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Newsletter #50 June - August, 2000


[PBO means paperback original]

Dr. Who: Coldheart $6.95
Dr. Who: The Fall of Yquatine $6.95
Dr. Who: The Final Sanction $6.95
Dr. Who: Frontier Worlds $6.95
Dr. Who: Last of the Gaderene $6.95 Dr. Who: Parallel 59 $6.95
Dr. Who: The Shadows of Avalon $6.95
Dr. Who: The Taking of Planet 5 $6.95
Dr. Who: Tomb of Valdemar $6.95
Star Trek: Through a Glass Darkly: The Mirror Universe (roleplaying game setting; take existing characters into distorted mirror universe, or take on role of characters dark side in Terran Empire or Cardassian_Klingon Alliance) $30.00
Aldrin, Buzz/Barnes, John The Return (ex_astronaut Scott Blackstone's career, shuttle program are devastated by celebrity death, but when India/Pakistan nukes endanger space station crew,only he can pull off rescue) $25.95
Anderson, Kevin J/Moesta, Rebecca Titan AE: Akima's Story (spin-off novel from animated sf movie) $5.99
Anderson, Kevin J/Moesta, Rebecca Titan AE: Cale's Story (spin-off novel from animated sf movie) $5.99
Applegate, KA Everworld: Discover the Destroyer (young adult; four friends must outwit a dragon while searching for the native who brought them to this world) $4.99
Asprin, Robert/Evans, Linda Ripping Time (senator's daughter escapes terrorists through time tour gate, lands in 1888 London, while ex_con artist's forced to find her, kidnappers, stop killer cult, save time rip; PBO) $6.99
Barrett, Neal, Jr. Perpetuity Blues & Other Stories ("Twelve delightfully quirky, weird, and wonderful stories") $21.95
Burns, Jim Transluminal: The Paintings of Jim Burns (art) $21.95
Clark, Simon Nailed by the Heart (horror; modern family unknowingly move into home built on sacred site of ancient religion, the old god gets angry) $5.99
Clement, Hal Essential Hal Clement Vol. 2: Music of Many Spheres (NESFA Press collection of 17 short stories) $25.00
Coville, Bruce I Was a 6th Grade Alien 6: Don't Fry My Veeblax (young reader; when alien Pleskit brings his shapeshifting pet to school, chaos ensues, bringing attention of alien enemies; PBO) $3.99
Davin, Eric Leif Pioneers of Wonder: Conversations with the Founders of Science Fiction (see Don's review in this issue) $24.95
De Lint, Charles Forests of the Heart (young Mexican/Indian girl in SW art colony sees dark men who are spirits from the Old Country) $27.95
Eggleton, Bob Greetings From Earth: The Art of Bob Eggleton (art) $21.95
Flynn, Tom Galactic Rapture (see Don's review in this issue; signing July 29) $19.95
Forward, Eve Animist (new trilogy; young Animist quests to find animal familiar to help him resist the use of magic) $23.95
Gellis, Roberta Bull God (as Dionysos' high priestess, Ariadne's caught between love for half_bull half_brother she raised & the god's demand that he die to prevent disaster for Knossos; PBO) $6.99
Golden, Christopher/Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Immortal (Buffy's surprised when vampire sacrifices itself for others' escape, stunned when it returns after being killed turns out to be ancient, immortal vamp sorceress; PBO) $5.99
Gotlieb, Phyllis Violent Stars ( Flesh & Gold sequel; features wonderful and terrible aliens, series of murders aimed at interstellar family' corporate opposition) $14.95
Gram, Dewey Gladiator (movie tie-in; General Maximus fightS his way back to Rome as a gladiator after he is exiled & his family slain by new emperor Commodus) $5.99
Grant, John (text) Enchanted World: The Art of Anne Sudworth (fantasy art, with biographical info and discussion of her technique) $29.95
Hogan, James P Cradle of Saturn (Saturn colony's alien delegation visits Earth, reveals Jupiter proto_planet's on course for Earth & engineer Landen Keene must decide to escape or find woman who may be dead) $6.99
Hughes, Monica Keeper of the Isis Light (reprint of classic young adult sf; teenage girl has lived alone on planet since her parents die; now new settlers are coming) $4.99
Hughes, Monica-ed. What If...? (All Canadian anthology for young adults) $6.95
Joyce, Graham Dark Sister (woman finds Wiccan diary, discovers strange powers, brings forth darker self that threatens her husband, family, and sanity) $14.95
Katz, Welwyn Wilton The Third Magic (reprint of award-winning Arthurian fantasy with time travel for young adults) $6.95 Lawhead, Stephen R The Celtic Crusade 2: The Black Rood (Scottish nobleman's son Duncan makes pilgrimage and retraces fathers' steps to find the blood_stained remnant of the True Cross) $24.00
Lee, Tanith Law of the Wolf Tower (orphan-Slave Claidi must hone her wits and sharpen her instincts to survive her journey to freedom through the savage waste) $4.99
McIntee, David Delta Quadrant (TV tie-in; Unofficial guide to Voyager) $7.95
Migliore, Andrew/Strysik, John The Lurker in the Lobby (A guide to the cinemas of H. P. Lovecraft) $19.95
Mitchell, Mary Ann Quenched (horror; Marquis de Sade as vampire stalking seedy clubs of San Francisco) $5.50
Moore, James A. Under the Overtree (new kid in small town is harassed, but when he dreams under the Overtree all his dreams come true, and reality shifts and people who harassed him start to disappear) $16.00
Perry, Steve & Dal Titan A.E. (Movie tie-in; 15 years after earth was destroyed by the alien Drej, and humanity scattered across the galaxy, Cale Tucker discovers a map to the legendary spacecraft Titan, possibly the last hope for humanity. $5.99
Pierce, Meredith Ann Woman Who Loved Reindeer (reprint of young adult fantasy) $6.00
Pronzini, Bill Night Freight (horror; 26 short stories) $5.50
Ragan, Kathleen-ed Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters (Heroines in Folktales from around the world) $15.95
Robinson, Andrew J Star Trek: DS9 #27: A Stitch in Time (Dr Bashir's letter to Garak on ruined Cardassia Prime sparks revelations about Garak's past in Obsidian Order, exile on DS9 & plans for future; PBO) $6.50
Robinson, Kim Stanley Escape from Kathmandu (scientific expedition in search of the Yeti lead by two adventurers) $13.95
