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Newsletter #58 June - August, 2002

[pbo means paperback original0

Bailey, Frankie Y. Death's Favorite Child (A female African-American crime historian from Kentucky is vacationing in Cornwall, England when she witnesses a murder and becomes the probable next victim) $15.00
Barnes, Alan Sherlock Holmes on the Screen (Ultimate Holmes companion including 60 photos and the most comprehensive filmography ever published) $24.95
Boot, Max The Savage Wars of Peace: Small Wars and the Rise of American Power (non-fiction) $30.00
Brady, Liz Bad Date (Crime journalist Jane Yeats' next door neighbor is a crack_addicted prostitute and she winds up dead on Jane's front lawn, thrusting Jane into a free_lance investigation) $10.95
Bryan, Francis The Curse of Treasure Island (Sequel to R. L. Stevenson's Treasure Island focusing on the adventures of an adult Jim Hawkins) $24.95
Cannon, Taffy Open Season on Lawyers (A serial killer is killing the sleazy lawyers of L.A., and when Detective Joanna Davis gets too close, he goes after her) $13.95
Carter, Miranda Anthony Blunt: His Lives (Biography of English art expert who spied for the Soviets) $30.00
Chase, Anthony Movies on Trial (Non-fiction; law professor and movie afficionado uses the movies to investigate our deepest beliefs about the law) $25.95
Coleman, Reed Farrel Walking the Perfect Square (injured ex-cop Moe Prager gets a tip on a murder case that has haunted him for 20 years) $26.00
Conant, Jennet Tuxedo Park (Non-fiction; in 1940 Wall Street tycoon retired to head secret British-American scientific research project) $26.00
Conners, Bernard F. Tailspin: The Strange Case of Major Call ("a true-crime non-fiction novel" by a former FBI agent) $26.95
Crow, Michael Red Rain (Maverick Baltimore cop and ex-special forces Luther Ewing and the rest of the department battle the Russian mob) $25.95
Drayson, Nicholas Confessing a Murder (A man abandoned on an island soon to be destroyed by volcanic activity tells the story of his life and exile from England, including his association with Darwin) $23.95
Dunbar, Sophie Fashion Victims (A Hollywood husband and wife production team working on a new tv series must find a murderer on the set, as well as keeping production on schedule) $23.95
Echenoz, Jean I'm Gone (A Parisian art dealer abandons his family and career to pursue a pathetic international crime caper) $12.95
Eidson, Bill One Bad Thing (A good man takes a new crewman onto his boat to sail from Bermuda to Boston, leading into a web of international crime and murder) $6.99
Engel, Howard There Was An Old Woman (Benny Cooperman, a working-stiff private eye, agrees to look into the death of a wealthy old woman, finds a sleazy politician) $14.95
Evans, Liz Barking (A mild_mannered accountant dreams he has committed two murders and hires PI Grace Smith to discover the truth, but the murders were committed 30 years before he was born) $13.95
Feldmeyer, Dean Crimson Creek (Kentucky Rev. Dan Thompson & Constable Ray Hall have their hands full: the founder of a faded cult is murdered, a burned out DEA agent decides to resurrect his career by busting holler dopers, a bumbling biker gang is convince their dope is hidden in Dan's church, etc.) $23.95
Gerard, Philip Secret Soldiers (Non-fiction story of how a group of American Artists, designers, and engineering wizards became unsung heroes in WWII) $24.95
Gilbert, Michael The Curious Conspiracy and Other Crimes (20 eclectic and previously uncollected stories from Grand Master on his 90th birthday; $50 signed hc available) $17.00
Gischler, Victor Gun Monkeys (A mob hitman for a hero, with lots of gallows humor) $15.00
Glatzer, Hal Too Dead to Swing (In 1940 musician Katy Green joins an all_girl swing band and while traveling by train from LA to San Francisco she discovers someone is out for blood; pbo) $13.95
Goldberg, Tod Living Dead Girl (Paul Luden's ex_wife has disappeared and as he searches for her he is drawn into an emotional and psychological journey of increasing terror) $22.00
Godfrey, Peter The Newtonian Egg and Other Cases of Rolf le Roux ("Lost Classic" clever detective puzzles featuring Johannesburg lieutenant 1948-1986; $25 hc available) $15.00
Grand, David The Disappearing Body (A literary noir thriller set in urban America between the wars, with drug-dealing and union-busting, and murder on both sides of the law) $24.95
Griesemer, John No One Thinks of Greenland (Rudy Spruce is sent to a top_secret military hospital in Greenland during the early Cold War and discovers a secret) $14.00
Griffin, Nicholas The House of Sight and Shadow (In early 18th century London, 2 doctors crisscross the boundaries of morality in pursuit of scientific progress) $12.95
Harstad, Donald Code Sixty-One (Iowa Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman is investigating an apparent suicide when he discovers a cult-like group that fantasizes about vampires) $23.95
Heffernan, Thomas Mutiny of the Globe (True story of a bloody mutiny on a Nantucket whaling ship and the adventures before and after) $24.95
Higgins, Jack The Khufra Run (reprint of 1972 action/thriller) $7.99
Hillerman, Tony The Wailing Wind (Joe Leaphorn comes out of retirement to help Jim Chee and the FBI solve a murder case that relates back to an earlier case; unabridged audio on CD @ $29.95, on cassette @ $26.95) $25.95
Hornsby, Wendy Nine Sons Collected Mysteries (10 stories, 1 essay, intro, checklist) $16.00
James, Bill Panicking Ralph (Detective Chief Superintendent Colin Harpur goes underground with a plan to trap drug barons and no one can save him if things go wrong) $8.95
Janes, J. Robert Dollmaker (Jan. 1943, a Breton shopkeeper has been murdered, the accused is a U_boat captain, and St_Cyr and Kohler must overcome a fiercely loyal submarine crew) $23.00
Janes, J. Robert Kaleidoscope (Dec. 1942, St_Cyr and Kohler investigate the murder of a young woman with connections to the Black Market) $13.00
Jardine, Quinton Autographs in the Rain (The case of a pensioner found dead in his bath turns out to be anything but an open and shut case when one of Edinburgh Deputy Chief Constable Skinner's staff is accused of murdering him; UK import) $8.95
Kanon, Joseph The Good German (Berlin '45, correspondent at Potsdam Conference searches for missing German mistress, finds murdered American soldier, corruption, intrigue) $14.00
Kennedy, Ellen Edwards Irregardless of Murder (a forty-something high school English teacher trips over the body of a former student in the Public Library, and she's now a suspect) $14.00
Kick, Russ ed Everything You Know is Wrong (The disinformation guide to secrets and lies) $24.95
Kienzle, William X. The Gathering (24th and final Father Koesler mystery; at a reunion of six religious men and women, now in their seventies, who have been friends since their teen years, one of them is murdered) $22.95
King, Jonathon The Blue Edge of Midnight (ex-Philadelphia cop living on the edge of the Everglades finds the body of a child) $22.95
Lasdun, James The Horned Man (An English expatriate in New York is the victim of an elaborate conspiracy to frame him for murder and while trying to clear his name he becomes embroiled in subtle deception) $24.95
Lira, Gonzalo Acrobat (Young CIA cadre is targeted for assassination by their own agency) $24.95
Malton, H. Mel Dead Cow in Aisle Three (Cabin-dwelling puppet maker, hired to design mascot for big-box retailer opposed by local merchants, turns sleuth) $10.95
Marks, Tinker Theoretically Dead (At a college conference on the works of brilliant philosopher Erik Weber, Weber is murdered and an economist turns sleuth) $11.95
McFarland, Dennis Singing Boy (On the way home from dinner, a man is shot and killed in front of his family; the novel is a study of how his family deals with grief) $14.00
McLaren, Philip Scream Black Murder (Australian police procedural featuring the new Aboriginal Homicide Unit) $21.95
Menselsohn, Robert Footsteps on a Drum (In Haiti a charismatic gringo called Cunningham is set up for destruction by his banker and saved by his voodoo priest gardener; UK import) $7.95
O'Connor, Niamh Cracking Crime (True story of forensic scientist Dr. Jim Donovan) $9.95
Page, Jake Stolen Gods (reprint;1st of series with blind sculptor Mo Bowdre as sleuth) $13.95
Pope, Dudley Ramage's Devil, Ramage's Trial, Ramage's Challenge (#13, 14, 15 of Napoleonic nautical adventures) $15.95 each
Russo, Gus The Outfit ("The Role of Chicago's Underworld in the Shaping of Modern America"; nonfiction) $35.00
Sandford, John Mortal Prey (4 cassettes, abridged: Davenprt encounters an old nemesis; also available on 5 CDs for $29.95) $24.95
Satterthwait, Walter Wall of Glass (Private Eye Joshua Croft knew he shouldn't help his friend fence a stolen necklace, and when the friend ends up dead Croft knew he was into something even hotter than hot ice; reprint 1st in series) $13.95
Sheridan, Juanita The Kahuna Killer (reprint of 1951 mystery set in Hawaii, as the native culture tries to survive, with a female Chinese-American sleuth) $14.00
Skvorecky, Josef Two Murders in My Double Life (Murder intrudes on two worlds _ the post_communist Czech Republic and comfortable Canada, and a young female sleuth discovers the connection) $12.00
Slater, Susan Thunderbird (Crash landing on a Navaho reservations leads to conflict between the Air Force and tribal authorities, but when people start disappearing and cattle are found mutilated, tribal police start to wonder about an otherworldly aspect) $23.95
Sneden, Private Robert Knox Eye of the Storm (diary and illustrations by a Union private and mapmaker who was in many significant battles and spent more than a year in Southern prison camps) $20.00
Somoza, Jose Carlos The Athenian Murders (In ancient Athens, one of the pupils at Plato's Academy is found dead and his teacher thinks it is not as accidental as it appears) $24.00
Spence, Jonathan D. Treason by the Book (Set in China in 1728) $14.00
Stockwan, Julian Kydd (In 1793 a young wig_maker is impressed for the crew of an English battleship and must learn about life on the high seas) $13.00
