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Newsletter #49 March - May, 2000

RECENTLY RECEIVED AND FORTHCOMING MYSTERIES Anderson, James The Affair of the Mutilated Mink (the Earl of Burford's estate becomes the set of a new Rex Ransom epic and the Hollywood crowd causes much chaos; reprint) $14.95
Barnard, Robert A Scandal in Belgravia (while writing his memoirs a retired Member of Parliament looks back on the unsolved murder of his friend 30 years ago; reprint) $14.95
Bartholomew, Nancy Your Cheatin' Heart (recently divorced Maggie Reid must solve murder of ex_brother_in_law, and win heart of investigating detective) $5.99
Blank, Hannah A Murder of Convenience (4 American students in 1953 postwar Paris must solve a murder; Alfonse Dantan (1) of the Paris Judiciare) $24.95
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse Omnibus Vol. 2 (Includes Monsieur Pamplemousse : Takes the Cure , Aloft , Investigates , Rests his Case ; import) $23.95
Borton, Della Freeze Frame (theater owner Gilda Liberty 2, finds niece is latest in family to catch movie bug, but must step in when her homemade documentary threatens to uncover crime; PBO) $6.50
Bowman, David Bunny Modern (hard_boiled comedy about love, abduction, and child care, set in a future where electricity has disappeared) $13.00
Christie, Agatha Poirot 1: Video Boxed Set (videos of David Suchet episodes from A&E: The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim , The Veiled Lady , The Lost Mine, The Cornish Mystery , Double Sin & The Adventure of the Cheap Flat ) $69.95
Christie, Agatha Poirot 2: Video Boxed Set (videos of David Suchet episodes from A&E: Kidnapped Prime Minister, Adventure of the Western Star, How Does Your Garden Grow?, Million Dollar Bond Robbery, The Plymouth Express, & Wasps' Nest ) $69.95
Christie, Agatha Poirot: The ABC Murders; Death in the Clouds (DVD videos of David Suchet episode from Mystery! , A&E) $24.95
Clark, Mary Higgins_ed The Night Awakens (Mystery Writers of America anthology incl Shankman, Pickard, Estleman, Gunning, Hansen, more; PBO) $6.99
Corpi, Lucha Black Widow's Wardrobe (Gloria Damasco 3, Gloria's attempts to solve a murder leads from the Bay Area to the peaks of Sierra de Tepoztlan) $12.95
Cox, Bill G No Safe Place (non_fiction; man begins campaign of intimidation against wife, incl rape, torture & murder; PBO) $6.50
Crais, Robert LA Requiem (PI Elvis Cole's partner, ex_cop Joe Pike, takes center stage when lover's killed & past feuds threaten ability of Pike, Cole or cops from finding truth; Edgar Award nominee) $6.99
Dailey, JR The Yellow Ribbon Snake (homeless Vietnam vet Jacko survives the present by facing the ghosts of his past) $12.00
DeMille, Nelson The Lion's Game (John Corey has joined up with the federal government's Anti_Terrorist Task Force and must hunt down a terrorist who seems to have the instincts of a wild animal) $26.95
Dexter, Colin The Remorseful Day (Oxford CI Morse/Sgt Lewis 14, take over 2_year_old case of nurse's murder, only to find both lowborn & highborn S and Morse himself S implicated) $24.00
Dibdin, Michael A Long Finish (Italian Insp Aurelio Zen returns,ordered by wine connoisseur to free vintner accused of father's murder & finds himself amid traditional culture of family, soil, gossip & past) $12.00
Dietrich, William Getting Back (in the near future where wilderness no longer exists Daniel Dyson travels to the forbidden continent of Australia to escape his empty life) $24.95
Dixon, Franklin W The Hardy Boys are the Clues Brothers 16 (young reader) $3.99
Doctorow, EL City of God (writer joins priest, rabbinical couple to learn who moved cross from NY church to synagogue, why, how their respective traditions are involved, what it means for US culture) $25.00
Doherty, PC The Horus Killing (2nd in series; 3500 years ago, Egypt was "the greatest, the wealthiest & the most bitterly contested empire" & the scene of murder) $22.95
Driver, Lee The Good Die Twice (with the help of his scarlet macaw, Chase Dagger must find out what is happening when his assistant Sara witnesses the murder of someone who disappeared 5 years earlier) $21.95
Dubus, Andre III House of Sand & Fog (once_wealthy Iranian exile, recovering addict & obsessed sheriff converge at small California house in explosive collision) $14.00
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross (herbalist Susanna, Lady Appleton 4, receives coded message to meet supposedly dead husband, but winds up accused of his murder & will hang unless she can find the true killer) $23.95
Fallon, Ann C Deadly Analysis (Irish solicitor James Fleming 6, agrees to help therapist friend probe horse's killing, but murderer soon turns to human prey; PBO) $6.50
Fraser, Anthea The Ten Commandments (DCI Webb (5) sees parallels between body in pub carpark & unsolved case years ago, but criminologist's decree that crimes are unconnected sets stage for more tragedy) $22.95
Fritchley, Alma Chicken Out (Letty Campbell's (3) ancient neighbor dies just after his glamorous niece appears, who is giving Letty mixed feelings) $13.95
Goldberg, Leonard Deadly Exposure (forensic pathologist Joanna Blaylock copes with lethal microbe, brutal murder & sentient iceberg) $6.99
Golden, Christopher Body of Evidence 4: Meets the Eye (young adult; pathology student Jenna Blake steps in when wave of theft, murder in Somerset & Cambridge leads to suspects legally dead & buried; PBO) $4.99
Gorman, Ed The Poker Club (intruder interrupts game, players kill him, try to hide evidence, intruder's friend begins game of his own) $5.99
Grisham, John The Brethren (3 ex_judges/convicts handle legal issues, dispense "justice" for fellow cons, & run mail scams, one of which backfires dangerously; audio $27.95, unabridged $49.95, CD $31.95) $27.95
Gur, Batya Murder Duet: A Musical Case (Israeli Det Michael Ohayon 4; Michael must discover who murdered a member of an illustrious musical family) $25.00
Hamill, Denis Throwing 7's (NYPD cop Bobby Emmet returns to probe disappearances of honest religious men when proposed casino brings gambling fever to city ; PBO) $6.99
Harper, Karen The Tidal Pool (when new Queen Elizabeth I's London entrance's marred by courtier's murder, her investigation leads to plot against her life; 2nd in historical series) $22.95
Harry, Eric L Invasion (after slowly expanding sphere of influence beyond Asia, China launches attack on sole obstacle to its world domination S the US; PBO) $6.99
Harvey, John Now's the Time (collection of 11 short stories featuring Charlie Resnick, including the never before seen Slow Burn ; import trade paperback) $18.95
Heising, Willetta L Detecting Women; 3rd Edition (reference; readers guide & checklist for mystery series written by women, 478 page trade pb) $34.95
Henderson, Lauren Freeze My Margarita (British "Gen_X" sculptor Samantha Jones 2, takes job working on theater production, but sabotage & practical jokes take on sinister cast when body's found; "funny, original") $12.95
Hetzer, Michael The Forbidden Zone (communist astrophysicist Victor Perov must discover the truth concerning his brother, supposedly killed in action) $6.99
Hiaasen, Carl Kick Ass: Selected Columns of Carl Hiaasen (associational; selection of Carl Hiaasen's Miami Herald columns) $24.95
Hiaasen, Carl Sick Puppy (idealistic, short_tempered Twilly Spree decides to take revenge on Palmer Stoat for littering, unaware he's Florida's most notorious political fixer & so the insanity begins..; audio tape $25; some signed copies available) $25.00
Hunter, Evan The Blackboard Jungle (reprint of the 1954 novel that launched Hunter's writing career. Hunter is best known by his pseudonym Ed McBain) $25.00
Jacobson, Allan False Accusations (doctor who has everything is charged w/hit_&_run murder when witnesses & evidence place him at scene & he has no alibi) $6.99
Kaler, Anne K Cordially Yours, Brother Cadfael (non_fiction; collection of essays about Ellis Peter's Brother Cadfael) $17.95
Keating, H.R.F. Jack, the Lady Killer (a murder mystery set in india 1935 and told entirely in verse form) $14.95
Keene, Caroline Nancy Drew Notebooks 34 (young reader) $3.99
Kelleher, Michael D When Good Kids Kill (non_fiction; exploration of facts behind teen murder, behavioral signs, practical solutions) $6.50
Kelly, Nora In the Shadow of King's (when the cambridge professor of modern history is murdered a visiting american scholar Gillian Adams must help to catch the killer) $14.95
Kelly, Nora Old Wounds (historian Gillian Adams must face her past when the murder of a college student reveals secrets about people known to Gillian since childhood) $12.95
Kienzle, William X No Greater Love (Father Koesler's (21) retired, but takes friend's offer of position at seminary, but isn't expecting factionalism to lead to murder) $6.99
Kumin, Maxine Quit Monks or Die (in small Southwestern town, Latino police chief finds director of animal research lab murdered, and young grad student assistant is murdered a couple of days later, perhaps by animal rights terrorists; from small literary press) $19.95
Kyle, Stephen Beyond Recall (scientist creates deadly disease to save humanity from greater threat) $6.99
Largent, R Karl The Assassin (spy thriller; deadly gas depopulates parts of the Middle East) $5.50
Larsgaard, Chris The Heir Hunter (San Francisco PI Nick Merchant finds heir for estate percentage, but latest case has tight deadline, competition, international scope & secrets worth killing for) $23.95
Lawrence, Martha C Pisces Rising (psychic detective Elizabeth Chase 4, is called in by old friend to track killer wanted in connection with scalping of Native American casino owner) $23.95
Linderer, Gary A Phantom Warriors 1: LRRPs, LRPs & Rangers in Vietnam (non_fiction/Vietnam; combat tales from behind enemy lines; PBO) $7.50
Liss, David A Conspiracy of Paper (in 18c London, retired Jewish pugilist Benjamin Weaver investigates death of estranged father & tangles with alienated relatives, garrulous prostitute & powerful financial cabal; audio tape $25) $25.00
Macdonald, Marianne Ghost Walk (single mother & rare book dealer Dido Hoare (2) must solve the murder of a customer) $5.99
