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Newsletter #62 June - August, 2003

[PBO means paperback original]

Adams, Harold The Fourth of July Wake (Kyle Champion attends the wake for a family patriarch who left behind a young widow and a bunch of resentful children) $25.95
Akunin, Boris The Winter Queen (May, 1876, Erast Fandorin, young detective with the Criminal Investigation Div. Of the Moscow Police looks into unlikely suicide of student, connects to murder and leads to center of world terrorist conspiracy; translated) $19.95
Andrews, Phil Goodnight Vienna (A world cup soccer coach is threatened, and a young English PI is hired to protect him, but a murder and a goalkeeper in hiding raises the stakes; import) $12.00
Bahal, Aniruddha Bunker 13 (A journalist working for an upstart Indian newsweekly has been investigating corruption in the war on India's frontier with Pakistan and uncovers a cache of arms and heroin) $24.00
Black, Ethan Dead for Life (NYPD Det. Conrad Voort (4) is pitted against a deranged killer hell_bent on killing 4 victims in one day & blames Voort for his killing spree) $24.00
Breem, Wallace Eagle in the Snow (Reissue: Book that inspired the movie Galdiator) $24.95
Brookmyre, Christopher Country of the Blind (British thriller with stinging satire; conservative media mogul found with his throat slit and bodyguards dead, and investigative reporter Jack Parlabane is soon up to his eyeballs in murder and political intrigue) $12.00
Brown, Dale Air Battle Force (Major General Patrick McLanahan and his crew must use untried robotic warplanes to stop Taliban from taking over oilfields in Turkmenistan) $25.95
Conant, Jennet Tuxedo Park (Nonfiction; a Wall Street tycoon who personally bankrolled research into radar during WW II and who helped the development of the A-bomb) $14.00
Craig, Philip A Vineyard Killing (J.W. Jackson (14) takes a case of a ruthless real estate developer who may be the target for a killer as homeowners are being evicted and there is no shortage of suspects) $24.00
Curtiss, Huston Sins of the 7th Sister (Novel based on a true story of the Gothic South) $24.95
Dams, Jeanne M. Sins Out of School (Dorothy Martin (8) substitutes for a teacher who didn't show up during a flu epidemic, and the teacher ends up a suspect in a murder) $23.95
Doherty, Paul The Plague Lord (British import; murder at the court of Kublai Khan) $26.95
Douglas, John Anyone You Want Me to Be (Non-fiction; story of John Robinson, a serial killer who lured his victims through the Internet) $25.00
Duggan, Alfred Count Bohemond (Novelization of the life of Count Bohemond who carved out his own kingdom in the Middle East) $9.95
Dupuy, Frank C. Ohio Salt (PI who specializes in corporate crime find links between the Nazi invasion of Poland and the Kennedy assassination & people will kill to keep the secrets) $14.95
Elton, Ben Dead Famous (One house, ten twerpy contestants, thirty cameras, forty microphones, one murder and no evidence--humorous take on reality TV) $12.00
Furst, Alan Blood of Victory (In 1940 a Russian emigre in Istanbul is recruited by a British agent for a clandestine operation to stop German importation of Romanian oil) $12.95
Furst, Alan-ed. The Book of Spies (Anthology of literary espionage; Modern Library) $24.95
Gardner, Lisa The Survivors Club (Three women lead the investigation that caught the man who changed their lives forever; now they are suspects in his murder) $7.50
Gault, William Campbell Marksman & Other Stories (Lost classic short story collection) $19.00
Getler, Warren/Brewer, Bob Shadow of the Sentinel (Nonfiction; story of Knights of the Golden Circle, charged with protecting the buried treasure of the Confederacy, and the authors quest to find the treasure) $23.00
Glass, Leslie Over His Dead Body (When husband collapses in coma just before a tax audit, his wife researches the family business and discovers that he was planning to divorce her, swindle her out of lots of money and run away with another woman; humor) $23.95
Grace, Tom Twisted Web (Ex-Navy Seal Nolan Kilkenny (3) investigates when a remote NASA research lab in Antarctica is attacked and the scientists murdered) $6.99
Gregory, Susanna A Deadly Brew (British import; Physician Matthew Bartholomew (4) investigates in 1353 Cambridge when 3 members of the University die from poisoned wine) $8.95
Hall, James W Hot Damn (Essays about Florida from a critically acclaimed author) $13.95
Hambly, Barbara Wet Grave (Benjamin January (6) investigates in 1835 New Orleans when a once beautiful society mistress is found slashed to death) $6.50
Hansen, Joseph Bohannon's Women (hardcover reprint of short story collection) $25.95
Hillerman, Tony The Sinister Pig (Sergeant Chee connects a photograph with a motiveless murder and Joe Leaphorn helps search for a pig which is sinister indeed; 4 cassettes unabridged $26.95; 6 CDs unabridged $29.95; limited number of signed hardcovers) $25.95
Hoch, Edward D. The Iron Angel and Other Tales of the Gypsy Sleuth (Collection of short mysteries solved by a gypsy living in Romania, both during and after the Communist era, often involving old superstitions) $17.00
Jack, Donald Me Too (Bandy (5) finances a campaign for the Canadian Parliament by smuggling booze into Prohibition era US, encounters unpleasantness with US authorities) $18.95
Jack, Donald This One's on Me (Bandy (6) saves a downed pilot who turns out to be son of the 2nd richest man in the world, and creates an air force for the Indian state) $18.95
Jardine, Quintin Blackstone's Pursuits (PI Oz Blackstone takes on the job of hunting down an insurance company's missing millions, he finds the embezzler murdered and no sign of the missing money; import) $8.95
Jardine, Quintin Head Shot (Scottish cop Bob Skinner muscles into the investigation in New York State of the murdered parents of his wife; import) $8.95
Jardine, Quintin On Honeymoon With Death (British PI Oz Blackstone and his girlfriend are relaxing in a Spanish villa when a body turns up in their swimming pool and they investigate; import) $8.95
Jardine, Quintin Screen Savers (Oz Blackstone receives a visit from old friend and police officer Mike Dylan who needs help investigating a poison pen, an receives threats to himself and his loved ones; import) $8.95
Jecks, Michael The Mad Monk of Gidleigh ( Sir Baldwin Furnshill amd Simon Puttock (14) investigate the murder of a young girl who was involved with a local monk, and the monk is the prime suspect; import) $9.95
Jones, Solomon The Bridge (Philadelphia Police Detective Kevin Lynch helps a childhood friend whose own child has gone missing and must return to his childhood home he thought he had left behind) $23.95
Kelly, Susan Killing the Fatted Calf (Superintendent Gregory Summers is investigating the influx of illegal immigrants into the Thames valley, encounters a childhood friend and murder) $9.95
Kelly, Susan Little Girl Lost (British import; village mystery with Superintendent Gregory Summers) $24.95
Kennett, Shirley Burning Rose (A journalist interviews a reclusive CEO in the Amazon rain forest and when things come together in the South American jungle she has more to worry about than a missed deadline) $24.95
King, Peter Dine and Die on the Danube Express (The Gourmet Detective (7) takes a trip on the Danube Express and murder is on the menu) $23.95
King, Ross Domino (Set in 1770s London) $26.00
Langton, Jane The Deserter (Homer Kelly (17) and his wife set out to clear the name of a relative who was branded a deserter at the Battle of Gettysburg) $23.95
Lake, Deryn Death in the West Wind (In 1759, apothecary John Rawlings investigates the brutal murder of a young girl on a deserted schooner) $9.95
Lasdun, James The Horned Man (An English expatriate and professor of gender studies tells the story of what appears to be an elaborate conspiracy to frame him for murder, descending into paranoia) $13.95
Lusby, Jim Serial (The narrator leads the reader through a series of murders and wonders if the reader will be interested in the outcome; import) $13.95
Magida, Arthur J The Rabbi and the Hitman (Nonfiction; story of Rabbi Fred Neulander, accused of hiring a hitman to murder his wife) $24.95
Mallinson, Allan A Regimental Affair (In 1817, Captain Matthew Hervey (3) has returned to an England in turmoil, and his new commanding officer has a dark secret and dislikes Hervey making for devastating results) $13.95
Marling, Karal Ann Looking North: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Illustrations (The Potlach Collection (1931-1970) Tweed Museum of Art, U. of MN Duluth, 16 illustrators including Hal Foster and Arnold Friberg; text, many color plates, 159 pp; hardcover at $35.00 or tr. pb) $27.95
McInerny, Ralph As Good as Dead (Hit man Philip Crowe arrives in South Bend to meet a woman who has hired him, and the complications begin when he tried to steal a car and kills the man who tries to stop him) $25.95
McKevett, G. A. Peaches and Screams (Plus-sized PI Savannah Reid (7) goes back to the Deep South for another family wedding, but her youngest sister is thrown in jail for murder before she can marry her latest Mr. Right) $6.50
McKinzie, Clinton Point of Law (Special Agent Antonio Burns hunts for a killer while climbing dangerous mountains with a beautiful renegade environmentalist) $6.99
McNab, Andy Liberation Day (Nick Stone's (5) mission is to infiltrate a hostile republic and kill a money_laundering businessman but things turn out to be much more dangerous than he expected) $25.00
Mones, Nicole A Cup of Light (Expert American appraiser Lia Frank is assigned to go to Beijing to appraise imperial porcelain, and treads dangerously in the culture which includes forgers and smugglers) $13.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue Final Cut (Bizarre and frightening things happen to a movie publicist which mirror the scenes in a film being shot and as he tries to figure out who is behind it the filming continues) $24.95
Nathanson, Jeff Catch Me if You Can _ The Illustrated Screenplay (Official illustrated book of the Dreamworks film, directed by Steven Spielberg) $22.95
O'Grady, Leslie The Grateful Undead (After a disappointing stint in Hollywood, a woman returns home to Connecticut and uses her acting skill as a PI) $22.00
Oleksiw, Susan Friends and Enemies (During preparations for the Mellingham High School 25th reunion a woman has run off without a trace and her husband is found in a coma, and Joe Silva investigates) $5.99
Parssinen, Terry The Oster Conspiracy of 1938 (Nonfiction; military plot to killer Hitler and avert WW II) $27.95
Patterson, James/Gross, Andrew The Jester (Poor innkeeper returns from the First Crusade, dresses as a jester to infiltrate a castle and try to find his missing wife) $27.95
Peterson, Audrey An Unmourned Death (British female private detective in 1885 investigates disappearance of Lord Renstone's daughter) $25.95
Pocock, Tom The Terror Before Trafalgar (Nonfiction; account of Napoleon's threatened invasion of England during the years 1801_1805) $24.95
Roberts, Les The Chinese Fire Drill (An expatriate novelist in Bangkok searches for his best friend who has gone missing in Hong Kong and finds himself hip_deep in international smuggling and violent death) $13.95
Robinson, Derek A Good Clean Fight (Three groups of men converge for a final battle in the western desert during WWII) $9.95
Robinson, Derek Piece of Cake (Historical novel of an RAF squadron during the Battle of Britain) $9.95
