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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #50 June - August, 2000


[PBO means paperback original]

Adam, Paul Unholy Trinity (investigation of murder of left_wing Italian priest leads to neo_fascists and highest levels of Vatican and government) $25.95
Alibek, Ken Biohazard (the never_before_told story of Russia's secret biological weapon research scientists) $12.95
Andrews, Val Sherlock Holmes & the Baker Street Dozen (13 short stories) $12.95
Andrews, Val Sherlock Holmes and the Tomb of Terror (Holmes and Watson travel through Africa) $12.95
Andrews, Val Sherlock Holmes on the Western Front (Mycroft needs Sherlock to investigate a female spy) $12.95
Bahr, Howard The Black Flower (Civil War novel) $13.00
Bahr, Howard The Year of Jubilo (Confederate soldier returns home in 1865, finds that scores need to be settled) $25.00
Beaton, MC Agatha Raisin & the Fairies of Fryfam (irrepressible widow Agatha Raisin 10, takes witch's advice, moves to Norfolk village where strange events spark fairy rumors, but villager's murder is the last straw) $19.95
Bettle, Janet Unnatural Causes (when British doctor dies of supposed food poisoning, his widow & lawyer Geri Lander suspect more's going on, discover deadly bacterium's developed from shocking cause) $23.95
Bowen, Peter Coyote Wind & Specimen Song (omnibus reprint of first 2 mysteries featuring Montana cattle_brand inspector Gabriel Du Pre) $14.95
Brewer, Sandra Murder for Beltene (somebody is leaving a murdered body per night as a gift to a vampire novelist; she must find the twisted killer) $18.99
Brown, Dan Angels & Demons (physicist's murder & anti_matter theft convince religion professor he has 24 hours to stop Illuminati from destroying Vatican City) $24.95
Brown, Steve Black Fire (novel of Southern church burnings) $13.95
Bryers, Paul The Prayer of the Bone (Jessica arrives at site of lost Maine colony/mom's Native roots to collect archeaologist_sister's remains after animal attack, only to find police investigation ongoing;PBO?) $13.95
Carr, Glyn Death on Milestone Buttress (reprint of 1951 Welsh climbing mystery) $14.00
Chesbro, George C An Affair of Sorcerers (trade paperback reprint; Mongo #3) $16.99
Chesbro, George C City of Whispering Stone (trade paperback reprint; Mongo #2) $16.99
Chesbro, George C Second Horseman Out of Eden (trade pb reprint; Mongo #7) $16.99
Chesbro, George C The Beasts of Valhalla (trade paperback reprint; Mongo #4) $16.99
Chesbro, George C The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone (trade pb reprint; Mongo #6) $16.99
Chesbro, George C Two Songs This Archangel Sings (trade pb reprint; Mongo #5) $16.99
Christie, Agatha Murder at the Vicarage (70th anniversary edition; 1st Miss Marple novel) $ 12.00
Christie, Agatha Poirot 4: Video Boxed Set (videos of David Suchet episodes from A&E: The Million Dollar Bond Robbery , The Plymouth Express & Wasps' Nest ) $39.95
Clausen, Lowen First Avenue (beat cop Sam Wright's life changes when a grisly case drives questions about life & death) $21.95
Coles, Manning Brief Candles (reprint of 1954 comic mystery with ghosts) $14.00
Cornwell, Bernard Stonehenge 2000 B.C. (three rival brothers lead tribe, eldest is bloodthirsty tyrant, second is sorcerer who conceives of Stonehenge but madness corrupts his vision, youngest must end violence) $26.00
Craft, Michael Name Games (gay publisher Mark Manning 4, covers death of expert on eve of miniatures show, but when closeted sheriff's accused, he must step in, uncover town secrets to find truth) $23.95
Cushman, Doug Inspector Hopper (children; illustrated insect sleuths discover mysteries of insect world) $14.95
Cussler, Clive/Kemprecos, Paul The NUMA Files: Serpent (Kurt Austin & NUMA team investigate archeologists's discovery of massacre along Moroccan Coast & run smack into evil force threatening US) $7.99
Dennis, Pat Hotdish to Die For (collection of culinary mystery short stories, plus 18 hotdish recipes, local author) $9.95
Dillon, Millicent Harry Gold (blend of fact & fiction dramatizes life of US chemist who became Soviet spy) $26.95
Dobyns, Stephen Eating Naked (1st collection of 16 short stories) $23.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Kiwi Con (feline sleuth Midnight Louie 12 and human companions follow foe Siamese Hyacinth into scifi/fantasy convention where player is killed and police are lost in the show) $24.95
Dunn, Carola Rattle His Bones (in 1924, Hon. Daisy Dalrymple 8, probes museum curator's murder in dinosaur skeleton's midst, finds deadly tangle of missing gems, dispossessed royalty, professional rivalry) $22.95
Estleman, Loren D Midnight Man (reprint of 1982 Amos Walker mystery) $14.00
Estleman, Loren D Sudden Country (Western crossover; young treasure hunter follows map to lost Civil War gold only 1 step ahead of Quantrill's raiders; PBO) $5.99
Fraser, Caro Judicial Whispers (barrister Leo Davis hopes to marry soliciter Rachel Dean to quiet rumors of his past & become judge, but her own past turns out to hold deadly secrets) $24.95
Goldstone, Lawrence & Nancy Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore (non_fiction; collectors continue to recount their adventures in book hunting) $12.95
Harris, Fred Coyote Revenge (depression_era Oklahoma; when sheriff is murdered, law school dropout takes the job, seeks justice) $24.00
Heller, Jane Name Dropping (teacher Nancy Stern's bemused by celebrity woman with her name in same building, but when she goes on other Nancy's blind date, events turn to "raucous tale of mixups, murder") $24.95
Heller, Ted Slab Rat (highly comic novel of lethal ambition and office politics) $23.00
Hess, Joan A Conventional Corpse (Arkansas bookseller Claire Malloy steps into chaos when mystery convention head falls ill, but idiosyncrasies, feuds pale when attendee dies, author's cat & hated editor vanish) $23.95
Hickham, Homer H, Jr Back to the Moon (Shuttle Columbia hijacked to the moon) $6.99
Higgins, George V At End of Day (two top criminals avoid jail time because of connections to FBI) $24.00
Hutchings, Janet_ed Creme De La Crime (collection of short stories by award_winning authors, all from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine) $24.95
Jonnes, Christopher Bonn Wake Up Dead (researcher invents a machine that allows dreaming the future, sees his own death, tries to prevent it; signing June 24) $12.95
Kaminsky, Stuart Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (reprint; 1940s LA PI Toby Peters is hired by studio head Louis Mayer to stop murderer stalking studio back lots) $12
Kiyonaga, Bina Cady My Spy: Memoir of a CIA Wife (non_fiction; "love story that spans 50 years, 4 continents, 3 wars, 2 races, 5 children & live shouded in the dark & dangerous secrets of a CIA spy") $24.00
Lawson, Philip Muskrat Courage (when child's kidnapped from his home & kidnapper's found dead, Will Keats embarks on deadly hunt from New England to Georgia to find killer,girl(Michael Bishop/Paul DiFilippo)) $23.95
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Stocking (1946 comic mystery with walking corpses and headless nurses) $14.00
Mangold, Tom Plague Wars (a startling look at biological warfare from hidden facets of history, to the anticipated horrors of a none_too_distant future) $27.95
Marcinko, Richard Rogue Warrior: Echo Platoon (the Rogue Warrior, fellow SEALs & Maj Jessica Van Pachen set out to stop Russian/Iranian plot to control oil_rich Caspian Sea, get revenge, rescue hostages & more) $24.95
Mason, Richard The Drowning People (literary first novel; 70_year_old tells of killing his wife and making it look like suicide) $7.50
McInerny, Ralph Heirs & Parents (Indiana lawyer Andrew Broom investigates murder of his summer intern whose many admirers yield many suspects while millionaire's will sparks combat with rival lawyer) $23.95
Meyer, Charles Deathangel (a priest must confront his past when the "real" Deathangel killer reappears after 10 years) $24.95
Michelaard, B The Pegasus Project (military technothriller) $5.50
Pascal, Francine Fearless 8: Heat (young adult; fearless, karate expert, multilingual teen Gaia Moore continues her adventures; PBO) $5.99
Peters, Elizabeth He Shall Thunder in the Sky (Amelia Peabody returns to WWI Egypt, where her pacifist son is angering the British, a charismatic nationalist is rebelling, and her archnemesis Sethos is disrupting the dig: limited number signed) $25.00
Poolman, Kenneth The Speedwell Voyage (nonfiction; tale of piracy and mutiny in the 18th century) $12.00
Qiu Xiaolong Death of a Red Heroine (Inspector Chen Cao heads Shanghai police squad to investigate murder of National Model Worker, finds leads pointing to High Cadre Children of new capitalist leaders) $25.00
Rankin, Ian Death is Not the End (special edition novella; Edinburgh Insp John Rebus hunts for high school girlfriend's missing son through city's underworld; "great scope, depth, & power") $11.95
Raphael, Lev The Death of a Constant Lover (Nick Hoffman 3, finds murders have threatened his tenure case, worse when third dead body turns up) $12.95
Reese, Laura Panic Snap (adult; 10 years after beating, coma took her memory & face, woman's search for identity leads to wealthy, mysterious man, terrifying erotic journey & murder) $24.95
Robinson, Frank M/Hull, Paul Death of a Marionette (US agent in Brussels interviews marionetter on trail of post_Cold war assassin) $13.95
Rogow, Roberta The Problem of the Evil Editor (Conan Doyle/Charles Dodgson 3, find Dodgson's editor loathsome, but when he's murdered & police blame Labor Riots, Oscar Wilde, they call on Whistler, Tenniel to find truth) $23.95
Roosevelt, Teddy/Cabot Lodge, Henry Hero Tales (collection; stories from 1895 of heroes from War for Independence to explorations of western frontier) $8.95
