in the form of essays on many subjects) $7.99
Heinlein, Robert A. Podkayne of Mars (Reissue: A young girl from Mars has adventures in this Heinlein classic) $6.99
Huff, Tanya/Potter, Alexander-ed. Women of War (Collection of short stories of women warriors in SF and Fantasy) $7.50
Ikezawa, Satomi Othello Volume 4 (Manga: Yaya is no match for a sadistic transfer student and must call on her aggressive alter_ego Nana to cut her down to size) $10.95
Kay, Guy Gavriel The Lions of Al_Rassan (In the dangerous lands of Al_Rassen, two extraordinary rulers face each other in a holy war) $14.95
Kearney, Susan The Dare (Sequel to The Challenge : Sentient computer Dora transfers her mind into a body she thinks Zical will find attractive and they are stranded on a strange planet) $6.99
Kelleher, Anne Silver's Edge (Three women stand against the tide of the goblin hoards waiting to overrun their kingdom) $6.99
Kenyon, Owens, York-ed. What Dreams May Come (Paranormal romance anthology) $14.00
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Sins of the Night (A female Dark Hunter goes rogue and the judge and lawkeeper of the Dark Hunters chases her, only to fall in love with the woman who breaks the rules) $6.99
King, Stephen The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Final volume; Roland Deschain's unrelenting quest culminates as he approaches the Dark Tower) $18.95
Lang, Jeffrey Star Trek: Voyager String Theory (First in a series of 3, Captain Janeway finds that even the smallest of actions can have dire consequences.) $6.99
Langrish, Katherine Troll Fell (Mysterious tale of evil twin uncles, a secret kingdom of trolls, and a pair of heroic youngsters who set out to save the day) $5.99
Maverick, Liz Crimson City (In a Los Angeles of vampires and werewolves, Fleur Dumont is about to meet a tormented protector who has lost all he loves to the ravages of the haunted city) $6.99
McKinley, Robin Beauty (A fantasy retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast) $6.99
Micklem, Sarah Firethorn (After fleeing a life of drudgery to live alone in the forest, Firethorn returns transformed with uncanny abilities and takes up with a highborn warrior) $14.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Flash (Jonat deVrai, a product placement expert, is hired by a political campaign and what appeared to be a simple contract turns into a dangerous game for power) $7.99
Moon, Elizabeth The Speed of Dark (An autistic man is offered a chance to try an experimental cure for his condition and struggles with the essence of his identity) $6.99
Moore, James A. The Pack (Serenity Falls Trilogy Book 2: The one man who has been enlisted to stop the encroaching evil discovers that the true horror lies with those who lie beneath the earth) $6.99
Morwood, Peter The Book of Years Volume 2 (Despite being abandoned in the land of his enemies, Aldric, last survivor of his clan, is determined to complete his quest, fighting sorcerers and dragons to do so) $7.99
Newcomb, Robert The Scrolls of the Ancients (The Chronicles of Blood and Stone #3: Prince Tristan and Shailiha search for the mysterious Scrolls of the Ancients to unite the opposing magics of the Vagaries) $7.99
Nix, Garth Across the Wall (Collection of stories including a never_before_published novella set in the Abhorsen world) $16.99
Prachett, Terry Only You Can Save Mankind (12_year old Johnny Maxwell is playing a video game when the line between the game and reality blurs) $15.99
Ringo, John/Evans, Linda The Road to Damascus (To free her homeworld from a ruthless regime, Kafari Khrustinova must cripple or kill the Bolo she once called friend) $7.99
Robinson, Spider Night of Power (In a future New York City, revolutionaries plan to overthrow the government, when the Night of Power comes and throws their plans and the entire city into chaos) $6.99
Rosenberg, Joel Paladins II: Knight Moves (In an alternate universe where Mordred defeated Arthur, knights defend the Empire with swords of great power and danger, and now an agent of great evil has arisen) $25.00
