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Newsletter #67 September - November, 2004


Doctor Who: The Tomorrow Windows (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Tales of the Unanticipated #25 (August 2004-July 2005, Strange Romance Issue; locally produced sf magazine) $8.50
Adams, Michael Slayer Slang: A Buffy the Vampire Lexicon $19.95
Aylett, Steve Only An Alligator (#1), The Velocity Gospel (#2), Dummyland (#3)("Outrageous literary wit" about a surreal city; Brit. imports) $9.95 each
Aylett, Steve Karloff's Circus (#4) $14.95
Baron, Mike/Priest, Christopher J. Green Lantern, Book 1 (The Green Lantern must somehow find enough heroes to stop an alien threat to the continuity of time and space) $22.95
Barrett, Neal Jr. Prince of Christler_Coke (Banished to a corporate prison, corporate noble Iacola escapes into gulf between haves and have_nots) $25.95
Benford/Greenberg-ed. Merlin (Collection of tales about the world's most renowned wizards) $11.95
Bester, Alfred The Computer Connection (A band of immortals takes over the computer that controls all mechanical activity on Earth, when the computer takes over one of them and turns malevolent) $6.99
Betancourt, John Gregory Roger Zelazny's Chaos and Amber (Book 2 of the trilogy: Expands the "Amber" universe and relates how Amber was created, by whom, and why) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott-ed. Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown (Anthology of stories by new authors, plus a reprint of the first story Larry Niven sold) $14.95
Carrere, Emmanuel I Am Alive and Your Are Dead: A Journey Into the Mind of Philip K. Dick (Biography, translated from French) $26.00
Crider, Bill ed White House Horrors (Collection of horror tales involving the White House and those who either live there or want to) $6.99
Danziger, Jeff Wreckage Begins With "W": 'toons of the Bush Administration (Political cartoons by award winning artist collected for first time) $16.95
Day, David The World Of Tolkien: Mythological Sources of Lord of the Rings (Illustrated, comprehensive guide to Middle_earth) $14.99
de Lint, Charles Spirits in the Wires (When a web site crashes and everyone who was on it disappears, companions must journey into an otherworld where the web site has a physical presence to try and rescue them) $14.95
Etchison, Dennis-ed. The Museum of Horrors (Horror Writers Association anthology) $6.99
Giron, Sephera Borrowed Flesh (Horror) $6.99
Gorman, Edward-ed. UFO Files (Collection of 23 stories of encounters with beings from worlds beyond our own) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin-ed. Jack the Ripper (Collection of tales featuring Jack the Ripper) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin-ed. My Favorite Fantasy Story (Collection of the favorite fantasy stories of some of the most popular writers in the genre) $11.95
Greenberg, Martin-ed. Vamps (Collection of stories featuring female vampires) $6.99
Griffith, Nicola/Pagel, Stephen-ed. Bending the Landscape: Fantasy (Collection of fantasy short stories by Gays and Lesbians) $15.95
Gunn, Eileen Stable Strategies and Others (Short stories use satirical and fantastical devices to explore the Universe; quirky and visionary) $14.95
Harrison, Harry Bill the Galactic Hero (Bill, a Technical Fertilizer Operator, is shanghied by a recruiting robot & ends up as a warrior on the Empire warship Christine Keeler ) $6.99
Holt, Thomas A Song for Nero (Alternate history in which Nero does not die but escapes to pursue his love of music, while being chased by those who wish him dead) $9.95
Holt, Tom Tall Stories (Omnibus reprint of Expecting Someone Taller and Ye Gods! ) $13.95
Hunter, Kim Scabbard's Song (Book 3 of The Red Pavilions; British fantasy import) $7.95
Laymon, Richard Body Rides (Horror, author's restored version) $7.99
Lee, Christopher Lord of Misrule (Third version of his autobiography; intro by Peter Jackson) $27.50
Little, Bentley Four Dark Nights (4 original horror novellas by Bentley Little, Douglas Clegg, Christopher Golden, Tom Piccirilli) $6.99
Lofficier/Moebius Moebius' Arzach (A legendary warrior from a planet under siege and a commercial artist from Earth team up to stop Sarukin the Damned from destroying both their worlds) $6.99
Moore, Elaine Eternal Embrace (Dark Madonna Trilogy Book 2: vampire Victoria MacKay longs for a normal life, but the addictive nature of vampirism throws her back into a dark world of murder and madness) $6.99
Murray, Doug/Rivoche, Paul Isaac Asimov's Derec (Volume 1 of a graphic novel adaptation of Issac Asimov's Robot City) $7.99
Partridge/Greenberg-ed. It Came From the Drive_In! (Collection of 18 SF and horror stories which take place at the drive_in) $11.95
Rankin, Robert The Witches of Chiswick (A cabal of Victorian witches, using advanced Babbage super-computers, created the history of the 19th century that is now accepted as truth, but a boy in the 23rd century will uncover the truth; Brit. import humor) $9.95
Resnikoff, Ned Fool's Tavern (A ragtag but clever band of six adventurers goes on a royal quest to rid Irrellia of the demon/god Kaos and his army of werewolves) $6.99
Rickman, Gregg-ed. The Science Fiction Film Reader (Collection of essays about sf films, with copyrights from 1907 to 2004) $22.95
Rowlands, Mark The Philosopher at the End of the Universe ("Philosophy Explained Through Science Fiction Films"; has received very good reviews) $23.95
Schultz, David E./Connors, Scott-ed. Selected Letters of Clark Ashton Smith (Arkham House) $35.95
Smith, Clark Ashton The Sword of Zagan (Novelette, some poems, some short stories, intro. by S. T. Joshi) $15.00
Thomas, Milt Cave of a Thousand Tales (The Life & Times of Hugh B. Cave; Arkham House) $33.95
Timmons, Stan The Outer Limits: Always Darkest (Paul Stein wakes in a prison cell with no idea why he's there or what crime he could have committed that would sentence him to death) $6.99
Vandermeer, Jeff Secret Life (Collection of 23 stories by Vandermeer) $24.95
Verne, Jules Mighty Orinoco (First English language edition of 1898 adventure novel on the then-unexplored Orinoco River in Venezuela) $29.95
Wentworth, K.D. The Imperium Game (Kerickson is the main programmer of a game that recreates the Roman Empire, which is very popular until the god programs exceed their parameters, causing chaos and murder) $6.99
White, Richard C Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Based on the popular computer game, adventurers must seek out and destroy evil by gathering the four shards of the Gryphon Window) $5.99


Monster Manual III (Supplement to the D & D game including more than 100 new monsters) $34.95
Anvil, Christopher Interstellar Patrol (To save a planet, a starship crew pretends to be Royal Legions from a distant star, and all goes well until the real Royal Legions show up) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley Bitten (Elena Michaels comes to terms with her life as the only female werewolf) $6.99
Armstrong, Kelley Stolen (Elena Michaels (2) is lured into the net of a ruthless Internet billionaire who is kidnapping paranormals and setting them to be hunted and killed in a real_life video game) $6.99
Asher, Neal Gridlinked (Legendary Earth Central Security agent Cormac investigates a disaster that wiped out an entire human colony, and is followed across the galaxy by a vicious psychopath) $7.99
Barker, Clive Abarat (In Abarat, a land where Time is Place and each island a different Hour, an unlikely heroine must stop the dark Lord of Midnight before he implements his evil plan) $6.99
Barry, David/Pearson, Ridley Peter and the Starcatchers (Peter and his mates are dispatched to an island ruled by the evil King Zarboff and set sail aboard the Never Land, a journey which quickly becomes fraught with danger) $17.99
Baur/Jacobs/Strayton Frostburn: Mastering the Perils of Ice and Snow (Supplement containing rules on adapting D & D to hazardous cold_weather conditions with expanded rules for environmental hazards and manipulation of cold weather elements) $34.95
