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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #65 March - June, 2004

[PBO means paperback original]

Andrews, May Kay Little Bitty Lies (Comic Southern novel-Atlanta housewife comes home to find a note from her husband saying he's taken the family fortune and left; she starts telling lies to cover up what happened; then he turns up dead, or does he?) $24.95
Bolitho, Janie The Cornish Novels Omnibus (First 3 novels featuring artist/photographer/ sleuth Rose Trevelyan: Snapped in Cornwall, Buried in Cornwall, Framed in Cornwall ; import trade pb) $16.95
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines (Death of a famous TV chef live on the air is catalyst for some rather comic & surprising events in the life of Gallic gastronomic reviewer Pamplemousse (14) & his faithful dog Pommes Frites) $25.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Private Life of the Cat Who... (Small, heavily illustrated hardcover collection of stories about the famous cats) $10.95
Breen, Jon L. Kill the Umpire (Collection of stories of major league umpire Ed Gorgon, amateur sleuth, with checklist and intro) $17.00
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street (Chief Superintendent Wycliffe investigates the murder of a prostitute in a West Country port; reissue import) $7.95
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe and the Last Rites (Wycliffe investigates the murder of a woman who cleaned the church in the town of Moresk; reprint import) $7.95
Burley, W.J. Wycliffe in Paul's Court (Wycliffe investigates two violent deaths with the help of a shrewd local sergeant; reprint import) $7.95
Campbell, Christy Fenian Fire (Non-fiction; story behind the British Government plot to assassinate Queen Victoria; import trade pb) $14.95
Church, Lisa Secret of Fairwind Estates (Woman accidently kills her mother-in-law, fears that it would look like murder, gets friends to help dispose of body, but will all the friends keep the secret?) $13.95
Cleverly, Barbara Ragtime in Simla (1922 India; Joe Sandilands (2) is visiting the governor of Bengal when a Russian opera singer is shot to death in the governor's car) $24.00
Cody, Liza Lucky Dip and Other Stories (17 stories by award-winning British author, with intro and checklist) $17.00
Coggin, Joan Dancing With Death (1947, first U.S. appearance; old pals call in pretty but scatterbrained Lady Lupin (4) when a Buckinghamshire Christmas houseparty guest dies in an apparent suicide) $14.95
Connolly, John The White Road (S. Carolina Atty Charlie "Bird" Parker (4) agrees to help an old friend defend a young black man accused of raping and murdering his white girlfriend and comes across forces that could destroy him; Barry Award '03) $6.99
Conrad, Barnaby Last Boat to Cadiz (Thriller set in 1945 Spain as Nazis flee Europe) $25.95
Diamond, Sarah Cold Town (37_year old Terry Field lives a boring life until he meets an enigmatic nightclub host who may be Terry's soul mate, or may be using him to further her own agenda; import) $8.95
Drewe, Robert Ned Kelly (Movie tie-in reprint of '91 Australian novel Our Sunshine ) $13.00
Edwards, Ivor J. Jack the Ripper's Black Magic Rituals (Non-fiction; new study of Jack the Ripper that maintains Jack the Ripper was army surgeon and occultist Dr. Robert Donston Stephenson; import) $9.95
Edwards, Martin-ed. Mysterious Pleasures (Anthology of mysteries celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Crime Writers' Association; trade pb import) $17.95
Fender, J. E. The Private Revolution of Geoffrey Frost (First in saga featuring privateer ship captain out of New Hampshire; Frost is a trader, reluctant warrior, and hero of the American Revolution; "translated from the Ming Tsun Chronicles", a shipmate) $14.95
Fender, J. E. Audacity, Privateer Out of Portsmouth (Second in nautical saga) $26.95
Graham, Heather Picture Me Dead (Police rookie enters deadly Miami drug underworld; then a murder connects with Everglades cult killing, with her and a detective facing corruption, deadly conspiracy, and mutual desire) $6.99
Greenberg/Lellenberg/Stashower-ed. Murder, My Dear Watson (Ten original Holmes pastiche stories and four essays) $14.00
Harris, Charlaine Last Scene Alive (Librarian Aurora Teagarden (7) faces off with a murderer when Hollywood film crew makes a movie about serial killer in suburban Atlanta, GA) $5.99
Harrison, Shirley Jack the Ripper: The American Connection (Presents new evidence that Jack the Ripper may also have murdered several people in Austin, Texas) $24.95
Hart, Ellen Hallowed Murder (Trade reprint of 1989 Mpls sleuth Jane Lawless (1)) $13.95
Headrick, Robert J. Jr. The Cat Who ... Quiz Book (Tests your knowledge of Cat Who trivia) $13.00
Hess, Joan Maggody and the Moonbeams (Arly Hanks (13), Police Chief of tiny AK town of Maggody, is chaperoning church youth group in Ozarks retreat when she turns up body of woman belonging to a quirky cult) $6.99
Higgins, Jack Cold Harbour (reprint) $7.99
Holt, Thomas (aka humorous fantasy author Tom Holt) A Song for Nero (Emperor Nero flees barbarian forces in 69 AD and faked death so he can start a new life in music, but pursuer suspects he's alive and really wants him dead; import) $9.95
Jacubowski, Maxim-ed. The Best British Mysteries (Collection of mystery short stories by the best British authors) $25.95
Jardine, Quinton Unnatural Justice (When Scots Private Enquiry Agent turned actor Oz Blackestone's (7) father is blackmailed, and some very nasty people threaten him and his wife, Oz fights back; British import, signed copies available) $24.95
Jecks, Michael The Outlaws of Ennor (In 1323, Sir Baldwin Farnshill (16) and Bailiff Simon are separated by a pirate attack & stormy shipwreck, & end up in a parallel investigation of the murder of a hated tax rival on the island of Ennor; British import, signed copies available) $24.95
Kaye, John The Dead Circus (1986 LA P.I. Gene Burke, a fanatical record collector, investigates the murder of an up-and-coming rockabilly star) $24.00
Kelly, Susan In Cold Blood (When a popular newscaster is found murdered, Superintendent Gregory Summers is detailed to investigate and when a member of the tabloid press is killed he senses a link) $24.95
Kimberly, Alice The Ghost and Mrs. McClure (Young widow and old aunt manage Rhode Island mystery bookshop, but when bestselling author drops dead they need the help of store's ghost, a P.I. murdered there in the '40s; PBO) $5.99
Knight, Alanna The Gowrie Conspiracy (In 1660, the enigmatic Tam Elidor (2) needs all his wits investigating the Scottish court of King James the Sixth when the queen's midwife is murdered; import) $25.95
Knode, Helen The Ticket Out (When a young film school grad dies in the bathtub of Hollywood movie critic Ann Whitehead, she tries to solve the murder and write the story) $13.00
Lake, Deryn (aka Dinah Lampitt) Death at St. James's Palace (In London 1761, amateur sleuth John Rawlings (7) investigates the death of a nobleman and the only witness is blind magistrate John Fielding; import hc at $24.95 or pb) $16.95
Lake, Deryn Death in the Valley of the Shadows (Apothecary and amateur sleuth John Rawlings (9) must use all his skills to solve a rash of fatal poisonings; import) $24.95
Lake, Deryn Death in the West Wind (Georgian England 1759; a John Rawlings mystery; import) $9.95
Latour, Jose Havana World Series (One mob engineers a casino heist in 1958 Cuba to bring another mob's gambling empire to its knees) $23.00
Lawton, John Bluffing Mr. Churchill (Thriller set in 1941 London) $24.00
Leonard, Elizabeth D. Lincoln's Avengers (Non_fiction; "Justice, Revenge and Reunion after the Civil War") $25.95
Light, Elliott Chain Thinking (Animal rights activist visits lawyer/sleuth Shep Harrington and leaves him a chimpanzee liberated from a medical lab, where the doctor in charge was murdered; "a mystery with a message"; "Perfect Gift for the Non-Believer!") $19.95
Liss, David The Coffee Trader (Amsterdam 1659, a man who has lost everything becomes involved in a plot to corner the market on a new drink called coffee, and faces a powerful enemy who wants to ruin him) $14.95
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Goatee (1947; Post WW II housing shortage prompts man to sell his house at an enormous profit and move with his daughter into an unused mansion rent free. But disparate collection of squatters, including a ghost, make the price seem too high; humor) $14.00
Lynds, Gayle Masquerade (Reprint '96, prequel to The Coil , special price) $3.99
Magnan, Pierre The Murdered House (In 1920, Seraphin Monge, the orphan of a family massacred in 1896 returns to remote Provence for answers & seeks vengeance) $12.50
Magnan, Pierre Beyond the Grave (Sequel; Seraphin Monge has disappeared from Provence, but there have been ghostly sightings of him and he seems to be responsible for miraculous events from beyond the grave) $13.00
Magrs, Paul Aisles (Figures from the past including Iris Murdoch, Virginia Wolf and the evil Dr. Fu Manchu appear to turn a normal week in an ordinary Norwich community into a strange world) $14.95
Marshall, Evan Icing Ivy (Jane Stuart (4) and cat Winky investigate murder of old friend with a deadly and complicated past at a snowbound writers' retreat) $5.99
Montalban, Manuel Valquez The Buenos Aires Quintet (Stories featuring Spanish detective Pepe Carvalho; translated; trade PBO) $16.00
Patterson, James The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross's first case since joining the FBI pits him against the Wolf, who is grabbing people off the street to sell them into slavery) $27.95
Pawson, Stuart Limestone Cowboy (Yorkshire DI Charlie Priest (9) investigates when two people nearly die after eating contaminated food, and discovers his new girlfriend has a dark secret; import) $25.95
Rabe, Peter The Box/Journey Into Terror (Two complete classic noir gangster thrillers (Gold Medal '62, '57) with three special essays, trade pb) $19.95
Rathbone, Julian A Very English Agent (1852; a police spy for nearly 40 years, dwarfish Charlie Boylan wants a pension and he has information that will persuade the House of Commons to offer him one) $13.95
Robbins, David Twisted (Movie tie-in; PBO) $6.99
Shash, Dennis E. Dr. Ecco's Cyberpuzzles (36 puzzles for hackers and other mathematical detectives, trade PBO) $14.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Heavenly Date and Other Flirtations (Non-mystery short stories by the author of No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series) $21.00
Smith, Taylor Liar's Market (CIA Deputy chief has gone missing, women who were close to him are targeted for death, U.S. government is covering up while trying to find him) $23.95
Thomas, Scarlett Dead Clever (Lily Pascale, mid-20s hip English academic, takes a job teaching the literature of crime and murder at a university where a student's headless corpse has just been discovered, and sleuthing results) $13.99
Thomas, Scarlett In Your Face (Lily Pascale (2) receives a call from a female journalist friend in London who wrote a story about 3 women being stalked, and on the day of publication all 3 are found murdered; then the journalist mysteriously disappears) $24.95
Trow, M.J. Maxwell's Inspection (An inspection team arrives at Peter "Mad Max" Maxwell's (9) school, and when an inspector is murdered suspicion falls on the Headmaster, who Peter sets out to prove innocent) $25.95
Vanneman, Alan Sherlock Holmes and the Hapsburg Tiara (A fabulous diamond tiara, a vanished duke, and a murdered servant launch Holmes and Watson into a new adventure) $24.00
Watson, Sterling Sweet Dream Baby (Set in 1958 rural Florida; named to Top Ten Crime Books, Toronto Globe and Mail, and Booksense Top 10 Selection) $14.00
Weale, Adrian Renegades (Non-fiction; account of English Nazis; trade pb) $19.95
Webb, Betty Desert Noir (When Scottsdale art gallery owner is murdered, P.I. Leona Jones (2) follows trail of vengeful artists, lost souls, and perverse characters with a mystery oddly linked to her own life) $5.99
Williams, David Practise to Deceive (The murder of a male nurse at an exclusive treatment center is investigated by DCI Merlin Parry, who finds that the nurse had an unsavory aspect to his past) $25.95
Wilson, Robert The Big Killing (Bruce Medway (2), a "fixer" in steamy W. Africa, makes a secret video delivery and is hired as minder to spoiled playboy looking for diamonds, but he's caught up in mystery and a terrifying cycle of violence) $14.00
