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Newsletter #43 September - November, 1998

RECENTLY RECEIVED AND FORTHCOMING MYSTERIES Adamson, Lydia A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock (catsitter Alice Nestleton 15, hired by charity to find anonymous donor whose annual check's late, but becomes target when she finds him dead;PBO) $5.99
Adrian, Jack-ed Twelve Tales of Murder (anthology exploring ingenuity of murder, from Meade & Eustace, Bailey, Wallace, Yates, more; PBO) $9.95
Adrian, Jack-ed Twelve Mystery Stories (anthology exploring madness, revenge, terror, obsession, from Aubrey, Muir, LeFanu, Doyle, more; PBO) $9.95
Aldyne, Nathan Cobalt (reprint; gay bar owner Daniel Valentine/friend Clarisse Lovelace team up to solve a murder among Provincetown fun-seekers) $10.00
Baer, Will Christopher Kiss Me, Judas (ex_cop Phineas Poe meets woman after psych hospital release, but she steals one of his kidneys & he sets out after her; "hypnotic tale of paranoia, betrayal") $21.95
Barrett, Andrea The Voyage of the Narwhal (historical naval adventure; mid_19c ship sets out to find open Arctic sea, through eyes of ship's scholar_naturalist, Arctic natives, women at home) $24.95
Baxt, George A Queer Kind of Death (reprint; gay NY Det Pharaoh Love 1, investigates bathtub electrocution of actor/model/hustler whose partner was present) $10.00
Bishop, Paul Tequila Mockingbird (Det Fey Croaker 3, investigates public murder of LAPD det by pregnant wife & body count climbs as seemingly open_&_shut case leads to int'l terrorist) $22.00
Brenna, Duff Too Cool (teen escapes reform school & heads into backwoods Colorado wth girlfriend & stolen car, only to be stranded in blizzard) $22.95
Bruce, Leo Case for Three Detectives (reprint; 3 renowned amateur detective pronounce solutions to bizarre murder behind locked doors, but it's up to Sgt Beef to apply common sense) $10.95
Buffa, DW The Defense (nearly unbeaten defense attorney asked by judge to defend conman/drug dealer accused of raping stepdaughter, but seemingly routine case turns to murder) $6.99
Burke, James Lee Half of Paradise (3 Louisiana men in desperate circumstances interweave in tragic ways) $6.50
Cauffiel, Lowell House of Secrets (non_fiction; description of Eddie Lee Sexton's reign of terror over family, including instigating murder) $5.99
Christie, Agatha/Osborne, Charles Black Coffee: A New Hercule Poirot Novel (novelization of 1930 play; Poirot & Hastings can't reach physicist with formula critical to British defense before his murder, but have plenty of suspects) $22.95
Connelly, Michael Blood Work (retired FBI agent Terry McCaleb's recovery from heart transplant is jeopardized when he learns the donor was murdered & he's asked to investigate) $7.50
Courtier, SH Death in Dreamtime (reprint; Austrailia'a Insp Haig must sort out murder & intrigue in land where illusion & reality merge) $9.95
Dawson, Janet Witness to Evil (PI Jeri Howard 7, hired to bring home errant teen, but teen's discovery of family connections with Holocaust leads to deadly run_in with California Nazis) $6.50
DeMille, Nelson Word of Honor (Reprint; decorated Vietnam vet Ben Tyson leads quiet, successful civilian life, but now faces court_martial for massacre during war) $14.00
Dibdin, Michael A Long Finish (Aurelio Zen returns to Rome & assignment to release jailed wine_grower scion accused of murder, finds generations of secrets, greed, envy in Piedmont) $24.00
Dibdin, Michael Vendetta (reprint; Venice police Insp Aurelio Zen is sent to Sardinia to arrest__someone__for eccentric billionaire's murder, as killer stalks him) $12
Dickey, Christopher Innocent Blood (young Army man encounters young Muslim during Desert Storm who recruits him as a holy warrior who learns to believe that the US is evil incarnate) $12.00
Duncan, David Ewing Calendar:Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine True&Accurate Years (non_fiction; solutions to timekeeping problems tried through time, around globe & impact on historical, social forces__incl riots over "stolen" days) $23.00
Early, John Flesh & Metal (ex-lawyer trying to lose himself in ND body shop returns to action when encounter with dying sheriff lands him in battle of wits with ruthless insurance exec) $24.00
Edwards, Martin Eve of Destruction (Liverpool solicitor Harry Devlin finds client's adultery case turning into murder conspiracy tied to mystery bodies in converted church) $22.95
Fairstein, Linda Likely to Die (ADA Alexandra Cooper 2, takes on case of top neurosurgeon assaulted in her office, finds she must also take on media, hospital & killer isn't done yet) $6.99
Faron, Fay Howdunit Series: Rip_Off (writer's guide to crimes of deception, from the classic rip_offs to the latest high_tech scams) $16.99
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote 10: A Little Yuletide Murder (TV tie_in; author & sleuth Jessica Fletcher steps in to catch killer of Cabot Cove farmer who'd played Santa for last 15 years; PBO) $5.99
Folsom, Allan Day of Confession (LA lawyer finds brother, dead Vatican priest, was suspect in cardinal's assassination & uncovers plan for Chinese massacre, new Holy Roman Empire) $25.00
Fox, Zachary Alan When the Wind Blows (Mark Ritter must find out truth of his past when he finds his own death certificate date 30 years ago among his dead mother's possessions) $22.00
Freedman, JF Key Witness (public defender faces not just challenge of defending black man with record accused of multiple rapes, but prospect of racial explosion) $6.99
Fritchley, Alma Chicken Run (Letty Campbell agrees to car auction on her land, but grows suspicous of desperation of ex-lover Julia & her new love) $13.95
Fyfield, Frances Blind Date (ex_police detective Elisabeth Kennedy is determined to fight back from acid attack, tracks through London to find something chilling & savage) $21.95
Fyfield, Frances Without Consent (attorney Helen West struggles w/rape case & evidence pointing to lover's best friend & fellow police officer, uncovers man of cold_blooded manipulation) $5.99
Gerritsen, Tess Bloodstream (widowed Dr Claire Elliot starts new practice in Maine resort town, but epidemic of violence centering around her patients turns town against her while she looks to contaminated lake water) $23.00
Gerritsen, Tess Life Support (ER Dr Toby Harper encounters patients with viral infection & what she learns leads to suspicion of designed epidemic) $6.99
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Unpunished (feminist mystery from 1920s unpublished til '97; Bess & Jim Hunt investigate murder of devious, blackmailing Brooklyn attorney) $10.95
Gordon, Alison Prairie Hardball (baseball writer Kate Henry 5, returns to hometown for baseball history celebration;murder investigation consumes attention) $6.95
Green, Tim The Red Zone (attorney Madison McCall agrees to defend vicious linebacker accused of NFL team owner's murder, but isn't prepared for maze of corruption & murder she finds) $24.00
Greenberg, Martin H_ed Women on the Edge (reprint anthology of female sleuths) $12.00
Gunning, Sally Dirty Water (Peter & Connie Bartholomew 9, cut short 2nd honeymoon when 88- year-old friend confesses to murder as hurricane heads for the island; PBO) $6.50
Hardwick, Gary Double Dead (black prosecutor's investigation into call_girl's story of Detroit mayor's murder lands him in deadly game with city power brokers) $6.99
Henrick, Richard P Flight of the Condor (reprint; subs & satellites stand between US & surprise Soviet attack when surveillance satellite falls from orbit) $5.99
Hiassen, Carl Lucky You (FL lottery goes to JoLayne Lucks & another winner, but when JoLayne's ticket's stolen, the chase is on & mayhem follows) $7.50
Higonnet, Margaret R Lines of Fire: Women Writers of WWI (history; collection of treatises, medical accounts, diaries, poetry, letters by women at home & battlefront incl Wharton,Colette,Mata Hari,Lowell, etc) $16.95
Hillerman, Tony The First Eagle (Tribal Police Lt Jim Chee's investigation of officer's murder runs into retired Joe Leaphorn's search for missing biologist, skinwalker report, bubonic plague; audio tape $25) $25.00
Hobbs, Will The Maze (young reader; teen on the run, Rick winds up in canyon maze where biologist's releasing condors, but danger reaches even here) $15.00
Hoch, Edward D Twelve American Detective Stories (anthology short mysteries by Poe, Futrelle, Green, Rice, Dickson, Queen, Rinehart, Chandler, Woolrich) $9.95
Holm, Kirsten_ed 1999 Writer's Market (writing reference; profiles publishers, markets, magazines, script buyers, more) $27.99
Hubbard, L Ron/Anderson, Kevin J Ai! Pedrito! --When Intelligence Goes Wrong (Navy Lt Tom Smith discovers his exact duplicate is notorious South American revolutionary & spy who's heading north to take his place while foreign intelligence attack him in setup) $25.00
Huggins, James Byron Cain (secret project has resurrected legendary CIA hit man Cain, who's been transformed into evil incarnate & only scientist/soldier/priest trio can stop him) $6.99
Jacobs, David Snake Eyes (movie novelization; cop must find Sec'y of Defense's killer at boxing match, in arena full of people as hurricane hits) $6.50
Jay, Charlotte A Hank of Hair ('64 reprint; after wife's death, Gilbert Hand discovers human hair that leads him to confrontation with murderer) $9.95
Jevons, Marshall A Deadly Indifference (Harvard Professor Henry Spearman uses economics to solve mystery) $13.95
Johnstone, William W Triumph in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Johnstone, William W Trapped in the Ashes (reprint) $5.99
Kahn, Sharon Fax Me A Bagel (start of new series featuring Ruby, the Rabbi's Wife as amatuer sleuth) $22.00
Keating, H. R. F. The Perfect Murder (reprint of 1st Inspector Ghote mystery, won Edgar and Gold Dagger Awards) $10.95
Koch, Edward I The Senator Must Die (Mayor Koch heads to Switzerland to investigate Nazi connections with banks after sniper attacks dinner with senator urging full accounting of looted gold) $22.00
Krueger, William Kent Iron Lake (1st novel by local author, set in northern Minnesota) $23.00
Lanier, Virginia Blind Bloodhound Justice (sleuth & bloodhound trainer Beth Jo Sidden 4; tries to solve 30 year old murder) $24.00
Lansdale, Joe R Bad Chili (black, gay Leonard Pine's prime suspect in cop's murder & only white, straight pal Hap Collins believes he's innocent;"sharp country_boy wit","TX gothic") $6.50
Lansdale, Joe R Rumble Tumble (Texas buddies Hap Collins & Leonard Pine 5?, set off with Hap's girlfriend Brett to rescue daughter; "4_fisted action", "colorful..lunatic") $22.00
Lee, Gus No Physical Evidence (Sacramento deputy DA Joshua Jin's still grieving daughter's death when he gets new case__rape of 13_yo who won't talk & ex_con charged with no evidence) $24.95
Leslie, John Blue Moon (PI Gideon "Bud" Lowry 4; investigates shady real estate developer in Key West) $23.00
Levine, Paul 9 Scorpions (legal thriller involving the Supreme Court) $23.00
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Honeymoon (screwball cozy mystery from 1944; rich man sneezes himself to death) $14.00
Little, Constance & Gwenyth Great Black Kanba (1944 mystery with comic interludes on board Trans-Australia Railway) $14.00
Lynch, Patrick The Policy (analyst Alex Tynan suspects something in life insurance company's too_good_to_be_true foray into health insurance, but then her colleagues start dying) $23.95
