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Newsletter #63 September - November, 2003

[PBO means paperback original]

Abresch, Peter Painted Lady (Jim Dandy (4) Elderhostel mystery; a Native American shaman Jim sees fall to her death begins appearing in paintings) $24.95
Black, Michelle The Second Glass of Absinthe (In 1880 Colorado, the paramour of Kit Randall is murdered and he is the prime suspect, while several of his friends believe in him and help find the real killer) $24.95
Brewer, Steve Cheap Shot (Sports editor Drew Gavin (2) investigates a minor league baseball team owned by a software tycoon after the brutal murder of a cheerleader) $23.95
Burton, Jessica Death Goes Shopping (Promotions director of a large mall turns sleuth when an unseen gunman commits a food court massacre during a Halloween promotion) $10.95
Cain, James M. The Postman Always Rings Twice, Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce, and Selected Stories (Everyman Library omnibus hardcover) 23.00 Clancy, Tom The Teeth of the Tiger (Jack Ryan Jr's father was a CIA agent, and now Jack Jr. wants to put what he learned into practice finding terrorists, but finds that things are more dangerous now) $28.95
Cooper, Natasha A Place of Safety (Barrister Trish Maguire (5) is asked to investigate a magnificent art collection lost in WWI, and the job invades her private life, causing a death she'll never forget) $24.95
Danks, Denise Baby Love (A bomb goes off in London's East End, killing a young journalist who's six weeks pregnant; Georgina Powers investigates; Brit import) $7.95
Davis, Don The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Non-fiction; the life of Jeffrey Dahmer) $6.99
de Castrique, Mark Dangerous Undertaking (Barry Clayton quits his police job to return home to a small town and take over the family funeral business when Alzheimer's hits his father, but a grave-side family massacre puts his old skills to use) $24.95
Doyle, Arthur Conan Tragedy of the Korosko (1898 story of a group of naive Anglo_American tourists captured by Middle East bandits determined to convert them to Islam or kill them) $12
Eccles, Marjorie Echoes of Silence (Detective Inspector Tom Richmond (13) transfers back to Yorkshire and reopens a 10_year old case of a murdered girl, digging among dark secrets to find the truth) $22.95
Elton, Ben High Society (A searing new novel about the war on drugs; Brit import) $12.00
Galenorn, Yasmine Ghost of a Chance (First of a new Tea Room & Tarot series; PBO) $5.99
Garcia, Eric Matchstick Men (A con_man with obsessive_compulsive disorder is asked by his brother to join him in a scheme for a big score but he is distracted when he learns he has a son; movie tie-in trade pb edition) $11.95
Gellis, Roberta Lucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons (Lucrezia Borgia is accused of poisoning one of her ladies in waiting who is having an affair with Lucrezia's husband, and her only hope is to find the real killer) $24.95
George, Elizabeth A Place of Hiding (Forensic scientist Simon St. James and his wife travel to an island in the English Channel, where the specter of WWII hovers, and those who owe a debt to the dead can't hide; abridged cassettes $25.95; abridged CDS $29.95) $26.95
George, Elizabeth I, Richard (5 stories, each with author's introduction) $11.95
Grange, Jean_Christophe The Stone Council (Lone woman must overcome Mongolian mysticism, assassin with psychic powers, nuclear accident, & a lethal villain to save adopted son) $9.95
Greenlief, K.C. Death at the Door (Swenson and Smith (2) investigate the murder of a man thwarting development interests in Door County, WI and have no shortage of suspects; expecting author drop-by signing Aug. 22) $23.95
Gregory, Susanna A Wicked Deed (Cambridge, 1353, physician Matthew Bartholomew (5); Brit import) $7.95
Gregory, Susanna A Masterly Murder (Matthew Bartholomew (6); Brit import) $7.95
Gregory, Susanna An Order of Death (Matthew Bartholomew (7); Brit import) $7.95
Gregory, Susanna A Summer of Discontent (Matthew Bartholomew (8); Brit import) $7.95
Gunn, Brenda/Richardson, Shannon Deadly Deception (Non-fiction; account of Brenda Gunn, whose husband tried several times to murder her for million $ life insurance policy) $6.99
Healy, Jeremiah Cuddy - Plus One (13 never before collected Cuddy short stories, plus one about a female lawyer who left a large law firm to do criminal defense work) $18.00
Heffernan, William Cityside (Story of ruthless investigative reporters in NYC in the 1970's) $14.95
Hellman, Libby Fischer A Picture of Guilt (A dock worker in Chicago is convicted of murdering his girlfriend, and filmmaker Ellie Foreman (2) is wanted by both the mob and the FBI as she has proof that he may be innocent; signed copies available) $24.95
Hunter, Maddy Top O' the Mournin' (Emily Andrew (2) leads a tour group to Ireland, and when guests in the castle begin to drop dead of fright, she investigates; PBO) $5.99
Jardine, Quintin Fallen Gods (The career of Bob Skinner (13), Edinburgh's toughest cop, hangs by a thread; Brit import) $24.95
Kersh, Gerald Karmesin: The World's Greatest Criminal - or Most Outrageous Liar (short story collection-see Jeff's review) $17.00
Kessler, Lauren Clever Girl (Non-fiction; story of Elizabeth Turrill Bentley who ran two of the most productive Soviet spy rings in America in the late 1940's) $26.95
Kilian, Michael A Sinful Safari (1920s art dealer Bedford Green (3) goes on an African safari; must help solve murder of a gold-digging wife; PBO) $6.99
Kingsbury, Suzanne The Gospel According to Gracey (Novel of the streets of Atlanta and the consequences of heroin addiction on several fascinating characters) $22.00
Lanier, Virginia A Bloodhound to Die For (Jo Beth Sidden (6) is on the trail of a prison escapee and investigating the disappearance of an elderly woman and a rumor that resulted in three deaths) $23.95
Little, Constance and Gwenyth The Black Rustle (c. 1942 a smart-mouthed heroine, a doll that gets up and walks at night, a host and suitor who's obsessed with home repair, and a deadly swimming pool make a weekend house party to remember) $14.00
Longman, Jere Among the Heroes (Story of the passengers & crew of Flight 93 on 9/11) $13.95
Magdalen, II Emma H. (Emma was a beautiful rich girl who was shot in Belgium in 1945 as a collaborator; 40 years later her aunt has found out who 3 of the 4 men were who did it, but she wants to know why) $12.95
Magida, Arthur J The Rabbi and the Hitman (Non-fiction; story of Rabbi Fred Neulander, accused of hiring a hitman to murder his wife) $24.95
Mantel, Hilary Eight Months on Ghazzah Street (Francis Shore moves to Saudi Arabia and in her apartment hears sound from upstairs when her neighbors swear there is no one living there and her sense of foreboding increases) $14.00
Matthews, Alex Wedding's Widow (Cassidy McCabe (7), psychotherapist and amateur sleuth, must find who shot the groom at the wedding of one of her patients) $24.95
McCrumb, Sharyn Ghost Riders (1861 actions of North Carolina Union guerilla fighters have repercussions in present times) $24.95
Mitcheltree, Tom Katie's Gold (Paul Fischer (2) just wants to teach at a small Maine college, but his car, home, and office are ransacked, and he must face something dark from his past) $24.95
O'Keeffe, Pat Burn Out (Steve Jay (2), goes to Wales to rest, but is caught in a vicious eco_war between the Welsh and a multi_national mining company; Brit import) $8.95
Page, Jake The Lethal Partner (Reprint; blind sculptor Bo Bowdre (4) investigates when 7 previously unknown Georgia O'Keeffe paintings are discovered, then disappear after a murder) $13.95
Palahniuk, Chuck Lullaby (Reporter Carl Streator discovers a song that will kill whoever hears it, and begins singing it to anyone who bothers him, must find every copy to save the world) $13.95
Pearce, Michael The Spoils of Egypt (Mamur Zapt (6), winner of Last Laugh Award) $14.95
Pears, Iain Death and Restoration (Reprint) $13.00
Possley, Maurice The Brown's Chicken Massacre (Non-fiction; mass murder in a small town Illinois restaurant; PBO) $6.99
Pronzini, Bill/Malzberg, Barry Problems Solved (Mystery story collaborations, mostly from 1970s and early 1980s, but includes 2 new stories written for this collection) $16.00
Pronzini, Bill Spooks (Nameless Detective searches for identity of a gentle, mentally-disturbed homeless man found dead in an alley) $24.00
Ramos, Manuel Brown_on_Brown (Luiz Montez (5) takes the case of a man accused of torching property of a powerful rancher, resulting in death of a hired hand) $21.95
Rehder, Ben Bone Dry (Texas Game Warden John Martin (2) hears that a beautiful blonde is seducing hunters; the game turns serious when hunters start turning up dead) $23.95
Rickman, Phil The Lamp of the Wicked (Rev. Merrily Watkins (4), single mom and Anglican priest deals with a serial killer, an ambitious detective, and paranormal threats; Brit hc import) $19.95
Rigbey, Liz Summertime (Lucy Schaffer (2) investigates the murder of her father and is forced to face chilling memories of her childhood and the death of her own son) $24.95
Riggs, Cynthia The Cemetery Yew (Martha's Vineyard ninety_two year old poet Victoria Trumble (3) investigates the disappearance of a coffin, and the situation turns deadly as people who are concerned about it turn up dead) $22.95
Ripley, J. R. Murder in St. Barts (Gendarmerie Trenet must solve murder of a rich American fashion designer on jet-setters' resort of St. Barthelemy) $25.00
Sallis, James Black Hornet , Moth (Reprints) $8.95 each
Sarsfield, Maureen Murder at Shots Hall (c. 1948; Sculptor Flikka Ashley and an outspoken aunt live in poverty in ruins of great manor house destroyed by German bombs; when murdered old retainer is found, spurned policeman pins it on Flikka, but Scotland Yard Insp. Lane Parry thinks she's innocent) $14.95
Sarsfield, Maureen Murder at Beechlands (c. 1945, aka A Party for None or A Party for Lawty ; Insp. Lane (2) takes refuge from heavy snowstorm in Sussex County hotel, but it's a busman's holiday when homecoming war hero's dead body is found and hotel is filled with suspects) $14.95
Satterthwait, Walter The Hanged Man (Reprint of a Joshua Croft mystery; a hanging at a meeting of 13 of Santa Fe's leading New Age healers) $13.95
Shelton, Connie Reunions Can Be Murder (Charlie Parker (7) is hired by an ill-tempered matriarch to find her elderly and eccentric father who's gone missing weeks before the family reunion) $23.95
Skinner, Robert Pale Shadow (In 1940, New Orleans Police Sergeant Israel Daggett investigates the torture and death of a woman, and is led to a bootlegger who is on the run) $14.95
Smith, Craig The Whisper of Leaves (Josie's mother was killed 20 years ago, and she's now come back to the small southern Illinois town to find out what happened, but the killer is now stalking her) $14.00
Stabenow, Dana A Grave Denied (Kate Shugak (13) investigates the death of a town handyman whose body turns up frozen in the path of a receding glacier with a shotgun blast in his chest) $24.95
Stacy, Lyndon Blindfold (Gideon Blake (2), artist and animal behaviorist; in tradition of Dick Francis) $13.95
Swanson, Jean/James, Dean The Dick Francis Companion (An A_Z look at the beloved Grand Master of crime fiction, the ultimate resource for Francis fans) 14.00 Taibo, Paco Ignacia II No Happy Ending (Reprint; Mexico City PI Hector Shayne (3) investigates the murder of an actor and a threatening letter with the picture of another corpse and discover the two are connected) $14.95
Walpow, Nathan One Last Hit (It's been 30 years since Joe Portugal (3) put away his electric guitar, but when he tries to get the band back together, somebody with a gun is out to stop him) $14.95
Wheeler, Richard S Eclipse (Historical fiction providing a possible solution to the mysterious death of Merriwether Lewis in 1809) $14.95
White, Gillian Copycat (Jennie's new next door neighbor Martha seems so nice, but the relationship becomes bitter & twisted) $15.95
White, Gillian Night Visitor (A dark, disturbing tale of jealousy) &8.95 White, Gillian Refuge (A kindly farming family takes in troubled families from the city...but not all of them have left; Brit import) $8.95
White, Gillian The Sleeper (As gales and blizzards cut off a remote farmhouse, flood waters wash a dead body into the cellar: "A first-rate psychological thriller") $8.95