Benford, Gregory Tides of Light (As they battle for survival against a myriad of cosmic dangers, Killeen and his crew will gain an unforseen ally who may determine humanity's true destiny) $6.99
Benjamin, Curt The Gates of Heaven (Seven Brothers #3: The evil sorcerer Markko has captured Prince Llesho's brothers, and Llesho realizes he must find them to save Thebin and reopen the Gates of Heaven) $6.99
Berg, Carol Guardians of the Keep (Book 2 of the Bridge of D'Arnath: Seriana discovers her husband has been restored to life and must bond with a stranger to defeat the evil Lords of Ahev'Na) $7.99
Borchardt, Alice The Raven Warrior (Guinevere, queen of the Dragon People, faces her first battle against the Saxons with the aid of the spirits of the dead, while Black Leg sets on a quest to become a man) $7.50
Bova, Ben Saturn (Space Habitat Goddard is on its way to Saturn, and many individuals with hidden agendas are aboard, while the true purpose of the expedition is known only to a few) $7.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Darkover: First Contact (2 classic Darkover novels _ Darkover Landfall and Two to Conquer _ together in one volume) $7.99
Brooks, Terry High Druid of Shannara: Jarka Ruus (Ard Rhys, High Druid of Shannara, has disappeared and her trusted servant Tagwen joins 0two other allies on a desperate and dangerous mission of search and rescue) $7.99
Brooks, Terry High Druid of Shannara: Tanequil (Sequel to Jarka Ruus ; hero seeks sentient tree to save queen; abridged cassettes $26.95, abridged CDs $24.95) $26.95
CLAMP Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Vol. 2 (Japanese graphic art; princess in coma from deadly spell) $10.95
Canavan, Trudi The High Lord (The Black Magician Trilogy Book 3: A young girl ascends from novice to her destiny as the fabled black magician) $7.50
Card, Orson Scott First Meetings (Collection of stories featuring Ender Wiggen, including the novella Ender's Game) $6.99
Caselberg, Jay Metal Sky (Sequel to Wyrmhole : Jack is a P.I. tracking down a missing artifact, when the woman he's working for disappears and his investigation leads him into shadowy politics) $6.99
Clarke, Susanna Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (800 page first novel that Neil Gaiman calls "unquestionably the finest English novel of the fantastic written in the last seventy years"; two English magicians team up in 1806 to help defeat Napoleon; with side trips into the world of Faerie and Hell) $27.95
Corder, Zizou Lionboy (When his parents are kidnapped, 10_year old Charlie uses his special power to speak to cats and calls on his feline friends to try to find his parents before it is too late) $6.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Tie_in to the Sony Pictures film release) $6.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Resident Evil: Genesis (Prequel to Resident Evil: Apocalypse: The only key to stopping a lethal genetic creation is a young woman who can't even remember who she is) $6.99
Drake, Emily The Gate of Bones (The Magickers #4: The Magickers fight the forces of the Dark Hand over the magical energy of Haven) $19.95
Feehan/Shayne/Holly/Knight Hot Blooded (Four stories of sensual predators who come by night) $7.99
Flint, Eric/Freer, David The Rats, the Bats, and the Ugly (The mentally uplifted team of rats and bats have discovered that alien allies have betrayed the humans and must convince them of the danger before it is too late) $24.00
Gaiman, Neil The Day I Traded My Dad for Two Goldfish (Reprint of illustrated kids' book, with larger trim size, new cover, enhanced CD) $17.99
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W. Michael People of the Raven (In prehistoric North America, a slave has escaped from the North Wind People and request sanctuary from the Raven People, who must decide whether to run or stand and fight) $25.95
Godwin, Tom The Cold Equations and Other Stories (Collection of stories by the author of one of the most famous SF stories in history, compiled & edited by Eric Flint) $7.99
Golden, Christopher Strangewood (Child vanishes into fictional world of author father. Horrifying and inventive) $14.00
Green, Jonathan Iron Hands (The Iron Hands are the most committed warriors of the Adeptus Astartes, determined to expunge weakness whatever the cost, including bionic augmentation on their own bodies) $7.99
Gross, Dave Mistress of the Night: The Priests (Chronicles the life of a priest loyal to one of the deities in the Forgotten Realms pantheon) $6.99
Gunn, James The Immortals (Ben Richard's blood has natural immunities to every disease, and is kidnapped by an elderly billionaire. Ben escapes and must stay on the run as he searches for his brother) $12.00
Hamilton, Laurell K. Cerulean Sins (When a centuries_old vampire hits St. Louis, Anita finds herself needing dark forces to save the ones she loves) $7.99
Herbert, Mary H Flight of the Fallen (The Linsha Trilogy V. 2: Centered around Linsha Majere, chronicling post_War of Soul events in the Dragonlance World) $6.99
Herren/Ford/Ridge/Wolfe Midnight Thirsts (4 tales of sensual and sinister passion featuring vampires ruthless in their eroticism) $14.00
Hightman, Jason The Saint of Dragons (The remaining dragons on earth conspire to take a stand against an ancient enemy and a young boy enters the family business of dragon fighting) $15.99
Ian, Janis/Resnick, Mike-ed. Stars (Anthology of original SF stories based on the songs of Janis Ian) $7.50
Ibbotson, Eva Not Just a Witch (Young adult; Hectate is a good witch who can turn people into animals and befriends a boy named Daniael, who must save Hecate from the evil Lionel Knacksap and a broken heart) $5.99
Jacques, Brian Loamhedge (Martha Braebuck, a young wheelchair_bound hare_maid, wonders about a mysterious old poem and whether it may hold the key to her cure) $7.99
Jacques, Brian Rakkety Tam (Redwall tale of mercenary squirrel hero and return of Long Patrol) $23.99
Jacques, Brian The Tribes of Redwall: Mice (Guide to the mice of Redwall, illustrated by Jonathan Walker) $8.99
Ketchum, Jack She Wakes (Lelia lives to seduce & destroy, more than a myth, she is deadly) $6.99
Keyes, Greg The Charnel Prince (Kingdoms of Thirn and Bone book 2: The Briar King has awakened and as war looms on the horizon, the heir to the throne is missing and only one man can be trusted to find her) $23.95
Kiernan, Caitlin Murder of Angels ( Niki's dead lover is calling her from another world) $14.00
King, Stephen The Dark Tower VII (Final volume of King's epic, completing the quest of Roland Deschain; unabridged CDs or unabridged cassettes $75.00) $35.00
Kirsten, Rosemary The Language of Power (Fourth in Lost Steersman series; Rowan seeks a live wizard) $14.95
Lackey, Mercedes/Mallory, James The Outstretched Shadow (Demons that were defeated centuries ago by an alliance of humans and elves, have returned, but the alliance has broken and it is up to a banished magician to stop the Demons) $7.99
Lee, Tanith Piratica (Artemesia, daughter of a pirate queen, escapes from her boarding school and has adventures on the high seas attempting to win her mother's crown from the captain of Enemy) $17.99
Little, Bentley The Resort (At an exclusive resort in the Arizona desert, there is an unspeakable thing in the pool and when guests start disappearing the strange staff pretends it isn't happening) $6.99
Lucas/Glut/Kahn The Star Wars Trilogy (3-in-1 omnibus of the original novelizations) $16.95
Lynn, Elizabeth A. Dragon's Treasure (Sequel to Dragon's Winter : A fearsome dragon lord struggles between ruling with might and ruling with justice) $23.95
MacAlister, Katie You Slay Me (While on a trip to Paris, courier Aisling Grey loses a package and discovers she is a Keeper of the Gates of Hell, and tries to recover the package from a sexy demon) $6.99
Maloney, Mack Starhawk: Storm Over Saturn (7205 A.D. Hawk Hunter's most perilous mission ever is to find one man who can stop the Solar Guards from seizing the source of all power in the Milky Way) $6.50