Mackay, Scott Cold Comfort (political maneuverings reorganizing force disrupt Toronto police investigation of government official's stepdaughter's bizarre death & deep secrets) $23.00
Magnuson, Mike The Fire Gospels ("comic, violent, profane, and apocalyptic", set in Wisconsin) $24.00
Maloney, Mack Wingman 7: Freedom Express (post_apocalyptic military reprint) $4.99
Marshall, William To the End (Yellowthread Street mystery; police procedural in Hong Kong during transition to Chinese rule) $23.00
Martin, AE Sinners Never Die (reprint; 1890s Australian outback town's postmaster's reading people's mail & gossip, adultery, blackmail, disappearances & poisonings ensue) $9.95
McCafferty, Barbara/Herald, Beverly Double Cross (twins Bert & Nan Tatum 3: when Nan takes over Bert's Saturday hours at her new job & witnesses a murder, Bert can't ID the suspect & her boss is killed) $20.00
McCafferty, Barbara/Herald, Beverly Double Exposure (twins Bert & Nan Tatum 2, investigate when 1 of man call_in crazies to Nan's radio show describes a murder/suicide involving twins; by twin_authors) $5.99
McCarry, Charles Lucky Bastard (young politician who believes he's JFK's illegitimate son heads for White House depending on "friends" with foreign ties & radical wife despite warnings) $23.95
McCoy, Horace No Pockets in a Shroud (reprint of 1937 hardboiled novel about corruption-fighting newspaperman) $11.99
McMillan, Ann Dead March (in 1861, white Richmond widow & black conjure woman investigate slave girl's murder when her corpse is dug up by anatomists&grave robbers) $21.95
McMillan, Rosalyn Blue Collar Blues (downsizing car plant pits white collar vs blue collar leading to murder, with black plant manager Thyme Tyler & friend, union worker Khan Davis in middle) $23.00
Meier, Leslie Trick or Treat Murder (Lucy Stone reprint) $5.99
Montecino, Marcel Sacred Heart (wise guy disguised as priest goes to cover with pious Jesuit brother in Mexico, & both face destiny_sealing choices) $23.00
Monteleone, Thomas F Night of Broken Souls (psychiatrist Michael Keating notices global pattern of people w/vivid, accurate memories of Holocaust deaths & uncovers new vision of danger) $6.50
Muller, Marcia While Other People Sleep (PI Sharon McCone 19; mysterious woman is impersonating McCone) $23.00
Murakami, Haruki The Wind_Up Bird Chronicle (young Tokyo man's search for wife's missing cat leads to search for her in netherworld below suburbs, bizarre collection of allies & enemies) $14.00
Nelson, James L. The Continental Risque (nautical adventure #3 set during American Revolution) $14.00
North, Darian Violation (single mom can't answer 13_yo son's questions about father, but when he runs away to find him, she must face the attack that lft hr comatose, pregnant) $23.95
Nunnally, Tina Fate of Ravens (Seattle amateur sleuth Margit Andersson investigate death with ties back to Nazi-occupied Denmark) $12.00
Padgett, Abigail Blue (gay social psychologist Blue McCarron hired to help society widow retract murder confession finds socialite's lying friends cover international conspiracy) $22
Pelecanos, George P. Nick's Trip (PI Nick Stefanos investigates disappearance of high school friend's wife) $12.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Riptide (high-tech action adventure involving search for undersea pirate treasure) $25.00
Preston, Richard The Cobra Event (thriller about deadly epidemic; "utterly terrifying ...wonderfully readable") $7.99
Reardon, Lisa Billy Dead (story of family locked in trouble, hard luck, vicious gossip & murder grown out of horrific past, as told by the younger brother trying to live it all down) $22.95
Roberts, Lillian M Almost Human (vet Andi Pauling 3, stunned when dying friend asks Andi to kill her, but even more so when friend's daughter accuses her of doing it; PBO) $5.99
Rosen, Dorothy & Sidney Death & Blintzes (1930s Boston female amateur detective Belle Appleman) $10.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Way of the Traitor (Samurai detective Sano Ichiro 3; 1690 Nagasaki) $6.50
Rubino, Jane Cheat the Devil (Cat Austin 3; serial killing of women, all of whom have ties to her brother, a priest; signed) $24.95
Russell, Charlotte Murray Cooking Up a Crime (reprint of 1951 novel of spinster sleuth Jane Amanda Edwards; cozy malice domestic) $13.00
Schultz, Duane The Dahlgren Affair:Terror & Conspiracy in the Civil War (non_fiction; story of consequences of papers found on trail on 3/5/64__Southern terrorism against Northern civilians & presidential responses) $25.95
Schumacher, Aileen Framework for Death (2nd engineering mystery; signed) $23.95
Scottoline, Lisa Rough Justice (legal thriller; as jury begins deliberations, defense attorney learns the truth about the murder) $6.99
See, Lisa The Flower Net (US ambassador's son dead in Beijing linked to "Red Prince" death on immigrant_smuggling freighter but US DA David Stark & Liu Hulan must find out what) $6.99
Smith, Mary_Ann Trone An American Killing (White House insider's wife/true_crime author Denise Burke looks into murder in lover's home district, but then he dies after asking her to quit) $23.00
Standiford, Les Deal on Ice (contractor-sleuth John Deal 4; booksellers in Miami are being murdered) $6.50
Star, Nancy Up Next (producer of a daytime talk show is being framed for murders of producers of competing talk shows) $23.00
Stark, Richard (Donald Westlake) Comeback (Parker, Liss & Mackey engineer successful robbery of Christian Crusade, but when double_cross begins, the crusade turns into den of thieves) $12.00
Stewart, Chris Shattered Bone (Russian agent under deep cover in US Air Force steals stealth bomber with nukes & brings world to brink of WWIII) $6.99
Swan, Thomas The Da Vinci Deception (Scotland Yard vs. mastermind of art forgery, reprint of 1990 PBO) $23.95
Thayer, James Five Past Midnight (thriller set in Nazi Germany; U.S. commando sent to assassinate Hitler, SS tries to stop him) $6.99
Thernstrom, Melanie Halfway Heaven: Diary of a Harvard Murder (non_fiction; story of immigrant roommates at Harvard whose friendship ended in murder as one's mental illness went unaddressed) $12.95
Thomson, Rupert Soft! (waiflike waitress & man fleeing hard_man reputation collide with ad exec's strategy for marketing new drink; "transforms the conventions of noir") $24.00
Upfield, Arthur W Murder Down Under; The Bone is Pointed; The Mystery of Swordfish Reef; Bachelors of Broken Hill (reprints of entries in series featuring Australian, half_Aborigine Inspector Napoleon "Bony" Bonaparte, with new intros by Edward Marston) $10.00 each
Van Gieson, Judith Ditch Rider (Albuequerque lawyer Neil Hamel agrees to represent 12_year- old Latino girl in murder case amid gang rivalries & racial tension) $23.00
Weld, William F. Mackerel by Moonlight (funny tale of twisty Massachusetts poliitics) $23
Welsh, Irvine Filth (Edinburgh's DS Bruce Robertson heads for Christmas week of sex & drugs in Amsterdam;lands in midst of messy, racially_fraught murder) $14
Wesley, Valerie Wilson Easier to Kill (black Newark PI Tamara Hayle 4, hired by threatened radio host who talked her way out of poverty, but whose connections,secrets & lies are worst enemy) $22.95
Winchester, Simon The Professor & the Madman (non_fiction; story of most prolific contributor to Oxford English Dictionary, Civil War vet in asylum for criminally insane) $20.00
Wolf, William Whacking Jimmy (dying Detroit mobster's grandson joins competition to take over, but must prove himself by killing Jimmy Hoffa before others beat him to it;"hilarious") $23.95
Woodbury, Marda Liggett Stopping the Presses: The Murder of Walter W. Liggett (true story involving 1935 murder of MN muckraking newspaperman; signed) $18.95
Woodrell, Daniel Muscle for the Wing; The Ones You Do; Under the Bright Lights (reprints of 3 gritty Cajun mysteries) $14.00 each
Woodrell, Daniel Give Us A Kiss (reprint of suspense novel set in Ozarks; joyously vulgar and raw) $14.00
Woodrell, Daniel Woe to Live On (Civil War novel along Kansas-Missouri border) $14.00


Abrahams, Peter A Perfect Crime (adulterer reacts to exposure by planning, executing perfect crime while maintaining invisible presence) $24.95
Alexander, Bruce Person or Persons Unknown (blind 18c London magistrate Sir John Fielding 4, must discover who's been murdering prostitutes in Covent Garden) $5.99
Benjamin, Carol Lea The Dog Who Knew Too Much (NY PI Rachel Alexander & pit bull Dash 2, investigate her t'ai chi instructor's suicide witnessed by her Akita, that begins to look more like murder) $5.99
Benton, Amanda Silent Stranger (young reader; when teen Jessica finds unspeaking stranger in barn during War of 1812, neighbors suspect him of serious crimes) $3.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs Jeffries Takes the Cake (Victorian housekeeper Mrs Jeffries 11, puts together ingredients of man murdered at table set for 2 to come up with a killer; PBO) $5.99
Coel, Margaret The Story Teller (Arapaho atty Vicky Holden/Father John O'Malley 4, aim to reclaim sacred treasure; "chilling suspense, haunting echoes of a bloody massacre") $21.95
Cordy, Michael The Miracle Strain (geneticist Tom Carter makes deadly enemies when he turns to DNA of healer in Mid_East cave to cure daughter's cancer) $6.99
Daheim, Mary Snow Place to Die (Seattle B&B'r Judith Flynn & Renie 13, cater remote corporate retreat, but when execs start to die & blizzard hits, they have their sleuthing cut out for them;PBO) $5.99
Davidson, Diane Mott Prime Cut (caterer Goldy B Schultz lands photo_shoot catering job, but runs afoul of a murderer on the set) $23.95
Ellroy, James Brown's Requiem (trade paperback reprint; LA PI Fritz Brown fears he's digging himself a grave the deeper he digs into latest client's case) $12.00
Fawcett, Quinn Against the Brotherhood (Sherlock's smarter brother, Mycroft Holmes & secretary Patterson Guthrie immerse themselves in assassinations, spymasters, cabals, sabotage, more) $6.99
Fenady, Andrew J The Rebel: Johnny Yuma (Western crossover; soldier for South makes his way home after Civil War, only to face old enemy; PBO) $5.99
Firstman, Richard/Talan, Jamie The Death of Innocents (non_fiction/Edgar wnr; exploration of case of woman convicted of 5 kids' murders 1st attributed to SIDS & medical research skewed by that assumption) $14.95
Flynn, Joseph Digger (Vietnam vet John Fortunato descends into the tunnels he & buddies recreated under Elk River, IL, to take on a savage new enemy) $6.50
Forrest, Katherine V Apparition Alley (lesbian LAPD Det Kate Delafield's caught in apparent conspiracy to prevent outing of gay cops, as force reels with misconduct & scandal) $5.99
Francis, Dick Ten Lb Penalty (father & son work together against deadly enemy, one in politics, the other in racing) $6.99
Frase, H Michael Fatal Gift (when Kasey Reitman witnesses a murder, she decides to pose as psychic to give police info without drawing killers attention-_but media swarm thwarts plan) $5.99
Gadol, Peter Long Rain (lawyer finally putting life in order hits & kills man on rainy road, then decides to defend the drifter wrongly accused of the death) $6.99
Gallison, Kate Grave Misgivings (Episcopal priest Lavinia Grey 5, helps investigate missing cemetary headstones, but bones discovered under market indicate more than mischief) $21.95
