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Newsletter #61 March - May, 2003

[PBO means paperback original]

Allingham, Margery Traitor's Purse (6 cassettes, unabridged) $29.95
Archer, Jeffrey Sons of Fortune (Twins separated at birth in 1940s; one goes on to be a currency dealer, the other becomes a criminal lawyer) $27.95
Barry, Max Jennifer Government (In a hilarious near-future run by corporations, tough-talking agent Jennifer Government is determined to nail John Nike) $19.95
Berkeley, Anthony Jumping Jenny (Reprint of 1933 novel; gentleman sleuth Roger Sheringham is at a party where the theme is murderers & their victims, when a real body is found) $12.95
Berkeley, Anthony The Piccadilly Murder (Reprint of 1929 novel; when the old lady died at tea at the Piccadilly Palace Hotel, was it murder or suicide?) $12.95
Blank, Hannah A Short Life on a Sunny Isle (Paris police inspector Alphonse Dantan (3) and his bubbly American wife vacation on small Spanish island in 1955, under the rule of Generalissimo Franco's fascist government) $24.95
Brand, Christianna The Spotted Cat (Short stories from Inspector Cockrill's casebook) $19.00
Buckman, Daniel Water in Darkness (A young soldier in the 1990's returns to Chicago and meets a dispossessed veteran who draws him into the dark heart of violence) $14.95
Carpenter, J. D. The Devil in Me (Toronto homicide detective investigates when editor of a small literary magazine is killed by somebody whose story she rejected) $6.95
Cave, Hugh B. Come Into My Parlor (Collection of his stories from 1930s and 1940s that appeared in Detective Fiction Weekly) $17.00
Cecil, Henry According to the Evidence (Classic reprint, 1954) $12.95
Cecil, Henry The Asking Price (Classic reprint, 1966) $12.95
Cecil, Henry Sober as a Judge (Classic reprint, 1958) $12.95
Coggin, Joan The Mystery at Orchard House (Reprint of 1946 Lady Lupin mystery set in Kent on the eve of the outbreak of WW II) $14.95
Collins, Max Allan True Detective (In Prohibition era Chicago, a cop won't sell out and is forced to resign and become a PI, with clients such as Al Capone _ First volume in the Frank Nitti Trilogy; Shamus Award '83) $6.99
Cowan, Rick/Century, Douglas Takedown ("The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire", non-fiction, New York City in 1990s with undercover cop) $26.95
Crewdson, John Science Fictions (How an American bioscientist stole the credit for isolating the AIDS virus and how the truth came out, non-fiction) $16.95
Deverell, William Needles (Prosecutor with a heroin addiction goes against a notorious drug trafficker; winner of the Seal First Novel Prize) $15.95
Deverell, William Trials of Passion (Recently retired criminal lawyer cajoled into defending the Acting Dean of the Law School on a rape charge; winner of Arthur Ellis Award and Dashiell Hammett Prize) $15.95
Dickinson, David Death and the Jubilee (Murder on the eve of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee calls back Lord Francis Powerscourt (2), special investigator to the throne) $24.00
DuBois, Brendan The Dark Snow and Other Mysteries (11 stories, with checklist) $17.00
Fister, Barbara On Edge (A Chicago cop heads for small-town Maine to heal after his partner is shot; instead he finds a predator preying on the town's children) $6.50
Follett, Ken The Key to Rebecca (Reprint of 1980 thriller) $13.95
Frey, Stephen The Day Trader (A tale of market misdeeds and murder) $7.50
Goldfarb, Ronald Perfect Villains, Imperfect Heroes ("Robert F. Kennedy's War Against Organized Crime", non-fiction) $16.95
Gorman, Ed Everybody's Somebody's Fool (1961, when a smalltown Iowa drag_racer crashes with his brakeline cut, lawyer Sam McCain (5) is dragged unwillingly into the case) $24.00
Gram, Dewey The Life of David Gale (Movie novelization; death row opponent was falsely charged and convicted of murdering a fellow activist, now sits on death row) $6.99
Hall, Parnell Manslaughter (Stanley Hastings (15) has a client who has been arrested for the murder of a notorious blackmailer and has many adventures on the wrong side of the law to crack the case) $25.00
Hamill, Pete Forever (In 1740, a young man leaves Ireland for New York, seeking revenge for his parents deaths; in return for aiding an African shaman brought to America in chains, he is granted immortality, as long as he never leaves Manhattan Island) $25.95
Hellmann, Libby Fischer An Eye For Murder (Events in 1944 Prague lead to death in modern Chicago, and a documentary filmmaker tries to solve the puzzle; signed) $24.95
Hovey, Dean Hooker (Woman is missing, the interior of her mobile home is covered with blood, and a state senator is trying to stop the investigation; local author) $14.95
Howard, Richard Bonaparte's Horsemen (British hardcover of sixth in series about Napoleon's infantry, this one set in 1807 Poland) $27.50
Johnson, Claire M. Beat Until Stiff (San Francisco cooking mystery, looking at the dirty secrets of the cut-throat restaurant business; Great title!; signed) $24.95
Kark, Austen The Forwarding Agent (British signed hc limited to 750 copies; family threatened by terrorists, and they don't know why) $24.95
Kilworth, Garry Douglas The Winter Soldiers (1854, British Army Sgt Jack Crossman secretly investigates a general accused of corruption during the terrible Russian winter) $24.00
Laird, Thomas Season of the Assassin (A brutal killer is on the rampage in Chicago and homicide detective Jimmy Parisi races against time to locate the killer) $24.00
Littell, Robert The Defection of A. J. Lewinter (Reprint of 1973 thriller) $24.95
Lovett, Sarah Acquired Motives (Reissue of a Dr. Sylvia Strange forensic thriller) $6.99
Marai, Sandor Embers (Translated 1942 novel of the decaying Austro-Hungarian Empire) $12.00
Marston, Edward The Fair Maid of Bohemia (Elizabethan theater company travels to Prague, encountering murder, espionage, & madcap Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II) $14.95
Menzies, Gavin 1421 (Non-fiction; story of the long-forgotten voyage of a massive Chinese fleet which spanned the globe and landed on America's shores) $27.95
Miles, Keith Green Murder (Professional golfer's trip to Australia leads to murder) $14.95
Nordhoff, Charles/Hall, James Norman Mutiny on the Bounty (Reprint of classic) $14.95
Perry, Anne--ed Much Ado About Murder (All-new Shakespeare-inspired mysteries) $23.95
Peters, Ellis The Potter's Field (6 cassettes, unabridged) $29.95
Reisert, Rebecca The Third Witch (Macbeth, told from the point of view of the third witch, seeking revenge) $14.99
Richards, Kel An Outbreak of Darkness (Australian novel of sinister things happening on a remote island) $9.95
Richards, Kel Moonlight Shadows (Man wakes up in the hospital with his memory wiped, a police guard on his room, and learns that he was found unconscious next to a woman's decapitated body with the murder weapon in his hand; Australian import) $8.95
Richards, Kel The Second Death (Radio talk show host tries to solve the murder of one of his callers) $8.95
Richards, Kel The Case of the Vanishing Corpse (A locked-room mystery set in a world of religious fanatics, petty tyrants, spies and nightmares) $8.95
Roberts, Barrie Crowner and Justice (Lawyer Chris Tyroll and his sharp girl friend Sheila McKenna (4); British hardcover) $24.95
Roberts, David Hollow Crown (Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne (3) investigate murder in 1936 England while trying to recover stolen letters) $24.00
Robinson, Adam Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of the Terrorist (non-fiction) $13.95
Rosenberg, Joel C The Last Jihad (Saddam Hussein dispatches top hit men to assassinate the President and has a nuclear trump card to play, while a White House advisor tries to end the threat; not the local author) $24.95
Slater, Susan Flash Flood (Insurance investigator gets involved with murder in New Mexico; signed) $24.95
Smith, Carlton Blood Will Tell (Non-fiction; Fitzhugh murder case from Palo Alto, CA) $6.99
Stout, Rex Plot it Yourself (4 Cassettes, unabridged) $24.95
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II Some Clouds (Mexico City independent detective Hector Belascoaran Shane is called home from vacation by his sister, whose childhood friend was raped and nearly killed by unknown assailants) $14.95
Vanneman, Alan Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra (When a client dies apparently by suicide, Holmes and Dr. Watson are drawn into a hunt for a brutal murderer which takes them to Egypt, India, and Singapore) $14.00
Webb, Betty Desert Wives (P.I. Lena Jones helps a 13-year-old girl escape from a hidden polygamy compound on the Arizona-Utah border, but when the girl's mother is arrested for the murder of the girl's intended husband, Lena goes undercover to investigate; she finds a secret the Circle of Elders will kill to keep secret; signed) $24.95
Whitfield, Raoul Jo Gar's Casebook (Collection of pulp stories of detective Jo Gar in the Philippines in the 1930s) $20.00
Williamson, Penelope Mortal Sins (In 1927 New Orleans, homicide cop Daman Rourke finds a prominent attorney stabbed to death, with a blood-covered Hollywood goddess nearby) $7.50


Dobson, Joanne The Maltese Manuscript (The Enfield library is missing many rare books, and when the prime suspect is murdered in the stacks, English professor Karen Pelletier (5) investigates) $24.95
Johnston, Paul The Blood Tree (In 2026, renegade investigator Quint Dalrymple when the brightest teenagers of Independent Edinburgh are being kidnapped to the much-feared democratic city-state of Glasgow) $8.95
Kemelman, Harry Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet (Reissue) $6.99
Kinnings, Max Hitman (Paranoid old woman offers $100,000 to kill a man with enormous psychic powers, requiring lots of drugs to get close enough to pull the trigger) $9.95
Leather, Stephen The Stretch (A major ganster takes a fall, and his estranged wife takes up the reins of his criminal empire) $8.95
Massey, Sujata The Samurai's Daughter (One of Hugh's clients is murdered and Rei begins to uncover unsavory facts about her family's actions during the war, as they struggle to unravel the truth and find the killer; signing at Uncle Edgar's March 21) $24.95
Moorcraft, Paul L. Anchoress of Shere (Father Michael Duval has kidnapped 5 women to recreate a woman from 1329 that he is obsessed with, eventually killing each one, but his sixth victim will not go down so easily) $14.95