Seymour, Gerald Dead Ground (woman who saw East German secret police kill lover meets killer years later, after the Wall crumbled & makes him pay, but becomes pawn in bigger game) $6.99
Sheil, Timothy Francis The Siam Question (600+ page Sherlock Holmes pastiche covering 1891-1894 in Tibet, Siam, and London, British hardcover) $39.95
Szulc, Tad To Kill the Pope (fictional treatment of real_life assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II) $25.00
Templeman, Roy Sherlock Holmes: the Chinese Junk Affair (3 short stories) $14.95
Thompson, Cole Chocolate Lizards (when Harvard_educated actor's broke, stranded in Abilene, he takes job with female oil rig wildcatter in race to beat competitor; "West Texas oil field gothic") $12.95
Tooley, SD Nothing Else Matters (hit man hired to kill Reverend on the River Queen Casino, but somebody beats him to it) $22.95
Tope, Rebecca A Dirty Death (when unpopular farmer's found dead, accident's assumed, but more deaths point to murder, but despite multitude of suspects, villagers seem strangely reluctant to investigate) $23.95
Treuer, David The Hiawatha (Ojibwe sons move to Mpls, take jobs resulting in crime, punishment and redemption) $14.00
Trow, MJ Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince (Lestrade of Scotland Yard (9) investigates murder of servant girl of Royal Household) $19.95
Walsh, John Evangelist Midnight Dreary (non_fiction; reconstruction of last days of Edgar Allan Poe, including week_long disappearance, reappearing drunk & delirious, followed by death 4 days later) $14.95
Wesson, Marianne A Suggestion of Death (20_year_old girl who has joined militia group accuses father of abuse as he begins campaign for Colorado Senate) $23.95
White, Randy Wayne Ten Thousand Islands (Doc Ford 7 helps mother of hanged teenager deal with graverobbers and threats) $23.95
Woods, Stuart The Run (Presidential hopeful Senator Will Lee and wife Kate, a CIA Deputy Director, must negotiate a way through political scandal and intrigue) $25.00
Wright, Sally S Pursuit & Persuasion (Ben Reese (3) is asked by Scottish professor to investigate her death on the night before she dies) $10.99
Wright, W. Bartow The Wayward Agent (a Bucky Dolan thriller) $13.95
Yonover, Neal Crime Scene USA (non_fiction; The Bureau of Amateur Detectives and Gatherers of Evidence (BADGE) tour America's most horrendous and unusual crime sites) $12.95


Adamson, Mary Jo The Blazing Tree (mid_1800s Boston reporter Michael Merrick investigates series of fires in Shaker community that led to murder; PBO) $5.99
Andrews, Russell Gideon (thriller of a man swept up in conspiracy that could change history and cost him his life) $6.99
Ashbaugh, Regan C In the Red (Chief Fire Marshal Jake Ferguson tracks the killer who's targeted executives of powerful investment firm, killing their wives & burning their homes) $6.99
Avery, Morgan (aka Shirley Kennett) Act of Betrayal (With St. Louis Det. Leo Schultz falsely accused of murder and hunted, partner forensic psychologist PJ Gray (4) makes deal with criminal computer genius;PBO ) $5.99
Beaton, MC Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden (Agatha Raisin 8, retires to resort to regrow hair, but when helpful witch's beaten to death, she realizes one of the elderly residents is killer) $5.99
Beckwith, Col Charlie/Knox, Donald Delta Force (non_fiction; origin and exploits of USArmy's elite counterterrorist unit) $6.99
Benson, Raymond James Bond in High Time to Kill (British agent James Bond battles new criminal organization suspected of stealing state secrets & hunts traitor within government) $6.99
Bolin, MC Gone in 60 Seconds (movie novelization; car thief who'd settled down is called back onto the streets when kid brother gets in trouble following his footsteps; PBO) $5.99
Bonanno, Bill Bound by Honor (non_fiction; Mafia family life, new revelations about the Mob's involvement in the Kennedy assassination, mysterious abduction of Joe Bonanno) $6.99
Boylan, Jeanne Portraits of Guilt (non_fiction; female facial ID specialist & profiler recounts her methods & experiences on prominent cases) $24.95
Brady, James The House that Ate the Hamptons (columnist Beecher Stowe & elegant amour hunt down the owner of a hideous new mansion, but uncooperative Congressman has been killed) $6.99
Burke, James Lee Two for Texas (associational/historical novel; two men escape from prison together & flight takes them to Texas, where becoming heroes of Texas Revolution seems key to freedom) $6.50
Cannell, Dorothy Bridesmaids Revisited (Ellie Haskell (8) looks in on her grandmother Sophia's friends, seance reveals Sophia's romantic entanglements and tragic death and truths of Ellie's origins) $22.95
Chittenden, Margaret Don't Forget to Die (Charlie Plato 4, returns to track a cold_blooded killer; "nineties woman w/keen insight into the wily ways of the criminal mind") $5.99
Chittenden, Margaret Dying to See You (country_western club owner Charlie Plato 5, reluctantly agrees to host high_school reunion, but honored teacher's killed during party & she must dig deep into past for answers) $20.00
Christie, Agatha Death on the Nile (trade paperback reprint) $12.00
Christmas, Joyce Dying Well (Lady Margaret Priam's ready for trouble when she attends Dr Reeve's birthday party & realizes not only his wife but his mistress, wife's lover & spoiled kids are present; PBO) $6.50
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve_cr Tom Clancy's Op_Center: Divide & Conquer (technothriller) $7.99
Coben, Harlan Darkest Fear (sports agent Myron Bolitar (7) struggles with news he has son in need of transplant & donor's missing, but search for donor leads to kidnap spree, FBI tangles, doubts,explosive truth) $23.95
Collins, Max Allan The Hindenburg Murders (history's most terrifying air disaster is basis for gripping new mystery; PBO) $6.50
Constantine, KC Blood Mud (retired police chief Mario Balzic starts security business, but 1st case turns out to involve stolen guns, corrupt politicos, rival police chief, more) $13.95
Constantine, KC Grievance (Pittsburgh Det. Rugs Carlucci (2) tackles killing of steel CEO by sniper, press from Washington & New York, mother's breakdown, partner's promotion hunting, and girlfriend) $23.95
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Triumph (India 1803, young sergeant's story of battle of Assaye) $13.00
Craig, Philip R A Fatal Vineyard Season (ex_cop JW Jackson of Martha's Vineyard 10 shelters vacationing Hollywood actresses from a coming hurricane, plus some enraged local gangsters and a deadly stalker) $5.99
DeLoach, Nora Mama Pursues Murderous Shadows (small_town South Carolina's Candi "Mama" Covington/daughter Simone 3, dig beneath surface for truth behind despised woman's murder only to find another unsuspected murder; PBO) $5.99
Deaver, Jeffery Manhattan is My Beat (reprint of PBO; Greenwich Village street urchin/video store clerk Rune runs errand to pick up 40's movie tape, finds customer dead, but following clues into past may get her killed) $6.99
Deere, Dicey The Irish Cottage Murder (Reformed thief/translator Torrey Tunet is blamed when corpse turns up in bog, priceless necklase goes missing, and her old secret surfaces) $5.99
Douglass, Keith SEAL Team Seven #11: Flashpoint (military adventure; Lt Murdock & crew get new weaponry, just in time to test them on lethal drug lord; PBO) $5.99
Evanovich, Janet High Five (bounty hunter Stephanie Plum contends with cases gone bad, missing uncle, homicidal rapist's return, vice cop Morelli, Super Bounty Hunter Ranger-can it get worse?) $6.99
Fields, Bertram Royal Blood (historical non_fiction; lawyer's brief using 500 year old evidence in attempt to solve mystery of King Richard III and the murder of his nephews) $16.00
Fitzhugh, Bill Cross Dressing (LA adman hides out from enraged copywriter by masquerading as his twin brother, a Catholic priest who recently died of natural causes) $23.00
Flynn, Joseph The Next President (African_American presidential candidate is targeted by JD Cade, Vietnam vet and reluctant assassin, who turns on his secret minders) $23.95
Flynn, Vince Transfer of Power (political thriller by local author; terrorists capture the White House and almost 100 hostages) $6.99
Forrest, Katherine V Sleeping Bones (lesbian LAPD Det Kate Delafield investigates truth behind murder at La Brea Tar Pits) $13.00
Frieder, Pat Privileged Communications (Santa Fe attorney Matty Donahue 2, refuses to turn over murdered psychologist's tapes of sessions with Matty's client, but someone else's willing to kill to get them; PBO) $5.50
Garnett, Cliff Talon Force 4: Secret Weapon (military adventure; the Force must rescue downed pilot from terrorist & destroy terrorist's new weapon; PBO) $5.99
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W Michael The Visitant (anthropologist Dr Maureen Cole excavates NM mass grave, Katsinas People rocked by brutal murders, chief turns to crazy man) $6.99
George, Anne Murder Shoots the Bull (Southern Sisters 5 Patricia Anne and Mary Alice join an investment club, when a friend's husband flirting with a woman who turns up dead, the sisters defend him) $6.50
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of An Irish Lover (Dublin Chief Insp Peter McGarr finds unique method to the death of two inspectors of the Shannon river eel trade) $23.00
Golden, Christopher Head Games (young adult; home for holidays, pathology student Jenna Blake 5, realizes rash of teens going "postal" is tied to mysterious, self_erasing video that sparks homicidal rage;PBO) $4.99
Griffin, WEB The Fighting Agents (Men at War 4; reprint; military adventure) $25.95
Grilley, Kate Death Dances to a Reggae Beat (Kelly Ryan's new job running Virgin Islands radio station is just what she wanted-until murder exposes seamy side of paradise; PBO) $5.99
