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Newsletter #65 March - June, 2004


[PBO means paperback original]

Asaro, Catherine-ed. Irresistible Forces (Packaged as romance anthology, but has stories by Lois McMaster Bujold, Catherine Asaro, Jennifer Roberson, others) $14.00
Clarke, Arthur C The Sentinal (Reissue: Collection of classic tales by Clarke) $6.99
Di Filippo, Paul Strange Trades (Short story collection, intro by Bruce Sterling) $24.95
Dorsey, Candas Jane Vanilla and Other Stories (Short story collection) $12.95
Eisenstein, Phyllis Night Lives ("Nine Stories of the Dark Fantastic") $25.95
Helfers, Jahn The Twilight Zone: Book 3: Deep in the Dark (In 2159, Mason Noir looks exactly the same as he did in 2002, and now receives word from his technicians that they are ready to begin the procedure that will change mankind) $12.95
Huff, Tanya Relative Magic (Collection of 17 short stories, 1 new to this collection) $16.00
Joshi, S. T. Primal Sources (Essays on H. P. Lovecraft) $15.00
Krause, Marguerite/Sizemore, Susan Moons' Dreaming (#1), Moons' Dancing (#2) (Romantic fantasy duology, local authors, signed hardcovers, small press) $25.95 each
Leigh, Stephen Ray Bradbury Presents Dinosaur World (Reprint) $6.99
Levine, Gail Carson The Two Princesses of Bamarre (When disaster strikes, Princess Addie must set out on a perilous quest to save the life of her sister Meryl) $6.99
Lowder, James-ed. Path of the Just (Anthology of superhero fiction) $14.95
Martin, George RR-ed. Wild Cards 1 (Reissue: An alien virus strikes Earth and turns people into either Aces or Jokers and Earth has become a world where anything goes) $4.99
Nourmand/Marsh-eds. Film Posters of the 30s (Collection of movie poster art from the 1930s) $24.95
Nourmand/Marsh-eds. Science Fiction Poster Art (Collection of movie posters from the 1940s to the present from science fiction movies) $29.95
Parker, K.J. Shadow (Scavenger Trilogy Book 1: A man wakes in the wilderness with no memory of his past and poses as a god while trying to find out the truth about himself) $9.95
Parker, K.J. Pattern (Scavenger Trilogy Book 2: Poldarn's search for his identity has brought him to an island where he hopes he can live in peace, but there are other terrors on the island) $9.95
Powers, Tim Powers of Two (NESFA Press reprint of Powers' first two novels, originally issued by Laser Books in 1976) $24.00
Prior, Natalie Jane Lily Quench and the Dragon of Ashbury (Young adult; Lily Quench (1) embarks on a dragon_slaying mission) $4.99
Prior, Natalie Jane Lily Quench and the Black Mountains (Lily Quench (2) journeys to the Black Mountains to find the magical blue lily that can save her town) $4.99
Rankin, Robert The Witches of Chiswick (A cabal of Victorian witches have rewritten history and a 21st century boy uncovers the truth about everything) $19.95
Roberts, Adam Stone (The universe's last criminal is sprung from prison and assigned to wipe out the population of an entire planet without harming the planet) $8.95
Rosebury, Brian Tolkien: A Cultural Phenomenon (Academic analysis) $19.95
Rudnicki, Stefan Imaginings: After the Myths Went Home (Anthology of stories about the importance of myths, intro by Harlan Ellison) $14.95
Stine, Hank The Prisoner: A Day in the Life (Reissue: Number 6 attempts to escape The Village) $11.95
Tiedemann, Mark W Isaac Asimov's Mirage (Just before a conference between Earth and Spacers, two delegates are assassinated and Derec Avery and Ariel Burgess join forces in the chaotic aftermath to find the killer) $7.99
Van Gelder, Gordon-ed. One Lamp (Anthology of alternate history stories from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction ) $15.95
Vance, Jack The Gray Prince (Reissue) $11.95
Verne, Jules A Fantasy of Dr. Ox (Dr. Ox has released oxyhydric gas over his town in an attempt to spice things up, and the people there become aggressive as a result of his manipulation) $12.00
Zelazny, Roger The Last Defender of Camelot (Reissue; short stories) $7.99
Zelazny, Roger Madwand (Reissue: To take control of his magical powers and rule in his father's place, Pol must survive arduous training, and the anger of a powerful wizard who wants him dead) $11.95


Abnett, Dan Ravenor (Gideon Ravenor, confined to a force chair after a catastrophic accident engineered by the dark agents of chaos, must utilize psychic powers to fight them) $19.99
Abnett, Dan Xenos (Inquisitor Eisenhorn faces a vast interstellar cabal and the dark power of daemons, all racing to recover an arcane text of supreme & abominable power) $6.99
Asaro, Catherine The Moon's Shadow (A young man who gave up his family to save an empire stands against the Imperator of all Skolia as they seek peace even when the people clamor for war) $7.99
Belkom, Edo van Blood Road (A hitchhiker finds herself on a ride into terror when she's picked up by a trucker who is really a nocturnal predator prowling the highway for victims) $5.99
Benford, Gregory Across the Sea of Suns (Reprint: in 2076, Earth has been attacked by alien life forms and only Nigel, with the help of the alien machine known as the Snark, can save it) $6.99
Benford, Gregory Beyond Infinity (A billion years from now, a young woman flees a rigid Earth with an intelligent beast, and they confront parallel universes and a struggle beyond imagining begins) $23.95
Bova, Ben City of Darkness (Reprint: teenager Ron Morgan visits the dome's playground of Manhattan, loses his wallet and ID, and gets stuck there when the dome closes for the season, where gangs roam the streets) $6.99
Bova, Ben-ed. Faint Echoes, Distant Stars (Exploration of the science and politics of finding life beyond Earth) $25.95
Brown, Simon Fire and Sword (Keys of Power Book 2: Lynan, the youngest prince, begins to gather an army to drive his homeland into civil war against his sister, Areava, queen of Grenda Lear) $6.99
Burns, Laura J/Metz, Melinda Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Apocalypse Memories (TV tie-in novel) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott-ed. Masterpieces (Anthology of the best science fiction of the 20th century) $14.00
Carey, Jacqueline Kushiel's Avatar (Phedre and the devoted swordsman Joscelin follows a trail to free her childhood friend Hyacinthe, who has been placed in eternal indenture to the Master of Straights) $7.99