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Four for a Boy (In 525 AD, a slave is arrested for brawling and is asked by Constantinople's king to investigate a murder staged to discredit the heir) $24.95
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Three for a Letter (In 539 AD, John the Eunuch investigates to protect a child and stop a heartless killer in Constantinople) $14.95
Rosenberg, Joel Home Front (An aging copy_editor living in South Dakota gets a call from the daughter of a Vietnam buddy; he goes to Minneapolis and while helping her out gets into a jam of his own; local author, signing at Uncle Edgar's Feb. 27) $23.95


A New Kind of Superspy ; Best Friend's Forever (Adventures in the SpyKids series based on the characters by Robert Rodriguez) $4.99 each
Adams Round Table, The Murder on the Run (Ten stories about criminals on the run by an all-star lineup) $6.99
Ambrose, David The Discreet Charm to Charlie Monk (Charlie is a spy who has no memory, and a scientist thinks she can give it back to him, but they discover a terrible secret in the recesses of his mind) $23.95
Axler, James Deathlands: Skydark Spawn (#61; PBO) $6.50
Babson, Marian The Cat Next Door (Margot's Aunt Chloe has been accused of murder and when another unidentified body turns up no one can be trusted) $5.99
Bernhardt, William Final Round (Foul play on the fairway at the Masters Tournament) $7.50
Block, Lawrence Such Men are Dangerous (Reissue: An ex_Green Beret teams up with a trained killer to steal a shipment of tactical nuclear weapons from the US government) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie The Tail of the Tip_Off (A well_liked local builder drops dead in the parking lot at a basketball game, and the coroner says it's poison; Harry (11) and her sleuthing pets investigate) $24.95
Burnell, Mark Chameleon (Petra Reuter is drawn back into the intelligence world to take one last assignment, assassinating Koba, a Russian criminal) $7.50
Carr, Caleb The Lessons of Terror (A history of warfare against civilians, revised with a new preface) $12.95
Chazin, Suzanne Flashover (The fiery deaths of two doctors turn up the heat for New York fire marshall Georgia Skeehan (2) when it appears that the arsonist is FDNY) $6.99
Christie, Agatha 4:50 From Paddington (2 Cassettes, abridged) $12.95
Christie, Agatha Death Comes as the End (2 Cassettes, abridged) $12.95
Christie, Agatha Peril at End House (2 Cassettes, abridged) $12.95
Christie, Agatha Why Didn't They Ask Janet Evans? (2 Cassettes, abridged) $12.95
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik Net Force: Cloak and Dagger (#17, young adult, PBO) $4.99
Clausen, Lowen Second Watch (Enlisted by the Seattle Sex Crimes Unit, Officers Grace Stevens and Katherine Murphy discover first hand the evil that men do) $6.99
Coben, Harlan Gone For Good (Will Klein's brother disappeared 11 years ago after being accused of rape and murder, and now Will's hunt for him spirals into a hunt for a killer, a victim, and the truth) $6.99
Connelly, Joe Crumbtown (After serving 15 years for armed robbery, unrepentant Don Reedy returns to Crumbtown to consult on a TV show based on his life and the cameras are chronicling his every move) $23.00
Connelly, Michael City of Bones (When the bones of a 12_year old are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that brings up dark memories from his own haunted past; Edgar nominee Best Novel) $7.99
Connolly, John The Killing Kind (PI Charlie Parker (3) is hired to investigate the mysterious death a woman and is drawn into conflict with a violent group of zealots who may be connected to the murder) $6.99
Corbitt, Michael Double Deal (Non_fiction account of how the author slipped between the deadly conflicting worlds of cop and mobster in Chicago) $25.95
Davidson, Diane Mott Chopping Spree (Colorado caterer Goldy Schultz (11) has been hired to cater a high_price cocktail party when a truck tries to run her down and her assistant is accused of murder) $6.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Vanished Man (Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are brought in to investigate murder at a prestigious music school in New York City; 5-CD abridged $30.00) $25.95
Deere, Dicey The Irish Cairn Murder (Torrey Tunet has hired a young man to help her around the house when he receives a threatening phone call and blackmail leads to murder in a small Irish village) $6.50
Dunn, Carola Rattle His Bones (Daisy Dalrymple (8) finds herself hunting a murderer who is hiding among the bones at London's esteemed Natural History Museum, 1923) $5.99
Ellis, David Life Sentence (Legal council to a powerful Chicago politician has a dark secret involving a party in 1979 when a teenage girl died, and now the people involved in that party are dying) $24.95
Emerson, Earl Into the Inferno (Six months after responding to a freeway accident, firefighters who were at the scene begin succumbing to mysterious accidents and ailments) $23.95
Fitzhugh, Bill Heart Seizure (A healthy organ donor has just kicked off and many wild characters are after the organ including the President, in a wacky cross_country chase) $21.95
Fleeman, Michael The Stranger in My Bed (Diane Smith, who discovered that her husband had murdered several of his former wives; nonfiction; PBO) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Lemon Meringue Pie Murder (Hannah (4) discovers the body of a neighbor and the only clue is one of her lemon meringue pie has one slice missing) $22.00
Francis, Clare Deceit (After a woman's husband disappears at sea, she must cope with unsettling questions and secrets from the past) $14.00
Glass, Leslie Death and Taxes (After a woman has a face_lift and her husband collapses with shock, the woman discovers secrets about him that shock her to the core and she plans sweet revenge) $23.95
Goldman, Joel The Last Witness (Kansas City atty Lou Mason (2) hired to defend friend and ex-cop accused of murdering local lawyer and political fixer; PBO) $6.99
Graysmith, Robert Zodiac Unmasked (The identity of America's most elusive serial killer is revealed; nonfiction) $7.99
Gruber, Michael Tropic of Night (Jane Doe, an anthropologist, is pitted against a powerful shaman who becomes Miami's most feared serial killer) $24.95
Hamilton, Lyn The Etruscan Chimera (Lara (6) negotiates to buy a rare Etruscan sculpture but the owner turns up dead in his own Etruscan tomb; archaeological) $6.50
Hart, Carolyn Engaged to Die (Max and Annie Darling investigate a murder at the opening of a hugely important new collection at Virginia Neville's gallery) $23.95
Helms, Richard A Look Over My Shoulder (Autobiography, "The Man Who Kept the Secrets", a life in the CIA ) $35.00
Hines, Stephen The True Crime Files of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Two true_crime cases Doyle became involved in and wrote about) $13.00
Hunter, Fred The Mummy's Ransom (Chicago detective Jeremy Ransom (8) tries to avoid the mummy's curse and wrap up a murder investigation with the mummy as prime suspect) $5.99
Jackson, Lisa The Night Before (Caitlyn wakes up one Savannah morning covered in blood with no memory, and when her husband ends up murdered she must turn to her sister to find out what happened; PBO) $6.99
Jackson, Steve Partners in Evil (A pair of twisted friends whose obsession with violent pornography led them to murder; non-fiction; PBO) $6.50
James, Dean Posted to Death (Simon Kirby_Jones, an attractive, sophisticated man who just happens to be a vampire takes on a British murder case) $5.99
Jance, J.A. Hour of the Hunter (Reissue, stand_alone novel of suspense) $7.99
Joe, Yolanda as Ardella Garland Hit Time (The body of the head of Hit Time Records is found floating in Lake Michigan and Georgia Barnett becomes involved in the investigation when an old friend is suspected) $6.99
Johansen, Iris Body of Lies (Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is called to Louisiana to identify an unknown murder victim and when others begin to die finds herself in the heart of a deadly conspiracy) $7.50
Jones, Susanna The Earthquake Bird (Lucy has fled her past to Tokyo and becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a woman she and her lover befriended) $12.95
Jones, Susanna Waterlily (Ralph is looking for a bride and finds her on a ferry to Shanghai, but a cycle of betrayal and murder begun years ago is about to repeat itself) $23.95
Kent, Gordon Top Hook (A senior CIA man leaks secrets, when blackmailed he points finger at Rose Siciliano and husband naval officer Alan Craik) $6.99
King, Laurie Keeping Watch (After years of rescuing kids and soon to retire, Carmichael rescues one last teenager from an abusive parent; but has he turned a killer free to kill again?) $23.95
Land, Jon The Blue Widows (Israeli Danielle and Palestinian-American Ben Kamal (6) must track the mastermind of a religious plot to bring about the "End of All Things" along a deadly trail that spreads across three continents) $25.95
Liss, David The Coffee Trader (A roguishly charming Jewish trader introduces coffee to Amsterdam in the mid_1600s and learns that among ruthless businessmen betrayal lurks everywhere and even friends lie) $24.95
Lovett, Sarah Dark Alchemy (A string of unsolved serial murders in research communities leads the FBI to one suspect _a beautiful world_renowned toxicologist, and forensic psychologist Dr. Sylvia Strange (5) is called in to investigate) $24.00
Ludlum, Robert/Lynds, Gayle The Paris Option (A top_secret laboratory is destroyed and America is left defenseless and at the center of it all is a weapon unlike anything the world has ever known) $7.99
Masterson, Graham A Terrible Beauty (The 80_year old skeletons of 11 women are found near Cork, Ireland and detective Katie Maguire is investigating when another woman is murdered and left at the same site) $6.99
Maxim, John R. Bannerman's Ghost (Retired assassin Elizabeth Stride is living a "normal" life when the ruthless Artemus Bourne tries to find her which brings Paul Bannerman into the picture) $24.95
McBain, Ed The Heckler (Reprint: Introduction to the 87th Precinct of the Deaf Man) $6.99
McNab, Andy Last Light (After aborting a sanctioned assassination attempt, British Intelligence officer Nick Stone (4) is told he must fly to Panama and finish the job and discovers a conspiracy) $6.99
Mewshaw, Michael Shelter from the Storm (Zack McClintock travels to Central Asia in search of his kidnapped son_in_law held by a group of Islamic fundamentalists) $23.95
Miniter, Richard The Duel (Clinton and Bin Laden's secret war; non-fiction) $25.00
