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Newsletter #60 December, 2002 - February, 2003


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Asprin, Robert Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. (Newest in the fantasy humor series; hardcover with signed bookslip $25.00) 14.00
Brawn, David The Two Towers Photo Guide (Official children's guide to the second movie) $8.95
Card, Orson Scott/Olexa, Keith-ed. Empire of Dreams and Miracles (Winners of the 1st Annual Phobos Fiction Contest to discover new sf writers) $14.95
de Lint, Charles The Riddle of the Wren (young adult reprint; in her dreams Minda Sealy meets Jan, who is imprisoned by Ildran the Dream-master, and she journeys from world to world to set him free and discover the truth about herself) $6.99
Drazen, Patrick Anime Explosion! (Tour of the Anime megaverse, what, why, and how) $18.95
Duane, Diane The Wizard's Dilemma (Fifth in Young Wizards series) $6.95
Duane, Diane A Wizard Alone (Kit must rescue a young wizard out on his first assignment _ 6th in the Young Wizards series) $17.00
Farmer, Nancy The Ear, the Eye and the Arm (young adult reprint; in Zimbabwe in 2194 the 3 most unusual detectives are the Ear, the Eye and the Arm, whose exposure to nuclear waste has given them strange powers) $6.99
Fisher, Judy The Two Towers Visual Companion (Official Illustrated Movie Companion to the second Lord of the Rings movie) $18.95
Forrest, Katherine V. Daughters of a Coral Dawn (Reprint: A group of pioneering young women disappear from Earth and colonize the planet Maternas) $13.95
Forrest, Katherine V. Daughters of an Amber Noon (The women who remain behind when Maternas is colonized are living in a repressive society on Earth and some have gone into hiding while the dictator Zed seeks to destroy them) $13.95
Gaiman, Neil/Wolfe, Gene A Walking Tour of the Shambles (Humorous tour guide to The Shambles, an area of dark magic and deadly menace in Chicago) $15.00
Gerber, Michael Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody (Headmaster Alpo Bumblemore needs Barry Trotter and his friends to save Hogwash) $11.00
Hilgartner, Beth A Parliament of Owls (Sequel to A Business of Ferrits; an ancient evil magic has arisen, luring the Emperor's enemies into new and deadlier schemes) $16.00
Hodgell, P. C. Blood & Ivory (8 stories, 3 written for this collection, set in the world of Dark of the Gods ; hardcover with signed bookslip $30.00) $16.00
Holt, Tom Falling Sideways (One man has discovered the truth, that humanity's entire existence has been ruthlessly guided by a small gang of devious frogs) $7.95
Hyne, C. J. Cutcliffe The Lost Continent (Reprint of nineteenth century novel of Atlantis, with introduction by Harry Turtledove) $14.95
Jarvis, Robin Thorn Ogres of Hagwood (An evil queen's search for her most prized possession leads her to the ancient forest of Hagwood, where the shape_changing werlings must fight her or be destroyed _ Young Adult) $16.00
King, Stephen The Man in the Black Suit (3 cassettes or 4 CDs, unabridged: 4 short stories by King) $29.95
Lafferty, R. A. Okla Hannali (Reprint of 1972 novel of a prominent Choctaw born around 1800, tracking the Choctaw culture and interactions with an expanding America until his death around 1900, including the forced relocation to Oklahoma and the Civil War; highly recommended) $17.95
McLaughlin, Mark/Graves, Rain/Wilson, David Niall The Gossamer Eye (Collection of poetry and short stories from 3 authors, with an emphasis on dark fantasy and horror) $14.00
Pinkwater, Daniel Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories (Collection of Pinkwater's stories about dogs) $12.00
Ruditis, Paul Enterprise Shockwave (Based on the new Star Trek series, the temporal cold war has raged for three hundred centuries and it seems now there is a victor but the human race is on the wrong side) $19.95
Sibley, Brian The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy (Heavily illustrated; hardcover $29.95) $17.95
Snicket, Lemony The Carnivorous Carnival (Vol. 9 of A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Baudelaire orphans confront many problems, including Chabo, the wolf baby) $10.99
Springer, Nancy The Hex Witch of Seldom (young adult reprint) $6.99
Springer, Nancy I Am Morgan le Fay (young adult reprint, set in Camelot) $5.99
Taylor, Richard, ed The Lord of the Rings: Creatures (Exclusive images of Taylor's Academy_ award winning images for the movie) $8.95
Velde, Vivian Vande Companions of the Night (What begins as a simple lost_and_found trip to the Laundromat turns into a nightmare of murder and vampires _ Young Adult) $5.95
Williamson, Chet Second Chance (horror; a reunion of college friends from the '60s goes bad when two who died back in the '60s join the party) $5.99
Winter, Laurel Growing Wings (young adult reprint; modern 11-year-old girl starts growing wings, making her feel like an outcast; local author) $6.99


Abnett, Dan Straight Silver (Commissar Gaunt and his soldiers are forced to abandon their homeworld and fight against the legions of Chaos) $6.95
Anderson, K J Captain Nemo (Novel based on the legend of Captain Andre Nemo) $6.99
Axler, James Death Lands: Destiny's Truth (Ryan Cawdor and his band join forces with a group of women warriors in a search for the Illuminated Ones who may possess secret knowledge of the Deathlands) $6.50