Mariotte, Jeff Charmed: Survival of the Fittest (A rash of UFO abductions sweeps San Francisco and the Charmed Ones investigate) $5.99
McGough, Scott Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa (Kamigawa Cycle Book 1: Explores a new and mysterious area of the Magic: The Gathering world) $6.99
Mitchell, Mary Ann The Vampire deSade (The legendary monster has come to modern New Orleans to match wits with voodoo queen) $6.99
Monteleone, Elizaberth & Thomas-ed. From the Borderlands (Collection of stories by some of the horror genre's best, including a new novella by Stephen King) $7.50
Moon, Elizabeth Trading in Danger (After being expelled from the Space Academy, Kylara Vatta is given the chance to transport one of her father's oldest ships and a simple assignment turns into a risky venture) $6.99
Moore, John Heroics for Beginners (Prince Kevin Timberline must retrieve Ancient Artifact Model Seven from the clutches of evil Lord Voltmeter before he unleashes his diabolical plan) $6.99
Navarro, Yvonne Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wicked Willow 3 (Willow learns that Buffy & the Slayerettes hold Tara's spirit in an attempt to save her from Willow's revenge) $6.99
Nicholson, Scott The Manor (A parapsychologist with a recurring dream is drawn to an artist's retreat in the Appalachian Mountains where a dangerous spirit is seeking eternal life at any cost) $5.99
Noonan, David Whispers of the Vampire's Blade (Second adventure showcasing many of the most unique traits of the Eberron setting) $9.95
Oglivy, Ian Measle and the Wrathmonk (Orphan Measle falls under one of his magical guardian's spells, becomes a half_inch tall and trapped in the world of a toy train set, and fights to free himself) $15.99
Parker, K. J. Memory (Book 3 of the Scavenger Trilogy, fantasy, British import) $9.95
Pelan, John-ed. A Walk on the Darkside (21 all_new horror stories from modern Horror's most daring authors) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry Monstrous Regiment (Discworld is at war, and young Polly cuts off her hair and joins a ragtag band including a vampire, a troll, & a zombie to join in the fight) $7.50
Randle, Kevin D. F.T.L. (Sequel to Signals and Starship : Now the quest for faster_than_light travel begins) $6.50
Rees, David Get Your War On II (Collection of cartoons by Rees) $12.00
Reeve, Philip Mortal Engines (As the sinister plans of the traction city London's Lord Mayor start to unfold, Tom, a lowly 3rd_class apprentice unwittingly becomes a target & a hero) $6.99
Reichert, Mickey Zucker The Return of Nightfall (Nightfall, a man with enormous power, is bound to guard a newly_crowned king, and when his liege disappears, must get help from Duke Varsah, who wants him destroyed) $24.95
Resnick, Laura The Destroyer Goddess (If Sileria is ever to know real peace, there must be a reckoning with Kiloran, the most powerful Waterlord, who wields a powerful magic that controls all the water in the land) $7.99
Rice, Anne Blood Canticle (Lestat ventures to a private island off the coast of Haiti with the mortal he is in love with and a new_to_the_blood woman, where he will try to consummate his love for Rowan) $7.99
Robertson, R. Garcia Y. White Rose (Robyn Stafford, a savvy Hollywood exec mystically transplanted to medieval England, works overtime to secure happiness and true love amidst the War of the Roses) $25.95
Rodda, Emily Rowan and the Ice Creepers (Young adult; conclusion to the Rowan of Rin Series: Rowan and his companions must stop the ice creepers who have come down from the Mountain to prey on the village of Rin) $5.99
Rosenberg, Joel Paladins (In the 17th century, in an alternate universe where Mordred defeated King Arthur, there are swords of great power for good or evil, and a new evil sword has been found) $25.00
Sabin, E. Rose A Perilous Power (Trevor Blake possesses magical gifts, and travels from his farming home to the city of Port_of_Lords, where there is a group of the gifted, and trouble ensues) $5.99
Salvatore, R.A. Spearwielder's Tale (The Spearwielder Trilogy in one volume: Gary Leger stumbles into a realm of elves and dwarves and takes up the magical spear of the land's lost hero) $14.00
Saunders, Malcom The Dragon Chronicles (Beautifully illustrated diary of the Great Wizard Septimus Argoris.) $14.98
Scott, Martin Death and Thraxas (2 cases of Thraxas, an overweight private eye in a world where sorcerers & assassins ply their wares & the civic guards refuse to solve crime) $7.99
Shan, Darren Allies of the Night (Cirque Du Freak #8: Vampire Prince Darren Shan attends school and as bodies pile up he must uncover the evil that has descended) $15.99
Shan, Darren The Vampire Prince (Cirque Du Freak #6: Darren Shan has been betrayed by a friend and hunted by the vampire clan, and his initiation on Vampire Mountain is stunning and bloody) $6.99
Shan, Darren Tunnels of Blood (Cirque Du Freak #3) $5.99
Silverberg, Robert The World Inside (880,000 souls live a perfect life in Urban Monad 116, but there are those who question and want to escape from the nightmare behind Urban's shining facade) $11.95
Spinrad, Norman Bug Jack Barron (Exploration of big business corrupting democratic process; biting satire quite timely) $14.95
Stackpole, Michael A. The Grand Crusade (Conclusion to the trilogy: Although Will has been lost in the heart of a fiery volcano, his friends draw up battle plans while the enemy is nearer than they think) $6.99
Stewart, Jon-ed. America (The Book) (CD, abridged: Jon Stewart and the Daily Show staff offer humorous insights into our system of government and its institutions) $24.98
Stroud, Jonathan The Golem's Eye (The Bartimaeus Trilogy #2: An indestructible clay golem is terrorizing London, and apprentice magician Nathaniel travels to Prague to discover a way to stop it) $17.95
Taylor, G.P. Wormwood (Second in highly regarded British young adult fantasy series; London, 1756: the world lurches out of control and darkness falls) $16.99
Tepper, Sheri S. The Companions (When a new law results in the elimination of all nonhuman animal life on Earth, Jewel Delis, member if an underground activist group, seeks a new planet to save them) $7.99
Tweet, Jonathan Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set (A new boxed set containing all the basics of D & D for those new to the game) $24.99
Tyler, Alison-ed. Naughty Fairy Tales from A to Z (Collection of 26 traditional fairy tales with an erotic twist) $14.00
Varley, John The John Varley Reader (Collection of Varley's short fiction) $14.00
Werner, C.L. Blood of the Dragon (Bounty Hunter Brunner encounters many dangers while searching for the notorious highwayman Gobineau) $6.99
Willis, Dan The Dragon Well (Dragonlance The New Adventures #3: For readers age 10 and up, features a new group of young companions who band together for friendship and excitement) $5.99
Wilson, F. Paul Sims (In a near future, chimps are genetically altered and able to perform manual labor formerly done by humans, but the company who owns the procedure has dark secrets) $7.99
Wood, N. Lee Master of None (Botanist Nathan Crewe is trapped on a planet run by women and an influential family takes him in but soon he discovers an ancient malice that threatens him and his new friends) $14.95
Yatate/Tomina/Iwase Gundam SEED, Vol. II (Graphic art set in the world of the Cosmic Era) $10.95
Zahn, Timothy The Cobra Trilogy (Complete trilogy in one hc volume: The Cobras, a guerilla force with surgically implanted weapons, fight for Earth in an interstellar war) $24.00


Constantine, Storm The Shades of Time and Memory (New Wraeththu Trilogy #2: The Wraeththu have come into their own, and must now learn to survive politics, governing, and war amongst themselves) $27.95
Datlow, Ellen-ed. The Dark (Collection of 16 ghost stories by masters of the macbre) $15.95
Douglass, Sara Sinner (Wayfarer Redemption #4: Caelum's sister is murdered and the culprit appears to be his hated brother Drago who may be in league with demons that threaten the peace) $26.95