Girardi, Robert Vaporetto 13 (currency trader Wilson Squire heads to Venice to assess political climate, but his insomniac walks lead him to the mysterious Caterina) $11.95
Graves, Sarah The Dead Cat Bounce (Jacobia Tiptree steps off corporate ladder & onto literal one, remodeling 200_yo Maine home, but a dead body in her storeroom's harder to fix up; PBO) $5.50
Gregory, Susanna An Unholy Alliance (in 1350 Cambridge, physician Matthew Bartholomew & Brother Michael investigate series of bizarre murders of street women & church figures) $5.99
Hagberg, David Assassin (ex_CIA officer Kirk McGarvey pursues former Soviet agent who's determined to bring back the old Soviet Union) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Yankee Doodle Dead (bookseller Annie Darling & husband Max find July 4 exploding with murder) $21.00
Herman, Richard The Warbirds (military thriller reprint) $6.99
Hirschman, Dave Hijacked: True Story of the Heroes of Flight 705 (non_fiction; when colleague/passenger hijacked FedEx flight, pilots fought back successfully) $5.99
Izzi, Eugene The Criminalist (20 years after accusations of killing brother's wife, Chicago cop Terry Moran is again suspected of murder, but his brothers are also connected) $22
Johansen, Iris And Then You Die (a photojournalists stands alone against deadly terrorists) $6.99
Johnson, Dolores A Dress to Die For (drycleaner Mandy Dyer 3, cleans designer dress vintage clothing dealer found at flea market, but when it isn't picked up, she finds owner murdered;PBO) $5.99
Kelly, Orr SEALs Eagle Force 1: Desert Thunder (combined strike force is sent in after Iran's latest acquisition__a modified Russian Blackjack bomber__that's fallen into madman's hands; PBO) $5.99
Kingsbury, Kate Dying Room Only (at Edwardian England's Pennyfoot Hotel (11), Cecily steps in when vanishing assistant in magician's act turns up murdered; PBO) $5.99
Klavan, Andrew The Uncanny (Hollywood producer Richard Storm finds that the classic English ghost stories he's been using for horror films have elements of 1000_year_old truth) $6.99
Klempner, Joseph T Shoot the Moon (bookkeeper Michael Goodman finds heroin cache in his rental car, decides to deal it himself__if he can stay alive long enough) $6.99
Larsen, Jodie Deadly Rescue (widowed geologist sets out for new life in California with alternative energy company, but oil company opposition leads to sabotage & murder; PBO) $5.99
Lawrence, Margaret Blood Red Roses (1786 midwife Hannah Trevor 2, already on verge of losing daughter to courts, becomes suspect in murder found in midsummer hayfield) $6.50
Lee, Marie G Night of the Chupacabras (young reader; "thoroughly NY" daughter of Korean immigrants vacations in Mexico with brother, friend & find evidence of "monster" & its crimes) $14.00
Leonard, Elmore The Tonto Woman & Other Western Stories (associational; collection of the best of Leonard's Western fiction from pulps published 1950's through 1980's; hc avail $23.95) $12.95
Lescroart, John The Mercy Rule (DA Dismas Hardy reluctantly takes case of almost_great baseball player/lawyer accused of his father's mercy killing) $24.95
Linedecker, Clifford L The Vampire Killers (non_fiction; genial couple killed by their daughter's group of friends obsessed with vampire rituals; PBO) $6.50
Marsh, Ngaio Night at the Vulcan (classic reprint; Insp Alleyn copes with deadly backstage antics & murder) $5.99
Martin, Mick/Porter, Marsha Video Movie Guide 1999 (media reference) $7.99
McInerny, Ralph On This Rockne (brother Det Philip & Notre Dame Prof Roger Knight 1, probe murders of trustee who mocked donation for football memorial & then her womanizing husband) $5.99
Mobley, CA Rules of Command (Navy Cmdr Jerusha Bailey 2, sent to cope with international crisis after US cruiser downs commercial plane with Panama's president, but retaliation may spark war;PBO) $6.99
Niles, Chris Spike It ("hip, original mystery that hums with the beat of the London streets...wry humor & hard_boiled thrills"; PBO) $5.99
Paulsen, Gary Soldier's Heart (young adult; the story of Charley Goddard, who joined the 1st Minnesota Volunteers at 16 to fight in the Civil War & was forever changed) $15.95
Perry, Anne A Breach of Promise (Victorian London PI William Monk/nurse Hester Latterly 9, investigate deadly reasons young man refuses despite suit to marry beautiful, wealthy woman) $25.00
Rendell, Ruth Road Rage (when CI Wexford's wife is taken hostage by desperate group protesting highway through woods, his search approaches the fanaticism of his opponents) $6.50
Rinehart, Mary Roberts Lost Ecstasy (reprint) $5.99
Rozan, SJ No Colder Place (PIs Bill Smith/Lydia Chin 4, sort out twisted loyalties, greed & organized crime when Bill goes undercover as bricklayer to probe construction thefts,murder) $5.99
Rucka, Greg Finder (bodyguard Atticus Kodiak 2, heads into depths of Manhattan's Lower East Side in search of missing juvenile, elusive lover, embezzled funds) $5.99
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley The Gypsy Game (young reader; when Toby declares he's a Gypsy & then disappear, April & Melanie reconsider their game) $4.99
Taylor, Kathleen Mourning Shift (SD diner waitress Tory Bauer 4, finds herself in midst of murder when rumored husband of diner's owner is found dead in the diner's restroom; PBO) $5.99
Taylor,GeorgeJr/Linedecker,Clifford Club Fed (non_fiction; expose of gov't's Witness Protection Program, includes celebrity criminals given support & protection; PBO) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Bad Medicine (ex_FBI/Navajo reservation investigator Ella Clah 3, accused with tribe's medical examiner of evidence tampering as vaccination deaths mount & riots break out) $6.99
Westbrook, Robert Ghost Dancer (a Lakota grad student & blind ex_cop join forces as PI's hired by ex_Senator who's murdered before he can tell them what case is about; PBO) $5.99
Wilson, Barbara Jaye Death Flips Its Lid (Greenwich Village milliner Brenda Midnight 3, copes with appearance of 1st ex_husband in addition to the dead body he finds in her garage; PBO) $5.99
Zimmerman, RD Hostage (gay Mpls TV journalist Todd Mills' exclusive interview with right_ wing congressman is interrupted when AIDS protestors kidnap the congressman) $10.95


Amberg, Jay Blackbird Singing (when basketball player & anchorwoman's daughter's kidnaped, media circus ensues as investigator Tom Hopkins tracks vengeful, megalomaniac hacker) $23.95
Atkins, Ace Crossroad Blues (New Orleans blues historian Nick Travers tracks professor gone missing in pursuit of rumors of newfound recordings by murdered legend Robert Johnson) $21.95
Axler, James Deathlands 43: Dark Emblem (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Barrett, Margaret/Dennis, Charles Given the Crime (NY ADA/single mom Susan Givens finds her headline_making case competing for attention with Mob hits, jealous colleague, ex_husband;"wickedly suspenseful") $6.50
Barrett, Margaret/Dennis, Charles Given the Evidence (NY ADA/single mom Susan Givens 2, takes much_needed vacation, only to witness murder & land at top of drug lord's hit list) $23.00
Bowen, Rhys Evan Help Us (Welsh constable Evan Evans 2, has all he can to to help village survive, between mediating local rivalries & solving 2 murders tied to development plan) $21.95
Bunker, Edward Little Boy Blue (reprint; story of young hood's coming_of_age; "direct & transparent prose captures the 'primacy of violence' that defines life in the slammer") $12.95
Chapman, Sally Hardwired (computer security investigator Julie Blake/Vic Paoli track hacker sabotaging NASA's shuttle missions,leading to astronaut death) $4.99
Cosin, Elizabeth Zen & the Art of Murder (female LA PI Zen Moses was having a hard day__make that a hard life__when she trips over long_lost, murdered cousin at local bar; "witty, tough...profound") $22.95
Cussler, Clive Flood Tide (Dirk Pitt takes on madman intent on generating mass destruction with tidal wave) $7.99
Davis, Lindsey The Course of Honor (the story of Vespasian's rise to emperor of peace & hope in Rome torn by corruption, intrigue, murder brings despair to his love, the slave Caenis) $22.00
Dietrich, William Ice Reich (1938 US pilot Owen Hart joins Antarctic expedition with German scientists & military realizes they're after biological weapon & stopping them is up to him) $25.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson_ed Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (anthology featuring pets detecting includes Braun, Block, Cannell, Crider, Friesner, Grape, Gorman, Hager, Jance, Kelner, Paul, Perry, Pickard,Scarborough) $23.95
Edghill, Rosemary Bell, Book, & Murder (omnibus edition of 3 mysteries featuring modern witch Bast: Speak Daggers to Her, Book of Moons, The Bowl of Night ) $17.95
Eickhoff, Randy Lee/Lewis, Leonard Bowie (Western crossover; the novelized life of Jim Bowie, in the voices of those who knew him) $23.95
Estleman, Loren D Jitterbug (in WWII Detroit Lt Zagreb tracks mad killer who threatens to ignite the powder keg of rationing, racial tension, blackmarket, Mafia, jazz, war production) $22.95
Fawcett, Quinn Embassy Row (Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes/secretary Guthrie must complete naval negotiations with Japan & probe diplomat's murder designed to sabotage negotiations) $24.95
Flora, Kate Death in Paradise (Thea Kozak hoped for downtime at Hawaii seminar, but conference chair's murder lands her with chaotic conference, hostile cops, suspicious husband & killer) $23.95
Grant, Charles The Millennium Quartet 3: Chariot (as Plague sweeps already famine_ridden world, the Horseman searches for Travis & his unusual abilities, but others are searching, too) $24.95
Hackworth, Col David/Sherman, Julie Brave Men (military non_fiction/condensed version of About Face ; US's most decorated soldier tells his experiences from Korea to Vietnam) $6.99
Harris, Jana The Pearl of Ruby City (1890s Washington mining camp laundress/nurse Pearl Ryan realizes mayor's death was poison, must find murderer before own secrets come to light) $23.95
Harris, Thomas The Silence of the Lambs (reprint of serial killer classic) $13.95
Hart, Roy Robbed Blind (Insp Roper 6, investigates murder that looks accidental, especially when investigation was bungled & compromised from the start) $4.99
Hautman, Pete Ring Game (ex_cop Joe Crow introduces Axel Speeter's almost_daughter to reformed coke dealer & Axel insists Joe verify he's really reformed; Mpls_set comic thriller) $6.50
Heiferman, Marvin/Kismaric, Carole Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys (reference; a look at the series' appeal for youngsters throughout 7 decades, their roles in teen culture, values) $21.00
Jennings, Maureen Under the Dragon's Tale (1895 Toronto Det William Murdoch 2, investigates murder tied to long_ago birth, prominent judge, dance hall performer & complicated by social hierrchy) $21.95
Keating, HRF Soft Detective (DCI Phil Benholme's investigation of Nobel prize winner Prof Unwala's death leads to his own teenage son as prime suspect) $22.95
Kihn, Greg Big Rock Beat (B_movie director Landis Woodley gets sweet 1967 deal on new movie featuring James Dean's death car, but then murders start) $23.95
Kohout, Pavel The Widow Killer (rookie Czech detective & turncoat Gestapo agent track sadistic murderer in post WWII Prague (transl by Neil Bermel)) $24.95