Moody, Bill Looking for Chet Baker (Pianist Evan Horne (5) has a gig in Amsterdam and begins investigating the mysterious death of legendary trumpeter Chet Baker) $5.99
Nance, John J Turbulence (Panic erupts aboard Meridian Flight 6 when the captain makes an emergency landing in war_torn Nigeria) $7.99
Osborne, Denise Designed to Kill (When a New Age center attracts bad energy, Feng Shui expert Salome Waterhouse (3) must redirect her ch'i & find lines that lead to murder) $5.99
Paige, Robin Death at Dartmoor (Lord Charles Sheridan and his clever American wife Kate must determine why an infamous inmate at a British prison confessed to a crime he clearly didn't commit; acquaintance Arthur Conan Doyle assists) $6.50
Paige, Robin Death at Glamis Castle (Lord Sheridan (9) and Kate travel to Glamis village in Scotland when a prince goes missing at the same time as one of his servants turns up dead) $22.95
Parker, Robert B Back Story (Spenser is hired by a friend of Paul Giacomin to solve the murder of her mother back in 1973) $24.95
Parker, Robert B Widow's Walk (One of Boston's elite has been murdered and the prime suspect is his wife, who enlists Spenser for help) $7.99
Parker, T. Jefferson Black Water (Faced with an attempted murder/suicide, when the suspect disappears from the hospital, Detective Merci Rayborn suspects there is more going on) $5.99
Peale, Cynthia The White Crow (Victorian Beacon Hill; Caroline Ames attends a seance and when one of the guests drops dead in the parlor, she and Addington agree to help clear the medium's name) $6.50
Pelecanos, George Hell to Pay (Derek Strange and Terry Quinn are hired to find a 14_year old girl and face the dangers of Washington DC; Dilys Award nominee) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan: Strike and Retrieve (#89, PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Savage Game (#292, PBO) $4.75
Rees, Sian The Floating Brothel (True story of an 18th_century ship and it's cargo of female convicts) $13.95
Robb, J.D. Portrait in Death (New Eve Dallas police thriller; PBO) $7.99
Robbins, David L Scorched Earth (A Virginia church is burned and the only suspect is the father of a mixed race child buried in the church graveyard) $13.95
Rule, Ann Bitter Harvest (Reprint: True crime case of Debora Green, a Midwestern doctor accused of setting a raging fire and causing a trail of death) $7.99
Salinger, Steven D White Darkness (The lives of a Jewish man and a man fleeing from a mysterious evil in Haiti intersect in Brooklyn and encounter superstition and salvation) $13.95
Saulnier, Beth Ecstasy (At a music festival people are dying from tainted LSD and Alex Bernier investigates) $23.95
Silva, Daniel The English Assassin (Framed for the murder of a millionaire banker Israeli spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon will have to fight for his life against an assassin he himself trained) $7.99
Slater, Susan Thunderbird (Stealth fighter crash on a New Mexico reservation & disappearance of a Navajo woman puts psychologist Ben Pecos (3) on a sinister trail) $5.99
Sloan, Susan R Act of God (Dana McAuliffe must construct a defense for a man accused of bombing the Seattle Family Services Center) $7.99
Spencer_Fleming, Julia In the Bleak Midwinter (Clare Fergusson, ex_Army chopper pilot turned Episcopal priest searches with the town police chief for the mother of an infant left on the parish door; Dilys Award nominee) $6.99
Sutherland, Grant The Consignment (Ned Rourke of the US Rangers discovers that U.S. weapons are killing his men and sets out to find the arms dealers) $23.95
Thayer, Steve The Wheat Field (In 1960 Wisconsin, two dead bodies were found in a crop circle. Now one small_town lawman reveals what happened; local author) $7.50
Thayer, Steve Wolf Pass (A sniper kills first a man, then his wife, and suspect Deputy Sheriff Pennington, the best marksman in town, must solve the crime) $24.95
Thompson, Peter J Living Proof (In a secret underground facility the US military is developing new forms of germ warfare and is using Death Row inmates to experiment, when one escapes) $6.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Mulberry Bend (New York City midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Mally discover how the squalor of the streets can breed madness and murder) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee and David Death Walker (Reissue; Navajo Police Special Investigator Ella Clah (2)) $14.95
Walter, Jess Land of the Blind (Spokane detective Caroline Mabry (2) deals with a 400 page handwritten confession, a desperate politician, and murder) $24.95
Westlake, Donald E Put a Lid on It (Francis Meehan, a career thief facing life without parole, is offered a job by the president's election team stealing a compromising video before the other side can reveal it) $7.50
Williams, Paul The General (True story of Irish mob boss and working class hero Martin Cahill) $24.95
Zindel, Paul The Petrified Parrot (The only witness PC and Mac can find to the murder of a businessman in New Orleans is a traumatized talking parrot, young reader) $4.99


Abramo, J.L. Clutching at Straws (Jake Diamond (2) is called by a thief accused of murder when he is caught in a house with a dead judge) $22.95
Andrews, Mary Kay (aka Kathy Trochek) Savannah Blues (A woman with revenge on her mind, corporate conspiracies, and antiques to die for (literally) in Savannah's historic district; Edgar nominee) $13.95
Anonymous Terrorist Hunter (Woman who went undercover to infiltrate the radical Islamic groups operating in America; non-fiction) $25.95
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday (Aunt Dimity is called on to investigate when a family will_reading turns into a series of escalating acts of violence) $22.95
Dreyer, Eileen With a Vengeance (Maggie O'Brien, a nurse and a medic on a SWAT team, feels the desire to dispense her own kind of justice, and finds out that someone else may be doing the same) $24.95
Fforde, Jasper Lost in a Good Book (10 CDs or 8 cassettes, abridged) $36.95
Hamilton, Denise Sugar Skull (L. A. crime reporter Eve Diamond (2) investigates the disappearance of a man's daughter and the murder of the wife of a mayoral candidate) $24.00
Joyce, Graham Smoking Poppy (A father searches for his missing daughter in the hothouse atmosphere of Thailand) $14.00
Lintner, Bertil Blood Brothers (Criminal underground that stretches from Burma to the Russian Far East; non-fiction) $29.95
MacDonald, Patricia Suspicious Origin (When a house fire kills her sister, Britt Andersen goes to the small town in Vermont where she lived, suspects her brother_in_law of murder) $24.00
Margolin, Phillip Ties That Bind (A series of seemingly unrelated deaths culminates in the gruesome murder of a US senator and Portland hometown hero prosecutes the case) $25.95
McNab, Andy Liberation Day (Nick Stone's (5) mission is to infiltrate a hostile republic and kill a money_laundering businessman but things turn out to be much more dangerous than he expected) $25.00
Morrissey, J.P. A Weekend at Blenheim (In 1905 an ambitious young architect receives an invitation to help renovate Blenheim Palace and discovers dark secrets as a housemaid is strangled in the courtyard) $13.95
O'Neill, Anthony The Lamplighter (In Victorian Edinburgh a policeman and a professor of metaphysics both investigate a series of murders) $25.00
Sayers, Dorothy L Murder Must Advertise (6 cassettes, unabridged) $29.95
Urban, Mark The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes (George Scovell who assisted Lord Wellington in his defeat of Napoleon; non-fiction) $13.95


Brown, Dan The DaVinci Code (The elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered, his body surrounded by a series of bizarre ciphers, and Rombert Langdon attempts to make sense of the clues) $24.95
Burley, W. J. Wycliffe and the Guild of Nine (Murder at an artists' colony) $7.95
Camilleri, Andrea The Terra_Cotta Dog (Sicilian Inspector Montalbano (2) is led to a mountain cave where he finds two lovers, dead for 50 years, still embracing and watched over by a terra_cotta dog) $5.99
Danks, Denise Frame Grabber (Journalist Georgina Powers is faced with virtual reality porn that features stolen images of herself) $7.95
Danks, Denise Torso (Debauched, illegal, and on the run, Steven and Stella are a British couple in California, dealing with violence, paranoia, and death) $9.95
Davies, Steven Paul The Prisoner Handbook: An Unauthorized Companion (British reference book to the TV show) $19.95
Doherty, Paul Isabella and the Strange Death of Edward II (French princess who became the English queen known as the "she_wolf" during the turbulent medieval reign of Edward II; non-fiction) $25.00
Elton, Ben Dead Famous (Reality TV with a murder) $12.00
Evans, Liz Barking (Feisty P.I. Grace Smith is involved with a mild-mannered accountant who believes he is a reincarnated murderer) $7.95
Heley, Veronica Murder by Suicide (Second British cozy featuring widow Ellie Quicke) $7.95
Johnston, Paul The House of Dust (In 2028, renegade investigator Quint Dalrymple (2) discovers a plot by the university-state of New Oxford against Independent Edinburgh) $8.95
Kinnings, Max The Fixer (Show business guru decides next client should be a serial killer) $9.95
Latimer, Jon Deception in War (non-fiction) $17.95
Leather, Stephen Tango One (Three new London police recruits are picked to go undercover against major drug gangs, but all is not as it appears) $8.95
Littell, Robert The Company (Thrilling novel of the CIA during the Cold War) $15.00
Lusby, Jim Making the Cut (First of Irish Insp. Carl McCadden series) $7.95
Pearce, Michael The Men Behind (aka Mamur Zapt and the Men Behind ; reissue of #4) $14.95
Pearce, Michael The Snake Catcher's Daughter (Someone is running a campaign to discredit senior police officials, and the Mamur Zapt (8) himself is under suspicion, his investigation leading to Egypt's snakecatchers, Cairo 1912) $24.95
Stacy, Lyndon Cut Throat ("Heartstopping thriller in the tradition of Dick Francis") $13.95
Worrall, Simon The Poet and the Murderer (Mark Hofmann, art forger who committed heinous crimes to keep his greatest forgery a secret, non-fiction) $14.00
Wishart, David Ovid (Ancient Roman mystery series features Marcus Corvinus) $8.95
Wishart, David Germanicus (Marcus Corvinus gets involved once more with Empress Livia's diabolical intrigues) $8.95
Wishart, David Old Bones (Marcus Corvinus clears his stepfather of a murder accusation, uncovering a major winemaking fraud in the process) $8.95