White, Gillian Veil of Darkness (Woman is hiding from her violent husband in old hotel, when a book takes over her life with strange promises; "simply spine-tingling") $8.95
White, Gillian Witch's Cradle (Reality TV makes a poor couple famous, but when the ratings start to fall, their 3 kids go missing) $8.95
Wood, Simon Accidents Waiting to Happen (Josh is a happily married man with dark secrets from his past that are now trying to kill him) $15.95
Wouk, Herman The Caine Mutiny (Reissue of the 1951 classic Pulitzer Prize winner with a new preface by the author) $14.95


Chechter, Harold Fatal (PBO: Non-fiction; story of "Jolly Jane" Toppan, a female serial killer) $6.99
Devane, Terry (aka Jeremiah Healy) A Stain Upon the Robe (Judge Barbara Quincy Pitt is presiding over the case of a Catholic priest accused of raping 23 children, when a law clerk she has been involved with disappears) $24.95
Fleming, Ian On Her Majesty's Secret Service , You Only Live Twice , The Spy Who Loved Me (Reissues of James Bond classics in trade paperback) $13.00 each
Hooper, Kay Sense of Evil (In a small southern town, three blond women have been murdered and the Chief of Police calls in the FBI, who send a blonde female agent who is also psychic to help with the case) $23.95
Jecks, Michael The Templar's Penance (Summer,1323, Baldwin Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock travel across Europe to Spain; fifteenth in series) $24.95
Kelman, Judith Every Step You Take (Novelist Claire Barron is plotting story on identity theft, but fiction is becoming frightening reality) $24.95
Lasseter, Don The New Detectives (Non-fiction; behind_the_scenes account of Crime Scenes Investigation labs and the hunt for serial killers) $6.99
Wright, Stephen Meditations in Green (Reprint: Widely regarded as the best novel to emerge from the Viet Nam war) $14.00


Mary_Kate and Ashley: The Case of the Tattooed Cat (While on haunted hayride the famous tattooed cat is kidnapped and Mary_Kate and Ashley must find her) $4.99
Axler, James Death Lands #63: Devil Riders (Post apocalyptic adventure; PBO) $6.50
Baldacci, David Split Second (Two disgraced Secret Service agents must form an uneasy alliance to solve the assassination of one presidential candidate & kidnapping of another; abridged CDs $31.98) $26.95
Barenblatt, Daniel A Plague Upon Humanity (Non-fiction; Japan's biological war program during WWII) $25.95
Barr, Nevada A Superior Death (Reissue: When a 6th body is found by divers in Lake Superior where there should only be 5, park ranger Anna Pigeon (2) must break the Great Lake's icy secret) $6.99
Beckwith, Col. Charlie A/Knox, Don Delta Force (Insider story of Army's elite Counterterrorist unit) $7.99
Belfer, Lauren City of Light (In 1901 Buffalo, NY, the headmistress of a prestigious school for girls discovers evidence of a murder tied to Buffalo's power plant at Niagra Falls) $12.95
Berenson, Laurien Best in Show (Melanie Travis (10) travels to Maryland for Poodle Club of America Dog Show where a woman is murdered and the dog owners are acting up) $22.00
Berendt, John-ed Best American Crime Writing 2003 (Year's best non-fiction crime reporting; hc $29.95) $15.00
Berry, Steve The Amber Room (Atlanta Judge Rachel Cutler's father dies under mysterious circumstances leaving clues behind about the Amber Room, and she goes to Germany and into grave danger) $24.95
Birkbeck, Matt A Deadly Secret (Non-fiction; account of a 19_year manhunt for the heir to a two_billion dollar fortune suspected of murdering his wife.) $6.99
Black, Michelle Solomon Spring (In Kansas 1878, Eden Nurdich wants to stop a company from bottling the waters of mystical Solomon Spring for sale, and makes some deadly enemies in the process) $6.99
Bloch, Robert Psycho II (Reprint; Norman breaks through from the psych ward and travels to Hollywood where they are making a movie of his life) $6.99
Block, Lawrence Ariel (Young girl Ariel is possessed and driven to malevolence and beyond as her mother tries to stop the evil; 1980 reprint) $6.99
Bochco, Steven Death by Hollywood (A down_on_his_luck screenwriter tries to turn a brutal murder into his next movie payday, choosing to write about a murder he witnessed rather than reporting it to the police) $24.95
Booth, Stephen Blood on the Tongue (Detective Diane Fry (3) is investigating three bodies and needs help but her relationship with Detective Constable Ben Cooper has deteriorated into distrust; Northern England's Peak District) $6.99
Brandon, Jay Executive Privilege (The President's wife wants a divorce, and after she leaves him orders go out to kill her and her son, and she has only an attorney and one secret service agent to protect her) $6.99
Brett, Simon Torso in the Town (Armless, legless, mummified torso turns up at a dinner party & Jude enlists Carole's help to investigate; comic British Fethering Mystery (3)) $6.99
Brown, Sandra Hello, Darkness (A late_night DJ joins forces with a police psychologist in a race to identify one of her callers before he kills the woman he is holding hostage) $25.95
Brown, Sandra The Crush (A woman serving on a jury which acquits a high_profile murderer becomes the obsession of the man she helped acquit, and is drawn into an endgame of vengeance with an embittered cop) $7.99
Chandler, Raymond Raymond Chandler's Marlowe (Graphic novel: Three of Chandler's stories in graphic form. adapted by Jerome Charyn) $17.95
Clark, Carol Higgins Jinxed (Los Angeles P.I. Regan Reilly (6) is hired to find a missing wedding guest, foiling plot of con man who must keep the guest away to get the bride's money) $6.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Popped (Regan Reilly (7) attends a hot air balloon festival and as several mysterious happenings occur the festival organizers ask her to investigate the mayhem) $23.00
Clement, Peter Critical Condition (A hospitalized woman finds herself the helpless subject of a terrifying experiment) $6.99
Clement, Peter Mortal Remains (The remains of a medical student who disappeared in 1974 are found, and Buffalo, NY ER Chief Dr. Earl Garnet is a suspect and must search for the truth to save himself) $23.95
Cleverly, Barbara The Last Kashmiri Rose (The quest to find a serial killer in early 20th century India) $6.99
Coel, Margaret Killing Raven (A murder on the Wind River Reservation plunges Father John O'Malley and his friend Vicky Holden into an investigation, as protesters gather outside the new Great Plains Casino; signing at Uncle Edgar's September 7) $22.95
Cohen, Richard By the Sword (A history of gladiators, musketeers, samurai, swashbucklers and Olympic champions) $14.95
Cole, David Dragonfly Bones (A gruesome secret is buried in the Southwestern desert and part_Hopi web hacker Laura Winslow (5) investigates) $6.99
Collins, Max CSI Miami: Florida Getaway (First book in a new series based on the popular TV show; PBO) $6.99
Connelly, Michael Chasing the Dime (Henry Pierce's new phone number belonged to a woman before him, and a message for her draws him into a seamy underworld of sex crimes as he tries to help someone he hasn't met) $7.99
Constantine, K.C. Saving Room for Dessert (William Rayford has become Rockford's first black cop, and as he deals with the town's prejudice, he patrols the river flats where things can get deadly) $12.95
Coyle, Cleo On What Grounds (Carolyn Cosi, manager of the historic Village Blend coffeehouse, finds her assistant manager dead in the store, and when the police deem it an accident she investigates; with recipes and coffee-making tips; PBO) $5.99
Curzon, Clare Don't Leave Me (8 years ago a woman disappeared and the case was never solved _ now her 11_year old daughter is missing and Detective Superintendent Mike Yeadings tries to solve both cases) $5.99
Cussler, Clive The Sea Hunters (Non-fiction; accounts of the twelve most remarkable underwater discoveries made by Cussler and his team) $7.99
Czuchlewski, David Empire of Light (A young man confronts a complex puzzle of love, deception and belief, and a powerful and sinister religious organization) $23.95
Dain, Catherine Follow the Murder (Psychotherapist Faith Cassidy must establish a client's innocence by exposing the real killer of her ex_husband) $5.99
Date, S.V. Black Sunshine (A wild and lethal political campaign unfolds in Florida before the astonished eyes of the country) $6.99
Davis, Lindsey A Body in the Bathhouse (Falco (13) investigates "accidents" occurring on the construction site of a Britannia king's home, and realizes that someone with murderous intent is now after him) $12.95
Davis, Lindsey The Jupiter Myth (For Falco, a relaxing vacation visiting his wife's relatives in Britain turns serious when King Togidubnus is murdered, leading to a diplomatic problem Falco must diffuse) $24.95
Dibdin, Michael And Then You Die (Having survived an assassination attempt, Aurelio Zen is convalescing at a resort, when a corpse turns up in his usual chair bringing an abrupt end to his vacation) $12.00
Dixon, Collen Simon Says (Chip Baxter, born into poverty in Washington DC, gets a scholarship and becomes a hero at school, but finds there will be a price to pay which could include his life; trade pbo) $12.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Castle Rouge (Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes pursue a madman who masquerades as Jack the Ripper and turn to unusual people for help, including theatrical manager Bram Stoker) $6.99
Eslick, Tom Deadly Kin (When a hiker mysteriously falls to his death in the NH White Mts, 3 people are thrown into a tangled web of family relations & relentless mayhem) $22.95
Estleman, Loren D Silent Thunder (Reissue: Amos Walker take the case of a woman who shot her husband, trying to find enough dirt on him to keep her out of prison) $6.99
Evanovich, Janet The Stephanie Plum Box Set Volume 3_5 , The Stephanie Plum Box Set Volume 6_8 $23.97 each
Evanovich, Janet/Hughes, Charlotte Full Speed (Posing as husband and wife, Max and Jamie (3) find themselves in the sights of people who will do anything to stop them from solving their current case; PBO; unabridged CDs $34.95) $7.99
Fesperman, Dan The Small Boat of Great Sorrows (Five years after retiring from being a detective, Vlado Petric receives a visit from an American investigator and joins him working for the International War Crimes Tribunal) $24.00
Flaherty, Mike CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Companion (Official companion book which takes readers behind the scenes of the hit TV show; trade pb) $16.95
Ford, Michael Curtis Gods and Legions (During the Roman Empire, a young scholar finds himself leading the Roman Legion against the tribes that have threatened Rome for generations, then seizes the empire for himself) $6.99
Foss, Patrick The Bang Devils (Chris Ryan and Jessica Romano kidnap a Japanese man and find he is the most powerful crime lord in Japan, and the game becomes life and death as the blood begins to flow; trade pb) $13.95
Francisco, Ruth Confessions of a Deathmaiden (Frances Oliver helps the terminally ill die, but when one of her charges dies mysteriously in a hospital, she travels to Mexico to find out the truth about his untimely death) $23.95
Freydont, Shelley Halloween Murder (Former dancer Lindy Haggerty has to give the performance of a lifetime as the director of a small_town Halloween carnival turned into a dance of death) $5.99
Goldstone, Lawrence and Nancy Out of the Flames (Non-fiction; story of Michael Servetus, a fearless scholar, heretic, and owner of one of the rarest books in the world) $14.95
Goldberg, Lee Diagnosis Murder: The Silent Partner (Dr. Mark Sloan is looking into unsolved homicides & learns that in one case wrong man is on Death Row; PBO) $5.99
GoodWeather, Hartley Dreadful Water Shows Up (Cherokee Indian Thumps DreadfulWater investigates a dead body found in the just_completed luxury condo resort built by the Chinook Indian band and the prime suspect is his ex) $24.00
Granger, Pip Not All Tarts Are Apple (In 1953 Soho, London, Rosie, an orphan who has been adopted by the whole neighborhood, discovers that "The Perfumed Lady" is her mother and this leads her into danger) $12.00
Grimes, Martha Foul Matter (Successful author Paul Giverny proposes a contract with a new publisher on the condition that they drop another author and he is forced into a foul matter as a result) $25.95
Grimes, Martha The Grave Maurice (A strange and unsolved case of abduction is reopened by Melrose Plant, reexamined by Richard Jury, and revisited by a killer) $7.99
