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Newsletter #64 December, 2003 - February, 2004

[PBO means paperback original]

Ashbury, Herbert All Around the Town (Non-fiction; sequel to Gangs of New York ) $13.95
Asimov, Isaac The Return of the Black Widowers (Collection includes some "Best of" and some "Uncollection" stories, with intro by Harlan Ellison) $24.00
Bailey, Robert Private Heat (PI is hired to protect attorney's niece from her soon-to-be ex-husband for a few days, but a hatchet attack, a house burned down, violent encounters with crooked cops, a murdered husband, and a suicide attempt soon follow) $21.95
Baldwin, Faith Skyscraper (Reprint of 1931 tale of woman in love, but her company has just declared than any woman who marries will be fired) $14.95
Barrett, Dean Skytrain to Murder (Ex-CIA agent works as PI in Bangkok) $11.95
Beach, Edward L. Run Silent Run Deep (Reprint of classic submarine novel) $9.95
Brown, Dan Angels & Demons (5 CDs abridged: Symbologist Robert Langdon discovers a vendetta against the Catholic Church by the Illuminata and joins forces in Rome with a scientist to meet the threat) $30.00
Brown, Dan Deception Point (Rocket fast thriller with enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing) $17.95
Chapin, Tom Poachers Caught! (Non-fiction; 35 stories defining Minnesota Game Warden's 29-year career; trade pb with photos & illustrations; signed) $16.95
Clason, Clyde Murder Gone Minoan (1939 reprint; rich Greek builds a replica of a Minoan palace on an island off the coast of California; when crime strikes, a Roman scholar and amateur sleuth is brought in to investigate) $14.95
Connelly, Michael, ed. The Best American Mystery Stories 2003 (Collection of 2002 stories; hc $27.50) $13.00
Copp, Rick The Actor's Guide to Murder (Gay Hollywood mystery) $23.00
Correa, Kevin The Kokopelli Theory (A graduate student has a theory about the origin of a viral epidemic, and powerful people will stop at nothing to keep the secret) $24.95
Davies, Freda Bound in Shallows (Det. Insp. Keith Tyrell investigates murders that hint at witchcraft and computer hackers, and wonders if there is one killer or two) $25.00
Davis, Norbert Oh, Murderer Mine (1946 comic reprint; chubby PI Doan and his Great Dane sidekick Carstairs (3) hired by 54-year-old Hollywood beauty maven to make sure nobody younger steals her 26-year-old hunk of a husband) $14.00
Decharne, Max Hardboiled Hollywood (Non-fiction;"Origins of the Great Crime Films") 27.50 Deverell, William Needles (Heroin-addicted prosecutor vs. drug dealer on a killing spree; Seal First Novel Prize winner; signed copies) $15.95
Deverell, William Platinum Blues (California lawyer defends daughter's burned-out rock star boyfriend; legal & artistic chicanery, blackmail, and murder; signed copies) $15.95
Deverell, William Slander (Seattle lawyer accuses influential judge of years-old rape, and he sues her for slander; signed copies) $15.95
Deverell, William Trial of Passion (Vancouver lawyer defends law school dean on rape charges; Arthur Ellis Award Best Mystery 1998 & Dashiel Hammet Prize; signed copies) $15.95
Doherty, Paul The House of Death (Alexander the Great prepares to attack Darius III, but Persians spies have infiltrated his court, and his generals are scheming) $16.95
Doherty, Paul The Godless Man (Alexander the Great has smashed the armies of Darius III, but a Persian spy is killing members of Alexander's court) $16.95
Doherty, Paul The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun (Non-fiction) $14.00
Dold, Gaylord The Last Man in Berlin (Homicide detective in 1930 Berlin investigates a series of murders, finds that there is an elusive serial killer with links to the rising Nazi party) $25.00
Doolittle, Sean Burn (A East Coast mobster flees to L.A. to start a new life, but gets involved in the investigation of the murder of a celebrity fitness guru) $25.95
Feitchtinger, Gail/DeSanto, John/Waller, Gary Will to Murder (Non-fiction; Duluth's Congdon-Pietila murders, told by newspaper reporter, Duluth detective, and prosecutor involved in the 1977 case; signed by all 3 authors) $17.95
Garvey, Pat The Music Detective (First novel by a singer/songwriter; search for a stolen banjo in Oklahoma; signed) $14.00
Gordon, Nadia Death by the Glass (Chef Sunny McCoskey (2) as amateur sleuth in Napa Valley) $11.95
Gough, Laurence A Cloud of Suspects (Harvey is finally out of prison, and Willow and Parker (13) are now married and dealing with birth, parenthood, & other crucial matters) $23.95
Hall, Adam Quiller Balaika (Quiller (19) goes to post-Cold War Russia to infiltrate the mafiya; first American appearance of Hall's final novel) $24.00
Herman, Julie Wray Three Dirty Women and the Shady Acres (#3; landscaping partners are hired to give a local rest home a new look, but then one's mother-in-law runs down an old friend. Accident or murder? And what's behind her rising paranoia?) $13.95
Hill, Sam Buzz Monkey (When Top Kiernan's best friend disappears with a drug lord's fortune, everybody assumes Top has the money and comes after him) $24.00
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay Lady Killer/Miasma (2-in-1 omnibus of 1942 and 1929 mysteries) $19.95
Howard, Richard Bonaparte's Horsemen (Poland, 1807; sixth in series of impeccably researched novels of the Napoleonic campaigns) $7.95
MacDonald, Ann-Marie The Way the Crow Flies (Mainstream novel during McCarthy era, with murder; signed copies) $26.95
Maddison, Lauren Epitaph for an Angel (Connor Hawthorne (4) goes to Boston for a funeral, but when the funeral director's limousine goes out of control, off a bridge, into the river, and then explodes killing everybody inside, she investigates) $14.95
Manuel, David A Matter of Principle (Brother Bartholomew (4) investigates a museum robbery; signed copies available) $19.95
McCloy, Helen The Pleasant Assassin & Other Cases of Dr. Basil Willing (All 10 Basil Willing short stories, 8 previously uncollected) $17.00
McCrary, Gregg O./Ramsland, Katherine, Ph.D. The Unknown Darkness (Non-fiction; former FBI profiler examines his most fascinating cases) $25.95
Moloney, Ed A Secret History of the IRA (Non_fiction) $17.95
Nichols, Peter Evolution's Captain (Non-fiction; "The Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World") $24.95
Nuland, Sherwin B. The Doctors' Plague (Non-fiction; story of Hungarian doctor who came up with germ theory decades before Pasteur, but nobody believed him) $21.95
O'Donnell, Peter The Impossible Virgin (Modesty Blaise reprint) $14.95
Olson, Brian & Bonnie Tailing Philip Marlowe (Three tours of L.A. based on the works of Raymond Chandler, with modern photos of scenes described in the novels; signed) $14.99
Pirie, David The Night Calls (Young medical student Arthur Conan Doyle and Dr. Joseph Bell (2) investigate a series of bizarre assaults on women in brothels in Edinburgh) $24.95
Preston, M. K. Song of the Bones (Thelma's husband left 30 years ago; now an oil company is interested in land with his & her names on the title and a man shows up claiming he's the missing husband) $24.95
Rand, Lou The Gay Detective ("Sharp detective work and unabashedly limp wrists join forces to solve the puzzle"; 1960s "hard-boiled camp" $12.95
Rathbone, Julian As Bad As It Gets (PI Chris Shovelin encounters all sorts of problems while on safari in Africa; a "racy and entertaining thriller"; Brit. import) $24.95
Reynolds, John Lawrence Haunted Hearts (Ex_Boston cop Joe McGuire (6) reluctantly accepts a job at a prestigious old law firm, and when a lawyer is murdered after giving him a mysterious mission, Joe investigates; Canadian trade pb) $18.95
Roberts, David Dangerous Sea (1937, Lord Edward Corinth (3) & Verity Browne sail on the Queen Mary to keep watch on the British government's representative to Roosevelt) $25.00
Schwarz, Christina Drowning Ruth (Dark family secrets and guilt bind two sisters) $7.99
Sellars, M. R. The Law of Three (Practicing witch and part-time sleuth Rowan Gant (4) faces a serial spree killer who wants to bring back witch hunts and the Inquisition) $12.95
Sheridan, Juanita The Waikiki Widow (Reprint of 1953 Hawaiian mystery) $14.00
Stacy, Lyndon Blindfold (Gideon Blake (2), artist and animal behaviorist; in tradition of Dick Francis) $13.95
Staincliffe, Cath Bitter Blue (Manchester PI Sal Kilkenny (6); Brit. import) $24.95
Stella, Charlie Charlie Opera (Hard-boiled crime novel set in Las Vegas) $25.00
Swearingen, Ida Owl of the Desert (trade pbo; lesbian ex-con is recruited to track down her father and remnants of his right-wing militia, but she's caught in a conspiracy against the government and can trust no one; local author) $12.95
Swindells, Madge Twisted Things (After a yacht explosion, Clara's husband is missing and presumed dead; when she looks into his affairs, she finds he was involved with criminal elements, and she is now being watched by a mysterious man; Brit. import) $24.95
Takami, Koushun Battle Royale (First English language edition; Japanese junior high school class is taken to a deserted island, given weapons, and forced to kill one another) $15.95
Trow, M. J. Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus (Insp. Lestrade (15) comes out of retirement and goes to Egypt; those who found King Tut's tomb are dying in strange ways) $19.95
Trow, M. J. Maxwell's Match (High school teacher Peter Maxwell (8) again finds unnatural deaths; Brit. import) $24.95
Vogt, M. Diane Six Bills (U.S. District Court Judge Wilhelmina Carson becomes convinced that woman who has been in prison 30 years for killing her husband is innocent, and uses genetic testing and political connections to try to set things right) $24.95
Weinberg/Dziemianowicz/Greenberg ed. 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories (Collection) $12.95
Williams, Greg Bond on Set (Photo-book on the filming of Die Another Day ) $24.95
Wolf, Dick Law & Order (Coffee-table book with lots of gruesome photos and some text about the TV series) $30.00
Wright, Eric A Killing Climate (Collection of all of his mystery short stories, with a new intro by the author and a checklist of his mystery novels and stories) $17.00
Wroe, Ann The Perfect Prince (The true story of a young man who convinced monarchs and nobles to follow him on his quest to be king of England) $35.00


Bowen, Gail The Glass Coffin (Joanne Kilbourn (8) is concerned to learn that her best friend is marrying a slimy filmmaker and that the stony ground of their marriage is about to get bloodsoaked; Canadian) $23.95
Cornwell, Patricia The Scarpetta Collection Volume 1 (The first two Kay Scarpetta novels in one volume) $25.00
Cussler, Clive Trojan Odyssey (Dirk Pitt's twin son and daughter are working in a NUMA underwater enclosure when the worst storm in years boils up and desperately, Pitt rushes to the rescue) $27.95
