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Newsletter #67 September - November, 2004

[PBO means paperback original]

Adams, Jane Dangerous to Know (A chronic underachiever tips off his police ex-wife when he stumbles onto major internet fraud; she investigates and is killed, and he decides to investigate on his own instead of telling the police what he knows; Brit import hc) $25.95
Adams, Paul Flash Point (Fiery, fearless camerawoman Maggie Walsh heads for Tibet when the Dalai Lama dies to get the reaction of his people and to film the search for the chosen child, and the Chinese Army does not approve) $16.95
Benke, Richard The Ghost Ocean (While tracking wolf poachers in SW New Mexico, a Bureau of Land Management ranger finds the body of a twelve-year-old girl) $14.95
Brickhill, Paul The Great Escape (Classic reprint nonfiction; American and British air force officers escape from a German prison camp) $13.95
Burgess, Anthony Tremor of Intent (A brilliantly funny spy novel from 1966) $13.95
Cameron, Vicki Clue Mysteries: 15 Whodunnits to Solve in Minutes (Sleuth out the culprit in this collection of 15 tales based on the classic Clue game) $9.95
Cameron, Vicki More Clue Mysteries (15 more who_dunnits to solve yourself) $9.95
Caple, Natalee Mackerel Sky (After 20 years man returns to Canada to meet his daughter, encounters bizarre household, counterfeiting, sex and murder) $23.95
Cartledge, Paul The Spartans: The World of the Warrior_Heroes of Greece $14.95
Cockey, Tim Murder in the Hearse Degree (Baltimore mortician/sleuth Hitchcock Sewell (4) investigates when a young nanny is fished out of the river near Annapolis) $6.99
Commings, Joseph Banner Deadlines (Lost Classic Series; collection of locked-room mysteries solved by Senator Banner) $19.00
Cook, Andrew Ace of Spies ("True Story of Sidney Reilly", British import trade paperback) $22.95
Coonts, Stephen Saucer: The Conquest (Sequel to Saucer : Someone is using top secret information about saucer technology and Rip Cantrell and Charley Pine must steal a saucer to save Uncle Egg and the world) $14.95
Corwin, Miles Homicide Special (A Year with the LAPD Elite Detective Unit; nonfiction) $15.00
Cox, Richard Rift (Near-future thriller involving a willing test subject for a new technology with unforeseen results) $23.95
Cummins, Jeanine A Rip in Heaven (non-fiction; "A Memoir of Murder and Its Aftermath") $12.95
de Castrique, Mark Dangerous Undertaking (Mentally unbalanced Dallas Willard shows up at his grandmother's burial service, kills two relatives and then turns the shotgun on undertaker Barry Clayton; Barry investigates) $6.99
de Castrique, Mark Grave Undertakings (Undertaker Barry Clayton is moving a grave on a mountainside, when he discovers an extra body in the grave, with a bullet hole to the head and Barry's girl friend's photo in the dead man's wallet; signed) $24.95
Dickens, Charles A House to Let (A composite tale of mystery and intrigue in Victorian London, co-written with Elizabeth Gaskell, Wilkie Collins, Adelaide Anne Proctor; import) $12.00
Edric, Robert Cradle Song (Imprisoned child murderer offers, in return for a reduced sentence, to implicate others, including police, and reveal where several more bodies are buried; signed British import) $13.00
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Murders and Other Confusions (Collection of short stories about 16th century sleuth Susanna, Lady Appleton; signed hc available at $52.00) $17.00
Evans, Liz Sick as a Parrot (Girl adopted at birth attempts to trace her family, finds her mother was convicted of murder 20 years ago, and hires Grace Smith (5) to investigate; signed British import hc) $29.95
Ferrigno, Robert The Wake_Up (Tough_guy Frank Thorp, newly fired from a black ops shop tries to do a good deed; dark humor) $23.95
Fforde, Jasper Well of Lost Plots (Literary detective Thursday Next #3) $14.00
Folsom, Allan The Exile (Jack Baron, the youngest member of LAPD's 5_2 squad tries to stop an international hitman who terrorizes the L.A. streets for a world famous baroness with a devastating dream) $25.95
Furst, Alan Dark Voyage (Tangier, April 1941; Captain of Dutch freighter is recruited for secret missions; historical spy novel; abridged CDs $30.00, abridged cassettes $26.00) $24.95
Gardner, Erle Stanley (ed. by Pronzini) The Danger Zone & Other Stories (11 stories of unsung potential series sleuths from pulp & slick mags 1920s-50s; hc available at $29.00) $19.00
Garfield, Brian Hopscotch (Former CIA agent Miles Kendig develops a plan to expose secrets of world governments and becomes the quarry of an international manhunt) $14.95
Gellis, Roberta Lucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons (Lucrecia Borgia has fled to Rome, where she is welcome until accused of poisoning a lady_in_waiting and must find the real killer to clear her name) $14.95
Genna, Giuseppe In the Name of Ishmael (A dark, stunning literary thriller of international political intrigue) $13.95
Glauser, Friedrich Thumbprint (Sergeant Studer investigates death of a travelling salesman in Swiss forest, and nothing is as it seems) $13.95
Greenberg, Martin H.-ed. Murder Most Postal ; Murder Most Medieval ; Murder Most Romantic (Specially priced hardcover anthologies) $9.99 each
Gregory, Susanna The Hand of Justice (Matthew Bartholomew (10) in Cambridge, February 1355; British import hc) $24.95
Hayes, Teddy Blood Red Blues (Hardboiled Harlem noir; Devil Barnett was a CIA wet-ops agent for 15 years, but when his father was killed at his bar, Devil came home to run the bar and finds new problems in the neighborhood) $12.99
Henderson, C. J. The Occult Detectives (Thirteen tales of supernatural investigations) $15.99
Highsmith, Patricia The Glass Cell (Man is falsely convicted of fraud and spends 6 years in prison, comes out a very changed man; classic '64 reprint) $13.95
Highsmith, Patricia Small g (First U.S. publication of her final novel) $24.95
Jecks, Michael The Tolls of Death (Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock (17), medieval mystery, signed British import hc) $24.95
Kawabata, Yasunari The Lake (Novel about a homeless stalker, translated from Japanese) $16.00
Kessler, Ronald The CIA at War (Behind_the_scenes look at the CIA's role in the war on terrorism) $15.95
Lawrence, Caroline The Secrets of Vesuvius (Second is series of young adult Roman mysteries) $4.99
Lee, Don Country of Origin (Lisa Countryman has disappeared in Tokyo, perhaps into the sex trade, and those who are supposed to be searching can't be bothered) $24.95
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black House (Classic reprint from 1950; Henry Debbon reluctantly hosts a party at the house he recently inherited from his eccentric aunt, and all sorts of strange mischief occurs) $14.00
MacDonald, Janice The Monitor (Cyberspace mystery; Canadian import) $10.99
Mackay, Chris/Miller, Greg The Interrogators (Nonfiction; "Inside the Secret War Against Al Qaeda) $25.95
Magden, Perihan The Messenger Boy Murders (Set in Turkey, translated) $11.95
Malcolm, Murray J. Baser Elements (John Smith, freelance forensic consultant; Canadian import) $8.99
Malcolm, Murray J. Nine Dead Dogs (Second John Smith forensic mystery; Canadian import) $6.95
Maltin, Leonard 2005 Movie Guide (Annual reference book) $8.99
Matlock, Jack F. Jr. Reagan and Gorbachev: How The Cold War Ended $29.95
McInery/Greenberg-ed. Murder Most Divine (Eighteen stories of sleuthing among the clergy) $9.99
Mersereau, John Murder Loves Company (Classic reprint, set at the 1939 San Francisco World's Fair) $14.95
Mills, Mark Amagansett (Conrad Labarde is 1st generation Basque fisherman who pulls dead woman from sea) $24.95
Mills, Wendy Howell Death of a Mermaid (Callie McKinley, hotel restaurant manager on North Carolina's Outer Banks, searches for a disappeared head waitress) $7.99
Moench, Doug The Forensic Files of Batman (Batman's files, diary entries, etc., show how he used forensic science to solve crimes) $22.95
Morgan, Hunter She'll Never Tell (Romantic suspense) $5.99
Oppenheim, E. Phillips Secrets & Sovereigns: Uncollected Stories of E. Phillips Oppenheim (From 1900 to 1927, plus a bibliography) $19.95
Packer, Vin Something in the Shadows/Intimate Victims (Classic reprint of 2 novels from 1962 and 1963; pseudonym of Marijane Meaker, who also wrote a series of award-winning young adult novels under the pseudonym M. E. Kerr) $19.95
Palmer, Stuart The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla (Classic reprint; Hildegarde Withers investigates in Mexico in 1937; a lighthearted mystery) $14.95
Pixley, Andrew The Avengers Files (Provides backgrounds of John Steed, Emma Peel, and other characters from the TV series as if they were real agents, aided by the "surveillance tapes" that started in black & white and later became color; Brit import) $24.95
Priebe, Jim Takeout Double (When a bridge player is killed, an ambitious police lieutenant who is familiar with the tournament bridge world is assigned to investigate) $17.95
Pronzini, Bill The Alias Man (He has seduced and charmed, stolen and disappeared many times, but now his 3 most recent victims have teamed up to track him down) $24.00
Puzo, Mario The Godfather (Reissue of the classic novel) $7.99
Reichert, Sheriff David Chasing the Devil (Non-fiction account of the 20 year manhunt to capture the Green River Killer) $24.95
Reyder, Ben Flat Crazy (Comic mystery where Blanco Co. TX (3) game warden John Marlin must deal with a dead body and the wild ramifications of a populace that believes there's a mythical chupacabra loose) $24.95
Reyder, William J./Dillow, Gordon Where the Money Is ("True Tales from the Bank Robbery Capital of the World) $13.95
Roberts, Craig/Sasser, Charles W. Crosshairs on the Kill Zone (Nonfiction; American combat snipers, Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom) $6.99
Sallis, James Cypress Grove (Small-town sheriff asks for help from retired big-city cop when a drifter is found ritualistically murdered) $13.00
Schwandt, Stephen Siren Song (Minneapolis school teacher buys a used cabin cruiser in Wisconsin, planning on a summer of boating, but the boat contains clues about a murder and lots of missing cash, and others are after the money; local author, signing at Uncle Edgar's Sept. 12; hc available $23.95) $15.95
Sidor, Steven Skin River (Man with a past and now small-town WI tavern owner finds a severed hand and falls into dark, harrowing, and unpredictable situation; drop-by signing September 20) $23.95
Simon, Michael Dirty Sally (In Austin, Texas, 1988, the only Yankee and only Jewish homicide detective follows clues to the Texas Elite) $23.95
Slaughter, Karin Indelible (5 CDs, abridged) $29.95
Springer, Patricia A Love to Die For (Non-fiction story of Christa Pike, who murdered her best friend for flirting with her boyfriend and became the youngest woman on Death Row) $6.50
Stacy, Lyndon Blindfold (Horseracing mystery, compared to Dick Francis; Brit. import) $8.95
Stacy, Lyndon Cut Throat (Horseracing mystery, compared to Dick Francis; Brit. import) $8.95
Telushkin, Joseph/Estrin, Allen Heaven's Witness (When a teenager is hypnotized to deal with a voice problem, details come out about a murder that took place 7 years before the teenager was born) $19.95