Haig, Brian Private Sector (JAG officer Sean Drummond (4) is loaned out to a prestigious D.C. law firm, his predecessor is murdered, and the firm's biggest client may be behind the murder; abridged cassette $25.98) $24.95
Hart, Ellen Death on a Silver Platter (Minneapolis food critic, hotelier, and amateur sleuth Sophie Greenway tackles her seventh murder mystery; PBO) $6.99
Hawley, Michael A Silent Proof (Seattle homicide detectives Leah Harris and Frank Milkovich (2) have 36 hours to prove a career criminal about to be released from prison guilty of a 25_year old murder; PBO) $6.99
Hess, Joan Death by the Light of the Moon (Arkansas bookstore owner Claire Malloy (7) goes with her daughter to the creepy mansion of her late husband's family, where jealousies and murder run rampant) $6.99
Hess, Joan Muletrain to Maggody (A band of Civil War reinactors descend on Maggody and when a musket ball kills a participant, Arly Hanks is faced with the most baffling case of her career) $23.00
Hightower, Lynn Fortunes of the Dead (PI Lena Padget investigates the disappearance of a college intern and finds herself on opposite sides of the case from her lover, homicide detective Joel Mendez) $23.00
Hightower, Lynn High Water ( Georgie Smallwood suspects his father in the mysterious death of his mother, but when the father is also murdered others in family are implicated) $6.99
Holland, Barbara Gentlemen's Blood (History of dueling from swords at dawn to pistols at dusk) $24.95
Hornung, E.W. Rafffles: The Amateur Cracksman (Eight stories of Raffles, master burglar and first_rate cricketeer; 1899 classic) $13.00
Horwitz, Sari/Ruane, Michael E Sniper (Inside look at the hunt for the Washington DC snipers) $24.95
Hunter, Maddy Top O' the Mournin' (Emily Andrew (2) leads a tour group to Ireland, and when guests in the castle begin to drop dead of fright, she investigates; PBO) $5.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Cold Justice (San Francisco lawyer Kali O'Brien (5) investigates the murder of her best friend and the killer leaves a calling card similar to a serial killer she put away years ago) $6.99
Johansen, Iris Fatal Tide (A woman whose island is threatened by mercenaries takes to the open sea in a deadly race to find the site of a lost city) $24.95
Johansen, Iris No One to Trust (Trained as an assassin by the military, Elena Kyler is now on the run from another assassin who wants her dead and she must seek the help of a dangerous man to survive) $7.50
Johnson, Stan Once a Ranger (A former Army Ranger's son is kidnapped and when the police can't help, he turns to his former Ranger buddies for help; PBO) $6.99
Johnstone, William W Escape from the Ashes (Ben Raines finds himself alone in Canada's Northwest Territory where he must fight off the enemies who shot down his plane and defeat the army behind them; PBO) $5.99
Kelley, Norman A Phat Death (A hit on a notorious hip-hop star plunges African_American PI Nina Halligan (2) into violent power struggle over black music) $14.95
Kemelman, Harry One Fine Day the Rabbi Bought a Cross (Reprint) $6.99
Kendrick. Stephen Night Watch (Sherlock Holmes and Watson work with Father Brown to solve the case of a priest murdered in London on Christmas Day, 1902) $13.00
King, Gary C. Angels of Death (Non-fiction; account of two sons accused in Florida of murdering their father and setting the house on fire to cover it up) $6.99
Kingsbury, Kate Paint by Number (In WWII England, Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton (5), lady of Manor House, insists that life must go on as normal despite rationing, when her tenant is murdered; PBO) $5.99
Landay, William Mission Flats (When a DA is found murdered in Vesailled, Maine, Ben Truman, chief of police, travels to Boston and finds buried secrets at the highest echelons of the Boston PD; abridged cassettes $25.95; abridged CDs $29.95) $23.95
Lawson, L.M. Murder on Board (After identifying three murderers, Jessie and Neal Fox become targets of terror while sailing off Mexico) $6.99
Lehane, Dennis Mystic River (Movie tie_in reprint: Three childhood friends a drawn together many years later when one's daughter is murdered; abridged CDs $29.95) $7.99
Leon, Donna A Noble Radiance (Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates a body found in a macabre grave which reopens an infamous case of kidnapping involving one of Venice's most aristocratic families) $6.99
Lescroat, John Son of Holmes (Reprint: In a small French town during WWI, rumor is that Auguste Lupa is the son of Sherlock Holmes, as he attempts to solve the baffling murder of an intelligence agent) $14.00
Lippman, Laura Every Secret Thing (Two girls who were abducted return after 7 years, and when another girl is abducted they and others must face past and the truth) $24.95
Lippman, Laura The Last Place (Tess Monaghan must search across Maryland in search of a fiendish murderer and is led to secluded places where she must face her darkest demons) $7.50
MacLeod, Charlotte The Plain Old Man (Sarah Kelling (4) reprint 1985) $6.99
Maney, Mabel The Girl with the Golden Bouffant (Jane Bond, lesbian twin sister of 007, masquerades as her brother at a spy convention where her mission is to steal a secret spy invention) $13.95
Mankell, Henning Firewall (Sweden's Insp. Wallander confronts personal and professional betrayal when tying random cabbie murder with heart attack victim) $13.00
Marcinko, Richard Violence of Action (The Rogue Warrior faces a new foe intent on destroying Portland, OR in a nuclear holocaust) $7.99
Martini, Steve The Arraignment ( Paul Madriani (7) investigates the murder of a friend & fellow attorney, traveling to the jungles of Mexico to ferret out the truth) $7.99
Mason, Daniel The Piano Tuner (In 1886 a shy piano tuner is sent by the British government to rebuild a piano in Burma and has an unforgettable journey) $14.00
Matsuoka, Takashi Cloud of Sparrows (In 1861 Japan, a young nobleman with a gift of prophecy has forseen that his life will be saved by a foreigner, and joins his fate with two missionaries as he tries to survive) $7.50
McGarrity, Michael Everybody Dies (Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kearny (8) and his wife, Lt. Colonel Sara Brannon investigate the murder of a gay attorney, while others die) $23.95
McGrory, Brian The Nominee (Boston reporter Jack Flynn (2) is plunged into a murder investigation that may be connected to the hostile takeover threatening the paper he loves) $7.50
McMahon, Neil Blood Double (An emergency room doctor is caught at the center of a cruel corporate fraud) $6.99
McMahon, Neil To the Bone (The death of a young model in a San Francisco emergency room provides the first piece of a complex puzzle of cruelty and murder implicating a world_famous plastic surgeon) $23.95
Mills, Kyle Smoke Screen (As a reaction to a 200 billion dollar lawsuit, the tobacco companies stop production and Trevor Barnett, leading spokesman, is the target of enraged smokers and fights back) $24.95
Mills, Kyle Sphere of Influence (The FBI calls on one of its best agents when Al Qaeda sends tapes to TV stations claiming they have a rocket launcher on US soil) $7.99
Minichino, Camille The Hydrogen Murder (When a Boston physicist working on breakthrough research into hydrogen and superconductivity is murdered, scientist and crime consultant Gloria Lamerino is called in to investigate) $5.99
Minter, Alex Killing Cousins (Franklin Novak is hired to catch jewel thieves in New York City hotels, and when junior partners Felix and Soraya (2) set a trap they discover that being bait can be murder; trade pb original) $9.95
Murphy, Edward Semper Fi: Vietnam (History of the Marine Corps in Vietnam from 1964 Da Nang to 1975 Saigon) $6.99
Myers, Tim Room for Murder (Two of Alex Winston's (4) friends are to be married, when the bride_to_be's ex shows up dead and Alex investigates; PBO) $5.99
North, Oliver Mission Compromised (Fictional account of today's headline making terrorist events _ first in a series) $7.99
Nothdurft, William/Smith, Josh The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt (Non-fiction; story of one of the greatest paleontological discoveries) $13.95
O'Connell, Carol Crime School (Police Detective Kathleen Mallory investigates a crime similar to one that happened 21 years ago in gruesome detail and is forced to face her past while solving the case) $7.99
O'Connell, Carol Dead Famous (NYC cop Kathy Mallory (8) investigates the deaths of an FBI agent and jurors in a controversial trial even though the FBI wants no part of her) $24.95
O'Conner, Gemma Walking on Water (A wealthy American tourist in Ireland is murdered and she may have been killed by the one she loves due to dark secrets in her past; PBO) $6.99
Parks, Tim Judge Savage (A judge recently appointed to Crown Court has led a double life and a woman from his past appears who could ruin his career and marriage) $22.95
Parry, Owen Bold Sons of Erin (Union Army detective Abel Jones (5) investigates the stabbing death of a Union general who was trying to recruit Irish immigrants) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #92: Breached (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner # 298 _ Final Play (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.75
Penzler/Cook/Berendt Best American Crime Writing 2003 (Collection of the best of true crime reporting of the year) $15.00
Perry, Anne Death of a Stranger (Amnesiac Private Eye William Monk (13) at last regains his memory; Victorian London) $7.50
Perry, Anne No Graves as Yet (In June, 1914 London, professor Joseph Reavley learns that his parents have been killed carrying a now_missing secret document that could destroy the world and must find it) $25.95
Petit, Chris The Human Pool (Joe Hoover, a former intelligence courier, hunts for an enigmatic man who worked for the US during WWII and finds the shadow of a man who was involved in WWII slave trading) $6.99
Preston, Richard The Demon in the Freezer (A timely and terrifying investigation into the dark underworld of biological weapons) $7.99
Randisi, Robert ed High Stakes (8 all_new stories of gambling and crime; PBO) $5.99
Rehder, Ben Buck Fever (When a man dressed in a deer costume is shot, it's up to Texas Game Warden John Marlin to get to the bottom of the mess; Edgar nom. Best 1st ) $6.99
Reich, Christopher The Devil's Banker (When the CIA and British intelligence stumble onto a terrorist plot, the only way to thwart it is to follow the money) $25.95
Riccardi, Ted The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (After Sherlock Holmes apparently plunged to his death, he escaped and went to the Orient to solve mysteries _ the "lost" adventures never covered by Arthur Conan Doyle) $24.95
Robb, J.D. Imitation in Death (17th novel in the Lt. Eve Dallas series; PBO) $7.99
Robinson, Patrick Barracuda 945 (A terrorist group has a Barracuda 945, a nuclear sub, and Admiral Arnold Morgan meets his greatest enemy yet) $25.95
Roen, Samuel Evidence of Murder (Non_fiction account of the events leading to the arrest of John Huggins for the brutal murder of Carla Ann Larson; PBO) $6.50
Rosenberg, Joel C The Last Jihad (Arab-Israeli treaty in jeopardy when Saddam Hussein threatens assassinations, and Wash. DC, NYC, and Tel Aviv with nuclear destruction) $7.99
Santlofer, Jonathan The Death Artist (When a string of murders occurs in the NYC art community, ex_cop turned art historian Kate McKinnon is drawn into the investigation; signed 1st hc available $24.95) $7.50
Scott, Manda No Good Deed (Detective Inspector Orla McLeod spearheads a Special Branch operation that goes disastrously wrong and will do anything she can to protect a young boy caught in the crossfire; Edgar nominee Best Novel) $5.99
Sears, Richard Last Day (An undercover cop becomes too close to the drug dealer he is trying to catch; after he is shot during the bust begins experiencing psychotic episodes) $6.99
Simmons, Dan Hard Freeze (Dodging a contract on his head and tracking a serial killer on the loose, hard-boiled Joe Kurtz (2) is both victim and private avenger) $6.99
Smolens, John Cold (When his prison work team is stranded in a blizzard in Michigan, Norman Hass escapes and journeys back to his roots) $12.00
Spiegelman, Peter Black Maps (John March walked away from his wealthy family to become a PI in New York, and takes on the case of a self_made man who is the victim of blackmail) $22.95