Rosen, Selina Queen of Denial (Drewcilia Qwah and her partner, a huge hairy alien, must return home a queen who has los her memory) $12.00
Sawyer, Robert Calculating God (aliens arrive, reveal that five cataclysmic events repeated across three planet prove the existence of God) $23.95
Scott, Melissa The Jazz (young woman techie and teenage hacker are on run across 21st Cent. America, wanted for spreading internet lies or Jazz) $23.95
Shea, Michael The Incompleat Nifft (omnibus reprint of Nifft the Lean , The Mines of Behemoth ; master thief & companions quest for hire & for riches; "exotic ingenuity") $6.99
Sherman, Josepha/Shwartz, Susan Star Trek: Vulcan's Heart: The Battle at Narrendra III ( Vulcan's Forge sequel; Ambassador Spock & new bondmate Cmdr Saavik race to warn outpost of sneak attack & stave off collapse of Romulan society; PBO) $6.50
Smith, Dean Wesley_ed Star Trek: Strange New Worlds III (anthology of fan_written stories set in Star Trek universe, selected in nationwide search contest; PBO) $13.95
Stewart, Sean Nobody's Son (reprint of award-winning young adult fantasy) $6.00
Swanwick, Michael Moon Dogs (7 stories, 1 play, 6 essays, and 2 speeches by Michael Swanwick) $25.00
Tynes, John Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement ("A Cthulhu Mythos novel of personal apocalypse" recommended for mature readers) $13.95
Walotsky, Ron Inner Visions: The Art of Ron Walotsky (art) $21.95
Westerfeld, Scott Evolution's Darling (Darling, once a navigation computer, now sentient in an artificial body, is in search of a dead artist, a living artwork, and the forces behind a mystery that spans the universe) $15.95
Whyte, Jack Camulod Chronicles 7: Uther (Merlyn's boyhood companion & closest friend grows up to sire King of Britons) $25.95


Star Trek: DS9: Call of the Prophets: The Bajorans (roleplaying game setting) $22.00
Star Trek: DS9: The Cardassian Union: Iron & Ash (roleplaying game setting) $30.00
Bayley, Barrington J Warhammer 40,000: Eye of Terror (gaming tie_in; Rogue Trader Maynard Rugolo seeks power, riches on fringes of Chaos as Imperium war_fleets launch crusade; PBO) $6.95
Bell, Hilari Navohar (after humanity altered children's genes to save them from alien attack, younger generations are dying & only colonists who left before attack can help-if they're found; PBO) $6.99
Borchardt, Alice Night of the Wolf (during Julius Caesar's rule, wolf/shapeshifter Maeniel's sight of beautiful woman triggers transformation & follows her, unaware he's tailed by warrior_woman sworn to kill him) $6.99
Brin, David Foundation's Triumph (final volume in trilogy completion of Asimov's epic; Seldon aims to escape exile, risk all in final quest for knowledge, power, with humanity's fate at stake) $6.99
Bunch, Chris The Empire Stone (merchant of dark gems Peirol of the Marshlands seeks beyond known world for Empire Stone & its power to control others; PBO) $6.99
Butler, Octavia E Lilith's Brood (omnibus reprint of classic sf trilogy Dawn , Adulthood Rites , Imago ) $13.95
Carey, Diane Star Trek 89: New Earth 1: Wagon Train to the Stars (new 5_year mission for original Enterprise is to lead settlers to planet in non_Federation space & solve riddles found there; PBO) $6.50
Carey, Diane/Smith, Dean Wesley Star Trek 90: New Earth 2: Belle Terre (colony's prospering & growing, but Spock's discovery may prove lethal to all; PBO) $6.50
Carroll, Jerry Jay Dog Eat Dog (the corporate raider_turned_dog returns, learns something evil has followed him back to this world & he's going to have to get mean) $6.50
Carter, Lin Callisto (omnibus reprint of 1st 2 novels in series; Red Cross pilot John Dark crashes during Vietnam War, steps through portal to hostile world terrorized by insect_men & Sky Pirates) $14.00
Clement, Hal Half Life (rapid evolution of disease will make humans extinct in 75 years, moons of Saturn may hold biochemical key to species survival) $6.99
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner_eds Aliens Among Us (anthology of stories about aliens on Earth by Dick, Wolfe, McAuley, Cadigan, Sturgeon, Newman, more; PBO) $5.99
Danvers, Dennis Wilderness (romantic horror; Alice White's secret werewolf nature is revealed by college biologist who inspires passions she can't control) $6.50
Del Rey, Lester The Best of Lester del Rey (Reissue collection of short stories: robots recreating humans; god changing teams, and Hereafter, Inc.) $12.00
Dietz, William C By Force of Arms (Gen Bill Booly & the Legion of the Damned 4, battle fanatical human & his killer technology with fate of every living being in the universe hanging in the balance; PBO) $6.99
Dokey, Cameron Buffy the Vampire Slayer 16: Here be Monsters (TV tie_in; Buffy slays clean_cut teen vampires, but they're also descendents of clan known for summoning occult forces & their mother's revenge focuses on Joyce; PBO) $4.99
Doyle, Debra/MacDonald, James D Mageworlds: The Stars Asunder (great Mage_circle seeks lost worlds to continue their plunder, but internal strife sets Mage against Mage) $6.99
Drake, David/Flint, Eric Destiny's Shield (3rd in series; Count Belisaurius of Byzantium arrives in 6c Persia to help crystal Aide defeat advance of evil empire directed by force from future) $6.99
Drake, David/Flint, Eric Fortune's Stroke (General Belisarius & jewel_embodied human ally Aide meet forces of 6c Malwa Empire, built by supercomputer from future, in Mesopotamia battle to decide world's fate; PBO) $24.00
Foster, Alan Dean Founding of the Commonwealth 2: Dirge (new humanoid aliens contact Earth and undermine humanity's relations with the insect_like Thranx) $24.95
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W Michael The Anasazi 1: The Visitant (physical anthropologist Dr Maureen Cole examines mass grave found in New Mexico, but eerie, threatening events, voices of dead lead to Anasazi mystery) $6.99
Gemmell, David Drenai Saga: Winter Warriors (as Demon Riders of the Krayakin await deaths of kings to take flesh & destroy, all hope lies with outcast heroes Bison, Kebra & Nogusta; PBO) $6.99