Moore, Brian The Statement (Reprint; movie tie_in: 70_year old former officer of the pro_fascist militia in France during WWII hides from government officials with the help of the Catholic Church) $13.00
Nance, John J Skyhook (Ben Coles fears the program being created to help planes in distress isn't ready, but someone within the company will kill to see that it is released) $7.99
Sallis, James Ghost of a Flea (Lew Griffin (6) investigates a murder in New Orleans at the same time facing who he really is in the final volume of the series) $8.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Boxed Set (The first 3 novels in trade pb featuring Botswana's Mma Precious Ramotswe, with a chapbook included) $36.00
Smith, Richard Penn On to the Alamo (A classic, though sanitized, with special intro and notes; Colonel Davy Crockett's exploits & adventures in Texas) $13.00


Ambler, Eric State of Siege , The Schirmer Inheritance (Classic espionage reprints) $12.00 each
Anders, Donna Night Stalker (Recovering from a destructive marriage, Julia Farley becomes involved with a man she thinks is perfect, but discovers that he's intent on evil) $6.99
Anderson, James The Affair of the 39 Cufflinks (Zany '30s British country house murder, and sequel to The Affair of the Mutilated Mink ) $24.95
Archer, Jeffrey Sons of Fortune (A high profile murder case brings together two twin brothers separated at birth and a high stakes political battle turns them into rivals) $7.99
Babson, Marian In the Teeth of Adversity (A dentist has seemingly killed a woman with an experimental anesthetic, but by the time P.R. master Doug Perkins arrives the woman is alive and someone else has died) $6.50
Basbanes, Nicholas A A Splendor of Letters (Account of how books have been conserved through history) $29.95
Benson, Ann Thief of Souls (Two crime sprees by serial killers, one on 1440 and one in 2002, have eerie and surprising connections and in each the killer is pursued by woman who has seen the face of evil) $6.99
Benson, Chris Special Interest (When a woman working at a consulting firm in Washington DC is murdered, only her friend, reporter Angela McKenzie investigates and finds many secrets as more people die) $12.95
Bishop, Claudia A Puree of Poison (PBO: While residents are preparing for a celebration, the Quilliam sisters are investigating the deaths of three people who had their last meal at the Hemlock Falls Inn (11)) $6.50
Bowen, Rhys Death of Riley (In early 1900's New York City, Molly Murphy (2) looks for the killer of the P.I. she was working for as an assistant) $6.99
Boyle, Gerry Pretty Dead (Reporter Jack McMorrow (8) investigates the murder of a woman with ties to a wealthy and prominent Boston family _ who might have buried their dirty secrets with the victim) $23.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson Short and Tall Tales (Reveals the offbeat "history" of Moose County through the eyes of columnist James Qwilleran) $6.50
Buchanan, Edna The Ice Maiden (A shocking unsolved kidnapping/murder entangles two investigators and a surviving victim in a lethal web) $7.50
Buckley, Fiona The Fugitive Queen (Ursula Blanchard (7) is sent to give a message to Mary Queen of Scots and encounters danger in the Yorkshire moors as the many enemies of the queen are in her path) $24.00
Bunn, T. Davis Winner Take All (N. Carolina atty Marcus Glenwood searches for the dangerously unstable wife of a CEO who kidnapped their baby daughter) $7.99
Carl, Joanna The Chocolate Frog Frame_Up (PBO; Lee McKinney (3) debuts her latest confections _ chocolate frogs _ and when the first customer who buys one later disappears it's a chocolate clue that leads to the killer) $5.99
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Trade reissue of Christie's 1st novel) $9.95
Clancy, Tom Net Force: Changing of the Guard (PBO: #8 in Net Force Series) $7.99
Cohen, Nancy J Highlights to Heaven (Marla the hairdresser (5) is concerned when her neighbor, Goat, is missing. There is a body in his house, but it isn't him, and Marla investigates) $20.00
Connery, Tom (aka David Donachie) Honour Be Damned (Lt. George Markham (3) and his Marines must escort a group of French loyalists behind enemy lines on a secret quest) $14.00
Connor, Beverly One Grave Too Many (PBO: Forensic anthropolist Diane Fallon has left the field to be director of a Georgia museum, until a former love and a murdered family draw her back into her old world) $6.99
Coughlin, William J Proof of Intent (Thriller author Miles Dane is accused of murdering his wife, and his attorney's own investigation leads him to a real killer using Dane's imagination against him) $6.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Murder (At a high_school reunion with a Dracula theme the guest of honor drops dead and the caterers, two sisters, are suspects and must clear their names and trap the killer) $22.00
Deaver, Jeffery ed. A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime (Twenty original stories by mystery's finest authors, set in hot climates) $6.99
DeBrul, Jack Deep Fire Rising (Philip Mercer (4) investigates a reclusive order of Himalayan monks who have predicted the end of the world, and set a nuclear bomb to make sure it comes to pass) $7.50
DeCure, John Reef Dance (J. Shepard is assigned a high_profile case of a mother who sold her child to the highest bidder, and simultaneously searches for the reasons behind his mother's disappearance) $6.99
Dickinson, Richard H The Silent Men (Jack Monroe, American sniper in the Viet Nam war, is left for dead after an illegal mission on the Cambodian border, and finds he is being hunted by a VC assassin) $6.99
Duchin, Peter/Wilson, John Morgan Good Morning Heartache (Philip Damon (2) and his orchestra are in LA for a gig when his substitute trumpet player is murdered and Damon with his ex_cop-turned-sax-player investigate) $22.95
Ehrman, Kit Dead Man's Touch (Young Maryland stable manager Steve Cline (2) tracks down his real father, a horse trainer who recruits him to go undercover to prevent a scam and discover who's been doping promising horses) $24.95
Ephon, G.H. Delusion (Forensic psychologist Peter Zak probes the mind of the suspect for the murder of a woman found in a pool to find the truth) $6.99
Fleeman, Michael Laci (Exploration of the facts in the Laci Peterson murder) $6.99
Follett, Ken Hornet Flight (In 1941, an 18_year old Danish boy discovers something that could change the course of the war, and must use an old derelict Hornet Moth biplane to get word to England) $7.99
Frazer, Margaret The Bastard's Tale (While reporting on court politics for an ambitious bishop, Dame Frevisse (12) is drawn into a dangerous maelstrom encircling the throne of England) $6.99
Gardner, Ashley The Hanover Square Affair (PBO: In Regency England, former cavalry officer Gabriel Lacey investigates the disappearance of a beautiful young woman, setting him on the trail of an enigmatic crime lord) $5.99
Garrison, Paul Sea Hunter (Two lovers in the British Virgin Islands discover something evil under the sea, & a man who will stop at nothing to pursue his dark & brilliant vision) $7.99
Gill, Bartholomew Death in Dublin (Final novel featuring intrepid Irish policeman Peter McGarr (17) in a tale of theft and murder that threatens to shake Ireland to the core) $6.99
Gilman, Dorothy Kaleidoscope (Psychic Madame Karitska works with Detective_Lieutenant Pruden to track down the murderer of a famous violinist and the owner of a mysterious attache case dropped in her lap) $6.99
Gimpel, Erich Agent 146 (Autobiography of a Nazi spy who was assigned to sabotage America's atomic program) $7.50
Goldberg, Leonard Fever Cell (Five strangers brave the unknown when they investigate an abandoned housing project said to be haunted and discover evil dwelling there) $6.99
Goldring, Kat Work of the Angels (PBO; murder ruins an Irish Fling Festival and keeps nosy schoolteacher Willi Gallagher (3) on her toes) $5.99
Green, Chloe Fashion Victim (PBO; a balmy Caribbean island is the backdrop for chilling murder when Texas fashion stylist Dallas O'Connor goes on location to shoot a music video with a hot new girl band) $5.99
Grossman, J./Weibezahl A Second Helping of Murder (More diabolically delicious recipes (130) from contemporary mystery writers; hardcover) $19.95
Hagberg, David The Kill Zone (CIA agent Kirk McGarvey has been chosen to run the agency, and becomes the target of an assassination plot where the killer is brainwashed and is in McGarvey's inner circle) $7.99
Hall, Parnell With This Puzzle, I Thee Kill (Cora Felton (4) is preparing to wed a distinguished widower when puzzling and threatening cryptograms arrive in the mail and the Puzzle Lady must solve a killer's game) $23.95
Harrigan, Stephen The Gates of the Alamo (Reprint: Historical novel of the Alamo) $7.99
Hartmann, Wiliiam K Cities of Gold (While investigating for a land developer, an archaeologist discovers that there may have been truth to the story of the Cities of Gold, leading to threats and violence) $7.99
Haufler, Hervie Codebreakers' Victory (Non-fiction account of how the Allied cryptographers won WWII) $13.95
Hoffman, William Wild Thorn (Ex_soldier, ex_convict Charley LeBlanc returns to the West Virginia mountains to solve the murder of a friend) $7.50
James, P.D. The Murder Room (Commander Adam Dalgliesh investigates the murder of a member of the board of a private museum, and when another body is found they fear a serial killer; unabridged cassettes $39.95; unabridged CDs $44.95) $25.95
Kaminsky, Stuart Not Quite Kosher (Abe Lieberman faces many troubles, including tracking a pair of low rent thieves, to the death of a man who predicted his own demise, to his grandson's Bar Mitzvah) $6.99
Kellerman, Jonathan The Conspiracy Club (Dr. Jeremy Carrie, staff psychologist at City Central Hospital, is devastated when his girlfriend is kidnapped and murdered, he investigates to clear his name; abridged cassettes $25.95; abridged CDs $29.95) $26.95
Kincais, M.G. The Last Victim in Glen Ross (When a woman's body is found in MacDuff, Scotland, CID agent Seth Morney is embroiled in a murder case just as complications from his past threaten to ruin his career) $6.99
Koontz, Dean Odd Thomas (Love and terror, suspense, and self-discovery; past and present, fate and destiny converge into nightmare; unabridged cassettes $39.95; unabridged CDs $49.95) $26.95
Krueger, William Kent The Devil's Bed (First Lady Kate Dixon returns to Minnesota to nurse her ill father, with a Secret Service agent along to protect her from assassins) $6.99
Layton, Clare Clutch of Phantoms (A murdering grandmother is out on parole, and she and her granddaughter try to escape their past as they explore questions about violence and the potential for change) $6.99
Lewis, Roy Dean Man Running (When a police raid on a remote Northumberland farm turns violent, solicitor Eric Ward represents the landowner who swears he is innocent of the charges against him) $25.95