Martin, Allana Death of a Mythmaker (trading post owner Texana Jones & veterinarian_husband Clay 4, are asked to help possible killer escape as brush fire threatens the Texas_Mexico borderland) $22.95
McCall, Wendell (aka Ridley Pearson) Aim for the Heart (Chris Klick & buddy Lyel must track down a missing sister on an un_lucky streak) $14.95
McCall, Wendell Dead Aim (reprint; Chris Klick (1) & buddy Lyel must find a missing husband and a mislaid $50,000) $14.95
McDermid, Val A Suitable Job for a Woman (non_fiction; inside the world of female PIs on both sides of Atlantic; "real, working investigator[s] testing not only the meanness but the absurdity of life on seamy streets"; Edgar nominee, some signed copies) $14.95
Michaels, Barbara Other Worlds (Four famous crime specialists meet in exclusive club to battle wits over two unsolved cases of ghostly terror) $6.99
Morrell, David Burnt Sienna (artist and ex-maire Chase Malone can't refuse to paint wealthy arms dealer's wife before she's killed) $24.95
Moss, Jason/Kottler, PhD, Jeffrey The Last Victim (non_fiction; student's correspondence with serial killers Manson, Dahmer,Gacy,Ramirez reveals insights;"chilling & riveting") $6.99
Muller, Marcia McCone and Friends (collections of short stories involving McCone's detetective agency, 3 told from McCone's viewpoint, the rest from the viewpoint of other members of the agency) $16.00
O'Kane, Leslie Ruff Way to Go (dog psychologist Allie Babcock (2) turns sleuth in "witty new series"; PBO) $6.50
Oates, Joyce Carol_ed The Collector of Hearts (anthology of 25 gothic horror tales) $12.95
Pascal, Francine Fearless 5: Kiss (young adult; anti_terrorist agent's teen daughter Gaia Moor) $5.99
Ripley, JR Skulls of Sedona (amateur sleuth Tony Kozol must solve a murder and find the missing Crystal Skulls at a new age conference) $12.00
Roberts, Gareth Cracker: Best Boys (novelization of screen play from Edgar-Award winning TV series;British police profiler Fitz must find who murdered elderly landlady) $22.95
Roosevelt, Theodore/Lodge, Henry Cabot Hero Tales (reprint of 1895 book, subtitled "How Common Lives Reveal the Heroic Spirit of America) $8.95
Sandford, John Certain Prey (Mpls Det Lucas Davenport 10, realizes the killer hired by defense atty, who almost silence witness, is female, on his trail & his most ferocious enemy) $7.99
Scheck, B/Neufeld, P/Dwyer, J Actual Innocence (non_fiction; accounts of 8 wrongly_convicted people freed by pro_bono legal project) $24.95
Schultz, Duane The Dahlgren Affair ("Terror and Conspiracy in the Civil War"; nonfiction) $14.95
Scoppettone, Sandra Happy Endings are All Alike (reprint; teens Peggy & Jaret, in love but unsure of sexuality, become target of violent plot to punish them for their relationship) $10.00
Scottoline, Lisa Mistaken Identity (criminal attorney Benni Rosato's new client is accused of murdering her lover, police detective, and could be Bennie's twin sister) $7.50
Shaber, Sarah Snipe Hunt (Prof Simon Shaw returns to examine old diver's suit found on ocean floor that may hold body & key to old crime) $23.95
Simpson, Dorthy The Night She Died (reprint/1st Inspector Thanet mystery; was Julie murdered because of something she saw 20 years ago at age 3?) $8.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Rose (mystery & suspense set in 19c English mining town; "vivid writing & consummate storytelling"; first mass market edition) $7.99
Squire, Elizabeth Daniels Forget About Murder (amateur, absentminded sleuth Peaches Dann 7, takes job as reporter & is assigned to story that turns out to be murder; PBO) $5.99
Stevenson, Robert Louis Treasure Island (reprint; adventurous boy takes treasure map & goes to sea in search of it, but crewmember Long John Silver wants it for himself) $5.95
Tapply, William G Death at Charity's Point (easygoing lawyer and elderly, wealthy & tough client who won't accept suicide verdict on son's death; reprint of first in series) $7.95
Toohey, John Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare (non_fiction; the story of what happened after the Mutiny on the Bounty, when Captain Bligh & 18 crewmen were put into launch in midst of Pacific & abandoned) $24.00
Tremayne, Peter Valley of the Shadow (7c Ireland; Sister Fidelma (6) is sent to remote valley of Druids & finds bodies of 33 men ritually killed & laid out, but why?) $23.95
Turnbull, Malcolm J Victims or Villains (non_fiction/reference; Jewish images in classic English detective fiction) $21.95
Weinstein,Allen/Vassilyev,Alexander The Haunted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America_ Stalin Era (non_fiction; examination of Soviet espionage's "golden age" in the US, from the 1930s through the early Cold War, based on previously secret KGB records) $14.95
Wells, Ken Meely LaBauve (teen & his troubled father find themselve in sheriff's sights in "bayous & backwaters of Louisiana";"rich, poignant &, at times, hilarious") $19.95
Westlake, Donald E The Hook (if fading author will ghost_write a manuscript for another author and kill his partner's wife, he can split the million dollar advance) $23.95
Whalen, BJ Justifiable Homicide (NYPD Det Frank Gennaro & brother/mayor William are in the hot seat over controversial shooting, when drug lord declares war on the brothers & NY; PBO) $6.50
Wilson, Colin_ed The Mammoth Book of the History of Murder (non_fiction; anthology covers 2000 years of murder, from ancient Rome to current day, with analyses of how & why) $10.95
Wolf, Joan No Dark Place (in Norman England, Hugh Corbaille, adopted son of a sheriff, discovers that his real father may have been the Earl of Wiltshire who was murdered 13 years ago) $19.95


Whodunits (games; mini_mysteries offer intriguing story to unravel, includes robbery, homicide, and forgery & fraud) $2.95
Abrahams, Peter Crying Wolf (plotters aim to save future of bright, deserving young man by spinning desperate, frightening story to get billionaire's money find their tale turning true S and deadly) $25.00
Allen, Steve Murder in Hawaii (when Steve & Jayne guest star on new hit detective show in Hawaii, it seems like vacation S until the stalking & murders begin) $5.99
Atkins, Leo )aka Clay Harvey) Play Dead (hard_boiled PI Connor Gibbs 2; "A dog. A lady. A felon...One of them's about to snap."; PBO) $5.99
Axler, James Deathlands 49: Shadow World (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Barr, Nevada Liberty Falling (park ranger Anna Pigeon 7, heads to NY when sister falls ill, is drawn into investigating seemingly accidental deaths at Ellis Island) $6.99
Black, Ethan Broken Hearts Club (NY Det Conrad Voort investigate when one of men in 'broken hearts' support group turns to rage & murder,then continues to kill) $6.99
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Tell No Tales (suburban Chicago police detective Marti MacAlister 7, juggles seemingly unrelated but brutal murders, while home problems strain partnership) $5.99
Buchanan, Bill Clearwater (US's deadliest submarine has been stolen by a secret enemy & has disappeared from radar screens; PBO) $6.99
Burton, David Manmade for Murder (ex_PI Tommy Case's ex_secretary asks his help when her robot inventor/fiancee is supposedly killed by his own creation) $4.99
Calia, Charles Laird The Lazarus Man (man returns home for childhood friend's funeral, joins old acquaintance whose face he ruined in high school accident to find out if death was murder or accident, real or fake) $24.00
Cassutt, Michael Missing Man (rookie astronaut sets out to find truth behind veteran partner's death on training flight, uncovers web of suspicion, intrigue, deception as forces inside NASA try to stop him) $6.99
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve_cr Net Force: Private Lives (young adult; team of techno_teens scour cyberspace to prove their commander innocent of murder; PBO) $4.99
Coffey, Tom The Serpent Club (reporter Ted Lowe's coverage of girl's murder turns to obsession that starts to unravel his life & career, especially when he implicates powerful man's son) $6.99
Cole, David Butterfly Lost (despite reluctance to return to rez, PI Laura Winslow agrees to find Hopi elder's missing granddaughter, but trail leads to dangerous quest for power; PBO) $5.99
Crider, Bill Death by Accident (three fatal accidents are too many for Sheriff Dan Rhodes 9, but trail to killer nearly leads him to his own death by accident) $4.99
D'Amato, Barbara Hard Evidence (when romantic dinner turns to feast of murder, journalist Cat Marsala follows killer's trail to elite Chicago catering service) $5.99
Davidson, Diane Mott Prime Cut (caterer Goldy B Schultz lands photo_shoot catering job, but runs afoul of a murderer on the set) $6.50
Davidson, Diane Mott Tough Cookie (TV chef Goldy Bear 11, finds broadcast ski resort lands her & recipes in peril when charity telethon for mysteriously dead tracker's widow turns deadly; recipes included; audio $25) $23.95
DiMercurio, Michael Threat Vector (new submarine techno_thriller) $6.99
Edwards, Grace F No Time to Die (Harlem PI Mali Anderson 3, realizes friend's murder is just start of serial killer's assault on her neighborhood & is determined to stop him) $5.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Killer Wedding (events planner Madeline Bean 3, attends lavish wedding at Nature Museum's Hall of Dinosaurs only to find corpse on display & sets out to stop killer; PBO) $5.99
Garnett, Cliff TALON Force 2: Meltdown (military adventure; the elite, combined_services Force must stop terrorists from causing meltdown at Cuba's nuclear plant; PBO) $5.99
Garrison, Paul Red Sky at Morning (at height of New York's Fleet Week, Chinese attack subs prepare for attack while tugboat captain Ken Hughes & sailor Kate Ross try to navigate solution while mayor grandstands) $24.00
Gilman, Dorothy Thale's Folly (when dad sends writer's_blocked novelist Andrew Thale to check on old family property, he finds squatters S aka Aunt Harriet's 'guests' S mystery & love) $6.50
Girdner, Jaqueliine Murder, My Deer ( newly married California entrepreneur Kate Jasper 11, finds herself targeted by deer supporters & investigating murder instead of going on honeymoon) $21.95
Girdner, Jaqueline Murder on the Astral Plane (Kate Jasper 10, agrees to help psychic friend find a murderer, but must use own perceptions to stop killer) $5.99
