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Newsletter #62 June - August, 2003


[PBO means paperback original]

On Spec (Anthology from the first five years of the magazine) $8.95
Banks, L.A. Minion (Spoken_word artist Damali Richards hunts vampires by night; a group of vampires conspire to kill her friends; to stop them Damali is drawn deep into the dark) $12.95
Barker, M. A. R. Lords of Tsamra (Third in the Tekumel series) $19.95
Beeamudre, Ven The Phantom Queen (Folklore, magic and adventure) $10.95
Bova, Ben Saturn (The fundamentalist governments of Earth encourage their most incorrigible dissidents to join a one_way expedition to Saturn and many on board have their own agenda) $24.95
Bradshaw, Gillian Cleopatra's Heir (Alternate history where Caesarion survives assassination and takes on a secret identity, living with an Egyptian family) $15.95
Byng, Georgia Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism (Young adult; Molly Moon discovers she can hypnotize anyone, and hot on her trail is a sinister professor who wants to use her talent to commit the crime of the century) $16.99
Chabon, Michael-ed. McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales (New pulp-style stories by Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Elmore Leonard, etc.) $13.95
Clark, Simon The Night of the Triffids (PBO: 29 years after The Day of the Triffids , the world has been plunged into permanent darkness, and David, Bill Masen's son, sets off to find the cause of the darkness) $8.95
Clute/Dorsey-eds Tesseracts 8 (Anthology of Canadian science fiction) $7.95
Corbett, W. J. The Ark of the People (#1), The Quest for the End of the Tail (#2), The Spell to Save the Golden Snake (#3) (Series of British young adult novels about a tribe of tiny people who are forced to flee their valley when the humans build a dam) $9.95 each
Corsaro, Frank Kunma (Psyciatrist David Sussman takes on a case that leads him into the realms of reincarnation, Buddhist myth, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead) $24.95
Davies, Steven Paul The Prisoner Handbook _ An Unauthorized Companion (Features interviews with the cast, information on making of the show, episode guide) $19.95
Dorsey, Candas Jane Dark Earth Dreams (CD of author reading 3 short stories to musical background from Edmonton composer Roger Deegan, with chapbook of stories) $19.95
Dorsey/McCrosky-eds Land/Space (An anthology of speculative fiction set in the Canadian prairie) $16.95
Dorsey/Truscott-eds Tesseracts 3 (Anthology of Canadian science fiction) $7.95
Ekman, Kerstin The Forest of Hours (PBO: Skord is a magical being who finds himself in a forest with no memory, and he watches mankind over many years to learn the strange ways of men) $13.95
Goonan, Kathleen Ann Queen City Jazz (Verity leaves her isolated farm to enter the nanotech city of Cincinnati, where she may be able to save a friend's life if she can survive in its strange world) $14.95
Gray, Julia The Dark Moon (#1 of Guardian Cycle, British fantasy series) $8.95
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Turnabout (Old people are given an injection to reverse the aging process, and are supposed to receive another shot years in the future to stop the "un-aging" process-but everybody who gets the second injection dies) $22.95
Halsey, Winifed-ed. Heaven and Hell (Anthology of original whimsical stories; includes Jody Lynn Nye, Susan Sizemore, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, many others) $11.50
Harrison, Harry A Stainless Steel Trio (Three Stainless Steel Rat novels) $17.95
Hawking, Stephen and others The Future of Spacetime (6 essays on black holes, gravitational waves, time travel, and where the new physics will lead us) $15.95
Haynes, Melinda Rucker The Eternal Trust (A former military special ops psychic spy and a young woman meet through a samurai sword which confers special powers on the owner; it could mean the death of them both) $26.95
Hayward, Amber The Healer (In a Brazilian slum, a healer must protect a telepathic deaf_mute from an evil leader who wants to use the deaf_mute to increase his own power) $17.95
Howe, John Myth and Magic (250 of Howe's paintings and sketches, including Lord of the Rings and other fantasy worlds) $35.00
Huff, Tanya Stealing Magic (The complete adventures of Magdelen and Terazin, a woman and a demon) $23.95
Hunter, Mollie The Mermaid Summer (Young adult fantasy reprint) $5.99
Johanson/Trudel eds Tesseracts 7 (Anthology of Canadian science fiction) $7.95
Koike, Kazuo/Kojima, Goseki Lone Wolf and Cub #23-27 (Japanese graphic novels) $9.95 each
Lee, Alan The Lord of the Rings Poster Collection #2 (6 poster paintings from Alan Lee, who did much of the artwork on the film) $24.95
Merril, Judith ed Tesseracts (Anthology of Canadian science fiction) $4.95
Morgan, Richard Broken Angels (Signed British hc of sequel to Altered Carbon ) $43.95
Nickerson, Sara How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found (Young adult fiction about fate, odd coincidences, and what happens when truth is stranger than fiction) $5.99
Nickle, David/Schroeder, Karl The Claus Effect (Sequel to The Toy Mill, teenaged Emily must face the terrifying truth about the malevolent Santa Claus and the New World Order) $8.95
Ortega, Joshua ((Frequencies)) (Fifty years in the future, the government requires everybody to have a bio-chip installed so that they can be monitored at all times "to fight terrorism", set mainly in Seattle; signed copies available) $24.00
Pierce, Meredith Ann Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood (Young adult fantasy; Hannah starts as a young healer held captive by a magician, but breaks free and discovers her talents and destiny) $6.99
Pflug, Ursula Green Music (A struggling Toronto artist is inspired by dreams of a different world, and as the artist paints, the membrane between the world thins creating a gate between them) $16.95
Prachett, Terry The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (Discworld; Rats that can read, disarm mousetraps, and concoct schemes with a genius cat known as the Amazing Maurice) $6.99
Prachett, Terry The Wee Free Men (A young witch_to_be must journey through the dreamscape of Fairyland to rescue her kidnapped brother) $16.99