Majd, Kam High Impact (Pilot Kate Gallagher's daughter holds the key to a suspicious plane crash and the conspiracy behind it, and her mother must stop the conspirators to save her life) $6.50
Malcolm, John Mortal Instruments (English civil servant Johnny Barber travels to South America to analyze the coffee bean trade, becomes a suspect in two murders, and must act out of character to escape) $25.95
Martini, Steve Double Tap (Paul Madriani (8) defends a soldier on trial for murder and faces the daunting ballistic evidence of a "double tap", the signature of a hired assassin, as the soldier remains mute) $25.95
McBain, Ed Fat Ollie's Book (An 87th Precinct novel featuring Ollie Weeks) $7.99
McKevet. G.A. Death By Chocolate (When the Gourmet Network's "Queen of Chocolate" drops dead in the middle of her TV cooking show, it's up to plus_size private eye Savannah Reid to track down the killer) $6.50
Meredith, D.R. Murder by Impulse (Reissue: Eccentric attorney John Lloyd Branson investigates the death of the daughter of a wealthy oil magnate in a car crash which looked like an accident but may be murder) $6.99
Moore, Robin The Hunt for Bin Laden (Account of the search by American forces for Osama Bin Laden) $7.99
Mortimer, John Rumpole Rests His Case (Seven new stories of Horace Rumpole) $13.00
Mortimer, John Rumpole and the Primrose Path (Six new stories with Rumpole, after recovering from a serious heart attack, back on the trail) $24.95
Pearce, Michael The Fig Tree Murder (In turn of the 20th c. colonial Egypt, the Mamur Zapt (10) must deal with murder victim dumped near tree with religious significance by site of new electric railway) $24.95
Racina, Thom Deadly Games (Across the country religious leaders are being murdered, and each suspect is addicted to a computer game and driven by its perverted hidden messages) $7.50
Reasoner, James Draw (Non-fiction trade pbo; The Greatest Gunfights of the American West) $14.00
Riker, H. Jay SEALs The Warrior Breed: Casualties of War (PBO: Ninth explosive adventure in the military series) $6.99
Rosen, Fred The Flesh Collectors (Non-fiction story of Jerimiah Rogers and Jonathan Lawrence, two sadistic young men who teamed up to commit assault, murder, and corpse mutilation) $6.50
Smith, Martin Cruz December 6 (Harry Niles is an American in Tokyo in 1942, and plans to leave, but the police are after him, the Japanese Navy wants to use him and things are getting complicated) $7.99
Snyder, Don J. Night Crossing (An American woman becomes entangled in a dangerous pursuit to save a stranger from the British Intelligence) $13.95
Spillane, Mickey Something's Down There (Fishermen are being horribly mauled by a mysterious sea entity and ex_government op and fishing boat captain Mako Hooker takes on the investigation while Hollywood also searches for the monster) $24.00
Stewart, Mariah Until Dark (FBI compositer works to find a serial killer while trying to escape her past, including the kidnapping of her brother) $6.99
Stewart, Mary Madame, Will You Talk? ; The Moonspinners ; Wildfire at Midnight (Repackaged reissues of classic tales of romantic suspense) $7.99 each
Stroud, Carsten Cuba Stait (A retired cop taking care of a Hollywood producer's boat in the FL Keyes saves a pilot and is forced to return to work for the government to prevent a confrontation with Cuba) $7.99
Thompson, Christian Sing No Sad Songs (Kung_fu fighting Chris O'Brien encounters neo_Nazi thugs and a client who thinks he is a werewolf as he attempts to solve the death of an old flame) $25.95
Thompson, Frank The Alamo (PBO; tie-in novel based on movie screenplay) $5.99
Turtletaub, H.N. (aka Harry Turtledove) The Gryphon's Skull (In 310 B.C., two brother's sail to Athens to sell what they believe is a gryphon's skull, and run into two huge warring fleets, vicious pirates, and other adventures) $7.99
Viets, Elaine Murder Between the Covers (Helen (2) has a new job at Page Turners Bookstore, and when the owner is killed she will have to read between the lines to uncover a clever killer) $5.99
Wainscott, Tina I'll Be Watching You (Ten years after testifying against her stepfather in a murder case, Kim returns to the small Everglades town, and is in danger when she discovers the truth about the murder) $6.99
Watford, W.H. Lethal Risk (Dr. Jack Harris (2), treats a teenage girl in a small_town E.R. in Louisiana, and becomes a suspect when she disappears. He must save her life to save his own) $6.99
White, Stephen The Best Revenge (Psychologist Alan Grefory know both FBI agent Kelda James and killer Tom Clone and the secrets they keep, and the crime that brought them together) $7.99


Axler, James Deathlands #64: Bloodfire (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Bannister, Jo Reflections (When a mother of two young girls is murdered and the father gone missing, Brodie Farrell takes on the case and must act quickly to save the girls from a dangerous and elusive murderer) $22.95
Baxter, John A Pound of Paper (Memoir of a book addict) $24.95
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Fatal Remains (Illinois black detective Marti MacAlister (11) investigates centuries_ old murders that surface during a contemporary land development deal) $23.95
Bowen, Rhys For the Love of Mike (In 1901 New York City, Molly Murphy (3) goes undercover in the garment industry, and is also hired by an aristocratic family from Dublin to find their daughter and send her back) $23.95
Brewer, Steve Crazy Love (Albuquerque P. I. Bubba Mabry (6)) $5.99
Deutermann, P.T. Firefly (An assassin plots to destroy the incoming and outgoing U.S. government in a single stroke & a retired Secret Service agent must operate alone to stop him) $24.95
Dickinson, Matt Black Ice (A group of scientists and a famous explorer with a frightening secret agenda fight for survival in Antarctica) $24.95
Ephron, G.H. Obsessed (Dr. Peter Zak (4) helps a co_worker who is being stalked _ or is Peter himself too obsessed to see the truth?) $24.95
Gellis, Roberta Bone of Contention (Magdalene la Batarde investigates the murder of St. Cyr when her patron's man Niall Arvagh is accused of the murder) $15.95
Grabien, Deborah The Weaver and the Factory Maid (A British folk musician becomes owner of a haunted house, and discovers the ghosts are victims of a double murder in 1817, and he must use his music to lay the ghosts to rest) $22.95
Harris, Charlaine Last Scene Alive (Small town GA librarian Aurora Teagarden (7) must reprise her role of sleuth when murderer waits in wings of movie set based on her first case) $5.99
Hawke, Simon The Merchant of Vengeance (Symington Smyth and Will Shakespeare (4) must come to the rescue in an affair of armourers, anti_Semites, & problems at play) $23.95
Henry, April Buried Diamonds (Claire Montrose discovers an engagement ring missing 50 years, a neighbor harboring an old secret, and neo_Nazis targeting her Jewish roommate, and must deal with them all) $23.95
Holland, David The Devil's Acre (London 1833; when a disfigured corpse is discovered in the mansion of a mysterious philanthropist, Reverend Tuckworth (2) sets out on a dangerous path in pursuit of a ruthless killer) $23.95
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Midnight Pass (Lew Fonseca investigates the disappearance of a town council member, and the disappearance of a man's wife and kids, and people start showing up dead) $23.95
Keating, H.R.F. A Detective Under Fire (Det. Supt. Harriet Martens investigates hints at a major scandal in the Maximum Crime Squad and her crew doesn't want to cooperate) $23.95
Kelly, Jim The Water Clock (English news reporter Philip Dryden is on to a great story when forensic evidence links two murders 30 years apart, and his investigation forces him to face his past; Creasey Award Nominee Best First Novel) $24.95
Lambdin, Dewey Havoc's Sword (Captain Alan Lewrie (11) has adventures at sea while hoping for the chance at a showdown with his arch_foe Guillaume Choundas) $25.95
Lambdin, Dewey Sea of Grey (Captain Alan Lewrie (10) sails to a failing British intervention on a French colony which is wracked by a bloodthirsty slave rebellion led by Toussant L'Ouverture) $14.95
Millhiser, Marlys The Rampant Reaper (California literary agent and sleuth accompanies her mother to funeral in Iowa town, but suspicious nursing home deaths, wacky relatives, and vicious killer make her visit extra tough) $5.99
Mills, Magnus The Scheme for Full Employment (The Scheme is designed to give an honest day's work for an honest day's pay, until dissension in the ranks cause problems in this working class satire) $12.00
Nadel, Barbara Belshazzar's Daughter (When a brutal murder shocks Istanbul's Jewish quarter the eccentric Turkish police Inspector Cetin Ikmen is called in to investigate) $23.95
Newman, Sharan The Outcast Dove (Catherine Le Vendeur's cousin Soloman goes to Spain and meets his father who has become a monk, and when a monk is murdered his father draws Soloman into the investigation) $25.95
Pawel, Rebecca Law of Return (In post-Spanish Civil War Salamanco, a beautiful and defeated rebel and a refugee from Nazis pose a profound moral choice for newly promoted Lt. Carlos Tejada (2)) $24.00
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #301: Blast Radius (Paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #68: Outbreak (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Rickards, John Winter's End (In Winter's End, Maine, sheriff plays a high_tension game of cat and mouse with a murder suspect who knows just which buttons to push) $23.95
Russell, Alan Political Suicide (Will Travis comes to the rescue of a girl who draws him into the investigation of the death of her father which she believes was ordered by a presidential candidate) $24.95
Smith, Mark Haskell Moist (Bob works in the LA pathology lab, when a severed arm arrives and transforms him hilariously into a kingpin in the LA Mexican Mafia) $14.95
Thomas, Ross The Fourth Durango (Reprint: Durango is a place where people pay for sanctuary and a false priest and run of murders are investigated by a former judge and his son_in_law Kelly Vines) $13.95
Thomas, Ross Twilight at Mac's Place (Reprint: Quiet death of an aged spy triggers a desperate race to control his memoirs which threaten to reveal Cold War secrets) $13.95
Turtletaub, H.N. (aka Harry Turtledove) The Sacred Land (Menedemas and Sostratos (3) travel to Phoenicia and encounter many obstacles to their trading) $25.95


Burton, Peter_ed. Death Comes Easy ("Gory tales of murder from thirty top gay writers") $15.95
Carlon, Patricia Who Are You, Linda Condricks? (Charred body of a swagman is found after a bushfire in the Australian outback__was he murdered?) $12.00
Schechter, Harold The Serial Killer Files (Comprehensive information on every aspect of the serial killer phenomenon, including bios and case studies) $16.95


