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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #57 March - May, 2002


Barclay, James Dawnthief (Six men and an elf make up the Raven and have chosen to give up their independence to fight for the Dark College of Magic) $14.95
Beman, Donald Dead Love (horror) $5.99
Bridges, Bill/Achilli, Justin Bone Gnawers & Stargazers (2 short tribe novels for Werewolf the Apocalypse) $6.50
Clapham, Mark Doctorr Who: Hope $6.95
Clark, Simon Darker (horror) $5.99
Clark, Simon Darkness Demands (horror) $5.99
Fenner, Cathy and Arnie, ed Spectrum 8 (Annual best in contemporary fantastic art; also available in hc at $35) $27.00
Fenner, Cathy and Arnie, ed Testament (The life and art of Frank Frazetta) $35.00
Forward, Simon A. Doctor Who: Drift $6.95
Gerrold, David Leaping to the Stars (Charles realizes that the only hope for him and his family is to smuggle themselves away from the lunar Authority on a starship) $24.95
Giron, Sephera House of Pain (horror) $5.99
Hoffman, Barry Judas Eyes (horror about a bounty hunter) $5.99
Karr, Phyllis Ann The Follies of Sir Harald (humorous Arthurian novel) $15.95
Landis, Geoffrey Impact Parameter and Other Quantum Realities (short story collection by award-winning author; signing at Uncle Hugo's Friday, March 8, 5-6 pm) $24.95
Levinson, Paul The Consciousness Plague (A plague which drains the memory is infecting the world and a New York Police Detective who has the plague himself must investigate) $24.95
Lupoff, Richard A. Barsoom: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Martian Vision (reprint of 1976 reference, with a new introduction) $16.00
Magrs, Paul Doctor Who: Mad Dogs and Englishmen $6.95
Marco, John The Saints of the Sword (Conclusion to the Tyrants and Kings trilogy) $6.99
Masterton, Graham Spirit (horror; little sister Peggy died in the icy waters of the swimming pool, but just because she's dead doesn't mean she has left them) $5.99
McCulley, Johnston Zorro: The Masters Edition Vol. 2 (reprint of pulp stories 1944-46 with the original illustrations) $15.00
Michalowski, Mark Doctor Who: Relative Dementias $6.95
Roberts, Adam On (The Worldwall is all that Tighe and his people know, until he falls beyond it and survives to discover more of the world than he imagined existed) $14.95
Roberts, Theodore Goodridge The Merriest Knight (collection of Arthurian stories written in the 1950s about Sir Dinadan) $17.95
Rose, Carol Giants, Monsters, and Dragons (An encyclopedia of folklore, legend, and myth) $17.95
Sheffield, Charles Dark as Day (The Earth is recovering from the Great War that nearly wiped out the human race in this sequel to Cold as Ice ) $27.95
Springer, Nancy I Am Mordred (young adult Arthurian fantasy) $5.99
Wieck, Stewart-ed. Champions of the Scarred Lands (collection of short stories that tie in with Sword & Sorcery game system) $6.50
Wolfe, Gene Return to the Whorl (Horn continues his search for Silk, and perhaps through the search he and Silk have become one being) $15.95


Axler, James Death Lands: Breakthrough (A parallel Earth where the atomic_cull never happened is experiencing its own death throes) $5.99
Bills, Randall N. MechWarrior: Imminent Crisis (As Princess Katrina and her brother vie for power and invading army lands upon them) $5.99
Bolme, Ed The Spirit Wars (Prelude to a new series based on the Legend of the Five Rings card set) $6.99
Bolme, Ed The Steet Throne (Prelude to a new series based on the Legend of the Five Rings card set) $6.99
Briggs, Patricia Dragon Bones (Ward of Hurog has pretended to be a fool all his life, but now he must rise and claim his rightful throne) $6.99
Cunningham, Elaine The Wizardwar (Book III of the Counselors and Kings Series) $6.99
David, Peter Spider_Man (Official novelization of the film script) $6.99
Deitz, Tom Summerblood (A secret cabal of powerful priests threaten the peace of the realm of Eron and the king struggles to quell the unrest) $6.50
Flint, Eric The Philosophical Strangler (Greyboar, a professional strangler, discovers the Supreme Philosophy of Life and his long_lost sister asks him to help persecuted dwarfs escape from human oppressors) $7.99
Flint, Eric/Roach, Richard Forward the Mage (The King of Goimr has a nightmare which may foretell his doom and the sorcerer Zulkeh must travel afar to investigate) $24.00
Foster, Alan Dean Diuturnity's Dawn (Book 3 of the Founding of the Commonwealth _ the liason between humans and the thranx is threatened) $25.00