Bova, Ben The Precipice (The earth faces environmental disaster and two wealthy men have differing ideas of how to move into space_based industry to save the planet) $7.99
Brust, Steven Issola (Vlad's friends Morrolan and Aliera have vanished and may be in the hands of the Jenome and it will be difficult to rescue them, but Vlad must try) $6.99
Burgess, Melvin Bloodtide (In the near_future London is in ruins and rival ruthless ganglords struggle to rule the city) $6.99
Burton, Tim The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy (Witty and macabre stories with illustrations) $19.95
Card, Orson Scott Rebekah (Rebekah is chosen by God to be the wife of Isaac and struggles to find her place in the family of Abraham and produce an heir) $7.99
Cavelos, Jeanne Babylon 5: The Shadow Within (As Captain John Sheridan struggles to save the new Babylon 5 from sabotage, his wife Anne travels to Z'Ha'dum where a dark destiny awaits her; reprint from 1997) $6.99
Chester, Deborah The Queen's Gambit (Princess Pheresa lost her groom to dark magic and now her only ally is the last man she would ever choose) $7.99
Clayton, Jo/Murphy, Kevin Drum Into Silence (Cymel's father has been murdered and she has been trapped by sorcerers in the body of a white bird) $25.95
Clemens; James Wit'ch Star (The final battle begins as young wit'ch Elena faces the Dark Lord of Gul'gotha) $24.95
Cook, Dawn Hidden Truth (Alissa never believed in magic until an ancient book calls out to her and threatens those she loves) $6.99
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner eds Beyond Flesh (Anthology of stories which explore the infinite ways that new technology will free humankind from the boundaries of the flesh) $6.50
Davidson, Avram The Other Nineteenth Century (Anthology of Davidson's historical fantasies) $15.95
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Star Trek: The Brave and the Bold Book One (Eight captains including Kirk and Klingon Captain Klag come together against an enemy that could destroy them all) $6.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Star Trek: The Brave and the Bold Book Two (Deadly weapons which can control weather and thought have been turned against the Federation and the eight captains must halt the seemingly unstoppable destruction) $6.99
Dickson, Gordon R/Bova, Ben Hour of the Gremlins (Three novels of fast_moving adventure and humor: Hour of the Horde , Wolfling , and Gremlins, Go Home ) $14.00
Dillard, J.M. Star Trek: Nemesis (The Romulans express their desire to negotiate for peace and the Enterprise goes there only to discover murder and betrayal) $20.00
Drake, David/Wagner, Karl Edward Killer (Reprint; Lycon, greatest of the beast hunters, follows the trail of an escaped interstellar beast through Rome and only one of them will survive) $6.99
Eddings, David The Belgariad Volume II (Last two novels of the Belgariad Series in one volume) $15.95
Frost, Gregory Fitcher's Brides (A charismatic preacher is wed to a young girl who discovers his dark side) $25.95
Gemmell, David Echoes of the Great Song (When the ruthless armies of the Crystal Queen storm across their land, the Avatars band together to protect their universe) $6.99
Greenberg/Koren eds Pharaoh Fantastic (Original new stories to the legendary time of the Pharaohs) $6.99
Grubb, Jeff Warcraft 3: The Last Guardian (The origin of the bitter conflict of men and Orcs in the Warcraft game universe) $6.99
Haldeman, Joe Guardian (The future of humanity is intertwined with one ordinary woman in the days after the Civil War) $22.95
Harrison, Sue Call Down the Stars (Conclusion to series set in ancient Alaska) $7.99
Helfers, John/Little, Denise eds The Valdemar Companion (Authorized guide to Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar universe) $15.00
Hobb, Robin Fool's Errand (Picks up the reins of Fitzchivaly's tale a few months after the conclusion of The Liveship Traders) $6.99
Hoover, H.M. Another Heaven, Another Earth (An expedition from Earth arrives on the planet Xilan and clash with the inhabitants, who have lost their technology over the years) $5.99
Ingrid, Charles The Marked Man Omnibus (The Earth is divided by genetics, some who want humans to return to the past and some who want the world to be ruled by the genetically engineered: Both novels in 1 volume) $6.99
Kurtz, Katherine ed Crusade of Fire (Anthology of mystical tales of the Knights Templar) $5.99
Lawhead, Stephen R The Mystic Rose: The Celtic Crusades Volume 3 (A thousand years after its disappearance the Mystic Rose has been found and the Knights Templar will stop at nothing to possess it, with only one man standing in their way) $7.99
Lebow, Jess Wind of War (The Four Winds Saga: Second Scroll: Akodo Kaneka forsakes power & defends the helpless until he discovers that he can't escape his Toturi heritage) $6.99
Lee, Tanith Black Unicorn (A black unicorn arrives and a child with no talent for magic knows it has come for her) $12.00
Marley, Louise The Marquisarde (In the final years of the 21st century a woman's husband and daughter are murdered by terrorists and she is compelled to solve the crime and change her life) $23.95
McCaffrey/Scarborough Acorna's Search (Acorna, abandoned in space as a baby and raised by gruff asteroid miners, returns to her planet to help heal the damage done by the cold_blooded Khlkeevi) $7.50
McCarthy, Will The Collapsium (The secrets of matter have been inlocked and death itself is but a memory when two brilliant scientists are in a bitter rivalry which could imperil the world) $6.99