Satterthwait, Walter A Flower in the Desert (When a TV star is accused of sexually abusing his young daughter, he hires Santa Fe PI Joshua Croft to clear his name; reprint) $13.95
Saul, John Midnight Voices (Widow with children marries rich New Yorker and moves into his ritzy Central Park apartment building, full of strange people and dark secrets) $7.99
Selby, Hubert Jr. Waiting Period (A man pulls back from the brink of suicide when his application for a gun is delayed, and decides instead to rid the world of those he thinks should die) $14.95
Shaffer, Louise The Three Miss Margarets (Thirty years ago three small-town Georgia women swore an oath of secrecy about their illegal acts; now the truth may come out) $23.95
Shipway, George Imperial Governor (Historical novel of the life of Roman General Suetonius Paulinus, sent to Wales to capture gold mines) $9.95
Siegel, Barry Lines of Defense (Detective Doug Bard is convinced 2 deaths by fire are murder rather than an accident; when a suspect surfaces, Doug is convinced it's a set-up and the real killer is still on the loose) $7.99
Simon, Roger L. The Lost Coast (Moses Wine's son is accused of murder and Moses is forced to confront his own failings as a father while trying to discover the real killer) $6.99
Stockwin, Julian Artemis (Thomas Kydd (2) joins his friend shipping out on the Artemis and goes on a perilous journey to India, China, and the South Seas) $13.00
Stockwin, Julian Seaflower (In 1797, Thomas Kydd (3) is shipped to the Caribbean and as war between England and France escalates his mettle is put to the test) $24.00
Thompson, Christian That Which Doesn't Kill You (British import; introducing PI Chris O'Brien, an ex-psychiatric nurse trained in Chinese medicine, a martial arts expert with a Philosophy degree, with a West Indian sidekick) $24.95
Tope, Rebecca A Death to Record (When the body of a local herdsman is discovered in one of the buildings in a picturesque English farm Detective Sergeant Den Cooper is called in to investigate) $24.95
Torres, Steven Death in Precinct Puerto Rico (In 1990, Sheriff Luis Gonzalo (2) investigates when a man is found dead in the home of a woman who has just given birth) $23.95
Van Adler, T.C. The Evil that Boys Do (Father Brocard Curtis and Zinka (2) are hot on the trail of a missing Caravaggio and a conspiracy of corruption that runs from a rural prison to the center of Mafia power) $13.95
Van Gieson, Judith The Other Side of Death (After attending a going away party, Neil Hamel drives some friends home and the next day one turns up dead _ the police think is was a suicide, but Neil thinks differently; reprint) $13.95
Various authors Deadly Morsels (4 short stories of murder with a food theme) $6.99
Walpole, Nathan One Last Hit (In '68 they made killer music, in '98 Joe Portagal (3) wants to put the band back together, but someone with a gun is against the reunion tour) $14.95
Ward, Amanda Eyre Sleep Toward Heaven (Woman on Death Row and lives of two other women linked by murder and desire, solitude and grace) $24.00
Wheat, Carolyn How to Write Killer Fiction (Learn the craft of mystery and suspense writing from a respected professional) $13.95
Wolzien, Valerie A Fashionable Murder (PBO; amateur sleuth Josie Pigeon and her longtime beau Sam visit New York City for a week, but when the body of his ex-girlfriend turns up in Sam's apartment, Josie has to find the real killer) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Dirty Work (Cop-turned-lawyer Stone Barrington (9) is assigned to help an important client dump her husband, but he turns up dead and the FBI and a foreign intelligence service get involved) $25.95


Bruce, Leo Death at Hallows End (A lawyer on the way to help change the will of a crochety millionaire disappears and Carolus Deene is searching for him when the millionaire dies and Deene suspects foul play) $22.50
Page, Jake The Knotted Strings (A movie is being made on Native American land, and when two men connected with the film are murdered blind sculptor Mo Bowdre is fascinated and investigates; reprint) $13.95
Decharne, Max Hardboiled Hollywood (The stories behind the great crime films such as The Big Sleep, The Godfather , and LA Confidential ) $19.95
Bello, Antoine The Missing Piece (A serial killer is murdering the players of a jigsaw puzzle league and the reader is given 48 pieces of evidence and encouraged to solve the mystery) $14.00
Costello, Mark Big If (Secret Service agents guarding the vice president have strange personal lives which come to the surface when the veep decides to run for president) $14.00
Gordon, Neil The Sacrifice of Isaac (Reprint: When Luke Benami's father dies, Luke must return from Israel to America to confront the history of his family and his homeland) 14.00 Green, Alvin Time Lapse (Walter Job is a college professor and family man, but also a hitman, and as he pursues both vocations his inner life comes undone) $22.95
Herbert, Rosemary Whodunit? (A compendium of interesting entries and articles on authors and characters in mystery fiction) $18.95
Jardine, Quintin Poisoned Cherries (PBO: Oz Blackstone is starring in a cop movie when an old lover turns up asking for a favor and she leads him into a murder investigation) $8.95
O'Connor, Joseph Star of the Sea (In 1847, a killer stalks the decks of a boat loaded with Irish immigrants to the U.S. hungry for vengeance) $25.00
O'Farrell, Gerald The Tutankamun Deception (Nonfiction; veteran Egyptologist Geral O'Farrell exposes the extraordinary hoax that lies at the heart of archaeology) $13.95
Peace, David Nineteen Eighty Three (Final volume of the Yorkshire Ripper Quartet) $16.00
Peters, Eric JAG (PBO: Tie_in with the TV series) $6.99
Vidocq, Francois Eugene Memoirs of Vidocq: Master of Crime (Memoirs of a master criminal from the 1830's who was inspiration for such writers as Poe, Hugo, and Balzac) $20.00


Clue's Circus Caper (Mary_Kate and Ashley #35: Their dog Clue becomes a circus star but someone wants to ruin the act) $4.50
Ablow, Keith Compulsion (A chilling novel of a murdered infant, a troubled family, and the forensic psychiatrist who must find the killer before another baby is murdered) $6.99
Adamson, Isaac Dreaming Pachinko (The daughter of an influential father is found dead and Billy Chaka (3) untangles lies and obsessions that link the daughter to a bloody incident from WWII) $12.95
Albert, Susan Wittig An Unthymely Death (Ten stories of China Bayles, including loads of herbal tidbits and creative gardening ideas) $14.00
Axler, James Death Lands: Damnation Road Show (Ryan faces a traveling road show of death and destruction) $6.50
Babson, Marian Murder at the Cat Show (When murder pays a visit to a cat show, Doug Perkins must find an elusive killer who appears to have nine lives of his own) $5.99
Banks, T.F. The Emperor's Assassin (Bow Street Runner Henry Morton (2) finds himself drawn into a murky world of infidelity and murder on the footpaths of Regency London) $6.50
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Ghosts of Netley (In 1810 England, Jane Austen (7) retrieves secret concealed parcel for Lord Trowbridge but finds dying man and other sinister turns of event) $23.95
Barr, Nevada Seeking Enlightenment Hat by Hat (A series of essays about Barr's path to personal enlightenment) $21.95
Bell, Ted Hawke (Alex Hawke, descendant of a legendary pirate, tries to hunt down an experimental stealth sub carrying 40 nuclear warheads 90 miles off US coast) $25.00
Berger, Thomas Meeting Evil (Reprint of "hilarious and sinister masterpiece"; Introduction by Jonathan Letham) $12.00
Berlinski, Claire Loose Lips (Bored college professor answers ad and becomes CIA recruit, but falls in love during 18 month training program) $23.95
Bernhardt, William Death Row (Attorney Ben Kincaid's (13) latest client is on Death Row for murdering his family when the one witness who can clear him is murdered, leaving Ben to find the real killer) $25.95
Billingham, Mark Scaredy Cat ( Detective Inspector Tom Thorne sees the link between several murders and finds himself chasing two different serial killers) $23.95
Black, Ethan All the Dead Were Strangers (Conrad Voort (3) is forced to make a terrible choice between stopping a cold_blooded killer or an ordinary man about to commit an unspeakable crime) $7.50
Blanc, Nero A Crossword to Die For (When Belle's deadbeat dad mysteriously disappears en route to seeing her, she and Rosco start digging through his sketchy past to find the truth behind his strange life) $6.50
Block, Valerie None of Your Business (When a Manhattan_based accountant disappears with millions of dollars belonging to his celebrity clients, two no_nonsense detectives from the NYPD Computer Crimes investigate; "sheer hilarity") $23.95
Blunt, Giles The Delicate Storm (Ontario detectives Delorme and Cardinal investigates two murders in the small city of Algonquin Bay and they may be tied to Quebec terrorists) $24.95
Brown, Dale Wings of Fire (The Egyptian president has been assassinated and his widow, vowing revenge, seeks the help of Air Force general Parick McClanahan and his Night Stalkers) $7.99
Burdett, John Bangkok 8 (Sonchai Jitplecheep, cop in Bangkok, investigates the murder of an African American Marine, who was killed by a snake in his car) $24.95
Cameron, Dana Past Malice (PBO; Archaeologist Emma Fielding (3) unearths a pair of corpses in a small Massachusetts village) $6.99
Churchill, Jill Love for Sale (A mysterious and frightening stranger arrives at Grace and Favor Cottage and when he is murdered and a local boy is kidnapped Lily and Robert (4) must find the killer) $23.95
Clark, Stephen J Dark Delivery (Burnt_out reporter Nelson Ingram digs up secrets that hide beneath the surface of Litchfield, Alabama and his suspicions could get him killed) $6.50
Connors, Rose Absolute Certainty (Cap Code Assistant DA Marty Nickerson has helped convict a man of murder, but soon another body shows up killed in the same manner and she must defy her boss to find out the truth) $6.99
Corbett, David The Devil's Redhead (After ten years in prison on a drug bust, Dan Abatangelo becomes involved in Mexican drug trade while searching for a woman from his past; Anthony nominee Best 1st Novel) $6.99
Craig, Philip A Beautiful Place to Die (Reissue: 1st in the Martha's Vineyard Series) $6.99
Crombie, Deborah And Justice There is None (Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Sgt. Gemma James investigate a brutal murder near an antique market in London and find connections to another murder) $6.99
Crow, Michael The Bite (Someone takes a potshot at Luther Ewing and a brash crooked DEA agent wants him to go in on her plan to take over the crank business from the inside) $23.95
Cussler, Clive White Death (Kurt Austin comes to the rescue of a ship, and when he investigates further discover that something sinister is at work) $26.95
Davis, Nageeba An Opening for Murder (Artist Maggie Kean's life is great until a body is found in her kiln) $6.99
Devane, Terry (aka Jeremiah Healy) Juror Number Eleven (The legal team of Mairead O'Clare (2) and Sheldon Gold defend a childhood friend accused of murdering the juror that convicted him of another murder) $6.99
Douglas, Keith SEAL Team Seven (After an electromagnetic pulse bomb is detonated by the Syrians off the coast of Israel, SEAL Team Seven must rescue American college students caught in the disaster) $5.99
Dunn, Carola To Davy Jones Below (Daisy Dalrymple (9) sets out with seasick husband on honeymoon voyage to America and sails into rough seas, blackmail, and murder) $5.99
