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Newsletter #45 March - May, 1999

RECENTLY RECEIVED AND FORTHCOMING MYSTERIES Brier, Bob, PhD The Murder of Tutankhamen (non_fiction/history; Egyptologys/ paleopathologist reconstructs 3000_year_old world, victim, suspects, evidence) $14.00
Cochrane, Mick Flesh Wounds (arrest of Minneapolis salesman for granddaughter's abuse opens generations of secrets, wounds & rage) $12.95
Collins, Suzanne Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 11: Fire Proof (young reader; Shelby investigates arson at theater while on exchange program to London; PBO) $3.99
Cooley, Martha The Archivist (woman hunts sealed cache of TS Eliot's letters Holocaust to jazz_age New York) $13.00
Crews, Harry Celebration (when blonde bombshell arrives at "rest_home gulag" residents' long_dead appetites awake; "dark & sometimes shocking...wonderfully ribald & deeply humane") $13.00
Cuthbert, Margaret The Silent Cradle (1st black female chair of hospital's OB department confronts series of "bad baby" cases from birth center run by ex_lover) $6.99
Daheim, Mary Snow Place to Die (Seattle B&B owner Judith Flynn & Renie 13, cater remote corporate retreat, but when execs start to die & blizzrd hits, they have their sleuthing cut out for them; PBO) $5.99
DeMarco, Gordon Frisco Blues (reprint; in 1947, Riley Kovachs investigates death of black baseball player at racially troubled shipyard) $8.00
Ellroy, James Brown's Requiem (trade paperback reprint; LA PI Fritz Brown fears he's digging himself a grave the deeper he digs into latest client's case) $12.00
Evans, Max Faraway Blue (novel based on real life of Medal of Honor_winning buffalo soldier Moses Williams & campaign against Apache, led by tactically brilliant chief, Nana) $22.95
Gannett, Lewis Against All Enemies (movie novelization; terrorist bombing in Manhattan leads to escalating threats as FBI agent, general & government agent collide in their pursuit; PBO) $6.50
Gores, Joe Cases (fresh from college in 1953, Pierce Duncan's road trip takes him through savage, wild, dark sides of country to join PI agency & learn of betrayal) $23.00
Haining, Peter_ed The Mammoth Book of Movie Detectives & Screen Crimes (anthology of stories that inspired best_loved movies from Spillane, Forsyth, Allen, Woolrich, Gardner, Simenon, Rendell, Shaffer, more) $10.95
Hamill, Denis Throwing 7's (NYPD cop Bobby Emmet returns to probe disappearances of honest religious men when proposed casino brings gambling fever to city; PBO) $24.00
Harlow, Capt Bill, USN Ret Circle William (2 brothers, White House press secretary & Navy captain, team up to stop Libyan chemical weapon plot against Israel) $23.00
Hodge, Brian Wild Horses (when Allison finally leaves her jerk boyfriend, she's unaware she has key to skimmed casino money & vicious enemies on her trail; "sexy, violent") $24.00
Holden, Craig Four Corners of Night (audio tape) $18.00
Leonard, Elmore Killshot; Bandits (trade paperback reprints) $9.95 each
Leslie, John Blue Moon (Key West PI Gideon Lowry 4, agrees to check out why ex_lover's wheeler_dealer fiance won't take medical test) $6.50
Little, Eddie Another Day in Paradise (teen druggie/petty thief & girlfriend taken on by criminal opportunist leading to cross_country crime spree, addiction; "literary cousin of Pulp Fiction ") $12.95
McEwan, Ian Amsterdam (dead woman's ex_lovers composer, news editor & rising politico, make pact with unseen consequences, disastrous moral decisions & devasting personal impact; Booker Prize Winner '98) $21.00
Moloney, Susie Bastion Falls (reprint; ordinary, small_town woman & girl meet as freak snowstorm builds into bitter winter & terrible things start happening to residents) $6.99
Moore, Brian The Magician's Wife (young wife finds herself key to mission when Napoleon III send her & famous_magician husband to influence rebellious Bedouins with France's power) $12.95
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat in the Dark (Joe Grey 4, & talking cat Dulcie keep eye on new, renegade cat in town, but how can they expose him without threatening their secret?) $22.00
Nerad, Jack R Fatal Photographs (non_fiction; ex_cheerleader_turned_model & up_&_coming photographer head out of LA for photo shoot that ends in murder; PBO) $6.99
Piccirilli, Tom Sorrow's Crown ( The Dead Past sequel; Jon Kendrick digs into life of murdered son of influential, crooked man in order to free child_like cemetary caretaker; a few signed copies) $21.95
Pickard, Nancy_ed First Lady Murders (anthology of mysteries featuring 1st Ladies by Perry, Carlson, Lutz, Shankman, Crowther, more; PBO) $6.99
Raphael, Lev The Edith Wharton Murders (gay English prof Nick Hoffman 2, is convinced to run Edith Wharton conference combining viciously rival groups, but he hadn't planned on murder) $11.95
Rule, Ann Bitter Harvest (non_fiction; case of seemingly ideal doctor/mother who vents rage in family's murder) $7.99
Shubin, Seymour My Face Among Strangers (when 2 guys' picture prank leads to murder, the survivor is determined to get answers, but price may be too high; a few signed copies) $23.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David Enemy Way (ex_FBI/Navajo Special Investigator Ella Clah 4, copes with mom's response to crash, murder of friend's fiance, indications of skinwalker activity) $23.95
Trudeau, Noah Andre Like Men of War: Black Troops in the Civil War, 1862_65 (non_fiction/military history; story of over 175,000 black soldiers & their contributions, drawn from contemporary newspapers, letters, diaries) $18.00


Auiler, Dan Hitchcock's Notebooks (non_fiction; investigation of suspense_film master's creative process from story creation to post_production & publicity, includes interviews, photos, etc) $30.00
Barr, Nevada Blind Descent (Park Ranger Anna Pigeon 6, battles claustrophobia to join rescue crew to help friend injured in Carsbad Caverns, but murderer is greater danger) $6.99
Barrett, Margaret/Dennis, Charles Given the Evidence (ADA Susan Givens witnesses murder while on vacation & becomes drug lord's chief target) $6.50
Bosiljevac, Tim L,CDR USN/Demarest, J Seal Team: Roll Back (military adventure; PBO) $5.99
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Cat on the Scent (postmistress Harry Harristeen/feline & canine sleuths 7, investigate murder of landowner/financier during Civil War reenactment that could transform town) $23.95
Buchanan, Edna Pulse (man saved by donated heart of suicide victim digs into donor's life, joins his widow in uncovering his corrupt, twisted, deadly affairs) $6.99
Cage, Elizabeth Spy Girls 4: Spy Girls are Forever (young adult; the Spy Girls' mission to find kidnapped superstar leads to extreme Alpine adventure; PBO) $4.50
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve Tom Clancy's Net Force 3: One is the Loneliest Number (young adult; when fellow student steals virtual simulation program & Net Force Explorers exile him, the outcast decides to take revenge; PBO) $4.99
Clavell, James King Rat (revised 25th anniversary edition includes previously unpublished material; POWs in WWII Singapore camp struggle to survive as 1 seeks dominance) $11.95
Clement, Peter Death Rounds (ER Dr Earl Garnet realizes that someone has taken on judgement of fault in hospital deaths, is meting out punishment that's become serial murder; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan The Titanic Murders (famed mystery author Jacques Futrelle must solve murders on Titanic voyage before disaster strikes; based on actual people, events; PBO) $5.99
Coulson, Danny O/Shannon, Elaine No Heroes: Inside the FBI's Secret Counter_Terror Force (non_fiction; founder of FBI Hostage Rescue Team takes readers inside famous cases & high_profile investigations from Atlanta to Waco) $25.00
Deaver, Jeffery The Coffin Dancer (Det Lincoln Rhyme & protegee Amelia Sachs in hunt for serial killer, but tattoo is only clue to find him in 48 hours before next killing) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt (Vegas feline sleuth Midnight Louie/human Temple Barr investigate murder of Temple's beaux' hated relative, w/help of new female magician & her Siamese) $6.99
Edwards, Grace F A Toast Before Dying (Harlem PI Mali Anderson 2, determined to clear friend's name, but puzzle leads through clubs, bars, shops, alleys & classy townhomes) $5.99
English, Brenda Corruption of Justice (DC reporter Sutton McPhee 3, shadows beat cop for desperately_needed story, but when he winds up dead, the killers come after her; PBO) $5.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Immaculate Reception (Madeline Bean 2, hired to cater breakfast for Pope, must first straighten out priest's death, Jesuit's exposed secrets, ex_fiance's reappearance; PBO) $5.99
Foglia, Leonard/Richards, David Face Down in the Park (man who finds himself in Central Park w/no memory of identity or why someone tried to kill him lands in web of secrets tied to big names in show biz) $23.00
Forster, Suzanne Every Breath She Takes (LA Det Rio Scott Walker suspects woman of stalking, killing stalkers & aims to trap her, despite her pedigreed background & his attraction to her; PBO) $6.99
Freeman, Mary Devil's Trumpet (landscaper Rachel O'Connor finds client dead from "accidental" fall, but unearthing suspects & clues may lead to an "accident" for Rachel; PBO) $5.99