McGough, Scott Assassin's Blade (The emperor's assassin kills whom his master wishes but is planning his own rise to power and only one man can stop him and end the cycle of death) $6.99
McIntosh, Neil Star of Erengrad (A vengeance-driven warrior's latest employ puts him in Erengrad, a frozen city assailed from without and within by the insidious forces of evil) $6.95
McMullen, Sean Souls in the Great Machine (In the 40th century only one man knows how to stop an ancient forgotten device that threatens the world with a new ice age) $7.99
Murphy, Kevin Andrew Fathom, Book 1 (Aspen Matthews is a marine biologist who can't remember her childhood and seeks answers to questions that haunt her) $6.99
Murphy, Pat Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell (A woman meets her favorite author on a cruise which turns dark when they reach the Bermuda Triangle and the author begins receiving notes from his characters) $7.99
Neason, Rebecca The Truest Power (Lysandra, the blind healer, leads a band to the city of Ballinrigh to try to put the rightful Selia on the throne and to do so must find the truest power to save the kingdom) $6.99
Niles, Douglas World Fall (In the realm of Seven Circles, all creatures have lived in harmony until an evil forces a druid princess to defend the peace with an army) $7.50
Norton, Andre/Smith, Sherwood Atlantis Endgame (Time Patrol stalwart Ross Murdock has discovered evidence that someone has tampered with events in ancient Atlantis and travels back in time to find that aliens are there) $23.95
Perry, Steve Matadora (Reprint: she's one of the best martial artists and bodyguards in the universe. And she's back.) $5.99
Pournelle/Stirling/Ing The Houses of Kzinti (War between the mighty felinoid warriors from Kzin and Earth _ formerly appeared as Cathouse and The Children's Hour ) $15.00
Radyshevsky, Dmitry The Mantra (A new music has become the most popular in the world but its intoxicating beat holds evil waiting to be released) $7.99
Reese, James The Book of Shadows (A young orphan is accused of murder and then saved by four people including a priest and a witch who lead her into a world of sensuous pleasures and great mysteries) $7.99
Robinson, Spider Lady Slings the Booze (Quigley, a detective, and Lady Sally, wife of Callahan, proprietor of Callahan's Place, join together to save the world) $7.99
Rowley, Christopher Doom's Break: The Third Book Of Arna (The land war has moved to the sea and in the midst of danger Thru Gillo must also choose between the women who lay claim to his heart) $7.50
Sarrantonio, Al ed Redshift (Anthology of thirty short stories heralding the future of the genre) $7.99
Simmons, Dan Worlds Enough and Time (Five tales of speculative fiction) $14.95
Stableford, Brian Omega Expedition (Adam Zimmerman awakens in the 35th Century) $27.95
Stackpole, Michael A Mech Warrior Dark Age # 1: Ghost War (Sam Donelly is the best LumberMech jockey on the planet, but if his true identity is revealed he could become a Republic wrecker) $6.99
Stackpole, Michael A When Dragons Rage (Book 2 of the DragonCrown War Cycle: The evil Chytrine's forces are creeping south in an attempt to regain all the pieces of the DragonCrown, and the rebels must stop them) $14.95
Sullivan, Stephen D The Dragon Isles (Mikal Vardan and his crew have found the hidden route to the Dragon Isles but so has a sea elf scavenger who thinks the riches are worth killing for) $6.99
Sullivan, Thomas Born Burning (Ten_year old Joey doesn't want to go near a chair that has been in his family for generations, but it is a part of family tradition, no matter how terrifying the consequences) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Advance and Retreat (Kingdom of Detina has been torn apart by a terrible civil war & magic proves unpredictable in this alternate North/South war story) $27.00
Watt_Evans. Lawrence Ithanalin's Restoration (A young female wizard's apprentice must help her teacher who has fallen victim to his own spell) $24.95
Williamson, J. N. ed Darker Masques (Anthology of dark horror stories by the masters) $6.99
Zicree/Bohnhoff Magic Time: Angelfire (Across America technology has been replaced by magic and chaos has taken over _ three outcasts must travel to Chicago to fight an unholy monster) $25.95


de Camp/Carter/Nyberg Conan the Swordsman (Reprint) $23.95
Fenner, Cathy and Arnie, ed Spectrum 8 (Annual best in contemporary fantastic art; hc $35.00) $27.00
Foster, Alan Dean The Hand of Dinotopia (Movie and TV tie_in, further adventures in the land of Dinotopia) $6.99
Herriman, George Krazy and Ignatz 1927_1928 (Collection of the Krazy Kat comic strips) $14.95
Marcellas, Diana The Sea Lark's Song (Brierly discovers that there are more of her kind left and hides in the mountains while she tries to unravel the secrets that could bring back her people) $27.95
McEwan, Ian The Dreamer (Peter has an active imagination, but when it takes him to the place where dreams and reality meet, has it taken him too far?) $5.99
Moon, Russell Blood War (Conclusion to the Witch Boy Trilogy: A strangely powerful boy is pitted against a coven of witches) $6.99
Morrissey/Krensky The Winter King (Book 2 in the Magic Door Series: Sarah learns that the machine that makes snow has fallen into the hands of a madman & must save 2 worlds) $5.99