Foster, Alan Dean Reunion (Flinx feels his power evolving and with Pip explores his past to face his future) $6.99
Foy, George The Last Harbor (A mysterious ship arrives during a hurricane and strange forces complicate a man's simple quest to get away from it all) $6.99
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek: Starfleet Year One (Chronicles the formation of Starfleet in the wake of the Romulan War) $6.99
Garcia, Eric Casual Rex (Vincent Rubia, P.I. and disguised dinosaur, solves crime in this follow_up to Anonymous Rex ) $12.95
Gemmell, David Ravenheart (Eight hundred years after defeating the army of Stone, the Rigante have lost the freedom and culture they fought to maintain, but two warriors will relight the fires) $6.99
Gemmell, David Stormrider (The Rigante saga continues as the imperiled Highland clan faces Moidart's army) $25.00
Giambastiani, Kurt The Spirit of Thunder (Alternate history where Custer is President and his son falls into the hands of the Cheyenne people) $6.99
Grant, Alan Justice League if America #1: Batman _ The Stone King (Gotham City is wracked by an evil power that causes the Justice League to lose their powers and only Batman is left to fight) $6.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Kiss of Shadows (The Queen's assassin has been dispatched to Los Angeles to fetch back Meredith Gentry whether she likes it or not) $6.99
Hamilton, Peter F. Fallen Dragon (Lawrence struggles with a decision on what to do with a new found alien life form) $25.95
Hamilton, Peter F. The Confederation Handbook (Guidebook to the charcters in the Night's Dawn Trilogy) $6.99
Hemry, John G. Stark's Crusade (Sergeant Stark must lead a rebellion to save the lives of his soldiers on the Lunar Colony) $5.99
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Past the Size of Dreaming (Matilda Black and Edmund Reynolds return to a haunted house he spent time in as a youth) $13.95
Huff, Tanya The Better Part of Valor (Sequel to Valor's Choice : The Confederation explores a seemingly abandoned alien spaceship) $6.99
Jones. Dennis The Mask and the Sorceress (Book Two of the House of the Pandragore Series) $7.99
Kearney, Paul The Iron Wars (Third in the Monarchies of God Series) $6.50
Lackey, Mercedes The Serpent's Shadow (A young woman in Victorian England searches for the secret of the sorcery in her blood) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Flint, Eric/Freer, Dave The Shadow of the Lion (A vagabond and a thief must save 1537 Venice from a monster sent to wreak havoc on the city by the sorcerer Chernobog) $27.00
Laumer, Keith Odyssey (Three stories of interstellar adventure by the creator of Retief) $6.99
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Birthday of the World (collection; includes a never_before_published novella) $24.95
Lebow, Jess, ed Magic: The Gathering: Secrets of Magic (Anthology) $6.99
Lisle, Holly Vincalis the Agitator (The Hars Ticlarim Empire draws the power of its Dragon Magic from the agony of slaves who are killed for fuel, and no one has questioned this for thousands of years _ until now) $13.95
Metzger, Robert Picoverse (A universe is created by deliberately ripping apart the fabric of space_time) $22.95
Mor, Caiseal The Meeting of the Waters (Ancient creatures step forth from the mists of time to wreak vengeance on the unsuspecting people of the Tuath_De_Danaan) $6.99
Nicholls, Stan Legion of Thunder (When humans came to the land of Maras Dantias they brought war and killed enchantment _ now the Orcs must find the relic which can save the world) $14.95
Nye, Jody Lynn Taylor's Ark (Reprint: a strange epidemic is spreading through colony after colony and Dr. Shona Taylor must find the cure before a universe is wiped out) $5.99
Pratchett, Terry Thief of Time (On Discworld time is precious and entrusted to the Monks of History who save it from the places it is wasted) $6.99
Rapp, Adam The Copper Elephant (In a nightmarish future a young girl must survive and find a family) $6.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley The Years of Rice and Salt (An alternative history in which the Black Plague wipes out Europe and China, India, and Islam rise to superpower status) $25.95
Rodda, Emily Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal (Book Three in the Rowan of Rin Series; young adult) $14.99