Garrison, Paul Fire & Ice (commercial vessel kidnaps yacht, wife & daughter of man who's spent decade bringing medicine to Pacific islands & he sets out to find them, discover truth) $6.99
Girdner, Jaqueline Death Hits the Fan (Kate Jasper 9, attends author appearance at bookstore, but murdered attendee wasn't quite what she expected) $5.99
Girdner, Jaqueline Murder on the Astral Plane (Kate Jasper 10, joins psychic friend to learn why she's always involved in murder; "offbeat, tongue_in_cheek, endlessly appealing") $21.95
Hamilton, Lyn The Moche Warrior (Toronto antique dealer Lara McClintoch 3, finds cache of illegal artifacts & when assistant, shop're attacked, she heads for Peru & deadly grave robbers) $21.95
Handberg, Ron Dead Silence (Twin Cities reporter Alex Collier 2, learns boys vanished 15 years ago may be alive, becomes obssessed with finding truth despite shocking secrets; PBO) $6.99
Harry, Eric L Protect & Defend (thriller set amid devastation of fallen Russian gov't, Chinese invasion of Siberia & assassination of US president; PBO) $7.50
Hart, Carolyn Death on the River Walk (retired journalist Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins 5, seeks missing girl in San Antonio, lands in midst of double murder, art gallery suspicions, stolen gold) $22.00
Herndon, Nancy Casanova Crimes (Det Elena Jarvis 7, searches for clues to "campus Casanova's" murder, but the secret she finds turns killer's attention to her; PBO) $5.99
Hinze, Vicki Duplicity (military lawyer Capt Tracy Keener's assigned to defend Capt Adam Burke in treason/desertion case, but realizes claims of setup just may be true; PBO) $5.99
Hoag, Tami Ashes to Ashes (witness advocate/ex_FBI agent Kate Conlan's assigned to homeless juvie who saw The Cremator, but warring agendas on all sides may put her in killer's hands; audio tape $25.00) $24.95
Jacobson, Alan False Accusations (doctor who has everything is charged w/hit_&_run murder when witnesses & evidence place him at scene & he has no alibi) $23.00
Kaminsky, Stuart M The Rockford Files: The Green Bottle (TV tie_in; PI Jim Rockford belatedly realizes last month's lucrative case had hidden - & dangerous - complications) $5.99
King, Peter Dying on the Vine (Gourmet Detective 3, looks into Provence vineyards' shady business deal, but finding corpse puts situation in even more suspicious light) $5.99
La Plante, Lynda Cold Blood (ex_cop/alcoholic/PI Lorraine Page takes lucrative case tracking ex_movie star's vanished daughter, but her attraction to girl's father may be deadly) $6.99
Lane, Christopher Season of Death (Inupiat police officer Ray Attla 2, joins friends on caribou hunt, but discovery of body & flying bullets lead to archeological dig, girl with visons; PBO) $5.99
LeCarre, John Single & Single (audio tape) $25.00
Macdonald, Marianne Death's Autograph (antiquarian bookseller Dido Hoare realizes series of threatening episodes mean someone wants her dead, but why?) $5.99
Main, Gregg Every Trace (woman obsessed with revenge for father's murder pursues suspect, but is captured as husband follows & suspect's partner joins hunt) $24.00
Maloney, Mack Wingman 9: Return from the Inferno (reprint; post_apocalyptic adventure) $4.99
Margolin, Phillip The Undertaker's Widow ("obsessively ethical" judge assigned to murder trial of flamboyant senator finds all his moves to be wrong, trapping him in maze of deceit) $7.50
Maxim, John R Mosaic (Maj Roger Grayson probes secret government projects using Multiple Personality Disorder to create assassins, allies with woman whose control of MPD hides nightmare) $24.00
McCay, William Zorro: The Secret Swordsman (movie tie_in; the masked avenger realizes he has several imposters to capture; PBO) $3.99
McIntosh, Elizabeth P Sisterhood of Spies: The Women of the OSS (non_fiction; profiles of the female heroes of WWII espionage, including debutantes, movie stars, wealthy men's wives, Ivy Leaguers more) $6.50
Miano, Mark Dead of Summer (TV news producer Michael Carpo 3, plans vacation at friend's home but finds him dead, disagrees with suicide verdict, especially after several other local deaths) $20.00
Miano, Mark Street Where She Lived (TV news producer Michael Carpo 2, investigates when serial killer victimizes neighbor, but his interest puts him next on killer's list) $5.99
Mitchell, Kirk Cry Dance (BIA agent Emmett Quanah Parker/FBI agent Anna Turnipseed 1, at odds investigating Grand Canyon murder, must find common ground to battle killer, the dead & history) $23.95
Murray, Donna Huston A Score to Settle (Ginger Barnes 5, finds visit to cousin lands her in midst of murder when NFL quarterback's found dead & her cousin's husband is prime suspect; PBO) $5.99
Oran, Daniel Ulterior Motive ("microprocessed murder, political power plays, & dangerous pursuit") $5.99
Orth, Maureen Vulgar Favors (non_fiction; subtitled "Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace & the Largest Manhunt in FBI History") $24.95
Parrish, PJ Dark of the Moon (bi_racial man returns to MS hometown, takes job w/sheriff's dept, but discovery of lynching victim opens up deadly secrets) $23.00
Penzler, Otto_ed Murder & Obsession (anthology; original stories of obsessions leading to murder by Buchanan, Friedman, George, Lehane, Leonard, Lustbader, McBain, more) $22.95
Penzler, Otto_ed Murder for Love (anthology of short mysteries from Crumley, Leonard, Clark, Oates, Mason, Kellerman, McBain, Paretsky, more) $5.99
Penzler, Otto_ed Murder for Revenge (anthology of short mysteries involving revenge from Oates, Silverstein, Margolin, Lustbader, Cook, Block, Clark, more) $5.99
Pickard, Nancy/Rich, Virginia The Blue Corn Murders (Eugenia Potter visits Colorado archeological camp, but must dig for clues when ancient secret sparks death & disappearances; includes recipes) $5.99
Reasoner, James Walker, Texas Ranger: The Novel (TV tie_in; Walker tracks heroin smugglers who package the drug as medicine that puts child in hospital; PBO) $5.99
Reed, Philip Low Rider (Harold Dodge & supercharged car 2, becomes suspect in death of girlfriend's husband to get his insurance policy; "a car noir thriller") $6.50
Robb, JD (aka Nora Roberts) Conspiracy in Death (Lt Eve Dallas 8, hunts serial killer whose surgeon_like skill with laser is driven by psychotic mind; PBO) $6.99
Roberts, Gillian The Bluest Blood (Philadelphia teacher Amanda Pepper 8, was enjoying of ultra_high society gala until murder shows uppercrust no insulation from deceit, violence) $5.99
Roberts, Les A Shoot in Cleveland (PI Milan Jacovich 9, quits job babsitting wild star for Hollywood film in disgust, but when star's killed, he must dig up all the dirt to get truth) $5.99
Rowe, Jennifer Suspect (Australia Sr Det Tessa Vance's 1st case in Homicide is to track stalker_killer, but pattern in kills is a shock; Australian title: Deadline ) $5.99
Salter, Anna Fault Lines (Dr Michael Stone decides to hunt down his patient, sadistic child molester released on technicality, before his patient comes after him) $6.99
Silva, Daniel The Mark of the Assassin (CIA agent Michael Osbourne investigates airliner bombing, uncovers evidence of master assassin, but his obsession with assassin's pursuit jeapordizes all) $6.99
Simpson, Thomas William The Caretaker (family's new, luxurious lifestyle catered to by caretaker who aims to make them pay) $5.99
Smith, Michael A Jeremiah: Terrorist Prophet (TV journalist Laura Delaney realizes religious fanatic's not only using her show to propagate terror, but is stalking her, aiming nukes at the Capitol) $6.99
Springer, Patricia Mail Order Murder (non_fiction; story of man who killed 4 wives, including mail_order bride; PBO) $5.99
Stockley, Grif Blind Judgment (attorney Gideon Page 5, returns to hometown to defend client accused of murder, faces daunting judge & prosecutor plus love & enemy from past) $6.50
Stowers, Carlton To the Last Breath (non_fiction; man who killed 2_year_old daughter) $6.50
Wilhelm, Kate The Good Children (after dad's death, children cope with home, selves & feeble mom, but when she's found dead, their schemes to hide her absence threaten sanity, lives) $6.99
Wilson, F Paul/Lyon, Steve Nightkill (hit man Jake Nacht is double_crossed & paralyzed on his last job, but doctor's dangerous new technique may give him a shot at revenge) $6.99
Wilson, John Morgan Revision of Justice (gay ex_journalist Benjamin Justice 2, looks into "Tinsletown wannabe's" murder, pursues evidence from Boys Town to Beverly Hills; "stark, absorbing") $5.99
Woodworth, Deborah (local author) Sins of a Shaker Summer (Sr Rose Callahan 3, focuses on Shaker community's herb garden & new trustee w/sole control when 2 girls fall deathly ill, finds more death, secrets; PBO; signing at Uncle Edgar's March 20) $5.99


Axler, James Deathlands 45: Starfall (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Bahr, Arthur W Certifiably Insane (non_fiction; famous US defense lawyer gives behind_the_scenes descriptions, strategies for 4 dramatic trials) $21.00
Banbury, Jen Like a Hole in the Head (part_time bookseller Jill buys & sells rare 1st_edition, is caught in outrageous struggle to retrieve it involving dwarf, assassin, kidnapping, more) $12.00
Bannister, Jo The Lazarus Hotel (when 6 strangers at London therapy retreat find they're all linked to dead woman, they realize they've been brought there to die) $4.99
Beaton, MC Agatha Raisin & the Wizard of Evesham (village curmudgeon Agatha Raisin 8, discovers joys of hairdressing wizard, his gossipy shop, but when he's poisoned amid of busy shop, she digs deeper) $20.95