Glatt, John Cradle of Death (non_fiction; Philadelphia mother's charged with murdering 8 of her infant children who were thought to've died of SIDS; PBO) $6.50
Graham, Mark The Black Maria (1876 Civil War vet/Philadelphia police Det Wilton McCleary 3, probes murder in midst of Centennial exhibition, finds 20_year-old criminal history involving city's most powerful; PBO) 5.99 Grimes, Martha Biting the Moon (young woman wakes in Santa Fe with man she knows isn't father, escapes, befriends teen, searches for father, enduring hunts, molestation, murder, confrontation) $12.00
Hartov, Steven The Devil's Shepherd (Israeli agents Eytan Eckstein/Benni Baum return to Africa to extract Czech defector with nuclear spy knowledge, but find he knows more secrets that may turn mission into disaster) $24.00
Harvey, Clay Dwelling in the Gray (Tyler Vance 3, the story of how he became a shadow operative and professional killer; PBO) $6.99
Hautman, Pete Mrs Million (lottery winner's reward offer for AWOL husband draws husband & current girlfriend, plus good ol' boys, sociopathic pretty boy, banker, humanities prof, kleptomaniac mom, more) $12.95
Huston, James W The Price of Power ( Balance of Power sequel; when President court-martials admiral who led attack on terrorists, Speaker of House starts impeachment proceedings) $6.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Murder Among Strangers (Kate Austen (4) stops to help woman, but is kidnapped & taken with corpse to wilderness cabin, but when she's rescued becomes prime suspect herself; PBO) $20.00
Johnstone, William W Code Name: Payback (new paramilitary adventure series; ex_CIA agent John Barrone assembles secret strike team against US's enemies, takes on terrorists who've smuggled bioweapon to West Coast;PBO) $5.99
Johnstone, William W D_Day in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic adventure reprint) $5.99
Kerr, Philip The Second Angel (in plague_ridden world of moon_walk centennial, untainted blood is currency with federal reserve on moon, set for destruction by the man who designed it) $6.99
King, Peter Death al Dente (the Gourmet Detective 4, must secretly choose chef for famed new restaurant, but series of encounters with death lead him to identity of dangerous killer) $5.99
Krich, Rochelle Dead Air (Jessie Drake agrees to investigate radio therapist/old friend's stalker, but the stakes escalate dramatically when daughter is kidnapped & nanny killed) $23.00
LeCarre, John Single & Single (story of corrupt liaisons between criminal element in Russia & staid London banking house Single & Single; "mysterious, complex, & compelling") $7.99
Lee, Gus No Physical Evidence (Deputy DA Joshua Jin's forced to take on politically charged case involving race & rape while his personal life is in crisis) $6.99
MacGregor, TJ The Seventh Sense (FBI agent Charlie Calloway teams with psychic ex_agent Doug Logan in hunt for man over edge who killed Charlie's family) $6.99
Mahoney, Dan Black & White (NY Det Brian McKenna 5, struggles with media & monsters while investigating gruesome murder of state pol's daughter & lover that leads to porn underworld) $6.99
Malmont, Valerie S Death, Guns & Sticky Buns (ex_New Yorker Tori Miracle 3, still getting used to living in PA's Amish country when murder during Civil War reenactment draws her into sleuthing again; PBO) $5.99
Maloney, Mack Copper Ops 2: Zero Red (military adventure; renegade Soviets hijack old Northern nuclear fleet & men of Chopper Ops must stop them; PBO) $5.99
Mathes, Charles The Girl at the End of the Line (Molly and Nell O'Hara 3, discover smothered grandmother in nursing home & search for answers leads to rich, eccentric family they never knew) $4.99
McCafferty, Taylor Funny Money (Kentucky PI Haskell Blevins returns to probe thefts from church funds, follows trail through congregation's underbelly to local jail, preacher's wife & gigolo con artist; PBO) $6.99
McNeal, Shay The Plot to Save the Czar (non_fiction; examination of Allied, Bolshevik, German & Vatican efforts to free captive Russian imperial family refutes DNA evidence, official stance on discovered remains) $25.00
Minichino, Camille The Beryllium Murder (physicist Gloria Lamerino 4, suspects colleague's poisoning death was no accident, but probe turns up missing teen, Internet pornography, jealous colleagues, bitter divorce) $24.00
Murray, Donna Huston Farewell Performance (Main Line amateur sleuth Ginger Barnes 6, steps in when movie star returns home for visit & is murdered during sleepover with old high school friends; PBO) $5.99
Myers, Tamar The Hand that Rocks the Ladle (PennDutch Inn owner Magdalena Yoder 8, must get to bottom of tangle with triplets who are really twins & robbed cradle; PBO) $5.99
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Betrayal (attorneys Gail Connor/Anthony Quintana embark on beautiful life, but none of it matters when daughter is stalked, then abducted) $6.99
Parsons, Julie Mary, Mary (Dublin psychiatrist Margaret Mitchell suspect patient in daughter's murder & will stop at nothing to make sure he pays; US PBO) $6.99
Pascal, Francine Fearless 6: Payback (young adult; when Gaia learns popular atheletes tally sexual escapade "points", she rallies Ed & Mary to put a stop to it S by any means necessary; PBO) $5.99
Pears, Iain Giotto's Hand ("Art History Mystery" 5 set in Rome and English country village; "masterfully juggles his plot elements while providing delightful diversion in...contrasting manners") $6.50
Pendleton, Don Executioner 256: Point of Impact (paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 71: Killsport (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Penzler, Otto_ed Murder & Obsession (anthology of original short mysteries by George, Leonard, Lehane, Perry, Oates, Buchanan, McBain, more) $5.99
Peters, Elizabeth Street of the Five Moons (reprint; art historian Vicky Bliss #2) $6.99
Phillips, Clyde Blindsided (San Francisco Dets Jane Candiotti/Kenny Marks 2, race to find, take down ex_con who is killing cops & anyone they're close to) $24.00
Pickard, Nancy The Whole Truth (celebrity true_crime writer Marie Lightfoot grows suspicious of biggest case of career, but digging into accused's disturbing world leads to secrets of own past; signing at Uncle Edgar's March 20th) $22.95
Reich, Christopher The Runner (US lawyer on Nazi war crimes tribunal, Devlin Judge's secret agenda is finding brother's killer S escaped SS officer/Olympic runner S with help from prey's ex_fiancee; audio $29.95) $26.95
Rendell, Ruth A Sight for Sore Eyes (lives of scolded child, bored housewife & beautiful, sociopathic young man converge murderously) $6.50
Rinehart, Mary Roberts Episode of the Wandering Knife (reprint; socialite Judy Shepard starts to probe sister_in_law's death, realizes somewhere behind multiple suspects, lack of motive & disappearing murder weapon is serial killer) $5.99
Robb, JD (Roberts, Nora) Witness in Death (when NY Det Eve Dallas 10, sees a celebrity killed right before her eyes, her job gets far too complicated; PBO) $6.99
Robinson, Patrick H.M.S. Unseen (trilogy finale; NSA Adm Arnold Morgan suspects archenemy, supposedly dead terrorist spy when lethal sub vanishess & planes begin blowing up in the air) $7.50
Salazar, Michael Drop Zone (USAF specialist in sky_diving behind enemy lines for rescues, Jason Johnson's teamed w/elite assassin to infiltrate Bosnia for soil sample contaminated w/nerve toxin) $23.95
Sandstrom, Eve K The Smoking Gun (reporter Nell Matthews 3, probes shootout at women's shelter that implicates police officer while cunning, savage killer takes aim at Nell; PBO) $5.99
Scott, Holden Skeptic (Dr Mike Ballantine & CIA Agent Amber Chen's efforts to unravel mystery of biomedicine & murder lead to realization that worst weapon invented is a ghost) $6.99
Simon, Roger L The Lost Coast (ex_60s radical, PI Moses Wine's unease with success is set aside when radical_environmentalist son's accused of killing logger) $14.00
Simpson, Thomas William The Hancock Boys (twins agree to share wife, family, career & trade roles while one is free to do anything to anyone, but 20 years later, truth begins to converge enemies upon them; PBO) $6.50
Slade, Michael Burnt Bones (two detectives pursue terrifying, twisted serial killer called Mephisto: PBO) $6.99
Spindler, Erica All Fall Down (small town cop Melanie May risks her career to redirect an FBI profiler's investigation, new profile fits someone in her life; PBO) $5.99
Spring, Michelle Nights in White Satin (British PI Laura Principal 4, hired to provide security for Cambridge's May Ball, must dig into secrets, double lives, conspiracy of silence when student disappears) $6.50
Springer, Patricia A Love to Die For (non_fiction; teen is killed by friend in jealous rage after suspecting her of flirting with boyfriend; PBO) $6.50
Thompson, Victoria Murder on St. Mark's Place (Det Sgt Frank Malloy and midwife Sarah Brandt 2, see birth, death, murder in gaslit 1900 NYC; PBO) $5.99
Wager, Walter Sledgehammer (reprint; when one of elite OSS agents who operated behind German WWII lines is killed, the others set out to find out who & why and avenge his death) $6.99
Walker, Robert W Blind Instinct (FBI Medical Examiner Dr Jessica Coran 7, agrees to head Scotland Yard investigation of series of crucifixion murders) $21.95


Atkins, Ace Leavin' Trunk Blues (when Nick Travers 2, hears new details of blues record producer's 1959 murder, he keeps digging despite those who want to keep it unsolved) $22.95
Baker, Lise S Losers' Club (PI Cal Brantley's investigation of accidental death for insurance company & friend's threatened suicide lead from casinos to ghost towns & mysterious club) $22.95
Bowen, Peter Long Son (Gabriel Du Pre 6, unearths 100_year_old family secrets behind family's murders in tale "steeped in rich traditions of Metis Indian storytelling") $13.95
Bryers, Paul The Prayer of the Bone (Jessica arrives at site of lost Maine colony/mom's Native roots to collect archeaologist_sister's remains after animal attack, only to find police investigation ongoing) $13.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Before I Say Goodbye (when Congressional candidate/wife of missing man is contacted by psychic who claims he's alive, she's drawn into conspiracy of con artists & murderers) $26.00