Tasker, Peter Samurai Boogie ( PI N. Mori investigates a death and becomes embroiled in the seamy side of Japanese business, obliging him to rescue prostitutes and dodge bullets; pbo) $13.00
Taylor, Timothy Stanley Park (Comic first novel; problems multiply for owner of Vancouver restaurant, including research of 20-year-old murder of two children) $25.00
Thompson, Brian The Disastrous Mrs. Weldon ("The Life, Loves, and Lawsuits of a Legendary Victorian", non-fiction) $15.95
Thurlo, Aimee and David Red Mesa (Ella Clah is accused of murdering her cousin and fellow officer and her fellow Navajo s are using her own techniques to try and find her) $6.99
Turnbull, Stephen Samurai Invasion: Japan's Korean War 1592-1598 (nicely illustrated history non-fiction) $29.95
Tyler, Lee The Teed-Off Ghost (A pair of Hawaiian golfing sleuths try to discover what the Ghost of Kohala Coast has against golfers) $12.95
Van Gieson, Judith North of the Border (reprint) $13.95
Worrall, Simon The Poet and the Murderer ("A True Story of Literary Crime and the Art of Forgery") $23.95
Wynn, Patricia The Birth of Blue Satan (In 1715 England, the son of a Jacobite is accused of killing his own father, and he becomes a highwayman to uncover the truth) $12.95


Abrahams, Peter Last of the Dixie Heroes (Roy Hioll's perfect life begins to unravel when he encounters a group of Civil War reinactors) $6.99
Autry, Curt The Reunion (9 surviving members of U-Boat crew captured during WW II gather in North Carolina, find themselves target for a group kill; signed copies expected) $25.00
Axler, James Death Lands #58: Salvation Road (After a nuclear conflagration riches are to be made by mining in Texas and Ryan faces a no_win situation between death or becoming a rogue baron's sec force; pbo) $5.99
Barton, Beverly What She Doesn't Know (A witness to a tragic crime returns home to a sultry Southern town to confront the secrets of the past) $6.50
Blake, Michelle Earth Has No Sorrow (Episcopalian Priest Lily Conner seeks to find a friend who may be the victim of a vicious hate crime) $6.99
Brown, Jim 24/7 (Stranded on a remote island, the contestants on a TV reality show find themselves at the mercy of a madman and getting voted off the island means death) $6.99
Buguenet, John Oyster (Two families in 1957 Louisiana have a deadly rivalry over oyster beds which leads to violence and murder) $23.95
Bunn, T. Davis Drummer in the Dark (An ordinary man is asked to step in for a Congressman and defeat a bill, and as he proceeds he discovers the job may turn deadly) $6.99
Camilleri, Andrea The Shape of Water (Sicilian Inspector Salvo Montalbano investigates the death of a local mover and shaker which appears to be of natural causes, but Montalbano doesn't think so; Italian bestseller, translated) $20.05
Cannell, Dorothy The Importance of Being Ernestine (Family members of Lady Krumley have started dying mysteriously and Ellie Haskell (12) and her housekeeper Mrs. Malloy must prevent more Krumleys from ending up in the churchyard) $23.95
Carter, Charlotte Walking Bones (A black woman and a white man have a love affair that turns dark and twisted) $14.00
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenick/Rovin Op_Center: Mission of Honor (Op_Center deals with a kidnapping plot in Africa leading to a cache of diamonds) $7.99
Coggins, Mark Vulture Capital ("Silicon Valley intrigue...with a high-tech spin...[and] plenty of nasty chuckles") $26.00
Collins, Max Allen Chicago Confidential (P.I. Nathen Heller has returned to Chicago and his partner is a victim of an all_out mob war) $22.95
Crombie, Deborah A Finer End (Scotland Yard's Kincaid and James (7) investigate two mysteries, past and present, in the shadow of ruined Glastonbury Abbey) $6.50
Davidson, Diana Mott Sticks and Scones (Goldy whips up an authentic Elizabethan Banquet in the castle of an eccentric millionaire and murder is on the menu) $6.99
DeLong, Candice Special Agent (Memoir of a woman FBI agent) $7.99
Deutermann, P.T. Hunting Season (When his daughter vanishes in the WV woods, a retired secret ops unofficially investigates in conflict with his past, FBI, and another agent out to retrieve him) $7.50
Dibdin, Michael And Then You Die (Aurelio Zen of Rome's elite Criminalpol wounded and lying low in Tuscany after bomb attack; Mafia wants to finish the job) $21.00
Dixon, Franklin W. The Hidden Harbor Mystery (facsimile of#14 in Hardy Boys Series) $14.95
Evanovich, Janet Seven Up (Stephanie Plum searches for a retired mobster who fails to show up for a court appearance and isn't afraid to kill people to stay out of jail) $7.99
Fairbanks, Nancy Death a L'Orange (Carolyn Blue and her family are touring France when murder shows up on the menu) $5.99
Fast, Howard Greenwhich (One of Greenwhich Connecticut's wealthiest residents throws a party and ends up with blood on his hands) $6.99
Fleming, Thomas Dream of Glory (The British scheme to kidnap George Washington and a tide of espionage flows between the opposing armies) $6.99
Forbes, Leslie Fish, Blood, and Bone (Claire Fleetwood is a forensic photographer and while staying in London her neighbor is murdered) $13.95
Ford, G. M. Fury (Journalist Frank Corso only has a few days to save a convicted serial killer on death row when new evidence and a new murder suggest the convict is innocent) $6.99
Ford, Jeffrey The Portrait of Mrs. Chabuque (A series of murders plagues New York in 1893 and an artist becomes involved when asked to paint a portrait of a beautiful woman he cannot see) $24.95
Foster, Alan Dean Primal Shadows (In Papaua New Guinea a man's wallet is stolen and pursuing the thief turns into an adventure and a search for gold in a region of headhunters) $6.99
Francis, Clare Betrayal (The corpse found in the River Dart in Devon is the mistress of businessman and as the evidence against him mounts he tries to find the real killer) $25.00
Fraser, George MacDonald The Pyrates (A swashbuckling saga of buccaneers, tall ships, desert islands and heaving seas and bosoms by the author of Flashman; reprint) $22.95
Fuentes, Eugenio The Depth of the Forest (A young painter is murdered in a nature reserve and days later a teenage hiker dies the same way) $14.95
Fullerton, Alexander Sixty Minutes for St. George (Nick Everard leads a raid to capture a German trawler's crew and bring them back to Dover during World War I) $24.00
Garcia_Aguilera, Carolina Bitter Sugar (Lupe Solano's attempt to help a family friend get to the bottom of a shady business deal brings a killer to her own door) $6.50
Gear, W. Michael/Gear, Kathleen Dark Inheritance (A scientist raising a chimp in his home as part of an experiment discovers the chimp has been altered to have extraordinary intelligence) $7.99
Glass, Leslie The Silent Bride (NYPD Detective April Woo investigates the case of a serial killer who targets young New York City brides) $6.99
Glatt, John Cries in the Desert ( Non-fiction story of a sadistic torturer; pbo) $6.99
Gourevitch, Philip A Cold Case (A determined investigator reopens the unresolved case of a double murder in New York City 30 years after the event) $11.00
Grafton, Sue P is for Peril (Kinsey is in the midst of a search for a missing doctor when a man she finds attractive turns out to be dangerous) $7.99
Grimshaw, Charlotte Provocation (A young law student in Auckland teams up with her high_powered lawyer boyfriend on the case of a Maori who has been driven to murder: pbo) $12.00
Gunn, Elizabeth Seventh Inning Stretch (A gang of con artists has hit Rutherford, MN and Jake Hines and his team are investigating when the leader of the grifters turns up dead; signing Saturday, July 27, Noon to 1:30 pm) $23.95
Harris, David Shooting the Moon (non-fiction; murder, betrayal, drug smuggling, arms dealing; 4 year manhunt for Panama strongman General Manuel Noriega) $15.95
Hendricks, Vicki Voluntary Madness (A couple breaks into Hemingway's house to have sex when a guard interrupts them and dies in the ensuing argument) $13.00
Henry, Sue Cold Company (While rebuilding her Alaska home, musher Jessie Arnold finds a skeleton that may be the victim of Alaska's most notorious serial killer) $23.95
Hess, Joan A Really Cute Corpse (Reprint, 5th in Claire Malone Series) $6.50
Hills, Kathy Past Imperfect (Grizzled Norwegian fisherman dies in rural township in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the 1950s; retired military intelligence officer serving as township constable must determine if it was murder, and which of his neighbors may have done it; signed copies expected) $25.00
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Mallory and the Delay of Execution ( A schoolteacher at a prestigious English prep school dies suddenly and when Mrs. Mallory replaces her she discovers there was something strange about her death; pbo) $5.99
Holton, Hugh The Devil's Shadow (Chicago Police Commander Larry Cole is confronted with a beautiful international thief who is trying to pull off the almost impossible heist of the North Michigan Avenue Bank) $6.99
Howard, Linda Open Season (A woman determined to "get a life" witnesses a murder) $7.99
Hunt, E. Howard Sonora (Jack Novak faces down Central American drug traffickers and tries to avenge the killing of Kiki Camerena) $6.99
Huston, James W. Shadows of Power (An F/A_18 pilot shoots down an Algerian fighter and it sets off an international incident that only a man who works in the shadows of the government can solve) $25.95
Isleib, Roberta Six Strokes Under (While Cassandra Burdette is trying to qualify for the LPGA tour, a competitor's psychiatrist turns up murdered and Cassandra is the prime suspect) $5.99
Jackson, Lisa Cold Blooded (A woman's slashed, incinerated corpse is found in a seedy New Orleans apartment, and there is a witness the killer didn't know about; pbo) $6.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Cold Justice (A friend of Kali O'Brien is murdered and a calling card indicates that a serial killer she prosecuted 8 years before has reappeared with vengeance on his mind) $23.00
Jecks, Michael The Sticklepath Strangler (In summer 1322, two children discover the body of a girl who disappeared 6 years before, and Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Simon Puttock are called in to investigate) $9.95
