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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #70 June - August, 2005


Abrahams, Peter Oblivion (PI Nick Petrov wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the previous 2 weeks, wearing clothes 2 sizes too large, with payment in his checking account from a woman he doesn't remember, apparently for a case he doesn't remember) $24.95
Allen, Harper Payback (Highly trained assassin goes after the scientist who made her a perfect killer) $4.50
Apodaca, Jennifer Batteries Required (Samantha Shaw's (4) friend Angel is launching a lingerie business, but soon after Angel receives a sample kit of sex toys she's missing from her blood-stained house) $22.00
Barclay, Linwood Bad Move (Paranoid work-at-home science fiction writer moves his family to the suburbs, where he finds crime and deceit; "riotously funny and irreverent") $6.99
Bartholomew, Nancy Sophie's Last Stand (Sophie moved far away from her sleazy ex, but now he's found her and so has the mob that's after him and the FBI, and they all think she's on his side) $4.99
Bayer, William Peregrine (Reprint, Edgar Best Novel '82: A serial killer uses his falcon to murder his prey and the NYC police and media vie to see who can crack the case first) $14.95
Biehl, Michael Lawyered to Death (Hospital attorney Karen Hayes (2) defends the hospital CEO on sexual harassment charges, then things turn deadly) $15.95
Blissett, Luther Q (In 1517 Martin Luther's 95 theses causes a dance of death between a radical Anabaptist and a loyal papal spy called "Q" in a thriller set during the chaos of the Reformation) $15.00
Bondurant, Matt Third Translation (Literary page-turner about Egyptian antiquities) $22.95
Born, James O. Shock Wave (Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement agent Bill Tasker teams up with the FBI to track down a stolen stinger missile) $24.95
Box, C.J. Out of Range (Joe Pickett (5) is called to Jackson Wyoming to temporarily replace a fellow game warden who apparently committed suicide, and suspects the death may have been murder; some signed copies available) $24.95
Brett, Alex Cold Dark Matter (Canadian female P.I. Morgan O'Brien investigates when a Canadian astronomer commits suicide in Hawaii) $11.99
Brogan, Jan A Confidential Source (Down-on-her luck journalist follows a story lead that could lead to the big time, or her own murder) $24.95
Brookings, Carl Old Silver (Michael Tanner & Mary Whitney (3) investigate a case of sunken treasure, secret societies and the greed of corrupt families; local author) $14.95
Buckley, William F. Jr. Last Call for Blackford Oakes (Blackford Oakes (11) crosses paths and swords with Kim Philby, the highest ranking in a parade of defectors to the Soviet Union) $25
Buffa, D.W. Trial By Fire (Joseph Antonelli defends a brilliant young lawyer from a charge that he murdered district attorney Daphne McMillan, and puts himself in danger as he baits the real killer) $24.95
Busch, Frederick North (Haunted by memories of his dead wife, Jack is hired by a NY lawyer to find her missing nephew, and is besieged by memories as he uncovers a brutal crime) $24.95
Butcher, A.J. Spy High Mission Five: Blood Relations (When Bond Team becomes embroiled in investigating a sinister cult, Ben Stanton is torn because the suspects are members of his own family; young adult PBO) $6.99
Carr, Caleb The Italian Secretary (Sherlock Holmes, brother Mycroft, and Dr. Watson investigate deaths of 2 of the Queen's servants, an architect and his foreman) $24.95
Coben, Harlan The Innocent (When police suspect ex_con Matt Hunter of two murders, he and his wife Olivia are forced outside the law to save their new life together; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Cooley, Martha Thirty-Three Swoons (Woman tries to piece together her own past with her deceased perfumist father, recalling incidents from Moscow and Paris between the wars) $23.95
Crane, Frances The Golden Box (Classic reprint; set in small town Illinois shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor) $14.95
Crumley, James The Right Madness (Ex_Marine turned Montana P.I. C.W. Sughrue (3) is hired by a psychiatrist to search for stolen confidential psychoanalysis files and the suspects begin dying violently; some signed copies available) $24.95
de Kretser, Michelle The Hamilton Case (Murder investigation in colonial Ceylon brings out many secrets; "dazzling" first novel) $13.95
Dees, Cindy Target (Army intelligence captain Diana Lockworth discovers an assassination plot against the president, but nobody will believe her) $4.99
Dezenhall, Eric Shakedown Beach (Governor "Rebound" Rothman, a family_values man with a terrible secret, enlists fixers, pollsters, and a sweet young thing to help him manage his campaign) $14.95
Donovan, Kate Parallel Lies (5 years ago Sabrina and her sister took new identities after their CIA father was murdered; now her sister has been kidnapped and Sabrina comes out of hiding to save her sister, not knowing who to trust) $4.99
Doyle, Stephanie Calculated Risk (Girl genius was booted from the CIA at age 20 for insubordination; 10 years later they need her skills to find a terrorist) $4.50
Dudley, Karen Hoot to Kill (Canadian biologist studying spotted owls finds a body in the woods, investigates) $10.99
Eichenwald, Kurt Conspiracy of Fools (True account behind_the scenes of the Enron scandal) $26
Etchells, Olive No Corners for the Devil (The families of a farming village on the Cornish coast have their lives turned upside down when the sea produces the body of a murdered teenage girl) $25.00
Evanovich, Janet Hot Six (Abridged CDs) $19.95
Feagan, Stephanie Show Her the Money (Forensic accountant "Pink" Pearl) $4.50
Fender, J.E. On the Spur of Speed (Frost Saga 4: Geoffrey's younger brother joins Benedict Arnold in thwarting plans of the British to drive down the Hudson River and divide the fledgling U.S.; alternate chapt. tell of Frost's first voyage at 10 aboard slaver) $26.95
Fossum, Karin Don't Look Back (When the body of a teenage girl is found on a mountaintop in Norway, Inspector Sejer uncovers distrust and lies under the town's seemingly perfect facade; translated) $14.00
Garbera, Katherine The Amazon Strain (Virus hunter has discovered a deadly new virus in the Amazon and developed an antidote, but somebody is trying to kill her) $4.99
Gilmore, Jim Dead Rite (Fast-paced and deadly trip through sunny Hollywood; "For people who like to drink while they read") $11.00
Grossman, Lev Codex (A hotshot investment banker is assigned to search library stacks for a precious medieval codex, and runs into murderous roadblocks as he tries to understand it) $14
Guilfoile, Kevin Cast of Shadows (Cloning doctor's 17-year-old daughter is raped and murdered, so doctor decides to clone the rapist to try to find what he looks like) $24.95
Guttridge, Peter Two To Tango (Journalist Nick Madrid is sent to the Amazon to cover the Rock Against Drugs tour; things turn deadly) $14.00
Harper, Tom Mosaic of Shadows (In Byzantium, 1096, Demetrios the Apokalyptor sets out to find the would_be assassin of the Emperor who has failed once, but will try again) $23.95
Hayder, Mo The Devil of Nanking (A young Englishwoman obsessed with the past comes to Tokyo seeking a piece of film footage from the 1937 Nanking Massacre and seeks a gangster who holds the key to her search) $24.00
Henry, Sue Murder at Five Finger Light (Sled dog racer Jessie Arnold helps friends restore an old lighthouse they've purchased, but then a body turns up and the phone line is cut) $23.95
Hoffman, Jilliane Last Witness (Cops are being murdered in Miami, and FDLE agent Dominick Falconetti suspects that the cops killed were involved in the Miami drug world) $24.95
Johansen, Iris Countdown (When her adopted daughter Jane's best friend is murdered in a kidnapping gone wrong, Eve Duncan's past and present collide in an explosion of violence) $25.00
Johnstone, William W. Code Name: Kill Zone (Ex_CIA agent John Barrone faces off against a Columbian drug lord who has created his own country based on drugs and misery; PBO) $5.99
Kaminsky, Stuart Denial (Lew Fonesca (4) tackles two cases, an elderly woman who swears she's witnessed a murder, and the hit_and_run of a 14 year old boy) $23.95
Khadra, Yasmina Double Blank (Police procedural set in Algers where Insp. Llob investigates when a senior diplomat is found savagely murdered) $12.95
Leon, Donna Blood from a Stone (Commissario Guido Brunetto of Venice investigates the death of an African street vendor and discovers matters of great value are at stake within the secretive society; unabridged CDs $31.95) $23.00
Levine, Laura Killer Blond (Freelance writer Jaine Austen (4) agrees to ghostwrite a book for a Beverly Hills socialite; investigates when socialite turns up dead) $5.99
Limon, Martin Buddha's Money (Reprint; two seedy American military cops in Korea in the 1970's get involved when a child is kidnapped) $14.00
Littell, Robert Legends (Former CIA agent turned P.I., Martin Odum has trouble keeping separate the identities he took on while a spy, & doesn't know who to trust to help him) $25.95
Lovesey, Peter The Circle (Arsonist serial killer targets a writing group) $24.00
Manottie, Dominique Rough Trade (Crime novel set in the seedy underworld of Paris) $13.95
McAllister, Troon Barranca (Legendary curmudgeon and golf hustler Eddie Caminetti is sent by the president to negotiate with South American revolutionary, armed with only 14 weapons of mass destruction) $13.95
McClellan, Sharron The Midas Trap (Archaeologist Veronica Bright goes in search of the Midas Stone, but many others are in a cutthroat race to find it) $4.50
McDermid, V. L. Hostage to Murder (Lindsay Gordon is back in Scotland having a midlife crisis when a local car dealer's stepson is kidnapped, and she sets out to rescue him) $12.95
McKenna, Lindsay Wild Woman (Native American woman and former combat pilot joins a CIA operative to infiltrate a compound and reclaim a powerful totem) $4.50
McLoughlin, Tim-ed. Brooklyn Noir 2 (14 classic crime stories) $15.95
McNab, Claire The Kookaburra Gambit (Kylie Kendal is hired by the creators of an Australian children's show to find out who is smuggling opals into the states inside their Kelvin Kookaburra plush toys) $13.95
Mills, Kyle Fade (Embittered former agent of Homeland Security is needed again, but he doesn't want to help, he wants revenge on the former friends who betrayed him) $24.95
Mills, Mark Amagansett ("An evocative tale of love and murder in America's legendary summer playground" set on Long Island shortly after WW II; Creasey Award Best 1st novel) $14
Mina, Denise Deception (When his wife is convicted of killing the paroled serial killer who was under her psychiatric care, he searches her home office to find proof of her innocence; instead he finds evidence of deception, false identities, illicit affairs) $13.95
Mitchell, Gladys Sleuth's Alchemy: Cases of Mrs. Bradley and Others (Collection of stories first published in the 1930s through 1950s) $19.00
Monsour, Theresa Dark House (Homicide detective Paris Murphy (3) tracks an unholy pair who murdered a snowmobiler in rural Minnesota and then flee to St. Paul, where more violence erupts; local author) $25.95
Moore, Sandra K. The Orchid Hunter (Botanist Dr. Jessie Robards searches the Amazon for the Death Orchid to save her uncle's life, but greedy competitors are also looking) $4.50
Morgan, Hunter What She Can't See (Two FBI agents track a serial killer who is murdering girls at Chesapeake Bay College and using body parts to create a collage of the "perfect victim"; PBO) $6.50
Mosley, Walter 47 (A young slave under the watchful eye of a brutal master meets a mysterious runaway slave & is swept up in a struggle for his own liberation; young adult) $16.99