Cockey, Tim The Hearse You Came In On (charming bachelor undertaker gets involved in murder, dirty videos, political blackmail, and police corruption) $22.95
Coleridge, Nicholas Streetsmart (photojournalist Max Thompson inherits hip fashion mag from sister's suicide, but soon realizes conspiracy threatens magazine & his own life) $26.95
Friedman, Robert I Red Mafiya (non_fiction; how the Russian mob has become the world's fastest_growing criminal superpower) $25.95
Golub, Aaron Richard The Big Cut (NY trial lawyer Johnny Ocean finds estate battle between sisters_ in_law involving him with Chinese Mafia, perilous attraction & more) $24.95
Hansen, Derek Sole Survivor (Dr Rosie Trethway moves to rural New Zealand after WWII, must team up with hostile, suspicious neighbors to stop illegal fishing trawler from destroying island) $14.00
Jahn, Michael Murder in Central Park (NY police captain Bill Donovan gets another case full of eccentric characters involving night atop Central Park bird conservatory) $24.95
Jakes, John_ed A Century of Great Western Stories (associational anthology incl stories by L'Amour, Grey, Estleman, Kelton, more) $25.95
Kahn, Sharon Never Nosh a Matzo Ball (small_town Texas rabbi's wife Ruby Rothman 2, steps in to straighten things out when a bowl of matzo ball soup turns deadly) $22.00
Karp, Larry Scamming the Birdman (sequel to The Music Box Murders , unlikely band of cohorts design and carry out a scam against a murderous collector of bird-automation musical boxes; author signing June 3) $24.95
Land, Jon A Walk in the Darkness (Palestine Det Ben Kamal/Israel CI Danielle Barnea investigate massacre of archeologists same as 50 years ago, realize conspiracy will stop at nothing to protect 2000_year-old secret) $25.95
Lee, Wendi He Who Dies (ex_Marine/PI Angela Matelli 4, must investigate her own brother's disappearance despite possible mob connections, but discovery of another's body escalates the problem) $22.95
Marrs, Jim Rule by Secrecy (current events; proposes that secret cabal has controlled world events from ancient Egypt through Trilateral Commission, CIA & the Vatican) $25.95
Merrill, Hugh Red Hot Typewriter: The Life of John D MacDonald (biography; key to seminal hero Travis McGee is found in life of creator, his financially bleak childhood with strict father, succession of occupations & more) $24.95
Mills, Kyle Free Fall (FBI agent Mark Beamon 3, tracks ex_girlfriend of murdered student who found top_secret FBI file, but she's expert rock_climber who can vanish anywhere & he can't trust anyone) $25.00
Peale, Cynthia (aka Nancy Zaroulis) The Death of Colonel Mann (Victorian Boston Brahmin Addington Ames discovers blackmailing tabloid publisher's body & teams with sister Caroline & Dr John MacKenzie to solve the crime) $22.95
Pressfield, Steven Tides of War (novel of legendary, ancient Greece general Alcibiades, Peloponnesian War & events leading ex_allies to shun him in their greatest need; audio $25.95) $24.95
Saylor, Steven A Twist at the End (in 1885, Texas writer later known as O.Henry pursues serial killer stalking Austin & sparking racial conflict; based on true events, poses solution to unsolved case) $24.00
Shields, Jody The Fig Eater (1910 Inspector melds rationalist criminology, Gypsy superstition, and botany to find killer of young girl) $23.95
Swift, Virginia Brown_Eyed Girl (Prof Sally Alder leaves LA for Wyoming to revisit misspent youth only to uncover secrets of famous woman's past & cache of diamonds) $24
Thurlo, Aimee & David Shooting Chant (Navajo Special Investigator Ella Clah 5, copes with rising traditionalist/modernist tensions, murder when theft of pregnant women's med records may tie to livestock birth defects) $23.95
Wager, Walter Tunnel (NYPD Capt Jake Malloy battles FBI & bureaucracy when terrorists with missile seize Lincoln Tunnel, threatening commuters plus druglords heading for deal, DEA agent who set them up) $23.95
Yorke, Margaret The Price of Guilt (when woman running from abusive & possibly murderous husband arrives in English village, she uncovers town secrets that may be more deadly) $24.95


Baer, Will Christopher Kiss Me, Judas (ex_cop Phineas Poe's released from mental hospital, spends savage night with woman, wakes to find kidney missing & plunges into "edgy, drug_blurred underworld") $12.95
Baer, Will Christopher Penny Dreadful (ex_cop Phineas Poe 2, agrees to help old ally Det Moon find missing officer who may not exist, is drawn into live role_playing game of sexual warfare, performance torture, more) $22.95
Barr, Nevada Deep South (Park Ranger Anna Pigeon 8, gets Mississippi posting, promotion, but subordinates' extreme resentment, personal safety concerns pale when girl is murdered with racial overtones) $23.95
Cobb, James H Sea Fighter (Navy Cmdr Amanda Garrett 3, leads UN task force to stop escalating African civil war, but can they rely on new, largely untested technology?) $24.95
Danielewski, Mark Z House of Leaves (family moves into small house, only to find is vastly larger inside, with endlessly shifting hallways, "stalked by terror & driven mad with grief") $19.95
Gash, Jonathan A Rag, a Bone & a Hank of Hair (antiques "divvy" Lovejoy looks for person passing phony gems, but finds old friends' shop taken over by elegant thug, one friend dead, other & her familiar_looking son in danger) $23.95
Gash, Jonathan The Rich & the Profane (antiques "divvy" Lovejoy's search for missing painting & friend leads to Channel Islands adventure that backfires when his cover's blown) $5.99
Hiaasen, Carl Tourist Season/Stormy Weather/Strip Tease (boxed set of audio tapes) $29.95
Higgins, Jack Day of Reckoning (clandestine White House department head/ex_FBI Blake Johnson sets out for revenge against crime boss who killed his journalist wife, starting escalating cycle of retaliation) $25.95
Kafka, Kimberly True North (after tragedy, Bailey Lockhart resettles in Alaska, but developing bond with fellow pilot/Ingalik activist is threatened by racial division, white couple's deceit, hubris & death) $23.95
Kienzle, William X Till Death (Father Koesler 22, probes death that resulted from complex love triangle among priest, Catholic school principal & ex_nun) $19.95
King, Dean Patrick O'Brian: A Life Revealed (biography; delves into past of late novelist who created new identity for himself after WWII & became famous for his historical naval adventure series) $26.00
Leebron, Fred Six Figures (man struggling w/growing dissatisfaction w/his life becomes prime suspect in wife's attack, must face realization that family, friends colleagues believe him capable of it) $22.00
Mortimer, John The Sound of Trumpets (associational; ex_civil servant Leslie Titmuss awaits chance for revenge on Tories, decides principled, naive New Laborite will be his stalking horse) $12.95
O'Brian, Patrick The Surgeon's Mate (audio tape) $25.00
Parker, Robert B Hugger Mugger (Boston PI Spenser takes Georgia job investigating threats against, supervising security for racehorse, but human victim ups stakes, leads to probe of client's organization) $23.95
Perry, Anne Traitor's Gate/Pentecost Alley/Ashworth Hall (boxed set of audio tapes) $29.95
Quinonez, Ernesto Bodega Dreams (when man to see if you want something done in Spanish Harlem turns to young Chino for a favor, the younger man's over his head in underworld of temper, betrayal, murder; PBO) $12.00
Rabe, John The Good Man of Nanking (non_fiction; diaries of man who put himself at risk to save 200,000 poor Chinese during 1937 Japanese Rape of Nanking) $14.00
Robinson, Charles M III The Men Who Wear the Star (non_fiction; history of the Texas Rangers, from 1823 founding through legendary Wild West & anti_gangster exploits to today) $29.95
Shaw, Caroline Cat Catcher (Australian ex_cop/Zen practitioner Lenny Aaron's practice tracking wealthy suburbanites' missing cats tangles her with powerful, deadly media family) $14.00
Winter, Douglas E Run (Burdon Lane's unaware his run transporting illegal guns from DC to NY has government man on team of best friend & 2 killers, but someone inside has own agenda) $24.00
Wise, David Cassidy's Run: The Secret Spy War Over Nerve Gas (non_fiction; how ordinary man, Sgt Joe Cassidy, became FBI's secret weapon countering secret Russian operation to steal nerve gas formulas during Cold War) $25.00


Anaya, Rudolfo Shaman Winter (wheelchair_bound Albuquerque PI Sonny Baca realizes archenemy Raven is preying on his female ancestors in his dreams, but kidnaping of mayor's daughter may be tied in, too) $7.50
Antal, John Proud Legions (military thriller set in future Korean War) $6.99
Atwood, Russell East of A (PI Payton Sherwood stumbles onto murder, follows trail through Manhattan's Alphabet City & its dusk_to_dawn nightmare of hustlers, cons, addicts, worse) $6.50
Black, Ethan Irresistible (NY Det Conrad Voort 2, contends with personal crises while pursuing female serial killer who stalks, then seduces & kills, only to find her stalking him) $24.00
Blake, James Carlos Red Grass River (in turn_of_century Everglades, Deputy Bobby Baker's obsession with bringing ex_boyhood pal criminal to justice could destroy him) $14
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Cat on the Scent (postmistress Harry Harristeen/feline & canine sleuths 7, investigate murder of landowner/financier during Civil War re-enactment that could transform town) $6.99
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve_cr Tom Clancy's Net Force 3: Night Moves (Internet techno_ thriller; elite teen force patrolling Internet cracks another case; PBO) $7.99
Clark, Mary Higgins Before I Say Goodbye (audio tape; unabridged avail $TBA, CD $30) $25.00
Clark, Mary Higgins We'll Meet Again (after 15 years in jail for murder she didn't commit, Julia aims to settle score with ex_best friend Frances, whom she believes was the true murderer) $7.99
Cleary, Jon Dilemma (Australia's Scobie Malone struggles with allegation that friend/lawyer prosecuting husband of woman killed 4 years before is the real killer) $23.00
Collins, Max Allan U_571 (movie novelization; WWII team of US sailors, marines pose as German rescue team for hurt sub to get Enigma code key, but are stranded, must get sub back through enemy lines; PBO) $6.50