Waddell, Ian A Thirst to Die For (Canadian political thriller) $6.95
Walker, Robert W. Absolute Instinct (FBI forensic pathologist Jessica Coran (11) goes one on one with the most extreme psychopathic killer she has ever encountered) $23.95
Warsh, Sylvia Maultash Find Me Again (A mystery spans three centuries, from a love affair between the girl who would become Catherine the Great and the man who would become the last king of Poland, to a modern murder; Canadian import) $7.99
Webb, Betty Desert Shadows (The publisher of extremist Patriot's Blood is killed at a book show, and Scottsdale PI Lena Jones investigates; signed copies available) $24.95
Westbrook, Robert The Final Cut (Movie novelization; near future thriller) $6.99


Mary_Kate and Ashley: The Case of the Haunted Maze (Young adult) $4.99
Alcarez, Rafael The Wire: Truth Be Told (Official companion guide to the television series, with interviews, profiles, and photographs of the Baltimore locations) $25.00
Alexander, Bruce The Price of Murder (Sir John Fielding sends Jeremy into the notorious Seven Dials section of London to look into a woman's disappearance, and a friend of Jeremy also disappears) $6.99
Andrews, Mary Kay (aka K. Trochek) Hissy Fit (After discovering her fiance doing the deed with the maid of honor at her wedding, small town Georgia interior designer Keeley Murdock pitches a hissy fit and must find a way to clear her name and exact revenge) $24.95
Axler, James Deathlands #67: Death Hunt (Post-apocalyptic adventure; PBO) $6.50
Baldacci, David Split Second (Two disgraced Secret Service agents band together in an uneasy alliances to investigate crimes against presidential candidates 8 years apart which seem connected) $7.99
Barton, Beverly As Good As Dead (Reve Sorrell has come to Cherokee Pointe, TN, to seek answers about her past, and lands in the midst of a serial killer's spree, and she may be his next victim) $6.99
Baxter, Cynthia Putting on the Dog (Jessica and her K_9 companions investigate the murder of a celebrity photographer at a Long Island dog show; PBO) $6.99
Bearden, Milt/Risen, James The Main Enemy Non-fiction; the CIA's final showdown with the KGB) $6.99
Benjamin, Carol Lea Fall Guy (When one of the detectives in her 9/11 survivor's group dies, therapist and P.I. Rachel Alexander, with her pit bull Dashiell, begin a dangerous investigation that will lead her deep into the cop's past) $23.95
Berenson, Laurien Jingle Bell Bark (During the holidays, Melanie Travis (11) investigates the murder of her son's bus driver and takes on the care of his two golden retrievers, while Aunt Peg helps) $22.00
Berry, Steve The Amber Room (When Atlanta judge Rachel Cutler's father dies under mysterious circumstances, she and her ex_husband travel to Germany to unravel the secret and find themselves in danger) $6.99
Berry, Steve The Romanov Prophecy (Lawyer Miles Lord is in Russia for research, but when he is shot at, investigates) $24.95
Bicos, Olga Dead Easy (After being fired, Professor Ana Kimble goes on vacation on a tropical island resort, when the friend who invited her disappears and Ana finds herself in a nightmare; PBO) $6.50
Block, Lawrence-ed. Blood on Their Hands (Collection of 19 stories of what people do when pushed to the edge) $7.50
Block, Lawrence Grifter's Game (aka Mona , NYC 1961; con man steals suitcase of heroin, then plots to murder the dealer with help from man's wife) $6.99
Booth, Stephen Blind to the Bones (Detectives Diane Fry and Ben Cooper investigates the mysterious deaths of several villagers in Dark Peak) $7.99
Brett, Simon Murder in the Museum (When a human skeleton is unearthed, Carole and Jude must risk tarnishing the sterling reputation of a beloved author to learn whether his sword was mightier than his pen) $6.99
Brighton, Terry Hell Riders: The True Story of the Charge of the Light Brigade (150th anniversary, 16 pp. photos) $27.50
Brown, Sandra Hello, Darkness (Paris Gibson, host of a late night radio show in Austin, Texas, receives a call telling him the caller plans to murder a girl in 3 days, and must identify him to stop a murder) $7.99
Brumberg, Joan Jacobs Kansas Charley: The Boy Murderer (Non-fiction; historian explores remarkable century old case of murderous youth) $15.00
Buchanan, Bill Pure Fusion (Dr. George Higgins and the U.S. Counterterrorist Center must search out and destroy the facilities manufacturing fusion neutron bombs before America's enemies set one off; PBO) $7.99
Burke, James Lee Last Car to Elysian Fields (David Robicheaux investigates a car crash that killed 3 teenaged girls and seeks the man who assaulted his friend Father Jimmy Dolan) $7.99
Butler, Gwendoline Coffin Knows the Answer (A killer is stalking pretty young women in London's Second City and Chief Commander John Coffin becomes personally involved when his wife, Stella, is kidnapped) $5.99
Candis, Judy All Things Hidden (A female homicide detective confronts issues of racism, single_motherhood, and the challenges of faith in Dadesville, one of Florida's most violent cities) $13.95
Childs, Laura The Jasmine Moon Murder (Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning (5) is catering a benefit when the event's organizer drops dead and while investigating Theodosia gets in hot water up to her neck) $22.95
Coel, Margaret Wife of Moon (Two murders a century apart are linked by a photograph, and Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden unearth secrets best left buried as they investigate) $22.95
Condon, Richard The Manchurian Candidate (Classic 1959 reprint: Sergeant Raymond Shaw is brainwashed by the Chinese to kill a presidential nominee, tie_in to the classic movie) $6.99
Connor, Beverly Dead Guilty (Forensic Anthropologist Diane Fallon leads the investigation of the murder of three people hanged execution style in the Georgia woods; PBO) $6.99
Cooper, Susan Rogers Lying Wonders (Okla. Sheriff Milt Kovak (8) seeks missing person at religious retreat.) $5.99
Cornwell, Bernard Heretic (Young skilled archer Thomas of Hookton travels through France seeking the man who murdered his father and stole his only treasure, rumored to be the Holy Grail) $7.99
Cornwell, Patricia Blow Fly (Dr. Kay Scarpetta has relocated to Florida and is working as a forensic consultant on a disturbing case, when serial killer Wolfman asks to see her on death row, to reveal secrets) $7.99
Cowley, Robert What Ifs? of American History (Collection of essays on what might have happened if events in history had been different) $14.95
Craig, Emily, PhD. Teasing Secrets from the Dead: Most Infamous Crime Scenes (True account of forensic anthropologist who explores major crimes) $24.95
Crider, Bill We'll Always Have Murder (Humphrey Bogart and down_and_out PI Terry Scott team up to thwart a plan to blackmail Bogie for murder) $6.99
Davis, Lindsey Scandal Takes a Holiday (Marcus Didius Falco investigates when the writer of a scandal column in the Daily Gazette disappears and finds himself up against a sinister and powerful organization) $24.95
DeVoe, Forrest Jr. Into the Volcano (1962; Laconic ex_soldier from Texas Jack Mallory and Boston's beautiful Laura Morse, agents for the Consultancy, track down the killer of a friend and Dutch spy) $22.95
Devlin, Frank Love In All The Wrong Places (San Francisco homicide detective Rose Burke in pursuit of woman who preys on men on the make) $23.95
Dickey, Christopher The Sleeper (An ex_terrorist living a quiet life with his family until 9/11, when he begins to hunt down Al Qaeda members putting himself and all he loves in danger) $24.00
Dunham, Tracy Wishful Sinful (Attorney Tal Jefferson leaves the big city for Georgia after losing a big case, and seeks solace in booze until a friend is accused of murder and she must help; PBO) $6.50
Durgin, Doranna Exception to the Rule (Agent Kimmer Reed must go to her hometown to protect a computer mastermind who holds the key to the country's defense and must protect her at all costs against the bad guys) $5.50
Ellis, Kate The Bone Garden (Det. Sgt. Wesley Peterson investigates 300 year old skeleton unearthed at Earlsacre Hall and two murders seem connected) $5.99
Fforde, Jasper Something Rotten (Det. Thursday Next (4) in fantastic literary entanglement with Hamlet and others; we're supposed to get signed copies) $24.95
Fawkes, L.T. A Hard Day's Work Can Be Murder (When a woman in his bar pool league is murdered, Terry Saltz takes time off from his carpentry business to investigate; PBO) $5.99
Fiffer, Sharon The Wrong Stuff (Antiques dealer Jane Wheel investigates the murder of a fellow antiques dealer who was involved in a furniture counterfeiting operation) $6.99
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote: Destination Murder (Jessica Fletcher is on a 3 night train trip through British Columbia when a passenger takes a sip of a Bloody Mary and dies, and she is thrust into an investigation) $6.50
Francisco, Ruth Confessions of a Deathmaiden (A terminally ill man dies too soon and the woman who was taking care of him travels to Mexico to find out why) $6.99
Francisco, Ruth Good Morning Darkness (When a beautiful woman disappears, a fisherman and a detective are determined to find her and explain the severed arm the fisherman discovered on Venice Beach) $23.95
Freedman, J.F. Fallen Idols (When one archaeologist is murdered and her husband disappears while working on a Mayan ruin, three brothers try to discover what happened to their parents) $7.99
Garber, Joseph R. Whirlwind (CIA operative who has been double_crossed by his bosses before is sent on a mission that he's not meant to survive, but he has plans of his own) $24.95
Garbera, Katherine Exposed (Hotshot reporter Tory Patton goes to Central America to interview a Navy SEAL held hostage and an assassination attempt on the SEAL turns her interview into a rescue mission) $5.50
Garwood, Julie Murder List (As part of an exercise, Regan Madison makes a list of people who have harmed her, and when those people begin to be murdered Regan must find out who the killer is) $25.95
George, Nelson The Accidental Hunter (D. Hunter, Manhattan security specialist, is hired to deliver the ransom to the kidnappers of the famous singer Night, and descends into a world of violence and corruption) $13.00
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, Martin H.-ed. Texas Rangers (Collection of tales honoring the historic Texas Rangers; PBO) $5.99
Graysmith, Robert Amerithrax (Non-fiction; account of the hunt for the Anthrax Killer) $7.99
Grimes, Martha Foul Matter (Sharp send_up of the cut_throat world of publishing, hilarious) $13.95
Grimes, Martha The Winds of Change (Supt. Richard Jury (18), police colleagues, and gardner Melrose Plante conduct sad and serpentine murder investigation; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Hall, James W. Bones of Coral (Reprint) $6.99
Hall, James W. Off the Chart (Thirn and Alezandra Rafferty return to take on a criminal mastermind who plunders pleasure boats and kills their owners in the vast, lonely waters off the Florida Keys) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Poppy Done to Death (Georgia librarian Aurora Teagarden (8) finds her sister_in_law Poppy dead on the floor and must sift through the sordid details of her relative's life to find the killer) $5.99