Shirley, John Demons (A post_apocalyptic Earth where demons roam the streets and hideously torture humans) $25.00
Smith, Dean Wesley Star Trek: Next Generation _ Hard Rain (Captain Picard investigates a murder set in 1941 on the holodeck as his alter_ego, Dixon Hill) $6.99
Thomsen, Brian/Greenberg, Martin H Oceans of Space (Original stories of exploration, piracy, and discovery in space) $6.99
Troop, Alan F. The Dragon DelaSangre (Dragons live on an island off the coast of Miuama and one human leads a lonely life between two worlds) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry Colonization: Aftershocks (One of Earth's great powers launches a nuclear strike against the Race's colonization fleet) $6.99
Vance, Jack Big Planet (Reprint; a mission from earth to stop the ruthless Barjarnum crash lands and the crew must cross 40,000 miles of hostile terrain and monsters, natives, and government agents) $14.95
Vaz. Mark Cotta Behind the Mask of Spider_Man (Behind_the_scenes book for the Columbia Pictures film) $20.00
Watson, Ian The Jonah Kit (A young boy escapes from an experiment to have a dead astronaut's brain imprinted on his own, creating problems for American Security officials) $14.95
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Dragons of the Lost Star (Sequel to Dragons of a Vanished Moon ) $6.99
Yolen, Jane/Harris, Robert J. Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazon (13_year_old Hippolyta uses her warrior training to battle mythical beasts and the gods themselves) $15.95


Cox, Stephen The Munchkins of Oz (revised and updated, non-fiction; story of the making of Wizard of Oz from points of view of short actors who played Munchkins) $22.95
Crowley, John The Translator (An exiled Russian poet and his American translator have an affair set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis) $24.95
King, Stephen From a Buick 8 (A mysterious vintage Buick Roadmaster brings evil to a small town; audiobook cassettes $39.95) $28.00
Moore, Christopher Lamb (The life of Christ as told by his boyhood friend, Biff) $25.95
Reese, James The Book of Shadows (Orphan Herculine unites with otherworldly strangers and discovers her destiny in a fantastic world) $25.95
Swanwick, Michael Bones of the Earth (Paleontologist Richard Leyster goes back in time and must avoid altering history) $25.95
Wells, H.G. The War of the Worlds (The classic tale of interplanetary invasion, including the complete script of Orson Welles radio broadcast) $5.95


Coe, David B. Rules of Ascension (After centuries of an uneasy peace an assassin kills a royal heir and war erupts between the magic_wielding Qirsi and their enemies) $27.95
Crumb, R. The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 16 (comics compilation) $18.95
Hawking, Stephen The Future of Spacetime (A speculation on where study of black holes, gravity waves, and time travel will lead us) $25.95
Kalogridis, Jeanne The Burning Times (Sybille, a young 14th century midwife schooled in white magic, faces the Inquisition) $14.00
Marillier, Juliet Child of the Prophecy (It is up to Fianne to solve the riddle of the fading power in Ireland _ conclusion to the Sevenwaters Trilogy) $26.95
Stableford, Brian Dark Ararat (A colony ship has reached a promising world where an alien civilization has left ancient ruins of great cities and can't stay if they find the aliens are still there) $25.95
Tiedeman, Mark W. Aurora: An Issac Asimov Robot Mystery (Derec and Ariel try to unmask terrorists responsible for assassinations and attempts on their lives) $14.95


Aiken, Joan The Cockatrice Boys (Monsters known as the Cockatrice invade England and it's up to Sauna and Dakin to rid England of them before they are eaten by them) $5.99
Allston, Aaron Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Rebel Dream (The New Republic edges closer to surrender and Leia and Han Solo drum up resistance to Yuushan Vong; abridged audio cassettes $18.00) $6.99
Anthony, Mark Blood of Mystery (Book 4 of The Last Rune Series: Travis and his friends find themselves stranded in a 19th_century Colorado mining town) $6.99
Anthony, Piers DoOon Mode (Colleeen must confront an evil warlord and journey back to the place where it all began to save the multiverse from tyranny) $6.99
Baker, Trisha Crimson Night (Immortal Meghann O'Neill is pregnant with the child of vampire Simon Baldevar) $5.99