Deaver, Jeffery The Devil's Teardrop (on Dec 31, 1999, Washington DC police must solve mass murder & prevent another, but they have only one clue & are running out of time) $6.99
Dirgo, Craig The Einstein Papers (anti_terrorist operative John Taft must act to keep US from suffering as Chinese verge on completing Unified Field Theory) $6.99
DuBrul, Jack The Medusa Stone (Geologist/adventure Philip Mercer 3; lost mine of King Solomon opened by crashed spy satellite; PBO) $6.99
Elkins, Aaron Skeleton Dance (anthropologist Gideon Oliver (10) is called to French repository of prehistoric fossils when village's chief inspector suspects foul play behind recent find) $23.00
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down in the Marrow_Bone Pie (while husband is on political mission for Queen Elizabeth I, herbalist Lady Susanna Appleton must discover who poisoned their steward before the killer strikes again) $5.99
Fitzhugh, Bill Cross Dressing (adman takes dead identical twin's place as priest, finds church savvier in marketing, mass persuasion, as homicidal copywriter, brother's dangerous past, shootist nun converge) $23.00
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Gin & Daggers (TV tie_in; Jessica's stint as keynote speaker at London mystery writer's convention turns deadly when she finds mentor stabbed to death during party; reprint) $5.99
Flora, Kate Death in Paradise (educational consultant Thea Kozak (5) hoped for downtime at Hawaii seminar, but conference chair's murder lands her with chaotic conference, hostile cops, suspicious husband & killer) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swenson tracks a killer through "eccentric Minnesota locals" and batches of cookies; recipes included) $20.00
Ford, Steven The Protocol (Dr Susan Keane tracks origins of unauthorized experiment that's tied to fatal virus that's escaped into San Francisco; PBO) $6.99
Fowler, Earlene Mariner's Compass (ex_cowgirl/quilter Benni Harper 6, inherits house from man with pieces of her life throughout S who was he & why was he so obsessed w/her?) $6.50
Fowler, Earlene Seven Sisters (quilter/rancher Benni Harper 7, is drawn into feuding family's tragic past & murder that strikes way too close to home) $21.95
Galdorisi, George For Duty & Honor (CIA agent/Navy SEAL Rick Holden is assigned to infiltrate ship & assassinate Admiral who is bent on revenge in wake of terrorist attack; PBO) $6.99
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of an Irish Lover (Dublin CI Peter McGarr investigates murder of police who regulate eel_fishing, finds creative murder method & far too many suspects) $23.00
Gorman, Ed The Day the Music Died (50's Iowa PI Sam McCain is drawn into investigation of couple's murder, learns the dark side of the American dream) $5.99
Graves, Sarah Wicked Fix (home improvement expert Jacobia Tiptree 3, finds rural Maine more challenging than expected when corpse on cemetery gate is tied to odious ex_husband; PBO) $5.99
Green, Tim Double Reverse (sports agent/trial attorney Madison McCall must unravel web of racism, hatred, greed to find truth; woman is murdered & NFL teammates with nothing in common are implicated together) $7.50
Harris, Lee The Mother's Day Murder (ex_nun/PI Christine Bennett (11) is stunned by girl's claim to be best friend Sister Joseph's daughter, but when she is killed, Sr Joseph becomes prime suspect; PBO) $6.50
Hayter, Sparkle The Chelsea Girl Murders (TV newswoman Robin Hudson 5, moves into legendary, Bohemian Chelsea Hotel, soon suspects neighbor's suicide S murder? art? S & must sort through host of eccentrics to find truth) $23.00
Herman, Richard Edge of Honor (Pres Madeline Turner faces re_emergent Russia's ruthless leader & criminal government, possible war with both it & Germany, plus cabal of drug runners, killers) $6.99
Hess, Joan_ed Malice Domestic 9 (anthology of cozy mysteries by Christie, Barnard, Burke, Cannell, Charles, Granger, Holbrook, Kingsbury, Moffat, Moody, Satterthwait, Todd, Wheat, more; PBO) $5.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Malory and the Fatal Legacy (Mrs. Malory 10, is named executor to estate of late, best-selling novelist & realizes death was foul play; PBO) $5.99
Holtzer, Susan The Silly Season (Ann Arbor reporter Zoe Kaplan sees apparent UFO & media stampede ensues, but when UFOlogist/professor turns up dead, Lt Karl Genesko must find truth) $5.99
Houston, Victoria Dead Angler (small_town Wisconsin's new female police chief/fly_fishing wiz, Lewellyn Ferris pulls in a dead body & must combine detecting & fishing skills to find killer; PBO) $5.99
Jacobs, David Where the Money Is (movie novelization; when legendary bank robber has stroke in prison, he is transferred to nursing home, assigned round_the_clock nurse S but is he really ill?; PBO) $5.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Motion to Dismiss (San Francisco defense attorney Kali O'Brien (3) faces realization that client may be lying about rape case when victim dies S or is killed) $5.99
Kerr, Philip The Shot (assassin hired by Mob in 1960 to take out Castro is lured to FBI meeting & given explosive intel, but escapes & now seems to be gunning for JFK) $24.95
Land, Jon The Pillars of Solomon (Ben Kamal returns to investigating when West Bank children disappear, but search converges w/Danielle Barnea's investigation of seemingly random murder) $6.99
Lang, Denise A Call for Justice (non_fiction; New England town's battle to keep serial killer in jail beyond age 21; PBO) $6.50
Lipinski, Thomas Death in the Steel City (Pittsburgh PI Carroll Dorsey 4, learns some of dad's questionable business deals on his deathbed, starts probing secrets, including murder that is just as dangerous today; PBO) $5.99
Maron, Margaret Home Fires (NC Judge Deborah Knott 6, teams w/ex_Black Panther Wallace Adderly to investigate church fires & murder while she campaigns for reelection) $6.50
Maron, Margaret Storm Track (Judge Knott 7 seeks clues to motel murder of prominent attorney's wife while Hurricane Fran attacks Colleton County) $22.95
Martel, John The Alternate (murder trial compromised by jury member's hidden agenda) $6.99
Massey, Sujata The Flower Master (Japanese_American antiques dealer in Tokyo, Rei Shimura 3, takes flower arranging course to please aunt, but instructor's murder threatens family skeletons) $6.99
Mercer, Judy Blind Spot (TV producer/amnesia victim Ariel Gold 4, sets out with grandfather to get truth behind friend's blinding from contaminated eyedrops, but may be target herself) $23.95
Miles, Margaret No Rest for the Dove (in colonial Bracebridge, MA (3), Italian singer's visit stirs gossip, but when 2nd foreigner is found dead, Charlotte Willett & Richard Longfellow suspect the singer; PBO) $5.99
Murray, Lynne Larger Than Death ("full_figured sleuth" Josephine Fuller working as undercover troubleshooter for feminist philanthropist when she visits Seattle friend, only to find her murdered) $5.99
Murray, Mike Navy Seals 2: Black Light (military adventure; Seal Unit on search_and_destroy versus lone terrorist) $5.99
Orth, Maureen Vulgar Favors (non_fiction; journalist details history of Andrew Cunanan, his victims & their hedonistic worlds) $7.50
Palmer, Michael The Patient (neurosurgeon Jessie Copeland must use unready, experimental surgical robot to save patient from hell S master assassin w/brain tumor whose intimidation plot threatens hundreds) $24.95
Parker, Robert B Hush Money (PI Spenser/Hawk investigate when Hawk's friend's son is denied tenure, tied to gay activist's suicide, turns deadly while Susan's friend becomes stalker) $7.50
Parker, T Jefferson The Blue Hour (semi_retired/cancer_doomed cop Tim Hess agrees to team with Det Merci Rayborn to track serial killer,but neither gets what they expected) $7.99
Pascal, Francine Fearless 7: Rebel (young adult; fearless, karate expert, multilingual teen Gaia Moore continues her adventures) $5.99
Patterson, James Black Friday (revised reprint_original title Black Market ; power broker Caitlin Dillon/Federal agent Arch Carroll must discover identity, motives of Green Band's assault on Wall Street) $6.99
Patterson, James When the Wind Blows (trade paperback reprint) $13.95
Pears, Iain An Instance of the Fingerpost (trade paperback reprint; in 1663, 4 narrators explain Oxford don's murder, but accounts contradict, while truth leads to heart of intrigue, post civil war wracking church, state) $14.95
Perry, Anne Bedford Square (Victorian Spt Thomas & Charlotte Pitt 21, delve into murder of man found on general's doorstep that may trigger tragedy & ensnare the innocent) $6.99
Perry, Anne Half Moon Street (Victorian Insp Thomas Pitt's latest murder investigation leads into London's Bohemia, where studio masters are experimenting with art, photography & life S & death; audio $18) $25.00
Peters, Elizabeth The Falcon at the Portal (in 1911, Egyptologist Amelia Peabody & family scramble to unravel frame of Ramses' best friend for selling fakes, corpse, drugs, mystery child & more) $6.99
Pickard, Nancy_ed Mom, Apple Pie & Murder (Mother's Day tie_in; anthology of crimes involving moms from Hess, Maron, Healy, Pickard, Wallace, Wheat, more; includes apple recipes) $5.99
Pistone, Joseph D Donnie Brasco Mobbed Up (Donnie Brasco returns to save life of daughter from Russian and Italian mobs; PBO) $6.99
Podrug, Junius Frost of Heaven (reporter Peter MacKinzie's search for father downed in Himalayas on secret mission turns into puzzle of kidnap, murder, secretive woman, ancient tomb) $6.99
Pronzini, Bill Nothing but the Night (split_screen narrative about two tortured psyches that circle each other until both men are swept away by fate) $8.95
Randisi, Robert_ed Tin Star (anthology of crime_solving in the Old West, by Kelton, Estleman, Gorman, Roderus, more; PBO) $5.99
Robb, Candace A Gift of Sanctuary (medieval spy Owen Archer 6, joined on pilgrimage by Geoffrey Chaucer as cover to inspect Welsh fortifications, but murders plague trip & rouse suspicions) $5.99
Rosen, Fred Deacon of Death (non_fiction; murders of prostitutes lead to exposure of church deacon's double life; PBO) $6.50
