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Newsletter #64 December, 2003 - February, 2004


[PBO means paperback original]

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Photo Guide (Official children's photo guide to the movie) $8.95
The Onion Ad Nauseam Vol. 13 (Collection of humorous fake news stories from The Onion ) $17.00
The Onion Ad Nauseam Vol. 14 (Collection of humorous fake news stories from The Onion ) $17.95
Adams, Scott Words You Don't Want to Hear During Your Annual Performance Review (Collection of Dilbert cartoons) $10.95
Asprin, Robert/Nye, Jody Lynn Myth Alliances (Newest novel in the series, signed by Nye; hc $25) $14.00
Bailey, Dale The Resurrection Man's Legacy (Short story collection) $24.95
Barclay, James Shadowheart: Legends of the Raven (6th Raven Book: A war between the magical colleges of Balaia breaks out and the Raven must struggle both to survive and save the universe) $14.95
Barker, M. A. R. A Death of Kings (A new Tekumel novel) $19.95
Bishop, Michael Brighten to Incandescence (17 stories) $24.95
Bujold, Lois McMaster Ethan of Athos (NESFA Press hc reprint, signed copies available) $23.00
Conley, Darby Blueprint for Disaster (Collection of Get Fuzzy cartoons) $10.95
Dean, Pamela The Secret Country , The Hidden Land (Reprint of #1 & 2 of The Secret Country Trilogy, where a gaming world becomes real) $6.99 each
de Lint, Charles A Circle of Cats (Children's hc book illustrated by Charles Vess) $16.99
Duane, Diane A Wizard Alone (Sixth in the So You Want to be a Wizard series) $6.95
Duane, Diane The Wizard's Holiday (7th in the So You Want to be a Wizard series) $17.00
Effinger, George Alec Budayeen Nights (Collection of short stories set in his hardboiled, noir, cyberpunk North African city of Budayeen) $24.95
Emerson, Ru This Magic World (Chapbook, 4 short stories) $9.00
Fair, Theodora Allarinth The Star King (The Jewels of Allarion #3) $14.95
Finch, Sheila Reading the Bones (Exploration of cross-cultural communications among three races) $14.95
Fisher, Jude Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Visual Companion (Official adult photo guide to the movie) $18.95
Frank, Jane The Art of John Berkey (Collection of the work of John Berkey) $29.95
Gerberg, Michael Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel (Barry has married Ermine and their youngest child may be a muddle) $9.95
Gerrold, David Blood and Fire (Based on a script for Star Trek The Next Generation that was bounced because it had gay characters, it is now #3 in the Star Wolf series) $14.95
Gerrold, David The Voyage of the Star Wolf , The Middle of Nowhere (Reprints of the first two Star Wolf novels) $14.95 each
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki A Stir of Bones (Young adult novel with a haunted house that is alive) $15.99
Howe, David J/Walker, Stephen James The Television Companion: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who $29.95
Jaques, Brian Triss (15th Redwall novel: the brave squirrelmaid Triss plans a daring escape from the enslavement of the evil ferret King Agarnu and his daughter Princess Kurda) $7.99
Jones, Stephen Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #14 (Latest annual volume) $11.95
Keller, Mark M./Anderson, Sue Rivets (Scripts of 3 sf musicals, plus supplemental material) $16.00
Kress, Nancy Nothing Human (13-year-olds start receiving messages that the "pribir" are coming, but nobody knows what the "pribir" are or why they are coming, until they arrive) $26.95
Lansdale, Joe R. High Cotton (Selected stories by Lansdale) $15.95
Lichtenberg, Jacqueline Those of My Blood (Reprint of 1988 romantic vampire novel) $14.95
McPherson, John Ferociously Close to Home (A collection of Close to Home cartoons) $10.95
November, Sharyn, ed. Firebirds (Anthology of original sf & fantasy stories for young adults, includes Emma Bull, Patricia McKillip, Kara Dalkey, Diana Wynne Jones, many others) $19.99
Oliver, Chad A Star Above It , Far From Earth (Vol. 1 & 2 of Selected Stories of Chad Oliver, NESFA Press) $24.00 each
Paolini, Christopher Eragon (Young adult fantasy with a hatchling dragon, which has received great reviews) $18.95
Pierce, Tamora Trickster's Choice (When Aly is captured by pirates and sold into slavery, she makes a deal with the local trickster god to help him achieve his goals in exchange for his help in gaining her freedom) $17.95
Riche, David The Art of Faery (Collection of reproduced paintings celebrating the finest in fairy art) $29.95
Roberts, Adam Polystom (Polystom, 50th steward of Enting, leads an unremarkable life until his uncle, inventor of the Computational Device, dies & Polystom's life changes) $14.95
Rochelle, Warren The Wild Boy (Humans have become domesticated pets of superior aliens who conquered Earth, but some are still wild) $22.95
Sarrantonio/Greenberg ed. 100 Hair_Raising Little Horror Stories (Collection) $12.95
Scott, Jerry/Borgman, Jim Road Trip! (Zits sketchbook #7) $10.95
Smith, Chris Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare (Official illustrated guide to the battles, arms, and armies in the movie trilogy) $18.95
Somtow, S. P. Tagging the Moon: Fairy Tales From L.A. (10 stories set in the surreal urban nightmare known as Los Angeles) $25.00
Sturgeon, Theodore And Now the News (Vol. 9 of the Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon) $35.00
Swanwick, Michael Cigar Box Faust & Other Miniatures (Collection of short stories) $14.95
Thompson, Kate The Beguilers (Young adult fantasy) $6.99
Trudeau, G.B. Got War? (Collection of Doonesbury cartoons) $16.95
Turner, Gary/Halpern, Marty ed. The Silver Gryphon (Original anthology to celebrate Golden Gryphon Press' 25th book, with stories from the authors of the first 24 books) $27.95