Baldwin, Lizz Realms of Shadow (Anthology of Forgotten Realms stories) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Longtusk (A classic tale of courage and survival in a harsh world of natural wonders) $6.50
Bennett, Nigel/Elrod, P.N. His Father's Son (At the Dawn of the New Millennium Lancelot has become a vampire and has sworn a blood_oath to protect human lives, but the Dark Fates exact a price) $6.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Heritage and Exile (Two classic Darkover novels in one Omnibus volume) $7.99
Carey, Jacqueline Kushiel's Dart (A young woman born with the Sign of Kushiel's Dart, meaning that she experiences pleasure and pain as one, is sold into slavery and becomes a spy in the halls of the castle) $7.99
Coleman, Loren Battletech #54: Storms of Fate (Someone plans a strike that could put the Federated Commonwealth to an end) $5.99
Cook, Glen Angry Lead Skies (P.I. Garrett is protecting a child threatened by fantastic creatures when the child is abducted and the chase begins) $6.99
Cox, Greg Star Trek: The Eugenics War Book Two (Gary Seven must stop an artificially enhanced teenager who wishes to rule the world; abridged audio cassettes $18.00) $24.95
Cox, Greg Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars, Volume 1 (The Chrysalis Project unleashes a child who will become the ultimate Star Trek villain) $6.99
Dart_Thornton, Cecilia The Ill_Made Mute (A disfigured child is born into a world where there is no boundary between humans and legends and seeks her name, her past, and her future) $6.99
Doherty, Robert Area 51: Excalibur (Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte must counteract an alien presence with the sword of King Arthur's legend) $6.50
Douglass, Sara Enchanter (Book Two of the Wayfarer Redemption) $7.99
Farren, Mick More Than Mortal (In the UK Merlin is emerging from a centuries_long hibernation and he differs from his reputation as the benign wizard of Camelot) $6.99
Feintuch, David Children of Hope (In the 7th novel of the Seafort Saga, Captain Seafort may lose his life to vengeance) $7.99
Flint, Eric/Drake, David Redeemer (Civilization on the planet Harfadine must progress or die, and electronic mentors from space introduce gun powder and steam power to the Kingdom of the Isles to break the Empire) $24.00
Flynn, Michael Falling Stars (Asteroids are headed straight for Earth but politics gets in the way of those trying to save it) $7.99
Foster, Alan Dean Dinotopia Lost (The Land Apart from Time has been hidden for centuries, but a storm_tossed ship lands and threatens the lost world of humans and dinosaurs with exposure to pirates) $7.99
Gaiman, Neil American Gods (Days before his release from prison, Shadow learns that his wife has been killed, and he takes up with a strange grifter, while under the surface a mythic war is being fought) $7.99
Green, Sharon Destiny (Book 3 of The Blending Enthroned) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin H ed Knight Fantastic (15 original tales of Knights by popular authors) $6.99
Greenwood, Ed The Vacant Throne: A Band of Four Novel (The King's curse has been lifted, but the Band of Four must complete a quest before peace can be returned to the land) $7.99
Gross, Edward Spider_Man Confidential (Inside story of Spider_Man and his creator) $16.95
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Caress of Twilight (Faerie Princess and P.I. Meredith Gentry investigates a killer sent by her rival for the dark throne of an exotic kingdom) $23.95
Harris, Charlene Living Dead in Dallas (A vampire asks Sookie Stackhouse to use her telepathic skills to find another vampire) $6.50
James, Dean Posted to Death (An English cozy mystery with a vampire as the dapper protagonist) $22.00
Kearney, Paul The Second Empire (4th in the Monarchies of God Series) $6.50
Kearney, Susan/Douglas, Charlotte Star Trek: Next Generation _ The Battle of Betazed (Counselor Deanna Troi is forced to seek help from a telepathic killer on her enemy_occupied homeworld)) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes The Gates of Sleep (The Saverson family are practitioners of Elemental Magic but it may not be strong enough to overturn the prophecy of the family daughter's death) $24.95
Lowachee, Karin Warchild (A boy is kidnapped by aliens and is brainwashed into becoming a spy against the human race) $6.99
Mackay, Scott Orbis (The Benefactors have fooled mankind with religion for a millennia and are about to reveal their true selves) $6.99
Nicholson, William The Wind Singer (Fantasy for children) $7.99