Scanlon, Mitchel Fifteen Hours (A simple soldier gets his first taste of combat in the Warhammer 40,000 world against the monstrous orks) $6.99
Seidler, Tor Brainboy and the DeathMaster (Orphan Darryl Kirby, a whiz at computer games, notices strange things happening as he plays a new game, and investigates, thrusting himself into a hair_raising adventure) $5.99
Shinn, Sharon The Truth_Teller's Tale (Sequel to The Safe_Keeper's Secrets : Adele and Eleda are trying to help their best friend get out of an arranged marriage when a handsome dancing_master arrives in town) $16.99
Shirley, John Doom (A space Marine's assignment to the Union Aerospace Corp. Mars research facility seemed simple, until the scientists unlocked the gates to Hell) $6.99
Simmons, Dan Ilium (Former 21st century professor and Illiad scholar is raised from the dead and assigned by Aphrodite to spy on Olympos and destroy her sister and rival, the goddess Pallas Athena) $7.99
Simmons, Dan Olympos (The Greek and Trojan heros lay siege to the home of the gods, and fight powerful Beings with incredible powers that threaten the existence of the solar system) $25.95
Smith, Sherwood Inda (When war threatens his kingdom, Inda is sent to the Royal Academy, where he learns the arts of war and discovers that danger and intrigue don't come only from outside his land) $24.95
Spencer, Wen A Brother's Price (Males are rarely born and are bought and sold as commodities, and as Jerin Whistler comes of age he catches the eye of a royal princess, which turns out to be dangerous) $6.99
Stewart, Sean Mockingbird (Voodoo magician Elena is dead, and her daughters are left to unravel the mess her magic left behind) $14.00
Stross, Charles Accelerando (The Macz family struggles to cope with rampant technological achievements and mankind's end encroaches closer as something starts to dismantle the planets of the solar system) $24.95
Stross, Charles Iron Sunrise (Wednesday Shadowmist is a sullen teenager who is also humanity's only hope of stopping interstellar war) $7.99
Thorpe, Gav Grudge Bearer (A dwarf king fights to avenge his honor after his father is slain in cowardice on the battlefield) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Settling Accounts: Return Engagement (Alternate history of World War II: The Confederates bomb Philadelphia and WWII begins) $15.95
Turtledove/Stirling/Gentle/Williams Worlds That Weren't (Four novellas with alternate history themes) $6.99
Twelve Hawks, John The Traveler (Two young men discover they are Travelers _ an elite group of prophets able to attain pure enlightenment _ while a woman in London searches for them, as they may be the last) $24.95
Webber, Minda The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein (Clair Frankenstein can not match her uncle's fame, until she tries to get in the Journal of Scientific Discovery by proving Baron Huntsley is a vampire) $5.99
Weber, David/White, Steve The Stars At War ll (Omnibus of The Shiva Option and Insurrection ) $27.00
Weis, Mararet Amber and Ashes (The mysterious warrior_woman Mina makes a pact with the evil vampire cult, and a wayward monk and a hero who can communicate with the dead join forces to stop her) $7.99
Wells, H.G. The Island of Doctor Moreau (Reprint of the classic novel) $9.00
Wells, H.G. Tono_Bungay (Reprint of satire on the power of advertising and the press) $14.00
White, Andrea No Child's Game (In 2083, reality TV has replaced school, and 5 teens decide to recreate Scott's doomed 1912 expedition to the South Pole) $15.99
Wild, Mike ABC Warriors #2: Rage Against the Machines (The ABC warriors go on a desperate mercy mission to find a cure for a deadly germ that threatens to wipe out humanity) $6.99
Wilhelm, Kate Storyteller (The inside story of 30 years of the Clarion Writer's Workshop) $16.00
Zettel, Sarah In Camelot's Shadow (Risa is promised by her father to a sorcerer, and she flees, relying on the help of Sir Gawain to escape the sorcerer's grasp) $6.99