Altman, John Deception (Hannah Gray is on the run on an Adriatic cruise and meets a scientist also on the run who is murdered and Hannah becomes a target) $24.95
Andrews, Donna Click Here for Murder (An Artificial Intelligence Personality's human partner is murdered and it must rely on human friends to help solve the crime) $22.95
Andrews, Donna You've Got Murder (When the creator of an artificial intelligence stops coming to work, the computer senses foul play and investigates; Dilys Award nominee) $6.50
Andrews, Robert A Murder of Promise (Homicide detectives Frank Kearney and Jose Phelps (2) search the anonymous playground of cyberspace for a brutal stalker) $6.99
Apadoca, Jennifer Dating Can Be Murder (1st Samantha Shaw, "Cozy with a bit of sass") $5.99
Babson, Marian Cover_Up Story (A Nashville band traveling in England have a chart topping hit and enough secrets about love and money to keep their PR man on his toes) $6.50
Ballard, Mignon F Shadow of an Angel (Wise-cracking guardian angel Augusta Goodnight (3) helps a lost soul solve her cousin's murder) $5.99
Barton, Beverly The Fifth Victim (FBI agent Dallas Sloan investigates a victim brutally murdered and left on a makeshift altar in Tennessee and knows there will be more killings) $6.50
Basbanes, Nicholas Patience and Fortitude (A narrative history of books with emphasis on the experiences of all types of book people, trade paper 636 pp.) $19.95
Bearden, Milt/Risen, James The Main Enemy (Inside story of the CIA's final showdown with the KGB) $25.95
Black, Cara Murder in the Sentier (Paris detective Aimee Leduc (3) fears that a group reminiscent of the '60s Red Terror gang is on the loose--and her long-lost mother may be one of them) $13.00
Black, Cara Murder in the Bastille (Aimee Leduc is attacked from the shadows and left blinded. Serial killer? Was she really the intended target? The sightless detective investigates) $23.00
Blackwell, Elise Hunger (Scientists at the Institute of Plant Industry during the Siege of Leningrad and the deception and more sinister methods used to survive; non-fiction) $16.95
Breen, Jon L ed Mystery: The Best of 2002 (Collection of the best mystery short stories of 2002) $7.99
Brewer, Steve Shaky Ground (Albuquerque P.I. Bubba Mabry is hired to find a lovely young woman's missing husband, and when he finds him murdered in the desert Mabry gets into a heck of a mess) $5.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case (Victorian housekeeper Mrs. Jeffries (14) tries to get to the bottom of a murder made to look like a suicide; PBO) $5.99
Buffa, D.W. Star Witness (A successful film writer/director is on trial for the murder of his wife and Joseph Antonelli takes up the defense) $24.95
Cain, James The Postman Always Rings Twice, Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce & Selected Stories (Everyman's Library Contemporary Classics) $23.00
Child, Lee Without Fail (Jack Reacher is hired to find holes in the Vice President's security system before a group of assassins) $7.99
Clark, Mary Higgins Daddy's Little Girl (Ellie Cavanaugh was 7 when her older sister was murdered _ and now the murderer is up for parole) $7.99
Clark, Mary Higgins The Second Time Around (Scandal's aftermath becomes matter of life and death for young corporate wife and mother) $26.00
Clarkson, Wensley Deadly Seduction (Femme fatale who seduced a man with her beauty only to reveal her dark and sinister side; non-fiction) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan CSI: Neon Oasis (3rd in the spin_off series from the television hit; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan/Gelb, Jeff eds Flesh and Blood: Guilty as Sin (Third anthology of erotic crime stories by famous crime writers) $13.95
Connelly, Michael Lost Light (Harry Bosch has retired but rediscovers a startling unsolved murder in his old case files and knows he can't rest until he finds the killer; 10 CDs unabridged $49.98, 8 cassettes unabridged $39.98) $25.95
Cook, Carol/Schwarz, Ted Whispers of Romance, Threats of Death (Firsthand account of one woman's intimate encounter with a serial rapist) $6.99
Coombe, Jack D Gunsmoke Over the Atlantic (First naval actions of the Civil War, maps, photos, non-fiction) $13.95
Cornwell, Bernard Redcoat (Reprint: Historical fiction set during the American Revolution) $13.95
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Havoc (Sharpe and his men bravely fight the French invasion into Portugal in 1809) $25.95
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Prey (Richard Sharpe (18) on a secret mission in Copenhagen 1807 faces treachery and bombardment) $13.95
Coyle, Harold More Than Courage (A Special Forces Unit operating deep in enemy territory is captured and separated from each other and a rescue is planned that will be extremely dangerous for everyone) $25.95
Daheim/Hart/Isenberg/Murphy Motherhood is Murder (Four mini_mysteries with a motherhood theme; PBO) $6.99
DeMille, Nelson Up Country (Paul Brenner reluctantly comes out of retirement to investigate a murder that took place in Vietnam 30 years before and is plunged into a world of haunted memories) $7.99
Diehl, William Eureka (In 1941 California, a woman has been electrocuted in her bathtub, and Sheriff Thomas Culhane investigates, unearthing a decades_old secret of California high society) $7.99
Douglass, Keith Carrier: Terror at Dawn (#21, action adventure; PBO) $5.99
Dun, David Overfall (A man and woman are swept up in a desperate race to stop a man capable of mind control without losing their own minds in the process; PBO) $6.99
Early, Pete/Shur, Gerald WITSEC (Shadowy world of Federal witnesses who assume new identities; non-fiction) $7.50
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Ruin Your Looks (Reprint: Desiree Shapiro (2)) $5.99
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down Before Rebel Hooves (During the Rebellion of 1569, Lady Appleton (6) infiltrates a ring of conspirators in an effort to thwart a plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth) $5.99
Estleman, Loren Something Borrowed, Something Black (Former hit man Peter Macklin has retired, but his past catches up with him and he must go to Los Angeles to take care of unfinished business) $6.99
Estleman, Loren D Poison Blonde (Detroit P.I. Amos Walker (16) helps a Latino singer who is wanted for murder in her home country and an undercover death squad arrives to complicate matters; 6 cassettes unabridged $36.95) $24.95
Fairbanks, Nancy Chocolate Quake (Carolyn Blue (4) visits her mother_in_law in San Francisco and becomes a suspect in a murder; PBO) $5.99
Fanning, Diane Through the Window (Cross_country killer Tommy Lynn Sells; non-fiction) $6.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Mumbo Gumbo (Mad Bean Events plans a cajun_themed party for a gourmet game show when the show's key writer disappears and Maddie investigates) $23.95
Ferrell, David Screwball (A phenom pitcher with the Red Sox has a killer instinct for more than baseball; surrounded by FBI agents, the media, and blackmailing mobsters) $23.95
Fforde, Jasper Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next (2) must rescue the love of her life by retrieving a supposedly vanquished enemy from the pages of "The Raven") $24.95
Fitzhugh, Bill Fender Benders (A freelance writer covering the Mississippi music scene begins work on a biography of a local singer and discovers a secret that could make his career or end in murder) $7.50
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Majoring in Murder ((19) A tornado strikes Schoolman College where Jessica is teaching a writing class and a man is found dead, raising her suspicions; PBO) $6.50
Fowler, Earlene Steps to the Altar (California folk art expert Benni Harper (9) digs up clues to a decades old murder and struggles with a personal crisis of the heart) $6.99
Frasier, Anne Sleep Tight (A female FBI profiler investigates a serial killer with links to her own tragic past; PBO; St. Paul author) $6.99
Friedman, Kinky Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned (A blocked writer meets two cons who break him into their ways leading up to their attempt to sabotage a huge corporate monster and things spin out of control) $24.95
Friedman, Kinky Kinky Friedman's Guide to Texas Etiquette (Humorous essays and profiles about the Lone Star State) $11.95
Gieck, Jack Fatal Journey (Trucker and sometimes pimp Jesse Pratt, who brutally raped and murdered the object of his affection; non-fiction; PBO) $6.50
Gill, Bartholomew Death of an Irish Lass (aka McGarr and the Cliffs of Mohar '78; Peter McGarr is plunged into investigation of the brutal murder of a mysterious young woman) $6.99
Haddam, Jane Somebody Else's Music (30 years after a practical joke gone terribly wrong, a woman involved returns home to visit old haunts and a diabolical series of events is triggered) $6.99
Haines, Carolyn Crossed Bones (A black blues_club owner is murdered and Mississippi PI Sarah Booth Delaney (4) battles to keep the peace in a town marred by a racial divide) $23.95
Hamilton, Lyn The Thai Amulet (Lara McClintoch must sift through layers of Bangkok society to find a fellow antique dealer alive or dead) $22.95
Handler, David The Man Who Lived By Night (Reissue: 3rd in Stewart Hoag series) $6.99
Harris, Lee Murder in Hell's Kitchen (PBO: First in a new mystery series) $6.99
Higgins, Jack Midnight Runner (The murderous Rashid family is back in business and agent Sean Dillon must try to stop them) $7.99
Hillerman, Tony The Wailing Wind (Leaphorn and Chee return in a haunting tale of obsessive greed, lost love, and murder) $7.99
Hooper, Chloe A Child's Book of True Crime (A young student, son of a true crime writer, has been displaying graphic violent imagery in his drawings, and his father's mistress becomes involved in a true crime story of her own) $13.00
Hubbard, S. W. Take the Bait (When a teenage girl disappears in the remote Adirondack town of Trout Run, new Police Chief finds his investigation blocked by close_knit townsfolk) $5.99
Iakovou/Havill/Rubino/Abresch Deadly Morsels (4 original stories of culinary crime) $6.99
Jaffe, Michele Bad Girl (Forensic investigator pursues a mass murderer in Las Vegas; PBO) $6.99
James, Dean Faked to Death (Invited to speak at a writer's workshop, vampire Simon Kirby_Jones (2) must investigate a murder while finding himself a suspect) $22.00