Varley, John The Ophiuchi Hotline (Reissue: After Earth is captured by vastly superior aliens, humanity is forced to fight for survival, helped by the Hotline of technological information) $14.95
Waldrup, Howard Custer's Last Jump and Other Collaborations (Collection of collaborations, with funny & libelous introductions and afterwords) $24.95
Watson, Ian Miracle Visitors (A subject of hypnotism encounters an alien, and the hypnotist is force to consider the possible reality of UFOs and aliens) $14.95
Watson, Ian Mockymen (Aliens bring the drug Bliss to Earth, which causes some users to become mindless dummies which the aliens use as puppet bodies) $26.95
Weinberg/Dziemianowicz/Greenberg ed. 100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories (Anthology) $12.95
Weinberg/Dziemianowicz/Greenberg ed. 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories (Anthology) $12.95
White, Michael Tolkien _ A Biography (Biography of J.R.R. Tolkien) $13.95
Wilson, Colin Shadowland (Never before published 4th volume of Spider World series) $14.95
Yeffeth, Glenn, ed. Seven Seasons of Buffy (Essays by science fiction and fantasy authors about the TV show) $15.95


Abbey, Lynn ed. Thieves' World: Turning Points (New stories set in Thieve's World and Sanctuary) $6.99
Allen, Roger McBride The Shores of Tomorrow (Human space is contracting and only Oskar DeSilvo can save the human race, but the Chronologic Patrol is trying to stop him from altering the past even at the risk of doom) $6.50
Altman, Steven_Elliot Deprivers (The world is divided by Densory Deprivation Syndrome and the afflicted fight for their freedom and their lives) $13.00
Anderson, Kevin J/Moesta, Rebecca Jedi Sunrise (Omnibus edition of three adventures from the Young Jedi Knights series) $5.99
Barrie, J. M. Peter Pan (A new edition of the classic, illustrated by Charles Vess) $5.99
Baxter, Stephen Coalescent (George Poole stumbles onto the family secret: a twin sister he never knew who was raised by a powerful and dangerous religious group in Rome who could be the end of humanity) $25.95
Bishop, Anne The Black Jewels Trilogy (Saga of a young Queen more powerful than even the High Lord of Hell, & three sworn enemies _ entire trilogy in one omnibus edition) $18
Bradley, Marion Zimmer A World Divided (Omnibus of Bloody Sun, Star of Danger, Winds of Darkover) $7.99
Budz, Mark Clade (Rigo is chosen as part of a team to construct a new colony on a nearby comet, and smells a set_up when disaster strikes) $6.99
Caine, Rachel Weather Warden 1: Ill Wind (Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden who can tame the most violent storms, but accusations of corruption and murder have her running for her life) $6.99
Chester, Deborah The King Betrayed (The story of a king's duty to his land, his love for his wife, and the ultimate betrayal of both) $7.99
Child, Lincoln Utopia (Ruthless criminals infiltrate a robotic and high-tech theme park and threaten that if their demands are not met, no one will come out alive) $6.99
Coleman, Loren L. MechWarrior: Dark Age: By Temptations and By War (Operative Mai Wa has been sent to help freedom fighter Evan Kurst liberate his homeworld, but Mai has betrayed Kurst before and Evan's biggest problem is knowing who to trust) $12.95
Cook, Dawn Forgotten Truth (When a shapeshifting student is transported back four centuries, she is in danger of being permanently changed into dragon form with no memory of her human life _ or love) $6.99
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner eds Future Crime (Anthology of classic stories of crime in the future) $5.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Star Trek The Next Generation: Gorkon Book 2 (When orders from General Talak force him to go against his word, Captain Klag takes up arms against his fellow Klingons) $6.99
Dickson, Gordon R The Human Edge (Powerful aliens meet puny humans, and humans must use all their wits and their human edge to defeat them) $6.99
Drake, David Paying the Piper (Latest volume of the Hammer's Slammers series) $7.99
Gemmell, David Dark Moon (The blood_hungry Daroth have risen and the fate of the human race rests on the talents of a warrior_woman, a swordsman, and a healer) $7.50
Grand, Jim Unit Omega (Jim Thomson, in charge of investigating unusual phenomena for the UN, investigates a reported sighting of the Loch Ness Monster, and it is much more dangerous than he expected) $6.99
Green, Simon R Deathstalker Legacy (Owen Deathstalker's descendant Lewis is the king's new Champion & protector as Golden Age of peace is about to be brought into ruin) $7.50
Hamilton, Laurell K The Laughing Corpse (hardcover reprint) $22.95
Harbaugh, Karen Night Fires (In revolutionary France, a beautiful vampire and a mysterious Englishman risk eternal damnation for a forbidden passion and a moral quest) $5.99
Harrison, Harry Stars and Stripes Triumphant (Alternate history where the English commits an act of war and the Confederate states return to the Union to fight Queen Victoria's soldiers) $6.99
Hobb, Robin Golden Fool (The Tawny Man Book 2: FitzChivalry Farseer must guide a kingdom straying closer to civil strife each day and make sure that no one betrays the Prince's secret) $6.99
Howard, Robert E. The Coming of Conan: The Cimmerian (14 of Robert E. Howard's legendary stories of Conan, illustrated by Mark Schultz) $14.95
Jordon, Robert Crossroads of Twilight (Book 10 of the Wheel of Time Series) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrlyn Dance with the Devil (Dark_Hunter Book 3: Zarek has been exiled to Alaska and the gods send Astrid, sister to the Three Fates, to see if there is enough goodness in him to be worth saving) $6.99