Zettel, Sarah The Firebird's Vengeance (After a journey across the void between two worlds, Bridget Lederle discovers magical powers and learns her daughter is alive but a pawn in a dangerous game of politics) $7.99


Baker, Richard Farthest Reach (The Last Mythal #2: Myth Drannor is a symbol of the elves greatest failure, but it may one day rise again as their greatest victory) $6.99
Banks, L.A. The Forbidden: Vampire Huntress Book 5 (Lilith has been called up to the seventh level and has the power to open the gates of hell and wipe out Damali and the Guardian Squad) $14.95
Boyd, Eric L. City of Splendors: Waterdeep (In_depth examination of the great city of Waterdeep) $29.95
Colbert, David The Hidden Myths in Harry Potter (An illustrated map and guide book to the legends behins the Harry Potter series) $9.95
Constantine, Storm The Shades of Time and Memory (Wraeththu Histories #2: The Wraeththu have learned to reproduce and must learn to survive politics, governing, and wars amongst themselves) $15.95
Cordell/Liquette/Stout Weapons of Legacy: A Magic Series Supplement (The Ultimate guide to magic items, especially weapons) $34.95
Cox, F. Brett/Dunacn, Andy-ed. Crossroads (Collection of original fantasy stories set in the south and penned by Southern writers) $15.95
Di Filippo, Paul The Emperor of Gondwanaland & Other Stories (Collection) $15.95
Dozois, Gardner-ed. The Year's Best Science Fiction 22nd Annual Collection (Collection of year's best short stories; $35.00 hc also available) $19.95
Emshwiller, Carol Mister Boots (A young boy during the Depression, befriends a strange boy in the desert who can become a horse at will, and he must keep the secret) $15.99
Fallon, Jennifer Harshini (Hythrun Chronicles Book 3: Damin and Tarja make a final stand against Xaphista's fanatical invaders, while R'shiel accepts her destiny as the Demon Child) $25.95
Glass, Isabel The Divided Crown (Lady Angarred and her husband, the Master of the College of Magics, try to stop an ambitious lord from usurping the throne of 14_year old King Jerrett) $25.95
Hanlon, Michael The Science of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (A humorous look at the real research at the heart of the science fiction classic) $24.95
McKenna, Juliet E. Southern Fire (A golden light fortells the coming of terror to the Aldabreshin Archipelago, and warlord Daish Kheda must defend his domain against a dark magic) $25.95
Mitchison, Naomi Travel Light (A young woman is transformed by a magical journey from the dark ages to modern Constantinople and undergoes magical changes) $14.00
Odom, Mel Lord of the Libraries (Sequel to The Rover : Dark forces are out to steal the magical information in the Great Library, and it is up to Edgewick Lamplighter and his young apprentice to stop them) $25.95
Park, Paul A Princess of Roumania (Miranda is a princess from another world who was hidden in this one by her aunt and raised as a normal child, while battles rage in her own world over her succession) $24.95
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (# 6 in series; July 16 national release; deluxe edition $60.00) $29.95
Salvatore, R.A. Streams of Silver (The Legend of Drizzt Book 5: Continues the tale of the dark elf Drizzt' Do'Urden) $27.95
Schroeder, Karl Lady of Mazes (Livia Kodaly is the hope to save ringworld Teven Coronal from invaders both human and superhuman who would destroy its fragile ecologies and human diversity) $24.95
Yolen, Jane/Stemple, Adam Pay the Piper (14_year old Callie fights to save the children of a Massachusetts town who have been spirited away by the music of a hypnotic rock & roll band) $16.95


Abnett, Dan Double Eagle (A squadron of fighter pilots attempt to drive back an implacable army on a war_torn planet in the far future) $7.99
Adams, C.T./Clamp. Cathy Moon's Web (Sequel to Hunter's Moon : Mafia assassin turned werewolf Tony and his human girlfriend must prepare as the Mafia is planning an all_out war against the creatures of the night) $6.99