Hagberg, David Critical Mass (reissue; Kirk McGarvey military thriller) $6.99
Harris, Thomas Hannibal (escaped killer Hannibal Lecter draws FBI Agent Clarice Starling into his web) $7.99
Henrick, Richard P When Duty Calls (military thriller reprint) $5.99
Howard, Linda All the Queen's Men ( Kill & Tell sequel; CIA covert ops specialist needs Niema Burdock to crack terrorist ring, but can she get past the fact that her husband was killed under his command?) $7.50
Hunter, Stephen Hot Springs (audio tape) $25.00
Huston, James W Flash Point (F-14 pilot Lt. Sean Wood in action-packed military political thriller) $25.00
Jacobs, David From the Files of True Detective: Sex Sadists (non_fiction; compilation of 24 cases across the country; PBO) $6.50
Johansen, Iris The Search (Sarah Patrick & golden retriever Monty return to user her psychic abilities & his nose to track kidnapped scientist for billionaire, as killer watches) $24.95
Johnstone, William W Heart of the Mountain Man (Western crossover) $5.99
Jones, Aphrodite The Embrace (non_fiction; rural couple is murdered by teen vampire cult) $6.99
Jones, Jill Bloodline (female FBI profiler must track down a modern_day Jack the Ripper, and solve the Ripper crimes from 1888; PBO) $6.50
Kaminsky, Stuart The Devil Met a Lady (reprint; 1940s LA PI Toby Peters probes WWII spy ring when multiple kidnapping of Bette Davis is tied to German attempts to steal US superbomber plans) $12.00
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks 36 (young reader) $3.99
Kelman, Judith After the Fall (when "perfect kid" is arrested for shocking crime, his family & town are shattered) $6.99
King, Laurie R O Jerusalem (Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes 5, head for 1918 British_occupied Jerusalem, but gov't case leads to pursuit, danger, murder & mastermind bent on destruction) $6.50
Lardo, Vincent The Hampton Affair (middle_class East Hampton Det Eddy Evans must investigate murders tied to big money on both sides of the town's social divide) $6.99
Marcuse, Irene Death of an Amiable Child (Anita Servi probes homeless woman's death, only to find papers leading to park memorial & possibly her own death) $23.95
McNab, Andy Remote Control (British intelligence agent Nick Stone discovers friend's family slaughtered & goes on run with 7_year_old survivor as assassins pursue_but who do they want?) $6.99
Meade, Glenn The Sands of Sakkara (historical military adventure; three former friends meet on opposite sides of a Nazi mission to assassinate FDR) $6.99
Mitchell, Kirk Cry Dance (BIA agent Emmett Quanah Parker/FBI agent Anna Turnipseed 1, at odds investigating Grand Canyon murder, must find common ground to battle killer, dead, history) $6.50
Munger, Katy Bad to the Bone (Casey Jones 4 is hired to find a fugitive spouse by a fragile blonde who then stiffs her the fee and implicates her in a murder;PBO) $5.99
Neely, Barbara Blanche Passes Go (black Boston housecleaner Blanche White goes home to North Carolina, finds that her past rapist is implicated in murder of a young girl) $22.95
Nelson, James L Revolution at Sea 4: Lords of the Ocean (historical naval adventure; Capt Isaac Biddlecomb gets mission to transport secret weapon to France-Benjamin Franklin-in effort to turn France from neutral to colonial ally) $13.95
Nelson, James L Revolution at Sea 5: All the Brave Fellows (historical naval adventure; when British overrun Philadelphia in 1777, Capt Isaac Biddlecomb, crew, wife, child must fight their way through Battle of Delaware to get to ship) $23.95
Newman, Sharan_ed Crime Through Time III (anthology of historical mysteries by Alexander, Coel, Greeley, Keating, Lovesey, McCrumb, Monfredo, Robinson, Turtledove, more; PBO) $6.99
O'Kane, Leslie The School Board Murders (cartoonist Molly Masters 3, must turn sleuth again when school board dispute over money for arts vs sports turns deadly & her father is a prime suspect in murder; PBO) $6.50
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Acts of Malice (Tahoe att'y Nina Reilly 5, defends man accused of brother's murder, must expose prominent, resort_owning family's tangled affairs, confront psychopath) $7.50
Olden, Marc The Ghost (NYPD Det Rosalind Magellan enjoys double life of working undercover, but the backup cop she relies on starts stalking her with threats from hidden past) $6.99
Pascal, Francine Fearless 9: Blood (young adult; Gaia reconsiders consequences of fearlessness after Mary's murder, but when depression turns to death wish, Ed plans hoax to reach her that turns into real danger; PBO) $5.99
Passman, Don The Visionary (both detective seeking murderer & woman with visions of murder seek help from psychiatrist, who determines all 3 are target of same killer) $7.99
Pearson, Ridley The First Victim (Seattle Det Lou Boldt/Sgt John LaMoia contend with TV anchor in pursuit of illegal alien import scam tied to Triads & murder) $7.99
Prescott, Michael The Shadow Hunter (hunter of stalkers Abby Sinclair takes on TV news anchor's stalker & moves in for the kill; PBO) $6.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Thunderhead (archaeologist Nora Kelly remounts expedition father ran years before seeking Lost City of Gold in SE Utah, where he vanished) $7.50
Ramus, David On Ice (in rarefied world of super_rich, Southern horse_breeders, sought_after stable_builder Ben Hemmings is framed for heinous crime & sentenced to decade in federal prison; PBO) $23.95
Reeves_Stevens, Judith & Garfield Quicksilver (only 1 man & 1 woman can save world when terrorists seize Pentagon & control center for killer satellite) $6.99
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Haunted Lady (reprint; murder takes place under the nose of nurse/detective assigned by police to keep wealthy woman alive) $5.99
Robbins, David L War of the Rats (during WWII siege of Stalingrad, Russian & German master snipers pursue each other in war of will & wits; based on true story) $6.99
Roberts, Gillian Adam & Evil (teacher Amanda Pepper 9, takes class on field trip to Philadelphia's Free Library, but murder's on the syllabus, too) $6.50
Roberts, Les The Best Kept Secret (Milan Jacovich 11, defends a gay college freshman accused of rape, but when college official with proof is murdered, can he find the truth?) $5.99
Rust, Megan Mallory Coffin Corner (Alaska bush pilot Taylor Morgan 3, sets out to find truth behind fellow pilot's murder, but she could be killer's next target; PBO) $5.99
Saulnier, Beth Distemper (upstate NY's Gen X reporter Alex Bernier 2, finds herself corresponding with serial killer stalking Ivy League coeds & may become victim herself if she can't stop him first; PBO) $6.50
Schanker, DR A Criminal Appeal (idealistic law clerk Nora Lumsey must affirm murder conviction of 13_year_old deaf black boy, but begins to doubt the case, sets out to find real killer) $5.99
Shames, Laurence Welcome to Paradise (when low_level NY mafioso & salesman set out for Key West vacations in cars with same vanity plates, the mafioso's enemies set out to follow) $6.99
Smith, Michael A New America (religous terrorist is obsessed with and kidnaps female journalist, her husband follows to separatist colony in Dakotas where National Guard has been subverted) $6.99
Speart, Jessica Border Prey (Rachel Porter 4 gets tip on primate smugglers but her informant is found murdered and a mysterious thug is gunning for her) $5.99
Stowers, Carlton Sins of the Son (non_fiction; author's own son arrested for murder of his young ex_wife) $6.50
Talley, Marcia Unbreathed Memories (Hannah Ives has enough trouble in her life, so when sister's prime suspect in therapist's murder she must decide whether she really wants to know the truth; PBO) $5.99
Tiffin, Patricia Watching Vanessa (three girlfriends become victims of a stalker, the fourth friend's new lover, turn the tables and stalk him back) $6.99
Tyng, Charles Before the Wind (memoir of an American sea captain 1808-1833) $13.95
Wagner, James/Picciarelli, Patrick Jimmy the Wags: Street Stories of a Private Eye (non_fiction; memoirs of "tough guy" New York PI) $5.99
Waldman, Ayelet Nursery Crimes (public defender turned stay_at_home mom Juliet Applebaum investigates preschool principal's hit_and_run death despite being 8 months pregnant and with a toddler) $21.95
Weisman, John The Last Warrior (ghost written autobiography of CIA officer, exposes secrets, dysfunctions of CIA) $26.00
Westbrook, Robert Red Moon (New Mexico PI Howard Moon Deer/Jack Wilder 3, follow clues into past to theft of valuable painting & start of murderous legacy; PBO) $5.99
Wilcox, Valerie Sailing Mystery 3: Sins of Deception (Kellie Montgomery's new sailing charter business hits a snag when a passenger's arrested for murder; PBO) $5.99


Axler, James Deathlands 50: Pandora's Redoubt (post_apocalypse military adventure) $5.99
Battison, Brian The Christmas Bow Murder (DCI Jim Ashworth follows trail of blackmail, hit_and_run, and lesbianism from gift_wrapped body of promiscuous blonde) $9.95
Bolitho, Janie Snapped in Cornwall (Rose Trevelyan, a painter and photographer is invited to a party where hostess is found dead, killer may be someone she knows) $9.95
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse On Probation (Monsieur and hound Pommes Frites opens a can of worms when interviewing legendary chef Andre Dulac) $9.95
Craig, Philip R Vineyard Blues (ex_cop JW Jackson of Martha's Vineyard 11 investigates an arsonist who's burning summer houses and nearly kills his friend and bluesman Corrie Appleyard) $23.00
Greenleaf, Stephen Ellipsis (San Fran PI John Marshall Tanner 14 is bodyguard to an alluring writer receiving death threats, dodges car bomb set by one of many suspects) $24.00