Chernenko, Dan The Bastard King (King Lanius and King Grus recovered the Scepter of Mercy in a tale of great triumph, and now the true story of their dual reign is told) $7.50
Chester, Deborah Shadow War (The Kingdom of Imperia is threatened by an unspeakable evil and only Caelan E'non, a champion gladiator, has the courage & power to combat it) $6.99
Dick, Philip K. Lies, Inc. (First U. S. publication of this expansion of The Unteleported Man ) $12.00
Dietz, William C Star Wars: Escape from Dagu (3 CDs abridged: Count Dooku learns that among prisoners on Dagu is a courier with information that will bring down the Republic and selects a Dark Jedi to apprehend him) $19.95
Dilmore, Kevin/Ward, Dayton Star Trek Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Foundations (A crisis makes clear that Starfleet engineers are vital to the defense of the Federation) $6.99
Drake, David Seas of Venus (Earth is a dead cinder and the last of the human race struggles for survival on Venus, a world of savage plants and savage beasts) $7.99
Fleming, Robert Havoc After Dark (Collection of stories blending traditional horror with political and sociological chills and realistic themes) $14.00
Frankowski, Leo Kren of the Mitchigai (The involuntary colonists of New Kashubia are menaced by the Mitchigai, a species whose biology make them inherently evil, eating their own young and killing for fun) $24.00
Gemmell, David White Wolf (Druss, Captain of the Ax, and Skilgannon, armed with the mythic Swords of Night and Day, face monstrous werebeasts with unholy strength to save the lands of the Drenai) $7.50
Green, Jonathan Magestorm (Wizard Gerhart Brennend carries the pain of accidentally killing his family while hunting down the twisted rat_men, and he wanders alone to destroy the enemies of the Empire) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin/Helfers, John-eds. Space Stations (Collection of stories about space stations both in our galaxy and beyond) $6.99
Hamilton, Peter F Pandora's Star (In the 24th century, humans arrive on a far away star system and unleash a race of evil aliens who have been imprisoned by a force field, putting all humankind in danger) $25.95
Hemry, John G Burden of Proof (After a suspicious explosion on the galactic space cruiser USS Michaelson costs an officer his life, the ship's legal counsel risks everything to expose a cover_up) $6.50
James, Dean Faked to Death (Vampire Simon Kirby_Jones (2) is speaking at a writer's workshop when a mystery author is found dead and it just happens to be someone who doesn't exist and Simon investigates) $5.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Stopping for a Spell (Three novellas of families meddling in magic with unexpected results) $5.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Witch's Business (Jess and Frank start a business offering revenge to kids and discover they have fierce competition from the local witch) $5.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel Last Light of the Sun (Sweeping tale evocative of the Celtic & Norse cultures of the ninth and tenth centuries filled with human passion and epic adventure) $24.95
Knaak, Richard A. WarCraft: Well of Eternity (Continuing the story begun in Day of the Dragon , maverick mage Rhonin and his dragon ally are propelled through time into their world's dangerous and mysterious past) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes Alta (Sequel to Joust : The dragonrider Vetch escapes to Alto where he hopes to train his people to raise and train dragons and build an army to liberate his homeland) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes Joust (A young slave dreams of becoming a jouster, one of the warriors who can ride a flying dragon, and so begins to raise his own dragon in secret) $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Balance of Trade (Set in the early days of the Liaden Universe; we're supposed to receive signed copies) $25.00
Lumley, Brian Beneath the Moors and Darker Places (Collection of 9 of Lumley's best short works) $14.95
Marks, Laurie J Fire Logic (As Shaftal falls from prosperity into lawlessness, three friends join together to try to change the course of history) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne/Stirling, S.M. The City and the Ship (Two novels in one large volume set in the same universe as The Ship Who Sang ) $25.00
McCaffrey/Scarborough Acorna's Triumph (Acorna must stop a vicious criminal and the deadly Khleevi who have returned to conquer her planet for good) $24.95
McCarthy, Wil Lost in Transmission (Rebels have been banished to a starship to start a new colony, and while on the 100 year journey, the colony shows signs of strain and death has returned with a vengeance) $6.99
McIntyre, Vonda Nebula Awards Showcase 2004 (Anthology) $14.95
McNaughton, Janet An Earthly Knight (In Scotland 1162, 16_year old Lady Jeanette hopes to redeem her family's station through marriage, but is haunted by the memory of a man from back home with a terrible secret) $15.99
Moon, Elizabeth The Speed of Dark (Novel which explores the world of autism in a journey through one man's psyche) $13.95
Morgan, Richard Broken Angels (Takeshi Kovacs joins a covert team aiming to secure a coveted archaeological prize, and is dropped into a storm of treachery and betrayal) $14.95
Nye, Jody Lynn The Lady and the Tiger (Dr. Shona Taylor takes on a new assignment and discovers a chilling reality behind a picture perfect planet) $6.50
Ringo, Jim/Evans, Linda The Road to Damascus (When a ruthless political regime seizes power on a world struggling to recover from alien invasion, a former war hero finds herself leading a desperate band of freedom fighters) $25.00
Rodda, Emily Fairy Realm: The Magic Key (5th in the series: Jessie is lost in the Realm and must reach the end of the rainbow before it fades or she may never get home) $8.99
Saberhagen, Fred Beserker's Star (Pilot Harry Silver takes on a passenger on a quest to rescue her husband from a cult, and their journey takes them to a treacherous planet between a black hole and a star) $6.99
Salvatore, R.A. Immortals (Conclusion of the Demonwars Saga: As armies clash and plots unfold, only the gemstone bearing Pony can free her son from the grip of evil) $7.50
Schmitz, James H Eternal Frontier (Reprint; Earth's colonists have divided into the Swimmers and the Walkers, and an alien race is trying to provoke a war _ only Crowell, a Walker by choice, can stop them) $7.99