Stabenow, Dana Better to Rest (Liam Campbell (4) investigates the discovery of a dismembered hand that leads him to a crashed WWII army plane and a conflict with his Air Force colonel father) 6.99 Tapply, William G Scar Tissue (When Boston attorney Brady Coyne agrees to help an old friend whose daughter has just died in a car wreck, he is lead on a twisted trail filled with deceit, danger, and secrets) $6.99
Tosches, Nick In the Hand of Dante (wo odysseys: the ambitious effort of Dante Alighieri to create a divine epic poem, and seven centuries later in NYC the deadly struggle to possess the priceless handwritten ms. of The Divine Comedy ) $13.95
Walker, Robert W. Grave Instinct (FBI medical examiner Sr. Jessica Coran is taunted by a gruesome serial killer, scalping _ and eating _ his way across the Southeast.) $23.95
Warshauer, Bradley End Zone (Rookie running-back Julian Lloyd is subjected to a radical new procedure after an injury, & someone is killing those who are close to the breakthrough; PBO) $6.99


Blevins, Meredith The Hummingbird Wizard (Annie Szabo's best friend is murdered and she turns to her late husband's Gypsy family to catch a killer, using ancient curses, love magic, a Gypsy P.I. and a sense of humor) $24.95
Coonts, Stephen ed Combat (10 novellettes from the best authors of military fiction exploring war in the 21st century) $17.95
Doss, James D Dead Soul (Charlie Moon (8) is asked to look into the murder of a fellow Ute tribe member whose boss, Senator Patch Davidson, nearly died that night too) $24.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Femme Fatale (A series of bizarre killings in New York City draws Irene Adler (7) reluctantly to search for her mother before she is killed, and must face Sherlock Holmes and her past in the process) $25.95
Forsyth, Frederick Avenger (Calvin Dexter leads a quiet life, but has another life set off by a signal in his morning newspaper, and a CIA agent must stop him before he completes his mission; unabridged cassettes $39.95) $26.95
Gray, John Maclachlan The Fiend in Human (In London 1852, a man is to be hanged for a series of prostitute murders, but the killings have continued and a tabloid journalist, convinced he is innocent, investigates) $24.95
Klavan, Andrew Dynamite Road (Scott Weiss' old nemesis called the Shadowman, has returned to San Francisco, murdering three people, while Weiss' partner investigates a massive criminal conspiracy) $25.95
Lethem, Jonanthan The Fortress of Solitude (Two boys are friends and neighbors, but one is white and one is black, complicating their friendship in the 1970's in a story of soul and rap, of murder and redemption) $26.00
Mackay, Scott Old Scores (Music mogul is found strangled & Toronto detectives Gilbert & Lombardo (3) find many suspects as mogul has a list of enemies a mile long) $24.95
Parker, Ann Silver Lies (In an 1879 silver boom_town in CO, a silver assayer dies and the local tavern owner Inez investigates, uncovering skewed assays, bogus greenbacks, and blackmail) $24.95
Scott, Justin FrostLine (Ben Abbott (3) is drawn into a feud between a rich ex_diplomat and a Viet Nam vet, when vet's son is killed in a suspicious explosion, local law and the Feds complicate things) $24.95
Scott, Justin HardScape (Reprint: Ben Abbott returns home to save his family's business, and when a friend is murdered he investigates, putting him in mortal danger) $14.95
Scott, Justin StoneDust (Reprint: Ben Abbott (2) investigates the death of a friend and must take the matter up with a hometown cast of friends, foes and family) $14.95


Allen, Phillip Play Money ("Tim's 26 and moments away from becoming a millionaire. . . or is he?") $24.00
Baantjer, A. C. Murder in Amsterdam (Two Inspector DeKok mysteries; reprint) $14.00
Brewer, Steve Bullets (When contract killer Lily Marsden bumps off high roller in Las Vegas, a tangle of romance, humor, gambling, gunplay, and murder follows) $24.95
Childress, David Hatcher Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet ("The Secret Naval War Between the Templars & the Vatican"; 111 b&w photos and illustrations) $16.95
Hutchison, Don The Great Pulp Heroes (Revised 3rd edition; covers The Shadow, Tarzan, Doc Savage, Captain Future, The Spider, Zorro) $16.00
Russell, Kirk Shell Games (Lt. John Marquez's poaching investigation is sent in a new direction when two murdered divers are discovered on the No. CA coast, and he learns he will be the next victim) $23.95
Wishart, David A Vote for Murder (Marcus Corvinus investigate brutal murder of Vettius Bolanus, one of two candidates for the forthcoming censor's elections; Brit import) $24.95
Xiaolong, Qiu A Loyal Character Dancer (Shanghai Police Inspector Chen (2) is ordered to help a U. S. Marshall escort the wife an of important witness to the U.S.) $13.00


Alexander, Bruce An Experiment in Treason (Sir John Fielding has traced a packet of controversial letters from London to the colony of Massachusetts and believes Ben Franklin could be involved) $6.99
Alexander, Bruce The Price of Murder (Blind 18th century judge Sir John Fielding (10) investigates the drowning death of a young girl and clues lead to the racetrack as more people disappear) $24.95
Barger, Ralph "Sonny" Dead in 5 Heartbeats (Bad blood between motorcycle gangs erupts in a firefight in a club in Arizona, and Patch Kincaid knows he is needed either to help make peace or to win a war) $24.95
Barry, Dave Tricky Business (A boat that carries gamblers off the coast of Florida to lose their shirts is stuck in a terrible storm and the bill of fare includes money laundering, drug dealing and murder) $7.99
Bass, Dr. Bill/Jefferson, John Death's Acre (Non-fiction; account of a legendary forensics lab) $24.95
Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came (The corpse of a girl from Agatha's exercise class is found in a river dressed in a bridal gown, and Agatha must find the killer before she becomes the next victim) $6.50
Biel, Michael Doctored Evidence (Investigating the alleged wrongful death of a hospital CFO, attorney Karen Hayes uncovers a betrayal of trust, evidence of criminal fraud, and hints of corruption) $6.99
Binney, Marcus The Women Who Lived for Danger (Non-fiction; account of the female secret agents in WWII) $26.95
Blanc, Nero A Crossworder's Gift (Five Yuletide puzzles and stories of the adventures of crossword editor Belle Graham and her P.I. partner Rosco Polcrates) $22.95
Blanc, Nero A Crossworder's Holiday (Five Yuletide puzzles and stories of the adventures of crossword editor Belle Graham and her P.I. partner Rosco Polcrates) $13.00
Block, Barbara Rubbed Out (P.I. Robin Light (8) takes on what seems to be a routine missing person case, and finds herself entangled with murder and the Russian mob) $5.99
Blum, Howard The Eve of Destruction (Non-fiction; account of the Yom Kippur War) $25.95
Booth, Stephen Blind to the Bones (Detectives Fry and Cooper (4) investigate a rash of deaths of several of Withen's villagers as May Day approaches; England's Peak District) $24.00
Brandt, Kathy Swimming with the Dead (C.S.I. diver Hannah Sampson investigates death of her police commissioner's son in the British Virgin Islands, & must find out what he was looking for in the wreckage of a cargo ship; procedural deep sea forensics; PBO) $5.99
Brant, James The Vatican Connection (Everyone from the Pope's elite bodyguards to the CIA is trying to find the missing papers of a dead man who possessed info dangerous to the defense industry and the church) $6.99
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Private Life of the Cat Who... (Tales of Koko and Yum Yum and their private lives, from the journal of James Macintosh Quilleran) $10.95
Browning, Sinclair Traggedy Ann (AZ ranch owner and sometimes PI Trade Ellis (5) investigates the disappearance of the sister of a Tucson news anchor and is drawn into a sex cult, matching wits with a savage criminal; PBO) $5.99
Brumberg, Joan Jacobs Kansas Charlie (Non-fiction; account of a 19th_century child murderer) $24.95
Buckley, Christopher No Way to Treat a First Lady (An ambitious First Lady is on trial for the assassination of her philandering husband, and the only man who can save her is the most shameless defense attorney in America) $12.95
Burke, James Lee Jolie Blon's Bounce (David Robicheaux investigates the murders of a teenage girl and a prostitute who is the daughter of a local mobster who will mete out his own justice if David doesn't succeed; Edgar/Hammett/Macavity nominee Best Novel) $7.99
Burke, James Lee Last Car to Elysian Fields (Robicheaux probes a car crash that killed three teenage girls, and is drawn into a viper's nest of sordid secrets and violence while confronting his own past; abridged cassettes $26.00; abridged CDs $30.00) $25.00
Burke, Jan Nine (LAPD homicide detective Alex Hartwick struggles to stay ahead of a killer who has targeted victims all on the FBI's Most Wanted list; Macavity nominee) $6.99
Burnett, John S Dangerous Waters (Non-fiction; modern piracy & terror on the high seas) $14
Carney, Colonel John T/Schemmer No Room for Error (Non-fiction; account of America's Special Tactics Unit from Iran to Afghanistan) $6.99
Carver, Caroline Blood Junction (Journalist India Kane travels from Sydney to the outback town of Blood Junction, is implicated in two murders and must trust a cop who is an outcast to try and solve the crimes) $6.99
Collins, Max CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Body of Evidence (Gil Grissom and his team combine cutting edge technology to solve a murder; PBO) $6.99
Cordingly, Donald The Billy Ruffian (Story of the Bellerophon, a ship of the line from 1782_1836; 320 pp, b&w and color illustrations) $25.95
Cornwell, Bernard Heretic (Thomas of Hookton fights with English troops during the Hundred Years War and is hot on the trail of the Holy Grail; abridged cassettes $25.95) $24.95
Cornwell, Bernard Vagabond (Grail Quest #2: young archer Thomas faces many enemies following ancient trail of Holy Grail; Battle of la Roche-Derrien, 1347) $7.99
Cornwell, Patricia Blow Fly (Dr. Kay Scarpetta has left Virginia for peace, but finds herself drawn into baffling, horrific murders in Florida and becomes entangled in a shocking international conspiracy) $26.95
Cornwell, Patricia/Brown, Marlene Food to Die For (Secrets from Kay Scaroetta's kitchen, brimming with recipes for dishes inspired by the novels) $15.00
Cowan, Rick/Century, Douglas Takedown (Non-fiction; account of the fall of the last Mafia empire; Edgar nominee; 16 pp. of photos) $7.99
Cowley, Robert ed What Ifs? of American History (Essays from eminent historians speculating on what might have been) $28.95
Crider, Bill We'll Always Have Murder (Humphrey Bogart and down_and_out Hollywood PI Terry Scott team up to thwart a scheme to blackmail Bogie for murder and find themselves tangling with gangsters; hardcover) $19.95
Crombie, Deborah Now May You Weep (A crime of passion strikes close to home when Gemma and her best friend travel to Scotland and a meeting with married friend's lover leads to mortal consequences) $23.95
Cussler, Clive/Dirgo, Craig Golden Buddha (Juan Cabrillo, captain of the Oregon and his crew of expert intelligence & naval men, try to put Tibet back in the hands of the Dalai Lama) $15.00
Darnton, John Mind Catcher (Two scientists take charge of the care of a 13_year old brain_damaged boy, sending him far beyond the frontiers of medical science into a dark and terrifying netherworld) $7.99
DeFelice, Jim Cyclops One (Sabotage is feared when a plane carrying a new laser defense disappears, and FBI Special Agent Andy Fisher investigates, turning up questions about the weapon and its makers; PBO) $6.99
Deutermann, P.T. Darkside (A retired fighter pilot and the security chief of the U.S. Naval Academy join forces to uncover the truth about a sinister sociopath & uncover a deadly secret) $6.99
Dexter, Peter Train (In the 1950's, a black man caddys at an LA golf course, & is drawn into investi- gation of a boat hijacking gone wrong, as he tries to protect the lone survivor) $26.00
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Man Who Killed His Brother (PI Mick "Brew" Axbrewder searches for his niece and discovers darkness beneath the surface of Sunbelt City, Puerto del Sol, which causes him to confront his own demons) $7.99
Donnelly, Deborah May the Best Man Die (Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid refuses to stage a stag party, but when the best man is killed she decides to snoop herself rather than going to the Seattle police; PBO) $5.99