Gorman, E/Greenberg, M/Helfers,J_ed Star Colonies (anthology of sf stories about space exploration, colonization from Williamson, Foster, Resnick, Steele, Sawyer, RCWilson, Sargent, more; PBO) $6.99
Grant, Charles Black Oak: Hunting Ground (head of otherworldly security agency takes reluctant vacation, finds Atlantic City full of murder, lies & vampires; PBO) $5.99
Greeno, Gayle Ghattens' Gambit 2: The Farthest Seeking (new generation of human Seekers & Ghatti companions head into dangerous wilderness while tunnels under Marchmont Capital reveal long_forgotten technology; PBO) $6.99
Hartwell, David G_ed Year's Best SF #5 (sf anthology features Aldiss, Baxter, Bisson, Reed, Suga, Wolfe, more; PBO) $6.99
Haydon, Elizabeth Child of Earth 1: Rhapsody (talented singer is rescued by half_breed rogues, then abducted on journey across continents and centuries) $7.99
Kidd, Paul Descent into the Depths of the Earth (novelization of D&D adventure module; sequel to White Plume Mountain; PBO) $6.99
Kurtz, Katherine King Kelson's Bride (Deryni series; "political power meets its match in the power of magic") $22.95
Leith, Valery Everien 1: The Company of Glass (in world of fluid geography & protean reality, deadly force moves & man with key to saving world refuses battle, except for debt to friend's daughter) $5.99
McCuniff, Mara/Briery, Traci The Vampire Memoirs (horror reprint) $5.99
McKiernan, Dennis L Silver Wolf, Black Falcon (Mithgar milieu; Elf & an Impossible Child try to save land from long_prophecied doom) $23.95
Moore, Christopher Practical Demonkeeping (reprint; ex_seminarian and scholar looks to rid himself of human_eating demon at Tudor Facade of Pine Cove, California) $13.00
Moore, Vance MtG: The Masquerade Cycle 3: Prophecy (novelization of card game; Keldons have landed, Jamurran League defends with help of Teferi; PBO) $5.99
Niles, Douglas Seven Circles Trilogy 1: Circle at Center (when chaos erupts in mystic realm of Seven Circles, Druids search for champion among warriors of primitive world-Earth; PBO) $13.00
Norman, Lisanne Sholan Alliance 6: Stronghold Rising (with delicate negotiations with Valytegan faction Primes underway, Sholans & Humans must avert rebellion in lab conducting illegal breeding experiments; PBO) $6.99
Norton, Andre Tales of the Witch World 1 (reprint/fantasy anthology) $5.99
Norton, Andre/Lackey, Mercedes Halfblood Chronicles 2: Elvenblood (female warrior prophesied end to Elvenlord rule leads ragtag band in rebellion, human nomads may be key to victory) $5.99
Odom, Mel Angel 3: Redemption (TV tie_in; actress playing TV show vampire turns to Angel & Co when she's threatened by fans who think she's real, but Angel remembers her & enemies from century before; PBO) $4.99
Robins, Madeleine E The Stone War (magical novel of New York City after a mysterious catastrophe, businessman returns to gather survivors, search for cause) $6.99
Routley, Jane Aramaya (mage Dion Holyhands 3 finds her missing niece in emperor's capital, trapped in web of necromancy by archenemy the demon Bedazzar) $6.99
Rucker, Rudy Realware (alien presence at bottom of ocean reveals gift for humanity, mystery must be uncovered before humanity self_destructs) $14.00
Rusch, Kristine K/Smith, Dean W X_Men (movie novelization; mutants Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue recruited by Prof Charls Xavier to protect world that hates them from mutant Magneto & terrorists; PBO) $6.99
Salvatore, RA Cleric Quintet 4: The Fallen Fortress (reprint; Cadderly leads combined Caradoon and Shilmista Forest forces against Castle Trinity, stronghold of enemy Aballister; PBO) $7.99
Salvatore, RA Dark Elf 2: The Spine of the World (Wulfgar's path toward redemption beginning with an old friend, must cross the extreme mountains called the Spine of the World) $7.99
Sheffield, Charles My Brother's Keeper (Reprint; music star Lionel Salkind wakes from crash to find both he & twin brother, researcher on secret project, were fatally injured & he now carries half his brother's brain; PBO) $5.99
Shimerman, Armin/Scott, Michael The Merchant Prince (when Renaissance mathematician/ astronomer/alchemist is unjustly jailed, undercover alien rescues him, only to wake in far future threatened by ultimate weapon only he can stop) $23.95
Shusterman, Neal Scorpion Shards (reprint) $5.99
Shusterman, Neal Thief of Souls ( Scorpion Shards sequel; five young heroes with extraordinary powers stand between world & ancient nightmare force) $5.99
Silverberg, Robert Prestimion Trilogy 2: Lord Prestimion (Prestimion must account for his world's devastation and bring justice to a kinsman that the world forgot while madness spreads through his kingdom) $6.99
Silverberg, Robert_ed The Ultimate Dinosaur (anthology of scientific & sf writing that probes prehistoric mysteries-where & how dinosaurs developed, hunting strategies, migrations, family life, extinction & more; PBO) $16.00
Stackpole, Michael A Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide 2: Ruin (frustration with inability to stop attacking aliens impervious to Force leads group of knights to go rogue & Luke must stop them before they turn to the dark side; PBO) $6.99
Stasheff, Christopher Wizard in Rhyme 8: The Feline Wizard (Royal Wizard Matthew Mantrell leads search for his protege, feline sorceress Balkis, who reclaims royal title only for enemy to send her tumbling through unknown worlds; PBO) $6.99
Steele, Allen Clarke County, Space (sf reprint) $5.99
Thomson, Amy Through Alien Eyes (two members of alien species struggle to survive on Earth; "a decidedly different point of view") $6.50
Turtledove, Harry Tale of the Fox (Gerin the Fox 1 & 2; omnibus reprint of King of the North & Fox & Empire ) $6.99
Whyte, Jack The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis (Camulod Chronicles 6; Arthur comes of age and is crowned king of England) $6.99
Williams, Billy Dee/MacGregor, Rob Psi/Net (CIA remote viewing experiments tie spies together in deadly psychic nexus) $6.99