Keene, Carolyn The Mystery at the Moss_Covered Mansion (facsimile of#18 in the Nancy Drew Series) $14.95
Kelly, Thomas The Rackets (A union election is rigged and Jimmy Dolan must risk his life to defend the interests of union members) $14.00
Kent, Gordon Top Hook (Married naval lieutenant commanders postings are cancelled and when they are implicated in a traitor's scheme their only hope is to find him themselves) $24.95
King, Laurie R Folly (Rae Newborn is devastated by the deaths of her husband and daughter and goes to a secluded island to recover, but she may not be alone there) $11.95
Knowlton, Janice Daddy Was the Black Dahlia Killer (True Crime story of the Black Dahlia Killer) $6.99
Lasseter, Don Body Double (Non-fiction story of the murder of one of Janet Leigh's body doubles in Psycho) $6.50
Lehrer, Jim Purple Dots (CIA protégée Joshua Bennet is threatened by a group of senators seeking to derail his nomination as director of the CIA and Henderson gathers all his former CIA friends to help) $13.00
Levine, Laura This Pen for Fire (An aerobics instructor is found bludgeoned to death with a Thigh-master on Valentine's Day and Hollywood writer Jaine Austen investigates) $22.00
Lovesey, Peter Diamond Dust (Detective Superintendant Peter Diamond's wife has been killed and despite orders to leave the case to others Diamond is determined to find the killer himself) $23.00
Lovesey, Peter Diamond Solitaire (Fired from the police for insubordination, Peter Diamond is working security at Harrods and finds an autistic girl he must identify to save her life; we expect to have signed copies available by mid-June) $13.00
Ludlum, Robert/Lynds, Gayle The Paris Option (4 Cassettes, Abridged) $25.95
Manchette, Jean_Patrick The Prone Gunman (A hired killer wants out of the game, but the Organization won't let him go) $11.95
Mankell, Henning The Fifth Woman (An international serial killer murders from Africa to Sweden and Kurt Wallander must figure out the connection to stop the killing) $14.95
Marston, Edward The Fair Maid of Bohemia (reprint) $14.95
Marston, Edward The Laughing Hangman (reprint) $14.95
McDermid, Val The Mermaids Singing (British clinical psychologist brought in to profile serial killer on the loose and becomes unsuspecting target) $6.99
McGuire, Christine Until the Final Verdict (The seventh novel featuring California DA Kathryn MacKay) $6.99
McKinzie, Clinton Edge of Justice (On a routine investigation of the accidental death of a climber in Wyoming, Special Agent Antonio Burns finds that the case is more complicated and may include murder) $21.95
Meier, Leslie Wedding Day Murder (Lucy Stone helps plan a wedding and winds up searching for a killer when the groom is murdered) $6.50
Mofina, Rick Blood of Others (A woman thinks she has found her soulmate, but it turns to obsession and murder, and San Francisco Insp. Sydowski and journalist Reed (3) investigate; pbo) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Fearless Jones (Fearless Jones and his friend Paris search 1950s Los Angeles for a cache of looted riches from World War II) $7.50
Muller, Marcia Dead Midnight (Sharon McCone is recovering from her brother's suicide and takes on the case of a 'zine employee whose family claims he committed suicide due to his employer's harsh treatment) $24.95
Myers, Tim Reservations for Murder (Innkeeper Alex Winston discovers a corpse at the county fair) $5.99
Nava, Michael Rag and Bone (Henry Rios has lost his lover and must face his own mortality after a heart attack; Lambda Award winner) $13.00
Nelscott, Kris Smoke_filled Rooms (In 1968, Smokey Dalton is in Chicago protecting a boy who saw King's assassination) $6.50
Nichols, Mike The Waking (Will's wife Sandy is in a coma after a terrible accident and her ex_lover is murdered; suspicion falls on Will and he must find the truth; signing Saturday, June 29, Noon to 1:30 pm) $24.95
Niles, Douglas/Dobson, Michael Fox on the Rhine (Backed by a cadre of SS officers, Himmler seizes control of the Reich and Rommel is appointed to the European theater leading to a very different Battle of the Bulge; alternate WW II crossover) $7.99
Nyala, Hannah Leave No Trace (A woman stranded in the Australian outback must evade her boyfriend's killers as she leads his young daughter to safety) $6.99
Oppel, Kenneth The Devil's Cure (A death row inmate and prison cult leader has a cure for cancer in his veins and when he mounts a prison break the FBI must hunt him down) $7.99
Padgett, Abigal The Last Blue Plate Special (Two healthy female politicians die of suspiscious causes and two gay mental health workers team up to investigate) $12.95
Parker, Robert B. Potshot (Potshot, Arizona, is under siege by a band of murderous marauders and Spenser gathers a posse of the best and baddest to help him clean up the mess) $7.99
Patterson, James The Beach House (A law student's brother drowns and although the police say it was an accident, he believes differently; 9 cassettes unabridged audio book $29.98) $26.95
Pattison,Eliot Water Touching Stone (In Tibet a teacher is murdered, a lama is missing, and Shan Tao Yun (2) is investigating) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #59: Prelude to War (Paramilitary adventure; pbo) $5.99
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #283: Ring of Retaliation (Paramilitary; pbo) $4.50
Peters, Elizabeth The Jackal's Head (reprint) $6.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln The Cabinet of Curiosities (The discovery of the remains of the victims of an 1880's serial killer in New York City sets off a rash of similar crimes in the present; FBI agent Pendergast investigates; abridged audio $25.98) $25.95
Pronzini, Bill Step to the Graveyard Easy (Matthew Cape is swindled in a card game in San Francisco and he follows a trail of deceit from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe) $23.95
Rosenberg, Philip House of Lords (A Mafia lieutenant kidnaps the daughter of a Wall Street broker to convince him to join in an elaborate money laundering scheme and the broker develops a taste for crime) $24.95
Sasser, Charles Detachment Delta: Punitive Strike (The destruction of a U.S. warship and the taking of American hostages in Afghanistan puts Delta Force into action against a terrorist threat) $6.99
Saul, John Midnight Voices (abridged audio cassettes $25.00) $25.95
Slater, Susan Yellow Lies (Returning to his native New Mexico, Indian Health Services psychologist Ben Pecos (2) finds himself entangled in the murder of a trader in traditional native fetishes) $5.99
Stabenow, Dana A Fine and Bitter Snow (Kate Shugak finds herself in a tense battle between conservationists and developers of Alaska's pristine wilderness; signing Friday, June 7, 6:00 to 7:30 pm) $24.95
Sussman, Susan Cruising for Murder (Dancer/Singer Morgan Taylor (2) accepts a gig on a cruise ship and her roommate is found floating in the waters of the Bahamas) $5.99
Swain, James Funny Money (Tony Valentine's ex_partner is blown to bits shortly after telling Tony about a 6 million dollar scam at an Atlantic City casino) $24.00
Swift, Virginia Bad Company (During Wyoming's rodeo week a young woman is murdered and Mustang Sally decides to investigate) $24.95
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II Frontera Dreams (A famous Mexican movie star has disappeared and Hector Balascoran Shayne must search for her on the border between the U.S.& Mexico) $13.95
Temple, Lou Jane Red Beans and Vice (Chef Heaven Lee (5) is implicated when Sister Truly Written is killed with Heaven's knife; with recipes) $6.50
Tremayne, Peter The Monk Who Vanished (Sister Fidelma investigates the disappearance of sacred artifacts and an elderly brother of the order) $6.50
Turnbull, Peter Fear of Drowning (When an ordinary middle_aged couple is found in a shallow grave on a Yorkshire farm, Detective Inspector George Hennessey investigates and discovers they had secrets) $5.99
Waldman, Ayelet A Playdate with Death (Juliet Applebaum investigates the death of her personal trainer) $22.95
Walker, Blair S. Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes (Baltimore newspaperman Darryl Billups (3) investigates years-old murder of black socialite & jazz singer; signing Wednesday, June 5, 6-7:30 pm) $23.95
Walters, Minette The Shape of Snakes (A black woman named "Mad Annie" dies in a gutter and twenty years later the woman who found her takes on her neighbor's racism) $7.99
White, Randy Wayne Shark River (What starts out as a normal Florida Keys working vacation for marine biologist Doc Ford quickly turns into a hurricane of kidnapping, revenge and murder) $6.99
Wiltse, David Heartland (Broken ex-Secret Service Billy Tree returns to small home-town Nebraska and falls into desperate web of conspiracy and intrigue) $6.99


Beaton, M. C. Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came (Agatha Raisin investigates a murder in the South Pacific and another closer to home) $22.95
Burke, James Lee Jolie Blon's Bounce (New Iberia police detective Dave Robicheaux is faced with the murder of a teenage girl and a prostitute who is the daughter of a local Mafia bigwig; abridged CDs $30.00; abridged cassettes $26.00) $25.00
Clare, Alys The Tavern in the Morning (A nobleman dies from a poisoned piece of pie from the inn at Tonbridge and Josse d'Acquin investigates) $22.95
Craft, Michael Hot Spot (Mark Manning hosts a wedding for his best friend and one of the guests ends up murdered) $23.95
Craig, Philip R. Vineyard Saga (J. W. Jackson becomes involved in the search for two priceless soapstone eagles and a murderer is intent on adding him to his list of victims) $24.00
Diamond, Diana The Good Sister (Two sisters inherit a communications empire and one finds herself alone on a yacht with a terrifying killer sent by her sister) $24.95
Dubois, Brendan Killer Waves (A man is shot in an empty resort parking lot in New Hampshire and Lewis Cole is convinced by federal agents to help investigate) $24.95
Ellroy, James The Cold Six Thousand ("fictional counter-history" focusing on JFK, ML King, and Robert Kennedy assassinations, 688 pp.) $15.95
Estleman, Loren D. Downriver (Amos Walker goes to the Upper Peninsula to give a released con a ride back to Detroit and the con hires him to find the money from a crime he did not commit; reprint) $12.00