Evanovich, Janet Hard Eight (Stephanie Plum is hired to find a missing child and she is not sure she is working on the right side of the law) $7.99
Farmer, Michael Tin Soldiers (An alliance with Iran revitalizes Iraqi military and to prevent a total conquest a US Army Heavy Brigade must stand against them) $7.50
Fawkes, L.T. Cold Slice (PBO: A pizza delivery driver is murdered and Terry Saltz, a new driver, and his friends investigate when the cops get nowhere) $5.99
Flander, Scott Sons of the City (Corruption, murder are investigated by a Philadelphia cop) $6.99
Follett, Ken The Man from St. Petersburg (Feliks comes to London to commit a murder that would change history) $13.95
Ford, Susan Double Exposure (When Eve Cooper finds a dead body in the Rose Garden, she sets out to clear her father and find a killer) $6.99
Freedman, J.F. Fallen Idols (Three brothers investigate whether their father may have had a role in their mother's murder) $24.95
Gear, W. Michael/Gear, Kathleen Raising Abel (An anthropologist and his girlfriend are murdered, their son may be the key to a 60,000_year_old_mystery, is the target of assassins and he and his aunt must go on the run) $7.99
Geary, Joseph Spiral (Nick Greer is writing a biography of painter Frank Spira when he discovers that a painting thought lost may still exist & that a disturbing secret lies behind it) $24.95
Glass, Leslie A Killing Gift (PBO: April Woo investigates the death of NYPD lieutenant Bernardino, who won the lottery and may have been murdered by a colleague) $7.50
Grape, Jan Austin City Blue (Reprint: Austin police officer Zoe Barrow fatally shoots the man who killed her husband and she must work to clear her name) $5.99
Green, Norman The Angel of Montague Street (Silvano Iurata's mob_connected family has disowned him and his cousin nurses a grudge against him, as he returns to Brooklyn to find his brother before his cousin tries to kill) $24.95
Griffith, Nicola Stay ("Sleek, sexy, and decidedly dangerous"; an old friend asks Aud Torvingen (2) to track down his missing fiance and she finds herself up against an artful sociopath) $12.95
Gunaratna, Rohan Inside Al Qaeda (Definitive story of the rise of notorious terrorist group) $14.00
Gunn, Elizabeth Seventh_Inning Stretch (In Rutherford Minnesota a group of grifters hits town and Jake Hines investigates when two corpses are found crammed into an alley trash can) $5.99
Gutman, Amy Equivocal Death (Young Kate Paine joins powerful Manhattan law firm, but when female partner is murdered after giving mysterious warning Kate must find killer to save her own life) $6.99
Gutman, Amy The Anniversary (On 5th anniversary of the execution of her boyfriend as a serial killer, Laura receives a chilling note that might have come from her dead lover) $21.95
Henry, Sue Cold Company (Musher Jessie Arnold hunts a serial killer in Alaska) $6.99
Higgins, Jack Bad Company (A secret diary of Hitler threatens to resurface implicating a relative of President Cazalet, and Blake Johnson and Sean Dillon must stop it; 7 CDs unabridged $29.95) $25.95
Hooper, Kay Always a Thief (PBO; Sequel to Once a Thief ) $7.50
Hunter, Evan (aka Ed McBain) The Moment She Was Gone ("One man's heartpounding journey into his twin sister's schizophrenia") $6.99
Jacobs, Nancy Baker Star Struck (Reprint: Hollywood reporter Quinn Collins stumbles onto corpse of a producer in his hot tub & can't refuse to help producer's father find the killer) $5.99
Kadare, Ismail Spring Flowers, Spring Frost (In a town at the foot of the Northern Highlands a bank has been robbed and other strange events are occurring, as people flock to the town in search of the Secret State Archive) $12.95
Kerr, Simon The Rainbow Singer (Wil Carson is found roughed up in a Wisconsin penitentiary and from behind bars tells of his life as a teenage Irish loyalist/ terrorist) $13.95
Koontz, Dean The Face (Ethan Truman takes over security for Hollywood's most dazzling star as an insidious killer and forces no one can understand or control threaten; 13 cassettes unabridged $44.95) $26.95
Levine, Laura The Pen for Hire (Writer_for_hire Jaine Austen pens a love letter for a friend, and when the object of his affection winds up beaten to death with a Thigh_Master he becomes the prime suspect) $5.99
Lewis, Mike The Pig Farm Murders (Nonfiction; Pig farmer who abducted and murdered fifty women in Vancouver) $6.99
Littell, Robert The Sisters (Reprint: Two CIA agents find a perfect pawn who can lead them to the last KGB sleeper in the US) $24.95
MacLarty, Jay The Courier (PBO: Courier Simon Leonidovich is assigned to carry a powerful new drug which would put a giant pharmaceutical company out of business, and someone is trying to kill him) $6.99
MacPherson, Rett Killing Cousins (Genealogist Torie O'Shea finds herself investigating a bizarre crime from the past with a dangerous reach into the present) $6.50
McDonald, Gregory Flynn's World (Boston police inspector Flynn (4) pursues several cases while also working as an international spy and is bent on discovering who is blackmailing a Harvard professor) $23.00
Meier, Leslie Father's Day Murder (Lucy Stone attends a Boston newspaper conference when much_despised head of a newspaper dynasty is murdered & she investigates) $22.00
Michaels, Kasey Maggie Needs an Alibi (Maggie Kelly's ex_lover dies right in her living room of poisoning after eating a dinner that Maggie made, and she is the prime suspect) $6.99
Mofina, Rick No Way Back (Tom Reed's (4) wife has been abducted by two homicidal fugitives and a trail of carnage leads Tom on a desperate chase) $6.99
Moore, Harker A Cruel Season for Dying (NYPD homicide detective James Sakura investigates serial murders where the victim is posed like an angel with wings jutting out of slits in their shoulders) $24.95
Nichol, John/Rennell, Tony The Last Escape (Untold story of the Allied prisoners of war in Europe 1944_45) $27.95
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne The Corporal Works of Murder (When Sister Mary Helen finds a homeless woman shot and dying on a sidewalk, she sets out to find a killer) $6.50
Olsen, Gregg Abandoned Prayers (Nonfiction; Murder of an Amish man's wife and son) $6.99
Patterson, James The Lake House (Six children have escaped from horrifying government experiments but are about to face a greater danger than they have ever known as they flee; 5 cassettes unabridged $29.98) $26.95
Pears, Iain The Dream of Scipio (Three men struggle to find refuge from the madness of three of the darkest moments in human history) $14.00
Pendleton, Don Stony Man: The Third Protocol (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Hostile Alliance (Paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Perry, Thomas Metzger's Dog (Friends break into a lab at UCLA to steal pharmaceutical cocaine and discover a plan to throw LA into chaos, contact the CIA who assign an agent to the case) $11.95
Perry, Thomas The Butcher's Boy (Reprint; The butcher's boy is a hired killer, who is assigned to kill a US Senator, attracting the attention of federal agents and becoming a liability to his employers; Edgar Winner Best 1st Novel '82) $11.95
Phelps, M. William Perfect Poison (Nonfiction; Female serial killer who abused her respected position as a nurse to administer death to her trusting patients) $6.50
Poyer, David Black Storm (The most covert Special Ops group is headed straight to Saddam Hussein's stronghold, through harrowing close_quarters combat and into the heart of danger) $6.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln The Cabinet of Curiosities (A cache of bones deep below Manhattan indicates a serial killer in the 1880s. New horror panics NYC and FBI agent Pendergast (2) teams with journalist and archaeologist to find killer) $7.99
Roberts, Gillian Claire and Present Danger (In Philadelphia a beautiful young woman is scheduled to marry a rich member of society and his mother hires Amanda Pepper to investigate, discovering a possible murder) $23.95
Rucka, Greg Critical Space (A hitwoman code_named Drama must run for her life and wants an old enemy to be her bodyguard, kidnapping a member of the royal family to blackmail the man into helping her) $6.99
Simon, Roger L. Director's Cut (Moses Wine (8) finds himself in Prague investigating sinister happenings on a movie set when all hell breaks loose) $23.00
Standiford, Les Havana Run (John Deal goes to Havana to work on a construction project and finds he has been lured there to help spring an American prisoner from a Cuban jail) $24.95
Stevens, Rosemary The Bloodied Cravat (A guest at the Duchess of York's birthday party with the Duchess' hairpin and Beau Brummell (3) investigates) $6.99
Strauss, Darin The Real McCoy (Nonfiction; Kid McCoy, a boxer, jewel thief, scam artist, and the most married man in America at the turn of the century) $14.00
Taylor, John The Count and the Confession (The 1992 Virginia murder of Roger de la Burde and the investigation that followed; nonfiction) $14.00
Tremayne, Peter Act of Mercy (In 666 AD, Sister Fidelma (8) embarks on a pilgrimage and while on the sea she must discern if a murderer has set out with her) $6.50
Utley, Robert M Lone Star Justice (Nonfiction; the first century of the Texas Rangers) $16.00
Walker, Blair S. Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes (Baltimore Herald reporter Darryl Billups (3) investigates when the remains of a black socialite who disappeared in 1984 are found) $12.95
Wambaigh, Joseph Fire Lover (Nonfiction; hunt for the 20th century's most prolific arsonist, who was a respected fire captain; Edgar winner Best Fact Crime) $7.99
West, Owen Four Days to Vera Cruz (Newlyweds honeymooning in Mexico unwittingly take a piece of a drug cartel's encrypted code, and are chased by Mexican police and the CIA across the mountains) $24.00
White, Kate A Body to Die For (Writer_turned_sleuth Bailey Weggins takes a spa vacation and finds a dead body getting a seaweed wrap; 4 cassettes abridged $25.98) $23.95
White, Randy Wayne Everglades (Doc Ford begins investigating the disappearance of an old friend's husband which leads him to a cult deep in the Everglades) $21.95
White, Randy Wayne Twelve Mile Limit (Doc Ford investigates the death of one of four divers off the Florida coast who is found atop a light tower in the Gulf of Mexico) $6.99
Wilson, Andrew Beautiful Shadow (Biography of Patricia Highsmith) $24.95
Williams, Darren Angel Rock (A young boy lost in the Outback for a week returns without his memory, and Detective Gibson travels to uncover a web of mysteries long unsolved) $13.00
Woods, Stuart Blood Orchid (Chief of Police Holly Barker (3) and Daisy the Doberman uncover a Florida real estate scam) $7.99
Zacks, Richard The Pirate Hunter (Nonfiction; story of Captain Kidd) $15.95


Block, Lawrence Coward's Kiss (Reissue: A woman found shot in Central Park means more than murder to New York City PI Ed London) $6.99
Bowker, David The Death You Deserve (Struggling author Billy Dye is ghostwriting the memoirs of a gangster when a hitman who turns out to be an old friend saves his life and starts Billy on a round of suspense) $12.95
Brandon, Jay Sliver Moon (Bexar Co. Texas DA Chris Sinclair visits his girlfriends parents and when her ex is shot in the head he must help find the killer) $25.95
Collins, Max Allan True Crime (Frank Nitti Trilogy Book 2: Nate Heller searches for answers when John Dillinger is shot outside the Biograph Theater and leads to a confrontation with J. Edgar Hoover) $6.99
Conway, Martha 12 Bliss Street (A woman who is fed up with her life is kidnapped by her ex_husband and she gets involved in many adventures) $23.95