Hart, Erin Haunted Ground (First in a series with extraordinary forensic detail from a local author _ Agatha Award nominee) $7.50
Helms, R./Hood, W. A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the CIA (Autobiography of late CIA Director) $16.95
Henderson, Tom Blood Justice (Non-fiction; a Michigan murderer who nearly went undetected until the son of a victim alerted police to connections between murders committed 5 years apart) $6.99
Higgins, Jack Dark Justice (White House security operative Blake Johnson and British counterpart Sean Dillon fight assassins in political domino game) $25.95
Hightower, Lynn Fortunes of the Dead (Joel Mendez investigates the murder of a college intern and the intern's sister turns to Joels lover, PI Lena Padget for help and both try to bring the killer to justice) $6.99
Hill, Reginald Death's Jest_Book (A brilliant maniac taunts Yorkshire policeman Peter Pascoe and Detective Superintendent "Fat Andy" Dalziel with unsettling letters, possibly the killer they believed deceased) $7.99
Hime, James The Night of the Dance (Washington County, Texas is alive with intrigue when the preacher's daughter is discovered murdered in an oil well, Edgar nominee for Best 1st Novel) $6.99
Hinze, Vicki Body Double (After being rescued, Amanda West discovers that someone is making doubles of Special Forces agents, and as she seeks the truth she doesn't know who to trust; PBO) $5.50
Hough, Robert The Stowaway (When two stowaways are found on a ship, they are put in a raft to die, and the crew must some to terms with the murder and stand for good or evil when another is found) $24.00
Hurwitz, Gregg The Kill Clause (Deputy U.S. Marshall Tim Rackley is devastated when the killer who brutally murdered his daughter walks on a technicality, and joins a vigilante group to seek revenge) $7.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Intent to Harm (Attorney Kali O'Brien (6) investigates the mysterious disappearance of a woman with links to the powerful and elite with a killer on her trail who killed her informant) $6.99
Jakeman, Jane Let There Be Blood (Lord Ambrose has returned from Greece hoping to rest, but when a nearby farmer and his son are shot and a local gypsy is accused, Ambrose must attend to the matter) $12.00
Johansen, Iris Fatal Tide (Marine researcher Melis Nemid returns to her Caribbean island home to research dolphin behavior, when a savage killer cuts a path of destruction and death that leads to her) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. The Last Rebel: Survivor (A new hero _ the heir to Ben Raine's dream _ fights for humanity in this first book in an explosive new series) $5.99
Kahn, Sharon Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver (Ruby the Rabbi's wife attends a Temple reunion when a chopped liver mold shaped like Texas disappears and is replaced by a body and Ruby investigates) $24.00
Kent, Gordon Force Protection (Naval intelligence officer Craik, with lives at stake, investigates terrorists) $25.00
Knight, Bernard The Witch Hunter (Coroner Crowner John (8) must unravel the death of a prominent burgess and clear his mistress of charges of witchcraft) $23.00
Kocienewski, D. The Brass Wall: The Betrayal of Undercover Detective #4126 (nonfiction, 8 pp. photos) $14.00
Krich, Rochelle Dream House (Journalist Molly Blume investigates vandalism in a ritzy L.A. neighborhood and the violence escalates when an elderly man is killed in a fire which may be arson) $6.99
Lehr, Dick/Zuckoff, Mitchell Judgement Ridge (Non-fiction; the Dartmouth Murders, Jan. 2001) $14.95
Leon, Donna Acqua Alta (Chilling, evocative, Venice detective Brunetti fights underworld) $7.99
Lippman, Laura By a Spider's Thread (5 CDs, abridged) $29.95
MacAlister, V.A. The Mosquito War (In an attempt to get the attention of U.S. pharmaceutical companies, Su Thom steals a flask and implements an idea so terrible that it captures the country's attention) $7.99
Martin, Allana Death of the River Master (When trading post owner Texana Jones' husband Clay is accused of murder she must outwit Mexico's corrupt legal system to prove his innocence) $5.99
McBain, Ed Lullaby (Reprint: the 87th Precinct) $7.99
McKinty, Adrian Dead I May Well Be (Illegal Irish immigrant Michael Forsythe joins a gang, and is double_crossed by his boss, ending up in a Mexican prison where he must escape to wreak his revenge) $6.99
Meadows, David E. Joint Task Force: France (3rd in the Joint Task Force series: A secret mission to destroy an experimental weapon goes wrong, and could lead to war; PBO) $6.99
Mills, Kyle Smoke Screen (Trevor Barnett has become spokesman for the tobacco industry just as a 200 billion dollar lawsuit is filed, and is caught in the crossfire as Big Tobacco goes on the offensive) $7.99
Moose, Charles A. Three Weeks in October (Non-fiction; manhunt for the D.C. sniper) $7.99
Muller, Eddie The Art of Noir (Striking artwork of posters from the noir era, large format graphic) $35.00
Myers, Tim Booked for Murder (When a cursed gem disappears and dead bodies appear, Alex Winston (5) must stop a killer to save his beloved inn; PBO) $5.99
North, Oliver/Musser, Joe The Jericho Sanction (When a mad Middle Eastern despot arms himself with nuclear muscle, U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Peter Newman must prevent an Israeli preemptive strike that could unleash Armageddon) $7.99
Nyala, Hannah Cry Last Heard (When a friend of Ranger Tally Nowata disappears in the Grand Tetons, and her boyfriend's killer begins stalking her, Tally must find her friend and stop a killer; PBO) $6.99
O'Connell, Carol Dead Famous (Jurors on a controversial trial are being killed off one by one, and only NYPD Detective Kathleen Mallory can figure out why) $7.99
Osuna, Ric The Night the DeFeos Died (Non-fiction; the Amityville Murders) $6.50
Paretsky, Sara Blacklist (V.I. Warshawski returns in a mystery of secrets that stretch across four generations when she finds a dead man in the pond of the estate of her most important client) $7.99
Pelecanos, George Shoedog (Loner and ex_Marine Constantine hitches a ride to Florida with an old geezer and takes an offer to do a bank heist which changes their lives forever) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #98:Predator Paradise (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #310: Killing Heat (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Perry, Anne No Graves As Yet (In 1914 England, Joseph Reavley's parents have died while transporting an explosive document, and his most brilliant student has been murdered, and he seeks the connection) $7.50
Phillips, Arthur The Egyptologist (Egypt 1922; Darkly comic confluence of man's obsessed hunt for tomp of apocryphal kind and an Australian detective's globe-spanning search for multiple killer) $24.95
Phillips, Max Fade to Blonde (Hollywood 1955; starlet hires ex-pug to protect her from sadistic pornographer and everybody has dark secrets; PBO) $6.99
Price, Daniel Slick (Bitingly comic novel about media intrigue and manipulation, murder and ratings) $24.95
Rabb, M.E. Missing Persons #3: The Venetian Policeman (When a rash of pet disappearances hits Venice, Indiana, Sam and Sophie take on the case) $5.99
Ramsland, Katherine The Science of Cold Case Files (Official guide to the hit A&E series with photos) $14.00
Rankin, Ian Witch Hunt (Assassin Witch's next assignment will create political chaos around the world, and three obsessed detectives must unravel a high_ranking web of deceit to stop her) $19.95
Rigbey, Liz Summertime (A New York investment banker must face her family's legacy of madness and murder when she returns to Northern CA after her father's suspicious death) $6.99
Ripley, Ann Death at the Spring Plant Sale (PBS star and amateur sleuth cover the Bethesda Garden Club plant sale, and find blue_blooded traditions, deeply rooted resentments, and murder) $5.99
Robb, J.D. Divided in Death (Lieutenant Eve Dallas returns in a novel which brings together her past and present) $7.99
Robinson, Peter The First Cut (Available in the U.S. for the first time, previously titled Caemon's Song , stand_alone psychological thriller set in England) $13.95
Rocco, Fiammetta Quinine (Account of the quest for a cure to malaria) $13.95
Rubinstein, Julian Ballad of the Whiskey Robber (Non_fiction; Budapest 1990's, bizarre and wicked crime story about Transylvania gentleman bank robber with photos and maps) $23.95
Scott, Justin Frostline (In Newbury, CT, real estate broker Ben Abbott gets caught in a nasty land battle between two neighbors, when the son of one is murdered and Abbot investigates) $6.99
Sheldon, Sidney Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Four people in four cities die in apparent accidents, all of whom worked for KIG, a think tank, and two of the wives become reluctant allies when their lives are threatened) $25.95
Siegel, Sheldon Final Verdict (San Francisco lawyer Mike Daley defends Leon Walker, the man Daley kept out of jail, who stands accused of a murder he says he didn't commit) $7.99
Siegel, Sheldon The Confession (Legal thriller; Mike Daley(3) and ex_wife law partner Rosie try to save priest) $25.95
Simmons, Dan Hard As Nails (Ex_PI Kurtz must track down the assailants who put his partner in a coma before they return for him) $6.99
Smolens, John Fire Point (Yooper Martin Reed falls in love and finds a home, but her old boyfriend has other plans) $22.00
Speart, Jessica Blue Twilight (The strange disappearance of a biologist in search of a rare blue butterfly plunges Rachel Porter into a deadly world of fanatical obsession, and cold_blooded murder; PBO) $6.99
Stabenow, Dana ed Wild Crimes (Anthology of all new mystery stories featuring wild men, wilder women, and the wildest crimes imaginable; PBO) $6.99
Stukas, David Biceps of Death (Robert, Michael and Moette (4) investigate the murder of Flex the day after he handed Robert a CD_Rom with incriminating pictures of prominent men) $22.00
Talley, Marcia In Death's Shadow (Investigating the sudden death of a dear friend and fellow cancer survivor, Hannah Ives becomes the target of those in the big business of living and dying; PBO) $6.99
Tan, Maureen A Perfect Cover (Agent Lacie Reed is sent to New Orleans to work undercover to catch a serial killer; PBO) $5.50
Todd, Charles The Murder Stone (During WWI, a woman tries to honor her grandfather's last wish by destroying a mysterious stone, but she is waylaid by a series of ominous accidents and one who seeks revenge) $6.99
Villatoro, Marcos Home Killings (Rookie homicide detective Romilia Chacon faces many challenges on the streets of Nashville, including the unsolved murder of her sister and the return of a serial killer) $6.99
Wallace, Randall Love and Honor (On the eve of the American Revolution, Virginia cavalryman Kieran Selkirk is sent to Russia to prevent the Tsarina from sending soldiers to help the British) $25.00
West, Cameron The Medici Dagger (The Medici Dagger, a deadly invention of da Vinci's, has been lost for 5 centuries, when an art curator is killed and stuntman Reb Barnett sets out to find his father's killer) $6.99
White, Ethel Lina The Lady Vanishes (Reprint of 1936 classic) $6.99
Wilhelm, Kate The Unbidden Truth (Oregon attorney Barbara Holloway takes on the case of a gifted young pianist accused of murdering the manager of a piano bar) $23.95