Kress, Nancy Stinger (FBI Agent Robert Cavanaugh views new posting a step down, until deaths tied to sickle_cell anemia indicate bioengineered race_war conspiracy) $24.95
McAlary, Mike Sore Loser (NYPD Insp Mickey Donovan/tennis star Ginny Glade take on serial killer of professional umpires) $24.00
McGuire, Christine Until the Bough Breaks (ADA Kathryn Mackay/Insp David Granz 4, pursue wealthy man's killer in "spiral of rage, recrimination & explosive violence"; PBO) $6.50
McInerny, Ralph Lack of the Irish (Notre Dame Prof Roger & PI Philip Knight 2, investigate murder that rocks the U on eve of big game & theological conference; "effortlessly light touch") $21.95
Morton, CW/Mobley, Dr Jack Rage Sleep (new anesthetic seems just the thing for military, political patients, but when one begins escalating international tensions, Dr Thorne gets suspicious) $22.95
Mosley, Walter Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned (cable movie tie_in; ex_con Socrates Fortlow searches for truth & redemption in South Central LA, but may have to focus on simple survival) $14.00
Pears, Iain Death & Restoration (Jonathan Argyll/art investigator Flavia di Stefano 6, search for thieves who apparently stole the wrong painting from Roman monastery_or the right one) $22.00
Pendleton, Don Executioner 238: Crimson Tide (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 62: Renegade Force (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Rankin, Ian The Hanging Garden (Edinburgh Det Insp Rebus 7, juggles investigation of suspected Nazi criminal with gang rivalry, but puts everything on line when daughter's life's threatened) $24.95
Rovin, Jeff Vespers (scientist Nancy Joyce & detective Robert Gentry team up to investi- gate bat attacks swarming NY, but uncover nightmarish secrets) $23.95
Sacks, Jen Nice (nice girl Grace decides that murder is easier way to break up than hurting boyfriend's feelings, meets & falls in love with man who feels the same way) $21.95
Sanders, Lawrence Guilty Pleasures (thriller) $7.50
Schechter, Harold Bestial (non_fiction; story of Earle Leonard Nelson, who started 16_mo spree of rape, murder & defilement in winter 1926; PBO) $6.50
Schechter, Harold Depraved; Deranged; Deviant (non_fiction reprints; stories of HH Holmes, Albert Fish & Ed Gein) $14.00 each
Simon, Howard, MD Forbidden Research (3 surgeons working to perfect revolutionary technique at Manhattan's University Hospital Center are targeted for murder & terrorism; PBO) $6.50
Singh, Simon Fermat's Enigma (non_fiction; subtitled "The epic quest to solve the world's greatest mathematical problem") $12.00
Sipherd, Ray Dance of the Scarecrows (ornithologist/bird artist Jonathan Wilder finds costumed body of murdered politician in cornfield, only to learn he's been framed as murderer) $4.99
Smith, Taylor Random Acts (FBI profiler Laurel Madden pursues child predator in S CA while reporter investigates her dark side & suspicions of murder; PBO) $5.99
Stark, Richard(aka Donald Westlake) Backflash (master thief Parker engineers gambling heist from floating Hudson River casino, but someone is onto his scheme & the lies & bullets fly) $20.00
Taylor, Andrew The Judgement of Strangers (prequel to The Four Last Things ; explores the childhood that turned Angel, kidnapper of the Appleyards' daughter, into a serial killer) $22.95
Taylor, Julie Spy Girls 1: License to Thrill (young adult/"retro_spy" series; prep schoolers Theresa, Caylin & Josefina are recruited to find disk with armament locations in London embassy; PBO) $4.50
Trevanian Incident at Twenty Mile (Western crossover; mysterious stranger's arrival at faded town in middle of nowhere sets events in motion leading to showdown) $24.95
Web, Don The Double (SF crossover; John Reynman awakens to find corpse__his double__on living room floor; a "fast & baffling, funny & disturbing" debut) $21.95
Wozencraft, Kim The Catch (couple's on verge of ending marijuana_smuggling operations, but when Kurt's busted & goes on run, DEA Agent Kessler decides to use Annie to get to him) $23.95
Wright, Nancy Means Harvest of Bones (in rural VT, new b&b owner & rural neophyte Fay Hubbard/neighbor & rural veteran Ruth Willmark investigate murder from past discovered on Ruth's land) $22.95


Brother Cadfael IV (final set of 3 videos, The Pilgrim of Hate, The Potter's Field, The Holy Thief , won't be shown on PBS until early 1999) $59.85
Adams, Harold No Gun, No Badge (Depression_era odd_jobber Carl Wilcox returns to help Bjorn Bjornson look into niece's rape/murder in SD church basement) $21.95
Adams, Harold The Man Who Was Taller Than God; The Ditched Blonde (Carl Wilcox investigates murder of womanizer; then the murder of pregnant teen in Depression_era South Dakota) $7.95 each
Alexander, Bruce Jack, Knave & Fool (18c blind London magistrate Sir John Fielding/assistant Jeremy Proctor 5, investigate lord's death at concert & head washed up from Thames) $22.95
Baer, Will Christopher Kiss Me, Judas (ex_cop Phineas Poe meets woman after psych hospital release, but she steals one of his kidneys & he sets out after her;"hypnotic tale of paranoia, betrayal") $21.95
Benjamin, Carol Lea A Hell of a Dog (PI Rachel Alexander 3, agrees to organize dog_training symposium as cover to keep eye on trainers' bitterness, rivalry, but wasn't expecting murder) $22.95
Blankenship, William Time of the Wolf (antiques dealer Kay Williams 2, sets off for Texas to procure Jim Bowie's knife, runs into other bidders & realizes someone's killing off the competition) $22.95
Bledsoe, Jerry Death Sentence (non_fiction; story of 1978 murder case against Velma Barfield that raises questions about the death penalty) $23.95
Bowen, Gail Verdict in Blood (Joanne Kilbourn 6, helps friend sort out conflicting wills & motives in Regina judge's murder while coping with conflicting personal relationships) $20.95
Clark, Mary Higgins All Through the Night (Alvirah & Willy from The Lottery Winner in two Christmas suspense stories) $17.00
Connor, Beverly Dressed to Die (Univ of GA archaeologist Lindsay Chamberlain 3, discovers literal skeleton, artifacts in grandad's shed while helping find murdered faculty member's grave) $20.95
Fallis, Greg The Howdunit Series: Just the Facts, Ma'am (writing reference; guide to investigators & investigation techniques) $16.99
Follain, John Jackal (non_fiction; biography of legendary terrorist tracing from Venezuelan childhood to notorious killings worldwide) $25.95
Francis, Dick Field of Thirteen (short story collection, most new & never before published; audio tape avail $17.95) $24.95
Freedman, JF The Disappearance (ex_prosecuting attorney returns to field to defend TV newscaster accused of killing 14_year_old girl) $23.95
Hunt, David Trick of Light (color_blind photographer Kay Farrow 2, investigates when her mentor's killed & photo clues lead to darkest neighborhood & exclusive preserve) $24.95
Knight, Michael Divining Rod (when benevolent teacher kills neighbor, flashbacks tell the tale that brought murder about) $23.95
Marks, John The Wall (US spy's defection just before fall of Berlin Wall jeopardizes his brother during Berlin visit, journalist covering horrifying story) $24.95
Mortimer, John Felix in the Underworld (former bestselling novelist is hit with paternity suit, then threat at book signing, then murder with himself as chief suspect & must escape to underground) $12.95
Mosley, Walter Blue Light (half_black, half_white, lost soul Chance's view of "blues", instantly_ evolved people exposed to DNA_changing light in 60s, their conflicts &purpose) $23
Parker, Robert B Trouble in Paradise (Police Chief Jesse Stone 2, is juggling jailed ex_wife & new girlfriend when developer & ex_con crew attack island & it's bridge to Jesse's town) $22.95
Rawle, Graham Diary of an Amateur Photographer (when Michael Whittingham finds bizarre photo from '59 he pursues it into murder investigation, world of 50s pinups, & his own childhood) $19.95
Sanderson, Jim El Camino del Rio (Border Patrol Officer Dolph Martinez discovers corpse possibly tied to Sister Quinn's sanctuary efforts or her curanderismo practice or smuggling or all) $21.95
Stabenow, Dana Fire & Ice (new series; AK State Trooper Liam Campbell's life has bottomed out & he's posted to small town, only to face dead body, office in chaos, lost love) $23.95
Stevenson, Robert Louis III Bright Star (ex_SEAL Philip Drake 2, must recover crashed space shuttle carrying secret Defense Dept satellite before the covert arms market gets hold of it) $22.95
Wilson, Barbara The Death of a Much_Travelled Woman (collection of short mysteries featuring lesbian translator/sleuth Cassandra Reilly solving thefts, murders & other crimes; "goodhearted, witty";PBO) $12.95


Albert, Susan Wittig Chile Death (small_town Texas herbalist China Bayles 7, copes with chili cookoff, womanizing judge & personal crises) $21.95
Albert, Susan Wittig Love Lies Bleeding (herbalist China Bayles 6, weighs relationship mysteries when overheard phonecall rouses suspicions while investigating ex_TX Ranger shot with wife's gun) $5.99
Apostolou, Anna (aka PC Doherty) A Murder in Macedon (in 336 BCE, young Alexander must investigate murder of his father, Philip of Macedon, while fighting for his rights & to hold together father's realm) $5.99
Berenson, Laurien Hair of the Dog (Melanie Travis 4, attends aunt's barbecue with Connecticut's elite kennel club members, but when star poodle handler's killed, Melanie digs for clues) $5.99
Berenson, Laurien Watch Dog (Melanie Travis 5, reluctantly looks into brother's moneymaking scheme that leads to backer's murder, investigates through the victim's dog show ties) $20.00
Boyer, Rick The Man Who Whispered (oral surgeon Doc Adams 8, returns for more sleuthing; PBO) $5.99
Burleigh, Nina A Very Private Woman (biography; exploration of life & unsolved murder of Mary Meyer, wife of CIA agent & JFK's lover) $23.95
Clancy, Tom/Greenberg, Martin_cr Tom Clancy's Power Plays 2: (US businessman's refusal to sell encryption program puts company, life on line vs terrorists, spies who want to hack military,communications nets;PBO) $7.99
Clark, Katharine Steal Away (when couple's child is snatched in broad daylight, their already_ troubled marriage crumbles as they devote every attention to desperate search) $24
Cullen, Robert Heirs of the Fire (reporter's story exposing presidential lie about missile sales to Saudis ignites betrayal, revolution, conspiracy & murder) $6.99
Dawson, Janet Where the Bodies are Buried (San Francisco PI Jeri Howard 8, goes undercover at food_processing firm to get answers when whistle_blowing client falls to his death) $23.50
DeLoach, Nora Mama Stalks the Past (black social services case manager Grace "Mama" Covington inherits land from poisoned elderly woman, must track down decades_old secrets to clear her name) $5.99
Farris, John Soon She Will be Gone (Dane blackmails woman into being bait to find truth of disappearances of sister & 5 other women tied to rich architect, but they're caught in web, too) $6.99
Faust, Ron Lord of the Dark Lake (wealthy Alexander Krisnos throws much_envied annual party on private Greek island, but hadn't prepared for murder as part of festivities) $6.99
Fields, Bertram Royal Blood:King Richard III & the Mystery of the Princes (non_fiction/history; top litigator uses modern courtroom techniques to investigate murders; "shatters myths of both tho revisionist & traditionalist..viewpoint") $25