Nolan, William F. Ships in the Night and Other Stories (Collection of stories from the writer of many genres including SF and mystery) $17.95
North, Suzanne Healthy Wealthy & Dead (When lifestyle cameraperson Phoebe Fairfax finds the first body at an exclusive spa, it's ruled a suicide, but when she finds a second body she starts to wonder) $6.95
Noyle, Albert The Cybelene Conspiracy (Roman mystery in A.D. 440) $14.95
Osborne, Denise Evil Intentions (A Feng Shui practitioner, a mystery writer, and a P.I. join forces to solve murder and arson in Washington D.C.) $13.95
Padura, Leonardo Havana Red (First of the Havana quartet featuring police Lt. Mario Conde) $13.95
Patrick, Jennifer The Night She Died (A stranger from up North moves to a small Georgia town; two men come to love this woman, while one man comes to hate her; four months later she's dead) $13.00
Patterson, James/Paetro, Maxine 4th of July (San Francisco Lt. Lindsey Boxer (4) fires her weapon in self defense and now must stand trial, but a suspicious series of murders occur in the small town she visits during breaks in her trial) $27.95
Pearce, Michael The Snake Catcher's Daughter (Mamur Zapt (8) in colonial Egypt) $14.95
Pelletier, Chantal Goat Song (French police procedural; crack dealers and addicts, wild sex parties and shady property deals lead to several murders) $13.95
Penman, Sharon Kay Prince of Darkness (Justin de Quincy (4) reluctantly agrees to help his nemesis Prince John when a forged document implicates him in a plot to murder King Richard; limited # of signed copies available) $24.95
Perez_Reverte, Arturo Captain Alatriste (In 17th century Spain, a former soldier turned swordsman for hire, is enlisted by the Inquisition to murder two travelers and realizes that this is no ordinary killing; unabridged CDs $39.95) $23.95
Petit, Caroline The Fat Man's Daughter (1937 Hong Kong; shady antique dealer has died and his 19-year-old daughter risks a trip into Japanese-controlled China to try to save the family business) $24.00
Pinkerton, Brian Vengeance (When Rob's fiancé is killed by a driver who gets a slap on the wrist from the court, he becomes obsessed with making the killer pay) $6.99
Roberts, John Maddox The Princess and the Pirates (SPQR IX; ancient Roman mystery, scheduled many months ago, finally arrived) $22.95
Rodriguez, Antonio Orlando The Last Maquerade (Crime and strangeness in Cuba during the Roaring Twenties) $24.95
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Sullivan's Justice (Ventura County Probation Office Carolyn Sullivan (2) struggles to deal with a depraved criminal while also helping her brother clear himself of murdering his girlfriend) $24.00
Rosenfelt, David Sudden Death (Murder trial of a famous pro football player, with a benchwarmer defense attorney) $23.95
Ross, Kelley Made Up to Kill (Classic reprint; mystery comedy from 1940) $14.95
Rothgeb, Carol/Cupp, Scott No One Can Hurt Him Anymore (Non-fiction; account of the monstrous and murderous stepmother Jessica Schwarz, convicted of abusing and murdering her stepson) $6.50
Sandford, John Broken Prey (Lucas Davenport (17) tracks down a serial killer whose M.O. is disturbingly similar to that of three other killers currently locked up in the Minnesota Security Hospital; signed copies available; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Saylor, Steven A Gladiator Dies Only Once (Short stories of Gordianus the Finder) $23.95
Schaffer, Dylan I Right the Wrongs (Sequel to Misdemeanor Man ; legal thriller) $23.95
Scherf, Margaret The Green Plaid Pants (Classic reprint; mystery comedy from 1951) $14.95
Shannon, John Dangerous Games (Jack Liffey's (5) new girlfriend convinces him to look for her young niece who has run away from the reservation to join LA's porn industry) $25.00
Silvestri, Mike Bark of the Tree (Clueless computer analyst Mike Daniels and his lazy Shetland sheepdog stumble onto a murder in the Pennsylvania woods, leaving him running for his life) $14.95
Smith, Mark Haskell Delicious (When a Las Vegas movie catering company tries to muscle in on a local business in Honolulu, the battle becomes an epic struggle for a young Hawaiian chef and leads to murder) $23.00
Thomas, Will To Kingdom Come (19th century private detective Cyrus Barker and his reluctant young assistant Thomas Llewelyn go undercover in the Irish Republican Army to see who is responsible for bombings) $22.95
Trevanian Shibumi (25th anniversary edition of the cult classic featuring Nicolai Hel) $13.95
Trevanian The Eiger Sanction (First novel featuring art collector, mountain climber and freelance assassin Jonathan Hemlock) $13.95
Wade, Philip/Macy, Howard Who Was Guilty? (Classic reprint of 2 dime novels from 1881, 1872) $19.00
Webb, Debra Silent Weapon (Woman goes deaf at 25, learns to lip-read, 2 years later becomes an undercover agent for the police, infiltrating the mansion of a crime boss) $4.50
Webb, Jack The Badge (True and terrifying crime stories that could not be presented on TV from the creator of Dragnet) $14.95
Westlake, Donald E. Watch Your Back! (A fence sets a perfect heist for Dortmunder, but Dortmunder and crew get distracted when the mob takes over their favorite bar) $24.95
White, Michael C. The Garden of Martyrs (Historical novel based on the story of two Irish immigrants in 1806 falsely accused of murder) $13.95
Wilson, Derek The Nature of Rare Things (Paranormal investigator Dr. Nathaniel Gye is commissioned by a dead man to find his killer, and when his own wife disappears he looks for connections) $25.00
Wind, Ruth Countdown (NSA codebreaker discovers terrorist plot to take over a major TV network, then learns that was a cover for a bomb plot at a major airport, so she kidnaps an FBI bomb squad member to help find and defuse the bomb) $4.50
Wise, Sarah The Italian Boy (Non-fiction; murder & body snatching in 1830's London) $15.00
Zubro, Mark Richard Nerds Who Kill (Chicago police detective Paul Turner investigates the murder of a famous author at a science fiction convention that his sons are attending) $23.95


Berry, Steve The Third Secret (Father Colin Michener, Secretary to Pope Clement the XV, is sent on a mission to unravel a mystery which has resulted in deceit and murder) $24.95
Brandt, Charles I Heard You Paint Houses (Based on interviews and forensic evidence, the account of the true killer of Jimmy Hoffa) $15.95
Cook, Robin Marker (NYC medical examiners Dr. Laurie Montgomery and Dr. Jack Stapleton investigate a series of puzzling hospital deaths of young healthy people after successful surgeries) $25.95
Doctorow, E.L. Sweet Land Stories (Collection of short stories by the author of Billy Bathgate) $12.95
Eames, Andrew The 8:55 to Baghdad (Tells the tale of the author's retracing the steps of Agatha Christie's 1928 train voyage to Baghdad) $24.95
Edwards, Martin-ed. Mysterious Pleasures (Collection of new stories by members of the Crime Writer's Association in honor of its 50th anniversary) $9.99
Ellis, Chris & Julie-ed. The Mammoth Book of Celebrity Murder (Accounts of 25 murder cases involving celebrities) $13.95
Kerr, Philip Hitler's Peace (In autumn 1943, OSS operative Willard Mayer is chosen by FDR to investigate peace feelers Hitler has put out after he realizes Germany cannot win the war) $26.95
Pears, Ian Immaculate Deception (Reprint; Flavia di Stefano/Jonathan Argyll (7)) $13.00
Trevanian The Loo Sanction (Classic spy thriller reprint; Jonathan Hemlock) $13.95
Trevanian The Main (Intimate police thriller set in Montreal about a veteran cop in a force that has changed while he has not) $13.95
Trevanian The Summer of Katya (Psychological thriller set during World War I, with an ingenious plot and an explosive ending) $13.95


Ablow, Keith Murder Suicide (Shortly before experimental brain surgery, a wealthy inventor is found dead from a single bullet outside Massachusetts General, and a forensic psychiatrist must dig into his dark and complex past ) $6.99
Airth, Rennie River of Darkness (Reprint) $14.00
Anscombe, Roderick The Interview Room (Prison psychiatrist Paul Lucas takes on the case of a scion of a wealthy and influential family accused of stalking a Harvard teaching assistant and is embroiled in a murder) $24.95
Arvin, Reed The Last Goodbye (Investigating a friend's death, a down_on_his_luck attorney gets mixed up with a gorgeous singer with a secret past) $7.50
Axler, James Deathlands 70: Vengeance Trail (Postapocalyptic adventure; PBO) $6.50
Baker, Sam Fashion Victim (When an up_and_coming fashion designer is murdered, journalist Annie Anderson is plunged into the shadowy world of fashion to find his killer) $21.95
Barclay, Linwood Bad Guys (While researching an article Zack Walker stumbles onto a homicide that may be linked to a gang terrorizing the city's high_end shopping district) $22.00
Baxter, Cynthia Lead a Horse to Murder ( Long Island veterinarian and amateur sleuth Jessica Popper (3) investigates a murder at a posh estate; PBO) $6.99
Benedict, Jeff Out of Bounds (Non-fiction; a look at the seamy underbelly of the NBA and the rash of lawlessness among the players) $13.95
Billingham, Mark Lazy Bones (London D.I. Tom Thorne investigates a serial killer who positions his victims as if they were praying) $7.50
Blanc, Nero Anatomy of a Crossword (Puzzle editor Belle Graham creates a crossword puzzle which comes back from the printer with the clues changed, and it may hold the key to a murder on the set of a TV series) $6.99
Blunt, Giles Black Fly Season (Homicide detectives Cardinal and Delorme (3) try to protect a woman who stumbles into a bar with a bullet in her brain but no memory of how it got there) $25.95
Boyle, Gerry Home Body (A runaway teen breaks into reporter Jack McMorrow's (8) cabin, and when he vanishes, Jack follows his trail into a dangerous world) $6.99
Brown, Dale Act of War (Weapons designer Jason Ricter is assigned to recruit a team of guerilla warriors to use brutal tactics and new weapons to fight terrorists) $25.95
Buchanan, Edna Shadows (Miami Cold Case Squad investigates the murder of a former mayor 45 years ago and discover a new body on the same property, turning this cold case hot) $24.00
Butcher, A.J. Spy High Mission Six: The Annihilation Agenda (Young adult) $6.99
Caldwell, Laura Look Closely ( Attorney Hailey Sutter receives an anonymous letter that spurs her to investigate the death of her mother when she was 7, and can't trust anyone, even her father; PBO) $6.99
Cameron, Dana More Bitter Than Death ( Archaeologist Emma Fielding investigates the death of the guest of honor at a conference and she becomes the prime suspect; PBO) $6.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Shape of Water (Reprint: An Inspector Mantalbano mystery) $11.00
Camilleri, Andrea The Snack Thief (Reprint: An Inspector Mantalbano mystery) $12.00
Camilleri, Andrea The Terra_Cotta Dog (Reprint: An Inspector Mantalbano mystery) $11.00
Christie, Agatha Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (Unabridged CDs) $29.95
Christopher, Paul Michelangelo's Notebook (NYU art history student discovers a drawing by Michelangelo in the library, and when her boyfriend is murdered soon after she discovers a secret from WWII and must flee) $7.99
Clark, Martin Plain Heathen Mischief (A Baptist minister convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor gets out of jail and gets involved in a scam with a former member of his flock) $14.00
Clark, Mary Jane Hide Yourself Away (In idyllic Newport, RI, the body of a missing heiress is discovered and TV news intern Grace Callahan faces danger and a race against time when a killer targets those near her) $6.99
Conant, Susan Scratch The Surface: A Cat_Lover's Mystery (New series, new species. Felicity Pride, author/sleuth finds corpse on doorstep) $22.95