Johansen, Iris Dead Aim (Photojournalist Alex Graham suspects that a recent natural disaster she was covering may be a mass murder in disguise & soon finds herself targeted) $25.95
Jones, Stan Shaman Pass ("Half white half Inupiat" Alaskan Trooper Nathan Active (2) again searches for motive and killer when tribal leader is murdered with antique harpoon) $22.00
Jones, Stan White Sky, Black Ice (Not suicides, but tow murders in Alaskan village; State Trooper Nathan Active hunts for motive and culprit) $13.00
Kahn, Michael A Bearing Witness (What begins as a routine age discrimination lawsuit turns to a murder investigation for Rachel Gold (6) when a key witness is gunned down) $6.99
Kellerman, Jonathan The Murder Book (Alex Delaware receives an anonymously sent album full of gruesome crime_scene photos including an image from one of Milo's first cases that he was never able to solve) $7.99
King, Jonathon The Blue Edge of Midnight (Ex_cop Max Freeman lives on the edge of the Florida Everglades and discovers the corpse of a child along the riverbank, pulling him back into a twisted maze as murder suspect; Edgar nominee Best First Novel) $6.99
Kopp, Nancy Blind Trust (A large corporate law firm has deadly secrets and so do their clients; PBO) $6.99
Land, Jon Blood Diamonds (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea fight the leader of rebels in Sierra Leone who has a plan to topple western civilization) $7.99
Lewin, Patricia Blind Run (A renegade assassin kills the son of a "Hunter" for the most secret agency of the US government and he tries to save the rest of his family) $23.95
Lindsey, David Rules of Silence (A highly successful businessman is coerced to make a series of investments which will lose $64 million or his family will be killed one by one) $24.95
Littell, Robert The Once and Future Spy (Reissue: A top secret CIA plan has sprung a leak and the plotters must trace it or face deadly consequences) $24.95
Logan, Chuck Vapor Trail (When a priest is found dead undercover cop Phil Broker is recruited to stop a vigilante's murderous rage; local author) $24.95
Mankell, Henning The Dogs of Riga (Swedish Insp. Wallender (7) in 1991 pursues multiple murder investigation to Communist-run Latvia) $24.95
Mathews, Francine The Secret Agent (The grandson of a long_vanished legendary American in Bangkok hires an international fund manager to help him find his grandfather and becomes tangled in a murder) $6.99
Maxwell, John Point Fury (Frustrated rock guitarist takes a job housesitting on a desolate Maryland island, becomes a prisoner in a madman's world cut off from the outside) $6.99
McGuire, Christine Until Judgement Day (A serial killer is preying on Catholic priests and DA Katherine McKay and her detective husband investigate) $6.99
McKinzie, Clinton The Edge of Justice (A rock_climber by nature and a cop by trade, Anton Burns goes to Laramie Wyoming to investigate the death of a climber and discovers it was no accident) $6.99
McMillan, Ann Chickahominy Fever (In Richmond 1862, Narcissa Powers begins to suspect foul play in the Confederate hospital as morphine is disappearing and a mysterious patient dies suspiciously) $22.95
Melton, Buckner F Jr. A Hanging Offense (True story of an attempted mutiny aboard the US brig_of_war Somers in 1842) $25.00
Morrell, David Long Lost (Brad Denning has a perfect life in Denver, when a man claiming to be the long_lost brother who disappeared while under Brad's care shows up and Brad's wife and son are abducted) $7.99
Murphy and Sapir The Destroyer #131: Unnatural Selection (PBO) $6.50
Myers, Tamar Tiles and Tribulations (When a seance turns deadly, antique dealer and amateur sleuth Abby Timberlake Washburn (9) investigates; PBO) $6.99
Nance, John J Skyhook (Dr. Ben Coles has developed a computer program to keep planes from experiencing flight trouble, and when a test goes awry he suspects someone in his own company is responsible) $25.95
Nelson, James L. Glory in the Name (Novel of the Confederate Navy during the Civil War) $24.95
Parker, T. Jefferson Cold Pursuit (Homicide cop Tom McMichael investigates the murder of an 84_year old city patriarch who years ago shot McMichael's grandfather over a paycheck) $23.95
Pears, Ian Giotto's Hand (Reissue; Rome Art Theft Squad (5)) $13.00
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 64: Roots of Terror (PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner 293: Death Merchants (PBO) $4.75
Peters, Elizabeth Children of the Storm (At last the Great War is over and Amelia Peabody and her family are destined for Egypt when a new adversary appears and puts her family in danger; 5CDs abridged $29.95) $25.95
Peters, Elizabeth The Golden One (Amelia Peabody and family have returned to Egypt, where a tomb has been ransacked by thieves, and investigates when one of the thieves is savagely murdered) $7.50
Peters, Eric JAG (Tie_in with the TV series; PBO) $6.99
Rowland, Laura Joh The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria (The shogun's cousin and heir has been murdered after a night in the city's pleasure quarter, and Sano Ichiro's investigation leads him to a woman he once new intimately) $6.99
Rozan, S.J. Winter and Night (Bill Smith and Lydiua Chin look for Bill's 15_year old nephew and they discover that one of the nephew's classmates has been murdered in New Jersey; Edgar nominee Best Novel) $6.99
Russo, Gus The Outfit (Chicago's secretive organized crime cartel; non-fiction) $19.95
Sansom, C.J. Dissolution (In England, 1537, Thomas Cromwell enlists fellow reformer Matthew Shardlake to investigate the death of one of his commissioners) $24.95
Sasser, Charles W Detachment Delta: Operation Iron Weed (#2, PBO) $6.99
Seranella, Barbara No Man Standing (When Munch Mancini's best friend is released from prison, her parents are killed, and Munch embarks on a campaign to bring the killer to justice) $6.99
Smith, Andrew McCall The Kalahari Typing School for Men (Botswana's #1 Ladies Detective Agency's (4) founder Precious is up against a sexist rival from across town) $19.95
Straka, Andy Cold Quarry (Virginia P.I. Frank Pavlicek investigates the murder of an expert falconer and discovers there is something contaminating the woods the Feds don't want discussed; PBO) $5.99
Swain, James Funny Money (Tony Valentine's ex_partner Doyle has been blown to bits by a car bomb shortly after telling Tony about his latest case, a $6 million blackjack scam at the Bombay Casino) $6.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Snake in the Grass (Skye Denison (4) and rest of Scumble River are celebrating their bicentennial when guest of honor is found murdered; PBO) $5.99
Tapply, William G Muscle Memory (The wife of a Detroit Piston player is murdered and Brady Coyne is the only one who doesn't suspect the player's buddy) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Changing Woman (When terrorists threaten the Navajo's power plant, Ella Clah infiltrates their operation, when her young daughter disappears along with the child's father) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee and David Tracking Bear (Ella Clah investigates the murder of a Navajo cop that is connected to as plan to build a nuclear power plant on the Rez) $24.95
Tracy, P.J. Monkeewrench (Software company has developed a game and it becomes a night-mare when someone starts duplicating the killings from the game in real life) $23.95
Wakling, Christopher The Immortal Part (A rising lawyer at a London firm mistakenly takes a file containing sensitive information and as he tries to undo his misstep he gets more tangled in a dangerous world) $24.95
Walker, Robert W. Bitter Instinct (FBI Medical Examiner Jessica Coran (8) invetigates a series of bizarre murders attributed to The Poet) $6.99
Wallace, George/Keith, Don Final Bearing (Navy SEAL team & a DEA agent are on the trail of a drug_lord & it takes them from Columbia and the ruins of the Incas all the way to Seattle) $27.95
Weir, Alison Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley (Historical investigation of the murder of Lord Darnley, second husband of Mary Queen of Scots) $27.95
Westlake, Donald Money for Nothing (Josh Redmont has been receiving $1000 checks for seven years, when a smiling stranger approaches him and tells him he is now active and must earn the money) $24.95
Wright, Eric Clea's Moon (In post_WWII Los Angeles, a former actor and ex_con searches for his missing stepdaughter and the killer of a friend; CWA Debut Dagger Award) $23.95
Wright, Nancy Means Stolen Honey (A local university student is found dead in a patch of deadly nightshade and the beekeeper growing the illegal plants turns to Vermont sleuth Ruth Willmarth (4) for help) $5.99


Barnard, Robert The Mistress of Alderley (A man's mistress lives in an elegant mansion he pays for, but when he is murdered she discovers he was not the man he seemed) $24.00
Billheimer, John Drybone Hollow (Transportation Inspector Owen Allison (4) investigates a dam failure and a mining scam in West Virginia) $24.95
Bowen, Peter Badlands (A cult sets up shop outside Toussaint, MT, and when members who try to leave end up dead Gabriel DuPre (10) searches for an explanation of the murders) $23.95
Bradby, Tom The Master of Rain (In 1926 Shanghai, Richard Field is called to the scene of the sadistic murder of a Russian prostitute and discovers there is more to the murder than meets the eye) $14.95
Brady, Tom The White Russian (In Russia, 1917, a police inspector investigates the murders of a young couple found stabbed just outside the Czar's Winter Palace) $25.00
Butler, Gwendoline Coffin Knows the Answer (When a package containing disturbing photos is sent anonymously to Chief Commander John Coffin's wife, he enlists the help of a trusted colleague to search for the stalker) $22.95
Chang, Leonard Underkill (Korean-American P.I. Allen Choice (2) follows his girlfriend Linda into the LA underworld of drugs & raves to investigate her brother's suspicious death) $24.95
Curzon, Clare The Body of a Woman (Oddly clothed owner of a small gift shop in Mardham is found murdered and Superintendent Mike Yeadings is called in) $23.95
Dash, Mike Batavia's Graveyard (Mutiny, shipwreck, mass murder, and rescue in 17th century East Indies; non-fiction) $14.95
Donohue, John Sensei (Someone is killing the great martial artists of America and Connor Burke, a college instructor with a passion for the martial arts, is dragged into the investigation) $23.95
Erickson, KJ The Last Witness (Minnesota Timberwolves star T_Jack Jackson is the prime suspect in his wife's murder and Minneapolis Police Detective Mars Bahr (3) investigates the crime; local author) $24.95