Friedman, Hal Over the Edge (the new teacher in small NJ town gets curious about her predecessor's death, joins forces with maverick detective, but may not survive the answers) $24.00
George, Elizabeth Deception on His Mind (Sgt Barbara Havers' holiday on Essex shore is interrupted by murder when local immigrant's found dead & village erupts) $7.50
Glatt, John For I Have Sinned (non_fiction; collection of true cases of clergy who killed; PBO) $6.50
Goldberg, Leonard Deadly Harvest (forensic pathologist Joanna Blalock 4, needs to find liver for sister, but search company's sinister methods lead to deadly decision) $6.99
Graysmith, Robert Unabomber: A Desire to Kill (non_fiction; updated exploration of Theodore Kaczynski's 18_year reign of terror,FBI's manhunt,events surrounding arrest) $6.99
Greenberg,MH/Lellenberg,JL/Waugh,CL Holmes for the Holidays (anthology of Holmes stories with holiday setting, incl Perry, Estleman, Douglas, Hill, Paul, Linscott, Breen, DeAndrea, Crider, Wheat, Hoch, more) $13.00
Gribble, Lt Col Joe L Silent Lightning (when Syrian forces with new laser_guided missile system mass on Israel's border, US operatives are sent in with secret aircraft for pre_emptive strike; PBO) $6.99
Grimes, Martha The Case Has Altered (Det Richard Jury 13, investigates murders of women connected to owner of Lincolnshire fens estate, but Jury has personal relationship with prime suspect) $6.99
Guiver, Patricia Delilah Doolittle & the Careless Coyote (pet detective Delilah Doolittle 3, searches for connection between vanished cat & neighbor's murder; PBO) $5.99
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Champion (Shakespeare, AR, cleaning woman/bodybuilder Lily Bard 2, suspects death of gym member after workout is part of pattern creeping through town) $5.99
Heald, Tim_ed A Classic Christmas Crime (anthology of Christmas_set mysteries includes James, Brett, Moody, Aird, Barnard, Cody, Heald, Keating, Lovesey, Seabrook, Williams, Yorke, Swengley) $21.00
Heck, Peter J The Prince & the Prosecutor (Mark Twain/assistant Wentworth Cabot 3, enjoy Kipling's company on cruise to Europe, but when wealthy man vanishes, attention turns to murder) $5.99
Heron, Echo Paradox (medical thriller/Nurse Adele Monsarrat 3; PBO) $5.99
Hess, Joan A Holly, Jolly Murder (bookseller Claire Malloy 13, seeks diversion from humdrum Christmas in Druid solstice gathering, but when leader's killed things really get interesting; PBO) $5.99
Higgins, Jack East of Desolation (reprint; when charter pilot Joe Martin's plane goes down in Greenland's arctic desert, he finds himself in deadly danger) $6.99
Hightower, Lynn S No Good Deed (Cincinnati Det Sonora Blair 3?, searches for disturbed criminal when girl disappears from riding stable; "powerful...crisply paced") $6.50
Ignatius, David A Firing Offense (when journalist investigating overseas power networks develops CIA ties, he learns of international trade war & rumored spy at own paper) $6.99
Jackson, Steve Monster (non_fiction; story of ex_con Tom Luther & murders from Colorado to West Virginia; PBO) $5.99
Johansen, Iris The Face of Deception (forensic sculptor Eve Duncan reconstructs face from skull, but it turns out to belong to man supposedly alive & trail may reach height of government) $23.95
Johnstone, William W Death in the Ashes (reprint; post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Kellogg, Marne Davis Tramp (Wyoming Marshal Lilly Bennett investigates murder of wealthy theater patron; "designer detective & wise_cracking Wyoming WASP") $5.99
Kelly, Lelia Presumption of Guilt (Atlanta lawyer Laura Chastain must defend unscrupulous white cop accused of killing black suspect in custody, but who may've been framed) $5.99
Kennedy, William P Siren's Lullaby (after her husband's yacht explodes during high_seas race, Cheryl Cramm receives hints that he may still be alive) $5.99
Kennett, Shirley Chameleon (psychologist/forensic computer expert PJ Gray/Det Leo Schultz 3, discover pattern in murder series that points to 12_year_old friend of PJ's son) $22
Koch, Edward I/Staub, Wendy Corsi Murder on 34th Street (department store general manager turns to the Mayor when rival's scare tactics escalate to murder at height of Christmas season) $5.99
Kopp, Nancy With Intent to Kill (WI county DA's investigation of 4_year_old boy's murder involves prominent family, unlikely suspects, stubborn detective & town secrets; PBO) $6.99
Lavergne, Gary M A Sniper in the Tower: The Charles Whitman Murders (non_fiction; story of 1966 massacre at University of Texas includes photos, material from Whitman's letters, journal) $6.50
Listfield, Emily The Last Good Night (TV star Laura Barrett has a perfect life, but when she encounters a stranger who knows her old name, she realizes her secrets are about to be exposed) $5.99
Marks, Jeffrey_ed Canine Crimes (anthology of 15 mysteries w/dogs by DAdams, Berenson, Cleary, Cross, JJacobs, DJames, McCafferty, Perry, LRoberts, Rozan, Whitney, Wolzien, Womack;PBO) $5.99
Meyers, Annette The Groaning Board (headhunters Zenia Smith & Leslie Wetzon search for poisoner whose murders are sabotaging celebrated catering shop) $5.99
Nance, John J The Last Hostage (rookie FBI agent Kat Bronsky attempts to talk down fugitive pilot holding 737 hostage over Rockies, but begins to wonder if he's really the villain) $6.99
O'Brian, Patrick The Hundred Days (historical naval adventure; when Napoleon escapes from Elba, Maturin must discover his ties to Islamic powers, which Aubrey must destroy; audio tape $18.00) $24.00
Parker, Robert B Night Passage (ex_LAPD Det Jesse Stone becomes police chief of small Massachusetts town, finds it far less idyllic than expected) $6.99
Pears, Iain The Raphael Affair (English art scholar Jonathan Argyll trails havoc wrought by reappearance of long_lost painting, but may be jeopardizing his own life) $5.99
Podrug, Junius Presumed Guilty (prosecutor Lara Patrick follows anonymous photo back to Moscow where American mother was killed years ago, but becomes murder suspect herself) $6.99
Pomidor, Bill Mind Over Murder (Drs Plato & Cal Marley 5, re_open 3_yr_old murder case against convicted mental patient who escapes,threatens Cal;PBO) $5.99
Robb, Candace The Riddle of St Leonard's (medieval spy Owen Archer 5, must investigate 3 seemingly separate deaths at hospital during 1369 epidemic & only clue is riddle) $5.99
Rogers, Chris Bitch Factor (Bounty hunter Dixie Flannigan tracks accused child_killer from Texas to N Dakota; "taut & twisty") $5.99
Shobin, David Terminal Condition (medical thriller about hospital keeping patients in perpetual terminal condition while performing experiments) $6.99
Steinberg, Janice Death in the City of Mystics (public radio reporter Margo Simon 5, heads home to help mother after fall, but learns it was result of poisoned tea; PBO) $5.99
Stewart, Mary Rose Cottage (secrets, suspense & romance in English village) $5.99
Walker, Robert W Double Edge (Houston Officer Lucas Stonecoat/police psychiatrist Meredyth Sanger track predator nicknamed The Snatcher; PBO) $6.99
Wishnia, kja 23 Shades of Black (NYPD cop Filomena Buscarsela recognizes toxic leak victim & looks deeper, from Bronx flat, East Side clubs, subway tunnels to corporate execs & profits; Best 1st Novel Nominee) $6.99
Wolzien, Valerie Deck the Halls with Murder (contractor Josie Pigeon 3, finds herself a target for murder during Christmas season; PBO) $5.99


Ayres, EC Lair of the Lizard (at daughter's request, PI Tony Lowell 4, pursues daughter's vanished friend to New Mexico, but local issues drive him to ask [Walter Satterthwait's] PI Joshua Croft for help) $22.95
Block, Lawrence Everybody Dies (PI Matthew Scudder stabilizes life, but agreeing to help best friend,"Hell's Kitchen hoodlum" Mick Ballou,lands him in war zone) $25
Brandon, Jay Angel of Death (San Antonio DA Chris Sinclair pursues death row conviction of black community leader, who turns the tables on him from Death Row) $24.95
Buckley, Fiona The Doublet Affair (Lady Ursula Blanchard 2, asked by Elizabeth I to infiltrate estate, find out if owners are plotting against realm, but finds Queen's life is at stake) $21.00
Buckley, Fiona To Shield the Queen (Lady_in_Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I, Ursula Blanchard finds herself in middle of plot to disgrace & threaten Her Majesty) $6.50
Burley, WJ Wycliffe & the Redhead (Cornwall CS Wycliffe 21, investigates death of daughter of man who killed himself after manslaughter arrest 6 years ago) $20.95
Cannell, Stephen J Riding the Snake (playboy Wheeler Cassidy/LA Det Tanisha Williams investigate his powerful lawyer_brother's murder, find Chinese criminal conspiracy reaches top of US government) $25.00
Churchill, Jill Fear of Frying (suburban sleuth Jane Jeffry 9, & friend check out rustic WI resort's suitability for youth camp, but murder at cookout wasn't what they had in mind) $5.99
Churchill, Jill The Merchant of Menace (suburban sleuth Jane Jeffry 10, has Christmas preparations overthrown by murder when muck_raking TV reporter plays Santa at neighbor's & winds up dead) $21.00
Clark, Mary Jane Do You Want to Know a Secret? (TV newswoman Eliza Blake gets her big break when senior anchorman drops dead, but begins to suspect more extensive ramifications & even conspiracy) $23.95
Cormier, Robert Tenderness (young adult; 18_year_old murderer & sexual predator meets 15_year_old runaway)) $5.50
Curzon, Clare Close Quarters (Thames Valley Det Mike Yeadings & team stir up village frenzy leading to more crimes as they investigate murders of strange woman & village doctor) $4.99
Cussler, Clive/Dirgo, Craig Clive Cussler & Dirk Pitt Revealed (reference; encyclopedia of characters, cars, ships, aircraft, weapons, locations covering entire Dirk Pitt series, with photos & interview with Cussler; PBO) $7.99
Dereske, Jo Final Notice (librarian Helma Zukas 6; visit from Aunt Em that leads to chaos & murder that may indicate deadly family baggage; PBO) $5.99
Dixon, Franklin W Frank & Joe Hardy: The Clues Brothers 9 (young reader) $3.99
Dunbar, Tony The Crime Czar (lawyer Tubby Dubonnet 5, teams w/young prostitute who's after boyfriend's murderer in effort to bring down boss of New Orleans' organized crime; PBO) $5.99
Dymmoch, Michael Allen Incendiary Designs (Chicago Det John Thinnes/gay psychologist? Dr Jack Caleb 3, team up to find person who's setting cops on fire in their squad cars) $22.95
Elton, Ben Popcorn (Hollywood director's toast of town for his movies of killers, but then real killers hijack his life;"brilliantly sustained & focused [piece] of satire"; Gold Dagger Winner '96) $13.95
Frisbie, Thomas/Garrett, Randy Victims of Justice (non_fiction; 1983 murder of Jeanine Nicario sparked savage war between prosecutors & attorney over Election Year conviction of innocent men; PBO) $6.99
Hall, Matthew The Art of Breaking Glass (when suicidal man is sent to Bellevue, he convinces psychically vulnerable nurse to help him blow up New York) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Christmas (AR cleaning woman Lily Bard 3, goes home for sister's Christmas wedding, but finds new brother_in_law tied to unsolved kidnaping; "cozy_but_noirish") $20.95
Heneghan, James Wish Me Luck (young reader; young Jamie longs for excitement, drama of WWII, but when the ship he's taking to Canada winds up on front lines, he must become a hero) $4.50