Craft, Michael Hot Spot (An electrocution death at the wedding of a friend of Mark Manning's leads to shocking revelations with personal and political consequences) $13.95
Dezenhall, Eric Jackie Disaster (Jackie Disaster runs a crisis management firm, & when he tries to help the owner of a soy milk firm who's being sued, assassins try to kill him) $24.95
DuBois, Brendan Betrayed (A smalltown newspaper editor's life is turned upside down when a man claims to be his brother who was shot down over Vietnam during the war) $24.95
Evanovich, Janet To the Nines (The pursuit of a skip brings Stephanie Plum (9) to Las Vegas and three mob_guys want to make it a one_way trip; 6 cassettes unabridged $36.95; 8 CDs unabridged $40.00) $25.95
Francis, Clare A Dark Devotion (Will Dearden's elegant wife disappears and he asks an old friend from London to help him, and complications arise as the old friend discovers he had good reasons to kill her) $24.00
Garcia_Rosa, Luiz Alfredo December Heat (Rio Inspector Espinosa (2) investigates the murder of a prostitute, apparently killed by an ex_policeman who is also Espinosa's friend, and must face conflicting loyalties) $23.00
Goldberg, Todd Living Dead Girl (With his embarrassingly young girlfriend in tow, Paul Luden searches for his missing ex_wife) $11.00
Hamilton, Steve Blood is the Sky (Alex McKnight's (5) long_time friend Vinnies persuades him to travel north to search for his brother who has vanished with a hunting group in northern Ontario) $24.95
Jerome, Fred The Einstein File (Nonfiction; story of J. Edgar Hoover's secret war against the world's most famous scientist) $16.95
Kernick, Simon The Business of Dying (Detective Sergeant Dennis Milne earns money on the side by punishing the bad guys, but when he kills three innocent people he must evade arrest for his own crimes) $24.95
Lawson, L. M. Green Flash (Jessie and Neal Fox are alone on a sailboat when they find a body floating in the water and find themselves in the midst of a murder gone wrong) $6.99
Lovesey, Peter Diamond Dust (Bath's Det. Supt. Peter Diamond (7) is confronted with a crime that hits too close to home; signed 1st hc still available $23.00) $13.00
Lovesey, Peter The House Sitter (Peter Diamond (8) is called to investigate the murder of a top psychological profiler and must coordinate his efforts with two irritating investigators on the scene) $23.00
Ludlum, Robert/Lynds, Gayle The Altman Code (A Chinese ship may be carrying illegal chemicals to Saddam Hussein and the President orders Fred Klein, head of Covert_One (3), to find out without starting a war) $15.95
Lukeman, Noah The Plot Thickens (Writing instruction: 8 ways to bring fiction to life) $12.95
MacLeod, Charlotte The Palace Guard (Sarah Kelling (2) and Max Bittersohn; reprint) $6.99
Matheson, Richard 7 Steps to Midnight (When a mysterious stranger steals his identity and life, mathematician is suddenly thrust into a whirlwind of danger and intrigue) $14.95
Rice, Robert The Nature of Midnight (A double murder in Montana leads two Postal Service detectives to a discovery which casts light on the 1915 sinking of the Lusitania) $25.95
Taylor, Sarah Stewart O' Artful Death (When an art historian looks into the 100_year old death of a young girl at a Vermont art colony, she ignites the wrath of a present_day killer) $23.95
Warner, Jack Shikar (Sheriff of Hartesville, Georgia is pitted against a Bengal tiger in his jurisdiction and as the death toll mounts he finds something strange going on) $24.95
Zeman, David The Pinocchio Syndrome (A plague has erupted in the US and a journalist and young senator must stem panic, uncover a mystery and cover-up as fate of the world hangs in the balance) $24.95
Zubro, Mark Richard Dead Egotistical Morons (The singer for a popular "boy_band" has been murdered and Chicago Police Detective Paul Turner (6) investigates) $23.95


Arsenault, Mark Spiked (When an ambitious Massachusetts reporter's beat partner is murdered, he finds himself stonewalled by power brokers, battered and left for dead, and entangled in an international plot of revenge) $24.95
Francis, Clare A Dark Devotion (Alex and her husband Paul, attorneys practicing in London, are called on for help by an old friend whose wife has gone missing when the police aren't looking hard enough) $24.00
Gordon, Nadia Death by the Glass (Sunny McCoskey (2) investigates a high_stakes wine fraud and a murder disguised as a heart attack) $11.95
Haddon, Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night_Time (A 15_year old autistic savant finds his neighbor's dog impaled with a garden fork, and when he is blamed for the crime he tries to find the real killer) $22.95
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Mildred Pierced (Film legend Joan Crawford is the key witness to a Hollywood murder that Toby Peters (23) is investigating) $24.00
Lovesey, Peter Diamond Dust (Detective superintendent Peter Diamond is confronted with a crime that hits too close to home) $13.00
Lovesey, Peter The House Sitter (Peter Diamond investigates the murder of a top psychological profiler and oddly, the National Crime Facility tries to thwart his efforts) $25.00
Rollins, James Amazonia (One_armed CIA agent dies horribly in a rainforest but photo shows corpse with both arms, team of scientists and US Rangers follow trail but are stalked by something ancient) $7.99
Sims, Elizabeth Damn Straight (Lillian Byrd attends the Dinah Shore golf Classic, falls in love with a contestant who is being stalked and Lillian investigates) $13.95
Twain, Mark A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage (In the mythical hamlet of Seer Lick, Missouri, a humble farmer tries to marry his daughter off to a wealthy local scion, when a murder derails his plans) $12.95


Babson, Marian Tourists are for Trapping (Reprint; Murder strikes a tour group and Doug Perkins and his cat Pandora must find a killer before he strikes again) $5.99
Bernhardt, William Criminal Intent (Crusading attorney Ben Kincaid defends a controversial priest charged with murder. Sequel to Murder One ) $7.50
Blanc, Nero Corpus de Crossword (A builder decides to develop 15 acres in Taneysville, and when the remains of a woman are found on the site Belle and Roscoe are fast on the case _ crosswords included) $13.00
Block, Lawrence ed Blood on Their Hands (19 stories that reveal what people will do when they are pushed to the limit and see no way out) $23.95
Block, Valerie None of Your Business (When a Manhattan_based accountant disappears with millions of dollars belonging to his clients Two detectives from NYPD's computer crimes investigate) $23.95
Brent, Jonathan/Naumov, Vladimir Stalin's Last Crime (Nonfiction; Stalin's plot against his Jewish doctors) $26.95
Brewer, Steve Dirty Pool (Bumbling NM P.I. Bubba Mabry (5) takes a job delivering ransom for a millionaire's son; complications arise when the son himself picks up the money) $5.99
Brockman, Suzanne Gone Too Far (U.S. Navy SEAL Sam Starrett and FBI agent Alyssa Locke investigate the murder of a woman in Starrett's home and face unresolved feelings for each other in the process) $19.95
Brodrick, William The 6th Lamentation (A suspected Nazi war criminal claims sanctuary at an English church and sets off trouble when secrets of the past come out) $24.95
Brooks, Bill Law for Hire: Protecting Hickok (Western PBO: Wild Bill Hickok makes a handsome target and needs a special kind of guardian _ novice Pinkerton detective Teddy Blue) $5.99
Brown, Jim Black Valley (Black Valley, a remote Oregon town, is being terrorized by a vicious,sadistic resident, and the plan of five teens to eliminate him goes awry, sending him on a rampage) $23.95
Buffa, D.W. The Legacy (A young black medical student is accused of the murder of a California senator and Joseph Antonelli leaves Oregon to defend him, finding himself lost in backroom politics) $7.99
Burt, Guy Sophie (As a child, Sophie kept secrets that harmed brother Matthew, and 20 years later he abducts her and make her tell the secrets that ruined his childhood) $12.95
Carey, Diane S.W.A.T. (PBO: Novelization of the new film starring Samuel L. Jackson, based on '75 TV show) $6.99
Clancy, Tom Op_Center: Sea of Fire (Tenth in the Op_Center Series) $7.99
Clancy/Pieczenik/Duane Tom Clancy's Net Force: Death Match (When a star spatball player is threatened by big bettors, the Net Force Explorers are called in to protect America's newest pastime) $4.99
Connors, Rose Temporary Sanity (Marty Nickerson (2) defends a man who shot his son's killer on live T.V., the only defense is temporary insanity, & Marty hunts for the truth) $24
Cook, Robin Seizure (In the midst of congressional hearings on cloning, a senator with Parkinson's tries a new cure which leaves him with bizarre seizures) $24.95
Corbett, David Done for a Dime (Legendary blues musician has been murdered & N. CA Det. Dennis Murchison has two suspects while real killers plot a catastrophic fire) $24.95
Coulter, Catherine Blindside (When a child is kidnapped and then escapes, FBI agents Savich and Sherlock investigate, at the same time also investigating the murders of 5 Washington DC teachers) $25.95
Coulter, Catherine Eleventh Hour (When a San Francisco priest is viciously murdered, His identical twin, FBI agent Carver, along with husband and wife team Savich and Sherlock, are in a race against time) $7.99
Craig, Philip R Death in the Vineyard Waters ( Ex_Boston cop J.W. Jackson investigates a mystery in Martha's Vineyard; aka The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea '91) $6.99
D'Amato, Barbara White Male Infant (When medical tests show that an adopted boy thought to be from Russia is not, his parents are plunged into the dark, complex world of international adoption) $6.99
Davis, Patrick A Long Day for Dying (When the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is found dead, Air Force investigator Martin Collins is thrust into the most controversial case of his career) $6.99
Diamond, Diana The Good Sister (Woman who has it all wants only what her sister has and is bent on murder) $6.99
Dibdin, Michael Dirty Tricks (In Oxford a man returns after twenty years, gets involved in a dangerous affair with a married woman, and becomes involved in two deaths that look like murder; reprint) $12.00
Dibdin, Michael The Tryst (A psychiatrist is haunted by a young man paralyzed with fear about a murder he witnessed & afraid he is next; reprint) $12.00
Duncan, Patrick Sheane A Private War (Lt. Colonel Meredith Cleon's new post as Provost Marshall of a soon_to_be closed fort seems easy until a young female aide to the general is discovered brutally murdered) $7.99
Edge, Arabella The Company: The Story of a Murder (Based on the 1629 voyage of the Batavia, an apothecary mutinies and runs the ship aground, unleashing a deadly reign of terror on the survivors; Herodotus Award) $14.00
Eisler, Barry Hard Rain (John Rain (2) is trying to leave his life as a freelance assassin when Tatsu, his old nemesis from the Japanese FBI, comes to him with one last job) $24.95
Eisler, Barry Rain Fall (Half_American/half_Japanese hit_man John Rain is very good at killing, but has his rules. Then he falls for the daughter of his last victim) $6.99
Engel, Howard Mr. Doyle and Dr. Bell (In 1879, a man is about to hang for murdering an opera star, but his brother believes he is innocent and pleads with Dr. Bell, a professor of anatomy, to save him) $24.95