Connolly, John The Black Angel (Charlie Parker (6) helps his friend, expert professional killer Louis, search for a missing girl and discovers she is linked to a mythical object known as the Black Angel; some signed copies expected) $25.00
Connors, Rose Maximum Security (Cape Cod attorney Marty Nickerson (3) agrees to defend boy friend's ex_girlfriend over wealthy husband's murder) $6.99
Cook, Thomas H. Red Leaves (Eric Moore stands by his son as he is accused of causing the disappearance of a neighbor girl, but has doubts about his son's innocence) $23.00
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Fortress ; Sharpe's Tiger ; Sharpe's Triumph $7.99 each
Craig, Philip R. Vineyard Prey (An old Vietnam buddy of J.W. Jackson (16) asks for his help hiding from a killer who is taking revenge on agents from a bloody mission and J.W. will do anything to help him) $24.00
Craig, Philip R. Murder at a Vineyard Mansion (J.W. Jackson (15) investigates tha activities of a local vandal who may be connected to the murder of a night watchman at a Martha's Vineyard mansion) $6.99
Crow, Michael No Way Back (Baltimore County cop Luther Ewing (3) goes undercover to work for the CIA guarding a Korean businessman with ties to the US government and finds he doesn't know who to trust) $25.95
DeMott, Wes Heat Sync (A covert military force recruits Henry Thompson from the Navy SEALS as an assassin, and it is only when he receives his orders that he realizes his target is the President; PBO) $6.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Twelfth Card (In order to save the life of a young girl, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs must solve a 140_year old case involving a former slave who was arrested for theft and disgraced; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.00
Edwardson, Ake Sun and Shadow (Erik Winter, the youngest chief inspector in Sweden, investigates the brutal murder of a couple who invited their murderer to dinner) $23.95
Eggers/Shay/Epstien/Warner/Kleid-ed. Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans (Collection of a broad range of what the editors at McSweeney's magazine consider humor) $11.95
Eisler, Barry Killing Rain (John Rain (4) botches an assignment, turning a surgical hit into a massacre, and finds himself on the run from both the Mossad and the CIA) $24.95
Emerson, Earl The Smoke Room (A rookie firefighter is mistakenly deemed a hero, and is blackmailed by his colleagues into helping cover up the theft of 12 million dollars and a murder) $24.95
Farquhar, Michael A Treasury of Deception (Non-fiction; history's greatest hoaxes, fakes, and frauds) $14.00
Ferris, Monica Embroidered Truths (A Needlecraft Mystery; shop_owner and sleuth Betsy Devonshire (9) fights to save best friend accused of murder) $22.95
Ford, G.M. Red Tide (A bio_terror attack in the Seattle subways sends rogue journalist Frank Corso on a desperate hunt to find the connection between the attack and a gruesome murder) $6.99
Fowler, Christopher Full Dark House (Two old and cranky but brilliant British detectives investigate a horrific crime that leads them back to their first case together) $6.99
Francis, Eric A Wife's Revenge (Non-fiction; the beautiful Texas mother of two who lured her husband into bed and the stabbed him 193 times with a butcher knife) $6.99
Friedman, Kinky Texas Hold 'Em (Essays, autobiographical pieces and profiles of famous Texans, with 15 cartoons by John Callahan) $23.95
Furst, Alan Dark Voyage (The captain of a Dutch tramp freighter is recruited by Royal Dutch Navy Intelligence and goes on a series of missions with his boat disguised as a Spanish freighter) $12.95
Gaffney, Ed Premeditated Murder (Two young maverick lawyers take on an impossible case and reveal a conspiracy that reaches from small_town Massachusetts to the heart of the highest government; PBO) $6.99
Gardner, Ashley The Sudbury School Murders (Regency England; Captain Lacey (4) accepts a position at the Sudbury School to find the person behind a series of malicious pranks, and the mischief takes a deadly turn; PBO) $6.99
Geary, Nancy Regrets Only (Lucy O'Malley, newly assigned to the Philadelphia homicide unit, investigates the death of a society matron and is drawn into a fractured family, finding an array of suspects) $7.50
Gilder, Joshua & Anne_Lee Heavenly Intrigue (Non-fiction; story of the 16th_century collaboration between Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler, their watershed discoveries in physics, and the murder of Brahe) $15.00
Giller, Marc D. Hammerjack (A former hacker forced to go corporate battles with an antitechnology group determined to thwart the development of synthetic intelligence) $12.00
Glass, Leslie A Clean Kill (NYPD detective April Woo investigates the brutal slashing death of the wife of a celebrity chef; PBO) $7.99
Gordon, Nadia Murder Alfresco (Napa Valley Chef Sunny McCoskey (3) investigates the death of a woman found hanging from a tree outside a vineyard and ventures south to Sausalito for answers) $23.95
Greiman, Lois Unzipped (Chrissy McMullen, waitress_turned_ psychologist, fights to clear her name when her most famous client dies while trying to seduce her; PBO) $6.99
Grimes, Martha The Deer Leap (Reprint; Scotland Yard's Richard Jury) $7.99
Hailblum, Isidore New York Confidential (In 1940's New York, Max Weiss, junior partner in his uncle's P.I. firm, investigates a murder that puts his skills to the test; PBO) $6.99
Hamill, Denis Ten Spot (Bobby Emmett (3) enters into the world of hip_hop & gangsta rap to find the killer of a mom and two kids ten years ago in a hit_and_run in Brooklyn) $24.00
Hamilton, Steve Ice Run (Upper Pen. MI; Alex McKnight (6) investigates when a mysterious old man is found frozen to death after leaving a cryptic note in front of his hotel room) $6.99
Harper, Karen Dark Angel (When Amish woman Leah Kurtz discovers that her adopted daughter has been kidnapped, she enlists the help of Dr. Mark Morelli to uncover a conspiracy; PBO) $7.50
Hart, Ellen No Reservations Required (Sophie Greenway (8)investigates the murders of a Twin Cities businessman and the owner of the Minneapolis Times Register, both killed the same way a half hour apart; local author; PBO) $6.99
Highsmith, Patricia Small g (Highsmith's last novel opens with a murder outside a seedy bar in Zurich and unravels the vagaries of love, sexuality, jealousy and death) $13.95
Howard, Linda Killing Time (When the contributors to a time capsule are murdered one by one, Nikita Stover is determined to catch a cunning killer) $25.95
Huston, Charlie Caught Stealing (Hank Thompson is taking care of a friend's cat when he discovers the key to a locker stuffed with 4 million dollars and must go on the run as mobsters and police chase him) $12.95
Jardine, Quintin Alarm Call (Scots P.I./actor Oz Blackstone helps his ex_wife Primavera Phillips when she is cheated out of her fortune and her son is kidnapped by his no_good father; cameo appearance by Uncle Edgar's; signed hc $25.00) $9.99
Jecks, Michael The Chapel of Bones (In 1323, Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock investigate the murder of an unpopular and wealthy saddler who knew secrets some wished to remain hidden; signed hc $25.00) $9.99
Johnstone, William W. Vengeance Is Mine (Texas ranch owner and Vietnam vet sets out to avenge the murder of his uncle and neighbor by a Columbian drug cartel commander; PBO) $6.99
Joss, Morag Fearful Symmetry (World_class cellist Sara Selkirk (2) investigates when someone composes the perfect score for murder) $6.99
Kandel, Susan Not a Girl Detective (Cece Caruso (2), Nancy Drew fan, attends a convention of Nancy_holics and when a fellow collector is murdered she emulates her hero by investigating) $23.95
Karem, Brian J. Marked for Death (Non-fiction; death of popular attorney Larry McNabney, seduced and then killed by the deranged beauty he married and her treacherous female lover; PBO) $7.50
Keegan, John The Iraq War (Non-fiction; background and military campaigns) $14.00
Keene, Brian Terminal (A self_possessed loser's bungled plan to leave his family a legacy results in an uncanny discovery that may ruin everything) $6.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Rage (A teenage murderer just released from prison ends up dead himself and Alex Delaware investigates because he once treated the youth; unabridged CDs $44.95) $26.95
Kenner, Julie The Givenchy Code (High-tech meets high-fashion when a woman tries to high-step through the puzzles and pitfalls of being chased by a madman-in stilletos; trade PBO) $12.00
Kerley, Jack The Hundredth Man (Bizarre messages carved into the flesh of two corpses in Mobile, Alabama, launch a special unit devoted to solving psychotic crimes) $7.99
Killian, Michael Deepkill (A nuclear bomb lies near Delaware, and the government dismisses the concerns of retired Air Force pilot Burt Schilling who must hunt the terrorists responsible alone: PBO) $7.99
Konrath, J.A. Whiskey Sour (Insomniac Chicago cop Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels investigates a serial killer with the help of her binge_eating partner, a sleazy P.I., and two inept FBI agents) $6.99
Koontz, Dean Velocity (Bill Wile receives a bizarre note from a killer and, as more notes come and more people die he is drawn deep into an accelerating nightmare; unabridged CDs $44.95, unabridged cassettes $39.95) $27.00
Kruger, Mary Died in the Wool (Knitting show owner Ariadne Evans discovers dead after-hours customer with dear friend's purple yarn wrapped around her throat) $12.00
Kurson, Robert Shadow Divers (Non-fiction; two scuba divers who discovered a sunken WWII German sub and risked everything in a dangerous mission to salvage it) $7.50
La Plante, Lynda Royal Heist (Edward de Jersey plans to steal the Crown Jewels from under the noses of the royals themselves, while training his horse for a run at the Derby) $6.99
Lane, Vicki Signs in the Blood (After the tragic murder of her husband in their adopted Appalachian home, Elizabeth Goodweather stumbles upon another mystery that may mark her as a killer's next victim; PBO) $6.99
Latour, Jose Havana World Series (In 1958, with a team of Cuba's boldest criminals, mob boss Joe Bonnano plans to hijack Meyer Lansky's gambling fortune when Bonnano's point man is murdered) $12.00
Lawrence, David Nothing Like the Night (Detective Stella Mooney heads up the investigation of the death of one girl and the disappearance of her roommate) $24.95
Lee, Anthony The Fix (Arrested for the double murder of his best friend and an old enemy, Martin Quinn must decide between the wrath of the courts and the wrath of the Russian mob) $13.95
Leonard, Elmore Mr. Paradise (Novel of football, two corpses, two angry hitman, an overworked detective, and a deposit box full of loot up for grabs) $7.99
Leto, Julie Elizabeth Dirty Little Secrets (Latina bounty hunter Marisela Morales is after Francisco Vega, ex_con, bail jumper and her personal heart breaker) $12.00
Levine, Laura Shoes to Die For (Jaine Austen (4) investigates the murder of a well_heeled French shoe shop owner who was stabbed in the neck by one of her own stiletto heels) $22
Light, Lawrence Too Rich to Live (Journalist Karen Glick investigates the Billionaire Boys Club, and becomes the target of a radical group who has been killing those men off one by one; PBO) $6.99
Littell, Robert An Agent in Place (Reprint: The Cold War is over, but in the bowels of the Pentagon are those who want to continue the fight, sending a lowly spy to Moscow who becomes a pawn in their game) $14.00
Logan, Chuck After the Rain (Phil Broker must save his wife from a mercenary sociopath when an undercover arms smuggling operation goes dangerously wrong) $7.99
Lowell, Elizabeth The Color of Death (When 7 fabulous gems vanish, world_class gem cutter Kate Chamdler must run for her life, caught up in a terrifying conspiracy of deceit, betrayal, and murder) $7.99