Black, Roy Black's Law (non_fiction; famous US defense lawyer gives behind_the_scenes descriptions, strategies for 4 dramatic trials) $25.00
Bowen, Peter Long Son (Gabriel Du Pre 6, unearths 100_year_old family secrets behind family's murders in tale "steeped in rich traditions of Metis Indian storytelling") $22.95
Claire, Edie Never Buried (newly unemployed ad exec Leigh Koslow struggles with family problems, but dead stranger in backyard is biggest problem yet; PBO) $5.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Twanged (Regan Reilly's 4th of July vaction plans are pre_empted by bodyguard stint for threatened music star that includes cursed fiddle, suspicious accidents) $7.50
Cleary, Jon Five_Ring Circus (Sydney Insp Scobie Malone 14, sees assassin target restaurant patron/high_rise investor, but scam's danger pulls in family, city & ex_China government officials) $23.00
Conant, Susan Evil Breeding (dog writer Holly Winter & malamutes 12, research book on elite pre_WWII dog show leads to strangeness of wealthy household, anonymous packages, murder) $21.95
Cosgrove, Thomas H The Last Climb (in 1960s Peru, famous US climber successfully scales unclimbable mountain & descends into a Civil War) $23.00
Crider, Bill Murder is an Art (Texas college department head Dr Sally Good steps in when student's killed after police suspect her husband in abusive professor's murder) $21.95
deKay, James Tertius Monitor (military non_fiction; subtitled "The story of the legendary Civil War ironclad & the man whose invention changed the course of history"; PBO) $11.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in an Indigo Mood (feline PI Midnight Louie (10) & daughter Louise join hard_boiled homicide detective/torch singer & Temple Barr in tracking serial killer) $24.95
Estleman, Loren D The Rocky Mountain Moving Picture Association (young Dimitri Pulski finds himself in midst of 1913 conflict between start_up movie company & monopolistic eastern Trust w/sheriff in their pocket) $22.95
Fairweather, Lori Blood & Water (Fran wakes from night of drink & argument to find sister's dead, she's implicated & can't remember but must still find real killer; Pacific NW setting) $24.00
Gilman, Dorothy Thale's Folly (when dad sends writer's_blocked novelist Andrew Thale to check on old family property, he finds squatters-aka Aunt Harriet's 'guests'-mystery & love) $19.95
Goulart, Ron Groucho Marx, Private Eye (Groucho again teams with crime reporter Frank Denby in 1930s to prove troubled actress innocent of plastic surgeon's murder) $23.95
Hartov, Steven The Devil's Shepherd (Israeli Intel agents Eytan Eckstein/Benni Baum must retrieve Czech defector from Africa to ID mole in Israeli nuke program, but assassins, rebels have other ideas) $25.00
Hautman, Pete Mrs Million (Barbie, having won the lottery, offers huge reward to find her missing husband, unwittingly embroilling him in danger) $22.00
Kellerman, Jonathan Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children (non-fiction; child psychologist/mystery author examines driving forces behind dangerous children & what can be done; PBO) $10.95
King, Peter Death al Dente (the Gourmet Detective 4, must secretly choose chef for famed new restaurant, but series of encounters with death lead him to identity of dangerous killer) $22.95
Knief, Charles Emerald Flash (Honolulu PI John Caine 3, rescues woman running from armed ex, agrees to hide her off_island after he's found murdered) $23.95
LeCarre, John Single & Single (story of corrupt liaisons between criminal element in Russia & staid London banking house Single & Single; "mysterious, complex, & compelling") $26.00
Mathes, Charles The Girl at the End of the Line (mute woman & sister find evidence of grandmother's early life, but when they find her dead they set out to find previously unknown family, despite disasters) $22.95
Myers, Tamar Play It Again Spam (Magdalena Yoder's Penn Dutch Inn 7, hosts WWII German vet gathering, but when dead bodies start turning up, realizes killer may be part of group; PBO) $5.99
Nolan, Tom Ross MacDonald: The Life of a Mystery Writer (non_fiction/biography; covers life of seminal hard_boiled writer, including literary relationships, marriage, more) $32.00
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Deceit (attorneys Gail Connor/Anthony Quintana 3, find their engagement openingdoors to tragedy in Anthony's past, but it soon becomes present danger) $6.99
Parsons, Julie Mary, Mary (brilliant psychiatrist seeks revenge on sadistic killer who tortured, murdered her teen daughter) $23.00
Paxson, John Bones (Montana PI Ben Tripp is hired to find missing paleontology student, but finding his remains is only the start of the puzzle) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 244: Judas Kill (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 65: Four Horsemen 2: Cloud of Death $5.99
Pistone, Joseph D Donnie Brasco: Deep Cover (FBI agent Donnie Brasco 2, agrees to help co_agent in Florida, but grows suspicious of her reported death in hurricane; based on real_life exploits; PBO) $6.99
Rosenbaum, Thane Second Hand Smoke (when Holocaust survivor's son improperly prosecutes former camp guard, his life disintegrates, forcing him to confront mystery of memory, family) $24.95
Sands, Marella Serpent & Storm (Mayan priest Sky Knife 2, sent to Teotihuan to open diplomatic ties with strange invaders, must solve riddle of king's death or all will be lost) $24.95
Smith, Michael A New America (journalist Laura Delany & husband/ex_FBI Steve Wallace confront return of religious terrorist Jeremiah, his plans for her & his armed, separatist colony) $24.95
Steinberg, Richard Nobody's Safe (safecracker Gregory Picaro witnesses safe owner's torture, murder by mysterious men & gets away w/evidence to 50_year_old gov't conspiracy-but has he?) $23.95
Tan, Maureen aka Jane (MI5 agent Jane Nichols takes literary agent's offer to go to Georgia & write, but finds enemy there who forces her to use all her training & skills) $6.50
Thompson, Cole Chocolate Lizards (when Harvard_educated actor's broke, stranded in Abilene, he takes job with female oil rig wildcatter in race to beat competitor; "West Texas oil field gothic") $22.95
Tillis, Tracey Final Hours (FBI agent reluctantly returns from retirement when ex_congressman's son is kidnapped; PBO) $6.99
Weir, C/Baxt, G/O'Callaghan, M Murder at the Movies (omnibus 3 short Hollywood mysteries: Murder Takes Two, The Humprey Bogart Murder Case , story "Somewhere South of Melrose") $6.99
Yorke, Margaret False Pretences (a stranger's welcomed into British village, but brings long_buried secrets to light & her identity, motives are questioned when girl is kidnapped) $23.95


Atherton, Anacy Aunt Dimity Digs In (new mom Lori Shepherd 4, gets perfect nanny just in time to settle local civil war over archeological dig with help of ghostly Aunt Dimity & stuffed rabbit) $5.99
Baantjer Dekok & the Begging Death (Amsterdam detective Dekok (17) investigates kidnap threat against wealthy banker's grandchild, but finds self in midst of bizarre chain of events) $9.95
Barr, Nevada Liberty Falling (park ranger Anna Pigeon 7, heads to NY when sister falls ill, is drawn into investigating seemingly accidental deaths at Ellis Island) $23.95
Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian (audio tape) $17.95
Buckley, Christopher Little Green Men (Washington TV pundit embarks on crusade for what he believes are alien abductors, but are really government scheme to create space research funding) $23.95
Cantor, Norman F_ed The Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (non_fiction/reference) $40.00
Carey, Peter Jack Maggs (thief deported to Australia returns to 1837 London, becomes center of plots by others, but is obsessed by his own) $13.00
Gash, Jonathan The Rich & the Profane (antiques "divvy" Lovejoy 20, tangles with aspiring shoplifter, her aunt & clerical gambling_addict uncle, leading to burglary, disappearances & chases) $21.95
Kadow, Jeannine Burnout (newscaster Lacie Wagner enlists FBI agent Jack Stein when her daughter's kidnapped & killer taunts her w/reminders of haunting childhood tragedy) $23.95
Kilmer, Nicholas Dirty Linen (art collector's agent Fred Taylor 4, digs into deaths tied to cache of old erotic paintings, from recent owner to murders on art world margins to Victorian crime) $24.00
Kippenhahn, Rudolf Code Breaking: A History & Exploration (non_fiction; use of codes & cryptography from Caesar to today, devices & issues) $27.95
LaPlante, Lynda Cold Heart (PI Lorraine Page investigates shooting death of movie mogul, but as murders continue,she struggles against overwhelming failures as well as killer) $24.95
Lambdin, Dewey Jester's Fortune (historical naval adventure; Cmdr Alan Lewrie (8) & squadron need help to intercept French ships reinforcing Napoleon, but help they get may be lethal) $25.95
Morgan, Ted A Covert Life (non_fiction; story of Jay Lovestone, US Communist turned red_baiter & spy) $29.95
Parker, Robert B Hush Money (PI Spenser/Hawk investigate when Hawk's friend's son's denied tenure, tied to gay activist's suicide,turns deadly while Susan's friend becomes stalker) $22.95
Perry, Anne A Dish Taken Cold (audio tape; story specially written for approx. 2 hour audio format) $12.95
Pye, Michael Taking Lives (serial killer takes on the identities of his victims from US across Europe, until man with own suspect life tracks him down) $23.00