Wilson, F. Paul Sims (In a near future, chimps are genetically altered and able to perform manual labor formerly done by humans, but the company who owns the procedure has dark secrets) $7.99
Woodworth, Stephen Through Violet Eyes (A group who has a special gift that is crime_fighting's secret weapon is in danger from a killer and even the FBI can't stop him) $6.99


Blevins, Meredith The Vanished Priestess (Annie Szabo and her fortune telling mother_in_law investigates the murder of her neighbor, a woman who ran a New Age circus and a local woman's shelter, who had many enemies) $23.95
Burke, Jason Al_Qaeda (Expose of the myths and mysteries that surround Al_Qaeda) $15.95
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Paradise City (Missing persons and the Mafia trouble police inspector LoManto in Manhattan) $24.95
Dickie, John Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian Mafia (16 pp. photos) $26.95
Doss, James The Witch's Tongue (S. Colorado Ute detective Charlie Moon (8) investigates museum burglary, disappearances, and murder) $24.95
Dunn, Carola A Mourning Wedding (Daisy Dalrymple (13) and Det. Chief Insp. Husband attend wedding at Earl's estate, but two deaths means a horde of relatives are now murder suspects) $23.95
Fesperman, Dan The Warlord's Son (Novel by award-winning author. Burned_out war correspondent Skelly seeks the big scoop in Afghanistan's war_torn border) $23.00
Gertz, Bill Treachery: How Foes are Arming Enemies (Non_fiction written by defense and national security expert) $26.95
Gray, John Maclachlan The Fiend in Human (In London, 1852, reporter, addict, and loser Edmund Whiity discovers that a killer awaiting execution may not be guilty and searches for the true killer and answers) $13.95
Hathaway, Robin Satan's Pony (Young Dr. Jo Banks (2), a "house physician" for group of NJ motels, looks for killer of wild young biker dead in "her" parking lot) $22.95
Havill, Steven Convenient Disposal (Posadas Co. NM undersheriff Reyes-Guzman must deal with severely beaten student and Co. mgr., a neighbor who disappeared the same day) $23.95
Holland, Max The Kennedy Assassination Tapes (Documentary history sheds light on transition of power; taped conversations expertly chosen) $26.95
Jager, Eric The Last Duel (Non-fiction; story of crime, scandal and trial by combat in medieval France) $25.95
Johansen, Iris Blind Alley (Sleuth/forensic sculptor Eve Duncan challenged by killer who goes to extraordinary lengths to obscure Ids of his victims) $25.00
Jordan, Neil Shade (Novel. Irish woman murdered and her ghost serves as witness as childhood friends try to make sense out of senseless and hearbreaking crime) $24.95
Kent, Bill Street Fighter (Philadelphia obit writer Shep Ladderback (3) and protege are asked to help solve a rape and murder and are drawn into a set of peculiar and violent conflicts) $23.95
Klench, Elsa Live at 10:00, Dead at 10:15 (While covering the American Design Awards, newsmagazine producer discovers a supermodel standing with a bloody dagger over the body of a fashion mogul's wife) $21.95
Koryta, Michael Tonight I Said Goodbye (When a Cleveland PI is found dead, and his wife and young daughter are missing, PI Lincoln Perry and partner take the case but are warned off by tycoon and FBI; '03 winner SMP/PWA Prize for Best First PI Novel) $21.95
McCall Smith, Alexander The Sunday Philosophy Club (New series with Scottish atmosphere; Isabel Dalhousie is fond of a problem best left to the police) $19.95
McCown, Clint The Weatherman (Unqualified Alabama weatherman with a past tries to right two wrongs targeting his cousin, a seemingly God-fearing DA who murdered as a child; dark humor) $23.00
McKenna, Maryn Beating Back the Devil (Non-fiction; account of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, who track down and stop new health threats) $26.00
O'Connell, Carol Winter House (Mallory (9) deals with extraordinary characters and murder in a case that seems simple at first; signed copies expected) $24.95
Rauchway, Eric Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt's America (15 illus, notes/index) $14.00
Stabenow, Dana A Taint in the Blood (Alaskan PI Kate Shugak (14) hired to clear terminally ill mother of 20-year-old murder conviction but she refuses to cooperate) $24.95
Tripp, David Illegal Tender (Non-fiction; account of the journey of the 1933 twenty_dollar gold piece, eventually sold at auction for 7.5 million dollars) $26.00
Walter, Jess Land of the Blind (Spokane Det. Caroline Mabry (2) encounters an unstable derelict who wants to confess to a murder; 19 hours later he's still writing his confession) $13.95
Welsh, Amanda The Identity Theft Protection Guide (Practical Guide to dealing with privacy issues and identity theft in the age of the World Wide Web) $12.95
Wolstencroft, David Good New, Bad News (British spies George and Charlie have their last assignment: kill each other) $23.95
Woods, Stuart The Prince of Beverly Hills (Rick Baron, Bev. Hills detective in 1930's, protects studio's interests, the stars, against wise guys) $25.95
Wozencraft, Kim Wanted (Thriller about two women, two crimes, one cover-up, and one desperate jailbreak) $24.95


Cornwell, Patricia Trace (Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns to Richmond, VA to investigate death of 14-year-old girl, complicated by inept ME, meddling FBI agent, scant evidence, and other problems; CDs unabridged $44.95) $26.95
Deverell, William Street Legal (New lawyer Carrie Barr undertakes defense of Midnight Strangler) $15.95
Deverell, William The Dance of Shiva (Defense counselor Macarthur falls under sway of cult leader) $15.95
Ellroy, James Destination: Morgue! L.A. Tales (14 pieces, some fiction, some non, mayhem, "hollow_nose prose") $12.95
Fesperman, Dan The Small Boat of Great Sorrows (Thriller set in the ruins of post_war Bosnia involves stolen identities and looted gold. Steel Dagger Award winner) $13.00
Fusilli, Jim Hard, Hard City (Occasional PI Terry Orr (4) searches for missing gifted student in Manhattan and Jersey; his own life in balance) $24.95
Mewshaw, Michael Island Tempest (Frank Pritchard lives quietly in Eden, gated community off Fla. coast, until he is given a pair of binoculars; comedic thriller) $25.95
Parker, Robert B. Melancholy Baby (Boston PI Sunny Randall (4), divorced and troubled, helps woman find birth parents and discovers own truths) $24.95
Reardon, Lisa The Mercy Killers (Family loyalty and moral accountability clash in this novel of age and crime) $24.00
Spears, Steve J. Murder at the Fortnight: The Pentangeli Papers, Vol. 1 (Introducing Stella Pentangeli, "Lady Show_Biz Detective". Comic tale, snappy dialogue, good suspense) $17.95


Adams, Alina On Thin Ice (Bex Levy (2) investigates the disappearance of a figure_skating champion and his father; PBO) $5.99
Adamson, Isaac Kinki Lullabye (Billy Chaka (4) travels to Osaka and ends up investigating the murder of an American tourist in his hotel; trade PBO) $13.95
Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Hill Top Farm (Beatrix has bought a farm, and as she tries to win over the hearts of the locals, her animal friends set out to solve a mystery all their own) $22.95
Aleas, Richard Little Girl Lost (NY PI John Blake uncovers secret life of girlfriend and is changed forever) $6.99
Avicato, Lori A Dose of Murder (Ex_nurse turned P.I. Pauline Sokol works undercover to expose medical fraud, when the healers around her start dropping dead; PBO) $6.99
Bach, Lauren Pure Dynamite (When an FBI Special Agent assumes the identity of a convict and stages an escape to complete a mission, he is forced to seek help from a gorgeous doctor with her own agenda) $6.50
Baldacci, David Hour Game (Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are deputized to help hunt a savage serial killer who taunts police by leaving clues and recreates famous murders of the past) $26.95
Baptiste, Michael Cracked Dreams (A Brooklyn drug gang, The Time Bombs, fear their territory is being taken over by a rival and devise a plan to eliminate the competition) $13.00
Bass, Dr. Bill/Jefferson, Jon Death's Acre (Nonfiction from inside the legendary forensic lab The Body Farm of the lab's most intriguing cases) $14.00
Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin & the Case of the Curious Curate (Agatha investigates the murder of the gorgeous new curate who turns up dead in the vicar's study) $6.50
Blanc, Nero A Crossworder's Gift (Five short mysteries with a crossword theme, and a puzzle with each mystery) $13.00
Bond, Stephanie Whole Lotta Trouble (Three female editors with grudges against a smarmy, bad_ boy literary agent land in a whole lotta trouble when their adversary winds up dead; PBO) $6.99
Braun, Lillian Jackson The Private Life of the Cat Who... (Short cozy tales of Koko and Yum Yum from the Journal of James Mackintosh Qwilleran) $5.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter (Mrs. Jeffries (19) helps Inspector Witherspoon investigate the murder of Sir Edmund Leggett, who may have been killed by a young girl who was stalking him before his death; PBO) $6.50
Cameron, Stella Kiss Them Goodbye (Vivian Patin inherits decrepit family estate and murder in contemporary Louisiana) $6.99
Carter, Jimmy The Hornet's Nest (In 1771 Georgia, Ethan Pratt and his neighbor Kindred find themselves in life_and_death combat with opposing forces of the Revolution) $15.00
Case, John The Eighth Day (Danny Cray, struggling artist and sometime P.I., takes on a case trying to save the reputation of an Italian billionaire, and as he discovers a much deeper conspiracy) $7.99
Chalker/Dockery The Home Team: Undeclared War (When drug and gun dealing terrorists threaten the family of retired SEAL Ted "Grim" Reaper, his ex_Special Forces buddies declare war; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Max Allen CSI #5: Grave Matters (Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigation team looks into an old case and discover the victim is not who they thought she was; PBO) $6.99
Cook, Robin Seizure (A senator against stem cell research and the scientist who created a new procedure square off when the senator becomes ill and the only treatment is the one he abhors) $7.99
Copp, Rick The Actor's Guide to Murder (Gay former child star Jarrod Jarvis investigates the murder of his best friend, also a former child star, while the cops think it was an accident and he sees a conspiracy) $14.00
Cortez, Donn The Closer (After his family was brutally murdered by a serial killer, the Closer has become a vigilante, and must stop ingenious psychopath, the Patron; PBO) $6.99
Coyle, Cleo Through the Grinder (Female customers of Clare Cosi's Village Blend (2) are dying off and Lt. Quinn is convinced the killer is Clare's new boyfriend; PBO) $5.99
Crombie, Deborah In a Dark House (Scotland Yard Supt. Duncan Kincaid (10) and partner Gemma James investigate the shocking death of a woman found burned beyond recognition in a Victorian warehouse in south London) $23.95
Crombie, Deborah Now May You Weep (A Scottish vacation turns deadly for Scotland Yard investigator Gemma James (9) when her friend is accused of slaying her blackmailing former lover) $7.50