Scott, Manda Dreaming the Eagle (Breaca nic Graine is a warrior leader in her Celtic homeland, and must face the Roman army as she is burdened with the duel heritage of warrior_leader and dreamer) $14.00
Shinn, Sharon Angel_Seeker (Two women from wildly different backgrounds in Samaria have encounters with angels and when their paths cross both find what they want but in dangerous ways) $23.95
Shinn, Sharon Angelica (A terrible threat is besetting Samaria and the new Archangel Gaaron and his chosen mate must face it as they develop their relationship) $7.99
Simpson, Paul The Rough Guide to the Lord of the Rings (Behind the scenes view of the Lord of the Rings, the movie series) $12.95
Smedman, Lisa Venom's Taste (House of Serpents Book 1: The powerful House of Serpents is the target of a human cult who worship the goddess of plague and disease) $6.99
Stern, D. A. Punisher (Movie tie-in) $6.99
Stirling, S.M. Conquistador (An ex_marine has discovered a portal that permits him to travel back to a virgin America untouched by European influence & 2realities collide) $7.99
Traviss, Karen City of Pearl (Novel of war, religion, first contact and ecology) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Jaws of Darkness (5th of the series, the terrible onslaught of the forces of Algrave begins to founder as the embattled nations of Lagoas and Kuusamo have discovered a new power) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry ed Alternate Generals II (Stories of alternate history where the greatest generals fight battles under different circumstances) $7.99
Vornholt, John Star Trek The Next Generation: A Time to Die (Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew continue to struggle to regain their flagship status after being suspected of destroying a fellow Starfleet vessel) $6.99
Westerfeld, Scott Midnighters #1: The Secret Hour (A group of teenagers discover that time stops for one hour at midnight each night, & dark creatures lurk in that time) $15.99
Williams, Walter Jon The Sundering: Dread Empire's Fall (Book 2 of the Dread Empire's Fall series) $7.99
Wurts, Janny To Ride Hell's Chasm (When the princess fails to appear for her betrothal banquet, the king orders two warriors to find her) $25.00
Yolen, Jane/Harris, Robert J. Atalanta and the Arcadian Beast (Atalanta is a wild girl who lives in the forest but her peace is threatened by a ferocious beast) $5.99
Yolen, Jane/Harris, Robert J. Jason and the Gorgon's Blood (Jason learns a secret that sends him and five companions on a perilous journey to save their kingdom) $15.99
Zahn, Timothy Dragon and Thief (Jack Morgan, framed for theft, flees to a planet where he joins with a dragon_like creature who must bond with a human or die, and together they escape and find the truth) $5.99
Zettel, Sarah In Camelot's Shadow (Risa of the Morelands is on the run from an arranged marriage to a sorcerer, and heads to the Arthurian Court to hide) $13.95


Amend, Bill Am I a Mutant, or What! (Collection of Fox Trot cartoons) $8.95
de Lint, Charles I'll Be Watching You (A passing stranger helps Rachel Sorenson escape from her ex_husband's abuse, & now he wants something more and he means to collect) $13.95
Doctorow, Cory Eastern Standard Tribe (Art is a member of a secret society around the world who wake and sleep on Eastern Standard Time, and his friends put him in the nut_house where he struggles to get out) $23.95
Glass, Isabel Daughter of Exile (When her exiled father is murdered, Angarred seeks justice from the King, and finds a swirling world of palace intrigue and is helped by a magician as she searches for answers) $24.95
Harris, Anne Inventing Memory (The real world and mythic world come together as a graduate student and a slave freed by the Goddess both embark on dangerous journeys to fulfill their destinies) $25.95
Haydon, Elizabeth Elegy for a Lost Star (Book 5 in the Symphony of Ages: Son and mother are pitted in an epic struggle between two dragons, and the seeds of chaos have been planted for a war) $27.95
Holland, Cecelia The Soul Thief (Vikings attack an Irish village, kidnapping one of a pair of twins, and the other twin tracks his ravaged sister fighting for both their lives) $14.95
Llywelyn, Morgan 1949 (Ursula Halloran comes of age in the 1920's and lives with the horror and tragedy of civil war in Ireland as she works fiercely for an independent Ireland) $7.99
Lustbader, Eric Van Mistress of the Pearl (The Sarakkon woman from the mysterious southern continent comes north on a secret mission that will change the lives of everyone as the evil Sauromisians seek to bind a dragon) $27.95
Marks, Laurie J Earth Logic (Elemental Logic Book 2: Earth witch Karis lives in obscurity, refusing to rule Shaftal, waits for a sign but knows not what it is) $25.95
Martin, George R.R. A Storm of Swords (25 cassettes, unabridged: Sequel to A Clash of Kings : Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne but faces many bitter rivals who plot against him) $59.95
McMullen, Sean Glass Dragons (Sequel to Voyage of the Shadowmoon : 700_year old vampire Laron investigates a magical Manhattan Project which threatens to fall into the wrong hands) $27.95
Osborne_McKnight, Juliene Bright Sword of Ireland (Third volume of retelling of cherished Irish folktales) $24.95
Rucker, Rudy Frek and Elixir (In 3003, Frek finds a small flying saucer under his bed that tells him he is destined to save the world and when the repressive Gov takes the saucer he flees with his dog) $27.95
Salvatore, R.A. Homeland (Recounts the origin of Drizzt the dark elf in a deluxe hardcover edition with annotations by the author and all_new cover art) $25.95
Tarr, Judith Queen of the Amazons (When Alexander the Great comes to Persia, the Queen of the Amazons travels to see him and is drawn by the power of the Goddess to become part of his court) $24.95
Turtledove, Harry Out of the Darkness (Conclusion to Turtledove's saga of war in a world where magic works) $27.95
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Time of the Twins (The first title in the second Dragonlance trilogy in hardcover for the first time) $27.95


Brite, Poppy Z Liquor (Rickey and G_Man, down_and_out cooks looking for a quick buck, concoct the idea of a theme restaurant in New Orleans, but must first avoid the darker shadows of the town) $13.95