Datlow, Ellen-ed. Vanishing Acts (anthology; centered on idea of endangered species, led by Ted Chiang novella) $24.95
Jacobs, David The Devil's Brood (humans realize monsters from Universal movies, including Bride of Frankenstein, Werewolf of London, Dracula, more, are alive & active in underworld; PBO) $6.99
Niles, Douglas/Dobson, Michael Fox on the Rhine (alternate history supposes 1944 Bomb Plot kills Hitler, allowing fanatical SS generals to put Himmler in control, ally with Russia, appoint Rommel to lead war in Europe) $27.95
Nix, Garth The Seventh Tower (young adult; Dark World where light is the ultimate commodity; boy Tal is caught stealing his family's sunstone and is expelled from his home in the Seventh Tower) $5.99
Peel, John 2099 #6: Firestorm (young adult; band of teenagers are caught in final battle between clones, cops, and power_mongers for future of their world) $4.99
Raphael, Elaine/Bolognese, Don 2050 #1: Asteroid Alert (ages 6_9; young friends become junior crew of space station, asteroid severs animal lab from station with young Jiji aboard) $3.99
Raphael, Elaine/Bolognese, Don 2050 #2: Rescue in Space (ages 6_9; Noah, Sera, and Jiji must make an emergency landing where they find a key to Noah's parents disappearance) $3.99
Shetterly, Will Chimera (population of human/animal genetic_crossed people are property, freedom fighters and conservatives war politically, one chimera's owner is murdered) $23.95
Sullivan, Thomas The Martyring (heir to arcane heritage, Kurt Hauptmann discovers dual path to divinity, cop Jack Skelote sees limbo of murdered martyrs) $13.95
Tarr, Judith Lady of Horses (young girl dared to mount a mare, priests declared man's privilage and remade legend, gave achievement to brother) $25.95
Watson, Jude Star Wars: Jedi Appr #8: The Day of Reckoning (young adult; Obi_Wan and Qui_Gon Jinn are framed for a crime they didn't commit, are trapped on a prison planet) $4.99
Williams, Billy Dee/MacGregor, Rob Justin/Time (psychic spy Trent Calloway returns to battle the apocalyptic forces and lethal virus of a religious fanatic) $22.95
Wooding, Chris Broken Sky #2 (young adult; anime style illustrated novel; Kia and Ryushi are on the run in enemy territory from evil king and his daughter) $4.50


Rucker, Rudy Gnarl! (collection of 36 tales feature author's "trademark blend of cutting_edge physics, a wild but perversely logical imagination, & a decidedly punk attitude"; PBO) $20.00
Swanwick, Michael Tales of Old Earth (collection of 19 short stories from 1990s) $25.00


Star Trek: DS9: Merchants & Traders: The Latinum Main (roleplaying game setting) $20.00
Star Trek: Next Gen: To Boldly Go (roleplaying game sourcebook-The Starfleet Exploration Handbook) $20.00
Abbey, Lynn Out of Time (woman explores newfound powers in tale of modern witchcraft; PBO) $5.99
Arensberg, Ann Sister Wolf (the wolves of Marit Deyem's sanctuary farm bring her teacher Gabriel Frankman, but their connection & his odd calm in their presence sparks tragedy for all) $14.00
Athans, Philip Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn (computer game tie_in; disciples of god of murder are growing, hero and his allies must stop them from resurrecting their god; PBO) $6.99
Attanasio, AA The Serpent & the Grail (#4;Arthor's united kingdom but Grail, Britain's magic shield, is stolen, Ygrane must bargain with elf-prince, Merlin's magic shows way, but Arthor must confront Serpent alone;PBO) $6.99
Bear, Greg Darwin's Radio (biologist Kaye Lang/"virus hunter" Christopher Dicken race to stop deadly disease that's suddenly awakened after millions of years coded in human DNA) $6.99
Bova, Ben Return to Mars ( Mars sequel; after fame, success sour on Earth, Cmdr Jamie Waterman's back on Mars, but rivalry, deadly accidents threaten mission to reach dwellings) $6.99
Busiek, Kurt/Archer, Nathan Spider_Man: Goblin Moon (comics tie_in; city_wide crime spree brings Spidey face_to_face with super_villain Green Goblin; PBO) $6.99
Carey, Diane Star Trek 91: New Earth 3: Rough Trails (Capt Kirk & Enterprise crew must defend new colony from alien invasion; PBO) $6.50
Carey, Diane Star Trek 92: New Earth 4: The Flaming Arrow (struggling but stubborn colony is under siege by alien Kauld, who aim to control planet's unique resources, but Kirk & Enterprise crew are on their side; PBO) $6.50
Carmody, Isobelle The Obernewtyn Chronicles 1: Obernewtyn (in paranoid, post_holocaust world, Misfit woman may be killed for her mental powers, escapes to Misfit haven, but finds evil, exploitation there, too) $6.99
Chilson, Rob/Wu, William Isaac Asimov's Robot City, Vol 3 (omnibus reprint of 2 Robot City novels; man without memory & woman without identity flee robots gone wild, journey to Earth to find Dr Avery, secrets of Robot City & their identities) $14.00
Clemens, James Banned and Banished 3: Wit'ch War (Elena, the wit'ch and companions search for the Blood Diary to give her the power to defeath the Dark Lord who is destroying the world; PBO) $15.00
Coville, Bruce I Was a 6th Grade Alien 7: Too Many Aliens (young reader; alien Pleskit's eager for visit from best friend from homeworld, but juggling 2 best friends in same town turns out to be harder than expected; PBO) $3.99
Deitz, Tom Springwar ( Bloodwinter sequel; goldsmith Avall finds powerful gem, is chased by archenemy & rogue cult, as neighboring kingdom prepares to use gems in war) $13.95
Disch, Thomas M The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of (Hugo Award winning non_fiction; history of sf; from EAPoe to PKDick to Star Trek) $13.00
Drake, David Lt Leary, Commanding ( With the Lightnings sequel; Republic of Cinnabar Navy Lt Leary takes command of corvette with Signals Officer Adele Mundy to battle bureaucrats, traitors & more) $24.00
Durgin, Doranna Seer's Blood (Blaine Kendricks & family assume the best when strangers come to isolated Shadow Hollers & couldn't be more wrong, but last man of lost seer's blood has also arrived; PBO) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean The Founding of the Commonwealth: Phylogenesis (after 1st contact, human & Thranx leaders struggle with alliance, but one Thranx breaks rules & connects with small_time human criminal, changes both worlds) $6.99