Asprin, Robert/Nye, Jody Lynn Myth_Taken Identity (Someone masquerading as Skeeve the Magnificent is running up huge debts and it is up to Aahz the Pervect to put an end to the shopping spree) $6.99
Atans, Philip Annihilation (War of the Spider Queen Book V: A ragged band of elves journey through the Demonweb Pits to seek Lolth herself) $6.99
Bassingthwaite, Don The Binding Stone (The Dragon Below Book 1: A chance rescue brings bitter rivals together and the two warriors embark on a mission of vengeance to the Shadow Marches) $6.99
Bills, Randall N. Mechwarrior: Heretic's Faith (Dark Age #17: Trained to succeed the Oathmaster, Kisho must overcome his disbelief in the Mystic Caste's supernatural gifts if he is to succeed in combat) $6.99
Block, Francesca Lia Necklace of Kisses (Weetzie Bat leaves her husband & stays at an enchanted hotel where she meets an otherwordly cast of characters as she tries to find herself) $21.95
Bradbury, Ray Bradbury Speaks (Collection of essays on a diverse range of topics) $25.95
Bradbury, Ray The Cat's Pajamas (Collection of old and new Bradbury short stories) $12.95
Briggs, Patricia Raven's Strike (The Traveler Seraph must use all her ability as a Raven Mage to track down an evil force of destruction known as the Shadowed) $7.99
Briggs, Patricia When Demons Walk (Reprint; after escaping from slavery, Rialla plans revenge until she is chosen to protect a lord planning to outlaw slavery) $6.50
Bunch, Chris Dragonmaster (Young runaway Hal Kailas dreams of bonding with the fearsome dragons who fight to protect his kingdom) $15.00
Bunch, Chris The Dog From Hell (Star Risk #4: Star Risk Ltd. rises to the top of the enemies list at Cerebus Systems and when their paths cross all hell breaks loose) $7.99
CLAMP Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Volume 6 (Manga: Syaoran, Sakura and their companions travel to Oto & hunt the wicked Oni, demons who terrorize the night) $10.95
Coleman, Loren L. Age of Conan: Songs of Victory (Legends of Kern Trilogy #3: to prove his worth, Kern seeks a legendary magic weapon located in the House of Crom) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Ender's Shadow (Unabridged CDs) $39.95
Carey, Jacqueline Banewreaker (The Seven Shapers ruled the world until one made too many gifts to humans, beginning a war amongst them that changes the world) $7.99
Catmel, Andrew Strontium Dog #4: Day of the Dogs (Johnny Alpha hunts lawbreakers on a planet where mutants are the majority) $6.99
Cherryh, C.J. The Deep Beyond (Two stand_alone novels, Cuckoo's Egg and Serpent's Reach , in one omnibus volume) $7.99
Clark, Simon The Tower (Five young people agree to housesit in a 17th_century manor house, and discover terror as the house is haunted by more than ghosts of the past and that they are not welcome) $6.99
Crispin, A. C. Storms of Destiny (Young priestess Thia flees her cloister after seeing a brutal incarnation of her god, and bands with a band of misfits to fight her evil former master) $6.99
Denning, Troy Star Wars: Dark Nest 1: The Joiner King (Luke Skywalker must venture into the Unknown Regions to search for a handful of Jedi Knights who went there to answer a strange cry for help and are now in danger) $6.99
Dick, Philip K. Dr. Futurity (A talented doctor is transported hundreds of years in the future and faces a culture that has embraced death and made healing a crime) $10.95
Dick, Philip K. Vintage PKD (Collection of short stories and excerpts from novels of Philip K. Dick) $10.95
Dozois, Gardner-ed. Galileo's Children (Anthology of 13 tales of scientists and their fight against persecution, superstition and fear) $25.00
Earl, Robert Savage Cry (Katrina, aided and abetted by Florin and Lorenzo, seeks revenge on those who murdered her husband) $6.99
Elliot, Kate In the Ruins (Crown of Stars #6: After the cataclysm reshapes the world, all who survived must mend fences and form new alliances to save themselves from their enemies) $25.95
Fforde, Jasper Something Rotten (Thursday Next (4) returns to Swindon with her son and a blithering Hamlet to try and stop outlaw fictioner Yorrick Kane as he plots for absolute power) $14.00