Holt, Tom For Two Nights Only (Two hilarious comic fantasies in one volume) $13.95
Rankin, Robert The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse (A serial killer is murdering all The Old Rich and only Eddie Bear and his friend Jack can track down the killer) $9.95


Abbey, Lynn Taking Time (To end a curse, Emma Merrigan travels back through time to an act of violence and faces the possibility that saving those in the future may mean destroying those in the past) $6.50
Asprin, Robert/Heck, Peter No Phule Like an Old Phule (Phule gets on the wrong side of Barky the environmental dog by hosting a group of hunters out to bag a dinosaur) $7.99
Atwood, Margaret Oryx and Crake (Placid creatures have replaced humans, and the last human left goes on a mission to recover his past and meets a degraded girl and a genius while on his quest) $14.00
Bass, L. G. Sign of the Qin (Young adult epic kung fu sword-and-sorcery adventure) $17.99
Bennett, Cherie/Gottesfeld, Jeff Smallville: Sparks (TV tie-in) $6.99
Bray, Patricia Devlin's Justice (Sword of Change Book 3: The Sword of Light is in enemy hands, Devlin is imprisoned and Korsk is under full_scale attack. To save his kingdom Devlin must escape) $6.50
Brennan, Noel_Anne Blood of the Land (With her baby kidnapped, her lover missing, and her deposed cousin making war against her, Rilsin's only hope lies in a princess who could be friend or foe) $6.99
Browne, N.M. Hunted (Young adult novel set in the realm of Mowl) $7.95
Brust, Steven The Lord of Castle Black (Middle novel of trilogy covering time from Five Hundred Years After almost to the time of Vlad Taltos) $7.99
Bujor, Flavia The Prophecy of the Stones (Young adult fantasy written by a 15-year-old, translated from French) $16.95
Byers, Richard Lee The Rage (Renegade dragon hunter has devoted his entire life to killing dragons, and now that they have slipped into feral madness, civilization's only hope may lie in his talents) $6.99
Byng, Georgia Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism (When a mysterious book introduces her to the powers of hypnotism, Molly Moon sets out to turn her life around; young adult novel) $6.99
Byng, Georgia Molly Moon Stops the World (Young adult: When a actor disappears, Molly Moon finds herself in the middle of a dangerous investigation) $16.99
Capek, Karel R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) (Classic play written in 1920 about a robot revolt and their strain to learn how to reproduce) $8.00
Cavelos, Jeanne ed The Many Faces of Van Helsing (Anthology of stories featuring Van Helsing, vampire hunter) $14.95
Chernenko, Dan The Chernagor Pirates (The Scepter of Mercy Book 2: The troubled dual reign of Kings Lanius and Grus is threatened by civil war from the north and must reclaim the Scepter to save the kingdom) $14.95
Chester, Deborah Realm of Light (Reprint: The death of Emperor Kostimon has unleashed the dark gods upon the kingdom of Imperia, and only Lady Elandra has the power to save her people) $7.50
Coe, David B Seeds of Betrayal (The Forelands are in turmoil as a result of the machinations of a conspiracy of sorcerers, and only one man can save the land if he can survive) $7.99
Cunningham, Elaine Wind Walker (Elf princess Liriel and her companions travel to the barbarian homeland of Rashemen, where elves are hated, and a malice is watching her every move for a chance to kill her) $7.99
Cutter, Leah R. The Caves of Buda (When Zita's grandfather flees a hospital raving about demons, Zita discovers that his seeming madness masks a terrible truth) $6.50
Dalmas, John The Second Coming (A charismatic speaker who works miracles appears and survives many assassination attempts as he predicts a cosmic disaster descending upon the Earth) $24.00
Dilmore, Kevin/Ward, Dayton Star Trek The Next Generation: A Time to Sow (Trapped between two factions in an interplanetary civil war, Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew must forge a lasting peace) $6.99
Doherty, Robert Area 51: Legend (Donnchadh and Gwalcmai span centuries while protecting the sword Excalibur while an unquenchable evil threatens to take hold of the Earth) $6.99
Fallon, Jennifer Lion of Senet (An exile returns to the tiny dukedom of Elcast, rekindling old hatreds, and imperils the present rule, while those who do not believe in the High Priestess rebel) $6.99
Feist, Raymond E King of Foxes (Conclave of Shadows Book 2: Tal Hawkins masquerades as a noble to insinuate himself into the court of the evil Duke of Olasko but to destroy him, Tal must betray his own code) $24.95
Feist, Raymond E Talon of the Silver Hawk (Conclave of Shadows Book 1: A young boy, the only survivor of the evil raids on his village, is bent on vengeance and sheds his name to become Talon of the Silver Hawk) $7.99
Ferring, David Konrad (Book 1 in the Konrad Trilogy: Young Konrad is flung into the life of a desperate exile when his village is razed by marauding beastmen) $6.99
Flint, Eric/Dennis, Andrew 1634: The Galileo Affair (An American town has been hurled from the 20th to the 17th century, and when a Venician artist reads a 20th century book he decides to rescue Galileo from his heresy trial) $25.00
Gemmel, David The Swords of Night an Day (Sequel to White Wolf : A thousand years after he fought alongside Druss the Legend, Skilgannion the Damned has been resurrected to face the ruthless evil of the Eternal) $24.95
Gilligan, Elizabeth The Silken Shroud (Silken Magic #2: Revisits the mythical kingdom of Tyrrhia, where religions rise, governments fall, and the only things more important than a gypsy's passion is a gypsy's curse) $6.99
Graham, Ian Monument (A drunken vagrant, consumed by greed, steals and artifact of unimaginable power and the fate of the world is thrust onto his shoulders) $14.00
Gresham, Stephen The Fraternity (New pledges surrender their humanity to a brotherhood of evil as two fraternity houses engage in an immortal, bloodthirsty rivalry) $5.99
Hale, Deborah Wizard's Ward (In a world torn apart by ruthless warriors, a young witch gifted in life_magic is chosen by her wizard guardian to find the legendary "Waiting King" to save her world) $13.95
Hamilton, Laurell K Circus of the Damned (Hardcover reprint: a rogue master vampire hits town and Anita Blake gets caught in the middle of an undead turf war) $22.95
Hancock, Niel Faragon Fairingay (For Bear, Dwarf, and Otter and their allies Froghorn and Grayfax Grimwald, peace has not lasted long and the battle begins anew) $5.99