Evanovich, Janet Hard Eight (Stephanie Plum is hired to find a missing child and she is not sure she is working on the right side of the law; 2 cassettes abridged $17.95) $24.95
Garcia_Roza, Luiz Alfredo The Silence of the Rain (In a parking garage in Rio de Janeiro a corporate executive is found murdered and Inspector Espinosa attempts to unravel the mystery) $24.00
Gardner, Lisa The Survivors Club (A rapist is murdered on his way to trial and the police suspect three of his victims) $23.95
Goulart, Ron Groucho Marx, Secret Agent (Groucho Marx (5) investigates when a famous director is murdered at a Hollywood party) $22.95
Hart, Ellen Immaculate Midnight (Jane Lawless must rescue her lawyer father when a client's father vows revenge) $24.95
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton Social Crimes (The husband of one of New York's grande dames dies under mysterious circumstances and leave his money to his mistress) $22.95
King, Peter Roux the Day (The Gourmet Detective is kidnapped by a mysterious cadre of female chefs who want him to find a missing cookbook) $23.95
Klempner, Joseph T. Irreparable Damage (An innocent family snapshot plunges a good and decent father nto the peril of losing his young daughter, his modest possessions, and his very freedom) $24.95
McClendon, Lisa Sweet and Lowdown (In 1940 Kansas City, P.I. Dorie Lennox (2) is trying to keep socialite Thalia Hines from destroying herself when she is kidnapped and a man is murdered) $23.95
McInerny, Ralph Prodigal Father (Father Dowling's spiritual retreat turns into a murder investigation when a man is found with an axe in his back on the grounds of a dying religious order) $24.95
Medawar, Mardi Oakley Murder on the Red Cliff Rez (When a murderer goes missing on the Red Cliff Reservation only Tracker can find him) $23.95
Millhiser, Marlys The Rampant Reaper (Literary agent Charlie Greene (7) confronts her wacky extended family and a series of nursing home murders) $23.95
Monahan, Brent The Sceptred Isle Club (In 1905 England, several prominent men are murdered in the game room of a men's club and Sheriff John LeBrun of Georgia investigates) $24.95
Morgan, Mary Deeper Waters (Attorney Noah Richards moves to a peaceful island near Seattle only to land in the middle of a racial dispute _ and murder) $23.95
Murray, Lynne A Ton of Trouble (Jo Fuller receives a note from the director of X_rated movies and a dead body turns up when she visits him at his winery) $21.95
O'Connor, J.-ed. Yeats is Dead! A Mystery by 15 Irish Writers (chasing an unpublished manuscript by James Joyce) $12.95
Parker, I. J. Rashamon Gate (In 11th century Japan, a clerk in the Ministry of Justice investigates the disappearance of the grandfather of a nobleman) $24.95
Poyer, David Black Storm (America is invading Iraq and Saddam Hussein has promised to attack Tel Aviv, and a recon team of marines must locate the secret weapon) $25.95
Ripley, W. L. Outside the Law (An L.A. grifter tries to shake down Cole Springer for his money but Springer isn't an easy mark) $23.95
Stockwin, Julian Artemis (Thomas Kydd has learned to love the sea, and ships out on a perilous journey to India, China, the South Seas and around the world) $24.00
Title, Elise Killing Time (Natalie Price is a supt. in the Mass. prison system when a friend is murdered and one of her charges is suspect) $23.95
Tope, Rebecca Grave Concerns (A gravedigger finds an extra corpse in Peaceful Repose Cemetery and Drew Slocome must solve the puzzle as the police don't seem interested) $24.95
Torres, Steven Precinct Puerto Rico: Book One (Sheriff Luis Gonzalo investigates when bodies of illegal immigrants wash up on a beach in Puerto Rico) $22.95
Vine, Barbara (aka Ruth Rendell) Grasshopper (Girl loves heights and joins group of London rooftop- climbing misfits; kidnapping, psychological suspense) $13.95
Walker, Persia Harlem Redux (During the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's, a civil rights attorney seeks the truth behind his sister's tragic death) $22.00
Wheeler, Richard S. Eclipse (A fictional exploration of Lewis and Clark, including the unexplained death of Lewis in 1809) $27.95
Zubro, Mark Richard Here Comes the Corpse (Tom Mason's ex_lover is killed at Tom's commitment ceremony to his current lover and Tom is the prime suspect) $23.95


Autry, Curt The Reunion (Nine members of a WWII U_boat crew are murdered and an Oklahoma unwed mother stumbles onto a clue that could explain the killings) $25.00
Benson, Raymond James Bond: The Man with the Red Tattoo (007 is sent to Japan to investigate the mysterious deaths of an entire family and their connection to Yakuza gangsters) $23.95
Box, C. J. Savage Run (A massive explosion occurs in the forests of Twelve Sleep County and when the body of an environmental activist is discovered Joe Pickett is called to investigate) $23.95
Braun, Lillian Jackson Three Complete Novels ( The Cat Who: Tailed a Thief, Sang for the Birds , and Saw Stars , in one volume) $14.98
Cussler, Clive Fire Ice (In the heart of the old Soviet Union a mining tycoon has declared himself Czar of Russia and Kurt Austin must fight him as he creates a crisis in America) $26.95
Davison, Philip The Crooked Man (A freelancer for the British Intelligence Agency witnesses a cabinet minister committing a murder and must help cover up the crime) $13.00
Devane, Terry Juror Number Eleven (After successfully defending a boyhood friend against a murder charge, the legal duo of O'Clare and Gold receive a phone call from one of the jurors, who winds up dead) $24.95
Duncan, Sheane Patrick A Private War (Lieutenant Colonel Meredith Cleon's new post as Provost Marshal of a soon_to_be_closed fort seems easy until a young female general's aide is discovered brutally murdered) $24.95
Francis, Dick Three Complete Novels ( To the Hilt, 10 lb. Penalty , and Second Wind in one volume) $14.98
Hills, Kathy Past Imperfect (A fisherman allegic to bees dies alone on his boat and township constable John McIntire questions the easy verdict that he was stung to death) $25.00
Maitland, Barry The Chalon Heads (A rare stamp is the sole clue for Scotland Yard Detectives Kathy and Brock as they investigate a kidnapping) $6.99
Pears, Iain The Dream of Scipio (In three different centuries the question is the same _ what is the obligation of the individual in a society under siege?) $27.95
White, Randy Wayne Twelve Mile Limit (Doc Ford's friend Janet Mueller disappears while diving for sunken treasure and his search for answers sends him halfway around the world) $24.95
Zagel, James Money to Burn (A Federal judge is tempted by a caper that could net him millions of dollars and discovers that planning the perfect crime and carrying it out are two different things) $24.95


Camp Crooked Lane (Mary_Kate and Ashley are at summer camp and someone wants the camp to close) $4.50
Abrahams, Peter Lights Out (Eddie Nye was framed for drug smuggling and the corruption, greed and betrayal that sent him to prison haunt him after he gets out) $6.99
Abrahams, Peter The Tutor (A family invites a tutor into their home and unwittingly invite the agent of their destruction as well) $25.95
Adamson, Lydia A Cat Named Brat (New York actress and cat_sitting sleuth Alice Nestleton sets out to solve the murder of a nightlife journalist) $5.99
Andrews, Russell Icarus (Jack Keller is wounded in a restaurant shooting and when the young man who is nursing him back to health is found dead, Jack refuses to accept the police verdict of suicide) $6.99
Billingham, Mark Sleepy Head (A freakish killer puts a woman in a coma and the police discover that this was his intent) $24.95
Blanc, Nero A Crossword to Die For (Belle's deadbeat dad has an apparent heart attack en route to see her, but Belle and Rosco are suspicious and dig through the past to find the truth) $13.00
Breslin, Jimmy I Don't Want to Go to Jail (Fausti Dellacava is the most feared mobster in all of Gotham, but as the Feds close in his only way to stay out of the slammer is to feign insanity) $7.99
Brown, Dale/DeFelice, Dreamland: Nerve Center (Aerospace weapons testing facility; second in top gun techno series; pbo) $7.99
Buffa, D. W. The Legacy (A California senator is found murdered and a black medical student leaving the scene is accused and pleads his innocence despite the evidence; abridged cassettes $25.98) $25.95
Calder, James Knockout Mouse (A dinner guest dies of an allergic reaction to a food she didn't eat and casualty goes from suspect to sleuth in the high_stakes world of bio_technology; $22.95 hc available) $11.95
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Gangster (In early twentieth_century New York a young man rises in the mob from soldier to boss, but his loyalties are divided when he takes in a young boy and teaches him his trade) $7.99
Coonts, Stephen America ( USS America is the world's most technically advanced nuclear submarine, and is pirated by terrorists, Jake Grafton is called in to stop the terrorists) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Trafalgar (Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805) $12.95
Coulter, Catherine Hemlock Bay (FBI agent Dillon Savich is on a challenging kidnapping case when his younger sister crashes her Explorer; he discovers an intricate conspiracy involving four valuable paintings) $7.99
Davidson, Diane Mott Chopping Spree (Caterer Goldy Schulz (11) discovers that mixing haute cuisine with haute monde can prove deadly) $23.95
Davis, Nageeba A Dying Art (Colorado sculptor Maggie Kean finds the dead body of her neighbor clogging her septic tank and means to find out who did it) $6.99
Davis, Nageeba An Opening for Murder (Artist Maggie Kean finds a renowned patron of the arts murdered in her kiln) $22.95
Davis, Patrick A. The Colonel (A grisly homicide of a colonel and her children ends in a shocking confrontation on the floors of Congress) $7.99
Douglass, Keith SEAL Team Seven: Payback (North Korea seizes an oil rig off the coast of California to retaliate against the US and it's up to the Navy SEALs to force them to surrender; pbo) $5.99