Fawcett, Quinn Death to Spies (A fictional Ian Fleming investigates the theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos and sales to Stalin's Russia and an unknown buyer who might be even more dangerous) $6.99
Flander, Scott Four to Midnight (A black city councilman is badly beaten in Philadelphia and accuses two cops & the public is outraged while the cops deny the accusation) $24.95
Ford, G.M. A Blind Eye (Caught in a blizzard, Frank Corso (3) takes shelter in a deserted house & finds several bodies & goes up against a killer unlike any he has ever seen) $23.95
Ford, G.M. Black River (Lone_wolf Seattle reporter (2) covers trial of monster crime boss, but when further tragedy strikes he's determined to identify all the guilty parties and make them pay) $6.99
Ford, Jeffrey The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque (A series of murders plague New York City in 1893 and a society painter becomes embroiled when a jealous husband seeks revenge) $12.95
Fulmer, David Chasing the Devil's Tail (In 1907 New Orleans, someone is murdering prostitutes and Creole detective Valentin St. Cyr encounters characters drawn from history as he investigates; Shamus Award Best 1st Novel) $14.00
Garcia_Aguilera, Carolina Luck of the Draw (A family who owned a casino in Havana before Castro decides to open a new one in the US, but must find a missing daughter before they can get back to business) $23.95
Garwood, Julie Killjoy (A gifted FBI profiler matches wits with a cunning hired killer) $7.99
Geary, Nancy Redemption (Francis Pratt returns to Manchester_by_the_Sea to take a vacation and attend her cousin's wedding when one of the guests is murdered and she must unravel the mystery) $23.95
Gorman, Ed Save the Last Dance for Me (In 1960 Black River Falls, Iowa, as the town prepares for a visit from candidate Richard Nixon, a preacher is murdered and lawyer/PI Sam McCain (4) investigates) $5.99
Greenberg, Martin ed Crash Drive (PBO: Nine original stories of submarine warfare) $6.99
Grippando, James Beyond Suspicion (Miami Lawyer Jack Swyteck (2) brilliantly wins a large lawsuit, then client is found murdered in his bathtub) $7.50
Hambly, Barbara Days of the Dead (In Mexico, 1835, Creole doctor Benjamin January's (7) friend is accused of murdering the son of a powerful Mexican landholder, and January and his wife Rose journey there to investigate) $23.95
Hamill, Denis Long Time Gone (During an anti_war protest in 1969, Danny Cassidy sees the murder of his girlfriend's father, and now he goes back to try to solve the murder and win back the love of his life) $14.00
Hellmann, Libby Fischer A Picture of Guilt (Chicago single mother and filmmaker Ellie Forman (2) possesses video evidence that Johnny Santoro is innocent of murder _ and finds herself the target of both the mob and the FBI) $24.95
Henry, Sue Death Trap (Jessie Arnold (10) helps out at the Iditarod booth at the Alaska State Fair when a body is found floating in a pond and her lead dog goes missing) $23.95
Herman, Richard The Last Phoenix (Maddy Turner, first female U.S. President, and ASAF Maj. Gen. Matt Pontowski (3) in an explosive, high_flying military political thriller) $7.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Malory and Death in Practice (PBO: New vet in town is disliked by patients and townspeople, & when murdered everyone's suspect is Mrs. Malory) $5.99
Hurwitz, Gregg The Kill Clause (A US deputy marshall is forced to explore his deadly options when his daughter is brutally murdered & the killer is set free on a legal technicality) $24.95
Johansen, Roy Deadly Visions (A new novel of psychic suspense) $5.99
Joyce, Brenda The Chase (Claire Hayden searches for the truth when her husband is murdered after his 40th birthday party and the chase for the killer takes her from San Francisco to London and a mystery with roots in WW II) $6.99
Kagan, Eliane Losing Mr. North (A passionate and emotionally charged tale of two women forced to form an alliance when the man they both love disappears) $7.99
Kava, Alex The Soul Catcher (FBI Special Agent Maggie O'Dell is called in on the murder of a senator's daughter and a deadly standoff with FBI agents in a secluded cabin, and she finds a connection) $6.99
Kellerman, Faye Stone Kiss (Lt. Peter Decker is called by his family in New York City to investigate the murder of a distant relative and the disappearance of a niece) $7.99
Kent, David Department Thirty (PBO: Ryan Elder is lured back to Oklahoma years after his parents double suicide by a man from a secret government agency and is thrust into a world of danger and intrigue) $6.99
Kent, Gordon Hostile Contact (While Alan Craik and his men hunt for submarines stalking off the coast of the US, someone is hunting him looking to make Hostile Contact) $24.95
Kerr, Blaine Wrongful Death (Three widely disparate murder cases has Colorado attorney Elliot Stone (2) trying to solve and piece together a twisted triple puzzle) $6.99
Kessler, Ronald The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI (Why the FBI was unprepared for 9/11 and how the FBI is countering terrorism today; nonfiction) $7.99
LaManna, Ross Acid Test (Counter_intelligence officer Matt Wilder investigates a series of bizarre murders, leading to connection with a ruthless warrior in Central Asia) $6.99
Lange, Kelly Dead File (TV journalist turned super_sleuth Maxi Poole (2) investigates the murder of a prominent LA businesswoman) $24.95
Lange, Kelly The Reporter (When Academy Award_winning director Jack Nathanson is murdered, his 3rd wife and Hollywood reporter begins snooping around and quickly becomes the killer's next target) $6.99
Levine, Laura Last Writes (Wisecracking pen_for_hire Jaine Austen (2) on set of Hollywood sitcom when no_good hearthrob drops dead from poisoned doughnut) $22.00
Lovell, Glenville Too Beautiful to Die (Blades Overstreet, a black New York ex_cop, is helping a soap opera star look for her missing father, finds a murdered FBI agent and becomes the target of an FBI/NYPD manhunt) $23.95
Lowell, Elizabeth Die in Plain Sight (Art buyer Lacey Quinn receives her grandfather's paintings as an inheritance which are really a message from the grave about murder) $24.95
MacLeod, Charlotte The Bilbao Looking Glass (Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn (3) reprint) $6.99
Mackie, John Manhattan North (Homicide Det. Sgt. Thornton Savage (2) suspects art patron of murdering drug dealer) $6.99
Martin, Nancy Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds (PBO: When high society jewel thief turns up dead, Philadelphia debutante Nora Blackbird (2) must save an old flame from a murder charge) $6.50
Matetsky, Amanda Murderers Prefer Blondes (PBO: Widow and feisty 1953 New York reporter must solve the murder of a beauty queen; first in a series) $5.99
Matheson, Richard Stir of Echoes (An experiment in hypnosis accidentally awakens the psychic powers of an ordinary suburban husband and he uncovers the truth behind a long_forgotten tragedy) $5.99
McBain, Ed Mischief (Reprint: 87th Precinct goes up against the Deaf Man once again) $7.99
McCrary, Gregg O The Unknown Darkness (Memoir of an FBI profiler) $25.95
McKinzie, Clinton Trial by Fire and Ice (Risk-loving Special Agent Burns (3) is assigned to protect a movie star's daughter turned prosecutor from a stalker and the prime suspect is a member of the local police department) $21.95
Mendez, Antonio & Jonna Spy Dust (Memoir of two spies and masters of disguise who used controversial tactics to foil Soviet intelligence while falling in love) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Bad Boy Brawly Brown (An old friend asks Easy Rawlins to help locate her son and it takes everything Easy has just to stay alive as he searches in world of betrayal and predators in 1960s Los Angeles) $7.50
Mosley, Walter Fear Itself (Paris Minton is hired by the wealthiest woman in LA to find her missing nephew; 4 cassettes abridged $25.98; 5 CDs abridged $31.98) $24.95
Mosley, Walter Six Easy Pieces (6 CDs, unabridged: Six Easy Rawklins stories) $34.00
Muller, Marcia Cyanide Wells (14 years after his wife disappears Matthew Lindstrom receives a phone call saying she is still alive, & he goes to Northern California to find her) $24.95
Muller, Marcia Dead Midnight (Sharon McCone investigates the suicide of a young 'zine employee whose family thinks the suicide was a result of the company's treatment of him) $7.50
Murphy and Sapir The Destroyer #132: Wolf's Bane (PBO: action adventure) $6.50
Murray, Mike Special Ops: Rapid Fire (PBO: Major Joe Ness leads elite team Leopard_1 (2)) $5.99
Nordhoff/Hall Men Against the Sea (Story of Captain Bligh and his loyal men set adrift after the mutiny) $13.95
Nordhoff/Hall Mutiny on the Bounty (Fletcher Christian's mutiny against Capt. Bligh) $13.95
Nordhoff/Hall Pitcairn's Island (The story of Christian and his mutineers on an island in the Pacific) $13.95
O'Shaugnessy, Perri Unfit to Practice (Lawyer Nina Reilly's (8) truck is stolen, including her most sensitive case files, & the secrets are being revealed, as someone is out to see her ruined) $7.99
Pence, Irene No, Daddy, Don't! (Nonfiction; an abusive father who murdered his two children while his wife listened on the phone) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #91: Line of Control (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #296: Nuclear Game (Book 1 in a trilogy: Mack Bolan must find nuclear warheads which have been stolen by Chinese pirates who will sell them to the highest bidder) $4.75
Phillips, Clyde Sacrifice (When San Francisco's most beloved philanthropist is murdered, Jane Candiotti (3), newly promoted to homicide lieutenant, gets high profile case) $24.95
Poyer, David A Country of Our Own (A Union Navy Lt. must make an excruciating decision between his love of the navy and his loyalty to his native state of Virginia) $25.00
Poyer, David Fire on the Waters (In 1861, the U.S.S. Owanee is ordered to relieve Fort Sumter, and the crew must brave ambiguous loyalties, stormy seas, and political blunderings on the way; first of a trilogy) $13.00
Pressfield, Steven Last of the Amazons (When the warrior queen of the Amazons falls in love with a Greek invader and flees with him, and the Amazon tribe rises up in rage) $13.95
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Still Life with Crows (A serial killer is terrorizing tiny Medicine Creek, Kansas and FBI agent Pendergast arrives from New Orleans to investigate; 4 cassettes, abridged $25.98) $25.95
Rand, Naomi Stealing for a Living (When Emma Price learns that an old family friend has been murdered, she must step in to help her prickly lover, a New York City cop, unmask a killer) $23.95
Reichs, Kathy Bare Bones (Tempe Brennan returns to Charlotte, NC where her plans for a romantic vacation are interrupted by a series of grim occurrences that widens into a terrifying case; 5 CD's, abridged $30.00) $23.95
Reichs, Kathy Grave Secrets (The Guatemalen Forensic Anthropolgy Team is trying to solve the murder of 23 people by the army in 1982 when another team is attacked and they must try to help) $7.99
Rollins, James Ice Hunt (Two innocent people find themselves trapped in a conflict of global proportions as Russians and Americans try to hide the discovery of a secret Russian ice station) $24.95
Ryan, P.B. Still Life with Murder (PBO: Irish immigrant governess in Boston 1868 must discover is family's soldier son, thought killed, is still alive. First in a series) $6.50
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Dare (The dowager duchess of Palm Beach dies, leaving behind a fabulous fortune and a handsome young heir, and Archy McNally has doubts about the boy's bona fides) $24.95