Wishart, David A Vote for Murder (Marcus Corvinus (6) investigates the murder of one of the two candidates running for censor; ancient Rome; import) $9.95


Mary Kate and Ashley: The Case of the Easter Egg Race (Mary Kate and Ashley are hunting for Easter Eggs when a culprit steals their roller blades) $4.99
Anastasia, George The Last Gangster (Non-fiction; from cop to wiseguy to FBI imformant: Big Ron Previte and the fall of the Philadelphia mob) $25.95
Andrews, Sarah Killer Dust (Just as forensic geologist Em Hansen gets closer to FBI agent Jack Sampler he is sent on a mysterious assignment, and when he doesn't return she tries to find him in Florida) $6.99
Atkins, Ace Dirty South (Nick Travers has 34 hours to save life of a former New Orleans Saints teammate by finding a million dollars conned from a 15_year-old rap prodigy) $24.95
Axler, James Deathlands #65: Hellbenders (Post-apocalyptic action-adventure) $6.50
Benoit, Charles Relative Danger (Clueless young man has dangerous globe-trotting adventure of a lifetime, trying to solve the decades-old murder of his black sheep uncle and recover a legendary red diamond) $24.95
Bissell, Sallie Call the Devil by His Oldest Name (A man bent on revenge is hunting Asst. D.A. Mary "Killer" Crow (3), when her goddaughter disappears at a Cherokee gathering, Mary finds clues on the Trail of Tears, and hunts the man who hunts her; PBO) $6.99
Block, Lawrence Burglars Can't Be Choosers (Reprint of first Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery, winner of the Nero Wolfe Award in 1977; Diamond Dagger Author '04) $6.99
Block, Lawrence The Burglar on the Prowl (Bernie Rhodenbarr returns, getting a craving for a little B&E and trouble can't be far behind; signed copies expected; abridged cassettes $25.95) $24.95
Bochco, Steven Death by Hollywood (Screenwriter Bobby Newman witnesses a murder and decides to turn it into a screenplay rather than report it, insinuating himself into the police investigation) $7.99
Borden, Kate Death of a Tart (Peggy Jean Turner, mayor of a broke New England town, is trying to create a historical theme park when the town tart turns up dead and she risks all to solve the crime; PBO) $5.99
Bradley, John Ed Restoration ("A piquantly atmospheric mystery about race, sex, and art in New Orleans") $14.00
Brent, Jonathan/Naumov, Vladimir Stalin's Last Crime (Non-fiction; Stalin's plot against Jewish doctors 1948_1953) $14.95
Brooks, Bill Law for Hire: Saving Masterson (Teddy Blue (3) must journey to Dodge City to help safeguard the life of lawman Bat Masterson; Western PBO) $5.99
Burton, Bob Crimson Hit (Santa Barbara's top bounty hunter searches for a doctor's AWOL family while fulfilling personal vendetta to track down friend's murderer; PBO) $5.99
Carver, Caroline Dead Heat (Survivor of a plane crash in Australia's wild outback fights for her life, realizes the plane was sabotaged, tries to find the truth as she tries to survive) $23.95
Cawthorne, Nigel Military Commanders _ The 100 Greatest (Non-fiction; accounts of the 100 greatest military commanders from Sparta through WWII and beyond) $18.95
Churchill, Jill Love for Sale (Grace and Favor (4) again confront a murder most foul in depression area Hudson River Valley) $6.99
Coleman, Reed Farrel Redemption Street (Moe Berg (2) investigates a 1960's borscht belt hotel fire that claimed 17 lives for a long_grieving brother and must brave a minefield of politicians and corrupt cops) $22.95
Connelly, Michael Lost Light (LAPD cop Harry Bosch has resigned, but rediscovers an unsolved murder as he pours over old case files he knows he cannot rest until he solves it, badge or no badge; brief cameo by Crais' Elvis Cole) $7.99
Connolly, John Bad Men (A group of men descend on a small Maine town bent on revenge and the only ones who can stand against them are a rookie police officer and a melancholy police officer) $25.00
Corbitt. Michael/Giancana, Sam Double Deal (Non-fiction; a Midwest police chief who lived a double life as a Mafioso) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Havoc (Sharpe is on a mission to find the daughter of an English wine shipper, when the French onslaught on Portugal begins and he is trapped behind enemy lines) $12.95
Cunningham, Laura Shaine Dreams of Rescue (An atmosphere of real danger surrounds an actress famous for her "female in jeopardy" roles and all the men in her life are suspect) $14.00
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unwed (Betsy Taylor is killed in a car accident, but can't seem to stay dead and her friends think that she is the prophesied vampire queen who will overthrow an obnoxious vampire; PBO) $5.99
Davis, Patrick A. A Slow Walk to Hell (Air Force investigator Martin Collins assigned to the torture_style slaying of a major, with high_ranking officers and victim's uncle, a presidential candidate, as prime suspects; PBO) $7.99
Deeb, Mary Jane Murder on the Riviera (Young heiress buys small newspaper in Grass, France, but when former editor is found dead, her new profession and very life are threatened; signed copies expected, trade pb) $19.99
Dietrich, William Hadrian's Wall (In 367 A.D.Hadrian's Wall shields Roman Britain from the northern barbarians, and an arranged marriage unleashes jealousy, passion, and epic war) $24.95
Douglas, John Man Down (FBI profiler Jake Donovan (2) is on the trail of two missing persons and in the cross_hairs of a terrorist group who will do anything to stop him) $7.99
Dreyer, Eileen With a Vengeance (A patient of emergency medic Maggie O'Brien reveals a secret list before dying, and one by one people on the list are dying in her care as she struggles to discover why) $6.99
Dunning, John The Bookman's Promise (Denver P.I. and bookman Cliff Janeway (3) buys signed first of legendary explorer Richard Burton, but provenance is cast into doubt, and fabulous lost library of Burton material leads him on a quest of murder and peril; abridged cassettes $26.00, abridged CDs $30.00) $25.00
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Botch Up Your Birthday (A woman wants plus-sized PI Desiree Shapiro (11) to clear her father's name of a 10_year old murder; PBO) $5.99
Ellis, David Jury of One (A woman learns the boy she's defending for murder may be the child she gave up for adoption years earlier) $24.95
Ellis, David Life Sentence (Jon Soliday is legal counsel and childhood friend to a politician when an anonymous letter hinting at blackmail and a colleague's mysterious death remind them of the dark secret they share-a 1979 murder) $7.99
Fitzhugh, Bill Heart Seizure (Lawyer Spence Tailor's mom needs a heart transplant, but so does the president, and when a heart becomes available Spence steals it and goes on the run from the FBI) $7.50
Fluke, Joanne Fudge Cupcake Murder (When bakery owner Hannah Swenson (5) is emptying the garbage she discovers the body of Lake Eden, MN's sheriff in the dumpster and she tries to crack the case) $22.00
Frey, Stephen Shadow Account (Investment banker Conner Ashby receives an e_mail he wasn't supposed to see, and uncovers a company engaged in corporate fraud, and those responsible seek to end his life) $24.95
Friedman, Kinky The Prisoner of Vandam Street (Kinky (16) contracts a case of malaria and during his convalescence witnesses a crime in an apartment across the street and can't be sure if it was a real crime or a fever dream) $24.00
Garcia, Eric Hot and Sweaty Rex (Third novel about dinosaur private eye in a latex suit passing as human) $24.95
George, Elizabeth Write Away (Combination writer's guide and memoir on this novelist's approach to fiction) $24.95
Glatt, John Deadly American Beauty (Non-fiction; the murder of Greg deVillers, whose beautiful wife, a toxicologist for the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office, was the chief suspect) $6.99
Gooden, Philip Mask of the Night (Nick Revill (5) and the Chamberlain's Men travel to Oxford for a private performance of Romeo and Juliet, and when the patron is found murdered Nick investigates) $24.00
Gorman, Ed Breaking Up is Hard To Do (During the Cuban Missle Crisis, Sam McCain (6) takes on a client accused of murdering her faithless husband, to try and prove her innocence) $24.00
Grace, Tom Bird of Prey (Navy Seal turned scientist Nolan Kolkenny (3) investigates a spacecraft called Zeus and uncovers a billion_dollar conspiracy, an army of thugs, and a weapon capable of unleashing silent terror from orbit; PBO) $6.99
Graves, Sarah Mallets Aforethought (When a hidden trap door reveals both an old skeleton and a fresh body, Jake and Ellie investigate and more than their reputation will be on the line) $21.95
Hamilton, Lyn The Thai Amulet (Bangkok inspires Lara McClintoch's (6) sense of adventure and her sleuthing skills when a fellow antiques dealer disappears without a trace) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Murder Walks the Plank (Set sail for murder in a new Death On Demand (15) mystery) $23.95
Hart, Ellen An Intimate Ghost (When the guests at a wedding she has catered begin acting strangely, Jane Lawless thinks the food has been spiked with drugs, and she must find culprit or take the blame) $24.95
Haslam, Chris Twelve_Step Fandango (Martin Brock is a small_time cocaine dealer in Spain, and his life changes when a friend arrives with 5 kilos of high_grade cocaine, putting him in the way of riches and harm; trade PBO) $13.95
Hayes, J.M. Prairie Gothic (In a howling blizzard, Benteen Co., Kansas, Sheriff English is presented with a missing doll and a dead baby-switched by whom? And why?) $6.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Malory and the Silent Killer (Mrs. Malory (14) is dead set on solving the murder of popular Sidney Middleton, a most likable fellow; PBO) $5.99
Houston, Victoria Dead Hot Mama (It's ice_fishing season in Loon Lake (5), but things heat up when Police Chief Lew Ferris discovers a mystery buried under the icy waters; PBO) $6.50
Huston, James W. Secret Justice (Lt. Ken "Rat" Rathman uses questionable means of persuading a terrorist to give up information, and when the man dies later he is arrested for violating the man's rights) $7.99
Iggulden, Conn Emperor (Part two: Julius Caesar will be ransomed by pirates and left to seek vengeance on foreign soil) $24.95
Jackson, Lisa The Morning After (Sequel to The Night Before , shocking tale of a police detective and a journalist on the trail of a serial killer who buries his victims alive; PBO) $6.99
Jakeman, Jane In the Kingdom of the Mists (In London 1900, a green diplomat at the Foreign Office is drawn into a murder investigation while fears that Jack the Ripper has returned) $23.95
James, Dean Faked to Death (Vampire Simon Kirby_Jones (2) is speaking at a writer's workshop when a mystery author is found dead and it just happens to be someone who doesn't exist and Simon investigates) $5.99
Johansen, Iris Dead Aim (While covering a Colorado dam collapse, celebrated photojournalist Alex Graham discovers it was no accident, and the ones responsible try to silence her) $7.99
Johnson, Dolores Buttons and Foes (Denver dry cleaner Mandy Dyer (6) investigates deadly fall of an old woman who leaves her two bags of clothes containing valuable buttons) $5.99
Johnson, Wayne The Devil You Know (While on a northern Minnesota canoe trip, a family comes across a small crime ring in hiding, and as the thugs set out to silence them, the family must escape in a furious and deadly chase) $23.00
Jones, Susanna Water Lily (Ralph searches for a mail order bride, and meets a young schoolteacher who has a dangerous personal agenda) $12.95
King, Laurie R. Keeping Watch (Allen Carmichael is on the brink of retirement from rescuing abused children, and takes on one last case that will threaten his soul and destroy those he is trying to protect) $12.00
King, Laurie R. The Game (When high_level intrigue halts their New Year's respite, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes must travel to India in search of a missing spy) $23.95
Lindsey, David The Rules of Silence (Titus Cain, a highly successful businessman, has been ordered by a greedy sadist to make a series of bad investments of $64 million, and if he refuses his family and friends will be "accidentally" killed) $7.99
Ludlum, Robert/Lynds, Gayle Robert Ludlum's The Altman Code (A Chinese cargo ship is carrying tons of chemicals to a rogue nation, and the president enlists Covert_One agent John Smith to uncover the truth about the ship and its cargo) $7.99