Ridley, John Those Who Walk in Darkness (There are good "metanormals" and bad ones, and when they fight, regular humans often die; special cops deal with the metanormals, and face a 1 in 4 chance of dying every time they see action) $24.95
Robinson, Spider God is an Iron and Other Stories (Collection of stories including the award_winning novella Stardance) $24.95
Rosenberg, Joel Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda (Guardians of the Flame: Kethol has been forced into a disguise and in order to save a kingdom his warrior friends have to pull off a complicated scheme that could kill them) $24.95
Ruditis, Paul Star Trek Voyager Companion (Reference, includes episode guide) $27.95
Runte, Robert/Meynard, Yves eds Tesseracts 5 (Anthology of Canadian science fiction) $8.95
Rusch, Kristine The Retrieval Artist and Other Stories (Short story collection) $13.95
Saberhagen, Fred Berserker's Star (Harry Silver has stolen a powerful weapon and while on the run, takes on a passenger searching for her husband, and Harry finds himself investigating a deeper mystery) $24.95
Salvatore, R.A. Immortalis (Conclusion of the DemonWars saga: Aydrian attempts to conquer the world of Corona and only his mother Pony can save him from evil) $26.95
Sampson, Fay Pangur Ban the White Cat , Finnglas of the Horses , Finglas and the Stones of Choosing, Shape-Shifter: the Naming of Pangur Ban (4 British young adult fantasies) $7.95 each
Simmons, Wm. Mark Dead on My Feet (After a blood transfusion with the Lord of the Undead, Chris has powers that others want and will do anything to get) $24.00
Snicket, Lemony Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography (humorous tie-in to the popular young adult Series of Unfortunate Events) $6.99
Toolis, Lorna/Skeet, Michael eds Tesseracts 4 (Anthology of Canadian science fiction) $8.95
Vonarburg, Elisabeth Slow Engines of Time (8 stories from award_winning Canadian author) $8.95
Vonarburg, Elisabeth The Silent City (A young girl born into a city built as a refuge from the war_torn world outside is the only one who can save the city from a virus preventing the conception of male babies) $9.95
Vonarburg/Brierly eds Tesseracts Q (Anthology of Canadian science fiction) $8.95
Wandrei, Howard The Eerie Mr. Murphy (Collected Fantasy Tales Vol. II, includes some reprints from 1930s and 1940s pulps, plus some never before published) $35.00
Watts, Peter Ten Monkeys, Ten Minutes (Collection of stories by Watts) $9.95
Weis, Margaret Mistress of Dragons (For ages dragons have been held at bay by an order of Priestesses, but the order has come undone, and a mad scramble of intrigue and magic ensues; signing at Uncle Hugo's on May 22) $25.95
Wells, Martha The Wizard Hunters (A mysterious army has surrounded Ile_Rien and is attacking in ominous airships and the only hope is a magical sphere created by a sorcerer which is very unpredictable) $24.95
White, Steve Forge of the Titans (Titans who ruled the Earth millennia ago are returning and a handful of telepaths join forces with ancient gods to defeat them) $22.00
Zahn, Timothy Star Songs and Other Stories (Collection of short stories) $24.95
Zelazny, Roger Changeling (Reissue: To take control of his powers, Pol Detson must survive arduous training into the rites of sorcery) $11.95


Gifford, Clive So You Think You Know Harry Potter (trivia book) $8.95
Mitchell, Mike-ed The Dedalus Book of Austrian Fantasy (32 short stories from Austrian authors from 1890 to 2000) $17.99
Tan, Cecilia Erotic Fantasy (The best stories of erotic fantasy featured in Circlet Press from 1992_2002) $19.95


Abnett, Dan Honour Guard (Gaunt and his ghosts battle to defend a vital shrine world as the vile forces of Chaos counter attack) $6.99
Abnett, Dan Necropolis (On the shattered world of Verghast, Gaunt finds himself caught up in an ancient war as the besieged hive city falls to treachery within) $6.99
Anderson, K.J. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (PBO: Heroes drawn from Victorian pulp fiction band together to foil a madman's plans for world domination) $6.99
Anderson, Kevin J Hidden Empire (In the distant future humanity employs a device turning gas giants into new suns, awakening the wrath of an advanced and unknown alien race who seek to destroy all humans) $6.99
Armstrong, Kelley Stolen (Women of the Otherworld Book 2: Female Werewolf Elena Michaels searches for her own elite pack and is kidnapped by a ruthless billionaire who traps and hunts paranormals) $24.95
Barnes, John In the Hall of the Martian King (A consular on Phobos, Jak Jinnaka must get a document discovered by one of the primitive tribes of Mars that reveals secrets which could lead to war) $6.99
Bear, Greg Hegira (Young Bar_Woten searches for the truth about his homeland through the many exotic cities of Hegira) $6.99
Borchardt, Alice The Dragon Queen (Book one of the Tales of Guenevere: a fresh look at her legend casting her as warrior queen of England) $6.99
Borchardt, Alice The Raven Warrior (Guinevere raids the Saxon coast with a small band of fighters and Lancelot is on a journey that will bring him face_to_face with her and create a legend) $25.95
Bova, Ben The Rock Rats (Sequel to The Precipice , continuing the saga of the struggle for the wealth of the Solar System) $6.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Gravelight (In a tiny mountain town, a drunk, a psychic actress, and a band of psi_researchers come together a discover a Gate into a psychic storm) $6.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer/ Ross, Deb Zandru's Forge (Clingfire Trilogy Book 2: A unique friendship between Keeper and King will bring about the end of long_distance weapons and change the face of Darkover) $24.95
Bray, Patricia Devlin's Honor (Sequel to Devlin's Luck ; to prove his worthiness as the Chosen One of the Gods, Devlin must find the mythical Sword of Light) $5.99
Brenchley, Charles Outremer: The Devil in the Dust (A warrior_priest in training falls in love with the King Shadow's daughter and the desert kingdom is changed forever) $6.50
Bujold, Lois McMaster Diplomatic Immunity (Miles Vorkosigan must untangle diplomatic snarls after a Komarran merchant fleet is impounded on Graf Station and runs into new enemies and mysterious disappearances; signing at Uncle Hugo's June 14) $7.99