MacPhail, Catherine Dark Waters (When it comes to murder, is family loyalty more important than exposing the truth?) $15.95
Matera, Dary John Dillinger (The life and death of America's first celebrity criminal) $15.95
McAuley, Alex Bad Girls ( Lord of the Flies meets Heathers , in this nail_biting tale about a group of teenage girls sent to be reformed in the Caribbean; trade PBO) $10.95
Meier, Leslie Star Spangled Murder (As the 4th of July approaches, small_town homemaker and part_time reporter Lucy Stone sets out to catch her crabby neighbor's killer) $6.50
Miller, John Ramsey Inside Out ( A U.S. Marshall, a human_trafficking Mafia don, and a killer with the most dangerous pedigree of all collide: PBO) $6.99
Muller, Marcia The Dangerous Hour (When one of Sharon McCone's employees is arrested for stealing a client's credit card, Sharon discovers that someone is out to destroy her and she must fight to save her life) $6.99
Murphy, Margaret Weaving Shadows (Lawyer Clara Pascal takes on the case of a convicted killer who now stands accused of new murders, but she believes he is innocent and sets out to find the real killer) $24.95
Nathan, Micah The Gods of Aberdeen (A brilliant young man enrolls at a small New England college and becomes embroiled in a mysterious death connected to a quest for the Philosopher's Stone) $24.00
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Murder in Ordinary Time ('91 reprint: Sister Mary Helen (4)) $6.99
Paretsky, Sara Fire Sale (V.I. Warshawski (12) juggles coaching a girl's basketball team with investigating the bombing of a flag factory and suspects involvement by the owners of a large chain store) $25.95
Parker, Robert B. Appaloosa (Western, 1800's; two lawmen arrive in Appaloosa, a town terrorized by a rancher who takes what he wants and kills whoever stands in his way) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. Double Play (In 1947, Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball, and changes the future of baseball and his own bodyguard) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 77: Full Blast (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner 319: Entry Point (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Perez_Reverte, Arturo The Queen of the South (Outlaws travel from the dusty streets of Mexico to the coast of Morocco to Spain, encompassing sensuality and cruelty as the heroine's story unfolds) $14.00
Phelps, M. William Every Move You Make (Non-fiction; the bizarre relationship between one of the most prolific serial killers in the Northeast and the cop who chased him) $6.50
Quinn, Peter Hour of the Cat (On the eve if WWII, a seemingly meaningless murder in New York City draws two vastly different men _ an American detective and a German admiral _ into the gathering storm) $25.95
Racina, Thom Deep Freeze (Sub_zero temperatures slice across Hollywood and the city is frozen in fear, and as night falls so does hope; PBO) $7.99
Randisi, Robert/Matthews, Christine Same Time, Same Murder (Gil and Claire Hunt attend a mystery writer's convention, and when the star attraction is found dead in his hotel room, they find themselves hunting for a clever killer) $23.95
Reichs, Kathy Cross Bones (A murder victim becomes the first link in a trail that leads Tempe Brennan (8) and Detective Andrew Ryan to a discovery that could upend 2000 years of religious history; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.00
Reichs, Kathy Monday Mourning (Forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan is giving evidence in Montreal, finding skeletons in a pizza parlor and Detective Andrew Ryan is acting strangely-- just a normal week) $7.99
Rovin, Jeff Rogue Angel (A new test plane has gone rogue, destroying everything in its path, and must be stopped; PBO) $6.99
Rovin, Jeff Tom Clancy's Op_Center: War of Eagles (Op_Center, now under the control of the Pentagon, must root out the cause of attacks on a Chinese freighter in Charleston Harbor while uncertain about its own future; PBO) $7.99
Saylor, Steven The Judgement of Caesar (In ancient Egypt, Gordinius the Finder (10) is caught in the legendary struggle between Ptolemy, his sister Cleopatra, and Julius Caesar; plus prove his son innocent of murder) $6.99
Schooler, Lynn The Last Shot (Non-fiction; story of the C.S.S. Shenandoah and the true conclusion of the American Civil War) $24.95
Scottoline, Lisa Devil's Corner (Young federal prosecutor Vicki Allegretti risks her life to bring down the kingpin of a conspiracy responsible for murders in West Philly) $25.95
Sefton, Maggie Knit One, Kill Two (Kelly Flynn learns to knit as she tries to solve the murder of her aunt; PBO) $5.99
Shattuck, Shari Lethal (Cally Wilde (2) stumbles into a crime that hurtles her into the world of drugs, murder & the sensual art of the geisha with sexy LAPD det. Evan Paley at her side) $12.00
Sheldon, Sidney Are You Afraid of the Dark? (The wives of two murdered men employed by a think_tank involved with environmental issues reluctantly team together when their own lives are threatened) $7.99
Simenon, Georges The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (When a man's life falls apart after his boss goes bankrupt, he catches the train he used to watch go by, and commits murder before the day is out) $12.95
Sorrells, Walter Fake ID (Chastity and her mother have been on the run since she was a baby, and on her 16th birthday her mother goes missing and she has only 6 days to find her) $10.99
Spencer_Fleming, Julia To Darkness and to Death (Episcopal priest Clare Fergusson and married police chief Russ Van Alstyne (4) fight the growing attraction between them while trying to solve the disappearance of woman) $23.95
Spiegelman, Peter Death's Little Helpers (P.I. John March (2) is hired to find a missing Wall Street analyst and the case becomes deadly when March unearths a rat's nest of family strife, betrayals and deception) $22.95
Spindler, Erica See Jane Die (Jane Killian is the prime suspect in the death of a woman with ties to her husband, but she knows the real killer is the man who almost killed her 17 years ago and is back) $7.50
Stacey, Lyndon Deadfall (Lincoln Tremayne (3) investigates after thieves viciously attack the stable owner's daughter and discovers someone is trying to kill him) $17.00
Steinhauer, Olen 36 Yalta Boulevard (State Security Officer Brano Sev goes to the village of his birth to interrogate a defector, and when a man turns up dead soon after he arrives, Brano is framed for the crime) $23.95
Stout, Rex The Father Hunt (Unabridged CDs) $29.95
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Hoax (Shady politics and corrupt priests are only two problems New York District Attorney Butch Karp (16) and wife face in this episode) $7.99
Tapply, William G. Last Legs (Boston lawyer Brady Coyne agrees to help his uncle, who has terminal cancer, find his long_lost daughter and Brady's search becomes entwined with his own family problems) $23.95
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood Going, Going, Gone ; The Mystery of the Cape Cod Tavern (Asey Mayo reprints) $10.95 each
Taylor, Sarah Stewart Mansions of the Dead (Professor of Art History at Harvard and amateur sleuth Sweeney St. George (2) investigates the murder of her favorite student in a historic Boston cemetery) $6.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Lenox Hill (A Gaslight Mystery: Midwife Sarah Brandt (7) works the tenement slums of turn_of_the_century New York) $22.95
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Marble Row (NYC Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt assigns Frank Malloy (6) to investigate the murder of a wealthy industrialist, and anarchists are the prime suspects) $6.99
Thor, Brad State of the Union (A fiendish conspiracy and hidden suitcase Soviet nukes must be tracked down and defused by Navy Seal turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath (3)) $7.99
Tremayne, Peter Smoke in the Wind (After her ship blows off course, Sister Fidelma (10) finds herself in Wales, and is presented with the mystery of an entire monastic community which has disappeared) $6.50
Vachss, Andrew Two Trains Running (The 1959 small town of Altonville is run by Boss Beaumont, but his domain is being threatened by an invading crime syndicate, and he fights many forces to maintain control; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.00
Walpow, Nathan The Manipulated (When a show business prodigy is murdered, Joe Portugal's investigation leads him into the seamy underside of Southern California's industry, and he begins to doubt everyone) $24.95
Walsh, Pat 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published... (And 14 Reasons Why it Just Might: Irreverent and practical guide for the unpublished) $13.00
Waugh, Billy/Keown, Tim Hunting the Jackal (Non-fiction; Special Forces and CIA soldiers 50 years on the front lines of the war against terrorism) $7.99
Weber, Joe Assured Response (U.S. soldiers turned secret agents battle deadly terrorist masterminds bent on annihilating America) $7.50
White, Kate 'Til Death Do Us Part (When the bridesmaids of a Martha Stewart wannabe begin being murdered, one of them still alive investigates while trying to stay one step ahead of the killer) $6.99
Wiprud, Brian Stuffed (When a rare bird and $50,000 are stolen from taxidermy collector Garth Carson (2), he and friend Angie must confront a freak who has a thing for murder; PBO) $6.99


Bond, L./DeFelice, J. Larry Bond's First Team (1st in new action series as "the Team" must locate and neutralize the threat of a terrorist "dirty bomb" targeting Honolulu) $7.99
Bowker, David How to Be Bad (A mild_mannered bookseller falls under the spell of a beautiful bad girl who gives him a list of people she wants him to kill) $12.95
Brown, Tracy Criminal Minded (Two young drug dealers decide to go legit and move into the entertainment industry, but their past catches up with them and they must keep one step ahead of it) $14.95
Carrington, Tori Sofie Metropolis (Young Greek_American joins her uncle's detective agency and takes on a series of strange cases, each more dangerous than the last) $21.95
Dunant, Sarah Transgressions (A London woman takes a job translating a Czech detective novel, and is disturbed when events in her life begin to parallel the book) $13.95
Early, Pete Lethal Secrets (A band of Chechen rebels smuggles a nuclear bomb into Washington DC and the fate of the city rests in the hands of a disgraced US Marshall who is called into action by the CIA) $24.95
Mulford, Clarence E. The Coming of Cassidy (Reprint: The original Western saga of Hopalong Cassidy, one of America's first fictional heroes) $5.99
Phillips, Arthur The Egyptologist (In 1922, an Egyptologist is obsessed with finding the tomb of an apocryphal king and his search leads him to a murder) $13.95
Smith, Ian The Blackbird Papers (When a black professor is murdered, two white supremacists are arrested, but the professor's brother suspects this is too easy an answer and his investigation leads to danger) $14.00
Stone, Eric The Living Room of the Dead (Journalist Ray Sharp agrees to help a friend rescue a Russian prostitute from her pimp in Macau and marry her, entangling them both in a web of horror and violence) $22.95
Zugibe, Frederick MD/Carroll, David Dissecting Death (Behind_the_scenes look at 11 of Zugibe's most notorious cases as a forensic pathologist) $24.95


Bonfiglioli, Kyril Something Nasty in the Woodshed (Art dealer Charlie Mordecai (3) joins Johanna and Jock in a tale of liquor, lasciviousness, and filthy lucre) $13.95
Burrough, Bryan Public Enemies (Non-fiction; the great crime wave of 1933_34 and the creation of the FBI) $16.00