Cruikshank, Jeffrey Murder at the B_School (While working with a family whose son has drowned, young assistant Harvard professor Wim Vermeer finds secrets of a financial scandal and turns to a Boston PD Captain for help) $24.95
Cussler, Clive/Dirgo, Craig Scared Stones (Juan Cabrillo and his network of spies fight to protect an ancient artifact possessing catastrophic radioactive power that could start WWIII) $15.00
Davis, Lindsey The Accusers (When a senator convicted of crime dies, apparently by suicide, Marcus Didius Falco (15) is hired to prove it was actually murder) $12.95
Dunn, Carola Mistletoe and Murder (Dauntless British sleuth Daisy Dalrymple (11) is spending a much_dreaded Christmas with her distant, faintly scandalous family and investigating a very haunting murder) $5.99
Edgehill, Rosemary Murder by Magic (20 original stories of murders committed or solved by fantastical means) $13.95
Faust, Ron Sea of Bones (Dab Shaw (2) agrees to help a hot shot Florida lawyer track down a slick con man and discovers that the swindler is more dangerous than he imagined) $6.99
Ferris, Monica Crewel Yule (Betsy Devonshire (8) investigates when a shop owner tumbles to her death during the needlework convention; pattern included) $22.95
Fletcher, M.\Bain, D. Murder She Wrote: A Vote for Murder ( Jessica (22)meets the dark side of politics when she goes to Washington, D.C) $19.95
Flinn, Elaine Tagged for Murder (When a fellow antiques dealer is murdered, Molly Doyle (2) must uncover a killer before she becomes the next victim; PBO) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Sugar Cookie Murder (Bakery owner Hannah Swensen is stranded in the community center by a blizzard, and searches for clues to the murder of Martin Dubinski's showgirl wife; specially priced HC) $16.00
Francis, Dick Win, Place, and Show (Omnibus featuring ex_jockey Sid Halley: Odds Against , Whip Hand , and Come to Grief ) $15.00
Freydont, Shelley A Merry Little Murder (This Christmas, former dancer Lindy Haggerty (5) goes to the International Ballroom Competition in Atlantic City, and takes the lead in solving a murder there) $5.99
Friedman, Kinky 'Scuse Me While I Whip This Out (Collection of essays by Friedman) $22.95
Fusilli, Jim Tribeca Blues (When NYC detective Terry Orr (3) learns of the death of the mother of the madman he thinks killed his wife, he discovers the true nature of his obsession) $6.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley/A.A. Fair Top Of The Heap (First pub in 30 years. Donald Lam of the Cool & Lam Detective Agency in intricate gangster scam) $6.99
Gardner, Lisa The Killing Hour (The clock is ticking for one rookie FBI agent as a serial killer whose murders date back decades begins a new killing spree) $7.99
Greenberg/Nevins-ed. Mr. President, Private Eye (Reprint: 12 suspense tales featuring presidents involved in the investigations) $6.99
Hall, Jessica Heat of the Moment (New Orleans detective Teresa Vincent teams up with Fire Marshall Cort Gamble to investigate a serial arsonist who has a vendetta against Cort, and romance flames as well) $6.99
Hall, Parnell With this Puzzle, I Thee Kill (Cora's wedding day is ruined by murder, and her niece Sherry sets out to capture a cryptic killer determined to lead another victim to the altar of murder) $6.99
Handler, David The Bright Silver Star (Mitch Berger and Desiree Mitry (3) investigate the death of a member of a group of men who gather to walk every morning, and discover an underlying unexpected evil) $6.99
Hardwick, Michael The Revenge of the Hound (Reprint: Sherlock Holmes investigates several seemingly unrelated crimes and must put together a puzzle that endangers the British Empire) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Letter From Home (Summer'44, small town Oklahoma; coming-of-age and search for truth behind tragedy; Agatha Award Best Novel winner) $6.99
Hart, Erin Lake of Sorrows (Two bodies, one old and one new, are found at an isolated Ireland industrial site, and pathologist Nora Gavin (2) teams up with archaeologist Cormac Maguire to investigate; signing at Uncle Edgar's Nov. 23) $24.00
Hebborn, Eric The Art Forger's Handbook (Written by the world's most notorious forger of art, the secrets of his techniques, speculation on the nature of truth) $19.95
Hill, Reginald Good Morning, Midnight (Yorkshire policemen Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe (20) investigate the apparent suicide of a businessman and find suspicious links to the death of the victim's father) $24.95
Horwitz, Sari/Ruane, Michael E. Sniper (Behind_the_scenes account of the search for the sniper that terrorized Washington D.C.) $7.50
Hunter, Evan The Blackboard Jungle (Classic '54 reprint: Nothing prepares teacher for the world he enters when he lands a job teaching at a NYC high school) $7.99
Kaiser, R.J. Black Sheep (Jonas Lamb tries to turn his life around, but son's discovery creates danger) $6.50
Kellerman, Jonathan & Faye Double Homicide: Santa Fe (Two short novels co_written by the Kellermans; unabridged CDs $31.98) $23.95
Kelly, Nora Old Wounds (Reprint: While on sabbatical, historian Gillian Adams becomes involved in the investigation of the death of a student at sleepy Stanton College) $6.99
Killian, Diana Verse of the Vampyre (Amateur sleuth Grace Hollister and friend Peter Fox (2) try to solve vampire_like murder of a society lady in England's Lake District; PBO) $6.50
Kling, Christine Cross Current (Seychelle Sullivan (2) takes on the world of voodoo in South Florida) $23.95
Kling, Christine Surface Tension (Fort Lauderdale salvage boat captain Seychelle Sullivan discovers a murdered woman on a yacht, and must unravel the mystery as police think she is the prime suspect) $6.99
Koontz, Dean Robot Santa (Sequel to Santa's Twin ($12.95): Bob Claus has built a robot Santa to help deliver presents, but something is wrong with the robot's wiring and a bad Santa is on the loose for Christmas) $19.99
Krich, Rochelle Grave Endings (Molly Blume (3) investigates best friend's murder six years ago) $24.95
Lawrence, Caroline The Pirates of Pompeii (The Roman Mysteries #3: Refugees from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius are living in a makeshift camp; when children begin to disappear, Flavia Gemina follows a dangerous trail) $5.99
Linsley, Clyde Death Spiral (D.C. PI Leo McFarlin investigates threat to skating child star. First novel) $5.99
Lippman, Laura Every Secret Thing (Baltimore homicide Detective Nancy Porter investigates the case of a missing child, eerily similar to a case seven years before when two young girls were the culprits, and may be again; Hammett Prize nominee) $7.99
Ludlum, Robert The Tristan Betrayal (American Ambassador to Russia Stephen Metcalfe faces his past in Moscow as he seeks the Dirizhor, who holds the power to start a nuclear war, and stop him) $7.99
MacDonald, Ann_Marie The Way the Crow Flies (8_year-old Madeleine lives with her family on an Air Force base near Canada, when a very local murder involves her father in a web of secrets and tension builds in the family; Canadian award nominations; signed hc $26.95) $14.95
MacGregor, T.J. Total Silence (Psychic Mira Morales (2) is kidnapped by a vengeful serial killer in Ashville, N.C., and her fiance, FBI agent Wayne Shepard must find her before it is too late) $6.99
Mahoney, Dan Justice (A good cop turns vigilante killer and Detective Brian McKenna and Cisco Sanchez (8) investigate) $6.99
Marks, John War Torn (Novel of a civil war in Yugoslavia viewed against the background of a reunified Germany) $14.00
Marshall, Even Toasting Tina (When a writer's convention turns deadly, Jane Stuart (5) finds herself both sleuth and suspect) $5.99
Mayor, Adrienne Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs (The origins of biological and unethical warfare; ancient recipes for poisons. Explores moral implications) $17.95
Mayor, Archer The Surrogate Thief (A hostage crisis uncovers a weapon used in a murder long ago that Joe Gunther swept under the rug, and now he must track down a brutal killer who has been free for years) $24.95
Mayor, Archie Gatekeeper (When heroin traffickers establish a pipeline into Vermont, Joe Gunther's Bureau of Investigation is called in and must take huge risks to try and stop the flow of drugs) $6.99
McBain, Ed The Frumious Bandersnatch (Carella and the cops of the 87th Precinct investigate the kidnapping of an up and coming rock singer and delve into the world of rising pop stars) $7.99
McBain, Ed Vespers (Reprint: 87th Precinct) $7.99
McCrary, Gregg/Ramsland, Katherine The Unknown Darkness (A former FBI profiler's account of the many manhunts he was involved in during a 25_year career) $7.99
McDermid, Val The Distant Echo (25 years after a young girl was brutally murdered, two of the four men who found her are murdered, and Alex Gilby must find the real murderer before he is killed himself) $6.99
Moore, Y. Blak The Apostles (Chicago gang rivalries, murder and a member who wants out) $12.95
Morgan, Deborah Four on the Floor (Antiques hunter and ex_FBI agent Jeff Talbot (4) discovers four dead men and an envelope of clues linking his family to the murders and must go undercover to catch the killers; PBO) $6.50
Murphy/Sapir The Destroyer # 137: Industrial Evolution (Martial arts/action) $6.50
Murray, Michael Raven (In WWII, Operation Raven is a plan to kill Hitler and replace him with an actor to impersonate him, and the plan goes awry when the actor decides to take over running Germany) $19.95
O'Brian, Patrick 21 (The final, unfinished installment of the Aubrey/Maturin series) $21.95
Parker, Robert B. Stone Cold (Paradise, MA Police Chief Jesse Stone's (4) new neighbors are killing off her other neighbors one by one, and Jesse must solve the crime because she's next) $7.99
Parker, T. Jefferson California Girl (In California, 1968, three brothers, a cop, a priest, and a journalist, try to find the killer of a woman who has a history with their family) $24.95
Parker, T. Jefferson Cold Pursuit (San Diego homicide cop Tom McMichael must put aside an old family blood feud to find the truth about an enemy's death) $7.99
Parks, Tim Judge Savage (Crown Court Judge Daniel Savage has been leading a double life and his existence descends into a mess of lies and violence when a woman from his past shows up) $14.95
Patterson, James The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross investigates the disappearance of successful, upstanding men and women who are being sold into slavery as a part of his new job with the FBI) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Cold Objective: Stony Man #73 (paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #311: Night of the Knives (paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Perry, Anne Shoulder the Sky (Book 2 in acclaimed WW I series) $25.95
Prabhu, Manjiri The Cosmic Clues (In Pune, India, new private investigator Sonia Samarth uses a unique blend of Indian astrology and modern sleuthing techniques, which lead her into the path of a murderer) $6.99
Pronzini, Bill Burgade's Crossing (8 stories featuring Quincannon, Secret Service agent turned PI in 1890s California) $4.99
Rabb, M.E. The Unsuspecting Gourmet (Sophie (4) and the owner of a local diner win a contest for a matzo ball soup recipe, and are set to appear on television when the producer disappears and they investigate) $5.99