Rendell, Ruth A Sight for Sore Eyes (lives of scolded child, bored housewife & beautiful, sociopathic young man converge murderously; audio tape $18.00) $24.00
Silva, Daniel The Marching Season (ex_CIA Michael Osbourne returns to another face_off w/assissin who's targeted father_in_law, an ex_Senator brokering Irish peace) $25.95
Smith, Rosamond (Joyce Carol Oates) Double Delight (jury duty leads to psycho_sexual obsession for privileged, upper middle_class man & the plaintiff-"slightly seedy" woman) $12.95
Smith, Rosamond (Joyce Carol Oates) Starr Bright Will be With You Soon (Lily's thrilled when estranged twin returns home, unaware she's harboring a serial killer) $23.95


Allen, Garrison Movie Cat (bookseller Penelope Warren & feline partner "Big Mike" 6, track killer of film director when Hollywood comes to Empty Creek) $20.00
Anderson, Kent Night Dogs (Vietnam vet/Portland cop Hanson struggles with ghosts of past & daily violence of streets, with only badge, gun & frayed honor to keep him from crossing line) $6.50
Arnote, Ralph A Rage in Paradise (when rare coin's stolen from suburban "Joe Average", detective Willy Hanson digs up drug traffic, mob dealings & murder that're anything but average) $5.99
Ashbaugh, Regan C In the Red (Chief Fire Marshal Jake Ferguson tracks the killer who's targeted executives of powerful investment firm, killing their wives & burning their homes) $24
Billheimer, John The Contrary Blues (government auditor Owen Allison heads for small WV mining town to check on bus grant after previous auditor's death & more deaths point to foul play) $5.99
Block, Lawrence A Long Line of Dead Men (trade paperback reprint of PI Matthew Scudder mystery) $12.50
Borton, Della Fade to Black (eccentric, movie_mad family solves crimes in new series by author of Cat Caliban series; PBO) $5.99
Brown, Dale The Tin Man (master soldier Patrick McLanahan uses everything he knows about covert ops, weapons & tech in his obsession with revenge for rookie cop brother's injury) $6.99
Browning, Sinclair The Last Song Dogs (part_Apache/rancher/PI Trade Ellis attends class reunion, but steps in to investigate when someone starts killing off the old cheerleading squad; PBO) $5.50
Child, Lee Die Trying (ex_MP Jack Reacher 2, goes inside political fringe group to help mysterious, kidnapped woman escape) $6.99
Clark, Mary Higgins We'll Meet Again (audio tape) $18.00
Clark, Mary Higgins You Belong to Me (talk_show psychologist Dr Susan Chandler searches for killer stalking single women on cruise ships, but may become next victim) $7.99
Coles, William E Jr Another Kind of Monday (young adult; Mark finds $300 & clues to finding secret "fortune" in school library book & at first all goes well, but then the rules change....) $6.99
Coonts, Stephen Fortunes of War (when Japan & Russia threaten each other with nukes, the US steps in; "compelling scenes of battle in the air & on the sea") $7.99
Crombie, Deborah Kissed a Sad Goodbye (Spdt Duncan Kincaid/Sgt Gemma James must deal with echoing repercussions of betrayal & murder during WWII bombing of London) $23.95
D'Amato, Barbara Hard Bargain (Chicago journalist Cat Marsala 7, looks into domestic violence call that turned into murder, but friend's job & life may be on the line) $5.99
Daheim, Mary Legs Benedict (b&b owner Judith McMonigle Flynn, husband/cop Joe, cousin Renie investigate when they find murdered guest was mob hit man, other guests are suspects; PBO) $6.50
Douglass, Keith Carrier 13: Brink of War (military adventure; PBO) $5.99
Ferro, James Hogs 1: Going Deep (military adventure; A_10 Warthogs, their pilots & their adventures) $5.99
Fowler, Earlene Dove in the Window (ex_cowgirl/quilter Benni Harper 5, struggles with death of guest at annual family barbecue/cattle roundup & with realization that relative must be murderer) $6.50
Freadhoff, Chuck Blue Rain (reporter Johnny Rose gets suspicious when body in Mojave Desert has Vietnam POW's dog tags & Vietnamese friend's killed after seeing supposed KIA) $24
Gleiter, Jan A House by the Side of the Road (Meg Kissinger moves into inherited house in rural PA, but "simple life" turns out to be complicated by murder) $5.99
Grafton, Sue N is for Noose (PI Kinsey Milhone investigates beloved cop's suspicious death) $7.99
Harrison, Jamie An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence (Montana Sheriff Jules Clement 3, finds investigation of old bones swelling into nightmare of long_running feuds, love affairs, arson & murder) $5.99
Hathaway, Robin The Doctor Digs a Grave (eccentric Philadelphia Dr Andrew Fenimore stumbles on recent, traditionally_buried body in ancient Indian burial ground; St Martin's Press/Malice Domestic '97 winner) $5.99
Havill, Adrian The Mother, the Son, & the Socialite (non_fiction; story of mother accused of manipulating son into killing socialite & more; PBO) $6.50
Hoffman, William Tidewater Blood (when Virginia family's 250th annual reunion is bombed, suspicion falls on absent, black sheep Charles, who must discover true killer, motives) $6.99
Holton, Hugh Red Lightning (Chicago Chief of Detectives Larry Cole 5, teams again with journalist Kate Ford to track strange, booby_trap deaths of criminals & tie to shady business) $6.99
Hunter, Stephen Time to Hunt (ex_Vietnam sniper "Bob the Nailer" faces enemy from war who threatens wife & daughter) $7.50
Huston, James W Balance of Power (ambitious congressional ass't ignites firestorm when he finds way for Congress to commission battle group to hunt terrorists who seized US cargo ship) $6.99
Izzi, Eugene The Criminalist (Chicago Det Dominick DiGrazia's suspicions of Officer Terry Moran are resurrected by woman's murder, ties to murder of Moran's sister_in_law, but there's more to it) $6.99
Johansen, Roy The Answer Man (polygraph operator Ken Parker takes deal to teach slick lawyer's embezzler_client to beat test, but is drawn ever deeper into greed, corruption, murder) $23.95
Johnstone, William W Courage in the Ashes (#14, post_apocalyptic adventure reprint) $5.99
Kerr, Philip A Five_Year Plan (unjustly convicted man spends years in prison planning high_sea highjacking to get rich quick) $6.99
Lake, MD Death Calls the Tune (campus cop Peggy O'Neill 10, assigned to investigate ex_music school director's death, learns he may've been murdered & had plenty of reason to be; PBO) $5.99
Lehane, Dennis Gone, Baby, Gone (Boston PIs Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro 4, reluctantly take missing child case, but the truth shatters all illusions of family) $6.99
Limón, Martin Buddha's Money (Korea_stationed MPs Sueno & Bascom 3, are assigned to Seoul's black market, but wind up with ancient treasure, secret burial sites & Genghis Kahn's skull) $6.99
Lonsdale, Harry Paul Where There's Smoke, There's Murder (ex_NY cop/cigar shop owner Nicholas Chase gets involved when customer's murdered, uncovers ties to 50_year_old crime, blackmail & more; PBO) $5.99
Luber, Philip Have Mercy On Us (psychiatrist Harry Kline/FBI agent Veronica Pace 4; "stunning thriller"; PBO) $5.99
MacGregor, TJ The Hanged Man (FL detective Wayne Sheppard's efforts to solve criminologist's murder forces him to turn to bookseller with psychic link to the crime) $5.99
MacGregor, TJ The Seventh Sense (FBI agent Charlie Calloway teams with psychic ex_agent Doug Logan in hunt for man over edge who killed Charlie's family) $23.00
Mahoney, Dan Once In, Never Out (NYPD Det Brian McKenna 4, tracks terrorist to Ireland & Iceland bombing, teams with Iceland's sole homicide detective to stop him) $6.99
Maron, Margaret_ed Malice Domestic 8 (anthology of original, "cozy" mysteries from Barr, Cross, Daheim, Gash, Hoch, Holtzer, Keating, Kenney, Knight, Laurence, Monfredo, Padgett, Robinson, O'Marie; PBO) $5.99
Parker, Robert B Sudden Mischief (Boston PI Spenser investigates when Susan Silverman's ex changes his name & starts fund_raising scam, is accused of sexual harassment & murder) $6.99
Parkinson, Dan Fox & the Flag (reprint/historical naval adventure; ex_British naval officer Patrick Dalton captains ship escorting merchants through Colonial war zones; 3rd of 3) $4.99
Pears, Iain The Titian Committee (Roman Art Theft Squad member Flavia di Stefano/art historian Jonathan Argyll 2, investigate murder of Titian researcher, discover criminal conspiracy) $5.99
Perry, Thomas Face Changers (Native American Jane Whitefield 4, helps people disappear, but now old cases are threatened; "brainpower, computer savvy, [&] a delightfully devious nature") $6.99
Peters, Ralph Traitor (Lt Col John Reynolds gets info terrorist bombing of aircraft research facility may be tied to $300 billion_fighter/bomber funding & murders) $23.00
Ponti, James Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 12: The Green Monster (TV tie_in/young reader; when superstitious baseball player is sabotaged, Shelby, Vince & Angie must find the culprit; PBO) $3.99
Rayner, Richard Murder Book (LAPD Det Billy McGrath agrees to sell info to drug dealer so "street justice" can be carried out, but ensuing bloodbath may cost family's lives) $5.99
Robinson, Patrick Kilo Class ( Nimitz Class sequel; when China buys 10 super_stealth subs, Navy SEAL team is sent to intercept delivery) $7.50
Robinson, Peter In a Dry Season (Yorkshire Det Alan Banks/DS Annie Cabot investigate skeleton discovered in village submerged by reservoir for 50 years & reopens unsolved murder; signing at Uncle Edgar's May 4th) $24.00