Schecter, Harold Fatal (PBO; Nonfiction; The poisonous life of a female serial killer) $6.99
Scottoline, Lisa Dead Ringer (Bennie Rosato's twin sister has returned to Philadelphia intending to ruin Bennie's law firm) $25.95
Sherer, Michael W A Forever Death (Chicago freelance writer and reluctant sleuth Emerson Ward (4) tries to figure out who shot his friend, photographer Puppy Barnes) $5.99
Simenon, Georges Maigret Sets a Trap (Reprint) $8.00
Simenon, Georges Maigret's Boyhood Friend (Reprint) $8.00
Slate, Caroline The House on Sprucewood Lane (Lex Cavanaugh, a filmmaker in London, receives word that her 10_year old niece has been murdered and Lex must unravel secrets of the past to solve the crime) $7.50
Stabenow, Dana A Fine and Bitter Snow (PI Kate Shugak (12) and Alaska Trooper Jim Chopin are involved in a battle over drilling for oil when a long_time resident is murdered) $6.99
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles Ablaze (When Bubbles Yablonsky is assigned to a story about a coal mine she discovers that someone wants both her and her boyfriend dead, and must find the killer first) $23.95
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles in Trouble (Bubbles (2), Pennsylvania hair dressser turned reporter/sleuth, investigates a murder by going undercover in an Amish family with hilarious results) $6.99
Sullivan, Mark Labyrinth (Criminals overtake a NASA expedition in the caves of Kentucky and Whitney Burke, a geologist who is afraid of caves since losing a friend in an accident, must help save them) $7.50
Sullivan, Mark The Serpent's Kiss (San Diego cop Seamus Moynihan is called to investigate a corpse who was bitten to death, and his investigation leads him to a chilling Alabama fundamentalist sect of snake handlers) $25.00
Swift, Virginia Bad Company (Bar_singer turned college professor Sally Adler (2) hunts a killer hiding in the chaos of Wyoming's Jubilee Days) $6.99
Title, Elise Killing Time (Natalie Price, superintendent in the Massachusetts' prison system, investigates when her friend is murdered after teaching classes in the prison) $6.99
Wait, Lea Shadows at the Fair (As antique dealers are being murdered, Maggie Summer, a dealer in antique prints, investigates) $6.99
Waldman, Ayelet A Playdate with Death (Lawyer turned stay_at_home mom Juliet Applebaum (3) investigates the mysterious death of her personal trainer) $6.99
Waldman, Ayelet Death Gets a Time_Out (Juliet Applebaum helps her old friend actress Lilly Green to clear her brother's name as he is accused of killing his stepfather) $22.95
Walker, Persia Harlem Redux (After four years, a man returns to Harlem devastated by the suicide of his sister and becomes immersed in the mystery of her secretive behavior) $12.95
Wilhelm, Kate Skeletons (Lee Donne agrees to housesit for her grandmother, and the quiet stay is shattered when she hears noises in the house & the FBI arrives on the doorstep) $6.50
Wilson, Robert Instruments of Darkness (First novel, First US edition: Fixer and ex_patriate in Benin, West Africa, Bruce Medway's life becomes complex as he searches for fellow ex_pat Steven Kershaw) $14.00
Woods, Paula Stormy Weather (Second police_noir novel featuring African American LAPD homicide detective Charlotte Justice; reprint) $6.99
Woods, Paula L Dirty Laundry (Detective Charlotte Justice is called to Koreatown in L.A. to investigate a cold_blooded killing in a case that reverberates in media circles and a volatile mayoral campaign) $23.95
Zimler, Richard Hunting Midnight (In 19th c. Portugal, a freed African slave strikes up a friendship with a mystical healer and an act of betrayal from the people he trusted most alters the course of his destiny) $24.95


Ablow, Keith Psychopath (Forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevinger (4) is tapped by FBI to catch an elusive murderer, the Highway Killer, who has left 12 bodies across 12 states) $24.95
Ballard, Mignon F The Angel Whispered Danger (Kate McBride (4) attends her family reunions in North Carolina, and when the housekeeper dies mysteriously, guardian angel and heavenly sleuth Agatha Goodnight with apprentice drops by to help) $23.95
Bowen, Peter Thunder Horse (Reprint: Montana Gabriel DuPre (5)) $13.95
Burke, Alafair Judgement Calls (Portland Deputy DA Samantha Kincaid investigates the assault of a 13_year old girl and finds links to a prostitution ring of underage girls and a possible serial killer) $23.00
Cannell, Stephen Runaway Heart (Attorney Herman Stockmire becomes involved in a top_secret government project when his employee is torn limb from limb by a genetically engineered animal) $24.95
Chesney, Marion aka M. C. Beaton) Snobbery With Violence (In Edwardian England, Captain Harry Cartwright fixes problems for the wealthy and is called on when the Marquis of Hedrey finds a guest dead at a lavish party) $22.95
Cutler, Judith Power on Her Own (A new woman working as a DS in Birmingham, England, must navigate unfamiliar channels of power while trying to solve a murder as her male colleagues give her questionable help) $23.95
DeCure, John Bluebird Rising (J. Shepard (2), attorney & surfer, tries to help a legalmentor who shows up at his office & J. will have to use every tool at his disposal to help him) $24.95
Ellis, Kate The Bone Garden (Two bodies are found at an archaeological dig, and a man is found brutally stabbed to death at a holiday site, and Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson (5) investigates) $23.95
Fawcett, Quinn Siren Song (British Intelligence offers Ian Fleming (2) a scoop, an American business man who is selling secrets to the Russians) $25.95
Ford, Susan (with Laura Hayden) Sharp Focus (Eve Cooper (2) investigates when a glider she took a ride on is sabotaged on its next flight _ was the real target her father, the president?) $24.95
Garcia_Roza, Luiz Alfredo The Silence of the Rain (Rio de Janeiro Inspector Espinosa investigates the murder of a corporate executive and when two more people die he must speed up his investigation) $14.00
Gardner, Lisa The Killing Hour (A rookie FBI agent investigates a serial killer who always murders two victims in one day, the first body containing the clues as to where the second victim can be found) $23.95
Genna, Giuseppe In the Name of Ishmael (Two detectives in Milan set out to find the true identity of Ishmael, head of a secret cult of assassins) $25.00
Harstad, Donald The Heartland Experiment (When a Hispanic worker is murdered at a kosher meat_packing plant in Iowa Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman (5) is called in to investigate and discovers links to terrorists) $23.95
Hart, Ellen Immaculate Midnight (Minneapolis restraunteur and sleuth Jane Lawless (10) must rescue her attorney father from a vengeful plot) $13.95
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton Social Crimes (Tale of revenge set in privileged world of New York society) $12.95
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton Trick of the Eye (Reprint: Faith Crowell is commissioned to paint an old ballroom and discovers her employer's daughter was murdered years ago in a crime that was never solved) $12.95
Hoyt, Richard The Weatherman's Daughter (Two daughters of a Portland weatherman have been killed and PI tracker John Denson & partner Willie Prettybird resort to Shamanism to pick up trail) $24.95
Hunter, Jack D The Cure (A researcher develops a cure for cancer and cold, powerful sources conspire to seize control to reap the benefits) $25.95
Martin, Allana Death of the River Master (When Texana Jones's husband is arrested for the murder of the head of the International Boundary and Water Commission, Texana must uncover a conspiracy and a killer) $23.95
McInerny, Ralph Last Things (Father Dowling becomes involved in the investigation of an old murder when he is enlisted by an aunt to guide a wayward niece) $24.95
Mitchell, James C Lovers Crossing (PI and former INS agent Brinker is faced with many confusing discoveries as he investigates the death of the wife of a Tucson business leader) $23.95
Monahan, Brent The Manhattan Island Clubs (In 1906, a member of one of New York's prestigious men's clubs is murdered within the club and Sheriff John Le Brun (3) is asked by JP Morgan resolve an impossible crime) $24.95
Perdue, Lewis Slate Wiper (Genetic engineer Lara Blackwood discovers that her work has been perverted to produce a genetic weapon and she risks assassination to expose the conspiracy) $24.95
Sklepowich, Edward The Last Gondola (American expatriate writer Urbino Macintyre (7) investigates when objects from his friend the Contessa's Venice apt. start disappearing; the trail leads to a frightening and dangerous situation) $24.95
Tremayne, Peter Smoke in the Wind (An entire monastic community has vanished in seventh_century Ireland and Sister Fidelma (10) and Eadulf investigate, confronted with a seemingly unrelated murder of a local girl) $23.95
Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs (In 1929, Maisie Dobbs opens up an investigative agency and becomes involved in a mystery surrounding The Retreat, a reclusive community of veterans wounded in body and spirit) $24.00
DUE LATE JULY Ball, Pamela The Floating City (In 1895 Hawaii, fortune_teller Eve Hanson investigates the mystery of a body that has washed up on shore) $14.00
Carmichael, Judson Jack The Scared Stiff (A con_man and his beautiful South American wife fake his death as an insurance scam and he must run through a series of identities to hide from his wife's brothers) 12.00 Doherty, Paul The Gates of Hell (A series of gruesome murders near Alexander the Great's camp draws his friend, the physician Telamon (3), into a search for Persian spies) $24.00
Gentry, Christine Mesozoic Murder (A paleoartist unearths in Montana her murdered ex-lover and colleague; with no one to trust and a growing number of suspects she must find a cold- blooded killer) $24.95
Goldberg, Tod Living Dead Girl (With his embarrassingly young girlfriend in tow, Paul Luden searches for his missing ex_wife) $11.00
Highsmith, Patricia Deep Water (In a small town a man tries to win back his wife with a tall tale of murder that soon comes true; reprint) $13.95
Highsmith, Patricia Mermaids on the Golf Course (Collection of Highsmith's best short stories; reprint) $12.95
Jordan, Pat a.k.a. Sheila Weinstein (Sheila Mackenzie returns for an excursion into the south Florida underworld of Orthodox Jewish hit men and lesbian pimps) $24.00
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez The Buenos Aires Quintet (As Pepe Carvalho searches Buenos Aires for his cousin he gets caught up in Argentina's troubled past) $15.00
Moss, Robert F Raymond Chandler: A Literary Reference (Follows Chandler's career from his early pulp fiction to his classic novels) $22.00
Pearce, Michael The Mingrelian Conspiracy (Cairo 1908, gangs threaten the city's cafes and an apparent criminal conspiracy must be exposed before the visit of a Russian Grand Duke; the Mamur Zapt, Head of the Secret Police, must find answers fast) $24.95
Perry, Anne A Dish Taken Cold (In Paris, 1792, a servant in the household of celebrated Madame de Stael investigates when her infant son suffers an inexplicable death) $9.00
Perry, Anne ed Death by Horoscope (Anthology of astrological mysteries) $12.00
Rehder, William/Dillow, G. Where the Money Is (FBI Special Agent Rehder chronicles the lives and crimes of bank robbers in today's Los Angeles; nonfiction) $24.95