Nye, Jody Lynn Medicine Snow (Reissue: Dr. Taylor and her menagerie must save an entire world from dying of old age at an alarming rate) $5.99
Odom, Mel Diablo 2: The Black Road (Angelic hosts of the High Heavens and demonic hordes of the Burning Hells bring their eternal struggle to the mortal realm) $6.99
Picardo, Robert Star Trek: Voyager The Hologram Handbook (A manual for hologramic beings struggling to survive in an organic world) $14.95
Rabe, Jean Betrayal: Dhamon Saga II (Dhamon Drimulf and his mercenaries search for a long_forgotten treasure and face a world of secrets and deception) $7.99
Reynolds, Alastair Chasm City (Chasm City has been overrun by the Melding Pague, and Tanner Mirabel must pursue a low_life post_mortal) $23.95
Ringo, John Gust Front (The Posleen have invaded the Earth and only a few shell_shocked survivors can save it from utter devastation) $7.99
Ringo, John When the Devil Dances (Humans have been battling the Sten for five years, and are preparing a strike to finally drive the invaders from the planet) $25.00
Robinson, Kim Stanley ed Nebula Awards Showcase 2002 (Nebula Award winning fiction) $15.00
Robinson, Spider Callahan's Secret (Third edition of stories featuring the gang at Callahan's Saloon) $5.99
Saberhagen, Fred The Arms of Hercules (Volume three of the Book of the Gods Series: Hercules enters the harrowing underworld where he fights with Death itself) $6.99
Shetterly, Will Dogland (The Nix family moves to Florida and opens Dogland in 1959 and nothing will ever be the same again) $5.99
Shinn, Sharon Jenna Starborn (A child created out of frozen embryonic tissue grows up with a sharp mind and a big heart, & it is put to the test on a planet called Fieldstar) $14.00
Shusterman, Neal MindStorms (Short SF thrillers for young adults) $5.99
Shwartz, Susan Second Chances (A professional soldier is stationed in a backwater assignment in space but is thrust into a scandal and must choose whether or not to be a hero) $7.99
Stableford, Brian The Cassandra Complex (21st Century WWIII biotech war will change civilization forever and one scientist has the secret to who lives and who dies) $6.99
Stewart, Sean Galveston (Galveston is flooded by magic during Mardi Gras 2004 and strange creatures are born into a town divided between reality and fantasy) $6.99
Stirling, S. M. T2 Infiltrator (Based on the Terminator movies, Sarah and John Conner are hiding in Paraguay and must face a new Terminator unit which can pass as human) $7.99
Stover, Matthew Woodring Blade of Tyshalle (Hari Michaelson must battle his powerful corporate masters: sequel to Heroes Die ) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry Through the Darkness (Kuusamo has joined in an unsteady alliance with Lagaos and Unkerlant and hope together to defeat the Algarvian threat _ Book Three in the series) $7.99
Wallace, Daniel Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters Revised Ed (Guide to characters updated to include The Phantom Menace, Episode II and the New Jedi Order Novels) $24.95
Whitman, John Planet of the Apes: Force (15 years before Leo lands on the planet, apes unearth a deadly plague which could wipe out everyone) $4.99
Whitman, John Planet of the Apes: Resistance (Daena's mother tries to reach a truce with an aggressive ape border patrol) $4.99
Williams, Liz Empire of Bones (Aliens return to earth millions of years after seeding it with their genetic strands and an outcast rebel in India must determine whether they are friend or foe) $5.99
Williams, Tad Otherland: The Sea of Silver Light (The final volume of the Otherland series) $7.99
Wrede, Patricia Mairelon the Magician (A young girl in London discovers that a seeming huckster magician's magic is real, and he suggests that she become his apprentice) $5.99


Bisson, Terry The Pickup Artist (Any work of art which reached a certain age must be catalogued and destroyed by the Pickup Artist) $13.95
Bova, Ben The Rock Rats (Panch Barnes now sits on the Board of Dan Randolph's space conglomerate and struggles to control the wealth of the solar system) $24.95
Bradbury, Ray One More for the Road (25 new short stories with a special afterword by the author; audio on 4 cassettes, $25.95) $24.95
Carey, Jacqueline Kushiel's Chosen (Phedre travels from the sun_drenched villas of La Serenissiman to the wilds of old Hellas and discovers a conspiracy to take over the throne) $27.95