Card, Orson Scott Shadow Puppets (The unity enforced on warring nations has shattered and Peter Wiggin, Ender's older brother, will reshape the future) $7.99
Carey, Diane Enterprise: Broken Bow (A Klingon has been nearly killed in Broken Bow, Montana; Star Fleet sends Captain Jonathan Archer to take the Klingon home) $6.99
Clarke, Arthur C Imperial Earth (Duncan Makenzie of Titan goes to Earth in 2276 as a diplomatic guest for the Quincententennial and has many adventures on the way) $11.95
Collins, Max Allen Dark Angel: After the Dark (Third official tie_in novel to the TV series featuring rogue super_soldier Max) $6.99
Colon, Suzan Smallville: Buried Secrets (Clark and Lex Luthor's shared romantic interest reveals secrets about Clark that no one else knows) $5.99
deCamp, L. Sprague Conan and the Spider God (Wrongly accused of kidnapping a queen, Conan pursues real captors & battles the monstrous Spider God to win his freedom) $6.99
Delrio, Martin Mechwarrior: Dark Age (PBO: Duchess Tara Campbell and MechWarrior Paladin Ezekial Crow struggle to save the planet Northwind from invading steel wolves) $6.99
Dick, Phillip K Eye in the Sky (8 people caught in a lab accident wake up in an Old Testament world and must figure out how to get back to their own reality) $12.00
Dick, Phillip K Solar Lottery (The ruler of the Universe is chosen by lottery and a research technician becomes an integral part of a plot to assassinate the current ruler) $12.00
Drake, Emily The Curse of Arkady (The Magickers Book 2: Jason and his friends survived Magic Camp, but can they survive the beastly minions of the Dark Hand who have followed them home?) $6.99
Ellison, Harlan/Corben, Richard Vic and Blood (Collection of all of Ellison's "Boy and his Dog" stories in graphic form) $17.95
Elrod, P.N. The Adventures of Myhr (Myhr, half_man, half_cat and Terrin, a twisted wizard whose bungled spell has hurled them many dimensions away from Earth, encounter many adventures trying to get home) $6.99
Gascoigne/Dunn eds Crucible of War (Stories of Space Marines in the 41st Millennium, facing constant war defending the Imperium from alien races & insidious forces of chaos) $6.99
Golden, Christie Star Trek Voyager: Homecoming Book 1 (After seven long years in the Delta Quadrent, Voyager comes home to the challenge of forging new lives in a Federation that seems to hold little place for them) $6.99
Golden, Christie Star Trek: The Last Roundup (Bored with retirement, Captain Kirk helps his nephew colonize an uninhabited planet, and they discover that aliens have also set up an outpost for its own mysterious reasons) $6.99
Green, Simon R Something from the Nightside (Nightside is an otherworldly realm in the center of London, and John Taylor has been hired to find something there) $6.50
Hartwell, David G ed Year's Best SF 8 (Collection of the best sf stories of 2002) $7.99
Hearn, Lian Across the Nightingale Floor (An orphaned youth named Takeo must discover the destiny that awaits him through the legend of a floor that sings when an assassin sets foot on it) $14.00
Highfield, Roger The Science of Harry Potter (Witty and illuminating look at scientific principles and assumptions of the boy wizard's world) $14.00
Hogan, James P The Anguished Dawn (Earth has reverted to barbarism after a near_miss by a protoplanet, and scientists on a colony near Saturn have the only technology to rebuild, but some on Earth don't want to) $26.00
Ing, Dean Loose Cannon (Rob Tarrant has designed a micro drone and when he tells his boss his life becomes a living hell and someone is out to kill him) $6.99
Jablonski, Carla The Books of Magic #1: The Invitation (Four mysterious strangers offer to show Tim Hunter the power of magic and Tim is catapulted on a perilous journey through time and the realms if magic) $5.99
Jablonski, Carla The Books of Magic #2: Bindings (Tim is charged with saving the realm of Faerie, just as he uncovers surprising truths about his identity) $5.99
Klasky, Mindy L The Glasswright's Test (Glass artisan Rani's loyalty to the Glasswright Fellowship is tested when she is asked to kill the Morenian Queen) $6.99
Knaak, Richard A Night of Blood: The Minotaur Wars Volume 1 (Focus on the minotaur species at the end of the War of Souls) $24.95
Larkin, Patrick The Tribune (In ancient Rome Lucius Aurelius's mission is to stop a war in Galilee, but when he arrives he finds only peaceful farmers and wonders why he was sent on such a useless mission) $6.99
Laws, Robin D Honour of the Grave (Anjelika Fleischer makes her living looting the bloody battlefields of the Empire, following the Imperial Armies of Elector of Averland _ a Warhammer novel) $6.99
Lubar, David In the Land of the Lawn Weenies and Other Misadventures (SF short stories for young adults) $5.99
Lyons, Steve X_Men: The Legacy Quest Book 2 (The X_Men are locked in a race against time to defeat Selene of the Hellfire Club as the Legacy Virus rages on) $6.99
Marillier, Juliet Child of the Prophecy (Conclusion to the Sevenwaters Trilogy: It is up to Fianne, a shy child of a reclusive sorcerer, to solve the riddles of power) $7.99
McKillip, Patricia In the Forests of Serre (A witch hides in her house of bones and a prince bargains with his heart in a place where good and evil entwine) $22.95
Moore, Christopher Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings (Researcher Nathan Quinn spends his winters in Hawaii investigating whales, and when he sees writing on a whale's tail it launches him into a rollicking adventure) 23.95 Morehouse, Lyda Messiah Node (PBO; AIs and archangels, prophets and criminal masterminds face the final day of reckoning; signing at Uncle Hugo's June 14) $6.99
Mosiman, Billie Sue Craven Moon (PBO: Struggle of a man torn between his human longings and his vampire cravings) $6.99
Newcomb, Robert The Fifth Sorceress (3 centuries after a war with powerful sorceresses, existence of Eutracia is threatened once again & only a reluctant magic prince can save it) 7.99 Resnick, Mike ed Women Writing Science Fiction as Men (PBO: Anthology of short stories by women writing under male pseudonyms) 6.99 Reynolds, Alastair Chasm City (In a city overrun by a virus that attacks both man and machine, an agent uncovers a centuries old atrocity that history would rather forget) 7.99 Reynolds, Alastair Redemption Ark (Alien killing machines are fast approaching Earth & the only hope for humanity lies in hidden doomsday weapons that a renegade is determined to find) $24.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley The Years of Rice and Salt (Alternate history postulating that the Black Plague killed 99 per cent of the population of Europe) $7.99