Frankowski, Leo The Fata Morgana (fabled, floating islands in Atlantic, home of castles & Arthur's father, are believed mythical until 2 modern, hard_headed engineers find them) $6.99
Gardner, James Alan Hunted ( Expendable milieu; 20 years after sister's death in Troyen revolt, Lt Edward York leaves system, but when all with him drop dead, he joins Festina Ramos to get answers; PBO) $6.99
Gibson, William Neuromancer (classic sf reprint) $13.95
Golden, C/Bisette, S/Sniegoski, T Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Monster Book (TV reference; exploration of monsters encountered by Buffy & gang, mythological, scientific, cultural, literary, historical origins, development for show, more) $15.95
Greenberg, Martin H_ed Civil War Fantastic (anthology of alternate Civil War tales from Springer, Keith, DuBois, Resnick, Sherman, Sheckley, Bischoff, Rusch, more; PBO) $6.99
Greenwood/Emery/Smedman/et al Sembia 1: The Halls of Stormweather (fantasy Forgotten Realms city; seven parts, authors includes Gross, Whitney_Robinson, Byers, Kemp; PBO) $7.99
Herbert, Mary H Crossroads 1: The Clandestine Circle (young female knight working undercover infiltrates bodyguard of city governor, defends city from volcano, plague_ship, political and military forces; Dragonlance; PBO) $6.99
Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer 6: The Evil That Men Do (TV tie_in; Buffy & friends first suspect occult when well_balanced student shoots family & self, but when only mundane reasons appear, Buffy digs deeper; PBO) $5.99
Hughes, Ryan Vor: The Maelstrom 4: The Rescue (Computer game tie-in; PBO) $6.50
Isidore, Sarah Daughters of Bast 2: Shrine of Light (after priestess Damona's family, shrine are destroyed in Eire, she embarks on revenge, but with new religion, evil goddess threatening, joins magical cat to stop destruction; PBO) $6.50
Keith, William H Jr StarDrive: Two of Minds (young thief in underground city street gang robs the wrong man, assassins, scientists, and mystics are after him; PBO) $6.99
Kellogg, Marjorie B The Dragon Quartet 3: The Book of Fire (awakened dragons of Earth & Water, with human guides Erde & N'Doch join Fire's guide Paia in devastated future US where Fire's decided to become a god & Air's missing; PBO) $6.99
King, William Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf (young Ragnar's chosen for Space Wolves chapter of Space Marines, but must learn to control ancient primal instincts generated by implanted Canis Helix; PBO) $6.95
Klasky, Mindy L The Glasswrights' Apprentice (apprentice glasswright must uncover elusive brotherhood threatening her guild, family & king; PBO) $6.99
LeGuin, Ursula K The Left Hand of Darkness (classic sf reprint) $12.95
Logston, Anne Guardian's Key (fantasy reprint) $5.99
Marley, Louise The Terrorists of Irustan (healer on world oppressive to women, Zahra agrees to friend's plan to save daughter from cruel marriage, but their silent terrorism has unforseen consequences) $5.99
Modesitt, LE Gravity Dreams (far future; religious conservative teacher is transformed by nanotech, flees to advanced space_faring nation, becomes space pilot contacts god_like alien being) $6.99
Moore, Christopher Island of the Sequined Love Nun (Reprint; Mary Jean Cosmetics pilot crashes boss's pink plane, gets job piloting for medical missionary and sexy Micronesian High Priestess) $13.00
Moore, Christopher The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (town psychiatrist in Pine Cove, CA causes depression attacks that attract a colossal sea beast, turning town into a libidinous riot zone) $13.00
Norton, Andre/Smith, Sherwood Echoes in Time (time agents recalled from honeymoon to find disappeared Russian team on distant planet, struggle to communicate with native race and survive) $5.99
Pardoe, Blaine Lee Battletech 48: Measure of a Hero (gaming tie_in; local militia leader holds fate of world in hands on rebellion_torn Thorin; PBO) $5.99
Partridge, Norman The Crow: Wicked Prayer (immortality seekers need eyes of a blue_eyed Crow, Dan Cody heads to Arizona to showdown between dark and light) $13.00
Reichert, Mickey Zucker Flightless Falcon (ex_miner jailed for stealing to feed family is released to find family kidnapped, allies with guard, thief & fortune_teller to break into impenetrable city to rescue them; PBO) $23.95
Reichert, Mickey Zucker The Bifrost Guardians (omnibus reprint of trilogy, includes Godslayer , Shadow Climber , Dragonrank Master ) $7.50
Robinson, Spider Callahan's Key (bar serving the strange, alien, and supernatural is relocating from Long Island to Key West) $23.95
Rollins, James Excavation (grad student research team finds 500_year-old remains of monk in South American jungle with coded message on cross leading to ancient, hidden city of the dead; PBO) $6.99
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament (#4 of very popular fantasy series; worldwide release date July 8) $25.95
Saberhagen, Fred Berserkers: The Beginning (military sf reprint) $5.99
Saberhagen, Fred Vlad Tapes (dracula memoirs; omnibus reprint of An Old Friend of the Family and Thorn ) $6.99
Salvatore, RA Mortalis (return to DemonWars world, woman Pony wields gemstone magic, but cannot cure a deadly plague, she must pilgrimage to find a cure) $25.95
Salvatore, RA Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime (new threat rises beyond Outer Rim with weapons, tech unlike any seen before & Luke, Mara, Han, Leia, children, Chewie head into battle again-but can even the Force prevail? PBO) $7.50
Schmitz, James H/Flint, Eric_ed T 'n T: Telzey & Trigger (xenotelepath Telzey Amberdon & Federation agent/crack shot Trigerr Argee team up to stop danger threatening entire Hub civilization; PBO) $6.99
Schwartz, Julius/Thomsen, Brian M Man of Two Worlds (non_fiction; autobiography of SF literary agent/comic book editor) $13.50