Riggs, Cynthia The Cemetary Yew (Now officially deputized, 92_year old Victoria Trumbull (3) must dig up clues to find a missing corpse) $5.99
Roberts, Mark K. Strike Force Baghdad (Military action following the adventures of a special ops team whose mission it is to find and neutralize Chemical Ali, notorious head of Hussein's chemical weapons program) $6.99
Robinson, Peter Final Account (Reprint: Chief Inspector Alan Banks (7)) $7.50
Rose, Karen I'm Watching You (Homicide detective Abe Reagan and DA Kristen Mayhew track a killer who dispenses his own vigilante justice by brutally murdering the dregs of society) $5.99
Rozan, S.J. Absent Friends (Novel of the aftermath of national tragedy in lives of NYC childhood friends.) $24.00
Rucka, Greg A Gentleman's Game: A Queen and Country Novel (Based on award_winning graphic novel series. Tara Chace, Head of Special Operations for the British Intelligence Service, faces betrayal) $24.00
Rule, Ann Green River, Running Red (Nonfiction; the terrifying Green River killings outside of Seattle) $26.00
Rule, Ann Heart Full of Lies (Nonfiction; female psychopath Liysa Northon who murdered her handsome Hawaiian Airlines pilot husband) $7.99
Salazar, Michael The Shadow War (A CIA contract killer takes up an offer he can't refuse and discovers WWII's longest surviving and most disturbing secret) $6.99
Sandford, John The Hanged Man's Song (Kidd finds a superhacker friend murdered and his laptop missing, and with LuEllen he must track down the killer who has enough secrets on the computer to hang them all) $7.99
Scott, Robert Kill or Be Killed (Non-fiction; murder of Carole Garton and her unborn child by her husband in 1998 California) $6.50
Sloan, Bill Given Up For Dead: America's Heroic Stand at Wake Island $15.00
Smith, Carlton Reckless (Account of the investigation of the death of Lana Clarkson and accused Phil Spector, famous rock producer) $6.99
Snowden, Faye The Savior (A highly successful doctor who miraculously escaped the mean streets of the ghetto must return to look for her mother's killer while the police ignore the crime; trade PBO) $15.00
Soos, Troy Burning Bridges (During turn_of_the_century New York, Editor Marshall Webb and reformer Rebecca Davies (3) investigate a mystery that could expose a hidden world of vice and murder; PBO) $6.99
Stabenow, Dana Powers of Detection (Collection of short stories which mix the mystery and SF genres into unique stories) $12.00
Stine, R.L. Eye Candy (The author of the Goosebumps series returns to thrill and chill twentysomthing suspense lovers) $6.99
Stine, R.L. The Sitter (Ellie leaves New York for the Hamptons, where she gets work as a nanny for a 4_year-old with an icy stare and demonic laugh, and her summer turns into one of horror) $6.99
Straub, Peter Lost Boy, Lost Girl (Novelist Timothy Underhill searches for clues regarding the suicide of his sister and the disappearance of his nephew while a pedophiac murderer is on the loose) $7.99
Title, Elise Inside Out (Natalie Price (2) runs a halfway house for convicts, and when one of her charges is beaten and left in a coma, she investigates) $6.99
Trevor, Elleston The Flight of the Phoenix (Reprint: When a passenger_conversion freighter is downed in the Sahara Desert, 12 passengers fight for survival in hellish conditions) $6.99
Ungerman, William The Devil's Finger (Snipers Rawlings and Grainger are sent to Texas to eliminate a vicious drug lord, and are hunted by the bloody demons of their past; PBO) $6.99
Viets, Elaine Dying to Call You (While making the best of her new telemarketing job, Helen Hawthorne (3) thinks she hears a murder on the other end of the line; PBO) $6.50
Wainscott, Tina What She Doesn't Know (A flirtatious on_line relationship with a man she's never met plunges Rita Brooks into the heart of Mardi Gras, where evil is only a whisper away) $6.99
Walker, Sue The Reunion (A killer stalks the alumni of an experimental home for troubled teens, and as adults they band together to prevent the killer from destroying them all) $24.95
Watts, Timothy Grand Theft (Teddy Clyde steals a car with a body in the trunk, and a psycho hit man is looking for his corpse) $6.99
Wesley, Valerie Wilson Dying in the Dark (PI Tamara Hayle (7) loses her best friend to murder) $22.95
West, Chassie Killer Chameleon (While getting ready for her wedding, African_American ex_cop Leigh Ann Warren (4) realizes a double is out to steal her identity and when a body turns up she must investigate) $6.99
West, Chassie Killer Riches (Reissue: Leigh Ann Warren (3)) $6.99
West, Chassie Killing Kin (Reissue: D.C. cop Leigh Ann Warren (2)) $6.99
West, Chassie Sunrise (Reissue: Washington D.C. cop Leigh ann Warren (1) has to restore order to a small town shaken by sins of the past) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Reckless Abandon (Stone Barrington and Holly Barker track a monster hiding deep within the witness protection program) $7.99
Wright, Kate Screenwriting is Storytelling (Instructional book on screenwriting) $14.95


Allen, E. B. Jr. Low Road: The Life and Legacy of Donald Goines (Bio of black "ghetto realist" novelist, 8 pp. photos) $23.95
Blevins, Meredith The Hummingbird Wizard (After the unexpected death of her husband and of her best friend, Annie Szabo must unlock the secrets of her husband's Gypsy family with the help of a bizarre stranger) $6.99
Collins, Natalie Wives and Sisters (Covering for a sexual predator, tyranical Mormon leaders must stop young woman from investigating and filling gaps in her childhood memories) $23.95
Cook, Bruce (aka Bruce Alexander) Young Will: The Confessions of William Shakespeare (Poet recalls dark early days in London and the talented and dangerous Kit Marlowe) $24.95
Dickens, Charles The Haunted House (Multi-authored Victorian supernatural tale; narrator and friends each have task of discovering ghosts in deserted country house) $11.95
Druett, Joan A Watery Grave (A half Maori half American linguist member of 1838 U.S. Exploring Expedition deputized to bring vicious killer, believed to be aboard ship, to justice) $23.95
Francombe, John Inside Track (Ex-champion jockey, released from prison for a crime he can't remember, embarks on deadly ride when he starts to recover his memory) $24.95
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, Martin H. eds. The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories (Collection of great mystery stories from the world over; hc available $29.95) $17.95
Handler, David The Burst Orange Sunrise (Berger and Mitry (4) attend party at a Connecticut replica historic castle when all are trapped by ice storm, and as guests start dying in locked rooms they look for the killer) $23.95
Hime, James Scared Money (Ex-Texas Ranger Jeremiah Spur (2) does favor for CIA looking for missing accountant and $10 million, while Deputy Clyde Thomas investigates the shooting deaths of drug dealer and girlfriend, and both cases seem related) $22.95
Klavan, Andrew Shotgun Alley (Scott Weiss and Jim Bishop try to infiltrate a vicious motorcycle gang to seduce and steal away the daughter of a senatorial candidate with a penchant for dangerous men) $24.95
Ludlum, Robert/Ferrell, Keith Robert Ludlum's The Lazarus Vendetta (Lt. Col. Jon Smith is activated by Covert_one to find and uncover the truth about the mysterious figure known as Lazarus, who is about to make his bloodiest move yet) $15.95
McInerny, Ralph Green Thumb (Detective Philip Knight and his brother investigate the death on a golf course of a prominent Notre Dame (8) donor) $23.95
Mitchell, James C. Choke Point (Tucson PI Brinker fails to stop young reporter from chasing story into Mexico, and when she's raped and murdered he enters treacherous and corrupt underworld) $23.95
Morris, Bob Bahamarama (In trouble after leaving federal prison on bogus charges, former Dolphin linebacker discovers girlfriend kidnapped and lover murdered in the Bahamas and with colorful cast he fights back) $21.95
Perdue, Lewis Slatewiper (Genetic engineer Lara Blackwood tries to help solve an epidemic in Tokyo and discovers that her own life's work has been Perverted to produce a deadly genetic virus) $7.99
Smith, Paul H. Reading the Enemy's Mind (A look inside Star Gate _ America's Psychic Espionage Program) $24.95
Somerset, Anne The Affair of Poisons: Murder, Infanticide, and Satanism at the Court of Louis XIV (12 pp. photos) $27.95
Stansberry, Dominic Chasing the Dragon (Bitter San Francisco ex-cop, now with shadowy security firm, infiltrates heroin ring leading him dangerously close to his old life & family) $24.95
Talton, Jon Dry Heat (Phoenix Deputy David "the History Cop" Mapstone (3) investigates when badge of FBI agent, mysteriously killed 40 years ago, is found on dead body of homeless man) $22.95
Wilson, F. Paul Crisscross (Repairman Jack helps a nun who is being blackmailed and an old woman whose son has joined a religious cult with a dark secret) $24.95
Wilson, John Morgan Moth and Flame (Freelance journalist Benjamin Justice (6) is working for city of West Hollywood when research uncovers web of greed and deceit that may link to murder and a decades-old disappearance) $23.95


Flowers, R. Barrie Persuasive Evidence (Widowed Asst. DA Jordan La Fontaine finds her son on trial for murder) $6.99
Kushner, H./Davis, B. Holy War On The Home Front (Nonfiction, current affairs; The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States) $24.95
O'Donnell, Peter Dragon's Claw (Reprint; Modesty Blaise and Willie face art intrigue, murder and kidnapping) $14.95
O'Donnell, Peter I, Lucifer (Reprint; Modesty and partner Willie fight evil plot to use disturbed young man with premonitions) $14.95
Olson, Lynne/Cloud, Stanley A Question of Honor (Non-fiction; the Kosciuszko Squadron, refugee Polish pilots join RAF during WWII to free homeland.) $15.00
Oney, Steve And The Dead Shall Rise (Non-fiction; 1913 crime in Georgia sheds light on revival of KKK and Anti_Defamation League) $18.95
Rendell, Ruth The Babes in The Wood (Chief Inspector Wexford has his hands full with seduction, murder and religious fanatacism in his own town) $13.00
Robb, J.D. (aka Roberts, Nora) Glory in Death (N.Y. Lt. Eve Dallas (2) finds connected murders in year 2058 which may involve her lover, Roark; hc reprint of pbo) $19.95
Straub, Peter In The Night Room (Novel of terror; two authors join forces to confront evil when they receive urgent messages from the dead) $21.95


Mary_Kate and Ashley: TCOT Hidden Holiday Riddle (Young adult) $4.99
Abrahams, Peter Their Wildest Dreams (In a desert town near Mexico, a struggling mystery writer becomes entangled in a web of intrigue as a family and a strip club owner seek an ill_gotten fortune) $6.99
Adler, David A. Young Cam Jansen and the Zoo Note Mystery (Cam and Eric's class are going to the zoo, but Eric has lost his permission slip and Cam helps him look for it) $3.99
Atkinson, Kate Case Histories (PI Jackson Brodie works on three different cases, a missing woman, a grisly murder, and a man's world turned upside_down, and finds connections between them) $23.95
Axler, James Outlanders #31: Uluru Destiny (Postapocalyptic adventure; PBO) $6.50
Basbanes, Nicholas A. A Splendor of Letters (Anecdotal exploration of book people, places and culture) $15.95