Akunin, Boris The Winter Queen (Set in 1870's Moscow, St. Petersburg and London, Erast Fandorin (1) investigates a string of suicides and murders for Moscow's Criminal Investigation Division; translated; abridged CDs $29.95) $12.95
Albert, Susan Wittig A Dilly of a Death (China Bayles (12) prepares for the annual Picklefest while her husband prepares a new career that may put them in a murderous mess) $23.95
Albert, Susan Wittig Indigo Dying (China Bayles travels to the small town of Indigo, Texas and discovers that the town has secrets someone would kill to keep) $6.99
Andrews, Russell Aphrodite (In a small Long Island town a woman journalist is murdered and a cop with a past attempts to unravel the puzzle with the cops, the FBI, and a killer team one step ahead of him) $23.95
Atkins, Ace Dark End of the Street (Nick Travers (3) agrees to track down the lost brother of his best friend and follows the trail from New Orleans to Mississippi where he runs into the Dixie Mafia) $7.50
Ball, David Ironfire (On 16th century Malta the Christian kingdoms prepare to fight the Ottoman Empire for control of shipping lanes & they each prepare to make their stand) $24.95
Barry, Max Jennifer Government (Detective Jennifer Government takes on big business in a world colonized by multi_nationals; dystopian satire) $12.95
Barton, Beverly The Last to Die (PBO; in small town Tennessee, a woman suspected of murdering her former lover finds herself in deadly danger; romantic suspense) $6.50
Batt, Marissa N. "Ready for the People" (Non-fiction account of a prosecutor's most chilling cases) $25.95
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Village (When 5 citizens of the village of Stoyre move, apparently having been scared away, Constable Hamish MacBeth (18) investigates and discovers buried secrets) $6.99
Bowden, Charles Down by the River (Non-fiction account of murder in El Paso, TX in 1995 and the huge, illicit norcotics trade between Mexico and the US) $14.00
Bowen, Rhys Evan Only Knows (When Constable Evan Evans and his fiancee travel south to visit his mother, they hear that the young thug who murdered Evan's father may have killed again) $6.50
Bradbury, Ray Let's All Kill Constance (Aging film star Constance Rattigan has found her name on a list of soon_to_be dead, and enlists the help of a writer to save herself) $7.50
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Talked Turkey (As Qwill helps Pickax get a new bookstore, the body of a man shot execution style is found on the same day as the groundbreaking and Qwill and his cats have their work cut out for them) $23.95
Braun, Lillian Jackson The Cat Who Brought Down the House (The strange circumstances surrounding the death of an actress's brother intrigue Jim Qwilleran (25) and he enlists the help of his furry friend to solve the mystery) $6.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney (PBO: A dead man dressed like a vicar is propped against a church wall, and Inspector Witherspoons enlists the help of Mrs. Jeffries (18) to solve the mystery) $6.50
Brown, Dale/Felice, Jim Dreamland: Strike Zone (PBO: 5th in the Dreamland Series) $7.99
Brown, Dan Digital Fortress (NSA's invincible code_breaking machine encounters a mysterious code it cannot break, and head cryptographer Susan Fletcher investigates and is betrayed on all sides) $7.99
Brown, Steve Color Her Dead (Susan Chase, a lifeguard who moonlights as a runaway "finder", searches for a 26_year-old girl & runs into more trouble than she bargained for) $6.99
Burke, Jan 18 (Collection of 18 stories by Burke not available before) $6.99
Cannell, Stephen Vertical Coffin (3 CDs, abridged: A nightmarish series of events sweeps LAPD's Sergeant Shane Scully & his wife Alexa into enormous, jurisdictional firestorm) $22.95
Cannell, Stephen J. Hollywood Tough (Detective Shane Scully agrees to search for a starlet, and when she is found hanged, he vows to find her killer and must infiltrate LA's private hells to do so) $6.99
Chambers, Larry Recondo (Non-fiction; Long Range Patrol missions of the 101st Airborne) $7.50
Childs, Laura Photo Finished (PBO: An antique shop owner is murdered and scrapbooker Camela Bertrand (2) must rearrange the clues to come up with a killer; local author) $5.99
Clancy, Tom Fighter Wing (A guided tour of an Air Force Combat Wing, updated with new material and photos) $7.99
Colley, Barbara Death Tidies Up (Charlotte LaRue (2) sets out to find a killer when she discovers the barely cold corpse of a man who supposedly died years ago) $6.50
Compton, Jodi The 37th Hour (Minneapolis Missing-Persons Detective Sarah Pribek's husband vanishes and she knows something is terribly wrong as she investigates) $21.95
Coplin, Keith Crofton's Fire (In 1876 a lieutenant named Crofton escapes the Little Big Horn and has adventures that take him around the world and into the presence of historical figures as he gains wisdom) $21.95
Cornwell, Patricia The Scarpetta Collection Volume 2 (The third and fourth Kay Scarpetta novels in one volume) $25.00
Cussler, Clive The Sea Hunters II (Non-fiction; adventures with famous shipwrecks) $7.99
Daniels, Claire (aka Jaqueline Girdner) Strangled Intuition (PBO: When a party ends with one of Cally's (2) massage clients strangled by her own necklace, the police suspect the husband, but Cally knows he's no killer) $6.99
Darden, Christopher/Lochte, Dick Lawless (A young lawyer takes on the case of a cop who shot his wife, but when other cops kill their spouses he is on a ride that takes him from the law to the lawless streets of LA) $24.95
Darden, Christopher/Lochte, Dick The Last Defense (A troubled lawyer has one chance to save his career and his life) $6.99
Dorsey, Tim The Stingray Shuffle (Serge Storms (5) and his friends take on the Russian Mafia and spoiled frat boys while Serge becomes a train enthusiast, and many questions from previous books are answered) $7.50
Douglas, Carole Nelson The Adventuress (Originally published under the title Goodnight Irene : a drowned sailor has a tattoo that opera singer Irene Adler has seen before and she works to unravel the mystery) $6.99
Dunbar, Catherine False Images (Art restorer Leone Fleming becomes the target of a stalker after she discovers a valuable work is a fake and after Leone's friend turns up dead the police get involved) $6.99
Edwards, Grace The Viaduct (Marin Taylor is accosted one night on a Harlem viaduct and throws his attacker to his death and when his newborn child is kidnapped, Marin must stop an act of deadly revenge) $22.95
Fairbanks, Nancy The Perils of Paella (PBO: Food writer Carolyn (5) travels to Barcelona and catches a performance art act about death, thrusting her into an investigation of an actor's demise) $5.99
Fairstein, Linda The Kills (Sex Crimes Prosecutor Alexandra Cooper (3) is working on a date rape case, while Mike Chapman is investigating the murder of an elderly woman in Harlem) $25
Fairstein, Linda The Bone Vault (Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper investigates when an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus is opened to reveal not a mummy but a very recently deceased scholar) $7.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Mumbo Gumbo (Madeline Bean (5) goes behind the scenes in TV land, where murder and mayhem are cooking up) $6.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Perfect Sax (Hollywood party planner Madeline Bean is producing a gala L. A. fund_raiser when a priceless saxophone is stolen and a body turns up, leading Maddie to suspect a killer may be gunning for her too) $22.95
Ferris, Monica Cutwork (PBO: When an artisan is murdered at an Excelsior, MN art fair, needlework shop owner Betsy Devonshire (7) investigates; local author, signing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, January 17) $6.99
Finnis, Jane Get Out or Die (In Roman Britain, 91 AD, a young woman innkeeper and a traveler must track down mysterious Shadow of Death whose secret native war-band wages a campaign of terror against Romans) $24.95
Fleeman, Michael Dead Ends (Non-fiction; serial killer Aileen Wournos, the Damsel of Death) $6.99
Follain, John City of Secrets (Non-fiction story of the murders in 1998 of the commander of the Swiss Guard, his wife, and a young vice_corporal on Vatican territory) $13.95
Franklin, Tom Hell at the Breech (In rural Alabama 1897, an aspiring politician is murdered and his friends form a secret society to punish those thought responsible, waging a bloody year_long campaign of terror; based on actual incidents) $12.95
Frazier, Margaret The Hunter's Tale (15th c. nun Dame Frevisse (13) accompanies a pupil and her mother home, but when a family member dies suspiciously it means a killer among them wants to settle a legacy once and for all; local author, signing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, January 10th) $22.95
Garrison, Paul The Ripple Effect (Aiden Page starts a new life when people believe he died in a horrible tragedy, but can't forget his daughter and calls her one night, alerting his enemies that he is alive) $24.95
Gleeson, Janet The Grenadillo Box (Set in 1755 England, a cabinetmaker journeyman discovers the body of Lord Montfort and investigates because he is the only one who believes the death was murder not suicide) $25.00
Goodman, Carol The Seduction of Water (Iris Greenfeder returns to the Catskills where she grew up, to write her mother's biography and search for a missing manuscript her mother wrote, unraveling a haunting mystery) $13.95
Green, Tim The Fifth Angel (When Jack Ruskin's daughter is sexually assaulted, the mild lawyer becomes enraged as he discovers the perpetrator was a repeat_offender, and takes matters into his own hands) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin/Little, Denise ed. Murder Most Romantic (16 short stories of murder & love) $9.99
Griffin, W.E.B. Badge of Honor #8: Final Justice (Philadelphia detective Matt Payne investigates three crimes at once; a cop killer, a serial rapist, and a murderer who fled to France 20 years ago) $7.99
Griffin, W.E.B. Retreat, Hell! (In the fall of 1950, extraordinary challenges face the Marines in Korea; 10th Corps novel) $26.95
Grindle, Lucretia Walsh The Nightspinners (One twin sister is brutally murdered and the other twin is being stalked) $11.95
Grisham, John The King of Torts (Young Public Defender Clay Carter takes on the case of a man charged with a street killing, and stumbles on to a conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical company) $7.99
Hand, Stephen Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Novelization of movie re_make) $7.99
Harrison, Colin The Havana Room (After losing everything, former real_estate attorney Bill Wyeth becomes tangled in dark forces of New York and caught up in the obsessions of a strange man leading to danger) $24.00