Haddam, Jane Sweet, Savage Death (Reprint, originally published as "by Orania Papazoglou"; Patience McKenna is a romance writer/cat provider caught up in murder, and mayhem at Writers of Romance Convention) $8.00
Hagberg, David Joshua's Hammer (CIA Director Kirk McGarvey ? must protect US and Pres's daughter from mad Saudi terrorist and nuclear bomber who's daughter was killed in surgical strike) $25.95
Haynes, Alan The Elizabethan Secret Services (non_fiction; spies and spycatchers, 1570_1603, invoked by Protestant fear of exiled presence of Mary, Queen of Scots in England) $15.95
Hensley, Joe L/Townsend, Guy M Loose Coins (rare coin expert/PI Al Sears's stunned when poker game's interrupted by attempted murder aimed at him & starts unravelling coin_world web of greed, revenge & treachery) $5.99
Hunter, Stephen Hot Springs (Bob Lee Swagger's father in summer of '46 Arkansas is recruited to take down the corrupt mob casinos) $25.00
Kaye, MM Death in Berlin (reprint; vacationer Miranda Brand visits Germany in early 1950s, becomes involved in fortune in lost diamonds & murder on night train to Berlin) $12.95
Law, Janice The Night Bus (woman's fragmented memories of her sudden flight from husband contain truth behind husband's other women and their fate) $24.95
Moody, Bill Bird Lives! (jazz pianist Evan Horne 4, investigates musicians killed leaving Parker fan clues, but learns murderer will keep killing til her musician_brother's suicide's proved murder) $5.99
Pearson, Ridley Middle of Nowhere (Lou Bolt, Daphne Matthews and Sgt John LaMoia work on a robbery turned brutal as the rest of the Seattle Police Force go on unofficial strike) $23.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 259: Nightfire (paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 47: Command Force (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Puzo, Mario Omerta (audio tape) $25.00
Reichs, Kathy Deadly Decisions (forensic anthrop. Tempe Brennan 3 ties a nine year old shot in a Montreal street and a NC teen's skeleton to outlaw motorcycle gangs) $25.00
Roberts, Barrie Sherlock Holmes and The Devil's Grail (American inventor's son is abducted and Holmes and Watson uncover a perverse religious cult run by Moriarty's lieutenant Drew) $9.95
Stryker, Dev A Wilderness of Mirrors (daughter of spies, Amelia Pierce (2) confronts plot to replace high level moles with identical brainwashed twins (aka Murphy, Warren/Cochran, Molly)) $24.95
Sussman, Susan/Avidon, Sarajane Audition for Murder (when aging diva dies during actress Morgan Taylor's audition, she finds she's landed in dangerous tangle of competition, suspicion & murder) $5.99
Trevanian Hot Night in the City (collection of stories, each with stylistic voice new for each genre, covering "parade of unforgettable characters in compelling situations") $24.95


Bedford, Martyn The Houdini Girl (magician unlocks secrets and history of dead Irish woman he loved, despite trail leading through addiction, prostitution, terrorism & murder) $13.00
Benson, Raymond Doubleshot (James Bond's reputation and sanity are in danger from criminal conspiracy) $23.95
Cannell, Dorothy The Trouble with Harriet (Ellie Haskell (9) is troubled by prodigal father with lost urn containing ashes of ladylove) $5.99
Carlon, Patricia The Price of an Orphan (nine_year_old city orphan is placed on Australian outback ranch, is disbelieved when he claims seeing a murder) $12.00
Carlon, Patricia The Unquiet Night (killer stalks two eyewitnesses in small Australian town, woman and her young niece, he traps her in a steel vault to suffocate) $22.00
Edwards, Grace F Do or Die (Harlem sleuth Mali Anderson 4, returns from QE2 voyage to track killer of father's jazz band's singer through beauty shops, barbershops & bars) $22.95
Evans, Penelope Freezing (mortuary photographer Stewart with no social skills photos a drowned girl, becomes obsessed with finding her identity) $12.00
Grange, Jean Christopher Blood_Red Rivers (two unconventional policemen's investigations dovetail as French murders increase) $25.00
Jackson, Jon A La Donna Detroit (Det Sgt "Fang" Mulheisen's latest case lands him smack in middle of the Detroit mob) $24.00
McGarrity, Michael The Judas Judge (Dep. chief of NM state police Kevin Kerney (5) takes on two seemingly separate murders linked by police corruption that lead to highest reaches of government) $23.95
Montalban, Vazquez An Olympic Death (Pepe Carvalho 2 works for the Olympic entrepreneurs as they overrun Barcelona and bring modern values and murder with them) $11.99
Montalban, Vazquez Southern Seas (reprint) $13.00
Powers, Thomas The Confirmation (new director of the CIA is nominated, while the powerful manuever thru the back rooms of Washington D.C.) $25.95
Sakamoto, Kerri The Electrical Field (unusual friendship between aging Japanese_Canadian woman & girl desperate to uncover truth yields "rare & haunting debut about memory & murder") $13.00
Shames, Laurence The Naked Detective (reluctant Key West PI Pete Amsterdam is recruited by blonde, meets Lefty Ortega and his nympho daughter, a shady gambling ship operator, and a lissome yoga instructor) $22.95
Tanenbaum, Robert K Act of Revenge (ADA Butch Karp & security_expert/wife Marlene find their daughter target of escalating war between NY mafia & Chinese gangs) $7.50
Wesley, Valerie Wilson The Devil Riding (PI Tamara Hayle goes undercover in Atlantic City casinos to track runaway teen) $23.95


New Adv of Mary_Kate & Ashley 8:Case of the Flying Phantom (young reader/media tie_in; on family visit to Smithsonian Air & Space museum, the twins suspect someone or something's in the Wright Brothers' plane; PBO) $4.25
Adamson, Lydia Dr Nightingale Seeks Greener Pastures (vet Dr Nightingale's Atlantic City vacation betting on horses turns into high_stakes game of murder; PBO) $5.99
Armstrong, Joshua/Bruno, Anthony The Seekers (bounty hunter suspense action) $24.00
Babson, Marian The Company of Cats (gossip maven Annabel Hinchby_Smythe's lured to computer billionaire's flat, but finds him murdered & joins w/his cat & her family to find truth) $5.99
Benson, Ann Burning Road (physician Alejandro Canches seeks foster child/Edward Plantagenet's daughter, amid 100_Yrs War as Dr Janie Crow seeks answers to 2007 disease in ancient text) $6.50
Blanc, Nero Two Down (PI Rosco Polycrates (2)and his lover, crossword editor Belle Graham check out missing Hollywood actress; includes crossword puzzles) $13.00
Block, Lawrence A Dance at the Slaughterhouse (Reprint; PI Matt Scudder hired to prove that socialite orchestrated murder of his pregnant wife, tour of New York's sex_for_sale underworld) $13.00
Buff, Joe Deep Sound Channel (military adventure; nuclear sub & SEAL team) $23.95
Bugge', Carole Who Killed Dorian Gray? (mystery editor Claire Rawlings 2, finds teaching stint at Woodstock artists colony full of bad vibes that get worse when resident's found murdered; PBO) $5.99
Burke, James Lee Heartwood (TX defense attorney Billy Bob Holland defends hapless man accused of stealing from local kingpin, but is up against own past as well as dangerous man) $7.50
Carter, Paula Red Wine Goes with Murder (decorators Hillary & Jane 3, attend prestigious cooking school in south of France, but weren't expecting the corpse in the wine vat; recipe incl; PBO) $5.99
Caspary, Vera Laura ("lost classic" reprint; murdered woman's story is told by 3 men-Hollywood gossip columnist, fiance & Det Mark McPherson, who must reconstruct life to solve mystery of death) $14.00
Child, Lee Running Blind (ex_MP Jack Reacher (4) hunts killer targeting ex_military women, leaves no trace, no connection between victims) $18.95
Child, Lee Tripwire (ex_MP Jack Reacher (3) tracks murder of stranger who came looking for him to NY & probes the deadly web of his opponent) $7.50
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve_cr Tom Clancy's Net Force 11: Gameprey (young adult; computer game convention turns deadly when game monsters escape & attack Net Force Explorers in virtual reality; PBO) $4.99
Clark, Mary Jane Do You Promise Not to Tell? (TV news producer Farrell Slater 2, learns boss_rejected story of Faberge egg auction hides secrets, fraud, intrigue & danger) $6.99
Collins, Wilkie The Woman in White (reprint of English classic) $7.95
Connolly, John Every Dead Thing (ex_NYC Det Charlie Parker's haunted by unsolved murders of wife & daughter, joins psychologist & 2 criminals to bait trap for serial killer) $6.99
Cook, Robin Shock (female graduate students donate eggs, uncover horrifying research) $24.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Don't Drink the Water (EJ Pugh returns, join sisters & families on Caribbean vacation, but corpse & series of "accidents" drive her to track down killer before vacation becomes wake; PBO) $5.99
Cornwell, Patricia The Last Precinct (Kay Scarpetta (12) investigates deaths of America's first settlers at 18th century Jamestown, VA, becomes target of hate crimes, police) $26.95
Daheim, Mary Auntie Mayhem (B&B reprint) $5.99
Day, Dianne Death Train to Boston (injured in Utah train explosion during case, Fremont Jones & Michael Archer Kossoff are separated & must escape, respectively, a Mormon looking for 6th wife & ex_rival spy) $5.99
Dickinson, Peter Some Deaths Before Dying (elderly, paralyzed Rachel Matson spots husband's pistol on antiques show, sets out to learn how it came there, finds sordid secret, devastating truth) $13.95
Dixon, Franklin W Hardy Boys 162: The End of the Trail (young adult) $3.99
Dobyns, Stephen Boy in the Water (new headmaster at elite boys' school isn't the only one with secrets, but as school year goes on, tension & suspicion escalate to savagery & murder) $6.99
Dorsey, Tim Hammerhead Ranch Motel (Florida folklorist Serge A Stormes returns to the last old beach motel where Haliburton, the $5 million, and assorted crazies wait out a hurricane) $24.00