Hendrix, Howard V. The Labyrinth Key (US & China race to develop a super computer that can break any code, a scientist disappears & search for him leads to a huge threat to all) $13.95
Hickman, Tracy & Laura Mystic Warrior (First of a series; the Human world, the Goblin world, and the Faery world are slowly being drawn together) $24.95
Huff, Tanya Smoke and Shadows (Tony, a former street kid turned producer, is behind a new TV series about a vampire detective, when a wizard comes to Earth from another dangerous dimension) $23.95
Jaques, Brian The Angel's Command (Fate casts Ben and his black lab adrift once more on a French pirate ship with two villainous sea captains and a ghost in pursuit) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrlyn Kiss of the Night (Tale of Wulf, immortal Viking warrior with the power to make everyone forget him, & Cassandra, the woman who can't get him off her mind) $6.99
Keyes, Greg The Briar King (A small group of ordinary people seek to save the kingdom from the Briar King, harbinger of death when he awakens from his slumber) $7.50
King, William Grey Hunter (Book 3 in the Space Wolf Saga: A holy artifact is seized by the forces of Chaos and Ragnar must retrieve it before a terrible foe is set free) $6.99
King, William Ragnar's Claw (Book 2 in the Space Wolf Saga: The tale of Ragnar's first mission as a young Blood Claw warrior taking him on a trek across the galaxy to face the heart of evil) $6.99
Kress, Nancy Crossfire (Colonists on a distant planet discover primitive humanoid aliens; find themselves caught in an interstellar war between two very different species of alien) $6.99
Lindskold, Jane The Dragon of Despair (Young Firekeeper, raised by wolves, is brought to the court of Hawk Haven, and must learn to cope with human society while Melina Shield, sorceress, uses her power for evil) $7.99
Lisle, Holly Gods Old and Dark (World Gates Book 3: Conclusion to the Fantasy trilogy; PBO) $6.99
Locksley, Rebecca Three Sisters (3 magical sisters go on a quest to save a princess; PBO) $7.99
MacLeod, Ian R The Light Ages (In a bleak and gritty England, the wealth that comes from magic is both revered and reviled, and a young man is haunted by his childhood love) $14.00
McNeill, Graham Ursun's Teeth (Kaspar von Velten returns to Kislev and must uncover the dark agents hidden with in the city before they can bring down the defenses) $6.99
Moscoe, Mike MechWarrior Dark Age: Patriot's Stand (Grace O'Malley's ragtag forces stand valiantly against the fearsome Roughriders) $6.99
Nix, Garth The Ragwitch (One boy journeys into the heart of an imaginary kingdom in search of his sister whose soul has been taken over by a malevolent spirit) $6.99
Norton, Andre Gods and Androids (First combined publication of Androids at Arms and Wraiths of Time _ Two very different heroes both destined to be the only hope of a doomed civilization) $24.00
Owens, Robin D Heart Duel (Two star_crossed lovers defy all odds in Celta, a world where psychic talents and the desires of the heart flourish) $6.50
Podrug, Junius Dark Passage (Brutal 21st century jihad terrorists slip through a temporal hole, going back in time to change the course of history, and 3 people are sent back by scientists to stop them) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry The Bromeliad Trilogy #1: Truckers (4_inch tall nomes living in the Store must find a way to escape when they discover the Store is to be demolished) $5.99
Pratchett, Terry The Bromeliad Trilogy #2: Diggers (Just as the nomes are settling in their new home, they discover they have to move again) $5.99
Pratchett, Terry The Bromeliad Trilogy #3: Wings (The nomes search for a way back to their original home) $5.99
Price, Robert M The New Lovecraft Circle (20 stories in the tradition of Lovecraft by famous horror authors) $14.95
Radford, Irene Guardian of the Promise (Merlin's Descendants #4: Twin brothers Donovan and Griffin are in a magic_fueled struggle to protect Elizabethan England from both mortal and demonic enemies) $7.99
Rennie, Gordon Execution Hour (The Imperial Battlefleet must fight a desperate rearguard action against Warmaster Abaddon's Black Crusade which is destroying entire planets in its wake) $6.99
Resnick, Mike Santiago (Reprint; Santiago, legendary bandit & assassin, is chased by a freelance reporter & an art thief & those who would collect the reward for his capture) $6.99
Resnick, Mike The Return of Santiago (A thief stumbles on poems about the legendary bandit and assassin Santiago, and comes face to face with him in the farthest reaches of the Rim) $7.99
Romkey, Michael American Gothic (A vampire since 1863, in 1914 Nathaniel Peregrine goes to Hawaii & finds a woman to love & a doctor who may be able to restore his soul) $6.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Consequences (Retrieval Artist Miles Flint brings one of the Disappeared out of hiding, and when she is murdered, Flint is plunged into a mystery involving an enigmatic alien race) $6.50
Samson, John M. E Star Trek: Crosswords #3 (Crossword puzzles with a Star Trek theme) $10.95
Sargent, Pamela-ed. Conqueror Fantastic (13 original stories exploring what would have happened if certain powerful leaders had met different fates) $6.99
Sheffield, Charles Resurgence (Hans Rebka and his motley crew investigate something that is destroying whole solar systems and fight a battle which may determine the fate of the entire galaxy) $7.99
Sherman,. Josepha/Shwartz, Susan Star Trek: Vulcan's Soul Exodus (A long lost offshot of the Vulcans are waging war on the Romulans, and Spock and his old crew must wage a secret war to stop the bloodshed; abridged cassettes $24.00, abridged CDs $28.00) $25.00
Slater, Ian WWIII: Choke Point (On the coast of Washington State, a staggering attack floods the Northwest with American refugees and the bravest and best of U.S. Special Forces must defeat a shadowy enemy) $6.99
Stephenson, Neal The Confusion (The Baroque Cycle Volume 2: In the 1600's, 10 galley slaves on a ship steal treasure from the New World, leaving very unhappy men who vow to hunt them down) $27.95
Thorpe, Gav Annihilation Squad (Lt. Kage has been tasked with recruiting a new team of Last Chancers to hunt a lone traitor across the galaxy) $7.99