Mackay, Scott Cold Comfort (When the frozen body of a woman, apparently shot after she froze to death, is found, Toronto detective Barry Gilbert investigates a crime full of bizarre clues and dark secrets; Shortlist Arthur Ellis Award Best Novel '99) $5.99
Margolin, Phillip Ties That Bind (Lawyer Amanda Jaffe (2) takes on the case of a man who claims he is involved with a secret society and is accused of murdering a senator, and she is pressured to walk away from the case) $7.99
Maron, Margaret Suitable for Hanging (Short stories) limited hc $42.00 or trade pb $17.00
McKinzie, Clinton Trial by Ice and Fire (Extreme climber and Special Agent Antonio Burns (3) has taken a tough job protecting Wyoming prosecutor Cali Morrow, a beautiful woman threatened by a stalker and he becomes the target of a madman) $6.99
McDonald, Gregory The Buck Passes Flynn ; Flynn's In (Reprints; Flynn is "one of the smartest, gentlest, most sarcastic cops you will ever meet") $12.00 each
Meredith, D.R. Murder by Deception (Reprint '89: Texas atty. John Lloyd Branson (2)) $6.99
Miller, Benjamin E Deep Current (A Marine unit and a science team are deployed to investigate an iceberg heading straight for Hawaii and discover a prehistoric species that puts every creature in danger; PBO) $7.50
Moreton, William Casey The Greater Good (The Vice_President is assassinated after making a video confessing a terrible secret, and those responsible for the assassination will stop at nothing to keep the tape hidden) $24.00
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Fear No Evil (Joe Gray, feline detective, and his tabby cat Dulcie investigate the thefts of antiques and jewelry and the murder of a waiter in sleepy Molena Point, CA) $24.95
O'Neill, Anthony The Lamplighter (In gas-lit Edinburgh 1886, a police investigator, a professor of philosophy, and a grave_digger unravel a series of gruesome murders) $7.99
Paige, Robin Death at Glamis Castle (Lord Charles Sheridan and his wife are summoned by the king to clear the name of a prince who's been secretly living at Glamis under an assumed name) $6.50
Paige, Robin Death in Hyde Park (Kate and Lord Charles Sheridan (10) are attending the new king's coronation when an anarchist accidentally blows himself up and they must discover who threatens the crown) $22.95
Parker, Robert B Back Story (An unsolved 30_year old murder draws the victim's daughter out of the shadows for overdue justice and lures Spenser into his own past, old crimes, and dangerous lives) $7.99
Parker, Robert B Bad Business (Spenser is hired to see if a man is cheating on his wife, and when there is a murder at the husband's company, Spenser gets more than he bargained for; abridged cassettes $25.95, abridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Patterson, James 3rd Degree (A San Francisco townhouse explodes & a baby is missing; a sinister note signed "August Spies" is found at the scene; the three members of the Women's Murder Club investigate; unabridged cassettes $26.98, unabridged CDs $31.98) $27.95
Pearce, Michael The Last Cut (1909 British controlled Egypt; murder and sabotage of the precious Nile irrigation system by the mysterious Lizard Man causes big problems for the Mamur Zapt (11)) $24.95
Pelecanos, George Hard Revolution (In 1968 Washington DC, Derek Strange hunts for his brother's killer in the midst of the rioting after Martin Luther King's assassination; abridged cassettes $25.98, abridged CDs $31.98) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #95: Silent Running (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #304: Soviet Specter (Paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Perry, Anne-ed. Death by Dickens (Anthology in the tradition of Charles Dickens) $23.95
Phelan, Twist Family Claims (Business lawyer Hannah Dain on hook when $2 million in investor money disappears, then two murders; she must expose family secret to save her reputation, law firm, and life) $24.95
Redfern, Elizabeth Auriel Rising (In 1609 London, Ned Warriner, wanted for helping a Catholic prisoner to escape, wins a letter that has the secret of making gold, and there are some who would kill for it) $24.95
Riordan, Rick Cold Springs (Chadwick has dedicated his life to saving troubled kids at a "tough love" Texas wilderness school, and when one of his students is wanted in a brutal murder, Chadwick must revisit his past) $6.99
Robb, J.D. Naked in Death (Hardcover reprint of the first Eve Dallas novel _ In 2058 Eve investigates the killing of a senator's daughter) $19.95
Roughan, Howard The Promise of a Lie (A psychologist is framed for murder by a diabolical patient and must go up against a master manipulator to clear his name) $23.95
Schecter, Harold Bestial (Reprint '98; non-fiction; Earle Leonard Nelson, serial killer in 1926) $7.99
Scott, Robert Married to Murder (Non-fiction; story of Robert Spangler, a Colorado man who murdered his wife and children so he could remarry and then murdered his 3rd wife to avoid a costly divorce) $6.50
See, Lisa Dragon Bones (When the body of an American archaeologist is found floating in the Yangzi River, Ministry of Public Security agent Liu Hulan and her husband are dispatched to investigate) $12.95
Shaber, Sarah R The Fugitive King (When the body of a young woman who disappeared 40 years ago is found beneath the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, history Professor Simon Shaw (3) is asked to help investigate) $5.99
Silva, Daniel The Confessor (Mossad agent and art restorer Gabriel Allon (2) rushes to Munich to investigate the assassination of a Jewish scholar, while a new Pope could change the lives of millions) $7.99
Speziale, Jerry/Seal, Mark Without a Badge (Non-fiction; first_person account of an NYPD detective who went undercover to infiltrate South America's powerful Cali drug cartel) $6.99
Standiford, Les Bone Key (Two days after he is beaten by a cop, a hustler turns up dead and all Miami building contractor/sleuth John Deal (7) has to go on are rumors of the man's connection to a 70_year old tale of piracy and greed) $6.99
Stroby, Wallace The Barbed_Wire Kiss (Ex_state trooper Harry Rane tries to help an old buddy who owes $50,000 to a mob boss, who is married to a woman who once fell hard for Harry and history repeats itself) $6.99
Sutherland, Grant The Consignment (Captain Ned Rourke works undercover at an arms maker to discover who sold weapons to the enemy during the Gulf War, when a friend is murdered and it becomes personal) $7.50
Tapply, William G Past Tense (Brady Coyne takes his girlfriend to his cottage in Cape Cod, finding the body of her ex in his driveway. She is the chief suspect, and when she disappears, he must find her) $6.99
Taubman, Philip Secret Empire (Non-fiction: Eisenhower, the CIA, and the hidden story of America's space espionage) $15.00
Taylor, Andrew An Unpardonable Crime (In 1819, Edgar Allen Poe is a child in England, and when a bank collapses and a horribly mutilated man is found on site, Poe and his family are in danger) $24.95
Thayer, Steve Wolf Pass (In 1962, Wisconsin Deputy Sheriff Pennington (2) is suspected of a vicious double homicide, but he suspects his old wartime nemesis, the Nazi SS colonel known as the Wolf) $7.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Tracking Bear (Navajo Police Special Investigator Ella Clah investigates the murder of a Navajo cop which is connected to a proposal to build a Navajo-owned nuclear power plant) $6.99
Vyborny, Lee/Davis, Don Dark Waters (Non-fiction: insider's account of the NR_1, the Cold War's undercover nuclear sub) $14.00
Wakling, Christopher The Immortal Part (A rising young attorney lies to cover up a small mistake and is driven deeper and deeper into the quicksand of his own deception) $14.00
Walker, Robert W Final Edge (Pieces of young girls' bodies are being delivered to Det. Lucas Stonecoat and Dr. Meredyth Sanger, signaling the beginning of a gruesome game, and they must investigate; PBO) $7.99
Ward, Amanda Eyre Sleep Toward Heaven (Three disparate women are irrevocably connected by one crime and a brutal Texas summer on Death Row) $12.95
Weiner, Ellis Drop Dead, My Lovely (Pete Ingalls, mild-mannered Pennsylvania bookstore clerk and amnesia victim, has started a new life as a P.I. and as the damsels in distress start showing up, he is tracking down all sorts of characters and a dead body) $23.95
Westlake, Donald E. Money for Nothing (Josh Redmont has been receiving $1000 checks once a month for 7 years, when a smiling stranger approaches him and tells him he is now "active" and he must pay the price) $7.50
Wilson, Laura Telling Lies to Alice (Six years after her fiance died an apparent suicide, Alice Conway runs into her fiance's old partner and is glad to see him until she realizes just how dangerous he is) $22.95
Wolzien, Valerie Death in a Beach Chair (Susan and Jed Henshaw (3) with friends Jerry and Kathleen are vacationing in the Caribbean when a beautiful blonde who happens to be the sister of Jerry's wife turns up murdered and the police suspect Jerry; PBO) $6.99
York, Lynn The Piano Teacher (In the small Southern village of Swan's Knob, as Miss Wilma prepares to play organ for a local wedding, a stranger shows up on her doorstep who is suspected of a murder) $13.00


Andrews, Sarah Earth Colors (Forensic geologist Em Hansen (9) must track down the provenance of a possibly fake Frederick Remmington painting and a murderer who's slowly poisoning her client) $23.95
Barnes, Linda Deep Pockets (Boston P.I. Carlotta Carlyle (10) steps in when the blackmail of a Harvard professor leads to murder) $24.95
Bloch, Jon P Murder by Design (Hollywood gossip columnist Rick Domino (2) has his house remodeled on a popular cable show, only to find a dead designer on his hands) $23.95
Bown, Stephen R. Scurvy (Non-fiction; 3 curious & determined individuals who overcame the constraints of 18th century thinking to solve greatest medical mystery of the era) $23.95
Breem, Wallace The Legate's Daughter (Reprint '74: Off the North African coast, a Roman legate has been killed and his daughter kidnapped, and disgraced centurion Marcus Agrippa organizes an expedition to recover the girl) $24.95
Craft, Michael Desert Spring (Claire Gray is establishing a theater dept. at Palm Springs College when the playwright of a play she is staging is murdered and she investigates) $23.95
Deere, Dicey The Irish Village Murder (A local historian has been murdered and translator Torrey Tunet (4) does not believe the prime suspect, the victim's housekeeper, committed the brutal crime and tracks down the real killer) $23.95
Dreyer, Eileen Head Games (A child that Molly Burke, death investigator and trauma nurse for St. Louis, tried to help years ago has grown up and tries to get her attention by committing unfathomable deeds) $24.95
Eccles, Marjorie Untimely Graves (Superintendent Gil Mayo and his assistant Abigail Moon investigate the murder of an unidentified woman and uncover a trail that leads to an unexpected solution) $22.95
Ford, Michael Curtis The Last King (Historical novel of Rome's battles against brilliant king on the distant Black Sea: Mithradates Eupator VI of Pontus) $24.95
Freemantle, Brian Triple Cross (Dimitri Danilov and William Cowley team up to stop the U.S., Russian, & Italian mafias from forming a global organized crime conglomerate) $23.95
Garcia_Roza, Luis Alfredo Southwesterly Wind (A psychic has predicted that a man will commit murer, and he goes to Inspector Espinosa for help, and when two violent murders occur Espinosa must solve the crime) $22.00
Garcia_Roza, Luiz Alfredo December Heat (Inspector Espinosa helps a retired policeman who spent an evening with a prostitute, only to find her dead in the morning and himself accused of the murder) $13.00
Liss, David A Spectacle of Corruption (sequel to A Conspiracy of Paper ; Benjamin Weaver (2) is convicted of murder and escapes, intent on proving his innocence; abridged cassettes $24.95, abridged CDs $26.95) $24.95
Minichino, Camille The Carbon Murder (Gloria Lamerino, retired physicist, is the amateur sleuth in a string of murder investigations, each of which is somehow based on an element in the Periodic Table) $23.95
Randisi, Robert J Arch Angels (Detective Joe Keough and his partner Harriet Connors are sent to St. Louis to investigate a serial killer who is murdering girls in St. Louis and boys in Chicago) $24.95