Douglas, John/OIshaker, Mark The Anatomy of Motive (non_fiction; FBI profiling pioneer uses actual cases to explore development & evolution of criminal mind) $7.99
Estleman, Loren D The Rocky Mountain Moving Picture Association (fledgling film business may be saved by fledgling screenwriter, foreclosure threatened by Thomas Edison's Eastern Trust monopoly) $6.99
Ferris, Monica A Stitch in Time (3rd in series; damaged tapestry discovered in small_town church closet leads needleworkers on hunt for clues to "crafty crime"; local author-Kuhfeld, signing July 22; PBO) $5.99
Franklin, Tom Poachers (anthology set in southern Alabama) $12.00
Fredrickson, Michael A Cinderella Affidavit (police officer is killed in botched Chinatown drug raid, court requires snitch's appearance; corporate atty Matthew Boer hired to protect snitch from police, mob) $6.99
George, Anne Murder Carries a Torch (Southern Sisters' (7) cousin Luke's wife has run off with a preacher, the three find a dead body on sacred ground and a rattlesnake in their own car) $23.00
Glatt, John Blind Passion (non_fiction; swimsuit model who left daughter to be with man met on cruise tries to go back & is killed by "lover") $6.50
Green, Chloe Going Out in Style (Texas fashion stylist Dallas O'Connor's used to industry backstabbing, but when model's killed on set, she draws on family & friends to get to bottom of it all) $20.00
Grippando, James Under Cover of Darkness (Seattle law firm head Gus Wheatley's missing wife may be newest victim of serial killer, she may be accomplice to cult leader) $25.00
Gur, Batya Murder Duet: A Musical Case (Jerusalem police officer Michael Ohayon 4, investigates murders of friend's father and brother, both well_known musicians, finds sheet music for unknown Vivaldi requiem) $14.00
Hall, Parnell A Clue for the Puzzle Lady (when lone clue to girl's murder is crossword puzzle in her pocket, Police Chief Dale Harper turns to national expert Cora Felton, who takes matters into own hands) $5.99
Hambly, Barbara Sold Down the River (1830's; free man of color Benjamin January's (4) former owner wants him to find deadly answer to sinister events at remote plantation) $23.95
Harrison, Janis Roots of Murder (rural Missouri florist Bretta Solomon digs into death of Amish supplier & overturns roots of mistrust, suspicion & murder) $5.99
Hegwood, Martin Big Easy Backroad (New Orleans freelance investigator Jack Delmas agrees to help barmaid find missing boyfriend, despite his drug running pals,but then the murders start) $5.99
Henry, Sue Beneath the Ashes (Alaskan Jessie Arnold (7) harbors an old friend/battered wife while a fire ravages a local pub and Jessie's hand_built cabin) $23.00
Higgins, Jack The White House Connection (ex_terrorist Sean Dillon/US operative Blake Johnson must get to bottom of Irish splinter group murders that threaten both governments) $7.50
Hoag, Tami Ashes to Ashes (witness advocate/ex_FBI agent Kate Conlan's assigned to homeless juvie who saw The Cremator, but warring agendas on all sides may put her in killer's hands) $7.99
Iles, Greg The Quiet Game (widower Penn Cage returns to hometown to find father's being blackmailed, teams with newspaper publisher to reopen murder case, take on local judge & FBI to find truth) $6.99
Isaacs, Susan Shining Through (romantic suspense reprint) $6.99
Jacobs, David The Best of Court TV: Blood & Lust (non_fiction/TV tie_in; compilation of cases originally seen on documentary series; PBO) $6.99
Jance, JA Devil's Claw (Sheriff Joanna Brady 8 is experiencing life_overload as her neighbor and handyman dies and his daughter accuses Joanna of covering up a possible murder) $24.00
Johnson, Wayne Six Crooked Highways (local resort owner Paul Two Persons (2) opposes highway planned across American Indian land, death of boy, searches for killer with cop friend Charlie) $23.00
Kean, Rob The Pledge (when member of college disciplinary council refuses to rubberstamp exoneration of fraternity in hazing death, she learn the true nature of their crimes & power) $7.50
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew 155: Mystery in Tornado Alley (young adult) $3.99
Kellerman, Faye Jupiter's Bones (LAPD Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus 11, probes murder of famous cosmologist/astrophysicist who disappeared for 10 years & reappeared as leader of notorious cult) $7.50
Kendrick, Stephen Holy Clues (non_fiction; methods of Sherlock Holmes examined in terms of religious teachings, great thinkers) $12.00
Kress, Nancy Stinger (bio_medical thriller; increase in fatal strokes in black adults points to new malaria strain, back_office FBI agent must convince superiors of threat) $6.99
Krueger, William Kent Boundary Waters (ex_sheriff Cork O'Connor 2, hired to find country_western singer vanished in MN's Quetico_Superior Wilderness realizes he's not the only one looking) $6.99
Levinson, Robert The Elvis and Marilyn Affair (soap queen Stevie Marriner is prime suspect in murder of Hollywood director; ex_husband, reporter Neil Gulliver must untangle rumor of famous affair to prove her innocence) $6.99
Maitland, Barry The Marx Sisters (DCI Kathy Kolla & CCI David Brock team up to find murderer of great_granddaughters of Karl Marx) $6.99
Manheim, Mary H The Bone Lady (non_fiction; forensic anthropologist's cases, science) $11.95
Martell, Mike SEALS Strategic Warfare: Operation Hangman (when CIA agent outlines mission, 4_man team plans & carries out clockwork operation; incl maps, weapons illos; PBO) $6.99
McGarrity, Michael The Judas Judge (audio tape) $25.00
McNab, Andy Crisis Four (British intelligence agent must decide between catching his ex_lover, a CIA double agent and losing guardianship of the orphaned girl he's been raising) $24.95
Milton, Giles Nathaniel's Nutmeg (nautical adventure) $13.95
Mitchell, Kirk Spirit Sickness (BIA Emmett Parker & FBI Anna Turnipseed (2) investigate brutal murder of cop and wife, drug runners, Navajo gang, and spirits of the dead) $23.95
Moseley, Margaret A Little Traveling Music, Please (book rep Honey Huckleberry 3, heads for London in search for missing accountant & her savings only to be met by an unfriendly face; PBO) $6.50
Muller, Marcia A Walk Through the Fire (PI Sharon McCone takes job in Hawaii & brings along Hy Ripinski, but finds the case of sabotaged documentary turning tensions into desire & murder) $6.99
Muller, Marcia Listen to the Silence (San Francisco PI Sharon McCone returns to bury her father, discovers her own adoption papers, searches for biological parents on Idaho reservation) $23.95
Murray, Mike Navy SEALS 3: Green Solitaire (military adventure; Blacklight Team goes in to rescue hostages from South Africa racist/terrorist group who're after missile launch codes; PBO) $5.99
Newman, Sharan Cursed in the Blood (medieval ex_nun Catherine LeVendeur 5, in Scotland with husband Edgar after his brothers are killed, realizes someone aims to destroy the whole family) $6.99
O'Connell, Jack Word Made Flesh (New England policeman Gilrein's wife and fellow officer is killed, quits force and pursues dangerous evidence of macabre conspiracy) $13.00
Pascal, Francine Fearless 10: Liar (young adult action; PBO) $5.99
Penman, Sharon Kay The Queen's Man (in 1193,Justin de Quincy's recruited by Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine to find truth behind son Richard the Lionheart's continued absence, rumors son John plots to seize the crown) $6.50
Peters, Elizabeth Trojan Gold (art historian Vicky Bliss reprint) $6.99
Powers, Martha Sunflower (single mom Lt Sheila Brady joins small_town WI police, only to land case of brutal child murder series & must uncover town secrets behind facade) $6.99
Reichs, Kathy Deadly Decisions (audio tape) $25.00
Rendell, Ruth A Sleeping Life (Inspector Wexford (10) puzzles out woman's death, leads to missing writer Mr Grenville West, second Grenville West appears) $11.00
Rendell, Ruth Shake Hands Forever (Inspector Wexford's (9) career and marriage is jeapardized by strangulation of a paranoid wife, conflicting evidence, beautiful neighbor) $11.00
Richman, Phyllis Murder on the Gravy Train (DC food writer Chas Wheatley 2, realizes something's rotten in popular new restaurant when chef vanishes, bodies appear & trail leads through underbelly of culinary biz) $5.99
Roberts, Gillian Helen Hath No Fury (schoolteacher Amanda Pepper (10) suspects murder in fellow book club member's death on Philadelphia's Delancy Street) $23.00
Robinson, Patrick USS Seawolf (modern naval thriller; super-sub falls into China's hands and must be recaptured) $25.00
Robinson, Peter In a Dry Season (Yorkshire Det Alan Banks/DS Annie Cabot investigate skeleton discovered in village submerged by reservoir for 50 years & reopens unsolved murder; Edgar Best Novel nominee; signed hc available $24.00) $6.99
Rucka, Greg Shooting at Midnight (PI Bridgett Logan made vow to friend as teen, but keeping her word means murder, as two men pursue-one to save her, the other to kill her) $5.99
Salem, Jon The Perfect Mother (Sharon Driver's perfect life's shattered when adopted daughter's birth mother decides nothing-including murder-can stop her being the perfect mom; PBO) $5.99
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Dilemma (Palm Beach PI Archy McNally returns to untangle blackmail case & lead to murder, but there's more to the story) $7.99
Sauter, Stacey One False Move (rookie female cop goes undercover to catch high_society serial killer, but finds flirting with danger more threatening than expected; PBO) $6.99
Scott, Manda Stronger Than Death (veterinarian Kellen Stewart (3) realizes succession of tragedies all have suspicious ties to past shared by friend, pathologist Lee Adams; PBO) $5.50