Erzinclioglu, Zakaria Maggots, Murder, and Men (Memories and reflections of a forensic entomologist) $13.95
Eversz, Robert M Killing Paparazzi (After a heavy metal band is killed in a hot tub, Nina Zero has launched a career as a paparazzi when her husband is murdered and other paparazzi begin to turn up dead) $13.95
Hall, James W Off the Chart (Passion and intrigue heat up the Florida Keys as Thorn and Alexandra Rafferty face down a brutal killer; 4 CDs, abridged, $30.00) $24.95
Hathaway, Robin Scarecrow (A series of murders of itinerant farm workers whose bodies are gruesomely set up on poles to look like scarecrows involves newly hired motel house Dr. Jo Banks) $22.95
Hime, James The Night of the Dance (A retired Texas Ranger, a good ol' boy sheriff, and a hot_headed deputy team up to solve a Texas county's most notorious missing_persons case) $24.95
Hunter, Fred Ransom at Sea (Ransom & Charters (9) are on a pleasure cruise when a passenger is found murdered in her cabin and Emily undertakes to solve the puzzle) $23.95
Jones, Stephen Graham All the Beautiful Sinners (Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Doe takes a relentless investigative Texas road trip trailing the killer of a sheriff while reluctantly unearthing the truth of his own identity) $23.95
Krieg, Joyce Murder Off Mike (When a radio talk show host is murdered, fellow shock jock Shauna J Bogart launches her own investigation) $23.95
MacDonald, Marianne Die Once (A customer commits suicide and Dido Hoare (6) becomes involved in the investigation when she tries to retrieve either the book or payment) $23.95
MacPherson, Rett Blood Relations (Torie O'Shea (5) investigates the death of a college professor who was studying the remains of a wrecked riverboat thought to contain a fortune in diamonds) $23.95
Marston, Edward The Owls of Gloucester (A monk is murdered and Ralph Delchard and Gervase Bret (10) discover that the one crime is not all the murderer has in mind) $23.95
Miscione, Lisa The Darkness Gathers (Lydia Strong (2) receives a tape with a message from a missing teenage girl asking for help she investigates, but someone wants her to stop, and someone wants her dead) $23.95
Mrazek, Robert Unholy Fire (A young Union officer in the Provost Marshall's office during the Civil War becomes embroiled in the case of the murder of a young girl after a party with General Hooker) $24.95
O'Brien, Maureen Unauthorized Departure (London cop John Bright travels to France to investigate death threats that both he and his girlfriend have received) $23.95
Pali, Ellen Slightly Abridged (Juliet bodine (2) has an enthusiastic fan over for tea, and her small talk becomes clues when she is murdered) $23.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Dragon King's Palace (In 1694 Sano's wife and others are kidnapped and Sano must work by order of the shogun with his sworn enemies to effect their release) $24.95
Rylant, Cynthia Case of the Fidgety Fox (High Rise Private Eyes #6; ages 6 & up) $14.99
Smith, Brad All Hat (Just out of prison, Ray Dokes returns to Canada, gets involved in the horse racing culture of a small town, and the opportunity arises to con an enemy out of ill_gained wealth) $24.00
Spencer_Fleming, Julia A Fountain Filled with Blood (A violent attack on a doctor triggers a series of gay_bashing episodes in Miller's Kill, and Episcopalian priest Clare Fergusson investigates with Police Chief Russ Van Alstyn) $23.95
Tarantino, Quentin Kill Bill (Retired assassin awakes from a coma after five years and sets out for revenge on the gang who killed her entire wedding party and put her in the coma) $23.95
Weinberg, Samantha Pointing from the Grave (Murderer and his victim and the DNA evidence that led to his capture; non-fiction) $24.95


Barre', Richard Burning Moon (California P.I. Wil Hardesty (5) faces personal crisis and the unimagined tentacles of Asian gangs) $25.95
Beevor, Antony The Fall of Berlin 1945 (Non-fiction) $16.00
Cannell, Dorothy The Importance of Being Ernestine (Ellie Haskell and her housekeeper Mrs. Malloy are mistaken for private detectives by a client who asks them to investigate a woman who is taking revenge on her family) $6.99
Danks, Denise Wink a Hopeful Eye (Georgina Powers sells story to the tabloids about a friend winning a million dollars in computer chips at a Las Vegas poker game; now the Japanese mafia, Columbia drug cartels, and others are after her) $7.95
Evans, Mary Anna Artifacts (Faye Longchamp, great_great granddaughter of a slave, while digging for artifacts to sell illegally, discovers a skull and investigates) $24.95
Gooden, Philip Alms for Oblivion (An actor is dead and the finger of a hostile coroner points at Nick Revill (3) in Elizabethan England) $24.00
Gooden, Philip The Pale Companion (In 1601, Nick Revill (2) and His fellow actors travel to a country house, and a pleasant trip turns evil when a possible suicide and a murder mar the trip) $12.00
Heffernan, Thomas Farel Mutiny on the Globe (1824 whaling voyage of Samuel Comstock, who organized a vicious mutiny; non-fiction) $14.00
Heffernan, William Beulah Hill (Ritualistic murder of white man in Depression-era VT town has young "bleached" constable investigating, but he's intimate with black woman at the center of the killing) $13.95
Jardine, Quintin Head Shot (Bob Skinner, Edinburgh's toughest cop, gets involved when his wife's parents are brutally murdered in New York) $8.95
Levin, Ira A Kiss Before Dying (Reissue: A young man will stop at nothing, even murder, to get where he wants to go) $12.00
Lusby, Jim Flashback (Irish Insp. Carl McCadden (2)) $7.95
Malmont, Valerie Death, Bones, and Stately Homes (A Tori Miracle Pennsylvania Dutch mystery (5)) $13.95
Moore, Vivian The White Path (Chevalier Galeran (4) in 1146 joins a pilgrimage through the Pyrenees to discover who is killing the pilgrims) $13.95
Rizzolo, S.K. Blood for Blood (In 1812, Penelope Wolfe (2) has become a lady's companion and when one of the footmen is murdered, Penelope and Bow Street Runner John Chase investigate) $24.95
Rizzolo, S.K. The Rose in the Wheel (Penelope Wolfe lives in the seamy side of London and faces problems which include murder) $14.95
Shannon, John City of Strangers (Four Persian_American boys get snared in a cell of Islamic fundamentalists, and Jack Liffey (6) must probe the complex Persian community of Los Angeles to help them) $24.00
Simon, Roger L. The Lost Coast (P. I. Moses Wine reissue) $6.99
Tesler, Nancy Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things (a Carrie Carlin biofeedback mystery (5)) $13.95
Torres, Steven Death in Precinct Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico's Luis Gonzalo (2) investigates when a man is found dead in the home of a woman who has just given birth) $23.95
Wishart, David Last Rites (Marcus Corvinus does discreet sleuthing after young woman is found with her throat cut after a religious rite to the Good Goddess) $8.95
Wishart, David White Murder (Marcus Corvinus investigates murder of a great chariot racer) $8.95


The Annette Mysteries (4 mystery stories featuring mouseketeer Annette Funicello for young people, classic reissues) $15.99
Abel, Kenneth The Burying Field (Big Easy lawyer Danny Chaisson is back to settle an emotionally charged dispute between the old South and the new and finds himself caught in the middle) $6.99
Andrews, Donna Click Here for Murder (Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper's human colleague is murdered and it recognizes an enemy within the walls of it's lab who might have it on his hit list) $22.95
Apodaca, Jennifer Dying to Meet You (Samantha Shaw (2) finds her ex_client Faye Miller murdered and Sam's dating service is linked to the murder so she must investigate) $22.00
Bechard, Gorman Ninth Square (A man's body is discovered in a sleazy New Haven, CT motel and the pressure is on to solve the case before a religious convention arrives in town) $6.99
Benson, Raymond The Man with the Red Tattoo (When a fatal strain of West Nile virus kills the head of the world's largest genetic research company in Tokyo, James Bond must stop the next attack) $7.50
Berliner, Janet and others Artifact (The discovery of four stones of non_Earthly origin triggers a deadly race to find and complete the dangerous artifact) $24.95
Billingham, Mark Sleepyhead (Detective Insp. hunts terrifying psychopath who induces stroke in his victims and toys with police) $7.50
Bishop, Claudia Fried By Jury (When the judge for a deep fat frying contest disappears the Quilliam sisters have a new murder to solve; NY Hemlock Falls Inn (10); PBO) $5.99
Blake, Michelle Book of Light (Episcopalian priest Lily Connor is working at Tate University, when someone sends her friend photos of an ancient scroll, bringing danger to both) $24.95
Blauner, Peter The Last Good Day (Lynn and Barry Schulman move to Riverside New York to escape the dangers of the city when the headless body of Lynn's oldest friend floats to the surface of the river) $24.95
Bourdain, Anthony The Bobby Gold Stories (Bobby Gold, lovable criminal, out of prison after ten years, doesn't even attempt to play it straight until he meets a woman) $19.95
Box, C.J. Savage Run (Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett (2) looks into the bizarre death of an environmental activist and finds more than he bargained for) $6.50
Box, C.J. Winterkill (Joe Pickett pursues a killer through a blizzard and the rugged mountains that surround the town of Saddlestring, when his daughter is kidnapped and things become personal) $23.95
Burke, Jan Remember Me, Irene (Reporter Irene Kelly (4) reissue) $6.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Snack Thief (Sicilian Inspector Montalbano (3) is the only one who sees the connection between the murder of an elderly man in an elevator, and of a crewman on an Italian fishing boat; "salty...savagely funny") $21.95
Carter, Stephen L The Emperor of Ocean Park (Talcott Garland, successful law professor, suspects that his father's death may be murder and investigates through a web of upper_crust African-American society) $14.00
Chazin, Suzanne Fireplay (FDNY Fire Marshall Georgia Skeehan (3) is forced to collaborate with an arsonist_turned_informant to investigate the scene of a vicious Manhattan blaze) $25.95
Childs, Laura Keepsake Crimes (New Orleans scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand finds a tip about a murder in one of her clients keepsakes; local author; PBO) $5.99