King, William Beastslayer (Only Gotrek and Felix stand between an ancient sity and the forces of darkness as the foul hordes of chaos lay siege to the northern lands of Kislev) $6.99
Kratman, Tom A State of Disobedience (In the war against terrorism the government has taken on extraordinary powers, and the Governor of Texas rises to save the country) $22.00
Lacey/Flint/Freer This Rough Magic (Chernoborg has laid siege to the island of Corfu, and the small band of heroes who thwarted him before must use the island's ancient mystic powers to stop him again) $26.00
Lackey, Mercedes ed Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar (PBO: Original short fiction anthology by masters of fantasy set in the world of Valdemar) $6.99
Lain, T.H. The Death Ray (D&D tie-in; Regdar, officer of the Ducal Guard in New Koratia, falls under suspicion when suitors of the Duke's scheming daughter begin turning up dead) $5.99
Larson, Glen A/Thurston, Robert Battlestar Galactica Classic: The Young Warriors (Reissue: Starbuck crashes on a world where the adults have been wiped out and the children rule, and helps them find their father) $6.99
Levine, Gail Carson The Princess Tales Volume I (Three delightful fantasy tales for young adults from the Newberry Honor author) $6.99
MaCaffrey, Anne & Todd Dragon's Kin (The dragonriders discover the special talents of their distant cousins the watch_whers, and thanks to the efforts of two young people will be able to save more lives) $24.95
Mariotte, Jeff Star Trek The Lost Era: Deny Thy Father (Will Riker and his fugitive father must find the truth behind a deadly conspiracy) $6.99
McAuley, Paul Whole Wide World (In London after the Infowar, a surveillance camera records a murder, and a policeman gets caught up in a web of intrigue as he tries to solve the case) $7.99
McCaffrey, Anne/Nye, Jodi Lynn The Ship Who Saved the Worlds (Combines two popular sequels to The Ship Who Sang in one volume) $22.00
McKenna, Juliet E The Assassin's Edge (Finale to the epic Einarinn series) $7.99
McMullen, Sean Eyes of the Calculor (In a world where humanity has split into two species and technology is banned by every religion in Australica, the Dragon Librarians must rebuild a computer to save the world) $7.99
McNeill, Graham The Ambassador (Ex_general Kasper von Velten is the new ambassador to the court of Tsarina Katarin of Kislev, and when her daughter is murdered in Kaspar's homeland, relations are strained) $6.99
Mitchell, Sandy For the Emperor (Commissar Ciaphas Cain looks for the easy life but is thrust into deadly situations as he dodges, bluffs, and tricks his way out of trouble) $7.99
Morgan, Wendy Possession (Two young women _ twin sisters separated at birth _ discover their powers of white and black magic and are drawn into a dangerous world of fear and terror) $5.99
Nylund, Eric Halo: First Strike (The human:Covenant rages on as the alien juggernaut sweeps inexorably toward its final goal: destruction of all human life) $6.99
Pierson, Chris Sacred Fire (Kingpriest Trilogy #3: A lost hero _ Cathan Twice_Born _ reappears and must unravel the vision of a burning hammer that plagues him to help Beldinas save the kingdom) $6.99
Reid, Thomas M Insurrection (War of the Spider Queen Book 2: A hand_picked team of drow adventurers take a perilous journey through the Underdark) $6.99
Resnick, Laura The White Dragon (As rebellion sweeps the land, Tansen and his allies have no easy choices, for the cost of freedom is personal and heart_wrenching) $6.99
Resnick, Mike ed New Voices in Science Fiction (Collection of all original stories by the next generation of science fiction superstars) $6.99
Roberts, A. R.R.R. The Soddit, or Cashing in Again (Humorous parody of the Hobbit, featuring Bingo Grabbings and Gandef, the Coughing Wizard) $9.95
Robinson, Kin Stanley The Capital Code (Trio of near_future novels probing the topics of stem_cell research, genetic therapy, and global warming) $24.95
Samson, John M Star Trek Crosswords Book 2 (Star Trek crossword puzzles) $10.95
Shatner, William Star Trek: Captain's Blood (When Spock is assassinated at a Romulan peace rally, it is up to Kirk to investigate his friend's death; abridged cassettes $19.95, abridged CDs $19.95) $23.95
Shatner, William Shadow Planet (Jim Endicott and his band of former outlaws turned heroes hijack a ship from galactic drug dealers and rocket towards a grim confrontation with the Drug Lord himself) $7.50
Sherman, David/Cragg, Dan Starfist: Lazarus Rising (In the wilds of the planet Kingdom after a war with aliens, an man wakes without memory and is drawn to the refugees of the war to seek his identity $19.95
Shimerman, Armin/Scott, Michael The Merchant Prince Book 3 (Dr. Dee has been whisked forward from the Renaissance to 2099, and an alien is ready to unleash a plague, and Dr. Dee is the only one who can stop it) $7.99
Siegel, Barbara & Scott Tanis: The Shadow Years (Dragonlance Preludes Volume 6) $6.99
Smith, Sherwood Earth Final Conflict _ Augur's Teacher (A splinter group of the Resistance has chosen a simple 4th grade teacher to assassinate Zo'or and it is up to Augur to protect her from both the splinter group and the Taelons) $6.99
Soesbee, Ree Wind of Truth (4th Scroll of the Four Winds Saga: Only one man knows the danger threatening the Empire, and must travel beyond mortal realms into the very heart of the universe) $6.99
Stackpole, Michael A. The Grand Crusade (Book 3 of the DragonCrown War Cycle: Will Norrington is dead and his followers must carry on without him in their quest to possess all the fragments of the DragonCrown) $14.95
Stashef, Christopher Mage Knight:Stolen Prophecy (Novel based on the Mage Knight game) $6.99