Russell, Sean The Isle of Battle (2nd in the Swans' War Series: Young Elise Wills _ believed dead _ has emerged from the Stillwater's eerie depths, alive, but changed forever) $7.99
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Channeling Cleopatra (Anyone with the cash can use Cleopatra's DNA to learn her secrets, if only the DNA can be found; Leda Hubbard is on the trail) $6.50
Schulta, Mark Justice League of America: The Flash (PBO) $6.99
Sheffield, Charles The Amazing Dr. Darwin (In 18th Century Europe, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, called upon to heal a man dying of a mysterious ailment, encounters danger and the famous inhabitants of a certain Scottish loch) $7.99
Shippey, Tom The Road to Middle Earth (Detailed journey to the roots of The Lord of the Rings and how Tolkien created Middle Earth) $13.00
Silverberg, Robert Roma Eterna (Alternate history where Rome did not fall and instead history's greatest empire still holds sway) $25.95
Smith, Dean Wesley ed Star Trek: Strange New Worlds VI (Anthology of Star Trek stories written by fans) $14.95
Stirling, S.M. T2: Rising Storm (Only Sarah and John Connor can save the world on the day when sentient machines move to destroy their human creators) $7.99
Stover, Matthew Star Wars: Shatterpoint (Master Mace Windu searches for his former Padawan who has disappeared while working undercover, and the Jedi Council fears she has gone mad or over to the dark side; 5 CDs abridged $29.95) $25.95
Vornholt, John Star Trek The Next Generation: Genesis Force (The Enterprise must restore a planet in the Genesis Sector in time to save the lives of millions; 3 cassettes abridged $24.00; 4 CDs abridged $28..00) $23.95
Werner, C.L. Blood and Steel (A Warhammer novel) $6.99
Wulf, Rich Wind of Justice: The Four Winds Saga #3 (Based on the Legend of the Five Rings trading card game) $6.99
Zettel, Sarah A Sorcerer's Treason (Bridget Lederle is transported from her home to a dazzling world and becomes involved in a deadly game of politics and magic) $7.99


Dozois, Gardner ed The Year's Best Science Fiction #20 (Collection of the best science fiction of the year) $19.95
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal and W Michael People of the Owl (Noble warrior and shaman Salamander leads the People of the Owl in the oldest city in America) $25.95
Gerrold, David The Martian Child (An autobiographical novel of the trials and tribulations of fatherhood) $12.95
Hagberg, David Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Novelization of the movie) $24.95
Marllier, Juliet Wolfskin (Young Viking Eyvind wants to be a warrior and goes across the sea with his older brother to a magical land to earn his honor) $25.95
Matheson, Richard 7 Steps to Midnight (When a mysterious imposter steals his identity and life, mathematician Chris Barton is suddenly thrust into a whirlwind of danger and intrigue) $14.95
Tebbetts, Christopher The Viking #1: Viking Pride, #2: Quest for Faith (Young adult novels about a 14-year-old from modern Minnesota who is zapped back in time to 9th century Scandinavia and given tasks by Thor) $5.99 each
Vallejo, Boris/Bell, Julie Practical Guide to Fantasy Art (In_depth description of how Bell and Vallejo paint their masterpieces) $32.50


Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (#5, Special Edition available at $60.00) $29.95


Alten, Steve Goliath (In 2008, a monstrous stingray_shaped nuclear submarine attacks a US fleet, and when its brain becomes self_aware it has its own agenda) $7.99
Anderson, Kevin J A Forest of Stars (Book 2 of The Saga of Seven Suns: 5 years have passed and the humans struggle to fight against the increasing hostilities of the Hydrogues) $24.95
Anderson, Poul Ensign Flandry (Omnibus of three Ensign Flandry adventures) $11.95
Auel, Jean M The Shelters of Stone (Fifth volume in the Earth's Children series) $7.99
Barnes, Steven Charisma (An experiment in imprinting children goes bad when a terrible secret of the person they chose as a model is also imprinted on the children) $6.99
Betancourt, John Gregory The Dawn of Amber (First in a Trilogy of prequel novels set in Roger Zelazny's "Amber" Universe) $6.99
Boyd, Donna The Alchemist (As a boy, Randolf Sontime was trained in magic, and grew up to train two others, who discover their gifts have been corrupted leading to a horrible murder) $12.95
Brenchly, Chaz Outremer: Tower of the King's Daughter (Outremer Book 2: Young knight Marron and Julienne, daughter of the King's shadow, must leave Roq de Rancon and carry away its greatest secret) $6.50
Bujold, Lois McMaster Young Miles (Miles Vorkosigan leads his mercenaries into adventures as his alter_ego Admiral Naismith) $7.99
Bull, Emma Finder (Orient is a Finder, with a talent for finding missing things, and is drawn into a search for a lethal new drug and an odyssey through the darkest corners of his world) $6.99
Cook, Rick Wiz Biz II: Cursed and Consulted (Wiz Zubwalt has to deal with computer criminals who have forged an alliance with dragons; omnibus reprint) $7.99
Czerneda, Julie E. ed Space Inc. (Anthology of stories on work in the future in space &beyond) $6.99
David, Peter Knight Life ( King Arthur is called forth by Merlin to lead the United States, and to rule Arthur must run for Mayor of NYC) $7.99
David, Peter One Knight Only (Arthur Pendragon, the Once and Future King, is currently President of the US, and to save his wife as she lays near death he must once again seek the Holy Grail) $23.95
David, Peter The Woad to Wuin (Apropos of Nothing finds himself defending an entire town against certain doom) $7.99
deLint, Charles/Lupoff, Richard A Philip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon 3 (Last two novels of the twins Clive and Neville Folliot as they battle their way through the Dungeon planet) $7.99
Doherty, Robert Area 51: Nosferatu (To uncover dark secrets of our alien history, we must go back to the beginning, and Nosferatu) $6.99