Johnson, Kij Fudoki (Kagaya_hime, a tortoise_shell cat, becomes a woman_warrior while trying to keep the power of her own clan together without the help of her fudoki _ her soul and self) $14.95
Jordan, Robert Further Chronicles of Conan (3 classic Conan novels in 1 volume) $16.95
Keyes, Daniel Algernon, Charlie, and I: A Writer's Journey (First-person account of the creative process by author of Flowers for Algernon ) $13.00
Le Guin, Ursula K. Gifts (Teen Fantasy; the clans of the Uplands have gifts-the ability to blind, twist a limb, enslave a mind-but a boy and a girl refuse to use their gifts) $17.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Flash (Jonat deVrai is an expert in the high_tech science of product placement, and his comfortable world is upset when he is ambushed by an assassin while working for a politician) $25.95
Rabe, Jean The Finest Creation (The Finest Creations are mystically forged creatures of perfection that resemble horses who teach virtue to humans, until an evil mastermind threatens to undo their good works) $24.95
Salvatore, R.A. Paths of Darkness Gift Set (Slipcovered gift set containing the four titles making up the Paths of Darkness series) $31.99
Whyte, Jack The Lance Thrower (Book 6 of the Camulad Chronicles: Having pulled the sword from the stone, Arthur Pendragon now tries to replace barbarism with law and keep those bent on destruction at bay) $27.95
Wolfe, Gene Endangered Species (Reissue of acclaimed short story collection by Wolfe) $15.95
Zahn, Timothy The Green and the Gray (A feud between two alien groups who live in the shadows of New York City threatens to spiral out of control and only the sacrifice of a 12_year old girl can stop it) $27.95


30 Years of Adventure (Retrospective celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons including essays, photographs of events, products, personalities, and artwork) $49.95
Abnett, Dan Traitor General (Ibram Gaunt and a hand_picked squad venture deep into Chaos territory to track down an officer captured by the enemy and terminate with extreme prejudice) $19.99
Allen, Angela C.-ed. Dark Thirst (Anthology of African_American vampire stories) $13.00
Anthony, Piers Cube Route (When Cube whispers a wish to be beautiful, she finds herself on a quest with companions throughout Xanth for a path that leads to adventure and perhaps her heart's desire) $6.99
Asaro, Catherine Skyfall (The story of Kurj, a ruler on a backwater planet, his meeting with the beautiful Roc, and how this chance meeting started an interstellar war and the Skolian Empire) $7.99
Athans, Phillip-ed. Realms of the Dragons (Anthology featuring dragons of Forgotten Realms) $7.99
Ball, Margaret Disappearing Act (To escape death at the hands of her gang boss on a huge space station, Maris takes on the identity of a kidnapped diplomat and finds herself in a hornet's nest of corruption) $22.00
Barker, Clive Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War (Candy Quackenbush must unlock the power within her to prevent the forces of Night from taking over the island) $24.99
Barron, T.A. The Great Tree of Avalon: Child of the Dark Prophecy (Who is the true heir of Merlin? Avalon suffers mysterious drought) $19.99
Base, Graeme The Eleventh Hour (Beautifully illustrated for young readers; when Horace the elephant turns 11, he invites his exotic friends to a party, but the feast has disappeared and the reader must use clues to find out whodunnit) $8.99
Base, Graeme The Sign of the Seahorse (Beautifully illustrated for young readers; a deadly poison is destroying the coral reef, and three friends from the Seahorse Cafe journey through the ocean depths to find the source) $8.99
Base, Graeme The Water Hole (Beautifully illustrated for young readers; animals gather from all over the world to drink at the water hole, but the water supply is diminishing and with the reader they must solve the mystery) $8.99
Bennett, Nigel/Elrod, P.N. Siege Perilous (Vampire Richard Dunn must stop Charon the Assassin from using new evil powers to destroy Otherside and Realside) $22.00
Bills, Randle N. Mech Warrior Dark Age #12: Hunters of the Deep (ovKhan Petr Kalasa knows Sha is plotting a rebellion and will stop him at any cost) $6.99
Brooks, Terry The Wishsong of Shannara (4 cassettes, abridged) $25.95
Brown, Simon Sovereign (The Keys of Power #3: After war and hardship, Lynan, no longer a callow prince, will stop at nothing to get to the capital, to use the Key of Union to regain the throne) $6.99
Butcher, Jim Furies of Calderon (In a realm where people bond with the furies, a young boy who lacks furycrafting may be the one who turns the tides of a war) $23.95
Campbell, Ramsey The Darkest Part of the Woods (Dr. Lennox Price discovers a hallucinogenic moss in the forest of Goodmanswood, and after his death his family is drawn to the wood for mysterious reasons) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott The Crystal City (The Tales of Alvin Maker #6: Alvin's wife has sent him to New Orleans and finds lodgings with a family of abolitionists while trying to avert a war his wife has forseen) $7.99
Collins, Andy/Cordell, Bruce R. Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead (Comprehensive look at undead creatures in D & D including rules on how to play them in any adventure) $29.95
David, Peter Star Trek New Frontier: After the Fall (When the Thallonian Republic refuses to aid the Federation at a deadly juncture, MacKenzie Calhoun's ship pays the price, and the sector faces a threat to its existence) $24.00
David, Peter Star Trek New Frontier: Stone and Anvil (Story of MacKenzie Calhoun's transformation from a recalcitrant, raw recruit to master of the cutting-edge ship U.S.S. Excalibur) $6.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Star Trek: A Time for War, A Time for Peace (Conclusion to the nine_book series chronicling the adventures of the Enterprise crew between films Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis) $6.99
de Lint, Charles The Blue Girl (Imogene and her mother and brother move to Newford, and she becomes friends with the ghost of a boy who jumped off the high school in 1998 and hasn't left since) $17.99
Dietz, William C. For More Than Glory (Legion General Bill Booly must crush a rebellion on a planet light years away that has spawned a web of terrorism catching the Confederation in its grasp) $7.99
Dietz, William C. For Those Who Fell (General Bill Booly III and First Lt. Antonia Santana face an epic struggle when they learn that faster_than_light technology has fallen into the hands of the Ramanthians) $24.95
Douglas, Sara God's Concubine (The Troy Game #2: A thousand years after the founding of Britain, reincarnated kings and princes awaken the old powers of the Labyrinth) $7.99
Drake/Flint/Spoor/Kuttner Mountain Magic (Collection of four stories of magic and psychic superhumans loose in the backwoods of America) $6.99
Duncan, Dave Impossible Odds (King's Blades Chronicles #5: Only two half_trained half_grown Blades are available to go on a quest involving the deadly shadowmen and fight against impossible odds) $7.99
Duncan, Dave The Jaguar Knights (Sir Wolf is given the deadly mission of saving the Lady Celeste, a former royal mistress, who has been abducted by an unknown and powerful foe) $24.95
Eddings, Daivd & Leigh The Elder Gods (The leader of the Gods of Dhrall has brought into being four children called the Dreamers who may be the only hope to save Dhrall from the evil Vlagh who plan to take over) $7.50
Eddings, David & Leigh The Treasured One (The Dreamers #2: Omago, Veltan's human friend, works with the heros from Zelana's domain to raise a defense against the Vlagh who are breeding a hideous army to rule the world) $25.95
Edgehill, Rosemary-ed. Murder by Magic (20 original stories of murders committed or solved by fantastical means) $13.95
Elrod, P.N.-ed. Dracula in London (16 stories of Dracula in 1890's London) $6.99
Evans, Peter J. Durham Red #1: The Unquiet Grave (Red was a dangerous member of the Strontium Dogs, but was transported 1,000 years into the future, where some think she is a savior and some think she is a foul mutant) $6.99