Tobin, Greg The Siege of Troy (Classic tale of attack of Troy, tie_in to the new movie) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Advance and Retreat (Alternate history where the Civil War is fought between two kings who have magic as well as soldiers at their disposal) $7.99
Vornholt, John Star Trek The Next Generation: Genesis Force (The Enterprise must restore a planet in the Genesis Sector to save the lives of millions) $6.99
Weber, David March to the Stars (Prince Roger MacClintock, spoiled and arrogant heir to the Throne of Man, is marooned on the enemy occupied planet of Marduk, and must fight through many dangers to escape) $7.99
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Blood Games (Vampire novel set during the last chaotic days of Nero's Rome) $6.99


Adams, Scott Don't Stand Where the Comet is Assumed to Strike Oil (Collection of Dilbert cartoons) $10.95
Antieau, Kim Coyote Cowgirl (A priceless ruby scepter is stolen and Jeanne Les Flambeaux is aided in her search for the scepter by a talking crystal skull with an attitude) $14.95
Asher, Neal The Skinner (Sable Keech will not rest until he has brought Spatterjay Hoop to justice and must venture out of the safety of the island Dome on a nearly all_ocean and dangerous planet) $25.95
Brust, Steven Sethra Lavode (The undead Sethra Lavode has reentered the Empire's affairs, as a Dragonlord means to remake Empire in his own name; ending in a battle of sorcery and arms) $25.95
Carrere, Emmanuel I Am Alive and You Are Dead (Biography of Philip K. Dick) $26.00
Conley, Darby Bucky Katt's Big Book of Fun (Collection of Get Fuzzy cartoons) $14.95
Fallon, Jennifer Medalon (R'shiel. daughter of the First Sister of the Blade who rule Medalon, and her half_brother Tarja run afoul of their mother and must flee, getting caught up in rebellion) $24.95
Holland, Cecelia The Witch's Kitchen (Sequel to The Soul Thief : Corban and Mav have found a new home in a strange land, but Corban is called away to fight in the wars of succession) $24.95
Kaye, Marvin-ed. The Dragon Quintet (5 new novellas about dragons from top authors) $24.95
Knaak, Richard Tides of Blood (The Minotaur Wars Volume 2: Continues the tale of the fallout from the end of the War of Souls, focusing on the Minotaurs) $24.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr Wellspring of Chaos (12th novel in the Saga of the Recluse: Kharl is accused of murder and must flee, taking with him The Book of Order which could teach him the secrets of power) $27.95
Scott, Jerry/Borgman, Jim Teenage Tales (Zits Sketchbook #8) $10.95
Stevermer, Caroline A Scholar of Magics (Sequel to A College of Magics : Samuel Lampert, sharpshooter and adventurer, travels to Glasscastle to contribute to the Agincourt Project, and runs into many troubles) $19.95
Wilson, F. Paul Midnight Mass (In a world where vampires are taking over, turning humans into cattle to feed on, a Catholic Priest and a Rabbi discover there might be a way to fight back) $25.95


Akamatsu, Ken Negima! (Japanese comic: 10_year old wizard Negi Springfield has received his diploma in magic and his first assignment is to teach English at a Japanese girl's school) $10.99
Allende, Isabel City of the Beasts (Two teenagers in the Amazon rainforest encounter creatures and places out of legend and perils beyond imagination) $7.99
Anderson, Kevin J/Nino, Alex The Orc's Treasure (Graphic Novel: A workaday Orc comes upon a hidden treasure which will change his life forever) $9.99
Armstrong, Kelley Dime Store Magic (Young witch Paige Winterbourne succeeds her mother as leader of the American Coven of Witches and runs into a dark faction of the supernatural underworld who want power) $6.99
Baker, Richard Condemnation (War of the Spider Queen Book 3: Lolth may return as something greater than she was or she may be gone from her drow children forever) $6.99
Banker, Ashok K Prince of Ayodhya (The Ramayana Book 1: An army of anti_gods plan to take over the land of mortals and Prince Rama must stop them in a battle of Good against Evil) $6.99
Banks, L.A. Minion: A Vampire Huntress Legend (Vampire Huntress Damali Richards is pulled into the terrifying world of a seductive beast in a new vampire series featuring an African_American heroine) $6.99
Brooks, Terry The Elfstones of Shannara (4 cassettes, abridged: Legendary bestselling fantasy saga continues) $25.95
Browne, N.M. Basilisk (In a world inhabited by Combers who live below ground, and Abovers, a young Comber discovers the body of an Abover and swears vengeance, taking the risk to go above to search) $17.95
Browne, N.M. Warriors of Alavna (Young adult novel with a strong heroine and hero finding themselves in a difficult world) $7.95
CLAMP Tsubasa: (Japanese comic: Volume 1 of the Reservoir Chronicles featuring characters Sakura and Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura) $10.99
CLAMP xxxHOLIC (Japanese comic: A young man finds himself working in a very strange magic shop) $10.99
Canavan, Trudi The Novice (Black Magician Trilogy Book 2: A young vagrant girl struggles to master her newfound magical abilities and discovers a deadly secret) $7.50
Cochran, Molly The Third Magic (Young American boy Arthur Blessing must claim his destiny, but Guinevere stands in his way) $7.99
Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code (third in young adult series) $7.99
Colfer, Eoin The Supernaturalist (14-year-old orphan is sent to an Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys, where orphans are experimented on-but he escapes and joins gang of boys who can "see" supernatural parasites that feed on human life force) $16.95
Cowell, Cressida How to Train Your Dragon (Illustrated middle-grades story of a non-heroic Viking boy and the small, ornery dragon he has adventures with) $10.95
Cox, Greg Underworld: Book 2 (For the first time a glimmer of peace shines through the dark conflict between the werewolves and the vampires when they fall in love) $6.99
Crowley, John Novelties and Souvenirs (Collected short fiction by Crowley) $13.95
Czerneda, Julie E. Survival (When her Field Base is attacked, Dr. Mackenzie flees to the planet of an alien archaeologist to find a defense against the unknown aggressor) $23.95
Dalmas, John The Regiment: A Trilogy (Three separate novels of the planet Tyss, so poor that their only export is its fighting men, mystic warriors, irresistible in battle) $25.00