Churchill, Jill The House of Seven Mables (House renovation turns deadly and suburban sleuth Jane Jeffry (13) is on the case in this daffy cozy mystery) $6.99
Coben, Harlan No Second Chance (Surgeon Marc Seidman wakes up in ICU, his wife dead and his daughter missing, and when he receives a ransom note he has a chance to save his daughter; 8 cassettes unabridged $39.95) $24.95
Collins, Max Allan Chicago Confidential (P.I. Nathan Heller (14) takes on the 1950 Chicago mob and carries on with bombshell Jayne Mansfield in a historical mystery) $6.99
Coonts, Stephen Deep Black (National Security Agency's covert operations team, Deep Black, investi-gates the shooting down of spy plane gathering data on a new Russian weapon) $7.99
Coonts, Stephen, ed. Victory (9 short novels of WWII action/adventure) $27.95
Cornwell, Bernard Gallows Thief (Ex-soldier in 1820s London turns detective and must rescue an innocent man from being hanged; first of a new series) $7.50
Coward, Mat In and Out (Manic_Depressive Detective Inspector Don Packham investigates the murder of a member of the Hollow Head Pub's championship darts team) $5.99
Craig, Philip R. Vineyard Enigma (Thirteenth book in the Martha's Vineyard series involves the island's elite art world; recipes included) $6.99
Crow, Michael Red Rain (When the Russian mob brings its drug trade to his city, half_Vietnamese, half_black cop Luther Ewing decides to take them on alone) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Neon Nightmare (Midnight Louie and Max track a renegade group of magicians to the private magic club Nightmare and danger comes from what secrets others will kill them for knowing) $24.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Midnight Choir (Midnight Louie, the black cat detective, hunts a mysterious and murderous organization which has been making Las Vegas too hot for his human friends) $6.99
Elkins, Aaron Turncoat (Father-in-law thought dead appears, only to be murdered; wife disappears and man's search leads to Europe, Nazi crimes, peril and vengeance) $7.50
Erickson, KJ The Dead Survivors (Detective Mars Bahr (2) investigates a hanging in MN winter which at first seems a suicide, and uncovers a conspiracy involving a Civil War era flag and the Minnesota Volunteers; local author) $6.99
Flynn, Vince Executive Power (A team of Navy SEALs in the Phillipines suffer a surprise attack and CIA agent Mitch Rapp must stake out a shadowy foe who may be in the State Department; local authors) $25.00
Fowler, Earlene Sunshine and Shadow (Quilter Benni Harper (10) takes a closer look at her college days and her first husband as she stitches together an event from her past and a crime in the present) $22.95
French, Nicci Land of the Living (Abbie was kidnapped but when she escapes no one believes her and she sets out to prove it really happened) $23.95
Fry, Stephen Revenge (A modern retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo, based in Oxford) $12.95
Gerard, Philip Secret Soldiers (WW II band of artists and designers who fooled the German high command into attacking the wrong places and retreating from phantom armies; non-fiction) $15.00
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of an Irish Tradition (aka McGarr at the Dublin Horse Show , #4 in the series, first released in 1980) $6.99
Hamilton, Steve North of Nowhere (A game of cards turns into a professional heist and when the dust settles the prime suspect must uncover the truth and point officials in the right direction) $6.99
Hart, Erin Haunted Ground (Farmers cutting turf in an Irish peat bog discover the remains of a young woman and an archaeologist and a pathologist team up to investigate; local author, first in series) $24.00
Hess, Joan Roll Over and Play Dead (Claire Malloy (6) reissue) $5.99
Horn, Stephen Law of Gravity (Facing deception and murder, Washington insider and a retired detective seek justice and renewal when Intelligence aide disappears) $7.50
Huston, James W. Secret Justice (A counter_terrorism team captures a member of a terrorist group who dies after an interrogation; the International Criminal Court investigates) $25.95
Huston, James W. Shadows of Power (Washington intrigue, military action, and the war on terrorism) $7.99
Iles, Greg Sleep No More (Husband and father in sleepy MS town meets old girlfriend he thought dead, only she's murdered soon after) $7.99
Isleib, Roberta A Buried Lie (Pro golfer Cassie Burdette (2) is teamed up with four doctors in a pro_am tournament when one of them turns up dead; PBO) $5.99
Johnson, Mat Hunting in Harlem (The battle for gentrification of Harlem turns deadly and plays out on the streets of Harlem as undesirable tenants begin meeting with suspicions accidents) $23.95
Johnstone, William W Code Name: Quickstrike (Ex_CIA agent John Barrone (4), action/adventure) $5.99
Jolowicz, Philip Walls of Silence (A young New York attorney finds his life spiraling wildly out of control when he becomes the target of an intricate and deadly financial set_up) $6.99
Kellerman, Jonathan A Cold Heart (Alex Delaware must discover the elusive ties among the murders of a painter, a blues musician, a ballet dancer, a punk rock singer, and a concert pianist and uncover a madman) $26.95
Kemelman, Harry Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out (Reissue) $6.99
Klempner, Joseph Irreparable Damage (Writer Stephen Barrow takes an innocent photo of his 6_year old daughter in the tub, and the photo lab calls in the police, plunging Stephen into a nightmare trial) $6.99
Lasdun, James The Horned Man (Dark thriller told by English expatriate professor in Manhattan who appears to be framed for brutal murders in an elaborate conspiracy) $13.95
Lashner, William Fatal Flaw (A lawyer takes the case of a friend accused of murdering his fiance, makes horrifying discovery and nothing is as it seems) $24.95
Ledbetter, Suzanne A Lady Never Trifles with Thieves (In the Old West, a woman investigates a jewel thief who has escalated to murder; PBO) $5.99
Lee, Anthony Martin Quinn (In NYC custody for a double homicide, Martin Quinn must decide whether to turn state's evidence and gain protection or keep quiet and face the wrath of the Russian Mafia) $24.95
Lehane, Dennis Shutter Island (In 1954, two US Marshalls arrive at a hospital for the criminally insane and discover dark secrets about the true nature of the hospital's treatments; 10 cassettes unabridged $39.95, 5 CDs abrdiged $29.95) $25.95
Lehrer, Jim No Certain Rest (Civil War battlefield souvenir hunters discover the grave of a Union officer and an archaeologist uncovers murder and investigates) $12.95
Lira, Gonzalo Acrobat (The CIA work group Acrobat exposes criminal acts of traitors within the CIA, is now the target of the organization they once defended as a traitor arises within the group) $6.99
MacDonald, Patricia Not Guilty (A mother fights to prove the innocence of her son in the drowning death of his stepfather) $6.99
Maitland, Barry Babel (Scotland Yard's Kathy Kolla and David Brock (5) take on a case involving Arab fundamentalism, genetic engineering, and murder) $24.95
Mankell, Henning Sidetracked (Reprint: Stockholm Insp. Kurt Wallender (3) investigates a possible serial killer and he is beset with personal and professional problems; Gold Dagger Winner; translated) $12.00
Mankell, Henning The White Lioness (Insp. Kurt Wallender's (3) inquiry into the execution_style murder of a Swedish housewife leads to a determined stalker, but his alibi is airtight which complicates the case) $13.00
Manuel, David A Matter of Time (Brother Bartholomew (3) is on retreat in Bermuda and teams up with vacationing Police Chief Dan Burke to investigate the murders of local participants in the illegal drug trade) $6.99
Matheson, Richard Hunted Past Reason (Tensions grow between two old friends on a camping trip and the hostility erupts into a life or death struggle for survival) $6.99
McBain, Ed Eight Black Horses (Reprint: The Dead Man returns in a deadly version of the Twelve Days of Christmas) $6.99
Meier, Leslie Birthday Party Murder (When plans for her friend's 90th birthday party are marred by murder, Lucy Stone (9) searches for answers and a killer) $6.50
Miller/Stone/Mitchell The Cell (Full_length treatment piecing together the events over ten years leading up to 9/11; non-fiction) $13.95
Minter, Alex Little Sister's Last Dose (When the sister of one of a pair of childhood friends is murdered, the two friends join forces in NYC to bring the killer to justice) $6.99
Morrell, David The Protector (A bodyguard is hired by a brilliant scientist to protect him from a powerful drug lord who seeks the highly addictive drug he has invented) $25.95
Nichols, Mike The Waking (In a small Midwestern town, they seem to be the perfect couple, but after she goes into a coma from a terrible auto crash, secrets start to leak out; then her ex-lover is found murdered; signed 1st edition $24.95) $7.50
O'Brien, Kevin Watch Them Die (In Seattle three women are murdered and no single woman is safe from a twisted madman; PBO) $6.99
Oleksiw, Susan Friends and Enemies (During preparations for 25th Mellingham High School reunion a woman has run off without a trace and her husband is found in a coma; Police Chief Joe Silva (4) investigates) $5.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Lighthouse (Faith Fairchild (13) and her family go to the coast of Maine; when a land developer's body washes ashore, and she herself is attacked, she must investigate) $23.95
Patterson, James The Beach House (Jack Mullen is in law school in NYC when the news comes that his brother has drowned; he believes it was not an accident and investigates) $7.99
Paxson, John A Golden Trail of Murder (An old_time Montana rancher's frozen corpse is found during the spring thaw; P.I. Ben Tripp (2) agrees to look into the matter) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan: Age of War (Super Bolan #90; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Scorpion Rising (#294, action/adventure; PBO) $4.75
Picciotto, Richard Last Man Down (A FDNY Deputy Chief's story of survival and escape from the World Trade Center; non-fiction) $7.99
Pickard, Nancy The Truth Hurts (A true_crime writer must outwit a killer whose goal is to murder her) $6.99
Richards, Jennet Richards Tuxedo Park (Story of a Wall Street tycoon and the secret palace of science that changed the course of WWII; non-fiction) $14.00