Bayard, Louis Mr. Timothy (In 1860's London, Timothy Cratchet roams the Thames for dead bodies, when he meets a girl seared with a cruel brand and is compelled to protect her from a dangerous man) $13.95
Blanc, Nero Wrapped Up in Crosswords (Three Santas look an awful lot like escaped prisoners from a nearby jail, and crossword editor Belle Graham and P.I. partner Roscoe try to catch them) $9.95
Blanchard, Alice The Breathtaker (In Promise, OK, Police Chief Charlie Grover investigates the deaths of a family after a major twister, suspecting foul play, and joins with a storm expert to find the killer) $6.99
Brant, James Chasing the Devil (Caught in the crossfire between the FBI, the Russian mob, and a group of Chinese terrorists, San Francisco homicide detective Harry Dymes (2) is out to stop the killing; PBO) $6.99
Brewer/Dain/Coward/Berry The Last Noel (Four brand_new novellas of murder in the Christmas season) $6.99
Brockman, Suzanne Hot Target (Troubleshooters, Inc., a covert ops group (2) act when movie producer gets death threat) $22.95
Brown, Dan The DaVinci Code: Special Illustrated Collector's Ed. (Fascinating subjects with a mystery at the core, this vivid story is captured in words and pictures) $32.50
Brown, Rita Mae Full Cry (Amateur sleuth and horse enthusiast Jane Arnold investigates the deaths of two derelicts and discovers secrets that make her think the deaths were murder) $6.99
Buff, Joe Tidal Rip (Near future warfare; Submarine Commander and hero Jeffrey Fuller is ordered to accomplish his mission at all costs _ even if it means sacrificing his boat, his crew, and his life) $7.99
Burton, Bob Bullet Blues (Bounty hunter Dev Shannon agrees to help a friend when his wife disappears and he faces a murder rap) $5.99
Butcher, A.J. Spy High; The Paranoia Plot (Mission Four: The Bond Team suspects new member Rebecca of being a double agent as accidents happen whenever she is around and she disappears at night) $15.99
Byrd, Max Shooting the Sun (Historical novel of fact and fiction; race to mechanically calculate longitude and photgraph solar eclipse in American Southwest 1839) $12.00
Caine, Leslie Death by Inferior Design (Interior Decorator Erin Gilbertengages in a design contest with her closest competitor, and someone has lured her there for one purpose _ murder) $6.99
Childs, Laura Bound for Murder (New Orleans scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand (3) investigates the death of a friend's groom just before his wedding _ includes scrapbooking tips) $5.99
Churchill, Jill A Midsummer Night's Scream (Jane Jeffry (15) and her friend Shelley investigate the death of cast member at a theater Shelley and her husband have donated to the drama department of a local university) $23.95
Churchill, Jill Bell, Book, and Scandal (Jane Jeffrey (14) and best friend Shelly Nowack must make things "write" when malicious mischief makers cause chaos, and spill blood, at a local mystery writers convention) $6.99
Cleverly, Barbara Ragtime in Simla (A murder in the Himalayas sends Detective Joe Sandilands searching for clues in 1922 India) $6.99
Clifford, Barry Return to Treasure Island & the Search for Captain Kidd (Non-fiction; Clifford's discovery of the long lost treasure ship of Captain Kidd) $14.95
Cohen, Nancy J. Highlights to Heaven (Hairstylist and amateur sleuth Marla Shore (5) lands a case close to home when her pet_loving neighbor disappears, leaving his animals and a dead body behind) $5.99
Collins, Kate Mum's the Word (Flower shop owner Abby Knight is determined to track down the hit_and_run driver who ruined her Corvette, and the trail leads to murder; PBO) $5.99
Collins, Max Allan Two For The Money (Reprint; professional thief Nolan pulls one last bank heist, but is double-crossed and goes after revenge) $6.99
Copp, Rick The Actor's Guide to Adultery (Gay former child actor Jarrod Jarvis (2) investigates when a guest at his best friend's wedding is murdered, and Jarrod thinks the new husband is the killer) $23.00
Crawford, Isis A Catered Murder (Bernie and Libby are catering a high school reunion, when the guest of honor, bestselling author of vampire novels Laird Wren, drops dead, and the investigate) $5.99
Dalby, Richard Mystery for Christmas (Reprint: Anthology of 23 stories set at or near Christmas) $6.99
Davis, Patrick A. The Commander (Disillusioned Air Force investigator Major Burton Weber is asked to investigate the murder of a beautiful bar girl in a Korean red light district) $7.99
Deaver, Jeffery Twisted (The collected short stories of Deaver) $7.99
Dee, Ed The Con Man's Daughter (Banished NYPD cop Eddie Dunne gets no help from the cops when his daughter is kidnapped by the Russian mob for something he's done and he must search for her alone) $6.99
DeMille, Nelson Night Fall (John Corey (3) and Kate Mayfield of the Elite Anti_terrorist Task Force investigate a 5_year old plane crash and believe the answer lies in a video_tape of illicit lovers; unabridged cassettes $39.98) $26.95
Dickens, Charles The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Final, unfinished novel is gripping and dark, with complex characters) $18.00
Dietz, Denise Footprints in the Butter (When flaky but prolific songwriter Ingrid Beaumont attends her high school reunion, the party is cut short when a fellow classmate is found murdered and Ingrid investigates) $5.99
Dixon, Collen Every Shut Eye (Washington, D.C. mayor's aide Alex Baxter saw too much and leaves mentor dead) $12.95
Douglass, Keith Carrier: Final Justice (Carrier Battle Group 14 fights for survival while danger springs from the deranged leader of North Korea who could start WWIII) $5.99
Doyle, Arthur Conan The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes (Edited with a preface by Leslie S. Kliger, Introduction by John LeCarre) $75.00
Duchin, Peter/Wilson, John Morgan Good Morning, Heartache (Damon (2) and his orchestra are in LA for a gig when the body of his trumpeter washes up on shore and he works with Hercules Pratt to find the killer) $6.99
Evanovich, Janet Metro Girl (Alexandra Barnaby travels to Florida to find her brother Bill, who has apparently stolen a boat from Sam Hooker who follows Alexandria as both expose a plot to grab Cuban land; unabridged cassettes $34.95, unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Fahy, Thomas Night Visions (Samantha Ranvali seeks a cure for her insomnia through an experimental study, and when participants are discovered ritualistically murdered each time she wakes, she's drawn into the mystery and a 200 year old dark curse; trade PBO) $13.95
Fairbanks, Nancy Holy Guacamole! (At an opera party in Texas, the artistic director eats some bad guacamole and dies, and Carolyn (6) soon learns that foul play was the real killer; PBO) $5.99
Fleeman, Michael Over the Edge (Nonfiction; investigation of Peter Bergna, who drove his wife off a cliff and claimed it was an accident) $6.99
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson Witness in Bishop Hill (A belated honeymoon for Joan Spencer (5) and her new husband Fred turns grisly when Fred's mother witnesses a murder and Joan discovers secrets in Bishop Hill worth killing for) $5.99
Gandt, Robert Shadows of War (A remarried widow from the Gulf War receives a call claiming her 1st husband is still alive, and former pilot Brick Maxwell investigates, discovering CIA involvement and a shocking betrayal; PBO) $7.50
Graves, Sarah Mallets Aforethought (Jacobia Tiptree discovers home repair is homicide when she uncovers two corpses while refurbishing the notorious Harlequin House) $6.99
Gunn, S.M. SEALS Sub Strike 3:Operation Black Snow (Military adventure; PBO) $6.99
Hagberg, David By Dawn's Early Light (A CIA team is captured and a U.S. spy satellite goes dead, and Commander Franks Dillon on the American nuclear sub Seawolf must get the captives back) $7.99
Hall, Parnell And A Puzzle to Die On (A corpse is tossed into the center of sleuth Cara Felton's (6) birthday bash at a library; 5 original crosswords) $24.00
Harper, Karen The Queene's Christmas (During a lavish Yuletime celebration, one of the queen's kitchen staff is found dead) $6.99
Harris, Robert Pompeii (Young engineer Marcus Attilius organizes a mission to Pompeii to repair the aqueduct in his care and discovers powerful forces at work which threaten to destroy him) $7.99
Heilbrun, Robert Offer of Proof (NYC public defender Arch Gold is assigned to defend the accused killer of a business woman, a young kid from Harlem who says he is innocent; Edgar nominee) $6.99
Hillerman, Tony The Sinister Pig (Leaphorn and Chee must battle the feds and a clever killer in a case that will take them from the tribe's Four Corners all the way south to the Mexican border) $7.99
Hoffman, Jilliane Retribution (Prosecutor C. J. Townsend investigates a serial killer who once was the intended victim of a serial killer who now seeks retribution and revenge) $7.99
Hustmyre, Chuck Killer With a Badge (Non-fiction; a New Orleans cop who killed another cop at a restaurant and then responded to the call as if she didn't know what happened; PBO) $6.99
Isenberg, Jane Hot on the Trail (When her elderly student, pigeon enthusiast Dom, takes a fatal flight from a rooftop, Bel Barrett (7) investigates and becomes a clay pigeon in a killer's sights; PBO) $6.99
Johnson, Adam Parasites Like Us (A timeless menace lies next to buried bones; a haunting cautionary adventure) $14.00
Kane, Stephanie Extreme Indifference (Dyslexic criminal defense lawyer Jackie Flowers is hired to defend a federal judge accused of murder) $6.99
Kane, Stephanie Seeds of Doubt (Dyslexic defense lawyer Jackie Flowers defends a woman accused of kidnapping the son of a Denver banker in a crime similar to one she just spent 30 years in prison for) $24.00
Kauffman, Michael W. American Brutus: Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies (Nonfiction; history by authority is controversial and thorough; extensively researched) $35.00
Kincaid, M.G. Last Seen in Aberdeen (Set Morney (2) investigates kidnapping and murder of a 10_year old boy and struggles with his bosses and his love life in the process; PBO) $6.50
Koontz, Dean Odd Thomas (The dead communicate with Odd Thomas, a short_order cook, and have now warned him about a horde of shades about to descend, and it is up to him to prevent catastrophe) $7.99
Landay, William Mission Flats (A rural Maine police chief follows clues from a murder in his town, and they lead him to Boston and he uncovers a secret history of murder and retribution going back 20 years) $7.50
LeCarre, John Absolute Friends (Tale of loyalty and betrayal spanning the lives of two friends from riot_torn West Berlin 1960, through the Cold War. to the present day of terrorism and new alliances) $13.95
Lethem, Jonathan Men and Cartoons (Collection of utterly original short stories samples both high and low cultures with humor and insight) $16.95
Lisle, Holly Midnight Rain (Phoebe Rain's sadistic ex_husband is in a coma, yet she has begun receiving threatening phone calls from him, and enlists the aid of her neighbor to solve the mystery; PBO) $6.99
Lutz, John Darker Than Night (Ex_homicide cop Frank Quinn, trying to save his reputation, investigates a serial killer dubbed the Night Prowler, who leaves "gifts" for his victims before he kills them) $6.99