Anderson, Poul Mother of Kings (In the 10th century, Gunhild learns magic and uses her power to summon Erik Blood_Ax, and together they fight for a kingdom) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley Bitten (Elena Michaels is a werewolf trying to assimilate to the human world as best she can, but is haunted by the man whose bite changed her existence forever) $13.00
Barnes, John A Princess of the Aerie (Two members of the Royal Palace Guard race across the solar system to save Princess Shyf, and discover that it is they who will need rescuing) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Manifold: Origin (Third book in hard science sf series) $6.99
Bradbury, Ray Let's All Kill Constance (An aging movie queen is marked for death and a young screenwriter and his trusted sidekick, Elmo Crumley, try to save her) $23.95
Bradbury, Ray One More for the Road (New collection of Bradbury's short fiction) $6.99
Briggs, Patricia Dragon Blood (Ward, ruler of the Hurog, joins the rebels against the High King Jakoven, who has a secret weapon that requires dragon's blood) $6.99
Brin, David Kiln People (In a future where disposable human duplicates fulfill every desire of their masters, an investigator is on the trail of a discovery that could change the world forever) $7.99
Chalker, Jack Melchior's Fire (A group of explorers searches for the Three Kings, a lost planetary system known as the El Dorado of the galaxy and the galactic mob is after them) $7.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Eats Crow (39th Garfield book) $9.95
Dickinson, Charles A Shortcut in Time (A local artist in Euclid, Illinois, discovers a path which will deposit him fifteen minutes in the past, then meets a woman who claims she is from 1908) $24.95
Doherty, Robert Area 51: The Truth $6.99
Douglass, Sara Starman (The evil Goragel is plotting Axis's downfall, invading the sky with ice and flesh_hungry Gryphons: Book three of the Wayfarer Redemption series) $7.99
Eddings, David and Leigh Regina's Song (One of a pair of twins is murdered and the other can only speak in a cryptic language they shared until a family friend is able to break through and it leads to a nightmare) $7.50
Elrod, P.N. Cold Streets (Vampire Jack Fleming takes to Chicago's cold, violent streets to find a blackmailer who is on to the detective's unnatural secret) $22.95
Farrell, S.L. Holder of Lightning (A 17_year old farm girl picks up a small stone and her life is changed forever by the magelights and magic it draws to her) $23.95
Foster, Alan Dean Star Wars: The Approaching Storm $6.99
Frey, Stephen The Day Trader (A man's wife is murdered leaving him a million_dollar life insurance windfall, and as he begins to make more money on the stock market he is the prime suspect) $6.99
Green, Jonathan The Dead and the Damned (Badenov's Band, fearless mercenaries, roam the wretched towns and haunted forests of the Old World fighting unholy creatures in the Warhammer universe) $6.95
Green, Simon R Deathstalker Legacy (After Prince Douglas ascends the throne of the Empire and appoints Lewis Deathstalker as his champion all hell breaks loose and the long_predicted enemy appears) $23.95
Greenberg/Silver eds Wondrous Beginnings (Anthology of debut stories of SF's best authors) $6.99
Greenberg/Tier eds Give Me Liberty (Anthology of stories with freedom as the theme) $7.99
Gresham, Stephen Haunted Ground (The arrival of a boy's crippled cousin awakens the ghosts of a murderous family that once lived down the road) $5.99
Harrison, Harry Stars and Stripes Triumphant (Finale to alternate history Stars and Stripes trilogy set in the time of the Civil War) $24.95
Hearn, Michael Patrick Victorian Fairy Tale Book (17 beloved Victorian fairy tale classics) $18.00
Hendee, Barb and CJ Dhampir (A con_artist posing as a vampire_slayer discovers she really is one, and a trio of powerful vampires is after her blood) $5.99
Herbert, James Once... (A stroke victim returns to his boyhood home of Castle Bracken and unleashes an ancient evil clothed in the guise of a friend) $7.99
Hobb, Robin Golden Fool (The Tawny Man Book 2: Fitzchivalry finds himself thrust back into his old spying role at Buckkeep) $24.95
Hogan, James P. The Anguished Dawn (Earth is devastated after a near miss with a white_hot protoplanet and the only people who can rebuild civilization are colonists on Saturn) $26.00
Holder, Nancy Smallville: Hauntings (A teenage Clark Kent must save Smallville from glowing green meteor fragments that are mutating the townspeople) $5.99
Kearney, Paul Ships from the West (Old enemies clash and the fate of Normannia will be decided once and for all _ Book five of the Monarchies of God series) $6.99
Keyes, Greg The Briar King (The Briar King _ legendary harbinger of death _ awakes from his slumber, deadly creatures roam the land, and the humans freed from slavery 2000 years ago now face these evils) $23.95
King, J. Robert Legions (Book II of the Onslaught Cycle) $6.99
Kingsbury, Evan Fire and Flesh (What looks like a case of spontaneous human combustion is the beginning of an inexplicable series of deaths) $6.99
Kritzer, Naomi Turning the Storm (sequel to Fires of the Faithful ; local author) $6.99
Lain, T.H. The Bloody Eye (Novel based in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, featuring the paladin) $5.99
Le Guin, Ursula K The Other Wind (When the wife of a humble sorcerer of Earthsea dies he is inconsolable when she begins to appear to him in dreams reaching out to him from the land of the dead) $13.95