Riordan, Rick Cold Springs (Chadwick is asked to kidnap the girl who witnessed his daughter's suicide ten years ago and the past and present collide to reopen the vicious scars of memory) $23.95
Roberts, Sam The Brother (The untold story behind the Rosenberg case) $14.95
Robins, Madeleine Point of Honor (A fallen woman in Regency London invents a role for herself as an investigative agent and encounters danger in her search for an heirloom fan) $24.95
Robinson, Lynda S Slayer of Gods (Lord Meren (6) recruits a clever female counterpart to help him find Queen Nefertiti's murderer) $12.95
Rosenfelt, David First Degree (Defense lawyer Andy Carpenter (2) must solve the crime when his closest friend and the love of his life get framed for the murder of a cop) $23.95
Rosenfelt, David Open and Shut (Corrupt politics and big money collide when a suddenly wealthy young New Jersey defense attorney takes on a death row appeal) $6.99
Sandford, John Mortal Prey (Master assassin Clara Rinker returns and the FBI involves Lucas Davenport (12)) $7.99
Sandford, John Naked Prey (Two people are found hanging from a tree in northern Minnesota, one white and one black; Lucas, now working for the state as a troubleshooter, investigates; 4 cassettes abridged $25.95, 5 CDs abridged $29.95) $26.95
Saylor, Steven A Mist of Prophecies (A beautiful young seeress dies in the arms of Gordianus the Finder and he investigates her murder, endangering his life and possibly changing the future of Rome) $6.99
Scott, Robert Dangerous Attraction (Katrina Montgomery and her killer Justin Merriman; 11 pp. photos, non-fiction; PBO) $6.50
See, Lisa Dragon Bones (Inspector Liu Hulan and her husband investigate the murder of an American archaeologist in China) $24.95
Seranella, Barbara Unpaid Dues (L.A. mechanic Munch Mancini (6) could end up a murder victim if she doesn't stop a stone_cold killer who is raking up her checkered history) $24.00
Smith, April Good Morning, Killer (Maverick FBI agent Ana Grey is working on the Santa Monica kidnapping of a 14_year old girl when she accidentally shoots Police Detective Andrew Berringer) $24.00
Smith, James V Force Recon 5: Fatal Honor (Afghanistan action/adventure; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Jim/McConnell, Malcolm The Last Mission (The secret history of WWII's final battle) $14.95
Speziale, Jerry/ Seal, Mark Without a Badge (Undercover agent in Columbia's deadly drug cartels; non- fiction) $24.00
Stevens, Rosemary Murder in the Pleasure Gardens (When a stuffy Regency England government official at Beau Brummell's gentlemen's club is found murdered, a young military officer is the prime suspect) $22.95
Svory, Yaron/Hammer, Richard Blood from a Stone (True story of the Life Diamonds, diamonds some Jews used as a passport to safety during WWII) $24.95
Swain, James Sucker Bet (Ex_cop Tony Valentine now nabs hustlers who rob casinos and is called in to help at a Florida casino, discovering there is more to the situation than meets the eye) $23.95
Toll. Emily Murder Pans Out (A 52_year old widow takes a group trip to California's Gold Rush country and murder adds itself to the itinerary) $6.50
Viets, Elaine Shop till You Drop (After two weeks as a salesclerk at Fort Lauderdale's ultra_chic boutique Helen Hawthorne discovers the manager has been embezzling and then Helen's job turns deadly; 1st in Dead End Job series; PBO) $5.99
Walters, Minette Acid Row (A child has been kidnapped from Acid Row, a crime_infested housing project, and the anger seething there is ignited; Gold Dagger nominee) $7.99
Walters, Minette Fox Evil (When an elderly woman is found dead, suspicion falls on her reclusive husband, who's attorney is concerned when his client becomes the target of a smear campaign) $24.95
Weiss, Gary Born to Steal (When the Mafia hit Wall Street; Rise and Fall of Louie Pasciato; non-fiction) $24.95
West, Owen Sharkman Six (A Marine kills an armed Somali bodyguard in Mogadishu and his Lieutenant must deflect an outcry from the international press while maintaining the loyalty of his men) $6.99
White, Kate If Looks Could Kill (Bailey Wiggins, writer for a leading woman's magazine, is dragged into the investigation of the murder of her boss's nanny and everyone is a suspect) $6.99


Adamson, Issac Dreaming Pachinko (Daughter of an influential father is found dead, and Billy Chaka (3) untangles lies and obsessions that link the daughter to a bloody incident from WW II) $12.95
Block, Lawrence Coward's Kiss (Reissue) $6.99
Carrere, Emmanuel Class Trip & The Mustache (Two novels: A boy disappears from a school excursion and a man is thrust into a metaphysical nightmare when he shaves his mustache) $14.00
Child, Lee Persuader (Jack Reacher (7) goes undercover to investigate the disappearance of a federal agent from a drug dealer's home, and the dealer has a link to a man in Reacher's past) $24.95
Collins, Max Allan True Crime (Frank Nitti Trilogy Book 2: Nate Heller searches for answers when John Dillinger is shot outside the Biograph Theater and leads to a confrontation with J. Edgar Hoover) $6.99
Conway, Martha 12 Bliss Street (Woman who is fed up with her life is kidnapped by her ex-husband and gets involved in many adventures) $23.95
Dezenhall, Eric Jackie Disaster (When the head of a crisis management firm tries to help the owner of a soy milk firm who is being sued, assassins try to kill him) $24.95
DuBois, Brendan Betrayed (Smalltown newspaper editor's life is turned upside down when a man claims to be his brother who was shot down over Viet Nam during the war) $24.95
Dymmoch, Michael Allen The Feline Friendship (When a woman is brutally raped in Chicago's posh Lincoln Park, Detective John Thinnes gets the case) $23.95
Green, Norman Angel of Montague Street (Silvano Iurata's mob-connected family has disowned him and his cousin nurses a grudge , as he returns to Brooklyn to find his brother) $24.95
Haddam, Jane Conspiracy Theory (Gregor Demarkian gets involved when the church in his Armenian neighborhood is destroyed by an anonymous bombing) $24.95
Hamilton, Steve Blood is the Sky (Alex McKnight's friend persuades him to search for his brother, who has vanished with a hunting group in northern Ontario) $24.95
Hillerman, Tony The Sinister Pig (Sergeant Chee connects a photograph to a motiveless murder and Joe Leaphorn helps search for a pig which is sinister indeed; 4 cassettes unabridged $26.95; 6 CDs unabridged $29.95) $25.95
Jones, Solomon The Bridge (Philadelphia Police Detective Kevin Lynch helps a childhood friend, whose own child has gone missing) $23.95
Keneally, Thomas American Scoundrel (Life of notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles) $15.00
Kernick, Simon The Business of Dying (Det. Sgt. Dennis Milne earns money on the side by punishing bad guys; when he kills 3 innocent people he must conceal his crime) $24.95
King, Peter Dine and Die on the Danube Express (Gourmet Detective takes a trip on the Danube Express, and murder is on the menu) $22.95
Langston, Jane The Deserter (Homer Kelly (17) and his wife set out to clear the name of a relative who was branded a deserter at the Battle of Gettysburg) $23.95
Lawson, L. M. Green Flash (Jessie and Neal Fox are alone on a sailboat when they find a body floating in the water and find themselves in the midst of a murder gone wrong) $6.99
MacLeod, Charlotte The Palace Guard (Sarah Kelling/Max Bittersohn (3) reissue) $6.99
Smith, Wilbur The Blue Horizon (The next generation of Courtneys are out to stake their claim in Southern Africa) $27.95
Taylor, Sarah Stewart O' Artful Death (An art historian looks into the 100-year-old death of a young girl at a Vermont art colony, she ignites the wrath of a present-day killer) $23.95
Thomas, Ross The Cold War Snap (Re-issue: Saloon owner Mac McCorkle becomes cloak and dagger friend of a former OSS agent turned political assassin and McCorkle helps him through assorted mayhem) $12.95
Thomas, Ross The Fools in Town are on Our Side (Reissue: A background of espionage makes Lucifer Dye the perfect accomplice to a group of sleazy partners in an attempt to corrupt a Gulf Coast city) $13.95
Tope, Rebecca A Death to Record (Det. Sgt. Den Cooper investigates when the body of a local herdsman is discovered in a building on a picturesque English farm) $24.95
Wall, Alan The School of Night (Elizabethan scholar tries to discover the truth about the School of Night & the question of who wrote the plays of William Shakespeare) $13.95
Zubro, Mark Richard Dead Egotistical Morons (Chicago Police Det. Paul Turner investigates when the singer of a popular "boy-band" is murdered) $23.95


Calder, James About Face (Breakthrough gene therapy that can stop the skin from aging leads to murder and film-maker-turned-detective Bill Damen (2) investigates the dark side of science and finance) $11.95
Cussler, Clive Fire Ice (Beneath the Eastern seaboard of America lies a danger beyond imagining, a disaster waiting to happen) $7.99
de Castrique, Mark Dangerous Undertaking (During a funeral of an elderly woman, a grandson pulls out a gun and kills the family _ Appalachian funeral director Barry Clayton investigates) $24.95
Jecks, Michael Mad Monk of Gidleigh (14th in medieval mystery series) $9.95
Kostoff, Lynn The Long Fall (Recently released from prison, a man returns home to find that his brother has cut him out of his inheritance and he goes on a spree of revenge) $24.00
Mina, Denise Resolution (Maureen O'Donnell's (3) abusive father has returned to Glasgow, while she is the main witness against the man who murdered her boyfriend, and her family is feuding) $14.00
Morgenroth, Kate Saved (In Alaska, a former Air Force pilot traumatized by the death of a colleague, haunts Sitka until she is offered a diversion that takes her on a ride of excitement and danger) $7.50
Pearce, Michael The Girl in the Nile (Mamur Zapt (5) investigates the disappearance of a woman of ill repute) $14.95
Rubens, Bernice Nine Lives (British black comedy of strangler who only kills psychotherapists) $12.00
Sallis, James Cypress Grove (In a small town, and ex_cop tries to forget his former life, when the local sheriff asks for his help investigating the murder of a drifter) $24.00
Scottoline, Lisa Courting Trouble (Lawyer Anne Murphy is reported murdered while she is very much alive on vacation; she returns to Philadelphia to find the person who is trying to kill her) $7.99
Willaims, John Hartley Mystery in Spiderville (Surreal British hardboiled with unkillable Spider Rembrandt, who has six toes and sleeps in a grave) $12.00

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