Hensley, Joe L/Townsend, Guy Loose Coins (coin shop clerk/ex_lawyer/PI/divorced/recovering alcoholic Al Sears realizes someone's trying to kill him, but the enemies he's made are legion) $20.95
Ing, Dean Skins of Dead Men (counterintelligence operative sets out to take revenge & reclaim humanity when skin grafts from terrorists after fiery confrontation bring him visions) $24.95
Kaiser, RJ Payback (when husband, sister & best friend are murdered for her fortune, Stephanie Reymond goes on the run from murderers & FBI, finds help from ex_con; PBO) $5.99
Kaye, Marilyn Replica 1: Amy, Number Seven (young adult; young Amy starts to realize her abilities are anything but normal & the people around her behaving strangely__who is she, really?; PBO) $0.99
Kaye, Marilyn Replica 2: Pursuing Amy (young adult; after encounters with mom's boyfriend & Dr Jaelski, Amy decides she must find the others like her before it's too late; PBO) $3.99
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks 27 (young reader) $3.99
Laurie, Hugh The Gun Seller (when Thomas Lang's offered money to assassinate industrialist but warns him instead, he becomes target of rogue CIA agents, terrorists & arms dealers) $14.00
Law, Janice Cross_Check (PI Anna Peters 9, investigates pro hockey player's murder despite teammate's & family's obstruction) $4.99
Lawrence, Margaret The Burning Bride (1780s Maine midwife Hannah Trevor 3, thought preparing for marriage & new child challenging, but then fiance is accused of murder) $23.00
Leonard, Elmore Elmore Leonard's Western Roundup 1 (associational/reprint; omnibus edition of 3 early Westerns: Bounty Hunters, Forty Lashes Less One, Gunsights ) $12.95
Mayor, Archer The Disposable Man (VT police det Joe Gunther 9, finds unidentifiable corpse with Cyrillic tatoos brings CIA & Russian mafia down on him with frame sending him on the run) $22.00
Mercer, Judy Double Take (still struggling with her memory, TV producer Ariel Gold visits grandfather on SC island, but encounter with past pulls her into vortex of family scandal) $6.99
Mercer, Judy Split Image (TV producer Ariel Gold 3, meets & begins to fall for Jack Spurling, but her amnesia's clouding her previous knowledge of him as suspected wife_killer) $23.00
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 113: The Empire Dreams (paramilitary adventure; The Fatherland Files 2) $5.99
Nolan, William F Sharks Never Sleep (the Black Mask Boys__Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler & Erle Stanley Gardner (3) swing into action when Gardner's charged with murder in Hollywood) $22.95
Oliver, Steve Moody Forever (Spokane cabbie/VN vet Scott Moody's starting to put life back together, but sees girlfriend's dad's murder, must find culprit before it's blamed on hm) $22.95
Page, Katherine Hall Christie & Company 3: In the Year of the Dragon (young reader; boarding school teens Christie, Maggie & Vicky investigate when their mysterious new friend disappears into Boston's Chinatown) $3.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Fjord (caterer Faith Fairchild's friend Pix Miller heads for Norway to uncover truth of family friend's disappearance, but finds secrets that lead to murder) $5.99
Parry, Richard The Wolf's Pack (as gold turns Fairbanks into boomtown, Wyatt Earp's illegitimate son Nathan Blaylock/gunslinger Jim Riley 3, take on venal banker but need Earp's help) $24.95
Patterson, James Cat & Mouse (DC Det Alex Cross is tracked by vengeful prison escapee while fellow detective tracks serial killer as the game turns to a trap) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 239 (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 37: Triple Strike (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Podrug, Junius Frost of Heaven (reporter Peter MacKinzie's search for father downed in Himalayas on secret mission turns into puzzle of kidnap, murder, secretive woman, ancient tomb) $23.95
Ponti, James The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 9:History Mystery (TV tie_in/young adult; no sooner does Shelby move to Boston than she must track down a priceless magnifying glass & the person who stole it; PBO) $3.99
Revell, Oliver/Williams, Dwight A G_Man's Journal (biography/non_fiction; FBI's most highly_decorated investigator reviews career with nearly all major FBI investigations from JFK assassination to OK City) $23.00
Robb, Candace A Gift of Sanctuary (medieval spy Owen Archer 6, joined on pilgrimage by Geoffrey Chaucer as cover to inspect Welsh fortifications, but murders plague trip & rouse suspcns) $22.95
Robinson, Lynda S Drinker of Blood (Lord Meren 5, called in to investigate Pharaoh Tutankhamen's groom's murder, but court intrigue earns him death sentence as he fights t expose enemies) $22.00
Salinger, Steven D Behind the Fire (reappearance of Viet Nam POW/MIA Zach Johnson after 25 years draws attention of government, NY cop & adventurer, spiraling into pursuit, ambush & betrayal) $6.99
Shuman, Malcolm The Meriwether Murder (Baton Rouge archaeologist Alan Graham stumbles on what may be explorer Meriwether Lewis' tomb, but why would that find attract threats & murder?; PBO) $5.99
Smith, BB/Hunter, F/Satterthwait, W 'Tis the Season for Murder: Christmas Crimes (omnibus edition of 2 novels & a short story: "Mistletoe from Purple Sage", "Ransom for a Holiday" & "Beneath the Sighs") $6.99
Stacey, Susannah Hunter's Quarry (Supt Bone struggles to unravel deceptions, delusions & secrets with life of groom_to_be/rock star Ken Cryer on the line;PBO) $6.50
Stark, Richard (Donald Westlake) The Man With the Getaway Face (reprint; master thief Parker gets a new face to keep NY syndicate off his back, but immediately heads back to Jersey for armored car heist) $12.00
Temple, Lou Jane Bread on Arrival (Kansas City chef Heaven Lee 3?, must find a murderer as well as take over the breadbaking when associate turns up dead in the dough) $22.95
Walker, David J A Ticket to Die For (PI wife & lawyer husband team up to investigate mafia_connected murder of young woman) $22.95
Walsh, John/Lerman, Philip No Mercy (non_fiction; host of TV's "America's Most Wanted" details most astonishing manhunts,both catches & misses,of his career; PBO) $24
Weber, Janice Hot Ticket (violinist/agent Leslie Frost assigned dead co_agent's case leading to Cntrl American jungle, vanished ethnobotanist & US vice president with dengue fever) $24.00
Zimmerman, RD Outburst (gay Mpls TV reporter Todd Mills/Det Steve Rawlins 4, investigate when anonymous tip sends Todd to Stone Arch Bridge in time to witness gay cop's murder) $21.95


Ash, Timothy Garton The File (non_fiction; journalist returns in 1993 to newly free East Berlin to examine secret police's file on him from grad student stay in '78) $13.00
Ashley, Mike_ed Shakespearean Detectives (anthology of sleuthing by Shakespearean characters from Hoch, Baxter, Aquino, Baldry, Tremayne, Frazer) $10.95
Cooper, James Fenimore The Wing_and_Wing (historical naval adv; French privateer Yvard, US sailing master Bolt harass British fleet as Lord Nelson prepares to execute Adm Caraccioli in 1799;hc$30) $15.00
Cornwell, Patricia Ruth, A Portrait (biography; updates reissue of early Cornwall biography of Ruth Bell Graham, wife of Billy Graham) $10.95
Cornwell, Patricia Scarpetta's Winter Table (Virginia's Chief ME Kay Scarpetta, family & friends gather after Christmass over special meals; w/ingredients) $18.95
Dams, Jeanne M Malice in Miniature (Dorothy Martin 4, settles into peaceful life with constable husband, but friend's request to investigate son's theft charge turns deadly) $22.95
Dobson, Joanne The Northbury Papers (Prof Karen Pelletier 2, finds unknown child's photo while researching dead female novelist for bio, but the murders that ensue force her to dig deeper) $21.95
Esiason, Boomer/Cauffiel, Lowell Toss (rookie quarterback signs with pro team, meets the team "family" & copes with murder of ex_quarterback) $23.95
Forester, CS Lt Hornblower; Hornblower & the Hotspur (reprints/historical naval adventures) $13.00 each
Fraser, Antonia Quiet as a Nun; Oxford Blood (reprints; British TV reporter Jemima Shore takes on murder at convent; then among the wealthy undergrads) $10.00 each
Goldberg, Leonard S, MD Deadly Exposure (forensic pathologist Joanna Blalock investigates deadly bacteria on Navy ship off Alaska, but team member infections tell her there's killer behind it all) $22.95
Gorman, E/Greenberg, MH_eds Year's 25 Finest Crime & Mystery Stories, 7th Ann. (anthology of 1997 stories incl Oates, Block, Muller, Kaminsky, Brett, Harvey, Pronzini, Burke, more) $24.00
Gorman, E/Server, L/Greenberg,MH_ed Big Book of Noir (reference; articles & interviews about noir in all forms__movies, novels, TV & radio shows, comics__homage to directors & writers, with b&w illos) $19.95
Gough, Laurence Shutterbug (Vancouver Dets Jack Willows/Claire Parker 11, attempt to cope with domestic issues plus street war exploding from heroin epidemic) $20.95
Grand, David Louse (valet Herman Louse slowly realizes that carefully constructed world of his eccentric wealthy employer is poisoned by conspiracy to destroy it) $23.95
Grimes, Martha The Stargazey (intrigued by woman seen from bus, Det Richard Jury (15) follows her to palace gates, but murder there later & another at Plant's club seem connected) $25.00
Grossman, David The Zigzag Kid (son of world's greatest detective, Nonny Feuerberg trains to follow him, but gives into wild side, meets international outlaw on quest who knows mother's past) $13.00
Hardy, Phil_ed The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: The Gangster Film (media reference; chronological survey of films, statistics, credits, trivia of over 1500 gangster films throughout 20c) $65.00
Indiana, Gary Resentment (NY journalist navigates extremes of LA characters as he covers trial of adolescent brothers on trial for wealthy parents' murders) $12.95
Janes, J Robert Mannequin (Surete Det St_Cyr/Gestapo Officer Kohler 4, investigate bank robbery & disappearance of young girl that both seem tied to Goering's art auction, WWI vet) $22.00
Johnson, B Reece Woman Who Knew Too Much ('hit artist' Cordelia Morgan/writer Jet Butler 1, collide in New Mexico over murder involving development of synthetic testosterone drug; hc avail $23) $12.95
Karpin, Michael/Friedman, Ina Murder in the Name of God:The Plot to Kill Yitzak Rabin (non_fiction; investigation & recreation of events, treachery & betrayal that led to Israeli Prime Minister's assassination, includes interview with assassin) $24.95
Lehrer, Jim Purple Dots (when CIA_director nominee Bennett realizes confirmation's hostage to unknown agenda, calls in cadre of semi_retired agents in "wildly unorthodox..power struggle") $23.95
Lloyd, Christopher Lord Cochrane: Seaman, Radical, Liberator (historical naval adventure/biography; "the gripping life story of Nelson's most fearless & renowned frigate captain"; hc $25) $14.00
Marryat, Frederick Mr Midshipman Easy (historical naval adventure; based on the author's adventures in Nelson's navy; hc $30) $15.00
Matthiessen, Peter Lost Man's River (years after Everglades sugercane planter is gunned down by neighbors in 1910, his son tries to uncover truth & wrestles for future of land) $14.00
McGrath, Charles/NY Times Bk Rvw_ed New York Times Book Review: Books of the Century (reference; the 250 best reviews, interviews, essays published in the Book Review) $30.00