Lee, Gwen/Sauter, Doris Elaine What if Our World is Their Heaven? (The final interviews of Philip K. Dick) $14.95
Lovecraft, H.P. Waking Up Screaming (Tales of horror from the master) $6.99
MacLeod, Ken Dark Light (Powerful intelligences pervade the universe and have differences of opinion on how to deal with humans, who have discovered space travel and thus are a threat) $6.99
Marco, John The Eyes of God (First book in a major new fantasy series including Arthurian elements, magic, war, intrigue and deception) $6.99
McKenna, Juliet E The Warrior's Bond (Fourth tale of adventure, magic, honor and love in the Einarinn series) $7.99
McKenzie, Nancy Grail Prince (Galahad undertakes a quest for the Holy Grail and the future of Britain hangs on his success or failure) $14.95
Moon, Elizabeth The Speed of Dark (Lou Arrendale, an autistic, is asked to try an experimental cure for autism, and wonders if he will still be him if he is "cured") $23.95
Nemecek, Larry Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (Official guide to every episode including over 150 photographs) $18.00
Niles, Douglas Winterheim (The conclusion of the Icewall trilogy) $6.99
Norman, Lisanne Between Darkness and Light (7th in series; Kusac must make an alliance with an enemy to save his son's life) $6.99
Palmieri, Marco ed Deep Space Nine: The Lives of Dax (Collection of stories about one being's life across four centuries) $6.99
Perry, S.D. Deep Space Nine: Rising Son (Jake Sisko continues his quest for his father but finds instead the truth about a prophecy that sent him searching) $6.99
Perry, S.D. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Unity (The original Deep Space Nine characters join with the newest generation for events that will change the Star Trek universe for all time) $25.00
Perry, Steve The Machiavelli Interface (Reprint; Master Khadaji and the matadors are determined to bring down Marcus Wall and the Galactic Confederation but Wall will do whatever he can to remain in power) $5.99
Pyle, Howard The Wonder Clock (24 stories from Howard Pyle) $5.99
Rennie, Gordon/Reynolds, Wayne Kal Jerico _ Book 2 Contracts and Agendas (Graphic novel _ Collection of escapades and adventures of bounty hunter Kal Jerico) $6.95
Rennie/Richardson/Quilliams Daemonifuge _ The Lord of Damnation (Graphic novel _ Ephrael Stern is returned to the Imperial fold but in her absence she was condemned for heresy and must flee again) $10.95
Robertson, R. Garcia y Knight Errant (A young American woman traveling in England is swept back in time to the War of the Roses and falls in love with a knight who will be king) $7.99
Saberhagen, Fred God of the Golden Fleece (Book of the Gods Vol 4: Proteus joins Jason and the Argonauts on their quest and discovers that he has strange powers as they embark on many perilous adventures) $6.99
Salvatore, R.A. Legacy of the Drow Collector's Edition (Collection of 4 Salvatore novels: The Legacy; Starless Night; Siege of Darkness and Passage to Dawn) $19.95
Shelley, Rick Spec Ops Squad: Sucker Punch ("Dragon" Drak & his regiment must establish a military outpost on the planet Unity before a suspected Federation invasion) $6.99
Sherman, David Starfist: Kingdom's Fury $6.99
Spinka, Penina Keen Picture Maker (Eight centuries ago a child is born with the power to draw pictures which foretell the future) $6.99
Stirling, S.M. The Peshawar Lancers (An alternate history where England controls much of the planet in the 21sr Century and the Czar of Russia prepares for global conquest) $6.99
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Shaping of Middle Earth (The beginnings of Middle Earth) $6.99
Tower, S.D. The Assassins of Tamurin (A foundling enters a school for orphans run by the Despotana of Tamurin and is trained as an assassin and spy to become the keystone of the Desptana's greatest plot) $25.95
Various Eternal War (Graphic novel _ collection of Space Marine adventures) $10.95
Watson, Ian Chaos Child (Book 3 of the Inquisition War Trilogy) $6.95
Weber, David The Excalibur Alternative (A flotilla of medieval ships are doomed in a terrible storm when aliens arrive offering to save them in exchange for fighting for the aliens in strange worlds) $7.99
Weber, David/Ringo, John March to the Stars (The heir to the Throne of Man is marooned with the Royal Marines sent to guard him on the planet Marduk with only his feet to get him halfway around the planet) $26.00
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Dragons of Autumn Twilight (The debut Dragonlance title in hardcover format) $27.95
Williams, Liz The Poison Master (On a distant planet, humans are slaves to a cruel alien race, and an alchemist joins a conspiracy to find a drug to overthrow the alien rulers) $5.99
Williams, Sean Orphans of Earth (The last survivors of Earth's demise seek to contact remaining colonies and warn them of the alien menace who is destroying everything in its path) $7.50
Wurts, Janny Peril's Gate (Having narrowly escaped an assassination, Arithon must flee into the merciless winter wilds: Third in the Alliance of Light series) $7.99
Zipes, Jack ed The Complete Tales of the Brothers Grimm (A new translation presenting the tales just as the Brothers Grimm intended) $19.95


Anderson, Poul Conan the Rebel (Reprint; an evil reptile god rules Stygia, and Conan and his raven_haired love fight to free the land) $13.95