Child, Lee One Shot (Jack Reacher (10) is called in to investigate the murders of five people when the accused claims innocence and requests his help) $25.00
Evanovich, Janet Four to Score (Unabridged CDs) $39.95
Evanovich, Janet Eleven On Top (Stephanie Plum (11) decides to quit her job as a bounty hunter, but just when she thinks she's out, she is pulled back in; unabridged CDs $34.95, unabridged cassettes $29.95) $26.95
Kerr, Philip The Pale Criminal (Reprint: Berlin Noir Trilogy Book 2: In 1930's Berlin, ex_policeman Bernie Gunther turns freelance and is sucked into the grisly excesses of the Nazi subculture) $12.00
Parker, I.J. The Dragon Scroll (In 11th century Japan, Sugawara Akitada (3) is sent to the province of Kazusa to discover why tax convoys are disappearing) $12.00


Ablow, Keith The Architect (West Crosse is a brilliant architect with a dark side that includes murder, and when the FBI puts an agent on his trail the cat and mouse game begins) $24.95
Airth, Rennie The Blood_Dimmed Tide (Sequel to River of Darkness : In 1932 England, former Inspector John Madden is drawn into the investigation of the murder of a young girl in the quiet village where he lives) $24.95
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Holly How: The Cottage Tales of B. Potter (Blending fact and fiction, this is a whimsical tale of talking animals and murder) $23.95
Anderson, Sheryl J. Killer Heels (Molly Forrester, an advice columnist for a Manhattan magazine stumbles over the dead body of a colleague and decides to investigate) $6.99
Arvin, Reed Blood of Angels (Nashville prosecutor Thomas Dennehy prosecutes a Sudanese refugee facing the death penalty for killing a woman, and Dennehy's past threatens his conviction) $24.95
Ashley, Mike-ed. The Mammoth Book of New Historical Whodunits (Collection of 30 stories of mystery and intrigue spread over 3000 years from Egypt to the Titanic) $13.95
Askegren, Pierce Alias: Collateral Damage (After endangering a civilian during a mission gone wrong, Sydney has doubts which could endanger her; TV tie-in PBO) $6.99
Avocato, Lori The Stiff and the Dead (Going undercover at a senior's center to investigate prescription fraud, ex_RN Pauline Skokol (2) finds herself involved in an illegal Viagra ring and cold_blooded murder; PBO) $6.99
Babcock, M.A., PhD. The Night Attila Died: Solving the Murder of Attila (Non-fiction; modern detective author/philologist unravels history) $23.95
Beaton, M.C. Death of an Outsider (Reprint: Constable Hamish Macbeth) $6.99
Bell, Ted Assassin (Injured secret agent Alexander Hawke (2) races to stop the murder of American diplomats and their families around the globe) $7.99
Bell, Ted Pirate (Alex Hawke (3) works with British Naval Intelligence and the CIA to stop a Red Chinese plot to take over the Middle Eastern oil pipeline and topple the US) $25.00
Benjamin, Carol Lea Fall Guy (The apparent suicide of an NYPD detective and 9/11 survivor pulls Rachel Alexander and her canine companion Dash into the dark shadows of the man's history) $6.99
Billingham, Mark The Burning Girl (Detective Tom Thorne (4) investigates the murders by a contract killer who carves an X on his victims, and the hunt becomes personal when an X is carved on Thorne's door) $24.95
Blake, Victoria Bloodless Shadow (London PI Samantha Falconer investigates disappearance at Oxford) $14.00
Blanc, Nero Another Word for Murder (Crossword editor Belle Graham's (7) new friend is in trouble) $14.00
Bonner, Hilary When the Dead Cry Out (The moral reckoning over a 27_year old murder hinges on a body uncovered at the bottom of the ocean) $23.95
Bowen, Rhys Evan Only Knows (Welsh constable Evan Evans (7) job takes an upsetting turn when the man accused of killing his father is accused of killing again) $6.50
Bruce, Gemma Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (Pseudonym; "Wicked" Woman Whodunit Romance Anthology; 3 stories where all the action takes place at night;trade PBO) $14
Burton, Milton T. Rogues' Game (In 1947, a man arrives in a small Texas town, ostensibly to get into a poker game, but he has a darker motive involving a sinister local banker) $23.95
Caine, Leslie False Premises (Interior designer Erin Gilbert (2) is baffled when her client replaces priceless furniture with fakes, and her investigation heats up when it is interrupted by murder; PBO) $6.99
Calder, James In a Family Way (When his cousin's young daughter is kidnapped and murdered, Bill Damen (3) delves into the shadowy world of embryo engineering) $23.95
Caldwell, Ian/Thomason, Dustin The Rule of Four (Two students struggle to solve the mystery of a sacred text, and when another student of the text is murdered, they are forced to investigate the death) $7.99
Case, John The Murder Artist (A desperate father is pitted against his twin sons' deranged and deadly kidnapper in a frantic race against time) $6.99
Child, Lee Tripwire (Reprint; Jack Reacher (3)) $12.00
Christie, Agatha Peril at End House (Unabridged CDs) $27.95
Clark, Mary Jane Dancing in the Dark (A serial killer terrorizes a small beachfront community and TV news correspondent Diane Mayfield and the local police work together to find the killer) $21.95
Cockey, Tim Backstabber (Quirkey undertaker Hitchcock Sewell is asked by a friend to help cover up a murder, and though he refuses the police are after him) $6.99
Coffey, Jan Five in a Row (Ben Colter and Emily Doyle investigate a serial killer who hides behind a computer screen and causes cars to crash as his M.O.; PBO) $6.99
Cohen, Mark The Fractal Murders (Reprint: Pepper Keane is hired by a professor of fractal geometry when three colleagues she has sent a paper she has written to die under mysterious circumstances) $6.99
Cole, David Falling Down (Dark events in the desert lead Laura Winslow (7) to a frightening conspiracy of drugs and death that threaten to throw her rocky world even more off_kilter; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Kate Dearly Depotted (Flower shop owner Abby (3) is helping plan her cousin's wedding, when the groom's grandmother disappears and a guest ends up dead; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Marion While She Slept (Non-fiction; the murder of Jill Cahill by her husband and the debate about the New York death penalty) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan War of the Worlds Murders (In 1938, on the eve of the War of the Worlds broadcast, Orson Welles is accused of murdering his mistress, and only The Shadow creator Walter Gibson knows if Welles is guilty) $7.99
Connors, Rose Suborning Perjury (Cap Cod attorney Marty Nickerson (4) defends a US senator whose intern has gone missing and a man accused of murdering a priest, facing a dilemma as she knows they are both lying) $24.00
Cornwell, Bernard The Fallen Angels (Reprint: Lady Campion Lazender is tested by a perilous journey that takes her from a great English estate to the horrors of revolutionary Paris in 1792) $7.99
Cornwell, Patricia Trace (Now freelancing from south Florida, Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns to Richmond to investigate the death of a young girl, following twisting leads and strange details) $7.99
Craig, Philip R. Off Season (Reprint: Ex_cop Jeff Jackson (5), Martha's Vineyard) $6.99
Crouch, Blake Locked Doors (Sequel to Desert Places : Suspense writer Andrew Thomas has been in hiding for 7 years after being framed for a murder, and is now ready to come out of hiding to clear his name) $23.95
Daley, Robert The Enemy of God (Gabe Driscoll, chief of Internal Affairs for the NYPD, teams up with a friend to investigate the death of an activist priest) $23.00
Davis, Patrick A. The Shattered Blue Line (Gripping military thriller about a murderer at the Air Force Academy who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets of the past buried) $7.99
Depoy, Phillip A Minister's Ghost (Folklorist Fever Devilin (3) helps a friend whose two nieces are killed in a suspicious accident and moves through a maze of drifters, ghost stories, and a wild preacher) $23.95
Diamond, Diana The Stepmother (When a rich widower marries his 33_year old personal trainer, his children suspect she is a golddigger, and when he dies she must find the killer to prove her innocence) $24.95
Dolnick, Edward The Rescue Artist (Non-fiction; the theft of Edvard Munch's famous painting The Scream and the brilliant detective who got it back) $25.95
Dun, David The Black Silent (Sam Wintripp (3) helps a woman on the run from a covert assassin hired by a business that will stop at nothing to get their hands on the secret she possesses; PBO) $6.99
Eisler, Barry Rain Storm (Japanese-American assassin John Rain (3) flees to Brazil to find peace, but finds himself with a new assignment, to take out an arms dealer in SE Asia) $7.99
Elkins, Aaron The Dark Place (Reprint; forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver (2)) $6.99
Ellis, Warren Heart of America (A burned_out private eye is enlisted by an army of presidential goons to recover an alternate Constitution of the United States and encounters strange characters on his way) $13.95
Evanovich, Janet Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum witnesses a gang- executed robbery and cop shooting, and a California hit man, the Junkman, takes the contract issued for her head) $7.99
Evans, Jimmie Ruth Flamingo Fatale (Wanda Nell Culpepper, waitress at the Kountry Kitchen, finds her no_account ex_husband with her missing pink flamingo stuck in his very_dead body, and investigates) $6.99
Fairbanks, Nancy Mozzarella Most Murderous (In Italy, Carolyn (7) spends the day with beautiful Paolina, and the day turns sour when she finds Paolina drowned in the pool and suspects murder) $6.99
Fforde, Jasper The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime (Detective Inspector Jack Spratt and his assistant Mary Mary investigate the death of Humpty Stuyvesant Van Dumpty III, found shattered to death beneath a wall; unabridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Ford, G.M. No Man's Land (A desperate hostage situation sets off a chain of events that sends Frank Corso (5) on a cross_country journey in the company of a pair of escaped convicts) $23.95
Fossum, Karin He Who Fears the Wolf (Norwegian Inspector Sejer investigates the brutal murder of a woman who lived alone in the middle of the woods) $23.00
Fowler, Christopher The Water Room (London's oddest & oldest detectives, Arthur Bryant & John May, investigates a series of peculiar deaths all occurring in one damp apartment) $24.00
Garland, Alex The Coma (After being attacked on the Underground, Carl wakes up to an strange, unfamiliar life) $13.00
George, Elizabeth-ed. A Moment on the Edge (Collection of 26 crime stories spanning 100 years by women) $14.95
Goulart, Ron Groucho Marx, King of the Jungle (Groucho Marx and Frank Denby (5) have promised Frank's wife to stop playing detective, but they cannot resist when a new murder comes up and bites them) $22.95
Graham, Caroline A Ghost in the Machine (Chief Inspector Barnaby (7) and loyal partner Troy investigate the death of a solicitor killed by a cannon he restored as a hobby and the death of a medium who claimed he was murdered) $6.99
Harriman, John Prelude to War (Roscoe G. Spangler, master of black warfare and dirty ops, gathers a force of former Delta men to extract the sons of Saddam Hussein from the Republican Guard) $7.99
Hawke, Michael Night Stalkers: Coercion (Paramilitary action (2); PBO) $6.99
Hicks, Brian Ghost Ship (Non-fiction; the ship Mary Celeste and her missing crew) $14.95
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton One Dangerous Lady (Jo Slater (2) is in Barbados when a fabulously wealthy art collector disappears and Jo suspects his wife) $23.95