Dunn, Carola Dead in the Water (Daisy Dalrymple (6) investigates a murder at the 1923 Royal Regatta) $5.99
French, Nikki The Red Room (Psychologist Kit Quinn is helping evaluate a disturbed man when he is accused of murder and she believes he is innocent) $6.99
Gear, W. Michael/Gear, Kathleen Raising Abel (Genetics professors are being murdered and when Veronica Tremaine's brother becomes a victim she and the FBI investigate) $25.95
George, Kathleen Taken (A child is snatched from his mother and a woman follows the kidnapper into danger) $6.99
Gordon, Nadia Sharpshooter (The heir apparent to a major vineyard in the Napa Valley is murdered and the owner of a local cafe investigates when her friend is accused of the murder; $22.95 hc available) $11.95
Gores, Joe Cons, Scams, and Grifts (Dan Kearny Associates is hired by Gypsies to solve a murder and recover a Gypsy treasure) $12.95
Grace, Tom Quantum Web (A techno_thriller and portrait of America's technological progress) $6.99
Green, Chloe Designed to Die (Texas fashion designer Dallas O'Connor tracks a killer who turns a big_budget photo_shoot from fashionable to fatal) $5.99
Grilley, Kate Death Lurks in the Bush (The Queen of Denmark is visiting St. Chris and Kelly Ryan has to carry the baggage; pbo) $5.99
Gunn, Elizabeth Six_Pound Walleye (In the sleepy town of Rutherford, MN, a boy is shot while wating for the bus and Jake Hines tackles the case) $5.99
Hagberg, David Eden's Gate (Former National Security agent Bill Lane and his wife must discover what a group of commandos in Montana are doing that endangers the new united Germany) $6.99
Hambly, Barbara Wet Grave (January and Rose investigate the murder of an old freedwoman that could be linked to pirate gold and New Orleans high society) $23.95
Havill, Adrian While Innocents Slept (Non-fiction story of a father who killed his babies and disguised it as SIDS) $6.99
Higgins, Jack The Wrath of God (Reprint, as Jack Graham '71; three desperate men try to escape their past in the chaos of 1920s Central America only to find that they can't escape lives of violence) $7.99
Hirschfield, Corson Aloha, Mr. Lucky (Journalist Star Hollie's personals ad receives an answer from a woman who ends up dead on the beach and attracts a monsoon of trouble including an ex_military sadist) $6.99
Hooper, Kay Whisper of Evil (A series of grisly murders points to a web of dark secrets that could destroy the small town of Silence and one woman with a psychic gift can unravel the mystery) $7.50
Isaacs, Susan Long Time No See (Judith Singer, of Compromising Positions , is back with a doctorate in history, but she is still haunted by memories of Nelson Sharpe, when Courtney Logan disappears) $7.99
Iles, Greg Dead Sleep (Photojournalist Jordon Glass is disturbed when her face appears in a series of paintings of women who appear to be dead and her investigation leads her to an obsessed killer) $7.99
Jefferson, M. T. Decorated for Murder (A decorated war hero is found dead on the morning he is to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor; 3rd WW II homefront mystery) $6.50
Johnstone, William W. Warpath of the Mountain Man (Smoke Jensen western; pbo) $5.99
Joyce, Brenda The Chase (A man is found murdered at the end of his 40th birthday party and his wife discovers a potential serial killer as she investigates his death) $24.95
Kadow, Jeannine Dead Tide (A woman is caught in a terrifying ride of obsession & murder) $23.95
Kellerman, Faye The Forgotten (A synagogue is vandalized by a teenager, and then the boy ends up dead with his psychologist as Decker investigates a Holocaust connection) $7.99
Kelman, Judith Summer of Storms (30 years after a killer strikes during a hurricane, New York photographer Anna is coming closer to the truth about something she can't forget) $7.50
Krich, Rochelle Shadows of Sin (LAPD Detective Jessie Drake investigates a savage triple murder) $7.50
Layton, Clare Clutch of Phantoms (three women try to escape clutches of the past in remote British village; a powerful novel that explores the roots of violence and the potential for change) $24.95
Leonard, Elmore The Law at Randado (Classic western reprint) $5.99
Lukeman, Noah The Plot Thickens (8 ways to bring fiction to life) $19.95
MacAlister, V. A. The Mosquito War (Malaria strikes the U.S. and when a woman steals a vial containing a potential cure it releases a terrorist weapon in a small package) $7.99
Macdonald, Hector The Mind Game (An experiment to unlock the secret of human emotions traps a prestigious researcher in an expanding labyrinth of terror and betrayal) $6.99
Mackie, John Manhattan South (Sgt. Thornton Savage of the Manhattan South homicide squad is under investigation by Internal Affairs as he works on a case involving the Russian mob) $6.99
Mahoney, Dan The Two Chinatowns (Detective Cisco Sanchez is investigating the ruthless Asian gangs of New York and when his fiancee is gunned down by one of them the investigation becomes personal) $6.99
Maron, Margaret Uncommon Clay (While overseeing the distribution of property in a bitter divorce, N.C. Judge Deborah Knott (8) must unravel a murder before more occur) $6.99
Martini, Steve The Jury (Paul Madriani suspects his client, a brilliant research physician, is guilty of murder and is hampered by hidden past and secret research) $7.99
Mathews, Francine The Secret Agent (Stefani Fogg is lured into a decades_old mystery surrounding the disappearance of a man called the Silk King) $23.95
McDermid, Val The Wire in the Blood (Across the country dozens of teenage girls have vanished and criminal profilers Tony Hill and Carole Jordan search for the killer) $6.99
McGarrity, Michael The Big Gamble (Kevin Kearney (7) investigates the murder of a woman found in the burned out remains of a Lincoln County fruit stand; estranged son and two other murders complicate matters) $23.95
McGarrity, Michael Under the Color of Law (Newly_installed Santa Fe police chief Kevon Kearney receives a deadly welcome when a US ambassador's ex_wife is brutally stabbed to death in her home) $6.99
McMahon, Neil Blood Double (A billionaire computer wunderkind shows up in a hospital ER the victim of a drug overdose and then turns up missing and ER doc Carroll Monks investigates) $22.95
McNab, Andy Firewall (Nick Stone is offered a job by the Russian Mafia that he can't refuse, and it becomes more complicated and dangerous than he thought it would be) $6.99
McNab, Andy Last Light (Top_secret Operative Nick Stone refuses to assassinate his target and his bosses have said they will kill the orphan Nick has charge of if he doesn't do the job) $24.00
Meier, Leslie Birthday Party Murder (Tinker's Cove is planning a birthday party for the town's ninety_year old librarian when the town's oldest attorney turns up dead) $22.00
Michaels, Kasey Maggie Needs an Alibi (Maggie's caddish ex_lover has dropped dead in her NYC apartment after eating a meal she cooked, and the mystery writer is a suspect; comically her fictional detective and sidekick "appear" to help) $22.00
Moody, Skye Kathleen K Falls (Pacifc Northwest Eco_terrorists embark on a rash of dam bombings and Fish & Wildlife agent Venus Diamond (5) investigates after her friend is killed in one of the bombings) $5.99
Mosley, Walter Bad Boy Brawly Brown (An old friend gets in trouble in a group rejecting white rules and laws, and Easy Rawlins can't refuse when his old friend asks for help; audio cassettes $17.95) $24.95
Murphy and Sapir The Destroyer #128: The End of the Beginning (pbo) $6.50
Murray, Lynne At Large (Jo Fuller agrees to help her ex_husband track down his new girlfriend who is missing and when he becomes a suspect in a murder she has to solve two cases) $6.50
Nabb, Magdalen Death in Autumn (The body of a woman clad only in a fur coat and jewelry is found floating in the Arno and when Florence Marshal Guarnaccia identifies her as a missing hotel guest the search is on) $11.00
Nabb, Magdalen The Marshal and the Murderer (A young Swiss art student is found dead and Guarnaccia suspects a local feud with its roots in WWII) $12.00
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Writ of Execution (Nina Reilly helps a young woman on the run from a powerful man and can't collect when she wins a huge slot_machine jackpot) $7.99
Osborne, Denise Positioned to Die (Washington D.C.'s hottest home decorator has been found dead and Feng Shui consultant Salome Waterhouse (2) hopes to uncover the negative energy and the truth; pbo) $5.99
Parry, Owen Call Each River Jordan (Third novel set in the Civil War, takes place at the battle of Shiloh) $7.50
Parry, Owen Honor's Kingdom (Union Major Abel Jones is dispatched to London in 1862 and discovers the corpse of his predecessor in a basket of eels) $25.95
Pearce, Michael The Camel of Destruction (Captain Owen, the Mamur Zapt (7), head of Egypt's Political CID in the heyday of British rule in Cairo, 1910) $24.95
Pearce, Michael The Night of the Dog (Mamur Zapt #2) $14.95
Pearce, Michael The Donkey-Vous (Mamur Zapt #3) $14.95
Pearson, Ridley Parallel Lies (A suspected terrorist blames Northern Union Railroad for the death of his wife and children, and an ex_cop turned inspector for the NTSB sees an opportunity for redemption) $7.99
Pearson, Ridley The Art of Deception (Two separate murder investigations point to the same killer and Seattle is under the spell of a stalker and serial killer) $23.95
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan: Breakaway (Paramilitary action adventure; pbo) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #284: Devil's Army: The Doomsday Trilogy #1 (Paramilitary action adventure; pbo) $4.75
Pickard, Nancy Truth Hurts (True_crime author Marie Lightfoot is faced with a serial killer who wants to make her his victim and write about her own murder) $24.00
Ragle, Larry Crime Scene (Non-fiction; from fingerprints to DNA, a look inside the real world of crime scene investigation) $7.50
Rand, Naomi The One that Got Away (When her babysitter is murdered, Emma Price is drawn into an investigation that has far_reaching consequences) $6.99
Reichs, Kathy Fatal Voyage (Temperance Brennan rushes to the scene of an airplane crash and discovers that her daughter may be among the victims) $7.99