Shatner, William Star Trek: Preserver (Capt Kirk's forced to surrender to evil mirror_universe duplicate in order to save both universes from the return of the Preservers; audio tape $18) $23.95
Springer, Nancy Sky Rider (young adult; young girl loses mother, sees vengeful ghost of young man killed on her father's land) $4.95
Tarr, Judith/Turtledove, Harry Household Gods (young female LA lawyer wakes up in ancient Roman town as innkeeper, faces new challenges of slavery, gladiators, drunkenness, plague and war) $7.99
Thomas, Sheree R/Simmons, Martin Dark Matter (anthology of science fiction, fantasy by black writers, inc. Barnes, Butler, Delany, Due, Gomez, Johnson, Mosley, Reed, et al) $24.95
Thorne, Tamara Moonfall (horror reprint; Sara Hawthorne returns to hometown, but unholy secret of girls' home may take her to the grave) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry The Great War 2: Walk in Hell (alternate history; with the CSA & USA allied to opposite sides of WWI, the devastation spreads to America & oppressed slave descendents rebel) $7.99
Viehl, SL Stardoc 2: Beyond Varallan (Dr Cherijo's perfect life disintegrates when she learns she's clone declared "non_sentient", must go on run from Human League bounty hunters & now is stalked in her dreams; PBO) $6.99
Wells, Martha Wheel of the Infinite (If the secret to the disintegration of the Wheel of the Infinite is not found, the Celestial Empire will be engulfed in chaos) $24.00
Williams, Sean/Dix, Shane Evergence 2: The Dying Light (intelligence agent Morgan Roche goes rogue to find genetically enhanced warrior whose existence threatens humanity's future; PBO) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy The Icarus Hunt (with aliens monopolizing interstellar trade, freighter pilot Jordan McKell's happy to take job with sealed cargo on antique ship, but something's wrong...) $6.50


Bloch, Robert_ed Monsters in Our Midst (horror anthology, various authors; focus on acts humans commit upon one another, explore bounds of sanity and madness) $13.95
Brust, Steven To Reign in Hell (reprint, with intro by Roger Zelazny) $13.95
Costikyan, Greg First Contact (high_tech company is destroyed when aliens arrive, ex_CEO must find sci_fi writer to rebuild his company and his life) $23.95
Dickson, Gordon R The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent (Dragon Knight Jim Eckert must confront 3 disasters of Middle Ages England: war, goblin_plague, and Plantagenets) $26.95
Dozois, Gardner, ed The Year's Best Science Fiction #17 (anthology; more than two dozen short stories from D Marusek, JP Kelly, M Swanwick, R Reed, E Arnason, S Baxter, B Stableford, WJ Williams, others) $17.95
Dunnett, Dorothy Gemini (historical House of Nicolo 8 magnate Nicholas de Fleury unlocks the door to his past) $27.50
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W Michael The Summoning God (sequel; archaeologist finds ancient chamber filled with burned bodies from AD 1263, stalked by spirit warrior) $25.95
Goldstein, Lisa Dark Cities Underground (romance and children's fantasy for adults; young journalist interviews older man who was character of children's books set in fantasy world that's real) $13.95
Haydon, Elizabeth Child of Earth 2: Prophecy (singer Rhapsody, assassin Achmed, and giant Grunthor are prophesied heroes who must find their dark enemy) $27.95
Holland, Cecelia The Pillar of the Sky (reprint; novel of the building of Stonehenge) $14.95
King, J Robert Mad Merlin (set against Camelot, reveal secrets to Merlin's past and powers, his role in destiny of men and gods across millenia) $23.95
Kress, Nancy Probability Moon (Interstellar war through star gates, new human_like race who always tell the truth discover ancient artifact_moon that could save both races) $23.95
Stackpole, Michael, Star Wars: X_Wing Rogue Sqaudron: Masquerade (interim Emperor offers keys to Imperial Throneworld to Princess Leia) $12.95
Yolen, Jane Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories (collection of short stories written for adults, includes Nebula_winning title story) $22.95


Baxter, Stephen Silverhair (young mammoth & her matriarch set out on dangerous glacial/mountain quest for help of distant cousins & enemy "the Lost" to save their kind from 2_legged invaders) $5.99
Berg, Carol Transformation (remarkable boy_prince comes of age in world of demons, haunted memories, terrors of slavery, triumphs of salvation; PBO) $6.99
Blackburn, Julia The Leper's Companions (unnamed protagonist has lost a loved one, she retreats to the past, medieval village full of fairy tales, pilgrimage to Jerusalem) $12.00
Blaylock, James P The Rainy Season (widower inherits mother's house & agrees to care for orphaned niece who can sense emotions from past, voices of dead & powers gathering around house) $6.99
Braunbeck, Gary A Dark Matter: In Hollow Houses (as evil stirs beneath DC, disillusioned federal agent, rash leader & Tibetan refugee are drawn to Hoffman Institute, which may be solution or problem; PBO) $6.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster A Civil Campaign (Miles, Mark & Ivan all have romantic problems & cunning plans to solve them, but will any of their plans survive first contact with the enemy or with each other's plans?) $7.99
Burns, Stephen L Call From a Distant Shore (Earth will die unless 5 people heed the voice in their heads calling for help & answer it-but it's not from Earth....; PBO) $6.99
Carey, Diane Star Trek 94: New Earth 6: Challenger (Enterprise's relief on colony_guard stint arrives damaged & Enterprise must join new ship, crew in facing colony's deadliest challenge; PBO) $6.50
Chalker, Jack L Balshazzar's Serpent (centuries after wormhole collapses isolated humanity, preacher/starship leader brings faith to lost colony, only to find space pirates force him to set evangelism aside) $22.00
Chester, Deborah The Sword, the Ring & the Chalice: The Ring (long_lost talisman helps rebel princess & half_elven courtier realize their shared destiny; PBO) $6.99