Doyle, Debra/Macdonald, James D. A Working of Stars (Mageworld novel, sequel to The Stars Asunder ) $25.95
Eickhoff, Randy Lee He Stands Alone (The story of Cuchulainn, a mystical and enigmatic ancient Irish warrior) $23.95
Eickhoff, Randy Lee The Destruction of the Inn (A modern translation of the Ulster Cycle) $13.95
Greenwood, Ed A Dragon's Ascension (The Sleeping King of legend has been reawakened by the Band of Four) $25.95
Herbert, James Once (A stroke victim returns to the castle where he grew up and unleashes a long_dormant evil) $26.95
Morrison, Elspeth The Dorothy Dunnett Companion V. 2 (A guide to the works of Dorothy Dunnett) $15.00
Norton, Andre/McConchie, Lyn Beast Master's Ark (Tani, daughter of a heroic Beast Master, must join forces with Storm to save the inhabitants of Arzor) $23.95
Pohl, Frederik, ed The SFWA Grand Masters Volume 3 (Anthology of five of the SF Grand Master recipients) $16.95
Sixbury, Glenn R. Earth:Final Conflict: Legacy (A crystal is found on an archeological dig that could destroy the Taelons) $14.95
Stewart, Ian Flatterland (sequel to Flatland , novel that explores mathematical understanding the nature of space, time, and matter) $14.00
Tepper, Sheri S. The Visitor (Centuries after an asteroid nearly obliterates Earth an orphan discovers that a band of scientists survived) $25.95
Tetrick, Byron R.-ed. In the Shadow of the Wall (Original Vietnam stories that might have been; authors include Orson Scott Card, Joe Haldeman, L.E. Modesitt, Mike Resnick, Robert J. Sawyer, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Michael Swanwick) $16.95
Turtldove, Harry Rulers of the Darkness (The war for the continent of Derlavai builds to a crescendo as the mages of Kuusamo work desperately to create a new form of magic to turn the tide of the war) $27.95
White, James Alien Emergencies (The second three volumes of The Sector General Saga in one edition) $19.95
Wright, John The Golden Age (Phaethon discovers that part of his memory has been removed and stored by his government and embarks on a quest across the solar system to regain his true identity) $24.95
Zettel, Sarah The Sorcerer's Treason (A woman is transported from Lake Superior to Isavalta and becomes an unwitting player in a deadly game of politics and magic) $27.95


Castro, Adam_Troy Spider_man: The Secret of the Sinister Six (Spider_man must match wits with six villains who plan to destroy all the financial markets in the world) $24.95
Lyons, Steve X_Man: The Legacy Quest Book 1 (A deadly virus is sweeping through the mutant community and Beast must find a cure) $14.00
Malzberg, Barry N. On a Planet Alien (The novels Scop , In the Enclosure , and On a Planet Alien in one volume) $14.00


Admas, Douglas The Penultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (5 novels in one fat trade paperback) $18.00
Adams, Douglas The Salmon of Doubt (After Adams' death, long-time pal Christopher Cerf pulled never-before-published material from Adams' personal files and fashioned it into something typically wonderful and very, very funny) $24.00
Aiken, Joan The Whispering Mountain (A young boy discovers a magic harp and tries to keep it from falling into the wrong hands) $5.99
Anderson, Poul Going for Infinity (A collection of many of Anderson's award_winning stories along with some autobiographical musings) $25.95
Andrews, Austin Ultima The Technocrat War: Maelstrom (The epic fantasy saga of Solsaria Volume 3) $6.99
Asprin, Robert Another Fine Myth/Myth Conceptions (Reprint: the first two volumes of the series in one edition) $7.99
Auel, Jean M. The Shelters of Stone (long-awaited fifth installment in the Clan of the Cave Bear series) $28.95
Barron, T. A. The Lost Years of Merlin (Young adult fantasy about the Arthurian wizard as a youth) $5.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer The Ages of Chaos ( Stormqueen and Hawkmistress in a single volume) $7.99
Bray, Patricia Devlin's Luck (Devlin's family has been killed and he becomes defender of the realm of Jorsk, hoping to die in battle, but he miraculously survives his battles) $5.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Diplomatic Immunity (The Quaddies are holding a Komarran convoy hostage and Miles Vorkosigan must interrupt his honeymoon to prevent all_out war in the galaxy; signing at Uncle Hugo's Saturday, May 11, 1-3 pm) $26.00
Castro, Adam_Troy Spider_man: Revenge of the Sinister Six (The Gentleman has brainwashed Spider_man's long_lost sister into becoming a deadly super_villainess) $6.99
Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl (Artemis doesn't know what he's taken on when he kidnaps Holly Short, Captain of the LEPrecon fairy police) $6.99
Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (Artemis receives an e_mail from a man in captivity in Russia and he must team up with former nemesis Holly Short of the LEPrecon fairy police to save him) $16.95
Di Fate, Vincent The Science Fiction Art of Vincent Di Fate (Collection of the paintings of the famed SF artist) $29.95
Dick, Philip K. The Minority Report (Anthology of classic short stories) $14.95
Edghill, Rosemary The Warslayer (The heroine of a fantasy TV series is kidnapped by hobbit_like creatures who say they need her to save their kingdom) $6.99
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek: Next Generation _ The Stargazer Duology (Young Captain Picard tries to capture terrorist White Wolf who is raiding Federation shipping) $6.99
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek: Next Generation _ Stargazer Duology V. 2 (Young Captain Picard races to Gnalish to help save their lizard_like race) $6.99
Gerrold, David Bouncing Off the Moon (13_year_old Chigger has divorced his parents and need to find a new planet to start over) $6.99
Golden, Christopher The Ferryman (The mysterious Ferryman from Greek mythology Charon stalks a woman and her lover) $6.99
Grant, John Perceptualistics _ Jael (The abstract paintings of one of the world's greatest fantasy artists) $29.95
Grant, John The Paper Snarl Interviews (25 of the finest fantasy and SF authors reveal their creative secrets) $21.95
Greenwood, Ed Elminster in Hell (An ancient evil banishes Elminster to the depths of the Nine Hells and all the forces are arrayed against him in his struggle to survive and escape) $7.99
Hambly, Barbara Dragonstar ("finale of the Winterlands trilogy", seems to be the fourth book in the Dragonsbane , Dragonshadow , and Knight of the Demon Queen sequence) $24.95
Haydon, Elizabeth Destiny (Heroes spoken of in the Prophecy of Three face their final challenge) $7.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Fire and Hemlock (reprint, young adult fantasy) $6.95
Jones, Diana Wynne The Homeward Bounders (reprint, young adult fantasy) $5.95
Laumer, Keith The Lighter Side (Two complete novels of hapless heroes in worlds gone mad) $6.99
LeGuin, Ursula Tales From Earthsea (New tales of Earthsea featuring two new stories and a novella) $13.95
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Scout's Progress (In the Liaden Universe; previously published as part of Pilots Choice ) $6.50
Lisle, Holly Memory of Fire (First volume in a new series of multiple universes, magic, dragons, and doom) $6.99
Lumley, Brian Necroscope Avengers (The men and women of E_scope and the new Necroscope Jake are anxious to find and destroy the Wamphryi trio who are intent on turning the Earth into a vampire hunting ground) $7.99
Maloney, Mack Starhawk: The Fourth Empire (Led by Hawk Hunter the freedom fighters have brought the revolution to the emperor's door) $5.99
McArthur, Maxine Time Past (Sequel to Time Future , Halley is thrown back in time to 21st century Australia and must rely on enigmatic aliens to get her back to her own time) $6.99
McAuley, Paul The Secret of Life (In 2026 a strange fungus is growing in the Pacific Ocean that could threaten life on Earth and Dr. Mariella Anders must travel to Mars to discover its secret) $7.99
McDermott, Will Magic The Gathering: Judgement (Book three in the Odyssey Cycle) $6.99
Merz, Jon F. The Fixer (In a world where vampires and humans co_exist, Lawson is the vamp who keeps his fellow undead in line) $5.99
Modesitt, L. E. The Shadow Sorceress (Secca's mentor Anna dies unexpectedly before Secca's training is complete & she must deal with being thrust into a position of power) $7.99
Morehouse, Lyda Fallen Host (An A.I., a Warrior of God, and a fallen angel face a terrible day of revelation; sequel to Archangel Protocol ; signing at Uncle Hugo's Saturday, May 11, 1-3 pm) $6.99
Nix, Garth Lirael (sequel to Sabriel ; although Lirael lacks the ability to see possible futures, she must save the kingdom with only her faithful companion, the Disreputable Dog, to help her; young adult fantasy) $6.95
Norton, Andre/Miller, Sasha Knight or Knave (Foolish Prince Florian has assumed the throne and the unknown threat from the North continues to grow) $6.99