Eagle, Kathleen Night Falls Like Silk (Thomas Brown Wolf finds an antidote for his loneliness in Cassandra, an art dealer, and when a series of expensive drawings disappears it leads them on a dangerous search; Minnesota author) $24.95
Ehrman, Kit At Risk (21-year-old Steve Cline, running a stable in Maryland, is kidnapped along with some of his horses and his escape turns him into a killer's target) $6.99
Estleman, Loren Black Powder, White Smoke (A freed slave saves the life of a prostitute by shooting her white, would_be killer and goes on the run while a writer and a showman search for him) $6.99
Estleman, Loren D Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula (Reprint: Holmes investigates a ship discovered adrift with only 50 boxes of earth for a cargo) $6.99
Eversz, Robert Burning Garbo (Nina Zero (3), on parole, must find the person who set fire to a reclusive film star's estate, killing an unknown person, while the real killers are trying to track her down) $23.00
Fiffer, Sharon Dead Guy's Stuff (Jane Wheel (2) finds a jar with a pickled finger at an estate sale and curiosity soon leads her & former homicide detective Bruce Oh to a corpse) $6.99
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Destination Murder (Jessica Fletcher (20) takes a train trip through British Columbia, and when a member of the entourage sips a Bloody Mary and dies, Jessica must do some unplanned sleuthing) $19.95
Freydont, Shelley A Merry Little Murder (Lindy Haggerty (5) attends the International Ballroom Dance Competition and when a dancer washes on shore there isn't a ballroom big enough to hold all the suspects) $22.00
Fusilli, Jim A Well_Known Secret (A man haunted by the murder of his wife and son, struggles to raise his daughter alone & find the killer who shattered his world) $6.99
Fusilli, Jim Tribeca Blues (Two unexpected and unrelated deaths lead Manhattan P.I. Terry Orr (2) to a catastrophic collision with the man responsible for the brutal demise of his wife and son) $24.95
Grafton, Sue Q is for Quarry (18 years after a brutal murder, two cops close to retirement turn to Kinsey Millhone to do the legwork for them as the old case turns into a high_risk hunt for a killer) $7.99
Greer, Robert Heat Shock (Prized gamecocks raised on uranium rich soil hold secrets about chromosome changes, a ruthless businessman is stealing them, and an ER doctor tries to protect them) $24.95
Haney, Lauren A Path of Shadows (Ancient Egypt comes alive in a new mystery featuring Medjay policeman Lieutenant Bak (8); PBO) $6.99
Harper, Karen Thorne Maze (Elizabeth I mystery (5); Queen & court flee London plague to royal haven of Hatfield House but can't escape reach of elusive multiple murderer) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Letter From Home (In the summer of 1944, Gretchen Gilman works as a reporter for a local newspaper in OK, and investigates the death of a woman she knows who was found dead in her living room) $22.95
Heilbrun, Robert Offer of Proof (A black youth from Harlem is accused of murdering a beautiful businesswoman, and public defender Arch Gold puts his reputation on the line to defend him) $24.95
Hill, Reginald Death's Jest_Book (Yorkshire policeman Peter Pascoe is determined to put away ex_con Franny Roote who is sending out strange and threatening letters and Pascoe fears there is worse to come; Hill has won the Cartier Diamond Dagger Award) $24.95
Hill, Reginald Dialogues of the Dead or Paronomania! (Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves up against a diabolical serial killer who claims credit for his murders through word play and writings sent to a literary magazine) $7.50
Hills, Kathleen Past Imperfect (A seasoned fisherman is found stung to death by bees and only the constable of a small Michigan town suspects murder; Minnesota author) $5.99
Howard, Richard Bonaparte's Horsemen (Poland, 1807; Napoleon's Sgt. Alain Lansard (8); Brit import) $7.95
Hunter, Stephen Havana (In Cuba, 1953, legendary gunfighter and ex_marine hero Earl Swagger is sent by the CIA to eliminate Castro and finds himself up to his neck in treachery) $25.00
Isenberg, Jane Hot and Bothered (Humor; fifty-something Jersey City community college prof. Bel Barret (6) returns to solve the murder of a beloved colleague; PBO) $6.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Intent to Harm (When a client is killed, San Francisco atty Kali O'Brien (6) is drawn into a twisted case of big money, blackmail, sexual scandal and secrets someone has fought long and hard to keep) $22.00
Johnson, Claire M Beat Until Stiff (Mary Ryan runs a San Francisco restaurant, and one morning steps on a laundry bag stuffed with the dead body of one of her employees, forcing Mary to uncover a poisonous scheme; Agatha nominee Best 1st Novel) $6.99
Kahn, Michael A. Trophy Widow (St. Louis Attorney Rachel Gold represents a housewife convicted of murdering her husband in a lawsuit and uncovers questions about the murder) $6.99
Kerr, Philip Dark Matter (Novelization of the life of Sir Isaac Newton) $14.00
Killian, Diana High Rhymes and Misdemeanors (English teacher Grace Hollister is on vacation in England's Lake District when she finds the near_drowned Peter Fox, and he brings her more mayhem and danger than she could ever have imagined; PBO) $5.99
Krich, Rochelle Blues in the Night (L. A. free_lance true crime writer Molly Blume investigates the near_fatal hit and run of a woman, and a chilling picture takes shape as Molly is drawn into murders past and present) $6.99
Krich, Rochelle Dream House (Molly Blume (2) investigates a conflict between the Historic Architectural Preservation Board and its enemies, leading to arson, and the murder of an elderly man) $24.95
Lansdale, Joe R. A Fine Dark Line (In 1958 Dewmont, Texas, a young boy finds hidden love letters which affect him profoundly, and seeks the murderer of the girl who wrote them, entering a world of death and dark secrets) $12.95
Ludlum, Robert The Janson Directive (Terrorist The Caliph is holding billionaire in a near_ impenetrable fortress and his people turn to Paul Janson to rescue him, but op goes horribly wrong) $7.99
Ludlum, Robert The Tristan Betrayal (In fall of 1940, a minor US intelligence agent travels to Moscow to instigate a plan to save the free world which includes betraying his former lover; unabridged cassettes $49.95) $27.95
MacGregor, T.J. Black Water (A psychic travels through the darkest passages of the unknown to apprehend a psychopath who has abducted her daughter; PBO) $6.99
Marshall, Evan Icing Ivy (Literary agent Jane Stuart (3) and her cat Winky find themselves at an isolated writers retreat where one of the authors is exploring a hidden talent for murder) $5.99
Matera, Dary FBI's Ten Most Wanted (Non-fiction; PBO) $6.99
Matsuoka, Takashi Autumn Bridge (In 1311, a woman writes an extraordinary tale as she awaits her enemies and it contains a revelation linking past and future from medieval Japan to modern San Francisco) $24.95
Mayor, Archer Gatekeeper (Joe Gunther's (15) Bureau of Investigation is called to Vermont to stem the tide of heroin traffickers, and are forced to take wild risks) $23.95
Mayor, Archer The Sniper's Wife (Vietnam vet Willy Kunkle, who was known as The Sniper, suspects that his ex_wife's apparent overdose was really murder, must face his past in New York as he investigates) $6.99
McDermid, Val The Last Temptation (Chief Inspector Carol Jordan plunges into a risky undercover sting on a European drug trafficker and is tracked by a serial killer) $6.99
McGregor, Tom The Making of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Peter Weir Nov. film from Patrick O'Brian's books, with photos and interviews; hc $29.95) $19.95
McKinty, Adrian Dead I Well May Be (Illegal immigrant Michael Forsythe joins a gang of Irish toughs trying to stop the rise of the Dominican powers in Harlem and the Bronx, and is betrayed, and so seeks revenge) $24.00
Mendez, Antonia and Jonna Spy Dust (Two masters of disguise reveal the tools and operations that helped win the Cold War) $14.00
Merkel, Earl Dirty Fire (Police officer John Davey investigates arson and the baffling murder of two of Chicago's most prominent art collectors; PBO) $6.99
Mesce, Bill Jr. The Defender (In 1944, a young lieutenant is court_martialed for disobeying an order during combat, and the boundaries blur when an alternate version of events arises) $23.95
Millett, Larry The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes (Holmes investigates the kidnapping of a beautiful widow he is being framed for, and sets off for Chicago where he is helped by Irish saloon keeper Shadwell Rafferty (5)) $6.99
Mitchell, Corey Dead & Buried (Non-fiction; serial rapist & murderer Rex Allen Krebs;PBO) $6.50
Moore, Susanna In the Cut (Reprint, movie tie_in: writing teacher Frannie is propelled by a murder in her neighborhood into a terrifying descent into dark places and a dangerous sexual liaison) $12.95
Morgan, Deborah The Marriage Casket ( Collector Jeff Abbot (3) attempts to track down a killer with the help of an antique marriage casket; PBO) $5.99
Mosley, Walter Six Easy Pieces (Collection of 7 interconnected Easy Rawlins stories) $14.00
Murphy, Julie/Stempinski, Sally The Cat Who...Cookbook (Newly revised and updated edition featuring over 200 recipes inspired by the Cat Who...mysteries) $21.95
Murphy/Sapir The Destroyer #133: Troubled Waters (Remo and Chiun pose as rich tourists to lure latter_day pirates and stop them; PBO) $6.50
Palmer, Michael Fatal (Dr. Matt Rutledge seeks to expose the health and safety violations of a coal company after both his wife and father die, and is in mortal danger as he tries to solve the puzzle) $7.50
Paretsky, Sara Blacklist (Chicago P.I. V.I. Warshaski (11) investigates the death of a reporter and the disappearance of an Egyptian boy with ties to terrorists and the two cases tumble together, leaving more dead) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. Shrink Rap (Sunny Randall (3) is hired to protect a bestselling novelist from her ex_husband who is a shrink, and when Sunny becomes his patient she discovers much about both him and herself) $7.99
Parker, Robert B. Stone Cold (Mass. small-town police chief Jesse Stone (4) investigates a series of murders that may be a thrill killer and pressure from selectmen and the media causes Jesse to withdraw as he seeks the killer) $24.95
Patterson, James Four Blind Mice (Alex Cross and his partner John Sampson try to clear the name of Sampson's friend who has been framed for murder and is subject to the insular laws of the US Army) $7.99
Paul, Paula Half a Mind to Murder (Victorian England: When an epidemic befalls Newton_on_the_Sea, Dr. Alexandra Gladstone (3) finds what seems to be a cure...but there is no cure for murder; PBO) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #67: Echoes of War (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #299: Dangerous Encounter (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.75
Penman, Sharon Kay Dragon's Lair (England 1193; Justin de Quincy (3) is sent by Eleanor to investigate the disappearance of a ransom payment intended to go to the Holy Roman Empire, and murder soon follows) $23.95
Perry, Anne ed Much Ado About Murder (17 all_new mystery stories inspired by the work of Shakespeare; includes Deaver, Frazer, Doherty, Tremayne, Robinson, others) $6.99
Phillips, Gary Bangers (On the streets of LA, an elite team of street cops go headsup with the city's gang bangers, while a politically ambitious D.A. seeks to snare gang leaders) $15.00
Phillips, Scott The Walkaway (77_year old Gunther walks away from his nursing home to search for a suitcase of money while a former captain of the Witchta police follows him investigating two murders) $13.95
Purser, Ann Murder on Monday (When a local spinster in a peaceful English village is murdered, a local housecleaner searches her client's homes for clues and uncovers secrets which put her and her family in danger) $5.99
Randisi/Matthews Murder is the Deal of the Day (Claire and Gil Hunt investigate a series of deaths of women who were murdered while watching St. Louis's home shopping network) $5.99
Rendell, Ruth The Babes in the Woods (Inspector Wexford investigates the disappearance of two children and their baby_sitter, and as the days turn to weeks he fears he has a murder on his hands) $25.00