Daniel, Tony Superluminal (A civil war between the inner planetary system and those on the far reaches of space tears apart the solar system) $25.95
David, James F Before the Cradle Falls (While searching for a serial killer who is murdering children, Detective Kyle Sommers discovers a time traveler has been saving children from dangers and hopes for help) $6.99
David, Peter Spiderman 2 (Official tie_in based on the new movie) $6.99
Dickson, Gordon R/Bova Ben Hour of the Gremlins (Three novels by two top authors: Hour of the Horde , Wolfling , and Gremlins Go Home ) $7.99
Dilmore, Kevin/Ward, Dayton Star Trek The Next Generation: A Time to Harvest (Continuing their struggle for peace, Captain Picard's crew must stop a civil war before two nations destroy each other and the Enterprise) $6.99
Fallon, Jennifer Eye of the Labyrinth (Second Sons Trilogy Book 2: Dirk Provin must emerge from hiding and return to Elcast setting in motion a rebellion that will ignite festering hatreds) $6.99
Fawcett, Bill-ed. Masters of Fantasy (Collection of favorite fantasy authors featuring new stories from popular series) $25.00
Flynn, Michael The Wreck of the River of Stars (The once majestic ship River of Stars has been reduced to a tramp freighter when a catastrophic engine failure strikes and the crew plot to save her in a last gasp for glory) $7.99
Freeman, Lorna Covenants (When trooper Rabbit encounters a Faena, a magical guardians of an uneasy ally, he is thrust into political & magical intrigue that could start a war) $6.99
Gaiman, Neil Coraline (Coraline steps through a door to a magical but very dangerous world where she will need all her wit to escape) $5.99
Gascoigne/Dunn-eds. What Price Victory (A Warhammer 40,000 book: In the grim darkness of the far future, mankind teeters on the brink of destruction and the Space Marines are the only hope for survival) $6.99
Green, Simon Nightingale's Lament (The Nightingale sings songs that make people commit suicide, and Detective John Taylor must find her before she destroys the entire neighborhood of Nightside) $6.50
Greenberg/Davis-eds. Faerie Tales (Collection of 12 all_new stories about the Faerie worlds) $6.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Nightseer (Reissue of Hamilton's debut novel; the tale of a woman known as sorcerer, prophet, and enchantress) $6.99
Hand, Judith The Amazon and the Warrior (One Amazon queen stands between her people and Achilles, mighty Greek warrior who has set his sights on conquering them) $7.99
Harrison, Kim Dead Witch Walking (The vampires in Hollows come out to play and a witch who is also a bounty hunter investigates; PBO) $6.99
Hauf, Michele Seraphim (In 1433, the Black Knight has sworn to defeat Lucifer de Morte, and travels to his demesnes executing demon henchmen along the way) $13.95
Herndon, Cory J. The Fifth Dawn (Mirrodin Cycle Book 3: The fury of Memnarch is turned against Glissa & Slobad as they make their way across Mirrodin in search of new allies) $6.99
Ibbotson, Eva The Haunting of Granite Falls (Young adult; American millionaire Hiram C Hopgood imports a castle from Scotland to Texas and ghosts come with it to take up residence in the movie theater next door) $15.99
Ing/Pournelle/Stirling The Houses of Kzinti (Two complete novels of the Man_Kzin Wars in one volume: The Children's Hour and Cathouse ) $7.99
Jablonski, Carla The Books of Magic #5: Lost Places (Tim Hunter's girlfriend Molly is in danger and they are drawn into a world full of demons and deception) $5.99
Jablonski, Carla Van Helsing: The Junior Novel (Based on the screenplay of the movie to be released in May 2004) $4.99
Jaques, Brian The Ribbajack & Other Curious Yarns (Six all_new tales of horror and suspense) $16.99
Jones, Diana Wynne The Merlin Conspiracy (Three young people from different worlds come together to unseat the false Merlin of Blest) $7.99
Kafka, Franz The Metamorphosis (Classic novel of Gregor Samsa who wakes up one morning to discover that he has been transformed into a giant cockroach) $5.95
Kerr, Katherine Snare (On the planet Snare science has mutated into superstition and humans need to coexist with huge, sentient lizards) $7.99
Knight, E.E. Choice of the Cat (Vampire Earth Book 2: David Valentine joins the human resistance and is trained as a Cat, an elite trained warrior, and his first mission is to investigate the Twisted Cross) $6.99
Krinard, Susan Kinsman's Oath (In a world of humans, telepaths, and an alien race called the shaauri, two telepaths have nothing in common but the love they feel for each other) $6.99
Lubar, David Flip (Two siblings discover a magic alien disk that allow them to change into the character of a hero from the past) $5.99
Martin, George R.R. A Feast for Crows (With the death of a monstrous king, and a regent ruling in King's Landing, humans assemble to form new plots and alliances; unabridged cassettes $54.95)(This is the third time the publisher has scheduled this book without have the manuscript-we doubt that it will arrive when promised) $28.00
Modesitt, L.E. Darknesses (The Corean Chronicles Book 2: Alucius is now the youngest captain in the Militia and must use both military and magical talents to stop a would_be conqueror) $7.99
Moore, Christopher Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings (Whale researcher Nate Quinn intends to discover the meaning behind the songs of the humpback whale and while shooting a photo of one, sees the words "Bite Me" on its tail) $13.95
Prior, Natalie Jane Lily Quench and the Treasure of the Mote Fly (Lily Quench (3) is kidnapped and taken back to the past, where she searches for the treasure of the mote fly and a way home) $4.99
Ramsland, Katherine The Blood Hunters (An elite cadre of vampires is in jeopardy of being exposed and destroyed) $5.99
Robbins, Tom Villa Incognito (American MIAs choose to remain missing after the Viet Nam war and four generations of women share a mysterious connection to an outlandish figure from Japanese folk lore) $14.00
Rodda, Emily Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal (Rowan of Rin #3: The people of Rin have come to rely on Rowan, but will his bravery be enough to save them?) $5.99
Rodda, Emily Rowan and the Zebak (Rowan of Rin #4: Rowan must prevent a terrible conflict between the Rin and the people of Zebak) $5.99
Scott, Manda Dreaming the Bull (The legendary Celtic warrior queen Boudica is the only one who can lead the Britain's in a revolt against the conquering Romans while her brother has gone over to the Romans) $25.00