Ferring, David Warblade (Konrad trilogy #3: Only Konrad knows the Emperor is an imposter and is bent on the destruction of all and the triumph of Chaos) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Pip and Flinx: Flinx's Folly (Flinx is spirited away and enlisted in a dangerous battle against an extra_galactic threat, & must travel into the very heart of danger) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Pip and Flinx: For Love of Mother_Not (Mother Mastiff, Flinx's only family, disappears, and Pip and Flinx trails the kidnappers across the forests and swamps of the planet Moth) $5.99
Golden/Sniegoski The Nimble Man (The Menagerie confronts the minions of utter darkness who have begun a quest to resurrect the most malevolent of the fallen angels) $6.99
Greenberg/Davis-ed. Haunted Holidays (Collection of dark fantasy revolving around the holidays throughout the year) $6.99
Groening, Matt The Simpson's Holiday Humdinger (A holiday tale of the Simpsons, with radioactive Christmas trees, defective toys, secretive Santas, and other holiday humdingers) $14.95
Hague, Michael-ed. The Book of Fairy Poetry (Collection of poems through the years on the topic of fairies) $19.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Incubus Dreams (A vampire serial killer is preying on strippers and Anita Blake is called in to consult on the case; signing at Uncle Hugo's October 8) $22.95
Handeland, Lori Blue Moon (When people in Miniwa, WI, start turning up dead of werewolf bites, policewoman Jessie McQuade seeks aid of sexy mythology professor Will Cadotte) $6.99
Howard, Madeline The Hidden Stars (The evil Princess Oriane has ruled with dark sorcery for 39 years, but now a magical young girl will contend with her if she remains alive long enough to do so) $14.95
Hunter, Erin Warriors #3: Forest of Secrets (Fireheart is determined to uncover the truth about Redtail's death but is unprepared to face ThunderClan's darkest secrets) $5.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour (Tigerstar's sinister ambitions have brought the forest to the brink of battle, and Firestar, leader of Thunderclan, must fight for his home and clan) $15.99
Jablonski, Carla The Books of Magic #6: Reckoning (Conclusion to the series: Tim must learn to control his magic and uncover the answers about his past, his identity, and his future) $5.99
Jacques, Brian A Redwall Winter's Tale (After a night of revelry, Bulbrock Badger sends the little ones off to bed with the tale of the Snow Badger, and one mole_babe stays awake to find out if the tale is true) $7.99
Knight, Angela Master of the Night (American agent Erin Grayson is assigned to seduce international businessman Reece Champion, who turns out to be both an agent himself, and a vampire) $6.99
Krinard, Susan Shield of The Sky (Fantasy of an alternative past, Rhenna of the Free People fights for her clan.) $13.95
Lackey, Mercedes Exile's Valor (Weapons_master turned Herald, Alberich becomes the personal protector of young Queen Selenay, and must protect her from the dangers of her own heart) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes Phoenix and Ashes (Dark and atmospheric retelling of Cinderella set in London during the First World War) $24.95
Laumer, Keith/Flint, Eric-ed. Legions of Space (Collection of two novels and a host of novelettes) $7.99
Llyod, D.R. The Sillymarillion (Parody of the Tolkein work The Silmarillion ) $11.00
Lovecraft, H.P. The Dreams in the Witch House (More than 20 tales of terror, classic Lovecraft "elder magic") $15.00
Lubar, David Wizards of the Game (8th grader Mercer plays a role_playing game and finds himself stalked by four real_life wizards who need his help) $5.99
Maguire, Gregory Mirror Mirror (Retelling of the Snow White legend set in 1502 Italy) $14.95
Mariotte, Jeff Angel: Love and Death (Hordes of monster killers descend on Los Angeles, and Angel learns that they don't know the difference between a demon and those on the side of good) $5.99
Martin, George R.R. Dying of the Light (Unavailable for more than a decade, this early work offers a genuinely alien culture at the end of time) $15.00
Martin, George R.R. Fevre Dream (The haunting power of an ancient river, vampires and steamboat captains inhabit a chilling world of wonder) $15.00
Masterson, Graham The Devil In Gray (Horror by award_winning author) $6.99
McArthur, Maxine Less Than Human (A robot mysteriously kills a factory worker and four teenagers apparently commit suicide, and cybernetics engineer Eleanor McGuire and police Inspector Ishihara investigate) $6.99
McIntyre, Vonda Star Trek: Duty, Honor, Redemption (Collection of novelizations of three Star Trek movies: II: The Wrath of Khan , III: The Search for Spock , and IV: The Voyage Home ) $9.95
McKinley, Robin/Dickinson, Peter Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits (Six tales of the magical beings which inhabit earth's waters) $6.99
Moon, Elizabeth Marque and Reprisal (Ship's Captain Kylara Vatta (2) in action_packed military sf) $24.95
Morris, Kenneth Book of Three Dragons (Complete reprint of the 1930 fantasy classic featuring the never_before published ending) $11.95
Northcutt, Wendy The Darwin Awards _ Survival of the Fittest (True accounts of people who inadvertently improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it) $11.00
Onion ed. Fanfare for the Area Man: Vol. 15 of the News Archive (Onion Ad Nauseum newspaper covers 10/02 to 10/03) $17.95
Passarella, J.G. Wither's Legacy (Young wiccan Wendy Ward (3) must use her supernatural gifts to defeat a wendigo _ a 7_foot tall monster with razor fangs and a taste for human blood) $7.50
Perry, S.D. Resident Evil: Zero Hour (A paramilitary strike team investigates a possible biohazard outside Racoon City) $6.99
Pohl, Frederick Gateway (Reprint, first novel in Heechee series) $14.95
Prachett, Terry Going Postal (Ankh_Morpork has a new postmaster, who happens to be a criminal with a shadowy past, to find the city's missing mail; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Price, Susan A Sterkharm Kiss (Sequel to The Sterkharm Handshake : Andrea Mitchell takes the Time Tube back to the 16th century and meets up again with Per, the young Sterkharm warrior she fell in love with) $16.99
Rabe, Jean The Lake of Death (Dhamon Grimwulf, cursed to live as a shadow dragon, searches for his lost humanity and finds the secret lies at the bottom of the mysterious Lake of Death) $6.99
Reaves, Michael/Perry, Steve Star Wars Medstar II: Jedi Healer (On the far world of Dronger, a med unit is stretched to the limit as the Separatists use droids to fight the human Republic forces; abridged CDs $19.95) $6.99
Reid, Thomas M. Shining South (Supplement providing information about the little_explored southern region of the Forgotten Realms) $29.95
Rennie, Gordon Rogue Trooper #1:Crucible (Rogue Trooper, sole surviving member of his unit, seeks the general who sold out Rogue and his buddies, with a master sniper on his trail) $6.99
Rice, Anne New Tales of The Vampires (Pandora and Vittorio, the Vampires, are linked in these two chilling novels.) $15.95
Ringo, John/Cochrane, Julie Cally's War (Cally wants to quit being the world's best assassin, but the only way to quit is to die) $25.00
Robertson, M.P. The Great Dragon Rescue (George is enlisted by his dragon friend to help save a baby dragon kidnapped by a wicked witch) $6.99
Ryan, Brittney The Legend of Holly Claus (Daughter of Santa and his wife, Holly Claus grows up and desires to break the spell that holds the enchanted creatures of Forever) $16.99
Saberhagen, Fred Berserker Man (4 complete novels in the Berserker universe in 1 volume) $22.00
Salvatore, R.A. The Two Swords (Hunter's Blade Trilogy Book 3: Features the adventures of the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden) $25.95
Samson, John M. ed Star Trek Crosswords Book 4 (Crossword puzzles with Star Trek theme) $10.95
Sarrantonio, Al Hallows Eve (Horror by Stoker award winner) $6.99
Schulz, Charles Complete Peanuts Box Set, 1950_1954 (Box collection of Peanuts cartoons from 1950_1954) $49.95