Constantine, Storm The Way of Light (The Chronicles of Magravandias conclusion: Ancient magics clash for control of a great Empire) $17.95
Dann, Jack Jubilee (Collection of short stories by Dann) $27.95
de Lint, Charles From a Whisper to a Scream (Three dark fantasy stories by deLint originally published under the name "Samuel M. Key") $14.95
Doctorow, Cory Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (In a world where death has been conquered, a man lives in Disney World while a group has taken over the Hall of Presidents and there is a war for the soul of the Magic Kingdom) $22.95
Douglas, Sara Hades' Daughter (After Troy falls Brutus, the warrior_king, receives a vision and if he can successfully rebuild the ancient city it will be the next step in the Game of the Labryinth) $27.95
MacLeod, Ken Engine City (Nova Babylonia is the greatest city in the Second Sphere; aliens are preparing to invade while humans try to prepare the city) $24.95
Marillier, Juliet Child of Prophecy (Conclusion of the trilogy of the Sevenwaters Clan) $15.95
Matheson, Richard Duel (Collection of classic suspense tales by Matheson) $15.95


Barry, Max Jennifer Government (In the near_future, a lowly clerk is contracted to kill teenagers to create demand for $2,500 sneakers and finds himself pursued by a tough agent with a bar_code on her eye) $21.95


Baker, Trisha Crimson Shadows (The immortal Meghann O'Neills twin children_ one mortal and one vampire _ have been separated at birth and are now reunited by blood) $5.99
Barr, Mike Star Trek: Gemini (When a ceremony meant to unite a world ends in disaster the only hope for the future is determined by Captain James Kirk) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Icebones (Conclusion to the Mammoth Trilogy) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Evolution (Stretching from the remote past to the distant future, an epic that covers 165 million years) $25.95
Bergantino, David Hamlet II: Ophelia's Revenge (College freshman Bill Elsinore has inherited the family castle in Denmark, and while there on spring break with his friends, Ophelia's ghost returns from her watery grave) $6.99
Brust, Steven The Book of Athyra (Two_in_one omnibus featuring novels of Vlad Taltos _ Athyra and Orca ) $14.00
Buckner, M.M. Hyperthought (In 2125 the world is run by a huge corporation and the workers are enslaved _ humanity's only hope is a surgical technique that could unlock the mind's power to alter reality) $5.99
Cale, Logan Dark Angel: The Eyes Only Dossier (Describes the Dark Angel world in detail, including material not found elsewhere; TV tie-in) $14.95
Collins, Max Allan Dark Angel: Skin Game (TV tie-in novel) $6.99
Colman, Loren L Mechwarrior: Dark Age #2 A Call to Arms (MechWarrior aspirant Raul Ortega is called to battle when warring factions wage war on his home world) $6.99
Drake, David Grimmer Than Hell (In a future world where police have cameras to watch everyone 24_7, who watches the watchers?) $23.00
Drake, David/Stirling, S.M. Warlord (Barbarians are threatening to take over the Civil Government when Raj Whitehall discovers an ancient but still functioning computer with which he could defeat them) $24.00
Elliot, Kate The Gathering Storm (Fifth in the Crown of starts Series: dark, centuries_old forces and preparing to make a final, cataclysmic return) $24.95
Flint, Eric/Freer, David Pyramid Scheme (An alien pyramid has appeared in Chicago, destroying the city as it grows, and snatching people, transporting them into alternate worlds of mythology) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Diuturnity's Dawn (Book 3 of the founding of the Commonwealth) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Drowning World (A jungle on a planet of the Commonwealth where it rains constantly is a place of great riches for the man who can survive there) $23.95
Garcia, Eric Anonymous Rex (The first dinosaur detective may make all other crime solvers extinct) $6.99
Gardner, Craig Shaw A Difficulty with Dwarves (When a wizard is unable to cure his malady with magicks he sends his apprentice to seek aid in a distant kingdom ripe with peril) $5.99
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael eds Hot Blood XI (Collection of erotic horror stories) $14.00
Graham, Mitchell The Fifth Ring (In the face of unspeakable destruction a farm boy swept along by fate must face his destiny if the world is to survive) $7.50
Harriman, Steven Sleeper (A beast held in deep_freeze at the Pentagon is awakened and is terrorizing the halls of the Pentagon and must be stopped) $6.99
Hogan, James P Martian Knightlife (A P.I. of the future faces gangsters with an old grudge, a greedy corporation wanting to bulldoze an ancient Martian ruin, and a teleported scientist with gaps in his memory) $6.99
Kenyon, Kay Braided World (With the human race on the edge of extinction, a ship makes it to another planet, meets an alien race that might hold the answer-but will the human race still be human if they accept the cure?) $6.99
Krane, Steven Stranger Inside (Fifteen teenagers have died from internally generated fires and only Jimmy Somerset has survived the ordeal, and may hold the key to the inner demons) $6.99
Kushner, Ellen Swordspoint (Reprint of highly recommended fantasy novel) $6.99
Laumer, Keith A Plague of Demons and Other Stories (A complete novel plus 5 short novels and several short stories by Laumer) $15.00