Crowley, John Daemonomania (continues story of Rose Ryder, Rosie Rasmussen & Sam, and Pierce Moffett in world poised for a new age to replace science as science replaced magic) $24.95
Czerneda, Julie E Web Shifters 2: Changing Vision (sole survivor of alien race, Esen must break her species' rule of noninterference to keep interspecies tensions from escalating to war; PBO) $6.99
Doherty, Robert Psychic Warriors (Sgt Maj Jimmy Dalton's new career using psychic gifts with high tech in espionage has him tracking down terrorist_stolen revolutionary weapon & KGB_trained psychic predator; PBO) $5.99
Douglas, L Warren Simply Human (2000 years after drastic solution to human gene failures still has too many mutations, cyborg troubleshooter Achibol the Sorceror contends with sabotage, mysterious apprentice; PBO) $6.99
Drake, David Lord of the Isles 3: Servant of the Dragon (Cashel, Sharina, Garric & Ilna continue journeys through kingdoms of the Isles as Sharina's pulled back through time by wizard's spirit) $6.99
Elliott, Kate Crown of Stars 3: The Burning Stone (outcast lovers Liath & Sanglant face paths of politics, forbidden knowledge, family as civil war, invaders threaten, Aoi/human lands re_approach) $6.99
Erdmann, Terry J/Block, Paula M Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion (reference; authorized, comprehensive guide to series, with rare photos, drawings, behind_scenes insights, plots, credits, anecdotes, more) $27.95
Gascoigne, Marc/Jones, Andy_eds Warhammer: Realm of Chaos (anthology of stories set in Warhammer universe) $6.95
Gentle, Mary The Book of Ash 3: The Wild Machines (alternate Burgundy's greatest warrior Ash must decide whether to fight to near_certain doom or retreat when Visigoth armies trap Duke Charles in Dijon siege; PBO) $6.99
Gibson, William All Tomorrow's Parties ("electrifying new novel"; "Gibson's vision is disturbing, his speculation brilliant & his prose immaculate") $13.95
Golden/Sniegoski/Navarro/West/et al Buffy the Vampire Slayer 17:How I Survived My Summer Vacation (anthology of stories filling gaps in saga, as Buffy spends summer in LA with Dad & Xander, Willow fight boredom & the undead in Sunnydale; PBO) $4.99
Grant, Charles Riders in the Sky (4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse gather, War prepares to lead Earth's doom, but handful of people transformed by the Horsemen are ready to face them) $6.99
Green, Simon R Blue Moon Rising (reprint prequel to Hawk & Fisher saga; prince wages war against demonic force of darkness spreading across land) $4.99
Greenberg, Martin H_ed My Favorite Fantasy Story (anthology; top fantasy authors: Pratchett,Silverberg,Kurtz,Saberhagen,Bradley,Martin,Huff,deLint introduce favorite tales by deCamp,Zelazny,James,Kingsolver,Vance,Wellman,more;PBO) $6.99
Herbert, Brian/Anderson, Kevin J Dune: House Atreides (Dune author's notes expanded to tell tale of origins of saga, decades before Paul Atreides came to Arrakis) $6.99
Hobb, Robin Ship of Destiny (Althea and Brashen struggle with their blinded Liveship, Vivacia is subsumed by another personality, a dragon arises capable of remaking the world) $24.95
Jones, Dennis The House of the Pandragore 1: The Stone & the Maiden (as Black Craft master_led Tathars invade Ascendancy, break Deep Magic ban, heiress & soldier quest for the Signata-place holding all places, moments) $6.99
Jones, JV Sword of Shadows 1: A Cavern of Black Ice ( Baker's Boy milieu; new prophecy rises to link 2 from Northern Territories as war & dark magic threaten) $6.99
Jones, JV Sword of Shadows 2: A Fortress of Grey Ice (Ash Marsh and Raif Sevrance separate, Ash helps mythological race prepare for Endlord attack, Raif continues searching for the Fortress) $24.95
King, Stephen Hearts in Atlantis (5 interconnected tales spanning 1960_99 explore "otherworldly decade" of 60s & US during, after Vietnam, with themes of innocence & experience, truth & deception, loss & recovery) $7.99
Knaak, Richard A Dragonlance: The Citadel (to stop air_fortresses sending missiles & draconian_troops, lone commander makes pact with dark mage who devised ultimate fortress with unwitnessed power, evil secret; PBO) $6.99
LeBow, Jess_ed Magic the Gathering: The Myths of Magic (anthology of stories set in MtG universe; PBO) $7.99
Leith, Valery Everien 2: The Riddled Night (Everien's former king attempts to rally outlaws to oust the occupying Pharicians, Tarquin the Free is trapped in a strange jungle) $13.95
Logston, Anne Firewalk (fantasy reprint) $6.50
Luceno, James Star Wars:New Jedi Order:Agents of Chaos 1:Hero's Trial (after Chewie's heroic death in seemingly battle against alien invaders, Han becomes loner again, struggles with grief, escape in adventure & revenge; PBO) $6.99
MacLeod, Ken The Cassini Division (elite, 24c defense force leader Ellen May Ngewthu's plan to rid humanity of godlike "posthumans" leads around world & into deep space to reveal truth) $6.99
Mariotte, Jeff Angel 4: Close to the Ground (protecting client's spoiled daughter turns into nightmare when they realize creature's trapped Angel in struggle for power, fame, immortality; PBO) $4.99
McCaffrey, Anne/Scarborough, E Ann Acorna's World (Acorna, the Unicorn Girl 4 answers distress call from planet of sentient plants, discovers evidence of a major attack by the Khleevi) $23.00
McCarthy, Wil The Collapsium (two awesome technologies give humans the power of gods, two rival scientists must prevent the destruction of the solar system after sabotage) $24.95
Moebius/Lofficier, Randy &Jean_Marc Moebius' Arzach (art; original fantasy novel starring the artist's classic hero, with cover, interior illustrations; PBO) $14.00
Murray, Will Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD: Empyre (comics tie_in; Col Nick Fury & UN crack anti_terrorist group probe series of mysterious plane crashes, but initial suspicions turn to realization they face worst enemy yet;PBO) $6.50
Norton, Andre_cr Four From the Witch World (reprint fantasy anthology; Boyer, Cherryh, Pierce, Tarr) $5.99
Nye, Jody Lynn The Grand Tour (Waking Worlder Chuck Meadows visits Dreamland to find source of soul's misery, but must also learn truth of Dreamland before hostile denizens destroy him; PBO) $6.99