Schulz, Charles The Complete Peanuts 1953_1954 (Collection of Peanuts cartoons from 1953_1954 with an introduction by Walter Cronkite) $28.95
Silverberg, Robert-ed. Legends II, Volume III (New short novels by fantasy masters, unabridged cassettes) $25.00
Sladek, John The Complete Roderick (Genius, ambitious work: Roderick is a robot who learns...) $17.95
Sleator, William House of Stairs (Five 16_year old orphans are brought to a strange house containing nothing but stairs leading to a red machine that seeks to kill their souls as it runs their lives) $5.99
Snickey, Lemony The Grim Grotto (A Series of Unfortunate Events #11: The ill_fated siblings find themselves adrift, facing a submarine, a determined villian, and an alarming message from a lost friend) $11.99
Spencer, Wen Dog Warrior (On the run from a fanatical cult, Ukiah Oregon (4) find a brother he didn't know, who involves him in trafficking an alien drug that could get them all killed) $6.99
Stabenow, Dana-ed. Powers of Detection (Collection of short stories which mix the mystery and SF genres into unique stories) $12.00
Stephenson, Neal Quicksilver (Volume 1 of the Baroque Cycle: Set in the late 17th century, a cast of characters traverse a landscape in a time of breathtaking genius and discovery) $15.95
Stephenson, Neal Quicksilver (20 CDs, "unabridged selections": Three people's lives intertwine in the late 17th century as they deal with mad alchemists, Barbary pirates, and other challenges) $75.00
Stephenson, Neal The System of the World (The Baroque Cycle #3: In 1714, Daniel Waterhouse joins forces with Isaac Newton to hunt down a shadowy group attempting to blow up Natural Philosophers with Infernal Devices) $27.95
Stroud, Jonathan Buried Fire (The unearthing of a Celtic cross awakens an inprisoned dragon and 13_year_old Michael McIntyre must use new powers to stop it) $6.95
Stroud, Jonathan The Leap (After her friend drowns, Charlie Fletcher has dreams of him; realizing that her dreams are real, she sets out to rescue her friend wherever the trail may lead) $6.95
Tarr, Judith Kingdom of the Grail (Merlin, imprisoned since the fall of Camelot, is visited by a magically talented knight who has sworn to free him, but the knight must face Merlin's enemy to set him free) $7.99
Tarr, Judith Rite of Conquest (Historical fantasy, William the Bastard fights for his destiny) $16
Taylor, Karen E. Blood Red Dawn: The Vampire's Legacy (When vampire Deidre Griffin goes missing, the life of her unborn child jeopardized, her lover Mitch sets off on a desperate search to New Orleans to take his revenge in blood) $5.99
Tepper, Sheri S. Jinian Footseer (Unlike everyone in her family, Jinian has no Talent, and when her brother tries to marry her off to a rival, she leaves home on a path that will lead her to her real talent) $5.99
Thorpe, Gav The Claws of Chaos (Slaves to Darkness #1: When loyal Empire knight Kurt Leitzig is forced to choose between duty and love and a tragic chain of events is set in motion) $6.99
Thorpe, Gav The Heart of Chaos (Conclusion to the Slave to Darkness Trilogy: Kurt Leitzig's former lover Ursula raises an army to stop Kurt from turning into a daemon that would destroy them all) $7.99
Trautmann, Eric S. The Art of HALO (Nonfiction; explores creative process of Bungie Studios, authors of best selling game) $21.95
Turtledove, Harry Gunpowder Empire (A family trades with parallel universes, and when the gateway closes, the teenage son and daughter of that family are trapped in the Roman Empire while the city is besieged) $6.99
Vincent, Bev The Road to The Dark Tower: Exploring S. King's opus ( Written in cooperation with King, explores origins and connections of the series) $14.95
Whitlatch, Terryl/Wieger, David The Katurran Odyssey (In Kattatuk, a seemingly endless winter plagues the lemur inhabitants, and a young lemur goes on a quest to discover the reason _ beautifully illustrated on each page) $29.95
Williams, Liz Banner of Souls (A strange future is fueled by haunt_tech: a technology which works by harnessing energy from the realm of the dead) $6.99
Woods, Paul The Twilight Zone #3: Sunrise/Into the Light (Two Twilight Zone stories based on the New Line television series) $7.99


Anthony, Piers Current Events (Xanth #28: Clio, the Muse of History, must rescue Xanth's dragons before the Good Magician Humfrey will help her discover why one of her volumes of history is unreadable) $24.95
Barrie, J.M. Peter Pan (Classic fantasy set in London and Neverland. Intro by A. McCaffrey, illos by F.D. Bedford) $6.95
Bates, Brian The Real Middle Earth (An exploration of the real Anglo_Saxon world that might have inspired J.R.R. Tolkien in his creation of Middle Earth) $16.95
Carroll, Jonathan Sleeping in Flame (Reissue: A successful screenwriter's life in Vienna becomes more and more bizarre and he consults a shaman who helps him unravel his past lives which threaten him in this one) $13.95
Cunningham, Elaine Shadows in the Darkness (P.I. Gigi Gelman takes on the case of a 14_year old runaway and accidentally opens the door to her mystical past, unlocking the door to vice lords that prey in the shadows) $23.95
Heinlein, Robert Glory Road (Reissue: A Viet Nam vet takes a journey throughout the twenty universes on a quest to retrieve the stolen Great Egg) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes/Mallory, James To Light a Candle (Obsidian Trilogy #2: The dark Queen's forces are on the move and the forces of Light are beset on all sides, while young Kellen becomes a part of the Elves' war councils) $27.95
Lumley, Brian Khai of Khem (From Ancient Egypt to the modern world, Khai of Khem searches for his lost love and for the man who betrayed him, and strives to overthrow an evil Pharaoh) $24.95
Norton, Andre The Solar Queen (An omnibus of the first two Solar Queen adventures) $14.95
Pohl, Frederick The Boy Who Would Live Forever (The galactic core, where the Heechee reside, is threatened by the alien Kugel and a human whose insane hatred of the Heechee drives him to plot the destruction of the universe) $25.95
Tsutsui, William Godzilla On My Mind (Light_hearted reflection on fifty years of Godzilla and his transformation from movie monster to global pop icon.) $12.95
Turtledove, Harry Curious Notions (In a parallel 21st century, where Germany won WWI, two secret agents for our timeline guard the secret of Crosstime Traffic while the occupation police harass them) $23.95
Vess, Charles & others The Book of Ballads (Collection of ballads, folktales, and magical sagas retold in graphic novel form) $24.95
Vinge, Vernor Marooned in Realtime (Reprint, on a far future Earth only 300 humans remain alive, and one has a secret he is willing to kill to preserve) $13.95


Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Deluxe Edition (Deluxe edition for the 25th anniversary of the classic) $35.00
Anderson, Douglas A./Burns, Marjorie J.-ed. J. R. R. Tolkien: Interviews, Reminiscences, and Other Essays (Literary criticism) $25.00
Baker, Kage Black Projects, White Knights (14 tales of the time traveling members of The Company) $15.95
Curry, Patrick Defending Middle-Earth (Literary criticism) $12.00
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Runes Of The Earth: Last Chronicles, Book 1 (1st of 4 new novels. Linden Avery, bereaved for ten years, faces evil unmaking the laws of nature in the Land; some signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $44.95) $26.95
McKee Charnas, Suzy Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms (Retrospective collection of stories, essays and autobiography) $24.99
Roth, Philip The Plot Against America (Alternate history; in 1940 rabid isolationist Charles A. Lindbergh defeated Franklin Roosevelt for President and reaches a cordial "understanding" with Hitler that included virulent anti-Semitism) $26.00
Sargent, Pamela Thumbprints (Collection of short stories weave together historic and fantastic themes) $25.95
Straub, Peter In The Night Room (Children's author Willy Patrick suffers grotesque accident and psychic dread) $21.95