Doyle, Debra/MacDonald, James D A Working of Stars (New novel in the Mageworlds series: Arekhon finds himself impelled to leave the planet Entibor to finish the Great Working while Eraasian fleet families are girding for war) $6.99
Drake, Emily The Dragon Guard (The Magickers Book 3: Jason Adrian continues to search for the second gate into Haven, but time is running out as the Dark Hand prepares to strike) $19.95
Farrer, Matthew Crossfire (Warhammer 40,000: Arbites officer Shira Capurnia must discover who is trying to assassinate her before civil unrest turns to all out heresy) $6.99
Fisher, Jude Sorcery Rising (Book 1 of the Fool's Gold Series: Young female knife_maker Katla secretly climbs a holy mount of the Istrian Empire and they vow to find her as she hides in the midst of the Allfair) $6.99
Fisher, Jude Wild Magic (Book 2 of the Fools Gold Series) $23.95
Flewelling, Lynn Hidden Warrior (Second book of a series about the destiny of a hopeless people's prince and the secret burden he carries) $6.99
Fox, Andrew Fat White Vampire Blues (Jules Duchon is a 450 pound vampire who lives in New Orleans and with the help of his friends must contend with a new vampire in town who seeks to drive him out of town) $13.95
Furey, Maggie Echo of Eternity (Contines the heroic saga of the Shadowleague which is gathering itself for a devastating attack in the world of Myrial) $6.99
Golden, Christie Star Trek Voyager: Homecoming Book 2 (When an unstoppable Borg plague breaks out on Earth, accusations quickly fall on the newly returned crew of the Voyager) $6.99
Golden, Christopher The Gathering Dark (Peter Octavian _ once a vampire and now a powerful mage _ is the only man powerful enough to stop a supernatural armageddon) $6.99
Goonan, Kathleen Ann Light Music (Concluding volume of Nanotech Quartet _ Jason Peabody must now flee from Crescent City in the wake of an unanticipated assault by pirates) $7.99
Hambly, Barbara Dragonstar (Concluding novel in the series) $6.99
Hartwell, David G ed Years Best Fantasy #3 (Collection of the best fantasy stories published in the past year) $7.99
Hatch, Richard/Linaweaver, Brad Battlestar Galactica: Paradis (The Battlestar fleet has found a beautiful planet and all is well until the traitor Balter begins having nightmares about a race of Cylons more evil than ever) $22.95
Hunter, Erin Warriors #2: Fire and Ice (Fireheart copntinues his quest to be a true warrior, and finds new danger lurking in the woods as the chill of winter sets in) $15.99
Irvine, Alexander A Scattering of Jades (After losing everything in the great New York fire of 1835, a man is forced to face an ancient magical god who plans to use the blood of his daughter to end the world) $7.99
Kemp, Paul S Twilight Falling (Erevis Cale has left the service of Sembia's merchant lords and now serves a new master who trades not in gold, but in souls) $6.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Night Embrace (An ancient Celtic warrior cursed by a god to bring death to any woman who loved him lives in modern_day New Orleans and meets a woman who makes him love again) $6.99
King, Stephen From a Buick 8 (The state police in Statler PA have kept a Buick in a shed since 1979, and in 2001 a boy helping out around the station discovers the secret and wants answers) $7.99
Kirstein, Rosemary The Steerswoman's Road (Omnibus reprint of The Steerswoman and The Outrigger's Secret , long out-of-print, highly recommended) $14.95
Kurtz, Katherine ed On Crusade (All original stories about on the mysterious Knights Templar) $6.50
Lackey, Mercedes/Sherman, Joseph Stoned Souls (Elven car racer Conal and human mechanic Dottie travel to Florida and run into signs that the human world is about to be invaded by the evil elves of Unseleighe Court) $24.00
Lain, T.H. The Sundered Arms (Dungeons & Dragons novel) $5.99
LeGuin, Ursula Changing Planes (A tourist discovers while waiting for a plane the he can change planes of existence and tours other worlds) $22.00
Lee, J. Ardian Outlaw Sword (20th Century American Dylan Matheson returns to Scotland to challenge history itself. Second in the Outlander series) $6.99
Lee, J. Ardian Sword of King James (Dylan Matheson must once again take up arms against the hated British, unaware that he is being manipulated by Morrighan, the goddess of war) $14.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr Legacies (On a world of magical powers, a young boy discovers he has the Talent, and even though he is enslaved he realizes that he has a central role to play) $7.99
Murphy, Kevin Andrew Fathoms, Book 2 (Marine biologist Aspen Matthews is caught between two factions of mermen as she discovers she is the key to controlling an incredible power that could stop WWIII) $6.99
Newcomb, Robert The Gates of Dawn (Book 2 of the Chronicles of Blood and Stone: After winning the battle with the Sorceresses of the Coven the land is lawless and Prince Tristan is a wanted man) $26.95
Niven, Larry-creator Man_Kzin Wars IX (The feline Kzin lose their first war after a series of successful conquests to humans but they develop new weapons & strategies to fight back) $7.99
Norton, Andre/McConchie Beast Master's Ark (Tani, daughter of a heroic Beast Master, travels to the Beast Master's planet where a terrifying force is ravaging it, and she must face the Beast Master in herself to save it) $5.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Extremes (Miles Flint is a Retrieval Artist, hunting down the Disappeared _ outlaws wanted for crimes against alien cultures _ but Flint isn't working on the side of the law) $6.50
Salvatore, R.A. The Thousand Orcs (Dark elf_ranger Drizzt Do'Urden and his friends find themselves in the path of blood_thirsty orcs rampaging out of the Spine of the world destroying all in their path) $7.99
Samson, John Star Trek Crosswords Book 1 (Crosswords based on Star Trek universe) $12
Scotch, Cheri The Werewolf's Kiss (Sylvie Marley is in love with a werewolf in New Orleans and she must choose between a normal life and the life she craves as a werewolf) $6.99
Shelley, Rick The Lucky 13th: Jump Pay (Reprint; book 3 in the series: The Lucky 13th are spearheading an assault of the Accord planets and the odds are against them) $5.99