Reilly, Matthew Scarecrow (Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield (3) has a $20 million price on his head, is the target of bounty hunters and is plunged into a race around the world for survival, in the process unveils a vast international conspiracy; abridged CDs $24.95) $24.95
Rosenberg/Marcowitz The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New (Simple tips on the care, cleaning, preservation and restoration of books) $13.95
Rovin, Jeff Tempest Down (An experimental U.S. submarine collides with a Chinese sub; both are trapped under the Antarctic ice and a military team is sent to rescue them) $14.95
Shaw, David W. Sea Wolf of the Confederacy (Non-fiction; Confederate raider Charles W. Read on a daring ship_burning rampage up the coast of New England) $25.00
Steinhauer, Olen The Confession (In Eastern Europe in the 1950's, homicide detective and writer Ferenc Kolyeszar is asked to look into the disappearance of a party member's wife and the murder of a painter) $24.95
Thomas, Ross Ah, Treachery ( Reissue: Late Grandmaster's last novel; Twodees Partain, drummed out of the army, helps recover stolen money and tries to protect former intelligence operatives; intro by Joe Gores) $13.95
Thomas, Ross Missionary Stew (Reissue: Political fundraiser Draper Haere is on a quest to uncover the secret behind a right_wing coup in a Central American country; intro by Roger L. Simon) $13.95
Woolrich, Cornell Rendezvous in Black (Reprint of 1948 classic tale of revenge) $12.95


Aycliffe, Jonathon A Garden Lost in Time (Supernatural gothic, Cornwall, 1917; 15 year-old orphan Simon Lysaght is sent to live in his uncle's forbidding estate; he uncovers family secrets, a young girl wondering the abandoned garden, and a sinister discovery in the library; import) $25.95
Byrne, Robert McGoorty: A Pool Room Hustler (Reprint, non-fiction; the life of Danny McGoorty during the era of Capone) $14.00
Duffy, Margaret Dead Trouble (Novelist Ingrid Langley (7) and her husband Patrick, former MI5 agents, must outwit the brutal murderer of a renowned forensic pathologist and save a falsely-accused man; import) $25.95
Dunn, Donald Ponzi: The Incredible True Story of the King of Financial Cons (Reprint, non-fiction) $14.00
Horton, Lesley Snares of Guilt (Yorkshire Det. Inspector John Handford investigates the murder of an Asian woman, faces roadblocks and hostility from the Asian community) $8.95
James, Bill The Girl with the Long Back (Harpur and Iles: London's competitive drug lords are preparing for a full_scale battle) $23.95
Meyers, Beverle Graves Interrupted Aria (Venice, 1731; Castrato soprano Tito Amato returns for his opera premier, but a friend is murdered and another unjustly accused; he must find the real killer to save his friend and the theatre) $24.95
Miles, Keith (aka Edward Marston) Flagstick (Golfer and sleuth Alan Saxon (4), fleeing his hated father, makes a video for tyrannical head of giant Tokyo corporation, and when he's cruelly murdered, his three sons and heirs jockey for position) $14.95
Miles, Keith Honolulu Play-Off (Golfer Alan Saxon (6), in Hawaii as best man at friend's wedding, finds trouble on the course & worse when his friend's murdered; to avenge him & save himself, Saxon must dodge what seems to be two separate killers) $24,95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez An Olympic Death (Barcelona PI Pepe Carvalho works for the Olympic committee, finds dead bodies and broken promises) $13.00
Raleigh, Michael The Blue Moon Circus (Novel. In 1926 a preposterous group of circus performers pull off one last show touring the American West: "hilarious...touching...and brimming with authentic circus lore") $14.00
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Five for Silver (542 AD; plague strikes Constantinople, killing thousands, and John the Eunuch's investigation is complicated where death is literally the murderer's accomplice) $24.95
Shaw, Catherine The Three-Body Problem (Cambridge, 1888; Schoolmistress teaching young girls at the University encounters the murders of three mathematicians who were working on a puzzle first posed by Isaac Newton where the solution wins a prestigious prize; import) $25.95
Stevens, Serita_ed. Blondes in Trouble & Other Tangled Tales (Blond female detectives; dedicated to memory of Sophie Dunbar, with her final 2 stories; trade PBO) $14.00
Sutton, Willie/Linn, Edward Where the Money Was: The Memoirs of a Bank Robber (Reprint, Willie Sutton, famous bank robber and penitentiary escape artist) $14.00


Abresch, Peter Painted Lady (Elderhostler Jim Dandy (4) sees a Native American woman plunge to her death from a Denver hotel rooftop and suspects the woman, a local shaman who owned a valuable Mayan artifact, was pushed) $5.99
Andrews, Donna Click Here for Murder (Mystery featuring Turing Hopper (2), an almost sentient mainframe computer with a mind like Miss Marple and hardware that hides a suspiciously human heart) $6.50
Apodaca, Jennifer Dying to Meet You (Single mom and dating service owner Samantha Shaw (2) discovers the strangled body of a former client and when newspapers connect Heart Mates with the murder she investigates) $5.99
Barnett, Thomas P.M. The Pentagon's New Map (Non-fiction: Re-examination of U.S. and global security since the end of the Cold War) $24.95
Black, Jade One Dark Night ( When Dr. Nikki Adenike's rendezvous with an Internet playmet turns into a meeting with the serial killer called Lusifer, she escapes but the danger is far from over; PBO) $5.99
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie The Tail of the Tip_Off ("Harry" Haristeen (12) and her coterie of animals investigate the suspicious death of a well_liked local builder at U. of Virginia women's basketball game) $7.50
Brown, Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Whisker of Evil (It's a summer full of turbulence in Crozet, WV, and what hits Mary Minor Haristeen (13) worst is the building of a new post office, as she keeps sticking her nose into things) $24.95
Buffa, D.W. Star Witness (Attorney Joseph Antonelli (4) returns in a novel of greed, glamour, murder, and a Hollywood trial that explodes with secrets and lies) $6.99
Chazin, Suzanne Fireplay (After a fire kills two of New York's bravest, Fire Marshall Georgia Skeehan (3) is forced to collaborate with an arsonist turned FBI informant, and she goes undercover to find the killer) $6.99
Child, Lee Persuader (Jack Reacher agrees to help a female agent caught in a death trap and must outwit and outfight a criminal army to do so) $7.99
Churchill, Jill It Had to be You (Robert and Lily Brewster (3) fill in for a sick nurse at a local nursing home, and when one patient is smothered and another floats up at a nearby lake, they investigate) $23.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Nighttime is My Time (A woman who narrowly escapes abduction realizes that many disappearances across the country may be perpetrated by the same abductor and investigates) $25.95
Clark, Mary Higgins The Second Time Around (The charismatic head of a medical research team disappears after looting the company of large sums of money, and his wife and daughter must find out what he was really hiding) $7.99
Collins, Max Allen CSI: Miami: Book 2 (Tie_in to the popular TV series; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Paul Sixpence House (Memoir; Lost in a Town of Books) $13.95
Conlon, Edward Blue Blood (Non-fiction; account of the life of a New York City policeman) $26.95
Coonts, Stephen ed Victory: The Front Line (Anthology of the finest military fiction writers about WWII) $6.99
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Escape (Portugal, fall 1810; Sharpe and his company meet the French on the ridge of Bussaco, and Sharpe is trapped and cut off from his own men; signed copies expected; unabridged cassettes $34.95) $25.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Pursuit (During a performance of a melodrama, an actor is killed onstage and the editor of the weekly town newspaper investigates with town sheriff Milo Dodge to find the killer) $22.95
Davis, Lindsey The Accusers (Ancient Rome P.I. Marcus Didius Falco (15) plays advocate to prove a convicted senator was murdered but he and his family are threatened by powerful elements in Roman law) $25.00
Estleman, Loren D. Poison Blonde (A flashy Latino singer needs Walker to find a missing woman whose name she is using to stay in the US, and when Walker finds the girl dead he knows his client is involved) $5.99
Evanovich, Janet/Hughes, Charlotte Full Blast (Jamie and Max (4) battle a heat wave, a murderous villain, and a non_stop attraction for each other; unabridged cassettes $29.95, unabridged CDs $34.95) $7.99
Evans, Mary Anna Artifacts (Faye is working on a dig, trying to save her ancestral FL island home, when two young members of the crew are murdered and she suspects an old friend) $6.99
Fast, Howard Samantha (Reprint of the first Masao Masuto mystery '67, a.k.a. The Case of the Angry Actress :) $6.99
Fitzhugh, Bill Radio Activity (FM radio Program Director Rick Shannon looks onto the disappearance of a rock DJ, finding himself neck_deep in arson, missing persons, murder for hire, and FCC violations) $23.95
Fleming, Ian Octopussy and the Living Daylights (4 Bond stories including Fleming's little_known story "007 in New York") $13.00
Fleming, Ian The Man with the Golden Gun (A brainwashed Bond has failed to assassinate his boss, M, and must prove he is back on form by killing one of the most deadly hit_men in the world) $13.00
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote: Dying to Retire (Jessica Fletcher (21) is in Florida at the funeral of a friend whose heart gave out, and suspects the death may have been the result of foul play; PBO) $6.50
Follett, Ken Night Over Water (Trade pb reprint) $13.95
Fouda, Y./Fielding, N. Masterminds of Terror: The Truth Behind the Most Devastating Terrorist Attack the World Has Ever Seen $13.95
Fowler, Earlene Sunshine and Shadow (Folk_art expert Benni Harper (10) investigates the connection between her favorite author, the murder of a family friend, and a crazy quilt) $6.99
Foxwell, Elizabeth-ed. The Sunken Sailor: Malice Domestic (During a weekend house party a body is discovered at the bottom of the pond: 14 master crime writers each contribute a chapter) $22.95
Francis, Clare Betrayal (When Hugh Wellesley's mistress is found floating in the river, Hugh lies to the police to protect his marriage and his once boring life becomes dangerous and frightening) $14.00
Friedman, Kinky Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned (Blocked writer Walter Snow hooks up with a beautiful woman and her partner in crime, and together they execute a series of pranks until one spins out of control) $12.95
Gobbell, John J When Duty Whispers Low (Novel of the confrontation between the U.S. Navy and the Japanese in the South Pacific during WWII) $7.50
Grafton, Sue Sue Grafton ABC Collection (9 CDs abridged: audio versions of Grafton's first three novels) $34.95
Grafton, Sue Sue Grafton DEF Collection (9 CDs abridged: audio versions of Grafton's 4th _ 6th novels) $34.95
Grafton, Sue Sue Grafton GHI Collection (9 CDs abridged: audio versions of Grafton's 7th _ 9th novels) $34.95
Greenberg, Martin-ed. Murder Most Delectable (18 stories of murder with a culinary twist) $9.99
Haines, Carolyn Hallowed Bones (PI Sarah Booth Delaney works to prove the innocence of a psychic healer accused of murdering her infant child) $23.95
Hall, Oakley Ambrose Bierce and the One_Eyed Jacks (Ambrose Bierce and sidekick Tom Redmond hunt the killer of a hard_partying yachtsman and investigate threats against the daughter of William Randolph Hearst) $12.00
Hamilton, Denise Last Lullaby (LA Times reporter Eve Diamond (3) witnesses a shooting at LAX and her search for a child whisked away by the INS takes her into LA's sleazy hotels and cyber_cafes) $24.00
Hamilton, Lyn The Magyar Venus (A suspicious suicide, a rekindled flanme, and a 25,000 year old artifact lead antique dealer Lara McClitoch to Budapest) $22.95
Heitman, Lynne First Class Killing (Alex Shanahan, a former airline operations manager turned P.I. works to uncover a prostitution ring involving 1st class passengers and she's threatened by the ring's emissaries) $6.99
Henry, Sue The Serpents Tail (Maxie McNabb, 63 years old and traveling the country in a Winnebago. stops in Colorado to investigate the burglary of a friend's home and discovers danger to them both) $23.95
Higgins. Jack Bad Company (A new enemy has emerged with a dark secret from WWII and a score to settle with British intelligence agent Sean Dillon) $7.99