Hooper, Kay Hunting Fear (Special Agent Noah Bishop and psychic Lucas Jordan investigate a serial kidnapper who always gets away with the money and leaves his victims dead) $7.50
Horn, Stacy The Restless Sleep (Non-fiction; the New York City PD's Cold Case unit) $24.95
Huston, Charlie Six Bad Things (A man with a checkered past hides on a remote Mexican beach, until a Russian mobster shows up and threatens him, and he must go on the run to save himself) $21.95
James, Bill Easy Streets (Harpur and Iles (20) investigate the firebombing of a small_time criminal's house leaving two dead as the streets erupt with the failure of Iles' arrangement to keep peace in the streets) $23.95
Johnson, Rique A Dangerous Return (Detective Jason Jerrard (3) comes out of retirement to find the murderer of his mentor and best friend) $15.00
Joss, Morag Fruitful Bodies (Professional cellist Sara Selkirk (3) finds herself hoping her next performance won't be her last as she investigates murder) $6.99
Kellerman, Jonathan & Faye Double Homicide (Two novels, one featuring a Boston detective investigating the murder of a college basketball star, the other a Santa Fe detective investigates the murder of a gallery owner) $7.99
Kellogg, Marne Davis Priceless (Retired jewel thief Kick Keswick (2) cannot escape her past as someone begins stealing jewels on the Riviera and leaving her calling card) $6.99
Kelter, Lawrence Don't Close Your Eyes (A psychopath is stalking Manhattan, murdering women and leaving clues as part of his twisted game, and NYPD homicide cop Stephanie Chalice investigates) $6.99
Kenner, Julie Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom (First of new series; suburban mom Kate Connor is a demon_hunter by trade; trade PBO) $14.00
Kerley, Jack The Death Collectors (Trying to solve a series of murders, police descend into the world of the Death Collectors, people who spend vast sums collecting serial killer memorabilia) $23.95
King, Laurie R. Locked Rooms (In 1924 San Francisco, Mary Russell and husband Sherlock Holmes (8) encounter a mysterious stranger who may hold the key to Mary's past and the dreams that haunt her) $24.00
Krueger, William Kent Blood Hollow (Corpse of a teenager is found and her missing boyfriend is prime suspect; as former sheriff Cork D'Connor (4) tries to clear him the boy reappears claiming to have seen a vision of Jesus Christ) $7.99
Lankford, Terrill Lee Earthquake Weather (Mark Hayes, in a dead_end job for a loathsome Hollywood producer, finds a dead body in the producer's pool and must search for the killer to clear his own name) $6.99
Leuci, Robert All the Centurions (A New York City cop remembers his years on the street, 1961_1981) $13.95
Lindsay, Jeff Darkly Dreaming Dexter (A serial killer who only kills bad people and works as a blood spatter expert for the Miami police investigates a series of copycat murders; Dilys Award Winner) $13.00
Lippman, Laura By A Spider's Thread (Baltimore P.I. Tess Monaghan sets out to find the runaway wife & missing children of a successful fur merchant; Edgar nominee Best Novel) $7.99
Lippman, Laura To the Power of Three (Baltimore Homicide Sgt. Harold Lenhardt investigates a shooting at a high school where one girl is dead, one is critically injured, and one is clearly lying) $24.95
Logan, Chuck Homefront (Nina Pryce takes leave from the Army and relocates with husband Phil to Great Falls, MN, where their daughter hits a kid and a minor spat turns into violence between parents) $24.95
Logue, Mary Bone Harvest (In Pepin County, Wisconsin, Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins investigates an unsolved mass murder) $6.99
Lynds, Gayle The Coil (Sequel to Masquerade : Professor Liz Sansborough, daughter of a Cold War assassin, faces a deadly choice when her cousin is kidnapped and the ransom is her father's files) $6.99
MacBride, Stuart Cold Granite (Detective Sergeant Logan McRae investigates the kidnapping and ritualistic murders of young boys by a serial killer in Aberdeen Scotland) $24.95
MacDonald, Patricia Married to a Stranger (A young and pregnant newlywed survives a brutal attack and must confront the possibility that her husband tried to kill her) $24.00
MacDonald, Patricia The Girl Next Door (A young woman's life is threatened when she returns to the affluent suburban town where her father murdered her mother 15 years ago) $6.99
Marston, Edward The Malevolent Comedy (Westfield's Men are plagued by a series of practical jokes that turn deadly, and Nicholas Bracewell struggles to save the company from disaster) $23.95
Martini, Steve Double Tap (Attorney Paul Madriani defends an uncooperative and enigmatic career soldier over an assassination-style murder with stonewalling prosecutors and justice that's elusive and dangerous) $26.95
Mason, Sarah Society Pages (Sisters Holly and Clemmie Colshannon track down a bride gone missing days before her high society wedding) $12.95
Matesky, Amanda How to Marry a Murderer (Mystery novelist and crime reporter Paige Turner (3) investigates the murder of a television star whose killer is looking to improve his ratings with further deaths; PBO) $6.99
McCarthy, Keith The Final Analysis (An autistic man is jailed for a series of five murders, and when another identical murder occurs after he is in prison, pathologist John Eisenmenger is called in to help) $25.00
McInerny, Ralph Blood Ties (Young woman turns to Father Dowling for help finding her birth parents only to discover the one person linking her to the past has been murdered) $24.95
McIntosh, Pat The Nicholas Feast (In 1492 Glawsgow, Gil Cunningham returns to his old university for the Nicholas Feast, and when an actor in a play performed for the guests turns up murdered, he investigates) $25.00
McNamara, Evan Superior Position (When a reporter investigating "mountain sprawl" is shot dead, a small_town Colorado deputy and former army sniper must catch a ruthless sharpshooter) $7.99
Mcdonald, Gregoy Fletch's Moxie (Reprint; Fletch investigates the murder of a a TV star killed during a live broadcast, and his girlfriend is the prime suspect) $12.00
Meyer, Deon Heart of the Hunter (Retired government gun_for_hire Tiny Mpayipheli is reluctantly back in the game when a trusted friend is kidnapped, and races across backcountry Africa to save him) $7.50
Miller, John Ramsey Upside Down (U.S. Marshall Winter Massey (2) is pitted against a ruthless killer on the trail of a young girl who has negatives he murdered her mother for; PBO) $6.99
Miller, Linda Lael Never Look Back (A sizzling tale brimming with suspense, murder, intrigue and romance) $7.99
Miller, Wade Branded Woman (Classic '53 reprint; international jewel smuggler Cay Morgan seeks revenge after a rival has her abducted and scarred for life) $6.99
Mofina, Rick The Dying Hour (Seattle rookie reporter Jason Wade sets out to find a missing woman and a twisted killer; PBO) $6.99
Murphy & Sapir The Destroyer 140: Dark Ages (Action adventure) $6.50
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Case of Lies (Two years after the murder of the wife of a client, Nina Reilly (11) searches for three witnesses who lied and then disappeared, and one witness sets in motion violence and death) $25.00
Pavia, Peter Dutch Uncle (Three days out of prison and desperate for money, Harry Healy agrees to make a drug delivery, and when he discovers a dead body he must go on the run from the Miami police) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan 130: Season of Slaughter (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner 320: Exit Code (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Poyer, David A Country of Our Own (Civil War at Sea Cycle Volume 2: Ker joins Commander Bullock in London to buy a ship to raid Yankee commerce and ends up in a bloody confrontation with a Union cruiser) $13.00
Poyer, David The Command (Commander Dan Lenson takes over a dangerously dysfunctional crew on a ship headed into the heart of the war on terror) $6.99
Reid, Elwood D.B. (Novelization of the life of D.B. Cooper) $14.95
Riordan, Rick Mission Road (When Ralph Arguello is accused of shooting his homicide detective wife, he turns to Tres Navarre (7) to help him find the real gunman) $24.00
Rother, Caitlin Poisoned Love (Non-fiction; story of Kristin Rossum, who poisoned her husband with narcotics to commit an almost_perfect murder: PBO) $6.50
Scoppettone, Sandra This Dame for Hire (When her P.I. boss joins the Army in 1943, his secretary Faye Quick takes over the business and soon stumbles over a murdered woman and investigates) $21.95
Scottoline, Lisa Killer Smile (A young lawyer finds herself in danger when she investigates the suicide of an Italian_American in an internment camp during WWII) $7.99
Shelby, Jeff Killer Swell (Surfer/P.I. Noah Braddock is hired to find a missing girl he used to date by the mother who despised him many years ago) $23.95
Skinner, Quentin 14 Degrees Below Zero (During a harsh Minnesota winter, a daughter discovers her father has a terrible secret involving her mother) $13.95
Smith, Alexander McCall 44 Scotland Street (20_year old Pat moves into 44 Scotland Street, inherits a cast of bizarre neighbors, and discovers a painting by a renowned Scottish artist that has been kept secret) $13.95
Staeger, Will Pain Killer (Retired CIA operative W. Cooper is drawn into a murder investigation which has international implications and an agent in Langly discovers a secret connected to the murder) $24.95
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Smart Cookie (Skye Denison (7) organizes a 100_mile yard sale with violent results; when her former boss is found murdered she investigates; PBO) $6.99
Tallman, Shirley The Russian Hill Murders (Spirited 19th_century lawyer Sarah Woolson (2) helps a woman whose husband died in a sweatshop fire and defends a Chinese man accused of murder) $23.95
Taylor, Sarah Stewart Judgement of the Grave (Harvard art historian Sweeney St. George (3) investigates the murder of a man wearing Revolutionary War clothing in Concord, Massachusetts) $24.95
Thor, Brad Blowback (A plague has broken out in the US and Europe and Navy SEAL turned Homeland Security Operative Scot Harvath is chosen by the president to find out who is responsible) $25.00
Wait,Lea Shadows On the Ivy (Professor and antiques prints dealer Maggie Summers (3) investigates poisoning of two single parents at Somerset County College) $12.00
Waldman, Ayelet Murder Plays House (To ensure that the Applebaums can purchase a much_needed larger house, Juliet (5) agrees to help owner find his sister's killer) $7.99
Wheeler, Thomas The Arcanum (In 1919 New York City, a series of grisly murders causes a group of famous men including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft to spring into action and find the killer) $14.00
Whitcomb, Christopher Black (FBI Special Agent Jeremy Waller is selected for the elite Hostage Rescue Team; soon must dive headlong into a world of violence and treachery from all sides) $7.50


Burke, Alafair Close Case (Investigating the brutal murder of a journalist, Samantha Kincaid (3) finds herself caught in a personal and dangerous struggle between Portland's police and the DA's office) $21.00
Burke, James Lee Crusader's Cross (A deathbed confession sends Dave Robicheaux hunting for a girl he knew who vanished many years ago, and leads to a series of murders involving a powerful family of the cold-blooded New Orleans mob) $25.95
Colt, Jennifer The Butcher of Beverly Hills (Kerry and Terry McAfee are two crime_solving redheads on a hot_pink Harley who are out to discover who is bumping off the rich widows of Beverly Hills) $11.95
Craft, Michael Bitch Slap (The unpleasant merger partner for Mark Manning's (7) family company turns up dead and one of Mark's closest colleagues is the prime suspect) $13.95