Flint, Eric/Dennis, Andrew 1634: The Galileo Affair (Sequel to 1632 & 1633 : A group of West Virginians have traveled to Venice to fight a plague, while a Venetian artist tries to save Galileo from his trial for heresy) $7.99
Gallagher, Diana G. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spark and Burn (Spike has been disabled by a chip which prevents him from harming humans, and he falls in love with Buffy as he begins to find peace within himself) $6.99
Gardner, James Alan Radiant (Admiral Festina Ramos and the Explorer Corps must battle an advanced alien intelligence determined to annihilate their world) $7.99
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W. Michael People of the Raven (A slave escaped from the North Wind People seeks sanctuary among their mortal enemies the Raven People and their chief faces a choice, as saving her will cause a war) $7.99
Gimenez, Juan A Matter of Time (A series of time travel tales in graphic novel format) $12.95
Gould, Steven Reflex (Sequel to Jumper : A mysterious group has taken Davy captive, hoping to use him and his powers of teleportation for their own purposes, and only his wife can save him) $6.99
Grahame, Kenneth The Wind in the Willows (Reprint of the classic children's tale) $12.00
Greenberg/Helfers-ed. In the Shadow of Evil (14 fantasies of worlds where evil has triumphed) $7.50
Haldeman, Joe Camoflage (2 aliens who have wandered the earth for centuries find a relic that holds the key to their origins, but there is only room for one of them to go home) $7.99
Haldeman, Jon Old Twentieth (The passengers on a thousand year journey live in a virtual reality chamber, and when they start to die, engineer Jacob Brewer discovers a sentient machine responsible) $23.95
Hale, Deborah The Destined Queen (To help the "Awaked King" free her country from the Han, Maura Woodbury must journey into the unknown and find a magical staff that will grant one wish to the King) $13.95
Hambly, Barbara Sisters of the Raven (The all_male Sun Mages' power has failed and the magic now lies in the hands of a few women who must band together despite the men's angry violence to save their country) $6.99
Hamilton, Peter F. The Web: Lightstorm (In 2027, something is going wrong at the energy company, and 13_year old Aynsley and his network of friends use the Web to infiltrate company security to find out what's wrong) $5.99
Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Ascent (Sequel to The Dark Path : As armadas clash and outposts fall, the alien menace becomes overconfident and a hero arises in space commodore Jackie Lappierre) $7.99
Ikezawa, Satomi Guru Guru Pon_Chan (Manga: Ponta, a Labrador retriever puppy, nibbles on a magical bone and turns into a human girl and even after she returns to a puppy, she is in love with a human boy) $10.95
Judson, Theodore Fitzpatrick's War (In the 26th century, the U.S. and Canada have combined into one country, and the discovery of a dark truth about one of the country's heroes threatens their world) $7.99
Knaak, Richard A. War_Craft:War of the Ancients 3: The Sundering (Final chapter with time_lost wizard Krasus attempting to forge an alliance against the demonic Burning Legion) $6.99
Koontz, Dean/Gorman, Ed Frankenstein Book 2: City of Night (Victor Helios must stop the engineered killers he's set loose on a reign of terror through modern_day New Orleans) $7.99
Kratman, Tom A State of Disobedience (After a long battle against terrorism, the U.S. is on the verge of a civil war, and the governor of Texas is the leader who will rise to save the country) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes Burning Water (A sexy witch and a police detective who sees more than mortal man team up to battle a revived Aztec god) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Edghill, Rosemary Bedlam's Edge (Collection of new urban fantasy short stories) $26