Riordan, Rick The Devil Went Down to Austin (A killing on Lake Travis has hit Navarre's brother Garrett with a murder indictment and it's up to Navarre to clear his name) $6.50
Robinson, Peter Aftermath (Detective Superintendent Alan Banks is confronted with a horrible crime in sleepy Yorkshire England and has many questions to ask before it is solved) $7.50
Rosen, Fred Body Dump (Non-fiction; serial murders of women in Poughkeepsie, New York; 16 pp. photos; pbo) $6.50
Sabatini, Rafael Scaramouche (Classic tale of the French Revolution) $13.95
Sabatini, Rafael The Sea_Hawk (A Cornish man who helped defeat the Spansh Armada is betrayed by his brother and becomes a Barbary pirate and a follower of Islam) $13.95
Sasser, Charles W. Raider (Man who performed and survived more POW raids than any other person in military history) $6.99
Sayers, Dorothy L. Dorothy L. Sayers: The Complete Stories (first time in one volume, 688 pp.) $16.95
Schemmer, Benjamin F. The Raid (Non-fiction story of a top_secret mission to rescue 61 American POWs in a prison compound outside of Hanoi; pbo) $6.99
Schrader, Paul Collected Screenplays Volume 1 (Includes screenplays for Taxi Driver, American Gigolo, and Light Sleeper) $16.00
Selby, Hubert Jr. Waiting Period (A man about to commit suicide changes his mins and decides to kill everyone he feels deserves to die instead) $22.95
Shelton, Connie Honeymoons Can Be Murder (Newly wed CPA Charlie Parker is drawn into a five_year old murder case while honeymooning in Taos New Mexico with her helicopter pilot husband) $5.99
Skinner, Robert The Righteous Cut (December, 1941, daughter of corrupt New Orleans councilman is kidnapped from a Catholic girls' academy; when the councilman throws the police off the case, his wife turns to old boyfriend Wesley Farrell (4) for help) $24.95
Slaughter, Karen Blindsighted (Heartsdale, Georgia is jolted into panic when a young college professor is found dead in a diner by pediatrician and coroner Sara Linton) $7.50
Speart, Jessica A Killing Season (Wildlife agent Rachel Porter returns with a new case to investigate; pbo) $6.99
Sprinkle, Patricia Who Invited the Dead Man? (Southerner & feed store clerk MacLaren Yarbrouh investigates when a local man is found dead at her husband's birthday gala) $5.99
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles in Trouble (Hairstylist/journalist/sleuth Bubbles (2) goes Amish and undercover to discover the murderer of a friend's uncle after the friend disappears on the eve of her wedding) $22.95
Stukas, David Going Down for the Count (Robert Willsop meets a possible Mr. Right in the form of a Count, but the Count turns up murdered next to a rifle covered with Robert's fingerprints) $23.00
Stukas, David Someone Killed His Boyfriend (Robert Willsop is a copywriter for feminine hygiene products who becomes involved in murder when one groom from a gay wedding disappears) $14.00
Thornburg, Newton To Die in California (When told his son committed suicide in California, the father, an Illinois farmer, goes west to discover the truth; reprint) $14.00
Vine, Barbara (aka Ruth Rendell) The Blood Doctor (British biographer researches ancestor, physician to Queen Victoria, specializing in hemophilia; discovers secrets claiming victims today, obsession, murder) $24.00
Waldman, Ayelet The Big Nap (When her son's Chasidic babysitter disappears Juliet Applebaum (2) travels from L.A. to Brooklyn in pursuit of answers) $6.99
Wiltse, David Hangman's Knot (Mysterious miniature nooses are turning up in Falls City, Nebraska and as Billy Tree investigates he discovers a past including the lynching of a young black man 50 years ago) $24.95
Walker, Robert W. Unnatural Instincts (Dr. Jessica Coran's greatest adversary, Judge Maureen DeCampe, has been kidnapped and the abductor wants something more terrifying than money) $21.95
Woods, Paula L. Inner City Blues (Homicide Detective Charlotte Justice sets out to uncover the truth concerning the murder of her family years before; reprint) $6.99
Zindel, Paul The Phantom of 86th Street (Young adult; P. C. Hawke must find the secret behind a ghost haunting his favorite bus route) $4.99


Abe, Kobe Secret Rendezvous ("nightmarish vision of modern medicine and modern life) $12.00
Ablow, Keith Compulsion (One of the infant twin daughters of a billionaire has been murdered and the police call in forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger to help solve the murder; abridged audio cassette $25.95) $24.95
Breen, Jon L. ed The Best Mysteries 2001 (Anthology) $7.99
Browne, Marshall Inspector Anders and the Ship of Fools (A terrorist campaign targets the executives of large companies and Italian Inspector Anders (2) is drawn into a game of psychological warfare when the terrorist sends him cryptic clues) $23.95
Cooper, Natasha Out of the Dark (A boy runs out of the dark and is trapped under the wheels of a car with barrister Trish Macguire's (4) name sewed into his jacket) $23.95
Disch, Thomas M. The Prisoner (Novelization of the first Prisoner episode where Number 6 is first brought to The Village) $12.00
Doherty, P. C. The Slayers of Seth (A young, ambitious scribe has been murdered and Lord Amerotke (4) is in the midst of the investigation when another murder occurs at the Temple of Seth) $23.95
Elllis, Kate The Funeral Boat (An unidentified skeleton is unearthed in Devon and Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson investigates) $22.95
Fawcett, Quinn Death to Spies (A novel of the real Ian Fleming, who once was an operative for British Navel Intelligence) $24.95
Ford, G. M. Black River (Reporter Frank Corso is covering the trial of a thug indicted for 63 murders when his best friend is attacked and he decides to avenge her) $23.95
Harris, Charlaine Last Scene Alive (Librarian Aurora Teagarden faces off with a murderer on the Hollywood film crew making a movie about a serial killer in Lawrenceton, GA) $22.95
Herman, Richard The Last Phoenix (Islam and China have allied to attack America and the president must adopt a risky new war plan that only Major General Matt Pontowski can make work to save the country) $25.95
Hightower, Lynn High Water (In Beaufort, SC, the mother of a dysfunctional family dies of mysterious causes and the children are trying to solve the mystery when the father also dies) $25.00
Johnson, Dolores Buttons and Foes (One of Denver drycleaner Mandy Dyer's (6) favorite customers meets a suspicious end and Mandy teams with her eccentric friends to investigate) $22.95
Kahn, Michael A. Trophy Widow (Rachel Gold takes on the case of a former housewife who is in prison for the murder of her husband and finds that she may not be guilty) $25.95
Kemelman, Harry Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry (Reprint) $6.99
Little, Elise Killing Time (A superintendent of a Massachusetts state prison pre_release center investigates the death of a colleague when a trusted inmate goes too far) $23.95
Macdonald, Marianne Blood Lies (Antiquarian book dealer Dido Hoare (5) travels to Somerset to spend some time with a childhood friend and finds that something has gone terribly wrong with her friend's life, including a possible murder) $23.95
McDonald, Gregory Fletch and the Widow Bradley (trade reprint) $11.00
McDonald, Gregory Fletch Won (trade reprint) $12.00
Moody, Skye Kathleen Medusa (Venus Diamond (6) is assigned to monitor an animal research lab in Seattle when a child's body washes ashore supposedly the victim of a strange sea monster) $24.95
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne The Corporal Works of Murder (A woman comes to Sister Mary Helen's San Francisco shelter and as she leaves she is murdered in the street _ Sister Mary Helen is compelled to investigate) $22.95
Reichs, Kathy Grave Secrets (Dr. Temperance Brennen is asked to investigate the 1982 murder of a young child in Guatemala and while she is there four girls disappear and she must uncover the link; abridged audio on CD $30.00) $25.00
Roberts, Les The Irish Sports Pages (Milan Jacovich is investigating a charismatic con man who has been preying on Cleveland's Irish community and the con man ends up murdered) $23.95
Sedley, Kate The Saint John's Fern (Roger the Chapman (9) is newly married, but feels the need to travel to Plymouth where he becomes involved in a murder investigation) $23.95
Simmons, Dan Hard Freeze (The mob wants Joe Kurtz dead and Joe discovers that the man who killed Samantha is still alive) $24.95
Sipherd, Ray The Devil's Hawk (Ornithologist Jonathan Wilder is visiting a friend in Arizona when the friend's sister and family are discovered dead in the desert while being smuggled from Mexico) $23.95
Soares, Jo Twelve Fingers (Hapless assassin romps through early 20th century; translated) $13.00
Volpi. Jorge In Search of Klingsor (In 1946 a brilliant young physicist must accept an perilous assignment to uncover Klingsor, Hitler's foremost expert on the atom bomb) $26.00
Wait, Lea Shadows at the Fair (Six antique dealers have died under suspicious circumstances and Maggie Summer's young friend is a suspect) $24.00
Wilhelm, Kate Skeletons (Lee Donne is housesitting her grandfather's isolated Oregon home and is tormented by strange and menacing noises and the man responsible is killed during her investigation) $23.95


Brown, Dale Wings of Fire (Wife of the recently assassinated Egyptian president enlists Patrick McClanahan's help to take over Arab North Africa, and goes too far when she invades the Gaza Strip) $25.95
Coulter, Catherine Eleventh Hour (The murder of a priest leads FBI agents Sherlock and Savich to their most baffling case yet) $24.95
Davis, Patrick A. The Commander (A brutal murder near South Korea's Osan Air Base draws a former Air Force investigator into a tangled web of secrets) $24.95
Eddy, Paul Flint's Law (Grace Flint's investigation into a money_laundering scheme falls apart and she discovers the leak came from the inside) $24.95
Eisler, Barry Rain Fall (Japanese_American freelance assassin John Rain's world comes under siege after the assassination of a government official in a crowded subway car) $24.95
Hall, Oakley Ambrose Bierce and the Death of Kings (Bierce is asked to investigate the disappearance of a Hawaiian princess attached to the entourage of King Kalakaua) $6.99