Rowland, Laura Joh The Concubine's Tattoo (17c Japanese investigator Sano (4), must examine world of the shogun's women when his wedding is interrupted by murder of concubine with poisoned tattoo) $6.50
Sallis, James Eye of the Cricket (Lew Griffin (4) lost his son and nears breakdown as a stranger claims his name and novel) $8.95
Shannon, John The Poison Sky (PI Jack Liffey 3, hired to find runaway teen who is living with spiritualists whose secret is powerful enough to wipe out LA; PBO) $5.99
Smith, James V Jr Force Recon 2: Death Wind (military adventure; Force Recon team takes out meeting of international terrorists; one gets away & starts tracking them; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Mitchell Reprisal (psychodrama in Mass. town where young woman's secrets are murderous) $6.99
Smith, Wilbur Monsoon (adventure epic sweeps from 18c England through E Africa, into Arabia) $7.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi All the Way Home (Rory Connelly returns to quiet hometown 10 years after sister, 3 other girls disappeared, but then another girl vanishes on anniversary of first cases) $6.99
Tesler, Nancy Golden Eggs & Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin 3, hopes dad's lottery will ease family's troubles, but when his new wife pays off extortionist who winds up dead, she realizes trouble's just begun; PBO) $5.99
Thomas, Graham Malice in London (Scotland Yard's Erskine Powell 4, investigates murder of corpse found in the Thames, but this case may be the most diabolical of his career; PBO) $6.50
Thomas_Graham, Pamela Blue Blood (Harvard Econ Prof Nikki Chase 2, is drawn by murder into web of adultery, greed & racial strife on the Yale campus & in New Haven) $6.99
Tine, Robert JAG 2: Clean Steel (TV tie_in; the JAG team investigates murder of Russian scientist & US Navy nurse; PBO) $5.99
Van Gieson, Judith The Stolen Blue (divorcee Claire Reynier starts life over a New Mexico university, but when she finds old friend & mentor dead, her life takes another turn; PBO) $5.99
Walpow, Nathan Death of an Orchid Lover (gardener Joe Portugal 2, agrees to help friend probe fellow orchid lover's murder, but realizes his interest could prove deadly; PBO) $5.99
Whitman, John Zorro & the Witch's Curse (media tie_in/3rd in series; woman left to die on island 20 years ago seems to be terrorizing pueblo of Los Angeles, Don Diego/Zorro must find truth before his father's killed; PBO) $5.99
Wolf, Joan No Dark Place (medieval Sheriff of Lincoln Hugh Corbaille's shocked to learn he may be Earl's heir, kidnaped as child, but search for past leads to intrigue, scheming strangers & killer) $5.99
Woods, Stuart Worst Fears Realized (resurrection of past threatens to overwhelm Stone Barrington when he returns to help ex_partner Dino Bacchetti track killer he may've known as former love resurfaces) $7.50
Woodworth, Deborah A Simple Shaker Murder (1930s Shaker Sister Rose Callahan (4) realizes supposed suicide of visiting "reformer" may have been murder witnessed by his foster child, who's now in danger; PBO) $5.99


Barnard, Robert A Murder in Mayfair (Colin Pinnock's thrill at gov't junior minister appointment sours when he receives anonymous mail hinting at his mysterious background) $23.00
Barton, Dan Killer Material (standup comic Biff Kincaid agrees to cover friend's cancelled gig, but lands in midst of fraud, theft of routine & murder) $24.95
Black, Roy Black's Law (non_fiction; criminal lawyer reveals defense strategies in 4 "cliffhanger cases") $13.00
Bowen, Peter The Stick Game (Montana's Gabriel Du Pre' 7, agrees to look for lover's friend's teen son & probes rash of reservation birth defects near gold mine, but finds dangerous ties between the cases) $23.95
Conant, Susan Creature Discomforts (dog writer Holly Winter & malamutes 13, struggle with beating & amnesia on Maine hike after another's killed, must find & stop killer without giving away memory loss) $22.95
Cooper, Natasha Fault Lines (barrister Trish Maguire's case of alleged abuse in children's home explodes when star witness's killed, seemingly by known serial rapist, but corruption, cover_ups abound) $23.95
De Grazia, Don American Skin (young man on the lam after parents' drug arrest winds up in Chicago, joins multiracial group of anti_Nazi skinheads on quest from streets to boot camp to college & prison) $13.00
Diamond, Diana The Trophy Wife (Det Andrew Hogan races to beat deadline, save "perfect wife" who was kidnaped as husband set out to break news of divorce, but kidnappers' identity is shock) $23.95
Freemantle, Brian Dead Men Living (British agent Charlie Muffin's sent to help investigate recently_discovered Allied officers' murders in Siberia, but uncovers secret that threatens Russia, US & England) $24.95
Gorman, Ed Voodoo Moon (Iowa psychological profiler Robert Payne 4, investigates town paralyzed w/fear of killer leaving series of bodies & voodoo symbols that may be tied to 25_year_old fire) $22.95
Holtzer, Susan The Wedding Game (U of MI's computer expert Anneke Haagen (4), her staff & police lieutenant fiance are all suspects when internet nemesis is murdered a week before Anneke's wedding) $23.95
Jahn, Michael Murder on Theatre Row (Capt Bill Donovan returns to probe long list of suspects S including a ghost S when murder strikes comeback production at historic NY theater) $5.99
Jones, DJH Murder at the MLA (scholar Nancy Cook investigates four English professors' deaths, revealing the back_stabbing competitiveness of academia) $13.95
Jones, DJH Murder at the New Age (Nancy Cook returns to take on the colony of New Agers whose rituals hide a serious crime) $13.95
Jorgenson, Christine T Dead on Her Feet ("Stella the Stargazer" 5, moonlights as theater's asst director, but when bizarre pranks turn deadly, she must add sleuthing to duties) $5.99
King, Peter A Healthy Place to Die (the Gourmet Detective 5, attends Swiss resort cooking conference, but when magazine editors disappear & lawyer questions their articles, he must return to investigation) $22.95
Koehler, CJ Profile (Det Ray Koepp suspects one of psychiatrist's patients in murder series, but she's being stalked herself & identifies tipster as her husband) $5.99
Lindsay, Paul The Fuhrer's Reserve (wise_cracking FBI agent Taz Fallon searches for Hitler's missing art treasures before neo_Nazis sell them to finance fascist regime; "breathlessly thrilling") $24.00
Murphy/Sapir_cr Destroyer 119: Fade to Black (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Murray, Lynne Large Target ("woman of size" Josephine Fuller, investigator for San Diego philanthropist, is asked to probe young woman's ties to mysterious band of do_gooders, but turns up a mess) $23.95
Parker, T Jefferson Red Light (Merci Rayborn returns to expose and arrest her lover, a fellow officer) $23.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 257: Precision Play (paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 46: Hostile Instinct (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Porter, Henry Remembrance Day (when Irish_born Constantine Lindow finds himself implicated in London bombing, he searches for bombing maniac who's blaming the IRA but may be tied to the British gov't) $25.00
Randisi, Robert J Blood on the Arch (St Louis Det Joe Keough investigates murder of political aide running for office & uncovers political scandal) $22.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Samurai's Wife (17c Japan; Shogun's Investigator Sano Ichiro 5, needs his untraditional wife Reiko's talents to infiltrate the emperor's inner circle & catch a terrifying killer) $23.95
Steinberg, Richard The 4 Phase Man (2 remaining, legendary CIA agents expert in all 4 black ops areas are on opposite sides of Chinese plot to usurp the White House) $24.95
Swindle, Howard Doin' Dirty (now recovering alcoholic, Dallas Det Jeb Quinlin 2, is assigned to investigative reporter's murder, follows trail to roots in ranching country & dangerously corrupt dealings) $22.95
Weber, Ronald Catch and Keep (local investigative reporter killed in Michigan; was it done by local militia unit?) $22.95
Wooley, Marilyn J Jackpot Justice (psychologist Cassandra Ringwald struggles with forensic evaluation of intelligent, 3/4 Indian man who's joined neo_Nazi skinheads in mayhem, but there are more dangerous goings_on) $24.95


Boyd, William Armadillo (London insurance adjuster finds client murdered & himself focus of arson conspiracy; "probing mystery as dark as it is comic") $14.00
Childers, Erskine The Riddle of the Sands (reprint; man who joins friend on yachting expedition in turn_of century Baltic, begins to realize repeated dangers signal deeper agenda, one of espionage & invasion) $7.95
Cook, Capt James The Journals of Captain Cook (non_fiction/historical naval adventure; 1_volume abridged edition of famed 18c explorer's journals) $9.95
Dibdin, Michael Blood Rain (new, dreaded posting to Sicily forces Insp Aurelio Zen (7) to use all cunning & skill for survival as discovery of gruesome corpse begins most chilling, threatening case yet) $23.00
Duffy, Stella Fresh Flesh (south London PI Saz Martin 4 and partner Molly are dragged across upscale London following a trail of theft and emotional trauma) $15.00
Freedman, JM Above the Law (DA Nora Ray/Special Prosecutor Luke Garrison probe DEA raid that killed reclusive gang leader the Att'y General had ordered to be taken alive at any cost) $24.95
Griffin, Nicholas The Requiem Shark (historical naval adventure; story of "history's most successful pirate, Bartholomew Roberts", as told by young, forced apprentice who struggles with brutality, understanding) $23.00
Lehman, Ernest North by Northwest (movie tie_in; screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's Romantic Thriller) $14.00
Loomis, Chauncey Weird & Tragic Shores (non_fiction; amateur explorer follows course of Cincinnati businessman who set out 97 yrs ago to find lost Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin & died in mysterious circumstances) $14.95
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Malice (Gail Connor (7) defends prime suspect of brutal murder as Anthony Quintana represents her client's alibi, a pot_smoking judge) $22.95
Prospero, Ann Almost Night (Miami Det Susannah Cannon & her culturally diverse team are assigned to hunt serial killer preying on lonely professional women) $23.95