Lee, J. Ardian Son of the Sword (Dylan is an ordinary modern guy until forces transport him to medieval Scotland) $6.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Carpe Diem (On the run from interplanetary assassins, covert operative Val Con yos'Phelium and former mercenary Miri Robertson end up stranded on a distant planet with no rescue in sight) $6.99
Lenihan, Eddie Meeting the Other Crowd (Fairie stories from the Hidden Ireland) $24.95
McCaffrey, Anne Freedom's Ransom (The surviving colonists of Botany have conquered the alien invaders but need technology and must decide what kind of world they will be) $6.99
McCaffrey/Scarborough Acorna's Rebel (An infant girl is rescued from a lifepod by three human asteroid miners, develops amazing talents as she grows, and has dangerous and exciting adventures) $24.95
McKillip, Patricia A Ombria in Shadow (In the city of Ombria dreams and nightmares take shape in the drawings of the bastard heir to the throne) $14.00
Mitchell, Syne Changling Plague (In the mid_21st century a dying man takes illegal gene therapy that unleashes a plague which changes the DNA of everyone he encounters) $6.99
Moorcock, Michael The Strayling Tree (Elric and his alternate self Ulrik discover that his wife has been abducted by Gaynor and they must face their most deadly enemy to get her back) $24.95
Nix, Garth Abhorsen (Conclusion to the Abhorsen trilogy: Lirael must forestall the waking of an unspeakable evil) $17.99
Passarella, John Wither's Rain (The evil Wither has somehow survived the attack of practicing witch Wendy Ward and now seeks murderous revenge) $6.99
Rennie, Gordon Shadow Point (The Gothic Sector once again struggles against the savage Black Crusade of the psychotic Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler, hell_bent on capturing the Blackstone Fortress) $6.95
Roberson, Jennifer Sword_Sworn (Final volume of the Sword Saga: the macho Tiger and the beautiful but dangerous Del learn to deal with love, death, and freedom) $6.99
Rosenberg, Joel The Guardians of the Flame (Reprint; seven college students playing a role_playing game are transported to a world where magic works and their only escape is to find the Gate Between Worlds, if they can survive) $25.00
Rydill, Jessica Children of the Shaman (A brother and sister venture into the magical kingdom of La Souterraine and discover what their heritage means) $6.50
Sawyer, Robert J Hominids (A scientist is transported to a parallel world where neanderthals are the dominant race and back home his research partner is accused of murder) $6.99
Sherman, David Demontech: Rally Point $6.99
Silver/Greenberg eds Magical Beginnings (Anthology of 1st stories of greatest fantasy authors) $6.99
Stirling, S.M. Conquistador (Ex_marine John Wolfe discovers a portal to an alternate world where Europeans never set foot in America and brings back contraband which causes the two worlds to collide) $23.95
Vornholt, John Star Trek The Next Generation: The Genesis Wave 3 (The USS Enterprise must stop the deadly Genesis Wave, a weapon of awe_inspiring destructive power and save trillions of souls and hundreds of planets in its path) $6.99
Weber, David Empire from the Ashes (On a routine flight over the moon, Colin MacIntyre is captured by an ancient starship and is drafted to be the ship's new captain and lead the fight against an ancient enemy) $25.00
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Terry eds The Players of Gilean: Tales from the War of Souls Anthology of stories by popular Dragonlance authors) $6.99
Werner, C.L. Blood Money (Brunner is a bounty hunter in the Warhammer world who will stop at nothing to catch his prey and claim his reward) $6.95
Williams, Sean/Dix, Shane Star Wars the New Jedi Order: Force Heretic I: Remnant $6.99


Abbey, Lynn Unicorn and Dragon (Hafwynder Manor is thrown into chaos by the arrival of a badly wounded young stranger and the fate of all England may rest on the shoulders of two girls) $7.99
Aiken, Joan The Shadow Guests (Cosmo Curtroy has discovered there is a curse on his family and in the midst of poltergeists and witches he must unravel the mystery) $5.99
Asaro, Catherine The Moon's Shadow (Empires and 2 men struggle for control of Skolia) $25.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Ghostlight (A group of occultists was destroyed during a ceremony in the 60's, and now the daughter of the leaders is returning to find out the truth about what happened) $6.99
Carmody, Isobelle Obernewtyn (A child born into a post_holocaust world has enhanced mental powers that cause her to be a Misfit, and travels to Obernewtyn, a Misfit haven, but things are not as they seem) $5.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: Destruction of Illusions (Continuing story of Captain Dylan Hunt as he tries to restore the Systems Commonwealth that fell 300 years ago) $24.95
Farris, John The Fury and the Power (A young psychic who can summon her doppelganger is hunted by Mordant, the Dark Side of God, who seeks their power) $25.95
Greenwood, Ed A Dragon's Ascension (The Band of Four has reawakened the Sleeping King & the diabolic Serpent has moved into position for a war that will scar them forever) $6.99
Hunt, Walter H The Dark Path (Whole fleets of ships are disappearing from the galaxy and the few survivors are stricken with madness, while humanity and the former enemy Zor must join forces to survive) $27.95
Hunter, Erin Warriors Into the Wild (Four powerful clans of warrior cats are threatened when mysterious events change the balance of power) $15.99