Pelan, John ed The Darker Side: Generations of Horror (27 original stories by the most terrifying voices in modern horror) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry Thief of Time (Discworld: time stops for no one...until now) $6.99
Radford, Irene Guardian of the Vision (Merlin's Descendant's #3: In Elizabethan England royal rivalries are complicated by magic) $6.99
Roberts, John Maddox Hannibal's Children (Alternative history novel in which Rome fell to Carthage and then rose again) $22.95
Rodda, Emily Rowan of Rin , Rowan and the Travelers (award-winning young adult fantasy and its sequel) $5.95 each
Salvatore, R. A. Ascendance (When Aydrian was an infant he was stolen by elves and trained to be a weapon _ now he is grown and hungry for power) $6.99
Salvatore, R.A. Star Wars: Episode II (Anakin is torn between his personal dreams and his duties as a Jedi; abridged audio $19.95, unabridged $39.95 cassettes) $26.00
Sherman, David/Cragg, Dan Starfist: Kindom's Swords (The Marines of FIST are sent to a planet to quell a disturbance and face a ruthless enemy with devastating firepower) $6.99
Shimerman, Armin/Scott, Michael The Merchant Prince Book 2: The Dealer's Art (Dr. John Dee continues his adventures from Renaissance Europe to the distant future) $6.99
Shinn, Sharon Summers at Castle Auburn (Coriel Halsing spent many magical summers at Castle Auburn, but as a young woman she now begins to see its dark side) $7.50
Silverberg, Robert The King of Dreams (The stunning conclusion to the Majipoor Cycle) $7.50
Smith, Dean Wesley ed. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Short stories penned by Star Trek fans) $14.95
Straczynski, J. Michael Rising Stars Book 1: Born in Fire (A comet striking the earth endows children with super_powers and when they become adults the people of the world are worried about what they will do) $6.99
Thompson, Paul B./Cook, Tonya Sister of the Sword (Third in The Barbarians Series: the long_separated siblings Amero and Nianki are reunited) $6.99
Vaz, Mark Cotta The Art of Star Wars (Movie art work from Star Wars: Episode II) $35.00
Weber, David/Ringo, John March Upcountry (Prince Roger MacClintock is a spoiled young prince who must become a man to save the galaxy) $7.99
Weber/Drake/Flint The Warmasters (Three stories of military SF by three masters of the genre) $24
Wollhein, Betsy ed DAW 30th Anniversary Fantasy Anthology (New stories by great masters of Fantasy to celebrate DAW's 30th anniversary) $24.95
Wollhein, Betsy ed DAW 30th Anniversary Science Fiction Anthology (New stories by great masters of SF to celebrate DAW's 30th annivesary) $24.95


Carroll, Jonathan Bones of the Moon (A young woman whose dreams come true begins to dream of a fantasy world which spills over into her waking world) $13.95
Dick, Philip K. Clans of the Alphane Moon (reprint) $13.00
Dick, Philip K. Dr. Bloodmoney (reprint) $14.00
Dick, Philip K. Simulacra (reprint) $12.00
Dick, Philip K. Time Out of Joint (reprint) $13.00
Douglass, Sara Starman (The Prophecy of the Destroyer is hurtling towards its fulfillment and Axis, Azhure, and Faraday are caught in its wake) $27.95
Egan, Greg Schild's Ladder (Twenty_thousand years from now an experiment has created an expanding vacuum devouring everything in its path and humans rally to deal with the crisis) $25.95
Gotlieb, Phyllis Mindworlds (The Lyhhrt are in a cultural crisis and their warring factions won't hesitate to use humans as pawns to win their internal battles) $24.95
Hayden, Patrick Nielsen, ed Starlight 3 (Anthology of new SF short stories) $15.95
Heinlein, Robert A. The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein (All of Heinlein's fantasies collected in one volume) $16.95
Llyelyn, Morgan Finn Mac Cool (Historical fiction: Story of legendary leader of the invincible army of Fianna) $15.95
Marks, Laurie J. Fire Logic (Peaceful Shaftal is falling into lawlessness and famine under the rule of the Sainnites, and three natives join together to form a resistance) $25.95
McAuley, Paul Whole Wide World (In the aftermath of an Infowar a young woman's murder is broadcast over the Internet and a policeman must find out why) $24.95
Schroeder, Karl Permanence (A young woman fleeing in a small spaceship from her bullying older brother stakes claim to a billion year old starship she discovers) $27.95

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