Healey, Judith Koll The Canterbury Papers (Eleanor of Aquitaine sends her former ward Alais to recover letters which could ruin the King, and when Alais is kidnapped a dangerous plot is set in motion; local author, signing at Uncle Edgar's Jan. 9) $24.95
Hecht, Daniel City of Masks (Cree Black and her partner go to New Orleans, where a woman has resumed residence in an old house and finds herself trapped in a world of childhood terrors come to life) $13.95
Heggan, Christine Scent of a Killer (Manhattan photographer Jenna Mayerson's ex_husband asks her for help and is murdered before she can consent, and she seeks the help of Adam's best friend to find the killer) $6.50
Hiltbrand, David Killer Solo (PBO: Debut of a new series that explores the murderous underbelly of the wild world of rock 'n' roll) $6.99
Hoag, Tami Lucky's Lady (In the Louisiana bayou a dangerous Cajun and an elegant belle join forces to find her missing grandfather) $7.99
Hoffman, Jilliane Retribution (When an elite prosecutor faces the most lethal predator she's ever encountered, it all comes down to a choice between justice and retribution) $24.95
Hunter, Gwen Grave Concerns (When a mass grave is discovered along with the killer's baffling clue, Coroner Rhea Lynch must find clues from the dead to stop a serial killer) $6.50
Jacobs, David The Shield: Notes from the Barn (Authorized guide to the hit TV series The Shield ) $15.00
Kellerman, Faye Day of Atonement (Reissue: 4th in the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus series) $7.99
Kellerman, Jonathan A Cold Heart (Alex Delaware investigates the murder of a young artist, discovers that it is much like an earlier murder of a blues guitarist and knows he is on the trail of a serial killer) $7.99
Kelley, Lee Charles Murder Unleashed (PBO: Ex-NYPD homicide, now Maine dog trainer, Jack Field and his crime_solving canine companions (2) return to investigate a murder) $6.99
Kienzle, William The Gathering (Father Koesler is suspicious that one of a group of six old friends is responsible for the violent death of another of the six friends) $6.99
Kilian, Michael The Shiloh Sisters (Secret Service agent Harrison Baines (5) receives an assignment from General Grant to discover why two sisters on opposite sides of the Civil War were murdered) $23.95
King, Ross Domino (George Cautley is an aspiring artist who makes his way through 18th c. London society and is drawn into a web of intrigue and murder by the seductive Lady Beauclair) $14.00
Lawton, John Old Flames (In 1956 London, Inspector Troy (2) investigates a body that is found under the hull of visiting Khrushchev's ship and as more murders occur the mystery deepens) $6.99
Ledbetter, Suzann A Lady Never Meddles in Murder (In 1870s Denver City, female PI Joby Sawyer runs into a blackmailer pretending to be her dead father, and when he moves into her house she must decide whether to come clean) $5.99
Leonard, Elmore Mr. Paradise (Detective Frank Delsa has two double murder on his hands with a beautiful and willful witness, two angry hit men, an identity switch and a safe deposit box full of loot; unabridged cassettes $29.95; unabridged CDs $34.95) $25.95
Leonard, Elmore When the Women Come Out to Dance (Collection of short works of Leonard including two novella_length works) $13.95
Lescroart, John The Second Chair (A law firm defends the 17_year old son of a prominent family in San Francisco, and the city is under siege from a serial killer who shoots people at random) $25.95
Lescroat, John The First Law (Elderly pawnshop owner is murdered & lawyer Dismas Hardy defends the man accused, and is thrust into a world where the only law is survival) $7.99
Lewin, Patricia Blind Run (When his son is assassinated, Ethan Decker, a "Hunter" for a secret government agency, runs to a remote desert in New Mexico and must find the killer before his wife is killed) $6.99
Lewin, Patricia Out of Reach (When a 9_year old boy disappears from Washington DC, CIA trained Erin Bates teams up with FBI agent Alec Donovan and they discover a network bartering in human lives) $23.95
Mallon, Thomas Bandbox (Bandbox, a magazine in the 1920's, careens from crisis to calamity as the owner tries to keep it afloat in the face of competitors and kidnappings) $24.95
Mannock, John Iron Coffin (PBO: 0A damaged German U_boat limps towards the coast of Louisiana, where Nazi gold can buy help, or betrayal by an isolated group who recognize no government or war) $6.99
Massey, Brandon Dark Corner (When a renowned author dies in a boating accident, his son David travels to Mississippi, where people begin to disappear and he finds the terror comes from his family tree) $14.00
McBain, Ed The Frumious Bandersnatch (Hip_hop star Tamar Valparaiso has been kidnapped on the night of her album release party, and Steve Carella and the 87th Precinct (53) works on the case; abridged CDs $30.00) $25.00
McGrory, Brian Dead Line (Jack Flynn (3) digs into a conspiracy when the mayor's son is named as the prime suspect in an art theft & the woman who accused him winds up dead) $25
McKevett, G.A. Cereal Killer (Plus_sized sleuth Savannah Reid (9) tries to solve the mysterious deaths of some under_eating models who dangerously need to lose weight fast) $22.00
Meadows, David E. Joint Task Force (PBO: Commander Tucker Raleigh (2)) $6.99
Meltzer, Brad The Zero Game (Matthew and Harris Sandler, best friends with plum jobs in Washington DC, discover a clandestine game that seems just good fun until a friend ends up dead; abridged CDs $31.98) $25.95
Menzies, Gavin 1421 (Work of historical detection chronicling the journey of a Chinese fleet that landed in the New World 70 years before Columbus and circumnavigated the globe) $15.95
Minichino, Camille The Helium Murder (When a Massachusetts congresswoman is killed by a hit_and_run driver, retired physicist Gloria Lamerino suspects foul play) $5.99
Mitcheltree, Tom Blink of an Eye (The first day on the job in Paris has American investigator busy, starting with the young granddaughter of an American billionaire and the son of a Bolivian diplomat found shot to death in an alley) $24.95
Moloney, Susan The Dwelling (A real estate agent in England tries to sell a suburban house but the house has many secrets told through the eyes of three families who lived there, their fears and destinies) $7.50
Mosley, Walter The Man in My Basement (Charles Blakey, a young black man whose life is crumbling, accepts $50,000 to rent his basement to a strange man, and goes on a journey into worlds of power and manipulation) $22.95
Myers, Tamar Custard's Last Stand (When Colonel George Custard is murdered after deciding to build a glitzy new hotel in Hernia, and Magdalena Yoder must find out who killed him to save her town) $5.99
Parrish, P.J. Island of Bones (PBO; In the wake of a hurricane, a skull washes up in front of Detective Louis Kincaid's (4) cottage, and his search for the truth leads him to face utter evil on a lonely island) $6.99
Pfarrer, Chuck Warrior Soul ("Memoir of a Navy SEAL") $25.95
Rankin, Ian A Good Hanging (12 gritty stories featuring Scotland Insp. John Rebus) $6.99
Rankin, Ian Resurrection Men (While attending a "retraining" school for damaged cops, Edinburgh bad boy Inspector Rebus (15) joins a covert mission to gain evidence of a drug heist by three of his classmates) $6.99
Rice, Christopher The Snow Garden (The murder of a college professor's wife disturbs three friends when it is revealed that one had an affair with her and rumors of a similar murder 20 years ago arise) $7.99
Riggs, Cynthia The Cranefly Orchid Murders (Poet_detective Victoria Trumbull investigates the murder of an underhanded lawyer while trying to stop developers from trashing Martha's Vineyard) $5.99
Robb, Candace The Cross_legged Knight (In October, 1371, Owen Archer (8) investigates an attempt on the life of William of Wykeham, the disgraced Lord Chancellor of England) $12.95
Robb, J.D. Divided in Death (When a trusted employee of Roarke Enterprises is a suspect in a double homicide, Roarke comes to Eve Dallas for help) $23.95
Royal, Priscilla Wine of Violence (In 1270, Henry III's England, young and inexperienced Eleanor is appointed prioress of unusual religious house of monks and nuns, but must deal with resentful flock, undercover monk, and a vicious killer) $24.95
Sager, Mike Scary Monsters and Super Freaks (Non-fiction; accounts of Rock 'n' Roll and murder) $14.95
Sasser, Charles Detachment Delta: Operation Deep Steel (3rd in the Detachment Delta series: America's elite counterterrorism commandoes are plunged into a deadly race in the Philippines and North Korea to stop a nuclear nightmare) $6.99
Shannon, Ray (aka Gar Anthony Haywood) Man Eater (Take one sexy producer with an attitude, one stalker with a grudge, and one screenwriter with killer ambitions, and you get a studio contract to die for) $6.99
Siler, Jenny Shot (Newly widowed Lucy Greene learns that her dead husband was involved in secret research, and to find the truth about his death she must meet with someone she doesn't want to see) $6.99
Sipherd, Ray The Devil's Hawk (Bird artist Jonathan Wilder (3) investigates a human smuggling operation in Arizona, and his involvement starts a chain of violence and murder as he gets closer to the truth) $5.99
Smith, Barbara Burnett Skeletons in Purple Sage (After a flash flood wreaks havoc in the Texas town of Purple Sage, a local doctor is found dead in a swollen creek and amateur sleuth Jolie Wyatt (5) suspects murder, leading to another body and a surprising killer) $5.99
Springer, Patricia Murder So Cold (Non-fiction; story of Russ Smith, a Michigan man who brutally murdered his wife and the elite squad of cold case investigators who solved the case four years later) $6.50
Standiford, Les Raw Deal (Reluctant sleuth and Miami developer John Deal (2); trade paperback reprint) $14.95
Thompson, Carlene If She Should Die (Three years after Dara Prince disappeared, a body has been found in a creek, and her adopted sister tried to discover who has been sending letters signed with Dara's initials) $6.99
Thor, Brad State of the Union (Scot Harvath (2) is on the hunt for a notorious ex_KGB double agent who may be involved in the murders of two US agents in Prague, and uncovers a threat to world peace) $25.00
Topol, Allan Conspiracy (PBO: US attorney C.J. Cady investigates the death of a presidential candidate, following the trail of deception out of Washington to confront a powerful unseen enemy) $7.50
Vogel, Steve Reasonable Doubt (Non-fiction; account of a devoutly religious man who was the number one suspect in the ghastly murder of his wife and three children) $6.99
Walsh, Michael And All the Saints (Fictionalized memoir of Owen Madden, Irish immigrant who rose to prominence as the leading bootlegger & gangster in Prohibition NY) $7.99