Iles, Greg Sleep No More (John Waters is a husband and father in a sleepy town in Mississippi when a woman from his past he thought was dead turns up alive, only to be murdered soon after) $24.95
Martini, Steve The Arraignment (After a lawyer friend is killed outside the federal courthouse, Madriani takes the case, not to defend the client, but to find the killer; CD abridged $30.00) $25.95
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Alibi (A mysterious collector, a missing manuscript, and a troika of lovely ladies challenge McNally) $24.95
Terrell, Whitney The Huntsman (A young debutante's body is pulled from the Missouri River and Kansas City society must examine bitter class differences and their own buried history to solve the murder) $14.00
Walters, Minette Acid Row (A doctor answers a call for help and steps into a minefield of grave danger and hatred when she enters into the crime_riddled housing project of Acid Row) $24.95


Abrahams, Peter Revolution #9 (Blake Wrightman goes underground after a bomb he planted kills a child, and years later the feds are on his trail; reprint) $6.99
Adams Roundtable Murder in the Family (Anthology of new stories from renowned writers) $22.95
Axler, James Outlander #22: Dragoneye (A myth that shrouds Earth's nine barons is exposed by a handful of scientists dedicated to freeing humanity from the eternal yoke of slavery; pbo) $6.50
Beauman, Sally Rebecca's Tale (A return to Manderly in a continuation of Daphne du Marier's Rebecca) $7.99
Berenson, Lauria Once Bitten (Prize_winning poodle owner Melanie Travis (8) attempts to sniff out a murderer when her brother's wedding coordinator is found dead) $6.50
Bernhardt, Wm. et. al. Natural Suspect (A collaborative novel of suspense featuring many of the best suspense authors) $6.99
Blanc, Nero The Crossword Connection (P.I. Polycrates and crossword editor Belle Graham discover the ups and downs of married life...and death) $5.99
Brett, Simon The Torso in the Town (A mummified torso of a woman is found during a dinner party in an English village and Jude and her neighbor Carole find themselves in the middle) $22.95
Brown, Sandra Envy (A New York book editor receives a manuscript about a murderous boat expedition and slowly realizes that it may be more than just fiction) $7.99
Buff, Joe Thunder in the Deep (The difference between victory and defeat hinges on the two most advanced nuclear attack submarines in the world) $6.50
Burcell, Robin Fatal Truth (California cop Kate Gillespie gets involved with secrets, murder, and dirty cops) $6.50
Carlon, Patricia Death By Demonstration (An anti_war demonstrator in Australia is killed: as police try to charge one of the leaders, a private eye looks for the real killer) $12.00
Carlon, Patricia Who Are You, Linda Condrick? (An Australian bushfire rages and the charred body of a swagman is found; suspicion falls on the mysterious woman hired to nurse an old woman in her last illness; Hitchcock-like puzzler) $22.00
Christmas, Joyce Forged in Blood (Lady Margaret Priam and Betty Trenka are on vacation together and become embroiled in a case of forged art and murder) $6.99
Clark, Mary Jane Close to You (Anchorwoman Eliza Blake, receives a hate letter and then menacing phone calls from someone who is more than a harmless nutcase) $6.99
Clark, Mary Jane Nobody Knows (News legal correspondent Cassie Sheridan is covering a hurricane in Florida when a young boy shows her a grisly discovery on the beach) $24.95
Cleary, Jon Yesterday's Shadow (Edgar Award winner, and "Australia's Ed McBain" is back with another compelling mystery: pbo) $6.99
Coel, Margaret The Thunder Keeper (The apparent suicide of a young Arapaho on sacred ground leads Vicky Holden (7) and Father John O'Malley to suspect foul play) $6.50
Colapinto, John About the Author (Stockboy steals dead roommate's manuscript; it becomes a bestseller with million dollar movie deal, but someone knows his secret) $12.95
Collinson, Peter The Northeast Kingdom (During winter storm Vermont max-security prisoners riot; now town under siege; pbo) $6.99
Constantine, K. C. Grievance (Rugs Carlucci is called on to solve the murder of the CEO of a Pittsburgh steel company) $12.95
Constantine, K. C. Saving Room for Dessert (Former Air Force veteran William Rayford faces prejudice as he becomes Rockburg's first African_American cop) $23.95
Corcoran, Tom Bone Island Mambo (Photographer Alex Rutledge is sent to document a grisly murder scene and recognizes that someone on Key West is duplicating famous murders) $6.99
Cussler, Clive Valhalla Rising (In the middle of its maiden voyage the Emerald Dolphin catches fire and Dirk Pitt races to rescue the passengers and investigate the disaster) $7.99
Diamond, Diana The Babysitter (A political candidate and his wife hire an underprivileged woman to be their babysitter and she could be their worst nightmare) $6.99
Doherty, P.C. The Anubis Slayings (The new Pharaoh_Queen of Egypt has her advisor, Amerotke, inspect a recent slew of killings ascribed to the God of the Dead) $6.50
Douglass, Keith Carrier #20: Hellfire (During a routine test aboard the USS Jefferson, an accidental firing targets the Russians and leaves the Carrier Team to stop the incident before it turns into war; pbo) $5.99
Duncan, Sharon A Deep Blue Farewell (P.I. Scotia MacKinnon (2) investigates murder in a tiny town in the Pacific Northwest; pbo) $5.99
Ellis, Robert The Dead Room (Young women are being brutally murdered by a serial killer and civil attorney Teddy Mack is thrown into grisly homicide case; pbo) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean The Mocking Program (A 21st century cop able to intuit what people will do uses his special powers to investigate the murder of a Los Angeles businessman) $24.95
Freedman, J.F. Birds_Eye View (While photographing a rare whooping crane, Fritz Tullis witnesses a murder through his camera lens which leads him to a CIA plot and danger) $7.99
Freydont, Shelley Midsummer Murder (As rehearsal director for a summer performance in upstate New York, former dancer Linda Haggerty finds herself playing detective when one of her young dancers meets an untimely end) $5.99
Friedman, Kinky Steppin' On a Rainbow (Kinky searches in Hawaii for McGovern who disappeared and when a lovely local reporter disappears is landed in hot water) $13.00
Gerritsen, Tess The Surgeon (A serial killer who uses surgical methods to torture his victims is on the loose in Boston and the cops only lead is a two_year_old attack on doctor) $7.99
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of a Joyce Scholar (Peter McGarr investigates murder at an Irish university) $6.99
Goldring, Kat Death Medicine (A blizzard keeps teacher Willi Gallagher (2) and mystic investigator Quannah Lassiter holed up at an inn when a murderer strikes; pbo) $5.99
Hawley, Michael A. Double Bluff (In 24 hour time frame, two Seattle investigators uncover a bloody and sinister conspiracy; pbo) $6.99
Highsmith, Patricia A Dog's Ransom (Reprint) $12.95
Highsmith, Patricia Little Tales of Misogyny (Reprint) $11.00
Horn, Stephen Law of Gravity (Former White House lawyer Philip Barkley has lost everything when a Senate Intelligence Committee staffer disappears and he is called on to lead the investigation) $24.95
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew Minutes to Burn (Stranded scientists and Navy SEALs fight to survive an evolutionary catastrophe in the Galapagos Islands) $7.50
Jance, J. A. Paradise Lost (Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady's daughter may be the target of a murderer) $7.99
Jones, Thomas Henry Fear No Evil (Non-fiction story of three boys in Huntington Indiana who murdered a local car collector) $6.99
Karp, Larry The Midnight Special (The restorer of collectible music boxes is beaten and left for dead, and Manhattan neurologist and other eccentric music box collectors attempt to unravel the mystery) $5.99
Kellerman, Faye Stone Kiss (Decker and Rina head to New York to investigate the murder in the family of his half_brother Jonathan and the disappearance of the victim's 15_year old niece; abridged audio on CD $31.98) $25.95
Kent, Gordon Peace Maker (Navy Lt. Alan Craik learns that his best friend, a CIA agent, has been kidnapped in Rwanda and is sent on a desperate rescue attempt) $7.99
Kilian, Michael The Uninvited Countess (Jazz Age detective Bedford Green (2) discovers that the rich and famous won't let the murder of a foreign countess get in the way of their fun; pbo) $6.50
Kurzwell, Allen The Grand Complication (A stylish young reference librarian unravels the mystery of who stole Marie Antoinette's watch) $16.00
Levinson, Robert S. The John Lennon Affair (When Neil Gulliver and his actress wife Stevie Marriner agree to appear in a music festival honoring John Lennon they find themselves dodging one murder attempt after another) $6.99
Mahoney, Dan The Protectors (Detective Brian McKenna joins the Joint Terrorist Task Force of the NYPD and pursues Basque terrorists) $24.95
Maltin, Leonard 2003 Movie and Video Guide (Over 20,000 capsule reviews of current and old videos) $8.99
Mankoff, Bob ed The New Yorker Book of Literary Cartoons (104 cartoons about reading and books from the New Yorker) $12.00
Margolin, Phillip The Associate (Young Portland attorney must clear name, reputation, and dodge a killer when he investigates pharmaceutical co.) $7.99
Marklund, Lisa The Bomber (A bomb has destroyed Stockholm's new Olympic areana just months before the summer games and reporter Anika Bengtzon takes on the story which puts her own life in danger) $6.99
Marklund, Liza Studio Sex (Fledgling reporter Annika Nengtzon has just started a job at a Swedish tabloid when she discovers that a young woman has been murdered and a government official is the prime suspect) $24.00
Maron, Margaret Slow Dollar (A carnival comes to town and Judge Knott discovers that a carnie is resorting to blackmail that threatens one of her brothers) $23.95
Marshall, Michael The Straw Men ("You know who they are...if you've ever known fear"; pbo) $6.99
Marston, Edward The Bawdy Basket (Elizabethan stage manager Nicholas Bracewell (12) must find out the secret of Moll Comfrey, a "bawdy Basket" who is mixed up in a murder) $23.95