Hirahara, Naomi Summer of the Big Bachi (Mas Arai, a Nisei, has secrets about his escape from Hiroshima and when a mysterious stranger shows up looking for Joji Haneda, Mas knows that he can no longer bury the past) $12.00
Isleib, Roberta Putt to Death (Touring pro Cassie Burdette (3) investigates the murder of a Connecticut country club member who was trying to turn the club into an environmentally friendly domain) $5.99
James, Dean Decorated to Death (Simon_Kirby Jones (3), detective and vampire, investigates the murder of a famous and obnoxious interior decorator and everybody around him is a suspect) $22.00
Johansen, Iris Firestorm (Kerry Murphy is an arson investigator, and no one knows she has a secret weapon that terrifies her, and someone is about to put it to a deadly test) $24.95
Kilian, Michael A Grave at Glorieta (Harry Raines and his partner Boston Leahy (4) are assigned to uncover Confederate operations in the West when their contact is murdered and Leahy is accused of the crime) $6.99
King, Jonathon A Visible Darkness (Ex_cop Max Freeman is urged by his best friend to investigate string of deaths of elderly women & must confront the shadows of his own past) $6.99
King, Jonathon Shadow Men (Florida Everglades denizen Max Freeman (3) investigates the disappearance of three men eighty years ago, meets with resistance from those who want the mystery to remain unsolved; unabridged CDs $29.95) $23.95
Kingsbury, Kate Berried Alive (WW II manor house guardian Elizabeth Compton (6) must root out who poisoned 4 American servicemen before another soldier succumbs) $5.99
Kliewer, Dorothy Murder in the Swamp (A serial killer is loose in rural Rufus County CA, and newspaper reporter Deedra Masefield investigates, putting herself in danger as she uncovers grisly secrets) $5.99
Lasner, William Fatal Flaw (Philadelphia lawyer Victor Carl agrees to represent a man he believes is guilty of murdering his wife, while secretly vowing to see justice done, whatever the cost) $7.50
Lindsey, David The Face of the Assassin (Forensic artist with family secret becomes embroiled in a U.S. intelligence op in Mexico City where a terrorist is the target and thousands of lives are at stake) $25.95
Long, Steven Out of Control (Non-fiction; Clara Harrris, who ran over her unfaithful husband three times with her husband's teenage daughter in the passenger seat) $6.99
Maclean, Anna Louisa and the Missing Heiress (Louisa May Alcott is cast in the role of amateur sleuth investigating the disappearance of an heiress; PBO) $5.99
Maney, Mabel The Girl With the Golden Bouffant (When James Bond lands in the hospital, his lesbian twin sister Jane masquerades as 007 at the annual spy convention in Las Vegas to keep his reputation intact) $13.95
Mankell, Henning The Dogs of Riga (Swedish Inspector Kurt Wallander (7) investigates murders leading to Latvia; translated) $13.00
Mankell, Henning The Fifth Woman (Kurt Wallander (4) investigates murder of retired car dealer on sharpened bamboo poles; translated) $13.00
Marshall, Michael The Upright Man (Ward Hopkins is fleeing something dreadful he saw on the Columbia River, and in his wake people are dying _ something is following him) $6.99
Martin, Nancy Some Like It Lethal (Nora Blackbird (3) investigates the murder of the husband of a wealthy dog food heiress and uncovers the secrets of Philadelphia's high and mightiest; PBO) $6.99
McClelland, Michael Tattoo Blues (Runaway rich kid Desiree Dean discovers that her tattoo doesn't say what she wants it to, and this sets off a series of events that turns the FL town of Cedar Key upside down) $22.95
Miscione, Lisa The Darkness Gathers (Lydia Strong searches for a missing teen and a dangerous man from her past who wants her dead) $6.99
Murphy and Sapir The Destroyer #135: Political Pressure (America's most corrupt public servants are dying violent deaths and ironically Remo and Chiun must save the bad guys) $6.50
Nelson, James L. Glory in the Name (At the outbreak of the Civil War, Samuel Bowater is given a cherished command of the gunboat Cape Fear and protect the Confederate coast from the massive Union Navy) $13.95
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Death Goes on Retreat (Sister Mary Helen must clear five priests accused of murdering a former seminary student) $6.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Lighthouse (Faith Fairchild and family (13) are on vacation in a small town in Maine where tensions run high due to real estate development, and murder is a result) $6.99
Parker, T. Jefferson Laguna Heat (Reissue '85), Little Saigon (Reissue '89, Pacific Beat (Reissue '91), Summer of Fear (Reissue '93) $7.99 each
Parssinen, Terry The Oster Conspiracy (Non-fiction; account of a little known military plot in 1938 to kill Hitler and avert WWII) $13.95
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #70: Ramrod Intercept (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #305: Point Position (Paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Perry, Anne Seven Dials (The body of a junior diplomat is found in a wheelbarrow and Victorian police Insp. Thomas Pitt (23) is summoned to investigate) $7.50
Peters, Elizabeth Children of the Storm (Amelia Peabody investigates the theft of valuable antiquities from the home of a friend and the death of the suspected thief) $7.50
Peters, Elizabeth Guardian of the Horizon (Amelia, with her husband, son, and foster_daughter return to England, when Prince Tarek calls on them for help when his son is struck down by a mysterious illness; signed copies expected; unabridged cassettes $34.95, unabridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Pyper, Andrew Dark Descent (aka Trade Mission ; two young Internet millionaires and their translator are kidnapped by paramilitaries while on a business trip to Brazil and with violent escape and pursuit another threat emerges) $6.99
Robinson, Peter Innocent Graves (Reissue '99; Chief Inspector Alan Banks) $7.50
Rothgeb, Carol J. Hometown Killer (Non-fiction; story of William K. Sapp, a seemingly normal family man, who went on a rampage of rape and murder in the small town of Springfield, Ohio) $6.50
Rowland, Laura Joh The Dragon King's Palace (Sano Ichiro (8) must track down the abductors of the Shogun's mother and his beloved wife, Reiko) $6.99
Sawyer, Meryl Lady Killer (As a ruthless serial killer murders successful women, Jessica Crawford, love columnist for the San Francisco Herald, profiles the killer and may be his next victim) $6.99
Seibold, Alice The Lovely Bones (Genuine blockbuster bestselling novel with murdered 14-year-old narrator speaking from the vantage of Heaven) $13.95
Skillings, Judith Dead End (A smart, tough female ex_reporter, classic car restoration, and a cold blooded murder mixed together; PBO) $6.50
Smith, Alexander McCall The Full Cupboard of Life (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (5) investigates the suitors of a wealthy woman to see if they are really interested in her or only her money) $19.95
Smith, Wilbur Blue Horizon (The Courtney family (11) faces danger and suspense in colonial South Africa) $7.99
Spencer_Fleming, Julia A Fountain Filled With Blood (Murder strikes in the dead heat of summer in the small town of Miller's Kill, NY) $6.99
Sprague, Gretchen Murder in a Heat Wave (During a wilting heat wave, retired attorney Martha Patterson (3) investigates the death of the president of the board of her co_op Greenwhich Village apartment building) $5.99
Stockwin, Julian Seaflower (In 1797, Thomas Kydd (3) journeys from a dockyard in Antigua to a life_and_death struggle on the high seas aboard the plucky cutter Seaflower) $13.00
Tracy, P.J. Live Bait (When an elderly man is found dead in the plant nursery he runs with his wife, Minneapolis detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are on the case; abridged cassettes $24.95, unabridged cassettes $32.95) $23.95
Tracy, P.J. Monkeewrench (People are dying in the same manner as portrayed in a video game, and the creators must decide whether to tell the Minneapolis police, bringing up a past they sought to forget; Dilys and MN Book Award nominee, signed 1st edition hc available $23.95) $6.99
Tramble, Nichelle D The Last King (Maceo Redfield returns to Oakland at the behest of his aunt to help her old lover & Maceo's former best friend who has been framed for murder) $13.95
Vachss, Andrew Down Here (Burke learns that Wolfe has been arrested for the attempted murder of a serial rapist, and as he investigates finds the list of those with motive to kill the creep is long) $19.95
Wallace, George/Keith, Don Final Bearing (A DEA agent's network is destroyed is a drug bust, and he is reassigned to Seattle, where a drug lord from South America is planning to use the city as a drop_off point) $7.99
Westlake, Donald E. The Road to Ruin (Hapless crook John Dortmunder (11) and his crew con a corrupt CEO, where the loot is a fleet of vintage automobiles) $25.00
White, Kate A Body to Die For (Bailey Weggins (2) is relaxing at a spa when she discovers a dead body getting a seaweed wrap and as she investigates finds herself the killer's next target) $6.99
Wilson, F. Paul The Haunted Air (A house is haunted by ghost of a 9_year-old girl and Repairman Jack fights with the forces of evil trying to fill the void with eternal darkness) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Capital Crimes (When a prominent conservative politician is murdered and two other killings occur, President Will Lee (5) seeks a killer with a cause to die for) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Reckless Abandon (Stone Barrington and Holly Barker track a mobster hiding deep inside the witness protection program; unabridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Wright, Edward Clea's Moon (Novel of faded Hollywood stars, secret photographs, a teenage girl, and a murder; winner of the Debut Dagger Award) $6.99
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Shadow of the Wind (Barcelona, 1945 _ a boy seeks answers about the destruction of all the books by an author he loves and he and his family will suffer if he can't find the truth) $24.95


Bowen, Peter The Stick Game (Montana fiddler Gabriel Du Pre (7) simultaneously uncovers the dirty secrets of an industrial gold mine & searches for a troubled teenage boy) $13.95
Bowen, Peter The Tumbler (Outsiders are invading Toussaint looking for the lost journals of Lewis and Clark, and Gabriel Du Pre (11) must join them when he finds his family and friends in danger) $22.95
Bowen, Rhys Evan's Gate (Preparing for his marriage, Welsh Evan Evans (8) finds an old skeleton on property he has bought, and is consumed by the search for a present day missing child) $23.95
Brown, Dale Digital Fortress (Hardcover reprint) $17.95
Browning, Abigal-ed. Murder is No Mitzvah (Collection of short stories against a background of varied Jewish occasions) $23.95
Delaney, Matthew P Jinn (A supernatural serial killer is stalking the slums and skyscrapers of Boston, and the police find a connection between the murders and a sinister island of evil in the South Seas) $14.95
Grace, C.L. (Aka Paul Doherty) A Feast of Poisons (When Louis XI, France's wily Spider King, plays England for the ultimate bluff, murder and mayhem ensue and only Canterbury physician Katherine Swinbrooke (7) can peel away the layers of deceit) $23.95
Land, Jon The Last Prophecy (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea (7) investigate a massacre in a Palestinian village, discover that the roots lie in another era and on another continent, and must prevent massive terrorist attack on the U.S.) $25.95
Lynds, Gayle The Coil (Sequel to Masquerade : Former CIA agent Liz Sansborough's quiet life is shattered when her cousin is kidnapped and the ransom is her Cold War assassin father's case files) $24.95
Mason, Bill/Gruenfeld, Lee Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief ("Astonishing True Story of a High Society Cat Burglar") $24.95
McAllister, Troon (aka Lee Gruenfield) Barranca (Golf hustler Eddie Caminetti is called upon by the US government to go after a South American economic terrorist and golf fanatic who is trying to corner the market on coffee) $23.95
Miscione, Lisa Twice (Lydia Strong and P.I. Jeff Mark (3) assist a well_known New York City artist who has been accused of murdering her second husband in the same way her first husband died, and face a killer they've met before) $23.95