Weber, Joe Assured Response (Former military pilots Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan seek to prevent terrorists from starting a nuclear holocaust that will explode in the centers of American power) $25.95
West, Bing The Pepperdogs (Five reservists from New York City cross over from Kosovo into Serbia to rescue a kidnapped comrade and launch an international incident) $7.50
Wolfe, Linda The Murder of Dr. Chapman (Non-fiction; account of the legendary trials of Lucretia Chapman and her lover in early 19th c. Philadelphia) $23.95
Wynne, Marcus Warrior in the Shadows (Former CIA agent, now a forensic photographer, Charliy Payne returns to the way of the gun when his friend is murdered by an Aboriginal spiritual leader) $7.99


Allen, Conrad Murder on the Marmosa (Ship's detectives George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield (4) are working on a cruise ship to Egypt and must keep an eyes on two royals while solving a murder) $23.95
Andrews, Donna We'll Always Have Parrots (At a fan convention the temperamental star of the TV show is found dead, and as she had many enemies there are many suspects, and Meg Langslow (4) investigates) $23.95
Bruen, Ken The Guards (Disgraced former Galway cop Jack Taylor stares at the world through the bottom of a beer glass until a beautiful woman seeks him out to help her with a big problem) $12.95
Bruen, Ken The Killing of the Tinkers (Jack Taylor (2) returns to Galway and agrees to looking into the deaths of gypsies in the town when the Irish police don't seem to care about the crimes) $22.95
Cannell, Stephen J Vertical Coffin (LAPD Sergeant Shane Scully (3) investigates the deaths of officers from two competing SWAT teams which look like they might have been committed by each other) $24.95
Crouch, Blake Desert Places (A semi_famous novelist receives a blackmail note saying there is a body in his backyard & he must figure out who & why he is being singled out) $23.95
de Kay, James Tertius A Rage for Glory (Biography of naval legend Commodore Stephen Decatur) $25
Estleman, Loren D. Port Hazard (Western crossover; hired killers are sent after Page Murdock, and he flees to San Francisco's Barbary Coast where he hides among the criminal element, but fears politicians more) $24.95
Finder, Joseph Paranoia (A corporate spy becomes successful at the corporation he is supposed to be spying on, and when he tries to break off from his controllers a nightmare begins) $24.95
Fleming, Charles After Havana (Set in 1958 Cuba, Cardoso is a haunted Security agent assigned to find and kill the leader of the revolution and shift the power back to the oppressive Batista government) $24.95
Fleming, Charles The Ivory Coast (In 1955 Las Vegas, Chicago mob man Mo Weiner is bankrolling the first all_black hotel/casino when a white horn player arrives and Mo mistakes him for a hit man) $14.00
Garwood, Julie Murder List (Regan Madison, hoping to prove a psychologist is a fraud, attends a seminar and makes a list of people who had harmed her and must discover why they begin to turn up dead) $25.95
Gash, Jonathan The Ten Word Game (Lovejoy is hiding out from the law in a ship bound for Russia, and is held prisoner by men who wish to steal the famous Amber Room and need his talents to accomplish their plan) $23.95
Gordon, Alan An Antic Disposition (In 1157, The Fool's Guild intervenes in a complicated and bloody dispute over the crown of Denmark) $23.95
Harrison, Janis Reap A Wicked Harvest (When a greenhouse assistant is found lying in a pool of blood near a beautiful garden, Bretta Soloman (5) is back in the thick of things) $23.95
Hawke, Simon Much Ado About Murder (All the theaters in London are closed due to the plague, and Shakespeare and Smythe (3) decide to solve a murder, relying on their wits to survive a conspiracy) $13.95
Joens, Mike An Animated Death in Burbank (Wealthy Det. Sgt. Sandra Cameron of the LA Sheriff's Dept. encounters a diabolical killer who thinks she should be next) $24.95
Kurland, Michael, ed. My Sherlock Holmes (13 original Sherlock Holmes adventures each narrated by a side character with a different point of view from Dr. Watson) $14.95
Michod, Alec The White City (In 1893 during the World's Fair in Chicago the son of prominent architect William Rockland is abducted by the gruesome killer the papers have dubbed The Husker) $21.95
Murphy & Sapir The Destroyer #134: Bloody Tourists $6.50
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #94: Pressure Point (Paramilitary action-adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #302:Shadow Search $4.75
Preston, Douglas The Codex (A notorious treasure hunter and tomb robber disappears with an ancient Mayan manuscript and his sons as well as a pharmaceutical company CEO will stop at nothing to find it; abridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR VIII: The River God's Vengeance (In the waning days of the Roman Republic, Decius is required by his new position to investigate the collapse of a tenement building and unearths more than shoddy construction) $23.95
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle's Conquest (Centurian Macro (2); the Roman Legions invade Britain while a sinister organization is betraying them and assassination rumors abound coinciding with the Emperor's arrival) $14.95
Vittachi, Nury The Feng Shui Detective (Mr. Wong is a Singapore feng shui consultant whose specialty is crime scenes and his latest case involves a mysterious woman and a deadly psychic reading) $23.95
Westlake, Donald E. God Save the Mark (Reissue: Fred Fitchis an easy mark for con men, and when his uncle leaves him $300,000, he attracts the wrong kind of attention, including the man who murdered his uncle; Edgar Award Best Novel '67) $24.95


Kozak, Harley Jane Dating Dead Men (LA gift shop owner Wollie Shelley stumbles over a body near the state mental hospital where her brother is a patient, and decides to investigate to protect her brother) $22.95
Parvel, Rebecca Death of a Nationalist (Madrid 1939; young Sgt. Tejada of the Guardia Civil seeks justice when a Nationalist hero, and his best friend, is found shot in the street and naturally, a Red is suspected) $12.00
Thomas, Gordon/Dillon, Martin Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy (Non-fiction; account of British media magnate and how he became a superspy for Israel's Mossad) $15.00
Woolrich, Cornell Night and Fear (20 stories, most never published in book form, by the "Father of Noir") $26.00


Akunin, Boris Murder on the Leviathan (Young Russian diplomat Erast Fandorin (2), helps Paris police commissioner, investigating multiple murders in 1878, tracks killer aboard luxury cruise ship; translated; abridged CDs $29.95) $21.95
Alexander, Robert (aka R. D. Zimmerman) The Kitchen Boy (Novel of the mysterious last days of the Romanovs as seen through the eyes of a young family servant; signing at Uncle Edgar's Friday, February 13) $14.00
Andrews, Donna Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon (Meg Langslow (4) is helping her brother in his office when the office mail cart rolls through the reception area with a dead body on it, and she investigates) $6.99
Arvin, Reed The Last Goodbye (Jack Hammond, low_rent attorney in Atlanta, investigates the death of his friend, a former addict and computer whiz, found dead with a syringe in his arm) $23.95
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Snowbound (Lori Shepherd takes refuge from a blizzard in Ladythorne Abbey and attempts with Aunt Dimity's (9) help to prevent the theft of a priceless heirloom) $22.95
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday (Lori Shepherd seeks phantom Aunt Dimity's (8) help in identifying a culprit who is leaving threatening notes at the country estate of Earl Elstyn where she has gone for the reading of a will) $6.99
Atkinson, Deborah Turrell Primitive Secrets (Storm Kayama walks into her Honolulu law firm, finds her adopted uncle dead at his desk, and as her adopted family closes ranks she suspects murder) $6.99
Barnard, Robert A Cry from the Dark (Someone has broken into the home of a renowned author in her 80s living in London, and discovers that someone will kill to prevent the past from coming out in her memoir) $24.00
Barnes, Linda The Snake Tattoo (Reprint: Boston P.I. Carlotta Carlyle c. 1989) $6.99
Barr, Nevada Flashback (Anna Pigeon (11) takes a post in Dry Tortugas National Park when a mysterious boat explosion merges secrets of the past with those of the present) $7.99
Barr, Nevada High Country (Anna Pigeon is working undercover in Yosemite National Park, investigating the disappearance of four young seasonal workers who investigators haven't been able to find) $24.95
Baxter, Cynthia Dead Canaries Don't Sing (PBO; Long Island veterinarian Dr. Jessica Popper discovers the body of a P.R. mogul while making a house call and with the aid of PI Nick Burby, she identifies a menagerie of suspects) $6.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Poison Pen (The townspeople of Luchdubh are receiving poison pen letters, and when the town post_mistress is found hanging with a letter at her feet, Hamish Macbeth investigates) $23.95
Bernhardt, William Death Row (OK attorney Ben Kincaid has a client on Death Row who is innocent, and when the star witness who can clear him is discovered dead, Ben must hunt down the real killer) $7.50
Bernhardt, William Hate Crime (Defense attorney Ben Kincaid and his partner take on the case of a sadistic bigot who stabbed a gay man in Evanston, IL and they face an explosion of controversy and violence) $25.95
Blake, James Carlos Handsome Harry (Novel of the Dillenger Gang and "Handsome Harry" Pierpont, the man at the heart of the gang) $24.95
Blake, James Carlos Under the Skin (In Depression_era Galveston, Jimmy the Kid is an enforcer for the Maceo brothers and helps them prosper through illicit pleasures, finding a home, a profession, and a mentor) $13.95
Bland, Eleanor Taylor, ed. Shades of Black (Anthology of mysteries by African_American writers) $22.95
Bloch, Robert American Gothic (Reprint 1973; A newspaper woman investigates a physician she believes is a serial killer, and falls in love with him, putting herself in danger) $6.99
Brown, Dan Deception Point (5 CDs Abridged: A team of scientists called to the Arctic to verify an astonishing NASA discovery uncovers a vicious conspiracy leading all the way to the White House) $30.00
Brown, Steve Color Me Gone (Susan Chase (2) works undercover at a strip joint to try and find the reason why four blonde women who work there have disappeared) $6.99
Burcell, Robin Cold Case (PBO; Inspector Kate Gillespie (4) plunges back into a three_year_old murder investigation that nearly got her killed the first time) $6.99
Claire, Rodger W. Raid on the Sun (Non-fiction; story of Israel's secret, daring, and successful surgical air strike on Iraq's nuclear reactor in '81, denying Saddam the bomb) $26.00