Sandford, John Easy Prey (Lucas Davenport 11 investigates strangled model and second surprise body) $25.95
Stone, Michael Totally Dead (Denver PI Streeter 4, finally has an innocent client, who turns out to be grandson of restaurateur/mafioso who lands him in trouble w/bad guys & in midst of pizza war) $5.99
Wallace, Christopher The Pied Piper's Poison (what ties disease ravaging 1946 WWII refugees in Polish camp to besieged 1648 Hamelin's solution to war, starvation, fever & vermin?) $25.95


Barre, Richard Blackheart Highway (Wil Hardesty 4; "must solve a grisly murder while staring down the barrel of his own troubled past") $6.50
Bell, Malcolm (aka John Case) The Last Goodbye (ex_CIA agent Marcus Malone goes undercover to track man scarred by Nagasaki bomb who's bent on nuclear revenge, but woman who loves Malone follows him) $6.99
Block, Lawrence The Burglar in the Rye (burglar/bookseller Bernie Rhodenbarr's asked to retrieve recluse author's lost letters, but finds dead agent, beautiful woman & the cops) $6.99
Brooks, Patricia But for the Grace (ex_cop/PI on Washington state island Molly Piper 2, takes case of mayoral candidate slandered in satirical flyers, but when he turns up dead, she must expand & find killer; PBO) $5.99
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Pawing Through the Past (feline sleuth Mrs Murphy/postmistress Harry Harristeen 8, go to Harry's 20th HS reunion but alumni keep turning up dead) $24.95
Brown, Sandra Standoff (television reporter is taken hostage at convenience store by kidnapper and willing millionaire's daughter_victim as FBI surround the building) $19.95
Busch, Frederick The Night Inspector (maimed Civil War vet start new life in NY, embarks on adventure based in war's aftermath w/Creole prostitute & befriends customs inspector S failed writer Herman Melville) $14.00
Campbell, Ann Wolf at the Door (Annie O'Hara is reluctant new owner of bad_tempered German Shepherd Claudius, but becomes his champion when he's accused of murder; PBO) $5.99
Caunitz, William J Chains of Command (female deputy police commissioner & detective lieutenant go up against greed, rivalry & secrecy to probe murder of young cop suspected of corruption) $6.99
Churchill, Jill Grace & Favor 2: In the Still of the Night (1930s setting; Lily & Robert learn they'll lose mansion unless they work, but scheme to host friends for paying weekend turns deadly when murder strikes) $6.99
Clancy, Tom/Horner, Gen Chuck Every Man a Tiger (nonfiction; exploration of modern air power) $16.95
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve_cr Tom Clancy's Net Force 10: Safe House (young adult; Net Force Explorers go on a virtual hunt for the enemies of a prominent scientist and his son; PBO) $4.99
Clarkson, Wensley The Mother's Day Murder (non_fiction; case of wife who manipulates 3 teens into killing her husband; PBO) $6.50
Conover, Ted Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing (non_fiction; experiences of year spent as corrections officer at Sing Sing) $24.95
Cook, Thomas H Places in the Dark (Cal Chase hopes love of younger brother's life won't hurt him, but his distrust may be justified) $23.95
Coonts, Stephen Cuba (Adm Jake Grafton returns to stave off disaster when Cuban factions learn US has secretly moved forbidden weapons to Guantanemo Bay as Castro dies) $7.99
Craft, Michael Body Language (gay reporter Mark Manning 3, returns to hometown to run paper, get to know cousin & her teen son, but threatening letters, cousin's murder weren't in the plan) $13.00
Dams, Jeanne M The Red, White, and Blue Murders (Hilda Johansson returns and her suspicions about Pres. McKinley's assassination leads her to the anarchists of South Bend) $23.95
Dawson, Janet A Killing at the Track (PI Jeri Howard 9, finds probe of suspicious happenings at stylish racetrack until murder really makes it a horesrace; PBO) $6.99
Dee, Edward Nightbird (NYPD Dets Anthony Ryan/Joe Gregory 4, investigate Broadway star's "suicide", pursue mysterious figure leads through back alleys to Irish family secrets) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (feline sleuth Midnight Louie 11, helps human partner Temple Barr investigate rumors of Elvis' ghost holding up hotel remodeling, but who really is the dead Elvis they find?) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Kiwi Con (feline sleuth Midnight Louie 12 and human companions follow foe Siamese Hyacinth into scifi/fantasy convention where player is killed and police are lost in the show) $24.95
Du Brul, Jack B Charon's Landing (geologist Philip Mercer takes on Russian mastermind paid by Arab oil minister to use eco_terrorists to sabotage Alaska pipeline) $7.99
Fisher, Jim Crimson Stain (non_fiction; Amish man brutally murdered and mutilated his wife in act of madness; PBO) $7.50
French, Nicci Beneath the Skin (three women receive death threats; are victimized by faceless stalker and police who regard them as suspects) $24.95
French, Nicci Killing Me Softly (woman who gives up lover, friends & family for handsome, mysterious man realizes his enemies are now hers & she must learn truth of his past) $7.50
Garnett, Cliff TALON Force 3: Sky Fire (military adventure; Maj Barrett & elite all_service Force can stop ex_Communist, fanatic aerospace scientists from launching laser_armed satellite; PBO) $5.99
Gorman, Ed What Dead Men Say (reprint) $6.99
Griffin, WEB The Soldier Spies (Men at War 3; reprint) $7.50
Grimes, Martha The Train Now Departing (two linked novellas; single quiet woman is embroiled in dark affairs) $22.95
Grippando, James Found Money (Ryan's discovery of cash in dead father's attic rouses dangerous questions & enemies on path to truth) $6.99
Gunn, Elizabeth Five Card Stud (Jake Hines (3) uncovers a naked corpse near the river in Rutherford, MN) $23.95
Hambly, Barbara Graveyard Dust (in 1834 New Orleans, free black Paris-educated physician Benjamin January (3) learns sister is charged with murder, but his attempts to investigate draw voodoo curse) $5.99
Hanadel, Kraig Catch Me If You Can (non_fiction; despite 3 years of suspect's taunts, 2 detectives pursue case of family murder & finally bring family's son to justice; PBO) $6.99
Harstad, Donald Known Dead (Iowa Deputy Sheriff Carl Housemen 2, answers officer_assistance call & lands in middle of war zone w/2 down & no idea who's on which side or why) $6.50
Heller, Jane Sis Boom Bah (sisters' lifetime of fierce rivalry takes on life_or_death aspect when they're each other's alibis in murder case;'fast_paced suspense, rollicking wit") $6.99
Henry, Sue Murder on the Yukon Quest (dogsled racer Jessie Arnold 6, learns mid_race that novice racer's been kidnaped & kidnapper's set her a quest & a deadline) $6.50
Hess, Joan Dear Miss Demeanor (reprint; bookseller/sleuth Claire Malloy) $5.99
Horn, Stephen In Her Defense (legal thriller, down_on_his_luck criminal lawyer meets glamorous socialite who's about to be charged w/murder & wants him to represent her) $25.00
Horrock, Henry Potomac Fever (DC Det Cal Terrell/Sgt Roberta Short suspect roadblocks to "routine" murder investigation are political, but digging only draws threatening pursuit) $6.99
Hoyt, Richard Whoo? (John Denson & Willie Prettybird find simple marijuana case landing them in midst of spotted owl controversy when Fish & Wildlife agent's killed & Denson's targeted) $5.99
Hunter, Fred Capital Queers (Alex Reynolds and lover Peter (3) discover friends have been killed over possession of stolen religious artifact) $12.95
Jance, JA Outlaw Mountain (Sheriff Joanna Brady 7, finds investigation of elderly woman's murder leading from offspring & gentleman friend to graft & corruption in local government) $6.99
Johansen, Iris The Killing Game (Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan returns to tackle 9 unearthed skeletons, including young girl, but it's a cunning killer's trap) $6.99
Klempner, Joseph T Flat Lake in Winter (criminal defense lawyer Matthew Fielder tries dropping out, but death_penalty murder case against "slow_witted orphan" youth brings him back to fray) $6.99
Knief, Charles Emerald Flash (Honolulu PI John Caine 3, rescues woman running from armed ex, agrees to hide her off_island after he's found murdered) $5.99
Lardo, Vincent The Hampton Connection (Lt. Oliveri 2 stirs up high society when beautiful body is found) $23.95
Lasseter, Don Die For Me (non_fiction; men spotted shoplifting lead police to Sierra Nevada bunker full of grisly evidence of multiple sex crimes; PBO) $6.50
Lehane, Dennis Prayers for Rain (PIs Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro 5, hunt for predator who manipulates victims into suicide, add psychological warfare to already_shaky relationship) $6.99
Leonard, Elmore Cuba Libre (trade paperback reprint) $9.95
Lewis, Stephen The Blind in Darkness (midwife Catherine Williams 2, isn't fooled by old man Powell's murder as the Puritan town's secrets surface; PBO) $5.99
Lonsdale, Harry Paul Smoking Out a Killer (ex_detective/cigar store owner Nicholas Chase 2, invited to producer's party for film based on his first case, but when host's killed, there're far too many smoking guns; PBO) $5.99
Marshall, Evan Hanging Hannah (widowed literary agent Jane Stuart/cat Winky 2, are drawn into hunt for killer in formerly peaceful New Jersey home town) $20.00
Marshall, Evan Missing Marlene (literary agent Jane Stuart & cat Winky decide to track down missing nanny but discover murder) $5.99
Massey, Sujata The Floating Girl (antiques dealer Rei Shimura 4, looks to interview hot new comic book artist who goes missing & his American friend turns up dead in costume of superheroine) $24.00
Maxim, John R The Bannerman Effect (reprint; "retired" government covert op Paul Bannerman turns on former handlers when lover's threatened & plans are discovered to use his people as test subjects) $6.99
McKinna, John Tiger Reef (deep_sea diver Ben Gannon returns to take on modern_day pirates in Indonesia; PBO) $6.99
Meredith, DR By Hook or By Book (librarian Megan Clark (2) and her book group search for a lost manuscript and its owners murderer; PBO) $5.99
Pyper, Andrew Lost Girls (defense attorney returns to haunted Ontario town where two teen girls went missing) $23.95