Sedgewick, John The Dark House (rich, handsome stalker reveals decade_old murder, must unlock his family's secret past) $25.00
Simon, Roger L Wild Turkey (reprint; PI Moses Wine 2, challenged by guerilla journalist to clear bestselling author of TV anchorwoman's murder, but suspect's death is dangerous complication) $14.00
Straub, Peter Mr X (as man approaches 35th birthday, extroardinary events reveal secret of his identity & his family's fantastic nature) $7.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Small_Town Honey (school psychologist Skye Denison reluctantly returns home to Scumble River, only to land in midst of murder; "gently wry humor & jaunty twists & turns"; PBO) $5.99
Thurston, Carol The Eye of Horus (medical illustrator Kate McKinnon discovers a disturbing tableau of a female mummy with broken bones, parallel with story of young Egyptian girl's crime) $24.00
Viets, Elaine Doc in the Box (St Louis reporter Francesca Vierling 4, takes friend to hospital, but aftermath of killer's spree has her hot on trail, especially when she realizes she may be on hit list;PBO) $5.99
Wallace, Marilyn_ed The Best of Sisters in Crime (anthology of short mysteries selected from SIC anthologies incl Clark, Grafton, Paretsky, McCrumb, George, more) $5.99
West, Chassie Killing Kin (DC cop Leigh Ann Warren 2, despite being out on disability, must find missing partner/fiance before his pursuers, but finds her own life on line, too; PBO) $5.99
Wolzien, Valerie This Old Murder (contractor Josie Pigeon's latest job is to be filmed for PBS remodeling series, but frustration with production crew makes her the prime suspect when murdered body's found; PBO) $6.50


Butler, Gwendoline Coffin's Game (when terrorist strikes at Docklands kill woman first ID'd as Cmdr Coffin's wife, he lands in midst of treachery threatening to shatter personal, professional life) $5.99
Campbell, Ramsey Silent Children (mad murderer Hector Woollie haunts children in house where previous murder was committed, children know Woollie's right next door) $24.95
Caudwell, Sarah The Sibyl in Her Grave (long awaited fourth in series! barrister Julia Larwood & pals turn to their Oxford mentor Hilary Tamar for help tracking money trail of dead "psychic counselor") $23.95
Crider, Bill The Ghost of a Chance (Sheriff Dan Rhodes 10, must step in when jailer & dispatcher's feud goes quiet over haunting rumors & mysterious corpse found in neighboring town) $23.95
Crider, Bill Winning Can be Murder (Sheriff Dan Rhodes keeps lid on local excitement over football playoffs, but then coach is murdered & leads point to illegal betting, steroids & return of Rhodes' nemesis) $5.99
Deere, Dicey The Irish Manor House Murder (American in Irish village Torrey Tunet 2, investigates when wealthy man is killed on estate grounds & granddaughter is suspected) $23.95
Ellis, Kate The Armada Boy (Det Sgt Wes Peterson 2, called in when archaeologist finds American's body in chapel ruins, only to realize case reaches back 50 years may tie to 400_year_old parallel case) $22.95
Estleman, Loren D White Desert (Western crossover; Montana_based US Marshall Page Murdock pursues vicious gang of escaped slaves and Sioux into north Canada winter) $22.95
Evanovich, Janet Hot Six (bounty hunter Stephanie Plum & vice cop Joe Morelli hunt Ranger, but real criminal's unclear, as Grandma Mazur moves in despite temptation, maniacs, FTAs, donut addiction) $24.95
Glass, Joseph Blood (psychic police profiler Dr. Susan Shader must stop a sexually obsessed serial killer preying on young women in Chicago) $24.00
Grell, Mike Sable (Jon Sable's expelled from Africa for taking revenge on poachers who killed family, becomes NY author only to learn enemy from past is out to kill him; comic book hero in first novel) $24.95
Harper, Karen Down to the Bone (Amish widow Rachel Mast struggles to make it on her own, but Mitch Randall's interest in her sparks community backlash & exposure of deadly secrets; PBO) $6.50
Harper, Philip Death Benefit (reporter/vigilante George Gray works to unravel scam where murders look like accidents leading to wrongful_death insurance suits worth millions) $24.00
Harstad, Donald The Big Thaw (Deputy Sheriff Houseman/Hester Gorse 3, stumble on million_ dollar scheme to raid Iowa's biggest economic asset, a riverboat casino) $23.95
Hegwood, Martin A Green_Eyed Hurricane (Biloxi PI Jack Delmas 2, investigates murder of friend just after their fishing trip, probing casino development, local hooligans, money_hungry relatives to get at real killer) $23.95
Keating, HRF The Hard Detective (Det Harriet Martens' hard reputation precedes her with criminals, but when 2 of her officers are murdered in what looks like start of series, is her rep more harm than help?) $21.95
Klein, Daniel Kill Me Tender (just home from Army tour in Germany, Elvis Presley learns fan club presidents across Tennessee are being killed, steps in to find the truth himself) $22.95
Law, J Patrick The Assistant (young Jew discovers double agents of the Mossad high in American government, Americans, Israelis, and Arabs pursue him) $25.00
Ludlum, Robert/Lynds, Gayle Covert One: The Hades Factor (combat doctor investigates source of unknown virus that is killing Americans) $15.95
Medawar, Mardi Oakley The Ft Larned Incident (healer Tay_bodal 4, joins Kiowa on trip to 1st Indian Affairs Bureau 1870 opening to celebrate treaty, but killer strikes on annuity day, culprit must be found before more die) $23.95
Murphy/Sapir_cr Destroyer 120: The Last Monarch (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Nelscott, Kris A Dangerous Road (as racial tension grips 1968 Memphis, black PI Smokey Dalton's hired by white woman to learn why mother put him in will, uncovers 30_year_old secret shattering both their lives) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 260: Dayhunt (paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 73: Storm Front (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Schumacher, Aileen Affirmative Reaction (El Paso environmental engineer Tory Travers discovers county commissioner's body & investigation turns up life of graft, corruption, suicide & blackmail) $5.99
Sussman, Susan/Avidon, Sarajane Cruising for Murder (actress Morgan Taylor 2, takes cruise ship gig, only to learn too late her predecessor was murdered & killer may still be at large) $23.95
Wilson, John Morgan The Limits of Justice (gay journalist Benjamin Justice 4, agrees to help dead star's daughter rebut sleazy expose, but her death indicates deeper story, links to sinister desert compound) $22.95
Wimberley, Darryl Dead Man's Bay (black Det Barrett Raines 2, new case while struggling with last case's fallout draws on all courage, wit to follow trail from stranger's body to remote island, face what he finds) $22.95
Wright, Nancy Means Poison Apples (Vermont farmer Ruth Willmarth returns to help orchard farmer_friend probe rash of catastrophes, only to realize her own troubles are closer, more dangerous than she thought) $24.95
Zubro, Mark Richard Drop Dead (gay Chicago Det Paul Turner 5, investigates death of male super_model who fell from major hotel, may've been murdered) $12.95
Zubro, Mark Richard One Dead Drag Queen (when gay teacher Tom Mason's injured in health clinic bombing, partner/pitcher Scott Carpenter believes Tom was target & he's next, must find killer first) $22.95


Altman, John A Gathering of Spies (in 1943 US, Nazi spy bearing atomic secrets heads for Germany & Allies' hope of stopping her rests with British double agent with suspect loyalties) $24.95
Evans, Penelope First Fruits (Edinburgh teenager Kate Carr is charismatic preacher's daughter, taught to manipulate people, recurrent nightmare reveals a hidden truth to her) $23.00
Fyfield, Frances Perfectly Pure and Good (beautiful attorney Sarah Fortune recovers from attack by deceased client, travels to seaside town to settle estate, discovers echos of attacker) $5.99
Puzo, Mario Omerta (Don Raymonde Aprile is ready to retire and adoptee Astorre Viola must hold together the Mafia as FBI special agent Cilke close in) $25.95
Straub, Peter Magic Terror (anthology; 7 stories present kaleidoscope of psychological shadow worlds) $24.95
Truman, Margaret Murder at Foggy Bottom (Annabel Smith gets involved when suspicious plane crash triggers State Dept response, lovely birdwatcher and misunderstood militia are keys) $24.95


Abignale, Frank Jr Catch Me If You Can (reprint/true crime) $14.00
Airth, Rennie River of Darkness (post_WWI DCI John Madden hunts for mass murderer, help from Dr Helen Blackwell, new science of criminal psychology; Edgar nominee for Best Novel) $6.99
Anderson, Kent Sympathy for the Devil (reprint/Vietnam; college student goes to war with poetry in pocket & discovers savagery) $6.50
Barer, Burl Murder in the Family (non_fiction; drifter kills aunt, cousins in 1987 Anchorage; "grisly & disturbing"; PBO) $6.50
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Stillroom Maid (Jane Austen 5 discovers gruesome murder of a young serving_girl, must defend the wrongly accused) $22.95
Bishop, Claudia Marinade for Murder (The Inn at Hemlock Falls 8; the Quilliam sisters' desperate efforts to buy back the Inn take a blow when a TV producer's murdered on the premises; recipe included; PBO) $5.99
Blanchard, Alice Darkness Peering (detective Rachel Storrow's hometown is stalked by psychopath & she must uncover decades_old secrets that implicate her loved ones in order to stop him) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys Evanly Choirs (Llanfair Constable Evan Evans 3, joins choir for festival but wasn't expecting return of famous tenor who stirs up locals & gets himself murdered) $5.99