McCarver, Sam The Case of the Uninvited Guest (In post_WW I Paris, Investigator John Darnell untangles a Grande Hotel homicide with the help of a wounded soldier named Ernest Hemingway; pbo) $6.50
McClendon, Lisa Blue Wolf (Jackson Hole gallery owner Alix Thorson (4) plans an art auction to promote wolf conservation and is plunged into a bitter feud between ranchers and environmentalists) $5.99
McDermid, Val Killing the Shadows (A killer is on the loose and his target is the writers of bestselling crime novels) $6.99
Meadows, David E. The Sixth Fleet: Cobra (The men of the Sixth Fleet are on a last_ditch mission to rescue hostages in Algeria and uncover a weapon of unthinkable power; pbo) $6.99
Meier, Leslie Birthday Party Murder (Tinker's Cove, Maine is celebrating the 90th birthday of Tillie the librarian when a local attorney is murdered; homemaker Lucy Stone (9)) $22.00
Morgenroth, Kate Saved (Lieutenant Commander Elli Somers is a reckless pilot in Alaska and during a hunt for a drug dealer her helicopter crashes and she must put her life back together to fly again) $23.95
Myers, Tamar Splendor in the Glass (Feisty antque dealer Abby Timberlake Washburn must solve the murder of a wealthy Southern doyenne; pbo) $6.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Unfit to Practice (An attorney must face a disciplinary hearing after an accidental breach of confidence, but she may have an enemy working against her) $24.95
Olds, Bruce Bucking the Tiger (Novelization of the life of Doc Holliday) $14.00
Olsen, Jack I: The Creation of a Serial Killer (Non-fiction account of Keith Hunter Jesperson, Oregon's "Happy Face Killer") $24.95
Pall, Ellen Corpse de Ballet (Juliet Bodine is helping an old friend stage a ballet and after an accident kills one of the dancers she believes someone is out to sabotage the production) $6.99
Pears, Iain The Titian Committee (trade paper reprint) $12.00
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #60: Defensive Action (Paramilitary adventure; pbo) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #285: Final Strike (Paramilitary adventure; pbo) $4.75
Phillips, Scott The Walkaway (Sequel to The Ice Harvest , set ten years later) $22.00
Picoult, Jodi Salem Falls (A former teacher tries to pick up the pieces of his life after an 18_month jail sentence for sexual abuse and is accused again by a coven of bewitching teenage girls) $14.00
Preston, M. K. Perhaps She'll Die (12 Years ago Chantalene Morrell's father was lynched and mother disappeared & she returns to Tetumka, OK to pursue the men responsible) $5.99
Racina, Thom Never Forget (In Hollywood a murder victim had as many lovers as he had enemies and the killer is still on the loose; pbo) $6.99
Redfern, Elizabeth The Music of the Spheres (In 18th_century London a strangler is killing prostitutes with red hair) $7.99
Riker, H. Jay The Silent Service Seawolf Class (3rd in a series of undersea military action) $6.99
Roberts, Les The Duke of Cleveland (Milan Jacovich is hired to find the lover of an heiress and is thrust among the artists who frequent the Coventry section of Cleveland) $6.50
Sanders, Lawrence/Lardo, V. McNally's Chance (A woman asks for Archy McNally's help finding her missing husband) $7.99
Schulman, Arlene 23rd Precinct (Non-fiction look at NYC's police at work in East Harlem) $13.00
Siegel, Barry Lines of Defense (Legal suspense set in a small California town) $24.95
Siegel, Sheldon Incriminating Evidence (Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez must risk everything to uncover a murderer and a conspiracy at the center of San Francisco's drug trade) $7.50
Simmons, Dan Hardcase (A convict signs on with a Mob family and searches for their accountant who's gone missing) $6.99
Smith, Julie Louisiana Hotshot (Talba Wallis hunts a man who seduces teenage black girls and may be making them disappear) $6.99
Springer, Patricia Blood Stains (Non-fiction story of death_row inmate Ricky McGinn, who brutally murdered his step_daughter) $6.50
Stokoe, Matthew High Life (Jack comes to Hollywood to be a star and ends up in a seedy world of drugs and crime, snuff shows and despair) $16.95
Stroud, Carsten Black Water Transit (An ex_marine's son is doing a ten year stint in prison for armed robbery, and is forced to go looking for a federal deal to save him) $6.99
Sullivan, Mark T, Labyrinth (A group of radical criminals kidnaps a NASA_sponsored caving expedition and retired cave researcher Whitney Burke must face her past to save her husband and daughter) $25.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Absolute Rage (A Teamster with designs on the union presidency is murdered along with his family and Karp must negotiate the politics of big labor to solve the murder) $25.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Enemy Within (Butch Karp is faced with several cases, including the death of a black man at the hands of an NYPD officer, and a man on death row for killing a Jewish diamond merchant) $7.99
Tart, Larry/Keefe, Robert The Price of Vigilance (Real_life thriller of the deadly game of spying in the air and across enemy borders) $6.99
Todd, Charles Watchers of Time (In 1919 a man's death is considered natural until the priest who heard his last confession is murdered) $5.99
Walsh, John Public Enemies (The host of America's Most Wanted targets the nation's most notorious criminals; non-fiction) $7.99
Wolzien, Valerie An Anniversary to Die For (A dead body in her bed spoils Susan Henshaw's 30th anniversary and it's up to Susan to track down the killer) $6.99
Woodrrell, Daniel The Death of Sweet Mister (An affair between an overweight young girl from the Ozarks and a newly arrived city boy sets off an unexpected chain of violent and shocking events) $13.00
Woods, Paula L Stormy Weather (The continued adventures of LAPD homicide detective Charlotte Justice) $14.00


The New York Times on the Sopranos 2002 (Traces the Sopranos history and cast and characters in a behind_the_scenes look) $9.99
Amberg, Jay Doubloon (A retired Navy pilot becomes involved in his late father's treasure_hunting company and many adventures ensue as he searches for the huge treasure that always eluded his father) $24.95
Ball, David China Run (An American woman is in China to adopt a baby and goes to extremes to keep it when the Chinese want to take it back) $24.00
Block, Lawrence After the First Death (Reissue: Alex Penn wakes up in an alcoholic daze next to a mutilated body and has to find out what happened in the blackout) $6.99
Block, Lawrence Enough Rope (Anthology of Block's short stories including nearly a dozen new works) $29.95
Churchill, Jill The House of Seven Mabels (Jane Jeffry and Shelley Nowack are hired to renovate a house owned by a group of feminists and the project is haunted by malicious pranks and a mysterious death) $23.95
Clancy, Tom Red Rabbit (Jack Ryan is helping debrief a high level Soviet defector when he learns of a Soviet plan to assassinate the Pope; abridged audio on CD $31.95) $28.95
Connors, Rose Absolute Certainty (Assistant D.A. Martha Nickerson has gotten a conviction for a murder when another victim turns up and she wonders if she got the right man after all) $24.00
Dibdin, Michael Thanksgiving (On wife's unexpected death, Seattle journalist becomes obsessed with her past) $12.00
Eickhoff, Randy Lee Return to Ithaca (A former member of a special elite team who fought in Viet Nam has been living in a monastery but his country needs him and his special talents again) $15.95
Gorman, Ed ed. The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories (Anthology of the best crime and mystery short fiction of 2001; $27.95 hc available) $17.95
Handler, David The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald (Ghostwriter and amateur detective Stewart Hoag; Edgar winner, first in series, reprint) $14.00
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew Do No Harm (A man lays siege to the UCLA Emergency Room and ER chief decides to treat him after he is captured, delving into both the man's terrifying mind and his own dark past) $24.95
Jance, J. A. Partner in Crime (J.P. Beaumont is sent to Arizona to supervise Joanna Brady's investigation of the murder of a star witness and the two must work together to solve the case) $24.95
Karr, Kathleen Skullduggery (Victorian orphan and his phrenologist mentor search the world for the skulls of famous historical figures; for ages 10-14) $5.99
Levinson, Robert S. Hot Paint (Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner chase after priceless art masterpieces stolen 70 years ago and believed lost forever) $26.95
Maitland, Barry Silvermeadow (Scotland Yard detective duo Kolla and Brock (3) on manhunt for killer nemesis "Upper" North focusing on a huge shopping mall on the outskirts of London) $24.95
Monrow, Steve '46, Chicago (Chicago cop Gus Carson is with a pretty hooker in a brothel when a gunman murders two people there, and Carson is suspended for taking the gunman out) $22.95
Monrow, Steve ' 57, Chicago (A scheming sports promoter intends to fix a boxing match and everyone wants a piece of the action) $12.95
Nelson, James L. The Pirate Round (In 1706 the tobacco farmers of the Virginia coast struggle against pirates and one man is determined to find wealth in the Indian Ocean instead) $24.95
Penzler, O/Cook, T.-ed. Best American Crime Reporting 2002 (non-fiction, 384 pp.) $15.00
Powell, Bill Treason (Non-fiction story of how an American reporter's chance encounter in Moscow led to the uncovering of Russia's most dangerous mole, Robert Hanssen) $26.00
Smith, Julie Louisiana Bigshot (Talba Wallis discovers that a friend she is doing a background check on doesn't exist on paper, and then the friend is murdered) $24.95


Black, Cara Murder in Belleview (Paris P.I. Aimee Leduc barely escapes death in a car bombing and Algerian immigrants may be behind it) $13.00
Black, Cara Murder in the Sentier (In Paris members of a 1960's Red gang are seeking hidden loot which leads to murder and Aimee Leduc (3) fears the killers may include her long_lost mother) $24.00

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