Steele, Allen Coyote (Novel of Earth's first interstellar colonists and the mysterious planet that becomes their home) $6.99
Thompson, Amy Storyteller (On the planet of Thalassa history is passed down through Storytellers, & her young apprentice will discover a secret that will profoundly change him) $14.00
Turtletaub, H.N. The Gryphon's Skull (In 310 B.C., two brother's sail to Athens to sell what they believe is a gryphon's skull, and run into two huge warring fleets, vicious pirates, and other adventures) $7.99
Walker, Lars Blood and Judgement (The actors in an amateur production of Hamlet are transported back in time and into the real lives of the play, and may be doomed to play to the ending bloodbath) $6.99
Whitney_Robinson, Voronica The Crimson Gold (3rd in a series focusing on the shadowed life of the rogues _ a woman searches for the source of the treasured crimson gold) $6.99


Allston, Aaron Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams (In a bold and dangerous move, John Connor and friends attempt to thwart the deadly plans of Skynet) $24.95
Asprin/Abbey eds Thieves' World: First Blood (Omnibus edition of the first two collections of the Thieves' World series) $14.95
Dean, Pamela The Whim of the Dragon (Reprint, The Secret Country Trilogy #3) $6.99
De Lint, Charles Mulengro (A series of bizarre murders affecting the Gypsy community are investigated by the police looking for a human killer, but the Gypsies know it is the evil force of Mulengro) $14.95
Frost, Gregory Fitcher's Bride (In 1843 a preacher claims the world will end and young women fall under his sway, as his wife has begun to suspect the extent of his dark side) $15.95
Greenberg, Martin H ed. After the King (A collection of original fantasies written in homage to J.R.R. Tolkien) $16.95
Lumley, Brian Necroscope IV: Deadspawn (A vampire seed is growing inside Harry Keogh's soul as he hunts for a foul necromancer and his search may cost him his humanity and his life) $26.95
Norton, Andre The Solar Queen (Omnibus edition of the first two Solar Queen adventures: Dane Thorson and his crewmates deal with the special problems of a small interstellar cargo ship) $24.95
Piraro, Dan The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House (Political satire about Dickey, Rummy and Dubya, by the Bizarro cartoonist) $14.95
Pohl, Frederik Chasing Science (A non_fiction journey through the science of Earth and the edges of the universe) $14.95
Resnick, Laura The Destroyer Goddess (Conclusion to In Fire Forged series: The rebels fight the Waterlord Kiloran and the other Waterlords in an attempt to free Sileria from their oppressive control) $27.95
Ryman, Geoff Air (A new communication technology is tested with disastrous results & Chung Mae, a woman from Karzistan, struggles to prepare her village for coming changes) $13.95
Turteltaub, H.N. The Sacred Land (Menedemas and Sostratos (3) travel to Phoenicia and encounter many obstacles to their trading) $25.95
Vinge, Vernor The Peace War (The Peace Authority rules the Earth through use of the "bobble", a transparent force that nothing can pass through, and its creator seeks a way to defeat it) $13.95


Abnett, Dan Riders of the Dead (Two brothers find their destinies thrown into turmoil as their fight against the hordes of Chais rip them apart) $7.99
Benford, Gregory ed Microcosms (13 original tales of miniature universes of every possible kind) $6.99
Bonanno, Margaret Wander Star Trek The Lost Era: Catalyst of Sorrows (A Romulan trained agent turns against her masters to prevent them from unleashing a biological holocaust) $6.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Witchlight (Winter Musgrave's past is largely blank, but she seems to be possessed and turns to Truth Jourdemayne to unlock her memories by reconstructing a magic circle of friends) $6.99
Conroy, Robert 1901 (In 1901, Germany invades the U.S. and Teddy Roosevelt and former Confederate General James Longstreet lead the country in trying to repel the invaders) $7.50
Counter, Ben The Bleeding Chalice (Leader of the Soul Drinkers, Sarpedon, seeks a way to cure his battle brothers of the mutations inflicted on them, while Inquisitor Thaddeus seeks to destroy them) $7.99
Dart_Thornton, Cecilia The Battle of Evernight (The Bitterbynde Book 3: Tahquil regains her memory & embraces her quest to stop the battle that is raging in the land of Erith) $6.99
Denning, Troy Star Wars: Tatooine Ghost (A piece of Alderaanian art containing a vital secret is being auctioned and Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and C_3PO must infiltrate the auction to keep it from falling into evil hands) $7.50
Dick, Philip K. Paycheck (1 cassette, unabridged: Electronic mechanic has no memory of the past two years of his life, but when he is confronted by the special police he must run for his life) $9.99
Dietz, William C McCade for Hire (Collects the first two action_packed novels featuring Sam McCade, an ex_imperial Navy soldier turned interstellar bounty hunter) $14.00
Drake, David The Reaches (A thousand years after the human empire collapsed, man is reclaiming the stars while wars spring up and pirates roam the galaxy. Three volumes of the trilogy in one book) $24.00
Egan, Greg Schild's Ladder (20,000 years into the future an experiment spins out of control, creating a vacuum swallowing everything in its path and forces rally to fight its deadly force) $13.95
Elrod, P.N. Cold Streets (Vampire detective Jack Fleming's new club has become a favorite haunt of Chicago's elite, but amongst his patrons is a smarmy blackmailer and a dangerous mobster) $6.99