Brett, Simon The Body on the Beach (retiree Carole Seddon in English seaside village discovers dead body on the beach, takes up new career as detective) $21.95
Brown, Sandra The Alibi (ADA Hammond Cross views high_profile murder as ticket to DA office, but encounter with mystery woman who turns out to be prime suspect overturns his plan) $7.99
Bunson, Matthew The Complete Christie: An Agatha Christie Encyclopedia (reference; comprehensive guide incl Christie bio, cross_referenced plot synopses, character lists, lists of films, TV, radio shows, documentaries, recent releases, illos; PBO) $17.95
Burke, James Lee The Convict & Other Stories (reprint collection of short stories set along Gulf coast, exploring themes of freedom & confinement, betrayal & friendship) $6.99
Cameron, Stella Glass Houses (NYPD Det Aiden Flynn receives desperate e_mail & goes undercover, meets woman on the run & embarks on international cat_&_mouse game with killer) $24.00
Christie, Agatha Sleeping Murder (trade paperback reprint) $12.00
Clancy, Tom The Bear and the Dragon (President Jack Ryan returns to defuse revolutions, Asian market crash, Russian assassinations) $27.95
Coel, Margaret The Lost Bird (Father O'Malley/Arapahoe attorney Vicky Holden 5, dig into murder of elderly parish assistant that may've been aimed at O'Malley, but ties to Vicky's case changes things) $6.50
Collins, Max Allan Majic Man (in 1949, PI Nathan Heller 10, is called in by retiring Sec'y of Defense to find out who wants him dead-but what does it have to do with UFO sightings in NM?) $5.99
Cornwell, Patricia Black Notice (CME Dr. Kay Scarpetta heads for France for answers to death of cargo ship stowaway, but Interpol instructions, secret evidence & mission could end career) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Riptide (political speechwriter Jessie Matlock supports NY governor's campaign, she receives threats against his life, flees when governor is shot, stalker follows) $23.95
Coulter, Catherine The Edge (FBI agent Ford MacDougal heads to Oregon for answers to sister's "accident" & disappearance & his seemingly psychic tie, only to find more questions) $7.99
Cussler, Clive/Kemprecos, Paul NUMA 2 (Kurt Austin/NUMA team 2, find dead whale probe leads to jungle where desalination expert vanished, into sights of deadly cadre aiming to control Earth's fresh water; PBO) $16.00
Darnton, John The Experiment (NY journalist discovers man escaped from secret high_tech colony who has his face & they set out to learn truth of their origins as deadly conspiracy tightens) $6.99
Douglass, Keith Carrier: Enemies (military adventure; "Tombstone" Magruder & Battle Group 14 are sent to maintain fragile Greece_Macedonia peace, but rogue Greek officer's taken matters into own hands; PBO) $5.99
Eidson, Bill Frames Per Second (photographer Ben Harris is compelled to pursue reporter friend's bombing death & lands in plot of right_wing extremists & mob reaching to US Senate) $6.99
Engel, Howard There Was an Old Woman (Benny Cooperman (10) attends inquest of death of his janitor's girlfriend, unsavory mayoral candidate controls her estate) $24.95
Estleman, Loren A Smile on the Face of the Tiger (Detroit PI Amos Walker (13) is haunted by book editor Louise Starr, prods him to find missing pulp fiction writer, then solve his apparent suicide) $24.95
Estleman, Loren D The Hours of the Virgin (Detroit PI Amos Walker gets involved in blackmail scheme involving priceless illuminated manuscript, finds clues leading back to shooting death of his partner 20 years before) $6.99
Fitzwater, Judy Dying to Remember (writer's agent Jennifer Marsh 4, considered high school reunion a nightmare, but murder with roots in schooldays caps festivities, trapping Jennifer in its midst; PBO) $6.50
Freydont, Shelley Backstage Murder (ex_dancer Lindy Haggerty's called back to help with troubled show, but when star's tantrums lead to murder, she must discover which of her colleagues is a killer) $5.99
Freydont, Shelley High Seas Murder (ex_dancer Lindy Haggerty 2, lands job on performing arts cruise, but when curtain goes up on murdered music critic, she has far too many suspects to choose from) $20.00
Garcia_Aguilera, Carolina A Miracle in Paradise (Cuban_American PI Lupe Solano 4, takes job of substantiating sisterhood's miracle prediction, but suspects more than fraud & then Sister disappears, body's found) $5.99
Garnett, Cliff Talon Force 5: Zulu Plus Ten (military adventure; the Force investigates disappearances of Japanese women from Guam & confronts power_mad cult on site of bloody WWII battle; PBO) $5.99
Girard, Danielle Savage Art (serial killer Leonardo who views death as his art is ready to create ultimate masterpiece & her name is Casey; PBO) $6.99
Grace, Tom Quantum (spy thriller, Nolan Kilkenny returns) $24.95
Grace, Tom Spyder Web (ex_SEAL/computer expert Nolan Kilkenny gets caught up in CIA & FBI hunt for info pirates who've stolen CIA's secret intelligence_gathering project) $7.50
Graham, Caroline Faithful Unto Death (CI Barnaby investigates village woman's disappearance that turns out to be even more complex than even the suspicious neighbors imagine) $6.50
Griffin, Annie Love & the Single Corpse (sister sleuths Hannah & Kiki 3, revisit high school days when favorite teacher's murdered; PBO) $5.99
Hanson, Rick Extreme Odds (ex_cop/sculptor Adam McCleet (5) winds up in middle of bizarre multiple murder case on former reservation) $5.99
Kaewert, Julie Unsolicited (publisher Alex Plumtree (4) must find anonymous author & missing final chapters of sequel to bestseller with fate of business & her life in balance) $5.99
Kaminsky, Howard & Susan The Twelve (5 years after FBI siege of cult, agent Nick Barrows & child psychologist Sandy Price realize kids released then have vanished, agents are being killed) $6.99
Katz, Jamie A Summer for Dying (Boston attorney Dan Kardon 2, agrees to represent entrepreneur & hoops_star cousin, but real estate venture sours when murder enters the deal; PBO) $5.99
Katzenbach, John Hart's War (Lt Tommy Hart is assigned to defend fellow POW, Tuskegee airman accused of murder in WWII German Stalag Luft 13) $7.50
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks 37 (young reader) $3.99
Kellerman, Faye Stalke r (Lt Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus' daughter Cynthia is a police rookie who's being stalked, her own investigations of this threat collide with her father's case; audio $25) $25.00
Klavan, Andrew Hunting Down Amanda (man starts to recover from wife's murder when he meets woman, but finds killers are tracking her & 5_year_old daughter for the child's secret) $6.99
Lanier, Virginia Ten Little Bloodhounds (Jo Beth Sidden 5; who killed wealthy woman who hired Jo Beth and her bloodhounds to find a missing cat?) $6.50
Linedecker, Clifford L Blood in the Sand (non_fiction; Vegas bookie's smitten with woman who steals his fortune, kills him & dumps body in desert; PBO) $6.50
MacPherson, Rett A Comedy of Heirs (when Missouri genealogist Torie O'Shea 3, traces own family tree, she finds murder involving great_grandfather, great_uncle still deadly in the present) $5.99
Maitland, Barry The Malcontenta (Scotland Yard detectives Kathy Kolla & David Brock return to investigate suicide at health spa, cover_up) $24.95
Mallinson, Allan A Close Run Thing (historical warfare; Wellington's Army of 1815) $13.95
Mankell, Henning The Fifth Woman (Insp Kurt Wallander connects deaths of four nuns and a fifth woman with a Swedish birdwatcher's death in a bamboo pit; translated) $24.95
Margolin, Phillip Wild Justice ("blood_chilling new thriller") $26.00
McGarrity, Michael Hermit's Peak (NM Chief Deputy Kevin Kerney 4, inherits prime ranch land, but un_ID'd woman's murdered body & unpaid taxes may make his dream ranch impossible) $6.99
Monfredo, Miriam Grace Must See the Maiden Die (19c Seneca Falls librarian Glynis Tyron probes local businessman's murder & uncovers town's underworld of lust & corruption) $6.99
Morgenroth, Kate Kill Me First (when vicious serial killer encounters woman who offers own life for another's, he takes her hostage & battle of wills begins, mesmirizing nation, media) $6.99
O'Connell, Carol Shell Game (NY Det Kathleen Mallory 5, realizes deadly, legendary magic trick on live TV was no accident, but not the consequences to those closest to her) $6.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Move to Strike (Nevada attorney Nina Reilly 6, agrees to defend teen girl on murder charge, but between her rebellion, thefts & friendship with Nina's son, the case may blow up in her face) $23.95
Parry, Owen Faded Coat of Blue (British soldier emigrates to US, becomes Gen McClellan's aide assigned to investigate Union officer's murder, but as Civil War rages, inquiry sparks more murders, intrigues) $6.99
Pascal, Francine Fearless 11: Trust (young adult; Gaia's devastation over Ella & Sam leads to physical confrontation & revelation Ella's nearly her equal, but Loki's concerned Ella's blown her cover; PBO) $5.99
Patterson, Richard North Dark Lady (Asst Cty Prosecutor Stella Marz pursues homicides of new stadium honcho & drug dealer's lawyer, finds "terrifying, dizzying maze of corruption, greed") $7.99
Philpin, John Dreams in the Key of Blue (forensic psychiatrist Lucas Frank 3, takes rural Maine college teaching position, but murdered coeds brings him face_to_face with unpleasant truths; PBO) $6.50
Powlik, James Sea Change (oceanographer Brock Garner & team investigate mysterious deaths on/near sea & ties to fatal organism, but someone's killing to keep deadly truth secret) $6.99
Proulx, Suzanne Bad Luck (Denver hospital risk manager Victoria Lucci 2, finds life unravelling after car hits witch's cat, or is someone trying to destroy the hospital? Then there's the murder...; PBO) $6.50