Clark, A. Carman The Maine Mulch Murder (60_year old editor Amy Creighton discovers the body of a young man in a mulch pile, and is drawn into a mystery that will expose dark secrets about the inhabitants of her town) $5.99
Colley, Barbara Polished Off (While cleaning a lavish mansion, Charlotte LaRue (3) discovers human bones that may be from her niece's abusive ex_boyfriend and Charlotte seeks to get her off the suspect list) $22.00
Conant, Susan Bride and Groom (When female dog lovers are being murdered, trainer Holly Winter (16) must stop the killer while also planning for upcoming wedding) $22.95
Conant, Susan The Dogfather (With her two Alaskan malamutes, Holly Winter (15) gets an offer she can't refuse-training a mob boss' Elkhound puppy; but murder puts her in the middle of a violent vendetta) $6.99
Cook, Thomas H. Peril (Sara Labriol stages her own disappearance, and reinvents herself on the streets of New York City, not knowing that six desperate men who seek to destroy her are on her trail) $23.95
Coonts, Stephen Liberty (A terrorist group buys four nuclear warheads from a rogue Russian general and threatens to explode them on unknown homeland targets. Rear Admiral Jake Grafton must stop them) $7.99
Coyle, Harold More Than Courage (Lt. Col. Harry Shaddock commands a unit selected to rescue Recon Team Kilo, who have been taken hostage deep in hostile territory) $7.99
Crais, Robert The Last Detective (PI Elvis Cole is taking care of attorney Lucy Chenier's 10_year old son, when he disappears, the LAPD wrestles with the case, Cole is determined to find the child first) $7.99
Cray, David Partners (Black NYPD detective Belinda Moore and her promotion-hungry partner search for a serial killer as they battle their superiors in the police bureaucracy) $25
Dibdin, Michael Medusa (Veteran policeman Aurelio Zen (9) investigates the remains of a body found at the bottom of a cave and is led into the murky history of post_war Italy to uncover the truth) $23.00
Dobbs, Michael Saboteurs (Non-fiction; account of Nazi infiltration and sabotage raids on America in 1942 and the biggest FBI manhunt in history) $25.00
Donohue, John Sensei (Martial artist & his NYPD homicide detective brother must outwit modern-day ronin who's systematically murdering martial arts masters in ritual combat) $6.99
Dorsey, Tim Cadillac Beach (Serge Storms is obsessed with solving the mystery of his grandfather's death and discovers a connection with the Murph the Surf gem heist in 1964 Florida) $24.95
Drummond, Laurie Lynn Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You (Collection of short stories about women cops written by a former policewoman) $23.95
Editors of Court TV The Official Forensic Files Casebook (A behind the scenes look at the popular real_life show about forensic investigators on Court TV) $15.95
Elkins, Aaron Good Blood (Anthropologist Gideon Oliver (11) and wife take Italian island holiday but must mix pleasure with business when Patrone's son is kidnapped and bones are found) $23.95
Estleman, Loren D Sweet Women Lie (Reprint: Walker receives a proposition from a former Hollywood beach bunny concerning a quarter of a million dollars and from there his troubles begin) $6.99
Fawkes, L. T. Lights Out: A Working Man's Mystery (PBO; ex-con and Ohio pizza delivery driver Terry Saltz (2) must clear his soon-to-be-ex-wife, the Bitch, of murder when man is shot in his trailer park) $5.99
Ferrigno, Robert Scavenger Hunt (Seven years ago a teenage girl was killed by a famous Hollywood director, and now he is out of prison and trying to sell the story as a screenplay, when he turns up dead; tabloid reporter investigates) $13.00
Fforde, Jasper The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next (3) emerges from the plot of an unpublished novel to investigate the deaths of several Jurisfiction agents; unabridged cassettes or CDs $34.95) $24.95
Fluke, Joanne Lemon Meringue Pie Murder (Amateur sleuth and small-town Minnesota bakery owner Hannah Swensen (5) investigates the murder of a drug store owner who turns up dead in a house her boyfriend bought next to a lemon meringue pie) $6.50
Forster, Rebecca Hostile Witness (PBO; criminal attorney defends 16-year-old in brutal slaying of her step-father; her discovery of a powerful family's secrets and a shocking truth could destroy them all) $6.99
Gischler, Victor The Pistol Poets (A drug lord's lieutenant swaps identities with a graduate assistant in the English department, & both face challenges in their new lives) $22.95
Goldberg, Lee Diagnosis Murder #2: The Death Merchant (PBO; Hawaiian vacation turns to nightmare when Dr. Sloan and his son discover that a friend, a shark attack victim, was first murdered) $5.99
Goldman, Joel Cold Truth (PBO: Trial attorney Lou Mason (3) takes on a murder case that plunges him into the middle of a deadly drug ring and black market baby scam) $6.99
Green, Tim The First 48 (A father will do anything to find his missing daughter, including kidnap the US Senator he believes abducted her) $24.95
Greenberg/Helfers ed. Murder Most Medieval (13 short stories of murder in medieval times) $9.99
Grisham, John The Suspense Never Rests (New legal thriller from the master) $27.95
Gruber, Michael Tropic of Night (A woman fakes her own death and flees to Miami, where bizarre ritualistic killings occur & she knows the evil she has fled is trying to find her) $7.50
Gutman, Amy The Anniversary (Three woman receive eerie notes on the fifth anniversary of the execution of a serial killer, and find themselves in the fight of their lives as the killing starts up again) $7.50
Haines, Carolyn Crossed Bones (PI Sara Booth Delaney (4) investigates the murder of a gifted black pianist, which has sparked a racial divide in Zinnia, Mississippi as the prime suspect is a white rich boy) $6.50
Hall, Oakley Ambrose Bierce and the Trey of Pearls (Ambrose Bierce and Tom Redmond (4) investigate the murder of Reverend Divine and the dark side of three pretty young suffragists who have come to San Francisco) $24.95
Hamilton, Denise Sugar Skull (Privileged teen from Pasadena is found murdered in East Hollywood & Eve Diamond's (2) search for the killer leads her into the Mexican music world) $6.99
Harrar, George The Spinning Man (Mild_mannered philosophy professor Evan Birch is suspected of kidnapping a missing cheerleader, and as the evidence mounts he discovers the truth can be elusive indeed) $14.00
Harris, Lee The Bar Mitzvah Murders (PBO; former nun Christine Bennett (15) goes to Israel for a friend's Bar Mitzvah and when the friend disappears her vacation is turned into a trail of clues leading to a killer) $6.99
Harrison, Janis A Deadly Bouquet (Florist Bretta Soloman (4) has been hired to put together the town's wedding of the year, when a landscaper and the bride's hairdresser are both killed on the same day, she investigates) $6.50
Hart, Carolyn Engaged to Die (Bookstore owner Annie Darling and her husband Max (14) investigate a murder that takes place at a gala art opening and end up in the path of a sadistic killer) $6.99
Harwin, Patricia Arson and Old Lace (PBO: A woman looking to find a new life in an ancient English village finds a tight_knit community of superstitions, rumors, & murder) $5.99
Havill, Steven Scavengers (Posadas County undersheriff, Estelle Reyes_Guzman investigates a brutal murder spree in the New Mexico desert) $5.99
Hecht, Daniel Land of Echoes (A young Navajo boy is seized by a bizarre illness and Cree Black (2), parapsychologist investigator, is called in and discovers dark secrets) $24.95
Hellman, Libby Fischer Image of Death (PBO; single mom and film-maker Ellie Foreman (3)receives video of gruesome murder, and is horrified to discover it's real) $6.50
Hess, Joan Muletrain to Maggody (A disgruntled ghost is the prime murder suspect when a band of Civil War reenactors descends upon Maggody, Arkansas, as Police Chief Arly Hanks (14) investigates a colorful cast of outlanders) $23.00
Hills, Kathleen Hunter's Dance (In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, fall '50, a reluctant constable's search for a killer in the haunts of affluent visitors, backwoods, and abandoned gold mine is complicated by vengeful mother, PI, others) $24.95
Iggulden, Conn Emperor: The Gates of Rome (Two friends in ancient Rome both dream of glory serving the Empire, are trained by one of Rome's fiercest gladiators, and follow different paths as Rome is thrust into conflict) $6.99
King, Dean Skeletons of the Zahara (Non-fiction; account of 12 American sailors in 1815 who washed up on the shore of North Africa and were sold into slavery, witnessing things never seen before by Westerners) $24.95
Klavan, Lawrence The Cutting Room (Innocent movie buff plunged into frantic race to find long-lost and never-released complete print of Orson Wells' The Magnificent Amberson ; encounters sinister characters, mayhem, and murder) $23.95
Krueger, William Kent Blood Hollow (Cork O'Connor (4) investigates the racially charged death of a teenage girl blamed on her boyfriend, convinced that he is innocent and there is a murderer loose in the small Minnesota town; local author, signing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, February 14) $24.00
Lansdale, Joe R. Sunset and Sawdust (In Depression-era E. Texas, at a small sawmill settlement, a woman kills her husband, the constable, and through a twist of fate becomes the constable herself) $22.00
Larsen, Jodie At First Sight (Psychologist Kaycee Miller wakes in a motel room with a young girl beside her bed, the victim of a kidnapping, and tries to escape the deranged kidnapper who follows her) $6.99
Larson, Erik The Devil in the White City ("Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America"; non_fiction National Book Award finalist) $14.95
Leonard, Elmore The Big Bounce (Reprint: Movie tie_in) $7.50
Liss, Daivd The Coffee Trader (Amsterdam 1659, a man who has lost everything becomes involved in a plot to corner the market on a new drink called coffee, and faces a powerful enemy who wants to ruin him) $14.95
Mankell, Henning The Return of the Dancing Master (A young Swedish police officer investigates the death of a former colleague and discovers links between the death and a global web of neo_Nazi activity) $24.95
McBride, Susan Blue Blood (PBO; humorous cozy featuring Dallas society debutante dropout Andrea Kendricks; first in a series) $6.50
McClelland, Michael Oyster Blues (Humor and crime; two seasick mobsters have wanted-for-murder professor and an oyster shucker sail their boat, with a mysterious coffin, to Miami but the pair are pursued) $6.99
Miller, Russell Behind the Lines (Oral history of Special Operations in World War Two) $14.00
Monsour, Theresa Clean Cut (St. Paul homicide detective Paris Murphy puts herself in grave jeopardy when she pegs GQ-handsome man as psych killer of several women; acclaimed debut by local author) $7.99