Tolkien, J. R. R. The Lord of the Rings (50th Anniversary Edition, one-volume boxed) $100.00


Akamatsu, Ken NEGIMA!, Vol. 3 (Graphic art, mature content) $10.95
Armstrong, Kelley Industrial Magic (Sequel to Dime Store Magic : Paige Winterbourne must protect the children of a powerful cabal who are being killed by a rival cabal) $6.99
Baird, Alison The Empire of the Stars (The Dragon Throne #2: Jomar returns to Mera to free his people from the evil tyrant Khalazar, and Ailia struggles to come to terms with her destiny as the Tryna Lia) $14.95
Baker, Keith/Wyatt, James Sharn: City of Towers (Sourcebook detailing the central metropolis of the Eberron campaign setting) $29.95
Baker, Richard Complete Arcane (A D & D player's guide to arcane magic for all classes) $29.95
Balfour, Bruce Prometheus Road (In a future world, Tom brings down the wrath of the Gods by exploring San Francisco, and discovers the gods are really A.I.s and he will have to fight them in virtual reality) $6.50
Blackman/Fullwood Star Wars: New Essential Guide to Weapons & Tech. (Full color format, rewritten and re_illustrated) $24.95
Buettner, Robert Orphanage (Aliens have attacked from Ganymede, and humanity has one chance to counterstrike, manned by orphans who dare man's first interplanetary voyage) $6.99
Bull, Emma War for the Oaks (Walking home through Minneapolis on one dark night, Eddi McCandry finds herself drafted into an invisible war between the faerie folk) $6.99
CLAMP xxxHOLiC, Vol. 3 (Graphic art, mature themes) $10.95
Davis, Jim Garfield's Guide to Everything (Comic strips, illustrations and musings, the fat cat still humorous) $12.95
Drago, Ty Phobos (Something has been killing people at a research station on Phobos, and Lt. Mike Brogan, the only native Martian to be commissioned officer, leaves Mars to investigate) $7.99
Earl, Robert Wild Kingdoms (Word has come of a savage girl living alongside ogres who may be the lost daughter of a merchant, and Florin and Lorenzo seek to find her for reward of gold) $6.99
Fallon, Jennifer Medalon (The daughter of the First Blade of Medalon, who protect the Sisters of the Blade, flees for her life with her brother and are caught up in rebellion against the rulers) $7.99
Flint, Eric-ed. The Grantville Gazette (The town of Grantville is flung back in time to the Hundred Years War, and the people of the city must learn how to fight as they try to create modern technology to help them) $6.99
Ford, John M./Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek: The Hand of Kahless (Reissue of two Star Trek novels in one volume, The Final Reflection and Kahless, ) $9.95
Foster, Alan Dean Sliding Scales: a Pip and Flinx Adventure (Pip and Flinx (10) try to go on vacation, but R&R isn't easy) $24.95
Friersner, Esther-ed. Turn the Other Chick (Collection of stories set in a world of women warriors by well_known fantasy authors) $20.00
Furth, Robin The Dark Tower: A Concordance Part 2 (Second part of a two volume concordance covering books V through VII of Stephen King's Dark Tower series) $16.00
Gates, R. Patrick The Prison (In a prison that was formerly an asylum for the mentally ill, spirits of the patients seek restitution for the inhuman punishments they received) $5.99
Gee, Henry The Science of Middle_Earth (Exploration of the science behind the magic of Middle_Earth) $14.00
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael-ed. Strange Bedfellows (Collection of hot_blooded horror tales) $14.00
Gibson, William Neuromancer (Special 20th anniversary edition of the classic of virtual reality and "cyberpunk") $25.00
Golden, Christie Star Trek Voyager: Spirit Walk Book One: Old Wounds (While returning refugees to a ravaged planet, the crew of the Voyager discovers the Sky Spirit who genetically altered Chakotay's people, and must solve a puzzling mystery) $6.99
Goodkind, Terry Debt of Bones (In a world besieged by war, Abby arrives in the great city seeking help and carrying something in her knapsack that could unleash annihilation and meets a man of awesome power) $2.99
Goodman, Alison Singing the Dogstar Blues (17_year old Joss, a student of time travel at the Centre for Neo_Historical Studies, must choose between letting a friend die or breaking a rule by changing the past) $6.99
Goulart, Ron Comic Book Encyclopedia (Full color guide to characters, writers and artists in the comic book universe) $49.95
Grinspoon, David Lonely Planets (Exploration of the possibility of life on other planets and the philosophy behind the search) $14.95
Harper, Steven Offspring (The Dream is a place where members of a psychic race twist the laws of reality, but now a madman has torn the Dream asunder, and it is up to one psychic to protect it) $6.99
Hetley, James A. The Summer Country (A modern_day woman discovers her lineage to a sorcerer who once inhabited Camelot, and quests through the Summer Country to claim her birthright) $6.50
Hetley, James A. The Winter Oak (Maureen Pierce has come to terms with her magical heritage and elected to stay in the enchanted land, but must face the sorcerer she thought vanquished before she can rest) $14.00
Hoare, Andy The 13th Black Crusade (The entire saga of the Chaos Warhammer Abaddon's last great crusade) $29.99
Holly, Emma The Demon's Daughter (Part human, part demon Adrian keeps the peace between the two groups, until he falls in love with another outcast which brings on the wrath of their enemies) $6.99
Hopkinson, Nalo The Salt Roads (Ezili, the Afro_Caribbean goddess of love and sex, defies the limits of time and space to inhabit the minds of living women throughout history) $14.95
Hoyt, Sarah A. Any Man So Daring (In Elizabethan England, William Shakespeare's son Hamnet has disappeared into the realm of the Elven King, and Will must face the powers of darkness to rescue him) $6.50
Jones, Tamara Siler Ghosts in the Snow (Dubric Bryerly, head of security for Castle Faldorrah, hunts for killer of murdered servant girls who come back as ghosts that only he can see) $6.99
Kenyon/Ashley/Banks/Handeland Stroke of Midnight (Anthology of 4 steamy vampire romances) $6.99
Knaak, Richard A. Warcraft: The Demon Soul (War of the Ancients Book 2: Continues the saga of Rhonin & his dragon_ally Krasus as the fight against the Dark Lord Sargeras) $6.99
Laymon, Richard To Wake The Dead (Barney is a museum night guard who finds a mummy's coffin broken open; 4,000 year_old Amara is free again) $7.99
Lee, Rachel Shadows of Myth (Archer Blackcloak and six others set out to track down mage assassins who terrorize their village, and have loyalty, hidden talents, and long_dead magic to fight them) $13.95
Lee, Tanith Wolf Wing (The Claidi Journals #4: Claidi must face her past by rescuing the other slaves from her birthplace, only to discover that her escape sparked a revolution) $6.99
Lewis, C.S. The Chronicles of Narnia (All seven novels in the Narnia series in one volume with an essay by C.S. Lewis) $29.99
Marco, John The Devil's Armor (Sequel to The Eyes of God , continuing the epic Arthurian tale of diverse magic, war, intrigue, romance and deception) $7.99
Martin/Mangels/Kim Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine V. 2 (Second of a three_volume series exploring alien civilizations through the eyes of the characters tied to them _ V.2 explores Trill and Bajor) $6.99
McCabe, Joel-ed. Hanging Out with the Dream King (Collection of interviews with Neil Gaiman and his collaborators) $17.95
McCaffrey/Scarborough Acorna's Triumph (Acorna must stop a vicious criminal and the deadly Khleevi who have returned to conquer her planet for good, and must save her beloved lifemate Aari at the same time) $7.50
McDevitt, Jack Omega (A civilization omega cloud is heading for a previously unexplored planetary system, and a handful of brave humans try to save an entire world without revealing their existence) $7.99
McDevitt, Jack Polaris (60 years after the luxury space yacht Polaris disappears, an antiques dealer is willing to pay any cost to find out what happened to it) $24.95