Ripley, Ann Death at the Spring Plant Sale (Louise Eldridge attends the Bethesda Garden Club's spring plant sale looking for a story for her gardening show, and finds murder instead) $22.00
Ripley, Ann Christmas Garden Affair (PBS star and amateur sleuth Louise Eldridge searches for a killer when a rival garden show host is found murdered at Christmas) $5.99
Roberts, Nora/Robb, J.D. Remember When ("Thrill ride of a novel that blends present-day romance with futuristic suspense") $25.95
Ryan, Charles Recon Force: Lightning Strike (In WWII, an elite special unit is sent to Africa to take out a battery of artillery before the Allied invasion; PBO) $6.99
Sacco, Joe The Fixer (Graphic novel of a fixer looking to squeeze the last ounce of profit out of Bosina before the reconstruction begins) $24.95
Salazar, Michael The War Angel (Senior Master Sergeant Jason Johnson is dropped alone into an Afghan war zone to impersonate a rogue drug lord and fights for survival and to avenge a past score) $6.50
Schow, David J Bullets of Rain (Recently widowed recluse Arthur Latimer begins to doubt everything he sees and is plunged into a brutal world as he tries to integrate his inner and outer realities) $13.95
Slater, Harrison Gradwell Night Music (At an auction in Milan, music scholar Matthew Pierce acquires a mysterious document that may be the diary of a young Mozart, leading to passion, intrigue, and murder; signed 1st hc available $26.00) $14.95
Slaughter, Karin A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County, GA medical examiner Sara Linton (3) investigates several suspicious suicides and with police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, hunts down a vicious killer; abridged cassettes $25.95) $24.95
Slaughter, Karin Kisscut (M.E. Sara Linton and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver investigate a deadly shoot_out at the local skating rink which turns out to have wider implications) $7.99
Soloman, Annie Dead Ringer (Special agent Finn Carver is on the trail of some missing plutonium, and uses the daughter of a philanthropist with ties to the underworld to try to catch him; PBO) $5.99
Sprinkle, Patricia Who Let That Killer in the House? (Georgia magistrate MacLaren Yarbrough (3) investigates the murder of a popular high school chemistry teacher; PBO) $5.99
Storm, P.W. Force 5 Recon: Deployment Pakistan (First in a series about an elite U.S. team of anti_terrorist warriors; PBO) $6.99
Straub, Peter Lost Boy, Lost Girl (A woman kills herself, and a week later her son disappears _ the boy's uncle Timothy Underhill returns to Millhaven to discover what he can, peeling away hideous secrets) $24.95
Tardi, Jacques/Malet, Leo The Bloody Streets of Paris (Graphic novel: Nestor Burma, during and just after WWII, is the owner of the Fiat Lux Detective Agency in Paris) $17.95
Truman, Margaret Murder at Ford's Theater (When the body of a beautiful young woman who worked for a Senator is discovered behind Ford's Theater, a pair of mismatched cops are faced with an increasing cast of suspects; Capital Crimes #19) $7.50
Vachss, Andrew Only Child (Burke takes a job offer from a mob boss to investigate the murder of his daughter & unearths a perverse enterprise determined to redefine cinema verite) $13
Walker, Robert W Unnatural Instinct (Dr. Jessica Coran (8) investigates the kidnapping of a criminal court judge by a deranged man with an unnatural instinct for revenge) $6.99
Watts, Timothy Grand Theft (Teddy Clyde is an upscale car thief and things are going great until he discovers the body of a Philadelphia mob boss in his car and must find out who set him up) $23.95
Webb, Betty Desert Noir (When an Arizona art gallery owner is murdered, her husband is painted as the killer, but P.I. Lena Jones thinks he's being framed) $5.99
Wise, David Spy (Non-fiction; how the FBI's Robert Hanssen betrayed America) $13.95
Woodcraft, Elizabeth Good Bad Woman (Lesbian barrister Frankie Richmond's career is in trouble and things only get worse when she is accused of murder _ 2003 Lambda winner) $14.00
Woods, Stuart Capital Crimes (Will Lee (5) is now President and when a prominent conservative politician is murdered & two others killed, Will is thrust into the investigation) $25.95
Wroe, Ann The Perfect Prince (Non-fiction; story of a young man who convinced monarchs and nobles to follow him on his quest to be king of England) $29.95
York, Sheila Star Struck Dead ('40s Hollywood Noir; screenwriter/detective Peter Winslow helps a starlet who has gotten entangled in a blackmail ring; PBO) $6.99


Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House (Agatha (13) investigates a haunted house, and when the owner turns up dead she finds herself caught up in a baffling murder mystery) $23.95
Browne, Marshall Eye of the Abyss (In Germany, 1938, a bank auditor is overseeing the account of the Nazi party, and as events spin out of control he has no choice but to act) $23.95
Bruns, Don Barbados Heat (Veteran music journalist Mick Sever (2) investigates the death of a congressman and is drawn into the world of rap music that takes him from the Capitol to Barbados) $24.95
Cadbury, Deborah The Lost King of France (Non-fiction; how DNA solved the mystery of the murdered son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette) $15.95
Coonts, Stephen ed On Glorious Wings (Anthology; "the Best Flying Stories of the Century") $21.95
Crider, Bill Red, White and Blue Murder (Dan Rhodes, sheriff of Blacklin County, Texas, suspects hidden motives when things start going wrong, and when a townsman is killed and his house burned down, he is sure of it) $22.95
Dunn, Carola Die Laughing (England 1924; Daisy Dalrymple (12) finds her dentist stone cold dead when she arrives for her appointment and when everyone writes it off as an accident, she investigates) $23.95
Greeley, Andrew M The Bishop Goes to the University (Bishop Blackie Ryan investigates the murder of a Russian Orthodox monk in his locked office) $24.95
Harper, Karen The Queene's Christmas ( Elizabeth (6) must confront a villain who is killing the spirit of Christmas and may kill the queen herself; with recipes) $24.95
Harstad, Donald A Long December (In rural Nation County Iowa, Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman investigates an execution-style slaying witnessed by the 80_something Heinman brothers and the sleepy town is turned upside down) $24.95
Hirschfeld, Corson Freeze Dry (A con man who set up a phony religion borrows money from a mobster and ends up in a freezer, setting off a chain of events involving the mob and the phony Brothers of Light; dark humor) $26.95
Kent, Bill Street Hungry (People are dying in Philadelphia after saying "You should eat", and obituary writer Shep Ladderback and his assistant Andrea (2) uncover culinary secrets as they investigate) $24.95
Kisor, Henry Season's Revenge: A Christmas Mystery (A man is found at a campsite in Michigan, apparently mauled by a bear, but Sheriff Steve Martinez suspects foul play and as he investigates he discovers many town secrets) $19.95
Kocieniewski, David The Brass Wall (Non-fiction; story of undercover detective #4126, Vincent Armanti, who infiltrated a branch of the Lucchese family responsible for the death of a beloved fireman) $25.00
McDermid, Val The Distant Echo (4 students discover the body of Rosie Duff and are the only suspects _ 25 years later they are being murdered and one must solve the case to save himself) $24.95
Patterson, Richard North Balance of Power (President Kilcannon and journalist Lara Costello at last marry, but the happy occasion is followed by the massacre of innocents by gunfire setting in motion dramatic events; abridged cassettes $25.95; abridged CDs $29.95) $27.95
Patton, Jim Dying for Dana (Prosecutor Max Travis investigates the robbery of two friends and meets a beautiful woman running from her past, and Max no longer knows who to trust) $24.95
Rayner, Richard Drake's Fortune (Non-fiction; story of world's greatest confidence artist) $13.00
Richardson, Bill Waiting for Gertrude (In Paris's Pere_Lachaise Cemetery lie the remains of many famous people who are reborn into stray cats who live out adventure, and intrigue, with personalities intact; "comic, clever, slightly ribald") $21.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR V: Saturnalia (In Rome, 80 BC, during the Saturnalia celebration, Decius Caecilius Metellus looks into a sinister cult of witchcraft and murder whose membership has several surprising names) $13.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR VI: Nobody Loves a Centurion (Decius Caecilius Metellus joins Caesar in Gaul and when a cruel Roman officer is murdered Caesar challenges Decius to solve the crime and save an innocent friend) $13.95
Rule, Ann Heart Full of Lies (Non-fiction; ruthless and greedy female sociopath who left slew of male victims in her wake, convicted of murdering her airline pilot husband) $26.00
Simmons, Dan Hard as Nails (Ex_PI Joe Kurtz must unravel the mystery of an abandoned amusement park full of corpses in five days or he will become one of them) $24.95
Stone, Jonathan Breakthrough (Detective Julian Palmer (3) signs on to help in a simple insurance investigation and soon finds herself enmeshed in a bizarre case involving an inventor in the NM desert) $24.95
Wilson, John Morgan Blind Eye (Benjamin Justice (6) is asked by a friend to look into the death of her fiance, an LA Times columnist killed in a hit and run accident which may not have been an accident) $23.95
Woods, Stuart Dirty Work (Stone Barrington (7) investigates infidelity in an heiress's marriage; when the husband is found dead he goes undercover to find a killer among the glitterati of New York high society) $7.99


Brewer, Steve Fool's Paradise (San Diego bank robbery yields dark comedy and double-cross among felons) $22.95
Conrad, Barnaby Last Boat to Cadiz (Thriller set in Spain in 1945) $25.95
Davis, Austin Shoveling Smoke (Humor: burned_out corporate lawyer Clay Parker moves from Houston to a tiny firm in a dusty small town and lands in the middle of a bungled fraud case as he seeks Texas justice) $23.95
Guiver, Patricia The Beastly Bloodline (Sixth Delilah Doolittle Pet Detective Mystery) $13.95
Harrington, Kent Dia De Los Muertos (Crooked DEA Agent Vincent Calhoun's luck turns, as a nightmare of gambling debts,kinky sex,hot lead & past sins catch up with him) $17.95
Nabb, Magdalen Some Bitter Taste (Marshall Guarnaccia of the Italian Police in Florence investigates when an elderly woman is found dead in her apartment) $12.00
Nabb, Magdalen The Marshall and the Madwoman (Reprint of the sixth Marshall Guarnaccia mystery) $12.00
Pennac, Daniel Monsieur Malaussene (Extraordinary crime caper and catastrophic mishaps put Parisian scapegoat in prison on 21 counts of murder; Last in "Belleville Quintet"; translated from French) $17.95
Rosenberg, Joel C. The Last Days (Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy go to the Middle East to broker a peace deal involving a huge tract of oil in the Mediterranean, but there are evil men trying to stop them) $24.95
Taibo, Paco 68 (Mexican writer tells of 1968 massacre of over 200 student protestors in Mexico City, and the attempted cover_up) $12.95
Turow, Scott Ultimate Punishment (Non_fiction reflection on the death penalty) $17.00
Warner, Penny Silence is Golden (Deaf newspaper editor Connor Westphal (6) investigates when discovery of gold nugget leads to deaths) $13.95
Wells, Peter S. The Battle That Stopped Rome (Non_fiction; story of German destruction of half of Roman's army in Europe in A. D. 9; local author) $24.95


The Case of the Nutcracker Ballet (Mary_Kate and Ashley search for missing ballet shoes for their friend who won't dance in the Nutcracker without them) $4.99
Abbott, Jeff Cut and Run (Texas judge Whit Mosley (3) investigates his own past in a harrowing search for the mother who abandoned him years ago: PBO) $6.99
Adams, Alina Murder On Ice (Rebecca "Bex" Levy, researcher for the 24/7 skating network, investigates murder in the cut_throat world of figure skating: PBO) $5.99
Adams Round Table Murder Among Friends (Stories by all-star lineup exploring bonds and boundaries of friendship) $6.99
Axler, James Outlanders #27: Awakening (Post-apocalyptic adventure; PBO) $6.50
Bayard, Louis Mr. Timothy (Mr. Timothy Cratchit dredges the Thames for dead bodies; dredges up 2 young girls with a strange brand, setting him on trail of a dangerous killer) $24.95
Bergreen, Laurence Over the Edge of the World (Non-fiction; Magellan's terrifying circumnaviga-tion of the globe) $27.95