Farrell, S.L. Holder of Lightning (The Cloudmages Book 1: 17 year old Jenna finds an allurinf stone which could reawaken all the stones of power and bring magic back to the world; many would kill to get it) $6.99
Farrell, S.L. Mage of Clouds (The Cloudmages Book 2: Two decades after becoming First Holder, Jenna's daughter is kidnapped by enemies who want the power of the stones for themselves) $23.95
Farren, Mick Underland (Centuries_old Nosferatu colony Master Victor Renquist is co_opted by the National Security Agency paranormal branch to rout out survivors of the Third Reich) $7.99
Flint, Eric- ed. Ring of Fire (Stories from the alternate universe of 1632 and 1633 from best_selling authors) $23.00
Giambastiani, Kurt R.A. From the Heart of the Storm (As the ailing President Custer struggles to prevent war, it's unclear whether his renegade son will be able to fulfill his role as the savior of the Cheyenne) $6.99
Gilliam/Greenberg/Kramer eds. Grails: Quests of the Dawn (25 stories by popular authors on the subject of the search for the Holy Grail) $6.99
Graham, Mitchell The Emerald Cavern (Continuing story of Mathew Levin, a young man who is chosen for a remarkable destiny, begun in the Fifth Ring) $7.99
Grant, Alan Smallville: Curse (TV tie-in) $5.99
Gray, Beverly Blood Sucking Vampires, Flesh_Eating Cockroaches... (Unauthorized biography of Roger Corman, pioneer of independent cinema) $14.95
Green, Simon R Deathstalker Return (Against overwhelming odds, Lewis Deathstalker is determined to find the truth about his famous ancestor, Owen Deathstalker, and save humanity from the Terror he predicted) $23.95
Harbaugh, Karen Dark Enchantment (A shattering act of violence drives Catherine de la Ferto flee and join forces with a man with a terrible secret, plunging them into a world of depravity and deadly seduction) $5.99
Hendee, Barb and J.C. Thief of Lives (Magiere the dhampir and Leesil, her half_elf partner, are called out of retirement when vampires besiege the town of Bela) $6.99
Holdstock, Robert Celtika (Centuries before he meets Arthur, Merlin joins in Jason's search for the Golden Fleece, and centuries later, sets out on a new quest to find Jason's sons) $6.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors #4: Rising Storm (Fireheart's nemesis Tigerclaw is still prowling the woods and his irresponsible nephew Cloudpaw refueses to heed the warnings) $15.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors into the Wild (A small house cat is drawn into a perilous forest world of battles, honor, excitement and betrayal) $5.99
Isabella, Tony/Ingersall, Bob Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist's Corpse (When the leader of the Klingon colony is charged with murdering the head of the Federation colony Samuel T. Cogley steps in to defend him) $6.99
Kentworth, K.D. Moonspeaker (The Moonspeaker is forced to flee across the Forsaken Barrier and learns that the death of her father was only the beginning of a plot to destroy the fabric of reality) $6.99
Knight, J. Risen (In a small town the dead refuse to stay dead and an evil vengeance threatens to live forever) $5.99
Kress, Nancy Probability Space (Conclusion of the trilogy: Humanity is losing the war against the Fallers, and must take a desperate gamble and enter the Fallers' home star system to win the war) $6.99
LeGuin, Ursula K. Searoad (Novel spans over 100 years in the life of a tiny Oregon beach town) $13.95
LeGuin, Ursula K. The Wave in the Mind (Collection of LeGuin's essays on topics ranging from Tolkien to family life) $16.95
Lebow, Jess The Darksteel Eye (Mirrodin Cycle Book 2: A goblin tinkerer, an iron golem, and an elf carrying knowledge that could shake the world, band together fleeing from a harsh enemy, the Darksteel Eye) $6.99
May, Julian Conqueror's Moon (Book One in the Boreal Moon Tale: A prince who waits for his father to die hatches a plan with his lover, a sorceress, to unite the warring kingdoms under one supreme ruler) $24.95
MacDonald, George The Princess and the Goblin (A young princess & her loyal friend will need all their courage & ingenuity to outwit cunning goblins who threaten their home) $6.99
MacLeod, Ken Engine City (Concluding volume of The Engines of Light: humans from the far reaches of the Sphere come to New Babylonia to help them prepare for an invasion of aliens) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne The Mystery of Ireta (On a routine mission to explore the planet Ireta, the crew is beset by a strange malady and when the rescue ship is destroyed must somehow survive) $7.50
McGarry, Terry The Binder's Road (Six years after a conflict that extinguished all mage_light, Eiden Myr is in chaos, and one woman, a disgraced soldier, must defy many forces to save the world) $7.99
McKenzie, Nancy Prince of Dreams (Tristin is dispatched by his uncle, King Markion, to fetch the king's new bride, and they fall in love _ torn between duty and desire, they will risk everything to be together) $14.95
Miller, Keith The Book of Flying (A young librarian sets off on a magical journey to gain his wings in order to win the heart of a girl he loves) $23.95
Norton, Andre Janus (Naill, working off his debt on Janus, remembers another life on another world and embarks on a quest to find his native heritage) $6.99
Norton, Andre/Smith, Sherwood Atlantis Endgame (Time Patrol stalwart Ross Murdock journeys back to Atlantis and discover aliens bent on destroying technology and Ross and other time travellers must stop them) $6.99
Randle, Kevin D Starship (The Exploration Chronicles Book 2: Starship Alpha is on an interstellar journey, and the new generations born on the ship see no reason to continue their mission) $5.99