Raphael, Lev Little Miss Evil (Michigan Professor Nick Hoffman's (4) career is on the rise, and students abound, until a corpse turns up in the wrong place) $23.95
Ripley, Ann The Perennial Killer (TV gardener Louise Eldridge 5, takes show on location in Colorado, but murdered rancher draped over fence wasn't the local color she had iin mind; PBO) $5.99
Roberts, Lora Murder Follows Money (freelance writer Liz Sullivan (6) solves another crime; "an original character with heart & soul"; PBO) $6.50
Robinson, Jeffery The Merger (non_fiction; history of global crime cartels) $27.95
Shannon, George Stories to Solve (children; fourteen mysteries from world folklore) $4.95
Sherman, Beth Death's a Beach (ghostwriter Anne Hardaway 3, has her hands full when storm damage repairs unearth 20_year_old skeleton of mom's ex_shrink; PBO) $5.99
Simpson, Marcia Crow in Stolen Colors (Alaskan freight handler escaping troubled past, Liza Romero's rescue of a young Tlingit boy starts succession of threats; PBO) $6.50
Standiford, Les, ed The Putt at the End of the World (co_written in the round, including James Crumley, James W Hall, and Ridley Pearson; three not_so_great pro golfers play mysterious round in Scotland for the fate of the world) $24.95
Stevens, Rosemary Death on a Silver Tray (Beau Brummell helps the Duchess of York avoid regency scandal when her close friend is poisoned) $21.95
Swanson, Doug Umbrella Man (Dallas PI Jack Flippo 4, finds a film of Kennedy's death that shows something more & now everyone's after him to get it) $5.99
Todd, Charles Search the Dark (WWI vet/Insp Ian Rutledge 3, heads search for children missing amid Dorset murder w/locals in uproar, but his efforts, Hamish's ghostly prompting raise more questions) $5.99
White, Randy Wayne Ten Thousand Islands (Doc Ford 7 helps mother of hanged teenager deal with graverobbers and threats) $23.95
Wilson, John Morgan Justice at Risk (gay journalist Benjamin Justice 3, hired to write documentary segment, but missing producer, tie to old bias crime, corruption & too_attractive colleague prove dangerous) $6.50
Wishnia, kja Soft Money (ex_NYPD det Ecuadoran Filomena Buscarsela 2, drawn back to detecting when rookie cop asks for help with bodega murder in Bronx & her employer's rife with corruption) $5.99
Wolf, Joan The Poisoned Serpent ( No Dark Place sequel, 12c setting; new knight Hugh de Leon must ferret out answer to nobleman's mysterious death to save innocent man's life) $22.00
Woods, Stuart The Run (Pres. hopeful Senator Will Lee & wife, a deputy director of the CIA, drawn into twisted political scandal & intrigue; continues Lee family saga which began in Chiefs; audio tape $25.00) $25.00


Andrews, Donna Murder with Puffins (Meg and Michael return, stranded by hurricane on small New England island with Meg's family, while murder points to her father) $24.95
Axler, James Outlanders 13: Shadow Scourge (post_apocalypse military adventure) $5.99
Bingham, Robert Lightning on the Sun (preservationist Asher's washed up in Phnom Penh, he uses journalist Reese to smuggle heroin, meets trendy nihilist Julie, whose improvisation unravels plan & endangers all) $23.95
Bishop, Paul Chalk Whispers (LAPD Det Fey Croaker's 1st case in elite Robbery_Homicide Div, police commissioner's sister's murder, involves prominent suspects, 30_year-old murder, innocent black activist on Death Row) $24.00
Cannon, Taffy Guns and Roses (modern mystery set in Colonial Williamsburg; ex_texas cop Roxanne Prescott defends tour business from pranks, killers) $12.95
Clare, Alys Fortune Like the Moon (in 1157, Abbess Helewise near Kent joins soldier of fortune Josse d'Acquin to uncover true killer of young nun, despite King Richard's involvement) $22.95
Connell, Evan S Deus Lo Volt! (historical imagination; first_person account of one soldier's experience of the defining war of Christendom, the Crusades) $30.00
Crais, Robert Demolition Angel (LAPD bomb squad vet Det Carol Starkey must overcome devastation of bomb that injured her, killed partner/lover, to stop serial bomber targeting bomb techs; audio tape 25.95, CD 29.95) $24.95
Deaver, Jeffery The Empty Chair (wheelchair_criminalist Lincoln Rhyme is back to find two kidnaped girls, only to find the case sparking battle with protegee & love, Amelia Sachs) $25.00
Eslick, Tom Snow Kill (when paramedics come to rescue apparent hunting/shooting victim in New Hampshire, they come under fire) $21.95
Gadol, Peter The Long Rain (lawyer Jason Dark accidently hits and kills young man on rainy mountain road, defends accused drifter; trade paperback reprint) $13.00
Greenberg, Martin H/Helfers, John Murder Most Medieval (collection; 12 tales of murder, by Peter Tremayne, Clayton Emery, Ellis Peters, Gillian Linscott, Margaret Frazier, et al) $24.95
Gup, Ted The Book of Honor (non_fiction; history & personal stories of covert operatives & their deaths working for the CIA) $25.95
Hall, Patricia The Italian Girl (DCI Michael Thackeray/reporter Laura Ackroyd return to investigate disturbed skeleton, which Laura's grandmother IDs as remains of girl missing since 1953) $21.95
Harrington, Jonathan The Death of Cousin Rose (Danny O'Flaherty heads for Ireland to find long_lost cousin, but when he's suspected of her murder, must delve into generations_old scandal) $5.99
Hunter, Fred National Nancys (Alex Reynolds and lover Peter 4, volunteer for progressive pol's Senate campaign, but when bomb threats stike too close for comfort, they enlist Alex's mom & CIA contact) $22.95
Monahan, Brent The Jekyl Island Club (when playground of 1899 rich sees member die in suspicious hunting accident, Sheriff John le Brun matches wits w/JP Morgan, Joseph Pulitzer to get to truth) $23.95
Nathan, Paul Count Your Enemies (media director Bert Swain 3, agrees to probe threats against ecology institute's director Anne DeVilliers, but trail leads to suicide, shooting, designer drugs, brainwashing) $5.99
Patterson, James Cradle and All (rework of Virgin ; two pregnant teenagers are both virgins; former nun is called to investigate this miracle) $25.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 258: Target Lock (paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 72: Conflagration (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Pineiro, RJ Shutdown (faulty computer chips lead to sabatoge, FBI hacker Erika Conklin & agent Brent McClaine track chips, to stop disasters) $24.95
Rovin, Jeff Fatalis (reporter Hannah Hughes/anthropologist Jim Grand race to stop ancient giant cats woken by LA quake from stalking, killing their way into the city) $25.95
Schumacher, Aileen Framework for Death (engineer Tory Travers/detective David Alvarez 2, investigate deadly collapsed home that hid secret room, strange connection between victims) $5.99
Scott, Holden The Carrier (cancer cure discovery's stolen, student discoverer Jack Collier's expelled, but when cure fails, FBI agent must find him before he's silenced for good) $24.95
Smith, Peter Moore Raveling (mother, two brothers search for truth of sister's 20 yr old disappearance) $23.95
Stabenow, Dana Midnight Come Again (Alaskan PI Kate Shugak 9, hides out in small fishing village after lover's murder, but refuge turns out to be middle of Russian smuggling ring) $23.95
Thomas, Steve/Davis, Don JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation (non_fiction; '96 murder investigation of six_year_old beauty queen, interviews, leads, mistakes, gaffs) $24.95
Walsh, John Evangelist Moonlight: Abraham Lincoln and the Almanac Trial (non_fiction; new study of 1857 murder trial sheds a different light on the character of Lincoln) $22.95


Alberto, Eliseo Caracol Beach (Cuban veteran, tormented by visions of his dead platoon, searches Florida resort town for someone to kill him) $25.00
Craig, Patricia The Oxford Book of Detective Stories (reference; collection of best classic or pioneering models of detective short stories) $18.95
Dahl, Roald The Umbrella Man (young adult; short story collection _ horror, humor, bizarre) $5.99
Fesperman, Dan Lie in the Dark (Sarajevo homicide investigator discovers secret police chief dead, is drawn into conspiracy of unimagined scope) $12.00
Hansen, Joseph Fadeout (Dave Brandstetter 1 reprint) $11.95
James, Bill Kill Me (Det Chief Harpur's undercover operation ended in deaths Naomi Anstruther's ex and lover, risk lies in her friend Esme who's set on revenge) $22.95
James, PD Time to Be in Earnest (non_fiction; autobiography structured like diary of a single year, with flashbacks to memorable events) $25.00
Knight, Amy Who Killed Kirov? (non_fiction; analysis of Russia's crime of the century, the assassination of Stalin's greatest rival) $14.00
Langton, Jane The Thief of Venice (Prof. Homer Kelly (14) and Mary tour Venice, finding treasure thieves and handsome murderers) $5.99
MacDonald, John D The John D MacDonald Collection (audio tape) $29.95
Martin, Valerie Italian Fever (American woman settles affairs of italian writer, finds missing manuscript, phantom, and romance) $12.00
Nickerson, Thomas/Owen, Chase/et al The Loss of the Ship Essex, Sunk by a Whale (nonfiction; sunk whaleship's survivor's account of disaster) $12.95
O'Brien, Meg Sacred Trust (when Abby Northrope's best friend is murdered, her quest for vengeance leads to confrontation with terrible secrets behind so_perfect life; PBO) $6.50
Ondaatje, Michael Anil's Ghost (first novel since The English Patient ) $25.00
Reardon, Lisa Billy Dead (Michigan family struggles with years old murder) $12.95
Shacochis, Bob The Immaculate Invasion (non_fiction; 1994 U.S. assault on and occupation of Haiti) $14.95
Vachss, Andrew Choice of Evil (Burke confronts obssessive serial killer of gay_bashers who may be his supposedly dead childhood partner, ice_man assassin Wesley) $13.00
Winokur, Jon_ed Advice to Writers (nonfiction; writers give secrets: James Baldwin, Isaac Asimov, John Cheever, Rita Mae Brown, others) $12.00
Wishnia, kja Glass Factory (Fil Buscarsela (3) sniffs out glass factory's dangerous and illegal activities including toxic dumping, bribing of officials, and murder) $23.95
Woronov, Mary Snake (abandoned girl becomes trapped wife who is freed by husband's murderer/drug dealer/survivalist) $23.00

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