Sheffield, Charles Between the Strokes of Night (In the year 27,698 AD, the Immortals, strange beings with ties to ancient Earth who control the lives of humans, are fought by a small group of humans of the planet Pentecost) $7.99
Silverberg, Robert Roma Eterna (An alternate history novel which explores what the world would be like if the Roman Empire survived into the 21st century) $7.99
Springer, Nancy Wild Boy _ A Tale of Rowan Hood (Ever since the Sheriff of Nottingham killed his father, Rook has run wild as a wolf, and when the sheriff's son is caught in a trap, Rook must decide whether to take vengeance) $16.99
Sterling, Bruce The Zenith Angle (After 9/11 cyber_security theorist Derek Vandeveer takes a job with a new national security agency and works to determine who is attacking a top_secret US satellite) $24.95
Stern, Dave Enterprise: Daedalus's Chidren (The Enterprise crew has been kidnapped and are at the mercy of their captors and Captain Archer realizes that to save his ship he will have to cripple it) $6.99
Stewart, Ian/Cohen, Jack Heaven (A Cosmic Unity mission fleet is approaching a world to spread a message of harmony, but it might be necessary to fight off these invaders) $24.95
Swann, S. Andrew Broken Crescent (College student & expert hacker is abducted to an alien world where magic is the rule and he becomes a pawn in a terrifying game of power) $6.99
Taylor, G. P. Shadowmancer (A vicar actually serves the dark forces and wishes to rule the universe, while innocent young Thomas and Kate are drawn into the war between good and evil) $16.99
Tomino, Yoshoyuki Mobile Suit Gundam (Cartoon Network's hit series, the entire trilogy in one volume) $14.95
Turtledove, Harry Settling Accounts: Return Engagement (Alternate history where WWII begins in a divided America when the president of the Confederacy bombs Philadelphia and General Patton's armored divisions drive north) $26.95
Vare, Ethlie Ann Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: The Broken Places (Andromeda Ascendant is negotiating a delicate treaty and when crew members take sides, Dylan Hunt is faced with an explosive situation) $6.99
Varley, John Red Thunder (Seven suburban misfits are constructing a spaceship out of old tanker cars with the goal of beating the Chinese to Mars) $7.99
Wallis, James Mark of Mutation ( Mark of Chaos Series #3: Former Empire soldier Karl Hoche continues his crusade against the Dark Forces of Chaos with a renewed fury) $7.99
Walton, Jo The Prize in the Game (Four friends, rulers of four different countries on the island of Tir Isarngiri, find that ties of friendship may not be enough to keep their countries from war) $6.99
Weber, David Windrider's Oath (Bahzell of the Hradani has traveled to the Sothoii Wind Plain, where he is accepted as a Windrider and his ascension is as likely to stir resentment as respect) $26.00
Weis, Margaret Mistress of Dragons (For ages dragons have not interfered in the ways of humans, but now the order has been violated by men and a mad scramble of intrigue and magic ensues) $6.99
Weis, Margaret-ed. The Search for Power: Dragons from the War of Souls (Collection of stories about the dragons of the Dragonlance world) $6.99
Williams, Tad The War of the Flowers (Theo Vilmos is drawn into the parallel world of Faerie where he becomes a pivotal figure in a war between powerful Lords and the rest of the strange creatures in the land) $7.99
Yadate, Hajime/Tomino, Yoshiyuki Gundam SEED (Japanese comic: Tie_in to the Gundam SEED animated television series set to launch in fall 2004) $10.99
Yolen, Jane The One_Armed Queen (Books of Light #3: Young adult fantasy) $5.99


Bova, Ben The Silent War (Asteroid Wars #3: The lives of thousands rest on the outcome of the war between Astro Corporation and Humphries Space Systems over the resources in the asteroid belt) $24.95
Campbell, Ramsey Alone With the Horrors (Collection of the great short fiction of Ramsey Campbell 1961_1991) $26.95
Gingrich, Newt/Forstchen, William R. Gettysburg (Alternate history of the Civil War if the Confederates won Gettysburg) $14.95
Greenwood, Ed Elminster's Daughter (Chronicles the latest events in the life of the wizard Elminster) $25.95
Grimsley, Jim The Ordinary (A scientific world and a pastoral world are careening toward war and one woman finds herself at the center of events that will decide the outcome) $24.95
Haber, Karen ed Exploring the Matrix (Collection of original essays on the Matrix films and what they mean) $14.95
Jone, Diana Wynne Unexpected Magic (15 short stories and a novella of fantasy for kids ages 10 and up) $16.99
Linskold, Jane The Buried Pyramid (A young, recently orphaned girl comes to Egypt with her uncle and searches for the legendary Buried Pyramid, and face enemies both mortal and immortal who want to stop them) $26.95
Sawyer, Robert Far_Seer (Reissue: A civilized dinosaur changes the world by revealing that the quest they all make is meaningless and the world is about to be torn apart by tidal forces) $14.95
Turtledove/Doyle-eds. The First Heroes (14 tales of the Bronze Age from SF's best writers) $25.95
Vinge, Joan D. Dreamfall (Cat, half_breed telepathic, joins a research team on Refuge and finds trouble when he helps a Hydran woman escape human pursuers) $14.95
Wilder, Cherry/Reimann, Katya The Wanderer (The child of struggling peasants is offered training as a mounted soldier and her nascent magical talents show her to be the Wanderer, a legendary figure of destiny) $27.95


Bunch, Chris The Last Battle (Dragonmaster Trilogy Book 3: Hal Kailas finds himself in the ultimate battle with his allies the Dragons and the future of the world depends on the outcome) $16.95
Holt, Tom The Portable Door (Paul Carpenter comes to the office of H.G. Wells and while working there discovers that the bosses are spending time with goblins) $13.00
Moers, Walter A Wild Ride though the Night (12_year old Gustave has many fantastic adventures, fighting dragons, meeting a talking horse and a dream princess, and others on his journey to manhood) $14.95
Rushkoff, Douglas Club Zero_G (Graphic novel: a college student joins a club that shares dream_ consciousness; through the psychic field encounter aliens from the future) $19.95

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