Murray, Edmund P The Peregrine Spy (Frank Sullivan works for the CIA while officially serving as an advisor to the Iranian military and becomes involved in efforts to learn the identity of a mole back in Langley) $24.95
Newman, Sharan Heresy (In 12th century France, Catherine Le Vendeur (8), a devout Catholic with secret Jewish roots which could destroy her agrees to hide a man fleeing a wrongful prosecution for murder, and both are in danger) $14.95
Pattison, Eliot Beautiful Ghosts (Disgraced former Beijing Inspector Shan Tao Yun (4) has been living in Tibet, when a baffling murder in a ruined monastery causes the very officials who exiled him to ask for his help) $24.95
Pickens, Cathy Southern Fried (Attorney Avery Andrews returns to the small Southern town where she grew up, and when a client's building is destroyed by arson and a murder suspected, Avery investigates; Malice Domestic contest winner) $23.95
Poulson, Christine Murder is Academic (At Cambridge University, the head of the St. Ethelreda's College English department has been murdered and his successor must solve obscure literary puzzles to track down the killer) $23.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR VII: The Tribunes's Curse (Tribune Ateius Capitus, leader of the opposition, is murdered after screaming out a terrible curse, and the task falls to Decius to find the killer) $13.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Perfumed Sleeve (In November 1694, Sano Ichiro (9) remains loyal to the shogun in the face of rebellion, and when a high_ranking official is found brutally murdered, Sano investigates) $24.95
Smith, Brad All Hat (Ray Dokes, just out of prison for attacking the man who assaulted his sister, comes up with a plan to con his sister's attacker out of a big chunk of money) $14.00
Spencer_Fleming, Julia Out of the Deep I Cry (NY town Episcopal priest Clare Fergusson and Police Chief Russ van Alstyne (3) investigate the disappearance of a local clinic doctor and are lead deep into the past and the sordid secrets of a wealthy family) $23.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David Wind Spirit (A woman is killed in a politically motivated arson on the Navajo Reservation, and Ella Clah (9) investigates) $24.95


Bilton, Michael Wicked Beyond Belief (Non-fiction; the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper; Gold Dagger nominee, 40 photos; PBO) $11.95
Black, Cara Murder in the Bastille (Paris P.I. Aimee Leduc (4) is attacked and when she regains consciousness she is blind, but determined to identify her attacker as she wonders if the attack was meant for someone else) $13.00
Bowen, Michael Unforced Error (Husband & wife must deal with deadly mix of romance publishing, Civil War hobbyists, and a cutting-edge copyright case in Kansas City, MO) $24.95
Child, Lee Killing Floor (12 cassettes unabridged) $29.95
Clemens, Judy Till the Cows Come Home (Hard-working dairy farmer Stella Crown must solve mystery of strange deaths of two neighbor children, and mysterious disasters that put her and her farm in peril) $24.95
Crespy, Michel Head Hunters (Jerome Carceville responds to an e_mail by a head hunting company and discovers that to get the job he must survive on an island while trying to eliminate his competitors; French award winner; trade PBO) $12.50
Druett, Joan In the Wake of Madness (Non-fiction; notorious 1841 mutiny aboard the whaleship Sharon ;"A nautical murder mystery") $14.95
Koontz, Dean Watchers (10 cassettes unabridged) $29.95
Marston, Edward The Frost Fair (Christmas, London 1669; architect Christopher Redmayne & friend Constable Bale save boy in frozen Thames but find embedded body; when Christopher's brother is accused of murder, he risks all to uncover the truth; import) $9.95
Marston, Edward The Railway Detective (1850's London; a robbery on a mail train takes Inspector Robert Colbeck into the heart of the seedy dens of "Devil's Acre"; import) $25.95
Masters, Priscilla Endangering Innocents (DI Joanne Piercy (4) feels guilt at not preventing the seeming abduction of a young girl, and impossible to find her in time; import) $9.95
Masters, Priscilla River Deep (New series, medieval Shrewsbury; When River Severn floodwaters raise a corpse Coroner Martha Gunn rules homicide; but identity, missing man, and other questions are difficult to answer; British import) $25.95
Peace, David Nineteen Eighty (Red Riding Quartet #3: Yorkshire is terrorized by the Ripper while the corrupt police continue to prosper) $15.00
Pearson, Ridley Body of David Hayes (When Liz disappears, Lou Boldt (8) must skate the line between determined detective & anxious husband; abridged cassettes $24.95) $23.95
Preston, M.K. Perhaps She'll Die (Chantalene returns to her hometown to solve the mystery of her father's lynching and encounters resentment from the townspeople who don't want their secrets revealed; multiple award nominee; trade pb reprint) $13.00
Shelton, Connie Competition Can Be Murder (Charlie Parker (8) goes to Scotland to fly shuttle planes for oil rigs but she lands in the middle of a kidnapping and threats from the oil rigs) $24.95
Turnbull, Peter Reality Checkpoint (A stalker nicknamed the "Panther" is terrorizing the city of Cambridge, abducting young women off the streets; then a decades-old skeleton is discovered on the fens; what the connection?; import) $25.95
Zebrun, Gary Someone You Know (A one_night stand leads to a terrifying nightmare of twisted games and grisly murders; trade PBO) $13.95


Mary_Kate and Ashley: TCOT Cheerleading Tattletale (There is a spy at Mary_Kate and Ashley's cheerleading camp, stealing their routines, and they must find out who) $4.99
Mary_Kate and Ashley: The Case of the Dog Show Mystery (Mary_Kate and Ashley must find their beloved dog Clue when she goes missing from the dog show) $4.99
Altman, John Deception (On an Adriatic cruise, Hannah Gray meets a scientist on the run and finds herself in possession of a set of equations and is thrown into a thrill ride across Greece and Turkey) $7.99
Apodaca, Jennifer Ninja Soccer Moms (Ex_husband of soccer mom Samantha Shaw (3) has been embezzling funds from the team and when he winds up dead she is the prime suspect) $22.00
Axler, James Outlanders #29: Sun Lord (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Barer, Burl Broken Doll (Non-fiction; story of a monster who raped and murdered a 7_year old girl whose family trusted him as a friend; PBO) $6.50
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Ghosts of Netley (Jane Austen (7) is dispatched to ruined Netley Abbey to track down a traitor in the British government and finds herself up against a vicious murderer and conspiracy) $6.99
Billingham, Mark Scaredy Cat (Detective Inspector Tom Thorne (2) investigates murders which seem to be the work of two serial killers working in tandem) $7.50
Blake. Michelle The Book of Light (Episcopalian priest Lily Connor (3) investigates a biblical scroll, the Book of Light, but some wish that the contents remain unknown) $6.99
Bond, Stephanie Party Crashers (A group of fashionista friends crash a homicide; PBO) $6.99
Bradley, Laura The Brush_Off (A San Antonio hairdresser is determined to solve the murder of her mentor, whose past holds more than a few split ends; PBO) $5.99
Brandon, Jay Silver Moon (D.A. Chris Sinclair and his beloved Anne Greenwald are thrown into conflict when both witness the death of Anne's ex_fiance & saw different things) $6.99
Brown, Dale Air Battle Force (Major General Patrick McLanahan and his new strike force set out to stop Taliban fighters from taking over the richest oil fields in the world) $7.99
Brown, Steve Color Me Guilty (aka Dead Kids Tell No Tales ; lifeguard and runaway finder Susan Chase (3) tracks a killer who leaves a string of clues & a trail of murdered kids) $6.99
Buffa, D.W. Breach of Trust (Joseph Antonelli (6) dives into a case of murder reopened and the main witness is the vice_president of the US) $24.95
Buffett, Jimmy A Salty Piece of Land (The Caribbean, a lighthouse, a mystery, a wild cast of characters, more than a few bottles of tequila, and Buffett; unabridged cassettes $36.98, unabridged CDs $46.98) $26.95
Burke, Alafair Judgement Calls (A seemingly simple assault case spirals into a complex web of violence and deception for Deputy DA Samantha Kincaid of Portland's Drug and Vice Division) $6.99
Burke, James Lee White Dove at Morning (Historical fiction about three Louisiana friends who join the Confederate Army and go off to war) $7.99
Butcher, A. J. Spy High (Deveranx Academy north of Boston is known by first-year students as Spy High; young adult) $6.99
Butcher, A. J. Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising $6.99
Cameron, Dana A Fugitive Truth (A dark secret and a Fiendish killer have archaeologist Emma Fielding (4) marked for death in the Berkshire foothills; PBO) $6.99
Chesney, Marion Snobbery with Violence (In the Edwardian England world of parties, servants and scandal, murderous intrigue finds its way into high society) $6.50
Clancy, Tom (with Zinni, T./Koltz, T.) Battle Ready (Non-fiction; Fourth Commanders title, featuring "Warrior Diplomat" Marine General Tony Zinni) $28.95
Clark, Martin Plain Heathen Mischief (A defrocked Baptist minister and ex_con tries to rebuild his life, and becomes involved with con men, conniving youth, and authorities bent on prosecution and harassment) $24.95
Clarkson, John Reed's Promise (After losing his leg in a motorcycle accident, Bill Reed receives a cryptic message from his cousin with Down's Syndrome, decides to investigate) $6.99
Coben, Harlan Just One Look (Suburban mother Grace Lawson shows a photograph to her husband, and when he disappears, Grace must face the truth that he has a past she doesn't know about; unabridged cassettes $39.95) $25.95
Coben, Harlan No Second Chance (Dr. Marc Seidman has been shot, his wife murdered, and his six_month old daughter has been kidnapped. When he gets the ransom note he knows there is no one he can trust) $7.99
Cohen, Mark The Fractal Murders (Former Marine JAG and P.I. Pepper Keane investigated mysterious deaths of three mathematicians and main suspect turns out to be his worse enemy, an FBI agent) $25.00
Collins, Max Allan The London Blitz Murders (In London 1942, a modern_day Jack the Ripper is preying on the city, and pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury investigates with the help of Agatha Christie; PBO) $6.99
Connelly, Michael The Narrows (Sequel to The Poet ; the return of the ruthless and ingenious serial killer puts both Harry Bosch and FBI agent Rachel Walling in a terrifying and shocking situation) $25.95
Coonts, Stephen Deep Black: Biowar (Terrorists abduct a leading scientist with knowledge of an apocalyptic virus, leaving ex_Marine Charlie Dean (2) and former Delta Force trooper Lia DeFrancesca to prevent disaster) $7.99
Coonts, Stephen-ed. Victory: The Second Wave (WWII short novels by Harold Coyle, Harold Robbins, & R. J. Pineiro) $6.99
Craig, Philip R Vineyard Fear (Reprint: An early Martha's Vineyard classic) $6.99
Crais, Robert The Last Detective (LA P.I. Elvis Cole is taking care of Lucy Chenier's ten_year old son, when he disappears & while police fumble the case, Elvis searches himself) $7.99
de Kretser, Michelle The Hamilton Case (Novel; British-influenced Sri Lankan lawyer tackles mysterious and scandalous murder case that leads to tragedy and destruction) $24.95
DePoy, Phillip The Devil's Hearth (Fever Devlin (4) returns to his family cabin in the Georgia Appalachians to discover the body of a half_brother he didn't know and must face family secrets to find the killer) $5.99
Diamond, Diana The Daughter_In_Law (The wealthy matriarch of the Donner family suspects that her new daughter_in_law played a role in her son's mysterious death) $6.99
Dobson, Joanne The Maltese Manuscript (English Professor Karen Pelletier gains a client when her office door opens and a Private Eye novelist enters with a problem, and the hunt is on for ms. of the famous Hammett novel) $6.99
Douglass, Keith SEAL Team Seven #21: Hostile Fire (Action/adventure) $5.99
Durant, Michael/Hartov, Steven In the Company of Heroes (True account of Michael Durant's time in captivity after being shot down in Somalia) $14.00
Farah, Douglas Blood From Stones (Non-fiction; Subterranean financial network that stretches from the diamond fields of West Africa to terrorist_front U.S. charities) $24.95