Nylund, Eric S A Signal Shattered (mathematician Jack, few others used alien tech to escape near_omnipotent alien's destruction of Earth, but are still targets, unless Jack can master the gateways' power) $6.99
O'Donohoe, Nick The Gnomewrench in the Peopleworks (displaced dwarves lend their metalworking skills to WWII effort & prove to be heroes; PBO) $6.50
Pratchett, Terry Discworld: Carpe Jugulum ("a trio of witches encounters their most challenging peril-seemingly indestructible vampires from Discworld's Uberwald) $6.99
Roberson, Jennifer Lady of Sherwood (3rd in series; Robin Hood & Lady Marian are caught up in royal intrigue & betrayal that tests their love & faith in each other) $14.00
Roberson, Jennifer Lady of the Forest; Lady of the Glen (reprints; Robin Hood & Lady Marian #1 & 2) $14.95 each
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Black Throne 2: The Black King (Gift faces choice of bringing ancient curse down on family or allowing greatgrandfather's dark soul possessing sister, Queen Arianna, to destroy world; PBO) $6.50
Salvatore, RA Chronicles of Ynis Aielle 3: Bastion of Darkness (despite 2nd defeat at hands of Ynis Aielle's greatest heroes & wizards, Black Warlock Morgan Thalasi is back, now with Staff of Death, able to raise army that can't be killed;PBO) $6.99
Sarabande, William First Americans Saga: Spirit Moon (in prehistoric America, leader faces rebellion within ranks when outcast warrior challenges him with powerful magic; PBO) $6.99
Sherman, David/Cragg, Dan Starfist 5: Technokill (the Confederation sends Gunner Sgt Bass, 3rd platoon & special agent to uncover shadowy figures behind corrupt thefts of alien riches, only to face their fiercest battle; PBO) $6.99
Simmons, Dan The Crook Factory (FBI agent Joe Lucas is sent by J Edgar Hoover to 1942 Cuba to keep eye on Ernest Hemingway & his ragtag spy ring, but game turns deadly when they find critical intelligence) $6.99
Smith, Dean W/Rusch, Kristine K Star Trek 93: New Earth 5: Thin Air (Enterprise & crew continue 5_year mission protecting new colony from alien invasion, unravelling planet's secrets; PBO) $6.50
Sturgeon, Theodore Selected Stories (short story collection) $13.00
Turtledove, Harry The Great War 3: Breakthroughs (alternate WWI history; US is split, with Confederate States supporting Britain & France, US supporting Germany, slaves' descendants launch a Marxist revolution) $26.00
Vonnegut, Kurt Bagombo Snuff Box (collection of his vintage stories) $13.95
Weis, Margaret_ed A Dragonlover's Treasury of the Fantastic (anthology of fantasy tales involving dragons, by Card, Yolen, Zelazny, McCaffrey, more) $6.50
White, James Double Contact (Sector General Dr Prilicla leads expedition to answer near_simultaneous distress beacons, realizes right diagnosis is crucial to 2 species who've nearly wiped each other out) $6.99
Zubrin, Robert Entering Space (near future of space exploration) $13.95


Carmody, Isobelle Obernewtyn 2: The Farseekers (secret community of psychic Misfits begin mission to rescue a distant Misfit, led by Elspeth Gordie with vow to find and dismantle ancient weapons) $23.95
Charnas, Suzy McKee Holdfast Chronicles 4: The Conqueror's Child (Sorrel, daughter of escaped female slave and rebel leader Alldera has adopted a young boy) $14.95
Cook, Glen The Black Company: Glittering Stone 4: Soldiers Live (Black Company leader Croaker must revive his troops, Narayan Singh & Croaker's daughter are attacked by spirit, bring about apocalypse) $25.95
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri, ed Year's Best Fantasy and Horror #13 (anthology; includes stories from Susanna Clark, Neil Gaiman, Robert Girardi, Patricia McKillip, Delia Sherman, Michael M Smith, Steve Rasnic Tem, Gene Wolfe, et al) $17.95
Goodkind, Terry Sword of Truth 5: Faith of the Fallen (Richard Rahl is captured by Dark Sister, taken to heart of Imperial Order, Kahlan Amnell raises army to stop Imperial Order's advance) $27.95
MacLeod, Ken The Sky Road (young scholar in spaceship yard is led by lover to extrapolate future from past, pre_catastrophe leader turns to her own past to make key decision affecting centuries) $24.95
McMullen, Sean The Miocene Arrow (far future, ultra_light fliers war against human_powered battle computers and a tram_based net, but ultimate doomsday machine threatens 40th Cent. America) $27.95
Modesitt, LE Jr Timegods' World (omnibus reprint of Timegods novels Timediver's Dawn & The Timegod ) $17.95
Murphy, Pat The Wild Angel (story of a wolf_raised wild woman of the Sierra Mountains; "no_holds_barred, flat_out adventure") $23.95
Pohl, Frederick The SFWA Grand Masters, Vol 1 (anthology featuring substantial selections of first fifteen Grand Masters, vol 1: Heinlein, Williamson, Simak, deCamp, Leiber) $14.95
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (paperback edition of #2 of very popular fantasy series; national release date August 15) $6.99
Saunders, George/Smith, Lane The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip (young adult; modern fairy tale, young girl is shunned by neighbors as town is under invasion by Velcro_like creatures) $23.95
Slonczewski, Joan Elysium Cycle 3: Brain Plague (intelligent microbe race is colonizing humanity, each colony has its own personality, affecting the host human symbiotically) $24.95
Vinge, Joan D Tangled Up in Blue ( Snow Queen milieu; BZ Gundhalinu is a policeman on trail of internal corruption teamed with a loose cannon and a hooker with a heart of gold) $23.95
Wilson, Robert Charles The Perseids and Other Stories (collection of sf short stories: "bravura ideas, scientific rigor & living, breathing human beings facing choices that matter") $22.95
Wolfe, Gene The Book of the Short Sun 2: In Green's Jungles (narrator Horn quests for heroic leader Patera Silk, tells of numerous adventures on planet Green and his own death, new body resembles Silk) $24.95

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