Silverberg, Robert Nightwings (Reprint; when the Watcher fails in his duty, alien invaders come and take over and the Watcher sets out for the Holy City where the key to saving the planet exists) $6.99
Simmons, Dan Ilium (Science Fiction epic spanning thousands of years past and future, based on themes of the Iliad and The Tempest) $25.95
Somtow, S.P. Star Trek The Next Generation: Do Comets Dream? (A comet is heading for Thanet and Captain Picard thinks it would be easy to destroy until Deanna Troi discovers the comet is alive) $6.99
Thompson, Paul B The Middle of Nowhere (The peace of a rural village is shattered by a band of renegades seeking slaves, and the farmers must turn to a motley group of saviors to help them) $6.99
Thorne, Tamara Merilynn: The Sorority (Second in a trilogy set at a Sorority where there is a sisterhood of evil, a centuries_old coven, and girls pledge for life...or death) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold (Alternate history, in the wake of WW1, 1924 America remains divided between the socialist controlled North and the fascist_dominated South) $7.99
Weber, David/Flint, Eric 1633 (Mike Stearns & a group of West Virginians are hurled into the 17th Century by a time warp and help King Gustavus of Sweden in the 30 Years War;1632 sequel) $7.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Dragons of Winter Night (Reissue in hardcover for the first time, the second Dragonlance title published) $27.95
West, Michelle The Riven Shield (Fifth novel of the Sun Sword Series: continues the story of the war_torn world of the Essalieyan Empire and demon lords unleashed) $6.99
Williams, Sean/Dix, Shane Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Force Heretic 3: Reunion (17th in the New Jedi Order Series and conclusion to the Force Heretic Trilogy; 3CDs abridged $19.95) $6.99


Carroll, Jonathan White Apples (A man discovers that he has died & come back to life, & the universe may depend on his ability to remember his experiences on the other side) $13.95
Chiang, Ted Stories of Your Life and Others (Collection of all Chiang's previously published stories, and one new story written specifically for this collection) $14.95
Cochran, Molly The Third Magic (Ordinary American boy Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, must claim his destiny; Guinevere stands between Arthur & victory) $24.95
Douglass, Sara Beyond the Hanging Wall (As an apprentice to his healer father, Garth accompanies him on his annual journey to the mines of Escator where hardened criminals labor, and discovers a dangerous secret) $24.95
Goodkind, Terry Naked Empire (To save an empire from annihilation, Richard Rahl, the Sword of Truth, must find an antidote for a poison he has been given, and the price may be his beautiful wife) $29.95
Lee, Tanith Saint Fire (Volpa, a servant girl with the power of fire and church leaders who see her gift are determined to have her on their side) $14.95
Lovecraft, HP/ Derleth, August The Lurker at the Threshold (Reissue: Ambrose Dewart's investigations into his family's sinister past eventually lead him to the unspeakable revelations of The Great Old Ones) $10.00
Lumley, Brian Harry Keogh: Necroscope & Other Heroes (3 never before published stories of Harry Keogh, & 4 long unavailable tales of David Hero & Titus Crow) $24.95
Odom, Mel Hunters of the Dark Sea (Whalers attempt to capture one last whale before heading to port, but they end up being stalked by an unknown horror) $24.95
Robinson, Spider Callahan's Con (The Callahan gang has moved into a little bar in Key West, and when the Mafia discovers their cozy nest our heroes must deal with Little Tony Donuts and his protection racket) $23.95
Rucker, Rudy Spaceland (Joe Cube takes home an experimental machine and when he turns it on he's contacted by Momo, a woman from the 4th dimension, who promises to make him rich if he will help her) $13.95
Stableford, Brian The Omega Expedition (The life_history of Adam Zimmerman, developer of the technology of emortality, and his long_delayed awakening in the 35th century) $15.95
Tebbetts, Christopher The Viking #3: Land of the Dead (young adult novel) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry Conan of Venarium (The young Conan cares for his ailing mother and helps at his father's smithy when war comes and Conan burns to join the fight) $24.95
Wilson, Robert Charles Blind Lake (Federal research agency scientists are using new technology to observe an alien race on a distant planet, when station is cut off from outside world) $24.95
Wyndham, John The Day of the Triffids (Reprint: Plants which can kill cover the Earth and man tries to survive) $11.95


Adams, Douglas The Salmon of Doubt (Collection of previously unpublished writings of the late, great Douglas Adams) $13.95
Anthony, Mark The Gates of Winter (Book five in the continuing saga of magic, adventure, and courage set in the mythical world of Eldh and modern Earth) $6.99
Ash, Sarah Lord of Snow and Shadows (A lowly court painter discovers he has magical blood which makes him the rightful heir to the kingdom of Azhkendir, but it could also destroy him) $21.95
Balfour, Bruce The Digital Dead (Virtual versions of the dead control the desires of those they've left behind with terrifying results) $6.99
Banker, Ashok K Prince of Ayodhya (Young Rama, heir to the throne of Ayodha, must fight two demons who have raised a formidable army of anti_gods and plan to take over the land of humans) $24.95
Bergantino, David Hamlet II: Midsummer's Night Scream (On the outskirts of a college town, a strange carnival sets up and students are tormented by werewolves, snakemen, and other demons of the dark side owned by an evil teacher) $6.99
Bolme, Edward The Alabaster Staff (A woman steals the Staff of the Necromancer, kills a Zhentarim agent, and angers the thieves guild in the first book of a new series exploring the Rogues) $6.99
Bradbury, Ray Bradbury Stories (Collection of 100 tales of Ray Bradbury including old favorites and quiet gems written since 1943) $29.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress XX (PBO: All new Swords and Sorceress stories) $6.99
Brenchly, Chaz Outremer: A Dark Way to Glory (The Sharai tribes are unaware that the Ghost Walker is among them, but their enemies have the ability to control him) $6.50