Scotch, Cheri Werewolf's Sin (Hunter's Moon Trilogy Book 3: Lycaon, the first werewolf, returns to control the other's destiny and only the power of undying love can stop it) $6.99
Sherman, David Demontech Book III: Gulf Run (The Dark Prince and his minions chase the rebels across the desert and things look bad, but Hart and Spinner and their embattled rebels haven't given up yet) $6.99
Silverberg, Robert ed. Legends II (11 short fantasy novels and novellas by beloved fantasy writers) $28.95
Smedman, Lisa Extinction (War of the Spider Queen Book 4: Civil upheaval continues among the drow) $24.95
Thomas, Sheree R. Ed Dark Matter: Reading the Bones (Anthology of speculative fiction by black writers) $25.95
Tower, S.D. The Assassins of Tamurin (An orphan found drifting in a boat is saved by villagers and grows up to take vengeance on those who killed the family of the rightful heir to the throne of the Sun Lord) $7.50
Walton, Evangeline The Mabinogion Tetralogy (Together in one volume, the classic tales of medieval Welsh literature as re_imagined by one of the great masters of 20th_century literature) $24.95
West, Michelle The Sun Sword (PBO: Conclusion to the Sun Sword Series: The sword has been delivered into the hands of its rightful owner and the battle between the mortals and the Kialli begins) $7.99
White, Steve Demon's Gate (Valdar, heir to the throne of Dhulon, finds his old mentor who is investigating tales that demons who once ruled the world are returning, and they seek the one who is calling) $24.00
Williams, Sean/Dix, Shane Heirs of Earth (Earth has been destroyed & the remains of humanity is caught between the Spinners & the Starfish, unsure whether to run or fight back) $7.99
Williamson, Michael Z Freehold (Kendra Pacelli is being pursued by Earth's government for a crime she didn't commit, and she has escaped to Grainne, a freehold, and all is well until Earth finds her there) $6.99
Wright, Susan Slave Masters (Rose Rico leads her renegade band of pleasure slaves on a quest to liberate planet Earth) $6.99
Yolen, Jane White Jenna (Great Alta Saga book 2: The saga of Jenna, thrice prophesied White Queen, and her dark sister Skada, continues as they cross a battle_torn land to save their true_born king) $6.99


Banks, L.A. The Awakening (Damali Richards (2) is used by the most powerful vampire she has ever met to launch his empire, while civil war breaks out among the vampires) $12.95
Bova, Ben Tales of the Grand Tour (Collection of Bova's short fiction) $24.95
Card, Orson Scott Maps in a Mirror (Anthology of all of Card's short stories and essays written prior to 1990) $15.95
Clarke, Arthur C/Baxter, Stephen Time's Eye (Due to a rip in the structure of time, the Earth is a patchwork of conflicting armies from different ages in time who fight while a glowing orb over central Asia watches) $26.95
DeCamp/Carter/Nyberg Sagas of Conan (3-in-1 Conan Omnibus featuring Conan the Swordsman , Conan the Liberator , and Conan and the Spider God ) $17.95
Dickinson, Charles A Shortcut in Time (Josh Winkler takes a hasty dash down a familiar path that lands him 15 minutes in the past, and a confused young woman appears, claiming to be from 1908) $14.95
Hayden, Patrick Nielsen ed. New Magics (Anthology of award_winning fantasy targeted to teens) $19.95
Jordan, Robert New Spring (Prequel to The Wheel of Time; a child born on the mountain is prophesied to change the world, and must be found before the Dark Forces can kill him; unabridged cassettes $34.95; unabridged CDs $39.95) $22.95
Lackey, Mercedes The Fairy Godmother (The newest fairy godmother must get 3 seemingly hopeless princes to fulfill their destinies) $24.95
Martin, George RR A Game of Thrones (19 cassettes, unabridged) $54.95
Saberhagen, Fred Bererker Prime (The Berserkers are threatening the Twin Worlds, capturing the planets' President and reprogramming him to suit their violent agenda, and only the Huveans can save them) $25.95
Sabin, E. Rose A Perilous Power (A boy in a rural town possesses the gift of magic, and travels to a large city where there are others like him who can teach him to control his power and trouble ensues) $19.95
Sawyer, Robert J Factoring Humanity (A professor works to decipher a signal coming from Alpha Centauri, and when she achieves a breakthrough, the message reveals a new technology that rips space and time) $14.95
Schmidt, Stanley Which Way to the Future? (35 of Schmidt's thought_provoking essays first published in Analog) $14.95
Wolfe, Gene The Knight (A teenager passes into a magical realm and is given the body of a mature man, and must journey on a quest to find his destined sword and become a knight) $25.95


Anderson, Poul For Love and Glory (Lisa, a human, and her partner Karl, a giant alien resembling a tyrannosaurus, must save a powerful alien artifact from freebooters who wish to turn a profit from the object) $6.99
Asaro, Catherine The Charmed Sphere (Chime and Muller, flawed Shape Mages, are enlisted to investigate a disturbance in a distant part of the kingdom, and fight an unknown dark force) $13.95
Baird, Alison The Stone of the Stars (The Dragon Throne Book 1: Four friends set off on a journey to reach the isle of Trunisia, where humans once lived with dragons, and have many adventures) $13.95
Barnes, Steven Zulu Heart (In 1877, Kai ibn Rashid's family is threatened when he opposes a war the Pharoah is threatening against Ethiopia, and enlists the aid of a friend, freed slave Aidan, for help) $6.99
Bassingthwaite, Don The Yellow Silk (The Rogues Book 4: A man tells lies and stories, telling the most dangerous man in Altumbel that he will deliver a fortune in gems, and trouble follows) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Evolution (A grand novel stretching from the distant past into the remote future, tracing human lineage in an adventure that unfolds as an odyssey governed by chance and competition) $7.50