Scott, Phillip Gay Resort Murder Shock (Marc and Paul (2) are working at a gay resort off the coast of Queensland when their friend the owner is murdered) $13.95


Camp Pom_Pom (Mary_Kate and Ashley #36: While attending a Cheerleading Camp, the mascot costume is stolen and Mary_Kate and Ashley investigate) $4.50
Axler, James Outlanders #26: Sea of Plague (Heart of the World Book 2) $6.50
Abrahams, Peter The Tutor (A charming young man with sinister intentions targets an unsuspecting family in a psychological thriller) $7.50
Abrahams, Peter Their Wildest Dreams (In a small border_town of Mexico a struggling mystery writer is entangled in a web of true crime more mysterious than anything he has imagined) $24.95
Ashby, Major Phil Against All Odds (Nonfiction; story of the daring escape of a British Special Operative who helped defeat the rebel forces of Sierra Leone) $6.99
Barnes, Linda The Big Dig (Boston P.I. Carlotta Carlyle digs herself one big hole when the mysterious death of a construction worker _ and a vast conspiracy _ threaten to make this case her last) $6.99
Berenson, Laurien Hot Dog (Melanie Travis (9) is on the trail of a missing dachshund while trying to figure out who is stalking her) $6.50
Biguenet, John Oyster (In 1957 Louisiana a rivalry between two oyster farming families becomes deadly) $12.95
Blackwood, Grant An Echo of War (PBO; In 1918 four Allied soldiers stumble across a biological weapon that could destroy the world, and today agent Briggs Tanner (3) must keep it away from Bosnian terrorists; Minnesota author) $7.99
Borthwick, J.S. Murder in the Rough (Two murders on Maine's Ocean Tide's golf course overpower the better judgement of teacher Sarah Deane (11), who investigates to protect a child who may have seen too much; a clever cozy) $6.50
Brett, Simon Murder in the Museum (When a human skeleton is found buried on the grounds of Bracketts House, Carole Seddon and Jude must find the killer) $22.95
Brown, Dale/Felice, J. Dale Brown's Dreamland (III): Piranha (PBO: A brand_new cutting edge thriller taking the reader into the cockpits) $7.99
Bryan, Francis The Curse of Treasure Island (Ten years after The Hispaniola sailed, Jim Hawkins returns to the island and discovers the fate of Joseph Tate) $12.95
Byerrum, Ellen Killer Hair (PBO: Washington DC fashion columnist Lacey Smithsonian investigates the death of a hair stylist which may implicate a White House staffer with a salacious website) $5.99
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Street Boys (In WWII Italy, a group of orphaned children defend their city against invading Nazi forces) $7.99
Carter, Charlotte Jackson Park (In 1968 Chicago, a 23 year_old college student investigates the disappearance of a family friend's granddaughter and her grandaunt and uncle uncover a link to an old murder) $12.95
Childs, Laura The English Breakfast Murder (PBO; Charleston Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning (4) is helping Charleston's Sea Turtle Protection League save turtles when a body pops up in the waves and she investigates) $6.99
Christie, Agatha By the Pricking of My Thumbs , Death on the Nile , The Mysterious Affair at Styles , The Seven Dials Mystery (each is 2 Cassettes, abridged) $12.95 each
Clancy, Tom Red Rabbit (Jack Ryan's first days with the CIA may be the Pope's last days alive) $7.99
Clark, Mary Jane Nobody Knows (TV news reporter Cassie Sheridan (5) traces the connection between a woman murdered by psychopath & secret operation in Sarasota, Fla) $6.99
Coel, Margaret The Shadow Dancer (With the disappearance of a young man and his old friend Vicky Holden accused of murder, Father John O'Malley (8) must prove his hunch that both events are connected to a dangerous sect leader) $6.99
Collins, Max Allen The Million_Dollar Wound (Final volume of the Frank Nitti Trilogy: Nate Heller returns after a stint in WWII and becomes involved with Frank Nitti again during his last violent days) $6.99
Craig, Philip R. Vineyard Deceit (Reprint of Martha's Vineyard mystery (4), aka The Double Minded Men ) $6.99
Daheim, Mary Hocus Croakus (On a vacation from her B&B, Judith McMonigle Flynn goes to a casino and when the magician's assistant is murdered she and her husband join the investigation) $23.95
Daheim, Mary Silver Scream (Hollywood invades the Bed and Breakfast at Hillside Manor during Halloween and murder ensues) $6.99
Duncan, Sharon The Dead Wives Society (PBO: San Juan Island PI Scotia MacKinnon's (3) latest client was taken for all her money by a con man, and when his many former wives start turning up dead, Scotia must stop the serial groom) $5.99
Durgin/Kantra/Fletcher Femme Fatale (PBO: Anthology of three connected stories about three female operatives in search of a Russian spymaster) $6.50
Eddy, Paul Flint's Law (An international money launderer is within the grasp of undercover agent Grace Flint (2), when a friend is murdered, her target escapes, and her own conduct is in question) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean The Mocking Program (A telepathic police detective in 21st century Los Angeles must figure out why the victim's DNA matches more than one person and where his family has disappeared to) $6.99
Friedman, Kinky Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Kinky attempts to find a missing autistic NY kid and a missing three-legged Texas cat named Lucky) $6.99
Gerritsen, Tess The Apprentice (A jailed killer's reign of terror continues with the help of a diabolical disciple) $7.99
Glass, Suzanne The Interpreter (A language interpreter overhears that a researcher is under pressure to postpone a revolutionary treatment and meets an Italian doctor who changes her life) $13.95
Grand, David The Disappearing Body (Noir thriller the explores the corruption, ambition, passion and innocence of post_Prohibition America) $14.00
Grippando, James Last to Die (When a rich woman specifies in her will that her $46 million inheritance will go to the last one alive of six, people start dying) $23.95
Haig, Brian The Kingmaker (Sean Drummond (3) defends a general who has been accused of the worst case of treason in U.S. history and comes to believe that despite damning evidence his client is innocent) $6.99
Haney, Eric Inside Delta Force (Nonfiction) $6.99
Heffernan, William A Time Gone By (30 years after the 1945 murder of a NYC judge, a Chief of Detectives decides to set the record straight and solve the crime that sent an innocent man to the electric chair) $24.00
Hess, Joan Maggody and the Moonbeams (While acting as chaperone for ten teenagers, Ozarks Chief of Police Arly Hanks (13) must investigate the corpse of a woman dressed in white with a shaved head found by one of the kids) $6.99
Hill, A.J. Under Pressure (Nonfiction; how the sailors of the S_5 submarine in 1920 saved themselves when the sub was stranded 150 feet down) $13.95
Hurwitz, Gregg Do No Harm (Doctor becomes both protector & prey to homicidal sociopath) $7.99
Hurwitz, Gregg The Kill Clause (4 Cassettes, abridged: A U.S. Marshall explores his deadly options when his daughter is murdered and the killer is set free on a technicality) $25.95
Iles, Greg The Footprints of God (Project Trinity is a revolutionary technology that could be used for great good or evil, and only two people stand in the way of the creators who cannot resist its power) $25.95
Jackson, Lisa Whispers (Sixteen years after Claire St. John fled in terror from family's home, a journalist probes the mystery and exposes her to a cold_blooded murderer's vicious fury; revised reprint) $6.99
Jackson, Steve Partners in Evil (Non_fiction story of Necro Search International, the world's premier forensic investigators, published in hardcover as No Stone Unturned ) $6.50
Jance, J.A. Exit Wounds (Joanna Brady investigates the murder of a loner and her 17 dogs; 4 cassettes $25.95; 5 CDS abridged $29.95) $ 24.95
Jance, J.A. Partner in Crime (A promising artist is murdered and Arizona Sheriff Joanna Brady (10) is joined by J. P. Beaumont, the newest member of Washington state's Special Homicide Investigation Team to solve the case) $7.99
Johnson, Robert L Dead Man's Chest (Sequel to Treasure Island : Long John Silver escapes from the Hispaniola and works to retrieve a king's ransom from Dead Man's Chest) $6.99
Kahn, Sharon Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox (Ruby, the rabbi's wife, travels from one side of the US to the other investigating the murder of a master lox cutter whose roots are traced to Nazi_era Denmark) $5.99
Kaiser, R.J. Squeeze Play (When legendary restauranteur Joe Sasso and lawyer Sonny Culp are murdered in San Francisco, Joe's brother Nick and Sonny's ex_wife Billie team up to find the killer) $6.50
Kava, Alex At the Stroke of Madness (Maggie O'Dell investigates the gruesome discovery of 55 bodies in an old Connecticut landfill where all the victims had diseases or deformities) $24.95
Kellerman, Faye Street Dreams (LAPD officer Cindy Decker finds a newborn abandoned in an alley dumpster and teams up with her father Peter Decker to find the mother; CDs abridged $31.98) $25.95
Kincaid, Taylor Left to Die (PBO; Single mom hitchhikes a ride, barely escapes maniacal killer, but driver murdered; asks help from Pis Capsaw and McSwain; first in series) $6.50
Klein, Rachel The Moth Diaries (At an exclusive girls boarding school one girl's diary reveals that a new schoolmate is subtly and secretly killing her best friend) $11.95
Lardo, Vincent Lawrence Sanders' McNally's Alibi (A mysterious collector, a missing manuscript, and a troika of lovely ladies challenge Arch McNally, south Florida's most famous discreet inquirer) $7.99
Levinson, Robert S Hot Paint (L.A. newspaper columnist Neil Gulliver (4) and his ex_wife Stevie Marriner, chase after priceless art masterpieces stolen more than 70 years ago, thought lost forever, and keep one step ahead of paid killers) $6.99
Loos, Chris/Castberg, Rick Murder in Paradise (Nonfiction; story of murder and flawed justice as a Christmas in Hawaii turns to murder) $7.50
MacLeod, Charlotte The Convivial Codfish (Reprint: Max Bittersohn (5) puts his life on the line to find the thief who stole the Great Chain of the Convivial Codfish) $6.99
Mahoney, Dan The Protectors (NYC Detective Brian McKenna (7) and his cocky partner must unravel a Basque terrorist plot to save a friend, but this time he might have to break the very laws he has sworn to uphold) $6.99
Marcuse, Irene Consider the Alternative (Social worker Anita Servi discovers her boss dead in her office, it looks like a suicide but Anita discovers three other suicides done in the same manner) $5.99
Maron, Margaret Last Lessons of Summer (A young publisher goes to North Carolina to clear out the house of her murdered grandmother and finds questions about the death of her mother as well) $23.95
Maron, Margaret Slow Dollar (When a carnival concessionaire is found murdered, Judge Knott discovers he was blackmailing on the side and she must solve the murder before more lives are ruined) $6.99
McGarrity, Michael The Big Gamble (Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney (7) investigates two bodies found in a burned building, one from his cold case files & one newer homicide) $6.99
Michaels, Kasey Maggie by the Book (Writer Maggie Kelly (2) attends a romance writers convention and when a handsome cover model is found dead, it's up to her to find the murderer) $20.00
Monfredo, Miriam Grace Children of Cain (Conclusion to the Civil War trilogy: Bronwyn Llyr must convince Union Army generals of Lee's battle plans before Northern forces retreat) $6.99