Rust, Megan Mallory Red Line (Alaska pilot Taylor Morgan 2, takes matters into own hands when police refuse to look into illegal booze smuggling, but may be in too deep; PBO) $5.99
Scottoline, Lisa Mistaken Identity (lawyer Bennie Rosato wants no part of defending woman accused of murder until learning suspect looks just like her & may be her twin) $24.00
Shankman, Sarah Digging Up Momma (Samantha Adams receives message unmistakeably from mom who's supposedly been dead 30 years) $6.50
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman Nate the Great Saves the King of Sweden (young reader; Rosamond visits Scandinavia, loses something & wants Nate to find it) $4.50
Skibell, Joseph A Blessing on the Moon (ghost of Jewish man killed in small Polish town & his rabbi the crow visit former home, dying girl, his possible killer, hotel for the dead) $12
Soos, Troy The Cincinnati Red Stalkings (infielder Mickey Rawlings 5, is caught up in conspiracy, lies & murder as he plays for 1919 Series winners as Sox players go to trial in 1921) $5.99
Speart, Jessica Bird Brained (Fish & Wildlife agent Rachel Porter 3, checks out bird smuggler's compound, but finds smuggler dead, birds gone & list of suspects long, colorful, deadly; PBO) $5.99
Spring, Michelle Standing in the Shadows (British PI Laura Principal 3, hired to investigate case of child accused of foster parent's murder, but probing rouses suspicions of continuing threat) $5.99
Tesler, Nancy Shooting Stars & Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin 3, puts trip with homicide detective boyfriend on hold for murder case, but getting involved draws his anger, killer's attention; PBO) $5.99
Thomas_Graham, Pamela A Darker Shade of Crimson (black Harvard economics prof Nikki Chase discovers friend's body during blackout & sets out to bring the university's murderous secrets to light) $6.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Astor Place (turn_of_century NY midwife Sarah Brandt is determined to get justice in murder involving wealthy family; PBO) $5.99
Walker, Blair S Hidden in Plain View (Baltimore journalist Darryl Billups 2, gets tip on series of murders of black professionals, but his probing puts him on the killer's list) $22.00
Wallace, Marilyn Current Danger (Manhattan general contractor Claudia Miller realizes people around her are being killed & she's being stalked, but why?) $5.99
Watson, Chief James "Patches"/Robert, M Seals Top Secret 3: Operation: Search & Destroy (military adventure; PBO) $6.50


Barnard, Robert Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori (Det Charlie Peace/Mike Oddie encounter strange goings_on in artist colony while investigating the handyman's murder) $22
Benson, Ann The Burning Road (physician Alejandro Canches seeks foster child/Edward Plantagenet's daughter, amid 100_Years War & Dr Janie Crow seeks answers to 2007 disease in ancient text; sequel to Plague Tales ) $23.95
Blauner, Peter Man of the Hour (when man who prevented bomb deaths becomes suspect, finding real bomber may be only way to end nightmare) $24.00
Bonanno, Bill Bound by Honor: My Life in the Mafia (non_fiction; autobiography of head of one of NY's top 5 mafia families & social history of organized crime) $24.95
Bowen, Rhys Evanly Choirs (Llanfair Constable Evan Evans 3, joins choir for festival but wasn't expecting return of famous tenor who stirs up locals & gets himself murdered) $20.95
Clark, Mary Higgins We'll Meet Again (after 15 years in jail for murder she didn't commit, Julia aims to settle score with ex_best friend Frances, whom she thinks was true murderer) $25
DeMille, Nelson The General's Daughter (thriller reprint) $7.50
Deere, Dicey The Irish Cottage Murder (translator for the rich & powerful, American Torrey Tunet finds herself accused of murder, theft in Irish village as her secret threatens to get out) $21.95
Doherty, PC Mask of Ra (when Pharaoh Tuthmosis II is found dead, news of his tomb's pollution & omens set in motion events exposing darkest secrets of ancient Egypt) $21.95
Ellis, Kate The Merchant's House (DS Wesley Peterson's investigation of woman's death, connection with child kidnapping turns out to parallel skeletons found in 17c merchant house ruins) $22.95
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch (TV tie_in #11; mystery author Jessica Fletcher's visit to friend's CO ranch lands her in midst of deadly revenge plot; PBO) $5.99
Forest, Stephen Iron Lady (Scotland Yard agent Trent Stanford's search for assassins targeting PM Thatcher leads to female IRA hire, kidnapped child & child's mother) $24.95
Fredrickson, Michael A Cinderella Affidavit (corporate lawyer Matthew Boer is in over his head when client, Chinese hustler/confidential police informant is ordered to appear but goes on run) $25.95
Goldstone, Lawrence & Nancy Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore (non_fiction; collectors continue to recount their adventures in book hunting) $22.95
Granger, Ann Call the Dead Again (Mitchell & Markby #11, investigate murder of lawyer at lodge where Mitchell'd dropped off hitchhiker the night before) $22.95
Gruenfeld, Lee The Expert (attorney defending computer mogul charged with treason for selling supposedly non_existant tech finds prosecution evidence leads to more dangerous truths) $6.99
Heller, Jane Sis Boom Bah (sisters' lifetime of fierce rivalry takes on life_or_death aspect when they're each other's alibis in murder case;"fast_paced suspense, rollicking wit") $23.95
Hunter, Fred Federal Fag (Alex Reynolds/lover Peter/mom 2, learn their CIA contact is very interested in death of Alex's ex_lover/porn star-why?) $11.95
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew The Tower (ex_FBI/PI Jade Marlow is teamed w/female FBI agent to bring down deranged escapee from "inescapable" prison who's tracking & killing all who hurt him) $23.00
Jorgensen, Christine T Death of a Dustbunny (astrologist Stella the Stargazer 4, searches for vanished nanny/friend whose 5_year_old charge believes a vampire took her) $4.99
Katzenbach, John Hart's War (Lt Tommy Hart is assigned to defend fellow POW, Tuskegee airman accused of murder in WWII German Stalag Luft 13) $24.95
Kerr, Blaine Harmful Intent (disillusioned malpractice lawyer Peter Moss takes another crack at politically powerful doctor over breast cancer case, alone in fight for justice) $25
Koehler, CJ Mind Games (ex_priest Ray Koepp digs into murder in idyllic urban community, learns determination to live the good life can become hazardous to others) $4.99
Koeper, James Deceived (gov't accountant auditing corporation with Chinese ties finds massive errors & is rewarded for testimony, but friends investigate & one's killed; PBO) $6.99
Lee, Barbara Dead Man's Fingers (real estate agent Eve Elliot 3, suspicions of jet_ski accident on Chesapeake Bay grow as conflicts between citizens & government, environmentalists & owners escalate) $22.95
Lindsey, David The Color of Light (audio tape) $24.98
Linscott, Gillian Absent Friends (suffragette Nell Bray 7, agrees to investigate death of man lighting firecracker in WWI victory celebration) $20.95
Lord, Shirley The Crasher (woman's campaign of crashing NY parties in bid for fashion career brings her face to face with murderer) $6.99
Maloney, Shane Stiff (Australian Det Murray Whelan 2, investigation of Turkish man's murders amidst political intrigue, planted drugs, scams, feuds & more) $23.95
McCrumb, Sharyn The Ballad of Frankie Silver (Appalachia ballads 5, recuperating Sheriff Arrowood agrees to witness execution, struggles with parallels between condemned man's crime, 100_year_old case) $6.99
Meade, Glenn The Sands of Sakkara (friends separated by WWII find themselves reunited outside Cairo but on opposite sides of Nazi plot to kill Roosevelt & Churchill, chasing each other) $25.95
Millhiser, Marlys Nobody Dies in a Casino (literary agent Charlie Greene's (4) Vegas vacation turns crazy when she witnesses murder, the cop who took statement's killed & bizarre suspects abound) $22.95
Morrell, David Double Image (war photographer Mitch Coltrane takes refuge from Bosnia horrors in 30s Hollywood photo, but resemblance of modern woman sparks terrifying collision) $7.50
Morrone, Wenda Wardell The Year 2000 Killers: Terrorism by Computer (Y2K troubleshooter Lorelei Muldoon realizes her genius/hacker employee's death in explosion's tied to disk he left & there're others who'll kill to get it) $23.95
Muller, Marcia While Other People Sleep (PI Sharon McCone must play cat_&_mouse game with stalker who's impersonating her, but when pursuit escalates to personal threats, it's payback time) $6.99
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 115: Misfortune Teller (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Neel, Janet To Die For (Francesca Wilson returns to investigate death of restaurant_director friend who'd resisted pressures to sell; "admirable nuance...psychological texture") $21.95
O'Reilly, Bill Those Who Trespass (NY detective joins tabloid reporter to track killer of TV news executives & correspondents; PBO) $6.99
Parker, T Jefferson Where Serpents Lie (loner cop with dark, violent past seeks redemption in others' salvation as good & evil collide) $7.50