Myers, Tamar Thou Shalt Not Grill (Innkeeper Magdalena Yoder takes her cooking & detection skills outdoors for a festival, and when her guest is murdered she has her hands full trying to find the killer; Penn Dutch Mystery (12) with recipes) $19.95
Myers, Tim At Wick's End (PBO; Harrison Black inherits Great-Aunt's candle shop, but starts sleuthing when he suspects foul play in her death; first in series, with candle-making tips) $5.99
Nye, Robert The Voyage of Destiny (Novelization of a the adventures of Sir Walter Raleigh after he was released from the Tower of London) $13.95
Nykanen, Mark The Bone Parade (Ashley Strasser is a sculptor whose pieces show families in excruciating pain, and the art world has no idea how he creates such authentic work, but he knows) $24.95
O'Reilly, Bill Those Who Trespass (Reprint c. 1998; high_level executives and correspondents in television journalism are being murdered and Tommy O'Malley, a New York City detective, is assigned to solve the case) $14.00
Pearl, Matthew The Dante Club (Group of Dante scholars try to solve a series of 1865 Boston murders based on Dante's Inferno ) $13.95
Pelecanos, George Soul Circus (Washington DC P.I. Derek Strange has found a woman whose testimony could mean death or freedom for a crime overlord, and he must keep her alive) $7.50
Patterson, James/Gross, A. The Jester (Arriving home from the Crusades, Hugh discovers his wife has been abducted by knights, and must take on the role of jester to infiltrate enemy castle and save her) $7.99
Phillips, Scott Cottonwood (In Kansas in the 1870's and 1880's the frontier town of Cottonwood is a lightening rod for sin, corruption, and a local gang of serial killers called the Bloody Benders) $23.95
Prescott, Michael In Dark Places (PBO; a serial killer escapes from a mental hospital and has plans for a brilliant female scientist and a troubled cop) $6.99
Rankin, Ian The Question of Blood (Inspector Rebus investigates the murder of two 17_year old students at a posh boarding school, as links to a group of "Goths" begin to surface) $22.95
Robinson, Peter Close to Home (Yorkshire Detective Alan Banks works on a case of a disappeared boy eerily like the disappearance of his friend Graham 35 years ago which he felt was his fault) $7.50
Robinson, Peter Playing With Fire (Detective Inspector Banks (13) and his partner Annie Calbot investigate arson that took three lives and their search leads into the dark world of art forgery and scam artists) $23.95
Rucka, Greg A Fistful of Rain (Mim Bracca discovers pictures on the Internet that reveal a past she has worked to forget; now in danger, she has 24 hours to find out how they got there) $6.99
Shannon, Ray (aka Gar Anthony Haywood) Firecracker (Reece Germaine is pregnant by a football star who bankrolled a betting slip for her in Las Vegas, while he is being blackmailed; if the bet pays off they both need the money) $23.95
Silbert, Leslie The Intelligencer (Kate Morgan is hired to figure out why someone is desperate to steal a mysterious manuscript and we are propelled deep into Christopher Marlowe's doomed final days) 24.00 Silva, Daniel A Death in Vienna (Art restorer Gabriel Allon is sent to authenticate a painting in Vienna and finds a photograph of a man who brutalized his mother in Auschwitz, and tries to find him) $25.95
Slater, Susan Five O'Clock Shadow (When a sniper downs a new but deceitful husband from a balloon above the Rio Grande, a shattered wife uncovers riches and a web of lies; will she live long enough to find the truth?) $24.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Kalahari Typing School for Men (Botswana's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency's (4) Precious is up against a sexist rival from across town) $11.95
Van Gieson, Judith The Shadow of Venus (Albuquerque, NM, rare book expert Clare Reynier (5) must shed light on shadowy murder of a young woman) $5.99
Waldron, Ann Death of a Princeton President (PBO; when Princeton's first female president is strangled, sleuthing Prof. MacLeod Delaney (2) faces administration stonewalling and a host of shady suspects) $5.99
Walters, Minette Fox Evil (Cleared of the suspicious death of his wife, English Colonel desperately searches for illegitimate grand-daughter who may have only answers to evil conspiracy directed towards him) $7.99
Weir, Alison Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Murder of Lord Darnley (Historical investigation of famous 1567 murder) $16.95
White, Robin Typhoon (A technothriller cat and mouse game in Arctic Ocean between American and Russian subs-and only one ship and crew can survive) $7.99
White, Stephen Blinded (Psychologist Alan Gregory hears a brutal, shocking confession that forces him to try to stop a serial killer at the risk of his own life) $24.95
Wignall, Kevin People Die (JJ, pro hit_man, cannot trust anyone as his friends begin to die and he becomes a target himself) $13.00
Williamson, Penelope Wages of Sin (New Orleans Detective Daman Rourke investigates the death of a priest, but when it is revealed that the priest was actually a woman in disguise, a series of disturbing events puts him in danger) $7.50
Wiltz, Sue/Godwin, Maurice Slave Master (Non-fiction; John Edward Robinson, America's first cyber serial killer) $6.50


Aird, Catherine Chapter and Hearse and Other Mysteries (17 short stories featuring Aird's most famous characters) $23.95
Alten, Steve Resurrection (Domain Series Part 2: Three children are born with superhuman talents and may be the key to the future as foretold in Mayan legend) $25.95
Axler, James Outlanders #28: Man God's Wrath (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Bebris, Carrie A. Pride and Prescience (Mr & Mrs Darcy investigate what seems to be a plot against the entire Bingley family as they prepare for daughter's wedding; Austen regency romance with Brontes gothic unearthly threat) $24.95
Bloch, Jon P. Best Murder of the Year (Gossip columnist Rick Domino is the prime suspect for a murder committed during the Academy Awards) $13.95
Borthwick, J.S. Intensive Scare Unit (Julia Clancy enlists the help of Maine English teacher Sarah Deane (12) to investigate a murder in the hospital and why Julia was almost strangled during what was supposed to be a late night check_up) $24.95
Breem, Wallace Eagle in the Snow (Paulinus Maximus, General of the West, defends the Rhine from barbarian hordes who gather in preparation for the conquest of Gaul) $14.95
Coward, Mat Up and Down (When an old man is found murdered in his garden, Constable Frank Mitchell and Inspector Don Packham (3) dig into the lives of the other gardeners at the plot and uncover the real dirt) $5.99
Crais, Robert The Forgotten Man (A dying old man claims Elvis Cole is his son, and Elvis and Joe Pike launch a search for the dead man's identity, leading to a frightening picture of crime and violence) $24.95
Daniel, David Goofy Foot (P.I. Alex Rasmussen embarks on a routine search for a missing teenager, and soon becomes embroiled with murderous surfers and a search for a killer) $23.95
Depoy, Phillip The Witch's Grave (In a small Georgia town, a girl goes missing, and a mortician winds up dead, and folklorist Fever Devilin investigates because his cousin is suspected of murdering them both) $23.95
Frey, James How to Write a Damn Good Mystery (Shows what to do and what not to do to get a mystery conceptualized, written and published) $22.95
Hall, Patricia Death in Dark Waters (Yorkshire DCI Michael Thackeray (11) investigates violence at a popular nightclub & death of a young man attributed to heroin) $23.95
MacPherson, Rett In Sheep's Clothing (In Minnesota, a mysterious 150_year old diary reveals an ancient murder and genealogist Torie O'Shea (6) becomes enmeshed in a mystery passed down through generations) $23.95
Marlow, John Robert Nano (The government releases flawed nanotechnology in San Francisco that threatens to destroy the world and only the original inventor, now wanted for murder, can stop them) $24.95
Nelscott, Kris Stone Cribs (In Chicago 1969, Smokey Dalton saves the life of a woman after a botched abortion, and when her ex_husband is murdered only Smokey cares enough to investigate) $24.95
Nelscott, Kris Thin Walls (In Chicago 1969, Smokey Dalton (3) is hired to investigate the brutal murders of three black men) $13.95
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #69: Day of Decision (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #303: Sea of Terror (Paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Pineiro, R.J. Cyberterror (Terrorists have figured out how to attack computers causing massive problems with the infrastructure, and Tom Graham, top counterterrorsit operative, must stop them) $7.99
Ressa, Maria A, Seeds of Terror (Journalist uncovers how SE Asia has become the new headquarters of the Al Qaeda terrorist network) $26.00
Scarrow, Simon When the Eagle Hunts (In A.D. 44, the Druids of the Dark Moon capture the family of General Plautius, and Centarian Macro (3) and his second-in-command Cato must rescue the prisoners before they are sacrificed to the cult's dark Gods) $24.95
Siler, Jenny Flashback (A young American woman survives a bullet to the head and has lost her memory, but discovers she has a penchant for guns and deadly enemies) $24.00
Steinhauer, Olen The Bridge of Sighs (In 1948 Eastern Europe, Detective Emil Brod investigates murders for the People's Militia, and finds political ramifications) $13.95
Sutton, Randy ed. True Blue (Non-fiction; police stories written by the officers themselves and compiled by a high_profile detective) $23.95
Williams, Paul Evil Empire (Non-fiction; Ireland's most violent gang and the assassination of journalist Veronica Guerin) $24.95
Williams, Paul The General (Non-fiction;Irish mob boss&working class hero Mertin Cahill) $14.95
Wynne, Marcus Brothers in Arms (At the Center for Torture Rehabilitation in Minneapolis, one patient has a dangerous buried secret, and Dale Miller and Charley Payne must protect him) $25.95


Boorstin, Jon The Newsboys' Lodging House (Novel which delves into the young life experiences of William James and his mental collapse at the age of thirty) $14.00
Bull, Bartle Shanghai Station (Alexander Karlov comes to Shanghai in 1918 and becomes entangled with Bolsheviks and an American woman as he seeks vengeance for the death of his mother) $26.00
Dickinson, David Death of an Old Master (The 1899 exhibition of Venetian paintings opens in London and when a leading art critic is murdered Lord Francis Powerscourt (3) investigates) $24.00
Fforde, Jasper Lost in a Good Book (Literary detective Thursday Next (2) searches for Landen, the love of her life, by entering the police force inside books, and is the target of a series of lethal coincidences) $14.00
Thornburg, Newton Dreamland (Reprint of 20_year_old California thriller) $14.00

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