Morgan, Hunter The Other Twin (PBO; A convicted serial killer who preyed on twins 20 years ago returns to kill the surviving twin and the woman who put him behind bars the first time must find him) $5.99
Neri, Kris Dem Bone's Revenge (When novelist Tracy Eaton's mother, film goddess Martha Collins, becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a celebrity lawyer, Tracy must save uncooperative Mom from jail) $5.99
Nordan, Robert Dead and Breakfast (Mavis Lashley goes to North Carolina to help a friend whose bed and breakfast has been target of vandals, and when the body of a teenager is found her friend's son is accused) $5.99
Nyala, Hannah Cry Last Heard (PBO; Tracker and ranger Tally Nowata (2) is back in Wyoming when a friend and fellow ranger from Minnesota goes missing while climbing, she's a suspect on the run and hunts the man who would kill her and others) $6.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Presumption of Death (Nina Reilly (9) has returned to Monterery County when the son of her ex_assistant is accused of a horrific murder and arson and she and Paul try to find the truth) $24.95
Olsen, Jack I: The Creation of a Serial Killer (Nonfiction; story of Keith Hunter Jesperson, serial killer and torturer of women) $6.99
Parry, Owen Honor's Kingdom (In 1862 London Major Abel Jones (4) pursues a monstrous killer who may be a confederate agent and who may also have a connection with Jones' own bloody past in India) $7.99
Pearson, Ridley The Art of Deception (Seattle Police forensic psychologist investigates the death of a woman found beneath the Aurora Bridge that entangles her own past, the victim's and Seattle itself) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Stoney Man #66: Axis of Conflict (Stoney Man races across the globe to stop a terrorist group which has a powerful bio_engineered weapon) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #297: Deadly Pursuit (Paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Pirie, David The Patient's Eyes (Arthur Conan Doyle and his teacher Dr. Joseph Bell team up to investigate the murder of a rich Spanish businessman) $6.99
Reich, Christopher The First Billion ("Electrifying thriller set against the hot_wired backdrop of today's cuthroat global economy") $7.99
Rucka, Greg A Fistful of Rain (Mim Bracca is coming home after living a life in the fast lane, and she must face the past she tried to leave behind; terror, and assassin's bullet) $23.95
Scheft, Bill The Ringer (The Dirt King, who controls all the soil replacement in Central Park, is after a 35_year_old who works as a ringer for soft_ball teams in New York and things get weird) $12.95
Shattuck, Shari Loaded (PBO; Wealthy socialite Cally Henstren is attacked on her way home and meets sexy LAPD officer Evan Paley, and when she is attacked again the next night, together they investigate) $6.99
Short, Sharon Death of a Domestic Diva (PBO: First in a new cozy series featuring small_town laundromat owner, stain removal expert, and amateur sleuth Josie Toadfern) $6.50
Siegel, Sheldon Criminal Intent (San Francisco lawyers Mike Daly and Rosie Fernandez face a case that could wreck their lives, personal and professional, as Rosie's niece is accused of murder) $7.99
Siegel, Sheldon Reasonable Doubt (Mike Daley receives a call from Leon Walker, the man who ruined his marriage, who has been accused of murder, and Mike and ex_wife Rosie investigate to help him) $25.95
Smith, Julie Louisiana Bigshot (New Orleans PI Talba Wallis investigates the murder of an old friend and butts into everybody's business in Clayton, LA, a small town with an ugly secret) $6.99
Smith, Sarah Chasing Shakespeares (Two grad students discover a letter from W. Shakespeare that seems to prove he was not the author of the plays, and travel to England to prove whether or not it is a forgery) $24.00
Soos, Troy The Gilded Cage (In the gritty underside of turn_of_the_century New York, Marshall Webb and Rebecca Davies (2) reunite to take on Tammany Hall and the city's ruthless elite) $6.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi Dearly Beloved (Three women at the Bramble Rose Inn on a windswept New England Island are chosen by a madman to become victims, and they are plunged into a terrifying fight for survival; reprint) $6.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K Absolute Rage (A dynamic coal mining union leader is murdered and West Virginia prosecutor Butch Karp (14) investigates, putting himself & his family in danger) $7.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K Resolved (A convicted killer has escaped and proceeds to hunt Butch Karp (15), the A.D.A. who put him away, assaulting his daughter Lucy and killing the cops who arrested him) $26.00
Thor, Brad Path of the Assassin (After rescuing the President from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath tries to root out those responsible) $7.50
Todd, Charles A Fearsome Doubt (The End of WWI finds Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge (6) haunted by memories and self_doubt as he delves into a wrongful death case) $6.99
Wait, Lea Shadow in the Coast of Maine (Antique print dealer Maggie Summer (2) visits friends in Maine who have become skittish and fearful due to strange accidents that keep happening and Maggie investigates) $24.00
Weisman, John Soar (An American team is captured by Uzbekistan guerrillas and the president mobilizes a unit of Delta Force to rescue them) $24.95
Wilhelm, Kate Clear and Convincing Proof (Lawyer Barbara Holloway investigates the murder of a gifted doctor found in his own clinic as suspicion falls on his wife and another doctor) $23.95
Wilson, F. Paul Hosts (Repairman Jack witnesses a subway shooting and is in danger of becoming famous, while a virus used to treat tumors has mutated, and is multiplying among treated patients) $7.99
Wiltse, David The Hangman's Knot (In Nebraska, acting deputy Billy Tree (2) is hot on the trail of a relentless killer and he discovers a viper's nest of secrets and lies) $6.99
Yapalater, Karin An Hour to Kill (A series of brutal murders occur in Central Park and two mis_matched detectives in the NYPD investigate) $23.95
York, Sheila Dead Level (When 1940s screenwriter Lauren Atwill finds herself entangled in a blackmail ring that has also ensnared her best friend, she is determined to track down the mastermind) $6.99


Babson, Marian The Cat Who Wasn't a Dog (Dame Cecile Savoy takes her dead dog to be stuffed and finds the taxidermy shop on fire with a dead body in the back and a cat in need of rescue; a "hilarious muddle") $22.95
Brooks, Bill Pretty Boy Floyd (The life of the Depression's most dangerous outlaw) $24.95
Clark, Mary Jane Nowhere to Run (TV network medical producer Annabelle Murphy investigates the death of a coworker from a terrible disease and more die as the authorities lock down the broadcast center) $24.95
Corwin, Miles Homicide Special (Behind_the_scenes at the Los Angeles Elite Detective Unit) $25
Diamond, Diana The Daughter_In_Law (Tragedy strikes on a couple's honeymoon & the mother_in_ law thinks the new wife is responsible and the truth is far from clear) $24.95
Egleton, Clive Cry Havoc (A deadly mole has infiltrated the SIS and Peter Ashton returns to find him before the agency and its assets are destroyed) $24.95
Friedman, Thomas L Longitudes and Attitudes (The world in the age of terrorism, Pulitzer Prize winner revised and updated, nonfiction) $14.00
Fullerton, Alexander Sixty Minutes for George (Winter 1917-18, Nick Everard (2) is Exec aboard destroyer and given a mission as part of the raid on Zeebrugge, a German naval fortress) $13.00
Gorman/Greenberg eds The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 4th Annual (Mystery and suspense from the finest writers in the field) $17.95
Hagberg, David By Dawn's Early Light (A CIA team has been captured carrying the secret of a new laser weapon and a team of SEALs must get the captives back safely) $25.95
Harris, Charlaine Poppy Done to Death (Smalltown Georgia librarian and amateur sleuth Aurora Teagarden confronts an extremely personal murder) $22.95
Jahn, Michael Murder on Coney Island (When the body of a much_despised real estate developer is found in the basement of a Coney Island candy store, NYPD Captain Bill Donovan must round up all the suspects) $24.95
Lordon, Randye Son of a Gun (New York City P.I. Sydney Sloan has 4 days to solve the shooting of her friend, a police captain, which has its roots in an old family secret) $23.95
Mahoney, Dan Justice (A vigilante is executing drug dealers and NYPD Detective Brian McKenna and his partner try to stop him) $24.95
Marston, Edward The Vagabond Clown (Elizabethan; when an unexpected disaster strikes Lord Westfield's Men during a performance, Nicholas Bracewell (13) must save the day) $24.95
Monahan, Brent The Sceptred Isle Club (In 1906, Sheriff John LeBrun encounters Arthur Conan Doyle and a near_impossible murder at London's Sceptred Isle Club) $13.95
Moody, Skye Kathleen Medusa (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agent Venus Diamond (6) rushes home when her teenage brother is accused of murder and when several other teens go missing she needs all her investigative expertise to solve the mystery) $24.95
Parker, I. J. The Hell Screen (11th c. Japan official turned sleuth Akitada Sugawara's (2) night stay in a monastery is complicated by murder and a malevolent web of deceit) $24.95
Pirie, David The Night Calls (Arthur Conan Doyle & Dr. Joseph Bell take on the frightening and disturbing investigation of a series of bizarre assaults in Edinbourgh brothels) $24.95
Riehl, Gene Quantico Rules (While investigating the background of a potential Supreme Court judge, FBI agents Puller Monk and Lisa Sands are set on a trail of corruption and murder at the top of the Bureau) $24.95
Smith, Julie Mean Woman Blues (The nemesis of New Orleans police detective Skip Langdon is an evangelical preacher who will stop at nothing, including murder, to increase his political power) $24.95
Title, Alise Inside Out (Prison superintendent Natalie Price (2) is in the hot seat when an ex_con _ a transsexual whose murder trail was a media circus _ is assaulted) $24.95


Corwin, C. R. Morgue Mama: The Cross Kisses Back (Gruff, salty, and senior Maddy Sprowls teams up with young police reporter to clear woman of TV evangelist's murder, uncover dangerous secrets and plenty of suspects) $24.95
Gerritsen, Tess The Sinner (In a cloistered convent two nuns have been brutally attacked, and then a third woman is murdered. Medical examiner Maura Isles and Homicide detective Jane Rizzoli investigate) $24.95
Granger, Pip The Widow Ginger (1954 London's Soho; young Rosie (2) encounters ex-GI with background in the black market who's out of prison and looking for his share of profits and vengeance from former partners) $24.95
King, Danny The Hitman Diaries (A hitman faces a moral conflict when he is given a contract on the only woman he feels understands him) $14.00
Parenti, Michael The Assassination of Julius Caeser (As the author carefully weighs the evidence concerning the murder of Caeser, he sketches in fascinating detail about wider Roman society) $23.95
Rabiner, Susan/Fortunato, Alfred Thinking Like Your Editor (How to write great serious non_fiction, and get it published) $14.95
Reid, Arthur The Story Teller (An aspiring writer becomes a best selling author overnight, but he has a dark secret which draws sinister people, forcing him to confront his past; "gripping suspense and black humor") $23.95

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