Larkin, Patrick Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Factor (A bioterrorist is targeting the US government and it is up to Covert_One operative Jon Smith to find and defeat the mysterious terrorist) $15.95
Mulford, Clarence E. BAR_20 (Hopalong Cassidy comes up against Slim Tavennes, head of the Sandy Creek Vigilante Committee) $4.99
Patterson, James/Gross, Andrew Lifeguard (While working as a lifeguard, Ned finds the girl of his dreams, but needs money and goes in with his friend on an art heist that goes wrong leaving Ned in danger) $26.95
Posadas, Carmen Little Indiscretions (Hilarious whodunit about the strange death of a pastry chef) $12.95
Ross, Joel N. Double Cross Blind (A Nazi spy in London is captured and the British recruit American Tom Wall to impersonate his brother, a Nazi informant, and get the spy to reveal how he transmits to Germany) $24.95
Sanghoee, Sanjay Merger (A flamboyant CEO decides to merge his media company with a satellite operator, and will stop at nothing, even murder, to see that his scheme of market manipulation occurs) $24.95
Smith, Julie Louisiana Lament (Poet and fledgling detective Talba Wallis (3) and her boss Eddie investigate murder of a high society woman with dark secrets found floating in her own swimming pool) $6.99
Smith, Julie P.I. on a Hot Tin Roof (Talba Wallis goes undercover as a housekeeper for a corrupt judge and finds evidence of bribes and kickbacks, and when the judge winds up dead, Talba investigates) $24.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David Plant Them Deep (Rose Destea (mother of Ella Clah) finds evidence that plants sacred to the Navajo are being stolen and her search for the thief lands her in hot water) $14.95


Kent, Gordon Force Protection (Innocent lives are at stake as Naval intelligence officer Alan Craik (5) goes to covert war as a spy) $6.99
Lindsay, Jeff Dearly Devoted Dexter (Dexter Morgan (2), blood spatter expert for the Miami police, is also a serial killer who murders only bad people, and finds a new victim in the person of a nasty psychopath) $22.95
Wan, Michelle Deadly Slipper (Mara Dunn travels to Southwestern France to search for her sister, who vanished hiking over 20 years ago) $23.95


Axler, James Outlanders 34: Successors (Postapocalyptic adventure; PBO) $6.50
Benjamin, Carol Lea The Wrong Dog (PI Rachel Alexander and her pit bull partner Dash (6) looks into a mysterious pet cloning operation that also dabbles in murder) $6.99
Blake, James Carlos The Killings of Stanley Ketchel (Novel depicting the life of rag_time era middleweight boxing champion Stanley Ketchel whose brief life blazed with violence and tragedy in and out of the ring) $25.95
Borden, Kate Death of a Turkey (Mayor of Cobb's Landing Peggy Turner (3) looks for clues to a neighbor's murder during Thanksgiving, and all the clues point to her; PBO) $6.99
Brett, Simon The Hanging in the Hotel (Jude and Carole Seddon (5) investigate an elitist, hard_drinking group of businessmen after the suspicious suicide of one of their inductees) $7.99
Brett, Simon The Witness at the Wedding (Carole Seddon's (6) son is getting married and when the father of the bride is murdered, she and Jude investigate) $23.95
Brown, Dale/DeFelice, Jim Dreamland: Satan's Tail (The Dreamland team must help an elite navy fleet fight off a flotilla of Islamic fundamentalist pirates off the coast of Africa; PBO) $7.99
Brown, Sandra Chill Factor (Women are disappearing without a trace in the sleepy mountain town of Cleary, NC, and Chief Dutch Burton and his small police force frantically search for clues to the killer) $25.95
Brown, Sandra White Hot (The suicide of Sayre Lynch's brother forces her home to confront a manipulative father, painful memories and possibly murder) $7.99
Budiansky, Stephen Her Majesty's Spymaster (Non-fiction; Sir Francis Walsingham, spymaster for Queen Elizabeth I, who pioneered techniques of modern espionage) $24.95
Burges, Dennis Graves Gate (In 1920's London, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle investigates a letter he receives from a man already dead and becomes participant in a deadly game of musical chairs) $15.95
Byerrum, Ellen Hostile Makeover (D.C. reporter Lacey Smithsonian (3) investigates when the star of a makeover TV show is stalked by a man with vicious intentions: PBO) $6.99
Carlo, Philip Predators & Prayers (Someone is brutally murdering priests in New York City, and while the police founder, the Vatican needs the madman stopped as he is the living embodiment of a dark secret) $6.99
Carroll, Michael Christopher Lab 257 (Non-fiction: of the government's secret germ laboratory) $13.95
Chalker, Dennis/Dockery, Kevin The Home Team: Hostile Borders (Ex_Navy SEAL Ted Reaper (2) and his squad of former Special Forces operatives face down Mexican drug lords and terrorists who have teamed up to sneak a dirty bomb into the US; PBO) $6.99
Chan, Cassandra The Young Widow (When Geoffrey Berowne is poisoned and his much younger wife is the prime suspect, Scotland Yard detective Jack Gibbons discovers several others who had a motive for the murder) $23.95
Chapman, Duane "Dog" You Can Run but You Can't Hide (Memoir from the world's greatest bounty hunter) $23.95
Childs, Laura The Jasmine Moon Murders (When the organizer of a benefit drops dead in the Charleston Cemetary, Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning (5) stirs things up with her own investigation) $6.99
Christie, Agatha The Labours of Hercules (Unabridged CDs) $31.95
Cleverly, Barbara The Palace Tiger (In 1922 India, Joe Sandilands (4) investigates the deaths of two sons of the dying Maharajah, one killed by a panther and one killed before Joe's eyes) $23.95
Cortez, Donn The Man Burns Tonight (A mystery suspense novel set in the fascinatingly bizarre world of the Burning Man festival) $6.99
Couch, Dick Covert Action (Ex_Navy SEAL Garrett Walker leads his Black Ops team to infiltrate Zimbabwe and eliminate a terrorist threat; PBO) $6.99
Cowlet, Robert-ed. The Cold War (25 prominent historians recount episodes in the Cold War) $27.95
Coyle, Cleo Latte Trouble (When one of her customers is served a poisoned latte, Clare Cosi (3) must uncover some jolting secrets to save her shop; PBO) $6.99
Craft, Michael Desert Summer (Claire Gray (4) is running Desert Arts College's summer theater program when the ex_wife of the college president is found poisoned and she investigates) $23.95
Cussler, Clive Polar Shift (The NUMA Team (6) must stop a madman who has learned how to cause a Polar Shift, a potentially cataclysmic event that could wipe out all life on Earth) $26.96
Cussler, Clive/Kemprecos, Paul Lost City (Kurt Austin, leader of NUMA's Special Assignments Team, races against time and ruthless French arms dealers to get the key to eternal life found beneath the sea) $9.99
Daheim, Mary Dead Man Docking (Judith and Renie's dream of some R & R on a cruise are shattered when the cruise line owner is murdered and the cousins investigate) $23.95
Daheim, Mary This Old Souse (Judith McMonigal Flynn's (20) interest in the goings_on in an empty house in Cousin Rennie's old neighborhood leads to a mystery & a murder) $6.99
Davies, Martin Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose (When a rare ruby known as the Malabar Rose disappears, Mrs. Hudson (2) is called on to help Sherlock Holmes solve the case) $14.00
Dickey, Christopher The Sleeper (An ex_terrorist pursues the masterminds of 9/11 and discovers the most dangerous agents of terror walk the US corridors of power) $14.00
Ferrigno, Robert The Wake_Up (When Frank Thorpe, an ex_undercover operative, sees an art dealer knock down a child in LAX airport, he decides to teach him a lesson, but gets in over his head) $13.00
Fforde, Jasper Something Rotten (Thursday Next (4) returns to Swindon with her son and a blithering Hamlet to try and stop outlaw fictioneer Yorrick Kane as he plots for absolute power) $14.00
Flowers, R. Barri Justice Served (In Portland, a killer is dispensing vigilante justice on domestic abusers, and the police suspect Criminal Court Judge Carole Cranston; PBO) $6.99
Ford, Jeffrey The Girl in the Glass (In 1932, a 17_year old Mexican orphan joins with two masterful con_men to bill themselves as spiritual mediums, fleecing the rich of Long Island) $23.95
Frazer, Margaret A Play of Dux Moraud (Performing at Sir Edmund Deneby's daughter's wedding, player Joliffe (2) uncovers secrets that could cause murder at the wedding) $6.99
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson Death Climbs a Tree (When her top violinist falls out of a tree, Joan Spencer, manager of the local Civic Orchestra must find the killer to clear her son who is the prime suspect) $23.95
Gerritsen, Tess Body Double (Boston M.E. Dr. Maura Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli investigate the murder Maura's dead ringer, and the investigation leads Maura to her own dark roots) $7.99
Goldberg, Lee Diagnosis Murder: The Past Tense (Dr. Sloan must uncover the connection between two recent murders and the first case he solved 44 years ago; PBO) $6.99
Greanias, Thomas Raising Atlantis (A rogue American archaeologist and a beautiful Vatican linguist who go into the heart of Antarctica and uncover the lost city of Atlantis.) $7.99
Green, Norman Way Past Legal (A petty thief seeks a new life with his son and a stolen fortune in the wilds of Maine, but his past may catch up with him) $6.99
Harrison, Emma Alias: Replaced (Sydney's half_sister Nadia is added to the team and when Nadia and Vaughn's covers are blown only Sydney can save them) $6.99
Hart, Ellen The Iron Girl (Many years after her partner's death, Jane Lawless discovers that there may be a connection to a family full of secrets and her investigation leads her into danger) $24.95
Helton, Peter Headcase (Painter and P.I. Chris Honeysett is hired to investigate the death of an art thief; then an old friend is murdered & Chris is high on a short list of suspects) $25
Hewson, David Lucifer's Shadow (Daniel Forster is sent by his employer to Venice to buy a stolen violin from a petty thief and a chain reaction of violence and deception results) $14.00
Higgins, Jack Dark Justice (Sean Dillon and Blake Johnson are pitted against a hidden foe who has the power to destroy the world, and fight a different game with different rules) $7.99
Higgins, Jack Without Mercy (Intelligence op Sean Dillon and colleagues beat a formidable terrorist enemy, but at a terrible cost, and go on a vengeance trail that will change them all) $25.95
Hightower, Lynn When Secrets Die (A traumatized mother accuses a clinic of keeping the heart of her recently deceased young son, while they accuse her of poisoning the boy, and P.I. Lena Padgett's investigation leads to a ruthless foe and a nightmarish conclusion; trade PBO) $14.00
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton Social Crimes (Reprint: A high society maven's husband dies under strange circumstances leaving his fortune to a French countess, and she decides to set things straight) $6.99
Hodgeson, William Hope Adrift on the Haunted Seas (Collection of short stories by Hodgson rendering the wonder, beauty, and terror of the sea) $11.00
Hooper, Kay Chill of Fear (Haunted by a 20_year-old unsolved murder, FBI agent Quentin Hayes returns to the scene of the crime, and meets a woman who has visions of the murder and may be able to help) $25.00
Hubbard, S.W. Blood Knot (Frank Bennett (3), the police chief of Trout Run, NY, returns in the newest installment of the Adirondack mystery series) $6.50
Jance, J.A. Day of the Dead (Retired AZ sheriff Brandon Walker investigates a gruesome 30_year old murder committed by a brilliant fiend who may still be killing) $7.99