Faust, Ron Dead Men Rise Up Never (A night school law student and ex_Army investigator has 57 hours to find a man who may already be dead; corruption, abduction, and murder in a Florida coastal town; PBO) $6.99
Flaherty, Mike/Marrinan, Corinne CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Companion (Behind-the-scenes of TV drama; episode summaries, interviews, more; illustrated; trade PBO) $24.00
Flynn, Vince Executive Power (CIA counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp's (4) cover has been blown, but when a platoon of Navy SEALs suffers a surprise attack, Rapp must help find an anonymous foe) $7.99
Flynn, Vince Memorial Day (Counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp (5) is called upon to stop a major terrorist attack planned for Memorial Day by going to Afghanistan to lead a team of counterterrorists; abridged cassettes $26, abridged CDs $30.00) $25.95
Ford, Steven First Do No Harm (Enigma is a mutated smallpox culture, and one doctor thinks it holds the cure while another fears it could destroy the world) $7.50
French, Nicci Land of the Living (Abbie Devereaux survives a terrible kidnapping but no one believes her & when she takes steps to prove her story finds a real psycho_killer) $7.50
Galenorn, Yasmine Legend of the Jade Dragon (When a client gives seer Emerald O'Brien a statue of a jade dragon as payment, bad luck follows and she must thwart its evil spell by following a trail of heartache to China; PBO) $5.99
Gardner, Ashley A Regimental Murder (Regency England; Captain Lacy (2) helps a woman whose husband was accused of a crime he didn't commit and then murdered, and is drawn into intrigues of an underworld villain; PBO) $5.99
Green, Norman The Angel of Montague Street (In 1973, Silvano Iurata, trained by Special Forces, returns to Brooklyn to find his missing little brother, and is pulled into a spiral of death and danger from the Mob) $13.95
Green, Norman Way Past Legal (Manny's latest score left him with more money than he'd ever dreamed of, but with the money comes danger and he takes his son to Maine to hide with the bad guys on his trail) $24.95
Haddam, Jane Conspiracy Theory (Former head of the FBI's Behavioral Sciences Unit Gregor Demarkian (20) is drawn into an insane, post 9/11 world of conspiracy theories and random violence) $6.99
Haddon, Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night_Time (Novel; Christopher, a 15_year old autistic, sets out to solve the killing of a neighbor's dog and finds evidence of feelings and motivations he cannot understand; Shortlist Booker Prize/Whitbread Award) $12.00
Hambly, Barbara Days of the Dead (1835; Benjamin January (7) and his new bride are drawn from New Orleans to the lawless streets of Mexico City to untangle a web of murder) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Trollop (In Shakespeare, Arkansas, a local woman of ill repute is murdered & local karate expert and cleaning woman Lily Bard (4) investigates) $5.99
Henry, Sue Death Trap (A kidnapping, a theft, and a string of brutal murders hit too close to home for musher Jessie Arnold (10)) $6.99
Hoar, Jere The Hit (When lost love Kinnerly Lorris re_enters his life, Luke Carr's plan for a perfect little heist spirals into murder and madness) $14.00
Hogan,C./Miller, G. The Interrogators: Inside the Secret War Against al Qaeda (Non-fiction) $25.95
Howard, Linda To Die For (The witness to a bizarre murder is thrust into the public eye _ and into the sights of a stalker; PBO) $7.99
Huston, Charlie Caught Stealing (Ex_baseball player, now NYC bartender, Hank Thompson is attacked by two thugs and discovers that a key in the cage of a cat he is taking care of opens a locker stuffed with 4 million dollars) $21.95
Hyde, Christopher The House of Special Purpose (In 1941, a shocking artifact that could change the course of the war is rumored to exist and everyone from a journalist to a Nazi assassin are on its trail) $7.99
James, P.D. Devices and Desires (Reprint '89: Commander Adam Dalgliesh) $12.95
Johnstone, William W. Code Name Extreme Prejudice (Ex_CIA agent John Barrone and his team seek to stop a South American drug_lord who has turned terrorist for hire; PBO) $5.99
Kagan, Donald The Peloponnesian War (History of the Peloponnesian War written for general readers) $15.00
Kellerman, Jonathan Therapy (LAPD detective Milo Sturgis and psychologist Alex Delaware (18) investigate the murder of a young couple on a lonely lover's lane and go up against a psychologist who guards the secrets of her clients; abridged CDs coming in May $26.95) $26.95
Kelly, Lauren Take Me, Take Me With You (A powerful exploration of the secret kinship of twins, as two people meet and seem to know each other, leading to a sequence of inexplicable events and shocking revelations) $22.95
Koontz, Dean The Face (Hollywood's most dazzling star is under siege from a stalker & all that stands between him & a killer is a weary ex_cop who's already seen his own death) $7.99
Krieg, Joyce Murder Off Mike (Sacramento radio talk show host Shauna J. Bogart investigates mysterious death of a co_worker; St. Martin's/Malice Domestic contest winner) $6.99
L'Amour, Louis From the Listening Hills (12 classic tales of adventure/mystery/suspense) $5.99
Lankford, Terrill Lee Earthquake Weather (Frustrated movie producer finds a body floating in his boss's pool and is the prime suspect for the murder, and must clear his name) $24.95
Lashner, William Past Due (When a client is brutally murdered, unsavory attorney Victor Carl investigates and uncovers another violent death from 20 years ago, leading him deep into the past) $24.95
Lawrence, Caroline The Thieves of Ostia (The Roman Mysteries # 1 The dogs on Flavia's street have started dying mysteriously and she is determined to find out why) $5.99
Lawrence, Caroline The Secrets of Vesuvius (The Roman Mysteries #2: Flavia and her friends travel to spend the summer with her uncle just before Vesuvius erupts) $5.99
Lehane, Dennis Shutter Island (U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels has come to The Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane to search for an escaped murderer and discovers more than he bargained for; Hammett Prize nominee) $7.99
Leon, Donna Uniform Justice (A young cadet in Venice's elite military academy is found hanged and Commissario Guido Brunetti must get past those protecting the reputation of the school to find the truth) $7.99
Littell, Robert The Once and Future Spy (Reprint '90; when the "Weeder", a CIA operative, encounters an elite group of specialists within the innermost circles of the agency protecting a clandestine plan, he faces moral choices) $14.00
Luna, Louisa Serious as a Heart Attack (A street_smart young woman takes what looks like an easy job and ends up having to solve the murder of a stripper) $23.00
MacDonald, Patricia Suspicious Origin (When a fire kills her beautiful sister, Britt Andersen is determined to solve the mystery of her death, putting herself on a collision course with a murderer) $7.50
MacDonald, Patricia The Girl Next Door (A young woman's life is threatened when she returns to the affluent suburban town where her father murdered her mother 15 years ago) $24.00
MacLeod, Charlotte The Recycled Citizen (Reprint; Sarah Kelling and Max (8) are planning a charity auction when one of the members of the Center is murdered and the finger of suspicion points at the Kellings) $6.99
Magida, Arthur J The Rabbi and the Hit Man (Non-fiction; the case of Rabbi Fred Neulander, convicted of hiring a hit man to murder his wife) $13.95
March, Hannah A Distinction of Blood (In Georgian England, Robert Fairfax (3) investigates the potential husband of his employer's beautiful daughter, and when he is found murdered Fairfax investigates the crime) $5.99
Margolin, Phillip Sleeping Beauty (When a suspected killer escapes custody, daughter of two of the victims Ashley Spencer goes on the run to save her life; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Mason, Christopher The Art of the Steal (Inside Sotheby's_Christie auction house scandal) $26.95
McCrumb, Sharyn Ghost Riders (Novel; Civil War in the Appalachians, neighbors become enemies and the half_life of violence keeps soldier's ghosts abroad in the modern wilderness) $7.99
McGown, Jill Death in the Family (DCI Lloyd and pregnant partner Hill (12) investigate an infant kidnapping & the murder of the mother of a victim of child molestation) $6.99
McKinzie, Clinton Crossing the Line (Climber and Special Agent Antonio Burns' (4) daredevil brother makes a deal with the FBI for leniency going undercover at a Mexico drug lord's compound, and Antonio goes along for a very rough ride) $23.00
Medawar, Mardi Oakley Murder on the Red Cliff Rez (Police Chief David Lameraux hires a Chippewa tracker to find the murderer of tribal attorney Judah Boiseneau, who has disappeared into the wilderness of the Red Cliff Reservation) $5.99
Meier, Leslie Father's Day Murder (Homemaker and part_time reporter Lucy Stone is sent to a Boston newspaper conference where she becomes determined to solve the murder of the head of a newspaper dynasty) $6.50
Monsour, Theresa Cold Blood (St. Paul homicide Detective Paris Murphy (2) tracks a bizarre killer with whom she shares a past that puts her own life in danger; local author) $24.95
Moore, Harker A Cruel Season for Dying (NYPD homicide detective James Sakura seeks a serial killer who poses his bodies like angels with wings and the targets get closer to Sakura as time runs out) $6.99
Moore, Harker A Mourning in Autumn (NYPD Japanese-American homicide detective James Sakura (2) faces a series of gruesome murders and seeks the self-styled "Eater of Souls") $25.00
Morrell, David The Protector (Cavanaugh is hired by a brilliant scientist who needs protection from a powerful drug lord seeking the highly addictive drug he has invented) $7.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Presumption of Death (Atty. Nina Reilly (9) and her boyfriend P.I. Paul van Wagoner investigate arson and murder in Carmel Valley, CA and try to clear prime suspect, a trusted assistant) $7.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Attic (Faith Fairchild (14) is plunged into her past as a face from her single days appears and she discovers a shocking diary in the attic of the old house where she lives) $23.95
Parker, Robert B. Double Play (WWII vet Joseph Burke is hired by Brooklyn Dodgers mgr. Branch Rickey to bodyguard Jackie Robinson in 1947 and must face some hard truths of his own while doing the job; signed copies expected) $24.95
Patterson, James The Lake House (Sequel to When the Wind Blows : Six children are now living in the world and wish to return to the Lake House where they felt safe, but must thwart sinister plans to stop them) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #96: Stolen Arrows (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #306: Mercy Mission (Paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Perry, Anne The Shifting Tide (Victorian sleuth William Monk (16) is hired to investigate the theft of a cargo of African ivory and is led to the teeming docks of the river Thames looking for answers; abridged cassettes$24.95, unabridged CDs $38.95) $25.95
Prose, Francine After (Teen fiction; school has become a prison as protection goes too far and freedom is extinguished in the name of safety) $7.99
Reuland, Rob Hollowpoint (A burn_out D.A. haunted by tragedy takes on case a murdered young girl that could save him or send him over the edge; Hammett Prize nominee '01) $6.99
Riordan, Rick Southtown (Will "The Ghost" Stirman has staged a bloody escape from prison and leaves behind him a trail of violence, as San Antonio PI Tres Navarre (5) searches for truth and must stop him) $24.00
Riker, H. Jay The Silent Service (The war on terrorism explodes in the ocean's depths in a submarine adventure; PBO) $6.99
Robb, J.D./Roberts, Nora Remember When (In the present, the daughter of a con_man is being hunted and she must find out why, while in 2059 Eve Dallas takes on the still unsolved case of missing diamonds) $7.99
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Sullivan's Law (Ventura County Probation Officer Carolyn Sullivan has a client who's been arrested for rape, and is assigned to supervise a killer, and ends up in danger) $24.00
Sanchez, Thomas King Bongo (In 1957 Havana, a bomb rips through a nightclub and King Bongo, a rogue Cuban_American, hunts for the culprits and his sister, who disappeared in the blast) $13.95