Lutz, John Nightline (Reprint: P.I. Alo Nudger (1) investigates a series of murders linked by the lonely victims all using special phone lines to connect with others) $6.99
Marshall, Evan Crushing Crystal (Jane Stuart investigates when thousands of pounds of books fall on the unpopular local librarian and discovers the bolts on the bookcase were deliberately removed) $22.00
Matturro, Claire Skinny_Dipping (After representing a client in a kayak whiplash case, attorney and compulsive health nut Lilly Rose Cleary is ambushed at her office and has an unorthodox way of finding out who and why) $23.95
Maxwell, Robin The Wild Irish (Novel of 16th century Ireland and the audacious Grace O'Malley, who sailed her pirate ship to London and demanded a private audience with Queen Elizabeth I) $13.95
McBain, Ed Widows (Reprint: 87th Precinct) $7.99
McKade, Maureen Arouse Suspicion (Ex_cop Danni Hawkins and an ex_Army Ranger join forces to track down the elusive killer of her father) $6.50
Micheels, Peter A. The Detectives (Non-fiction; detectives' most interesting and difficult cases) $6.99
Mitchell, Kirk Dance of the Thunder Dogs (Emmett Parker, son of a Comanche and a government investigator, has come home after 13 years with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and is torn between the two) $23.95
Mitchell, Kirk Sky Woman Falling (Anna Turnipseed asnd Emmett Parker (4) investigate the death of a tribal elder who seems to have fallen from the sky, but they know it's a land dispute that has caused murder) $6.99
Patterson, James London Bridges (Terrorists have seized the world's largest cities and Alex Cross heads up a team of the FBI, CIA, and Interpol to try and stop them) $27.95
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #99: Circle of Deception (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #312: Death Gamble (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Perry, Anne A Christmas Visitor (Henry Rathbone turns amateur sleuth in this novella) $16.95
Perry, Anne ed. Death by Dickens (Collection of mysteries inspired by Dickens and his immortal classics) $6.99
Philbrick, Nathaniel Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery (True epic sea adventure of the U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1838_1842.) $15.00
Power, Edmund The Last Chapter (Brendan Stokes discovers the dead body of a neighbor and the novel the neighbor was writing, and when he publishes it under his own name, he is caught in the web of his lies) $7.99
Preisler, Jerome Tom Clancy's Power Plays: Wild Card (#8 in the action series created by Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg; PBO) $7.99
Pressfield, Steven The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great (Meticulously researched recreation of the life of Alexander, told from his point of view) $24.95
Randisi, Robert J. ed Murder...and All That Jazz (14 original mysteries with a jazz theme, includes a new Connelly Harry Bosch story; PBO) $6.99
Rendell, Ruth The Rottweiler (Inner life of killer and his victims alternate in psychological mystery) $25.00
Ridgway/Page/McCoy/Pence Mistletoe and Mayhem (Four holiday themed mystery stories) $6.99
Roberts, Gillian Claire and Present Danger (Amanda Pepper (11) and her new assistance are hired by a society maven to investigate her future daughter_in_law Emmie Cade, who has a history of her men meeting violent deaths) $6.99
Roe, Caroline A Poultice for a Healer (Isaac of Girona is nursing the ailing Bishop when a wounded messenger dies before delivering an urgent missive for the Bishop, and Isaac must discover who is responsible) $6.50
Roe, Caroline Consolation for an Exile (As political, religious, and familial intrigue converge on 1355 Girona, Isaac the physician (6) copes with the sudden passing of a patient and must untangle a web of intrigue) $23.95
Santlofer, Jonathan Color Blind (Former cop turned art historian Kate McKinnon (2) helps the NYPD investigate two brutal murders where the killer left an oddly colored painting at each crime scene) $24.95
Shaara, Jeff To The Last Man (Novel of WW I through eyes of innocent British soldier) $27.95
Sinha, Indra The Death of Mr. Love (In London, Bhalu, a bookseller, meets a childhood friend and together they return to Bombay India to solve the mystery of the murder of their mothers and exact revenge) $24.95
Smiley, Patricia False Profits (Lawyer Tucker Sinclair turns detective when one of her clients and all her files disappear, and the situation gets worse when her firm accuses her of embezzling) $23.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Wolves Eat Dogs (Arkady Renko (5) assigned to investigate the apparent suicide of a Russian billionaire and uncovers hidden demons and byzantine international plots leading to Chernobyl; abridged cassettes $26.00, abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Spillane, Mickey Something's Down There (When fishermen begin falling prey to horrible maulings by a mysterious sea_creature in the Caribbean, former government operative Mako Hooker takes up the investigation) $6.99
Stansberry, Domenic The Confession (Forensic psychologist Jake Danser has a mistress, and when she is found dead, he is the suspect; PBO) $6.99
Stark, Richard (aka Donald Westlake) Nobody Runs Forever (Teamed with a crew of undesirables and incompetents, Parker heads to Smalltown, USA, to pull a bank job based on shaky inside information and an even shakier plan of action) $23.95
Swift, Virginia Bye, Bye, Love (Wyoming prof. Sally Adler (3) investigates the suspicious death of folk singer, uncovers a plot fueled by a twisted mixture of altruism and greed) $24.95
Tapply, William Shadow of Death (Boston attorney Brady Coyne's quest to uncover the truth behind a murder leads him to face the deadly consequences of a decades old tragedy) $6.99
Thompson, Carlene All Fall Down (When the brutally murdered body of a local teenager in a West Virginia town, a young widow must uncover the true killer to save herself and her daughter) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Bad Faith (Cloistered in New Mexico, Sister Agatha is cut off from the outside world until the chaplain is poisoned and the sheriff, who Sister Agatha once dated, comes to investigate) $6.99
Thurlo, David & Aimee Second Sunrise (When a complicated case goes bad, NM police officer and vampire Lee Nez encounters an evil trio of vampires and the scrutiny of an FBI agent who may discover his secret) $6.99
Truman, Margaret Murder at Union Station (A Capitol Crimes novel; international intrigue, murder and politics.) $24.95
Wood, William P. Pressure Point (Sacramento, CA police detectives investigate murder of old woman gunned down for her handbag) $6.99


Babson, Marion Please Do Feed the Cat (Cozy. Writer's new girlfriend, a celebrity author, causes trouble when she moves in, and his cat now on a health diet encounters mystery when sneaking into the neighbor's house) $22.95
Beaton, M. C. The Deadly Dance (Outrageous Agatha Raiin (15) now has own detective agency, and big chance comes when wealthy matron complains about a death threat against her daughter) $22.95
Charles, Paul I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass (Insp. Christy Kennedy (2) investigates when record co. exec disappears on same weekend that his house burns down, and finds blackmail, chart-rigging and more) $22.95
Crider, Bill A Bond With Death (Small college Professor Sally Good (3) is suspect and must solve murder of former professor-her particular enemy) $22.95
Davidson, Diane Mott Double Shot (Caterer Goldy Schultz's (12) husband has been released from prison, and she finds herself the victim of threats, rumors, and violence; when murder results she struggles to find a killer; abridged CDs $29.95, unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Man Who Tried to Get Away (Barely on his feet after getting shot, PI Mick Axbrewder agrees to work at a murder mystery camp, when a real killer starts bumping people off and he must find the killer) $24.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Femme Fatale (A series of bizarre killings draws Irene back to New York, and Nellie Bly enlists Sherlock Holmes to assist in the investigation as Irene confronts secrets from her past) $7.99
Fiffer, Sharon Buried Stuff (Antique collector Jane Wheel (4) unearths a dead city official while her geologist husband works at an archaeological site near Kankakee, Illinois) $23.95
Finney, Patricia Gloriana's Torch (In 1587, the Spanish Armada is preparing to attack England, and David Beckett, responsible for the Queen's Ordnance, discovers large quantities of gun powder are missing) $13.95
Goodyear, John The Druperman Tapes (Las Vegas casino owners balk when a misfit gang threatens violence unless ransom is paid. Security head at top casino risks all in a deadly search to find them) $24.95
Grabien, Deborah The Famous Flower of Serving Men (Folk-singer and house restorer Ringan Laine's (2) girlfriend inherits an old theatre, but it comes with a nasty catch and the ghost of a woman memorialized in song) $22.95
James, P.D. The Murder Room (Adam Dalgliesh at his most masterful, investigating the murder of a museum trustee) $13.95
Jenkins, McKay The Last Ridge (Nonfiction; WWII 10th Mtn. Div. assault on the Gothic Line) $13.95
Johnson, Dolores Taking the Wrap (Denver's dry-cleaner/sleuth Mandy Dyer's (7) friend has a coat switched while dining at a restaurant; later her coat is found on a dead body) $23.95
Kisor, Henry Season's Revenge (Near Christmas in Upper Peninsula, Michigan, Lakota Sheriff Steve Martinez investigates the death of Paul Passoja, a man with many enemies, who was found by his campfire) $6.99
Kurland, Michael-ed. Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Anthology of original stories by noted authors) $24.95
Lambdin, Dewey The Captain's Vengeance (Caribbean 1779. Foreign Office agents try to manipulate Capt. Alan Lewrie (12) who's chasing the mystery of a stolen prize ship and crew, leading to the pirate lairs of New Orleans) $25.95
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle and the Wolves (Roman 44 AD. Under orders from Emperor Vespasian, Centurions Macro and Cato (4) must succeed while surviving a plot to destroy them and their comrades) $23.95
Spargo, Tamsin Wanted Man (History; America's most wanted outlaw, 1892) $23.95
Strieber, Anne An Invisible Woman (Kealy Ryerson's attorney husband calls and tells her to take the kids and run, and is then gunned down, and Kealy must live on the streets while trying to find the killers) $23.95
Thornton, Betsy Dead for the Winter (Arizona victim advocate Chloe Newcombe (4) is assigned to the artist widow of a murdered man, who she discovers she had been attracted to until she discovered that he was married) $23.95
Thurlo, David & Aimee Blood Retribution (Navajo vampire and police officer Lee Nez must kill werewolves who smuggle jewels and silver in from Mexico without revealing his vampire powers) $23.95
Winegardner, Mark The Godfather Returns: The Saga of the Family Corleone (Sequel to bestseller, Michael Corleone in 1955 and events before movie sequels; unabridged CDs $49.95) $26.95

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