Rankin, Ian Dead Souls (Edinburgh Insp Rebus' attention is torn between paroled murderer, pedophile near playground & ex's missing son, only to find himself in middle of dangerous, deadly mess) $6.50
Reichs, Kathy Death du Jour (Montreal forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan 2, connects string of disappearance_deaths to 100_year_old convent death, Quebec fire, Carolina findings) $6.99
Ridley, John Everybody Smokes in Hell (down and out Hollywood man Paris Scott encounters a Bel Air mansion, a dead rock star's last gasp, a fortune in stolen drugs) $14.00
Ridpath, Michael Final Venture (when venture capitalist Simon Ayot's framed for father_in_law's murder, he races to clear himself, save marriage before he becomes next victim; PBO) $6.99
Robbins, David L End of the War (historical suspense; final months of WWII Europe) $24.95
Robinson, Leah Ruth Unnatural Causes (when Dr Evelyn Sutcliffe's life becomes inundated with crime, chaos, she must trace killer who's targeting her through Univ Hospital, ER & home) $6.99
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Folly (So Florida sleuth Archy McNally directs mystery play, actor's death parody's script, threatens production, stage manager; pastiche of late Sander's character actually written by Vincent Lardo) $24.95
Smith, Sarah A Citizen of the Country ( The Knowledge of Water sequel; Parisian horror theater owner Count Andre du Monde marries a rich heiress, theater is stricken with disasters, death as filming begins) $24.95
Smith, Sarah The Knowledge of Water ( The Vanished Child sequel; man haunted by guilt & secret, woman whose desire may destroy dream & man who stalks both converge in 1910 Paris of literature, fine art & murder) $6.99
Smith, Sarah The Vanished Child (reprint; in 1905, man w/no memory's "recognized" as lost grandchild of millionaire & sole witness to murder 18 years ago, is obsessed with finding truth despite killer at large) $6.99
Smith_Levin, Judith Green Money (Seattle homicide Det Lt Starletta Duvall (3) & partner Dominic Parisi investigate homeless woman's murder, but evidence points to serial killer tied to elite prep school;PBO) $6.50
Swanson, Doug House of Corrections (PI Jack Flippo 5 helps out pal in Gavascon, dodges ex_prosecutors, reporters, ex_wives, flaming yachts, must dispose of quarter mill in drug money) $24.95
Tanenbaum, Robert K True Justice (ADA Butch Karp & security_expert/wife Marlene are on opposite sides when teen girl's accused of murder & drive to make example of her puts their own daughter in path of crime) $24.95
Tishy, Cecelia Fall to Pieces (Kate Banning 3, finds the Music City stardom scene more challenging than expected when she must stop famed country singer's murder; PBO) $5.99
Walters, Minette The Breaker (when woman's brutally killed but mute child left alive after witnessing it,both secretive loner & woman's husband come under suspicion) $7.50
Wilson, Barbara Jaye Hatful of Homicide (Greenwich Village milliner Brenda Midnight 5, hoped for birthday surprise party, but friend's kidnapping by sleazy ambassador accused of murder sets a different agenda; PBO) $5.99
Zigal, Thomas Pariah (Aspen Sheriff Kurt Muller 3, finds investigation of heiress's death after her claim that dead husband was stalking her complicated by her enemies & murdered informants) $5.99


Abresch, Peter Killing Thyme (James P Dandy/Dodee Swisher 2, find ambitious chefs, amateur cooks, weeklong restaurant tour & TV show competition add up to murder) $5.99
Auiler, Dan/Rebello, Stephen North by Northwest (non_fiction/movie reference; the making of the classic Hitchcock thriller, with stills, designs, storyboards, memos, telegrams & other insider info) $27.95
Axler, James Outlanders 14: Hell Rising (post_apocalypse military adventure) $5.99
Bruno, Anthony Hot Fudge (NJ Jump Squad members Frank and Loretta (3) go to San Francisco, find murderous menage_a_trois, bisexual Chinese dominatrix, I Ching, a secret ice cream ingredient) $23.95
Burke, James Lee Purple Cane Road (New Orleans Det Dave Robicheaux, stunned by pimp's insinuation his long_lost mother was killed by crooked cops, digs into New Orleans' past & his own demons; audio $25) $24.95
Butler, Gwendoline A Grave Coffin (London Ch Cmdr John Coffin must take secret role investigating dead colleague's reference to him while maintaining public duties, incl series of child murders) $22.95
Curzon, Clare Guilty Knowlege (Edwardian England setting; Lady Isabelle Delmayne and Vicountess Crowthorne are locked in mutual rivalry over murderous secrets when foreigner's death brings police to their doors) $23.95
Faust, Ron Lord of the Dark Lake (exclusive private party on Greek island leads to murder as a modern minotaur hunts guests in island's deep caverns) $13.95
Freeling, Nicolas Some Day Tomorrow (Dutch botanist tells tale of murder examined from the inside out; "compelling & disturbing") $22.95
Gordon, Noah The Last Jew (as Inquisition takes total control of 1492 Spain, Jews are expelled but killed before leaving, 13_year old boy keeps faith while crossing Spain, outwitting Inquisition agents) $24.95
Gorman, Ed The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories (annual anthology; best stories from around the globe; hc avail $26.95) $16.95
Harrington, Jonathan The Second Sorrowful Mystery (American teacher in Dublin Danny O'Flaherty visits to nearby coastal town draw him into priest's murder in locked basement) $5.99
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Trollop (Arkansas cleaning lady Lily Bard (4) tries not to get involved when she finds local tramp murdered, but when sheriff can't make progress, she decides to step in) $23.95
Harrison, Janis Murder Sets Seed (Missouri florist Bretta Solomon 2, hosts home restoration party, but prior owner dies after accusing fellow guest of blackmail, & she must find killer she invited to dinner) $22.95
Johnston, Paul Body Politic (futuristic; ostracized PI is recruited to hunt serial killer in strict, utopian Edinburgh 2020, uncovers conspiracy of violence and corruption) $12.95
Johnston, Paul The Boneyard (Edinburgh Det Quintilian Dalrymple/sidekick Davie investigate string of murders at dawn of 2021, but clues point to something they can't identify or locate) $23.95
Kava, Alex A Perfect Evil (FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell investigates ritual killings in west Nebraska, realizes the wrong man was executed & the real killer is still killing) $22.95
Levinson, Robert S The James Dean Affair (LA columnist Neil Gulliver & soap queen/ex_wife Stevie Marriner 2, uncover pattern of accidental deaths surrounding movie, track new murders & James Dean's trail) $24.95
Lewin, Jackie Murder Flies Left Seat (Grace Beckmann wasn't happy about husband's piloting hobby, but relief at theft of plane turns to action when it's found in sabotaged crash, killing good friend) $5.99
Newcomb, Kerry Mad Morgan (historical naval adventure; novelization of life of Welsh boy captured by Spanish raiders in 1655, who escapes, joins freebooters to take revenge, becomes fearsome Capt Morgan) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 261: Dawnkill (paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 48: Conflict Imperative (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Powers, Martha Bleeding Heart (widowed mother Maggie Collier investigates father_in_law's murder in Wisconsin by kidnapper and serial murderer) $23.00
Rice, Christopher A Density of Souls (teenaged friends rediscover their worst fears when 5 year old accident proves to be murder) $23.95
Roberts, Les Indian Sign (Cleveland PI Milan Jacovich probes murder of Native American tribal historian, kidnapping of infant great_g'daughter while hired to learn if toy maker's secrets are being sold) $23.95
Samuel, Steve Rock, Paper, Scissors (Secret Service agent Sarah Peterson records secret conversation of Sec of State and others revealing game of high stakes espionage) $25.00
Seymour, Gerald A Line in the Sand (spy Frank Perry's past has caught up as Iranian assassin stalks him, his neighbors close ranks against him) $25.00
Stewart, James B Blind Eye (non_fiction; psychopathic physician Michael Swango and the medical establishment's ignorance of his crimes; Edgar Award winner) $14.00
Taylor, Andrew The Roth Trilogy: The Office of the Dead (psychological development of female serial killer's traced through 1950s cathedral city with ties to woman burned at stake in 15c & ministry scandal in 1890s) $24.95
Turnbull, Peter Fear of Drowning (York Insp Hennesey/Lt Yellich investigate suburban couple's disappearance & murder, but multiple suspects may pose deadly complication) $22.95


Eddy, Paul Flint (ex_UK Security Svcs advisor's after undercover cop Grace Flint, whose revenge for near_deadly attack threatens web of international treachery, murder, but path leads to government conspiracy) $24.95
Fraser, George MacDonald Flashman and the Tiger (historical; three new episodes of Sir Harry Flashman, notorious Victorian adventurer meets two of the greatest heroes of his time) $25.00
Iles, Greg 24 Hours (perfect Mississippi family is watched by con man/psychopath who's perfected the perfect crime-an unstoppable kidnaping) $24.95
James, Bill Lovely Mover (ACC Desmond Iles places DCI Colin Harpur undercover as drug lord's partner, pusher's murder sets off a murderous turf war) $7.95
Larsson, Bjorn Long John Silver (memoirs of Long John Silver) $12.00
Malarkey, Tucker An Obvious Enchantment (SF OR MYS? romantic adventure; student of African legends Ingrid Holtz searches for missing professor with only his cryptic field notes for clues) $22.95
Smolla, Rod Deliberate Intent: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Infamous Hit Man Case (non_fiction reprint) $13.00

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