Pendleton, Don Executioner 245: Virtual Destruction (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 40: Betrayal (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Perry, Anne Bedford Square (Victorian Spdt Thomas & Charlotte Pitt 21, delve into murder of man found on general's doorstep that may trigger tragedy & ensnare the innocent: audio tape $18.00 $24.95
Rebello, Stephen Alfred Hitchcock & the Making of Psycho (associational/non_fiction; exhaustive behind_the_scenes account of making of classic horror thriller) $14.95
Saylor, Steven Rubicon (Gordianus the Finder must find Pompey's cousin's killer as Caesar marches on Rome with Gordianus' son as his aide & son_in_law as Pompey's hostage) $23.95
Stein, Triss Diggin Up Death (reporter Kay Engels 2, get a scoop when archaeologist_friend discovers 17c tavern under NY construction site, but then the deaths start) $4.99
Thomas_Graham, Pamela Blue Blood (Harvard economics prof Nikki Chase 2, is drawn by murder into web of adultery, greed & racial strife on the Yale campus & in New Haven) $23.00
Todd, Charles Search the Dark (WWI vet/Insp Ian Rutledge 3, heads search for children missing amid Dorset murder with locals in uproar, but his efforts, Hamish's ghostly prompting raise more questions) $24.95
Van de Wetering, Janwillem The Empty Mirror; A Glimpse of Nothingness (reprints; associational; memoirs of crime author's Zen Buddhism experiences in Japan & America) $11.95 each


Ashley, Mike_ed Royal Whodunnits (anthology of historical mysteries featuring royals, by Baxter, Tremayne, Frazer, Lupoff, Gregory, Holt, more; PBO) $11.95
Brock, Pope Indiana Gothic (novelization of true 1908 murder of author's grandfather after affair with wife's sister produces child & trial famous for use of insanity plea) $24.95
Chamoiseau, Patrick Solibo Magnificent (Martinique's carnival time brings varied group to legendary bard, but when he collapses in midst of tale, an overeager official holds them for murder) $12.00
Cohen, Rich Tough Jews: Fathers, Sons & Gangster Dreams (non_fiction; examination of a generation of Jewish gangsters, includes Lansky, Siegel & Lepke; "densely anecdotal & gruesomely funny"; Edgar nominee) $13.00
Furst, Alan Red Gold (WWII intelligence officer within fragmented French resistance decides to make a deal; "ability to re_create the terror of espionage is matchless") $23.95
Goddard, Robert Beyond Recall (when old friend appears after 30 years only to kill himself, Chris Napier investigates his conviction that his father did not kill Chris' great_uncle) $14
Goddard, Robert Caught in the Light (photographer searches for woman for whom he'd left wife, meets therapist searching for patient who believes she's reincarnation of Regency woman/photograpy inventor; Edgar nominee) $26.00
Grimes, Martha Biting the Moon (young woman wakes in Santa Fe with man she knows isn't father, escapes, befriends teen, searches for father, enduring hunts, molestation, murder, confrontation) $25.00
Korelitz, Jean Hanff Sabbathday River (woman who discovers newborn's body in river, then another, finds herself caught up in community condemnation of young single mother) $25.00
Mina, Denise Garnethill (woman with grim background investigates murder of lover & learns of rape, deception & scandal at psych hospital, but then 2nd body's found) $24.00
Mueller, Marnie Green Fires (ex_Peace Corps volunteer Annie Saunders returns to Ecuador in 1969 to discover truth behind clashes between oil companies & indigenous people) $13.95
Neely, Barbara Blanche Cleans Up (Blanche White 3, takes cook_housekeeper job for Boston politician that lands her at center of scandal that spreads to murder in her own black community) $5.99
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Betrayal (attorneys Gail Connor/Anthony Quintana embark on beautiful life, but none of it matters when daughter's stalked, then abducted) $23.95
Raphael, Lev The Death of a Constant Lover (gay English prof Nick Hoffman 3, is on scene when prof's son is killed, but tenure review may be jeopardized by involvement while killer draws closer) $22.95
Schiller, Gerald A Death Underground (LA reporter Rogers Kennison's story about problems with subway construction leads to murders; PBO) $9.95
Stashower, Daniel Teller of Tales: Life of Arthur Conan Doyle (non_fiction; biography of Holmes' creator & his life of extraordinary contrasts, stormy friendships, more) $32.50
Teran, Boston God is a Bullet (father pursues daughter kidnapped by bloodthirsty cult through "feral wasteland of S Cal desert", corrupt community, underworld, psychological trauma) $24.00
Vachss, Andrew Safe House (Burke's hired by abused women's underground network head to protect charge from vengeful ex, but he has protector, too, who shuts down network & Burke) $12.00
Wood, Ed Jr Killer in Drag; Death of a Transvestite (reprints of vivid pulp novels of drag queen/killer_for_hire Glen/Glenda) $9.95 each
Ziegler, Jean The Swiss, the Gold & the Dead (non_fiction; subtitled "How Swiss Bankers Helped Finance the Nazi War Machine") $13.95


Allen, Garrison Dinosaur Cat (ex_Marine/bookseller Penelope Warren & Abyssinian cat Big Mike 5, delve into murder at site of dinosaur discovery in Arizona) $5.99
Babson, Marian Canapes for the Kitties (mystery writer Lorinda Lucas & cats stalk killer when village writers' colony's plagued by threats from fictional characters, fatal "accidents") $5.99
Barre, Richard Blackheart Highway (PI Wil Hardesty 4, "must solve a grisly murder while staring down the barrel of his own troubled past") $21.95
Barre, Richard The Ghosts of Morning (PI Wil Hardesty 3, learns best friend of youth who was accused of murder, then supposedly killed in Vietnam, may still be alive) $5.99
Bogner, Norman To Die in Provence (art historian Jennifer Bowen finds job minding heiress studying in France who's intent on reunion with ex_con lover pulls her into web of evil) $6.99
Brady, James Gin Lane (reporter Beecher Stowe digs into attempts on life of rowdy broadcast legend who's made enemies throughout elite Southampton neighborhood) $6.99
Brown, Sneaky Pie Sneaky Pie's Cookbook for Mystery Lovers (associational; Rita Mae Brown's feline sleuth presents "delectable fare for cats & humans alike", plus drawings & anecdotes) $15.95
Bryan, Kate Murder on the Barbary Coast (1875 San Francisco sleuth Maggie Maguire 3, joins criminal cult in order to expose their murders of wealthy heirs; PBO) $5.99
Butcher, Lee Sex, Money & Murder in Daytona Beach (non_fiction/reprint w/additional information) $5.99
Cage, Elizabeth Spy Girls 5: Dial V for Vengeance (young adult; the Spy Girls head for Rio to investigate Brazilian drug_smuggling operation; PBO) $4.50
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve_cr Tom Clancy's Net Force 4: The Ultimate Escape (young adult; Julio Cortez leaves Net Force to move with family, but when they're held hostage the team steps in to rescue them; PBO) $4.99
Cohen, Harlan One False Move (sports agent Myron Bolitar 5, agrees to protect threatened female basketball star, then her father's killed,more bodies appear & the pressure's on) $6.50
Craft, Michael Body Language (gay reporter Mark Manning 3, returns to hometown to run paper, get to know cousin & her teen son, but threatening letters, cousin's murder weren't in the plan) $22.00
Craft, Michael Eye Contact (gay Chicago reporter Mark Manning 2; "fiercely unpredictable, adrenaline_rushed story of murder, erotic illusion & a devastating crime") $12.00
Dirgo, Craig The Einstein Papers (anti_terrorist operative John Taft must act to keep US from suffering as Chinese verge on completing Unified Field Theory) $23.00
Douglass, Keith Seal Team Seven 8: Pacific Siege (military adventure; SEALs are sent in to stop berserk Japanese general who's seized Russian island; PBO) $5.99
Flora, Kate An Educated Death (Thea Kozak, called on to counsel students, faculty at private high school & reassess safety measures after drowning,finds host of vile secrets) $6.99
Fowler, Earlene Mariner's Compass (ex_cowgirl/quilter Benni Harper 6, inherits house from man with pieces of her life throughout-who was he & why was he so obsessed with her?) $21.95
Gallison, Kate Grave Misgivings (Episcopal priest Mother Lavinia Grey 5, offers to help family to find missing grave, but discovers killer's secrets instead) $5.99
Glatt, John Evil Twins (non_fiction; 10 cases of criminal twins; PBO) $6.50
Golden, Christopher Body Bags (young adult; college student Jennifer Blake's job in autopsy lab pulls her into series of mysterious deaths that seem natural but aren't; PBO) $4.99
Griffin, WEB (orig Alex Baldwin) The Secret Warrior (in 1942, OSS pilot Richard Canidy arranges scheme to drop agents into Congo to smuggle out uranium with Lindbergh's help) $7.50
Hambly, Barbara Fever Season (black New Orleans physician Benjamin January 2, battles 1830s cholera epidemic when plantation woman with slave lover draws him into tangle of dark lies) $5.99
Harrington, William Columbo: The Hoover Files (TV tie_in; Lt Columbo has his hands full when biographer threatening to expose secrets & retired FBI agent's loyalties explode into murder) $5.99
Harstad, Donald Eleven Days (Iowa Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman's quiet routine shattered by murder that consumes him & his community for the next 11 days; signed hc still available for $22.95) $6.50
Howard, Linda Now You See Her (when painter Paris Sweeney's dreams lead her to paint scenes of murder, but becomes prime suspect when friend is killed) $6.99