Britain, Kristen First Rider's Call (Karigan G'Ladheon, Green Rider and magical messenger to the King, must get help from the First Rider to stop evil forces inside the kingdom) $24.95
Brust, Steven The Paths of the Dead (Two hundred years after Adron's Disaster, the Empire has been deprived of magic and the enemies of the Empire prowl at its edges, when a surviving Phoenix Heir is discovered) $7.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Miles, Mystery and Mayhem (Two novels and a novelette of the adventures of Miles Vorkosigan of the Dendarii Free Mercenaries) $7.99
Bunch, Chris The Scoundrel Worlds (PBO: Star Risk, Ltd. is hired to keep an eye on Skyball, the greatest sport in the universe, as two opposing worlds are neck and neck and riots and murder plague the sport) $6.99
Butcher, Jim Death Masks (Book 5: Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, is hired by a mysterious priest to find the stolen Shroud of Turin) $6.99
Byers, Richard Lee Dissolution (War of the Spider Queen Book 1: Four dark elves struggle against different enemies, but their paths converge to save the entire dark elf race) $6.99
Colebatch, Hal Man_Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War (After the feline_like Kzin are defeated in the Wunderland jungles many humans want revenge and many Kzin see humans as a food source, and the conflict continues) $21.00
David, Peter Tong Lashing: Sir Apropos of Nothing #3 (Sir Apropos of Nothing finds himself in an ancient land that may be the precursor to modern China and begins constructing a gigantic wall that leads nowhere) $25.00
Davis, Russell The Twilight Zone Book 2: A Gathering of Shadows (Mason Noir is the thirteenth son of a thirteenth son and works to acquire the magical power he has dreamed of all his life) $6.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A.-ed. Imaginings (Ten new intriguing tales from the top names in fantasy and science fiction) $14.00
Delrio, Martin Truth and Shadows (Mechwarrior Dark Age Book 2: Anastasia Kerensky plans to seize the planet Northwind, but Ezekial Crow and Tara Campbell are prepared to repel her invasion) $6.99
Duncan, Dave Paragon Lost: A Chronicle of the King's Blades (Fourth in the King's Blades Series) $7.50
Flint, Eric Forward the Mage (The planet called Warlock is ruled by the Wyverns, an alien race of witches, and their story is told by three humans in a sweeping generational saga) $7.99
Foster, Alan Dean The Mocking Program (A telepathic police detective in 21st century Los Angeles must figure out why the victim's DNA matches more than one person and where his family has disappeared to) $6.99
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek The Next Generation: Stargazer Book 3 (A rift in the fabric of space threatens the lives of Jean_Luc Picard and the entire Stargazer Crew) $6.99
Gaiman, Neil Stardust (Reissue: Epic fantasy from the award_winning creator of the Sandman series) $6.99
Gascoigne/Dunn eds Way of the Dead (Collection of stories of the Warhammer universe) $6.99
Gerrold, David Leaping to the Stars (Charles Dingillian must smuggle his family off of Luna to save HARLIE, a state_of the art A.I. and faces disagreements between factions on the starship that lead to mutiny) $6.99
Green, Jonathan Crusade for Armageddon (Warhammer 40,000: Marshall Brant of the Black Templars returns with his crusading force to discover his homeworld under savage attack from orcs) $6.99
Harlan, Thomas The Dark Lord (Concluding volume of The Oath of Empire: Despite early victories, Rome is hard_pressed by the Emperor of Persia and only a great sorcerer can save the empire) $7.99
Herbert, Mary H City of the Lost (The Linsha Trilogy, Volume 1: When a magical storm hammers all of Ansalon, Linsha must embark on a desperate quest to save the city from an unstoppable enemy) $6.99
Huntington, Geoffrey Demon Witch (Book 2 of the Ravenscliff series: A guest who arrives at Ravenscliff is actually a succubus, and Devon must stop her before she gains control over him) $17.95
King, J. Robert ed Monsters of Magic (Anthology of stories set in the world of Dominaria) $6.99
King, William Daemonslayer (Gotrek and Felix join an expedition to search for the long_lost dwarf hall of Karag Dum) $6.99
King, William Dragonslayer (Gotrek and Felix are pursued by the ruthless skaven lord, Grey Seer Thanquol) $6.99
Le Guin, Ursula K The Telling (On the planet Aka, and offical observer from Earth discovers a group of outcasts who practice the lost religion of the Telling and joins them on a pilgrimage to the mountains) $6.50
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve I Dare (Liaden Universe; conclusion to the saga of the war between Clan Korval and the sinister Department of the Interior) $7.50
Lee, Tanith Mortal Suns (The Queen of Akhemony births a deformed baby, who is whisked to the underworld for a lifetime of darkness, and only the Sun Consort can restore her to her rightful place) $26.95
Leiber, Fritz Swords in the Mist (Reissue: 3rd book in Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series) $6.99
Lem, Stanislaw Solaris (Reissue, tie_in with the movie) $13.00
Lindskold, Jane Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart (Firekeeper, raised by intelligent wolves, has been chosen to obtain magical articles currently held by Queen Gustin and sought by all the powers of her world) $7.99
Lyons, Steve The Micronauts Time Traveler Trilogy Book 2 (Earthman Ryan Archer is thrown into the Micronaut universe and he will have much to do with changes for the Micronauts) $6.99
Mangels, Andy/Martin, Michael a Star Trek The Lost Era: The Sundered (Nearly a decade after Kirk's disappearence, Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior leads a dangerous mission to conduct peace talks with the Tholians causing a conflict on the ship) $6.99
Mieville, China Perdido Street Station (A scientist in a squalid city where humans and arcane races live in fear studies Crisis Theory and is faced by challenges when a half_bird, half_human comes to him from afar) $7.99
Perry, Steve The 97th Step (Reprint; Story of Emile Khadaji's mentor, who lived a life of desolation & thievery before training as a warrior by the Siblings of the Shroud) $6.50