Le Guin, Ursula K. Changing Planes (Collection of speculative fiction where a woman visits 15 different otherworldly, yet familiar, societies) $6.99
Liu, Marjorie M. A Taste of Crimson (The tentative peace between humans, vampires and werewolves is on the brink of collapse in Los Angeles and vampire Keeli Maddox must trust an enemy slayer to save her kind) $6.99
Mack, David Star Trek: The Original Series Vanguard 1 Harbringer (Starbase Vanguard and its eclectic mix of Starfleet personnel and civilians must comb through the layers of an ancient mystery.) $6.99
Margopoulos, Richard Edgar Allen Poe (Classic Poe stories in graphic novel format, illustrated by Richard Corben) $12.95
McCaffrey/Scarborough First Warning: Acorna's Children (A mysterious and highly lethal plague is sweeping the universe and Khorii, daughter of Acorna and Aari, must find the cure before it kills everyone) $24.95
McIntosh, Fiona Blood and Memory (The Quickening Book 2: Wyl Thirsk, cursed with sorcery on his soul, tries to help the woman he loves as she is pressured into a doomed political marriage) $14.95
McNeill, Graham The Ambassador Chronicles (Omnibus of two Warhammer novels, The Ambassador and its sequel Ursun's Teeth ) $9.99
Mieville, China Iron Council (Sequel to Perdido Street Station , returns the reader to New Crobuzon, the sprawling, phantasmagoric city; Arthur C. Clarke award winner) $15.95
Monette, Sarah Melusine (In the city of Melusine, a wizard and a burglar are thrown together by fate to find a shocking secret that will link them together in magic and corruption) $23.95
Moore, James a. Dark Carnival (Serenity Falls Trilogy #3: The circus is in town, and the bad news is they are raising tents and raising the dead) $6.99
Ninomiya, Tomoko Nodame Cantabile Volume 2 (Manga: A new kid comes to town and has eyes for Nodame's crush, Shinichi, who learns there is more to conducting an orchestra than waving a baton) $10.95
Paul, Susan Spencer Touch of Night (A Welsh vampire escorts an aristocratic woman on a perilous journey through a landscape of faery realms and evil sorcerers) $6.99
Reese, James The Books of Spirits (Sequel to The Book Of Shadows : In 1826, the witch Herculine is bound for Virginia and encounters a slave that awakens passions within her) $24.95
Reid, Thomas M. The Emerald Scepter (The Scions of Arrabar Book 3: Sides have been chosen and masks have come off the most secretive of Arrabar's elite to fight the final battle) $6.99
Rennie, Gordon Necromunda #3: Blood Royal (The adventure's of the Underhive's suavest bounty hunter, Kal Jerico) $6.99
Ringo, John/Kratman, Tom Watch on the Rhine (After the destruction of Northern Virginia, the Chancellor of Germany realizes he must call on the remaining members of the SS to stop the Posleen invaders) $25.00
Robinson, Kim Stanley Forty Signs of Rain (As global warming begins to have cataclysmic consequences, Senate staffer & his scientist wife are thrust into the heart of the storm by fate) $7.99
Ryan, C.J. Dexta (A government bombshell must use every weapon in her considerable arsenal to stop planet_wide genocide) $6.99
Sagan, Nick Edenborn (A microbial apocalypse has virtually destroyed humanity, and the few who remain trying to rebuild society break into two factions who clash) $12.95
Sagan, Nick Everfree (Conclusion to the trilogy: Humans have perfected an organ to protect them from the plague, and discover it also enables them to communicate with aliens who have appeared) $24.95
Sagara, Michelle Cast in Shadow (To save children who are being murdered, Kaylin must return to the crime_riddled streets of Nightshade with a Dragon Lord she knows she cannot trust and find the killer) $13.95
Sherman, David/Cragg, Dan Starfist: Force Recon Book 1: Backshot (The Marines of Force Recon are dispatched to the planet Atlas to uncover the truth about a charismatic leader who is aiming to control all of Human Space) $6.99
Shimoku, Kio Genshiken Volume 2 (Manga: Saki is upset that her boyfriend Kousaka spends so much time playing video games, and the vice_president of campus activities is determined to break up the Genshiken) $10.95