Best, David (aka Don Donaldson) The Judas Virus (A successful live transplant leaves a deadly virus and as the death toll rises, something must be done to stop it; PBO) $6.99
Blanchard, Alice The Breathtaker (Promise, OK has been hit by a tornado, but the deaths of one family turn out to be murder, and Chief of Police Charlie Grover must track the path of a cunning killer) $24.95
Block, Lawrence Enough Rope (Collection of short fiction, including more than a dozen new stories from Block; 886 pp. trade pb) $15.95
Block, Lawrence Small Town (In the shadows of New York, reeling from tragedy, an unlikely killing machine wages a one_man war against five people each with a passion of their own) $7.99
Bond, Stephanie The Competition (Passion, wit, and thrilling suspense combine when the new girl in town learns that carpooling can be murder; PBO) $6.99
Brooks, Bill Law for Hire: Defending Cody (Pinkerton Detective Teddy Blue (2) must accompany Bill Cody on a fund_raising hunting trip to prevent the legendary showman from becoming the hunt's prize trophy; western PBO) $5.99
Brown, Rita Mae Full Cry (Third in the foxhunting series: Sister Jane and her huntsman, Shaker Grown, investigate the death of Harvard Law School alum & a scandal at another club) $24.95
Brown, Rita Mae Hotspur (When the skeleton of a woman who disappeared 20 years before is found on the grounds of the Jefferson Hunt Club, Jane Arnold, 70_year old Master of the Hunt investigates) $6.99
Brown, Sandra Best Kept Secrets (Reissue: Savvy attorney Akexandra Gaither investigates her mother's death 25 years before and each of three suspects tries to hide his past _ Alex risks all to find the killer) $16.95
Bruns, Don Jamaica Blue (Music journalist Mick Sever is covering a new reggae band whose fans are mysteriously ending up dead after their performances and he follows them to Miami to find the truth) $6.99
Buckley, Fiona A Pawn for a Queen (Ursula Blanchard (6) discovers her cousin Edward has been murdered while carrying a list of families loyal to Mary Queen of Scots and she must investigate) $6.99
Buff, Joe Crush Depth (Chilling, realistic submarine thriller set in the near future) $7.99
Buff, Joe Tidal Rip (Commander Jeffrey Fuller (4) leads his nuclear submarine crew on a mission to keep the Axis powers out of South America, and also protect a convoy headed to Africa in WW II) $24.95
Cameron, Stella Cold Day in July (A mysterious victim may be man's missing sister. He returns to Louisiana home town and teams with ex_girlfriend and medical examiner to search for truth) $6.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Snack Thief (Sicily Inspector Salvo Montalbano (3) investigates two deaths that lead to a viper's nest of government corruption and international intrigue as well as a young boy who steals snacks) $6.99
Camilleri, Andrea Voice of the Violin (Inspector Montalbano (4) discovers a lovely naked young woman suffocated in her bed, and a variety of suspects crop up, but an aging violinist holds the secret to the murder) $21.95
Christie, Agatha ABC Murders , Cards on the Table , Death in the Clouds , Evil Under the Sun (each is 2 cassettes abridged) $12.95 each
Churchill, Jill Bell, Book, and Scandal (A legendary editor is poisoned and a notorious reviewer is attacked, and aspiring novelist Jane Jeffry (14) and her pal Shelley find themselves in the center of a real_life thriller) $23.95
Clancy, Tom Power Plays #7: Zero Hour $7.99
Cohen, Nancy J. Body Wave (South Florida salon owner Marla Shore (4) goes undercover to clear ex_husband of murder) $5.99
Connelly, Michael The Harry Bosch Novels Volume 2 (Omnibus edition of The Last Coyote, Trunk Music, Angels Flight ) $19.95
Cornwell, Patricia Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed (Updated with new material) $7.99
Correa, Arnaldo Cold Havana Ground (A Chinese cadaver is stolen from a cemetery in Havana, but Cuban police are stumped when suspect priest of Abakna Secret Society diverts the investigation; translated) $23.95
Couch, Dick Mercenary Option (The Intervention Force is called in as terrorists threaten to detonate nuclear devices on an Afgan pipeline and an undisclosed city; PBO) $7.50
Cross, Amanda The Edge of Doom (When a strange man claims to be Kate Fansler's father, life_threatening secrets and deceptions emerge and Kate and the Fansler family are pitched close to the edge of doom) $6.99
Dams, Jeanne M Sins Out of School (While preparing for an ex_patriate Thanksgiving, Dorothy Martin (8) investigates the death of a friend's cruel husband who may have been murdered by either his wife or daughter) $5.99
Dee, Ed The Con Man's Daughter (Ex NYPD detective must search his own past for clues when his 35-year-old daughter is kidnapped from her suburban NY home) $23.95
Disch, Thomas M The Prisoner (Reissue: Classic novel based on the cult TV series) $6.99
Dooling, Richard Bet Your Life (The death of a young insurance investigator prompts his co_workers to investigate and they find fraud and scam as they look into the death; "Brilliant ... hilarious ... ingenious .. sexy") $13.95
Douglass, Keith Seal Team Seven #20: Attack Mode (PBO) $5.99
Duchin, Peter/Wilson, John Morgan Blue Moon (In 1963, band leader Philip Damon, still mourning his murdered wife, arrives is San Francisco for a gig and another woman who looks like his wife is murdered) $6.99
Dunn, Carola Case of the Murdered Muckraker (1923: Dauntless British sleuth Daisy Dalrymple (10) discovers that guest at her NYC honeymoon hotel has checked out permanently) $5.99
Erickson, Lynn Without a Trace (With a serial rapist and killer on the loose in Western ski towns, police sketch artist Jane Russo joins FBI agent Ray Vanover on the case; PBO) $6.99
Evanovich, Janet Visions of Sugarplums (A Christmas novella for Fugitive Apprehension Agent Stephanie Plum) $6.99
Farris, David Lie Still (In a sleepy Arizona town a 13_year old emotionally disturbed boy lies in a coma and may be the victim of a brain surgeon with a dark secret) $24.95
Flinn, Elaine Dealing in Murder (Debut novel of a new series featuring a once_wrongly disgraced California antiques dealer who finds death wherever she turns; PBO) $6.50
Follett, Ken Lie Down with Lions (Reprint: Suspense mounts as Afghan villagers run to escape Russian guns) $13.95
Futrelle, Jacques The Problem of Cell 13 and Other Thinking Machine Stories (1907 classic plus other stories, some previously uncollected, edited and introduced by Harlan Ellison) $14.95
Gandt, Robert Black Star (Brick Maxwell and his F/A-18 Super Hornet are hurtling off the carrier deck to stop China from using stealth warplanes to take over Taiwan, but is guided by a beautiful defector of dubious loyalty; PBO) $7.50
Gaus, P. L. Cast a Blue Shadow (Fourth Ohio Amish mystery; suspenseful tale of murder, academic politics, power, pride, and tested faith; trade pbo) $12.95
Gilder, Joshua Ghost Image (A young, gifted plastic surgeon is forced to confront his own dark history when he is implicated in his girlfriend's brutal assault) $6.99
Gischler, Victor Gun Monkeys (Charlie Swift has been running hard through central Florida after gunning down four cops, and with his boss disappeared and his friends dropping like flies he tries to survive) $6.99
Graves, Sarah Unhinged (When Eastport, Maine's snoopiest resident disappears, Jake and Ellie (6) poke around for clues and go on a do_it_yourself hunt for a homicidal maniac) $6.50
Graysmith, Robert Amerithrax (Non-fiction; the scientific search for the anthrax killer) $24.95
Hagan, Patricia Cry Me a River (Vietnam War veteran Luke Ballard returns to his roots in Alabama, becomes sheriff in his hometown, faces a mystery that will change his life) $6.99
Hall, Parnell A Puzzle in a Pear Tree (Puzzle Lady Cora Felton (4) and her clever niece Sherry investigate a murder in the cast of a local Christmas pageant) $6.50
Hamill, Pete Forever (Through the eyes of a man granted immortality we watch New York grow as he has remarkable adventures in both love and war) $14.95
Handler, David The Hot Pink Farmhouse (In Dorset, New York, a film critic and a former homicide detective again join forces to investigate a series of violent deaths and the ugly political secrets of the small town; Dilys Award nominee) $6.99
Haufler, Hervie Codebreakers' Victory (Non-fiction; how Allied cryptographers won WW II) $13.95
Headrick, Robert J. Jr The Cat Who...Quizbook (Trivia inspired by the Cat Who...novels to challenge even the most die_hard fans) $13.00
Hess, Joan Out on a Limb (Elderly Miss Emily Parchester plants herself in a tree with a gun, a baby is left on Claire Malloy's (14) doorstep, & a local developer is murdered) $6.99
Howard, Linda Dying to Please (Sarah Stevens, bodyguard to an elderly gentleman, foils a burglary and due to publicity catches the attention of a tortured soul who wants her for himself) $7.99
Hoyt, Richard Old Soldiers Sometimes Lie (The granddaughter of General Yamashita is determined to clear his name, and unravels a web of deceit and corruption that may stretch back to Emperor Hirohito himself) $7.99
Igort 5 is the Perfect Number (Graphic novel of an old man in Italy whose only son has been murdered and who comes out of retirement to seek revenge) $19.95
Johnson, Keith Lee Sugar & Spice (Detective Phoenix Perry investigates the murder of a prison warden and his wife, possible revenge killings after twins are set free from prison with scores to settle; trade pbo) $13.00
Kadow, Jeannine Dead Tide (When Washington anchorwoman Lacie Wagner (2) discovers the body of a female diver washed ashore in Nantucket, the explosive investigation turns into a nightmare) $7.50
Kane, Stephanie Extreme Indifference (A judge is accused of murder and defense attorney Jackie Flowers takes on the case, and as evidence mounts against her client, she seeks the truth about the victim) $23.00
Khadra, Yasmina Morituri (Algerian police Superintendent Llob and his devoted lieutenant Lino search for the missing daughter of Ghoul Malek and must face drug_pushers and Islamic fundamentalists) $12.95
Kimball, Michael Green Girls (Psychological thriller infused with eroticism, phobia and obsession) $7.50
Kingsbury, Kate No Clue at the Inn (Cecily Baxter (12) and her husband Hugh are asked to manage a country club during the Christmas season, and discover that the previous manager met a mysterious end: Edwardian England trade pbo) $13.00
Koontz, Dean By the Light of the Moon (A stranger injects Dylan O'connor with a substance and tells him if he can survive the next 24 hours something wonderful will happen to him, but surviving is the rub) $7.99
Lescroat, John Rasputin's Revenge (Reprint; Auguste Lupa is summoned to the court of the Czar, and untangles a plot that holds the Winter Palace in its grip, with some help from Holmes and Watson) $14.00
Linsley, Clyde Saving Louisa (New Hampshire 1836: Josiah Beede (2) helps friend find his wife, a runaway slave accused of murder, before the law, & tries to find the real killer) $6.99
Littell, Robert The Amateur (Reissue: Charlie Heller is a cryptographer for the CIA, and when terrorist shoots his fiance and the Company decides not to investigate, Charlie pursues those responsible) $24.95
Littell, Robert The Defection of A.J.Lewinter (Reissue: American scientist A.J. Lewinter tells Russians he wants to defect and tantalizes them with military secrets, and both sides struggle to anticipate the other's next move) $14.00
Luciew, John Fatal Dead Lines (Hot on the trail of the Pennsylvania governor who may have been responsible for the death of his press secretary, obituary writer Lenny Holcomb must team with a female reporter to find the truth; PBO) $5.99
Lutz, John The Night Spider (A bold & cunning serial killer is preying on women in Manhattan high_rises. Baffled retired NYPD captain is in a race against time; PBO) $6.99
March, Hanna The Devil's Highway (Georgian England: Traveling to his employer's country home, private tutor Robert Fairfax (2) discovers a tipped stagecoach and dead bodies within it, and the victims are not who they appear to be) $5.99
Markland, Liza Studio Sex (Stockholm freelance reporter Annika Bengtzon investigates the murder of a young girl and the prime suspect is a government minister with the election only a few weeks away) $6.99
Marshall, Evan Toasting Tina (When vengeful publisher is murdered at romance writer's convention and cat show, agent and sleuth Jane Stuart (5) finds too many suspects _ chief among them herself) $22.00