Jance. J.A. Long Time Gone (When a middle_aged nun unexpectedly recalls the grisly details of an unsolved mystery she witnessed as a child, Homicide detective J.P. Beaumont gets the case; abridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Johnston, Linda O. Nothing to Fear But Ferrets (Pet sitter Kendra Ballantyne (2) finds a corpse in a client's apartment, and it's up to her to prove the innocence of the prime suspects: the ferrets; PBO) $6.99
Kaminsky, Stuart-ed. Show Business is Murder (20 tales of mayhem and murder in the entertainment world) $7.99
Keizer, Gregg The Longest Night (In 1943, a hitman for the Jewish Mafia is sent by Meyer Lansky to Europe to help intercept a train carrying Dutch Jews to their deaths and gets caught up in a complicated plot) $7.99
Keizer, Gregg Midnight Plague (Historical/medical thriller; American doctor investigates threat of horrifying biological weapon in WW II occupied France as D-Day approaches) $24.95
Kellerman, Faye Straight Into Darkness (In 1920's Munich, homicide detective Axel Berg investigates the murders of several high society women with the backdrop of Germany in turmoil; abridged CDs $31.98) $25.95
Kellogg, Marne Davis Perfect (When the jewels of the Queen of England are stolen, she asks international jewel thief Kick Keswick to get them back) $24.95
Krieg, Joyce Slip Cue (Feisty radio talk show host Shauna J. (2) investigates the jailbreak of a woman accused of murdering a fellow disc jockey) $6.99
Lambert, Frank The Barbary Wars (The history of America's conflicts with the piratical states of the Mediterranean states in the early 19th century) $23.00
Lankford, Terrill Lee Blonde Lightning (During the production of his new film, Hollywood studio exec turned amateur sleuth Mark Hayes deals with sabotage and investigates a murder on the set) $24.95
Lardo, Vincent Lawrence Sanders' McNally's Bluff (When the social event of the season turns into a deadly three ring circus, Archy McNally must jump through hoops to catch a killer) $7.99
le Carre, John Absolute Friends (Trouble finds former Cold War spy turned tour_guide in Germany, Ted Mundy, in the guise of a former student who extends an offer full of potential and danger) $7.99
Logue, Mary Poison Heart (St. Antoine, Wisconsin's Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins (2) investigates a series of murders, focusing on a woman in town with a history of serial widowhood) $23.95
Long, Jeff The Fall (Two friends ascend El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, and are plagued by bizarre encounters that draw them into a deadly web of dream, coincidence, and omen) $24.00
Lovell, Glenville Love and Death in Brooklyn (When a brilliant young African_American politician is gunned down, ex_cop Blades Overstreet (2) investigates) $7.99
Markaris, Petros Deadline in Athens (When an Albanian husband and wife are murdered, Inspector Costas Haritos closes the case quickly and then has second thoughts after a journalist involved is murdered) $13.00
Maron, Margaret High Country Fall (Judge Deborah Knott spends a week on the bench in Cedar Gap, and investigates when one of the vacationers there is murdered) $6.99
Massey, Sujata The Pearl Diver (Antiques dealer Rei Shimura is enlisted to find a Japanese war bride who disappeared 30 years ago and finds connections to the disappearance of her own cousin) $12.95
Matsuoka, Takashi Autumn Bridge (In 1311, a beautiful woman in the highest tower of Cloud of Sparrows Castle watches as enemies gather below and writes her story of love and betrayal as she awaits her fate) $13.00
McCarthy, Cormac No Country for Old Men (While hunting near the Rio Grande, Llewlyn Moss discovers men shot dead, heroin, and 2 million in cash, and his life changes forever as many connected come after him) $26.00
McGarrity, Michael Slowkill (Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kearny (9) investigates the murder of a hotel magnate, but when the crime is solved a mystery rooted in a long_ago disappearance begins) $7.99
Mountain, Fiona Pale as the Dead (Genealogist Natasha Blake discovers a strange connection between a missing model and a pre_Raphaelite artist) $6.99
Neggers, Carla Dark Sky (After helping free an American hostage, U.S. Marshal Juliet Longstreet returns home to find that the hostage's kidnapper has targeted her and her young niece for revenge; PBO) $7.50
Neiderman, Andrew The Hunted (Someone is killing hunters during the Catskill game season; PBO) $7.99
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne The Missing Madonna (Reprint '88: Sister Mary Helen (3)) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 78: Maelstrom (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner 321: Suicide Highway (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Posadas, Carmen The Last Resort (An elderly man goes to Morocco to commit suicide, but is diverted when his daughter informs him of the murder of a Madrid lothario and he meets the prime suspect) $23.95
Rand, Naomi It's Raining Men (After Emma Price's boss and close friend is murdered, she investigates, exposing a web of duplicity and corruption, and even when she is threatened she doesn't give up) $23.95
Rankin, Ian Witch Hunt (A brilliant female terrorist known as Witch is pursued by three detectives who work with and against each other as they try to stop her) $6.99
Reich, Christopher The Patriots Club (A man who grew up on the streets but managed to carve out a successful career on Wall Street, goes on the run after being framed for a kidnapping) $26.00
Reilly, Matthew Scarecrow (Shane "Scarecrow" Scofield (3) has a $20 million price on his head, is the target of bounty hunters, is plunged into a race around the world for survival, and in the process unveils a vast international conspiracy) $6.99
Reuben, Shelly Tabula Rasa (While investigating an arson, Sebastian Bly finds a baby & keeps it, raising it as his own, until the arsonist mother returns to finish what she started) $24
Robb, J.D. Origin in Death (Eve Dallas investigate the death of saintly doctor and his son, and suspects they were hiding something behind their veneer of good deeds) $23.95
Rose, Karen Nothing to Fear (A woman seeking money and revenge kidnaps a 12_year old boy and takes refuge under false pretenses at a battered woman's shelter; PBO) $6.50
Rowland, Laura Joh The Assassin's Touch (Sano Ichiro (10), now the shogun's second_in_command, investigates a series of sudden deaths among high_ranking officials in 1695 Japan) $24.95
Rucka, Greg A Gentleman's Game (Act of terrorism devastates London and Special Ops head Tara Chace will shatter the rules of espionage to hunt down those responsible) $6.99
Rusch, Sheldon For Edgar (Special Agent Elizabeth Taylor Hewitt tracks a killer known only as the Raven who recreates scenes from Edgar Allen Poe stories) $23.95
Schecter, Harold The Mask of Red Death (In 1845 Manhattan, writer Edgar Allen Poe investigates the brutal murders of two young girls) $13.95
Scrimger, Richard From Charlie's Point of View (Charlie's dad has been accused of bank robbery, and Charlie, who is blind, sets out to prove his innocence) $10.99
Siegel, Sheldon The Confession (Lawyer Mike Daley and his partner Rosie investigate the suspicious suicide of a Catholic priest accused of sexual harassment) $7.99
Siler, Jenny Flashback (A woman suffering from amnesia is rescued by the sisters of an isolated French convent, and as she struggles to regain her identity others suffer) $6.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Reprint: Precious Ramotswe (1)) $6.99
Smith, Carlton Vanished (Non-fiction; murder of Jana Carpenter Koklich and the search for her killer; PBO) $6.99
Smolens, John Fire Point (Martin Red and his new girlfriend work together to restore a crumbling house on Michigan's Lake Superior, and her ex_boyfriend will stop at nothing to destroy their happiness) $12.00
Speart, Jessica Restless Waters (On the trail of illegal traffickers in exotic animals in Hawaii, Rachel Porter (7) stumbles onto a shark_eaten corpse and a mystery; PBO) $6.99
Talley, Marcia-ed. I'd Kill For That (13 award_winning female mystery writers each write one chapter of this novel of murder in a gated community fighting over a golf course) $6.99
Tessier, Thomas Finishing Touches (Dr. Tom Sutherland's fantasy romance with a strange surgeon's assistant turns to nightmare when he discovers the surgeon's basement lab of terror) $6.99
Wait, Lea Shadows at the Spring Show (While organizing an antiques show to benefit a local adoption agency, Maggie Summer (4) discovers clues to a murder in her antique prints, and somebody doesn't want the show to go on) $24.00
Wakling, Christopher Beneath the Diamond Sky (Kate and Ethan, Londoners, go backpacking in the Himalayas and are kidnapped by terrorists) $14.00
Waldman, Ayelet The Cradle Robbers (In a new Mommy_Track (6) mystery, she tracks the mysterious whereabouts of a missing infant to a wide_spread, top_secret puzzle that's nothing to play with) $23.95
Walters, Guy The Traitor (Novel of British Nazi sympathizers during WWII) $15.00
Willeford, Charles The Way We Die Now (Reprint; Miami Homicide Detective Hoke Moseley, intro by Donald Westlake) $12.00
Woods, Paula L. Dirty Laundry (LAPD Homicide detective Charlotte Justice (3) investigates the murder of a Korean woman who was aide to a Latino mayoral candidate) $6.99
Zimler, Richard Guardian of the Dawn (In 1591, when an act of betrayal sends his father to the Inquisition, young Tiago Zarco begins a harrowing journey into the depths of human depravity to seek his revenge) $14.00


Aird, Catherine Hole in One (Detective Chief Inspector C.D. Sloan investigates the murder of a golfer on the links in the quiet town of Calleshire while dealing with the unreasonable demands of his boss) $22.95
Anderson, Sheryl J. Killer Cocktail (Fashion writer Molly Forrester (2) heads to the Hampton's for an engagement party, and when the bride_to_be ends up drowned in a pool, she is immersed in murder) $24.95
Bannister, Jo Breaking Faith (Brodie Farrell (5) investigates the murder of a woman found on the property Brodie found for a rock group and finds connections to the present while delving into the past) $24.95
Beaton, M.C. The Perfect Paragon (Agatha Raisin (16) agrees to help a pompous jerk prove his wife is cheating, and when he is poisoned by weed killer the case becomes much more complicated) $22.95
Blevins, Meredith The Vanished Priestess (Annie Szabo (2) investigates the death of a rich and famous neighbor and the disappearance of her partner on the same day) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys Evan Blessed (Constable Evan's (8) search for a hiker gone missing in the Welsh hills places his fiance in the path of a killer) $23.95
Bown, Stephen R. Scurvy (Non-fiction; the solving of the medical mystery of scurvy) $13.95
Bruen, Ken Vixen (A crazed female serial killer is terrorizing London and Inspector Brant investigates) $12.95
Estleman, Loren D. The Undertaker's Wife (Western: The undertaker is called to disguise the suicide of a famous financier and his wife has a secret task to help him) $23.95
Hillhouse, Raelynn Rift Zone (Smuggler Faith Whitney is approached by the Cold War E. German secret police with an offer _ use her dubious talents to help them and they will produce her long_lost father) $6.99
Krueger, William Kent Mercy Falls (N. Minnesota county sheriff Cork O'Connor (5) investigates a high_profile murder of a powerful Chicago businessman and a sniper's attempt on his own life; signed copies expected August 17) $24.00
Traver, Robert Anatomy of a Murder (Classic reprint: A young soldier is on trial for murdering his wife's rapist) $13.95
Wyler, Allen Deadly Errors (A brain surgeon suspects that a problem with the medical records computer system is causing deadly errors and when he tries to blow the whistle finds his life in danger) $24.95

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