Preiss, Byron ed The Ultimate Alien (Collection of stories of humans meeting with aliens) $7.99
Reichert, Mickey Zucker The Lost Dragons of Barakhai (Benton Collins returns to Barakhai, where magic has turned all but the royal family into shapeshifters, to help his friends) $6.99
Sabin, E. Rose A School for Sorcery (Tria Tessererl is attending a school for the magically gifted, but her roommate breaks the rules by using her power against whomever displeases her, including Tria) $5.99
Sherman, Josepha/Shwartz, Susan Star Trek The Original Series: Vulcan's Soul (Ambassador Spock and the surviving members of Captain Kirk's old crew try to stop a war between the Vulcans and the Romulans; 3 cassettes abridged $24; 4 CDs abridged $28) $24.95
Shinn, Sharon The Shape_Changer's Wife (Reprint; a wizardry student seeks knowledge from the master shape_changer Glyrenden, but discovers a woman named Lilith who is a mystery he never expected to solve) $12.95
Spinrad, Norman The Druid King (The story of Vercingetorix, great Gallic warrior and King of the Druids, as he faces years of exile and becomes Caesar's greatest opponent) $24.95
Stirling, S.M. T2: The Future War (Sarah & John Connor are hiding out in Alaska when the U.S. puts Skynet in control of the Armed Forces; John leads the resistance) $23.95
Stross, Charles Singularity Sky (400 years in the future, time travel has been perfected which could be a great step for humanity or its ultimate downfall) $23.95
Swann, S. Andrew Moreau Omnibus (The first three Moreau novels in an omnibus edition) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry American Empire: The Victorious Opposition (The fascist Freedom Party of the Confederacy leads the country to another war with the United States) $27.95
Vance, Jack The Dragon Masters (Reissue: In an alien world, a boy comes into conflict with his stratified society and eventually becomes a rebel. Hugo Award winner) $6.99
Viehl, S. L. Blade Dancer (In a xenophobic world, a non_human sports star keeps her nature secret until her mother dies and she must honor her last wish by becoming a Blade Dancer) $22.95
Weber, David/White, Steve The Shiva Option (The bugs have overrun planet after planet and the billions of civilians have been slaughtered _ the Grand Alliance has no choice but to activate the Shiva option) $7.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Journey into the Wood (Sovereign Stone Trilogy #3: The Dominion Lords must bring their shard of the Sovereign Stone to the Portal of the Gods, opposed by Dagnarus, Lord of the Void) $25.95
Williams, Walter Jon Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way ( the war against the ruthless Yuuzhan Vong, the fall of Coruscant leaves the New Republic on the verge of bowing to conquest, but the NJO refuses to surrender) $6.99
Yolen, Jane Briar Rose (The story of Sleeping Beauty set in forests patrolled by the Nazis during WWII) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy Manta's Gift (While exploring Jupiter, Jakob Faraday discovers alien creatures, and when a rumor spreads that the creatures have a stardrive, Earth tries to coerce it from them) $6.99


Asher, Neal Gridlinked (Interstellar travel can occur in the blink of an eye until a disaster wipes out an entire colony and Cormac, legendary Earth Central Security agent, must find out why) $24.95
Baker, Kage The Anvil of the World (Smith, formerly an assassin, has retired and is trying to lead a quiet life when he agrees to be the master of a caravan traveling to Salesh by the sea, and trouble follows) $25.95
Bradshaw, Gillian Render Unto Caesar (One man will brave the might of Rome to satisfy a debt of honor) $27.95
Brust, Steven The Lord of Castle Black (Sequel to The Paths of the Dead , continuing the adventures of Khaavren, before the time of Vlad Taltos) $27.95
Campbell, Ramsey Scared Stiff (Reissue of seven tales of sex and death, and three new stories by the Grand Master of Horror) $14.95
Campell/Dann/Etchison eds Gathering the Bones (Anthology of all new tales of horror) $27.95
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terry eds The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror #16 (Collection of the best fantasy and horror of the year) $19.95
de Lint, Charles Dreams Underfoot (The first of de Lint's Newford collections returned to print in trade edition) $15.95
de Lint, Charles Spirits in the Wires ( At an on_line research library a mysterious crash occurs and everyone visiting the site vanishes. Now Christy and his companions must enter the Wordwood to find them) $27.95
Jones, J.V. A Fortress of Gray Ice (In a world covered by ice and on the brink of war, the Blindwall that protects the world from the darkness has been breached, and only three people can stop it) $25.95
Jones, Stephen/Sutton, David eds The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales (Collection of the best horror stories from Fantasy Tales magazine) $12.00
Levinson, Paul The Consciousness Plague (Phil D'Amato finds evidence of a bacteria_like organism and when a new anti_biotic kills the bug people, they start losing their memories, and the problem must be solved soon) $14.95
Levinson, Paul The Pixel Eye (In the not_too_distant future an NYPD forensic detective is called in to investigate a new technology that can transmit what small animals see or hear to human observers) $24.95
Lindskold, Jane The Dragon of Despair (Melina Shield, the beautiful and unscrupulous sorceress has induced the ruler of New Kelvin to marry her and Firekeeper has been given the task of stopping her) $27.95
Modesitt, L.E.Jr Darkness (Alucius has grown to be the youngest captain in the militia and faces both military and magical challenges: Sequel to Legacies) $27.95
Niven, Larry Scatterbrain (A collection of recent stories, non_fiction articles, interviews, collaboration and correspondence from Niven) $24.95
Petty, Anne C Tolkien in the Land of Heroes (Exploration of why Tolkien's works continue to resonate with new generations of readers, revealing the underlying themes of his works) $17.95
Schmidt, Stanley Argonaut (Strange flying insects are causing people to have intense floods of memories when they bite, and a victim and an entomologist uncover a plot to "bug" the planet) $15.95

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