McDermid, Val The Distant Echo (4 cassettes abridged: 4 students discover the body of Rosie Duff and are the only suspects _ 25 years later they are being murdered and one must solve the case to save himself) $25.95
McNeal, Shay The Secret Plot to Save the Tsar (Account of new information regarding the deaths of the Romanovs in 1918; 284 pp. photos and maps) $14.95
Miller, John Ramsey Inside Out (The witness protection program is keeping a hitman and his wife safe, but it explodes in a hail of bullets and blood, and a US Marshall seeks a killer with a long reach) $6.99
Mitchell, Kirk Sky Woman Falling (FBI Special Agent Anna Turnipseed and BIA Investigator Emmett Parker (4) investigate the death of a tribal elder who was at the center of a bitter land dispute) $22.95
Monteleone, Thomas F Eyes of the Virgin (While pursuing the murderer of her husband and sister, Kate stumbles on to an international conspiracy surrounding a piece of stained glass that conveys messages from God) $6.99
Morgan, Fidelis The Rival Queens (The Countess Ashby de la Zouche (2) and her maid Alpiew investigate the murder of a doyenne at a philosophy lecture and uncover a web of intrigue in 18th century London; signed 1st hcs available $23.95) $13.95
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Seeing Double (Joe Grey and Dulcie (7), two feline detectives, attend the wedding of Charlie Getz and take on a mad bomber and a craven murderer) $6.99
Nance, John J Fire Flight (Air tankers used to fight fires are falling apart mid_air, and as the fires rage out of control, a veteran pilot suspects that a sinister cover_up is behind the disasters) $25.00
Nelson, James R The Pirate Round (1706: Former pirate Thomas Marlowe is determined to find a way to the riches of India, but runs into two bitter enemies from his past) $13.95
Nourmand, Tony/Marsh, Graham-ed Film Posters of the 50s (Collection of the essential movie posters of the decade) $25.00
Noyer, Albert The Secundus Papyrus (In 5th century Italy, Getorius discovers an ancient papyrus with explosive contents, and he must get to the bottom of it as all who were with him when he found it are dying) $14.95
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Murder Makes a Pilgrimage (Reprint; Sister Mary Helen (5), 1993) $6.99
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Madness (Gail Connor and Anthony Quintana's (8) vacation is disturbed by a bizarre murder in the Florida Keys, and find themselves trapped with strange and secretive islanders) $7.99
Patterson, James The Big Bad Wolf (Now with the FBI, Alex Cross investigates a series of kidnappings of successful men and women who may be sold into slavery, putting his family into terrible danger; abridged cassettes $26.98; abridged CDs $31.98) $27.95
Pears, Ian The Bernini Bust (Trade paperback reprint) $13.00
Pence, Joanne Two Cooks A_Killing (Sleuth/chef Angie Amalfi (11) gets into a deadly holiday stew cooked up by a cast of soap opera has_beens; PBO) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #93: Retaliation (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #300: Warrior's Requiem (PBO) $4.75
Peters/Whitbread eds Amelia Peabody's Egypt (Richly illustrated reference to the Egypt in the Amelia Peabody series) $29.95
Pulitzer, Lisa Murder in Paradise (Non-fiction; murder in the British Virgin Islands of Lois McMillen, a Connecticut artist) $6.99
Riddle, Lyn Family Blood (Non-fiction; account of a son's premeditated murder of his parents in their N. Carolina home; PBO) $6.50
Ridley, John The Drift (Former lawyer now living as a train tramp searches for a 17_year-old runaway lost in the Pacific Northwest, in the process he regains his humanity) $13.95
Robinson, John B. The Sapphire Sea (Gem dealer Lonny finds the world's largest sapphire in Madagascar and must evade missionary saviors, CIA agents, and other wild characters as he tries to escape up the coast) $22.95
Roe, Caroline (aka Medora Sale) A Poultice for a Healer (Isaac of Girona (7) is summoned to aid the Bishop during an illness and investigates when a stranger arrives with a message and dies before he can deliver it) $22.95
Roe, Caroline A Draught for a Dead Man (Blind Jewish physician Isaac of Girona travels to Catalonia to heal an injured man, but the cure requires uncovering the danger that surrounds him; Medieval Spain) $6.50
Sandford, John The Hanged Man's Song (A super_hacker friend of Kidd's (4) is murdered and a laptop full of secrets stolen, and Kidd and LuEllen must track it down before the secrets can damage them) $25.95
Schiller, Lawrence Cape May Court House (Riveting legal thriller involving big business and murder) $7.99
Shelton, Connie Reunions Can Be Murder (Charlie Parker, Albuquerque CPA, hunts for an octogenarian who has gone missing and may be searching for the Lost Dutchman Mine) $5.99
Slade, Michael Bed of Nails (In Riverside Insane Asylum a man who believes he's Jack the Ripper reenacts the crimes in his mind, and then in reality; PBO) $7.50
Slater, Susan Flash Flood (Insurance investigator Dan Mahoney (3) lands in Tatum, NM where several prize cattle have died, stumbles on secrets that implicate his employer and his sister in a murder) $6.99
Slater/Gorman/Marcuse/Jahn Crooks, Crimes and Christmas (Original stories; PBO) $6.99
Smith, James V Force Recon #6: Stalking Tiger (PBO) $5.99
Smith, Wilbur Wild Justice ('79 aka The Delta Decision in U.S. '81; Caliph's campaign of terror includes 400 hijacked hostages in S. Africa and only one man can stop him; classic thriller reprint) $7.99
Stark, Richard (aka Donald Westlake) Breakout (Parker is in jail, and builds a network among the cons to escape, and once out, gets involved in a heist that goes south, ending up running for his life) $12.95
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Barbie and Ken (Skye joins Scrumble River's (4) social club, and goes to a party at Barbie and Ken Addison's home _ when they turn up murdered Skye investigates; PBO) $5.99
Thayer, James The Gold Swan (A skyscraper in China is on the verge of collapse & it is up to young architect Carrie Hall & ex_FBI agent Clay Williams to uncover the truth) $6.99
Tigerman, Gary The Orion Protocol (Science journalist Angela Browning receives proof of life on Mars and turns to the commander of the last Apollo mission to the moon, and faces a cabal of enemies) $23.95
Todd, Charles The Murder Stone (stand-alone nerve-shattering tale of family obsession, Great War secrets, and retribution) $24.95
Turow, Scott Reversible Errors (A Death Row inmate insists he's innocent, and Kindle County court_appointed lawyer, once a skeptic, now believes him, encountering hard_fought and vicious court_room battles) $7.99
Vine, Barbara The Blood Doctor (Martin Nanther looks into his family's past and discovers many ghastly secrets) $13.00


The Last Samurai _ The Official Movie Guide (Behind the scenes of Edward Zwick's film set during Japan's turbulent movement away from a feudal society, includes over 100 full_color photos) $14.95
Basbanes, Nicholas A Among the Gently Mad (Reference: strategies and perspectives for the book hunter in the 21st century) $15.00
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Windy City Dying (A man from Chicago homicide detective Marti MacAlister's (10) past is looking for her dead husband, and Marti feels a sense of foreboding that some children she once counseled may be in danger from him) $13.95
Charles, Paul Last Boat to Camden Town (Det Insp Christy Kennedy tracks down the mur- derer of a successful young doctor found in the Regent's Canal in North London) $22.95
Crabbe, Richard Edward The Empire of Shadows (In 1889, when a young maid is murdered, Tom Braddock must clear his son by finding the real killer who he suspects to be a Mohawk on the run after another murder) $24.95
Crichton, Michael Prey (In the Nevada desert, a cloud of nanoparticles programmed as a predator has escaped from a lab and we are the prey) $7.99
Donaldson, Stephen The Man Who Risked His Partner (Expanded reissue: PI Mick Axbrewder, an alcoholic who accidently shot his cop brother, works with his partner Ginny on solving a story that doesn't add up) $24.95
Fiffer, Sharon The Wrong Stuff (Chicago antiques picker and now PI Jane Wheel (3) investigates an antique furniture forgery ring and murder) $24.95
Finney, Patricia Gloriana's Torch (In 1587, the ordnance officer for Queen Elizabeth finds that large quantities of gunpowder are disappearing, and he searches for the thief who may be selling it to the Spanish) $26.95
Handler, David The Bright Silver Star (On Connecticut gold coast, Berger and Mitry (3) become involved in the investigation of the death of a Hollywood star which leads to close friends and even possibly Berger himself) $24.95
Harris, William C Jr. No Enemy but Time (Espionage-thriller; an IRA soldier turned Nazi spy is placed on Savannah's coast during WWII) $14.95
Hathaway, Robin The Doctor Dines in Prague (Alarmed when repeated calls to his cousins in Prague go unanswered, Dr. Fenimore (4) flies and discovers they have been kidnapped and decides he must find them) $22.95
Havill, Steven F. A Discount for Death (Estelle Reyes_Guzman (2), undersheriff of Posadas County, investigates the death of a young single mom whose motorcycle accident may have been caused by a renegade policeman) $23.95
Kessler, Ronald The CIA at War (The CIA's secret campaign against terror, 496 pp.) $27.95
Klempner, Joseph T Fogbound (Visitors from a reality show called TV Trial enlist the aid of reclusive retired judge, but as the judge digs into the case he becomes their enemy) $23.95
Lamar, Jake Rendezvous Eighteenth (An African_American expatriate in Paris is drawn into a deadly game when a prostitute is found dead in his apartment) $24.95
Maddison, Lauren Epitaph for an Angel (Lesbain former DA turned crime novelist Connor Hawthorne (4) faces a deadly new challenge as murder hits very close to home; trade pbo) $14.95
McInerny, Ralph Irish Coffee (A death in the Notre Dame athletic department causes a campus uproar; Prof. Roger Knight (7) and his PI brother investigate) $23.95
Perry, Anne A Christmas Journey (Lady Vespasia Cumming_Gould (from Thomas Pitt series) investigates a suspicious death at a tranquil weekend country estate party) $15.95
Tapply, William Shadow of Death (Boston attorney Brady Coyne (20) hires a discreet P.I. to investigate a candidate's husband, and when the PI is killed in an accident Brady suspects it was murder and investigates) $24.95
Thurlo, Aimee and David Plant Them Deep (Plants sacred to the Navajo are being stolen and Ella Chlah's Mother, caught between the traditional and modernist sides of Navajo life, investigates and gets in deep trouble) $24.95
Weir, Charlene Up in Smoke (Kansas Police Chief Susan Wren investigates a murder when the card of a campaign worker for a presidential candidate Gov. Jack Garret is found, and the evidence points to Garret himself) $23.95
Wilson, F. Paul Gateways (Repairman Jack (7) goes to Florida after his dad is hurt, and investigates a string of suspicious deaths at dad's retirement community) $25.95


Barre, Richard Bethany (Second in a series of Rod_Serling_like Christmas stories) $17.95
Fullerton, Alexander Patrol to the Golden Horn (Third of 9 volume Everard Naval Series) $12.00
Gregory, Susanna A Killer in Winter (Cambridge, 1354, physician Matthew Bartholomew (9) tries to help people stranded in town as Christmas approaches, but dead bodies start turning up; Brit import) $24.95
Highsmith, Patricia Nothing That Meets the Eye (Uncollected Stories) $15.95
Hughes, Dorothy B. In a Lonely Place (Classic 1947 tale of a male serial killer) $14.95
Janes, J. Robert Dollmaker (Detectives St_Cyr of the Surete Nationale and Kohler of the Gestapo investigate murder of a local shopkeeper; U_boat captain is accused of murder) $12.00
Jecks, Michael The Templar's Penance (Summer,1323, Baldwin Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock travel across Europe to Spain; fifteenth in series) $9.95
Leroux, Gaston The Mystery of the Yellow Room (Reprint of classic 1908 locked_room mystery) $12.99
Moloney, Ed A Secret History of the IRA (Non_fiction) $17.95
Palmer, Karen Border Dogs (A decades_old murder comes unsolved, forcing a border cop to investigate before he becomes a victim himself) $12.00
Wood, Graham R. Death in Provence (2 Det. Lauriant stories set in 1960s rural France) $24.95

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