Jance, JA Rattlesnake Crossing (Arizona Sheriff Joanna Brady 6, investigates rancher's murder that may be tied to gun dealing & separatist movement-or serial killer?) $6.99
Kelner, Toni LP Down Home Murder (reprint; Laura Fleming returns home after grandfather's death, only to find he was murdered) $5.99
Kennett, Shirley Chameleon (psychologist/forensic computer simulator PJ Gray/Det Leo Schultz 3, realize killer behind series of murders is 12_year_old friend of PJ's son) $5.99
Krueger, William Kent Boundary Waters (ex_sheriff Cork O'Connor 2, hired to find country_western singer vanished in MN's Quetico_Superior Wilderness realizes he's not the only one looking) $23.00
Krueger, William Kent Iron Lake (ex_sheriff/widower Cork O'Connor must emerge from isolation when powerful citizen is killed & Ojibwe boy goes missing in midst of MN blizzard) $6.99
Marshall, Evan Missing Marlene (literary agent Jane Stuart & cat Winky decide to track down missing nanny but discover murder) $20.00
Mathews, Francine(Stephanie Barron) Death in a Cold Hard Light (Nantucket Det Merry Folger dreads following leads in young man's death that seem to point to police chief father) $5.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Ape Who Guards the Balance (Victorian Egyptologist Amelia Peabody & family's 1907 expedition lands them in web of criminals, cults & treasure as killer watches & waits) $6.99
Pickard, Nancy_ed Mom, Apple Pie, & Murder (anthology of short mysteries with Mother's Day theme; PBO) $13.00
Price, Richard Freedom Land ("novel of a hijacked car, missing boy & embattled neighborhood polarized by racism, distrust & accusation") $7.99
Querry, Ron Bad Medicine (Choctaw Dr Push Foster takes Navajo Res job, but deadly viral epidemic cannot be fought without fighting its evil, too) $10.95
Reeves_Stevens, Judith & Garfield Icefire (when Chinese officers resurrect Soviet plant to vaporize part of Antarctica & devastate world, Navy SEAL & oceanographer must stop them) $6.99
Reeves_Stevens, Judith & Garfield Quick Silver (terrorists take world leaders hostage at Pentagon; man inside & woman outside must keep them from realizing they also control super_weapon) $23
Sandford, John Secret Prey (Mpls Det Lucas Davenport 9, must solve murder of company chairman while on hunting trip with 4 executives who're happy to be rid of him) $7.99
Satterthwait, Walter Masquerade (1920s Paris: Pinkerton agents Phil Beaumont/Jane Turner investigate deaths of expatriate American & German mistress, with help of Hemingway, Stein, more) $5.99
Taylor, Alison G The House of Women (reprint; DI Michael McKenna finds himself drawn to the women living in house where aging, ill man is found dead-which of them is murderer?) $5.99
Todd, Charles Wings of Fire (shell_shocked WWI vet/Insp Ian Rutledge 2, is sent to Cornwall to investigate murders, with "help" of young Scot he was forced to execute on battlefield) $5.99
Wald, Noreen Ghostwriter (writer_for_hire Jake O'Hara's specialty is mysteries, but as Manhattan ghostwiters die, she has a desperate one to solve; PBO) $5.99
Walpow, Nathan Cactus Club Killings (gardening expert Joe Portugal finds local cactus club getting prickly when plant_smuggling underground turns one of them into killer; PBO) $5.99
Walsh, John/Lerman, Philip No Mercy (non_fiction/TV tie_in; inside details of America's Most Wanted investigations, incl Polly Klaas murder & Cunanan manhunt) $7.50
Waterhouse, Jane Shadow Walk (true_crime writer Garner Quinn 2, gets tip on location of long_sought murderer, but it may be a trap) $5.99
Wings, Mary She Came in Drag (lesbian PI Emma Victor 5, hired to protect outted rock diva, winds up in midst of Halloween stew of mayhem, murder & drag queen lookalike parade; PBO) $6.50


Axler, James Outlanders 9: Night Eternal (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Beaton, MC Death of a Scriptwriter (Scottish Const Hamish Macbeth finds filmmaking troupe enlivens drab winter until the corpses start to appear) $6.50
Beaufort, Simon A Head for Poisoning (medieval Wales; Geoffrey de Mappestone 2, caught in middle as King orders him to spy on family to find traitor, father's murdered & plots reach back to King) $23.95
Belfer, Lauren City of Light (1901 Buffalo headmistress Louisa Barrett's in midst of shattering society when murder at new power station exposes power struggles of different sort) $24.95
Bowen, Michael Collateral Damage (consultant Richard Michaelson returns to look into buying DC mansion for political player, but gets suspicious when sellers're disgraced CIA agent's family) $20.95
Burke, James Lee Lay Down My Sword & Shield (associational; ex_POW/wealthy progressive Democrat, Texas politician's run for Congress brings civil rights conflict & personal impact) $6.50
Burke, Jan Harm (reporter Irene Kelly 7, pursues man's claim he'll reveal missing girl's body, finds herself trapped in Sierra Nevadas with dedicated serial killer) $23.00
Butler, Gwendoline A Double Coffin (London's Cmdr John Coffin 13, investigates murder of journalist investigating ex_Prime Minister, but finds more crimes old & new are involved) $4.99
Charyn, Jerome Captain Kidd (associational; as Gen Patton's aide, Capt Roland Kahn gets up to hilarious shenanigans running profitable army supply scheme, competing with supply sergeant) $20.95
Connolly, John Every Dead Thing (ex_NYC Det Charlie Parker's haunted by unsolved murders of wife & daughter, joins psychologist & 2 criminals to bait trap for serial killer) $25.00
Coram, Robert Dead South (Atlanta Homicide Det CR Payne 2, pursues murder of bar patron with political connections, but FBI, int'l arms dealers, trained killer are involved, too; PBO) $5.99
Cossé, Laurence A Corner of the Veil (news of proof of God's existence shocks & threatens church, secular institutions & they act separately & forcefully to suppress the news) $23.00
D'Amato, Barbara Hard Evidence (Chicago journalist Cat Marsala 8, learns bone bought for dog at elegant food store is human-but who, how & where's the rest?) $22.00
Dare, Justine Dangerous Games (gov't operative Lake MacGregor 2, interrupts mission for father's funeral despite past crime haunting event, but woman holds shattering truth; PBO) $5.99
DuBrul, Jack B Charon's Landing (geologist Philip Mercer takes on Russian mastermind paid by Arab oil minister to use eco_terrorists to sabotage Alaska pipeline) $24.95
Edwards, Grace F No Time to Die (Harlem PI Mali Anderson 2, realizes friend's murder is just start of serial killer's assault on her neighborhood & is determined to stop him) $22.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down Among the Winchester Geese (Elizabethan London herbalist Susanna, Lady Appleton, investigates death of gentlewoman murdered in brothel district & similar killings from past) $22.95
Forester, CS Hornblower & the "Atropos" ; Hornblower During the Crisis (historical naval adventure reprints) $13.00 each
Frey, Stephen Legacy (Wall Street financier inherits father's safe_deposit box holding video of JFK assassination, but it draws deadly attention of 30_year-old conspiracy; PBO) $6.99
Giancana, Sam & Bettina 30 Seconds (ad exec Marty English learns drug company deal has ties to mob, CIA & finds his mob family past turning him into pawn in world he tried to escape) $7.50
Holt, Hazel Mrs Malory: Death Among Friends (#8; Sheila Malory's job with Lodge management committee puts her on the spot when the committe chair, controversial, wealthy socialite turns up dead; PBO) $5.99
Horrock, Henry Potomac Fever (DC Det Cal Terrell/Sgt Roberta Short suspect roadblocks to "routine" murder investigation are political, but digging draws threatening pursuit) $24.00
Hunt, E Howard Guilty Knowledge (DC lawyer Steve Bently agrees to help blackmailed female Presidential candidate retrieve videotape, but when blackmailer's killed, realizes he's pawn) $23.95
Hunter, Fred Capital Queers (Alex Reynolds/lover Peter/mom 3, inherit annoying dog from friends killed over artifact, become targets when killers think they have it) $20.95
Lovelace, Merline River Rising (female Air Force Major is assigned to investigate murder of female officer, but key witness is ex_con; PBO) $5.99
Mahoney, Dan Black & White (NY Det Brian McKenna 5, struggles with media & monsters while investigating gruesome murder of state pol's daughter & lover that leads to porn underworld) $24.95
Mason, Richard The Drowning People (audio tape) $24.98
McCarver, Sam The Case of Cabin 13 (1912 paranormal investigator John Darnell's hired to look into bizarre suicides aboard Titanic, but after disaster realizes murderer may've escaped; PBO) $5.99
McInerny, Ralph Grave Undertakings (Father Dowling 19, steps in when questions about gangster's death & missing body lead to love triangle & Italian poet's manuscript) $24.95
McKinna, John Crash Dive (deep_sea diver Ben Gannon discovers murdered senator among copter crash bodies & Mid_East terrorists have seized his oil rig base; PBO) $6.99
Miller, Hugh What the Corpse Revealed (non_fiction; leading forensic scientist examines 16 international cases & the role forensic science & technology played in solving them) $23.95
Minichino, Camille The Lithium Murder (retired physicist Gloria Lamerino advises police investigating gov't_funded lab's janitor's murder, but her hypothesis indicates more than secret experiments) $25.00
Paretsky, Sara Ghost Country (homeless woman believes Virgin Mary's blood seeps from Chicago wall, becomes center of disparate group utterly changed by mysterious woman's appearance) $13.95