Benford, Gregory In the Ocean of Night (In 2034, a sound is heard from the depths of space, and Nigel believes it is from an abandoned alien vessel he destroyed 15 years before as past collides with his present) $6.99
Berg, Carol Son of Avonar (First of a new fantasy trilogy) $6.99
Brooks, Terry Sometimes the Magic Works (How_to book on writing) $12.95
Canavan, Trudi The Magician's Guild (Black Magician Trilogy Book 1: Sonea, a young vagrant slum dweller discovers her magical powers) $7.50
Canavan, Trudi The Novice (Black Magician Trilogy Book 2: Sonea discovers that the High Lord hides a deadly secret that could destroy the Magician's Guild) $7.50
Canavan, Trudi High Lord (Black Magician Trilogy Book 3: Sonea's rise from novice to black magician is fraught with peril) $7.50
Chabon, Michael Summerland (Ethan, a lousy but loveable little_leaguer finds himself playing in a baseball game with the fate of the world resting in the balance) $8.95
Cherryh, C. J. Collected Short Fiction of C. J. Cherryh (Includes contents of Visible Light and Sunfall , plus more) $23.95
Clayton, Jo/Murphy, Kevin Drum Into Silence (Concluding volume of the Drums of Chaos trilogy: Cymel has been trapped in the body of a white bird and Breith must cross from Glandair to rescue her) $6.99
Cross, Michael After Human (A network of assassins and regulators keep the vampire community in check, until one refuses to keep his brutal appetite in check) $5.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Survival of the Fattest (40th book of Garfield cartoons) $10.95
Delany, Samuel R. Fall of the Towers (Reprint of early trilogy) $15.00
Donegan, Greg Battle For Atlantis (Ex_Green Beret and Navy Seals fight through different dimensions to fight humanity's most ancient enemy) $6.99
Elliott, Kate The Gathering Storm (Fifth in Crown of Stars series) $7.99
Eskridge, Kelley Solitaire (Jackal Segura is wrongly convicted of a terrible crime, and after being locked in her own mind through Virtual Confinement, is paroled and meets others like her who help her; highly recommended) $13.95
Feehan, Christine Wild Rain (Supernatural romance) $6.99
Frankowski, Leo Conrad's Time Machine (Just out of the Air Force, Tom and two of his pals come across the pieces of a time machine and get it working again _ and the world will never be the same) $7.99
Garrett, Randall Lord Darcy (An alternate world where Richard the Lion_Hearted did not die in 1199 and the detective Lord Darcy brings criminals to justice and thwarts those who plot against the Realm) $7.99
Gibson, William Pattern Recognition (Cayce Pollard attempts to find the creator of obscure video clips being shown on the Internet and follows the implications of a disturbing secret from London to Moscow) $14.00
Golden, Christopher The Boys are Back in Town (Will James attends his 10-year high school reunion and finds a sort of alternative universe there where realities fade and new memories block them out) $12.00
Grayson, Devin Smallville: City (When friend Lex Luthor is kidnapped by the Japanese Mafia, Clark must try to save him without revealing his powers to a federal agent who is looking for aliens) $5.99
Grossman, Dave/Frankowski, Leo The Two_Space War (600 years in the future, humans are able to travel between the stars by entering Two_Space, and Lt Thomas Melville must prevent the aliens there from attacking) $24.00
Hamilton, Laurell K. Seduced by Moonlight (The Queen of Air and Darkness hopes her niece Meredith will bear an heir to the throne, but as enemies grow every day Meredith's magic surges through her like never before) $23.95
Hancock, Niel Greyfax Grimwald (Three loyal friends, Bear, Dwarf, and Otter embark on a journey to the World Beyond Time, meeting the wizard Greyfax Grimwald, and facing many adventures and dangers) $5.99
Harlan, Thomas Wasteland of Flint (When a survey team investigating ancient artifacts from previous interstellar empires goes missing it's up to Dr. Gretchen Andersen to find them) $7.99
Harper, Tara K. Wolf in Night (Long_awaited seventh book in series on a world where humans are telepathically linked to wild wolves) $6.99
Hobb, Robin Fool's Fate (The Tawny Man Book 3: Prince Dutiful and FitxChivalry vow to slay the dragon Icefure and on their journey find themselves up against the Fool determined to free the dragon) $24.95
Hubbell, Will Sea of Time (Time travel sf between 1880s and the Jurassic) $6.50
Ing, Dean The Rackham Files (Harve Rackham, bounty_hunter and race car driver, has turned his California home into a survival shelter, and with his sister, intends to pull through any terrorist attacks) $24.00
Jablonski, Carla The Books of Magic #4: Consequences (Danger comes to Tim Hunter when someone familiar turns up in London with revenge on his mind) $5.99
Knaak, Richard A Night of Blood (The Minotaur Wars Book 1: As the War of Souls envelops Krynn, a usurper comes to power in the Land of the Minotaurs and they fight back) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Gellis, Roberta This Scepter'd Isle (The evil Unseleigh Sidhe, who draw power from misery, seek to prevent the prophesied red_haired girl from coming to power and the Good Sidhe and elves must protect her) $25.00
Lawhead, Stephen R. Patrick, Son of Ireland (Historical novel of the early life of the man who would become known as St. Patrick) $7.99
Little, Denise The Magic Shop (15 original stories about a magic shop selling real magic) $6.99