Sandford, John Hidden Prey (On the shore of Lake Superior, a Russian is found dead and no motive found; troubleshooter Lucas Davenport is brought into the investigation) $26.95
Sandford, John Naked Prey (Lucas Davenport (15) investigates the murder of a black man and a white woman found hanging naked from a tree and discovers the crime is more than a lynching) $7.99
Sansom, C.J. Dissolution (In 1537, when a royal commissioner is brutally murdered, Thomas Cromwell summons Matthew Shardlake to lead the inquiry) $14.00
Seranella, Barbara Unwilling Accomplice (Munch Mancini (7) is pitted against a puzzling organized crime ring involving exploited children, burglary and murder) $24.00
Sheedy, E.C. Room 33 (A dilapidated hotel that was the site of several mysterious deaths is inherited by a woman whose passion for restoring it could cost her life) $5.99
Slaughter, Karin_ed. Like a Charm (16 interconnected stories by 16 acclaimed authors involving a single unlucky charm bracelet, from 1800 to the present) $21.95
Smith, Sarah Chasing Shakespeares (A graduate student and the daughter of a Hollywood executive go to London together to investigate the real author of Shakespeare's plays and face intrigue and mystery) $13.00
Smith. Mary_Ann Tirone Love Her Madly (FBI agent Poppy Rice investigates the case of a beautiful young woman condemned for a double murder) $6.99
Spindler, Erica In Silence (Journalist Avery Chauvin returns to Louisiana to investigate the apparent suicide of her father, finds clues to indicate that he may have been murdered) $6.99
Sullivan, Thomas Dust of Eden (Horror; an embittered elderly woman gets hold of the Dust of Eden, enabling her to create New Eden, a place where she has control of everything, at least for awhile) $6.99
Sweeney, Leann Pick Your Poison (When the gardener is found murdered in her greenhouse, wealthy Texan Abby Rose decides to investigate; PBO) $5.99
Thomas, Evan John Paul Jones (Biography of the father of the American Navy) $14.00
Toll, Emily Fall Into Death (Lynne Montgomery (3) is in New Hampshire to help her mother with a new B&B and discovers skeletons buried in the basement; PBO) $6.50
Wall, Kathryn Perdition House (Bay Tanner escapes to her S. Carolina beach house after the death of her husband and is confronted with a dangerous secret that threatens to destroy her family and the life she has built) $6.99
Webb/Faherty/Jacobs/Harrington Desperate Journeys (4 short "murder on the road" mysteries) $6.99
Wheeler, Thomas The Arcanum (In New York 1919, a series of grisly murders stumps the police and a group called the Arcanum whose members include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Houdini, Lovecraft, and a voodoo priestess gather to investigate) $22.00
White, Kate 'Til Death Do Us Part (Magazine writer-turned-sleuth Bailey Weggins (3) investigates three tragic freak accidents & she could be next on a killer's list) $24.00
White, Randy Wayne Tampa Burn (When thuggish foreign ex-politico Balserio kidnapps Doc Ford's (11) son, Ford must face his violent past) $24.95
Wright, Edward While I Disappear (Former actor John Ray Horn discovers his ex_leading lady murdered and his investigation leads him back to the silent_film era) $24.95


Anderson, Sheryl Killer Heels (New York magazine sex_column writer Molly Forrester discovers the body of a co_worker and hoping for a scoop she investigates) $24.95
Bamford, James A Pretext for War (Non-fiction; how American intelligence agencies failed to predict 9/11 and lays bare the Bush administration's role in formulating justifications for the war on Iraq) $26.95
Bond, larry/DeFelice, Jim First Team (Radioactive waste has gone missing in the former USSR & the Joint Services Special Demand Project uses unconventional means to track it down) $24.95
Brandon, Jay Grudge Match (San Antonio DA Chris Sinclair investigates the murder of two cops, which may have been committed by a third cop who claims he is the victim of a conspiracy to frame him) $25.95
Chang, Leonard Fade to Clear (San Francisco Korean-American investigator Allen Choice (3) tries to find his ex_lover's niece and unearths links to drugs, putting himself in danger from deadly forces that strike a personal blow) $23.95
Child, Lincoln Death Match (Former FBI forensic psychologist Christopher Lash is brought in by a matchmaking company to investigate the apparent double suicide of two clients and discovers dark secrets) $24.95
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None (Classic trade pb reissue) $12.95
Coonts, Stephen Liars and Thieves (A beautiful woman being blackmailed, an illegal break-in, and a massacre at a government safe house puts ex-burglar CIA agent Tommy Carmellini on the trail of a dark conspiracy) $25.95
Estleman, Loren D. Retro (Detroit PI Amos Walker (17) grants the deathbed wish of a friend, becomes the suspect in a murder, and discovers it is connected to another murder 53 years ago committed with the same gun; unabridged cassettes $27.95) $24.95
Fawcett, Quinn Honor Among Spies (Ian Fleming and a colleague from British Intelligence receive threatening letters containing dark secrets and Fleming travels to New Orleans to find the person responsible) $24.95
Fredrickson, Michael A Defense for the Dead (After a brutal serial killer is taken down by the FBI, Boston attorney Jimmy Morrissey (3) has reason to believe the FBI got the wrong man and Morrissey must find out the truth) $24.95
Gilder, Joshua & Anne_Lee Heavenly Intrigue (Story of the collaboration of Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler that would mark the dawn of modern science and end in murder) $24.95
Haddam, Jane The Headmaster's Wife (A student at an elite prep school is found hung in his room after rumors of an illicit affair with the headmaster's wife and retired FBI agent Gregor Demakian (21) agrees to consult on the case) $24.95
Hall, Adam The Quiller Memorandum (Classic reissue: British secret agent in Berlin attempts to stop plot to revive power of Nazi Germany: Edgar Best Novel '66) $13.95
Housewright, David A Hard Ticket Home (Ex_cop Rushmore McKenzie searches for the missing sister of a leukemia patient who needs a bone marrow transplant and scours the back streets of Minneapolis to find her; local author) $23.95
Hoyt, Richard Pony Girls (Cascade mountains investigators John Denson (9) and Willie Sees the Night are retained to find horse killers and the shaman Willie reaches beyond reason to send Denson into mysterious realms to find the truth) $24.95
Irby, Lee 7,000 Clams (After finding an IOU for $7,000 signed by Babe Ruth, a 1920's bootlegger travels to Florida to track down the Babe and runs into a team of gangsters sent from by Al Capone) $23.95
Lawrence, David The Dead Sit Round in a Ring (Detective Stella Mooney, a cop who has nightmares and a worrisome vodka habit, investigates the murder of 4 people in a London flat) $23.95
Linscott, Gillian Blood on the Wood (1900; English suffragette Nell Bray (11) decides to break into the house of a benefactor to exchange a fake painting for a real one and discovers a murder and must investigate to clear her own name) $24.95
Metzl, Jamie The Depths of the Sea (A dark thriller about a marine who returns to Cambodia in search of his surrogate son, a CIA operative who disappeared while on a deadly, secret mission) $22.95
Pattison, Eliot Bone Mountain (Disgraced ex_Beijing police inspector Shan (3) leads an expedition to return a long_lost idol, and when the monk guiding them is murdered Shan runs from the Chinese Army) $13.95
Shaber, Sarah R The Bug Funeral (Forensic historian Simon Shaw (4) investigates a killing at a Raleigh, NC orphanage at the turn of the century) $22.95
Svoray, Yaron/Hammer, Richard Blood From a Stone (Non-fiction: the search for diamonds buried in a foxhole by American soldiers during WWII) $14.95
Talley, Marcia I'd Kill for That (13 female novelists are featured in a serial novel _ a dead body is found on the golf course of a Chesapeake Bay gated community and Police Captain Diane Robards investigates) $23.95
Torres, Steven Burning Precinct Puerto Rico: Book Three (Luis Gonzalo is called to the scene of a tragic arson case and must figure out a deadly puzzle using all his cunning and courage) $23.95
Toung, Rusty/McFaden, Thomas Marching Powder (Non-fiction; the life of a drug_smuggler in San Pedro Prison) $14.95
Tremayne, Peter The Haunted Abbot (Ireland 666 AD; Fidelma of Cashel (12) and Brother Eadulf investigate a murder and a ghost in Aldred's Abbey) $24.95
Tremayne, Peter Whispers of the Dead (Collection of 15 Sister Fidelma mysteries) $14.95
Wall. Kathryn R. Judas Island (S. Caroline P.I. Bay Tanner (2) looks into the death of a man's old friend, and as they get closer to the truth they uncover secrets long buried) $23.95
White, Michael C. The Garden of Martyrs (Novel based on true events near Boston in 1806 when 2 Irish immigrants were executed for the murder of a traveler on the post road) $24.95
Wilson, Andrew Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith (Bio, 544 pp. w/photos; Edgar nominee) $18.95
Wise, Sarah The Italian Boy (Non-fiction; murder & body_snatching in 1830's London) $26.00


Brewer, Steve End Run (Sportswriter Drew Gavin tries to help his old college sweetheart when her husband falls into gambling debt and becomes the prime suspect when he's murdered; trade PBO) $13.00
Child, Lee Lee Child Collection (12 cassettes abridged: 3 Jack Reacher novels in one audio collection) $29.95
de Castique, Mark Grave Undertaking (Ex-Charlotte cop turned undertaker finds unwanted business when a murdered skeleton is unearthed in another's grave; when his girlfriend becomes prime suspect he searches for real killer) $24.95
Estep, Maggie Gargantuan (Coney Island's Ruby Murphy (2) ponders how to protect apprentice jockey Attila Johnson, who has a price on his head but won't go to the authorities) $12.95
Gregory, Susanna A Killer in Winter (In Cambridge 1354, Matthew Bartholomew (9) investigates the death of a man's servant, and when the man also dies suspicion falls on his wife who Matthew once had a crush on) $7.95
Keene, Carolyn The Quest of the Missing Map (Nancy Drew #19, published in a facsimile reproduction of the original 1942 edition) $17.95
Koontz, Dean The Taking (In a California mountain town, strange weather takes on a sinister tone as the town loses all communication and the residents find that some thing is hunting them) $27.00
Levison, Iain Since the Layoffs (After being laid off at the tractor plant, Jake Skowran is hired to do some less_than_legal work and gets more trouble than he bargained for; "dark, satirical comedy") $11.00
Lieber, Julia There Came Two Angels (A murdered hustler, a dead politician-Lesbian Loy Lombard struggles for the truth against a conspiracy of old money and conservative politics; trade PBO) $13.95
McNab, Claire The Wombat Strategy (Aussie dyke Kylie Kendall moves to Los Angeles to take over her father's detective agency, and encounters resistance from her new partner as they work on their first case; trade PBO) $13.95
Patrick, Jennifer The Night She Died (A 17_year old boy becomes enamored with a 30_year old woman, while helping her fix her new house in a small Georgia town, and when she ends up dead he is the prime suspect) $24.00
Pearce, Michael Death of an Effendi (In 1909, Cario is the murder capital of the world. When one of Egypt's elite, a foreign financier, is killed, the Mamur Zapt (13) goes to the ancient City of the Crocodiles. Shortlist Best Historical Crime Novel '99) $24.95
Pearce, Michael The Snake Catcher's Daughter (Corruption and intrigue in 1908 Cario when someone mounts a campaign to discredit senior police officials, including their commandant, the Mamur Zapt (8)) $14.95
Seale, Anne Packing Mrs. Phipps (A beautiful woman turned murder victim leads lesbian Jo Jacuzza on a cross-country trip into danger, deceit, and mystery; trade PBO) $13.95
Tapply, William The Elements of Mystery Fiction: Writing the Modern Whodunit (Reference, expanded edition) $16.95
Tursten, Helene Detective Inspector Huss (Goteborg Sweden Inspector Irene Huss investigates an apparent suicide of an wealthy financier who landed in front of his luxury apartment, but did he jump or was he pushed?; translated) $13.00
Winspear, Jacqueline Birds of a Feather (1929 London P.I. Maisie Dobbs (2) is hired to find a wealthy grocery magnate's daughter, and when the daughter's friends start being murdered she looks for the connection) $25.00

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