Millett, Larry Sherlock Holmes & the Ice Palace Murders (pastiche; Holmes returns to MN in 1896 in search for missing man leading through "dead tough" St Paul's Winter Carnival, to heights of power, corruption) $23.95
Modern Library The Raven & the Pit: Classics of Horror & Suspense (reprint; collection of scary poems & stories centered on Poe, plus Wharton, Dickens, Henry, Bierce, Jacobs) $12.00
Nova, Craig The Universal Donor (bitten herpetologist aims for emergency room & lover_doctor, but needs transfusion of rare blood type that only explosive criminal_at_large can supply) $13.00
Patterson, James When the Wind Blows (widowed vet Frannie O'Neill discovers amazing 11_yr_old boy in woods by animal hospital, is caught in mystery with unconventional FBI agent Kit Harrison) $25.00
Penman, Sharon Kay Cruel as the Grave (in 1193 England awash w/intrigue, Queen's Man Justin de Quincy (2) finds himself ensnared in murder of poor peddler's daughter) $22.00
Pressfield, Steven Gates of Fire (sole survivor of 480 BCE Battle of Thermopylae tells his story, culture, training of Spartans that enabled 300 to hold back 2 mil Persians for 6 days) $23.95
Sallis, James Bluebottle (New Orleans PI Lew Griffin 5, hit by sniper & wakes year later to find more missing than just time, as white supremacist movement rises in city) $22.95
Van de Wetering, Janwillem The Perfidious Parrot (Amsterdam cops Grijpstra & de Gier 14, are blackmailed into investigating supertanker oil cargo hijacking the takes them to Key West & Aruba) $12.00
Waterhouse, Jane Dead Letter (true_crime writer Garner Quinn's obsessed fan is scary enough to hire security firm, but when firm's founder is killed, she takes the offensive) $23.95
White, Randy Wayne The Mangrove Coast (marine biologist Doc Ford returns to help daughter of dead war buddy with big trouble, winds up on trail of evil man in Baja with 3rd man in deadly shadows) $22.95


Murder Most Merry (anthology of Christmas mysteries from GAllen, BBlock, Kelner, Lamb, McCahery, Trainor; PBO) $5.99
Murder Under the Tree (anthology of Christmas mysteries from Crowleigh, Feddersen, Hendricksen, Kelner, Lamb, Warren; PBO) $5.99
Baldacci, David The Simple Truth (murder convict Rufus Harms uncovers memories exonerating him of crime & files appeal, but real killers may get to him first) $25.00
Baldacci, David The Winner (10 years after woman's forced into lottery scam, she must escape FBI's attentions & man from past who wants her dead__if she doesn't get him first) $7.99
Barre, Richard Bearing Secrets (PI Wil Hardesty 2, faces secrets of past, more when discovery of 17_yr_old plane wreck & illicit cargo prompts '60s radical's supposed suicide) $5.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane & the Wandering Eye (Jane Austen 3, attends masquerade ball that could lead to the loss of her reputation or life; "mischievous sense of fun") $5.99
Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza (reprint; bookseller/burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr discovers his latest target has already been burgled, only to find the competition is murderer, as well) $6.99
Bolin, MC Enemy of the State (movie tie_in; when attorney Robert Dean's framed for murder, his only hope is mysterious underground info broker/ex_intelligence op Brill) $5.99
Bowen, Rhys Evans Above (Welsh Constable Evan Evans investigates series of murders that devastate village's calm,puts charming eccentric under suspicion) $5.99
Brooks, Patricia Falling From Grace (ex_cop/PI Molly Piper takes missing person case that quickly turns sinister with arson & murder; PBO) $5.99
Campbell, Bethany Hear No Evil (telephone psychic suspects her caller is behind terrorism plot; "seductive & suspenseful"; PBO) $5.99
Christie, Agatha The Harlequin Tea Set & Other Stories (collection of stories either out of print for years or never before in print) $5.99
Coburn, Laura A Missing Suspect (Homicide Div head Kate Harrod 4, investigates case of woman with powerful husband who came to station but left abruptly, then was found murdered; PBO) $6.99
Cook, Thomas H Instruments of Night ("emotionally powerful puzzler about a man who investigates a murder that parallels his own persoal tragedy") $23.95
Donaldson, DJ Sleeping With the Crawfish (New Orleans forensic pathologist Andy Broussard/psychologist Kit Franklyn puzzle over corpse with brain lesions & fingerprints of lifer still in jail) $5.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Golden Garland (sleuthing tomcat Midnight Louie/PR expert Temple Barr find NY Christmas full of mayhem with ad agency head's murder & romantic complications for both) $6.99
Dunbar, Tony Shelter From the Storm (Tubby Dubonnet 4, takes on bank robbers marooned by Mardi Gras floodwaters & murderously desperate to escape) $5.99
Earley, Pete Confessions of a Spy: The Real Story of Aldrich Ames (non_fiction; interviews with CIA agent who spied for KGB for years, plus info from KGB handlers & CIA team who finally caught him) $15.00
Eberhardt, Michael C Witness for the Defense (price of help with attorney's testimony_ coercion case is defending lawyer's father's handyman in no_win kidnapping case, but murder raises stakes;PBO) $6.99
Ellroy, James Hollywood Nocturnes (reprint collection of noir tales set in LA from 1947 to 1959) $12.95
Erdman, Paul The Set_Up (ex_Federal Reserve Chair Charles Black criss_crosses world in race to find truth behind frame for multi_million_dollar fraud before he'd caught) $6.99
Feaster, Sharon A The Cat Who... Companion (reference; comprehensive compendium to series, incl plot summaries, character lists, county map, terms & trivia, plus author interview, more) $13.00
Genberg, Ira Reckless Homicide (airline's attorney finds himself set up as conspiracy's patsy when drugged_up pilot_brother's plane crashes) $6.99
Goddard, Ken Double Blind (Fish & Wildlife Agent Henry Lightstone 5?, heads into Pacific NW for animal smuggling sting, but pols, industrialists, military, woodsmen may be deadly complications) $6.99
Gorman, Ed Daughter of Darkness (ex_cop/cab driver/horror writer is determined to prove troubled woman innocent of murder, but what he uncovers is horrifyingly impossible to prove;PBO) $6.99
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, MH_eds The Fatal Frontier (Western crossover anthology incl Leonard, Jakes, Muller, Garfield, Estleman, Randisi, more) $5.99
Griffin, WEB Badge of Honor: The Investigators (Special Ops Detective Matt Payne & team find themselves with jobs & lives on the line when find ties between brutal crime, urban terrorists, corruption) $7.50
Gunn, Elizabeth Triple Play (small_town MN police Det Jake Hines calls in help with murder series, gets FBI forensic specialist Trudy Hanson & coroner Adrian Pokornoskovic) $5.99
Hanson, Rick Extreme Odds (ex_cop/sculptor Adam McCleet 5, winds up in middle of bizarre multiple murder case on former reservation) $22.00
Hanson, Rick Splitting Heirs (ex_cop/sculptor Adam McCleet's hired by dead millionaire__find the killer among those who viewed videoed will & inherit share of fortune) $5.99
Hazelgrove, William Elliott Mica Highways (after job loss & estrangement from wife, Charlie Tidewater hopes to make sense of his life by exploring secrets of family's past, including mother's death) $22.95
Hecht, Daniel Skull Session (man with Tourette's need for job leads to renovation of eccentric aunt's mansion, but vicious vandalism & dead teens mean confronting family secrets) $6.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs Malory: And the Only Good Lawyer (village widow Mrs Malory 8, grows suspicious of success of late husband's incompetent lawyer_friend's practice, but find nothing what it seems; PBO) $5.99
Johnstone, William W Pride of the Mountain Man (Western crossover; Smoke Jensen's cattle drive into Dodge City sets up confrontation with outlaw/ex_Confederate guerrilla "Bloody Bill" Anderson; PBO) $4.99
Kaewert, Julie Unprintable (London publisher Alex Plumtree agrees to publish peer's controversial novel, but sabotage, attack, kidnapping raise the stakes of literary freedom;PBO) $5.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Survival of the Fittest (psychologist Alex Delaware joins forces w/Israeli Det Daniel Sharavi (from "Butcher's Theater") to stop killer who thinks he's advancing science) $7.50
Koster, Elaine/Pittman, Joseph_eds Crimes & Misdemeanors (anthology; "new & original stories of love & death" incl King, Oates, Rosenberg, McCrumb, Doctorow, Block, Fielding, Deaver,McBain,Jong,Frey,Hornsby,more) $6.99
Leonard, Elmore Elmore Leonard's Western Roundup 2 (associational; omnibus reprint of Westerns: Escape from 5 Shadows, Last Stand at Saber River, The Law at Randado ) $12.95
Leonard, Elmore Out of Sight (reprint/movie tie_in; escaped hitman & pal take on federal marshal Karen Sisco) $9.95
Logan, Chuck The Big Law (Phil Broker returns, investigates sister's death after journalist she told of cop_husband's mob connection stole mob cash & gets witness protection) $24.00
Lutz, John/August, David Final Seconds (ex_NYPD Bomb Squad expert Will Harper investigates explosion that killed technothriller author & Will's ex_partner & points to psychopathic terrorist) $5.99
Maloney, Mack Wingman 8: Skyfire (reprint; post_apocalyptic adventure) $4.99
Marsh, Ngaio Enter a Murderer (reprint; Insp Alleyn investigates when play's on_stage murder turns out to be real) $5.99
Mayor, Archer Bellows Falls (VT Det Joe Gunther 8, follows minor IA investigation to hard_luck town, but finds major rumors of corruption, drugs, abuse & murder, plus drug network) $6.50
McKevett, GA Cooked Goose (PI Savannah Reid 4, indulges passions for food & solving crime in exclusive California town) $20.00
Meier, Leslie Mistletoe Murder (reprint; suburban mom Lucy Stone 1 solves murder during holidays) $5.99
Nixon, Joan Lowery Murdered, My Sweet (young adult; Jenny & mystery_writer mom visit wealthy cousin, but when his son's murdered, Jenny's clueless mom insists on investigating, so it's up to Jenny) $4.50
Paige, Robin Death at Gallows Green (reprint; Sir Charles Sheridan & Kathryn Ardleigh 2, investigate constable's death & disappearance of child with help from Beatrix Potter; Victorian setting) $5.99
Poe, Rober t The Black Cat (journalist/Poe descendent John Poe turns to secret cache of papers to unravel eerie events paralleling ancestor's story) $6.99
Reynolds, Clay Players (wanna_be actress & mob's heavy hitter are thrown together in stew of killers, crooks, dealers) $5.99
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Door (suspense reprint) $5.99
Ripley, Ann Death of a Political Plant (horticulturist Louise Eldridge investigates when ex_flame, an investigative journalist, is found dead in neighbor's fish pond; includes gardening essays) $5.99
Roberts, Les The Cleveland Local (PI Milan Jacovich's hired to dig deeper into real estate attorney's Caribbean murder, but attacks & murder attempts indicate truth is closer to home) $5.99
Rosen, Fred Gang Mom (non_fiction; teen's execution_style murder turns out to've been ordered by neighborhood "surrogate mom" to troubled teens; PBO) $6.50
Rucka, Greg Smoker (bodyguard Atticus Kodiak 3, takes easy assignment babysitting pampered playboy at NY hotel, but hitman with submachine gun changes the game) $22.95
Skom, Edith The Charles Dickens Murders (Prof Beth Austin 3, finds her class on Dickens tying together hospital murder in NY & her mother's past involvement in Univ of Chicago love triangle) $21.95