Sparks, Kerrelyn How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (While hiding out from the Russian mob, dentist Shanna Whelan is smitten by a handsome and wealthy vampire needing dental work; PBO) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry Settling Accounts: Drive to the East (Book 2 in the WWII Trilogy: Alternate history where the Confederate nation launches an attack on the North) $26.95
Vaz, Mark Cotta Living Dangerously (Biography of Merian C. Cooper, creator of King Kong) $24.95
Viehl, S.L. Afterburn (The Allied League of Worlds has a peace summit on K_2, and Sub_Lieutenant Burn muZnora is assigned to protect the daughter of an ambassador who is hiding a deadly secret) $23.95
Viehl, S.L. Bio Rescue (Dair mu T'resa is a paramedic with a Bio Rescue team, but the project faces opposition from a lupine species with a hatred for the Dair's aquatic_like race) $7.99
Weber, David Wind Rider's Oath (Sequel to The War God's Own : Bahzell has journeyed to the Sothoii Wind Plain with several duties, and many complications bubble under the surface) $7.99
Williamson, Michael Z. The Weapon (A agent undercover on Earth comes out of hiding when Earth attacks his planet, destroys the infrastructure and causing the death of millions, then must hide to save himself) $25.00
Wolfe, Gene The Knight (A teenager passes from this world to a magical realm and is given a man's body, though he remains a child inside, goes on a quest for his destiny) $7.99
Wright, John C. The Last Guardian of Everness (Galen Waylock is guardian of the dream_gate, beyond which lies a terrible evil, and in his lifetime the evil comes alive and Galen must fight that evil) $6.99
York, Rebecca (Glick, Ruth) Beyond Control (Journalist Jordan Walker asks Lindsay Fleming to help investigating a puzzling death, and they discover a telepathic bond between them as the danger increases) $6.99


Ashley, Mike-ed. The Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy (35 off_the_wall comic fantasy stories from the funniest writers in the field) $13.95
Carey, Jacqueline Godslayer (Sequel to Banewreaker : 1000 years have passed and Tanaros is loyal only to the dark god Satoris, while now the races are uniting to rid the world of the dark god) $25.95
d'Aulaire, Ingri & Edgar D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths (Collection of Norse myths) $18.95
de Lint, Charles Someplace to Be Flying (Photojournalist Lily and slumdweller Hank stumble onto a war among the First People, animal people who claim the city for their own and will fight to keep it) $14.95
Greenwood, Ed/Cunningham, Elaine The City of Splendors (The Cities #4: Set against the civil strife of the city of Waterdeep) $24.95
Haydon, Elizabeth The Assassin King (Symphony of Ages Book 6: A council of war meets and each member brings news that forms the pieces of a puzzle that together indicate that a horrific war is coming) $27.95
Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Crusade (Sequel to The Dark Ascent : The overly confident alien menace is forced to confront a zor_human alliance as a human hero arises who can save the galaxy) $25.95
Norton, Andre/Miller, Sasha Dargon Blade (Ashen Nordorn Queen learns that an ancient evil threatens to destroy the peace won since the defeat of the Great Foulness, as the Mother Ice Dragon has awakened) $26.95
Sawyer, Robert J. Foreigner (Quintaglio Ascension #3: While the Quintaglios rush to develop space travel, the discovery of a second species of intelligent dinosaurs rocks their most fundamental beliefs $13.95
Stemple, Adam Singer of Souls (In Edinburgh, Scotland, talented but troubled musician Douglas takes a drug which enables him to see the fey folk, and they try to drag him into their internecine wars) $22.95
Turtledove/Doyle-ed. The First Heroes (Original anthology of Bronze Age fantasy tales) $14.95
Wolfe, Gene Starwater Strains (New collection of science fiction and fantasy stories) $25.95

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