Mackay, Scott Omnifix (Alien invasion of Earth brought alien viruses, leading to a drug called Omnifix to replace DNA with microtechnology) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne/Nye, Jody Lynn Doona ( Crisis on Doona and Treaty at Doona collected in one volume) $15.00
McKillip, Patricia A. Alphabet of Thirne (An orphan girl is haunted by thorns and a reluctant queen rules between sea and sky) $22.95
McMullen, Sean Voyage of the Shadowmoon (The passengers and crew of the Shadowmoon witness the awful power of Silverdeath they realize they must act before Silverdeath rains destruction across the world) $7.99
Mitchell, Sandy Caves of Ice (When Cain and his regiment of Valhallan guardsmen are deployed to the ice world of Frigidia, Cain's quest for a quiet life is shattered as unrest breaks out among the miners) $6.99
Niles, Douglas The Goddess Worldweaver (Seven Circles Trilogy book 3, fantasy) $7.50
Nix, Garth Abhorsen (Conclusion to the trilogy: Lirael realizes that only she and her companions stand between and ancient horror and the world it wishes to destroy) $7.99
Salvatore, R.A. Paths of Darkness Collector's Edition (Collection of four titles following the life of Drizzt Do'Urden) $27.95
Shatner, William Star Trek: The Captain's Peril (Captain James Kirk, displaced in time, joins with Captain Picard on a journey to Bajor, and the group becomes the victims of a murderous stalker) $6.99
Shepard, Mike Kris Longknife: Mutineer (Military sf) $7.99
Smith, Mitchell Kingdom River (Sam Monroe commands a tough_minded tribe living in what used to be northern Mexico, and must fight with the Khan with the help of Queen Joan, ruler of the Middle Kingdom) $6.99
Strauss, Victoria The Burning Land (A young Shaper, a powerful sorcerer who holds no allegiance to the Empire, leads an expedition across the Burning Land to Refuge, which holds a shocking truth) $24.95
Thompson, Paul B/Cook, Tonya C. The Wizard's Fate (The Ergoth Trilogy Volume 1: At the gates of the enemy, Lord Tolandruth is recalled as the Emperor has died and chaos and civil war threaten to tear apart the Empire) $6.99
Vornholt, John Star Trek The Next Generation: A Time to be Born (Suspected of destroying a fellow Starfleet vessel, the Enterprise is stripped of its flagship status and the crew must struggle to win back its place of honor in Starfleet) $6.99
Weber/Flint/Drake The Warmasters (Three masters of military science fiction in one volume: Honor Harrington, Hammer's Slammers, and Belisarius) $7.99
Werner, C.L. Witch Hunter (Tale of Marius Thurlman, the most zealous of the Witch Hunters, as he hunts out evil using whatever means necessary to detroy those who ally with the Dark Powers) $7.99
Yeovil, Jack Drachenfels (Playwright Detlef Sierck's next production will be a recreation of the end of the Great Enchanter Drachenfels but a terrible secret may make opening an evening to remember) $6.99
York, J. Steven Mech Warrior: Dark Age: Fortress of Lies (Eighth in spin_off series from Battletech) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars: Survivor's Quest (The Chiss inform Luke Skywalker that they wish to return the remains of the Outbound Flight Project, and Luke and Mara head out with an unlikely group of adventurers; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Zakour, John/Ganem, Lawrence The Doomsday Brunette (Humorous; P.I. and experimental A.I. solve crimes in 2057) $6.99
Zettel, Sarah The Usurper's Crown (Ingrid Loftfield from a village in Wisconsin, is transported to the magic world of Isavalta, where she is the only one who can save Medeoan from her treacherous husband) $7.99


Dann, Jack Jubilee (Collection of short fiction by Dann) $15.95
Douglas, Sara God's Concubine (The Troy Game book 2: The remnants of Troy are lured to Albion, and construction begins on a new Labyrinth of power which exerts its power even a thousand years later) $27.95
Ford, John M. Heat of Fusion and Other Stories (Collection of Ford's stories, including some not available before) $24.95
Greeley, Andrew M. ed . Emerald Magic (Anthology of tales of Irish fantasy) $25.95
Harlan, Thomas House of Reeds (Sequel to Wasteland of Flint : Xenoarcheologist Gretchen Anderssen goes to the Planet Jagan to see a possible artifact of the Old Ones, and becomes embroiled in a war) $25.95
Holdstock, Robert The Iron Grail (Sequel to Celtika : Merlin returns to Alba, and Urtha, High King of the Cornovidi returns to retake his stronghold, which has been taken by warriors from Ghostland) $24.95
Marillier, Juliet Wolfskin (Young Eyvind & his brother Ulf set out to find a fabled land, & when there Eyvind finds young Nessa, a seer & princess, & his life changes forever) $15.95
Martin, George R.R. A Clash of Kings (20 cassettes, unabridged) $54.95
McAuley, Paul White Devils (Nicholas Hyde is investigating a massacre in a remote corner of the Congo when his team is attacked by fierce ape_like creatures, the result of illegal genetic experiments) $25.95
McDonald, Stephen Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: Waystation (An all_out attack cripples the Andromeda and the only depot they have enough power to reach is an abandoned station, where an evil power lurks) $24.95
Norton, Andre/McConchie, Lyn Beast Master's Circus (Arzor is visited by a circus, and a young woman realizes that the circus manager has ties to the interstellar Thieves' Guild and she must warn Storm before the Guild kills him) $24.95
Smith, Mitchell Moonrise (Conclusion to the Snowfall Trilogy: When the King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom die, their adopted son, barely 20, must face scientists and tribesmen to keep the peace) $25.95


Dunsany, Lord In the Land of Time and Other Fantasy Tales (Anthology of the stories of Lord Dunsany spanning five decades) $14.00

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