Smith, Cynthia Royals & Rogues (Emma Rhodes 5, follows investment investigation to St Petersburg, Russia, but glitter of ballet can't obsure deadliness of Russian Mafia; PBO) $5.99
Spencer, Suzy Wasted (non_fiction; cocaine & love triangle of rich lesbian, beautiful girlfriend & her boyfriend turn deadly; PBO) $5.99
Thompson, Carlene Tonight You're Mine (15 years after couple's happiness was shattered & Paul killed, Nicole's new life is rocked by murders & belief Paul's stalking her; PBO) $5.99
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Midnight Clear (Atlanta PI Callahan Garrity 7, copes with Christmas, long_gone brother's return with kidnaped daughter & his wife's murder, with help of mom's cleaning crew) $23.00
Vaughan, Robert The Wild, Wild West 3: Night of the Assassin (TV tie_in; Jim & Artemis uncover plot to assassinate Pres Garfield by Texas secessionists; PBO) $5.99
Stark, Richard (Donald Westlake) The Outfit (reprint; master thief Parker declares war on the Outfit after they try to kill him) $12.00
White, Robin Siberian Light (geologist/Mayor Gregori Nowek investigates murder that leads to first Siberian tiger researcher, then US_financed oil venture & gov't corruption) $7.50
Winslow, Don While Drowning in the Desert (grad student/PI Neal Carey 5, assigned to take aging, recalcitrant comic home to Palm Springs, learns he's crime witness trailed by suits, cons, assassins) $5.99


Apostolou, Anna A Murder in Thebes (Alexander the Great's Israelite friends Miriam & Simeon Bartimaeus 2, probe spy's murder of Alexander's officers, which seems rooted in Oedipus legend) $21.95
Arnote, Ralph Fast Lane (ex_publisher Willy Hanson returns as "gentleman detective", but latest case of straying husband turns into sickening encounter with psychopath) $24.95
Axler, James Outlanders 7: Iceblood (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Beaufort, Simon Murder in the Holy City (knight of Crusades Sir Geoffrey de Mappestone investigates series of murders of knights & monks, discovers plot to take power in Jerusalem) $22.95
Becker, Will Link (paleoanthropologists looking for pieces of evolutionary puzzle, arms dealer, future_changing technology & covert CIA unit converge, with explosive result) $25.00
Bell, Malcolm (aka John Case) The Last Goodbye (ex_CIA agent Marcus Malone goes undercover to track man scarred by Nagasaki bomb who's bent on nuclear revenge, but woman who loves Malone follows him) $24.95
Bell, Nancy Biggie & the Fricasseed Fat Man (TX matron Biggie Weatherford/grandson JR 3, discover murder at new cafe opening, cope with flurry of holiday prep, murder investigation, 2nd murder) $20.95
Black, Veronica A Vow of Compassion (Sister Joan 10, must discover truth behind deaths & missing child at Cornwall hospital) $20.95
Cage, Elizabeth Spy Girls 2: Live & Let Spy (young adult/"retro_spy" novel; prep schoolers Caylin, Josefina & Theresa jet to Prague to investigate disappearance of teen prima ballerina; PBO) $4.50
Dalton, Margot Third Choice (Det Jackie Kaminsky investigates case of missing "perfect husband & father" that may be connected to hit_&_run death; PBO) $5.99
Dixon, Franklin W Hardy Boys 153 (young adult) $3.99
Douglas, John/Olshaker, Mark Obsession (non_fiction; subtitled "The FBI;s Legendary Profiler Probes the Psyches of Killers, Rapists, & Stalkers & Their Victims & Tells How to Fight Back") $6.99
Dunn, Carola Dead in the Water (Hon Daisy Dalrymple 6, finds 1923 intercollegiate rowing races in hot water when murder strikes cousin's team) $21.95
Fallon, Ann C Deadly Analysis (Irish solicitor James Fleming 6, investigates death of Dublin psychiatrist's horse, then that of the man himself; PBO) $6.50
Fraser, Anthea One is One and All Alone (DCI Webb/colleague Malcolm Bennett investigate raids on shops that lead to murders of 2 of Bennett's family members) $20.95
French, Linda Coffee to Die For (Seattle history prof Teodora Morelli 2, attends coffee_tasting highlighted by brother_in_law's murder, valuable plant's loss, accusation of sister;PBO) $5.99
Graham, Mark The Killing Breed (in post_Civil War Philadelphia, veteran/policeman Wilton McCleary investigates cases of ransomed dog & missing child; PBO) $5.99
Gregory, Susanna A Plague on Both Your Houses (medieval physician Matthew Bartholomew/Brother Michael #1, probe a bizarre death shrouded by lies & intrigue while the Black Death threatens the town) $23.95
Hager, Jean Sew Deadly (B&B owner Tess Darcy 5, digs up "startling secrets about some not_so_innocent ancients" when elderly tyrant drops dead at senior center; PBO) $5.99
Henrick, Richard Attack on the Queen (when historic summit between China & G-7 leaders on the QE2 is threatened by madman with nuclear sub, brother-operatives must stop Armageddon ) $6.99
Jordan, Jennifer Murder Under the Mistletoe (journalist/temp worker Dee & mystery_writer Barry Vaughan go on holiday getaway to English country inn, only to find murderer in their midst) $4.99
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew 146 (young adult) $3.99
Leonard, Elmore Stick; Cat Chaser (reprints; "") $9.95 each
Lynds, Gayle Mosaic (blind pianist Julia Austrian's sight returns during London performance, but seeing mother's murder blinds her again, despite the need to find killer) $24.00
MacLeod, Charlotte The Balloon Man (Sarah Kelling/Max Bittersohn throw wedding for nephew, but necklace & vintage Rolls theft attempts, balloon crash, death tax their investigative skill) $23.00
Macdonald, Marianne Ghost Walk (antiquarian bookseller Dido Hoare 2, finds "crazy" customer murdered, is drawn into his world of old hatreds, new treachery, memories of distant past) $20.95
Maron, Margaret Home Fires Burning (NC Judge Deborah Knott 6, teams w/ex_Black Panther Wallace Adderly to investigate church fires & murder while she campaigns for reelection) $22.00
Miller, John A Cutdown (Vietnam vet/lawyer Claude McCutcheon gets fake story about buying commercial property from lumber co rep, leading to deadly, decades_old conspiracy) $6.50
Moody, Skye Kathleen Blue Poppy (Fish & Wildlife Agent Venus Diamond 2, pieces together puzzle of butterfly collector's murder, blue poppies, near_extinct butterfly, industrial exploitation) $4.99
Moody, Skye Kathleen Wildcrafters (Fish & Wildlife Agent Venus Diamond 3, interrupts honeymoon to investigate vanished infant in tiny Washington community rife with rumors about local monster) $23.95
Nerad, Jack R Fatal Photographs (non_fiction; story of murder of LA Raiders cheerleader & aspiring model, Linda Sobek; PBO) $6.99
Newton, Michael Rope (non_fiction; the story of Harvey Glatman's 1958 murder series; PBO) $6.99
O'Callaghan, Maxine Down for the Count (PI Delilah West lets dead security guard take credit for stopping mall shooter, but silence strains relations until she's kidnapped with lover's daughter) $4.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Bookcase (caterer Faith Fairchild 9, falls victim to burglary spree & pursues stolen goods to midst of New England antiques biz while coping with finicky wedding client) $22.00
Patterson, James When the Wind Blows (audio tape) $24.98
Pendleton, Don Executioner 240 (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 63: Retribution (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Perkins, Robert Hoare & the Portsmouth Atrocity (18c British Naval officer Bartholomew Hoare disrupts attack on woman, only to find one dead, the other missing & boat ransacked next day) $20.95
Rawlinson, Peter The Caverel Claim (new American heir to wealthy English family's inheritance appears, igniting a fight_to_the_death court battle) $20.95
Robinson, Peter Blood at the Root (DCI Alan Banks's Chief ties his hands during murder investigation, threatening his control of disintegrating case, as his marriage crumbles) $5.99
Rowland, Laura Joh The Concubine's Tattoo (17c Japanese investigator Sano 4, must examine world of the shogun's women when his wedding's interrupted by murder of concubine with poisoned tattoo) $23.95
Whymant, Robert Stalin's Spy: Richard Sorge & the Tokyo Espionage Ring (non_fiction;history of man who spied for Soviets during '30s by penetrating German embassy in Tokyo as journalist, leading to German East Front defeat) $25.95


Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian (reprint; burglar/bookseller Bernie Rhodenbarr sorts out collector's library, friend's abducted cat, duplicate paintings, murder & more) $23.95
Carlon, Patricia Crime of Silence (when child's kidnaped, father blames family whose child was kidnapped previously & asks for help, but plan goes murderously wrong) $21.00
Carlon, Patricia The Running Woman (when a woman's seen running from bridge just before dead body's found, the Australian community's suspicions fall own isolated, widowed woman) $12.00
Castaneda, Jorge G Companero: The Life & Death of Che Guevara (non_fiction; biography traces famed revolutionary from middle_class Argentine childhood through medical career, to Cuban revolution & death in Bolivia) $16.00
Claus, Hugo Desire (when Jake & Michel tire of their Belgian village, they follow their desire for drink & cards to Las Vegas, where the 2 desires collide with menace) $12.95 Follett, Ken The Hammer of Eden (only young FBI agent Judy Maddox, maverick seismologist Michael Quercus believe when talk_show host declares terrorists' threat of CA earthquake) $25.95
Gunn, Elizabeth Par Four (Rutherford MN Chief of Det Jake Hines 2?, evades Critical Incident Debriefing by answering robbery call that leads to murder & back to the debriefing) $22.95
Haining, Peter_ed The Mammoth Book of Armchair Crimes, Detectives & Thrillers (anthology of classic crime stories that inspired equally classic films & TV shows, incl Gardner, Rendell, Fraser, Hunter, Francis, Simenon, Hitchcock) $10.95
Koontz, Dean Three Complete Novels (omnibus reprint of The Bad Place, Demon Seed, Eyes of Darkness ) $12.98
Lukacs, John The Hitler of History (non_fiction; assessment of Hitler studies, authors' biases, enduring enigmas of Hitler as statesman, strategist, motivations, more) $14.00
MacGregor, Roy Screech Owls 7: The Quebec City Crisis (young reader; the hockey team takes a dream trip to Quebec City, but must unravel a misunderstanding & find out who's trying to destroy them; PBO) $3.95
MacGregor, Roy Screech Owls 8: The Screech Owls' Home Loss (young reader; when a team member's injured by a hit_&_run driver, the team must find the culprit; PBO) $3.95
Maney, Mabel The Case of the Good_For_Nothing Girlfriend (collector's ed reprint; lesbians Nancy Clue & Cherry Aimless detect campy crimes; "fun, nostalgic & completely contemporary") $16.95
Rabe, John_The Diaries of The Good Man of Nanking (non_fiction; recently discovered diaries of German businessman who stood between Japanese army & over 250,000 Chinese during city's massacre) $26.95
Sanders, Lawrence Three Complete Novels (omnibus reprint of McNally's Caper, McNally's Trial, McNally's Puzzle ) $12.98
Slesar, Henry Murder at Heartbreak Hospital (when hated soap opera star is murdered, NY Police Movie/TV Unit officer Troy Wayland realizes everyone on the show's a suspect) $21.00
Soares, Jo A Samba for Sherlock (pastiche; 1886 theft of Stradivarius from Emperor of Brazil's mistress & killer prowling Rio with violin string necessitate calling in Sherlock Holmes) $13.00

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