McNeill, Graham Dead Sky, Black Sun (Ultramarines #3: The final battle rages between corrupt Chaos Marine Honsu and Space Marine commander Uriel Ventris) $7.99
Paxson, Diana L.-ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress XXI (Collection of all original stories of fearsome, sword_wielding women by some of the best fantasy authors) $6.99
Prior, Natalie Jane Lily Quench and the Hand of Manuelo (Lily Quench (6) goes underground to sniff out Manuelo, a Robin Hood like figure who is causing disruption in the Black Mountains; young reader) $4.99
Reid, Thomas M. The Ruby Guardian (The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy #2: Vambran and Emriana have survived much turmoil and danger, but now things are really starting to get dangerous) $6.99
Rhodes, Natasha Blade Trinity (As the vampires get close to unlocking the secret that will allow them to rule the world, Blade goes head_to_head with the father of all vampires) $7.99
Ringo, John There Will Be Dragons (In an idyllic future, suddenly war comes, and simple master_smith Edmund Talbot discovers that he has powers and can alter the course of evil events) $7.99
Rosenberg, Joel Guardians of the Flame: To Home and Ehvenor (7 college students are transported to a world where magic is real, and years later enter this world as wolf_like creatures come to kill and conquer) $24.00
Russell, Sean The Shadow Roads (Conclusion to The Swans War Trilogy: A larger conflict arises as a dark knight goes into the lands of Death and makes a decision that could destroy the world) $25.95
Sawyer, Robert J. Hybrids (Torn between two worlds, geneticist Mary Vaughn and Neanderthal physicist Ponter Boddit struggle to make their relationship work, and decide to have a hybrid child) $7.99
Shan, Darren Vampire Mountain (Cirque Du Freak #4) $5.99
Sherman, D./Cragg, D. Star Wars: Jedi Trial A Clone Wars Novel (Anakin Skywaker seeks to become Jedi Knight; abridged cassettes $25.00, abridged CDs $27.50) $25.95
Silverberg, Robert-ed. Legends II: Dragon, Sword, and King (Part two of a collection of the best in modern fantasy in which bestselling authors return to the worlds which made them famous) $7.99
Silverberg, Robert-ed. Legends II: Shadows, Gods, and Demons (Part one of a collection of the best in modern fantasy in which bestselling authors return to the worlds which made them famous) $7.99
Swann, S. Andrew The Hostile Takeover Trilogy (Three novels of the planet Bakunin, where no laws govern, making it the perfect place for criminals and mega_corporations) $7.99 More People's GuIde to J.R.R. Tolkein (Guide to the legendary works of Tolkein written by fans for fans) $14.00
Thurlo, Aimee & David Second Sunrise (When a complicated case goes bad, NM police officer and vampire Lee Nez encounters an evil trio of vampires and the scrutiny of an FBI agent who may discover his secret) $6.99
Thurlo, David & Aimee Blood Retribution (Navajo vampire and police officer Lee Nez must kill werewolves who smuggle jewels and silver in from Mexico without revealing his vampire powers) $23.95
Traviss, Karen Crossing the Line (Sequel to City of Pearl : As four races prepare to do war, Shan Frankland must find a way to stop the coming invasion) $7.50
Traviss, Karen Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact (On a mission to sabotage a nanovirus research facility of a Separatist_held planet, four clone commandos face a dangerous journey behind enemy lines with no backup) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Days of Infamy (Alternate history: the Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor is followed by invasion) $24.95
Turtledove, Harry In the Presence of Mine Enemies (Alternate history where the Germans won WWII, and in the 21st century within the Nazi regime, some Jews still survive in hiding, fearing discovery) $7.99
Various Buffy: Tales of the Slayer 4 (Collection of stories chronicling the terrifying test Buffy must endure when she turns 18) $9.99
Viguie, Debbie Charmed: Pied Piper (The Charmed Ones must stop a Pied Piper like woman who is enticing children to follow her) $5.99
Watt_Evans, Lawrence Dragon Venom (Conclusion to the Obsidian Chronicles: After discovering that obsidian kills the evil dragons who destroyed his home, Arlian seems his final vengeance) $7.99
Weber, David The Shadow of Saganami (Graduates of the Royal Manticoran Navy Academy are sent to a backwater of the universe away from the main fighting of the raging war, only to find unexpected danger there) $26.00
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Terry Dragons in the Archives (A collection of the best Dragonlance short stories from Weis and Hickman) $7.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Test of the Twins (Third & last title in the second Dragonlance trilogy in a hardcover edition) $24.95
Werner, C. L. Blood Money (Story of Brunner, bounty hunter and killer in the Warhammer world) $6.99
Williams, Tad Shadowmarch (First in a new fantasy trilogy; signing at Uncle Hugo's Sunday, November 7) $25.95
Yeovil, Jack (Kim Newman) Silver Nails (Vampire Genevieve #4: When a high priest in search of political power starts a witch_hunt, Genevieve and her companions unite to fight the forces of goodness) $6.99
Yolen, Jane The Magic Three of Solana (Sianna has three silver buttons on her jacket, each one will grant a wish, and must use them responsibly, for magic can have dangerous consequences) $5.99
Zinnen, Linda The Dragons of Spratt, Ohio (Young John Salt loves the dragons living in Spratt, and must save them from his aunt Mary's secret plot) $15.99


Barnes, John Gaudeamus (Industrial spy Travis Bismark discovers a machine that allows time travel, teleportation, & the arrival of aliens who offer the user his heart's desire) $24.95
Carey, Jacqueline Banewreaker (The Shaper's War has sundered the world, and two brother gods sit on opposite sides, when a prophecy threatens one god and he sets out to prevent it from coming true) $27.95
Drake, David Master of the Cauldron (The Isles need a strong king to bring unity, and Garric or_Reise swears to become the Lord of the Isles, going on a quest through magic and danger to keep his oath) $25.95
Fallon, Jennifer Treason Keep (Hythrun Chronicles Book 2: Tarja and the Defenders are too few to stand against the invaders, must form an alliance with the Hythruns to survive) $25.95
Gould, Steven Reflex (Davy is capable of teleportation and works for a secret government agency, when he is kidnapped by a mysterious group who wish to use his powers for their own evil purposes) $24.95
Hughes, Matthew Black Brillion (Baro Harkless, devoted servant of the Archonite Bureau of Security, teams up with criminal Luff Imbry to capture the greatest con_man in the city of Sherit) $23.95
Lindskold, Jane Wolf Captured (Firekeeper and wolf companion Blind Seer are kidnapped and dragged overseas, and forced to maneuver for thei lives in an unfamiliar and dangerous new society) $27.95
McGann, Oisin The Gods and Their Machines (In a world that bears a disturbing resemblance to the Middle East, two young people from opposite sides are caught in a never_ending war between their nations) $19.95
Sargent, Pamela Shore of Women (In post_nuclear future, women rule the world. Two lovers struggle to find safe haven) $14.95
Stross, Charles The Family Trade (Reporter Miriam Beckstein is transported to a parallel Earth where her family is in charge and she is the heir to their fortune, but enemies abound) $24.95
Turtletaub, H.N. Owls to Athens (In the third century B.C., philosopher Sostratos goes to Athens with friend Menedemos, and when Menedemos has an affair with their host's wife, they find trouble) $25.95
Wolfe, Gene The Wizard (The Wizard's Knight Book 3: Sir Able returns to Mythgarthr he serves the dragon king Arnthor in a final war with the Osterlings) $25.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Dark of the Sun (After the eruption of Krakatoa causes problems throughout the world, Saint_Germain makes his way from Asia to Europe, hoping to find safety in the West) $27.95

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