Parker, T Jefferson The Blue Hour (semi_retired/cancer_doomed cop Tim Hess agrees to team w/Det Merci Rayborn to track serial killer, but neither gets what they expected) $23.95
Patterson, James Midnight Club (ex_cop John Stefanovitch enlists journalist & Harlem cop to bring down secret society of crime bosses who's most powerful member put him in wheelchair) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 246: Blood of the Earth (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 66: Termination Point (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Pineiro, RJ 01_01_00 (FBI high_tech crime chief searches for reason behind global computer freezes, tracing virus to Mayan ruins as millenium countdown continues) $24.95
Rogow, Roberta The Problem of the Spiteful Spiritualist (Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) & Arthur Conan Doyle 2, probe retired sea captain's death, missing Indian treasure & spiritualist's death at seance) $22.95
Siebert, Steven Cleopatra's Needle (archeologist Dan Rawlins hunts stolen half of Egyptian ankh, but Mossad agent Jacinda El_Bahri's stolen it from terrorist planning to unleash its power) $23.95
Sipherd, Ray The Audubon Quartet (artist Jonathan Wilder 2, attends viewing of new_found Audubon works, but when critic who calls them fakes is murdered, dives into high_stakes art world) $4.99
Stone, Jonathan The Cold Truth (police trainee interning in upstate NY with legendary police chief finds murder case unravelling in lack of clues, too many suspects, secrets) $23.95
Stone, Robert Damascus Gate (lapsed Catholic/half Jewish/expatriate American reporter investigating syndrome of sanity surrendered to fanaticism is drawn into depravity, duplicity; American Book Award nominee) $14.00
Tremayne, Peter The Spider's Web (Sister Fidelma 5, investigates murder of rural Irish chieftan in 668, but doubts main suspect's guilt only to be surrounded by lies, corruption, danger) $23.95
Wagner, James/Picciarelli, Patrick Jimmy the Wags: Street Stories of a Private Eye (non_fiction; cop_turned_PI Jimmy "the Wags" Wagner tells stories of his cases) $24
Westfall, Patricia Tichenor Mother of the Bride (#2; Molly West digs into towns past & present to find truth when recent skeleton's found in former Underground Railroad site) $4.99
Wright, Eric Death on the Rocks (investigator Lucy Trimle 2, hired to find out circumstances of woman's birth & her father's identity, but ends with another mystery on Cornish coast) $21.95
Zubro, Mark Richard Are You Nuts? (gay teacher Tom Mason/pitcher Scott Carpenter (7) dreaded conservative group's PTA takeover, but then Tom's friend is accused of ringleader's murder) $12.95
Zubro, Mark Richard Drop Dead (gay Det Paul Turner 5, gets case of male supermodel dead in fall from hotel roof, which may or may not have been murder) $22.95


Alibek, Ken/Handelman, Stephen Biohazard (non_fiction; head of Soviet bioweapons program tells true story of program) $24.95
Bradley, James Wrack (archeologist David Norfolk's search for 16c Portugese ship rumored buried in Australian dunes turns up 50_year_old murdered body) $25.00
Bradley, Omar A Soldier's Story (military history reprint of WWII general's memoirs; part of series chosen & introduced by Caleb Carr) $17.95
Busch, Frederick The Night Inspector (Civil War vet William Bartholomew learns slave sales continue in 1867 NY, delves into underworld with help of customs inspector Herman Melville & others) $23.00
Cannell, Dorothy Spring Cleaning Murders (Ellie Haskell has spring cleaning fever, but when the local charwomen start dropping dead, she realizes sleuthing is more urgent) $5.99
Cannell, Dorothy The Trouble with Harriet (Ellie Haskell 10, copes with prodigal father & his girlfriend's ashes, but then he becomes suspect in murder tied to vicar's saint obsession) $21.95
Clancy, Tom/Horner, Gen Chuck (Ret) Air Command: A Study in Leadership (associational/military non_fiction; the art of aerial warfare, especially in the Gulf region, reinvention of post_Vietnam Air Force, future challenges) $27.95
Coltrane, James A Good Day to Die (Company_installed leader of Cuban revolutionary band after Castro's death, Jorge Ortega finds mission threatened by shaky alliances) $21.95
Date, SV Speed Week (when stock_car racing heir's wife sues to stop Daytona race to save turtles,he decides to have her killed,but on the cheap & gets what he pays for) $22.95
DeMille, Nelson Cathedral; The Charm School; Word of Honor (3_in_1 audio tape collection) $39.95
Draper, Robert Hadrian's Walls (governor pardons lifelong friend/convict from penitentiary that shapes East Texas town & payback leads to showdown) $23.00
Farrow, John City of Ice (unorthodox, old_style Montreal Det Emile Cinq_Mars find himself pitted against Russian mafia, CIA infiltrators, motorcycle gangs, corrupt police force) $25.95
Ferrigno, Robert Heartbreaker (ex_cop Val Duran heads for LA after drug kingpin kills partner, but ongoing struggle with kingpin collides with new boyfriend's deadly connections: audio tape $24.00) $24.00
Garrow, David J The FBI & Martin Luther King Jr (non_fiction reprint/new intro; explores FBI's probe of civil rights movement & King's life, & its campaign to destroy him) $13.95
Grant, Ulysses S Personal Memoirs (military history reprint of Civil War general's memoirs; part of series chosen & introduced by Caleb Carr) $15.95
Harvey, John Last Rites (Nottingham Det Charlie Resnick's last case involves convict vanished from mother's funeral, guns, drugs, gang wars & police corruption) $25.00
Harvey, John Wasted Years (Det Charlie Resnick (6) reprint; "switches time frames like song keys to tell a story about the cold hopes & lost chances that breed crime in the red_brick provinces") $11.00
Higgins, Jack The White House Connection (ex_terrorist Sean Dillon/US operative Blake Johnson must get to bottom of Irish splinter group murders that threaten both governments) $25.95
Jakubowski, Maxim/Braund, Nathan_eds The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper (compendium of facts & theories from 15 Ripperologists incl Fairclough, Fido, Tully & Wilson) $10.95
Jones, Stan White Sky, Black Ice (Alaska Trooper Nathan Active, posted to remote village, must confront disturbing suicide series that may result from shaman's curse) $22.00
Karaim, Reed If Men Were Angels (reporter Cliff O'Connell digs into dark_horse Presidential candidate's elusive past, but learns secret that must stay buried forever) $24.95
King, Dean/Hattendorf, John B Harbors & High Seas, 2nd Ed (reference; atlas & geographical guide to Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey_Maturin naval historical adventures) $19.95
Lardo, Vincent The Hampton Affair (middle_class East Hampton Det Eddy Evans must investigate murders tied to big money on both sides of the town's social divide) $23.95
Mailer, Norman An American Dream (reprint; successful man hears voice urging suicide & kills wife instead, runs amok through society in which he'd been privileged) $13.00
Martel, John The Alternate (defense attorney Barrett Dickson & prosecutor Grace Harris struggle with case of ex_congressman accused of wife's murder, mafia, mistresses, tainted jury, more) $24.95
Milton, Giles Nathaniel's Nutmeg (non_fiction/naval adventure; the story of tiny Indonesian island, its nutmeg harvest, 17c adventurer Nathaniel Courthope, the British Empire & the US) $23.00
Moody, Bill Bird Lives! (jazz player Evan Horne 4, is drawn into hunt through jazz underground for whoever's killing "smooth" jazz players & leaving grafitti_scrawled message) $22.95
Moody, Greg Derailleur (cyclists Cheryl & Will find joining mountain bike team leads to facing smugglers, hit men & environmentalists; 3rd in series) $12.95
Muller, Marcia/Pronzini, Bill Beyond the Grave (reprint; Muller's Chicana sleuth Elena Oliverez investigates in 1986 as Pronzini's Quincannon investigates same crime in 1894) $4.95
Parkman, Francis Montcalm & Wolfe (military history reprint examines pre_Revolutionary French & Indian War; part of series chosen & introduced by Caleb Carr) $17.95
Rendell, Ruth Murder Being Once Done; No More Dying Then; Some Lie, Some Die (reprints; Insp Wexford's London rest cure leads to murder; Wexford's investigation of children's murders complicated when colleague falls for their mom; Insp Wexford investigates murder near rock concert site) $11.00 each
Roosevelt, Theodore The Naval War of 1812 (military history reprint; part of series chosen & introduced by Caleb Carr) $17.95
Sandford, John Certain Prey (Mpls Det Lucas Davenport 10, realizes the killer hired by defense attorney, who almost silence witness, is female, on his trail & his most ferocious enemy; audio tape $24.95) $24.95
Smith, Wilbur Monsoon (adventure epic sweeps from 18c England through E Africa, into Arabia) $22.95
Stabenow, Dana Hunter's Moon (Alaska PI Kate Shugak 9, guides corporate hunting expedition, but divergence in values & style is least of frustrations when the murders start) $23.95
Vachss, Andrew Choice of Evil (drive_by at anti_gay_bashing protest kills Burke's girlfriend & when bashers're killed he's suspect, but others want him to help killer escape) $23.00
Walton, P/Jones, M Detective Agency: Women Rewriting the Hard-boild Tradition (literature/gender/socialogical examination from U of California) $18.95

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