Jordan, Sherryl Secret Sacrament (Torn between the Navoran city of his heritage and the Shinali outsiders he is drawn to Gabriel must accept his place in the prophecy that will change his world forever) $6.99
King, J. Robert Lancelot du Lethe (Lancelot and Guinevere are both of the blood of the fey which necessitates a war in both the mortal and spiritual realm) $7.99
Klute, John Appleseed (A virulent data plague from Old Earth has infected the local arm of the galaxy and a trader trying to deliver a cargo to the planet Eolhxir is caught in its web) $14.95
Kress, Nancy Crossfire (A human colony on a distant planet becomes caught in the crossfire in a war between two alien races) $24.95
Kress, Nancy Probability Sun (A group of scientists is sent to study an artifact discovered on "World" which may be a key to a lost superscience or may be a doomsday machine) $6.99
Larson, Glen A/Thurston, Robert Battlestar Gallactica Class: The Tombs of Koval (Female pilots must step into the breach when an unknown virus strikes down the Viper Corps, leaving only Apollo and Starbuck untouched) $6.99
Leiber, Fritz Swords and Deviltry (Reissue: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser discover the icy power of female magic on the world of Lankhmar) $6.99
Lumley, Brian The Whisperer and Other Voices (Short story collection) $14.95
Malzberg, Barry N ed The Best Time Travel Stories of All Time (14 classic time travel stories) $14.00
Michalson, Karen Hecate's Glory (A disillusioned wizard takes refuge in a monastery and creates a magical disaster which forces him to flee to escape the Emperor Roguehan) $27.95
Nix, Garth Abhorsen (Conclusion to the trilogy) $17.99
Oltion, Jerry Abandon in Place (A ghost rocket is launching from Cape Canaveral each month and NASA is shocked as the rockets go all the way to the moon) $14.95
Preiss, Byron The Ultimate Dracula (The legend of Dracula explored by some of the world's best_known authors of the fantastic) $7.99
Price, Susan The Sterarm Handshake (Time travelers from the future have found a way to travel to 16th century Scotland to plunder, and one woman is caught between two cultures) $6.99
Resnick, Mike The Return of Santiago (Danny, a thief, stumbles upon the lost poems which chronicle the life of the legend Santiago and begins an interstellar odyssey to seek out the truth) $25.95
Robertson, R, Garcia Y Lady Robyn (Lady Robyn, who was swept back in time from the present to 1460, is courted by the Edward, the heir to the English throne, and must face politics and revolution as she decides) $26.95
Sawyer, Robert J Humans (Neanderthal physicist Ponder Boddit returns to Earth and to his relationship with geneticist Mary Vaughn in the sequel to Hominids) $24.95
Silverberg, Robert ed The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol 1: 1929_1964 (Reprint; anthology of the greatest SF stories of all time as chosen by the Science Fiction Writers of America) $27.95
Silverberg/Haber eds Science Fiction: The Best of 2002 (Collection of the best science fiction prose of 2002) $7.99
Tarr, Judith Daughter of Lir (The people of the White Mare face a new threat of attack and a potter's daughter with the gift of sight and the King's son must find a way to defend the cities) $15.95
Williamson, Jack Terraforming Earth (All life on Earth has been decimated by an asteroid, but a small group of survivors made it to the moon and when aliens arrive they both try to rebuild the planet) $6.99
Wolfe, Gene Latro in the Mist (Latro is a Roman mercenary who lost his short_term memory through a head injury but received in its place the ability to converse with supernatural creatures) $17.95
Zahn, Timothy Dragon and Thief (A man and a dragon who live symbiotically fight to save the dragon's people & search for the truth behind the frame_up for theft of the man) $24.95
Zelazny, Robert Changeling (Reprint of Changeling and Madwand in one volume) $14.00


Brennan, Noel_Anne The Sword of the Land (Rilsin was fated to rule the land of Saeditin until a bloody coup killed her family and she was drafted into the service of the new queen) $6.99
Danvers, Dennis The Watch (In 1921 Russia, a mysterious visitor from the future offers a former prince-turned-anarchist a chance to be reborn in the future; he accepts, but finds 1999 America a difficult Eden) $15.95
Fforde, Jasper The Eyre Affair (In an alternate Great Britain where time travel is routine, someone has kidnapped Jane Eyre from the pages of a novel and literary detective Thursday Next must find her) $14.00
LeGuin, Ursula K. The Birthday of the World (Eight science fiction short stories, six set on the same planet as Left Hand of Darkness ) $13.95
Metzger, Robert A Picoverse (In the early 21st century scientists have discovered how to make a universe one million_millionth the size of their own) $6.99
Moore, Christopher Lamb (The gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal) $13.95
Shinn, Sharon Jenna Starborn (A baby harvested from the gen_tanks of Baldus and scorned by the only family she has ever known is brave enough to follow her heart wherever in the universe it leads) $7.99
Silverberg, Robert The Longest Way Home (A once_peaceful planet erupts in revolution and the young Master of the House of Keilloran barely escapes with his life and must fight to regain his place) $7.50

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